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Mahakal is that divine energy that shall fulfill tomorrows goal of world transformation. It is also called Rudra. Transformation is always full of strife and terrible or Raudra in nature. Hence activities of Lord Rudra too are believed to be of this type. By enacting the Tandav dance he sets rolling Pralaya or world annihilation. One can find terrible poisonous snakes coiled round his torso. His army comprises of ghosts, spirits etc. What can one say about the piercing power of his Trishul weapon? When he plays his Damru (hand drum) all directions manifest terrific storms. Thus so terrible is Lord Rudra who is also the harbinger of Era Transformation in the form of Lord Mahadev-Mahakal. Yet in this terrible Raudra form of his dwells a great aspiration of world being in the ultimate analysis. Hence on his scalp dwells the immortal nectarine River Ganges. Also resides there, the moon which is a symbol of peace and coolness. Nandi Bull his vehicle represents magnanimity, faith and goodwill towards all. He neither allows poison to fall on the ground nor does he swallow it entirely but since he holds it in his throat he is called Neelkanth. Such then is the form and nature of Maharudra or Mahakal.

The name of Lord Mahakals presiding deity is Goddess Mahakali. Mahakal is a reality-Mahakali is his active potential. If Mahakal is called the sun, Mahakali is its rays. The reality could be anything, yet its experience is most important. We can experience Lord Mahakals presence only via Goddess Mahakali.

In mythological tales of Purana literature one can read about hair raising divine sports or Lilas of Goddess Mahakali. When demonic activities ruled the world sins and wickedness augmented direly. The balance of the world and society got tainted and when lack, discontent and waywardness of the psyche became widespread, Goddess Mahakali by appearing as an Avatar challenged vileness in the world. She waged a war with it and thus vileness had to bite dust. That discontent and chaos that manifests before true peace ushers in is truly a Super Power. Hence in order to shoulder the responsibility of rendering easy to endure all Durg or hardships of the world, Goddess Mahakali is also addressed as Durga. This Durga Energy is the holy consort of Lord Shiva or well being. Generally as far as the duo of male-female is concerned males are given chief importance. But over here this does not hold true. In the divine couple of Shiva-Shakti, Shakti the female aspect is given more weight age. In the Sanskrit language within the name Shiva, the i Matra connotes Shakti or Divine Energy. If you remove this Matra Shiva gets converted to Shava which means a dead corpse.

Lord Mahakal has incarnated time and again in this world. In order to fulfill the goal of Era Transformation time and again he has incarnated in many forms and executed many Lilas or divine sports. All his external appearances have been varied but yet his inner aspiration has been one only viz. Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan. Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Goddess Mahakali executes acts such as pacifying Lord Mahakals wrath, inducing zest in his inner personality, not allowing his power to diminish even a wee bit and disallow any obstructions coming in the way of his mission. In pictures of Mahakali, Shiva is seen lying down flat on the ground and Shakti is seen dancing on his chest. What this connotes is that Shiva loves Shaktis dance that is full of zest and joy of heart. If Shiva were not to get this zest he would be rendered a mere formless standstill witness and seer or Drishta. Hence both in unison carry out that mission for which they incarnated in this world.

In day to day terminology Mahakali can be called a Great Revolution too. This is possible via the cooperation of divine souls oozing with true discrimination faculty and sacred wisdom. Prajapati created Goddess Durga by gathering whatever little energy remaining in demigods who were in despair. Durga defeated demons like 1) Madhu-Kaitab 2) Mahishasur and 3) Shumbh-Nishumbh. Madhu-Kaitab meaning mental weakness, wickedness, emotional waywardness etc. Mahishasur means political anarchy, leadership that strays towards vileness and misuse of authority. Shumbh-Nishumbh means mismanagement in the social and economic arena. All these 3 are seen imbalanced in this world today. Due to problems witnessed here people the world over undergo hardships. In order to rectify this distorted situation there is a need of revolutions within our thinking process, politics, society and economy the world over. This terrific dance of Goddess Mahakali and her destructive-creative actions help fulfill the desired goal of her incarnation in this world. This process aids fulfilling Lord Mahakals sacrosanct wish.

In the arena of sacred sentiments Lord Mahakal and Mahakali can be called a divine couple representing faith and trust. In the form of agitating struggle and a revolution one can see their terrific wrath. In the form of sacrifice and service this divine couple elicits peoples greatness. In the high intellectual class of the world they can be noted as true discrimination and steadfastness. In the form of character and ethics they become symbols of civility. In the form of valor and zealous activities they represent true human values. The chief mission of this divine couple is to reinstate good behavior in place of vile ones, replace imbalance with world balance etc. Time and again in order to succeed in this mission this divine couple takes an Avatar in various forms while executing various divine tasks.

In contemporary times too Lord Mahakals activities are going on in a well managed fashion. Mahakali is directing the incarnation of her friends/aides viz. 9 Durgas. It is not possible for people of todays modern times to identify them. Today they can be seen only as normal ordinary humans and akin to what other prophets of past times had faced, people may mock at them too.

No individual is a Messenger of God from birth itself. Lord Mahakal and Goddess Mahakali render them vehicles and mediums on special occasions and via these physically embodied beings, subtle divine energies execute divine tasks in the world. The activities of invisible divine energies can be fulfilled only via a visible medium. Hence whenever God sees proper credentials in a person makes him/her a medium of their divine mission as per prevalent times in this world. The initial phase of the lives of great personalities like Valmiki, Angulimal, Amrapali, Surdas etc was of a mediocre type. But when this Super Divine Energy (God) entered their souls it did not take long for their mediocre lives to get transformed into true greatness.

Ordinarily this is what happens. People who appear to be very ordinary on apt occasions are seen to shed their old beliefs, aspirations and activities akin to a snake giving up its old withered skin and without paying heed to people nearby who mock and oppose them, in order to execute the great role of era Transformation along with unlimited valor start their stupendous task. At such time we must understand that Lord Mahakal and Mahakali have aided the incarnation of a divine stream in their souls.

In these days in the subtle world the foundation of Era Transformation is becoming stronger. Lord Mahakals wish can never remain unfulfilled and hence Mahakali is immersed in rendering more terrific her creative and agitating activities. Within the souls of innumerous world intellectuals intense upheavals are taking place and many men-women by renouncing their lowly selfishness daringly in order to fulfill Mahakals divine wish are imbibing his divine light. There is no doubt that they will successfully march forward and shall most definitely play the world historical role of Neo Creation.





Era transformation shall definitely take place. The mode of thinking of humans and lifes ethics shall totally reform for the better. World society management in future shall not remain as is seen today. This no doubt is Gods divine wish hence its arrangement shall take place sequentially by itself. Lord Mahakals Tandav Dance is becoming more terrible and ferocious so as to destroy to shreds all opposing elements seen today. Added to varied options in order to execute this glorious task shall be a chain of my future austerities.

In monsoons grass that had previously dried up suddenly starts growing lushly and seeds buried in the ground start sprouting forth on their own. Thus the beauty of earth dazzles one and all. Similarly in future days to come innumerable latent souls shall enter the folds of a divine onrush and for neo creation goals great tasks that are both creative and based on struggle shall be executed both at the individual and collective level. On seeing the results of all this everyone shall be astounded. These people may not be directly related to Yug Nirman Missions meritorious deeds they may be unaware of tasks taken up by this great organization yet know for sure its source of inspiration shall be that via whose divine light all of us are immersed in carrying out this most important endeavor.

In future times the entire world shall be rendered righteous and theist in the true sense of the term and on this very earth divinity shall manifest in humans and world society shall bloom forth with bliss bestowing heavenly situations. Mans thinking thus shall not be relegated to augment wealth, fame and the arrogant ego so as to leave behind a large inheritance for their children and grand children. Instead every world individual via a magnanimous standpoint shall accept world welfare as the ultimate goal of life and that they will feel their very existence satiated by using their capabilities, potential and brilliant talent for world well being. The future times are fast approaching in order to fill up the psyches of world humans with generous instincts. At that time selfish, greedy and deluded people shall appear in a hated and wicked society. At every step they will be mocked and sidelined. Today those who possess enormous wealth are worshiped. But tomorrow only those who renounce personal comforts shall be honored. At that time devotees of God and righteous people shall not be labeled hypocrites who run greedily after Ridhi-Sidhis or supernatural powers for personal aggrandizement. A persons glory shall be measured not via how much Mantras he/she chants, worships God via rituals etc but only through the medium of how righteously/ethically they act and whether they live lives full of sacred high stature ideals.

This is a fact that individual selfishness is a blazing curse on societys progress and security. World humans shall thus have to reform their psyche. Else everywhere crime and unethical activities shall increase alarmingly.

Thus it is best that we all today itself transform our thinking process and the manner in which we utilize it. One must totally give up earning wealth illegally and misusing it in sense titillation acts. Such useless actions must be immediately bid adieu so that in future we can save ourselves from muck in the form of censure and insults thrown at us. We must all get ready to apply our time, labor, psyche, intellect, vigor, aura and wealth to world welfare tasks we can be counted amongst high intellectuals of the world who while attaining self contentment, reverence and bliss warn laymen in advance regarding repercussions of tainted thinking and activities.



The responsibility of national security is shouldered by the armed forces and the duty of ensuring all round progress and development is shouldered by wise world welfare oriented people. It is progress that guarantees security. If the mental power of the public is alert and awakened and while trying to rectify errors in their thinking are marching ahead on the path of development then we can harbor faith that its security shall stand steady, their renowned stature shall not be marred and that situations of joy and peace shall augment. Yet if the psyche of world human strays towards a downfall, their character, will power and efforts are weakening we must realize that maybe there is no enemy outside that cannot harm us or with weapon might one can drive him away yet if inner personality weaknesses exist it shall become the cause of our destruction both at the micro and macro level.


Wherever tainted vile activities dwell there an atmosphere of discontent and annihilation is created. Lord Krishnas Yadava clan due to internal jealousies and enmity got totally destroyed. In the middle era kings and landlords got destroyed due to their life oriented around sense pleasures and vain pomp. Due to the dire reactions of in fights and vile traditions we for the past 1000 years are living fearful distorted lives. It is futile to point fingers at others because the real cause is our tainted intellect and weaknesses. If we can learn something from world history it is this that a world public that oozes with a sense of congregation, awakened, full of good character and progressive leanings can help imbuing himself and the world with joy and peace. Thousands of times we must cogitate over this fact and in order to uplift the world human psyche we must endeavor powerfully.


In these important times while being tested with fire the honorable sons of Mother India playing with their very lives are standing on the borders to save their mother land from enemy invasions. So many have already given up their lives and many others have become physically handicapped. The soldiers of our countries ask us: We are laboring so much but are you all too carrying duties given to you all? Alas! With downcast eyes full of cowardice and inferiority complex we have to say: No. Thus by giving up such cowardice we must radiantly say: You all as soldiers are fighting to protect our mother land. If the need arises we too will come there and fight alongside you all. Yet until such an opportunity arises we by living in our tiny homes are trying to render the 2 nd line of security strong so as to make our country capable and potent. Only this answer can be apt for all of us.

When Lord Ram went into forest exile his brother Bharat rendered his lifestyle such that living a life of austerities he ruled the kingdom. We all too while dwelling in our humble homes must think like soldiers fighting wars. In order to render our country powerful in order to do something or the other we must stand steadfast.

One very important task that we must take up is to give up the tendency of using all 24 hours of the day eking out an income so as to take care of our food, clothing etc and we must ponder: As per the scriptures those who earn for themselves only and cook food only to fill up their own tummies selfishly are criminals. We must thus never turn into criminals. None of us should be selfish and stingy so as to say that we have no time at all for neo creating our country, world and this era.

In order to render our country potent and wise we need time and a strong will power instead of wealth only. Almighty Lord has not given us 24 hours of the day for earning wealth, get immersed in sense titillation and narrow minded selfish gains. In fact a few hours of the day must be utilized for great tasks of world well being and our own spiritual awakening. Very generously must be run the program of donation of time and by looking upon it as a most required righteous duty in our lives a little time must be used for creative tasks. All this is not possible without hard work, donation of time and a powerful soul force. All these qualities are definitely most required for Era Creation tasks.

..VANGMAYA (28-6-50)



In the history of material progress right from time immemorial till today 3 incidences have been most revolutionary and important. It is important from this standpoint that it has created the substratum of totally transforming the world. The 1 st incident was of the discovery of fire element, the 2 nd was unveiling of dynamite and 3 rd was nuclear fission of the atom. Due to discover of fire mankind developed the self faith that he was capable and powerful to live life aptly. From this discovery the importance of brain power was at first accepted. Previous to this primordial man depended and accepted only bodily strength and might as the be all and end all of life. Step by step as mans intellect developed more and more he took up agriculture, made a home for himself and his family members and learnt the art of building small machine like tools with the help of which somehow the cart of his life moved ahead albeit a bit erratically. Now he could to an extent get protection from natural calamities and attacks from ferocious beasts.

The 2 nd important incident was the discovery of dynamite. It was at first openly made use of in the 1 st world war for destroying the enemy camp. One got a very gross inference of the power and potent nature of matter. Now man exhibited zest to unveil subtle energies and forces of matter. It was the most famous incident of the commencement of the 19 th century wherein man came across the power of dynamite. In comparison to the actual discovery what was more important that a foundation was readied to think, unearth and actually attain subtle energies of matter.

The 3 rd and most important incident in the annals of world scientific history was nuclear fission of the miniscule atom. In the Atomic Age man jumped ahead so gigantically that in its comparison all other world incidents pale. That amount of energy which man could not generate for millions of years now came his way manifold times more.

If one does not have optimal power of digestion even good, tasty and nourishing food can prove to be heinous. In fact nourishing substances like clarified butter or Ghee too on such occasions function as poison in our body. No doubt with due effort various energies and forces were tapped by world humans yet farsightedness regarding their wholesome usage was not developed. Energy that could function as immortal nectar is today getting converted to venom. Such a Super Demon in the form of atomic bomb was created that in front of it the prolific tainted deeds of demons mentioned in mythology seem miniscule in nature.

This Super Demon (nuclear bomb) proved to be even more destructive than imagined by those who created it. Wise politicians opine that the atom bomb was dropped on Japan to stop the 2 nd world war. To an extent this appears to be true and yet it needs deeper research too. Our topic of discussion here is not about researching into whether it was right or wrong because over here we are throwing light on its destructive power and the vile intellect that created it as a result of which innumerable people died in sheer agony.

The fire of the 2 nd world war on taking the form of a gigantic blazing forest inferno engulfed a big portion of Asia. Japan despite being a tiny country was becoming invincible to its enterprise, valor and daring. Till the morning hours of 6 th August 1945 Hiroshima was a secure town whereas Tokyo and other cities were shattered by bombs thrown by American B 29 airplanes. The citizens of that town felt danger looming large because that region was the Army HQ and Distribution Depot. Americas Secret Agents knew about this. At exactly 8 am, Japanese radar technology got information that at quite a height 3 foreign airplanes are circling the sky. During times of war it is quite common that airplanes hover in the sky. Japanese citizens and army personnel did not pay much heed to this development and hence did not make any special security arrangements. They did not have even an iota of an inkling that these airplanes not only are not commonplace but that they are clouds that will rain death on Japan and convert entire Hiroshima into a gigantic graveyard. In a few moments this historic explosion occurred. This explosion was akin to skies falling on earth. The entire atmosphere was ablaze with blinding light. Due to terrific heat and ferocity of fire flames that erupted thousands of people were burnt to death akin to dry grass blades. The region of 5 square miles burnt to ashes due to hot storms moving with a speed of 500 miles/hour. Such a big town entered the womb of earth exactly as it does when a gigantic earthquake manifests. All homes and mansions of the town were pounded to pulp. There was not even a tiny place where people could rush in order to protect themselves. Everywhere one could find explosive terrific energy and without discriminating it burnt to naught all creatures and materials. Immediate information of 78000 people dying was issued and yet leading important newspaper agencies of the world pegged the number at more than 0.1 million people.

On that very day the 2 nd atomic bomb was dropped by America at 11 hours 2 minutes on another industrial town of Japan called Nagasaki. Very much similar to the dire fate of Hiroshima this incident too was ferociously destructive. A region of 5 square km in a few minutes got burned to ashes. Immediately, 50000 people entered the womb of death. Almost a similar number of people were bruised and handicapped very badly.

It took 52 seconds for the bomb dropped from a height of 42500 yards height to land on Hiroshima and Nagasaki towns. These bombs took the form of a gigantic ball of fire in the sky whose temperature was 1 billion degree Centigrade and from a distance of 1 mile it appeared 100 times more terrific than the blazing sun.

One day after these episodes Japans governing authorities sent General Sezoris to appraise the situation in those regions. When the General returned he said: After the Bomb raining wicked American planes went away Hiroshima and Nagasaki was immersed in deep darkness/gloominess wherein only one dead blackened tree was visible. Hence it seems that in these towns only one black crow was dwelling. When we landed on the airport after getting down from the plane, all plants, grass etc seemed like red blazing flames. Everywhere there was the deadly silence of a graveyard. On seeing the mountains of dead corpses my eyes were flowing with tears. I harbored intense hatred for war within my inner being. Despite being any army officer my state at that time was akin to a child that was full of fear.

The number of people dying during the 2 nd world war was about 0.6 billion people. Russias 0.1 million soldiers and 7 million civilians, Polands 5.8 million people, Germans 3.5 million soldiers and 0.78 million civilians, Chinas 1.31 million soldiers and 0.22 billion civilians, Japans 1.3 million soldiers and 0.672 million civilians, Yugoslavias 0.356 million soldiers and 1.2 million civilians, UKs 0.264 million soldiers and 0.1 million civilians and USAs 0.292 civilians died.

Although the 2 nd world war ended yet it etched a permanent tainted spot on the scalp of world humanity. For the first time the world gauged the destructive capacity of an atomic bomb. Right from that time till today many nations of the world are rushing to design this bomb. It is believed that more than 50000 bombs have been made the world over. Its potential is extraordinarily mighty. In comparison to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, bombs that are 50000 times more potent have been designed today. If even one of these explodes it is difficult to even imagine the ghastly havoc of death that shall ensue in the entire world. Knowingly or otherwise increasing tensions the world over are dragging Super Power nations of the world towards an explosive situation. What shall hence be the result? All this is beyond the ken of ones imagination.

Under such conditions one is naturally drawn towards the error made which tells us that it is just not enough to gather energy/power but that discrimination must be inculcated which controls and manages it optimally. Thus well being of world humanity can be assured. If this is ignored deadly episodes witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki can again repeat themselves.



Wars instead of showcasing civility actually exhibit our uncivilized nature. Along with augmenting of civilized behavior the importance given to wars and weapon technology must diminish a great deal. Bang opposite to this todays so called world civilized humans are competing with each other to produce mass destruction weapons. In fact this mad rush for hoarding more and more ghastly weapons refuses to die down.

In days of yore when wars/battles were fought face to face its terrible ghastly nature was much less. Only those who were majority in number were strong, shrewd and valiant tasted victory. All others had to stare at defeat. Today facts of war are bang opposite in nature. Via nuclear technology today man seated in one corner of the world can drop a bomb in any near or far off region of the world. These bombs are so destructive in nature that it will take only a few bombs to destroy the entire human race of the world. All this is the donation of modern science.

By aptly using this energy attained due to modern scientific research man has not only cut short distances on planet earth but also that between planets, satellites etc in interstellar space. A very important invention in the form of television has been given to us by modern science. It now depends on the discrimination (Viveka) faculty of man how wholesomely and aptly he uses energy given to us all by science.

Trillions of cash are being wasted foolishly for creating materials that destroy humanity and also for expenses incurred for nurturing gigantic armies. In the recent past International Peace Research Center published a book wherein it has given statistics of various countries expenses to maintain their defense and army personnel. These statistics definitely are startling. According to data given in this book, nations the world over in 1970 AD incurred expense of 1 billion dollars for making weapons. The same amount of cash is used by all world countries in human welfare tasks like health and education.

So much expense is wasted on soldiers and the defense forces. Even if 20 th portion of this money was used to help underdeveloped and developing countries it would have been enough for 10 long years. This amount is 6% of the worlds income.

Wastage of expenses in creating weapon technology is continuing to increase alarmingly day by day. The reason via weapon vaults are increasing is the mad rush and competition amongst world nation to gather deadly weapons. A major portion of this expenditure revolves around its arms technology research and their production.

This luggage of death is ceaselessly increasing day after day. This increase is due to powerful world nations. These powerful nations go on designing newer and deadly weapons. Even underdeveloped and developed nations have to buy these weapons for security purpose. For this they have to decrease those expenses that are required for their countries progress and welfare tasks.

According to Americas Disarmament and Weapon Control Committee report in 1969 the worlds 120 nations inebriated in gathering more and more defense/armed forces wasted 1.82 billion dollars. In the year 1970 this figure rose to 2 billion dollars. What this means is that per person and child every year Rs 420 is wasted due to wastage in buying weapons. In 1970 the income of each citizen of India was less than this amount. Not only India but that the individual income of developing nations was much less.

If this wealth expense wasted in creating deadly weapons keeps increases ceaselessly this figure in the next 10 years shall reach 3 billion dollars. This amount shall be so gigantic that a chain of notes of Rs 1000 shall travel to and forth to moon from planet earth 7.5 times.

The amount of money used to close the gap of economic disparity, its 20 fold amount is used in making deadly weapons. This is 3 times more than the expenses involved in the health arena of the world. In 1970 the amount of expenses wasted in war/weapon technology was instead used for world human welfare, 0.2 million people could have been given beautiful homes to live in. this is what the world direly needs today and certainly not materials for waging futile wars.

So much wealth is used for this end that if one country attacks another it can protect itself. Is this the standard demarcated by world humans who call themselves civilized that they try to boss and rule over each other?

The play of death is ceaselessly becoming more expensive. There was a time when in order to kill an enemy soldier very less expense was involved. In the 1 st world war this jumped up hundred times more and today these expenses have jumped 10 times further which is thought to be very common. The cause of all this is creation of weapons that are so dreadful and full of wastage of large expenditure. In order that none is left behind in this rat race newer and more dreadful weapons are being designed for which new ultra modern research centers are being set up the world over. Weapons like missile, anti missile, anti-anti missile, anti punty missile etc are such that they can destroy each other many times.

This business of weapon making is increasing tensions between developing nations too. Amongst these some countries are those that instead of concentrating on their economic progress believe it more beneficial to increase its armed and defense forces. Pakistan is one such country. Such countries that love waging wars prove to be headaches for other countries.

A very tainted influence is seen on developing nations with reference to army pacts and weapon trading. They are entangled in the problem of daily earnings of their citizens on the one hand and yet they add the burden of wars on their weak shoulders. Those developing countries who voluntarily take up such a burden reap a downfall like Pakistan.

Not only has this rat race of making new deadly weapons created a background of destruction of the human race but that along with it nuclear testing and discharge of nuclear wastes have become a major world problem. Due to nuclear radiations newer diseases are emerging. Nuclear testing executed in the womb of the ocean along with bomb explosions are proving venomous for the waters therein, plant life, microbes etc.

Testing and explosions are carried out in the ocean. Nuclear wastes are thrown into the sea. Thus nuclear radiations pour malefic influences in sea water and life therein. When clouds are formed from such sea water and they pour rain on earth during monsoons, radiations too accompany them. Thus it proves hazardous for human and other creatures health.

Such detrimental effects posed by weapons are not new at all. In a symbolic manner and in the form of storytelling it has been depicted in the epic Mahabharat as the episode of Musal Churna or pestle being pounded. This resulted in the destruction of Yadava race in Dwapar Yuga or Era. It is hence that in India a control in the form of spiritual discrimination was put over scientific advancement.

There is only one way to save mankind standing on the precipice of destruction which is by giving up selfish national gains such a cultural consciousness be awakened at the world level so that not only the rat race to hoard more and more arms gets stalled but that world humans heart becomes so cosmic in nature that oneness of soul with all creatures is nourished. It is Indian culture that can become this all important ladder of advancement of world humanity. At such times if Indians resolve to give this sacred gift to bleeding mankind no doubt desired results shall be witnessed the world over.



Wealth possesses creative energy. With its aid so many important useful tasks can be executed and wholesome goals can reach their target. But along with this we must not forget that wealth if misused can shower untold harm too.

As per the 1980 report of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO published in Encyclopedia Britannica every year the world over 0.01 trillion 0.72 billion 7.8 million dollars are used in creating the armed forces and war technology/ammunition. This amount constitutes 7.2% of the worlds total income. Expenses pertaining to education the world over is 0.01 trillion 2.9 billion dollars. This constitutes 5% of worlds total income. Every year, the amount of money used for health safety is 0.58 trillion 7.3 billion 3.5 million dollars which is 2.5% of the worlds total income.

In the year 1970 the statistical figures of the amount of cash used by various countries in the name of armed forces and weapon designing is as follows:

USA-7.4 billion 4 million dollars; USSR-3.9 billion 8.5 million dollars; West Germany-0.6 billion 2.1 million dollars; France-0.6 billion 9.1 million dollars; Britain-0.5 billion 9.1 million dollars; Italy-0.2 billion 10.1 million dollars; Poland-0.2 billion 2.2 million dollars; East Germany-0.1 billion 9.9 million dollars; Canada-0.1 billion 8.4 million dollars, Czechoslovakia-0.1 billion 11.3 million dollars; India-0.1 billion 11.6 million dollars; Australia (in 1979)-0.1 billion 2.7 million dollars; UAR-0.1 billion 4.7 million dollars; Sweden-0.1 billion 10.2 million dollars and Israel-0.1 billion 12 million dollars. These statistics are of those leading world nations which are available. The figures for remaining countries are not available.

According to a UN survey report merely 6 countries spend 80% of the total world expenditure per year on arms and weapons. These countries are USA, Soviet Union, West Germany, Britain, France and China. This means that these 6 countries expenses per year to gather weapons is 0.3 trillion 5.1 billion 8.3 million Rupees whereas nations of rest of the world accrued expenses of Rupees 6.2 billion 13.4 million. Right since the year 1951 till today the amount to expenses to hoard weapons increased 173 times. In 1951 totally 3 million dollars were used. Till 1974 this augmented to 1.8 billion dollars and in 1980 it reached 0.4 trillion 1.4 billion 7.2 million Rupees.

In 1870 Germanys armed forces expenses were 0.18 million pounds, in 1880 it was 0.288 million pounds and in 1914 it increased to 1.9 million pounds. In those very years the expenses of Austria-Hungary were 0.82 million pounds, 1.32 million pounds and 3.64 million pounds respectively. The defense force expenses for British Empire were in those years 2.34 million pounds, 2.53 million pounds and 7.68 million pounds respectively. In this manner these expenses were 4.6% of GDP (Gross National Product) of Germany, 6.1% GDP of Austria-Hungary and 3.4% of GDP of British Empire in the year 1914.

At the time of the 1 st world war initially per day 13600 cartridges were used. In the year 1914 per day 50000 cartridges were required which was fulfilled till March 1915. But in January 1915 itself per day 80000 bullets were demanded which were fulfilled by September 1915. Again a requirement of 150000 bullets was felt which were 10 time more than the initial demand.

In 1917 at the time of the 1 st world war 1.6 million French laborers were asked to make weapon materials for waging wars.

In 1914 the British Army owned 100 motor trucks. Till 1918 this number climbed up to 60000.

In the 1 st world war the percentage of war expenses from taxes was: USA 37%; Britain 30%; Germany 12%. In the 2 nd world war this was 44% and 50% respectively. In 1913-14 the amount of war expenses from direct taxes were: Britain-9.4 million pounds, in 1917-18 it was 54 million pounds and in 1919-20 it was 72 million pounds. In 1914 57% of total war expenses came from direct tax collection. In 1917-18 it augmented to 80%. In 1913 paper currency distribution of 13 million pounds increased to 54 million pounds in 1919. In 1920 the purchasing power of British pound currency augmented 3 fold in comparison to that in 1913.

Before the 1 st world war East Germany was 80% self sufficient as far as food and grains was concerned. But in 1918 Germans had 64% food/grains, 18% non vegetarian food and 12% fat/oil was made use of. It was diminishing of food supplies that lead to Germanys defeat.

In 1940 the USA President was given the authority to hand over 0.1 billion 30 million dollars as loans for buying weapons to such countries of the world whose bonds were secure from the very beginning. Along with this he got the power to produce such war materials amounting to 0.7 billion dollars. This later increased to 1.3 billion dollars. Till the end of the 2 nd world war the value of distributed war materials based on bond loans was 1.5 billion dollars.

Forty percent of total requirement of war materials of the entire world and 55% of total expenses to actually wage the war was shouldered by USA. During the world war USA increased its total income 2 fold and a 50% increase was noted in citizens consumption.

In 1940 USA appointed 7 million workers and amongst these 3 million was enlisted in their army.

In the designing and production of the atom bomb dropped on Japan, the cost price involved was 0.1 billion dollars.

Between the years 1965-74 in the worlds non communist countries 0.1 trillion dollars were used for military hardware expenses wherein 3 billion dollars worth hardware was at the level of international donation or trading.

In less developed countries 0.6 billion dollars per year are used for military materials. USA sells 4 million dollars worth war materials to less developed countries and in fact some materials are given without cost.

The total value of sale of weapons of Russia was 6 million dollars, Britains was 4 million dollars and Frances (in 1960) was 5-7 million dollars.

Between 1955-68 many developed countries of the world either bought or produced via foreign license 7000 combat planes, 1800 transport planes, 3300 trainer planes, 1500 helicopters, 11900 tanks, 180 war ships and 810 petrol boats.

Those nations of the world that sell and distribute weapons in high measure are USA, Russia, Britain, France, West Germany, China, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Netherlands and Canada.

Due to fear, terror and blind aping of larger countries other smaller ones too are in the rat race for weapon hoarding. On the basis of changing world circumstances, scientific advancement and very latest modern inventions developed nations keep a storehouse of newer weapon technology and sell their old weapons to those nations via loans or free but with strings attached that follow their own political etc ideology. In this manner even developing countries spend 170 million rupees per year to amass weapons. In this manner the lay psyche harassed by starvation and poverty in the name of security are forced to buy weapons and capitalist, communist, socialist countries as mute spectators to all this silently encourage such trade.

The amount of money spent on killing people in wars is becoming more and more expensive. Research analysts opine that in the era of Julius Caesar it took only 5 rupees to kill an enemy soldier but in the times of Napoleon Bonaparte it took 2000 rupees to do so. In the 1 st world war America in order to kill an enemy soldier spent 0.15 million rupees whereas in the subsequent world war this expenditure climbed up 10 times. In the same way during the days of Vietnam War in order to kill each guerilla soldier 1.3 million rupees was spent. In the Gulf War all previous records were broken and millions and billions of rupees which should have been utilized for all round development was misused for destructive purposes. This trend has certainly not been obstructed and instead is moving ahead with dire speed.



Today about 17.5 million people are getting trained for waging wars. They are being trained to imbibe the art of using murderous weapon, killing other humans and thus destroying precious wealth of the world. This then is their artistic skills. All specialties of their inner personality are used for this goal. Apart from this some 70 million people are immersed in designing/production of weapons and running industries to fulfill other requirements related to the armed forces. Apart from this is the highly intellectual set of people who via their brain talent conduct such research and unearth techniques with the aid of which very easily more and more destruction can ensue. They think that their talent shall succeed by unfolding less expensive and more potent solutions for destroying world people and hordes of wealth.

In this world there are more than 15 million people whose annual income is about 500 rupees. Half of the lay public whose monthly income is 40 rupees is such whose average income is even worse. Very rarely they eat a sumptuous meal and get enough cloth to hide their naked starved bodies. Majority of them just gobble a little food procured somehow and with tattered cloth try to hide their nakedness.

For this poor world public can we not come forward and do something? Are those powerful people incapable of doing the needful in this direction? Those who analyze all this studiously tell us that if not all at least large powerful nations of the world get together and work in this direction a lot good can be done. If these countries decide to use that wealth and human resources so far misused in waging futile wars is used to uplift humanity immersed in strife then the income of these poor 15 million people can double in a few months itself. They will now earn 1000 instead of 500 rupees per year. Thus by crossing the line of intense poverty for the first time they shall tangibly attain at least the basic requirements of daily living.

If all this wealth is used for constructing houses in the subsequent year then about each of these 200 million people will get a respectable roof over their heads that today are living in slums which are worse than sheds in which animals are kept. If gigantic arrangements are made for less expensive cottage industries in the 1 st year, building homes in the 2 nd year, education in the 3 rd year, health in the 4 th year and electricity/dams/transport/communication etc in the 5 th year then this 5 year plan can positively transform the destiny of 17.5 billion people that constitute half the worlds population. In fact this can be done by Russia and USA itself. And even if not with full zeal even with limited zeal other countries of the world step in this direction know for sure that all the backwardness of the world shall disappear into thin air. Thus nowhere shall we see the terrific Tandav dance of agony and downfall which today with its hell like burning and stench is marring the worlds atmosphere.

Man possesses both the power to destroy and create too. He can destroy and neo create too. Once energy is used for a particular purpose it will reach its target be it destruction or creation.

For eons together our eyes visualize and our ears hear about the manifold amount of world population and wealth being destroyed during battles and wars waged. Innumerable people were involved in building towns, dams and bridges for which untold amount of material means were used. These in fact were centers of hope for world lay public. It was believed that under its shelter many people for a long time span shall get comfort so as to lead peaceful lives. But alas all their hopes fizzled to naught. Bombs made from basket full of dynamite were dropped on these buildings and in a jiffy they were pounded to dust. In this manner creation was defeated and destruction tasted victory.

Explosions ensue in hot wars, dynamite too erupts in a fiery manner and dead corpses get dragged here and there. The children of those who die wail aloud in agony. Poverty, inflation, starvation and diseases that are the result of untold destruction of wealth aid in sprouting of many hardships and although man erroneously thinks wars to be cheap in fact in actuality are very expensive.

Studies by Soviet Union conclude that merely in the production of nuclear weapons 20000 such scientists and technicians are at work that from the standpoint of intellectual skills are of very high stature. Added to this, their aides number are even much more. As per a report published by UN amongst scientists and technicians of the world 25% are immersed in production and newer inventions of war technology/weapon designing. 50% of expenses of the world scientific fraternity is used for paraphernalia required by soldiers to fight horrific wars. Three fourths of inter planetary satellites set rolling in interstellar space are meant to find information of war based activities and get all secret data. According to ILO in the whole world about 200 million people are enlisted in the army. Every year this number increases n fold. It is inferred that 4 parts of the worlds labor force is immersed in social tasks and 3 parts are of the soldier class. On the one hand so much wealth power and human resources are being used for destructive purposes whereas on the other hand due to lack of wealth a major portion of the worlds population faces various types of problems and strife.

According to well known specialists on an average in this world 1 million dollars are used for weapons per minute. With the help of so much cash at least 100 new jobs can be created or else 100 flats can be built. If for 6 minutes production of weapons is stopped then with this saved money a very modern hospital with latest medical technology can be constructed.

With the amount of expenses used to produce weapons per minute, 4000 tons milk can be bought.

Innumerable people the world over are unable to get 2 square meals a day. Hence even if for 1 minute weapon production is stalled these hungry people can imbibe new life force. This is the great thinking of known specialists.

This amount of cash spent on war technology helps merely in creating streams of bloodshed of world humanity. These battles and wars are never initiated for some great ideology or principle but that the chief aim behind it is to boss and lord over other nations. When a war is waged against a particular country, the latter too out of self defense has to use weapons. Whose path was apt and whose was otherwise? This decision ordinarily is taken on the basis of who won or not. Those who win are known to use broadcasting communication systems to prove their point as correct.

Regarding this innumerable innocents are killed and many families are ruined. In the past 2 world wars there was untold loss of wealth and human life. Even if one tries to imagine this our hands will stand on end. If for 1 year weapon production is stopped then this wealth saved can solve so many problems faced the world over. In order to ward off illiteracy in the world it takes on an average 0.1 million rupees to open 1 primary school. In this manner 4,147,000 such schools can be opened. If in 1 school 200 students get admission then primary education can thus be imparted to 829,440,000 children of the world. From the above mentioned amount of cash saved 414,000 intermediate colleges can be opened (each made from 1 million rupees) or else for higher education if universities are inaugurated 414 universities can be opened (each costing 1,000,000,000 rupees) within 1 year itself.

Instead of literacy this cash is used to ward off diseases and augment good health 4,146,200 primary health centers can be opened (each costing 0.1 million rupees). Else modern medical equipment each made from 0.5 million rupees and 829,400 hospitals with adept medical surgeons can be opened. If from one primary health center even if 500 people get good medical treatment then from the total number of primary health clinics opened 283,600,000 people can benefit from medical treatment given there. If wealth used for weapon building is instead diverted for making arrangements for food distribution in the world, then about 34,300 people can be given food every year per individual for 1200 rupees.

The immediate needs of basic human living are food, health and education. If step by step the amount used for weapon production per year is diverted to solve each world problem in a well managed manner then by and by in a few years the world can gain victory over problems faced in the arena of food, education and health. In the 2 nd phase for the all round advancement of the human race other programs can be taken up.

But all this is possible only when a wholesome intellect advances in world humans because with a tainted intellect we can stare gloomily at a downfall only. It is being seen that mans legs are heading towards destruction. Even from the past incidents of destruction/downfall humans refuse to learn a lesson and realize deeply how much wealth and human lives have been lost. It is inferred that on 9 th March 1945 when USA dropped an explosive material of 2000 ton from a 276 B-29 plane on Tokyo 186,000 Japanese were killed and the citys 158 square miles area burnt to ashes and along with this 14 aircrafts were destroyed totally.

On 6 th August 1945 this very B-29 air plane dropped the first hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima and after 3 days it dropped and 2 nd atom bomb on Nagasaki.

As a result of these 2 bomb explosions about 200,000 people died. In fact till today people are yet enduring the malefic radioactive effects of these terrible bomb explosions.

If these powerful personalities involved in sending scores of people into the jaws of death had instead used their skills in the field of education, agriculture, gardening, sculpting, acting etc they could have aided great world human progress. But what can we say about demons inebriated by war frenzy? They are only immersed in arrogantly sitting on the heads of those people who steer the ship called this world and thus inflict untold wealth and human loss the world over.



Quite some time back the western philosopher Gibbon had said that mankind instead of fearing attacks of natural calamities and violent beasts of the jungle must actually fear his own human fraternity. This suspicion of Gibbon certainly is not without a cause. Rising amount of expenditure in the name of security and production of newer arms on a regular basis tells us how speedily a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood amongst world humans is dissipating. Day by day man is becoming more violent. World tensions are on the rise at an alarming pace due to production and hoarding of mass destructive weapons and the suspicion of a 3 rd world rolling in is becoming more potent.

In past wars that have been fought what has the human race lost or achieved? On measuring all this it is clear mankind has lost a lot and attained very miniscule. The statistics of wars waged in the 20 th century and number of people killed therein are as follows. In the year 1904-5 in the war between Russia and Japan 130,000 people were killed. In the years 1912-13 in the Balkan War 200,000 people died. In the Civil War in Spain (1932-39) 431,000 soldiers and 225,000 civilians died. In the Korean War in 1950-53 581,823 soldiers and 400,000 civilians died. Between the years (1914-18) in the 1 st world war 4,418,000 soldiers and 1,300,000 civilians died. Between the years 1962-75 in the Vietnam War the total number of people who died was 4,000,000.

The more humanity has progressed materially the more wars also he has fought in tandem. The above statistics are of bigger wars waged. Apart from these smaller ones too were fought. In the past 7 decades the number of wars fought is thus. From the years 1898-1907, 9 wars were fought; from 1908-1917, 15 wars; 19-18-1927, 11 wars; from 1928-37, 8 wars; from 1938-47, 12 wars; from 1948-57, 28 wars; 1958-67, 45 wars. Proper statistics after the year 1967 are not available yet its number of wars would be more than 70.

These then are figures of the history of how much human and wealth power has been lost due to wars which is enough to teach a lesson to so called thinking class of the world. In fact situations of contemporary times are more fearful. In the past not a lot of advancement was seen as far as scientific technology was concerned. They in those days did not possess destructive atomic bombs. If today wars were fought we doubt whether mankind can sustain its very existence. It takes only a few minutes to pound to pulp the entire human civilization.

We perforce must learn a lesson and take due inspiration from experiences of past dire world situations. Thos world nations that are wealthy and powerful must ask themselves whether by imbibing energy hoarding and ideology of attacking other countries they can sustain their nations security permanently. In fact in this Nuclear Age this is well nigh impossible. The human race standing on a road that has 2 directions viz. life and death must think at the world level and take apt decisions in accordance. There are 2 roads. One leading to total destruction and if mankind insists on walking on it know for sure that the entire human race shall end. The 2 nd road is of neo creation. Walking on this path ensures that joyous situations in heaven shall materialize on planet earth. This decision lies in the hands of great world thinkers as to what they choose. By imbibing the ideology of world well being they must contribute towards neo creation of world situations or else by insisting on destroying the world the human race too shall become extinct. Under contemporary circumstances we shall have to think at the world or global level. No solution shall be forthcoming if we think only about paltry selfish gains.

The 1 st step required in this direction is obstructing the increased zest for producing mass destruction arms/weapons and then use all this wealth and resources for creative tasks the world over. As per a report published by the Romanian Government 2000 tons of wheat can be bought from the amount of cash used for producing weapons each minute in the entire world. If for 10 minutes factories producing arms in the entire world are shut down then from the wealth saved a modern super specialty hospital with advanced medical equipment can be built. From the amount spent in producing an F-14 war plane 9 new schools can be opened. From the amount of one aircraft used in wars a hydroelectric power station can be constructed. From the cash of 1 Leopard Tank 50 flats can be built. From the amount of money used in training programs for Tank Wars 78 preprimary schools and from the amount of 1 war submarine ship 16,000,000 children can be given education. From the amount of money for 1 missile 2 hospitals can be opened.

The 2 nd step which needs to be taken is to reinstate human values and ethics the world over. At all costs mans biggest wealth is his inner sensitive sentiments which in comparison to material wealth benefits must be given infinitely more importance. In comparison to national, communal and religious sect welfare, only by giving supreme importance/honor to human ideals and values, international tensions and difference of opinion can end once and for all.



Modern science has its own glory and progress has its own importance. One can never oppose the utility value and requirement of both these. Despite this its true benefits accrue only when both are used for wholesome creative goals of the world. Energy used for destruction always proves to be harmful. The more one possesses power and capability the more one can use it either for destruction or neo creation and development.

This is the Era of Progress. Talent in the arena of modern science leads especially in this field. Various world governments are known to cooperate with them and encourage their march forward. They find no difficulty in supplying scientists with large amounts of means and apparatus for scientific research. Industrialists and businessmen are on the lookout ceaselessly for those opportunities that shall render themselves more powerful and wealthy. Hence just like government authorities the wealthy class of the world give ample help in all possible ways to modern scientists for reaching peaks of scientific research endeavor and creating a basis for all round benefits for them. In these very situations those streams of science getting opportunities to lead over others which hands over more power to various governments and wealthy strata of the world. It is on this basis that weapon production, material science research and industrialization have got more encouragement and it has reached pinnacles of progress.

After reading about hair standing on end past battles and world wars mere thought of a future war induces fast heart beats. In it not only those who attack and those attacked shall get harmed but that entire world human society shall face a massive loss of progress and development. Not only this, it shall be difficult for human existence to sustain itself. On noting statures of weapons and the result of its usage fear of a super world annihilation stares ferociously at us all.

Right from the 19 th century till the 1 st world war, since the 2 nd world war till today the number of mass destruction weapons is increasing at a breathtaking pace. Not only are new types of weapons being invented but that mind boggling transformations are being seen in traditional weapons used so far. Ere a 3 rd world war took place it is difficult to deduce what type of weapons shall be employed.

In the final days of the 2 nd world war Germany had designed such a rifle that could fire bullets ceaselessly one after another. From those days till today new editions and forms of such rifles have surfaced the world over. In traditional rifles used only one bullet at a time reached its target but with these new rifles a ceaseless shower of bullets can be aimed at the enemy camp. These new rifles too now have even newer versions. On the one hand whenever required continuously bullets can be rained and at other times they can be aimed one at a time. The 2 nd new change made is that such technology has been installed in these rifles that the target cannot be missed whether it is sunshine or a dark gloomy night. Further such other rifles are being designed wherein in place of traditional bullets, a rain of sharp thorns that measure lesser than the tip of a sharpened pencil can be aimed at the enemy. In future days there is a possibility that in place of rifles with the help of rocket launchers every soldier can target missiles at the enemy armed forces. One more possibility is that soldiers could be given guns that can shower streams of laser rays at the enemy. Although so far such weapons are being read only in some books yet the bare reality is that such weapons have already been produced.

In weapons that are in vogue cannons are given much more weight age. In the past decade many countries have designed such light weight and powerful cannons which like rifles can be picked up easily for transport. Tanks are looked upon as very important weapons to fight ground based wars. In the 2 nd world war Germany via many experiments and their showcasing proved its great utility value. Today tanks designed are very advanced in nature. Noteworthy progress has been made by France, Britain, Russia, America, Sweden and Germany as far as latest designing of tanks is concerned. Ordinarily tanks used to be very heavy in weight and with difficulty it could be used. Germany has designed such tanks that weigh less than 40 tons. In this direction France and Britain have surged much ahead. These nations have produced such tanks which are not only much better from all angles than all tanks that have come into the limelight so far but that its weight too is less than 10 tons. What is more mind boggling is that so far a long line of cannon balls were fitted on the tank but now they are fitted in the insides of the tank. Along with this tanks with lesser heights too have been produced.

Thus so far we have talked about traditional weapons used in waging wars. In the past 3-4 decades progress beyond the ken of human imagination has been made. In the middle times of 1950 within the area of transport a high speed propelled Hover Craft has been designed. It is a fast moving vehicle that makes deafening noise and gives out a lot of black smoke. Many nations the world over are immersed in bringing about bigger changes in this Hover Craft via research. Specialists surmise that last year America for its navy has readied such a Hover Craft weighing 160 tons that can carry with it 400 navy personnel or other war materials to places thousands of miles afar.

After the 2 nd world war amongst those weapons with newer versions beyond mankinds imagination missiles predominate and today possessing missiles means a matter of status symbol for that nation. Not only bigger nations of the world but smaller nations like Brazil and South Africa too are immersed in designing hi tech missiles.

For years many countries for research purposes have been launching satellites in space. Specialists opine that today such satellites have been made which in the name of conducting research can also drop bombs at targeted enemy countries.

Today a lot of discussion is heard regarding chemical warfare and especially since USA dropped the Napalm Bomb on Vietnam peoples attention have been drawn to this. In the 1 st world war apart from gas, poisonous gas and Napalm Bombs too were used. What is noteworthy is that in the 1 st world war that inferno like missile used by Germany Napalm Bomb is a newly well researched form of it. In this manner about 0.5 million ton Napalm Bombs have been dropped on various countries of the world. In the Korean War 3000 ton and in the Vietnam War 0.4 million ton Napalm Bombs showered by America shook the world terribly.

The human race is well aware about traditional wars but in the 20 th century untold advancement of modern scientific research newer standpoints of war has been thrown open. On the one hand where science and technology has given world humanity means to lead a more comfortable life there it has also made arrangements for their ghastly death. Atomic bombs weighing right from 1 kilo ton to 60 mega ton and even more powerful ones have already been produced and it is believed that by the end of 1994 more than 15000 plutonium bombs per year shall be made.

A material scientist of Canada called Alvin Polepond has placed before us statistical data wherein merely USAs nuclear potency has been mentioned. According to him let us imagine that in a big hall 0.1 million people have gathered and each has 3 atomic bombs in his hands. Each of these bombs has the capability of causing deaths akin to those noted in a bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan. Thus he says today USA alone possesses so much nuclear power. Complete data for other countries has so far remained unknown. Yet it can be inferred that atomic bombs possessed by all countries of the world is equivalent to the destructive capacity possessed by billions of TNT. This measure is so manifold every person belonging to the worlds population can be killed 50000 times. What greater curse can befall on the worlds thinking capacity and what worse taint could attack the world human intellect wherein man insists on making a program of murdering himself 50000 times?

The energy possessed by the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan was 20000 TNT. It is difficult to understand 20000 TNT because none has seen so much power focused in one single area. If in a fair we stand on a high hill and visualize 20000 people gathered in this fair so much weight cannot be endured by that region. Right since then till today even more potent nuclear bombs have been designed. It is n fold more destructive than all the deaths caused by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

In 1954 the 1 st hydrogen bomb was tested. Its potency was 15 mega ton TNT. Its power was 50 times more than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. All those gigantic bombs of the world are of the potential of 1000 mega ton TNT. Its capacity to kill is 5000 times more. It is inferred that even if erroneously 1 bomb explodes it can kill 40,000,000 people. Via missiles they can be transported from one place to another or dropped at very far off destinations too.

Army chiefs who have experienced the previous world wars together have written a book called The 3 rd War. In it they have thrown light on causes of future wars and weapons used to wage wars. The authors opine that before commencing a world war the one who is the attacker must mull over the fact whether it possesses the capacity to endure the repercussions of war. It is possible that this fear wards off wars for sometime at least. Yet what is definite is that those radiations that are emitted by production of nuclear weapons and their hoarding their sequential destructive play cannot save man from enduring its harassment.

On cogitating over sciences attainments a reactions regarding weapons one has to conclude that progress and development should not be directionless. Further its goal should not be lowly that encourages nourishing of selfish gains. In the direction of true development the use of the intellect, labor and material means succeed only when those who are backward are uplifted and those who have risen are raised further to higher levels. If scientific progress had marched ahead in this direction or shall do so in future only then can it be called truly successful. Else this effort may prove to be ghastly which is seen today as far as knowledge, science, wealth, effort, art etc is concerned.



Every object of the world can be used in 2 forms viz. creative or destructive. On the one hand where creative endeavors contributes towards maintaining joy, peace and good management of world individuals and society there destructive tasks shatter society and renders individuals unruly, full of indiscipline criminal in nature. Bodily strength, intellectual prowess and wealth are very potent and capable in their own way yet its importance and utility value rests heavily on its apt wholesome usage. No doubt they are important yet only if those who are aggrieved, pained and weak are helped appropriately. Thus if individual selfishness and narrow mindedness are nourished and that this energy is wasted in carrying out unethical and tainted tasks where can we find its glory? The same holds true for intellectual might. The intellect is worshiped and reinstated as Lord Ganesh amongst the 5 deities in Hindu Culture only because it is wholesomely used for creative activities.

Everyone is well aware of how much wealth contributes towards the advancement of joyful comforts utilized by the individual and world society. Yet if these are misused man gets immersed in various drug, alcohol etc addictions and becomes an unruly criminal. Energy may be of any type yet its importance lies only if it is used for creative goals. Energy misused for destructive ends sprouts forth many major world problems.

Everyone is aware of the fact that capability lies in the deep recesses of things. A superficial glance tells us that man is a walking, moving and working physical body. If man enters deep into his inner body from the external gross one he possess not only intellectual prowess but also is the owner of the hidden wealth of sensitive sentiments. If only this latent wealth is awakened and activated man has the potential to become a great saint and leader.

Almighty Lord has hidden these specialties not only in the deep recesses of humans and other living beings but that in the inner cave of inert materials also dwell infinite vaults of energy. An ocean of energy dances in the nucleus of an atom that is considered to be the smallest unit of matter. Its proof can be got when the nucleus of an atom is pierced. On 1 st March 1954 at 6.12 am near the Pacific Ocean America executed a nuclear test. As a result of nuclear fission a small island nearby got scattered into tiny pieces. Radiations emitted by this explosion affected millions of germs, plants etc in areas of hundreds of miles. At a distance of 17 miles from the area of nuclear testing called Marshall Island and Bikini the sound of the explosion was heard 6 minutes after the testing was done. After 2 hours, ash akin to white ice started raining on this region. As a result the eyesight of so many people was lost forever. Many faced diseases of the skin and intense burning sensation. In one such testing it was figured out that amongst these, half the number of people had turned semi lunatic.

Many countries of the world despite witnessing the destructive repercussions as mentioned above are yet participating in the rat race for producing mass destruction weapons. On noting this doesnt it appear that the so called highly intellectual man is heading towards insanity? Daily destructive bombs are being produced the world over to satisfy the greed of amassing more and more power. In this chain one more ghastly ring is conjoined. This is in the form of production of newer types of bombs like laser bombs. Although so far no country has used this against any other country yet its testing itself is so heinous that on noting it we can say that these tests by themselves have the potential to destroy the very existence of world humans and other creatures. A medium sized bomb shows its repercussions in an area of 100,000 square miles. If these tests are carried out over a long period of time the oxygen of the atmosphere combines with nitrogen and water to form nitric acid. This nitric acid in turn induces burning of the skin and eyes. Due to nuclear fission the crop and harvest of surrounding regions get totally destroyed. Neutron particles emitted via nuclear fission combines with nitrogen of the atmosphere creates in such a radio isotope which aims it deadly influence at microbes and plant life for thousands of years at a stretch. The isotope Carbon-04 absorbed via young plants dwells in flowers and fruits. The latter are used by humans and other creatures and thus get ensnared by the venom of their radioactivity.

A quality possessed by radioactive elements is such that that advances energy in that very manner in which burning coal getting converted to as does to heat. As per a survey till 1959 the measure of strontium in the Stratosphere layer of the earths atmosphere was 40 pounds due to explosions created by super bomb testing. This measure was found due to tests carried out by USA, Russia and England. Since those times till today the rush to carry out nuclear tests is gathering more and more momentum. From the above basis one can infer how venomous has our atmosphere become. This strontium by destroying calcium in plant kingdom usurps its place.

In 1969 scientists had put forth this possibility that in every world human the measure of strontium is increasing. They opined that if all the strontium of the earths atmosphere reaches the womb of earth majority of people shall have to face cancer. Genetics specialists think via the process of the above mentioned change a great change can be noted in the form and appearance of humans. In a discussion amongst scientists of the National Academy it was worryingly thought that if the verve to continue nuclear testing intensifies then till 2000 AD plant kingdom affected by atomic explosion shall emit such large amounts of Krypton-85 gas that the central latitude/longitude of the northern hemisphere shall become fully active. Thus a malefic influence shall be noted in microbes, plant life etc leading to annihilation.

It seems that every human detests, abhors and hates its own fellow humans as a result of which instead of aptly using nuclear energy for well being of fellow humans more and more terrible technology is being produced by him. Even the nation that attacks another nation using atomic bombs accrues no benefits. Not only does it kill various creatures but wealth, houses etc gets destroyed in the offing. For a long time this thought was buzzing in the brains of world scientists that such bombs must be designed which although kill humans does not destroy wealth, property and other materials. This effort to an extent succeeded using neutron bombs. Such bombs although definitely murder human beings yet land, buildings, technology etc does not get destroyed in any way. From such explosions very less heat waves are released. In this manner hardly any harm is noted on buildings and material objects yet because neutrons are emitted with high speed and large numbers 80% of energy that is emitted kill various creatures.

In order to understand as to how after explosion of a neutron bomb humans are forced to die writhing in sheer agony, its influence can be categorized in 3 areas. One area is where the actual explosion occurs and here all creatures/humans present die immediately. The 2 nd area is nearby the explosion where living beings/humans die in a few hours or in a few days. The 3 rd area is full of radiations where due to its influence in 1 or 2 years 70% people die of cancer, TB etc. Those who somehow remain alive are rendered mentally or physically challenged till ultimately death engulfs them.

If this super energy is not used for creative purposes ghastly repercussions shall have to be faced by us all. Thus entire human race shall stand on the dizzy precipice of total extinction. One can never say when an insane country shall insist on misusing nuclear energy and in a matter of minutes shatters the very existence of planet earth.

Not only world individuals and creatures but the utility value of nuclear energy dwells in creative goals. By renouncing the avarice of unlimited energy emitted via destruction, if we ponder over the relatively limited energy of creativity this very atom shall contribute greatly in augmenting joy/comforts of world humans. Scientists are well aware that when 2 elements unite a 3 rd material is created. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to for water. Lone hydrogen and oxygen do not have as much utility value when compared to the results of their combining with each other. The 2 positive and negative electrodes of electricity remain separate and scattered but when these 2 are united electricity starts flowing, which in turn is used for various tasks. When the sperm and ovum are united a miraculous result in the form a new creature being born is witnessed. Thus all are well aware of the principle of cooperation.

How dangerous is the application of destruction can be noted clearly if pages of world history are deeply pondered over. Small time people set rolling the flow of streams of blood everywhere. When Jaisingh acted unfaithfully India had to don the noose of slavery to aliens for centuries. A lone Alexander induced so much bloodshed merely to hoard power and wealth. Hitler by masterminding the 2 nd world war sent thousands of people into the jaws of death. A destructive scene ensued due to atrocities inflicted by demons Ravan and Kansa. On the one hand where the destructive activities of these people inflicted so much loss there small time people engaged in creative tasks contributed so manifold in uplifting human culture the world over.

Lord Buddha gave us the teaching of compassion, love and selfless service. That ideal of renunciation and sacrifice was showcased on imbibing which any human can become a super human. The western world shall be greatly indebted to Lord Christ and Socrates for carrying out great tasks that benefit humanity. In the scientific arena ladies like Montessori, Florence Nightingale, Jenny etc contributed manifold via their endeavor to proliferate joy and peace everywhere.

The terrific energy of the atom can be used only for creative purposes. If our brain removes the one sided thinking of misusing energy in destructive tasks and instead diverts the same for creative goals so much benefit can be accrued by the entire world. Everyone knows that in future major resources of fuel energy in the form of wood, coal, petrol etc is going to get depleted. Thus all eyes are on the most potent conduit of energy i.e. solar energy. Even the salty water of the sea can give us energy. This very task can be executed by evolving the technique of wholesome creative usage of nuclear energy. With its aid the energy requirements of the human race can be fulfilled and various kinds of deadly diseases too can be successfully combated. To the extent that by converting the salty nature of the sea into a potable one the thirst of so many creatures including humans can be appeased.

In various countries via nuclear energy gigantic factories, industries and machines are being run. By placing carbon, iodine, cobalt etc in the atomic reactor they are rendered active via radioactive principles. In the world of agricultural development and medical therapy these active principles play a major role. Developing countries of the world too are using nuclear energy in running cars, air planes railway engines and so on. In this direction due to wholesome usage of atomic energy human joy and peace shall bloom forth in a big way and if misused only massive destruction and strife shall land in our laps. An example of this is as follows:

Very close to Americas Nuclear Research Institute in a farm many sheep were being nurtured. Due to radioactive dust emitted from research work 6000 sheep died. When the post mortem was done the cause of death was said to be venomous influence of radioactive particles. These particles were found also in penguin birds dwelling on the North-South Poles of earth. Hence scientists there are more alarmed about radioactive dust.

When nuclear bombs explode poisonous elements used to make the bombs are emitted which form smoky clouds. This smoke in a short while merges into the earths atmosphere and enters the bodies of various creatures both visibly and invisibly. These poisonous atoms are called atomic dust and today the entire world is so worried by its malefic influence that they are not that alarmed in comparison for problems like over population, smoke emitted by various factories etc.

In 1963-64 China exploded an atom bomb and as a result Japan and other neighboring countries were truly worried. Indias Atomic Energy Department in order to understand the control and repercussion regarding the above explosion had employed more than 9000 highly qualified researchers. In 760 different areas radioactivity and presence of radiations were tested. All types of food items were tested and after that this data was placed in front of us that radioactivity has diminished a great deal in food items and hence our health is not facing any major danger.

The words used in the broadcasted message given above tells us that regarding this either due to scientist or political pressure or in order to protect people from fear they are not willing to publish original facts/data unearthed and yet they do not deny this nuclear/atomic dust poses a serious problem for world humanity/living beings.

After this, China exploded a 3 rd atomic bomb. Over there no progress accrued regarding the disarmament movement. At that hour amongst great thinking people and scientists compassion dawned for welfare of mankind and started proclaiming that most definitely usage of nuclear bombs is not only heinous but that its testing too is no less fraught with destructive repercussions. If we wish to sustain human existence not only must the destruction oriented scientific research the world over be obstructed but that more and more sentiments, institutions and programs that nourish human values bloom forth in every nook and corner of the world. We must not rest satisfied with this much only. We must make due action to get protected from the dire repercussions of nuclear explosions that have taken place so far the world over. If we do not heed caution its dire results shall have to be faced by world humanity in the form of epidemics, cancer, muscular weakening and so on. Due to this malefic effect the future generation could face eyesight/hearing problems, pigmy like height and semi lunacy.

Due to bomb explosions that smoke of venomous principles emitted by it contains strontium which affects the plant kingdom in a major way. After one single explosion for 27 years it resides in the earths atmosphere. Iodine 131 remains for 1 week and other elements after a few days merges but yet this measure remains on earth without doubt. These poisonous principles enter our bodies directly via vegetables, fruits, milk etc or indirectly via the bodies of other creatures. The most nourishing principle for a healthy human baby is calcium which in a major way is got from milk and fruits. Although milk energizes us all but before this too strontium is present in it. What shall happen to the future generation of the world if the amount of strontium increases in the bodies of children due to drinking that milk got from animals that eat plants containing strontium? Due to this worry Indias Atomic Energy Department gave us data so as to save ourselves from the mal effects of nuclear activity in a major way.

This influence is seen in other food items apart from milk. Hence according to scientists we must eat all fruits and vegetables only after washing them thoroughly and peeling their skins properly. This poisonous influence is seen majorly on skins/peels of potatoes. Hence it is alright to use potatoes while cooking vegetables but not only must they be washed properly but all their peels must be removed. Ere this strontium enters our body there is a danger of cancer attacking our body.

In order to protect milk from the dire influence of strontium scientists are designing new technology but as of now they warn us that if we wish to save our children from the heinous influence of nuclear activities mothers instead of giving cow etc milk to their children must commence breast feeding their babies. This atomic dust latches on to rough skinned fruits like pineapple, figs etc more than other smooth skinned ones. Thus rough skinned fruits must be eaten meagerly and even if you eat it, remember to peel it properly.

Under the aegis of UNO when research was conducted on radioactivity influence on tea, it was found that tea leaves get quickly influenced by it. Tea very swiftly imbibes the mal influence of strontium. Unfortunately in India tea is grown in a major way and its usage too is increasing day by day. Thus drink as less tea as possible.

The life force of the body can be rendered steady and pure via diet restrictions, self control and intense labor which we perforce must do. Yet that question regarding how to obstruct the dire influence of the environment is very complex and serious.

The Plain Truth magazine in October 1968 published the warnings given by scientists published in an article called The sky is changing. They opined that since nuclear activities have augmented the temperature of the entire world till 2000 AD shall rise further by 2 degrees Centigrade and thus the ice on the Polar Regions of our earth shall commence melting. The height of oceans shall increase. Ports shall submerge in the ocean and Jal Pralaya or water shall reside everywhere.

Regarding this Dr John Gofman who made the first atom bomb opines that the extent to which the world public is dangerously facing effects of nuclear radiations, its inference is 50% less. He said that future generations shall face genetic problems due to atomic radiations. The more and more nuclear tests are being carried out deeper into the womb of our earth this danger too is increasing in tandem. According to Dr Gofman children in comparison to adults face more dire results. Those children who get affected by these radiations tend to face deadly diseases like cancer when they become adults.

If wars are stopped even then both the radiations emitted when atomic energy is generated and the ash that remains in these nuclear reactors are very heinous. Slowly but surely they generate such radiations in the atmosphere that materials and living beings shall get cruelly affected. Under such circumstances the utility of food items diminishes and diseases that are its repercussions rise direly. A very complex question remains virtually unanswered as to where to throw the nuclear waste that result due to applications by atomic energy institutes. Even after burning terrible radiations remain behind and wherever it is kept it creates danger.

Via tests executed by laboratories of USAs Columbia University it has been found that in virtually every earth denizen radioactive strontium-90 can be found. Slowly this measure is increasing. When nuclear testing explosion occurs at that time the subtle particles of strontium jump up to a height of 11 km and slowly they land on the ground. From the ground they enter plants, animals and human beings. As per the conclusions drawn from testing done under the guidance of Dr John Lores Krupp before 1945 AD not one person had strontium-90 in his/her body yet today it is found in entire world individuals. It is found in a major way in American children. Even if wars do not ensue yet continuous bomb testing efforts increases the measure of strontium-90 which shall result in extinction of the human race.

As per data from experiments carried out, strontium-90 powders our bones and aids manifestation of incurable diseases. In a major way it reaches the human body via milk consumption. Scientists maintain that if this sequence of nuclear testing continues till 2100 AD a fifth portion of heinous measure of strontium-90 shall enter every earth human. The present state tells us that the number of nuclear based electric power stations is rising swiftly the world over. By the end of this decade in America by itself the number of atomic electric power houses and nuclear reactors shall cross 1000 and at that time electricity shall in a major way be produced from nuclear energy.

Nuclear based electric powerhouses have contributed a great deal in fulfilling the dearth of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal. Where on the one hand the world has got an option in the form of nuclear energy there it has led to a fearful world situation too wherein rests the question of sustenance of human existence on earth. Along with the fact that to store radioactive rubbish and waste is fraught with great danger it is also very expensive. American electricity companies spend so much on its storage that they are about to go bankrupt. In the field of nuclear electricity generation America leads the world and thus the problem of nuclear waste too is most intense there. It is trying to bury this tainted material under the land of poor 3 rd world countries or by using sealed cartons they are trying to submerge it in miles deep under the ocean bed.

America somehow or the other are trying to get rid of radioactive wastes in the Pacific Ocean islands called Baker and Palmira islands. These waste burial grounds shall be used for burying wastes accruing from nuclear reactors of America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Japanese citizens especially those of Hiroshima have vehemently objected to this plan of theirs. In both USA and European countries many are agitating against it. Of course it is no less dire to seal nuclear wastes in huge boxes and then after sealing them further in concrete they are buried under sea beds. Radioactivity will definitely rush out from here and affect fish and sea water. Via this medium it shall enter the human body.

The government of USA believe that that from within its country every year more than 0.1 million ton thick foot high and low of nuclear waste emerges which is created as a bye product of nuclear power stations, nuclear weapon testing and medical therapy research. It becomes very poisonous.

Till now from those atomic testing that were going on, its nuclear waste was sent to such regions wherein its radiations badly affected human society along with its health. All thse regions have now been filled up to full capacity and along with this the measure of nuclear waste is increasing in tandem. Till 2000 AD its measure shall be equivalent to 0.65 million foot thick and hence NASA has told Boeing Company that in order that it becomes possible in future to transport this nuclear waste in the solar system, in another solar system or in some other galaxy, they must carry out due research.



The worlds political leaders have augmented their brains in accordance with material and scientific advancement. Hence their imagination power has reached such a level in front of which that of demons like Hiranyakashipu, Bhasmasur and Vritrasur lags far behind. Materials of mass destruction are being gathered and stored in such measure that it shall be difficult for any creature to remain alive in future.

Lest along with their intellect, the hearts of these political leaders and scientists of the world were more magnanimous and if that wealth which is misused for destructive purposes is instead channeled wholesomely for world human uplifting it would have been stupendous. But alas! This has not happened so far and nothing is being done about it today.

Where is America using its wealth after ignoring the backwardness of 2/3 rd portion of the world? Regarding this the well known NASAs scientist Hans Mark opines that America as per its great plan is immersed in helping permanently settle a major portion of its citizens on the moon by 2000 AD. Initially special types of cottages shall be constructed there wherein to protect it from shower of all types from interstellar space the moon shall be covered by mud. In these cottages scientific research experiments shall be carried out and minerals ores in the ground of moon shall be unearthed. Thus these can later be dug up in future for use by earth denizens. Scientists have faith that amongst all materials present there, 40% is oxygen which can be used by those who reside on moon. The problem of water can be solved by melting ice present on Mars along with which hydrogen can be got which is the main fuel for rendering mobile various spacecrafts. All this is Americas plan. Such experiments are being carried out by Russia too.

An initial viewpoint may say that this beautiful plan is beneficial since mineral resources on moon can be mined and like earth it can be inhabited too yet have we ever thought about the fact that every mass has only a certain capacity to shoulder burden? Possibly Almighty God made earth with such a standpoint and has rendered moon without life since it does not have the capacity to endure this excess burden. Under such situations if moon strays away from its present stature due to this scheme so as to get pounded to dust and bestowing this same fate on earth, none should get perplexed.



Doubtlessly it must be called the miracle of brain skill that man in comparison to his primordial ancestors has reached a state in life that it manifold better and with the aid of modern science he is daily inventing newer materials for comfortable living. On seeing these miraculous attainments we must not aver from believing that man is the supreme child of Almighty God yet a question mark is attached to this supremacy since man misuses his brilliant brain for destructive goals. While depicting this destructive usage a wise scholar has said: There was a time at the commencement of creation when for the first time man picked up a stone to throw it at his companion so as to break his head. The journey his very stone used akin to weapon became a nuclear bomb by the year 1945 AD and now it is further being reformed to render it a more venomous bomb.

Toxic units are such miniscule germs which cannot be seen by ordinary subtle technology. Its ability to kill is mind boggling. Man is forced to die when its venom takes the form of horrific diseases like polio, trachoma, pneumonia, cancer, rabies, common cold, encephalitis and so on in an epidemic manner. Using such toxic microbes a poisonous bomb is made. Wherever these bombs are dropped its atmosphere shall become toxic and the epidemics of above diseases shall spread far and wide. Those who contact 1 acre of this venomous atmosphere get attacked by deadly diseases.

From the standpoint of expenditure toxic microbe bombs are cheaper and they attack only creature/humans that are alive. Such toxic bombs have already been created which kill only humans and not other creatures. Diseases that manifest due to explosions of toxic bombs produced so far are as follows:

A toxic microbe called Clostridium Botulinum is such that its venom via bombs is rendered more widespread in targeted regions. It renders food grains venomous. Its toxicity is 1,000,000,000 times more poisonous than a chemical called Fluorosodium Acidate and 3,000,000,000 times more poisonous than Potassium Cyanide. It is enough to say about Potassium cyanide that in its pure state even if a tiny particle of it is kept on the tongue, man dies immediately. A man on whose tongue Potassium Cyanide has been place has no time to tell us its taste since death engulfs him immediately. Thus it is well nigh impossible to gauge how fearful is the venomous nature of Clostridium Botulinum that is 3,000,000,000 times more poisonous than Potassium Cyanide. It is surmised that 1 ounce of botulinum can kill 20,000,000 people. Apart from this toxic bombs that spread diseases like melioidosis, citakasis, oxidio-micosis etc have already been designed. The destructive sports of such bombs are no less horrific. Wherever these bombs explode the residents of those regions will get an attack of burning fever measuring 107-8 degrees. Only a few people may hence be able to save their lives. Majority of them surely shall die a ghastly death.

One more ring has been joined to the chain of chemical weapons that is toxic gases. A few years back the 2 gases called phosgene and mustard were thought to be most toxic. But recently a gas called VX has been made which is 75 times more toxic than mustard gas. A very light wind containing VX gas when sent to a grassy area in America where 5000 sheep were grazing killed all of these. On exploding nitro mustard gas although people living nearby did not die immediately yet but before they die an unendurable pain manifests in their body. As soon as this gas spreads everywhere the people of that area and miles of area surrounding it experience burning of chest and eyes. In the eyes and lungs very painful boils are formed and for hours because of them people get agonized with pain and die.

This biggest problem is that one fails to know about this gas till its reactions are seen on the body. As a result in order to save people from the mal effects of these toxic gases no preparations can be made in advance.

In the chain of ghastly chemical substances is conjoined the chain of invention like winery compounds of the class of organophosphoros which are commonly called Nerve Gases. Amongst all the toxic gases produced so far this is the most agony giving one. In less than a second it renders the muscular system devoid of consciousness. Many types of gases from belonging to the organophosphorous class have been unearthed. This gas is rendered frenzied via pores of the skin and nose and in a miniscule of a second shatters the bodys nervous system. This gas renders inactive those enzymes that help in the smooth functioning of the muscular system. When this gas attacks the enzyme a bio chemical called acetylcholine is emitted as a result of which mucous starts filling up in the lungs and it thus becomes difficult even to breathe. Thus the body experiences hardship and in a few seconds that person dies.

Russia has unfolded even a deadlier chemical called somaine which remains active for a longer period of time and affects a more widespread region. It is known as a VR-55 war material. It is inferred that between the years 1953-57 AD, America had produced 15000 tons of the toxic chemical Sarin and between the years 1961-67 it produced 5000 tons of VX. In that time period Russia had produced even more amounts of the toxic substance called somain. Newer statistics of chemical weapons are not available as of now. Today its measure must have augmented manifold.

As per a report published in Statesman (27 Nov 1979), the American Army made such a plan of 780,000 dollars wherein even deadlier chemical weapons shall be designed. Its names are unknown so far yet recently via America an agonizing experiment regarding its capacity to kill was carried out. In this less than 0.1 ounce of toxic chemical gas was showered on black people who were imprisoned in Hoxburg Jail. Amongst these 90% immediately became handicapped from the bodily and mental standpoint. The researchers proclaimed that this curse would accompany these prisoners till death does them apart.

From this invention such a possibility has manifested wherein in future days it will not be necessary to kill enemies. It will be enough to render their bodies and psyches handicapped for life. One thinker while trying to draw our attention to this dreadful situation says that if these chemicals are used in wars all soldiers shall get attacked by the curse of a handicap for their entire life time. Due to venom emerging from toxic chemicals showered everywhere the very existence of creatures is at stake.

These days, people are enthusiastically talking about gigantic strides made in the field of Genetic Engineering. Yet its deadly aspect poses a new possibility of rendering the human race extinct on planet earth. In the magazine Nature published in USA 2 microbiologists named Dr John Carbon and Barry Texarin write that via genetic engineering methods the possibility of total human destruction too arises. Germs, bacteria etc that cause deadly diseases can be aimed at a particular region or the environment of some enemy country so as to spread an epidemic. Thus the affected regions microbial life, humans etc shall die an agonizing death and further that region shall no longer remain fit for creatures to dwell in. some specialists opine that strange germs and toxic particles found in the Amazon Valley is but the result of some unknown research and experiment regarding chemical weapons.

Researchers are today thinking about rendering changes in the weather that is most useful in mans day to day living so that in a short time span this weapon of nature showcases more widespread and destructive scenes. There was a time when scientists thought of inducing rainfall artificially in famine prone areas. But today this effort has become lax. Today instead each country is thinking of mastering water/air areas so as to harm an enemy nation. Clouds possess innumerable drops of water in miniscule forms. On it if silver iodide or dry carbon dioxide is sprayed they get converted to ice particles. By using this technique in any region heavy downpour of rain or flooding can be induced. The chemicals can be sprayed via air planes or rockets and spacecrafts. Thus one country can cause havoc in another arch enemy country.

Many nations of the world are endeavoring to render the environment imbalanced and venomous via artificial methods. Scientists know that in the Ionosphere of earths atmosphere ozone layer is a protective covering. Ultraviolet and other such rays coming to earth from interstellar space and other planets are such that badly affect the earths atmosphere and creatures dwelling there. This ozone layer protects earth from such hazardous cosmic rays. When ozone starts diminishing deadly radiations from space enter earth and plays out its ghastly act. In wars that have taken place in the past 2 decades many developing countries have carried out such heinous schemes on enemy countries. Environmentalists opine that the atmosphere of Vietnam has become so poisonous that if one dwells there one cannot escape illnesses. Specialists believe that the cause of this is ozone diminishing in the earths atmosphere. As per a secret report in the above mentioned region experiments were conducted to destroy the ozone layer. Proof that compounds of nitrogen oxide and hydrogenperoxide have been sprayed in that region has been unearthed. As per a report published by Pentagon Papers in the year 1971 AD USA had carried out such deadly experiments/applications against Vietnam. Another such mentioning can be found in a report of USA Senate in 19 May 1974 AD wherein America had sprayed silver iodide in a major portion of Indo China region. As a result of this heavy rain pour was witnessed and there was a downpour of ice pebbles. After all this can we label the human brain supreme and glorious when it is insisting on destroying his own race and fellow creatures? Doubtlessly scientific technology which has come to contribute towards human progress is the result of human skills. No doubt mankind must be congratulated yet along with it a question arises as to what should one say when man himself has created dangers regarding sustenance of his very existence?

Definitely it must be called human tainted intellect since it has created a state of total world annihilation. Its solution is only of one type that he rectifies all the damage done by him. By getting enmeshed in the tainted cycle of selfishness man has insisted on not only killing others but committing suicide himself. Only by imbibing generosity and farsightedness can one walk on that path wherein by taking recourse to justice and magnanimity when minor difference of opinion arises solutions can be found and in place of wars by taking help of the sense of cooperation we must live lives of joys and peace using available joyous comforts. In the arena of science lest the method of cooperative efforts in the form of positivity is imbibed then right from nuclear energy reactors to other varied peaceful endeavors we all can contribute.

All members of highly intellectual class of the world must sit down together today so as to decide that is the ultimate goal of human civilization? Is the goal progress or destruction? It is indeed like growing trees in the sky if one thinks of rendering his own country wealthy in a lone manner and destroying the rest of the world. We have to accept that world materials and means are not meant for a few nations but that if we live we shall live together, if we die we shall die together. The fast paced inventions in the arena of travel have landed man in the Jet Age. Problems in one region of the world can journey to far off places in a matter of seconds. Under such circumstances how can we say that we can save ourselves from dire situations without any external aid? If this selfish think is sanctified and that we not only discuss about the awakening of world civility not of the stature of man of Adams Era but that of a highly advanced human being but that we actually put all this great thinking into practice on a day to day basis, only then can world humanity be saved from the fearful situation of total world annihilation called Mahapralaya.




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