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At apt places apt things are created. If you wish to grow Nagpur oranges in your area they will not be all that sweet. The bananas of Mumbai city if grown elsewhere shall not be the same. The mangos of Lucknow are famous the world over. If you grow it in your village it will not be as sweet. The sandalwood of Nilgiri Mountains is so fragrant. If you bring this very sandalwood tree and grow it in the garden of your home it will not be so fragrant. Demigods and divine souls dwell in Himalaya Mountains. Over there one finds long tuber roots growing. For a long time span they can be devoured. If you sow the seeds of this tuber root in your home it will not be so sweet to taste. Where does that Brahmakamal (divine lotus) grow for which Draupadi insisted that Bhima get it for her? It grows in Uttarakhand (India) Gomukh area further on called Tapovan. This Brahmakamal grows on land and not in water. Is it possible to sow the seeds of this lotus in your house and help it bloom? No it will not grow there. Each region and land has its deep import.

Himalaya Mountains have their own importance. All great Rishis resided there. Initially heaven too was over here. It is the sacred land of Rishis. It is a land full of great qualities and potential. Even I was called there to undergo austerities. Today I am residing in the Saptasarovar region where Shantikunj has been built. The divine Himalayas have their own importance. River Ganges over there too has its deep import. River Ganges has collected in her being all sorts of spiritual energies. These energies dwell not merely in her waters but wherever she flows the environment possesses special qualities. That land of 7 Rishis where the 7 Rishis had performed intense penance can be seen even today in the sky. The land of 7 Rishis called Saptarshis is situated over here on which we have built our Shantikunj Ashram (hermitage). On the banks of River Ganges there are many spots where sometimes a lion and cow would drink water together without any enmity. There exist such places fully imbued with Prana Energy and Siddha Purushas or self realized saints too reside here. I have come to such a region. By coming here in order to help your sentiments remember divinity I have constructed a temple of Divine Himalaya Mountains. Nowhere else can you see such a temple of Himalaya Mountains. People have no doubt built temples of various gods/goddesses but only here you can see the temple of Himalayas. This is the land of Saptarshis or Great 7 Rishis. Can you show me another place of 7 Rishis? There is no other place of theirs apart from this where today is established Shantikunj, the HQ of All World Gayatri Family. Previously River Ganges flowed past this region. Since this land has been filled up hence in the area of Shantikunj water that used to flow since thousands of years has not stopped flowing now. That stream is yet flowing. For that in the opposite area paths have been built.

What exactly is this Himalaya Temple? Why was this image made? Images have their own importance. Eklavya of yore had made an image of his teacher Dronacharya. Lord Rama had made an image of Lord Shankar. When Lord Rama was in forest exile and was roaming in the jungles in deep grief after his consort Sita was kidnapped at that time when he felt the need of an image he established Rameshwar Shankars Temple. All this are symbols just as the tricolor flag of India represents our nation. Even communists have their flag. People say they do not believe in images and symbols. Why is this so? Come let us uproot their flag and throw it away and then see what happens. Say, do not Muslims believe in images and symbols? In Mecca-Medina they have an image which is the Kabah and they even kiss it. There was never a temple built of Divine Himalaya Mountains. India lacked it. I have fulfilled that lack. This is so that from the standpoint of spiritual practices if someone wishes to come here they can do so and accrue important benefits. This is why I have built it. In apt places apt tasks are carried out. In Himalayas many Rishis dwell and every Rishi who has come here has arrived from Himalayas. In order to help all remember these great Rishis I have tried my level best that if not all the tasks they have executed at least some of those if executed by us shall be for our good. I have done exactly this.

Vyasji had written 18 Puranas. He had written Darshan or philosophy scriptures too. No doubt I have not been able to write Puranas and Darshan yet I have translated them. I have translated the Vedas. All those tasks executed by Vyasji, I too have followed suit and when you all come here to Shantikunj you shall its signs over here. Maharshi Patanjali by residing in Guptakashi had undergone Yoga Spiritual Practice. When you all come here you will see that Kalpa Sadhana Camp organized here along with other camps and all those other Yoga practices, Pranayama techniques taught to all have been done by myself too and are being taught to you all too. In ancient times Rishi Yajnavalkya held a prime spot. He had researched into Yajna Science. How can Yajnas cure bodily and mental afflictions/diseases and via Yajnas how can earth be rendered pollution free? Many such scientific aspects were given due importance. People had forgotten the scientific basis of Yajnas. They performed Yajna rites merely to spread fragrance everywhere. We have again rejuvenated them by conducting research on the lines followed by Yajnavalkya Rishi. Something similar to this I have made efforts to continue this tradition in Shantikunj.

Vishwamitra was a Rishi. He was the Drashta or seer of Super Mantra Gayatri. The deity of this Mantra that we chant daily is Savita and Rishi is Vishwamitra. The poetic meter or Cchand is Gayatri. Vishwamitra was a master of this Mantra. Even here we have reinstated an image of his. In Shantikunj we have built a Gayatri Temple. I too have performed Gayatri Purashcharan. I look upon Vishwamitra too as my Guru. Do not be surprised at all if my Guru who resides in Himalayas is Vishwamitra himself. You must have heard the name of Bhagiratha. He had done austerities in Himalaya Mountains and with the power of penance he managed to get River Ganges of heaven to earth. When Ganga started her journey to earth Bhagiratha seeing her speedy force thought that it was beyond his control. Gangaji also said that when I land on earth a gigantic crater will be created. Hence by calling me from heaven how shall you manage to hold me? At that time Bhagiratha approached Lord Shankar for help. Lord Shankar spread out his mat locks (hair). Thus when Ganges arrived from heaven at first she got entangled in Lord Shankars matted hair and then slowly landed on earth. Bhagiratha was walking in front and hence River Ganges was called Bhagirathi. Do you know all this? Today Bhagiratha is not present yet the place where he performed penance yet exists. Near Gangotri in the Himalayas is a place called Gaurikund. Near it is a big rock which is called Bhagirath Shila. Seated on this rock, Bhagirath performed austerities. Even I too seated on this rock executed an Anushthan for 1 year. I too brought the Ganges of Divine Wisdom. This is the Rishi tradition. I have tried to tread that very path on which great Rishis of yore walked on. It is because of them that Himalayas have attained glory else say, what special quality do these mountains possess? There exist other mountains in the world that are taller than Himalayas. Is there any lack of mountains in the entire world? In Uttarakhand (India) there are 4 Dhams or major pilgrim spots and hence Himalayas have attained world renown. In it dwell 5 Prayags or confluences of various rivers too. There are 5 lakes too. All those important spots of entire India, all pilgrim spots are focused at one region. My efforts too are of this kind.

You must have heard of Lord Parshuram. Lord Shankar had given him an axe as gift. With this axe Lord Parshuram chopped off the heads of people. The heads of all those who had vile intellects and full of wickedness was chopped off by him 21 times and thrown away. What exactly is the meaning of chopping heads? I feel it is impossible for great Rishis to physically chop off others heads. This episode in fact is quite symbolic. Definitely he must have transformed peoples wayward intellects. Today via a Thought Revolution I too am endeavoring to transform peoples brains just as Lord Parshuram did with his axe. I do not possess an axe but I do have paper and pen with whose aid I am ceaselessly trying to transform everyones intellect for the better. Lord Parshuramji had brought River Yamuna too along with his axe. I too have carried out tasks performed by him.

Almost all Rishis have resided in Uttarakhand. Rishis by dwelling in this sacred region performed austerities so as to properly protect spiritual energies. Hence they chose this region. Even I too preferred this place. Haridwar is that spot from where Himalayas originate. I too dwell in this region so that it is not difficult for you all to come here and thus we can meet. It is difficult to climb to higher regions. Over there snow falls, where it is very cold, where there is no place to eat/drink and thus it is difficult for you to journey there. Hence I thought it wise to dwell in Haridwar. Over here commence the chain of Himalaya Mountains. Over here in the River Ganges previously none threw dirt and garbage in it and no gutters opened into it. Hence I thought Haridwar is best suited as residence for me.

Do you know Charak Rishi? He existed in ancient times. He had researched into medicines and natural herbal remedies. His place is near Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) where there is a Gurudwara of Sikhs. Near Kedarnath is a valley of flowers which was very dear to Charak Rishi. Today because of a lot of plucking and uprooting all herbal plants/trees have been destroyed. Even the valley of flowers does not exist and yet if you desire to see a valley of flowers go to Tapovan that lies ahead of Gomukh where nearby is Nandanvan region. Tapovan and Nandanvan are such areas where rare flowers bloom. It possesses the rare lotus flower called Brahmakamal too. You will be able to see it. I too have walked the path of Charak Rishi. In order to correctly unearth forest herbs by chanting ancient verses associated with these herbs and in order to find out if they are true or not we have established a Brahmavarchas Research Institute in Haridwar. Thus I have tried out research studies using both ancient and modern scientific techniques.

In Uttar Kashi (Uttarakhand) there is a dark forest or Aranyak? What exactly is an Aranyak? It is that where people having become Vanaprasthas yearn to do social service. Gurukuls are meant for small children and students. Over there were Aranyaks only but over here I have tried to run both Aranyak and Gurukul. Over here there is a special school for children. You will rarely find a school for children like this in entire India. In order to train preachers and volunteers for social service I have established an Aranyak. Lord Buddha too trained preachers and volunteers for service in Nalanda and Takshashila. We too train our volunteers in music, giving discourses, social service, medical therapy and all types of training courses. Over here is an Ashram or hermitage of Jamadagni Rishi. You must have heard about Naradji. Via music he spread the message of devotion to God or Bhakti and right from India to the entire world he traveled a lot. Whenever he so desired he went to Almighty Lords divine abode. Where was Naradjis residence? He had executed penance in Vishnu Prayag region. Although I cannot take you all there yet I have endeavored to give many training in music akin to Naradji because in todays era music is very important in educating the masses. In rural areas where literacy is very poor it is difficult to educate villagers without using music as a medium. So I have made necessary arrangements for them too.

You must have definitely heard the name of Vasishthaji. He had combined both politics and true religion. He resided in the court of King Dashrath. He performed righteous/religious tasks and also oversaw political tasks. Even my life to a great extent has been rendered akin to this. For about three and three fourths years I resided in prison. Day and night between the years 1920 to 1942 i.e. 22 years I was involved in politics and endeavored hard to raise peoples social stature and drive away British rulers from India. I have worked for Indias freedom struggle. Lord Vasishtha too carried out such tasks. Later he asked Lord Rama, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna to accompany him. You all too can come here. Did Adi Shankaracharya have chi ldren of his own? Lord Ramas fathers name was certainly not Vasishthaji. His father was Dashrath. You all too are our children. Just as accompanied by 4 youngsters in the form of Lord Rama, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna had arrived and had told them how to combine optimally true religion and politics in the same way I too shall try to teach you how to combine true religion and politics and also correlate modern science with spirituality.

You must all have heard of Adi Shankaracharya who had built the 4 chief Dhams or pilgrim spots in India? Where exactly are located these 4 pilgrim spots? They are in Rameshwaram, Dwarka, Badrinath and Jagganath Puri. In all 4 pilgrim spots he established 4 Mathas or hermitages. He himself dwelt in Jyotirmatha. Over here in the vicinity was a mulberry tree. Below it was his cave. He resided in this cave. Dwelling here he wrote many books and performed austerities too. Over here he had made plans to construct the 4 Dhams or pilgrim spots. After speaking to Mandhata he commenced this task from there itself. Even I too seated here built 24 Dhams of Gayatri. You must have heard of Pipplad Rishi. He too resided here in Himalayas near Lakshman Jhula. He spent his life eating fruit of the Pippal tree because he was aware that our mind takes the shape as per what we eat. If we wish to render our psyche wholesome first you must commence eating wholesome food. Wholesome food means eating that food earned by ethical means and not via crime, illegal transactions etc. We must eat food for which we have made intense efforts and perspired a lot. In those times Pippal trees were many in number. Hence there were many Pippal fruits too. Pipplad Rishi would pluck these fruits and eat them. My food intake too was of this kind. Do you know that for so many years I ate Rotis (Indian bread) of barley seeds? Even today I do not eat much food.

The stories of Suta and Shaunak Rishi are world famous. Where did they live? Where exactly in Himalayas? They resided in Rishikesh. Over here they recited discourses on Puranas or Indian Mythology. Shaunakji would ask questions relating to them and Sutaji would give befitting answers. There are 18 Puranas of ancient times. I have written a new Prajna Purana. One part of it has recently been published. I am yet writing the other 3 parts but yet they will be published by the end of this year. Instead of 18 Puranas you may get them in the form of publication of 18 parts. In it I have given all tasks executed by great Rishis. Like Rishis I have tried to make all this. Once there was a king called Harshavardhan who seated on the River Ganges shore at Har Ki Pairi (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) donated all that he possessed. With the help of this donation the Takshashila University was built. I certainly am no King Harshavardhan but whatever I possessed I gave it away. That tradition of total sacrifice of Harshavardhan was near Har Ki Pairi. I brought it to Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family) and reinstated it there. Kanad Rishi labored hard to correlate science and spirituality. He had researched a lot into the nature and form of the atom. Even our Brahmavarchas Research Institute is endeavoring to study the correlation between modern science and ancient spirituality. Whatever you see here is nothing but Rishi Tradition and I have rendered it alive and kicking.

I guess you must have heard about Lord Buddha. Time and again his disciples would perform spiritual practices for the moving of the Wheel of Religion along with executing mediation. Where did they dwell? Was it nearby Lord Buddha? No, they did not live in Buddhas presence. They resided in Nalanda and Takshashila. Many of them resided in the Himalayas. I have rendered Buddhas tradition permanent. Over here initially there were 2 Universities but today Shantikunj alone has become rare in its own way. For moving the Wheel of Religion, in order to mobilize the Wheel of Prajna or Divine Intellect you shall witness various methods akin to those of Lord Buddha in Shantikunj itself. This too is a center of Himalayan activities. In these very Himalayas Arya Bhatta had performed penance. He had researched into astrology science and that of stars/planets to find out how they moved about and what kind of influence it send to planet earth. All these scientific data was unearthed by Arya Bhatta from Himalaya Mountains. Whenever you all come to Shantikunj you will not that over here too we are trying to carry out such tasks. From here we publish a Panchang or Indian Almanac. From only here a Panchang is published that is based on 9 planets unfolded before and 3 new ones unearthed recently and nowhere else one will find it. Nagarjuna was a scholar of chemistry. He had researched into various chemicals. Even here we too research into various medicines and chemicals. We are conducting new research into Kayakalpa (medical process for rejuvenating the body and rendering it youthful) using various herbs.

Shringi Rishi was a master of Mantra Science. He was the son of Lomarsh Rishi. He had cursed King Parikshit saying he would be bitten by a serpent on the 7 th day henceforth and actually Parikshit died in 7 days due to a snake bite. King Dashrath was childless hence he opined that Shringi Rishi was most capable of carrying out the Putreshti Yajna which could help the king sire children. The Rishi was a Brahmachari observing sexual celibacy and a noted master of the Science of Mantras. As a result of this mastery King Dashrath could sire 4 sons. All this was the wisdom of Mantras possessed by Shringi Rishi. He too resided in the Himalayas. I too am making efforts in the fields of Mantra Science and Gayatri. In both Navratris (9 nights) I help people execute Anushthans. Those devotees who arrive at this important hour perform Gayatri Anushthan. Where exactly is Mount Kailash? It is in Himalayas. This is indeed heaven. Himalayas is not merely the holy abode of great Rishis but that here demigods too dwell. It is also called heaven. First and foremost world creation commenced from here. As per world history human beings were first born here. Even I have said that heaven does not exist somewhere in the sky but that if it exists on land it will only be found in Mount Kailash of Divine Himalayas. Tapovan and Manasarovar (lake) too is here. My Gurudevas residence too is in Kailash which is slightly ahead of Gomukh. Of course the Kailash in Tibet is separate from this one. Today Tibetan Kailash is in the hands of China. How can we say that China snatched away Lord Shankar but the Mount Kailash we are talking about is near Gomukh. Hence it is heaven too. What exactly are the Himalayas? It is heaven. When Pandavas reached there to ascend heaven they arrived in Himalayas. Ahead of Badrinath in Vasodhara and ahead of the latter is a mountain and is the spot of ascension to heaven or Swargarohan by Pandavas. The Sumeru Mountain too is here where resided, all demigods. This was a mountain made of gold. I have photographs of them. When I had journeyed there I had brought these photographs. At dawn and dusk one can see a golden shadow. Dhruva as a boy had performed austerities over here. Lord Shri Krishna had traveled to Badrinath to do penance. Both Krishna and Rukmini performed austerities there. After this penance they sired a son like Pradyumna.

You must have all heard the story of Rishi Valmiki and Sita (Lord Ramas wife). When Lord Rama sent Sita in exile to the forest she resided in Valmikis hermitage and there gave birth to 2 such boys called Luv and Kush who were ready to combat Lord Rama, Lakshmanji and Hanumanji. Have you heard of the lady Shakuntala? Have you heard of Chakravarti Emperor Bharat as a result of which India was called Bharat? Who was Shakuntala? She was the daughter of Rishi Kanva. Her son Bharat was born and nurtured near a region called Kotdwar in Himalayas. After gathering all these special qualities of the glorious Himalayas I have constructed its temple. If you wish to see where all these things are you may come to Shantikunj for the same. I have also published a small colored book where I endeavored to depict all these regions of Himalayas. There are 5 Prayags (confluence of rivers) and 5 Kashis. There are 5 lakes. There are 4 Dhams or pilgrim spots in Himalayas. Which are these? They are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri. These are called 4 Dhams. All these sacred regions are in Himalayas. I have constructed its temple that will help you develop a bond with Himalayas. When you start climbing a ladder you carefully place your foot on the 1 st step and it is considered very important. It is called threshold. Hence this region is called Haridwar. From here commences the road leading to the mountains. Over here Parvatiji had performed austerities. Over here rests the Bilvakeshwar Temple. There Parvatiji had done penance and very nearby her marriage had taken place. In her previous life Parvatiji was Sati and over here in the region belonging to Daksha Prajapati she was born and had become Sati (burnt her body in the Fire of Yoga). Daksha was a scientist. His head was chopped off. Mahadevji was displeased with Daksha and that spot exists here. This Divine Himalaya verily is grand.

For my entire lifetime I have come here and I shall die over here only yet I pray to you all that you must remain in contact with this sacred region. During my lifetime in order to recharge my battery (soul power) my Guru had called me thrice for 1 year at a time. When a cars battery weakens it has to be recharged so that it can work as efficiently as it had done previously. Hence my Guru had called me. At present I am here. Via this discourse I am giving you all an invitation. Whenever you get a chance for going on a pilgrimage, do try to journey here to Shantikunj in which dwells the entire Rishi tradition. Over here I have gathered all specialties of the Himalayas. Whenever it is your birthday, marriage anniversary etc. try and come here and in order to give your children 16 Sanskar rites do travel here. People always look out for sacred spots to bestow the 16 Sanskar rituals on their children. For that people go to temples of goddesses or some other temples. You all can come here too for the same. Over here near Badrinath is a spot called Brahmakapal. Over there people offer worship rites called Tarpan to departed ancestors. If you so wish, you can carry it out here in Haridwar. Where is that place? What does it look like? I do not wish to say anything about it yet our place is very beautiful. Those devotees who arrive here for Navratri perform an Anushthan. This is the sacred land of Anushthans. We have made all arrangements for teaching and training too. If you wish to learn that which Guruji himself learnt we have made arrangements for both a 10 day and I month camp. By conjoining to this you too can learn a lot. Ganeshji after writing the name of Lord Rama had circumambulated him in reverence as a result of which Ganeshji attained the meritorious fruits of circumambulating the entire world. Similar is this tiny spot which you must circumambulate. In return for circumambulating the name of Lord Rama Ganeshji attained the 1 st spot. It was not possible for him to actually circumambulate the entire world seated on his vehicle, the mouse. Hence he used the power of discrimination/Vivek and circumambulated Lord Ramas name. This is a small pilgrim spot of Gayatri. This tiny Shantikunj is full of special qualities. Maybe I shall not live longer much. I may not be physically alive by the year 2000 AD yet I will be alive in the form of my subtle invisible body (Sookshma Sharir). Over here my inspiration shall continue unobstructed and like at all times you all shall accrue great benefits. Shantikunj indeed is exotic and grand. There are 24 Rishis of 24 Gayatri and the gist of these 24 Rishis resides here. You can have a clear glimpse of all activities of these 24 Rishis along with their holy tradition. Amongst all pilgrim spots this one is such that if you come here for worship/meditation then akin to Nagpurs oranges and Mumbai citys bananas you can reap rich fruits and benefits. You can attain all these sacred fruits. I have built this pilgrim spot called Shantikunj for all of you. My Guru called me to the Himalayas and there made me do penance. I will pull you all here so that you continue coming here to Shantikunj. At least try and come here once in a year. Whatever expenses accrue regarding traveling here to Shantikunj, the time that you use and whatever else you have to sacrifice, know for sure it will reap rich dividends in return and will never go in vain. You will never feel that by coming to Shantikunj I have made a mistake and that you have wasted both your time and money. Instead you will feel very happy about making the right choice of making a pilgrimage to the grand sacred spot of Shantikunj.




As per modern history right since childhood we are taught that our ancestors were semi civilized Aryans and they resided in Central Asia. From the North West Frontier they entered India. At that time over here for more than 1000 years an Indus Valley Civilization bloomed forth whose residents were chiefly Dravids. The attacking Aryan Race crushed this civilization and pushed the Dravids to southern India. Then within a few centuries these Aryans created the Vedas, spread their culture in entire India and authored the grat civilization of Ganges.

There is no concrete proof which tells us that our ancestors were Berber, barbaric and uncivilized who had come from abroad. In fact European rulers, missionaries and historians harboring enmity towards India planned this illusory scam. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee while warning us all regarding this illusory mesh and who gave us the Mantra of attaining freedom from alien rule told his countrymen that I must warn you all with very harsh words because European scholars are hell bent on proving to you that Indian history is tainted. They wish to erase all your pride and patriotism for India and want to lead you astray. Even today it is not out of turn to remind ourselves of foreigners aspiring to erase our sense of glory towards India.

The bare fact is that there is no concrete proof that Aryans were aliens who attacked India. This thought palace built on falsehood has been razed to the ground by data unfolded by researchers of truth and facts today. It was at first Swami Dayananda Saraswati who vehemently challenged the opinion that Aryans were foreign invaders and not citizens of India. Swamiji made it clear that the word Arya mentioned in the Vedas does not connote any particular race but that it is an ethical inner quality.

After this Swami Vivekananda too with his divine energy introduced the pride and glory of India to his fellow countrymen. He not only possessed experiential wisdom of Indian literature but that he had deeply studied western history and religion. It did not take him long to decipher the vile designs of westerners as far as Aryans are concerned. That is why in a speech delivered in America Swamiji mockingly said: Your western scholars talk of Aryans arriving in the alien land of India and by snatching away the land of aborigines dwelling there and pushing them away they themselves started residing there. All this is but pure humbug and foolish childish imaginations. It is very surprising that even our Indian scholars accept this observation in a blind fashion. Swamiji was pained to note that such terrible lies are taught to our Indian children.

Further ahead Shri Aurobindo Ghosh in his book Secret of the Vedas has alerted and cautioned Indian citizens of the unfortunate beliefs of European scholars regarding Vedas. He opines that they do not have any proof for the belief that Aryans had invaded India from the North-West region. According to Shri Aurobindo there is no such proof in the Vedas. Also the differences demarcated between Aryans and Dravids too is deluded and illusory. After studying Tamil deeply he found a deep bond between Tamil and Sanskrit languages and found that both these were branches of a primordial language that is no more.

Ten years after Shri Aurobindo the mathematician and language scholar R Swaminarayan Iyer on the basis of profound studies in Tamil concluded that there is a deep relationship between Tamil and Sanskrit languages. According to him Dravid based verbs were of Indo-Aryan origin which as time lapsed by became quite distorted and became very difficult to identify. South Indias language scholar and mathematician N S Rajaram opines based on his research studies that Dravid languages possess fair bit of similarity with Sanskrit language. In a certain sense Dravid languages have kept its ancient Sanskrit nature more secure when compared to North Indian languages like Hindi.

The father of Indias constitution Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar after studying Vedas studiously concluded that the belief of Aryans invading India has no concrete evidence to prove it. This principle is based on past imaginations wherein facts were twisted in a big way to prove their erroneous belief. In Vedas nowhere has been mentioned a separate Aryan race. In it there is no proof that Aryan race had invaded India. There is no evidence of Aryans gaining victory on Indian origin aborigines and that there was never a racial difference between Aryans and Dravids. There is no mention of skin color difference too. If Anthropology is a science that unfolds the caste of people of world society its research proves that both Brahmins and Shudras labeled untouchables originate from one single race. If Brahmins are Aryans it follows suit that Shudras too are Aryans. If Brahmins are Dravids, untouchables too are Dravids.

Neither in Vedas nor texts of alien lands possess proof that Aryan race had their own region outside India. In reality all regions with reference to Aryans like Saptasindhu, Aryavarta, Bharatvarsha etc exist in India itself. In Ramayan, Mahabharat and Purana texts there is a mention of a high statured well developed civilization in India itself that existed for many thousands of years.

A renowned author Bhagwan S Gidwani in his book Return of the Aryans has challenged this historical faith that Aryans of European origin after entering India from the North-West destroyed the Harappa or Indus Valley Civilization. Mr. Gidwani came to this conclusion after studying the well known songs and proofs of archaeology and history for many eras pertaining to Aryans amongst people of about 20 countries of India, Europe and Asia. He has strong faith that Aryans are actually original resident of India.

In 1920-22 digging by Indias Archeology Department in Harappa and Mohenjodaro area has thrown a lot of light on this subject. After many years in other regions too such spots were found which throws light not only on the all pervasive nature of this civilization but also on its well developed nature. This was called the Indus Valley Civilization but as per later research conducted this civilization chiefly resided on the banks of Saraswati River. Hence it is more befitting that it be called the Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization. This continued to exist from 3500-1900 BC. Up till now as per research conducted in 1500 regions this was much more widespread than previously thought of. This civilization had spread out to Irans border in the West, in North up to Kashmir and ahead of Hindukush Mountain in Turkmania, Baiktriya, Tajikistans foot regions of Pamir Mountains and to the south near Godavri River and in east much ahead of New Delhi it covered an area of 2 million sq km. This civilization was much more gigantic than its contemporary civilization in Egypt or Mesopotamia. Doubtlessly, it was one of the greatest civilizations witnessed in world history.

From all archeological research conducted in the Sindhu-Saraswati region no such proof has come by that says that Aryans had arrived from outside India. It is certainly not proved by the vessels, weapons, writings, art, images etc found here. In fact bang opposite to this civilization has been proved to have a Vedic nature.

In Rigaveda not only one finds a description of ships in the sea but there is also mention of cities along with business and industry which is very similar to that of Sindhu-Saraswati civilization and that it had no relationship with the Berber race of Central Asia. The most special aspect of this civilization was its city development and management whose high stature was seen in Europe after 2000 years lapsed by. It had trade links with alien countries like Oman, Bahrain and Sumer. Its lothal got the glory of being the worlds first dockyard and tidal lock.

The coins found here tell us that the religious traditions of this civilization had Vedic leanings. The images of gods/goddesses can be seen seated in Yoga Mudras. Proof of Vedic culture in it can be found on noting that they worshiped fire, meditated on Shakti along with unveiling of images of Nandi, Pashupati and Shiva. Proof that they carried out Yoga practices comes from images of Yogis sitting in meditation and making use of various Mudras. The mysterious Sindhu handwriting script had a bond with Sanskrit language can be proved from various coins dug up from there.

In its widespread form the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization was Vedic in nature whose cultural foundation is conjoined to the Vedas. From the clay of 6000 years nothing has been dug up which proves that this civilization was different from Vedic civilization that is in the form of Hindu religion today. One who vehemently believed that Aryans invaded India, John Marshall too in the book Mohenjodaro and the Hindu Civilization has been forced to say that the religion of Indus Valley people so similar to India that in no way today it can be looked upon as separate from Hindu religion. The civilizations of both Mohenjodaro and Harappa are not primordial ones but are well mature ones behind which lies the intense labor of humans for thousands of years at a stretch.

The chief river of Sindhu-Saraswati civilization that is River Saraswati may no longer exist today yet it did exist in ancient times based on proof unearthed from archeological surveys. Via satellite photography this has been proved correct. At the feet of Himalayas it flowed in the Shivalik Mountains. Near Ambala in Punjab it touched the plains. It flowed by the side of the Sindhu River first going to the dessert of Rajasthan, then going to the Kutch dessert area of Gujrat and then merging into the Arabian sea. This was a wide river spanning 3 x 10 km. At one point in time even the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers were its branches. This flow which ended in 10000 BC in the Ice Age was full of brimming waters due to the melting of Himalayan glaciers and ice rocks. After detailed research studies it has been found that River Saraswati many a time changed the direction of its flow due to excess flooding and earthquakes as a result of which Sutlej River starting running towards the Sindhu River and Yamuna started flowing towards the east. From direct proof available it is clear that in between for many centuries the land remained arid as a result of which River Saraswati was partitioned into many branches and by 2000 BC it completely dried up.

In the Vedic Era this was the central region of activities, austerities and spiritual practices of Rishi-Munis (Aryans). In the era of Rigaveda it flowed with full force. Aryans resided on its bank and after getting glorified with its boons and sacred gifts they eulogized River Saraswati. In Rigaveda (2-41/16) it is eulogized as a Supreme Mother and Supreme River.

From Rigaveda, epic Mahabharat and other Puranas the knowledge of the state of this river can be unveiled from pilgrim spots found on its shores. In the Rigaveda it is written that this great river flows from the mountains to the ocean. In Mahabharat it has been written that this river dried up in a dessert. The opinion of Aryans as foreign invaders depicts that all these texts came into existence after 1000 BC which means that it talks of 1000 years post Saraswati River drying up which is totally baseless.

Archeologists have unearthed 700 spots of different shapes of its dried up bed whereas on the banks of Sindhu River only 100 such spots were found. On this basis too it is fully justified too look upon life giving River Saraswati as the chief region of this civilization. These many spots prove one more thing. The existence of houses in the middle of this dried river proves that River Saraswati had commenced drying up before 3000 BC whereas it flowed in full throttle during Rigaveda era. During a terrible famine around 1200-1900 BC River Saraswati was rendered naught. Due to this many other regions too were hampered. The Sumer civilization of Mesopotamia too got destroyed as a result. As soon as Sindhu-Saraswati civilization got destroyed its indwellers at first headed towards the new flow of River Yamuna and then came to River Ganges. Over here they established a new civilization which we all have inherited on the basis of which we can with pride say our original ancestors were Aryans who were Indians. It was they who rendered India more sacred than heaven too.



Ordinarily Sidhis have the capacity to fulfill any desire yet in the arenas of spirituality and parapsychology its meaning is more widespread and profound. Over here it is synonymous with the potential to give positive results with reference to extraordinary and wondrous feats. The experiences of lay public in comparison to this are pygmy-like and the dry arguments put forth by intellectuals too turn helpless. For example, without taking help of astrology or other props it is well nigh impossible for ordinary folks to foresee the future of others, without help of any means manifesting desirable objects, without use of medicines curing virtually incurable diseases etc and hence can be demarcated as Sidhis (Divine Powers) and those possessing Sidhis are called Sidhhas or self realized saints.

In ancient times our Rishis possessed innumerable Sidhis. Yet as time lapsed by these Sidhis were no longer witnessed. In the present era too such saints with Sidhis have appeared in this world who time and again by proving the existence of extraordinary divine potentials gave a new basis to modern scientists to think about it deeply and act accordingly. Thus all those clouds of atheism regarding existence of Divine Powers were rent asunder. Even today in the inaccessible regions of Himalaya Mountains (India) one can find divine hermitages and spots of intense austerities where such Sidhas and saints are immersed in penance and for them Divine Powers are very easy to manifest.

Kalapgram, situated in Himalayas as described in Puranas is such a divine hermitage where thousands of Sidha Yogis roam about in their subtle/astral bodies and are immersed in spiritual practices. This Ashram or hermitage is situated ahead of Manasarvar Lake and Mount Kailash and is impossible to see with the gross physical eyes. It is only that person blessed with divine subtle vision who can see it. This area stretching out for miles together is rarer than the rarest. It is totally free from the limitations of seasons, time and atmosphere. Over here one is just not affected by heat and cold. As time moves on so many times the world was created and later annihilated yet this hermitage is situated rock hard and its residents dwell beyond the bondage of time and space.

As per the opinion of well experienced personages Vedic Eras Vasishtha, Vishwamitra, atri, Kanad, Pulastya Rishis even today can be seen to dwell there in an embodied form. In this region that is Sidha great Yogis like Mahayogi Gorakhnath, Jagadguru Shankaracharya etc. can be seen to move about. Apart from these many unknown Yogis too perform spiritual practices here. There are some Yogis who are immersed in Samadhi or trance for thousands of years. Not only Yogis, sages and ascetics but even female Yoginis and women ascetics can be seen moving about in this Kalapgram hermitage. Over here there exist no negative tendencies like fraud, hatred, enmity etc but that in the arena of spiritual practices everyone is blissfully immersed in unearthing uplifted natures mysteries.

As per the opinion of experienced devotees over here, lies a Sidha Yoga Lake which by itself is divine, grand and one without a second. The water of this nature created lake spanning miles long flows continuously and is pure, clean and crystal clear. This water from the standpoint of coolness and sacredness is extraordinary. By touching this water the entire body is rendered divine, sacred and extraordinary. One special quality of this water is that by bathing in it old age and diseases are overcome by themselves. On the banks of Sidha Yoga Lake boats made of crystal bob up and down seated in which any Yogi or devotee can roam in the lake waters. The entire region is covered with fragrant flowers. The entire ground is covered with muslin soft green grass. Innumerable varieties of flowers bloom here. These are always healthy, fresh and full of heavenly fragrance. Seated under the Kalpavriksha or Wish Fulfilling Trees of this area devotees can fulfill any of their desires immediately.

Many great ascetics/Sanyasis and Yogis of India have traveled to Sidhashram. Swami Akhileshwaranandji was such a great self realized saint who has had experience of this divine land. A detailed description of miraculous feats and Sidhis of these has been enumerated by him in his book Himalaya ke Mahayogiyon ki Gupta Sidhiyan. Amongst these 12 Sidhis worth noting are as follows:

1) Parkaya pravesh sidhi

2) Akashgaman sidhi

3) Jalgaman sidhi

4) Hadi science via which without eating food one can live long for thousands of years

5) Kadi science via which a Yogi or devotee can sustain his existence under any situation. They are just not affected by heat, cold, rains, fire, snowfall etc.

6) Kal sidhi via which one can see incidents or moments that have occurred thousands of years previously. Along with this future events that will take place thousands of years henceforth too can be visualized. In it where and what shall take place is unveiled.

7) Sanjivani science which was known only to Shukracharya and other few Rishis. Via this Sidhi a dead person can be brought back to life.

8) Icchamrityu via which one cam master death and if a devotee so desires he/she can live for thousands of years to come and die only when he/she wishes to do so.

9) Kayakalpa sidhi via which total bodily transformation is undergone wherein an old or diseased person becomes youthful and regains sound health.

10) Lokgaman sidi via which not only on planet earth but one can travel to any other Lokas or worlds. It is like we traveling from one place to another by car. Via this Sidhi one can travel to various worlds called Bhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha, Satya, Chandra, Surya, Patal and Vayu and meet their respective denizens. One can also learn their supreme sciences.

11) Shunya sadhana sidhi via which one can derive anything from Prakriti or nature. From Shunya or void one can by attaining food items, objects, precious diamonds and jewelry etc one can procure desired success and wealth.

12) Surya vijnan sidhi via which one material can be transformed and converted to material of another different variety.

Solar Science or Surya Sidhant is an important principle put forth by Maharshi Patanjali. It was he who had first elaborated and gave clarifications regarding this. Later his students named Sudhanva, Priyanku Dedetva etc researched further into it. In contemporary times too great personages like Nimish, Chaitanya, Lahiri, Virochan, Swami Vishudhananda etc have mastered Solar Science.

In his Sutras or aphorisms Maharsh Patanjali has clarified that present within solar light are multicolored rays whose combined form are white and can be called a sanctifying element. The white rays of the sun can by caught only using a 24 cornered crystal. Every corner of this crystal is circular with reference to each other. When solar rays fall on this crystal lens they become focused. These focused rays go from one circular corner to another in a single flow and when it reaches the 24 th circular corner it is rendered totally white in color and this ray on falling on any material can convert/transform it to any other different desired form. In this manner an ordinary stone can get converted to precious diamond. The specialist of Solar Science knows which material of nature has how many circular corners. Swami Akhileshwaranandji while performing this application would exhibit to his disciples in 2 minutes flat the conversion of stone to diamond.

The western thinker and researcher Paul Brunton in his book A Search in Secret India has spoken about the great Yogi Swami Vishudhananda who had mastered Surya Vijnan or Secret Science of Solar Rays. As a result of this wisdom he possessed innumerable Sidhis or Divine Powers. While talking about Maharshi Patanjalis Jayantar Parinam or the art of converting one type of object into another one, he had detailed its scientific basis.

According to him everywhere in this world objects are present as eternal existence yet all of them are not necessarily in their manifest visible form. Whichever materials measure is more developed and manifests more, can become visible to our eyes. For example a piece of iron is not merely a piece but that all other types of materials dwell in it albeit in an invisible potential form. In it even gold element exists but is very subtle and invisible. Yet if this latent state of it is activated and its measure is augmented its iron aspect diminishes and since the latent state of gold in it is activated the iron piece gets converted to gold.

In reality neither in the above case iron was destroyed nor was gold newly created. Both were present before and are there in the now too. The difference only is in the measure of its manifestation and denseness. After understanding the action skill and apt mystery of this difference between visible and invisible at any place and any material can be manifested. This then is the mystery/secret behind the conversion or transformation of the existence of materials via the medium of Yoga Energy/Shakti. This can also be executed with the help of Solar Science or Surya Vijnan.

Where on the one hand via Solar Science it is possible to convert one type of material into another type, this can be done via Yoga Power too without taking help of any external apparatus like crystal prism etc. While talking about Yoga Power Swami Alkhileshwarananda writes in his book Himalaya ke Yogiyon ki Gupta Sidhiyan that externally the sun shines brightly. And within us all too dwells a sun that millions of times more brilliant and hot than the material sun we see in the sky but unfortunately the light and heat of the sun in our inner being dwells in a scattered unfocused manner. Via the medium of Yoga practices by focusing this light and heat within via the medium of our eyes by throwing its influence on that particular material it can be converted to another type of desired material.

In the same way this book mentions Parkaya Pravesh or subtly entering anothers body, overcoming deadly diseases and warding off death too. Similar is a special action called travel on the Shunya (void) path wherein within a flash of a moment one can travel to far off places carrying as much luggage as one wants. While unfolding the profound mystery of this process he says that by controlling the entire body Ida and Pingala Yogic subtle nerves have to be harmonized. As soon as this happens the entire body becomes even lighter in weight than air and thus can move with that speed unimaginable by the human mind.

In this manner the world of Divine Powers of Yogis of Himalayas is verily mind boggling and rare which cannot be trusted in an immediate way because on an average it becomes a topic of superficial curiosity and wonder. And yet despite this manifestation of true facts/proof regarding this time and again places its stamp of authority on the existence of such Sidhis. No doubt due to the hype spread around these Divine Powers that aspect which is ignored is spiritual practice conjoined to them inseparably. Along with spiritual practices step by step Divine Powers definitely start manifesting yet by looking upon them as obstructions on the way to attain the supreme spiritual goal of life we are directed by great Gurus and Self Realized Masters to save ourselves. During very mature stages of spiritual practice Sidhis are not a topic of superficial curiosity for realized saints and adept Yogis but in fact these Sidhis become their aides and servants. These great saints make use of Divine Powers only for world welfare tasks. Whatever maybe the case, the boundless potential of Spiritual Sciences forces us all to accept the existence of Sidhis or Divine Powers.



Himalayas is such a divine world which despite existing on planet earth is an area of travel of demigods. The residents of all planets and worlds naturally travel here. There is no limit to the mysteries and amazement of this region. Over here in every iota of this place is spread out the mind boggling Lilas or divine sports of subtly embodied Rishi-Munis and Sidhas who can remain human humanly embodied for thousands of years. It was in the very pious mental qualities of Gurudeva to love the mysterious world of Himalayas. The psychic imprints of past innumerable lifetimes can be easily be perceived in mans thinking, activities and various actions. Perforce based on these psychic imprints or Sanskars man molds his life as far as walking, talking, growing up etc is concerned. Right from childhood this yearning and aspiration was witnessed in revered Gurudeva. In his psyche arose the desire to run away to the Himalayas.

When his days of playing and jumping came by, he suddenly one day left home. When his relatives on searching for him everywhere did not find him, they were worried. When revered Gurudevas mother whom everyone called Tayiji did not find her beloved Shriram, she wailed aloud in grief. After a lot of searching he was found at a railway station 5 miles away from home. When he was questioned he only said that my home is in the Himalayas, I want to go there because what shall I do staying here? This utterance of an 8 year old child did not hold much water for all those people who had searched for him. He was scolded by everyone. When Tayiji cajoled Shriram to return home he said that at night when he went to sleep he would see high rise gigantic mountains that were white in hue. On these mountain tops he saw not one but many radiant wondrous saints who were very advanced in age. Time and again they call me and hence I was going there to meet them. On hearing his child like speech Tayiji strongly felt that her son was strongly experiencing oneness of soul with these divine existences of the Himalayas as a result of which he yearned to meet them.

During his childhood revered Gurudeva could not visit the Himalayas yet these divine mountains definitely influenced him in dreams and other experiences. The souls of Sidhas and saints of Himalayas always poured their affection and love on him. But all this happened subtly and invisibly. One day that hour of great fortune arrived when the mystery of Himalayas unfolded in his own house. In those days he had just completed 15 years and had entered his 16 th year. In his temple like room he saw a divine light radiating shiningly which becoming focused from outside entered his body, mind and psyche. He attained everything like self wisdom, inner inspiration, divine blessings, Darshan of his Guru and inner divinity.

This was his very first contact with the visible form of an extraordinary existence of a Himalayan divine indweller. Up till now he could hear music of Himalayan saints in his dreams but today it could be heard directly. On that very day he was told that from the material standpoint the residence of this Divine Existence is in the heart of Himalayas that can be called the Polar Region of consciousness. It is both gross and subtle in form. The gross image of this light is the body of such a great Sidha/saint who since time immemorial is naked, observing silence of speech, loner, does not eat food etc and thus is rendering his fire existence more and more focused and terrific.

He is one amongst the varied divine glories of Himalayas. These are those very Himalayas which on superficial seeing appear lifeless and inert. Yet in reality its consciousness and inspiration are stupendous. In between the chain of Purashcharans that revered Gurudeva carried out for the first time he had the good fortune of journeying to the Himalayas. That which since childhood he saw in his dreams only today on visualizing it directly choked his voice in emotional bliss. Now he felt as though the Lord of Kailash Mountain, Shankar himself has taken the form of this mountain. His preceptor while clarifying regarding about its divinity said that the energy center of all material powers of earth are in the Polar Regions. The energies of the sun of this cosmos enter earth via these Polar Regions. In the same way, the consciousness-energies of divine worlds incarnate on earth where reside, heart of Himalaya Mountains. From here they scatter to other regions on earth.

His preceptor told him: This is the Polar Region of consciousness. From the historic standpoint it was the heaven of planet earth. It can be said to be that portion in the middle of Badrinath and River Ganga at a great height and near Tibet. Sumeru Mountain which is the abode of demigods lies here. When Pandavas decided to ascend to heaven they did so from here. The real Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake is not the one in China but are those known as Shivling Mountain and Dugdhasarovar Lake that lies ahead of Gomukh, the source of River Ganges. The Nandanvan forest full of blooming flowers is here. Demigods travel here yet only those imbued with divine vision can see them. In the heart of these Himalayas not only situations but that such energies and souls exist contacting whom one can experience the wondrous nature of the divine soul.

In the ordinary way reaching this energy center and dwelling there is more difficult than the Polar Regions of earth. Not only do many obstacles like lack of oxygen in high mountains and never melting snow, no proper roads, lack of all materials to sustain life etc. stop us from reaching there but that also the fiery cosmic radiations full of consciousness-divine powers that pour on earth so as to spread out everywhere are very difficult for a laymans body to endure. Hence not only nature but that due to the inspiration of divine saints dwelling in Himalayas the government too forbids one and all to journey to these regions. This region is well protected for the divine sports of divine existences. One can neither travel to this place with an ordinary body full of limitations but that one cannot dwell there too.

Below this region called Uttarakhand where it is easier to travel is no less important. That Himalaya which was made the center of his penance and spiritual practice has also been the Polar Region of consciousness and an accessible region of Himalayas. All readers of Alkhand Jyoti Magazine are well versed with his 3 travels to Himalayas. Yet apart from this time and again for a short or long time span during 24 Purashcharans or even later he used to go there. Whenever he yearned to meet the divine existences of the Himalayas he immediately travelled there. These travels of his lasted for many months many a times. Every time he returned from there with new soul power and divine zest.

Amongst these the most mysterious episode took place when he traveled to the very heart of the Himalayas. This divine area even today is the land of austerities of the Saptarshis-7 Rishis and innumerable men of penance. During one such incident revered Gurudeva said that even today over there 18000 extraordinary souls are immersed in penance for world welfare and managing this world. There was a time when here Vyasji penned the 18 Puranas. Adi Guru Shankaracharya too wrote virtually all his Bhashyas/commentaries seated here. Over here in Vedic India ancient Rishis authored Rishi literature. Since time immemorial the spiritual tradition of India has been directed from here. Over here dwell Shiva-Parvati and the Devsena. This is not merely an ancient belief but that for divine seers it is a tangible fact. At the spiritual and historical level this land has its own deep import. Elsewhere, where spiritual practices reap fruits very late, reap rich dividends quickly if executed in this divine land.

Since many lifetimes Gurudeva has a deep albeit subtle bond with the bosom of Himalayas. Yes with his gross physical body a major portion of his spiritual practices have been carried out in Uttarakhand (India) and mysterious regions further ahead. While discussing various incidences of his 1 st trip to Himalayas he had once told Revered Mataji (his consort) that when he arrived in Himalayas he got a glimpse of many sweet memories of many places where he had resided in his past lifetimes. He felt that it was verily his beloved home since ages. He easily approached those roads, valleys, situations and spots that ordinary people could not find at first shot. Maybe this was the very reason that he set off at the tender age of 8 years for the Himalayas.

And when he got the good fortune of seeing, touching, experiencing these snow white mountains previously seen by him in dreams, he was in blissful ecstasy. After facing many obstacles/hardships on the way he went past Tapovan region. In the region ahead was a high range of mountains. He had to go further ahead of this chain of mountains. He possessed no map nor was any directions written on the road. Yet he did not feel as though he had lost his way. Due to inner inspiration he got guidance in such a way as though he had already seen this road previously.

The mountain range ahead of Tapovan ended. Till Gomukh he did meet a few ascetics and saints but the region ahead was almost devoid of humans. Amongst the few he met was Saint Raghunath Das. He did not eat food. During summer he would find some green leaves. When in winter plants withered he would mix these dried leaves in potato kept his hunger at bay for many years. He told revered Gurudeva that there was no need for him to taste leaves and fruits he came by while traveling. This is because although these leaves/fruits appear attractive and tasty they can cause major problems later. A few of them could definitely be poisonous.

As he traveled further Gurudeva met an ascetic called Swami Tattvabodhananda. Whether it was hot or cold Swamiji always lived in an open area. He had built a hut yet he rarely used it. Sometimes if someone who had lost his way came there, he would compassionately be allowed to rest in this hut. After eulogizing his austerities and large heartedness Gurudeva traveled further ahead. After reaching Gauri Lake near Ganga glacier situated ahead of Tapovan, revered Gurudeva got immersed in some unknown memories. He strongly felt as though he had been in this region many times previously too. Yet his conscious mind told him that it was his very 1 st journey to Himalayan region. After visualizing the beauty of the lake he walked ahead and he just did not realize how quickly he reached Nandanvan.

After reaching there he got such an experience wherein akin to hair standing on end someone has unveiled the curtain. As of now one step away he was witnessing such extraordinary scenes which so far had not given any clue or sign of its existence. In the entire valley loudly echoed Mantras of Vedas. At certain places smoke from Yajnas erupted. Those Rishis and demigods described in sacred scriptures and poetical texts could actually be seen over here. This scene manifesting with the batting of an eyelid appeared to be of Maya origin. He could not trust his eyes. It was also not as though he was dreaming. He remembered even the most miniscule aspect of the long journey taken up so far. In order to test he turned and looked behind but found that those very types of waves arose in the lake and the water was swaying. Even then the sound of Mantras echoed in his ears. When again he turned towards Nandanvan the same type of Yajna smoke was rising up. Flames of fire rose up in the Yajna Kunda or pyre.

Before he could put pressure on his brains to understand all this, a naked body of advanced age appeared before him. His preceptor was standing in that very form which he had seen in his house during worship. As a reaction to Shriram Sharmas devotional prostrations, his preceptor smiled slightly. While trying to satisfy his curiosity his preceptor said: The scenes you witnessed just now is that of the 4 th stage of consciousness. The true and mysterious beauty of the great Himalayas lies hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. In fact it can be seen only by a rare spiritually powerful devotee or he/she who has been blessed by divine saints dwelling in Himalayas.

After resting etc next day our revered Gurudeva along with his preceptor while noting the mysteries of Himalayas in the realm of the 4 th stage of consciousness traveled further ahead. At that time he traveled via the sky/astral path. His body had risen quite above the ground. He thus reached those very caves which were the region of austerities of Sidhas or self realized masters. As of now these Rishis were in their subtle bodies. Of course a few had maintained their gross bodies too. Amongst those saints he met, a few were of the Mahabharat Era. With none of them did he talk with gross speech (Vaikhari) used by humans. Whatever conversation was exchanged was in subtle speech called Paravani.

Amongst those divine saints whom he contacted for a fair length of time and with a deep bond were chiefly Garga Muni, Rishi Dhaumya, Saint Pundalik, Baba Narharidas, Jivananda, Sidheshwar Giri, Pavhari and Swami Krishnananda. After meeting all these he realized that he too was an inseparable part of this divine family. Apart from them he also sacredly contacted more than 2 dozens Sidha-saints. During these meeting he found out that Govindpada dwells there too who had rendered Adi Guru Shankaracharya, his disciple powerful and spiritually very capable. Due to these meetings his memories of those days materialized in front of him. In the same way Jivananda was full of experiences of Buddhas Era. The most gross contact and deep bond he experienced was with Swami Krishnananda. For ordinary laymen Krishnananda who remained silent (Mauna) did actually converse with revered Gurudeva. The respected readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine must definitely know that it was this very Swami Krishnanandaji who at the request of Mahamana Malviyaji had laid the foundation of Banaras Hindu University in India.

In every journey to Himalayas revered Gurudeva attained close proximity with these divine saints. Every journey of his conjoined to it in his life many mysterious and mind boggling episodes. While discussing these incidences he would tell Revered Mataji that in the divine atmosphere of Himalaya Mountains by living with these divine saints divine inspirations erupt forth in the soul. In one such journey he got a wondrous experience. He could converse with birds, animals, small creatures and even trees and plants. So many herbivorous and carnivorous creatures became his friends. One female bear was very close to him. After leaving her small baby bears near the hut went to search for food. These babies would play nearby. Initially in this region carnivorous animals would kill and devour herbivores but as long as Gurudeva dwelled there no such killing was noted.

This state remained till he returned home. In Akhand Jyoti Sansthan near Gurudeva animals and birds experienced joy in jumping about. During the Himalaya this inner state was so focused that all creatures of the jungles became his own kith and kin. It is said that there was a time when Bharat played with cubs of lions, Shivaji had milked a lioness and Saint Jnaneshwar had inspired a buffalo to chant Mantras of Vedas. In the hermitages of Rishis both cows and lions drank water from the same spot. All these legends together materialized in front of revered Gurudeva during his sojourn to the Himalayas.

In the same way during his travel once he lost his way while trying to find rare herbs and possible strayed away 20 miles from his residence. The night was very dark. He heard sounds of violent beasts. At that time a divinely embodied saint of Himalayas caught hold of his hand and in 5 minutes led him to his residence. Once due to monsoon his entire residence was submerged in water. All food items were over. At that time he saw a radiant body of a Siddha-saint of Himalayas and with signs using his hands asked Gurudeva to dig the ground. As soon as he dug it such a sweet delicious tuber appeared whose weight was about a few pounds. With its aid he could appease his hunger for many days at a stretch.

Once Gurudeva gave away all his money required for travel to a poor person. He had nothing else with him. Yet the very next day due to the grace of an unknown divine power he got enough expenses for his basic needs near his pillow. The stories of the glimpse and good fortune of meeting with divine souls of this region are such on hearing these amazing experiences one can remember some miracle yet in reality this is neither a garrulous description nor an overstatement. Say! Why would such a spiritually high stature person like Gurudeva Shriram Sharma spin tales of idle curiosity so as to delude others? Further it must be noted that he described all this only to his holy consort Revered Mataji. It is after such a long time span that all this is being described in these lines of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. All this has been done so that we can truly understand the divine nature of these Himalayan Mountains.

Revered Gurudeva during his Himalayan travels came across those 7 other special glories that played an extremely important role in the management of the worlds subtle activities. He himself had told a few close people that just as the tasks of various countries is carried out by the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers etc in a united manner similarly even the subtle world is governed in a well managed way. This task is carried out by 7 Rishikalpa souls. Their responsibility is to cooperate in tasks of Almighty Lord and Mother Nature or Prakriti.

The task of these special saints is something akin to discussions found in tales of Puranas regarding Saptarshis or 7 Rishis. One of these is South Maria who appears like a woman of 70 years. She is a great woman of penance and because of her austerities she is revered amongst the divine saints of Himalayas. Amongst special units of the subtle world management there are other divine saints. Revered Gurudevas preceptor Swami Sarveshwaranandajis seemingly withered body akin to brilliant flames of lit fire spreads its aura everywhere. Apart from this other glorious saints are there like Lahiri Mahashaya who spread the message of Kriya Yoga the world over. One more member of this divine group is Mohan Sai who while undergoing ceaseless penance imbues the world with his divine energy. Apart from this there are Hatosana and Ashok Giri. All these 6 divine souls are helpers of the substratum power of Prakriti or nature. It is this substratum power that dons the role of the 7 th Rishi. These days all 7 of these are priceless and important members of Lord Prajna Avatars subtle management.

According to Gurudeva the common region of all these 7 from the gross standpoint is an inaccessible footpath that leads from Badrinath to Kedarnath. It is at a height of about 20000 feet. Just below this from the middle lies the place that has 7 caves. Ordinarily no human being can reach there. Even if someone manages to do so he/she may see the 7 caves yet it is impossible to see these 7 divine powers there. This region can neither be seen by binoculars from afar nor by glaciologists and only those can clearly see all this whose consciousness has reached the advanced 4 th stage. According to Gurudeva true unfolding of the mysteries of Himalayas take place only if one has attained the 4 th stage of consciousness.

There are many mysterious incidences regarding Gurudeva and divine saints of Himalayas and why will they not be because he too is an inseparable member of this divine family. Before shedding his mortal coil revered Gurudeva in the year 1984 while talking about his 5 subtle bodies had written that one subtle body of his will execute ceaseless austerities in the Himalayas. His program of penance has in no way dimmed even today. Those possessing divine vision can today see that Gurudeva too with his subtle body, along with Himalayas divine existences and saints is playing an important role in the creation of a New Era.



In one voice everyone accepts the glory and importance of nectarine discourses on divinity. As per legends of mythology the knower of Vedas Maharshi Vyas despite editing-compiling the 4 Vedas and deeply cogitating over them when he he did not attain pinnacles of soul peace and soul advancement he spoke of this agony of his to Devarshi Narad. Narad a deep knower of Life Science while answering his doubts said: Life is synonymous with sensitivity. It advances based on sprouting, manifestation and growth of sensitivity. There is no difference between a corpse and a person possessing no sensitivity. Both may augment their external bodies in a gigantic way yet wherever they reside they spread the foul odor of heartless tainted activities.

The fount of this sacred sensitivity that converts foul odor to fragrance, tainted actions into wholesome ones and a dead person alive and kicking is discourses on Almighty God. Discourse on Almighty God is such a Parasmani or touchstone which on mere touching converts desires and lowly arguments regarding spiritual practices into deep faith. Further it transforms thought waves full of doubts into imperishable one pointed faith and trust. The nectar of Gods discourses (Katha Amrit) replaces an agitated grief stricken life with sweet peace and limitless divine bliss.

Maharshi Vyas after truly imbibing this solution given by Devarshi Narad wrote the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana. He expressed his sacred sentiments by penning lifes episodes and events of Yuga Avatar. Brahmarshi Vyas who was always immersed in discussion and analysis of Supreme Divine Wisdom, writer of Vedanta Philosophy for the first time tasted the mind boggling bliss of Bhakti or devotion. In ecstasy he has eulogized his divine experiences and conclusions:

Tava kathamritam tapta jivanam

Kavimiriditam kalmashapaham

Shravanamangalam shrimadatam

Bhuvi mrunanti ye bhuridaha janaha.

O Lord of all gods! Your nectarine discourses (Kathas) gives cooling peace to creatures burning in worldly/material heat and destroys all their sins. On hearing these discourses one experiences good omens everywhere. This is because whoever with deep devotions listens to the Lilas or divine sports of Almighty God finds that no sin remains in his soul and no sinful activities henceforth are executed by them. Most definitely are glorified those who in divine ecstasy talk and hear these discourses of God.

The glory of divine discourses has been accepted not only by devotees but even great thinkers and psychologists/psychiatrists of the world. According to the author of the book Psychology with a Soul, Jean Hardy maintains that elements that induce mankind to sin and execute crimes are psychic imprints or Sanskars. By reading wholesome literature and self study no doubt thoughts transform yet these psychic imprints are very potent. It is not easy to transform them. But when we read/hear the glorious lives and sacredly sensitive incidences therein of great saints/visionaries, these potent psychic imprints with relative ease start melting and yearn to themselves lead lives in the footsteps of these great saints. Mind boggling transformations are hence witnessed in lifes inner and external realm.

Possibly this itself has been termed Budhi Yoga or Yoga of Wisdom. Lord Shri Krishna while discussing the nature of his devotees and boons bestowed by him says:

Macchitta madgataprana bodhayanta parasparam.

Kathayantashcha mam nityam tushyanti ch ramanti cha.

Tesham satatayuktanam bhajatam pritipurvakam.

Dadami budhiyogam tum yena mamupayanti te.

MEANING: those devotees who ceaselessly immerse their minds in me and surrender their very Prana or life force to me always discuss my Lilas or divine sports amongst themselves. It is because of such holy discussions that they get satiated and immerse themselves in it. It is only to such unswerving devotees that I confer Budhi Yoga (Yoga of Wisdom) with the help of which they attain me (God).

The forms of Gods discourses are varied and the goal is reached unobstructed. May be its form and nature is different in the world various countries, religions and communities yet it is present equally everywhere. The Lilas/discourses of Avatars, Prophets etc can be heard and spoken of variedly yet it gives divine ecstasy to entire mankind. Every form of it is grand and every hue radiant. Yes they are so much in excess that they cannot be counted totally and hence Goswamiji Maharaj says:

Hari anant hari katha ananta

From amongst his infinite forms Almighty Lord manifests one as per the requirement of that era. This has been discussed as 10 Avatars in the Puranas or Indian Mythology. Yes, the goal of every Avatar of his is one only which is Era Transformation. By taking up this very goal of Era Transformation in order to fulfill his eternal vow of Sambhavami yuge yuge Almighty Lords divine consciousness incarnated as Shriram Sharma Acharyaji.

Our beloved Gurudeva by becoming the representative of the eternal incarnated amidst us all. All of us dearly adore all his discourses and discussion of various episodes of his life. On mere remembering him our sentiments and thoughts get drowned in the sacred lake of faith and trust. This discussion can be found written by Gurudeva himself in his books Sunsan ke sahchar and Hamari vasiyat evam virasat. This has been sacredly remembered again by writing special articles in Akhand Jyoti Magazine (1990) and even in later years too. Even the meritorious discourse of his holy consort Revered Mataji too had been published in Akhand Jyoti Magazine as Matru Smriti Ank after his great holy departure from this world. In the mean time Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura, India published Prajna Avatar hamare Gurudeva wherein innumerable aspects have been unveiled with reference to our beloved Gurudevas life.

Yet Gurudeva maybe one only, the form of his inseparable divine power in the form of HH Mataji too maybe one yet the nectarine and mystic incidences of the life of this Rishi couple are innumerable and limitless. The mysteries of all new forms unfold themselves incessantly. Maybe Maryada Purushottam Rama and Mother Seeta were omnipotent and one without a second yet their Lilas or divine sports can never be complete. This particular discourse commenced by Maharshi Valmikiji was later also penned by Kamban, tulsi, Kritivyas and so many others and even it flows in newer forms even today. The same holds true regarding nectarine discourses on Prajna Avatar. Whatever has been said so far regarding it is less just as what is at present being said about it is less too. Even in future it will remain minuscule and incomplete. This truly is its special quality. Even a minor touch of it can render a lowly person great and an incomplete person, self fulfilled. It is with such sacred sentiments that on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima we are placing Lila episodes of revered Gurudeva and HH Mataji in front of their very own beloved children. We sincerely hope their memory shall unfold the mystery of Guru Principle in the lives of all of us and in the lake of our inner consciousness the lotus of divine love shall bloom forth blissfully.



I cannot manifest without him and he cannot exist without me. These utterances of Shakti manifest HH Mataji give us an experience of her and revered Gurudeva Shiva manifest Shriram Sharma Acharyas divine sports. Shiva and Shakti are inseparable. Their relationship too is eternal and immersed in oneness of soul and this Lila of theirs is eternal and permanent. Right from commencement of creation it is one supreme consciousness that is carrying out divine sports in the form of Shiva and Shakti. The manifest form of this conscious energy is called Shakti and its un-manifest form is Shiva. While accepting this tenet the scriptures say:

Umarudratmikaha sarvaha prajaha sthavar jangamaha.

Vyaktam sarvamumarupamavyaktam tu maheshwaraha.

MEANING: All animate and inanimate beings of this world are manifestations of Uma and Rudra. In it the manifest form is Bhagwati Uma and its un-manifest form is Lord Maheshwara.

Even the Shrutis proclaim that whatever is seen, heard, remembered etc in this world is Shiva-Shakti. Rudra is male and Uma is female. Rudra is Brahma and Uma is Vani. Rudra is Vishnu and Uma is Lakshmi. Rudra is sun and Uma is shadow. Rudra is moon and Uma is star. Rudra is day and Uma is night. Rudra is a tree and Uma is a creeper. Rudra is fragrance and Uma is a flower. Rudra is meaning and Uma is alphabet. Rudra is Linga and Uma is Peeth. Those who harbor such sentiments in their hearts can bow down everywhere and only they can understand the secret behind the Lilas or divine sports of Shiva and Shakti.

A Mantra-Drishta Rishi of ancient Vedic Era was asked that which demigod should we eulogize and offer worship rites i.e. Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema? In 10 Richas (verses) he answered this question and 2 of these Richas are very grand:

Hiranyagarbhaha samavartatagre

Bhutasya jataha pitarek aseet.

Sa dadhar prithivim dyamutemau.

Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

Ya atmada balda yasya vishwa.

Upasate prashisham yasya devaha.

Yasya cchayamritam yasya mrityuhu.

Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

MEANING: Initially Lord Hiranyagarbha Shiva manifested, who was the master and ancestor of all beings. He via his Shakti which manifested later held earth and sky. It is desirable that we eulogize and worship him since he imbues all our activities with life and energy. Due to his austerities newness in the form of flames in fire manifests. He sanctifies all creatures and all creatures obey his commands. Death and immortality are his shadow and hence we all must eulogize and worship him only.

The mystery of the commencement of Yuga Nirman Mission too is similar to the mystery of creation of this world. Shiva manifest revered Gurudeva too by appearing as an eternal representative of Lord Mahakal immersed himself in strict austerities. Later in the form of his eternal Shakti, HH Mataji incarnated. It was she who looked after this mission. Due to the power of penance of revered Gurudeva varied activities of this mission were born. Mataji kept imbibing these and rendered them widespread. The energy of grace of revered Gurudeva is carrying out the gigantic task of sanctifying us all. His commands are the very roots of all our activities and if anyone of us is questioned akin to the language of ancient Rishis i.e. Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema most definitely we will glance in Gurudevas direction and answer Tasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

The divine sports of this inseparable duo Shiva-Shaktis is clearly seen in the birth, life and varied activities of this mission. Who is senior-junior as far as Shiva-Shakti and Gurudeva-Mataji is concerned? This question can only arise if they are 2 in number. Since both are one, how are such questions asked? Yes, but its a fact that where on the one hand the aura of Gurudevas penance blinds us with its intense brilliant attraction there the limitless affection of HH Mataji satiates our hearts deeply. Maybe we fail to understand the puzzle of the mysterious lives of Gurudeva-Mataji or Mataji-Gurudeva yet it is definite that ere Mataji was absent possibly this mission would not have become widespread as is seen today. It means that in the absence of Shakti, Shiva could not have been able to render widespread his divine sports.

Since ancient times this truth has been accepted everywhere. Adi Guru Shankarachrya in Soundarya Lahiri writes:

Shivaha shaktya yukto yadi bhavati shaktaha prabhavitum na chedevam devo na khalu kushalaha spanditumapi.

MEANING: Shiva cannot manifest without Shakti. This is because without Shakti creation, propagation and annihilation of the world is impossible to execute. In fact without Shakti Shiva is lifeless without any vibration of any sort.

Sacredly sentimental devotees look upon mere grace as the cause of this Shakti Principle and all its activities/movements. Its existence is only due to grace. In its wrath too lies hidden, grace only. It is hence that in the Devi Mahatmya it is said:

Chitte kripa samaranishthurta cha dushtva.

Scriptural scholars to this extent proclaim that:

O Mother! Lord Shiva dwells in the hearts of all creatures and you dwell in his heart. Yet you dwell in his heart as sheer compassion and hence will take shelter under you only.

This utterance of scriptural masters is cent-percent true in the case of HH Mataji. Those who have resided near her know that her anger too brimmed with compassion. If we say that the personality of Gurudeva was radiant like the sun, HH Mataji was cool like the nectar of moonshine. It was a great special quality of HH Matajis personality to transform Gurudevas brilliant aura into affectionate serenity for their children. It maybe that today Shiva and Shakti in their inseparable forms, represented by Yuga Avatar Shriram Sharma Acharya and Yuga Shakti Mataji after carrying out their divine sports have merged into the divine cosmic principle yet in the form of deep faith and terrific divine intellect via the medium of symbols reinstated in Shantikunj, their subtle existence and vibrations of divine energy even today are clearly perceived by sensitive devotees.



In a withered social management again and again a need arises for reform and repair. When clothes become dirty they have to be washed. Vessels have to be cleaned daily. One has to broom the house every day. Teeth have to be brushed daily. The reason is that when you clean something it later becomes dirty again and hence it has to be cleaned again. During festival of Dipawali the house must be swept, cleaned and painted so that it remains firm and becomes more attractive. Buildings, wells, roads, machines, motors etc need repairs regularly. If this is ignored these precious items will lose their long lasting nature much in advance. Hence wise people always repair and reform when the need arises. This always happens and should be repeated as and when required. A shattered society too needs reformation. Reformists are born everywhere as a result. Time and again religious leaders, social reformers, prophets, saints, Rishis etc incarnate on earth and make efforts in their own way to reform contemporary situations. So far in every nation, in every era, in their respective language/culture environment have carried out reformation tasks and this shall happen in future too.

When the situation becomes more perilous Lord Mahakal has to sharpen his weapon. Small houses, bridges etc can be built by a small time engineer but if a big dam is to be built a senior specialist engineer is required. If a big dam breaks apart and a danger of numerous villages etc surrounding it could get drowned then this danger cannot be overcome by a small time engineer. This danger can only be warded off by a senior engineer. In society again and again small problems occur and ordinary social reformers solve them. But when sins cross all their limits, boundaries are broken and mankind loses the capacity to get inspired by wholesome thinking, a mighty reformer is required. This task is executed by Mahakal himself because it is his responsibility to correct erroneous situations. Assistant doctors of various hospitals carry out minor operations but when a perilous major operation is required a civil surgeons presence is most required. Today world society is bleeding as a result of very dire situations cropping up and hence small time reforms and reformers cannot do much good. For this what is required is a very gigantic turbulence. This aim has always been fulfilled time and again by Lord Mahakal. In ancient times this is what took place. Today history will repeat itself.

In the near future gigantic turbulence will be seen in the world. From the material standpoint as a result such situations will manifest which increases human strife. It is because of this that man will be forced to realize that he has not tread that path on which he should have walked. In-ethics ultimately proves hazardous. If this small teaching is remembered by one and all nature would not have manifested so direly and there would have been no need to undergo innumerous hardships. God hates none. He in fact is supremely compassionate and a benefactor. Hence he is called Shiva-Shankar. He is also called innocent.

Innocent means one who is straightforward, serene and gentlemanly. Hence why would such a God insist on pouring strife on mankind? It is sheer helplessness that induces such action. When mankind becomes very prejudiced, egoistic and arrogant and ignores gentlemanliness so as to imbibe hard heartedness at that time hardships have to be poured on him. When a child is taken to the hospital by a mother for surgery of a painful boil both the doctor and mother appear hard hearted yet the goal only is to cure the child. Both desire that the pain of the child be warded off and thus attain peace even if it means facing anguish for some time. Todays humanity too is like a diseased patient. The only way to pave the way for his well being is to cut open the boil so that the pus oozes out and give peace to him.

Incarnations of God called Avatars too have such missions. They create such turbulence wherein discontent ends and peace prevails. Mahakal manifests an emotional flow for this. In it world human psyche gets agitated and within it so many warriors take up the gigantic task of ushering in world peace. Such goals cannot be fulfilled in a lone manner and instead many people are required. May be amongst these the leader gets fame but actually it is the sensitive flow which helps this leader find many aides and a task that seems difficult gets fulfilled easily. Amazed lay public fail to note the management of divinely inspired subtle world and give all the credit to the leader who can be seen with the gross eyes. An Avatar or victorious one is named and is an error on our part. Great seers know that a single person maybe very powerful yet without the help of many aides such gigantic tasks cannot be executed successfully and this congregational endeavor is inspired by Mahakal. He is formless hence his work arena is the subtle world. He is sensitive consciousness. Hence his desire becomes active in worldwide conscious principle. Due to its inspiration great people enact great missions. They get cooperation, credit and success. Hence people believe him to be the victorious one, reformer and Avatar. Yet the reality is different. The puppeteer who makes these puppets dance hides behind the curtain and thus how can the eyes made of skin, flesh etc see him?

In order to succeed in the mission of era transformation in ancient times many Avatars manifested. Some say they were ten, some twenty four etc. their contemporary situations varied hence their program, nature and means differed. Yet their mission was one:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srajamyaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.

Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

In the epic Ramayan the above is said as follows:

Jab jab hoi dharma ki hani.

Badhahin adham asur abhimani.

Tab tab prabhu dhari manuj sharira.

Harahin krupanidhi sajjan pira.

In ancient times creation and wealth were destroyed and all demigods and demons became indolent. Hence Mahakal inspired them to churn the ocean. The demigods and demons cooperated in this task. Such precious 14 jewels manifested as a result of which the world was glorified. A substratum was needed for churning of the ocean. Mandarachal Mountain was made the churning rod but who would hold this mountain? As a result Tortoise Incarnation appeared. He agreed to become the base. On its back the churning took place. Everyone eulogized it since it had taken up a big responsibility.

In every incarnation this precept gets repeated. This can be seen from biographies of Matsya, Kurma, Varah, Nrisingh, Vaman, Parshuram, Krishna, Ram and Buddha incarnations. Yuga Purushas/Avataras carry out gigantic extraordinary feats and are incomparable. Yet 2 points are common in all of them wherein their aim is to ward off contemporary taints and also world public cooperation is made use of. When Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain his friends without getting scared of being buried under it raised their sticks to support it. When he danced the Maharas many cowherd girls overcame dire situations and joined in it. When the Mahabharat war set in the poverty stricken Pandavas were helped by a big army. Whether the task is of creation or annihilation great beings always get help from laymen. In Lord Rams mission many monkeys, bears etc took part. Buddhas thousands of devotees travelled in various countries to teach non violence. He was helped by the wealthy Ashok, wise person like Anand and a towering personality like Ambapali. These human incarnations of God attained success in reforming tainted contemporary situations. Buddha and Gandhi devised a new plan wherein without bloodshed situations can be transformed and thus the incarnations mission succeeds.

In these days the 10 th Taintless Incarnation has manifested. It is a sentimental flow whose goal is to wash off the taints of hundreds of years and thus brighten the face of world humanity. Laymen will be keen to know who will get credit for the task of this 10 th Taintless Incarnation but great seers give no importance to it. They very well know that such a gigantic task cannot be executed by a single person. The Lord definitely sends his special envoy into this world but a total God can never take birth. If a total God took birth at one place who will manage the remaining part of the cosmos? Always only partial Avatars appear. And during such incarnations other advanced and radiant souls too take birth and together the divine goal is achieved.

The 10 th Avatar has already manifested and it is getting stronger day by day. In mythology it is called Taintless because it is about to wash off past taints spanning several generations. As a result such a sentimental flow is being ushered in which will force world humanity to give up selfish interests like earning/feeding only ones family etc and instead joyously work for world well being. They will not prevaricate even if it means more austerities and renunciation. This tangible flow of Taintless Incarnations inspirational flow can be experienced everywhere by us all.

Whose name will be conjoined to this Taintless Incarnation? All this has no importance. This decision will be given by history in 3 decades. Today there is no need nor is it important to find and identify it. Like clouds of rain in the sky we can easily see the sentimental flow of this incarnation and thus our faith in its existence will become stronger.

History has always repeated itself. It is doing so again. By uprooting undesirable injustice and lack of discrimination and in order to reinstate good will and sacred thinking the 10 th incarnation is manifesting just like the past 9 Avatars.

In the ancient past Lord Tripurari Mahakal with his teachings, destruction and creation via his Trishul weapon had shattered various types of Maya or illusory power and today he is repeating this task. Righteousness will gain victory and unrighteousness shall beat a hasty retreat. Humanity shall again get liberation from the noose of greed, delusion and egoistic sense of I. Man heated in the fire of this material world in the near future after learning the lesson of repentance, self control and humility shall imbibe wholesome gentlemanly activities. May you be victorious O Lord Tripurari Mahakal who shall be the harbinger of this glorious day!



The Guru principle is of very high stature and most sacred. It is an imperishable principle that dwells beyond age, time and space. It can be experienced only via humble self surrender. In order to develop a deep bond with this principle dwelling in all of us that person is searched for who is a direct representative of our inner Guru. It is with this goal in mind that for eons together this Guru-disciple relationship has been kept secure and well protected. The live Guru is a symbol of the Guru principle residing in the soul of the disciple.

This respected principle is present within each and every individual. In the gross physical body the Ajna Chakra represents the Guru principle. Without the help of an external embodied Guru it is virtually impossible to establish a bond with this inner Guru principle. It is only those rare extraordinary saints full of soul power who can do so. A few of these examples are Sidhayogis like Shri Aurobindo Ghosh and Raman Maharshi. They did not have any external Guru. It was Almighty Lord who was their Guru. But for an ordinary devotee and Sadhak, in order to get liberated from this world of Maya or illusion requires guidance at every step. For them an external embodied Guru is a must. Hence the worldly or physical form of the Guru too is given due importance. The material body of the Guru is said to be the veil of inner consciousness dripping with divine wisdom.

The worlds Guru Swami Vivekananda has spoken of a very great personality whose soul can transmit divine energy into another soul. Such a great personality is the Guru and the soul in whom this divine energy is transmitted is called a disciple. What is most required while transmitting divine energy in the disciples soul is that the soul which is going to transmit this divine energy must be itself be oozing with it in infinite measure. Further that soul which is going to imbibe this divine energy must have apt capacity to do so. Swamiji further elaborates that a true Guru is one who time and again incarnates in the form of an infinite storehouse of spiritual energy and via the lineage of Guru-disciple transmits this energy in people from generation to generation.

Shri Aurobindos viewpoint regarding the Guru principle is:

It is that principle who has attained divine truth and one who has experience of soul light and has the capability of donating to others this very divine aura. Such a divine guide must be so powerful that he/she can teach aptly, can show the path and by catching hold of the disciples hand can help him go past all hardships/obstacles faced on the path. This then verily is a true Guru. According to Shri Aurobindo whenever individual efforts get obstructed by dire situations, the Gurus help can intervene and whatever is required to reach the goal or whatever is needed in that immediate situation is fulfilled by the Guru.

As per scriptural tenets he who uses the collyrium of divine wisdom to uproot the darkness of spiritual ignorance/Ajnana in the soul of the disciple is indeed a Guru. Hence the Upanishads proclaim that Gu means darkness and Ru means that which uproots darkness. The brilliant Brahman that destroys the darkness of spiritual ignorance is none other than the Guru. The Skand Purana says that Guru is Vishnu and Guru is Maheshwar. This eternal Guru must be adhered to who is simply an image of divine wisdom, beyond duality, akin to space, permanent, sacred, immovable, always a witness, beyond the material world and without the 3 Gunas called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Guru is a symbol of the all pervasive conscious existence and akin to the rays of infinite brilliant suns gives us divine wisdom. It is the expression of truth of divine wisdom. Guru neither has a beginning nor an end. Guru has neither a past nor a future. Guru means completeness and omnipotence. Nothing in all the 3 worlds can compete with it.

Guru is one who has totally sanctified his/her consciousness. By taking on a physical body the Guru dwells in this world. Yet his/her soul is always immersed in cosmic consciousness or Almighty Lord. They are souls of the stature of Ishwara or God himself and are Jivan-Muktas or liberated while alive. Their bosom oozes with sacred compassion for all. Their lives are totally dedicated to Almighty Lord. They never have any personal desire or yearning of their own. Forever they are ready to work for world welfare. Auch men/women of profound austerities only are real Gurus. It is due their divine wisdom and power of penance that the entire world shines forth brilliantly. They by going deep down into the recesses of the world liberate their disciples from material bondage.

A Guru who is the representative of Almighty God is full of compassion, kindness, justice and boundless divine knowledge. The devotees and disciples visualize the Guru in this form only. They are in very close proximity to God. Hence Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans opines that the bosom of Gurus or saints is the bungalow of Almighty God. Truly such Gurus are synonymous with God himself. Their very existence is akin to a very clean mirror wherein our own reflection can be seen. By themselves they are pure, radiant and a brilliant soul. They are infinite oceans of divine love and bliss. For their disciples they are mother, father, relative and God himself. Whatever exists in a disciples life is there in the Guru.

Bhakti or devotion is the substratum of the deep bond between a Guru and disciple. This is a profound root principle. The disciple is a steadfast servant who obeys all commands. The Guru is his lord and master. The goal of such a self surrendered servant is only one and that is to execute all tasks given to him by his master-Guru. His goal is to serve humbly. He knows only this much and is always alert and cautious while serving selflessly. In devotion to Guru apart from Dasya Bhava (Guru/God is my master) there are Vatsalya Bhava (Guru/God is my child) and Ishwara Bhava (Guru is my God).

Devotion to God is akin to worship of absolute reality, divine wisdom, spiritual experience and thoughts too. As long as man yearns to attain divine wisdom, possesses deep faith till then devotion to Guru will exist in this world to the fullest. A Sufi saint called Jayasi says that wherever the Guru places his lotus like feet there the disciple reverentially places his head.

Gurus grace harbors no condition of any sort. In fact it is a free flow of Gurus infinite love for his disciple and when will the disciple attain this grace (Kripa) of the Guru? All this is very much dependent on the Guru. Possibly via total surrender to the Guru and love for him can attract the Gurus grace. Gurus grace is very rare to attain. Hence Swami Vivekananda says that all is possible to achieve via Gurus grace-Gurukripa hi kevalam.

Gurus grace cannot be attained very easily. In order to attain it innocent self surrender is most required. For attaining Gurus grace it is needed that the disciple has no mind of his own. There should be only faith and even blind faith towards the Guru. Faith is always blind. It does not argue in a vain manner. Where there is argument how can faith exist? One can never surrender without faith. The test of true credibility for attaining Gurus grace is total self surrender.

This grace manifests in many forms. It can either be sweet and loving or harsh and terrible. A Guru is like that carpenter who heartlessly cuts up a piece of wood and gives it a desired shape. The Guru by attacking and shattering the disciples ego or I renders his soul widespread. This task is heartlessly carried out by the Guru till the disciple does not get reinstated in his true nature of divine cosmic consciousness. The Guru transforms his disciple into a liberated soul beyond material bondage so that the latter too becomes a beacon light for the entire world. For this end a disciple must become serene, silent and egoless like a wooden stick so that the Guru can give him a desired shape and form. For attaining the Gurus grace a disciple must become truthful, loving and surrender his all.

This deep divine bond of the Guru-disciple verily becomes the Guru lineage. This lineage is very ancient. Due to this traditional lineage all lineages, arts and sciences of this world haven been passed on from the Guru to disciple for generations together. The relationship of a Guru and disciple is conjoined to the important realms and great yearnings of human existence. Without this it is well nigh impossible and difficult to render secure our very existence in the worlds distorted environment. It is the protecting grace of the Guru in our life that guides us towards this inner divine fount. It is from this fount that all our high stature energies spring forth. It is hence that Gurus are looked upon as the foundation stones of great cultures. Without their wisdom and inspiration neither can lineages sustain nor can cultures remain alive and kicking.



Great saints of high stature consciousness sometimes incarnate on earth with a special mission in mind. Whenever they appear they give self glory to innumerable people. Whoever contacts these great saints understand their multifaceted aspects. If we imbibe even a little of their teaching in our life we become glorified. On the face of it our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya appeared ordinary and of a simple personality. For his entire life he wore a Khadi Dhoti and Kurta and lived the life of a pious Brahmin. In whichever way he lived he demonstrated to all how to live a life of intense austerities. How one can become a great saint by attaining the Lords grace. He had mastered Gayatri. In every pore of his being resided Super Energy Gayatri. It was this that was the found of all his Sidhis or Divine Powers. It was not as though Super Energy Gayatri had chosen him just like that. When Gurudeva imbibed Hansa Vritti or the capacity to separate truth and untruth he was chosen. He executed special austerity based spiritual practices. By living a life of disciplined self control he demonstrated that in todays era too it is possible to perform penance of that high stature associated with Vishwamitra-Vasishtha.

He gave a creative direction to the lives of thousands of people. Even after shedding his mortal coil (2 nd June 1990) he is ceaselessly giving us all this great inspiration via untold amount of literature penned by him (about 3000 books), sacred discourses (more than 5000 cassettes) and establishment of various institutions (about 4000). His teaching was very simple and straightforward. He exhorted us to live a life of penance. One must imbibe spirituality based materialism and harbor positive thinking in life. For the final 20 years of his life he proclaimed that the 21 st century indeed has a bright future for which he encouraged people to strive towards this goal by imbuing them with zest. He would say that 21 st century means a century of advancement of principles, ideals and human values. In 1971 after bidding farewell to a gigantic congregation he headed for Himalayas via Mathura and finally landed in Haridwar. Over here he helped develop a gigantic institution for encouraging scientific spirituality predominating with austerities and also training volunteers for ushering in a radiant 21 st century.

Today scholars of social sciences, futurologists, visionaries, environmentalists etc are worried about those problems which our Gurudeva has discussed much beforehand in the 1967 Akhand Jyoti Magazine. He would write about details of all this by enumerating various statistics, possibilities of natural calamities and how to combat them. Via all these articles he had set up a special organization of high intellectuals and if they did not receive the Akhand Jyoti Magazine in time they would get agitated. Now in the past 15 years this organization has gathered more momentum and it is immersed in awakening the masses regarding world problems and finding apt solutions to troubleshoot them. Possibly very challengingly for the first time a great saint has said that a Golden Era or Satyuga shall dawn and that most definitely it shall commence from the land of India. He described this Satyuga in a scientific manner. Gentlemanly people shall increase manifold in world society, they will possess more divinity and that they shall be farsighted. A farsighted person is always honest, understanding, responsible and valiant. When such people augment in society in whom divinity has already dawned, it will not take long for heaven to manifest on planet earth. Today our country India has a population of 10.2 billion people. Around 0.6 billion people are NRIs or Non resident Indians. Just as everyone is moving in the direction of development and progress, around 60% are youths (which no other nation possesses) and by getting awakened they are giving an apt direction to the country which is a sign of hope/optimism. It is the technical knowledge of our ever growing population has become its asset.

Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma had said that by the time 2005 arrives the population shall start diminishing on its own and by the year 2020 the population will be as much as the amount of resources possessed by the country. When this was spoken of by him in 1980 it seemed baseless and yet today this is exactly what is happening. The international magazine Newsweek (27 th September, 2004) writes that today the problem is not of excess population but the problem in future will be of less population. This is because the birth rate has diminished dangerously. Apart from Pakistan, Iran, Central Africa and Indonesia the birth rate in the rest of the countries shall decrease swiftly. This has happened because of decrease in fertility rate. Possibly till 2020 year the balance may become apt and the entire world with this limited population (in the mean time many shall die too) will live happily which has been inferred by scientists. That inference which futurists could not make has been spoken of 25 previously by a thinker (Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) of a Drishta (divine seer) stature.

Bang opposite to science revered Gurudeva looked upon the entire basis of development as sensitivity. He said that they could transform the sentiments, sensitivity, faith and psyche of people. We do not wish to brain wash others akin to communists. Todays Psychology Science shall change tomorrow and its place shall be taken by spirituality/mysticism. Those who believe in animalistic activities are actually the psychologists of beasts. On the other hand true spirituality will talk of advancement of divinity in world humans, activation of sensitive emotions and thus usher in Satyuga or Golden Era via such transformations. Time and again in 1989 revered Gurudeva gave such indications which are fructifying today for all to see. In those days he was authoring books in revolutionary religion. He wrote about 30 books but he said only 20 of them were of utmost importance. These 20 books published under the titles of Parivartan ke mahan kshan, Satyuga ki vapasi, Ikisvi sadi ujwal bhavishya etc in 2000 in the form of Mahapurnahuti pustakmala were republished and sold at cost price. Every sentence written by this revolutionary Rishi-seer is worth reading and deeply cogitating upon. In it there is a solution of all problems faced today by mankind. What should be our lifestyle? What are the golden aphorisms of lifes penance? How will Satyuga reappear? All this can be read after more than 15 years of its penning and can be seen materialized too.

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Divine Culture University) by materializing the dream of revered Gurudeva is fulfilling the enormous task of creating great men of the 21 st century. Whosoever has seen Acharyas (teachers) over here living lives of true pious Brahmins and students who imbibe great ideals in their lives feel that a model of the 21 st century is being designed here. Its distant center and an institution of related universities too is undergoing development. This institution that successfully unites modern education and wisdom is like a lighthouse that gives us direction within dark surroundings and hence is a galaxy. God is a confluence of great tasks and has vowed to usher in Era Transformation. Volunteers over here have deep faith in this. Shantikunj, All World Gayatri Family (Haridwar, India) is a hermitage of spiritual practice and Divine Culture University is akin to a mint. The foundation of these institutions is very firm and strong. It is nurtured with sacred austerities. None can even shift a wee bit a stone of this region. This institution standing on the foundation of ideals set up by revered Gurudeva and HH Mataji is so powerful that it is not dependent just on a handful of special personages. This in fact is a lineage of high ideals and supreme values. Those who gain the capability to work for it shall march ahead in life successfully. This is a center of hope for thousands-millions of International Gayatri Family members. It is they who are nourishing and nurturing it. Everyone must harbor faith that the 21 st century is full of radiant potentials of the future. It verily is true understanding on our part to accept this fact and by becoming a true devotee conjoin to this stupendous divine mission.



The sun predominates in the solar system. As per the Vedas the sun by awakening world humans eggs them to execute desired tasks. By saying Surya atma jagatastasthushshcha proclaims the sun to be the very soul of all animate/inanimate beings. On this entire planet the all witnessing sun by moving about everywhere mysteriously watches the activities of humans and all creatures. In Greek language the sun is called Helios. This word means full of brilliant light. This light of the sun is the result of infinite energy manifesting in it. It is because of this energy that life force or Prana circulates on earth. According to modern day scientists, in the sun too that appears like a fireball from planet earth movements/upheavals occur. These are witnessed as solar flames and dark sunspots.

Although the sun is the chief axis of the solar system yet in its galaxy it is a mere miniscule star. The distance between planet earth and sun is 1.4 billion 1.6 million km. Even then the solar rays travel this gigantic distance in merely 8 minutes. The circumference of the sun is 1.3 million 12 thousand km whereas that of earth is 12,756 km. It is very difficult to imagine that the sun is n times bigger than earth and is a very heavy mass of fire.

The temperature in all regions of the sun is not same or uniform. The surface temperature of the sun is about 6000 degrees Celsius. It is solar energy that is at work behind the suns heat and light. This energy is the very life force of earth. With this life force it is possible for life to advance on earth. Via nuclear activities this solar energy manifests in the center of the sun. As a result hydrogen gas gets converted to helium. In the center of the sun 564 million tons of hydrogen gets converted to 560 million tons of helium in 1 second. From this energy equivalent to 4 million ton hydrogen is sent outside the sun via rays. The sun emits 3.8 x 10 (to the power -26) J energy per second into interstellar space.

Since the past 50 billion years the sun has been converting its gases into solar energy. The energy is used up too in tandem. The temperature on its surface is not uniform or same throughout the surface region. In the Photosphere of the sun the temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius. In it dwells the Chromo Sphere which is a layer of uncontrolled gases. Between these two there is one more layer whose temperature is 4500 degrees Celsius. This then is the coldest region on the sun. At the beginning and end of a solar eclipse it can be visualized as a Magnetic Fridge.

In that surface area of the sun where the temperature is less and there is darkness and coolness only is called sunspot. The temperature of a sunspot in comparison to the temperature of gases close by is less than 2000 degrees Centigrade. Its number is between 1000 and 40000. These sunspots move about as pairs or groups and their lifespan is from a few days to a few months. The initial credit for unearthing these sunspots goes to the illustrious scientist Galileo.

The sun never rests quietly. In it upheavals are always noted. These upheavals are so swift sometimes that fire flames erupt very high on the suns surface. According to the American material scientist Unin Norman Parlor a stream made of ionic gases of hydrogen and helium ceaselessly flows unobstructed from the sun. In this flow the ratio of protons and electrons is equal. This is known as solar air/wind. The speed of solar wind is 1.26 to 2.88 million km per hour.

Solar flames erupt in the form of the energy of sunspots. In great measure it scatters the particles in solar wind which sometimes crosses the periphery of earth and enters it. These energy particles create a terrific magnetic field on earth. As a result the communication network on earth gets totally disarrayed. In interstellar space solar flames spread out for hundreds of miles. Up till now solar flames in their most terrific form was noted in 28 February 1942, 19 November 1949, 13 September 1971 and in April 1990.

In the last leg of the 20 th century in 2000 AD solar upheavals again were seen in a terrific form. Last year on March 2 and 4 in 2000 AD on the external surface of the sun energy exploded that was equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs having a potential of 100 mega ton each. As a result of which very dangerous ultra violet rays entered earth as a horrific storm. The renowned interstellar space scientist RS Srivastav opines that as a result of this incident wherein X-rays and ultraviolet rays entered akin to rain on earth the time between 11 am and 1.30 pm was very dire.

According to Americas JM Fridge and RS Srivastav in the corona region of the sun there are 2 points. These were named 8882 and 8881. In contemporary times these 2 points have suddenly become very much more active. From both these points are emitted activated vault of rays from 2 million ton corona fluid. Its speed is 3000 km per second. Its direction can one day veer towards our earth. In an ordinary state this speed of scattering is 10 times more. In these rays are included Gama and Beta rays. Regarding this astronomical episode a scientist of Delhi University, Prof Vishnu Bhatia has clarified that sometimes the magnetic area of earth agitates high energy particles emitted from the sun. This time too such an incident occurred and the earth was saved from very great peril.

The destructive form of storms are seen only sometimes on earth, but on the sun such storms of wrathful, terrible and swift forms permanently are witnessed. As a result of this storm the activities of sunspots on the sun reach peaks every 11 th year. As a result of which time and again changes are noted in the shape and form of the suns aura. In comparison to the remaining regions of the sun the temperature of nearby regions of intense magnetic fields of sunspots is less. In magnetic fields of other regions with intensely hot temperatures electrons, protons and atomic ions like electric particles move on very tortuous paths. This is the reason why there is an 11 year cycle for suns mobility. Every 11 th year this mobility reaches its peak. On 24 th April 1990 during this solar upheaval from the suns north-west region a certain matter from the sun with great speed was seen getting separated from itself. This reached at a distance of about 1 million km away from the sun.

Due to highest mobility of sunspots generally a multicolored polar light is seen on earth. In the North Pole this light is called Aurora Borealis and in the South Pole it is called Aurora Austrealis. The electric particles of magnetic storms emanating from sunspots are absorbed by the magnetic fields of earth. As a result of this one can see grand beautiful scenes of light on the North and South Pole of earth.

Rays emitted by various activities of sunspots reach the Ionosphere of earth. Due to this the earths magnetic fields cannot remain uninfluenced. High stature severe solar upheavals create upheavals in the earths Ionosphere too. As a result the possibility of magnetic storms entering earth remains high. Thus radio communication is affected and electricity transmission too goes haywire. Many times our earth has endured such harsh incidents. Due to these astronomical events the electricity transmission in many countries was obstructed in a major way. As a result Canadas Hydro-cubic Electric Technology got destroyed and many cities of Canada and USA were submerged in darkness.

The present sunspots commenced augmenting in 1996 and reached its peak in 2000 AD. When magnetic activity is in excess on the sun its aura attains uniformity but when magnetic activity decreases many light oriented lines are seen in its aura that enter far off regions of interstellar space. A weather scientist of USAs National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration called Gary Hackman opines that this time explosions on the solar wheel and as a result of which a dangerous storm of radiations passed nearby earth at a distance of 150000 km. This must be looked upon as Gods grace only that we escaped its ire. If this were not the case all artificial satellites launched in space and modern industries dependent on them would have been victims of a horrific accident.

All the upheavals seen on the sun are harbingers of widespread transformations. Scientists believe that as a result of such solar activities a transformation of gigantic measure shall be seen on earth in the near future. They opine that although the shape and form of earth shall remain unchanged yet its nature or Prakriti shall transform a great deal. It can be seen as Era Transformation in the 21 st century.



Those who try gauging the activities and success attained by the Yug Nirman movement will not succeed using the method of cause-effect. Human efforts have their own limitations. While going beyond it in order to create extraordinary situations is possible only with the help of the management designed by the divine controller or God. Human beings cannot create the lush greenery of monsoons, shivering cold of winter season, smile of spring season and unbearable heat of summer even if he is very powerful. The same fact is conjoined to the publicly adored Yuga Nirman Mission known as Thought Revolution movement. This is not merely an intellectual and social movement. Its central principle is spirituality based. It can be understood as revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyas a gross result of the subtle effort in the spiritual and mystic world. In the past there was no dearth of intellectual and social movements. Majority of these tasted heavy defeat. This is because instead of imbuing these movements with the energy of austerities, not being directed by divine consciousness, were but mere sprouts of pure mind and intellect.

Human efforts have their own limitations. None can perform gigantic tasks akin to a storm rendering itself widespread. If the wind moves behind it increases the speed of vehicles and travelers. Such a conducive situation is totally dependent on the wish and management of the divine creator. Who does not know that grass blades, leaves and dust particles agreeing to fly along with a storm reach the skies and despite being handicapped they travel speedily? Yes! What is definite is that in order to conjoin to divine consciousness we must definitely give up all our weaknesses which so far were seen active in our lives. For this if there is a lack of intellectual readiness we are infinite miles away from spiritual readiness.

For this there is a need of both leaders and followers of profound spiritual practices, deep self introspection and ceaseless search for inner taints. Our Divine Guru and Divine General of the Army that directs this great movement, has a strong direct bond with Almighty God. This is because we can become a capable and successful instrument of this Divine Energy (God) only when along with our inner uplifting we experience in our soul an omnipresent high stature energy in the very foundation of our thoughts and actions. Due to one experience after another we must understand this truth that on the basis of immature, austerity lacking western outlook we cannot become mediums of that powerful Lord.

Maharshi Aurobindo in his book Human cycle writes:

O Indians! It is only Indias mysticism, spiritual practices, penance, divine wisdom and power that can render us all great and that these sweet sensitive emotions of our land cannot manifest via the British lowly synonyms of discipline, philosophy and strength. This is but manifesting forces of creation, propagation and annihilation via spiritual practice in our physical existence. Divine wisdom is supremely greater than philosophy. This is a directly manifested inner wisdom which appears from that energy which our ancestors termed spiritual or mystic vision. Energy is much more potent than mere strength. This energy is so widespread that it aids the revolving of stars, planets etc. It is great Yogis who will have to come forward as torch bearers of various movements. Samarth Ramdas along with Shivaji shall have to take birth in one body and Majini will have to merge into Kavur. An intellect separated from the soul and energy separated from sanctity may help the European Revolution but yet with European strength we cannot gain victory. Movements in the past have failed simply because they were purely intellectual in nature.

Revered Gurudeva disallowed the above distortions to enter his Yuga Nirman Mission. In fact he rendered its foundation as austerities. His wisdom based on inner inspiration and that unveiled in Samadhi or trance gave the Thought Revolution its present form. The fount of its energy is the power of great Yogis immersed in austerities in Himalayas who via their profound spiritual practice by attracting cosmic divine forces imbued the same in Yug Nirman Mission. In order to imbibe this energy not only Gurudeva himself traveled to Himalayas again and again but that involved every volunteer of this mission in intense spiritual practices.

Gurudeva himself said:

For a very terrific form of penance I am traveling to unknown regions. Its goal is to set up a class of such people yearning to serve the world that via their character, personality, ideals and influence can fill the lack of true leaders for this cause. In these days a chain of great saints shall incarnate in this world that shall materialize the great potential of Era Transformation. Manifestation of River Ganges from heaven was not difficult the difficulty was creating a Bhagiratha. Man is truly great. If greatness manifests in him in ample measure then in the true sense of the term he can prove to be Gods son and divine representative. In future we shall definitely need such Bhagirathas that are capable of transforming this world positively and manifest the river of world peace.

The chief goal of my austerities is to create Bhagirathas in every area of public life and in every country of the world. For this end desired amount of power and capability has to be unfolded. Without weapons and artillery an army cannot fight. For neo creation tasks for radiant leadership I shall generate enough energy and situations from behind the curtain. Via my future austerities this shall indeed be possible and in a few days in every region, in every direction we shall witness the world over capable talented volunteers successfully executing this mission. Indeed they will get credit which should be the case. The Yug Nirman Mission is not an institute but a direction and hence by taking up innumerable activities many organizations and programs shall manifest for this goal. This sacredly sensitive speech of Gurudeva tells us that the Yug Nirman Mission is different from all other movements seen so far.

Within this movement based on austerities, divine wisdom and spiritual energy those tasks that were carried out successfully were clarified by him in March 1969 as follows:

In this short time span I have carried out 5 chief tasks:

1) Rendering facile Ridhi literature of Indian Religion from the beginning to the end and spreading the same to the entire world.

2) Researching into Gayatri Super Science, spreading the same everywhere in the world, initiating and teaching millions of people this great science and establishing the organization called All World Gayatri Family.

3) Via Gayatri Yajnas manifesting widespread sensitivity towards true religion and initiating thousands of conferences of gigantic stature in entire India.

4) Yug Nirmans transformation of human psyche and a worldwide movement of Thought Revolution.

5) Making arrangements for imbuing the material and spiritual progress of credible devotees with divine energy generated from ceaseless austerities.

From March 1969 to July 1997 all these programs have multiplied n fold times. The number of devotees undergoing Gayatri practices has reached millions from a million. Up till now in the entire world more than 50000 Shaktipithas have been inaugurated. The number of small/large scale Yajna programs organized has crossed 0.1 million and has reached 0.1 billion. The Thought Revolution Movement is gaining major momentum the world over.

Gurudeva, while clarifying regarding the ritual aspect of this Thought Revolution, had said:

Fire is said to have 7 tongues. In Prana Yoga along with Super Mantra Gayatri 7 Vyahvrittis are embedded. This Thought Revolution too will flow as 7 streams. These 7 streams are:

1) Ideal Marriages

2) Warding off tainted traditions

3) Encouraging literacy programs

4) Protecting good health

5) Compassion towards all creatures

6) Cooperation

7) Inspiring entertainment

Due to all pervasiveness of its multifaceted nature Yug Nirman Mission can be looked upon as one of the greatest movements of this era. In the admixed nature of need of times, call of this era and Gods divine desire the influence of this movement that has created its own identity shall prove this prophecy true that in the near future itself rotten undesirable beliefs and activities shall lose their very existence and on the basis of true discrimination, justice and aptness the mental thoughts, direction of thinking, working methodology and code of conduct shall be reinstated anew. Due to scientific progress the entire world is being rendered smaller and tinier akin to a global village. Far off lands are now being rendered akin to neighborhood roads and alleys. An event in a small region has repercussions in widespread regions and now the ideal of World united peacefully as a family either knowingly/unknowingly or desirably/undesirably is becoming a tangible fact. People are quickly experiencing the need of a single world nation, a single community and culture, single mode of behavior and one direction of thinking. Now there is a great possibility that on this basis there is no other way of neo creating and transforming so as to usher in a new world, new society and new personalities. Yug Nirman Mission as per changing times is neo creating and nurturing new humans and society as a result of which it is proving its natural supremacy.

This movement is not great only because of its all inclusive nature but that it is a manifest form of the activities of Avatar consciousness of contemporary times. Revered Gurudeva despite being a director and controller of Yug Nirman Mission he never ever looked upon himself greater than a volunteer working for world public because according to him in the eyes of people individual worship is enough and that there is no need to get enmeshed in mission activities! In our eyes worship of the gross body is mere idol worship whereas worshiping divinity means flowing with a faith based stream of Prana. As a result he termed the Yug Nirman Mission as an activity of an Avatar. If we quote him that Era Avatar and taintless God via which a cosmic rule of emperor of good will sentiments is to be ushered in is none other than our Yug Nirman Mission in its pristine form.

This is not some mere temporary noise created by an individual or a group of them but that behind it is involved a very important precept and terrific energy flow and such complex situations are conjoined to it that perforce everyone shall have to march forward in that direction which we are ourselves making efforts to do so. Many people talk about Era Transformation and Neo Creation but yet they have no clear road map for it. Even if they have one it is so full of doubts and haziness that very few in the world will accept and imbibe it. Only time will tell us that in this century which was the most important movement that gave the world a true direction? In this measurement this movement of ours shall prove to be correct doubtlessly due its special nature and farsighted outlook.

This is because its goal is not simply to transform a fistful of people, some religions or special communities. The question pertains to transformation of entire world human society into a spiritual one. If it was the question of changing a few individuals it could have been achieved via enticement, pressure, counseling or cunningness. Yet where the question is related to the fate of 60 billion world humans, their languages, the atmosphere in which they grew up, the varied situations they faced and their bondage as far as psychic imprints is concerned and the question of people getting used to their own traditions, there it is so difficult to imbue high stature psychic qualities in their beliefs and encourage them to live a life of great ideals can be gauged easily. For such great tasks not human but divine power is required. Due to human power pressure man can no doubt become a superficial yes-man yet it is an extraordinary task to transform the inner soul. Lord Mahakal desires to execute exactly this via our movement.

In order to establish a spiritual society so as to render the task of an Avatar consciousness which oozes with a powerful resolve (Sankalpa) and ceaseless activity more and more potently intense these days many divine souls have incarnated in this world and are continuously doing so. As per the speech of HH Divine Mother of Shri Aurobindo Ashram: Although it is a fact that in 1953 the Super Mind has incarnated on earth and is active too and that in human nature intensity has been witnessed yet the pinnacle which we all have to reach a lot of time maybe required for the same. This time span can decrease only if high stature Rishis like Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Yajnavalkya, Uddalak, Agastya, Vyas and Valmiki and Indra and other demigods take birth in this world numbering to thousands so as to help in this glorious task. In one letter written by him Shri Aurobindo says: Some great souls have already incarnated in this world for this onerous task.

This speed has been rendered faster via appearance in this world of revered Gurudeva along with his Yug Nirman Mission. According to him in order to attain political freedom in India 30 special souls had incarnated in India. And now in order to establish a spiritual society more than 300 divine souls are incarnating. Amongst these a few have already taken up a human body and the rest will do so in the near future. Clarifying these facts further he says: Era Transformation is that opportunity wherein great wise souls of ancient times till today are going to don a human garb. In these days great Rishis like Vishwamitra, atri, Kapil, Kanva, Vyas, Vasishtha, Bharadwaj, Yajnavalkya, Gautam, Narad, Lomarsh, Mahavir, Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Kumaril etc, great devotees like Vivekananda, Ramtirth, Tukaram, Eknath, Jnaneshwar, Kabir, Nanak, Raidas, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Surdas, Tulsi etc, great warriors like Arjun, drone, Bhishma, Karna etc, statesmen like Chanakya, Shukracharya etc, generous philanthropists like Harshchindra, Shibi, Dadhichi, Moredhwaj, Bhamashah etc, great goddess like women akin to Anusuya, Madalasa, Kunti, Draupadi, Subhadra, Satyavati, Maitreyi, Gargi, Bharti, Durgavati, Lakshmibai, Ambapali, Ahilyabai, Sarandha etc and valiant children like Abhimanyu, Dhruv, Prahlad, Fatehsingh, Joravar etc have already incarnated in this world. They are leading ordinary lives. Today they are in ordinary states. But in days to come it will not take long for them to become extraordinary. People shall be spell bound that a person appearing ordinary in yesterdays has become so great and extraordinary today. All this shall be a mind boggling episode of Lord Mahakals direction of Yuga Nirman, reversion, Maharas etc.

Due to the influence of divine consciousness, in order to speed up this movement prophets of all religions the world over are incarnating. Time and again as per annals of world history they in order to reform the worlds political, ethical, intellectual and economic situation in their own way have served world humanity selflessly. Innumerous such experienced, high stature and time tested great souls have already taken birth today. Those who have already taken birth shall manifest their true identity at the opportune hour by renting asunder the veil they have donned. Those who have not taken birth so far are looking out for apt families and on getting an appropriate opportunity they shall take birth. From this standpoint in a few years India shall manifest a vault of precious jewels in the garb of such great saints and leaders.

The present moments of the activity of aides in the Lilas or divine sports of Lord Mahakal are certainly not ordinary. During the present moments of human history due to divine commands greatest band of Rishis of the subtle spiritual world are immersed in turning the Wheel of Religion. Such a great gigantic task has never been witnessed in world history. According to revered Gurudeva: In these moments of the lives of all of us today and tomorrow by becoming more widespread has donned the garb of present and future. The time of union instead of being a decade or century is now that of thousands of years. Over here are going to meet 2 Great Eras. Under such circumstances the glory of the auspicious hour of union increasing infinite fold is but natural and truly this has become a festival of transformation. The vibrations of this gross visible world are becoming potently more intense due to the directions it gets from an invisible subtle Super Energy.

Shri Aurobindo Ghosh terms this extraordinary hour as the divine auspicious hour. Gurudeva has coined one more new name for it as the time of Yuga-Sandhi or Era Junction. According to him at this hour of dawn all high stature great souls in order to fulfill Lord Mahakals meritorious task are present in the same way as Rishi-Muni and forest based ascetics/sages gather near a water area to carry out Sandhyavandan rites. Yug Nirman Mission is an active manifestation of the multifaceted form of these great souls. While clarifying regarding this process of fulfilling it he says: In order to usher in a New Era more important daring oriented creative and struggle based steps shall have to be taken. For gigantic transformations gigantic methods have to be taken recourse to. Most definitely we shall have to set rolling small-big movements. We shall have to struggle too. Training institutes shall have to be established and for creative endeavors gigantic organizations shall have to be founded. In this extremely widespread movement the hard labor, sacrifice, wisdom and large hearted efforts of thousands of humans the world over shall be made use of.

In indias previous national freedom movement so much wealth and human resources were utilized which is a well known fact. This was limited to India and its political arena. The work arena of Yug Nirman Mission is thousand times more humungous. Its work arena is the entire world and transformation has to be ushered in not only in politics but in every field of society and people in a revolutionary manner. For this so many creative and struggle based programs shall have to be made and this can be imagined only by a very farsighted seer. It indeed is a gigantic feat to render todays topsy-turvy world into a well managed one. To transform the direction of the human brains thinking/yearning/desire and nature, replacing vileness with true greatness that too in all 60 billion humans dwelling on planet earth, doubtlessly is a gigantic historical task.

The invisible directors of the Yug Nirman Mission shall include in it for this end various leading personalities, innumerable movements and unlimited active programs. This is a process that shall definitely be executed which lord Mahakal in his own way is ushering in. everyone shall see that they by taking up a direction from this world movement akin to todays scientific advancement tomorrow for sentiment uplifting too intense efforts shall be made and amongst these each of them exceeding the other shall play a role via this powerful organization by exhibiting their grand personality.

In future days to come this miracle of the invisible divine existence shall be seen enacted in the visible world by one and all. This should not be taken as a prophecy. In fact this is an actuality which any farsighted person can visualize easily. Tomorrow when this situation shall come nearer everyone will see it directly. In the future a terrific storm that shall transform the entire world shall march ahead with the speed of lightning. It will rest in peace only after rendering this rotting world into a capable, wise, healthy and advanced one. In future for welcoming that golden dawn which shall usher in we all, by participating in this Yug Nirman Mission must become Almighty Gods partner, servant and aide.



We all by looking upon Almighty God as all pervasive and full of justice shall imbibe discipline in our lives as per his desire-these were the first sentences of that official Sankalpa or resolve and manifesto which can be called the preliminary proclamation of Yug Nirman Mission. For the first time revered Gurudeva while writing this resolve in Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1962) had asked all of us to read this by congregating regularly early in the morning and on auspicious occasions. While talking to all volunteers, all branches and members who were running the Jnana Temples in the September 1962 volume he writes that this is that seed of thought on the basis of which the possibilities of Era Creation shall be defined.

Only a thinker of revolutionary stature can talk of Era Transformation. Only he can think on the lines that this society rotting in vain beliefs can transform only when each world individual transforms himself/herself truly. Everyone talks of changing external situations by changing our mental outlook, via the power to think by awakening great stature Sankalpas or resolves in our psyche, if a person transforms himself the entire society shall definitely change positively. This can be thought of only by a philosopher and a deep thinker of Psychology Sciences. A seemingly impossible task like Era Transformation can only be given a socially active form when its one unit that is society and a unit of it that is the family along with the inner individual gets sanctified in an all round manner. When man transforms that era too transforms. As soon as transformation is noted in our viewpoint the atmosphere too changes. When each individual of the world is neo created, Era Neo Creation shall definitely be witnessed-this can be uttered only by a person of Avatar stature who can see the future and the process of transformation of the present which is woven along with the subtle invisible world.

Anyone can say that Era Creation, Era Transformation are big sized words, that they are flowery to talk about and how is all this possible when we are engulfed by disparity, separateness and deluded beliefs from all sides? Isnt it a mere Utopia for a person to talk not about just changing society but to transform an entire era? Yet at the root of all this that truthful daring, fiery will power and desire power should be made note of which is of the stature of the resolve of the divine creator (Ekoham bahusyama) and in the form of Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge which in turn is a promise given to world humanity by Almighty God. This is the powerful resolve of a great person and its result is that within the group full of disparity that talk of transformation within it and the fact that all great world thinkers are putting forth their observations regarding it has in its root individual neo creation.

Revered Gurudeva writes that: That Avatar required for Era Transformation shall initially incarnate as a divine desire. The subtle form of this Avatar is the resolve of Yug Nirman. This quote is that of a sacred hearted great person who for his entire life heated himself in the fire of austerities akin to burning gold ore so as to become 24 carat gold. It is his thoughts today that are designing all transformations in the subtle world. It certainly shall not be considered an overstatement if it is said that in the form of a true resolve of the taintless Prajna Avatar himself that this proclamation manifested and can ever the resolve of God go unheeded?

In this true resolve Gurudeva gave 1 st spot to theism which not only aids humans to walk a wholesome path but that it induces them to observe divine discipline. Theism that does not render a person an escapist but makes him a Karma Yogi and one imbued with a sense of performing righteous duties. True surrender to God is always of an active one. By teaching us this precept he says that whenever theism fructifies in our life he/she will give utmost importance to performing righteous duties. Our duty to our body means looking upon it as Gods temple and via self control and regularity, render it healthy, disease free and strong. It is as important to render our minds clean, taintless and sinless as we keep our body healthy. If mental health is good our life force too shall be potent and thus mental distortions and vile feelings shall no longer harass us and all worries, diseases shall run far away from us. Mental reflection, self study and association with great saints is that medicine which by obstructing our minds from straying afar gives it a suitable direction and always inspires us with soul creation and soul progress. Imbibing all 4 forms of self control too takes us in that direction. This is the 1 st lesson of the true resolve and in reality is its core deep import. If someone imbibes even this much in life not only will he/she transform but shall transform others too.

Further he writes that as long as the attitude of collectiveness (congregations) does not evolve, each one instead of ones own benefit does not seek others benefit, till then all around us will rein narrow minded selfishness. The root Mantra of spiritual communism is this regarding which revered Gurudeva writes: In everyone elses welfare lies our own welfare. This then is the foundation of unity, equality and social justice. We must think not of I but of everybody and undesirable disparity as far as Varna and gender is concerned must end totally. Today when everywhere royal kingdoms and colonialism has been razed to the ground and that a lot of opposition is there towards Varna differences, we can easily realize how contemporarily apt were these utterances of his.

Further in this true resolve regarding imbibing a few qualities in life so as to inspire us all to reform our souls he says by making us take a vow: True wealth is that which render an animal man into a divine man. If such enumerated qualities are imbibed fully in life man shall definitely become a superman. True spirituality can be found only in spiritual practice, self study, self control and selfless service to the world.

In reality every alphabet of this true resolve is a seed of revolution. If even one of these is imbibed in daily living, not only will that person attain soul progress himself/herself but that the doors of material progress will be thrown wide open. Not only do such individuals themselves transform but those around them too transform desirably.

Revered Gurudeva born as a symbol of Prajna Avatar as an epilogue to Buddha Avatar writes further: In comparison to success attained via unethical means failure faced on the path of ethics is worth lauding. In front of lineages if discrimination rests awakened the waves of blind following the blind like hordes of sheep shall end. It is only when true discrimination or Viveka is ignored that vile activities, tainted traditions and deluded beliefs rule the roost. As soon as the eye of discrimination opens these taints gets destroyed. Today in society world humans by walking on the short cut path of in-ethics/crime they out of lack of farsightedness do attain success with glee but alas it is so short lived that repent at leisure. If only we understand the permanent importance of ethics man shall think it glorious to walk the path of ethics and live a life of integrity. The test of gauging a person is his/her wholesome thinking and great actions.

Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet-this has been no doubt ready by many yet only if they had deeply imbibed it in daily living they would be honored everywhere. If we desire that others behave properly with us we too must behave well with them. In this one sentence all aphorisms like those of public contact, management skills, making others our very own, Sanjivani Science (rendering the dead alive) and all skills pertaining to living life are embedded that I shall not behave in a manner with others which I myself find disgusting.

The next aphorism is-Men and women will behave with each other sacredly. It is a tainted vision that aids proliferation of sexual lust and gives birth to injustice in our minds. While giving us the chief basis of world peace Gurudeva says that half the world population is of female gender. If we start looking at them sacredly and respectfully our acts of oppression and atrocities against them shall come to a grinding halt and both men and women cooperating with each other shall create a great and healthy world society. No doubt we can live married lives but by looking upon siring children only as a righteous duty we must abstain from dirty lewd lustful living. We must look upon women as revered mothers instead of labeling them as sex symbols and only then individual and family neo creation is possible.

By giving importance to world welfare rather than selfish gains, for proliferating great activities the world over, by inspiring us to donate one portion of our time, talent, earnings, knowledge and effort for the same revered Gurudeva says that this is true religion and Era Religion. A Brahmin is one who earns with 100 hands and donates with 1000 hands. He inspires all of us to amass such true Brahminhood in our inner personality.

Ultimately Gurudeva writes that man is the author of his fate, it is he who designs his future. Since man is the boss of this extraordinary capacity there should be no hesitation in proclaiming that if man becomes truly great and makes effort to render others great too then definitely this entire era shall transform. As per the spirituality based psychological precept Tanme manaha shivasankalpamastu this resolve is so great and auspicious that the era shall definitely transform; this is because I will not be that as I am today. In comparison to today I shall make myself greater and supreme and akin to iron turning to gold when touched by Paras (touchstone) I shall render others great too. If this were to happen the era shall definitely transform; because then there shall be an overpowering majority of great people, human jewels who give utmost importance to goodwill towards all and divine men oozing with sacred sensitivity in world society. Efforts predominate and not destiny. This belief is firmly embedded in that proclamation that Man is the author of his fate. Such people via great efforts render their destiny stupendous, spread fragrance of their greatness all around akin to sandalwood trees, are called era transformers and by becoming the captain of a ship themselves steer many others to shores of safety. When such people rein in society why shall the era not transform? It shall most definitely transform.

This manifesto written by a Yuga Purusha (Shriram Sharma Acharya) is a document by itself and a pillar of glory in the long journey of Era Neo Creation. Later in march 1989 this was given a well developed and well researched form. In them the main points were the same which we have discussed above. Some aspects were added to it because based on contemporary times they were of utility value. In it stress was laid on congregating gentlemanly people and in a new way emphasis was laid on national unity, equality and indivisibility. Finally while expressing his total profound faith in this resolve he writes that If we change this era will change and if we reform this era shall reform.

When Lord Mahakal is proclaiming thus, why should we all, a portion of his cosmic soul not pay heed to it? The sacred commencement of Era Transformation has already occurred and New Era definitely is in the offing.



The tradition and lineage of Yoga Science is very ancient. This is precious wealth of ancient India. All streams of knowledge-science are its resultant. Yoga is such a vault of Super Energies wherein all bodily, mental, intellectual, spiritual etc energies develop well and in the unveiling of joy, peace and good health success definitely comes our way. It is because of this that world humans today are taking shelter of Yoga Sciences for attaining peace, good health and bliss. Hence just as todays era is called the Scientific Age so too it will certainly not be an overstatement to call it a Yoga Era.

The word Yoga is made from the Yuj Dhatu. In Sanskrit language 2 Yuj Dhatus are mentioned. In it one means to unite or join or become one and the other is Samadhi (trance) or mental steadiness. Thus the common meaning of Yoga is the merging of a creatures soul with Gods cosmic soul. Yoga is the uniting or becoming one of human consciousness with divine consciousness (God). Via Yoga we can become one with Almighty God. The Bhagwad Geeta defines Yoga as equanimity of the psyche and skillful execution of various actions. According to the Bhagwad Geeta when after our life contacts sorrow it dissociates from it is called Yoga. It means the dissociation from contact with sorrow is called Yoga. According to Maharshi Patanjali Yoga is repression of thought waves. Despite there being a word based difference between Geetas and Patanjalis interpretations the meaning is the same because according to Patanjal Yoga when thought waves are repressed the devotee gets wisdom of the separate nature of Prakriti (material nature) and Purusha (God). Due to this divine wisdom man no longer undergoes any sorrow which means he gets dissociated from all grief.

The ordinary meaning of Yoga is tact or skill. As per this meaning in Yoga Vashishtha text the meaning of Yoga is the skill with which we cross this ocean of material world. Yogi Yajnavalkya too has given a similar type of meaning. He says that Yoga means the same equal form attained by a living being as God after it unites with God. Over here equal form means the living being after becoming equal with God surrenders to the latter. According to Jain Gurus all those spiritual practices that aid attainment/sanctity of the soul and Moksha or salvation are called Yoga. Yuga Rishi Gurudeva accepts Yoga as a spiritual practice of life.

In our root nature Yoga chiefly helps elicit experience of the soul, liberating the mind, peace and bliss. In reality Indian Yogis over and above spiritual philosophy are always laboring for actually experiencing the soul. They are never satisfied by dry philosophy but undergo spiritual practices to experience the divine soul or God. Indian Rishis call this means to experience the divine soul as Vijnana. In this manner in ancient India there were 2 streams of Jnana and Vijnana. Regarding this Adi Shankaracharya has clarified that Jnana means attaining knowledge of Atman or divine soul from great preceptors or scriptures and Vijnana means to actually experience this Jnana (which so far is more theoretically understood). Such experiences are eternally blissful in nature. It is for attaining this actual experience that Rishis of yore unearthed Yoga Sciences. As per the quote of Adi Shankaracharya experiential Jnana is Jnana that includes Vijnana. In the Bhagwad Geeta secret Jnana along with Vijnana is the means with which one attains Moksha or salvation. In Vedant tradition Yoga is considered the chief spiritual practice to attain soul experience. Apart from this in Vedic literature the word Yoga is used for both state (goal) of soul experience and the means or spiritual practice with which to attain it. In this manner the aim of ancient Indian Yoga tradition was not merely to attain Jnana (theory) but Vijnana (actual experience) too.

In ancient literature preliminarily in Rigveda one finds the word Yoga. In this manner Yoga tradition had already commenced in the Vedic Era which was termed Yogamaya. In Rigveda for succeeding in Yoga a prayer is made to Almighty God. Over here by using the word Yoga many times tells us that it means uniting or merging which proves that Yoga is embedded in it. In Yajurveda one finds mention of attaining Jnana via Yoga wherein it is said that we all via Yoga with a same sighted steady psyche in the created world of that supreme Almighty God attain that absolute divine wisdom from him for joyous benefits created by our power. In Yajurveda one finds a description of Yoga practices. In many Mantras of Samaveda one finds indications of Yoga. In Atharvaveda Yoga is called the means in order to attain Mukti or salvation. A prayer is made for the success of the austerities undergone by great Yogis. In Yajurveda there is mention of a teaching of the path of attaining salvation. Thus from Vedic Mantras it is crystal clear that despite there being a little lack of Yoga practice and step by step analysis of Yogic terminology yet a description of Yoga is found via Mantra sentences, natural materials and symbols. This definitely tells us about the existence of Yoga in Vedic times. Rishis of yore were great Yogis. If seen from this standpoint the evolution of Yoga tradition was witnessed right from the Vedic Era which is even more ancient than Rigveda Era. Ere the seeds of Yoga tradition were not lying hidden in Indias very ancient prehistoric era, its sprouting and growth would not have been witnessed in preliminary Vedic times.

Historian John Marshall has accepted the fact that in the archeological remains of Indus Valley Civilization statues of some Yogis have been unearthed. According to him in this statue in special Mudras symbols like Trishul weapon, crown, assemblage, nakedness, Kayotsarga Mudra, Yoga practices and bull have been noted which proves that this statue was of some Yogi only. As per the opinion of V N Lunia such type of other Yoga symbols were found in coins unearthed there. While mentioning these coins Lunia says that on a coin made of China clay is etched a person seated in Yoga posture. There is 2 serpents to his right and left side and 2 serpents in front of him. Dr Radhamukund Mukherjee believes that one can clearly note archeological and doubtless proof of the existence of people undergoing Yoga practices or meditation belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. The fact is that to the extent the history of Yoga tradition is ancient in India its form is that much more astounding. The preliminary form of Yoga tradition verily has been symbolic. These symbols were methodically discussed in Upanishad Era and minute details of its spiritual practice too were elucidated.

The word Yoga used in Upanishads indicates spirituality because words like Yoga, meditation, austerities have been used in terms of Samadhi or trance. In the Shwetashwatar Upanishad there is a discussion of Yoga, its practice and results which clarifies Yoga tradition. In Amrit Upanishad Shadang Yoga has been discussed whereas some Upanishads opine that Yoga has 9 stages. In this manner step by step Yoga tradition got evolved further so as to attain an independent existence. A description of this evolved form can be found in Sutras, Smritis and great poetries. In Patajali Yoga Sutras there is a mention of 8 stages of Yoga which is the foundation principle of contemporary Yoga. Patanjali gave Yoga a churned form. In Manu Smriti, Yama-Niyama have not been included but in Yajnavalkya Smriti 10 Yamas and 10 Niyamas are included. In Ramayana one finds Yoga mentioned synonymous with penance so as to attain Self/God Realization. In Mahabharat epic Yogas indestructible treasure has been gathered. Generally over here the word Yoga has been used in the form of finding a solution.

It is a historical fact that the fertile land of Yoga commenced first in very ancient times in India. The flowing river of time of Yoga tradition never stopped nor has stopped today too. Step by step various forms of Yoga got evolved and its deep import too increased manifold. Its influence is seen in Buddhist and Jain literature too. In the 4 Arya Truths of Lord Buddha shined forth the truth of 4 Vyuhas-bondages described in Yoga texts. In Buddhist Yoga the goal is to attain the inner state of Bodhisattva. Jain Yoga is a name for the method of spiritual practice. In it there is a description of non violence, truth, abstaining from robbery, Brahmacharya or celibacy and not hoarding things which if imbibed in full measure is called a great vow. In this manner in Buddhist/Jain texts Yoga tradition evolved in an equal way. In Shung, Shak, Kushan, Gupta and pre middle era Yoga tradition reached great pinnacles. In Ashtanghriday, Ashtangsangrah and Charak Samhita Yoga Sutras have been analyzed. In it one finds mention of the Panchbhut Theory. In Puranas or Indian Mythology subjects based on Yoga have been discussed is great detail. From the standpoint of the history of Yoga scriptures the spot of Bhagwat Purana is in the time span between Aupanishad Yoga Patanjal Yoga. In it we find details of all 3 spiritual practices viz. Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Kriya Yoga. In Agni Puran Padmasan and in Garud Puran Swastikasan, Padmasan, Asit etc have been included. In Vishnu Puran Pranayam has been mentioned.

In this time period (650-1200 AD) in the field of Yoga a few teachers/Acharyas wrote other literature regarding Yoga. Vachaspati Mishra wrote a book called Tattvavaisharadi which was a Tika/annotation on Vyas Bhashya. Vijnanbhikhshu wrote 2 books called Yogavartik and Yogasar Sangrah. Raghavanand wrote a book called Patanjal Rahasya. Bhoj wrote Rajmartand. Bhavaganesh wrote the book Vritti. Ramanandpati wrote the book Maniprabha. Anantpandit wrote Yoga Chandrika and Sadashiv Saraswati wrote the book Tyag Sudhakar. In this very arena Nagobhatta has contributed in a very important manner. In this time period many Tikas/annotations were written regarding Yoga.

A few scholars have mulled over Yoga tradition only in a cultural manner and have immersed themselves in this task and yet within this endeavor many of its aspects remain incomplete and one sided. In this there is a prime need of deep widespread research so that the inspirer and guide of the history of ancient India along with its culture i.e. Yoga tradition be showcased to the entire world in an all round special viewpoint manner. In the Yoga Department of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Divine Culture University, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) arrangements have been made for conducting deep research studies on this subject so that the multifaceted form of Yoga can be exhibited to world humanity and via Yoga the possibility of cultural neo awakening can materialize.




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