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Gayatri Mantra is supreme amongst all Mantras because it bestows its devotees with a pure and focused intellect. According to Chandogya Upanishad, this entire cosmos is Gayatri-manifest. According to Indias great philosopher Adi Shankaracharya Gayatri is a direct manifestation of non-dual (Advaita) Brahman (God or cosmic consciousness). Any spiritual aspirant who understands and imbibes the deep imports of Gayatri meditation/devotion conquers the entire cosmos (refer to Brihadaranyak Upanishad). When a pure minded devotee performs Gayatri worship and devotion he/she not only attains God/Self Realization but also all material and spiritual means required for attaining world peace and brotherhood. Our revered Gurudeva (author of this e-book) executed Gayatri worship throughout his holy sojourn on earth. Hence not only did he himself attain Self Realization but that by spreading this sacred message of Gayatri devotion to every household filled the psyches of innumerable followers with experiences of miracles of Gayatri worship. This e-book throws light on what one can attain both materially and spiritually via Gayatri meditation and worship.

This e-book will deal with scriptural proofs with reference to miracles experienced by Gayatri devotees and certain mythological stories will also be detailed with the same aim in mind. Our revered Guru Shriram Sharmaji writes: For a fair length of time I have tried to spread the message of Gayatri devotion and thus I have come in direct contact with many spiritual aspirants. Thousands of devotees have been guided and inspired to walk on this holy path by me. Amongst these those who have made effort steadfastly have experienced amazing divine miracles. They all look upon these divine attainments as blessings of Divine Mother Gayatri. Gayatri worship is deeply rooted in certain subtle scientific laws and hence it is extremely beneficial both materially and spiritually. It is most required that a spiritual aspirant arms his/her psyche with steadfast devotion and a humble sense of gratefulness for whatever comes his/her way in life. Such a sacred attitude helps devotees to merge their limited psyches into the ocean of divine consciousness called God by laymen. The author humbly has put forth all the miracles associated with Gayatri worship so that people of all walks of life can conclude for themselves whether Gayatri worship indeed is worth imbibing for both material and spiritual prosperity. A point to be noted is that this form of worship is meant for entire world humanity and that it is not restricted to any particular caste, creed, gender, community, religion, nation etc. We humbly request every individual to first read this e-book with an unbiased mind and then feel free to either imbibe or reject this lofty science of Gayatri Meditation.

The author has described incidences in the lives of great saints like Gautam, Dhruva, Mahatma Anand Swami, Kaathiyaavaadee Baba, Sidha Bootywaaley Baba etc which show how Gayatri devotion results in positive fruits with relatively faster speed. The crest jewel of Arya Samaj Swami Anand in his book Anand Gayatri Katha writes that he was a very ordinary mortal before he met his revered Guru but after performing Gayatri Sadhana under his preceptor his life miraculously transformed so as to attain inner divine glory. Swami Anand gives all credit to Gayatri worship for great attainments that came his way in his entire sojourn on earth. Our revered Guru and author of this book, was very closely associated with Swami Anand. Until the very final moments of his life Swami Anand and our author shared a strong bond of sacred friendship. Gayatri devotion is that touchstone (Paaras) which transforms our impure and wayward psyche into divinity for eternity. The proof of this can be seen in the divinely glorious lives of these two great saints.

Gayatri worship and meditation is known to reap many material benefits and this has been experienced by many devotees and aspirants. In order to help a Gayatri devotee ward off dire influences and circumstances the energy that manifests while worshipping Gayatri with a pure mind forms a subtle armor (Kavach) around the devotees body for his/her protection. In this manner very dangerous situations can be overcome by such a devotee with the help of this divine protective shield. Gayatri means that divine power which helps the devotee, attain a strong will power for his/her material and spiritual benefit. Any human being of the world is most welcome to test the greatness and glory of Gayatri devotion and experience the fact that he/she can overcome many obstacles encountered in ones daily life. A devotee of Gayatri can belong to any nation, any religion, any caste, any community etc. Meaning there is no restriction of any sort for performing Gayatri worship. Our revered author says that this world akin to a river full of adversity, pain, hardship etc represented by sharks, crocodiles, scorpions etc can be easily crossed over by sitting in a 4 cornered boat (4 corners are immense patience, valor, sense of right and wrong, hard work) and chanting the Gayatri Mantra with great devotion. If a person who daily faces the wrath of illnesses, loss of wealth, court cases, enmity, joblessness, household strife, difference of opinion, debt etc patiently and unswervingly meditates/worships Gayatri he/she will attain a sacred and focused psyche which will help the devotee overcome all obstacles mentioned above.

In reality Gayatri is 3-fold in nature. In other forms of devotion although Sattva Guna (purity) enhances a good measure of desirable Rajo Guna (activity) also manifests which has a great utility purpose. When Rajo Guna based will power becomes stronger mans inner latent powers start manifesting which helps create conducive circumstances to combat dire events in the aspirants daily life. No doubt Gayatri meditation enhances ones material benefits in ample measure yet this happens only after Gayatri Super Power transforms the tainted psyche of the devotee in a positive manner. A taint-less and transformed psyche oozes with divine magnetism, capacity for apt decision making and an energetic drive full of apt management. A devotee of Goddess Gayatri can never be poverty stricken and live a demeaned life. In order to prove this our revered author has given examples of lives of many great Gayatri devotees.

In the Atharva Veda one finds a vivid description of wonderful attainments due to Gayatri devotion: Stutaamayaa varadaa vedamaataa prachodayantaam. Aaayuha praanam prajaam pashum keerti dravinam brahmavarchasam. Mahaam dattvaa brajat brahmalokam. The meaning of this verse (Shloka) is absolutely true and can be proved by spiritual experiences undergone by steadfast Gayatri worshippers. Vedmaataa Gayatri promises to bless devotees with a healthy body, strong will power, name and fame, wealth, property etc. At the subtle level a true Gayatri devotee attains God Realization. Hence this is a very important and priceless spiritual practice. Today all the world over men/women of all walks of life belonging to different nations, sects, communities, religions, professions etc yearn for wealth, material comforts, success, healthy and radiant progeny etc. Indian scriptures have described the 8-fold Sidhis and 9-fold Nidhis (divine powers and glories). When Gayatri devotee starts maturing spiritually i.e. when his/her psyche starts becoming more focused and taintless (taints are anger, lust, greed, arrogance, lack of ethics/human values etc) all the above mentioned material and divine glories start manifesting in his/her life. It does not matter if one performs Gayatri meditation without any particular material gain in mind yet just as when a boy enters youth and all characteristics of youth start manifesting in his life so too material and spiritual powers automatically manifest in the lives of mature Gayatri devotees without asking or yearning for them. A devotee of Gayatri attains an attractive personality, eyes radiate brilliance, speech becomes powerful and a divine halo/aura surrounds his/her entire body. Such a devotee ceaselessly experiences the presence of a divine force in his/her soul, there is great repentance felt even if he/she thinks of acting untowardly, circumstances of sorrow and strife are faced with intense patience and this devotee can foresee future events. These are a few important attainments that manifest in the lives of mature Gayatri devotees who have not only focused their psyche but have also purified it.

The boons and curses bestowed by a Gayatri devotee do show results and they can easily read the minds of other beings. Not only can such a devotee induce desirable thoughts in the minds of others but can also positively use his/her divine energy for world welfare. The atmosphere surrounding such devotees is indeed sacred and they can hear divine sounds and perceive divine light in all 3 states of life viz. waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

Attaining the goal of spirituality via spiritual practices is a foregone conclusion and yet Gayatri devotion helps one attain it that much more speedily and greater ease. Any individual of the entire world can benefit by mentally latching on to the skirt of Mother Gayatri. This benefit in turn benefits all world creatures in a positive way. In order to throw more light on the untold benefits (material and spiritual) of Gayatri meditation/worship our Guru Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has written this priceless e-book. We pray that entire world humanity reads this book so as to prosper both materially and spiritually and thus ultimately help create:





Gayatri, Gita, Ganga and Gau (cow) are the 4 pillars of Indian culture. Amongst these Gayatri reigns supreme.

All Hindu scriptures, sects, Rishis etc proclaim in unison that Gayatri has a deep import and message for world humanity. In Atharva Veda (19/71/1) Gayatri has been eulogized wherein it is said that Gayatri meditation blesses its devotee with a long healthy life, a strong vital force (Prana), divine energy, fame, wealth and God Realization. Rishi Vishwaamitra says: No other Mantra of the Vedas is as glorious as Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together are a mere shadow of the all powerful Gayatri. Lord Manu says: Brahmaaji (creator of the world) has given us the true essence of the Vedas in the form of the Gayatri Mantra. Once the deep import of Gayatri is understood and imbibed truly, the entire Vedas will be understood by the devotee. Maharshi Yaajnavalkya says: Place all the Vedas in one pan of a weighing scale and the Gayatri Mantra in the other pan. Know for sure that the Gayatri pan will be much heavier.

Rishi Parashar says: He who has not imbibed Gayatri deeply is indeed lowly (Shudra). Rishi Shankh says: Gayatri catches hold of a mans hand about to fall into the ocean of hell and thus saves him from pain and anguish. Rishi Shaunak says: Gayatri is that Divine Mother who gives birth to infinite material and spiritual wealth. Rishi Atri says: One who truly understands the deep import of the Gayatri principle shall no longer face any hardship of this material world. Vyaasji says: If one truly imbibes Gayatri it becomes a Kaamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow. The river Ganges washes off our bodily sins and Gayatri sanctifies our psyche/soul. Rishi Bhaaradwaaj says: Gayatri meditation helps us realize God/Self and man attains heaven and salvation (Moksha). Naradjee says that Gayatri is a direct incarnation of Divine Energy. Vasishthaji says: If a very lowly person who performs innumerous illegal and criminal act performs Gayatri devotion, he/she too can attain a very high inner spiritual state. There is such a great amount of literature in religious scriptures that deal with the greatness of Gayatri meditation that if all of them are published a new gigantic book will have to be printed.

Just like saints and Rishis of the past even contemporary wise saints and sages accept the greatness of Gayatri devotion. Mahatma Gandhi (Father of India) says that Gayatri Mantra chanted with a calm and steadfast mind helps one overcome even those obstacles which otherwise appear insurmountable. Lokmaanya Tilak says: Gayatri Mantra inspires us all to give up the path of falsehood, crime, illegality etc and instead march ahead on the path of truth, honesty, ethics and sacred ideals. Mahatma Madan Mohan Malvyaji says: Amongst all the priceless jewels given to world humanity by all saints and sages, Gayatri reigns supreme.

The great Indian poet and Nobel Laureate Raindranath Tagore says: Without any room for doubt Gayatri Mantra can awaken the soul of the entire nation. The great Yogi Shri Aurobindo opines that infinite energy rests in the Gayatri Mantra. Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans said that Gayatri Mantra bestows many Sidhis (divie powers) to its unswerving devotee. His disciple Swami Vivekanand maintains that Gayatri is the crest jewel amongst all other great Mantras. Adi Guru Shankaracharya says that it is impossible for the limited human intellect to describe the true greatness of Gayatri. Swami Ramtirth says that Gayatri wards off Kama (desire) and replaces it with Rama (God).

Maharshi Raman says: Gayatri gives its devotee both material and spiritual benefits. Swami Shivanandji says: Gayatri Mantra chanting keeps our body healthy and fit, ones character becomes radiant and pure, ones intellect becomes subtle, farsightedness augments and mental focus becomes very sharp.

The founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji was a great faithful devotee of Gayatri. He laid great stress on Gayatri devotion. Once, Swamiji told the Maharaja of Gwalior: It is more beneficial to perform Gayatri Purascharan (worship) instead of a Bhagwat Saptah (7 day discourse). Shri Dayandji had conducted Gayatri Yajnas on a gigantic scale in many regions with the help of about 40 Brahmins for each program (Anushthan).

Gayatri is the wish fulfilling cow of our material world. Man can fulfill all those desires which are appropriate and most required with Gayatris grace. It is also called nectar because it satiates the thirst of ones soul and thus established infinite/eternal peace. Gayatri is so omnipotent that it can overcome ones vicious cycle of birth and death i.e. one attains salvation. A devotee who clings to the skirt of Mother Gayatri renounces lowliness and ascends to the peak of both material and spiritual peaks. Hence it is also called Paras Mani (touchstone). There is no restriction whatsoever as to who is eligible to chant the Gayatri Mantra. Thus a householder, mendicant, male, female, children, aged people etc have equal right to chant Gayatri. In short Gayatri is the birthright of entire world humanity. Ignoring this right is akin to neglecting ones righteous duty to execute meritorious deeds.

Gayatri Mantra transforms our psyche in a total and positive manner. As soon as a devotee starts chanting this Super Mantra he experiences certain movements in his/her psyche which in the long run benefits one both materially and spiritually. When Sattva Guna (purity of heart) augments vile qualities, bad thoughts, lowly character and feelings of hatred/enmity start diminishing significantly. Simultaneously positive qualities of the human mind like sweetness of speech, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, self control, humility, purity, zest, zeal, cosmic love, contentment, peace, service, oneness of soul etc augment in the devotees psyche more and more as days go by. As a result society at large is impressed by a Gayatri devotees character and activities and hence they eulogize this devotee, show gratefulness, harbor faith and respect this devotee. Time and again sincere Gayatri devotees are helped by one and all be it any corner of the globe. Further these divine qualities in a Gayatri devotees soul are so nectarine that the devotee swims in the ocean of divine love and supreme peace/contentment in his sacred soul. Such great devotees eternally rejoice in the heavenly love and peace of their cosmic soul.

Sincere Gayatri meditation results in an extraordinary transformation of ones psyche. In the sense because sense of right/wrong, farsighted vision, spiritual values and a subtle divine wisdom augments all sorrows which have their basis in spiritual ignorance/blindness (Avidya) are destroyed from their very roots. As per ones destiny certain fruits of ones past actions one has to face dire situations in life. On the one hand laymen with ordinary limited psyches face circumstances like loss, agitations, obstacles, illnesses, hardships, separation etc with great suffering. On the other hand a Gayatri devotee full of a strong will power faces these very dire situations with wisdom, immense patience, steadfastness and valor. Such a devotee actually experiences Gods grace under all circumstances and hence smiles whether he/she encounters pain or joy (their psyche is perfectly balanced while facing dualities like profit-loss, pain-joy etc). Hence external circumstances of dualities can never affect the untold divine bliss he/she experiences at the soul level.

The supreme goal of all human lives is attaining a powerful soul force and it is the fruit of Gayatri meditation. Apart from this many material gains too are attained by a Gayatri devotee. These gains include overcoming illnesses, weakness, joblessness, business losses, household quarrels, mental taints, court cases, enemy attacks, lack of marital joy, intellectual weakness, unbalanced psyche, harassment of ones own children, problems of getting ones children married, apprehension of facing a bad future, fear of failing in ones exam, bad habits like drug/alcohol addiction etc. All these and many more material problems faced by us all daily can be warded off successfully via Gayatri devotion and meditation.

Behind all dire situations lies our erroneous attachment to material objects which in turn manifest as problems, taints and inaptness. Gayatri devotion augments purity and focus of our psyche. Further positive changes take place in our eating habits, daily routine, viewpoint and character. Thus this very transformation of ones psyche is the royal path which wards off hardships and strife in our lives. Many a times it so happens that our aspirations, desires, yearnings etc are not in tandem with our individual capabilities and circumstances faced which are the results of our past actions. Hence a wise person who has purified his intellect and psyche renounces unwholesome and illusory desires and thus escapes the painful net of delusion. Of course there are certain situations that one has to face as per ones destiny which cannot be overcome. An ordinary layman will face them crying and wailing aloud but a mature Gayatri aspirant will face them with a calm smile because his/her psyche oozes with infinite divine power to face anguish.

Gayatri worship is also executed to overcome some special hardship faced in life and also to fulfill special requirements. Majority of the times Gayatri worship has succeeded with reference to this. Time and again it has been seen that the one who stares at hopelessness, failure, apprehension and fear performs Gayatri worship with immense devotion experiences Vedmata Gayatris blessings. Hence the previous situation of despair and anguish is converted into joy and success. It is because I (revered author of this e-book) have had the good fortune of experiencing many such incidences my faith is indomitable that no Gayatri worship performed with faith and devotion fails in the long run.

Gayatri spiritual practices are those spiritual exercises which definitely augment ones soul force substantially. It is commonly seen that many people learn wrestling and body building exercises so as to combat other powerful wrestlers or win prizes in body building contests. Suppose a budding wrestler loses a wrestling bout it should certainly not be misconstrued that his efforts of learning wrestling have gone in vain. In fact the more he perseveres to toughen up his body the more benefits he will accrue as days go by. Similarly there are many achievements in life like good health, beauty, long life, capacity to work very hard, marital bliss, children of good character, bigger income, no fear while facing foes etc that are no less important when compared to winning a wrestling or boxing bout. Thus assuming that a person performs spiritual practices with a definite aim in mind but this aim is not achieved never rue that ones efforts have gone totally in vain. This is because the divine energy that manifests due to spiritual austerities will get stored in the psyche and will be of great use in future while facing other destinies of life.

The soul itself is the head quarters of all cosmic divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhi). All the powers owned by God have been inherited by Gods princes viz. human beings. Although all divine powers exist in the human soul yet they are latent. It can be compared to fire covered by a lot of ash which makes it capacity to blaze very weak. Similarly taints in the human psyche like lust, greed, jealousy, hatred etc is the ash that covers the divine powers present in each individual soul. Gayatri meditation helps destroy this veil of taints and just as when the above mentioned ash is removed the fire which was previously weak starts blazoning forth in full flow. Similarly on destroying the veil of taints in our psyche via Gayatri devotion the otherwise latent powers now manifest in full strength. Those divine glories achieved by great Yogis via intense austerities are attained with relative ease and speed via Gayatri devotion.

In ancient times great Maharshis attained many divine powers like Animaa, Mahimaa and other Ridhi-Sidhis via intense austerities and Yoga based practices. Indian Mythology describes scores of such miraculous powers attained by Yogis etc of yore. And yet it prudent to note, that these Yogic and other forms of austerities had their roots in Gayatri devotion. Even today there exist great saints and sages who manifest miraculous divine powers. All of them agree that apart from Gayatri devotion no other spiritual endeavor can help you achieve your spiritual goal with greater ease and speed. In the past apart from great Sidhas even Chakravartis of the solar and lunar dynasty have followed the path of Gayatri. Brahmins of yore became Gurus of the world due to power attained via daily Gayatri worship and same is the case with Kings of past who ruled the world (called Chakravartees).

Muni Vasishthaji owned a wish fulfilling cow (Kaamadhenu). With its help he could overcome Rishi Vishwamitras gigantic army. He was instrumental in ensuring that King Dileep and Dashrathas (Lord Ramas father) lineage did not get destroyed. Not only this but that their lineage produced great Kings. All this was due to the grace of the wish fulfilling cow and the cow is none other than Gayatri. King Dileep along with his consort daily served this cow devotionally and drank its milk (grace) reverentially. In this manner Rishis of yore performed many spiritual and Yogic penances which had their roots in Gayatri devotion. Rishi Dadhichee became an infinite aura of Gayatri energy after performing intense penance. Indra defeated the Asuras (demons) with the help of a thunderbolt or Vajra made from Dadhichees bones. Gayatri is called a Brahmaastra or divine weapon. Its attack never goes in vain. Gayatri is the wish fulfilling cow of this material world. He/she, who devotionally drinks its milk (blessings) regularly, never encounters suffering, despair, discontent or lack of satiation.

Brahmaji created the 4 Vedas with the help of the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra. In order to throw more light on the deep import of these Vedas Shaastra, Darshan, Brahmana, Aaranyaka, Upanishad, Smritee, Sootra, Purana, Itihaas etc were written. In this manner Gayatri is the Mother of the Vedas which deal with material and spiritual science. If one truly imbibes the meaning of Gayatri one will become an adept in all Vedic scriptures.

The 24 priceless letters of Gayatri can be used as a test to decide which activities in our daily life will prove beneficial both materially and spiritually on a long term basis. Every letter is like a jewel of immortal message. The divine sound OM teaches us that since God pervades every pore of the cosmos do not act in an unwholesome manner and more importantly do not harbor vile thoughts albeit even secretly. Bhoohu teaches us to avidly search for those causes that destroy us and replace them with those that uplift us in an all round manner. Bhuvaha tells us to carry out our appointed duties very meticulously and after having done that accept the results as Gods grace. One must scrupulously avoid unwholesome actions even if they give material gains for the short term because ultimately the irrevocable Law of Karma (actions) will tighten the noose of hardships round your neck. Svaha means develop a balanced psyche that faces dualities like joy-sorrow, pain-pleasure, profit-loss, good-bad etc very calmly and without going overboard due to grief or joy as the case may be. Tat means do not look upon the pleasures attained via the body and senses as the be all and end all of life. Sense pleasures are short term gains which have to end at a certain point in time whereas spiritual gains are long term i.e. eternal. Savituhu means imbibe wisdom, sacred intellect, good health, legal wealth, wholesome name and fame, world friendship, positive valor etc. Varenyam tells us to imbibe truly only that which great in this world of dualities. Bhargo tells us to keep pure our body, mind, wealth, home, clothes and behavior at all levels of life. Devasya means developing a generous and farsighted psyche. Dheemahee means imbibing good qualities, great character, divine glories and high thinking. Dheeyo means not blindly following some individual, literature or sect. Give up this herd mentality and imbibe that which is apt and beneficial both materially and spiritually in the long run. Yonaha tells us to imbibe self control, penance, wisdom, endurance, tolerance, hard work, economical living and divine powers so as to use them for world well being. Prachodayaat tells us to inspire fellow beings, help the weak and downtrodden to higher statures in life, egg others to imbibe ethics/values, imbibe zest and zeal, remain contented and serve all equally in the world.

In all Vedic scriptures many precepts have been enumerated and their gist has been detailed in the above paragraph. If we truly imbibe all the above qualities know for sure that we will become scholarly masters of the Vedas. The 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra encompasses within itself the scheme, ethics, thought perception and mode of action for leading a divine life. A Guru (preceptor) helps his disciple to walk in this direction on the basis of apt guidance. Thus our life of ideal takes birth with the help of our Mother Gayatri and Father in the form of a realized saintly Guru. Such a disciple is called a Dvija i.e. twice born.

The 24letters of the Gayatri Mantra have been woven so wonderfully that mere chanting of it activates subtle energies in the subtle nerves (Naadis) of the tongue, throat, brain centre and palate. Just as when one hits the keys of the keyboard of a computer corresponding alphabets get typed on the screen so too the moment the tongue chants the Gayatri Mantra various Chakras (Plexus) of the body get activated and they manifest subtle energies. Apart from the Chakras various Bhramars (energy eddies), Kamals (lotus), Granthis (energy knots), Sansthans (centres) etc get awakened. The Naadis (subtle nerves) of the mouth transport the impulses of Gayatri Mantra chanting to the various Chakras (plexus) of the body. Just as when the strings of a guitar or sitar (Indian musical instrument) are twanged a beautiful lilting tune emerges similarly when the Gayatri Mantra is chanted with devotion the latent energies of the bodily Chakras are activated and thus the devotee manifests a divine aura. In this manner Gayatri Mantra chanting subtly commences Yogic practices and when the subtle energy centres of the body are awakened they benefit the devotee both materially and spiritually in an extraordinary manner.

Gayatri devotion has 2 legs: 1) By imbibing the subtle teachings present in the Gayatri Mantra one becomes a true human being and 2) Performing austerities so as to activate subtle divine powers in the soul. Both these aspects are essential to imbibe by a Gayatri devotee. The grace of Goddess Gayatri manifests in the heart of that devotee, whose psyche adheres to righteous living, ethics, high ideals, principles and pious activities in his/her day to day living. Gayatri austerities induce a subtle kind of churning in the devotees psyche which manifests divine energy that was present albeit latently. It is this divine energy that helps a devotee face trials in life very calmly and this in turn augments his/her will power by leaps and bounds.

Gayatri is called Tripadaa or3 legged. She has 3 eyes and carries a Trishul (weapon). They represent the 3 principles 1.Bhooha 2.Bhuvaha 3.Svaha. Bhooha means wisdom, intellect, discrimination, love and pious actions. Bhuvaha means wealth, grandeur, status, high stature, enjoyments and material glory. Svaha means health based power, daring, valor, enterprise and hard work. The aim of Gayatri devotion is to imbibe all the above 3 types of powers. The more one progresses in devotion many qualities, actions and characteristics manifest and these are the ones who breed wisdom, grandeur and energy in the devotees life. Wherever these qualities manifest material means and comforts too will come unasked along with them.

I have read innumerable religious texts and thus I conclude that none can match Gayatris supremacy (although the author without doubt respects all religions and saints of the world). Ancient Rishis and Maharshis had performed Gayatri Super Mantra based penance and thus attained greatness. In my common routine life I have seen so many miracles associated with the Gayatri Mantra that I have unswerving faith in its divine prowess. Up till now I have performed 24 Mahapurascharanas of Gayatri (1 Mahapurascharana means chanting the Gayatri Mantra 2.4 million times in a certain time frame). There were so many profound miracles witnessed by me (personally) that it is best I do not list them here. Under my guidance many have executed Gayatri penance albeit on a low scale and yet they too have witnessed many amazing miracles. Thus it goes to show that even a minor effort of Gayatri devotion never goes in vain.

I know many people who previously lived a life of lack and poverty. To the extent that even their most basic needs of survival were hard to obtain. They were under tremendous financial pressure like debt etc. Their business was amassing nothing but losses. They then took recourse to Gayatri devotion and lo behold! They not only cut their losses but earned so much wealth which could emit envy in other peoples eyes. I have known people who were less educated and on lower job posts get good increments and promotions as a result of Gayatri devotion. Those people whose IQ was very weak attained a sharper brain so as to become good scholars in their respective fields of study. Many students who previously failed in their exams despite hard work passed them with flying colors due to Gayatri worship. People who wanted to overcome mental taints like indolence, agitation, quarreling nature, anger, addiction (drugs, alcohol etc) and other unwholesome habits took recourse to Gayatri meditation so as to experience amazing transformation.

Gayatri devotion related benefits accrue in all spheres of life and these maybe both material and spiritual. Married couples who fought like cats and dogs, mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws who could not stand the very sight of one another etc executed Gayatri devotion. The result was they now lived amicably with a sense of love and respect for one another. Brothers who previously warred against each other for property, wealth etc later lived with true camaraderie like Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana (epic Ramayana) because they surrendered to Goddess Gayatri. Gayatri worship has quelled all forms of household strife. An innocent person who was a victim of false court cases, fraud allegations, murder, crime etc would later face them fearlessly with the grace of Gayatri. Those people who feared enemy attacks for no fault of theirs took recourse to Gayatri meditation and thus they remained unharmed and fearless.

Gayatri has helped so many devotees to overcome trying circumstances in life. There have been cases where patients who were about to be engulfed by the God of Death (Yamaraaj) escaped his net due to Gayatris compassionate grace. Many have overcome attacks by ghosts, bad dreams, unconsciousness, coma, weakness of the heart, miscarriage problems during pregnancy etc solely due to Gayatris blessings. Leprosy patients have been cured totally. Gayatri devotion helped purify the psyches of many devotees who got bad dreams, faced strife in life etc because of a tainted mind. When the mind was purified all their problems vanished into the thin air. Devotees who suffered from diseases, that were both painful and deadly, managed to overcome them by surrendering to the Mother of the Vedas i.e. Gayatri. Diseases like paranoia, plague, pneumonia and many others have been cured by Gayatri Mantra chanting with faith and devotion.

I have seen devotees of Gayatri overcoming psychosomatic diseases that result due to tension and worries. Those who were agitated mentally because of the death of a dear one, loss of wealth, huge debts, apprehension of failure, huge expenses for ones daughters marriage, separation from ones beloved, loss of jobs, poverty, insults, deadly diseases (cancer etc), attack of enemies, apprehension of a bad future etc attained great peace of mind once they commenced Gayatri meditation dedicatedly. In many cases devotees have been helped in many strange ways or that their will power has become so potent that no sorrow or pain could create turmoil in their psyche. Others have been aided by divine inspiration and guidance after their hearts were purified via Gayatri devotion. But what has been common to all of them that they faced hardships of all kinds with grit, determination, valor and a serene smile on their face.

And yet it is best that we become selfless and desire less while meditating on Mother Gayatri with unswerving faith and devotion. Devotees should strive hard to give up this attitude of worshipping Gayatri only if she blesses us by fulfilling our desires. This is because the frail human intellect under the influence of Avidya and Maya (spiritual blindness) is incapable of deciding what is apt or otherwise for himself/herself. Thus it would be wise and prudent on the part of a Gayatri devotee to leave all decisions to Almighty God who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. God is the only one who knows when and what are the requirements of every creature of the cosmos. Suppose despite intense Gayatri worship some mishap in life is not overcome know for sure that God has some very wise reason to make you undergo that pain. Further the Gayatri worship done certainly does not go in vain and at the appointed hour (when the psyche is mature enough) God will pour his blessings on you. Such blessings attained without pre conditions made by a devotee ultimately leads him/her to God Realization and that means eternal and infinite bliss. Give up pre conditions while performing spiritual practices and you will get infinitely more benefits than what you could have bargained for. The supreme benefit is Self/God Realization and if it had to be attained by shouldering all the sorrows of the world know for sure that the price you are paying is not even an iota of the infinite bliss of God vision.




Amongst the many energies of Almighty God Gayatri Super Power is very important and priceless. That scientific method by which one imbibes gigantic amounts of Gayatri is called Upasana or devotional practice. If devotion to Gayatri is based on a sound scientific footing a great deal of Gayatri Super Power can be imbibed by us all. Anybody in this world who gathers more and more wealth (legally), good health, knowledge, skillfulness in art/sculpturing etc is given a high status in society and is looked up to by one and all. Similarly a true Gayatri devotee imbibes so much soul power that he is elevated to sainthood. True saints differ from laymen simply because saints possess infinite divine energy whereas laymen possess only an iota of it.

Gayatri Mantra is the Mother of all the 4 Vedas. All the sciences and knowledge of the world rest in Gayatri and in fact they form only a minor part of Gayatris Super Power storehouse. As of now there exist mysterious energies which remain undiscovered. A few Gayatri devotees who manage to manifest even an iota of these energies perform such gigantic tasks in the world which amazes one and all. Many saints and sages of the world manifest many divine powers called Ridhi-Sidhi. There is no end to the quantity and variety of these divine powers. The more one dives deep into the recesses of his/her psyche which is taintless and one pointed, the more he/she manifests these powers. Such saintly people after attaining God Realization never return to this mortal world simply because they have attained Moksha or salvation or immortality.

Amongst all Yoga spiritual practices Gayatri meditation is easier to follow, supreme and shows results more speedily. Mere chanting of the Gayatri Super Mantra (Japa) awakens and evolves many powerful and secret Chakras (plexus) that lie in the deep recesses of ones soul. Hatha Yoga involves practices like Kundalini Yoga, Shat Chakra Vedhan, Naadi Shodhan etc and one has to perform many intense austerities. Instead if one chants the Gayatri Mantra with devotion these goals of Hatha Yoga can be achieved with relatively greater ease and speed. Gayatri Mantra chanting subtly influences many Naadis (subtle nerves) and secret Chakras so as to awaken latent divine powers present in that region. And with relative ease a Gayatri devotee marches ahead on the path of both material and spiritual prosperity.

Gayatri spiritual practices reign supreme as far as soul advancement is concerned. Great Yogis and sages perform austerities full of hardships so as to attain spiritual prosperity. As against this Gayatri devotion bestows these very attainments to its devotee with greater ease and speed. I have known many great souls who despite being householders attained great material and spiritual heights due to Mother Gayatris grace.

Even an ordinary person can overcome mental taints, material problems etc by surrendering to Mother Gayatri. External circumstances faced by human beings are nothing but the reflection of the state of ones mind. A pure and taintless psyche breeds conducive and peaceful circumstances whereas a tainted mind breeds sorrow and pain in ones daily living. Thus if you overcome taints like vile thinking, vile behavior and a lowly viewpoint with the help of Gayatri all your sorrows and hardships will be overcome. Then you will live a life of peace, contentment and self fulfillment. Gayatris teachings are the supreme gist of all religious scriptures. By imbibing them one fully imbibes true spirituality, purity of heart, sacredness of the soul and deep faith in God. Once all this is imbibed all material requirements automatically come unasked in the life of a Gayatri devotee.

Gayatri spiritual practices have given many material benefits too. And yet the supreme benefit is spirituality or God Realization. There are 3 predominant benefits amongst many others which is attained by a steadfast and mature Gayatri aspirant and they are: 1.Self Realization, Jeevan Mukti (liberation while yet alive) and Brahma Nirvaana or salvation 2.Awakening of divine powers in the deep cave of the soul after ones psyche becomes focused and sacred 3. When ones mental taints like hatred, anger, lust, greed etc are destroyed one earns good merits (Punya) and hence the world starts respecting you and this in turn gives you untold eternal joy. The more ones faith deepens and the more ones mind becomes sacred and focused to that extent one prospers both materially and spiritually. Of course even if ones faith is not so intense even then some minor benefits definitely accrue.

It is my own experience that Gayatri meditation helps one attain God Realization. I have seen many others progress by leaps and bounds after seeking Gayatris grace. Hence I have imbibed an unswerving faith that just about anybody can benefit both materially and spiritually by humbly serving the lotus feet of Mother Gayatri. Gayatri eulogies have been sung aloud as follows:





No other Mantra in the Vedas is as supreme as Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together pales in comparison with the greatness of Gayatri. Thus spoke great Munis (deep thinkers) of yore.


Since time immemorial many great sages and saints have performed intense penance by adhering to the precepts of Gayatri meditation. Gayatri is the key that opens the vault of all divine powers without exception. Without Gayatris grace the lock of soul liberation can never open. Many devotees have performed Yoga practices to please and get blessings from Rishis, Munis, Rama, Krishna, Shankar, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Surya etc. Many have devoted themselves to the formless God (Niraakaar Brahman). And yet each one of them has had to first devote their mind to Gayatri. Without Gayatris blessings none of our austerities and spiritual practices have the power to succeed.

Great scriptures proclaim:





MEANING: One may chant any Mantra and yet its Vyahvriti should be done alongside Gayatri Mantra chanting. One may worship Nrisingha, Surya, Vaaraha etc or one might perform Kaul Tantrik exercises of the Vaam Path and yet without Gayatris blessings none of them can bear fruit.

Gayatri is the Divine Mother of all the 4 Vedas. Without her help none of the Dakshina Path austerities (Vedic in nature) can succeed truly. Tantriks, Kauls, Avadhootas, Kaapaalikas, Aghoras etc of the Vaam Path require certain powers and their roots lie in none other than Gayatri. Many master the Shabar Mantra without Gayatris grace. Hence for a short time span they show momentary miracles but later all their powers come to naught. Only that devotee who manifests Divine Powers from their very source attains them ceaselessly and eternally. Mantra chanting without devotedly serving Gayatri can never give long lasting joy and soul power.

Ancient history and mythology (Puraanaas) maintain that Rishis, Munis etc of yore who performed various Yoga based penance did so with the blessings of Gayatri. Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta says: Gayatri Chhanda Saamaham meaning I (God) am Gayatri manifest. No other Mantra is as suitable as Gayatri to meditate on the Almighty Lord.

In this book it is not possible for me to give a detailed biography of great saints like Vashishtha, Yaajnavalkya, Atri, Vishwaamitra, Bharadwaaj, Naarada, Kapil, Kanaad, Gautam, Vyaas, Shukadeva, Dadheechee, Vaalmiki, Vana, Shankha, Lomus, Taiteraiya, Jaabaalee, Uddaaalaka, Vaishampaayan, Duravaasaa, Parshuraama, Pulista, Dattatreya, Agastya, Sanat Kumaras, Kanva, Shaunaka etc to show how their austerities succeeded only after devoting their minds at the holy feet of Mother Gayatri. It was the power of Gayatri imbibed by great Rishis which helped them perform gigantic tasks for world welfare. Respected readers are hereby encouraged to read ancient spiritual history of India along with Puraanaas (Mythology) and find more details of the lives of the great Rishis mentioned above.

A few decades back there was a great saint who evolved his soul radiantly with the help of Gayatri. Of course there is a possibility that his idol, ideals and principles were different yet everyone had great faith in the Mother of the Vedas viz. Gayatri. Initially he had imbibed the divine energy of Gayatri and thus later he became a great saint. It was due to Mother Gayatris blessings that Shankaracharya, Samarth Guru Ramdas, Narsinha Mehta, Dadu Dayal, Saint Jnaneshwar, Swami Ramanand, Gorakhnath, Machindranath, Haridas, Tulsidas, Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Swami Vivekanand, Ramtirth, Yogi Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman, Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Saint Ekrasanand and other revered saints attained divinity or God Realization.

There are man contemporary saints who either live in society or other mysterious places like mountain caves, forests etc so as to perform austerities. All of them are unswerving devotees of Gayatri. Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Malviya, Rabindranath Tagore, T.Subbarow, Sir Radhakrishnan, Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Swami Shivanand and other great spiritual preceptors have given their valuable message on the deep import of Gayatri. Thus we all can benefit tremendously by reflecting meditatively on their message. The founder editor of Akhand Jyoti magazine (our revered author) had devoted his sacred life to Gayatri meditation and had thus exalted his spiritual stature gigantically.

Whether they were Rishis-Munis of ancient civilization or whether they are great contemporary saintly beings, one thing is common to all of them and that is their spiritual goals were achieved due to Gayatris holy blessings. All great scholars of various scriptures and Yogic spiritual seekers always were first initiated into Gayatri meditation. After that they were free to choose their idol (Krishna, Shiva, Rama etc) and mode of penance. From the very commencement of creation Gayatri has been the leader amongst all Yoga practices. No other spiritual endeavor is as easy, straightforward, less time consuming and which reaps sure success when one compares them with Gayatri practices. It is only the boat of Gayatri practices that helps us cross the river of this world of pain bestowing dualities (joy-sorrow, profit-loss, good-bad etc). Gayatri is that holy wish fulfilling cow (Kamdhenu) who bestows material and spiritual bliss equally on householder devotees or mendicants who renounce their home and hearth in search of spiritual joy. Both these class of human beings can avail the divine powers as blessings from Mother Gayatri.

The most special characteristic of Gayatri meditation is that those spiritual goals attained by Rishis, Munis, Yogis etc living in forests, mountain caves etc (far away from the humdrum of society) are attained by those Gayatri devotees who live a householders way of life i.e. living in a fast paced world. A definite goal attained by Gayatri worshippers is purification and focus of their psyche. Any Gayatri devotee who chants the Gayatri Mantra with one pointed faith and devotion will attain purity of thought word and deed. Vile qualities start diminishing in their psyche and positive, wholesome qualities wax day in and day out. Just as you wash a dirty vessel with soap water so that it starts glistening, just as you wipe of the thick layer of dust on a mirror so that you can see your face clearly reflected in it, just as you remove the thick layer of ash in a coal furnace so that the fire blazes forth brightly in the same way Gayatri cleanses the psyche of its devotee and this helps the devotees previously latent divine powers manifest in full strength. Thus not only does the devotee prosper both materially and spiritually but he/she becomes a very important instrument of Almighty God to usher in world peace and brotherhood. Anyone who drinks the divine milk from the sacred bosom of Divine Mother Gayatri (whether a man of renunciation or a householder living in the thick of things) will attain both bodily and mental sanctity.


Man is not only the rightful heir of Almighty God but is a royal prince too. The individual soul is a part and parcel of the cosmic soul whom laymen call God. This royal prince (man) has all the qualities of his royal father (God) albeit in seed form. A small spark of a gigantic inferno has the same qualities of the inferno from where it emanated. Despite this it is very clear that man lives a very demeaned life today i.e. despite possessing divine qualities he lives a downfallen life. Why is this so? The answer is obvious and that is these divine powers are present in only their seed form. These latent powers have yet not been activated or awakened.

The Lord is Sat (eternal existence) but we human beings (Gods heir) undergo the vicious cycle of birth and death. God is Chit (divine light) and human beings swim in this terrible ocean of spiritual darkness/ignorance. God our Holy Father is divine bliss manifest and we wallow in the ocean of sorrow and pain. Hence a serious question arises in the mind of a deeply thinking person: Why this anomaly? God (King of this cosmos) sent his prince (mankind) in this world so as to live life royally and look upon it as a divine sport (Lila). And yet the bare reality is that man today is living a life of hell and strife. The little joy that he gets is transient and sure enough after a short time span hardships and anguish rule the roost. Why is it that that eternal (divine) bliss eludes mankind and thus forces him to wallow in pain and agony?

Fire by its very nature is full of heat and light. When this blazing fire slowly gets doused its upper region gets covered with a thick layer of ash. Thus the 2 qualities of fire viz. heat and light get covered by ash and cannot be seen or experienced by us. Fire covered by ash will not emit much heat nor light and lies listlessly. The burning fire full of brilliance can be demeaned to a lowly and useless state by a thick layer of as that covers its potential light and heat. Now suppose this thick layer of ash is removed totally the fire lying underneath will blaze forth terrifically and will also manifest its heat and light qualities fully.

Almighty God is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in nature. Hence his princely heir i.e. mankind too should be eternal bliss in nature. While living a life of divine sport (Lila) man should experience bliss and only bliss in this heavenly garden called world. And yet this divine bliss has been totally veiled by a lowly and vile intellect. A lowly intellect breeds nothing but strife and sorrow in life. Just as mentioned above when ash covers a blazing fires quality of heat and light so too a vile and tainted intellect covers mans true nature which is eternal bliss oozing with divinity. It is a lowly intellect that perforce induces man to live a hell like life akin to penal servitude.

A tainted intellect is also called Maya, spiritual blindness/ignorance, demonic nature, Avidya etc. The thicker this veil of taints in our intellect and psyche greater are the hardships and dire situations faced by that individual. The more ones physical body is covered by a cake of filth the more one will feel itchy and emit a foul stench. If this dirt is reduced the itchiness and foul smell too will reduce correspondingly. If the body is devoid of dirt and filth it will remain in good health and less disease prone. But the more this filth attacks our body and settles on it the more one is prone to diseases that maybe fatalistic too. A tainted intellect and psyche can be compared to filth settling on the physical body. It induces unwholesome characteristics like fear, restlessness, agitation, stress, worry etc in our inner personality.

Today the world over, people are full of stress and tension. Some are unhappy because of illnesses, some face marital anguish, some are childless, some face business losses, some do not get job promotions, some are apprehensive of failure, some face false court cases, some fear their enemy, some face struggle due to injustice, some face disloyalty in friendship, some fear dowry problems, some are painfully separated from their dear ones etc. Thus as Lord Budha had declared: Everywhere there is sorrow and pain. Even our religious, financial, social, political and international aspects of life are full of tension and misery. Assuming that a person is more mentally alert even then at some point in time the widespread taints and misdeeds of others influence his psyche and thus his peace is destroyed. Thus his goal of attaining bliss remains unfulfilled.

Sorrow may be individual or at a macro level; their roots lie in a tainted intellect and psyche. Today this material world is so full of sense pleasures and comforts that it logically seems our entire lives should be full of joy and nothing but joy. Man possesses a priceless body, mind and intellect which logically should extract a lot of joy from these sense pleasures. In fact a gross viewpoint tells us that this joy should exceed even that present in heaven. And yet the bare reality experienced by world humanity says that everyone is in agony for some reason or the other, life seems dry and meaningless in the long run and virtually everyone experiences life to be burdensome and hence wait listlessly for death to take over. Our minds are bombarded with worry, tension, fears of future, taints and agitation. Is this not very similar to the description of hell described in ancient mythology like Puranas etc?

In reality this world indeed is beautiful and there is not an iota of ugliness in it. This world is a play ground of divine sports (Lilas) and has no place for worry, fear, tension etc. This precious human life is actually an eternal fount of the bliss of nectar and has no place for sorrow or anguish. Swargaadapi gareeyasee-this world is even more nectarine than heavenly pleasures because all those principles are present that pave the way for manifesting zest in our minds and hence daily lives. This rare and precious human body has been designed in such a manner that if it touches anything that object becomes beautiful and radiant. The Lords prince (humans) enters this world to revel in divine sports. He has been given a chariot called this rare body, servants in the form of sense organs and a minister in the form of an intellect so that he revels in this beautiful garden called the world. This prince is meant to taste and touch the nectarine beauty of this world. And yet if man is not experiencing nectar in this world it his vile and tainted intellect that is totally responsible for the pain and agony of worldly life faced by him.

Good health both mental and physical is our very true nature whereas mental and physical illness is not our nature. This is because physical and mental strife is the result of our own erroneous thinking and living. Birds and animals that live their lives in accordance with natures laws made for them do not fall sick day in and day out. Majority of the times they experience a fit and healthy body. As against this, man is actually inviting mental and physical agony by foolishly adhering to a lifestyle that goes against the very grain of natural laws laid down for world humanity. If only man sticks to natures laws while performing his daily activities he would be in a much better shape both physically and mentally. Similarly a sacred intellect is the very nature of all human beings. A pure and taintless intellect/psyche is Gods gift to mankind and hence is divine, our very birth right and nectar bestowing. When God sends every individual in this world he gives us a sacred mind and intellect so that it can in turn give us nothing but bliss while contacting this world of objects. And yet because spiritual ignorance and blindness take over our intellect it results in a psyche and intellect that thinks and acts erroneously and in an undesirable manner. In this manner at the mental level too we actually invite tension, agitation and turmoil simply because we harbor taints like lust, greed, avarice, criminal leanings, unethical thoughts etc in our psyche. Our psyche adheres to the law of ALL OR NONE RESPONSE. It means either our mind harbors wholesome thoughts or insists on foolishly thinking in an undesirable manner. In short both unwholesome and wholesome qualities cannot exist together. Thus it is for each individual to decide whether he/she wishes to nurture sacredness or lowliness in their minds and intellects. A vile intellect breeds sorrow and strife in abundance and a sacred mind, oozes with bliss and serenity that is devoid of even an iota of tension.

Gayatri verily is synonymous with a sacred intellect. In this Super Mantra a devotee prays to God for attaining a taintless and pure intellect. The 24 letters of Gayatri give us 24 priceless spiritual lessons and are direct manifestations of a sacred intellect. If these spiritual lessons are fully imbibed ones very viewpoint in life will be transformed in a sacred manner. Our previous tainted thinking, which was the root cause of our misery, now renounces these taints so as to attain purity. The Gayatri Super Mantras designing is so scientific that it helps activate innumerable latent powers in the psyche of a mature Gayatri devotee. Gayatri has that rare capacity to attract divine cosmic powers and store them in the psyche of its steadfast devotee. In this manner Gayatri definitely destroys ones tainted intellect from its very foundation so as to replace it with a pure and focused intellect. The more these taints (anger, lust, greed, fear, worry etc) are overcome greater is peace and bliss experienced by the aspirant. Gayatri is that eternal torch of divine light which destroys our spiritual ignorance that manifests as a tainted intellect. Thus man attains his true supremely divine state which was the reason why he took birth in this world of names and forms.

A person wearing spectacles with green colored lens will see all external objects as green. If the color used is yellow everything appears yellow. Similarly if we wear the spectacles of a vile intellect external circumstances will appear sorrowful and dire whereas these same circumstances will appear joyful for the one wearing spectacles of a sacred intellect. When a persons brain experiences dizziness he/she visualizes external objects (house, trees, roads etc) as though they too are revolving when in reality they are not. A fearful man will see ghosts while traveling in a dark alley where there are none in actuality. Know for sure that if our mind is tainted merely rectifying external situations will not diminish your woes. It is only when the psyche is cleansed and made focused that external situations, however dire will not destroy your inner serenity and mental balance. If a person wears yellow tinted sunglasses and wants to see external objects other than yellow in color you may keep changing external objects but they will continue to appear yellow in color. Some illnesses render a bitter taste in the patients taste buds and hence even if you give him delicious cakes, pizzas, mouth watering fruits etc he/she will get only a bitter taste. If a tainted intellect has induced lowly and unwholesome thinking in ones psyche it does not matter whether you live in palatial homes or for that matter heaven too, one will experience sorrow and nothing but sorrow even in such exotic surroundings.

Thus the chief task of Gayatri Super Mantra is to destroy ones taints present in the intellect and mind. A true Gayatri devotee is one who makes a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to overcome his inner taints and replace them with sacred qualities like love, compassion, integrity, values, ideals etc. Such devotion to Gayatri reaps success both materially and spiritually with greater ease and speed. Anyone who lays stress on imbibing purity of mind and intellect prospers both materially and spiritually. Thus infinite eternal bliss is at such a persons beck and call for eternity.

And yet not for a moment should one err by thinking that Gayatri meditation is merely a psychological method of transforming ones life. In reality its philosophy and underlying scientific principle is so powerful that along with overcoming of worldly problems it also hastens activation of potent energy centers in the devotees body. These centers called Chakras, plexuses etc are so full of potent energy that an aspirant starts manifesting Sidhis (divine powers) like Animaa, Garimaa, Mahimaa etc. mentioned in Yogic scriptures. Activation of these energy centers makes mans personality so potent that he prospers both materially and spiritually in life.

Work outs in gyms and other physical exercises keep our body fit and healthy. Regular studies augment our knowledge and wisdom. Hard work helps us earn wealth. Good deeds give us desirable fame. Developing wholesome qualities helps make trustworthy friends. In the same way devotional and other spiritual practices awaken latent divine powers in the psyche of the devotee. These divine powers are so potent that they augment ones material and spiritual well being by leaps and bounds. It is very natural that divine light manifests in a big way in the soul of a true Gayatri devotee. A radiant and divine psyche breeds success in all spheres of ones life.

It is a fact that despite many potent energy centers being present albeit latently in mans psyche let alone awakening them, man is totally ignorant about their very existence. No doubt a lot of research is being carried out in the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry. Despite this these respected research scientists accept that their findings are barely 2 percent of information pertaining to the human psyche potential. Hence about 98% information related to the human mind yet remains undiscovered. In the same way brain anatomy researchers opine that they have barely unraveled 8% of the information pertaining to the human brain potential. The human brain truly is an astonishing vault of miracles. Apart from being capable of thinking and understanding the human brain possesses such magnetic principles which are capable of attracting potent divine energies that exist in the cosmos. Thus it can help us attain both material and spiritual success in our day to day lives. We can influence people to behave in a desirable manner. Gayatri devotion activates the force of magnetism in our psyche for useful and wholesome purposes. When our mental potential/will power augments manifold certain subtle electrical energies activate latent centers of the mind that are magnetic in nature and thus we can attract both material and spiritual well being in our lives. In daily parlance they are called Ridhis, Sidhis or divine powers and glories.

Holy Mother Gayatri blessed her devotee with Sidhis and success since she was pleased with her devotees pure hearted penance. This is the viewpoint of a sentimental Gayatri devotee. This same viewpoint if looked at scientifically tells us that when spiritual practices are carried out with a disciplined mind it augments ones will power in leaps and bounds. This will power or soul force in turn awakened latent energy centers along with their force of magnetic pull. This magnetic pull helped attract material and spiritual powers in abundance from the cosmos and thus success in all fields becomes part and parcel in the life of a Gayatri aspirant. Man albeit potentially is a divine being. All divine powers are present in his psyche but in seed form. These powers are present both within and without i.e. in the external world too. These external divine powers are immersed in their own appointed tasks. They are hence incapable of looking after the requirements of innumerable spiritual aspirants who seek their blessings. Therefore the divine powers present in the psyche of all human beings only can help each individual devotee. These divine powers exist in a latent or seed form and hence each individual of the world should awaken/activate them via spiritual practices and penance. Only then can these activated powers solve the material and spiritual requirements of a devotee.

Gayatri devotion and meditation is that royal path which radiates both the inner personality of its follower and also the external circumstances so as to make them conducive for overall well being. External changes made speeds up external progress and yet without an inner transformation of ones personality these changes do not last long. In the lives of laymen it is seen that external problems like attack of diseases, death of a beloved one, job loss, business loss etc rattle their minds so much that they wallow in agony for a fair length of time. As against this a person who purifies and focuses his psyche via self control, penance, meditation etc faces the above problems in a very calm and poised manner and ultimately overcomes them from their very roots. A scientific spiritual practice executed with a pure heart can definitely help attain material and spiritual joy. And it goes without saying that Gayatri meditation is supreme amongst all other spiritual practices prevalent in the world.

Scriptural scholars in voice have proclaimed aloud that Gayatris divine energy, nature and utility value is supreme. Following are proofs elucidated from various scriptures:




MEANING: Gayatri Mantra reigns supreme amongst all Japa Sootras, all Vedic Mantras and other single lettered seed Mantras (Beej).



MEANING: By themselves all Vedic Mantras are sacred and yet Gayatri Mantra is supreme amongst them all.




MEANING: Gayatri is like the supreme general of an army and demigods ceaselessly worship Holy Mother Gayatri. Gayatri is the Mother of all the 4 Vedas.





MEANING: Gayatri is supreme amongst all Vedic Mantras. Great Rishis opine that all the Vedas, Yajnas, charities, austerities etc put together are not equivalent to even an iota of the priceless nature of Gayatri Mantra.




MEANING: In the entire world no other Mantra is as potent and rare as Gayatri. Nothing is more supreme in the Vedas apart from Gayatri Super Mantra.




MEANING: Amongst all pilgrim spots, Ganga is supreme and amongst all gods Keshava is supreme. In the past there has been no greater Mantra than Gayatri and in future too none will be greater than it.








MEANING: Gayatri is the crest jewel amongst all Mantras and knowledge. With its help the sense organs are mastered. Weak minded are those who fail to undergo Gayatri meditation so as to attain spiritual values, wealth, fulfillment of wholesome aspirations and salvation. Those Dvijas (twice born) who insist on performing spiritual practices not related to Gayatri devotion are most unfortunate because it is like throwing away a precious jewel and instead running after stones of no significance.



MEANING: O King! Mother Gayatri is known to fulfill the wholesome desires of even that Gayatri devotee who is very irregular in doing his/her spiritual practices. Hence what to say about the nectarine material/spiritual bliss attained by those who devote themselves to Gayatri ceaselessly and steadfastly!!!






MEANING: Gayatri fulfills all our desires just like Kaamadhenu-the wish fulfilling cow of yore. It destroys our ill fate, hardships etc. It destroys our sins and augments our good merits. Hence this Divine Super Power which blesses us with supreme peace and well being is called Gayatri by Rishis of ancient times.

In ancient times great Rishi-Munis had performed intense austerities and Yogic practices so as to attain divine glories like Anima, Mahima etc. Indian Mythology is full of descriptions with reference to the miraculous powers attained by these Rishis. Hence Rishi-Munis have ordained all of us to perform Gayatri based practices. Gayatri devotion and meditation should be executed on a daily basis. It is called Trikaal Sandhya wherein at dawn, noon and dusk one meditates and chants the Gayatri Mantra.

In Indian Mythology called Puranas again and again various examples have been given wherein Gayatri devotion has given both material and spiritual success to its devotee. Even in todays times there have been quite a few Gayatri devotees who have attained a lot of material success along with name and fame in the world. Some examples appear a bit strange and yet even they point at the supreme attainments of Gayatri meditation. Any one who mentally dwells in close proximity to divinity attains supreme material and spiritual success.


In the Yajurveda Gayatri has been strangely symbolized as a bull-





.YAJURVEDA (17/19).

MEANING: Gayatri Super Mantra like that 4-horned, 3-legged, 2-headed, 7-handed (bound in 3 places) bull moos aloud so as to become divine and then it blesses its devotee infinitely.

The 4 Vedas are the 4 horns of a bull. The 3 legs of the bull correlate to the 8x3=24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra. Wisdom and scientific knowledge are its 2 head. The 7 hands are the 7 Vyahvrittis that bestow 7 divine powers. It is tied to 3 places represented by wisdom, action and devotion to Almighty God. Thus divine situations of divinity manifest. Anyone who dwells in close proximity to it attains all material and spiritual gains.

The 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra have been symbolized as the 24 daughters of Daksha Prajapati or divinity. These daughters got married to Dharma or righteousness as written in the scriptures. Thus it gives us all a hint that a person of ethics, integrity and spiritual leanings can benefit stupendously from the Super Divine Power of the 24 lettered Gayatri Mantra.






MEANING: Daksha Prajapati sired 24 daughters called shradha, Lakshmi, Dhriti, Pushti, Tushti, Medha, Kriya, Budhi, Lajja, Vapu, Shanti, Ridhi, Kirti etc. Dharma married these 24 daughters.

Devi Bhagwat describes Anudan in the Ashwapati story as follows:









Sage Naradaji asked God: It is well known that Shrutis emerged from Gayatri and hence please throw more light on how Gayatri came into being.

Almighty God replied: Gayatri, the Holy Mother of the Vedas, was first worshipped by Brahmaji (creator) and then the demigods too worshipped Gayatri regularly. They were later followed by great scholars, men of austerities etc. King Ashwapati worshipped Gayatri in a very special way and thus all the 4 Varnas (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras) too commenced daily Gayatri worship.

In the Vana Parva of epic Mahabharat a discussion has been made wherein Goddess Savitri manifests from the sacred fire of Agnihotra and when the King worshipped Savitri with devotion and penance she blessed him with a divine boon. Its details are as follows:






MEANING: O King! At that time Goddess Savitri tangibly manifested from the Agnihotra fire and lovingly gave her Holy Darshan (vision) to King Ashwapathy. While giving a boon to the King who had performed great penance with devotion Goddess Savitri said:



MEANING: Savitri said: O King! I am very pleased with you pure hearted sexual continence, sense organ mastery, mental control and large hearted devotion.

In this very story Maharshi Parashar had given a detailed explanation of Gayatris deep import and method of meditation to King Ashwapathy. Further it has been said here that the Kings consort whose womb was barren previously now gave birth to a pious child. Also the royal couple was blessed with immense material and spiritual prosperity.

Devi Bhagwat also describes incidences wherein famine was warded off due to Gayatri Super Powers grace. For this the revered Maharshi carried out a congregational worship and meditation program with Gayatri as its basis. Following are the details:





















Sage Vyasa told Janmayjaya: Once there was no rain for 15 years. As a result a terrible famine set in. Innumerable creatures died of hunger and thirst. Their corpse rotted in their homes.

At that time pure hearted individuals got together and decided to approach a great devotee of Gayatri called Gautama who also was known for his intense penance. They all felt that Gautama was the right person to solve this dire problem. Hence they spoke to Gautama about the deadly famine faced by everyone.

Rishi Gautama humbly gave solace to everyone and started praying to Super Power Gayatri so as to overcome this harsh famine.

Holy Mother Gayatri was pleased by Rishi Gautamas devoted plea and hence gave him a Poorna Paatra (vessel) that could feed all hungry beings suffering due to the famine. Mother Gayatri said: All your desirable yearnings will be fulfilled by this divine vessel. Saying this she became invisible. Due to the grace of this divine vessel mountains of food grains and other requirements manifested.

Rishi Gautama told everyone that Gayatri is a supreme pilgrim spot. And hence everyone commenced Gayatri Purashcharana (special worship and meditation program) with devotion and intense faith.




Today world humanity faces many problems both individually and universally. Hence there is worry, fear, stress and tension in everyones mind since they are not sure how and when these problems are going to be solved. No doubt small scale solutions are being made use of but because their effect is only temporary the overall picture remains grim and dicey.

We must all understand that the root cause of all these hardships and strife is singular in nature and hence their solution too is one. If a thorn pierces our skin and causes pain then the solution for overcoming this pain is removal of the thorn. And how does one remove this thorn? The answer is simply by using another thorn! Similarly the root cause of mans misery is his tainted, selfish and egoistic mind. World peace and prosperity can never set in on an eternal basis unless and until each individual psyche of world humanity without exception undergoes a positive transformation. This would involve giving up of lowly and selfish thinking and replacing them totally with purity of heart, integrity, sense of service to world beings and imbibing spiritual values.

Gayatri is a symbol of sheer purity (Satvika). If you are a true Gayatri devotee your goal will be to imbibe purity of mind and righteousness in your daily living. Gayatri devotion means adhering to those spiritual practices that not only sow the seeds of pure thinking but also weeds out unwholesome qualities so that desirable ones like integrity, human/spiritual values, humility etc bloom forth on an eternal footing. The meaning of surrendering to Gayatri is to rest ones intellect in the lap of divine purity. Thus mans thinking, mental qualities, character and activity will become sacred and divine. When man imbibes divinity deep down in the cave of his soul he enters a state wherein either problems/hardships get solved or that they remain externally but can never affect the fount of divine bliss he now enjoys on an eternal basis. Now let us join hands and analyze the main problems faced by world humanity and understand deeply how Gayatri represented by a taintless, divine intellect helps overcome them from their very roots.

1) The possibility of a world war is looming large. One cannot say when it may commence with a bang and that an atom bomb shatters our planet to ash. These wars are based on greed for enlarging ones empire. If only each nation of the world gives up its unwholesome desire of bossing over other nations, give up the attitude of oppressing others for their selfish gains and instead remain steadfast on the path of justice for all there would be no room for any war to manifest.

If only in todays International Politics justice as depicted in Gayatri literature is imbibed fully all time, energy and finances used for war preparations can be diverted for constructive and creative purposes in all corners of the world. Thus basic requirements can be given to all strata of society including those languishing in dire poverty in every nook and corner of the world. Further no war means a great possibility of strengthening of ties between every country which will lead to cooperation for both material and spiritual advancement of world beings. But because the world is apprehensive of a world war setting in people are living in terror and fright. Thus it is clear that this terror can never be overcome merely via diplomacy and other political solutions. These will have to take recourse to spiritual values as their basis found in Gayatri meditation and devotion.

2) Apart from the fear of a possible world war the next major problem is that of insufficient food grains available in the world. Barring a few exceptions almost all other nations face paucity of food grains. Irrigation, chemical fertilizers, scientific agro technology etc have been made more advanced to increase food grain production. Maybe some temporary solutions have been found and yet the need of the hour is a long term and permanent solution. This is because the worlds population is increasing alarmingly and we do not have enough means to balance it optimally. Specialists of this field opine that even if all the land available in the world is used for scientific agriculture yet food grains produced as a result can last only for the next 40 years. Hence after this the problem of hunger would come back to square one all over the world.

The problem of hunger can be solved only in one way and that is population control. All great intellectuals of the world agree that birth rates need to be controlled drastically. Hence techniques like abortions, male/female sterilization, birth control pills etc are being made use of and yet know for sure that in the long run this will give dire results. Lack of ethical thinking and undesirable sexual behavior will destroy whatever little good health is seen today. The best way to control child birth rate is Brahmacharya or sexual continence that has a spiritual basis. This is where Gayatri principles come handy. They say that a man should renounce a lewd and lustful attitude towards women and instead respect them as manifestations of divinity. Thus population can be controlled optimally, food problems will be solved satisfactorily and the bodily and mental health of world humanity will wax like the full moon. If mature and high stature individuals imbibe Gayatris weekly fast know for sure that the food paucity problem will disappear in a jiffy and that no country will have to import food grains anymore.

3) The third major widespread problem is that of corruption and lack of ethics. Crime, looting, distrust, selfishness, arrogance, sadism, irresponsibility etc are on the rise alarmingly. It is found in all strata of society like government workers, businessmen, so called religious leaders, laborers, bosses etc. Their minds are so tainted that the layman lives in total distrust, discontent and apprehension.

The above undesirable state of society cannot be fully overcome merely by the judiciary system, police department, army, government etc. Meaning externally the situation can be controlled but if the psyche of world humanity is not purified and made focused the desired transformation of the world from its very foundation cannot be achieved. Thus if only our mind and intellect is made sacred will our sense of integrity, inner voice of God, sense of service to the world, cosmic love, selflessness etc awaken which in turn will inspire us all to walk on the path of ethics, human values etc in our professional, social etc lives. It is only then that these times of turmoil and strife perceived in all corners of the globe shall be destroyed from their very roots. This transformation can be attained via the scientific spiritual ideology of Gayatri if imbibed truly and deeply by one and all.

Today all world denizens experience sorrow in one form or another simply because their psyche insists on foolishly encouraging sinning, untoward behavior, vile activities and a tainted intellect. But if the roots of sins are cut asunder ethical behavior will get a great fillip and thus agony due to bodily diseases, natural calamities etc will be rooted out hook line and sinker. The seeds of chaos, strife and turbulence sprout only in an atmosphere of selfishness and narrow thinking. Thus if selfishness is replaced with a sense of cosmic oneness with the world (as per spiritual tenets) love for the world will ooze in the psyche of world beings and thus there would be no room for turbulence, stress and tension that prevails today the world over.

4) A tainted or lowly intellect is one that foolishly encourages delusion, spiritual ignorance or blindness, blind traditional beliefs, lack of farsighted thinking and selfishness. Even so called literate and wily people are ensnared by this tainted brain. With the result they are time and again subjected to tension and stress in their day to day lives. In todays trying times remaining childless should be looked upon as a boon and yet people fail to accept it as a boon of Almighty God. People are sad that they do not have enough wealth to amass wealth, name and fame by unethical and illegal means. They show sorrow when a kin dies in such a manner as though it is something bizarre. People call themselves wise even if they foolishly believe that amassing wealth by means fair or foul is the be all and end all of life. Their lives center around the vain attitude of eat, drink and be merry and do not spare even a moment as to what is the true goal of life. So called fashion trends and foolish expenses rule the roost. Is there a world beyond this material cosmos that can give eternal and ceaseless bliss? Such questions never arise in their egoistic self centered psyches. With the result they foolishly spend this precious human life in transient pleasures, fashion, addictions (drugs, alcohol etc) and yet label themselves as wise.

When a pure and focused intellect represented by Gayatri enters a devotees mind/intellect the latter renounces delusion and blind beliefs. Instead this sacred psyche deeply thinks about all aspect of living (social, economical, professional etc) and thus destroys sorrow, worries and fear from their very roots. Gayatris sacred thinking removes all illusory notions of the mind and replaces it with straightforward behavior, tranquility, contentment and bliss on an eternal and pause less footing.

5) In all families the world over diseases and weakness wreak havoc. The root cause of this is lack of control over ones eating and resting habits. Animals and birds adhere to natures laws implicitly and hence on an average maintain a healthy disease free body. Man on the other hand arrogantly flouts natures laws and thus is prone to illnesses again and again. His body weakens considerably as a result and ultimately enters the jaws of death.

Gayatri Mantra inspires its devotees to control their food and sleeping habits and lays great stress on adhering to natures laws. Majority of diseases can be overcome if our life revolves around sacred thinking/activity and simplicity.

Our psyches health deteriorates considerably when it allows mental diseases like irritation, lethargy, carelessness, stinginess, bombastic attitude, insulting speech, worry, wrath etc to grow like unwanted weeds in our character. This inner diseased condition manifests as sorrow and agony in ones day to day life. Gayatri transforms our diseased psyche into a pure and focused one. Thus when wholesome qualities bloom forth our material and spiritual lives flourish in full strength.

6) Inner weakness is such an individual lack, that despite man wanting to act in a befitting manner, his psychic taints obstruct him forcefully from doing so. The total advancement of the human principle is dependent on those precepts which are not in our frail human hands. We have to accept that since these principles exist in the subtle body (and not gross) destiny or God based on certain special qualities have made us what we are. Gayatri based spiritual exercises enter that part of our subtle body where the key that can change our otherwise irrevocable destiny is made available for our apt use.

Gayatri devotion, meditation and worship awakens certain secret energy centers, Chakras, plexuses, subtle nerves, Naadis and glands of the human body. Thus divine powers start manifesting on their own in great measure. Precious benefits like sharpness of intellect, good bodily health, friendship with pure hearted people, professional success, wholesome fame, blissful family life, pious children, lack of foes etc manifest in ones life. The reason being, that once our soul force and will-power become strong, divine powers bloom forth in our psyche and these in turn augment our pious qualities, activities and ethical attitude. Thus all subtle obstructions are overcome that so far did not allow our material and spiritual lives to prosper.

No doubt any government in power should ensure that citizens of those countries do not lead lives of stress and hardship. And yet governments need to go beyond the external lives of people and ensure that the inner character and minds of people are made healthy and wholesome. Citizens are like statues and governments their shadow. Governments must ensure that the character of each citizen is made taintless/sacred by encouraging their psyches to imbibe integrity, humility, sense of world well being etc. In this manner problems related to the international, national, social, economical, bodily and mental fronts can be solved optimally and satisfactorily. Mere changes in ones countrys laws or voting of governments cannot transform a country and the world simply because the problem is lack of ethical and wholesome thinking which needs to be weeded out totally.

All those problems faced by mankind and have so far not been solved can be overcome from their very foundations if only man imbibes a sacred focused intellect via Gayatri spiritual practices.



Man is not only the rightful heir of Almighty God but is a royal prince too. The individual soul is a part and parcel of the cosmic soul whom laymen call God. This royal prince (man) has all the qualities of his royal father (God) albeit in seed form. A small spark of a gigantic inferno has the same qualities of the inferno from where it emanated. Despite this it is very clear that man lives a very demeaned life today i.e. despite possessing divine qualities he lives a downfallen life. Why is this so? The answer is obvious and that is these divine powers are present in only their seed form. These latent powers have yet not been activated or awakened.

The Lord is Sat (eternal existence) but we human beings (Gods heir) undergo the vicious cycle of birth and death. God is Chit (divine light) and human beings swim in this terrible ocean of spiritual darkness/ignorance. God our Holy Father is divine bliss manifest and we wallow in the ocean of sorrow and pain. Hence a serious question arises in the mind of a deeply thinking person: Why this anomaly? God (King of this cosmos) sent his prince (mankind) in this world so as to live life royally and look upon it as a divine sport (Lila). And yet the bare reality is that man today is living a life of hell and strife. The little joy that he gets is transient and sure enough after a short time span hardships and anguish rule the roost. Why is it that that eternal (divine) bliss eludes mankind and thus forces him to wallow in pain and agony?

Fire by its very nature is full of heat and light. When this blazing fire slowly gets doused its upper region gets covered with a thick layer of ash. Thus the 2 qualities of fire viz. heat and light get covered by ash and cannot be seen or experienced by us. Fire covered by ash will not emit much heat nor light and lies listlessly. The burning fire full of brilliance can be demeaned to a lowly and useless state by a thick layer of as that covers its potential light and heat. Now suppose this thick layer of ash is removed totally the fire lying underneath will blaze forth terrifically and will also manifest its heat and light qualities fully.

Almighty God is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in nature. Hence his princely heir i.e. mankind too should be eternal bliss in nature. While living a life of divine sport (Lila) man should experience bliss and only bliss in this heavenly garden called world. And yet this divine bliss has been totally veiled by a lowly and vile intellect. A lowly intellect breeds nothing but strife and sorrow in life. Just as mentioned above when ash covers a blazing fires quality of heat and light so too a vile and tainted intellect covers mans true nature which is eternal bliss oozing with divinity. It is a lowly intellect that perforce induces man to live a hell like life akin to penal servitude.

A tainted intellect is also called Maya, spiritual blindness/ignorance, demonic nature, Avidya etc. The thicker this veil of taints in our intellect and psyche greater are the hardships and dire situations faced by that individual. The more ones physical body is covered by a cake of filth the more one will feel itchy and emit a foul stench. If this dirt is reduced the itchiness and foul smell too will reduce correspondingly. If the body is devoid of dirt and filth it will remain in good health and less disease prone. But the more this filth attacks our body and settles on it the more one is prone to diseases that maybe fatalistic too. A tainted intellect and psyche can be compared to filth settling on the physical body. It induces unwholesome characteristics like fear, restlessness, agitation, stress, worry etc in our inner personality.

Today the world over, people are full of stress and tension. Some are unhappy because of illnesses, some face marital anguish, some are childless, some face business losses, some do not get job promotions, some are apprehensive of failure, some face false court cases, some fear their enemy, some face struggle due to injustice, some face disloyalty in friendship, some fear dowry problems, some are painfully separated from their dear ones etc. Thus as Lord Budha had declared: Everywhere there is sorrow and pain. Even our religious, financial, social, political and international aspects of life are full of tension and misery. Assuming that a person is more mentally alert even then at some point in time the widespread taints and misdeeds of others influence his psyche and thus his peace is destroyed. Thus his goal of attaining bliss remains unfulfilled.

Sorrow may be individual or at a macro level; their roots lie in a tainted intellect and psyche. Today this material world is so full of sense pleasures and comforts that it logically seems our entire lives should be full of joy and nothing but joy. Man possesses a priceless body, mind and intellect which logically should extract a lot of joy from these sense pleasures. In fact a gross viewpoint tells us that this joy should exceed even that present in heaven. And yet the bare reality experienced by world humanity says that everyone is in agony for some reason or the other, life seems dry and meaningless in the long run and virtually everyone experiences life to be burdensome and hence wait listlessly for death to take over. Our minds are bombarded with worry, tension, fears of future, taints and agitation. Is this not very similar to the description of hell described in ancient mythology like Puranas etc?

In reality this world indeed is beautiful and there is not an iota of ugliness in it. This world is a play ground of divine sports (Lilas) and has no place for worry, fear, tension etc. This precious human life is actually an eternal fount of the bliss of nectar and has no place for sorrow or anguish. Swargaadapi gareeyasee-this world is even more nectarine than heavenly pleasures because all those principles are present that pave the way for manifesting zest in our minds and hence daily lives. This rare and precious human body has been designed in such a manner that if it touches anything that object becomes beautiful and radiant. The Lords prince (humans) enters this world to revel in divine sports. He has been given a chariot called this rare body, servants in the form of sense organs and a minister in the form of an intellect so that he revels in this beautiful garden called the world. This prince is meant to taste and touch the nectarine beauty of this world. And yet if man is not experiencing nectar in this world it his vile and tainted intellect that is totally responsible for the pain and agony of worldly life faced by him.

Good health both mental and physical is our very true nature whereas mental and physical illness is not our nature. This is because physical and mental strife is the result of our own erroneous thinking and living. Birds and animals that live their lives in accordance with natures laws made for them do not fall sick day in and day out. Majority of the times they experience a fit and healthy body. As against this, man is actually inviting mental and physical agony by foolishly adhering to a lifestyle that goes against the very grain of natural laws laid down for world humanity. If only man sticks to natures laws while performing his daily activities he would be in a much better shape both physically and mentally. Similarly a sacred intellect is the very nature of all human beings. A pure and taintless intellect/psyche is Gods gift to mankind and hence is divine, our very birth right and nectar bestowing. When God sends every individual in this world he gives us a sacred mind and intellect so that it can in turn give us nothing but bliss while contacting this world of objects. And yet because spiritual ignorance and blindness take over our intellect it results in a psyche and intellect that thinks and acts erroneously and in an undesirable manner. In this manner at the mental level too we actually invite tension, agitation and turmoil simply because we harbor taints like lust, greed, avarice, criminal leanings, unethical thoughts etc in our psyche. Our psyche adheres to the law of ALL OR NONE RESPONSE. It means either our mind harbors wholesome thoughts or insists on foolishly thinking in an undesirable manner. In short both unwholesome and wholesome qualities cannot exist together. Thus it is for each individual to decide whether he/she wishes to nurture sacredness or lowliness in their minds and intellects. A vile intellect breeds sorrow and strife in abundance and a sacred mind, oozes with bliss and serenity that is devoid of even an iota of tension.

Gayatri verily is synonymous with a sacred intellect. In this Super Mantra a devotee prays to God for attaining a taintless and pure intellect. The 24 letters of Gayatri give us 24 priceless spiritual lessons and are direct manifestations of a sacred intellect. If these spiritual lessons are fully imbibed ones very viewpoint in life will be transformed in a sacred manner. Our previous tainted thinking, which was the root cause of our misery, now renounces these taints so as to attain purity. The Gayatri Super Mantras designing is so scientific that it helps activate innumerable latent powers in the psyche of a mature Gayatri devotee. Gayatri has that rare capacity to attract divine cosmic powers and store them in the psyche of its steadfast devotee. In this manner Gayatri definitely destroys ones tainted intellect from its very foundation so as to replace it with a pure and focused intellect. The more these taints (anger, lust, greed, fear, worry etc) are overcome greater is peace and bliss experienced by the aspirant. Gayatri is that eternal torch of divine light which destroys our spiritual ignorance that manifests as a tainted intellect. Thus man attains his true supremely divine state which was the reason why he took birth in this world of names and forms.

A person wearing spectacles with green colored lens will see all external objects as green. If the color used is yellow everything appears yellow. Similarly if we wear the spectacles of a vile intellect external circumstances will appear sorrowful and dire whereas these same circumstances will appear joyful for the one wearing spectacles of a sacred intellect. When a persons brain experiences dizziness he/she visualizes external objects (house, trees, roads etc) as though they too are revolving when in reality they are not. A fearful man will see ghosts while traveling in a dark alley where there are none in actuality. Know for sure that if our mind is tainted merely rectifying external situations will not diminish your woes. It is only when the psyche is cleansed and made focused that external situations, however dire will not destroy your inner serenity and mental balance. If a person wears yellow tinted sunglasses and wants to see external objects other than yellow in color you may keep changing external objects but they will continue to appear yellow in color. Some illnesses render a bitter taste in the patients taste buds and hence even if you give him delicious cakes, pizzas, mouth watering fruits etc he/she will get only a bitter taste. If a tainted intellect has induced lowly and unwholesome thinking in ones psyche it does not matter whether you live in palatial homes or for that matter heaven too, one will experience sorrow and nothing but sorrow even in such exotic surroundings.

Thus the chief task of Gayatri Super Mantra is to destroy ones taints present in the intellect and mind. A true Gayatri devotee is one who makes a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to overcome his inner taints and replace them with sacred qualities like love, compassion, integrity, values, ideals etc. Such devotion to Gayatri reaps success both materially and spiritually with greater ease and speed. Anyone who lays stress on imbibing purity of mind and intellect prospers both materially and spiritually. Thus infinite eternal bliss is at such a persons beck and call for eternity.



Immanuel Kant was a very great German philosopher. He has written many priceless books on philosophy. In one book at the very end (gist) he wrote: I fear 2 things in this world. The first is that every night when I gaze at the vast dark sky I wonder how omnipotent that cosmic power is who created these innumerable stars, galaxies, planets etc. In fact one can never even imagine with our limited intellects as to how all these were designed and created. When I compare my (Kant) frail intellect with that of the omnipotence of the one who created this gigantic cosmos I feel so inferior in size and thus am full of fear.

The second fear factor of mine encompasses around the fact that when I perform some action which is unwholesome I hear a voice in my conscience telling me to refrain from acting undesirably. This inner voice is so potent that it virtually bosses over me. When I seriously ponder over this fact I realize that my inner voice is so much more powerful than my frail intellect.

Kant writes that he fears both the above facts mentioned and concludes that the omnipotent one who has created this cosmos and the one who speaks clearly in my conscience are one and the same. But since I fail to find any scientific proof of this and also since my intellect fails to accept what I say I too ultimately do not accept this fact. Most definitely Kant could not accept this truth because the frail human intellect can only argue and counter argue. It is only the subtle experience that can deepen our faith and make it unswerving.

Indian Rishis of yore laid emphasis on deep subtle experiences rather than inference. That reality which Kant renounced because it was mere inference for his intellect had been experienced directly by Rishis of India eons back. Gayatri Mantra has bestowed this divine experience to millions of devotees in the world history. This becomes very clear when we dive deep into the meaning of Gayatri Mantra. Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Savaha correspond to earth, interstellar space and other world (Dhruva Loka) and they are created by God who is Om manifest (divine sound). We all meditate on its divine light. Why do we meditate? How are we related to it? The answer is because it is Dheeyo Yona Prachodayaat. Meaning it divinely inspires our intellect/brain. Therefore that cosmic principle which creates this cosmos is also the divine inspirer of our intellect. There is not even an iota of a difference as far as both these Divine Powers are concerned. That divine truth which was an inference for Kant was an experiential truth for Rishis who are the seers (Dhrishtaa) of the Gayatri Mantra.

If one reflect more seriously on Gayatri Mantras meaning 3 precepts emerge. 1) Saviturvaraynyam Bharga-that radiant divine light is worth aspiring for and is a power that destroys our sins (God principle). 2) Dheeyo Yonaha-the intellectual principle of a living being or Jeeva. 3) Prachodayaat-The inspiring relationship that unites God and ones intellectual power. One is the centre of the entire cosmos (God-macro) and the other is the centre of individual life (living being-micro). The third is that principle (Prachodayaat) that unites God and a living being.

Gayatri Mantra is that Divine Power which destroys mans lowly state from its very roots, it washes of all our taints and sins and after overcoming all satanic principles in mans psyche it replaces them with divine principles in full flow. Even criminals, dacoits and other individuals of lowly thinking hear a voice within to abstain from performing heinous acts. The voice clearly tells them that not only will society be harmed by their dastardly act but that they themselves (criminals etc) will be harmed n-fold more. Hence they are advised from within to refrain from such demeaning acts. But because man is so enticed by material pleasures he refuses to listen to his inner voice and hence foolishly acts despicably. A Gayatri devotee hears this inner voice very clearly and powerfully. In the initial stages of Gayatri meditation a devotee maybe unable to act explicitly in accordance with this voice due to weak penance and yet know for sure that this devotee due to strong self introspection realizes deeply his inner lack. And this realization is a very strong and gigantic step on the ladder of reaching material and spiritual success ethically. Majority of the times people are totally unaware of their inner lack and tainted state due to the veil of spiritual ignorance and blindness. If they fail to even realize that mental taints exist how will they even think of removing them? As against this the more a devotee of Gayatri matures spiritually the more these mental taints are experienced by him/her with greater clarity. His or her focused soul constantly places these taints in a mirror like fashion in front of their minds eye to perceive clearly. And finally a day comes when mature Gayatri aspirants are induced by this inner divine guidance to destroy these taints from their very foundation. A very dire situation seems very tough to surmount by a layman but for a true Gayatri devotee these situations do not appear very dire or frightful. This is because Gayatri Mantra chanting reduces the experience of the gross aspect of the cosmos and augments its subtle perception in the aspirants pure and focused psyche. The more ones subtle perception augments the more divine energies manifest in the soul. These divine powers in turn help the devotee to fight his/her mental taints successfully and thus they are eradicated. The more ones spiritual powers manifest a day comes when man ascends from mediocrity to supreme greatness. This verily is the true goal of Gayatri devotion and meditation and can be experienced by anyone in the world provided one performs these spiritual practices whole heartedly.

Due to devoted and regular Gayatri Mantra chanting a divine light manifests in ones psyche which dispels our inner spiritual darkness. Just as soap washes off the dirt on our clothes and just as a broom removes dust in our homes similarly Gayatri Mantra is that divine soap washes off our mental taints. Gayatri is such a divine miraculous broom that it removes all taints, shortcomings, attachments, likes, dislikes etc from the room of our psyche. It is only when our psyche becomes sacred and taintless that God comes and eternally occupies it. Gayatri Mantra based spiritual endeavor (Sadhana) is like an invitation card which helps sanctify and focus ones mind and intellect so that God/Self Realization is attained by the devotee.



The supreme energy or power of the entire cosmos is ones soul force. On the one hand at the worldly level everyone thinks that wealth is our supreme need of the hour and yet if we think deeply wealth is definitely inert and material in nature. By itself it has no energy or force of its own and that its use/misuse or good/bad aspects lie entirely in the hands of its owners. Just as a responsible man who possesses a gun/sword can use it optimally for protecting himself and others or on the other hand an irresponsible person will misuse these weapons so as to harm himself and others too. The same holds true for wealth too. A mature and responsible owner of wealth will use it for his own comfort and that of others too. On the other hand an immature and irresponsible person will misuse wealth at his disposal, to harm himself and society at large. From this example it is clear that instead of money power it is one soul power and that of the intellect tat reigns supreme. Further only that intellect is supreme which is spiritual and one pointedly focused. This is because a criminal and tainted intellect can wreak nothing but havoc for that person and others in society too.

It is very much for the above reason that we believe Gayatri to be the supreme giver of divine energy and powers. The chief aim to Gayatri is to aspire for sacred soul force and a focused taintless intellect. This will help one to individually prosper both materially and spiritually and contribute towards world well being. Gayatri is not limited to attaining mere material comforts because it definitely augments divine energies in our soul and sacred psyche. These divine powers in turn help us combat successfully dire times that may come our way in future. It has been seen that these divine powers on innumerous occasions give us immediate divine inspiration and guidance to solve both lesser and more dire problems efficiently in a tension free manner. In comparison an ordinary layman without this divine intervention would undergo agony and pain while facing such hardships. Over and above this anyone who performs Gayatri practices with unswerving faith will achieve soul uplifting and ultimately God Realization because at the subtle level divine powers start manifesting in his/her sacred psyche. Even in todays modern times many mature Gayatri aspirants have attained the supreme divine state of Self Realization.

In a village called Jaun (Jaipur region in India) lived a staunch Gayatri devotee named Pandit Hararai. He knew beforehand when he was going to die. He called all his family members and gave them spiritual advice. He continued chanting the Gayatri Mantra and died on the day predicted by him.

Pandit Bhudharmal of Ratangadh (India) was a Brahmin and great devotee of Gayatri. In Samvat 1966 he came to Banaras and resided there till his death. Since he too knew beforehand when he was to die he planned a huge religious program. He continued his Gayatri practice and ultimately gave up his mortal coil in Ashadh 5 Samvat 1982. While he was alive many ordinary people sought his blessings and later these ordinary men earned a lot of wealth due to Panditjis grace.

In the Alwar region of India a gentleman born in an ordinary family experienced detachment to the world (Vairagya) for some reason. Hence he left for Mathura city and there he started Gayatri practices. After chanting the Gayatri Mantra 10 million times he had Gayatris vision (Darshan) and thus attained Self Realization. The place where he performed Gayatri practices is today revered as Gayatri Teelay. A small temple has been constructed there which has a beautiful idol of Goddess Gayatri. This great saints name was Bootysidha and observed silence of speech (Mauna) all along. Many people have been blessed by this great saint. The King of Alwar and Dhaulpur too were staunch devotees of this holy Gayatri saint.

A great sage chanted the Gayatri Mantra regularly in a cave behind Mandhata Omkaareshwar temple. At the time of his death his family members were around his bedside. One child of the family prayed: My intellect is weak and hence bless me that I do well in my studies. The great saint took some water from his pot (Kamandal) and sprinkled it on the childs tongue. The sage said: Child! You will become a great scholar. As per this forecast the child became a great scholar after he entered youth. This youth attained fame in Indore by the name of Omkar Joshi. The then King of Indore was so impressed that when he went for his daily morning walks he would invite Omkarji to join him.

An aged man of penance called Khandayrao performed Gayatri worship under a gigantic tree in a place near Bithoor. Once he conducted a huge religious function of Gayatri Yajna followed by feeding many Brahmins to a sumptuous meal. Daily hundreds were fed delicious meals. At night 9 p.m. the food items to be served got over. Many others were yet to be fed. Khandayrao was told about this problem. He told his followers to fill 4 large cans of river Ganga water and fry Pooris (Indian bread) in this water instead of oil. When this command was carried out the Pooris turned out to be very delicious. Next day 4 huge cans of Ghee (clarified butter) was ordered for and poured into the river Ganga.

Ahmedabad citys resident Mr. Daahyabhai Ramchandra Mehta himself faithfully served Gayatri and spread Gayatri teachings to others too. Since his mind was sacred and focused he had all psychic powers seen in realized saints.

Swami Manohardasji of Deenva region performed many Gayatri Purashcharanas. He opined that these spiritual practices proved so beneficial for him that he does not wish to even talk about them just like a very shrewd and stingy millionaire does not wish to disclose his assets.

Kaathiyaa Baba of Vrindavan, Udiya Baba and Swami Gangeshwaranandji (devoid of gross eyesight) all commenced spiritual practices after first meditating on Gayatri. And thus their penance gave amazing results. Virtually all Acharyas of the Vaishnava sect lay a lot of emphasis on Gayatri devotion.

Other great saints of modern times like Pandit Balbhadraji Brahmachari of Nawabganj, Swami Devdarshananadji of Sahranpur, Saint Yoganand of Bulandshaher, recluse and realized saint Swami Brahmarshidasji, Bihars Saint Anashaktaji, Yajnacharya Pandit Jagganath Shastri OM, Rajgadhas Saint Hari Om Tatsatji etc attained great benefits due to Gayatri devotion. There have been many saintly householders who steadfastly performed Gayatri based austerities. Thus all of them attained both material and spiritual success.

I myself (Author of this e-book) have performed Gayatri practices right since youth and it has become the very foundation of my life. Whatever success I have attained as far as overcoming bad thoughts, mental distortions, vile psychic imprints etc is solely due to Gayatris blessings. It is Holy Mother Gayatris compassionate grace that augments divine sentiments in true Brahmins, belief in righteous duties, sense of service (Seva) to world beings, self control, self introspection etc. I have undergone extremely trying times in life and yet all these were warded off by Gayatris blessings. There are so many incidences in my life which are proof of this and hence my faith in Mother Gayatri augments more and more by leaps and bounds. Of course, it is not possible for me to give details of so many other such extraordinary examples. With my effort and encouragement many have pursued the holy path of Gayatri and it goes without saying that they attained soul purification, aversion for sinning, faith in truth, augmentation of wholesome qualities (ethics, service to the world, cosmic love etc), self control, sacred attitude, theism, awakening of latent soul powers and true spirituality. Maybe they did or did not attain other worldly benefits and yet all of them definitely benefited spiritually. Further if one cogitates over this deeply it is clear that spiritual benefits outweigh worldly benefits infinitely simply because all the material wealth/success of the world put together is not even a pale shadow of the potency of spiritual attainments.

Hence we will humbly request our dear readers to commence Gayatri practices with devotion and witness their stupendous benefits. Those who seek Mother Gayatris shelter definitely attain purity of mind, sense of discrimination (right and wrong), positive thinking and execute wholesome deeds. Soul awakening via Gayatri practices gives not only spiritual benefits but worldly and material benefits too.

Chapter 7


There are many forms of spiritual practices apart from Gayatri which give results only after the practices are completed totally. Meaning even if for example 90% of the practices are completed the results will not be seen because 10% yet remain incomplete. In fact sometimes incomplete spiritual endeavors can cause harm too to its follower. As against this Gayatri practices immediately start influencing the gross, subtle and causal body of its devotee and thus many material and spiritual benefits start manifesting relatively early and speedily. In the following paragraphs we will give such examples which will prove that there are so many benefits attained via Gayatri meditation which would under ordinary circumstances prove impossible to achieve.


An unbearable digestive disease created an intense fear of death in my mind. Gayatri devotion ensured that this disease and fear did not dare to even think of attacking me. Hence I firmly resolved to help make others aware in this world about the greatness of Gayatri Super Power which can give us total fearlessness. I commenced this sacred task in 1972 A.D. up till 1977 A.D. and every year this endeavor would take gigantic leaps forward. But a year later I faced such situations that my sacred mission virtually came to a grinding halt. Hence I again beseeched Mother Gayatri to pour her divine grace on my mission and thus my soul force augmented n-fold. My magazine too which spread the holy message of Gayatri meditation was now read by twice the number of people who previously subscribed to it.

---------------Kanval Dhar Sahu, Madva (India)


This incident took place in Anvagadh Naikee village (India). Once I got the sacred opportunity of performing a Gayatri Anushthan (religious program). No doubt Mother Gayatri has pulled me out of very dire situations but this time I resolved not to pray for any personal gain. The problem was that among descendents of a royal family of past there was an unwholesome tradition of offering sacrifices to Mother Durga. During one such ritual I prayed intensely to the Goddess: O Mother! Why do you accept such heinous slaughters offered to you in the name of sacrifice (Bali)? Please end this terrible tradition. The 8 th day (Durga Ashtami) dawned and amazingly everyone was witness to the fact that not only on that auspicious day but forever this sacrificial slaughter tradition was banned totally in this ex-royal family. My faith in Mother Gayatri became unswerving because clearly it was her potent energy that brought about the above desirable transformation.

----------------Ramdayal Yadav Anvagadh


Due to poverty I could not continue further studies after matriculation. I got a very minor job in one of the Tata companies with a meager salary of Rs 15 per month. At that time I met revered Gurudeva (author) and under his sacred guidance I commenced Gayatri practices. One day I was inspired by the thought of studying further. Hence during day time I worked hard in my job and at night I pursued my educational carrier. After 4 years of hard work I got my B.A. degree and in this same company I draw a handsome salary of more than Rs 700/month.

-----------------Ganesh Datta Sharma, Tata Nagar


At a very young age I got into the bad habit of alcohol and drug addiction. I was in total despair and wondered whether there was even a remote chance of overcoming this dangerous addiction. One day I started Gayatri worship and immediately my psyche and intellect commenced self introspection. A day dawned when my will power became so strong that I succeeded in destroying the mesh of addiction that could have ruined my life absolutely. Today my mind dwells on sacred thoughts and it manifests divine sentiments in such intense measure that my limited speech fails to describe its sacred supremacy.

-----------------Shyamsunder Mishra, Engineer, Devdhar (Bihar,India)


None of my ancestors in the family which I was born were literate. Somehow I managed to clear the 4 th standard. But since I was in the agricultural profession education was of no use or importance for me. Following is an incident that took place in 1957 A.D. I came in contact with the International Gayatri Family during a 1000 pyre Gayatri Yajna held in Mathura (U.P., India). My faith in Gayatri deepened tremendously and hence I started worshiping Gayatri on a regular footing.

A year later on the day exactly I had commenced Gayatri devotion, I got a very inspiring thought i.e. instead of wasting my precious human life in merely amassing transient material pleasures and procreating children I should aspire to transform and elevate my character and intellectual capabilities via higher education. Thus I started studying regularly on a daily basis for 2 hours in the morning and evening. My village neighbors mocked my sincere efforts and taunted thus: Look at that aged parrot! He has commenced studies! And yet this old parrot succeeded in his educational endeavor. First I passed primary school and then high school where I secured a top rank in a privately held exam. In that very year village elections were held and those very people who previously mocked at me now elected me as their chief unanimously devoid of any opposition candidate. As a result others too commenced Gayatri devotion with faith. I humbly feel all this was possible only because of Holy Mother Gayatris blessings.

I then resolved to educate each and every member of my village. As a result for the past 5 years a school for the aged is running with great success. Up till now thousands of people have been inspired to aspire for the divine wisdom of Gayatri. I am all the time striving for paying off my holy debt to compassionate Gayatri in this very life time by spreading her divine wisdom to one and all.

--------------------Shyam Sunder, Baijalpur (India)


It is only after I commenced Gayatri devotion that I got help while encountering family and personal problems. Despite this for me all these attainments are minor. During that period when I performed Gayatri practices I felt the presence of such divine light in my soul which is not possible to see with our limited gross eye sight. When my meditative state ended my gross body experienced a fair bit of heat. Later this heat would be transformed into zest, zeal, joy and nectarine love for all. All these experiences give untold bliss and serenity of mind.

------------------Jagdish Prasad Vishwakarma, Durg (India)


I shudder to even reminisce my past 17 years which were full of straying in the direction of fleeting sense pleasures which resulted in nothing but strife in the long run. After this when I commenced Gayatri meditation no doubt I did not come across any miracles yet my soul exuded with so much energy, valor and fearlessness that in comparison all material gains seem naught and useless in the absolute sense. All my material selfishness has been converted into spiritual selflessness. Now my ultimate goal is to humbly draw others too to this sacred wisdom of Gayatri and thus attain the true goal of life.

-------------------M.R.Bharadwaj, Guna (M.P., India)


When even after 10 years of married life I failed to beget a child my family members started ignoring me. One day in anguish I cried to Mother Gayatri and said: I dont mind even if you give me just one daughter because that is better than remaining childless which is a taint in my life. Exactly after 9 months I gave birth to a daughter and thus my family life became more peaceful. No doubt problems of various kinds do raise their hood now and then but due to Mother Gayatris blessings we get enough energy to ward them off.

-----------------Mr. & Mrs. Dr. S.V.Garg, Bhopal (India)


About 2 years had elapsed since I commenced Gayatri devotion and I experienced mysterious movements in my soul. Despite being married I abstained from conjugal bliss (Brahmacharya) for 1 year. During this 1 year my spiritual experiences were that much more blissful. In the waking state I heard divine sound, divine scenes in the dream state and all this became a part and parcel of my life. As a result 2 precious jewels became mine viz. faith in immortality of our soul and soul bliss. I feel that divine truth has merged into my life totally. If only I could show my inner divine state to others at a gross level maybe hundreds would seek Gayatris holy grace.

---------------Advocate Badeelal Swarnakar, Narsinha Gadha (India)


Many may have read or heard about Gayatri meditation helping its devotee create a bond with Savitas Prana (vital force). As far as I am concerned I have actually experienced this sacred bond within. In those days I clearly visualized a divine Purusha which manifested untold divine ecstasy in my soul (Ahlaad). But alas! I misused this divine energy due to some hidden unwholesome desires present in my psyche. One day I realized my serious folly but all was lost. And yet what does one gain by mere lip service repentance?

Hence I have again commenced to walk towards my true goal. Now I am focusing on mental control so that in future I do not misuse divine light that manifests in the psyche of a true devotee.

--------------------Gokul Prasad Tripathi, Narsinha Gadha (M.P., India)


I experience divine bliss and ecstasy while undergoing Gayatri practices. While performing practices to strengthen and sanctify the Pranas I actually feel Gurudeva (author) to be by my side albeit subtly.

------------------Ramswarup Tiwari, Kota (India)


I am a doctor by profession and yet because of regular Gayatri meditation my life is slowly but surely being subtly guided towards sainthood. Once in my dream Mother Gayatri commanded me to remove one person who was working for me from his job. This command hounded me a lot and ultimately I acted accordingly. Later I came to know that this person was planning cunningly to ruin my family life. Truly the compassionate Mother rescued me from dire consequences.

------------------Dr. N.G.Chaudhari, Kansaa Bel (M.P., India)


My revered husband off and on visited Shantikunj, Haridwar, India. As a result doubts cropped up in my mind that lest he gave up his family life and donned the ochre robe our marital bliss would end. Inwardly I experienced anguish because of this serious doubt. And yet one day when I too visited Shantikunj all my doubts disappeared and I realized that it was I who was erring and not my beloved husband. I felt very bad that it was I who was the cause of my mental agony. Today agony has been totally replaced by firm faith in Mother Gayatri and I humbly try and inspire others too to seek her compassionate grace.

------------------Mrs. Vinay Chaturvedi, Lucknow (India)


A Gayatri Family member called Mr. Bhagirath Prasad Gaur (Balagav village) was very much keen on setting up a branch of Gayatri Family in his village. Hence a Gayatri Yajna (fire sacrifice) and spiritual discourse program was planned. But I was worried whether the speaker was capable enough or not because if not then the villagers would shy away from this program. At that time I got a letter from an organizer from Sirali village saying Mr. Vasudev would be the speaker. To an extent my worry diminished.

Mr. Vasudev arrived and throughout the day we discussed important matters. At night in my dreams I visualized something extraordinary wherein in a very clean and white house our Gurudeva was standing. I asked him: Sir, how come you are here? He answered: I desire that you yourself take over the reins of this program. Do not worry because I am by your side. Immediately I awoke and woke up Vasudevji too. We both left for Balagav village and what we saw there left us dumbstruck. It was the same house which I saw in my dream where the program was planned to take place. Deep faith manifested in my mind. In a short while 2 more helpers arrived from villages called Harda and Pirli. The program was so successful that those who were scheming to spoil it culd not even take one step in that direction. Today this region has 5 branches of the International Gayatri Family. We have already conducted a 9-pyre Yajna and worship of Dev Kanyas. Should one be wonderstruck that Holy Mother can even pursue a lame man to climb a mountain?

----------------Narmada Prasad Gaur, Deepgav Khurd (Hoshangabad, India)


For a long time I had to be hospitalized and visit clinics and yet instead of overcoming ill health I got entwined in them more and more. No one could tell me what exactly, was the nature of my disease. I was thus mentally sinking in gloom and depression. Up till the year 1965 this illness persisted and I spent a few thousand rupees for its cure. In despair I wondered whether I was attacked by ghosts and evil spirits. Ultimately I came in contact with Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura, India. There I commenced Gayatri meditation and lo behold, my illness was cured. I am indeed blessed to contact this Divine Super Power called Gayatri. Now I have joint this mission and am selflessly working for its noble cause.

------------------Gopal Lal Somani, Mandalgadh (U.P., India)


After undergoing a spiritual program of Brahmavarchas Chandrayan my disarrayed mental state got transformed into equanimity and poise. Further so much zeal and zest manifested in my soul that today I am encouraging other rural women to perform Gayatri rituals. Even if I have to go for a few miles away from my residence no fear exists in my psyche. Every moment I feel protected by Divine Mother Gayatri.

-----------------Lakshmibai, Bhatgav (M.P., India)


It is my great fortune that from the very beginning Mother Gayatri came compassionately in my life and blessing it. It is her divine grace that helped me pass exams with flying colors. Although I played an important role in student welfare organizations I was saved from dirty politics by Gayatris grace. I yearn to place such examples of integrity and ethics that others too are motivated to follow suit.

-----------------C. Lal Nema, Khandwa (India)


My spiritual vow of Chanrayan Vrata gave me untold gains. I cannot forget those days. Initially I became physically weak because this vow involved decreasing food intake on a daily basis. But on the final day not only did this weakness disappear but other bodily problems too were overcome. Apart from this the most important benefits of divine soul experiences and mental focus came my way.

-------------------Narayan Gulab Chand, Banswal (India)


Some of my professional colleagues connived and slapped a law suit on me. They did so because these officers could not act according to their whims and fancies since I opposed such misdeeds. I spoke to Gurudeva and he said: Son! Have faith in that divinity which made you a man of good character. I too am by your side.

A stage came during court proceedings when the arguments of my opponents were so shrewd and cunning that things seemed totally against my favor. And yet in the final stage my attorney gave some wonderful arguments which now totally tilted the case in my favor. Thus the court set me free from those malicious allegations. There have been many other such incidences where Divine Mother has protected me fully.

-----------------Jai Narandra Gopal Namla Ram Sunder, Itawa (U.P., India)


I suffered from intense Asthma for 20 years despite taking regular medical treatment. My life became a huge burden for me and was sure that any moment death would engulf me. At that time an acquaintance introduced me to revered Gurudeva who asked me to perform Gayatri worship. I regularly meditated on Gayatri and performed weekly Gayatri Yajnas. I experienced so much bliss while meditating that I completely forgot the pain of Asthma. It was sheer grace of Gayatri that I ultimately was cured of Asthma and attained mental peace and contentment.

-----------------Shivkumar Khare, Kanikot (India)


The world over human life is such that every individual faces some problem or the other. Some face hardships with calmness and smilingly and the rest with loud wails of anguish. A Gayatri devotee manifests such a strong will power that it is relatively easy for him/her to overcome trying times. In many cases such solutions come their way which can be labeled nothing short of a miracle.


I had lost my job. I had no other income to take care of my expenses. All my friends turned away from me and thus I was faced with a gloomy situation. Hence life was nothing but depression for me. Under such dire straits I came in contact with Gurudeva and he helped my boat of hardships reach the shore of peace and joy. This shore was none other than blessings of mother Gayatri. Thus my withered life was transformed into lush greenery of peace and bliss. I got back my job and thus my family life too attained joy.

----------------Hari Krishna Sharma Mau, Bhind (M.P., India)


Even after completing studies I was jobless. My family income was very meager. Other Gayatri devotees urged me to worship Gayatri. I commenced Gayatri meditation and also had holy Darshan of Gurudeva. Gurudeva heard my problem and gave me solace. As per his sage counsel I commenced Gayatri devotion and within 8 days I witnessed its positive result. I landed a job in Kathlal and my worries were dispelled. Today I worship Gayatri steadfastly and also have volunteered my services for this sacred mission. I have succeeded in inspiring many to worship Gayatri for both material and spiritual prosperity.

---------------Bhanuprasad Chimanlal Dave, Kathlal kheda (Gujarat,India)


Due to some government changes both me and my son simultaneously lost our jobs. There was no income to meet our family expenses. It was Gurudevas inspiration that made me commence Gayatri meditation and thus I started re-applying for the lost job. If Gayatris holy grace is on us everyone one in the world too will rush to our aid. Government authorities accepted my fresh application and thus I regained my lost job.

--------------Lekharam Khare, Dhangwa Hamirpur (U.P.,India)


My son Narayan sat for an exam set by the government for rural people. There were very faint chances of passing this exam yet because of Gayatris grace my son succeeded.

-------------Renudharrai, Paudainyahat (Bihar,India)


I was working for Indian Railways. I had complained to the concerned officials about harassment faced while on duty. This case was later heard in the Patna High Court. The plea of senior officials against me was dismissed by the court and thus the judgment came in my favor. Further I was also promoted. Initially I was unsure of winning the court case but who can oppose a devotee who has surrendered to Mother Gayatri? And that too a devotee who unswervingly adhered to integrity and work ethics? I have firm faith that Mother Gayatri will always protect followers of truth and honesty. There maybe delay but ultimately the darkness of falsehood definitely gets destroyed.

--------------Janardansingh Begumpur (Bihar,India)


One day during Holi festival celebrations a young man erred which led to mob fighting. All villagers in rage came at my doorstep with sticks in their hands. This terror like situation instilled untold fear in my mind and I rushed blindly to my worship altar. With tears rolling down my cheeks I begged Holy Mother to help me. I heard Mothers divine voice in my conscience: Go outside fearlessly and know for sure that everyone will calm down. With faith I went outside my house. Amazingly everyone was quiet and thus the terrible situation ended. From that day my faith in mother Gayatri has grown by leaps and bound. I have volunteered to help others avail the divine light of mother Gayatri by devoting themselves to her.

------------------M.P.Tiwari, Chatpara (M.P.,India)


I was traveling from Ambikapur by bus when we got involved in a terrible road accident. The bus overturned completely and it dragged for a few meters away. Thus it was almost impossible to escape alive. The entire bus was broken into pieces and many were injured very seriously and others died on the spot. Hence it was simply amazing that I was the only traveler who escaped with very minor injuries. At that time I clearly perceived a subtle powerful force as though it was carefully carrying me in its safe arms. Hence my faith is firm that it was Mother Gayatri that saved me from the jaws of imminent death.

-------------Vishnudatt Gupt Adhivakta, Baikunthapur (M.P.,India)


Once when I was eating my lunch unknowingly I ate small glass pieces too along with the food. Of course when I actually realized that my meal had more tiny glass pieces I stopped eating food. All my family members were really worried at what happened. No one slept that night and instead they all meditated on Gayatri. As a result it was amazing to note that these glass pieces in my tummy did not harm me at all and thus everyone regained composure. Others who heard about this miracle too were wonderstruck.

-----------------Murlidhar Chaturvedi, Jabalpur (M.P.,India)


I was totally incapable of getting my daughter Sushma married. I just could not find a groom for her and in addition I was not very wealthy. And yet one day her marriage was arranged very easily. At that time Sushma and her brother-in-law were to travel from Bijnor station. While climbing on to the train compartment the brother-in-law failed to clasp the door handle. The train left and he fell on the railway track. In this manner, 5 bogies of the train passed by while he was dangerously lying on the tracks. Suddenly someone in the train noticed his plight and thus pulled the emergency chain of the train. Initially everyone assumed that he was crushed mercilessly by the passing train. But lo behold! When they pulled him out of the tracks he was totally uninjured.

---------------Vedprakash Agrawal, Bijnor (U.P.,India)


It was only after commencing Gayatri devotion that joy and peace manifested in my life. Firstly I completed an Anushthaan of .125 million Gayatri Mantra chanting. As a result I directly witnessed a miracle. I got a job as a compounder in a govt. hospital. My faith in Mother Gayatri intensified. I continued my spiritual endeavor with more vigor and deep faith. Within a year I got a major job promotion. One day a very close friend of mine became very angry despite the issue being very minor. He angrily flung a heavy brick at me which hit my head. Those nearby were sure that my brain would have been ripped apart. And yet all were astonished to see me uninjured and calm. Thus how can I even dream of leaving Mother Gayatris protective holy feet? I have unswerving faith that no other force other than divinity is omnipotent.

-------------Chedilal Sharma Vaidya, Baikuthashram Khaddi (M.P.,India)


I was returning from college. Behind and ahead of me were 2 tempos. My cycle came along side a bullock cart. Accidentally my tyre (back one) banged against the bullock carts wheel. Since my cycles balance got lost I fell on to the ground. The cycle was flung at a short distance and the tempos tyre ran over my leg. Thus my vision became very blurred. I could not even shout for help. My life force within, silently prayed for Mother Gayatris grace. I prayed fervently: Beloved Mother! If you accept that I have even an iota of faith in your divinity may my injury be very minor. The terrible nature of the accident made me unconscious. After I recovered I was told that an unknown person picked me up and took me home along with my cycle. I was immediately hospitalized. An X-ray was taken of my injured leg and thankfully the bone was not fractured. Of course there was some swelling but amazingly it was warded off in 3-4 days. This accident seems like a dream for me. If Mother Gayatri had not lovingly blessed me I would have definitely entered the jaws of death on that ill fated day.

----------------Kumari Sudha Vaishya, Ratlam (M.P.,India)


On certain technical grounds I was relieved from my job and was re-appointed later by the management. This event of re-appointment had been foreseen by me in a dream seen previously. Of course when I was fired from my job I was worried and hence prayed fervently for Gayatris grace. Later as per my dream I regained my lost job.

----------------Prabhakar Krishna Thokay, Bhilai (M.P.,India)


This is a miraculous incident of Panduka Motor Stand. Suddenly one day a 5 year old girl came running on the road. From the opposite end a speeding car was approaching in her direction. The driver failed to apply brakes of the car so suddenly. It was sheer ill fate that the girl fell on the road while the car ran over her frail body. Only at a distance of 25 feet did the car stop finally. The driver was shaken by this accident and people around were also very agitated. For a moment it appeared as though the child was pounded to pulp. And yet, what a mind boggling sight it was! Because the child not only got up but started running again. Someone picked up the girl affectionately to check for injuries but amazingly none were found. Later it was known that this child was the daughter of a very great devotee of Gayatri. Ever since, I too have started regularly worshipping Gayatri.

--------------Narayanprasad Sahu, Rajim (India)


It was only after I commenced Gayatri meditation that my life transformed for the better. Further many problems in life got solved miraculously. Due to a job promotion I left Hoshangabad. This is solely due to Mother Gayatris blessings.

--------------Virendra Parihar, Hoshangabad (M.P.,India)


From the day I came in contact with Gurudeva Shriram Sharma I started regularly performing spiritual practices. I am very blessed because my life has been positively transformed. Initially I got a job in a farm based organization (Dhanva, India) for Rupees 65 a month. I also worked hard to get a promotion. In a short time span I got a job in State Bank of Indore, as a cashier. There I earned a salary of Rupees 650 per month. It is sheer Gayatris grace that gave me such a big promotion within 2 years. I can never repay this debt I owe to Gayatri and yet I show my gratitude by spreading Gayatris holy precepts to others bereft of them.

----------------Gopal Paliwal, Bhikangav (M.P.,India)


Certain incidents in my life egged me to pursue Gayatri worship. Once it so happened that my skirt caught fire and it was almost as though I was about to die. In another accident the rickshaw in which I was traveling banged into another car. In another incident some pick pockets robbed some cash I was carrying in my purse but to my great relief some sort of fear prompted them to drop the cash on the ground while fleeing. In all these dire situations it was Mother Gayatri who affectionately saved me. My heart oozes with ecstasy at the very thought of how much the Divine Mother loves me.

------------------Pramila, Lucknow (U.P., India)


Some of the villagers where I dwelt made secret plans to kill me. It was virtually impossible to escape their demonic ploy. Under such dire circumstances I latched on to Mother Gayatris grace. Even Gurudeva assured protection to me. He sent me an amulet to wear for protection. Truly Mothers grace saw to it that these villagers evil intention was foiled completely. I also was blessed when my wifes deadly illness was warded off and when my lost child returned home safely. How can we think of straying away from Gayatri whose divine grace protects us each moment of our life? She is my one and only idol.

--------------B.D.Kukreti, Varanasi (India)


A true Gayatri devotee actually experiences Mother Gayatris grace every moment in his/her life. Many have experienced this. Following are some experiences of true Gayatri devotees and Sadhaks:


I was unaware of even the course that contained the English questionnaire. Next day was the examination and I was in a quandary whether to study or attend the Gayatri Yajna scheduled for that day. Ultimately my heart voted in Gayatris favor and without worrying for my exam I attended the yajna whole heartedly. After returning home at night I fell into a deep slumber.

In the first quarter of the night I actually saw the question paper in my dreams. When I woke up I remembered all the questions. Early in the morning I studied all these questions and memorized the answers. When later I reached the exam venue I was amazed because 2 of the 5 questions were the ones seen by me in my dream the previous night. Thus this dream based premonition helped me clear my exam.

----------------Shyamsunder Saini, Sakeer (India)


Before I met Gurudeva my mind never concentrated on serious studying. As per his advice I commenced Gayatri meditation and I was astonished by the fact that my intellectual capacity augmented by leaps and bounds. Thus in virtually all exams I passed with flying colors. I had just completed my M.Com exams and despite the fact that results had yet to be declared I got a call for a good job. Apart from a written test I had given a viva test too which I felt was very tough. Despite this the examiners gave me a letter of appointment and I realized that it was my Gurudeva and Gayatri that had come to my aid. My M.Com results too were very good which made doubly sure that the job was definitely mine.

---------------Ashok Jani, Gondal (Gujarat, India)


On that fateful day the river Ganga was very crowded. Enthusiastically I too descended down the river steps but the moment I dived into the river I got caught in a deadly whirlpool. When I thought I was going to get drowned I felt someone catching my hand tightly. I felt I was led to the river edge where my hand caught a chain of iron. Thus I came out of the river safely. I was totally unaware about these chains and yet Mother Gayatri in her divine way led me to one and thus saved me from an otherwise imminent death.

------------------Kishorekumar Motilal Parmar, Sabarmati (Gujarat,India)


Whenever I prayed to Holy Gayatri and revered Gurudeva I asked for only one thing and that is: Give me my own home instead of the rented house that I lived in. Despite my weak financial status Gayatri blessed me in such a way that I gave up my rented house and shifted into a house within 1 year which was on ownership basis in my name. This was possible only because by their grace I got financial aid without paying any interest.

----------------Dr.Sukhsagarlal Gupt, Pilibhit (India)


It all started with a bought of cough and common cold which ultimately was diagnosed as asthma. Despite adhering to Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Homeopathy and Naturopathy remedies my asthma remained uncured. Out of sheer helplessness I accepted that this was the dire fruit of my past unwholesome deeds and left it at that. One day I came in contact with revered Gurudeva and with his blessings I commenced Gayatri worship. It was mind blowing that my asthma which I thought would never leave me was cured in a relatively short time span. With Gayatris grace I got a second lease of life and today I am happy and mentally calm.

----------------Hemraj Sharma, Village Hardua, Reeva (M.P.,India)


After I commenced Gayatri meditation steadfastly my previous addiction to alcohol was now totally destroyed due to Mother Gayatris divine grace.

--------------Shivnarayan Singh Gaap Bojh (Pilibhit,India)

Mother Gayatri helped me overcome my 10 year old habit of chain smoking just as a snake gives up its old skin hook, line and sinker.

---------------Hiralal, Gram Sevak (Pilibhit,India)


Without doubt it is not apt to conjoin Gayatris divine power with some frail human conditions. And yet with faith whenever I have laid down certain conditions Mother Gayatri always executed them in my favor. With her grace I have seen some creatures which were declared come back to life.

--------------Omprakash Pandeya Balli Nagar (Pilibhit,India)


Once, I experienced intense pain in my stomach and chest and it seemed as though death was about to engulf me. At that time when I came to know about Gayatris omnipotent divinity I commenced worship. And lo behold, that pain which no medical specialist could cure was overcome via gayatris grace.

-------------Shivdayal Jaysava, Birsa (India)


My wife was operated in a Medical College of Jabalpur. Although it was a major operation my wife who too was a Gayatri devotee like me was not worrying at all. Midway during the operation her heart beats suddenly stopped. The doctors were about to declare her dead when suddenly her heart commenced beating. Later my wife told me: When the heart beats stopped and I was about to die revered Gurudeva in his subtle form was visualized by me near my bedside. Gurudeva firmly said: I will not let you die since you have yet to rear your small children. He then led me to a divine light which then subtly entered my body. Thus it appeared as though I was now awakening from deep sleep. The doctors treating her too were astounded with what had happened in front of their eyes.

--------------Ram Sevak Khangar, Jabalpur (India)


There are 2 incidences in my life which made me a firm devotee of Gayatri. The first was when my husband became very ill and the second was when the doctors said that my elder married daughter would have to undergo a major operation while delivering her baby. Both times I fervently prayed to Mother Gayatri and she certainly helped me. It is her grace that has given my family both material and spiritual bliss.

-----------------Malti Sinha, Gaya (India)


Before I commenced Gayatri meditation my mind was always swimming in vile, dirty and unwholesome thinking. This tainted mind manifested as a weak and diseased body (psycho-somatic). But from the day I met Gurudeva and commenced Gayatri meditation God alone knows how but all my lowly thinking disappeared into the thin air. Now my mind dwells on self advancement and other world beings too. I experience so much divine bliss while meditating that all material pleasures in comparison seem null and void.

-----------------Navinbhai Jani, Gondal (Saurashtra, India)


After I commenced Gayatri devotion on a daily footing all my lifes problems and imbalances got corrected. If ever I misuse wealth, time etc my mind strongly reprimands me. Now that my life has gained optimum balance it oozes with peace and contentment.

---------------Vala Prasad, Depalpur (India)


Faith, trust etc not only transforms our mind but also our body (psychosomatic). We humans try all available means to overcome sorrow. And yet when this endeavor proves futile we pray with faith to God (Mother Gayatri in this case). And lo behold, slowly but surely our problems get dissolved to naught. Following are some examples to prove this point:


My son Salikram fell ill. For 8 days in succession he went without food and did not speak one word. Many doctors examined him but it was all in vain. When my son was breathing his last I requested a Gayatri devotee in my neighborhood to pray for his life. Although this devotee refused saying that he did not have the necessary divine potential to do so yet he tried praying for Gayatris divine intervention. Further we arranged a Gayatri Yajna and the sacred ash of the fire, was lightly applied on my dying sons scalp. Immediately my ill son got up in his bed and asked for a glass of milk. This was the first words he spoke after an 8 day gap of silence. On my part I was very much ashamed because previously a few people had asked me to commence Gayatri worship and I had refused to do so. And today that very Gayatri whom I had turned my face away from was compassionately pouring her loving grace on my beloved son. Now my inner eyes opened and have become an unswerving devotee of Holy Gayatri.

---------------Maniram Thakray Khairalojee (M.P.,India)


As per the dream of Mrs. Kapila Devi an accident occurred and as per that very dream my life was saved. On that fateful day I was supposed to travel from New Delhi to Jalandhar by Janta Express train and I was waiting on the platform. At that time an unknown person advised me to travel by Kashmir Mail because one could not depend on Janta Express. He felt that the latter would take a long time in reaching my destination. As per his advice I traveled by Kashmir Mail train. Next day to my wonderment I was told that Janta Express train had met with an accident while running from Delhi to Jalandhar. Six compartments of this train were powdered to pulp. And I realized that Mother Gayatri had lovingly saved my life. Today all my family members are staunch devotees of Gayatri after undergoing this hair raising incident.

----------------Madanmohan Saraswat (Jodhpur, India)


My elder brother was having hernia problems. As a result of this illness he was in great pain. Doctors had decided to operate my brother. Since all our relatives were very anxious I was called. I gave them solace only due to Mother Gayatris blessings. Slowly the fear factor was overcome and the doctors were given consent by us for the operation. At that time all the doctors were very experienced and skillful. Hence the operation was very successful. My brother regained good health very swiftly. Of course even those highly experienced medical team were worried about the operations outcome but after it was over they too were astonished with such positive results.

----------------Jayantilal Pandya, Gandhidham (Gujarat,India)


For 20 years continuously I suffered from stomach aches. At that time I was given various forms of treatments. A major portion of my income was used for buying medicines, tests etc. One day my friend named Sukhram spoke to me about the Gayatri Mission and thus I got inspired to commence Gayatri devotion. Divine Mothers grace manifested and my stomach problem was warded off without any medical aid. Slowly I started saving more money because there was no need of expensive medication and thus my life became joyous and peaceful. Ever since then I am inspiring others too to surrender to Divine Gayatri. Sometimes I feel sad that some people refuse to accept divine graces existence despite the fact that God loves all his creatures impartially. Obviously they refuse due to the veil of spiritual ignorance in their soul.

-------------Sevakram Master Khairagad, Durg (M.P.,India)


My wife suffered from a psychiatric problem. When despite good medical aid she did not improve we started praying devotedly to Holy Gayatri. How could I return empty handed from Gayatris abode when none have so far been disappointed by her? With Gayatris divine grace the medical treatment now started giving positive results and finally my wife was cured.

---------------Banshidhar Panda (M.P.,India)


For quite a few years I was a patient of allergy. I was given many forms of medical aid but none gave relief. So I surrendered to Mother Gayatri. Daily with deep faith I meditated on her. Previously to my amazement the allergy became more intense after taking medicines but after commencing spiritual practices my allergy condition improved a lot despite taking very minor dosage of medicine. The attending doctor too was wonderstruck with this event. Hence my faith in the Mother of the Universe grew manifold as days passed by. How could I keep this divine grace limited only to my well being? Therefore I started inspiring others too to devote themselves to Gayatri for both material and spiritual well being.

----------------Jayant C. Patel, Baroda (Gujarat, India)


Shardabai who worked in Badhnagars Civil Hospital suffered from 3 rd stage cancer. Hospitalization and required treatment proved futile. For 3 months this treatment was given. The cancer became so deadly that she was given radium therapy for 3 days at a stretch just to keep her alive. The doctors said that an operation was most required. Everyone feared this operation and its risks. On my part I was sure Holy Gayatri will protect her. Thus I started an Anushthan (ritual program). Call it a miracle or what you will but when the doctor conducted tests again they astonishingly said that now there was no need for an operation. The cancer disease was warded off absolutely. Everyone was truly spell bound by these incidences.

---------------Chauthmal Shrotriya, Badhnagar (M.P.,India)


When my daughter Rita was 11 years old she got an attack of fever. This fever was medically investigated. The treatment given warded off the fever but she now suffered from epilepsy which many a times appeared as though her life was at stake. All our family members were worried. In between a Gayatri devotee advised us to apply Bhasma (holy ash) of a Gayatri yajna which had been conducted. We were also asked to worship Gayatri daily with faith. We started this worship on a daily basis which gave amazing results. My daughter Rita was totally cured and ever since we have surrendered our lives to Mothers grace.

-------------Narendrasingh, Sargav (M.P.,India)


One of our villagers Daljit Kaur suffered from an agonizing illness. Despite excellent medical treatment there was no relief. One day I went to his house and humbly asked him to commence Gayatri worship. I requested Mataji (Gurudevas holy consort) to send a protective amulet for the patient. Slowly due to Gayatris grace he started recovering and a day came shortly when the entire illness was warded off. Today he regularly worships Holy Gayatri. He is also inspiring others to meditate on Gayatri.

--------------Kesrichand Sharma, Kulu (H.P.,India)


There was a tumor in my chest region. Many doctors gave me treatment but it was futile. Under Gurudevas watchful eye I commenced Gayatri devotion. And amazingly the tumor dissolved to naught. Immediately the doctors carried out various tests and they unanimously declared that indeed there was no trace of tumor in my chest.

-----------Mrs.Sarla Vidyaprakash Shukla, Bhopal (M.P.,India)


For the past 50 years thousands of people are performing Gayatri meditation under my (H.H.Shriram Sharmaji) guidance and protection. Daily I am told of the various experiences of Gayatri devotees as a result of Gayatri devotion. Ere I publish all these it would amount to 18 gigantic volumes. Hence in this book I am enumerating a few very important ones only for the benefit of respected readers:


After I commenced Gayatri worship no doubt many obstacles came in my way and yet due to divine grace they were overcome. Of course at that point in time my argumentative mind refused to accept that something like divine grace ever existed.

One day my second Sudhakars eye was hurt and a cataract like swelling manifested. He was treated at Agras Sarojini Naidu Hospital. The doctors who operated his eye firmly said that this injured eye would never see again and the only hope now was to see that the eye region did not get converted into a gaping hole. Unfortunately on the second day after the operation his eye oozed with blood. The doctors asked my son to lie down on the bed for 2 months without changing sides. The situation was now very dire. I could not endure my sons anguish. So I ran to Gurudeva and prayed at his holy feet to ward off my sons agony. He advised me and my wife to perform a small Gayatri Anushthan in my house and that Gayatri would definitely ward off our misery. We did exactly as advised and then went to Agra too visit our beloved son. To our wonderment we saw that son of ours who was previously advised to rest for 2 months in bed walking in the hospital corridor. Further there was faint vision in his injured eye. We later took our son for Gurudevas blessings. For 1 year our son resided at Gayatri Tapobhumi and as a result he regained full vision. As of today he is a cashier in one Bank, with a pay of rupees 800/month. After this dire episode I gave up superficial logic and accepted the existence of divine grace.

--------------Rameshchandra Pandey, Vaidya (Padham Mainpuri, India)


At the age of 13 years I was given the Yajnopaveet (Thread Ceremony). Since I was a Brahmin by birth I was aware of the great import of Gayatri Mantra. And yet my soul yearned for something deeper. But alas, this was not to be for quite some time.

I passed my M.A. degree and became a professor. Although I worshiped Gayatri daily I was not experiencing any divine joy in doing so. Later although I came across Gurudevas great literature I was not allowed to read it because my father was a die hard traditionalist. Hence there was no question of personally meeting Gurudeva. One day, early in the morning, I was wonderstruck because my father himself asked me to visit Gurudeva and get Gayatri initiation. I asked in bewilderment: Father! Why this sudden change in your stance? He said: At night in my dream I saw a young virgin girl dressed in white attire. Her face radiated a divine aura. She sternly reprimanded me for not allowing you to visit Gurudeva. Thus as soon as I woke up I decided to carry out her holy command. I feel Holy Gayatri has truly blessed me. As per my fathers advice I went to Mathura and got Gayatri Mantra initiation from revered Gurudeva. Today I am in total bliss and contentment both materially and spiritually.

--------------Prof.O.P.Mehta, Vidyanagri (India)


In our area there was a religious program related to Devkanyaas and everyone asked me too to help. Very arrogantly I refused. Only 5-6 days were left. Once suddenly I felt as though a voice shouted aloud in my ears saying: Why arent you participating in this program? Immediately I packed my bags and headed for the program. For 5-6 days we all worked hard and thus the program was very well appreciated. At that time I learnt an important lesson that one should not ask anything from Divine Mother and instead serve her and her creatures selflessly. Not for a moment should we think that without us the work will get stalled. This is because Mother can get her work done by her Divine Energy.

----------------Nathuram upadhyay, baroda, Dungarpur (Rajasthan,India)


Just a short time back I had commenced Gayatri Meditation with the result my bodily nerves manifested mysterious movements and heat. I was a bit scared and yet I persisted with my spiritual endeavor. Slowly I felt my mental distortions getting destroyed and my intellect manifested pure light. My mind swayed with bliss. That divine wealth attained via Gayatri devotion was now mine for keeps sake.

--------------Atitsingh D. Jadega, Paddhari Gupt (India)


Vile thoughts attacked my mind just like flies, mosquitoes etc do. And yet Gayatri devotion nullified all that just as when the sun rises darkness vanishes on the spot.

---------------Sinhasan Prasadsingh, Jagapakar (Bihar)


My exam date was very near and my mother passed away. One wicked man attacked my colleague Omkar at college with a knife. Thus I could not study properly and was worried whether I would clear my exams. At that time I was given the sacred taste of Gayatris omnipotence. We gave up all other chores so as to devote ourselves to a 9 day Gayatri program. We then gave our exam. I passed with 1 st grade and my friend with 2 nd grade. Hence till today my faith in Gayatri has waxed like the full moon.

-------------Meherban Singh


Bad habits had taken over my psyche. After 3 years of Gayatri Meditation I was inspired to speak the truth at all times. As a result my mind is serene and contented.

--------------Ramnarayan Sharma, Jhankri (M.P.,India)


For 6 months continuously I got no sleep either at night or in the day too. This was despite being administered with medicines and injections to help me get sleep. One day I met a member of the International Gayatri Family and he conducted a Gayatri Yajna at my residence. Immediately after the Yajna was completed I fell into deep sleep and when I woke up I felt as though my fatigue of last 6 months was nullified totally. Ever since I have caught hold of Gayatris loving hand and will not give it up even after death. Gayatri devotion has given me such miraculous experiences that it would be difficult for a gross intellect to accept them as true. Hence I keep these miracles to myself and am swimming in the ocean of divine soul bliss.

---------------Bhagwandas Gupt, Gwalior (M.P.,India)


Due to internal fights people attacked my house but Divine Mother instilled fear in their psyche and they ran away. Before fleeing they managed to fire a bullet at me but to the astonishment of my enemies too I managed to escape by a hairs breadth. All this was possible simply because Divine Gayatri was protecting me.

--------------Rajvir Singh, Aligarh (India)


My landlord who watched me perform Gayatri worship daily said: Bharadwajji! My daughter is childless and hence her in-laws disrespect her. Please show me a way. I asked his daughter to worship Gayatri regularly and after 3 months she became pregnant. At the appointed hour she delivered a bonny baby boy. This intensified my faith in Holy Gayatris divine prowess.

---------------Omprakash Bharadwaj, Gwalior (M.P.,India)


Revered Gurudeva had asked me to attend spiritual programs. My soul was turbulent because generally we did not get leave even after pleading for a few months at a stretch. And yet I put in my application papers for leave. This was the first instance in my life when the senior personnel granted me a 1 month leave within 5 days and without any questions asked.

---------------Dr.Ratan Saksena, Satna (M.P.,India)


Initially I erred by thinking that vile habits are something great to harbor in ones personality. This erroneous thinking has been destroyed by Gayatri devotion wherein even minor unwholesome thinking appears to be a huge mountain for me. Thus due to self introspection I am saved from vileness. Today my sacred living and thinking is sheer grace of Gayatri.

------------Shyambabu agrawal, Lashkar (M.P.,India)


Many of my highly educated friends are jobless but I easily got a job of Rupees 170/month due to some invisible prodding. Today I earn Rupees 300 and am peaceful and satiated. It is due to sheer grace of Mother Gayatri.

-------------Subhashchandra Sharma, Jawra (M.P.,India)


Although after commencing Gayatri meditation my financial status grew a lot yet my greatest attainment was wholesome thinking due to Gayatris compassion. Sometimes so much compassion and love oozes in my soul that my eyes manifest tears of love for entire creation.

--------------Ram Himanchal Tripathi, Baskhari (India)


Although Mother has saved me during many dire incidences in my life yet I cannot forget that day when my brothers son was running very high fever. On that day my nephew was to give an exam. He was sad at the prospect of failing. I sent him to his exam centre and at home I started chanting the Gayatri Mantra. I continued non stop till he returned home. My nephew on returning seemed very happy and said: Uncle, I felt as though some invisible hand was writing my exam paper. Sure enough he passed with good marks and this intensified my faith in Gayatri all the more.

--------------Shashidhar Singh, Kakna (Bihar,India)


My life has transformed amazingly ever since I surrendered to Gayatris loving care. Previously I thought and acted very selfishly but today Gayatri inspires me to think and act for world welfare which gives untold bliss to my soul. I have attained the Paras (touch stone) called Gayatri and am sharing it with everyone by spreading the holy message of Gayatri precepts.

--------------Dhrubhai K.Thakor, Surat (Gujarat,India)


All foes turned friends ever since I started Gayatri meditation in all earnestness. Now they all help me with great cooperation.

------------Vindeshwariprasad Yadav, Basarbari (India)


Despite being married for 10 years we were childless. We lost faith in medical aid too. At that point we took shelter at Holy Gayatris feet. As a result of her grace we have 2 children today. I realized that it was now my responsibility to carry out Gayatris sacred mission. Hence I live a life of self control and contribute like a cog in the wheel for this sacred mission. In this manner maybe I will repay at least an iota of the divine debt I owe to Gayatri.

-------------Girija Shankar Gupt, Gwalior (India)


There was a time when even minor obstacles induced extreme pain in my heart. I would curse my fate and Almighty god too in a foolish manner. This state transformed totally ever since I started Gayatri worship. My mind oozed with so much valor and self belief that more intense hardships appeared divine blessings for me. This helps me overcome all obstacles that obstruct my goal of spirituality. Today not taking but giving is a source of immense joy in my life.

---------------Rajendra Prasad Singh, Hatiya (Ranchi, India)


Initially I commenced minor Gayatri rites which destroyed my bodily illnesses of many years at a stretch. My mind said to me: If minor rites can destroy your bodily pain wont major Gayatri worship/meditation endeavors liberate your soul from the vicious cycle of infinite births/deaths? Thus I commenced intense austerities in the form of 5 small Anushthans, 1 potent Anushthan of 0.125 million Gayatri Mantra chanting (Japa), 1 Chanrayan Vrata (vow) etc wherein I observed Mauna or silence of speech. I just cannot describe fully the infinite bliss and fulfillment my soul is enjoying.

------------Dayaram Soni, Suneta (Jhalawad,India)


I was not a very intelligent student but I was told that Gayatri meditation augments ones intellectual capacity greatly. Hence every student should meditate on Gayatri. I did exactly this for 1 year and when I gave my exams I was amazed to see my results which said that I had passed with first rank.

---------------Rajdev Ojha, Duliajam (Assam,India)


I wanted a well to be bored but I did not have the necessary means to do so. It was at that point that Mother Gayatri made some facile arrangements and the well was bored. When I wanted a buffalo I got one, when I wanted some land, I got that too. In this manner Mother fulfilled all my desires. Today I have given up material desires and am focusing on purity and concentration of my soul. We devotees may run out of desires but Gayatri can never turn down her true devotees plea!

--------------Maheshwarsingh, Bharwadi (Bihar,India)


I was facing the painful fruits of my chaotic lifestyle. At that time the omnipotent Divine Gayatri poured her compassion on me. As a result of regular Gayatri meditation my eating, sleeping, working etc endeavors became optimally balanced and hence my family life improved tremendously. Today I am peaceful and contented at all times since the wealth of spirituality eternally dwells in my soul.

-------------------K.D.Singh, S.O., Bhuvaneshwar (Orissa,India)


A very small booklet on Gayatri meditation induced such a magnificent change in my life that instead of a slum I am now residing in a big flat. Without Mothers grace I would never have landed my present job that pays me Rupees 1380/month. I have resolved that let anything escape my grasp but never my daily Gayatri devotional practice. Gayatri is now my whole and sole goal of life.

------------Banwarilal Dikshira, Sawai Madhopur (Raj., India)


I had never traveled much and was not a very influential person too. Hence it bogged my mind as to how I can spread the precepts of Gayatri. One day I was commanded by our Mission to prepare a Yajna program in a place called Tinsukiya. I was in a quandary as to how the required expenses of Rupees 10,000 will be procured. While I was worrying thus a divine light flashed in my soul which said: I am with you. This gave me strength and I set off to perform my duty. I converted my room into a Gayatri temple and commenced the task. About 40 people enrolled as volunteers of Akhand Jyoti. About 80 people renounced lowly activities and everyone helped without being asked to do so. Thus such a radiant Yajna commenced that even today none have forgotten it. Today my confidence levels are very high and hence with everyones help our branch is very capable and efficient.

-------------Ram Chandra Yadav, Dulia Jaan (Assam, India)


Mathuras Sushila Devi Mudgal writes that she spent her childhood in the blissful region of her birthplace Peshawar. My youth too was so full of love given to me by my family that I had never even dreamt that in middle age I will face gigantic peaks of anguish and strife. I least imagined that forget attaining lifes joy it would be well nigh impossible to continue remaining alive in such vicious circumstances. The Lords Lilas (Divine Play) and the laws of destiny are very strange indeed.

India was partitioned. Pakistan was a new country that was formed. My life of joy too was divided into 2 pieces. I do not know where 1 piece went away. The 2 nd piece was full of pain, suffering and sheer downfall which was given as our share. Destiny snatched away all bitter sweet memories and replaced them with nothing but agitation of the mind and gloominess. Indias partitioning partitioned my life too. And sure enough it was most bitter. When others hear about it, they too experience anguish.

In that time period man had become a demon. It seemed as though humanity and its sacred values had disappeared totally. Innocent and helpless people in hordes were cut down to size like carrots and cucumbers. Accompanied by my small son and daughter I headed for the Rawalpindi Relief Camp along with a few acquaintances. Midway a chaotic situation manifested and bullets were fired at anyone and everyone. My young 3 year old son became a target of this bullet. Like an injured bird his body trembled and shivered for a few minutes and later in a pool of blood slept his innocent dead body. Even today after a gap of a few decades when this scene manifests in my minds eye I feel as though my shattered heart will try and come out of my body forcefully. I saw this savage and bloody fate of my innocent babes which is the lot of only ill fated human beings. When at the final moment my dying sons life force was painfully leaving his body every nerve of my body experienced pain equivalent to infinite scorpions biting ones body. At that time I felt that the best boon God could give me was death only. I prayed in anguish: Lord! I cannot bear this pain and hence please take me to your divine abode. These words continuously manifested from my quivering lips.

The compassionate Lord never allows a true desire to remain unfulfilled which was proved to be true. A second bullet in a flash entered my chest. Further swords too were dug into my body in a few areas. It was like a ferocious lion savagely tearing my skin with its sharp claws. Very shortly the grief of my childs death and my own wounds turned into a deafening silence. This was because unconsciousness engulfed me and thus became oblivious to the pain and strife of the external world.

I was operated in a Rawalpindi Hospital. Bullets were removed from my wounded body. Even death refused to shower compassion and instead tauntingly left me. My life was saved. From Rawalpindi I was taken to a Delhi Hospital. Avin Hospital and American Hospital for some reason are bound to my destiny for years together. The bullets had shattered my bodily organs so badly that I was like a half dead corpse. The right half of the body was lifeless and my hands, legs and trunk could not move at all. My daily chores were carried out lying listlessly on the bed. Medical complications like kidney pain, less urination, blurring of eye sight, anemia, nervous dysfunction, bouts of unconscious states, bones becoming very weak etc set in savagely. Day in and day out I faced operations, injections and other treatments. For 5 years at a stretch I was hospitalized in Delhi, Agra, Simla, Aligarh, Mathura, Vrindavan etc (India).

At last my health improved a bit and physically I somehow managed to become a bit independent. Thus I was taken home. And yet where was peace and contentment? Many diseases were after my blood so as to say. Bouts of unconsciousness, urine problems, kidney pain, nerve weakness etc refused to release me from bodily agony. I had been given a lot of medical treatment but my mind was dissatisfied. I said to myself: Since my life has been spared we must find a way of overcoming these diseases and their resultant hardships. Medical treatment was persisted with. Simultaneously my mind was now inclined towards spirituality and now I felt more than doctors it was god only who could help me lead a better life. When I heard about some realized saints I somehow managed to associate with them. I prayed that their blessings cure me.

One day (maybe a Punjabi) told me: Everyday a Yajna is conducted at Gayatri Tapobhumi. You should go there regularly. Yajnas help overcome various diseases. Very recently a patient who attended this Yajna came back totally cured. Thus I went to the Tapobhumi and there I found the atmosphere and attitude of its members very sacred and pure. As and when possible I attended these Yajnas. And yet my frail faith was not very sure that my illness would be cured substantially. In the month of May a very big Yajna was scheduled. Many people from outside too participated. A mentally challenged girl from a place called Kanvas in Kota, Rajasthan came to this Yajna along with her father. The Yajna proved very beneficial for her and she was cured in a major way. I was witness to this miraculous cure. Similarly a lady from Bhavnagar, Gujarat who suffered from major epileptic fits for 7 years arrived at the Yajna. In fact 2 ladies had to help her walk properly. After attending this Yajna for 1 month she was cured totally. Acharyaji (our revered author) blesses many sad and sorrowful people via these Yajnas. I was told about this by many people but it was only when I witnessed the above cures I too resolved to take part in these holy Yajnas.

I asked Acharayaji: Will my disease also be cured like those 2 women were cured? He answered: I cannot vouch for it emphatically because the Science of Yajnas has almost been totally been lost. And although I have some knowledge about these Yajnas I cannot give any guarantee but I can assure you that the sacred fumes of the Yajna will give at least some respite to your disease and to an extent your mind will attain purity. Although this answer did not satisfy me completely yet I resolved to at least give it a fair trial. For 3 months continuously I participated in the Yajna both in the morning and evening on a daily basis. As per Acharyajis sage counsel I constantly chanted the Gayatri Mantra, fasted and performed the Anushthan. In those 3 months I benefited so much that my hospitalization of 5 years and its results paled in front of them. At present although my illness has not been cured totally yet I have been cured 80%. My bouts of unconscious states, stoppage of urination etc have disappeared totally. I am amazed that Yajnas performed devotionally can reap so much blessing on the devotee.

In ancient times people cured their diseases via Yajnas and also their desires too were fulfilled. This indeed is a fact not worth overlooking. My husband, my self and daughter regularly participate in Yajnas performed at Gayatri Tapobhumi. We always feel overjoyed while imagining that when Acharyaji actually builds a Yajna Hospital innumerable patients, poverty stricken people, individuals with material problems etc will greatly prosper with its compassionate help. May Mother bring that day very speedily so that peoples worries, sorrows etc disappear forever into the thin air.


I have seen many powerful people undergoing a gigantic downfall and status demotion in society despite swimming in wealth and security of high caliber. Hence it is clear that mere material means cannot be the criteria or basis of success in life. In comparison to this true and mature Gayatri aspirants have prospered even in the absence of any material help. Over here we will give actual experiences of those who attained both material and spiritual success/prosperity in the true sense of the term.


When I meditate I experience a strong pressure in my mid-eye brow region, spinal cord, throat, navel and waist. This same pressure in the scalp region gives a feeling of downpour of rain. This experience lasts for a short while only and yet it is so blissful that I despair when I come out of this meditative state. This experience of Brahmavarchas is the same at my residence too in the form of energy manifestation.

---------------Sushila, Aligarh (U.P., India)


One day my leg got injured badly because of a stone. The finger slit open, blood oozed out and I could not walk till this blood flow stopped. Two and a half furlong away from where I sat was an old house. When I tried to get up later the wall nearby collapsed badly and the road was piled up with mud and brick pieces. When I looked at my watch I realized that this foot injury of mine was definitely a blessing in disguise. This is because if my foot was not hurt I would have been walking on the road exactly at the time when the big wall on its edge collapsed. Realizing that my life was saved I thanked Holy Gayatri for transforming my dire destiny of death into a mere foot injury. Later at home when I meditated tears of gratefulness flowed from my eyes at Mothers holy feet.

----------------Ramdayal Upadhyay, Rohansi (M.P., India)


Previously I thought that mind control is impossible to achieve but after doing Gayatri meditation my mind is slowly become powerful in a controlled manner. My mind now oozes with sacred thoughts and sentiments and every now and then spiritual bliss manifests in my soul.

--------------Shambhu Prasad Aditya


If some undesirable event is to occur my heart beats faster. Later I realized that when one commences Gayatri devotion Mother forewarns her devotees in the above manner so that the devotees can combat dire events in a prepared and befitting manner. This is an indirect way of Mother to protect her beloved devotees.

Once I was heading for Dalan and it was very dark. Suddenly my heart beats became faster than normal and hence after turning backwards I lit my lantern. And to my horror a deadly venomous snake was lying ahead on the road. If my heart had not forewarned me I would have stepped on this snake and death would have engulfed me in seconds. If I sit to write innumerable other such incidences when Gayatri saved me, an entire volume would have to be written.

------------Vijay Kumar Solanki, Karwal (M.P., India)


Although I commenced Gayatri worship with the aim of improving my financial position I realized that when this desire was fulfilled my 2 prime enemies called indolence and lethargy augmented. I prayed to Gayatri to ward them off and once this was done my life attained serenity and untold joy.

---------------Durgalal Dakheda, Kachola (Raj., India)


I did not get the acceptance letter on time from Shantikunj to attend a Gayatri Yajna Camp. On the last day of my vacation my mind was immersed in these thoughts for the entire night. In between I entered a drowsy state where I dreamt that at the centre of a group of great saints stood Gurudeva. Gurudeva asked me: Will you not come to Shantikunj? Immediately I got up. Next day I got my vacation extended, made arrangements for expenses and reserved train tickets for Shantikunj (Haridwar, India). This was the first time I attended a Gayatri Camp and had the first Darshan (holy vision) of revered Gurudeva.

-----------Pratap Shinde, Viralgam (Nagda, India)


I commence meditation on Mother Gayatris holy form but later it gets transformed into a divine vision of Gods cosmic form (Viraat). This vision is so ecstatic but alas, my frail speech cannot describe even an iota of its bliss If these minor spiritual practices of mine are so blissful what to say of the highest state of trance called Nirvikalpa Samadhi?

--------------Ashok Kumar Kashyap, Godiya (Mah., India)


I was traveling in a bus and by my side I had a couple of bags with valuable items. I got down where I was supposed to. I forgot one of my bags. Later when I realized my mistake somehow I felt they would be safe. I got into another vehicle and again traveled to find the bus which I did. The bag was exactly where I had left it and although many passengers had traveled in the bus not one item in my bag was stolen.

--------------Satyanarayan Tripathi


Both my self and my husband are ardent devotees of Gayatri. Once while journeying my husband was to land in Gorakhpur. As luck would have it, my husband continued sleeping while the train waited at Gorakhpur station. The train was about to leave when someone shouted Gorakhpur station. My husband got up in a flash and hurriedly with his bags in hand he was about to jump on to the platform at the point when the train had started moving he heard Gurudevas voice clearly behind him which said: Are you hell bent on killing yourself? Taken aback he turned around to see whether it was actually Gurudeva who spoke. Immediately the train had gathered speed and was on its way ahead. Ere this voice had not been heard my husband would definitely have been killed. At every step I have experienced Mothers grace.

-------------Kamla Singh (Lucknow, India)


My daughters marriage ceremony was completed. In one room all her wedding presents had been kept but because of a short circuit the room caught fire. The blazing inferno was so severe that it could have burnt the entire building to ash and yet the compassionate Mother Gayatri not only warded off this ill fate but also all bad omen on this auspicious occasion. Further although the room was exposed to fire the presents kept in it remained unharmed.

--------------Shivnarayansingh, Korva (M.P.,India)


Although my worldly life had no major hitches my mind was very scattered and chaotic. I failed to understand this uncertainty. Later I came in contact with respected Gurudeva and the Gayatri mode of worship. With her grace I marched ahead on the path of soul advancement. Many spiritual experiences gave me a deep sense of peace and my sentimental nature became more refined and sacred. Today I find joy only in spirituality and working for world welfare.

------------Radhakrishna Vyas Vanprasthi (Mandsaur, India)


O Gurudeva! My voice cannot open up. Hence he advised me to worship Gayatri daily and promised me that Mother would give me tremendous capacity to speak articulately. This is exactly what took place and the icing to the cake was when my colleagues were wonderstruck to see that I traveled in many areas of my state and gave one speech after another. They said in wonder: Look at this lady! She would tremble when asked to walk on to the stage but today she confidently does not only this but gives superb speeches that motivate just about everybody.

Future events could be visualized by me either in the waking or dream state. And I kept talking about them. At that time I felt that my devotion was getting tainted. As per Gurudevas sage advice I have stopped talking about them and yet I cannot but help inwardly express astonishment with reference to these prophecies. Once I stood in water and performed one ritual. If I relate the experiences attained as a result majority will not believe them. Today I have no desire to pursue prophecy based talks and instead am totally focused on soul advancement and its resultant eternal peace.

---------------Sumer Lal Bharadwaj, Tirodi (M.P.,India)


Once I was meditating at the hermitage of a sage. The sage later asked me to accompany him to the nearby village for eating food. I said: Swamiji! My beloved Mother Gayatri will worry about my meal ad hence I do not see why I should go to this village. The sage thought me to be mad and hence went away alone. Later a village lady with her daughter came to the hermitage and gave me more than 1 liter of milk. In another miraculous incident I was about to drown in a river but an invisible omnipotent force save me from imminent death.

---------------Prayag Dutt Thakur, Santhal Pargana (Bihar, India)


All the 3 bullocks were healthy and strong. One day all 3 of them were attacked by a deadly disease. The officer of a Farming Organization Mr. Agnihotri who owned these animals had a lot of knowledge about animal health. Although he tried his level best 2 bullocks died on the spot. The third was writhing in pain and at that point the owner prayed deeply to Mother Gayatri for divine intervention. He devotedly chanted the Gayatri Mantra thrice in the ear of the dying bullock. Immediately the bullocks health took a positive turn and in a short time it became fit and fine as before.

Similarly one day my daughter who was down with high virulent fever was saved from death due to Gayatris holy blessings. In another incident I was operated for piles and when other patients were discharged after 8 days minimum I was given discharge in 3 days flat. All this is sheer Gayatris benign grace.

---------------Suresh Kumar Kaushik, Sanatorium Inspector, Lodam (India)


Yajna preparations were being made in Ravayvaar. My friends told me to leave only after the Yajna concluded. The problem was that I had made plans for traveling and that too for Gayatri Mission purposes. Hence with due permission, I left that place on a cycle. At a very short distance I suddenly started remembering Gurudeva very deeply. It seemed he was rying to subtly convey something but I failed to grasp the meaning. I continued my journey but again at a short distance the mud on the ground became very slippery. Thus my self and my cycle were flung at a depth of 25 feet into a big hole. Farmers from fields near by helped me come out of this hole. Every one was amazed to see that my body was devoid of even one small scratch when it is normal to get extremely badly injured while falling deep into a hole thus. This definitely is the grace of Super Power Gayatri.

--------------Ayodhya Prasad Maharana, Lodam (India)


Before I commenced Gayatri meditation I was totally unaware that Gayatris grace super-cedes infinitely all the power of all great Kings of the world put together. Some people joined forces to malign me. I had to even face ministerial pressure but when they hired a lawyer the latter gave them such a verbal backlash that they were forced to give up acting against me wrongfully. After that my soul advancement practices are becoming more and more profound and all this is Gayatris divine glory.

--------------R.S.Jauhari, Bareily (U.P.,India)


Although it is Mothers grace that in my legal profession I have won many intricate cases with her aid yet it is not that important for me; because according to me, her true grace is, overcoming of mental taints like anger, envy etc and making me pure in character. As a result, my family life is calm and fulfilling.

-------------Balram Rao, BHEL (Bhopal, India)


Apart from Gayatri devotion no other means helped me overcome alcoholism, intake of non-vegetarian food and smoking habit. All these taints have been given up by me just as a snake gives up its old skin in totality. Today I am earnestly working for the International Gayatri Family.

--------------Ishwarlal Trivedi, Pipla Narayanbad (M.P.,India)


From the year 1968 A.D., I realized the priceless nature of Gayatri devotion after reading Akhand Jyoti magazine. Hence I commenced Gayatri worship and progressed both materially and spiritually as a result. I was saved from dire consequences due to a departmental enquiry in my job, my little son Shashi Ranjans life was saved, I got a job promotion etc are examples of the fruit of Gayatri meditation. Spiritually speaking I benefited when my inner taints were destroyed due to Gayatris grace. I earnestly participated in Gayatri Yajnas, my mind loved meditating, and self introspection gave me untold bliss. It just doe not matter whether I am alone or surrounded by hordes of people because either way my inner serenity and divine bliss never diminishes even a wee bit.

------------Bindeshwari Prasad Sinha, Ahmedabad (India)


As I was weak in studies I stopped studying after 11 th class. At that time I came in contact with Gayatri practices. As a result such positive circumstances developed that egged me to pursue studies for 3 years. Every exam was passed by me with first grade. Gayatris grace today has given me a very balanced and joyful life.

-------------Rajendra Kumar Hatila, Jodhpur (India)


Ever since I commenced Gayatri meditation my love for all creatures is waxing day by day. All the time I self introspect to find out whether I am hurting any being or non-being too.

------------Harirai, Muzzafarpur (Bihar, India)


My wife suffered from something like Sciatica and Limber Slip. We took help of well known doctors and used up a lot of money and yet no cure was in sight. Let alone the pain diminishing even a wee bit the doctors failed to pin point as to what exactly was the disease. Later I learnt about the greatness of Gayatri wisdom. My faith deepened and hence I performed a Yajna of chanting 0.125 Gayatri Mantras. It was due to some obstacles that this endeavor took 51 days instead of 40 days. Despite these obstacles I resolved not to give up my aim midway and finally my goal was achieved. After that till today my wife has not only been cured but that no fresh attack of the disease has occurred.

---------------Jugal Kishore Gupt, Ashta (M.P.,India)


Since our was a very large joint family we did face disagreements regarding business methods, eating habits etc. Later when we family members started Gayatri worship regularly our family exuded an atmosphere of affection and good will for one another. Outsides are amazed to see our joyous joint family life and all this is Mothers grace only that we are given a lot of honor and respect.

Lalji Gupta Mungra, Jaunpur (U.P.,India)


One and a half years back I commenced Gayatri devotion and since then my life has bloomed like a fragrant flower in an all round manner. My soul is blissful, my mind is at peace, my speech is controlled and my character has become sacred and focused.

-------------Baburam Varma, Renja (Agra, India)


It was Gayatri devotion that made me emphatically realize the true goal of our life viz. developing a taintless and focused character. Gayatris invisible potent force induced me firmly to live a life of honesty, sacred ideals and human values. One day I was made to give a test of my character. There was undue pressure on me to loot a store (where I was working) of certain very expensive items. I refused point blank saying I will not misuse public property. As a result these unscrupulous men threatened to kill me and yet I did not budge even a wee bit. Hence on the sly they cast aspersions on my character so that I was left jobless. And yet I even under such difficult times I was grateful to Mother Gayatri for helping me past the test of character strength and steadfastness towards ethics and integrity. After this incident I filled an application for a bank job. Even though very highly educated young people had applied for this job I stood fifth in the interview and thus I landed this coveted job. It is thanks to Gayatri who helped me stick to integrity and thus gave me this job after testing me duly.

-------------Avtaram Raju, Bank of India (Patna, India)


When I experienced the heat of hardships while leading my routine life I took recourse to Gayatri meditation. With the result I experienced a cooling peace and concluded that anyone surrendering to the will of God will always be protected by him. For those afflicted with bodily strife like diseases etc Gods Divine Energy is like a miraculous medicine. Those afflicted by mental strife like depression, agitation, stress, tension etc can overcome it by soaking in the divine light of God during meditation. Surrendering to God inspires us to attain both our material and spiritual goals. Those who mentally experience dispassion to the world (they may or may not continue material pursuits externally) can actually merge into God consciousness during high flights of profound meditation. Thus they can attain God or Self Realization. In a nutshell Gayatri devotion disappoints none and none whosoever.


Ever since I started Gayatri practices my vile qualities have been destroyed. This has been replaced by an awakening of divinity in my soul. Despite many obstacles I steadfastly continue with the Gayatri Mission activities.

------------Devi Dayal Mahajan, Poonch (U.P., India)


I am an ordinary farmer. Somehow I manage to meet my basic expenses. After reading Akhand Jyoti magazine I surrendered to Holy Gayatri. As a result I got a government job of a car driver. All my work oriented problems got solved as and when they arose. Today I totally trust Mother and know for sure that she will always bestow her grace one me.

-------------Avdhesh Kumar Sharma, Durg (M.P., India)


I was ill in Jodhpur (India). A Gayatri devotee Mr. Ambalalji advised my father to take me to Gurudeva instead of getting me hospitalized. Although my father was an atheist yet in this dire hour he agreed. At Gurudevas place a 1000 pyre (Kundi) Gayatri Yajna was going on. Despite such a huge crowd Gurudeva came down from the podium and met us. I became alright very shortly. At that time my atheist father humbly prostrated at Gurudevas feet. Since then not only has he become a Gayatri follower but all our family members too have followed suit.

-------------Madan Mohan Saraswat, Jodhpur (India)


What can a person who is physically weak and has an inferiority complex achieve? And yet regular Gayatri worship helped augment my will power and today I am actively spreading the message of Gayatri Mission.

------------Ramlal Vasnik, Bhatgav (M.P., India)


This incident took place a decade back. I was worshiping in a temple. There I joined members of a branch of Yug Nirman Yojana. That very night I visualized Gurudeva in a vivid dream. Later I met him at the closing ceremony of a Gayatri program and indeed my life has been duly fulfilled by his guidance.

-------------Kailash Chandra Vani, Jowat (M.P., India)


I have directly experienced that Gayatri austerities are weapons that destroy our psychic taints and thus augment our soul force. Although the fruits of true penance are farsighted and long term yet even in the short term one gains wisdom regarding solving of minor or major crisis in ones material and spiritual life. It is on this basis that ones individual life and hence of the world attains a radiant future full of material and spiritual prosperity. When selfish gains are ignored they get replaced by a sense of service to world creatures and world well being.

---------------Rameshwar Agrawal, Hazari Bagh (Delhi, India)


Our household wealth and property was being partitioned. I got a very small portion of it. Yet I never stopped worshiping Mother Gayatri. In a short time I bought my own house and all my basic needs were fulfilled. I am ever grateful to Gayatri for pouring her blessings on me.

-------------Ramchandra Rathod


The superb results of Gayatri meditation have been witnessed by me. It helped me overcome crazy addictions to smoking cigarettes, seeing movies very frequently and misusing my hard earned money. As a result I have become a strong and focused person.

------------Santlal Kaushik, Sikar (India)


Three events in my life made me and others whom I know earnest followers of Gayatri philosophy. The first one was when Mr. Dhirendra Prasad Vajpayis wife ate 2 Rotis (Indian bread) after a gap of 10 days in which she could not even eat a morsel of food due to a harsh illness. For this I had fervently prayed to Mother Gayatri. The second event was when my friend Shri K.B.K. Morars wife was in hospital fighting death due to a terrible illness. I gave her the sacred ash of a Gayatri Yajna and lo behold, she recovered swiftly. The 3 rd incident was just 2 days back when I could not move my legs because of some medical problem. Yet I took part in a Gayatri Jayanti (birthday) program. After chanting the Gayatri Mantra I was amazed to note that I got up without any help and could move around freely. I realized that whenever I made a heartfelt prayer to gracious Mother she responded promptly. All this has positively influenced my neighbors too who are now avowed devotees too.

----------------Shanti Sinha Dali, Rajhara (Durg, India)


Since my fathers financial status was very poor he was unable to get me married. I thus started Gayatri worship. As a result very shortly I got married to a groom of a very sound financial and ethical background. Today my life is full of peace and joy and am regularly meditating on Gayatri.

-------------Jyoti Singh, Palavpur (Nalanda, India)


There was a time when my 2 year old daughter was ill for 1.5 years. It was as though her body had been converted into a skeleton. We tried many modes of cure but not only our time was vainly used but we wasted Rs 1500/- too. Finally we took part in a Gayatri Yajna in our village and I applied the holy Bhasma (ash) on my ailing daughters body. Amazingly her disease disappeared in 8 days flat. Ever since then, my faith in Gayatri has intensified day in and day out.

--------------Thansingh Thakray, Khairlaji (M.P., India)


I took part in a Gayatri Camp for 10 days at Shantikunj, Uttaranchal. My body which was ill so far became healthy due to the serene/sacred surroundings, pure Sattvik vegetarian food and a life of self control. I attained untold peace.

-------------Mohanlal Shravsar, Daga (India)


I left Nagpurs Diksa College and returned home in utter despair. One of my bodily organs had swelled so much that doctors said there was no cure for it. Gayatri Mission volunteers kindly advised me to commence Gayatri meditation. In a few days the boil like swelling on my testicle burst open on its own. Astonishingly around 2-3 liters of pus flowed from it and slowly I regained sound health. Today too I am fit and fine.

-------------Maniram Patel, Tekadi (M.P., India)


The day I started Gayatri devotion, my body, psyche and intellect started transforming in a sacred manner. These transformations transform our soul consciousness. Previously I was immersed in die hard material pursuits only but today due to spiritual leanings material pursuits do not induce tension or stress in my life as it did previously. Meditation performed with the sole aim of material gains may not give the ultimate bliss of God Realization but Mother is so gracious she gives such people a glimpse of this infinite divine bliss. Of course those who meditate solely for attaining God Realization are known to attain fame and wealth too but all this is utilized only for world welfare. Sometimes these spiritual experiences are so out of this world that they can be labeled as miracles only.

Under my (revered author) watchful eye and guidance millions of people have worshiped Gayatri. Daily I am told about 20-25 experiences of these people. Over here I present a few of these great spiritual experiences:


As per revered Gurudevas advice I commenced Gayatri practices. I am a patient of the incurable blood cancer disease. So far I underwent many medical tests and medication. The doctors gave up hope and said that death would stare at me any moment. And yet the day I pursued Gayatri practices amazing results have accrued. Before commencement the cancer cells numbered to 0.132 million. After a few days of Gayatri devotion this number came down to 94,800. After 8 months of regular meditation medical tests said that the cancer cells had reduced to 63,000. Today I have firm faith that Gayatri will definitely overcome this deadly cancer from its very roots. Those doctors who had given hope of my survival are wonderstruck to see this phenomenal improvement after they themselves conducted various cancer tests and saw the report.

-------------Jamuna Prasad Patel, Gadar-pipariya (Jabalpur, India)


After I was apprised of the teachings Of Gayatri I earnestly participated in various Yajnas of the Gayatri Parivar. Every Yajna gave me more inspiration to lead a life of ethics and spiritual values. I studied Gurudevas priceless literature daily. Thus it gave me self fulfillment. Despite being married for 16 years I was childless. I yearned to have a child. And sure enough Mother blessed me with a baby boy.

------------Premsingh Bhadoria Lashkar, Gwalior (India)


At 2 p.m. in the afternoon my scooter banged into a truck and thus there was a terrible accident. Of course this accident was seen by me in my minds eye 5 minutes previous to the actual accident. This certainly was divine grace. Hence I held on to the scooter with one hand and with the second I tried saving myself. Strangely the second hand virtually became a shield that protected me. Since my mind was calm even under such dire conditions my life was saved. People who had gathered at the accident site were mind boggled to see me escape unhurt. In future I am sure that although harsh situations will come my way Divine Mother like a shield will definitely protect me.

-----------Balram Rao, Bhopal (M.P., India)


I was attacked by a strange disease. This brought in deep despair in my life. Wind would concentrate near my chest region and this gave me agonizing pain. It seemed as though death would stake its claim any moment. It was only Gayatri devotion that warded off this deadly painful disease and that too without any medical aid.

------------Sitaram Pandey, Gadaroad Sagar (M.P., India)


My life transformed amazingly after I started Gayatri meditation daily. I regained bodily health and my family life took a peaceful turn. I have totally renounced lethargy, vile habits, lowliness and indolence. There are other incidences in my life wherein Mothers grace came to my aid. For example 3 village widowed ladies getting govt. pension, the road to my job promotion opening up easily, a girl called Om getting married to a suitable groom etc were the result of sheer grace of Gayatri.

-------------Risal Singh Reader, Jhunjhun (Raj., India)


Ever since I came in contact with respected Gurudeva and read his priceless literature, I am getting divine inspiration again and again. Sometimes when despair clouds my psyche I read Gurudevas literature and lo behold my soul exudes with divine bliss. Later I passed my M.A. degree and got a very good job with promotions later on. Ere I had not been inspired by Gurudevas sacred literature I would have lived a humdrum life (of eat, drink, be merry occasionally and then die like any worm living in marshy areas).

------------Ishwardas Vaishnav, Manendragadh (Guj, India)


Right since childhood I was a problem child for my parents and family at large. In my formative years I was weak bodily, illnesses attacked me regularly and my IQ too was low. It was only when I commenced Gayatri worship and deeply studied the Akhand Jyoti magazine that I received subtle spiritual inspirations. My will power augmented and I used this fully for Gayatri Mission based tasks. It was this will power that positively changed my social behavior and increased my IQ phenomenally. People were amazed and questioned as to how I attained such superior material and spiritual wisdom. Whether they believe it or not I for one am dead sure that all this is the grace of Gurudevs sacred literature which I read regularly and reflect on its meaning deeply.

-----------Chandra Prakash Shastri, Ganj Dundwara (Ita, India)


I was imprisoned under the MISA act (India). In my M.Com exam I missed a first class by 5 marks and I am actively volunteering for the Yug Nirman Yojana mission. All these 3 incidences I had visualized prior to their happening in my dream. This prophetic dream came true to the last letter. This potential matured only due to high flights of Gayatri meditation.

-----------Kailashchandra Mahajan, Khargaun (M.P., India)


A few months back I suffered from a liver problem and low blood pressure. As per Gurudevas sage advice I started Gayatri practices. With deep faith I surrendered to Mother Gayatri. Her grace warded off all my medical problems and today I am perfectly fit and fine.

-----------Sivshankar Mishra, Rajendranagar (U.P., India)


Two incidences in my life prove the divine potency of Gayatri Mantra chanting. The first was regarding my mothers illness for the past 40 years which was declared incurable. Maybe there were just a few moments in these 40 grinding years that my mother experienced just a shade of joy. Many doctors examined her but none could cure her illness. Finally I chanted the Gayatri Mantra daily while holding a glass of clean water in my hand (Abhimantrit Jal). This sacred water was par taken by my mother and slowly the road of total recovery came her way. In another case one house was terrorized by a devil. This family was hence always in agony and helplessness. In order to help them I conducted a Gayatri Yajna in their house and from that very day there was no sign of a terror bestowing ghost or devil.

-----------Premdas Mund, Shantikunj (Haridwar, India)


I went to a village called Budbuda for conducting a Yajna. After it was completed the village members urged me to conduct a Devi Puja (ritual). Thus there was a lot of delay and the train was to arrive on time. I was worried that I would miss this train. The train arrived dot on time and in a few minutes it got the signal to depart too. And yet strangely when the train driver tried starting the train again and again it refused to budge even an inch. For 1 whole hour all railway workers were in turmoil because the train just did not move. In this 1 hour I finished my task, headed for the station, bought a ticket and boarded the train without any hitch. As soon as I sat down in my seat the train started moving on its own. Everyone meaning right from passengers to the railway officials were amazed as to how the train did not move for an hour when they tried hard to do so and then suddenly it started moving on its own without any prompting from the driver. Within I was cent percent sure that Mother Gayatri gave me a taste of her infinite miraculous powers.

-----------Khursiram Bhagat, Khairloji (M.P., India)


I was at a loss as to how my son Anirudh could land a good job. I wrote a letter to H.H. Gurudeva. He gave his blessings in a letter and asked me to worship Gayatri regularly. My son applied for a job and very fortunately he got a good job in an agricultural college of Hissar, Punjab (India).

--------------Chedalal Bhagat, Bhagalpur (India)


I was very worried. I had developed many bad habits and addictions. Hence my financial state was totally ruined. In my home town itself I wanted to shift but all in vain. Despair engulfed me from all sides and at that time my friend Mr. Jaganlal Chaurasia inspired me to start Gayatri meditation. This proved to be a divine key of success for me. With this key all my problems are being overcome one by one. Now I experience self fulfillment and serene contentment. Very shortly I moved into a new house as per my desire. There is a stark difference in the lowly life I led previously and a sacred life that I live now. Deep faith in Mother Gayatri replenishes my soul force and thus all my tasks become meaningful and beneficial in the long run.

-----------Madhavlal Reva, Neemach (India)


I was afflicted with tuberculosis. Many doctors treated me without success. Virtually all of them asked me not to go for any further tests and treatments. Out of despair I contacted revered Gurudeva. He lovingly advised me to worship Gayatri for 1 year and chew the Tulsi (holy basil) leaves. A day came when my illness ended totally. My doctors too were astounded to see my tuberculosis tests showing no TB.

-----------Shyamlal, Mathura (U.P., India)


Because of bad company I developed many vile characteristics. I fought with my famy off and on. One day my health started deteriorating. Hence I started Gayatri devotion and slowly my bad habits and thinking disappeared. My health improved a lot and my family squabbles came to an end. Later I sired a son. Thus my life changed very positively forever.

----------Deepasingh Tomar, Nagla-Itawa (India)


Envious people were after my life and hence they tried to get a job transfer for me. They tried a lot but failed at every attempt. Further I was worried about my daughters marriage. Even this problem was solved very shortly. Mother Gayatris loving grace saw to it that my worries disappeared hook, line and sinker.

-------------Ramprasad Sharma, Shujalpur Mandi (India)


I yearned that my wife leave Jomta village and join me at Gondal but my plans failed. Later HH Gurudevas blessings fulfilled my desire.

------------Kanubhai Pandya, Gondal (Guj., India)


Mother Gayatri protected my daughter Rama Kumari. Because of an incurable disease her life was sure to end. Since medical treatments failed we commenced Gayatri worship with devotion. Gayatri indeed saved my daughters life. Today she is disease free and in very good health.

-----------Ganeshdas Aroda, Ara (Bihar, India)


My daughter Manjula was in agonizing pain because of kidney problems. This illness turned her body into a living skeleton. Her life was definitely at stake. All the doctors who diagnosed her condition opined that death was imminent. Out of sheer desperation I commenced Gayatri meditation. I urged my daughter too to chant the Gayatri Mantra regularly. This was enough to ward off her kidney problem. My daughter now regained sound health. Today Mothers blessings have given me a peaceful family life.

----------Maganchandra Pandeya (Munger, India)


It was sheer stupidity on my part to ascend a moving train. Since my luggage was heavy I could not balance myself aptly. I fell in between the platform and the moving train. I was hit by the moving train and lost consciousness. And yet strangely an unknown force protected me. I escaped virtually unhurt and I only remember one thing that when I fell down I visualized and prayed to Gurudeva in my minds eye.

-----------Shriram Agrawal, Tendukona (M.P., India)


By itself anyone can be helped by invisible sources. And yet after hearing a first hand account of the spiritual experiences of Gayatri aspirants I have come to a conclusion that the psyche and soul state of Gayatri devotees gets molded in such a manner that it helps them again and again in a very mysterious and wondrous manner. This includes attaining good health after undergoing illness, a golden family life and fulfillment of desires just like the proverbial wish fulfilling tree called Kalpvriksa. I present a few such first hand experiences of mature Gayatri devotees:


This is a real life incident in a place called Nadira Ganj (India). In one of the buildings on the 3 rd floor resided a family of ardent Gayatri devotees. Time and again Gayatri Yajnas were conducted by them. In one such Yajna a photo of Mother Gayatri was placed on the dais. One day suddenly the building collapsed. As a result those living on other floors ran away for safer haven. It was only this family of Gayatri devotees who helplessly but with faith prayed in front of the Gayatri photo. All those who had gathered near the building were spell bound to see that although the other floors collapsed somehow the third floor remained intact with support of a few pillars and beams of the building. After this miraculous escape the entire family vowed to spread the holy teachings of Gayatri for their entire life span. They all said in unison that the remaining part of their lives belong to none other than Gayatri because if it were not for her divine protection they would have died on the ill fated day.

------------Malti Sinha, Gaya (Bihar, India)


I had only 1 son. Due to some harsh illness he died. I was overwhelmed with anguish. HH Gurudeva gave me solace and said that I must be patient and that this very son will be reborn from my wifes womb again. He advised me to perform Gayatri practices daily which I did whole heartedly. On the day my wife delivered this new born son I realized Gayatris omnipotence because the baby boy looked exactly like my dead son. Further her grace saw to it that this son of mine became a great intellectual personality.

------------Nagulal Sharma, Nagda (M.P., India)


I attained self glory after attending a camp meant for transforming ones mind sacredly. For the first time I realized how priceless our human life is. I attained immense spiritual wealth and the peace and joy within my soul was boundless. My physical body did not change but my heart and mind positively changed in a sacred manner. What I saw in the divine light of wisdom can never be described by the frail human speech. I resolved immediately to become a life member of this divine International Gayatri Family. Not only do I worship Gayatri daily but humbly encourage others to do so too. Today my life has attained divine glory and it oozes with nectarine bliss and eternal peace.

------------Bhagwatprasad M. Inamdar, Baroda (Guj., India)


My familys financial status was very weak. Both bodily and mentally I was ill. My psyche was taken over perforce by worry, fear complexes, despair, wrath, lust etc. For around 10 years I was afflicted by an incurable disease. Despite top medical treatment my illness refused to budge. My lifes boat was about to capsize mid stream. At this point I got help from Gayatri devotion. I came in contact with the branch members of Yug Nirman Yojana. As per their directions, I commenced Gayatri meditation daily and controlled my lifestyle, including eating, resting, work etc. This endeavor gave me miraculous results. My capacity to work augmented n-fold and thus I secured a good promotion. In turn this solved my financial problems. The overall peace of my mind helped overcome my 10 year long illness. Today my life is so fulfilling and serene.

------------Ashwini Kumar Sharma, Piplani (Bhopal, India)


The following incident took place on 6 th November 1978 AD. My father passed away. His corpse was laid down on the floor and we family members sat surrounding it in sheer sorrow. After around 1 hour elapsed a miraculous event occurred right in front of us. Suddenly my dead father awakened. All of us who were sobbing were amazed to see him alive. My father said: 4 terrible people who were carrying me away were fought single handedly by a sage like person and thus he saved me. This gentleman said: This dead man is supposed to take part in a Yajna and also attend Parvatis marriage. In reality we came to know that the very next day a 25 Kundi (pyre) Yajna was planned in Jhansi and 1 day previous to this Parvatis marriage was to take place. Thus her marriage took place along with the Yajna. This amazing incident made our faith firm and unswerving towards Mother Gayatri. All our family members worship Gayatri daily and are life time volunteers for spreading Gayatri Missions sacred precepts.

------------Pannalal Namdev, Jhansi (India)


A wonderful change came in my life after I came in contact with the members of Yug Nirman Yojana (Agra branch). I read Gurudevas sacred literature and my faith in spirituality waxed like a full moon. I now was walking towards a bright future. Ever since, I have taken keen interest in Gayatri meditation regularly. Daily I studied sacred literature, service to others and self controlled living. My capacity of work for desirable goals has grown a great deal. Thus my professional life reaped rich dividends which brought along with it, wholesome fame. I attained not only material but spiritual prosperity too. My family lives in a heavenly kind of peaceful and prosperous atmosphere. Certain events in my life occurred solely due to Gayatris grace. Twice I was about to drown in water but some invisible force saved my life. Later I got a tremendous electric shock and yet I escaped unhurt.

-------------Durga Prasad Sharma Advocate (Agra, India)


I locked my house and left to attend a 4 day Yajna program in a village called Kanvarpura. After its completion when I returned home I was amazed to see Mother Gayatris grace. The thing was that my house was locked from within whereas I had locked it from outside. Somehow I managed to enter my house. Everyone saw that my back door was broken and my household items were lying in the patio. And yet all these items were safe and sound. Not only my self but all those present were mind boggled. Mentally a question arose as to if the thief had succeeded in breaking into my house why did he not flee with valuable items? After many days this thief was found who truly repented his criminal act. He said: A divine form of Mother Gayatri stood there inside the house protecting all your items. Thus I was forced to flee empty handed. Since then this thief too has been transformed and worships Gayatri daily. He has renounced all criminal activity and has turned into a new leaf. He firmly believes that God truly protects his devotees ceaselessly and lovingly.

----------Ramchandra Gupt, Seeswali (Raj., India)


The direct proof of the speed with which a Gayatri devotees mental state becomes focused and taintless can be gauged from the sacred dreams they get while sleeping and what kind of divine guidance do they get from them. Generally all true Gayatri aspirants get such sacred dreams. Many a times the chain of previous births wherein Gayatri practices were carried out can be conjoined with the help of this present life to these sacred dreams. I (author) have personally heard about these dreams from thousands of devotees and quite a few are mind boggling to say the least. In the following paragraphs we shall present some of these dream inspiration for the benefit of our respected readers:


I was finding my life burdensome and was in great agony mentally. One hardship after another attacked my daily life without pausing. To escape them I thought of becoming a mendicant. That same night I dreamt that a radiant person led me into a temple and while pointing at the Goddess image he said: You must daily meditate on this idol. All your problems will then be solved and you will attain inner peace. I changed my previous decision on waking up and set off to find the temple I saw in my dream. As luck would have it I was given an Akhand Jyoti magazine. As soon as I started reading it peace manifested in my mind. I headed for Mathura as per the address given in the magazine and lo behold, I saw my dream reenacted in front of my gross eyes. As per the dream guidance I have become an unswerving devotee of Gayatri and today I live a contented and blissful life.

-------------Jagatram Sharma Jogiya, Palgadh (M.P., India)


On that day my mind was in total unrest. My father retiring from his job, his pension not enough to see to our basic expenses, my sister Yashodhara of marriageable age etc were many concerns. For 4 years in a row I tried to get a job placement and yet only despair was the result. At that time a friend gave me a book called Gayatris Super Science (Mahavignan) Part I written by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmaji. After reading the book I was sure that Gayatri teachings held the key of solving our lifes problems. A blind man seeks but 2 eyes that function well. I commenced Gayatri worship with an agenda of chanting 24 thousand Gayatri Mantras. On the final day when I slept at night my mind was serene and peaceful. When I was fast asleep a divine virgin girl was seen by me in a very vivid dream. Even today I cannot forget her divinely radiant form. She had said: Despite being a human being why do you despair so much? Why dont you do some work? When I awoke the next day, these words kept loudly echoing in my mind. I dont know why but immediately went to a bank nearby and got to know that its manager was my fathers good friend. While talking to me he on his own said: Why dont you take a bank loan and start your own business? As per his advice I got a loan on the 4 th day itself. I opened a cycle parts shop which today is a well known shop in my town. With Mother Gayatris grace not only were my problems solved but I got that subtle divine wealth which cannot be compared to all the cosmic material wealth put together.

Mr. Dilipkumar, Sisupur (India)


I have been daily meditation on Gayatri and with her grace my life has been saved on many occasions. Strangely each time I got dreams much before about my imminent death and because of these prophecies I could save my life. These dreams gave me directions as to how to save my life when a telephone cable gave me a massive shock, during war with Pakistan etc. Apart from this there were other dire incidents which Mother helped me overcome miraculously as per her guidance in dreams.

------------Mansingh Samant Ganachay, Almora (India)


My son died due to drowning in water. Hence I was in sheer misery. Later when I slept at night he came in my dreams and described his death. He further promised me that he would be reborn in our family itself. At that time I did not give this dream any importance. And yet at the appointed hour a son was born to me who was in many ways similar to my dead son. His facial features, other habits etc were so similar that I was sure my dream has come true. Ever since then I worship Gayatri regularly. This is because my dead son had advised me in my prophetic dream to pursue daily Gayatri meditation.

------------Mr. Sahdeva, Mungher (India)


I was sleeping in the lap of the Goddess of Sleep and in my dream I saw a divine lady. I was very attracted to her divine aura. I embraced her and was thus immersed in ecstatic bliss. This lady gave me blessings for a bright future and also a book titled Gayatri. Immediately I got up and on that very day I was wonderstruck to meet my neighbor Mr. Ramdeen who gave me a book called Gayatri Chalisa (40 verses). He inspired me to pursue Gayatri practices. I did exactly as advised and today Mothers grace has given me a life of heavenly bliss.

----------Durga Devi, Jodhpur (Raj., India)


From childhood itself I had spiritual leanings. I worked hard so as to get some spiritual experiences and thus performed many spiritual exercises. I studied many spiritual texts, listened to sacred discourses etc but none of my spiritual yearnings were fulfilled. This sort of failure almost made me an atheist. My mind was tense and agitated. Finally a Gayatri devotee inspired me to meditate on Gayatri. I also read the monthly Akhand Jyoti magazine. Within a few days I felt I had attained that spiritual wealth which I had yearned for since boyhood and had eluded my grasp for many years. Along with faith my sense of enterprise bloomed fully. I walked on the path of lifes advancement. Many a times I was saved from the dire consequences of incurable diseases and other problems. On this great path it is not only my self but others too are marching ahead with zeal.

-----------Nagad Narayan Sharma, Dhurva (Ranchi, India)


Many days back my brother had died suddenly. Even after death he was not spiritually in good shape because his departed soul was without peace. All this information was given to me in my dreams and he asked me to chant the Gayatri Mantra for his souls peace. Initially I ignored his request and I said to my self that it is but a dream. And yet this dream repeated again and again and thus I was sure that his soul indeed is in distress. Thus I devotedly commenced Gayatri worship so as to uplift his departed soul. He finally experienced soul peace and thus he was uplifted. Hence my faith in Gayatri became rock solid and today not a day goes by without my meditating on Gayatri. As a result my family life is joyous and peaceful with an atmosphere of selfless love.

------------Purshottamdas gupt, Amla (M.P., India)


Next day early at dawn I was to travel by bus to a place called Surauli. I completed my packing and went to sleep. In the first half of the night I felt someone was forbidding from traveling next day as planned by me. I woke up from my sleep. Again I went to sleep and again in the latter half of the night I got a dream saying do not travel tomorrow. Again when I woke up I could hear nothing but these words loudly speaking in my mind. It was very important that I travel. This put me in total doubt. My mind wavered alternately deciding to go and refrain from traveling. Finally the bus arrival time came. Hence I rushed to the bus stand but on reaching there I was told that the bus had arrived early and hence left early just 5 minutes back. In the evening I got to know that this bus crashed into a roadside boulder very badly. Even today I cannot forget Mothers affectionate grace that stopped me from virtually dying.

---------------Sitaram Palta (India)


The miraculous and sacred results of Gayatri spiritual practices are neither blind beliefs nor are they accidental or chance as termed by people whose minds are gross and superficial. In fact there is a spiritual scientific basis behind all these experiences and it helps purify mans beliefs, faith and trust. As a result of this sanctification devotees undergo many spiritual experiences in their mundane lives too and hence they should be called divinely fortunate.


It was because of very trying situations that loomed like dark clouds in my life which made me desperate and agitated. My life seemed like a harsh penal servitude. It seemed as though my lifes boat was hell bent on getting drowned midstream. Under such dire times I got the golden chance of worshipping Gayatri. Along with one pointed meditation I deeply studied Gurudevas sacred literature. As a result taints like lack of self belief, despair and inertia were destroyed and they were replaced by a sense of duty towards my family and society at large. Very easily I attained the sacred fruits of devotion. I passed my law exams and started practicing it which gave me a fair bit of fame. I attained peoples cooperation and was given a good status in society. Since my attitude, behavior etc were sacredly transformed all my physical and mental agitations came to a full stop. My financial problems too were overcome optimally. My life marched ahead overcoming all minor problems in between. All the material and spiritual progress made by me is nothing but compassionate Mother Gayatris grace.

-----------Advocate Vishnudatt, Baikujhthapur (M.P., India)


This is regarding a Yajna conducted in a place called Kasardeeha. After witnessing it anyone would be forced to accept that God and his divine sports (Lilas) certainly exist. After the program at night everyone left for their homes. At that time the sky was clear and cloudless. But at night (3 am) suddenly rain started pouring. For 1 hour it rained cats and dogs. Water overflowed in the fields nearby. The Yajnashala (hall) too was flooded with water. Since there was no sign of rain stopping all of us were very worried. Since only Mother Gayatri could help us we prayed earnestly for her divine help. While praying thus we started cleaning the Yajna hall hoping that our Yajna proceeds smoothly. While we were mopping the water suddenly stopped pouring down. Just a minute back the sky was dark with ferocious clouds we thought it would rain for at least a few more days, non stop. But lo behold, to our amazement cum joy the sky was blue and crystal clear and it did not rain for the entire day of the Yajna.

------------V.R. Sathvanay, Durg (India)


A 9 pyre (Kundi) Yajna was planned in a place called Pendra and many local people were opposing it vehemently. From the unworthy activities of the opponents it seemed as though the Yajna was doomed to fail. Hence it was nothing short of a miracle that not only was the Yajna completed but that all opposing individuals gladly participated in it. They themselves were amazed by their whole hearted surrender to Gayatri.

------------Shambhuratan Jaiswal (India)


There was a time in my life when in the local branch a collective Yajna was arranged. The Yajna was a very gigantic one and hence the volunteers were apprehensive about whether it would conclude successfully. One night prior to the program I dreamt clearly that the Yajna planned was going on smoothly and that there was an aura of divine joy everywhere. Further I could perceive Gayatris infinite grace too. Next day I related this dream to all members. Every member took this dream as Mothers direction to work hard without apprehension. Thus everyone put in tremendous hard work for the Yajna program. It goes without saying that the Yajna was a total success and all volunteers vowed to carry on the holy mission of Gayatri till their last breath.

-----------Rudranath Pandeya Kotmi, Vilaspur (India)


Previously my inner nature was overshadowed by certain taints. With the result no one helped me and circumstances became dire. Under such a gloomy state I came in contact with revered Gurudeva. As per his guidance I commenced Gayatri devotion and deeply reflected on his sacred literature. In this manner my character reflected more and more wholesome qualities. It resulted in that stupendous bliss which is a boon given only by Almighty God. Indeed I feel very blessed.

------------S.S.Sahu, Balauda (Vilaspur, India)


Immediately after I got spiritual initiation a question arose in my mind as to what is its Mahatmya or deep import? I started getting older. But the more I matured the more this question became deep. Maybe it was destiny that I met a volunteer of Yug Nirman Yojana Mr. Gopi Vallabh Awasthi. He gave me a book called Gayatri Mahavignan which said that the preceptors initiation Mantra is Gayatri Mantra. I got more information regarding this great Mantra from him and since then I chant it regularly. Devotion and meditation helped attract divine grace in my life. Many dire situations have been faced by me devoid of stress and tension. In fact these harsh times instill more faith in my psyche that Gayatri loves us divinely. Many other situations in life made me an unswerving devotee of Mother Gayatri.

------------Madanmohan Saraswat, Jodhpur (India)


I came in contact with HH Gurudeva with brother Mansinghs help. With faith and devotion I worshipped Gayatri and daily studied Gurudevas literature. I thus found the true goal and wisdom of life. My worldly problems now were sorted out with its help. I could endure dire situations and solve them with my new found divine wisdom. Many times an unknown power gave me guidance and intuitions. Thus my life is marching ahead both materially and spiritually. Today I lie peacefully in the subtle lap of the affectionate Divine Mother.

-----------Kanhaiyalal Mishra, Jodhpur (India)


After coming in contact with Gurudeva I commenced Gayatri devotion under his divine eye. Previously I was an avowed atheist. But the touchstone of Gayatri has made me a staunch theist which prompts me to work selflessly for world well being. My life is blissful and serenity.

--------------M.L.Ayran, Mandsaur (India)


Despite being wealthy my mind was full of unrest. I yearned to attain true peace. One day I was given Gurudevas literature which I studied deeply. The seeds of faith started sprouting in my soul and with zeal and zest my lifes road became easier to travel on. My life is blissful both materially and spiritually. The noose of despair has been cut asunder and life is now blooming with eternal joy.

----------Mrs, S.Nichat, Janjgir (M.P., India)


It is indeed my good fortune that I met Gurudeva. His powerful protection and superb guidance liberated me from lifes chaos, pain and turmoil. No doubt I had to make intense efforts yet true guidance and grace reign supreme. I understood this perfectly. I steered my boat of life in the true direction as given by Gurudeva in his priceless books. If mere efforts give joy imagine how infinitely blissful will be their sacred results?

-------------Deviprasad Chaubey, Gwalior (M.P., India)


When I remember my past ways of living life I truly repent and experience intense remorse. In those days my behavior was worse than a ferocious demon. And yet the inspiration I got from reading Gayatri literature and then devotion to Mother induced aversion in me for my tainted thinking. At that time a miraculous episode occurred. My daughter-in-law was ill. She was virtually on her death bed. Everyone feared the worse since there was no hospital nearby. Somehow I remembered that I had some Yajna Bhasma (holy ash) with me. My daughter-in-law swallowed some of it. In a few minutes she felt better and later regained sound health. This episode inspired everyone to worship Gayatri regularly.

-----------Sajjan Panavat, Ghaisundi (Raj., India)


I was the chief host (Yajman) of a 25 pyre Yajna in our branch. The Yajna had commenced and my self and my husband sat on our Yajna seats (Yajnavedi). At tat time we were told that a very revered family member Mr. Ramdayal Gupt was about to pass away. He was quite ill for the past few weeks and today his condition had deteriorated. I was in a mental turmoil as to whether to give up the Yajna half way or complete it and then go and visit him. Suddenly a divine voice within said: Your steadfastness is being tested. Hence we devotedly continued with the Yajna rites and completed them. Mentally we meditated on mother Gayatri. Finally we got news from home that Mr. Gupts health has become absolutely normal.

-----------Mrs. Shakuntala Gupta, Sakauli (Mah., India)


In Gondal a collective spiritual camp had been planned. At that time 5 people got a divine experience wherein first they saw a small ball of brilliant light which started expanding. Ultimately they felt as though their soul was now an infinite ocean of this divine aura. Hence their character too transformed miraculously. Now they regularly help in all programs of the Mission.

-----------Ashok J. Joshi, Majaywadi (Guj. India)


Never have I tasted even a drop of the peace I experienced in Gurudevas holy presence. I am indebted to him forever for his help, grace, goodwill etc. In this life at least I can never repay my debt to him. It is his sacred influence that has made my life ethical and full of spiritual values.

---------Chintaman Rao Gautam, Balaghat (M.P., India)


The visible fruits of attending the Transformation of the Vital Force Camp are in the form of my active participation in world welfare activities. I love working for the Gayatri Mission and by traveling in many villages we spread the divine wisdom of Gayatri.

---------------Bhanubhai Gadhvi, Baroda (Guj., India)


After returning from the Transformation of the Vital Force Camp I am persisting with those methods daily. It is only with its help that I understood the true goal of human life. Today I realize that working for world welfare is true service to our Almighty Father/Lord. Again it is my good fortune that my husband too is a traveler of this sacred path. No doubt the spiritual practices of the above Camp were intense but then the experiences too were deep and profound. Thus we have attained Holy Gayatris grace. None should doubt that true grace of Gayatri inspires her devotees to work for the material and spiritual progress of world beings.

-------------Yashoda Sharma, Kullu (H.P., India)


As per Gurudevas advice I am involved in spreading our Missions message. Once he promised me saying: Do not worry about your self, instead work for Gayatris sacred cause. Thus Mother will look after all your needs. I developed unswerving faith towards this promise. In this manner my household duties are going on smoothly and I am actively spreading Gayatris precepts too. In this manner I worked for Gayatri and Gayatri worked for my household requirements. My retirement papers were passed without hitch, my eye problem was solved etc and thus Mother helped me always. My daughter wed a very capable groom and many other small/big problems were solved. Truly it is Mothers blessings that have glorified my life.

------------Sitarm sharma, Vidisha (M.P., India)


My life was doomed because of dire conditions. I felt my lie was hopeless because of illness, joblessness and other problems. One day I heard about Gurudevas divine greatness. With 40 Rupees I left home. Previously I had never been to Mathura. But strangely my legs directed me without prompting on my part to Mathura. I met a stranger in Allahabad and he finally took me to Mathura as though I was his dear relative. Revered Gurudeva inspired me to surrender to Gayatris hallowed feet. Before I returned I was given the duty of running a mobile library in my area. This not only took care of my household expenses but that I got the imperishable wealth of wisdom. On this basis I converted my hell-like life into heavenly bliss. I rest in Mothers lap like a carefree happy child.

-----------Ramchandra Prasad, Pali (Bihar, India)


Even today after a long time lapse when I remember the terrible accidents I underwent my heart and mind tremble with lots of fear. Three times I escaped death during train accidents. If I had not taken up the sacred duty of a mobile librarian death would definitely have engulfed me. This is my deep faith. I was an official in the Indian Railways. In order to manage time optimally and thus help Gayatri Mission I always carried a mobile library while traveling. Hence Gayatris powerful protection always saved me. She indeed is my divine protector.

------------Vishweshwarsingh Badhair, Bina (M.P., India)


I lived my married life in eat, drink and be merry manner. After my spouse died, my life became a burden. Under such fearful times I came in contact with the Mission. Its goal and wisdom influenced me to walk on the spiritual path. I followed Gayatri spiritual practices regularly. It got transformed into a passion for serving the world. Keeping this in mind I opened a school where even today many students are getting wholesome education. The bliss of serving the world had never been tasted by me previously.

------------Shridevi Yadav, Kataina Hasa (U.P., India)


Whenever my lifes boat got entangled in eddies of worldly strife I prayed to Mother Gayatri for help. She like a master boatman helped solve these problems effortlessly. On a few occasions I would have entered the jaws of death during accidents but her grace saw me through. Mothers blessings are always with me. On this very basis I have volunteered to help spread Gayatris sacred wisdom.

--------------N.R. Solanki, Sendhva (M.P., India)


A few milestones that indicate spiritual progress are strong vital force, soul sanctity and prophetic dreams. Generally all Sadhaks (devotees) get these profound experiences.


I resolved (Sankalpa) that I would attend a Brahmavarchas Research Institute Camp only if Gurudeva appears in my dream. It was after reading his books that I ardently worshipped Gayatri daily. Finally one night he gave me his Darshan in my dream. In the dream I spoke to him about my financial woes and he said: Make arrangements to come to me and leave the rest to me. Truly very easily my expenses for the journey were mysteriously taken care of. For the first time I reached Shantikunj. While meeting Gurudeva, that dream again and again cropped up in my mind. The saint I had seen in my dream only so far was actually Gurudeva whom I was face to face for the very first time. It was Gayatris grace that saved my brothers and daughters life. Consequently my devotional faith in Gayatri waxed day in and day out.

-----------Jaipal Singh, Durg (India)


My mother was generally ill. My father took advice from many doctors, but it was futile. After commencing Gayatri devotion my father performed 2 Anushthans for mothers illness. Truly she started regaining sound health. This inspired me also to meditate on Gayatri steadfastly and thus my life is calm and serene. Keeping in mind divine inspirations I started penning sacred quotes and am sure I will complete this collection soon.

-----------Akhilesh Malviya, Chindwada (India)


I COMMENCED Gayatri worship to get a job and also her blessings. I applied in 2 companies but despite existing vacancies I was not given those posts. While returning home dejectedly I wondered whether to put faith in Gayatris divine power is futile. Next day suddenly I got a telegram which said the job was mine. I repented that just yesterday I doubted Gayatris omnipotence. Till today I have experienced her grace time and again. With this grace I rebuilt that temple about which it was said that those who tried doing so previously were engulfed by death. I always ask Mother for devotion, divine energy, dispassion for illusory attractions etc.

--------------Ram Naresh Prasad, Navada (India)


Previously our family lacked love and affection for one another. A Yajna was planned in Reeva. I helped in it. After that a wonderful change set in and my father poured his affection on me. Since then my faith has become firm. I have resolved to devote my future life span to Mother Gayatri and Father Yajna.

-------------Avdhesh Pratap Singh, Narendranagar-Reeva (India)


A very frail woman like me has attained so much will power via Gayatri meditation that I fearlessly visit villages for Missions tasks and pilgrimages too. I will repay Mothers debt by distributing her photograph in every village.

-------------Mrs. Chanda Tiwari, Chindwada (India)


In my family life there are many dire instances where Gayatri protected us like her very beloved children. That Mother worries about her children (creatures) so much has been witnessed by me off and on. Today my faith is so firm that I do not even doubt her protection even for a moment. Today my mind revolves on only one aspect and that is to spread her teachings the world over.

-------------Harikishen Maheshwari, Kuver Gaanv (India)


Gayatri devotion has filled my soul with such infinite cosmic love that no more desires are left to be fulfilled. The only selfless yearning is that I become capable of serving world beings until my last breath.

-------------Mrs. Shakti Shukla


In this era word youth is said to be atheistic in nature. Maybe unruliness is its cause. I too was undisciplined by nature but when I commenced Gayatri meditation all unwholesome psychic taints disappeared from their roots. Now my heart oozed with spiritual bliss. As a result with the help of generous donations I started at a very young age, a Higher Education Institute for girls in my village. Further we also established a good school for primary education. Mothers grace saw to it that today we have a group of 60 dedicated volunteers. Amongst them are also senior citizens.

--------------Kedarnath Mahto, Bhagalpur (Bihar, India)


My son was running high fever. There was a problem in getting medical aid. I prayed to Mother for help. She heard it very affectionately because in a few minutes this fever suddenly disappeared and my son was alright. In the same way my shop was not doing good business but the day I commenced Gayatri worship my sales figures soared and so did my profit. Today no harm befalls me.

------------Kedar Prasad Gupta, Poorniya (Bihar, India)


There is a long history of performing Gayatri worship under Gurudevas protection and their miraculous experiences. If all of it were written a gigantic book will have to be published. Mother Gayatris grace is experienced ceaselessly. In the June 1978 camp I headed for the station to book return tickets for train travel. Midway a Sardarjis motor cycle toppled me onto the road. The accident was so severe that if not death at least my hands, legs and scalp would have been pounded to pulp. And yet I actually felt an invisible power holding me in its lap and thus I escaped with minor bruises. I not only completed my train reservation booking but attended the entire camp. Most definitely Mother converted a deadly accident into a very superficial one and if this were not so I would have been dead by now.

--------------Balshankar R. Joshi, Rani (Guj., India)


My husband was fed up with his jobless state. One day when he read Gurudevas book on Gayatri worship my husband felt he indeed had attained something priceless. He had only seen Gurudevas photo. Looking upon him as our revered preceptor both of us daily meditated on Gayatri. One night Gurudeva appeared in my dream and asked: Daughter! Is there any problem? I said that my husband has no job in hand. Gurudeva promised that the following 17 th January my husband would get a job. Immediately I woke up from my dream. Later both of us were amazed when exactly on this day my husband got a job as a teacher in a school. What was even more mind-boggling was that he had not even applied for this job formally. Without him applying the principal called my husband and gave him the appointment letter.

---------------Savitri Saraswat, Agra (India)


This world created by Almighty God has 2 aspects viz. creativity like apt management, beauty etc along with destruction in the form of downfall etc. Despite this creation and evolution for the better predominate. Despite natural calamities, creatures like worms, bacteria etc dying every moment one reality stands out and that is we see flowers blooming, luscious fruits growing on trees etc which adds to the creative grandeur of this world. It will always last much longer than any form of destruction. In order that creativity continues undisturbed destruction must follow creation and vice versa. For example the sun rises and sets in the evening, creatures are born and die one day etc.

Man should wholeheartedly accept that he will have to face dire and destructive situations on the one hand and others full of creative joy. Hence he must with a balanced mind not become gloomy when sorrow comes his way, nor go overboard when joy is his destined lot. Today your new born child will go through childhood, youth and finally old age. And when he/she dies again it is a golden opportunity for a fresh new body. Thus destruction (death) follows creation (birth) which is a continuous cosmic process. Everyday we experience the cycle of day and night. Do we despair when darkness manifests at night? Never! Because we know that dawn and hence daylight is but a few hours away. In the same way when dark situations envelope our world we must not despair because a radiant future is about to manifest at the appointed hour.

In the annals of world history world humanity has been witnesses of many a trying times and dire situations. To the extent that people asked: Is this the final doomsday for our world? And yet the Creator has always vowed emphatically that never will He allow total annihilation of this world of grandeur along with man and His other beloved creatures. Divinity incarnates (Avatar) so as to ward off destructive situations and replace them with a new vigor of divine creativity. In these days this is exactly what is happening. Today people are on the verge of losing faith in gods omnipotence because of strife, terror, dishonesty, crime etc having a stranglehold in our daily lives the world over. Todays times are extraordinarily dire. In this phase of spiritual darkness awakened and wise men/women must have indomitable faith that within the next decade something extraordinary will take place which will transform our world in a radiant manner.

The onus lies on followers of spiritual principles and great religious leaders of the world to transform the creative energy of world humanity in a divinely radiant manner. In that the divine sentiments of all laymen must be nurtured and tapped to the fullest. Inaction and apathy must be weeded out from their roots so that the seeds of divine faith start sprouting forth. We must eradicate unwholesome and vile elements so that divine glory and radiance prevails in every nook and corner of the world. It is a well accepted fact that when creative principles weaken the soul drowns in ignorance and man experiences material poverty too. At such times even wise men succumb to the fleeting lures of sense pleasures in unethical ways. Thus vileness virtually remains unchallenged and thus wantonly sells its wares of crime, undesirable behavior and despicable actions. To a great extent todays times too are of this kind. In that creativity is almost dead and destruction has taken over with full force. The world over there are communal clashes, caste based hatred, criminal leanings, no respect for ethics/ideals etc. Politically and socially too we are indeed leading unwholesome lives which forces the layman to distrust just about anything. When ethics, integrity etc are on the decline and crime, lowliness etc are honored the question definitely arises as to what is going to happen to this world?

We all are very fortunate to have taken birth in glorious India. Although we have seen dark periods for almost 1500 years yet our root culture remains intact. We have that touch stone called Gayatri philosophy and Yajna. Hence there is no dearth of faith in our psyche. In the past 6 centuries of Indian history great saints like Kabir have taken birth one after another. This statistic of so many saints manifesting in India is of an extraordinary kind. Some of them nurtured devotion to God, some took up social issues, some encouraged the path of selfless action (Karma Yoga), some asked their followers to give up despair and work for world welfare with zest and some performed austerities on their own for transforming the subtle world which would then manifest as radiance externally. Our revered preceptor Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya was born in the first decade of the 20 th century in Uttar Pradesh, India. His village was Anvalkheda near Agra city. He is said to be the incarnation of Gayatri and shared the priceless pearls of divine wisdom with one and all. Thus he was a divine beacon light that instilled hope in the hearts of all regarding advent of a bright 21 st century.

At that time the wisdom of Super Power Gayatri Mantra was virtually in a sleep like state. It is highly probable that because of fundamentalism only Brahmin males were allowed to chant the Gayatri Mantra. Thus Gayatri Mantra was not given due importance for ones material/spiritual well being. It is at that point that Gurudeva took up the sacred mission of spreading the Gayatri wisdom in all households without any bars like caste, creed, gender, financial status etc. Millions of people now chant the Gayatri Mantra regularly and lead lives of material prosperity that have their roots in spiritual wisdom. Gayatri in her divine formless aspect transforms the thinking of aspirants in a divine manner and thus has incarnated in this material cosmos of ours. In this manner the International Gayatri Family or All World Gayatri Parivar came into being for both the spiritual and material well being of world humanity and world beings. Thus was commenced the sacred mission of elevating the psyche of world humanity in a sacred manner, so as to realize the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world i.e. A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD.

Every alphabet of the 24 alphabets of the Gayatri Mantra is a ray if divine light. They have all those seeds that help the human psyche transform into divinity and hence sacredness. The sun is the deity of Gayatri and is known for its 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 rays. And yet it predominates with the vital force (Prana Shakti) of Gayatri called Savita. The 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra contain both Ridhi and Sidhi i.e. material and spiritual prosperity. One can understand its deep import by studying the profound meaning of each of these 24 letters. True supremacy can only be attained when one prospers materially in this world when it has a strong foundation of spiritual well being and imbibing of human values, ethics, integrity and a sense of service to world beings. Material supremacy without spiritual values is a sure shot recipe of leading a life of downfall and sorrow. The sacred mission of Prajna Avatar (Wisdom Incarnation) is to encourage mankind to prosper scientifically, materially etc but that they must be deeply rooted in spiritual values that usher in well being of the entire world. Prajna Avatar is not a divine human being like Krishna, Ram, Christ etc. Instead it is a strong cosmic wave of a Divine Super Power (Shakti). The more any individual the world over manifests this Divine Power the more he/she will be responsible for ushering a radiant 21 st century full of material and spiritual well being.

How can a Divine Power which is beyond name and form transform this era in a radiant manner? The answer will be actually witnessed in the near future by one and all the world over. This very formless Divine Super Power will induce world humanity to renounce psychic taints like anger, greed, lust, hatred etc and instead imbibe wholesome qualities like oneness of soul, cosmic love, sense of service to all, integrity and ethics. Twenty six Ashwamedha Yajnas conducted so far have given a fair bit of proof for this wonderful transformation. Thousands have given up lowly actions and behavior. Many have renounced alcohol, drug and cigarette addictions and instead have imbibed divinity of soul (60 to 100 million people). They have resolved seriously to give up inner taints and imbibe human and divine qualities in their soul. On this very basis our era can be transformed so as to usher in Satyuga or the Golden Era. It does not matter too much if people have faith in this or otherwise because when the world history of the next couple of decades will be written it will be clear that the world definitely has been transformed in a sacred/divine manner. And the credit of this transformation will be given to none other than the Prajna Avatar or the formless Divine Super Power spoken of in the above lines.

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