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Instead of a scholar I am a man of austerities. Energy is possessed by one who undergoes penance. I maybe a scholar but scholarliness is my wealth, it is my moustache and cap. I have that very energy which a man of austerities possesses. I have partitioned my energies into 2 classes i.e. half of it for the protection and progress of my family members numbering 2.4 million and the rest for reforming 60 billion people of world humans.

You all are my family members. If you remain conjoined to us forever you will attain all round benefits. We will not only protect you but will lift you high in life. We will not allow you to face grief and various problems of life. Although we may not render you materially wealthy yet we will make you sacredly sentimental, will make you great men and divine souls. Child! In future such a grand era is arriving wherein not wealth but sacred emotions will reign.

We possess such a weapon which was possessed by Bhagiratha and Maharshi Dadhichi. With its aid we will congregate the entire world wherein the world will become one single nation and only one world religion will come in vogue. This religion will be the religion of humanity and its values. The management of the entire will be same everywhere wherein none will be big or small. All differences will dissolve to naught and all will live peacefully like brothers of a single world family.

We have the valor to destroy too. Such valor is present in us that will destroy all dangers regarding corruption, unethical acts and undesirable elements. We are full of guts. We can create and destroy too when necessary.


Y ou must all walk in the footsteps of Gurudeva Shriram Sharma. You must not get trapped in greed and delusion akin to the net created by a . Today Vivekananda is well known in the entire world simply because he showed zest in walking on that very path shown by his revered Guru. You too must do this. Lift the Gandiva bow and attain Krishna. Krishna may not be alive in flesh and blood in this world. Yet he dwells within all of us in the form of energy, thoughts, principles, sacred sentiments and deep faith.

Today the world does not lack wealth and human resources yet we lack valor and enterprise. Narrow mindedness obstructs us from taking even one step in the direction of world welfare. You are the children of a great saint. Your hearts must be as soft as butter. You must step forward to ward off world strife and problems.

We have one power on the basis of which we can overcome peoples hardships and problems. And that power is our revered Gurudevas thoughts in the form of books written by him. Definitely his literature will not only be read by all but that they will remember it too. This literature must be taken to every household for reading and imbibing great thoughts in life.

You are conjoined to such a great saintly leader who performed intense penance for his entire lifetime. With one body he worked as though they were 5 bodies. It is because of his austerities that you all are being welcomed everywhere and garlanded as a token of honor. Never say that you personally are being given the credit. In fact this credit goes to all of us. You are associated with a great personage and hence your actions definitely will be great. If because of your narrow mindedness you insist on bleating like a goat that says I and mine it will indeed sadden us a lot.


The hour of 21 st century will encompass great worldwide transformations. We are in a junction phase and in the subtle world the divine controller is designing such a cosmic management wherein the destiny of the entire cosmos will be rewritten. The aim of Lord Mahakal is to re usher in the Golden Age or Satyuga. In this Golden Age women will regain their lost glory wherein she will herself awaken and get liberated from all kinds of bondage. She will be empowered to carry our great tasks wherein a potential will be created to give justice not only to the world women community but the entire world public too. Thus a bright world future will set in as was proclaimed by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. How did womens power diminish in the past? How will it awaken again to reestablish divinity in this world? What exactly is the program of womens awakening? How will it take a cosmic form akin to Matsya (fish) Avatar? All this will be later discussed.

The divine couple in the form of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma has taught us from their lives and its glimpse will be given later. Why is the word Devi or Goddess added to womens names? While giving clarification regarding this Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya says that as per the thinking behind Hindu Culture women are classed as divine in nature. For this end the female class has performed intense penance for great periods of time so as to establish its supremacy. Devi means a woman who shows the correct path gives protection and manages aptly. Today although her luster has dimmed yet if both men and women make efforts in a cooperative manner then the veil of taints can be destroyed in the world and thus women can reaffirm their lost glory.

Female energy in the role of a mother, sister, wife and daughter not only empowers the institution called family but also gives a wholesome direction to all round world progress. Yet in the middle age which can be called a dark era when males were called great and women were labeled mediocre the latter were oppressed as a result of which in every arena of life we were forced to be rendered slaves. In reality women are complementary powers of their male counterparts. In fact she is mans supreme force. It is women who render men complete and fulfilled. She is said to be the greenery of mans duty based life which is otherwise dry and arid. With her varied manifestations women are symbols of renunciation sacrifice affection faith tolerance and endurance power. It was not only mankinds but entire worlds loss when womens glory was snatched away from them. All this has been elucidated by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has put forth sound logic in its favor. When we ignore women it means that destroy the very fount of our creative energy. One can only pity and also laugh at the same time if man bloats of having attained supremacy despite the fact that he lives a mother who has not progressed, a sister who is uncultured, a daughter who is shunned and a wife whose psyche is not well sanctified. Hence Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that it is only progress of women that is beneficial and this must be attained by men in the form of atonement so that the 21 st century which will be looked upon as a sensitive one can achieve all that which are divine creator (God) desires.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya further elaborates that in the middle dark age of colonial reign such undesirable thinking emerged that everything went haywire. In a certain sense womens very existence and soul were rendered forgotten. She was thought to be weak and was made to live in a state of one who is alluring and sexually titillating. Since her state remained demeaned, downtrodden, oppressed etc every form of glory had to bite dust. The same happened to world women. The vision of looking upon women as respectful got converted into one that was lustful and by throwing women in the furnace of lewd attraction a wish fulfilling tree got converted into dark coal.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya elaborates that by emerging from the shackles of a dark era women via their great activities are exhibiting their prowess in various arenas of life. This is not wild imagination but is a definite fact and reality. This process which started in developed western countries is entering the lands of nations like India and so on. Via the examples of many brilliantly talented women the world over women are exhibiting their potency once again.

Our Gurudeva opines that in the near future women in a very natural way will be rendered more powerful, deft and cultured. This is the time of her neo creation. With reference to this Yuga Nirman Yojana (Shantikunj, Hardiwar, Uttarakhand, India) via its divine conscious authority has sounded the bugle of Women awakening Movement. Apart from augmenting literacy in women efforts are being made for her financial security and independence. In the priesthood arena during Vedic Age women were supreme and today revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has made great efforts to give women her lost rights to chant the Gayatri Mantra, wear the sacred thread called Yajnopaveet, become a leader to educate masses via Yajna programs and be given the status of Brahmavadini (Self Realized Master). The slogan 21 st century-Womens century is not mere utopian talk but is a bare reality and in order to materialize it Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his revered consort Mataji have put in immense effort.




Human thinking and effort has its own deep import. Its grand results can never be ignored. On changing the direction of the extra potential of the unconscious mind that influences it via the invisible subtle environment those mind boggling transformations seen can only be called a dawning light that is the inspiration of the unseen divine controller of the world. In it where is there place for human effort? It is purely directed by the divine creator or Almighty God which at its own appointed hour in its own way tends to manifest. Have we ever seen human endeavor in the process of change of seasons?

In the last century women backwardness has been witnessed in a manifold way especially in under developed nations. Maybe colonial rule and undesirable elements prevailing for a long time are responsible for it yet in the immediate sense it is not as though someone has tied chains round women in a despotic manner. On the basis of creation and destruction many a time reactions are seen with slow speed for a great length of time and when it ripens fully an explosive kind of situation sets in. in reality its basis has been cast well in advance and on gaining an opportunity it erupts akin to a horrible ulcer.

All this has been spoken of so that instead of pointing at some immediate event for these undesirable conditions we must also see how previous efforts with slow pace are continuing to labor. Plants eaten by worms and a withered tree may seem to fall off due to an ordinary blow yet it is the process of it getting eaten up previously for a fair bit of time that is responsible ultimately. The same holds true for gigantic events related to creation. The world publics anger gathered over a long time span have resulted in revolutions yet its root cause spans over a great length of time. This then is fate or destiny. The unseens wondrous program is executed on this very basis as mentioned above.

In these days waves of women awakening have been noted. The great Yogi Shri Aurobindo calls the 21 st century as the Mothers Century. Although at the national level or at the world level no such movement has been initiated yet the divine creator has already set about doing so. Many creatures well in advance can gauge potential movements in nature via ESP or extra sensory powers and they themselves move about and perform strange actions. In the same way Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) too by correctly inferring future possibilities proclaims that the 21 st century is full of such potential wherein world that can be called the pinnacle of progress. Definitely we will see a Womens Era at an amazing extraordinary hour.

Why will this happen? Who is responsible for it? This may not be answered via logic but those who are capable of gauging movements in the subtle world they can never challenge this premonition that instead of the situation remaining as it is an unseen divine power is executing wholesome useful changes in this world.

Over and above democracy this demand is noted that since human original rights has been given due assent then why not give the same to women along with voting rights? A long time lapsed by when such efforts were made. Progress no doubt was seen slowly and this wave passed on from one country to another. Today the situation witnessed is in the form of a major chunk of the world assenting womens rights. Only a handful few of them are becoming a mockery by obstructing womens liberation.

Regarding this why should we search world history for details of dawn of progress, various world movements, birth of talented people and other important events? Today if we see situations around us we can say that speedily mind boggling changes can be seen.

Regarding womens advancement India has been looked upon as regressive. Over here it is very natural to accept traditions of Sati or burning to death on the husbands funeral pyre, giving a daughter as charity in marriage, child marriage, selling females, Devadasi, raping them etc and without any opposition all this goes on ceaselessly. Women have been totally ignored as far as education, profession, political rule and leadership is concerned. Even today the tradition of wearing a veil continues. She does not get permission to get out of the 4 walls of her house and carry out important tasks of society.

Political authorities have proclaimed that 30% parliament seats will be reserved for women in India. People zestful about this are demanding 50% reservation. Programs are being made to render womens education free. There is a high probability of women getting voted right from Lok Sabha to Nagar Palika.

Keeping in mind Islamic Laws our neighboring country Pakistan voted a female Prime Minister and very suddenly all bondages pertaining to women were loosened. In Afghanistan a womens army that wields all kinds of weapons are exhibiting their prowess. Regarding this those revolutionary reforms introduced by Turkeys Kamalpasha preparations are being made to execute them anew. Japans women confidently claim that they will not only shoulder parliamentary tasks but will take up tasks of various important fields in a big way thus proving that not only is women power not less potent than that of their male counterpart but in fact exceeds it by miles. In fact it was unethical political governance that previously rendered women weak and withered. When the fog surrounding womens issue is disappearing hook line and sinker why should she henceforth lead a downtrodden oppressed life?

Two women of Indian origin have attained a high post in UKs and USAs military. Three buses of Delhi Transport Corporation are driven by women and one controlling group of a jet of Air India has only females in it. In heavy traffic areas women police are seen to direct and control traffic movements deftly.

Akin to Afghanistan even Iran has built a women orienting battalion for its army and it is led by a woman brigadier. Libyas Col Gaddafi too is following suit. This president opines that women are much more valiant, trustworthy and skillful in comparison to men. In many security forces women wear male dresses and are armed with weapons.

The future of women truly is bright and definitely she will march ahead in various arenas of living. Those who as per changing times in this era of competition in ones family or contact area encourage and help women lead they will definitely benefit a whole lot like progressive rational people. Those who lag behind will remain indolent and will ignore women issues will definitely remain backward. In fact perforce they will have to do what majority of the world does. One will only repent that despite times changing we in a prejudiced manner kept saying we will address all these issues later.



There was a time when daily living had a limited periphery. Since population was less and land was in excess means to lead a normal life were easily attained. From mere agriculture and animal breeding so much income was earned that the body could be nourished with relative ease and meager efforts. At that time jobs, professions were less in number and women within the 4 walls of their homes would carry out household tasks and men would take up the responsibility to earn money from outside their homes. Thus the husband-wife duo shared their duties thus and no discomfort was generally experienced.

But today the needs and problems of world individuals, family and society has advanced and become more widespread in an extraordinary manner. On the one hand where the process of development has taught us a few things there it has become imperative that world humans from the intellectual standpoint be rendered more literate and cultured. For efforts regarding progress those means and materials which despite being very expensive have to be amassed. Requirements conjoined to production and augmenting of skills have leaped manifold and it desires that both males and females advance equally. The inner personality of both must develop in tandem. Both must become independent and in order to fulfill rising aspirations and needs they must attain capabilities in an equal manner. None must lag behind as far as original human rights are concerned. Only thus can increasing demands of modern times be fulfilled. Now it will just not be enough that the women class of world humanity work as cooks, door keepers or nurses so as to lead a demeaned life and that in order to eke out earnings for the entire family only its male members shoulder responsibilities. It is not apt that women devoid of all means of progressive living lead lives of slavery at home. She must be given the opportunity to breathe in the independent environment of human rights. In every arena of human race slavery has become intolerable and everyone yearns to breathe the fresh air flowing in an environment of freedom. Due to bondage imprisoned criminals and birds in cages are harassed and hence how is it possible that women the world over are forced to lead demeaned slave like lives? In fact this is bang opposite to demands of modern times. If this problem is not solved peacefully then in future agitation will set in and the very institution of family life will face dire consequences. Hence it is best that via justice this problem be warded off.

A woman certainly is not a half beast who has been kidnapped from another house (for marriage) and is unwholesomely relegated to carrying out the commands of her husband and other family members. Modern times demand that only those traditions of ancient eras come into vogue wherein men and women lead lives of equality in a fair manner. It is only the relationship based on true selfless love and cooperation that can bind both wholesomely. For this end there is no need for women to experience bondage based on inhuman leanings.

Both males and females are Almighty Gods two hands, legs, eyes, ears, lungs and kidneys. Neither one is smaller or bigger. Like 2 wheels of a cart they complement each other. If we think in terms of seniority definitely more weight age will be given to women because it is she who carries on the lineage of ones family. From the standpoint of selfless service and sensitive emotions she super cedes man. Hence there is no reason to obstruct her all round progress. The quotation of a dark kingdom ruled by an insane king has been going on so far but now Lord Mahakal has repaired the scales of justice and has decided that the eternal principle of male female equality will rule the roost in future. Amongst both neither will remain a slave or a boss. No longer due to the excuse of pressure and tradition will that situation exist wherein a woman has to be imprisoned in the 4 walls of her home like a harassed bird in a cage and that the males of the house would forcefully control her physical and mental movements. In future only the coin of unity and equality will be made use of. If it is thought apt that women wear veils and perform Sati rites post her husbands death then it should equally be applicable to their husbands too. If we think about progress then women too will be equal partners in it. Neither is this is figment of wild imagination or an indefinite possibility. We must in fact look upon this transformation as a definite decision of Lord Mahakal. For a fairly long time span women have had to live a life of a downtrodden state but henceforth this will end right from its roots permanently. At the appointed hour oppression will be converted to uplifting of women. This can be called a revolution and reaction of an action. The 21 st century will belong to women since previously she has had to bear untold loss and grief. It is best that this prediction gets realized without any opposition. Both males and females in a united manner by imbibing true understanding exhibit their farsighted nature wherein both benefit from the peace and progress that will manifest as a result of transformation.

The task of uplifting women the world over must sacredly commence with the tenet that neither males nor females will become slaves or boss of each other. Both a son and daughter must be given equal affection, love and rights. The rights and benefits of both must be protected in an equal manner. For this it is required that women like their male counterparts must get equal opportunities to advance their personality and benefit from various rights too.

For this in order to render available education first and freedom second, both must be given equal opportunities. If illiteracy is a taboo for men then the same should be applicable for women. Illiteracy is said to be the root cause of widespread poverty, lack of cleanliness and backwardness of all types. This curse should no longer remain in the lives of women. Not only should she be educated but that such teachings should be given to her wherein ignorance of all sorts is warded off and that she must rise from a hole to first land on even ground and then touch the pinnacle of all round progress. For this attainment which are the obstacles that will have to be overcome? In which endeavors will she have to labor hard valiantly? Such guidance should be given to women wherein special means are generated to render her literate. Today in schools and colleges the syllabus covers subjects like history, geography etc which are not all that useful for daily living. In fact people are not given that education wherein they are given an all round wholesome direction of life.

But in future times school education will not remain thus with inherent limitations wherein such arrangements will be designed so that schools apart from imparting ordinary information will give teachings of imbibing pious culture within. Children will be taught how to uplift and advance their lives both materially and spiritually. Both males and females will be rendered cultured in an equal manner and they will be taught that taking recourse to wisdom is the only way to overcome problems both individually and at the level of world society too.



In the near past a storm like situation arose in Japan and in a very short time women snatched the reign of political governance from men of their country. Not even 6 months had elapsed since the bugle of 21 st century had been sounded. Yet the process of transformation has commenced from that very land where sun god first appears at dawn. This women awakening that has started from the eastern nation of Japan will encompass the entire world slowly but surely and none should doubt this.

Come let us see this event minutely. Japan is that leading nation of the world which in the 2 nd world war despite getting shattered and ruined re attained those heights of development on the basis of its cultural heritage, hard work, righteous duty and ethics. Today it is a leader in all world financial markets. Along with industrialized developed countries are always conjoined afflictions like greed for more wealth, sense merriment and unethical mentality in politics. These taints eat up capitalist countries like termites yet awakened women of Japan did not allow all this to take place in their country. As soon as they saw its seeds sprouting a wee bit immediately they took over public leadership in their hands. After re awakening of 1945 today a 1 st danger has arisen that possibly in the Japanese Parliament only 1 or 2 of its members will be males and the rest will be females.

That volcano which erupted shook the very foundation of Mr. Unos government. His Liberal Democratic Party had to face defeat in the elections of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and amongst 50 candidates 49 women got elected. Every 3 years the Upper House undergoes elections. It seems that all 50 candidates elected will be women. If this happens none should be astounded because behind this is a powerful reason.

Firstly the women over there are angered that its male section looks upon them as vessels of sexual enjoyment. Secondly from the legal standpoint amongst those citizens eligible to vote the women class out number males by 2.7 million. This number can definitely set in a lot of changes. It is because of this that under the leadership of Ms Meni Kyuboto and Ms Doi in national elections all candidates are women and she hopes to win again just as they did in Tokyo. Majority of women have jobs or lead various industries.

One more superb thing is that many women there do not want to marry because they look upon marriage as mere deception. Those who are married do not wish to become mothers. In Japan there are more than 65000 women engineers. They also lead in fields of media, health care and physics. Three fourths of women have jobs full time or part time and also have their various professions. Many of them have got educated in USA. The gist of this is that in Japan a Womens revolution has already set in and has given a great direction to the entire world.

A cock crows in the early morning so as to tell us that the sun has risen. Similarly various events give us premonition of the future. The 21 st century will be led by women. This has been proclaimed in Japan and now it is the turn of the women of remaining nation to awake and arise and stop not till the goal is reached.



In human progress inner creative manifestations have contributed greatly. Right from ancient times till todays journey of progress it has played an important role. It is the very basis of noteworthy achievements. The foundation of advancement in future too will be authored by it. It is the fount of God directed world transformations.

When God created this world in order to render it well decorated, well managed and progressive gave man a key in the form of a sharp intellect. Till today man with the help of this amazing key has led the world to todays state of advancement. Within this program whenever obstacles appeared, when things beyond the ken of this intellect manifested, at that time Gods conscious energy by manifesting as divine light inspiration in the human psyche helped solve the problem. Yet in the past few decades such opportunities have rarely been witnessed. Majority of world progress has been attained by human consciousness. But when the human intellect pushes the world more towards a downfall than progress then this has to be looked into by divine cosmic consciousness or God. Today this is exactly what is happening. When the divine creator felt that henceforth the world will be destroyed if there was more dependence on mankind, he took the rein in his own hands and manifested such a widespread inner sacred inspiration which perforce induces world humanity to mend its erroneous ways and thinking. The various calamities etc seen worldwide must be looked upon as its result.

A few years back the wall of Berlin was destroyed and both East and West Germany united. In Russia communism ended and democracy was established. Along with this in other socialist nations a voice was raised against communism. If very soon it ends it should be least surprising. After Russia, China is said to be the biggest communist country. Today one sees a lot of changes there too. In the Middle East region the age old fight between Arabs and Israelis is about to end via peace treaties. Europes unification is a great example. In the near future the program of European nations to establish a common currency (Euro), economic institution, foreign affairs ministry and constitution verily is a right step in the direction of realizing the age old dream of establishing a single world nation. Thus if we glance at the entire world with a birds eye view everywhere we can see intense endeavors to usher in world peace and unity. To a great extent wars have ended. No doubt in a few countries civil war is going on but even they in this hour of era junction will not last for long. This is what is being hoped for. After the dismantling of Soviet Union regarding the worlds power has been rendered polarized. Under such circumstances America no longer can remain a super power. Hence it is least amazing if in future it destroys its large vault of weapons.

Lord Mahakal proclaims the 21 st century as Womens Century. Till today world society was led by males. The divine creator has noted how males managed this world. Now he desires to hand over the world responsibilities to women. It is because of this that in the past few years the women class is leading in those fields where previously males predominated. Regarding this a stupendous event is been seen in East Germany. What more can one say if males renounce their leadership while assenting that women class of the world which has so far been harassed, oppressed and thought to be incapable? Can it be called mind boggling? Can it be called Gods wish? Or is it the flow of the unseen? Whatever you call it, this very sight is been seen by all there. Those titles which were spoken of in terms of males are now been spoken of in terms of females even if the position is held by a male. On the basis of this transformed trend their ranks and positions are spoken as female gender. The mayor is now called mayoress and terms like chairman, newsman and sportsman are renamed chairwoman, newswoman and sportswoman. It means that men think it to be more glorifying to be addressed in female terms. What is more amazing is that no sort of womans movement had set in and that it was their men who initiated all this. From the womens side this movement was discouraged. They opined that this is like veering away from one peak to the direction of another one and possibly they would have to bear the brunt of those males who were not so generous in their thinking. Yet despite this argument of women the movement did not lose momentum and in fact became all pervasive like fire spreading in a forest. Since it was the male fraternity that desired all this how could the movement get obstructed? In fact they are being directed like puppet dolls. The actual director is none other than Almighty God who is directing them invisibly. It is definitely his wish. It is the very authority of transformation.

Within all these changes mankind can think for a few moments that all this is the result of human effort but yet the very next moment a question arises that if its basis is humanity oriented why did it not happen previously? This is because these changes have been required for a fairly long time span. Even if scattered efforts were seen why did they not succeed previously? Whereas today with meager efforts we see extraordinary success is being reaped. Maybe a few people will answer this by saying that previously the seriousness of the situation was not felt then again the question asked is: How did this seriousness suddenly get perceived by them and why did everyone agree in one voice? You may argue variedly yet the bare reality is that the subtle divine of God is at work. Although it is true that human physical movements are too contributing yet it is done so at the behest of inner sacred inspirations give to us by divine cosmic consciousness or God. It is he who perforce pushes mankind to carry out such great tasks of transformation. Today in the world human psyche the cause of its leanings towards executing great tasks is the fact that Lord Mahakal has rendered speedy his divine mission. He has vowed to awaken those who sleep, he has vowed to render those who are awake, walking and render jumping, those who are walking. So it is only wise that we understand this truth and imbibe that wholesome psych which will transform our very thinking and mode of day to day living in a desirable manner.



It is seen that after autumn season arrives spring season which blooms with flowers and fruits. Heat akin to a sizzling pan does not last forever because after this clouds of rain water burst forth. Dusty storms end ad in its place one sees greenery everywhere. It may be difficult for human effort to induce such gigantic transformations but everything is possible for that divine controller who has created this infinite cosmos full of strange happenings. God is certainly not human that his desires remain unfulfilled. God can convert night to day in a jiffy and enact those miracles which are beyond the ken of a human intellect that is limited in nature. Hence it is best that we execute his desires and mission.

Since a long time span half the world population of women has been relegated to a demeaned state. She has been rendered a female slave. From the standpoint of human rights she is positioned between men and beasts. A mountain of duties is being showered on her frail shoulders and yet as far as human rights are concerned she is at the mercy of the male members of her family.

Todays times are a great festival of transformations. In the recent past the rein by kings was opposed. No longer were colonial rulers allowed to rule other countries. Nowhere can one find male or female slaves anywhere. Political power is now being amazingly handed over to the citizens of that country. The steps of more and more advancing knowledge technology and modern science is forcing mankind to think anew and is perforce being made to execute actions accordingly. Revolutions have not taken place within the political arena but that many other aspects too have changed positively. In the 21 st century destruction in any form will be transformed into advancement. It will be least amazing if everyone is forced to call this end of darkness and the dawn of a new shining sun. the tradition of transformation will no longer allow creativity to rest.

Over here we are discussing about half the worlds population. It means we are talking about a change setting in the downtrodden state of women the world over. Regarding this that possibility seems definite that an environment of equality and unity is about to usher in. The hour has arrived wherein differences based on gender and caste will be looked upon as undesirable and unethical. Mukti or salvation shall not be merely relegated to the spiritual arena. In fact it will help bring an end to oppression of the women class whose roots lie in undesirable elements entering the field of social traditions and sentiments. This will be done by the divine controller seated like a puppeteer behind the curtain and yet we human like puppet dolls will definitely be made to dance to his divine commands. Despite the dolls being made of inert wood yet the credit will go to them only (humans) for executing this divine mission.

Women awakening definitely will succeed in this era. Most definitely half the worlds population in the form of women will be liberated from the bondage of a slave like life. In her fate is written the line of liberation. Even she will enjoy freedom and independence. In it the ego of men will fail to pose any obstacle. It is best to joyfully greet that which is definitely going to happen. If someone insists on creating obstacles he will face only agitation.

No doubt as far as the human anatomy is concerned males are different from females yet as far as character and personality are concerned not much disparity exists. Due to lack of opportunity someone may lie in a downtrodden state akin to prisoners facing bondage in the jail yet if they are given freedom so as to exhibit their radiant talent anyone is capable of marching ahead and reach heights of glory. If the women of todays era exhibit their valiant nature then they are entitled to more comforts and means.

Right from ancient times till today in every field of the world whenever women have got an opportunity she has exhibited her radiant skills. This proves that there is no disparity as far as her basic special characteristics are concerned. Bondage can render anyone harassed and demeaned.

In these days it is very clear that gods wish like the sun rising at dawn is rising high so that half the human race does not remain downtrodden. They too must get a chance to display their enterprise and skills. This divine mission in these days will be seen in 2 forms. On the one hand farsighted men of discrimination will make efforts to see to it that no stones are left unturned to uplift the class of world women. Secondly an inner inspiration will spring forth in the recesses of the soul of women so as to make efforts to transform her backward demeaned condition into that of progress and positive advancement. By relegating personal problems in a corner what will be given importance is that women will play a major role in uplifting the female class. Ultimately extraordinary self sacrifice is required to uplift the backward and demeaned class and this must be done. Only on its basis women uplifting is possible.



The conch of womens awakening has been sounded the world over. Whether it is the west or east only one voice can be heard and that is today women must awaken with all her powers so that joy and peace emerges in the family, society and the entire world. This is because certain original qualities in the psyche of women are much importantly required for neo creation of society, country and the world. Women harbor qualities like beauty, sensitivity, selfless service, spiritual austerities, cooperation, generosity and warding off others sorrow which are very important for ushering in equality and unity in world society. The famous thinker Carlisle says: God has kept womans image in his bosom so that all tasks of augmenting brilliance of character are executed via love and affection. This state is with those via which divine sentiments ooze in world society and its families.

Yet the question arises that despite being decorated by such divine glories, why is the womens class so demeaned and downtrodden? And why is she perforce relegated to a state of bondage? This important question has been rendered more widespread by Russias well known writer, philosopher and social reformer Count Leo Tolstoy. Not only has he seriously cogitated over this question but that has proposed a solution too. In his important book What shall we do then? it seems he has used a microphone to echo louder the bugle of womens awakening the world over.

In this book he says that world women have forgotten themselves. She has no clue about her true identity because for centuries together she has been bound like a slave especially psychologically. Regarding women of Moscow he writes that they had no desire to transform their lives. She failed to understand that it is bad to remain in a demeaned state of virtual slavery. She no doubt knew that people censured her and showered hatred upon her fraternity. They looked upon her as a medium of sense titillation but why this was so, she failed to realize. It has been etched in the delicate psyche of women that it is her destiny to face slavery and bondage since all this she saw was the result of ancient tradition and further she felt maybe it was required by world society that she live a downtrodden life. This thought is not the figment of some wild imagination but is definitely a bitter reality. The mental state of urban and rural Indian women too is of this type. She has forgotten her true self.

When the cub of a lion grew amongst a herd of goats, it started bleating like a goat when it grew up. Its mode of living too was akin to those of goats because right since it was a baby it got psychic imprints of goats. Yet when one day this grown up cub came in contact with another lion, the former learnt the art of hunting preys and roaring aloud like a lion instead of bleating. Who does not know the sheep caretaker Ramu of Lucknow Zoo? Despite efforts of helping him regain his identity as a human being, these efforts failed and Ramu died, all the while thinking he was a sheep. The same holds true for the women community. She has been ensnared by the mesh of self forgetfulness. As a result she is relegated to a demeaned state within the 4 walls of her house and chained by fear all the while. Surrounding her are doorkeepers who are ever ready to hurl her into a downtrodden life and they refuse to let her breathe the fresh air of freedom outside these 4 walls. In fact again and again they push her into huge craters of downfall and force her to live a life of slavery. Today she has reached such a condition that a keen yearning to free herself from bondage is just not dawning in her psyche. Her latent desire or will power refuses to get activated. Neither does she ask her male counterparts to carry out their righteous duties nor does she say anything about regaining human rights for women.

Yet this intense gloominess will not last for long. Although it can definitely happen that this flame akin to fire burns more ferociously but after the heat of summer the hour of greenery arrives where everywhere one experiences coolness, beauty and serenity. This happens at Brahmamuhurat or pre dawn hours too. At that time the nights darkness reaches its peak wherein one fails to perceive ones hands too but yet this state is short lived. After this arrives the happy joyous sunrise where one sees lovely situations of birds chattering, cows mooing etc and everyone happily awakens at that hour. Tolstoy by imbibing a tone of optimism writes: We people (meaning males) who for one generation after another have hurled women towards their downfall and even today insist on doing so will one day suddenly come out of this sleep of delusion and shall transform this undesirable situation into a wholesome one. At that time women too will rent asunder the veil of self forgetfulness and will force the male community to cooperate with them.

That hour has arrived to eulogize the sacred rising of the sun. Before the situation becomes chaotic it is the responsibility of the male class to hand over the rights of females with reference to equality and unity. It is apt even for women to ask for their rights from their male counterparts which is their righteous duty so that those who ignore all this too will become aware of these problematic situations. It is most required that daring manifests for this. If valor arises the mental resolve enlivens and those closed doors that give wholesome attainments will henceforth open up. As a result the latent will power awakens. We ourselves start endeavoring intensely. If we refuse to move our hands then food kept in a plate in front of us is certainly not voluntarily enter our mouths. Without efforts even in an atmosphere of attainments one will grind under the wheel of lack.

Since man is a social animal he sees and learns from his surroundings. This fact applies to women that why has she forgotten her true identity? The reason is that no situation of uplifting has been seen by her so that she herself too can get uplifted. It is only when wholesome examples float in front of us that we aspire to walk on the path of progress in a successful manner. If the cycle of progress of women of past times swims in front of our vision then the possibility of her attaining joyous situations augments manifold. What and where has womens progress been noted? Why is it happening? If a total understanding of this is realized then those who are fallen will yearn to get uplifted and will think of imbibing great thinking from examples of the lives of other great people. It is this effort which will cut asunder the veil of self forgetfulness in women. If ones zest is awakened or is induced to awaken then an atmosphere will be cultivated as per that decision and cooperation from others too will be achieved.

It is best that for this all means of broadcasting that give us a vision of womens potential and greatness awakens the thinking of all males of the world. Wherever zest inducing facts and incidences are available they must be unearthed, created and exhibited. In order that more and more people participate in its broadcasting so much of required logic, proof, examples etc must be gathered so that the regressive thinking of those who oppose womens liberation gets attacked optimally. For this wholesome use of writings, speech, drama, acting, movies, video, slide show, projector, internet and computers must be made use of. Great efforts can be made right from individual contact to marriage programs, movements, parades etc so as to reform peoples thinking. This is that solution wherein females will realize their true identity and by helping others to do the same she can inspire others to attain peaks of glory. This is that root precept which will help establish a permanent atmosphere of joy and peace in the world and that the 21 st century will predominate with greatness of women.



Maharshi Aurobindo has named the 21 st century as Mothers Century but keeping in mind womens present state, potential and will power it does not appear that the 21 st century will predominate with women. Regarding this those who put forth dry arguments say that on seeing the demeaned state of women today how can it be said that she has the capability of endurance, facing opposition and leading world society. Hence on what basis is it said that in the 21 st century akin to males she will be capable enough to play a major role in important arenas of society?

There are no 2 opinions that those who put forth such arguments are correct in their own way and yet how can we challenge that opinion of farsighted seers, futurists and able astrologers which says that 21 st century will be led by women the world over?

Anatomy science says that hormones play a leading role in our facing harsh situations, in rendering our mental state high in stature, remaining an optimist and valiantly facing trying times. Regarding this anatomists and physiologists opine that whenever someone becomes tensed due to a problem faced epinephrine hormone is secreted but immediately the bodily system starts inactivating the influence of this hormone and thus another hormone called nor-epinephrine is secreted.

Thus the influence of epinephrine is obstructed. Over here lies the mystery of success and failure in life. Since quite a few decades research has been carried out in this area by a biochemist Malcom Carethur of London Positive Health Center who maintains that since women are more sensitive in nature than men hence she gets tensed easily. As a result the flow of epinephrine hormone is more which increases agitation and tension in her psyche. Thus in majority of situations that are dire in nature, she fails in warding them off. On the other hand in the field of world politics we have seen strong will power oriented women leaders like Indira Gandhi, Bandaranayak, Golda Meyer, Aquino, Margaret Thatcher and so on who while facing very harsh situations successfully ruled their respective countries. Despite being women how did they execute those tasks which generally are said to be impossible for women to execute?

Malcom Carethur proclaims that he has unfolded this mystery too. He says that while women undergo tension when the ration of both hormones viz. epinephrine and nor-epinephrine is same or identical the situation remains the same. It means that under situations that are dire no tension is felt and by remaining calm she can easily face agitations coolly. But when the ration of these 2 hormones is unequal then given a particular situation someone reaps success and another fails miserably to deal with it.

When epinephrine hormone augments then in that ratio agitation and tension too increase but if the secretion of nor-epinephrine hormone exceeds that of epinephrine then even harsh situations can be faced joyously. It is clear that when tension appears joyful a person will love to live his life thus and thus the biggest capability of leadership will be his for the asking. This is exactly what happened with the above mentioned world women leaders.

Over here those who put forth dry arguments can say that exceptions are seen in every arena. Hence it cannot be applied to the entire womens class. The answer to this too has been given by Malcom Carethur after long time span research studies. Regarding this he says that that he contacted more than 100 women from the parliament, politics and social arena and met them personally. While putting forth the conclusions he writes in his research paper that from the interview of these women in politics 25 years previously it was clear that they were harassed when a rain of questions were aimed at them by journalists. When she faced serious situations she got tensed, she could not sleep at night or have peace in day time and yet after all these years this situation has changed a great deal. Now longer does any activity cause tension in her psyche, she maintains mental coolness and it seems very normal for her to face challenging situations in a calm and collected manner. According to Malcom Carethur this cannot be looked upon merely as radiant skills manifesting from long time practice. He calls this the re awakening of total physiological transformation in the women class the world over. He further opines that in the form of preliminary link on the stage of world politics appeared great talented women like Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher and more such skills will be witnessed in future too.

At this point this conclusion of Malcom Carethur nourishes that observation of futurists wherein it is said that the 21 st century will predominate with womens skills. Assuming this will actually happen definitely a total transformation has taken place in the physiology of women without which that radiant talent full of daring, enterprise and hard work cannot proliferate which is most required for great leadership in world society. So the question arises: Will todays fearful, meek and weak women get transformed totally in a decade? Over here a question asked has been duly answered by Yogi Aurobindo. He says that this transformation will not take place due to some divine miracle. In fact it will take place slowly but surely and this shall be perceived by only those seers who with a subtle vision study it. The earth and needles of a clock keep rotating but who actually perceives it. When night takes over day and again daylight appears and when the clock gives out a ringing sound we realize regarding time and day converting into nightfall. According to Maharshi Aurobindo the uplifting of women and the entire world too will be akin to this. Hence none should think that after the night of 31 st December 1999 ends so as to manifest 1 st January 2000 everything will appear transformed in the world, women will have reached peaks of glory etc. In fact all this will take its own course of time which is on the move all the time. Thus there is optimism that in about 100 years all these transformations will be clearly visible.

Now the question arises that when in ancient Vedic Era women had reached pinnacles of supremacy why is it that today she is relegated to a fallen state? According to well known historians it is the Dark Age of middle times that is responsible for this wherein she was so pressurized and oppressed that she truly believed she was weak and slave like. When a lions cub is made to live in a herd of goats, it starts behaving like a goat. Today world women are being made to undergo the tainted results of this ill fate.

A great evolutionist J D Lamarck gave us the scientific theory of Use and Disuse. According to this theory that bodily part which is used aptly undergoes proper evolution and those organs that remain unused their evolution gets obstructed and slowly with reference to bodily activity/movement they lose importance. The same happened to the women class. In the Middle Age when she was brain washed that she is weak in every way and incapable in executing social activities and that her utility is limited to the insides of the 4 walls of her house, her bodily parts too got molded as per this flow of thinking. Within this the secretion of nor-epinephrine hormone responsible to combat tension diminished whereas epinephrine hormone rose alarmingly with the result that women experienced fear and incapability in carrying out tasks outside the 4 walls of her home.

And even this is a well known fact that when the zest of soldiers at war starts depleting and they start receding from fighting their enemy the general of the army takes over so as to motivate the weak will power and valor of the soldiers. Thus the soldiers can show their mettle in fighting the enemy and ultimately taste sweet victory.

Today when the condition of women the world over is very demeaned and when she feels she is incapable of uplifting herself from this undesirable state the reins have now been taken over by the divine creator or Almighty God. He has vowed to help women regain their lost glory and thus get reinstated on the peak of supremacy. The wheel of time is always on the move. It never stops. Geography experts opine that if a person from one place starts walking in only one direction ceaselessly ultimately he will reach the place from where he started his journey. Even this adds proof to that observation of futurists wherein if today women are in a downtrodden state then in future she will regain her lost glory and none should doubt this. When one catches a glimpse of happenings on the world stage all this will definitely be noted. Within the US army that landed in Saudi Arabia there are many women battalions. The leadership of Afghanistan army rests with many women commanders. The task of valiant pilots of Israel many times rests in the hands of ladies. Such transformations are seen in many countries of the world and women are executing those very tasks successfully which so far were carried out only by males. All this is a witness of the fact that in the form of the 1 st phase of physiological change the secretion of desirable hormones, enzymes etc are on the rise in the bodies of women which can be seen in various feats enacted by them. This is a clear signal that the shining sun has risen at dawn and that the brilliant sun of womens glory is about to shed its rays all over the world.



In the creation of Almighty God the entire cosmos is mobile due to a single energy center. Just as in a garland you need only one string to weave many flowers in it in the same way the entire world is woven in that string of cosmic divine energy. Here akin to flowers of garland all are equal. In the creation of God all of us are equal. Just as a father is same sighted to all his children similarly we are all children of that same divine father or God. In the eyes of a father a girl and boy child are equal and so too all men and women of this world are equal.

It is only via all round progress that our body too can advance aptly. Lest the various organs of the body fail to evolve in unison or that certain parts remain totally unused the body will become ugly, its value will diminish and satisfying results will not be got. Suppose one leg of an individual is longer and the other is shorter, will that person attain progress in life? Certainly not! The same holds true for wealth. It is possible to buy material objects using wealth yet one can never buy ones inner personality and character with it. Families are seen to amass wealth but along with this if bodily, mental and intellectual progress is not given due importance that wealth will remain a mere blob in your life and will hurl that family into a downfall.

Wealth no doubt has utility value. It is required in our daily living. We cannot progress without earning wealth. But wealth is just meant for sustain life and not for hoarding. Apart from this if you have excess wealth we must cogitate over its wholesome usage. It is said that earn with 100 hands and donate with 1000 hands. It is easy to earn wealth yet it is difficult to use it wholesomely. Rich people possess a lot of wealth yet live lives of grief since their heirs disallow them from leading peaceful lives. This is because although they learnt how to earn wealth they failed to understand its wholesome usage. It is required that the head of every wealthy family must not only earn wealth but must use it for uplifting troubled families. Merely by giving college education to the family members is not sufficient. Maybe their children after completing their education get lucrative jobs yet college studies do not teach you how to become a good useful citizen of the country. For human personality development there is a prime requirement of womens uplifting only then is it possible to neo create the family institution and world society. If the family members are foolish then by not realizing the wholesome use of wealth will misuse it. Thus unknowingly they encourage diseases, ill fame, quarrels and sinful activities so as to face all sorts of painful punishments.

We must first realize the utility value of wealth. We earn wealth and use it to fulfill material needs of our family. Have we ever thought of aptly using our wealth to raise the ethical stature, intellectual transformation and augmenting of soul energy of our family members? If these great qualities proliferate it will be said that truly we have used our wealth wholesomely and know for sure that this is true selfless service and affection for our family.

We all are witness to the fact that a family without women is akin to a body made of 5 elements that has no life force. It means that a woman is the very life force of a family yet today we have relegated her stature that of a slave. By looking upon her as a vessel of sexual enjoyment her utility has hence been rendered limited. By looking upon her as an untouchable she has lost her stature in society. Say is there any heinous act left which has not been hurled at world women? By labeling her weak and incapable we have insulted her. We have rendered half our body useless and foolishly imagine joy. If we wish that well being showers on us and that we desire to render welfare of our family, society and the world at large, it can be done only by raising the stature of women akin to those of men. Only via uplifting of women can we even think of ushering in world welfare. This thinking definitely is our true imagination else the rest is a figment of wild mulling.

In ancient eras women had reached pinnacles of glory. The female class was equally responsible for ushering in world society well being as were their male counterparts. Women had put forth Vedic Mantras but today they are not allowed even to chant them? Isnt this an irony and mockery? We must not go against Gods laws and by giving women equal rights as men both must march ahead. Previously in India male crest jewels manifested. There was Abhimanyu who in his mothers womb itself had learnt the art of breaking a Chakra Vyuha. Today we even accept that it is because of the mother that the tiny babe in her womb survives. The fetus gets nourishment from the mothers body and thus we give special attention to the way a pregnant mother eats, rests etc.

A child can be produced only by a mother. Just as food influences our psyche in the same way a mother can influence its child. If the mother is aptly advanced the baby too will grow up and become capable. Right from the time of dwelling in the womb to becoming self dependent the child by getting influenced by its mothers brilliant skills creates psychic imprints so as to reach peaks of being the crest jewel of his/her country and the world. The more a mother is well cultured the child too will ooze with those great qualities. Any person who is honest and has a well developed personality will never allow his/her child to stray in erroneous directions. In the same way a woman will try her best to render her child capable with the help of her wise thinking. Wherever a woman is uncultured and illiterate there will rule wrath, agitation, discontent, censure and ill fame akin to the reign of ghosts.

Today if we think we require the help of Ram, Krishna, Abhimanyu, Hanuman etc then know for sure that we must simultaneously search for honorable mothers like Kaushalya, Devaki, Subhadra and Anjani too and this is possible only if we help world women progress greatly. Todays females are incapable to mothering valiant children like Shravan Kumar, Lakshman and Bharat and the prime reason behind this is that we have failed to uplift world women. When a woman is not well advanced it remains a mere dream that she produces capable children which can never be realized.

It is most important that we give the 1 st slot to womens advancement because only I women get uplifted all problems will be overcome easily. Take the problem of beggars. People are not born beggars. If the mother is illiterate and uncultured, the child too will become tainted and may harbor the intention of hurting his/her own mother. We must delete blind traditions if we truly wish to give joy to our mother, sister and wife. Have we ever thought what will happen to our wife, mother, sister etc post our death keeping in mind that they have been imprisoned in the 4 walls of their homes? Wealth is a guest that dwells in your house only for a few days and later will go away. It is only apt that a hard working person sustains in this world. Hence the women class must not be forced to wear a veil. For all creatures this entire world is one single family and hence there is no reason why females should veil themselves. The female section must at least make an effort that as per contemporary times she becomes self sufficient and that she does not aspire for help from others.

The dowry system too is a kind of oppressive curse on women. Since women are illiterate and not self dependent the grooms side demands huge dowry. Is this not very shameful? We must take gigantic steps towards women uplifting. Every male of the house must give security to its female members only then will the dowry system come to a grinding halt.

Thus we see that the importance of womens development is a deep as the infinite ocean. Whatever we say regarding this will be miniscule yet what is predominant is that from today itself we commence the sacred task of world women awakening. Only after this can the dream of world well being be fructified.



It is easy to destroy that which is created but well nigh difficult to neo create that which is destroyed. It takes only one lit matchstick to burn to ashes a village of many houses. If these houses are to be re constructed a lot of time, labor and means are required. Whereas the act that burns the entire village to ashes takes only a few moments. The same holds true for problems related to women. In comparison to that effort which hurled her down to craters of downfall from her previous peak of glory million times more capability and hard work will be required to reinstate her lost glory. Only then will the program of women uplifting succeed.

For fulfilling this goal we must make use of innumerable sensitive males females the world over who are well aware of the dire need to uproot undesirable elements and thus usher in a bright world future. For such people 2 tasks are important to execute viz. contacting the world public and creating an atmosphere of zest and enthusiasm.

Regarding womens uplifting which are the first and most important steps to be taken? How will these steps be taken? This has been talked about previously. Although it is required yet it is not just enough. Since it is a movement which is most gigantic in the annals of world history which will influence everyone, more and more gigantic steps are required to be taken. For gigantic tasks high stature programs will be designed and bigger means will be required.

In order to reach the basic and methodology of the movement a womens literacy course is held in Shantikunj for 1 month. In it no charges are taken for the students lodging, boarding and course but yet this can only be called a miniscule sacred opening for guidance. Such courses must be conducted in every region so that women living in that area can attend these courses after executing their household chores.

Literature that depicts situations in India is very minor. For fulfilling this lack such a powerful institution must be designed wherein useful literature detailing womens problems can be penned, published and sold in a well managed manner. This must be published in various Indian languages. Included in this must be music programs too. Songs in every language must be authored. In order to teach folk music in every region music schools must be built wherein both the literate and illiterate benefit.

Such homes must be built for widows, women who are thrown out of their homes etc which can be called Fathers Home. Over there apart from education for such homeless women there must be programs for helping them set up industries so that by earning money from them she can remain financially independent. Suppose there is some lack here, society must help fulfill it. There must be good arrangements to educate the children of such women and thus render them financially self sufficient.

Today a trend is in vogue wherein the foundation of various industries is being set up. In every region such industry programs must be designed wherein women living nearby can come and work after fulfilling her household tasks. Along with this she should be given education too. Such schools of industries can play an important role in world women awakening. Such efforts can have their basis in the mode of cooperative system. Materials produced by them will be bought by people harboring those very sentiments which are akin to the Non Coperation Movement of Indias freedom. At that time Khadi cloth was given more importance.

For broadcasting purposes these days, newspapers, magazines, films and internet are on the rise in an extraordinary manner. In order to inform the lay public about women awakening newspapers in all languages can be published along with directing films. Wherever possible, radio, television and internet too can be used optimally.

There was a time when Prayag Womens University had conducted a useful course for educating women and they had made arrangements to teach the same and design exams too. Since it did not get proper government approval this program withered away. This must be again designed with the help of public assent. Maybe it will not get government approval but by imbibing it but information regarding this can be zestfully given to the literate section of the world.

If the class of selfless serving people takes up this task in their hands then the program of telecasting films and video can be designed in a well managed way in both rural and urban areas. The Maharashtra government had paid due heed to this and had carried out some plans too. Thus even other state governments can take gigantic steps towards public literacy. Even social service organizations can take up this endeavor in a big way.

In order to overcome womens oppression Panchayats of previous times must be rejuvenated and rendered active. Social pressure too is not any less powerful. If it is rejuvenated then such vile behavior at the regional level can be warded off. As per requirements for this end, groups of people can be gathered to protest vile behavior and activities too. Wherever there is a need for legal help there too this program can play a major role. Regarding this we can request generous talented lawyers o reduce their fees so that government or non government Panchayats of various regions can attain power to overcome the problem of womens harassment.

These are some suggestions that can be built upon with cooperation. Apart from this many other aspects can be put into application. The governments arm too is trying to contribute regarding this. But because of laxness on the part of its officers the lay public does not get its benefits. Yet wherever such efforts are made we must take help from them.

On any world problem light can be thrown via the medium of politics, religion, science, economics, sociology and so on. Various discussions too have been executed. In these days what should happen is that by looking upon women as a medium, light should be thrown on all problems related to an individual, family and world society and how can a well progressed women class contribute to finding their solution? A lot of information must be gathered for this. Only then will the lay public know how gigantic this topic is which has so far been ignored. Now it must be proved that problems in every walk of life can be solved by the medium of womens advancement and that great efforts be executed with reference to it. On this very basis the so far ignored events can regain supreme importance. For finding its solution a lot needs to be done and this is definitely possible also.

Right from the preliminary times of world history till date, awakened people have done a lot to oppose undesirable elements in the world by making various programs. In the form of the biggest problem of this era, what stares at us is the task of womens awakening. In it both agitation and neo creation are included. Hence in order to fulfill it there is a need of extraordinary world public energy full of zeal and potent zest. Even if one can contribute only minutely one must definitely do so. The efforts of women uplifting must not be taken lightly and in an indolent manner. The secret of male progress rests in the uplifting of women. Males and females by devoting themselves to each other with skill and oneness of heart not only successfully row the boat of their life but that by remaining equal partners can create future generations of progressive citizens the world over.



The year 1974 was celebrated as International Year of Women in every nook and corner of the world. In that year the UNO had requested all world governments and social organizations to think more about world women awakening and apply it in daily living. No doubt a fair deal of influence was seen and in a scattered manner a few movements regarding this too was witnessed. This is a good sign and is a direct proof for understanding where the wind will blow henceforth.

After that governments of nations the world over are giving more attention to women oriented problems than expected. They are trying to uproot obstacles coming their way and creating means of comfort. Even social organizations are more active and zestful than they were previously in thinking and acting on these lines. In newspapers and magazines more and more information is being published regarding womens uplifting. There are more and more gatherings, forums and speeches given for the same. All these are good signs. Whether these efforts are deep or superficial yet some results will definitely accrue. Where there existed womens organizations there too awakening took place and instead of relegating their problems to mere paper work, a zest was noted for carrying out creative tasks. At many places new organizations and new creative endeavors have come into being. A vast number of deeply thinking women are cogitating on the fact that some gigantic efforts are required to ward off the backwardness of the female class and very speedily changes must be ushered in. many farsighted people amongst the male class are thinking that the backward nature of world women is the biggest problem that influences world human society and that neither should it be ignored or left unsolved. In the past although discussions took place on women based problems but by looking at it from a family standpoint it was not given due importance. Yet today world thinking has taken a new leap and a new thought wave has sprung forth to give this previously ignored problem more importance. From behind the curtain the creator hence encouraged the world to celebrate the year 1975 as International Year of Women. In fact the divine creator (God) has inspired so many new movements.

We must remain optimistic that this blooming world psyche will create its farsighted influence. By itself, time and again new movements come into being and as per the influence and zest of its organizers they arise, gain speed and ultimately get doused. Yet the Womens Movement the world over should not be looked upon thus. It should not be looked upon as a contemporary rush of enthusiasm on the part of UN, national governments and various institutions. We must not think that these rain clouds after thundering a bit will cool down to pin drop silence. Lest this were an effort on the part of some individuals or organizations such doubts could creep in yet the reality is totally different. The Wheel of Time is on the move and it is about to usher in a new era. Those possibilities are seen created in the in the subtle world which along with its terrific flow will induce important gigantic transformations the world over. Within this program, womens uplifting is a definite reality.

How much did the International Year of Women contribute to the tortuous problems of women everywhere? If this is analyzed on the basis of what was published, what all was discussed and heard, a few satisfying sighs can be taken. Yet if we wish to unfold whether behind all this dwells a power that can transform such dire times along with the trend seen one can only despair.

Despite this there is such a ray of light within whose thin aura one can glimpse a radiant future with conviction. Those who harbor faith in the subtle worlds existence they know that the infallible law of nature which says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction has been overthrowing all undesirable elements right since commencement of creation. In order that world balance be rendered optimal such mind blowing storms occur which by shattering the clouds of despair and terror time and again has warded off world suffocation. Mankinds cosmic soul which can be called God for uprooting cosmic distortions manifest powerful reactions and for infinite time span this task continues ceaselessly. When there is an unwanted gathering of poisonous germs and foreign particles in the body nature manifests a dire disease in the body. No doubt we experience pain due to fever, swelling, boils etc yet from the standpoint of uprooting the illness it is most required. Hence this natures activity of rendering the body healthy helps a great deal. If on a weighing scale we place human designed medical therapies in one pan and in the other we place the above mentioned remedy of nature know for sure that the latter pan will be heavier.

Akin to balance in physical health when in social arrangements poison, tainted beliefs and vile activities creep in then imperatively one has to reform it. This method of transformation from a gross viewpoint can be called Gods Avatar. God has vowed to uproot unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness in the world. Protection of pious character, destruction of those enacting vile activities and not tolerating world imbalance is in Gods very inner nature. Accepted that man is free to carry out various actions via free will yet this freedom must be conjoined to wholesomeness. Inaptness is intolerable everywhere and always it has been opposed tooth and nail. If this were not the case time and again those wicked demons which appear in this world would have engulfed the entire world in its tummy or would have pounded it to dust. If we analyze with a birds eye view the worlds history right since creation to date it will be clear that no doubt Divine Energies appeared late to repair world imbalance yet they have never ever ignored it. In order that people carry out tasks independently in every era great men appear in this world to reform it yet when this ordinary program gets crippled and demonic forces take over a weak set of demigods, one terrific form or the other of natures working or Gods Avatar appears in this world. This divine manifestation is not in the form of some individual but appears in the form of world wrath. The credit of its leadership may be handed over to some individual but the reality is that it is a cosmic wrath and the divine mission is fulfilled by innumerable sacredly sensitive people who contribute towards this end.

During burning of Lanka bears and monkeys were at work, in lifting the Govardhan mountain cowherd boys helped, in the Mahabharat War Pandavas fought valiantly, Buddhas followers helped spread his teachings, Satyagrahis cooperated in Gandhijis freedom struggle and so on. All this shows that great transformations of this world were fulfilled only due to help from world beings and it was world ire that aided them. If we wish to truly understand the divine incarnation in the subtle world we can say it is wholesome world wrath only. When it dawns its stature is as brilliant as the morning sun. Darkness could be very gloomy and intense yet it can never sustain when the morning sun rises.

In reality in these days such an activity is being noted in the subtle world wherein are present varied basis that will uproot undesirable traditions. This wind is activating many arenas and is creating an upheaval for transformation. The only ill fate is that this explosion is not getting due guidance. The root energy of Era Transformation dwells in the call of contemporary times. Public ire explodes akin to a volcano. The era creator by obstructing it from taking the form of destructive garb utilizes it for creative goals. Whenever this has happened good results have been witnessed. Else on seeing that the desire of world human psyche to see transformations is not fulfilled such acts of destruction are executed wherein even more dire situations crop up resulting in anarchy and agony.

Weather forecasters with the help of technology can find out when it will rain, when cyclones, storms etc will manifest. When at dawn the sun is about to rise in the sky the cock and other birds give this message to others. Farmers on seeing certain good omens predict what kind of harvest will take place that year. On seeing various situations farsighted people can infer various possibilities that will take place in future. What movements are going on in the subtle world? Spiritual seers on unearthing this make certain predictions which are known to come true at the appointed hour. In these days the worlds biggest problem is staring at us in the form of the need of overcoming bondage faced by half the worlds population via the worldwide program of womens awakening. Today the situation is not such that it can be ignored any more.

The question now is regarding the life and death of human civilization. The awakening of dawn is spreading its activities everywhere. The awakened souls are demanding their rights. The inner conscious of world women has let go its unconscious state. She is no longer ready to lead a life lower in stature than that led by males. Contemporary times too assent to this. Under such situations neither can non acceptance be assented to nor will pressure of any kind succeed. When the call of justice has intensified it will definitely get world approval. In these days our era is hell bent on finding a solution to todays worlds biggest problem. We will have to hand over women their apt human status and rights. In other words we can say that the call of justice will definitely get assent. Very soon the noose of bondage experienced by world women is about to be rent asunder.

On the request of UN the year 1975 was celebrated as International Year of Women. This was a good omen wherein one got a premonition of human transformations along with its various possibilities. Via the facade of government and non government organizations we cannot harbor much hope to see gigantic changes in todays world situations as per great programs designed for the same. They have lost public trust and hence it is beyond their power to uproot unwholesomeness residing in the deep recesses of world human psyche and replace it with ideals based principles. Despite this it is no less important that they show enthusiasm in this arena and exhibit a bit of interest too. From this it is clear that when over here also when the interest is so strong how intense the movements must be in the subtle world.

Big problems of womens awakening that influence a widespread field can be solved only via highly intellectual and potent world public power. For this a terrific world conscious energy gas to be congregated and rendered well managed. This too is happening. Lord Mahakal is laying down its foundation stones. The pustule has ripened and is about to be pierced. A very big fort that induced man to harass man is about to be shattered.



It is now being clearly seen that the divine inspiration of the invisible world will inspire and render mobile radiant leaders in the form of world women in the 1 st leg of era neo creation. The direct proof of the arrival of a new era that very sunrise can be accepted wherein amongst many of the class of divine men are working for sanctification of world human psyche after overcoming all sorts of sense based allurements. They have decided to walk the path of sacred world welfare tasks. This sort of effort is akin to a seed which undergoes self effacement so as to grow into a large tree. In this manner a heavenly atmosphere can be created in the world.

The 21 st century will bloom forth with such selfless workers and great leaders. As per demand of time Lord Rams monkeys-bears, Krishnas cowherd boys, Gandhis Satyagrahis and Buddhas wise disciples had come forward to self surrender for great tasks. Today this very situation is about to re manifest. In order to render 5 billion people donning a human garb into true human beings there will be a requirement of .5 million era sculptors who can usher in such a transformations. There must be at least 1 great leader for every set of 1000 people. It must be well understood that Lord Mahakal will unearth such sacredly sentimental people from that world population which today lies scattered akin to rotting dirt. It is from sludge that a lotus blooms and pearls in oysters. It should be least astounding that from people born in very ordinary clans will emerge extraordinary great humans.

In this world half the population comprises men and the rest are women. Humans too will be partitioned in two ways. In the past decades the condition of women was truly pitiful. In order to uplift them not only great male leaders but true women sages too will be required. The fact is that since there is more backwardness in the womens class more selfless workers from amongst them will be required to uplift their community to pinnacles of glory.

In comparison to men, women are more sensitive, harbor sentiments of selfless service and are generous too. It is not as though they do not aspire for salvation and devotion. The problem only is that on seeing the atmosphere she has had to dwell in for centuries together and the bondage she faces even today it is clear she is diffident when asked to enter the arena of service and experiences a lot of shyness and fear too. If only this heavy mental burden is removed from her psyche and that she gets required encouragement and cooperation from others then very soon an atmosphere will manifest wherein a very big organization of women enters the arena of world service and in order to accede to the demands of contemporary times will carry out such feats which ordinarily could not have been even dreamt of.

Women are visible images of faith. The creator has filled her soul with great qualities like compassion, generosity, selfless service, sensitivity, renunciation, self control, endurance and sense of forgiveness. In todays world psyche all this is much depleted. In men one finds more of might and cunningness. From the standpoint of special qualities he lags miles behind. Only those people can help others ward off their lack if they themselves have something concrete to give. The divine wealth of those glories is attained only by women in a major way. In its absence the entire world wails aloud in grief. If the Goddess of energy, devotion and peace can be adorned with great skills, potential and deft capabilities it can fulfill multifaceted requirement of cosmic progress. It is the desire of the divine creator that women come forward. She must regain her world supremacy. She must exhibit her enterprise and directly show how she has uprooted her all pervasive backwardness and in its place how she has built the garden of womens advancement.

Men and women are seen to share a bond of love. They also appease each other or create bondage too. Yet, the sacred wisdom never dawns that they should cooperate with one another and love each other as friends. Men never think of helping women augment their inherent talent so that they can carry out such feats which are most required the world over.

The only way to suffocate womens talent and ask her to lead a life akin to a prisoner in jail is to throw upon her shoulders the responsibility of rearing her children. Due to this she is relegated to being a mother only. Her entire life now revolves around cooking food, looking after the house like a watchman and cleaning it like a maid servant. Due to pregnancy and sexual contact with her spouse her potential diminishes ceaselessly. Along with the body her mental strength too gets depleted. Under such circumstances she can neither augment her talents nor can she move out of the 4 walls of her house to execute social service tasks. Her condition is much worse than a criminal jailed for life.

Know for sure that this situation will definitely change in the near future. Just like male social workers, even female social workers will contribute greatly. From the standpoint of comfort if they wish to live a life of cooperation even this arrangement can be made. Generally the lay public feels that marriage means permission to freely unite sexually with the wife and thus procreate many children. Yet, those men-women who desire to work for world welfare must imbibe ideals in accordance. At the start of their marriage they must resolve to see to it that obstructions in the form of begetting children must not come in the way of their spiritual lives. On getting enmeshed in its net the wife has to run the household and the husband has to earn enough wealth. As a result world welfare tasks remain mere a source of superficial merriment whereas what is most required is that the couple focus their mind, time and labor for this great mission. Out of every 1000 people 999 are after procreating children. If only the class of selfless serving people abstain from this vicious cycle no obstruction can come the way in world movements. If their aim is to nurture children only they can help the children of backward section of society to attain all-round uplifting. One can find thousands of such children. But the reality is that on seeing population explosion the world over the thinking class must pledge not to sire children.

Today, there are a big number of male monastic and very few female ones. Now it is the turn of females to take up life of a mendicant. Either alone or with other helpers she can work for world neo creation. Those selflessly serving women who have conjoined to this great mission must not get ensnared in the task of begetting children.

There was a time when women conjoined themselves to beauty aid, wearing alluring clothes etc. This was not inherent in her inner nature but was in fact an incited activity. She was both glorified and also censured as an enchantress an enticing woman. A time also came when like birds and beasts she was bought and sold off. She was given away as donation and gifts. She was given no right to manifest her desire. In fact she was dragged from one hand to another.

That time now has lapsed by. Women are now fighting to regain their human rights with success too. Now the hour has arrived wherein she comes forward not as a better half of her husband but as one contributing generously for world neo creation. She will exhibit her greatness, supremacy and seniority. She will transform dire times and will play a major role in world progress. None can stop her from utilizing her greatness, freedom and skills for world welfare tasks.



There was a time in world history when men and women lived like 2 balanced pans of a weighing scale or like 2 wheels of a cart. Their basic goal was to exhibit complete zest to attain multifaceted progress in life via rendering each other more and more capable in doing so. In those days one could see all signs of social development and progress. This was a big aspect of an atmosphere of a Golden Era or Satyuga. The children of people oozing with ideals based good will too imbibed great qualities. The vehicle of progress thus marched ahead speedily.

Today because sexual lust is on the rise alarmingly women have become like slaves so as to perforce live life of bondage. She has to endure labels of enchantress, alluring passionate female etc. She is limited to living the life of a watchman, maid servant, laundress etc. She is looked upon a machine that produces children in hordes. Only males can authoritatively boss over her. Due to this oppression she fails to get benefits from education, health, freedom and so on. Her contribution towards social progress is very meager. Half the worlds population in the form of women is being forced to lead a slave like and handicapped life. The burden of this incapability has to be shouldered by male members of the family. Apart from rearing an anarchic family males cannot do much more. This can only be called the misfortune of this era and world society.

The New Era is arriving at breathtaking speed along with its power to uproot many undesirable elements reigning in this world. Its influence will also encompass uplifting women from their backward state so that it helps her attain human rights. The 20 th century uprooted many unwanted trends the world over. And yet one of these has yet not been dealt with in the form of the terrible demon called world women oppression. We must realize that this too is about to end.

In the 21 st century women will be adorned with all those basic rights which have so far been enjoyed only by males. No longer will she be relegated to being a slave of men. She will have her independent existence along with an independent personality. By overcoming the bondage of being a female slave she will get the golden opportunity of advancing her inner personality.

A lustful viewpoint renders women as enticing and ob getting attracted by it males act coyly. Acting fresh in a lewd manner is the result of this sexual passion based pollution. In future this sort of attraction will have its basis not in external beauty but in the inner beautiful personality of women. In comparison to beautiful women, females of India, Africa and other aborigine regions thought to be ugly by many will now not be thought of as any less in stature and therefore simply on this basis they will not face obstructions in finding good grooms. When ugly males are not looked upon as ineligible for marriage why should so called ugly females be labeled ineligible.

In todays times marriage is somewhat of a grave thing for women. In future this situation will change. Her process of progress will neither be obstructed in her fathers house nor at her in laws place. That time of augmenting literacy, health and talent will be utilized for that very goal which is conjoined for male children. Capabilities augment along with time and effort. When both males and females want to become capable, then with advancing age in the all round progress of the personality of both this goal will be given more importance for both and marriage will get only a 2 nd spot. In future there will be no need to hurry up marriage plans for children. Those couples who decide to get married will zestfully work for helping each other progress in life in a multifaceted manner.

There will be no difference as far as comforts and responsibilities towards the brides in laws house and fathers house is concerned. No differences will be demarcated as far as male and female children are concerned. Both will get equal respect. Both will be thought useful in an equal manner. Marriage will certainly not be looked upon as legal freedom to satiate ones sexual lust but in fact both the husband and wife will compete with one another to help attain each others all round progress in life.

In an individual life all three are most required viz. education, health and self dependence. The time span right from teenage life to youth is a superb chance to augment the above three requirements. Whether it is a male or a female, none should be obstructed from benefitting thus. There is only 1 error on our part that depletes our energy in this time span and that is siring children. In our country of India the trend of child marriage creates a lot of obstacles in fulfilling this goal. By taking this sorrow on her shoulders the health and life span of women gets shattered. Even young boys in order to become a father conjoin to worry in the form of looking after the new household life and earning enough wealth. As a result all possibilities of enriching ones inner personality and talent go down the drain.

Keeping in mind this problem chief importance should be given to augmenting a radiant personality and skills. Marriages should be avoided at a very young age. And certainly not while breaking government laws. A girl of 18 years and a boy of 21 years can get married but note that this is minimum and not maximum. Even if you get married at an appropriate age never hurry as far as begetting children is concerned. Just like men the all round advancement of women too takes place near the age of 25 years. Even if one gets married, one must protect oneself from excess sexual passion and by looking upon 25 years as the minimum age for becoming a mother accordingly one should plan ones various activities.

The speed of procreating children speeds upon at around 15 years of age. At youth this speed diminishes. After 25 years of age in comparison children are produced with less speed. Thus it is important to keep in mind that ones youth should not get destroyed because of this error of procreation. It is well known that the more a mother produces children her health gets badly affected. The father has to bear the excess burden of earning more wealth and a cut has to be made in the material comforts of the family. Children do not get apt opportunities for all round progress and such a terrible influence of population explosion is seen in that country that all welfare schemes go down the drain. Chief amongst all world problems is that of population explosion. It is this one major problem that has induced strife of varying kinds the world over. Thus each one of us must try our level best to obstruct this problem of population explosion. At the commencement of the 20 th century there were about 15 billion people the world over. At the beginning of the 21 st century this has jumped up 5 times. The ability of mother earth to produce crop is limited. Lest the activity of population explosion increased then in 1 century such speed breakers will be seen that means of eating, studying, living etc will end. Due to intense population people will die and this beautiful world will become a reeking hell. We must hence obstruct all this. We must imbibe a world psyche wherein even after marriage there must be no haste to procreate babies.

A major portion of world tasks is being executed by male energy. Female energy is used only for less important tasks. The program of womens uplifting will render both men and women equal in stature. Under such situations women will commence fulfilling tasks like economic management, family neo creation etc. and thus the stature of all round progress will leap ahead. Hence it will be wise that females be protected from population explosion. The future generation born of capable progressive women will definitely be well cultured and brilliantly talented. The designing of a bright world future is heavily dependent on world womens advancement.



Human society has 2 parts viz. males and females. With the cooperation of both those activities are carried out which are responsibilities of human beings. If there is obstruction and lack of cooperation between the two, then forget progress, ordinary tasks too will lag behind.

Women contribute 99% in the continuation of lineages and sustaining human existence from generation to generation. Males shoulder limited responsibilities like managing household expenses. It is women who creates, helps advance and controls the family. Man can be called a mere guard of this arena. Without total help from women he can neither create a family nor render his personal life well managed.

The 2st century is called womens century. This is because from the standpoint of nature and special qualities, she gains supremacy over males. Along with this modern times are demanding that we head towards neo creation from todays destructive times. Even here females fit best.

Nature labels males as disinterested humans. It understands that males die faster and in large numbers. Hence as fetus more males are seen. In child diseases males become ill more and die faster. On an average nature produces 140 males against 100 females but by the age of 12 years, the number of both equalizes.

From the standpoint of a long life span the life of women is 4 years more than men. In comparison to ill males the number of ill females is half. As far as turning insane is concerned males lead. A female rests basically contented she smiles all the while and wards off tension by shedding tears whereas males out of their ego fail to do all this. Males are more unruly. Desires rest heavily on their shoulders. Since they are full of enmity, revenge and undesirable activities, their life force gets depleted with greater speed and become victims of intellectual imbalance. All these are reasons why the bodily and mental state turn limp. If one keeps spending more than what one earns definitely such a one will face bankruptcy. Such people immerse themselves in sense titillation and thus weaken their personalities.

Although women face a loss while enduring pregnancy pangs and menstrual cycle pain yet since she has a lot of self control as far sexual passion is concerned, her lifes purity and sacredness gets protection. From the standpoint of bones, flesh and height she could be weaker yet she is shy of fighting and quarreling. Her proficiency of imagination and intellect is very advanced. It is hence that in school-college examinations she gets higher grades than male children. As far as failing exams is concerned males are in the lead.

Researchers of creative tasks find that it was not males who commenced activities like language, knowledge, agriculture and animal husbandry but in fact just helped females in executing them. It is the female class that created dresses and clothes else in the Adams Era men wore animal skins around their waist. He would get home all that he had hunted in the forest yet it was the female class that succeeded in lighting fire via friction so as to cook food.

Those who go against the discipline of nature, fight amongst each other and get wounded while hunting have to face its punishment and harsh results. Females have always stayed away from this mesh. Hence physical diseases and accidental death have not harassed her as they have the male strata of society. This is a historical analysis. Specialists in the field of leadership have unearthed such data from their research which proves that because women imbibe apt behavior and thinking they hardly face any kind of loss.

From known historical data in all big small wars that have occurred, it is majority of males who have been wounded badly and died more than females. No doubt women have had to face strife and sorrow but hardly have they fought battles or faced bloodshed.

Despite all this women have not regained their natural right of supremacy. The only reason being that via males she has been oppressed and bound akin to a slave. She has had to dwell in such situations that she can neither advance her inner personality nor exhibit her talent. Sometimes she is forced to perform Sati and at other times enter the jaws of death since her parents failed to give her in laws enough dowry in marriage. In the past tradition of polygamy once a woman became old she was forced to face death like a lemon that has been squeezed to pulp. She was guarded as though she was a jailed criminal. Somehow she managed to sustain her life despite being bought like a servant or being relegated to a shoe of her husbands feet. For her house was like a cage and added to that she had to don a veil as a result of which she was relegated to a state wherein she knew nothing about her existence or human rights. She managed to sustain life like a tamed beast so as to carry out various tasks ordered by her spouse. Under such situations of slave like bondage anyone will experience defeat and a breakdown. Since one is full of wrath and suffocation, one weakens and turns incapable to do anything worthwhile.

Today times are changing speedily. Everywhere one hears voices full of guts raised against dire situations and hardships. Instead of just demanding ones rights it is equally necessary to carry out righteous duties. In this manner human consciousness is being aroused. Circumstances force world society to change its viewpoint regarding women so that they become a useful portion of human strata. As a result a lot of interest is being taken in women literacy programs. Further she is being rendered self dependent, highly cultured, capable and progressive. Wherever an opportunity arises like rain drops she veers towards progress and like flowers of spring season she blooms forth. On seeing her natural skills the laymen express wonder. In developing nations women have carried out such tasks which were thought to be the stronghold of males. Previously there was no tradition of women performing such tasks.

In all those areas assigned to women like science, art, literature, political governance, medicine etc she has proved to be more capable and successful than males. Only her sentimental and highly sensitive nature pose minor problems and males by taking undue advantage of her in the name of love relegated her to the furnace of their sexual lust. Those females who got lured by all this so as to taint her future must become a lesson for remaining world women and this manner protect themselves from such perilous deeds. As a result, todays advanced women have imbibed such steadfastness of will power that none can make them a victim or a prey. Such brilliantly talented women can no longer be preyed by males. She now agrees only to become an equal partner of males.

Women based oppression, harassment and backwardness has not receded in every arena of life but she does appear to be advanced in many of them. Thus it is clear that men have gained and lost a lot by converting her to a slave of their whims and fancies. Now their eyes of true understanding have opened and male arrogance has diminished a whole lot. In the new transformed environment women are getting more opportunities to become literate, self dependent and highly progressive. This flow is such that will move with great speed in the direction of all round progress. As a result with new zest and talent the creative needs of time shall be fulfilled. Women with their loving affection, cooperation and sensitivity will usher in such transformation in men the world over that no longer will the latter imbibe unethical behavior in an arrogant fashion.

The distortions of todays times are gifts of wicked behavior of males. They possess wealth, various means, weapons and such vile sleight of hand with aid of which not only do they entice others but them self enter eddies of downfall. Despite this it must be clearly understood that females in the form of a mother, wife, daughter and sister is capable of aptly controlling males. Not only this in the form of Goddess Chandi she can manifest her terrific wrathful form too.

The 21 st century is that of neo creation. The array of destruction is nearing its end. Men behaved harshly and learnt various atrocities. It was used merely for waging wars, kidnapping and oppression. Hence in future such a flow will be witnessed wherein these types of arrogant unruliness will have no place. There will be instead a need of neo creation. In it the efforts of males till date have been mere superficial. In future such illusion will disappear and a requirement will be there of good will and cooperation. Only womens power can execute all this successfully. Thus the needs of todays times will be fulfilled only by her class.

It is the opinion of world population research specialists and data unearthed from future possibilities that in the 21 st century men will be minor and females will be in the majority. By giving up the vileness of binding women as slaves, men the world over shall surrender to that power of women which from every standpoint in comparison reigns supreme.

We all by keeping in mind the future and understanding contemporary times must make sincere efforts for world womens advancement. In it rests the well being of all. This is a definite fact that the 21 st century will belong to women. It is the responsibility of each one of us to leave no stone unturned for helping womens power march ahead.



Every year the birthday of Sister Nivedita is celebrated on October 28. In the year 1968 her birth centennial was celebrated with glory. On this occasion the Indian Government issued a postal stamp in her honor. In this manner maybe we got a vision of such a vast soul on a small stamp yet thousands of people got to know more about her. Various organizations and institutions too celebrated all this zestfully.

With the program of Yuga Nirman Yojana this birth centenary was given major importance and an appeal was made to every branch that they too should celebrate this occasion with enthusiasm and pray to God that never should the chain of manifestation of such great people break. May such divine souls incarnate in this world ceaselessly so as to bless world society march towards divine light from the darkness it has been ensnared thus far.

Over here none should raise eyebrows that why so much honor is being given to a woman of alien land. The question is not whether one is a citizen or an alien. What is important is the compassion of her heart which induced her to work for social well being. If only a subtle seer can read her inner psyche, know for sure he/she will perforce bow down their heads in respect for Sister Nivedita who worked selflessly. All such ladies are revered and honored whether they belong to our country or are of foreign origin. In fact she is more revered because despite being born in an alien country she worked devotionally for welfare of the people of India.

We are clearly seeing that in future world leadership shall veer towards the hands of women. For a long time span men kept world leadership in their hands and acted as per his intellectual capacity. Instead of obstructing harshness and egoistic tendencies inherent in his inner personality, he augmented it. As a result he failed to contribute towards the designing and progress of world society in an emotionally sensitive manner even if he had made more efforts to augment material comforts. It goes without saying that the basis of ushering peace and happiness in the world cannot be material comforts but high level of sensitive emotions. If we desire to lead lives oozing with joy and zest we must give due importance and weight age to compassion, love, affection, good will, sense of selfless service and oneness of soul. Regarding this mans attainments are miniscule. A bit of this is due to his lack of discrimination and his harsh nature. If only he had controlled his hard heartedness and arrogant ego and aroused compassion in the deep cave of his soul he could have done a lot good to world society like so many great saints sages have done. But apart from a few exceptions the male class has never adhered to this path. His efforts gave many attainments yet along with it he augmented cruelty to the world too. His behavior is clearly seen right from eating flesh to waging wars and from bad behavior to inflicting atrocities.

After a long span of research nature has concluded that power and leadership be snatched away from males and instead hand over the same to females. Thus in future women will be responsible for managing and helping progress in fields like music, literature, acting, family, society, economics etc both at the national and international level. Within the deep recesses of her soul a woman possesses love, good will, generosity and sense of oneness. Thus even if she pours even a little of this nectar in the world she will definitely be aptly labeled Devi or Goddess. Whatever responsibility she will take up will be full of compassion, love, selfless service and oneness of soul. With this admixture a new direction will be given to every world activity and vileness will be replaced by good will.

Unlike others we do not look upon Sister Nivedita as an ordinary social worker but we fill she is a high stature inspiration of this era. Although she was born in Ireland and was far away from India yet she could not continue residing there. She possessed a lot of material comforts there. She was a high class teacher. Because of the type of research she was conducting there she was given a lot of honor and she earned so much that from the standpoint of material comforts she possessed just about everything. Ordinarily none will even dream of sacrificing such comforts to live an austere life. Say, which wealthy person would joyfully agree to live a life of hardships lack censure and mockery? But this goddess was made of tougher mettle.

Her flow of thinking transformed by listening to only 1 religious discourse of Swami Vivekananda and one divine glance from him. Now the flow of the direction of her life took a U turn. Such a tide flowed in her inner soul by kicking away all material comforts she vowed to live a life of penance like a valiant soldier. There were many others who heard Swami Vivekanandas discourse but they did not experience intense movements in their psyche. Definitely she was an extraordinary soul. For an extraordinary mission the hour of soul awakening arrived and thus she arose dazzlingly. All her life of eat, drink and be merry was renounced and only one thought took over her mind that in order to take up future leadership that woman who has to take up this great responsibility, must be awakened and inspire her to do something grand.

Awakened souls are aware that the center of spiritual light dwells in the country of India. The sun always rises from the east. The light of science, politics, arts etc no doubt can rise from any part of the globe yet the steady light of spirituality is focused greatly in India. The axis of the earth is in the North Pole and similarly the central point of spiritual light of the world resides in India. Over here one finds many Avatars of God manifesting. The cosmic teaching of wisdom, discrimination, ethics and sacred behavior has been given by Indias great Rishis. Jesus Christ had visited Takshashila in India to imbibe its great teachings and spread the message of Indian Philosophy in the form of truth, non violence etc all over the world. So what if today Christian Religion appears separate? Even Buddhism, Sikhism etc are separate. Despite this how can truth be falsified?

Sister Nivedita knew that Almighty God was about to neo create this world. Todays era is but a remnant of rotting distortions. All this will definitely transform. In its place a new leadership will be taken up by world women and its sacred commencement will be noted in India. This fact simply is not being swallowed by one and all but that only a rare few accept it. This is because a vast difference is seen between the viewpoint of ordinary and extraordinary people. Those who can visualize and understand that which is far, which is invisible, ones sentiments and various possibilities only they are labeled subtle seers and visionaries. Niveditas soul was of this elevated stature. As soon as she unearthed her true inner nature and aim of her tasks, she readied herself eagerly to enter the shores of India.

Swami Vivekananda was a Yuga Purusha or Seer of this Era. He had come to awaken the sleeping denizens of earth. Although it appears that he performed only minor tasks visible to the gross eye yet like the brilliant sun about to rise at dawn he helped elicit a worldwide divine light. This verily was the aim behind his taking an Avatar. There have been many heroes who have fought for Indias freedom struggle. We can say that Ramkrishna Paramhans, Vivekananda, Aurobindo and Raman Maharshi were like puppeteers behind the curtain orchestrating the whole mission. These great souls not only gave apt divine light and strength for neo awakening India but that they did so for the entire world. They awakened the otherwise sleeping Nivedita. Although she awakened yet it was necessary to test her steadfast resolve. Hence again and again Swami Vivekananda told her to continue with her job and that she could donate a bit of extra cash for great tasks.

It is seen many a time that although people do get motivated yet it is very temporary in nature. Due to some influence they do get inspired to do something but when the fever of motivation dies down they become silent and become bad examples of hopelessness. Swamiji did not desire that devoid of imbibing harsh penance, sacrifice, soul advancement and fully testing all material aspirations that come on the path of world welfare tasks someone enters the world public arena. Anyone in any given situation can carry out minor tasks yet self and soul surrender is very big task. Only those who are tried and tested can enter cosmic well being endeavors. From this standpoint it was apt that Nivedita stay at home and carry out certain tasks. Again and again Swamiji refused and said: The condition of todays diseased India is strange wherein there is a tradition of doubting the purity of character of a young lady without there being any rhyme or reason. These sorts of blind traditions will not change in a jiffy. Those steps which you desire to take are full of thorns of hardship. Further one more agony you will have to face wherein narrow minded people of India will censure and insult you.

Swamiji would say all this only to test her. In fact he too required such awakened souls for his divine mission. On that day when Englands Margaret Noble (the pre monastic name of Sister Nicedita) showed him her educational institute, Swamiji was overjoyed to note her skills. He realized that if even India possessed women who were ready to surrender their very being for welfare tasks the state of India would have been totally different. When this thought of lack crossed his mind, Swamiji shed tears. While seeing Nobels Educational Institute Swamiji silently wiped his tears so that none could see them. Although this can be hidden from ones gross vision, the tongue can be stopped from speaking yet how can one stop the soul from seeing anothers soul state? Noble did not ask any questions but understood the situation and realized where truly she will attain her lifes real goal. It was that very moment in which she made her powerful resolve. Till the very end of her sojourn on earth she adhered to this vow. Swamiji was well satisfied with her firm resolve and not only gave her permission to come to India to work but by initiating her into the Hindu Religion gave her the monastic name Sister Nivedita. He gave her full freedom to roam around every alley of India so as to awaken the inner souls of Indians like great saints of yore.

Very rare are those amongst people possessing gross eyes as to what great things Nivedita did for India. Amongst those tasks of hers visible to the gross eye includes long lasting pilgrimages, opening schools for girls, helping plague ridden patients, writing books, giving speeches and fighting for Indias political freedom. And yet her arena of working was more subtle in nature. Her root goal was to manifest soul pride in Indias women based power and ready them for those responsibilities which she would in future have to shoulder as per the wish of the divine creator (God). For this her radiant personality and mode of action were visible means of publicity.

Although foreign origin women came to the far off land of India to awaken its soul after renouncing a life of joy but the fact that Indian women were satisfied living a life of blind tradition became a sizzling challenge which caused an upheaval in the bosom of literate women in India. On getting influenced by this inspiration many highly educated women surrendered their lives for world welfare tasks by remaining unmarried. If all these details are gathered such an unknown history etched in golden will come in front of us wherein the country marched ahead as a result and attained a lot of strength too. Within this awakening on noting the subtle role played by Nivedita it will not be an over statement to say that it was she who was the master controller of this program of womens awakening.

Nivedita carried out so many tasks that it is difficult to completely enumerate all of them. Even if she had done nothing yet her goal, valor, renunciation and self sacrifice were so potent and great that anyone will be showered with respect and honor. Right till death she worked hard to attain her goal and calmly endured all hardships, lack, censure and mocking that were hurled at her. This virtual goddess who surrendered her very life for this great mission will be gratefully respected by the Indian public for many years to come.

Our aim in exhibiting greater enthusiasm in celebrating the birth centenary of this divine soul is to help Indian women realize that once again they must remember that responsibility for which Nivedita had come running to India from Ireland carrying its message. Almighty Lord desires to transform world situations. The responsibility of its leadership and management will now be handed over to women. In future within every field she will march ahead and will positively influence all world activities. The central focus of that manifestation of this River Ganga will be Indian women. Not only are reforms and changes most required in Indian situations but are required the world over. In it are found nature given nectar like principles viz. compassion, selfless service, love, sense of oneness etc wherein world human society burning like a corpse in a crematorium will attain peace full of contentment on being showered with this nectar. This is the chief goal of Era Transformation so as to usher in a New Age.

Nivedita was a very high stature soul. She had manifested as a messenger of the New Era. She awakened Indian women via her great personality and endeavors and by exhibiting her ideals showed them their greatness will attain peaks only by walking on this path if ideals.

Although she has returned to heaven and that her transient body has ended yet the fact is that she has again incarnated in this land with many bodies etc and with manifold valor is continuing to work for this mission. Goddess Durga as per contemporary needs had partitioned her souls existence into 9 so as to take the form of 9 Durgas. Later as per requirement she had become Shatchandi i.e. manifested 100 separate bodies to carry out her divine mission. She will play an important role in neo creating this era.

The uplifting of the female principle is a definite reality. Today her state in the world especially in the land of India is sorry full. In the world she is looked upon as a vessel of sexual exploiting and in India she is rendered demeaned and slave like. But tomorrows dawn is about to arrive with a new message and light. In it women will regain their rightful place, honor and responsibility based on her natural greatness. In the New Age women will lead in every walk of life hence her soul awakening is most required today. Nivedita had incarnated with this very message and sacred light. Today on the occasion of her birth centenary celebrations I can clearly see her soul playing a great role in a well managed and cosmic manner.

The sacred festival of Nivedita birth centenary celebration is the bugle call for this pious message. I have conjoined myself with more zest to it because this festival will give more power to that consciousness for which this divine soul had incarnated and today with many more bodies is manifesting in various world well being activities. In the sacred hour of this era dawn it was apt and most required that we celebrate this festival with greater zest and joy.



The desire for freedom is a god given one. For this great hardships can be endured. That argument based on which it was said that women experience joy while remaining dependent on men, can also be utilized for proving that the freedom movement along with sacrifices made for the same was useless. Women must always be dependent on men, they must not even glance at the world outside from the cage like house of hers-those maybe anybody but if they pass such orders will be said to be unaware of the root aspiration and nature of the human soul.

Germanys great philosopher Max Muller in his book The History of Ancient Indian Literature writes that in Indias Vedic Age women attained a very important status in her family and society too. In every arena of life she had equal opportunities like males to progress in life. The commencement of thinking regarding rendering women bound in a slave like manner took place in the Kushan race of Asia which had reigned over North India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia in the 1 st century. This race was totally influenced by a tainted Greek civilization. From then onwards such a terrible storm of ignorance manifested that it rendered lopsided the very thinking of male class so as to render women their slaves.

The Western Philosopher John Stuart Mills in his book Subjection of Women writes that although everywhere songs are sung wherein women are said to be supreme in comparison to men yet all this is done only to keep women happy and yet in social transaction and behavior all this is not seen.

In those regions where womens consciousness has awakened there have commenced organizations that are demanding freedom rights of women. As a result of this an upheaval has been witnessed in the entire world. The women of Nicaragua have convinced a very gigantic public organization to raise its voice for women rights. The main aim of Family Law Center is to aid world womens liberation from slave like bondage. As a result by bringing in special changes in its legal norms the rights of women are protected. By overcoming blind traditions that has its basis in the family, society and lineage women have got total freedom to lead independent lives.

In the Kenya the aim of including new laws of inheritance is very similar. The aim behind Indonesia including marriage laws is that both husband and wife live equal independent lives. Even in Zimbabwe the laws applicable for women have been relaxed a great deal. The main aim behind Perus Peru Mujar, Indias Mahila Dakshata Samiti, Venezuelas CESAP, Nigerias Family Law Center, Nepals Legal Service Project and Zimbabwes Law Project is to hand over rights to women. The movement with the slogan Understand your legal and freedom rights is now spreading rapidly like wild fire in 3 rd world countries as a result of which a great positive change is taking place in the way which men view women.

The 21 st century is said to predominate with women leadership. Shri Aurobindo proclaimed it to be the Mothers Century. The more the 20 th century nears its end the more the womens awakening leading to equality with men is gaining momentum the world over. In many countries women have already taken up important positions in various fields where so far only males predominated. From this it appears that all those blind beliefs so far that went against women will have to beat retreat and in future instead of being looked upon as a passionate enchantress will not only attain rights equally as men do but by attaining a status akin to worshipping a goddess will gain supremacy.



The wheel of time is readying women to lead the world. After being demeaned and relegated to a downtrodden state for centuries together she now has got the opportunity to identify and use her basic human rights. The result was witnessed akin to gas present underground which springs forth when a hole is drilled.

Conjoined to the wheel of time is transformation too. The more one uses pressure to help sink a wooden stick or rubber ball in water the more it comes up with greater force. Since women were harassed, oppressed and demeaned her mental state became very weak and withered. She forgot her sense of dignity, self esteem etc yet this state could not exist permanently. When mines are drilled gold etc is attained. Time has given mankind to dig up various minerals, ores etc from the ground. What appeared useless now became very useful. With iron many machines, weapons are made and from gold ornaments are designed. There was a time when these remained in an unknown suppressed state underground. Although night lasts long yet it does not exist permanently. As soon as sun rises darkness disappears. The state of women too is transforming today and a chief role is being played by tradition of Mother Nature.

Today no longer can women the world over be bought or sold like female slaves. Instead of being relegated to bondage where throughout her life she serves her family like a maid, now she can freely attain progress in life. She can remain independent and all alone she can now travel afar. She can play a major role like heads of governments. In the fields of education and medical therapy she has gained leadership. There is no field of life where her brilliant skills are not sought after. Wherever she got an opportunity there in competition with men she led by miles.

The question arises that seeing all this progress of women should men remain just spell bound? Should they harbor an inferiority complex? Should they obstruct womens talented leadership or instead should they encourage women to advance further in a very facile and influential manner?

Hence it is apt that past mistakes be nullified. Sins have to be atoned for and unethical behavior needs sanctification. Gentlemanliness lies in reforming unethical acts without losing time and with renewed efforts fulfill all lack. The rising womans chief demand is literacy and freedom. There is no recourse but to accept them. Even today a woman living a life of bondage can be caged in the 4 walls of her home like a tamed animal and one can inflict atrocities on her based on ones whims and fancies yet know for sure none will benefit from it. The potential of women daily is diminishing due to oppression and harassment. She experiences ill health bodily and mentally appears very weak. Since she does not earn money she becomes a burden to those who nurture her. If half the world population is relegated to such handicapped conditions the wheel of progress in the world will come to a grinding halt. This state no longer can be tolerated and can be suppressed in the name of tradition. It is best that transformation be welcomed with open arms. By obstructing the path of progress we should not veer to a gigantic downfall.

In women has awakened the aspiration to attain all round progress in life. Silently or vociferously she desires that although she is ready to help men, her father, in laws etc yet she does not accept that in order to do so she be bound like a slave. It is her desire to be given respect, self dependence and education wherein one cannot find any inaptness. One cannot censure women that women are crossing all limits. And that she is rendering weak her duty to serve her husband. She wants her basic human rights. She will agree to nothing less than this and does not want anything more too. The difference is this that she will no longer be relegated to a shoe worn by men. Although she happily accepts to title of being the goddess of wealth of her family yet it should not be inflicted on her without her consent. Neither can women any longer tolerate men forcing her to lead a life of cruel bondage and nor does divine fate agree to it.

In the near future not only womens radiant talent will shine but that she will be reinstated as a world leader. The reason being that the stature of transformation about to be ushered in by Lord Mahakal, will predominate with sacred sentiments. All dire world problems faced to date has been due to that hard heartedness of males everywhere which with criminal leanings induced taints in every walk of life. The 2 main causes viz. distorted thinking and vile behavior has created agitations, strife atrocities and dangers in various fields. If one nurtures ones ego on the basis of ones gentlemanly nature and spiritual leanings it is alright but who will imbibe that long and austerity oriented path that blooms with greatness and ideals? Who will control the psyche? Who will agree to become a true citizen? Since all this does not happen, the other option of unethical behavior stares at us. Only those solutions like cunningness, kidnapping, arrogant attacks are taken recourse to on the basis of which akin to steadying a grain of mustard on the palm one attains miraculous results of 1 st attack giving 1 st benefit. These days such trends are being noted. Destiny will no longer allow such trends to reign in this world and that total transformations will be ushered in todays tainted world circumstances.

The chief basis of ushering in the future Satyuga or Golden Era atmosphere will be womens leadership oozing with love, cooperation, compassion and generosity. Her basic inner nature has no place for wars, attacks and kidnapping. She aspires for world peace. It is only in an environment of zest and joy that she breathes fearlessly. For others too she yearns to author such situations. If women, who have given us glimpses of untold soul oneness while looking after her husband, children and entire family for her entire life, are handed over world leadership she will definitely create such an atmosphere of conduciveness everywhere.

It is virtually impossible to reform men at the sensitive emotional level. Since he has not much load as far as producing and nurturing children is concerned he possesses bodily might. Since he hardly has responsibilities of day to day household affairs he can go outside his home to conduct business etc and earn enough wealth. Since he is not satisfied by minor battles he is capable of ushering in large scale wars. Since he gets lots of opportunities to get educated he no doubt can become a scholar but along with this it is definite that those opportunities he gets to behave as per his whims and fancies have become a part and parcel of his very character and personality. More and more of his activities are rooted in unethical thinking. In a certain sense these taints are a very much part of males inner nature. As a result the world atmosphere reeks of problems, hardships and strife.

Mother Nature wishes that world balance is maintained. It has seen the enterprise of males. She has gauged their working capacities. Out of sheer despair Mother Nature is about to change all this. This will be seen in future as an era predominating with womens leadership. She will no doubt lead the world. Men should not look upon this as their defeat but instead must play a much better role in the coming days while cooperating with women leaders the world over. Everybody will experience the joy of Live and let live.



If seeds are sown at an apt hour there is a high possibility of getting a very good harvest. Seeds of corn, wheat etc sown at the start of monsoon season get the opportunity of growing in thousands of more such grain. If we miss this optimal time and sow the same seeds in other seasons, the results will be mediocre. Womens uplifting the world over too is such a harvest. The grand omen of 21 st century is such an hour wherein efforts made for womens uplifting there is an extraordinary possibility of it blooming. For this mission nature has imbibed all sorts of conduciveness. When speedy winds blow from behind our vehicles move faster. Yet if these blow from the opposite direction definitely ones progress is stalled and our speed will lessen a great deal. Grass, leaves etc move speedily in river water along with the current and reach their destination relatively faster. If this conduciveness gets obstructed there will occur stoppages and delay. The commencement of the 21 st century is such wherein all efforts made for world womens progress will bloom much more than expected and success will be ours for the asking.

By itself both at the individual and collective level small-big efforts have been made for womens awakening but since there was lack of conduciveness in the flow of divine grace very little help was attained. Today the situation has changed drastically. The flow has meandered and promises speedy success. Possibilities are in the offing in such a manner that if even minor efforts these days are made for progress great success will be reaped. In comparison to what one had thought of and yearned for, what will be attained will be manifold. Even if no external help is seen yet akin to greenery of rain shower various basis of womens progress will sprout forth. The potential of greatness very naturally will increase and gather momentum when spring season arrives despite lack of external help small-big trees bloom forth with fragrant flowers and luscious fruits. Then if on such occasions we water trees and add fertilizers the speed of their growth will be that much faster.

That which has been pressurized and oppressed for long if given conduciveness, will rise up with greater verve and zest. On this very basis various revolutions in this world have been ushered in. When the suppressed wrath of races that have been relegated backward and harassed gets an optimal atmosphere a great onrush of change is seen and its results too seem miraculous. In the entire world within various communities when great transformations have been authored by extraordinary people at that time these very principles are at work. The same will be seen these days with reference to womens all round elevation.

For centuries and thousands of years by looking upon females as weak they were labeled 2 nd class citizens. Those comforts and facilities given to men were kept far away from the grasp of women. It was thought necessary that women wear veils but never have we seen any male follow suit. Women were forced to ascend the funeral pyre of their deceased husbands (Sati tradition) but never can we find examples of husbands ascending the funeral pyre of their dead wives. After ones husband died, the wife was not allowed to remarry but no such problem was faced by husbands whose wives passed away. Without male protection a women could never go out of her house whereas no such obstacles were faced by males. A man could take up any profession but if women tried to do the same they were reprimanded. A lot of money was spent for males as far as education, fashion and enjoyment was concerned yet women did not get even one of these. Thus despite being brothers and sisters of one family a lot of inequality existed between the two genders. A girl was sent to her in laws house for life by her parents but boys were never sent thus. If you inspect minutely such inequality based obstructions reside between males and females wherein males never faced any sort of obstacle. By drilling holes in the ears and nose of women they are rendered ugly and tamed like animals but it was not thought that males too should undergo all this. All this reeks of total injustice. Two equal aspects of one single race are measured differently. Thus over here there is no sign of justice and equality noted. Women have to wear clothes and cover their bodies in such a way that her identity is separate. When this disparity increases the difference reaches such levels, that they are looked upon as different creatures. This doubtlessly is nothing but double standards as a result the situation has become this dire. Women who have faced oppression for great lengths of time can longer endure all this. She is now venting her wrath which is apt to usher in a world revolution.

Now the hour has arrived to witness reactions. When a cyclone manifests it carries with it all dirt at one shot. The 21 st century too is manifesting with its terrible storm wherein women will be totally transformed and world society too will change positively. All trends will reform and leadership in all fields of life will be in the hands of women.

When autumn arrives old withered leaves of a tree fall off on its own and in a short while new leaves appear on them. Thus when the process of transformation is complete at spring time the trees start bearing fragrant flowers and juicy fruits. The same mode of transformation will be witnessed shortly the world over. That male class which left no stone unturned to harass their female counterparts, will henceforth sanctify all atrocious acts performed so far and atone for their sins.

In this mission not only will men cooperate to help women march ahead from the mundane standpoint but will see to it that akin to ancient eras women are revered as goddesses. This is the demand of time and call of justice. This is also called the Super Revolution. In the near future not only will women become more capable than men from all standpoints but that she will also exhibit the fact that on getting a golden opportunity she can manifest her natural supremacy.



Efforts have always been made for womens awakening and freedom. Since this question arose regarding human rights these sparks were seen in many countries of the world. The medium may have been some female, yet this forest for engulfed the entire world. As a result of this at least today she breathes in an atmosphere of freedom. For centuries women have been downtrodden, insulted and demeaned and thus at last today she is raising her voice against ancient blind beliefs, undesirable trends handed down from generations together etc. Today we stare in front of us at a radiant bright form of womens awakening and womens freedom movement. At its roots dwell the legends of world women struggling to uplift her sisters the world over.

For attaining equal rights for the 1 st time in the annals of world history Romes women had blown the bugle in the year 43 BC. It was carried out under the leadership of Hotenesia who was the daughter of a well known Roman lawyer. She had placed one single question in front of her countries political leaders holding highest posts in the government. She asked as to why in comparison to men women were looked down upon and detested by all? As far as capabilities and capacity to work she can compete successfully with any male. Then why is it that she is not given good education and ignored as far as handing over important government posts is concerned? Her own father was known to endorse these views. Although at that time she got only partial success yet this proved to be a potent spark to induce world women awakening programs the world over in later years to come.

In those times one scholarly woman named Christine D P Sen via her writings and poems induced thoughts in the psyche of people by saying that without elevating the condition of world women via literacy, culture and civility no country can attain true all round progress. In newspapers and magazines she called upon world women not to remain illiterate and uncultured just because circumstances were not conducive. Instead she should make whole hearted efforts to lead in fields like education, modern science and medicine. Those women who were ready to do all this were gathered together to carry out a womens literacy campaign and in it thousands of women participated zestfully.

In the writings of Britains radiant, brilliant and articulate orator Mary Montague there was life force that filled up all movements of world womens awakening. She had deep faith that women cannot ever be called mediocre as far as religion, ethics, society, politics etc is concerned. In both men and women intellectual, bodily and mental prowess is equal. They opine that nature has not rendered demeaned in comparison to males. In the eyes of God there is no bias. In fact it is males who out of sheer bias/prejudice have lorded over woman so as to relegate them to bondage. Hence world women! Awaken! Fight for your basic human rights. Do so as long as you do not get equal rights as men. These radiant words of Mary Montague awakened other women of France like Olamb D Gose, Ross Lokamb, Marie Woolstoncraft and Mary Radcliffe. As a result great world renowned books were authored like A Vindication of the Right of Women and Declaration of the Right of Women.

Up till the year 1850 New Zealand women did not get right to vote, imbibe higher education and in governing the country. As a result a British born woman Mary Muller fought for equal rights for women. She personally had discussions with government officials regarding this. Since she was a daughter of a judge everyone heard her intently. As per requirement in order to show assent and in order to meet women of every community she visited various homes and inform them about future programs for equal rights. In very emotional words she printed a pamphlet called An Appeal to the Men of New Zealand. Every male who read this shed silent tears. In this pamphlet she had very sensitively described the contemporary condition of women and how men behaved atrociously with them. This pamphlet in fact gave birth to a thought revolution as a result of which the male fraternity enjoying high posts themselves agreed to reform the dire condition of women, render them highly cultured and hand them over their rights. Ultimately in 1884 a law was designed wherein it was declared that women will enjoy equal rights as men do.

Britains Emilan Packerst is also famous for agitating for womens rights virtually on a war footing. When she along with Annie Kenny requested the government to reform the demeaned state of women the answer was in the negative. As a result under her leadership 10000 women protested together in Manchester. In order that this protest march fails, the a women protestors were attacked and wounded. They were thrown down from stairs and some women died too in the process. This episode was published in various newspapers of the world in 1906 under the heading The governments inhuman principles and sentences like there are no words to describe such heinous acts too were published in bold letters. In this protest march a woman called Emily Davidson was crushed to death by the kings horse and thus she died a martyr. In protest Englands young, middle age and old ladies came down in the streets and vowed to fast till death. Ultimately the government had to accede to their demands and a permanent law was enacted to give women equal rights. This was a 1 st and very important chapter in the world womens awakening program.

A German woman called Jenny Hirak for the first time translated the well known book Subjection of Women written by the renowned philosopher John Stuart Mills. For this she was highly revered by Germans. Her colleague Elik Selman was the first woman who by writing a thesis on the condition of woman from Berlin University attained the Ph.D. degree. In her writings she clarified regarding the condition of women in all nations of the world and depicted how she works harder than men and how despite contributing more for more production she is given less pay and respect. Many countries on the basis of this thesis amended their laws in favor of women. In this thesis too one finds a sordid description of women of India who had to undergo Sati or burn herself to death on her husbands funeral pyre, child marriage, dowry system and rendering small girls pregnant.

Apart from the above mentioned women there are other leading world women like Frances Jean Deroyan, Maria Derasmus, Avertine, Ardt, Maria, Verana, Canadas Emily Stowe, Lilian Thomas, Mary Crawford, Belgiums Mary Popleen, Indias Sarojini Naidu, Dr Madhulakshmi, Kamala Nehru, Swarup Rani, Kasturba, Pakistans Begum Jahanara, Shahnawaz, Turkeys Halide Ediv, Adiner and Indonesias Maria Ulfa Santhoso, Mrs. Harhap C Avondo who worked relentlessly by lighting the fire of world women awakening, liberation and womens freedom either directly or indirectly and carried out various programs and agitations for the same in their countries.

In reality the bugle of world womens awakening has already been sounded. Regarding this the 21 st century has been titled Mothers Century. In the auspicious hour of Era Transformation with reference to womens awakening by taking up creative tasks everyone can attain that benefit wherein not only will our own name be etched in golden letters in the annals of world history but that we will attain that gift of the divine creator (God) too for which he had sounded the conch of transformation. If we insist on ignoring this call not only will we fall in the eyes of our future generation but that will be left bereft of the gifts of Lord Mahakal. Hence wherever so far the conch of women awakening program has not been sounded which is in the interest of world humanity, it must be sounded loudly immediately. It is the righteous duty of this era to render women healthy bodily and help them become brilliant and sacredly sensitive at the intellectual and psychic level. This then is the definite desire and aspiration of Lord Mahakal.



Such situations are coming forth everywhere wherein the 21 st century will be labeled Womens Century. One may not exactly wish to accept this fact and the question may arise as to how such situations will arrive when so far the trend is bang opposite? Further how is it possible that those individuals who very easily enjoy various facilities and benefits will accept to waive it in their own day to day living and in the life of others too? Why would anyone get ready to lead an austere life of hardship after renouncing material comforts?

Over here it is required to understand and help others do so in a very different format. Women are a collective unit of certain great qualities and special characteristics. A superficial glimpse tells us she is human but from the standpoint of consciousness and sacred sentiments she has risen above the mundane world. Those divine glories easily possessed by women are attained by men to a certain extent only after undergoing certain special penance and carrying out many meritorious deeds. The Womens Century will arrive so as to ward off this lack successfully. Without this innumerable types of atrocities and unethical deeds are spreading like wild fire the world over.

Imbibing righteousness and selfless service are 2 divine qualities that help man attain true glory. This is attained via high stature penance and men generally fail to get it. In comparison to them women without taking recourse to some special austerities very naturally imbibes them and on getting an apt opportunity extraordinary augmenting of these divine qualities is seen.

Those who imbibe vile qualities like hardheartedness and atrocities tend to carry out unethical deeds. Violent beasts are seen to lead such terror based lives. Whoever crosses all limits of selfishness and hard heartedness will not only himself fall in the crater of lowliness but will induce others whom he contacts to fall in life too through sheer harassment. Without imbibing sensitive compassion no one can attain self control and will fail to help and cooperate with others. Such a ones activities reek of oppression, suppression, kidnapping and lack of ethics. The living example of all this is a major portion of such vile behavior found in the lives of the male community. On seeing the daily living and activities of the lay public those vile taints predominate which create an atmosphere of unethical behavior and distorted elements in the world.

When we turn the pages of world history it becomes clear that so far all sorts of wars have led to loss of innumerable lives and wealth too. Behind this maybe in that rare case one finds an apt cause yet it is mans arrogant ego, wiliness and bombastic behavior that have played a major role in it. Due to taste bud titillation it is man who has killed other creatures. There is a long line and list of crimes and criminals. If we wish to know who has played a predominating role in this it is for all to see that it is the vile atrocious activities of the male class which is to blame. If we study the details regarding police, courts and prisons it will be noted that it is men who have taken up more and more criminal activities. In comparison to this the number of females convicted for crime is very miniscule. Women are hardly seen to involve themselves in wiliness, fraud and unethical/unjust activities. In fact it is majority of males who enact vile tasks. It is men who have predominated as far as modern science and intellectualism is concerned. As a result they led in all such related programs. Again on analyzing economic offences we will find that majority of male members of society are the culprits. They are also known for carrying out crimes like rape etc. On carrying out a complete detail analysis it becomes crystal clear that it is the male class the world over who have authored the flourishing of undesirable evils. Bang opposite to this in the natural efforts of the female class it is a sense of selfless service and imbibing of righteous duty towards world society that bloom forth. Whether it is her parents family or that of her in laws forever she exhibits her generosity, compassion, sense of selfless service and goodwill to all. She herself takes less and gives so much that it can be called pinnacles of generosity. Those benefits accrued by her husband, children and family via her selfless activities if measured properly will tell us that she definitely leads as far as showing compassion to all and working selflessly is concerned. Despite being insulted and berated at every step in life, very rarely does she harbor a feeling of revenge. The term Devi or Goddess used as prefix before her name is not mere lip service but actually connotes her inner divine nature. Hence it is women who are reverently remembered when we use terms like Mother Earth, faith, generosity, self control etc in a symbolic manner.

The 21 st century conjoined to which is a radiant world future is called Womens Century because hard hearted arrogance that reign todays world trends and activities are about to be uprooted via sanctification and in its place goodwill, cooperation and generosity shall be reinstated. It can be said to a transformation in the very foundation of all current world trends witnessed by us all.

Today there are innumerous world problems. There is no arena of life which does not prevail with inapt and undesirable elements. In order to uproot these many programs are being designed by specialists and great intellectuals and put into action yet there are no signs of them being totally warded off. It is spiritual philosophy that can claim to find a definite solution for this. Apart from this it will be very difficult to find other types of solutions. The only solution is to uproot mens vile activities in such a way so as to render them truly gentlemanly. Know for such that calmness and serenity of soul are very naturally attained by women. If this happens we must understand that a women predominating century has arrived and the dream of a bright world future is about to materialize. Further all fearful situations resulting from a vile intellect will disappear to naught.



Within the deep cave of womens soul dwells an ocean of human qualities like sensitivity, sentiments, love and serenity. Whenever the intellect predominated and the eternal balance faltered women with these precious qualities guided the wayward male fraternity and inspired world society in such a way that the faltering world balance regained equanimity. Today something like this is again happening. In the eyes of humans, greed, delusion and ego that have their basis in selfishness is deepening to such alarming extents that as a result the single world family is now partitioned into millions of miniscule families. As a result those results of a tainted intellect are staring at us which force us to mull over the fact as to whether man will be capable enough to sustain his very existence. It is women who had rendered males civilized who were otherwise wild as beasts in the Adams Age. In order to ward off problems associated with this civilized nature the women class is readying itself to find a solution. If as a result sensitivity is elicited in the psyche of men and that good management and peace prevail for a long time to come, none should get astounded.

If we study the nature of women right from birth to death, it will be realized that in various forms she has generated love and sacred sentiments in the deep recesses of mens soul. In majority of the moments her motherly nature is noted but this is happening not only today but that before rising to the peaks of civilized behavior when humans were uncivilized and wild as beasts in those days it was women who filled the hearts of males with her love, sentiments and sensitivity and thus rendered an uncultured human civilized. The very 1 st manifestation of progressive human civilization is seen only via the medium of the mothers love, affection, goodwill etc. Proof regarding this can be unearthed on analyzing the life of various creatures.

In violent beasts like lion, tiger, bear etc cruelty predominates. This nature of harshness intensifies till that time until males do not contact womens soft loving nature. When sensitivity enters the lives of men they slowly give up their hard hearted nature. All this is seen not only in beasts but in the human race too. Via historical data proof it is found that in the jungle age humans were partitioned into many tribes. Suppose a tribal of tribe A executed crime against a tribal of tribe B the latter would make plans to kill the tribal As individual. As a result the beastly nature of humans increased day by day. Since they lacked true understanding the chief aim of these tribe members was to murder each other. It was the law of the jungle age viz. blood for blood. Yet it was the sacred wish of the divine creator to reform this tainted condition so as to render mankind well cultured and civilized.

Due to sexual attraction when a physical contact was established a family relationship bond ensued with that group of tribes to which the woman belonged. After establishment of such sentimental relationships, if the other tribal group erred in some way then only after due cogitation punishment was meted out. At that time the beastly qualities like cruelty, drinking blood etc present in humans of jungle age started disappearing after contacting the affectionate loving nature of their women class. Thus the vow of blood for blood started receding a great deal. Thus man slowly stepped away from the jungle era to walk on the path of culture and civilized behavior.

Even after this women aided men a great deal and in fact she now shouldered the responsibility to fully render cultured the male fraternity. In the Adams Age human life sustained via hunting other creatures. Sometimes humans of the jungle era killed fish for food and at other times they hunted other beasts. Their lives were like those of nomadic tribes. Men went into the deep forest to hunt and women would perform various other chores to serve men. In this very era a thought crossed their minds to take up agriculture and in the history of human civilization this effort of women to grow food via agriculture was an extraordinary episode. How did women unearth this new method? All this data has disappeared in the womb of loss of memory. Yet branches of modern science have proved that it was women who first found out the methodology of agriculture. It was because of women that human beings started progressing in a manifold way. Because of agriculture a marvelous revolution set in human society. It was after this that the institution called a family came into being, houses were built to store various day to day living materials, the cooperative attitude got a nod from all, programs were designed to increase relationships of love and affection, selfishness was replaced by selfless service towards all and man now stepped ahead in the direction of culture and civilized behavior.

Todays times are more tortuous than Adams Era wherein vile intellect oriented tainted activities are ruling the roost. Individuals are more inclined towards unethical unwholesome activities because their intellectual aspect is sheltering one-sided thinking. As a result humans are straying far away from sacred sentiments and sensitivity which is resulting in us all creating a more terrible atmosphere of destruction when compared to the Stone Age. Due to all these causes the divine creator has decided that the women class be uplifted once again and thus the human race will imbibe more compassion and sensitivity in their psyche and brain. In this manner situations of destruction will transform into those of high world progress. In the future such a decision will definitely be taken wherein the women class will be glorified. Along with this even the male section of world human society will advance a great deal in tandem with women. Progress will not be rendered a one-sided affair of world society but that in it men too will benefit immensely. That woman who like a mother showers us all with compassion, love etc, will she ever think of hurting the world? Todays situations are demanding all this. For this even we need to shoulder various responsibilities. We must help in world womens awakening so as to avail of a golden destiny in future.



According to a worldwide inspection conducted by UNESCO a few years previously certain facts that were unearthed opined that the male viewpoint regarding women the world over is speedily changing. These changes encompass increasing educational capabilities of women and give them opportunity to show case their radiant skills so that both their country and the world at large benefit in a manifold manner. In the past few decades it has been seen that in the arena of higher specialized education the number of women has leapt immensely. Those countries who have taken help from talented women in the areas of education, medical therapy, business and technology have found that their economic status has risen amazingly.

In the form of hard work and inner strength women are well known. In Britain their number is indeed great. 15% women in the form of laborers are working in various fields. Where previously they had to remain satisfied with small jobs as clerks there in the past few decades an awakening has taken place within them and today in every arena the radiant talent of women workers can be seen. Hence despite predominating in agriculture she is in an all round advanced state.

In France women were relegated to living a life of household chores only. Despite women labor tradition existing when a new conscious force entered their psyche and that they were more alert towards their basic human rights then perforce the French government in the year 1964 conferred equal rights to both men and women. In comparison to other western countries French women no longer experience much bondage. Principally in all arenas the doors of progress have opened up for world women. French women are known to earn 40% of their household expenses and the rest is eked out by men. Over there, more than 7.5 million women work hard in various fields. In University education women teachers comprise 45%. 25% women work in factories and in agricultural pursuits.

The state of American women is different from those of men. Over there, 40% women work in the Labor Force. In comparison to male laborers American women laborers get half the pay given to males. As a result the financial condition of these women is regressive. In 1960 the annual income of USA women was 2000 dollars which was very less in comparison to that of males. In 1975 some reforms in this direction were noted and now the annual income enjoyed by women was 5000 dollars. Amongst those laborers who collected an annual pay of 1500 to 3000 dollars, 63% were women workers. Majority of women had to remain satisfied with minor jobs of clerical posts.

In the Islamic world Indonesian women are well known for their independent nature. Apart from Sumatra the women of the entire country are said to work shoulder to shoulder in all fields along with men. They have renounced the diehard Islamic tradition of wearing Burkhas or veils. In South Sumatra for many centuries it is women who led society. Even children are said to be the wealth of their mothers and women have complete right over their kids. Majority of tasks are accomplished under the watchful eyes of their women leaders. In matters pertaining to social, financial and Talak or Islamic divorce women enjoy equal rights as men.

In backward countries even today the condition of women indeed is downtrodden. Wherever the arrogant pressure of males has not diminished there even today women live slave like lives yet since with speed the wheel of change is on the move and an extraordinary awakening is seen in the world of women, there is great hope that henceforth world women will not be relegated to demeaned, downtrodden conditions and will usher in yet again ancient world history that oozed with womens glory the world over. This hope strengthens even more so after seeing very recently that a very small country like Nicaragua elected a woman President.

Various world survey reports too give assent to all this. The ratio of women students taking up science subjects is seen to be rising at a fast pace in the past few decades. According to a report of UNESCO in 1980 the percentage of female students taking up higher education in various countries was as follows: Egypt 40%, East Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia) 50% and in Netherland, Norway, West Germany and Greece it was 40%, in countries of South America it was 45%. Amongst certain Asian nations the percentage of female students taking up higher education is much more. In Korea and Indonesia female students have doubled.

Today in arenas of modern science and various industries no longer are women lagging behind. The famous French research institute called Sensther National de lo Research Scientific has 31% female scientists. Many laboratories related to it have women chiefs. From the standpoint of scientific advancement America leads other world nations. Over here the percentage of women medical therapists is 10% and material scientists is 11%.

Even communist countries after amending their laws have accepted equal rights for women as men in every field and are giving them equal rights to serve there. In Soviet Russia there are 40%, in Poland 30% and in Hungary 13% women researchers. In a report of UNESCO it has been said that the reason why within important service sectors of various progressing countries the ration of women is rising speedily is that women in comparison to men are more adept at their tasks, honest, disciplined and highly responsible towards their duties. The conclusion of these survey reports opine that in the past few decades women have exhibited greater integrity and alertness towards duties handed over to them.

In various countries within tasks of hard work in agricultural endeavors the participation of women is very laudable. The International Labor Union while presenting its report says that in the food production of amongst advanced and non advanced nations the contribution of women is 50%. In Africa 60% contribution is seen by women in agricultural tasks. In animal breeding women contribute 50% and 100% in food processing. A recent survey report put forth by Tanzania says that women on an average work 2600 hours annually for agriculture whereas men work so for 1800 hours. In another report it is said that about 6 billion women directly work in economic tasks. In Denmark as far as animal breeding profession is concerned along with agriculture women are much more active than men.

In West Germany and West Berlin a few decades back an alarming increase was seen in transport based accidents. When a survey was conducted there it was noted that men drivers in comparison to women drivers are responsible for road accidents three times more. Over there the government is cogitating over these lines that in order to obstruct such accidents women should be handed over the task of driving various vehicles. According to leading psychiatrists the reason why males are more prone to be responsible for such accidents is their mental imbalance. Via research studies they found that as far as optimal mental balance is concerned women lead over men by miles.

Valor, enterprise and physical might is most required in army pursuits. Till a certain time as per traditional beliefs women were not allowed to get enlisted in the army. In this field men enjoyed a monopoly. The reason behind this was not incapability of women but the fact that they were labeled weak in a prejudiced manner. But slowly this bias was warded off. In responsibilities related to security and good management by itself the contribution of women has been below average right from the beginning but no longer is she stopped from enlisting in the army. The entry of women in the army of USA has commenced in the form of a worldwide movement. Women are being given high stature posts in the Army Academy. She is being given leadership duties in various combined units.

In the American Navy women are given entry without any obstruction yet she faces problems when she wishes to enlist in the army. Especially while sending her directly to fight wars a lot of psychological problems are faced and yet women zealously carry out various duties given to them by the navy and air force. As per certain statistics in these 3 parts of the army more than 1.5 million women have been enlisted. Due to public awakening in developing countries there it is cogitated that women be given all opportunities else their progress is impossible. If cooperation is not got from half the worlds population the progress of society and countries will come to a standstill. By veering away from traditional beliefs today women are being given opportunities and required means in every field of life so as to show case their skills. These results are seen as extraordinary advancement materially the world over. In this era of progress if the half the population of our country is limited to the 4 walls of the houses merely to cook food etc then know for sure that there is nothing more agonizing than this. Now the hour has arrived wherein every thinking class of society must design ways for womens advancement so that their latent skills get a chance to unveil.



Now it has been established that the 21 st century will predominate with womens leadership the world over. So far men have dominated the world via their arrogance, hard heartedness and demonic physical might but henceforth nothing of this will be seen.

No longer will economic management and political governance will stand on that foundation as is seen today. People will earn money in an apt way but nowhere will wealth be hoarded which has dire reactions like oppression, suppression and various crimes. Even the utility of physical might will end. Weapons will be used in such a way that none will have to make special arrangements for their personal security. Fraud can persist in world society today because there are men who support it. But in future when the very basis of social management will be rooted in ethics and social development none will get the chance to spread the net of fraud and none will get entangled in it. The cloth of true justice will be weaved in such a way that wherein fraud and cunningness will get no place. Those who dare oppose all this will be caught and punished severely. At that time all of todays arrogant monopoly enjoyed by male society will be nipped in the bud. Those great qualities, generosity and sensitive emotions that will be required by world society in the New Age will be seen predominating in world women and naturally she will face no difficulty in attaining her basic human rights. Those hard core fundamentalists who obstruct women getting their rights by insisting on following blind beliefs will have to perforce change their views.

According to State of World Population by the end of 20 th century the number of women will exceed those of men by 2 billion. Today the worlds population is 50 billion and in half the number is women. But as per todays needs the number of women will exceed those of men. More girl children will be born. Even today this does happen but because of being ignored, by the time girls reach 14 years they lag far behind than boys. Grown up girls facing lack and censure lose their lives. In future this shall not happen and all those fruits put on a tree by nature will get full protection by it. Very naturally the population of world women will rise. This will continue in future and according to wise thinkers by the time the 21 st century ends 2/3 rd of the world population will be women and only 1/3 rd will be men. Nature is known to destroy that which is useless. When majority of the tasks of men are executed by machine based technology their utility value starts diminishing. Only tasks of security will be handed over to men.

Women have always led in the intellectual arena. In the designing of her psyche creativity, affection, self control, discipline and apt management have predominated. Since quite a bit of all this was snatched away and that she was not given apt opportunities these qualities were rendered handicapped and lacked progress. But when ever women got due encouragement, guidance and opportunities they exhibited these more cleanly and deftly. Regarding various exams not only India but the record of the world has been that it is women who have passed them in greater number and with flying colors. No doubt her bodily anatomy is not tough yet she oozes with delicate sensitivity and power of endurance.

There are many more incidences wherein the deftness of women has augmented in a mind blowing fashion. We can call her a goddess of all artistic skills. It appears as though music, dance and acting skills were actually carved for her sake only. In fact women have entered this field in a very forceful manner.

Old age is always looked upon as that with blooms with wisdom. In this sense, women despite crossing the age of 50 years remain wise and youthful too. Her motherhood ends much before 50 years of age. Even sexual passion diminishes accordingly but men even after crossing middle age makes efforts to destroy all such powers of his. Under such situations women live longer than men. Widows are known to outnumber widowers.

Within the tiny periphery of her household women work hard and carry out various duties. Her apt family management should not be looked upon as any less important. It oozes with brilliant talent and specialty too. Lest with reference to this if after increasing her literacy skills and other capabilities she is handed over great important tasks of world society then she will succeed much more than expected.

Certain departments in developed countries have been handed over to women. In tasks related to health, medical healing, education, social welfare schemes, childrens upbringing, agriculture, animal breeding and various offices women have been handed over their duties and instead of relegating the energy of half the worlds population useless its wholesome usage is made.

Of what stature should be the new generation? Which special qualities should pervade their character, actions and inner personality? This responsibility can be shouldered by women only. A major portion of the personality of a child gets developed within the first 10 years of his life albeit in seed form. Till then he is under the jurisdiction of his mother. A major portion of ones childhood is spent living with ones family. In this family reside the mother and other elderly women. Under their tutelage a childs physical and mental growth takes place. In a certain sense these women can be called teachers. Via their utterances and actual behavior they mold the mind and body of a child. This nature remains with the child for his entire lifetime. In between very rarely a gigantic change is seen.

Time is changing speedily. That noose which so far forced world women to remain backward in life is now unloosening and will break up totally very shortly. Where an atmosphere of facilities appeared, women too got an opportunity to showcase their brilliant talent in useful tasks. Today she no longer is weak and in fact has manifested her potent form.

Although people say that poverty is the worst hardship and is called the mother of all dire problems yet the truth is quite different. In fact it is regressive backwardness that renders mankind weak and lacking progress. In the form of women half the worlds population has been rendered demeaned thus. If this state is uprooted when times change it is definite that womens greatness and brilliant talent will shine radiantly. The extraordinary benefit of this attainment will be accrued by entire world humanity.



Such situations are manifesting the world which connotes that 21 st century will be led by women. This we are saying because within world trends and activities hard heartedness and selfishness are about to be uprooted and in its place goodwill, cooperation and generosity will get reinstated. These sacred glories are naturally present in the soul of women.

In past time regarding women it was thought that she is weak and lacks enterprise. This is to the extent that she is incapable of becoming financially independent. She cannot even protect herself. She perforce lives a life dependent on others. Hence if under such circumstances those who look after her needs accrue benefits from her based on their whims and fancies and like a slave ask her to carry out their commands, what is wrong in that? This is the belief of the male section of world society. It is hence that everyday such incidences occur in the lives of women that can be labeled tainted in nature. These incidences include burning ones wife to death just because she brings with her less dowry, forcing her to leave the house, censuring the wife day in and day out just because she is not very beautiful to look at and if ever even a minor difference of opinion comes up she gets beaten up mercilessly. Those women who cannot endure all these atrocities are forced to commit suicide. All this is not hidden from anyone.

What requires to be mulled over is that are women truly weak? Is it that those men, who give women shelter and look after her needs, truly philanthropic, generous and meritorious or is it that in reality, they benefit much more from women? The answer to this question can be given only by going beyond traditional beliefs and making conclusions in a totally new manner. Else wrong beliefs can give us only tainted results.

After serious thinking one can only conclude that in no way women are weak. In fact she has always been capable in every way. Her greatness sees no limits. There is an opinion amongst great thinkers that women possess greater amounts of life force than men. She possesses extraordinary powers of endurance. She has immense potential to face dire diseases. From the standpoint of anatomy she is more beautiful, delicate and sweet. She possesses an extraordinary voice. She is rich in wisdom. If only she gets a chance to showcase her valor and intellect she will prove to be greater and more powerful than males. Amongst people possessing great intellectual skills women have always outnumbered men. She has proved her supremacy in various examinations and competitions. She has always preferred to remain defensive in nature because rarely one finds women executing tainted acts and arrogant behavior which for males is a very part and parcel of their lives.

When a sword remains unused it starts rusting and that the nozzle of a pistol gets filled up with dirt. This same precept applies to womens talent. Despite being brilliantly talented she has not been given a chance to aptly utilize the same. Whenever she was given a golden opportunity to exhibit her valor, enterprise and daring she did not allow that field to be proved regressive.

A more intense penance was done by Anasuya in comparison to Bhagiratha to bring down River Mandakini from heaven. Despite a plot designed against her she forced Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh to take up the form of babies and play like kids at her doorstep. When demigods after tasting defeat at the hands of demons were somehow saving their lives then a woman took up the form of Goddess Mahakali so as to defeat the wily demons and thus helped demigods save their very lives. In comparison to denizens of heaven Manushi had established her supremacy over them. Parvati became the wife of Lord Shiva. Kunti gave birth to children who were incarnations of demigods. Madalasa, Sita and Shakuntala by giving birth to divine men proved their greatness. Rani Lakshmibai built any army of such women that with their valor they gained a big victory over their arch enemies. The efforts of Vidyottama helped the stupid Kalidas become a great scholar. In the Vedic Age there were great female Rishis or Rishikas like Gargi, Maitreyi, Apala, Gosha and so on. The credit for the greatness of Chanakya, Shankaracharya and Vinoba Bhave must verily be given to their mothers. Ila had become the Purohit of a Yajna conducted by her father Manu. In the form of Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga etc the greatness of 9 Goddesses is worshiped by devotees and they are called presiding female deities of all Sidhis or Divine Powers. Lord Almighty too required the help of that Para Prakriti so as to design and create this cosmos who was a female.

Womens capability, intellect and sensitive emotions have always super ceded those of males. She is the life force of all creatures. If for only 100 years she does not procreate any children not one living being will be seen on planter earth and in this short time span only total destruction and world annihilation will be witnessed.

Just as male dominated family in various fields of the world on the basis of designing of families predominating with women are seen to bloom in a well managed way. There men are rendered service givers and workers of the family. They have to pay heed to discipline laid down by women. Under such conditions the view that females are weak gets challenged. There is a widespread belief that women are weak and men are powerful but this is not destiny based but is merely a trend in vogue. Right from good looks, sweetness of nature to high stature capabilities women are great and supreme. A womans sustenance can go on easily without help from men yet one cannot imagine smooth running of a family without women. Then why is she labeled weak and why did this trend set in wherein women were forced to live like maid servants in their house? At every step she faced harassment in the form of oppression, suppression and infliction of atrocities on her. How did it become a right for men to denigrate women thus in an arrogant manner and that she had to perforce live a life devoid of basic human rights within the folds of unethical male behavior?

After thinking and mulling deeply only 1 conclusion comes to mind and that is women have so far had to face oppression simply because she took up the great important task of rearing children. She lost her health and beauty in pregnancy and upbringing of babies and breast feeding too left her hollow. At the time of her babys birth she faces immense agony. While shouldering these responsibilities she started lagging behind as far as eking out earning and showcasing her inherent talent is concerned. The result of all this was that she was looked upon as a medium of weakness, helplessness and oppression. All these then are the reason why todays world women live downfallen lives. Further she had to live in a state between those of humans and beasts in a tamed fashion. In this harassed state tainted behavior and obstacles were thrown on her shoulders.

If women have to lead a life of bondage it is not as though only she faces danger. Even for those who look after her needs she becomes a big rock strung around their necks because of her fallen state. If half the worlds population is forced to live a life of bondage it is clear that its dire results will loom like a dark shadow around the entire world. For many centuries women have lived like slaves. Ill fate too is not giving her a chance to come out of this quagmire.

Today when the 21 st century is about to usher in, total transformation is being noted and women are readying themselves to get reinstated on the pinnacles of human glory. Hence it is the prime duty of the generous class of world males to help loosen bondage placed on womens shoulders. By rendering her literate and self sufficient men must show their gentlemanly nature and thus atone for their past innumerous sins.



We must truly understand that the 21 st century is giving us a message of the Womens Era. The era of darkness is now breathing its last breath. The present demeaned condition of women will no longer remain thus henceforth. The worlds awakened discrimination will no longer accept the all pervasive trend of unethical activities. Trends based on the terror tactics of colonialism, rule of a king etc will no longer be allowed to reign. The trend of slavery did not end simply because slaves fought tooth and nail with their masters. Slavery ended because the worlds awakened discrimination faculty spoke up for the harassed slaves and redeemed them from the bloody hands of their oppressors. In North and South America a civil war ensued between those who opposed slavery and those white skinned people who were for it but ultimately slavery was abolished by enacting laws.

It is not necessary that the oppressed class itself defeats the oppressors. In fact the potential of discrimination of this era is augmenting day by day that advocates it. Bismarck, Kropatikin and Nehru did not belong to the oppressed class yet they fought hard against those who oppressed society. In our country (India) in uplifting Adivasis and Harijans from fallen conditions it was not their opposition but the approval of lay public for justice that did the needful. The end of tainted traditions like child marriage, selling brides and grooms, dowry system etc was seen not because of valor of the victims but due to awakened discrimination in society. White skinned class who discriminated against black skinned people is being forced to beat a heavy retreat. The reason was not weakness of the powerful but the pressure put forth by public opinion based on true justice.

The reason behind unethical behavior inflicted on women by men is the males arrogant ego and oppression. The time has come to veer away from this obnoxious path and that past errors get corrected. In the past centuries a lot of cunningness and arrogant might was used to pressurize women but today we must think deeply over overcoming all these taints with goodwill based zest.

It is men who will have to take up the responsibility of troubleshooting the above problem regarding women. The question is not of marriage or lack of it, we are addressing all males. In it one can find farsighted discrimination that oozes with gentlemanliness, goodwill and one that identifies contemporary times. Within it lies atonement of sins and sanctification of all wrongdoings by men. In order to help advance women, men the world over must show extraordinary zest. In it is conjoined their true need and spiritual goal.

Mans needs shall be fulfilled from this standpoint that with the help of advanced women men can attain more and more wholesome benefits. He will get help from women who play the roles of a capable helper, manageress of the family, one who establishes sense of love and affection amongst family members and one who devotedly helps the oppressed class overcome all forms of harassment. It is men who will benefit when women who have so far been tied to their throats like heavy stones will now become images of goddesses who will bless them with various gifts. Thus the farsighted benefit of males lies in not only helping in advancing of his wife but the family and world society too. This men should do with total goodwill, power of resolve, hard work etc.

Men will attain their spiritual goal or salvation too because it is indeed a meritorious deed to help advance that class of society that has faced more grief than those who remain hungry during famines and those who for many years have lived a slave like life devoid of basic human rights. In it both elements abound viz. overcoming of grief and augmenting of various facilities. Just like distributing food, clothes etc it is neither a tangible merit where you hear praises showered on you by others. Even then from the result standpoint it can be compared to the greatest spiritual endeavor of this world.

For atonement it is imperative that spirituality be imbibed in life. Sins can only be destroyed by increasing meritorious deeds. Oppression on women was carried out by men for thousands of years; to atone for all sins collected the present generation should perform such austerities as were undergone by Bhagiratha to atone for sins committed by his ancestors. The 100 sons of Sagar died due to a curse of Maharshi Kapil and were burning in the fire of hell. Bhagiratha hence performed great penance to uplift them from hell.

Those writers and thinkers who assented to relegating world women in slave like conditions by creating a mesh of illusory intellectual arguments in favor of it definitely must be burning in hell. Those who took steps to put in practice and led in bringing into vogue vile beliefs all of them most definitely have paved the way to enter a hell like downfall. In order to uplift them the present generation must perform penance akin to Bhagiratha of yore. This is the right hour to perform austerities. For those who were instruments in setting up the trend of downfall we must set up a new trend of playing the role of uplifting them from hell. Lord Mahakal has given us this responsibility to us all today and hence it does not be hove us to backtrack out of weak heartedness.

Whether it is males or women themselves who have awakened, those who have heard and understood Gods call must shoulder the above responsibility. Just like those who behave unethically, those who endure others unethical behavior are very much at fault. Just like accepting bribes, giving bribes too is unethical. Injustice is known to augment simply because those who are supposed to combat it remain silent, handicapped and fearful. In whatever small or bog way one can contribute one must oppose, imbibe non cooperation attitude etc when unethical activities proliferate in society. If you insist on enduring all this silently most definitely the criminal sect will gain more force to act atrociously. In fact they will execute more crimes and illegal acts. In this world crime did not increase simply because criminals were more powerful. In fact the reason was that people became weak hearted when it came to opposing them and raising their voices against unethical behavior.

Although goats were tamed this was not successful as far as deer were concerned. There is but a marginal difference in their genetics and inner state. Dogs and wolves are of the same species. A very minor difference exists as far as domestic and jungle cats are concerned. One accepted to get tamed by humans and the other refused to accept slavery. If one has physical might one can kill someone but one cannot psychologically tame them. Hence just as wicked people the weak hearted too are guilty. It is something different that someones sins are more ferocious and the others sins are very less.

Under todays circumstances women who are illiterate, busy in household chores, lack self esteem and bound by the noose of slave like conditions needs our help. Even a little help from all of us will aid her in setting up a worldwide movement of womens uplifting. As of now it is world men who must shoulder this most required responsibility. It is best that this get commenced from our own homes and then like cascading effect it encompasses entire world society.

Right from laying the foundation stones of this worldwide movement to gathering all required means, it is the prime duty of world male society. It is best that after commencing all this, the responsibility gets handed over to women. Although it is soldiers who fight wars yet it is the government that looks after their needs like food, clothing, communication, vehicles, medicine, guidance etc. men too from behind the curtains must direct this womens movement and encourage leading women to take up the responsibility of neo creation of world society.

In this manner wisdom will dawn in women regarding their duties and the sapling of self progress will bloom into a tree. Slowly all those capabilities will take birth in her psyche on the basis of which they will lead in the 21 st century labeled Womens Century. Even men as per direction of the era controller must perform penance as atonement. In this manner not only will they get wholesome credit but that will get the sacred gift of boons from Almighty God.




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