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A mind boggling symbol - Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya (Founder of All World Gayatri Family) in 1968 AD established the symbol of red flame torch in the form of Durga Energy of this era. Preliminarily people may not have realized its deep import but slowly and surely along with the intellects advancement the deep nature of it started getting understood.

Various divine energies are special streams of Almighty Lords consciousness. Specialists are known to take pride in their special skills which is perfectly fine. Without experience of wholesome pride apt all round usage of special skills is obstructed yet they forget that the lone importance of specialists exists only up to a certain limit. Beyond this periphery exists, a need of a combined focused nature and a unified force.

Water, fire and air have their own independent special qualities. These divine elements within their limits carry out their individual functions very smoothly. Yet in creation of clouds and in cooking of food they get bound by the discipline of working in a well managed cooperative and combined manner. Every hue has its own beauty and utility but in order to paint a lovely picture all these colors zestfully must contribute cooperatively. The incarnation of Durga Energy took place on this very basis. Brahmaji, the creator explained to the demigods that for some very gigantic important goal only the combined focused form of their special skills can succeed. The demigods immediately assented and hence their combined concentrated power manifested as Durga Energy.

In great humans too one can find various divine tendencies and talents. Yuga Rishi helped us all understand that only to a certain limit he can prove to be independently useful and influential in a lone manner but for some great important mission their combined efforts are most required. In ancient eras Durga, a combination of divine powers manifested but today with the confluence of divine thinking the form of this eras Durga shall incarnate. The red torch is its living symbol. For solution of varied problems of this era various forms of the red flame torch shall manifest akin to their manifestation seen in present times too.

VARIOUS FORMS : In the 1 st step via the combination of special talent of people small editions of the red torch have to be made and they are being made such. In the future stage via the specialties of various sects and organizations their larger and more powerful editions shall manifest and are manifesting today. In order to uproot widespread demonic activities in life and all Prajna Groups, Womens Groups, Youth Groups etc active with a resolve/Sankalpa of carrying out great sacred activities shall be seen congregated under one red torch of era power. After this it shall be seen as an edition of the form of an active organization.

Even in the Prajna Family we can find personalities full of wealth of special skills. Slowly but surely they via the 7 movements are congregating in a unified manner. Within the program of education movement via Indian Culture Knowledge Examination extraordinary glorious people are manifesting via this unified power and shall do so in future too. Within the environment movement noteworthy success of Vriksha Ganga Movement is marching ahead being influenced by this very Durga Energy of this era.

In the 1 st phase since energized people of your organization united the above mentioned movements took speed. Slowly energized people of various other organizations too joined hence gigantic editions of era energy unexpectedly advanced forth.

FIVE SPECIAL CLASSES : Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has elucidated 5 classes of brilliantly talented people the world over. They are:






All these have their special stream. All these have been ensnared by demonic elements. Due to this demonic influence gloriously talented people of these 5 classes fail to execute world welfare tasks. Yet in all of them new sacred qualities of Era Energy shall awaken.

In the 1 st phase in all these 5 classes via people imbued with goodwill and sacred thinking, era powers initial qualities shall manifest. Due to their divine influence undesirable elements that have crept into these classes shall be uprooted and desired great activities shall rule the roost. In the future phase since divine thinking shall ooze in all these classes various streams of social revolution shall awaken and be rendered mobile.

The Rishi Institution has made all programs in the subtle world. Via ethical leadership they have to manifest in this visible world. The line of revolution of well being has been readied and they are waiting for honest leaders via whom they shall incarnate in an active manner.

Within the program of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Birth Centenary Celebrations (NOV 2011) via mediums of spiritual and material applications within our country and every nook and corner of the world, within all 5 classes mentioned above such ethical honest leaders require to be awakened. We must not err by looking upon Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Birth Centenary Celebrations (NOV 2011) merely as a mundane program. During this occasion by imbibing and latching on to divine energies sprouting forth in manifold ways becomes active in well being programs which is a great task. Their good results shall manifest for a long time span to come. Without reaching the divine goal of Neo Creation it shall not stop. Members of this organization and movement must realize that their test is whether they by winning the trust of world public how many great ethical leaders have they got ready that shall aid peoples power in attaining the great endeavor of Era Transformation?


The nature/form of 5 units of the red flame torch placed forth by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma is been seen manifesting very clearly. While opposing rampant corruption in India Anna Hazares Satyagraha suddenly took form of a national movement. It was a sight for the gods to seen the lay public in huge numbers participate zestfully and in a non violent peaceful manner. Members of our organizations telephoned us. The radiant form of the red flame torch is rising blazingly. With reference to this the nature and form of the red flame torch is as follows:

1) LAY PUBLIC: Amongst the groups that actively participated in Anna Hazares movement right from Delhi to important cities of the country, districts and villages all men-women of various states of the country from all classes participated. The desire and wish of each of them was that for erasing rampant corruption a very powerful Lokpal Bill must be passed by parliament. Every citizen of India was ready for self sacrifice in order to attain this goal.

We could visibly witness the unified influence of the public and its assent. Those police officers who in order to obstruct this movement slapped Law 144, arrested Anna Hazare, were forced to give the latter to protest for 15 days in the Ram Lila Grounds and they also helped in making various arrangements.

The result of the above was that that Prime Minister who previously declared the Satyagraha Movement useless had to perforce salute this very movement in the Parliament. Those who tried to dissuade the lay public from joining this movement had to shut their garrulous mouths and virtually all political parties gave the green signal for passing a strong transparent judicial law combating widespread corruption in India.

2) STRONG HANDS: Shri Anna Hazare emerged as a strong hand of a united public force. The function of our hands is first in importance because even if the body is attacked very powerfully by someone the hands reach out first to protect the body. Even if the hands are wounded its effort to save the body does not weaken. Annajis life of sacred principles and penance played the role of the hand holding the red torch very aptly.

3) THE RED FLAME TORCH: The red torch in the hand is a symbol of a living Sankalpa or power of resolve. In order to uproot corruption it is only a very potent power of resolve that can be compared to a red flame torch.

4) RED FLAME: The radiant energy that materializes our power of resolve or Sankalpa is called the red flame of the torch. Communal elements that break society may have believed that the force of the movement is slowing down a lot. Hence via wily cunning words they tried to delay everything without making proper decisions. But of course this thinking of theirs was a mere illusion. This energy instead of weakening even a wee bit became intense day after day. Ultimately the government got the warning. Public zest representing the red flame proved their integrity and principled nature.

5) AURA OF THE FLAME: Within the symbol of the red torch the aura of the flame represents divine help. It does not have any separate existence yet we do get a glimpse of it. Anna Hazareji himself many a times said that some divine power is executing this task. Many great people experienced tangibly that via his hallowed lips the thoughts of Rishi Power is clearly manifesting. Whatever had to be said and done was being guided by a divine authority.

Every person influenced by Annajis simplicity spoke of themselves as Anna. Anna not being a particular name had actually become a sacred attitude. Whatever Annaji appealed to people was on the lines of what Rishi Authority desired. He would say that in order to become Anna merely wearing a white cap like him would not suffice. For that they will have to imbibe great sacred activities as a result of which the public was attracted towards Annaji.

6) OTHER ASPECTS: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has clearly said that Era Transformation shall take place on a worldwide footing. Some lone institution or organization merely on the force it possesses shall not execute it in a lone fashion. Just as one electricity works in various machines of factories, home equipments etc and that various tasks are carried out with its aid in the same way Era Consciousness too via the medium of various classes, organizations and institutions shall work for this goal. This process shall work at the international level in a fully active manner.

If we glance at past times we shall realize that the influence of Era Consciousness is blooming forth in various regions the world over. Along with India in other countries too there are agitations that are demanding investigations into various scams and punishing the culprits severely. Such activities are speeding up day by day. The USA government is harassed by sizzling information placed forth by Wikileaks. From every nook and corner we are hearing voices against humungous amounts of black money stashed away in Swiss Banks. Behind all this is not a special class of people but is the collective effort of an awakened world public.

In Central Asia within many countries, people were fearfully silent for 30 years at a stretch, suddenly now started agitations against their corrupt governments on a gigantic scale. For great goals the unified public force in every arena of life is taking the form of Era Energy. The worlds brilliantly talented people are now uniting to combat pollution of various types and uprooting terrorism. We can call this various forms of onrush of Era Energy.

Wherever a confluence of sacredness of goals and skillful great personalities shall occur there people shall be chosen leaders by Rishi Authority. This process is manifesting during Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmas Birth Centenary Celebrations (Nov 2011) which sequentially shall be rendered widespread and very potent.



From none is hidden the true aim of the life of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma. He incarnated in this world for ushering in Gods scheme of bright world future for mankind. It is for this goal he worked relentlessly in a steadfast manner. It has 3 chief aspects-

1) SACREDNESS OF DESIRES: For attaining this goal his aspiration was so pious that no difference existed between Lord Mahakals and Yuga Rishis hallowed wish.

2) INTENSITY OF ZEST: The intensity of his verve for sacrificing his all to attain the goal has been rare and extraordinary.

3) Since both the above remained ceaseless for his entire sojourn on earth Lord Mahakals divine consciousness uninterruptedly flowed in his life and he was rendered a living image of Lord Mahakal. The divine flow of consciousness of this eras deity aided conjoining of awakened souls to him with the silken thread of divine love. What does it mean to conjoin? It means conjoining our entire lifes thinking and activities to the mission of great visionary saints, leaders and Avatars. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma did exactly this and us all who experienced his natural divine affection must also follow in his footsteps.

The size and stature of River Ganga is gigantic and hence the flow of divine water in it too is great. In it not only big boats move about but it has the capacity to give water to surrounding agricultural fields and forests. It could be that in small streams emanating from River Ganga big boats cannot be used yet it can at least irrigate small regions in its vicinity. In small vessels of water, neither can boats move about nor can they help irrigate fields, yet they can at least appease someones thirst and akin to Ganga, they the capacity to purify peoples lives. In order that the benefits of Gangas divine waters reaches all humans, small rivulets emanating from Ganga and small vessels holding Ganga waters play a great role. The only condition is that they must remain steadfast in the aphorisms of sanctity of character demarcated by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma.

We all members also take pride in conjoining to Yuga Rishis divine mission and yet our joining shall reap benefits only if these following precepts are observed-




From the standpoint of the size of the vessel we may be small akin to small vessels holding Ganga water yet from the standpoint of great qualities of Ganga waters our character similarly too should be great and pious. Lest we are able to do this we can render Yuga Rishi ecstatic and our life self fulfilled.


We members who adore Yuga Rishi in order to celebrate his birth centenary must be full of zest and zeal which is quite natural. The combined manifestation of enthusiasm and zest very naturally takes the form of a stupendous celebration program. With reference to this psychological fact everyone accepts the utility value of such celebration programs.

Despite this one point of note must be kept in mind. Mans zest is inspired by programs which are its specialty; yet a weakness of humans too gets joined to it. This weakness is in the form of one forgetting the very inspiring life force of the program while focusing on decorating the outside body of the program. Lest this error is not rectified the external form of the program may be wonderful yet its ultimate goal shall lack life force. No doubt we must benefit from the psychological aspect of the program yet no weakness should enter the ultimate inspiring goal of the program. Only then our hard efforts shall attain completeness.

Right since the discussion of this centenary celebration has commenced via the medium of Akhand Jyoti and Prajna Abhiyan Magazines we have tried to focus the attention of our All World Gayatri Family members towards Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmas life and its divine mission. Over here we feel it is apt to give a gist of this information-


1) Since we adore Yuga Rishi from the very core of our beings we must try and make him happy. Thus we must place at his hallowed feet our deep sacred faith.

2) Whatever he asked from us by opening his sacred mouth we must give him with open devoted hearts.


1) Tasks to be taken up shall be of high stature. For that from the standpoint of high stature labor, focus of mind, self sacrifice and humility people full of wealth of high sacred character must take up the role of leaders.

2) For worldwide transformation a gigantic public power that carry out big-small tasks albeit regularly is most required.

3) When both the above unite such a powerful flow of pressure must be created that due to its influence highly cultured pious souls associate themselves with this divine mission and that demonic ghostly activities the world over are rendered naught.


There should be such a gigantic leap as far as the number and great character of this eras soldiers and sculptors is concerned that in this flow no arena or class remains untouched. For this end all 3 movements shall have to be rendered mobile.

Propaganda: With such deftness and skill Rishi inspired tenets of Era Transformation must be sent to every arena and class that they feel all this is very ethically beneficial for them all. This first step is relatively easier to achieve.

Creation: By convincing great personalities of all classes and arenas to assent they must be rendered active so as to help them imbibe the precepts of Era Creation in their own arena and class. In their own areas of authority using their own techniques they must render active movements like austerities, education, health, self dependence, environment, uprooting of vices and blind traditions and womens awakening. This 2 nd leg is a bit difficult and can be attained only by high sacred character personalities.

Struggle: While overcoming obstacles coming in the way of the path of creativity we must march ahead. For those tasks that do not succeed even via training and motivation great leaders full of sacred Prana Energy must create such a pressure that people shall definitely reform for the better.


1) An organization should be formed which by reaching far off regions of the entire world must inform and inspire the world public.

2) Efforts should be made so that great talented personalities of various classes like religious, political, thinkers, artists and rich actively participate in Era Neo Creation.

3) Readying the new generation- by ceaselessly keeping in touch with educational institutions including primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary, college, university, special training etc we must inspire the new young generation to become partners in ushering in a bright world future.

4) By imbuing our zest for Yuga Rishis Birth Centenary Celebrations in various great tasks we can truly offer petals of our devoted faith at his hallowed lotus feet. This will not only please Yuga Rishi but shall glorify all of us too.



Time and again humanity has astoundingly taken such gigantic leaps that accordingly the new spring of divine men, carrying along with them the wealth of new off shoots, new buds and new fruits-flowers are laughing aloud in all directions.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

(From Samasyayein Aaj ki-Samadhan Kal Ke: Page 25)

These new turns of revolution creates an intense flow of transformation wherein knowingly or unknowingly, as per our desire or devoid of it everyone is forced to swim alongside it. During the time period of freedom struggle such upheavals and flow were noted. Regarding this in those days Maharashtras Saint Gajanan Maharaj was asked by his devotee: Revered Sir! On seeing various upheavals everywhere it seems that a gigantic revolution is about to usher in.

Initially Gajanan Maharaj maintained a profound silence but later said: This is merely the foundation. The sowing of the seeds of a huge super revolution shall take place in 1911 AD when the birth of an Avatar like great saint shall take place. At that time in India and the world over these upheavals shall commence and reach their peak. Many dire world situations shall be witnessed and fears of wars of small and gigantic types shall take birth. Mother Nature too will incite many calamities. But along with this sprouts of neo creation too shall be noted. This sequence of transformation shall go on uninterrupted.

One scene of the turn taken by this revolution shall be seen as India attaining political freedom from alien rule yet along with this many other incidences too shall come into play. Seeds of revolution sown in the subtle consciousness of the world shall give birth to turning of mind boggling revolutions. The human brain and heart shall certainly not remain unmoved by the sparks and flames of this great revolution. In fact even mire and muck shall catch this fire. The winds shall carry the message of this stupendous world revolution to every world human. History shall receive new words and earth shall don a new shape. In the picture of our country and the world old lines shall be wiped off and new ones shall be etched there. All this shall occur due to the divine presence and terrific austerities of that Avatar Saint after whose birth centenary celebrations the nature and form of this Era Revolution shall become crystal clear whose director shall be Almighty Lord Mahakal himself.



The New Era is arriving at full speed. None shall be able to obstruct it. The great traditions of ancient eras shall be reinstated and vile distortions of middle eras shall be rendered naught. Lord Mahakal is making necessary arrangements for this end and on its basis foundation stones are being laid. This era shall most certainly transform positively. My tiny life is meant to proclaim and give a message regarding this.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

(From SamaSukshmikaran Evam Ujjwal Bhavishya Ka Avataran-2)


These days, denizens of Mathura (India) are experiencing the divine greatness of the director of this eras revolution viz. Lord Mahakal who is the master of this era. This year was 1958 AD. Only 11 years back India had attained Independence from British rule. On the one hand its citizens were joyous on gaining freedom and yet they were sad regarding the freedom being partial. Despite this there were extraordinary vibrations in the atmosphere. These were days of cold winter. Preparations in full throttle wre being made for a gigantic Super Yajna meant for sowing seeds of Era Revolution. From every nook and corner of India devotees of Gayatri were arriving. Amongst these none was such who had not completed chanting of 0.125 million Gayatri Mantra Japa, intense austerities and observing difficult religious vows. In fact there were many zestful devotees who arrived in Mathura cycling for about 100 miles. From Saurashtra 2 persons named Shashikant and Rishikesh cycled for more than 600 miles so as to reach Mathura. A blind aged devotee called Ajabdatta walked about 100 miles to reach the venue.

Amongst these there were thousands of people imbued with faith in spiritual practices, steadfastness in penance and most importantly aspired to become aides in the divine sports of Lord Mahakal. The zest and enterprise of these enthusiastic people had merged in the air of Mathura city and waters of River Yamuna. In all directions there was discussion of about how Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was executing an extraordinary spiritual application via this Sahasra Kundi (1000 pyre) Yajna. This is such a mind boggling experiment of churning of the spiritual energy of the sun that due to its influence and reactions one after another new revolutions shall set rolling in the 21 st century the world over.

In all 4 directions a lot of discussion was taking place regarding the mundane and spiritual aspect of this Super Yajna. Eight towns were set up for Gayatri devotees of various regions which were spread out right from Gayatri Tapobhumi to Prem Mahavidyalaya. Their names were:

1) Narad Nagar

2) Dadhichi Nagar

3) Vyas Nagar

4) Patanjali Nagar

5) Vasishtha Nagar

6) Yajnavalkya Nagar

7) Bharadwaj Nagar

8) Vishwamitra Nagar

These townships named after great Maharshis truly were imbued with the subtle divine consciousness of Rishis. Over here one felt their extraordinary spiritual protection.

When only a few days remained for this Super Yajna of 1000 Kundis or pyres a very close devotee called Badriprasad Pahadiya asked Yuga Rishi: Gurudeva! The preparations of this Yajna are virtually complete. All arrangements are apt. each one is shouldering his/her responsibility appropriately. Under these conditions what will you command me to do? Gurudeva truly loved his disciple Pahadiyaji. The latter lived in Banda in Uttar Pradesh. Later he came to reside in Shantikunj, Haridwar. For his final sojourn of life he stayed here. Initially on hearing this question gurudeva Shriram Sharma remained deeply silent but later with a slight smile he said: Come! I shall hand over to you the most important responsibility of arrangements of this Yajna. You must shoulder it very dutifully and there should be no room for complaints. Please command me O Revered Guru! I will sacrifice my very life and being for it. Yet do tell me what do I need to do? As an answer to Pahadyajis query Gurudeva said: You must welcome very important guests; look after their needs and feed them sumptuously. I shall carry out this task with ease. You shall get no complaints for this task. On hearing this Gurudeva said: At first at least ask me who these very special guests are? Pahadiyaji mentally mulled that maybe these special guests could be some minister of the cabinet or state or some very senior government official. Before he could think further Yuga Rishi interrupted saying: For me ministers or high status officials are not so important. For me Rishi Authorities by dwelling in the Himalayas for carrying out ceaseless austerities for world well being is much more important and special.

From amongst these quite a few Divine Rishis are going to come for this Yajna. Now it was Pahadiyajis turn to get spell bound. Now he started hearing what Yuga Rishi had to say with more focus. Gurudeva continued: They themselves shall come to meet you. You must give them proper place to stay and feed them with hearty meals. You must not throw away the leaf plates after they finish eating food in it but you must dig a big hole in the ground and bury them there. These pious utterances of Gurudeva rendered Pahadiyaji more cautious and along with this he yearned to hear more since his curiosity was aroused.

On the very first day of the Super Yajna at dawn while Pahadiyaji was strolling on the River Yamuna shores suddenly 5 people who appeared old in age appeared before him. Pahadiyaji failed to realize from where and how suddenly these 5 people arrived. On seeing them he surmised that the height of these 5 people is about 8 feet. Three amongst them were totally naked and 2 of them wore only a loin cloth. Two of them were fair skinned and three of them had a little darker skin. Yet their mat locks were very long, they had a long beard on their chin and their eyes shone brilliantly akin to sun at noon time. Pahadiyaji on seeing them blinked his eyes. One of these 5 spoke and said: O Pahadiyaji! Do not get worried. Beforehand Yuga Rishi has already spoken to you about us. Hence please give us a guided glimpse of the sacred ground where the Super Yajna is to take place. On hearing this Pahadiyajis attention got focused again. He bowed down full length at the hallowed feet of these 5 aged men and started walking by their side. For 3 full days Pahadiyaji accompanied these 5 men and very responsibly made proper arrangements for their stay and food as was commanded by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma.

The final day now arrived. Today these extraordinary great seers were to bid good bye. A lot of questions arose in the mind of Pahadiyaji but he was previously advised not to ask anything. But this inner turmoil in Pahadiyaji was easily noted by these 5 divine men. Amongst these, one fair skinned saint asked: O Pahadiyaji! Yuga Rishi has asked you to maintain discipline but he has not bound us with it. We shall definitely satiate your curiosity and answer your questions. First and foremost Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma talks of Lord Mahakal but know for sure that he and Almighty Lord are one and inseparable. In the manifest visible form that person whom the world recognizes as Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya is in fact at the subtle invisible level the cosmic Lord Maheshwar-Mahakal. Era Transformation is his most definite steadfast Sankalpa or mental resolve.

This Super Yajna is the proclamation of Era Revolution that shall be harbingered by Yuga Rishi. The extent to which the gross visible form of this Yajna is widespread, its subtle invisible form is infinitely more cosmic in nature whose influence and result shall not only be seen in the 20 th century but shall be witnessed by all in the 21 st century too. A small portion of this mission shall be executed by Yuga Rishi in this present physical body of his. And the major remaining portion shall be successfully implemented by him after he sheds his mortal frame. After his body is given up the world shall undergo a flood of revolutions and transformations. No arena of life and no region of the entire world shall remain untouched by these revolutions and transformations. Yuga Rishi himself will be the director of this Era Revolution whom you can relate to as Lord Mahakal too. Via him using the medium of 1000 pyre Super Yajna a flow of revolutions shall be created whose one portion shall appear from Yuga Nirman Mission set up by Yuga Rishi. Pahadiyaji was absolutely stunned hearing all this. Later the 5 Rishis disappeared from his vision.



As of now in India, in Hindu Religion, from the dais of religion, seems centered Yuga Nirman Missions movement that shall create the destiny of world human race but in future times these present boundaries shall become widespread in a manifold way so as to become limitless. At that time no directions of some lone institution or organization shall hold water but that from thousands of units of various stature such masses of light shall radiate via whose limitless energy those incidences of gigantic revolutions shall be termed wondrous and mind boggling and they themselves as per prevalent times shall render todays auspicious opening dance more intense and potent day after day. Via fiery flames of Tandav Dance reaching the skies in future how and in what manner shall the role of converting the ancient into modern new be played? To think about all this and even bring it into the ken of our imagination is well nigh impossible. The gist is that via the revolution based flow of Yug Nirman Mission todays dark gloomy night shall definitely get transformed into a radiant golden rising sun (ushering in a radiant world future).

..Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, Swarup Va Karyakram

(Vangmaya Kramank 66, Page 3.40)

Our Yug Nirman Mission is a stream of revolution. It is marching ahead with cyclonic speed and in future it shall do exactly this. The commencement of the Ashwamedha Yajna is an onrush in this stream. In future many such onrushes shall be witnessed the world over. All this was being uttered by HH Revered Mataji in a meeting with volunteers of All World Gayatri Family. This meeting was taking place in a hall near her room. In these days preparations for the Ashwamedha Yajna was going on with breath taking swiftness. From every nook and corner of India volunteers were arriving there in large numbers. Everyone tried to aspire for such an Ashwamedha Yajna taking place in their area too. It was decided that the 1 st Ashwamedha Yajna would take place in Jaipur-Rajasthan-India.

In comparison to the measure of zest seen amongst volunteers of our country india and alien nation for this chain of Super Yajnas much more of it was noted in those dwelling in Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family). The entire methodology and program of this Yajna rite was being demarcated. Those volunteers who were to execute this Yajna rite were being trained in a special way. It was decided that this time women volunteers attached to Shantikunj would play the role of Brahmavadinis. A special edition of Akhand Jyoti Magazine too was undergoing preparation for final printing. It was for all this that Revered Mataji had called a meeting. Although the number of people attending it was less yet the topics discussed were very important. It seemed as though HH Mataji via the medium of this Ashwamedha Yajna was about to manifest a terrific explosion of her spiritual energy.

Her sacred emotions, body language and facial appearance was such that it could be compared to Goddess Durga who had decided to uproot all demonic forces and activities in the world. She was saying: Child! It was my wish to perform 108 Yajnas in every nook and corner of India. Then after a pause she continued: O! Why only in India; they should be performed in every nook and corner of the world. This is because even there we yearn to sow seeds of a Great Revolution. After uttering this much she looked up and as though gazing at void she kept quiet. After this she said: but this does not seem possible. Even I will not exist on earth while so many Yajnas are being fulfilled because ultimately I too have to leave this gross world to help Gurudeva (her holy consort). Never mind, after I leave this world you all must carry out this mission. The remaining Yajnas I shall perform in the subtle world.

On hearing subtle world everyone was transfixed. On seeing people seated nearby amazed HH Mataji said: Why are you all so astounded? Only 5% of the portion of Yug Nirman Missions activities can be seen in this gross visible world with our mundane eyes. The remaining 95% is being executed in subtle worlds not visible to our gross eyes. This was something new for those hearing all this. Overlooking their thought process she said: How can this entire era be revolutionized and transformed merely via mediums like you volunteers, Shantikunj, Gayatri Tapobhumi, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan and all Shaktipithas?

Gurudeva has already told you all that you represent Krishnas cowherd boys or Rams monkeys-bears. Although your zealous help does make us happy yet it is not enough. For this Gurudeva Shriram Sharma is working day and night in the subtle world. Over there he has powerful helpers too. Akin to Rishi Authorities of the Himalaya Mountains the subtle world drips with divine energies which are playing the role of Indras thunderbolt and Lord Parshurams pick axe. Via the terrific efforts being executed there in future incidences of taking place in the world shall render this Era Revolution successful and complete.

On saying this much HH Mataji paused and she took in her hand a glass of water kept on the table nearby so as to take a couple of sips from it. Then with a mysterious smile on her face she said: At the time when the world over there was a worry that a 3 rd world war shall take place, Guruji did Sukshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the soul subtly potent). Via this spiritual practice he performed many tasks. One such chief task was to nullify the very possibility of a 3 rd world war erupting. At that time he had written: No doubt minor wars shall take place in stray ways yet the danger of a 3 rd world war erupting has been warded off completely. This danger has been nullified in the gross visible world but not in the subtle world.

In the subtle world this world war is going on in a terrific and intense manner. It can be called much gigantic than world wars of the gross mundane world. Then laughingly she said: Why call it a world war when actually it is a cosmic war? On the one hand the army of demons stands holding eerie weapons and on the other hand demigods, great saints and Rishis have contributed all their divine energy. Gurudeva himself using his Trishul weapon has jumped into this Great War. The more he gains victory in it to that extent, obstacles in the way of Era Revolution shall be nullified. At that time you all shall be able to witness that without you all saying anything, without you all executing a worldwide propaganda various institutions and organizations the world over shall act as per the great sacred thinking of Gurudeva.

Those tasks that are being executed via Shantikunj today shall tomorrow be carried out by many other organizations and institutes the world over. Not only shall this mission pervade India but that it shall spread in every nook and corner of the world. HH Mataji continued: One phase of this mission shall get completed till Gurudeva Shriram Sharmajis Birth Centenary Celebrations in November 2011. The 2 nd phase shall get fulfilled when you all celebrate Gurudevas Centenary Celebrations of Sadhana or spiritual practices. One amongst those who was hearing HH Mataji asked her: Will that mean the year 2026 AD? She replied: Yes, from the year 2011 AD to 2026 AD an enormous flood of revolutionary incidences will be witnessed in India and the entire world. This time period shall see widespread transformations. By the time this phase ends the nature of Era Transformation shall become very crystal clear. On saying this much she smiled and laughingly said: This very proclamation was noted in the revolutionary utterances of great divine personalities in the past.



The meaning of revolution is that it is such a process of transformation of our thinking wherein public consciousness perforce starts opposing what is not apt and instead imbibes wholesomeness.

..Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, Naitik evam Baudhik Kranti Kaise?

(Vangmaya 65, Page 1.45)

Great visionary seers and saints dwell not in the world of individuality but dwell in cosmic all pervasiveness. They are never pained by sorrows in their personal lives but experience agony when the lay public undergoes strife. Their hearts are very much moved and agonized when others undergo unhappiness. Their eyes shed tears for entire world creatures. These extremely focused sensitive sentiments of theirs create sparks of revolution in their hallowed speeches. Sardar Vallabhai Patel immersed in such thoughts was silently seated in the balcony of the flat of his son Dahyabhai in Mumbai. After the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi passed away Vallabhais health had started deteriorating. Due to Gandhijis death his heart was experiencing agony. How painful was this agony was gauged by his daughter Maniben only when she read a portion of Shri Mahadevbhai Desais diary in which Sardar had told Gandhiji: After you shed your mortal frame I will not wish to remain alive. I pray to Almighty God that both of us die at the same time.

Of course this did not happen but after Mahatma Gandhi passed away Sardar Patels psyche was so shell shocked that his natural laughter stopped and within 20 days he was attacked by a heart ailment. In the summer of 1950 AD speedily his health declined. He started coughing in which blood too was emitted. Once he told his ministerial aide V N Gadgil: This thorn of Kashmir is truly paining me. Only if I could have solved the Kashmir issue it would be best. On another occasion the Sardar said: Does political power lead a person astray? Then he said: I truly repent the state of some of my colleagues. Saying thus he breathed deeply and continued: It is in the present times that India truly needs Gandhijis guidance yet look at Almighty Gods divine sports that he left us all for his holy abode. Today our country needs a new revolution. Such a revolution that teaches Indians how lead life wholesomely, teaches politicians and government officials clean ethical politics and what is foremost is that the dark gloom of rampant corruption must be uprooted. Somewhere deep down Sardar Patel was worried about corruption.

On seeing his failing health when Maniben limited the hours he spent in meetings and other tasks, the Sardar used this extra time for reading. The subject he read was revolution. He would read the revolutions witnessed in various other countries and history of great revolutionaries. He would deeply cogitate over where and in which revolution mistakes had crept in. what exactly is incompleteness in the philosophy of revolutions? While reading and thinking thus he would again and again get deeply immersed in thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.

The evening of that day passed by, just like that. Next day in the morning hours although his health was not good he started reading his own past writings. In it the 1 st thought was of Aristotle which was a part of his book Politics-revolutions are not meant for mediocre aims but commence due to lowly situations. Further Sardar read what Trotoski had to say: The foundation oath of a revolution is that the present social management is incapable of troubleshooting important problems pertaining to the nations all round progress and development. On reading this much his facial emotion remained the same. No change was seen in it. It appeared as though these thoughts did not satisfy him. Keeping aside these papers he started walking up and down. While walking he was thinking that the thought of revolution should be such which is both at the national and international level. It must not only fulfill Indias needs but must be acceptable to the international fraternity. It must inspire a sense of world brotherhood.

After mulling a bit for sometime thus he read the speech of the author of Cubas revolution Chegwara: It may sound strange but true revolutions must always be inspired by love. After this Emerson opined: initially every revolution commences as a thought taking birth in a persons intellect. Voltaire opined that injustice is the mother of all revolutions. On reading all this Sardar felt that it no doubt is good yet it is not complete. He was thinking that today our country India requires a revolution; why India only, the entire world requires a foundation of true wholesome thinking that can solve problems related to individuals, family and society at large. It must be very active. It must take a good look at social tenets, test cultural facts and that is capable of helping people conjoin to spiritual sacred sentiments. While respecting ancient traditions it must also learn to imbibe modern principles. In it there must be apt place for modern science and its principles.

Thinking thus he got up. The atmosphere was cooler now. He was coughing a bit. He draped a shawl placed nearby round his shoulders and lay down on his bed to rest. He did not realize when he fell asleep. A little later Maniben came there. Seeing her father sleeping she was assured. She knew her fathers nature. His lifes Mantra was ceaseless work and honest effort. He felt he must put to work his mind and body to the utmost. He opined that if ones activities are selfless and desire less they themselves take the form of prayer to Almighty God. Via such pious tasks one can attain great proximity to God. Next day morning when he woke up he was happy despite being tired. After performing morning ablutions he took his medicines and again started strolling about.

While strolling thus his attention was drawn to a magazine kept in a cupboard nearby. It did not have a cover page. What was written in it he read thus: The 3 fold method of working of Akhand Jyoti Family is soul neo creation, family neo creation and society neo creation. All their efforts buzz around in the neo creation of a healthy body, clean pious mind and cultured/civilized world society. India has already witnessed a political revolution. Political leaders are endeavoring for an economic revolution. Three revolutions remain that fulfills the all round goal of development and progress. Until these are not completed we cannot go beyond dire situations. The 3 requirements of intellectual, ethical and social revolutions are such that without them it is impossible to materialize the dream of a bright world future. On hearing these thought regarding a true revolution Sardars face beamed smilingly. He called Maniben and asked her: Where did this magazine come from? She replied that one of their volunteers had given it. The volunteer had said Pandit Shriram Sharma who was the editor of this Akhand Jyoti Magazine was also a great Sidha saint of Gayatri and guided his followers too to perform Gayatri meditation and worship. Initially he had participated in Indias freedom struggle but now since India has attained freedom he is carrying out this other new important task. On hearing Maniben Sardar Patel said: Mani! I have never met Pandit Shriram Sharma and even if I have met him previously I fail to remember him. But I shall definitely say this whoever he is he truly understands what a true revolution is. It is he who can fulfill Bapu Gandhis imcomplete tasks. On reading Pandit Shriram Sharmas writings I am satisfied, happy and blissful because now I have faith that via him the country shall truly realize where a real revolution is and who is a true revolutionary.



Righteousness and religion means ceaseless revolution.

.Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, Naitik evam Baudhik Kranti Kaise?

Vangmaya No. 65, Page 1.8

Where is revolution? Who is a revolutionary? These questions always emerge in the hearts of many. Even today there are many people who very seriously are trying to unearth answers regarding this. These questions rendered Bhagat Singh too into a deep thinker. In these days his mind was experiencing a bit of unrest. This unrest had nothing to do with any personal or family hardship. Emotions with reference to home, family, kith and kin had been kept far away by him from his psyche. This was to the extent that he had forgotten body consciousness and joys-sorrows pertaining to the body. Today he felt he had merged into every particles of the mud of his mother land India. He had merged into the waters its rivers, ponds and rivulets. He felt that his countrys air had thoroughly merged into his very breath. His mother land was his very existence. Indias hardships and strife pained him deeply.

This was the very reason behind his unrest and anguish today. Jatindas death had created an upheaval in his soul. He was well aware of Jatindas valor. It was because of this valor that he was called Lion Jatin. It is believed that with his strong arms he had flung the king of the jungle, a lion on to the ground. This very Jatindas was seen dying a painful death by Bhagat Singh and his friends due to a hunger strike. First Jatindas one hand got attacked by paralysis and then his 2 nd hand became useless due to lack of nutrition. In the same way first 1 leg became useless, then the 2 nd leg deteriorated and finally he lost Gods most precious gift given to all creatures viz. his eye sight. Slowly the brilliance of his eyes commenced dousing and slowly his vision was lost. This death was not like death undergone immediately due to hanging on the guillotine but was akin to slow poison death where each moment is more and more painful.

This death of Lion Jatin which took place on 13 th Dec 1929 was like it pervading the very existence of Bhagat Singh. On that day he remained silent and did not talk to anyone. The next day on 14 th Dec Bhagat Singh experiencing agony and unrest in his heart again commenced smiling. The hour was noon. Since a few clouds loomed in the sky his room had dim light but yet he started reading. Quite a while passed by when he was reading thus. At that time someone said aloud: O! What are you doing? As an answer Bhagat Singh in a soft but firm voice said: One revolutionary is meeting another. Immediately he turned back. The man who had questioned saw in Bhagat Singhs hands Shrimad Bhagwad Gitas commentary called Gita Rahasya written by Lokmanya Tilak.

The questioner asked: You were saying that you are meeting a revolutionary yet you are merely reading Gita Rahasya. Brother! This verily is the mystery of our meeting. In this meeting was not one but were 3 revolutionaries. Who were these 3? The questioners curiosity was aroused. As an answer with a loud guffaw Bhagat Singh said: The 1 st revolutionary is Lord Shri Krishna, the 2 nd is Lokmanya Tilak and the 3 rd is me. In the meantime Sukhdev too arrived there and spoke: You were generally known to read Lenin then why are you reading Gita Rahasya today? Bhagat Singh replied: It is true that I have great affection for Lenin but alongside him I adore and revere Lord Shri Krishna, Guru Gobind Singh and Chatrapati Shivaji too. I also get inspiration from Kamal Pasha, Rizwan Khan, Washington, Garyboldy, Lafarete etc.

Speaking thus he seriously addressed Sukhdev: I was wondering where exactly is a revolution? Who is a revolutionary? Sukhdev and his other friends asked: So what are your thoughts regarding it? All friends of Bhagat Singh were well aware of his great brilliant talent. Everyone would hear him attentively. Bhagat Singh was saying: Revolution first enters the hearts of those who are true, valiant, who do not compromise with unethical vile behavior and activities and a true revolutionary is one who with the spark of the fire of a revolution seated in his bosom can ignite the same in the hearts of others. They can sow the seeds of revolution present in their psyche and intellect into others too. Whoever carries out this great task with more intensity, alertness and render it more widespread the greater is such a revolutionary.

After saying this much he got up. On glancing outside he saw drops of rain falling down. It appeared as though whole of Mother Nature was shedding tears for Jatindas death. Both Sukhdev and Bhagat Singh looked deeply into each others eyes and then smiled. But of course this smile gave a glimpse of sadness in it. Hiding this sorrow of his Bhagat Singh said: Sukhdev! For revolutions and revolutionaries Bhagwad Gita is a gigantic fount of hope. How come? A friend standing nearby questioned thus. The reason is that, it teaches us to go beyond the gross body and its requirements. It tells us that even if an unjust person is very closely related to you, those who cooperate with such unjust wicked people may be very great in stature yet they all must be vehemently opposed.

While strolling in his jail cell he spoke: Just as Lokmanya Tilak wrote Gita Rahasya similarly the revolutionary philosophy of Bhagwad Gita too must be penned. A true revolutionary is one who is full of radiant Viveka or discrimination and possesses terrific dispassion towards materialism. Of course! I am sure about one thing that in our country revolutions can never die because in that country where the citizens are taught not to accept slavery to the 5 sense organs and mind can that country and its citizens ever accept slavery towards unjust and oppressive people? I have full faith that revolutions shall

Bhagat! You always project a new viewpoint for every subject. Sukhdev spoke thus. In reply Bhagat Singh said: The thing is truth must be identified. I say Prahlad who refused to accept his demon father Hiranyakashipus unruliness was a great revolutionary. In this era of ours Swami Vivekananda was a true guide of ushering in revolutions. Speaking thus he paused a bit and then with a choked voice he said: Even our Jatin used to say this. His death has definitely taught us one thing-In future days to come revolutions shall succeed not with usage of bombs, guns etc but with true thinking.

In front of our countrys youth lies this most important task. They must go to each home and tell all that revolutions are required not merely in the arena of politics but that it is required in every walk of life. This message must be sent to every nook and corner of the nation. This fire of revolution must be ignited in the minds of millions of people in factories/mills, in dirty slums and in tattered huts of every village so that India attains freedom from alien British Rule and thus it will henceforth be impossible for one human to oppressively suck the blood of other humans. It is best that our countrymen look upon the Bhagwad Gita and Singer of this Song Celestial (Lord Krishna) as a revolutionary philosophy and guide for carrying out revolutions. Revolutions must be looked upon as a religion. Such a great religion that by designing the Mahabharat super war, the underlying aim was to destroy unwholesomeness and taints of all sorts. Only via such terrorizing destructions can shoots of positive wholesome creativity usher in.



The present times in world history are mind boggling and astounding. On the one hand storms of terrible world annihilation are becoming ferocious and on the other hand zest of neo creation leading to Satyuga or Golden Era are dancing forth. Destruction and neo creation are competitors yet it is possible that at one and the same time both march ahead in their individual directions. In these days dark clouds of gloom reign in the skies and on the other hand one can get a faint glimpse of the sun about to rise in the sky.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Apno se apni bat, Pranvan pratibhaon ki khoj

(Akhand Jyoti, October 1988, Page 42-43)

Along with hair raising fearful destruction I can clearly experience positive creativity too. This was said by Arnold Joseph Toynbee to his wife Mrs. Veronica M Bolter. Mrs. Bolter along with being his wife was also a fellow researcher. At that time she was seated in the library of their house along with her husband Arnold. Along with these two was Arnolds trustworthy friend William Rogers. At that time Arnold was 85 years old. His research study and experience were hot topics of discussion the world over. A book written by him covering 12 volumes was written by Arnold called A study of history. It was highly eulogized the world over by various universities and specialists. Other highly praised books of his were Civilization on trial, East to West and Hellenism.

Arnold was a keen scholar of world history. He was very well versed with the culture, civilizations and history of all countries of the world. With reference to international matters the British Government always sought his advice. Time and again during his lifetime he shouldered many important responsibilities. All scholars the world over of history and political observers accepted every conclusion given by Arnold as genuine proof. Along with being a respected scholar he was a high stature man of penance and spiritual aspirant. While residing in London his life was very much akin to that lived by honorable Rishis of ancient India. In the form of divine glory he had terrific capability of foreseeing future events. As a result the well known Time Magazine had honored him with the title of an International Saint.

At that time too he was discussing his experiences. This experience he had got during great profound heights of meditation. Along with this all historical and political wisdom was proving it true. He was saying: Veronica! In my times I have witnessed 2 world wars. I have visibly seen dire fearful situations and torture during these world wars. In a certain sense I was a partner in the 2 nd world war. I myself had gone and interviewed Adolf Hitler. With reference to the 2 nd world war, I have given important contributions for peace talks. Speaking thus he glanced at the window of the library and remained silent.

Outside along with snow drops of cold water too were pouring down. It appeared as though trees in the garden outside the library were first bathing with these drops of water and then were applying makeup using snow falling down. Seeing that Arnold was silent Veronica got up, went to the kitchen and brought coffee in cups. She placed one cup of coffee in front of Arnold and the 2 nd she gave to Rogers. The 3 rd cup was for her. Seeing Arnold quiet thus Rogers glanced in Veronicas direction and softly said: What do you think Sir is thinking about? Veronica in a serious tone replied: The destruction that shall take place in the world henceforth shall be more ferocious, destructive and widespread than previous times. But what shall be more mind boggling is that along with positive neo creation too shall be noted. Whatever destruction shall take place, will include that created by nature and mankind. Along with this, new precepts of neo creation and truth shall bloom forth.

This observation of Toynbee appeared a bit strange which was not clearly understood by Veronica and Rogers. Hence both almost in unison said: Please clarify this further. Arnold smiled a bit and replied: The cast created by nature includes environment, water, air, season along with natures form encompassing jungles, rivers, mountains etc. Thus in future such waves shall be noted in nature (Prakriti) that all of it shall get totally transformed. They shall be responsible for earthquakes, ocean storms, tsunamis, excess rains, famine and other calamities.

Similarly casts created by mankind too shall get destroyed. These include political, social, economic, thought based, literacy based and to the extent of our lifestyles. Strange and revolutionary episodes the world over shall set rolling with such swiftness that whatever is old and tattered shall get destroyed. Along with this it appears to me that all this shall not take place due to human effort. In fact it shall be done by nature and Almighty Lord. Man in the form of an individual and nation shall only become mediums and instruments. Very strange astounding situations shall appear the world over. Such a total revolution shall usher in which brings in transformation from the very roots whose director/creator shall By Almighty God himself.

Saying this much he kept silent and after drinking coffee he breathed deeply. Again he spoke: No doubt it will seem unnatural to immediately accept this reality yet the fact remains that all the moulds of destruction set up by the western world shall slowly be destroyed and in it what is amazing is that despite an environment of world destruction looming large, a 3 rd world war shall not take place. Soviet Russia called a Super Power due to internal causes shall lose this status. The 2 nd Super Power America shall weaken a lot due to many problematic situations faced by it.

These utterances of Toynbee were truly astounding. On hearing it Rogers got up and said: Sir! Who shall stop this world war from taking place? Rogers, do not get so excited. Please sit down. It shall be stopped by a terrific flow of spiritual energy emanating from India. From this very inspiring flow all precepts of neo creation shall sprout forth. Due to these very precepts moulds of nature and human based shall be known and understood. On saying this much Toynbee paused and then on a serious note said: It is crystal clear that the chapter that commenced from the western world shall end via India if we truly desire that the end not be suicidal for the human race. At this dire junction of history for world humans the only solution is to imbibe methods and culture of India and Indian lifestyle. This shall be done either by world humanity or that Almighty Lord will force them to do so. This shall definitely happen. Everyone the world over shall return to an Indian way lof living.

Revolution is always personal. Whatever is seen in society is but the reaction of this individualistic CHAPTER 7


revolution. The basis of this personal revolution is positive and total transformation in peoples lifestyle.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, Naitik evam Baudhik Kranti kaise?

Vangmaya No. 65, Page1.24

Lifestyles can never be gauged merely on the basis of how people eat, sleep and rest. No doubt it is an important aspect and yet it is miniscule. Its widespread basis is an individuals thinking process and his viewpoint of life. What do you think regarding yourself? What do you think regarding others? How do you view society and nature? After speaking thus Daisaku Ikeda glanced in the direction of Betty Williams seated nearby. Betty was already the winner of the glorious Nobel Prize. Despite being such a well known scholar and possessing a highly eulogized personality Ikedas personality truly attracted her attention. Ikeda opined that the most important revolution of the world always took place in peoples lifestyle and mode of living.

He is such a living personality whose life and thoughts are discussed avidly. Daisaku born in Japan in 1928 dwells in Tokyo city with his wife Kaneko Ikeda. They have 3 sons called Hiromasa Ikeda, Shirohisa Ikeda and Talahero Ikeda. Regarding lifestyles and mode of living, his experiences are quite profound. In childhood his health was not good. In between he was attacked by tuberculosis. Later he came in contact with his Guru Josi Toda who changed the very foundation of Ikedas thinking. Under Todas guidance and proximity he studied literature, history, chemistry, material science, politics, economics, math and Buddhist Philosophy at Toda University. Ikeda was deeply influenced by Buddhas life and philosophy. Along with this he was introduced to Buddhas place of birth i.e. India and was greatly influenced. After his Guru Toda passed away he became the chief of his organization called Soka Gakkai (SGI). This spiritual organization has about 15,000,000 members and it has branches in about 192 countries of the world.

Betty Williams was well versed with Ikedas special qualities. At that time she was very attentively listening to what he was saying. He was saying that a lifestyle had 3 pillars viz. thinking, character and social behavior. If revolutionary seeds get sown in our thinking they themselves transform our character and social behavior akin to what happened in my life. My Guru Toda transformed my very thinking process. In todays times it can be said to the ill fate of humans and humanity that people today are growing up akin to plants/trees of jungles and in a very wayward manner somehow grows up. There is no gardener to prune and nurture them. This is the reason why todays world is undergoing the curse of a wayward undesirable lifestyle. In a certain sense distorted lifestyles lead to unrest, sorrow, downfall, flood of psychic diseases, manifold suicides, bodily illnesses, family quarrels and social disarray.

In the meantime his servant Fukoshama brought glasses of a Japanese drink. Ikeda gestured him to hand over this drink to Betty and himself continued speaking: Yet such a state of disarray wont last for long. It is the pinnacle of pain and anguish that gives birth to a revolution. Today the strife of our lifestyle too has reached its peak. This is the reason why a revolution shall definitely usher in our lifestyle. In fact I say it has already commenced. So many movements have commenced the world over viz. Yoga, Live Positive, Thought Revolution, Art of Living etc. He kept talking and Betty Williams heard him out in a focused manner. In the meantime Ikedas wife came there.

She offered a glass of Japanese drink to him and he accepted it smilingly. His wife smiled back. Smilingly she said: If you give me permission may I say something? Betty Williams said: Please do! Ikedas wife said that even spiritual Mantras are like seeds of thought that bring about a positive transformation in our lifestyle. I have seen that if we do Japa of the Mantra Nama myoho renge kyo mentioned in the Lotus Sutra of Nichiren Buddhism along with carrying out our righteous duties mind boggling transformation is seen in their lives.

On hearing the topic of Mantras Ikedas enthusiasm surged forth. He stood up and in the room itself while strolling up and down he said: While I had travelled to India I had heard about Super Mantra Gayatri. Those who perform spiritual austerities using Gayatri Mantra experience revolutionary positive changes in their lives and lifestyles. In the Sanskrit literature of India Maharshi Valmiki is highly spoken of. His lifestyle underwent a miraculous transformation. In Buddhist literature Lord Buddhas very life is proof of the fact that when thinking reforms from the very roots, ones lifestyle too transforms. Buddhas transformed life helped transform lives of thousands of other followers to the extent that a ferocious demon Angulimal turned into a pious ascetic (Bhikshu).

This talk of Ikeda was in full flow. The Nobel Prize winner Betty Williams was thoroughly listening to him. Truly Ikedas personality was very influential. The reason behind this influence was the profundity in his experiences and its widespread nature. There are many examples of world famous personages who in their respective fields oozed with brilliant talent. Some of these are Arnold Toynbee, Lins Polling, Vangarimathai, Moriann Pearl, MS Swaminathan, Robert Bejiyo, Coret Scott King, Joseph Rotbet, John Kenneth Galbraith, David Norton, Ba Jin and Rosa Park. All of these had met Ikeda and eulogized him.

Ikeda used to say that in all world schools, colleges and universities all subjects are covered. Yet the topic of life which is most important is overlooked totally. The bare reality is that if life is fully reformed optimally the entire country and world gets transformed desirably. The worlds various governments are worried regarding unrest and crime rising alarmingly and various judiciary specialists too are harassed. For this new laws are being enacted and untold wealth is wasted in implementing it. Yet all this gigantic effort is virtually reaping nil positive results.

Lest a small portion of labor and money used for all the above is diverted to bring about a positive and creative transformation in world humanitys lifestyle, the results shall be full of zest. In many ways I have discussed all this in my books Choose Life-A Dialogue, Planetary Citizenship-Your Values and Beliefs and Action Can Shape a Sustainable World. I have full faith that the wave of change seen in the arena of our lifestyle shall slowly but surely get converted into a widespread revolution. This is because if a great human revolution occurs in even a lone individual has the potent capacity to reform the destiny of entire human race. In the form of an initial result of transformation occurring in the lifestyle of a person, the form of transformation of the family too shall emerge for all to see.



There is only one social solution to render an individual and society high stature and that is reuniting all families.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samaj ka merudand:Sashakta parivar tantra

Vangmaya Part 48, Page 4.70

Families are breaking and getting shattered the world over. With this pain in heart the socialist Bloom Carter set off on a journey spanning about 140 countries of the world. He travelled to various countries of all continents so as to gauge the condition of family life. He experienced deep agony on seeing that virtually everywhere families were breaking apart. He saw how relationships had changed drastically and how help and cooperation were fast disappearing. Senior citizens and aged people were so helpless and hence sad. Small babies who required breast feeding were sent off to creches. Mental diseases were on an alarming rise since sensitive emotions and sense of goodwill were absent. Whether it was a child or old person, a teenager or youth, each one thirsted for true love and affection.

With reference to these studies and travels Carter reached India. He had read a lot about Indias natural beauty and ancient culture. Of course he was also well aware of its contemporary state. He knew that India being greatly influenced by Western culture had undergone an undesirable change. Suicides were on the rise due to a modern lifestyle and lack of familial sentiments. Every year statistics showed that the number of divorces were on a sharp rise yet Carter felt that where the cool River Ganga flowed, where Himalaya Mountains presented their cool shade, where Vedas and Upanishads were deeply pondered over, he had hopes of finding something precious in this era.

In this journey of his Bloom Carter reached Amritsar. There he saw such a family where 108 old and young people live together. Even today in this family children are showered with love and seniors and old people are highly respected. It is the dream of every family that their children grow up to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, builders, businessmen, police officers, teachers, professors and computer specialists. But generally all this is not always possible to attain yet it is the good fortune of Bhatia family tied together with the silken thread of love that majority of its members have attained high stature jobs and a few have retired from such great posts. Regarding this success the family members opine that if in any family love and affection rules there the divine love of Almighty God too showers the most.

The head of Bhatia household is Sudershankunar Bhatia whose age is 83 years. Previously he was a senior official in the postal department. His family members Ajay and Vinod Bhatia hold the posts of bank managers. Pradip Bhatia and Navdip Bhatia are doctors. Many other members include engineers, businessmen, teachers and senior police officials. Even women of this family are teachers, bank officers, doctors and have secured high posts in private companies. Children of the family are either studying for higher degrees or are getting ready to give IAS and other entrance exams. The entire family is a great example of education and success.

Whether it is someones birthday or marriage celebration, every family member contributes towards it. Every 1 or 2 months the family organizes a dinner party for a family get together. Every member united contributes for the expenses incurred. In this party are invited in laws of daughters, daughter in laws parental family, grandmothers parental family and in laws of their sons. On this occasion the seniors and elder family members are specially offered honors. The family members say that food and partying is a mere excuse. In fact it is more of an opportunity to share each others joy-sorrow. In todays times this family oozing with love and cooperation is akin to heaven where even today 5 generations live happily united.

When Bloom Carter met these family members his faith in family institution was rejuvenated. With reference to this thinking he got strength that in this era all precepts that of a revolution that reunite families the world over joyously can be unearthed in India. During this study travel of his he reached Navdarshanam spanning 115 acres of land 50 km away from Bangalore city. This was a very extraordinary application and experiment for success of larger families. Some researchers of Gandhi Peace Foundation and IIT-Delhi together commenced it between 1970 and 1980 AD.

The inspiring force behind this humongous family is the biographies of great saintly personalities. Indias spiritual heritage that has proved its scientific basis is the true wealth of this family. This gigantic family is based on the tenet that a person strays away from true family life by imbibing a modern lifestyle that is selfishly materialistic. Due to such narrow mindedness a person is led far away from his self, his near dear ones, Mother Nature and Almighty God. Its result is that crime, violence and terrorism get untold encouragement to proliferate the world over.

Members of this family opine that if a person is given true love and is imbued with a spiritual vision he/she can never walk on the path of falsehood. It is this reason that many experiments are carried out here for encouraging a cordial family way of life. Over here deep thinking is encouraged for scientific spiritual philosophy and art of living. Along with self dependence in family life for soul purification and spiritual development many original applications are made. On coming here Bloom Carter concluded that Navadarshanams positive energy and inspiration plays a major role in overcoming modernity straying hither thither in the storm of materialism and family institution that is getting ripped apart.

He opines that even in such dire world circumstances these are new shoots of revolution taking place in many other family institutions and those that shall take place in future. Todays family sorrows are about to become tomorrows family life revolution. All precepts of such a revolution are already present in the fertile cultural land of India. During his journey Bloom Carter visited virtually all important pilgrim spots of India. He had a sacred glimpse of its historical, cultural and natural beauty. As fate would have it some read out a portion of Yug Nirman Missions publication to Carter: Family is that garden where grow plants/trees that are small, big, thorny, soft, fragrant, without fragrance etc. And all of its united existence renders the whole garden a unit. The beauty of the garden can be nurtured only if all its plants are secure and that they are not chopped off or uprooted. On hearing this Carter said: This thought definitely is a firm basis for a family oriented revolution. Management based on this thinking in future can give not only a very happy family life but that it shall bestow a new birth and a new life to the managing mother of the home and household.



Lest women pen literature, poetry blooms forth from their soul, their soul sings, pictures get painted in their dreams then on planet earth we shall witness nothing but glorious greatness and oneness of soul. Lest political leadership is handed over to women the heavenly dream to liberate people from pain, oppression, backwardness, dependency and helplessness can materialize. Those who opine that terror, oppression, fraud, arrogant ego, wiliness and crime are very much part of politics and on this basis rule their nations shall henceforth perforce have to reform this atrocious behavior and thinking of theirs. The Divine Mother shall no longer allow her innumerable children to lead such unruly unethical lives. Wickedness shall have to beat a hasty retreat either voluntarily or due to external pressure.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, Swarup va Karyakram

Vangmaya No. 66, Page 4.30

This eras supreme revolution shall encompass a mother taking rebirth. The true meaning of the word mother is not merely to give birth to a baby from her womb but it connotes the sacred sentiments of motherhood in her psyche. This motherhood is a vision of life that helps one look upon oneself, the family and society from the standpoint of a loving mother. She unites people in her vicinity with a sacred sensitive experience. After India got freedom from alien British Rule a lot of changes have taken place in the condition of women. Amongst these many changes have been joyous and positive in nature. All this was being said by Ila Bhatt the famous social activist to her aides. Amongst those who were listening to her focused were well aware that today in the political arena right from the head of the village to the President of India many women were being chosen for these posts. In the countries 4 states there are 4 women Chief Ministers. The Lok Sabha Speaker, Leader of the Opposition Party and UPAs (ruling political party in India) Chairperson are all women.

Apart from this in the business profession talented women like Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Renuka Ramnath, Naina Lal Kidwai, skillful women in art like MS Subbalakshmi, Lata Mangeshkar, Anjali Menon, in the field of sports women like Kunjurani, Mary Caum, saina Nehwal, Santosh Yadav etc are shining radiantly. In the same in the foreign affairs department in USA Mira Shankar and Nirupama Rao are on very high posts. In the social arena Aruna Roy, Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar and Sunita Narayan are amazing all via their brilliant activities. Today the presence of women in the arenas of police, army, judiciary, media etc is highly eulogized. Everyone is aware of this fact yet another bare reality also stares at us in the form of the original viewpoint of Ila Bhatt. She was saying: It is alright that women get equal right as men, execute responsibilities similar to men yet she must never lose sight of the vision of true loving motherhood inherent in her soul.

Ila Bhatt born on 7 th September 1933 in Ahmedabad says that my story and principle can be recounted in 3 words: Women, work and peace. She says that the basis of womens advancement lies not in wearing clothes like men or imbibing a male attitude but that she possesses creativity which manifests in life in the form of sensitivity, creation, beauty, self dependence, art and hard work. Her parents and she too are most influenced by Mahatma Gandhis thinking. In 1972 she established the self Employed Women Association (SEWA) which was a business organization. Its women members add up to 1,200,000. In the same way in 1974 she set up the SEWA Cooperative Bank which is used by about 3,000,000 women.

Those women members who were listening to Ila Bhatt knew her activities very well. They were also aware of the fact that her tasks were highly praised everywhere. Hence in 1985 she was awarded the Padma Shri title, Padma Bhushan in 1986, Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1977, Right Livelihood Prize in 1984 and Nivano Peace Prize in 2010 for uplifting of poverty stricken women. There prevail religious sentiments in the Nivano Peace Institute based on Gandhijis principles of economic independence and social reforms. In 2010 USAs Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton while handing over the Global Fairness Initiative Prize to Ila Bhatt said: Due to Ila Bhatt highly eulogized efforts not only of India but women agonized by inequality and atrocities for centuries in other countries too like South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc are glimpsing a beacon light that gives then a correct direction for happy living.

On 27 th May 2011 the world renowned Harvard University honored SEWAs founder Ila Bhatt with the Radcliff Institute For Advanced Studies Medal. On this occasion she had opined that women, by awakening their standpoint of true motherhood stand on their own feet independently, they become the director of a great revolution. All wheels of positive changes themselves start moving swiftly in her vicinity. All aides of Ila Bhatt know well her special nature. On this occasion while explaining to her colleagues she was saying that within the motherhood emotion dwell nourishment, protection and creativity. Under no circumstances must it be ignored.

She says that modernity no doubt is welcome but only to the extent it encourages positive creativity. The means may be any but it should not oppose ones relentless dedicated efforts. Revolution must enter the lives of women yet within her the sense of motherhood too should awaken fully. These stupendous thoughts of Ila Bhatt appeared akin to fresh cool air for the audience. A special feeling entered the psyche of all present there. She was saying: women can become powerful mediums of social reformation. Women with varying theism must sit together and pray. Police, political leaders or anyone however much potent is the clout of power they hold must be vehemently opposed if they misuse their official authority and power.

There was energy and sensitivity in her words that imbued great life force in the listeners. One amongst those listening to her was a women member of Yug Nirman Mission and All World Gayatri Family. She felt as though today the seeds of Thought Revolution based on Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya had attained their true nature and form. She remembered those lines of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine written by Gurudeva: The basis and ideal of neo creation of a new world society shall be the great culture of ancient India. The ultimate goal of our revolution shall be uprooting taints/distortions of the world so as to replace them with eternal sacred ideals. In it shall lead womens spiritual specialties. While proclaiming Victory to Motherland India the freedom struggle was fought. For intellectual and social freedom we shall march ahead while shouting aloud: Victory to the mother who gave us birth. These days Ila Bhatt and many such other women of her high stature are marching ahead in this direction. Todays younger generation too are highly inspired by their glorious activities.



A revolution that neo creates individual, family institution and society neither requires lots of material means and nor does it require a conducive family atmosphere. For it instead such radiant youthful talent is required whose veins flow with the sensitive sentiments of great Rishis of yore.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Jagrat Atmaon ka Ygsrujan ke liye Ahvahan

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, March 1978, Page 61

The youth have changed their path. An onrush of sentiments has manifested in them that urges them to identify and imbibe the greatness of their motherland, its culture and heritage left behind by the ancestors in order to glorify their lives. They are immersed in totally transforming society. Amongst these are those who have given up lucrative careers in foreign countries and instead have returned to their villages so as to uplift them in a multifaceted way. I too am one of these. Speaking thus Rikin Gandhi smiled. He had undergone higher education in the field of aerospace engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology-USA. Later he joined the American Air Force but the fragrant soil of his motherland lured him back to India. 29 year old Rikin Gandhi unearthed a very extraordinary mission of service. He used the handy cam as a weapon on social networking.

The method was simple. He recorded the stories of problems, solutions and success of farmers and via the institute called Digital Green set up by him he made compact arrangements so that those who required this video actually got it. Keeping in mind the viewers language of communication and social-economic basis the video was given a form conducive to that region. Via this praiseworthy effort of his he tried to reach out to 17000 farmers of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Within the realm of this effort he met many other young men-women either directly or indirectly. On meeting them Rikin Gandhi felt that truly the youth had changed their path. Amongst these is one called Mukul Kanitkar who on the basis of teachings of Swami Vivekananda is inspiring other young males and females. He wrote a book titled Appear for exams laughingly which was quite applauded by young students. He opines that only healthy, educated, well cultured, independent and selfless servers can neo create India. There is another such young female called Vimla Tiwari who is educating people in culture and good spiritual character via the Sanskrit Language in the village of Rajghad. 34 year old Naman Ahuja after getting a doctorate degree from London Universitys School of Oriental and African Studies is now working hard to advance further Indian Culture.

Rikin Gandhi maintains that on an average, negative aspects of youth is talked of everywhere. It is broadcasted everywhere how many youths are addicted to alcohol, drugs etc and how many are living in despair due to lack of jobs. So many youths are enmeshed in dating and mating. No doubt all this is worrisome but another reality is this too that 54 % of young Indians offer worship to God daily. It is a fact that majority of youth yearns to earn millions in cash but the fact also is that 72% of them give cash in donation and charity. Rikin Gandhi who is slim and of medium stature imbues his young friends with energy and warmth, while carrying out discussions.

While talking to his friends and colleagues he glanced in their direction and smilingly said: Why must we always talk in negative terms? If at all we wish to discuss something it must be about people like 30 year old Joshuahishe educated in Kendall College of Art and Design and his wife Richa Ghansiyal who via a studio are making people aware of Uttarakhands (India) traditional handicraft along with protecting it from becoming obsolete. Similarly 27 year old Masrat Dawood Jamadar on leaving Dubai and London dwells amongst backward children of his village Fatehpur (Rajasthan, India) is trying to educate them. 27 year old Divya Bajaj by establishing the Mirekal Foundation in Bangalore City of India has dedicated her life to help women drug/alcohol addicts overcome this dreadful habit. 27 year old Rajat Dhariwal, an IIT graduate, 25 year old Manuj Dhariwal and 25 year old Madhumita Haldhar established Medret and via it have designed many computer games in Hindi language to render education more appealing.

Rikin Gandhi who is trying to conjoin to his countrys tradition and roots always talks of imbibing positive thinking and standpoint. He says that youth has always been revolutionary even if it meant opposing their near dear relatives/friends. Take the example of Nachiketa of Kathopanishad fame. He opposed the unethical standpoint taken by his father Vajashrava and then by going straight to Yamas (God of Death) abode he attained Self/God Realization. No doubt in youth the mind tends to go astray, sentiments go overboard and dreams/aspirations keep changing rapidly. In it one loses sense of time management, self control is very weak etc yet despite all this it is the phase of youth in which revolutionary tasks can be executed.

Akin to seasons the body too undergoes childhood, teenage phase, youth and old age. Youth is the spring season of the body and our life. Seasons in a cyclical manner appear again and again but youth comes only once in our lifetime. Hence there is a great need of striking the iron while it is hot and if you let time lapse by you will just pointlessly hammer cold iron to which no shape can be administered. Youth phase must definitely be used to selflessly serve the country, world creatures and entire humanity.

This fact has been aptly understood by the youth of the nation and it has changed their direction. 34 year old Saima Iqbal is so alert regarding her culture that she has rendered her lifes goal as broadcasting her nations culture. She opines that my lifes Mantra is that our culture is our true foundation. By nurturing it we must induce such sacred sentiments in our children that they never forget their roots. In order to nurture the nations youth Saidai Samyappa Duraiswami via the medium of his institute Manidha Naiyam (humanism) has designed an extraordinary program. He coaches capable talented youngsters for Civil Services without taking any fees. Via this coaching not only does he educate the youth but that but imbues them with patriotism and a sense of service towards the national culture. He says: If the countries government cadre officials are full of great cultured young men working an extraordinary revolution can set into the country.

Rikin Gandhi possesses innumerable such examples that show how the young generation is changing paths for the better. He laughingly says even today Mahavir, Hanuman and Swami Vivekananda are icons for youth. Swami Vivekananda had awakened profound faith and trust in the younger generation. He used to say: The future of each and every youth is bright. The only thing required is self faith. Every soul possesses untold amount of power and energy. With its aid you shall transform not only India but the entire world. Awake, get up and start working! Life verily is tiny. No doubt you must work also to eke out an income. You must also work for world human well being yet do not ignore your physical and mental health.



If Thought Revolution required for Era Neo Creation is utilized in the arena of the body, our ill health shall be uprooted. Very naturally we shall get liberated from the clutches of various diseases. In comparison to the bad state of our physical body, from tomorrow a very hopeful positive transformation in it shall be witnessed.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Ahar Vihar Sambandhi Parivartit Drishtikons

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1963, Page 22

The secret behind a sound healthy life is being alert to the health of the body and psyche. With this very experience Mark Louis had journeyed to India. Along with being a journalist he was a lover of nature. Along with alertness towards health he was curious about great sacred thoughts. Right since childhood he was attracted towards India and its culture. When he was a university student he had studied many ancient Indian texts. He was very much inspired by a book written by Romaine Roland regarding the lives of great saintly personages of India. He read Swami Vivekanandas biography again and again. To the extent he was well versed with the Indian school of thinking in it he experienced good health is very much dependent on good sacred thoughts and a lifestyle that is close to nature.

Since he was a journalist he was naturally conjoined to important episodes of virtually all countries of the world. As per the information he had unearthed recently last year more than 600,000 foreigners had come to India under the aegis of health tourism. The aim of not all of these was to take treatment in some well known super specialty hospital. In fact only a few of these took medical treatment from some well known hospital. The remaining majority were attracted to Indian Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy treatment in natural beauty surroundings. In fact even Mark Louis aim was this. After landing in India he wore the traditional Dhoti-Kurta, applied Tilak to his forehead etc. He bathed in sacred rivers of India like Ganga, Krishna, Godavari and Kaveri. He visited the mountain ranges of Himalayas and Vindhyachal. He was mesmerized by Indias natural beauty.

During this journey he found out that in these days people of India have become very health conscious. Whether it is senior citizens or young people everyone is trying to avoid medication. Via his profession of journalism he came to know that the Governor of USAs California State Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly is the first political leader of the world who for his obese body used a gymnasium. When he traveled to India he realized that that here there was a flood of fitness centers everywhere. He felt that in India today is the revolutionary era of health fitness. None in India are untouched by all this whether it is a leader, actor, young or aged person. Everywhere hundreds of Yoga Centers and Nature Cure Institutions have been set up in India including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Wherever they do not exist plans are being made to inaugurate new such centers. All these centers in some way or the other by awakening people regarding health consciousness are aiding a health oriented revolution. He went to such a center in Gwalior City, Madhya Pradesh. This center is called Vivekananda Nidam. On getting inspired by ideals placed forth by Swami Vivekananda this health fitness center is trying to awaken health consciousness not only in Gwalior but outside its precincts too. Its agenda includes Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Viewpoint of Life. In 1995 AD Vivekananda Nidam was founded in a region that is near a chain of mountains, full of peaceful solitude, simplicity, tension free, devoid of any pollution, radiant and beautiful.

He spent some time in this place. One evening over there itself he was strolling in natures threshold. The suns heat had lessened yet its light was sufficient. The air along with being cool was fragrantly sweet too. Over here he met a person donning white clothes. This persons age must have been around 35 years. His skin was fair, height was tall and body quite strong. He held the book Bhagwad Gita in his hands. Mark Louis yearned to chat with him. As an answer this person too acted politely, well mannered and a sense of goodwill. Mark Louis wanted to know from this person what tenets are given in Indian Culture regarding maintaining good sound health?

The person answered: Regarding this there are 2 tenets. The 1 st one is that of our thinking and the 2 nd is about our behavior. On saying this much without pausing he continued: The tenet of our thinking is Super Mantra Gayatri. Om bhurbhuvaha swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dheeyo yo naha prachodayat. This Mantra has 4 aspects:

1) Om bhurbhuvaha swaha- God dwells everywhere and in all the 3 worlds. There is no place, where God does not exist.

2) Tatsaviturvarenyam- It is this Almighty Lord who is worth choosing and seeking shelter under. It is our duty to remember him ceaselessly and we must surrender our all to him.

3) Bhargo devasya dhimahi- By imbibing Gods divine aura as our own soul light we must latch on to it.

4) Dhiyo yo naha prachodayat- In order to permanently render our thoughts and intellect sacredly great we must make a powerful resolve or Sankalpa to do so.

After that he said: The tenet of social behavior is the 17 th verse of the 6 th chapter of the Bhagwad Geeta text. It says: Yuktaharaviharasya yuktachestasya karmasu. Yukta swapnavabodhasya yogo bhavati dukhaha. The straightforward meaning this verse is we must pay due attention to render our eating, drinking, sleeping, labor and other behavioral aspects wholesome, balanced and optimal. We should not ever behave in a manner which is bang opposite to our inherent human nature. The gist of both these tenets is that lest our thinking is accompanied by Gods grace and our behavior takes recourse to nature never shall we face health problems. Both these tenets are such that on applying them in our daily living a health revolution can usher in any region and country of the world.

While conversing thus he said that many decades back Swami Vivekananda had said: In order to ward off bodily and mental diseases in our land India, the solution is a terrific national movement to imbibe good sacred thinking which shall influence the entire country. On hearing this Mark felt that this solution for imbibing good health applies not only to India but the entire world. Before Mark could say something the other person continued: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has already ushered in such a super national movement in India. Of course today no longer does he exist in his mortal coil in our midst yet institutions established by him along with his thousands of followers are executing this tremendous mission. His precept for a sound healthy life is: the day we change our erroneous belief that todays lack of self control in vogue that labels is as culture and civility and that we positively reform our thinking process, that very day the eclipse of ill health bombarding world human life shall be rendered naught. On hearing this Mark Louis felt he attained self fulfillment by journeying to India. He felt that only if we imbibe the great sacred thinking of glorious visionary personages can our education be rendered self fulfilling and complete.



In the near future such arrangements for education shall have to be formatted wherein world humans seriously realize their true inner nature and various righteous duties. Along with this such behavior from humans is desired wherein perforce they listen to the call of the soul, Almighty Lords directions and challenges of this eras righteous duties.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Bhavi Parivartan ki Prishtabhumi

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 1987, Page 44

Multifaceted benefits of education cannot accrue merely by learning alphabets, evolving memory power, imbibing worldly business tricks or technological skills. All this was spoken by revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma to his volunteer members seated in his room. All these members had come from various regions. Their number was so much that Gurudevas room got over crowded. In fact some members sat on the stairway. Gurudeva was saying: Son! Many revolutions have taken place the world over yet the true goal eludes our grasp. Many religious revolutions occurred. People changed their religions. All this was done by various means like propaganda, dangling carrots of temptation and via use of sword. Yet humans did not reform a wee bit also.

Economic revolutions that brought about changes in the financial sector too set in. Capitalists were set aside and laborers took over yet no great changes were witnessed. When bosses stepped aside managers and CEOs ruled the roost. Yet classes of people remained wherein 1 st class has people rolling in money and the 2 nd class is those who lack it. While speaking thus Gurudevas voice choked with anguish. He glanced at his spiritual children seated in front of him and continued: Political revolutions too occurred. When one political leader was outclassed another took over the reins. Sometime other countries wrenched away a particular nations political power and at other times, in-fighting amongst people of a country was seen. When white skin oppressors were ousted black skinned people continued oppression just like their fair skinned predecessors. These political games are going on even today simply because humanity refuses to reform desirably.

Right since many centuries so far programs were designed for world human welfare yet after showing miniscule favorable results they fizzled away to naught. For this end only one successful program exists and that is revolution in the field of literacy and education. Only then can humans reform positively wherein his very thinking and inner personality transforms sacredly. It is lack of education that results in complexes, criminal tendencies, despair and poverty entering the lives of world humans. It is erroneous education methods that proliferates disparity, corruption, unethical activities and atrocities in the arena of social and political power. The very foundation of our educational system has flaws due to which wails of agony, weakness and poverty are heard the world over.

After saying this much Gurudeva paused and glanced at the volunteers. All of them were listening to him very attentively. Their minds were oozing with every word of his. After pausing a bit he continued: All this task has to be executed by you all. You all must definitely do this much but remember to find out the tainted results of flawed education and indentify what is true education. Erroneous education is that which just teaches us how to read and write and thus stop at that. People are satisfied merely by memorizing by rote a few text books and term it education.

True education or complete education which can also be called a science is that which along with all this gives us great sacred psychic qualities, teaches us selfless service to the world, helps us imbibe goodwill to all, self control and helps us learn our cultural tradition. True literacy programs make us independent in every way and inspire us to work hard honestly. It awakens us to our responsibilities to ourselves, family and society. Amongst those listening focused to Gurdeva was one called Dr Phoolsingh Yadav from Rajasthans Baran region. In his town he had established Gayatri Childrens School and Yug Nirman School. On hearing what Gurudeva said he felt he was trying his best to do something on the lines of Gurudevas thinking but Gurudeva on reading the doctors thoughts said: What you are doing is not enough! Do go out more in the world, see other people and learn and imbibe what is good and wholesome in them.

Dr. Yadav immediately noted this point and on getting free time he tried to understand that in the field of education where and what is going on based on Gurudeva Shriram Sharmas thinking. Regarding this in his own Sikar district he got inspired by Vahid Chauhans activities. Vadid was running the Excellence Girls School in Salsar Road of Sikar district. This school was meant for young girls. Over here education is given from nursery class to the 12 th grade or standard. What is special here is that not only do Muslim and Hindu girls united imbibe education but that learn things that are important for true sacred living.

In October 2009 BBC called 17 year old Babar Ali the youngest headmaster of the world who is running a school for 5 years in Mabata Uttarpada situated in Murshidabad district of West Bengal (India). In this school along with free education 177 children are taught the art of living and imbued with patriotism via lives of great visionary leaders. 17 year old Ali himself is a student of BA Honors. In the same way in Geeta School situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Bhagwad Geeta is a compulsory subject in the syllabus. A school teacher working here called Sativa Saxena says: Every day we teach our students 5 verses of the Bhagwad Geeta. Our aim is not that students merely memorize by rote these verses but that we also try to teach them the meaning of these verses so that they can imbibe it in daily living.

On the historical Sharaniya Mountain in central Guwahati in Assam Mamta Ka Mandir is situated near the ISCKON Temple. Over here orphans are given education in a homely atmosphere. In it those children are educated who are living in streets for some reason or are thrown into dust bins at birth itself or afterwards. Over here along with education and good character building they are given a lot of affection and love. Over here small boys are called Gopal and girls are called Gopis. Similar to this in Pamohi 20km away from Guwahati in Assam an extraordinary program has been designed. Over here a youth called Uttam Toron has opened the Parijat Academy. In the 1 st year in 2003 AD it had only 4 children but today the number is 502 wherein 256 are girls. Toron not only gives them modern education but also imbues them with great psychic qualities and patriotism to the country.

After coming here and traveling to many such places Dr Yadav felt that sparks of an educational revolution initiated by Gurudevas Divine Consciousness has taken the form of a blazing inferno in the souls of many inspired people. He was given the message of Gurudeva that in these days the era of knowledge and divine wisdom is marching ahead at a cyclonic speed. Its goal has been well defined and carved out wherein, in every brain new movements must be initiated anew. Along with this it shall shower down so much farsighted discrimination (Viveka) that all apt and wholesome principles shall be gladly accepted and imbibed the world over. Whoever heard this divine message felt that definitely in the near future people shall understand truly not only the multifaceted nature of education but also art, beauty and literature.



Amongst artists, authors, poets, painters, sculptors and musicians are included. These specialties have the potential to imbue human psych with sacred exhilarating sentiments and touch a deep cord as far as emotions are concerned. It must be utilized only to direct world human psyche towards supreme glory and greatness.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, Swarup va Karyakram

Vangmaya No. 66, Page 1.41

A question mark arises in todays times as far as art, beauty and literature is concerned. Art may have any form yet beauty always gets conjoined to it. If this depiction is sacredly sensitive and sentimental it can give us inspiration, creativity and correct sense of direction to life. But if the poison of lewd lust latches on to it it gives birth to destruction, separatism, mental diseases and crime. On getting inspiration from these thoughts of Yuga Rishi Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Vanshika Upadhyaya is researching into art, beauty and literature prevalent in various eras. She opines that the era of Vedas, Puranas and Darshan was a Rishi Era. In this era artists and litterateurs were given the status of Rishis. It was only a person of Rishi stature who got the right to manifest and create art and literature. Hence in Vedas and Upanishads poets and Rishis were considered synonymous.

Those people whose psyche reeked of undesirable thoughts and lewd lust had no right to become authors. Along with the Vedic Era the era of Maharshi Valmiki and Vyas arrived. Great literature like Ramayan and Mahabharat was penned. In Buddhist Era, Puranas (Indian Mythology) manifested in varied forms. Social opposition as far as art and literature is concerned did not end. In their era Tulsidas, Surdas, rahim, Raskhan etc emphasized on sacred sentiments in their literary creation. But silently the era of passion arrived and sexual onrushes were noted yet even in this era the great poet Bhushan did not swerve from sacred sanctity. Later this tradition was continued by Chandbardai who wrote Prithviraj Raso and Jaganik who wrote Alha. Later when Britishers started ruling India an aclipse surmounted on art and literature. At that time literature was penned for attaining political freedom from alien rule. Patriotism entered India art and literature. This was the era of great personalities like Subhadrakumari Chauhan, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Sumitranandan Pant, suryakant Tripathi Nirala and Ramdharisingh Dinkar.

No doubt India got political freedom yet art and literature got trapped in duality. On saying this much Vanshika while inspecting a page of her research work continued: After Independence the time lapsed can be bifurcated. In the 1 st half electronic media did not play much of a role. In this time span Raghuvir Sahay, Shrikant Varma and Kedarnath tried to achieve something. Due to efforts of Bhagwati Charan Varma, Bhavaniprasad Mishra and Amritlal Nagar social discipline was maintained but as soon as electronic media came into vogue in a big way the frame of art and literature changed a great deal. Even now although sprouts of other forms of art like vocal, instrumental and painting are being noted yet the flow of literature has paled and weakened significantly.

In the field of art Ashwini Deshpande, Shujat Hussain Khan and Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt are trying their very best via the medium of music. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Pandit Jasraj too maintained a very high stature of vocal music. Via paintings Subodh Gupta, Atul Dodia and Seema Dhuraiya are trying to elicit sacred sensitivity in art but alas! What to day of the deplorable condition of literature? It is enmeshed in the duality of emotions and sexual lust. Today we can find neither a Premchand nor a Maxim Gorky.

But yes! The fact remains that in the era of television and internet people have started writing. Take the example of Chetan Bhagat whose 1 st book Five Point Some Won has sold 1,000,000 books. But regarding him author Manjula Padmanabhan says maybe Chetan Bhagat knows that the youth are his readers and in order to appease them he pens books accordingly. People say that times have changed and hence who shall read Ruskin Bond and RK Narayanan. Today people in large numbers are reading Advaita Kalas novel Almost Single.

Todays literature is trending in the direction of hi-bye trend of multinational companies and the dangerous equation between media, industry new politics. Critics opine that todays literature is very contemporary which means that which exists and is being seen with our eyes only is being penned. If without taking names we give our opinion, know for sure that todays literature lacks vision, information and integrity. The relationship between society and literature has weakened alarmingly.

Today society, art and literature require a terrific revolution. Amongst these 3, literature requires even a more gigantic revolution. Vanshika who has virtually traveled all over India is well aware of the state of its cities and rural areas. While talking thus she seriously opined that under todays world circumstances Gurudeva Shriram Sharmas literature is akin to the Sanjivani herb that bestows immense life force yet it is incomplete. Todays dire need is that based on this sort of thinking stories, novels and poetry be written. On the basis of this thinking art shall get rejuvenated.

She feels that in the recent past Shantikinj published 2 books called Yuva Kranti Path and Vaigyanik Adhyatma ke Kranti Dwip. It was well read and eulogized too yet if only 2 books are published in 3 years it is very less. On top of it Shantikunj has not published anything for children. Thus the problem cannot be troubleshot. If revolution has to be harbingered in the arena of literature then writers who render Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyas great literature as a spiritual penance of their lives must again sing songs of a revolution which can be quoted from the great poet Dinkar:

Jan hriday hriday pavak se bhar jayega,

Bharat ka pura pap utar jayega.

Dekhoge kitna parlay chand hota hai,

Asivant hind kitna prachand hota hai.

Garjo himadri ke shikhar tung paton par,

Gulmarg vidhya pashchimi purva ghato par.

Bharat samudra ki laher jwar bhato par,

Garjo garjo minar aur lato par.

Soye hai jo ranbali unhe tero re,

Nutan par apni shikha prabal fero re.

Chintako chintana ki talwar ghado re,

Rishiyon krishanu uddipak mantra padho re.

Yogiyon jago jivan ki ore badho,

Kalamo par apna alok madho re.

Hai jahan kahin bhi tej hamein pana hai,

Ran mein samagra bharat ko hi le jana hai.

Chadh tung shail shikharon par soma piyo,

Yogiyo nahin vijayi vijayi sadrish jiyo re.

Lest these notes of literature become sensitivity of cinema/movies a new revolution shall set rolling in.



Cinema and movies can give a new direction to social life. It can execute the task of sanctifying social thinking and render sentiments lovingly soft in nature. Thus society can advance much further in an all round manner. One can never ignore the role played by cinema in social transformation.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Cinema ab jahar na ugle, lok mangal ki jimmedari samjhe

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 2001, Page 40

Cinema based sensitivity does touch the deep recesses of the hearts of people. Thus their sentiments are very naturally veered towards desired directions. Research analysis has shown that when people watch movies their capacity to think logically and brain based analysis becomes latent. Only the door of the heart remains wide open and they identify with every emotional scene of the cinema being viewed. This state continues much after the movie ends. This is the opinion of Rudransh Gulati who along with being a film critic is also immersed in complexes related to cinema, culture and sensitive sentiments. 45 year old Rudransh is attracted towards not only literature, philosophy, social sciences and psychology but also is deeply interested in spirituality.

Rudransh who is fair skinned, has a good height and body oozing with strength is also well versed with literature dished out by Yug Nirman Mission. He feels Indian Cinema has gone through many phases. One phase was when actors Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani acted in the movie Achut Kanya. This period was that of freedom struggle. Somewhere down the line lyricists and producers got inspiration from it. After this in the following phase a movie Naya Daur was filmed. In it we get a glimpse of social reforms. This phase continued right from Do Bhiga Zameen movie to Purab aur Pashchim. Films released later very much went astray.

Rudransh opines that the reason behind this is that the bond between literature and cinema weakened a lot. Wrath and incitement in movies were filmed more and more because the film producer knew that its audience was mainly the youth category of society. Without playing with young peoples emotions cinema makers cannot fatten their wallets hence they depicted lewd sex and incitement of allsorts in their moves that pleasurably titillated the senses of youth class. It was erroneously believed that successful cinema means filming scenes full of foul language, wrath, fights and semi nakedness. This state is continuing even today yet in between some desirable changes have also been seen in movie making and even now this is being noted.

He says that when Shriram Sharma Acharya took up the spiritual practice/Sadhana of Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche subtle) at that time he had written that he will change the very thinking pattern of those who think. It was after this that Ramanand Sagar made the serial Ramayan. As a result the direction of cinema production changed positively. Later Ramanand Sagar met Shriram Sharma Acharya. After this I too met Acharyaji. While digging into his memory Rudransh said that this brief meeting with Shriram Sharma Acharya cast a very deep influence in the mind of Ramanand Sagar. He opined that from whatever I learnt, heard and understood accordingly my opinion is that after Mahatma Gandhi Shriram Sharma Acharya is only one such person who is all the time worrying about the country and world society. He believes cinema to be a medium of world public revolution.

No doubt this experience of Ramanand Sagar was brief but it was very deep and profound. Later he made serials like Krishna and Jai Ganga Maiya. In these very days new smaller channels came on television that later reached every household. Yet whether it is cinema or TV despite it being a business, in between history, culture, patriotism and Super Mantra Gayatri too is heard. No doubt that production of cinema or serials is very expensive. Hence it cannot be totally separated from business yet it can definitely be conjoined to public problems and their solution.

Those who have tried experimenting thus indeed have tasted success. Innumerable people were positively influenced by Gandhigiri depicted in the film Lage Raho Munnabhai. Yje movie 3 Idiots that mocked the present educational system also tried to say something positive which was the reason why it was called the best movie of the year. In it youngsters were told that if you imbibe true capability, character and skills you shall definitely reap success. In life what is most required is advancement of talent and its sanctity. If this is achieved everything else in life can be ours for keepsake.

Rudransh Gulati met Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya only once in his life. While remembering it he says: Those days were of winter. Shriram Sharma Acharya was seated in a room on the upper floor. Half the room had sunlight and the rest had a shadow. Along with one member volunteer of Baroda I too was sent into the room. At first sight he appeared akin to an affectionate relative. One perforce starts loving such a person. He asked about our family members health etc. He tried to find out what problems we were facing in our personal lives. Every word of his utterance dripped with affection, love and sense of oneness. Whatever I had thought in my mind remained there itself. But only one point appeared in my intellect and that was may Shriram Sharma Acharya continue speaking and that I avidly keep hearing him.

I do not know how but he commenced talking about cinema and films and said: Today films based on good wholesome topics are not being made simply because movie producers and directors want to taste success using minimum finance and short cuts. They do not make any effort to choose the right stories for their films and fail to labor hard to write good screen plays. Music suited to screen play too is rare to find today. Based on the screen play perfect choice of actors too is missing. They erroneously think that if well known hit actors are taken the movie shall reap success. No doubt in those rare cases this does happen yet overall this is not true.

After saying this much he laughingly continued: In films the 1 st spot should be held by the writer, 2 nd by the director, 3 rd by the lyricist and music director and then the 4 th spot must be given to actors. If the writer and director decide that something truly beneficial must be given to society and that the wealthy class has faith in their cinematic skills, films can usher in a world revolution. On saying this much he discussed 2 films of his times. The 1 st one was Mahatma Vidur which was not allowed to be screened by the British government. The 2 nd film was Tyag Bhumi whose leader despite being a Brahmin dwelled in the Harijan community and lived a life of simple living and high thinking. Shriram Sharma Acharya said that these 2 films cast a deep impression in the minds of the viewers of those times. Rudransh said that saying this much Shriram Sharma Acharya glancing at him said: It is indeed difficult to make films and usher in a public revolution yet an easier way is to inspire the moviegoers and producers to watch and make only good wholesome films. Rudransh said that he himself trod this path and in the film world even if the transformation is minute yet from it, it appears that people related to the film industry are slowly but surely understanding the fact that films must focus on social problems and giving beneficial solutions for the same. Since our economic management has transformed for the better the above state of affairs too is transforming positively.



We must all realize that the future days are about to usher in economic/financial equality.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Mission-Darshan, Swarup va Karyakram

Vangmaya No. 66, Page 4.17

Despite a fair bit of newness setting into the economic management our worries have not disappeared. Professor Amartya Sen had returned to India after many years. Despite reaching pinnacles of brilliance and world fame he was magnetically pulled towards the fragrant soil of his motherland India. Hence he comes to India a couple of times every year. Although he is a Professor of Harvard University yet Shantiniketan in Kolkatta (India) has tied him with a bond of affection. This time he had arrived with his friend Robert Solo. Robert akin to him is an economist and also a Nobel Prize Winner. Both deeply respect each other and both aspire that economic inequality the world over is warded off and that an era of economic equality sets in permanently.

Even as of now they were discussing this very subject. While conversing there was natural joy on Sens face. Along with him were both Robert Solo and Shantiniketans Amalendu Chatterjee. On meeting him, Amartya Sen said: Whenever I come here, clouds of past memories burst forth. I cannot forget the fragrant memories of spending my childhood with maternal grandfather Kshitimohan Sen and loving affection that I got from the world acclaimed poet Rabindranath Tagore. In fact they had named me Amartya. While speaking thus he dug into old memories: Amalendu! I remember the past very clearly.

In 1943 AD famine erupted in West Bengal. Although I was only 10 years old then, yet I remember seeing people struggle to find food. Due to agonizing poverty I saw people getting shattered, begging for every grain of food, dying due to intense hunger and experiencing untold agony. This downfallen state of people was very palpable. In this famine about 150,000 people lost their precious lives. Thousands of families disintegrated. Majority of those who died were very poor and were of labor class. Lest people of the wealthy class had generously shared food etc with the poor so many deaths could have been averted.

While reminiscing past events Professor Sens eyes shed tears. Even Robert Solo and Amalendus voices choked with emotion. On seeing their sad state Prof Sen controlled his tears and said: Our country attained political freedom and thus a lot of transformation set in. Economic strategies underwent many changes. India had many renowned efficient economists. Amongst these a few are running the government. Yet I look upon Mahatma Gandhi as the greatest economist of this era who mulled deeply over ways of ending economic inequality prevalent in India. Today India is partitioned in 2 ways viz. urban and rural India. On the one hand urban India boasts of very wealthy corporate honchos and at the other end you have farmers in rural India struggling with whims and fancies of Mother Nature in the form of calamities. The disparity between the rich and poor is deepening day after day and added to this are slaps of scams and corruption.

Prof Sen continued: Lest in these very years the rising public ire in India ushers in a mass revolution it shall be least surprising. This is because not for very long can the public remain oppressed and downtrodden. Then he said: I have discussed all this in detail in my books Poverty and Famines, Welfare and Management, Choice of Technique, Hunger and Public Action, Values and Development and Ethics and Economics.

Since he was sitting for quite some time he got up and started strolling about there. While strolling he said: Today when Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are giving a lot of charity in India a lot of discussion is taking place. The intention of charity is not bad and must be praised. Previously families like Tata, Birla and Azimbhai Premji of WIPRO company has been doing a lot of philanthropy yet today the fact remains Indians instead of charity require opportunities to work hard in jobs. In previous eras India had proclaimed Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or World united peacefully as a family but globalization has rendered the world family as a world bazaar.

If in India we wish to bring in new economic management small scale industries shall have to be rejuvenated. In order to direct a new economic revolution certain points shall have to be pondered over in depth. These utterances of Prof Sen were being avidly heard by his friends Robert and Amalendu. They knew that every point raised by him was very important. When both of his friends too got up they started strolling on green grass and under shade giving trees. Prof Sen was saying: For a new economic program first and foremost nature based means and resources must be protected from wastage and breakage and thus the environment shall get protection which in turn shall induce nature to aid our economic development and progress.

The 2 nd point to note is regarding advancement of peripheral means. The disparity between cities and rural areas shall lessen greatly via making easily available electricity, roads, water and transportation. In this manner both the urban and rural economic development shall scale new heights. The 3 rd point is regarding advancement of knowledge based skills and capabilities. For this end traditional skills of villages must be conjoined to scientific methods. This solution shall set rolling in economic equality. The 4 th point to be noted is regarding giving a lot of weight age to agriculture and farming. Those solutions shall have to be unveiled wherein both the farmer and agriculture get protection from natural calamities and that they get benefits of scientific means. If this happens Indian Agricultural Department can become a beneficial area of economic program.

The 5 th solution is equal viewpoint towards economic reforms and globalization. For this in our country such an environment must be created wherein villages and small economic units flourish. The 6 th solution is remaining alert towards jobs and daily wage programs. For this, not metro cities but at the local level jobs must be made available in plenty. The 7 th point regarding uprooting poverty is to strengthen institutions that can be of great help for this purpose. It is best that this task sprouts forth as public yearning towards selfless service to the world. Thus villages and the poor can get empowered. The 8 th point is total progress and progress for all. Thus the gigantic wall separating villages and metro cities can be broken down. The 9 th point is education and health must become our fundamental rights. If citizens regain good health and become literate they shall work hard and attain wealth. The 10 th point is a government that is not corrupt. For this people must be imbued with patriotism. The last 11 th point is development of a spiritual vision. If this were to happen people shall feel the pain of others and shall help each other progress in life. On saying this much Prof Sen smilingly said: If our country does this much the era of economic equality shall harbinger in. For this goal the countrys judicial system must become active, understanding and devoid of corruption.



In the judicial system such arrangements must be made and such management must be designed wherein in a very straightforward manner a person gets justice speedily and using minimal expenditure.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Rajniti aur Saccharitrata

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 1963, Page 53

People seated on high stature posts may fear a proactive, valiant and understanding judiciary yet the lay public breathes easily due to this. While speaking thus the face of Sampatlal Devi projected mixed emotions of self faith and sensitivity. She is an ordinary woman from a village in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh yet attraction for true justice has rendered her daring and much more knowledgeable than highly educated people. She is now the leader of a group of women wearing pink Saris. She says that people are now fed up of wealth greedy political leaders, corrupt police officials and people seated on high stature posts. Under such situations our country Indias judiciary has awakened in the hearts of people hope and expectation.

This pink garbed group has put up a fight with those officials who have created obstacles in the way of accepted development schemes. They waved sticks at those men who were known to beat up their wives. Despite being laborers they have resolved to gain justice and mete out justice to those who deserve it. Since she always keeps a sticks people call her stick waving Sampatlal Devi. She has rendered the sole of her worn out sandals a weapon of social justice. Despite being illiterate these days she has taken up school study so that she can understand correctly tasks carried out by the countrys judiciary.

When dusk approaches she generally holds a meeting with her pink garbed gang. This very evening she was doing exactly this when another woman asked her whether one can get justice with reference to powerful people in society. At that time Sampatlal became quite stern and said: What are you saying? It is a thing of the past that powerful people could influence the courts of law in their favor. Today in front of true justice none is bigger or smaller. In these times of PIL or Public Interest Litigation we do not know how many powerful people are cooling their heels in jail. Continuing she said: The courts have sent ex chief minister Madhu Koda and 3 ex ministers Kamlesh Singh, Enis Ekka and Harinarayan Rai to jail due to their criminal involvement. Merely in Jharkhand right since 2001 AD till today about 2000 PILs have been introduced in courts.

On hearing Sampatlal Devi women aides seated there felt that truly hope exists. She convinced her colleagues that the past days are gone and that new times of a proactive judiciary have dawned brightly. These women were avidly hearing what Sampatlal had to say and hence one amongst these spoke to her in local dialect: Sister! Why dont you elaborate further? On hearing her colleague Sampatlal got imbued with zest. She said: Take the example of 3 rd March 2011 AD- the Supreme Court while saying that the appointment of the Chief Vigilance Officer was illegal put the Central Government in and perplexity via this judgment made it clear that any corrupt person however powerful possessing high authority shall not escape the noose of law.

In the same way today Supreme Court is making many valuable observations regarding black money. In the 2G Spectrum fraud, the Supreme Court has made many harsh comments and is also looking into its investigation. After pausing to cough she continued: Our countrys judiciary is getting a lot of honor. Even today, many stories regarding justice meted out in olden times are being looked up to. It is said that a king of our country Shershah Suri-at that moment a colleague interrupter her and asked exactly who was this Shershah? She smilingly answered: O! That very king who had built the biggest road in India which today is called GT Road. When an ordinary shopkeeper complained regarding the kings son, Shershah harshly punished his own son. King Jahangir too did not prevaricate when it came to meting out punishment to his erring wife Queen Noorjehan. His Jahangiri Bell is very famous. Anyone could ask for justice by ringing this bell. Today many stories are being recounted how Ujjains Emperor Vikramaditya gave justice to all. Why go far; was the love of justice in the heart of our Queen Lakshmibai of Bundelkhand any less?

While discussing all this Sampatlal Devi was in full zest. Those who heard her too were enthusiastic yet their minds had some apt questions that were eating their psyche. While realizing their mental cogitation Sampatlal said: Anyone of you is welcome to ask any question. Hence one woman said: Although what you said is true yet the time taken to mete out justice in our country is very long drawn and time consuming. What you say is true and none can challenge it, yet efforts are being made in India. Regarding this Lok Adalats have been set up where judgments are given swiftly. Further fast track courts too are in vogue that gives its ruling quickly. We can definitely say that this is a good beginning.

While talking thus, night was casting its shadow. Stars started twinkling on the black bed sheet called the sky yet this pink garbed gang of Budelkhandi women were enthusiastically continuing with their discussion. There was fair bit of awakening in their perception. Continuing further Sampatlal Devi said: Today Indias Chief justice of the Supreme Court is Sarosh Homi Kapadia. He says that he is from a very poor family. I started work as a 4 th class worker. My only wealth is my integrity and honesty. With its aid great changes have ensued. Today in the galleries of the Supreme Court the judgments and observations of clean honest judges are echoing. Via their great character full of true justice they are becoming such leaders of the public that they are ceaselessly fighting against tainted elements of society.

Whether it is Justice Markandeya Katju who thought it befitting to award the death penalty in cases of honor killings or it is Justice GS Singhvi who observed that 100 phone tapping cases show how the country is being run. Not only this, recently the Supreme Court in its historical judgment passed an order to make CBI investigations against 34 judges because the Honorable Chief Justice believes that the corrupt must not escape the noose of law even if they are judges of various courts. It is for this reason that virtually all nations of the world are saying that the Indian Supreme Court is the most powerful amongst all the courts of the world put together. On saying this much Sampatlal Devi picked up her stick and said: We need not fear anything. We must have faith that even if there is an error as far as mundane justice is concerned yet none can escape justice and punishment meted out by the divine court of Almighty Lord. However late yet only truth succeeds and prevails. Hence we must take up great sacred and meritorious actions. Times are fast changing. Our country is hearing footsteps of a revolution about to arrive. Know for sure that corruption of politics shall perforce get transformed into ethics and honesty in future.



Within the present era politics is said to be most potent and influential. Whether the lay publics life is joyous or sad heavily depends on whether political leaders work honestly keeping in mind the welfare of people or that they behave in a corrupt fashion. On the one hand selfish politicians harbor no qualms or compunctions in following corrupt unethical ways so that their powerful thrones remain intact and thus people definitely face sorrow and a life full off hardships. It is with bitterness that we say that today our country too is in such a pitiful state yet we have full faith that despicable condition shall not last long.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Samajik, arthik aur rajnitik kshetron mein honay wale navin parivartan

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 1967, Page 50

In order that corrupt politics get transformed into ethical politics, a great revolution is required yet instead of it getting inspired by power, government and selfish goals it should be inspired by selfless service, ethics and spiritual attainments. While speaking thus Manohar Bharitya became emotional. He resides in a small village. He just does not want to divulge the name of this region. He opines that today politics has become poisonous due to caste system, regionalism and separatism. As a result people have forgotten national welfare, human well being and spiritual benefits. Hence I have deleted from my name the caste to which I belong. I am an Indian first and India is my true identity.

Manohar Bhartiya is more than 86 years of age. He does not properly remember his birth date. He very enthusiastically joined the Quit India Movement along with his young friends. He had to face sticks of police, was hit very badly with clubs and was imprisoned in jail for 1.5 years. When he returned from jail he again urged others to fight for Indias freedom struggle. When India attained political freedom he commenced working for education, health and solving problems of farmers. At that age too he did not don spectacles. He regularly did Yoga exercises and went for walks daily in the morning and evening. He loved scriptural studies and self introspection. The amount of worry he had for his country in youth was there even today in his advanced age.

Manohar says that he has seen the times of Nehru and Lohia and was seeing todays eras politicians. It is heard that from the year 1952 till date the Parliament has increased its members salaries 35 times. When such a bill was placed for salary increase no discussion on it ever took place and it got passed immediately. Within minutes this bill always is always passed. Manohar says: My question to these MPs is why do they not show the same zest in passing bills that increase salaries and other allowances of soldiers protecting Indian borders in ice cold regions like Siachen while putting their very lives in peril?

In our 15 th Lok Sabha (Indias lower house of Parliament) there are more than 300 millionaire MPs. Majority of these are either millionaires, of criminal leanings or by taking recourse to crime have amassed untold black money. In India it is a bitter truth that wealth and crime are inseparable partners. What is quite ironic that in a small country like Bhutan if you wish to stand for elections to run the government you must be minimum a graduate (bachelors degree). Hence the question is are we Indians even worse off than minuscule Bhutan that in order to stand for elections in India there is just no compulsory requirement of education? Isnt it a bitter joke with reference to the lives of billions in India that the future of the worlds most intellectual people is in the hands of illiterate and criminal political rulers? While speaking thus the senior citizen Manohar Bhartiya had the attitude of a zestful youth.

In his tone resided wrath along with pain and his eyes had a film of tears. He continued: In 1963 AD a discussion on 3 annas-15 annas took place between Nehru and Ram Manohar Lohia. At that time for 3 straight elections Congress party was voted to power. Lohia wrote a pamphlet titled Rupees 25,000 for one day regarding unwarranted expenditure of the government. In actuality Rs 25,000 were being used for Prime Minister Nehrus expenditure whereas the countrys 75% laymen got only 3 annas for daily expenses. Nehru while opposing this said that as per the data of Planning Commission the public got 15 annas daily. A very hot discussion took place on this topic. Lohia proved that the statistics given by the Planning Commission is a figment of their imagination and were leading everyone astray.

Now everything has changed. According to the Global Financial Integrity institute that keeps a watchful eye on corruption the world over opines that between the years 1948 and 2008 AD, Rs 20,790,000,000,000 were taken out of India illegally. With this money the Agricultural Debt Plan could have been applied 35 times. In 2008 AD black money in India amounted to 28,000,000,000,000 rupees. Even if half this money had been used to pay off foreign debt the remaining half could have been saved. Instead of this if it was distributed to the citizens of India each one would have got a share of Rs 14,000. The Swiss Banking Association Report says that from 1947 to date Indians have deposited Rs 8,509,500,000,000 in Swiss Banks. Lest this amount was spread side by side as Rs 1000 notes from one end of planet earth, it could circumambulate earth 37 times.

And all this has happened due to politicians working in cahoots and hand in gloves with each other. Recently due to ex minister A Raja a lot of losses had to be undergone by India that could have been used to create technology of solar energy numbering to 88,880,000,000 of 1 mega watt each. As a result in entire India for many years continuously electricity supply could have been noted. Yet in this dark gloom of despair dwells a ray of hope. Indias leading politician AK Antony who while on government duty as Keralas Chief Minister had refused to use his political clout in order to benefit his sons admission. Everyone praises his simplicity. Even opposition parties eulogize West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjees simplicity and integrity. Amongst young political leaders Meenakshi Natarajan is praised for her simplicity. Such leaders bring back memories of great politicians of past times like Kapuri Thakur, Janeshwar Mishra, Lohia etc.

While stopping this particular discussion Manohar said: Whether the arena is politics or something else, simplicity, honesty, great character and sensitive sentiments dwell only where spirituality reigns. Spirituality does not mean mere rites and rituals but that it emphasizes sacredness of character and pious sensitivity. This fact was identified well in time only by one super saint and he is Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (Founder of the All World Gayatri Family). No doubt he is no longer in our midst yet our countrys well being lies only in success of revolutions set rolling by him in the fields of ethics, intellect and society. While highlighting all this he said: Most definitely the era of transparency shall set in the field of politics. Take for example Bihars Chief Ministers daring. He saw to it that data related to wealth owned by his ministers be made public. Anyone can read these details on Bihar Governments website. We have full faith that this wave of transformation shall continue unabated. In the near future not only politicians but that those whom we call vile and wicked too shall transform positively. Even in wickedness sacred sentiments shall take birth.



Todays vain glittering/lightning like situations and problems based on demonic illusory forces appear very fearful the world over. On seeing all this it appears that the sun has set and that the dark gloomy night has appeared in our midst. Yet this is not totally true. This is actually the time akin to eclipse, shadow of clouds which shall be destroyed by a terrific basis present in our midst in an active manner. After todays terror like heartless acts of cruelty a Satyuga or Golden Era shall definitely manifest oozing with pure sacred sensitivity.

.Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Sookshmikaran evam ujjwal bhavishya ka avataran-2

Vangmaya, Part 29, Page 2.10

An example of sacred sensitivity in cruelty is Abdul Majid. He said: My life revolved around rifles, revolvers, flying bullets and body dripping with blood. My task was to kill people be it a dark gloomy night or brilliant daylight. I do not know how I got enmeshed in atrocities, terror and rank cruelty. While talking thus his voice was full of pain and repentance. Majid was fair skinned, well built, handsome and of about 25 years in age. In Kashmiri robes he looked a handsome young man. On noting his thin moustache/beard and very shy nature it was very astounding to believe that only a few weeks back he was a killer terrorist searched for by many battalions of the Indian Army and BSF in dense jungles and harsh terrain mountains.

Yet today he is the loving brother of small kids. Small girls and boys of Kashmir address him thus and he in turn teaches them not only about trees, herbs but also how to become good pious human beings. He truly repents his past despicable life. Since he is educated and capable he possesses information of worldly ways. Apart from Urdu and English language he fluently speaks Hindi, French and Russian. While telling the story of terrorism he recounts: Sir! This is an atrocious game played in the name of religion in which quite a few young people like me got entangled bloodily. On 3 rd July 1979 during the unfolding of a secret Brzezinski had said that Jimmy Carter, President of USA at that time without informing the American Public and the Congress in order to run an International Terrorism Movement had secretly given 500 million dollars. The CIA called this Operation Cyclone. In coming years from here itself 4 billion dollars were used to establish Islamic Training Schools in Pakistan. Today we angrily observe ISI of Pakistan but know for sure that once upon a time it was a student of CIA and yet today this student has become a wily master.

Sir! Today thousands have taken up terrorist activities. Challenges regarding terrorism are rising alarmingly. Maybe discussion revolves around Pakistan, India and Afghanistan yet every country of the world is a victim of terrorism. Due to attacks by Udgar Muslims the Chinese Government is in a quandary. It is believed that Udgars are a part of Taliban and Al Qaeda terror outfits. Very recently a highly populated metro station of Russias capital Moscow was targeted by terror groups. Chechen Mujahideens are regularly coming out with new terror tactics. Why travel so far, take our country India. Over here new forms of terrorism are witnessed daily viz. Naxalism, Maoism, fundamentalism and so on. Know that these are but synonyms of one devil called terrorism.

While Abdul Majid was speaking thus his childhood friend Usman Khalid came there. Both saw each other and laughed. Journalist Sandip Chauhan who was so far talking to Majid asked him: How did you suddenly reform thus? He replied: Sandip Sir! During one such heinous terrorist act of mine when I mercilessly killed 3 family members a 9 year old girl caught hold of my hand and said: Brother! You may kill me but do not murder this younger brother of mine. On hearing her innocent utterance full of deep emotions my hair stood on end. The rifle I was carrying slipped from my hands and I experienced dizziness. This 9 year old girl got a glass of water for me and asked about my state: Brother! Has something happened to you? On hearing her speak thus I kept staring at her in wonderment. I was so moved because here was a 9 year old girl whose 3 family members I had killed yet she was bothered about me. She was worried about my dire state. I wondered of what tough skin she was made of?

On that day itself I gave up terrorist activities. I surrendered to the army. Judicial enquiry was made and the judges said: The government wants to bring those who have strayed by bringing them into mainstream of life. I was set free and so I started training activities here. Amongst those children whom I educate along with Muslims there are kids of Hindu Pandits too. While carrying out this task I have understood the true meaning of religion. True religion means loving the entire world and sharing pain and anguish of others. Religion can never mean killing anybody. It in fact is a crime of gigantic proportion.

On hearing what he said Sandip Chauhan was very happy. He said: This talk of yours must be heard by all. Abdul smilingly replied: O no brother! There are more important topics to hear. In Sultan Vind village of Amritsar district Bhai Dharamsingh Khalsa Trust is rendering 150 children good human beings. Baljit Singh Khalsa and Sandip Kaur Khalsa who run this trust were terrorists previously yet today they are sacredly nurturing children. I have one more example to give; may I talk about it? Sandip answered: Please do go ahead because I am very much loving, all that you are saying. A very dangerous criminal Sudhir Sharma who worked under the previous powerful underworld don Karim Lala of Mumbai city today is working as a librarian in Ramanand Saraswati Library in Jokhara. Since he loves to read and learn he has become a librarian.

After recounting so many things and his experiences Majid became a bit fearful. While glancing in the direction of his friend Usman he said: Only if peoples minds are not poisoned with vicious thinking not only in India but terrorism the world over shall be uprooted. But sir! All this poisonous thinking is snatching away from man his innocent childhood. Vicious people are all the time poisoning innocent souls. What actually does not exist is ingrained in the minds of people forcefully. I say the worlds most pious fated Muslims reside in India but it is these terrorists who disallow people from realizing and accepting this truth. Those innocent hands which must be holding pens are made to operate guns and rifles. Whereas the bare truth is that the solution lies not in guns but in great sacred thinking. The true path arises not from bullets but from pious hearts. One visible example is me. The task of telling people this truth can be carried out more efficiently and convincingly by journalists as yourself rather than people like me. If only true journalism radiates then not only india but the world shall usher in a bright future.



Amongst newspapers/magazines published today none have missionary zeal nor do they have any program of zealous nature. Henceforth in large numbers such newspapers/magazines must be published which instead of looking upon journalism merely as a profession to eke out huge amounts of cash should be imbibed as a mission and must throw true light on every aspect of human life.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Satsahitya srijan-Yug ki ek mahan avashyakta

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1963, Page 44

Journalist P Sainath who emerged as a beacon light of journalism opines that journalism is not merely a profession or business that communicates and publishes information and news. In fact it is a stupendous task that gets sensitized by other peoples sensitivity and thus sensitizes its readers/viewers. The task of journalism is to get ready peoples opinion on welfare tasks related to the public. Along with this they must give birth to public wrath against atrocities, injustice and oppression of any sort so that the government and various institutions perforce pay heed to these problems. They thus shall perforce change not only themselves but the very principles they work with in a positive beneficial manner. P Sainath is a very senior journalist of a very well known English newspaper. In todays times wherein the eyes of journalists and journalism is titillated with vain glamour and media power, P Sainath very fearlessly is executing his righteous journalist responsibilities. Even today journalism is a sacred mission for him and is also a national duty as far as he is concerned.

He was born in a very well known family in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. He has never faced any kind of lack or want yet he is very alert and sensitive towards those in need and facing dire poverty. His grandfather VV Giri was previously the President of India. Sainath says: My grandfather was a soldier of the freedom struggle in India. He would describe episodes from this struggle in a very hair raising lively manner. From him I came to realize how journalists and journalism played a great role in India attaining political freedom. A journalist Makhanlal Chaturvedi whose psyche got churned in the fervor of patriotism, churned the very hearts of Indians via journalism.

The great journalist Ganeshshankar Vidyarthi had said: That country which does not require reforms cannot remain a part of this changing world. Whatever he spoke for the youth of India was important for youths the world over. Yet for journalists it is that much more important. His words were: O youth of India! The task facing you all is very great. As long as not hundreds, thousands but million beloved sons of their mothers do not utilize their lives for unswerving service to their fellow citizens till then this great task shall remain unfulfilled. These are his words: If you wish to become true journalists you must learn to experience the anguish of your country as your own. On noting the pain and agony of your brother citizens, you too must experience the same. It is this sensitive experience that shall render you all true journalists.

Truly all this was experienced by P Sainath which is the reason why he is carrying out arduous journeys to villages of India for the past 18 years. Every year he spends about 270 to 300 days in villages. The Nobel Prize winner and world acclaimed economist Amartya Sen has the following to say about Sainath: Sainath leads greatest specialists the world over in the field of famine and hunger. He is a voice representing Dalits, oppressed and weaker strata of society witnessed in backward rural areas. In these times he is a ray of hope for poor rural folks. When one of his colleagues asked him what inspired to carry out this task he replied: It is the great generation of journalists during Indias freedom fight that eggs me on the most. At first he just smiled on being compared to contemporary journalists, but then he slowly said: Majority of todays journalists and leading newspapers write and publish about only power of all sorts, government and the highest strata of society constituting 5% and they surrender all their skills for this end only. Whereas I try to write about 5% of Indian society which is lowest strata of India and society and am trying to put in my all for this end.

Sainath who realizes and says that this task is his righteous duty in order to adhere to this great responsibility has carried out a research journey in 10 most poverty stricken villages of 5 states. This research journey was of about 100,000 km and he walked for about 5000 km. regarding this he wrote a book Everybody loves a good draft which was highly eulogized and was bought the most by avid readers. Whatever cash he earned from this publication he donated it for the benefit of rural journalists. A Canadian film producer inspired by Sainaths task made a small film on him called A tribe of his own which won many prizes.

Along with being awarded Asias well established Ramon Magsaysay award comparable to the Nobel Prize for high stature, Sainath has a very long list of prizes of acclaim won by him over his long time span career. In many well known universities of the world he is an honorary professor but when his country Indias Government decided to honor Sainath with the Padma Shri title he refused to accept it. On being asked the reason he said: In the past 10 years in India about 200,000 farmers have committed suicide. To a great extent the government is responsible for these suicides and hence under such dire situations I feel ashamed to accept any award from the government.

Although P Sainath is worried about journalism of todays times yet he has not totally lost hope. He opines that recently there have been a few journalists like Rajendra Mathur, Girilal Jus, BB Varghese, Ajit Bhattacharya, Rajendra Awasthi, Dharmavir Bharti and Prabhas Joshi. One can learn a lot from them all. Todays needs are that within journalism development and profound thinking be given due importance. Toda it is very pitiful that journalism gives importance only to crime and politics. No one is willing to see how development and true thinking are being left behind virtually to die. Thus it is most required that we pay due heed to it.

He remembers his revered grandfather VV Giri and said: Along with being a political leader my grandfather was very interested in spirituality. He had deep faith in a saint of North India called Neem Karoli Baba. Once when he visited Baba the great saint said: Today our country lacks saints, reformers and true thinkers. Regarding himself Baba said: I carry out a few austerities but Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya along with being a high stature personality of penance and a spiritual visionary is a saint, reformer and thinker. He writes a lot on great sacred thinking. Our countrys youth must learn a lot from him. VV Giri must definitely have told him all this. Contemporary journalists must note this fact that it is their prime duty to render national consciousness sensitive towards development and glorious profound thinking. Sainath very smilingly is shouldering this responsibility. On getting inspired by this duty that he is executing with vim many brilliantly talented youths of India are saying: How glorious is rural life!



Those who have heard the echo of steps of future, say that the world of tomorrow shall belong not to metro cities but villages in rural areas. It is sheer over population in urban cities bursting at seams that have sown seeds of peril the world over. Lest we wish to save ourselves from all this, we must return to a rural way of life.

.Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Rashtriya jagran ka nav abhiyan-gramothan

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1998, Page 41

O, how glorious is village life! These are utterances of those youths who along with their brilliant talent, high status and wealth having attained many important things have set off to rejuvenate rural lifestyle in India. One amongst these is Chavi Rajavat who recently had participated in a world conference of United Nations and had created a big flutter there. 31 year old Chavi graduated from Delhis Lady Shriram College and then did her MBA from Punes Indian Institute of Modern Management. Her grandfather Raghuvir Singh Bharitya was a valiant officer in the Indian army. Because of his valor he was awarded the Mahavir Chakra. Her father Narendra Singh too is in the social service field. Before becoming a Sarpanch (village chief) in Soda village (Tonk, Rajasthan, India) she had been on high stature posts in many leading corporate houses.

Why was village life attractive for Chavi? On being asked this at first she burst out laughing but then said: Whatever dwells in villages cannot be found elsewhere. Over here rests natures bountiful beauty, fragrant flowers and there is soul fulfillment in dwelling in the soil of our ancestors. Then she slowly said: Of course conjoined to this are problems pertaining to villages. In our area the biggest problem is that of water. In fact in villages more than irrigation clean water is greatly required for drinking purposes. There are problems of health and cleanliness too. There are no lesser problems related to education. Apart from this there exist many other social problems. People of villages are engulfed by problems like vile traditions, blind beliefs, deluded faith, dowry and child marriages yet I am born in a family of soldiers. I have not learnt losing. I am ready to struggle and fight right till the last breadth of my life.

At the time Chavi was talking she was seated on a horse. She calls her horse-Magic. While pulling the horses reins she said with pride that her grandfather taught her horse riding. Chavi who is very firm and fiery in character is nicknamed Lalya bayaro in local dialect which means dessert wind. This is because the moment she arrived in her home village like a storm wind she commenced reforming the village. At present along with being the village chief she holds a post with Mahatma Gandhi Rashtriya Grameen Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana (Manrega) and is immersed in water harvesting management so that villagers get clean safe water to drink.

She tells us that not only she but many other educated young people too are involved in rejuvenating rural life. The story of Kang village conjoined to Indo-Pak International Border is even more lucid and inspiring than mine. The village chief of Kang is Gurmeet Bajva. He is 27 years old. He took an MBA degree from Englands Derbyshire County. Yet instead of residing in big cities of England or India he thought it better to work for his own village. His mission is to raise the social stature of villagers and help them get true justice on all fronts.

Chavi who is very much involved in development of village life says that her grandfather told her that todays youth shall not believe that 30-35 years back children of villages dreamt of eating Roti (Indian bread) made of wheat. Along with this if you wished to buy a bag of cement or sugar you had to take permission from the Tehsildar (village district official). It is very clear that in previous times the problems of villagers who were poor, illiterate, oppressed and rendered slaves for centuries together were much more fearful. After India attained freedom on 15 th August 1947 it became a republic. In this 6 decade journey of Indian Republic awakening is seen in rural areas. But it is educated young people who can catapult them to greater heights.

A well discussed name amongst educated youths is that of Bihars Manishkumar and Shashankkumar. They have a post graduate degree of M Tech in the areas of technology and management. After completing this education they resolved to help village farmers. For this end they established their 1 st group of their institution in 2007 called Farm and Farmers in a village called Chakdariya (Vaishali District, Bihar). They via this institution are involved in making technical arrangements for farmers, right from procuring seeds to the bazaar. These 2 brilliant youths by giving up lucrative careers and life full of material comforts have instead decided to walk with their legs in agricultural fields.

Another youth from Bihar again is Kaushalendra who after completing B Tech (Agricultural Engineering) topped in MBA studies at IIM Ahmedabad. After this he resolved to help farmers in his village in Bihar. For this he came out with an extraordinary solution. He buys vegetables from farmers at good prices and sells to consumers at slightly lower rates. He has established a network named after his revered mother called Kaushalya Foundation. Thus not only farmers but the consumers too benefit a lot.

Thus Chavi Rajavat has details of many such young people of India who are zealously involved in advancing and progressing rural living. Amongst the line of these illustrious youths she places Anna Hazare too who today despite being 73 years old is a fount that inspires Indian youngsters. Anna Hazare whose real name is Kishen Hazare commenced earning in his life selling flowers. Later he joined the Indian Army. During this phase he underwent tense times. At one point Anna was thinking of committing suicide. In fact he had even written a suicide note but at that point he got a chance to read a book written by Swami Vivekananda. Anna Hazare says after reading Swamijis book all questions about life that so far tormented him were now answered clearly and very satisfyingly.

After taking VRS from the army he came to a village called Ralegaon Sidhi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra State. He started dwelling in a temple here and commenced serving the village selflessly. Even today after so many years Anna resides in a room in this temple, sleeps on the floor, eats once a day and performs service tasks the entire day. Due to his efforts the roads of this village are very clean. Everywhere one can see lush greenery and houses made of bricks and cement. None of the shops of this village sell cigarettes, Bidis or betel nuts and its leaves. Arrangements for banking and internet have been made. Those who are visitors are given lodging and boarding facilities. There is a library for reading purposes and the best thing is that people here ooze with a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. Anna inspired by Swamiji did not marry. For him his entire life is dedicated to the service of his village and entire India. Along with the 31 year old Chavi so many Indian youths have been inspired by Anna. It is for this reason that they have imbibed a rural life so as to selflessly serve villages.



The first and foremost task of social service is to awaken Viveka or farsighted discrimination in public psyche so that people by giving up undesirable blind traditions zealously imbibe that which is apt/wholesome and walk on the path of true greatness. Those honest efforts that help fulfill this task shall be looked upon as supremely great social service.

..Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Apni hi nahin, kucch samaj ka bhi hit sadhan karein

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1969, Page 60

While treading the path of selfless service we may not get material means and comforts, yet our spiritual endeavor becomes terrifically potent. The more we shower our selfless love on others in society the more love in manifold measure is given to us by others. The more we share a sense of oneness of soul with others much more oneness of soul will be showered on us by others even without asking for it. Due to this selfless service our emotions get sacredly sanctified which in turn amplifies spiritual energy in the deep recesses of our psyche without any extra effort on our part. This is such a priceless gift of social service which we get free of charge and the best thing we experience that we are true sensitive human beings. These are such humans who are not only humans by their facial and physical appearance but that due to their human values they are human beings. Via their humane qualities/activities, their great thinking, character and loving behavior they have become humans in the true sense of the term. While speaking thus a divine aura was seen shining on Dr Prakash Amtes face which made him appear special and a tad different from all those people present there.

At that time he was in Hemalkasa region. His wife Dr Mandakini Amte too was accompanying him. Bhamargadh forest region in Gadhchiroli (Maharasthra) drips with lush greenery and foliage. In this modern era too there is virtually no humanity with its culture. In the name of humans you find people called Madiya Gond tribe whose population is very less and along with ferocious blood thirsty beasts of this dense jungle themselves live like animals. The atmosphere is quite fearful in this jungle area. Within this forest is a small area called Hemalkasa. It takes a fair length of time to arrive here. It is hence very difficult to believe that in this dark beast infested jungle a great saintly person is trying to give the light of wisdom to uncultured barbaric people. Baba Amtes task of selfless service has been taken up by his son and daughter in law Dr Prakash Amte and Dr Mandakini Amte. Daily this saintly couple along with their capable sons Dr Digant and Aniket are performing miraculous tasks in this deadly silent jungle.

Dr Prakashs colleague Dr Gopal hadnavis says: As of now Baba Amtes 3 rd generation too is immersed in selfless social service. When Dr Gopal spoke thus both Dr Prakash and Dr Mandakini smiled. Laughingly Dr Mandakini said: We are trying our level best to walk this path and never to stop marching ahead. Due to their honest endeavor great results are being witnessed by all to see. They have set up a very well managed hospital that benefits people of around 1000 villages of surrounding regions. For Madiya Gond people a school has been set to render them cultured and literate.

This sense of service of theirs is not limited to human beings only. For beastly jungle animals they have set up a sort of wild life home where blood thirsty ferocious animals like tigers, bears etc are treated if they are wounded or are ill. So many decades have passed by ever since they commenced such selfless tasks but they are very shy is praise is showered on them. They say that today times are changing wherein more and more people the world over are taking up the sacred path of selfless social service. We have been told that a lady called Bharti from Bihar is fighting against social tainted traditions and corruption. Initially she was all alone but today her name is synonymous with womens awakening platform. There are so many like her viz. Rinki Bharti, Vibha Bharti, Sushma Bharti, Soni Bharti and so on. These are not mere names but is an army of women revolutionaries who are blowing loudly the bugle of a social revolution in Mushari region of Bihar State in India.

16 year old Chanda of Varanasi (UP, India) is fighting to liberate society from blind traditions like child marriage and illiteracy. In the aborigine district of Bahul Mandala in MP, India women have set rolling such a revolution that people there have started believing it a crime even to touch alcohol. Via poems and a social service organization called Life Initiative Assams Suresh Ranjan Goduka is doing selfless service with the help of volunteers. While Dr Prakash Amte was citing examples of such selfless social service, his wife came there with some snacks and glasses with some strange drink. These appeared strange because they were cooked from plant ingredients found in those jungle regions.

While serving drinks to the guests Dr Mandakini said: The thread of social consciousness has strung in it Indias many talented people. Today they look upon social service as their righteous duty and responsibility. Many IAS officers in India have commenced extraordinary programs. IAS officer Rigzin Senthil of 2003 AD batch has executed original schemes for obtaining clean water. Along with this in order to stop black marketing in public distribution networks he has designed such a plan that as soon as goods reach shops consumers are notified immediately via MMS. Regarding Suresh it is said that he is akin to an ascetic saint who yearns that every poor person in India gets joyous comforts so as to live a happy life.

In the same way Kamalkishor Sone and his wife Aradhana Patnaik are IAS officers of 1998 AD batch. They look upon social service as their prime duty. Both opine that IAS is that job which gives one a great opportunity to render lives of lay citizen better and when a poor person smiles, we experience inner joy. Due to their hard efforts every woman from the total 10000 working in 1000 self help groups earn Rs 2500 per month which has rendered their family life happy and peaceful. Basher has chosen an extraordinary way to do social service. He has tried to become a representing voice of anguish experienced by the people of Kashmir via his book Curfew Night. He says that the rest of India can never even imagine the pain and agony undergone by people of Kashmir. The childhood of his generation was wasted in un-proclaimed war and education was not given to them in youth. Their families ran helter-skelter everywhere. Basher believes that for him social service means letting everybody know the pain of Kashmir people.

On hearing what his wife said, Dr Prakash continued: Today foreign research scientists have started counting the benefits of social service. Recently researchers of Harvard Medical School in USA said that if we do selfless service without harboring any expectations pleasure centers of our brain get activated and thus we experience bliss and happiness. Along with this due to selfless service other centers of cerebral cortex in the brain get activated which apart from selfless service is not present anywhere else. On hearing Dr Prakash Prof Gopal said: Due to such revolutionary research endeavors positive transformation shall be witnessed in human living and thinking.



In future laws and principles pertaining to modern science instead of opposing spiritual tenets shall in fact give its assent to them. Along with this dawn of new discoveries/inventions and transformation of the old shall take place in such a manner so that the hard work put in by modern day scientists shall come in full use for world human welfare.

Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, swarup va karyakram

Vangmaya, No. 66, Page 3.42

Revolutionary researchers are those who have aided rendering human life straightforward, facile to live, easy and a lot better. All this has nothing to do whether such great researchers have been awarded a national or internationally acclaimed prize or title or not. While speaking thus Ankit Mehta showcased a man less search plane designed by him. He named it Netra or eyes. When they were seeing it Ankits friends Ashish Bhatt, Rahul Singh, Amardeep and Vipul Joshi too were standing nearby. These students graduating from IIT-Mumbai have established their own company called Idea Forge. Its goal is to give their brother citizens comforts and capability via their thinking and experimental research.

While throwing more light on this unmanned plane Rahul Singh said: Actually this was designed by Ankit in a project work during his studies. This was shown by film maker Raju Hirani in his film 3 Idiots. Later Ankit made many changes in this plane and has given it this present form. Regarding its benefits Mehta says: This plane has a great number of uses. The army can use it to investigate any region. The navy can find out information about pirates ships using this plane. As a technology for internal security in terrorism based incidences like 26/11 and for upkeep of national heritages it can be used successfully.

This group of friends has also invented such a cell phone charger that it starts working merely by turning a key with the hands or rubbing it on cloth. While talking about this invention of theirs Ashish Bhatt says that they always debate a lot so as to make scientific technology production very useful for lay public. We are very zealous regarding progress of such production that is of use to laymen and thus render their lives easy and happy. All these friends look upon modern science as a means of selfless social service. Each one amongst them believes that it is not a must that for research work studies from well known institutions or a very big degree is required. In fact for this one must aspire to look upon the anguish and pain of mankind as ones very own.

Now take the example of Madhabnadare who has not undergone any higher education in the field of industry and production. He has designed a new reeling machine from tussur yarn that along with less expense works using electric gears. Thus workers henceforth need not pedal machines with their legs and total production augmented manifold. Using this machine has increased the income of workers by 30%. 42 year old Mansukhlal Prajapati of Nichi Mandal village in Morbi of Gujarat state has designed such a fridge of mud which is very environment friendly. The capacity of this mud refrigerator is 50 liters. On its upper shelf 20 liters of water can be kept whereas in the lower area fruits, vegetables, milk etc can be stored. Materials kept in this cool mud fridge remain fresh for up to 5 days. This fridge costs just Rs 2000. In the same way Mansukhlal has designed a non stick pan costing merely Rs 50.

45 year old Dharmavir Camboj of Damla village in Haryanas Yamuna Nagar district via designing a Multipurpose Food Processing Machine has renamed the field of business in a refreshingly new way. Machines made by him are of great use for farmers because herbs, flowers and fruits can be very easily processed by it. Those who use these machines believe that as a result heavy losses noted in the chain of lack of agricultural production shall lessen a great deal. In the same way Mansukhbhai Patel has designed a machine that removes cotton from cotton flowers that are either fully or half shut. By readying this technology Mansukhbhai who is just a matriculate (10 th grade) has become Indias 1 st rural inventor who got an American Patent. Another person from Gujarat called Mansukh Jagani has designed a motorcycle that helps plough fields. This works very much like a tractor and with usage of 2 liters of fuel about 1 acre of land can be ploughed.

While discussing all these inventions, Idea Forges Rahul Singh says that USA President Barack Obama during his journey to India had said in his lecture in the Central Hall of Parliament that it just does not matter who you are and where you come from. Each one of us has God given talent and capability. With this we can do something so extraordinary which can transform everyones lives positively. Andhra Pradeshs Chitakindi Mallesham via his invention Lakshmi Tear Machine has liberated weaving masters from the noise emanating from looms. Akin to him Madanlal Kumavat of Sikar in Rajasthan has proved that a big degree is not always required for research purposes. Kumavat who has studied only up to the 4 th grade has designed such a thresher which can be used for harvesting. Without any scientific help Maharashtras Ramaji Khobaragade has evolved a new generation of rice seeds. With it 80% excess crop can be grown than normal.

These observations of Rahul Singh are exhibiting a new picture of a New India. Via his utterances a word picture of such an India is emerging which despite facing lack of means is full of talent and great intellect and that has the potential to think and do things anew. This potential is manifesting in different parts of the country in varied methods of research and experimentation. After Rahul Singh finished giving all this information Ashish Bhatt trying to add something new to all this said that for newer inventions India has untold capacity but we know not why that for years it has insisted on stepping back. The reason could be:

1) Education has no creativity

2) Regarding education maybe our government and big industrial houses lack the culture of taking risks

3) Thus the government and industry do not wish to invest in research in a big way

4) Those who are creative and very talented are not only not encouraged to carry out new research but that system prevailing try to choke their honest efforts in many ways

Now Amardeep spoke: What Ashish says is very important. Lest our countrys brilliantly talented people within their research tasks:

1) Hang on to it at all costs and become zealous about it

2) Endure failure and learn lessons from them

3) Let newer thoughts flow so that great thoughts emerge from them

4) Look upon obstacles as our friend

5) Combat leakage because it is the enemy of research studies

6) Look out for variedness

7) Go to the root of any problem so as to find an apt solution

8) Never give up learning

9) Always give credit to the entire team

10) Become true human beings and carry out research so as to spread great humsn values the world over

If the above happens then science and research can never go against human welfare. Telecommunication Revolution in the direction of Research studies is that step which shall truly benefit entire mankind.



The Telecommunication Revolution has rendered the world very tiny. In past times citizens of far off countries due to lack of contact perforce had to imbibe varied lifestyles but today due to multifaceted widespread nature of telecommunication facilities such situations no longer exist. Today no longer any reason exists to latch on to disparity, look upon oneself as greater and look down upon others vainly. By imbibing well chosen, supreme and all useful portions of various cultures spread out the world over, an all round, omnipotent and cosmic culture is about to get neo created.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Sukshmikaran evam ujjwal bhavishya ka avataran-2

Vangmaya Part 29, Page 2.18-19

If the telecommunication revolution is used wholesomely it can rendered a potent and effective weapon of thought revolution in the field of news and thinking. Deepak Miglani said all this in a very serious tone. He added further that 8-9 years previously a news item was published in a Haryana newspaper whose title was If we eat vegetarian food a girl child shall be born. By itself in Haryana dangerous imbalance is seen in the ratio of boys and girls and hence this news which could have far off dire consequences was not worth ignoring. At that time Deepak was a law student. Hence he approached the Indian Press Organization which directed the newspaper to apologize. But alas! Neither was this apology printed nor any action of any kind taken against the culprit newspaper. Thus Deepak was very disturbed. What should he do now? This was a time to make a resolve. Now he decided to render the internet a medium and awaken the lay public about such dangerous news publishing.

In this campaign his brother Dinesh too joined him who is a lawyer in Punjab and Haryana High Court. In this endeavor of Miglani brothers a lawyer called Kamaljit of Panchkula, Haryana too joined in. This very year they have designed a blog on Facebook on the internet and have named it Legal India Group. Its aim is to make laymen in India aware of various laws enacted in the country. They also give legal advice where necessary. Deepak says that in all directions in India widespread use of mobile phones today doubtlessly is the biggest story of success in the arena of telecommunications. Only a decade back the total number of mobile and fixed telephone lines was less than 3 amongst a total of 100 people but today in every home of urban areas of India about 5 and in every 10 rural homes about 1 phone exists. In the same way the mesh of computers and internet has widened terrifically. Cyber Cafes present at every corner of not only cities but villages too has united the country and all corners of the world. Via websites like Twitter, Facebook and Orkut India is shining anew and by contacting the entire world is marching ahead swiftly on the path of revolution in telecommunications. Today internet has placed its roots in every nook and corner of the world. Telecommunication Revolution has definitely reaped rich success in the form of e-government, e-banking, e-chaupal, Tata Kisan Sansar, Tamilnadu Mahila Vikas Nigam, Drishti Jnandoot, Jagriti e-seva, Lokmitra, Janmitra, e-uttaranchal, Lokvani and innumerable such applications. Statistics say that the internet by curtailing un-required running around/travel of people every year has saved petrol worth 2,500,000,000 dollars worth of petrol and gasoline. Further as a result of increased work hours 5,000,000,000 dollar extra cash has been generated.

Both Deepak and Kamal who gave this information opine that along with this some negativity and loss too has had to be faced by the world. For example are young boys and girls visiting porn websites and seeing lewd sexual photos, videos etc. Apart from this the era of net, chat, set and flat has diminished heavily the actual meeting and contacting of people but if you delve deeper this misuse is the working of a tainted intellect. Wherever a tainted intellect works there lopsided undesirable results shall be seen. Hence if we wish to get liberated from all this we must sacredly sanctify our intellect. If a tainted intellect is warded off the Telecommunication Revolution shall become an extraordinary weapon of Thought Revolution the world over.

After saying thus Dinesh laughed a bit and continued: There are talks of regressing by giving examples of quotes of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation and telecommunications is opposed. But in actuality Mahatma Gandhi too communicated a lot with lay public in many ways. An artistic picture during 1930 AD Dandi March very swiftly rendered the Salt Agitation (Satyagraha) world famous. Actually before Gandhiji left for Dandi region he had chosen 3 film workers and photographers to accompany him. These people followed Gandhiji who was traveling by car so as to click images of the entire campaign and these photos were shown to the entire world. A picture of Gandhiji while leading his followers walking on thick layers of sand got etched sensitively in the hearts of all.

While depicting this truth about Gandhijis Movement Dinesh said: Whether we talk of this era or the past era, if our intentions are good Telecommunication means can lead to a Super World Revolution. Recently when with the aim of commencing a historical revolution in Egypts Tahrir Square, thousands of revolutionaries gathered, amongst them was present Google Companys officer Velgomin. In his hands he had his personal Blackberry Cell Phone. With the help of this phone he wrote new tweets each moment on Twitter website. The international media published and broadcasted these tweets in a major way. Some of his messages were: We have been hit by the police very badly. Now we are shut up in a gas station. Now we are heading towards Tahrir Square-shouting slogans of food, freedom and dignity. No doubt these tweets of Gomin got broadcasted the world over via micro blogging site Twitter but say would this have been possible without using a cell phone?

Just like Gomin another leader of Egypts Revolution was Asma Mahafauj. Asma was so angry with a corrupt, useless and autocratic government that 1 week before 25 January headed towards Tahrir Square but security guards dissuaded her from agitating. But in the mean time photos taken via mobile phones reached thousands of people who saw them on Facebook etc. In these photos people saw a 26 year old girl with only a few friends fearlessly chanting loudly slogans of a revolution.

Before Egypt the fire of agitation had heightened in Tunisia only after in December video clips were taken via mobiles of agitations in Sido Bejid. This video clips were shown not only on social networking sites but also on Al Jazira TV channel. Even in Bahrain the 1 st photos of violence erupting in Manamake Pearl Square were taken via cameras in cell phones. On waves of various forms of telecommunication changes and revolutions in varied manner are seen. This wave is being passed on from India, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya too. This is such a fact that everyone is aware of. While talking thus members of Legal India Group believe that via apt and wholesome usage of telecommunications Indian Culture and Indian Sciences can be easily served the world over. Lest great intellectuals endeavor zealously in this direction then in this modern era Indian Sciences especially ancient ones can be neo awakened fully. Via telecommunication facilities both India and the world can benefit manifold.



It is only the rejuvenation of Indian Sciences that can positively transform our national and human environment. It can set in a change from the very roots. Its streams of knowledge can sanctify our faith, beliefs, sentiments, thoughts, activities and traditions. It can permanently liberate us all from inner weaknesses and inferiority complex and its scientific streams can become a pot of immortal nectar for human life wailing aloud in anguish.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Bhartiya vidyaon ka punarjeevan: Samay ki anivarya avashyakta

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1998, Page 13

Indian Sciences has all that which can today transform positively human life from its very foundation. While speaking thus, Julia Arthur Barrows glanced in the direction of her friend Merlin Eddington. Both these friends had journeyed to India for a few days. Julia in the recent past by executing many important applications in the field of medical therapy had attained a lot of fame. Merlins subject field was material science. Despite being researchers of 2 different streams of science their likes were very similar. Their liking is for Indology or Indian Sciences. It is this common attraction that has rendered them fast friends. As a result many Indians are their friends. With them were present Ashwalayan, Mahimna, Ankita and Vandita.

For the past 2 months they were travelling within India with these friends of theirs. This journey instead of being an ordinary one was actually a study travel. Their Indian friends traveling with them had crystal clear knowledge of profound stature in their field of knowledge. Ashwalayan despite being just a youth was a deep thinking scholar of India Philosophy. Mahimna was a specialist of Social Sciences. Ankita was a student of Psychology. Vandita was a scholar of Sanskrit language. She had deep wisdom about the Vedas. She had mastered the Atharva Veda. She was also well versed regarding Puranas (Indian Mythology) and various eras of Indian History. This group of Western and Indian friends while traveling to various regions in India had as of now arrived in Pondicherry.

This was the morning hour. All of them were sitting on the sea shore and having a lively discussion. Julia maintained that by and by the 1 st decade of the 21 st century ended students, researchers, teachers and great scholars the world over shall get attracted to Ancient Indian Sciences. At present there are about 300 universities in the world where studies or research are being conducted on so many subjects of Indology. In these universities Indology Centers or Indology Study Centers have been established. When Julia spoke thus Ashwalayan said: This is alright. And although it is credible yet it is just not enough.

When Merlin asked him what were his views Ashwalayan smilingly said: Today just about everybody is talking about Yoga and Ayurveda. What is good about this is that people the world over have been alerted about maintaining sound bodily health. People are tired of allopath medicines and yet when it comes to Ancient Indian Sciences its periphery lies much beyond Yoga Science, Ayurveda, Astrology, Mantra Science and Tantra Science. In it are included all aspects of human life, nature based life, cosmic life and Almighty Gods grace.

Everyone was pleased with what Ashwalayan said. While praising his views Julia Barrows said: What you say is correct. All world great thinkers have commenced thinking in this direction. Research conducted on medical therapy based on Yoga Sciences Asan and Pranayam are the thing of the past. Medical research scientists have gone far ahead from skeletal system and muscular system so as to now foray into the immune system. Their research study on the immune system is trying to find out how is the meditation method of Yoga Sciences affecting and influencing the human bodys neural and endocrinal functions. Along with this what are its genetic and aging effects?

Merlin while agreeing with what Julia said also observed: Although what you say is not connected to my research subject but I have visited many such universities where Rishi literature of India is studied only so that a new foundation that gives the world a new method of society management can be unearthed and developed. Mahimna while commenting on Merlins experience said: My subject is social sciences and I have done a great deal of research in it. The worlds renowned social scientists are a lot worried about the diminishing stature of sensitivity in world society. Thus it is natural that their attention has been drawn towards Indian literature and sciences. By studying Indian sciences they are trying to unfold a basis of a happy and sensitive world society in future.

Ankita said: The same state can be perceived in the field of Psychology. Along with Freud other western psychologists are being rendered a truth of a bygone era. Today from the storehouse of wisdom of Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Upanishads arrangements are being made in full throttle to unfold principle of the designing of ones personality and evolving new techniques of psychiatric therapy. Statistical figures say that in more than 20 universities of western countries more than 2000 students and professors together are executing this great task. Today everyone fully accepts prayers and meditation to be a very potent technique of psychotherapy. On hearing this Ashwalayan said: If this is true people are thinking in the correct direction regarding Ancient Indian Sciences.

Not only are they thinking correctly but are doing so in large numbers. Mahimna while saying this put forth a new fact: Yesterday I read a research paper titled International Relations and Global Sentiments. In it various aspects of international relations in contemporary times are being cogitated over. Within this very emphatically this fact has been raised that before civilization came into being India is only one country which despite enduring alien invasion has never launched attacks on other countries. Despite this its relationship with majority of world countries at the cultural, political and trade level has been strong.

Even this basis of historical fact is being unearthed in Indian thinking, philosophy and ancient sciences by world philosophers. Everyone was both happy and amazed to hear this information given out by Mahimna. Now the suns rays had become hotter. Julia raised her eyes and smilingly said: Akin to the brilliance of sunlight intensifying in the sky, the brilliance of thought spiritual revolution based on ancient Indian Sciences too is becoming more focused.



The aim of spiritual thought revolution is to mould melted human inner consciousness in the cast of greatness and glory.

.Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Yug Nirman Yojana-Darshan, swarup va karyakram

Vangmaya No. 66, Page 2.15

Spiritual thought revolution can never be limited to reading of scriptures or various methods of rites and rituals. It is directly related to positive and beneficial changes in our thinking, standpoint and lifestyle. This is what Dr Suryakant Sen has to say who is immersed in research studies on various angles of spiritual living. With reference to this he has traveled to many countries, registered his presence in various research conferences of many universities and showcased his many research papers. Prof Sen who is wheat hue in complexion, strongly build has an attractive personality. In his thought we can perceive clarity profundity in research studies. He says that the years that have passed by he has met hundreds of people at the personal level. He is in close contact with many world institutions. Via all of these and research carried out by him this fact emerges clearly that in the 1 st decade of the 21 st century a spiritual revolution in the form of a gigantic movement has marched ahead swiftly and it will continue doing so in future too.

Along with ordinary laymen the beliefs of special people and class of high intellectuals the world over is changing. Prof AK Dalal of Psychology Department of Allahabad University with the help of doctors and students of Motilal Nehru Medical College for the past 3 years in association with various hospitals and more than 100 patients of Kamla Nehru Smarak Kshetriya Cancer Research Center have unearthed certain data regarding tests of health and psychiatric progress during the recovery phase of these cancer patients. They concluded that those patients who harbored a spiritual standpoint were more mature and strong at the emotional level. As a result they have 60% more capacity to fight diseases than those who do not harbor spirituality in their psyche. And hence patients with spiritual bent of mind recover speedily than others who lack spirituality.

Prof Sen along with being a very adept psychiatrist is a scholar of spiritual thinking and philosophy. While he was talking thus his student Avantika Chatterjee entered the room. Prof Sen said that Avantika is researching into certain points with reference to spiritual sensitivity. Till date her studies point out to the fact that very clearly those who harbor a spiritual bent of mind ooze with peace, are tension free and yearn to help others. Along with this they have a greater capacity to understand the feelings of others and shower deep respect to all. As a result these people are totally free from criminal tendencies. To the extent that in the psyche of those who contact such spiritual people too criminal thoughts diminish a great deal.

During her research Avantika also found out that the lay public is now getting more and more attracted to spirituality. Religious TV channels in India like Astha, Sanskar, Zee Jagran, Prajna, Jeevan and God are becoming very popular. Not only this but entertainment channels like Sony, Star Plus etc too are showing many religion and spirituality based programs. Latest statistics say that 31% of senior citizens and 29% middle age people prefer viewing religious TV channels. This means about 60% of Indians prefer religious programs. Statistics also say that previously the market share of religious channels was only 0.2% has today leaped to 0.9%. Regarding this what is special is that the market share of business TV channels as of now is 0.5% whereas English channels have a share of 0.9%.

While elucidating all this, Avantika accepted that people are fed up of a humdrum mundane lifestyle. They are now searching for a healthy tension free life. As a result they are swiftly heading towards spirituality. Along with this another fact emerges which Avantika spoke of after glancing at Dr Sen: Since the subject of interest is spirituality, today everyone is eyeing India and Sanatan Dharma. This is because nowhere else can one find widespread reach and profundity found in the thinking put forth in Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads. This is the reason why in USAs Catholic Seaton Hall University it is compulsory for its students to study the Bhagwad Gita. Regarding this the University Authorities say that other than Gita no text has the capacity to give wisdom regarding righteous responsibilities.

On hearing Avantika Dr Sen said: Now the taste of people is changing. They have realized that in spiritual living there is no place for selfish narrow mindedness and prejudice of any sort. For ages spirituality is egging us on towards widespread thinking and sacred sensitivity. It is hence that students in a Madrasa of Koshambi district in UP, India are not only taught Islam tenets but are also being trained in Yoga. This is quite astonishing because a decade back this would have been impossible.

This information given by Dr Sen tells us that somewhere deep down in the recesses of world human psyche a revolution of thoughts is commencing. Recently the well known International Magazine Newsweek in one of its editions published an article titled All of us are Hindus. This title no doubt was astounding along with statistics given. A superficial outlook shall disagree with this yet the fact is that within India and the rest of the world a spiritual thought revolution wave is intensifying swiftly. Recently a study was carried out in Texas Baylor University. In it were included 263 surveys from the years 1944 AD to 2010 AD. As per conclusions drawn, people with spiritual leanings in their psyche were more peaceful, healthy blissful and generally crime free. The director of these research experiments Prof Byron Johnson published his conclusions under the title More God More Health, Happiness and Less Crime.

Steps seeking change are swiftly moving ahead everywhere the world over. After saying this initially Prof Sen seriously kept quiet but then started speaking. This facial expression of his meant that he was about to reveal a mysterious observation. Thus those listening to him became more alert. After keeping silent for a few seconds Dr Sen continued: Human personality has only 2 doorways. They are the intellect and the heart. With the help of this the personality spreads out. Via the door of the intellect the personality enters the world of thoughts whereas from the door of the heart it experiences the world of relationships. Experiences till date have taught humanity that thoughts devoid of spiritual values give birth to tussles, tensions and clashes. In the same way relationships devoid of a spiritual vision creates a world of delusion full of jealousy and fraud.

Yet if the personality via these 2 doors enters the kingdom of spirituality it gets truth and omnipotent wisdom from the intellect and the door of the heart gifts it with Almighty Lords eternal divine love. Along with these divine glories when it returns to the mundane world then the latters environment too manifests the immortal nectar of wisdom and divine love which today is required by one and all. It is this very experience that has thrown open wide the world over, a Spiritual Thought Revolution. It is through this very door that modern science is swiftly running ahead so as to meet spirituality like long lost friends.



Todays science devoid of spirituality is one sided and incomplete. Spirituality is that medium which develops great thinking and sacred sentiments. Without this science has become undisciplined. It has got open permission to act and behave in an unruly fashion. In order to ward off these taints science shall have to take steps forward in the direction of meeting spirituality.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Vijnana ko adhyatma ke sath milna hoga

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, January 1983, Page 18

Today science that is taking definite steps forward so as to meet spirituality has realized its limitations. This was said by David Steven very seriously. At that time he was seated with his wife Lisa in the lawn of his home. His house was quite big. One could deduce that his house was quite big from the fact that 17 rooms of his house were converted into a library. In similar area of house space was built a laboratory. The remaining of the house was used by him and also to host guests. Servants and household helpers were given house space to reside in the backyard. Quite a chunk of space was open which had lush green grass, trees growing luscious fruits and a garden blooming with fragrant flower plants. Near the garden was a beautiful pond where water birds swam gleefully.

Davids house was a superb admixture of natural beauty, scientific research and spiritual penance. David and Lisa along with being material scientists have imbibed great attraction for spirituality. Along with the Holy Bible and other literature of Jesus Christ they have been greatly inspired by Swami Vivekananda, Lord Buddha and Upanishads. Regarding Upanishads he opines that they are the worlds greatest and original creation. Without any inhibitions he accepts the fact that Upanishads have the capacity to take human thinking and consciousness towards highest states.

Last night the couple was working in their laboratory till late night. Along with them were their 2 research associates called Stitch Stephen and Mclloyd. Since they were working till late at night their faces showed a bit of tiredness. But now due to the cool early morning wind this tiredness was melting away to naught. As of now they all were discussing the state of todays modern science and scientists and the nature of modern research being conducted the world over. Prof David Steven opined that for highly evolved and great stature research studies it is most required that the character and inner personality of research scientists are highly advanced and great in stature. Without this it is well nigh impossible to execute research that bestows welfare and well being on world humanity.

Already brilliantly talented people abound in the arena of modern research and hence what new needs to be done? His research associate Joe Mclloyd asked with curiosity. Today everything cannot be accomplished merely with the help of brilliantly talented people because talent must also be sanctified and pious. Brilliantly talented people along with research into means of comfort have commercialized it too. Further it is they who have generated mediums of destruction and have spread these worldwide. Todays dire requirement is a very skillful brain and a personality with a sacred heart. Why is this so Sir? While speaking thus, Lisa glanced in her husbands direction. Before he could say anything Joe intervened: How shall this happen? This shall definitely take place via a scientific vision and spiritual sensitivity.

Steven spoke thus using an aphorism but possibly Stitch Stephen wanted him to elaborate further. Although Stitch said nothing about this, yet his face indicated thus. Prof Steven reading his face said: The meaning of scientific vision is apt and profound curiosity, a mind that yearns to conduct research into the truth, an unbiased mode of thinking and a zeal for carrying out experiments ceaselessly with steadfastness and unlimited patience. Whereas spiritual sensitivity encompasses unselfish guileless attitude, egoless, generosity, longing for world well being, steadfastness in working for societys true benefit, potential for inner wisdom and a personality that is boundless and cosmic in nature.

Everyone was hearing what Prof Steven was saying. He felt that if such radiant personalities become active in the world of modern science, it is possible to tear apart the bond of destruction and science. Before anyone could think further, Lisa his wife who was herself a material scientist said: Some people have actually done this in the field of science. Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle is inspired by Vedanta Philosophy. In the same way the Boot Strap Theory put forth by Geoffrey Chew had got inspiration from Buddhist Mahayan. All this is good but for human well being it is just not enough. Although it can be said to be the 1 st step taken by science in the direction of spirituality yet these steps must be swifter in a gigantic manner.

As per your thinking what shall be the future steps taken by science towards spirituality or else what should they be? This question was asked by Lisa. Prof Steven replied: In future scientific research shall have to focus its thoughts on sacredness and radiant skills. Till today that modern science which has unfolded the chemical activities taking place during moments of sexual union must itself henceforth, unfold the chemical science of devotion to Almighty God. They must conduct research studies on the fact as to how the inner personalities of Jesus Christ, Swami Vivekananda, great saint Mirabai etc were developed? What is the scientific basis of the spiritual practices and methods imbibed by them?

Lisa by assenting to what the Prof said continued: This is certainly true. Till date science has unearthed the laws of nature. They have identified nature based forces and energies, learnt their usage, yet the fact remains that they have been highly misused. This misuse was the result of tainted impure intellects behind research activities. Now what is best is that science instead of finding out ways to render man powerful should instead focus on how to imbue world human psyche with great sacred qualities. Henceforth topics of theism and faith too should be brought under the flagship of research and application.

While endorsing what Lisa had to say Joe said: In this manner delusion, illusions and blind beliefs in the realm of spirituality shall be overcome. A scientific outlook and a scientific application shall render spirituality more beneficial and useful for world denizens. Along with this due to the touch of spiritual sensitivity goodwill and attitude of selfless service for world benefit shall manifest in modern scientists. But what should be done for this? This question of Joe was very important which delved deep into Prof Stevens consciousness.

He said: For this end after giving up all bias the scientific vision embedded in Upanishads, Buddhist Philosophy, Sankhya, Vedanta and Yoga should be studied deeply. Their teachings are not merely at the thought level but are experiential conclusions based on profound applications. In todays era experiments based on scientific research techniques should be conducted on these conclusions. If at the beginning of the 20 th century Werner Heisenberg and Max Plank can execute such experiments, why cannot scientists of the arenas of material science, medical therapy, psychiatry, genetics and chemistry do exactly this at the beginning of the 21 st century? If today such efforts are tried out not only newer aspects of knowledge and experience open up but that the struggle of civilization shall become a program of its union.



In these days, struggle of civilizations and clashes between various world cultures is being noted a great deal, yet all this is like bubbles erupting in water that clash, jump up and dance about for a short time span. After this it has to ultimately merge into the gigantic ocean water. In the same way today campaigns that separate man from man may appear to be very intense yet when a storm manifests in future not one of these shall exist.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Aa raha hai ekta aur samata ka navyug

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, January 1983, Page 18

The story of struggle of civilizations is quite old yet even today it is talked about everywhere. Right from the threshold of houses to nook and corners of village alleys, right from roads of cities to borders of various countries of the world, one can meet the characters of these stories drowning in blood and tears anywhere and at anytime. The famous writer of the book The Clash of Civilization and world renowned thinker Samuel Huntington was speaking thus in a lecture being delivered by him. This lecture of his was being given in the American Enterprises Institute. In it were present well known thinkers, scholars and philosophers who were specialists in their respective fields. In these days Samuels name had emerged speedily amongst thinkers of politics. Within his studies and research endeavor he was immersed in unearthing the cause of contemporary agitations and understanding their results.

For this he had deeply mulled over history spanning thousands of years. He had traveled to many countries. He met many specialists, scholars and seniors. He had made an analysis after meeting political leaders and scholars of politics. Statistics based on his research studies were saying that the foundation of todays disputed and terrorized times had been laid down quite a while back. 1,500,000,000 people who did not harbor faith in Christian beliefs were killed well beforehand. During this time phase 40 civilizations were destroyed totally. Christianity, which broadcasts itself as one who loves peace, fought 7 wars in the name of religion. It was called Cruse War or Crusade. Islam also did not lag far behind with reference to this. It raised the slogan of Jihad or religious war. This slogan killed so many men and women. In todays times terrorists have hoisted this flag of Jihad. Calling themselves Jihadis they have taken up mass human killing.

Everyone is aware of all this but these agitations that took place in previous centuries today is not limited to religion. Samuel desired to sanctify and render widespread his principle. He believed that civilizations do not develop merely on the basis of religion. In fact they develop with our lifestyle, thinking and material means as its foundation. This observation of his was such that none could oppose it. Hence when others heard him they nodded their heads in assent. Huntington opined that lest civilization and its struggle are defined in an all pervasive manner, then today in innumerable homes on the basis of ancient and modern agitation is going on in civilizations 2 generations; thus homes are breaking up.

At the root of fights in villages too one can see strife related to caste and material wealth. In a certain manner the fight between high caste and low caste is a form of civilization clashes. In the same way these fights are seen everywhere that take place in the name of languages and regions. The story of fights between capitalism and communism and that between capitalism and socialism is the same as above. Communism at gun point tried to defeat capitalism whereas socialism took up the weapon of propaganda in order to fight capitalism. No doubt it did get a bit of success but capitalism again schemed, using cunningness, power and skill to defeat communism. The result of this was that Russia got broken into small portions and capitalism sounded aloud the drum of its victory.

Samuel was trying to say that this agitation is now searching for a solution. Amongst those who were hearing him was present, Paul Levis. Pauls age was about 40-45 but his knowledge was razor sharp. He had specialized in Indian Sciences and Indian History. When Samuel finished his speech, the organizers invited Paul also to give a speech.

While thanking Samuel, Paul praised his knowledge. After this Paul said that I look upon todays struggle as a foundation of the great union of future. I believe that clashes, cracks, outbursts etc seen today because in these decades the world is speedily coming closer via various mediums. No doubt it came closer via different means yet in it there was no mutual thought based agreement and there was no sentimental piety. People are stuck to their undesirable past and are immersed in agitations. In the same way since the present too cannot give up its aptness, it is struggling yet this situation shall transform very soon.

After saying this much he glanced at great scholars seated in front of him and smilingly continued: Such situations have manifested in the land of India for thousands of years and each time the struggle of civilizations has celebrated the festival of union. Examples are strife between Aryans and Dravid Civilizations and clashes between Shaivas and Vaishnavas. Later there were agitations against Shakas, Huns, Turks, Mughals and British but each time Indias spiritual civilization on the basis of its cultural values succeeded in rendering their opponents their very own. It is because of this that after every struggle Indian civilization and culture became more prosperous and widespread.

Everyone was calmly hearing all that Paul Levis had to say. Even Samuel did not refute this. What Paul was saying had sound logic. His mode of speaking was full of serenity and brilliance. He was saying that I cannot call myself an astrologer yet today to the extent the agitation between civilizations is widespread and global, from this it is clear that tomorrow in the nations of the world both at the internal and external level a worldwide neo creation shall occur and this creation instead of having its foundation in religion and communal fanaticism shall have its roots in global thinking and sentiments. There will be such all pervasiveness of civilization and culture that shall encompass all world civilizations and cultures in it.

Everyone present whole heartedly eulogized Pauls speech. He was saying: India attained freedom via the miracle of a non violent revolution. In future India shall succeed in binding together the world with a sense of unity via the miracle of a Thought Revolution and Cultural Revolution. This fact can be experienced after witnessing many countries in the world treading the path of a Non Violent Revolution. On noting this we can say with deep faith that once again a very wonderful happy eve shall rest in our arms wherein there shall be no fear of explosions. People by giving up discussions of a world war shall switch over to peace talks avidly.



All great intellectuals, powerful and thinking people of the world are worried that destruction is about to set in. I am the only one saying it is only by reversing that which is lopsided that shall result in its straightening. My prophecy must be taken very seriously. A terrific stormy flow in future shall take very far away the clouds of destruction and an environment of light tearing apart dark gloominess shall be witnessed the world over.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Hamari Vasiyat Aur Virasat, Page 155

Despite world war like situations prevailing all efforts are being made to walk the path of peace. Inshah Allah! These efforts shall definitely succeed. The world shall ooze with friendship. Humanity shall definitely learn the art of living like honest servants of Almighty God. This shall happen not because powerful countries of the world and their leaders desire it, but that it shall take place because he who has created this world aspires for it. He shall not allow this beautiful world of his undergo destruction and annihilation. We pray that the compassion of that sacred Almighty God ceaselessly gets showered on us. Ameen! Saying thus the eyes of Sheher Mandol became tearful and raised both his hands seeking Gods blessings.

Mandol is a Bangladesh resident and he is more than 120 years of age. Even today the scenes in front of his eyes like atrocities of British Rule, Pakistans barbaric acts and famines and natural calamities have not become hazy one bit. He has lived his life in a royal region of Bangladesh and even now he dwells there. Along with his memory he has rendered himself too very natural. Even today he clearly remembers all major episodes of his life and he recounts them in a very lively manner. He reads without using spectatcles and walks without using a stick for support. At the mental and brain level he experiences himself fresh and young.

He says that he is habituated right since childhood to drink river water. I have a very good appetite. All this is Allahs grace. In all these years of my life I have witnessed a lot. Now I pray to God that as long as I live may I remain healthy and see all nations of the world becoming peacefully friendly with my country. After this he said a bit slowly: If I am honest even today India dwells in my heart. All this was the wiliness of colonial rulers who first partitioned India and Pakistan and now made this new Bangladesh yet my heart has never accepted all this as true. It is quite possible that with Gods grace things will shape up as they were previously.

Mandol who dreams of happiness for his country and the entire world and hope for peace and world brotherhood daily reads newspapers. Recently he had read in a newspaper that 9 countries of the world possess 23,375 nuclear weapons which are enough to tatter to shreds the entire world. It was said in the details published in the newspaper that after the 2 nd world war efforts were made to decrease nuclear weapons the world over so that world peace sets in. Yet the fact is that while such efforts were on the world sat on a pile of nuclear bombs. The report placed before everyone by the Federation of American Scientists says that in comparison to India, Pakistan has many more nuclear weapons.

Russia has the highest number of nuclear weapons i.e. 13,000 bombs whereas America has 9,400 such weapons. After these 2 France, China and Britain possess 300, 240 and 185 nuclear weapons respectively. In this manner 5 members of the UN Security Council have totally 23,125 nuclear weapons that totals up to more than 98.5% of total such weapons possessed the world over. With the help of America and China Pakistan has amassed 70-80 nuclear weapons and India has 60-80 of these. Israel has 80 of them. Apart from these 8 there is one such country which has on the sly amassed weapons. These days all the 4 wings of the USA Army is well equipped with nuclear weapons hence America arrogantly thinks itself to be invincible.

Mandols worry is that apart from this reality another fact about nuclear crisis is in the form of nuclear reactors. At this moment the world over 440 nuclear reactors are at work. Recently a tsunami attacking Japan caused intense harm to 3 of its reactors. While talking about the result of this Japans Prime Minister perforce had to say that the destruction witnessed during atomic bomb released on Hiroshima in the past is less in comparison to catastrophic destruction seen in Fukushima nuclear reactor. It shows the world that just about any form of nuclear energy is not devoid of peril. Along with all this information Mandol also placed forth certain facts based on prophecies he has knowledge about. In one of these Nostradamus says that between the years 2009-2012 a gigantic world revolution shall be noted.

As per the conclusions of Maya Civilization a new beginning will be seen in the world in 2012 AD after a great revolution takes place. As per Danidyels book 5 months period commencing from 21 May 2011 AD is that of transformation. Something of this sort has been said by Italys Leonardo da Vinci too. This has also been endorsed by Chinas religious text Ai Ching and Canadas National film Board. These are such facts that induce dread in the minds of thinking people. Even Mandol harbored fear. Due to this dread and worry for many days he could not sleep peacefully. During that time he kept praying to Almighty Lord. He opined that he did not fear death because he has lived in this world for more than a century. Yes what he dreaded and worried about was whether Almighty Lord was so displeased with world humanity that he was insisting on burning the entire world to ashes?

In these moments of fear, worry and prayer he went into a light snooze and he saw that the sun was rising on the Himalaya Mountain. From this shining sun emerged a wheat brown hued radiant person whose forehead had a half moon like sign and he stood on the tallest mountain there. He stood in such a way which appeared as though he was promising the world not to worry at all because not only no world destruction shall take place but that the world will become a much wonderful place to dwell in. In his vicinity some Sanskrit Mantra chanting was being heard. Mandol says that this sight was mind boggling. In a short while he saw golden rays emerging from this brilliant great man and from these rays a big group of yellow hue clothed men-women appeared. This group was ceaselessly proclaiming that the 21 st century connotes a bright world future. This great man surrounded by this group kept smiling divinely. Ultimately he said only this much: Humans in order to get protection from total destruction must unearth such founts of energy which are nature based and not atomic. Immediately Mandol woke up. In front of him was written something about a 5123 years old Tankari Calendar (a symbol of the worlds oldest civilization and Hindu beliefs). He read it. According to this writing no world destruction or Pralaya shall be seen in 2012 AD but that an Antardasha of Satyuga shall come in Kaliyuga wherein natural founts of fuel and energy shall develop in a big way.



In the 21 st century such technology shall be designed which by focusing scattered solar rays shall distribute the same like electricity. Waves of the sea along with its ebb and flow tides too can contribute towards this. In the same way the energy shower of nature too shall be concentrated and the same shall be used as fuel resources.

.Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Bhavi parivartan ki prishtabhumi

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, February 1987, Page 42

The new founts of energy/fuel shall not be atomic but nature based so that there will be no danger of imbalance setting into nature. The new era of 21 st century shall be given life, activity and light by solar energy, wind energy, hydro electric energy, energy got from ebb/flow of tides, biomass, bio fuels or very similar founts of resources. Ashok Thakur owner of a shop in Mina Bazaar, Motihari Sheher, Bihar that sells handmade stoves spoke about his products to a team of specialists from Germany they were amazed and astounded. Today when the world is immersed in the vain pomp of nuclear energy ordinary lay folks in India are well aware of its dire consequences. As a result of Fukushima Nuclear Reactor getting damaged beyond control when a massive earthquake and tsunami attacked Japan recently, specialists and high stature world leaders attraction of nuclear energy has paled significantly.

And then this is certainly not the very 1 st accident because before this there was disaster seen in Russias Chernobyl Reactor. Before this in India too such big small accidents have occurred as a result of which nuclear energy is not totally secure and safe. It is no hidden reality that how much pollution occurs due to fuel burning like coal, oil, petrol etc. Further its stock the world over is quite less. Under such circumstances for the fulfillment of energy requirements man will have to think and act anew. Germanys Paul Wisden and Wilheim Colbrook were listening to what Ashok Thakur had to say. More than Ashoks talk they were impressed greatly by the smoke free stove made by him. In it was used rice chaff. Recently President Pratibha Patil too eulogized this stove technology when Ashok was invited to showcase it in an exhibition at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The exhibition host team had also highly praised the electricity generation technique based on biomass initiated in Memda and Baharwadi in Jokohit region of Bihars Arariya district.

German team was more astounded by the efforts made to unfold new founts of energy fuel because they are not limited to the Indian Government. Even ordinary folks of Indias villages are alert about this and hence are making due efforts. They were surprised by the fact that when they were told that ordinary mechanics of villages had succeeded in charging mobiles/cell phones using a cycle. Similarly in West Bengal (Bhuvannagar) Chandan Maji has a charging center for solar lanterns and household batteries. In his center 18 solar lanterns and 2 household batteries can be charged simultaneously. Regarding this in Vyasinivaripalli village (Chittoor district, Tirupati) has established an extraordinary example. Over here amongst 36 families, 25 use biogas and 11 uses solar energy.

The German team found out that in India the father of solar energy is Prof HP Garg. At present he is working in IIT-Delhi. Much previously his efforts were greatly eulogized by Prof MS Swaminathan. He was so pleased with Prof Gargs efforts that he immediately scheduled a meeting between Prof Garg and the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and short listed him for CSIRs Bhatnagar Award. From him the German team found out that today India gives a lot of importance to energy resources that are nature based. Prof Garg calls natural resources as imperishable energy.

He said that imperishable energy means solar energy, wind energy, hydro power and biogas. From this imperishable energy India has tapped totally 8000 mega watt electricity. At present in India it is at 2 nd spot for energy resources. If we discuss about the world we are 2 nd spot for generating biogas, 4 th in wind energy, 5 th in hydro power, 7 th for getting energy from solar cells and 9 th spot in the world for heating water using solar energy. Prof Garg giving more information regarding this says that India has the capacity to generate 70,000 mega watt electricity from wind energy 150000 mega watt electricity is generated from hydro based energy and 5,000,000,000,000 mega watt electricity is generated from solar energy.

What Prof Garg was saying was being studiously heard by the German team. Wilheim Colbrook found this information more attractive when he said that it was their good fortune that in a year India got sunlight for around 300 to 320 days which amounts to 5,000,000,000,000,000 kilo watt energy per hour for the entire year. Every day depending on a particular region on an average 4-7 kilo watt per square meter solar energy in the form of sunlight is got. Most sunlight is seen in the state of Rajasthan and very less in North East region. Now our capacity to generate electricity from all types of sources is 30,000 mega watts which till 2030 AD will augment to 400,000 mega watts.

This German team after journeying to many parts of India experienced truth in what Prof Garg was saying. The team members knew that on the one hand oil and electricity are scarce the world over, added to this is due to global warming the entire world is worried about dire consequences of all types of pollution. Thus it is quite expected that everyones eyes are now focused on secure resources of imperishable nature based energy. Under such situations the infinite vault of solar power attained free of charge from sunlight is proving to be a great boon given to mankind by Mother Nature.

Along with India other world nations too have considered this fact very seriously. Regarding this all specialists agree that demand for electricity witnessed the world over can to a great extent be supplied via solar energy. In Californias dessert there are talks of setting up the biggest solar energy production center. Recently in order to tap a great lot of solar energy in Portugal and Germany humungous multi mega watt photovoltaic technology is being set up. What is to be seriously noted is that if by setting up a jungle of solar panels in only 4% dessert regions of the world via such technology solar power is distributed the demand of electricity of the entire world can be fulfilled.

Wilheim who was well aware of these facts was also reminded of what the famous journalist RK Karanjia had said. The latter had proclaimed that India was a country of sun worshipers. In future other countries too after realizing the great importance of the sun shall fulfill their lifes requirement. Further Super Mantra Gayatri too was discussed wherein Karanjia while speaking to specialists had said: The capacity to face dangers of nuclear energy dwells in correct applications of solar power and congregational chanting-Purashcharan of Gayatri Mantra. Via this application the gross-subtle layers of nature can be sanctified and the environment can be rendered friendlier.



Mother nature can be both a straightforward serene cow or else a wrathful tigress. Lest we refrain from behaving in an unruly and unwholesome manner with it for untold time span she can nourish us with the milk of innumerable wealth it possesses but if we render it polluted and vilely try to snatch away the wealth it owns, she shall not even for a moment aver from shattering the world to shreds like a ferocious tigress. So it is indeed best that we lovingly place our head in Mother Natures lap so as taste prosperity. For this we must pay due attention so as to render our nearby areas lush green and the environment totally pollution free.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Prakriti se ched-chad hamein badi mehngi padegi

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1989, Page 36

Only sentimental friendship with nature and environment can give human beings a new lease of life. This was being spoken by Dr Harshvanti Visht who was busy in rendering prosperous nature and environment near Gomukh region of the Himalayas. She calls herself the daughter of Himalaya Mountains. When Dr Harshvanti an economy professor by profession decided to render Bhojwasa region dwelling at a height of 3792 meters above sea level full of Bhoj trees again initially people thought this to be impossible. But after ceaseless efforts for a long time span paint the picture of her success in the form of 10,000 Bhoj trees whose age is between 1 to 14 years. She says that quite a few obstacles came her way while carrying out this task but then she also got help. Obstacles came from government authorities and help she got from the mountaineer Ratansingh Chauhan along with 3 laborers.

She says that this task was extremely difficult since this area had icy winds and intense snowfall. Yet Himalayas are my father. Who else but a daughter adorns the home of her beloved father? Immersed in this zealous task she set up a nursery of rare mountainous herbs in the high Himalayan area of Chadwasa. As a result she has succeeded in growing so many Bhoj trees and other rare medicinal herbs. The inspiration behind all this is her deep love for the great Himalayas. This is also the reason why she adores mountaineering. Along with succeeding in ascending the Nanda Devi peak she was also a member of a Mount Everest Campaign Team.

Dr Harshvanti says that when the matter is regarding nature and environment we discuss about natural calamities. In 1980 AD about 60 natural disasters appeared. In 2006 AD the number of weather related strife was 260 but today this number is 500. For this mainly developed countries are responsible who although cry hoarse regarding the environment in Copenhagen and Cancun yet when something concrete needs to be done they look here and there and step back. Not only this, they say that developing and smaller nations of the world are responsible for all this. This problem can only be troubleshot if every denizen of earth looks upon earth as its beloved mother and worry about her apt upkeep.

Her own experience too is of this sort. When she helps others understand what global warming is she says that assume our mother earth has high fever. It is because of our tainted ways that earth is dying little by little daily. If this situation continues initially the water levels of rivers and seas shall rise higher but later shall commence drying up. Under these conditions even if the sea water level rises up by 1 meter then 6% of land of Netherlands, 1% of Egypt, 17% of Bangladesh and 80% of Marshall Island shall get submerged under sea water. For India what is more worrisome is that 30% creatures of this country belonging to sea life and plants shall get completely destroyed by 2030 AD. As of today in India tigers, one horned rhinoceros and many birds are on the brink of extinction. If all this continues as it is till 2035 AD Himalayan Glaciers shall disappear and majority of Indias rivers shall dry up.

In order that this does not happen, we must take lessons from our ancient culture. Our culture that looks upon earth, rivers etc as goddesses. Mountains were looked upon as demigods. By looking upon trees as sacred, we were taught how to worship them and thus render them bountiful. The chatter and songs of birds were looked upon pious and welfare bestowing akin to Samaveda chanting. Then she continued: Some people are already imbibing such great teachings. The daughters of mountains have commenced such a campaign of friendship with nature. Now they do not follow the marriage tradition of robbing the grooms shoes but out of friendship with nature plants more and more trees. This tradition of planting trees during marriage ceremonies is gaining so much momentum that invitation cards printed during marriage function mention this tree planting ceremony too. These plants or trees planted during marriage ceremonies are called trees of love.

For environment such sentimental awakening has been induced by Vankhandi Maharaj. This ochre robed ascetic Vankhandi Maharaj has created such a forest of large leaved trees on the high Hindiba Mountain (in Saattal which is 50km away from Nainital) which he calls Mother India Forest. When he first came here this region was devoid of greenery and foliage. But after creation of this forest birds and beasts dwell here regularly. Over here Maharaj has also built the Vandurga Temple. Now both this forest and temple have become the center of faith for all villagers in its vicinity.

After talking about Vankhandi Baba, Dr Harshvanti said that all this is not limited to mountains only. People of the plains too have taken up this tree plantation mission in a big way. Dinesh Vyas studying in a village school in the Bansvada district of Rajasthan by inspiring villagers has commenced the ancient tradition of tree planting. He opines that if we plant trees in the hallowed memory of our ancestors, they shall get very pleased and they shall bless us in the form of cool shade, luscious fruits and fragrant flowers. Due to his studious efforts right from dozens of villages of Bagdaura region to Anandpuri dwelling close to Gujarat state, many Ancestral Tree Forests have spread out. In the same way the Jain community too is rendering active, the program of Tirthankar forests.

Something similar has been accomplished by the elderly 75 year old Satyadev Sagwan. While serving in the armed forces he established a sentimental bond with nature and the environment. Within these efforts of his he helped regions of Haryana and Rajasthan become lush green with foliage. Today he has set up a nursery of 2500 plants at his own doorstep. Majority of these are saplings of banyan, pipal, rose apple, kadam grass and neem or margosa tree. Satyadev found out that wherever more trees are grown there the land does not become arid and rainfall also become optimal.

Along with this the thinking process of people has positively transformed and their bodily-mental health too has reformed. Thus the family environment too has become joyous and peaceful. Dr Harshvanti has many more such examples which points out that if we wish to live life happily not only India but the entire world must imbibe the sacred thinking of great Rishis of yore. Only then can a true bond of camaraderie between mankind and nature-environment be established. Along with this the earths contact with the cosmos shall be rendered positive and natural.



The influence of interplanetary streams doubtlessly affects earths atmosphere, its materials and its creatures.

.Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Antargrahi paristhitiyon ki prabhavi pratikriya

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1980, Page 10

Both materialists and spiritualists accept in one voice earths contact with the cosmos as a fact. Of course their standpoint of acceptance and methods definitely are different. Those material scientists who are materialists too look upon interplanetary flows as inert yet during their research they have had to accept that fact that due to such flows both materials and creatures on earth get affected yet those scientists who harbor a spiritual standpoint opine that although these interplanetary flows are inert yet are controlled by a super conscious power that based on cosmic management showcase their influence. When Josephine Brown was speaking thus many scholars of Astrophysics were seated nearby.

The research studies of Josephine Brown and her colleagues were focused on the fact as to how and what type of influence of cosmic upheavals were noted on earths nature and circumstances prevalent. For this research task she had collected data of many thousands of years gone by. She collected statistical figures of historical, political, geographical and natural causes of chief and special incidences within the earths varied cultures and civilizations. Along with this statistics of those causes were also collected that had a connection with interplanetary and cosmic upheavals. On analyzing all this scientifically everyone in unison concluded that earth is an inseparable member of the cosmos. Along with this they also found out that earths contact with the cosmos commenced right since human civilization and earth were created.

In this research program of hers when she collected data of various cultures she also studied Indian Astrology. Josephine found this science quite attractive and mind boggling because basically India Astrology is based on sun, moon positions. Further the influence of 9 planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and shadow planets called Rahu and Ketu) is described in it. As far as sun and moon are concerned their influence on earths weather and harvest of crops is beyond any doubt. When members of this team were conducting research on this they found that those invisible radiations that emerge from the sun are extraordinarily imbibed by a new born baby since they are very sensitive. As a result in the new born personality the influence of this establishing gets latched on to as a permanent fact. Of course it can be increased or decreased via intense effort.

A very important member of Josephine Browns team called Dennis Williams noted cosmic upheavals with reference to important episodes of the history of worlds various cultures and civilizations, he found a meaningful relationship. He concluded that floods, earthquakes, famine or wars most definitely are related to some or the other special cosmic event or upheaval. Regarding this conclusion Maria Henderson commented that why did it take place in a special region? The answer given was that the influence of every cosmic movement takes place in a limited area and this special region of earth must have been within that periphery and secondly if fire is thrown in all directions wherever dry wood or any inflammable material is present, fire erupts there.

Another member of this team Martin Gardner had mastered both Astrophysics and Biophysics. He said that energy flow of interstellar space, energy of stars/planets ion radiations etc are present in the human body albeit in seed form. He also researched into the fact that all this that is present in seed form is related to subtle nerves and when an interstellar upheaval takes place human nature also manifests certain activities and thus the brain, intellect and consciousness get affected. Regarding this Carl Roger spoke extraordinarily: Its state gets influenced by good/vile actions of human beings along with their sensitive thinking. Under such conditions if man executes great glorious tasks, his sensitive thinking is pious, to a great extent he can attain wholesome and inspiring energy from the cosmos. On hearing this Martin Gardner said: O yes! This is verily possible.

Their discussion was in an amazing phase. At that moment Carl Gardner spoke of solar changes seen these days. It is worth cogitating over as to what do changes in sunspots and solar flares/flames point out to. On hearing Carl, Josephine said: If history is studied and analyzed it alludes to a worldwide revolution. It shall be such a revolution, which shall not be limited to certain aspects of life or a few countries. Not only shall it reform management of all nations but that its very cast and mould shall manifest anew. As a result innumerable extraordinary nature based transformations shall emerge one after another. Majority of these shall appear destructive yet later it shall get converted to positive desirable influences. Mans condition too shall transform for the better. Due to the pressure of various such incidences man shall learn how to live aptly and wholesomely.

Josephine Brown said: On analyzing the situation one fact seems very positive. Dennis Williams intervened: Please elaborate further. We all wish to hear you. A science that propounds subtle energies of humans shall emerge swiftly. Along with this a contact shall be established with other worlds/universes of the cosmos and indwellers of other planets. This means that in future spiritual wisdom shall advance leaps and bounds. Yes! Ancient changes are witness to this. While speaking thus Josephine continued: India has done majority of research in this science hence in future if Indian Sciences manifest with a bang none should be astounded.

Carl Rogers smiled on hearing this and said: In the era of Stephen Hawking talking in this vein is a bit strange because he negates the existence of potentials beyond human life and Almighty God too. Josephine hence said: Without due research studies no scientist must draw conclusions. Whatever Hawking has researched into no doubt is alright yet he has not done any research on finding out the existence or non existence of Almighty God. Hence his conclusions are not full proof. If we think from the standpoint of ancient Indian literature God exists in the form of Sarva swarupe sarveshe (all visible/invisible forms) and Sarvashakti samanvitam (combination of all forms). As per this logic, Stephen Hawking and all of his research endeavor is no different from God. When we talk of Jnaninapi chetansi (even consciousness of self realized saints) both Hawking and his physics are portions of Almighty God. The difference merely is that he is ignorant regarding divine science or spiritual science. It is hence that he talks thus. Regarding this the right to draw conclusions rests only with those great seers of India who conducted combined research of science and spirituality.



Shantikunj is an era pilgrim spot of a super revolution. It can be understood as a gist of pilgrim tradition and methodologies of Rishi Era.

..Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Shantikunj-Gayatri Tirtha

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, January 1988, Page 22

Shantikunj is an era pilgrim spot of a super revolution. Gurudeva Shriram Sharma while saying thus lying on his bed now sat up. Previously lying down on this bed he was explaining to volunteers seated in front of him, program of the future. Every day he would call senior volunteer members at dusk and would explain to them all future modes of carrying out his mission. These talks generally revolved around common matters regarding management and sometimes future plans were laid down. But the most important amongst all these were regarding his inner divine intellect and Rishi vision. While talking many a times he would say such things which appeared as though these utterances came from some far off worlds. In it oozed fragrance of spirituality and extraordinariness.

Today this is difficult to imagine yet in those days this experience despite being rare was intense. At this moment this intensity had augmented a lot. In these days of November-December in 1989 AD only his body was there in this mundane world but his consciousness had traveled faraway to a subtle divine world. On noting his facial language and mode of speech it appeared as though he was in a hurry for something. Although even previously he would not tolerate indolence yet today this intolerance had risen much higher. He was saying: If only you all try to understand me, you shall understand Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India). Similarly if you try to realize Shantikunj you shall truly understand me.

Although when everyone heard him speak thus it appeared strange yet it was dripping with the truth of Rishi utterance. Gurudeva continued: In appearance Shantikunj sems to be an Ashram or hermitage but in actuality it is a center of imbuing of Prana or Life Force and Era Revolution. Many years back I had held camps for imbuing of Prana wherein the Pranas of zestful volunteers was churned and molded and thus it was imbued in them in a big way. But today after so many years as a result of energy generated due to intense spiritual austerities the situation has changed. Now the program of dual Prana imbuing has commenced. The 1 st imbuing takes place between Shantikunj and Rishi authorities of Divine Himalaya Mountains. Thus the role of Shantikunj became that of a transformer. The electricity of power stations before being transmitted to various homes enters a transformer and only then enters homes.

The same situation exists over here said Gurudeva. He unfolded a mystery by saying: In Shantikunj not only from Divine Himalaya region but imbuing of Prana Energy ceaselessly takes place via divine groups and Rishi groups belonging to the subtle divine worlds or Lokas. The 2 nd imbuing takes place between Shantikunj and people coming and dwelling here. For this there is only 1 condition and that is those who come and reside here must throw the doors of their hearts wide open. Please do not look upon Shantikunj merely as a building made of bricks and concrete but look upon it as my very body. Look upon it as sacred and worthy of worship. If this happens people shall realize the fact that over here eddies of terrific spiritual energy exists.

Within the great downpour of this spiritual energy seeds of revolution are sown in people whose personalities ooze with awakened consciousness. They are given apt nourishment. This program shall continue in future too. After saying this much he glanced at people seated in front of him. Everyone was avidly hearing him. Gurudeva continued: Actually revolutions are known to occur thus. Its basis can never be logical arguments and debates. People accept things only after they are transported to the very deep recesses of their psyche and reinstating the same at the level of faith and true belief so that they are imbibed in day to day life.

Our Shantikunj also is an era pilgrim spot of revolution and the Gangotri glacier of era revolution. Initially the sun rises in the east and from there, it marches ahead so as to cover the entire earth with its light. In the same way a rivulet originating from Gangotri glacier and by the time it reaches West Bengal it has been converted into many branches of streams. Similarly many streams of revolution shall commence from Shantikunj which shall give birth to innumerable transformations the world over. Although the auspicious commencement of era revolution shall commence here yet it shall not only spread to entire India but shall encompass every nook and corner of the world.

In these utterances of Gurudeva Shriram Sharma there was a tangible glimpse of divine vision. On hearing him speak thus it was clear that something special was to commence from here i.e. this divine pilgrim spot but how this would happen was yet to be unveiled. Possible the omniscient Gurudeva noted this and changed the course of the conversation. He said: You all must render Shantikunj an era pilgrim spot of a grand world revolution. People visit pilgrim spots so as to bathe there, study scriptures and perform austerities. But when people come here you volunteers must help them bathe in revolutionary thoughts. Show them a thinking mode and spiritual practice that sanctifies their inner personalities and psyches. Make them aware of their righteous responsibilities. If you all do this much the rest shall be done by spiritual energies that shall direct an era revolution.

On saying this much he got up and started strolling up and down. For some time there was silence in the room. While strolling, Gurudeva said: In future Shantikunj must be rendered a nursery of a grand era revolution. All of you must have seen a nursery. Over there are planted many small plants of varied species. Similarly over here various programs of revolutionary plans must be set rolling. There is no problem even if such programs are small in stature. Those people who come here and see them will go back to their region of residence with due inspiration and render them large sized. In a nursery you can get both seeds and saplings. You people too must do the same. You must give people visiting this place both revolutionary thoughts in seed form and active revolutionary schemes in the form of plants.

In a bit of a serious tone he continued: Son! I am a farmer and I have sown some revolutionary seeds. They sprouted and flowers bloomed forth. The fragrance of these flowers filled joy in my life. It is because of this fragrance that despite living here I travel too some other distant world. This fragrance has given me a new birth and lease of life. You all see me with your ordinary gross eyes but I am not what you perceive. Whatever I am today is due to extraordinary seeds of revolution that I wish to freely distribute to all of you. You too must distribute them to one and all. From this era pilgrim spot of revolution people must take back with them seeds of revolution. In future transformation is a foregone conclusion and so too are revolutions the world over. I desire that all of you get credit for this but remember that instead of seeds of revolutions handed over to you by me remaining mere seeds see to it that they sprout forth. In this era pilgrim spot of revolution a school of revolution must be reinstated.



I shall establish such a university which despite being an NGO shall fulfill that lack which the government fails to do so. Its futile to wail aloud that the government should change the education system. They shall continue working as per their intelligence and their methods. I shall set up a gigantic education program at the public level and on the basis of public cooperation shall raise its stature so high that government authorities shall perforce thinking it apt and most required to follow suit. Teachings given by this school of revolution of mine shall play a glorious role in creating new individuals, new society and a new era.

..Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

Apno se apni baat-Yugparivartankari shiksha aur uski ruprekha

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1970, Page 55

Truly this is a school of a great revolution. Simone Dennis who had arrived here to India from USA spoke thus to her friends. For the past few days some people arriving from various countries were residing in Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya or Divine Culture University. Apart from Dennis were Australias Dr Connell, Germanys Prof Klause and Schmike and Russias Nina Frastova. Despite arriving from different countries their goal was one. All of these along with understanding the true nature of education also wanted to learn about Indian Culture. Further all of these yearned to understand spiritual wisdom in daily social living.

With this thinking all of them had traveled here. Regarding Shantikunj (HQ All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) they had got a bit of information. Maybe they were unable to dive deep into Gurudeva Shriram Sharmas great thinking yet since the past few days they were introduced to it a wee bit. They had clearly understood that the framework of contemporary education system was just not enough to fulfill the task of human welfare because thought waves can never get sanctified by merely evolving memory power and amassing mountains of information regarding various subject fields. Despite completing education right from the 1 st grade to high school human personality remains as unruly and uncontrolled as ever. This is to the extent that despite attaining a Ph. D degree a person fails to imbibe the true art of living life.

All of these foreign guests had undergone higher education in their respective countries. Whichever other countries they had visited they had noted and gauged the prevalent education system there. In all these places they found that the underlying aim of education was to imbibe the art of earning as much wealth as possible. It appeared as though none of them had any interest in imbibing great human qualities and uprooting social taints. Yet when they came here to Divine Culture University they saw that the situation was very different. At first glance itself they felt this university which was watered by the sacred River Ganges stood on a glorious piece of land and standing in the cool shade of the lofty Himalaya Mountains was definitely a hallowed temple of culture and glorious psychic imprints called Sanskaras. When they visited various departments in order to analyze the education methods here, they were very enthused with the bond of soul oneness between professors and students.

Over here these visitors found that students of this university instead of merely aiming for a big post, a high status or a lot of wealth instead opted to become great visionaries. Over here whether students are males or females they all aspire to surrender their very beings for society and human well being. They all felt that young men and women students here possess the brightness of revolutionary sparks within their soul. Dr Connell was quite surprised as to who taught them and told them all this at such a young age? Although he was only mentally mulling thus yet he got an answer: It is our Chancellor who has inspired us to become great human beings. He regularly teaches us Bhagwad Geeta and meditation. Today too we have a class scheduled with him. If you all so wish, you are welcome to attend it.

This utterance of a student called Anupama appeared very apt to these foreign guests. They looked at the skies and the sun was setting. It was about 6.15 pm. Initially they had all planned to visit the River Ganges shore. But then Simone felt let us all today bathe in the Ganges of thoughts. She told her friends about this. All of them happily accepted her views. Till the time they reached the big classroom above the mess area the hall was full of eager students. Hence the guests had to rest content with seats behind.

In a few minutes the class commenced. All students present there, very attentively heard what their Chancellor was teaching. In that serene environment one heard the sound of the 12 th verse, 9 th chapter of the Bhagwad Geeta being chanted:

Moghasha moghakarmano moghajnana vichetasaha.

Rakshasim asurim chaiva prakriti mohinim shritaha.

Agitated spiritually ignorant people full of vain desires, vain actions and useless knowledge imbibe the nature only of demonic delusion.

After chanting this verse the Chancellor said: This then is the dire state of todays education system which elicits hope, makes people carry out difficult tasks, creates an illusion in people that they are very wise and as a result renders a person a demon oozing with greed for more and more wealth to be attained at any cost, a wicked tyrant who drowns in the hope of getting more and more sense titillating objects of merriment and deluded by tainted vile mental qualities. Such a person can never identify his true inner nature or that of his own people. Such a person despite being literate with degrees of higher education is rendered devoid of great inner qualities and true pious culture.

Whereas true education encompasses the following as told by Lord Krishna:

Jnanayajnana chapyanye yajanto mamupasate.

Ekatvena prithaktvena bahudha vishwatomukham.

.Bhagwad Geeta (9/15)

One is considered a true aspirant of knowledge/wisdom who looks upon his studies as a means of Yajna. Such a one gathers wisdom and renders it a medium of selfless dedicated service to society. Service should be such wherein ones soul and psyche gets sanctified and thus one experiences soul oneness with the entire cosmos. In the form of experience of separateness, such a person by sympathizing with others sorrow helps them overcome grief. By daily extending this attitude towards the entire world, one now experiences God as present in every pore of the cosmos and realizes that he is its sole lord and master.

It seemed now as though Simone and her friends understood the education philosophy of India via these 2 illumining verses of the Bhagwad Geeta. Along with this they experienced that in society for very great tasks there is a need of glorious people. Wherever such people reside there positive transformations shall definitely take place very naturally. These guests found that Dev Sanskriti University is a center that moulds such great visionary personalities. They looked upon the observations of the Chancellor as fire Mantras. All of them in unison experienced that it is only after being initiated into such a Fire Mantra that one can paint a picture of a changing India and a reforming world.



Even today India enjoys the cool shade of protection from those Rishi men of austerities whose efforts helped it get freedom from hard hearted alien rule. These days they are using their energies to help India get saved from attacks both within and without. In order that a disturbing state does not ensue they are giving security. But in future India shall progress extraordinarily in all fields of life. Not only this, it shall play a major role in uplifting other demeaned and under developed countries. This is because not only does India want to protect its own house but that it has to lead the world in every arena.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya

1) Indias future is definitely bright

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, Year 1974, Vol. 3, Page 55

2) Vishwa shanty mein bharat ki bhumika

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, Year 1950, Vol. 2, Page 56

3) Hamare panch picchle aur panch agle kadam

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, Year 1930, Vol. 3, Page 60

Along with a transforming India the picture of a transforming world is starting to become clear. When more years lapse by it will become extremely clear. Only then will people realize why the worlds great thinkers, spiritual seers and divine saints in one voice have proclaimed that in future India shall become the axis of a new world civilization about to be neo created. The basic designing of all worldwide transformation of the present and future shall commence in India. 72 year old Fritjof Capra said all this a bit smilingly. He dwells in California, USA with his wife and daughter. Apart from being a master physicist he deeply studied subjects like Sanskrit language, philosophy, spirituality, nature and environment. His special quality is that he deeply studies all subjects of interest to him in a very scientific manner. Those who know Capra laughingly say that he also tries to study subjects like history and politics too in a very scientific manner.

At present he was talking to Jeffrey Mishlove. His books have always been highly eulogized by Jeffrey. Capras special mode of profound thinking is clearly visible in books authored by him called The Tao of physics, The turning point, Uncommon wisdom, The web of life, The hidden connection, Green politics and Belonging to the universe. There are many people all over the globe who fully endorse his insightful thinking. Mishlove too says he is one of this breed. In this conversation Mishlove desired to know as to how Capra perceived present changes taking place in the world.

Regarding this query Capra smilingly said: This shall be the new birth of India from ruins of the west. On hearing this Mishlove looked at him a bit amazingly. Capra understood his choked reaction and hence clarified: Western countries have spread out their cultures in all corners of the world. Today the entire world has imbibed western civilization qualities, culture, language, clothing style to the extent that in some form or the other we can see western knowledge and science prevailing everywhere. In the meantime all world humans tried to imitate western ways yet they did not gain true happiness. Even today people are immersed in imbibing a western lifestyle yet joy eludes them.

It is this worldwide discontent that has initiated a worldwide transformation. What is most important is that people wish to live their lives fully. They yearn for fulfillment in life. Instead of being jailed in small nests they wish to encompass the entire sky and earth in their arms. They do not wish to just fight complexities pertaining to mathematics of life but that yearn to experience lifes poetry, philosophy and spiritual mysteries. These aspirations of theirs could not be satiated by western thinking and culture. This is the reason why cracks started emerging in their lives. In fact I will say that these cracks have already commenced taking the form of ruins.

Jeffrey was hearing what Capra was saying. In between he asked: Openness is there in the west too, is it not? This forced Capra to laugh aloud. He said: You call nakedness as openness? Openness is always related to the widespread nature and thinking of individuals. Apart from India can you find universal and high stature thinking as given in the Upanishads in any part of the world? Can you find elsewhere such people in the form of individuals and gigantic groups who in order to solve the mysteries of ones inner personality and the entire cosmos, surrender their entire life? Such people who while doing so do not allow their personalities to even touch any greed or desire?

Mishlove accepted this fact put forth by him. Capra said: Many people have tried to paint Mahatma Gandhis tenets as unreasonable yet none of them succeeded. Today so many Arab nations are walking the path laid down by him. What is great is that which freedom is being searched for by people of Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, Sudan and Jordan? This is because they are not slaves of anyone. The correct answer for this is that they are searching freedom to live peacefully. This is the reason why these people have loudly blown the conch of a non violent revolution against power hungry dictatorship. Todays search is for principles to live life. As a result western steps are heading towards the east and this is absolutely correct because the east especially India has gathered this wisdom since the past many centuries. Now the hour has arrived to render this wisdom of true living worldwide.

But isnt India yet in a backward condition? Answering this question of Mishlove, Capra replied: To an extent you are right, yet this state shall not continue for long. When we wish to ponder over the state and condition of any country then along with its present state its hidden potentials also must be taken note of. The biggest strength of India is its nature based and human resources. The reason why nature based resources in India have not been fully tapped is because human resources there have rendered themselves inactive and lame.

But in todays changed situation every lay person of India has awakened. They akin to Pandavas of Mahabharat Epic are campaigning against injustice. This journey shall not stop midway. In fact more campaigns for other problems faced shall be taken up. Along with this todays light wind of change shall tomorrow be rendered a terrific storm of transformation. By rendering potent its potentials India along with reforming its condition shall give intense help to others too. People tired and nauseous while trying to amass material means and amenities shall step in the direction of India to learn spiritual practices from Indians. Henceforth these steps shall never face any obstruction and shall reach the desired goal. At that time a transforming India shall become a potent inspirer of change in every nook and corner of the world.




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