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Super Power Yajnas and Super Energy Gayatri are 2 main pillars of Divine Culture. It is hence that in Indian Philosophy Yajna is called divine father and Gayatri its divine mother. Without them our very existence shall get destroyed. In order to destroy from the very roots demonic black powers pervading everywhere, beastly activities like greed, lust etc, anarchy noted in families, society and nation and undesirable criminal elements, Super Power Yajnas and Gayatri prove to be sure shot Brahmastra weapons. Since we have forgotten both of them Indian society is rotting in such a demeaned condition.

HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya via his subtle vision had understood this fact very much in advance. Despite seeing man immersed neck deep in beastly sentiments and an environment reeking with foul stench, he never experienced despair or a sense of hopelessness. In very clear cut terms he proclaimed that man is the princely child of Almighty God, he oozes with divine potentials and is deep down divine in nature. It is but due to subjugation to circumstances faced that man has strayed away from the true goal of life. When a great sacred intellect in him shall awaken fully he shall be capable enough himself to fight such situations successfully. Hence Gurudeva reinstated Yajna and Gayatri in full glory. In every nook and corner of India and the world over he awakened peoples’ faith based sentiments. Today millions of people understanding the deep import of Yajna and Gayatri are marching ahead on the path of soul advancement and they are also taking deep interest in executing tasks of world well being.

Yajna and Gayatri are 2 main pillars on which are dependent Vedic Culture, human civilization, spirituality and science to such an extent that our body, mind etc are carved by it. It is the very Prana and life force of the entire world, cosmos and interstellar space. Yajna is said to be symbol of great pious tasks and Gayatri represents great wholesome thinking. When both these combine goodwill based emotions and great world well being tasks augment manifold due to which world peace and possibilities of human welfare intensify and hence it becomes a medium for the well being of all living beings.

HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is called this era’s Vishwamitra because he by rejuvenating Gayatri Super Science that had virtually disappeared so far rendered it worldwide instead of relegating it for the benefit of a small special class in society. Gayatri meditation is worship of a great divine intellect. Gayatri is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge via the 4 mediums of well being (Rig), enterprise (Yaju), sports (Sama) and wealth (Atharva) becomes the root foundation of the conscious activities of all living beings. It is the onrush of that conscious energy called Adi Shakti which incarnated at the commencement of world creation and in this manner this world got created via Brahmaji who was gifted with the knowledge of the 4 Vedas. Gayatri is that very Primordial Energy/Adi Shakti and hence is called Mother of the Vedas.

Super Mantra Gayatri is called the gist and essence of all Vedic scriptures. In scriptures great Rishis of yore have eulogized this Mantra vociferously and in the Bhagwad Geeta very clearly Yogiraj Shri Krishna says that since Gayatri reigns supreme amongst all Cchandas or meters, Almighty God’s divine existence dwells in it. ‘Gayatri Cchand Samaham’. Super Mantra Gayatri albeit being tiny is a deeply profound cosmic religious scripture wherein each letter amongst its 24 alphabets oozes with tiny seed of divine wisdom that grows akin to a gigantic banyan tree. When it is watered the amplification of the 4 Vedas called ‘Apaurusheya’ (not created by any human being) appears in front of us all as the wisdom wealth of great Rishi-Munis. This is not only the very basis of the creation of this cosmos but that is also the fount of divine culture and world culture.

Every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri is an imperishable fount of divine energy. It is the vault of infinite power and that Gayatri meditation executed in a correct manner manifest miraculous results in life. This definitely has been the experience of HH Gurudeva wherein by reading these lines we must learn how to imbibe information given in it and act accordingly in day to day living. HH Gurudeva by terming Super Science Gayatri as per Atharvaveda chiefly Brahmavarchas meaning an authority that bestows on us soul force has proved it to be the presiding power of Prana Energy. Today’s major hazard faced by the world is lack of will power and thus man has become weak in all ways. The human race suffering from distress requires that Sanjivani herb or root of life is present in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest if a person via meditation on this Mantra awakens his/her Brahmavarchas, regains his/her latent divine energy he/she can combat successfully all types of obstacles of life. Faith, steadfastness and worship of 3 legged Gayatri representing a divine intellect bestows on the devotee that very soul power which helps him/her march ahead in life while fighting battles against tainted sentiments, vile thinking and undesirable activities in a successful manner. While rendering his/her spiritual health fit and sound he/she augments his/her halo/divine aura prolifically. While leading one’s brain on the path of ethical greatness, one can render the divine creator’s wonderful garden called this world more divinely beautiful.

Via this sacred wisdom the endeavor of positively transforming from the very roots entire human race and neo creating this world can be done by exhibiting to every world human the known-unknown aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri called the mother of Para (spiritual) and Apara (material) Science. Gayatri meditation and worship is a very supreme, easy path of devotion to Almighty God that bestows success quickly. Once we know this none needs to roam around elsewhere in a vain futile manner. Via the medium of ‘Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kinch’ the author of Chandogya Upanishad very clearly says that whatever we perceive directly/indirectly in this world is but Gayatri manifest. Our Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma lived a life totally dedicated to Super Energy Gayatri and he breathed his last while shedding his mortal coil on the auspicious day of Mother Gayatri incarnating in earth (Gayatri Jayanti according to the Hindu calendar/almanac). Thus he eternally rests in the lap of Divine Mother Gayatri.

It is said that this world was created via Sound Energy. Super Mantra Gayatri manifested from Pranav Naad or Om divine sound and is said to be the primordial Richa (Vedic Mantra) of this cosmos from which Vedas manifested. The knowledge-wisdom aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so much more important that without understanding it properly we cannot know that how and why one benefits from Gayatri spiritual practices. There exist innumerable Mantras. In many other religious sects so many such Mantras are found wherein the methodology of doing their Japa or chanting is detailed and all religious scriptures are filled with details of their deep import. Yet the author of the Bhagwad Geeta has made it clear that ‘Gayatri Chandasamaham’ which means amongst Cchandas (poetic meters) I am Gayatri Mantra and in the Mantra energy dwells Almighty Lord’s divine existence. What is the scientific basis behind the special nature of this Super Mantra Gayatri? This can be understood best by reading the present Khand of the Vangmaya written by HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

By itself Gayatri possesses innumerable divine power, divine onrushes etc yet the root basis of its supremacy lies in the fact that it super cedes all known Mantras in the realm of Mantra Sciences. This Mantra has been chanted many trillions of times on planet earth. Its vibrations even now dwell in the subtle world. Merely along with meditation on Savita (sun) by chanting it with loving devotion all the vibrations from the subtle world gather around the aura of the devotee and by uprooting all unwanted elements in the devotee’s psyche renders him/her balanced and potent mentally. In the designing of Gayatri Mantra the manner in which various energy seeds are interwoven, is actually based on ‘science of Acoustics’. Each letter by influencing every letter of the microcosm and macrocosm creates most desirable results. In Mantra Japa chanting is done by the tongue yet in this process the entire nerve and muscular network is at work. In the brain one notes a major representation of palate of the mouth etc related to the voice system in the body and fingers of the hands too. This certainly is not a coincidence or ‘chance’ that 60% of the cerebral cortex is within the jurisdiction of this area and Japa continues. In a rosary of 108 beads along with implementation of various Mudras the fingers of the hands are at work. In the electrical nervous center a ‘neuronal cycle’ manifests and renders the entire brain consciousness oriented. This verily is the basis of Gayatri Mantra’s miraculous energy that on getting influenced immediately all Chakra (subtle plexus) based subtle nerve networks start awakening, many types of hormones start getting secreted that are the foundation of the process aiding in attaining a long life span and sound health dripping incessantly with divine nectarine bliss.

What influence is emitted by ‘Science of Harmony of Symbols’ within the realm of Mantra Science? That is, what is the influence noted when the Mantras are chanted in various tunes that adhere to alto soprano (rise and fall) type of singing? On knowing this aspect it becomes clear why Gayatri Mantra is called very special. It is a well known fact that mere chanting by the mouth and tongue devoid of any inner devotional sentiments or with no sense of oneness with the icon deity fails to give any beneficial results. The root energy enters the Mantra from such inner devotional sentiments wherein we merge our very existence with that of Almighty God’s cosmic divine existence. It is most required for us to realize that since Gayatri is a Mantra affiliated to solar based spiritual practices, since the sun is the very life force of all creatures, Japa chanted by focusing the mind on the sun’s golden rising form creates explosive energy in the Mantra words. Thus Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the supreme status of a miraculous one based on scientific principles.

Spirituality is a science wherein always dwell mathematical basis. In it never can 2 x 2 = 3.9 or 4.1. In fact the answer can only be 4. In the same way the stupendous result of Gayatri chanting if done in a scientific manner definitely shall be ours for keeps. Lest by watering and rendering fertile the soil (fertilizer of inner devotional sentiments) the seed Mantra is chanted definitely extraordinary results shall accrue. Only a high stature Rishi authority can solemnly declare thus!


















In this world innumerable people are pure souls and happy wherein by walking on the path of true glory and by rendering human life grandly self fulfilling bestow welfare on themselves and others in world society too. On seeing-thinking about this a living being experiences a lot of consolation and feels that truly Almighty God has created this world with a very sacred aim.

That beauty seen in this otherwise ugly world is but the boon of these pure hearted souls. That balance and steadiness noted in a world reeking with rank unsteadiness, ceaselessly performing a dance of chaos akin to ghosts and evil spirits filled with atoms/molecules, is but the creation of these pure minded souls. That radiance and beauty noted in an otherwise world containing scattered inert 5 elements everywhere it is the effort of those who are marching ahead firmly on the path of truth. By cutting asunder the noose of enticements and fleeting illusory mundane attractions those who have vowed to render the world well secure and radiant, their sacred faith itself is rendering planet earth glorified. Let us have Darshan/vision of this human god whose sacred efforts ceaselessly worked for world welfare and thus by remembering them let us gather good merits/Punya. Let us desire that we get the rare opportunity of raising the hallowed dust of their feet on our scalps and thus attain self glory.



The joyous attainment of ‘Atmavat sarvabhuteshu’ is no longer lone or one sided and that the other aspect too stares at us. If we see or hear about heart bleeding scenes of sorrow, poverty, anguish and downfall spread out everywhere the world over that is landing humanity with a thud in the crater of a gigantic down fall, our inner soul shall wail aloud in deep pain. Why has man forgotten the divine principle dwelling deep within him? Why has he rendered his nature so lowly in stature? This question ceaselessly appeared in the mind. There is no dearth on planet earth of intellectualism, deftness and understanding. People are showcasing artistic talents one after another yet why do they fail to realize that those who wish to succeed by latching on to wickedness and lowliness shall but stare at ‘success’ akin to the illusory mirage in a dessert and thus only a downfall and anguish shall be their lot.

Why is the otherwise truly understanding human today to irresponsibly ignorant? Man refuses to accept today that sinful actions/thinking shall lead to sorrow and good meritorious deeds shall give him untold bliss. Vileness by piercing the 7 veils itself exposes its fraudulent nature. This we all are seeing at every step in life. Yet one knows not why we insist on believing that I by flinging dust in the eyes of others shall hide my wily wickedness. People who think thus forget that the cosmic soul or Almighty God seeing with his infinite eyes, hearing with infinite ears and catching us all with infinite tongs never allows any veil to cover anyone’s lowly vileness. Truth has its way of emerging always and vileness climbing the rooftop itself exposes its fraud so as to ‘praise’ its wiliness. Lest people had deeply understood this ancient primordial truth and that had got firsthand experience of facing a demeaning downfall in life on taking recourse to a thorny tainted road instead of walking the path of true glory, would anyone stray away from the royal path of glory so as to perilously walk the path of overall downfall? Why then thus would man in wailing anguish stray here and there aimlessly by rendering that body of his rare for even demigods to attain, so ghost and corpse like?

What a net of a vile brain is spread about everywhere? In it so many innocent creatures wailing aloud in agony get trapped. This tragic demeaned condition pains one and all very deeply. The resolve of ‘Atmavat sarvabhuteshu’ has rendered the agony of world humanity as the anguish of one’s own soul. And it was felt that someone is setting to fire one’s own hands, feet etc by twisting and crushing them mercilessly.



 The pain and anguish of sorrowful world humanity, the world’s soul, individuals and world society rises within so as to make one very restless. When in an accident the hands/legs of a child gets fractured, in the rush to take her beloved child to a hospital nearby the mother forgets that she herself has high fever and in order to save the child from this dire problem becomes very stressed. Very similar to this has been my mental condition for many years.

Who has the time to spare for amassing joyous material comforts? Objects for sense titillation appear but poison to me. When in those rare moments I was asked to gather materials for sense merriment and lazy lifestyle, my soul agony berated this lowly thought. It is like washing one’s feet with a jug of water while ignoring giving the same water to a man dying of thirst. How can a mother fill up her already full tummy by snatching away a morsel of food from the mouth of her hungry child? How can a father ignore the agony of his child and instead get ready to play chess for fun? These sorts of actions can be executed only by a hard hearted wicked person. When the sacred sentiments of ‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ intensifies powerfully one’s wickedness gets burnt to naught in it. The soul is now oozing only with compassion. It is now with me in full throttle even though my book of life is now writing the final last chapter. In it not even an iota of diminishing is noted and in fact has increased day after day n fold.

We have all heard that a Self/God Realized saint lives blissfully and sleeps in sheer tranquility. Yet for me, Self Realization has become rare to attain. There exists a big doubt whether I shall attain such Self Realization. As long as agony and heart burning pain continues to dwell in this world, as long as all creatures and human burn in the fire of mental agitation and tension, till then I too do not wish to rest in calmness and care free manner. Whenever the hour of prayer arrived, I have always prayed to Almighty God: I do not yearn for my own peace. Instead I yearn for that limitless compassion that helps me experience the agony experienced by all on undergoing lots of distress and strife. I do not want material wealth but instead do give me that capability which attains self fulfillment on wiping the tears of sorrow of others in world society. I asked only this boon from Almighty God and I felt that God who had protected Draupadi’s modesty (when the wicked Dushasan tried to render her naked in his father’s royal court) by manifesting loads of cloth has also rendered my soul full of sensitive compassion for all world beings.

Hence where do I have the time to think about my own anguish or material lack? What material comforts/facilities do I require? When have I ever focused on this even a wee bit? In fact, only the pain of sorrowful world humanity pervades my soul and I kept mulling, as to how I could contribute to render the world human family peaceful and happy.

So many nights have I passed by crying silently, so many times have I cried like little children in pain. Who knows about all this? People in the world look upon me as a saint, Sidha, Self Realized Guru, author, scholar, orator, leader etc. Yet who has opened my soul so as to read it correctly. Lest someone had glimpsed my inner soul state he/she would have noted only agony, pain, compassion and kindness dripping in a body of bones and skeletons.



How can we compare the so called worry free blissful life of a Self Realized saint and my soul filled with compassion since time immemorial? There can be no comparison between these two inner states. Hence whenever I cogitated I felt that worry free, focus of mind and Samadhi or trance that bestows untold divine bliss is very much far away from me. Maybe I shall never attain it because in this very agony I get Darshan or vision of Almighty Lord. Whenever I get a bit of peace wiping away the tears of pain of strife undergoing people, I feel never shall I try to run after inactive salvation/Moksha and Samadhi bliss. Since I have never desired all this how can I get it?

If ever anyone tries to unearth the goal behind my life’s tasks, it is enough to know that as long as in those few moments I have recollected the goodwill and great glorious activities of saints and pious gentlemanly people of the world, I have breathed calmly for that length of time and whenever I saw people before me full of anguish and strife I felt that my own agony was miniscule in comparison to that experienced by them. If at all I have shouldered tasks of world welfare, spiritual uplifting of all, reformation of world society etc I shall only say this that it was but the result of my inner helplessness. Say what can I do if pain of others and strife faced by them does not allow me to rest calm? What can I do if majority in this world run away from others’ agony and render their hands/legs inactive? People may give any name to all types of efforts made by me till today, they may paint it with any color, yet the reality is that the inner experience of entire world’s anguish took the garb of compassion and sacred sensitivity and I by looking upon world’s strife as my very own pain tried to liberate all from this agony by becoming restless and wounded within myself.




HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma lived 5 fulfilling lives together in one single life span. Those ideals established by any one individual in his entire life span were reinstated albeit of much higher stature at 5 levels. The 5 facets of his life are:

PIOUS HOUSEHOLDER-The very high stature family life that he lived is an ideal to imbibe by every householder.

DEVOTEE AND SADHAK-An ordinary devotee carries out spiritual practices of certain limited measure in his entire life span. But HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma carried out so many more spiritual practices in his life.

SCHOLAR-His wisdom was conjoined to all arenas of life. It was not lip service or something merely read in books but that he put all this into action in day to day social living. People called him a walking encyclopedia.

WRITER AND AUTHOR-He wrote such high quality/stature literature that people were spell bound on witnessing and reading it. This is that very rare case where anyone singlehandedly has written such voluminous literature. Today one can find more than 3000 published books penned by him.

FOUNDER OF A GIGANTIC ORGANIZATION-Till date it is believed that the largest worldwide organization founded was that by Lord Buddha. Yet the organization called International Gayatri Family or All World Gayatri Family is much larger than the above.

ONE WHO PROPAGATED GAYATRI SUPER SCIENCE-For thousands of years Gayatri Super Science was kept veiled and not all were allowed to get initiated in Gayatri spiritual practices. But via his austerities HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma saw to it that each and every world human has access to it. By rendering Gayatri easy for all to access he helped innumerable devotees under his watchful divine protection to march ahead on the path of Gayatri practices very fearlessly. Today no exclusivity is noted in the form of only a certain section of society given authority to execute Gayatri practice. Instead today the message of Gayatri has spread in every nook and corner of the globe. So far Gayatri was Mother of Vedas and Divinity but today she is the World Mother.

THE ONE WHO PROPAGATED THE SCIENCE OF SUPER POWER YAJNAS -Till a few decades back, Super Power Yajnas were limited to executing minor fire rituals and only a minor section of society had access to it. But Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma rendered crystal clear the cosmic form of Super Power Yajnas for the benefit of all without exception. He gave us the form of Life’s Yajna and thus true Yajna wisdom entered the day to day life of all. Along with easily accessible Yajna technique he conjoined the tradition of Sanskars also. In every class of society he helped render widespread Super Power Yajnas and Yugpurohit. Hence he is called this era’s Maharshi Yajnavalkya.

HH GURUDEVA WAS THE COMMENTATOR OF RISHI LITERATURE-There was a time when Veda, Upanishads and Darshan were looked upon as topics exclusively for scholars. The lay public was kept far away from them. Not only has Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma written very easy to understand commentaries on 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18 Puranas, Darshan etc for the benefit of world laymen but that he published them in such a way that it was easy for one and all to buy them at very low price. He also created a new ‘Prajna Purana’ which gives solution to contemporary problems faced by modern mankind.

HH GURUDEVA WAS AN AUTHOR OF STUPENDOUS HIGH STATURE LITERATURE- Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma would always say: I am not an author. Instead after studying deeply problems posing obstructions in the way of social development, I send the same to the Rishi organization. There via deep cogitation solutions to these problems are unearthed. Thus like a postman or courier man I take their letter containing various solutions to world humanity.

In this chain of sequence he wrote a lot regarding individuals, family and society and thus based on this era’s needs he placed before us cosmic precepts for happy peaceful living. Today we can read more than 3000 books of very high stature (priceless life transforming literature) written by him on virtually all topics on the sun. On reading his books in a focused profound manner we can develop out personality in a great glorious manner.

HH GURUDEVA WAS YUGA RISHI AND YUGA DRISHTA-In the chain of development of material sciences, the great Rishi tradition of yore was completely forgotten. Due to lone one sided modern scientific progress that was devoid of spiritual basis energy and various technological means no doubt were rendered easily accessible, yet these were misused in a very alarming, perilous manner.

It is worth noting that the foundation of India’s incomparable glory has been great Rishis. It is they who imbue the layman’s life with Almighty God’s divine discipline. Today Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma by reinstating once again the eternal Rishi tradition rendered its form conducive to this modern era’s requirements. He awakened deep faith towards sacred ideals and true spirituality in the psyche of world lay public. Hence he was given the respectful title of ‘Yuga Rishi’ or Rishi of this Era.

Not only did he find solutions in a wise manner for all problems faced in this era but that to put it into practice he set up an institution which was exhibited to the world as Yug Nirman Mission. Since its manifesto was beyond all limitations of caste disparity, regionalism etc it became cosmic in nature. Whoever deeply studies it, they joyfully put it into practice so as to benefit both materially and spiritually too.


HH GURUDEVA WAS A SEER OF TRUE WORLD CULTURE-Despite the availability of all energies and facilities bestowed by science and knowledge man is full of despair and hopelessness simply because he has forgotten the stream of true culture. Modern science no doubt rendered far off alien countries our next door neighbors but yet the mission of our Revered Gurudeva is to render true culture cosmic in nature. Thus world society shall wisely learn to use these means optimally and wholesomely and thus live a life of peace and serenity. Revered Gurudeva has interwoven true culture’s cosmic aphorisms with such dexterity that every class of society feels one with them. To the extent that an atheist also feels that these aphorisms are most required and beneficial in their lives. Hence Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya has been compared to a Sanskriti Purusha.


HH GURUDEVA FOUGHT FOR INDIA’s INDEPENDENCE AND A LEADER WHO LED A POWERFUL REVOLUTION-For the country’s cultural uplifting it was required that it becomes political standpoint too it becomes independent. It was a contemporary national righteous duty also which he with great adeptness shouldered it. The manner in which with both zest and zeal he took part in the freedom fight on seeing it in Agra district he became well renowned as ‘Shriram Matta’.

When it was clear that India was about to get independence from foreign rule he conjoined to a movement of liberating our countrymen from mental delusion and slavery that has been handed down to us since the past many centuries. His revolution had 3 main aphorisms-

THOUGHT REVOLUTION: To urge people to give up various vain foolish activities and instead imbibe a great spiritual way of living.

ETHICAL REVOLUTION: To render life supremely great he encouraged imbibing ethical thinking and behavior in day to day transactions.

SOCIAL REVOLUTION: On the basis of intellectual and ethical revolution by liberating world society from disparity and inequality in all walks of life a tradition of sacred ideals gets reinstated.

The author of this revolution our Revered Gurudeva was labeled the chief of this creative revolution.


A PROPAGATOR OF SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY-For a fair length of time modern science was limited to inert matter. In order to lead it towards thought and soul sciences Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya contributed a new methodology of scientific spirituality. In it apart from deeply mulling over conclusions of material sciences he proved the authenticity of both science and spiritual sciences. Ahead of this he established a total science based on the inner personality and soul.


A PROCLAIMER OF A BRIGHT FUTURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY-At that time when modern scientists and sociologists the world over were prophesying the possibility of world destruction due to an alarming increase in crime rate and pollution of various sorts, Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya clearly proclaimed that no doubt world situations appear direly destructive yet the divine controller no longer shall accept world annihilation. Hence most definitely in the midst of the worldwide fear of destruction the road to a bright world future shall open without doubt. Within the divine scheme of things under the guidance and protection of great Rishis of yore an awakening in the soul of world humanity full of  sacred sensitivity and goodwill towards all is witnessed then via the wholesome usage of untold facilities designed by modern science a Prajnayuga (era of divine intellect) more supreme than Satyuga shall manifest.



Modern scientists have so far been able to unearth the gross functioning of solar light/rays. Our psyche has a bond with the sun and it can be experienced via Mantras (words). This fact has yet not been understood by modern day scientists yet Indian Yoga Sciences have exhibited that a devotee by establishing a bond with the sun’s imperishable energy via Gayatri practices can attained desired success.

Today’s contemporary modern times are very useful for attaining Sidhi or success via spiritual practices. Via the medium of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting or Japa by rendering well balanced energy particles and vibration deep within the inner personality one can swiftly attain bodily, mental and soul benefits. Yet when via the medium of Super Mantra Gayatri we conjoin our mental world (sheath or Kosha) to the sun, we merge it with the sun we attain 3 types of spiritual benefits viz. good health, radiant aura and strong will power. When earth denizens shall truly understand this science, at that time no lack pertaining to joy, peace and grandeur shall be noted. Hence today by conducting a worldwide campaign of spreading the method of Gayatri meditation/practices it is most required that we share with others not only in India but the world over its Adhidaivik (nature based) benefit. In this meritorious task all Gayatri devotees must participate zestfully.

In this state of Era Transformation and Junction, whosoever tries to spread this spiritual philosophy the world over they shall be rendered meritorious, credible and honorable deserving people for a ‘Great awakening’.

It is said that the first human created in this cosmos learnt how to light fire via the divine speech heard ‘Agni ide purohitam’ which is the 1st Richa of Rigveda. It is only after this that all forces and energies of material nature or Prakriti could be unearthed by human beings. In reality it is the fire element that opened the doors of super advancement of materialism and modern science that includes physics etc. It is hence that virtually all religions have imbibed the ritual of ‘fire worship’.

Yajna is an all encompassing healing methodology. It is meant for research in environment and ecological sciences in order to destroy pollution pervading in the subtle world and in order to heal man at all levels whether it is gross, subtle or the causal bodies. The worship/meditation of Savita deity or sun god is the very life force of Super Mantra Gayatri and Ahutis/materials offered to Yajna fire to this Savita deity via the medium of the combined form of its Mantra Energy and Yajna Power bestows superlative benefits on the Hota or Yajna performer. This then is the technique of Yajna healing. Right from cleaning up dirt/taints overshadowing our soul to chromosomes and genes in the nucleus of the cells of the human body, this Yajna method pours its stupendously beneficial influence. The Yajna Kunda or pyre plays the role of a ‘machine’ that via the manifestation of the Super Soma plays a major role in the downpour of Soma (immortal nectar) and rain water. What is its scientific basis? How does geometry influence the amplification of Yajna fumes? This shall be detailed later in the book.

There is definitely a difference between Yajna fire and ordinary fire we use in day to day mundane transactions. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has created a new method of healing called Yajnopathy that in future shall be a leading method for curing patients afflicted with various diseases the world over. By doing this he has in reality reawakened the root basis of Vedic Sciences. The method utilized to choose wood for Yajna fire, Shakalya and Mantras is a total science by itself. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that earth element predominates in the human body made up of 5 elements and that earth forever sucks up smell from wind. Via Super Power Yajnas by utilizing this chief potential of smell element via the forest herbs grown on planet earth mental and physical distortions along with other types of lack in the body are overcome. By increasing the measure of ozone and negatively charged ions Yajna process in reality by positively transforms from all around the aura and halo of the Yajna performer called Yajman and by transporting to all parts of the body optimal amount of pure clean blood like in the lungs, skin etc renders our Prana energy lit aptly. Our Prana Energy fire itself is Kundalini Shakti also called Divine Serpent Power that renders our immune system very powerful. By understanding deeply how Yajna fire and Prana Energy fire are strongly related to each other means we have realized truly the deep hidden import of Yajna process and healing method via it. In reality Yajna process and healing method in the realm of psychology and psychiatry is the supreme mode of healing. In many cases medicines administered today fail miserable in curing psychiatric ailments. This is where Yajnopathy healing methods use its vaporized subtle energy on the patient and cures their mental ailments. In this book more details of this are given for the benefit of our respected readers.

Not merely world humanity but that Super Power Yajnas help overcome all ecology and environment based problems too. Via Super Power Yajnas we gratefully offer Dakshina or gifts to demigods. They in turn help us sanctify our inner personality so as to render it divine, wards off demonic principles in our psyche and by pouring down Prana Energy and rains renders our Ionosphere well managed. All this can be understood deeply on studying this book avidly. Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta (3/14) says:

Annadbhavanti bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavaha.

Yajnadbhavati parjanyo yajnaha karma samudbhavaha.

MEANING: All creatures are created from food, food grows from rains, rains pour from Super Power Yajnas and Super Power Yajnas are done via wholesome prescribed actions. Hence it is further said: Almighty God who is all pervasive, supreme and imperishable always is established in Yajna. This aspect of Yajna method has been exhibited in a very profound mysterious manner. In this book respected readers can read the healing both of the individual (microcosm) and the world (macrocosm).






















Ordinarily lay people just do not know the true meaning of Super Power Yajnas. They feel that just by putting wood in a pyre anywhere, lighting it with fire, offering some materials to it, chanting a few Mantras, if a Yajna pyre is not available make use of any vessel or using the bare ground etc is Yajna. This is nothing but exhibitionism and people look upon this as Yajna. Some feel why use clarified butter, expensive herbs etc for just burning them uselessly in fire. Instead they must be used to at least appease others hunger pangs.

First do understand the true meaning of Super Power Yajnas. This certainly is not a commonplace superficial activity. Whatever is taking place is but the distorted form of its execution aspect. But know that Yajna is a super science and that which has many beneficial applications. Super Power Yajnas help balance optimally the entire world’s environment. Right from the 1st Sanskar given at birth viz. Punsavan to the final post death rites i.e. in all 16 Sanskar rites, during sacred days/festivals a Yajna must definitely be carried out. Sanskars are a type of spiritual healing that renders human life sacred and great. Thus Super Power Yajnas are an inseparable part of every Sanskar. From Super Power Yajnas all 4 Vedas have emerged. Especially in the Yajurveda, the great deep import of Super Power Yajnas has been highly eulogized. In medical sciences as per the Charak Samhita a detailed description has been given regarding healing methods that are Yajna oriented. Not only does our health become powerful via Super Power Yajnas but that we gain good merits to advance a lot on the path of spirituality.

Super Power Yajnas can be called 2 streams. The 1st stream is that eternal form of Super Power Yajnas that has been flowing unobstructed right since primordial times. From it the world was created, it nourishes our world and sets rolling a wheel of change. The 2nd stream is that wondrous form of Super Power Yajnas that is carried out via Sankalpas or will power or the power of resolve. Within it is included Agnihotra and other fire based rites-rituals and in social transactions it is used in a most required manner as ‘Life Yajna’. The root precept of this process of mundane Yajna is: Offering the best things in your possession for divine tasks or world well being tasks. Scriptural scholars say that Super Power Yajnas are supreme activities done under divinely discipline. ‘Yajnam vai shresth tamaha karmaha’-which means, that supremely great actions, themselves are Yajna.

In Vedas many forms of Super Power Yajnas have been described:

1)      The 1st Yajna can be witnessed as the creation of this cosmos via the powerful mental resolve or Sankalpa of Almighty God or divine cosmic consciousness.

2)      Another form of Yajna encompasses gross and subtle principles created by observing special discipline renders this world cycle ceaselessly mobile.

3)      Another form of Yajna is wherein the living being world, by becoming one with nature’s Yajna oriented flow and via created energy, remain immersed in their appointed duties and functions. Thus they do not allow nature’s flow to turn haywire.

4)      Demigod Super Power Yajnas including rites/rituals carried out by humans is a part of that scientific process within which man tries to strengthen nature’s nourishing flow.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya while giving details of Yajna Philosophy says that Super Power Yajnas since time immemorial have been gigantic founts of infinite energy. There was a scriptural injunction to perform Rajasuya Yajna when the kingdom was in disarray and to balance the arrogant nature and behavior of powerful kings. Ashwamedha Super Power Yajnas were done to aptly control a demeaned culture and social arrangements that had gone haywire. Wherever within the realm of religious traditions a downfall, defeat and strife was noted Vajpeya Super Power Yajnas would research into people’s behavior and set in desired positive transformations in them. Daily Agnihotra and Balivaishwadeva Super Power Yajnas played an incomparable role in rendering pure and sacred the psyche of the lay public. The creator-seer of all these was Maharshi Yajnavalkya.
















First and foremost we must all understand as to why great Rishis of yore divinely inspired only human beings to perform Super Power Yajnas? Why such expectations were not made from other creatures and living beings? The reason for this is that all creatures in this world naturally use nature based flows. These creatures take from Mother Nature, only as much as they require, in order that they can fulfill their basic needs. None of these creatures apart from humans exploit or suck dry nature or Prakriti. Man on the other hand possesses immense power to suck dry nature and its gifts. God has given only man a supremely great intellect and brain power which certainly can misuse. In fact today we can see the amount of misuse of brain skills by world humanity.

As long as man had fully observed the disciplinary limits that were Yajna based, all around him bloomed, an environment of joy and peace. But today man insists on merely exploiting and sucking nature dry. He has conveniently forgotten to nourish nature optimally and the above mentioned Yajna way of life. It is hence that all over the world a net of manic frenzy has spread out. Hence if today we resolve to lead a Yajna based lifestyle our earth can ooze with heavenly situations of true happiness.

In a Yajna imbibing pious Yajna sentiments is very important. The true meaning of Yajna is sanctity, radiance and generosity. This very philosophy must be interwoven in our individual lives and while dealing at the social level greatness and piousness must be given a prime spot. In sacred scriptures 2 energies of fire have been demarcated- the first is Swaha and the second is Swadha. Swaha means self sacrifice and fighting one’s inner foes in the psyche. Swadha means the daring and enterprise to imbibe self or soul knowledge in life’s management.

The word Yajna is constructed from the root ‘Yaja’ which in turn connotes worshiping demigods/divinity, harmony and charity or philanthropy. Yajna’s spiritual methodology encompasses worshiping divine energies, inwardly dwelling in close proximity to them, unification with them and offering something very dear to us to Almighty God. It also includes selflessly serving great saints oozing with divine qualities, associating with them and helping in their divine mission as much as possible. In the social behavior sense we can also say that we must respect our elders, friendship with those of our level and helping and giving charity egoless to those who are lower in stature than us.





The true meaning of Yajna is worship of God, charity, renunciation, self sacrifice and congregating. In Super Power Yajnas we offer materials very beloved to us and very expensive fragrant nourishing materials. In this manner we donate something or the other. We renounce and undergo self sacrifice. This then is the root sacred sentiment of Yajna that are clearly seen in various activities.

How is a child born? It is the mother who joyfully gives away a part of her own blood, flesh etc. She endures untold pain and hardships. By wringing her body dry she breast feeds her beloved baby. With such selflessness the mother nurtures her child. She will make her child sleep in dry place and she herself sleeps in a wet place, all the night. Lest a mother does not renounce and do self sacrifice thus can a child take birth and imbibe life? Further see how a father also executes self sacrifice. He gives away a major portion of his hard earned income for the child’s nurturing, education etc. For the child’s advancement and uplifting in an all round manner the father is always ready to renounce and self sacrifice. Now say, doesn’t human birth take place with pure sentiments? In this way too this entire world has been created.

Yajna is also called ‘bhuvanasya nabhi’ or the ‘navel of the cosmos’. The ist Yajna based effort was done at the time of world creation only. The mythology tale is well known-from Lord Vishnu’s navel a lotus stem emerged and when it grew the lotus bloomed open. In this lotus creator Brahmaji manifested and the cycle of creation commenced. This is a symbolic description in which a first glimpse of Yajna based effort is described.

‘Yajno vai vishnuhu’-Yajna itself is Vishnu. When Yajna is called ‘bhuvanasya nabhi’ or the ‘navel of the cosmos’ it means that the fact creator Brahmaji manifested from the lotus in the navel is but a divine navel Yajna. The action tradition of Yajna effort headed on further and their parts and sub parts advanced in the form of the lotus. From this process of advancement a creative Yajna energy full of well being that is identified as creator Brahmaji. In this manner we are advised to observe Yajna based disciplinary control and render our efforts awakened and highly evolved.

One portion breaking away from the gigantic cosmos has become planet earth. This has already been proved by modern scientists and astronomers/astrophysicists. The entire governance of this cosmos is based on this Yajna sacred thinking. The sun, moon, air, wind, water, earth etc by imbibing Yajna based activities nourishes, protects and renders advanced entire world creation. The ocean, clouds, mountains, rivers, plants, trees etc are conjoined inseparable to Yajna based discipline. All birds, beasts, flies etc as per their capacity are immersed in helping Mother Nature or Prakriti. The ocean oozes with untold measure of water yet does it use this water for its own use only? Certainly not! Very generously the ocean gives away lots of water to rain clouds. Say, do clouds drink this water to appease their thirst? Certainly not! It instead labors hard to carry this water to far off regions on planet earth. It then becomes flowing stream, river water etc so as to appease the thirst of various creatures and also irrigate and. Trees and plants are known to hand over the benefit of their very existence to others only. Fruits and flowers grow merely for others benefit. Milk of animals, their skin and babies benefit human beings the most. Every part of their body work not for themselves but for the benefit of the entire body. The hand works hard to put into the mouth some food. The mouth chews it and sends it to the tummy. The intestines then absorb nutritious material in the food and send the remnants into the blood stream. This blood travels to the heart and it in turn circulates it in the entire body and organs. How hard working is the heart! In our entire life span the heart beats billions of times. It does so ceaselessly without resting even a wee bit. Lest our heart stops laboring thus say what shall happen to our body? Lest this sentiment of renunciation and self sacrifice that is Yajna based is absent what shall happen to this world? All advancement shall get converted to destruction only? It is hence that the Upanishads say: Super Power Yajnas themselves are the very axis of this world. If the axis breaks apart how can the car called this world march ahead?

This then is the true philosophy of Yajna. In it we must ourselves face hardships so as to give joy to others. Our joy lies in the happiness of other beings of the world.

Renunciation, self sacrifice and other such sacred sentiments are true inspirations of Yajna. We must use our talent, wealth etc minimally for ourselves and the remaining must be used for the welfare of world society. This then is true worship of Almighty God and philanthropy.

Worship of Almighty God does not mean offering worship rites to images of various demigods and prostrating full length at their feet. The bare reality is that we must imbibe great pious qualities of demigods in our psyche and act and behave magnanimously as them. Demigods are those who give and only give boons. Thus those who only take things are called demons of the first order.

The meaning of Yajna has been elucidated as worship of various demigods because whatever we offer to Yajna deities they render it vaporized and spread it in the entire atmosphere. They render it 1000 fold. We all too must imbibe this great quality of sharing things. We get many things from society and hence it is our prime duty to amplify it as much as possible and give it back to society for everyone’s well being. This is our supreme righteous responsibility that ushers in our and the entire world’s welfare.



From Super Power Yajnas we get innumerable types of inspirations. When we sit in a Yajna our body gets quite warm which means that we must lead a warm or active life. We must work hard honestly. In that home where everyone works hard that family always lives happily. The citizens of those countries who labor hard in every walk of life their nation prospers in an all round manner. The donation of time for hard work is the supreme charity which benefits both the individual and society at large.

We must give our Ahuti in the Yajna of Life and this is possible via honest hard work only. You all know the deep import of honest hard work very well. None shirks from carrying out their personal tasks and instead do it with great steadfastness. This then is the greatest behavior of Yajna of Life. This then is true religion.



Yajna is a symbol of congregationalism. Yajna positively influences not only our famiy, neighbors etc but it does so a very widespread realm. This verily is unified congregationalism full of oneness and sense of helpful cooperation.

All sacred auspicious tasks, all festivals and Shodash Sanskars are completed after performing a Yajna. It is the father of Indian Culture. Yajna is a highly accepted and most ancient Vedic form of worship in India. In order to usher in religious and pious emotional unity taking recourse to such highly accepted programs is full of farsightedness from all standpoints. By knowing the methodology of Yajna and by realizing its true goal the requirement of all religious/spiritual programs get super fulfillment.











A very important teaching given by Super Power Yajnas which is also a supreme one is augmenting great divine principles in world society.

In the Rigveda Yajna fire is called Purohit or priest. ‘Agnimide purohitam’. It is this priest that gives us the method of augmenting great divine principles in world society and humanity. By walking as per its sacred teachings not only this present but our post death world too transforms positively. This teaching is as follows-

1)      Whichever priceless material we offer in the Yajna fire, know for sure that this fire does not selfishly keep it with itself. Instead it vaporizes it and transports it to every nook and corner of the atmosphere simply so as to benefit one and all. In this manner we too must utilize god given gifts and skills for society’s well being. Our Yajna priest via his behavior and actions teaches us this very sacred precept. Our education, literacy skills, wealth, overall talent etc must be used minimally for our needs and the rest must be used for public welfare.

2)      Anything that comes in contact with fire the latter by sanctifying it merges these materials into it so as to render it as brilliant and pure as itself. We too must similarly imbibe a sense of oneness with all those whom we come in contact with society especially the backward class, poor, grief stricken, oppressed etc people and after first imbibing sacred ideals in life encourage these people too to become like ourselves.

3)      Fire flame tongues even if pressurized immensely never face downwards but that they always face and rise upwards. No matter how much fear, enticements etc they are given yet we must never allow our thinking to stoop down in a lowly manner so as to become vile and tainted. Even under the direst strife like situation our mental resolve or will power called Sankalpa must raise upwards towards glory and greatness very much like these fire flame tongues.

4)      As long as fire does not get doused it does not give up its specialties of heat and brilliant light. Similarly the heat of our activities and brilliant light of immersing ourselves in carrying out righteous duties must not be allowed to diminish even a wee bit. For our entire lifetime we must labor hard honestly and execute righteous duties zealously.

5)      We must learn from the act of sprinkling the remnant Yajna materials on our scalp that when man dies his body is rendered but a fistful of ash on being cremated. Keeping this end of our life in mind we must endeavor hard to use our life for great wholesome tasks leading not only to our but society’s well being also.

In this manner we get many types of solid advice from the Yajna priest that in turn augments divine principles in the deep cave of our psyche and soul. By taking avid part in Yajna based religious programs taints and distortions clouding our soul can be uprooted. As a result in it divine light spreads out very quickly. Via Super Power Yajnas day by day true Brahminhood, Rishi character etc augments in our soul and thus with relative ease the soul can merge with Almighty God who is the divine cosmic soul. The task of conjoining the soul with Almighty God who is the divine cosmic soul is executed by the Yajna fire in a manner akin to 2 iron pieces getting merged via the heat based wielding process.

Due to the influence of Super Power Yajnas the mental arena becomes high stature, well advanced and cultured. Especially women, small children and the fetus in the pregnant mother’s womb get positively influenced and benefited by Yajna Power. In rendering them highly cultured close proximity to a Yajna environment proves to be very useful. A psyche that gets tainted due to a vile intellect, bad thoughts, bad qualities and foul activities can get transformed sacredly via Super Power Yajnas. It is hence that Super Power Yajnas are called sin destroyers. Due to Yajna based influence the mental realm becomes well cultured and full of farsighted discrimination or Viveka. This in turn converts our otherwise life full of obstacles into that of heavenly bliss. Thus Yajna is said to bestow on us joy akin to heaven.

Hence let us all participate in various Yajna programs, immerse ourselves in spiritual endeavors and live a Yajna oriented lifestyle. Our life should be sacred, radiant and brilliant like a Yajna. From bathing in the holy River Ganges we get inspiration of imbibing purity, serenity, calmness and respect. Similarly we get the teaching of imbibing radiance, skilful character, love for spiritual values and greatness from Super Power Yajnas. Just as we offer sanctifying materials like clarified butter, sugar, sweets, herbs etc to the Yajna fire similarly we must wholeheartedly offer our talent, knowledge, brain skills, prosperity, wealth etc for world welfare tasks. A person who imbibes such Yajna ethics thus harbingers in the well being of him and society at large too. All great saints and leaders of the world have also made ample use of such a Yajna ethics based lifestyle. Those who fail to step ahead on the path of generosity renunciation selfless service and charity never attain life’s true success, honor and blissful joy.

Man must always keep in mind that he is Almighty God’s son and his prince. Thus he must carry out those very tasks that Almighty God is known to enact. He must give place only to great glorious thoughts in his psyche. Lest bad, lowly, tainted dirty and degraded thoughts appear in our mind they must be uprooted just as we hit a robber with a stick who enters our house to loot it. We must harbor sacred thoughts towards our parents, family, friends and those whom we contact daily in life. We are indebted so much to them. How much do we owe entire society? Society taught us how to talk properly, how to walk, how to live optimally etc. Society opened school-colleges and other educational institutions so that we could become literate. It gave us a very high stature lifestyle. Thus we must harbor nothing less than high stature great thoughts towards world society and think about its all round advancement.

























A sacredly sensitive Yajna is the actual controller of this entire cosmos. The basis of individual and social development/progress is very much dependent on Yajna based activities.

Yajna has a mundane material aspect also that is no less important. Yajna is not merely faith oriented but that it is also a stupendous science on its own. By burning wood and other materials in Yajna fire heat and light manifest. A chemical transformation occurs. As a result of this transformation the basic qualities of these materials too change. By burning various materials newer materials are formed. When many type of positively charged materials react chemically with each other they take up a new form of a gaseous state. In this steam or Yajna smoke innumerable particles exist that get spread out in the entire atmosphere.

Via Super Power Yajnas we accrue innumerable material mundane benefits. The environment gets rendered aptly balanced. Via Super Power Yajnas good health augments and diseases get uprooted. For special effects many Super Power Yajnas are performed like Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, Putreshti Yajna etc. On the basis of profound research our Rishi-Munis established the Science of Super Power Yajnas. Special attention was given to choice of Samidha or wood and qualities of various materials offered to the Yajna fire. The shape of the Yajna Kunda or pyre too has its own deep import.



The more man is insanely augmenting joyous comforts and facilities the more he is destroying earth’s environment and ecological balance. In order that on planet earth life sustains healthily pure clean air and water are most required. The more man’s psyche becomes dirty and tainted the more the environment surrounding him is becoming polluted.

It is very easy to uproot pollution that enters the environment via Super Power Yajnas. Why do many devotees burn incense sticks daily in their homes for a long time? This is because fragrant materials in these incense sticks spread everywhere in the form of healthy smoke. Fragrance spreads out based on the type of material present in the incense sticks. Thus the polluted air in the house gets purified. This is the subtle form of the Yajna process. Similarly when in a big Yajna pyre wood and fragrant materials are burnt a fragrant smoke gets emitted which purifies and renders sweetly scented such a widespread area. Smoke emerging from the Yajna pyre via wind spreads out in a large area surrounding it and along with this subtle particles of the materials offered in the Yajna fire too spread out in all directions. Along with inhaled air these principles enter the bodies of all creatures especially humans. Know that trees-plants also get influenced positively. In this gas of Havan or Yajna fire many useful chemical principles are present.

It is sheer delusion on our part to believe that Yajna smoke emits carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. In fact this Yajna smoke is devoid of any form of toxicity. Even if some poisonous portion remains in it the effect of gaseous state of Ghee or clarified butter offered to the Yajna fire not only destroys it but renders it very beneficial. Many chemical and sweetly fragrant materials present in it by warding off pollution of all types, sanctifies our environment.

Over and above purifying the air via Yajna gas many elements like earth, water etc become pure. These Yajna gases by mixing with clouds pour down on earth as rain and via it water founts get purified. Plant kingdom also gets aptly nourished. In agriculture too Yajna gas proves highly beneficial for crop growth. Due to it the soil’s fertility turns richer.

The Yajna technique is said to be the very substratum of the purification and apt nourishment of the plant kingdom. Earth ceaselessly by absorbing the smell in air renders air smell free. The Yajna smoke because of its fragrance is heavy in weight and thus flows on the surface of earth. In this manner desired principles created from Yajna Havan rites along with fragrant odor is absorbed by earth in the Yajna region surroundings. As a result of this soil fertility increases a lot that in turn augments crop production manifold. These crops’ nutritious value too increases a lot.

At the other end via scientific testing and research studies it has been proved that no doubt by using man made chemical fertilizers germs that decrease soil fertility get destroyed. In turn germs/microbes that increase soil fertility increase a lot more. Yet the problem here is that once you add chemical fertilizers to the soil they cannot be separated from the soil. Thus slowly due to the effect of this chemical fertilizer the germs/microbes that increase soil fertility start dying in hordes. In turn in a few years itself this land becomes arid and barren. On the other hand in the gas produced during Super Power Yajnas no such toxic principles exist. For a certain time period adept scientists by allowing this gas to flow on the soil carried out scientific studies regarding this. Hence by doing so they found that the soil’s fertility increases manifold and required principles responsible for augmenting nourishing ions also fill up the soil in ample measure. It is due to these required nutritious principles that rain pouring down due to influence of Yajna air bestow high nutritional value to food grains, plants, herbs etc. In ancient eras when daily and on special occasions Super Power Yajnas were performed in all corners of our country India, via clouds properly nourished by Yajna smoke rain that poured down also was full of Sattva Guna or sacred qualities. Due to this food crops grown and herbs oozed with such great qualities. The subtle portion of food is said to nourish our psyche. ‘Jaisa khaye anna, vaisa bane mana’ which means your mind’s quality depends on the kind of food you eat. It is hence that the psyche of residents of ancient Yajna based culture was imbued highly with Sattvik purity.

























In India Culture special emphasis has been laid on augmenting power. Right from the fetus in a pregnant mother’s womb to death its health and nourishment is given proper focus. The laws laid down for Brahmacharya Ashram have been done so from this standpoint that till the child grows up to the age of 25 years his body is made so powerful from all angles that right till death his body would remain healthy and disease free. No doubt here and there on those rare occasions the body would become ill and hence a sound medical therapy too was available to heal and cure it. In the Yajurveda, Charak Samhita and Ayurveda form of medical treatment a detailed discussion can be found for increasing sound health and warding off diseases. Virtually all diseases can be cured by these methods listed here. A major portion over here focuses on Smoke Healing wherein using smoke of various types of herbal medicines diseases are cured. Via steam of these herbs too healing is executed.

Via Yajna energy the body becomes warm and thus blood circulation in the body increases healthily. Along with this the Yajna smoke covers the body like a security bestowing armor. Under such circumstances so many nutritious and fragrant materials enter our body via breathing and innumerable skin pores. Along with our thinking process, character and purity of our eating-resting habits this Yajnatherapy in future guides us on the path of attaining all round joy, peace and good health. Via this technique the body on getting nourished optimally is rendered so powerful that majority of times you remain disease free and even though on those rare occasions you do become sick, the illness does not render you restless and agitated mentally. It means you endure these rare attacks of diseases with inner calmness and serenity.

The 2nd leg of this is that before a disease is about to manifest in the body it is stopped from doing so. This can be easily done via Yajna energy. Where on the one hand Yajna heat increases the immunity of the body there on the other hand microbes responsible for spreading diseases are destroyed in those areas where Super Power Yajnas are executed. Germs, worms, microbes etc get totally destroyed via Yajna smoke’s powerful energy.

In the Bhagwad Geeta also Lord Shri Krishna says quite clearly:

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan.

Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

MEANING: Lord Shri Krishna says that in order to protect saintly pious people and destroy vile minded and demonic behaving people he incarnates or takes an Avatar time and again in this world. If killing demonic, sinful and vile people cannot be labeled violence how can killing of microbes responsible for spreading diseases via Yajna power be labeled violence?

After Yajna energy enters our body it only kills microbes responsible for spreading diseases. It never ever destroys or harms healthy cells of our body but instead nourishes them all the more. Further Yajna energy also bestows our body with powerful immunity to combat any germs microbes that are hell bent on inducing diseases in our body. All materials offered to the Yajna fire along with food items too emit gas that destroy disease causing germs, bacteria etc.

The basis of the stupendous power embedded in Super Power Yajnas to augment good health and ward off diseases is that by rendering the materials offered to Yajna fire in the form of gas makes it very potent and powerful in nature. The measure of healing done by medicinal herbs in their gaseous state is not done when these are devoured by mouth etc. Along with curing diseases in order to strengthen the bodily in a powerful manner no doubt nutritious nourishing food is required yet the question is how can those people whose digestive system is weak or are very sick or that they find it difficult even to digest a light diet, digest nutritious food that seems a heavy diet to them? Hence for such people Super Power Yajnas offer a wonderful solution. Nourishing food and medicinal herbs when rendered gaseous via Super Power Yajnas enter the body via the mouth, skin pores, hair follicles etc and reap wondrous healing results for various diseases.

In the atmosphere all nourishing nutritious principles can be found. Just about anybody can attain such energy/power via spiritual practices that these principles can be absorbed in the body via inhalation. These principles dwell in smoke emitted by Yajna fire. Those food materials offered to Yajna fire are present in Yajna air or gas.

Old wounds dry up swiftly via Yajna energy and smoke exposure because since the wound germs get destroyed pus formation is obstructed. Whether within the body or on its surface skin area diseases like pyorrhea, asthma, cancer, common cold etc that are noted in the body due to small-big wounds can be dried up properly via Yajna fumes. The Yajna gas obstructs rotting and disallows any malefic influence to attack the body. In comparison to this Allopath medicines are known to manifest undesirable side effects in the patient’s body. Thus many times new diseases attack the body.

Not only for bodily diseases but that for mental, psychological and psychiatric ailments also Yajna fumes provide immense relief to the patients. Only via Yajna fume exposure therapy mental problems like unwanted desires, anger, deluded attachment, arrogance, envy, hatred, cowardice, lust, lethargy, indolence, insanity, restlessness, onrush of ire, doubt, distrust, egoistic nature, despair, loss of memory or weakening of memory power can be cured from their very roots. Via Allopath medicines these mental distortions are quite difficult to tackle. Thus for such diseases the one and only trustworthy solution is Yajna therapy because it possesses mind boggling capacity to augment mental power and uproot psychological ailments.


























King Dashrath had performed a Putreshti Yajna. As a result of which 4 sons were sired by him who were called Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna. In ancient Vedic eras great Rishi-Munis by doing intense research designed a detailed for of Yajna techniques. As time went by these were experimented upon and applications too were made as follows:

1)      For advancing divine thinking Dev Super Power Yajnas were designed. In order to offer honor and sacred feelings to all humans and guests Nara Super Power Yajnas were designed. In order to nourish innumerable creatures Bhuta Super Power Yajnas, Balivaishwa Super Power Yajnas etc were designed.

2)      For advancing nourishing activities Vishnu Super Power Yajnas were designed. For mental activation and awakening Rudra Super Power Yajnas were designed. For overpowering criminal and demonic activities Chandi Super Power Yajnas were designed.

3)      For augmenting useful animal wealth Gaumedha, Ashwamedha Super Power Yajnas etc were designed.

4)      Super Power Yajnas performed using newly grown crops, flowers etc in spring season and Sharad Ritu is called Agrayana Yajna.

5)      Super Power Yajnas performed to please king of heaven Indra who also pours down rain is called Sautramani Yajna.

6)      In Sarvamegha Yajna materials of all types like plants, food grains etc are offered to the Yajna fire.

7)      In Pitrumegha Yajna the bones of the corpse of one’s ancestors are offered to the Yajna fire.

8)      Vajpeya Super Power Yajnas are performed to proliferate great goodwill based tasks, for the welfare of world society.

9)      In order to reinstate proper political control and discipline Rajasuya Super Power Yajnas are carried out and in order to render the entire country highly developed Ashwamedha Super Power Yajnas are performed.

In this manner many other Super Power Yajnas too have been designed. In it special types of materials containing herbs are offered to the Yajna fire. Putreshti Yajna was a special one wherein due to the grand effect of medicinal herbs used and focused Mantra chanting the potential of procreation was rendered powerful. Thus the wife would become pregnant. Due to the fervent plea of King Dashrath Gurudeva Vasishtha had advised him to perform the Putreshti Yajna. For making arrangements of this Putreshti Yajna Rishi Shringi’s name was suggested who was the son of Lomharsh Rishi. The reason being that Rishi Shringi had strictly observed Brahmacharya that in turn made him capable in an all round manner of conducting it. As a result of performing this Putreshti Yajna 4 brothers were born.




















Super Power Goddess Gayatri has given birth not only to you and me but the entire world of animate and inanimate beings. This entire creation and cosmos has emerged from Super Power Goddess Gayatri. It is she who nurtures and nourishes everyone both materially and spiritually, she makes arrangements for our food-water requirements, she gives us crops/herbs, during our trying times full of strife she protects us and she ceaselessly showers on us innumerable blessings and boons. It is hence that she is aptly called the mother of the entire world i.e. she is the World Mother/Jagatmata/Vishwamata.

Instead of futilely arguing regarding theism-atheism, whether God has name-form or not etc yet it is a definite fact that Almighty God who is the divine controlling authority of this gigantic world and cosmos possesses infinite measure of divine energy, is all pervasive and is spread out in all Lokas or worlds. In the form of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh via the medium of creation, propagation and transformation he has rendered optimally mobile this wheel of world management and governance. In all creatures whether they are conscious or inert, the flow of divine power’s electrical flow is known to vibrate. It is via Brahma that this world has been created. In the cycle of 8.4 million species creatures of various types are born. Lord Vishnu nourishes and nurtures all of them. Lord Mahakal or Mahesh via the act of destruction and transformation renders mobility to this cycle of world creation. Yet the glory of Super Power Goddess Gayatri super cedes all of these since she is the presiding deity of a great-pious intellect and sacred thoughts. Without her grace nothing is possible to achieve. Lest Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh refuse to act without a great-pious intellect, if they fail to work with each other in optimal tandem, it shall take not even a nanosecond for Mahapralaya or Super World Annihilation to set in. It is hence that we say that from Super Power Goddess Gayatri this cosmos has emerged. It is she who nourishes world creation, controls it aptly, governs it with dexterity and only hence has she been catapulted to the status of a World Mother.

A mother is an unbroken confluence of affectionate love and unswerving faith. From her bosom flows an imperishable stream of love and affection for her beloved children. For her whether her child is vile fraudulent criminal or otherwise he/she is very beloved to the mother. For a child sitting in the lap of its dear mother means attaining joy of the entire cosmos. In her lap awakens unbroken soul energy. Even if we mentally focus on our mother, the stream of love and faith overflows. The bond of love with our mother is so pure and unbreakable that we fail to eulogize it totally. An inspiration emerges in our bosom to render our mother happy and act as per her well meaning wishes. It is hence that great Rishis of yore call Goddess Gayatri a World Mother or Vishwamata. Thus the faith of all of us gets reinstated in her and we then act with an intellect of pious goodwill towards all.

A motherly vision encompasses imbuing the emotions of us children with faith and pious purity. From the image of Goddess Gayatri we must imbibe the inspiration of looking upon all women in the world as our mother just as Arjun of epic Mahabharat fame and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had set an example.

On our planet earth the incarnation of Super Divine Power and Energy took place in the form of Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Via the Super Mantra Gayatri the 4 Vedas manifested that in turn manifested all knowledge and wisdom required by world humanity. Thus Vedmata or Mother of Vedas incarnated on planet earth. In the form of Mother of all gods she got identified as divine radiance and spiritual maturity. The Vedmata or Mother of Vedas which was the creation’s ancient primordial form during the middle era of progress came in front of us as Mother of all gods or Devmata. This era is called Devyuga and Satyuga or the Golden Era. The circumstances of this era was so materially and spiritually prosperous that gloriously rich India of those ancient times was labeled ‘swargadapi gariyasi’ or that it was more nectarine than heaven also. India due to its supreme greatness had become world renowned and thus got the title of Jagadguru or Guru of the entire world. Super Power Gayatri is also the mother of Indian Culture. The message of divine light and aura (Ojas-Tejas-Varchas) of a divine intellect bestowed by this Divine Culture would reach every home and lay person. In those times the stature of people’s thinking process was so high that it was compared to Brahmaloka or the divine world. Great sacred thinking matured in the form of sacred ideals based execution of righteous duties. All around would bloom forth heavenly joy, peace and prosperity.

This very Vedmata or Mother of Vedas and Devmata or Super Power Gayatri is also playing a cosmic role of World Mother or Vishwamata. It is only World Mother or Vishwamata or Super Power Gayatri who can end forever these deadly fearful situations that are being endured by world society today and she has already set about doing so.

Why are Super Power Gayatri called mother? Why are earth and the cow called mothers also? The answer dwells in Shrutis or Upanishads-Vedas: ‘Mata bhumihi putroham prithivyam’ that means earth is my mother and that I am earth’s son. On noting its cosmic sensitive meaning, our mind drips with deep faith. This earth holds all of us. It nourishes and nurtures us. We all sons are equal in her eyes. There no disparity or inequality dwells. All creatures of the world by bathing in earth’s imperishable flow of love, affection etc are rendered happy and contented. Hence she is called mother and is called motherland. People thus rightly offer their deep faith towards her as their beloved mother and the cow truly also is our mother. Via milk equivalent to nectar she nourishes us. Cow urine or Gomutra and cow dung or Gobar is used as medicine. After death too, the cow leaves behind its skin for us to use as leather. This much is not given to us also by our own mother who gives us birth. It is hence that our great Rishis have worshiped the cow and called her Gomata or Mother Cow.

In our Divine Culture not only the cow, Gayatri and earth but that every female on earth is addressed as ‘mother’. Hence they are respected with the sacred viewpoint of ‘Pardareshu matruvat’. It means that all women are our mother.

























The 3 legs of Super Mantra Gayatri together form the Triveni Sangam or 3 fold confluences of 3 rivers. It is called Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri. In Tirthraj Prayag’s holy pilgrim spot in UP-India the Triveni Sangam of 3 rivers called Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati takes place.

By bathing in the spiritual Triveni Sangam of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri our Kayakalpa or total inner and outer transformation takes place. In the Super Mantra Gayatri is Om made of ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. The amplification of these 3 has taken place in the form of 3 Vyahvrittis. The analytical discussion of these 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha) are embedded in the 3 legs of Super Mantra Gayatri. The 1st leg is ‘Tat savitur varenyam’, the 2nd leg is ‘’Bhargo devasya dheemahi’ and the 3rd leg is ‘Dhiyo yonaha prachodayat’. In every leg there are 3 words. In this manner ‘3 x 3’ from the 3 legs forms 9 words. It is symbolized by the donning of the sacred thread or Yajnopaveet that has 9 strings.

Hence it is called Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri. In it the glory of 3 is tremendous. While elucidating Amighty God of these 3 legs it is termed as the supremely special quality of God in his Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss divine form. In human life this is glimpsed as ‘satyam Shivam’sundaram’. If we delve deeper into its spiritual philosophy it can also be called Karmayoga or Yoga of Action, Jnanayoga or Yoga of Wisdom and Bhaktiyoga or Yoga of Devotion. In order to render our gross-subtle-causal bodies sacred and purified that vision, ethics and self discipline required is called action, wisdom and devotion. In our day to day social transactions it is called religiosity, spirituality and theism. These then are the 3 parts of spiritual philosophy.

The true meaning of religiosity is zeal for performing righteous duties selflessly. Religion and action are one single truth with 2 different names. You may call someone religious, a Karmayogi or one immersed in righteous duty execution. Yet all these have one single connotation. The meaning of spirituality is choosing a path of life that is good for us and hence imbibing a lifestyle oozing with Viveka or farsighted discrimination. In a certain sense theism inculcates in our psyche a trust in the arrangement of dissemination of the good-bad fruits of our actions. Thus the mind tries to avoid sins at all costs and in order to live happily man gets inspired to walk the path of integrity. The meaning of Bhakti or devotion is love for God. The meaning of theism is making good wholesome use of God made materials. It means behaving piously with a sense of goodwill towards all world creatures. In a nutshell devotion or a theistic attitude encompasses good will based sentiments like generosity, compassion, kindness, selfless service, cooperation etc.

This entire world is Super Power Gayatri manifest. All 3 worlds or Lokas are included in it. The spiritual vision of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri is that God’s divine power must be perceived just about everywhere in entire world creation and that with every iota of this inert-conscious world we must behave with goodwill and a sense of soul oneness. By making the entire world one’s very own beloved man each moment blissfully enjoys the Darshan of Almighty God in every atom of the world.

This Virat Brahman or God or divine cosmic consciousness is termed Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha. This also is Bhuloka, Patalloka and Swargloka. The world of living beings has 3 reams viz. living being or Jiva, Prakriti or material nature and Brahman or God or divine cosmic consciousness. Its control based management also occurs via Kriyashakti, Jnanashakti and Bhavashakti. In the 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha) of Super Mantra Gayatri also dwells the description of living being’s consciousness. While throwing more light on these divine energies these 3 very foundation stones are termed Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. These 3 are the 3 streams of Super Power Gayatri. Due to them all our 3 bodies ooze with Prana energy called Ojas-Tejas-Varchas. Ojas connotes beauty, mighty power, mobility, skillful intellect etc that renders our body very talented and magnetically attractive. When Ojas is very weak our face appears listless and full of despair. We get very lethargic and very easy tasks seem very difficult to execute. Tejas connotes mental radiance that influences our subtle body. A person imbued with intense Tejas possesses a skillful brain, true understanding, farsightedness and Viveka or true discrimination. Varchas illumines our causal body. It increases our soul power and soul light. Via it our great supremacy, zest for following sacred ideals, faith and working hard in an honest manner advances to glorious pinnacles. This Varchas itself is divinity. In the form of Ojas-Tejas-Varchas Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri by bestowing on her devotee her grace, miracle and boons renders him her truly glorified.

Our body has 3 parts i.e. the head, trunk and legs. For its nourishment in the form of food we need grains, air etc. The inner nature of all creatures is Satoguni, Rajoguni and Tamoguni. These 3 existences of Prakriti or Brahman is but the arena of divine sports of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri.

From this Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri Vedas have emerged. The subject of Vedas is knowledge, action and devotional worship/meditation. This is also Karmayoga or Yoga of Action, Jnanayoga or Yoga of Wisdom and Bhaktiyoga or Yoga of Devotion. On its basis the 3 causes of our strife and hardships viz. weakness, lack and ignorance are overcome. Sorrow is of 3 types:

1)      Adhibhautik that is a creation of our undesirable actions and erroneous behavior.

2)      Adhidaivik that is a creation of innumerable accidents manifesting as per one’s destiny. In a direct tangible manner we have no control over it.

3)      Adhyatmik sorrow as a result of our distorted thinking process appears before us as reactions of mental taints.

Via Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri the above 3 causes of our strife get troubleshot.

The Trishul or 3 prong weapon of Lord Mahakal too has 3 sharp edges. Lord Shiva possesses 3 eyes. It has the capacity to destroy all our sins, worldly heat and curses faced by us. Kala is also called time and it has 3 legs: past, present and future. The capacity to render aptly balanced past collected, present created and future possible situations is embedded in this Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri. Our life span too has 3 phases: childhood, youth and old age. Their circumstances, problems and requirements are very different. Due to the divine grace of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri at an apt hour she by giving us required light renders us brimming with blissful ecstasy.

This Tripada is 3 legged Gayatri. In the form of 3 bodies, 3 Lokas or worlds, 3 Gunas, 3 demigods, 3 energies and 3 phases of time she amplifies herself. Man is identified as per his activities, inner qualities and inner nature/character. The fruits of human executed worship too are of 3 types: Amrit (immortal nectar), Paras (touchstone) and Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree). From the Guna or mental characteristics standpoint Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri is called steadfastness, Prajna or divine intellect and faith. Steadfastness connotes zealousness and alertness. Divine intellect includes true farsighted discrimination or Viveka. It also includes supreme greatness due to imbibing high stature sacred ideals in day to day living. Thus we see how widespread is the propagation of this Super Mantra of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri.

It is totally beyond the capacity of us humans to measure the gigantic nature of Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri. Whatever has been elucidated here is but a miniscule portion of its infinite vault of divine energy. It is the imperishable fount of innumerable subtle powers. This Super Power Gayatri has 2 forms. The 1st is its knowledge aspect and the 2nd is its spiritual wisdom aspect. Knowledge includes high stature spiritual philosophy, Brahmavidya and Ritambhara Prajna. These are mediums that render our faith and aspirations high stature in nature. It is for this that we are exhorted to pursue Swadhyaya or self study/self introspection, deep thinking and mental reflection on great divine truths. It is for this that Jnana Super Power Yajnas, thought revolutions and other means to attain intellectual proficiency are programmed.

The 2nd aspect of Gayatri is Vijnana. Its form includes worship/meditation and many other spiritual practice techniques. This is that means wherein man attains the prowess of awakening his latent consciousness, gaining control over it and applying it for useful wholesome world welfare tasks. This, itself is called Super Science Gayatri. Its goal is awakening any form of latency.  It fulfills all 3 goals of reforming man’s greatness, augmenting it and reaching great pinnacles. It is with its help that many basis of material progress and development get created.



























Super Mantra Gayatri is very extraordinary. In entire Vedic literature no Mantra can be compared to it because Gayatri is not only profound but is very straightforward too. It is full of such deep import that it is incomparable. Let us first note the word meaning of Gayatri. It is made up of 2 words as per Sanskrit language grammar. These words are ‘Gaya’ which means Prana Energy and ‘Trana’ which means to protect. So it means Gayatri is that which protects our Prana Energy.

Prana Energy means consciousness and one imbued with life force. Prana is that principle which imbibes mobility, action, discrimination and life force, within us. It is due to this Prana Energy that we remain alive. When Prana Energy leaves our body we die. No doubt our bones, flesh etc are there for all to see yet such a corpse without Prana has no utility value.

Between the state of a body with Prana and without it which is called ‘Nyunprana’. In it no doubt Prana is present yet it is in a very weak form. This is the direst state in man’s life. Externally the body appears alive yet within it only hollowness rules the roost. Such weak people are very lethargic, indolent, despairing, worried, weak in aura, listless face, cannot focus their minds even on easy tasks and possess nil valor to face trying times and situations. Hence they are called ‘Nyunprana’. No doubt they have life force but it is very weak in potency. With other methods also bodily health gets influenced. Super Power Gayatri protects our Prana energy, will power and life force. It means that it strengthens, augments and nourishes them. Due to this in every artery, vein, nerve etc zest erupts in full throttle. The heart blooms with emotions of steadfastness, daring, enterprise, patience, bravery, hope and zest. On the basis of Prana Energy man executes such tasks that people rub their eyes in wonderment. The very thin physically emaciated Mahatma Gandhi shouldered the burden of the destiny of millions of people of India. Thus it is for us to decide whether we wish to render the physical body only strong or that we wish to render potent our inner body that contains our life force.

Gayatri is the name of that great pious intellect that is ever covered with a Sattvik divine principle. By imbibing Sattvik sacred thoughts and activities every power possessed by man is well protected and augmented too. Every act of it renders it more nourished, powerful and strong. Thus such a Gayatri devotee day by day becomes more energized sacredly. Bang opposite to this thoughts and actions emerging from a brain covered by Tamas or spiritual darkness decreases our Prana Energy day after day. Due to actions based on sense merriment and fleeting titillation our body too weakens. A mind with thoughts predominating with selfish greed gets submerged in muck of immeasurable sins. In this manner innumerable cracks emerge in our inner mind and all energy gathered dissipates to naught from these wide cracks. Such a person using his wily brain may amass a lot of wealth yet due to desires, selfish greed, fear, egoistic attitude, avarice etc reeking from his mind renders him unhappy all the time and that his mental energies also get destroyed.

An intellect oozing with sacred Ritambhara full of farsighted discrimination renders out bodily eating-resting habits also wholesome. Since such a one imbibes self control, celibacy, honest hard labor and a simple living high thinking lifestyle his strength-procreation capacity augments, body remains very healthily active and man lives a long happy life. The mind now blooms forth with amassing minimum wealth etc, love for spirituality, selfless service, renunciation, high power of endurance, compassion, sympathy, friendship, kindness, humility, true faith, etc. The psyche always remains zestful and divinely energetic. Since both the body and mind advance sacredly the Prana Energy gets well protected and that it increases a lot in measure. In this manner Gayatri by bestowing on us a great pious intellect protects our Pranas.

All Yogi-Munis that have incarnated so far have in full throttle eulogized Super Power Gayatri. While singing praises of it Vishwamitra, Yajnavalkya, Vashishtha, Bharadwaj etc have said that Super Power Gayatri super cedes everything. In the text ‘Ayurveda Shastra’ Maharshi Charak says that those people who for 1 year drinks Amla or myrobalan juice while also doing Super Mantra Gayatri Japa daily at dawn no doubt live a life of 116 years,

The energy of Gayatri is limitless. It renders sacredly pure our mind, brain, ego and psyche. Due to this, both our present and next world reform greatly. So far we have discussed only a wee bit about the word meaning of Gayatri. Deep profound connotations dwell in all its 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha), in all its 3 legs, in all its 9 words and in its 24 alphabets. In the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri in seed form are embedded human culture and all principles of true sacred idealism. The Omkar or Om in it oozes with all knowledge of the entire cosmos.

Om stutamaya varada vedmata prachodayantam pavamani dwijanam ayuhu, pranam, prajam, pashum, kirtim, dravinam, brahmavarchasvam mahyam datva vrajat brahmalokam.

MEANING: In this Mantra, Almighty God says Mother of Vedas i.e. Super Power Gayatri eulogized by me and that sanctifies Dwijas bestows on her devotees a long healthy life, Prana Energy or vital force, energy, animal wealth, fame, glory, wealth and a divine brilliant aura.

The Vedas say that first and foremost Super Power Gayatri gives us a long healthy life. Yet the question is what kind of life span does it give? Is it a life span full of diseases and bodily weakness? Certainly not! She gives us such a long life that not only blooms with potent Prana Energy and life force but that she gives us great minded healthy children also. If you yearn for fame and glory Super Power Gayatri gives us that also. She gives us Brahmavarchas full of divine aura and light called Ojas-Tejas-Varchas.

When is all the above attained? It is got only when we truly imbibe deep within our souls the sacred meaning of every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri. Further in accordance with its profound meaning we must live our lives. All this is got via Super Power Yajnas and Super Mantra Gayatri. When Super Power Yajnas are executed while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri, it is like 24 carat gold blooming with sweet nectarine fragrance.



Super Mantra Gayatri commences with the sacred term ‘Om’. Omkar is called Brahman or divine cosmic consciousness or Pranav too. This is the self manifesting name of Amighty God. By imbibing Om the measure of Brahman principle in us augments prolifically. The result of this is that in our inner qualities, activities and character Sattvik or sacredness increases a lot which leads such a devotee towards heaven, liberation or Moksha, immortality, material-spiritual success, Self or Soul Realization and Shiva divine principle. By imbibing this self manifesting name of Amighty God man rushes towards God. If you climb using a rope you reach where the rope’s knot has been tied. Pranav or Om is tied to God or Brahman. It is by keeping in mind Om’s divine greatness that all Acharyas or great teachers have given most weight age to Om in all actions executed. It is hence that before any Mantra is chanted Om is first uttered reverently. Omkar is a type of bridge or pool. By walking on this bridge the Mantra chanted achieves success more easily. Thus its true deep meaning can also be fathomed.

In Super Mantra Gayatri at first Om has been attached so that its energy stream can be taken to the apt destination by walking on this bridge of Om. Om’s meaning possesses a divine light of sacred qualities and high stature ideals. This light illumines the psyche of a Gayatri devotee so that the spiritual path he/she treads on becomes easy to journey on and reach the goal swiftly and securely.

On uttering sacred Om such sound vibrations get emitted that are akin to echoes resounding from ringing a huge bell. Thus all nerves, muscle fibers etc of the devotee start vibrating positively. The mind hence becomes hence aptly focused and even those who hear Om chanted loudly by others get positively influenced thus. If this is chanted in a congregational manner, the psyche of all present marches ahead in the same direction in a concentrated way. The serious, illumining and vibratory sound of Om awakens Sattvik sacred sentiments in the minds of all. In no other Mantra apart from Super Mantra Gayatri can one find the confluence of Sound Science and Music Tone Science. This gets initiated via Om’s reverberating vibration. While chanting Om we must keep in mind that our heart’s pure vibrations are latching on to Almighty God and in return God’s boons and divine blessings are flowing on us repeatedly.



In Super Mantra Gayatri after Om come the 3 Vyahvrittis. All these 3 are seed or Beej Mantras of Gayatri. Regarding this we have given many details. The 3 energies of world creation, propagation and destruction called Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are called Bhuhu, Bhuvaha and Swaha respectively. The 3 Gunas called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas too fall in this realm. Bhuhu is called the creator Brahmaji Bhuvaha is called Prakriti or material nature and Swaha is called Jiva or living being. These 3 Vyahvrittis also represent fire, air, sun and other deities. In this one finds a symbolic representation of the 3 Lokas also.

Bhuhu means one that gives us Prana Energy and is the very basis of our life force. Bhuvaha means one that destroys our sorrow so as to reinstate it with true eternal joy. All 3 divine qualities of Almighty God are eulogized in Bhuhu, Bhuvaha and Swaha. But a question arises as to whether Almighty God thirsts for our eulogies? Does he need yes-men buzzing around him like bees? Does he require servants and slaves at his beck and call so that they to pander to his whims and fancies? Certainly not! Almighty God has nothing to do with all these things. All of us devotees eulogize and sing hymns in praise of Almighty God so that his sacred divine qualities enter our psyche. The benefit of labeling Almighty God the very basis of our life force and Prana is accrued only when we too try and become the substratum of others’ life force.

Super Mantra Gayatri destroys our strife/sorrow and gives us true happiness. What exactly is sorrow and joy? In actuality sorrow and joy is not some material object and is not even the name of some situation. It in fact is our viewpoint or standpoint. If you positively transform your viewpoint your sorrow can get converted to joy. Joy means satiating your sense organs and if they remain dissatisfied you face sorrow. The words Sukha or joy and Dukha or sorrow belongs to the divine language called Sanskrit. ‘su’ means good and ‘Du’ means bad. ‘Kha’ connotes our 5 sense organs. Thus Sukha means good sense organs and Dukha means bad 5 sense organs. Which sense organs are called good? Then answer is those that are under our control. Those 5 sense organs that are not under our control and make us dance to their whims and fancies are called bad. In the insane rush towards deluded attachment, greed and material hoarding by hook or by crook man endures so much anguish and stress. The yearning for tasty food day in and day out pushes him perforce into hell. He eats just about anything under the sun whether it is wholesome or just junk food. Even if his tummy is full yet if he sees sweets, pizzas, cakes, tasty curry etc his mouth starts watering. If only man masters his taste buds, never shall he need to approach a doctor or a hospital.

It is Almighty God who gives us true eternal joy. He is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in nature. God gives us not only joy via our senses but gives Ananda or divine imperishable bliss also. Joy or Sukha and Ananda or bliss is separate. Joy is fleeting since after some time it ends. Bliss is that happiness that never ends till eternity. This bliss can be got only from Almighty God. We may get innumerable material pleasures and comforts from the world that give us joy or Sukha yet Ananda or bliss can only be attained when we follow to the last letter all commands given by Super Mantra Gayatri.

Super Mantra Gayatri teaches us that by deeply understanding the mutual bond between Brahman or divine cosmic consciousness, Prakriti or material nature and a Jiva or living being we must make an optimal decision regarding our viewpoint and activities. The meaning of worshiping fire, air and water is imbibing radiance of character, mobility and love for peace. By imbibing these in our day to day transactions, we can create a grand environment of joy and material-spiritual prosperity in our family and society at large. Whatever we see in this world has been created by Almighty God for the benefit of all of us. We must hence use is wholesomely without any deluded attachment to it by saying this or that material is ‘mine’. By imbibing the pious vision of ‘tena tyaktena bhunjitha’ as mentioned in the Ishavasya Upanishad we no doubt can enjoy various sense pleasures yet the inner attachment towards them (this or that is ‘mine’) must be given up in totality.

In all these 3 Vyahvrittis of Super Mantra Gayatri such sacred teachings and messages can be found elucidated. All great saints and leaders that have incarnated thus far in the annals of world history immersed themselves in such sacred activities and behavior. As a result they attained very highly illumined success comparable to miraculous feats.

Directions attained from these 3 Vyahvrittis of Super Mantra Gayatri (Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Svaha) in a gist can be called truth, love and sense of true justice. We must hence try our best to imbibe these fully in our lives. Only then can our sorrow get destroyed and that joy and bliss shall relentlessly pour down on us. In this manner human life shall attain true glory and success for keepsake.



In this verse of 3 legged or Tripada Gayatri there are 3 words: Tat, Savitur and Varenyam. Its straightforward meaning is to choose Savita deity. Who exactly is Savita deity and how to choose it?

This verse commences with the word Tat. In it an allusion to Almighty God dwells. Thus by keeping in mind the all pervasive cosmic nature of Almighty God we must avoid vile tainted activities in such a manner akin to a robber never even dreaming of robbing anything in the presence of police personnel. Hence in this verse it is said that we must always think of Tat who is none other than Almighty God. Every moment God is present not only around you but just about everywhere in this gigantic world. He notes each action of yours and disburses fruits/results in accordance. He may give you the fruits of your good/bad actions today, tomorrow, in this birth or in the following births. Yet know well that he shall definitely give them to you. None can save him or her from the fruits of actions executed. Hence forever mentally feel the divine presence of Almighty God.

God has infinite great qualities and infinite names also. One such name of his is Savita. Super Mantra Gayatri says that meditate ceaselessly on that divine form of God called Savita. Savita connotes divine radiance, one imbued with divine light and one that creates divine aura in us. Human life becomes divinely illumined only if his soul oozes with infinite soul light, intellectual light, financial light and bodily light. By imbibing this light energy of Almighty God, in every realm of our life we can shine akin to brilliant shining stars and galaxies in the sky. Such sacred sentiments bloom in this verse. Savita is also called sun because it too oozes with warmth and brilliant light. In its gross visible aspect the sun manifests in front of us the invisible energy of God’s light and aura. Thus we must choose this Savita sun.

We must imbibe only those things in the world that are useful in augmenting world well being. Those principles that lead us towards righteousness, religion, spirituality, truth, existence, consciousness, bliss, well being and divine beauty only are worth imbibing. By imbibing within ourselves supreme greatness, by veering towards glorious greatness the latent glory present within us that is a gift of Almighty God awakens in great measure. In a garden the fragrance of many flowers spreads out yet the fly rushes only towards foul reeking dirt. It gets pulled towards only foul stench and dirty garbage. Bang opposite to this a honey bee searches only for pollen in blooming flowers. It gathers only best things from a beautiful garden.

Thus in the verse ‘tat savitur varenyam’ Mother of Vedas-Gayatri gives us all this sacred command. Only via it can we render our lives truly happy and ecstatic bliss in an unbroken manner.

First and foremost the mind must be mastered and controlled aptly. We must protect our mind from getting attached in a deluded manner to our possessions, wife, son etc. By going beyond selfish desires we must give weight age to tasks of world welfare. Only then does our pious divine intellect awaken fully so as to imbue us with the capacity to discriminate between truth/falsehood, right/wrong etc. After this very easily we cam imbibe great divine qualities of Almighty Lord in untold measure, attain material/spiritual success and also enjoy heavenly bliss on earth. This then is the true wisdom pertaining to ‘tat savitur varenyam’ which is a part of Super Mantra Gayatri.

Whatever we think we become that. Whatever we wish intensely we execute it. When a thought emerges in the mind to do something we commence efforts for the same. Suppose we fail in these efforts we try again. Again you may fail yet you shall work harder. Finally you taste sweet success as per the maxim of ‘try try till you succeed’. All this is possible only via a strong will power, soul force and mental resolve called Sankalpa Shakti.



In the 2nd verse is written ‘bhargo devasya dheemahi’ and it also has 3 words. Although in the previous verse of ‘tat savitur varenyam’ it was advised that we must imbibe the Savita energy of Almighty God yet he who is our beloved divine father possesses many other sacred qualities. Hence we must focus on these too.

‘Bhargaha’ is that divine power of Almighty God that destroys vile qualities and darkness. In comparison to that which is good the lure for that which is bad is more enticing. Thus the attack of bad qualities in our mind is n fold more swift and intense. People very easily get enmeshed in its dangling carrot like allurement. Once they get netted in this mesh it becomes well nigh difficult for them to come out of it. In our cosmos both divine and demonic forces are at work. This divine-demonic warfare rages in our psyche also. It is only via the Bhargaha energy of Almighty God that we can crush demonic activities both within and without so as to reinstate only divine activities and thinking process. Via immense patience, steadfastness and mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti, by rendering or psychic balance optimal, we must ceaselessly self-introspect. Thus on noting any vile activity we must endeavor hard to push it out of our psyche and in our day to day transactions too. In Super Mantra Gayatri along with the exhortation to imbibe radiant and supremely great principle of Almighty God we are also commanded to imbibe Bhargaha within us. Further we must assiduously stop any bad qualities, sins, weaknesses and vile activities to enter our minds by being alert all the while.

‘Deva’ is called divine, extraordinary incomparably rare. We must imbibe infinite divinity within our inner personality. By placing in front of us divine principles, we must decide which exactly are our righteous duties? Those tasks that are correct, proper and that leads to world well being must be zealously executed by us all. No enticement, no allurement, no hardship or fearful situation must be allowed to agitate us in a manner that we give up such glorious tasks midway. Even if on such a glorious path we are all alone yet never should we give up the path of truth. Never become sad by saying ‘what are others thinking about me’? Thus we must awaken divinity (Devasya) in our psyche. Demigods are those who keep giving. Thus akin to them we too must use our brilliant talent, inner potential etc for the benefit of others in a ceaseless manner. Instead of misusing our energy and capability for selfish ends, fulfilling vain fleeting desires and in fraudulent activities we must utilize them totally for our spiritual uplifting and selfless service to society.

Demigods dwell in heaven and heaven lies above earth. It means that demigods reside in great worlds since they have gone beyond all lures of selfish greed and lowly narrow mindedness. It is both heaven and hell. If we become divine by imbibing divine principles, divine precepts and divine faith in our psyche we too can become divine. If we fail to do this we shall live in hell like situations only both mentally and externally in the mundane world.

‘Dheemahi’ means meditation. When we think of something our mind gets focused on it. Since the mind gets concentrated, one gets interested in it with a liking for it and thus we yearn to attain it. Due to this desire we start making efforts and it is these efforts that help us attain things. Meditation is the seed and attaining success is its fruits. Any action at first is imagined in the mind. Then we make plans so as to then actually act as per these plans. The Mother of Vedas called Vedmata directs us towards Dheemahi. We must meditate but the question is on what or whom? By meditating on Almighty God’s divine powers one’s mind gets focused. The psyche becomes optimally steady so that it comes under our proper control. When we focus our mind on a particular action our body starts acting accordingly. The body aids the mind thus. In this manner, our brain must give importance only to imbibing of divine, radiant, great, potent thoughts. In this manner we shall immerse ourselves only in tasks of soul welfare and selfless world welfare tasks.



O Lord! Do sacredly inspire our intellect. What exactly is this intellect? ‘Dhee’ means intellect, wisdom, true understanding and apt thinking. In the Gopath Brahman of Vedas the meaning of Dhee is: Intellect, action and sharp brilliant brain. Whatever our intellect thinks must be put into action and into practice. Its true meaning is that if we label Almighty God as ‘Bhuhu Bhuvaha Svaha’ we too must make effort of trying to protect other people’s lives, try to wipe off their sadness and help these lead happy lives.

Our soul requires most, a good will based pious intellect which is called ‘Dheeyo’. Super Power Gayatri is the Goddess of a sacred intellect. We must pray to God for a pious intellect. Give it not only to me but that all of us get it in order to usher in well being of the world and that all of us live with sacred sentiments of love and brotherhood. By zestfully acting as per such great inspirations we must develop our personality into a gloriously great one. By fighting vileness in our intellect we must resoundingly defeat it and in its place eternally establish a pious great intellect.

Indian Culture encourages us to perform actions ceaselessly. We are exhorted by it to work hard honestly, struggle also when required so as to attain great things in life. The Atharvaveda has a wonderful Mantra to showcase: ‘shrayena tapasa srishta nrittaya hansaya cha’. If someone asks us, as to why if at all has God created this world, the answer is: God has done so because man can honestly work hard so as to march ahead on the path of righteousness. While walking on this royal path of working hard honestly man can dance, laugh and dive into the ocean of ecstatic bliss. Yet when can man laugh and enjoy bliss? The answer is only when he imbibes a sacred intellect. Hence in Super Mantra Gayatri we pray to God to divinely inspire us all to walk the path of a great pious intellect.

This then is the profound meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri. It is complete Spiritual and Religious Science by itself. If we seriously cogitate over its meaning 3 precepts emerge viz. focusing on divine qualities of Almighty God, the 2nd is imbibing these divine qualities deeply in our psyche and innermost personality and 3rd is praying to God for the boon of a pious radiant intellect. This is very important for human life. Due to such a pious radiant intellect and sacred thinking vile thoughts, bad psychic imprints/Kusanskars, lowly desires and vile sentiments get uprooted totally. Via an intellect brimming with purity and divinity (Ritambhara Prajna), via farsighted discrimination or Viveka and sacred wisdom our life attains untold heavenly bliss.

















Maharshi Vishwamitra was a Drishta or seer of Super Mantra Gayatri and one who conducted scientific applications of Savitri. Via Super Energy Gayatri based spiritual practices from a Rajarshi he was rendered a Brahmarshi. On the basis of Savitri practices, he competed with Brahmaji the creator to create this world anew. His disciples Lord Parshuram and King Harishchandra were very great and powerful. Shakuntala was Maharshi Vishwamitra’s daughter who had given to Chakravarti Emperor Bharat. Bharat in turn rendered Aryavarta as gigantic Bharat called the land of India today. The Rishi status enjoyed by Maharshi Vishwamitra was a boon of Gayatri and his terrific efforts were the gift of Savitri.

Savita is the nature of Almighty God or divine cosmic consciousness. Savitri is his divine energy. Right from the beginning to the end she overflows with sacred sanctity but for public and gigantic missions its correct application is a must. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya says that this Super Science Gayatri had to be highlighted so as to reawaken it. For this end he had to himself perform intense spiritual practices. Without these austerities even if Gurudeva and his disciples were very pure and austere in their inner personalities, even if they were imbued with immense power to attain heaven like liberation and bestow well being on others yet as far as ushering in world welfare and Era Transformation or Yuga Parivartan a more powerful force is required called Goddess Mahakali Savitri of Lord Mahakal Savita.

Via Super Power Gayatri we attain spiritual glories and via Savitri we get material powers or Sidhis. In order to attain a balanced benefit of Gayatri practices Savitri practices also have to be performed. Savitri practices have many hidden mysteries and these are elucidated in a text called ‘Vishwamitra Kalpa’ albeit in symbolic form. In the realm of spiritual sciences via the Sidha Rishi Shringi due to Savitri oriented application King Dashrath could sire 4 sons. The medium of this was ‘Yajnanarayan’. This was a contrary application of Savitri practice. Via the descending series boons were got and via contrary practice curses were got. Via the Savitri application Sidha Rishi Shringi after bringing back to life the serpent Takshak, induced it to bite King Parikshit and thus the king entered heaven. Within Savitri Science large sized attacks (not individual but congregational) can be used to uproot world stature hazards and misfortunes. Savitri is called Saraswati also.

On the spiritual path wisdom/knowledge advances via worship and meditation and energy via spiritual practices called Sadhana. Via Japa or Mantra chanting, worship rites called Anushthan, meditation, selfless service, Puja etc land is sanctified and with the aid of Yoga practices and austerities spiritual practices evolve superbly. After devotional worship spiritual practices commence. Via devotional worship divine qualities augment in our psyche and via spiritual practices the boon of getting imbued within immensely with divine energy accrues.

From the above mentioned proof, Gayatri and Savitri can be called 2 bodies with 1 single common Prana or life force. For material goals divine energy Savitri and for spiritual goals Super Power Gayatri is required.

The question asked is why do we need to do Surya Sadhana or solar based spiritual practices? The sun is the very soul of this gigantic world. Its light spreads out just about everywhere. All the planets, satellites etc of the solar system get illumined only via sun’s brilliant light. Our own moon is not self illumined because it is but a mass of mud. Yet when sunlight falls on it the moon shines brightly at night. Other planets and satellites also get illumined via sunlight thus.

The sun and Savita are not separate but are one only. What is seen visibly is the ball of light called sun in the sky and its soul is Savita. It is the lord of soul power. Our body is the sun and its soul is Savita. Visibly the sun can be symbolized as a mango fruit and its sweet flavor can be called Savita. Lord Sun is a visible deity because via the brilliant sun creatures take birth, they grow and then die. More than air and food sunlight is more important because without its presence both air and food just cannot survive. Without sunlight the fertility of soil and the existence of plants, trees and all creatures growing on it are impossible. It is only in the presence of sunlight that plants make oxygen and the latter helps in sustaining the lives of many creatures including human beings. All forests and lush greenery growing on planet earth is but the gift of the brilliantly shining sun. Solar worship and meditation inspires us to uproot bodily diseases, psychic mental disorders, agitation, stress, enemy attacks, vile activities executed due to a tainted intellect etc. The creation augmenting and transformation of all living beings is due to the presence of the sun only.

In ancient eras when a Brahmachari (observing sexual continence or celibacy) approached a revered Guru for spiritual initiation or Deeksha the Guru would say:

Manav suryasthavrit manuvrajaswa.

MEANING: This Brahmachari disciple would be advised to stare at the rising sun just after dawn and was asked to walk behind in its footsteps (i.e. this Brahmachari disciple must become a Gayatri devotee and worshiper).

The Brahmachari disciple in turn would chant the Yajurveda Mantra:

Suryasyavritta manvarte.

MEANING: The Brahmachari disciple replied that he was making a resolve or Sankalpa to walk behind the footsteps of the sun (i.e. he agreed to become a Gayatri devotee and worshiper).

This disciple prays daily:

Ahamuyasam saviteva charu.

MEANING: May I become as brilliantly illumined as the sun! The meaning of walk behind in the footsteps of the sun is imbibing great radiant qualities of the sun. By doing Surya Sadhana or solar based spiritual practices we can imbibe the great radiant qualities of the sun. Since Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra we must do Gayatri practices.

The 1st quality of the sun is that it never leaves its center. It rotates and revolves around its center and axis only by never veering away from it. Similarly we may roam around anywhere, we may do business, we may take up education, do a job etc yet we must never give up our glorious human qualities and values. First and foremost we are humans. Our caste, status, degree, wealth etc are secondary because we are human beings first. We must always remember that primarily we are human beings and only then in a secondary way we are Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Russians etc. If we as humans hate and insult other humans know that this is not humane on our part.

Jyotishmataha patho raksha kritan.

MEANING: Man must protect those paths that are based on a pious intellect. The main reason why humanity undergoes a massive downfall is that he gives up sacred human values. Mister Gibbs has written a book on the Roman Empire. In it he writes that those who invaded Rome burnt the library of the Sikandar library for 6 months. Knowledge is meant for all. It does not belong to any one particular country. Grammar is meant for all world humanity hence by burning a library you are destroying all countries.

Bhaktiar Khilji after attacking Nalanda University set to fire its huge library. Hence where had humanity disappeared then? The queen of Chittor Padmini along with her friends in order to protect their Sati nature set themselves on fire. Say, where had humanity disappeared then?

While journeying to Kailash Manasarovar at a height of 14,700 feet on Lipulih valley the 1st city of Tibet dwells called Takkalkot. Near Takkalkot in Shamli hermitage there was a big statue of Lord Buddha made of gold. Over here resided 150 Bhikkus and 50 Buddhist female ascetics observing celibacy. China attacked Tibet grabbed this statue and melted it. They showered bullets on these 150 Bhikkus and 50 Buddhist female ascetics so as to cold bloodedly kill them. Say is this true humanity? The sun hence tells us do not differentiate and discriminate. The sun says that without differentiating in the form of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians, Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Russians etc. I give warmth, energy and light equally to all in the entire world.

The 3rd quality of the sun is that it is eternally illumined and shares its brilliant light with everyone in the cosmos. We ourselves must imbibe this light and share it with all. The first thing is we must imbibe the divine light of wisdom and without any sense of separatism share this divine wisdom with the entire world. The Guru of Pandavas-Kauravas Dronacharya told Eklavya that since he was a member of the Bhil tribe he could not teach Eklavya the art of archery. Surely this was not humane on Dronacharya’s part.

The 4th great quality of the sun is to live same sighted within whether we face joy or sorrow. Clouds tend to cover the sun so many times yet the sun remains unfazed. Similarly know for sure that dark gloomy times appearing in our lives shall get uprooted very soon. Thus we must imbibe and gather as much soul force as possible. You all are the lords and masters of this world. So labor hard honestly and akin to the sun rent asunder dark clouds of hardships clouding your life.

The 5th great quality of the sun is self sacrifice and charity or philanthropy.

Vayam syam patayo rayinan.

MEANING: O Almighty Lord! May I become the lord of an infinite storehouse of wealth, food grains etc! Our glorious scriptures Vedas and Upanishads have never stopped us from earning as much wealth as we wish. In fact they say that earn so much wealth that you eat food daily in vessels made of silver and gold. You must stay in large firmly built houses. Travel in cars, planes etc yet, never get immersed in thoughts of material wealth only. If the boat floats on water it can safely reach the other shore yet if water enters the boat know that you and the boat both shall get drowned. Hence earn lots of wealth but see to it that you use it judiciously and wholesomely. If you ignore this advice then definitely you shall drown and get destroyed in the ocean of material wealth.

The sun says: I render sea water into steam by my ferocious heat and raise it up in the sky as clouds. No doubt these clouds cover me temporarily yet they later pour down as salt free potable water on earth and partially back into the sea. Thus you too must earn wealth yet akin to me pour it into world society for uplifting the pious culture of your country and world at large.

The 6th great quality of the sun is that if you wish to attain greatness akin to the sun, destroy impurity of body and psyche especially.

Wherever sun rays travel they destroy disease bearing germs/microbes and dirt too. Thus we humans also must imbibe that power so as to destroy impurity of our body and mind. In this manner we shall become pure both bodily and mentally. Further after we ourselves must become pure in body and mind we must imbibe potent soul energy so as to uproot blind undesirable traditions/beliefs prevalent in society, sinful thinking and activities and impurity of vile behavior. Thus we can usher in a world environment of sacred purity and sanctity.

The sun destroys dirt yet its rays never become dirty. Similarly when we destroy dirt and taints pertaining to society, body, culture etc yet we must not lose our purity even a tad bit. We must never get tainted by others’ taints.

The sun says that it has 1000 qualities i.e. ‘surya deva sahasransho’. When we devotees commence imbibing these great qualities within then due to the grace of Sun God you shall attain many wonderful qualities leading to your all round material-spiritual prosperity. Just as the world looks up to me with reverence you too shall attain deep faith and honor from the entire world.

Sun’s energy is Savita who is the soul of the sun. Divine aura or Brahmatej and Savita are one and the same. Savita’s aura and Gayatri’s Bhargaha or divine light are one and the same. The deity of Gayatri that is Savita is the center of the world’s knowledge and wisdom. Whatever is found in the Vedas is but an amplification of Savita’s energy. By doing Savita based austerities, faith and spiritual practices adept Yogis attain Savita energy. Savita deity in the morning is Rigveda in nature Yajurveda at noon and Samaveda at sunset. Amongst these Vedas we can attain Jnanayoga or Yoga of Wisdom from Rigveda, Karmayoga or Yoga of Action from Yajurveda and Bhaktiyoga or Yoga of Devotion from Samaveda.

In summer season the heat of sun is very intense and hence it is well nigh difficult to stand under this blazing sun. Grass dries up totally. Earth burns akin to a frying pan. Humans perspire profusely. They drink lots of cold water, lemonade etc and eat a lot of ice cream. They use coolers, AC and fans to cool down. But as against all this there are many benefits also. Sun induces activity in all creatures, converts salt water into potable drinking water via cloud formation in the sky. This rain from clouds helps in blooming of flowers, fruits etc. Due to many such reasons the sun is called the soul of the world.

The 7 rays of the sun can uproot all diseases of the world. Till today Solar Healing Science was not made use of yet in present times its auspicious commencement has taken place. By focusing solar rays passing thru’ colored glass on a particular part of the body amazing healing is noted. By filling up various hued glass bottles with water and placing them under sunlight the water takes up the form of a special type of medicine. In Chromopathy certain applications are being carried out so that a day shall come wherein via mere apt utilization of solar rays all diseases under the sun can be healed successfully. None should get mind boggled if in future all other modes of healing and medical therapies are set aside and via mere use of solar energy not only man’s gross body but that his various mental ailments and diseases shall be successfully treated from their very roots.

The brain capacity of a lady called Lilaben Sandesara (from Dakor-India) had weakened a lot and she took treatment from a doctor and then a Vaidya. Yet no success was got in this medical therapy administered. One Gayatri devotee advised Lilaben to bring some soil from the fields, wet this soil and paste it on her scalp. She was asked to sit under sunshine in the open till the moist soil on the head did not dry up totally. After a few days of this treatment Lilaben’s brain problem normalized. She then journeyed to USA and there she started treating people with the method administered to her by that Gayatri devotee. This method of healing succeeded a lot in USA also.

A man from Deodar-India arrived in Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) for medical healing in a Naturopathy Camp organized there. Since he was eating a lot of Gutka (type of tobacco) his mouth got jammed. Food would be given to him in liquid form that too akin to feeding a baby with a spoon. The head of this Naturopathy Camp who was a Yogiraj told this man that in 15 days itself, the jammed mouth could be opened up yet this man was first advised to give up eating this dangerous Gutka forever. This man agreed to do so and vowed that he would die but never touch Gutka.

The Yogiraj advised this man to paste on his mouth the cow dung and cow urine got from the cow shed of Shantikunj mixed with clean soil got from the Dev Sanskriti University there. Before sunrise while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri with deep faith and devotion, this man with the paste on his mouth must sit under sunshine for 4 hours continuously. This paste would dry up on its own and would fall off; till then this man must sit under the sun. This man was told that if he did this at his residence too his mouth would definitely open up fully within 15 days of executing this naturopathy healing method. It goes without saying that this man’s mouth did open as before and further he helped others afflicted with such jammed mouths using the above naturopathy healing method.

This then is the stupendous, incomparable and super healing capacity of solar energy. Anyone can use this healing method and help others get successfully treated too using it for their benefit. By pasting the entire body with the soil mentioned above all bodily pain disappears. By pasting this soil on the tummy the digestive power increases very healthily and stools stuck to the walls of the rectum and intestines come out of the anus very smoothly. Many such applications are mentioned in ‘solar Healing Science’ or ‘surya Chikitsa Vijnana’.

It is not as though only our country India is aware of the spiritual import of the brilliant sun. Egypt’s gigantic solar image is the most ancient one unearthed so far. Pharoah King Raismus 2nd had made this sun statue by drilling a mountain for sculpting purpose. This sun statue has a height of 225 feet and it is believed that it was created in 4000 BC.

Odisha’s Konark Sun Temple and Gujarat’s Modhera Sun Temple both in India are very well-known. The height of Konark Sun Temple is 225 feet. For studying scientific data of eclipses, both Indian and foreign scientists come here to carry out detailed research.

King Ikshwaku had done solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana and hence, his lineage was named Suryavanshi or Solar Clan. The Pandavas of the epic Mahabharat fame faced untold difficulties while in forest exile. At that time Rishi Dhaumya had advised them to perform solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana. Sati Savitri via solar spiritual practices or Surya Sadhana had attained the boon of bringing back her dead husband Satyavan back to life. By doing such practices in a proper optimal manner the sun gives us prosperity, grandeur, good health and heavenly liberation. This is detailed in the Indian Mythology text called Surya Purana.





















Everyone is well aware of the name Hira Ratan Manek (Shah) of Gujarat-India. He had fasted for 411 days at a stretch. This was published as a headline in the leading newspaper called Gujarat Samachar. The editor of this newspaper asked Hira Ratan Manek as to how it was possible to live without food and water?

Hira Ratan Manek replied that it is via solar energy only that he could remain alive without food and water for 411 days at a stretch. The editor asked: How are you attaining this energy from the sun? From where did you learn this science?

Hira Ratan Manek replied: When I met a Sidha saint dwelling in Rishikesh-India he taught me the technique of attaining this energy from the sun. I first experimented with it by fasting for 411 days without taking any food or water. Hira Ratan Manek resided both in Bhuj-Gujarat and Mumbai sometimes.

From the above it is very clear that just anybody in the world can remain alive without taking any food or water by imbibing a lot of solar power.

Sunday is said to be sun’s day. On Sunday the focused energy of all planets falls down on our planet earth. On that day hence we are advised by our great scriptures to fast by doing the Suryavrata. Women are known to fast on Sundays to protect their husbands and attain good health. In MP and Bihar-India the Kartik Suda 6th Tithi (Chhatha) is called Suryashashti and on this day a Vrata or religious vow is observed. On the photo/images of all deities the soul of the sun is shown as an aura around their faces.

In Rome also Sunday is said to be holy. Just as fire is most required to cook food, to ‘cook’ and ripen our soul so as to attain Self/God Realization divine energy is most needed. We may worship any divine power, the name of god/goddesses and Mantra chanting specific to them, their form and qualities, their importance and underlying import maybe many yet the solar principle perforce has to be conjoined to all without exception. Any type of meditation, Yoga practices, worship rites, spiritual practices, Japa etc has to be executed by facing the east and with the help of solar energy success is attained more swiftly. The remote control of awakening divine powers rests in the hands of Savita or the sun. just as without fire we cannot cook food, without the sun or Savita’s help we cannot succeed in our worship method to just about any deity.

Gayatri is an individual Sadhana or spiritual practice. Everyone executes it for their individual well being. Savitri’s deity is the shining sun and for it Suryopsthan is most required. Savitri is congregational in nature. When many individuals in a collective manner execute Gayatri practices at one spot in unison and perform a Yajna using public wealth and a focused collective psyche in which the lay public participates in huge hordes and accept nectarine Prasad know that it is a Savitri and Savita Yajna. For overcoming personal problems Gayatri worship/meditation and for solving public and world problems Savitri practices are executed congregationally. At present in India, people perform only Gayatri or individual Sadhana. Thus their far off results are being created. None should harbor the illusion that Gayatri and Savitri are separate divine powers. Fire that burns/cremates a corpse is called ‘Lohita’ and fire used for cooking food is called ‘Rohita’. These names no doubt are different yet it is merely done keeping in mind their function. Yet in reality in both terms fire described is one only. Similarly, both Gayatri and Savitri despite being a single divine energy manifest 2 forms.

Fire is a portion of the sun. When mango fruit falls off from the tree it falls on the ground below. This is because the mother of the tree and its fruit is earth or ground. Even you burn untold measure of wood and Ghee or clarified butter yet the tongues of the fire rush upwards only because their father is the sun. In worship rites and spiritual practices we light incense, flame wick lamps etc since they symbolize the presence of sun there.

Gayatri and Super Power Yajnas are a pair or couple. Similarly Savitri and Savita also are a pair or couple. At the time of Gayatri worship completion (Purnahuti) we must perform a Yajna. If you cannot perform a Yajna daily at least do it compulsory either on Sundays each week, on Ekadashi day and Purnima or full moon day. In this Gayatri worship Anushthan offer 27 Mantras’ Ahuti minimum.

In the Vanparva of epic Mahabharat there is a dialogue between Goddess Saraswati and Tarkshya. In it Saraswati-Savitri says: I get created from Agnihotra or fire rites. I ward off all doubts. A Ritwij via Yajna performance attains my blessings yet this is possible only for those who are self controlled, behave piously and are steadfast in their devotion to Almighty God. Along with studies of Divine Science or Brahmavidya those who ceaselessly for 7 years do Yajna worship also, attain me without doubt. Poet Kalidas, Varadraj etc attained this brilliant talent via Savitri based spiritual practices.

Agnihotra or Yajna is the supreme application of solar worship. In commonplace tasks useful fire can be lit using any kind of fuel, yet in order to light Yajna fire wood/Samidha of special types of trees are made use of. The wood of those trees used as Samidha in Super Power Yajnas must predominate with sun element. In Super Power Yajnas powerful Mantras are used in the form of energy. Yajna fire represents sun on planet earth hence via it all benefits accrue that are got from solar rays. The chief benefits of Yajna performing are warding off bodily diseases, augmenting n fold mental consciousness, imbuing the inner personality with radiance, augmenting brilliant talent, advancing great glorious mental qualities and proliferating manifold great glorious activities. More special benefits from Super Power Yajnas include its energy aiding in the merging of a living being’s soul with God who is the divine cosmic soul. In the close proximity of Yajna fire man can attain total divinity.

As per the history of temple construction mentioned in Varahpurana (177/59/72) King Samba had built 3 sun temples in the regions of Udaygiri and Shambapur. The Chinese scholar and world traveler Hiuen Sang in his travelogue writes that the sun’s image reinstated in the sun temple of Shambapur was made from 8566 kg of pure gold and at the time of Muslim invasion in 712 AD this sun image had been looted by them.

In the Padmapurana it is mentioned that a self controlled devotee immersed in thoughts of Brahman or God on chanting Super Mantra Gayatri with proper mental focus becomes a Jivanmukta or one liberated while yet alive. He then attains the supreme abode of the solar world or Loka.

Yaha sandhyamupasate brahmaiva tadupasate.

MEANING: Those who regularly do Sandhya worship (chanting Gayatri at dawn, noon and dusk) are actually worshiping Almighty God because sun or Aditya is none other than Brahman or Almighty God.

The Bhishmapita of Ayurveda form of healing Maharshi Charak in his authored text ‘Charak Samhita’ elucidates that whenever he went to the forest to gather disease curing herbs, these herbs themselves would showcase their specific healing qualities. These herbs would also convey to Maharshi Charak at what time in which Nakshatra if these herbs were plucked what types of diseases could get cured. In the texts of Astrology Sciences/Jyotish Vidya it is written: ‘Ashtami vyadhinashini’. The 8th day of the moon waxing or waning cures all types of diseases and hence is very beneficial for medical healing. On the 8th day the sun and moon are aligned at a distance of 90 degrees in 2 corners.

Prof Dr Ralph W Morris of Chicago’s Illinois University (Pharmacology Dept) conducted certain research studies wherein on a full moon night the moonshine affects man’s psyche. Energy waves manifesting from this moonshine increases the speed of blood circulation. In patients afflicted with diabetes on a full moon night sugar levels in the blood reach their peak because on a full moon day the earth, sun and moon get aligned in a single file or line.

Solar light electrifies the human body. USA’s Dr Neal Bernhart from his research findings proves that by contacting energetic rays of the sun an electromagnetic stream flows in the human body. This in turn overcomes many types of incurable diseases.

One day a very physically thin girl was brought to Gayatri Tapobhumi for medical treatment. Her skin had stopped functioning. Her entire body felt very itchy and hence had become a living skeleton. Despite eating nutritious food and being administered tonics her blood level that was meager in measure just did not increase. Her blood circulation too was very disorderly. Her doctors and Vaidyas were very worried as to what was the cure for this ailment? How should they medically treat her?

Finally this girl patient was taken to an adept naturopath. The naturopath advised her to get exposed to sunshine (from 5.30 am to 10.30 am) for 1 month daily. She was not given food to eat so as to destroy dirt in the body. Due to heat of sunlight movements in the skin commenced. Since from the skin pores sunlight and space element entered the body, the girl’s body experienced zest and robust energy. She now started desiring to go out and enjoy life. She could now eat properly. Blood levels increased optimally in her body. In a few days she became healthiest amongst all her family members. All family members witnessing this wonderful transformation started availing the benefits of solar power via sun exposure of their body.



In sun’s warmth during the natural state the body gets health force that is a priceless gift of nature. Those people residing in areas where sun rays fail to reach are known to be listless, weak in Prana Energy content and yellow skinned. Vitamin D got from sun rays help bodily growth a lot in a healthy manner hence in the pregnant state itself the would be mother must expose the fetus in the womb to sunlight. Pregnant women must work in the morning in such a way that they get maximum exposure to sunlight. If they are free from work they must sunbathe in this early morning rising sunlight. If a pregnant woman fails to sunbathe under this early morning rising sunlight they shall face difficulty in walking, resting etc. By not getting exposed to sunlight women get afflicted by a bone ailment called osteomalasia.

Anusurya bhudayatam vhadadhoto harma ya te.

MEANING: By exposing our body to the early morning orange cum golden hued sun rays anemia and heart ailments are cured. Those microbes that do not die even when water is boiled properly die merely on getting exposed to sun’s heat.

Amongst many type of invisible solar rays infrared rays give heat to our body. It pierces even the skin covering enter the body. In this manner UV or ultraviolet light rays also heal many diseases with success. Since these UV rays are very tiny they can be used via solar lenses. After exposing the body to sunlight, if we bathe with cold water skin pores get cleansed and open fully.

Those who have to work in their offices mainly using their brain skills must at the time of sunbathing the body place a cloth on the head or wear a cap. This is because we must protect ourselves from very intense heat. Hence this practice of sunbathing must be increased slowly and steadily. Via regular sunbathing diseases of the brain, heart, cough-cold and illnesses attacking our body in winter too get healed successfully.

Via Gayatri worship/meditation many gross benefits attained have been discussed so far. This is but the miracle of the energy of sun god. When lust for sexual union emerges in the psyche the sense organs get excited which is quite natural. Similarly by mentally meditating on the brilliant sun the rays closest to the sun bathe our psyche and this psychic or mental energy spreads out in every part of our body.

Via Gayatri worship/meditation deadly dangerous diseases are known to get cured. It is but the result of the scientific methodology of the conscious mind meditating on the sun. By meditating on the sun mental purity and soul sanctity augments manifold. It is hence that HH Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya would encourage everyone at Shantikunj (HQ of International Gayatri Family-Haridwar-India) to daily meditate on Savita sun god in the early morning hours. Via solar meditation our present world and the next one too reforms positively. This is the imperishable truth of our planet earth.

Via Gayatri worship/meditation Savita energy can be invoked, imbibed and rendered advanced in our body. With this energy not only does our health, life span, radiance and brain skill augment a great deal but that such ESP or Extra Sensory Perception advances stupendously which is called the boon of Almighty God. Lord Shri Rama by attaining the hidden import of Aditya Hridaya could kill the deadly almost invincible demon Ravan. Other brothers too were initiated into solar worship/meditation by Rishi Dhaumya. By doing solar practices the mysterious import of the entire cosmos opens up. Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra. Right since ancient eras Gayatri worship/meditation is believed to be a must do righteous duty for every Indian citizen. The highly intellectual scientist Dr Ronald conducted research via study of a patient. In it if the head lies in the western direction while sleeping the person’s mental stress increases a lot. This was measured using an oscillometer. If the head lies in the southern direction while sleeping the person’s mental stress reduces considerably. This verily is the proof of the attraction-repulsion of sun and planet earth which is measured using an oscillometer.

Dogs, cats, buffalos, bulls etc well beforehand perceive the eruption of an earthquake. When they walk on a road once, never again do they need directions to walk on it another time. Even fish and birds know directions quite well. This is a gift of sun’s electrical energy. ‘surya atma jagatahasthushcha’. The sun is the soul of the entire cosmos.

Dr Herald Schweitzer (Australian scientist) after conducting due research studies opines that solar eclipses shower lots of influence on the human brain. Not only mankind but creatures also lose their rationality. Half an hour before a solar eclipse sets in ants stop searching for food and instead aimlessly run around here and there. Birds lose all sense of direction. Apart from a few sparrows majority of the birds stop chattering.

Solar eclipse is that great hour wherein if you do Japa or Mantra chanting it succeeds very easily. At the time of solar eclipse if you do Japa or Mantra chanting near a river, in a cave or temple of God the Mantra reaps superb success. In future the number of solar eclipses is going to increase a lot hence Mantra worship done at such times definitely shall aid in your attaining sun god’s blessings and grace.

The sun is called a sin destroyer. Hence a prayer for freedom from sins and attaining a pious intellect is done in front of Super Mantra Gayatri’s deity Savita during Japa or Mantra chanting and meditation. Regarding this the mystery of Madhu Vidya is detailed in the 12th verse of the 1st Khand of Chandogya Upanishad via Savita spiritual practices.

The priceless poem penned by poet Kalidas- ‘Raghuvansham’ gives a description of Mother Seeta staring one pointed (Tratak) on the sun while they were in forest exile. It was she who sent a message to her husband Lord Rama that after giving birth to the babies in her womb, she would devotedly offer worship to the sun in order to attain him as her husband in her next birth also.

Emperor Akbar also was a sun devotee. Daily seated facing the sun he would chant the 1000 names or Sahasranam. He had given a command that in his kingdom solar worship must be carried out in the morning, noon, evening and night. The Greek Emperor Alexander or Sikander also was a sun devotee.

In the Christian scripture ‘New Testament’ since Sunday belongs to the sun they say it is best to do worship/ meditation on that day. Saint Paul says that doing charity on such a sacred day as Sunday too is apt.

Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya in his ‘sandhyabhashya’ literature describes the deep import of the sun. He says in it that worship of the sun who is the father of the entire cosmos destroys our sins and inspires us to imbibe a pious intellect. By meditation on the invisible divine energy of Super Mantra Gayatri, via grace of Savita both material and spiritual wealth is attained.

Fossil fuels like wood, oil, coal etc may get totally depleted in the next 25 years. Electricity also is generated via coal and water hence if we fail to get electricity there is no other option for world humanity but to tap solar power. Hence today in Gujarat-India in regions like Surendranagar’s Dhama/Fatepur/Visnagar/Junjuvada villages, stations generating electricity via solar power have been built. This electricity is then transmitted to other sub stations.

Today modern scientists in order to fulfill various tasks believe that the energy requirement for these tasks can only be supplied by a very potent and permanent fount in the form of solar energy. For generating this energy from the sun various techniques and technology are being designed. Similarly Savita’s infinite Prana energy can be used for warding off bodily and mental afflictions, good health augmenting, attaining a long disease free life and spiritual uplifting. For this no technology is required because man’s psyche and mind are the best ‘machines’ to imbibe this energy. Only via meditation on Savita-sun one can by attracting the vault of Prana energy of the sun overcome many diseases and thus life a long illness free life.

Brahmaleen Swami Akhandanand Saraswati (Rishikesh) in his book on Karma Yoga has detailed the mind boggling miraculous feats of solar power. A householder of Gujarat-Dholera named Prithvirajsingh Chudasama had gone to Rishikesh and had met Swami Akhandanand Saraswati. Prithvirajsinghji after respectfully touching the feet of Swami Akhandanand Saraswati begged for blessings.

Swamiji asked him: Why have you come to Rishikesh?

Prithvirajsinghji replied: I have come here to die.

Swamiji asked him: What does that mean?

Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I am in the 3rd stage of blood cancer. Since I shall definitely die as per my doctors’ opinion, I have come here to dwell in Rishikesh till I breathe my last. Even if my life has not reformed at least my death shall fruitfully reform me.

Swamiji asked him: Suppose your blood cancer gets cured successfully?

Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I shall even then live in Haridwar-Rishikesh only and not return home.

Swamiji asked him: My medicine is free of cost. Yet keep one thing in mind-if you fail to harbor deep faith towards your Guru, doctor-Vaidya and medicine, your disease shall not get cured. This disease could be spiritual bondage or material like your cancer ailment.

Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! Whether you cure me or not I have full faith in you.

Swamiji told him: You must bathe in Mother Ganges’ water, roll in the mud on the river shore and while sun rays fall on your body continue chanting Super Mantra Gayatri while lying down in a sleeping position in the sand. It shall take 6 months thus to cure your blood cancer. You must drink only River Ganga water and eat only Moong-rice.

Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I shall commence doing this from tomorrow itself.

Swamiji told him: You must beg for food (Bhiksha) from Baba Kalikamliwala.

In this manner Prithvirajsinghji would daily bathe in River Ganga at 5 am in the morning, roll in the soil of Mother Ganga, paste this holy soil on his body and till 10 am he would lie flat on the river shore. Again in the evening at 5 pm he would repeat this procedure of alternative medicine healing. At noon he would take (Bhiksha) from Baba Kalikamliwala and eat food. Then for 2-3 hours he would rest after meals. In the evening too after completing this therapy he would go to sleep at 8 pm.

Prithvirajsinghji would daily go and have the holy Darshan of Swamiji.

In this manner 6 months passed by and HH Swamiji said: Prithiviraj! Do you feel the urge to eat Roti or Indian bread made of wheat?

Prithvirajsinghji replied: Sir! I feel very hungry and I shall be happy if you give me the permission to eat Roti.

HH Swamiji said: Henceforth eat what you wish to. Your blood cancer has been cured. You can get it medically examined by a cancer specialist.

Prithvirajsinghji got the necessary blood cancer tests done and lo behold! It was cured totally.

Prithvirajsinghji said: Swamiji! Please do initiate me into Sanyas and ochre robe. I shall now never return home. As far as I am concerned I am dead for my family members because in my last dire state of blood cancer no one came here to take care of me. HH Swamiji did initiate him into Sanyas and gave him the ochre robe. He was given the new Sanyas name of Swami Premananda and his entire life lived in Rishikesh. In 1957 AD he became Brahmaleen.

This solar based therapy is very similar to chemotherapy given to cancer patients. But chemotherapy is so ghastly that the patient’s hair on the head fall of. Chemotherapy heals only for a short time span because again cancerous cells start proliferating. As against this the solar based cancer therapy (alternative medicine) destroys cancer causing agents from their very foundation. Further solar energy toughens and renders potent the immune system of the body so much that no disease causing germs and other agents can enter or proliferate in the body. In future times to come when all other modes of therapy shall fail this solar healing therapy shall be used by the whole world on a war footing.

The question asked is that if as per the prevalent belief right since time immemorial some divine stream oozing with divine powers is being showered on the land of India via sun rays, then why is it that the thinking trend, character and behavior of Indian citizens lack sanctity and sacredness akin to that noted in Satyuga or the Golden Era?

The Sidha saints of Himalayas give 2 reasons for the above. The 1st is that our atmosphere and environment has become so polluted that the to and fro movement of this flow of divine powers is getting badly obstructed. Hence this divine flow measure which had reached peaks in Satyuga has weakened a lot in today’s modern times. The 2nd reason is that the attitude of looking upon the fount of this divine flow Savita as a mass of divine consciousness that is responsible of rendering alive and aptly activated this entire world has been totally destroyed. Hence we fail to get the benefit of divine qualities via Savita-sun.

A question arises as to whether the sun we see in the sky daily is actually a deity? Does it possess the sentiment of pleasure and displeasure? In order to unravel the truth of this belief of Hindus in the year 1980 AD a Prof of California University-Sir AK George conducted an important experiment. In the hottest summer month of June he stood under the blazing afternoon sunshine for 5 minutes without donning clothes. Then he went to his room to check his body temperature which showed he had fever of 3 degrees. The next day with deep devotional faith he offered worship to the sun with a wick flame lamp, incense sticks, flowers, fruits etc and then in the afternoon he stood under the blazing sunshine for 11 minutes without donning clothes. Then he went to his room to check his body temperature which showed he had no fever at all. This was quite mind boggling because instead of 5 he stood for 11 minutes under the blazing sunshine naked yet his bodily temperature was normal as shown by the thermometer. Hence the fact that Hindus look upon sun as a god with deep faith is not blind by any means. This has been elucidated by Sir AK George via research data unfolded by him in his book ‘sun: The Hindus’ deity’. In this manner westerners too started accepting that sun and moon are not mere inert masses of mud, rocks etc but are conscious divine powers. They can shower on us both anger and boons too if they become pleased with us.

Swami Achyutananda lived in Vrindavan-India. Before he became a Sanyasi/ascetic he was called Anand Shrimali. He was born in a Brahmin family residing in Rajasthan state’s Alwar city. He was the lone son of a very rich affluent family and had graduated as a mechanical engineer. His father got him married in a very royal lavish manner. His home had 5 cars and about 15 large rooms of royal décor. Anand’s wife was very beautiful and very sweet natured. In 7 years of married life Anand sired 2 sons. His parents were overjoyed. His house had many servants, property and a robust profitable business.

Anand left for the 4 Dham pilgrimage accompanied by his family members. Although in those days roads were very rough yet Anand being very brave himself drove the car. Suddenly on the roadway between Uttarkashi-Gangotri glacier rain clouds gathered. It became very dark and gloomy. It was but 2 pm in the afternoon. It started raining. His car fell into a big crater and after overturning it fell into the ravine. Anand could remember only this much. When he regained consciousness he alone was lying in this deadly ravine. A little above his car was hanging on a huge branch of a tree. He started climbing up and it took him about 6 hours to reach this tree. What he saw was very heart wrenching because all his family members had died. He again became unconscious. When he regained consciousness he was in a military hospital. Over there in Gangotri glacier region he cremated the dead bodies of his family members.

He reached his home afterwards and his relatives would come to sympathize with him. He mentally reflected a lot deep within. For whom should he live? Thus after giving up all his material possessions without telling anyone Anand Shrimali left for Vrindavan. He would regularly associate with great saints like Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar, Shri Udiya Babaji Maharaj etc. Later he got initiated into Sanyas and wore the ascetic’s ochre robe. Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar gave him the Sanyasi name of Swami Achyutanand. Swamiji would immerse himself in devotional sentiments on the banks of River Yamuna in Vrindavan.

Once, Swami Achyutanand got afflicted with leprosy. This leprosy attack intensified. He went to have the holy Darshan of Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar. HH Babaji saw his leprosy affected skin and said there is no need to worry. He advised Swamiji to go to Rishikesh. There he must bathe in River Ganga, apply a paste of cow dung mixed with Ganga soil and lie in the lap of Mother River Ganga daily in the morning and evening. One hour before sunrise Swamiji was commanded to chant Super Mantra Gayatri devotionally for around 3 hours while lying down in the sands of River Ganga. Thus Mahayogi Devraha Baba Sarkar said that due to the divine grace of Goddess Savita and Mother Bhagirathi also called River Ganga, your leprosy shall be totally cured.

Due to the divine grace of Goddess Savita and Mother Bhagirathi HH Swami Achyutanandji’s leprosy was healed successfully via solar energy.















In order to carry our solar worship and meditation via Super Mantra Gayatri chanting it is a must that we get proper guidance from a Sadguru like Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya also called Maharshi Vishwamitra of this era.

Maharshi Vishwamitra for certain reasons had put a lock on Super Mantra Gayatri. Yet Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the secret knowledge of how to unlock it and hence made Gayatri and solar worship easily accessible and open for just about everyone the world over.

Along with Gayatri or Savitri worship it is must that we meditate on the sun. In the deep state of meditation the sun’s electromagnetic flow enters from the pigtail region in the scalp of the devotee. Thus the Prane energy on getting highly advanced gets rendered feather light, divine and brilliant as sunlight. Every Gayatri devotee along with Japa must meditate on the sun. Whether you are meditating on Mother Goddess Gayatri or Savita sun-god in both states you must mentally visualize them in the center of the shining sun (Surya mandal madhyastha) which is Savita deity that bestows on its devotee a radiant pious intellect. Hence HH Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had said that we must concentrate-meditate on Savita along with executing Gayatri based austerities (Vangmaya 15/2/10).

In solar worship/meditation the main steps are Suryarghya, Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryasnan, Suryasanidhya, Suryasevan, Suryadarshan, Suryaparikrama etc. Hence every Gayatri devotee must execute each of these steps of solar worship mentioned near a water area like lakes, river etc seated facing the eastern direction.



Every brother and sister the world over must offer one vessel full of water to sun god since it is a very righteous act. Yet the question raised is why should anyone do so? If we do not deeply understand this the total benefit of offering water to sun got does not accrue. The Electricity Board sends us a bill of the amount of electricity we use in our house, office etc. Yet right from sunrise to sunset since we use the light, energy, consciousness etc of Savita sun-god the question is how do we foot this bill? We are grateful and indebted to sun deity. Hence daily in the early morning hours with a sense of thanks we offer Arghya or water to the sun by saying: O giver of life force! We cannot sustain our lives without your gifts. For our entire life we shall remain indebted to you. Please kindly accept our worship and obeisance so that due to your blessings we become sanctified, powerful and energetic.

After taking pure water (to which is added flowers and fragrant sandalwood paste) in a vessel of copper with deep faith and devotion facing sun god in the sky before the sun rises this Arghya should be offered. (The Suryarghya Mantra is given below). Take a spoonful of water from the copper vessel, pour this water on both palms of the hand, place both the palms facing the sun, chant 5 times each Super Mantra Gayatri and Surya Mantra rub both palms. Then rub these palms on your face, heart, scalp, ears while the palms are yet wet. Water influenced by solar rays is called Soma Rasa or immortal nectar/Amrit. By sipping it reverently our diseases get cured and we live a long healthy life.



Om bhurbhuvaha swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yon aha prachodayat.



Om bhaskaraya vidmahe divakaraya dheemahi tannaha suryaha prachodayat



Suryadeva sahasransho tejo rashey jagatpate.

Anukampya mam bhaktyam grihan arghyam divakar.

Om suryaya namaha.

Adityaya namaha.

Bhaskaraya namaha


At dawn and at noon Arghya can be offered in water (that is it can fall down into river, lake waters etc) yet the Arghya water offered to the sun at sunset must fall on the ground only. At dawn this Arghya stream of water should flow 3 times to the sun and by chanting the Mantra ‘Om suryaya namaha. Om bhaskaraya namaha. Om adityaya namaha’ offer Suryarghya.



At dawn just before sunrise bend the hands at the elbow, place both palms towards the shining sun in the skyLord Aditya’s Suropsthan is performed. Presenting ourselves in front of the rising sun god, presenting ourselves in his court is called Suropsthan. By doing Suropsthan the devotee attains the security bestowing close proximity of sun god. Those who do not know the Suropsthan Mantra can do Suropsthan by chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.



Om udutyam devam vahanti ketavaha.

Dashe vishwaya suryam.

Om chitram devanamudgadneekam chakshurtrisya varunsyagneha.

Apra dyavaprithivi antariksha.

Om surya atma jagatastasthushashcha.

………………Yajurveda (7/41/41)




Suryanamaskar must be done either while standing or as per one’s convenience.



After sitting facing the east by doing Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting for 1 hour without break the benefit of Suryasnan and Suryasannidhya are attained quite easily. As a result the devotee attains radiance of personality, energy and a long healthy life span which is beyond all doubts. By staring at the sun with open eyes shut your eyes gently later and then meditate on the brilliant sun. After this while offering Suryarghya we naturally do Suryadarshan without any extra effort. By doing Suryasadhana or solar spiritual practices various requirements of human consciousness get fulfilled.



While standing facing east at the place where you carry out spiritual practices while meditating on the shiny sun either via the Mantra mentioned below or Super Mantra Gayatri do Surya Parikrama or circumambulation of the sun. Planet earth after completing circumambulation of the sun attains all gifts from the sun. Similarly after a devotee does circumambulation of the sun attains special boons such as mastering various Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. As per the Harihar Bhashya (commentary) text one has to complete only 1 circumambulation. In other texts it is mentioned that wherever the sun’s image is there either 2 or 7 times circumambulation or Parikrama has to be done. Thus if you are standing in front of the sun in the sky only 1 Parikrama has to be done.


Om vishwatashchakshuruta vishwatomukho vishwatobahuruta vishwataspat.

Sambahubhyamdhamatisampatrairdyava bhumi janayanadeva ekaha.

Yani kani cha papani jnatajnat kritani cha.

Tani sarvani nashyanti pradakshinayam padey padey. In




In the furnace used by an ironsmith, burning coals are placed that burn with normal air. Yet when via a blowpipe air is blown into this furnace the fire in it intensifies so much in a blazing manner that after melting any type of iron, it removes all dirt in this melted iron so as to transform it into a great weapon.

What exactly is Pranayam as per Yoga Sciences? What is Suryavedhan Pranayam? Vashishtha Rishi had done deep research in the field of Prana electricity. Air also has electricity and this electricity comes from the sun into air. How much of this electricity or Prana energy from the sun is imbibed via Pranayam is attracted within us, imbibed and advanced has been detailed a lot in the Shatpath Brahmin’s Prana Vidya chapter (6/24/20-31).

In those years when the number of sunspots increase a lot on the sun the measure of crops, fruits, vegetables etc decreases notably. Plants do not mature properly. The food grains are very thin and emaciated and thus nutrition value in them is very miniscule in measure. Hence in the sun, for both inert and conscious beings, life force brims endlessly.



Swami Vishudhanand was an adept expert Yogi in the Science of Savita. He had attained mastery in this Science of Savita from the invisible Jnanganj Ashram situated in the Himalaya Mountains. Swami Nimanandji after blindfolding Swami Vishudhanand with a bandage on his eyes led him to a secret and inaccessible Sidhashrama called Jnanganj situated in the Himalaya Mountains. Over here in this secret hermitage Swami Vishudhanand (Bholaram) attained skilled training in Yoga and Solar Science from HH Bhriguramji Paramhansdev and HH Shyamanadji Paramhansdev. HH Shyamanadji Paramhansdev was an adept master in the realms of Solar Science Lunar Science Wind Science and Astronomy/Nakshatra Science.

Swami Vishudhanand would say that all conscious energy seen in this world at their root is the power of Savita sun god. The sun is the gross visible symbol of Savita deity and lest their rays are used for spiritual endeavors then a person becomes Almighty God.

On being asked about the role of Savita deity in this world creation Swami Vishudhanand said that in all objects of this world dwell all principles yet those principles that are in greater measure it is given that name. Swami Vishudhanand took one flower from a garland near him and said that that flower could be converted into a rose. Saying thus he took that ordinary flower would slowly move it to and fro. He would then say that in this flower are entering the atoms of rose and in a short while this ordinary flower would get converted to a rose flower. This transformation according to Swami Vishudhanand was due to the principle of Solar Science or Surya Vijnana at work. Those who know deeply the technique of Savita deity’s function can carry out in this manner all such transformations.

While discussing with Swami Vishudhanand a devotee said that many things mentioned in scriptures can be only symbolic and blind faith oriented. Swamiji asked: Can you give me examples? He replied that like a lotus emerging from Lord Vishnu’s navel. Swamiji said: This incident is not blind faith but is a doubtless truth. Anything beyond the ken of your understanding and knowledge is labeled by you as blind faith.

Sanjay seated in Delhi/Hastinapur, as mentioned in the epic Mahabharat gave a running commentary on the Mahabharat War that took place Kurukshetra to King Dhritarashtra. People previously would mockingly laugh this off saying how could a war taking place in Kurukshetra-Haryana be seen in Delhi/Hastinapur. This is because at that time we did not know about television called Grudhashakti in Sanskrit language. Yet today seated in a tiny village in India we can see a live telecast of a cricket match in Australia. This is because today TV, video, internet is commonplace for everybody.

The devotee told Swami Vishudhanand as to who would believe this episode? Even modern science shall not uphold it.

Swamiji replied: Modern Science of today is a mere baby in front of Savita Science or Surya Vijnan. Saying thus he lied down on his bed. He exposed the navel on his tummy and slowly started rocking that region in a to and fro manner. Slowly a hole got created there. It took a red hue. A stem emerged from it and on it a lotus started blooming. This lotus at a height of about 1.5 feet from the navel spread its sweet fragrance in the entire room. After a short while this lotus returned to Swamiji’s navel and disappeared into it.

Swamiji said: Those principles/laws unfolded by Modern Science had already been unveiled by Yoga Sciences since time immemorial. It should be noted that Swami Vishudhanand would exhibit these solar science Sidhis or miraculous feats in front of only those who were pure and pious at heart. His intention was to inspire these people to delve deep into Savita deity worship/meditation, Gayatri Anushthans and Yoga practices. Never did Swamiji every showcase these miracles to attain fleeting name and fame. He brought this Solar Science from the Jnanganj Ashram in secret corners of the lofty divine Himalayas to an industrious city of Varanasi.

Swamiji said: Whenever Gayatri worship/meditation is done we must seat facing the east, do Savita meditation practices and then know for sure that all the deep mysteries of Solar Science shall unfold in the pure sacred psyche of the devotee.

Our voice can reach only at a height of 100 feet maximum whereas our voice via a radio can reach all corners of the world. Electric waves help spread sound in the entire world. Similarly in order to render Mantra chanting terrific and widespread the electricity stream of the heart has to be made optimal use of. Our deep faith, trust and loving devotion to Almighty God converts sound into a potent energy flow.



In Solar Science via the preliminary practice of Tratak (or staring un-winking) solar power gets invoked in our body and inner personality. With eyes open at first either for 1 or 3 seconds stare at the sun and then close your eyes gently. This Surya Tratak must be done only at the hour of sunrise when its rays are not very hot and are gentle in nature. After closing your eyes gently for 30 seconds one must imagine as though one is seeing the sun on the mental screen. This can be done during the sun’s golden halo phase. When the sun starts taking up a white hue immediately stop doing Tratak. By staring for more than 3 seconds the eyes can get damaged. The eyes of a Gayatri devotee-Shantvanji of Chanod-Dakshineshwar Mahadev on River Narmada (India) had got damaged when he did Tratak on the sun when it was white hot.

The deity of Super Mantra Gayatri is said to be only the golden rising sun just after dawn. Thus for meditation practice a devotee must focus the mind only on this golden sun. the practice of Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryarghya, Suryasevan, Suryaparikrama etc must also be done only on the early morning golden rising sun. At Brahmamuhurat (between 3.30 am to 6.30 am) the wonderful benefit of the invisible but powerful rays of the sun can be accrued a lot by sitting facing east and devotedly chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.



We must meditate on the sun seated facing east in an open space like the river shore, mountain, jungle or in one’s own room. By sitting in close proximity to nature the latter aids our meditation immensely. This is because nature is consciousness personified. At the time of worship/meditation place the water vessel/Panchpatra on your right side. If possible sit on a Darbhasan or seat of dry grass. Choose a clean place, wear clean and minimal clothing, sit cross legged in Sukhasan posture, place the palms on your lap with the right palm on your left one, the waist and spine must be straightly aligned, keep the body steady, psyche must be serene, eyes gently closed, use the Dhyan Mudra and enter Bhavsamadhi or divinely sacred sentiment trance. In this manner by meditating on the golden rising sun just after dawn these gentle golden sun rays bestow untold benefits on our body, mind and soul. Just as at sunrise the lotus blooms open, similarly or subtle Yogic navel lotus or Nabhikamal, heart lotus and Sahasrarkamal in the brain region opens up at Brahmamuhurat (between 3.30 am to 6.30 am) just before sunrise so as to imbibe untold divine energy. When on coming out of the deep meditative state we open our eyes gently, then with the sentiments akin to having Almighty God’s Darshan we must have Darshan of the sun. Then facing your opens palms towards the sun rub both palms while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri devotionally and then gently rub these palms on your face, head and heart.




Solar spiritual practices can be done using Super Mantra Gayatri only. No doubt Super Mantra Gayatri is a long one, big one yet if our goal in life is Self/God Realization Super Mantra Gayatri based practices are a must. Brahman or Almighty God’s presiding deity is Super Power Gayatri. Sun’s energy also is Super Mantra Gayatri and Savita deity is the presiding deity of Super Power Gayatri. By chanting Super Mantra Gayatri seated facing east, Prana energy enters the devotee’s soul since its creator is Savita or sun god. If Tablas (Indian drums) tuned to the Pacham Swar (5th musical note) in the rainy season and if the sky thunders with a sound also of Pacham Swar (5th musical note) the leather skin on the Tabla tear apart. This is but the result of potent energetic waves of sound. Hence just think when we ‘throw’ towards the sun powerful energy waves of Super Power Gayatri chanting how untold shall be the measure of energy bestowed by the sun to the devotee?

It is the law of science that in a small crater with less water if you start adding water from a big lake the crater shall get filled with it only until till the level of waters of both the crater and lake are same in height. Similarly from the sun when via the process of attraction sun’s energy starts filling the devotee’s body, mind and psyche at that time the devotee gets the Sidhi or divine power (ESP) to know thoughts of other people’s minds. But much more than this the devotee becomes the master of those subtlest of divine powers whose details cannot be given here.

In the hermitages of great Rishi-saints in India cows and lions would drink water side by side. What was the reason for this? All this is but the divine sport of our nature, psychic imprints, desires, action power/Kriyashakti and light atoms. The more man is pure, gentlemanly, straightforward in body/mind/speech and disease free his body oozes with human electricity atoms that are divine and radiant in aura. The more man is fraudulent, wicked and diseased in body-mind human electricity atoms in such a vile person’s aura reeks with taints, darkness and weakness. These very weak dark atoms for many lifetimes together force man to perform vile unethical acts.

If one’s light atoms are powerful and sacredly radiant we can help other people also. Maharshi Narad had transformed the dacoit Valia and Lord Buddha had transformed Angulimal and Amrapali dacoits for the better via their powerful divine light atoms. The moment lions and cows together came in the areas full of brilliant light atoms found in regions of hermitages of great Rishi-saints they would become as docile as goats. But the moment they came out of this sacred environment both the lions and cows would regain their original nature.



Indian Gurus and Acharyas advanced a technique/methodology to positively transform human light atoms. This is because how many people get transformed by a saint’s soul power? Hence great Rishis advanced a technique/methodology so that individuals the world over could positively transform their dirty, tainted, very weak powered light atoms via their own efforts and wishes. The name of this technique is Dev Upasanaor Surya Sadhana or Solar Worship.

Worship and meditation is a very scientific process. In it we can via Solar and Super Power Gayatri spiritual practices discourage our mind from executing dirty, weak, tainted sinful behavior so as to render our light atoms divine, brilliant, ethical, peaceful and joyful. Just before sunrise seated facing east in Sukhasana when we do Super Power Gayatri worship/meditation the task of destroying tainted light atoms dwelling within us and replacing them with divinely radiant light atoms is done by Gayatri’s deity Savita-sun. Light atoms are called Prana augmenting energy, fire and light or Tejas. The more they are radiant, sacredly pure and divine the more that person becomes a great saint and seer. The task of reinstating these radiant, sacredly pure and divine light atoms permantly within our inner personality is shouldered by Savita-sun based spiritual practices.



When a person seated with a serene, happy mind hears something special that we say to him he listens very attentively and thus positive results are accrued. Bang against this a person seated with a wrathful, agitated mind hears something special that we say to him he is just not ready to listen to us and puts us off by saying he does not have time to waste. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya had carried out an experiment in the past based on this principle and it can be read in the Vangmaya literature penned by him. This experiment/application was executed by him in the year 1958 AD in the form of performing a 1000 or Sahasrakundi Yajna. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya says: I had studied that during special occasions when the sun is calm if in a special manner Super Energy Gayatri worship, meditation and Yajna is executed we can accrue wondrous benefits from attracting and imbibing within us in a special manner spiritual powers of solar deity. With its aid not only for ourselves but for our society, country and entire world we can attain boons from it like eternal joy, material/spiritual prosperity and peace.

This was a very special experiment/application of 1000 or Sahasrakundi Super Energy Gayatri Yajna in October 1958 AD. This was then vindicated and upheld by scientists of great renown also. Astronomers had declared 1st July 1957 to 31st December 1958 as a peaceful sun year (International Year of Quiet Sun). In this time period since the sun was calmer modern scientists got great opportunities to carry out more detailed research studies on the sun. About in this very time phase from the Ashwin Navratri of 1957 the Yajna preparations were commenced wherein the collective wealth, hard work, food and piously focused mind of Gayatri devotees was put at work. One year previous to this, Gayatri devotees had commenced executing congregational Gayatri Purashcharan and in October 1958 on the day of Sharad Purnima the 4 day 1000 or Sahasrakundi Super Energy Gayatri Yajna’s Purnahuti was done. Just as you can make a calm pious person carry out many tasks similarly since the sun was quiet for 2 years via Gayatri Purashcharan a great opportunity came everyone’s way including the individual, society, nation and world at large to attain the boon of immeasurable amount of sun’s spiritual energy via this very scientific but spiritual application. At such times divine energies can be imbibed with relative ease. Ramnavmi, Gayatri Jayanti, Guru Purnima, Vijaya Dashmi and Sharad Purnima are such best conducive days as per the Hindu Panchang or almanac wherein via collective Gayatri Anushthan Purnahuti by attracting solar power and divine energies on planet earth they can be invoked/milked, for the superb material-spiritual benefits of for our society, country and entire world.

In ancient eras via Gayatri worship/meditation the sun would become quiet and happy hence earth’s environment would be rendered akin to Satyuga or a Golden Era. Our Revered Gurudeva HH Shriram Sharma Acharya has invited all of us world humans to execute solar worship/meditation so as to pacify and render joyful the very wrathful restless sun of today’s modern times. In this manner by obstructing destruction world peace can be harbingered in this very 21st century.



Regarding this 21st century Revered Gurudeva HH Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that the terrific energies of the sun shall incarnate on planet earth as a result of which all those powers that from the psyche’s standpoint are not spiritual in nature shall get uprooted. Those who build a healthy bond with the sun shall definitely get its protection very much like a terrible ebb-flow and storms in the ocean cannot harm a flower floating in its waters but submerges huge gigantic sized steamers moving in its waters. Gayatri devotees shall witness these transformations with curiosity and in very fearful strife reeking situations too they shall remain calm and mentally poised. It is very much akin to a baby lying on its angry mother’s lap rendering her serene via its sweet childlike utterances.

Russia’s brainy scientist Chizobuski deeply studied 400 years of history and sun’s activities in the past. He was trying to unfold the effects of changes taking place in the sun on earth’s denizens. He researched profoundly into this. Epidemics and revolutionary changes have a deep relationship with sunspots. It is a scientific fact that after every 11 years the number of sunspots increases a lot.

When sunspots augment thus in number not only individuals but that the activities of entire world human society gets affected. It is a proven fact that majority of incidences of bloodshed, violent upheavals, earthquakes etc have occurred when the number of sunspots increases a lot. Examples of such ghastly incidences are the famous French Revolution of 1789, the first rebellion in India in 1857, a war between Japan-Russia in 1904-05, the 1st world war between 1914-18; the 2nd world war between 1939-42; India attaining freedom in 1947 with immense struggle and strife etc. Over here it must be noted that solar activity was at its pinnacle in the years 1928, 1937, 1947 and 1959.

Spiritual and divine seers opine that as per the wheel of time in future very swift and intense transformations shall take place. The sun in future due to unknown reasons by breaking its laws of functioning shall induce changes on planet earth. In it, not only nature’s ire in the form of excess rain, famine, world wars and epidemics shall be noted but that a new chapter of a Super Revolution shall be penned. This shall definitely put controls of brakes on the ever amplifying human vile intellect. Via Super Power Gayatri this application in future days shall be executed with special speed and intensity.

USA’s scientists opine that from the sun a type of light oriented storm is swiftly heading towards planet earth. In present modern times the flames emerging from the sun called ‘solar tsunami’ are not affecting India much. Or we can say that these flames cool down a fair bit by the time they reach the land of India. In the form of its wrathful nature infrared rays and magnetic fields do not prove hazardous for India. This fact is known to USA’s NASA scientists yet they are failing to unfold the reason for this. A scientist from India opines that the main reason for these heinous rays not proving hazardous for India is that our country performs a lot of Gayatri and Solar Worship. A time shall come when not only USA but the entire world shall know this and shall get spell bound.

It is worth trying to fathom the comments put forth by India’s geography scientists. They have faith that in India Gayatri worship/meditation is increasing day after day. Super Mantra Gayatri is directly related to the brilliant sun in the sky. Savita is called Gayatri Mantra’s deity. In future when the number of Gayatri devotees shall augment to millions the sun shall get churned rapidly and its intense reaction shall pour down on India. Those people with a vile demonic psyche shall perforce have to endure very bad reactions. It means they shall face untold diseases, sorrow, stress, social censure and political impeachment. Bang opposite to this those people with a sacred goodwill based psyche shall attain lots of joy, material/spiritual prosperity and eternal soul peace.

In India innumerable radiant souls shall take birth in order to become leaders of the world in the fields of agriculture science, all other scientific realms, politics, economics, finance, art and culture. It goes without saying that they shall share this brilliant proficiency of theirs with the entire world.

Utho suno prayi se, ugte suraj ki avaz.

Apna desh banega, sari duniya ka sartaj.

Whether anyone believes it or not this transformation is a divine one and definitely it is bound to take place. In future days to come the sun’s terrifically inspiring energies with its terrific flow by transforming world human psyche stupendously shall veer it away from destruction to great creative tasks. Thus on planet earth a heavenly environment shall harbinger in.

The famous philosopher Arthur Koestler too has talked about spiritual solutions instead of using nuclear weapons. He participated in a dialogue with the editor of Blitz newspaper-Mr. Karanjia that was also published in Navneet magazine (March 1983). Arthur Koestler at that time had said that Super Mantra Gayatri has infinite fold more energy than all nuclear weapons of the world put together since it is a Savita Mantra of Savitri.

Lest millions of Indians chant Super Mantra Gayatri in a Purashcharan program congregationally, then energy emitted due to this Anushthan shall prove to be akin to a powerful missile that pierces the sun in this cosmos and by uniting with the Bharga (divine aura) of Savita sun deity shall destroy nuclear energy aimed at misuse for world destruction.

In future days to come solar sciences shall get utmost importance. Its usage shall be limited not merely in the material realm but that in order to rectify mental disorders it shall be used greatly. So many unimaginable bodily and psychic benefits can accrue via solar spiritual practices like Suryanamaskar, Suryavedhan-Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Suryasevan, Suryasannidhya and Surya Pradakshina.

In future the entire world shall imbibe only the visible deity sun god’s meditation and worship techniques. No doubt for solar worship only Super Mantra Gayatri shall be chanted but every person during this chanting shall meditate on the brilliant sun. Thus the intellect of all of us shall head towards pious greatness. Via this solar meditation such a wonderful environment shall usher in that the brain skills, energy and enterprise of all scientists, educationists, politicians, artists, doctors, engineers and religious leaders the world over shall be utilized to lead world humanity towards a life oozing with divinity. Thus heaven shall manifest on planet earth wherein its presiding deity shall be Savita sun and the medium shall be Super Power Gayatri spiritual practices/Sadhana. The sun itself is Lord Mahakal and Savitri-Gayatri is its Goddess Mahakali who shall blow the bugle of a divine transformation across the world.








The sun is called a revolving ball of blazing inferno like heat a terrifically bright light. This is its visible, tangible and experiential form. It possesses innumerable invisible great qualities wherein 2 of them are said to predominate. One is disbursing life force and 2nd is burning to ashes diseases causing microbes/creatures. These 2 attainments are such that are very life’s existence depends on it.

Warmth of sunlight helps in production of plant growth and procreation of various creatures on planet earth. Lest sun rays fail to reach earth our planet shall turn into an icy, lifeless and corpse like ball. Due to the sun’s influence all objects shine and that we can see them with our eyes. In absence of these sun rays everywhere only dark gloominess shall rule the roost. Despite possessing healthy eyes we shall perforce have to live like blind people. Fire in our cooking range too is a form of sun’s heat. For creating steam and clouds we have to be grateful to the brilliant sun.

It is the sun rays that dry up muck, rotting materials, mire etc. If the sun fails to do this everywhere we shall see only water mixed with quagmire reeking with foul stench. Plants, trees etc do not exist merely on fertilizers and water. Wind moves about influenced by heat in sunrays. It is the indirect blessings of the sun that flowers bloom open, seeds sprout forth, fruits ripen etc. Hence living beings sustain their existence with their aid.

Heinous deadly germs, microbes etc die due to solar heat falling on them. The stench of our dirty clothes is destroyed not merely by washing them with fragrant detergents/soap powders but sun’s rays are most required for this. Those fruits and flowers directly exposed to sunlight have skins that are much more nutritious. In comparison to the pulp in the innermost region of a fruit its outer peripheral portion and skin chiefly imbues us with more Prana energy when we eat it. Hence health specialists, nutritionists and expert dieticians advise us we must eat whole grains, lentils, vegetables, fruits etc without removing their outer skin and peels. Thus those fruits etc that can be eaten without removing their skins must be used in their natural form.

Sun’s light and warmth are highly beneficial for all embodied beings like birds, beasts, humans etc. Those who live in shadows only and work in them get ill very often. Of course one must stay away from intense sun heat at noon time yet the golden rising sun of early morning hours is very beneficial both physically and mentally. Hence we must endeavor to bathe in early morning hours’ sun light by sitting with wet clothes facing the sun. For this application even 10-15 minutes of sun bathing is very beneficial. Apart from this the windows and doors of our house, flats etc should be constructed in such a way that maximum sunlight and cool breeze of wind enters our house. Our bed, mattress and clothes must be exposed to sun light. After washing clothes dry them in sunshine. If you keep drying them in shadowy places the clothes’ color turns yellowish and it shall give out a bad smell. Whatever we use must get maximum sunlight. Right from food items to fuel must be given sunlight so that no heinous germs, bacteria etc harm them.

By itself the sun has helped all creatures succeed in useful tasks right since this cosmos has been created infinite eras back. Thus we must expose our body as much as possible to sunlight. If you cannot endure hot sunlight of noon time you may stay away from it. Yet you must sit, work etc in the areas close to where its energy dwells the most. Thus you can accrue superb benefits of sun’s potent energy.

The visible sun in the sky is an infinite vault of energy. On the one hand this energy is used for various life benefitting tasks there on the other hand it benefits us by killing disease causing germs, agents etc thus rendering our health sound and optimally good. It is a tangible life force. By entering our body it augments our strength and various capacities. It renders strong our bodily juices, blood, flesh, muscular network, nervous system etc on the basis of which our body remains strong and attains a long healthy life span. In solar warmth via our perspiration, stools, urine, breath etc eviction of bodily dirt becomes easier and smooth. The inner and outer basis of cleanliness is rendered firm and powerful. Foreign agents that cause harm are not allowed to remain in our bodies. They are thrown out from any of the bodily openings. Wherever disease causing germs etc gather in the body the best medicinal therapy to destroy them is solar rays. The more we bathe our body in the post dawn hours of the early morning golden sun rays the best it is for our physical/mental health. In hot summer if you bathe your body naked in the hot noon sunshine it could cause harm. When sunlight falls directly on food devoured by humans, animals etc the highly nutritious Vitamin D augments healthily in food items. Thus those who eat this Vitamin D predominating food lead healthy lives. The scriptural scholars have said: ‘Arogyam bhaskarat icchet’ which means that you can desire good health from solar contact.

The trend of accepting solar ray healing is slowly seen amongst all intellectuals of the world. All 7 colors have their special qualities. Blue is cool, red is hot and yellow is digestive in nature. Due to an admixture of these 3 hues al 7 colors get created. On seeing the diseased nature of the body via the medium of colored glass required sun rays only are focused on the diseased region of the body. By filling water in required colored glass bottles, if it is drunk, benefits accrue as per this Chromopathy therapy. Till now the benefits noted due to this application on its basis it is being cogitated that in the field of all forms of medical therapy administered the world over, solar ray healing techniques shall play a very major role and without incurring any major expense people shall get hold of a very beneficial mode of remaining soundly healthy.

Regarding this along with scientific advancement today the strong relationship between sunlight and imbibing good health is being realized more and more. In this modern age for overcoming diseases the use of solar rays was 1st executed by Denmark’s resident Dr NR Finsen in the year 1893 AD. Ten years later in Switzerland Dr Rolier had set up for the 1st time a sun bathing sanatorium for healing tuberculosis or TB patients. On noting the results of healing done for TB patients the entire world’s medical fraternity was fully convinced about sunlight possessing the capacity to destroy diseases.

Virtually everyone who have researched deeply into sunlight possessing the capacity to destroy diseases opine that UV rays found in solar rays work much more in human beings’ benefit. Technology that generates untold measure of UV rays has already been designed yet it has been seen that UV rays got from these machines are not as beneficial as UV rays emerging from sunlight. Such machines have been set up that do not give any UV rays and that they only throw infrared radiations on the disease so as to showcase its influence. Even if to ordinary bulbs used in homes special reflectors are attached definitely in light emitted by them some or the other healing capacity resides. But in these there is no UV or infrared light. From this it is proved that if we take a particular ray from the sun directly or generate them via man made technology rays from machines do not have that superb healing capacity as is seen in rays emitted by the sun directly.

Now focus your attention on the body of such a person who needs to dwell in a lot of sunshine. Compare the body of such a person appearing akin to heated copper to a person who keeps himself away from sunlight via usage of clothes, umbrellas and houses in which sunlight entry is miniscule in measure. People whose skins are yellowish and withered cannot bear cold and heat and their bodies lack the capacity to excrete dirt of the blood in the form of perspiration via bodily openings.

It is not as though we must remain under direct sunlight all the time. Yet make ample use of those hours wherein you get opportunities to get exposed to direct sunlight. Of course minimum 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight is a must on a daily footing. For this sunbathe while lying down without your clothes. Only your head must be covered with a cloth, cap etc. Those people who bathe very late in the day they must after sun bathing take their bath. In this manner they shall not get afflicted by skin diseases. If after sun bathing, you take your daily bath, definitely you must wipe your body with a wet cloth. When dieticians and nutritionists start cooking food for poor people they wonder as to how to give them optimal measure of Vitamin D in their food. These experts’s vision regarding this is limited to milk, butter, cream, eggs etc. Hence they must realize that sunlight can solve this Vitamin D deficiency problem very superbly. We can confidently say that sunlight is milk, butter, cream, eggs etc for the poor strata of society.

In our schools children are taught hygiene from the 5th grade/class and it continues till the 8th grade. Children read it from books since their teachers teach them from books. Study and education today is for amassing theoretical knowledge and not for applying it practically in day to day living. Thus even if people are convinced thoroughly regarding great benefits of sunbathing then our life force/Prana energy shall increase manifold and thus not only does our TB disease stop advancing further but that it can be uprooted from its very foundation. 
























The sun is full of utility value for our very life’s existence and maintaining good health. We generally note that those creatures, plants etc who reside in the open and get a lot of exposure to direct sunlight remain much more healthy, mature and lush green than those who get very less fresh air and sunlight. At the time of solar eclipse creatures become terrified. Say, why is this so? The reason is that the very thought of living life in the absence of sunlight decreases zest a great deal in their lives. In open air full of sunshine cows, calves and other creatures frolic about joyfully and this is there for all to see. Those vegetables/fruits that ripen in sunshine are found to contain a lot of vitamins especially Vitamin D imbibed from solar rays falling on them. Thus many of their diseases get destroyed.

Those plants, trees, creepers etc that fail to get sunlight either do not grow to maturity or that even if they grow and mature, they lack freshness and nutritional value. Those laborers who have to work inside in factories, those prisoners who spend many years in dark gloomy jails and thus do not get much fresh air or sunshine remain pygmy like in height. Their faces look very sad their health turns very weak and ill since many diseases attack their bodies. In order to render the body soundly healthy and disease free exposure to sunshine as much as possible is most required.













In our country India right since primordial eras in order to attain good health and a long disease free life span the sun is said to a great medium. Hence we worship the sun as a deity. The essence of Vedas which is Super Power Gayatri is none other than worship of the brilliant sun. The method of doing Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri is that we must chant it by remaining naked from waist upwards. It means that the good health bestowing sun rays should fall on our naked body. The early morning rising sun’s rays give us a sacred sunbath free of cost or FOC. Thus it is an incomparable medium of attaining the bliss of good health and happiness. Not only does our blood get purified because of it but that our bodily strength and zest in our psyche augment n fold.

Dr Moore opines: Those children who are not allowed to get exposed to sunlight instead of becoming good looking and very intelligent become ugly and stupid. In Switzerland since sunrays do not reach directly there those people who dwell in dark gloomy rooms talk so foolishly that when travelers hear it they get dumbstruck. Amongst Switzerland citizens many cannot utter speech smoothly i.e. they stammer. Many remain blind for life, deaf and ugly in face. In comparison to the health of farmers dwelling in villages that of people who dwell in dark gloomy rooms in urban areas is very weak and diseased. Say who does not know this fact?













In comparison to those people who live in dark gloomy houses those who live in houses that are exposed to lots of fresh air and sunshine remain soundly healthy and live a long life that is illness free. It means that people who live in dark gloomy houses failing to get proper fresh air and sunshine remain ill, listless and die at a relatively younger age. Hence this quote is well known:


The reason is that when healthy sunshine and fresh clean air for breathing are not got in optimal measure you become ill and thus you have to call the doctor to cure you. Sir James Bye has said: Those soldiers who resided in that portion of St Petersburg that had no sunshine died 3 times more in comparison to those soldiers who resided in that portion of St Petersburg that had a lot of sunshine. When epidemics spread out it is seen that people dwelling in dark gloomy areas in comparison to those residing in places that get sunshine become victims of diseases much more than the latter. Hence those people worried about their health and life span must live/work in such homes and areas where they get exposure to plenty of sunshine.



In our hallowed scriptures and Ayurveda texts sunlight has been eulogized greatly. Due to it many diseases get uprooted. By imbibing solar rays within and without man can destroy all ailments related to Vata-Pitta-Kuf or wind-bile-mucus and live a healthy life of 100 long years. In those food items where important principles are absent can be imbibed from solar rays in ample measure.

Apart from our land India residents of Persia, Egypt, Greece and Italy have been worshiping and eulogizing the sun as a deity since time immemorial. In Greece for worshiping the sun a sun temple was built and it has become world renowned. About 2000 years back Greece’s famous doctor Hippocrates was known to heal terrible diseases via solar rays. Today in alien countries healing various diseases via solar rays has come a lot into vogue. The various hues of solar rays are helping in curing many incurable diseases and thus solar healing based therapy is being used on a war footing the world over. Not only ailments related to digestion, skin, muscular network etc are being healed but that via solar ray therapy terrible diseases like TB etc too are being cured. Dr Rolier prefers using solar therapy for bodily ailments instead of surgery by advising his patients to take daily sunbaths. Dr Finsen too has healed innumerable diseased patients via solar healing techniques. He opines that for the all round and total advancement of every child’s growth solar ray exposure is a must. Jungle beasts on becoming ill lie down in sunshine and thus get cured successfully. Hence why does man insist on devouring medicines with so many deadly side effects which in turn result in more diseases manifesting in our body. Why does he not take recourse to solar healing therapies so as to accrue marvelous health benefits with minimum expenses incurred?



By giving life force and good health to living beings the amount of power possessed by the sun to ward off their darkness and diseases cannot be found even if you put together all materials the world over including medicines that give good health. Indian spiritual seers have known this right since primordial times hence they have looked upon the sun as Almighty God. They hence made the arrangement of remaining exposed to sunshine as much as possible in their daily tasks and religious/spiritual practices so as to attain its highly beneficial potent energy.

Modern scientific research has in one voice accepted the mind boggling stupendous energy possessed by the brilliant sun. First and foremost amongst them was the great scientist Norgan Davis who in the final phase of the 18th century after conducting important research studies proclaimed: There is no healer greater than the radiant sun that can ward off so many diseases successfully. No medicine, herb etc of the world can compete with solar rays for healing minor or deadly diseases. It is only solar power that can successfully cure millions of diseases very quickly.

Another modern researcher in a doubt free manner has accepted the fact that solar rays are imbued with terrific energy for destroying various disease causing germs, microbes etc. This type of capacity cannot be found even in pesticides, germicides, phenyl etc.

Sir Oliver Lodge is amazed by the fact that people in order to augment good health take recourse to many medicines, herbs, surgeries etc yet he wonders why they fail to take recourse to solar rays that possess incomparable potential to heal various diseases and that too free of cost-FOC.

England’s medical superintendent Sir Henry Gowen as per his experience says that majority of those people who fail to get sunlight exposure or that it is very miniscule in measure become lunatic, handicapped, weak and ill every now and then. Registers that record deaths of people are proof of the fact that in those seasons when fog/mist is in excess and hence sunshine on earth is recorded in very weak measure in those days the number of deaths reported are much more. Most intense darkness noted is during the phase just before sunrise and hence in large numbers patients afflicted with various diseases are known to die.

In the 18th April 1923 edition of Time magazine its medical reporter writes: This year in England and Wales the ratio of number of deaths is 1: 21. Till today in England such a minimum number of deaths have never been recorded. The reason was that our country England had a large measure of sunshine pouring down on its land. This definitely proved successful in warding off various diseases and in augmenting our life force immensely.

A lot of modern medical research has been conducted at the Sandy White region in Hilling Island with reference to tuberculosis or TB disease. Over there renowned anatomists/physiologists have studied it scientifically and the conclusions unearthed have been detailed by Mr. CE Lawrence in his book. He writes that an effect has been directly visualized wherein due to application of solar rays the swelling in the lungs of TB patients lessens a great deal and from deep within wounds in these lungs start getting healed successfully. It is also quite clear that TB germs/microbes decrease immensely in number on getting exposed to sunlight. Similarly those various types of transformations seen take place not merely due to UV light effect but that it is also due to other principles present in solar rays that possess great healing capacities. More research is being conducted with reference to this.

Dr Maverin has proved that the disease of bones bending in children (polio) results due to insufficient exposure of their bodies to sunlight. When these diseased children are exposed to optimal measure of sunlight these diseases get cured.

Vedas say that the sun is the very soul of the world. Modern material science is creating a Super Commentary on every leg of this verse. Spiritual seers the world over in unison are proclaiming that there is no doctor akin to the brilliant sun on this earth who possesses the untold prowess of healing diseases. Yet alas! How ignorant is mankind. In the name of civility and so called culture they refuse to get maximum exposure to sunlight to heal various diseases in their body. Instead they shall foolishly roam around here and there for getting cured even if it means coughing up a lot of cash.








O early morning rising sun god! You are the very life force of all energies. You fill up that light in this world wherein all creatures get conscious energy, good health and long life.

In the eulogy of sun god the Vedas chant:

‘Sa no bhudati tanve tra jugo sajan’

MEANING: O brothers and friends! Come and see this sun god rising as a ball of light in the east. It wards of taints in our body and thus gives us good sound health.

Once, a very thin weak girl was brought for medical treatment. Her skin had stopped functioning. Her entire body felt itchy and she had become very thin and skeleton like. Despite being given nutritious food and tonics her blood level remained very less and blood circulation in the body also was not proper. All her doctors were quite worried and they wondered how to cure this girl’s problem?

Finally as per the advice of a naturopath this girl was exposed to a lot of sunlight. She was not given solid food and hence her inner dirt got evicted. Sunlight on her body healthy movements in her skin commenced. Since through her skin pores fresh air and sunlight entered her body her body expressed increased zest and conscious energy. In a few days itself she became most healthy in comparison to all her family members. Since that time all her family members daily started sunbathing.

In sunlight the body attains health power in its natural state and this is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. Those people who reside or work in such places where sunlight does not reach definitely become weak in aura, listless and yellowish skinned. Vitamin D got from sunshine helps a lot in healthy bodily growth. Hence during pregnancy itself the baby must be exposed to as much sunlight as possible. It means that pregnant women must do work under sunlight streaming down from the early morning golden rising sun. If there is no chore to perform then they must sit under this sunlight just like that. Lest such women do not sunbathe thus she shall find it difficult to walk, move, sit, rest etc.

For the proper growth of bones and teeth Vitamin D is essential. Mere eating food does not meet the optimal bodily Vitamin D requirement. When Vitamin D levels decrease in a child’s body it experiences cramps, pneumonia, TB etc. Bones in their body become bent and legs/waist become weak. The bone joints become weak. Hence it is required that definitely children must be exposed to gentle sunlight while playing, walking etc. Wise mothers make their children sit in gentle sunlight and massage their bodies with herbal oil. Then she makes her children lie down under sunshine for as much as possible. Of course she makes sure that this sunshine is gentle in intensity and that it does not burn the child’s soft skin. Thus in a certain sense children get life force and Prana energy from the sun.

The fact that women get afflicted by the disease osteomalasia (bone related) symbolizes that they have not exposed their body to optimal amounts of sunlight.

In sunlight if patients sit for at least 15 minutes minimum the inactive nature of the skin ends and thus anemia ailments get cured. It is further said:

Anusuryabhudayatam hridyotoharma cha te.

MEANING: May your heart ailments and anemia get cured via the early rising morning sun of orange hue!

Today doctors accept that there are certain microbes that do not die even in hot boiling water. But these definitely get destroyed via sunlight exposure. Hence it goes without saying that the sun protects our life and is our visible god.

Many classes of solar rays are but boons for world humanity. In their invisible rays infrared ones give warmth to the body. These rays by piercing various coverings can enter within. The heat got from sunlight is got from these infrared rays. The medical fraternity makes use of these rays to cure certain special diseases and illnesses.

Similarly UV light is also used for healing certain diseases. These rays are the smallest and reach planet earth in very less measure. Hence with the help of solar lamps they are used for various medical therapies.

Solar rays protect the body from dirt. They possess some extraordinary energy wherein with its aid they throw out dirt from the Apan or anus opening. Via perspiration too dirt of the body is excreted in large measure. Hence after bathing in sunlight, definitely take a cold water bath so that our skin pores and hair follicles get cleaned and fully opened.

Those who work mainly intellectually must while sunbathing or walking under sunshine definitely cover their heads with a towel else the heat of the brain increases. Thus the rest of the body definitely accrues benefits. It goes without saying that stay away from hot sunlight like that at noon time. During times of studying in schools/colleges the time phase of remaining under sunlight must be slowly increased.

By regularly sunbathing the pain of the disease is warded off. Brain diseases and angina pain in the heart gets cured. Solar rays find diseases entering in the head that give headaches, coughing and joint ache and shoos them away forever from the body. In TB ailment gentle sunbathing is very beneficial. It wards off Vata-Pitta-Kuf distortions in the body (wind-bile-phlegm) as mentioned in Ayurveda form of medical therapy.

Those discussions made regarding the gross benefits of Super Power Gayatri worship/meditation are but the miracles of sun god’s light energy. Just as when thoughts of lewd sexual feelings erupt in the psyche its excitement/titillation in the body is perceived. Similarly when our mind meditates on the solar world or Surya Loka, the mind bathes in those rays of the sun that are very close to it. Thus the energies of these rays definitely are imbibed by our mind subtly and can be perceived in our body. Very terrible incurable diseases have been known to get healed successfully via Super Power Gayatri worship/meditation and its basis is this scientific technique. While meditating on sun god if you do sunbathing simultaneously mental purity and soul sanctity augment manifold. Hence it is said that the sun is the giver of joys pertaining to both this material and the other spiritual world.

On noting these benefits we must not abstain from availing these good health and long life span bestowing power of the sun. Not only our body, but that our room, house and surroundings must be open in such a way that sunlight enters them in ample measure. In those homes where sunlight fails to enter there the germs of many diseases are born in hordes and keep attacking our body. Hence in areas where a lot of sunlight enters the air remains pure and toxic principles disappear to naught. In those areas of offices, factories etc where the possibility of a lot of dirt spreading is high there the surroundings must be that much more open and airy. In this manner we can allow solar rays to execute their stupendous functions of rendering everything clean and hygienic. Laborers working in closed mills become pale yellow in appearance. They become sick often and their work output capacity diminishes a lot.

Sunshine is the very life of all mankind and other creatures. It is the very Prana or life force of world creation. If we ignore Prana energy we cannot protect our lives. Hence in order to remain healthy, strong and disease free both mentally and bodily we must worship/meditate on the very Prana of the sun in the form of its potent energetic rays.










Apachitaha prapatat suparno basaterik suryaha krunotu bheshajam chandrama vopocchetu.

…………….Atharvaveda (6/3/3)

WORD MEANING: (Apachitaha)-O harmful bodily-mental diseases! (prapatat) go away; (iva) akin to; (suparno) a fast moving bird; (basaterik) comes out of its nest; (suryaha) sun; (bheshajam) therapy; (krunotu) do; (va) and; (chandrama) moon; (vopocchetu) illumine by coming in close proximity.

CONNOTATION: The terrific energy of the sun heals all diseases. The life force and Prana energy of the body is gathered from the sun only. Solar rays render powerful the WBC (white blood cells) that destroy blood diseases. When we imbibe the aura of sun god within ourselves all diseases illnesses run away very much akin to birds leaving their nests at sunrise so as to journey to other places. Moonshine possesses qualities of coolness and smoothness.

Uta purastat surya ekat vishwa drishto adrishta ha.

Drishtanscha ghrinnadrishtanscha sarvashcha primran krimeen.

…………….Atharvaveda (5/23/5)

WORD MEANING: (purastat)-in the eastern direction; (surya) sun; (uta eti) rises; (vishwa drishto) sees all; (adrishta ha) those tiny germs not seen by us is destroyed by it; (drishtan) to those that are seen; (ghnan) while killing; (cha) and; (adrishtan) not visible; (sarvan) all types; (krimeen) disease causing microbes; (primran) while destroying, the sun rises.

CONNOTATION: Brilliant sun protects us from various types of disease causing germs, microbes etc. It ceaselessly kills invisible disease causing germs. Via solar ray therapy illnesses like fever, TB, cough, chronic bowel related ailments etc that are perceivable can be cured and those that are very subtle also can be successfully cured by it. When the sun rises at dawn it appears destroying all disease causing agents.

Ya rohinirdevatya javo ya ut rohinihi.

Rupam rupam vayovayasta bhishta pari dadhmasi.

…………….Atharvaveda (1/22/3)


Those red hue solar rays related to demigods are red cows. We pray to it for good facial aura and bodily strength. We imbibe it from all directions and thus get nourished.


CONNOTATION: The red hue solar rays are compared to red cows in the Veda scriptures. Just as cows by giving superb quality milk renders our body well nourished, increases our procreation capacity healthily, wards off our weakness of body/mind, similarly solar rays too possess these very qualities. By helping us get liberation from the clutches of deadly diseases renders our body powerful and nourished optimally.


Paritva rohitairvanai deerghayutvaya dadhmasi

Yatha yamrapa asadatho aharito bhuvat.

…………….Atharvaveda (1/22/2)


For attaining a long life I imbibe you with red color from all directions. Thus one can become disease free and ward off anemia that pales our face hue.

CONNOTATION: Those who desire to live a long healthy life, those who wish to live for a very long time must imbibe red rays of the morning rising sun. With fair ease paleness of skin (anemia), weak aura, phlegm inflammation, lethargy, dirt of the body etc can be overcome via these red rays of the morning rising sun.


Anu surya mridayatam hridayo to harima chatey.

Go rohisya varnena tenatva pari dadhmasi.

…………….Atharvaveda (1/22/1)


May your yellowish hue, anemia, heartburns, heart ailments etc get warded off via sun ray healing. I imbibe you from all directions with that red hue of cows and sunlight.


CONNOTATION: Jaundice, anemia, heartburns, heart and other medical problems can be overcome via these red rays of the morning rising sun. Those who take it akin to cow’s milk remain disease free.

In the above verses a description of the red rays of the morning rising sun has been given. All great qualities are present in yellow, blue and other hued rays. The 7 faced horses of the sun are nothing but the 7 colored sun rays. Those people who are aware of its qualities by becoming an adept, attains glory as a renowned healer.

Uta surya diva eti puro rakshansi nijurvana adityaha parvatebhyo vishwa drishto adrishtaha.

…………….Atharvaveda (6/52/1)


(vishwa drishto adrishtaha) seen by all that kills invisible disease causing germs; (adityaha) imperishable; (surya) sun; (diva) from Dyu Loka; (parvatebhyo) from mountains; (Uta eti) rises; (puro) in front of us; (rakshansi) various types of disease causing germs; (nijurvana) keeps destroying.

CONNOTATION: The imperishable sun marches ahead while simultaneously killing various types of disease causing germs that maybe visible or invisible. In those areas where solar rays do reach, over there diseases cannot reside.















Dr Libis writes that sunlight and digestive functions have a strong bond with each other. Lest on the body of man or other creatures daily solar rays do not fall their digestive and balancing power gets depleted a lot. Pulsating Prana energy and human life are strongly related to each other. Life is bound strongly to light energy and its color grandeur and not to proteins, marrow, hydrogen, carbon or warmth.

Akin to space and air elements light element too is very subtle. The various types of colorful scenes witnessed by us all in the lush green lap of Mother Nature/Prakriti is but the divine sport of the 7 color rays emitted by the sun. Not only do our eyes feel that the colorful rays of the sun are beautiful but that they imbue our life with immense zest too. Solar rays evoke a permanent effect on the world of creatures. This then is the root foundation of solar ray healing/therapy. By filling water in various color glass bottles the effect of sunlight too varies and in them varied types of healing qualities manifest.



Via our gross eyes solar rays appear white in hue but yet in reality they are made up of 7 colors. The chemical effect of these 7 colors is of varied types. In various types of fruits, vegetables etc light and its colors evoke various types of qualities in them. As per the qualities of these chemicals we use fruits, vegetables etc. In the colorful creation of nature/Prakriti each one has some or the other hidden goal. In the plant kingdom due to the light principle varied types of qualities, colors and chemical principles can be seen.



On the basis of various colors we can classify fruits and vegetables as follows:

1)      YELLOW COLOR: Fruits of yellow color give good effects on our digestive power. It has special importance in activating weak muscles/nerves of the stomach and its walls. These yellow fruits are easily digestible and appetizing. It helps overcome many stomach disorders. Examples of such yellow fruits include sour lime, sweet lime, solanum, pineapple, musk-melon, papaya, pot herb Chenopodium album and guava. In these, carbon, nitrogen and mineral salts are found in great measure.

2)      RED COLOR: In red color fruits the measure of iron and potassium is high. Nitrogen and oxygen too are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such red fruits include beet root, red berries, tomatoes, red vegetables, red radish, spinach etc.

3)      ORANGE COLOR: In orange color fruits and vegetables lime and iron are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such orange fruits include oranges, mangos, carrots etc

4)      BLUE COLOR: In blue color fruits and vegetables we include dark purple also. In them oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorous are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such blue fruits include potatoes, apples, grams, rose apple, black plum, fruit Grewie asiatica, wood apple etc.

5)      GREEN COLOR: In green color fruits and vegetables a lot of cooling effect is noted. It benefits our kidneys, clears our stomach and aids in healing of eye/skin related diseases.


In man’s bodily or mental growth all colored fruits and vegetables mentioned above that are a creation of solar rays must be eaten in a balanced manner. If you eat food made from only 1 color fruit etc for many days in succession that color shall become excessive in your body and thus some or the other disease can erupt in your body. Hence as much as possible make use of all colored fruits and vegetables in a balanced optimal manner. By establishing in an individual manner, what type of optimal balance and ratio of colored fruits and vegetables is beneficial, that measure must be included, in our daily diet?



For human beings sunlight is supreme and so beneficial that words fail to describe its supremacy. Sunlight influences our soul so sacredly that generally we experience that living in dark closed rooms we pant for fresh air since we find these places choking. By living in airy sunlit places inner mental agitations, stress etc get uprooted and since the heart’s restlessness too disappears we feel very happy. Sunlight symbolizes zest, enterprise, daring and ecstatic bliss.



Sunlight possesses the power to destroy disease inducing germs, microbes etc. Hence, make it a point to expose your body to as much sunlight as possible. In order to imbibe within the sun’s Prana or life force bestowing energies, in USA and England people sunbathe a lot. When people travel to sea shores for sunbathing on its beaches they wear only their underwear and remove all other clothes. In this manner they lie down on the sand of the beach under very warm sunlight. One scene regarding sunbathing has been described by Mr. Narayan Agarwal as follows:

After resting a bit we decided to bathe in the sea. We took our bathing clothes and walked towards the sea shore. The sunshine was hot and from afar we saw the sea water shining brilliantly. Although our residence was far from Eastbourne yet there was a huge crowd of sea bathing lovers. Huge waves lashed at the rocks on the shore. At a short distance, small boats bobbed about here and there. Many men-women wearing their swimming suits were sunbathing on the beach.  Some were lying with chest facing the sandy ground and others were lying on their backs. Women were lying flat under thin umbrellas. At first shot this scene appeared quite strange. Men-women whose major body skin was nakedly exposed lied down very close to each other. In London it is considered a sin to move out without wearing socks. In homes too it is a must that dressing gowns are worn yet all these etiquettes just do not apply when it comes to sunbathing on beaches etc. There it is considered best that you keep naked as much portion of your body as possible.



In lack of sleep/insomnia and anemia wherein the blood levels are low sunlight proves to be nectarine in curing this problem. Insomnia can induce TB too. By sunbathing, the blood’s oxygen that nourishes our Prana energy/life force increases a lot and blood circulates with good healthy speed in the entire body. In sunlight our breathing becomes deep and slow. Thus at night we can get good sound sleep.

In anemia wherein the blood levels are low the patient suffers from severe throbbing headaches. Under such circumstances sunbathing accrues lots of benefits.



When our blood pressure is high if we sunbathe it lowers our BP healthily. In a general way even healthy people must sunbathe for 15 minutes daily. By imbibing solar rays our weight increases. In all stages of blood pressure problems, only under the watchful eye of a naturopath, solar healer and doctor must you sunbathe in the measure of time prescribed by them.



For healing various types of wounds solar ray exposure have given mind boggling results because blood circulation speeds up because of it. Solar rays destroy tainted microbes, germs etc. Solar rays pierce our body to reach right within its core and thus cells in the blood increase healthily. Thus since all disease inducing germs get killed the wound heals properly. Such patients must sunbathe on their entire body at least for sometime daily.



In the curing of TB solar rays are most beneficial. In the blood life force augments a lot. A TB patient must sit under sunshine at least for 20 minutes. At such times wear minimum clothing. It is of course best that you sunbathe naked. Modern healers/doctors feel that sun rays are a super medicine for curing TB. In TB while using sun rays make sure you do so as per the guidance of an adept naturopath, solar healer and doctor. Never should TB patients sunbathe without their guidance.

In your ordinary mundane life sunbathing is very useful. It is a priceless incomparable gift. Small children must be made to sunbathe daily under early morning gentle sunlight for say about 10 minutes. In cold season they must be encouraged to play outdoors only under sunlight and fresh air. Little babies must be made to lie under early morning gentle sunlight daily. For patients of various diseases sunlight exposure is a Super Medicine.

Due to sunbathing, the measure iron in our blood increases by 2%. For this you need not take capsules, food items etc that increase our iron content in our blood. Due to sunbathing, such qualities emerge known to be very effective that is totally unknown to the trend of devouring allopath and other medicines. None of these medicines have as much healing power as is seen in solar rays. There are certain principles below our skin that immediately get converted to Vitamin D when we sun bathe. Since our body has less lime content many a time diseases emerge in our body. Thus if you want to cure it aptly imbibe as much measure of sunlight as possible. This then is the stupendous, very inexpensive use of solar rays for healing so many ordinary and incurable diseases that can kill the patients if solar healing therapy is not taken recourse to.





In the Rigveda the sun has been called the very soul of this world creation. In reality all movements-activities seen in this world know that the fount of energy required in these tasks is none other than the brilliant sun shining in the sky. Lest the sun did not exist, our planet earth would be rendered into a dark, icy cold, inert and lifeless mass.

Apart from fulfilling various requirements of the world the sun bestows good health on mankind. Scriptures opine: ‘Arogyam bhaskaradicchet’. It exhorts us to pray to sun god for good health. By contacting sunlight our good health can be protected. With the super power of solar rays disease attacks can be overcome.

The cow converts grass to milk and this takes place via a complex chemical reaction. Plants in order to absorb within hydrogen element present in water use that energy which is termed ‘electromagnetism’ by modern scientists. It is via this energy that they absorb carbon dioxide gas from air. The combined form of these principles absorbed from water and air are called carbohydrates. In Botany Sciences this process of chemical conversion is called ‘photosynthesis’.

Mankind also creates blood, flesh etc in the body via food items like grains, vegetables, fruits etc. With their aid man attains the capacity to work and labor hard.

The question asked is as to where does this capacity appear from seen in birds, plants, mankind etc? What is its root fount? In inert objects wherein atoms-molecules are found, they too in a swift manner carry out functions in a sequential step wise fashion. But where do they get energy from to execute these activities? When even for smooth functioning of various machines and technical apparatus energy requirement arrangements have to be made then it becomes crystal clear that in the functioning of this animate-inanimate world some infinite energy fount must be present.

Various types of forces/energies are present in solid, liquid and gaseous materials on planet earth. These can only be called wondrous and mind boggling. The sky too cannot be called empty. In comparison to the visible world in the invisible world the infinite vault of energy present in it is n fold more potent. Radio waves move about in it. Infinite statures of energies found in light, heat etc have many varieties. This entire Energy Family is present in space in infinitely untold measure. The same question appears here also that what is the root fount of all these types of forces/energies?

Research studies have shown that the root source of all energies found in every area/pore of this planet earth is the brilliant shining sun in the sky. In reality the sun’s 7 color rays like red, yellow etc are but energy waves that by bringing with it various levels of gifts for creatures of earth does so with immense speed and in a ceaseless manner.

The more the miraculous layers of alpha, beta and gamma rays open up it becomes clear that that in these founts the medium to become all powerful and omnipotent are definitely present. The very little application unearthed with reference to UV and infrared rays has rendered mankind blind out of sheer demonic arrogance. In future those layers of energy waves that shall unfold will be measureless. On mere imagination of its super potential the brain flies in the world of its magical spell.

The credit of first touching materials within the flow of sun’s energy stream goes to UV rays. Wherever this contact takes place there miraculous attainments accrue. Take for example food items. Its upper surface area contacts sun rays the most. The upper layer or peel of fruits, vegetables etc contacts sun rays the most. Thus apart from other useful principles Vitamin D also is found in a predominating way. The important function of Vitamin D is to absorb calcium/phosphorous from food items and by mixing it in all organs of the body, renders them well balanced.

During monsoons wherever places get covered with clouds sunshine is miniscule and hence small-big illnesses that were present latently now start raising their hoods. The reason being that lack of sunshine exposure minimizes a lot the power of the body’s immune system that combats disease causing germs. At night we get very tired and weak. We just do not feel like doing any work. The main reason for this is that in the absence of sunshine our organs of action fail to get inspired to work actively and thus we feel tired and very sleepy.

Dr Forbes Binslow in his book ‘Light-its influence on life and health’ writes in an emphasizing way that people must give up living in closed homes and get covered by very thick clothes else surely they shall lose good health in a big way.

Other environmentalist experts the world over also have drawn the attention of the world lay public regarding the beneficial effect of sunlight exposure that has been ignored so far perilously. They go on to say that we must never ignore the priceless gift of Mother Nature in the form of solar rays. In this direction more research has been done by Dr James Cook, AV garden, Frankren, FG Wales, James Jackson etc and their names have emerged as leading experts.

In the early morning rising sun the measure of UV light is at its peak and the more sunshine becomes hotter red rays increase and they have the capacity to augment heat. From both spiritual and physical standpoint importance has been given to bathing in the early morning rising sunshine with our bodies naked. Walking under early morning rising sun has been emphasized because at that early the more we come in contact with a lot of UV rays the more we accrue health and other benefits that are not attained during other hours of the entire day.

Dr Werner Mcfeden, Benedict Lurst, Stanley Leak etc naturalists have given a lot of importance to sunbathing in the early morning rising sunshine. In these sun rays great amounts of Vitamins D, B and A are present that energize our body optimally. In comparison to strength augmenting tonics these sun rays are more powerful that manifest definite positive results.

A Swiss Dr Rolier who is an expert in solar rays healing methods has advised the lay public to give up the habit of wearing clothes more than necessary since it shuts the doorway of sunshine contacting our body maximally. He says that in closed houses and rooms where sunshine does not enter, diseases enter in hordes. Similarly if we continue covering our body without break we shall be forgoing a priceless gift of Mother Nature in the form of contacting health bestowing solar rays. It is due to the help of solar rays that that hemoglobin content in our blood remains optimally balanced. If you fail to expose plants to proper sunlight and cover them in a shady area then in a short time they shall turn yellow. They shall wither away and finally on remaining immature shall die. The very kind of dire reaction seen in plants on not getting sunlight exposure is witnessed on human beings’ bodies when they fail to expose themselves to health bestowing sunshine.

When we focus our attention on geography data this fact becomes crystal clear that in those nations and islands where sunshine benefits are immense their health related situation is much better when compared to those nations and islands where sunshine benefits are miniscule in measure.

Solar rays can be categorized in 2 ways. The 1st type is visible to our eyes and they shine and possess 7 colors. The 2nd type is invisible yet from the chemical standpoint they are very important. They are called UV or ultraviolet rays. Infrared rays have their typical special import. They heat our body in summer season and only then UV rays can positively influence our health. Its capacity to kill microbes etc causing diseases is well known.

The above useful but invisible rays get obstructed by dust, smoke, dew, thick clothes etc and thus our body fail to avail all round health benefits. Those people dwelling in mountainous and forest like areas oozing with fresh air avail proper benefit of these useful but invisible rays present in sunshine. This is because there air pollution and other type of obstructions are absent. Wearing minimal clothing that are not very tight skinned and thick helps us grab the opportunity of availing immense healthy benefits from brilliant sunshine exposure. Lest the rays of the early morning orange sunshine are imbibed by us on our naked body daily the skin can gather a lot of Vitamin D from solar rays and this Vitamin D on entering within our body destroys diseases in our body and renders it strong and soundly healthy.

The sun has been called an infinite vault of energy. The manifestation of life force/Prana energy and mobility power in inert materials is possible only due to gifts attained from the brilliant sun in the sky.

A gross superficial vision tells us that the sun is white in hue and its rays also are shiny white. Yet in actuality these rays are an admixture of 7 colors. On combining with each other, innumerable more type of colors manifest. Every ray has its own specialty. How much effect of which type of solar ray is seen on which material? This answer is got on seeing which color ray is it. Various materials are variously colored and this is not without a proper reason. These materials due to their specialty have attracted certain type of rays from solar power and gathered them. As a result that particular color manifests in that object that can be seen by our eyes.

The utility value of colors is not limited merely for identifying them but that on seeing them we avail their special quality very easily that has been amassed within by those materials via solar power. Take for example lush greenery. Plants, trees etc are green in color. On seeing them, our eyes feel blissful. In hot summer on reaching lush green areas we feel happy. This is not without apt reason. Green color has that quality wherein heat experienced by us can be cooled down by it in fair measure.

In winter season despite remaining far from heat of fire its far off beautiful aura induces warmth in our psyche. Thus in staving off cold mere visualizing of blazing fire from a distance gives us fair warmth. On reaching close to this fire no doubt we feel much warmer. The reddish orange hue of fire is no less zest inducing because in this color we experience the predominance of solar heat.

The aura and rosy cheeks of little children and the skin turning chocolate brown in old age tells us what gifts are being given to them by Mother Nature or Prakriti. Or else by taking what from them in its place she is reinstating something else. It is on this basis that we gauge beauty and ugliness.

The USA Dr Earnest on noting the increasing-decreasing color content in various parts of the human body has advanced a science that helps us understand the body’s inner state. Even the Canadian Dr Salit has conducted long term research studies on this topic and on merely visualizing the color of his patient’s skin, eyes, nails, tongue, feces, urine etc he has successfully gauged their inner bodily condition. In this manner to what extent has a particular disease intensified in the body can be successfully gauged.

The Science of Color has been called Chromopathy very much similar to microbe testing in Allopath therapy, how much venom has spread in the body is gauged via Homeopathy therapy, Tridosha (Vata-Pitta-Kuff) in Ayurved healing methods and salt analysis in Biochemie. The Science of Color is being researched more and more along with its propagation with greater awareness. Which patient’s body has which color less in measure? In order that these patients are administered and made to contact those materials exposed to this very color application done regarding this so far have given very positive and successful results.

The Science of Color that has been called Chromopathy gives a of importance to applications of color in day to day living like dyeing clothes, painting our homes’ walls, wearing tinted spectacles of various hues, choosing particular colored food items, by exposing the diseased bodily part under a colored glass piece thru which those very colored sun rays pass for healing the disease etc. Such rooms have been built on which in the rooftop and windows colored glasses are changed based on what disease the patient is afflicted with. As a result of doing this the entire room gets sunshine of that particular color which is miniscule in measure in the patient’s body and thus the patient gets a lot of relief from the disease’s symptoms. Lest the diagnosis of increased-decreased measure of colors is proper and correct then due to color therapy mind boggling success is achieved in curing various diseases using minimal expenses.

For 1 entire year in a particular region in USA rainfall was very less and thus beasts got no fresh grass to graze in. Thus when the previous year’s dry grass was given to these animals they would refuse to nibble it and hence the eyes of these beasts were covered with green tinted goggles. Now since the beasts saw the dry grass green in color due to these green tinted goggles they started eating dry grass gleefully. In hot summer by donning green and blue tinted goggles we go out in hot sunshine we shall definitely feel less heat. This can only be called the miracle of colors. There is a trend in many homes to paint their walls with light green or blue color lime or paint because by doing so our eyes feel cool and rested. Lest we paint our walls with dark red or black color not only shall these wall evoke fear in our psyche but that people dwelling in it shall get bad eerie dreams, their mind shall become agitated and irritated etc.

Yellow color helps in proper digestion of food, blue color calms our mind so as to render it serene and red color imbues us with warmth and heat. These 3 colors are the chief fundamental colors. When these 3 colors mix in various permutations and combinations other light and dark types of various color shades are created. As per the inner/outer state of the body and its requirements the diseased bodily part must be exposed to that color glass thru which those color solar rays pass that is known to cure that particular disease.

Ordinarily it is very good to come in contact with sunshine as much as possible. Of course there is no need at all to move about in blazing hot sunlight as is experienced at noon time yet our residence and work place must be built in such areas where solar rays can enter freely. Getting exposed to fresh air and healthy solar rays gives us that very nourishment and nutritional value given by nourishing nutritious food intake and diet.

























One day some spiritual aspirants approached Rishi Brihaspati and humbly asked: O Lord! If our future generation yearns to attain wisdom, knowledge, bodily-mental strength, sharp brilliant intellect, heaven and material-spiritual prosperity that you richly are endowed with, can you please tell us the method of attaining the same? Hence Rishi Brihaspati answered:

Yajnena vachaha padviyamayantamanvavindannaruvishu pravishtam.

Tamabhritya vyadadhuha puruma tam sapta rebha abhi sam nayante.

……………..Rigveda (10/71/3)

MEANING: O beloved disciples! This speech gets classified into 7 Cchandas (poetic meter) of Super Energy Gayatri etc. As of today or in any time period in future also those wise brained people via that speech perform Super Power Yajnas shall most definitely attain that divine knowledge and wisdom eternally etched in the psyche of great Rishis of yore. Such disciples on attaining this divine wisdom shall propagate and spread it in all nooks and corners of the world. Further when this science and wisdom shall be conjoined inseparably to Cchandas (poetic meter) of Super Energy Gayatri etc. so as to propagate it in hymn, discourses, poetry etc form only then in world human society shall augment untold peace, discontent disappear totally, uprooting of injustice shall take place. In this manner the Yajna performer shall attain eternal bliss, material-spiritual prosperity, wealth, property etc.

Today in our modern scientific era Super Power Yajnas are labeled as a mere superficial ritual based on blind faith that wastefully burns to naught energy augmenting materials. Yet people mocking Super Power Yajnas thus conveniently forget that present day modern material science has already reached that stage wherein it shall tell us all based on proof that those benefits of Super Power Yajnas elucidated in Vedas, Upanishads, scriptures, Puranas etc in comparison to genuine benefits accrued are as much big-small very similar to our planet earth when compared to the infinite gigantic cosmos. These sacred prophetic utterances of Prajapati Brahma (creator of this cosmos who said that these Super Power Yajnas shall fulfill all your desires) are today being proved true via modern scientific examining and research based experimentation.

In order to understand this science there is a requirement of knowing and studying deeply the energies and forces of earth and the entire cosmos. They are enumerated as follows:

1)      Sound Power (Mantra Energy)

2)      Fire Element and its amplification

3)      The basic original principle of matter transformation

4)      The sun and its untold energy (With reference to Super Power Gayatri Yajnas)

5)      The Science of Sacred Sensitive Sentiments


Amongst the above even via either entire or partial knowledge/information Indian Philosophy’s Yajna Science can be understood quite well.

The measure of sound potential has successfully been carried out by California University’s geologist Dr Gary Lane. Via the medium of the natural crystal of quartz and a very thin strip of quartz Dr Lane designed such a technical apparatus that via such sounds not heard by our ears creates such energy via which surgery, killing heinous microbes, cutting huge sheets of steel and other heavy/delicate tasks can be executed comfortably. Today in western countries within the industry arena supersonic sound based applications have created a huge revolution.

The 2nd specialty of sound is its ability of swift transportation. Sound can be transmitted via solid mediums and also as waves in ether that can travel in the entire infinite cosmos. The meaning of all this is that sound energy is limitless. Various movements and upheavals take place on earth via sound and as against this Indian Sound Science is that much more scientific. Via them such a type of sound emerges that can created widespread unrest in any region.

The sound energy of Super Mantra Gayatri is much more special and extraordinary than all of them put together. In Super Power Gayatri Super Power Yajnas when Mantras are chanted then based on its ordinary theory with a cyclic movement it marches upwards while simultaneously emitting waves in ether. The electrons fire ignited in Yajna pyres/Kundas transport these waves and its immediate preliminary reaction spreads out in that Yajna area itself. It means that Ghee or clarified butter and other materials offered to Yajna fire as Ahuti from their solid state get converted to the gaseous state and spread out everywhere. In the heat of this Yajna fire the electrons of these herbs start moving in their positions with such speed that they bang into each other. Thus by getting battered they separate from the solid materials so as to spread into the atmosphere. At the time of performing Super Power Yajnas a sweet fragrant smoke spreads out. This is one of its’ gross, tangible form. Gases that reach Mother Nature/Prakriti via Super Power Yajnas and due to supersonic sound, a lot of upheaval occurs within ions and cosmic energies.

Along with Agnihotra and Mantra chanting in order to profoundly understand a subtler science than these it is important to scientifically study the Ionosphere. From the upper surface of planet earth at a height of about 35-45 miles the portion/layer of atmosphere is called Ionosphere. Our earth is submerged in the ocean of air and Ionosphere is its highest and widespread region. Yet the total measure of air content in it is less than even 200th portion of total air present in the entire atmosphere of planet earth. In actuality the main chapter of nature based transformations on planet earth and contact with the invisible worlds of the infinite cosmos commences from here. For a fair length of time the Ionosphere was an unsolved jigsaw puzzle for modern scientists yet via various research studies it has been unfolded that in air at very stupendous heights such qualities dwell that are absent in air on earth. It is from the Ionosphere that commence incidences like light flashing brilliantly on both the North and South Poles, terrific magnetic storms, changes in wireless waves etc. Many regular processes of sun, moon etc have been unearthed and light thrown on these tell us that as a result of these activities transformations take place in the earth’s magnetic field’s core.

Over here it is required to know well that gases mixed in air are made up of miniscule atoms. In one sq cm of air are found nitrogen, oxygen and other gas particles numbering 27,000,000,000,000,000,000. These molecules too are made up of other tiny particles called atoms. Atoms also can be broken because they are made of more tiny particles called electrons, protons and neutrons that can be called waves only. Atoms are very steady because electrons are electro magnetically attracted to the nucleus of the atom. The nucleus has a positive electricity is a type of an onrush and the electrons possess a negative electricity is a type of an onrush. These very electrically charged atoms are called ions. In a certain manner it can be termed that type of energy stream akin to waves emerging in lake waters so as to render mobile these waters. This subtle ion group on the one hand creates good/bad transformations on the earth’s water-air content based on its gaseous state and by rendering earth’s sound flow supersonic unheard by human hears keeps throwing it into space.

Despite being conjoined to atoms-molecules in a very firm manner, electrons sometimes break apart from them and thus get separated. Initially modern scientists/nuclear physicists were astounded yet now they have understood that in the Ionosphere this process takes place due to solar radiations. It means that the sun does not allow these ions to remain quiet. Changes are known to occur, based on presence of good/bad gases. Hence that Prana energy flow emerging from Super Power Yajnas from the gross standpoint manifests a very superb positive on Mother Nature and people’s health.

Today nuclear explosions are witnessed. Due to this such radioactive substances from bad gases are filling up the Ionosphere that in the near future many newer diseases shall erupt and fearful situations like famine etc shall raise their hoods ferociously. The life span of these radioactive substances is very long. At the other end in every living material the measure of carbon is much more as a result of which radioactive substances very easily influence them. From every 1 megaton nuclear weapon 20 pounds of carbon14 gets emitted.

It is only after calculating nuclear explosions taking place till the year 1961 that Dr Linus Pauling said that in future about .4 million children shall be born handicapped or dead. Apart from carbon14, strontium 90, iodine 131 and cesium 137 types of toxic gases are emitted that create deadly diseases like cancer, leukemia, blood weakness and gripping bowel pain. Thus in order to obstruct these only potent Yajna radiations full of powerful Prana Energy that can do the needful very successfully. It is only in the Prana Energy rain from Super Power Yajnas that can obstruct these heinous malefic effects. Hence in this present modern era Yajna programs beyond doubt must be conducted on a war footing the world over.

Gases released from Super Power Yajnas into Mother Nature and via supersonic sound in ions and cosmic energies heavy upheavals occur and as a result of the latter an arrangement of attraction for new principles on planet earth takes place. Further good measure of rains fall, the weather turns pleasant and in the environment Prana force that augments various energies predominates. All these are but the gross effects and reactions of Super Power Yajnas. In the Yajurveda (23/42) it is said:

Brahma surya sama jyoti.

MEANING: That sun is divine principle only and due to its power and external glory life advances. On earth storms occur as per the wish of the sun. This may be called the heat bestowing system or Prana process yet it is definite that the supersonic energy of Yajna and Mantras by inducing upheavals in that Prana and heat explodes much more life force principles. Wherever Super Power Yajnas are performed, Mother Nature remains very conducive and this is beyond all doubts. It must be remembered that planet earth remains most affected by the shining sun.

The Sacred Sensitive Sentiment based Science of Mantras are that much more special and extraordinary. In the Bhagwad Geeta scripture Lord Shri Krishna says that in this world no material can be destroyed and it is always present even if we are unaware of this. In Almighty God’s world everything exists regarding which we may be aware or not. In order to see and know them it is most required to awaken our subtle eye and vision. It means that a living being can attain the wisdom of the world’s infinite form and atomic upheavals taking place within it only by becoming smaller than the smallest. This knowledge is so potent that it can create extraordinary upheavals in any portion of earth.

Via Super Power Yajnas sacred sentimental energy that emerges in comparison to ordinary mundane emotions is inspired by sound energy and fire element. Hence by spreading in the entire cosmos it attracts energies as per its’ conducive nature. We fail to understand how unseen help and wish fulfillment occurred yet this is but a scientific methodology of a type of attraction of atoms of various principles. In this there is no secret or mystery.

Sacred sentiments in actuality are but a subtler manifestation of supersonic sound because whatever we think that via the soul or conscious existence is a type of speech only. Hence it must ooze with all energies of supersonic sound. Super Power Yajnas in a sense are akin to that machine transmits that energy to the destination of that desire and aid in bringing back from there required circumstances.

The result of offering materials to Super Power Yajnas (Havishya) is greater production of food grains etc, advancement of energy principles in the Ionosphere and conduciveness of water and air. Further those who perform Super Power Yajnas successfully fulfill their desires via their deep faith, devotion and pious sentiments. If the reaction of gross is gross then the result of subtle definitely is subtle. Although both these facts appear similar hence via the medium of sacred sentiments science and via the medium of science, sacred sentiments can be awakened and attained.

There was a time in the annals of world history that majority of humans were well aware of Super Power Yajnas used for fulfilling desired nature based needs, social transformations and fulfillment of individual desires yet today it appears that this great Yajna Science has virtually become extinct. Only at the level of research based experimentation and application can these mysteries of Yajna Science be unfolded. When more data and information regarding invisible rays of the sun and Ionosphere shall be made available after due scientific studies in future at that time people the world over shall understand deeply the subtle reactions of Yajna Science. As of now lest we understand it to be a helper in nature based transformations it shall be enough.









The medium of energy via which movements in the conscious world occur is sound. That energy used for mobility in the material world is heat. The level of life existing on planet earth and the type of movements/activities taking place in it solar heat plays a predominating role. Whenever an imbalanced state of solar heat sets in certain planets, satellites etc of the solar system there a condition akin to a blazing ball of fire or freezing icy mass is noted. Regarding the good fortune accrued by planet earth, in it its self creation is miniscule in comparison to the balanced boon attained from solar power. Hence the sun is said to be the very soul of the world of matter: ‘Surya atma jagatasthushcha’.

No doubt in the creation of the material world other elements too contribute yet as far as its mobility is concerned there only fire shall be given full credit. Heat and mobility in a certain sense can be called synonymous. The moment bodily heat ends, no bodily part can function and no sign of life is seen in it. This holds true for other creatures of the world too. The smallest unit of the material world is called an atom. A very detailed scientific data has been unveiled regarding electrons, protons and nucleus present in the center of the atom. Via nuclear explosions successfully a lot of energy has been generated. Ahead of atoms-molecules is the realm of waves. Now the fundamental nature of matter is not atoms but waves. Waves have many classes and sub classes. Amongst these waves in the conscious realm just as sound predominates similarly in the material arena heat predominates. It has already been said that heat and mobility are conjoined to each other very much akin to sound and our thinking process. Similar to this heat and mobility are mutually bound to each other.

All this is being discussed simply so as to deeply understand that where on the one hand in the application programs of spirituality for consciousness uplifting Sound Energy i.e. Super Science of Gayatri Energy is given immense weight age similarly in subtle sciences wherever material mediums have to be made use of there its center of mobility viz. heat must also be given due attention. Sound energy via the medium of Super Science of Gayatri Energy is used in many ways for executing many goals. Similarly whenever heat energy has to be used for some divine endeavor what should be done for succeeding in it? Regarding this, conclusions must be made only after keeping in mind that Agnihotra/Yajna or fire rituals must be performed. Just as in directly visible endeavors fire, electricity, steam, oil etc are used to generate heat in order to use it for lighting wick lamps, cooking food, generating electricity in power stations, mills, factories, vehicles etc similarly via the medium of Agnihotra/Yajna or fire rituals such divine energy manifests that on the basis of Spiritual Sciences can be optimally used for mundane material purposes and tasks.

In spiritual practice tasks the usage and elucidations of innumerable applications of Agnihotra/Yajna or fire rituals are being done. In meditation/worship methods flame lamp, incense sticks-Agarbattis, Dhoop, fire rituals etc are regularly utilized. Not only in Indian Religion and Spirituality but that in all world religions in their own special way these methods are put to work. In all temples, Sikh temples called Gurudwaras, churches, Chaityas etc flame lamp, incense sticks-Agarbattis, Dhoop, fire rituals etc are made use of. In Parsi Religion fire worship importance is all the more. In a certain sense they can be called fire worshipers. In Parsi Religion they build Agyaris where fire is their deity and Almighty God.

Along with Indian Religious-Spiritual Culture Yajna tradition is conjoined in an inseparable manner. Right from birth to death at appropriate age Shodash Sanskars (16 sanctification rites) are prescribed. In all these Agnihotra or fire sacrifice is a must. The main Sanskar in marriage ceremony is circumambulation called Parikrama. It is done around a Yajna fire. When Hindus burn/cremate dead bodies it is actually Agnihotra only but done in haste and not adhering totally to proper steps in doing this Yajna. Else if this cremation is done methodically and stepwise then in the Antyeshti Yajna itself the dead body made of 5 elements is burnt to ashes. The Holi Festival of colors is a remnant of a Varshik (yearly) Yajna. In other festivals also Agnihotra is most required even if it means women take some fire from their cooking range and symbolically worship it. Not one god-goddess is such wherein Agnihotra or fire ritual/worship is not offered to them. This fire ritual maybe on a large or small scale yet the scriptural injunction says it must be executed. This is to the extent that even in evil spirit, ghosts, Ucchatan etc based rites some form of fire sacrifice definitely is included. When you do an Anushthan of any Mantra at the end called Purnahuti a Yajna has to be performed.

Gayatri and Super Power Yajnas complement each other. One is the Mother of Indian Culture and the other is the Father of Indian Religious-Spiritual Culture. This precept has its spiritual, ethical, philosophical, psychological and social aspect and from the standpoint of rendering our thinking process and sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavana) high statured it is very important. Despite this, its visible form viz. Agnihotra from the standpoint of utility value shall render its extra glory special till eternity. If we term Gayatri a Divine Intellect Philosophy Yajna shall have to be called its helper Varchas or illumining power. Within this spiritual Varchas, both bodily Tejas and mental Ojas manifest. During completion or Purnahuti of Gayatri Anushthans Agnihotra must be executed. Not only is there I direction to render our divine intellect skills a selfless server of entire world society but along with this scientific mysterious import too is included in it wherein both material and spiritual standpoint are firmly interwoven in them. Without any one of these the other aspect never succeeds and that no result is noted. Hence along with sound, heat energy must be included. It means that in Super Power Gayatri worship/meditation Agnihotra must be inseparably associated. And this does actually take place. Anushthans or religious programs successfully get completed only when at the end Super Power Yajnas are performed. In those days at the time of Mantra chanting or Japa a wick flame lamp and incense stick would be lit all the while. Wherever deep faith and goodwill sentiments prevail there ceaseless fire, ceaseless fire pyre (bon fire) and a continuously lit wick flame lamp is kept. In Nityakarmas (daily chores) there prevails a tradition of Panchayajna and Balivaishwa and it is daily carried out by devoted people daily.

In Spiritual Sciences Panchagni Science has special mention. In the Yama-Nachiketa dialogue as written in the Kathopanishad, a profound description of this has been elucidated. A Shrotriya Agnihotri (attained mastery in Super Power Yajnas) by establishing 5 fires methodically offers worship to them. In the Bhagwad Geeta scripture a direction is given with reference to the mysterious Yoga practice of worshiping Prana in Apan. Many levels of inspiration regarding burning the wood (Samidha) of life in the Yajna of world society is embedded in varied techniques of Yajna activities. In the 1st Mantra of the Rigveda the Yajna fire is termed the priest or Purohit. The one who imbibes it shall definitely accrue divinity and all types of material-spiritual glories called Vibhutis. In both aspects of Spiritual Philosophy and Science the extent to which Super Power Yajnas have been discussed, the measure of management regarding it has been designed, the measure of eulogies sung with reference to it, very rarely such exultations can be found in other incidences. Yajna discussions predominate a lot in Yajurveda, Shatpath Brahman and Sutra or aphorism based texts. If we study Mimansa Philosophy and Karmakand or religious rite-ritual literature Super Power Yajnas are given prime importance.

How can true Brahmin qualities be imbibed? At birth just about everyone is illiterate and Shudra hence in a human body how can a true Brahmin rise like the brilliant morning sun? How is it possible to manifest divinity in this very human body? The answers to all these questions have been detailed in Manu Smriti text:

Mahayajnaishcha yajnaishcha brahmiyam kriyate tanuhu.

MEANING: Via the medium of Super Power Yajnas and Super Super Power Yajnas this very human body can be rendered a true divine Brahmin. It means that via Agnihotra that energy generated can transform to a very high stature an individual’s very existence. This is a type of spiritual application. For the body medicinal applications, surgery etc are given a lot of weight age. Very much akin to this in order to positively transform in a sanctifying way our thinking process and sacred sentiments Yajna applications can play a leading role very successfully.

Prana fire has been termed Super Power Kundalini or Divine Serpent Power and Yoga fire has been termed Divine Aura. One is the presiding deity of the material world and the second is called the goddess of the realm of consciousness. Those applications conducted to generate them its nature is of the form of Super Power Yajnas. The visible and subtle aspects of this process of multifaceted energy generation are both inflammable and illumining. Despite this the way in which the creation of both the fires mentioned above in it the Yajna process in some form or other gets included. There are many such incidences that if light is thrown on them those facts can emerge on the basis of which this conclusion can be drawn as to what was the reason behind great divinely intellectual Rishis who in ancient times lived amidst us as divine souls, gave a top spot to Super Power Yajnas while elucidating Soul Science injunctions? We must fully understand that behind Rishi literature and nectarine utterances of great Self Realized saints are not some figment of wild crazy imaginations but that they have diligently followed the tradition of showcasing the essence and gist of direct tangible experiences accrued after great length of reflection, austerities, meditation etc. Under such circumstances we shall have to accept that whatever has been spoken regarding the Yajna principle must definitely brim with profound import.

So far we have talked of the past Divine Era. In today’s modern contemporary times we shall have to find out whether the above facts mentioned are true and applicable with reference to present day world situations. Say, can we in our present times succeed very much akin to ancient eras while using the above methods and procedures? Regarding this studies and research shall have to be taken up anew. The reason being that in today’s computer age Super Power Yajnas in a certain sense have virtually become extinct. Just by lighting fire and adding fragrant materials to it cannot be called Super Power Yajnas. Its aim certainly is not to render air we inhale, sweetly fragrant. If this were the case Super Power Yajnas would never have been conjoined to Mantra chanting and procedural steps with strict observance based on Yajna laws. By throwing into fire all fragrant materials available at one shot this task can be easily done without any complexities faced. In reality within the arena of Yajna procedure those various Sanskar methods of inner outer sanctification are included that renders fire merely giving us light and heat, a high stature energy helping us succeed in enacting varied divine endeavors. This Sanskar application itself is the very life and soul of Yajna Science. If it is not imbibed then via fire programs akin to ancient eras’ Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna etc if not political for social service tasks the requirement of a huge function can get fulfilled. But yet divine goals conjoined to Super Power Yajnas cannot get fulfilled. In a certain sense the system of transforming Yajna fire into divine energy has virtually become extinct. In texts and books pertaining to Karmakanda or rites-rituals Mantras and procedural steps for carrying out worship rites merely are elucidated. With its aid no doubt the technique can be executed methodically yet because of forgetting the mysterious import of Prana Energy invocation in Yajna fire lighting not much success is noted regarding great important tasks. Lest we fail to unearth this lost key the situation shall continue to reign mockingly in future too as is seen today. This mockery can be seen everywhere in the form of highly intellectual people in the world refusing to pay heed and heavily criticizing Yajna Science, spiritual injunctions etc Today the modern generation labels Super Power Yajnas as a method that wastes food materials and burns to naught our precious time and hard efforts. Thus these types of sarcastic utterances are heaped at Yajna events by the highly educated generation of today’s modern era. On noting the reactions of today’s situations we cannot even challenge these criticisms of theirs.

If we carry out any material-spiritual task in a haphazard and wayward manner it shall not give you all round true success. Hence, when with selfish a attitude if we enact tasks reeking with deluded beliefs, whatever little benefit that could have been attained, also disappears to naught. Ruins also if they remain as they are they continue representing past memories and are given honor. But if these very spots become centers of hideous vile activities glory accrued, based on ancient history, slips out of our grasp. This is actually taking place today.  Yajna is an all round compact scientific methodology.

In the research studies of other scientific goals untold amount of wealth and cash is put at work. Lest the ancient glory of Yajna Science had remained till today this situation would not have emerged akin to those seen today wherein so many criticisms and sarcastic comments have to be endured. If the coin is not genuine an expert examining it shall no doubt shun it.

This has nothing to do with praise-censure, beliefs-criticisms etc yet the question is how to cremate with our own hands that fact which played a predominant role in Soul Sciences and which from all viewpoints rendered self fulfilled and glorified, entire world humanity? In what manner can we accept the entry of these great discoveries within the terminology of insane lunatic people full of hypocrisy? All attainments accrued regarding fire, electricity, cooking, music, art, education, medicine, surgery etc by undergoing the process of reformation and transformation are being rendered more and more advanced. Hence the pertinent question asked is that why have great achievements regarding the Yajna principle been looked upon useless and a waste of our precious time, energy and wealth? In ancient eras benefits that accrued from the Yajna principle should in today’s modern scientific era brimming with super advancement and material grandeur also have been more developed and beneficial? But since this has not happened the culprits responsible shall be called only those who although execute Super Power Yajnas yet in order to protect them from public criticism and censure are not endeavoring in order to protect it. Now that hour has dawned wherein we prove in a scientific way the authenticity of Yajna principles. It is not necessary that in the name of ‘old is gold’ we persist with inapt facts and principles. Lest Super Power Yajnas in actuality are useless not only should they be criticized and ignored but that they must be totally stopped. On the other hand if based on scientific examination they are proved to be very useful in this modern computer era the need shall arise that the wise society having leanings towards Spiritual Sciences must raise them to such an advanced glorious stature that none can challenge its’ all round utility value and on witnessing their super benefits start imbibing it in an unbiased manner on a war footing.
























The subtle Science of Super Power Yajnas is no less mind boggling than the hidden mysteries of the atom, molecule and gigantic cosmos. Although in the modern medical healing methods by giving pills and capsules diseases are cured yet it is believed by administering medicines via direct injection into the blood stream of patients the healing effect is much more positive. This is an extraordinary fact that via injections of medicines in the blood of the body a very subtle Prana Energy flows. It is thus clear that if our arteries, nerves etc are not functioning properly and that such a method can be used that can affect positively our muscular, nerve etc networks much more effectively then it shall prove to be even more successful than allopath medicinal injections into the blood stream of the patient. Indian Ayurveda School of Medicines’ renowned adept Vaidyas (doctors) like Dhanvantari, Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhatta etc have all placed Yajna healing in this category. Great Rishis of yore have in fact termed it a sure shot means for soul uplifting. Yet if we do not wish to dive deep to such profound levels and wish to relegate ourselves to a mundane level only even so the glory and deep import of Super Power Yajnas is boundless. Super Power Yajnas from the health benefit standpoint can be classified as a supremely successful healing method and medical therapy. Super Power Yajnas are called mediums of self satiation and fulfillment. Right from warding off ailments pertaining to barren wombs to curing difficult diseases like tuberculosis-TB Super Power Yajnas are said to be extraordinary healing methods without side effects or any other complexities. Via the medium of Super Power Yajnas the good healing qualities of medicines, herbs etc are rendered very subtle in form. In order to accrue a faint glimpse of the power of its subtlety we can study the effect of the Science of Homeopathy form of healing. Its discovery has taken place on this very basis that on rendering its medicine very subtle the potency of its medicine increases manifold.

The reason why Super Power Yajnas /Havan/Agnihotra possesses health augmenting capacity and extraordinary power to ward off diseases is that materials offered to the Yajna fire are rendered gaseous so as to accrue great benefits from them. The measure of positive effects noted in medicines administered after being rendered gaseous is much more than when the medicines are given to patients in capsule-pill-liquid form orally. Doctors generally advise people suffering from TB, asthma etc to dwell in regions where fresh clean air is easily available especially in Hill Stations like Simla, Mussorie etc in India. Many good hospitals too are set up there. Doctors and medical experts opine that lest along with taking medicines if we inhale clean pure air its aids healing in these disease very well. It is beyond doubt that oxygen in clean pure air is an excellent medicine on its own. In the early morning hours when oxygen content is much more in the air it is advised that we go for long walks since it augments our good health in a big way. If in air beneficial principles brim forth definitely the benefits of its utility value shall be accrued effortlessly. Via Havan/Super Power Yajnas /Agnihotra (fire rites) this very goal is attained. From the standpoint of amassing good health this benefit of doing Super Power Yajnas wherein useful medicinal herbs are rendered gaseous so that those who contact this gas emitted attain health and other benefits, is very important. The same holds true for nourishing nutritious materials. In order to render a weak physical body strong, nourishing nutritious food is required. Yet the question arises that when this weak person’s digestive system is weak how shall he digest this nourishing nutritious food? The digestive system of a weak and sick person itself becomes weak. Even when someone on eating light ordinary food gets indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea etc then how will he digest nourishing nutritious food? The answer to this problem is performing Havan/Super Power Yajnas /Agnihotra (fire rites). If in Yajna fire dry fruits are offered as Ahuti and that the gas emitted by it is imbibed via our mouth, nose and skin pores they can easily enter our body and since it is gaseous in nature it becomes more beneficial as far as easy digestion is concerned.

The scientific basis of Super Power Yajnas too is that fire by rendering any material offered to it millions of times subtler, spreads it out in the entire atmosphere. Via a small application we can understand and experience this precept. A chilly is not as pungent as when you grind it. The taste and effect of grounded pounded chillies is seen on a few people only yet is you offer these chillies to fire its pungent odor spreads to a few square feet in the surrounding areas. At the scientific level the capacity/potential of fire to render materials offered to it subtle has been proved by France’s Dr Haffkine and Madras’ Dr Col Singh. They opine that by burning Ghee/clarified butter in fire germs, microbes etc dwelling in areas of a few sq miles’ surroundings die immediately. By burning Ghee/clarified butter, rice, saffron etc the toxicity of smoke gets destroyed and toxicity of air enter the ground due to mixing in rainfall and these by becoming fertilizers increases the rich fertility of soil a great deal.

The gas of Super Power Yajnas obstructs rotting of materials. Within or on the body’s skin due to big or tiny wounds diseases like pyorrhea, colitis, Tb, asthma, cancer, common cold, coughing etc crop up. In order to dry up these wounds anyone can experiment by exposing them to Yajna gas and note its immense drying capacity.

Where on the one hand clean fresh air destroys diseases there it also obstructs new illnesses from cropping up. In order to get protected from disease attacks inoculations and vaccinations are administered. In these inoculations and vaccinations these very diseases are allowed to manifest in the body albeit in a very faint measure. Thus preliminarily a disease is created in miniscule measure so that in future intenser attacks of these diseases are obstructed from appearing in the vaccinated body. This is not something intellectual. In order to fight a dacoit allowing a small time theif to dwell in our house may mean accruing immediate benefits yet it is not farsighted thinking on our part because even if a dacoit does not come in future the thief shall definitely inflict harm on us on getting a juicy opportunity. In comparison to allopath vaccinations meant to ward off future disease attacks the gas of Yajna fire is more trustworthy and harm free. The heat of Yajna by entering the body kills only microbes causing diseases. It never attacks healthy cells of the body in a bad way even a wee bit and in fact healthy and non healthy cells are rendered more nourished. In fact this is a scientific methodology.

Apart from warding off bodily diseases the gases emitted by Yajna fire has untold capacity to heal mental diseases also. Till date in allopath form of healing only lunacy and insanity medicines are available. In comparison to totally insane people the number of semi insane, depression and mentally harassed people is much more. People afflicted with mental disorders and illnesses create problems both for themselves and those they are in contact with. For bodily illnesses many therapies, medicines etc are available but for successfully solving mental diseases no proper therapy exists. As a result people afflicted with mental disorders and illnesses like depression, agitation, livid anger, doubt, sexual lewdness, egoistic arrogance, distrust, despair, lethargy, loss of memory etc themselves remain restless, create chaos and induce anger and agitation in people dwelling in their midst. Not only this but that such people lose all dignity and self respect in society and lose all sense of cooperation and good will based sentiments. Thus not only does their all round development get obstructed but that they perforce have to endure censure and losses. Hence we feel that the one and only healing method for mental diseases is Havan/Super Power Yajnas. Along with sweet heavenly fragrance in Yajna materials the very effective vibrations of divine Vedic Mantras chanted touch sensitive centers of the brain and affect them in a positively healing manner. In Indian Culture right from birth to death Shodash Sanskars (16 sanctifying rites) are performed. In these performing Super Power Yajnas is a must because due to its great effect the very roots of mentall afflictions get cut asunder. In the Manu Smriti text the fact regarding Brahmin qualities dawning in the psyche due to contacting Super Power Yajnas has been elucidated because a person ‘bathing’ in the warmth emitted by Yajna fire imbibes both the capacity to mentally reflect sacredly and a true ethical divine character. It is such people who are termed true pious Brahmins.

Apart from possessing the superb qualities of obstructing and destroying diseases in Yajna gas the great quality of augmenting good health also exists. Those nourishing materials and medicinal elements by entering the body unite with blood help in augmenting life force or Prana Energy. And when some special lack emerges in a particular bodily part Yajna gas contact overcomes it. In diseases like eunuchness, diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, insomnia, weak nerves etc contacting Yajna fire fumes reap mind boggling success in healing them. Further the capacity to sire children increases. In ancient times as mentioned in epic Ramayan (Tretayuga) Putreshti Super Power Yajnas were performed for this very end. If pregnant women sit near Yajna pyres her newborn baby shall ooze with great sacred qualities. Any woman unable to bear children on coming in healthy contact of Yajna fumes starts bearing children.

Today Yajna Science is merely relegated to religious rites and Karmakand rituals. Very few people are aware that true Yajna Science encompasses rendering subtle useful materials by offering them to Yajna fire. A little measure of Yajna materials by itself take up very little place when stored and if imbibed as a medical herb gives very little healing success. Yet if these are rendered gaseous by offering them in Yajna fire they spread out to very far off areas and thus everyone contacting these gases gets positively influenced. The application of rendering miniscule material means very potent and more widespread is successfully achieved via the Yajna process. As a result those contacting its influencing arena not only get relief from physical ailments but that they get immense relief at the mental level also.

In order to influence bodily parts and organs we use ointments, pills, capsules, nutritious food, injections etc. Yet for overcoming mental disorders and illnesses the healing materials should be such that they reach deep into the recesses of brain cells and possess the capacity to positively influence them. This task can succeed wonderfully via powerful energy emitted by materials offered to Yajna fire. These enter our body via the mouth, nostrils and skin pores. Especially in order to healthily influence innermost regions of brain cells Yajna gas inhaled via the nostrils give best healing results. Lest in them via the Yajna technique influencial medicines/herbs and Mantra chanting sound energy is conjoined then the results shall be all the more potent from the healing standpoint and in the overcoming of mental disorders shall play a very important healing role.









The human body is the supreme creation of this entire world. In every pore of it ooze specialties. At the root of the body’s gross activities/functioning various miraculous specialties brim forth. When this gross material nature oriented portion of the human body made of 5 gross elements is so stupendous then its subtle existence’s potency is is byond the ken of our limited imagination. The fact of the matter is that the gross is totally dependent on the grace of subtle. This fact is showcased by the body’s very important unit called hormones. Not only do hormones design our activities and both outer-inner personalities but that due to their compassion important invisible capacities like life force, Prana energy, yearning to live as long as possible, emotions, sensitive nature, onrush etc become well developed and advanced.

The above scientific fact exhibits the deep import of the hidden mysterious subtle existence in the deep cave of the visible gross. But chiefly mankind has witnessed only the activities of the gross world and its nature and has mainly got influenced only by it. Many delusions harbored within along with grief/sorrow endured are the reactions of imbibing a superficial gross viewpoint only. The dire reaction of focusing our attention to only external mundane pleasure comforts/facilities is that our inner subtle energy founts and capacities got dried up. It is the stature of our inner core sensitivities that decide our external physical health status. The external form of trees can no doubt be noted in the form of fruits-flowers blooming on them yet at the fount of this external grandeur the existence that is at work dwells in its roots growing underground not seen by us. This definitely holds true for the bodily physical health too. The dry listlessness of the psyche to which are associated mental distortions noted in a person who despite oozing with good bodily health shall yet be called sick from the spiritual belief standpoint. The importance here is regarding these subtle unseen distortions that are invisible to our gross eyesight.

In the past many decades western allopath medical therapy has advanced with immense swiftness. For various illnesses and diseases life saving drugs has been unearthed. No doubt ailing humanity has accrued health benefits as a result of this. Modern scientists researching with diligent effort have opened such new aspects of healing and therapies that was previously totally unknown to us all. The human body has been studied very deeply. Via research studies in the arena of anatomy and physiology man grasped the all encompassing knowledge of bodily designing and its mode of functioning. A form has been placed before us all when due to disease attacks the body gets distorted and hence in order to heal it a medical therapy has been designed. The research studies of modern science has reached peaks since right from Sir Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin to today’s unearthing of antibiotics that kill disease causing microbes etc a lot of advancement in allopath mode of therapy has been witnessed. Despite all these attainments in the immense efforts made by material scientists of modern times a basic error has occurred. Whether medicines are taken via mouth (capsules etc) or via injections into the blood stream etc yet they do not reach very subtle centers of the body. These allopath medicines have relegated themselves merely to warding off symptoms of various diseases i.e. allopath has become virtually a symptomatic therapy. As a result of this apart from some aspects of surgical healing western allopath therapy does not give a permant cure for various diseases. This undesirable situation has manifested simply because we have failed to realize the deep import of the subtle and despite being aware of proof regarding the great power of subtle we negate and ignore it at our peril. Despite the most modern healing methods for various diseases being available the number and measure of diseases has augmented alarmingly the world over. In allopath therapy when one disease is cured a new one erupts as side effect of the allopath medicine administered. Thus in the name of healing only despair is our lot.

Today there is a dire requirement of such a method of healing that can cure mankind in totality. All modes of medical therapy prevailing today must be researched into anew from the reformation standpoint. It includes in a major way uprooting mental distortions and with firmness rendering optimally balanced mismanagement that set in our bodily functioning especially when diseases attack it. It is hence that in the form of an alternative mode of medicinal cure great Rishis of yore designed the Yajna method of healing called Yajnopathy by us. On noting that from the modern mindset standpoint there is a requirement of neo creating it a research center and institute has been set up for this.

For rendering human health both mentally and physically optimally sound Rishi literature brims with knowledge with reference to overcoming soul-mental-physical ailments and thus augmenting good health in an all inclusive manner. The Rishi fraternity has hiven immense weight age to the bodily designing and its functional aspects and the smooth relationship between man’s thinking process-pious sensitive sentiments and beliefs-faith. It was for this reason that in the Rishi era of yore social managementhaving reached pinnacles of glory was termed Satyuga or the Golden Era. In that glorious era world humanity enjoyed permanent good health both physically and mentally. Yajna only is that medium via which medicines that are very nourishing and briiming with divine qualities can be transported to very subtle centers of the body, mind and soul. Other medicines not administered via Super Power Yajnas cannot reach those centers where the roots of subtle disease symptoms are present. Bang against this, medicines rendered gaseous via Yajna fire, through various bodily openings reach these very innermost subtle centers and exhibit their immediate good health bestowing effect. Thus mankind gets immense relief from pain and agony. This Science of Yajna in ancient eras had reached peaks of glory and Rishi scientists in those times by researching profoundly within this realm reinstated this Yajna Science on a prime spot. In the middle eras therafter many distortions and discrepancies entered this science. The result of this was that this procedure of offering forest medicinal herbs to Yajna fire with deep faith got limited merely to burning materials in fire in a superficial manner. Keeping in mind today’s fearful world situations a divine inspiration has dawned wherein via the most modern scientific research study be conducted so as to examine the authenticity and beneficial aspect of this most ancient Indian Science of Super Power Yajnas. Thus we can give world humanity such a wonderful gift that in the future 1000 years to usher in Yajna Science takes a form of good health augmenting in an n fold measure.

In reality diseases are a type of distortion that shower down on human beings in the form of Mother Nature’s punishment since we arrogantly cross all limits of maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Mankind must adhere to certain specific laws of nature as far as eating, drinking, sleeping etc habits are concerned. All food materials par taken by us all is a boon from Mother Nature or Prakriti. It may be in the form of fruits, chillies, Masalas etc. We invite diseases via uncontrolled taste buds and living a lifestyle that is opposed to nature and green living. USA’s renowned Dr MD Pashiney opines: Cause of diseases erupting is just not foreign agents or microbes etc attacking our body, but that it is very weak life force or Prana energy in our body. Hence for warding off diseases not only must microbes be killed but that those causes should be uprooted hook line and sinker that aid in augmenting of disease causing agents like germs etc. It is the unruly behavior of our tainted brain that attacks us only in the form of bodily pain, mental restlessness/stress and soul harassment. Hence more than healing the disease’s symptoms more weight age should be given to the fact that no more opportunities must be given to these diseases to attack us again in future. The ancient Indian Yajna Science gives us a path of overcoming this undesirable condition. Super Power Yajnas are called the Father of Religion. Great Rishi literature gives a detailed description of various aspects of Yajna Science that leads to healing diseases, augmenting good health, living in tandem with Mother Nature or a go green lifestyle, increasing lush greenery all over the world etc. In order to test this aspect of Yajna therapy using modern scientific research techniques and researching into deep imports of it given by great Rishis of yore such a scientific research laboratory was required as is seen on our campus at Shantikunj (HQ OF ALL WORLD GAYATRI FAMILY-Haridwar-India) called Brahmavarchas Shodha Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

From the standpoint of physical therapy many healing methods are in vogue yet in order to successfully treat mental/psychological ailments by uprooting them from their very foundation, no statisfactory therapy and healing method is available. We may find many people who are physically healthy yet the number of people who are well balanced, deep thinkers, gentlemanly both within and without and ethical is quite miniscule. The goal of this preliminary research studies with reference to Yajna Science is how do medicinal forest herbs offered in Yajna fire, worship rites done with devotional faith, Mantra chanting’s sound energy waves and other aspects help in warding off various diseases and imbue mankind with an all round advanced health.

Doctors who make ample use of present day therapies in vogue like allopath etc and patients who are administered such therapies opine that only 25% health benefits accrue. The remaining is but full of despair. No doubt allopath medicines on an immediate basis give relief yet when the medicinal effect wears out the disease again manifests. Further these allopath medicines decrease our life force a lot and since foreign agents gather in our body via these medicines many side effects appear in the form of newer diseases. Thus this effort of curing illnesses renders permanent our ill health only.

The foundation pillars of Yajna therapy are firm and strong. From it such hope can be harbored that not only bodily but that mental diseases can be warded off right from their roots. The basic philosophy of Yajnopathy is to transport medicines to the very root centers of all diseases. Human life is totally dependent on breathing air. Via inhalation/exhalation of air oxygen enters our blood stream and thus distortions there are destroyed. For any material to enter the blood stream the easiest path is the respiratory system via which we inhale/exhale air. It is based on this principle that during surgeries and operations patients are rendered unconscious temporarily by administering them choloroform, ether, nitrous oxides and other anesthesia medicines. When a patient turns breathless or at the point of death by giving the patient oxygen via inhalation from the nostrils doctors try to bring back to life these about to die patients. Fresh clean air is hence said to be most required to remain healthy. In western countries heavy industrialization no doubt has given them a lot of joyous comforts and material grandeur yet unfortunately since along with it environmental pollution has reached such dire peaks, so many newer diseases also have emerged on a war footing. A survey report tabled tells us that the highest number of patients afflicted with respiratory disorders like coughing, asthma, common cold etc are found in areas where heavy industrialization is the most. There is a direct relation between the amount of radioactivity augmenting in the atmosphere and the increasing number of nuclear club members. The gist of all this is that we cannot even imagine that we shall remain healthy without clean pure air for breathing and the utility of the respiratory path for administering medicines. Amongst various benefits accrued via Yajna healing lest warding off environmental pollution is one aspect then its 2nd aspect definitely is that by inducing medicines to enter the blood stream, disease causing agents get destroyed and that our Prana energy and life force augments manifold.

The word Yajna has 3 meanings. They are charity, worshiping Almighty God and congregating to execute great world welfare tasks. In a certain sense these maybe called generosity, supreme greatness and cooperation. In this very life itself any one the world over who imbibes Yajna Philosophy in day to day transactions deeply shall be rendered soundly healthy, materially/spiritually prosperous and highly cultured in a sacred manner. Such a person never experiences lack as far as inner happiness and external zest is concerned. Those who encourage others to perform Yajna actions and themselves participate in it wholeheartedly are made to understand while discussing every step of Yajna methodology that ceaselessly their thinking process-character, standpoint and social behavior externally must march speedily ahead towards greatness and glory. The Udgata sings this. The Ardhavyu teaches us this only, Brahma makes plans for this and the Acharya has to make such arrangements that in this very manner sacred sentimental flow hovers ceaselessly in the surrounding environment. Behind disease healing this very fact is at work albeit subtly that a person leading an ethical, honest lifestyle remains disease free mostly, powerful both mentally and physically and lives a long healthy happy life.

The auspicious commencement of scientific research studies regarding Yajna Science has been done by touching upon some aspects like uprooting diseases via Super Power Yajnas , good health augmenting, rendering Prakriti or nature well balanced, growing more and more lush greenery everywhere, rendering divine powers conducive, educating world society, awakening energy and also finding out whether any Yajna based distortions and discrepancies exist. The periphery of research is limitless. Yet in the form of preliminary efforts these very 8 leading aspects of Yajna Science have been taken up for examining their authenticity and utility value using contemporary modern scientific research techniques.

The research of Yajna procedure has various aspects like the fumes emitted by Yajna fire when materials are offered to it, Yajna remnants, Yajna energy, sound energy dwelling in Mantra chanting, the inner personality of the Yajna priests and fasting, observing Mauna or silence of speech, atonement of sins etc along with all austerities conjoined to religious ritual programs (Dharmanushthans). No doubt these goals are detailed in various scriptures yet that type of detail regarding their methodology, proportion and do’s and don’ts are not available on the basis of which we can definitely say that diseases shall get cured. In order to render Yajna Science compact in an all encompassing way the symbolic methods detailed in scriptures shall have to be made scientific and all inclusive or holistic. This is possible to attain via modern scientific research techniques.

Regarding the above’s description, the extent to which modern scientists have accrued from it one can gauge the authenticity of all these applications. Although no detailed analysis in a scientific manner is available with reference to these applications elucidated in mythological tales, yet hints can definitely be found in this direction. It is described that only via Yajna procedure that Lord Rama was born, the long life attained by Rishi Chyavan, Apala getting cured of a deadly disease etc. Rishi Charak and Sushrut had in fact systematically established a Nasya Department. Lord Dhanvantari had cured the most deadly complex disease via this Yajna process of gasification of herbs offered to fire as given in many descriptions in various scriptures. By giving forest herbs importance synonymous with divinity the way in which its great wholesome usage has been depicted in spiritual texts on noting it we perforce have to bow down in respect to India’s ancient glory. Yet as we have already said before in today’s modern contemporary context a system was required to render all these facts intellectually acceptable to today’s scientifically thinking human beings and hence place ample logic and proof for the same. Hence for succeeding in this endeavor the Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan or Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

In Super Power Yajnas for worshiping fire many types of materials are used called Havishya. Havishya material is decided depending on which disease that particular patient performing the Yajna is afflicted with. Both principles i.e. strength increasing and disease destroying ones have to be given due attention. In order to understand the basic nature of Yajna therapy we must deeply understand the theory of vaporization from the modern scientific standpoint.

Behind the fact that Havishya offered to Yajna fire gets a gaseous form lies hidden the philosophy of subtility. Via subtility energy is rendered widespread. Homeopathy medicines work on this principle. By augmenting the subtle nature of medicines prescribed its potency too increases manifold. Ordinary herbs for curing specific diseases are pounded and grinded a lot so as to augment its fractional energy. As a result of this these pounded herbs prove to be much more beneficial. Subtility has its own independent science wherein not only its invisible state is showcased but this principle also gets included which says that subtle hiding within the gross is so much more potent.

The vaporization of medicines leaves behind 2 kinds of effects. The 1st is that its power and capacity increases n number of times. The 2nd is that its superb effect is seen in people nearby, environment, germs, microbes and plants too. Various digestive juices of the stomach show their reaction on medicines administered orally by mouth. Over and above this depending on each individual’s capacity a small portion of it enters the blood stream and the remaining portion gets excreted via the urinary and feces openings. In this manner only a tiny portion of the medicine reaches the targetted diseased organ and bodily part. No doubt medicines injected directly into the patient’s blood stream reap much more effect and swifter when compared to medicines administered orally by mouth. Yet it certainly is not definite that injected medicines shall totally reach various tissues and cells of the diseased bodily organ. Via vaporization and gasification fumes of medicines/herbs enter the body via the respiratory system openings and skin/hair follicle openings. In Yajna procedure via the medium of aptly controlled energy for helping the medicine enter the patient’s body this very pathway is made use of.

In the western form of allopath therapy many medicines are administered via the respiratory system openings. In order to give immediate relief to respiratory disease afflicted patients (asthma etc), in order to circulate life force in the brain tissues, for ionizing purposes and for anasthetizing patients for surgical operations medicines are administered via the respiratory system openings and skin/hair follicle openings. This is done so that the effect is immediate in a definite manner. In the Ayurveda School of Medicine importance is given to therapies based on medicinal fumes inhalation or via skin/hair follicle openings. For those drug addicts who regularly take recourse to various narcotics like Hashish-Charas-Ganja (hemp, cannabis, marijuana etc) prefer inhaling them via the nostrils than the mouth opening. The nasal openings are given major importance simply because medicines administered via these on reaching the inner bodily organs and their membranous walls swiftly exhibits its healing effect in an all inclusive manner.

According to leading anatomists and physiologists along with every inhalation (18 per minute) oxygen enters our body and the latter via the medium of alveoli mixes with circulating blood. Along with this blood that brings with it materials emitted by the organ’s tissues viz. carbon dioxide gas is evicted out of the body via exhalation. Via this process occurring every 4 seconds the contact made by oxygen gas with blood is 1000 times more due to the mind boggling desiging of alveoli in the lung wall membrane. In this manner by helping transport those very medicines whose only miniscule portion reached very limited organs on being administered via other openings, now in much greater measure gets spread out in the entire body so as to successfully exhibit its super healing effect.

In order to examine the root philosophy of Yajna Science via modern scientific research methods using advanced apparatuses/technologies, all those aspects enumerated below have been taken up whose applications are used in varied forms in this procedure:

1)      The Panchang of forest herbs

2)      Samidha or wood used to light Yajna fire

3)      Clarified butter or Ghee

4)      Materials offered at the final phase of Yajna completion (called Purnahuti)

5)      Yajna fumes

6)      Yajna energy

7)      Yajna remnants and ashes

8)      Charu or Yajna materials offered as Ahuti to the fire

9)      Water in the Kalash or pot like vessel used for rituals like Yajna etc

10)   Mantra energy and Karmakand or rites/rituals

11)  Priests and Yajna doers guided by these priests

12)   Austerities and penance conjoined to religious worship programs called Anushthans


In the sacred Vedas Super Power Yajnas performed using forest herbs are called Bhaishajya Super Power Yajnas.

Bhaishajkrito hava evam yajno yatraivamvid brahma bhavati.

MEANING: In Bhaishajya Super Power Yajnas the Brahma or director of how to perform such Super Power Yajnas is an Ayurveda doctor and an expert in scriptural studies. The Holi Festival of colors celebrated in India is that very public Bhaishajya Yajna performed at the end of a Samvatsar (time calculation as per the Hindu almanac-Panchang). In it the crops are imbued with energy full of positive sensitive sentiments.

The utility value and benefits of various forest medicinal herbs offered in Yajna fire has been described. How various diseases can be healed using specific forest medicinal herbs and how they increase our good health has been listed. In the present research study some forest herbs well known for their superb healing prowess have been chosen that are used in varied ways in Ayurveda and Allopath mode of therapy. Vaidyas or Ayurveda doctors use them as Kwath (apozem and decoction) and Avaleh (semi liquid medicine that can be licked or tincture). Even in Allopath mode of therapy these very herbs are used to make various pills, tonics etc. Even in the therapies called Dishen and where only one medicine is administered to the patient the above herbs have proved to be very useful. In Yajna therapy by rendering these medicinal herbs gas in nature due to burning in Yajna fire, the chief aim is to render them so very subtle that all distortions/ailments faced by individuals, our environment and plants are uprooted successfully. Till today modern day chemists have been able to conduct chemical analysis on certain forest herbs. Merely on the basis of description of the usefulness and potency of these herbs given in text books cannot be accepted by a rational and discriminative intellect especially in this advanced modern science era. Hence in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) we have made arrangements to chemically analyze all such herbs in the modern scientific research study context.  Thus we shall truly understand the chemical designing and chemical effect along with the utility of the leaves, roots, flower, fruit etc of all these medicinal herbs known to cure various diseases.

The basis of medicines used for specific diseases as Havishya offered to Yajna fire is very much akin to therapies administered right since ancient times by doctors based on the medicine’s chemical designing. Due to the union of various chemicals various chemical reactions set in and thus varied results emerge. Useful herbs and plants are chosen for curing various diseases based on their chemical specialties. Such arrangements have also been made so as to measure what effect is seen when the same medicine is administered to the patient via the mouth (oral), nose (breathing) and direct injection into the patient’s blood stream. Via the comparative study of effects noted which path (mouth etc) from the healing standpoint is supremely successful is decided. In the preliminary phase those medicinal herbs chosen are Tulsi (basil), Sarpagandha, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Shatavari, Somavalli, Jatamasi, Ashtavarg etc.

In a certain sense Samidha or wood used to light Yajna fire can be called Havishya (materials offered to the fire). When some special variety of wood burns in more or less measure it produces healing effects very much similar to forest herbs offered in Yajna fire. It is hence that in Havishya along with the leaves, flowers, fruits etc of trees and plants wood of various types is included. In the Yajna materials or Havishya powdered wood of trees like sandalwood, deodar, agar, tagar etc is also mixed. It has been advised by our scriptures to use wood of only certain types of trees as Samidha to light the Yajna fire. We just cannot take wood from any tree as per our whims and fancies to light Yajna fire. If you insist on doing so Yajna fire lit from such tainted wood shall produce dangerous side effects that harm our physical-mental health. While choosing Samidha to light Yajna fire focus is placed on the fact that from the standpoint of the bio chemical designing of the patient’s body which type of Samidha is best suited to heal him. Apart from Samidha of trees mentioned above other tree wood used are mango, Shami (thorny shrub), Guler (wild fig or Ficus glomerata), Pipal (fig tree or Ficus religiosa), Devdaru (pine, cheddar,fir), Ashok (Jonesia asoka), Bilva (wood apple tree (Aegle marmelos), Chitrak (type of gentian or Gentiana cherayta) etc.  

Via Havishya (forest medicinal herbs-Panchang-Samidha or wood) what chemical changes are noted in the body is tested and gauged via various scientific apparatus set up in the Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). Via the ECG or Electro Cardiogram the effect of medicinal herbs on the heart are measured. In what manner various herbs after entering the blood stream create effects on the various parts of the heart’s blood circulatory system. This is measured via the Cardioscope and ECG’s Autorecorder which gives us details about the bio electricity dwelling in the heart.

The ratio of gases present in the blood of healthy individuals and diseased patients is different. Oxygen is called the very life force of tissues and cells of the human body’s various organs. Carbon dioxide gas is emitted via the reaction of the metabolic activities taking place in these organs. Tainted materials in the form of carbon dioxide gas are evicted via exhaling. Whenever in the smooth functioning of this gigantic building called the human body experiences undesirable obstructions, carbon dioxide gas gathers in the body in dire amounts. The augmenting of acidity in our blood stream gives us a hint of this imbalance. Doctors by analyzing gases in the blood find out the measure of acidity in the blood. Thus they conclude whether the bodily functioning is healthy or not. This very arrangement has been set up in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) laboratories. After making use of medicines that purify the blood optimally acidity in blood is measured using Blood Gas Analyzer and Ph Meter.

The measurement of blood sugar, urea, cholesterol, creatinin and other enzymes and possible effects taking place after administering various types of medicines in executed in the Biochemistry Laboratory at the Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). Via culture and microscopy methods set up in the Bacteriology Department, the basic form of these medicines and its capacity to kill disease causing agents/microbes in their fume and ash form on getting burnt in Yajna fire is scientifically gauged.

As has been mentioned Yajna Philosophy is based on subtility. There are many organs in the human body in the form of subtle nerve networks and glands. Amongst these hormones predominate. Its juice straight enters the blood stream hence they are called endocrine glands that have no tubes to transport these hormonal juices. The medicines offered to Yajna fire are rendered fume in nature and this is made to reach various organs of the body. Thus they showcase their influence on these various endocrine and other glands. Which forest medicinal herb shows what type of effect on these glands and hormones? In order to gauge this via radio immunology techniques the hormonal levels in blood and other materials are measured.

Due to the subtle nature of its energy in order to cure mental illnesses and in order to awaken other latent energies various forest medicinal herbs are offered to Yajna fire. Via the Polygraph technological apparatus by measuring the state of brain waves, the psyche is analyzed so as to measure various aspects of the inner personality and thus the above results accrued are analyzed. One benefit accrued by doing this is that we can find out what type of effect is noted on the various subtle functions of the body via the procedure of rendering forest medicinal herbs in a fume state by offering them to Yajna fire? All this can be marked via various channels.

On an average in Super Power Yajnas clarified butter/Ghee made from cow’s milk is used yet other animals’ milk too has its own special effect. On noting the state of the patient’s disease a correlation is established with the state of chemical content present in clarified butter/Ghee made from milk of various animals. Thus conclusions are drawn as to in which disease clarified butter/Ghee (offered to Yajna fire) made from milk of which animal is most suited to cure that disease successfully. It is a very ancient belief that by burning clarified butter/Ghee in fire the effect noted is much more powerful than directly eating it. The scientific basis of this observation must be tested via laboratory research studies. In order to find out why clarified butter/Ghee made from cow’s milk reigns supreme a comparative study with clarified butter/Ghee got from other animals’ milk must be executed using modern scientific research studies. Hence arrangements have been made at Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) to chemically analyze various types of clarified butter/Ghee made from milk of different animals and measuring bio chemical changes taking place in the body when these are devoured orally or via fumes of Yajna fire when they are offered to it.

At Purnahuti (just before completion of the Yajna) instead of ordinary Yajna materials some special ones have to be made use of. This Purnahuti is partitioned as follows:

a)      Swishtkrut Homa-In this sweet meats and sweetened food items are offered to Yajna fire.

b)     Purnahuti-In this fruits are are offered to Yajna fire.

c)      Basodhara-In this a ceaseless stream of clarified butter/Ghee is poured into Yajna fire.

By uniting all the above 3 actions it is called Purnahuti. This method is taken in a major manner in the form of nourishing applications. Materials for prevention in the form of Havishya are already offered previous to this in Yajna fire.

For Swishtkrut Homa the basis of choosing sweet meats and sweetened food items is very much a part of the Yajna methodology and procedure. Ordinarily for this sugar, refined sugar or Mishri and Mithai or sweet meats are used. In an extraordinary way special types of Charu are made. Khir (akin to sweet rice pudding), Halua, Laddu etc are generally offered to Yajna fire for Swishtkrut Homa purposes. With the admixture of what materials should these be cooked? This is decided by keeping in mind which nourishing and nutritious material is required for patients suffering with different types of diseases. Generally food grains used for Super Power Yajnas are rice, barley, wild rice paddy, sesame, wheat and gram. In the sugar category, sugar made from jaggery, refined sugar, honey, fruits and dry fruits are used as Yajna materials. By using all these, what nourishing effect is noted in the body is being studied via scientific research studies.

In Purnahuti ordinarily coconut, Supari or betal nut etc are used that are eaily available but yet sometimes in it dry fruits and ripe fruits too are utilized. Akin to deciding which type of Samidha wood is to be used to light the Yajna fire, in the choosing of fruits used in Purnahuti also, a lot of scientific analysis has to be done.

In Vasodhara an uninterrupted stream of stream of clarified butter/Ghee is poured into Yajna fire. It means that its measure is increased a lot. One reason for this is that wherever unburnt remnants of Havishya materials offered to Yajna fire are present in the Kund or pyre immediately starts burning on contacting this clarified butter/Ghee. The 2nd reason is, that the measure of this clarified butter/Ghee’s greasiness can be imbibed by the body which from the contemporary state standpoint is most required. By using sugar along with other food in Swishtkrut Homa, fruits in Purnahuti and various types of clarified butter/Ghee in Vasodhara, the balanced measure of our meals is decided in such a manner that the Yajna performer gets all round optimal nourishment and nutrition. In clarified butter/Ghee used in Vasodhara there is an injunction to mix camphor, saffron etc to it also. As a result the clarified butter/Ghee used instead of merely being relegated to grease becomes a special type of healing medicine.

In today’s modern scientific computer age it is most required that we prove via modern research techniques that food items and forest medical herbs used in Swishtkrut Homa, Purnahuti and Vasodhara are very beneficial like tonics to augment good health. Keeping this important fact in mind the Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) has been set up with latest scientific technology and equipment.

The technique of helping reach nourishment to our body via the above Yajna method not only is easy and straightforward but very effective from the mental-physical health benefit standpoint also. When our body becomes very weak our digestive system does not function properly. At that time via intravenous injections glucose is administered to the body. Thus the patient gets benefit of nourishment. Drinking milk no doubt has its own health benefit yet when in the form of heavy/undigestible protein group hormones are injected the benefits are much more in measure. In comparison to heating heaps of fruits if you drink its juice the tummy experiences much lesser burden. In a more or less manner the benefits are quite similar. The essence or extract of various nourishing nutritious materials are now being made by many chemical industries and its benefit is accrued even by a very ill person so as to render his life force or Prana energy optimally intact. Yajna therapists and healers opine that nourishment rendered more and more subtle via Yajna procedure is much easier to help reach every nook and corner of the body and digest it easily also.

As a result of this process medicines are rendered gaseous and vaporized and thus in the form of Yajna fire fumes spread out in all 4 directions. By entering the body of the Yajna performer via our mouth (inhaling) and skin pores they reach very deep subtle centers of the body and externally too it spreads its fumes in all 4 directions. By analyzing this via Orset and Lawrence Gas Analyzer a conclusion is drawn as to which gases are present in what measure and ratio. It is said that by burning wood fumes emerge that is merely an admixture of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Thus the question asked is, are fumes emerging from the Yajna procedure different from other smoke? This is a very important topic for scientific research studies. In our Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) these fumes via special techniques are sampled so as to chemically analyze them.

In Agnihotra/Super Power Yajnas both, Samidha or wood predominating with oily principles and other Yajna materials are made use of. In very tiny measure sugar and clarified butter/Ghee (if you do not get its pure variety you may use cow’s milk) too are added. As Samidha only prescribed wood is used that possess special medical healing properties. In such wood the capacity to cure bodily diseases is noted. Ordinarily wood of only trees like mango, Shami (thorny shrub), Guler (wild fig or Ficus glomerata), Pipal (fig tree or Ficus religiosa), Devdaru (pine, cheddar,fir), Ashok (Jonesia asoka), Bilva (wood apple tree (Aegle marmelos), Chitrak (type of gentian or Gentiana cherayta), sandalwood etc are used to light Yajna fire. How does one find out which species of these has what type of components and on what scientific basis must which one be accepted as apt and authentic? This choice is made in the Yajnopathy Laboratory in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) with the aid of scientific apparatuses like column chromatography, thin layer chromatography and gas liquid chromatography. The gas liquid chromatography apparatus is a very complex computerized one that by analyzing the chemical nature forest herbs’ solid, semi liquid (that can be licked) and gaseous form their graphs are made. From this we get data of which functional principles in medicinal plants before burning them in Yajna fire are present and that after burning them in Yajna fire what chemical and other changes have occurred. An authentic data as to whether harmful carbon particles are present or not in Yajna fumes is unearthed by using the scientific apparatus called GLC. When a particular medicinal herb on entering Yajna fire gets converted into a fume and gaseous form it’s chemical units take up certain forms. If this is scientifically unfolded a very big success shall fall in our lap.

In that Kund or pyre in which Yajna is performed its geometrical shape is of immense importance. This Yajna Kund or pyre is generally of an inverted pyramid shape. At the base it is narrow and wide at the top. In tandem with the measure of the Kund or pyre that much amount of wood or Samidha and Yajna materials is added. This is strictly observed so that a well balanced measure of energy emerges from Yajna fire, the fire does not get doused midway and dark carbonic smoke does not erupt forth. The Yajna material offered to the fire is taken in the Tarjani fore finger till it fills up the finger and this is about 3 grams in measure. The copper vessel and Yajna pyre must be at such a distance from the Yajna performer that the latter does not experience excessive heat of Yajna fire. Whatever fumes emerge they enter the body within via the inhalation process through the nostrils. Doing Super Power Yajnas for about half an hour is considered best and optimal. The Thermocouple apparatus measures the amount of heat created via Yajna procedure in various rooms. The intensity of light manifested by Yajna fire is measured by Luximeter and the spectrum of Yajna fire flames is gauged via the Spectrometer. Scientists in the lab by using the Gigger Muller Counter measure how much radioactivity is present and till what distance all around the Yajna pyre/Kunda it has spread out.

The Yajna procedure using forest medicinal herbs rendering fumes emerging from it very widespread spreads out sweet heavenly fragrance also which is a collective healing method. This definitely is a scientific methodology. Via the medium of spreading sweet nectarine fragrance emitted by Yajna fire great benefits accrue like activation of latent brain centers, hormones and other materials mixing in blood optimally and transportation of chief functional medicinal units via inhalation of Yajna fumes to those tissues/cells of the patient’s body that are responsible for determining our life force/Prana energy and warding off diseases. These mental-bodily health and other benefits accrue by performing using forest medicinal herbs.

In order to gather scientific data regarding the immunological capacity (to kill disease causing agents in the body) of these Yajna fumes in the Bacteriology Department arrangements have been made to carry out various experiments. By creating various deadly toxic microbes (culture) in optimal conditions the effect of these Yajna fumes are noted. In order to gauge the influence of antibiotic medicines on microbes culture and sensitivity techniques are made use of. From this we get to know as to which type of microbe due to the influence of which medicine loses its capacity or else bang opposite to this which microbes procreate more and more of their progeny. Keeping in mind this very important goal via these experiments using modern scientific technology Yajna Therapy procedures are being examined along with their scientific applications. In the Culture Room incubators with varying capacities have been set up via which in a predetermined time span the sensitivity of microbes towards these medicines are tested and measured.

Along with the above facts regarding Super Power Yajnas a very important aspect of it is Yajna energy. This energy is controlled via the shape of Yajna pyre or Kundas. As per Laws of Geometry the shape and form of the Yajna pyre or Kundas is determined and created. In this manner the effect of flames and energy emitted by Yajna fire reaches the entire environment in optimal measure and ratio. Various Yajna offered medicines emit varied forms of energy. Based on the proportion of the stature of energy emitted by Yajna fire, desired effects are noted on the Yajna performer’s body and psyche.

In the Vedic Era the shape of Yajna pyre or Kundas was determined on the basis of Geometry. If the scientific analysis of this fact can be done in today’s modern material scientific terminology a new field of research shall be thrown wide open. While performing Super Power Yajnas there is a tradition to place a covering on the upper region of the Yajna room/area. The reason for this is that the nature and form of heat is to rise in the upward direction. After emerging from the fire pyre, heat it shoots up swiftly akin to an arrow and continues flying upwards. Thus if the Yajna area is covered akin to a roof on the house the heat’s upward journey gets obstructed its influence on the environment of the Yajna area remains for a longer length of time and in ample measure. By placing oneself in close proximity to Yajna emitted energy that aim is properly fulfilled wherein the very possibility of a disease attack occurring in our body is cut asunder.

Yajna energy entering the body via skin pores/hair follicles destroys harmful foreign agents entering the body and is also flushed out of the body. This procedure of obstruction in lesser-greater measure is very much similar to administering vaccinations and immunization methods mech beforehand so as to stall any future diseases attacking our body. Energy emerging from Yajna fire extraordinarily influences people, the surroundings and plants-trees in nearby areas. Thus nourishing and nutritious principles increase in plants-trees and in human beings Prana energy and life force augments manifold. As a result of this our body’s immune system responsible for warding off diseases becomes much more powerful and capable.

After a baby is born many Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) are undergone by it. They are Jatkarma, Namkaran, Annaprashan, Mundan, Vidyarambh, Yajnopaveet etc. In childhood itself these are performed very quickly. In all these as per scriptural injunctions Super Power Yajnas must be performed. In these Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) the child and its parents must be present in person. Thus by doing so, both physical and mental health increases on a continuous footing. The foundation of the child’s physical and mental health development is laid down very strongly. When our age increases vaccinations against various types of diseases are not given quickly because the capacity of humans increases in tandem with their ever increasing age. As a result in future Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) and Super Power Yajnas conjoined to them the time gap too increases. In between marriage and Vanaprastha (people aged between 50-75 years) Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) the time gap is of many years at a stretch. Via Yajna Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) not only does the child benefit tremendously but that other family members too benefit effortlessly. Via Yajna fumes the house’s environment gets sanctified and purified. These Yajna fumes push all harmful germs, worms, microbes etc out of the house. In the Holi Festival of colors in India new crops harvested are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites). Before cooking food if the new crops harvested are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) and imbued with Yajna energy full of sweet heavenly fragrance the immunity power (to ward off disease attacks in the body) of food cooked increases n fold more.

The Yajna technique is in itself an all round compact science. Every aspect of it is special. When the Yajna is completed its remants and Charu materials remaining post completion of the Swishtakrut Homa is taken by the Yajna performers as divine Prasad. Along with ‘Idannamam’ remaining from Ahutis offered to Yajna fire clarified butter/Ghee remaining after it is offered bit by bit to the fire and also after performing Vasodhara, it applied on the face, head, heart etc as Ghritavghrana and smelled via the nostrils. Bhasma or Yajna ash remaining behind sanctified via herbs and other Yajna materials called Havishya offered to Yajna fire is applied on the forehead, scalp and heart. All these materials shall produce only as much effect as the measure of energy emitted from Havishya Ahutis offered to Yajna fire.

Charu offered to Yajna fire is made from special food items and sweet meats/food. In it nourishing and nutritive principles ooze in great measure. Chief amongst these nourishing and nutritive principles are grains of poppy/mawseed, rice, wheat, clarified butter/Ghee, milk, sugar and honey. When medicinal herbs are added to these and when they are given Sanskar rites (sacred sanctification rites) via Yajna energy and imbued with sacred sound energy emerging from Mantra chanting their positive beneficial effect increases manifold. In comparison to solid Charu subtility has an infinite more deep import. For a Putreshti Yajna performed in King Dashrath’s palace as mentioned in epic Ramayan, Charu was made. Rishi Shringi who had made this Charu separated it into 2 portions. Later he realized that it was to be given to 3 queens of King Dashrath’s. In order to rectify this error a little of the Charu (made from Khir or sweet rice pudding) from both the portions was taken and thus a 3rd portion was made. All 3 queens ate this Charu in the form of Khir. It is well known that Sumitra had eaten the 3rd portion of the Charu got by removing a bit of Khir from the 2 portions made at first by Rishi Shringi. As a result, the first 2 queens, viz. Kaushalya and Kaikeyi who had eaten the first 2 portions of Khir gave birth to 1 son each. But Sumitra the 3rd queen who had eaten the 3rd portion of the Charu got by removing a bit of Khir from the 2 portions gave birth to 2 sons. This was but the miracle of the subtle specialties of Charu used in Yajna. Since Yajna’s divine energy and amazing potential gets added that ordinary food item gets imbued with extraordinary energy in limitless measure.

In clarified butter/Ghee remaining after it is offered bit by bit to the fire called Yajnavashishth this very subtle specialty is found. In clarified butter/Ghee’s gross visible form, only greasiness seems to dwell along with some nourishing principles. But when this clarified butter/Ghee is sanctified via offering it to Yajna fire and when it gets sweetly scented via medicinal herbs added to Yajna fire and by making it contact again the water of Pranita after it is taken in a Shruva (wooden ladle) to the Yajna pyre, it can be believed to be merely imbued with energy. But many a times via its usage miraculous results witnessed proclaim it to be imbued with mind boggling limitless energy. 

Yajna ash, Charu and other materials full of subtle potential become so potent that even a tiny measure of it in comparison to other nutritious food etc is much more nourishing. Via scientific research methods these described facts shall be proved in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India).

Water kept in a Kalash (type of water pot used especially for Hindu rituals) for Yajna therapy purposes has a very scientific import. This water used in Yajna procedure keeps getting imbued with Yajna energy and the subtle superb qualities of gasified forest herbs offered to Yajna fire. Behind the Greek mode of medical therapy that makes Arka (distilled form of medicinal extracts) this very principle is at work. This water is imbued with Mantra energy when Mantras are chanted. This water gets imbued with Mantra power. Via its application scientific studies shall be conducted on its effect on various devotees and patients afflicted with different types of diseases. So far we have limited our discussion to Yajna’s material mundane results. Future analysis shall be focused on the very subtle cause level. The fount of power/capacity rests in the causal layer. Very much akin to humans even in materials 3 stature ones exist viz. gross, subtle and causal. The human gross physical body (Sthool Sharir) is made up of blood, flesh, bile etc and hence our body is seen to eat, drink, walk etc. The subtle body (Sukshma Sharir) is that thinks, memorizes and directs gross body functioning. In the causal body (Karan Sharir) our faith, aspirations and beliefs take birth. This is said to be the foundation of creation of the all round personality of a human being. Amongst all these 3 bodies the causal body (Karan Sharir) is said to be supremely powerful.

The same holds true for materials. Its gross form is that which is seen by the human eyes. Subtle is that which via chemical analysis in the laboratory can be pin pointed. In comparison to the cow gross power dwells much more in bufallo’s milk yet from the subtle standpoint the potency of cow milk is manifold more than bufallo’s milk. Panchgavya made from only cow milk is accepted as Prasad. In comparison to plants of Tulsi (basil), Amla (myrobalan) and Pipal (holy fig tree or Ficus religiosa) other trees may no doubt bear more juicy nutritious fruits etc yet from the standpoint of possessing subtle sanctifying qualities that divine faith offered to it is certainly not given to other plants and trees. This is because Tulsi etc plants possess great measure of sacred qualities that positively influences our mind.

On an average due to every material used in Yajna process energy can be induced to manifest. Only then can it bring about desired wholesome transformations in the mind and psyche of the Yajna doer. A Yajna’s special nature is heavily dependent on the subtle energy present in materials offered tp Yajna fire. In order to generate and augment energy Mantra Science is taken recourse to. The Udgata (Mantra-hymns chanter) focuses proper attention on using the apt technique of Mantra’s mode of chanting using varied Swaras (tones) and method of Viniyog (use of Mantras for various Vedic ceremonies) specific to the type of Yajna that is being performed. The alto-suprano (rise-fall) of Udat-Anudat sentiments while chanting Mantras creates vibrations in the surrounding environment. These vibrations influence the body’s subtle glands and networks and other important bodily parts. Words are called Brahma. Its energy is meant for aiding knowledge augmenting in day to day mundane living and also give and take of thoughts. Yet in high stature roles sound gets converted to potent energy. The total basis of Mantra Science is built on this foundation that the choice-weaving of word bunches and their Viniyog (purpose) must be executed along with such special processes wherein our consciousness accrues the miraculous benefit of imbibing special potential.

If Havishya or Yajna materials are offered to the fire just like that only minor benefits like spreading sweet scent etc are attained. Nothing of the kind shall accrue that is generally desired from Yajna procedures. In Super Power Yajnas well defined procedures and Mantra chanting is made use of. Thus those people coming in contact with these Super Power Yajnas definitely benefit and further positive activity blooms forth in the atmosphere. In environments full of special aspirations/faith that era conscious flow created possesses the stupendous capacity to strongly awaken the hearts and brains of not only individuals but world lay public too. The faith principle lying hidden in the deep recesses of the human psyche and soul emerges like an onrush via this Yajna process.

By giving Abhimantrit (imbued with Mantra energy) materials as Prasad they prove to be even more powerful than medicines administered. From this it becomes clear that in generating the causal energy of Havishya materials before the Yajna is commenced that stature of success is accrued wherein that material from the gross standpoint despite possessing only ordinary power from the special quality standpoint can be proved to be extraordinary. Right from vessels used in Super Power Yajnas to the water used via Mantra chanting they are sanctified. Only after this are the vessels etc used. There is a scriptural injuction for all Yajna performers to imbue Mantra energy into Samidha after getting it, after washing it and after drying it. Similarly in order to imbue the Yajna Kunda/pyre with Prana energy Vedi worship of the dais, Super Power Yajnas hala worship etc are executed.

Previously too research studies have been carried out on the effects of Mantra chanting on the body and mind. Yet in this an all encompassing vision in it had not been included. From the modern contemporary times viewpoint Mantra Science is being scientifically researched into from the faith and aspiration aspect. Mantras are chosen on the basis of Sound Science. On the basis of such scientific testing Super Mantra Gayatri’s potency has been proved to be supreme. From the superficial meaning standpoint Super Mantra Gayatri is quite ordinary. In it we pray to God for a powerful brilliant intellect. Yet in the vision of Mantra seers the inter weaving of words used in various Mantras is of utmost importance. On this basis Super Mantra Gayatri proves to be the most powerful Mantra. Other Vedic Mantras chanted in Super Power Yajnas certainly are no less important. Vedic Mantras are chanted with Udat-Anudat sacred sentiments and with a Swara (tone) based sequence accompanied by medium rise-fall sound. These methods have had to be designed from this standpoint that these Mantras chanted (Japa) help us attain our desired goal and creates a potent positive energy flow. Due to the boundless measure of Mantra power Yogic Chakras (subtle plexuses) present in many areas of the body within and glands-networks get imbued with tremendous energy of a very special high stature.

In order to scientifically test all the above mentioned spiritual therapies at the application level various scientific apparatuses have been set up. Via the oscilloscope by measuring various aspects of sound emanating from Mantra chanting, music etc their graphs are created. In order to measure the effect of Mantra chanting on the body and psyche via the scientific apparatuses described previously possible transformations in bodily functioning is measured.

While scientifically researching into the various aspects of Yajna Science the final leg involves Yajna performers or Yajak Ganas. These include Ardhavyu, Udgata, Brahma, Hota, Acharya and Yajman. Based on the behavior, thinking trend, inner personality and type of mental refelction the all round nature and form of the Yajna gets designed. It is the unification of their individual power and will power that aids in the success of the Yajna performed by them. Those participating in the Yajna cannot eat, drink etc just about anything under the sun as per their whims and fancies. On such days while devouring only Sattvik or sacredness bestowing food has to observe discipline of prescribed fasting etc. As much as is possible the Yajman or performer must devour only Havishya made via scripturally prescribed techniques. A patient suffering from a disease cannot just accrue benefits by performing Super Power Yajnas using special healing methods but that in the food/diet he consumes which materials are used in what measure has to be kept properly in mind. Along with this food discipline are conjoined Brahmacharya (sexual continence and immersing the mind in thoughts of Almighty God), Mauna (silence of gross and mental speech) and other such austerities. Religious programs called Anushthans are completed only after performing a Yajna at the end phase. In this the process of atonement too is included so that we purify our mind that knowingly or unknowingly has commited some sin or the other. Thus for our future life we imbibe and execute only great glorious tasks.

In this manner Yajna therapy is a compact all inclusive mode of healing science that is a wondrous confluence of so many factes of anatomy sciences, great qualities of medicinal properties, analysis of religions, the theory of subtility, psychology science and its therapatic aspects, sound science and Mantra Energy based healing and imbuing our life with steadfast faith and aspirations. Today such a mode of healing and therapy is most required for innumerable people the world over afflicted with mental disorders and ailments. In order to heal these very subtle unseen diseases lest this very ancient healing method is rejuvenated in a modern day context this shall be supreme service to ailing world humanity.

In order to ward off diseases at present we have limited our research for only a few types of bodily and mental diseases. For their curing various arrangements have been made. These diseases have been categorized into 2 classes, viz. gross and subtle. In the gross variety both the physical and psycho somatic diseases have been included. When mental aberrations affect our physical body that manifests disease symtoms on it, such illnesses are called psycho somatic. In subtle diseases are included, soul and psyche based illnesses and mental distortions/ aberrations. These include depression, delusion, on rush of anger, criminal tendencies, insanity and narrow minded selfishness. In our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) by giving the western mode of psychoanalysis a special spiritual direction a system has been designed to conduct an all encompassing compact analysis. Only in accordance to this the sequential procedure of Yajna therapy has been determined. For every type of disease group forest medicinal herbs have been chosen on the basis of chemical analysis and qualities/nature possessed by them. These forest medicinal herbs are used in the form of Havishya, Samidha or wood, Kwath (semi liquid that can be licked akin to honey), fumes and ash. The possible reactions of these various forms are being minutely noted in a scientific manner.

Warding off diseases by healing them is only one aspect. More important than this which is most required is that warding off weakness emerging due to disease afflictions and augmenting manifold our body’s life force or Prana Energy. In this manner future attacks by disease causing agents like microbes etc can be fully obstructed from inflicting diseases. Health augmenting just cannot be limited to increasing physical strength and might. True holistic good health must encompass bodily strength, wisdom augmenting, increase in will power, advancement of farsighted discrimination or Viveka, blooming of zest/enthusiasm/enterprise, sentiments oozing with deep faith and steadfastness in carrying out activities ethically. Without giving a prime spot to sacred sensitive sentiments in our day to day living shall give only minor one sided benefits even if you attain superb bodily strength. Hence for a holistic healthy life imbibing generosity, compassion, sense of selfless service to society in a big way is a must. The procedure of Yajna application gives focused attention to all these 7 aspects’ all round advancement. Weakness of any kind is strife on its own. Despite being strong physically in the absence of zest and enthusiasm that person tastes nothing but defeat. Hence for overcoming weakness of any kind those Yajna methods put to use in them all facets are given a great deal of attention.

Via Super Power Yajnas not only individuals, plants, tiny creatures etc benefit but that it contributes in in an extraordinary manner in creating a desirable great environment also. Even for overcoming natural calamities or rendering the environment/ecology conducive, Yajna technique reaps rich success. The word ‘Parjanya’ in Sanskrit language means rains oozing with Prana energy. In the creation of an optimal ecological balance due to this ‘Parjanya’ in the Vedic era nature was very cooperative and in those times whatever grains, fruits etc were grown it bloomed with special mental-physical nourishing qualities. It was the Yajna tradition/heritage in the Vedic era that was at the root of these specialties. Even today the taste and sweetness found in food items grown in India cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This is but the great result of the tradition of Super Power Yajnas and Agnihotra (Hindu fire sacrifices) present in more-less measure.

This is a definite fact that radioactivity increasing via radiations and the environment being rendered toxic and polluted due to increased heavy industrialization is making the environment more and more imbalanced. It is mankind who has invited storms, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, swift weather changes, excess rainfall and flooding, famine, epidemics, landslides and other ferocious natural calamities. Merely by warding off imbalance setting in nature and environment cannot solve world problems. This is because the dire need of the hour is that we create an optimal desirable environment that aids plant-lush greenery augmenting in a big way and also aptly nourishes all creatures on planet earth. It is only on this basis that a wholesome mutual cooperation based coexistence between world creatures like microbes, plants, animals and mankind can usher in. 

Various procedural steps of Super Power Yajnas create reactions in the plant kingdom. In order to gauge these various scientific apparatuses used for study of plant physiology have been set up in our Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj-Haridwar-India). The effect of Super Power Yajnas on plants’ sap content, changes in the plants’ subtle amino acid sequence and its gross augmenting are being studied and measured. Along with this, what effects of Yajna fumes/ash/remnants occur on those germs/microbes causing diseases in various plants are being scientifically studied. For this end in the Plant Pathology Laboratory various scientific apparatus have been set up. Do any changes occur in plant growth when Yajna/Agnihotra ash is applied on them? This is gauged by using plant anatomy research techniques.

In order to measure changes and pollution levels in air/water, our Meterology Department uses various scientific apparatuses. It is with their help that we try to gauge the reaction of Yajna process on various seasons and weather. Similarly what effects due to Yajna exposure are noted on the health of various creatures like birds, animals, plants etc shall be studied in the near future on guinea pigs exactly akin to the studies of Super Power Yajnas on human beings that are being scientifically executed.

This entire gigantic realm of Yajna Science is a humungous topic of scientific research. The more this Yajna based research shall advance prolifically, the more material means and capable scientific researchers shall join in this mission each and every aspect of Yajna Science shall showcase its prowess to world lay public. This definitely is the dire need of contemporary modern times.

This then is the material scientific aspect of Super Power Yajnas. In comparison to this the philosophical aspect of Yajna Science is much more important. In Yajna philosophy dwells methods of educating world society in a wholesome desirable manner. Each and every Yajna rite oozes within with many sacred teachings. By focusing our attention on the advancement of the human personality via Yajna based inspirations and contributions accrued for world social awakening this fact emerges that all ‘pathys’ are but the creation of uniting each and every one of it. Via Super Power Yajnas world society can be educated properly with reference to cooperation, congregation, discipline, inner and outer grandeur, attaining material-spiritual prosperity based on ethics/human values, working selflessly for world welfare etc. In this manner many facets are conjoined to Yajna Science like overcoming diseases, good health augmenting both physically and mentally, plant life augmenting, creating a wholesome world environment, rendering divine powers conducive, awakening high stature energy, world society education etc.










In ancient eras so many situations had cropped up that due to the atmosphere/environment becoming tainted people had to endure extraordinary hardships. A situation of anarchy spread out wide and unethical thinking/behavior ruled the roost. The result was that nature got angered manifesting in the form of decrease in crop growth, peace and all round security. Further man’s vile activities reached levels of sheer unruly arrogance. Such people immersed in vile acts thinking that suppression and oppression of innocents is easy to become powerful took it up in a big way.

There is a lot of risk involved when we fight with our enemies. There is a fear of enduring a backlash. As against this attacking people friendly with us is fairly easy. It certainly is easier to lure someone dear to us in a shrewdly designed trap and then prey on them. By showing our innocent friends etc ‘benefits’ of bad addictions (alcohol, narcotic drugs etc) and tainted unethical activities anyone can be easily led towards this direction. Thus for a fairly long time period we can ‘suck’ up all their wealth etc. In any era when in the name of friendship enmity in a very wily subtle manner is harbored that era can only be destructive in nature. All those people who live in polluted areas definitely become sick off and on. Very similar to this those who contact a mentally polluted atmosphere full of vile thinking themselves become victims of mental ill health. Their brain balance does not remain the same as it is seen when they are in normal optimal situations. Very much akin to pure nutritious food, water and air breathed, our environment should ooze with goodwill towards all, ethical pious activities etc. In the absence of all this in a vile tainted atmosphere a dirty vile personality develops in human beings. In rotting smelling garbage only fungus and mushrooms can grow. Generations of humans that take birth and grow in an environment reeking with bad vile thinking become vile in stature. Such vile people pose huge hazards for people whom they contact and hence world society at large too due to its cascading effect.

In ancient eras time and again this had been witnessed. Demon Ravan whose psyche/inner personality actually was very powerful yet veered in the direction of atrocities and demonic activities. His children, grand children etc too imbibed demonic lowly activities only. Further demon Ravan’s aides, relatives, workers etc also walked the path of unruly demonic activities. People oppressed influenced by fear and allurements too followed in these demonic footsteps. Demonic thinking and activity spread out right from Lanka to Panchvati region. This entire region reeked to the brim with demonic activities and vile thinking. These tainted activities spread like epidemics and communicable contagious diseases and this gigantic region became a center of lowly tainted activities. It is well known that after Sita was kidnapped by demon Ravan, Lord Ram fought a marathon battle with this demon. At last demonic activities licked defeat and righteousness took over victoriously.

In the Dwapar Yuga (era), something akin to this again took place. The atrocious oppressive acts of demons like Kansa, Jarasandha, Shishupal, Duryodhan etc created fear intilling havoc everywhere. Those who were aides of these demons in a swift manner took up their dictatorial demonic authority in a widespread region. Thus the famous bloody Mahabharat War erupted. Under the authority of Lord Shri Krishna the Pandavas tasted victory and Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was crowned king.

In eras previous to this terror was spread by demons called Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakshipu, Vritrasur, Mahishasur, Bhasamasur etc time and again. Not only did they fearfully terrorize the human race but that by forcing demigods to flee their kingdom of heaven, tied them up with the noose of ignominious defeat. But later with the divine help of Almighty God these demons were defeated by the demigods.

In the above episodes described no doubt demonic behavior and thinking was defeated in a visible tangible manner. Despite their existence getting erased from this gross visible world they did remain active for a fairly long period. Due to the effect of vile thinking and corrupt unethical activities those tainted distortions that gather in the subtle unseen world have perforce to be uprooted. When we fail to uproot these subtle world taints attainments in the gross visible world very quickly get scattered to naught. Tainted distortions of the subtle unseen world, on getting an opportunity, again aid in cropping up of vile thinking and corrupt unethical activities. In hot sunshine grass at the upper region seems dried and withered yet as soon as it contacts rainfall it regains its lush green form. Very similar to this even if demonic behavior and thinking is suppressed yet it raises its hood and again sets rolling in terror and havoc everywhere.

In order that demonic behavior and thinking do not raise their hood again it is most required that we do not limit our effort to uproot it only at the gross visible level. It becomes most required that via spiritual procedures demonic behavior and thinking must be uprooted in the subtle world also where they have firmly settled down. Regarding this right since primordial times, only one solution has emerged wherein demonic powers at the external mundane level can be overpowered only via terrific spiritual energy. For this various methods unfolded by great spiritual seers in them the deep import of Super Energy Gayatri Super Power Yajnas reign supreme. In this method the subtle world gets sanctified and demonic elements hidden there are uprooted.

In previous times time and again these spiritual methods were applied and great success was reaped. In the Tretayuga after the Lanka war Lord Rama set rolling a chain of Ashwamedha Super Power Yajnas. The Dashashwamedha Ghat in Kashi city-India revives memories of these 10 Super Power Yajnas performed in this sequence. Even after the bloody Mahabharat war Lord Shri Krishna had advised the victorious Pandavas to perform the Rajasuya Yajna. In Satyuga or the Golden Era Maharshi Vishwamitra with the help of King Harishchandra had performed the Vajpeya Yajna. Even in Tretayuga in order to sanctify a distorted atmosphere Maharshi Vishwamitra was performing a chain of Super Power Yajnas. In order to protect smooth execution of these Super Power Yajnas Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman had done the needful. Demons that created obstacles in the execution of sacred Super Power Yajnas had to be killed.

Via the subtle potential of Super Power Yajnas divinity becomes very potent and demonic qualities weaken a lot. Thus thoughts ooze with great glory and lowly taints get uprooted. Rishis in their own way in their appointed areas created arrangements to carry out and aid others perform various statures of Vajpeya Super Power Yajnas. From these their tasks of spreading righteousness and world welfare activities got a lot of power from the subtle arena. Those tasks that cannot be fulfilled merely by writing or giving speeches can definitely get fulfilled via the Yajna procedure of sanctification of the environment. Hence Self/God realized saints in order to augment their soul power and render the environment divine for world public well being definitely included this Yajna procedure in all their tasks and programs.

The sound flow of Mantra chanting leaves behind its own special influence. Due to this sound flow till very far off regions the environment gets sanctified. The energy of Yajna fire by conjoining to this Vedic Mantra speech renders its positive effect n fold more powerful. In totality Yajna becomes such a methodology with the help of which both the atmosphere and environment gets sanctified 2 fold. Along with this problems related to the material world (visible) and the invisible ones of the soul arena get solved very satisfactorily. It is hence that scriptural authors time and again have emphasized that we people perform Super Power Yajnas regularly. They have made efforts to render our lives Yajna oriented in a big way. Right from birth to death every Sanskar rite performed and festivals celebrated Super Power Yajnas must be performed as per scriptural laws.

In present times Super Power Yajnas had been rendered very expensive to perform and complex too. Due to the vicious cycle of all do’s and don’ts for performing Super Power Yajnas and since the Yajna performer has to bear the burden of huge expenses of paying Dakshina (fees) to priests/Pandits people ignored Super Power Yajnas. Thus Yajna procedure virtually started becoming extinct. Yet if akin to ancient eras Super Power Yajnas are rendered akin to a daily chore then giving Ahutis of herbs and Mantra chanting is done by the Yajna performer himself without appointing a priest to do so this Yajna Science can be rejuvenated on a war footing the world over. We can definitely reawaken this sacred Yajna technique that renders divinity very potent and overpowers demonic qualities with very little daily effort made.






















Super Power Yajnas have a strong bond with rainfall. These days when the Weather Science fraternity is executing various types of scientific research for attaining control over seasons and rainfall these experts have now also commenced focusing their attention on the possibility of inducing rainfall where necessary via Yajna procedures. In scriptures we find a mention of God Indra (deity of rainfall) gets pleased when we perform Super Power Yajnas and thus apt measure of rains pour down. In ancient eras when in this sacred land of India Super Power Yajnas were executed at various places lots of rainfall occurred and hence India oozed with wealth of food, fruits, flowers, animals, milk etc. Rain water is best for agriculture because in it various fertilizer principles present in air get mixed as a result of which crops grow optimally and nourishing nutritious principles ooze forth in it. When the field is irrigated with water from canals etc crops do not grow that well when compared to superb growth noted on getting rain water. In this manner crops (fruits, vegetables etc) fed with rain water brim with optimal salt, alkalinity and other nourishing nutritious principles. These nourishing nutritious principles are lesser in measure in crops grown using water other than rain water. Since rain water from the standpoint of cleanliness is of very high stature it is very beneficial for our all round health. Since air contains wetness attained from rains birds, beasts etc remain happy and nourished. With this very damp air the sperm ovum’s capacity to procreate augments manifold. Dogs and other animals prefer becoming pregnant only after rainfall has ended. Rainfall has its high utility value from many diverse angles.

Rain is said to be dependent on fate and hence Almighty God because it cannot be induced to pour down as per the wish and effort of humans as and when they want it. In order to put controls on this very important need of rainfall great Rishis of yore labored hard. Ultimately via Yajna process they succeeded in inducing rainfall in desired measure. For these Rishis inducing rainfall via Super Power Yajnas and even obstructing excess rainfall was quite easy. In order to proclaim this masterful success of theirs great Rishis eulogized Super Power Yajnas thus:


Yajnenapyagyita deva bushtayutsargena manavaha.

Apyayanam vai kurvanti yajnaha kalian hetavaha.

………….Padmapurana Srishti Khand (3/124)

MEANING: Via Super Power Yajnas demigods that ooze with divine energies get nourished. Via Super Power Yajnas rainfall becomes conducive and optimal in measure so that in turn human beings get properly nurtured. It is Super Power Yajnas only that bestows well being on just about everyone.


Yajnairapyayita deva vrishtayutsargena vai prajaha.

Apyayante tu dharmajna yajnaha kalian hetavaha.

………….Vishnupurana (6/18)

MEANING: Via Super Power Yajnas demigods that ooze with divine energies augment n fold. Since via Super Power Yajnas rain pours down creatures including mankind get nurtured properly. These righteous Super Power Yajnas only are cause of our well being.


Annadbhavati bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavaha.

Yajnadbhavati parjanyo yajna karma samudbhavaha.

………….Bhagwad Geeta (3/14)

MEANING: All creatures are created from food and food is grown with the help of rainfall. Rainfall occurs due to Super Power Yajnas and these Super Power Yajnas are performed via our actions/Karmas.


In the above mentioned Mantras it has been said that Ahutis/materials offered to Yajna fire are imbibed by all creatures and it becomes the cause of rainfall and food production. Via modern science research it has been proved that when fire burns carbon dioxide gets emitted by it. This carbon dioxide gas forms a layer on the earth’s atmosphere and its task is to obstruct heat of solar rays from entering planet earth. Lest this gas layer becomes very thin heat shall not get obstructed and thus the soil shall lose its rich fertility. In dessert regions these carbon dioxide gas layers are very thin and hence even if sizzling heat falls on these dessert areas during daytime yet at nightfall the ground and wind there is cool. Under such situations there agriculture is difficult to carry out and thus very miniscule trees, plants grow there. The atmosphere of dessert regions is incapable of catching rain forming clouds and rainfall is extremely scant there. In those regions where the carbon dioxide gas layers are thick there fertility power coming on earth via sunrays and heat get well protected. Thus since a vault of all this is available trees, plants etc in such regions bloom very well.

Glass has the quality of allowing sun’s heat to enter it via solar rays. Yet it disallows this heat to return and turn backwards. In those rooms where glass windows are built there even little sunlight can positively influence the entire room. In certain plant nurseries such plants are grown that require more heat. For them glass houses are built so that sunlight entering this transparent glass enters within but does not go out of these glass houses. As a result these plants get apt measure of warmth and those plants that grow only in hot regions can be grown even in cold countries in such glass houses. Glass that executes the function of allowing sunlight warmth only to enter within but disallow them from going out is also carried out by the carbon dioxide gas layers spread out in the earth’s atmosphere. The more this gas layer is thick, wide and strong the more earth shall gain the capacity to imbibe the very precious fertility power present in sunlight and render it well protected.

From volcanic mountain areas this carbon dioxide gas emerges. In that region a big layer of this gas spreads out on the ground. The result of this being that the surrounding areas of volcanic mountains bloom forth with lush green tress, plants etc and hence a lot of rainfall is noted. In France there is a spring called Ubrin from which carbon keeps getting emitted.Hence the nearby areas of this spring forever blooms with lush greenery and foliage. Hence this carbon created from Yajnas renders earth richly fertile and keeps our storehouses filled with luscious fresh fruits, vegetables, grains etc.

It is erroneous to think that by burning fire oxygen gets used up a lot and hence since carbon dioxide gas predominates Yajnas  are not beneficial to maintain good health or in augmenting the same. The thing is that very little amount of oxygen is used up by Yajna fire. In fact in comparison to Super Power Yajnas factories, industries, motor cars, rail engines etc use up gigantic amounts of oxygen. Further if in Yajnas  little oxygen does get used up by Yajna fire and produces carbon dioxide gas, the latter is ‘greedily’ inhaled by lush green tress, plants etc Throughout the day plants inhale carbon dioxide gas and exhale great amounts of pure oxygen. In order to destroy the harmful principles emitted by Yajnas well beforehand Kalash (water vessels) etc are placed near the Yajna pyre.

Modern scientists are known to scatter ice powder on clouds from air planes so as to render these flying clouds heavy in weight. In this manner they try to induce rainfall in desired areas. This experiment to induce artificial rainfall has so far not succeeded much. Yet the applications of inducing artificial rainfall via Yajnas have succeeded majority number of times.

When clouds are light in density so as to be rendered a hollow, air enters them and thus these clouds fly about here and there in a wayward manner. Lest these clouds become denser or that such a cause sets in so that air is not allowed to enter these clouds, these very clouds on becoming heavy pour down as rainfall. Via Yajna fire this requirement gets fulfilled wherein clarified butter/Ghee offered to the fire on being rendered subtle reaches clouds via winds. Thus one layer of the greasiness of clarified butter/Ghee rises on top of the clouds. This activity stops air entering clouds and thus the latter being rendered heavy pour down as rainfall.

If in water greasiness is added then it does not stay within it but by rising upwards spreads out as a layer on top of water. These fumes of Yajna fire spread out as a layer of greasiness on top of clouds’ surface area. Wind/air cannot pierce this layer of greasiness. It has been noted that in cold winter many people apply cold cream, Vaseline, butter etc on their face, other skin areas etc so that the cold wind of winter does not reach their skins. Thus the face skin and that of other bodily regions does not crack. Thus the manner in which this cold cream, Vaseline, butter etc applied on the face, other skin areas etc disallows cold wind from touching their bodily skin similarly the Yajna fumes spreading out on clouds as a greasy layer functions as a protective armor. This fume layer does not allow air to enter clouds that would otherwise have flown away to naught. This very obstruction by Yajna fumes becomes the cause of rain pouring down.

By filling one vessel with water and another with clarified butter/Ghee and heating them on fire bubbles shall emerge in water. No doubt clarified butter/Ghee shall get heated yet but no bubbles shall be noted. The reason why bubbling takes place in water is that when water get heated air enters it. Bang opposite to this air cannot pierce clarified butter/Ghee when it is heated and thus bubbling is not noted. This is proof of the fact that air cannot pierce greasiness and oiliness. By creating a greasy layer on clouds via Yajna fumes, clouds cannot imbibe any air within and thus are obstructed from getting scattered here and there and ultimately getting vainly destroyed. Thus because of this obstruction rainfall occurs. Greasiness on contacting coolness gets solidified and along with it gathers water. In cold winter when clarified butter/Ghee solidifies its water content too solidifies. The clarified butter/Ghee of Yajnas renders rain cloud dense and heavy, solidifies them and force them to pour down as rain.

Yajnas’ capacity to obstruct excess rainfall/flooding and famine conditions also by inducing rain and obstructing as and when necessary is mind boggling.

Nikame nikame parjanyo varshatu.

It is in the hands of Yajna God to induce rainfall as per its wish and aid humans to control rainfall. Yajnas pour down not only water based rainfall but that it showers even that Prana energy/vital force that renders all world creatures healthy, active etc. It is due to this Prana energy/vital force that planet earth is well balanced and steady. Nectarine Prana energy/vital force which is the chief boon got from Yajnas  renders Mother Earth lush green and prosperous both materially and spiritually. Hence it has been said:

Yajnaha prithivim dharayanti.


MEANING: It is Yajna that aids in optimal existence of planet earth.

Not only via great Rishi utterances but via modern scientific studies also it has been proved that via Yajnas rainfall can be induced when desired and that excess rainfall and hence destructive flooding too can be obstructed via Yajnas. Doubtlessly Yajnas can induce desired positive changes in seasons and render Mother Nature/Prakriti well balanced.
















How shall a bright radiant future usher in the 21st century? Who shall author it? How shall this happen? Those who hear all this naturally harbor such curiosity and questions in their mind. In the material arena where on the one hand there is a flood of strife and hardships there in the spiritual realm dark clouds of distortions are looming large. If problems are only few in number solutions can be found. But today world circumstances are such that the human intellect fails to even calculate the number of problems ruling the entire world. Right from the small realm of family life to the nation and entire world havoc and chaos are ruling the roost. Right from the highly intellectual class of the world to the lay public all opine in unison that today dire world situations can no longer be solved with the limited frail human brain capacity.

Say how much strength does man possess? His status in this gigantic cosmos brimming with innumerable movements and situations is very miniscule and ordinary. He cannot even induce clouds full of water looming over his head to pour down. He is totally helpless in obstructing old age and death manifesting in his life. The day man realizes this incapability of his that very moment a capacity manifests in him that can easily revolve galaxies in their path etc that are billions of times heavier than planet earth akin to a child playing with a ball. This is that very power on whose mere hint nature very much like an ordinary river perforce showcases its skill. This cosmos is verily its creation and hence this divine creative power can never tolerate the painful destruction of this beautiful world creation authored by it.

In the history of world creation whenever clouds of destruction have intensified ferociously at that time in order to ward them off a divine conscious power manifests in the subtle world. This divine conscious power is none other than the Avatar of Almighty God. As per needs of contemporary times this Avatar takes up specific forms. The Avatar of Almighty God corrects imbalance setting in the world cropping up from problems faced in that particular era and reverse the flowof the trend of that era from an undesirable direction towards a wholesome beneficial one.

 At the time of world creation there was water and only water everywhere. In the world of creatures only waterborne ones predominated. At that time this imbalance was set right by Matsyavatar or Fish Incarnation. When the movements/activities of creatures increased both on land and water at that time Kacchapavatar or Tortoise Incarnation set the balance optimal. Under the leadership of Kacchapavatar or Tortoise Incarnation Samudramanthan or churning of the ocean was carried out wherein nature was churned and milked. The demon Hiranyaksha by finding this hidden wealth in the ocean bed bossed over it in a lone dictatorial manner. It was hence that Varahavatar or Boar Incarnation occurred and demon Hiranyaksha was overpowered by it.

When man became capable of earning much more than what was required for comfortable living he got lured by selfish greed to amass and hoard more and more wealth, cash, property etc. In order to convert the beastly activity of hoarding and sensuously enjoy things wastefully into generosity Lord Vaman as a small radiant boy incarnated. Thus those people who were backward materially-spiritually got uplifted and King Bali who was a very prosperous ruler was inspired by Lord Vaman to generously share his wealth voluntarily with entire society.

When unruly arrogance becomes more uncontrolled and terror instilling gentlemanly and sage advice does not work on it. Only powerful retaliation aids in overcoming this demonic unruly arrogance. On such occasions Lord Nrisinha (half man-half lion) has to incarnate as an Avatar. It is his powerful valor and enterprise that uproots this demonic behavior in society. Lord Nrisinha has to take up this half man-half lion form so that wickedness gets overpowered and in its place true gentlemanly pious behavior and attitude is reinstated in the world.

The nature and form could be just about any type yet the vow of Almighty Lord while taking an Avatar always remains the same: Uprooting vile tainted activities and reinstating great pious activities the world over. The Avatar’s divine conscious power by activating world humanity’s valor, divine aura, enterprise and sacred sensitive sentiments fulfills its sacred mission on planet earth. Of course it is not as though valor, ppiousness etc is totally lacking in human psyche yet due to its one sided nature valor devoid of sacred sensitive sentiments veers dangerously in the direction of destructive frenzy and further sacred sensitive sentiments devoid of valor ties man in the noose of inertia and laziness that forces it to shed tears of grief. The Lila or divine play of various Avatars creates an apt tandem between both these glorious virtues dwelling in the human psyche and thus are egged to march ahead in a wholesome beneficial direction.

It is due this specialty of its extraordinary potential and methodology that Yajna is also called Almighty God’s form/nature and an Avatar. Scriptural seers say:

Yasya rashtre purey chaiva bhagwan yajna purushaha.

Ijyate sarvena dharmena janaiha varnashramanvitey.

MEANING: The deep import of Yajnas is given here and hence they are called Lord Yajna Purusha. And, why not! The 3 sacred activities viz. worshiping God, uniting the world as one family and philanthrophy oozing in Yajnas are but the 3 powerful streams of uplifting both individuals and world society. Worship of God means, sanctifying our inner personality, so as to render it divine in nature. Uniting the world encompasses cooperation, world brotherhood, charity for world creatures’ well being and the magnanimous sentiment of world living as one peaceful loving family. These are 3 eternal sacred precepts which can easily solve every problem faced by humanity and entire world creation. Thus to term this educative methodology as divine conscious power of Avatar, is certainly apt.

Anshavatars (partial) can be Kalavatars. Divine seer Rishis have spoken of Purnavatars (total divinity manifestation) also. Yajnas attain totality or completeness in Ashwamedha forms wherein in its varied forms and types it manifests its partial and Kala nature. King Prithu who for the very 1st time helped advance Ashwamedha Yajnas fully and rendered them Purna or complete was included in the list of 24 Avatars of Almighty God. The author of Shrimad Bhagwad (4/19) while describing the Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by King Prithu writes:

Athadikshat raja tuhaymedhen shatena cha.

Brahmarve manoha kshetre yatra prachi saraswati.

MEANING: Maitreyaji says-O Vidurji! King Prithu got initiated in order to perform 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas in King Manu’s Brahmavarta region where River Saraswati flows in the eastern direction. Then King Prithu vowed to execute 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas where River Saraswati flows in the western direction in Brahma and King Manu’s Brahmavarta region.

After Prithu it seemed as though Avatar and Ashwamedha merged into each other. Avatar became Ashwamedha and Ashwamedha became Avatar. If we mull deeply over the profundity of the meaning of the word ‘Ashwamedha’ the mystery gets unfolded. When the term ‘Medha’ is used to connote ‘Bali’ it means destruction of vile tainted activities, wickedness, beastly behavior, cruelty and all such negativities. Generally ‘Medha’ is used for brain skills. Via it man’s divine aura, sleeping sacred sensitivity, thought power and piously great activities proliferate and awaken fully. Let us focus on the Vyutpatti (special literary technique used to coin words in Sanskrit Language) of the word ‘Ashwa’:

Ash-kwan ashnute acchanam ashnute vyapnoti.

MEANING: Ashwa means one possessing swift movement and one that spreads out everywhere on the road. As per this connotation Ashwamedha would mean uprooting of vile tainted activities and a very swift widespread effort to augment great sacred tasks.

The manifestation of all these are to obstruct and ward off all unethical tainted behavior and uphold and nourish great glorious behavior. Lord Parshuram by imbibing the form of ‘Agrataha chaturo vedaha prishtaha sasharo dhanuhu’ destroyed the lordship of uncontrolled colonialism. Thus he aided in propagating and preaching Brahmavidya or the Science of Divinity. Lord Rama laid great stress on inner and outer discipline. Lord Krishna by imbibing the principle of ‘vishasya vishamaushadham’ uprooted those widespread situations reeking with atrocities and fraud of all types.

If in the realm of religion and spirituality distortions and taints enter in a big way it can be compared to soap also spreading dirt and foul smelling muck everywhere. In the wily guise of wine, flesh, fish, cash and conjugal bliss (called Panchamakar Religion) people shattered to naught all social norms and disciplines and thus chaos and anarchy sets in society. Under such circumstances Lord Buddha congregated pious gentle people in order to reinstate righteousness in the world. For this he gave a prime spot to farsighted discrimination or Viveka. Lord Buddha’s divine message was:

Dhammam sharanam gacchami

Sangham sharanam gacchami

Buddham sharanam gacchami

On hearing this nectarine bugle like call of Lord Buddha thousands of followers of his travelled both within and outside India for attaining victory of true sacred culture.

Circumstances keep changing. Hence Almighty God too has to change his basis for manifesting as an Avatar. Even the Ashwamedha campaign had been programmed in such way so as to manifest its new form and specialties based on those contemporary times and requirements. The stature of the form of an Avatar of Almighty God and work arena propagates based on the system of advancement. As long as mankind predominated with material means and looked upon his physical body as ‘I’ till then weapons and means did the needful. Yet today in our modern times the situation is very different.

In today’s computer age man’s intellectual principle has become shrewd in a very wily manner. In the realm of aspirations since non soul inert principles predominate a great deal, material prosperity and all types of potentials are being misused a lot. Not only the arena of this undesirable distortion is unlimited but that it has ensnared entire world humanity. With stupendous scientific attainments this world has been rendered tiny akin to a global village. With immense speed this world is contracting and this worldly human life is moving very swiftly. Hence if Almighty God incarnates in today’s fast paced life it has to be in the form of era based divine cosmic consciousness. It is in this form only that the powerful resolve or Sankalpa of an Avatar can get fulfilled in the very widespread arena of world public psyche.

In the 1st half Lord Buddha set rolling in the wheel of true religion called Dharma Chakra. Thus he waved the flag of cultural victory. Thousands of his followers contributed like cogs in a wheel for this stupendous sacred mission. People like Anand who was a deep thinker, a wealthy man like Bimbisar, an artist like Ambapali and Angulimal previously a dacoit who then got transformed into a daring and valiant person, in large numbers became partners in their own way to carry out this great task comparable to an Ashwamedha Yajna of humungous size. The work arena of Avatars who had manifested in this world previous to Lord Buddha was limited because in those contemporary times problems were less and were local in nature. By the time Lord Buddha incarnated society had become very widespread. Hence the mission of Lord Buddha also did not limit itself to India’s borders. In his times to the extent it was possible to render efforts widespread they were imbibed fully. Thus Lord Buddha’s mission and divine message spread out in whole of Asian continent. Further than this this divine aura spread to other continents too.

The 2nd phase of the Buddha Avatar is Kalki Avatar or Prajnavatar. This has already manifested in our modern contemporary times including the current 21st century. In symbolic depictions found in Bhavishyapurana (Indian Mythology) Kalki Avatar is shown riding a horse with a sword in his hand. This is nothing but a hint regarding the Ashwamedha Yajna executed by Lord Buddha. This era predominating with a sharp brilliant intellect also creates problems based on man’s thinking process. The center of man’s inspiration revolves around his beliefs, thought trends and desires. In this stream itself human society flows. At such times the form and nature of an Avatar too has to be in accordance with this trend. The solution for world problems cropping up like wild weeds everywhere can only be found in the hidden profound meanings of Ashwamedha Yajnas. These profound meanings need to be unveiled.

In order to nullify distorted taints brimming in human psyche and in order to uproot unethical thinking/behavior along with deluded outdated beliefs only an Ashwamedha type of campaign to usher in true world culture can succeed stupendously in this endeavor. It is the flow that pushes human consciousness in the direction of glorious greatness and equally influencing social arenas can be the Avatar of those contemporary times. In fact this is exactly what is taking place. The worldwide Ashwamedha Yajna campaign of Kalki Avatar must be seen and realized in this very context.

The onrush based divine energies of various Avatars do enter divine souls and whatever is desired by the Avatar is executed via these souls as its medium. These divine souls are mere instruments of activities carried out by various Avatars. Mahakal or Super Time does not wait for anyone. Mahakal manifests only in awakened souls and those who aid him in his divine mission by blessing them. Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya well before he shed his mortal coil had proclaimed that those tasks which could not be executed by his gross visible body shall be successfully carried out by his subtle-causal body since the latter would be infinitely more powerful. Can we say that whatever was done by Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya before shedding his mortal coil was executed in any less measure for world well being? It was impossible for us all, to even imagine what humungous tasks would be accomplished in future. Millions of followers are witness to the fact that in order to help divine culture reach all and one and permanently uprooting demonic activities/behavior they had all in unison to take a vow of imbibing divinity. This program something like a swearing in ceremony was so gigantic and widespread. Just as in ancient eras Goddess vows to protect demigods who were defeated by demons, similarly on the occasion of the swearing in ceremony HH Revered Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (holy consort of our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) had proclaimed about conducting a gigantic religious-spiritual program called Dev Sanskriti Digvijay Dashashwamedhas. From hereon the final leg of Lord Mahakal’s 10th Avatar’s Yug Nirman or Era Creation/Transformation Sankalpa or oath was taken.

At that time of taking the above oath we could not truly understand that although we had heard of Ashwamedha stature Yajnas having been executed previously yet none was aware of its proper nature and form. Lord Mahakal catching hold of our little finger akin to a father holding the finger of his beloved child has taken us followers to such a state that it is said to be no less than a miracle performed by some unseen potent power. As of today only one voice, one creation and one world is resounding loudly in every nook and corner titled:


This glorious proclamation has become so cosmic that it is heard in every pore of planet earth. Wherever you place your ears you hear the voice: Era transformation, divine culture’s eternal victory and Ashwamedha-Ashwamedha-Ashwamedha. Very much akin to ancient eras how awakening of divinity in humans and heralding of heaven on earth shall be rewritten in the annals of world history shall be clearly witnessed by world humanity with their own eyes as full proof. This then is an extraordinary mind boggling feat of this present modern era.





Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is called this era’s Rishi Vishwamitra because by rejuvenating a virtually extinct Super Science of Gayatri he disallowed it to be accessed only by a special class in a limited manner by rendering it accessible worldwide without exception. Gayatri practices are devotion and worship of a pious brilliant intellect. Gayatri is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Veda means knowledge and wisdom. This wisdom via the medium of well being (Rigveda), valor (Yajurveda), sporting (Samaveda) and wealth (Atharvaveda) becomes the root fount of the conscious activities of all creatures. It is the outpouring of that divine primordial power called Adishakti which manifested at the commencement of world creation. Thus Brahmaji created this world via the 4 Vedas. Gayatri is this very divine primordial power called Adishakti and hence is also called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas.

Super Mantra Gayatri is called the gist/essence of all Vedic scriptures. In great scriptures glorious Rishi seers have very loudly eulogized the deep import of Super Mantra Gayatri. In the Bhagwad Geeta very clearly it is proclaimed by Yogiraj Lord Shri Krishna that since Gayatri is supreme amongst all Cchandas (poetic meters) Almighty God’s divine existence definitely dwells in it. The Lord says: ‘Gayatri cchanda samaham’. Super Mantra Gayatri although is small yet it oozes with the gist of great wisdom and hence is an all encompassing scripture on its own. In each of the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri dwells the seed of root divine wisdom of the gigantic tree called Vedas. When this seed sprouts forth the amplified form of the 4 Vedas called Apaureshya (not authored by the limited human brain) of Vedic literature appears in front of us all as the wisdom based wealth of great Rishis of yore. It is not only the very substratum of creation of this cosmos but that it is called the fount from where world divine culture manifests.

In this present ebook such spiritual philosophy has been embedded in literature of Super Science of Gayatri penned by our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya which proves that it is via the medium of this one sole Mantra that anything in this world can be attained whether it is material or spiritual in nature. In this section of Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya’s Vangmaya a detailed description has been given with reference to how Super Power Gayatri has been the icon goddess of demigods/Avatars/great Rishis and how it has proved itself to being a Sanjivani herb for overcoming stress and strife faced by world humans. Super Power Gayatri is immortal nectar, Paras (touchstone that converts iron into gold), Kalpavriksha or the wish fulfilling tree, Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow etc. In what form and in what manner Goddess Gayatri bestows boons on pious devotees? All this had been published time and again in Gayatri Mahavijnan, Yug Shakti Gayatri and Akhand Jyoti magazine. In this section respected readers can read it in one continuous sequence and thus benefit both materially and spiritually.

Every alphabet of Super Mantra Gayatri is a fount of infinite divine energy. It is a limitless vault of power and hence if Gayatri spiritual practices/Sadhana is done methodically helps manifest miraculous results in our day to day living. This has been the experience of Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya throughout his sojourn on earth. Whatever has been penned in this book can be imbibed in day to day transactions. Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya has proved Gayatri Super Power to be the presiding goddess deity of Prana Energy by showcasing that as per Atharvaveda Super Science Gayatri predominates mainly with Brahmavarchas or divine aura/soul power that it bestows on its devotees. Today’s major hazard the world over is weak soul power and human weaknesses prevailing in all walks of life. The human race pained by lack of faith/aspiration requires the Sanjivani herb that rejuvenates life and this can be got from Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest devotees via worship/meditation of Super Mantra Gayatri awaken their Brahmavarchas or divine aura/soul power, attain their latent strength once again they can combat any difficulty and obstacle faced quite successfully. Tripada or 3 legged Gayatri dripping with faith, steadfastness and divine intellect called Prajna can bestow on its devotees such soul power that they while combating vile sentiments and tainted unethical activities can gain true victory in life. These devotees hence by rendering their spiritual health optimal can ceaselessly augment their divine aura as a protective shield in life. By leading our intellect on the path of sacred glory we can render this beautiful garden called this world created by Almighty God more grand and wonderful.

The divine mother of all Para and Apara Science (spiritual and material oriented) Super Mantra Gayatri has many aspects that are known-unknown and visible-invisible. By placing these in front of every world human in order to transform entire humanity akin to Kayakalpa and in order to neo create this world this knowledge has played a major role. Gayatri meditation/worship is a supremely great, straightforward, facile and quick success bestowing path. On realizing this none needs to stray here and there listlessly. Via the Sanskrit language quote ‘Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kincha’ it is said that whatever dwells in this world visibly or otherwise is but Super Energy Gayatri manifest. Our Revered Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya dedicated his entire life to Gayatri and his final breath while shedding his mortal coil in the loving lap of Mother Gayatri took place on Gayatri Jayanti day which is the birthday of Gayatri. May these sacred high stature nectarine literature penned by him, be dedicated to World Mother/Vishwamata-Divine Mother/Devmata-Mother of Vedas/Vedmata Gayatri. We present this particular section of Vangmaya written by Revered Gurudeva that shall render the complex path of life’s journey very facile and straightforward.


























Super Mantra Gayatri based austerities bestows so many benefits in the devotees life and this is a well accepted fact. If these austerities are done methodically definitely reap stupendous benefits and its great result can very quickly be noted in both the spiritual and mundane aspects of the devotee’s life. Yet in this in this tiny aphorism representing a religious scripture is filled to the brim with so many profound mysteries that if these are unfolded man can attain true eternal glory in life. Super Energy Gayatri is the very life force of Indian Culture. It is that boon sent by Almighty God to planet earth that if it is wholesomely used by world humans they can render their birth in this world truly fulfilled in a glorious manner.

Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya knew well that after getting immersed in Gayatri based practices/Sadhana world public would yearn to dive deeper into its profundities much more. Keeping this fact in mind Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya in 3 sections of his Vangmaya literature pertaining to Super Science of Gayatri has given guidance as to how much an ordinary Gayatri devotee should know regarding it and imbibe the same in day to day living. Regarding this in this section of the Vangmaya literature some secret aspects and their deep import have been discussed.

In actuality the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri are seeds of divine energy. As per the description given in Sankhya Philosophy those 24 principles that are apart from the 5 elements Rishi seers while inter weaving them exhibited subtle spiritual energies in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri and placed the same before world humans. These 24 alphabets that are symbols of the super divine powers of 24 Matrukas (24 goddesses of Tantra worshipers or Tantriks) have been interwoven very scientifically in Cchanda (poetic meter) form. Hence by merely chanting this Super Mantra Gayatri, innumerable latent divine energies in it awaken fully. In the inner Prana fire very swift intense vibrations occur and this transformation plays an important role in augmenting Varchas or divine aura in the devotee’s inner personality. The descriptions of every alphabet of Super Mantra Gayatri have been detailed in this section of the Vangmaya titled ‘Gayatri rahasyaparak guhya vivechan’. A person on knowing and truly understanding every inspiration emerging from each of these 24 alphabets that positively influences every aspect of life, can execute spiritual practices of meditation, Japa etc in tandem with it and thus benefit more and more.

In this section of the Vangmaya after analyzing the Vyahvrittis of the 3 Lokas Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Swaha and Brahma conjoined to it, the description of Tat right up to Prachodayat’s last alphabet ‘Ta’ has been given properly revolving within the periphery of scriptires and social-spiritual standpoint. For example the full meaning of the term Prachodayat is: To perforce inspire someone to walk in that direction that renders our intellect pious yet if every alphabet of this term is described then the inspiration of Pra involves being generous to all and being harsh with oneself. Instead of thinking only our opinion as correct we must imbibe generosity and open mindedness in life. Thus respect all equally, stop being obstinate about your own views and by first self introspecting to gauge one’s own faults we must follow it up by correcting them. The term Cho inspires us to associate with great saintly pious people. We must reflect deeply over good great thoughts, cogitating over these deeply and if possible associate as much as possible with great saintly pious people. This then is the inspiration embedded in Cho. The term Da makes man deeply realize the glory of his soul existence and thus teaches him to walk the path of glorious advancement. Soul wealth is the supreme wealth. By protecting it man lives his life with head held high in glorious pride. The Ya term, by establishing a glorious bond between father-son, big-small people etc gives them inspiration to respect each other and thus execute their righteous duties. The final term Ta gives one inspiration viz. ‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’. It means do not behave with others in that way which you yourself do not like when they behave in the same way with you. Nowhere else can you find such details given in such a sacred sensitive manner, wherein the mysterious import of the word Prachodayat has been given here!

Similarly the Gayatri group’s 9 divine powers, the details of energies in Gayatri Sahasranam (1000 names), along with the meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri it sacred sensitive connotation have been given in an in depth manner by Gurudeva in this section of the Vangmaya. Let us imbibe in the deep recesses of our soul the Prana augmenting divine light of Almighty God who is Prana energy in form, eternal bliss, destroyer of our sorrow, supremely great, divinely radiant and divinity manifest and we pray to that God who is widespread in the form of solar consciousness to lead us in the direction of supreme glory. With this sensitive sentiment a straightforward, easy to understand commentary on Gayatri’s mysterious deep import has been given by this era’s Vedavyas viz. our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. This then is the miraculous writing specialty of his.






       CHAPTER 32



Gayatri is that supreme Mantra which bestows on its follower a great sacred intellect. As per the Chandogya Upanishad: This entire visible-invisible world if Super Power Gayatri manifest. According to Adi Guru Shankaracharya Super Power Gayatri is a direct manifestation of Advaita Brahman or non dual divine cosmic consciousness called Almighty God by us all. Any devotee on understanding the deep import of Gayatri imbibes it in his life, becomes invincible in all the 3 worlds as mentioned in the Brihadaranyak Upanishad. In reality when Gayatri practices are executed by pious minded people not only the Sat principle augments in their inner personality but that they attain everything from Goddess Gayatri that is attained by a piously brilliant intellect. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji executed Gayatri Sadhana and penance throughout his life, rendered his entire being Gayatri Power manifest, saw to it that Gayatri’s divine wisdom reaches every household and filled the coffers of innumerable people with miracles of Super Power Gayatri.

In this section Gayatri’s divine powers have been detailed along with scriptural quotes as proof and via mythological tales. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji writes that for a very long time period I have made honest efforts to propagate the sacred teachings of Super Energy Gayatri Upasana inclusing meditation and worship rites. Hence I have come in direct contact with many Gayatri devotees. Thousands of people have seeked my guidance in this direction and I have encouraged them a great deal. Amongst these those who steadfastly walked the path of Gayatri practices attained miraculous benefits. They firmly believe these to be boons gifted by Goddess Mother Gayatri. Via Gayatri practices through a subtle scientific procedure benefits are known to accrue. Despite knowing this it is a must that we harbor deep loving devotion and gratefulness to Goddess Mother Gayatri. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has placed before the world all memorable spiritual experiences accrued via Gayatri practices attained both by well known saintly people or lay public in general. He hence asks us to read all these experiences and decide whether these Gayatri practices are supremely great or not. Only after getting convinced thoroughly should people take up Gayatri penance, worship and meditation.

By giving experiences of Gautam, Dhruv, Mahatma Anand Swami, Kathiawadi Baba, Sidha Butiwale Baba etc Gurudeva says that Gayatri practices give immediate fruitful benefits. Mahatma Anand Swami the crest jewel of Arya Samaj (founder was Swami Dayanand Saraswati) has himself written in ‘Anand Gayatri Katha’ as to what he was before he commenced Super Power Gayatri penance as per the guidance of his revered Guru and what he became after completing these spiritual practices. According to him, all astounding material-spiritual attainments that came his way were but the divine grace of Goddess Mother Gayatri. Mahatma Anand Swami and Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji highly revered each other with a bond of soul oneness. For a great number of years they kept in touch by visiting each other. In reality Gayatri meditation/worship by touching a devotee akin to the Paras touchstone (known to convert iron into gold) renders the devotee’s psyche pure gold like. The proof of this is these 2 great Gayatri devotee-saints in the form of Mahatma Anand Swami and Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji who attained untold material-spiritual prosperity.

Via Super Power Gayatri penance, many mundane benefits accrue and proof of this can be got from experiences attained by various devotees and Self/God Realized Masters or Sidha Purushas. Super Power Gayatri not only overcomes hardships/stress faced by devotees but that it creates all around the devotee, a subtle protective aura, akin to armor. This aura protects the devotee from all fearful situations and obstacles faced in day to day living. By augmenting soul power infinitely Gayatri that protects our very life force is said to be ‘Gaya’ or Prana Energy and ‘Tri’ or one who protects it. Super Power Gayatri penance that protects us from strife, stress etc can be scientifically examined any time. Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji by giving many examples writes that Super Power Gayatri penance by helping us ascend the boat with 4 corners called patience, valor, Viveka or farsighted discrimination and honest hard effort helps us cross the ocean of difficulties and pain with great ease. Humans having entered the crater of diseases, wealth loss, court cases, enmity, joblessness, family in fighting, arguments, debt etc can take recourse to Super Power Gayatri spiritual practices but with utmost patience and thus Gayatri shall give him Viveka or farsighted discrimination that shall help him easily ward off all difficulties and obstacles faced.

In reality Super Power Gayatri possesses 3 Gunas. Via other worship methods where Sattva Guna augments there Rajo Guna of well being and great utility also increases. When Rajo Guna soul energy increases man’s hidden energies awaken. These create situations that are conducive, when his worldly life turns chaotic and problematic. Wealth and all forms of prosperity can be attained via Gayatri practices. Although this is very true yet this can happen only when Super Power Gayatri by recasting the entire mold of the devotee’s psyche neocreates such an inner personality that in it magnetic attraction, good management, wisdom and sharp brain skills develop wholesomely. A Gayatri devotee never experiences lack nor remains poverty stricken both materially and spiritually. So many devotees have actually experienced this as per their names/address listed by Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji.  

In the Atharvaveda attainments accrued from Gayatri based practices has been decribed thus:

Stuta maya varada vedmata prachodayantam pavamani dwijanam.

Ayuhu pranam prajam pashum kirtim dravinam brahmavarchasam.

Mahyam datvam vrajat brahmalokam.

In the above verse whatever has been said no doubt is correct and it can be examined in the day to day living and transactions of a Gayatri devotee. Gayatri the Mother of Vedas definitely promises her devotees gifts like a disease free healthy life, immense life force or Prana Energy, true name-fame, material-spiritual prosperity, soul power and attaining God/Self Realization. Right from material-spiritual grandeur or Shri, success, siring pious radiant children to public cooperation and fame/glory in a permanent manner is wished for just by about all and sundry. The Ashta Siddhis (eight) and Nava Nidhis (nine) are quite renowned. When our spiritual practices mature these awaken and augment manifold. Even if you do not make due efforts to accrue some particular special Sidhi yet when just one reaches youth all youthful signs appear on their own, similarly when our spiritual practices mature Sidhis (divine powers) awaken and augment on their own. Attainments like a radiant magnetic personality, shining eyes, powerful speech radiant aura on the face, profundity, steadiness and the capacity to influence others are attained by Super Energy Gayatri devotees on their own. Sidhis and specialties like ceaselessly experiencing the presence of a divine power in one’s inner psyche, dislike to carry out tainted acts, if by mistake some vile act is executed one repents a lot and atones for it prayerfully, not losing mental poise while facing immense hardships and thus looking out for a solution to calmly troubleshoot them, getting glimpses of future events before they actually occur etc are such that they can be called the supreme attainments of Gayatri austerities.

The curses-boons given by Gayatri devotees do succeed and on merely seeing anyone these devotees can know clearly what these people are thinking. Not only can Gayatri devotees aid in entering of their thoughts in the minds of others but that by a small portion of his Gayatri penance power can help benefit others. The surrounding environment of such high stature Gayatri devotees is very Sattvik (sacredly pure) and in every state be it dream-waking-meditation can hear divine extraordinary sounds and visualize divine light.

Attaining Sidhi or success is a foregone conclusion of any spiritual practice yet with reference to Gayatri penance these can be seen easily or Hastamalakvat. By latching on to the lap of such a Super Power like Gayatri just about anyone can benefit both materially-spiritually and help others accrue such benefits too. All such descriptions have been written by our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji in his Vangamaya literature’s section pertaining to Gayatri based practices.




Gayatri meditation and worship must be executed by just about everybody and it has been said that not only does it awaken Sidhis or Divine Powers but that in removing dirt/taints of our daily living and for sanctifying our soul’s very existence it is a must. Super Power Gayatri is called Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow. It means that any demigod or a divine minded human worships and meditates on Gayatri the latter like a mother’s breast feeds the devotees with spiritual milk which elicits infinite divine bliss in the devotee’s soul. After this no lack remains in the life of such devotees. All their hardships are uprooted permanently along with a sinful destiny.

If we search ancient world history we find that the foundation of the spiritual practices of all great Rishis, Munis, Avatars etc has been Gayatri Super Energy only. Via Gayatri practices the devotee attains Sidhis or Divine Powers that are Sattvik or sacred and his life blooms with sacred sensitive sentiments, power, brilliant talent, material-spiritual joy etc. Gayatri is Trigunatmak or that it possesses 3 Gunas. Via other worship methods where Sattva Guna augments there Rajo Guna of well being and great utility also increases. When Rajo Guna soul energy increases man’s hidden energies awaken. These create situations that are conducive, when his worldly life turns chaotic and problematic. Wealth and all forms of prosperity can be attained via Gayatri practices. Although this is very true yet this can happen only when Super Power Gayatri by recasting the entire mold of the devotee’s psyche neocreates such an inner personality that in it magnetic attraction, good management, wisdom and sharp brain skills develop wholesomely. A Gayatri devotee never experiences lack nor remains poverty stricken both materially and spiritually. Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji via the medium of his divine spiritual experiences and success attained via Gayatri practices has given these details in this section of Vangmaya written by him.

 Gayatri Super Energy is the presiding goddess of multifaceted potential. By doing Gayatri penance no harm of any sort is undergone. A deluded belief reigns in the psyche of people that Gayatri practices can be done only when you get initiated into it by someone who mutters it into your ears (Kan phunkne se). Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji firmly believes that ordinary commonplace so called ‘Gurus’ whisper it in your ears but a true God Realized Sadguru imbues potent Prana Energy into your inner personality. If Gayatri practices conjoin to true great Self Realized masters it can be called the pair of Savita-sun and Brihaspati (Guru of demigods in heaven). All spiritual practices executed methodically always reap true success (Sidhi) but yet Gayatri practices brim with one specialty wherein even if its follower errs in some way no harmful reaction is faced by him. A compassionate, magnanimous and wise mother always immerses herself in the well being of her children and very much similar to this Gayatri Super Energy who is our divine cosmic mother always bestows well being only on her devotee-children.

In this present Vangmaya literature the goal, methodology, disciplines etc of Gayatri practices have been detailed and very minutely these have been discussed. While giving the example of Bhagwad Geeta scripture, Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji writes that Lord Shri Krishna has vowed that the fruits and results of spiritual practices that are Sattvik or pious in nature never reap harsh reactions:

Nehabhikrama nashosti pratyavayo na vidyate.

Swalpamapyasya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat.

MEANING: When great sacred tasks are commenced they never get destroyed but that can only march forward. Never do such glorious tasks reap harsh sorrowful results. It can never happen that a task commenced with the desire to do good to all, gets destroyed and that it does not give beneficial results. Even small actions done to uphold righteousness protects us from very big fearful situations in life. Hence while commencing Gayatri practices none should harbor any delusion of any kind in their minds.

Gayatri spiritual practice or Sadhana can be done daily, for 9 days as special Anushthan, for 40 days special Anushthan in which 125,000 times Super Mantra Gayatri is chanted and in the form of writing Mantras also it can be performed. Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has definitely prescribed some most required rules to follow for Gayatri aspirants or Sadhaks so that high stature great benefits accrue. No doubt mental Mantra chanting or Mansik Japa can be done anytime and anywhere barring unclean tainted places. Every aspect of Gayatri spiritual practice has been discussed by Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji that includes:

a)      Bodily cleanliness

b)     Asan Sidhi or mastering one’s sitting posture

c)      The method of moving the rosary beads or Japa Mala

d)     Mental focus

e)      Special auspicious times of doing Japa

f)       Initiation from a great God Realized Guru

g)      Arrangements for worship rite materials or Puja Samagri

h)     Sutak

i)        Diet prescribed for the Gayatri aspirant

j)       Mental-physical Brahmacharya (sexual continence and focusing thoughts on God)


The method of executing Shatkarmas, Sandhya Vandan etc has been clearly detailed in this Vangamaya. Total attention has been given to the fact that none should have any doubts about all this.

In the above Navratri Sadhana has been given a special prime spot. What is its methodology? In it minute guidance has been elucidated regarding which Vratas or religious vows must be especially adhered to during the 9 days of spiritual penance. Along with this how Mantra chanting and deep meditation must be executed in tandem has been described. Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has very openly detailed the various steps of Gayatri Purashcharan, what all a devotee must do to execute it successfully etc. Finally at the end a technique called ‘Prajnayog’ had been rendered popular in the psyche of the lay public for their usage during the 1980’s. Today millions of Gayatri aspirants who perform this technique regularly have been detailed minutely.

The present literature by exhibiting the social aspect of Gayatri practices catches hold of its devotee’s finger and guides him on this glorious path of material-spiritual joy. Most definitely only such writings based on intense divine power of austerities can execute such a formidable humungous task successfully. We respectfully bow down again again to this great Sidha devotee of Super Goddess Gayatri.












In many great scriptures Goddess Gayatri is shown to possess 5 faces and 10 arms. Many such paintings, photographs and images can be found. The 5 faced Gayatri image/photo can be found in innumerable households. In reality this description is not some myth or figment of wild whimisical imagination but that it is the description of 5 faces of Goddess Gayatri as the 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) dwelling on human soul existence. These 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) are:

a)      Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath

b)     Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath

c)      Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath

d)     Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath

e)      Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath


These 5 are doorways of the soul’s coming-going’s bondage and liberation akin to the nasal openings in man’s physical body that allows air to enter and then go out via exhaling. This is the most mysterious aspect of Yoga Science which by understanding deeply one can attain the supreme divine abode of Almighty God. The 10 arms of Goddess Gayatri are the 10 Super Divine Powers that uproot 10 types of pain and sorrow faced by human life. When this Divine Mother Gayatri places her 10 hands on the head of her devotee as blessings no amount of sorrow or strife can harass him.

Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji after penning the preliminary aspect of Super Science Gayatri in the form of Gayatri Yoga and Gayatri Tantra when after methodically authoring the 3 sections of Super Science Gayatri, its 3rd section got written in the form of Panchkoshi (5 sheaths) spiritual practices along with its scientific foundation. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji immediately returning after executing difficult austerities in the Himalaya Mountains he stepwise published the social applications of this profound mysterious spiritual practice in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Later via the medium of special spiritual practices based precepts he started penning them in Mathura itself from the year 1963-64. He had written a book titled ‘Gayatri Manjari’ that had 46 verses and its description is the present section of the Vangmaya authored by Gurudeva.

Our glorious Rishi-Munis of yore via profound penance, introverted Yoga practices and Vratas-Anushthanas based on Super Mantra Gayatri amassed untold divine energy. Thus they deeply realized that our gross body is partitioned into the 3 bodies called gross, subtle and causal bodies. In these right from top to bottom reside the 3 psychological complexes (Granthis) called Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. The gross body is made of the 5 elements and the soul has 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. Via the admixture of earth, water, fire, air and space where on the one hand this gross visible body is created there the 5 faced Goddess Gayatri tells us that this physical body is merely the admixture of the inert atoms of the 5 elements. This living soul shut up in a fort that has 5 ramparts is surrounded by 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. The moment these layers are unveiled the living being’s material bondage is cut asunder so as to attain Moksha or salvation.

In India in layman’s parlance Kosha is called a vault. The 5 Koshas are 5 infinite vaults of soul existence. In this priceless wealth is hidden. Wherever this priceless wealth of 5 sheaths is misused its distorted form inflicts on us varied types of sins, sorrow, anguish, tension, ill fate, worries, lack and poverty. But those who awaken this wealth for using it wholesomely become divine in nature. Regarding this, details are given in the Bhrigu Valli of Taitariya Upanishad, Shatpath Brahman (15/17/31) and Brihadaranyak Upanishad (4/3/32).

The 1st covering sheath or Kosha is Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath. It predominates with earth element which gives man sperms, ovum etc to create the human physical body. As per the state and advancement of this Food Sheath the body gets its shape, color etc. the type of food devoured helps advance our Food Sheath. It is the subtle psychic imprints/Sanskars in the food we eat helps overcome a distorted state and attain optimal normalcy. Thus this sheath can advance further. So many roots of various bodily diseases are present in this Food Sheath. It is via fasting, mastering sitting posture called Asan Sidhi, purification of the 5 elements, austerities and calmly enduring pain of various sorts (Titiksha) this Food Sheath gets purged and sanctified. Thus the body attains good health in a disease free manner. Via Yoga practices by opening the knots-complexes of bondage in the Food Sheath one gets liberation from many complexities in life and that we start marching ahead on the path of Jivan Mukti or liberation while yet alive. Lest a Gayatri follower by imbibing the above detailed 4 processes purges and sanctifies the Food Sheath his divine aura increases, health becomes wonderfully good and all other doorways of progress are thrown open wide.

The Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is a vault of Prana Energy residing in the gross physical body. In the form of ‘etheric double’ as per the terminology employed by Theosophists it surrounds each and every individual. Prana Energy dwells in us in the form of Ojas-Tejas or divine halo. Whosoever’s Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is intensely potent his soul power rests in a very well advanced state. It is the lack of Prana Energy that becomes the cause of psychosomatic and physical diseases attacking one’s body. From the infinite ocean of consciousness of Prana Energy spread out in the entire cosmos via Gayatri practices (meditation, worship etc) with the energy of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) Prana or vital force is attracted within and thus the devotee oozes with divine aura and Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. The external benefits of sanctifying and rendering powerful the Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath includes attaining a long healthy life consciousness becomes potent, imbibing a lot of zest/wholesome activity/magnetically attractive aura etc. If Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) is done by meditating in a focused manner on the Surya Chakra or solar plexus the Yogic subtle nerves called Ida-Pingala-Sushumna can be rendered potently active. For attracting Prana Energy this section of Vangmaya literature enumerates many methods. The amassing of immense Ojas in the form of Super Prana Energy and Retas in the form of Minor Prana Energy render the body and soul existence very powerful. Such a person gains the credentials of manifesting Divine Powers. The Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath by rendering an otherwise scattered psyche well focused via the various methods of self control, meditation etc aids in the awakening of latent brain potentials and energy centers. When we sanctify and render potent this Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath our Japa, meditation, Tratak practices, spiritual practices of 5 Tanmatras, succeeding in creating the Chaya Purusha (shadow man) etc succeed wonderfully. Via the processes of Gandha or smelling practices and Swara or Sound Yoga ESP or Extra Sensory Perception can be awakened fully. In order to introvert our thought waves for focusing them in a one pointed manner, our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has given details of practicing meditation-Japa or Mantra chanting-Tratak-Tanmatra practices for sanctifying and making powerful our Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath. Those who deeply understand these 4 methods become masters of this 3rd vault of untold measure of spiritual jewels.

The 4th covering is the Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath. Vijnan means special knowledge. Such knowledge/wisdom that tells us that man in reality is the soul and not this inert body made of bone, flesh etc. man is beyond the body, mental qualities and inner nature since he is the prince of Almighty God. This wisdom is subtly experienced via the Soham spiritual practice (I am that). The various legs of the process of awakening of this Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath encompasses Ajapa Japa (ceaseless Mantra chanting heard in the soul subtly), Yoga of Soul Experience, spiritual practices to awaken the soul deity and piercing the 3 knots or psychic complexes. As a resut via awakening of extra sensory consciousness and sound control in the process of management of our Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) it manifests as amassing of art of execelling in carrying out various actions.

The last 5th face of Gayatri called Mother of Vedas is depicted as Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath. On reaching this sheath the soul attains the divine cosmic soul called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Such a devotee attains the state of Sthitaprajna Samadhi or trance state attained by God Realized Masters and Gurus. Hence this sheath is called Bliss Sheath wherein infinite divine ecstasy is experienced. This is the inner state of Sahaj Samadhi and pinnacle of divine joy. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has described this as the awakening of the reticular activating system as being synonymous with awakening of Sahasrar Chakra’s 1000 petal subtle Yogic lotus in the brain region. In this section topics covered include spiritual practices of Naadyoga-Shabdabrahman-Suratiyoga-Biduyoga-principles of 5 elements, supreme ecstatic divine bliss of the Turiya state and so on.

Most definitely our respected readers via this section of the Vangmaya shall understand the profoundest mysteries of Gayatri Super Power austerities but that they shall also get knowledge of how to march ahead on the path of soul progress by getting spiritually initiated by a great Self-God Realized Master.




















It is said that from sound energy itself this cosmos was created. Super Mantra Gayatri was created from Pranavnaad or Om and it is the very 1st Richa of this planet earth and entire cosmos from which Vedas were created. The knowledge wisdom aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so very important that without understanding it profoundly one cannot know as to why and how the benefit of its spiritual practice is attained by its doer. There are varied types of Mantras. So many religious sects have so many different types of Mantras whose method of chanting has been detailed. All religious scriptures brim with its deep import or Mahatmya. Yet in Cchandas (poetic meter) in the form of Gayatri Cchanda and in the form of Mantra power Almighty Lord’s divine existence dwells. This has been clearly elaborated upon by Bhagwad Geeta in which it is written: ‘Gayatri cchandasamaham’. Behind the special nature of this Super Mantra Gayatri is a scientific foundation and its description is given in this section of Vangmaya written by Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji.

By itself Gayatri brims with innumerable energies and divine onrushes yet the root basis of its supremacy is declared on the basis of Mantra Science Laws. This Mantra has been chanted on planet earth trillions of times. Its vibrations ooze even now in the subtle world. If only we chant Super Mantra Gayatri with deep devotional sentiments along with profound meditation all those vibrations of subtle world manifest in the form of a divine aura around the devotee and by uprooting all mental distortions renders the devotee’s inner and outer life well managed. The manner in which various energy seeds have been interwoven in the designing of Super Mantra Gayatri is said to be based on ‘Science of Acoustics’ or Sound Sciences. Each alphabet of this Mantra by influencing the micro and macro creates very desirable great results. In Mantra Japa it is the tongue that executes its chanting yet in this technique the entire muscular network is put to work. Portions related to the speech centers in the brain, represents a major portion of tongue, palate and the fingers of the hand. It is not mere stray ‘chance’ that 60% of the cerebral cortex portion is under its jurisdiction and as soon as with chanting Japa commences very much similar to fingers of the hand move on the rosary of 108 beads a ‘neuronal cycle’ that has its basis in bio electricity gets created in the muscle network system. Thus it renders the entire brain region consciousness manifest. This then is the basis of the miraculous power of this Mantra that immediately all Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus), subtle nerve networks and endocrine glands get positively influenced. Hence in turn many hormones start getting secreted. These hormones are the root foundation that blesses the devotee with a long disease free life full of limitless bliss. 

What effect is noted when Mantra Science or Sound Science and ‘Science of Harmony of Symbols’ utters Mantra words in special Ragas or tunes with rise-fall (alto-soprano)? After knowing this aspect properly we realize why Super Mantra Gayatri oozes with extraordinary specialties. It is a well known fact that if we utter words merely via the mouth devoid of any sacred sensitive sentiments conjoined to them or without harboring oneness of mind with the chosen deity it does not accrue much benefit. It is most important to realize that since Gayatri is a Mantra od solar practices, since the sun is the very substratum of the life force of this world, Japa or Mantra chanting done while focusing the psyche on the early morning rising sun, creates and explosive energy in its words. Hence Super Mantra Gayatri has been anointed with the title of a miraculous special Mantra keeping in mind its well accepted scientific basis.

Spirituality is a compact science wherein reigns a mathematical basis. In it never can 2 X 2 = 3.9 or 4.1 but that it is equal to 4 only. Similarly if Super Mantra Gayatri is chanted in a scientific manner its great beneficial results always are ours for keepsake. If this seed Mantra is sprouted by giving it the fertilizer-water of sacred sensitive sentiments great results definitely manifest in the devotee’s life. Such a solemn declaration can be made only by some great Rishi authority.

In the present Vangmaya penned by Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji a superb analysis of the scientific foundation of keeping a Shikha (pigtail) and wearing the Yajnopaveet or sacred thread has been given. Gayatri is the very life force or Prana of Indian Culture and its 2 symbols are keeping a Shikha (pigtail) and wearing the Yajnopaveet or sacred thread. If a Gayatri devotee dons these 2 symbols he gets very quick and highest benefits of Gayatri Super Science. By clearly proclaiming this Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji rejuvenated Divine Culture. He thus emphasizes in this section that we all devotees must render human-spiritual values awakened and alive in our day to day life transactions. Most definitely every Gayatri devotee, scientist and deep knower of great scriptures must read this section since it is an extremely important text akin to a bibliography.









All activities of the entire cosmos is swirling around the axis called Yajnas. Great Rishis of yore opine:

Ayam yajno vishwasaya bhuvanasya nabhihi.

…………….Atharvaveda (9/15/14)


MEANING: Yajnas are the focal point and substratum of this entire world. Even the divine singer of Bhagwad Geeta i.e. Lord Shri Krishna says:

Sahayajnaha prajaha srishtva purovacha prajapatihi.

Anena prasavishyadhwamesha vostvishtakamadhik.

MEANING: Prajapati Brahma before this Kalpa by creating living beings along with Yajnas said: All of you via this Yajna activity must procreate in order to propagate this world creation. This Yajna shall give you desired materials. Yajna is such an important boon given to entire earth by great deep thinkers called Manishis and Rishis of Indian Culture that it can be accepted as a substratum of rendering aptly balanced the ecosystem (the center of the world’s environment) and which reaps the richest fruits.

Every word of the nectarine literature or Vangmaya written by Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji represent the great import of of the miraculous results of the Prana Energy of the devotee and the sound energy of Super Mantra Gayatri which is the scientific foundation of Gayatri along with Yajnas  which are the 2 pillars of Divine Culture. The tradition of Super Power Gayatri practices which is becoming virtually extinct as time passes by and by placing the root voice of Vedic knowledge that are based on mythology or Puranas as an introduction Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji broke apart only the chain of Yajnas  oriented around Mahatmya (that fulfills only selfish material desires) and instead imbued the psyche of the lay public with the great deep import of Yajnas  performed via the medium of the energy of Super Mantra Gayatri. This verily is a powerful revolution of this modern era. This revolution set rolling by Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji is of a much higher stature than revolutions encompassing opposition regarding Yajnas  being performed only at the Tantrik level (in the Shri Guru Gorakhnath tradition) which was misused a lot by Makhas or Yajna priests. This is because the revolution of our Revered Gurudeva has aided in Gayatri Yajnas being performed in so many households resulting in the world’s atmosphere blooming with a Satyuga or Golden Era like heavenly situations.

While explaining the true meaning of Yajnas Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji says that a true follower of Yajnas renders his entire life and being Yajna manifest. In the Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Shri Krishna says: ‘Yajnarthatkarmanoyatra lokoyam karmabandhanaha’. It means that by living a life based on Yajna precepts if one performs great glorious tasks ones life too becomes supremely great. Apart from these Yajna based actions all other actions reap nothing but bondage to this painful material world since they create obstacles in the way of a living being endeavoring to merge into the divine cosmic soul called Almighty God. The word Yajna must not be looked upon merely as Swaha uttered when sacred materials are offered as Ahuti to the Yajna fire. Making this very clear Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji writes that living a Yajna oriented life encompasses an inner personality that is sanctified thoroughly and blooming with great divine qualities. True worship of God means that a devotee by offering honor and reverence to divine powers dwelling in his psyche endeavors ceaselessly to augment them. The Manu Smriti text says: ‘Mahayajnaishcha yajnaishcha brahmiyam kriyate tanuhu’. It means that those Yajnas are called supremely great wherein a person living a life brimming with divinity and true great Brahmin qualities renders his body, mind and psyche fully sanctified.

Yajna is a very high stature endeavor with the aim of ushering in welfare for oneself and the entire world. By imbibing divinity within the Ahuti of Prana is given in Apan and Ahuti of Apan is given in Prana. Thus this real Yajna encompasses offering the Samidha of life to the Yajna of world society. Lest in our sentiments the will to carry out great world welfare gets conjoined know for sure that this is a true Yajna. Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has given an extraordinary connotation of Yajnas while echoing the root voice of Vedic literature. The word Yajna made from the Dhatu or root word ‘Yaj’ which means worship of divinity, working for world well being selflessly and Sangatikaran which means congregating pious minded people, uniting powers that render the nation and world wholesomely powerful and capable both materially and spiritually.

Amongst the 24 Avatars mentioned in Indian scriptures one of them is Yajna Bhagwan or God. Yajna has been the icon deity of Indian Culture and without it we cannot even imagine executing any daily chore. Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji while elucidating the scientific aspect of Yajnas  says that in order to render the entire world well managed Yajna procedure is so very important. The meaning of satiating and appeasing divine principles encompasses a mutual balance amongst powers that render optimally balanced this world of creatures. Yajna can be called a tax which if not offered to divine powers you get punished just as a mundane tax official punishes you for not shelling out your income tax from your job salary, business profits etc. Divine Powers punish us in the form of natural calamities, fearful world problems etc. Thus the scientific foundation of getting protection from divine punishments is Yajnas.

In this section of the Vangmaya literature penned by Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji the great import of Yajnas  has been proved by him by quoting appropriate examples from great scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Geeta, Ramayan, Shrimad Bhagwat, Mahabharat, Puranas, Guru Granth Sahib etc. Yajnas  are not merely meant for fulfilling mundane desires (wishing to get a job, giving birth to a child, getting your son daughter married etc) but that Yajnas  are for ‘Yajnoyam sarvakamadhuk’. It means that Yajna is the most supreme scientific method for day to day living. After understanding this deeply none should harbor any doubt regarding this Yajna arrangement which is the spine of Indian Culture right since primordial times.





















It is said that the 1st human born in this world learnt how to light fire via the Apauresheya (not uttered by humans but is divine) speech from the 1st Richa of Rigveda that says: ‘Agi midey purohitam’. All forces of nature appeared only later after this in the garb of human beings. In reality it is fire that threw wide open the doors of advancement of modern science and physics. It is hence that fire worship in some form of the other is adhered to by all religious sects and communities.

In this section of the Vangmaya literature Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has in great depth described the Yajna process in its multifaceted form. Yajna is an allround remedial technique. For purying the environment, in order to uproot taints in the subtle world and in order to heal humans at every level that is gross-subtle-causal in nature Yajna methods are put to work. Savita deity worship is the very life force of Super Mantra Gayatri and in what way Ahutis offered to this Savita deity via the united form of one’s Mantra Energy and Yajna Power bestows great benefits on the Hota or Yajna doer is called the technique of Yajna remedy. Right from uprooting taints clouding the soul to chromosomes and genes in the human body’s cells, Yajna methods influence them positively. In it how the Yajna Kunda or pyre by playing the role of a Yantra via the manifestation of gigantic Soma contributes in a big way in the downpouring of mundane rainfall and divine immortal nectar? What is its scientific basis? How does Geometry influence in the amplification of Yajna fire fumes? All this has been described in an in depth manner in this section.

There is a vast difference between ordinary fire (used in cooking, in factory furnaces etc) and Yajna fire. Our Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji by giving birth to a new healing method called Yajnopathy which in future shall come into vogue in all corners of the globe, in reality has rejuvenated the root substratum of Vedic Sciences. Via Yajnas in order to cure disease successfully how is the choice of Samidha (wood to light fire), Shakalya and Mantras made? This entire procedure on its own is an all round compact science. Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji writes that in this human body made by 5 elements earth element predominates and earth element forever absorbs smell/odor from wind. Via Yajnas by using this chief potential of smell principle, via forest herbs growing in soil on earth fulfilling its possible decrease in the body and warding off of distortions is successefuly carried out. By augmenting ozone gas and negatively charged ions Yajna technique in actuality transforms positively the aura surrounding the devotee and Yajna performer. Via blood circulation taking place in the skin and lungs these principles are transported to all bodily parts and organs. Thus the Prana or Vital Force Fire is rendered powerful. This Prana or Vital Force Fire is none other than Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power that continuously increases the immune system (capacity to combat mental and bodily disease attacks) of the devotee. How is Yajna Fire and Prana or Vital Force Fire related to each other? If this is understood clearly we can easily understand the deep import of Yajna Therapy called Yajnopathy. In reality Yajna healing method in the realm of psychological therapy and psychiatric illnesses proves to be the best mode of therapy. Where no medicine under the sun can reach there Yajna’s gaseous energy reaches. There it successfully aids in healing mental distortions and diseases. All these details can be read in this section of the Vangmaya by our respected readers.

Not only for human beings but for the entire world’s ecosystem Yajna remedial therapies can be utilized with great success. Yajna benefits accrue in the form of boons got from demigods, our inner-outer personality getting radiantly sanctified, divinity augmenting in our soul, uprooting of demonic principles in our psyche and rendering the Ionosphere well balanced via downpouring of Prana Energy and rainfall. This can be understood well by studying this section of the Vangmaya minutely. In the Bhagwad Geeta (3/14) Lord Shri Krishna says:

Annadbhavanti bhutani parjanyadannasambhavaha.

Yajnadbhavati parjanyo yajnaha karmasamudbhavaha.

MEANING: All creatures are created from food, food is grown due to rainfall, rainfall occurs from Yajnas and Yajnas are born from scripturally prescribed actions called Vihit Karmas. Hence Lord Krishna further says: Almighty Lord who is all pervasive (omnipresent), supreme and imperishable forever dwells in Yajnas. This aspect of Yajna process has been described in a very profound manner.

Three more topics have been covered extensively in this section of the Vangmaya:

a)      Rendering alive and kicking the activities that appease divine powers via Balivaishwa Yajna methods performed daily.

b)     A very new Deep Yajna method (lighting flame wick lamps) for succeeding in the Thought Revolution that has spread all over the world. Today everywhere it has been accepted as a cosmic form of worship and meditation.

c)      Ashwamedha Yajnas.


Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji keeping in mind the dire needs of today’s modern contemporary times has rendered these 3 topics very easy to imbibe by each and every lay person. Today in innumerable households Balivaishwa Yajna and Deep Yajna method (lighting flame wick lamps) has been imbibed on a war footing. Via Deep Yajna method Sanskar rites (sanctification) also are being carried out. As per the direction of Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji, Ashwamedha Yajnas  in the context of Divine Culture attaining permanent victory the world over, demonic thinking and activities are being uprooted. HH Vandaniya Bhagwati Devi Mataji (holy consort of Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji) hence commenced these in the form of an unprecedented mind boggling effort after a time gap of 2000 years. By milking or tapping solar energy and invoking the energy of the Lord of all lords Mahadeva via chanting of special Mantras for the unity of the nation and rendering it powerful and capable a program of 108 Anushthans had been planned. These were to be completed by the end of the year 2001 AD. Till the time this Vangmaya reaches the hands of respected readers 22 Virat or gigantic Yajnas had been executed in India in which thousands of people participated. In foreign countries 4 such Anushthans had been conducted successfully. The 27th Anushthan in the form of Purnahuti (final phase before completion) is being executed. In this section the scientific nature of the Ashwamedha procedure, its Prayaj-Yaj-Anuyaj and the special details of its 4 legs has been elucidated. Right from Yajna remedial measures at the microcosm (individual) to the macrocosm (the entire world) can be read by our dear respected readers.
















Human consciousness is filled with immense mysterious and innumerable potentials yet world humans are totally ignorant of the depth and potential of consciousness brimming in him. Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya has described this in a major way in literature penned by him. In the year 2006 AD a researcher called Ms Bhavna Dwivedi conducted research on human consciousness under the title: ‘Human consciousness and Yoga Sciences’. Within this she focused on human consciousness in Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s literature and studied it in a scientific investigative manner. This research study was executed under the joint guidance of the Chancellor of Devsanskriti University (Shantikunj-Haridwar-India)-Dr Pranav Pandya and Dr Ishwar Bharadwaj. This entire study was carried out in 8 chapters.

THE 1st CHAPTER IS INTRODUCTION: In this mention of human consciousness in Vedic tradition has been detailed. In Vedas cosmic consciousness is said to reside in humans as human consciousness. This is because the entire cosmos is said to be the Supreme Divine Authority’s desire based form. Hence this Supreme Divine Authority’s is believed to be the substratum of all and it is further proclaimed that that which is moving and unmoving, that in which Prana or vital force is active and in those where it is inactive has been held by thos cosmic authority. Yet despite this Supreme Divine Authority’s residing in all yet it is one only. Upanishads are the gist and essence of Vedas. In it human consciousness is called living being. It is said to be in very close proximity with divine cosmic consciousness or Almighty God. In the Upanishads 4 states of human consciousness has been described. These are the waking, dream deep sleep and Turiya state. In an ordinary human being’s life only 3 states manifest viz. waking, dream deep sleep. The 4th Turiya state is experienced only by some adept Yogi. In the Upanishads human consciousness is said to be veiled by 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) and they are:

a)      Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath

b)     Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath

c)      Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath

d)     Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath

e)      Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath


THE 2ND CHAPTER IS RISHIS AND THINKERS OF THE VEDIC LINEAGE: Over here the philosophic aspect of great Rishis and thinkers of Vedic Era and the radiant glory of Vedic lineage our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s revolutionary Yogi and Era Transformer’s philosophic aspect has been described. Amongst Vedic Rishis are the highly renowned Saptarshis or 7 Rishis called Maharshi Marichi, Maharshi Atri, Maharshi Angira, Maharshi Pulastya, Maharshi Pulah, Maharshi Kritu and Maharshi Vasishtha. Apart from these, details of other Rishis too have been given viz. Maharshi Bhrigu, Nar-Narayan, Yajnavalkya, Devarshi Narad etc. Amongst leading Rishis and thinkers of Vedic tradition are included Maharshi Kapil, Maharshi Markandeya, Maharshi Vishwamitra, Maharshi Vyas, Maharshi Valmiki, Maharshi Shandilya, Maharshi Ashtavakra, Maharshi Patanjali, Maharshi Kanad, Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya etc. In contemporary times amongst Rishis and thinkers are included Rishis Dayanand, Vivekanand, Aurobindo Ghosh, Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and the special tasks executed by them along with their philosophic form has been elucidated.


THE 3rd CHAPTER IS RESEARCH STUDIES ON HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: Here a description of the yearning to research into human consciousness is given, guidance for this, necessary preparations, most required agreement form, philosophy of human consciousness and its scientific basis etc has been elucidated. Truly in research of human consciousness in research studies of human consciousness Jijnasa or a scientific sense of questioning and inquiry. The creators of Indian methodology of Jijnasa were great Rishi-Munis of yore who on deeply realizing the great import of human consciousness has inspired each and everyone of us to harbor Jijnasa or a scientific sense of questioning and inquiry, walk the path of Shreya that accrues wholesome eternall benefits and attain the supreme status of human glorious living. The real reason for this is that for attaining truth nothing greater than Jijnasa exists that aids us to this supreme goal.


THE 4th CHAPTER IS THE INNER JOURNEY OF CONSCIOUSNESS: For the inner journey of consciousness the following are most necessary: The inner infinite vault of energy or Kundalini Shakti, the commencement of the inner journey, journeying from gross to subtle and from there to the causal, journeying from Food Sheath right up to the Bliss Sheath, the 7 centers of consciousness, the Brahmi state (cosmic divine consciousness) etc has been detailed. According to Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji, at the root level the inner journey of consciousness encompasses becoming subtle from gross and then from subtle to subtlest. This has to be done in a stepwise sequential manner. In this the devotee slowly goes beyond the identification with the gross body so as to experience the subtle body. From the subtle he journeys to the causal body. It means after commencing the journey from the Food Sheath one passes by into Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath Intellectual Sheath and finally reaches the Bliss Sheath. It also means that one journeys from the Mooladhar Chakra so as to pierce on the way other Chakras viz. Swadhishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudh and Ajna Chakras. Finally one reaches the Sahasrar Chakra in the Brahmarandhra or brain region. This is the final destination of this inner journey of human consciousness which is called Brahmi state (cosmic divine consciousness).


THE 5th CHAPTER IS A NEW TECHNIQUE FOR THE TOTAL ADVANCEMENT OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: Detailed light has been thrown on the requirements of this modern era, neo creating the ancient for attaining the eternal, an orginal gift for original experience, scientific spirituality and so on. As per the opinion of Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya the all round advancement of human consciousness is the development of his consciousness. It becomes well advanced and potent only a person’Savita inner consciousness develops to great heights of glory. This then must be used and applied selflessly for world well being. In reality advancement of human consciousness is proper development of the psyche/mind. Life’Savita thinking system is called the mind in which the casket of emotions dwells. All the upheavals noted in the psyche are due to the mind only. Further the power that gives inspiration to the activities of the inner world is called the mind. As per the opinion of Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya the all round progress of human consciousness is possible only via rendering high stature our sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. This is that very basis on the basis of which human consciousness cuts asunder the noose of narrow mindedness and selfishness.


THE 6th CHAPTER IS THE VIBHOOTIS OR DIVINE GLORIES OF A HIGHLY ADVANCED OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: A description has been given regarding the meaning of Vibhooti/divine powers and its attainment, adept Yogis possessing these Vibhooti/divine powers as mentioned in Puranas and annals of world history, Vibhooti/divine powers of the Ashtang Yoga steps encompassing Yama/Niyam/Asan/Pranayam/Pratyahar, Vibhooti/divine powers attained by controlling the senses and mind and other such Yogic powers. In this chapter the philosophic aspect of Vibhooti/divine powers along with its scientific basis too has been clarified.


THE 7th CHAPTER IS POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS: A description has been given regarding the dire need of positive transformation in a most required manner, the manifestation of divine cosmic consciousness, the commencement of this transformation, the process of transformation of various realms of human consciousness, the  positively transformed human consciousness  etc. Human existence is a combined creation of Conscious Purusha (Almighty God) and inert nature called Prakriti. Vedic Rishis believe that human existence by rendering its inner and outer nature (environment) sanctified in a pollution free manner can highly advance and uplift its consciousness. In contemporary modern times this nature of mankind is very impure. As per Vedic standpoint any type of impurity entering this aspect renders man anguished and unhappy. Hence for overcoming this sadness it is most required that human consciousness is positively transformed and this gets good help from manifestation of divine cosmic consciousness in human consciousness. When human consciousness merges and becomes one with divine cosmic consciousness man reaches a very extraordinary special state. In Yoga literature this state is called Jivanmukti (liberated while yet alive), Sthitaprajna in Bhagwad Geeta scripture, Trigunatit etc. In Buddhist Religion people having attained this stupendous state are called Tathagat. This is said to be the utmost advanced state of consciousness.


THE 8th CHAPTER IS EPILOGUE OR GIST OF THE ENTIRE RESEARCH STUDY: A description has been given regarding the gist of all the above chapters along with all most required questions pertaining to human consciousness and apt solutions to these also has been included. As per the opinion of Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya the foremost and most important problem encompasses the fact that world humanity is blissfully unaware of his own consciousness. The solution for this problem involves deep and all round study of human consciousness. It must then be conjoined to other branches of modern science as a result of which world public gets freed from the shackles of delusion and blind beliefs. Thus the super advancement of world society can be achieved with fair ease. The spiritual principle put forth by Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya proven scientifically shall definitely showcase before the world very optimal satisfactory solutions for problems discussed so far.









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