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Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya incarnated in this world so as to transform from the very roots the fate and future of the world. By the year 2015 AD world transformation will be visible. After 25 years of his great departure from the world a glimpse of the results of gigantic tasks carried out by him will be witnessed all over the world. The River Ganges of the Golden Era or Satyuga manifesting from the Gangotri of Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Parivar, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) will imbibe its cosmic form. The sun of Yuga Nirman Yojana movement will not be imprisoned between 4 walls. In fact its rays will shine brilliantly in all corners of the globe. The only thing all of us have to do is sincerely execute our righteous duties like cogs in the wheel. The rest will be fulfilled by Divine Powers or Almighty God.

We must exhibit to the entire world that in whatever way a great divine personality lived for 80 years in this world, whatever he uttered sacredly and all mind boggling tasks executed by him will solve of problems of this era. By going beyond all isms it is our prime duty to humbly place in front of world humanity all the gifts/blessings showered by him on the world and for that not only must we become instruments but to encourage others to do the same.

Our revered Gurudeva opines that his inner personality can be found in his literature. The fact that he proclaims to transform this world is not based on the divine powers he possesses but are based on his divinely sharp incisive thinking.

All World Gayatri Parivar (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India-website: www.awgp.org ) is in fact a worldwide stream of great thought. It is a congregation of peace abiding revolutionists. They have been brought into this world with a special mission in mind. Due to the profound flow of Era Creation up till the year 2020 AD India will become a Jagadguru or leader of the world. We will actually witness neo creation of this era.

Akhand Jyoti Magazine-May 2004 page 64

Akhand Jyoti Magazine-January 2008 page 67

Akhand Jyoti Magazine-December 2009 page 40

(Website: www.akhandjyoti.org )


One of the chief causes of todays problems and strife is mans distorted thinking. Financial, social, mental, family and political dire situations have emerged due to vile sentiments and tainted activities. We must dive deep towards the very fount from where we have created dangerous circumstances. These holes will have to be filled up and sealed. The fact that our thinking and sentiments have reached their nadir it becomes the focal point of our problems. After overcoming the urge to gain lowly recognition we must take up such tasks on which rests the destiny and future of world human civilization. Without becoming the Hota and Ardhavyu (priests) of this Jnana Yajna this methodology will not reach culmination.

Staring gapingly at individuals and world society today are innumerable problems, difficulties etc. The root center of all these problems is human tainted intellect. Without warding this off not one problem can be solved and even with suppression, agitations and war tactics vileness cannot be obstructed. The solution lies in spiritual tenets only. That solution which after warding off a vile intellect replaces it with a sacred one can lay the foundation of the path of human welfare and world peace.

Such a worldwide thought based revolution will have to be programmed which will give mankind an opportunity to realize how lowly his intellect is which in turn results in untold loss. Up till now people are used to giving the green signal to ancient beliefs in the name of religious sectarianism and tradition.

No opportunity has been given to independent thinking and worship of discrimination i.e. what is right and wrong. Traditions are being handed down from one generation to another and people feel it is easy to swim along with its tide. Whatever has become habitual for people that seem best for them in their opinion. This intellectual slavery for a fair length of time has veiled our brain. The result being that our intellect oriented towards discrimination has become so lowly we cannot decide what is true-false or what is right-wrong. Without putting an end to this sorrowful mental state we cannot liberate ourselves from downfall and fear of total destruction. This verily is the thought revolution of this era on the basis of which we can neo create that world which will ooze with peace and happiness.

The 21 st century of this era is most important, greatest and one with a widespread movement. By itself from the standpoint of wealth and exhibition its form seems ordinary. But today even in its preliminary stages thousands of people are in contact with it and are immersed not only transforming positively their very thinking but are helping their family and other society members to follow suit. This is an imperishable truth that along with a transformation of thinking mans activities too must transform. Those forces and energies that are demonic and destructive today get transformed into divine and creative ones then instead of destruction neo creation will usher in and instead of hell heavenly tasks will be executed.

Today has manifested the dawn of Jnana or wisdom Yajna. From it is gushing out fire flames. Now it needs to take on the form of a worldwide inferno. In this fire will burn to ashes all sins and strife of world human society and like pure 24 carat gold will orchestrate the manifestation of world well being. Every denizen of planet earth will obtain new light and influence from it. This is not mere curiosity based preaching but is the basis of transforming our mental state from its very foundation. This will not be limited to giving a bit of advice to people but that their lifes direction and mode of daily activities will be transformed wholesomely from their very roots. Those people who today seem a burden and useless will actually in future be seen to execute great important tasks the world over. This will be the radiant influence of our Wisdom Yajna. This instead of being wild imagination is truly a fact. In a few years everywhere people will see all this with their very own eyes.

This Wisdom Yajna of ours is the most outstanding historical movement of this era. Every All World Gayatri Parivar member must intensely offer their cooperation.

All strife emanates from a tainted intellect. Due to unwholesome thinking hell like situations manifest in our daily living. Despite possessing many material comforts if our thinking is distorted man will face nothing but sorrow and inflict the same on their relatives too. Apart from impurity in the thinking pattern of world humanity none else is responsible for problems related to the body, mind, economy, family, society, country and world at large. If these causes are not positively reformed no effort on our part to change in other ways shall reap success. If truly we wish to trouble shoot todays world dire problems it is most required that the worlds and especially Indias mode of thinking be wholesomely transformed. Only on this basis can ethical and cultural rejuvenation can take place. This eras most required desire is a multifaceted thought based revolution. It just does not matter, whether it fructifies in the near future or 1000 years later. Yet no other method can solve world problems.

Today sins, vile activities, vanity, falsehood, oppression etc have induced mismanaged chaotic situations the world over. If either we hold only a few people responsible for this or attack each other blindly this problem can never be solved. The only solution lies in change and transformation. With its aid many vices and taints that usher in hardships for us can be uprooted and reinstate justice and world peace in its place.

The biggest force/power of this era is not weapons. In fact thoughts have taken over its place. Today this power has been handed over to the world lay public. In whichever direction flows world psyche and its thinking situations manifest accordingly. This flow can be obstructed not by weapons but by thought power. Today the era of weapon based wars has passed by which certainly is not an overstatement. Today is the era of thought based wars. Those thoughts which are intense will manifest those types of world circumstances.

The true force/power of this present era is brilliant thinking. Those thought which influence world psyche will create those very situations the world over. Thought based revolution means to direct mans faith and aspiration from lowliness to greatness. This verily is the dire need of modern times. World humanity thirsts for this and todays era too demands this. It is this methodology that will usher in a bright world future. For so many such required and important missions every wise individual of the entire globe will have to think anew in a wholesome way. After this it must be put into action. If we just sit in despair we will prove criminals in front of our soul conscience since we will be running away from our righteous duties.

Today what should we all do? The answer is that with a sense of oneness all of us must join in the thought based revolution in every nook and corner of the globe. Today there are world problems galore. Their nature and reactions too are varied yet we must understand that the root underlying cause is one which is tainted and distorted thinking by our psyche. Lack of faith and true aspiration is the chief cause of destruction looming large in this current era. There is no bigger famine than this. Its solution too is singular and that is we must straighten that which is lopsided. If only we can wholesomely transform and sanctify world human psyche along with its thinking every problem can be easily solved.



1. My nature and form lie hidden in my literature

2. It is not on the basis of any divine powers of mine that I claim to change the world but is actually on the basis of the power of my intellectual thinking.



Amongst all world glories wealth predominates but in reality it does not stand first. The chief spot belongs to generous sentiments. Those who possess it become divine in nature. Great personages, Rishis, men of austerities, those overflowing with a sense of sacrifice and renunciation can be looked upon as divine saints. Like flame lamps they burn themselves only to spread cool light everywhere. In this world all the conscious power seen can be called the grandeur of generous sentiments. The second spot belongs to knowledge and wisdom. It can be called Brahminhood. The 3 rd glory is radiant talent. These are in turn called Kshatriyas. Only after this at 4 th spot stands wealth.

Today wealth is given the 1 st spot and respected everywhere. This is but mans misfortune. The result of all this is that many by hoarding/amassing more and more material wealth desires to become great and revered. Truly wealth must only be used for great sacred tasks of world welfare. Water gathering in craters and food collecting in the stomach tends to rot and thus distortions manifest. Those who hoard cash etc in excess in their vaults become insane and spread the stench of disease in entire world society. Hence it is most required that along with earning of lot of wealth it must simultaneously be utilized for world well being tasks.


In Indian Culture 5 big sins are enumerated:

1. Violence

2. Falsehood

3. Robbery

4. Immorality

5. Hoarding of wealth

Hoarding means gathering wealth for usage on sense merriment inflating ones ego. Today the more one hoards wealth the more one is respected in society. Yet in spiritual terms this is defined differently. Only that effort and hard work must be honored which helps one earn wealth ethically and honestly. We must praise every act of world welfare executed by wealth earned through ethical means. Only on this basis should wealth and the truly wealthy be applauded. Wealth is akin to a type of glory. In it one can experience divine blessings. Hence in India during the festival of lights called Deepawali we worship wealth world well being is misused in sense pleasures and increasing the vain ego of a few selected people is truly looked down upon.

Of course it is required that in order to sustain life and nurture ones family wealth needs to be earned. One must make efforts for this but along with this we must understand that in order to attain success in human living and also to sanctify and render cultured our inner personality we must analyze whether we have succeeded in doing so. It is also most required that we pay off our debt to society and give donation towards divine tasks. For both these one must make use of ample hard work, time, thinking, zeal, talent and energy. If the aspiration for wealth takes the form of vain desire fulfillment then our thinking and efforts scatter in that direction. As a result high stature spiritual goals remain mere figments of our imagination. As a result those tasks for which human life was gifted to us remain unfulfilled. Truly only that much wealth must be earned which takes care of our basic living needs.

Never earn money via lowly unrighteous endeavors. Those who already have enough wealth to look after their basic needs should not earn and hoard more wealth. Excess hoarding of wealth leads to strife and tension.

Hence earn money only via honest ethical ways. By using minimal wealth for oneself use excess wealth for well being of society. Un-required hoarding leads to strife and chaos.


A lot of wealth is required for neo creation. Just as sentiments, wisdom and talent are required for every program that involves broadcasting, creativity and hardships so too money is essential. For this we welcome all wealthy, rich people of the world. Rishi Vishwamitra commenced making a new world. He hence required wealth. His chief disciple King Harshchandra not only handed over his kingdom but also fulfilled his Gurus needs by selling himself, his wife and child. Saint Sudamas GuruKul (school) reached a stage wherein due to lack of money it had to be shut down. Lord Krishna his friend gauging the situation gave Sudamaji enough wealth. Due to strained finances King Rana Pratap was unable to continue the war of independence. At that time Bhamashah came and donated a lot of his wealth for that cause. Buddhas Wheel of Righteousness program was all set to spread in the entire world. Yet the main obstruction faced was lack of finances to send his preachers all over the world. Hence Emperor Ashok handed over his entire kingdom for Lord Buddhas sacred mission. As a result today Buddhist religion has spread out in the entire continent of Asia.

Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya wished to reestablish Vedic culture. For this end King Mandhata gave his army and vault of wealth. Mahatma Gandhi looked upon Jamnalal Bajaj as his son. He gave a huge chunk of his earnings to Gandhiji. Indians residing in Burma had weighed Subhashchandra Bose with gold so that the requirements of Azad Hind Army could be met. In ancient times too this tradition was seen. King Karna, by keeping with him only that much wealth required to sustain life would daily donate excess wealth in gigantic measure. Every year Vajishrava performed the Sarvamedh Yajna and would donate all extra wealth he possessed.

In those times people zestfully earned a lot of wealth, saved it too and time and again donate in huge measure their excess wealth to Brahmins and for world welfare tasks. Today what is most important? This decision can be taken only by farsighted great leaders of the world. Ordinary laymen everywhere perform such useless tasks so as to amass wealth which gives them speedy fame. Thus those tasks that are most required to be enacted remain obstructed.

Keeping this fact in mind by giving wealth to credible ethical people they were also handed over the responsibility of using the same wholesomely. People gave up all worry by donating wealth to the Brahmin class of society. It is most required that after executing a religious ritual Brahmins are given donation and are fed sumptuously. In that era all this was done truly for world welfare. Fearless Brahmins would spend minimum cash for their food, clothing etc. They personally had hardly any requirements. Every cent given to a Brahmin would be used solely for uplifting world society in an all round manner. Even today the supreme goal of donation and philanthropy should be aimed at sensitive neo creation of the world. Today people think it to be very meritorious in giving a tiny donation for appeasing the mind, vain show for helping someone and yet if human inertia is not warded off momentary solutions will do no good to the world. Hence, while donating wealth a subtle farsighted intellect must be utilized. Those great tasks the world over must be inspired which augment goodwill amongst people everywhere.


If only a few peoples wealth augments, if disparity widens between the haves and have-nots then envy and hatred will ensue and will lead to robbery, looting, murder etc. those with a lot wealth by getting immersed in inflating the ego and sense pleasures will destroy themselves and will induce envy and criminal activities in others. Hence rich people by using minimal wealth for their own use must donate the rest to world society for its all round well being. In this manner man will benefit dually. If there is more wealth its individual gathering can maybe said to be useful but when people misuse it there is no option but to forcefully snatch it away from them. Truly the rise of communism is nothing but the result of selfish and stingy rich peoples narrow outlook. Due to communism not only will wealth dry up but along with it a very useful philosophy of divine faith too will get destroyed. This responsibility of this taint lies on the shoulders of narrow minded wealthy people rather than communists because as a result of their hoarding miserly nature they light pyres of wrath everywhere. If like in ancient times rich people turn generous mankind will attain great glory. They will get fame and honor as great philanthropists and then will also get a nod to amass wealth individually. If this trend is broken, meaning if wealth is earned solely for oneself there is no option but to forcefully snatch it away from them.

There existed a supreme trend wherein wealth was protected akin to a trust and excess earnings were utilized for world progress. Yet todays rich class, because of lack of credibility is going against the above trend. Ere had they not destroyed their generous nature then ancient times spiritual communism would have been counted as the worlds supreme economic program. Even today if the rich class so wishes it can become generous to a fault. If out of generosity voluntarily donate their wealth to the world it can be of great utility value.

Wealth is like a double edged sword. If it is aptly used the individual will experience well being and world welfare too will set in. on the other hand if it is misused wealth can only get destroyed. Another gigantic cause is that vile people of society are financially well off to augment addictions to drugs/alcohol etc, tainted thinking and lowly activities. Wealth is a strong force and energy. If it lands in the hands of tainted thinking people it will only be misused in vile behavior and destructive activities. Truly while earning wealth and utilizing it wholesomely a lot of caution and alertness of mind is required. It is best that we earn wealth honestly and by the sheer dint of hard work. In this way if one can earn less try and sustain daily living with minimal expenses. The only way to do this is live the life of a true Brahmin and simplicity of living. Everyone should take pride in living a simple life of Indian stature. Taking help of all 4 viz. economical living, simplicity, hard work and honesty one will have faith in financial aspects. Such people of deep faith do not encourage vain pomp and do not foolishly add to the burden of world population by procreating more and more children than necessary. If ones capability is augmented, hard work with zeal is imbibed and economic spending is followed none will face a financial crunch. They never incur debt, borrow cash from others or carry out undesirable tasks. Even if the income of such people is less yet they try and help others in need as much as they can. If greed and attachment increase man becomes stingy. When hoarding and desire for sense titillation cross their limits people take to earning wealth illegally and unethically. A person contented with wealth earned ethically never becomes a pauper, never takes to vices/addictions and does not carry out vile activities. It is most required that the sacred limits of aptness of wealth are not crossed. With the help of wealth the weaker sections of world human society must be helped and encourage manifold increase in great wholesome endeavors. Donation, charity and philanthropy is a most required righteous duty that must be adhered to by one and all.


A message should be broadcasted to the rich class of the world that Almighty God has given them untold wealth for troubleshooting problems faced by world humanity. By tying the hands and legs of Goddess of Wealth-Lakshmi with the chains of greed and deluded attachment she should not be made to hang upside down. This God given wealth and grandeur instead of frittering it away in fleeting sense pleasures, inflating the ego and misusing it in titillation of senses of family members must be used aptly for overcoming the death like and unconscious state of the worlds soul. It is erroneous to hoard wealth due to greed for it and handing it over to a few select family members. As a result of this error great tasks are obstructed. The rich class should deeply understand just as they earn wealth using a sharp farsighted intellect they must use this wholesomely too.

Every wealthy person must understand many bitter realities. In future times non will honor the rich and since they have turned a blind eye to the worlds downfallen state they will be jeered as hard hearted ones, harsh and stingy. Such a social arrangement will be witnessed soon in the near future. In that wealth will belong not to select individuals but will be owned by world society. Every person as per their capacity will have to put in hard work and in return their needs will be looked after. None will get the chance to lazily earn wealth through interests, rent etc and not even their sons and grandsons will be allowed to do so. Slowly all governments in the name of death tax, super tax etc are slowly taking away wealth from people. In future this arrangement will become stricter and keeping as exceptions weak women unable to earn along with children no one will be able to inherit wealth, property etc of their ancestors. In ancient times in the name of post death rites people donated wealth of their ancestors to society. In turn they themselves would work hard and look after their needs. In future such arrangements will again be made use of. Under no circumstances will the new generation be allowed to live on wealth handed over free. Those who get free wealth become drug/alcohol addicts and immerse themselves in sense titillation. Thus they lose credibility and their inherent talent. No elderly person of any family should render youngsters of their homes useless and criminals.

Only if todays rich class understands the above truths they will start thinking originally wherein it is not necessary to madly rush after earning more and more wealth. Instead make wholesome use of that wealth which has been earned so far. Wherever such rationality will dawn there the noose of avarice and deluded attachment will get cut asunder and like Lord Vaman the important task of world welfare will be executed. If the sacred sentiments of the wealthy awaken God will not go back in despair and empty handed.


For awakening world lay public education is required to train thousands of volunteers. Of course people will be ready to get trained but their family members may not easily agree to give them money for their daily needs like food, clothing etc. As a result the program of training volunteers for world welfare tasks shall get obstructed. If only arrangements can be made for their food in the form of bread and a little pickle then akin to 0.25 million disciples of lord Buddha even more people will be ready to get trained for era transformation mission and will oppose and stand firm against the tirade of unethical activities.

Today saintly people have taken birth on the basis of selfish desire to attain heavenly liberation which is a form of escapism. They have no intention to work for world welfare mission. Since they eat free food, remain indolently inactive and shrewdly induce lay people to usurp things belonging to others they have destroyed whatever divine light they possessed. If only they had enough life force they would have worked for social well being. Such man power can not only change India but can transform the entire world and yet it is futile to rest our hopes in them. True world welfare volunteers will manifest only from cultured members of Yug Nirman Yojana. A little arrangement will be have to be made for them. Without people with a sense of service world revolution can never succeed. They definitely will need food and clothing. If only we can use money for every such volunteer thousands will participate in this sacred task and with their zeal and enterprise era transformation as a result of world revolution will truly manifest.

In todays time there is no dire need to construct temples, rest houses, wells, ponds, gardens etc. Those so called philanthropists who yearn that others laud them may indulge in such activities but those with a sacred farsighted intellect must act like Bhamashah of yore. Instead of constructing hundreds of rest houses and temples the same cash must be used for greater tasks. There is greater need of awakening the thinking of people of every family rather than making pilgrimages. There is no need to cook mounds of sweet food and other tasty food in order to feed Brahmins in huge gatherings. Instead by giving food, clothing etc to those who give up their home and endure hardships so as to carry out Gods mission in the world, such acts would be indeed glorious.

Those wealthy people harboring farsightedness must be should be incited to give up their miserly outlook. During Lord Rams time for era transformation monkeys, bears despite being empty handed helped in Gods mission. Today instead of combating the 10 headed demon Ravan, 100 Kauravas or 100 handed Sahasrabahu we have to fight that intellect of world humans that has been veiled by vile activities and tainted sentiments. None should sit back merely as a spectator in todays Mahabharat war. People must come charging forward in hordes with whatever means they possess.

For neo creation of world society a lot of wealth is needed. For programs of preaching based Wisdom Yajnas many big small activities shall have to be designed. There will be a need of means of preaching and volunteers to preach. This literature of preaching will have to be published in all major languages of the world. For Yug Nirman branches small big temple buildings will have to be built. In it one will have to keep many means of preaching. Gymnasiums will have to be built. The very foundations of religion will have to be laid anew. In the field of artistic talent changes and reforms are long overdue. A great program has been etched to transform the very cast of education. By building an army of creativity they have to be sent everywhere to usher in multifaceted world neo creation. We have to oppose vileness and indolence. Arrangements will have to be made to sooth the wounds of those who endure 80 attacks on them like hero Rana Sangama of yore. For all this a lot of cash is required. It will not be contributed by indolent section of our society. It will only be fulfilled by the generous sentiments of awakened people in every nook and corner of the world. If such generous and magnanimous human Gods ooze with wealth too then it is their sacred duty that this God given wealth be returned to society generously and honestly especially under such problematic world situations. Lord Narayan of this era has asked help from his divine consort Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth).

Every member of Yug Nirman Yojana family must prove that they verily are generous. Contributing one dollar daily and one hour of their valuable time was just initial image worship on their part. In the form of spiritual practice such a tiny Sankalpa or resolve had been taken up preliminarily. Every member each month must at least donate 1 days salary so that a volunteer after eating a frugal meal can combat demonic nature that has raised its hood everywhere. The question is not of scarcity of funds but is that of stinginess of our character. If only we render our heart a little generous then even a poor person will seen to harbor a great heart.

Volunteers of Yug Nirman Yojana must not gather wealth, jewelry etc but must make plans of world neo creation. This only can add to the grandeur of era transformation soldiers.

Wealth is a gigantic glory. Everywhere wealth rules the roost. All other glories pale in its presence. Everyone accepts that wealth is most required. By dangling the carrot of wealth singers, instrumentalists, painter, actors, poets, authors, editors, religious leaders, politicians etc can be bought and can be made to dance to ones whims and fancies. We can even say that all artistic skills in order to get blessings from wealth yearn to even sell their great sacred character. Via wealth talented brilliant people the world over are being bought and they by self surrendering happily are ready to dance to others peoples whimsical tunes. It is very rare to find a talented person who refuses outright to take the bait of the carrot of wealth. A poor sage like woman of the village will have to remain satisfied eating a couple of pieces of dry bread and water along with tattered clothes. But those who are eager to immerse themselves in fleeting sense merriment will have to bid adieu to their pious character. Today art is immersed in vain pleasures. None yearn to live a life of penance. If you wish to attain wealth you will have to act so distortedly that the passionate god of wealth will get pulled towards you.

Art truly is Saraswati or Goddess of Wisdom. She is the primordial mother of world humanity. If a son insists on sending his mother to a brothel so as live in sense merriment from the money earned he will be called shameless and lowly. Today artists have too stooped to such low abysses. They have become servants of the rich class. They too wish to become wealthy. Todays cinema, songs, instruments, acting, painting, poets, heads of hermitages, political rulers may put on any garb yet within they are heading towards a downfall. If this were not the case art today would have raised the stature of Indian public by miles. In fact by now intellectual, social and ethical revolution would definitely have reaped rich dividends.


World brilliant talent will have to be weaned away from greed, hoarding and miserliness of wealth. The wealthy too are artists by nature. Where on the one hand 90% people are incapable of fulfilling their daily lifes needs under such situations it takes an extraordinary character to become wealthy. One can understand people desiring to earn more but today since everywhere one finds ignorance, lack and weakness as a result of which people face strife it must be said that those wealthy people who ignore all this and immerse in fleeting sensual joys should be labeled hard hearted. Only a person with no generosity, who is very stingy and selfish, can behave thus. Thus such rich men full of such characteristics can certainly not be called great but can certainly be called different.


Talent standing in front of the queue must be barred from entering the path of vileness. Very humbly they must be told that just like other forms of art wealth too is a sacred glory and it must be used only for world welfare. One may earn a lot but must spend only like an ordinary Indian spends for himself and his family. The remaining wealth must be used for all round uplifting of world humans. Time and again by executing the Sarvamedha Yajna one must like ancient wealthy people offer all excess wealth for world well being tasks and by imbibing the ideal of Bhamashah one must reap success in the art of earning wealth ethically.

They must be told that in future a life of vain pomp and sense pleasures will never be appreciated and instead will invite wrath of world lay public. One may have earned this wealth honestly yet if it is not used to wipe the tears of strife torn people it will be called an act of hard heartedness and stinginess only. In future times such hoarders will have to stand in the courtroom of humanity akin to criminals. Our Indian religion looks upon hoarding of wealth as one amongst 5 major sins. Today the inclinations of world sentiments in this direction too are become ireful. Today people look upon the wealthy as more vile than others and are ready to thrust their fingers down the throats of such wealthy who in the name of capitalism and communism have devoured excess wealth of society and thus induce them to vomit this wealth.

The wealthy class must understand this situation and get warned in a timely fashion. In communist countries like Russia and China the wealthy class has been looked down upon. Either now or later this trend will spread in the entire world. None will get Gods help to serve sweet food, sacred water etc to their deity and icons. None should look upon himself/herself as religious and spiritual just because he/she chants Mantras and drinks sacred river water of the Ganges. Those artists and brilliant people who earn a lot of wealth will be examined as to whether they actually spend the least for themselves and generously use the rest for world uplifting tasks. The kingdoms of kings and lands of landowners have gone. Now the wealth of the rich will go. Government taxes are increasing by the day. Taxes related to income, wealth, death etc are being slapped on all. In a few years society will have direct access to the wealth of individuals. This, although is a bitter truth is a bare reality. Hence every rich person must be forewarned and advised not to hoard wealth for their children-grandchildren, not live in wealthy pomp, not bury gold etc underground and abstain from filling vaults. By doing this instead of honor they will face censure.

If one insists on leaving wealth for children up to 7 generations it is akin to behaving harshly with them. Wealth attained without hard work makes man vile and thus enters a dire pitfall. None should make their children lazy and indolent. No doubt one must help educate them so as to become upright financially independent citizens but it is very undesirable that an adult child lives on free cash passed on to him/her by their parents. After looking into the financial needs of the family excess wealth must be donated for that society which experiences various types of lack. No doubt the fathers wealth must go to the child but the latter too must use it for uplifting world society. Miserliness in any form leads to societys downfall. A son forcefully snatches away wealth of aged parents by harassing them. A father fearing the onslaught of his children uses minimal wealth for philanthropy. He gets scared to give wealth to daughters too. This prejudice towards male children in comparison to female counterparts is no less dire than socialism, capitalism, terrorism etc. Every wealthy person should be told that inheriting right of his wealth goes not only to his descendants but entire world society. If out of narrowness only sons will be given this wealth then in future he will have to face a lot of opposition and none will sympathize with him. Children who live on wealth inherited from their ancestors without any effort on their part will be censured by society. Hence children should stand up and request their parents to donate generously for world welfare.

In the absence of wealth Rana Pratap found it virtually impossible to uphold the freedom of his kingdom and at that time the great philanthropist Bhamashah came forward. Today finance is most required to establish and protect freedom of world humanitys intellectual, social and ethical freedom. The chariot of thought revolution is standing still in the absence of various means. The flame of Wisdom Yajna cannot be lit in the absence of fuel. Social blind rituals and beliefs are inducing bondage in society. Although the army of righteousness has entered the war field so as to obstruct wrong ideologies and distorted thinking it does not have money to buy necessary weapons. Hence every generous wealthy person must donate towards such righteous causes the world over. Hence God has challenged the wealthy class. If they refuse to hear this divine command they must remember that in comparison to generosity this wiliness of their in amassing wealth will prove to be very expensive and pain ridden.



While talking on Vibhuti Yoga chapter of the Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna says wherever in the world special qualities are seen know for sure that they are a special divine part of me. If certain special wealth is attained by only a few and not every layman know that it is a special grandeur and God in order to render his favorite garden called earth beautiful and advanced has gifted these glories. If we believe that this special wealth is achieved because of good deeds of past lifetimes even then in every birth this activity must be intensified in a brilliant manner and by attaining greater fruits on executing more pious deeds this cycle of progress must be taken forward and at the earliest reach the goal of human life.

It is an important task of every follower of Yuga Nirman Yojana to send this message to each brilliantly talented person of the world. We hope that alertness akin to a fire brigade immediately dousing blazing fires will be maintained regarding this. If they insist on ignoring all this they will face censure. The call of this era must reach every radiant skillful person of the world. They must be told to use their skillful glories for world well being tasks. There is no greater task than sacred sentimental neo creation. Under ordinary times deeds of good merits can be carried out yet in these dire situations a lot of attention should be given to sentiment neo creation.

Almighty God has given us 5 glories viz.

1. Wealth

2. Righteousness

3. Art

4. Political Power

5. Radiant Talent

Those who possess the above must realize that they have Gods special grace. Since others have not been given this those who have it must feel especially blessed. God, thinking that they have due credibility of character have been given the above glories.

Things/objects are not very important. Others too have this. Jewels are found on snake heads, pearls in the tummy of oysters and mother earth has a lot of gold, silver etc. if someone possesses a lot of wealth it is not necessary that they are glorious in character. Libraries ooze with books and hence knowledge. Press machines print innumerous books. Knowledge in the form of objects has no value. Even lion and tigers seem very powerful. Trees and clouds are very generous. From the art standpoint the body of a peacock appears beautiful. It can dance so blissfully! Poets are ecstatic on hearing the humming of bees and tuneful voice of the cuckoo. It is not a big thing to be an artist. If a person possesses certain talent based glories he/she can take pride in their wealth and by using it wholesomely can benefit too. But if we cogitate deeply it will be clear God thinks such people credible enough to be given such skills. There are many others who aspire for these glorious talents and yet fail to attain them. None should think that he/she can use these priceless glories as per their whims and fancies. In reality they are mere trustees of wealth or are the army chief of the vault of weapons. These are not meant for personal use. Such wealth or weapons belong to the government meant for national use. The chief of the vault or army general must take pride in the fact that not all are given these glories which they are in charge of at present and that they must utilize it honestly and ethically for world social well being. In comparison to other people they can take pride in their prosperous status and be satisfied yet they must not believe that they have been given these glories for narrow minded personal use or only their families. If they insist on believing thus then this prosperity will prove to be direr than the situation of poverty.

If a man in charge of government treasury usurps wealth for personal aggrandizement he will be booked by the police and not only will face defamation but also will be penalized harshly. He will be punished much more than the wealth robbed and all of it will be forcefully snatched away from him. In comparison to a weak minded in charge of a treasury a layman earning money from small jobs is better. He may not have a status yet at least he does not accrue ill fame. That army chief who cunningly loots weapons from the army vault and sells it for personal gain will definitely experience a downfall.

Conjoined to the good fate of those who are rich is ill fate too. Wealth comes in our life accompanied by the vain ego. Hence it is compared to alcohol and wine. Due to inebriation man becomes unruly, loses self respect, does not know what is right and wrong and sways about here and there. Those who do not understand Gods grace and fail to pay due attention to responsibilities conjoined to it experience such dire fate. He/she arrogantly believes that whatever I have got is for fleeting sense merriment. If this were not the case God would not be biased and give wealth to some people and not everybody. God loves all equally. Hence he would distribute things equally but if some are given more there is no bias or ignorance involved. In Gods world every activity is well managed. Every creature is given that much to sustain good living. Those who get more must understand this to be gods blessings and must utilize it for supreme world good.

Every brilliantly talented world denizen must realize that gifts/glories given to him must be used minimally for personal use. Even if they desire to use more nature will obstruct them. None can eat 10 loaves of bread at one shot nor wear a shirt of 20 meters cloth. Nature allows you to use things optimally. Excess spending or hoarding will lead to delusion. By wholesomely utilizing wealth given to us by God man can attain glory and satiation. He must realize his prime duty in life and must not spend merely for himself and his family members.

The reason why the eldest son is given charge of his fathers wealth etc is that he will honestly look after the upkeep of his younger siblings. That son who thinks his fathers wealth is meant for his own sense merriment and that his siblings have no right over it can harbor such illusion but know for sure this thinking is totally unjust. The fathers soul will be pained at this lack of trust. The same holds true for brilliantly talented people in all fields of life the world over. Whatever glories they possess is a gift of invisible divine powers.

Man on his own cannot render his intellect brilliantly sharp. Talent/skills are attained at birth itself. Is it in our hands to gain good health and beauty? Does everyone have a soulful musical voice? If these glories had not been got at birth itself how much success would man have reaped on his own? No doubt human effort too is required but it is akin to a preliminary beginning. If this were not the case then despite a clerk being intelligent and hardworking would not remain in an ordinary post. In fact his boss in a short time span amasses so much cash. Truly all radiant skills possessed by man are but blessings of Almighty Lord.

It is really heartbreaking to see the head of the family eating up family treasures with other members just hungrily gaping at him since they are not given even a fraction of wealth. Such hard hearted behavior can be executed only by a vile person. Those who have skills in this world and benefit from them individually without paying any heed to other peoples poverty stricken lives and their strife must be called blind as far as Gods laws are concerned despite having material eyes.

As per government laws those who earn wealth can spend it too. He/she can use it for fleeting material joys. There is no way to stop them yet divine laws differ on this. God has given us free of charge our body, intellect, senses, wife, children and various material comforts. Keeping in mind Gods generosity one must by generously offering a portion of ones wealth to world society peace based tasks depict ones sense of gratefulness to God. None can break this divine law. Man can save himself from legal punishment but in the court of Almighty God no cunningness will work. On the one hand Gods rule is full of discipline and love yet he also can be harsh and in a punishing mood.

God is not merely generous and compassionate but can be harsh and hard hearted too. Those who live as per his divine laws gain his love but those who are shameless and wicked must remember by mere superficial worship rites God cannot be cheated and deceived. Instead of cheating God we must please him. By eulogizing and prostrating to him we can flatter him but we can satiate him only by our good pious behavior. This pious behavior encompasses compassion, generosity, sense of service and walking on the spiritual path.

These 5 glories are like a shield or cup won by a team. Those who harbored generosity in their past lives attain it as gifts but of course a condition was attached to it. This cup or shield will have to be returned in the next years competition and will be handed over to another deserving winner. For 1 year he has to protect this shield and return it the following year. By harboring generosity in ones past life we have attained divine gifts and talents but know that it is not with us forever and will be with us for only a limited time period. Hence if even in this birth we show true generosity then in its basis soul greatness will advance further and Gods grace will pour down even more. Those who forget this fact and in the frenzy of amassing wealth become blind, act very untowardly by wasting this wealth on sense merriment and augmenting the arrogant ego.

Wealth is like our beloved mother. When we get it we must remember our prime righteous duty. We must not enjoy it as we do our wives. A child can only drink its mothers milk. It cannot behave like its father. Wealth is Gods wife and mankinds mother. One must take only minimal from ones mother for sustaining life and the rest must be saved for other children. It is alright that our mother lives with us but must not be coerced to do so.

If we believe that whatever we possess is meant for our personal aggrandizement then know this is a very tainted demonic attitude. Those with such beliefs are called demons or Asuras. The difference between demigods and demons is not the form of their external body but is the vast difference in their character and thinking personality. All external bodily forms are quite similar but those who have huge teeth symbolizing wickedness, those who pierce the bodies of the poor with the horns of hard heartedness instead of consoling them and those who blacken their face with the taints of vain selfishness are called demons. All this is but a symbolic representation. This is because a very fair skinned person with teeth like pearls too could be a demon within. We must give up our demonic character and imbibe a divine personality full of generosity and goodwill to all.

One can gauge someones generosity from his/her behavior. Those oozing with love and compassion will never aver in utilizing his her glorious talent, wealth etc for world welfare tasks. If ones heart is sacred and tender he/she like a piece of ice will melt so as to ward off the strife faced by his fellow brethren the world over. As soon as the sun rises, ice starts melting. The moment rays of light of true wisdom fall on ones psyche its soul manifests sacred sentiments and it starts executing spiritual tasks. Sacred wisdom dawns not in the intellect but in the psyche. When sacred wisdom rises like the sun man like a lit lamp spreads light in the surrounding areas. This then is divine inspiration and religious tradition. Every radiantly talented person of the world must deeply cogitate on this precept and use minimal of his/her god given talent for personal use. All remaining wealth of varied types must be used for advancing the entire world both materially and spiritually.

Every rational denizen of earth must ceaselessly self introspect and find out whether he is using more or less than that earned by an average citizen of his country. If they are spending more they must listen to the call of the soul, justice and righteous duty and stop all excess spending. We must give up the lure of earning lots of wealth so as to hoard it. Instead pore mentally over the fact that how wholesomely one can use whatever extra wealth, means one possesses. If we fail to aptly use what we have then what benefits accrue from earning more and more wealth? In fact it will lead to augmenting of vain desires which lead to the crater of downfall.

More importance must be given to apt wholesome spending than earning more. We must see to it that we are not taking more than an average earning member of our country. Ere in comparison to an average citizen of our country we possess more intelligence, talent, knowledge, sentiments and capabilities remaining excess of it must be used for world welfare by looking upon it as wealth belonging to the world. None will reap losses as a result. The need only is to sell our big stature and buy greatness. This is like selling a donkey and buying a cow that gives wholesome milk. By daring thus nothing is lost and in fact is farsightedness akin to depositing cash in bank wherein recurring interest is got.

We must all return to our residences and wherever talented people exist they must be told that their skills are but God given gifts. Todays world needs call out saying that these radiant skills must not be veiled and disallow others too from doing so. The government of Lord Mahakal is about to nationalize all these 5 glorious talents. In a few years such a world social management will be designed wherein all these 5 glories will be disallowed from being used for personal selfish aggrandizement. If this continues to take place it will be like that burning accident wherein explosion takes place in the storehouse of nuclear energy. Destruction or neo creation is directly related to misuse or apt use of divine glories and skills. On hearing the call of discrimination and justice we must change our attitude. These skills must be used only for neo creation tasks. Instead of being coerced to do so we must listen to the call of our soul so as to use our God given talents for great world uplifting tasks. For this we must shake up and awaken all brilliantly talented world humans and make efforts to transform their harsh nature into a generous one.

Those who merely worship God and hence remain so called religious people are erroneously destroying their social utility value. In India there dwell 8 million Sanyasis or sages who have renounced the world. Ere these people become active they cannot not only render India progressive, wealthy and full of heavenly situation but can help the entire world too. Every year in the name of religion billions of dollars are spent. This cash can instead be used for creative tasks and thus the living stature of world humanity can be lifted higher up. Despite making arrangements for such gigantic man power, wealth and other materials if the utility value of so many scores of Sanyasis is not proved it indeed is extremely erroneous.

Worship rituals are not to be done to flatter demigods but are an influential application so as to augment our inner great personality. No doubt we worship saints and religious heads but they in turn must prove their greatness of character, intense austerities and service to the world in a selfless manner. Temples, hermitages etc must become active centers of world welfare activities.

Instead of cajoling God by looking upon him as a tiny baby we must imbibe his all pervasive nature and sense of justice and by carrying out great tasks people must understand that we can actually attain God and Self Realization.

Today what is accepted as religion by the layman is actually not true religion. People in fact carry with them the dead corpse of religion. We must make them understand true and living religion only then will our country and the world flourish manifold. Thus our families will experience heavenly joys. Religion is indeed not a miracle. God is not pleased by our mere offerings of flowers and candles. We must ward off all erroneous beliefs people harbor regarding religion. Religious leaders must teach the correct and true form of their religion wherein devotees are inspired to sacrifice their all for ideals and values. People should be educated regarding the righteous duties they must imbibe towards themselves, family, society, nation, world, religion and culture.

Majority of todays film producers, singers, instrumentalists, actors etc are eliciting lowly mental tendencies of sexual passion and unruliness in the psyche of the audience. The results too are akin to it. Todays generation aspire to become actors. The tender minds of children are attracted towards movies. If todays actresses play roles akin to those of saint Mirabai then a lot of devotion will ooze in the psyche of movie goers. Ere actors had looked upon high stature ideals as the goal of their life it would be possible to uproot the nations intellectual slavery, blind beliefs and cowardice. Peoples minds would have opposed erroneous traditions and could have put forth in front of the world viewership Indias artistic history. Today photos, calendars etc are being bought quite cheap. In every shop and home we find photos stuck on walls wherein women shamelessly weary less flimsy clothes are depicted. In literature and poetry too only beauty, separation of lovers and sexual lust is emphasized. Thus those candles that previously inspired people towards greatness have been doused.

Literature is none other than the Goddess of Wisdom called Saraswati. It should never be used for lighting fire in the lives of world humanity. Poetry is an expression of divine emotions. It must hence never be used for depicting lewd sexual passion.

Akin to ancient times political rule is unable to give its citizens justice and security. Hence intense attention must be paid to brilliant talent conjoined to politics. The slogans of socialism, Gandhism may sound lucrative yet if those responsible for actually putting these to practice live lowly lives then whatever tasks they execute too will be of low quality and the government instead of augmenting its citizens comforts will lead them instead to a downfall. It is erroneous thinking that if one has to survive in politics foul means must be taken recourse too. For cooperation and serving the public political rulers in comparison to religious leaders must be more pure in heart, selfless and generous. If todays method of elections continues to be very expensive and full of treacherous moves and in it vile minded people get elected then the government formed by such rogues will never imbibe human and ethical values. When every candidate feels it is most important to appease their electorate and thus save their seats then due to this pressure they will never truly serve the public, nation etc. Instead of fulfilling good tasks they will act abominably.

If even half the efforts put in by political leaders to save their seats are used for troubleshooting peoples problems and had ruled on the basis of high stature ideals today public life would have reached material/spiritual pinnacles. The life of those talented people who take up politics must ooze with ideals and character of great saints. Political rulers must take up great tasks of public welfare. In order that talent that is responsible for governing a country becomes taint free and radiant the electorate and public must be awakened on a large scale. Only the future of true, honest, service oriented and full of righteous duty based political leaders is bright. The end of unethical criminal leaders is coming very near. Today the role of leaders has become like a business akin to other industries. This is such a profession wherein one never uses ones own capital. By merely executing lip service so much accrues that 7 generations of that person can live lavishly.

Whenever the layman utters the name of a political leader he sees an image of a selfish vile individual on the screen of his mind. Such a leader has no desire other than personal aggrandizement by hook or by crook. He will sacrifice the well being of his electorate to save his throne and political status. Truly the duty of a leader should carve such a seat in the minds of his people via sacrifice, effort, ideals and enterprise that people will unswervingly harbor faith and trust in him.

Leaders must fulfill 2 conditions. The first is that from the standpoint of thinking, character and behavior he must be pure, sacred and credible. There should not dwell even one minor dark spot in his life. The second is that conjoined to his activities must be a sense of humble service. He must execute such meritorious welfare deeds wherein manifests generosity, gentlemanliness and idealism. Those leaders who lack good character and possess no attitude of service to all is like a scare crow standing in a farmers field who only from afar tries to protect the crop yet when one comes in close proximity to it, its true colors are exposed. He/she who wants to become a leader of a particular field in the true sense of the term must be generous enough to give time to service oriented tasks apart from imbibing a true credible character.

There are people who yearn to wipe the tears of strife torn public, their hearts melt with compassion on seeing others sorrow, their psyches ooze with true Brahminhood and Kshatriya characteristics and yearn to reinstate themselves in an apt way in the hearts of all. I advise such people who aspire to be leaders that the future is meant only for good credible character leaders. If you do not possess the above capable qualities then start imbibing them in your character from today itself. The business of leadership is about to end. If you get forewarned it is good else the mace of Lord Mahakal will destroy you.

The class of world scholars includes scientists and deep thinking philosophers too. Today both work in a demeaned fashion. Once, there existed one generation of modern scientists that achieved true fame. Despite possessing only ordinary capabilities, they invented, discovered such things that the world at large truly benefitted. There existed an era wherein in order to fulfill mankinds needs scientists and their research did the needful. World humanity will ever be grateful to them for inventing small, big technology and machines to produce various goods. But even this class like their philosopher counterparts could not maintain their glory for a long period. Research scientists had no area for their own production. They instead had to work for the rich wealthy class. Hence from here commenced all problematic situations.

Today thousands of high stature scientists are involved merely in inventing new warfare technology. For this they are highly revered and gifted a lot of cash. So much money cannot be amassed by them elsewhere. Hence the road of original and great thinking has been barred and shut. Everyone adores straightforwardness and joyous comforts. Such a one may be a philosopher or a scientist. In both these fields, original thinking is no more. Both classes have to work for the wealthy class who are their bosses.

This verily is an unfortunate situation. How does one extricate oneself from it and who will help us do so? Scientists can design technology and machinery for cottage industries. If they succeed in doing so many jobless people can earn money and they can thus ward off poverty. Many machines like for making flour, squeezing oil, making cloth, making carpentry products and making earthen vessels. With its help both comforts and earnings will increase. Every area requires cheap pumps. Every village can set up industries to produce paper. Free hot water can be got by using furnaces and cooking ranges running on solar energy and with its aid cooking and drying things too can be done.

The bullock cart can greatly be improvised by scientific technology. Cars and motor cycles can run on steam technology and can replace vehicles that run on petrol and diesel. For all this scientists can utilize their vast intellect and a new industry that produces the above technology can flourish but yet nothing of the sort is happening.

Apart from fertilizer of urine/stools of birds/animals other cheap fertilizers from plants can be made. Animal breeding will no longer reap losses if in fields grass is grown which is cheap and grows speedily so as to feed animals.

If only our scientists, producers and consumers had the zeal of Japanese people our scholars could have achieved miracles in this field but yet how exactly will all this take place? Each one speedily wants to earn more and augment material comforts only. Our talented men/women are rushing to settle down in capitalist foreign countries.

The same holds true regarding philosophers and scholars. Along with time problems too increased along with its complexities. They desire a rational, behavioral and true solution. If literature giving true guidance regarding this had been penned and people could buy it at cheap rates it was good but yet darkness prevails here too.

In the name of writing books everyday piles of paper is being blackened. So many magazines are being published and sold that many warehouses are needed to store them yet if we review their content only hopelessness prevails.

That generation of scholars and authors who wrote in magazines etc regarding contemporary, social and true problems of society is getting depleted. Today where can we find a Karl Marx who after 70 years of penance published a great treatise? Where can one find wives akin to his who managed her household by stitching clothes for her children from old clothes and thus aid the austerities of her author husband?

The arena of philosophers and scientists has become a void and it is very sad that they are falling a great deal from their previous high stature. When such great scholars walk an erroneous path and execute tasks that create more problems for world society then the results shall definitely be terrible. In ancient times such people were called Brahmarakshasa or demons.

Scientists and philosophers are like our wealth and capital. Scientists must be told not to misuse their intellect in inventing disastrous warfare technology. As a result of convincing them thus they will commence designing small useful apparatus and machines and thus a new atmosphere will usher in to set up cottage industries on a gigantic scale.

In future a new class of writers and philosophers will manifest. On the basis of their brilliant skills they will make lone efforts to think and pen down their thoughts. The doors of their brains will be thrown open and thus will realize what exactly to write.

Philosophers and scientists will turn back. From both these mines such human jewels will emerge that they will amazingly solve all major world problems faced today. I definitely will contribute to create such apt circumstances albeit in a subtle role and therefore people will not be able to see it with gross senses.



Talent/skill is the term used of that special quality of our personality wherein it can daringly convert our thinking into action. Brilliantly talented people are masters of self faith/belief. They experience joy in taking up risky ventures and posses valor in amassing required means as per demands of those times. When farsighted valiant people decide to take up a task they make such efforts alertly and energetically that even lack of means and obstructions do not mar their endeavor. After analyzing all obstacles that come their way they find solutions and thus valiantly march forward on the path followed. They never hurry in attaining success. Those possessing 3 qualities of rationality, patience and enterprise walk on difficult paths and via their mind boggling feats amaze one and all. This then is called brilliant talent.

Those possessing the above special qualities are given responsibility of important tasks or else they volunteer to take up such duties. Thus brilliant talent can be called a psyche of Kshatriyas (soldier class) too. A valiant soldier knows that in war he may lose his very life and yet he challenges death daringly.

A brilliantly talented person never worries as to whether circumstances are conducive or not. In fact he adjusts with situations prevailing and marches ahead. For this without effort on his part he attains required means.

In other words such brilliantly talented people can be called strong will powered people full of radiant aura. Whether they take up a good or bad path they exhibit miracles. If they take up crime and dacoit type tasks even there they exhibit their potency and those heading in the direction of sacred world welfare activities their names get etched in golden letters in the annals of world history.

When challenged brilliantly talented people roaring come forward whereas the weak and petty minded hides his face. Weak people lacking power of talent shun all challenges and scurry off like rats.

World history is nothing but history of brilliant talent. The history of era transformation must have been an extraordinary one that transformed from the very roots the world and its human population. In this a major role will be played by talented people. Cowards merely imagine wildly and keep stuttering foolishly. They can help only a little bit initially in broadcasting. Major roles are played only by the valiant section of society. Those who have God given talent in whatever measure must use it for world welfare and thus faithfully serve the hallowed feet of this eras deity.

Even in wrestlers gathering in the wrestling arena of politics this talent is seen in good measure. With a sense of oneness we must convince such brilliant talent that they must catch the trunk of the tree and climb up the tree with agility. In order to find a seat in the heart of the lay public they must prove their radiant character and sense of selfless service.

If we wish that our country and world advances in an all round manner and that we wish to work towards this end a revolution must set in based on the intellect, ethics and society. This activity is called Yug Nirman Yojana. Every talented person on its basis shall have to work in a particular arena. In every field of life brilliantly talented people must lead. They have to shoulder many responsibilities. It is for this reason that radiant talent has been termed an important glory of God. We must unearth such talent and by honoring them, their potent powers must be used optimally.

Naradaji gave discourses to many people but when he intuitively saw extraordinary talent latent in Ratnakar dacoit he went after the latter and did not rest till the dacoits life transformed sacredly. Ratnakars talent was given a wholesome direction and thus a miracle was witnessed. He was a number one dacoit but when transformed he became a number one saint too. Great talent always gets the 1 st prized spot. In previous stages of life saints like Surdas, Tulsidas etc were very passionate sexually but when they transformed into saints they led others in society. When the lives of Angulimal and Amrapali were transformed piously they became leaders amongst Lord Buddhas band of disciples.

In every walk of life brilliant talent resides. They play important roles in arenas like literature, art, business, medicine, science, education, associations, creativity etc. Such brilliantly talented people must be convinced by us to join our Yug Nirman Yojana program.


Five energies predominate that render the individual and society well managed and advanced:

1. Government

2. Religion

3. Knowledge

4. Art

5. Wealth

Over and above this multifaceted special talent plays a major role in inducing a revolution in society. Hence even they must not be ignored. Hence we can conjoin science and special skills too to the above. With its help only any country achieves progress and becomes powerful. Their role is a major one in uplifting the stature of people. Ere this brilliant talent is used wholesomely the world will ooze with peace and joy.

Brilliantly talented people are visible deities of the world. As a result of their zeal and grace zestful atmosphere is created and all round progress is attained. Ere this talent turns wayward all directions will turn chaotic and hell like situations will be noted the world over. These deities or demigods are:

1. Political leader

2. Religious leader

3. Intellectual class

4. Artists

5. Wealthy class

Amongst political leaders are included all candidates elected by the people; religious leaders include saints, Mahants, heads of hermitages, sages, Brahmins, preachers etc; intellectual class encompasses scientists, teachers, authors, journalists, editors, various authorities, judges, engineers, doctors, lawyers, scholars etc; artists include musicians, lyricists, singers, instrumentalists, actors, directors, painters, sculptors etc; the wealthy class includes those who have excess wealth than the amount required to lead a normal life with its basic needs.

Today all of these are revered everywhere. Wealth and fame are attained chiefly by such people. They lead in various arenas. The public accepts their powerful status. It is their responsibility to create circumstances of greatness. When these brilliantly talented people maintain their high stature and alertly live glorious lives full of righteous duties a heavenly situation is created in the world.

One more thing to add here is that if these talented people misuse their skills then vileness and distortions will increase everywhere. Its dire results will have to be faced by world society.


Todays dire situations have not manifested due to the lay public but is due to the bad thinking and lowly activities of brilliantly talented people in the fields involving spirituality, religion and intelligence. It is people imbued with glories that take up responsibilities of good management and leadership of various fields and thus influence social life. We must reach out to this glorious talent and awaken them. Their vile thinking must be transformed into greatness because lay people follow the trend set up by such talented people. Without doing all this era transformation will remain a mere dream. For this special efforts will have to be made.

Creation is much more important than destruction. Even today brilliant people are taking up great tasks. They must be looked up to and followed and must be honored. In their own way glorious personages like Ashok, Kumarjiva, Kumaril Bhatta, Shankaracharya, Dayanand, Vivekananda, Jamnalal Bajaj and Bhamashah had carried out great feats of social well being. Even today this tradition has not been destroyed. Many glorious people are carrying out neo creation tasks. By getting inspiration from them the lay public must come forward in support.

Religion, science, art, wealth etc are types of potent forces and energies. It influences human lives in varied ways. Apt use of these forces brings in solutions for various world problems and ushers in the potential to manifest a new era. The deity of this era since many years is trying to bring back great talent the world over on the correct path in a direct and subtle manner via our Gurudeva Shriram Sharmajis spiritual practice of making the psyche subtle (Sooksmikaran Sadhana). As a result the speed at which previously the world was heading towards destruction and downfall has been slowed down manifold. Glorious personages must realize their prime duties.

Brilliant talent in the field of modern science has designed a lot of destructive warfare technology yet as far as space wars are concerned they failed. Today science instead of criticizing the very existence of God and religion is making efforts to prove its scientific basis. Modern science is accepting spiritual techniques like Yoga practices, meditation, Mantra chanting, Pranayam, Asan/postures etc. Scientists via their research are now heading towards finding solutions to the root of all world problems.

Religion is the very fount of all round progress of human life. Since taints have entered it people remain unaware of its great good results. Amongst brilliant people in the field of religion a great awakening is taking place. Religious leaders are not only themselves understanding the true import of religion but are teaching the same to their followers too. Now they are analyzing the ultimate reality of this creation. Many saints and people giving religious discourses have started giving solutions from the dais regarding problems pertaining to family, society and country.

After understanding the true religion of this era inspire people to live a life of purity and piousness by giving up internal and external taints. The national saint of India Kalyandevji Maharaj says service to society only is true religion. He himself is selflessly serving all.

In this world the power of the intellectual class prevails. If only they aptly use their intelligence for world welfare creative tasks then in a few days a miracle will ensue. The intellectual class is the very spine of society. In order to overcome the publics ignorance, illusion, lack etc the intellectual class must make great efforts. Even in this set of people an awakening is taking place and they are becoming more and more active. In India the intellectual class is taking up various problems on a war footing in the form of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Azadi Bachao Andolan, Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, Menaka Gandhi raising her voice against harassing animals, Sunderlal Bahuguna and Medha Patkar raising concerns regarding environmental pollution, augmenting of cows in Yavatmal, efforts to advance villages and rendering them self sufficient, Baba Amte working for leprosy patients etc.

In the political arena everywhere loom dark clouds of despair. Once Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had said that when political leaders see that the entire society has transformed and there is no other way but for us to change too only then perforce will they reform. We must have faith that in the near future illegal unethical politics will come to a grinding halt.

A revolution has taken place in the field of arts. Till date they thought of no other topic than violence, fights, murders, rape and sexual lewdness but today they are now telecasting religious serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shri Krishna, Om Namah Shivaya, Jai Hanuman, Vishwamitra, Manthan etc.

Now even the rich class is realizing that no doubt wealth augments their material comforts yet they snatch way the mind and psyches peace and bliss. Hence they are now mulling over using more of their wealth for social welfare so that they get credit, good merits and honor and that thus they can ward off the wrath of the lay public. The wealthy are generously donating for floods, earthquakes, free food distribution schemes, medical aid, schools etc. Generous valiant philanthropists in order to uproot ignorance and uplift human sentiments are contributing greatly.

Brilliantly skillful people of all categories are realizing that they must use their powers for world welfare tasks. This self wisdom and self belief of theirs towards their potent capabilities is a positive promise towards ushering in of an environment of a Golden Era or Satyuga.

From the above discussion it is crystal clear that brilliant talent in various fields is undergoing an awakening and is using their skills for their country, world and culture. You too must identify your talent and use it for uplifting mankind.


Those who possess brilliant talent must realize that God has given them special powers. They must look upon this as their good fate and Gods grace. God has thought them capable while bestowing on them such skills. In Gods eyes in comparison to others they were thought more credible and hence they have attained glories. Hence such God given talent must be used by them for divine tasks.

Objects do not have much importance. Everyone gets them. Jewels are seen on a serpents head, pearls are found in oysters and gold, silver etc dwell in the womb of Mother Earth. To possess wealth does not necessarily mean attainment of glory. Libraries possess vaults of knowledge, press machines ceaselessly print literature yet no importance can be given to such knowledge dwelling in materials. If anyone attains knowledge from these books and uses it aptly only then society benefits. If anyone possesses special glories then by looking upon it as Gods precious gift must use them wholesomely for appointed tasks. Thus he/she will attain fame and contentment.

It is hard heartedness on the part of the head of a family to eat yummy food without sharing even a morsel with other family members which forces the latter to sleep on an empty stomach. Such behavior can be executed only by a heartless person. Regarding sentiments such a person truly is blind.

Almighty God has gifted this body intellect sense organs a wife, children and joyous comforts to us all. Keeping in mind this generosity of God a portion of it must be used by us for upgrading peace and joy in the world.

God is not merely generous and compassionate but can be hard hearted in a punishing manner. Instead of deceiving him we must please him. We may flatter him via eulogies but in order to please him we must behave in a great fashion. We must take recourse to compassion, generosity, selfless service etc

Glories or brilliant talent is like a running shield won by a team. Those who harbored generosity in their previous life get it as a prize. This running shield has to be returned in the following here by the winning team. For 1 year they have to protect it. As a result of generosity of past lives we attain brilliant talent based glories yet they are not permanent. Thus like in previous times, even currently we must use it generously. With its aid soul progress is achieved and in following births we attain more brilliant talent. Many people arrogantly misuse their wealth in titillating sense pleasures and thus bloat their vain egos.

Wealth is Gods wife and humanitys mother. We must take from our mother only bare requirements of daily living. The excess must be shared with her other children in the world.

Whatever we have is only for our enjoyment; such an attitude indeed is demonic. Generosity has to be harbored in day to day living and if one is compassionate one will perforce use brilliant skills for world welfare tasks. Good will manifests not in the mind but psyche. Every talented person must mull over the fact that whatever glories he/she possesses instead of using it for selfish gains must use it for others welfare which is Gods command.

If in comparison to others we possess more intellectual brilliance, talent, wisdom and capabilities then a good bit of it must be utilized for uplifting world humanity. There is no loss to reap here. In exchange for big shot nature we attain greatness.

In order to fulfill Gods mission that brilliant talent given to us as treasure must be used for tasks set up by this eras deity. This treasure must not be hidden from others so as to benefit selfishly.

The government of Lord Mahakal is about to nationalize this divine talents and glories. In a short period such a social arrangement will ensue wherein none will be allowed to use these skills for selfish benefits. Misuse of this talent will lead to destruction and apt use will result in advancement both materially and spiritually. After listening to the call of discrimination and justice we must change our attitude and if not transformation is bound to happen. These talents must be used for neo creation only. In order that they are not snatched away forcefully by listening to the call of the soul very speedily we must use them for world well being endeavors. We must convert our hard heartedness into cosmic generosity.


Many people are brilliantly talented but amongst them chiefly are wealthy, sacredly sentimental, artists and politicians. Ordinarily talent is thought to be the power of oratory, beauty, will power, loving nature, good qualities, hard work etc that can help influence others. Talented people succeed in leading others in new directions. Everyone knows the utility value and power of wealth. If it can be used wholesomely then even those who eat food after earning daily wages can aptly use their earnings and thus become ideals for others too.

Artists encompass authors, orators, singers, painters and others. They must exhibit their sensitive emotions in such a way that those who are asleep awaken and those who have awakened get inspired to act greatly.

In order to positively transform the worlds environment Yuga Nirman Yojana that is executing such feats will require many means. Not only Bhamashahs but that squirrels who filled their hair with sand so as to throw it in the ocean, self surrendered monkeys/bears of Ramayan era and boatmen too will be required. Those who possess any glory like material means, hard work, time etc must use as much as possible of it for era neo creation tasks.

It is the prime duty of brilliantly talented people the world over to reverse the wrong direction in which todays times are headed. Good will too is a great glory. Those who possess it must contribute the same for neo creation goals. Hanuman, Arjun, Guru Govind Singh, Samarth Swami Ramdas, Swami Vivekananda, Dayanandji, Gandhiji, Vinobaji etc had looked upon service to the world as the topmost spiritual practice and penance. As a result of this they were honored everywhere. In every era a responsibility has to be shouldered by sensitive people viz. by rejuvenating the cast of religion activate the psyche of world humanity with its divine light. There is no greater meritorious deed than this. Today world humanity is standing dangerously on the precipice of a downfall. In order to save them sensitive farsightedness and methodology will have to be imbibed.

Brilliant people everywhere must wholesomely use their great skills for augmenting great welfare tasks and uprooting vile activities the world over. For this an environment that is conducive must be ushered in. greatness in the world has not been deleted totally. Even today we find people practicing ethics, human and spiritual values in all fields of daily living. No doubt these people are scattered and lie latent and hence are not visible. If by awakening them they are encouraged to join in neo creation tasks then a huge army for neo creation of the world can be enlisted. If radiantly skillful people utilize their efforts and time for such great endeavors a lot can be achieved in this world.

After this comes the artist category of brilliant talented people. Those who desire to use their artistic skills for amassing money so as to get immersed in transient sense pleasures one cannot advise them but those who are devoted to Goddess Saraswati and look upon art as Gods gift are unable to make apt use of their talent due to absence of proper guidance. Such people instead of misusing their art talent for narrow selfish gains must wholesomely use it for world neo creation. Those who in order to augment great tasks are making scattered efforts if they congregate and use their energy in a collective many then in a short time miraculous results will be noted. Today artistic people by collecting under one flag must work together by making a well managed program. Only then will they be considered true worshipers of Goddess Saraswati. For this goal we welcome all artists to come forward.

For creation of this era, for world rebuilding we require authors, poets, instrumentalists, singers, actors, painters etc in large numbers. They must be sensitive in character. If they insist on remaining selfish then vital energy will not manifest in their art and thus will be unable to awaken great inspirations in the psyche of world humanity.



When children become stubborn and cannot be appeased at that time teachers have to use other methods. At such times even parents are firm with their children and sometimes this firmness is so intense that children remember it for a long time and thus give up obstinacy.

Ordinarily in order that sins are not executed people are given religious teachings and asked to remain averse to unethical behavior. As a result many people do reform but those who ignore all this, behave arrogantly and are unruly and insist on behaving criminally are perforce given punishment by government authorities. Police catch them, a case is registered and the judge gives a ruling of punishment. The criminal is imprisoned. He undergoes a lot of pain in the form of being hit by hunters, asked to work hard, sometimes awarded death sentence or given life imprisonment. This definitely is an apt fruit of arrogance. When other ordinary means of reform fail then only punishment is the solution. Lord Shri Krishna tried all means of ushering in peace by making the guilty understand yet when the Kauravas refused to shed arrogance then the only solution remained the bloody Mahabharat War and this had to be done helplessly. Innumerable people lost their very lives and a lot of blood was shed. Loss was experienced as far as humans and wealth was concerned. This was very clear much beforehand but what could be done? When the wicked cross all lines of control then there is no other way apart from this to control them.

Dogs roam in alleys and by lanes. Their minor faults are overlooked by people but when they become rabid and start biting people then they have to be killed. How can one save oneself from a man eating tiger? When an elephant turns mad and there is danger of peace being toppled then very harshly it has to be controlled. The same holds true for human beings. He must live within certain lines of control. Only to a certain limit one should get attracted to desires and cravings. We must not get totally immersed in selfishness. We must pay attention also to social welfare and well being of world humanity. Instead of doing this we insist on becoming human beasts and ghosts out of greedy selfishness then man needs to be reformed at any cost. If clarified butter cannot be removed by a straight finger the finger needs to become crooked in order to remove it. The Lord compassionately does the same. In order to render humanitys psyche well balanced, in order to encourage discipline and ethics God sends messengers and prophets. As long as their efforts reap fruits God does not put on his mask of harshness but when the situation turns totally awry and nasty, people ignore good behavior and true religion and insist on acting like hoodlums unethically then in order to penalize them solutions that are terrible, heartless and full if direness are taken recourse to. When Lord Shiva gets wrathful due to criminality prevailing, all directions shriek out loudly on experiencing his terrible form. The garland of serpents he dons spit fiery venom, his Trishul weapon pierces the bodies of so many, when he sounds his Damru (Indian hand drum) all 10 directions shiver with fear, his body is beautified by skulls of humans and the vessels of Aghoris drip with blood. Every vibration of his Tandava dance manifests blazing inferno and its gigantic flames renders every nook and corner of the world sorrowful. The process of burning and swallowing of the veil of muck in these flames along with all taints takes place and in this blazing inferno all that is inapt, undesirable and impure gets burnt to naught.

Many times in a forest fire along with dry wood even green blooming trees get burnt. Those who are innocent also get trapped in it. Although they appear innocent in reality they are far from it. To perform crime is no doubt a sin but if you becoming a silent witness to it without opposing it is a crime on ones part too. The ideology of remaining aloof from all that is going on around you appears innocent and straightforward yet in actuality it is very selfishly narrow, lowly and unsocial. Man is said to be a social animal. Hence his progress, peace and security are dependent on a well managed social program. Hence in order to preserve his personal gains and protection of human ideals/values he must make optimal efforts for proper social management. He must oppose unethical activities and mismanagement of society. In order to ward off backwardness everywhere he must put in great effort. This is mans prime social responsibility and is as important as tasks carried out for personal well being. If any thinking person is making no effort for reforming a backward and tainted society this irresponsibility will be looked upon as a crime that requires punishment. In Gods book of code of punishment anti social activities is a sin and those who aloofly look after only selfish interests undergo punishment for their lowly, narrow minded and selfish behavior.

When near ones residence if fire breaks out and without making efforts to douse it one stands silently watching the show, if someone is murdering another person and we make no effort to stop him from doing so, when in our neighbors house robbery is taking place and we silently watch its proceedings without shouting aloud to gather others definitely such people will be harshly reprimanded. Not only from the standpoint of law, but from the ethical standpoint too are they guilty. If an owner of a rifle fails to open fire when nearby he sees dacoits looting, his rifle will be confiscated. During Indias freedom movement when incidences of uprooting rail tracks of trains passing by villages, cutting off wires, looting storehouses took place those villages were given collective punishment whereby the government got back the cash of its lost property. The government opined that it is the duty of every citizen to pay due attention to protecting government property and if there was any fear of any sort the culprits must be got arrested. Those who did not do this they were looked upon as culprits even if individually they had not performed a crime and thus were punished.

This argument is upheld by Almighty God too. He has given the responsibility of collective peace and apt world management to every human being. It is not enough that individually we do not err but that it is our prime duty to stop others from erring too. It is not enough to individually become good character and progress in life but that efforts should be made to help others achieve this too. Those who ignore all this are said to be criminals. Just like robbery irresponsibility too is a crime. The saying that along with dry twigs even green ones burn, applies to such people.

In the near future innumerable people will have to endure varied types of strife and pain. Due to pain of super wars, cold wars, agitations and problems people will be slapped hard so as to forcefully reform their erroneous ways of living currently. Today due to the inebriation of success and material progress man is swaying here and there. In the environment of frenzied joy, bliss and material comforts who dares to knock off mans arrogance and make him understand? This problem shall be solved only by steadfastness of Lord Mahakal. He will use the dire stick of ill fate and sorrow so as that man on getting hit by it will wail aloud which will perforce induce him to realize his folly and reform the same. Although this solution of bringing back man on the path of righteousness appears terrible yet we have to accept its requirement. It is only when the dross of gold is removed via intense heating in fire that its purity is attained. On getting hit by nature mans lowly behavior is warded off. On imbibing farsightedness one gets a glimpse of it in todays situation.

There is a high probability of a 3 rd world war taking place via the actions of various governments. Such wars of the modern era are terrible and widespread since they are based on modern scientific technology. So called civilization and advancement that has set in after long term efforts will be harmed immensely under such circumstances. Todays wars certainly do not end merely with the killing of few people but that along with it they create many new world problems and distortions. During the 3 rd world war and after that will create those situations which will transform mans current thinking and methodology of action.

Along with this we must also know Lord Mahakals mission of Era Transformation will not be limited to the medium of wars via various governments and their armies. In fact the Lords work place and mode of action will be very cosmic and widespread. Class based strife situations are taking a horrific turn. Behind strikes and opposition the cause is not merely financial but that psychological strife too plays a major role. Those who are wealthier than other million citizens are carrying out such opposition. Due to small causes like language, communities, regions etc invisibly situations of civil wars are being created. What we are saying over here is only related to India yet in the entire world such situations are being witnessed. Even if hot war is warded off yet the fire of cold war will be spread everywhere. Such cold war can induce great fear in the psyche of world humanity. Hence due to a mind full of agony people will perforce search for world peace in a big way.

Even today we are witnessing the wrath of nature. Mans nature and thinking influences the subtle form of interstellar space. When in Satyuga or the Golden Era good character activities helped flow its fruits in space enough rainfall, lots of grains, pure water/air, desired attainments, joyous situations etc were noted. In the Golden Era our earth oozed with joyous situations. Nature was conducive with reference to mans joyous means and comforts. Seasons worked appropriately and earth, sky etc created blessed achievements. Mans conscious nature has a deep rooted bond with the worlds inert nature. When gentlemanliness augments situations of joyous comforts too will multiply. Yet if the weighing scale is heavy due to wickedness, vile intellect and tainted activities it will negatively influence outer material nature. Fear of famine, earthquakes, flooding, etc will have to be faced again and again and thus man will have to undergo varied types of strife.

World humanitys mental distortions and psychological diseases spread such radiations in interstellar space that as a result slow and speedy bodily diseases and illnesses manifest and thus everyone undergoes agony with each moment passing by. Sometimes these diseases spread in the form of epidemics and collective illnesses so as to kill many.

Another terrible problem faced the world over is increase in crime at an alarming pace. As a result if not civil wars it definitely induces fights between individuals. Due to lack of cooperation and good will not only is there no individual progress but that no social advancement too is noted. Due to non cooperation and lack of good will obstacles are seen in everyones progress and wherever such vile intellect spreads, entire families get submerged both materially and spiritually.

In this manner from all directions sorrow and problems attack mankind and everyone undergoes agony. A family becomes hell like if all its members keep opposing, children become unruly and senior members harbor unwholesome prejudices. Diseases hidden in every part of our body gives pain. Even on those whom we shower help and goodwill induce pain in our bosom. In proportion to our wayward desires and sense merriments we do not get enough finances. In the form of so called friends we find only distrusting individuals. Such situations augment worry, fear, sorrow, hopelessness, chaos and agitation. Thus man burns both physically and mentally in the fire of worry and such pain is experienced that man runs about insanely and tries to commit suicide thinking his agony will end as a result. In the forest fire of individual and collective wickedness mans every pore burns terribly. What can one call this if not hell?

Wars, destruction and natural calamity based wrath are quite different. It can destroy man totally. The communist revolution seen in countries like Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Albania etc forced millions of people to shed tears of blood because they had to miserably under certain situations created. This transformation is more terrible and dire than natures ire. Mahakals wheel set forth at work and in a short time a flow streamed forth with reference to a revolution opposing communism and thus citizens of nations like Hungary, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia got the right to speak and live independently. This is an important incident of Era Junction times.

Even today world humanity insists on walking on the path devoid of ethics. Hence it is visible that in the near future we will have to face the anger of Lord Mahakal full of dire hardships. It is likely that this divine punishment will force us to give up unwholesomeness and instead imbibe righteousness. If this happens even these future problems can be looked upon as birth pains of Era Transformation which will only be a blessing in disguise for all.


From material natures standpoint man is a weak animal. Just as other beasts fill their tummies, procreate and live their lives facing good/bad influences of nature, in the same way man is born, grows up and ultimately dies. Thus every world human can be called a human animal because they have no goal, ideal, righteous duty etc and they think of passing their lives anyhow. And like other innumerable mortal creatures bound by situations enter the jaws of death. Today around half the world population is of this class.

Whatever minor attractions exist in the lives of human animals is based on their selfish motives. They make due efforts to fulfill their own needs, desire satiation and overcoming lack. Those not facing these attractions make miniscule efforts due to agony resulting from hunger, lack, punishment, non cooperation, insult etc. Ere such problems did not exist they would not find it shameful the least bit to live a life of indolence. Those living such lives are inflicting a great atrocity on themselves.

When such selfishness takes the garb of unruliness, arrogance, wickedness etc and man shamelessly tries to benefit hook, line and sinker by suppressing other innocent people he has to be called a human ghost. Ordinarily the term human ghost is used for murderers, dacoits, people who quarrel, heartless ones etc but now we have to amend this. In it there is no need of behaving wickedly visibly, getting bound by various laws or getting censured by others in society. People put on the garb of gentlemanliness and in hiding use such sharp knives wherein many get destroyed. For example those who make intoxicant materials, advertisers and selling agents externally appear very simple and straightforward yet their intellectual wealth and efforts in so many ways destroy badly peoples financial, ethical and physical means. They by sowing seeds of vile activities in the lives of thousands of people open up the path of a massive downfall and these details of loss send shivers down our spine. Many such examples are there of collective and individual efforts. Hence if self centeredness goes beyond control it is clear how terrible the results will be. The age old tainted habit of robbery and pick pocketing have gone in the hands of foolish people and today smart educated people have unearthed such techniques that so much loss accrues yet none realizes it. Today accepting bribes has become a way of life. Adulterating food, medicines etc is no longer looked down upon and instead is looked upon as business skill. Externally we can never gauge that in their personal lives how downfallen, selfish, distrustful and shameless people have become. If one actually notes their married life, family generosity and experiences of friends/relatives one understands their vile actions and thinking. If not human ghosts what else can one call them?

In the minds of lay public an illusion and misunderstanding is harbored as far as demigods and demons are concerned. Regarding demons it is believed that their faces are black, their teeth are canine and large and that like beasts they have horns on their heads. Regarding demigods it is opined that they are fair skinned, full of bliss, residing in heaven and run to aid devotees. This description verily is symbolic. There is no possibility of finding such beings in interstellar space and did not exist in ancient times too. Only on the basis of mans inner personality state this depiction of demigods/demons is made. A black face connotes darkness of taints, ill glory, life full of lowliness, large teeth means eating more than required and excess sense enjoyment, horns connotes vile behavior with others, harassing them and habitually inflicting pain on innocent people. Anyone possessing such taints is an Asura or demon. Let them be fair in hue or very good looking. Those who possess generosity, self control, spiritual leanings, service to the world etc are called demigods. They are always worshiped. They glory is sung everywhere. Their strife diminishes a lot. Thus those who self introspect they can separate demigods from demons. People immersed in the material world cannot gauge how much a person utilizes his/her time, effort, wealth and thinking for selfishness or for world well being. This can be gauged by us only if our psyche is pure and subtle. It is our inner personality that can render us either a demigod or devil. In the future times of era transformation whether we will be crushed under the feet of Lord Mahakal as punishment or will wholeheartedly work for world welfare tasks will depend on our nature of character and thinking.

Whenever a rise is seen in the number of human beasts and ghosts innumerable problems too will spring forth and when this proportion reaches alarming heights a fear manifests regarding annihilation of Almighty Gods beloved creation which is this world. As a result God perforce has to intervene by incarnating as an Avatar. This fact has been clarified by Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta: Whenever righteousness declines due to an alarming rise of unrighteous behavior at that time in order to protect saintly character and destroy demonic behavior I incarnate in this world.

In order to uproot unethical behavior from its very fount not one individual but that large scale collective effort only proves potent. At such strife torn times always a class of individuals emerges that are divine in nature. In day to day parlance they are also called demigods, people immersed in spirituality, human gods, gentleman, great leaders, human jewels etc. Never has earth been rendered devoid of righteous, gentlemanly, spiritual people full of devotion to God. But due to powerful attacks of demonic beings divine nature weakens. Yet Lord Mahakal is known to commence a movement wherein in order to reinstate a proper balance in this world showers waters of divine faith as a result of which listless, weak people akin to weeds in a garden now get converted to fresh green grass. Thus they become zealous and zestful once again.

In order to control demonic behavior every moment divinity has to make great efforts. In Puranas or mythology tales many pages are written describing all this. Thousands of stories regarding the battles between demigods and demons are listed in 18 Puranas and 18 sub classes of these. Wiliness and shrewdness aid victory of demons yet Gods help is attained only by demigods and ultimately they gain victory. History till today is witness to the fact that demons always get defeated. Vile people possess a lot of means gathered via wiliness and seeing harassment and suppression inflicted with its aid lay people dare not oppose all this out of fear. Yet such situations will not last long. In order that the balance of creation does not get distorted God alertly creates the class of divine people. He augments their valor and daring and in a short time ordinary looking humanity plays a role of extraordinary stature and thus despair gets transformed into hope. Today this is exactly what is happening.

In the chain of the mythological battle between demigods and demons one more ring will be added. In the near future such a cyclone will erupt as a result of which when demonic forces will be destroyed divinity will manifest gigantically. That which seems impossible today, in tomorrows changed circumstances will prove to be totally possible.

Human beasts are added to the category of demons because since because they always walk on the path of unwholesomeness. Human life encompasses many responsibilities and righteous duties. By not fulfilling these and clinging to the principle of filling their tummies and producing children like their animal counterparts humanity gets tainted. Since there is no self control walking with footsteps of beasts augments our chances of walking on the path of vileness. Thus such people are included in the category of those who add to the painful burden of mother earth.

Human ghosts and human animals together form the class of demons and they certainly are responsible for ushering strife and agony in this world. Just as the Harijan class is responsible for cleaning dirt of cities similarly it is the class of divine people that shoulder the responsibility of warding off distortions and problems created by demonic vile people. They have always carried out such tasks. If they fail to do so the mountains of sins will loom large and in a couple of decades itself this world will not remain fit enough to live in. when there is a fear of epidemics of diseases like malaria, plague etc breaking out 100 time more zest is shown to eradicate it. In the same way this cleaning today is most required. Generally soldiers of an army are alert yet when there is a fear of an enemy attack soldiers on the national border responsibly harbor 4-fold alertness. Today terrible dire situations confront world humanity. Chaos reigns in every nook and corner of the world due to attack of demonic forces. It is the prime duty of the class of divine people to ward off this undesirable situation and they must do this always. Right since time immemorial this is what is happening. In order to overcome atrocities of demonic forces divine class comes forth in the battle field with full preparations. As a result a fight ensues between demigods and demons and ultimately under the protection of Almighty God demigods win. The goal of Paritranaya sadhunam is fulfilled. Today again history will repeat itself.

When divine character weakens while opposing demons the latter proliferates. When the sun sets night sets in. Where there is light how can darkness prevail? In the same way when ideals based great thoughts spring forth in mans soul how can demonic forces step in? it is only when divinity in us is rendered strong, intense and well nourished an environment manifests that uproots demons. No doubt moments of struggle manifest. When they are dying wings manifest in ants. In order to douse a flame lamp they attack and in this erroneous effort they die. Since divinity augments demonic forces attack more and ultimately due to tainted activities enter the pit of destruction.

In order to overcome the darkness of demonic nature we must make efforts to awaken and nourish divinity in all. Due to powerful divinity ushering in everywhere such a widespread positive influence will be seen that apt capability will manifest to understand bad results of animal like behavior and ghostliness in people. Thus people will valiantly give up demonic tendencies of their psyche. Since divine character will increase sins looming large in the human psyche will be washed off and todays hell like earth will ooze tomorrow with untold joy and peace.

In future times the battle between demigods and demons will definitely be waged. In it people will not fight with each other physically but that a terrific war to establish divinity by demigods and tainted behavior by demonic character will ensue. Killing efforts will be made by demigods to usher in heaven like bliss on earth and demons will yearn to increase tainted behavior. In this war of thoughts since divinity will definitely win situations full of justice for all, independence, bliss, means and self contentment will crop up the world over.

Today everywhere one finds the reign of demonic behavior. Divinity exists scattered and in a weak condition. Today divinity by congregating in order to fulfill the needs of this era and Almighty Gods desire must get their act together. Those souls that possess enough of divine light will definitely hear the call of carrying out their righteous duty. But since its speed is weak it must be further encouraged in a big way. In the program of Yuga Nirman Yojana this very goal is being targeted. Innumerable people imbibing a divine nature by giving up all selfish goals will carry out tasks akin to historical great men while neo creating this world and will uproot the black veil of beastly and ghostly imprints covering the psyche of world humanity. Vile lowly behavior will end from their very roots and every world human will experience love, gentlemanliness, good will, cooperation, justice, untold bliss, apt situations and magnanimity everywhere.

It is the prime responsibility of the divine class of people to usher in such heaven like conditions on earth. They must awaken to this call. They must congregate. They must ready themselves to combat irrationality. The earlier they shoulder this responsibility the speedier will be the dawn of a new Golden Era or Satyuga and on visualizing this we shall get glorified.



God has sent man on planet earth after giving him a lot of things. No doubt from the bodily standpoint, human beings are weaker than many other creatures. Yet from the intellectual/wisdom viewpoint, whatever capability humanity possesses in it Almighty God has given it so much knowledge that he surpasses all creatures of the world. Maybe individuals in comparison to their fellow humans think themselves lacking in things and helpless yet the bare reality is that neither man lacks anything and nor is he weak and poverty stricken. Truly only he/she must wail aloud who despite being wealthy experiences discontent. In fact even people living in helpless conditions in actuality lack nothing and require no ones pity.

Even after accepting ones importance and supremacy hidden in mans inner conscious personality is the sentiment of greatness. It is a fact that even the most sorrowful person in order to ward off strife does not choose death. It is another thing that due to frenzied emotions someone commits suicide yet the truth is that in the core of mans conscious soul lie sentiments of greatness of life as a result of which even under dire conditions man avoids death.

As a result of external situations man may be said to be leading an ordinary life but the fact is that even if at birth many do not attain much yet something definitely has been attained by him. Man possesses inner mental power and miraculous potential of the brain. With the help of both, man can use materials of the world that are available and own them. On noting miracles of the intellect we can say man has created this world full of material means and comfort.

Man with the radiant skills of his brain has created various branches of knowledge and science. Further he has limitlessly increased his material comforts. Yet man is not satiated which is astounding. Daily he makes efforts to add to material comforts. These efforts have never stopped and are only increasing all the time. As a result we can hope that in the future he will be wealthier as far as material means are concerned.

Without doubt we can say that mans grandeur has augmented since he has amassed a lot of comforts via skills of the intellect. Of course such grandeur is full of incompleteness, ordinary and lack oriented. The reason behind this is error as far as thought and power of understanding is concerned. In a gist we can only say that in comparison to other creatures of the world man is wealthier and not only this but that in comparison to his ancestors he is more advanced regarding amassing material comforts. If the material progress status of ancient mankind is compared to that of modern humanity the difference is akin to sky and earth. Not only this but that from the standpoint of wealth and ownership of material means of human society living 200 years back is compared to that of modern mankind we have to accept that todays attainments could not even have been dreamt of by human society 200 years back. This progress is not only extraordinary but mind boggling too. In order to attain it the onus lies with mans brilliant intellect and great efforts.

If human achievements are cogitated upon from the viewpoint of widespread all pervasiveness then contemporary situations are doubtlessly said to be joyous destiny. But if a question is asked as to whether all these attainments have been used wholesomely than the answer is definitely no. Since we do not know how to use our achievements wholesomely and thoughtlessly we have used them without self control a situation of mass destruction and downfall has emerged. Today modern science has progressed swiftly. If its power is used creatively then many world well being tasks can be executed like control of weather influences, stopping of destruction resulting due to storms, control of rainfall and floods, overcoming saltiness of sea water, augmenting food grain production, producing more electricity, augmenting transport based comforts and controlling epidemics and various diseases. Thus todays world can be rendered happier, beautiful and more progressive.

Today a lot of human effort goes into education, sculpture, wealth and knowledge. But we think it unnecessary to mull over its wholesome usage which can lead to world peace and prosperity. If we continuously ignore all this then increased vaults of material comforts and technology will in future become a terrible creator of human destruction and downfall.

For example modern science by succeeding in unearthing atomic power an infinite storehouse of energy has been attained by mankind but yet instead of apt use there is misuse of it. By inventing the atomic bomb so much of it has been amassed that in one tiny moment the entire world can be destroyed. In a publication by UNO it has been said that such a vault of atomic bombs and nuclear weapons are in the possession of nuclear technology possessing nations that not just once but 7 times this earth can be destroyed due to its misuse.

As a result due to the grace of science more wealth can be generated in comparison to ancient times. Many means of generating wealth have advanced further. Since these means are misused it goes into activities of sense merriment and oppression of innocent people. Artistic skills, by pulling mankind towards beastly acts have put it on the path of taints. Education has bloated the human ego and arrogance has deluded the ordinary layman. This taint is not limited to a particular region but has spread all round the globe.

Human body possesses such glories that if they are used optimally man can enter the portals of divinity. In comparison to his mental state his potential as astonishing. If only it is used for creative world welfare tasks then the glory of earth can super cede heaven too. But it is our ill fate that these utterances of greatness are not being imbibed by majority of people.

Every sense organ of man is self experiencing. Through its medium life becomes well managed. It is required to sustain life and man has been given enough wealth by Almighty God which is seen as life force. It is required that a portion of it be used via sense organs so that mans life is sustained. Yet mankind wastes so much of this energy in vain sense titillation that since total life force is misused nothing remains to pursue a higher stature spiritual life. Regarding this League for Spiritual Discovery (Italian branch) has published a book on widespread nature of inner consciousness and its manifestation. In this book while giving many logical proofs, examples etc it has been elucidated if selfish pursuit of wealth and sense organ enjoyment predominate man will stay far away from his inner unlimited divine energy. In such activities an attraction of lowly stature is so manifold that it fails to give world humans an opportunity to think of greatness and sacred ideals.

In reality instead of misusing the inner conscious power via sense organs for lowly tasks its great energy is obstructed from a downfall and is used for great goals then via wholesome usage of this great power man too can become great. A question is asked that after obstructing its downfall why it is not used for high stature endeavors? The answer is one that despite putting forth a very useful program of society whose goal includes human righteousness, ethics and good behavior yet so much of selfishness and prejudiced got mixed with it as a result of which use turned into misuse so that only injustice ruled the roost. Feudalism of middle era too was of this type wherein one class of society thinks it is valiant to demean other sections of society. Thus they not only amassed wealth but praise too. The history of middle era ended with a lot of fights and in its pages those attacking people were written about as soldiers.

What a despicable humor of such valor? In this manner despite religion being spread out everywhere, its importance instead of increasing decreased. In previous times a measure of double faced ethics was in vogue. Ethics were measured differently, based on whether the person concerned was a relative, friend etc or was he/she an alien. In this manner so much is talked about regarding so called religiosity and ethical standards that in its teaching based on how conducive they are ethics, righteousness, generosity, cooperation are included. People are not taught that they should act wholesomely to even those who are not related to them in any way. Those outside ones circle, even if it is a neighbor must be looted and cheated. This behavior is neither abhorred nor looked down upon. In many religion sects those who do not act thus are called lowly and irreligious and people are incited to loot them.

Many people feel good wisdom is enough for solution to problems and world progress. They feel only education renders man civilized. Many opine that only religious beliefs uplift humanity. Yet these beliefs are one sided and incomplete. What is required is that after nearing a problem and on mulling about it one must find out whether those who possess wisdom, wealth and means are making apt use of it or not.

When society was not progressed, todays comforts were not there and humanity had not evolved man utilized his energy in limited amounts for taints and accruing losses. Today this situation no longer exists. Today such means are available that if man so wishes he can incur limitless damage to world society with its aid. Under conditions that lacked apt means our forefathers spread good thinking in limited measure in limited regions. In this manner when in ancient times the world was scattered and man possessed limited means bad tasks gave limited losses. Today modern science has rendered planet earth into a tiny global village. Due to means of space and earth differences have been shortened and the worlds various nations appear like roads and alleys.

Under such conditions if any person or organization desire to misuse these means it can inflict immense loss and entire humanity will face danger. If someone so desires he/she via greatness can transform this world. Science has given mankind so many means and comforts that it is not apt to think of differences based on sect, religion, community etc. and instead a widespread viewpoint will have to be imbibed. The world verily has become small and since science has advanced so much we will have to accept that the world today is like one family. This progress is the result of mans intellectual prowess. It is required that by looking upon the world as a family means and comforts be utilized aptly.

This entire world is one nation. Human community has only one lineage. All have equal rights regarding means that are natural. All humans are children of Almighty God. As a result of sentiments of World as one family or Vasudhaiva kutumb there was a time when world humanity was united. There was no dearth of means, there was no lack of comforts and at that time there was no danger or opposition but when the world commenced partitioning at that time sorrowful situations of lack had to be faced. In those days narrow minded sentiments of sectarianism, lineage, nationalism, language based differences etc did not exist. As a result the world was united equal, sacred, loving, cooperation, sense of oneness etc and thus man resided in a heaven like earth. Everywhere spread an environment of peace and joy.

Now in order to recreate heavenly situations of ancient times we must take recourse to world unity and obstacles on this path must be uprooted. In order to create disparity in humans bad elements have played a major role. Ordinarily they can be classified into 3 categories.

1. Nationality based communalism

2. Religious differences

3. Language differences

The above 3 play a major role in manifesting hatred between various world nations. Thus efforts of world peace have faltered a great deal. For many years institutions like UNO, Amnesty International, International Peace Foundation etc have tried establishing peace and security the world over but none are unaware of their failure to do so. In order to ward off wars many treatises for disarmament have been tried. Yet its major goal has not been attained. Everything just remains on paper as a result even today agitation and tension prevailing amongst many countries. Those countries who signed such documents bowed down to selfishness. They do believe that ethically they had to shoulder many responsibilities. History proves that in the past 2 decades the number of agitations and war like clouds are on the rise. It is definite that even today the above mentioned 3 elements are responsible for such agitating situations. In their presence all efforts made to establish world peace will prove to be a mockery akin to watering flowers, leaves etc of a tree instead of its very roots.

We are citizens of a particular country. Our responsibilities are limited to the borders of our country. Ethical and unlawful acts must be done only to benefit the country. Due to such erroneous thinking each nation fights with another. Clear patriotic instincts are required and useful for ones country. Since we are born and nurtured in a particular nation we must benefit it socially and ethically. In order that our country advances social values need to be imbibed. But when patriotism leans towards sectarianism it becomes a fearsome burden for world forces. In order to incite national sectarian sentiments political leaders and related powers use various types of psychological ploys. In the 18 th century it was decided by British citizens that never will they become slaves of others. In fact they said they were born to rule others. As a result they worked towards extending British reign in other parts of the world. Despite a few centuries passing by even today they hold on to this arrogant viewpoint. Even French officials took recourse to such thinking. They proclaimed to their citizens that by taking recourse to bloodshed we will fill our farms. According to them this impure blood was that of Austrians. In opposition to this Nelson said that French people are devils. He commanded destruction of France. The result being that after 12 years of war soldiers harbored hatred for French people. Even Germanys Hitler used such a ploy. He opined that German people were born to rule the entire world. In a few years he converted Germany into Nazis. Of course Hitler died but the dire reactions had to be faced by the Germans. Even today we witness this. Today many countries are trying to avert a war between 2 Muslim countries. A Muslim religious leader who leads his countrys government says Islam forbids friendship with enemy nations. In order to incite communal hatred when in the name of religion enmity is encouraged how can world peace manifest?

From the geographical standpoint too all countries have separated. Whichever country took over a particular region it became its wealth. Borders of countries were not demarcated based on which nation required which region. As a result despite the population being less with the help of armed forces every country took over excess land despite not actually needing it. In order to extend national borders many wars have taken place. In ever countrys borders infiltration is noted along with shelling by armies. Many people lose their lives. Ere the world had not been partitioned and instead was looked upon as collective wealth of entire world humanity then todays fearful situations would not reign. Some countries possess a lot of natural resources like oil, petrol, mineral ores etc and others have very little of it. Thus some countries are very wealthy and others are poor due to lack of means and such wealth. The latter cannot thus advance. Ere this natural and other resources were looked upon as wealth belonging to whole of world humans such harrowing world situations faced today would not have emerged.

In order to provide security every country has to utilize a portion of its income. The collective spending of all nations of the world runs into billions of dollars. This is but a measure of what is declared by various nations. Whereas figures uncalculated are manifold more. So much spending is with reference only to national security. As long as nations are separated by geographical borders they will always experience insecurity.

The solution to this problem is that render the entire world as one single country. It is like in a particular country you have many states and that they exist peacefully. Every state yearns for national progress. Despite political power remaining with one person yet every state has a governor. They manage their respective states. No 2 states fight with each other. For the entire world a single world government will have to be designed. The borders of each nation will be akin to different states of one country. Despite being separate geographically they will be ruled by a single world government. The designing of method of justice, management, taxation etc will be uniform everywhere. Just as in 1 country you are free to move/travel from one state to another the same will hold true for various countries. There will be no obstruction as far as transport of materials is concerned. Today progress is limited to a few countries that are very rich thus you have the demarcation of haves and have nots. When all nations will unite under one world government no country will monopolize advancement and progress of any sort.

The world government and law system will reign over the entire world. A world army will troubleshoot differences amongst nations and their unrest. Just as local police authorities manage a particular region such management will be seen everywhere. Thus war clouds will not manifest anywhere. It is nationalistic pride that creates wars with other nations. When the entire world will harbor sentiments of world patriotism just like being one world family who will fight with whom? The mere thought of a single world nation can give us goose pimples.

World unity is generally obstructed by religious and cultural differences. In ancient times there existed a single all pervasive and eternal religion. It was devoid of difference of opinion communal fights etc. It encouraged a sense of oneness, equality, good will and soul brotherhood. Its goal was only ethical and social rejuvenation. At that time there was no difference of opinion and instead they worked for situations that were conducive everywhere. Even after encouraging ones own culture world unity did not falter. As time went by distortions got mixed and true religion got converted to communalism. Great goals became miniscule and superficial rituals reigned. As a result people imbibed only religious rites. Small big religious leaders cropped up. As a result hatred and difference of opinion was seen amongst them. There was a time when despite having varied cultures people were immersed in world neo creation and instilling advancement and truth in all. But this aim was forgotten and a distorted form of communalism took birth.

Just like the dream of one world nation we shall have to conjure a single world religion. Generally the underlying principles of all religions are eternal and same. Only their external forms differ. One cannot totally ignore these external differences because they are under the jurisdiction of conditions of a particular country which helps achieve progress. All religions will have to gather under one umbrella which are beyond the noose of place, time, sect, community, color difference etc and which helps man become generous and full of good will.

The belief that God loves one particular sect and not another is totally illusory and irrational. In fact loves/abhors only good/bad actions. One can attain God via justice, ethics goodwill and great actions. Where will Gods love for justice and farsightedness remain if we accept any religious sect without checking its qualities, nature and activities?

In reality Rishi-Munis in tandem with space and time have designed religious sects. As time lapses by changes are seen in these. In actuality eternal religion is a human duty and it must be adhered to. Every religion loving person by imbibing it wholeheartedly must follow it. This type of norms of an all pervasive religion will take the form of an ideal with reference to great ethical principles.

The 3 rd obstacle regarding world unity is language based differences. The UNO recognizes only 5 languages. They are English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. In India 15 languages are given weight age. Other world languages include German, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Italian etc. Thus there are about 3000 world languages.

As a result of different languages everyone knows how difficult it is to communicate with one another. In this scientific age new research is conducted on a daily footing. Many streams of knowledge are emerging. Yet it takes years to communicate this from one nation to another because of language difference barrier. Thus scientific research benefits are not availed very speedily. Not only from the standpoint of time but financially too, a lot of obstacles are noted in disseminating knowledge. A new press has to be designed for each language. Separate typewriters and machines have to be made. As a result of limited selling publications become more expensive. If only one language prevails the world over then press machines will become cheaper and it will be easier for world public to read all this.

Languages play a major role in advancement of sentiment based relationships. When a person who understands only one language meets another person knowing it in a very far off region they easily bond with each other. Many obstacles are noted in establishing a bond with a person who fails to understand the language you know. In order to establish a sense of oneness amongst world humans a single language would be very helpful. If it is easy to avail of publication, study, teaching etc of various streams of knowledge via the medium of one language the progress of mankind will speed up a lot. Is there a single language which is useful for the entire world? For this a lot of tedious cogitation is required. A lot of effort towards this end will have to be made by language specialists.

Before this in entire world history never has world humanity aspired so much for peace and harbored detest for wars. In todays times of era junction it is alive with great changes. History has brought the modern generation in such an era wherein it is required that those harboring goodwill must bring about those changes in which great people establish high stature ideals useful for world humans. This is only possible when one keep in mind the entire world and mankind and decides that first and foremost the above 3 obstacles need to be uprooted.

By materializing the dream of a world nation, world religion, world culture and world language many questions can be addressed. As a result world unity can be ushered in. also instead of the concept of world united peacefully as one family remaining a mere figment of our imagination can actually be imbibed fully by all. On its basis difference of opinions, agitations, chaos and war clouds looming large the world over can be warded off. It is disparity, bias, activities encouraging differences/separateness that has filled the ordinary human life with many problems and questions. If the dream of human unity comes true then this hell like earth can be converted to heavenly joy, peace and comforts. In the universal role of neo creation every world individual, harboring goodwill must come forward and participate in this great mission.



In the arena of economics those roots of beliefs are diving deeper that in order to create wealth only cooperation will help it succeed. In rural areas for progress cooperative banks are multiplying. Banks are making efforts that in the production that remains with the help of cooperatives the produce will be sold with good profit margins and if it is not sold it should be stored so that with its wealth it must help cooperative institutions. Large industries work with the efforts of laborers and workers. Mill owners make efforts to see to it that from the production of their industry due to efforts of their workers the latter should benefit. For this end by augmenting various means benefits are also shared via bonus pay outs.

Communism goes one step ahead. The lord of all production is the ruler/government and as per needs everyone is given a portion of it. By overlooking the pros and cons of communism if we cogitate over its application the success of communism is heavily dependent on the shrewdness of the government.

Many regions the world over by imbibing the precept of cooperatives have progressed a great deal materially. Cooperative communities in majority of the countries fulfill a major portion of produce of national production. In smaller nations like Israel 75% of total production is grateful to cooperative arena. In Japan these produce 30% of total production, 26% in Sweden and 20% in Taiwan.

In Israel 60% of agriculture is executed by cooperatives. In Egypt with reformation program of land and agriculture 40% are cooperatives based. In Germany over and above agriculture in other arenas cooperatives reign. In 35% there are cooperatives. In Norway 20% construction work is executed by the cooperative arena. In North Europe cooperative societies play an important role.

Not only in agricultural industry and housing construction but also in education management cooperative institutions are at work. Apart from Canada many European nations many organizations are making great efforts to make education useful for all and evolve the sentiment of world brotherhood and peace. As per data of the year 1955, 26 countries had such organizations. It is believed that in 80 countries cooperative committees of students are at work. These countries include Denmark, Sweden, Britain, France, Poland, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Russia, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Israel. Such organizations play a major role in France and Poland to render primary and middle years education clean and clear.

In order that laymen understand the utility of cooperative activities and further to encourage them to cooperate in such endeavors many countries have set up colleges to educate them. In many institutions like Cooperative College Japan, The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Korea, Polgola, The School of Cooperation and Education Center Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Jakarta School of Administration, The Cooperative Training Institute of Thailand etc cooperative based education is given.

In Japan for advancement of household living many committees are at work. They teach people various small/big professional courses when the person has free time and thus augment the family income. These women are taught courses revolving around cooking, stitching, embroidery, protection of fruits/vegetables, growing vegetables etc in ones garden, making flower garlands, repairing furniture, making radio/TV sets, repair and management, making oil/soap etc that are useful in daily living.

Most successful applications of cooperatives are seen in Belgium and Alberta. The countries have such cooperative associations wherein the members are not just citizens of that country but that many institutions too have registered there. Central and local governments too are its members.

In our country (India) cooperative sentiments are in its primary stage. It is under the scrutiny and management of government authorities. Wherever there is a question of finance cooperatives of Western countries do not take help of central government. With help from within their organization an independent financial arrangement is made. Without interference of the government within India many collective programs can come into play. From the financial standpoint the problems of urban and rural area are obstacles. From the population standpoint the condition of 75% of its people is very delicate. 50% of its people barely get 1 meager meal a day. For getting business and jobs youth from various villages flee to big cities and towns. This is because in cities at least they are assured of small jobs. Since labor power of the youth rushes to urban areas the condition of rural India deteriorates. Extraordinary intellectual brilliance, labor power and wealth are rushing towards urban areas. As a result cities are flourishing but villages remain weak and poor.

In villages on the basis of cooperative sentiments many applications/programs can be executed to augment joy and peace. The main basis of villages of villages is agriculture but due to excess population land is less. It is not possible for everyone to take up agriculture. Very easily agriculture and programs of small scale industries can be designed. In communist countries in government owned agricultural land agriculture is done using cooperative methodology. In those countries where agricultural lands are not small there government control exists. But in our nation on the basis of cooperatives collective farming can be encouraged. Due to tiny pieces of land a lot of wastage of time, labor and finance is seen. In comparison to big agricultural regions small regions give very minor produce/crop. Thus if collective farming increases it will benefit everybody. Our time, labor and money hence are not wasted and also on the basis of how much piece of land one owns, profits accrue accordingly.

If along with agriculture small scale industries are conjoined the problem of joblessness in villages can be overcome. Since cow dung is attained easily and cheaply it becomes an energy resource. In an international meeting for discussion of depletion of energy resources leading world economists concluded that a lot of energy can be generated from stools passed by birds and beasts. India is highly populated by animals. There are around 2.3 million cows, buffalos and bullocks. From their dung it is possible to set up gas generating plants and excess energy generated by these cottage industries can be started. Cottage industries can help produce useful household articles like cloth, oil, soap, toys and candles. Arrangements for technical education can be made in rural areas so as to commence small industries encompassing various articles, repair, agricultural products etc.

Not only from the financial standpoint but from many other angles cooperative endeavors accrue great benefits. Also people will start harboring sense of oneness, friendship and brotherhood. In our social arena generally strife and fights ensue since we live lonely selfish lives. Many court fights are seen for land, inheritance and so on. Thus people become egoistic and wastage of wealth and time takes place. As against this, living lives on the basis of cooperatives such lowly sentiments and fights have no place.

We are for all and all are for us-this principle is for collective living. It means keeping in mind each others joy-sorrow, learn to participate in it and give help as per requirement. The program of a life of cooperation by becoming all pervasive and collective can help realize the dream of world united peacefully as one family. A great scholar James Peter Barbs in his book What Is Cooperation? says that if activities based on cooperation can fulfill all needs of every field of daily living the burden of the nations government can be lessened a great deal. Very easily cooperative tasks that are executed by skillful, responsible people can be fulfilled. In another book Cooperative Democracy he adds more clarity to this concept. He opines that mature cooperative committees can take over cooperative branches. He has categorized government and government committees arena of activities wherein the government must concentrate on ruling the nation and making laws and that cooperative organizations must manage production of various things.

The worlds highly intellectual economists and thinkers say in the augmenting of wealth, joy and peace of world humanity application of cooperative living oozing with goodwill will prove to be highly successful. In many countries the world over, these programs have been commenced successfully. In India too encouragement should be given to cooperative relationship between government and non government organizations called NGOs.



For ushering in a new era and neo creation of heavenly situations along with advancement of world humanitys heartfelt sentiments those who are responsible for societys governance and apt management will have to wholesomely control and rejuvenate external systems. In the beautiful designing of society what shall be the governments greatest methodology? Regarding this there is a difference of opinion amongst the worlds intelligent social reformers and thinkers. This responsibility must be shouldered by scholars that lead society wherein in the worlds contemporary circumstances they must study and research into the above topic.

Well accepted social reforms observe 7 rules viz. usefulness, communism, individualism, anarchism, social relation, idealism and Gandhism. Their followers in order to prove their beliefs and assent by putting forth various proof, logic etc opine that their school of thinking is supreme. Jeremy Bentham gave birth to the view of usefulness. He is respected as a brilliant sociologist. According to him the usefulness of any task or object is dependent on the fact as to how much an individual can draw joy, peace and other such benefits. He says that excess punishment does not improve a criminal and instead deteriorates him/her. The nature of education can throw light on rendering life useful and solve problems of social relationships and living. Bentham opines that political governance must have minimal influence in the social arena. For a countrys economic progress an independent professional ethics is supreme. Those who criticize this theory of usefulness argue that capitalism augments as a result of it. Since government control will be miniscule the class of businessmen and professionals use strong arm tactics and oppress the weak. Thus the categorization of rich and poor takes birth. Since punishment is minimal criminals are indirectly encouraged to carry out further misdeeds. Benthams designing of social neo creation is very unclear and there is a lack of a definite code of conduct. Many thinkers the world over opine that Benthams precepts are less social and more in principle or theoretical.

The second major ism is communism. It arose in the form of a revolutionary movement as an opposition to the suppression of farmers and laborers resulting from capitalism. Karl Marx was its founder. The aim of communism is to design a classless society. By ending capitalism national wealth and means after being snatched away from lone owners is kept under the jurisdiction of entire society. By overcoming all financial mismanagement birth is given to a classless society. On the basis of communism we see that the main aim of the state is destruction of individual ownership of land, nationalization of all modes of transport, via law control all finances, destruction of right to property ownership, control of all business and merchandize industry, destruction of all types of individual rights and so on. For such types of arrangements the state will have to re value all tasks. As a result of this no differences are seen in bodily and intellectual tasks and everyone gets things based on potentials and needs. The opinion of humanitarian school of thinking is that the precepts of communism are correct but in order to fulfill its goal by encouraging violent revolutions it is not possible to attain eternal peace and apt national management. Due to this people will harbor hatred, detest, envy, fear and distrust amongst themselves. As a result of a revolution only hard hearted hooligans will survive. It is not certain that the very aim with which a revolution is taken recourse gets fulfilled. In it in fact a very dictatorship like government can usher in. from the condition prevailing today the world over it is clear that wherever communism prevails the situation is quite serious. The results of a violence oriented revolution can be very severe. If due to obstruction of individual freedom the noose of the ruling government is tighter humanitys personal and all round progress gets impeded. Although the basic thinking of communism is correct yet a lot of fear too is attached to its implementation. So many great thinkers of communist countries of the world are aspiring for reformation. By designing apt economic and political management and despite a communism based school of thought oriented around neo creation of external world situations being useful yet in order to advance mans inner personality there is no arrangement noted. It is man who is uses, controls and puts into application external situations and as long as the thinking of mans inner personality remains lowly and tainted till then it is difficult to imagine birth of a society full of civility, culture and discipline. Mere external control and changes can do no good in the long run. Such methods indeed are one sided. In communism there is no place for evolving of the human psyche so that it oozes with greatness, generosity and a personality of high stature. As long as man does not advance his inner nature till then oppression, dictatorship and hoarding will reign.

The 3 rd ism is individualism. Its founder was John Stuart Mills. Also thinkers like Spencer opined that only authority or power reigns supreme. Life, intellect, thinking, experience etc are special human characteristics. On its basis every task of society and a country should be executed. Thus an individual must get the top spot in every field of life. People adhering to individualism opine that a government that rules minimally is best. It is one and only duty of the government to see to it that such an environment is created as a result of which an individual can independently gather collectively and evolve his/her personality, thinking of character and various activities. Individual independence proves to be useful and helpful in progress only when high stature self control reigns over it. In the absence of self control only indiscipline and unruliness benefit. Hence mans inner personality should imbibe high class sentiments as a result of which there is no place for misuse of individual freedom. Until then external political control must exist which will prove beneficial. As per the opinion of a great leader like Gandhiji only a civilized and wise human can optimally use freedom. Hence despite the principle of individualism being ideal and great yet it is not so much meaningfully applicable in daily social living. Without an advanced code of conduct there will be less apt use of individual freedom and more of its misuse.

In those very circumstances in which communism took birth it became the cause of anarchy too. Principles of anarchy were given birth to by Moscows Prince Kopat Kin and Michael Bukinin. This mode of thinking is called anarchism. As per its belief along with destruction of capitalism via revolution the kingdom too ends. Anarchism instead of having to do anything with mode of reign via anarchist elements has only an interest in establishing a kingdom less regime. As per the opinion of Prince Kin anarchy is that principle of life and behavior within which there exists a society devoid of political governance. The country will be managed via social norms and laws. Man should be rendered so civilized and intelligent that he requires no control of any sort and instead leads life independently. Small committees can very well manage their departments. Quarrels and strife can be solved by a local board.

According to anarchism for every profession, business and other tasks there will be a committee of people chosen by the citizens and will be called communes. People elected in areas of education, production, industries etc will create their own communes. Communes will be totally voluntary and independent. Every commune by choosing various personnel via election will design ethics. All communes will mutually complement each other. All communes of one type from the entire region will create a committee. Thus from local areas will get created regional communes and from the latter national committees will be formed. Thus at the national level tasks distributed by one country will be carried out by respective committees.

Amongst leading modes of rule/governance democracy is highly favored. Its birth has taken place via the principle of social relationships. Amongst its founders are Halls, John Lock and Rousseau. According to rules of social relationships, man in the early stages of evolution lives under the care of management by nature. At that time there was no political rule. As per contemporary times due to problems and lack of comforts, since the need of a kingdom cropped up, its people by electing a king created an understanding of an arrangement amongst themselves. The king after being accepted by the people reigns over them. If the king breaks this agreement and does not nurture his people aptly the latter can overthrow him and elect a new king. Rousseaus democracy took birth based on this precept. As per opinions of social scholars the success of democracy lies with awakening of the lay public and rendering them ethical. As long as the citizens of a country are not alert enough to imbibe social and ethical duties they will misuse individual freedom. The election of rulers of a country and its political leadership is heavily dependent on an awakened public. The ruling government elected will be of the type of citizens voting for it. If from the ethical and intellectual standpoint the stature of the lay public is not high then the elected government will not execute its duties. Thus mismanagement and anarchy will take over. In order to render great the stature of the people immense efforts will have to be made. Further such rulers in the government will have to be elected who have no selfish motives individually, who are honest and great in character. From the economic viewpoint the success of democracy is dependent on the state of decentralization. For this with the help of small-large scale industries, businesses etc the urban and rural areas must be advanced.

Contemporary judicial methods and execution of various tasks within the ruling government take so long to achieve and are so tortuous that for even minor tasks the layman has to be kept waiting for long. So much money is spent that officials take benefits from it. In this a lot of research is required. How should citizens be tax and how to collect the same without anyone misusing it? Democracy benefits us only when its mode of functioning is refreshingly new and that small widespread loopholes are plugged successfully. This is because such loopholes breed unwholesomeness, misbehavior and a society devoid of ethical values.

The one who gave birth to idealism school of thought was the famous philosopher/thinker Plato. According to him man is a political creature. We by being inspired by our self directed desires place belief in the nation. The true nature of a government must be ethical. Its duty is to augment soul progress in its people. The government in order to lead man towards fulfillment creates and manages external worldly changes. As a result people harbor faith in such an idealistic government. Those who follow this school of thought are Hegel, Basana Green, Kant etc. Platos beliefs are more philosophical and less applicable socially. This mode of governance does not outline a definite methodology and code of conduct. Hence in an ideal based government there is lack of proper direction.

Even Mahatma Gandhi had imagined such a government adhering to ideals. In a gist following are its principles:

The government by looking upon itself as the goal and becoming a medium of advancement of all levels of the public must render its ethics such that its fount lies in non violence based thinking. It must use minimal political authority. It must help its people attain self dependence. The all round progress of village life and its uplifting must be accepted as especially important. Every village must be of the form of a minor government. Not only government authority but that more and more of national wealth and produce must be decentralized but this task must be executed via non violent methods wherein the public is positively transformed both in its thinking and sentiments. For uplifting of backward a poverty stricken people special arrangements must be made. The nations progress is directly dependent on uplifting and empowerment of its women citizens. Special importance should be given to this. Every citizen must be given education facilities and that instead of limiting education to mere learning of alphabets it must prove beneficial in uplifting the citizens psyche, soul and body too. On an average every citizen must be provided for leading a useful life. The ethics of large scale industries must be great enough to help proliferate small industries, businesses, factories etc.

The worlds intelligent thinkers and social science scholars opine that that for new life in society, the mode of governance should be as above. For the present social methods what truly is the supreme designing for the entire world and further how will it aid human progress? For getting an answer to this deep studies and reforms is the need of the hour. The responsibility to fulfill it lies with the worlds leading intelligent analysts. They must research into this so as to unfold the fact that from the above methodologies which is best and most useful for the entire world. As a result of apt conclusions successful research of all pervasive management can be attained which in turn will aid the progress of entire world humanity.

Natural forms like air, water, light, river, ocean, sky, earth, sun and moon is the wealth belonging to all world creatures. It is useful in the same manner for all beings. It cannot belong to any individual or country. Since for entire mankind it is attained specially everyone benefits from its great form. This law is applicable for wealth generated by humans. It is seen that in production a single person gets credit but the reality is that directly or indirectly many others have helped in this achievement. From complete research studies conducted till today it is noted that all this is a result of mutual cooperation and help. In generation of wealth infinite dead or living people have cooperated.

Via a small profession of agriculture the farmer who grows grains does so with the indirect help of so many other people. Right from ancient times many generations via their wisdom based efforts found out about how to till land, use water, sow seeds, harvest crops etc. in the step by step evolution of farming agriculture advanced a lot. As a result of effort and thinking of many people the world over means of agriculture were unearthed. Even today for finding out newer means of farming, many skillful technicians and engineers are making due efforts. For educating them many people are laboring hard like teachers, writers, paper makers, publishers, binders, sellers etc. Thus so many people are associated with the profession of agriculture. Only hence means for apt farming are available. Thus directly or indirectly if help is not there then even an ordinary profession like agriculture will dwindle to naught.

Over and above agriculture for industrial production other professionals and workers are involved. Nothing can be attained by lone efforts of one person. If we cogitate over cooperation then either directly or indirectly, entire world society is bound to one wheel. This law is not applicable to mere individuals only but for the entire world. Materials are transported from one country to another and then to a 3 rd country and so on. In every country based on circumstances materials are given weight age. That country which is progressive and wealthy financially the credit does not go only to itself. There exists no country where all articles useful for good living are available. It is only trade and other barter methods which help every country get useful materials.

For the production of all big/small articles we have to take help of other countries. Even highly developed rich nations seek help of others. USA has to depend on other countries to buy petroleum products sugar fruit wool cloth, coffee and electrical articles. Britain imports milk, butter, coffee, sugar, tea, cocoa, tobacco, petroleum, gas, wool, paper etc from other countries. Canada is not self sufficient as far as goods like petrol, iron, steel, coffee, cocoa, tea, vegetables, chemicals, coal and photography accessories are concerned. Japan depends on the rest of the world for fuel, petrol, thread, oil etc. These are but few examples. But if all nations of the world are studied it will be clear that every country is dependent on others for some article or another. Not only goods but even in the arena of science and technology each country takes help from another. Thus world progress is heavily dependent on cooperation.

In reality whatever is produced by any individual, society or country is wealth that belongs to entire world humanity. In production there are many categories. It is unethical to make one sided usage of what is produced. Other people too should accrue these benefits. The arrangement of nature is such that whatever is produced the world over can be easily shared with all world humans. Those who in order to earn more have used their intellect, effort and farsightedness must be aptly praised. By producing this much the producer must be contented. It verily is narrow mindedness that one who earns only uses and thus adds to the disparity within society regarding the rich and poor. On the one hand unwholesome acts like hoarding of wealth, wastage, sense merriment and vices are on the rise. By giving bribes economic based crimes augment. In a certain sense financial disparity is responsible for incapability and crimes. Statistics tell us that capitalism that obstructs democracy gets more weight age and thus crimes increase alarmingly. One example of this is America where human values have no value.

If all people imbibe a life of same financial status then there is no place for envy, hatred, looting etc amongst themselves. Hence it is very important to curb wealth hoarding, monopoly of wealth ownership, rights and callous sense titillation. Excess production must be distributed in society. As a result of wealth disparity many social taints arise which in turn we face violent communist based revolutions. In actuality the birth of communist violent methods that obstruct basic human freedom and that seal an individuals material freedom takes place due to dire financial world circumstances. In those countries where communism blooms their citizens accepted communism as supreme but the reason was that poverty stricken public of communist nations desired revolutionary changes which would ward of financial disparity and inequality. In those very times communism took birth powerfully. Although the financial ethics of communism are useful for society but in order to put into practice their laws revolutionary means are preferred and these in turn are agonizing and obstacles to societys progress.

In ancient times the mode of governance was supremely great. Every individual on an average lived a contented life. After deducting ordinary needs whatever was excess was voluntarily given by the people for good social causes. Those who hoarded wealth faced societys censure. In those days one could never see hoarding as is seen in contemporary times. In fact people competed with each other to donate more and more wealth. Those who were generous to a fault for world welfare tasks were eulogized and respected. Since with reference to hoarding and misuse of wealth there was control that was both ethical and social it was looked down upon by one and all. In this manner if self inspired generosity and self control augment there is no need for external control.

What is required today is that ancient ideals take rebirth. Todays situations demand that equality is established the world over. Thus the disparity of rich and poor will be dissolved. If this is not possible voluntarily then external attacks will have to be endured. When kings, royalty, land owners etc voluntarily did not accept this the government via various laws forced them to hand over excess wealth that was hoarded. Lest they had voluntarily exhibited their generous nature they would have got both credit and honor from society. But alas they had to face insults and censure from all directions. Both wealth and honor were snatched away. In future too such dire situations will have to be faced by the wealthy class of the world.

So what if in democratic countries communism has no place yet everywhere we see praises heaped on financial norms based on communist tenets and further in the nations economic progress they are found to be useful. In half the world this form of governance is seen. In countries like China, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Albania, East Germany, Cuba etc this mode of financial management is at work. In such countries the wall between the rich and poor class has been torn apart wherein every citizen leads a life based on equality. As a result sense merriment based expenditure is obstructed.

On the one hand akin to a cyclonic storm communist ideals are spreading far and wide and in whichever way possible be it violence-non violence, ethical-unethical etc efforts are being made to wipe off financial inequality in the world. On the other hand it is the need of this era that richness gets controlled. Both paths are in front of us. Should we accept communist economic norms which destroy individual freedom and basic rights or else accept those ancient mythology based ideals of our country wherein hoarding excess wealth was a sin. At that time an average citizen donated excess wealth remaining after fulfilling family needs for social well being. As a result society oozed with affection for each other, cooperation and a bond of camaraderie. In fact even if ones life was at stake human values were adhered to strictly. Although rights existed yet people competed as to how much more one executes his/her righteous duties.

Today staring at us are both types of governance and we know the benefits/dangers of each of these. If voluntarily one does not manifest generosity communism will take over along with its harshness intolerable ways of ushering in economic equality. As a result of this its storm like effects will destroy human values. At that time man will work like an inert machine/robot wherein there will be no place for sensitivity, emotions and power of thinking. Due to lack of this its consciousness all round progress will be throttled. Any sensitive person will not desire that such dire situations usher in world society. Especially people born in India and those living a life of Indian cultural values will never opt for this.

In order that within democracy people harbor sentiments of equality, purity, oneness and soulfulness ancient ideals will have to be reawakened as a result of which heavenly situations on planet earth bloom forth. It is important that for all round progress individual freedom is given limited weight age.

Not only in India but the world over generous economic norms will prove beneficial. In future days the entire world will have get bound to each other with brotherhood and unity. Only then in order to lay down world norms keeping in mind world humanity can we march ahead. Today there is a wall of disparity between rich poor nations everywhere. As per statistics available 30% of the worlds populations annual income is Rs 36,000. Included here are all European countries, Russia, Japan, USA etc. further countries having a population of .84 billion people are progressing at a fast pace. Included here are Brazil, Mexico and Taiwan. Their individual income is about Rs 7650. If the speed of progress is maintained thus then in 2000 AD, individual income will become Rs 10,000. After that .75 billion people live in communist nations of Asia. Included here are China, North Korea and Indonesia and their annual income is Rs 2250. 1 billion people are below the poverty line. Their individual income is Rs 900.

For eternal joy/peace in this world the above mentioned differences must be uprooted. Due to increase in tension, agitation and difference of opinion the world over great thinkers and economists are worried. Agreeing regarding this fact they say that the main cause of inequality is the economic situation. This problem is seen to be worldwide. Now it is most required that for the entire world, a single set of economic rules get adhered to. The founder of the institute Washington Institute of Policy Studies, Mr. Richards J Barnett in his book, Lean Purse Politics in the Age of Scarcity says that the human race will fail to survive its existence if economic inequality persists in the world. The wealth of every country belongs to the entire world. Thus benefits of wealthy nations should be shared with its weak counterparts. He warns that as long as this tradition continues the possibility of a world war looms large.

The world looks upon Ms Vivera as a great thinker and economist. In a small book authored by her called Progress for Small Planet she opines that one bog cause of world agitation is economic inequality. It is verily an introduction of hard heartedness and inequality that 3/4 th of the world humans shell out expenses from the worlds 3 rd portion of income. On the other hand 1/4 th of world humans lap up 2/3 rd of it. Even today for 1 billion people of the world there no means like food, clothes, houses, health and education facilities.

The director of Stanford University Food Research Institute Walter P Calfna opines that in the year 1979 1.3 million children dies due to malnutrition related illnesses. If only wealthy nations of the world had curbed sense merriment oriented expenses they would have been able to ward off such deaths. He opines that if for the entire world generosity based economic reforms do not set in these sort of heart wrenching situations will have to be endured.

Via apt means the right of ethical based production is best not only for an individual or country but for the entire planet earth. If 2 hands earn, 1000 hands must donate. It means that for entire world humanity the righteousness based magnanimous principle of India which encourages mankind to donate excess wealth for world society welfare must be reawakened and imbibed in every corner of the globe. Not only will this glorify ones country but that it will aid a new ethical form of world economic norms. Natures gift of wealth produced from air, water, sun, space, earth must belong to the entire world and thus utilizing it to uplift world mankind will render this globe heavenly, peaceful and prosperous.



Whatever form of the world visualized today is in stark contrast to what it appeared 20 years previously. In the year 1900 all those attainments of modern science if compared to those feats achieved today it is noted that in about 80 years this entire era has changed drastically. It is the past few decades that have gifted us with fast moving vehicles, new health oriented research data, method of medicinal therapies and mans inner journey. Eighty years previously the earths population numbered 1.95 billion. Although we had not fully enjoyed its means attained from limited potentials, yet people were contented and happy. Today the worlds population is 4.4 billion. In future it could touch 60 billion. Starting from the year 1981 a new era has commenced. Lest there was no world war or any epidemic of diseases these figures would have leaped manifold but on noting present situations this is a bitter truth.

Due to limited space/means and gigantic population growth leading experienced thinkers of the world exhort us to evolve a new program in a timely manner. This is not a new program but intellectual people are thinking on these lines, which mean that its importance is special.

The famous branch of science called FUTUROLOGY unearths potential world conditions of future times. An institute that unfolds future events is called FUTURIOUS by futurologists.

On July 24 and 25 of 1980 in the city of Toronto, Canada a World Conference of 6000 delegates took place. In it men/women beyond the limitations of caste, creed participated. Its slogan was, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally. It means for regional efforts setting up an organization of a world high stature intellectuals and thinkers. In it participated the worlds highly respected thinkers and futurologists. Amongst these were leading scientists like Margaret Meek, Herman Kron, Shaun Bromen, Eric Asimov, Maris string, Frank Feeder, Caladiogalio, Mary Derord, Stephen Crozier, Jeff Bean, Heleg Henderson, Tuver Hancock and Timoy Leerie. They forced world humanity to cogitate over various world problems.

The chairman of this conference was chief of Canadas Imperial Bank and also chief of Canadas Society of Futurology viz. Frank Feeder. Along with him Mumbai based chairperson of Environmental Institute Rashmi Mayur said that the future is worrisome. Yet we are full of hope and hence are optimistic. Today is not the time to talk and just think but that action is most required. Very forcefully they talked of transforming this era positively and this then became the topic of which scholars/thinkers will help put it into practice.

There was a special quality regarding discussions that took place in this world conference which included worries put forth by thinkers yet full of hope for a bright world future. The chief of Global Society Maris Strong told journalists that the gist of these talks were dire in nature yet there was underlying optimism too. Bad from this standpoint that mankind itself has dug its grave. Despite this the good news is that the medium via which this dire situation will be overcome will ooze with a well managed task. It is beyond doubt that with well managed focused efforts a bright world future can be ushered in. in reality it is a fact that although we are passing through dire times yet they will not persist for long.

In global understanding a rational cogitation took place over a cosmic unpolluted environment. At the very onset the world publics representatives of various organizations vowed to adhere to the slogan world united peacefully as a family by giving up selfish thinking. Today is not that hour wherein anyone will benefit harboring selfish considerations. Now is that time wherein people will prefer to die harboring sentiments of world brotherhood and sense of oneness. If developed countries insist on thinking that due to advanced industrialization and technical development they will become wealthy even if it means that the rest of the world faces dire poverty, know for sure they are erring. They will perforce have to live with friendship with all. According to futurologists any scientific discovery/invention by any nation does not merely belong to it only. If there is any imbalance then however much it affects large regions like USA and Europe, it will similarly affect small regions like Cuba, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and others. What we are trying to say is that nature based discoveries and vaults of nuclear energy cannot belong to a few powerful nations. In fact looking upon the entire world as a family all world humanity will coexist under one world flag. This is the desire of Almighty God and is a beautiful path for human existence.

The chief of World Bank Maqbool ul haq regarding this says that the hour has arrived for rich nations to help poor countries. For this he proclaimed an all world encompassing guideline wherein the wealth of all rich nations be taxed. This tax must then be used to uplift and develop underdeveloped countries. As per statistics quoted by him it is clear that by gaining tax from various rich countries economic development of poor nations can be successfully executed.

A 2 nd important set of guidelines put forth by Maqbool ul haq included centralized well managed nature based discoveries, energy program devoid of pollution, international organization to overcome poverty, obstructing world population explosion especially in poor nations, deleting borders that partition various countries and not only controlling production of war based weapons but obstructing its misuse.

These imaginations may appear unattainable today yet they show that in contemporary times what are the causes of world problems?

The beliefs of Future Society and other similar organizations are in tandem with present world conditions. From its unanimous warnings it is clear that these problems will influence a few decades. Those who are deluded, their numbers are large. Despite the day of death nearing and being insulted by family members, majority of senior citizens vainly get ensnared by material illusory pursuits. There are many humans in this world who fail to imbibe the light of wisdom and discrimination. If they refuse to mend their ways Lord Mahakal will get ready to kick their mode of lifestyle. The gist is this that in these important times of era junction the class of world humanity inspired by goodwill must shoulder special responsibilities. Todays time in world history is just not ordinary but is that hour which ushers in pain and strife. Ordinary speeds under such situations are obstructed from marching ahead and rational awakened people are expected to manifest special efforts for world welfare tasks. Time demands that a bright future of the world must be ushered in by such great awakened souls. No doubt such efforts are being executed. We must hope that such tasks full of goodwill by keeping in mind the previously mentioned goals full of sacredness and all inclusive sentiments and devoid of differences that are caste, community and race based will stand on a common world podium gushing forth with a sense of world brotherhood and friendship. Yet this is certainly not happening. After a lapse of many years this information is transferred through other languages. And yet what happens is that by the time this happens this information has become old and that many changes have already occurred in them.

Today in the entire world there exist around 3000 languages. In only 13 chief languages world transactions and communication takes place. The worlds well known languages are Danish, Swedish, Norse, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Welsh, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Berber, Somali, Tibetan, Turkish, Burmese, Siamese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Swahili etc.

As per the World Almanac 1980 the worlds major spoken languages are: Arabic .14 billion .2 million, Bengali .14 billion,



Via speech or pen for clarity of thought language plays a major role. Language has aided uplifting of human civility and progress. Apart from humans those creatures who cannot express their emotions and thoughts face innumerable problems. These problems were faced by Adam Age man too. He felt distressed with his backward existence. As a result of inspiration for advancement efforts were taken recourse to. The biggest question to be answered was how to express ones thoughts. It was difficult to progress without others cooperation.

After making tireless efforts in this direction languages were born. The day a well designed language took birth that day was most important in the annals of human progress. In past centuries society had not developed as much as is witnessed today. Apart from its limited arena man knew nothing about the rest of the world. They lived within the periphery of their limited thinking but made efforts for collective progress. This must definitely have happened do to evolution of various world languages. A group of a particular region on earth designed their respective languages based on their capacities. Others too evolved their own language. Thus by living separately from each other or else due to lack of contact with each other primary information that was knowledge oriented could not be shared and communicated. As per requirements of a region these languages evolved according to social needs.

After marching ahead on this progress path today man has entered those times which is called the Scientific Age. Due to mind boggling discoveries of modern science many means of comforts have been designed. New research in arenas of communication, transport etc the entire world has been rendered a small alley. Despite this due to language based differences it takes years to communicate information of one society and country to alien people. In every field of science and information daily newer research data is unfolded. If only there were one world language, the entire world would benefit without any delay. After decades research information is translated into other languages but at that time this information has become old and many changes have set in them.

Today there are around 3000 well known world languages. Only 13 of these are used to carry out world transactions. Amongst major world languages are included Danish, Swedish, Norse, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Welsh, Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Persian, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Berber, Somali, Tibetan, Turkish, Burmese, Siamese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Swahili, Uzbek etc.

According to the World almanac 1980 the statistical figures of how many that speak major world languages is thus. Arabic .14 billion .2 million, Bengali .14 billion, Chinese .8 billion .1 million, English .96 billion, French .1 billion, German .12 billion, Hindi .2 billion, Japanese .11 billion .5 million, German .5 billion .7 million, Malaya/Indonesian .1 billion .6 Spanish .23 billion .8 million, Turkish .04 billion .2 million, Urdu .06 billion .5 million, Vietnamese .04 billion .1 million, Italian .06 billion .1 million etc.

Merely in India there are 181 languages and 540 dialects. In India around 8700 daily, weekly, monthly etc newspapers, magazines etc are published. English newspapers number 2560 and in Hindi there are 2142 publications. Over and above this many others are published in languages like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, Malyalam and so on. As per data available the print media spends a whopping .55 billion rupees. These are only India based statistics. Figures of other countries too are available. Countries within the fold of UNO number 154. If the expenses of daily newspaper printing are akin to that of India the world publishing media would be spending 84.7 billion rupees. Literature printed on various topics will be n times more.

Due to variedness in languages many types have to be designed for printing. A lot of hard work and money is used up for this. For various languages a lot of effort, expenses, waste of wealth occurs while making arrangements for their publication. If only there were 1 world language time, labor and wealth could have been saved which in turn could be utilized to solve other world problems.

So far we have discussed finances. But due to language differences it is difficult to create a bond of love and brotherhood amongst world humanity. When a knower of one language meets a person speaking another language they feel a sense of separateness. As against this when 2 people speaking one language meet immediately a bond of friendship and oneness sets in. love and regards automatically manifest. When in alien countries you meet people of your own nationality a natural joy oozes along with friendship.

According to subtle visionaries and great scholars in the near future the entire world will develop as a single nation. Without this quarrels amongst various countries can never be overcome. Programs will have to be etched at the international level. The aim of the revolution of world humanity will have to be placed in front of all. This indeed will be the 1 st step in readying this great mission full of world goodwill wherein a single world language will be unveiled.

In the past 100 years efforts albeit scattered have been made in this direction. But since these are not well designed success was not attained. Many scholars for the requirement of a well established common language have executed due efforts. In the year 1887 Polands Dr Lukwik Janes Hard designed a language called Esparanto. Regarding this he authored a book called Toctro Esparanto. In it were used 921 words, most used in various world languages. Initially .01 million people of 83 countries used this language. 50 national associations, 22 international professional organizations and more than 120 local clubs tried using it. Despite this League of Nations did not give it its approval. For this language there was enthusiasm initially and yet due to inherent errors in it, it did not get universal acceptance. Before this a scholar called Jone Martin Skletcher by creating an admixture of varied world languages designed a language called Bolopik in 1887 but why it failed was because it was an incomplete effort devoid of any relationship.

In the year 1907 a scholar called Lias D Vyufont getting inspired by the Esparanto language made new efforts for a single world language. It was called Ido but since it was relegated merely to discussions it failed as a world language. After this was a 4 th person called Otto Jamesperson who labored hard regarding this. In 1928 he designed the Novial language but due to errors in it, it failed in getting international approval.

Based on Latin language a mathematician Gayus P Piya in 1903 created Interlingua (Latin Sign Flexin) language. It was an admixture of various languages. Another person who made such efforts was Edgar D Bahal. In 1922 he tried getting world approval for his language Oxintal but since it lacked special qualities required for world approval, it failed.

Britains psychologist and education scholar Charles K Egdan in 1932, due to fame of English language, by rendering changes in basic English language, made efforts to design a new international language. He developed a dictionary of 850 words but by giving the worlds chief leading language importance this Basic English did not get world approval.

Despite failure as mentioned above everyone realizes the need of a single world language. By commenting on these efforts Encyclopedia Britannica says that further endeavors continue to design a single world language. Even if till today one sees failure to do so that does not mean that all efforts will come to a standstill. There is a high possibility that along with advancement in time we will experience that so many world languages are posing as obstructions to the progress of this world and human civilization. Since in the limited arena of various languages there is lack of provision for application there is a need to choose one language very soon and evolve it further. In order to tie the world in a bond of soul oneness today great leading world seers must take gigantic steps in this direction.



There certainly is importance regarding modern sciences attainments and advancement. None can challenge its requirement and utility value. Yet one can say that we truly benefit from it only when it encourages desirable creativity. Regarding destruction sciences achievements have always proved to be perilous.

Todays era is meant for all round progress. In that arena the brilliant people in the field of science lead world society. Governments of various countries have always cooperated with them. They face no problems in amassing more scientific means. Industrialists and professional businessmen are immersed in looking out for such scientific inventions so that they can mint money from it. It is hence that akin to government authorities the wealthy class too helps scientists in their research so that the former can benefit. Under such circumstances science gets a chance to march further ahead in that direction. In this manner both political rulers and capitalists gain a great deal. Weapons, material means and various industries are greatly encouraged by scientific research. Thus all have virtually reached the highest limits of progress.

After hearing the thrilling talks regarding small big wars of the past our hearts beat fast merely on a possibility of a war taking place in future. In such wars those who attack and those who support them are generally not at a loss yet human society will have to step back for all round progress. Not only this but that it will be difficult for human existence itself to survive. On cogitating over wars and its results a great destruction will set in.

Once the great revered scientists Albert Einstein was asked as to what kind of weapons will be used for a 3 rd world war? He answered saying that I will not say much but what is definite is that the 4 th world war will be fought with stone based weapons.

This may sound ordinary at that time but if todays times are mulled over it becomes clear that behind Einsteins viewpoint was serious thinking. Due to hot competition in nuclear weapons such a terrible storehouse of drastic weapons is witnessed the world over that a future world war will definitely be fought with nuclear weapons. As a result all materials will be destroyed. It is technique that will engulf all technique. The world over there will be no place for man to live peacefully because as a result of nuclear warfare technology what will remain in this world is stones and dust.

Right from the past century till the 1 st world war, from the 2 nd world war till today destructive weapons have multiplied phenomenally. Not only are new weapons being designed but that that older weapons are being redeveloped. Thus if a 3 rd world war takes place it will be difficult to say what kind of weapons will be used.

At the end of the 2 nd world war Germany had scientifically designed such a new rifle that it could fire continuously for a fair length of time. Right from then till today new rifles have been invented. Traditionally from 1 rifle one could fire only 1 bullet but in latest rifles bullets can pour down like shower of rain drops. Even these rifles are being reinvented. One is that as per our whims continuously bullets can be fired and it could be fired one after another too. It can aim its target easily either in broad daylight or a dark gloomy night too. Such rifles are being designed that in place of traditional bullets being fired, pencil type knives which have thorns in the front can be fired. In future it is also possible that in place of rifles with the help of technology firing rockets every soldier can aim small big weapons at the enemy camp. Further possibility is that soldiers will be armed with rifles that can emit laser rays. Till today such laser rifles are merely the topic of fiction literature but the harsh reality is that such weapons have already been designed secretively.

In wars cannons play a major role. In the past few years such light weight cannons have been designed that it can be moved about easily. In weapons for ground based wars war vehicles are used a lot. In the 2 nd world war Germany by using these proved their special quality. Today tanks have advanced a great deal. Ordinarily since tanks are very heavy its use it not easy. Germany has designed tanks less than 40 tons in weight. In advancing it further France and Britain have marched ahead immensely. Tanks designed by these countries till today are best and less than 10 tons in weight. What is more stupendous is that previously cannon balls were placed on its surface but now these cannon balls are fitted within the tank. Thus tanks with less height are being designed.

So far we have spoken about traditional weapons used in warfare. In the past 3-4 decades progress in this arena has leaped beyond the ken of human imagination. Around the year 1950 for changes a Hover Aircraft was designed that moved speedily. This aircraft emits deafening sound and creates darkness via black smoke released by it. Many countries of the world are researching more into this vehicle of war. It is understood that recently America has unfolded a 160 Hover Craft for its navy. At one shot it can carry 400 soldiers or other materials to far off lands lying thousands of miles away.

After the 2 nd world war amongst those modern weapons designed beyond the ken of our imagination is ballistic missile. Today for every nation it has become a status symbol. Not only larger countries of the world but even smaller ones like Brazil and South Africa are constructing them. After 1944 mind boggling advancement is witnessed in these types of weapons.

Many countries within their research endeavor are sending satellites to space. Specialists in these field of science opine that such satellites have been unearthed which in the name of research can throw bombs on earth as per their whims and fancies.

Today chemical warfare is talked about heatedly. Especially USA hurled the Napam bomb in Vietnam hence it became the cynosure of the eyes of the world. During the 1 st world war tear gas, poisonous gas and Napam bombs were used. What is to be noted is that in this war Germany had used ballistic missiles. Thus about .05 million tons of such bombs have been thrown at many places. In the Korean War, 3000 ton and in Vietnam War .04 million ton of these bombs were used by America which terrorized the world.

Humanity knows a lot about traditional wars but due to astounding progress made by modern science, war technology unfolded by it is very much different. On the one hand science and technology has tried to make mankind happy but on the other hand such mass destruction weapons have been created by it that man perforce shall enter the jaws of death. Potent atom bombs exceeding a weight of 60 mega tons have already been designed and it is inferred that after 1982 every year more than 15000 plutonium bombs will be invented.

Canadas physicist called Alwin has spoken about merely USAs nuclear potency. While inferring he says that America has so much nuclear power which is akin to .1 million people seated in a gigantic hall, each possessing 3 nuclear bombs and that each bomb has the capacity to destroy so many regions comparable to the horrific bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Information for the rest of the world regions is not available but it is inferred that the entire world possesses atomic bombs that can very easily destroy the world in a matter of mini seconds. Its measure is so manifold that every person from todays world population of 41.1 billion can be killed 50000 times. Thus what bigger taint exists regarding the human intellect that man readies to kill himself so many number of times?

Today discussions were relegated to many types of weapons technology, atomic/hydrogen bombs and missiles that are terrible in nature. Now modern science has unfolded direr weapons that use laser rays. Mankind has got light, heat, fire and vital force from solar energy right since ancient times. The sun is an infinite vault of energy. Modern science has unearthed new power from the sun. From amongst the 7 rays of different hues of the sun, laser rays have been found in red hue rays. Till today nuclear energy was thought to be most potent and highly destructive if misused. Its capacity to burn and kill appeared supreme. But today it is proved laser rays are n times more heinous and dire in comparison to nuclear and atomic explosions. The influence of radiations emitted via these explosions last for a long time period and proves horrific for all creatures and plant life. Laser rays do not emit tainted rays and hence its utility value is given due importance. Ordinarily the 7 hued rays of light are emitted as an admixture. Laser rays too are mixed in it. In order to unearth special energy from the inner core of atoms tedious scientific methods have to be used. Similarly scientific techniques are required to separate laser rays. Once they are separated from other types of rays a mind boggling miracle is witnessed. With its astonishing energy a hole can be drilled into the toughest object using a time span of 1000 th part of a second. The temperature of pure rays is 6000 centigrade. Even in the hardest diamond thin holes can be drilled using laser technology. Its maximum temperature recorded is 1800 centigrade.

In the production of laser rays chiefly a red jewel is made use of. It is based on aluminum and oxygen. That machine from which laser rays are produced is a small medium measuring 4 inch thick. In it via chromium atoms lights green or yellow color is created. Similarly using a discharge lamp in a time span of 1000 th portion of a second by producing light via red light rays laser rays are generated. The thickness of rays attained till date is equivalent to 1 millionth portion of an inch. In future there is a high possibility of generating more powerful lasers.

Laser rays can be used both ways. It can be used for creative purposes or for total destruction and annihilation. Atomic energy can either be misused to build highly destructive nuclear weapons or for setting up nuclear reactors for generation of power and energy. Laser rays too can either be used or misused. In surgery and medical therapies lasers are a miraculous boon. American surgeons have succeeded in burning to ashes tumors of the delicate organ eye via laser technology within a matter of .1 millionth portion of a second. This is outstanding when previously operating a tumor within the eye proved to be very dangerous. The near future will be very bright for laser rays based technology. By using it a major portion of human labor and time can be saved. Via it telephone conversations and TV program telecast too will benefit.

In order to search for new planets in outer space there is a tradition of sending expensive rockets and satellites there. According to leading scientists via these laser rays not only the solar system but that space beyond this too can be successfully researched into. Studies in this direction are marching ahead with success. In the past few years 2 scientists called Louismilan and Jirji sent lasers to the moon which returned in a matter of 2 seconds. A lot of information thus came our way especially when travelers landed on moon via a lunar space craft. Today inventors are trying to use the mind boggling and extraordinary energy of laser rays for generating electricity.

Via wholesome use of lasers in order to create prosperity in the direction of creative tasks a lot of doubts have cropped up regarding destruction due to its misuse in comparison to hopes harbored regarding benefits from apt usage. Due to its terrific temperature of 18 thousand degrees centigrade every object can be converted to steam which would flow in the atmosphere. Via lasers proper aim can be directed. Nuclear bombs can be targeted at a particular country using laser technology. Air planes and rockets flying in air can be burnt to naught. Not only can it be misused to kill but that earth will be rendered barren. Every animate object will be murdered and due to its intense heat material and inanimate objects will take the form of ashes.

Over and above atomic explosion that heavy energy generated till date has not been fully utilized but via laser rays it will be possible. A scientist called General Curtis E Leo harbors faith that in future cannon used against flying air planes will be merely relegated to memory. This is because lasers via their targeted aim will burn down that plane to ashes in seconds. Due to its unlimited potential to destroy, scientists call lasers DEATH RAYS.

Thus on the one hand laser rays are a boon to world beings there on the other hand its misuse will be a massive curse. It all depends how mankind uses them. In previous days man has reaped gigantic losses due to scientific prowess misused for destructive tasks and has profited very meagerly. Rationality tells us human discrimination re cogitates over its power to make decisions and thus conclude whether it wants to uplift the world or destroy it to pulp. If humanity desires to sustain its very existence then without any delay obstruct misuse of energy and instead wholesomely use it for creative purposes. Discrimination and progress can be great and beneficial when modern science under the control of the intellect walks on the path of greatness and wholesomeness.



As per Encyclopedia Britannica a report given by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO in 1980 says 172.582 billion dollars the world over are blown up in designing war based technology and weapons. This forms 7.25% of the worlds total income. Further every year 119 million dollar are used for education. This is 5% of the worlds income. For health 5.83 billion dollars are used and is 2.5% of the worlds income.

In 1970 different nations used the following amount of cash for their soldiers and building war based technology, weapons: USA 7.34 million dollars, Russia 3.977 million dollars, West Germany 6.111 million dollars, France 5.87 million dollars, Britain 5.712 million dollars, Italy 2.416 million dollars, Poland 2.22 million dollars, East Germany 1.99 million dollars, Canada 1.741 million dollars, Czechoslovakia 1.635 million dollars, India 1.467 million dollars, Australia 1.27 million dollars (in 1979), Arab countries 1.272 million dollars, Sweden 1.129 million dollars and Israel 1.75 million dollars. This statistics are those of leading world nations. Figures of other nations were not available. According to latest figures of 1971 in the name of national security expenses amounted to 172.582 billion dollars.

Quite a few decades back a Western philosopher called Gibbon had said that man need not fear natures wrath or ferocious beasts. In fact man will perforce have to fear his own kin i.e. mankind. His suspicion doubtlessly is not unfounded or baseless. Increasing expenditure in the name of national security and horrifying weapon designing proves that very speedily the bond of brotherhood between man-man is fast dissipating. Day in and day out man is turning violent and beastly. Creation and hoarding of weapons is spreading cold war amongst various countries. Thus there is a high probability of a fearsome 3 rd world war.

As a result of past 2 world wars man has lost a lot but gained nothing. The statistics of wars fought in the 20 th century and number of deaths is: in 1904-05 in the war between Russia and Japan 0.12 million people died. In the civil war of Spain in 1932-39 about .4 million soldiers and .2 million lay public died.

In the Korean War between the years 1950-53, about .59 million soldiers and .4 million public died. In the 2 nd world war of 1939-45 about .17 billion soldiers and .35 million civilians died. In the Vietnam War of 1962-75 4 million soldiers and other public died.

The more mankind progressed materially wars too have advanced manifold. Besides this many smaller wars have been fought. In the past 7 decades the number of wars fought is thus: 9 wars between 1989-1907, 15 wars between 1908-15, 11 wars between 1918-27, 8 wars between 1928-37, 12 wars between 1938-47, 28 wars between 1948-50, 45 wars between 1958-67 and figures after 1967 are not available. But on an average more than 70 wars have been fought.

In wars not only human and other creatures die but that a lot of money is wasted. On an average the expenses involved to kill every person is alarmingly on the rise. Two thousand years back it took only half a dollar or 4 rupees to kill 1 person in a war. In Napoleons times this expense rose to 3000 dollars. In the 1 st world war it took 21000 dollars to kill 1 person. In the 2 nd world war it took .2 million dollars to kill. On an average in the 2 nd world war the total expenses were more than 25 billion dollars.

This then is the history to date of human power and financial power blown up in various wars. This is a punishing lesson for a deep thinker. Todays times are very horrific. In previous days a lot of technology and machinery advanced further. Previously there were no weapons of mass destruction as nuclear bombs. Now if any war takes place man will fail in sustaining his very existence. It will take merely few minutes for total world annihilation.

By delving deep into world history we find that by self efforts many attained power but only those who used it wholesomely managed to uplift society, nation and entire world humanity. They executed creative tasks. Power gathered for apt usage was made use of worshipping it fully. Indian culture used this energy via Ram, Krishna, Buddha etc. No doubt demons like Ravan, Kansa, Hiranyakashipu too amassed this energy but since they misused it in tasks like violence, oppression of people etc they were censured and looked down upon. All know how power was misused by Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander, Mussolini etc in acts of harassing innocent victims.

Their heinous crimes will always be remembered by world history. When human ghosts destroyed world society it is great world visionaries who came to the rescue for neo creation of the world. Joy and peace now oozed forth everywhere. The scalp of human society will always bow down to great acts of benevolence. Like clear light rays their sense of self sacrifice, renunciation etc will always inspire human civilization.

In comparison to bodily strength and intellect wealth is no less important. Creative tasks that augment world joy and peace require wealth. In the past years man has misused immense wealth in comparison to its apt use. Instead of ne creation wealth was misused for destruction. As a result those means that could be used for ushering peace and prosperity was mainly used to destroy the world. A few years back a report by leading analysts of West Romania says that so much wealth was misused to build destruction oriented technology. As per their research findings in one minute expenses varied between 1 million to 80000 dollars to design weapons. With this cash 5000 tons of milk could have been procured. Due to lack of bread for thousands of people and innumerous children crying for milk bodily weakness sets in. If only wealth misused to build war technology is used to distribute food, milk etc thousands can be aptly nourished.

Thus if this onrush of using so much wealth for building arms minute wise is obstructed then what is saved income arrangements for 100 families can be made and small houses can be constructed so that the poor can dwell in them. An ordinary rifle costs 2100 rupees. With it a modern plough can be bought. A machine gun costs 12000 rupees with which a well designed tractor can be bought. To build 1 war plane .72 billion rupees are used. With it 16 hospitals can be constructed which has advanced medical technology of therapy and cure. Thus thousands of people can be liberated from dire diseases. It takes billions of rupees to build a submarine and thus with this money instead we can construct 10000 schools to educate the illiterate masses.

In the entire world within 1 minute 8 million rupees are spent in designing destructive weapons. In 1 day around 11 billion rupees are used to build war machines and in 1 month 34 billion rupees are used up. As per this statistics in 1 year 414 billion rupees will be used. These statistics send shivers down our spine. With this wealth instead many programs at the world level can be designed to usher in peace and all round prosperity. Thousands of small scale industries, factories etc can be set up. Billions of people will get jobs as a result. Lack, grief, agitation etc has spread in the entire world. If in order to overcome this wealth is used then in a few years agony of the world will disappear.

These expenses talked of so far are limited to wars. In comparison to this smoking cigarettes, drugs etc is no less harmful. So much wealth is blown up to produce these. Within merely India billions of rupees are misused to produce only tobacco. On an average 1.5 billion people smoke cigarettes etc in India and thus the nation bears loss of about 75 billion rupees annually. In fact to produce alcohol much more cash is misused. If expenses of alcohol are equivalent to that of cigarettes etc. the expenses of the former amount to 14.4 billion rupees.

Mans dangerous attraction for visible and invisible dire objects is sending him rushing towards a downfall. Steps that take us forward say that man has strayed so far away from great creative activities. If only wastage of money is shunned and are instead channelized into alleviating world humanitys sorrow, poverty etc then it will be great for the entire world. Destruction will be overcome.

In this world population of about 15 billion people the annual income is less than 500 rupees. Half the public that lives on a monthly income of 40 rupees is such that their life is almost extinguished. Very rarely they fill their tummies with food or have enough clothing to cover their frail bodies. Majority of the poor people sleep at night with half empty tummies. With tattered clothes they barely cover their bodies.

Cannot anything be done to alleviate world poverty? Is the world public incapable of doing so? Visionaries of the world opine that if Russia and USA that proclaim progress and authority together contribute in this direction a lot can be attained. If the wasteful expenses of these 2 giant countries are used to uplift the poverty stricken of the world, the income of the latter can easily double in a short time span. Instead of 500 their income will jump to 1000 rupees per month. By overcoming poverty the ordinary layman can easily procure his basic daily needs of life.

If in the 2 nd year too this wealth is used wholesomely then for about 2 billion people small houses can be constructed. Such people today are living like jungle like animals. If a program is designed at the world level to use money in the 1 st year to build homes, cottage industries in the 2 nd year, education in the 3 rd year, health in the 4 th year and electricity, dams, transport etc in the 5 th year, in the very 1 st 5 year program the fate of at least half the world population will change positively. All this can be attained merely by Russia and America. If other nations of the world follow suit in this direction know for sure that backwardness prevalent in the world will dissipate. Nowhere will there be witnessed sorrow and grief. Everywhere peace and prosperity will rule the roost.

Everyone is aware of the results of rising destruction. Despite this the supreme creature of this world viz. mankind is marching ahead with destructive tasks. Nations the world over are competing to construct mass destruction weapon technology. So called great thinkers of the world are known to label a country progressive, if the latter possesses the intellect to produce greater number of destructive weapons. If mankind who is wallowing in the quagmire of bankruptcy proves a countrys progress on the basis of its capability to build more mass destroying warfare technology then we must say that in comparison to modern man of the computer age, backward man of the stone age was more progressive. Those beasts and creatures that are more violent and ferocious will have to be called progressive as per this maxim.

If the basis of measurement is as above all definitions will change radically. The basis of human culture and civilization will go beyond all limits. If progress is demarcated as above then ancient beliefs of welfare will change. Instead of Lord Ram demon Ravan will be worshiped. Hitler, Napoleon etc will be revered and eulogized everywhere. Our hearts shiver at the mere thought of such agonies.

It is most required that we understand the deep import of constructive and creative endeavors. If wealth misused for mass destruction is instead channeled to alleviate poverty, diseases etc rampantly spreading in the world know for sure human glory and greatness will dwell in it.




When monsoons arrive our roof tops are affected. Everywhere there is water. Houses etc become wet and those that are being constructed witness cracks in their walls. Ceilings have to be covered. The house walls have to be plastered aptly. When the roof tops are hampered repairs are needed. In summer too this happens. In summer hot air is experienced. Storms arise and roof tops are attacked. Roof tiles too go haywire. Before rains arrive farmers repair their tiles. Broken materials are mended properly. He who can repair that which is broken and appease those who are angry is a truly wise person. Broken objects need not necessarily be thrown away generally. Instead they are duly repaired. If this is not done and broken articles along with torn clothes are always thrown to the garbage bin, it can prove to be very expensive. Repairs are a must.


God who has created this world is known to repair this world when required. In natures cycle things become tattered, dirty and aged. In the morning after our bath our body is fresh but by nightfall it becomes dirty and tired. Today the clothes are washed and clean but tomorrow they will become dirty. This then is the cycle of world creation. This cycle is so strange that everything gets old and tarnished. Breakage takes place. Distortions set in and they need mending time and again. It is as important to repair things as is important to create new materials. This entire world too required repairs. We do not know why this cycle of things getting distorted jumps up by leaps and bound. In order to control this world when it gets distorted and withered it creator has to take birth. Again and again Almighty God needs to participate in the worlds management and after repair is successfully executed God leaves this world.


In this world imbalance sets in again and again. When this happens the divine creator in order to bring in a semblance of balance in this world along with his divine powers and aides takes birth. In the Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna vows to manifest in this world and this vow of his is irreversible. Again and again this has actually happened:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamayaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.

Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.


In every era Almighty Lord takes an Avatar. How does god manifest and for what aim? Maybe once I had told you that how an Avatar takes birth. The Lord takes birth in that very form in tandem with what type of things exist, what type of problems are there and what type of solutions are required in those contemporary times. Amongst you people, a few maybe aware of Homeopathy medicines. In this mode of therapy that very poison is administered into the body which the latter manifests on becoming ill. As a result of this poison being administered again a reaction takes place in the body which helps the patient regain good health. This is like Vishasya vishamaushadham or medicine to overcome poison is poison itself. As per distortions manifesting in this world, their solutions also emerge. Medicines are unearthed based on the type of disease setting in the body. Depending on the type of war, weapons are designed accordingly. At the time of designing rifles, rifles were required. At the time of using sticks, sticks were required. During the era of swords, swords were used and the same holds true for arrows. Today in order to ward of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs are being used.


As per materials and circumstances prevailing distortions that set in require solutions for which apt means emerge. Lords Avatars take place on this maxim. If you look at the chain of Avatars manifesting there was once a time when everywhere poverty reigned. In order to ward off poverty and reinstate grandeur demigods and demons cogitated together that instead of in fighting and leading indolent lives why not work hard in a cooperative manner? If we work hard and help each other all of us will become wealthy. When both parties decided that that would attain wealth of the ocean then Almighty God too mulled that in order to ward off poverty and sorrow of the world efforts are being made, I too should cooperate. In order to help God incarnated as Kacchap or turtle. Lest god had not incarnated as a turtle, lest he had not helped the Mandarachal Mountain via which the ocean was churned and which cannot stand erect in water would have entered Patala or hell and formed a gigantic crater. Thus it could not have been used as a churning rod to churn the ocean so as to get jewels etc from it. It required an axis. To solve this problem God incarnated as a turtle.


Later we see that time and again as per needs the Lord manifests in exactly that form. Over here I cannot detail all 24 Avatars of God but by giving examples of 2 of them I desire to prove that God manifests from this standpoint that in order to solve contemporary world problems he chooses an apt path. Once there existed a demon. He was called Hiranyaksha. What did he do? As per Indian Puranas or Mythology he gathered the wealth of the entire world and entered the ocean. Deep down in the ocean he dug up a gigantic crater and buried the looted wealth there. Wealth i.e. Goddess Lakshmi got depleted as a result. The Lord decided that Lakshmi should be brought out from the ocean. How should this be done? God took the form of Varah or boar that can walk in the ocean water and on land too. He went there in both ways and killed Hiranyaksha. With the help of both his canine teeth God Varah by digging land got the buried wealth which the entire world required.


After Lord Varah many Avatars manifested. Who were they? One was called Lord Narsinha. What did he look like? There was a demon called Hiranyakashipu. He had attained a boon that no human can kill him in enclosed surroundings or in open ones. No human could kill him with weapons or things like knives etc. He could not be killed in day or night. He had shut all doors to various modes of killing him. Hence Almighty God incarnated in such a way that this problem could be solved. He took such a form which was neither fully human nor beastly. His name was Narsinha. Thus he incarnated as such an hour which was neither day nor night. What was this hour? It was dusk. Thus Lord Narsinha sat on the threshold which was neither closed nor fully open. He used neither weapons nor knives etc. instead he used his sharp nails. With his nails he tore apart the demons stomach and thus the problem was overcome.


As per the problem at hand God finds solutions accordingly. When in the world a large scale operation is required, when it was realized that the tumor of cancer cannot be cured without surgery, Almighty God manifested as Lord Parshuram. In this form he carried a knife with which he started cutting. This was the only cure for problems prevalent the world over then. Later times too appeared. Once, God took an Avatar. Which particular form was this? It was the highly ethical Lord Ram. At that time people were unruly and without discipline. They crossed all limits of good behavior. They mocked all human/ethical values and desisted from walking on the path of goodness. At that time Lord Ram incarnated with a very ethical character. Later people started imbibing discipline and human values. It in fact became a very part and parcel of their lives.


After Lord Ram, Lord Shri Krishna incarnated. What was the difference in the latters Avatar? The difference was of Purna Purusha. How can an Avatar be a Purna Purusha? Purna Purusha is known to see discipline in both ways. He sees the goal and not the means. He uses both good and bad means too. With bad people Shri Krishna used foul means and with good people he used good means. This then is a Purna Purusha who with right means too fulfills the goal and where required while dealing with tainted people he used wrong means too. This is the crux of politics and righteousness. This is the method used by Shri Krishna also called Purna Purusha.


Thus God incarnates again and again. In this era again there is a need of Gods Avatar. It is required to solve todays existing world problems. Which then are problems of today? Can you enumerate them? Can you give the cause of mankinds grief today? Circumstances of the past and today are totally different. In ancient times demons existed who would kill Rishis and gobble them up. A huge pile of bones were made. Today do we find any demon that eats humans and then piles up their bones? People eat beasts but no one eats humans. Situations of ancient times are not seen today. Where do we find Kansa today? Can we find the foul Duryodhan? In those days, man used to attack. Thus Almighty God too would incarnate and counter attack them. God used to incarnate with knives, swords, Sudershan Chakra etc. He came with arrows too. He came with sharp canine like teeth. In ancient times demonic attacks were visible. In those times those who attacked were in the form of arrogant unruly people. They were hoodlums, vile people and demons. In order to kill such visible demons God too incarnated accordingly.


Demons like Hiranyakashipu, Mahishasur, Madhu-Kaitabh, Shumbh-Nishumbh, Ravan, Kansa etc appeared visibly and challenged everyone. As a result Goddess Durga with a sword in her hand counter attacked them and seated on a lion would maul them. In ancient times they were visible hence Avatars of past times too were directly visible. They were known to kill demons too because those demonic powers that spread unruliness were visible. They were known to kill and hence God too incarnated in a gross visible manner. Even today an Avatar is required. Why is this so? The reason is that in comparison to ancient times modern situations are all the more worse. They are no good at all.


There are certain diseases in which a surgeons knife is used and the boil is healed. Now what exactly is about to happen? Our wound is bigger, blood is oozing from it and we are about to die. Then there is another type of complaint. In it the face is normal but in the lungs TB sets in because of bacterial attack. These germs slowly render the lungs useless and we are about to enter the jaws of death. Now you along with me shall die. Why are we dying? We are dying because we are wounded and see my leg has broken. It has become septic and there is tetanus. What is the difference between the 2? There is no difference. One is visible and the other is not. Today similar dire situations are being faced the world over. No doubt problems existed in ancient times but their form and nature were different. Externally we all appear hale and hearty. We visit malls wearing gorgeous clothes so that it appears that within our soul too we are happy. Our inner personality is too good. When we go to the bazaar or a movie theatre with a lit cigarette on our lips we appear very exotic. There is no greater or happy person than myself.


If only we open the box of the inner personality of modern man it becomes clear that he is burning within. He is like a ghost from the grave that has no love given to him or any kind of help. Man lives in the world of love and affection but today no one trusts each other. None has faith that he will get help from others. A father has no faith that the very son whom he reared by educating him etc will today help him (father) in getting his younger daughter married. No my child! Never hope that others will help you. A mother must not hope that since I have nurtured my son lovingly and today he is a young grown up adult he will marry so that his wife will bring with her joy and peace in the house. Henceforth never make such hopes. A smaller brother must not harbor hopes that his elder brother will help him in any way.


Today vain show of manners and etiquette are on the rise. Everyone learns the phrase thank you very much. We do not know that via lip service what fever and poison dwells in mans psyche. In ancient times enemies faced us visibly and attacked us. They would fight and heap insults too. Today this is no longer the case. What takes place today? Today the enemy never confronts us face to face. Where does he come from? He comes from the side, from the back and of course puts on a facade of being our long lost friend. In your life you will not face much danger from visible enemies. If anyone harasses you get it reported to the police. He will not cause much damage to you yet if untold harassment is to creep into your lives it will be via one type of person only. The name of this person is your friend. I feel such friends should be called enemies. Can you tell me how majority of our children at homes undergo a downfall? The only reason we see vain unruly sense merriment is our friend. Say who tarnishes the lives of our daughters? Friend! In todays modern times none can be a bigger enemy than our friend. It is best not to befriend anyone. Instead silently go to work, to the field etc and at home keep chanting your Mantra. It is best not to develop friendship.


Is it erroneous to befriend someone? O! How can I malign friendship? How can I cast aspersions on true love? How can I taint true friendship? Friendship in fact is a very good thing. Cooperation is excellent but in todays modern times when today mankind is harassed and grieving there all friendship ends. Trust disappears into the thin air and mans character gets demeaned. I cannot say anything about you but do you know to what low levels humanitys character has stooped to? If you wish to know this, visit rest houses with 1 bag in hand. Tell the manager of the rest house that you want to spend 1 night there. The manager will stare at you from head to foot and when he sees that you hardly have any luggage he will say: Sir! Off late there is a big crowd here. The entire rest house is brimming to the full. Since we have no place here for you go to the neighboring rest house where you may get a room. If you visit that rest house there too you will be told: O brother! Over here there is no vacant room so please go elsewhere.


If you visit any rest house you will get only one answer that there is no room vacant. Please go away since we cannot help you. Why is this so sir? What is the reason? OK, do one thing. Take one mattress and one attache. If you do not have it, ask the neighbor. Take this mattress and one attache and go to the nearby rest house. There ask for a vacant room. Yes Sir! Our rest house is vacant. In these rains no one came. O bell boy! Please make arrangements for this customer to stay here. What does all this mean? Mans stature depends on how much wealth you possess akin to owning a mattress and attache as above. Man has no value per se and none trusts him. When a guest comes to our house we fear him since in the rooms cupboard we have stashed a lot of cash. We worry if this guest steals it. A precious watch is there on the table. I hope no one will steal it. I hope the articles in my wifes bag are not stolen. One keeps suspecting these guests. We have to give shelter to the guest because there is no way we can ask them to leave. Now when we go outside the house for work we tell our children, wife etc that since guests are residing in our house, beware! See to it that they do not steal anything.


Today does man have any trust? Yes! Mans trust has totally disappeared. One wonders who snatched away mans trust and good character. Who has stole mans true love? Todays modern man is so downfallen and wily. He is educated, a graduate, a post graduate but yet I say that from the standpoint of trust and character he is so lowly, that what is generally written outside offices applies to him. What say is written there? No entry without prior permission. No admission. One more phrase is written. No vacancy. There is no place for anyone over here. For whom is it written? It is for such tainted people. What are they called? Lowly! Everywhere such vile people get insulted and kicked about like footballs. Such hoodlums wail aloud in agony the world over.


Who is a hoodlum? He is one who does not want to make any effort and instead, by superficially appearing to be very good in character, wishes to lead a cool life. They do not want to perspire with hard work and wish to devour wealth illegally. He will sit in his office that has AC and boss over all and sundry. The answer of no vacancy applies to such a one. Immediately remove him and shut doors on him. Everywhere one finds such stupid, indolent and criminal minded people. Shall I censure such people more? Will you hear me? Wherever you see you find such lethargic oafs. Where has the true human being disappeared? Today man is harassed by man himself. Over and above the man outside your home facing agony the people of your own family are harassed. The wife is harassed. Now since children have arrived, she no longer desires to remain married. There is hardship both ways. Her lap is filled with children. Lest there was no child she would have divorced her spouse. I assure you that if she had not divorced she would be begging on the streets and did something. Rest assured she would not live with you. No doubt the poor lady is dwelling with you but she is virtually standing under a guillotine. Why is this so? This is because he is a beastly human. Man is vile and in whose neck many girls have been tied by the knot of matrimony. These girls wail aloud in grief waiting to somehow enter the jaws of death.


Your wife gets no satisfaction from you. Your parents too experience dissatisfaction. Your brothers and sisters too undergo discontent. Your children live with dissatisfaction. O! Who say is this person? Is he human or a ghost? Friends! What is man getting converted into? Man is verily turning into a devilish ghost. What has happened to man? Mans character and habits have become so tainted that with his own hand he attacks his limbs with an axe. How did he cut them? He has endangered his good health so direly that it appears till today in the entire world none experienced such ill health. The way in which diseases are spreading the world over in an alarming manner know for sure that ever since humans were created and till today such dire health conditions have never been witnessed. Toda man has become so weak, ill, listless, diseased and hollow that in world history of the past this has never been the case. Why sir? What is the cause? It is mans vile intellect that is murdering him.


Once, I was telling you about a vile intellect. Mans tainted thinking has destroyed his good health. Man himself is getting destroyed. It has destroyed the institution of family life. Mans children are destroyed. You will sire children. The more you want to get entangled in problems the more children you must sire. If you want 100 tons of harassment sire 1 child and if you want 200 tons of it, produce 2 children. If you want 300 tons, sire 3 children. No sir! Due to this my lineage will continue. Child! Your linage will not continue and instead you will be hammered. Your children will cut off your moustache and shoes will be hurled at your head. No sir! I must sire children. Stupid man! As a result what will happen today? In this world as per our character and inner personality, as per the family environment those children that will be sired, what type will they be? Such children will appear like scorpions. Of what type are scorpions? Child! Scorpions are of such variety that when they manifest as eggs in their mothers womb, they get broken in the womb itself and there they start growing. What do they do then? For food intake they start devouring their own mothers tummy. What next takes place? When these babies dwell in the stomach they eat all the food present in it which was gathered when their mother ate it. When the mother becomes totally worn out and all her inner organs are battered they come out from the walls of the mothers body. What are these? They are scorpions.


Who is about to take birth in your family? A scorpion! Man is a scorpion. Families and homes which should have benefited from their younger generation fail to do so. Cant you see all this? Sir! I can definitely see it. What are you noting? I can see that everywhere you are staring wide eyed at poverty and bankruptcy. Although wealth is on the rise mans dissatisfaction like bankruptcy is too rising alarmingly. What can your financial status do under such situations? Guruji! I am facing bankruptcy. I am very tensed and harassed. Yes child! Definitely you will be tensed. Ok tell me, how much do you earn? Guruji! You very well know how much I earn. Totally I get Rs 650. How many members are there in your family? My family has myself, my wife and my 2 children. Child! Rs 650 mean a lot of cash. O revered sir! How can so much cash suffice? In the 1 st day of each month all my household expenses are meted out but later I face a big financial crunch.


Please check my accounts. For 35 years I resided in Ghiyamandis office of Akhand Jyoti Magazine. I have kept all the accounts of money spent in these 35 years. Every cent of these years can be accounted for by me. Very easily I could mete out expenses of myself, my wife, our 2 children and my mother using only Rs 200 per month. With Rs 200 so grandly did I run my household that none till today understood whether I lived in poverty or in bankruptcy. You know nothing about apt usage of money. Hence you face poverty and bankruptcy. Poverty cannot be overcome via honesty, looting, crime or taking loans. This poverty never ends. This poverty accompanies you today and will follow you right till death. Why is this so? This is so because you are unaware of apt money management. You know only how to spend wastefully. Have you realized this wastage? Man refuses to labor hard, perspire with due efforts, augment his capabilities. Instead he continues to spend lavishly. Hence will not poverty shoot up? Definitely it will! What else will happen? What more can I say?



[Previously everyone read that according to our Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya, Almighty God has to take an Avatar time and again to mend this world. This is called sambhavami yuge yuge. Time and again imbalance set in this world and hence again and again God incarnated. Lord Kacchap manifested to churn the ocean, Lord Varah for saving Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narsinha for warding off unruliness, Lord Vaman to overcome narrow mindedness and Lord Parshuram and Ram incarnated fought criminality to reinstate ethical behavior. Purna Purushottam Shri Krishna incarnated to establish ideals and human values. This was the case with the compassionate Lord Buddha too and yet todays problems the world over are manifold times more dire if compared to situations existing in times of past incarnations. The problems are more subtle and indirect. Todays mankind has been rendered a ghost of the graveyard. Everywhere one witnesses wiliness and fraud. Due to population explosion health is weakening. Man is rendered hollow both physically and mentally. While talking of world bankruptcy revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya tells us how with a limited income he ran his household right from world war days to the year 1971. Why isnt todays world layman able to lead such a life? With reference to the previous chapter we request you to read further what our Gurudeva says.]


Have you noted how mans social struggles augment alarmingly? How man devours man? How man sucks man dry? How man cheats his relatives by clinging to them like parasites? Have you ever seen all this? If not do come! I will show you all this by taking you to a marriage reception. Two relatives hug each other and apply Tilak on each others forehead. Then again they embrace each other. Come sir! You are our very close friend. Your daughter and my sonYes sir! Let us hug each other. Son! Even in history hugs have been exchanged. Who had done so? One was Shivaji and the other Afzal Khan. Afzal khan said: Come on brother! We will embrace each other and become friends. Both truly embraced each other. In the mean time Afzal Khan stabbed Shivaji in the back with a hidden knife. Later Shivaji too with artificial piercing nails in his hand dug up Afzal Khans chest and all his intestines etc jumped out. No sir! This was very shameful and all this is read only in history. No child! Come, I will show you what happens daily with a person. What is his name? Relative!


Who is a relative? Relative is one who attacks the very soul of the opposite party. Who attacks the soul? A relative! Whose soul is attacked? The soul of a relative is attacked whose daughter is about to marry your son. The very intestines of the daughter in laws father, brother and mother are dug out. This so called relative will coolly ruin the home of his daughter in law and walk off unfazed. Who is he? A demon! How does a demon look like? Demons are exactly like relatives. What is he called? A lowly person! He is a ghost and a murderer. Shall I shower more censure? Let me shower more insults on him. A few days back I had tried to eradicate the tradition of dowry. Now our All World Gayatri Parivar has expanded a great deal and its members are around 1 million people (note that these figures are of those times). Members are from all types of communities. If I encourage marriage proposals amongst their families it will be great. Hence I did make such efforts and said: Come, I will help to get your daughter married. In the Akhand Jyoti Magazine too I had published that do send the CV of your son-daughter so that I can find best brides-grooms for them.


What was the result? About 5000 photos of girls were sent to me. Their description like the girl is 5 feet 3 inch in height etc was given to me. She is fair skinned. Her hair is long. Her weight is so and so. She has studied intermediate. All details thus were sent to me. What were the details of boys? Very few were given. Only about 15 boys applied and they were such as though their ancestors had never married. Amongst these some were lame, cock eyed, dumb, deaf, some already had 4-5 children and so on. Thus these types of about 15 letters were sent to me. I tried a lot and also helped a few to get married. Guruji! We too have daughters. Yes child! I will see what I can do. Just as you dont accept dowry if I meet such a groom I will get your daughter married. I got his daughter married and then asked him: Sir! Your son too is a post graduate and is an eligible bachelor. No sir! What you say is correct but my aunt is not convinced, my grandfather, uncle etc are opposing.


When it comes to their sons none agrees to revolt against dowry. Hence it is best not to intervene amongst such vile demonic humans. No sir! Please find a groom for my daughter. No son! I will neither find a groom for your daughter nor a bride for your son. Why? This is because you are a murderer. So keep fighting amongst your selves. When goats eat up goats, what can I do? When it comes to daughters marriage everyone in one voice opposes dowry. Yet when it is the turn of their sons marriage one becomes such a ghost that he attacks you with teeth and nails and thus mocks his preceptor. Go die you killer! Enter hell!


What should be done? Will there will a solution to the above problem? There will be no solution because man has become so tainted, vile and despicable that what more can I say? Why did this happen? The devil has entered the psyche of mankind. If so will education ward off his demonic nature? No son! Education will augment his vileness. The more I see a person educated the more I see a devil in his mind. Those who are less literate have lesser claws. Hence he is less devilish. He has less might hence he attacks rarely. But those who are highly educated with a sharp brain will create havoc in the world. In todays situations we see how every individual is harassed, grievous, is full of hatred and agitation. There is neither peace in day or night. Like ghosts they keep burning due to worries of various sorts. The amount of downfall witnessed in human lives due to diseases and mental illnesses I feel never so far in world history this has been seen. Externally man appears cool. He wears an exotic pant, yet if you wish to see how agitated his inner personality is please visit USA. There people do not get sleep without gobbling a few sedatives and tranquillizers. Tension and mental agitation is engulfing world humanity. There is no peace and satiation of any sort.


Within the social arrangement that we all dwell in, within our personal lives there reigns nothing but tension. Nothing comes to hand apart from discontent, agitation and simmering anger. What else can we reap apart from wrath? Where will contentment come from? Where will untold peace emerge from? No sir! Goddess Gayatri will give us peace. O! How will contentment come from her? Son! None can ward off this agitation and harassment of yours. Today world humanity is becoming a devil and beastly person. Man has crossed all limits of devilish tendencies and man is entering the portals of demons. I am analyzing todays modern times. I am talking of both the individual and social life. Every moment man is in possession of venom. If you wish food you can go and devour poison everywhere. If you wish to buy wheat flour you will get wood powder adulterated with it. If you wish to eat chili powder you will get red venomous powder mixed with it. If you wish to drink milk you will get blotting paper and foamy white detergent mixed with it. It was much better in ancient times when Dronacharya who could not afford milk mixed flour in water and gave it to his son Ashwatthama. Take sir! Drink chalk water. Alright! In those days even chalk was unadulterated. Today you cant find pure chalk. Today everything is adulterated.


Today humanity is so full of distrust and dishonesty that if society is brimful of these how can joy pervade it? How can contentment set in? How will satiation usher in? Today man is burning so terribly that it is akin to what I have heard wherein King Sagars 60,000 sons who were inflicted with a curse by Kapil Muni started blazing. Bhagirath had performed austerities so as to bring down River Ganga from heaven and with these waters he helped Kings Sagars sons get liberation from that burning. From ancient world history it becomes clear that today Mother Indias sons, Manus children too are burning akin to what I just said previously. Todays world situations are such that humanity is entering the jaws of a downfall. I feel that 2 world wars have already occurred and if a 3 rd one takes place then the world will be shattered. This is because we know that there exist such weapons today that if they are fired from any corner of the world, the entire world will be pounded to dust. In Nagasaki and Hiroshima the bombs used were quite tiny in comparison. Today nuclear bombs designed have n fold more force in them. If today a mad man releases only 1 such bomb I say that some people will die on the spot and the rest of world beings will die due to poison emitted by it on a gigantic scale. When world humanity imbibes poisonous air, water, grains and greenery then none will survive. Such are the fears looming large that not one human being will remain alive on earth.


Today fearsome situations have not yet arrived but are looming large in the background. One is hot fire seen as weapons and another is cold fire which is invisible. What exactly is cold fire? It is equivalent to producing children insanely due to lack of sexual control. Man is continuously siring children. Tell me! What is the fate of so many babies? If you multiply their numbers you will know what will happen. One man produces 5 children, these produce 25 and so on and so forth. If you keep multiplying thus you will realize that this trend of insanely producing children is the result of mans foolishness and uncontrolled sexual lust. If this trend continues you know what dire results will have to be faced. Today many children do not get school admission. Forget securing your jobs. If your child gets very high grades he will get college admission and if the grades are low your child goes to hell. Why so sir? Will he not study? There is no need to study. Are they being educated for jobs or for education itself? Child! I am talking about getting educated and you wail aloud for a job. For education not only there is no place in schools but on the roadside too you wont find place. There is no place in rest houses, no place in guest houses, no place in buses and none in vehicles too. Who exactly is being produced? Worms are being produced akin to mosquitoes and flies cropping up.


Undesirably children are being produced and mans stupid intellect is not receding. The fathers financial stature is being tattered and the mothers health is weakening. The childrens future is getting destroyed and world societys management is turning chaotic. Everything is getting destroyed yet man refuses to mend his foolish intellect. No sir! I must produce children and I must have grandsons. One knows not when this era of stupidity will end.


I realize that although this worlds destruction will not be tangibly visible, it will not be visualized openly, will not come baring its teeth at you yet it will definitely manifest subtly so as to render world humanity uselessly hollow. It eats up our very inner being. Whether you can or cannot visualize todays times but I tell you that if what is seen today (1978) is kept alive and kicking know for sure that about 30 years henceforth the world will face utter strife. See what happens to the world 30 years in future and how God will spew anger and terrible ire on planet earth. Thus one knows not where so many world humans will go. What will happen then? His curse will be showered as floods, storms, hurricanes and so on. How else will God demonstrate his wrath? It will be in the form of infernos, illnesses like malaria epidemics etc. If such situations persist man will face destruction and downfall. If man refuses to reform for the better he will stare at many dire problems the world over.


So far I spoke to you about todays world situations which superficially appear very dazzling yet within it is hollow, full of destruction and a downfall. In order to repair all this say, in what form will God incarnate? Todays situations are the resultant of foolish thinking. In order to ward off foolish thinking a thorn will be used to remove a thorn. In order to save a person drowning in the well one has to dive into the well. Please help this drowning man and get him out of the well. How to do so? Sir, show him a flag! Tell him to uplift himself out of the well. No sir! He cannot do so. Then what needs to be done? Voluntarily you must dive into the well and get me out of this well. Friends! A thorn is removed using another thorn. Poison kills poison. Therefore a foolish brain can be cured only with a sound sacred intellect. Son! I was therefore telling you that this time God will incarnate in such a form which will be very different from Avatars that have manifested so far.


Foolish brains are those that are unseen by us. The Avatar of this New Age too will be thus where there is no need to see it. This time God will incarnate subtly and will be formless. His work arena will be well within the understanding and intellect of world humanity. He will work within our understanding and brains. What will be the name of this Avatar? Prajna Avatar! Who is a Prajna Avatar? It is one which is taint free and sacred. Yesterday I had told you that there dwells only 1 Rishi in this world viz. and his name is Viveka or discrimination. Only Gods single existence is taintless which is called Viveka. You can also call it justice, lawful or aptness. You can call it Prajna or divine intellect. Even if you name it variedly yet it is singular. This time when God incarnates on earth he will be called Prajna Avatar. What is Prajna? It is Gayatri. Gayatri Manitra is called meditation and which we wish to render widespread. Today the most gigantic Avatar in world history will usher in as Super energy Gayatri. We are making all efforts to broadcast Gayatri Mantra chanting everywhere.


O Guru! What efforts are you making to render Gayatri Mantra all pervasive? Child! I see that when at dawn the sun rises you too will have seen that every awakened soul does something or the other. Sparrows start twittering. Sparrows know that morning has arrived and hence by showing its joy it prays to God. Every animal commences its task. A cool wing starts flowing. Even if the wind has stopped blowing yet at sunrise it starts flowing. Who else is active? Son! In the morning all birds, beasts start moving about. At dawn beasts wake up and start walking. Man starts moving and so do animals. Some move out of hunger and others to execute various tasks. Some move out of joy and some in great zest. We see activity in all creatures. Activity is seen in trees, their leaves and so on. At dawn flowers start blooming. What else happens? Son! At that hour Rishis start praying to God and request him to incarnate in this world. What more happens? The cock shouts aloud in the forest. The Mullah shouts in the mosque and a priest does so in the temple. Everywhere one sees happiness and one knows that in order to worship the early rising sun and in order to eulogize it various creatures become zestfully active.


Now you will see that since Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect), Super Energy Gayatri which I call Era Energy is about to appear there is activity seen everywhere especially in awakened souls. I call all of you awakened souls and I can clearly see Era Power Gayatri manifesting in your activities, zest, faith, renunciation and sense of selfless sacrifice. When Lord Ram in order to serve the world and this new era set off demigods said that they too would accompany the Lord. Yes! I alone cannot achieve all this. Its alright! When an Avatar manifests, who got credit and who did not is a topic to be discussed later but an Avatar ushers in like a season, like a storm and like a worldwide movement. In it millions work. Keep in mind that one individual does not manifest as an Avatar. Thousands of people incarnate along with him. When Lord Ram incarnated thousands of demigods too took birth in various forms. Someone became Hanuman, someone became a bear and others became monkeys, lizards and vulture. Everyone contributed to Gods sacred mission.


When Lord Shri Krishna incarnated he did not arrive all alone. Along with him innumerable people incarnated. Who had come? The 5 Pandavas had come. Who were they? They were demigods. Who knows this? No one knows this. Sir! Who are these 5 children? O sir! These are no children. Are they demigods? The demigods while incarnating took our human forms and they play in our garden and they have incarnated to carry out Gods mission. I have called the 5 demigods. They are not humans. They are divine. O revered sage! Who else had come? Son! There were so many others like cowherd boys and girls. No one knows how many had arrived for Gods holy tasks. Who were they? They were aides who had taken birth to aid the Avatar. Did Gandhi come alone? He did not incarnate all alone. His entire team took birth. It was the team comprising of demigods who had washed off the taint of slavery of thousands of years. It was a big team who had arrived akin to demigods and went away after the mission was accomplished.


During the era of Lord Buddha he did not manifest all alone. How many Buddhas had incarnated? Innumerable Buddhas had come. If you note in India, in Asia and in Europe people like Kumarjiva and so many more Buddhas had incarnated. So what if only one chief Buddha got credit? So what if only one of them got photographed? O sir! My photo was published. Yes child! Since you jumped ahead of the crowd to face the camera you were photographed. Who was creating chaos? Tell me after seeing the photo. O sir! It was the man in front. Why were you creating a chaos? Sir! I was in the opposite line hence I was caught. The entire crowd is standing. Everyone was involved in this chaos then why is it that only I got caught in camera? You could say it was my ill fate that via an error or understanding I came in front of the camera. Thus my name was published. In reality all this in is not my lone doing but that all others too were involved.


Whenever God incarnates he arrives with a big team of people. In this team I help you people to get enlisted. In these times man faces the main problem of selfishness. In temples there is no work apart from selfishness. So many devotees sit there but all are super selfish. They are seated in a goddess temple. They sit there to chop off heads and devour gifts offered to the deity. O! Is this a true devotee? He is a dacoit. Wherever you go you will find man so selfish that for him no god or goddess exists. There is no saint, Avatar or Rishi in their egoistic vision. For them there is only 1 god and that is selfishness. Apart from selfish gains we do not wish to hear anything else. What about spirituality? In religion/spirituality there is more selfishness. Ordinary selfish people know that if we do this we will get this but super selfish people want to get everything without doing anything. By just chanting 11 rosaries of a Mantra we will get everything. In these times I see only one thing that apart from selfish gains man cannot tolerate anything and refuses to hear anything too. He smells the odor of selfishness only.


Sir! We go for religious programs. O! Say who goes there? At least name one person. Do you know the meaning of religion? Religion is practiced by the shrewd and cunning masses. What a great devotee you are! Do you meditate? Do you know God? How do you perceive God? Child! God is to be given everything. God given ideals have to be imbibed in life. We must not ever expect God to act as per our whims and fancies. No sir! God must fulfill our commands. Go away you foolish man! Will God ever act according to your orders? No sir! God must fulfill our desires. I warn you! Never utter such things. You are truly great since you harbor desires! Should you fulfill Gods commands or should it be vice versa? No sir! God must execute my wishes. You truly are a hooligan! Your desire must be fulfilled and you refuse to carry out Gods sacred commands. Why should I do so? I will refuse to carry out Gods wishes.


Today we note that right from spirituality to just about everything a void is there. Amongst you all I see that there is no true human in spirituality or in this entire world. In the name of renunciation, sacrifice, service, benevolence, philanthropy, country, religion, society etc everyone contributes but with selfish motives in mind. Everyone works for selfish interests but say, who thinks about true world welfare? Who is ready to efface himself like rain clouds from which water is drained away? Who is ready to transport fragrance from door to door like the cool wind does? Who is ready to remain hot like the sun and yet give light to the entire world? Who is ready to shed cool brilliant light like the moon does? None is ready to do so. In todays modern era we can never expect people to come forward and immerse in tasks of world well being. They will no doubt build temples of Lord Hanuman and yet will refuse to help his neighbor who is grief and poverty stricken.


Why will someone build Hanumans temple? They will do so keeping in mind that if in todays times we build a temple of Rs .8 million we will get a flat of Rs 8 million in future. This is why fiends build temples. No sir! This fellow builds temples. No child! He does not build temples. In fact he is vile. No sir! This man offers cloth to its deity. O son! He does not devotedly offer cloth. In fact he is a leader in taking bribes. By offering cloth worth only Rs 50 one knows not how much he wishes to amass wealth from God? Child! What more can I say. Today spirituality is rendered a facade and avenue of sense merriment. It has become a means of wiliness. In these times true spirituality is almost nonexistent wherein one had to sacrifice, renounce sense titillation, work for world welfare, sanctify ones psyche and efface the limited ego. Yet I feel that the wisdom of Rishis of yore has again been rejuvenated. Mother Gayatri is yet alive and along with this her true devotees too have been enlivened. By seeing all of you this faith of mine have become firm. I had called people to help me broadcast true spirituality everywhere and seeing them here is helping my cup of joy overflow.


I think that it is a fact and reality that God is manifesting in this world as an Avatar and long with him many humans who in the form of men, demigods, lizards, vultures are coming forward for world welfare mission. They are ready to efface their very individuality and even lay down their very lives for this great cause. I have faith that for the divine energy of any Avatar what more proof is required? We are about to render widespread this Prajna Avatar in the personalities of world humans, their families and world society at large.



[You have so far read special topics by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmaji. With examples he says that whenever world imbalance was seen, God had to manifest his Avatar. After detailing 9 from the 10 Avatars he said that todays times are direr. Today mankinds thinking and character has become very tainted. One form of it is the sorceress dowry system which prevails even in this intellectual and computer age. Giving his experiences Gurudeva says how although Gayatri Parivars members sent large numbers of bio data of their eligible daughters for ideal marriage program yet they hardly sent any proposals for their sons. He says that today the lore one is literate the more one is dangerous. Todays man lives a life full of tension and agitation. Man lacks trust and honesty. He spoke how man is foolish whose intellect has become vile and keeps producing more and more children. Later he says that in the near future the Avatar of God that will occur will be that of Divine Intellect or Ritambhara Prajna. An avatar is a symbol of cosmic psyche. It is now Prajna Avatar that will become all pervasive. Read further.]


Regarding human beings for a fair length of time I am saying that their psyche requires sanctification. With reference to Gayatri too I have been saying that it is the Kamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow of Brahmins. If true Brahmin qualities manifest in your psyche then definitely the nectarine milk of this wish fulfilling cow too will be yours. If qualities of Brahmins like good will, gentlemanliness, honesty, ethical behavior etc dwell in your character then like Savitri, royal swan etc you shall be glorified. All principles that aid transformation of your inner personality rest in Gayatri Meditation. Whether you wish to accept this or not is your choice. Else cunningly keep chanting the Gayatri Mantra superficially while inwardly desiring to usurp others wealth. It is then your choice to ask for boons unethically and that goes against the Law of Karma or action. Only if true Gayatri enters your core personality it will make you great in character. Yesterday too I was mentioning this. The dream I had envisaged of divinity in humans will definitely come true if you imbibe true Gayatri called Era Energy that encompasses rendering sacred ones psyche. All this I have been preaching via magazines etc and will do so in future too.


The fact that the human psyche can be sanctified is a miracle in itself. So many times I have detailed the biographies of great saints and sages. Most of them had been born in poor families and yet due to sanctification of their personalities they reached peaks of glory and grandeur. In reality the fact that mans psyche gets purified is a miracle for sure. I have told you the life of Bata many times. It is indeed a miracle that both in material and spiritual living mans soul oozes with good will and purity. Such miraculous personalities will always succeed in life. It is untrue that criminals succeed and the ethical man suffers. In fact it is vice versa. No doubt a criminal putting on the facade of honest ethical living gains a bit yet when his true unethical criminal leanings are proved and unveiled will not get even 1 cent from anyone. Such peoples gains never last for long. Once someones criminal nature is proved it will be well nigh difficult for him to even get drinking water. It is only when he masquerades as an honest person that he benefits temporarily. He has put on the garb and facade of ethical behavior. A criminal always lands in jail and none others will allow him even to stand by their side.

In order to neo create human personality and in tandem with demands of time to manifest divinity in mankind I have a dream that teaches us that every human being and Gayatri devotee must imbibe deeply these sacred principles, thinking and behavior. Son! In order to usher in divinity in world humans, in order to neo create world society and in order to build high stature family life I have told you a few things. You must definitely keep it in mind.


From an individual we will now head towards the family. So far I spoke of Gayatri Meditation at the individual level. Now my new steps lead me to welfare of every family. Goddess Gayatris photo must adorn the walls of every household. Daily we must perform Balivaishwa Yajna. Every day we must do collective Arti. Every day in our house we must have spiritual discourses. Birthdays too must be celebrated. We are now entering the portals of a family from an individual. I simply abhor that you chant Gayatri all alone while censuring your family. Hence my new steps guide me from individual well being to neo creation of families. Now get ready to rebuild your families anew. Right from silver jubilee celebrations I have commenced all this. I just do not like it that you limit yourselves to lone individual Gayatri Meditation. In your entire family you are a lone Gayatri devotee. They mock you. No one agrees with you. Everyone labels you a fool. Son! I detest all this. I wish that just as very lovingly I helped you understand true spirituality, you too should follow suit and lovingly encourage your family members.


Within the realm of individual development along with family rebuilding I am about to usher in Era Energy Gayatri. What will then happen? Now child! We will enter one more arena. In which one is this? The entire world wherein there is a capability of rendering planet earth, heavenly. Again and again we manifest heaven on earth. Can heaven truly manifest on earth? Yes son! This has happened in the past and will do so again. How will it happen? I have a few principles. If only such principles embedded in seed form with the Super Mantra Gayatri become widespread and get imbibed by the ordinary lay world humans know for sure that heaven will definitely manifest on earth. Guruji! What are your plans? Son! My plans encompass the entire world. Hence Goddess Gayatri is about to manifest in a new form in this silver jubilee celebrations. Who was she before this? Initially she was Mother of the Vedas. Who is Mother of Vedas? She is one from which manifested all the 4 Vedas. Mother of Vedas is one from which one gets details of all the 4 Vedas.


When preliminarily Goddess Gayatri came into this world her name was Mother of Vedas. Then what happened? Then her name became Mother of Divinity. How did this happen? Initially in the Rishi Age she was merely a principle, divine wisdom, self realization and a philosophy. Later this was rendered widespread. People started imbibing this in their daily living, hence in this land of India in which 3.3 billion demigods dwell, citizens resided, it was Super Energy Gayatri who gave birth to demigods while imbuing them with divine qualities, divine activity and divine nature and her name was Mother of Divinity. Now one more aspect will evolve in the form of Prajna Avatar. In the form of Era Energy its name and form will manifest. Which form will appear? Its name is World Mother. This is because she is about to give birth to a new world. The old world is either dead or is in the process of dying. It is such a lowly world whose picture I was depicting to you. I was talking of that era and I was talking of such humans that will die.


Well, will man die or his nature? Son! If mans inner nature dies or it reforms then a positive transformation of world humanity is in the offing. Will Valmiki die? Valmiki was killed by Naradji and gave birth to a new Valmiki. And who killed Amrapali? Lord Buddha killed her and then gave birth to a new Amrapali. Putana was killed by Lord Krishna. Tadka was killed by Lord Ram. In the same manner Buddha killed Amrapali. No revered sir! Their lives were not taken because they were seen to be alive. Yes child! No doubt they were alive but that Amrapali who was a prostitute she was killed and in her place a rejuvenated Amrapali was given birth to. What was her name? Her name now became Saint Amrapali. She went from one place to another to spread the message of divinity and spirituality worldwide.


What will happen? Will the world die? Will world annihilation or Pralaya take place? Yes world annihilation will take place. How will it happen? It will take place akin to Lord Parshuram chopping the heads off of vile brain people. Thus heads will be chopped off? Heads will not be chopped off physically. Then what will happen? Their intellect and brains will be positively transformed. Mans intellect and character are focused only on selfishness and refuses to budge even an inch from it. He may chant many rosaries and read sacred scriptures yet he will cling only to selfish motives. He refuses to give up his demeaned lowly inner nature. Is man a beast or a devil? Whether a devil meditates or carries out some task he stands where he is. Then what will happen? Mankind will now die. Now a war will take place. Then who will die? Demons will die, vile intellect will die. That new world which will replace a vile intellect will have a few principles. The 3 legged or Tripada Gayatri has 3 principles. What are these? So far I was telling you about a healthy body, sacred mind and cultured society. These then are the 3 principles. Yes child! These are the 3 principles. Further we will see individual rebuilding, family rebuilding and world society neo creation. These too are principles to be adhered to.


Gayatri has 3 legs. It is called Tripada. When these 3 streams will be imbibed in our daily life its nature too will become thus. No sir! Goddess Gayatri will appear seated on a royal swan and she will come on a pigeon and come with a fat wad of currency and give us children. Hey! Stop talking foolishly. Sit quietly. Goddess Gayatri does not arrive thus. No sir! At night she will come with a bag of cash and in the morning she will come with sons for us and in the morning she will help solve our court case in our favor. And what will happen day after tomorrow? On that day she will bless us with job promotion. O you oaf! Friends! When Goddess Gayatri manifests what will she do? When she arrives she will do so separately for those who are responsible people. She will manifest differently for the lowly and backward. Who is she for lowly people? She is not that Mother Gayatri of responsible people. What is the form and nature of Mother Gayatri for those who are responsible? She will arrive as intellectual revolution in the arena of our thinking. She will come in our individual lives, social lives in the form of ethical revolution and in the form of a social revolution in our social lives. I had spoken of intellectual, ethical and social revolutions which are the 3 legs of Super Energy Gayatri.


What will be the nature of the entire world? Please predict. Tell us the future. Son! I am not an author of utopia that I will go about predicting things. Alright! If you wish to know the future I will say that when Era Energy Gayatri will appear you must ready yourselves. For what should you be ready? For all 3 aspects I have spoken of. What will be the foundation of the new world that will be born from the womb of the World Mother? Come! I will give you a glimpse of it. I do not know whether you will trust me but I promise you that the new world about to take birth will be of this type. In it 3 special qualities will be witnessed. Which are these? It will have 3 principles viz. equality, oneness and sanctity.


What type of equality? Child! The next era will be of equality, so get ready. Equality will be attained in 3 ways in this world. First will be community based equality wherein your seniority based on communal lines will be thrown out. No sir! I am a Brahmin. Child! Keep your Brahmin hood too yourself! I am not denying that you are a Brahmin. And are you are Vaishya? What does it mean? It means we are tiny in stature. Beware! Never utter this again. You may remain a Brahmin if you are one. You continue teaching and you continue running your shop. Just because someone says he is high in status does not necessarily make him one. No sir! I am high stature. Son! A person is high in stature only due to good character and great tasks executed. Man cannot be great just because he is born in a high stature family. What will happen in future? Son! There will be equality as far as caste and lineage is concerned. One will not be labeled high-low simply on the basis of which caste one belongs to. No doubt the category of high-low exists and will remain in future too yet most definitely it will not be on the basis of caste or creed. I tell you all that in the new era about to arrive none will be called high stature simply based on caste distinction and none will be called low too on its basis.


What more will happen in the new age? When equality will set in, what will be its nature? Along with caste there will come gender equality too. What does one mean by gender? It means males and females. Males and females will be rendered equal. In the world revolution that we will author and in the Avatar of the World Mother in it males and females will be given equal importance. No doubt love, affection and discipline will continue. What type of discipline? It will be akin to that seen between Lord Ram and his brother Bharat. Ram was a slave of Bharat and vice versa. Both were tied to each other by the cord of divine love and were not bound out of pressure of any sort. In future man woman will not be bound to each other out of any pressure. In fact they will bond with each other with true love. They will be ready to lovingly die for each others sake. In future gender inequality will be rooted out. No sir! In contemporary laws what more work will there exist? Son! In contemporary laws amendments will be noted which will be give equality to both sexes. If women will be asked to use a veil even men shall have to follow suit. No sir! I will force my wife to use a veil. Son! You may definitely do so but be ready to don a veil yourself too. No sir! I will not use a veil. Then child! You will perforce have to unveil the face of women in your family.

After a wife dies a man should remarry. Definitely this should happen. But then if a husband dies, the wife too should remarry. No sir! This cannot happen. Son! This will happen. No sir! After a husband dies the wife should burn herself on her husbands burning funeral pyre (Sati). You are right. What will a widow achieve by remaining alive? A widow too should die. So what if she ascends the guillotine after her husbands demise? So what if she dies by drowning herself? Is it alright? Yes son! If this tradition is wholesome it should continue yet remember that another tradition too must be set rolling. What is that? If a wife dies then her husband too should die. A husband too should perform Sati rites by burning himself on his wifes funeral pyre. Sir! What if the husband flees? Then everyone should chase and catch hold of him. Just as you catch a mad dog, catch hold of the husband and tie him to the funeral pyre. No sir! How can this happen? O son! This will definitely happen. If a wife should be devoted to her husband then the husband too should be devoted to his wife. If a man after keeping 10 mistresses can live a life king size then a wife by marrying not only 5 but 25 Pandavas can be called loyal. In future this is about to take place.


In future this is bound to happen. The era of justice will arrive. An era of true discrimination will manifest. An era of faith will arrive and that era will usher in wherein todays errant mankind will get amazed. In the new era will there be any differences based on caste and ancestry? No child! No differences will remain. In future both will remain at par. Son! We are about to usher in that new age as per the guidance of Lord Mahakal wherein the times will be refreshingly new. A new era will definitely arrive. This will happen whether you accept it or not. This very era of equality will manifest with a bang.


O! What type of equality will set in? Son! One more type of equality will set in. Categorization based on cash will arrive. So then are you talking of communism? Yes child! Regarding finances I allude to the fact that he who will earn will eat properly. No sir! We are very wealthy. I will earn money via rent and interest. No son! Now no longer will this happen. With simply money you will not be allowed to earn money and whatever wealth is inherited by you from your dead parents will be confiscated. Even previously wealth was confiscated. Previously society would congregate and would say that this ones father has died leaving behind a lot of wealth. What should be done about it? This was decided by society. If the children were physically/mentally challenged or were handicapped in any way they were given enough wealth but if the children were capable and were earning enough wealth they will not given even a cent of that inheritance. Then what would happen to this inherited wealth? Son! Today all types of taxes like death tax etc are being aimed at this wealth. In future era what will happen regarding this? Like ancient times the entire wealth will be confiscated. In ancient times when Shraddha rites (post death) were performed such wealth confiscation took place.

The meaning of Shraddha rites was that if the deceased person has earned wealth and left it behind then it should be used for that persons spiritual well being and also for world welfare activities. No sir! It should go to the son. It should be handed over to relatives. Why should it be given to them? Answer me please. No sir! The son should get inherited wealth. Why so? Answer me! When society requires wealth why should not it be handed over to it? No sir! The son should get it. No child! You are wrong.

Hence friends! What is about to happen? The ancient era will manifest anew. Today the concept of a World Mother seems a figment of wild imagination. You are content chanted 5 or 10 rosaries of Mantra chanting. This certainly is not a revolution. In fact true world human revolution will be manifested by the World Mother. And when she arrives it will be in this form. At that time each one will work hard. He will eat food from his money earned by making due efforts. When a person works hard ethically he will no longer drink alcohol, will not run after prostitutes, will not live a life of vain pomp, will not become a criminal and will not take recourse to deadly drugs. It is in fact money earned unethically that creates social downfall.


In future times what exactly will take place in this world? The foundation of the Avatar of the World Mother which will manifest will be equality and sense of oneness. Now we are in the process of disengaging ourselves from the concept of partitioning and instead heading towards unity. How are we marching ahead? We do so in the form of one world nation, one world language and one world culture. If culture is to exist in this world it will be only one world culture. It could be Hindu culture or Christian culture. It could be any culture but it will be singular. No sir! We will remain as Hindus, Christians etc. If so then you will devour each others blood and will cast aspersions against each other. Hence you must head towards world cultural unity. The world should be one nation. If different countries exist with borders they will fight with each other and thus shed blood. Hence there should be in place a single world government and the police should work under its jurisdiction. Whenever any region creates trouble and attacks another region the world government police will outwit them and put them behind bars. No sir! My army and your army will remain separated. Your army will no longer be allowed to function separately.


I will now talk of the new age that will arrive. Along with unity there will exist only 1 world culture. There will be one culture, one nation and one language. Today you perceive alien languages like the deaf and dumb. Since you live in South India and I live in North India you speak Tamil and I speak Hindi. Why sir! Are you deaf and dumb? I am not deaf or dumb but I do not know your language. We do not understand each others language. It is these language barriers that partitions world humanity. In future there will remain only 1 world language. I was about to tell you this. I was giving you a glimpse of the World Mother. In the future new age that will arrive will be the ethical responsibility of every world human that will imbibe equality and purity. Man will shower love on man. Each man will help another in need. The habit one person oppressing another so as to drink even his blood will be rooted out. Neither will I drink your blood and nor will you drink mine. We must help each other. I will help you and you will help me. If such pious thinking is imbibed the world over you will see untold joy and peace everywhere.


Today that money used in building war tanks, atom bombs etc can in future be used to build tractors. That cash used to design canons can be used to design water pumps. Those thousands of men who are being trained to kill and get killed in wars can instead be trained to become gardeners, teachers, sculptors, engineers, overseers and so on. Only one major change is need in humanity so that instead of sucking anothers blood he will instead aspire to cooperate and help everyone. If this viewpoint of sense of selfless service sets in our character then son! The world will overflow with joy. The world can be rendered so advanced and progressive. I have given you a glimpse of my dream. Guruji! You have shown us a dream? Yes! I have done exactly that. Is it true or false? It is true! In future you will see this only. We are marching speedily towards it. You will see that that these dreams which appear wild imagination to you will definitely fructify tomorrow or after that.


Who will get credit to fulfill this dream? It will be given to Goddess Gayatri or Era Energy Gayatri. More than this credit will be given to all of you since today you are ready to daringly give your time, labor and energy for this stupendous task. Now, what more do we require to understand. Child! You do not need to understand anything more. If you simply understand Super Mantra Gayatris meaning, teaching, philosophy and underlying principle then most definitely teaching of all types of this new era like that of individual neo creation, family neo creation, society neo creation, intellectual revolution, social revolution, financial revolution and ethics based revolution dwell deep in it. Start giving a talk on Gayatri. Son! You have not read a book authored by me called Gayatri Mahavijnan. In its 2 nd section is Gayatri Smriti. In it I have detailed the meaning of 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra. In it all arenas of life like social, ethical, economic and other forms of management are analyzed. You must read Gayatri Gita. In it there are only 13 verses. These encompass the details of Gayatris 9 words, 3 Vyahvrittis and one Om. In these 13 verses all types of management and philosophic principles have been outlined. Do read all this.


I will not be able to remember all this. Then forget it but note that wherever you go preach the teaching of Gayatri Mantra. Show others how to meditate, the method of worship, how to chant the Mantra and do Sandhya rites. But never forget one thing-What is the meaning of Gayatri Mantra? You must always tell others its meaning. Tell people that it not enough merely to hear its meaning. It is not enough merely to hear epic Ramayan. It is just not enough to hear discourses on Shrimad Bhagwat. It is not enough to hear non-stop religious songs. It is most important to imbibe in life these religious songs, Gita, Ramayan and so on. If you fail to imbibe their teachings in life and only understood its import that by hearing these discourses one goes to heaven then know for sure that it will be erroneous thinking. If this happens man will be satisfied with mere listening. Never should you be contented with mere hearing of religious matters. No doubt it is useful to hear all this and I can show you its deep import too but yet it is our responsibility to tell all that mere listening is not enough.


To cure malaria fever quinine should be used. Did you hear? Yes sir! I did hear. Did you tell others? Yes sir! I did so. Now what? Now you will be cured. You have heard that the medicine for malaria is quinine. Yes sir! Glory to you sir! Very true sir! Will malaria be cured by listening thus? No sir! No it will not be cured. Why not? Yesterday I had told you its cure and you had nodded your head in assent. Then why was it not cured? O revered sir! The medicine was not taken by the patient. If the medicine is not administered, malaria will not be cured. There is no Mantra which will benefit you if you keep repeating with your tongue and fail to imbibe its deep import in daily living. If you think that you distance Mantra chanting from imbibing in daily life, from social transactions then child! There was no such Mantra before and will not exist in future too which will benefit us by mere tongue oriented repetition. Son! How can you benefit by mere lip service? Never can this happen that by mere repetition of alphabets of Mantras one benefits in any way. It is not just enough to repeat alphabets. No doubt it is required, apt and important to chant the Mantra but it is not enough in itself. Along with chanting the Mantras philosophy should be practiced in day to day living. In order to imbibe it along with its application we must understand its philosophic tenets. You must go the layman and teach him the underlying deep import of Gayatri Mantra. In it lies divine wisdom which was known to Rishis of ancient times. Today it is important to render it well managed. For advent of a bright world future in the 21 st century this divine wisdom is such that if you can spread its holy light everywhere then very easily the darkness prevailing in the world today will recede from its very fount.



[You have so far been reading the thoughts of our Gurudeva which he had told disciples present in Shantikunj. He has spoken of spreading the teaching of Gayatri the world over and also the widespread nature of Prajna Avatar. Before reading the following matters we would like to say in a nutshell what he has said previously. Along with many examples he spoke of the role of manifestation of Avatars and he also detailed the 9 Avatars that manifested so far as per needs of that era. He says that todays problems are more tedious and are worsening day after day. Today there exist such vile traditions which lead mankind to a downfall as a result of tainted thinking. Man is full of tension today. He is a victim of distrust. Hence in such situations the 10 th Avatar about to appear in this world will be in the form of cosmic consciousness and true Viveka or discrimination. He says that when Era Energy Gayatri incarnates mans inner personality will get sanctified. Divinity will ooze from it. The biggest miracle of this world is that man transforms positively. The aim of worship and devotion to God must be inducing sacred psychic imprints in the inner nature of family members. Thus heaven will manifest on earth. A new world will be rebuilt. The Gayatri of responsible people will appear as the 3 streams of its 3 legs (Tripada) and thus the era will ooze with a sense of equality and unity amongst world creatures. Today the most import duty of all of us is to spread the teachings of Gayatri in every nook and corner of the world. Now do read further.]


What is the meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri? Come, I will tell you the meaning. Gayatri has 4 aspects. One portion of it is its head. What is it called? Om Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha. What is the meaning of it? What is the philosophy? You must understand all this and practice it in life. What is the meaning? Son! It means that God is all pervasive and dwells in the entire cosmos. This tiny Om means God. And Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha can be categorized in 3 ways. If mankind is looked upon individually then it has 3 parts viz. gross, subtle and causal bodies. Man is divided in 3 parts. Bhur, Bhuvaha and Swaha means gross, subtle and causal. Just as mans individual life is partitioned in 3 ways even the mundane external world has 3 parts. Which are these? Bhur Loka, Bhuvaha Loka and Swaha Loka. There is one Loka or world above, one in below and one in between these two. This is the cosmos or macrocosm. If you wish you can call this macrocosm Bhur, bhuvaha and Swaha. In it dwells only 1 existence and is called Om. Om is largest and is a beautiful name of God.


From the deep recesses of this world emerge certain sounds which are like those of a swinging clock pendulum. Similarly when Prakriti (material nature) and Purusha (God) unite subtle seers have noted that from it manifests a sound called Om. When a pendulum swings back and forth in a clock it gives out a sound. Om sound too is similar to it. When after eating food our hunger is satiated and we stop eating more food Om sound emerges Om is the biggest name of God. In the Gayatri Mantra the 1 st name is Om. Then appear the 3 children of Om viz. Bhur, Bhuvaha and Swaha. Now come forth the 3 leaves and 3 branches of the 3 trees. Their names are Tatsaviturvarenyam, Bhargo devasya dheemahi and dhiyo yo naha prachodayat. Thus 3 leaves and 3 branches of each of these 3 trees add up to 9 leaves and 9 branches. In reality Om is all pervasive and cosmic in nature. This is its philosophy.


What exactly is this philosophy? Its name is theism. What is the meaning of theism? What does it allude to? In this world there are many philosophical meanings of theism. It means faith in God. Not worship of God but faith. Suppose we conjoin worship to faith in God? Then it is great. But if you worship without faith, it is but a hollow act. Sir! What is faith and what is worship? Son! Both are as different as earth and sky. It is like a man worships God daily but devoid of any faith. Of course there are others who may not worship God at all and yet has immense faith in him. Worship of God and faith in him are 2 different aspects. The crown on our head and our body are different. If you combine both it is good. What more is required if we conjoin faith in God to daily worship rites? It is like fragrance added to gold and yet both are different in reality.


Om means God who dwells in the entire cosmos. What does it connote? It means that in every iota and particle of this world, God pervades. And what is the nature of this God? Only one name can be given to God and that is one who metes out justice. This just God is present everywhere. Today faith in God is totally absent. People have forgotten that their actions bear reactions and fruits wherein the just God is cosmic in form. It means that the truth of fruits of our actions is so real that it cannot be ignored or destroyed. If not today then tomorrow or after that, your actions will definitely bear reactions which you will perforce have to face. The fact about pleasing god is wholly dependent on what type of actions you perform? What is its form? God is not pleased by worship but by your wholesome activities. If you understand this know for sure that the very life force of theism has come your way. The just God is present everywhere hence you cannot perform even one action in hiding. Can you save yourself from God by hiding anywhere? Never can you hide from God. If society comes to know of any unethical action of yours it will file a suit in the court of law, but what is you do it in hiding? Son! Not one action of yours can you hide from God. You can hide them from society but never from Almighty God.


This belief is embedded in Om Bhur Bhavaha Swaha. All pervasive is one and second is one who metes out justice. If you accept only these 2 qualities of God it is enough. Revered sir! We have heard that God loves his devotees. If you have heard thus I will add something more to it only then you will be right. One more name to lover of devotees is Rudra. Son! Both these name are a pair. Those who carry out wholesome selfless deeds indeed please God and he becomes Rudra or wrathful God if we perform unethical vile actions. How is God a Rudra? Rudra lashes hunters at you and knocks off your head. Hey! Is God compassionate or heartless? You may have not seen but go to a crematorium ground, go to hospitals, go to places of accidents and calamities, see blind people and then judge whether God is compassionate or heartless? O sir! What does it mean? Nothing I say. As per the quality of your actions God will shower compassion or become brutal. As per your actions so will you reap the fruits.


All erroneous beliefs regarding God had been addressed to by Jain and Buddhist Cultures. They said that although God showers compassion, he does not do so on all. He in fact hammers some people too. No sir! Whoever worships God is showered with gifts by him. This is not true. This thinking has been challenged before and a revolution has occurred regarding God. Both revolutions regarding Jain and Buddhist Cultures are such. That form of God has been challenged where everyone shouts aloud-devotion, do worship and in return get money. In the middle era when taints entered the arena of devotion in opposition to it manifested Jain and Buddhist revolutions. In Hindu religion too previously a revolution had occurred. Two of them separated. The 3 rd revolution of Hindu religion is yet existent. What is its name? It is called Vedant. What is Vedant? In Vedant too erroneous thinking regarding God has been shattered. Which one is it? The concept of a God, who in return for worship, showers the devotee with gifts, has been shattered. Vedant with the help of a hunter has hit this concept mercilessly. Which type of God is this? The belief of that God which wrongly says that by feeding God with fruits, sweets etc or by chanting a few rosaries eulogizing God will give them grand gifts has been pounded to pulp.


The concept of God mentioned in Hindu Religion has been attacked by Vedanta. What is Vedanta? Ayamatma brahman; Prajnanam brahman; Chidanandoham; Sacchidanandoham; Aham brahmasmi; Tatvamasi. What it means is that mans purified nature and mans special transformed inner personality is God himself. It is mans sacred superiority that is God. If man augments his inner superiority Gods grace will manifest accordingly. Divine Powers or Sidhis will be his for the asking. Miracles will manifest. Gods true form is present within humans. If the inner personality is vile God shall run miles away from you and if you piously purify your psyche God will dwell in close proximity.


You can visualize all philosophies like those of devotion, theism, worship rites etc in Super Mantra Gayatri. In it the meaning of Om Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha is said to be God who is full of justice, love for devotes, wrathful and is all pervasive in nature. If you combine all these your faith in God is complete. If you wish to remain a theist or an atheist you must understand the nature of theism and that of atheism. Only then can you decide. Who is an atheist? He is one who ignores all forms of faith. It means one who denies the existence of world management. He is one who does not accept the Law of Karma. One who says that by bathing in the sacred River Ganga all my sin is destroyed is an atheist. In effect he is trying to say that he will not have to face the fruits of sin committed by him. The eternal beliefs which are the philosophy of spirituality proclaim that you can never protect yourself from the results and fruits of every action executed by you. The atheist on the other hand says that he can save himself from the results of actions by bathing in River Ganga and thus destroying all sins.


I can definitely understand if by bathing in River Ganga all ones tendencies to sin are destroyed but if people say that it helps ward off punishment of sins then it means they will ceaselessly continue sinning. Thus the 1 st leg of Gayatri Mantra is arrangement of dissemination of fruits of ones actions or the Law of Karma. Not only must you understand this but teach it to others too. You must tell them that Gayatri Mantra is the sacred speech of great Rishis. The philosophy of ancient times teaches us that God being pleased is directly related to the faith one has in the Law of Karma. Further god getting displeased too is dependent on it. Gods grace is dependent on this law. Gods love for us is dependent on this law and not on how many worship rites we execute. The aim of worship is to help ripen the faith of mankind regarding the Law of Karma and imbue that faith in the inner personality of all wherein their concept of God becomes crystal clear. What is this concept? It is the teaching of Om Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha which I have detailed so far. In a gist it is called true faith in God.


Come, let us move ahead. Now the 2 nd part appears which is called spirituality. The 3 rd part deals with both spirituality and religiosity. These 3 principles on combining results in 3 fold or 3 legged Gayatri. In it for teaching world public and for you enough material exists. For your entire lifetime you keep detailing it and keep giving examples and along with it provide proof. You may talk everything but know for sure that these 3 legs encompass all the basis of the entire world. What is spirituality? Son! Spiritually includes sanctification of mans character, personality and viewpoint. It guides us as to what type of a personality all humans must imbibe and nurture. In it what has been done? In it Gods 4 names have been spoken of and one more thing has been said that whatever wholesome we have forgotten must be remembered again.


In the 1 st leg of Gayatris spiritual aspect comes Tat. What is Tat? When some object is afar and at a distance we point at it saying that or Tat. So what is its meaning? It means it pervades in front of all of us. This means an object directly in front of us. Apart from material and directly perceived objects man desires nothing else. We do not remember anything apart from this. Who is that? Son! That means the world after death, rebirth and so on. That includes God, the goal of life, that ideal and that inner soul. All these are subtle and invisible and we have no clue about them. For all 24 hours we perceive only that which is visible. We see only direct acts like imagination, walking, eating and everything that is in the now. We ooze with this meaning the material world, material objects all our lifetime. Spirituality hence is millions of miles away from us. Its principle eludes us. Ideals run far away from us. Sacred sentiments dwell thousands of miles away as do our steadfastness and the most important goal of human life.


Hence Gayatri Mantra exhorts us to visualize the that or Tat principle. You must imbibe it too in life without ever forgetting it. Who is that? It includes mans future, God and also that which is not directly visible, is subtle and unknown to the 5 senses. This then is the meaning of Tat in Gayatri Mantra. You must tell all humans in the entire world that do think about that too. Do not limit yourselves to this. No doubt take care of this but take special care of that too. If you take care of that, your this will automatically be taken care of wonderfully. If you fail to take care of that, your this will become chaotic.


Tat-God has 4 names. God has 4 faces. Brahma has 4 faces which are the 4 Vedas. It is enough if you remember the 4 names of God. Of course the names could number up to 1000 or 28 or 108 but in Gayatri you utter 4 names and within your psyche imbibe its 4 qualities. Which are these? Savituhu, Varenyam, Bhargo and Devasya-these are the 4 names. What resides in these 4 names? It has 4 teachings and commands. For you there are 4 directions. For you there are 4 duties. These 4 names also include 4 Varnas, 4 Ashramas, 4 Vedas, 4 directions, 4 Dhatus etc. All these 4 qualities of God are most required by us all. God has thousands of qualities. So are not all these required by us? Son! You must imbibe 4 qualities in your life and thus you will benefit greatly. In this manner you will become a true Bhakta or devotee of God.


Which is the 1 st quality amongst the 4 listed? It is Savituhu or Savita. It is Gods name. Savita has 2 aspects viz. light and heat. God with these qualities is called Savita. These 2 special qualities must enter our lives. There should be light. It connotes fame, glory, our sacred influence and our divine aura. Our lifestyle should be such that it spreads divine light everywhere. It must spread light like the flame lamp. Light must be spread like light houses do in the dark sea. It must be spread like brilliant stars of the vast sky. It must be spread like the sun and moon does. Our inner and external lives must overflow with divine aura. Since in darkness we tend to bang against objects we must imbibe light i.e. Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya. Light must fill our inner selves, our entire lives, our viewpoint too etc. Today our life is gripped in darkness everywhere. Indolence has spread in our lives. In order to overcome this inertia what is required is light and warmth.


What do we mean by heat? Son! It means enterprise and hard work. Suppose both enterprise and hard work recede from your life knowledge that will remain will be incomplete without action. Devotion is incomplete without endeavor. Hence both enterprise and hard work must be conjoined to devotion. Agrataha chaturo vedaha pristhataha sasharam dhanuhu idam brahmam idam kshatram shastradapi sharadapi. Our wisdom and action both must work in tandem. Who educates us thus? It is Savita that symbolizes both heat and light. We must imitate Savitas qualities, actions, nature and message. Now is the turn of Varenyam. What is it? It means choosing that which is supremely great. It is like choosing ones partner for marriage. We choose a pious priest. It means one whom we choose, bind to ourselves and imbibe. It also means that which is great and supreme. Varenyam means to catch hold of and bind to ourselves. These are its 2 connotations. In this world there are 2 types of things wherein one is worth renouncing and the other is worth imbibing. One is Varenya and the other is to be renounced. You have 2 things in your plate. See sir! One has Varenya and the other does not have it. In front of you is the gist too. Now choose from amongst various tasks, individuals and friends. Everywhere you will note these two.


Within your personality there should dwell such discrimination that you choose Varenyam only. You must choose the best. Choose ideals. Choose the supremely great and that which is not ideal, great and is lowly must be kicked away. No sir! We do not need you so go away. No brother! We are attractive. If you are attractive you may remain so what more can I do. I will accept only Varenyam. We will accept only ideals. We will accept only the apt and that which is inapt is unacceptable to us. You may pressurize me and you may try enticing me and yet I will not get ensnared by all this. I will imbibe only Varenyam. I had previously said that a Hansa or royal swan accepts only Varenyam and leaves ou that which is mediocre. That mental nature of God because of which he is named Varenyam must become a very part of our thinking inner personality. It must have due place within our set of ideals.


Bhargo. What exactly is this? Bharga means to roast. What should be roasted? Just as a cook roasts gram and they start crackling? Yes sir! They do so. Similarly is the meaning of Bharga. Of course Bharga has many meanings. In Sanskrit language Bharga is called brilliant but over here I give you the simplest meaning. It means to roast. By roasting we mean that in this world there are certain things that are nourishing. It must be given water. It is not required to help grow everything. On every being we must shower compassion. We will selflessly serve all. We will help others earn good merits. Son! This does not happen because after choosing from both aspects some need to be nurtured and there are others which need to be cut off and thrown away. No sir! We must serve all. No child! One cannot show goodwill to everyone. One will experience a downfall and the other will be uplifted. Whether there is sinning, unethical activity or oppression of any sort we must valiantly oppose all this.


All the Avatars that have appeared in this world have had 2 aims only. One is to help augment that which is good and great and the other is to uproot that which is lowly and tainted. God is known to hit and kill too. He nourishes and nurtures too. No sir! We will only nurture. Whom will you nurture? We will nourish just about all. We will nurture those who are unethical and demonic too. We will nourish criminals and hooligans too. Son! This cannot happen. If you nourish scorpions they will kill babies. If you wish to protect the life of children kill scorpions. It is indeed the task of spiritualists to fight against criminal activities, unethical behavior and all forms of despotism. No, everyone should be nurtured. Who told you that everyone must be looked after? O sir! That particular sage told us. Did you not hammer that sage? No sir! He was saying nourish all including that which is unwholesome, wholesome, unethical and ethical. All of them are God. Who say for example? Everyone was God including Manthara, Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Ravan. Please shut up! You foolish imbecile! Stop discussing Ramayan. No sir! Ravan was God and via enmity to God he was showing devotion to him and Bharatji out of love was showing his devotion. Ravan fearfully was showing his devotion. Shut up! Stop muttering! You are making people wayward in their thinking. You are stopping people from showing their dissent and disapproval for unethical activities and criminal deeds. You are destroying their wrath and hatred for demon Ravan. No sir! Ravan was a devotee. Kaikeyi was a devotee of this sort. Go away you fool! You are just involved in spreading the net of vile thinking.


What must now be done? You must know 2 streams of thinking. One stream in this world is such which must be nourished and the other must be uprooted. We must valiantly fight against the tainted. We must oppose it tooth and nail. We must not cooperate with it. If you fail to do so then hooliganism will rise alarmingly in this world. If you insist on nourishing, nurturing, looking after just about anyone by feeding, clothing them then know for sure that the vile, criminal and tainted people of world society will gulp all its benefits which will result in weakening of that class of society which is ethical, full of goodwill and live honest lives. One more aim of spirituality is called Bhargo. The 4 th type of God is Devasya. What does it mean? Devasya means one who bestows divinity on us. Man must imbibe 2 special qualities. God too has 2 of these. If you are a devotee and spiritualist you must imbibe divinity and bestow it on others too. You must become divine. The chief goal of Prajna Avatar is to help manifest divinity in mankind and a heaven like situation on earth. Without imbibing divinity in your personality all this is impossible to achieve. Hence imbibe all the 4 qualities mentioned in Tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya of Super Mantra Gayatri. It must ooze in every pore of your day to day living.




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