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The above divine speech was uttered by HH Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (Shakti incarnate) with reference to her Lord Shiva incarnate Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.  Theirs is a divinely sporting duo of Shiva-Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are inseparably one. Their relationship eternally is unbroken and ceaseless. This Lila or divine sport of theirs is eternal and nonstop. Right since world creation it is that one supreme divine consciousness that is divine sporting as Shiva and Shakti. The manifest form of this supreme divine consciousness is called Shakti and its un-manifest form is Lord Shiva. While fully endorsing this divine truth the scriptures say:

Umarudratmikaha sarvaha prajaha sthavar jangamaha.

Vyaktam sarvamumarupamavyaktam tu maheshwaraha.

MEANING: This entire world creation of animate/inanimate etc creatures is but the form of Goddess Uma and Lord Rudra. In it the manifest form of this supreme divine consciousness is called Goddess Uma and its un-manifest form is Lord Maheshwara.

The Shrutis also say that whatever is seen, heard, remembered in this world is nothing but Shiva-Shakti. Rudra is male and Uma is female. Rudra is Brahma and Uma is Saraswati. Rudra is Vishnu and Uma is Lakshmi. Rudra is sun and Uma is shadow. Rudra is Soma and Uma is Tara. Rudra is day and Uma is night. Rudra is Yajna and Uma is Vedi. Rudra is Vahni and Uma is Swaha. Rudra is Vedas and Uma is Shastras. Rudra is tree and Uma is creeper. Rudra is fragrance and Uma is flower. Rudra is meaning and Uma is alphabet. Rudra is Linga and Uma is Peetha. Those who harbor such sacred sentiments can bow down everywhere. It is such people who realize the mysterious Lila or Divine Sport of Shiva-Shakti.

A Mantra Drishta Seer Rishi of a very ancient Vedic era was asked: Which deity should we worship and eulogize (Kasmai devaya havisha vidhema)? In 10 Richas or Vedic verses they gave the following answer. Within these 2 are very appealing:

Hiranyagarbhaha samavartatagne, bhutasya jataha patirek aseeta.

Sa dadhar prithivimut dyam, kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

Ya atmada balada yasya vishva, upasate prashisham yasya devaha.

Yasyacchayamritam yasya mrityuhu, kasmai devaya havisha vidhema.

MEANING: Preliminarily Lord Hiranyagarbha Shiva incarnated who was the lord and ancestor of all beings. Later with his Divine Power he created earth and space. Thus we must worship and eulogize him only. We must worship and eulogize only him who bestows all our activities life force and energy, from whose austerities emerges newness akin to flames from fire, that sanctifies all creatures, whose commands are followed respectfully by all living beings and whose shadow is death and immortality.

The birth of Yug Nirman Mission is very much like the mystery of world creation. Our Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the form of an eternal representative of Lord Mahakal (Cosmic Divine Time) appeared in this world and immersed himself in ceaseless difficult spiritual austerities. After this in the form of his eternal Divine Energy HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma incarnated as an Avatar. It is HH Mataji who managed this mission deftly. Via the power of penance of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya many activities of the mission took birth. HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma continued to optimally manage and oversee all of these activities and amplified them. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya divine power of grace executes the humungous task of sanctifying all of us both within and without. It is his divine commands that are the root of all tasks we perform and if anyone amongst us all question great Rishis using the ancient language of Sanskrit viz. ‘kasmai devaya havisha vidhema’ definitely the answer shall be: ‘tasmai devaya havisha vidhema’ i.e. pointing towards Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

This divine duo of Shiva-Shakti can be seen clearly in the birth, life and activities of the Yug Nirman Mission. With reference to Shiva-Shakti, Gurudeva and HH Mataji who is senior and who is junior? This question shall arise only when both are separate. Since both are one single divine soul principle where can such a question arise with reference to seniority? Of course! It is true that where on the one hand Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s austerity based divine aura pulls us all magnetically towards it, there HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma’s divine affection satiates the very core of our bosom. We may not understand the unsolved puzzle of the mysterious life of Revered Gurudeva and HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji yet it is definite that lest HH Mataji were not in our midst our Yug Nirman Mission would not have become so widespread as is witnessed today. It means that if Shakti was absent maybe Shiva could not have spread his divine mission the world over.

Right since primordial times this truth has been accepted wholeheartedly. In his great literary masterpiece ‘Soundarya Lahiri’ Adi Guru Shankarcharyaji says:

Shivaha shaktya yukto yadi bhavati shaktaha prabhavitum.

Na chedevam devo naha khalu kushalaha sPunditumapi.

MEANING: Without Shakti, Shiva cannot manifest his true inner form because without Shakti it is impossible to create-propagate-annihilate this world. In fact without Shakti, Shiva is totally immobile and vibration less.

Devoted devotees in this energizing principle and in its entire activity based movements has said that the cause is but divine grace. Its existence itself oozes with grace and blessings. In its anger too grace lies hidden. It is hence that in the Devi Mahatmya it is said:

Chitte kripa samaranishthurta cha drishtva.

In fact scriptural scholars to this extent have said that: O Divine Mother! Lord Shiva resides in the hearts of all creatures and you dwell in his heart. But you dwell in the heart also as compassion personified and hence we seek your divine shelter.

This quote by scriptural scholars proves true for HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji 100%. Those who have attained her close proximity, know well that in her wrath too compassion oozed albeit subtly. If Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s inner personality the shining radiated gloriously like sun then HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji’s inner personality bloomed serenely like the cool, calm full moon. It was this praiseworthy inner personality of HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji that she could transform Revered Gurudeva’s radiant glorious nature into affectionate calmness for her children-devotees. Today although Shiva-Shakti that had incarnated as Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji for executing their world divine sports has merged into the divine cosmic principle called Almighty God (after shedding their mortal coil) yet in the form of deep faith and intense Prajna (Divine Intellect) placed as symbols in Shantikunj (HQ ALL WORLD GAYATRI FAMILY-HARIDWAR-INDIA) their subtle existence and vibrations of divine energy even today are clearly perceived by loving devotees imbued with deep faith).



We describe that cosmic personality in the form of ‘possessing the wealth of austerities, an infinite ocean of wisdom and deep thinker’ who for 80 years remained active in his physical mortal form. Lest we calculate as to  how much he served those innumerable people afflicted with tension, anguish, poverty, oppressed etc in a divinely untold compassionate manner, to what limits he shared the pain and sorrow of others and how he showed them the path of glorious uplifting from a very downfall state, an experience of pride is felt that we all are so fortunate that we associated with Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya while he was in our midst in his divine gross physical form.

The generous magnanimous nature of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya can be seen in all realms of life. When he entered the arena of God devotion and spirituality this saint’s compassionate heart melting like soft butter shared the divine power of his long term austerities with innumerable people. His Revered Gurudeva had told Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji: You must earn with 100 hands and share it with 1000 hands. The more you sow seeds in the tilled soil of world society you shall reap infinite more in return. You must harvest this crop of spiritual energy and share it with one and all the world over. If not Audhardani (one who gives with infinite hands) what can we call him who is none other than Lord Rudra incarnate? When butter and snow on mountain tops melt they do so on being harassed by heat. A saintly heart looks upon others’ anguish as his pain. Thus with such a compassionate heart saints very naturally share the spiritual energy of their difficult penance with others to ward off their sorrow.

On visualizing Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya living as a normal householder with his eating, dressing, resting etc habits like any lay person he appeared a very common personality. He neither was a Sanyasi wearing ochre robes, Tilak on forehead, Rudraksha rosary around his neck etc and neither did he get the title of ‘Mahamandaleshwar’. For his entire sojourn on earth he lived such a life that can be said to have the height of the King of Mountains Himalayas. Thus it is beyond the ken of a common lay person’s brain to gauge the glorious heights of life reached by our Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. His chief great qualities were purity and innocence found in little children and generosity/magnanimity like huge rain clouds pouring rain. Yet his greatest quality super ceding all other qualities was his divine affection for all akin to a compassionate cosmic divine mother. Anyone who came in his contact became Revered Gurudeva’s beloved child and thus all devotees oozed with his affectionate selfless love. Any person coming to Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya for the very first time would feel Gurudeva loves him the most and none else however close to him.

It is very difficult for people who keep discussing merely Sidhis and miracles perceived by the 5 sense organs, to understand that amongst the innumerable Sidhis and divine glories possessed by Revered Gurudeva a major one was that of making everyone his own beloved child. This was because Revered Gurudeva brimmed forth with an advanced divine sensitive psyche and natural leaning towards compassion and generosity. This can be called a quality imbued within at birth itself and an attainment due to executing 2.4 million Super Mantra Gayatri Purashcharan also successfully completed by him. Regarding wind everyone feels that it is blowing cool air on him only. Regarding the brilliant sun everyone believes that it is only in their home that light and heat are entering. Yet the fact of the matter is that wind and sun both are so widespread that they can bestow benefits on innumerable people the world over in an equal manner. A psyche dripping with compassion, divine affection, love etc pours its sense of soul oneness on all and sundry. To the extent that violent creatures like lions, cobras etc get spell bound by it and renounce their violent animosity. The reason is that such divinely great saints as Revered Gurudeva are representatives of the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Thus such saints know only how to pour divine compassion and love on just about anyone and everyone. In the sacrosanct presence of the great sage Raman Maharshiji (Tiruvannamalai-India) all creatures including human beings lived with a sense of loving brotherhood. A mere glance from this great sage Raman Maharshiji would induce violent creatures to give up their enmity and vicious nature. This is but the miracle of a gigantic compassionate divine psyche oozing with a sense of soul oneness with all, whether they are animate or inanimate beings.

Anyone who came to Revered Gurudeva was given so many boons. Never did anyone leave in despair. Leaving aside those rare cases whose destiny was very dire, all others were helped so much although they had come there for only a little bit of help. Always he would say that he did not possess anything but promised he would pray to his Divine Goddess Mother Gayatri. Whatever Mother gave him would be given to devotees approaching Revered Gurudeva. Never would he say: I shall give you a boon. This is because he felt he was merely a medium through which Divine Goddess Mother Gayatri blessed all devotees. This was hence Revered Gurudeva’s supreme greatness.

The Himalayan resident Trikaldarshi (seer of past/present/future) Saint Vishudhananda spoke regarding Revered Gurudeva thus in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1957):

“Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya is not made of unbaked clay. Every nerve of his is steely. In the past 30 years he has heated himself in the fire of extremely difficult spiritual austerities and thus is now made of Ashtadhatu (8 tough metals). Since enemies attract one’s weaknesses, he has hammered them so much that these weaknesses have turned into tough strength. Those entities that lead man towards a downfall are desires, avarice for wealth and sexual lust. Every cent earned by him and inherited ancestral property was used for spreading his divine mission of world well being. His holy consort HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma donated all her priceless ornaments at the feet of Goddess Mother Gayatri so as to set an example on how to usher in a Satyuga or Golden Era. This divine couple placed at a huge distance the greed for wealth by eating only barley bread and butter milk for meals and wearing inexpensive Khadi clothes to cover their bodies for their entire lifetime. Both of them converted their household into a hermitage of penance (Tapovan) and harbored an attitude of mother and father towards each other. This was the spiritual endeavor of life on their part. Their souls were so generous like the lofty Himalaya Mountains and purity of Manasarovar Lake that no seeds of poison dwelled in their psyche responsible for creating the downfall of anyone who take up such an onerous mission of world well being. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma is that captain of a ship who helps thousands to reach the destination of eternal divine bliss. He took birth as a great personality, lived a life of supreme glory and his shedding of his mortal coil in future too shall ooze with greatness”.

How true was the above observation by Swami Vishudhanandji (divine seer) who while blessing Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya when he was to commence a Sahasrakundi Gayatri Yajna (1000 pyre) had ‘read’ his inner supreme greatness. It was the miracle of Revered Gurudeva’s Super Power Gayatri practices that in one voice all great saints of India accepted him as an experienced adept master of Super Science Gayatri and its mode of spiritual practice or Sadhana. One high stature official, a member of All World Gayatri Family had visited Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar in Allahabad Kumbh Mela a few decades back. He asked Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar as to what was his opinion regarding Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya? Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar had replied facing the east: That form of Savita or the brilliant shining sun oozes in this great Avatar as divine light. Hence my obeisance to this great saint Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He is a Sidha-Sadhak of Goddess Mother Gayatri and definitely this era shall transform based on the divine directions given by him. When Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar was asked as to what type of direct connection he had with Yug Nirman Mission (Era Transformation) founded by Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya? Late HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar who had lived a very long life (about 2000 years) had replied: All divine existences have taken birth on planet earth in order to usher in Satyuga or Golden Era. Visibly Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has carried out great tasks with his mortal coil. This very task shall be fulfilled in a more gigantic manner by other Rishi existences conjoining to this mission. In this I too shall participate in a subtle form after I shed my mortal coil. From the inaccessible secret regions of the loft Himalaya Mountains we all shall perform collective spiritual austerities that shall manifest terrific untold measure of Prana Energy. Thus it shall bestow on India the highest spot in the world with reference to establishing a World Culture. Over here what we need to remember is that in June 1990 AD itself both these great Super Divine Personalities (Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and Mahayogi HH Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar) had shed their mortal coil so as to activate their subtle unseen divine body. This mysterious event was no mere ‘chance’ but that it was a very important part of Almighty God’s divine mission.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya became this era’s Maharshi Vishwamitra because he executed Gayatri practices with zeal and one pointed devotion and encouraged innumerable other devotees to follow suit. He gave wisdom to each individual that life’s sanctification is good health and Karmakanda or worship rites are external beauty aids. It is only when both combine, that all round benefits accrue in great measure. This he proclaimed when in the minds of all this illusion had taken roots that in order to imbibe Brahmin qualities there was no need to raise our inner personality to sacred heights of glory and externally live a life of high ideals, ethics etc. Brahmins at that time deluded thought you may life in any manner you wish while carrying out various Karmakanda or worship rites. They felt that doing this much shall give them the title of ‘Brahmins’. Hence when Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya uprooted this erroneous thinking he had in effect set rolling in a worldwide Thought Revolution.

Gayatri is said to be such a Mantra that on chanting it in an Anushthan dangerous situations are warded off and joyous comforts increase. But know well that this information is half baked. Super Power Gayatri is called Mahaprajna (great divine intellect). Mahaprajna means that mode of thinking that liberates such an intelligent creature as man from straying recklessly in life and overcoming complex problems faced.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya would say off and on that if we think deeply over the meanings embedded in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri it can be called the tiniest yet a great Mantra that overflows with divine light based inspirations. In the final leg of Super Mantra Gayatri Almighty Lord is prayed for a sacred brilliant intellect. This is not merely a plea but that Super Mantra Gayatri’s chanting is of the stature of those very potentials and inspirations. Those who with deep devotion oozing in their psyche drink the milk of Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) definitely attains super glory due to the boon of a accrued sacred brilliant intellect and good will based sentiments accrued. In true terms Super Mantra Gayatri possesses the capacity to render normal laymen into great saintly super personalities. This was proved by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya when after rendering his life an experimental laboratory and encouraging others to perform intense spiritual practices paved the way for their stupendous soul uplifting to heights of great glory. In order to attain grace of other deities people are known to stray here and there aimlessly. For such deluded people Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya has only one message that no other Mantra the world over can compete with the greatness of Super Mantra Gayatri. All Avatars the world over including great saintly super personalities and Rishi centers have worshiped Super Mantra Gayatri. Hence why carry out the stupid act of digging wells just about everywhere? In this era of intellectualism a greater need exists for propagating great divine intellects just about everywhere. In the true sense of the term only this can usher in a New Era called Satyuga or Golden Era.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya exhibited the multifaceted form of Super Power Gayatri practices by authoring in 3 volumes the Super Science of Gayatri. This is said to be a world dictionary in a certain sense. In it he writes that apart from Mantra worship a steadfast serious Sadhak/devotee must compulsorily include devotion, meditation, spiritual practices etc in their day to day living. In the 3 legs of Tripada Gayatri these 3 specialties must be rendered widespread and blooming i.e. in every iota of our mental plane.

Worship, meditation etc is related to our causal body (Karan Sharira) that includes the very deep recesses of our psyche. Spiritual austerities are related to our subtle body (Sookshma Sharir) and rites and rituals to selfless service to society, via generous magnanimous activities. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya via all 3 bodies executed long term Super Power Gayatri practices in a steadfast manner. Thus he became the blessed divine son of Mother Goddess Gayatri. Anything less than this cannot aid in amassing Brahmavarchas or Divine Aura that helps innumerable laymen both materially and spiritually. Lest such alertness was not harbored in order to render advanced his inner personality akin to rich fertile soil, maybe his 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas carried out for 24 long years and other Japa, austerities etc executed would not have been as effective as was witnessed and experienced deeply.

When Revered Gurudeva was 60 years old, a highly intellectual leader met him at the Tapobhumi and asked him: Revered Sir! I am aware of the details of benefits attained by innumerable people due to your grace. Please do tell us the mystery behind this Sidhi or divine capacity of yours. Revered Gurudeva replied: I have shut closed all results of long term Gayatri worship-meditation carried out by me in a vault for some very special task. This mystery shall unfold only when I shed my mortal coil and leave planet earth. Whatever results you have heard of and know are but the results of living a true pious life of a Brahmin. True Brahmin-hood and its glorious qualities are a penance on its own. Till now I have used only its benefits and in future also these results shall be accrued.

All the above shows that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had no pride of any sort, no arrogance of being a great Sidha-saint etc. He was very straightforward and simplicity personified. This is that facet of his glorious life not gauged by people harboring a very superficial vision. They look upon only the physical body as the be all and end all of life.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya carried out very profound Gayatri worship-meditation practices and penance and with its aid fulfilled the process of sanctifying world human psyche. Along with this he carried out Savitri practices for sanctifying external material nature. Even now after shedding his mortal coil he is continuing this onerous task albeit in his subtle body (Sookshmikaran). It is only by becoming akin to the brilliant sun that an Avatar type of divine existence can usher in Era Transformation comparable to Bhagiratha bringing down River Ganges from heaven after performing harsh painstaking penance for so many years at a stretch. Anything less than this cannot harbinger in Era Transformation. Super Power Gayatri and sun are the very life force of Indian Culture. As long as divine humans of India executed worship-meditation via Super Mantra Gayatri till then in the field of wisdom-knowledge-science India was a world leader, healthy both mentally and physically and attained happiness due to all round development. Whenever atrocities and demonic behavior increased, Avatar stature saints taking help of solar practices rendered a great transformation in human nature on a worldwide scale. The sun has intense brilliance, mobility, capacity to render our thinking highly uplifted and by liberating our thinking from all distortions it gets the strength to sanctify our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). It is for this reason that divine transforming existence of great Gurus decides what is apt and optimal for world humans in those contemporary times.

In the Kapil Tantra the following is mentioned:

Guravo yoga nishnataha prakritim panchadha gatam.

Parikshya kuryuhu shishyanamadhikar vinirnyam.

MEANING: Gurus who are adept Yogis must examine the nature and activities of their disciples based on 5 fold Tattvas (elements) decide what icon deity must they worship and meditate upon. Shrutis say that their icon deity could be anyone as follows:

1)      Deity of space is Lord Vishnu

2)      Deity of fire is Goddess Maheshwari

3)      Deity of wind is Lord Surya

4)      Deity of earth is Lord Shiva

5)      Deity of water is Lord Ganesh

In Gayatri and sun all the above elements get included and one’s spiritual practice becomes multidimensional. On noting the circumstances of this era Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya spoke to us thus. He says: It is definite that Era Transformation shall usher in and its root axis shall be India. The spirituality of entire planet earth has got focused here and the sunrise of a New Era shall be witnessed here with its golden aura. In order to fructify this quote of his possibly in the past 250 years in order to reinstate Satyuga or Golden Era and destroy darkness of the past 2000 years majority of great realized saints have taken birth in India. That task executed in the past 250 years never has it been witnessed in the annals of world history as getting fulfilled with such speed. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya writes: In the past 8-9 years the task that shall be executed shall be that much more extraordinary. In it human nature, thinking process and worldwide subtle atmosphere shall witness stupendous mind boggling positive transformation. How shall all this take place? The mysterious import of all this was explained to us by Revered Gurudeva who had rendered himself divinely radiant as the sun. He had also prophesized that 21st century shall be very bright and glorious.

In order to ward off suspicion and doubts of all types in order to augment purity in world humanity in a manifold way that power required today is none other than Savita deity (sun god).

In the Taiteriya Samhita its Rishi seer says:

Suryo vipashchinmanasa punatu.

MEANING: O Omniscient Sun God! Do bless me by purifying my mind.


Possibly hence Rishis of yore collectively have prayed right since primordial times to sun god in its conscious existence form:

Yosavaditye purushaha sosavaham.

……………Yajurveda (40/17)


In the Shukla Yajurveda (31/18) Rishis opine:

Vedahametam purusham mahantamadityavarnam…………nanyaha pantha vidyateyanaya.

MEANING: I know that Great God situated in the sun in its primordial form. He is totally beyond all darkness, bestowing of full light and who is Almighty God himself. On knowing him man goes beyond birth and death. For mankind there is no other path to attain Self Realization.

The above eulogy is not reason less. Great Rishis termed the brilliant sun as protector of our Prana Energy, creator, one bestowing nourishment and said:

Jyogeva drishem suryam.

……………Atharvaveda (1/31/4)

MEANING: We pray that for a very long time frame we get ceaseless Darshan (vision) of Sun God possessing cosmic light.


Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya right from March 1977 to May 1977 had ceaselessly thrown profound light on spiritual practices or Sadhana pertaining to Gayatri-Surya-Savita-Kundalini via articles in special editions of Akhand Jyoti Magazine published by him. In the April 1977 edition he writes: On noting contemporary times there is an increased need of creating an optimal environment for executing high stature spiritual practices or Sadhana. By constructing Shantikunj as a Gayatri Tirth (pilgrim spot) and a forest hermitage represented by Brahmavarchas Research Institute efforts were made to imbue them with that very energy. In an article titled ‘s’ (Savitri Energy’s Super Life Force) by opining that a brilliant sacred intellect is today’s most potent energy said major importance must be given to the Divine Aura of Savita. He writes that it must now be rendered our icon deity for worship-meditation the world over so that for sanctification in the subtle world divine existence can avail a golden opportunity. In a special edition of January 1987 of Akhand Jyoti Magazine while giving neo thinking with reference to Kundalini Super Energy he writes: The Great Awakening of the world’s divine Kundalini Super Energy shall become possible via spiritual practices of sun-Savita in future times and in a jiffy the destiny of entire planet earth shall change positively.

Who can change the destiny of entire planet earth? The answer is only one who is of the stupendously high stature of Maharshi Vishwamitra, creator of this world and one that represents Vedic Rishis. In its formless aspect looking upon God existence as the brilliantly illumined, sin destroying and divine aura (Bharga) of Savita by imbibing energies of sun god via it one becomes imbued with potent will power. Thus one can combat and fight against world dire situations. This is what Revered Gurudeva has mentioned time and again via mammoth literature penned by him. He has said that it is solar movements that shall usher in a new era. These days earth in order to change the course of its present dire destiny has immersed itself in the womb of the sun. Via this symbolic description he exhibited that that earth coming out transformed and well sanctified shall be absolutely new and thus entire world creation shall also appear new. Solar flames and reactions of sunspots flying into earth shall prove ghastly for demonic and unethical behavior. Further it shall aid immensely those energies responsible for ushering in divinity on earth. All this was told to us by Revered Gurudeva. During discussions he would tell us all: I have asked you all to wear yellow colored clothes chiefly because it shall become greatly possible for all of you to imbibe a lot of energy from the Sun and Jupiter and Gayatri and Guru. The inner bond between the Sun and Jupiter gives rise to the color yellow. Today it is not the ocher robe that shall prevail known to induce people to run away from social responsibilities in the name of Vairagya (detachment from the material world). This is because the need of the hour is yellow hue clothed people although mentally detached yet can combat valiantly in all realms of life afflicted with various types of taints and distortions. They shall ceaselessly get boons from the radiance of the sun. In reality without imbibing Guru principle (Jupiter) Gayatri-Savitri principle (Sun-Savita) cannot be imbibed.

Knowing quite well that Tantra knowledge can harm my disciples a lot Revered Gurudeva designed a methodical Anushthan of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting. In this Super Mantra Gayatri by ‘injecting’ his Tantra practice energy, austerity based power and along with Savitri imbued it with Jupiter also rendered it cool and serene. In this manner it can become this era’s spiritual practice causing no harm at all to anyone practicing it diligently. Time and again he made it crystal clear that none should take up the dangerous risky act of switching on the switch of Tantra for immediate quick benefits. Instead all his devotees should regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri, do Naadi Shodhan Pranayam and meditate on the rising golden sun at dawn. The remaining requirements both material and more so spiritual shall be fulfilled by Revered Gurudeva himself. In reality it is the Guru who renders a Mantra conscious in nature. After Sidhi is attained via 10 Sanskar rites, from word and its sound Mantra gets created. That Gayatri practice termed secret previously has been given certain subtle changes by Revered Gurudeva so that it is accessible to entire world lay humanity. That social based tenet explained to us by him conjoined to meditation on sun combined with Japa is outstandingly extraordinary.

That divine existence proclaiming uplifting low stature Prana Energy into a high stature one and Kayakalpa (bodily-mental transformation/rejuvenation) of entire human race had become one with the brilliant sun. In addition to this it had made a powerful resolve or Sankalpa during the hour of Vasant Parva (spring festival) in 1990 AD. This resolve encompassed imbibing a subtle invisible body so as to positively change the psyche of world humanity albeit at a subtle level and thus usher in a New Era. In a book penned by him ‘For the 21st century what should we all do?’ (page number 17) he writes: The basis, paraphernalia, means and tools for neo creation is that very congregation of people that the Great Eagle of Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) has hidden akin to eggs in its gigantic wings. The process of rendering them powerfully capable and well nourished is going on within the realm of this institute. This is that promise and proclamation meant for us all made by the part and parcel divine authority of Lord Mahakal (Divine Cosmic Time).



Regarding contemporary times all scholars, astrologers and ESP based seers in one voice agree this is the hour of Era Junction. Fearful distorted situations the world over has reached its nadir. All around us rein desires, anger, greed and delusion. Under such situations in order to uproot unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness the world over there is a scripture based belief of Almighty God taking an Avatar because divine authority always vows to render balanced that which has gone in disarray via his divine inspiration and effort. Via the medium of promises like ‘Tadatmanam srijamyaham’ as mentioned in the Bhagwad Geeta materialize during such situations.

According to astrological sciences the contemporary times encompass end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and beginning of Satyuga or Golden Age. Calculation of time while ignoring all past prejudices has been measured which says that it is the hour of Sankraman of the 5th Kalpa of world history. Mahatkalpa, Hiranyagarbhakalpa, Brahmakalpa and Padakalpa have already passed by. Varahkalpa that commenced before 13800 Vikram is going on right now. Even the Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th) is going on. Well known astrologers of India in 1964 while organizing a gigantic conference made an important announcement that after 9 Avatars Lord Kalki has already manifested in this world and that as of now he must be immersed in overcoming the malefic influence of vain intellectuals and ushering in its place an atmosphere of goodwill the world over. They failed to agree with the observations put forth by western astrologers that Lord Kalki will manifest at the end of 20th century. All of them by creating a Kundli or astrological chart of the world proved that the incarnation of Taintless Prajnavatar has already taken place in India and at the moment he must be active in his mission. According to them between 1990 and 2010 his influence shall spread speedily in its subtle form and that it will spread the entire world over.

Regarding this all astrologers agree that the World Kundli prepared by the renowned astrologer Shri Jyotirbhushan Gopinathji on 5th September 1926 is correct. According to this astrological chart Lagna Tula is united with high stature Shani, in the Parakram area is high stature Ketu, in the house of joy lies Guru, in the 7th house is Swagrahi Mangal, in the 9th house is high stature Rahu, in the Karma Bhava is Swagrahi Chandra and it is united with Shukra. All these tell us that modern science and a new religion will usher in. in the Labha Bhava is the union of Buddha and Swagrahi Surya which tells us that India will ooze with wealth and grandeur. This Lagna position reminds us of that found in the Kundli of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is clear from this that in order to reinstate religion a divine power has already incarnated in this world even though people will accept this much later.

In reality a problem occurs there wherein erroneously via astrological tile calculation episodes in Rishi literature too is misinterpreted.

In the Manu Smriti (1/67-69) it is said that:

Brahmasya tu kshapahasya yatpramanam samasataha.

Ekaikasho yuganam tu kramashastanibodhata.

Chatvaryahu sahasrani varshanam tatkritam yugam.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Itareshu sansadhyeshu sansadhyasheshu cha trishu.

Ekapayena vartante sahasrani shatani cha.

MEANING: That Yuga believed to create this world and destroy it in Brahmaji’s night is thus- Purva Sandhya of 4 thousand and 4 hundred years and Uttar Sandhya also of that many years. Thus Satyuga will span 4800 years, Tretayuga of 3000 years, Dwapar of 2000 years and Kaliyuga of 1200 years.

After this we must delve deep into the Skand 12, Adhyay 2 and 34th Shloka or verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran:

Divyabdanam sahasrante chaturthe tu punaha kritam.

Bhavishyati yada nrina man atmaprakashakam.

MEANING: At the end of 4 thousand divine years meaning in 4000 divine years Kaliyuga or Dark Age passed by and again Satyuga or Golden Age will dawn which will pour divine light into the mind and soul of world humanity.

Over here it is important to note the word ‘Divya’ or divine. Erroneously some scholars interpret it as demigods and by multiplying it with 360 (1 day of demigods is equal to 1 year of human beings) rendered it 432000 and said that this is the number of years for which Kaliyuga or the Dark Age will last. According to Rigveda (2/164/46) that which manifests in Divi or day and which is fiery like the sun is Divya or divine. Divi is Dyu and it means day. Hence as per the day of the sun if we calculate again Satyuga spans for 1200 years, Treta for 2400 years, Dwapar 3600 years and Kaliyuga for 4800 years. As per the verse of Bhagwat Mahapurana 4000 years of Kaliyuga and 800 years of junction period (Sandhikal) totals to 4800 years which is about to end.

According to epic Mahabharat (Van Parva, chapter 190, verses 88-91) if we calculate based on Rashis or Zodiac Signs it becomes clear that the final leg of 50 years of junction period or Sandhikal has commenced from Samvant 2000 which means Era Transformation is very near.

As per texts of Islam religion the year between 1950 and 2025 constitute Kayamat. Kayamat means after that no sinner will exist in this world. In the Hamidiya Library of Mecca there is a book titled ‘Alkshaf valkatmafi marfat’. In it is written that Kayamat will manifest when strife, chaos and enmity will reach its peak in the world. At that time a great saint will be born. He will ooze with spiritual energy and with the help of his divine soul power will douse to naught all fire based weapons. He will render this world heavenly and shall render old people youthful. A similar description can also be found in the sacred text called ‘Imamey akhikajjama’. The famous book of Medina ‘Maqsoom Bukhari’ says that in the 2/3rd part of 14th century of Hijri year Kayamat shall manifest and Hazrat Mehndi shall manifest. He will be the prophet of all religions.

In reality mathematical calculation of the birth chart of an Avatar is so complex and controversial that mounds of arguments for and against it can be put forth. Yet in reality all those movements active in the subtle world and those activities seen grossly executed by humans decides how, in what form and where an Avatar will be seen to be active.

It has been seen that even Avatars undergo step by step advancement. Their Kalas keep increasing as time passes by. The Turtle and Fish Avatar possessed 1 Kala each. Varah and Vaman had 2 Kalas. Nrisinha and Parshuram had 3 Kalas. Rama had 12 Kalas, Krishna had 16 Kalas and Buddha had 30 Kalas. Regarding the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar it has been said that it possesses 24 Kalas. This then is step by step evolution or advancement. In world creation these Avatars have appeared at the appointed hour time and again and will continue to do so till it reaches the compact omnipotent number of 64 Kalas.

Over here we are delving deep into the details of Prajna Avatar and Era Junction or Yugasandhi so that members of Gayatri Family organization identify this Avatar based thought flow that had appeared before them visibly during their very lifetime. Not only have many conjoined to it but many more shall do so in future too. After knowing and identifying an Avatar it is not difficult to help divine men to understand the great divine stature of this Avatar.

Regarding Avatars of the past their preliminary area of activity was limited to fight undesirable mundane situations, oppose those acting unethically and reinstate greatness in the world. The one closest to Prajna Avatar is the Avatar of Lord Buddha wherein a great program was designed to encourage people to take shelter of a sacred intellect and give high stature great inspiration to world human psyche. The work arena of the Prajna Avatar is more gigantic and tortuous too. Not only does he have to oppose contemporary problems and individual unruliness but he has to sow, augment, nurture and render active seeds of great ideals in the world human psyche which are required for great sentiments of Satyuga or Golden Era and arrangement of Rama’s Rule (Ramrajya). On noting inner inspirations and its widespread nature it is natural that the number of Kalas of Prajna Avatar is 24.

While depicting the nature of Almighty God in Purusha Sukta it is said: ‘Sahasrashirsa purushaha sahasrakshaha shasrapat’. It means God possesses 1000 heads, 1000 hands and 1000 legs. It means Brahman or God is one only but on special occasions he with his special means and paraphernalia executes desired tasks. Not only world management but during special situations of Era Transformation thousands of Jivan Mukta (liberated while alive) high statured self realized saints become his aides and fulfill Lord Mahakal’s divine mission.

Definitely God is one only but yet when he carries out a special mission he does not remain alone and in fact akin to the brilliant sun possessing thousands of bright rays he manifests in this world. In great tasks of Era Transformation definitely God manifests his 1000 headed form. On special occasions Lord Mahakal perforce designs such a Maharas (divine dance) wherein for great ideals thousands of supremely saintly people become very active.

In these days this is exactly that is happening. A very wise thought flow manifested from that lotus flower which is called the Sahasradal (1000 petals) Kamal. Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. It is situated in the scalp region called Brahmrandhra. Since spiritual energy is greatly focused over here it is also said to be the central point or focal point of God’s manifestation. The terrific cyclone of great thoughts manifested from here. Via the medium of the sacred intellect of an Avatar like great saint thouse great thoughts warded off the alarming rise of demonic qualities in the arena of man’s consciousness and awakened those souls who possessed terrific spiritual powers. The 10th Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is the symbol of this collective divine energy.

The manifestation of Lord Mahakal and Avatar based activities in a great soul takes place akin to the drop of rain water of Swati Nakshatra wherein an ordinary looking oyster too gets the good fortune of manifesting a pearl in its womb. Due to this great divine blessing an ordinary layman can soon be transformed into a great saintly personality.

In the dire times of Era Junction the Avatar of great souls that shall reinstate not only India’s but the world’s shining glory and in the form of a terrific thought energy flow Mahakal himself by donning a human garb has already incarnated in the 20th century. For this world humanity has harbored intense yearning. After Lord Buddha in the past 2000 years the birth of great saints has virtually come to a grinding halt. Now in the past 100 years in the form of partial incarnations 3 have already manifested.

Amongst the 3 partial Avatars 1st was Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and 2nd was Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. The 3rd incarnation is already active in the form of Shantikunja’s era consciousness and Yug Nirman Yojana (program and movement). Now the 4th one shall incarnate in the form of a cosmic subtle thought flow and via thought based transformation the entire world will undergo a prolific change from its very root. These 4 partial incarnations shall form an omnipotent or Purna Avatar.

The influence of all these partial Avatars has been that the large number of great men imbued with potent conscious power born in India has remain unparalleled as far as this time period is concerned. Shri Ramkrishna enacted the role of Yoga of Bhakti or devotion and Shri Aurobindo opted for Yoga of Jnana or Divine wisdom. Both divine messengers heated up the subtle atmosphere and via terrific austerities created such an environment wherein glorious personalities full of extraordinary effort were born viz. Bankimchandra, Mahamana Malviyaji, Gopal Krishna Gokhle. Justice Ranade, Dada Navroji, Keshavchandra Sen, Tatya Tope, Lakshmibai, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Sharada, Sister Nivedita, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel, Maulana Azad, Chittaranjandas, Rajendra Babu, Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu, Shachichandra Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rasbehari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Durgadevi, Mother of Pondicherry, Nirodbaran etc. The visage of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans/Mother Sharada and Shri Aurobindo/Revered Mother can be seen as a duo of Lord Mahakal and Goddess Mahakali full of great divine intellect and deep faith.

Over here we must note that no individual is a messenger of God from birth itself. In fact on special occasion Lord Mahakal and Mahakali make these their vehicle/medium and via embodied people subtle powers execute their divine tasks. Invisible powers and subtle divine existences carry out their mission via visible mediums only. At such times ordinary people are seen to execute extraordinary feats. Just as at the time of manifestation of River Ganges, Goddess Ganga had chosen Lord Shiva’s matted hair locks as a medium. Time and again so many male females in this world too become mediums like these matted hair locks.

In present times in the year 1911 in the form of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya a messenger of God incarnated. Lord Mahakal made him his medium/vehicle and till the age of 60 years built a large organization called Yuga Nirman Yojana which had so many highly cultured awakened souls as its members. At the appointed hour in order to awaken them our revered Guru who was born as the Taintless or Nishkalank Prajna Avatar gave up his mortal coil. Before accepting death revered Gurudeva by portioning his soul into 5 via rendering the psyche divinely subtle made his soul widespread and multi faceted. Now this very divine authority from the subtle world is rendering active his subtle body to carry out the remaining tasks of the partial incarnations mentioned above. It is now we who must make a choice whether to join the Kaurava Army full of vile activities that will surely result in painful death or we wish to join Dharmaraj Yudhisthira so as to reinstate righteousness in this world and thus attain immortality.

Those who believe true only that which is gross and visible opine that how can such a great person play the role of the 3rd and 4th partial incarnation and that of Nishkalank Prajna Avatar whom we seen as an ordinary human being? For such people who thought revered Gurudeva laughed, talked etc like a frail human only we place before the respected readers his astrological birth chart and its analysis. This was made by a blind but scholarly astrologer in 1983 who was adept at astrology based mathematical calculations and even now is there to give us proof if it.


Astrologer Pundit Kanhaiyalal Dube made this Kundli and devotee Garibdas Mahadev studied it. It was etched out on paper by Purushottam Rao Garud in the year 8/2/1983.

Date of birth 20/9/1911, Thursday, time was morning between 8 and 9, Ashwin 13 Samvat 1968 and birth was under ordinary circumstances. Childhood was ordinary and between the age 24 and 32 he married for the 2nd time. At the age of 42 he exhibited his miraculous personality and during first 14 years he associated and had Darshan of great saints. At the age of 7 years itself, he was looked upon as a child destined for greatness.

He was an Avatar of God himself. He is part of God and full off divine powers. That task which he is trying to execute shall be fulfilled totally. He is a partial incarnation of God and great saint since the lord of Lagna Chandra is conjoined to Shukra and Buddha planets. Thus he must be a very great saint. He is a specialist of Tantra, Mantra, Yajna and possesses the extraordinary power of Shukra.


Just now his age must be around 72 years. By 80 years he will be worshiped as a great saint of austerities the world over and will attain immortality. He is one having the power of ‘Birth at will and death at will’. One with such a planetary Yoga attains immortality. Shani of the 7th house is watching with full Drishti its 4th house and hence will not have opponents. Everyone will dwell with him in friendship. Due to his influence everyone will become friends. Even the direst atheist will get positively influenced by him.

He will be called Vishwapita or World Father. The world’s power shall dwell at his sacred feet and his death shall not be ordinary. After giving great thoughts to the world he will attain immortality. As per his will he shall invite death (Iccha Mrityu) and merge into God. At present so much energy dwells at the feet of his holy consort (Mataji) that any tarnished planetary position of any woman can be overcome by drinking the water used to wash Mataji’s sacred feet (Charanamrit). It is to the extent that drinking this Charnamrit reverently can help a woman ward off her husband’s death and thus avoid widowhood. You are the Goddess herself. You too shall attain immortality. The 1st wife had Markesh. The 2nd wife had Amar Yoga or immortality. As per God’s wish he had to marry twice.

This great saint has Sanjivani Shakti or Power. He has the power to bring back to life one that has died. He can totally transform from the very roots anybody. He can ward off others deadly diseases. He can restore eyesight of the blind and give back the power of hearing to a deaf person. His body oozes with all divine energies of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His tasks shall make him immortally renowned in all the 3 worlds. All this is because his birth chart has optimal Shukra, Buddha, Chandra and the Guru planet in Tula Zodiac Sign.

Regarding number of children he shall sire 2 sons and 2 daughters. All of them will be capable enough. One son shall be a renouncing and self sacrificing type, and all his children shall labor hard, full of good destiny, true in character and scholarly. The lord of Dhan or Wealth Bhava Mangal is in the 8th house. His organization shall possess a lot of wealth. Since at present there is a shadow on Singh Rashi till 21/9/1982 there will be an influence of Sadey-Saati Shani. Till 23rd July 1982 Mangal shall be joined to Shani. As a result the mind may manifest tainted emotions. But even this tainted influence gets cut off as a mere shadow on such a great Yogi-saint. Stomach upset problems will exist from 17 to 27 years of age yet his food eating habits due to influence of those times shall be apt. since Surya dwells in the 12th house he shall have to wear spectacles to ward off eye sight problems.

Since this great saint will ooze with knowledge of Karmakanda (Vedic rituals) and power of Yoga based penance he will experience good health instead of otherwise remaining ill. The planets Chandra, Buddha, Shukra and Guru in his Kundli are a great boon for this person. Their influence will render him a divine personage. In November 1982 he will suddenly get a lot of wealth. He has special Yogas like enterprise, exotic travelling, changing place of residence and having many friends. He will get special honor and fame the world over.

The year 1983 will be full of joy, wealth benefits will be seen, more property shall be got, will attain renown and honor and a Yoga that says grandeur augmenting.

The year 1984 will be great and between the years 1988 to 1996 all tasks shall be fulfilled.

People the world over shall become his followers. Everywhere he will achieve name and fame. He will be honored and worshiped as a world father, world Yogi and world emperor.

He will be virtually the Almighty Lord himself. From the years 1991 to 1992 we do not get much information from his astrological birth chart. Yoga of living in solitude exists. Despite shedding his mortal coil he will continue guiding the world via his potent subtle body. By exhibiting his prowess of merging his soul consciousness with cosmic consciousness or God he will become serene divine light in form.

The contact rope of great Yogis joins them to the deep recesses of the subtle and causal body via the gross body. Externally despite remaining unknown how intense is the bond between these can be gauged from the fact when an active member of All World Gayatri Family went to have the holy Darshan of Devraha Baba (A renowned Yogi) along with a PWD minister. At that time Devraha resided on a loft built on a big tree near Vrindavan (UP, India). At that time revered Gurudeva in the year 1971 had gone to the Himalayas as per the command of his own Guru.

The moment this member and volunteer came near the tree loft he saw 2 other ministers standing there. After a few minutes Baba came out of the loft and told one of his aides to call this volunteer of Gayatri Family. Baba’s aide thought that he wanted to talk to the minister. Hence in order to ward off this aides error Baba asked another of his helper to call the volunteer. Baba lovingly blessed this volunteer and asked whether Acharya Shriram Sharmaji had already left for the Himalayas. When the volunteer said yes he was told by Baba to work in a focused and zealous manner for the mission. You all yet do not know who revered Acharyaji is but at the appointed hour the truth shall be unveiled. After that Baba laughed and then smilingly said: All sacred tasks of Acharyaji shall get fulfilled on its own. You all are like mere puppet dolls. We all today are aware that these prophetic words of Revered Devraha Baba, with respect to our Gurudeva are materializing as true to the last letter.



The work arena of the Avatar existence of Almighty Lord is the subtle world. Those people imbued with divine energies gathered for a great length of time are induced to carry out tasks like era balance, managing and reforming world public and uprooting those elements that act unethically.

Whenever a particular type of problem erupts in this world, at that time in order to induce apt balance a divine consciousness manifests from the subtle world in our mortal world. The biography of Avatars encompasses Lilas or divine sports like repairing a drowning boat called this world and saving it from terrible gigantic eddies via their divine skills and enterprise.

At the commencement of world creation when only water existed everywhere and only waterborne creature existed, at that time the Matsya or Fish Avatar manifested to overcome mismanagement. It first manifested in Brahma’s Kamandalu or water pot as a very tiny fish. Later it started magnifying its girth so as to become a gigantic fish which gave Brahma inspiration to render widespread world creation. As per this command Brahma commenced this task and created divine men.

When both on land and water creatures proliferated at that time balance was generated by Kacchap or Turtle Avatar. Under its leadership tasks of churning the ocean or Samudra Manthan and also transformation of nature or Prakriti were enacted. Innumerable glorious people and materials that arose from this churning played a major role in advancement of this world.

It was only the Varah or Boar Avatar that could have unearthed wealth hidden in the ocean floors by the demon Hiranyaksha symbolizing narrow minded selfishness and further uprooting demonic elements of the world. This was exactly done and thus the mission was accomplished.

Whenever demonic elements cross all limits of unruliness and arrogance at such times gentlemanly behavior with them never works. At such times Lord Nirsingha or Half Man and Half Lion manifests and his enterprise leads. The Lord saw the situation and realizing the need of a half man half lion form, fulfilled his promise of uprooting demonic elements in the world and protecting gentlemanliness.

When there was a need of converting beastly behavior like selfishness, hoarding of excess wealth and sense titillation activities into large hearted generosity, under the leadership of Lord Vaman the voice of tiny, small and pigmy like world laymen spoke boomingly which forced a wealthy demon like Bali to utilize his untold wealth for world welfare tasks. This then was the Avatar of Lord Vaman.

After this the goal of all Avatars like Parshuram, Rama, Krishna and Buddha was one i.e. opposing the alarming rise of unruliness and demonic attacks and instead nurture goodwill and gentlemanly behavior the world over. The leadership of colonialism was uprooted by Parshuram by using weapons. The meaning of chopping off heads was uprooting arrogant egoistic use of various powers wielded by various leaders. Thus that task was executed by the Parshu or axe which no other human power could execute. Rama reinstated discipline in life in an all round manner and rendered earth devoid of demons so that none could cross boundaries laid down by law. Krishna believed in ethics. He in order to root out lowly situations that result due to man’s vile thinking imbibed the principle of ‘Shathey shathyam’ of ‘Vishasya vishamaushadham’ by showing farsightedness regarding diplomacy and hatched plots by enemies. As a result he walked ‘lopsidedly’ so as to remove one thorn from the body using another thorn. Thus his task got fulfilled. He was an extraordinary Avatar of his era.

In those days when taints entered the institution of religion unethical behavior in the form of alcohol intake/eating flesh etc under the garb of religion rendered the world mismanaged and religious vanity gave grief to world humanity, Lord Buddha in order to establish true religion, organizing gentlemanly people into a congregation and to give a supreme spot to Viveka or true discrimination, incarnated in this world. It was the Lila of Lord Buddha to blow the bugle of ‘Dhamam sharanam gacchami, sangham sharanam gacchami, buddham sharanam gacchami’. Due to his divine call of awakening right from the small Supriya to Ambapali, Anand, Rahul, Ashok and others came forward enthusiastically. Thousands of his followers left for various regions to spread the message of true religion, they established Sanghas and spread the divine light of thought revolution in every nook and corner of the globe.

Today’s situations are much different than those situations mentioned above. Since situations changed the Lord too had to change the basis. The stature and work arena of an Avatar widens as per arrangements for world progress. In a world led by means and actions, weapon usage is enough. But today everywhere rules the intellectual principle. Everywhere we see tainted intellects misuse wealth, talent and authority of all kinds. The advancement of modern science has rendered the world a tiny global village, world humanity has been rendered closer to each other and mobility has improved astoundingly. Under such circumstances the Lord’s Avatar can only be in the form of Era Consciousness. It has to be so cosmic and widespread that every world human psyche is transformed, the mind oozes with goodwill towards all and only then atheism can be combated successfully.

The root frame of intellectualism of Lord Buddha was that of thought revolution. In the first half moved the Wheel of True Religion. Thousands of followers imbued with true religious sentiments not only spread Buddha’s mission in India but much beyond its borders so as to sanctify religion the world over. Buddha’s mission was not totally fulfilled and the final task yet it is to be executed. Prajna Avatar is doing exactly this. In an era that predominates with intellect and logic its problems too are thought oriented. The entire society flows in the stream of belief and thinking. At such times the working method of an Avatar by finding solutions to problems of this era via a thought revolution that uproots undesirable elements, unethical thinking and blind beliefs so as to harbinger a Golden Era or Satyuga.

When revered Gurudeva manifested in this world, the great requirement at that time was overcoming undesirable thoughts in world human psyche and establish a wholesome taintless intellect. Hence the Mahabharat War of this era was fought in the arena of human consciousness and via the inspiration of Super Mantra Gayatri the goal of creation of faith based on goodwill along with its augmenting was attained. An individual’s character/thinking and what is the mode of trend of society? Its definite analysis was achieved via the gigantic widespread nature of this Super Mantra. The giver of birth of divine culture i.e. Devmata and Vedmata after many great efforts is about to become the World Mother which shall be seen in the near future. It is on the basis of this thought flow that a cultured well advanced world shall be neo created.

On the day of Gayatri Jayanti wherein Prajapati Brahma uttered the Richas of Gayatri Mantra and Mantras were written as Vedas, our revered Gurudeva shed his mortal coil. For that humanly embodied great Avatar who had imbued a divine intellect in thousands of humans was there any other supreme day wherein order to render his psyche subtle (Sookshmikaran) straight landed in the lap of Mother Gayatri who bestows salvation or Moksha on all?

Our revered Gurudeva imbued Ritambhara Prajna or discrimination and faith in the psyche of world public and led them to portals of greatness from the pit of lowliness. Viveka or discrimination is that which includes logic, facts and farsightedness. Shraddha or theism is the name of that deep faith that teaches us to adore supreme ideals. Where Viveka is the highest stature of the intellect there faith is the supreme attainment of the psyche.

At the surface level the stream of terrific energy flowing in the subtle world appears calm and ordinary. Yet within in actuality, it possesses a hidden explosive potential, akin to a fiery volcano. When it explodes then straightening that which is lopsided and overcoming the undesirable it transforms everything positively. This rare extraordinary potential that is mobile in the subtle world is called an Avatar. The chief mission of an Avatar is to fill up high stature divine zest in its own Lila body and also in messengers of God and great men possessing divine energies. Great seers can actually visualize these invisible movements in awakened souls and hence they say that this terrific onrush of an Avatar converts an imbalanced word into a balanced one. In these days all this is taking place.

Under the guidance of his subtle bodied preceptor our revered Gurudeva played the role of a Nishkalank or Taintless Prajna Avatar and created such a terrific thought flow that the confluence of faith and discrimination manifested in the form of era consciousness and divine energy while he was yet alive. The present Avatar manifested as a divine thought flow hence instead of limiting it to the physical body we must understand that this divine existence by becoming very subtly focused spread out the world over. It corrects erroneous intellects and forces an awakening in highly intellectual world humans to take recourse to true faith and farsighted discrimination. The proof of this is rise in number of awakened souls and thought based consciousness which is enveloping the entire world. This then is the Taintless Avatar which is the 10th Avatar.



In Naimisharanya (UP, INDIA) a dialogue was going on between Suta and Shaunak Rishi. After hearing the stories of divine sports of all Avatars Shaunak Muni yearning to know more about Jnana or Divine Wisdom asked a question to Maharshi Lomharshak’s son Shri Sutaji: O Lord! You have so far discourse on Dwaparyuga and Buddha’s Avatar. Now please do tell me that when Kaliyuga or the Dark Age shall reach its peak in what form will Almighty God manifest in this world. At that time which demonic souls shall exist that will later be killed by God in his Avatar form? Please tell us this episode in detail.

Shri Sutaji answered: O great Munis! Brahmaji created dire sin from his back whose name was unrighteousness. When unrighteousness grew it was married to Mithya or illusion. As a result of their union a wrathful son called hypocrisy and a daughter called Maya were born. Due to the union of hypocrisy and Maya a son called greed and a daughter called distortion were born. Both gave birth to anger. Anger resulted in violence and the union of both gave birth to the terrible Kali possessing a dark body. The sister of Kali residing in this fickle, fearful and smelly body and also dwelling in gambling, flesh eating, gold and prostitutes and children in the form of foul speech, fear, death, defeat and hardships were born whose thousands of sons and daughters by dwelling in disease, mental strife, old age, grief, downfall and sense titillation destroyed Yajnas, penance, donation, self study, meditation etc. (Kalki Purana verses 1-22).

The above discrimination is not given for entertaining respected readers. Shrutis go beyond time and space hence it describes all that which could take place in future times. Kaliyuga or Dark Age which we are all living in at the time of ripening is waiting for such an Avatar that shall destroy irrationality, vile intellect, hard heartedness and unrighteousness and reinstate righteousness and great activities the world over.

While throwing light on the sensitive emotions of Lord Kalki, Sutaji writes: Demigods with earth as its leader approached Brahmaji and earth described the atrocities and hardships of this world. Brahmaji took all of them to the world of Lord Vishnu. After hearing what they said Vishnuji promised them that in order to uproot all hardships he will incarnate as an Avatar in this world. Then he told the demigods: In order to help me you all must incarnate as awakened souls and Prajna members.

The gist of the above description is that when ignorance, lack of ethics and unrighteousness encompassed earth Brahmaji manifested an authority that oozed with all round human prowess that by taking help of organization power challenged tainted intellects the world over and re established Satyuga or Golden Era in the world.

In the Kalki Purana it is written: Lord Kalki shall take birth in the house of Vishnuyash Sharma residing in Sambhal Gram or village. He will be a Savitri worshiper. Lord Parshuram of Mountain Mahendra shall be his Guru and after giving the kingdom of Mathura to Suryaketu will dwell in Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) with his wife. By challenging intellectuals, he shall overpower them and will fulfill the mission of establishing righteousness in this world. He will establish true Brahmin hood and will be called Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar.

This energy that uproots all vile thoughts shall first take birth as an institution predominating in faith based thinking and it shall usher in a thought revolution the world over.

From the above symbolic analysis and proclamations it is clear that in order to fulfill the promise of ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya…..’ this is the hour (present times) of God full of a powerful resolve (Sankalpa) to manifest as an Avatar. In reality by manifesting as an avatar he has fulfilled all those tasks via his gross body which an Avatar must execute. Now by making himself widespread in his subtle form post death he is inspiring divine men to head towards the desired goal.

In the epic Mahabharat Bhishmapitamaha says: I have already told you the nature and goal of Krishna’s Avatar and now I shall give details about Kaliyuga. When righteousness shall falter at the end of Kaliyuga, vanity and hypocrisy shall raise its hoods at that time for augmenting righteousness and establishment of true Brahmin qualities God will re incarnate. He will be ‘Vishnuyasha’ or one having glory akin to Almighty God. Indian mythology or Puranas proclaim that along with an Avatar many demigods along with their divine energies manifest on earth as his aides.

Today’s world situations are very much similar to the time when an Avatar manifests in this world. When wholesome behavior is totally ignored, all religious arrangements of the world are in disarray know that Kaliyuga has reached its nadir and at such times like a lotus blooming in muck there is a high possibility of an Avatar’s manifestation. Avatars have manifested previously, they shall appear now and will do so in future too. Even if the world does not recognize him the Avatar via his terrific activities and responsibilities exhibits his Avatar identity. Leaving behind many directions and world management methods he leaves it to various awakened souls to fulfill his mission. Majority of the time it is only after an Avatar departs from the world that his true divine identity is recognized.

Although the style of scriptural scholars and those authoring the Shrutis is symbolic yet if we make that extra bit intellectual effort, we can understand its deep import. The Kalki Purana says that the divine existence despite entering the human body is totally beyond lineage, clan, Gotra, action, thought based sentiments, profession, character etc. Sins, greed and deluded attachment can never even touch their psyche. Falsehood and unrighteousness can never dare approach them. An Avatar is always a man of total divine wisdom, a total true saint and as pure and innocent as a child. All these qualities can be found in the life of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya despite the fact that he always disagreed when he was called an Avatar by his followers the world over.

In the holy text it is written that his father will be famous (Vishnuyasha) and his mother will possess a lovely intellect (Sumati). By purifying his psyche via the Ganges of divine wisdom he will master Savitri based spiritual practices and this too has been mentioned. After donning the Yajnopaveet or sacred thread there are incidences of initiation into divinity, Gayatri Meditation/Worship and studies of Vedas. From verses 35 to 40 in the Kalki Purana a description has been given regarding of studying Vedas from his father, Savitri, Brahmin hood, Yajnopaveet, Gayatri Science of Divinity etc. What is true Brahmin hood and how can it be worshiped? All this has been elucidated. At the time when the Brahmin boy is ready to go to Gurukul for studies he gets Darshan of Lord Parshuram (meaning a subtly embodied preceptor). Not only does this preceptor give Darshan but that he takes the boy with him to the Himalayas for performing austerities so as to attain Self Realization. After imbibing full wisdom of the Vedas he sets off to uplift the world by taking with him Lord Shiva’s ashes representing Divine Wisdom and the Parshu weapon or axe symbolizing sharpness full of true thinking.

Kalki on his return exhibits his divine grandeur and thus all Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras executing Yajnas, charity, penance and religious vows become his instruments of grace. All these aides come from every region of India, from every religion and community and from every nook and corner of the globe. Due to the influence of the process of Era Neo Creation everyone’s intellect is rendered sacred and divine. Lord Kalki after performing the Rajsuya and ashwamedha Yajnas renders widespread a positive mental attitude and saying that pure hearted people are a part of his very own soul after death Lord Kalki promises his aides that they will become one with his cosmic divine soul. Not mundane but a society that desires only spiritual matters is set up via his subtle thinking. He gives inspiration of a neo awakening to world women and renders them world leaders. Intellectuals full of argumentativeness, arrogance, literate but selfish dwelling in Kikatpur or narrow minded thinking are fought against by Lord Kalki. While opposing lack of theism cuts off their heads via the Parshu weapon or pick axe representing Divine Wisdom. It means via a thought revolution Lord Kalki positively transforms their very seedy thinking so as to perforce make them undergo self surrender and by renouncing a lowly intellect work for world being tasks.

Regarding Spiritual philosophy he puts forth such a scientific description that every atheist intellectual who reads it gets transformed for the better. By cutting thoughts with thoughts he is devising a sort of Jnana or Divine Wisdom Yajna. By opposing rank materialism reeking in every household the religious institute gets sanctified via his divine existence. Respect readers must please note that our revered Gurudeva all his lifetime set rolling all that is mentioned above. He lived a revolutionary life attacked blind undesirable traditions and in order to reinstate spiritual philosophy successfully correlated spirituality to modern science. By writing loads of literature via the medium of Jnana or Divine Wisdom Yajna he positively changed the thinking of thousands of people. By helping people veer away from a narrow minded selfish lifestyle encouraged them to life oozing with generosity, joy and laughter.

Gurudeva’s stream of Jnana and Vajpeya Yajna lasted for a fairly long time span. Via the 1000 Kundi or pyre Yajna first he executed Ashwamedha Yajna in Mathura (UP, India) and later he did the same in 5 places stretching across India in the year 1971. By handing over Mathura’s management to Suryaketu (members of Gayatri Family of hidh stature character) he along with his wife landed in Haridwar’s (India) Ganges shores called Saptasarovar region so as to perform intense penance (Ganga teeray haridwarey nivasam samakalpayat).

In Himalayas after having the sacred Darshan of his Guru and performing penance met those souls in Haridwar that were created from portions of great Rishis and by encouraging them to perform spiritual practice for sanctifying their inner personalities took the vow of furthering his mission via the medium of his aides. He after building a gigantic family like organization which had made the powerful resolve of only rendering widespread great activities handed over its management to his respected wife. Later he himself by rendering his psyche potent and very divinely subtle accepts the call of death of his mortal coil.

The nature of Avatars is akin to a thought flow. Those having Darshan of Avatars in their human form must see that after being imbued with thought based consciousness of a great saint have they in actuality seen large groups of great people work for rendering others character great and helping render widespread great tasks the world over? If something of this is witnessed it must be said to be the inspiration of an Avatar. Revered Gurudeva used to say that if we start looking out for an Avatar, innumerable people will come forward labeling themselves as Avatars. He used to say that whenever saints, reformers and patriots augmented in society know for sure that invisibly and subtly they are being directed by an Avatar’s divine existence. Saints are those who ooze with gentlemanly sentiments and by living like true Brahmins live like beacon lights in society. They imbue life force in those who live in despair. A saint smilingly opposing all obstacles in life establishes great ideals the world over. Reformers are higher in stature than saints. A reformer not only has to render brilliant his own soul but that but has to generate potent Prana or vital force in order to reform others. Their character is great, possess a lot of valor, personality is powerful and hard work is intense. They carry scriptures in one hand and weapons in the other to fulfill their mission. They light the torch of worldwide thought revolution.

After saints and reformers is the class of patriots. Patriots are those who give up their very self for welfare of others. This indeed is self or soul surrender. Instead of listening to their kith and kin they carry out tasks inspired in their souls by an Avatar’s divine consciousness. True patriotism emerges from the psyche and soul wherein predominates, sentiments of world welfare and that selfishness is renounced from its very roots.

As per the terminology of revered Gurudeva’s Avatar consciousness we can experience all round us in a widespread manner these days the flow of formless Prajna Avatar. That Yugapurusha who executed such gigantic tasks is no more in our midst and instead is active in the subtle world through the medium of his subtle psyche (Sookshmikaran). We embodied beings as his followers can measure his true stature. “This era’s Kalki Avatar shall be a lord of a powerful organization, one who will author code of conduct, a man of ethics, scientist, thinker and a great saint who by warding off atheism will awaken sacred sentiments in world human psyche”. This conclusion was made in 1939 in a meeting held by Uttarakhand’s saints and was published in a book called ‘Kalganana va Kalki Avatar’. In it is written: At the point between his eyebrows shall be a moon. He will wear clothing of Indian style he will be child like he will be valiant like daring soldiers and a great scholar of Vedas. 24 alphabets will play a predominant role in his life. By chanting a Mantra of 24 alphabets he will perform austerities for 24 years and shall be the 24th Avatar. He will positively influence the entire world.

Generally an avatar is never recognized as one during his lifetime. Ram was censured and Krishna too had to face allegations. We must all be proud that a divine messenger appeared in our midst and left after enacting his divine sports or Lilas. Everyone will now walk the path of ethics laid down by him. Let us not be labeled listless and we must not give people the chance to say that we who lived under the guidance of this great divine personage did not recognize his true divine identity. His great mission and glorious fame is in front of us all. What only remains to be done is that we who are his disciples and those who shall join his mission in future must spread his deep profound thoughts in every nook and corner of the world.




In the well managed, beautiful and artistic world creation of God although we see dualities like downfall-uplifting and destruction-creation yet creation and uplifting predominate. Despite seasonal influences killing many birds, animals, worms etc one truth is imperishable that after this process we can witness flowers, fruits and lush greenery sprouting forth and it lasts for a greater length of time. In order that the process of advancement continues it is most required that both the processes of creation and destruction go on unimpeded. The fact that the sun rises and then sets, the fact that creatures are born and later die are a proof of all this.

On noting the history of progress wherein elements of downfall and defeat too are at work and that uplifting and progress too goes on, man should hence never despair when he sees these situations enacted before his eyes. Wheels of a chariot go down and then come up. A new born babe will first undergo stages of childhood, youth old age and then death yet on that very day the process of taking a new birth commences. Despite seeing the dark gloomy night of hopelessness every man of faith finds a promise that later dawn will usher in a golden sunrise.

In world history we have noted time and again that dangerous situations have cropped up wherein one asked: Is this the hour of total world annihilation? Yet each time the divine creator or God has promised us that never will he allow total destruction of this wondrous creation of his called the world along with human existence. An Avatar’s manifestation encompasses showcasing of miracles by straightening lopsided world situations. Something of this sort is about to happen wherein despite us noting situations full of despair surrounding us and that because of unethical behavior a possibility of world destruction exists, we find our faith in God faltering. Today’s times are the hour of extraordinary strife. Under such circumstances every person imbued with a sacred divine intellect must harbor faith that in the next 5-10 years whatever takes place shall be extraordinary.

In these days in order to render the consciousness of creation in everyone’s daily life high in stature a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of institute of religion’s spiritual philosophy. It is by laying the foundation of sensitive sacred sentiments an apt creative application be made of world human theism. By overcoming the inertia like state of inaction seeds of theism must be sown in every home. By exhibiting talented enterprise in order to uproot taints give proof of one’s valor for this endeavor. This is a well known fact that whenever elements of creativity weaken, in the soul arena ignorance and in the mundane arena poverty and fear based situations will dangerously raise their hoods and will make full efforts to set rolling in destructive activities. Under such situations skills that oppose downfall forgets its supremacy and falls instead in the pit of lust and lowly desires. Lowly taints gets an open field to showcase is destructive tendencies. Today’s times are somewhat like this wherein the imbalanced nature of weakness in creativity and unruliness of destruction ushers in communal fights, caste based hatred, lowly behavior, fall in ethical activities and from the standpoint of ideals of social and political leaders a downfall, opposition amongst them fears of atheism are seen widespread. On seeing that divinity is weakening a lot and demons who move about arrogantly getting ‘respect’ it is natural about a doubt emerging as to what will happen to planet earth?

We all are very fortunate to take birth in the divine land of India. Although we have seen a Dark Age spanning 1500 years but somewhere down the line our cultural foundation in the form of a seed exists akin to seeds protected like Fish Avatar. The priceless wealth of Gayatri and Yajna Philosophy akin to Paras or touchstone is with us and even now we have not lost hope. This is indeed a very good sign. In comparison to great saints taking birth in India for the past 600 years right from Saint Kabir to others, possibly this has never been witnessed in the annals of world history. Some helped flow the stream of devotion, some organized programs of reform, some encouraged hard work in the form of Karma Yoga, some spoke of uprooting poverty and weakness via imbibing a life of enterprise and valor and yet others by performing lone austerities imbued the subtle world with terrific divine energy. Within this very flow took birth our revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the 1st decade of 20th century, in the North region of India, in Anvalkheda village near Agra. By becoming a great devotee and Yuga Rishi and after completing the onerous task akin to Bhagiratha bringing down on earth from heaven River Ganges of Divine Wisdom became a ball of Divine Light after eliciting hope in the lives of millions of people the world over.

Super Energy Gayatri had virtually got doused. Possibly because of extremist views only males and that too Brahmins were allowed to chant Gayatri Mantra. But the great divine efforts of Yuga Rishi HH Gurudeva Gayatri reached every household without any bias of any sort. Today millions of people chant it and take recourse to mental reflection on its divine aspect. In her formless nature Super Energy Gayatri by sanctifying people’s mental state and very thinking in order to transform them from the very foundation has incarnated on earth and the credit of making this Bhagiratha like effort to usher in this River Ganges of Divine Wisdom goes to that divine existence who be becoming cosmic from miniscule established an International Gayatri Family (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India), created thousands of wholesome nature families and commenced the program of sowing seeds of divinity in them. Amongst the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri each one can be looked upon as a ray of art. In seed form within these divine streams all that is present which is required to render human glory steady and advanced. Sun that is the deity of Gayatri possesses 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 light rays which are well known. And yet within it predominate, energy streams of Savita and Prana Power Gayatri. Within the 24 alphabets of Gayatri reside Sidhis or Divine Powers manifesting after spiritual practices are undergone along with Ridhis based on ones personality. By categorizing it into 24 parts it becomes easier to understand its widespread nature. When 2 precepts meet in the form of sanctification of the psyche and widespread nature of means potentials of divinity dawning in man and more and more Golden Era based situations manifest. This then is the work arena of the Prajna Avatar. It manifested in the form of divine energy and not as an individual. The more this Prajna or Divine Intellect manifests in a person they will be counted as companions of Avatar oriented divine sports or Lilas carried out by Divine Era Creators.

How does a nameless formless divine existence execute the task of Era Transformation? In the coming days the world public will actually witness it’s unfolding. It is the miracle of formless conscious divine power that in today’s hour theism that has weakened direly thousands of people from the standpoint of their psychic imprints are conjoining to the stream of sacred thinking after renouncing a life reeking with lowliness, unrest, apprehension, sense titillation and lowly allurements. The proof of it is 26 Ashwamedh Yajnas performed so far. The vile activities of thousands of people were uprooted and by renouncing tainted habits/addictions, on an average .6 to 1 billion people vowed to conjoin to divinity. By taking up great resolves they after transforming their lives positively accepted that the era religion of today is to imbibe sacred psychic qualities and this then became the foundation stone of Satyuga or Golden Era. Whether anyone trusts this or not yet when the history of transformations taking place in the next 10 years shall be written everyone will witness this truth wherein that behind whatever that is being written now which stream of consciousness is at work.











My tradition no doubt orients around worship, Puja, devotion to God etc yet it definitely is not based on individualism. I have always tested true spirituality in terms of generosity, selfless world service and pursuing the path of God or Self Realization. Hence for me selfish gains are unreal and spirituality that harbors an attitude of soul oneness with the world is the ultimate reality. In the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ family both types of members can be found. Amongst these we are trying to find true personalities that shall keep the red flame torch that I hold in my hand always lit properly and who shall lend their shoulders to take up the onerous responsibility of world well being shouldered by me at present. Only such people can become my true representatives and inheritors of my spiritual wealth. Those people who pass this test I shall harbor hopes from them that for increasing our mission’s divine light and sacred thought flow they shall honestly labor hard and pour their goodwill in it. The center of my hope can only be such people.

Only such people shall get my full divine affection. Someone’s zeal and steadfastness can be tested not by vain superficial talk but by them putting great glorious ideas into practice. Only those who are steadfast can succeed in winning over others’ hearts. For me too members oozing with zeal and steadfastness are very beloved to me akin to my very life.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1964; Page 51)



Very much like others I too possess 2 bodies wherein one is made of bones, flesh, blood etc and the other made up of my emotions, thinking trend and process. There are millions of people well versed with the body made of bones, flesh, blood etc. There are thousands who for some reason have had to come in contact with me. I have ceaselessly shared the power of my penance with all harboring a sense of soul unity with everybody. People entangled in varied types of complex problems approach me in order to solve them with my help. As per my capacity I leave no stone unturned to lessen this burden of theirs and I am never stingy while helping them. Regarding this innumerable people contact me but when their problem is solved they turn their face away from me. So many people positively influenced by my writings in order to inquire and solve their doubts, others for understanding the profound mysteries of spiritual practices and the remaining for some other reasons approach me. By solving their contemporary problems my righteous duty to serve them selflessly ends at that point. Regarding them I do not think much more and neither do I worry or complain about them.

My mind overflows with emotions for such people who reach the very core of my psyche and sacred sensitive sentiments. It is this body of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) that is the be all and end all of everything. It is this body of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) that is the ultimate reality. Much more than what we are with reference to the physical body our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) super cedes it by miles. Much more than the good we can to do others in world society via our physical body we can help them benefit manifold more by giving them great glorious thinking and pour on them our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). Those who are very close to me from the standpoint of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) attain true boons in untold measure. Those who sacredly love my thinking, those who yearn to touch the very deep cave of my sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) regarding them I can say that from the principle standpoint they are my own beloved kith and kin. It is for them that I have to think in a special manner and do something special for them.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1966; Page 51)



It is our righteous duty to help those in anguish and hardships hence how much more gigantic is the responsibility of the head of a world family? Ceaselessly I have made use of my meager capability for solving the material and spiritual problems of members of the All World Gayatri Family (HQ-Shantikunj-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India). There are people who say that due to this thousands of people have benefitted immensely yet I am just not satisfied. I wished that those who chanted Mantras with a rosary loved my thinking and not my physical body, I hoped that they mentally reflected on great glorious thinking, that they raise their sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) to a very high stature and my neo creating mankind that marches towards supreme greatness shall fulfill my goal of transforming Indian society into a divine society. Yet nothing of this sort has happened. A major portion of people in my contact turned out followers of vain exhibition of ‘miracles’. Neither could they harbor faith in soul neo creation and neither in neo creating this world of animate/inanimate beings. They could not experience and perceive the great responsibilities of true spiritual people. Again and again I would tell every member of my mission what my goal was yet very few people actually heard it and truly understood it. Majority would desire to see miracles of Mantra chanting yet amongst these I kept searching for people who were keen on shouldering great tasks of world well being. Since for many years I saw this push and pull situation I harbored a lot of despair and sometimes got annoyed too. My aim was never to get into the complex mesh of fulfilling mental desires by Goddess Mother Gayatri. I had sincerely hoped that members of my mission/organization by imbibing a scientific process of worship, meditation etc on Almighty God would march ahead on the path of soul advancement in a stepwise manner yet people feeling this to be very difficult and problematic started running away from it. Thus how can my mission succeed with such people at the helm of affairs?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1966; Page 45-46)



What I hope for from members of my mission/organization that what I yearn does not remain mere figment of wild imagination, members of Akhand Jyoti must not lose even a wee bit of enthusiasm for the mammoth task at hand and that when hour of renunciation and sacrifice arrives they must disprove themselves as fake currency. Man’s greatness involves putting it into practice in day to day activities so that others also get the light of wisdom from it. Those who have none of this, those who limit their potential only to procreation and filling their tummies can only be called human beasts. I do not desire that my dream of witnessing great members actually translates as images akin to garbage in people’s homes.

At this hour of super importance those who can truly remember their righteous duties by limiting their personal desires and aspirations in a well controlled demarcated periphery use their brilliant talent for hearing and truly understanding the call of this era and thereby put it into practice both in their behavior and actions. Only such brilliant selfless people can become the center of my divine hope and wish. Accompanied by such aides and companions I shall march ahead on the path of a well designed divine mission.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1968; Page 63)



I strongly aspire to build a firm foundation for Yug Nirman Yojana (Era Transformation). It is definite that in the near future itself world neo creation shall definitely take place. The next 10 years comparable to birth pangs or labor pain undergone by a pregnant mother about to give birth to her new born baby shall be full of excess atrocities, oppression, divine wrath, destruction, agitation, agony and in fighting the world over. When as a result of untold measure of vile unethical activities harsh punishment shall be meted out man definitely shall reform. This onerous task shall be done by Lord Mahakal (Cosmic Divine Time). The task given to me is to get ready those individual psyches that can imbibe faith and procedures leading to ushering of a New Era. People have to be made aware that in future times to come world society shall encompass a borderless world, one religion, one spiritual path, one society, one culture, one law, one type of social behavior, one language and one viewpoint. Hence on giving up narrow mindedness like caste differences, language differences, different countries, different communities etc people must ready such a mental attitude that harbors world human brotherhood wherein the world unites as one peaceful family (‘Udar Charitanam Tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’-Vedas).

I want to explain to people that by imbibing the essence of that which is ancient give up at all costs all distortions/taints in them. Viveka or farsighted discrimination must be awakened in people and explain to them that by renouncing deluded attachment to prejudices dare to accept only that which is apt and useful. I wish to induce faith in lay people that the end of that era is quickly approaching where mad rush for material wealth was given utmost importance. In the days to come individual wealth shall hold no importance. Instead world society shall be called the true owner of world wealth. Based on their hard work and right people shall be able to earn limited means. Wealth and richness shall bid adieu from this world and hence people reeking with avarice for wealth, miserly people amassing hordes of wealth for sons/grandsons must realize their foolishness and by becoming self contented with minimal means available instead of hoarding wealth power make it a wholesome habit of sharing it with world society’s welfare. Many such types of thinking have to be ‘hammered’ into the brains of everyone that appears impractical and unreal today.

This world is very huge and our task at hand also is very widespread in nature. The means at hand are quite limited in measure. I am thinking on the lines that such a strong procedure is put to work that by using its wheels can optimally fulfill the above great goal that is dithering at present as quickly as possible.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1969; Page 59-60)



A major number of members of Akhand Jyoti Family are high stature cultured souls. They have been searched for with great effort and congregated with honest labor input. This then is my real family. My harboring hope that they can play a role in neo creation and shoulder the responsibility with true leadership qualities is not without reason. Behind it is at work that fact high stature souls may get ensnared in any type of dirty veil yet at the appointed hour they realize their true great form and responsibilities and by recognizing deeply the message of divine inspirations do not delay any further in fulfilling righteous duties of those contemporary times. Fire brigades may not have worked maybe for months yet the moment they are given news of fire erupting at any place their alert zeal is sight for the gods. Our family too has to do exactly this.

When we turn lethargic and indolent we are wasting precious time. The time of sleeping has lapsed by. Now we must awaken. What benefit accrues merely by changing sides while lying down on bed and behaving lethargically so as to waste precious time? When we have already woken up it is apt that we get up from our bed. Beauty and praise lies in fulfilling tasks well in time that are beckoning us. When it is sure that these tasks have to be completed whether we cry or we do it later what need is there to taint our reputation with self agony and social censure? Why not give up untimely lethargy, indolence etc once and forever?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 3)



Today I have only one aspiration wherein my near dear ones, members of my organization etc do not merely make it a habit of lip service for contributing in the great mission of neo creation but instead they must harbor a deep zeal to actually do something for it even if it is like a drop in the ocean or a cog in the wheel. With my own eyes I shall see them walking a few steps in this direction. I must see at least a bit of the light of inspiration given to them put into practice in day to day living for which I have used up my entire life span. Those who harbor faith in me, shall they accept my request and plea? Will they agree to walk in my footsteps sincerely at least for a short distance? I must see this also manifesting in their lives so that I can understand as to whether I have created a world family in the form of true companions or is it that I have constructed an imaginary sand castle in air? Via this test the bare reality shall showcase itself and I shall be able to draw an apt conclusion regarding questions related to my family i.e. whether they are apt or otherwise.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 9)



Those who love me must love my mission also. When those who ignore and pay no heed to my mission, I feel that they are actually ignoring me. Personally anyone may ignore me totally yet if they have a lot of faith in my mission, if he is actually contributing in some way towards it, if he inwardly harbors goodwill towards it know for sure that he is raining immortal nectar on me and applying fragrant sandalwood paste on me. Bang opposite to this those who love me only at the gross physical body level, are attached to my body merely and praises it and worships it while totally putting aside all tasks related to my mission I feel as though they by ignoring my life force are just fanning my physical perishable body.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 10)



In order to neo create a sacred sensitive sentiment (Bhavasamvedana) based world public psyche, a flame torch of Thought Revolution has been lit within this Jnana Yajna. In its light most definitely a desirable uplifting of our country India and society shall be witnessed in future. In the absence of independent thinking we have entered the hell of delusion and blind traditions. By renouncing logical proof we have got tied up like sheep in the noose of blind faith. We renounced Viveka or farsighted discrimination hence we have no knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. When the pious intellect that can differentiate between good-bad qualities and can separate Neer-Ksheer (water-milk) gets destroyed, we perforce stray here and there in sheer darkness.

Since the past 2000 years we have got ensnared in such a lowly demeaned state. Due to mental slavery in all realms of life we have been rendered fallen, hopeless and beyond all repair. Without transforming this state positively there is no other path that shall open the doors of our well being. Progress, development and advancement commences only via independent thinking. Men of farsighted discrimination are law abiding citizens. Prosperity of all types rushes after those who ooze with enterprise. The one lone aim of Thought Revolution set rolling the world over is to sow the seeds of this great glorious thinking and behavior in the psyche of world public and augment it n fold. It is with this goal in mind that the torch of wisdom has been lit.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 59-60)



Today we all are standing on the precipice of total destruction. We now must put a full stop to the untold destruction executed by us all. If we march only a wee bit forward in this direction of destruction it shall prove to be that vampire that drinks our blood. World society reeking with unethical trends and ignorance shall execute collective suicide. Hence we must retract from such heinous activities. We certainly do not desire collective suicide. We just cannot accept a life akin to burning in hell. We shall no longer allow humaneness to get tainted any further by vile lowliness. Destruction and downfall can never be our goal. We shall no longer tolerate a vile brain and tainted activities to sit on the throne of this world. It shall now be impossible to bow down to ignorance and lack of farsighted discrimination. We shall rest only when we finish reforming these dire situations the world over into positive wholesome ones.

We have walked on the path of positive transformation and as long as even 1 drop of capacity dwells in us we shall continue marching ahead thus. Lack of farsighted discrimination shall get uprooted. As long as we do not render our farsighted discrimination or Viveka powerfully radiant till then we shall remain restless. We shall help reach in each one’s psyche glorious greatness and light rays of sacred ideals after uprooting vain fleeting desires that is destroying human consciousness. We just cannot allow human society ever relegated to a situation reeking with ill fate and misfortune. We shall forcefully drag it towards imbibing great sacred ideals thus paving the way of good fortune to enter it eternally. This era of sins and downfall shall have to be reformed from its very foundation. And know for sure that we shall definitely fulfill this goal.

I wholeheartedly wish that heaven manifests on our planet earth and that in human beings divinity ushers in like the brilliant shining sun. For this goal I shall carry out difficult harsh austerities called Bhagiratha Tapa. The River Ganges of Divine Wisdom shall be brought down on earth and by making everyone bathe in its sacred waters millions of human beasts shall get transformed into human gods. This great vow has been transformed into a Yajna of Divine Wisdom. In order to burn up the rubbish of dirt in the blazing fire of a Thought Revolution our campaign can be compared to Holika Dahan (the ogress Holika burnt to ashes when she tried burning the child devotee Prahladji as mentioned in Indian Mythology called Puranas). We shall liberate the world human body from the affliction of leprosy represented by unethical trends and inapt behavior. Definitely the goal of Era Transformation and overall Kayakalpa (body rejuvenation) shall be fulfilled to the last letter. Sparks of our Yajna of Divine Wisdom shall get ignited in every nook and corner of the world. The illumined flow of Thought Revolution shall touch the psyche of each world human.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1969; Page 57-58)



Creation is a type of mental thought wherein each individual influenced by it must involve himself in any task that helps in warding off backwardness of contemporary times either at the individual or collective level in a ceaseless manner. Without this such a person must remain restless. Under which situation, a person of what type of capability/skill shall execute which type of task for neo creation? This decision can be taken only by taking note of local requirements. In the 100 aphorism based program of Yug Nirman Yojana or mission these types of directions have been highlighted in detail. Regarding this a lot of discussion has been done on setting up of night schools, senior citizen education/training institutes, libraries, gymnasiums, cleanliness, donating time for carrying out tasks physically, cooperatives, security, production of vegetables-flowers-fruits etc.

For advancement and development in a multi dimensional manner it is mandatory that in the mind of every citizen such anguish manifests for warding off world’s regressive trends leading to proliferation of a backward world society. They must hence volunteer to carry out some type of creative task so that the possibility of world peace and joy augments manifold. This effort must become so widespread when millions of hands, brain skills and hard labor combines, that no longer citizens shall have to wait for eons together for the government to do something about it and give guidance for it.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 60-61)



All members of our mission must deeply reflect over those great glorious mental qualities (Susanskars) gathered from many past lifetimes that have been tested by me before making my flower garland with them. Keeping in mind the call of this modern era, the true goal of human life, Almighty God’s wish, the state of this historical occasion and the role of supermen like great God Realized saints we must focus on taking at least a few important steps. This super campaign has many directions. They must be nurtured via wealth, brain talent and honest hard work. Any brilliant skill of ours must be offered devotedly at the sacrosanct feet of Lord Mahakal.

By tearing apart the ignorance based on greed/delusion along with the night of darkness we must march forward zestfully and zealously. Whatever material-spiritual we possess must be used as less as possible for ourselves and the rest must be humbly used for welfare and wellness of world humanity. In the torch of neo creation I have used the oil of all that I possessed and hence have kept it lit brilliantly in a ceaseless manner. It is now the duty of members of my divine worldwide mission that in order to render this torch lit forever must pour into it the oil of the essence of their very existence. I am bidding adieu harboring hope after handing over this responsibility and duty to members of my mission that their activity of taking steps in the direction towards human glory instead of decreasing shall keep increasing day by day.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 61)



If anyone wishes to know who I am really they must gauge my life and entire personality in the form of a representative of a New Era.

In every pore of my being Almighty God dwelling as divine consciousness is enacting the Raas Lila (divine dance of Lord Krishna with Gopis or cowherd maidens as mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat mythological text).

At the age of 15 years I had surrendered my entire life at the hallowed feet of my Sadguru who is none other than Almighty God incarnate. This Sadguru instead of bodily existence is correctly termed a burning flame of Era Consciousness. It is due to its influence that whatever I think and do can clearly be called Bhajan or devotional service to Almighty God. This devotion and human ideals can be understood as varied applications for rejuvenating them. My daily worship/meditation practices also are part and parcel of this. Via it I render my capability and inner soul extremely radiant hence it can only be called Sadhana or spiritual penance. The goal is Almighty God whose vision can be attained in the gross body as great sacred activities, sacred wisdom in the subtle body and sacred goodwill sentiments in the causal body.

If we want to put it in a nutshell of one sentence my Prana Energy based vibrations and mission can be said to be synonymous. On the basis of this truth to the extent that one harbors faith and zeal towards my mission’s thinking trend and ideology I look upon them as very close relatives of my Prana or life force in that very measure. It could be that they may never have contacted my physical visible body yet my vision of great hope focuses on them ceaselessly.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1977; Page 52)



This is that optimal hour to carry out the task of reaching the new era’s consciousness in every household the world over and encouraging everyone to hear avidly the message of world neo awakening. In these days our role must be akin to a messenger of this era. Our efforts must be like that of Nalneel in epic Ramayan when they were building the bridge of great culture. Even if we cannot make humungous efforts like Angad jumping into a crater and Lord Hanuman who held aloft a huge mountain even so akin to the vulture and squirrel it is definitely possible to surrender our lowliness to glorious greatness. If when Shri Krishna lifts the Govardhan Mountain we do not raise our sticks as a prop even so the mission of the divine creator of this world shall never stop. Instead it is we who shall have to endure the anguish of sheer repentance.

Akin to daring valiant people now in the ushering in of a new era my role of Bhagiratha mentioned in Purana texts has become compulsory to enact. Without it is impossible to induce River Ganga of heaven to land on earth in order to satiate burning earth and sorrow based heated souls.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61)



There is only one reason why an entire era gets distorted and that is world public psyche harboring no faith towards sacred ideals. It is in this rotting mire that infinite germs, microbes etc take birth and thus they harass us all in the form of terrible fear instilling world circumstances. There is only one solution to the creation of a bright world future and that is sanctifying world public psyche in a pious positive manner. Lest we include glorious greatness in our thinking process and give a prime position to sacred high stature ideals in our viewpoint then in this world’s flow of life creative great tasks shall augment n fold. Thus in a jiffy dark clouds of destruction looming large today the world over shall disappear to naught. Today our problem is philosophic mainly and not so much from the economy, politics or social standpoint. Lest we successfully sanctify world public psyche the very existence of untold problems faced today shall turn extinct. Thus in order to fight them no high level preparations shall be required.

Lest we can successfully induce world humans to turn away from destructive thinking and activities and in its place imbibe creativity solely then amongst those programs made that gulp enormous amount of wealth not even one shall be required. If world humans contribute even like a drop in the ocean so much can be accomplished with ease when for this end hundreds of 5 year plans shall be required if no public cooperation exists. Thus in the absence of world public cooperation even like a drop in the ocean even large scale schemes in which billions of dollars are used shall become crippled. We all must water the roots instead of spraying water on stems and leaves. It is only sanctification of world public psyche that shall solve all modern day contemporary problems. The aim of ushering in a bright world future shall only be achieved if we walk on this lone royal path. It is for this reason that this era’s program of Yajna of Divine Wisdom that has been set rolling in the world over, in a war footing. The red flame torch of Thought Revolution has been lit with this faith in our heart that it illumines in the world public psyche the light of high stature great faith and aspiration.



For this Yajna of Divine Wisdom the Prajna Avatar (Divine intellect) yearns only their precious time from awakened souls the world over. This call must be heard by them, they must think anew about all tasks being executed by them and by focusing a very sharp vision on it valiantly uproot all selfish desires and taints dwelling in them and whatever excess they possess in terms of time, talent etc must be offered humbly at the sacred feet of this Era’s Deity.

For sound sleep 7 hours, to earn money 8 hours and for other chores 5 hours are enough to carry out worldly duties. Thus after using 20 hours totally 4 hours remain which even a very busy and poverty stricken person can use for carrying out world welfare tasks like Era Transformation. Those who no longer have any major household duty to enact, those who do not have to work much for upkeep of family members, those who have enough savings that can look after their basic life’s needs must think of contributing all their time towards such great world welfare tasks. It is for such people of good fortune that the institution of Vanaprastha (post retirement-after 50 years of age has passed by), Parivrajaks (mendicants who leave hearth and home for spiritual goals) and pious saintly people. Such class of people must seriously think of contributing almost all their time for this mission of neo awakening of world human psyche in a positive sacred manner.

So many brilliant people blooming with talent, skill and special qualities are found in such states that along with conjoining to mandatory tasks can do so much more or can make others do so that as a result so many great tasks for world well being can be carried out. People who are appointed to high profile jobs in politics, medicine, engineering, education etc and who possess a lot of glory, wealth etc by using their great influence can play a big role in fulfilling requirements of modern contemporary times. The cooperation and help of such highly skilled great leaders of society in various realms very much like true Karmayogis contributing a major portion of their time for great tasks can prove to be as much effective.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 56)



In these days what type of world service should be carried out? This information has given to men of farsighted discrimination time and again and they are being told that it is a vile tainted intellect that leads to man’s atrocious downfall. It is in a distorted mode of thinking where roots of innumerable world problems grow like weeds. From rotting quagmire foul smelling worms and germs are created and when our blood becomes poisoned many skin diseases manifest on our body. For the ushering in of a Prajna Era (Divine Intellect) we shall have to light the torch of Era Consciousness in each world household and thus the light of this era’s divine message shall have to be lit up in their minds. By giving prime spot to this era’s problems for sometime at least we must stop creating rest houses, temples, wells, ponds, medical clinics, pilgrim spots, free food supply centers etc that give a lot of name/fame and instead make intense effort to spread a divine intellect that is supremely great and can solve contemporary world problems. For this end the more our bondage of greed and deluded attachment loosens the more by looking upon donation of time and other means as the supreme requirement of today’s times every member must join this stream of performing righteous duties of this era.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1985; Page 62)



The family of divine intellect marches ahead carrying with it the resolve of neo creation of this era. The stature of its members must be very high. It must be so high and disciplined that that on witnessing their great skillful activities the consciousness of so many awaken and that there can be no dearth of people following in their glorious footsteps. It is in high stature casts and moulds that high stature ornaments, toys etc can be made. If this cast and mould itself is distorted and tainted then anyone contacting it shall become lowly in stature and garbage like. Hence we are advised to enact high stature efforts. It can also be called high stature soul sanctification. It is like fighting the bloody Mahabharat War. Hence those who are leaders must past this stringent test. The more we discipline and control our greed, deluded attachment and ego the better it is. Only then such hope can be harbored from members of the Prajna Family (divine intellect) that they via their brilliant talent can illumine their respective realms and thus a superb environment of creativity can be set up.

Another task involves rendering the message of heralding a New Era more widespread in nature. For this world lay public must be contacted. In every household this light must be lit radiantly. Their area of contact must be guided regarding the foundation of our divine mission. Amongst those who are willing to listen, anyone showing zest for it must be given small tasks. Such tasks maybe miniscule, ordinary and facile like birthday celebration arrangements yet for it labor has to be put in, some thought has to be given to it and something has to be spoken about it. By fulfilling such small goals man’s hesitation shall disappear. One’s bravery increases and such a desire awakens, via which for the gigantic task of neo creation all huge tasks required can be completed successfully.

In the days to come those tasks that have to be executed shall be as humungous as building huge bridges, dams, power stations etc. For this no engineer shall be available and no man of high stature skills can be ‘bought’ by dangling a juicy carrot of a fat salary. In fact they shall be one amongst us ‘bears and monkeys’ (in Ramayan who helped Lord Ram win the Lanka War against demon Ravan). In tasks like building a bridge in the sea people like Nalneel oozing with sacred sentiments and brilliant talent are required. For this even great character saintly personalities like Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhaveji etc are required.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1985; Page 65)



My inner aspiration is merely one that those who look upon themselves as my very beloved ones, those whom I look upon as my beloved souls must become leaders of this Era. They must march ahead on the royal path of great sacred ideals and in arenas of ethics intellectualism and society imbibe the methodology of progressiveness. Akin to a skillful boatman making innumerable people sit in their boat must help them cross the sea to safer shores. These people must be uplifted to stupendous heights of glory and create such an environment that everywhere lush greenery based beauty of spring season can be witnessed.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1986; Page 59)























The Yug Nirman Mission has been set up with the aim of fulfilling 100 tasks. At apt places, in apt situations and as much as possible they are being enacted also. Yet one program amongst these 100 is mandatory and that is this thought flow must be imbued in world public psyche deep down and with total zeal this program must be rendered worldwide. Merely a handful of us all cannot accomplish this humungous task of Era Transformation. Slowly but surely the entire human society that shall have to be rendered full of good will based sentiments and encourage them to march on the path of true human glory. This is possible only when this sacred thought flow establishes deep down into the world human psyche. Hence in areas around their place of residence etc every wise person of our world family must see to it that this divine light spreads there.

Whether any other program gets fulfilled or not yet this task is compulsory that in order to influence people more and more with this glorious thought flow ceaselessly one should offer ones time, honest efforts, body and mental energy for it. Those who can actually do this, when in those this zest to act in this direction manifests I shall look upon them as my true descendents and inheritors. The responsibility of fulfilling the aim taken up by us can be given to some people as wealth inherited from me. Only those rare ones shall accept this responsibility. Hence it is required that they be searched for everywhere.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1964; Page 50)


B)   Amongst our world family I yearn to search such people who have understood the deep import of true spirituality and also those who in order to pay the price of attaining true success in life have started amassing within their inner personality required enterprise and valor. I shall hand over my legacy to them only. Of course! From the standpoint of material wealth, property etc they shall get nothing.

Only a spark from the burning fire in my psyche shall be handed over as my legacy to them yet it is so precious and priceless that anyone attaining it becomes gloriously fulfilled eternally.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1965; Page 50)


C)  Those who possess valor must come forward. I have no personal tasks or goals to fulfill. Humanity is about to get awakened and uplifted anew. Almighty God shall definitely fulfill it. Divine souls no doubt are carrying out this mission. The aura of a bright future has manifested. The brilliant sunrise of world neo creation is definite. If we so wish we can take credit for it and thus render ourselves renowned.

Our country India attained political freedom in the year 1947 AD. Those who contributed towards it became immortal. Lest they had not come forward even so independence definitely would have harbingered in. Yet if such people had retraced their steps from such glorious tasks they would have become cynosures of pity and would have faced nothing but misfortune. Today’s times too are very much similar to the above one. It is definite that a worldwide revolution from the standpoint of intellect, ethics and society shall definitely set rolling in. this campaign shall be shouldered not by political leaders but religious-spiritual volunteers. This process has commenced in the form of Yug Nirman Mission. I desire that the heavy responsibility of its management be handed over in strong powerful hands. In whatever number and wherever such people exist in our world family must congregate and shoulder their appointed activities. The aim of mine of appointing representatives for this onerous responsibility is the above only.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1965; Page 52)



Amongst this mammoth crowd for so many days I am searching for such individuals who can showcase themselves as my true soul companions and remain steadfast to the well being of the world family set up by me. The thing is that my program is about to end. I shall no longer get the opportunity to continue my activities much further than this. The life I have lived so far has been under the watchful guidance and direction of a Great Divine Power. In future too each moment of my life shall be lived as per its divine inspiration. This Great Divine Power by liberating me from my present program shall inspire me to march ahead in another direction as per subtle directions given to me by it. Hence it is apt when I ask myself the question as to whom the gigantic responsibility resting on my shoulder thus far must be handed over? To whom must that torch of Era Transformation be handed that was so far in my hands? From this standpoint I have to search for my true inheritors.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1966; Page 46)


E)   In this small time span we have to search for much higher stature comrades. In their hands this red torch can be handed over that so far right since its inception was in my hand. For this stronger, more valiant and very true hearted people are required. When I glance at the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ majority of its members appear ‘readers’. Reading too can become a type of addiction. No doubt reading good literature is a good habit. Such people addicted to knowledge-information are reading literature penned by me very avidly. After this they shall find what interests them from some other source. Their chariot shall keep moving yet my chariot shall come to a grinding halt.

Those who despite reading regarding high stature thinking fail to put it into practice in day to day living, from such people how can I harbor high hopes? I require comrades who zealously act and imbibe great wisdom simultaneously. Such people are known to renounce fleeting selfish gains so as to sincerely work for Era Transformation, they feel it is vain to live a life enmeshed in personal problems day in and day out and are capable of amassing within themselves the desire to sacrifice if it means even a wee bit for adhering to India’s sacred ideals.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1966; Page 47)


F)    That red torch kept ceaselessly lit by me for the past 42 years must now be handed over to other responsible people. Hence I call them and invite them. Those who are ‘alive’ must realize that these present contemporary times are not ordinary. In it wise advanced souls must not lead mundane ordinary stature lives. On their shoulders rest a bit more of righteous duties and important responsibilities. If these are ignored such pain and anguish shall be felt by them in their soul that this strife of soul agony shall be much more than bodily physical pain. Thus it shall be very difficult for them to endure this soul anguish. Lack of wealth, good health, fame etc can easily be overcome yet by ignoring one’s righteous duties life’s precious opportunity shall go down the drain. Thus when opportune times lapse by we repent our mistakes to such an extent that it becomes difficult to endure this agony.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1968; Page 63)



India must protect not only its own home but that it must lead the world in all realms of life. For this those great character people are required who can generate an optimal environment for this end. These great men must be much more influencing than those who like dedicated soldiers had fought for India’s political freedom. The task of creativity requires much more skill and capability than what is required for fighting. Thus in the coming days we shall require such high stature intellectuals who via their radiant talent shall illumine the entire environment.

  …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1969; Page 60)



It is natural that lay people wish to become big shots in life. No one teaches them for this. Say, who does not desire wealth, high status in society, sense pleasures, praise, good health etc? Who is not restless for satiating desires and yearnings of varied sorts? Who does not mull over filling their tummies and begetting children? Never have I thought of rendering our world family into members that are big shots. Forever I have deeply aspired to see a divine society of great saintly people. In reality the aspiration to become a great saintly personality can be said to be attainment of true success of personal living and the great fortune of world society. Thus true human life fulfillment encompasses becoming a great saintly personality. In addition to this in today’s contemporary situation such a gigantic requirement of great saintly personalities the world over that everywhere a loud wail is heard for it. In their absence every realm of human living has become distorted and ruinous. Only if such great saintly personalities the world over come forward all world problems, strife and harassing sorrow can be overcome fully. I have organized this world family only for attaining this goal wherein from the mine of this world such human precious jewels manifest that a new radiant chapter in the annals of world history shall commence. A great gigantic campaign like Era Transformation can be fulfilled not by hollow minded people but can be executed only by those people categorized as truly great saints.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 55)



In the days to come for Era Transformation we shall have to commence many creative and struggle based procedures. For this goal such hard working, sacredly sentimental, skillful and wise people shall be required that are ready to give all their precious time for this meritorious mission and that they focus all their hopes and aspirations along with their great thinking process on it only. By renouncing their narrow minded selfishness, they shall experience glory while sacrificing their all for world well being. The sacred land of India does not lack such wise awakened people. Those who are wise shall be awakened, rendered high stature in great thinking and shall be egged on to walk this path of world welfare.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 4)



We shall all fight a new ‘war’. I shall cut asunder taints gathered in world human psyche with great thinking as was done by Lord Parshuram in bye gone eras. It is said that Lord Parshuram had chopped off people’s heads which can also mean uprooting vile thinking in their psyche. Hence we shall re enact what Lord Parshuram did. Deep down the psyche of each and every person dwells the flagpole of spiritual ignorance and demonic unruly behavior. This shall be uprooted by us and thrown away. The biggest and last war of this era shall be waged by us all wherein India shall not be merely one nation but that it shall become Mahabharat or Super India and its philosophic rule shall reach every nook and corner of the world. This then is the Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar. The cosmic Chakravarti good will based reign that shall be harbingered in by the Avatar of this Era called Nishkalank or Taintless Avatar is none other than our campaign of Era Transformation in its pristine pure form.

We shall create great possibilities. For this we require men of great austerities full of truth and great goodwill based sentiments. We are at the moment searching for such great personalities only.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1970; Page 60-61)



This is the hour of testing our true nature. In order to fight the demon of spiritual ignorance so many means shall be required. The more we can gather public power, intellectual power and wealth power it can only prove less. People outside our family are immersed in the vain game of ‘pull and push’. The call of this era can be fulfilled only by the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’.

Those who have family duties to execute must do so in as less time and minimal expenses. The rest of their time and money must be used to fight this demon of spiritual ignorance. Those whose children are grown ups, in those families where others can look after the family must hand it over to them. Those whose responsibility to their children as far as their education, marriage etc is concerned has been fulfilled must enter Vanaprastha (retirement from mundane duties) and like Parivrajaks (travelers) must light the torch of world neo awakening. There is just no need of building hermitages (Ashrams) everywhere. At this hour we by becoming Parivrajaks (travelers) must journey to every nook and corner of the world. Hence there is no need of thinking about anything else other than this. It is useless to think that in old age we shall become Sanyasis (ocher robed mendicants). When half the body dies without anyone’s help daily living too becomes very difficult. Hence how can one do selfless service? The role of an era soldier can be enacted only by those whose body has some strength and who possess a strong will power. Today there is a greater need of sacredly sentimental people and wisdom based public power. People reeking with rotten minds, fraudulent and addicted to alcohol, narcotics etc reside indolently in hermitages of Sanyasis, mendicants etc. This era deity requires such intensely radiant public power who do not throw their burden of life on anyone else but instead help others become uplifted in life by using their powerful hands.

From amongst the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ it is this type of powerful and highly capable public power that is being called. It is the youth class that can execute Yoga, austerities, selfless world service and honest hard work. When voltage decreases fans, lights, bulbs etc function slowly and dimly. For neo creation also it is power of maturity that proves very useful. Those who are very old and sick cannot enact such tasks. Hence we invite such powerful and capable public power.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1975; Page 56-57)



Today such crest jewels are being searched for that by rendering them into a necklace of jewels by joining them in one string it can be placed around the neck of this Era Consciousness’ Super Power. Such high stature great souls are being searched for by giving them this era’s invitation. Those who are alive and kicking shall arise up and in the hour of peril akin to army chief’s that exhibit their valor shall present themselves as rightful heirs of victory. Miserly coward people on hearing the call of righteous duty shiver and stammer and hide their faces. One day they too shall definitely die but the taint of sorrowful repentance shall stick to their faces even post death.

 Terrible problems of super destruction die a supine death. It is in the moment after this that akin to the brilliant sun it shall rise high. This possibility is definite. What needs to be seen is that in this hour of transformation, who is it that shall get the credit of enacting the role of an era sculptor? Whose steps are going to march ahead on the road of well being?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1988; Page 61)



The Era Creation Family (Yug Nirman Parivar) has been functioning for a fair length of time yet its jewels, pearls etc remained hidden just like that. Now we have decided to awaken each, organize them render them highly advanced and very active. Till date only problems were being solved. Those who were active were merely egged on. Now the task is to render inactive people into active ones. Certain talented people harbored only faith towards my thoughts but henceforth they shall be urged to march ahead with me shoulder to shoulder. This is the main goal of re congregating.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1977; Page 51)



Henceforth I shall look upon those people as preliminary members of Era Creation Family (Yug Nirman Parivar) in whom faith has awakened towards the thought flow of our sacred mission. These must know and realize its deep import and must harbor zest and zeal for this mission. Those who harbor no zest may know me personally yet they cannot be said to have joined our mission.

Over here differences between 2 points must be noted clearly. It is one thing to know me personally and a bond with my sacred mission is another thing. Personal contact is at my mortal body level but if one joins the mission it means they have bonded very closely to my very Prana or life force. Bodily relations can include wife, children, relatives, constructing buildings, doing printing work etc and these are hordes in number. They also harbor pride in coming in my contact yet they have no clue about my psyche, my aspirations and activities. They do not help in all this at all. These shall be classed as those who at some point in time contacted me either for Guru-initiation or visiting me for conversation. Of course! These external bodily based contacts/relationships cannot just be negated. Very naturally I shall remain grateful and happy for my entire life on getting their love and goodwill towards me yet those who have been able to contact my inner psyche I shall keep searching for them painstakingly.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1977; Page 51-52)



In order that at this present hour awakened souls shoulder their responsibilities seriously, they are being searched for intensely, just as one looks for precious sparkling diamonds in mines. They are then being awakened and called to work for our sacred mission. In order to search them the sacred flames of Deep Yajnas are being ignited. Objects lost in darkness can be searched for only after illumining that area with light. Akin to a widespread and well defined campaign that is like a chain that shakes up people the movement of Deep Yajnas is organized everywhere. In the sacred sentimental environment of religiosity and spirituality such type of search becomes very easy.

In Artis offered to God little children feel happy to offer a few cents to Almighty God yet brilliantly talented people have to surrender their very being comparable to streams-rivulets in the divine river of Ganges, Narmada etc. Great divine soul personages like Hanuman, Angad, Arjun, Bhagirath, Harishchandra, Shivaji, Bhamashah, Vinoba, Dayananda, Vivekananda etc exhibited such valor and thus attained soul fulfillment. Miserly people take birth akin to worms cropping up from rotting quagmire and rot and die in that hell like atmosphere.

In the light of Deep Yajnas radiant souls can be witnessed coming forward and getting brilliantly illumined. I harbor great hopes that they shall take up their apt positions in our mission’s great tasks. The sounding of this conch by Lord Mahakal shall certainly not go in vain. On hearing it even unconscious people shall feel their consciousness getting activated. It is a different matter for people who live lives akin to dead corpses.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1988; Page 61)











Social culture and civilization stands in fro not of us all in a much more harassing state than political slavery. Soldiers of India’s Poltical Freedom Fight dwelling in heaven after sacrificing their very lives for this great cause are asking us all as to why our caravan has stopped at a guesthouse on the way for so long a time? The next stop was to uproot social uncultured behavior. This campaign was to gather momentum at that stop. Hence the question is why have these soldiers thrown their weapons away midway itself? The soul of our present era wants an answer to this question. We perforce must answer it. Lest we just wish to do nothing to uproot social uncultured behavior or that we are incapable of uprooting it then the manner in which historians bow down to sacrificing soldiers of India’s long drawn  Poltical Freedom Fight shall also leave no stone unturned in censuring us and our apathy.

On the shoulders of God devoted people like us all marching ahead for realizing the spiritual goal rests also duties pertaining to our mundane life and world. Let us worship God and sacredly love his children (all creatures of the world). Let us offer rituals at God’s sacred feet and render his garden, this world extremely beautiful. Only then can we become true heirs of his divine love.

The 1st step on the ladder of fulfilling our spiritual goal is a well managed life. Its 3 foundation pillars are a healthy body, pure pious mind and a cultured civilized society. In order to render these pillars optimally balanced, in order to make them powerful and capable we have to do something. We must gird up our loins for it with a powerful resolve. The basis of this great task of Era Neo Creation rests on our acting prowess. No longer can we afford to ignore it and neither can we shut our eyes like a frightened pigeon on seeing a cat glaring at it ferociously. Almighty Lord yearns that we execute our appointed duties for ushering in Era Neo Creation and we shall perforce have to do so.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1962; Page 36)



Henceforth the responsibility of leading world public shall rest on the shoulders of religious and spiritual systems. People working in the realm of religion/spirituality shall play the real role of neo creation. The credit of liberating the human race from limitless sorrow/pain shall be given to people waging this type of ‘war’. Hence our era calls aloud to all wise awakened souls to come forward. They must reform the present form of religion and spirituality. By removing the dirt of uselessness gathered on it an environment of cleanliness and purity must be reinstated. It is this ‘weapon’ only that can troubleshoot all dire world problems endured today. Hence this knife must be kept polished and rendered sharp. Knives that rust or are not sharp at all fail to cut up anything. No hope can be harbored from the nature and form of religious and spiritual institutions seen today. Hence it is compulsory that we reform and change it positively.

If wise awakened souls endowed with a radiantly transformed psyche make apt use of sanctified and positively transformed religious and spiritual institutions world dire problems can be overcome, heaven can be ushered in on planet earth and the aspiration to become divine from human beings shall definitely get fulfilled. In order to bring down from heaven the River Ganga of reformed world conditions today innumerable Bhagiratha’s are required. Say, who shall fulfill this mandatory requirement? Mother India is looking in our directions with hope lit in her brilliant eyes. Her aspiration resounds in interstellar space with these words:

“That day, for which a lioness sires children!

Please tell my lioness-that day has arrived!”

We must decide as to what apt answer are we going to give to this era’s call and this is that apt hour of making a proper decision.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1965; Page 52)



The glorious task of Era Neo Creation can never be executed by people possessing a commonplace mental plain, full of selfish interests, lowly thinking/activities, cowards and weak minded. For this goal powerful and radiant soul personalities shall incarnate and they shall successfully attain this goal. Those who look here and there in a jittery fashion during times that demand a bit of self sacrifice and renunciation certainly are incapable of handling and succeeding in such a great humungous task. The soil from which such people are created is sandy and infertile. From it how can any object be made that can last longer. Those who harbor hopes of attaining all Divine Powers or Ridhi-Sidhis of all the 3 worlds just because they chant God’s name for about 10-15 minutes daily but shy away when it comes to sanctifying their lives and working selflessly for world well being, certainly such lowly people are blissfully ignorant of even the basic a-b-c of spirituality. Thus how can they possess a strong soul force? Those lacking potent soul force can never contribute in any major way in the great glorious task of Era Neo Creation.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1966; Page 44)



Today’s times require that gentlemanly pious people must come forward they must enter the ‘war’ front and protect downfallen world humanity from the attack of distortions, vile activities and hard heartedness. Today the war between demons-demigods representing good-bad qualities must commence in full throttle. Divinity like pious people in their respective realm of life must handle their appointed campaigns. By carrying with them the torch of great glorious tasks, gentlemanly behavior and good will based actions they must head towards regions of darkness and ward it off once and for ever. Social distortions have reached such depths of nadir that lest it is not stopped from sliding downwards even further life shall become extinct in our world.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1967; Page 30)



The process of Era Neo Creation under the flagship of Era Transformation shall be successfully fulfilled by such people in whom the light of divinity in apt measure is becoming more and more radiant. On the basis of means at hand authors, orators, leaders, actors, artists, campaigners etc and talented people for some time can exhibit miracle like feats yet no permanency or steadfastness can be noted in it. Akin to a wall of sand their actions merge into dust in a jiffy and those who are eulogized highly today their very existence becomes difficult to find as time lapses by.

Steadiness rests in the profound depths of truth and soul force. Great tasks like Era Neo Creation can be established only on a firm foundation. The potential to shoulder its heavy responsibility can be noted only in great men oozing with divine tendencies. Hence captains of the ship of Era Neo Creation, its managers and army chiefs must compulsorily become illumined with the aura of divinity.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1967; Page 14)



A sunrise of such world public power must usher in that by rising above commonplace mundane activities like filling the tummy with yummy food, siring children etc can think deeply in a refreshingly new manner. Further by going much beyond daily dying for fulfilling fleeting sense pleasure based desires one must start pondering deeply about selfless world service, cooperation, renunciation and self sacrifice. Without the manifestation of such world public power all thinking of hardworking social service volunteers shall be rendered merely an imaginary entertainment program. Prana Energy or life force dwells in sheer honest hard work. Neo creation required effort. Hence in all human beasts living all around us we must create the light of true humane sentiments, glorious pride and valor. Thus they shall come out of the noose like periphery of selfish interests and narrow minded thinking and activities and shall execute such acts that are comparable to those ones enacted by wise awakened souls while simultaneously focusing mentally on their true divine nature, divine cosmic principle and righteous duty of harbingering in world well being.



The aim of my future austerities involves creation of Bhagirathas in every nation the world over and in every realm of human living.

For this goal required energy, means of great capability etc require to be garnered. Without apt means and weapons any army cannot wage wars. For Era Neo Creation, for radiant leadership etc while hiding behind the curtain, I shall generate required energy and a conducive world situation. Via my future terrific penance this shall definitely be possible to achieve and in a few days itself in every realm of human life and in every direction highly capable pious selfless workers the world over shall exhibit mind blowing skills resulting in sweet success for keeps. Thus it is they who shall rightfully get credit.

The Yug Nirman Mission is not any institution but is a great direction of life and sacred wholesome thinking. Hence for this end many organizations and processes shall dawn brightly. The credit for this future world transformation shall not necessarily be given to our Yug Nirman Mission. There can be many types of names-forms and no doubt they shall come into being. This shall make no difference to the mission at hand. The fundamental aim is establishing farsighted discrimination or Viveka in world human psyche and augmenting great world welfare tasks in a manifold manner.

Hence every country, every society, every religion and in every walk of life in order to include this principle it is mandatory that a new leadership rises like the brilliant sun post dawn. In order to fulfill this very important need I shall take recourse to very terrific austerities for the remaining years of my life. It is only my Revered Gurudeva who shall decide as to where it shall be executed and what shall be its nature/form. But amongst the 2 reasons one is mentioned above for which I shall perforce have to give up intense contact with people visiting me and in its place take steps of solitude in a lone manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1969; Page 61-62)



The vile activities of wicked people can be so fearfully terrible that in order to destroy it undergoing intense struggle is the only way. Those that are hard core fundamentalists, prejudiced, indolent, deluded in thinking, egoistic, unruly, selfish and anti social elements, they are just not ready to listen to deep positive thinking and justice. Forget imbibing reformative ideas and attaining glorious goals in life instead they tooth and nail obstruct the path of true progress and advancement. In order to uproot such beastliness and ghost mindedness opposition and struggle become compulsory.

Today world society reeks with blind traditions and beliefs. On the basis of caste-communities categories of high class-low class prevails, women face inhuman atrocities, insane expenditure for marriage ceremonies that lead to poverty and criminal acts, untold expenses for feeding hordes of people as post death rites, taking wily advantage of innocent people’s faith in the name of religion etc are such causes that have led to India’s economic/financial erosion and this in turn has led to the birth of innumerable distortions. In each realm of daily life crime, fraud, adulteration, bribery and corruption rule the roost. In the absence of congregational opposition to all this, hoodlum thug elements are strengthening their hold on society day after day. Thus day and day out criminal acts are rising alarmingly. Political leaders and government officials are executing such tainted acts that the ground below our feet is sliding. All this cannot be uprooted merely via legislations and flowery speeches. Those who have tasted blood or else those whose ego is touching the sky way above are never going to change their fraudulent corrupt activities in a hurry. They shall be forced to listen to good advice via the process of long term struggle and opposition. Only then they shall give up their unethical tendencies and walk the path of honesty and ethics.



For this end while keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha, laborers surrounding their bosses in huge numbers demanding higher wages etc and the bitter-sweet experiences of the Communist Cultural Revolution in China I have designed such an all round plan that anarchy shall not spread out and that undesirable trends and elements shall perforce change their ways in a positive manner. For achieving this goal local, individual and collective struggle based programs shall set rolling in. A huge organization of volunteers called Era Army shall have to be set up that by making huge sacrifices in a selfless manner shall combat inapt undesirable trends and elements in society extremely powerfully.

The future Mahabharat War shall be of this type. It shall be fought by great leaders, selfless workers and era creators and certainly not by armies wielding guns, missiles etc. Before Satyuga or Golden Era harbingers in this new Mahabharat War shall perforce have to be waged tooth and nail. The lineage of Avatars along with neo creation, also execute programs of intense struggle. The Nishkalank Avatar (Taintless Avatar) of the red torch lit by Yug Nirman Mission (Era Neo Creation) in the days to come shall play out this role and hence none should get amazed with it.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 60-61)



Awakened self introspective souls must watch the fierce battle between demigods-demons going on within their psyche. For solving it by using their goodwill based discrimination and sacred valor they must humbly invite Almighty God to enter their psyche. Lest this happens innumerable talented members of this divine family can place at the feet of this Era’s deity their sacred sentiment based self sacrifice. Humanity that is today languishing in the deep crater of a huge downfall and sorrow based anguish has wailed aloud pitiably for this only. Lord Mahakal too wishes this. Regarding this amongst awakened self introspective soul personalities each one can shoulder an extraordinary role. The problem only is one and that is how to get liberated from the eclipse of Rahu-Ketu (dragon’s head and tail) in the form of greed and deluded attachment to the material world that engulfs a person’s soul aura?

Those who shall take sides with divinity in the gory battle between demigods-demons only they shall successfully play this all important role of a divine human in this hour of Era Transformation. Awakened souls must seriously think with reference to this and thus put into action more intense efforts. In whatever way one can contribute one must do so in as great a measure as possible. This then is the biggest demand of our present era and it is also the biggest call of our inner soul.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1978; Page 56-57)



That time has lapsed by wherein we merely keep designing schemes for the meritorious task of Era Neo Creation. What remains now is to put great glorious thoughts into action the world over on a war footing. Our great thinking has to be put into action. We are waiting for our goodwill sentiments to ripen and become active. We must not waste precious time in the state of dithering indecision.

Our goal is gigantic and very widespread. It is just not enough that we merely keep lit ceaselessly the red flame torch representing Wisdom Yajnas and Thought Revolution for sanctification of world human psyche. That oil required to keep its flame brilliantly illumined can be attained in the form of sacred sentiment based self sacrifice of awakened souls. In comparison to all types of production the world over the sunrise of divinity in the human soul is supremely important. Without worrying about heat, cold, rain etc in this agriculture like task we must conjoin to it akin to an honestly hard working farmer. Ushering in heaven on earth is like creating a heavenly garden. Akin to a steadfast zealous gardener our actions should be so deft and skillful that we get the credit of ushering in blooming spring season in the garden called the world created by Almighty God.

In order to achieve such stupendous success it is just not enough to amass fertilizers, water etc. In it gardeners have to utilize their brilliant skills. Akin to farmers showcasing their talent in the realm of tilling soil and harvesting good quality crops in the ushering in of heaven on earth and divinity in mankind awakened soul personages shall have to contribute their deep faith and skillful potential.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61)



In the ushering of a political revolution enterprise and weapon power is enough. Economic revolution requires means and proper understanding. This is but mundane material transformation wherein availability of material means is sufficient. But we have to confluence 3 revolutions viz. intellectual, ethical and social. For this end the descendents of the lord of character, faith and talent viz. Rishi Dadhichi have to voluntarily come forward and shoulder this mammoth revolution. A civil engineer based on the training he gets in institutes and colleges succeeds in building houses, factories, bridges etc. we have to neo create individuals, society and an entire era. It is only the goodwill based contribution of talented awakened souls that this goal can be attained.

Those who totally lack sacred sentiments, those who are enmeshed in the mire of miserly selfishness, how can one hope anything from such poor demeaned people? It is only super generous people like Karna (epic Mahabharat fame) who even on his death bed uprooted his golden tooth to give it in charity. King Harishchandra sold off his wife and child as laborers when tested by his Revered Guru Maharshi Vishwamitra. Greedy selfish people cannot think beyond fulfilling fleeting selfish desires. When it comes to giving something, their hearts experience pain.



For neo creation of individuals, family and society neither are means required nor is it that situations must be apt. for it instead such radiantly talented people are required in whose veins flow the blood of great Rishis of yore oozing with pious sentiments. From the shrewdness standpoint the crow is said to excel all creatures. The wily cunningness of a jackal is well known. In digging out corpses tomcats are very adept. A snake, protecting a vault of jewels is quite focused while doing so. In sacred sentiment based creations weapons molded from other types of metals are used. It is only in the blazing pyre of unswerving faith towards sacred ideals that such Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals) that are prepared. A requirement exists of such people who are created from these Ashtadhatus (amalgamation of 8 precious metals). The arena of selfless service is gigantic. In it so many thugs and goons garbed as ‘gentlemen and saints’ conjoin and are ever ready to pounce, yet none of these actually execute great selfless tasks. It is only a lit burning flame lamp that can emit brilliant light.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1978; Page 61-62)



Those who have to enact small-big roles in Era Neo Creation shall be termed ‘soldiers of neo creation’. Their main weapon shall be their own inner personality. If it oozes with radiance then whatever task it takes up be it for preaching, creativity, reformative etc they shall no doubt succeed. For people without an inner radiant personality leading this era becomes sheer mockery. It is one thing to fight as a soldier in a drama on a stage and it is totally different when it comes to wielding sharp swords actually in a bloody battlefield. Even a joker can enact the role of an orator, leader etc in a movie as an actor but to attain a very effective result is possible only for valiant daring people. The only means for Era Neo Creation can only be those inner radiant personalities that take up such meritorious deeds. In these days these people are most required.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1978; Page 60)



Wherever the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna confluence, representing soul welfare and world welfare, it shall have only one form encompassing donation of a portion of one’s wealth, hard work and time. In this they shall ooze with goodwill based enthusiasm. When it becomes full of deep yearning whether there are thousand difficulties, opposition or total lack of help from anyone they dare to march ahead in a lone manner. No external force can obstruct this inner inspiration and no external enticement akin to a juicy carrot can render them subjugated. No amount of flowery cunning words or attachment to family, wealth etc can lure them away from such great glorious tasks. An arrow emerging from a bow definitely pierces its target. Awakened souls energized with Era Consciousness on becoming aides of the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) they visualize only one goal whether awake or asleep.

The most important task of the current era is sanctification of world human psyche. The rejuvenation of faith and aspiration too is this. It is this process that is also called Divine Wisdom Yajna and Thought Revolution. What exactly can be done regarding this? Our brain tries to infer as to how fast and to what distance can our present state march ahead in this direction. Via deep reflection and mental mulling every person of every type of situation based on his capability and circumstances succeeds in searching work.

After the Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) of faith and aspiration matures the wealth of its flowers, fruits etc shall increase so much that on its basis no obstacles shall remain that can obstruct our successful troubleshooting of various difficulties faced at present.

Uplifting of the stature of our faith and aspiration, sanctification of our thinking process and augmenting of great glorious activities appear 3 different entities yet in reality these are 3 facets of one single fact. In actuality great glorious activities and sacred knowledge are but creations of goodwill based emotions. This then is that great super effort executed by the Prajna Avatar (Divine Intellect) using awakened soul personalities as its medium. Each awakened soul personality shall in times to come focus all their zeal and attention on sanctification of purification of world human psyche.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 38)



Assenting to blind faith is full of dire risk. If someone is accompanied by a group of people full of immaturity and half baked thinking, we must not err by calling it public power. There is only one way in which to measure how profound is someone’s faith and soul oneness and that is this person calm and well balanced when dire problems and difficulties are faced by him? Those who get agitated merely on hearing gossips are in effect hollow minded and weak. If you conjoin with such people no major task can be successfully accomplished. Such people can be rendered stressed and restless by anyone at any point in time. In order to uproot such people via allegations by those who design scams and frauds proves quite useful.

In the group of warriors it is only the high stature of valiant people that help in a big way. A big reason for tasting defeat is soldiers in large numbers reeking with suspicion, distrust and cowardice. This indolent minded people must be separated just as bran is removed from food grains. Since public ire awakens towards tainted illegal activities the endorsement of cooperative people augments n fold. Thus the aspect of reformative campaigns strengthens intensely. It is only during bad times faced by us that we can infer as to who actually our friend is and who is not. None can accomplish this task as well as done so by oppressive sadistic people. It is because of opposing that we can get liberated from ‘friends’ who are imbalanced intellect and nature wise and that help and cooperation from those who are full of farsighted discrimination or Viveka increases. The reason is that opposition and attacks creates agitation that in turn executes the above.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 53-54)



On the one hand destructive world situations are roaring ferociously and at the other end energies of creativity are immersed in efforts of security and neo creation. Under such a situation it is the duty of every awakened soul not to get immersed merely in beastly activities like procreating more and more children and filling their tummies with mouth watering food. Instead they must introspect and ask themselves as to how can they contribute towards solving dire problems of this era. In this hour of peril in order to defeat destruction and render neo creation potent understanding one’s special responsibility and duty is very much required by farsighted seers. The call of this era is shaking us up for this reason and are inspiring serious devotees of this era to stand in the front row. Such devotees possess the capacity to witnessing the invisible and understanding facts wisely.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1979; Page 35)



The movement of Thought Revolution is not limited to the boundary of uprooting tainted social trends, communal agitations and blind beliefs. If this were the case it would have been enough for a few reformers to work in those arenas. Yet the dire situation is deeper, widespread and very important to tackle. A bigger and stranger difficulty than this is that even valiant self sacrificing people cannot fulfill this goal. For it aspirations oozing with goodwill based sentiments for the world are required. Desire on its own is always available and it can be made to do just about anything be it apt or otherwise. If we use it for our mission it goes against our glorious pride. Further to attain it is difficult. If desires that are bought are faithless it cannot go down much deeper for desired goals. Such hordes of people that are lame, handicapped etc may go ahead to some short distance yet since it is lifeless it proves useless and a sheer failure in trying to attain the desired goal.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)



Majority of highly intellectual people are deceitful. If we take a close look at so called intellectual people it seems that no doubt their special prowess have rendered them shrewd, deft and adept but in imbibing sacred ideals they are totally incapable. Experts like authors, poets, orators, lawyers, leaders etc are less in number yet lest their brilliant talent had been put into use for advancement of great world welfare activities, then its effect and result would have been positively beneficial yet today’s situation is quite hopeless. The bare reality is that in comparison to benefits accrued from so called high intellects harm and losses faced are much more.

Over here when we are discussing all this our intention certainly is not to decrease the importance of expert brain skills but that our aim is to awaken alongside it sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana). This is rejuvenation and re awakening of the principle of devotion to God called Bhakti. It is this that is called immortal nectar or Amrit. In order that brain skills augment others are making untold efforts. But what we aspire is that we immerse ourselves in augmenting greatness of thinking and sacred faith in our psyche’s deep recesses.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1979; Page 40)



Today in order to transform this era so many varieties of talent and skills shall be required. Scholars are required who via their logical brain and necessary proof can teach the public a new mode of thinking. Artists are required who very much like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meerabai, Surdas and Kabir sway their sacred sentiments in such a way just as a snake charmer induces swaying dancing in a snake. Wealthy rich people are required who instead of burning their humungous bank balances in vain sense titillation akin to Emperor Ashok use up their all to fufill contemporary world requirements. Politicians are required who akin to Mahatma Gandhi, Rousseau, Karl Marx and Lenin urge those in their contact, to walk that path that was never even hoped for previously.

What to say of people oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments also (Bhavasamvedana)? If great divinely powerful saints comparable to touchstones transform people who are iron like into gold imagine how much world well being can be harbingered in on a war footing?

My Virbhadras shall do exactly this. I too have done this. I have ushered in a transformation in the thinking and mode of carrying out tasks from their very root and akin to Satyagraha Movement followers of Gandhi, akin to followers of Vinobaji Bhave in his Bhoodan Movement and akin to Lord Buddhas ascetic travelers the world over egged them on to surrender their all for it. This gigantic army of Prajnaputras is playing the role of monkeys following Lord Hanumanji.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1985; Page 61)



At the root of all movements/campaigns the world over, even if they were great and widespread yet it was the feat of merely a few individuals at work. They with their cyclonic wind like power took so many with them high in the sky. These were neither super powerful warriors and nor extremely rich billionaires. Mahatma Gandhi set rolling a cyclonic storm in which thousands of people like leaves and stems played roles touching the sky. Such movements time and again have taken place in India and all corners of the world. They were rendered quite widespread. At their root was at work, the powerful resolve and efforts of a couple of strong will power people. Hence in this world the biggest principle is said to be our will power. Powerful resolves and decisions are made by many people but to remain steadfast to it and see it to successful completion is not easy for all and sundry. As soon as opposition and obstacles are faced so many lose valor and citing some excuse or the other they flee from the scene. But he who combats each and every situation with this own force, carving his own path and rows his boat himself so as to reach safe shores, such strong will people are rare to find. Strong will power people are those valiant ones who take each step with proper wisdom and understanding and fulfill their task even if it means laying down their lives for a great cause.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1987; Page 22)


























What is sad is that although the huge organization called Gayatri Family came into birth yet I have failed to help its members realize the importance of continuously reading the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. As a result a major portion of these members failed to walk in the direction that was my goal. Now I have definitely accepted that only those who read ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ regularly can be called members of our worldwide Gayatri Family and in only such people any hope can be harbored. Those who just do not want to hear what I say, those who have no need for my thoughts and inspirations calling them members of our organization was sheer delusion on my part. Today this delusion has been warded off in totality. Amongst the mammoth crowd of people known to me I harbor hope of help for a great glorious task like Era Neo Creation from only those who are sacredly sensitive to my mode of thinking and feel it is most required that they read literature penned by me.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1962; Page 48)



Every head of a family makes due efforts to keep his family members happy. I too from this standpoint am making intense efforts. If I leave this mortal world without bestowing some concrete benefits know that my responsibility towards my worldwide family shall be incomplete. Thus shame attached to it along with anguish shall worry me for a long time. In order to get liberated from this stress and agony I am giving a lot of importance to present day sharing. Although someone may listen to what all I say yet is just not prepared to walk on the path advised by me. Hence I have decided that instead of becoming involved with such people, I must keep such people by my side that have been able to awaken at least a little bit of deep faith and soul oneness for me and are ready to work in my mission’s. The least that I shall do for my beloved Gayatri Family members is that their present family shall become well cultured and that they shall beget such high stature radiant children that shall give joy both to their families and my inner being also.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1966; Page 47)



Those whose faith/aspiration is weak shall feel that burden akin to a sesame seed is as difficult to bear as a huge mountain. How can I thus hope that such weak minded people shall walk even a few steps in the direction of that goal taken up by me which the first and ultimate one in my life? The greatest demand of today’s modern era is greatness in individuals and world society, neo uplifting of culture and material living along with neo creation of our sentiments. It is impossible for wise radiant people to ignore shouldering of these all important duties or simply say ‘no’ to them. That divine authority (Revered Guru) who forcefully led me to this path is at present awakening such inspirations in the psyche of sacred sentimental people the world over and similar to true spiritual seekers are girding up their loins for the same. Yet those who feel all this to be vain and useless, those who have no attraction, zest and enterprise at all for such a great task like this I harbor only hopelessness with reference to them.

Maybe some sort of lack has crept into my austerities and integrity as a result of which in none of those with whom I generated a bond for the past many years spiritual valor manifested. Of what use is that devotion to God as a result of which no zest for soul neo creation and walking the path of selfless service for world welfare awakens? I urged many to join the path of devotion to God yet if not even one quality mentioned above does not manifest in their psyche as a result of thus religious pursuit of theirs, how can I believe that I shall successfully teach them the method of true devotion to Almighty God? Our worldwide family and organization can be termed ‘successful’ only when people who have joined it pass the test of greatness and imbibing sacred ideals. Anything less than this is but bloating one’s ego by saying that the number of people joining our organization is increasing day by day even if it means they have not passed the above mentioned test.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1966; Page 47)



Lest my family is limited to merely personal contact with me and no steadfast faith towards my mission emerges in their psyche my goal shall bite dust. It could be the miracle of talent and cordial bent of mind to augment hordes of people in our world organization and contacting people yet if in this congregation none remains alive then akin to a wall of sand it shall not take much time for it to raze down and lest this actually happens how can I say that I have attained the true goal of life?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1970; Page 55-56)



Doubtlessly in the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ extraordinary highly cultured souls reside. They have been congregated after a lot of effort and search. In this hour of Era Transformation these highly cultured souls have to shoulder many important responsibilities. Akin to Nanlneel, Angad and Hanuman, akin to Arjun, Rana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Govind Singh and Guru Samarth Ramdas for fulfilling divine aspirations zestfully should have exhibited their valor, renunciation and self sacrifice but on witnessing those who at one point in time had attained important success both in performing austerities along with me and in self sacrifice and that today are immersed in the mire of selfish fleeting desires akin to human beasts so as to burn in the fire of strife and anguish, I am extremely pained. They hence have failed to focus on spiritual precepts and the true mission of our organization.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 6-7)



Those companions of mine who were my aides day and night, who walked with me in unison, who were immersed in converting lack of fulfillment into total fulfillment, whose one mere aspiration was to attaining this great goal, who had loosened the noose of greed, deluded attachment in great measure and for whom I experienced a lot of pride and zest today are languishing in hell like conditions cursed by god alone knows whom. Thus they have totally forgotten their past state, circumstances and great activities. Today that flame lamp of life of theirs that not only illumined themselves but aided in illumining others too are doused in darkness. Previously the top part of this wick burnt brightly but today is merely dark sooty smoke in form.

Those high stature souls who had illumined their souls and there was hope that this light of theirs shall illumine far off regions too may instead get doused know that it shall be a terrible accident and untold public harm. Our inert like life enmeshed in greed, deluded attachment etc may be pardonable for human animals yet in those if humaneness has awakened pursue such human animal like lifestyles it shall indeed be a subject of mockery akin to a senior citizen playing with toys meant for kids, crawling on 4 feet and chatter like little children. Great wise souls do not superficially talk about religion and divine wisdom but instead showcase it in their day to day transactions. In those people if Vedanta Philosophy has become mere lip service and has not been imbibed in day to day living know for sure that they have not marched ahead on the path of progress at all.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 35)



Although I congregated such a huge world family yet I have failed in helping people understand common principles. I have not been able to convince them that no harm accrues if we imbibe great glorious thinking and sacred ideals. This sort of high stature thinking and activity improves both mental and physical health, a long disease free life, blooms immense love in one’s married life, children sired are pious and brilliant in brain skills, no lack of finances is felt, one does not burn in the fire of mental distortions and agitations, we get wholesome fame, we get friends who are truly magnanimous and gentlemanly and that this true friendship remains lifelong. We get help and cooperation from others, the path of all round development opens up, a few failures never agitate us, joy oozes in the psyche, self satisfaction comes our way and each moment in life we perceive Almighty God’s grace and close proximity.

The loss and harm is only this that we have to wash our hands off our indolent deluded beliefs, blind traditions and bad habits. Restlessness due to heartburns of greed and deluded attachment along with that of selfish transient desires decreases a fair bit. The ego reeking with wickedness diminishes a lot. Apart from this no harm is felt. The profit is so immense that ordinary people catapult to the category of great glorious people and that person previous ignored is today honored everywhere.

Lest I was capable of making my world family members understand this common fact which is correct to the last letter, their so called spirituality would not have limited itself to mere chanting of verses from scriptures, hearing stories from mythology etc and that instead true spirituality would have been highlighted in their day to day living. Thus this so called spirituality would instead have showcased its true beneficial nature. They would hence have been much happier and satisfied than they are seen today and that world society would have benefitted from the sacred light of their inner personality. God alone knows as to whether the darkness of this era is very gloomy or that the farsighted discrimination and valor of my world family members has undergone supine death or that my capacity to convince them is so weak that they are not being influenced in a positive manner.

Whether the cause is all 3 mentioned above or only one yet we have to find a solution for it. I cannot allow my members to keep getting drowned in dire difficulties. They must take pride when they are in great situations. I feel that the soul state of people paying no heed to soul welfare practices and activities for world well being is very pitiable. I shall execute Bhagiratha like penance for the uplifting of my world family members and thus shall harbinger in lush greenery in this dry arid region. Thus the entire garden called the world shall bloom forth with flowers, fruits etc of both material and spiritual prosperity.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 39)



No doubt I can be very gullible yet am not that stupid that I fail to gauge the bare reality. I am saying give at least a small place to imbibe in life the combined process of soul welfare and world neo creation but it is simply laughed at. Hence I feel quite sad. I do not believe this is anybody’s helplessness. In it rests hidden pure neglect, focusing on unimportant matters and lack of faith. This certainly is wrong. I feel very pained on seeing those people who previously were very high stature souls today are totally disregarding such contemporary responsibilities. This experience is very much like Bhagiratha experiencing anguish on noting the demeaned state of his ancestors.

I never believe someone to be truly happy within just because he eats bread with lots of fresh creamy butter spread on it or that he wears latest trendy clothes worth hundreds of dollars. Those who are poor from the soul bliss standpoint shall keep burning within due to innumerable types of heartburns undergone and thus he experiences hell like agony. I just cannot allow my world family members to remain relegated to such a pitiable state. I adore them, I look upon them as my friends and hence I shall have to make tireless efforts to uplift them to glory and attain both material and spiritual prosperity.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 39)


I)      Whatever maybe the case yet with one pointed attitude I walked on the path chosen and covered a very long distance to reach the goal. When the time came to rest that yearning intensified that my family members aver from leading a very lowly type of lifestyle. In one way or the other this taint shall be flung at me only. On what basis can I hold my head high in pride and with what credibility can I say that I have left such a thing behind witnessing which people can gauge the high stature of its director? It is on noting Almighty’s great divine feats that we infer his supremacy. Whether the duty I enacted was hollow or solid can be inferred by testing those people who are termed faithful followers of mine. If they are proved to be people who offer mere lip service to my mission, praise it sky high but fail to contribute in anyway and keep prostrating at my feet know for sure that the duties I executed were hollowly done.

The reality rests in action and putting tenets into practice. Reality can be examined via its activity. If the stature of action of my world family members is similar to other human animals I shall feel pained regarding the uselessness of hard work put in by me and faith harbored towards it. No doubt I shall be an image of mockery for such people. In order that such an event does not occur in these laying a lot of stress I am rendering the stature of my message very intense and imbuing activities with a lot of heat. Thus if amongst my comrades even a few are ‘alive’ they shall come forward and those who are corpse like or in a swoon remain hidden in their holes tight lipped. Certainly we have to put an end to the mockery of ‘lots of talk but no action’.

 …………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1969; Page 62)



Every father yearns that his son reaches a much higher stature in life than him. Every mother aspires that her daughter enjoys much more happiness than her. Not only my inner sentiments but that my effort too is such that our Prajna Family members attain such good fortune on the basis of which they shall be counted in the category of great glorious personalities. Thus they shall etch their names in the annals of world history in letters of gold.

I have only one thought in mind and my mind yearns that I find someone who wishes to take it from me. A cow moves around with creamy milk in her udders and in order to empty it she moos aloud to lure her children. I too possess something of this sort and know that it is very high in stature. My guiding Guru gathering all divine blessings has handed it over to me. I just do not wish to die with it tied to me. Instead I deeply yearn that this Paras or touchstone benefits my beloved people so as to render me very fortunate. That blessing poured down akin to Swati Bindu wherein the first rain drop entering an oyster appearing very commonplace gets converted into a precious shiny pearl.  

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1986; Page 56)



Now it has started appearing that amongst the huge mammoth crowd surrounding me from all sides very few people truly appreciate my honest efforts. Majority in this crowd desires fulfillment of selfish goals. In order to fulfill some specific selfish want of theirs use me by taking my help. Their mental plain does not advance to that stature so as to deeply understand the utility value of my farsighted reason at work in the goal of my life and activities in tandem with it. Hence they fail to put in even a wee bit of help towards this mission of mine. It is alright that man helps man yet it is not good at all that it remains in this narrow periphery only.

What is the benefit of huge hordes of people gathering? A heavy crowd collects to bathe in the holy River Ganga on Somvati Amavasya day and in the Ramlila drama when demon Ravan is killed by Lord Rama. Yet this mammoth crowd has no specific aim in mind to attain in life. Hence neither does any individual benefit by congregating thus nor does society at large benefit at all. Such congregations are just poked at with fun. I am thinking on the lines in an introspective manner whether the thousands of people who have joined my organization are not hollow minded to this extent that the moment I leave they too bid adieu and that as against the back breaking efforts I am making to render my sacred mission worldwide shall they just back off and not even deign to glance at it? Lest this happens what shall happen to my colorful dreams that I have visualized with great hope all my life?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1970; Page 56)



Today wealth, education and means have augmented in untold measure. Lest it had been used wholesomely such a materially prosperous public would have been enjoying heavenly bliss yet what we are noting today is bang opposite to this. Increasing wealth is becoming the cause of untold hardships and every aspect of human life and every arena of society has become so tainted that we lose our life force due to unbearable suffocation. The more beauty is seen externally the more it is ugly within. The more grandeur is witnessed externally the more poverty reeks within. The more knowledge exists externally the more dark ignorance rules within. Very rarely has world history recorded such fraud, hypocrisy and vanity as is seen in today’s modern era. Human greatness has just disappeared to naught. In its place fox like wiliness has spread its wings everywhere to trap people in its net of fraudulence. Today if we search with a torch we shall find only a handful of people who shall pass the test of having truly imbibed ethics and a humane approach to life.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 1)



Today if we analyze minutely talented skillful people leading in arenas of politics, religion, society, economics, intelligence and art are running far away from their righteous duties. There is no value in offering lip service. It is our deep faith and actions that reap great effects. Even if you try to hide these they cannot remain hidden. Even if their acts are executed in a hidden manner, whether anyone knows about them or not yet in the subtle world it ushers in a gigantic influence. If powerfully talented people via their great prowess can render public psyche as glorious as theirs know for sure that the converse is also true wherein if they start manifest lowly thinking and actions then vileness also shall spread the world over. It is not such a big concern that ordinary lay people experience a downfall when compared to the alarming worry emerging due to the downfall faced by leading talented personalities involved in unethical activities and ignoring high ideals in day to day activities. Today this is the focal point of world dire situations faced.

Lest this trend continues in a few years a suicidal kind of hazard shall engulf the entire world.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 30)


N)  Acharya Vinoba Bhave would say that any institution must remain alive only to the extent their workers remain truly selfless and with an attitude of humble service to the world. Lest they do not remain thus or that they decrease in number to continue their place in the institute on the basis of dangling carrots of enticements is useless. With reference to this test ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ members till date have passed it on a continuous basis and due to their selfless humble service the public respects and cooperates with them so much that they can look after their basic life’s requirements of the measure used by true Brahmins (simple living high thinking). Alongside the number in this category of advisors is increasing a lot. Ordinarily people are not comfortable living a life of a true Brahmin (simple living high thinking). Everyone the world over wish to get immersed in sense titillation and indolent lives.

Pious householders bang opposite to trends of contemporary times conjoined to Energy Centers and showcasing sacred ideals imbibed by them in day to day living despite living in their home live lives of true Brahmins of ancient times (simple living high thinking). Those who are unruly and veer away from the path of glory either leave this path themselves totally or are removed from it. The world public cannot endure these under any circumstances and people enmeshed in attraction for fleeting name/fame in this world hit their own legs with an axe and thus live lives of stressful anguish.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1988; Page 57)










Today for Era Neo Creation such people are required who by staying far away from mere lip service and preaching showcase such ideals for others to follow in their steps after rendering their lives radiant and glorious and just as a sandalwood tree via its fragrance renders its surroundings also sweetly fragrant in the same way via their inner greatness they can render fragrant surroundings nearby them. Via their great aura then can render so many people sacredly illumined.

Doubtlessly in order to practice religion and righteousness in day to day living gigantic enterprise, valor and farsighted discrimination is most required. By combating trying difficulties marching ahead towards glorious goals with patience and steadfastness is the lot of strong will power personalities. Lowly cowards start faltering merely after walking 4-5 steps on this great path. When a temporary onrush or zest is imbued in them by someone they do walk for some time on the path of great glory yet the moment the dangling carrot of lethargy or some small-big difficulty comes their way they fall from the path like a wall of sand gets razed down quickly. The wish to walk on the path of sacred ideals in this people fritters away to naught, in no time.

Such lowly hollow minded people neither can advance themselves nor can they serenely lead lives of true gentlemanliness. Thus how can we hope that they shall create a great supreme character required for Era Neo Creation? Without ideal character inner personalities how can the dream of great creation of a divine society fructify? Lest it was possible to fulfill this task via people who are big talkers, offering lip service and ‘adept’ at advising others without practicing what they preach it would have already been done so by now. Such people hence are required who look upon attainment of spiritual ideals life’s biggest success and in order to prove the authenticity of their deep faith welcome tests that are fiery and very high in stature.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1969; Page 58)


B)   Lord Jesus Christ would time and again tell his disciples that one who is a true devotee of Almighty God must follow me carrying the cross of death on their shoulder. Virtually all devotees of Almighty God, religious people, super great men and saints of the entire world have had to pass the fiery test of the authentic great nature of their psyche and inner personality. That brick refusing to get baked in a blazing furnace breaks apart when a mere drop of water falls on it and thus it is rendered woefully useless. Fire has to be accepted if we wish to accrue unbreakable strength. Unbaked iron becomes tough after getting baked in fire. People who are hollow, lowly, despicable selfish and full of sense titillating desires have perforce had to imbibe a sense of self sacrifice and renunciation when they yearned soul advancement and well being. They have no other option apart from this.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1966; Page 44)


C)  My aim has always been to egg on my world family members to walk the path of soul progress. The more one nears the destination of soul advancement the condition and test becomes very difficult. In it there is no fault of mine. This is an eternal law passed on from primordial times. Lest it was possible to attain the goal of soul progress merely by chanting 1-2 rosaries of Almighty God’s name, reading Hanuman Chalisa verses, offering 5 Ahutis to Yajna fire daily and doing a bit of worship rite regularly I would never have asked my beloved members to shoulder very heavy burden. No one would be happier than me if after paying a very miniscule price, very priceless objects become ours for keepsake. If only via scattered efforts of performing Karmakandas (rituals) soul advancement is attained what need is there to lead a life of very difficult austerities?

With full faith we must accept that priceless things are attained only when you pay a heavy price for it. In order to attain worldly mundane glories like good health, education, fame, wealth etc people work so hard in an enterprising manner. Hence in order to attain the supreme goal of human life, to attain supreme benefits how is it possible that we do not endure even a few difficulties? Those who harbor dreams of attaining heaven, salvation/Moksha and soul advancement via cheap efforts of performing Karmakandas (rituals) soul advancement can only be termed ‘super fools’.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1966; Page 45)



In order that lack perceived regarding capable personality and optimal situations for ushering in Era Neo Creation and Transformation my Revered Gurudeva one after another decreased my material comforts and facilities. In its place he put me into the blazing fire of renunciation and self sacrifice so as to ‘bake’ me within more and more. The next step that I shall take will be much harsher. For my good fortune I feel very happy and contented because I am fully well versed with the sequential procedure meant for soul advancement. Right since primordial times every human that has risen high in soul stature has had to imbibe in life this procedure. Hence how can a new path open up for me?

For my beloved members’ soul advancement there is no other path than the royal path described above. Whomsoever Mahatma Gandhi adored were sent to jail by him. Those who were dear to Lord Buddha were sent to far off lands spreading the teaching of Buddhism. I too can give only discomfort from material facility standpoint to my beloved members. Lest I knew an easier path for rising high in spirituality I would feel very happy to describe it yet since Almighty God has made no arrangements to attain high stature goals paying a cheap price for it I can only convey my helplessness regarding it. I can never give false promises to people that even without renunciation and self sacrifice priceless soul benefits can be accrued. 

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1966; Page 46)


E)   In the coming days I have to end my procedure of working. I want to hand over my responsibilities to very strong shoulders. The focus of all my activities is creation of great individuals and a glorious world society. Those who contribute in this mission of mine are my true beloved souls.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1966; Page 46)


F)    Those who are incapable of executing even a bit of penance and self sacrifice how can they advise others to do it? Now that era of mere lip service and vain chatter has lapsed by. Speaking superficially and writing in the same vein can only entertain the public. Only those people can positively influence others who put into practice what they preach. Only those people can inspire people to imbibe self sacrifice and renunciation which are the dire need of today’s times, who prove that they themselves have actually practiced in day to day living.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1966; Page 47)


G)  Maybe at some point in time I had intensely searched for my comrades who were high stature in thinking from past births/incarnations and by weaving them together in the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ I created a beautiful bouquet. It was my wish that this bouquet shall be offered at Almighty God’s feet but today on noting minutely that those flowers that previously were fragrantly wonderful have today been rendered distorted by circumstances faced. They by losing their softness, beauty and sweet fragrance have withered so badly that although they are being shaken up are not awakening anew and instead their petals are falling off.

I do not wish to throw away such flowers because as long as good psychic imprints fundamentally yet dwell in them till then I harbor hope that at some point in future I may use them wholesomely in some way or the other. In certain medicines these withered flowers may become useful yet today fragrant blooming flowers are required to offer to Almighty God. Hence it is these that are searched for. Today only those who are ‘alive’ are desired and gauging the bare reality, cannot be done by mere hearsay or seeing superficially. Instead it has to pass a fiery test. Hence in order to minutely examine our world family’s active-inactive form, faith-atheism, soul oneness etc this present procedure has been commenced.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 10-11)



I am very fortunate that my task required not such a big price to pay. The main task and much more renunciation/self sacrifice shall have to be done by people working in future. The responsibility given to me involved donation of Samidha in the form of Yajna of Divine Wisdom and the 1st leg of Ajyahuti Homa. In flames that touch the sky high above it is the future generation of people that shall offer Ahutis. I have not paid a big price at all while carrying out miniscule tasks of spreading sacred teachings and divine knowledge. The heavy burden of creative and struggle based movements shall have to be shouldered by people of future times.

No wise radiant person can escape from participating in this Mahabharat War of Era Neo Creation. If such high stature people do not give up stinginess in contributing it shall prove direly expensive for them. Our state shall not be any less demeaning than that of coward soldier fleeing a bloody battle field. After a long time span Era Neo Creation is being ushered in again. Soldiers of the reserve army for a fairly long time get immersed in merriment and when events of harsh difficulties have to be combated if they flee like weaklings it is just not right. My world family members seated in solitude must gauge the bare reality. They have certainly not taken birth to become worms of rotting food and sit in mire of germs of sense pleasures. It is not without reason that they are filled within with spiritual wealth. Now that hour has arrived for them to use this wealth in desirable tasks and hence they must voluntarily come forward for the same.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1969; Page 65)


I)      So many people keep saying that they shall travel with me to the Himalaya Mountains but I can only tell them that they climb the mountains of sacred ideals just as I have done so for my entire lifetime. The path of austerities is very difficult. My journey to Himalaya Mountains is not that akin to an exotic trip to Kashmir valley where people enjoy its beauty at leisure. Travelling to Himalaya Mountains with me is for those people who have climbed the preliminary step of climbing the Himalayas of sacred ideals. I have requested all my followers time and again and with greater life force I am once again requesting them that by giving up the aspiration of becoming ‘big’ in life start devoting themselves to imbibing true greatness within their inner personality.

This is the auspicious commencement of Era Transformation. It must be commenced at least by my members. The slogan of ‘If I transform the entire era shall transform positively’ must be rendered successful by transforming from its very roots our individual trend of thinking and mode of executing various activities. If in our world family this type of great change sets in firmly no force of this world can pose obstacles in rendering our mission of Era Transformation and Neo Creation successful.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 56)


J)    Everywhere the world over efforts for slyly creating in fighting between volunteers of organizations carrying out various campaigns, tarnishing their images and forcefully instilling terror like fear in their minds are made to destroy these organizations. It is food for thought as to why all this happens. Reformers on facing obstacles lose their brave attitude, lack of means leads to weak development or that it dies a supine death etc are no doubt areas of fear yet at the subtle level they prove quite beneficial. A person’s faith and steadfastness can be tested for its credibility only when they not veer away from the path of imbibing sacred ideals especially when faced with untold difficulties. When gold is put into blazing fire we can at least infer as to whether that gold is fake or genuine. It is only when we sacrifice our all for imbibing sacred ideals the inner profound faith of great people is tested and in tandem with it they are showered with honor by the world for their integrity. Those who have to endure no difficulty are such cheap leaders who are topics of doubts and suspicion. Faith and help pour down on people only when they showcase their steadfast nature towards imbibing greatness within especially when faced with immense hardships and obstacles in life.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 53)







A)  If just about any type of individuals is congregated to form organizations do they last for long? For those people, whose viewpoint of life has no place and importance for thoughts how can they work for long in any task they take up? Those people who could not regularly buy ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ and those who failed to read the literature of All World Gayatri Family once believed to be full of faith today have given up all such tasks. The thread of inspiration broke up and since their inner personality lacked profundity how could they work for such world welfare tasks when mundane obstacles shook their legs in fright? Hence very minutely I keep noting as to whether big talkers offering lip service via the literature penned in ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ are latching on to my mode of thinking or not. If they are ignoring all this I strongly feel they shall not last long in my mission. Those who do not love my thoughts are not precious in my eyes. In the form of perfect etiquette they may sweetly say ‘O Guruji! O Guruji!’ yet they are thousands of miles away from my inner soul. Thus I cannot harbor hope that they shall enact some big tasks.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1962; Page 43)



A family is created in 2 ways: One is a family of blood relations and the other as that of thoughts. Those people who are in tandem with our sacred sentiments and aspirations become a part of our family. Lineages based on blood are called hereditary families and organizations based on sentiments become a Divine Knowledge or Guru Family.

Previously too I had created an organization but since at that time it was not mandatory that my thoughts must be read and heard regularly people failed to walk in the true direction of life and that their faith failed to become steadfast. Those who harbor oneness of thinking naturally start loving each other. They inspire and encourage each other and in worldly life also in some way or the other keep helping each other. Others too get positively influenced by this healthy congregation. Each one of us in order to usher in all round advancement in our personal lives must zestful make efforts to bring others in their area of influence as much as is possible.

This organization shall be the substratum of this world program of Era Transformation. Bringing a full stop to unethical unwholesome thinking and activities the world is possible only via the congregation power of great saintly people because no other solution shall do the needful. The more this organization becomes widespread and powerful the more our programs shall reap success and definitely each careful step taken by us in this direction shall take us to our desired destination. On it rests the foundation stone of the joy and peace of the entire world of humans and other creatures.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1962; Page 45)


C)  Even though our institution is not a well demarcated organization yet our family is that of sacred sentiments. These great psychic imprints (Sanskars) and intense good will based emotions these family members are bound to each other steadfastly. In order to complete the 1st stage of Era Neo Creation in this world family of our awakened life force is clearly being perceived. As a result of this the preliminary programs commence from one’s home. Later it shall spread out in unknown regions also. The congregation of innumerable people shall execute this task in their own ways. It is like spiritualism, communism, materialism etc is not any particular institution by itself but is a stream of thoughts and inspiration. Individuals and organizations act on it in their own way. In the same way this worldwide program of Era Neo Creation shall advance more and more as a stream of light and a guide that eggs us on to march ahead enthusiastically.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1963; Page 46)


D)  The aim of Era Neo Creation program is to congregate gentlemanly pious people. Hence before congregating we must search for true gentlemanly people. Organizations with people who have strange natures, undesirable qualities and activities etc have no importance at all. In fact it creates widespread distortions and taints. Wicked vile people congregating also are quite awful. Lest they gather anywhere they shall create a destructive and unwholesome atmosphere only.

Hence before commencing the task of congregating we must pay proper attention to the fact that in our divine organization only people full of gentlemanly qualities within, great actions and pious nature are made members of it. Those with demonic tendencies must first be reformed and when they are fit to work greatly they can be made members. At one end efforts of reformation must continue and at the other end making members in our organization also must go on.

E)    Zestful people aspiring to serve selflessly akin to volunteers in order to help in tasks of world lay public must take due steps forward and by contributing their precious time make contacts with others so as to carry out the task of giving them apt inspiration. The desire to lead and take up high stature posts is not good at all. This trend instead of wholesomely spreading the organization worldwide gets destroyed from its roots. Hence we must aspire only to become selfless serving volunteers. Such thoughts should be deleted from the mind totally as to what status shall I get or when shall I become a leader after which only I shall start working? Further goodwill sentimental people in order to render the realm of Thought Revolution widespread and also in order to congregate it must make ceaseless honest efforts.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1963; Page 5)


F)    As of today via 10,000 selfless workers (Karma Yogis) in the form of 100,000 students of Thought Revolution are being trained. This number also is not a matter of any less satisfaction, pride and joy. In this Thought Revolution University comprising of 100,000 students the training being given to them under today’s circumstances can only be called incomparable and refreshingly new. So far there was no such center of inspiration that taught students the art of neo creating life, imbibing a thought process imbued with farsighted discrimination or Viveka and render them steadfast in imbibing self sacrifice and renunciation for Era Neo Creation and in this manner neo create such a psychic stature in the Indian public’s psyche. For the fulfillment of this lack is not my good effort important? Today this effort may seem small with reference to such a huge country like India yet tomorrow farsighted results shall be witnessed. This training shall not limit itself to merely 100,000 students. Today’s students shall become tomorrow’s teachers of Era Neo Creation and via these the future generation shall get trained. This task shall amplify in future akin to recurring deposits put in banks and hence in a few years itself the entire world, entire human race etc shall get imbued with inspirations of imbibing sacred high stature ideals. If we just keep lamenting at present day difficulties and vileness or keep cursing it our task at hand shall never succeed. Any goal can be attained only via opposing and then remedying it. This mode of Thought Revolution of ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ is such a creative process that its wonderful results shall be witnessed by us all very shortly.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1965; Page 45)



From the standpoint of showcasing strength number strength can be useful yet the actual task is successfully executed only by some people of importance. The zest of huge crowds is fleeting. Those who lack steadfastness and firmness in an onrush of emotions they may carry out some work in a cyclonic manner yet cannot remain steadfast on a long term basis towards ideals required to be imbibed in life. Such people can carry out temporary tasks like shouting slogans and exhibitionism yet for fulfilling some world well being task spanning over a long time period they are helpless. Some solid tasks that benefit the world for a long time to come can be done only by people who unswervingly cling to sacred ideals in all their day to day transactions.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1966; Page 45)


H)  The organization of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ family is the fruit of my life long efforts. After searching for awakened souls imbued with pious inner qualities in entire India using my subtle vision I have labored hard to congregate them. A lot of time and hard effort has gone into it. A major portion of our gigantic mission family is imbued with precious spiritual wealth collected from previous births. Maybe their present form appears commonplace yet but in them that principle dwells that can be awakened, advanced further and uplifted to great glorious heights if a bit of effort is put in. When people like Valmiki, Angulimal, Ajamil, Surdas, Tulsidas etc living a demeaned life got a small chance attained such loft spiritual heights in a very short time because they had gathered a lot of precious spiritual wealth collected from previous births. But those whose life is not mediocre but are only spiritually in a swoon to render them awakened and well advanced is not such a difficult task.

The day the inner role of a person accepts that human life’s goal cannot be limited merely to fill up our tummies with tasty food and to procreate more and more children and that this precious human body has been given to us by Almighty God for attaining a lofty great goal and that after making a bit of valiant effort on the basis of independent Viveka or farsighted discrimination any person can become as capable to positively change his thinking process as was done by great historic personalities of the world witnessed till date. If only this much is accepted totally, then today’s man appearing useless can tomorrow usher in superb positive changes from the very roots of his thinking and actions, and one that slithered on the floor rises high up in the sky. For people who have great pious mental qualities this soul transformation is straightforward. Some tiny hardship in life can change his life’s course towards greatness.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1968; Page 63)



Every wise awakened soul has to instill zest and enterprise in their other comrades. Hence wherever and in whatever number ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ members dwell there they must contact each other so as to create in one another a sense of cooperation and sentiments of brotherhood. Thus by getting tied strongly in a huge chain the process of getting inspired by one another continues optimally. Not even one amongst us must be allowed to get separated from the organization and that instead such efforts should be made that widespread nature augments and from the number game viewpoint we become not only double but quadruple. Huge armies on the basis of their fiery valor and widespread nature can successfully combat big stature enemy armies. Our missionary campaign too is huge and quite widespread. The entire world is our work arena. Every direction of life shall have to be imbued with radiant light and every world problem has to be solved. Hence it is most required that our energy is augmented manifold. It goes without saying that congregation power is this era’s biggest force. We must not remain satisfied with the periphery of what we are today. Keeping in mind the mission at hand it is most required that our world family amplifies as much as possible.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1968; Page 65)


J)    Congregation of mere hordes of crowds is useless. If a mountain of corpses is piled up foul stench shall reek in all directions. A true organization involves congregation of such people who are pained to note today’s demeaned world state and hence on understanding this bare reality they set about executing the mission of Era Transformation and Neo Creation. In the organization of Yug Nirman Mission only such people are made members who are steadfast and yearn to donate a part of their time and efforts (money if possible) for the Yajna of Wisdom that we have taken up. After honest hardworking zealous people are congregated and helping reach the worldwide campaign a satisfactory stature such a situation shall manifest that those extremely important tasks that cannot be executed today in the absence of power and optimal situations shall easily be executed shortly.

We shall have to get ready a creative and struggle based world program on a giant footing. These days at present we are merely discussing it. We are not laying great emphasis on it because that organization required for public acceptance, preaching and execute the task taken up those 2 principles are not in our hand with the help of which future tasks can be carried out satisfactorily. Yet we have full faith that the prologue of both broadcasting and congregating in a few days shall reach great satisfactory heights. At that time we shall easily commence the campaign of creation and struggle that is gigantic and decisive. Thus easily it shall be rendered successful also.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 60)


K)  In order to render the Yug Nirman Mission (Era Neo Creation) positively active of high stature it is mandatory to search for people full of goodwill, great thinking, following the path of truth etc in their psyche, actions and inner nature. In future such creative tasks shall have to be commenced so that world humanity shall successfully and speedily awaken sleeping/latent divinity in them. They shall thus lead lives of self sacrifice, good behavior, love, self control etc and thus it shall appear as though heaven has manifested on earth. In order to usher in such a Satyuga (Golden Era) today’s undesirable situations shall have be positively transformed. For this, demonic tendencies of vile unethical activities that have spread all around us have to be combated and opposed by us tooth and nail. It shall be like the battle between demons-demigods detailed in mythology. Even if the army comprises of bears/monkeys (who helped Lord Ram fight the ferocious demon-king Ravan of Lanka) yet an army is a must.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1963; Page 56)



The next program is to set up an army of creative people that shall travel to all corners of the world. Till date the credit of that success tasted by this Thought Revolution movement via the medium of the pen and speech can be given to efforts made for contacting the world lay public. The central point of focus of future progress shall be this only. The credit of success and rendering widespread Thought Revolution witnessed in Lord Buddha’s era can be given to world travelers who had surrendered their all for the mission’s propagation. It is due to their hard work that India, Asia and the entire world attained the benefits of the great movement of the Wheel of Religion. The red flame torch of our Yajna of Wisdom also is executing the epilogue of this process. Hence with reference to medium this very procedure shall have to be imbibed. It is a well organized family of highly capable travelers that by reaching every household shall imbue era consciousness in the psyche of every world individual.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1978; Page 55)


M) Everyone is aware of how powerful organizations of congregated people are. If unruly people abound in it chaotic situations appear comparable to weighing frogs in a weighing pan that jump up and down. For us there is no need for showcasing excess numbers. We want quality and not quantity. From this standpoint if our scheme of ‘5 becoming 25’ continues our family’s sons, grandsons etc together shall usher in a balanced well managed world.

If the proclamation of ‘we 5 becoming 25’ in the true sense of the term gets fulfilled via all members joining it with goodwill based sentiments in no time the dream of forming a sacred intellect based organization of 0.1 million people shall be realized successfully.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1988; Page 54)



This mission of ours shall last for thousands of years to come because a potent divine power is subtly working for it. The management of this mission is such that none should harbor suspicion or any illusion about it. Lest this mission’s success was limited to the prowess of some lone individual it would have ended that day this person shed his mortal coil. But since this mission is being subtly directed by a strong divine power it can be called a divine campaign. Today’s Vivekanandas, Sister Nivedita’s etc have yet not recognized their great latent potential. Lest all awakened souls realize as to who exactly they are and for what glorious goal they have incarnated, then in a jiffy even in the midst of obstacles neo creation shall go on unabated. My Revered Gurudeva from the subtle divine world and me, from this visible world are executing intense austerities for this very end.

Hence all of you must powerfully resolve (Sankalpa) to walk in the divine footsteps of Revered Gurudeva, we shall ceaselessly work for his mission with zest/zeal and that we shall transport all important responsibilities of propagating sacred wisdom everywhere to its final destination. Our life shall be surrendered to world well being only. We shall take Revered Gurudeva’s great divine message to every world household and not rest till this is carried out to the last letter.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1991; Page 57)









A)  Our Yug Nirman Mission (Era Neo Creation) in the coming days shall be witnessed in its terrifically powerful form. Its mysterious role is truly understood by very few in this world. Yet it is a fact that this movement shall work in a radiant and terrific manner and doubtlessly shall taste sweet success. It just does not matter as to which person shall get the credit for this success, yet know that it shall definitely come our way for keepsake.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1966; Page 47)



I spent my entire lifetime for giving the prophecy of a New Era ushering in. For joining this great mission of Lord Mahakal I spent my life in inviting wise awakened souls. The task for which I had incarnated in this world has been completed. The future work along these lines shall be carried out by Lord Mahakal himself. In the coming days due to his divine inspiration one after another wise and brilliantly talented souls shall arrive. They shall execute such a worldwide struggle that it shall shatter to naught all causes that crop up inequality in various ways the world over. In its place they shall herald in auspicious situations of world well being and thus heaven on earth shall definitely usher in radiantly.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July1969; Page 65)



Divine inspiration in these days has created such an Era Neo Creation campaign whose aim is to positively change today’s vile lowly thinking in world public psyche so that on the basis of Viveka or farsighted discrimination and aptness they get a chance to think refreshingly anew. Roots lie in our thoughts but actions are conjoined to thoughts. Thus if actions change optimally it does not take long for external situations to change positively. It is hence that a worldwide movement of thought transformation has commenced in these present modern day times. Although its form and nature is ordinary if compared to the humungous body of demonic qualities that have ensnared the entire world yet he who knows the power of truth does not find it difficult at all to harbor strong faith that it takes but miniscule measure of light to ward off intense darkness and that a tiny spark of fire can take the form of such a huge inferno that can burn an entire forest of trees to ash. That red flame torch lit with the oil of Viveka or farsighted discrimination and cloth of aptness shall not get doused just like that. In fact it shall burn brightly as long as this era’s most important requirement and Almighty God’s divine wish has not been fulfilled to the last letter.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1969; Page 2-3)



Everyone is aware of how much public power and wealth power was put to use for India’s political freedom struggle. It was limited to India and its political realm. The work arena of our mission is thousand fold more widespread. Our work arena is the entire world and not only in politics, but that in every arena of individuals and society a revolutionary great transformation has to be harbingered in. Any farsighted person can easily gauge how many creative and struggle based campaigns shall have to be commenced, for this stupendous mission.

It is certainly a humungous task to convert today’s haywire state of the world into a well managed one. It is not only a huge task but is also historical in nature since it encompasses giving a correct direction to the human brain skill, transforming man’s thinking/aspiration/interests/activities, reinstating greatness in place of vileness and that too this has to be done in the psyche of billions of people dwelling on planet earth. In this super gigantic mission, great leading world personalities, innumerable movements and innumerable executive institutions shall be put to work. This is a process that is bound to succeed and it is being planned and acted upon by Lord Mahakal in his own divine way. Everyone shall see that akin to today’s stupendous modern scientific advancement tomorrow for sacred sentiment uplifting also intense efforts shall be made and as a result greater and greater personalities and organizations are playing a mind boggling role.

This is not a dream but a bare truth and it shall be seen visibly by one and all the world over. This should not be looked upon as a prophecy because what shall be witnessed will be a real situation. This is being seen by me with binoculars that see the future. Tomorrow it shall draw much closer and all and sundry shall visibly see it. In future days to come a terrific storm with super cyclonic speed meant for positively transforming the entire world is marching ahead. It shall rest only after rendering this rotting downfallen world powerful, wise, healthy and advanced both materially and spiritually in an all round manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1969; Page 65)


E)   It can so happen that I shall stay away from the gross vision of people yet every awakened and lively soul shall perceive that I am sitting in their inner soul and creating upheavals there. This is done in order to subtly inspire them to renounce a human beastly life and instead get transformed into human gods. Those who shall walk ahead shall get lots of energy from me and those who shall dither shakily shall be subtly held by me. Those who have steadied themselves optimally shall be adorned by me with required means for it. Other people shall lead the creative and struggle based campaigns the world over yet my role of a puppeteer directing movements of puppet dolls while standing behind the curtain shall be executed to perfection by me. It just does not matter if anyone is aware or not about this subtle invisible role of mine in ushering in Era Neo Creation. In reality my difficult austerities carried out for such a long time also was for amassing required potent force for ushering in Era Neo Creation and Transformation. I shall not leave this world until I shall fulfill to the last letter the reason for which I was sent into this world. The super process of Era Neo Creation and Transformation cannot be allowed to remain half done. The divine aspiration of neo creation cannot remain half fulfilled. In order to fulfill it totally great talented personalities with sanctified psyches shall be made to come forward for this humungous mission. Whether willingly or otherwise, sooner or later they shall perforce have to shoulder this massive responsibility.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1970; Page 58-59)


F)    None should harbor doubts that after Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji leaves from their midst this great campaign either shall weaken or fritter away to naught. Those doubting thus conveniently forget that this gigantic mission has not been commenced by some particular individual. In fact behind it is at work Almighty God’s divine wish in it pristine pure form along with his powerful divine inspiration. When in those tasks a power is at work albeit subtly none should harbor doubts. An individual certainly can fail yet Almighty God never fails in his divine mission. An individual’s desire certainly can remain unfulfilled but how can Almighty God’s wish remain unfulfilled?

Those people who have very minutely witnessed the progress of this campaign so far must harbor intense faith that in no way was it possible for such an ordinary stature person like me to attain success witnessed in this campaign. By rendering me a mere medium and instrument a Super Divine Power is at work in this worldwide mission. When a puppeteer (ALMIGHTY GOD) standing behind a veil directs movements of a puppet doll (myself) people give loads of credit to the puppet doll seen by them for an outstanding act yet the credit has to go to that masterful artist- puppeteer (ALMIGHTY GOD) whose deft fingers were invisibly directing movements of the doll seen by us all.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1970; Page 57)


G)  None should err while trying to understand my intentions. I am about to usher in such a River Ganga of powerful soul energy so that the benefit of hope and enthusiasm can be given by me to the world public undergoing sheer hell like agony and burning in fire akin to sons of Sagar who were enduring a curse (as mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat mythology text). I yearn to positively transform world human psyche. Today the mind of each person drips with desires. People are just not interested in thinking long term in a farsighted manner simply because they are immersed in transient personal grandeur amassing, money and muscle power, selfish desires etc. All their thinking as of today heads in this direction of fulfilling vain fleeting desires at any cost.

My humble wish is that people remain contented for their entire life on attaining a lot of joyous material comforts. No doubt they may earn money with a thousand hands yet instead limiting its benefits to oneself and one’s children it must be shared with generosity with the entire world. The benefit of their brilliant talent must not get limited to their body and family upkeep only but that as much as is possible it must be used for their country, religion, society, culture, world humanity and its well being. For this it is most required that people’s tainted psyche must be changed positively by sanctifying it. If the demon of individualism is not transformed into the divinity of collectivism then by falling into the crater of total destruction human civilization shall perforce commit mass suicide.

In order to obstruct this fearful situation I am heading to lead the fight. In the dark gloomy night of selfishness and narrow minded attitude in order to uplift and reform human psyche submerged from head to foot in demonic tendencies the aim of my future penance is to do it with immense zeal and success. It is only by proving that in comparison to the importance of material science that of spirituality is manifold more useful and powerful that people shall take greater in this realm ignored a lot till today. Hence in order to prove spiritual science true in the test of authenticity and credibility I am making a lot of effort. My future life shall be involved in this task only hence no member of my world family must think in despair or harbor doubts regarding the humungous mission at hand after I shed my mortal coil.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1971; Page 50)


H)  The mission of Era Neo Creation taking along with it the 4 fold program of propagation, congregation creation and struggle sequentially shall keep widening the horizons of its work arena. Doubtlessly behind it are the divine wish and the superb management system of Lord Mahakal. I am merely the one proclaiming it. This great campaign neither shall weaken nor shall it taste defeat ever. Even if I go away in seclusion for austerities it shall not decrease even an iota but in fact shall amplify thousand fold. Hence none of us must get trapped in the vicious net of doubt-suspicions but instead harbor such intense faith that world neo creation shall definitely reap untold success. In it our worldwide movement and our family shall play a very important role in a historic manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 61)



Almighty God shall never give consent to his children to play around with bombs. Lord Mahakal in order to convert mismanagement into optimal world management has sharpened his weapons perfectly. Its process has commenced. In future days to arrive we shall see what shall take place, how the world trend shall change positively, how the world shall get transformed and how events that seem impossible shall become easily possible to enact. Human beings shall perforce have to transform positively. Today’s mode of thinking and actions cannot continue much longer. Era Transformation is a definite fact. Apart from this there exists no other satisfactory solution. For this great transformation not much more waiting is required. In these days upheavals noted in interstellar space in future days to come shall take on a visible form and we shall witness with these very eyes such a Super Revolution the world over wherein all that is lopsided today shall be straightened in a wholesome beneficial manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 31)


J)    The rays of the sunrise of neo creation in future days to come shall pour down on wise souls oozing with potent life force. Instead of immersing themselves in personal benefits they shall hear the call deep within their soul to immerse themselves in world well being programs in a self sacrificing manner. This call shall be so intense that despite desiring so they shall just not succeed in living a selfish narrow minded life. The chain of greed and deluded attachment (wife, family etc) shall break in such a way akin to locks in the jail opening up on their own when Lord Krishna was born to Mother Devaki languishing in demon brother King Kansa’s prison.

By itself it appears well nigh difficult for creatures bound to Maya (God’s power of illusion and spiritual darkness) to step forward on the path of world welfare tasks after renouncing selfish desires and yearnings. Can they think beyond filling up their tummy with tasty food and procreating as many babies as possible? Yet time will showcase that from this very class of people noosed by mundane life problems such wise pure hearted souls shall emerge that despite living in ordinary conditions they shall enact stupendous tasks. On seeing this we shall perforce get astounded. From birth itself people dwelling in demeaned conditions in future days if seen to play the role of super great personalities know for sure that the radiant light of Era Transformation along with its miracle shall become visible to world lay public.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 35)


K)   Today the land of India and Hindu Religion in the form of Yug Nirman Parivar (Era Neo Creation Family) is seen as the central point of focus that has commenced the campaign of positively transforming the destiny of world human society yet in future times to arrive its present borders shall widen so much that it shall become boundless and limitless. At that time no one particular organization or institution shall be directing it and managing it. In fact from thousands of smaller units such light masses of various statures shall brilliantly erupt forth that via tasks fulfilled via its infinite energy shall be termed rare and mindboggling.

It is Lord Mahakal who shall be the subtle divine director of this super world transformation and as per demands of contemporary times its preliminary auspicious dancing steps of today shall be rendered fast, faster and fastest. Via fire flames radiantly touching the sky created from Lord Mahakal’s Tandav Dance shall in what wand in what form y fulfill the role of converting the old into new in days to come is not possible to think about by people imbued with ordinary mundane brain capacity. Even so that it shall happen is a foregone conclusion. This Era shall definitely transform. It is definite that today’s dark gloomy night shall tomorrow get converted into a brilliantly golden rising sun.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1973; Page 59)


L)   Corruption and criminal activities cannot come to a full stop by mere action taken by police forces and the judiciary of any country. Yet if an awakened world public stare angrily at these anti social hoodlum elements then the life of these handful vile unethical people shall become very difficult to live. Demonic terrorism has succeeded in spreading its net worldwide simply because public ire has not been fully awakened to combat these handful of tainted group of people spreading anti social activities in all nooks and corners of the world. The day Goddess Chandi (ferocious wrath) awakens as world public force that very day the very existence of lack, weaknesses and terrible demons of spiritual ignorance shall become extinct on planet earth. Their downfall shall be very much that of mythology demons like Mahishasur, Madhukaitab, Shumb-Nishumb etc.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1974; Page 4)


M) Those who are at a loss in gauging Lord Mahakal’s divine wish and inspiration of a new era manifestation are actually witnessing this meritorious procedure becoming more amplified day after day. It is like the faint light of dawn becoming more brilliant until the sun actually rises in the sky. Today destructive elements are leaving no stone unturned in creating world terrorizing situations even if it means getting killed mercilessly yet the focus of hope exists wherein the valor and enterprise of divinity combating it is becoming more and more radiant and intensely powerful. As long as valiant enterprise remains unawake till then only despair is our lot. When the stature of human consciousness arises to great heights both vileness and corruption cannot remain alive.

At the end of the day it is only truth that prevails (‘Satyameva jayate-Nanritam’) and never falsehood. Only life is eternal because death arrives only to play ‘hide and seek’ with it. The light of sun and moon is immortal. Eclipse is seen on it only rarely. The glory of this beautiful art of Almighty God or Divine Creator is eternal. Distortions emerge like bubbles in sea water and after showcasing the sport of jumping up and down withdraw their existence. Almighty Lord has given us the divine promise of ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata-Abhyuthanama dharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham’ which means ‘whenever unrighteousness prevails in the world I incarnate so as to destroy evil and falsehood and replace it with righteousness’. Hence time and again God takes an Avatar to erase distortions of an era. Today’s terror instilling world situations are calling aloud for Almighty God to incarnate in this world. Hence why would God aver or hesitate at all? Why would he delay at all? In the form of era consciousness an introduction to Lord Mahakal’s process of incarnating as an Avatar shall be attained by us all visibly in the near future times to come.

Today the immense zest brimming forth in awakened soul personalities while accepting the call of this era is certainly a sight for the gods. Keeping aside half dead or people in a swoon the powerful call given by Lord Mahakal is inspiring all awakened people oozing with potent Prana Energy to shoulder the righteous duty of this era and actively take up this era’s sacred mission. As a result of this in order to contribute towards Era Neo Creation and Transformation both capable and weak people are coming forward.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1978; Page 54)


N)  In the mundane material arena difficulties are rising alarmingly and due to vile distortions the spiritual realm is becoming undesirably chaotic. In comparison to what is required efforts made for reformation and protection are at a tardy snail’s pace. It seems that due to half baked efforts on man’s part done with wayward listless sentiments solving present day problems and defeating future fearful trends shall not succeed at all. It is like trying to sew up one torn area of a big cloth but simultaneously more areas on the cloth getting torn. Under such circumstances it is a lurking suspicion that our world shall enter the deep crater of a massive downfall.

An Avatar of Almighty God manifests during such dire times chiefly. When man’s physical clout tires and suspicion of world destruction intensifies Lord Mahakal makes efforts to reverse the undesirable trend of the world. The Divine Creator just cannot bear to see this beautiful garden called the world head towards such demeaned conditions. Only to an extent does God endure downfall of righteousness and augmenting of unrighteousness. When human efforts fail miserably in rendering this world optimally balanced Almighty God takes over to do the needful. President’s Rule in a state in India only can be brought in when the governing body of the state goes haywire. The responsibility of the rights of lunatics and orphaned children is handed over to some other institution.

Henceforth this is exactly that is going to take place. Divine consciousness of Lord Mahakal is creating such super upheavals in the subtle world that on gauging its effect it can be termed miraculous. Avatars always manifest during extremely bad times seen in the world. Avatars imbue world human consciousness with such potent inspirations that the act of converting inapt into apt becomes easy to accomplish. Via divine eyes it is possible to see Era Consciousness falling down on earth akin to River Ganga that had poured down from heaven. Even our physical eyes shall directly and tangibly perceive the divine sports of the Avatar in a few years henceforth.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 13)



There is no objection to taking recourse to external mundane solutions. They do take place and shall do so in future also yet more important is the inner subtle solution. The real aim of Era Transformation is to render faith in our deep psyche uplifted anew to great heights of glory. This is the lone solution for solving all types of problems because problems get created only when our inner deep personality gets distorted-tainted. Akin to food/fuel/health and security hazards it is important to deeply understand the widespread area and influence of faith based hazards. Nothing less than this can solve this era’s problems and nothing more than this requires to be done.

By itself from the standpoint of pacifying people for reformation and development externalized efforts also must go on yet the main task can only succeed when in the psyche of world humanity sowing seeds of great aspirations and augmenting its growth is executed with a lot of verve. The problem is one and its solution too is one. Maybe today man cannot understand it yet Lord Mahakal knows the reality. He in order to rejuvenate great faith and aspiration in the psyche of world humanity is sending his Prajnavatar (divine intellect flow). Its chief goal is to convert atheism into to great faith.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 17)


P)    Ordinarily it is the demons of greed, deluded mental attachment and limited ego ‘I’ that make people dance like puppets to their whims and fancies. Its influence has spread worldwide. Today everyone including rich-poor, powerful-weak, educated-uneducated etc are immersed in the net of satiating there lowly selfish desires. Public consciousness has submerged deep into the sticky quagmire of hoarding more and more wealth earned hook or by crook and in other selfish activities. Ordinary efforts in order to ward off all this are not giving any positive result. Yet Prajnavatar (divine intellect flow) shall showcase a new aspect of inspiration. It is the source of inner inspiration that shall start transforming everything for the better. People the world over shall start focusing on rendering their life’s stature great and shall march ahead on the road of sacred ideals. This change shall not be due to some external influence but that it shall awaken from within.

Every day we hear discussions on religion-spirituality, devotion-peace, magnanimity-generosity etc taking place a great deal. For many it is a topic of superficial merriment. So called religious leaders, other leaders, writers, orators etc always talk of great qualities yet those who actually practice it in day to day life indeed are rare. Hence for lay folks it becomes so difficult to practice it in life. Via the pen and oratory a lot of exhibition of sacred idealism is going on yet hardly any success is noted because the inner state of world human consciousness fails to accept it and imbibe it in day to day life’s various transactions. By merely hearing with our ears or understanding all this intellectually cannot fulfill the goal. The inner personality and activities of people can transform only due to inner inspiration. In these days since this realm has become barren all that is sown in it is not breeding any success. Hence know for sure that Prajnavatar (divine intellect flow) shall do the needful and solve this problem from its very roots.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1971; Page 36)



I have full faith that man’s true understanding shall return on a war footing. The Divine Authority shall help in this and Mother Nature shall bless us all. The possibility of further bad times arriving is about to come to a grinding halt.

This could be termed a prophecy by me regarding future times to come.

It is for this 5 fold supreme effort that I am creating my 5 representatives. Along with Mauna (silence of speech) and spiritual austerities in solitude a very harsh penance is going on akin to a pregnant mother about to give birth to her baby. These representatives or descendents of mine shall be no less powerful than me but since they shall be subtly embodied, by shaking up all brilliantly talented people of the world they shall be egged on to perforce join this program of Era Neo Creation very much like my own Sadgurudeva induced me to do so.

There is no dearth of people of the following classes:

a)      Highly intellectual

b)     Political leaders

c)      Artists

d)     Wealthy

e)      Piously sentimental

Amongst these so many people in the near future shall use their radiant capacity for world well being instead of only using it for personal gains. Thus the world environment shall transform stupendously.

My existence shall continue and I shall play my role much better than that seen today. It could happen that during that time I renounce my physical mortal body. By residing in the Rishi region of the lofty sacred Himalaya Mountains I may work with them via my subtle body. Whatever has to be done shall be under the watchful eye of my Revered Gurudeva. Under his divine guidance within my area of contact only the program of the path of world well being has been demarcated. Whatever shall take place in future shall be much greater and grand. Hence none should doubt this.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1985; Page 65)


When erroneous greed for prosperity goes beyond all control it proves to be the cause of our downfall. As a result of this all types of unethical, vile and demonic thinking/activities become widespread since terrific demonic force is embedded in it. If in some way this greed for attaining wealth by hook or by crook can be lessened then that power of combating manifests that can fight all taints and distortions so as to defeat them once and for all.














In the true sense of the term we must look after our family in the form of our righteous duty and responsibility. Today in the dark atmosphere of deluded mental attachment to one’s wife, children etc very rich people in the mad rush to leave behind loads of wealth, cash, property etc for their lineage appear nothing but slaves of their family. Hence even family members do not loosen their hold on this queen honeybee or goose that lays the golden egg because it is his untold wealth that aids in the family members lead fleeting sense merriment lives. Today’s women and children are totally against their father using some wealth and time of his for world welfare tasks. If someone actually donates a bit of wealth he faces stiff opposition from family members. The latter feel that lest their husband, father etc takes more interest in such world welfare tasks they shall get less wealth for frittering away in sense titillation pleasures. If people who have grown under such circumstances full of selfishness and narrow minded attitude oppose such world welfare tasks from their standpoint it may be correct yet while trying to satiate their infinite selfish desires it becomes impossible to live a life of sacred ideals.

If we feel that only after gaining permission from one’s family members that one shall take up world welfare tasks know that this is a very problematic type of thinking. One’s entire life span lapses by yet this shall never be possible. Anyone who really wants to do something without worrying about opposition to be faced from a society submerged in spiritual darkness must totally ignore obstructions that have no aptness. It is not necessary that we do everything as per the wishes of one’s family members. Instead of getting immersed in deluded mental attachment to wife, children, wealth etc we must imbibe Viveka or farsighted discrimination in our life and after looking after the basic needs of one’s family in a detached manner by looking upon this as one’s righteous duty one must pay just no heed to relationships reeking with selfish greed and deluded mental attachment. If we fail to do this instead of them allowing your talent to be used for world welfare tasks they will force you to keep making arrangements for their material comforts and sense merriment lifestyle. Initially such family opposition has always had to be faced by every great personality and saintly person the world over who were travelers on the path of selfless service and truth. It is another matter that much later circumstances turned conducive yet initially all great people yearning to tread the path of truth and selfless service instead of dancing to the tune of family members gave importance only to the sacred call of their pure soul in a steadfast decisive manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 68)



In these days Era Neo Creation Family members oozing with immense Prana Energy must play the role of creative sculptors. For this end it is compulsory that they put tabs on material greed and desires. The noose of selfish greed and deluded mental attachment must be loosened. Narrow minded selfish desires must be diminished a lot. The habit of wasteful expenditure merely for eating tasty food, begetting more and more children etc must be uprooted. We must be satisfied with expenses made for living an ordinary Indian way of life. The direction of aspirations must change for the better. The onrush for desires, yearnings and ego ‘I’ must be weakened. Hence by bringing in these changes wealth saved can be used for Era Neo Creation tasks. When selfishness is properly controlled only then does man think of others’ well being and hence starts working for it.

Today is that golden opportunity in front of us all wherein we can gather our valiant efforts for accepting the glory of true Brahmin-hood and divinity and practicing high stature sacred ideals in day to day living. We must grab this opportunity with both hands. Enlivened personalities oozing with immense Prana Energy, ignoring special responsibilities pertaining to Era Neo Creation and Transformation, burn in the hell of repentance for a long time span. In comparison to the immense difficulty undergone while enduring mockery and sarcasm of cowardice despite being in the class of divine humans, it is not difficult at all to take up the risk of self sacrifice and renunciation executed for a higher cause.

When in someone’s inner soul such inner inspiration arises he must look upon it as an invitation of Era Consciousness subtly inspired by Lord Mahakal. In fact by ignoring opposition from so called intellectuals and kith and kin one must come forward to follow in the hallowed footsteps of Prajnavatar (divine intellect flow). In this initially they shall have to endure obstacles akin to delivery pains endured by a pregnant mother about to give birth to her baby yet after this everything shall be auspicious and great only.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 55-56)



For neo creation tasks various means shall definitely be required. For material goals generally wealth based means predominate yet for a spiritual campaign for changing this era’s trend in a positive manner ultimately various means shall definitely be required. On its own honest hard work, time, focused psyche, sacred sentiments etc shall be the chief requirements for Era Neo Creation and Transformation yet know for sure that wealth based means also are a must. Materials shall be required for it. For ordinary mundane creations means have to be acquired and hence for this super great mission it is impossible that various means are ignored.

This requirement also shall have to be fulfilled by awakened soul personalities. It is only by economizing in one’s individual living that we can donate time for this era’s righteous duty. Similarly by cutting wasteful expenditure in our individual lifestyle we can donate a bit of our wealth for this era’s great mission. We leave behind a lot of wealth, property etc for our descendents and hence it is most required from all standpoints that we put apt controls over our deluded mental attachment to wife, children, wealth etc. If you look upon as your personal family as the be all and end all of life and just contribute nothing for your world family, know that this sort of delusion especially in era sculptors as yourself only tarnishes your great reputation.

An inspiration has been given to every member of Yug Nirman Family right from the beginning that they must donate money equivalent to the price they pay for half a cup of tea and 1 hour. This decision was akin to wisdom towards their duty for era sculptors that were primary and mandatory also. Now the time has arrived to add more to it. Both the time given and wealth donated by them must increase in measure. The more one perceives upheavals in their psyche akin to the measure of era consciousness must prepare themselves to donate in a goodwill based sentiment manner.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 56)



In this year of sowing seeds during Era Junction all sons of Avatar of divine intellect are told to become fully awake and lively. By itself imagination of idealism, its belief and sacred sentiment is right in its own way yet only this much cannot help us succeed in attaining the goal.  Say who can fill his tummy merely by eating cakes made in one’s imagination? Did Sheikh Chilli get a wife he adored? In imbibing idealism revolutionary changes have to be brought in one’s thinking process and lifestyle designed. Anyone who can gather such enterprise only can be called a Sadhak or spiritual aspirant.

The theory and principle of attaining success (Sidhi) via Sadhana (spiritual practices) is absolutely true. By Sidhi we do not mean amazing people by showcasing some miraculous feat but that on the basis of one’s potent will power and zealous activities one reaches the goal at the cost of sacrificing just about anything. If era sculptors experience that in these days Lord Mahakal has decided the spiritual penance of era creation as supremely important then they by walking in the footsteps of Angad, Hanuman, Arjun, Vivekananda, Ramtirtha, Guru Gobind Singh, Samarth Ramdas, Chanakya, Buddha, Mahavir, Gandhi, Vinoba etc must steadfastly and unswervingly execute this era’s righteous duty. For it mere flowery discourses cannot be that effective when compared to the great effect noted when we exhibit sacred ideals in all our actions in a valiant manner. In these present times this is most required.

In these days each son of Avatar of divine intellect (Prajnaputra) by realizing his true inner nature must decide the direction that the flow of his life must take. This must not be looked upon as request to any particular person but is definitely the direction given by Lord Mahakal. Those who offer lame excuses of poverty, being very busy, tension etc and thus try to hide their faces yet they shall not be able to protect themselves from difficult situations in life. They shall face such losses of wasting precious time that for infinity they shall have to atone for it and that it may never be possible for them to pay for these losses.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1980; Page 10)



Our mission and family have been named Gayatri Parivar. In the days to arrive its nature shall remain unchanged but yet in layman’s parlance it is not wrong to call it ‘Prajna Parivar’. Till date members of our family have been called ‘Parijans’ but henceforth they shall be called ‘Prajna Parijans’ that connotes our organization and its responsibilities.  

From the standpoint of soul wisdom the importance of calling Gayatri devotees ‘Prajna Sons or Putras’ is better because Goddess Mahakali-consort of Lord Mahakal busy in awakening era consciousness and ushering in a New Era one keeps experiencing glory in being leaders of Mahaprajna or Super Great Divine Intellect.

After daily worship-meditation for Yajna of Divine Knowledge the condition of regularly contributing a portion of one’s time and wealth has been decided right from the beginning for members of our divine family. In previous eras Agnihotra was looked upon as symbolic and Yajna of Divine Knowledge was accepted as righteous duty of that era. There was a time in the past when everyone were divinity manifest imbued with divine wisdom. Hence Yajna of Divine Knowledge was not given much importance. Today it is that much more important because the dark gloomy night all around us pertaining to spiritual ignorance is ruling the roost. Under such conditions the red flame torch of Yajna of Divine Knowledge shall have to be lit and shall have to be reinstated as this era’s Super Yajna.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (October 1980; Page 48)


F)    Our Prajna members must understand their true nature. In comparison to others within them more culture based characteristics and spiritual energy brims forth. This is that apt hour to wholesomely use this spiritual energy. If we fail to board the train in time only repentance shall be our lot. Those who fail to catch their flight repent because they have to wait long hours to board the subsequent plane. That train standing on the platform these days shall move away and hence there shall be such a long wait for the next train to arrive. Further till then which meritorious person shall be able to maintain his inner greatness till then? It is difficult to decipher this.

In these lines contemporary message encompasses only this that Prajna members must again and again reflect mentally on their specialties. They must understand their true inner nature and goal of life. They must never dither on hearing the serious call of era righteous duty. Akin to Lord Hanuman and Lord Buddha seeds of greatness do dwell in their soul. What is required is that optimal opportunities manifest for these seeds to sprout as lush green trees. For this end today’s times are optimal. The 2 fold golden opportunity of soul well being and world welfare is knocking loudly at our doorstep. Only this much needs to be done that we understand ourselves and contemporary times and in tandem with that we do not harbor lethargy for deciding an optimal direction for it.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1982; Page 4)



In our Prajna Family 3 types of statures of awakened soul personalities have been congregated. From the standpoint of filling up inspiration in the environment capable people are called ‘Prajnapunj’. Leading era sculptors of Era Neo Creation who shall execute great feats of first imbibing within themselves great decisions of transformation and then aid in imbuing them in others shall be called ‘Prajnaputras’. The 3rd are ‘Prajnaparijan’ who in the arena of contact with the lay public and selfless service due to some compulsions may not be able to do a lot yet from the standpoint of soul neo creation and family neo creation shall not leave any stone unturned in order to attain this goal. Amongst these 3 categories Prajnapunj are 1st grade, Prajnaputras 2nd grade and Prajnaparijan 3rd grade. All of them can be called brilliantly intelligent, radiant and full of enterprise.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1982; Page 55)



That responsibility given by Lord Mahakal to Prajnaputras must be shouldered by them to the last letter. That task is one viz. filling up the brilliant aura of a super divine intellect in world public inner personality. In which state who should be doing what for it? This has been time and again detailed. Once again one must glance at it so as to gauge that have we shouldered the responsibility given to us successfully? Even if the answer is yes find out whether it is so less in measure that is it like despite heavy rainfall, earth remains dry because it had become unbearably hot? Hence what we call immense effort may prove to be very less from the result standpoint. The demand of contemporary times is humungous. For succeeding in it superficial rituals and worship shall not do. If on a sizzling hot pan you pour a few drops of water can any benefit accrue? In these days the efforts of powerful people must be such that it can straighten everything that is lopsided today.

For this task every senior Prajnaputra is capable in an all round manner. Lest situations reek with obstacles they can be kicked away from our path. The prince of Almighty God i.e. mankind weakens only because the chain of greed, deluded mental attachment and ego ‘I’ has tied him tightly so as to render him helpless. Lest if we imbibe an ordinary stature of an Indian lifestyle, if the family can be rendered small, civilized, cultured and independent, then just about everyone can avail the high stature facilities of era righteous duty quite easily. If even a little cut is put in expenditure for selfish greed and egoistic bodily make-up then every thinking person will get that leeway via which a major portion of requirement related to soul welfare and Era Neo Creation can get fulfilled. In one way or the other this is that Kayakalpa that converts black coal into a shiny precious diamond. Today this can be done voluntarily.

When there is lack of help the entire divine family rushes akin to bees flying towards flowers blooming due to having smelled the fragrance of great sacred character. Gurudeva has merely made tireless efforts to augment sacredness in his great character and he truly understood as to what one can attain by taking recourse to true spirituality. This must be followed to the last letter. There is one message for all. If anyone harbors true faith in the Prajna campaign and in contributing to its great activities they must not merely praise it but that they must act in such a manner that people sitting on the volcano of destruction the world over can be helped to ward off their stress. It is so important to do this that not for one moment can such well being tasks be rendered pending.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1985; Page 64)



Senior Prajnaputras must believe they are divine humans and must perceive that this human birth has not been given to them merely for sense merriment and immerse themselves in deluded mental attachment to wife, children, property etc. The decision taken by fate is that such Prajnaputras must act in such a way that they can solve this era’s dire problems and by looking upon themselves as Bhima, Arjun, Angad, Hanuman etc so as to successfully execute that which is termed impossible.

No Prajnaputra shall be allowed to fulfill their personal desires, greed, egoistic aspirations etc since the times we are facing are very dire. In fact they have been sent into this world for other great glorious tasks. Without paying attention to success-failure, profit-loss etc this task has to be done zealously because akin to victory for Pandavas in the bloody Mahabharat War our mission too shall taste nothing but victory. If we turn our backs only censure and mockery shall be our lot. Not only our present life, but that our post death journey also shall get tainted. Hence it is best that we never undergo such a situation. Those who have to shoulder the responsibility of imbibing and making others imbibe sacred ideals and also imbue immense life force in glorious great qualities, it is just not good that when the hour of being tested arrives we becoming black like a fake coin and thus hide ourselves in garbage bins.

The way in which Lord Buddha’s followers traversing the world and Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagrahis devoid of any selfish desire, deluded mental attachment etc accompanied by an unswerving mind faced days of intense hardships with calm smiles on their face similarly our Prajna members must donate a bit of their time for Era Neo Creation tasks. What must be done for this? Regarding this time and again details have been given wherein akin to householder Brahmins and saints living detachedly must head to every lay person’s household to illumine sanctity in their psyche. In this manner due to sanctified psyches vile demonic activities shall get uprooted, a Thought Revolution shall usher in and great sacred tasks the world over shall increase n fold.

The question pertains to contributions. Anyone who accepts this does not have any problem in donating a bit of time and wealth for Era Transformation activities. Akin to Sudama’s flattened rice and Shabari’s nuts anyone can contribute this frugal amount. None of us are in a much worse situation than that valiant squirrel who by sticking sand particles to its body took up the onerous task of building a bridge in the sea (mentioned in epic Ramayan). When miserliness enters a sinful mind it looks out for lame and weak excuses like bad health, incapability etc.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1986; Page 54)


J)    Those era creators who come forward in the 1st row shall be termed Vratadhari Prajnaputras full of powerful resolve. On the basis of devotion to God, meditation and spiritual practices they shall purify their soul, their minds shall become sharply focused and such potential shall ooze in them that they shall successfully enact very important tasks.

Worship means sitting close to divine existence, intertwining with it subtly akin to fire and fuel put in it or like offering water to the brilliant sun while performing the ritual called Suryarghya. In the form of Karmakanda (worship rites) meditation on a Mantra like Gayatri along with focus on its meaning or meditation on the early morning rising sun can be done. This must be done regularly. Via meditation, worship etc soul power increases and Prana Energy oozes from every pore of our being. This task must be conjoined to our daily living in some way or the other.

The full name of this Sadhana is Life Sadhana. Life must be rendered well managed. By conjoining life’s wealth to soul sanctification and meritorious task of world well being it must be glorified in all ways. For this, efforts towards self introspection, self sanctification, self neo creation and soul advancement must be made in a focused manner. Sense organ control, economizing, time management and thought control have to be practiced earnestly. The Mantra of ‘simple living and high thinking’ has to be imbibed to the last letter. We must remain satiated living an ordinary stature lifestyle devoid of wasteful expenditure. Our only duty towards our family is to render them independent and well cultured. We must never dream of amassing untold wealth in a hook or by crook manner so as to leave it behind for them after we die. It is this that is called the royal path encompassing integrity, radiant skills and a sacred focused mind.

Aradhana or worshiping God means manifesting apt zeal and zest for selfless service towards cosmic divine consciousness or Brahman and world humanity also. This yearning to work selflessly for world well being is true God devotion and worship. Via this worship all 3 benefits accrue viz. self satisfaction, honor from the world and divine grace. We get the 2 fold Sidhi of individual and cosmic gain. Not only this life but the life after this one reforms greatly.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1988; Page 61-62)









The new era is arriving swiftly. None can stop its arrival. The great traditions of ancient eras have to be reinstated anew and the vile disparity of the dark middle eras has to be uprooted. Lord Mahakal is making necessary arrangements for this and is also designing a substratum conducive for it. My tiny life is meant for proclaiming it. Those who shall transform fully in tandem with circumstances prevailing then they shall attain contentment and honor and those who refuse to change and perforce latch on to delusion shall undergo nothing but sheer repentance.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (July 1969; Page 65)


B)    Regarding individuals I have always said that they are not mere bodies made of blood, flesh etc but they are the soul also. Their responsibility cannot remain limited merely to their family but it spreads towards entire world society. Not only the sense organs but the psyche also must be satiated. Mere material living should not be looked upon as the be all and end all of life but that they must understand the great importance and requirement of leading a spiritual life simultaneously.

I cannot gauge as to in what measure my words have proved to be effective yet if any effect has set in then one perforce has to mull a hundred times that my present activities have not been satisfactory and fulfilling. Thus those following in my footsteps shall have to march further ahead so as to carry out such tasks that are much more important and bestow on the world much more soul peace and inner contentment.

Anyone can take such steps forward. It is only lack of soul force that stop us from taking steps forward on the path of selfless world service. If we succeed in walking this path the priceless opportunity of getting a human body rare to attain even by demigods in heaven can attain the supreme goal of human embodiment. On noting from the principle standpoint it seems as though we have remained busy in activities that can be termed vain and meaningless and we have wasted priceless moments of life just like that. If akin to lesser evolved creatures the life of human beings also gets wasted in filling the tummy with food and procreating babies and that without attaining anything noteworthy life ends it can only be called an ill fated accident.

I have always cautioned my Prajna family members that their lifestyle must not be of such lowly stature. Filling the tummy with food and procreating babies cannot be a great ideal of human life. Nature has made such arrangements that even worms, bacteria, plants, birds etc fulfill these 2 requirements of food and procreation hence how can it be at all difficult for such a highly intelligent creature as a human being to fulfill these requirements? If our aim in life is merely this it can only be termed an animal life. The specialty of true human living is imbibing sacred ideals and greatness in thinking and actions. If nothing is done in this direction doubtlessly human life has been wasted.

Life is extremely precious. To waste it in useless tasks is such a huge error that for thousands of years one has to atone for it. Every day we shall perforce shed tears in repentance that despite attaining a priceless human body instead of using it for spiritual uplifting we wasted it for those useless reasons fulfilled easily by even lesser evolved creatures than humans. In times to come we shall have to burn in the inferno of untold repentance. I have prophesized this bare reality on a continuous basis. I just do not know how effective this warning has been noted in which person and that how many have just termed this as ‘insane chatter’ on my part and hence have chosen to turn their faces away?

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (November 1969; Page 61)



There are 2 classes of people in world society wherein one is the demonic class immersed in indolence and mental deluded attachment and the other class is that of divinity immersed in playing the stupendous role of ushering in world well being. Both these classes shall get a chance in the near future to exhibit greatness or vileness pertaining to their thinking, behavior and activities. In both these activities both good and bad results shall emerge and on witnessing it the future generation shall have to decide as to which mode of living amongst the 2 types mentioned is apt and worth imbibing. Which should be accepted and which should be renounced?

In future times to come we shall have to join any one category. We cannot remain neutral. If we wish to join that camp posing obstacles in a deluded manner in the law designed by Lord Mahakal please do so but also be prepared for ferocious punishment from Almighty God. If you do not wish this to happen then become aides in tasks of Almighty God which is the correct thing to do. We shall have to change our activities right from this moment and that meritorious procedure shall have to be imbibed that includes both soul welfare and world well being.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (December 1937; Page 4)



None should henceforth harbor greed for wealth and must not get trapped in the desire for leaving loads of wealth after death for wife, children etc. Both these efforts shall prove to be useless. Today’s times are changing speedily. None shall hence benefit from both these situations but that due to the lowly acts of greed for wealth and deluded mental attachment we shall only face censure everywhere. Further since wealth shall be grabbed away sorrow and repentance shall harass us for a long time to come. Hence this advice shall prove correct from all angles that the great glory called human life must be used only as much is minimal for basic needs. Without imbibing this deeply in life it shall be impossible for anyone to do anything concrete for Era Neo Creation tasks. Without changing the direction it is not possible to walk in another direction.

Those immersed in greed for wealth and deluded mental attachment shall not get time to carry out world well being tasks and will not get any facilities also for it. Hence those walking the path of world welfare preliminarily shall have to defeat these 2 demon enemies of theirs like Ravan-Kumbhkaran, Hiranyaksha-Hiranyakashipu etc. It is these 2 inner enemies that are the 2 biggest reasons of destruction of glory called human life. Thus we shall have to commence our activities in order to end the final Mahabharat War once and for all. Like an ordinary citizen we must live a frugal life, render our family members independent and after seeing to it that they are earning enough encourage them to become independent from all standpoints of daily living. To die leaving behind loads of wealth for children etc is one such among innumerable vile traditions of India.

Nowhere in the world, does this happen. Apart from India people abroad donate excess money they have for good causes. Over there both parents and children have no complaint regarding this. Hence amongst us Indians those who are deep thinking must act valiantly thus. Those who do not possess such Brahmavarchas (divine aura) may vainly chant Mantras with rosary, read scriptures superficially etc and call themselves ‘great’ devotees yet know that they cannot march ahead even one step forward on the path of spirituality. World humanity can be served selflessly using one’s wealth, labor, time etc only when the demons of greed for wealth and deluded mental attachment are uprooted. Those who can look after family needs using one’s ancestral wealth must stop earning more wealth and spare all their special time for Era Neo Creation tasks. Such efforts must be made that one married partner earns wealth for the family upkeep and the other works for world well being tasks. One person from a joint family must be sent for world well being tasks and his basic needs must be shouldered by the joint family members. Those who earn daily for buying food on a day to day basis must be looked upon also as a member of the world welfare family and others must look after his basic family requirements.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June 1971; Page 56-57)



A solution to all problems, strife and difficulties faced by individuals and the entire world shall be unearthed only when in world human psyche seeds of great aspirations are sown and that on a war footing it shall get nurtured and nourished to maturity. For this politics or economy based solutions merely cannot fulfill the goal. In fact only the institution of true religion can do the needful satisfactorily and successfully.

Today the nature of religion has become a mockery and ugly to look at. Although this is a fact yet if it is sanctified, rendered radiant and well managed the great task of sacred sentiment creation shall succeed. Apart from this no other solution shall work. The economic institution can influence wealth, medical institutions can influence our health and overall society management can be influenced by the political institution yet no one apart from a true religious institution that can positively influence the psyche. It is an institutional question as to whether what is broken must be repaired or not or that it be made anew yet the root fact is that in order to get liberated from strife and to usher in a bright world future without taking help of a true religious institution no solution shall be effective.

If someone has aversion towards spirituality some other words from a dictionary to satisfy them can be found but what actually shall have to be done is that the world human psyche shall have to be rendered supremely great since it influences the direction taken by individuals and society. Further those precepts of human culture that are distorted must be uprooted and that a combination of faith, farsighted discrimination or Viveka and standpoint must be made the basis.

The reason for Prajnavatar’s incarnation in this world too is the above. His work arena encompasses sanctifying and purifying the faith of all individuals with spirituality as its basis and habits with religious/spiritual activities as its substratum. His main world program is to augment faith towards greatness. The more speedily this wheel of activity moves the auspicious hour of a New Era manifesting shall draw closer.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (August 1979; Page 31)



Era Transformation is nothing but giving a new form to that which has turned bad. Wickedness in individuals and corruption in world society is rising alarmingly. Wholesomeness and aptness have been replaced by sheer demonic unruliness. Cooperative attitude has virtually shut down and narrow minded selfishness is lording the world. Activities the world over are not creative but are rank destructive in nature. Under such circumstances anything less than a worldwide transformation shall not aid in our success. The task of positively changing the world trend is humungous especially when on the road of lowliness swift horses are madly running ahead not only its reins and whip have to be caught in a controlling manner but that since the task of transformation is massive in measure it shall be very difficult, laborious and full of penance for a long time span in order to taste sweet success.

It is easy to offer lip service regarding revolutions. It takes no time to make various programs, but to actually put it into practice and render it successful is well nigh difficult. Credit is given only when success is reaped. From this standpoint local and contemporary revolutions succeed only partially. So we can understand how it shall be that much more difficult to transform the psyche of 4,000,000,000 world humans and the dire situation of planet earth spanning a diameter area of 25,000 miles. If an ordinary brain tries to even imagine this it shall get dumbfounded because it is like getting mind boggled on seeing the upheavals going on in the deep recesses of the widespread cosmos of special Prajna (Divine Intellect). Whatever is to happen shall definitely happen because no other option can be availed. This is the road of life and death on which stands today’s world. From here there are 2 roads to march ahead: One is that of total destruction and the other is that of neo creation. Only one from these 2 can be chosen. Destiny has to choose one from these 2 options available.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (September 1979; Page 52)



Every world family member of ours must go beyond beastly activities like just filling their tummy with food and siring children must instead take at least a few steps in the direction of imbibing a divine life. If we just think about this without actually doing something about it then no success shall come our way. From amongst us each one must imbibe a high stature viewpoint of human living and bring in such positive changes in our activities in order that spiritual and selfless world service gains more and more predominance. Whatever talent, wealth etc that we possess must not be used merely for family, friends etc but that a fair measure of it, must be used for world well being tasks.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 31)



What needs to be kept in mind is that this world has 2 chief energies: They are politics and religion based. Politics has the power to influence worldly mundane situations and religion can transform the inner human consciousness positively. Both these institutions must complement each other. The fact of the matter is that one without the other is incomplete and lame. Without citizens oozing with a sense of steadfast duty and goodwill towards all no country can become powerful and well develop. Lest politics decides to uproot the very existence of religion and spirituality it shall become very difficult for politics to do much for its citizens. Ramrajya (Lord Rama’s Rule) became successful only when Maharshi Vashishtha was guiding it. The credit of King Chandragupta getting honor for ruling his kingdom very capably goes to the watchful guidance given to him by his mentor Chanakya. This tradition of ancient eras no doubt shall carry on further in our contemporary modern era. The religious authority enjoys a 1st spot and hence politics must both endorse it and cooperate with it to the last letter.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (May 1972; Page 36)



Not all human beings the world over can think on those very lines as we do and that not all situations faced by us can be endearing for us. Under such situations endurance is the key. If we cannot become in tandem with these situations it is best to go far away from them or that try to ward off that situation because continuous struggle with it is meaningless. If reformation cannot take place as we so desire look upon it as a misfortune but to get annoyed and lose peace of mind over it is wastage of precious mental energies.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1974; Page 34)


J)    We must not spew an onrush of anger when faced with people or situation that showers nothing but opposition on us. If you get angry or harbor despair it is a sign of human inner weakness. Situations must be solved with patience and sense of aptness and whether we reap success or not yet be satisfied with your honest efforts and sense of righteous duty manifested by you.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1974; Page 34)


K)  It is Almighty God’s divine wish that is making due arrangements for ushering in Era Transformation and Neo Creation. To help in this task that itself is the greatest farsightedness of living wise souls of this present modern era. In future days no one will possess any capital. Wealth, property etc shall be in the hands of the government and society. Every person shall earn their bread toiling hard for it. If anyone so wishes this can be termed a definite prophecy given by me. The times to come in future shall prove it correct to the last letter. Hence for deep thinking people of this era my intense request is not to fall into the vicious trap of amassing hordes of wealth at any cost and then leaving it behind for children, grand children etc after death. We have witnessed kings and landlords getting stripped off all wealth, titles etc. Hence we shall have to prepare ourselves to see with these very eyes of ours individual capital getting converted into public wealth.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1967; Page 34-35)



After I shed my mortal coil it shall be the duty of every loving kin, soul friend and comrade of mine to continue this great task of Era Transformation and Neo Creation. Those who harbor goodwill and faith towards me must not push it away in some corner of their heart but instead transform this sensitive pious emotion into actual help for augmenting our mission’s activities. After someone dies their descendents offer ancestral worship (Tarpan) with faith to their departed ancestors. Shraddha (ancestral worship and Tarpan) is pain of separation from one’s dear ones and intense faith manifesting on the path of creativity. I harbor hope that wherever people shall harbor faith towards me it shall definitely get converted and further advanced into Shraddha (ancestral worship and Tarpan).

The mission at present is in the 1st grade of Yajna of Divine Wisdom. It can no doubt be rendered further widespread. Jnanaghat and Jhola Pustakalaya can be called the supreme Pindadaan (Shraddha) offered to me post my death. Wherever my soul shall see my beloved aides performing true spiritual and righteous acts there it shall experience contentment and bliss. Those pious emotion members immersed in such a great task as this shall accrue my love, blessings, protection, help and subtle close proximity. Akin to a honeybee hovering around a blooming flower I also shall ‘fly’ around albeit subtly near these farsighted selfless workers of my mission and I shall ceaselessly make them hear my pious sentiment based humming full of joy.

The future steps of our mission are full of creativity and struggle based programs. A very terrific and widespread struggle shall have to be taken up against the vileness the world over. A terrible war of cutting bad thoughts with good ones shall ensue for long. What is not apt and is full of injustice has to be uprooted and for it in every home and alley the future Mahabharat War that shall be fought has been designed in detail already by me. This shall be the ultimate war of the world. After this the present ugly gory look of wars fought in present times shall end totally.

Along with destroying that which is undesirable many creative activities shall be commenced. It is not enough just to dig the ground to lay foundation stones but that the wall of the palace also shall have to be built. Along with destruction shall be conjoined neo creation akin to bandages and needles etc used in surgical operations. Hence as per those times stories too shall emerge. Furnaces of bricks, white lime etc have been set up in order to get baked in the fire of Yajna of Divine Wisdom meant for Era Neo Creation. In it such brilliant radiance shall emerge that immediately other campaigns shall set rolling out. In all campaigns pertaining to ignorance, lack and weakness our army shall hold fort.

The Thought Revolution shall not be the only revolution. Conjoined to it shall also be an Ethical and Social Revolution in an inseparable manner. Since our worldwide mission shall be 3 times bigger than the public power and means used to fight India’s Political Freedom Struggle  for it 3 fold more public force, labor power, goodwill power and wealth power shall be required. Due to propagation of the Yajna of Divine Wisdom these shall be attained and hence a lot of emphasis is being given to these preliminary steps being taken. We cannot limit ourselves to this much only. The moment a bit of warmth manifests in our hands and feet on its own we shall march ahead towards our goal with greater zeal and they shall keep marching forward until the goal of divinity manifesting in humans and heaven ushering in on earth is not achieved.

I shall direct this jigsaw puzzle from behind the veil. When I shall shed my mortal coil it shall not unduly affect my soldiers working for Era Neo Creation because despite remaining invisible myself being rendered more powerful, valiant and imbued with greater prowess than visible people shall contribute n fold more with apt guidance for them. By leaving this task at hand incomplete I cannot just wash my hands off it. Whether my soul existence remains visible or not, whether it lives in this world or the other, it shall make not an iota of a difference. The question simply is about contributing to the progress of our world mission hence in just about any situation I shall focus on it ceaselessly. It is just not right on my part to leave my aides and co workers in jeopardy.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (March 1977; Page 52)


M) None amongst our farsighted mission members must miss this opportunity of being given credit for becoming partners in the stupendous thing that shall happen in future. This is not the time to waste your life in greed, attachment etc, imbibing a thinking of showing off one’s wealth in vain expenditures for parties, marriage ceremonies etc We must instead imbibe an ordinary lifestyle with minimal expenses and instead of siring more and more children go in for a small family. Your family members must be made independent from all standpoints because this wise step of yours shall give you untold all round benefits. Those who can do this much shall realize how much wealth, time and honest efforts they can spare for Era Neo Creation tasks. If you instead get trapped in satiating selfish greed know that only lack shall be faced by you.

Those who wish to attain the good fortune of becoming aides of selfless world well being tasks must like me become self controlled and a selfless worker in the mundane world. The Mantra of ‘Simple living, high thinking’ must be imbibed in every pore of one’s being. Those members who succeed in doing this much shall play a great divine role in days to come by.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1987; Page 64)


N)  I am giving an open invitation to every member of my Akhand Jyoti Family to become my inheritors. The question only is of valor. Those who are brave can accept this invitation whole heartedly. Lest some material objects were to be distributed so many would have lined up in serpentine queues to attain them but here the question of giving and not taking. Here the question is of self sacrifice and not sense merriment. Hence it is natural that only some rare person shall voluntarily come forward. Despite this it is most definite that this planet earth of ours has never lacked brave valiant personalities. In it dwell those who imbibe high stature ideals, large hearted people of high sacred stature and our world family does not lack them. Maybe they are less in number but they do exist. That red flame torch handed over to me if I see it being held high in 1000-2000 hands it shall profoundly satisfy me.

…………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1965; Page 51)








The great devotee Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was an adept master of Super Science of Gayatri, one who rejuvenated the Sanskar tradition and divine culture, who was an active zealous soldier during India’s Political Freedom struggle, he was a true national saint, a great author, a deep thinker, Guru of millions of devotees and one who devotedly worked for uplifting of women and Harijans (untouchable backward class). His heart was as soft as butter being filled with untold affection towards all. He had imbibed true great qualities of a Brahmin and hence in this section we describe the stupendously glorious life of this Rishi-couple.

Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has established very important centers and institutions not only in India but in all parts of the world. These include Gayatri Shaktipitha in Anwalkheda Village-Agra, Akhand Jyoti in Mathura-UP, Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura-UP, Shantikunj-Haridwar-Uttarakhand, Brahmavarchas Research Institute and Dev Sanskriti or Divine Culture University. These important centers and institutions set up by our Revered Gurudeva are propagating his glorious thinking and programs day after day. Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has conducted important studies on medical forest herbs offered in Yajna Fire. This mode of therapy is labeled Yajnopathy.



In the district of Agra (UP-INDIA) is a village called Anwalkheda. In this village called Anwalkheda a big Gayatri Shaktipitha has been established and so many visitors arrive here daily even from very far off regions. At the commencement of this 21st century this called Anwalkheda was an ordinary one yet since the past few years this spot being the birth place of a great renowned saint has become a hallowed pilgrim spot. Every day many pilgrims arrive here to visualize this sacred birth place of a great renowned saint. In this village was born a child later named Shriram Sharma. Later he gained world honor in the form of Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. In this birth place of his a pillar of glory has been built and in its backside area a building has been constructed etched with 14 jewels like quotes.

Yugadrishta Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was born on Ashwin Krishna Trayodashi i.e. Vikram Samvat 1986 as per the Hindu Panchang or almanac. As per the Christian calendar his birth date is 20th September 1911.his revered mother’s name is Shrimati Dhankunvari and revered father’s name is Pundit Roopkishor Sharma. His mother Shrimati Dhankunvari was straightforward, steadfast and imbued with deep faith in Almighty God. She adored serving everybody in a selfless manner. Due to her generous nature people nearby would come to her for help. She would help each and everyone as much as she could.

Yuga Rishi Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s revered father called Pundit Roopkishor Sharma was a well known scholar of the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana text (Indian Mythology). His mother Shrimati Dhankunvari affectionately called Tayiji recalled: Before my child Shriram Sharma took birth a lot of cows would arrive in our house. She also said: In my dreams I would see that from the eastern direction air planes would come and shower flowers on our house. Further one Goddess would shower flowers on my lap.

After a few months of child Shriram Sharma’s birth a Sanyasi (ocher robed ascetic) came to his house and kept staring at child Shriram. Tayiji his mother did not like this. She asked: Revered Sir! Why are you staring at child Shriram? The Sanyasi said: Mother! This child is a Sidha saint (God Realized). Saying thus the Sanyasi bowed down in reverence to child Shriram and left his house.

Tayiji said: Child Shriram’s body was thin yet from childhood itself he was very fearless. At our doorstep many snakes, scorpions etc would slither by. He would remove them from the way without any fear at all.

Shriram would head for the forest nearby all alone. He would not get scared by ferocious violent animals also. Tayiji his mother said: Without telling anyone Shriram would go to the forest nearby all alone. When we would come to know we would be very worried. When I would ask someone to search for Shriram that person would tell us that he would be seated under a tree with eyes shut. Sometimes Tayiji would see her son seated in the garden carving ‘Om’ or the Sathiya in the mud.

The young Shriram would love sharing things with others and hence would keep giving others food, clothes etc. One day his mother Tayiji saw that he had given his small scarf to a poor person. She was quite amazed to see this act of her son. She asked Shriram: Son! Why did you give away your cloth to this beggar? He answered: Mother! He was shivering with cold and hence he needed this cloth quite badly.

One day his mother Shrimati Dhankunvari came to know that he had given away all his food to beggars. She asked Shriram: Son! Where is all your food? He answered: Mother! I gave it away because I am learning how to observe Vratas or religious vows. Shriram loved to serve poor, sorrowful people.

Cows on their own would come and stand by child Shriram’s side. He would feed them fodder and serve them. Sparrows, pigeons etc also would fearlessly peck grains in his presence offered to them by him.

One day the young boy Shriram started walking on a lonely path for quite a few kilometers and finally reached a nearby railway station. There one neighbor of his saw Shriram who asked him: Shriram! Where are you going? The answer was: I am going to the lofty Himalaya Mountains. On hearing the boy’s answer the neighbor laughed and took the boy with him to their village.

Sometimes children would sit surrounding the young boy Shriram who would tell them religious stories. The other children would avidly hear Shriram’s discourse.

Shriram’s revered father had a rare collection of ancient Sanskrit literature. Amongst these were a few handwritten ones and some were books written on dry Bhoja leaves. When his revered father had some time to spare he would spend it in reading this rare collection of literature. When the young boy Shriram would see his revered father reading this Sanskrit literature he would become very curious. When on reading these pages his revered father passed some comment the young boy Shriram would wonder as to how these papers taught his father to speak thus? The young boy Shriram in a hidden manner would keep staring at his revered father reading books thus.

One day the young boy Shriram asked his mother: Tayiji! How do the papers in father’s hands speak thus? On hearing this innocent curiosity of her small son his mother smiled and explained to him the mystery of reading aloud. On hearing this mystery the young boy Shriram was very happy. He resolved mentally to attain this knowledge.

After that day the young boy Shriram would very attentively listen to what his father spoke. He would love to hear his father talk thus and experienced immense joy from it. The boy had heard many religious discourses and sacred teachings from his revered father.

One day his revered father sent the young boy Shriram to the local Paathshala (school) for education. On noting the very sharp brain skill of young Shriram his teachers were very pleased. Young Shriram advanced in his studies quite swiftly. When his father Pundit Roopkishor Sharma got news about Shriram’s excellent progress in his studies he was very pleased. He hence decided to perform his son’s Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) ceremony.

One day young Shriram went to his mother Tayiji and stood in front of her. Tayiji seeing his son’s serious face asked: What is the matter? Why are you so serious? Young Shriram replied: Tayiji! I shall not go to Agra city to study in an English medium school because if I go there I shall have to change my lifestyle. No doubt I shall learn the good aspects of Englishmen yet I do not wish to follow their culture, lifestyle and dressing mode. His mother Tayiji on hearing her son speak thus asked in a bit of a worried tone: Beloved son! Tell me then what shall you do henceforth? How is it possible to avoid studying in an English medium school? You shall have to do something or the other. Young Shriram replied: Tayiji! I shall not take up a job. I shall not go to each household to give religious discourses (Kathas). I want to become self dependent and shall teach others also how to earn money in a self dependent manner. His mother just stared at her son dumbstruck!

One day young Shriram said: To learn the art of wielding weapons for self defense only is not wrong at all. It is only when you wield weapons for vile unethical acts that it is erroneous. I shall hence learn how to wield a stick, sword etc. I shall learn this science from Guru Hariya. Young Shriram was told that Guru Hariya belongs to a low caste and hence you cannot make him your teacher. But young Shriram did not budge from his decision and hence started learning the art of wielding weapons albeit for self defense only.

Although young Shriram’s body was thin and frail yet he oozed with amazing zest and strength. In a few days itself he mastered many sciences pertaining to wielding weapons. He also taught it to other friends of his village and very secretively chose a small group of comrades in order to fight for India’s political freedom.

One day young Shriram saw that an Englishman riding on a horse was following a rural girl running fast. This girl was very scared and other people nearby just stood there silently. Young Shriram refused to be a mere coward witness to this. He realized the bad intentions of the Englishman and after hiding nearby he silently threw a brick at the Englishman. The head of this Englishman split apart and the scared girl hid somewhere. Thus she was saved from the dirty intentions of the Englishman. The latter just kept muttering abuses in daze.

Young Shriram would also do a lot of social service. In those days in his village resided a Harijan lady (backward caste) called Chapko. Her hands started showing symptoms of advanced leprosy. Hence she was very sick. When young Shriram got to know of this he went to her house for administering some medical therapy. Till she did not get cured fully he continued to serve her despite stiff opposition from all concerned. The old lady blessed him: One day you shall become a great renowned saint and shall rule the hearts of all akin to an emperor.

After completing studies in the village Madaras (school) young Shriram went to Agra city nearby. In his village was a landlord called Hubbalal. Everyone was very terrorized with atrocities he inflicted on everyone. He was a very wicked person. None liked to even talk to him. After a few days, young Shriram returned to the village from Agra city. He came to know that Hubbalal was very ill. Hence he went to Hubbalal’s house and started serving him.

In Agra city young Shriram organized a social service team. Their task was to serve physically/mentally challenged people and give away clothes, food etc to those in dire need.

When Hubbalal saw young Shriram serving him he said: Son! I have sinned a lot and hence am undergoing its dire reactions. I have terrorized people and hence I am very ill today. Shriram saw a huge crowd of people standing outside Hubbalal’s house and hence he told the crowd: You may hate sins but not the sinner. Thus when a sinner is helpless due to sickness we must serve him.

Young Shriram’s revered father saw that now his son was capable enough to be given the Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread ceremony). The moment this pious thought this crossed his mind he took Shriram to his childhood friend Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji who at that time resided in Kashi or Banaras. Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji took a close look at young Shriram and was very pleased.

Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji in his presence bestowed the Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread ceremony) to young Shriram and himself initiated the boy in Super Mantra Gayatri Deeksha. He told young Shriram: Gayatri is a true Brahmin’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). Hence you must regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri, worship and meditate on it.

While returning from Kashi or Banaras city both young Shriram and his revered father were seated in a train. At that time young Shriram asked his revered father: What is the true meaning of what Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji told me? His revered father answered: It means that Super Mantra Gayatri is such a Mantra that it fulfills all our inner desires. Young Shriram took proper note of this important answer regarding Super Mantra Gayatri. Thus the seed of this Mantra firmly got embedded in his mind and it started sprouting as days passed by.

Slowly but surely young Shriram got immersed in chanting Super Mantra Gayatri implicitly following the procedure prescribed to him. Hence daily he started chanting this great Mantra.

The following is an incident on Vasant Panchmi (heralding spring season) in the year 1926 AD. It was early dawn. Suddenly the room in which Shriram was doing his Gayatri spiritual practice emitted sweet nectarine fragrance and in the eastern side a mass of brilliant light was witnessed by him. From this mass of brilliant light emerged a Rishi (saint) like form. This Rishi form said: Do not fear! I know you since many past lifetimes of yours. You do not know who you were in your past 3 previous births. Much previously you were born as Saint Kabir. Then you were born as Saint Swami Samarth Ramdas. After this you were born as Saint Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans. In this present birth of yours you have to execute many tasks.

On hearing about his 3 previous births Shriram got immersed in thoughts of wonder. He felt as though he was in Tandra (half awake-half asleep). The great Rishi saint spoke again: You have to execute 24 Purashcharanas of Super Mantra Gayatri. I am telling you its method. Saying this much this great Rishi saint explained the exact procedure and immediately then disappeared from sight. On that day young Shriram lit the Akhand Jyoti (imperishable flame lamp) and till today this has remained alit.

Slowly the Super Mantra Gayatri Sadhana of young Shriram started progressing further. At this end the freedom movement in India against alien British Rule had strengthened much more. Young Shriram too joined in this struggle. He took part in various activities for this freedom movement in India.

In the year 1928 AD it was winter season. Two butchers were carrying away a lame cow with them. Young Shriram saw this pitiable state of the innocent cow and hence started talking to the 2 butchers. The butchers demanded a fee for releasing the lame cow from their wicked clutches. Somehow or the other young Shriram paid this cash and thus freed the innocent cow.

The youth Shriram took active part in the freedom movement in India and opposed the alien British Rule tooth and nail. In a place called Jarkhi near Anvalkheda village he led a procession opposing the British Government and when he fell down on the ground after being beaten up mercilessly by British police officers he held on to India’s flag by clenching it between his teeth. Thus so bravely he refused to let the flag fall down on the ground despite being wounded badly. The police tried to wrench away this flag from youth Shriram’s clenched teeth but failed miserably.

A Congress conference was organized in Kolkata city. Youth Shriram with his fellow aides set off for Kolkata city to attend this conference. But before they could reach the city some CID personnel following them incognito arrested them at the Asansol railway station.

In this freedom fight, Shriram was imprisoned. In this Asansol jail were other freedom fighters like Mahamana Pundit Madanmohan Malviyaji, Devi Rani Nehru, Shri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Shri Devdas Gandhi etc.  Over here in the jail Shriram learned how to read and write in English and that too by using a coal as a pen in order to write on his eating plate made of metal.

After being released from jail youth Shriram focused his attention on creative tasks in his village. Over here he opened a big center for weaving cloth etc. He named it ‘Bunta Ghar’. It was a beginning of rural cottage industry. Even today after about a century has lapsed by people in Anvalkheda village today know the name ‘Bunta Ghar’ and its location.

Plain clothed police officers stationed in Agra district wrote in their report: As of now Shriram is associated with Congress. If he does join its revolutionary wing he can create havoc for the alien British government.

One day youth Shriram seated in his room for spiritual practices was deeply thinking thus: This body of mine shall definitely become old and frail one day and shall die too. Hence what is the true goal of human life? Maybe our mind can find joy by running after material pleasures but these materials can give sorrow and diseases also. Hence it is best that my life is used for great wholesome activities. Every moment of life is very precious.

In those very days of a struggle based life his Revered Gurudeva directed him (subtly) to come to the Himalayas. Hence youth Shriram all alone set off for the Himalaya Mountains to meet his Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji. In those times journeying into the lofty Himalaya Mountains was very tortuous and difficult. But since behind this journey was a divine resolve (Sankalpa) hence Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji all along the way helped him (subtly) and called youth Shriram by his side. He gave details of all the programs that Shriram had to carry out in future. Due to this meeting he felt highly energized and encouraged.

It was a very long tiring journey to Himalaya Mountains. At many spots he saw hermitages (Ashramas). He saw the various activities and lifestyle of mendicants, ascetics, Sanyasis etc. Hence Shriram deeply started cogitating over their way of living here. He felt that a huge number of these ascetics etc remained without work, lazy, illiterate and those that destroy any nation’s wealth. Hence Shriram resolved to reform their way of living and attitude.

After returning from his journey to Himalaya Mountains Shriram’s attention got focused on his village’s animal wealth and agricultural endeavors. For apt reformation and protection of these youth Shriram wrote small pocket size booklets which cost hardly a few cents and published them. During this phase he took training as a journalist in a daily newspaper called ‘Sainik’ and he also wrote poetry oozing with patriotism.

In these very days youth Shriram went to visit Mahatma Gandhi at his Sabarmati Ashram and took a close look at the method of working there. He also visited the great poet seer Thakur Rabindranath Tagore at Shanti Niketan established by him. After a few days he visited Pondicherry City where the great Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo resided. At that time Shriram journeyed all over India for a fair length of time. After meeting Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo, Thakur Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi etc went to many other parts of India and thus gauged the state of India as a close witness. He saw that majority of Indians were poor, illiterate and had miniscule information. He hence searched for apt solutions in order to educate them and give them important information regarding many arenas of day to day living. One solution for this according to Shriram was to publish a magazine.

He said to himself that in order to awaken consciousness in the lay public he shall have to endeavor hard. People he felt were not well educated at all. Hence how shall they read huge books? On mulling thus he decided that he would publish small booklets on spiritual and social topics. He also printed pamphlets and took others help to hand them over to one and all.

Shriram would go to the main bazaar area and give water to the thirsty. He would also give out pamphlets on animal disease diagnosis.

Shriram who was now called Pundit Shriram Sharma would write literature in easy to follow language style and they were full of useful tips. All facts written here were very beneficial for peoples all round well being and never would it revolve only around some particular religion. In fact in his writings oozed first hand experiences of day to day living.

All human beings all children of Almighty God! Thus none is higher or lower in stature. Castes, creeds, communities etc have never been Almighty God’s creation. All these differences and disparities are but superficial. In all creatures the soul dwells equally. People hearing this would fully agree: Yes! What you say is absolutely true. Differences amongst us are vain and futile.

In the year 1937 AD the 1st volume of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ was published from Agra City. The very 1st copy of this 1st volume was placed in front of the imperishable flame wick lamp in his sAdhana Room by a girl called Gauri as per Pundit Shriram Sharma’s direction. The girl Gauri made a Swastik sign on it with red vermillion powder and on it flowers, fruits and rice grains were placed.  

This very extraordinary girl Gauri had suddenly arrived at Pundit Shriram Sharma’s house on that auspicious day and till today no one knows from where she had come all alone.

After some time lapsed by in order to establish an office of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ in Mathura city a building was rented. Then this building was given up and a new building was rented in Ghiyamandi area. In this building many ghosts were known to reside. On the upper floor of the building daily a lot of chaos was heard. One night Pundit Shriram Sharma’s Acharya went to the upper floor with a lantern in hand. He spoke to the ghosts: Please live and let us live too in peace. In these 7 rooms on the upper floor you all can dwell and below we all shall reside. The ghosts did not give any reply yet after this episode never were loud chaotic noises heard again.

Then came the time period of a very struggle based 2nd world war. Materials the world over were becoming costlier day by day and so many parts of India arson, looting etc were reported. In these days of strife Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya with a serene mind got immersed in deep thinking, mental reflection and spiritual practices.

In the year 1943 AD his 1st wife passed away. As per commands given to him by his Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji previously he got married to again to HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji who was his holy consort in his previous births too. She played a great role in Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s life of selfless world service and hence received a lot of honor the world over as Vandaniya Mataji or Revered Holy Mother.

Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji in the very 1st Darshan (divine vision) itself given to Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had commanded: I am happy that you are married. In between obstacles may crop up yet again you shall get the companionship of a 2nd wife who was you consort in your previous births too. She shall dwell by your side all your life as a faithful cooperative partner in all your selfless world service activities. This consort of previous births was none other than HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji.

HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji called Revered Holy Mother also was born in to a very affluent landlord family in Agra city. Since her ancestors were known to overflow with compassion, philanthropy, generosity and selfless service to society this landlord clan was highly respected and had gained renown too. Her father respected Shri Yashwant Singh was a very influential landlord in that area. The childhood of HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji brimmed with adoration from family members and was lovingly protected. Right from girlhood she oozed with great pious qualities both within and without. These tremendous qualities matured fully after she got the golden opportunity to become the sacred life partner of Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya.

In those days HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji had to carry out so many chores. Serving cows, feeding them fodder, cooking food for so many guests etc were done by her throughout the day. She would read so many letters written to Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and make arrangements for the daily spiritual practice of his etc. She would execute all these tasks very devotedly and meticulously.

One day Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya with the help of his well wishers and comrades set up a printing press in the rented building of his. Although this task was new yet he did not shirk from hard work required to operate it. He put all his efforts in each task of this printing press and also took help from family members.

He set up camps for establishing individual contact with people and training them too. Each day he would write so many letters. He established contact with ordinary lay folks. He created awareness and a deep interest in the selfless tasks he advocated for everyone’s overall well being.

In the printing and editing of his magazine he worked so hard. Alongside his Super Power Gayatri practices continued in full throttle. The moment he got time he would get immersed in both reading and writing important useful literature.

One day a co worker asked Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya: What has your spiritual practice or Sadhana got to do with your activities of editing and publishing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’? The reply was: This too is a practice of evolving life to a higher stature of human glory. Its effect shall definitely be felt after a certain time span passes by. Along with Super Mantra Gayatri chanting and practice Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya executed profound studies and research on Super Energy Gayatri. On the basis of his deep scientific research, mental cogitation and meditation he wrote 3 gigantic volumes titled ‘Gayatri Mahavijnana’ or ‘Super Science of Gayatri’. Thus he placed before the world a refreshingly new philosophy of Gayatri.

The building housing ‘Akhand Jyoti Sansthan’ in Ghiyamandi-Mathura was not very big. The activities of the sacred mission at hand were increasing day by day. Gayatri Tapobhumi too had to be established and hence Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for the River Yamuna shore in order to take a look at land to buy there.

A lot of wealth was required for establishing Gayatri Tapobhumi and carrying out huge Yajna programs. Hence HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji voluntarily said: I shall sell all my precious jewelry so that you can buy the required land. Thus our sacred mission shall become more widespread. Hence I request you not to stop your great mission.

In the year 1953 AD on Vaishakh Purnima Day Gayatri Tapobhumi was established on the Mathura-Vrindavan road and a Gayatri Temple also was built. For one month Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya observed Mauna (silence of speech) and lived merely on drinking water. He resolved to make 1000 devotees/Sadhaks write 2.4 million Super Mantra Gayatri with their hands.

In the year 1954 AD in Gayatri Tapobhumi camps on Science of Life and training for it were conducted. In these discourses and camps topics useful for apt human living and training in other useful tasks was given.

In the year 1956 AD in Mathura city a Gayatri Narmedha Yajna was performed. People manifested so much enthusiasm for this Yajna. Thousands of people and devotees participated in this Yajna and when some followers resolved to work all their life for this sacred mission everyone present there realized the mysterious import of this stupendous Gayatri Narmedha Yajna.

In the year 1957 AD a conference under the aegis of All India Gayatri Family was arranged. In this conference in huge numbers members associated with All India Gayatri Family participated in it. They were given information regarding various programs related to this All India Gayatri Family.

In November 1958 AD a Super Gayatri Yajna was conducted wherein 1000 Kundis of Yajna pyres were lit. In it thousands of devotees and followers participated. At that time the main road from Mathura to Vrindavan spanning many miles was filled with tents of pilgrims. In all directions there was a sea of lay public moving about.

In the above Yajna 2 men riding separate cycles, catching hold of a flag in their hand while chanting ‘Victory to Goddess Gayatri’ arrived there. In the same way another devotee riding a horse from Jodhpur city, donning Jodhpur mode of dressing, holding an orange flag with ‘Om’ written on it arrived at the Yajna dais in Mathura. Along the way he was propagating the great teaching of Gayatri.

This Super Gayatri Yajna was very humungous and grand. In it thousands of devotees taking a religious vow (Vrata) took part with zest and zeal. The Yajna area was extremely huge in measure. The lodging-boarding arrangements for devotees had been made on the main road from Mathura to Vrindavan spanning many miles.

The program of this Super Gayatri Yajna went on for many days. Saints, sages, ascetics etc gave religious and spiritual discourses. The devotees observing Vrata participated with deep faith. Without dowry, many marriages were conducted and innumerable people vowed to give up their inner taints and bad habits.

Previous to this Super Gayatri Yajna Gayatri chanting and practices was limited only to the Brahmin class. Hence Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya encouraged people of all castes, creeds, communities, religion etc to participate in this gigantic Yajna. Not only this he made women also take active part in it and they did perform the Gayatri Yajna. In this gigantic Yajna no donation was taken from anyone and none were asked to give something in charity.

At the closing ceremony of this Super Gayatri Yajna when devotees were bidding adieu their hearts were oozing with sensitive sacred emotions. Thus this incomparable experience gave birth to the All India Gayatri Family. Thus a refreshing new environment got harbingered in.

After this 1000 Kundi Yajna Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left to live in solitude and seclusion but before doing so he handed over the onerous duty of Gayatri Tapobhumi management and editing of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ in the capable hands of his respected consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji.

In its compact form the Samhita Paath of the 4 Vedas were not available in those days. The same condition was that of all 108 Upanishads, 6 Darshans, 18 Puranas, 20 Smritis, 24 Geetas, Aranyaks, Brahman, Nirukta etc. Hence Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya endeavored hard in this direction and he zealously immersed himself in a one pointed manner for compiling this entire Vangmaya (literature), writing some commentaries on them called Bhashyas and editing tasks. At that time HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji had deftly shouldered the responsibilities of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ and Gayatri Tapobhumi. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya then left in the very lonely area of Gangotri-Gomukh glacier in the lofty Himalaya Mountains for 1 whole year in order to execute difficult austerities. After returning from this journey he again commenced his writing activity.

Right from beginning itself Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya firmly opined that Indian Culture had bestowed 2 great boons on entire world human society in the form of Gayatri and Yajna. He strongly believed that a person belonging to any caste, community, creed, gender, region, religion etc had full right to chant Super Mantra Gayatri and perform Gayatri Yajnas. For his entire lifetime he steadfastly latched on to this great generous mode of thinking.

After returning from his 1 year travel of seclusion we followers got to know that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had completed translation of Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads and thus its publishing activities were commenced. Due to this great task wisdom a new direction was attained.

In this very sequence a new beginning ushered in the All India Gayatri Family in the form of a 100 point based programs.

Along with these, 100 point based programs Era Neo Creation oriented schools and camps too commenced. Due to these creative education and training on various topics commenced.

For overcoming poverty that was the root problem of a developing nation like India Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya felt that without giving training for becoming self dependent this problem can never be uprooted. Hence for getting trained in setting up small scale industries he made necessary arrangements and also trained people in cottage industry management.

In the year 1967 AD Era Neo Creation Schools were set up. Via these schools training was commenced related to topics useful in day to day living. Thousands of young men and women participated in this training program.

In the year 1968 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya keeping in mind various branches of modern science and beliefs of modern day intellectualism got notes on many important questions related to them from various scholars and experts in those realms. Thus about 20,000 pages giving details on these topics were gathered. This new stream of Scientific Spirituality gave a refreshingly new direction to spirituality from the year 1968-1990 AD. In the year 1978-79 AD so many books were published on this subject and along side scientific research studies too were initiated. In the years 1979-80 AD a camp for deep mental reflection was organized. Once on visiting Gayatri Tapobhumi a very affluent person got highly impressed. He hence went to visit Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. The affluent man said: You are carrying out propagation of Super Mantra Gayatri very well. I wish that you also propagate Hindu Religion thus. I shall donate a lot of wealth in order to carry out this task. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya replied: I belong to all the religions of the world. I love all religions equally. My chief goal is to awaken world humanity. I am not a preacher of any particular religion. I thank you for your help. That affluent man silently walked away.

This is an episode related to December 1969 AD. At the Patna Junction Shri Vijaykumar Sharma’s mother belonging to Moongher district died. They had come to witness the 100 Kundi Gayatri Yajna organized there. As fate would have it at that very time Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had arrived at Patna Junction while on his way to Mathura. When he was given this sad news he immediately came to the dead lady’s corpse and said: Son! Your mother is not dead and hence, do wake her up. On hearing this so many thronging that area were dumbfounded since suddenly the dead lady got up and reverently touched Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya hallowed feet. He gave her his blessings and then boarded his train.

An advocate called Shriram Krishna Singh Betiya said: In October 1970 AD myself, my wife and children had gone for a camp in Mathura. On getting an opportunity I talked about our institution’s head-Shri Umakant Jha. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya very firmly said: Today his time is ending. At that time I could not decipher the meaning behind these words. Yet when I reached my home I was told that on that very day Shri Umakant Jha had shed his mortal coil. Hence it is crystal clear that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the mind blowing powers of seeing the unknown and unseen by the gross eyes.

On 20th June 1971 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for Shantikunj-Haridwar (India). Thousands of his faithful devotees thronged by his and his holy consort’s side to bid them adieu.They showered their sacred devotional sentiments on their beloved Gurudeva and Holy Mother. As per his revered Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji’s direction Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya left for the Himalaya Mountains in a few days itself.

As per his firm resolve Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya went to meet his Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji. Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji stayed back in Shantikunj-Haridwar with a few aides and followers. At that time this place was not well known. At that time over here dense forests existed.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya felt extremely pained on witnessing that more than half the world population oozes with female power yet the condition of women in India was so abominable. She was a prey to oppression, harassment, illiteracy etc. Hence he focused his sharp vision in this direction and under the guidance of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji set up camps for young girls in the year 1971 AD. From the year 1975 AD an independent magazine was inaugurated titled ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign). From the year 1975 to 1979 AD educated and trained women conducted very effective programs of women’s awakening.

In the absence of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya, Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji guided unmarried young girls to execute a Gayatri Mahapurashcharan of 2.4 million Mantra chanting executed at Shantikunj-Haridwar. This was the preliminary phase of women consciousness awakening.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s journey to Himalayas ended. After getting new directions from his Gurudeva Sarvaeshwaranandji he returned to Shantikunj-Haridwar. After returning here he gave proper guidance for various creative tasks and thus Shantikunj became more and more widespread.

The branches of Gayatri Parivar and that of Yug Nirman Yojana had spread out in very huge areas. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s received many invitations from foreign countries too. He thought to himself that he should accept this invitation in order to render more widespread the activities of his sacred mission.

In the year 1975 AD Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji inaugurated the ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign). In order to give the message of this new era meant for women the ‘Mahila Jagran’ magazine publication commenced. Along with this literature pertaining to women too got published on a regular footing.

In the ‘Mahila Jagrati Abhiyan’ (women’s awakening campaign) for training women camps were organized. They were also given training for printing press purposes. Arrangements were made to train young girls for 1 year continuously.

In this campaign under the watchful eye of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji many girls started taking part in Era Neo Creation tasks and they thus rendered widespread creative programs in very far off regions of society.

Due to the inspiration of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya thousands of Gayatri Shaktipithas and Prajnapithas were established. From the religious/spiritual standpoint these Shaktipithas not only were important but from the standpoint of educating and training the lay ordinary public efforts were made to render them very useful. In Prajnapithas Darshan (philosophy) and science are given more weight age.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya after conducting a fair bit of mental reflection and deep cogitation for correlating modern science to spiritual sciences established the Brahmavarchas Research Institution near Shantikunj-Haridwar. Over here he encouraged expert scientists to find out the effect of Yajnas and Mantra Japa chanting via systematic scientific research studies. Thus a new beginning was made.

For devotees imbued with high stature Prajna (focused divine intellect) and executing intense spiritual practices a Gayatri Nagar was established so that they could conduct systematic scientific research studies on scientific spirituality. For educating and training them and also choosing them Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya arranged many training camps.

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya commenced the task of creation and research studies on medicinal forest herbs with the help of expert aides and for purifying and sanctifying the environment planted thousands of trees. For purifying and sanctifying water, air, atmosphere etc intense efforts were initiated.

In this modern era the requirement of protecting our environment and ecology is augmenting day by day. Hence Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya created a program for protecting lush greenery and also rendering it widespread. He conjoined this program to usage of forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti).

Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya focused his attention also on experiments and applications of the terrific energy of Mantra chanting and energy emerging from Yajnas. He made due arrangements for the chemical analysis of smoke emanating from Yajna fire and also designed programs to scientifically research into the effect of Mantra chanting on various forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti).

In the Brahmavarchas Research Institute established by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya latest scientific apparatus, gadgets and scientific research technology were installed. For modern scientific experimentation and applications a very modern hifi laboratory was set up. Along with this a huge library was set up where so many books on various subjects were made available for reading.

By imbuing potent energy in innumerable pious people of society many training camps were arranged so as to render them responsible citizens of society. Thus such training made them capable of carrying out society neo creation tasks. This process of imbuing Prana Energy in sacred people was executed both via the gross and subtle medium.

In this present modern age along with physical bodily diseases mental illnesses also are rising at an alarming rate. Under such conditions Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya pondered deeply over a solution that could put a full stop to this. Hence he made proper arrangements for imparting apt education and training for Asan, Pranayam and Prajna Yoga at Shantikunj-Haridwar. Right since then till today thousands of people are benefitting from such superb training.

In the year 1990 AD (2nd June) Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya as per the proclamation he had made previously became one with his subtle divine existence on the auspicious day of Gayatri Jayanti and thus shed his mortal coil. Thousands of his devotees, followers etc thus were immersed in untold grief and anguish.

Before Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had actually given up his mortal frame he was undergoing spiritual practices for rendering his inner psyche subtler (Sookshmikaran Sadhana). In 1990 AD (2nd June) on Gayatri Jayanti day he renounced forever his gross physical body and merged his sacred divine soul into that of Goddess Mother Gayatri. The moment faithful devotees got new of his great divine departure from this world they became full of sorrow and experienced untold pain of separation from him.

On 7th and 8th June 1990 Ad at 6 places in India Lakshavedi Brahmadeep Mahayajnas were organized (0.1 million wick flame lamps were lit). Slowly but surely its deep import and stupendous effect was recognized by society in all directions.

As per the holy guidance and directions given by Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) in the year 1990 AD a huge meeting was organized to offer flowers of deep faith and gratefulness (Shradhanjali) at the feet of Revered Gurudeva after he shed his mortal coil. For this so many men-women followers, devotees etc arrived both from all corners of India and the world too.

The Postal Department of the Govt. of India released a new postage stamp in the sacred memory of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. This ceremony was executed by the then Vice President of India Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma on 27th June 1991 AD.

In order that divine culture reaches every household under the watchful guidance of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) a historic swearing in ceremony (Shapath Samaroha) was organized on 8th and 10th June 1992 AD.

Under the holy direction of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji (consort of Revered Gurudeva) in order to awaken India who was virtually ‘sleeping’ and also to congregate it in unity proclamation for conducting Ashwamedha Yajnas was made on 10th June 1992 AD so as to set rolling the campaign of Divine Culture Victory.

The first gigantic Ashwamedha Yajna took place in Jaipur-Rajasthan from 7-10 November 1992 AD. In this Yajna thousands of people took part and after this, a chain of such Yajnas continued the world over.

On 19th September 1994 AD (Bhadrapad Purnima as per Hindu calendar) Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji shed her mortal coil and forever merged into the divine cosmic soul existence of her icon Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya. After the great departure of Holy Mother there was gloomy darkness and sadness all around.

After the great departure of Holy Mother Bhagwati Deviji for 1 year in Anvalkheda village (Agra) Akhand Japa (non stop) of Super Mantra Gayatri was carried out and for Purnahuti (closing rites) special Sadhanas or spiritual practices were performed. In this special program spanning one year participants from various parts of India had arrived.

From 7th November 1992 AD to 30th July 1994 AD both in India and abroad at 27 centers gigantic Ashwamedha Yajnas were performed. In foreign countries this was the very first time that such Yajnas were conducted. In this program both Indian citizens and Indians residing abroad joyously took part and citizens of foreign countries arriving there seriously started cogitating over the scientific angle of Yajnas. For the very 1st Purnahuti (closing rites) the Yajna arena of Anvalkheda village (Agra) was readied with grand beauty and in it many creative programs had been arranged. Both from within India and foreign countries thousands thronged to witness and take part in this grand gigantic program. The program site of Anvalkheda village (Agra) was very wonderful and grand.

The Great Purnahuti (closing rites) of Yugsandhi (era junction) Mahapurashcharan took place in the form of an Ashwamedha Yajna at Shantikunj-Haridwar in the year 2000 AD. In this grand gigantic program from within India and foreign countries thousands thronged to witness and take part in it. This program was indeed one without a second. The program site at Shantikunj-Haridwar was in a very humungous widespread area.












Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya was born on 20th September 1911 AD in Anvalkheda Village near Agra City in India. At this sacrosanct birth place of his a huge pillar of glory has been placed and on one big dais etched writings of all great tasks enacted by him have been placed.

Even today in this village activities pertaining to spirituality, Yoga, Pranayam, physical exercises, congregational Mantra Japa chanting, Anushthans, Yajnas etc are carried out. Over here have been established Shri Dankunvari Inter College, Gayatri Shaktipitha, Swavalamban Center, girls’ high school and university and Mata Bhagwati Devi Samudayik Swastha Kendra (health center). Thousands are benefitting from these institutions. Over here a big building for cows and another to perform Yajnas too have been constructed. At the birth place spot a grand Sun Temple and Meditation Center have been established.












Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya in the year 1940 AD established Akhand Jyoti Sansthan in Ghiyamandi-Mathura. Due to the divine touch of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya many sorrowful, stressed, harassed etc people got imbued with new refreshing Prana Energy and by availing Prasad and food from the sacrosanct hands of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji became their very own beloved. Only then did they leave after attaining fulfillment thus.

One room in this institution was used by Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya for Sadhana or spiritual practices and hence has been today converted into a worship room. The entire building has been renovated but this worship room is the same as it was previously. Over here literature related to Era Neo Creation, commentaries or Bhashyas of Rishi texts etc were penned here. It is from this house itself that on June 1971 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji had bid adieu to all in order to permanently shift to Shantikunj-Haridwar.

It is from here that publication of books, intense difficult austerities, propagating divine affection everywhere, writing letters to so many lay people who on experiencing such unconditioned love would write back with a sense of devoted gratefulness etc had commenced. Even today the gigantic institute for the publication, propagation, dispatch etc of Akhand Jyoti Magazine is established here in Mathura itself. It is from here too that 100 huge volumes (Vangmaya) of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s stupendous literature based on scientific spirituality is published, dispatched and distributed from here itself.

Over here has been set up an Akhand Jyoti Parmarthik Aushadhalaya (charitable medical center) for the benefit of poor patients.





This Gayatri Tapobhumi institution was established in Mathura city after Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya successfully completed 24 Mahapurashcharanas of Gayatri. Over here has been established writing of 24,000.000,000 of Super Mantra Gayatri, sacred water from 2400 pilgrim spots along with mud of that area. It is worth seeing the grand temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri and that of Lord Mahakal. Over here a Yajnashala has been constructed where an imperishably lit fire spanning 700 years has been established. On the right and left side of the temple the sacred sandals and radiant images of Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji have been placed devotedly. In the spiritual center set up year devotees perform Sadhana or spiritual practices for 9 days and 40 day programs arranged. In the year 1953 AD a 108 Kundi or pyre Yajna, in the year 1956 AD a Naramedha Yajna and in the year 1958 AD a gigantic 1000 Kundi or pyre Yajna was successfully complete over here. It is from here that the world welfare program of Era Neo Creation and Transformation had been commenced and directed.

From the year 1965 AD the Yug Nirman Swavalamban Vidyalaya (school for becoming self dependent) is successfully being run. Without accepting any fees arrangements for performing Sanskar rites, food is given free to all from the huge kitchen of Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji and free lodging arrangements on the campus also have been made. In the campus itself a Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya Parmarthik Chikitsalaya has been built for free medical treatment and a clean cool drinking water center has been set up to distribute it free to one and all. It is from here that Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s great sacred literature, editing of Yug Nirman Yojana magazine and publishing of Yug Shakti Gayatri in Gujarati language along with its dispatch and distribution takes place.






Shantikunj situated in Haridwar City in Uttarakhand State of India is a center of profound faith for millions of people. It was established in the year 1971 AD by the divine Rishi couple viz. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji. This Ashram or hermitage is known as the HQ of All World Gayatri Family.

Over here have been reinstated a grand temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri and images of the Saptarshis or 7 chief Rishis of Vedic Era. In the year 1926 AD Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya had lit the Akhand Deep or imperishable flame lamp over here. Daily and regularly thousands of devotees perform Yajnas over here. Over here practical guidance is given to people to render their body, mind and psyche healthy and well advanced. Those who come here experience the fulfillment of their desires via Darshan and devoted obeisances to the temple of deities and images and monument of Sajal Shraddha Prakhar Prajna and the divine Rishi couple viz. Revered Gurudeva Pundit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s and and his holy consort Revered Mata Bhagwati Deviji. A huge garden has been constructed for growing more than 300 rare forest medicinal herbs chiefly seen to grow in the lofty Himalaya Mountains. Over here each month a 9 day Sanjivani Sadhana Camp and 1 month’s Yuga Shilpi Camps are organized regularly.









A research center pertaining to scientific spirituality was set up in the year 1979 AD and named Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute. This gigantic laboratory adorned with latest computerized technology and apparatus have 3 main departments:

a)      A laboratory to research into Yajna Therapy (Yajnopathy)

b)     A laboratory that measures effects and influence of spiritual practices on the body, Prana Energy and mind i.e. on our entire life.

c)      A laboratory to conduct research on effects of rare forest medicinal herbs on our bodily and mental health. These rare forest medicinal herbs (Jadi Buti) are grown in a huge forest garden.

Twenty four temples of the 24 Divine Energy Streams of Adi Shakti Goddess Mother Gayatri have been set up wherein all principles of Mantra Science and Yajna Science have been installed.

It not only has a scientific spiritual laboratory but also a Reference Library boasting a collection of rare precious books and literature. In this institute an expert set of scientists are offering their great services in a selfless dedicated manner.









As per Indian Culture based on the ancient Gurukul System of imparting education in order to mold world humans as great ones this university was established. It is managed by Shantiknj-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India.

The fundamental aim of this university is to impart true culture based education and propagate it worldwide. This university shall give golden opportunities to young students to become self dependent and eke out their own income. It shall also prove the participation of future citizens in uplifting of one’s country and culture to great heights of glory and usher in true well being of the world at large.

It shall fufill the goal of rendering students here super great citizens in the true sense of the term, zealous volunteers for various great tasks, radiant patriotic citizens and experts in the subject of study chosen by them. Over here a very modern gigantic library, a grand temple of Lord Mahakal and a huge Goshala or cowshed has been built. Along with degree (bachelors and masters) courses on various subjects diploma courses spanning 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years also are offered.











In the year 1989 AD Gayatri Jnanapitha, Patidar Society and Junavadaj was established in Ahmedabad City (Gujarat-India). This is situated about 8 km from the railway station.

The grand beautiful temple of Goddess Mother Gayatri established here is thrown open for devotees to have holy Darshan from 5 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 8.30 pm in the evening. In a wonderful Yajna hall daily Yajnas are performed (fire sacrifice and rituals) and various types of Sanskar rites are bestowed on devotees visiting here. It has its own center for selling literature and a library too. From the Jnanapitha Gujarati language literature is sold and dispatched.

Over here, the Yug Shakti Gayatri magazine is translated into Gujarati language. On this campus a center for administering Homeopathy mode of healing also has been set up. It is from here that the management of the Bhartiya Sanskriti Jnan Pariksha (Indian Culture Knowledge Exams) for the entire Gujarat state takes place.














A)    The renowned Mahayogi Shri Devraha Baba Sarkar said: I ceaselessly offer my respects to the Sidha devotee of Gayatri viz. Acharyaji. He always resides in my heart.

B)    The great saint of Arya Samaj, Mahatma Anand Swami says: Acharyashri has taken the great task commenced by our founder Maharshi Dayandji further ahead by making available this great science and spiritual practice of Super Power Gayatri to every world human. Acharyashri and Gayatri were one in form.

C)    Swami Karpatriji Maharaj who had reinstated the glory of Sanatan Dharma sacredly spoke thus: In this present era Acharyashri can be called the Father of Gayatri. He saw to it that Gayatri belonged to all. Lest Gayatri had remained in the hands of the Brahmin class only possibly the Super Science of Gayatri would have become totally extinct.

D)    The great saint Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji said: Those who wish to use Gayatri akin to sacred River Ganga waters must tread the path laid down by Acharyashri. It is easy to walk on and without obstacles. In fact Acharyashri has rendered Yajnas also as easy to avail akin to going to temples for having Darshan of Almighty God.

E)    The great saint Swami Kalyandevji said: My relationship with Acharyashri is akin to that between Lord Shri Krishna and his devotee-friend Sudama. People go to Mathura-Vrindavan cities to have Darshan of Almighty God in temples there but I would regularly go to Mathura to visualize the sacred Yajnas performed by Acharyashri there.

F)     When the ex President of India Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was gifted an entire set of Rishi literature commented upon by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya he said: Lest I had received this immortal nectar of wisdom much previously possibly I would never have entered the arena of politics. I would hence have sat at the hallowed feet of Revered Acharyaji and imbibed education in Spiritual Philosophy.

G)   A volunteer of Gayatri Parivar gifted a set of Bhashyas or commentaries on Vedas written by Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya to Acharya Vinoba Bhave who then said: Such a wonderful commentary can be authored only by an extraordinary Rishi personality. Can any one else possess such stupendous capability? In the big meeting that Acharya Vinoba Bhave was addressing he kept eulogizing this commentary for a fair length of time. It was Acharya Vinoba Bhave who bestowed the title of ‘Vedmurti’ or an icon of the Vedas on Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

H)    On 27th June 1991 AD the then President of India-Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma while releasing a postal stamp in honor of our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya said: Very much like me I look upon Shriram Sharma Acharya as a special profound spiritualist oozing with  radiant talent, imbued with strong will power and possessing immense self faith.

Acharyaji by bestowing modern day logic and proof to both theory and spiritual practices has shown us that path of social transformation for which the future generations to come in many more eras shall always remain humbly grateful to him. I strongly believe that Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s spiritual personality is totally one with his social reformer based personality.







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