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Almighty God possesses infinite energies. Some of these are conducive for us and others work against us. God has created lions, tigers etc and cows and horses too. In this world no doubt lions and tigers are useful but for mankind they are dangerous. Amongst hundreds of species of birds/animals the cow reigns supreme from the utility value standpoint. God has created trees, herbs too but many of them are poisonous, thorny etc that prove to be dire for us. Fruits, grains, flowers, herbs etc no doubt are useful for world humans and with due caution they are grown and used.

Amongst innumerable invisible divine powers of God many are such that are not useful for us. Such forces include earthquakes, lightning, explosions, wars, epidemics, famine, flooding, fire, infernos, destruction etc and although they appear to be useful to the world in general yet for man these are sources of harassment and strife. For human beings only those divine energies are useful which augment their joy and peace. The sun too is an infinite vault of various forces. After analyzing its rays, scientists have unearthed ‘death rays’ that can kill all of humanity. Further they have discovered other forces like ultraviolet rays, alpha violet, X rays, infrared rays etc which helps patients attacked with deadly diseases get a new lease of life.

Whatever one sees in this world is not necessarily meant for our well being. We need to find materials that benefit us, we need to identify them and with due effort by attaining it in greater measure, we can use it and only then are we capable of getting bliss from innumerable beneficial materials owned by Almighty God. In order to attain cow, horses, grains, fruits, herbs, cotton, mineral ores, metals, precious jewels etc man by putting in hard labor has got the right to own joyous comforts. Ere man had ignored all this or had got entangled in dangerous things he would have reaped only losses, sorrow, ill fate, strife and destruction.

This world is partitioned into a gross and subtle form. Gross materials are those which are visible to our eyes. Subtle are those which although invisible to our eyes yet they definitely exist. Heat, cold, wind, ether, electricity, atoms, germs, radio waves despite being invisible to our eyes yet exist something similar to the visible. When death occurs the soul leaves the body yet in its invisible form it continues to exist.

God possesses many invisible energy streams which have been witnessed and understood by scientific teachers of Yoga and Spiritual Science via their subtle divine vision. And on the basis the basis of characteristics they have been named. They are also called demigods. God’s Wealth Energy is called Lakshmi, Intellectual Energy is called Saraswati, War Fighting Energy is called Durga, Creative Energy is called Brahma, Nourishing Energy is called Vishnu, Destructive Energy is called Shiva, Mental and Bodily Energy is called Hanuman, Success Energy is called Ganesh and Governing Energy is called Indra. We must contact and build a bond with whatever that is beneficial and worth imbibing for us. Further by rendering these energy centers are rendered closer for our benefit and the method of doing so is called worship of God.

Just amongst animals the cow, Ganga amongst rivers and Tulsi leaves amongst herbs is especially beneficial to us so too amongst hidden divine powers of God Super Energy Gayatri is most useful for the human species. Gayatri is that wisdom based invisible consciousness which predominates with sacredness, peace and bliss. Gayatri is called Tripada or 3 legged. ‘Hrim’ means wisdom, intellect, discrimination, love, self control and pious behavior. ‘Shrim’ means wealth, grandeur, status, position, sense enjoyment and glory. ‘Klim’ means health, strength, daring, enterprise, effort and aura. Thus Gayatri is a 3 fold divine energy possessing these 3 special characteristics. Since all these 3 principles are very useful and most required by mankind, hence Rishis proclaimed Gayatri worship/meditation to be such a needed daily chore which is comparable to our ceaseless breathing, eating food, drinking water, passing stools and urine and going to sleep daily. Via these functions the body gets protection and grows aptly. Similarly due to Gayatri Meditation soul power is protected and undergoes augmenting too.

If our body is well nourished, full of strength, alert, healthy and powerful then in return for this bodily might many benefits can accrue. Bodily strength gives us benefits like trampling vile enemies, earning lots of wealth via hard work, traveling to far off places, getting protection from diseases, living a long life, attaining beauty and handsomeness, enjoying a lot of sense pleasures, living independently devoid of outside help etc. How important are these benefits? This can be gauged by one who is faced by ill health and who daily as a result gets attacked by bodily pain, worry, losses, failure, ill fated despair and sorrow. Soul force is even more potent than bodily strength and the former’s benefits are unlimited. All joys-sorrows in human life encompass those that are mental (3/4th) and physical (1/4th). Joys pertaining to women, son, friend, strength, fame, status, position, leadership, grandeur etc are mental in nature. The body does not accrue any visible benefits from all these. In the same way sorrow pertaining to strife, separation, loss, fear, worry, desire, insult, defeat, failure etc too are mental in form. Despite the body being fit and healthy these diseases can remain in the mind. Since soul strength augments mental joys augment and sorrow decreases. As a result a person who augments soul power via Gayatri practices after easily getting liberated from sorrow heads fast towards joy and peace.

With the help of gross things other gross objects can be caught. Everyone knows that we can catch hold of a pen with our hands, wear shoes using our feet, picking fiery coal with tongs and buying materials with cash but yet very few people know how, via what can invisible powers/energies be ‘caught’ and be made use of appropriately for our benefit. Well before scientific discoveries and inventions were made, powers like electricity, steam, gas, atom already existed yet previous to this people were unaware how to tap them and make apt use of it. Thus at that time no benefits accrued. It is not as though scientists have created new energies. In fact they have only discovered and invented ways of benefitting from them. The result is that because of these scientific discoveries and inventions the entire world gets benefits today. Since divine energies are subtler than steam, gas, electricity etc cannot be ‘caught’ by technology/machines yet there are such methods via which they can be imbibed and benefitted from. Spiritual Sciences and Yoga methods are such scientific techniques which were discovered by our revered ancestors after researching into them for eras together with the help of terrific penance.

Great Rishis saw that subtle energies belong to that class which is the class of our soul. Hence the soul itself must be molded in a particular situation that is conducive for these divine energies. In this manner since between them a mutual bond of magnetic attraction gets created ‘catching’ or imbibing is possible. For thousands of years innumerable Rishi-scientists in the field of Soul Sciences along with intense efforts and austerities continued researching regarding this and ultimately they tasted sweet success. They unearthed those methods on the basis of which our inner existence is molded with such capabilities and specialties that if we wish to create a bond with a particular divine energy one becomes at first compatible with it so that via our magnetism we can catch and imbibe it. Hard wax can never mix with oil but if this wax is melted using fire, it shall immediately mix with oil. In the same way divine subtle energies ordinarily are not attained by everybody yet if via spiritual practices/penance the inner psyche and soul are ‘melted’ this divine energy can be imbibed. This methodology and technique in spiritual terminology is called Sadhana or spiritual practice.

On the basis of Super Science Yoga till now innumerable people have created the self capable of attaining desired energies of Almighty God. In ancient history and Puranas or mythology varied descriptions can be found which seems to say that via various demigods and methods of spiritual practice many people have attained many types of boons. This means that these people via spiritual penance rendered their inner consciousness so capable that they could latch on to desired godly energies and benefit from them. Gayatri practice is that scientific technique via which by imbibing and attracting the combined energies of God called Hrim, Shrim, Klim or wisdom, grandeur and strength can gather the same within and on its basis one can enjoy many psychic and material joys.

A superficial outlook may say that Gayatri spiritual practices appear like ordinary actions and it cannot be understood how one can benefit from them. But when super results of these are noted we perforce say that verily there is validity in these practices. The 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri have been interwoven in such a way that via its chanting, the nerves of our tongue, face, throat and palate start function in such a manner that small Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) present in various parts of our body get activated. Just as for Kundalini Shakti awakening by activating the 6 Chakras divine energies are attained, similarly by merely chanting Gayatri Mantra these small glands on awakening showcase very great results.

Which type of hidden glands is present in which area of the body? Via chanting of which alphabets of Gayatri, which glands get activated? After these gland oriented Chakras awaken, which bodily and mental energies are attained? Of course all this cannot be described here but we can say that great Rishis of yore have very mysteriously interwoven these 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra. Via its focused chanting, such a subtle function commences in the body that very easily our inner psyche recesses imbibes so much magnetic force that easily God’s Super Energy Gayatri can be imbibed in great measure.

Right since commencement of world creation till date, innumerable psychically powerful saints have executed Gayatri spiritual practices. Psychologists and psychiatrists know well that great soul powered saints possess so much will power for such a great length of time. This is because Gayatri Mantra due to its previously amassed spiritual wealth has become so much more potent. Thoughts never get destroyed because their clouds roam about in the sky. Whenever these thought clouds see intense thoughts of its own kind, there they burst forth and pour down like rain. It is thus that both good and vile thoughts gain momentum in an invisible manner. Thought clouds of previous great Gayatri devotees rain down on new Gayatri devotees and thus the latter taste success very speedily.

In various radio stations every moment various programs are broadcasted. But these programs are heard only if a radio is present there. Further within the radio only a certain program can heard on that radio station on which the needle is pointing to. Infinite energies of Almighty God by getting spread out from many centers are rendered cosmic and all pervasive yet only that person can imbibe it who via spiritual practices has converted his psyche into a ‘radio’. When we execute a particular spiritual practice in order to attain a particular divine energy it is akin to adjusting and tuning the radio needle to a particular station. Via this methodology we can attain required energies and spiritual grandeur from God’s Super Energy Ocean and untold spiritual wealth. In Almighty God’s imperishable divine vault there no dearth of just about anything. Man who is the immortal prince of God has all the right over every material of his father (God). The requirement only is that we prove our great credentials. Via our efforts, hard labor, penance and spiritual endeavor we must prove that we are rightful heirs of desired things. Thus there is no reason why we cannot get satisfactory joy and peace.

Gayatri practice based on concrete, scientific method of Spiritual Super Science is a very important technique. If with faith and trust it is tested, the results shall be full of hope.






On the basis of spiritual practice/meditation for a very long time span, very difficult austerities, profound research and due mental cogitation/reflection Indians have given the world in the form of a great gift of Psychology Science which if used methodically man benefits personally and can also contribute immensely towards world welfare. Before understanding the scientific nature of Mantra Science we must understand some basic facts. It is well known that this cosmos is round. Even the sun, earth, moon etc are round in shape. Those objects that rotate, revolve or roll become round. Stones in rivers become round because they flow with river water and while undergoing friction they take an oval or egg shape form. Apart from this for those objects that rotate it is necessary that they remain round. Wheels of cars etc can rotate smoothly since they are round shaped. Ere these wheels were square shaped they would not rotate easily. This too is a fact that because of long time rotator movement objects become round. Large rocks from mountains on breaking up enter as smaller pieces into the river flow and due to the pressure of flow they roll. Due to this rolling they become round shaped. More small pieces are seen as sand yet in shape they too are round. The result of rolling/rotating shall always be a round shape of that object.

Since an admixture of roundness and speed/movement takes place, a cycle ensues. The wheel of a car rotates and moves ahead and after moving forward the wheel ultimately reaches its original spot from where it had commenced rotating. If this movement continues ceaselessly the material returns to its original place and this cycle of moving forward and reaching its original starting point goes on and on. On this very basis stars, planets etc create their elliptical path and keep revolving in it. Within atoms units like electrons etc that are at work keep revolving akin to stars etc on their own axis and path. The same holds true for sound wave vibrations. From whichever fount it manifests they move ahead with great speed but ultimately this running is in a path that is round or cyclical in shape and then by journeying in beautiful interstellar space, return to their original spot. Again they move ahead and again they return to their original place. The journey of sound vibrations too goes on as per this cycle. They no doubt influence others yet its greatest influence is on itself because every travel cycle of theirs influences its root fount for a very long time span.

It has already been said that the influence of Mantra chanting has a definite scientific foundation. It can also be called a science. Mantra Science has 2 foundation stones. One is soul based and second is material. The combination of both these creates the basis of Mantra chanting technique. The spiritual aspect of Mantra Science is that wherein the devotee’s character and sentiments get sanctified. Thus the inner personality radiates greatly and such a terrific fount of divine energy sprouts forth from inner consciousness that can be used in any direction and for any purpose. Via the wealth of a sanctified inner personality various divine glories are attained in the soul arena. Even if glories manifest in a personality that is not sanctified yet no benefits accrue. Just as milk curdles if poured in a dirty vessel, similarly glories appearing in an uncultured personality devoid of sacredness are rendered useless and a failure. Lest wealth of glories manifested and imbibed by a sanctified personality is used for material goals the result shall be that combine success is attained and if the same is used for spiritual goals, soul attainments rush towards the inner personality from all directions of the cosmos so as to glorify it.

Bang opposite to this tainted lowly personalities get kicked at every step in life and akin to demeaned poor people stare at failure. They neither get a chance to taste material success nor is it possible for them to surge ahead on the spiritual path. Mentally powerful people like Napoleon, Alexander etc who attained historic mundane success simply because of their powerful inner personalities. In the spiritual arena all those who have tasted noteworthy success did so because at its root was a sanctified inner consciousness and potent personality.

Not only is it required but that it is most imperative for those who tread the path of spiritual practice/penance that by imbibing required self discipline in their bodily and psychic arena while focusing those energies that get destroyed due to scattering, become powerful. The 2nd aspect of advancement of the inner personality is that while rendering qualities, actions and character more and more high stature, gives them a chance to aptly develop and nourish various divine energies dwelling in the gross, subtle and causal bodies. While marching ahead using combined steps of self control and focus a person walking the path of soul progress step by step attains a very advanced inner personality and on its basis in the direction of soul uplifting, attains zestful and enthusiasm augmenting success. The spiritual basis of success of Mantra spiritual practice is that to the extent the personality becomes sacred the more inner consciousness advances further to that extent the result of Mantra spiritual practice shall reap benefits.

The mundane aspect of Mantra chanting is directly related to its management in the form of its sound message, tone usage, mode of worship and stature of worship materials. When a correct basis of these is formed the requirement of 2nd basis of soul progress gets fulfilled which by raising the stature of inner consciousness bestows multifaceted successes in the material arena. Merely for self satisfaction knowledge and path of devotion are enough. Lest the spiritual philosophy of Divine Sciences and Vedanta are imbibed on the basis of scriptural studies, association with self realized saints and deep mental reflection the state of soul wisdom or Self Realization emerges and the light of knowledge and dispassion can be noted in the deeper recesses of the soul. Aphorisms of ‘Aham Brahmasi’, ‘Soham’ and ‘Shivoham’ found in Vedanta spiritual practices fulfills the goal of Self Realization. It is used to manifest divine wisdom in the soul.

In the same way in Yoga of Devotion by advancing the element of divine love one tastes divine bliss and ecstasy. Whenever we surrender ourselves to someone, or we render someone our very own a natural bond of attraction ensues and while imbibing this attraction ecstatic bliss is experienced. This is what happens in day to day life. We love our wealth a lot. Why? The only reason is that we have built a bond of ‘mine’ with it. We adore our body, family, fame, grandeur and power because all this belongs to ‘me’. This sense of attachment is more towards wife and children and hence they are more loved by us. Whenever we withdraw our attachment and sense of ‘mine’ with objects or people, they induce dislike in us even if from the stature standpoint they are great. Bang opposite to this the more an object or person is tied with the thread of ‘mine’ will appear adorable even if they are lowly and despicable in actuality. What is the reason behind this? Why do we like a particular object or person? If this is analyzed deeply we can conclude that in this world there is no principle akin to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. In fact these are but reactions of a sense of ‘mine’ or ‘alien’.

Ere this love and sense of mine awakens towards Almighty God, know that this too is a basis of Mantra practice. Via the medium of Japa or Mantra chanting again and again one’s beloved God is remembered and thus a sense of belonging to him is elicited. It is well known that God is supremely great, is an infinite vault of all great qualities and the root center of the soul or Atman. If a bond of love is established with him, definitely divine principles shall augment substantially in our psyche. It is very natural to stave off cold and experience warmth by sitting near fire. Via Mantra worship within the inner soul love for God can be developed in the same way as nourishing bodily muscles with the help of various apparatus in a gymnasium.

The facile nature of Yoga of Wisdom and Devotion is that without any special worship ritual or rite, they can be advanced using only very minor basic rituals. In it very miniscule external paraphernalia is required. Despite it being straightforward these 2 remain limited to a certain periphery. Self realized saints or Jnanis and Bhakta or devotee saints are immersed in the bliss of their soul and this is the reason why they benefit only personally. The benefits of their spiritual practice develop an influence only within their individual periphery that includes heaven, salvation or Mukti and Self Realization.

The arena of Mantra practice and worship is biggest amongst all. Its boundary is more beneficially expanded because it is a technique of Karma Yoga. It is well known that Yoga of action is called more supreme and extremely useful. Mantra devotion/worship is one of its techniques. In its action-reaction both mundane and spiritual principles in equal measure are embedded. Yoga practice of sentimental advancement and austerities for character building via sanctification are meant to radiate man’s inner personality. This is purely its spiritual aspect. The 2nd aspect is mundane whose sound and tone are such that can be called the reaction of bodily parts made from 5 elements. Sound at its root is material in nature. Soul power is used to plod, push and create an effect in it but sound itself is measured via material apparatus manifesting from mundane movements. Tone too is a type of sound in a certain way. Both can be enumerated in the boundaries of modern material science only. Materials used in worship methods clearly are mundane. These include image of deity, worship materials, sandalwood, agar, rice, water, fire ritual materials etc. Place of spiritual practice and food items are but created from mundane materials.

In means used for Mantra practices the sentimental state of the devotee can be said to be Adhi Adhyatmik (spiritual) and Adhi Bhautik (material). Even from the result standpoint it influences both arenas. Due to this it is definite that the devotee’s soul power shall augment. In the same way in the individual’s life both areas viz. external and internal get influenced by Mantra chanting.

The results of Mantra Science help in solving people’s problematic state and further, augment potentials of progress. With its aid so many people facing hardships and turmoil can be helped. Similarly these methods also possess the capability of influencing positively nature, materials, situations and the environment. Via energy emanating from Mantra chanting, movements of subtle world can be rendered greatly useful and conducive for the gross visible world.

By itself for aspirants of spiritual advancement methodologies based on various types of Mantras have been designed. A devotee can choose any of these based on his/her state and ease of accessing. Yet for this the guidance of an experienced Self Realized Master or Guru is must. Within these practices many do’s and don’ts have to be followed strictly. But Super Mantra is an exception wherein anyone can chant it. In its chanting there are no complex and unattainable laws as obstructions. Keeping in mind regularity, sanctity and purity of heart those who meditate on this Mantra benefit based on their faith and steadfast devotion. Hence Super Mantra Gayatri is called a very important technique/method for soul progress. Ere its meditation/worship is executed methodically, with deep faith in a regular manner those very results can accrue which are attained by following disciplinary rules of other types of Mantra chanting.







In Yoga Vashishtha (6/1/81/39) text while throwing light on Mantra Energy it is written:

Yathavireka kurvanti haritamya swabhavataha.

Bhavanavashataha karya tatha paralvadayaha.

MEANING: O Rama! Just as by eating yellow myrobalan the digestion system functions more quickly and thus diarrhea ensues, in the same way Mantra chanting with steadfastness and powerful sentiments influences the body at a momentous pace.

The author of Ramayana has said: Mantra param laghu jasuvas vidhi harihar sur sarva. Within these descriptions are only science is at work. It is just not mere imagination or faith. In Kadimbini (1967, Page 18) Revered Govind Shastri has given the description of such a Mantra which was chanted by placing the hands in a copper plate. The water previously filled in the plate would now slowly turn yellow and the patient’s disease got cured. Even today in Indian villages snake and scorpion bites are treated with Mantra Energy and this proves to be much more successful than modern day medical therapy.

This energy embedded in Mantras in reality is but the miracle of divine energy of sound. The visible form of Mantras is sound. If one word is chanted in a stepwise fashion, tunefully and with proper rhythm in poetic meter ceaselessly, a cyclic movement is created. If after tying a piece of stone to a rope the latter is rotated in all directions 2 results ensue. First it shall be seen as a round circumference/zone. The local form of the rope and stone by changing its form gets transformed into a mobile wheel which is a visible miracle. The 2nd result shall be that due to this circular movement an extraordinary energy manifests. If we attack someone with this small stone tied to this fast moving rope may well end that person’s life. In the same way if this stone is thrown, akin to an arrow it shall whiz away to a very long far off distance. This is exactly what happens with Mantra Japa or chanting. If a certain set of words are repeated again and again in uniformity, in one tone and rhythmically sound waves/vibrations emerge that are very beneficial. Since these words as a result of ceaseless chanting move circularly, the result is that both in the inner psyche of the devotee and in the external cosmos an extraordinary energy stream commences flowing. Thus the result of this can only be called miracles of Mantra chanting.

The energy of word or sound can be understood in a different way too. Suppose a child has never encountered a lion, is not aware of the characteristics and nature of a lion yet if it even hears the roaring of a lion the child shall shiver in fright. Similarly on hearing the sweet singing of the cuckoo people smile happily. Now this is merely a very gross influence of sound on the inner body. But just as when you continuously churn curd butter emerges from it, similarly if sound beyond the realm of gross ears along with intense sentiments is echoed it manifests such a mobile energy from bodily Chakras (subtle plexus), endocrine glands, nerve networks etc that it helps a diseased person regain sound health, can make someone conducive to you and it can be used for Maran (killing someone using Mantras via Tantra methods), Mohan (casting spell on others for fascination towards oneself), Ucchatan (creating distraction in others psyche) etc. This energy’s Tantrik portion is Kritya and Ghat. But of course all these negative harmful energies are totally ignored by Gayatri Mantra which is used only for one’s own and others well being. But people following the Vam Marga of Tantra make full use of such harmful black powers. They do so even if it means hell like agony descends on them.

The basis by which Gayatri Mantra reigns supreme is the special nature of word designing embedded in it. Due to unfolding of this research Rajarshi Vishwamitra was immediately raised to the stature of Brahmarshi. It is it be understood that the power of Rajarshis is comparable to those of kings-emperors. Similarly the authority of power of Brahmarshi is compared to Brahman or Almighty God. This could mean that such a one has the capability of being the lord and creator of this world.

The fact that a Mantra possesses so much energy can be a topic of wonder yet it cannot be said to be untrue. A miniscule form of use of ‘Mobile Energy’ belonging to words in India’s Mantra Science can be said to be ‘Ultra Sound’ which modern day physicists have unveiled and it is used in various medical therapies and tests. This can be called a super revolution in the world of medicine.

An incident has been described in a magazine called ‘Achievements of Physical Rehabilitation’ wherein a woman’s fingers were attacked by paralysis in such a way that her fingers couldn’t move at all. Yet when ultra sound therapy was administered on her fingers they were cured and she could also tie strings of her shoes properly.

27 patients in ‘Solpetri Hospital’, Paris, suffering from incurable diseases were cured using ultra sound healing techniques. A person burnt by fire got admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York because his fingers started melting due to fire exposure. There was no option but to chop off these fingers. Yet doctors first gave him ultra sound therapy and lo behold! This patient got totally cured. The only difference between ultra sound waves and Mantra energy is that the electrical energy of Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) renders Mantra sound waves capable enough to pierce Chakras even in the very difficult situation of a disease whereas in the ultra sound waves of a machine is given this capability by electrical energy. Via this ultra sound machine or transducer ordinarily this power can be augmented from 20 thousand cycles per sec to 8 million and 10 million cycles per sec.

That arena of sound which can be heard by our ears is very miniscule. Human ears can hear only those sound vibrations very easily that vibrate at 20 to 20000 per sec. but meditation vibrations can either be very less or very more powerful than these. These are called ‘unheard’ sounds. Of course this certainly does not lessen its potency whereas the bare reality is that these unheard sound vibrations beyond the ken of human ears are infinitely more powerful. With the help of ‘Supersonic radio meter’ infinite sound wave streams flowing in interstellar space can be heard. Within Mantra practices these unheard sounds are created in another way and they influence their arena extraordinarily.

Modern science has accepted unheard sound as an energy that possesses great influencing capacity and hence has made arrangements to execute many important tasks with its aid. Now a days it is being used to accurately measure thickness, depth of things and gauging positive negative qualities of metals. Many industries use the energy of sound waves in processes like production of carbon black, washing clothes, chemical admixing, pounding things, powdering things, drying wet substances, molding metals in casts and in production of plastic threads. So many business institutions like Iowa State College, Ultra Sonic Corporation, B F Goodrich Co etc have designed such machines and technology in which the power of unheard sound waves is made use of and important benefits thus are accrued.

Preparations in full swing are being made to convert sound waves tapped from space into energy. It can then be transformed into heat, light, magnetism and electricity so that on this basis we can get hold of a cheap and widespread fount of fuel. Sound waves reach our brain via our ears and thus we can hear sound. In order to give benefit of hearing by sending sound waves to the brain via the eyes to deaf people whose ear membrane is damaged, certain scientific techniques are being developed which may soon reap success. Similarly blind, deaf, dumb people shall henceforth be able to carry out sense organ functions via other healthy bodily openings. Today radar technology, by tapping sound wave flows is gathering very important information.

Even in Mantras it is the form of sound energy that is at work whose method of usage has been unearthed by Maharshis of yore in their own way. Despite so much importance being attached to Mantra Energy not everybody with its aid can accrue benefits. This question off and on arises and thus doubts and suspicions emerge regarding Mantra Energy. There is no other reason but the fact as to whether one’s psyche is deep or superficial. In order to render sentiments embedded in Mantras more potent one requires a sanctified and capable inner personality. When this is not attained Mantras fail to exhibit their prowess and power. Thus no special benefits accrue. The task of raising high the stature of our personality commences from truthful speech, straightforwardness and sweetness and it pervades every action in our day to day living. Just as light rays cannot influence a mirror that is covered with thick dust similarly light of Mantra targeting a tainted psyche can only start cleaning the taints. Lest the direction of life of a person finds out its taints and in its place reinstates great glorious qualities then even this sanctification via Mantras has its own deep import. Thus in such a situation one quickly sees a positive influence of Mantra chanting but if one persists in showering taints and distortions on the psyche via erroneous eating/drinking habits, unethical living and insulting behavior towards others, no influential result can be noted even if you chant millions of Mantras ceaselessly.

Ultra sound that emerges from chanting Super Mantra Gayatri oozes with the power of vibrating the atoms of the atmosphere in a big way. Anyone can accrue benefits of infinite energy of this Super Mantra yet the condition is that the devotee must follow those teachings and behavior embedded in every alphabet of the Mantra. Without following these glorious ideals, the doors of noteworthy success shall remain shut tightly.

In this world that appears beautiful and sweet the contribution of sound is extraordinary. Knowing this, people are immersed in expanding this energy of sound and use it as per their desire. Thousands of national and international radio stations are involved in broadcasting. This very goal is being fulfilled by millions of newspapers being published daily. Thousands of workers involved in printing, publishing and selling of literature are zealously trying to fulfill this need of human community. Telegraph, telephone, post office, cinema, gramophone, computers and internet too are following in this direction. Schools too are there for this purpose. Human race is well aware of the ‘knowledge augmenting’ benefits attained via sound. Thus a lot of benefits are got. No doubt its misuse and tainted results too are no less. Human downfall and sentiments of hatred towards each other are the result of misuse of sound and speech.

So far what we have done is giving readers gross and surface information of sound energy. Its subtle information says that sound by itself is an energy full of potentials of high stature. Just as via the medium of electricity, steam, atom, dynamite etc forces of varying stature emerge similarly sound too is a very important fount of a certain type of energy. Its use is not just for knowledge but also for scientific purposes.

The subtle influences of sound energy are much more important. A lot of research the world over is being conducted on the mind boggling influence of special type of sound/words on bodily centers. The data and conclusions from such experimentation can only astound us all. In Holland and Denmark those who rear animals use a special type of musical tone while milking animals. They have readied gramophone records of musical tunes that positively influence the animal’s body. When they play this record the nerve centers of animals get activated optimally and thus milk glands emit more milk. Specialists of snake sciences by playing the lute/harp induce poisonous snakes to come out from their holes and when the snakes are blissfully immersed in hearing the harp music, the snake charmers catch them. In ancient times poachers would play the harp into order to trap and catch deer. When on listening to enchanting music the deer forgot to leap and jump about and would stand mesmerized due to this sweet musical tune, the wicked poachers would catch them.

Even today in villages of India for overcoming venomous pustules and difficult diseases like being attacked evil spirits/ghosts, by placing a copper plate on a pot placed upside down and with the help of a stick they play a strange musical tune. These results verily are quite amazing. Pustules of tuberculosis tumor like goiter have been cured by these methods. People bitten by terribly poisonous snakes have been seen cured. One branch of insanity diseases is ghosts and evil spirits attacking the human body. Those attacked by ghosts undergoing the above therapy benefit amazingly. Psychologists and psychiatrists of USA are known to help insomnia patients get sleep by playing light musical tunes. Special musical therapies have been discovered for curing harsh diseases related to muscle nerve fibers. For the mental and nervous system development of the fetus in its mother’s womb scientists have designed therapies using musical instruments that the pregnant mother is asked to hear and very positive results have been witnessed.

In ancient India, Ragas (musical tunes) like Deepak, Megh Malhar were in vogue. It is said that on playing the Deepak Raga doused flame lamps got relit on their own and on singing or playing Raga Megh Malhar on a musical instrument, rain clouds in arid regions would gather in the sky. Mantra Philosophy is but the highly developed form of this science. Indian scientific Rishis of yore had executed profound studies and experiments on Sound science from this very standpoint. Hermitages built by them in thick forests were but scientific laboratories in a certain sense. In them Mantra Sciences were discovered/researched into to unearth that if a group of network of words, with a particular mode of chanting various Mantras, in a particular sentimental state, via which person and if used in a particular way, what results would accrue?

Words are uttered by the mouth. The tongue predominates in the mouth. Hence at a gross level it is believed it is the tongue that speaks. Yet the reality is that via the gigantic functioning of throat, lips, tongue, palate, teeth and inner parts of the mouth special words are uttered. In Maharshi Panini’s Vyakaran or grammar notes have been given regarding places of alphabets. The sound that emerges from the mixed process form of the functioning of these mouth parts manifests in the external world so as to imbibe the form of ‘word’. The ears hear these words and the brain imbibes them. These words after merging into ether principle not only pervade from one end of the earth to the other but that it spreads out into the entire cosmos. No doubt they are heard for a very short while yet they continue to exist for eternity.

Whichever word/sound comes out of our mouth reaches from one land to another within seconds. In order for them to reach the moon and nearby planets it takes a few minutes. While going beyond the 9 planets of our solar system, it takes a few hours for sound to reach there. Just as our sun along with 9 planets and their 47 satellites moves around, similarly 2,500,000 stars are conjoined to our Spiral Galaxy. In this ‘bed sheet’ of Spiral Galaxy 2,500,000 stars akin to our sun are shining. Again in the entire cosmos this Spiral Galaxy is very miniscule. Billions of such galaxies are jumping and dancing about in this cosmos and in each of them akin to our Spiral Galaxy millions of suns and billions of planets/satellites are conjoined. Ether principle pervades all these. Today the words uttered by our mouth for millions of years akin to waves flowing in the sea march ahead and after a long time span in future on the basis of the ‘Spherical Law’ come back to the original place from where these words were uttered. These words may go to extremely far off regions yet its existence in a subtle manner can be noted everywhere. They can be ‘caught’ or tapped via special methods. Today such experiments are being conducted wherein it shall be made possible in future to see with our eyes incidences that took place in Mahabharat thousands of years back and within it hear Lord Krishna’s Bhagwad Geeta with our own ears. There is a very high possibility that modern material science shall become so much more advanced that it shall gain the capacity to again see incidences of very ancient times at present and hear very old time sounds and words today. In this particular book written so as to cogitate over the weaving of the words of Super Mantra Gayatri it is enough to learn that words should not be looked upon as ordinary entities because in the external world its movements are very powerful and wondrous.

The effect of sound on the inner recesses of the psyche is that much more mind boggling. It is not as though once a word uttered by the mouth merely moves about in the external world. Its half energy goes outside and the remaining half roams about within the body. Half the energy of words uttered radiates in the external world and the other half commences a powerful process within the body. After the trigger of a gun is pulled no doubt the bullet whizzes ahead to reach the target yet the gun too is known to jerk backwards. Hence those who use guns properly place it near the bosom else it can harm the heart or shoulder of the gun user. Uttering of words too is something like using a rifle. It is not as though it merely influences space because reactions are seen in very nearby places too like the inner region of the body. After subtly studying this reaction spiritual seers called Rishis unfolded the Science of Mantras. They discovered as to which type of words, in which manner, with which emotions and in which condition if uttered give what type of results in the microcosm (individuals) and macrocosm (external world). On the very foundation of this scientific achievement the well managed cast of Mantra Science was designed.

About a few years back an International Industrial Exhibition was organized in Delhi-India. In an American stall set up there such a rail was seen whose machinery worked on the basis of radio communication system. When the exhibitor of the stall uttered certain words, sound waves got emitted. Due to the influence of these very sound waves the rail would move, run, turn and stop standstill too. The exhibitor explained to the audience gathered there that word/sound by itself, is a potent energy. Just as with the help of steam, oil and electricity rails are known to function similarly rails using technology of radio communication can be made to move about.

In the year 1923 AD under the aegis of German Science Congress such machines of human form were designed that appeared very much like human beings. They truly seemed like army soldiers when they walked, ran, stood up, sat down and turned in various directions. Not only this, they could also give correct answers to certain questions asked. They could use guns very efficiently while aiming targets. Of course all this was done by them when the director uttered certain words. In Berlin’s Science Exhibition these human machines were showcased to the lay public and they were told that words have that capacity wherein these human machines or robots could be made to work as per one’s wishes.

Rishis had unveiled sound energy at a very high level and they found that this super fount of power can be applied for world welfare tasks. Hence for thousands of years they tirelessly researched into this and amongst their attainments mankind benefitted a lot. Today the manner in which via various technology one gets various apparatus of joyous comforts similarly in ancient eras via Mantras all that was attained which was required for human peace, happiness, development and all round prosperity.

In ancient times divine weapons were used on the basis of Mantra Power. Ancient weapons like Agneyastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra, Nagpash etc were not like today’s modern rifles, gas shells etc. in fact their power and specialties were much more than the most potent weapon of today’s times. Using a Kritya of ancient times one could kill people in far off regions while seated at home using Mantra chanting power. By using Mantra energy through the medium of Yajnas (fire rituals) one could induce a lot of rain and harvest huge crops of various food items. With its aid bodily and psychic diseases were cured. Soul advancement manifested manifold. A body that had attained Sidhis like divine vision, hearing subtle sounds etc would itself become a very important scientific machine. That science on the basis of which our glory and fame in ancient times had augmented leaps and bounds was Mantra Energy.

Today we have forgotten this ancient science and akin to a serpent devoid of jewel shining on its scalp we have been relegated into a demeaned state. In this auspicious hour of neo awakening we must again unfold this root fount so as to attain it. That root fount is one viz. word or sound. Scriptures say: ‘Shabdo vai brahma’ which means sound is Brahma the creator. All those Kalas (great divine skills), glories and important principles that are present in Brahma or God can be attained by us via the medium of sound or word energy. Mantra is a high stature usage of sound power. Ere we learn its utility value and method doubtlessly we can become true scientists and self realized masters.

Super Mantra Gayatri is the very life force, seed, fount and deep import of entire Mantra Science. All Tantrik applications found in Agam, Nigam and Vedas should be looked upon as branches of Gayatri Seed Energy. Vedas are the infinite vault of Mantra Science. And it manifested via Vedmata, Vishwamata and Super Energy Gayatri. By coming in close contact with this incomparable, wondrous, infinite and cosmic glory we must render our scientific, social, spiritual and material life joyous, prosperous, successful and self fulfilling.

Via chanting or Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri such conscious energy emerges which helps manifest strange movements in the psyche and body of the devotee and by flying into infinite space it influences special people, special situations and the entire environment.

Mantras have been chosen on the basis of Sound Sciences. The meaning of words is less important. The potency of Gayatri Mantra is mind boggling. Yet its meaning is quite ordinary. In it we merely pray to Almighty God for a sacred intellect. There are hundreds of other Mantras that have this very same meaning. In Hindi and other languages there is no dearth of poems in which pray to God for a pious intellect. Hence a question arises as to why can’t we say that these poems and Gayatri Mantra are of equal stature and why do these poems not give the same great effects as Gayatri Mantra? In reality in the eyes of Mantra creators it is the intertwining of words that are very important. There are innumerous Beej or Seed Mantras which via artificial pulling/pushing can be given certain meanings yet in reality they have no meaning at all. Its futile to rack our brains in order to find out meanings of Seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime, Hum, Yum etc. They have been created while keeping in mind as to which level of energy vibration can be created via their utterance and in what way they influence the Mantra devotee, external atmosphere and desired purpose?

Within mental, loud chanting and whisper chanting of Mantras the process of rendering sound light or heavy is at work. Along with alphabets of Vedic Mantras using steps of Udat, Anudat and Swarit tones it’s chanting is done using rise-fall that is low, upwards and middle sound. There is a tradition of chanting it with musical tones. All these methods had to be demarcated from this standpoint so that Mantra chanting created an energy flow that could fulfill desired goals.

A 2 fold reaction is noted due to Mantra Japa. One is inner and the other is external. Wherever fire burns it heats up that place and by shedding warmth in the environment, it gives heat to its area of influence too. The sound flow of Mantra chanting akin to water streams flowing in deep ocean and like layers of air flowing higher up in the skies, creates its own movements. Due to this Chakras (subtle plexus) and endocrine glands spread out in the human body start manifesting special types of energy. Ceaseless regular upheavals of this sort manifest such an influence that can be called mysterious. Soldiers are requested not to march in uniformity on bridges because this action emits such sound energy that could even break the bridge.

Japa has to be done ceaselessly and cyclically. The results of this process can be understood much better in a scientific research laboratory. If a 1 ton iron girdle is hung from the rood in the middle region and if a 5 gram of cork piece lashes this girdle ceaselessly, in a short while this girdle shall start trembling. This is but the miracle of the energy emitted via ceaseless attacks. Ere mantra chanting is done methodically the results too are similar. The continuous effect of Mantra sound in its own way influences Chakras and endocrine glands present in the subtle body and the created upheaval by warding off their unconscious state renders them awakened/activated. The great sacred results of activation of glands and awakening of Chakras are attained by the Mantra devotee. These awakened divine centers manifests new soul energy in the devotee. He/she experiences something awakened and grown within which was not there previously. The benefits of these new attainments are directly visible.

By elucidating the example of a type writer the above can be understood with more clarity. With the fingers the keys are pressed and alphabets get printed on blank paper. Parts of the mouth used to utter something can be called keys of the type writer. Mantra chanting is akin to pressing the keys with the fingers. The energy stream that manifests with the help of nerve networks, reaches subtle Chakras and divine subtle glands and by jerking them, they are awakened and activated. Printing of alphabets is that attainment which via these awakened Chakras bestow on its devotee, mysterious divine powers called Sidhis. This is a definite fact that if Mantra Japa Yoga is done methodically, great sacred results accrues.

An army of soldiers crossing a bridge are forbidden to march in unison and in tandem so as to avoid manifestation sound energy from this action. While crossing bridges soldiers walk in a scattered manner. The reason being that if they are allowed to march ‘left-right’ in unison, a strong flow of sound energy emerges which can not only create cracks in the bridge but could shatter it too. Ceaseless Mantra chanting akin to soldiers marching uniformly too manifests special movements in the inner subtle centers of the body. These movements ward off the latency of those extraordinary energies which on getting activated renders an ordinary layman into a Sidha Saint oozing with miraculous feats.

If we rub the palms of our hand continuously, they become warm. Friction creates heat and electricity and this law is known to even basic students of science. Ceaseless chanting of Mantras in a certain way creates friction. When rope rubs against stone for a certain length of time some marks can be seen on the stone. Via inhalation/exhalation and blood circulation in the body through arteries and veins, heat manifests in the body and life is dependent on it. When wheels move in a dynamo people know that electricity gets generated. The process of friction seen in Mantra Japa creates excitement in the subtle body very much akin to the body getting excited on running long distances and via this heat the inner world so far rendered unconscious now undergoes neo awakening. This awakening is not mere excitement because conjoined to it is the potential of accruing divine attainments.

Sounds are not merely those limited to hearing by us via ears. Ears can hear only limited types of sound vibrations. Infinite sound vibrations that are very high or very low in measure although cannot be heard by human ears yet their influences can be directly experienced via scientific apparatus. These are called Supersonic Sound Waves.

Man’s power of grasping and imbibing is limited. Man’s ear drums or membranes are such that its limited potential can hear only that type of sound flow. But this world is an infinite ocean of energy and in it akin to ebb and flow of tides, unheard sounds remain active. It is best that man’s grasping capacity is limited and that it can hear only limited sound else if unheard sounds were to influence man, life would be hell to live.

Ordinarily the speed of sound is quite slow. It can move merely 100 feet/sec. when cannon balls are fired smoke emitted from them are seen first and only later are the sound of explosions heard. Wherever both sight and sound combine, this shall always take place. Sight or scene shall be seen first and sound conjoined to it shall be heard a bit later.

It is the miraculous feat of electromagnetic waves that a small sound from radio broadcasting is rendered worldwide and is made capable to travel at a speed of 186,000 miles/sec. Radio scientists know that on electromagnetic waves sound’s super compose is recorded and in a blinking moment it becomes powerful enough to circumambulate entire earth.

It is with the help of electromagnetic waves that the flight of rockets sent into interstellar place is managed, giving it a proper direction and message and machinery problems are repaired from earth. When this energy takes up the stature of lasers, its power becomes limitless. It is with great ease that lasers can create a hole in a 1 foot thick sheet of iron metal. They are so subtly thin that if a 0.1 millionth portion of the eye ball is diseased an operation using lasers can succeed in penetrating this miniscule area and curing it. Today laser rays are used a great deal in medical therapies. It has been successfully used in the healing of diseases pertaining to cancer, liver distortions, swelling of kidneys, heart problems etc.

Super Sonic Waves are created via Mantra Japa techniques. Words utter during Mantra chanting induce a combined effect of self faith, trust and Sankalpa or mental resolve and thus that very activity ensues wherein words spoken via a radio station by mixing with special electrical energy become extremely powerful. Thus within the blink of the eye it broadcasts its purpose in the entire world. In Mantra Japa technique dwells one specialty wherein not only the entire world’s atmosphere can be influenced but that even the personality of the devotee who chants it radiates brilliantly. On the other hand although broadcasting does take place from radio stations yet no local specialty is witnessed. Machines that emit laser rays themselves remain as they are and that they can only affect those regions which experience the touch of laser rays. Mantra chanting techniques possess 2 pronged power wherein both the chanting devotee and environment get influenced by Mantras. All this cannot be found in ordinary technical apparatus set up by modern scientists.



























The Shrutis (Vedas) say:

Devi vachamjanayanta devastam

Vishwaroopaha pashavo vadanti.

Sa no mandreshvamurgam duhana


MEANING: Subtle speech is Goddess. It is the entire world manifest. She is the mother of demigods. Demigods are Mantra in nature. This by itself is science. Via the energy of this speech manifested Kamadhenu (or wish fulfilling cow) we are all alive. Because of it we speak and understand.

Words have 2 forms. The 1st is which is uttered by the tongue. It can be heard by the ears. With it one can know its meaning. Further a form or incident conjoined to these words get painted or photographed on the mental screen. Words uttered aloud are called Vaikhari. In day to day mundane tasks this speech is used a lot.

The 2nd form of words is called Paravak or subtle speech. It dwells in our psyche in the form of sentiments, wisdom and aspiration. It is energy in form. It oozes with inspiration. The intellect is its follower, the mind is its servant and psyche is its aide. In order to render sentiments emerging from inner sensitive centers with name and form, in order to generate means the mind and intellect have to work. The body is the follower of these two. Hence the body too has to go in their prescribed direction. In it via the inspiration of Paravak or subtle speech dwelling in the inner personality the mind and body get a direction. Whatever man thinks, does becomes and attains is but the grace of Paravak.

The eating resting and other routine habits of the body are rendered well developed and healthy. This development takes place on the basis of the mind, brain, studies, proximity, thinking and experience. In order to render Paravak which is the manifestation of the deep cave of the psyche, healthy, well advanced, sacred and potent we need to execute spiritual practices. Spiritual practices can be for making the body powerful and also to develop the brain region. Exercising, studying can be called spiritual practices of the body and mind. If these are not taken recourse to both shall remain underdeveloped. God has given us a body full of varied potentials and also a mind full of various possibilities yet if efforts are not made to render them well managed and highly developed then they by heading in undesirable directions can become distorted, fallen and demeaned. They can get engulfed with diseases and anguish. Similarly Paravak which is the energy of one’s psyche is not sanctified appropriately it can become downfallen in a demonic fashion. Just indolent lethargic people render their psyche and body diseased in the same way if efforts to render the psyche well cultured, sanctified and highly advanced are given up man enters the state akin to a beast and a ghost. A psyche covered by demonic qualities reeks of bad sentiments, tainted intellect and vile activities. Such a person himself/herself is agitated and harasses others too without any rhyme or reason.

In order to make the body and mind well advanced certain efforts are made yet more important than this is to sanctify the psyche piously. This goal is attained via Paravak (subtle speech) spiritual practice. This also is the aim of Mantra Sciences. With its aid the sensitive centers of Paravak are contacted and means of sanctification are thus made available.

The Shrutis or Vedas say:

Pakka naha saraswati vajbhir

Vajinivati dhonamavitrayavatu.

Speech that is sanctified via austerities bestows us with purity, nourishment, brilliant talent, divine intellect and inspiration. It is the penance based goal of Paravak that is called Mantra chanting and practices. Mantras chanted by the gross Vaikhari speech and meditated upon by subtle Madhyama speech awaken subtler speeches called Para and Pashyanti. Thus when all 4 types of speeches get activated and get raised to higher levels, the creature or living being becomes Almighty God.  Deity Brahma has 4 faces. He created the 4 Vedas. This 4 fold manifestation is but the uprising of the 4 speeches called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti. This is possible both for Brahma deity and soul deity. In Puranas or Indian Mythology there is a story that Brahmaji the creator many times climbed up and down the stem of the lotus appearing from the navel of Lord Vishnu. This is exactly what happens in Mantra chanting too. After a gross word is uttered it enters the depth of sensitive centers of the psyche and after imbibing energy from that power fount it comes up again. While it rises up Pashyanti speech influences Vaikhari speech very similar to a metal wire getting affected by electricity which it comes in contact with. This sanctified Mantra word creates upheavals in entire creation, vibrates the subtle world and by not allowing the individual to remain merely an individual, renders him/her divine energy manifest.

We all chant Super Mantra Gayatri yet it is relegated merely to vibrating of this gross Vaikhari speech. As a result those effects that should be seen normally are not noted. Maharshi Vishwamitra had executed these very Gayatri Mantra spiritual practices. He attained that divine energy and became as powerful as has been described in the Mahatmya (deep import) of Super power Gayatri. Mantra practices are austerities of speech. Gross over here gets converted to subtle. One has to enter the arena of inner vision. To throw a pot into a well, fill it with water and pull it up with a rope is equivalent to austerities. When this pot filled with water comes in our hands it is Sidhi (success). This then is the mutually beneficial bond between spiritual practice and Sidhi. Those who know the secret of the extraordinary process of Mantra practice into Mantra Sidhi attain mundane paraphernalia and means of material comforts via Mantra Japa chanting. Their austerities of spiritual practices return in the form of vault of Sidhis or various types of powers.

Word is called Brahman or cosmic consciousness (God). This Word Brahman is the sensitive center of Paravak or subtle speech. Generally it remains latent in Ksheer Ocean but when it awakens then due its vibrations the entire world is rendered active. The Shrutis say that speech touches our hearts. It can be experienced as touch and sight. This heart touching nature is heaven, salvation and Nirvana. This touch experience is an infinite vault of Ridhi-Sidhis or divine powers. This sight experience is contacting, grace and boon of demigods. All this is but the result and echo of speech power.

Speech experiences sight, taste and smell. It is from space manifest sound/word that air, fire, water and earth elements have appeared. Hence speech is called world manifest, multifaceted in form and presiding goddess of divine energies. Agni or fire is Bhuloka. Vayu or air is Bhuvahaloka and Varuna or water is Swahaloka. Vaikhari speech when rendered subtle via Mantra chanting commences its authority on all 3 worlds. Whatever is present in all the Lokas or worlds is influenced, managed and controlled by sanctified Paravak or subtle speech. When the process of the tongue that induces futile chatter is instead used for Mantra chanting, it becomes energy manifest. This energy is such that within its periphery is included all that is stupendous and mind boggling.

When this sanctified speech conjoins to Yajna fire its terrific energy can be witnessed. As soon as Ghee or clarified butter is added to fire, it gets converted to flames. When subtle speech conjoins to Yajna tasks its divine brilliance helps this world wallowing in darkness attain a divine aura and by getting liberated from strife and anguish it heads in the direction of divine grandeur, prosperity, peace and progress. The subtle form of Yajna is spirituality and world well being. When speech sanctified via spiritual practices is used for world welfare mission in its truest sense it can be called a Brahman or Divine Yajna. Regarding this in the Bhagwad Geeta a mention has been made of offering divine materials to divine fire. Via such Divine Yajnas clouds of joy and peace rain down. Material goals are fulfilled by carrying out Yajnas in which food materials are offered. No doubt over here clouds of material grandeur pour down but Shrutis talk of such rain shower which is synonymous with world peace and well being.

Worldwide gross material energy can be seen in the form of electricity, magnetism, heat, light and so on. Vibrations of energy influence atoms and as a result various movements of the gross visible world are executed. Cells too are influenced by divine electrical energy. The illumined portion of human consciousness can be called a vibration of divine existence. Due to this vibration both divine and soul existence commences flowing. Everything in this world happens as per the wishes of Almighty God. While speaking thus we must also understand that the sanctified form of individual soul existence is divine existence or God. In reality whatever the taintless witness Brahman (divine cosmic consciousness or God) does in this world by becoming ‘desire’ is actually the flow of the soul existence similar to it. Subtle speech or Paravak attained via Mantra chanting penance due to its purity and radiant intensity becomes desire of Almighty God. Its vibrations vibrate cells of all creatures. Accordingly the direction of world flow changes. This is executed by Messengers of God and great Avatars. Their duties can be seen conjoined to God’s divine wishes or their desires are synonymous with God’s divine commands. This then is the state of Sidhas and saints of penance. Their Paravak or subtle speech not only fulfills the goal of uttering something but also executes the functions of world management and control.

Just as the seed of macrocosm is the microcosm similarly the gigantic form of an individual is the all pervasive cosmos. An individual’s existence is said to be created from the situations of the cosmos. Along with this it has been said that the micro akin to a seed in its advanced form becomes the cosmos. Both have a relationship akin to the seed and its tree. No doubt a tree grows from a seed but it cannot be erroneous to say that seeds are formed on a tree. Circumstances of the cosmos created an individual yet the pinnacle of development/evolution of an individual also is the humungous cosmos. A small balloon on bloating becomes very big. Paravak is the name of that very air which by bloating a small balloon called an individual renders him/her gigantic and can now be comparable to Brahman or Almighty God. No doubt energy of the atom is gigantic yet the energy of cells is even infinitely greater. An engine is big but the driver is bigger. An atom vibrates due to certain forces and this capacity to vibrate is present in conscious energy which can be called the cosmic existence of a cell.

The Shrutis say:

Vishnumukha vai devaicchandobhi rimanlokanan pajapyamabhyajapan.

Demigods are mouth of Vishnu. They are Cchand (poetic meter) in form. They have removed that which cannot be removed and won that which was invincible. This is a tenet that showcases the unity of Mantratma (devotee) and Vishwatma (God).

Importance of Mantras cannot be based on mere meaning of words embedded in them. A very powerful Mantra from the standpoint of word meaning could be very ordinary. In Mantras you may not see language or poetry embedded in them. Yet this just does decrease the importance of Mantras. Mantras’ importance in fact is directly related to its energy designing. Mantras should be looked upon as Tone or Sound Sciences. Its importance dwells in the vibrations that become active due to its chanting. In various religions of the world have traditional Mantras that have methodologies based on worship, meditation and rituals. In it predominate, assemblage of words. From the meaning standpoint these words may appear ordinary and with a very miniscule gist.

Mantras possess 4 types of energies:

1)      Validity energy

2)      Fruit or result bestowing energy

3)      Amplifying energy

4)      Importing-exporting energy

The above has been detailed by Maharshi Jaimini in Purva Mimansa literature. According to him the validity energy of Mantras is that which encompasses teaching, addressing and commands. These can be said to be related to word meaning.

By sanctifying Kund Samigh, Patra Pith, Ajyacharu, Havi, Pith etc using Mantras, method of rendering their subtle Prana radiant, Mantra chanting, rituals, Nyas, resolve or Ritwijas or Yajna priests, austerity based on sexual continence, food and via other methods and do’s and don’ts Mantra’s fruit or result bestowing energy gets activated. Within actions for fulfillment of desires this very energy of Mantras with the help of various methods awakens and fulfills desired goals.

The 3rd energy is that regarding amplification or rendering that which is less into more. Even miniscule materials offered to Yajna fire by becoming gaseous spreads out in the entire environment. If a little oil is placed on water it spreads on the entire surface of water. Similarly the body, Mantra chanting and organs used for it maybe little yet energy emerging from friction akin to sparks emanating from a matchstick despite appearing miniscule ooze with the capability of becoming a blazing forest inferno. Mantra practices done by one lone individual can influence many other people, materials, atoms and cells. Hence know that over here it is the amplifying energy that is at work.

The 4th energy capable of importing-exporting can produce special power if done by a person of extraordinary potential, in a special place, with the help of special people, using special apparatus along with special methods of Mantra chanting. Vishwamitra and Parshuram had executed Gayatri Mantra practice for a special mission, along with usage of special methods and thus they attained desired results. Since Vasishtha could not fulfill Dashratha’s Putreshti Yajna (to sire children) it was Shringi Rishi who did the needful. This was the energy of importing-exporting in Shringi Rishi.

The body of a Mantra devotee must be disciplined and mind must be focused. A devotee whose energy scatters here and there is hollow and he/she cannot imbibe Mantra aura in the soul. A diseases woman undergoes miscarriages and cannot give birth to healthy babies. This is the same story for a devotee devoid of self control. In a story of Mahabharat Ashwatthama and Arjun let loose a Sandhan Weapon that worked on Mantra Energy. On noting its terrible form Vyasji stood in their midst and asked both of them to recall their weapons. Arjun being a Brahmachari (sexually continent) could recall it but ashwatthama failed to do so because he was devoid of self control.

In Shatpath there is description wherein an argument took place between Nrumegh and Yarucchep as to who was successful in Mantra chanting. Although from Nrumegh’s throat smoke appeared but Yarucchep on chanting Mantras induced fire in wet wooden sticks. Hence Yarucchep told Nrumegh: You merely know Mantra chanting at the surface level whereas I have realized its very soul.

Kautsa Muni maintains that Mantras are meaningless. Over here what is being said is that importance should be given to sound flow and weaving of words in Mantras and not its word meaning. Goals are fulfilled not via meaning of seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime etc but via their sound flow. This mystery has been unfolded with greater clarity by the author of Naishadh Charitra in the 13th Sarga. The entire scientific world is well versed with the extraordinary influence of music on bodily and mental health. If sound is let loose near a glass tumbler with uniform speed, the tumbler shall break apart. Soldiers are asked not to march in uniform tandem on bridges. This is because the sound force emitted by this marching shatters the bridge. When medium tone music is played, ancient ruins of Stone Hives of Inden start trembling. Hence over there not only music but singing too is disallowed because rhythmic music/drums can induce falling of these archeological remains. It is the basis of this very Sound Science that Mantras have been designed and created. Their meaning is not all that important. Hence Kautsa Muni calls Mantras ‘Anarthak’ or devoid of meaning.

Fire is a center of energy. It is only by learning application of fire that man has become so powerful. Due to fear of fire violent beasts like lion and tiger run miles away. With the help of fire rail engine works, planes fly high, factories are at work, weapons are used, food is cooked and electricity is generated. If fire were not to exist life too could not sustain. A synonym of fire is life. Hence in Mantra practices fire rites are conjoined to it. There is a scriptural command to keep an imperishable fire in the Yajna hall, an imperishable flame lamp while chanting Mantras and after an Anushthan or worship program is completed an Anupatik Yajna must be performed. During occasions of various festivals and religious programs Agnihotra must be performed because mantra Energy used with reference to this can exhibit its miracle in totality.






Akin to Technology Research, Mantra practice too is a pristine pure science. The basis of Technology Science is to showcase machinery principles, creation, management and reform. If this process is apt one can accrue all round benefits of machinery potential. Yet even if minor lapses are seen in them our time and wealth go down the drain. Similarly if all the applications and context of Mantra practices are optimal we certainly can benefit a lot. Else on imbibing a Mantra practice program that is directionless and shabby we can stare only at despair and loud guffaws from others.

Modern material science influences the external world and by rendering forces embedded in inert nature optimally usable, gives us beneficial results. Spiritual science influences the inner world and by illumining conscious nature, creates an all powerful personality with its aid. Material science generates means of joyous comforts. It creates basis that renders the body more capable. This then is its periphery. It can neither reach inner consciousness and cannot create capacity or potential of that stature.

This world is an admixture of inert matter and conscious principles. Within living beings dwells consciousness and externally is a body made from 5 elements. Due to the combination of both these various movements and activities are witnessed in the world of creatures. It is something totally different if you talk of totally inert objects like rivers and mountains but wherever consciousness resides there a requirement is noted wherein akin to materials and the body consciousness too should be rendered clean, healthy and highly developed. This functional activity is called spirituality.

A humungous amount of forces of inert nature have been showcased by material science which is easy for all to note. We all know what miraculous tasks are executed by usage of material energies like fire, electricity, ether, nuclear energy waves, magnetism and so on. But yet the stature of conscious nature is a lot higher. In reality, consciousness lords over inert matter. A ship maybe very gigantic yet without a conscious driver it achieves nothing. Unmanned rockets sent to space seem self directed yet it is scientists sitting on earth that guide their functioning. A rail maybe very expensive yet without a live driver it is but akin to a huge mass of useless rock. How can the body undergo any enjoyment without Prana Energy in it? Wealth without an enjoyer can be seen drowned under sea water and deep womb of earth. Something is given a title of importance only if a conscious user can use it. Akin to inert matter material science also can be useful only if it is directed and used by conscious creatures. The gist is that in comparison to inert, consciousness is of super great importance. Similarly the importance and utility value of spiritual science is manifold more than material science.

Apparatus used in rendering true material science is called technology or machines and mediums to benefit from spiritual sciences is called Mantras. Without technology benefits from scientific laws do not accrue. In the same way spirituality devoid of Mantras by getting relegated to theory only cannot be experienced tangibly.

Subtle science can be categorized into 2 parts viz. one pervades the microcosm or individual body and the other the macro or cosmos. One is introverted the other is extroverted. Just as external education system works on the method of theory and practice, similarly for spiritual progress 2 means called faith and spiritual practice are at work. Faith encompasses ethics, religion, philosophy, self realization, cosmic consciousness or God and description of the subtle world. Scriptures describe all this. Soul wisdom, world social behavior and purity of thinking can be included in the spiritual theism aspect. Self control, vows, discipline, austerities etc are included in spiritual practices. Both complement each other. One without the other remains unfulfilled. Various attainments are achieved due to a combined effort of wisdom and action. Wisdom without action and action without wisdom remain dead and corpse like. Austerities without spiritual wisdom and spiritual wisdom devoid of austerities cannot fulfill the all round goal of spirituality.

Man has a very intense and definite bond with cosmic consciousness. But obstacles of taints, veils and agitation have in a way created a situation of breakage of this bond. If wires connecting the electricity powerhouse and fans in one’s home face distortion then despite both the powerhouse and fan remaining in their own place no functioning of the fan is noted. The fan shall remain supine without working. Similarly the aim of Mantra practices is to uproot these obstacles. If some amount of dirt comes in the way of a small stream, water shall scatter in all wayward directions and the stream dries up. This is also witnessed in our life’s stream flow. No doubt the body sustaining life with food and water remains active on procuring optimal nourishment but since the inner consciousness fails to get nourishment it starts weakening so as to ultimately become corpse like. This then is the cause of the inner downfallen hapless state of all of us.

A newborn baby very much depends on milk from the mother’s breast. The individual soul too is nourished by Almighty God by maintaining an active bond with him. Clouds pour down only after they have attained enough water from the ocean. Ere the bond with the ocean gets disconnected forget clouds raining down, their very existence becomes naught. At such times only a bit of dust gathers as clouds. When our bond with God or divine cosmic consciousness gets broken, the individual soul loses its glory, no signs of soul power are seen and greatness disappears into oblivion. Thus merely the gross body akin to the cut off tail of a lizard jumps about scattered. Majority of us live merely as superficial physical bodies. No sign of soul glory thus is noted within us all. Know for sure that these are speed breaker obstacles between the individual soul and cosmic soul or God. Akin to a divorced wife one perforce remains dispassionate towards it.

Spiritual practice is a definitive method that re establishes these weakened bonds into stronger ones. Mantra chanting practices is its action aspect. By itself soul wisdom too is no less important because it has its own weight age. Yet it is not complete and totally fulfilling. Even if someone is a scholar, knowledgeable, philosopher, scriptural master, follower of Vedanta etc it does not necessarily mean they ooze with soul power. For this it is most required that they follow rituals that are spiritual practice oriented. This is the only way in which the individual soul (man) establishes a firm relationship with divine cosmic soul consciousness or Almighty God. Thus Mantra practices must be looked upon as such a royal path.

The tangible form of Mantras is sound. This sound must be stepwise, rhythmic and circular. If one word is uttered in one way ceaselessly a cyclic wheel of speed emerges. At that time sound waves instead of moving in a straight line start moving circularly. If after tying a stone to a rope we rotate it speedily in all directions, 2 results are seen. One is that it shall appear as a round dense aura. A local form of stone and rope by changing is witnessed as a moving wheel which is a miracle of sorts. The 2nd result shall be that due to this circular movement an extraordinary energy manifests. If someone is attacked with this circularly moving stone attached to a rope, that person could die. Similarly if the stone is thrown akin to an arrow it shall whiz away speedily to a long distance. This is exactly what happens with Mantra chanting or Japa. If certain words are repeated pause less in one tone and in one rhythm sound waves that emerge do not remain straight and become extraordinary. Since it is moved around rotationally it creates a wondrous energy flow in the inner psyche and in the external cosmos. Thus the results witnessed from this can justifiably termed miracles of Mantra chanting.

The choice of words in Mantras has been done by specialist divine seers who were adept Yoga masters. They did this on the basis of divine consciousness and profound experiences. No doubt in this word choosing some inspiring meaning and teaching is embedded but the Mantras’ importance is not limited to this only because the inter weaving of words is more important. From the standpoint of meaning of Mantras even more sensitively sentimental poetry exists and maybe more of it shall be created in future. Further in Mantras that are Sutra or small aphorism like cannot be filled up with detailed sentimental flow that is required to positively influence the mental arena. In actuality the importance of Mantras lie in their ‘explosion’. Over here explosion means an extraordinary influence via special sounds on divine principles. If a small stone is thrown in a lake, little and small waves emerge but is from a great height with intense force a very big rock is thrown in the lake, its sound and vibration shall be more humungous than expected and its reaction in the form of echo shall be seen along with gigantic waves. In Mantra Science this is called Sphota or explosion. It can be compared to sound emerging from explosion of dynamite/gun powder or the explosion of an atomic bomb. Mantra devotees must know how much measure of this explosion is desirable. Imbalanced explosion can shatter a rifle or cannon too. If Mantra practice is not done in a balanced optimal manner forget attaining the goal, one shall face very dire consequences.

The 3rd stream of Mantra is rhythm. Rhythm means in which tone and sound flow is it being chanted. Ordinarily rhythm is classified using 3 names viz. Mansik or mental chanting, Vachik or loud chanting and Upanshu or whisper chanting of Mantras. In Vedic parlance it is called Udatt, Anudatt and Swarit. In Sama Veda singing the 7 notes and its ascending-descending scale is kept in mind. This rhythmic nature is the foundation of music. It can be described as Shabda Brahman or Divine Sound. Wise people know very well that music endorsed by great scriptures influences positively not only our psyche and body but also external materials and circumstances. One cannot challenge stories of a doused flame lamp getting relit on singing the Deepak Raga or that rain clouds gathering in dry areas on singing Raga Megh Malhar. The influence of music on trees, herbs, crops and milk giving animals has been fully accepted by modern scientific research data. In the near future more proof of curing diseases via music healing shall be cited and it shall be given a prime spot for therapy purpose. All literature pertaining to Vedic and Tantrik Mantras hides in its womb the precept of rhythm. If we do mantra chanting in just about any method, in any musical tone maybe our sentimental aspiration shall get satiated yet its scientific benefits shall always elude us.

A magnet always attracts iron towards itself and not wood. The flow of electricity takes place due to wires made of metals. If you use rubber, wood etc no electrical flow can be noted. Similarly a Mantra devotee making efforts for rendering the mind and body clean and powerful must make his inner personality so capable that it can easily imbibe energy flows of interstellar space in his/her soul arena. In Raja Yoga practice related to Yama-Niyama is for mental purification and Asan-Pranayam is to render the body well managed. Ere these preliminary steps of Yoga are ignored, higher stages of Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi shall not succeed at all. Do’s and don’ts regarding eating-resting habits, fasts and self control are meant for sanctification of our inner personality. We can see our face clearly only in a clean mirror and in order to dye cloth it has to be very clean and well washed. Lest our daily lifestyle reeks of wickedness and vile activities then even if your Mantra chanting ritualistic aspect is very methodical, yet never shall desired results come our way.

Apart from this the 5th condition is a mental state oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments. In other words we can call this deep faith. Just as within the energies of the mundane world electricity leads so too in the spiritual world powerful attainments are totally dependent on greatness and high stature of profound faith. In a shrill voice psychologists and psychiatrists eulogize wholeheartedly capabilities of thoughts and Sankalpa Shakti or power of resolve. The importance of faith and theism is extraordinary rendering man uplifted, fallen or in his neo creation. The miracle of soul power and psychic force is capable of an ordinary lay personality into a great glorious one. The foundation of great episodes of the world is based not on innumerable means but terrific power of resolve or Sankalpa. The entire history of success is full of writings of steadfast resolve conjoined to terrific efforts. Minor sports of Yoga Sciences like mesmerism, hypnotism, clairvoyance, telepathy etc are mere sparks of will power. This fact can be called the very life force of spiritual practices.

If an atheistic and unmindful person carries out spiritual practices with lack of focused interest and disregard, then even if he spends a very long time span in executing very difficult worship ceremonies, no desired benefits accrue. Yet if with a sacredly sentimental psyche even if little spiritual practices are followed with steadfast faith, its results shall be seen virtually immediately. A doubt ridden and suspicious mental attitude renders the psyche very shallow and superficial. It cannot imbibe any great divine grace and boon. No doubt spiritual practice techniques have their own import yet it must be kept in mind that deep faith must be looked upon as the very life force of spiritual attainments. A corpse without life force is useless even if you spray perfume on it and deck it up with exotic clothes. A mind without sacred sentiments is akin to an arid dessert wherein very rarely the dream of harvesting green crops there fructifies. Hence those who yearn to succeed in their spiritual endeavor must conjoin deep faith to their inner personalities and all daily activities too.

The weight age of spiritual sciences is infinitely more potent than that of material sciences. Technology and machines could be of a lot of value yet it cannot be weighed against the deep import of Mantras. Worldly material wealth is very ordinary when compared with the wealth of spirituality. There is difference akin to heaven and earth if consciousness and inert matter are compared. If this is realized we have to conclude that we must just not madly pursue worldly material wealth but that we must also endeavor zealously to imbibe spiritual grandeur and prosperity. Taking steps forward to augment soul power in our inner personality is like facing the sun while marching towards it. As a result the shadow of wealth shall follow us yet if we start running in the direction of this shadow it cannot be grasped and the more you quicken your pace while running after this shadow called material wealth, the more it runs afar from you. Great visionary men very naturally accrue benefits of wealth whereas mundane rich people have to face a 2 fold loss of worldly strife and soul discontent.

For success in Mantra practices creating an apt personality of the devotee is such a task that the more one focuses greater are the results. Bodily activities must be such that sense organ power does not get tainted or distorted. Hence from this standpoint sense organ control, self discipline and good behavior must be greatly emphasized. Along with this greatness of sentiments imbues life force in Mantra Energy which must be duly adhered to. Regarding aim of Mantra practice and authenticity and success of its methodology, the psyche must be steadfast and devoid of doubts and suspicions. For this such patience is required wherein ceaseless efforts must be made and one must not be in a hurry to see fruits/results emerging immediately.

Apart from the above the way of daily personal lifestyle and in social behavior we must be serene, generous and possess a pious viewpoint. The more the psyche oozes with love, goodwill, gentlemanliness, compassion and magnanimity to that extent an optimal mental state shall develop for success in spiritual practices. This type of bodily and mental creation must be understood as the key to spiritual advancement. The credit for 3/4th success attained by a devotee is dependent on this fact. Modes and techniques of spiritual practices are given only 1/4th credit/importance. One of the biggest causes today with reference to devotees of spirituality facing failure and despair is the error of ignoring behavior and activities of day to day life and laying total emphasis on technique and methods of spiritual practices. Ere this error is corrected and all round preparations are made to walk the royal path of spiritual practices, its success is as definite as research activities done properly in the field of modern material science.

Certainly there are other mediums of spiritual practice techniques yet Mantra practices are a must. The reason being that with Mantra chanting Sankalpa Shakti or power of resolve awakens and becomes controlled. Along with this such a beautiful favorable atmosphere of Sound Science conjoins to it which by awakening the latent but mind boggling energies of the devotee renders him/her strong will powered. Further it creates mysterious movements that influence the external world.

What are Mantras? Regarding this in today’s circumstances from the universal and world public standpoint is difficult to say because in these days, communal bias and prejudices are ruling the roost. Every community/sect gives leadership to its tradition. They just cannot gulp or digest views of other communities. Even if they are made to understand they lack faith towards it. Under such conditions keeping in mind contemporary times according to the renowned text of Mantra Science called ‘Mantramharnav’ it would be correct to say that the tangible form of mantras is sound. This sound is stepwise, rhythmic and rotational. When one word is uttered in one manner ceaselessly a mobile wheel ensues. At such times sound waves instead of moving in a straight line start rotating circularly. When a stone tied to a rope is moved circularly, 2 results are noted. First is that it shall be seen as a round dense aura. This definitely is a miracle that a stone tied to a rope on moving circularly with speed becomes a round dense fog. The 2nd result noted shall be that due to this speedy circular movement an extraordinary force or power manifests. Similarly if it is thrown then akin to an arrow it whizzes past to a far off distance. The same happens with Mantra Japa or chanting. If a certain string of words are ceaselessly chanted in one tone, with uniformity and rhythmically sound waves that emerge as a result no longer remain straight or ordinary. The fact that it is moved in a circular manner results in an astounding energy flow appearing in the micro (individual soul) and macro (external cosmos). Thus the results noted can be termed as miracles of Mantra chanting.

As per Manhayogi Anirvan’s book ‘Antaryoga’ choice of words in Mantras was done by specialist spiritual seers on the basis of their divine consciousness and intense spiritual experiences. No doubt these chosen words do possess some inspiring meaning and teaching but its importance is less when compared to the mode of its inter weaving. From the standpoint of meaning there are hordes of poems that are very inspiring and sacredly sentimental. And then in small Mantras akin to Sutras or aphorisms such detailed sentiments cannot be fitted as is required. In reality the importance of Mantras lies in its ‘explosion’.

Over here ‘explosion’ means the extraordinary influence on divine elements via special sounds. If in a lake a small stone is thrown small and little waves are seen to appear. But if from a great height with lots of force a big rock is thrown then its sound and vibration shall be bigger than expected and its reaction that is a sound echo too shall be witnessed along with big waves. With reference to Mantra Science, this is called explosion. From this standpoint the creation of words in Super Mantra Gayatri is incomparable and wondrous. The entire India Spirituality of Agam and Nigam stands firm on this very foundation. The innumerable branches and sub branches of Mantra and Tantra are a gigantic family of this. The next stream of Mantra is rhythm. It means that in which tone and sound flow is the Mantra being uttered. Ordinarily Mantra chanting classified as Mansik (mental), Vachik (loud) and Upanshu (whisper) is partitioned on the basis of greater or lesser rhythm. In Veda Mantras they are called Udatt, Anudatt and Swarit. In Sama Veda singing the 7 musical notes and their ascending-descending scale is kept in mind. This rhythmic music not only positively influences the body and mind but also external materials and circumstances. All literature pertaining to Vedic and Tantra based Mantras hides in its womb this concept of rhythm. Maybe if you chant Mantras using just about any mode and in any sound your emotional aspirations may get satisfied yet its scientific benefits shall run miles away from you.

In order that a Mantra devotee attains the capacity to imbibe energy flows manifesting from interstellar space, it is a must that efforts be made assiduously to render the body and psyche pure and powerful. In Raja Yoga Yama-Niyama practices are for mental purification and Asan-Pranayam are for managing the body aptly. Ere these preliminary stages are ignored it is impossible to succeed in the remaining high stature steps of Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi or trance.

Apart from this the next condition is a sacredly sentimental psyche. In other words it means deep faith. Even if a person with no faith and unmindful attitude along with disregard and waywardness does spiritual practices for a fair length of time wherein he/she even does Anushthans that are very tedious yet no desired benefits accrue. Deep faith is the very life force of spiritual attainments. Even if a corpse is looked after properly yet it is dead and useless. For success in spiritual practices it is a must that the devotee’s inner nature and activities ooze with faith.

Regarding Mantra practices we have discussed a lot in previous paragraphs and the purpose of Japa or Mantra Sciences has been elucidated. In a mind full of faith and concentration, Mantra chanting done while keeping in mind the requirement of a clean body, psyche, clothes, surroundings and worship apparatus bestows energetic zest and just as by drinking invigorating drinks like tea etc one immediately attains verve same experiences are noted during times of spiritual practices and later too. It seems as though some extra and very important power is being got from somewhere and more than expected soul energy is being imbibed. In the form of zest, contentment and light the attainment of Mantra Energy can easily be gauged. It goes without saying that these benefits are not limited to individual devotees only. Its influence is also noted in the external world in a big way. Any person, object or situation can be influenced and transformed positively by such attainments.

Once, the great saint Swami Ramtirtha had said: We can become Almighty God but he cannot be seen or shown to others. The same holds true for subtle elements. The transmission of sound flow in ether element can be experienced by us via the radio yet ether in its original form cannot be seen. We all experience heat, cold, joy, sorrow etc yet they cannot be seen visibly like other gross materials. The string of words uttered in a Mantra is not the root energy of the Mantra but is a medium of awakening this latent power. If someone is fast asleep we use our hands to shake him/her for waking them up. Yet this hand is not the actual awakening. At the most we can give credit to the hand for becoming a medium/instrument of waking those who are asleep. So too Mantra chanting is but a medium of awakening certain conscious forces existing infinitely within our soul and in interstellar space externally.

Via which Mantra which energy on which basis must be awakened? This direction is given in Viniyog (aim of Mantra chanting) conjoined to every Mantra. Both Vedic and Tantrik Mantras have Viniyog. In Agam and Nigam scriptures along with method of Mantra chanting, Viniyog is detailed. It is the root Mantra that is chanted but while commencing chanting it is most required that Viniyog (aim or purpose) must be read or remembered. As a result one remains alert towards the Mantra’s nature and aim during the time span of spiritual practice being undergone and thus we step in the right direction.

Mantra Viniyog has 5 parts:

1)      Rishi

2)      Cchand or poetic meter

3)      Devta or demigods

4)      Beej or seed

5)      Tattva or element

All the above together render Mantra Energy all round in nature. With the combination of the 5 elements the body and other materials are formed. In the same way the 5 parts of Viniyog are called the basis of making them tangible and enlivened. Our subtle body has 5 layers. They are called veils or Koshas/sheaths too. Just as onion has many layers in it soo too layers are present in our deeper consciousness. They are called:

1)      Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath

2)      Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath

3)      Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath

4)      Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath

5)      Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath

They are also called 5 infinite vaults of energy. Just as earth as 5 continents similarly conscious existence can be seen and understood via these 5 mediums in the human body made of gross and subtle nature. All the 5 parts of Mantra Viniyog (Rishi, Cchand, Devta, Beej and Tatva) show us the manner in which this 5 basis can be manifested, illumined and used optimally. Hence while executing spiritual practice of any given Mantra its Viniyog portion must be understood and imbibed deeply.

By Rishi principle we mean a guiding preceptor or Guru. It must be such a person, who has mastered that particular Mantra. It is like surgery, music etc can be taught only by experienced specialist teachers of that field. Merely reading books by rote cannot help us learn sailing of boats. For this we need guidance and training from a master boatman. Despite availability in hordes of medical therapy books and a vault of medicines/herbs yet a doctor is most required. Due to varied mental levels many rise-falls are seen in that spiritual path followed by devotees undergoing spiritual practices. Under such circumstances correct guidance and trouble shooting of complex problems can be done only by a person who has mastered that field. It is also the duty of a Guru wherein not only should he/she exhibit but also transmit in the disciple a portion of his/her divine power so as to render the disciple’s path of progress straightforward. Thus taking help of a Rishi is termed the 1st step of Mantra practices.

Cchand means rhythm. On the basis of Pingal method used in poems Cchands are partitioned but here that is of no use. In creation of Mantras poetry techniques are not a must. Even if they are knowing or not knowing does not matter. Over here rhythm must be looked upon as Cchand. In which tone, with which steps and with which ascending-descending manner in a Mantra chanted? This is an independent science. In a guitar the number of strings is fixed and fingers are used by all instrumentalists to play it. But it is the skill of the guitarist who via a chain of varied ‘attacks’ on the strings creates various musical tunes and Ragas. Mantras are classified not merely on the basis of Mansik, Vachik, Upanshu, Udatt, Anudatt and Swarit because there are other reasons for classifying them. On their basis with the same Mantra many types of reactions can be manifested.

The vibrations of sound waves are very much dependent on rhythm. In the Science of Spiritual Practices this is called Yati. One Yati of Mantras is not applicable to all. By keeping in mind a person’s condition and his/her aspiration Yati or rhythm is chosen. It is best advised for devotees that before they commence Mantra practices must make an apt decision regarding rhythm of the Mantra chosen.

The 3rd step of Viniyog is Devta. Devta means choosing a desirable energy from the infinite ocean of consciousness. At one and the same time in space many radio stations emit sound yet the frequency of each of these is different. If this were not the case words and sound broadcasted by various radio stations would merge into one sound. It is only by using various mediums after establishing a contact with varied sound flows that it is possible for any radio owner to listen to a program of his/her choice and obstruct sound emerging from other programs in other radio stations. In this humungous cosmos innumerable streams of divine consciousness akin to oceanic waves move about with their independent existence. Despite earth being one it has many layers.  

In infinite ocean waters and in the gigantic sky right from air to rays there are many layers. Similarly innumerable energy waves emitted for many purposes of divine consciousness continue flowing in this humungous cosmos. They are called Devta only after keeping in mind its form and goal. The meditation practice of name and form creates its symbolic images and meditation’s nameless and formless aspect catches them as light rays. From amongst the 7 hued rays of the sun we can catch any of them using the medium of colored glass. The X ray machine, UV apparatus etc use desired rays from space. A royal swan drinks milk and not water present in it. There are special methods ordained for using a particular divine wave of divine consciousness for a particular Mantra. Reinstating, worship and singing of eulogies of Devtas are done for this very purpose. A devotee who pursues nameless/formless meditation imbibes a sentiment of helping his bodily parts and nearby environment ooze with the above energy. It is only after deciding which method of contacting a Devta for a particular devotee is suitable that the devotee marches ahead in a progressive manner.

The meaning of Beej is fount/source. In the human body for various powers varied regions have been demarcated. The 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) and 108 subtle glands are demarcated regions for thousands of rivers of energy. These regions can be called switch boards of contacting energy. When we press a switch light in a bulb manifests. Beej Science is that data of information regarding where is the contact point of a Devta of a particular Mantra in the body and in what way can it be influenced? Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aime, Hum, Yum, Vum, Rum, Lum etc are Beej alphabets which can be called subtle injections used for adding extra energy to a Mantra. As per requirements along with Mantras these extra Beej Mantras are conjoined. In Gayatri and Mritunjai Mantras on this very basis many seeds are changed now and then. By itself it is not compulsory to add these Beej yet it is most required that we know the fount/source of Mantras. If we dial certain numbers on a telephone we can talk to others. By using Beej Regions and Beej Energy a contact can be established with divine consciousness that renders Mantras potent and thus it’s all round benefits accrue.

Tattva can be called the key of Mantras. In other words it can be called the goal. Many a times before commencing spiritual practices Sankalpas or resolves are read out. In it, a vow is taken in which dwells the goal or purpose of the spiritual practice undertaken. Via it, where are we to go and what is to be attained? This is elucidated. In its gross form of 5 elements and 3 Gunas Mantra activity is noted and as per that Tattva by collecting worship apparatus, Tattva spiritual practice also can be executed.

In Ayurveda Science there is a description of gross, subtle and causal nature of things. From the gross portion of food eaten blood, flesh etc are formed, the subtle portion creates the mind/intellectual consciousness and the causal portion nourishes the inner soul. In Yoga Science food has been classified into Sattvik, Rajas and Tamas. Man has 3 bodies viz. gross, subtle and causal. In the same way in the deep recess of each thing one shall note more or less of the above 3 natures. For Yajna activities only those parts of trees are used whose subtle and causal energy help attain desired goals. On this very basis it is decided as to for what purpose, which Mantra’s, spiritual practice is done by a person of a particular state so that he/she chooses what type of food, clothes, eating-resting habits, rosary, flame lamp, incense, Naivedya etc. for the same. All this is kept while making a choice of a particular Tattva.

In order to render radiant latent hidden potentials energy is most required. In order that machines/engines function, fuel is required. No doubt fuel is not required let’s say for a cycle that can be run via our hands and legs yet the latter require bodily strength and energy. Machines work only if heat energy is there. The success of Mantras too is dependent on energy production. The entire body of spiritual practice techniques has been set up on this basis. Even in Ayurveda for Naadi Shodhan (nerve purification) 5 Karmas or actions are used like Vaman, Virechan, Snehan, Swedan and Naswa. In Mantra practices apart from sanctification of the devotee’s inner personality 5 pillars are there viz. Rishi, Cchand, Devta, Beej and Tattva. Those who by following all these mediums execute Mantra practices, most definitely they attain the desirable goal.




























Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has opined: Doubtlessly mankind, by unfolding the designing of stars/galaxies right up to unveiling various mysteries of science has achieved a great deal. Yet ere we possessed a machine via which we could understand man’s soul, it appears that in comparison to this important invention all attainments of modern material science are ordinary.

Amongst the manifest and non manifest powers of humans one is a very important energy and that is his speech. Via speech man gathers information, the same information is got by others and various worldly tasks are carried out. It shall send shivers down our spine merely on imagining a world society’s sordid state if no speech communication existed in it. The mundane importance of speech is beyond all doubt. The amount of work that speech carries out for creating enthusiasm and ire while making friends and foes, no other basis of the entire world can do this.

The spiritual basis of speech is all the more important. Mantra worship is a mysterious variety of this type on the basis of which man attains multifaceted progress and a foundation of helping others is created. We all are well versed with the benefits and effects of Mantra Energy. Lest this spiritual practice is done properly, that energy can be created in untold amounts that can bestow astounding success in man’s material and spiritual arena. The chief substratum of miracles in Mantra Energy is word/sound. To sound energy manifestation is conjoined the foundation of the bodily, mental and sentimental state of a Mantra devotee. It is the combination of all these that an effect appears which can be called the miracle of Mantra Power.

Total compact sound emerges while uttering something only when all the parts of the mouth like tongue, lips, teeth, palate, throat etc work in tandem. If merely the tongue is used man too akin to birds and beast would be capable of uttering only limited words and speech. Mantras have been interwoven keeping in mind hidden mysteries of Sound Science. While chanting Mantra words not only do mouth parts move but that its movements influence mysterious centers of our subtle body. The very important centers of the subtle body include 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), 3 endocrine complex ‘knots’, 3 subtle nerves, 10 Prana Forces, 53 subtle glands etc. The flow of alphabets of a Mantra plays an important role in rendering them active and awakened.

The moment you start pressing various keys of a type writer imprints of various alphabets can be seen on paper kept a bit afar. The moment you place your fingers on keys of a piano wooden sticks open up and musical notes are heard. The same process can be seen in Mantra chanting. Movements taking place in the mouth after attacking various energy centers of the subtle body induces special upheavals in them. Accordingly in the deep recesses of the psyche of the devotee such awakening and manifestation is seen with the help of which miraculous divine powers awaken and thus the devotee’s inner personality gets filled up with so many divine glories which are not found in lay people.

On a gross basis the purpose of sound is looked upon merely as to send certain information to the brain via the medium of our ears yet this is not the only aim. The more one deeply cogitates over Sound Energy its importance and extraordinary shall get more clarification. Due to sound of thunder many tall buildings are razed to the ground. So much noise pollution is emerging due to today’s technological civilization that due to its dire results man shall have to endure unending losses. The entire world is worried regarding this. So much noise is emitted by Supersonic Jets flying in the sky that everyone knows its harmful repercussions. Hence efforts have been made to render these fast moving jets sound free. Machines too emit sounds beyond the ken of our ears that create stupendous amazing reactions.

The special nature of a Mantra is dependent on the choice of weaving of its words in a particular manner. They have been molded on the basis of special laws of Sound Science which on uttering ceaselessly in one flow emits energy of a special stature. It’s definitely a fantastic application to ceaselessly utter words in one flow. If we rub our palms continuously they emit warmth. If certain words are uttered in one manner, with same speed, in one tone then its reaction not only excites that devotee’s body and psyche but that nearby regions too are influenced similarly. An onrush is the total measure reaction of Mantra manifesting in the devotee. It is experienced in the mind and body as special zest, enthusiasm and deep faith. Some devotees also get the vision of the Mantra deity and blessings of success are heard subtly. All this is heard and seen not by our gross ears and eyes but via our subtle senses. It is the subtle sense organs that experience all this yet many a times its intensity is so great that at that moment the spiritual vision or sound appears gross like. It is not necessary that every successful Mantra practice bestows this sort of vision and celestial voice yet definitely one experiences that our faith and steadfastness mature along with enthusiasm and will power becoming stronger. Very clearly we can witness happiness on a devotee’s face connoting success (Sidhi) in Mantra chanting and the victory of attaining something is seen as brilliant light in the eyes. These experiences that point at success in Mantra chanting is called Sphota.

The Mantra’s sentimental role creates magnetism and Sphota renders the same widespread and potent infinitely. The preliminary explosion of an atom is ordinary. It is the surrounding atmosphere by manifesting multiplied energy renders it fearfully terrific. This same process is seen in Mantras. Mantra is activated by sentiments in them, faith conjoined to worship rites and many mysterious specialties of Mantra devotion like the terrific flow of Sound Energy emitted by spiritual practices. This in turn renders steadfastly devoted Mantra practicing aspirants to peaks of Mantra mastery.

Over here one more point needs to be noticed is that a divine existence needs to be invoked in every apparatus, material and parts used in Mantra practices and instead of rendering them ordinary materials they have to be reinstated as divine weapons. Mantra chanting done so as to help manifest pilgrim spots and the soul in water used by us for bathing is nothing but invocation of Varun deity along with other demigods in this water. In this way by bathing in water imbued with deep faith induces steadfast devotion in a devotee. There is a tradition of Mantra chanting and imbibing of certain techniques in applications of seat, rosary, 5 vessels of worship, flame lamp, sandalwood, flowers and other apparatus which must never be looked upon as useless or meaningless. By doing all this methodically apparatus that seems ordinary becomes of the stature of that divine cosmic consciousness that is required for Mantra applications. Prana Pratishtha or invoking Prana Energy in the image of the deity and Phodashopchar worship rites are done from that standpoint that by superimposing profound faith and rendering a material image a representative of that powerful authority (God) fulfills the goal of bestowing us with terrific inspiration.

A Mantra devotee via Nyas Mantras must establish various divine powers in all their bodily parts. The aim of sanctification, Achman, Pranayam and Nyas is purification of gross, subtle and causal bodies. The view of Spiritual Practice Sciences is that one must worship divinity only after becoming divine. In order to purify the body and mind before commencing Mantra Japa many types of worship rites/Karmakand have to be followed. Amongst these many are meant to establish an attitude of divinity in ourselves. This application on being used in spiritual practices becomes capable of becoming helpers in success of worship materials.

Energy from sound has been endorsed by modern science. Ere audible sound is emitted ceaselessly then in a short while heat emerges that can even boil water.

Sensitive sentiments and thinking process get conjoined to Mantras and by establishing a particular thought flow in the brain that thought latches on to our thinking methods and it takes the form of an unending flow. This path from the viewpoint of intellectual training and transformation is very useful. With its help the mind is trained to immerse itself in some special role. Distortions can be corrected and a transformation can be brought into our desires and inner nature. By giving due weight age to thinking of meaning it becomes an ordinary benefit of Mantra chanting.

The Sphota or manifestation of Sound Energy is a mysterious process of Mantra Power. We all have enough information regarding the fearful energy emitted by an atomic explosion. Its vibrations too are made from the combination of old units. The explosion of these sound vibrating units too can be akin to atomic explosions. Behind techniques of Mantra Yoga practices a very similar process is seen. The interweaving of word designing in Mantras has been done by spiritual seers and divine seer thinkers in such a manner that with the help of spiritual endeavors like Japa, Homa (fire sacrifice), other mediums of austerities and rituals desirable explosions can be induced. In today’s parlance the word Visphota or explosion is used in a manner which is similar to the word Sphota in Sanskrit language. In reality Mantra worship is explosion of Sound Energy.

Sound explosion emits such sound waves that cannot be heard by our gross ears. Sound is an object of space. Hence the work arena of a Mantra devotee is space element. A Yogi is a devotee of wind. He/she gathers Prana Energy via the medium of wind or air. From this standpoint a Mantra devotee can be called even more senior in stature to a Yogi. A true Mantra devotee not only is any less than a Yogi but that he/she is that tad bit more powerful.

In Mantra practice there is an explosive emission of sound Energy. Explosions possess multiplicative energy. In Mantras preliminarily a focused steadfastness of reinstating divinity is created. This sentiment is magnetic. It is the 1st leg of appearance of the power of faith. Energy helps multiply this preliminary attainment and thus a small miniscule seed gets converted into a gigantic tree. The magnetic nature of thought is well known. One eulogizes, worships and remembers one’s icon or Energy of Mantra’s deity along with its specialties and in one’s faith one harbor deep feelings of them being all powerful and full of grace. Via an appointed Karmakand or mode of worship and also via austerities full of endurance of all kinds of hardships renders a very crystal clear faith in the deep cave of the psyche of a devotee after a very long span of spiritual practices commences ripening that the Mantra’s hidden energy is now his/her for keeps. All these types of faith combine to render complete the sentimental process of Mantras full of magnetic pull.

Via mantra chanting 2 circles are formed viz. sentimental circle and sound circle. Ceaseless mobility ultimately starts moving in a circle. Stars, galaxies etc move within their elliptical paths based on this fact that speedy mobility ultimately takes on a rounded circular path. If a person commences walking in a straight forward direction shall ultimately come back to his original starting point. This happens because our earth is round in shape. The shape and movement of units in the cosmos is round because of their continuous mobility. Big rocks enter rivers after breaking away from mountains and after flowing in these waters for long they become round in shape. Later they get converted into small sand particles.

Within Mantra chanting well defined words have to be repeated without pausing in a stepwise fashion. This verily is Japa. This mobile flow has 2 foundations. One is sensitive sentiments and the 2nd is word and its sound. A well defined flow of sentiments embedded in the deep recesses of a Mantra takes the form of sentimental circle. It is so terrific that by catching tightly a devotee’s inner personality molds it according to its own nature. Sound circle emitted due to chanting too is so terrific that its explosion by forming a dense cover embraces the Mantra devotee in it. Thus the sentiment circle covers our inner nature and sound circle embraces our external activities in such a way that man’s 2 fold consciousness can be molded into a desirable stature. In Mantra Science in order to positive transform the stature of our personality successful applications can be executed. So many taints and undesirable traits can be uprooted. We can benefit from the augmenting of good characteristics, sacred activities and a good will based nature. Mantra science can be used very successfully to get liberation from bodily and mental diseases.

Both the wisdom circle and sound circle amass a lot of powers in their own way. They are also such that can totally transform uncultured people and tainted situations. The Sudershan Chakra in the hands of Lord Vishnu points at the terrific capability of soul energy. Mantras’ circular nature can miraculously succeed in transforming the nature of others’ psyche and atmosphere too that is the cause of creation of varied circumstances we face in life.

The infinite ocean of consciousness drips with waves of circles, frequency and repetition. In its jigsaw puzzle via creation of desires, actions and results of actions pull and drag us here and there in life. By cutting asunder this circular mesh we attain Jivan Mukti or liberation while yet alive. The other terminology used for this state is Self Realization, Soul Wisdom and Divine Knowledge. This then is the supreme goal of all lives. Those who tread in this direction have to rent asunder all types of bondages coming one’s way. This goal can be fulfilled via Mantra Sciences. The dense aura of Mantra Energy cuts up all mental vices/taints akin to the fast moving wheels of a tractor or bulldozer.

Generally in Mantra worship programs or Anushthans Agnihotra or fire sacrifice is said to be a most required step. It is one thing to offer fragrant materials to fire and render the atmosphere sweetly fragrant and but the story is different as far as Yajna worship is concerned. Materials used in Yajna rites like wood, food grains etc cannot be just procured from anywhere as per one’s whims and fancies. In fact they have to be rendered Mantra manifest, imbued with Sankalpa or resolve and nourished sacredly. The condition and sacredness of that branch of a tree used as Samidha (fuel for Yajna fire) has to be tested appropriately. At an auspicious hour, with purity it is cut with a hatchet that has been energized via Mantra chanting (Abhimantrit). This wood is then washed with pure clean water and dried in shade. It is the Yajna performer who cuts wood with specific length and thickness and before offering it to Yajna fire, they again reinstate Prana Energy in it and only then can we call this wood as Samidha. If we insist on cutting wood from anywhere in any wayward manner it can only be called fuel to light ordinary fire. This sort of fire can never give you miraculous results.

The same holds true for Havya or Yajna materials used to offer in Agnihotra fire rites. With proper methods they have to be rendered pure and sacred. For this very goal by lighting fire stepwise it must be reinstated in the Yajna pyre. If Yajna fire is lit with match sticks made of potash emerging from bones and those chemicals that let off a foul odor, then the aim of reinstating sacred fire in Yajna pyre is not fulfilled. Vessels used in Yajnas are made of certain specific wood and of certain shapes and sizes. All this hassle is not undertaken without purpose. The Hotra or one performing the Yajna must wear clean clothes after first bathing properly and while observing certain disciplines must methodically offer Havi or materials to Yajna fire. A definite Yajna technique and proper mantra chanting has to be executed. In all this we must give up our nature of whims and fancies. This is because Yajna/ Mantra techniques are very scientific in nature. By ignoring its correct methodology not only are we wasting our efforts but that many a times undesirable consequences too have to be faced by the Yajna performer.

Over here we have discussed Agnihotra for this reason that it too comes in the realm of Mantra worship. It is a special application of Mantra Science. Within various aspects of Yajna rites the manner in which purity and alertness is observed and divine reinstate of sacred sentiments is executed, the same must be done in every leg of Mantra worship. It is erroneous merely to keep chanting Mantras and ignoring certain do’s and don’ts conjoined to it by saying they are meaningless and superfluous.

















The ordinary effect of words/sound is limited to giving information. By hearing sound of footsteps we know that a certain creature is arriving. The sound of thundering of clouds, movement of leaves on trees and whizzing of wind tells us about prevalent weather conditions even without directly seeing all this. On hearing voice from the mouth we know which creature has emitted it and where it is situated. While talking we know about events, situations and problems. Ordinarily words are uttered so as to give and take information. Such conversations are generally noted in schools, factories, journeys, businesses, families and amongst friends.

But words do not merely give us information but that they importantly influence various external-internal bodily parts. Any word uttered by the mouth is done with the help of various mouth parts like throat, palate, lips, teeth, lips and tongue. During this time of uttering from those parts that sound emanates the nerves of those parts spread out to other bodily parts. In this area where spreading occurs are present subtle glands/ducts on whom the pressure of uttering is noted. In the body are present many small-big, visible-invisible glands. Yogis know that in those particles are present hidden special energy storehouses. The 6 Chakras of Sushumna (subtle spine) is known to all and such infinite glands are spread out in the entire body. The uttering of various words affects various glands and due to this influence the energy vault of those glands is awakened. Mantras are interwoven on this very foundation. Super Mantra Gayatri has 24 letters. Making a bond with it awakens 24 glands situated in the body. Via the chanting of Gayatri Mantra the guitar of the subtle body twangs in 24 regions. Thus a musical tune emerges whose influence is seen on important elements of the invisible world. This influence itself is the chief reason of performing Super Energy Gayatri practices.

Certain activities emerge in the mouth when Gayatri Mantra is uttered. Thus such nerves start functioning actively which by attacking important hidden glands present in various bodily centers activates them. Due to this awakening these glands within themselves create such important specialties which can be called Divine Powers or Sidhis. Adept Yogis are known to awaken certain glands via Yoga practices so as to attain Sidhis and divine energies. Similarly if Gayatri Mantra is chanted methodically these very glands get activated. In this manner Gayatri practices too can be called Yoga practices. In a guitar there are many strings and they are twanged in a particular fashion. When a certain string is sounded after another string was twanged either loudly or softly, a certain type of musical tune is heard. If this particular type of twanging is replaced by twanging other strings another different musical tune emerges. In the same way a particular technique of uttering alphabets in Mantras circulates particular type of energies in the body. The reason why this specialty of Super Mantra Gayatri is important is that the intertwining of its alphabets has been done in a very miraculous and scientific manner. One after the other the alphabets have been interwoven in such a manner that its spiritual music echoes aloud within the soul. As a result various layers of the spiritual world opens up on its own akin to petals of lotus flower and thus it becomes very auspicious for the Mantra devotee very much similar to high stature Yoga practices.

So far a lot of research studies have been conducted on influence of music which has unveiled miraculous results. The USA doctor Hutchinson via various musical tunes has cured many incurable diseases successfully and thus has attained world renown. In India Tantra practitioners by placing a big metal plate on a pot drum it with special rhythm whose sound is known to successfully cure poisonous bites of scorpions/snakes, deadly diseases like goiter and shooing away ghosts that enter a person’s body. The reason being that vibrations of words/sound via subtle nature by taking along with them atoms of its own class by circumambulating ether returns to its root source very swiftly. In it are present special types of electrical forces and as per circumstances a special influence of these forces are seen in apt regions. This is the reason why Mantras execute special miraculous feats. Via Gayatri Mantra chanting also, energy manifests thus. In Mantra chanting mouth parts become active and whose nerve ends incite special subtle glands. Thus since an onrush manifests a stepwise flow of Yogic music as per a Vedic Cchand spreads out in ether element and while returning from its cosmic circumambulation within moments it is seen accompanied by an army of similar class elements which is very helpful in fulfilling desired goals. The 5 fold material flow of energized vibrations of musical sound and a relationship established on the basis of soul power’s subtle nature comprising of sensitive emotions, spiritual penance and devotional worship render Super Energy Gayatri so potent that it proves to be a divine boon for the devotee.

One of the reasons why Gayatri Mantra is rendered very subtle is the faith based trust in the psyche of a devotee. Everyone is aware of the potent power of deep faith whereas on the basis of atheism and distrust people merely due to fear enter the jaws of death without rhyme or reason. Yet if deep faith is imbibed the dead too can become alive. In the epic Ramayan, Tulsidasji while singing ‘Bhavani Shankarau vande, shradha vishwas rupinau’ has compared profound faith and trust to Lord Shankar and Goddess Bhavani.

In a certain way Mantra Japa is a language of Sound Science yet material science is unable to optimally use it. There is no other reason but that faith based sensitivity is not analyzed scientifically. While talking of Spiritual Sciences this very fact is showcased by saying that the more a devotee’s faith to one’s icon deity and the more one’s trust in the God whom we meditate on is profoundly deep, the more one’s yearning to meet Almighty Lord is intense and the more one’s devotion/Bhakti is lovingly steadfast the more swiftly shall we experience the positive effects of Mantra practices. Sometimes suddenly certain words uttered by a person prove to become true and that boons or curses reap success. In it is the sensitive emotions of that person at that very moment that is chiefly at work. In ordinary conditions when a person is involved in likes, dislikes, delusion, affection and other worldly pursuits, even if they intensely curse someone not only does it succeed but that the state of such person is rendered full of mockery. The great poet Saint Kabir too has highlighted this. When sensitivity reaches its peak, people have experienced that by oppressing and harassing those who are in anguish and sorrow they have to face the lashes of the latter’s curses. This sudden success can be rendered permanent via successful mantra practices. With its aid anyone can be helped and benefitted any time. It is believed that till today amongst all powerful weapons unearthed laser rays predominate. It is inferred that if sound is conjoined to them, a person seated in one end of the cosmos can talk to a person seated in any jungle or cave on earth in the same way as 2 persons seated side by side carry out a conversation.

These rays are so powerful that it can penetrate a 1 foot thick sheet of iron in 1/1,000,000,000th of a second. If an operation is to be done on the eyeball’s 1/100000th area these rays do it very skillfully. Laser rays are being labeled the miracle of medical surgery and therapy of future times. A day may come when patients of tuberculosis and deadly cancer shall be cured and sent away in such a short time span akin to them standing in a queue to buy rail tickets. The same expectations are being made with reference to Mantras. This means that the potency of Mantra Energy is not only any less than the power of laser rays but in fact supersedes them.

In the technique of Mantra chanting these very types of energy eaves are created but because of the wayward scattered of the devotee’s psyche this effect is not seen. “Yogaha chittavrittischanirodhaha” which means that the goal of Yoga practices is to focus all mental thought waves one pointedly. This Sutra or aphorism of Patanajali Yoga Philosophy says that along with Mantra chanting it is most required that the scattered forces of the psyche be concentrated. As a result Japa becomes ‘super focused’ and the speed and waves of sound take up a terrific speed. This energy is akin to electromagnetic force. It is preliminary too. This is because in the final stage along with Mantra sacred sensitive sentiments get attached.

The energy of sensitive sentiments is n fold more potent than psychic energy. Researchers in the field of Parapsychology have unearthed many such examples. In a state of excess sensitivity a message can be sent to a person sitting in any far off lonely corner of the world without using wireless technology or telephone. Whereas today without controlling sound waves in modern technology apparatus, this would be impossible. It is for this reason that although broadcasted programs from radio stations can be heard yet the person hearing it in another place cannot talk to people present at radio stations. This specialty of Mantra Japa and sensitive emotions renders it much more important than material attainments. Mantra Energy does not merely influence the environment of the world but that it induces vibrations in the inner personality of the devotee. Thus their personality radiates intense light of aura.

It is something totally different that we fail to understand the science of sensitive sentiments but none can challenge its very existence. It is possible that in future mankind shall unfold the fact as to from which light atoms have they been created. Yet in daily life its potent energy at work is there for all to see. The sporting activities of the world run on the basis of sensitive sentiments. An atmosphere devoid of sensitivity is akin to a lonely jungle.

In Mantras sentiments like faith, trust, devotion, divine love etc are at work. The more they are radiated the faster are the results of Mantra Power noted. Mantra chanting done with an unfocused psyche does bear fruits albeit with a little delay. Many people believe that these benefits are suddenly bestowed by some demigods and goddesses. The reason is that they fail to see and experience the progress and transformation taking place within their inner personality. Lest they realized what subtle processes are going on due to their spiritual practices then swiftly they would know that all that is achieved is not sudden and accidental but that it is the beneficial result of a well managed scientific functioning of Soul Sciences. Gayatri practices are not some blind beliefs/tradition but are a compact scientific activity and most definitely benefits accrue as a result. 

Great Yogis via many types of spiritual practices awaken certain mysterious energies situated in the gross body and these can be easily awakened by Gayatri Mantra chanting too. Thus despite this spiritual practice being straightforward can give great fruits akin to those attained via high stature Yoga disciplines. No other practice apart from that pertaining to Gayatri can be so easy, miniscule, less labor, devoid of danger and bestower of beneficial results at a quicker pace.












After merely chanting ‘start’ or uttering the alphabets, ‘s-t-a-r-t’ a heavy car weighing 200 kilos started revving up. When the next word ‘go’ was uttered by that person what a miracle was seen. Akin to a lord commanding his devote, the car started swiftly running on the road. The car now gained more speed. This car without a driver at the wheel was whizzing past on an open road and at that moment another car was approaching it from the opposite direction. Hence this person seated afar commanded ‘halt’. Thus this car without a driver stopped and halted immediately.

After reading these lines, the reader must have assumed deluded that this was a magic show or an act of sleight of hand. Yet this is just not true. This was a well managed program that was exhibited by 2 youths called Graham and Neil. This feat was performed in Melbourne City of Australia on a road that oozed with many spectators. In order to witness firsthand, how powerful is the sound of words a huge crowd had gathered.

Behind the fact that a lifeless inert car was functioning at the behest and direction of words uttered by a person was at work a scientific law. It was the power of sound that was at work. In the hands of the person exhibiting all this was a small match stick like box called a transistor. The function of this transistor was to send the word (sound) of a well defined frequency uttered by the person directing this car to the control unit below the dashboard of the car via the medium of electrical power. Bang in front of this was another machine called ‘car radio’. When the electromagnetic waves of the words uttered banged against it, all cogs and technical units of the car got activated. Not only the engine but that the horn, lights, wipers etc too started functioning on hearing these uttered words. Although the lay public who witnessed all this were spell bound yet specialists of this technology knew that this is but an onrush of the infinite vault of power of speech.

The power of words/sound while superseding all material forces also possesses the potentials of subtle piercing. It was only after this definite information was unearthed that Indian seer philosophers helped advance the Science of Mantras. By itself anything that we utter affects us and others individually and at the cosmic level too. A small pebble thrown in a big lake can send waves to far off regions. In the same way every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle atoms of space. Due to these vibrations invisible inspirations awaken in people. We do not know from where thoughts enter our brain but Mantra seers know that thoughts emerging in our intellect are certainly no sudden accident but are focused subtle vibrations in layers of energies right since commencement of creation. These bang into the knowledge centers/sheaths of the brain manifest as thoughts. Also our brain is capable of catching and help flowing, a continuous stream of one single class of thoughts. A humungous revolution can be created in the thought realm of the entire cosmos via a stream of one type of thoughts flowing ceaselessly in the psyche. For this it is not a must that these thoughts be uttered via speech and conversations.

One day in Maharshi Raman’s hermitage some very deluded people gathered. This ashram of his was in Arunachal (Tamil Nadu-India) near mountains. Over there many types of creatures resided. One day a female monkey arrived there and started chattering. For a long time she continued doing this and when others tried stopping her by chasing her away she yet stood her ground firmly. At that time Raman Maharshi laughingly said: Her husband is the king of the monkey army. The chief of monkeys has the authority to keep more than one queen. This chief has chosen one more new queen which has not been liked by this 1st queen. It is hence that this monkey queen has come to complain. After this Maharshi sat in a meditative pose and subsequently the monkey king came there. It appeared that perforce things were explained to this monkey king and somehow after cajoling his 1st queen left that place.

Every now and then in this hermitage incidences of silent speechless association with Maharshi and inspirations were witnessed. Its benefit without any speech uttered was availed by thousands of visitors traveling here. It is only the hard core materialist who cannot benefit from such silent inspirations, else if by rendering one’s psyche even a wee bit thought free, one becomes a bit meditative, even today we can attract invisible great seer saints of yore and their inspiring teachings.

By itself certain Congress leaders have been showered credit for gaining political freedom from alien British Rule. Yet a time period shall come in future when modern science shall tell us that amongst those leaders not one even was such that he/she was not inspired subtly by great visionary souls like Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. Via the subtle power of thoughts in the mental world revolutionary changes can be effected and via gross words terrific explosions can be induced in the gross world, materials and masses hanging in interstellar space. Not only this but that subtle Prana Energy, electrical aura, heat etc of planets, galaxies etc can be attracted towards oneself but for this is required the controlling panel fixed in a car and choice and controlled application of words/sound akin to a transistor. It is only after attaining the most profound information with reference to this that Vedic Mantras and Richas were coined. In reality words, prayerful Mantras and Richas appear to be machines which if used step by step by a devotee, he/she can become the master of the cosmos. Today modern material science has commenced understanding this fully well.

Until a few decades back only technical apparatus like radio, telephone were looked upon as a miracle of Sound Science but California University’s world renowned geologist, Dr Herbert Huber via sound’s subtle vibrations cleaned dirt and mud on a very miniscule and delicate bone piece, which otherwise would break up even if a small feather weight blade touched the bone. Later Sound Energy advanced so manifold that a new revolution set into the industrial world. Today Sound Energy is used in very heavy onerous tasks like cutting humungous thick sheets of iron, washing clothes and by using noise of urban areas generating electrical power. Till date only X rays were thought to be such subtle technology that unveiled hidden parts of the insides of our body but their photos are not all that clear which clearly showcases everything. But yet the energy of sound has rendered very facile, this task. All these tasks are now executed by ultra sound.

Ultra sound is that which cannot be heard by human ears under any circumstances. When very subtle vibrations are imbued with an electric onrush, its power of piercing augments so prolifically that by piercing even the densest material, its’ inner designing can be photographed very clearly.

For example a lady from Chicago was medically examined but the attending doctor failed to conclude whether what was there in the womb was a fetus or a tumor. One after the other X rays were taken of the womb yet no conclusion could be drawn. Hence they used Ultra sound testing methods which clearly showed that a fetus was growing in the lady’s womb. A man from Utah (USA) accidently fired a bullet from a gun. This bullet entered the eye of a small child. Doctors made great efforts yet failed to find out where exactly the bullet was lodged in the eye.

Finally the child was sent to a government hospital in Washington. Over here Ultra sound techniques were made use of due to which the thin strip of brass got photographed very clearly and in a jiffy the doctors removed it from the child’s eye very deftly.

Till then no such technique was invented that could study very delicate tissues of the body. The body is made up of very tiny cells. Many cells unite to form a tissue. These tissues together form various organs of the body but in USA’s Colorado University a medical specialist called Dr Geoff Holmes via Ultra sound methods successfully studied tissue with penetrating clarity. This research was done with a scientific apparatus called transducer. It is known to convert electrical energy into sound energy. It transmits sound waves with a speed of more than 20000 in one second. Later these waves bang into a medium via whose transformed vibrations, photos are imaged. In every task the methodology of control and transmission of mobility of vibrations are varied. Ultimately the principle involves a very subtle transmission of sound waves.

These attainments of modern science tell us that rhythmic sound vibrations possess limitless potential and this very principle is embedded in Mantras. Via combination of psychic activity this power augments all the more and when man attains total control over it via Mantra Sidhi he can execute such miraculous feats as shown in the lines written above.

In the above lines a description has been given regarding an Ultra sound transducer that has super subtle sound vibrations. It not only identifies different diseases but that is used in medical therapies for curing TB, cancer and so on. By converting sound vibrations into the form of a tong even the most miniscule germs and toxic particles can be ‘caught and pulled out’. 

A very thin particle of brass entered a boy’s eye. Under such a situation wherein it would prove dangerous to use forceps of just any metal or a new dire state of hurting the eye could emerge, forceps made from sound vibrations was used and within 10 seconds this thin particle was removed successfully. This surgery was done by Dr Nathanial Bronson who is an ENT specialist from Manhattan (New York).

Ultra sound was first used in 1942 by Vienna’s well known scientist Dr Karl Dussik. Its unveiling was done 2 years after X-rays were discovered in 1895 AD. These days in England, USA, Sweden and Japan Ultra sound is being researched into great detail for collecting data of the brain and its various centers. Dr W Blyfield and Dr Swain Effort of Dusseldorf in West Germany have photographed various Ultra sound images of bodies of about 10000 people. Via these studies they have collected very new data and scientific principles.

In the world of medical therapy/healing these attainments of very subtle applications of word sound tells us that if Indian spiritual seers have unveiled that information of Mantra Sciences wherein via sound vibrations successful applications have been executed like uprooting poison in the body, warding off diseases, attracting invisible powers, Maran via mental resolve, Mohan, Ucchatan etc it certainly is not an overstatement. In the era of Mahabharat War enemies were killed using weapons imbued with Mantra Energy and in fact this power was n fold more than that emitted by nuclear bombs. With Mantra force a either large group of soldiers could be killed at one shot or that in a mob of hundreds of people this weapon aided by Mantra Power could kill only a lone targeted person. All this was the miracle of Sound Science whose very miniscule information has been unveiled by modern material science.

It goes without saying that today’s highly intellectual educated class of the world knows very well that every type of sound can be imaged. This imaging of sound vibrations is called spectrograph. The sound vibrations of all that we speak are showcased as various types of line by the spectrograph. A scientist called Dr Lawrence Castro attached to Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York-USA studied the spectrograph data of the voice of many people. He found that lines of sound vibration of every person were varied even if they uttered one single sentence. Yet if a particular person uttered one sentence whether he was healthy, ill, attacked by common cold/coughing, in heat or cold and in situations of varied atmospheric pressure yet these lines on the spectrograph remained the same and unchanged all throughout. What this means is that sound vibrations are so potent that they cannot be influenced or affected by nature based changes like storms, rains, atmospheric pressure and heat/cold. In every state and condition the lines of every person remains uniform. In the same way the transmission of vibrations of every Mantra is of one type. The shape and form of lines pertaining to different people could be varied. It means that if one person utters one sentence lines marching ahead or regressing back could be long or short yet its repetition will be same.

Sound vibrations from ordinary speech uttered after moving forward a bit spreads out in all atoms of the world and akin to mere touching of mimosa plant creates movement in it only to become withered, similarly these sound vibrations after traveling across the entire world in a matter of seconds, returns along with a reaction. In transformed vibrations many thoughts of same type come running. It is hence that when in anger someone shouts aloud, those very ireful thoughts come running but if a person utters some compassionate loving speech, sweet tender thoughts enter the brain.

Hence it is said that any word uttered is a Mantra and hence humans are ordained to speak sweet tender speech with utter caution. Reactions of bitter, angry and useless chatter augment those very elements which in turn increases discontent and mental agitation.

The Science of Mantras is a bit different. So far we have discussed those sound vibrations whose shape and class have been defined and utilized via electrical force. The question now arises that when in Mantra practices no external energy transforms sound vibrations, how can we benefit akin to boons given by modern science? This answer can be given by studying the example of a machine called Retrometer. This machine works as a required external energy fount. An American scientist called Nyuma E Thomas had invented the Retrometer. He is a senior research scientist of ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration Center’ situated in Langley. In this technology by sending light from any medium to a photo static cell, vibrations of electrical energy is converted to sound so as to hear it.

From this theory it becomes definite that the nature of Ultra sound (not heard by human ears) is very similar to vibrations of light. The lesser the length of vibrations of Ultra sound, this uniformity/similarity increases to that extent. From this we can understand that Ultra sound can quite easily be rendered repetitive and transformed. Its behavior is bang opposite to light based waves. Hence via these waves energy of various types of light sources via a reaction easily get attracted towards oneself. This happens because Ultra sound waves no doubt move swiftly in dense materials but in mediums that are thin and fine, they move with very less slow speed. 

Every Mantra used by Vedas have some or the other presiding demigod/deity. Gayatri’s deity is Savita which means that whatever benefits like good health, life force, wealth-prosperity, son and fulfillment of our desires we accrue from Gayatri Meditation its energy and inspiration come from the solar world. Whenever any Mantra is chanted then with a special movement in the midst of atoms of space while marching ahead they reach that demigod or energy center related to the Mantra uttered. At the time of chanting Mantras mind attains required power via energy emitted. Via this energy sound waves emitted during Mantra chanting are viewed as electrical waves. In a few moments as it marches ahead swiftly bangs against divine energy. Thus invisible subtle atoms start getting transformed with slow speed and its direction is totally opposite. Subtle and gross atoms start running and commence bestowing bodily benefits and psychic inspirations to the devotee. It is this very energy that helps man live an advanced progressive life and showers untold other benefits too.

Initially these activities of give-take and repetition-transformation take place a bit slowly yet the more mental focus augments, the reactions also become intense and even the subtle soul existence speedily get adorned by those light atoms which are attracted from divine powers.

For example the sun is the very soul of the entire solar system which means that sun rays visualize all planets/stars. The rays of light atoms of the sun can see everything. The more these light atoms advance in a Gayatri devotee the more he/she sees clear, premonition, beneficial dreams and thus attains miraculous inspirations. In the same way gross energy benefits our health. Many Gayatri devotees afflicted with diseases have been seen cured and this is but the result of the transforming process of solar rays. Thus despite one being an atheist Mantra chanting yet gives benefits. Although benefits attained by harboring deep faith and trust are faster but if this is not the case a person chanting Mantras definitely attains benefits albeit slowly.












There are many foundation stones of Mantra Science amongst which are included its word intertwining and method of chant. Unlike poems creation of Mantras is does not predominate with sentiments or meaning. In fact the basis is in which way the Mantra alphabets should get interwoven so that via its rhythmic chanting, that sound flows which is said to be most required for desired goals. The strings of a guitar are tied in a very precise methodical manner. If any type of string is fitted in any whimsical manner it shall become very tough to manifest uniform sound from them or varied types of Ragas and tunes. In the same way while keeping in mind the sound flow of words and its mutual combination spiritual seers interwove various alphabets in Mantras.

There is a special technique of its chanting. It is just not enough to tie strings to a guitar appropriately because it is also important how the instrumentalist twangs the strings with deft finger movements. Why various tunes and Ragas emerge from musical instruments is this varied way of using one’s fingers while twanging the strings. Merely fixing strings on guitar optimally is not sufficient. The combination of mixing of words in Mantras and devotee’s methodical chanting technique aids the flow of a strange musical tune. Due to its influence such situations are created in the subtle world which is attained as a result of Mantra chanting religious program called Anushthan.

Take the example of Super Mantra Gayatri. In its meaning the devotee prays for a pious focused intellect from Almighty God. For this end there are a pile of other Mantras in Vedic literature. In other languages many such poems have been penned. If it was the case of only meaning no difference can be seen between such poetry and Gayatri Mantra. From the stand of poetry writing Gayatri Mantra is said to be faulty as far as its Cchand or meter is concerned. When 3 legs of 8 alphabets are penned a faultless Gayatri Cchand is created. Yet the well known Gayatri Mantra has 23 alphabets. 24 alphabets come into play only via ‘pulling and pushing’ ‘Nyam’ is chanted as ‘Niyam’. Creators of Gayatri Mantra definitely must have known this error yet they gave importance only to the sound flow emerging from word inter weaving and created it as is been read today.

Sound by itself is an energy fount. There was a time when it was used only to unearth gross information yet today’s terrific modern scientific advancement has proved it to be a very high stature form of energy. Sound heard by our ears influences us all in a varied manner. On hearing insults we fly into a rage and if we are praised we become very happy. Words that create harassment due to censure along with those connoting anguish agitate us a lot but the moment we hear joyous news of success a wave of joy takes over our psyche and a wide smile lights up our face. It is not only the mind but that our body too as a result of reaction of hearing words/sound makes changes in their functioning. It is the bitter speech of Draupadi that set rolling the bloody Mahabharat War. Humble words full of nectarine sweetness not only melt the heart of humans, but that of Almighty God too.

Sound flow emerging from Mantra chanting influences the entire consciousness of the devotee and their vibrations, by spreading into interstellar space, render situations very conducive. While uttering different words mouth parts like tongue, lips, palate etc have to make different types of movement in tandem. Its influence is seen both on the various parts of the gross and subtle bodies. Influence of Mantra Sound is noted on subtle glands, nerve networks, bioelectrical eddies etc electrical streams like Chakras, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna of the subtle body too are influenced. Due to the Mantra Sound flow in the gross, subtle and causal bodies of the devotee many useful changes take place and new reformation is seen in the inner personality. Any power/force initially influences its region of creation and later its potential by establishing authority on the following region marches ahead. Wherever fire is lit it first heats up that area and then it starts heating up other areas as it moves ahead blazingly. The highest influence of Mantra chanting is noted in the inner personality of the devotee.

Not only sound flow but that in spiritual practices other rites and techniques too are used. Materials used therein, various movements seen in rituals, techniques and ritualistic methods have their own importance. In Mantra practices its combined process contributes wondrously. Due to this united influence Mantra practices become capable of showcasing their miraculous reactions. This sound stream while influencing the devotee’s existence akin to radio waves starts running in interstellar space. Akin to word arrows that successfully pierce their targets, its flow bangs into those centers of the subtle world which is said to be the aim of spiritual practice/Sadhana.

That area of sound is very minor which can be heard by our ears or is within the ken of our ears. Only those sound waves that are between 20-20000/second can be heard by human ears. In comparison to this vibrations of meditation are very less and extremely more potent. They can be called unheard sounds. In fact this certainly does not diminish its power but the fact is they are much more potent. With the help of ‘Supersonic radio meter’ one can hear innumerable sound streams spread out in interstellar space. In Mantra practices the production of these unheard sounds take place by other methods and these extraordinarily influence their own and surrounding areas.

Science has accepted supersonic sounds to be a power that can create untold influence and has made applications of various types to take out work from it. These days it is also being used to measure correct thickness and depth of things and also to test the good/bad quality of metals. The power of sound waves is used by many industries for tasks like production of carbon black, washing clothes, pounding of things made from chemical admixture, grinding, drying wet materials, casting and molding metals, production of plastic strings etc. So many business institutions like Iowa State College, Ultra Sonic Corporation, V F Goodrich Company etc have designed such technology wherein the potential of ultra sound is used and thus important benefits are accrued.

There are so many energy streams ceaselessly flowing in the entire cosmos viz. radio waves, micro waves, television and radar waves, X-rays, Gama rays, laser rays, death rays, infrared rays, ultra violet rays and so on. Amongst sound waves ultrasonic and supersonic are used a great deal by various industries for varied tasks. In the near future other innumerable forces from these streams shall be rendered useful for world humans. These days the way in which they are successfully being used in ordinary tasks like killing harmful germs, processing butter from milk, washing, rinsing, grinding and warding off fog, on seeing all this scientists are creating gigantic plans for using them in other useful activities. Akin to supplying fertilizer and water to plants/trees via sweet sound flow also the goal of its augmenting is being fulfilled. Farmers of Yugoslavia have enthusiastically utilized these sound flows in agricultural tasks and thus good benefits are being accrued. Holland’s animal breeders while milking animals make special types of sound and thus more milk is got. With the help of these sounds even the power of effort, strength and procreation capability of animals has been increased successfully. American agriculturist George Smith gained international acclaim for augmenting manifold harvest of corn on the basis of sound flow usage.

A flurry of preparations is being witnessed for transforming sound trapped from interstellar space into energy. It shall be made possible to convert them into heat, light, magnetism and electricity and on this basis a very inexpensive and all pervasive fount of fuel shall be made available. Via ears sound enters the brain and thus we can hear various words. For those whose ear drums are not functioning efforts to succeed very soon in sending sound waves from the eye route of deaf people to the brain and thus help them hear words as clearly as possible. Similarly since bodily openings like nose, ears, eyes and mouth have a direct connection with the brain, it is believed that if some problem occurs in one of these, via the others, the path of sending required information to the brain shall open up. In this manner deaf, dumb and blind people too shall fulfill their sense perception needs via other healthy bodily openings. Even now, technology like radar gathers very important information by ‘catching’ sound flows. In future this arena shall be rendered more and more widespread.

Sweet well controlled and cultured speech is called Vashikaran Mantra. On its basis aliens become our very own. Thus it is possible to get love, respect and cooperation from others. Innumerable doorways of progress are thrown wide open. The more one ponders over how immensely how the sanctified influence of speech has contributed towards progress and joy in our material lives the more its deep import becomes crystal clear. School education is based on the speech communication between teachers and students. Even the basis of Brahma Vidya or Science of Divine Wisdom is this. Right from association with great realized saints, their holy discourses, spiritual lectures, singing hymns/Bhajans, reading aloud religious texts, singing eulogies to God etc up to Mantra chanting and Japa, all this takes place via the medium of speech. In the mundane world by influencing others, they are uplifted and helped march ahead positively in life. By attaining goodwill and help from others a person benefits a lot. In the spiritual realm on the basis of Mantra Science innumerable high stature glories can be grasped and it is possible to attain the goal of Self/God Realization. Akin to a sanctified speech humans possess no other supreme power. It is the result of ‘speech’ that we talk, hear and witness all those miracles pertaining to Mantra Science. This speech is super purified via observing silence of speech, religious vows etc. Its mind boggling energy has the capability of shaking up the inert material world and creating widespread sacred sensitive flow of sentiments in the conscious world. Hence speech based spiritual penance is said to be the chief basis of Soul Sciences. For this via the psyche, speech and action such supremacy has to be imbibed that no cause remains that can ‘scorch’ our speech. It is only after duly executing all this that any Mantra that is chanted (Japa) or uttered doubtlessly succeeds in attaining the goal (Sidhi). Lest our speech remains in a tainted, vile and scorched state then Mantra chanted using it shall get burnt and despite carrying out Japa, eulogies, reading aloud holy texts for a long time and in gigantic numbers, desired results are never attained. Vak or sanctified speech is called the very life force or spirituality. It is certainly not an overstatement to call it the devotee’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) or Brahmastra (divine weapon). It is this sacredly sanctified speech that is called Goddess Saraswati. Those divine boons that can be attained from Goddess Saraswati can be miraculously be given by this sanctified Vak or speech energy.

Brahma deity has 4 faces. From these 4 he manifested the 4 Vedas via discourses. In reality this 4 fold manifestation is but a symbolic description of the upward moving onrush of 4 types of speeches called Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti. This task was fulfilled by Brahma deity that could have been executed even by soul deity. There is a story in Indian Mythology called Puranas that Brahma or creator many a times climbed up and down the stem of a lotus manifesting from the navel of Lord Vishnu. The same happens in Mantra practices. After being uttered gross words dives deep down into the sensitive centers of the psyche and after imbibing energy from this fount it comes up again. When it comes up the influence of Pashyanti speech seen on Vaikhari speech is very much akin to a metal wire getting affected by electricity. This word akin to an energized Mantra creates upheavals in the world. It vibrates the subtle world and renders the devotee oozing with divine powers or Sidhis.






Two principles are embedded in Mantra Science:

1)      Utility of Sound Energy on the basis of Subtle Conscious Science

2)      Inner sanctity of an individual and a combination of divine capacity manifesting from an onrush of sacred sensitive sentiments

Due to the union of the above 2, a 3rd astounding energy manifests that cannot be created by the most powerful material medium.

Machines are known to undergo wear and tear. In order to maintain them properly skillful technicians are most required. Without fuel supply these machines cannot function. But to the extent the human body is mightily strong it is also straightforward. In order that a human body functions smoothly it does not require a technician or fuel. Apart from food and water for proper natural functioning it does not require any special fuel. In order to buy it no wealth is required and no factory is required for its ‘production’. Although it is inexpensive and straightforward it certainly is not lowly. Divine powers and glories fill up every pore of the human body. Everyone knows its mundane utility. Akin to beasts and birds man too uses his body for eating food, sleeping, undergoing and instilling fear and sexual procreation. Yet only that rare extraordinary person uses it for soul and spiritual advancement. Not knowing this, the human body is used very meagerly. Majority of that which is divine in the human body remains unknown and unused. The process that protects us from this harm/danger is called Yoga Science. Ordinarily speech is used for conversing, increasing knowledge and give and take of information. This is a very gross application of it. If the utility of energy’s very subtle power can be unearthed we can accrue infinite fold more benefits in comparison to benefits attained commonly. Mantra Science must be understood as a scientific technique of making use of the subtle power of speech.

How powerful are words/sound? How mind boggling is the potential of speech? How can our voice fulfill stupendous tasks? How terrific is the electrical flow conjoined to it? All this is very much known by material scientists/physicists. On the basis of this knowledge technology like radio, TV, radar are designed and directed. After rendering a combination of the various capacities of the sentimental state of thinking in man’s body, an electrical flow emerges. Its capability was well understood by spiritual principle seers and on its basis discovered Mantra Sciences.

Voice should never be looked upon merely as ‘air’ emitted by the mouth. In fact it is like a potent material via which many types of aims can be fulfilled.

Like other materials voice also has been proved to be such material that can be measured and imaged too. Via plate recorders and tape recorders it can be seen day in and day out that man’s voice can be recorded and can be heard again and again. Via loudspeakers and tape recorders we can hear records of various musical instruments being played and songs sung.

Today voice can be exhibited as proof of someone’s speech. Previously this was not the case. In courts of law tape recorders could not be used as proof. Its evidence was not given assent by judicial courts. This is because the accused would refuse to accept that the voice recorded and replayed was his/hers. It could be that someone else was imitating this voice. Under such clouds of doubt recorded voices could not be used as testimony, evidence or proof.

Till date finger prints and thumb prints only were accepted to be authentic because no 2 persons in the entire world possess lines on thumbs and fingers that are identical. Documents no doubt can be fraudulent because of being doctored and manipulated but it is impossible to copy thumb prints. Similarly in this world no 2 people possess the same type of voice. Today sound measurement too has attained this assent. This was invented by Dr Lawrence Kersta of Voice Print Laboratories in New Jersey, USA. According to this technique voice is measured from three corners. A slanted measurement shows length of time. The speed of standing sound and measurement of its loudness takes place in the form of lines on a map. Dr Kersta who invented this opines that when a child learns how to speak the manner in which the muscular network of its lips, teeth, tongue, palate, cheeks, throat etc narrows down or spreads out wide is not similar to those of others. In it some separate specialty is seen. Hence in every person’s voice in comparison to that of others a difference is seen. By recording this difference in its own way an image of voice can be photographed.

On the basis of this invention so many accused in courts have been prosecuted and many criminals have been punished. Just as no one can deny the authenticity of one’s photograph or thumb print in the same way today it is impossible to deny one’s own voice that is recorded as not authentic. Now it has been proved that even voices that spread out as sound waves can be converted into form and matter.

No doubt voice is a material object. Speech influences others. In schools knowledge is disseminated and augmented via speech. Everyone knows how well music plays a role in manifesting our sensitive emotions and vibrating the same. How others get wrathful on hearing insulting words and as a result how horrific undesirable situations emerge can be easily understood via the example of Draupadi flinging insulting words at the Kauravas which resulted in the famous bloody Mahabharat War. Every day we are witness to how friends turn foes on hearing harsh words of censure and how foes turn friends on hearing sweet respectful speech from us. We feel so horrible on hearing incidences of sorrow and agony. Thus the emotion inciting potential of words uttered is very clear.

Not only this, it also has this power of influencing ourselves, others and the entire subtle world. This actually occurs by using Mantra Science. The way in which via rhythmic finger movement on the strings of guitar produces various types of musical tunes, similarly if words are uttered in a particular rhythmic fashion special type, specially potent and special influence generating vibrations manifest. Mere word meanings are not given importance embedded in Mantras. In fact better training can be given via prose and poetry. In fact in Mantras greater emphasis is laid on the pattern of alphabets interwoven in them and technique/method of correctly chanting them. From wherever words are uttered like the throat, palate, teeth, lips, tongue etc, it has a direct bond with subtle centers of the human body. The body’s subtle centers comprising of 6 Chakras/subtle plexus, glands, subtle nerves etc are mind boggling by themselves. Our mouth parts are related to these subtle divine organs. Just as by pressing keys of a typewriter etches alphabets and words on a plain paper placed on the machine above so too a direct influence of Mantra vibrations created due to Mantra chanting in a special scientific manner induces the flow of energy waves as mentioned above. This flow benefits the Mantra Scientist himself/herself. It awakens their latent potentials. Mantra vibrations echoing within do exactly this and now when they come out they influence the external environment. In the subtle world they create possibilities of desired situations and lest some special person requires to be influenced, they affect him/her too. Mantra Science fulfills all these 3 goals.

Radar is the short form of Radio Detection and Ranging. Via gross objects sound waves transform. Every sound manifests an echo or reactionary sound. It is seen that if we shout aloud facing a big building, tomb, a firm well etc an echo is heard and a little later it returns to that very spot from where it had first appeared. If we can correctly know the time difference of first uttering this sound and its time of return, the distance between these areas can be correctly calculated. Thus on the basis of speed and rise-fall of echo the nature and inner recesses of that material object can be known to which it had banged and then returned. Radio waves akin to other waves also get converted. On this basis the Radar Technology was invented.

Micro second is the 1/1,000,000th portion of a second. In the atmosphere and void space radio waves move with a speed of about 295,000 kilometers/sec. Radio sound waves even at very far off distances by reaching their target return in a few micro seconds. Hence the distance, speed and state of airborne vehicles flying in the high skies can be easily measured if it belongs to the enemy camp it is possible to combat them. Similarly the state of waterborne vehicles too can be gauged. Radar technology with communication or establishing a contact plays a useful role in attaining news and messages from other vehicles, knowing about ocean storms, weather changes, astronomy based data etc.

Radar exists in our body also and functions very much akin to radars made from technological apparatus. In order to render them powerful, awakened and active, Mantra Science is taken recourse to. While paying due attention to precepts of Sound Sciences, alphabets of Mantras are chosen. Mantra creation is not a poem or teaching of any sort. No doubt some sort of teaching maybe included in it. Yet it is very miniscule. From the standpoint of poetry the importance of Mantras is very commonplace. In the well known Super Mantra Gayatri there are only 23 alphabets. Yet as per Cchand Science (poetic meter) there should be 24 letters. From this standpoint as per literary test it can be termed faulty. Of course! As far as the energy principle inherent in it is concerned, it passes the test cent percent. There is no boundary or limit to its prowess and capability. 

Within Sound Mantra Science mere Japa or chanting is not enough. Its sound energy should not be looked upon as all encompassing. This is because in it another complimentary principle is more important. It is so chiefly important that without it the glory of Spiritual Science cannot be noted. That fact or principle is the Mantra devotee’s mental arena and inner state. Man possesses 3 bodies called gross, subtle and causal. When all 3 combine total manifestation of Mantra Energy manifests. Via the gross physical body Japa chanting, worship rites, rituals and other Karmakand is executed. With the help of the gross body eating food, resting, sleeping, travelling, fasts, sexual continence etc are observed. This then is the 1st foundation of Mantra Science. The 2nd foundation is subtle body, psyche and brain. The viewpoint of a devotee should be high stature and sacredly pure. His/her thinking process, idealism, self control, pious character, generosity, sense of selfless world service etc must be of great stature. In this way manifests sound of the subtle body. The 3rd foundation or power is created from the 3rd body called the causal body. In the deep psyche this is our arena of sensitive sentiments. In the sacred sensitive sentiments of a devotee faith, trust, devotion and zealousness must be very profound. If an unruly mind reeking of distrust, anger, atheistic outlook, devoid of sensitivity and sacredness executes devotional practices whimsically as though just passing time vainly, know for sure that very important leg of spiritual practices has been left out at our peril. Thus a doubt lurks as to whether success shall be attained in such conditions. 

In the above lines it is said that apart from sound Energy, the 2nd foundation of Mantra Science is the devotee’s inner personality. Lest a 3 fold inclusion can be made in the form of Karmakand or ordained worship rituals, good sacred thinking by the subtle body and pious sentiment full of profound faith by the causal body, then know for sure that a personality very apt for spiritual practice has been readied and most definitely its desired results shall benefit us.

A skillful rifleman can pierce a target only if the rifle is in good shape/condition and that the bullet loaded in it too is well designed. The same is true for Mantra Science. A combination of sacred sentiments of the psyche, steadfast apt decisions by the intellect and the body’s proper management together creates an optimal inner personality for executing spiritual practices. It can be called a well designed gun. Based on Sound Sciences an intuitive Mantra created by spiritual seers can be called a well designed bullet. If a devotee uses it with faith and zealous alertness then there is no cause for failure to set in. Mantra Power akin to power of technology/machines has been created on the basis of a well defined science. Lest it is used optimally there is no reason why our endeavor can fail.

Spiritual seers and divine visionaries have called Spiritual Sound Science and Mantra Science as ‘Vak’. This Vak Spirituality is very powerful and important. While describing it lucidly, scriptural seers/scholars say;

Pravivipadwach urmi na sindhuhu.

…………….Rig Veda (9/96/7)

MEANING: Just as waves appear in the ocean, in the same way the waves of Vak (speech) also along with vibrations appear.

Prajapatirva idamek adhitasya vageva stamasit vag dwitiya sa ekshate mameva vach visrija. Iyam va id sarva vibhavavatyeshyatit.

………….Tandya Brahman (20/14/2)

MEANING: Prajapati or creator was alone. Apart from him only Vak was the wealth he possessed. He made a wish that he create this Vak. This Vak shall become everything.

Tadayat kincharvachinam brahmanastad vageva sarvam.

After Brahman (cosmic consciousness/God) whatever exists is Vak.

Vag via twashta.

………………….Aitereya Upanishad (2/4)

MEANING: Vak itself is Twashta deity.

Vak vaivishwakarmarshihi vachahid sarvam kritam.

……………Shatpath (8/1/2/9)

MEANING: This Vak itself is Vishwakarma Rishi who designed (‘engineered’) this world.

Yo vai tam vacham veda yasma eva vikaraha sa sampratividakari vai sarva vak.

…………….Aitereya Brahman (2/3/6)

MEANING: Those who know this primeval fount Vak are called Sidha Purushas (self/God realized saints) and knower of true wealth.

Ere the great supreme power of Mantra Science is understood deeply and its all round application is executed, then this spiritual endeavor can in no way be less important and less beneficial than efforts made for material advancement.
























The famous British lady singer Mrs. Watts Hughes once seated at her doorstep was singing one musical tune. Whenever she sang this tune she experienced a trance like mental state. At that time she would visualize a snake like form. She failed to understand whether actually a snake was there in her midst or that it was part of her imaginative experience. In order to test this experience she spread out sand particles in that area and again started singing that tune. While singing thus, she again got the above experience. Now she stopped singing and by going near the sand particles she actually saw that in it was etched a snake like form.

This miraculous episode inspired her to learn various types of musical tunes and help in their advancement. Although in tunes you do not get the joy of musical notes yet they are powerful enough to give an apt direction to our sensitive sentiments. We get great joy from it. These waves of great sentiments induce vibrations in electricity of atoms of subtle space. These vibrations can in their own varied ways project various results. In ancient times when master singers in India would sing the Raga Malhar it would rain. When they sand Deepak Raga doused flames would get relit. On singing Raga Mriga Ranjani the deer of jungle renouncing fear of life and death would come running in swooning ecstasy. Indian holy teachers had attained a great achievement of creating a terrific revolution in creation’s deeper cave bound by musical notes. This tiny application of Watts Hughes can be said to be a very miniscule glimpse of that achievement.

In the 3rd Kandika of Gayatri Upanishad, Maharshi Maitreya asked Acharya Maudgalya: O Divine Sir! What is the relationship between the mind and Vak (sound)? How are both related to nature or Prakriti? As an answer Maharshi said:

Mana eva savita vak savitri, yatra hyeva manastadvak.

Yatra vai vak tanmana iti ete dwa yoni ekam mithunam (1)

The mind is Savita and Vak is Savitri. Wherever the mind is there resides Vak. Wherever there is Vak there resides the mind. These 2 are 2 genitals and one couple or pair.

The visible world in reality is a visible manifest form of the sun. If the sun were not there this world would turn lifeless. Nature is created by the sun. Scriptural seers have written that this creation has taken place via sound. It means that by merging the psyche in rhythm or tying it in Mantra gross atoms can be steadied in that very manner in which sun steadies/balances its nature.

In this experiment of Mrs. Watts Hughes by tying musical notes to the mind, showcasing gross visible results is proof of the authenticity of great scriptures. Lord Lytton heard about this application and called on Mrs. Hughes. By making her an honorable member of his conference requested her to exhibit this experiment in front of other scientists. At that time Mrs. Hughes via the medium of various musical tunes and Ragas created shapes and forms of trees with fruits/flowers, snakes, triangles, hexagons, stars, sea, birds etc which was looked upon as mind boggling by everyone present there.

Today such technology has been advanced wherein by converting sound into subtle electrical waves are used to run cars etc. Yet without using any scientific technology the fact that this science of music could create changes in nature was something out of this world and extraordinary. In fact it told us that divine powers via technology and sound Science control both the gross and subtle worlds. If we say that experts of these sciences have the power to execute such miraculous feats, it cannot be said to be an overstatement. Mantra Notes and Sound Sciences are varied forms of one reality/truth.

One young lady of Italy studied one Richa/Mantra of Samaveda via the musical instrument called Sitar. In the midst of thousands of viewers she showcased it as per the description given by Pandit Bhagwandas Awasthi in the magazine ‘Kalayan’s’ special edition. France’s Madam Lang by singing various tunes created photos of Mother Mary and Lord Jesus Christ. Thus she proved the principles of Indian Mantra Science that by adorning every gross atom of nature via mental focus in any form of designing could be given the shape and form of fire, water, sky, earth, light, mountain, river, birds and other creatures.

Via the medium of Mantras giving of curses and boons, overcoming diseases, Maran or killing, Mohan, Ucchatan, Abhichar, Krityaghat and other applications are very much like activities created from the medium of sound emitted by cosmic conscious powers. Mantras are infinite vaults of energy. If only man learns application of Sound Energy manifested due to a focused psyche, then in comparison to laymen he/she shall become thousand fold more powerful. King Parmesuri Agong of Malaya arranged his daughter Princess Sharifa Salva’s marriage. Preparations for this had commenced many days previously and the day before the actual marriage there was pomp and grandeur everywhere.

The land of Malaya is well known for getting heavy rainfall. Over here there are very dense jungles and oozes with various creatures. Malaya Peninsula has an area of 128478 square miles and a population of 106742000 people. Malaya Chinese, Indian and Borneo people reside here. Very much akin to India people harbor faith in Mantra and Tantra. Today in India Mantra practices have become mainly a vain mockery or else there are many who have no clue about its supremacy. But even today in Malaya Mantra Energy rules the roost. In public programs and royal/political functioning also Mantra Energy is made use of.

Over here auspicious marriage arrangements were being made and at the other end dark clouds loomed large in the sky. In the desires of the world of nature and creatures a lot of disparity is seen. Hence people call nature a spoil sport. Whenever nature spews venom in the form of natural calamities, so many countries get destroyed. Yet Indian belief is totally different. It says that nature is the female aide of soul consciousness of God. Via our sensitive sentimental consciousness or thought power in tasks of nature in that very way obstacles or stoppage can be induced just as nature creates obstacles in human activities. No doubt this power is obtained via very tough penance and spiritual seers ordain us to desist exhibiting such prowess. By looking upon nature as a manageress they command us not to interfere in her laws but when man challenges that there is no soul power that is far greater than material nature’s forces, Siddha Yogis and Self Realized Gurus do not aver showcasing such miracles. Over here too the underlying aim is to draw people’s attention to the existence of subtle consciousness.

A little bit of time was there before the marriage rites were to commence but lo behold! It started raining. It rained so furiously that rivers, streams etc started over flooding. For a few moments it appeared that all the colorful decoration of marriage shall get destroyed but this worry creeps into the mind of materialists but not spiritualists. King Parmesuri had faith in his country’s Mantra Power. A female Tantrik called Rehman was called. No doubt today modern scientists have attained the prowess of inducing a little artificial rain by spraying some chemicals on rain clouds but it is the power of spirituality that as per one’s desire nature’s tasks can be obstructed. Even scientists have not attained this capability.

Rehman experimented and at that time the scene was very different. Everyone knows that when in one area of earth sunlight dwells the other half experiences night. Maybe none can see both night and day on entire earth yet on that day not only Malay citizens but other guests from foreign countries too saw that in the entire city although it was raining cats and dogs yet in the area where Princess Sharifa’s marriage was organized, it did not rain even a drop despite the fact that clouds were looming large in the high skies. The way in which the marriage commenced with pomp and gaiety with that very zest it ended too. Till then not one rain drop fell in that entire area and then the moment Rehman chanted another Mantra, it started raining.

In the year 1963-64 in the same way a cricket team visited Malaya. Nature is forced to listen to God’s commands. It does not see comfort or lack of comfort of humans. Cricket game was about to start and it started pouring. The chief of Malaya Cricket Association called a famous Vamoh (Tantrik) from Rambau area. Play started on time because vimoh had arrived. Half the spectators were watching cricket and the other half were watching the mysterious proof of Mantra chanting. In entire Kuala Lumpur and other far off places it was raining heavily but not one rain drop was seen on the cricket field. It appeared as though Sound Energy had woven a gigantic umbrella on the field. The same situation continued till end of day’s play. In ‘Dharma Yuga’ on 15th March 1964 this news was published with great wonderment.

The same situation occurred once during the shooting of the film ‘The Year of the Dragon’. Shooting had just commenced and it started raining. Services of a Tantrik Abdulla bin Omar were taken and the result was that although in all surrounding areas it rained cats and dogs, yet in the area where the film was being shot, not one rain drop fell down.























In ancient times if a country was attacked by the king of another country, then in order to gauge his army’s movements, ears were pressed to the ground so as to find out from which direction and from what distance these movements are taking place. Regarding sound it is said that it is heard via the medium of wind but the reality is that the grasping and broadcasting power of earth is much more than that of wind.

Ordinarily in order to hear sounds ears are made use of. Yet the prowess and capacity of ears are limited. One of the reasons being that sound is not of only one type. The vibrations of some sound are such that by banging against our ear drums create upheavals that can be experienced by our ears. Those that are of this stature only can be heard by the ears. The 2nd reason is that despite them being capable of being ‘caught’ by the ears, they become so light and very thin due to a very far off distance that the hears fail to hear these sounds. From many standpoints it is most required that we hear these sounds that are beyond the hearing capacity of the ears. Its utility lies in creative tasks and staving off calamities.

The far off movements of clouds can be heard by the ears of peacocks and it manifests this premonition via its voice emitting a lot of joy. Spiders possess premonitions about rain and on this basis it creates or swallows the mesh that it creates. Before a building gets razed to the ground, the cat’s ear hears it easily and before a wall or roof collapses, the cat hastily runs away from that place with her babies. Humans have fulfilled this requirement via the medium of scientific apparatus of sound sensitive technology and machines.

In this direction the 1st step of scientific progress was marching ahead on this belief that in comparison to wind, the sound grasping power of earth is much more. In the 2nd world war in order to gauge movements of the enemy army such a machine was designed which was buried under the ground a bit and the remaining part stood on the surface of the ground. It had a cavity of mica in which mercury was filled. From it 2 tubes emerged from it and these were placed in the ear opening. Just as in order to gauge heart beats we place a stethoscope on the chest to find out the inner body condition, in the same way this machine would give information regarding movements taking place on the ground that was at a far off distance.

Later technology that gauged vibrations and electrical energy in space came into vogue. In it was one machine that caught movements of space. Very easily in it one could hear the cannon movements of enemy army. When rifles or cannons are fired, 3 types of sound are heard. The 1st takes place when gas comes out of the hollow tube like passage. The 2nd takes place when the bullet whizzes ahead. The 3rd when the bullet actually hits the target. All these 3 types cannot be heard separately by our ears. This is because these movements take place so speedily that our ears and brain cannot separate them. Yet these machines can classify these 3 sounds quite deftly and one knows that how many bullets have been fired, at what distances and of what stature.

Later apart from earth and space, efforts were made to get information regarding sound running on surface of water which were successful. Water vehicles like ships and movements of yachts take place on sea water surface. Akin to earth via sound inspiration conjoined to water surface it came to be known that where, at what distance and of what stature movements are taking place. When the fount of such information was thrown wide open, the door of maintaining alert caution in naval wars too opened up. In the 2nd world war German war ships had spread terror all around. In fact once it seemed that Germans would lord over all seas and oceans of the world. And it became the ruler. Yet this terror was ended by scientific achievements as a result of which not only the movements of warships were unearthed but undesirable ones were shattered too. For this end hydrophone machines played a major role.

Sound waves run on water surface and its reactions run towards that very source from where they were created. The electricity of hydrophone machine run after that very echo and tells us of what shape and nature is the present sound stream.

Today not only water and space craft but that whatever dwells within and outside need not necessarily be seen with the eyes. All this information can be attained via sound vibrations. No longer are earth, water, air, space, heat etc looked upon as inert elements but that sound streams flowing alongside them have their own deep import. So far we can only know that some movements of this sound flow are taking place. The more research studies in this field shall quicken with depth to that extent every element akin to a talking unit shall unfold mysteries in its vicinity.

Episodes take the form of sound. Sound and light are such substratum on the basis of which gross can be converted to subtle and subtle into gross. In interstellar space various levels of sound vibrations move about. Ere someone gets hearing capacity of a higher stature than human ears, such a one can hear supersonic and ultra sounds. Thus he/she can also know and understand situations of past, present and future in far off regions also. Students of Naad Yoga awaken this very power and on the basis of movements taking place in the subtle world, by attaining this knowledge of past, present and future via Yoga of Meditation, fulfill this goal in the form results of light as a medium.

In the foundation of possible miracles via Mantra Power it is the Science of Sound that is at work. In a special mental state, in a sanctified body special worship rites and special chanting induce the emergence of a special energy in its own exclusive way. It is called Mantra Energy. It is used akin to bullets loaded in a gun. After understanding subtle sound flow where the mysterious unknown can be rendered known, there via attack using this Sound Science, obstacles and obstructions can be pounded and shattered to naught. In a certain manner Mantra Science is an important application of Sound Sciences.

A keyboard of 7 musical notes is found in a Harmonium or Piano and wooden strips are joined to them. When the ribs of the keyboard are pressed various types of musical notes appear from related centers. If the pressing of these piano keys are rendered rhythmic, desired Ragas and tunes can be heard. Our mouth can be called a keyboard. In it utterance of various words/sound influence the 6 Chakras situated on the Merudand (subtle spine). During conversations no doubt unrelated uttering can take place but if in the style of Mantra chanting some well defined aptly woven words are ceaselessly repeated in a particular rhythm, it vibrates and ‘twangs’ various energy centers of the body. These very vibrations by combining with various upheavals of spiritual practice activities create such a divine conscious stream whose application can be rendered successful for desired goals.




















Ordinarily sound is looked upon as a medium that gives certain information to the ears. After hearing some words we get knowledge about their meaning. Else we can infer regarding some activity or incident that has taken place. This then is well known data about sound. Yet if we delve deeper the power of sound in comparison to this is much more important than what is ordinarily inferred.

Modern science has categorized sound too as energy. Generally this energy reaches the brain via our ears and by vibrating centers apt for itself affects them by its own influence. It is with the help of such knowledge that daily life’s chores and activities go on ceaselessly. Via the medium of sound children get a chance to learn languages of elders. After this via the ears majority of other attainments of knowledge realm accrue. A deaf person is dumb too and his/her knowledge periphery is much less than that of blind people. Akin to grasping or imbibing, transmission and imbuing too is an important function. Generally the give-take of manifestations, requirements and inspirations is possible with the help of sound. Via writings no doubt influences can be imbibed but a major substratum of this imbibing has already taken place via the medium of speech. Writings have the power to do something only after a mental state is influenced by speech.

Research studies of modern science has attained further information with reference to this and has unveiled that the task of sound is not just limited to transmit knowledge but that it is filled with such terrific power that it can bestow both terrific benefits and dire results also. Due to chaotic upheavals the atmosphere becomes so agitated that those who reside in that area have to face both bodily and mental ill health. Day after day we all face dire situations emerging from uncontrolled noise emitted by machines, cars etc. As a result various solutions to get protection from this noise pollution are being seriously mulled over else it will pose immense threat to world public health.

On the other hand wholesome influence of useful and well managed sound also is being noted. The information regarding creative power of sweet nectarine music is augmenting day after day and it is being thought that how, in what measure, in which arena and in what manner can the benefits of this sound oriented wealth accrue.

Sounds imbibed and understood via our ears is but a very small portion of all types of sound flows. As per its designing our ears can only hear sound of middle standards. Sound that is very soft or loud unheard by our ears are known to roam around in infinite space. Amongst these some are such that they can be used as terrific potent energy. Such benefits can accrue from them which in a certain way can be called wondrous and mind boggling. In nearby mines of Canada’s 2 quarry towns for many days laborers in large numbers over there failed to report for work due to health complaints. Even those few who reported for work could not work properly because of being physically and mentally ill. The major complaint of theirs was headaches, lack of sleep, tiredness, no mental focus while working, the face remaining listless, mind getting harried and all of them complained that they heard varies types of sounds in their vicinity.

After due scientific examination a team of Sound Scientists from Canada alleged that Russia had attacked Canada with special potent waves similar to radio waves as a result of which Canadian residents faced both mental and physical illnesses.

In reality all this is no longer a figment of our imagination that the enemy army attacked by unbalanced mental distortions are forced to surrender and that the cause of these mental illnesses remains ‘sound wars’. These sound wars are now included in various types of cold war going on between communist and capitalist countries. In this war Russia by reigning supreme has designed such a weapon that by dispatching well guided radio waves creates such effects on the brain of enemy soldiers that the latter by turning their backs to waging a war surrender their weapons due to a very agitated state of mind and thus surrender defeated. Since this takes place there is no need to attack the enemy camp with ferocious bombs, cannons etc. Protection of one’s national wealth and human resources can now take place with the designing of this new war weapon.

Say, what exactly are these radio waves? Do sound waves truly possess terrific energy? Sound Science is a very ancient form of knowledge put forth by our Rishi-Munis on which is based Mantra Power. Our ancestors by taking recourse to it discovered such Richas (Mantras) via which by throwing waves they could influence the subtle world atmosphere along with world human intellect at the gross level. Sound waves thrown at a target with a strong mental resolve can prove to be very influential. On the basis of this very ancient wisdom Infrared Waves have been unveiled.

Via transmission towers these waves can be thrown straight at far off lands similar to throwing of radio waves. These waves do not fall in the frequency of subtle wave lines but in fact in comparison to those waves they are longer in wave length from the frequency standpoint recurs much less. Its length and frequency is quite close to various waves of the human brain and hence they touch brain waves at many places, cut them and influence them due to which human mental and physical health becomes disarrayed. These waves can be called Infrared waves that are ‘waves of this side of radios’.

If we wish to hear a particular station on the radio we need to tune it but in the above episode since the frequency of waves broadcasted by Russia was around the frequency of radio set in the form of human brains, they were naturally ‘in tune’ and hence they manifested their influence. This influence generally is unsteady and temporary. In it bodily and mental arena becomes imbalanced only to the extent that the enemy army backs out of the war so as to totally surrender their arms. In comparison to this complaints due to attacks of micro waves are not only more heinous but last much longer too. Those who work on radar technology are generally attacked with micro waves. In USA there is an organization of radar victims whose members during the 2nd world war became victims of only few years of radar conspiracy. Many faced heart attacks again and again. Some faced paralysis, cataract growth and loss of sexual procreation power. Their hair color changed from brown to red. The head of this organization Joseph Todd is requesting the government they take serious steps to protect everyone from alarming rise of danger pertaining to micro waves. These waves not only cause blood diseases but that deadly cancer too can result from it.  

All the scientific data attained with reference to these waves is sending chills of fear down everyone’s spine. These waves by first inciting and then inducing disillusion in the psyche of humans render them very weak hearted. It is not as though merely Russia leads as far as Infra Red Waves is concerned. Even USA has made such ghastly inventions.

There is a need to imagine that these applications meant for controlling human brains ultimately shall lead man to which class? These waves were wholesomely utilized by modern science in communication systems and this, no doubt was apt. Yet since now they are used for mass destruction purposes, they must be criticized and berated. On the other hand there are some scientists who claim to use sound waves for ultra sound therapy so as to cure various diseases faced by patients. This very creative use of sound has been applied in Mantra Science. Ere modern science instead of stepping ahead in the direction of destruction veers towards creative purposes thousands of afflicted people can be helped successfully and thus their hardships and agony can be uprooted.

Generally a discussion always takes place regarding the destructive or negative and creative or positive aspects of Mantra Energy. The principle of boons and curses are not only pertinent but are very sound and logical. A very powerful personality by merging special subtle Prana into energy can create such a word/sound flow which by reaching its target creates desired effects. We always talk of ‘word arrows’ that pierce their targets. It is said that this arrow emerging from the quiver definitely reaches that target from where certain words/sound have appeared. Regarding this something definite cannot be said since not much proof is available but regarding the untold power of curses and boons many ancient and contemporary proof can be cited.

Via Mantra practices devotees augment their capability they attain divine powers and thus can influence other people and materials. All this certainly is not some figment of wild imagination and neither is it blind belief. Via an admixture of sound energy creation, its process of utterance, a well defined mode of spiritual practice, a devotee’s will power and inner personality etc that energy blooms forth on the basis of which those miraculous feats ensue which are expected from Mantra Yoga spiritual endeavors.

It is the sanctified usage of Sound Energy which is called Mantra practice. With its aid not only the goal of subtle spirituality but that useful benefits regarding good bodily and psychic health too are achieved. In scientific research fields such applications are looked upon as important pillars of medical healing, therapies and cures.

Creative usage of Sound Sciences can take place in the realm of medical therapy. Its example is an extraordinary discovered by doctors of West Germany wherein sound waves applied on stones in urinary bladder or gall bladder by rendering them very miniscule particles get emitted from the urine passage. Well directed sound waves of a definite frequency when are applied they grind the stones without injuring nearby tissues. This is an astounding method of getting liberated from stone problems without surgery and operation of any sort.

The method of usage of technological apparatus is that the patient is made to sit in a tub meant for bathing and sound waves from a distance of 1.5 meters by targeting stones of the kidneys shall be applied. Thus even if the stones are very huge yet by this application they shall be pounded to pulp.

Previous to this via ultrasonic therapy medical healing of various bodily joints etc too has been executed. Apart from therapy in diagnosis of various diseases too the principle of sound and its resulting echo too have been taken recourse to. In various heart diseases by making a graph of echoes emerging from its valves they are read and studied and thus the exact type of heart ailment is correctly diagnosed. In brain injury, hemorrhage etc also the disease is diagnosed based on this principle.

The manner in which science is zealously researching into Sound Science and paving the way of its wholesome usage, in the same way if we research deeply into Mantra Power there are great possibilities of attaining high stature benefits.








Mantra is such a sound and science of Yoga practices that the moment we chant it we experience some miraculous power. There is an age old belief that ancient times’ Yogis, Rishis and spiritual seer saints via Mantra Power gained victory over infinite forces of earth, world of demigods and the gigantic cosmos. Due to the effect of Mantra Energy they became so powerful that as per their wishes they could transform any material and also convert energy into matter and vice versa. Curses and boons are said to be influences of Mantras. It is via the extraordinary power of Mantras that in one moment someone’s disease is uprooted, knowing things/conversations taking place in regions that are thousands of miles away in less than a second, knowing one galaxy from another and getting information of every joint of 72000 subtle nerves. Hence in Indian Spiritual Science Mantras were discovered by Rishis they were called Mantra Drishtas (seers). Vedas are nothing but a type of Mantra Science wherein secret mysteries regarding establishment of a bond with those extraordinary subtle and conscious existences and forces of the humungous cosmos are elucidated regarding which modern science has yet to learn its ‘a-b-c’.

Mantra is directly related to chanting or sound. Hence it is called Sound Science also. Up till now certain research data and conclusions have been drawn in this arena that say that maybe we may not repose our faith in ordinary Indian Mantra Energy but yet modern scientists are stepping ahead in this very direction. That time is nearing wherein advancement in Sound science shall execute the task of increasing curiosity very much similar to Rishis. For example using the transducer machine the subtlest operation can be carried out. This is the result of sound’s ultrasonic energy. The world renowned physicist Dr Fristlav has designed a machine called Ultrasonorater which very quickly helps combine to chemical materials. In this method an ‘a’ is made use of. Ultra sound influences Dr ‘a’. It creates vibrations so swiftly that water filled in great measure akin to boiling water starts churning. Scientists have come to a conclusion that a day shall come when by creating intense upheavals in natural atoms of any invisible portion of the world via Ultra sound it shall be possible to churn any region and induce changes in them. There are such germs which by mixing in certain chemicals cannot be destroyed via any external methods. Even Ultra sound and other subtle sound vibration cannot accomplish this. This proves that lest Indian Spiritual seers via Mantra Energy successfully have been executing applications like warding off someone’s disease, overcoming effects of poison in the body, destroying people’s bodily illnesses and mental hysteria instead of remaining an amazing endeavor is actually a scientific process which slowly but surely is being highlighted the world over.

Today in the name of Mantra science a lot of blind faith has set in everywhere and liar like so called Mantra seers and occultists ‘help’ straightforward guileless Indians who have firm faith in Mantra power right since ancient times. These so called occultists and Mantra specialists know nothing. They keep milking people’s faith but yet if truly after understanding the science of Mantra Power its methodology of usage is learnt, then that energy which erroneously is misused in deluding gullible people can be used instead for world well being which today is fully accepted by modern scientific research.

In an application conducted in California, USA a scientist in one second created sound that had more than 50,000,000 vibrations per second. In that place was a small cotton wad which suddenly commenced burning. The clothes worn by scientists present there became so hot that if they had continued standing there for even slightly longer and that the sound vibration had become a bit swifter, their bodily parts would have been set ablaze.

While analyzing the application executed scientists opined that man can hear sound vibrations that are minimum 20 or maximum 20,000. Some people especially aged ones could be exceptions to this else sound vibrations beyond these limits cannot be heard by our ears. Its existence is so powerful that just as due to thundering of rain clouds all nature oriented atoms start vibrating similarly from wherever these sound vibrations pass by, create intense upheavals there. Destroying various creatures, throwing up atoms and setting them loose in space, converting them into energy etc is dependent on the intensity of Ultra sound. In Yoga techniques sound created from Mantra chanting is bestowed with electricity by Sound Energy whereas human will power by controlling it is potent enough to carry out any task. Spiritual practices generally are a combination of Japa or Mantra chanting, meditation, Naad (word or sound vibration) and Bindu. With its aid it is possible to pierce the most gigantic and subtlest unit of the cosmos. Hence Mantra Energy is said to be potently limitless and it is inferred that none can overpower this stupendous energy even if they are Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh or any deity of the world.

Dr WL Soman, research director of England’s BF Goodrich Company is scientifically examining in what way subtle sound waves are affecting the designing of natural and artificial atoms. How can they be used to unfold the deep recesses of earth and planets/stars? Within this very principle via Gayatri meditation/worship after piercing the inner cave of the sun upheavals are created in their atoms. This can become clearer from the example of creatures like bats flying about. Once, Italy’s Biologist Spallanzani induced a bat to fly after rendering it blind. One extraordinary skill of bats is that even if darkness is very intense it crosses over innumerable obstacles even if they are in the form of the thinnest threads continues flying with uniform speed. It never bangs into any thread or rope. Spallanzani by shutting the bat’s eyes and mouth conducted certain studies. From this it was clear the creature bat makes use of Ultra sound to smoothly cross over obstructions coming its way while flying. Later new scientific data emerged regarding this and it was noted that the bat while flying ahead speedily lets out a very soft wail. This sound bangs into objects and returns in the form of an echo. Via sensitive nerves of reticular formation found in the scalp (where devout Hindus grow their pig tails) the bat gets information as to what type is that object, in which direction it is and so on. Ultra sound is known to emerge from Mantra chanting. The more it attains electrical power of sacred sensitive sentiments it with that very measure of intensity by vibrating atoms of space returns running to the region of meditation. It is worth noting that space too is not void or naught. In fact it is filled up with thousands of subtle atoms which move about like water in a bucket. Ordinarily sound moves about in all directions but sound and words of Mantras echo in such a manner that their sound waves are rendered of a special type. The sound waves of Super Mantra Gayatri bob up akin to rings of wire and these via the medium of atoms of subtle deep recesses reach the sun and when this very sound returns from the sun as an echo along with light atoms it imbues the psyche of the Mantra devotee with their heat, light and electricity. The devotee not only advances the body via these atoms but also the powers of the psyche and soul. And many times those benefits are availed that can never be grasped with mundane world efforts.

In the psyche of devotees, experiences of visions beyond the ken of the 5 sense organs and dreams giving premonitions about future incidences are results of Mantra chanting. One day this very state is attained via ‘Om’ or Naad’s highest stage. As proof of this we can showcase that scientific apparatus designed by scientists named WH Pakla, JH Thomas and RA Lester of Pittsburgh’s (USA) Westinghouse Research Laboratories which today is used in getting data about electricity leakage. Wherever electricity leaks there a light green aura is seen and emits a sound of crackling also. The speed may vary but in it there are vibrations wherein each vibration lets out a subtle sound. But this sound cannot be heard by our ears. In this technology 2 transducers of about 20 are fitted where ultra sound vibrations emerge due to electricity. Thus we get apt scientific information about the leakage. It means that we get knowledge of vibration emitted by sound of that region, the scenes of the condition of that region and also their words/sound. The same thing happens with devotees who chant Mantras. The requirement over here is chiefly intensity of one’s sacred sensitive sentiments.

These days via subtle sound energy revolutionary transformations are being witnessed in medical therapies and industries of all type the world over. This energy akin to electricity is being used for transforming 95% smoke emitted by chimneys, curing diseases, cutting thick sheets of iron, laundry and so on. With its aid by warding off dense fog it has been proved that sound can gain victory over material nature too. In this direction very avid research is taking place in England and USA it is being hoped that via Ultra sound one day mind boggling advancement shall be noted in Astronomy Sciences. This sort of development has again made us stand in that region from where sound emerges which says: Indeed, why not again awaken Mantra Science and benefit from its super energy? Via this super power already both material and spiritual benefits have been availed and in future too this can be done on a gigantic worldwide scale.


























Mantra Science has 4 chief pillars viz. sound energy, mental focus, great glorious character and untold deep faith in the desired goal. No doubt it is true that via Mantra Energy we can attain so many boons and miracles but along with this is conjoined the fact that the Mantra must past the fiery test of the 4 requirements mentioned above. Before using it, the Mantra has to be rendered Sidha or successful. For success it is imperative to undergo regular long term spiritual practices called Sadhana. The latter has 4 legs or pillar detailed above.

A Mantra devotee while observing the twin disciplines of Yama-Niyama must augment character glory/greatness in a big way. Those who act vilely and are hard hearted or wicked never succeed in Mantra practices. Even Tantra based energies can be augmented only via Brahmacharya or sexual continence. And hence if we wish to manifest divine powers, our psyche must ooze with great sacred thinking, sensitive emotions and pious activities.

The chief reason why our mind gets agitated quickly or jumps about like fidgety monkeys is that our 5 sense organs greedily stray towards their objects again and again. Our mind immersed in vain desires, sense organ hunger and satiation of the little ego ‘I’ is akin to a deer running after musk which is like chasing dessert mirages. In the spiritual realm focus of psyche is the most important force. For its vibration no doubt certain spiritual techniques exist yet its true success dwells in obstructing tainted lowly activities that render the mind agitated and distorted. Whosoever by fulfilling the requirement of rendering the mind self controlled with a sanctified outlook only can truly avail benefits of a deep concentrated mind. Only such a person can successfully meditate and on the basis of this zealous focus shall get the opportunity of benefitting from divine potentials.

The more one harbors profound faith in the desired goal the more terrifically potent shall be Mantra Power. Deep faith by itself is a terrific conscious energy. It is on the basis of trust only that true aspirations manifest and thus the nature of a mental center is created. Major portion of tasks have to be executed by the brain. The brain directs our bodily functioning too. The task of giving a correct direction to the brain is carried out by deep faith and trust embedded in the sensitive centers of our psyche. In reality the true inspirational center of our inner personality revolves around this very axis of steadfast faith. The author of the Bhagwad Geeta while unveiling this mysterious precept says: ‘Yo yacchshraddhah sa eva sa’ which means we are what our faith is. Thus faith itself constitutes our inner personality. The more we apply faith in our iconic goal, aptness of spiritual practice and its resultant attainments with profound zeal the more our Mantra shall be rendered powerful. The miraculous energy of the Mantra devotee shall become more terrific to that extent. While giving importance to these 3 conscious foundations, anyone who executes Mantra chanting programs called Anushthans, most definitely shall succeed in his/her desired goal.

The 4th foundation of Mantra is Sound Energy. Spiritual seers/visionaries inter weave certain alphabets in a special sequence on the basis of hidden mysterious principles of Sound Sciences. The meaning of Mantras is straightforward and commonplace. In their meaning one finds teachings and true direction of divine life. Yet the power of Mantras dwells not in these teachings but is conjoined to the designing/weaving of words found in them. By playing musical instruments in a particular sequence a sound flow emerges. A sound flow is created by conjoining to the throat as per ascending-descending sequence, certain musical notes with rise and fall and this is called ‘singing’. A special type of sound flow circulates similarly when ceaselessly we direct certain word/sound sequences of Mantra chanted by the mouth which is the mundane potential of Mantras. Mantra alphabets chanted by the mouth influences the subtle body a lot. Mantra chanting plays a great role in twanging/reverberating and thus awakening latent 3 glands, 6 Chakras or subtle plexus, 24 ducts and 84 subtle nerves of the subtle body. This words utterance is a chief cause and medium in manifestation of divine powers called Ridhi-Sidhis.

In Mantra Science words are chanted in a slow and light flow but since these are repeated again and again the sound flow from energy centers of the subtle body start flowing. From there a terrific flow of Ultra sound beyond the ken of human ears commences. In it is molded the inner personality of the devotee and on its basis that desired environment is created for which Mantra practices were undergone. To the extent that Mantras are very important along with the deep import of its techniques one must also understand that it is most required for the Mantra devotee to steadfastly render his/her personality so capable that his/her Mantra chanting works like an efficient gun so as to successfully reach the desired target and goal.

Modern Science today is fully endorsing the importance of Mantra Energy. Since we know that even gross words heard by our ears perform great tasks then what to say regarding the super importance of subtle Ultra sound unheard by our ears? No doubt Mantra chanting is done in a soft voice yet with its aid Ultra sound energy is manifested in terrific measure.

In past times sound waves emerging from speech got relegated to the precincts of ordinary hearing by human ears. Our ears can hear words/sound uttered by various creatures and various types of sound elicited due to banging of materials. On hearing all this we get a lot of information and knowledge, we make conclusions and after augmenting our experiences we take many useful steps forward. All this then revolves around ordinary commonplace usage of sound and speech.

Modern Science today has recognized and understood extraordinary power embedded in sound waves and have commenced fulfilling various tasks via these along with accruing great benefits. It is sound waves that are successfully used in measuring the thickness of materials and in testing the good/bad qualities of metals. A new chapter in the field of industry has been written due to usage of sound waves in tasks like production of carbon black, washing of clothes, admixing of chemicals, making paper pulp, drying wet articles, washing of metals, production of plastic fibers and in other industries.

VF Goodrich Company’s Homogenizing Milk Technology has been appreciated everywhere. General Motors have designed the Sonic Gauge. With its help sound waves are used for many important activities. Iowa State College and Ultra Sonic Corporation too has made such useful technology.

Sound wave vibrations do not journey in void like radio waves. Man can hear very limited types of sound. Those sounds of higher or lower frequency unheard by human ears are n times manifold in number. In order to convert sound into energy those sound waves used are called Ultra Sonic or Super Sonic. In the near future they shall be easily transformed into electrical power and at that time the use of the sound flow of that sound fount shall be for innumerable material purposes as per the opinion of modern scientists.

As far as visualizing, hearing and understanding these sound waves is concerned they appear commonplace but when we get even a faint glimpse of terrific energy embedded in it, we are perforce rendered mind boggled. These sound waves execute such gigantic humungous tasks that cannot be carried out even by very large bodied powerful scientific technology. Thus Technology and Machinery Science are making use of this very subtle power.

In order to understand the nature/form of vibrations of light and sound we must take a look at waves tossing about in the sea. These waves rise up and then fall down and in a certain sequence they march forward. The same holds true for light and sound vibrations. Electromagnetic waves are quite similar to light waves. The length of a wave is said to be the distance measured between to rise and fall of theirs and frequency of waves is nothing but the rise and fall of waves passing by in 1 second. On noting the portion of the length of a wave in the speed of theirs, these vibrations are named.

There also exists a relationship between waves of sound and flow of air/wind. Sound waves move more comfortable with air flow where in directions of obstructions their power is very weak.

In this gigantic infinite cosmos so many energy streams flow ceaselessly viz. radio waves, sound waves, micro waves, waves of TV and radar, X-rays, Gamma rays, laser rays, death rays, infrared waves, ultra violet waves and so on. The differences in these waves are measured on the basis of their length. They are measured using scales of meter, centimeter, micron, millimeter and angstrom.

These sound waves are now being used for various mundane goals. Thus many useful benefits have accrued.

Ultra sound is of great help in killing dangerous microbes and germs. Sounds carry out tasks like churning butter from milk, mixing metals and chemicals, warding off dense fogs etc. At the time of wars we get important information regarding air and waterborne vehicles via radar and other such technology. A few years back so many diseases were cured via apparatus using electricity. In its place today Ultra sound technology is being used with remarkable success.

Sound does not give merely information but does a whole lot more. After fertilizers and water for blooming plants and trees sweet soulful music is said to be very nourishing for them. In Yugoslavia in order to ripen the crop certain musical machines have been placed in the fields which emit sweet musical tunes. The results noted have been very encouraging. Holland animal breeders play soulful music while milking cows and thus the yield of milk has increased considerably. Various reactions based on sleep, excitement and growth of trees and plants were noted. Music has definitely augmented the capacity of hard work, procreation power, strength and potential to give milk by various animals. An American farmer George Smith attained world acclaim by successfully augmenting the yield of corn via exposing them to nectarine musical tunes.

Sound energy can also be converted to heat. When sound bangs into knowledge centers of the brain, we get various type of information. Ere we tap them so as to convert them to energy, then they in the form of electricity, heat, light and magnetism can carry out so many activities.

Heat is said to be a symbol of energy. By burning various types of fuel, innumerable energy streams can be generated. Today energy and heat are believed to be synonymous. In this scheme of things sound too is said to be a energy generating fuel. That day is not far when sound instead of being looked upon as a fuel shall be proclaimed as an independent and all powerful energy. Only then the true nature and authenticity of Mantra Power shall be realized and understood deeply.

Sounds are created in 3 ways viz. wind, water and earth. The speed of sound created via waves of wind is 1088 feet/second. The speed of water waves is faster measuring about 4900 feet/second. Via the medium of earth it is swifter than this i.e. 16400 feet/second.

Using wind element via Pranayam (Yoga breathing exercise), using water element via worship methods of bathing, Achman, Arghyadan etc and using fire element via lighting flame lamps/incense sticks and performing Havan or fire sacrifice 3 fold rites are performed during Mantra Anushthan (worship program) so that Sound Energy gets the golden opportunity of becoming very terrifically potent.

Every sound in its own special way creates different vibrations. On this very basis our ears identify sounds/speech of different individuals despite our eyes being shut. On the basis of density of sound vibrations and waves we can experience differences of innumerable types of sound. With the help of their ears blind people know about the existence of movements in nearby areas and presence of people and other creatures. Our ears get trained to identify differences regarding sound flow created from various mediums and thus know about the state or movements of various creatures.

Via spiritual practice of Naad Yoga we can hear sound waves ceaselessly flowing in infinite space and by creating a bond with those waves useful for us, we can get information about whatever has taken place in the past, whatever may occur in future and what movements are being manifested by which person under what circumstances in the present. The sound based spiritual practice of Naad Yoga in effect is very much a part of Mantra Science.

If the vibrations of sounds are of the measure of 100 to 300 per second, they can easily be heard by human ears. Vibrations that are either less or more in measure than mentioned above cannot be heard by our ears despite them swimming around in the infinite skies. Such words unheard by us are called Ultra sound. Yet if we use a machine called Super Sonic Meter our ears can hear them.

High stature scientists in the field of electronics have yet not succeeded in designing such a technology which from the standpoint of power of hearing is as sensitive as human ears. The ear membrane which catches sound and transports it to the brain is of the thickness of 2500th portion of an inch. Even so it is capable of identifying 400,000 types of sounds and can perceive differences in them. We can identify the voice of our cow or the sound of our car separately. No doubt the sound emitted by our cow and our car are quite similar to that emitted by other cows and cars yet whatever minor differences exist in them our ears are deft enough to perceive them. Not much problem is faced while identifying from how far, from which direction and which person’s voice is coming. This is but the miracle of subtle sensitivity of human ears. The telephone cannot tap or identify these subtle differences.

Right from our ears to the brain is spread out a mesh of self directed nerve networks. Vibrations of sound after falling on them create a reaction sound which reaches the brain. Only then is the function of hearing completed. The time span between sound entering our ears and the same reaching the brain is about 1 second.

Even with a closed mouth you hum a tune, its sound reaches the brain. Under such a situation the bone of jaws near the ears transports that sound directly from the mouth to the brain. From this it is clear that the functioning of human ears is just not limited to the inch deep ear tube but that it is spread out in the vicinity of the jaws of the mouth too. When someone slaps us on the cheeks our ears turn numb. The reason behind it is that the harsh movements in that area affect the ear.

The Eustachian tube of the ears after categorizing sound waves entering the ears transports it to the brain in a sieved form. During lots of noise when this tube gets tired we feel a sense of deafness. In order to overcome these type of bouts of tiring, we yawn at intervals.

A lot of relationship exists between the power of hearing and focus of the mind. Lest we are not interested in certain things and conversations then even if a lot of chaotic noise flows around us yet we hardly perceive it. But if we are interested then even very soft whisper type sound can be heard easily and understood.

Man’s ears can perceive only those sound waves whose number lies between 20 and 20000 per second. No doubt there are innumerable sound waves of higher and lower measure than this yet, human ears cannot hear them.

After understanding this fact we can clearly realize the importance of chanting Mantras mentally (Mansik Japa). Over here there is no need to utter using gross speech. By using mental power in the stage of deep meditation chanting done mentally via the ‘subtle tongue’ also manifests a great measure of sound waves.

Radio sets can only ‘catch’ those sound waves that are of limited and related frequencies. If the radio station has not established a bond with nearby frequencies we cannot hear those sounds on the radio. The state of our ears is thousands time more efficient and better. Our ears can hear simultaneously sound flows moving in varied frequencies.

So far no technology/machine has been designed that can grasp that stature of power of ‘smelling’ which the human nose possesses.

Via Naad Yoga it is possible to hear divine powers swimming in space, inter planetary regions and inner realms. On this basis, all that can be known which are impossible for gross brain consciousness or other available means to perceive. In the cosmic ocean of sound a Mantra devotee lets loose his/her terrific movements and thus such powerful ebb/flow are created on the basis of which desired situations manifest. This then is the hidden mystery of miraculous feats executed by Mantra Sciences.

People today execute very lopsided superficial Mantra practices that result in them not achieving those great goals which could have been attained via proper methodical execution of Mantra chanted in a focused manner. Do keep in mind that success in Mantra chanting is dependent on 4 solid pillars:

1)      Sound energy

2)      Mental focus and concentration

3)      Great wholesome character

4)      Indelible faith in attaining the goal

If we assiduously imbibe the above 4 requirements Mantra practices shall never fail and only success shall be ours for keepsake.






















Hardships and distress appear in our midst like teachers. Lethargic indolent students get hit by teachers, are reprimanded and face their ire but students who are hard working and full of responsibility are praised by this very teacher, attain his love, imbibe wisdom, get prizes and are guided on the path of advancement. Although the teacher is same yet 2 students of opposite nature and character, experience opposite reactions from the teacher. Hardships and strife in this world is akin to a teacher whose task is harsh. The teacher is very exacting while testing us yet his purpose is not bad. This teacher comes with the aim of fulfilling auspicious ends.

When in our individual, social and all encompassing lives hardships arrive, know that they are fruits of our inauspicious actions executed by us in our individual, social and all encompassing lives. If these vile actions are large in measure hardships faced too are many that have to be undergone by us. Planetary positions are merely a conducive opportunity. During the monsoon season diseases like allergy, boils, pustules, malaria, diarrhea etc manifest a great deal. This does not mean that these diseases pour down along with rain water but it means that since in our body for many days together poison was gathering this was an optimal opportunity for this poison to rush out of the body. If there is no poison gathered in the body of a person even if it rains cats and dogs, such a one will not become ill. Generally many trees and plants bloom in spring season yet only those do so who have been properly nourished with fertilizers and water. Those trees/plants that could not grow naturally or failed to get due fertilizers and water do not flower even if spring season sets in.

The same holds true for planetary positions which are conducive opportunities only. Water filled in a canal after passing through a gutter built nearby comes out from it but this shall happen only if the canal has water. If there is no water and the canal is dry you may build many pipes/gutters near it but no water shall reach gardens or fields in the vicinity. Many people of the same Zodiac Sign face the god/bad Dasha (condition) of the same planet at the same time yet all of them do not get joy/sorrow of the same type. The reason being that there exist differences as far as the good/bad Karmas gathered over past lifetimes by these people. On its own planetary positions do not harass or give prizes to anyone without any rhyme or reason. Ere this had happened magnanimity, supremacy, same sightedness and sense of justice would not remain balanced in Almighty God. If this were the case demigods would be called insane who without any cause metes out strife to everyone or would be called fools who without differentiating those who are deserving or not dole out joyous comforts to one and all. In reality the condition or state of planetary deities is not so demeaned. For them all creatures are equal. Since they are divine they pour compassion on all creatures.

As per astrology the future 5 years appear very ghastly and inauspicious. The measure of its terrible nature is that the more the collective actions of world humans are tainted the more distress and agony shall have to be faced by them. These years are merely apt opportunities for these vile activities to bear fruits. From this standpoint if we glance at the vile actions of world humanity executed at present and in the near past it shall appear that purity, self control, generosity, forgiving nature, brotherhood, selfless world service and renunciation in individual lives have been thrown by the wayside and that in its place people gone berserk while carrying out lawful and unlawful oppression, kidnapping, injustice, harassing innocents, fraud, scams, falsehood, selfishness, greedy hoarding and wicked behavior. In people’s lives today selfishness rules the roost. No one even thinks of self sacrifice for others and in fact their lowly aim is to chop off others necks so as to fill up their tummies. Peoples’ eyes are glued to satiating lowly desires and sense titillation instead of greatness and path of glorious living.

On noting with a subtle divinely spiritual viewpoint it is clear that demonic thinking and activities have gruesomely covered the skies with dark gloominess. Whenever these dark clouds get a chance to burst forth everything on earth shall be razed down. Farsighted divine seers on noting these auspicious-inauspicious clouds of the invisible world make prophecies and various predictions for future times. Planetary positions/influences can be called helper binoculars that give us knowledge about future situations in the world. By mathematically calculating these planetary positions that very task can be executed akin to donning binoculars and seeing objects in far off regions of the horizon.

There is no doubt that the way in which world human’s collective tainted activities are augmenting that if these are not obstructed then that very dire accident of world annihilation can set in as predicted in such prophecies. Along with this my personal opinion is that this terrible situation has not reached that state wherein human efforts to usher in world peace fail totally. Thus even now if potent intense efforts are made the world over this super fearful terrible strife and loss of millions of human lives and material resources can be obstructed.

In this intense effort is included veering away world human intellect away from insane material wealth hoarding, selfishness, injustice, vain desires and sense titillation and instead lead it towards renunciation of wealth hoarding, selfless service, spirituality, justice, equality, ethics, generosity, truth, unconditional love and self control. When the world lay public’s psyche after getting liberated from tainted thinking imbibes great thinking and goodwill towards all fellow beings, then life oozes with great glorious activities, sacred ideals and behavior that is worth imbibing by all. This sort of collective great thinking/activity fills up the subtle sky with such divine fragrance as a result of which a Golden Era like rain of divine blessings and peace/joy showers on all of us. People on getting liberated from hardships and pain very naturally attain in great measure God given good fortune.

It is just not enough to dish out theoretical sermons and lectures when we desire that the human intellect is led away from the path of vileness and instead marches ahead on the path of human and divine glory. For this there is a potent need of influential people full of great sacred character whose very life’s stupendous activities and glorious behavior is a living sermon and who not only teach via speech but actually set an example by living those high stature teachings. By leading away human intellect away from tainted roads so as to induce it to walk the path of pious greatness, we can render quiet and calm an unwholesome tainted atmosphere in space. But how will this set in? How shall self sacrificing people come out to lead world humans? How will that activity be taken up by the lay public wherein instead of them harboring mere superficial curiosity for spiritual discussions realize that it is a most required aspect for sound human living? This is a very dire problem. Its solution lies in the inner subtle world and not in the external one. It is the times tested Spiritual Science of Rishi-Maharshis spanning for thousands of years that can solve these problems. History is witness to the fact that time and again great Rishis have planned gigantic powerful spiritual programs in order to positively transform world human psyche and this farsighted solution of theirs has influenced human beings living nearby and in far off lands too. Today all this is most required.

Dire situations are arriving in full throttle-they are very much in our vicinity. It is coming in the form of a hard hearted but very apt teacher. If we prove to be lethargic unruly students and insist on executing vile activities we shall face a rain of sticks and slaps. Those prophecies and warnings given by wise visionaries in the past and those being predicted today shall definitely come true 100%. Yet if try to benefit from this wise teacher represented by planetary positions, by respecting his disciplinary actions we transform our psyche for the better and if we walk ahead executing great glorious tasks, not only that terrible strife can be warded off but that we shall become instruments of ushering in a new heavenly era. Modern times’ harsh warning has presented itself before us. Lest we hear/understand it we shall reform ourselves, we shall change and not only shall we get protected from this fearful bad situation of future but that innumerable others too shall get protected. If we insist on latching on to disinterested indolence, we fail to ward off our vain selfish desires then akin to worms crawling in figs we shall be chewed to pulp by god of death. In a way these dire world problems are a challenge to our high intellectualism which shall prove whether we choose to get enmeshed in lowly transient selfishness so as to face world destruction or that by remaining alert we ready ourselves to wisely protect the world at large.

Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India) which is the Gangotri Glacier of the 21st century is battling with the help of a campaign akin to an awakened iron authority in order that world peace harbingers in. Akin to an alert guard this institution during the dark hour of gloom has lit up a radiant torch that shows us fearful destructive clouds swimming in the sky. This bugle of warning is being sounded ceaselessly so that people sleeping like that demon Kumbhakarna (who slept for 6 months at a stretch) now start turning on their sides, think of what is good/bad for them and execute that which wise people do during hours of calamity.

Regarding campaigns for world peace people are working in their own ways. Regarding scientific campaigns, scientific researchers are laboring day and night to invent more ghastly types of atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, toxic bombs, missiles and so on and also ways of getting protection from such heinous weapon attacks. Regarding industry oriented campaigns economists and the wealthy class are immersed in setting up large scale industries and businesses. Regarding progressive campaigns the government places forth 5 year plans. Various world nation governments in their own way are weaving nets of conspiracies in the name of world peace and victory. Many movements and tasks are being carried out in various campaigns but even if all these unite yet that campaign which has highest weight age since it encompasses goodwill, humane values, ethics, great character, supremacy, idealism, spiritual penance etc has been relegated to the sidelines. Ere this desirable campaign remains listless all human and wealth resources spent in other types of campaign will prove useless due to failure. What is painful is that the world public has just no interest on carrying out those spiritual campaigns that shall ensure world peace and prosperity and even if those so called vain religious leaders act they do so only to run their own sects, setting up their hermitages, forcing people to worship their feet and initiating as many disciples so as to bombastically boss over them. These so called religious heads just do not have time nor inclination to sacrifice something for public benefit at this dire hour, they do not want to endure hardships and shoulder the onerous task of leading lay public towards greatness and human glory.

Under such perilous situations the members of All World Gayatri Family have to work very hard. It is their duty to do something concrete during such calamitous times and sacrifice their very beings for it. In the near future in order to transform world public psyche they will have to execute worldwide tasks of establishing ethics, human values, sense of righteous duty and goodwill.

For this there is a need that if in the eyes of people usefulness of this great precept gets illumined if those people who have very little responsibility to their families and who are willing to renounce their deluded attachment to grandchildren etc take up such glorious endeavors, along with following the ancient tradition of Vanaprastha (retirement after 50 years of age) and Sanyasa (ascetics) they will truly succeed in life in an all round manner. Those pious householders who can spare a bit of time daily or as much as possible after performing family duties can do a lot of constructive work in nearby areas.

For a short time span the selfish viewpoint of ‘attain salvation or Moksha by devoting to God’ or by doing various worship ritual programs so as to attain Sidhis or Divine Powers, must be given up. For some 5 years time span at least the aim of all lovers of their country and religion should selfless preaching of spirituality because today such a ghastly atmosphere of discontent is looming large the world over that none can attain salvation or divine powers for themselves alone. For all this to succeed a conducive subtle atmosphere is required which is totally absent today. Hence instead of wasting time/effort in endeavors that are failing those tasks must be taken up which augment joy-peace in our own lives, in our family, in our cities, in our country and in the entire world. For 5 years if 100,000 spirituality broadcasters sacrifice their all for campaign of world peace they can ward off threats of nuclear bombs being hurled between nations. By banging into destructive dark clouds akin to Indra’s thunderbolt they can be forced to dissipate to naught. In ancient times Indra’s thunderbolt was made from bones of the great Rishi Dadhichi. Today the campaign is very much intense and also we do not have Dadhichi’s pious bones. Thus only if 100,000 self sacrificing people unite can the goal be achieved.

I do not at all believe that in such a big country as India 100,000 religious propagandists with a self sacrificing attitude are not ready to unswervingly take up the campaign of world peace minimum for 5 years. If this requirement is fulfilled by Akhand Jyoti Magazine readers, Yug Nirman Mission and All World Gayatri Parivar this organization can then hold its head high and become capable of valiantly combating these present times of danger and terrible fear. All world Gayatri Family by readying an army of thousands of alive and kicking religious preachers stands as an indomitable pillar of light. The demand of modern times is of this type. Let us see who all are ready to partner in this great campaign?

The drums of bad times are shattering this world. In this hour of total destruction instead of dying like stray dogs let us all take up glorious tasks for Era Creation, serving humanity, reinstating of true religion and righteousness and for rejuvenation of Indian Culture. In the fact that doing this is very apt, dwell our intellectualism, farsightedness and success of life.

The dark clouds of world annihilation are looming large over the world and at any point in time shall convert this lush green earth into a gory graveyard. No longer is this being said by just a handful of people but from everywhere this opinion is being given be it small-big, scholarly-foolish or poor-rich people the world over. Specialists in the field of astrology, spiritual sciences, parapsychology and religious scriptures too agree fully. In the following paragraphs as per astrology sciences we are showcasing for our respected readers thoughts with reference to this terror like situation which passed by just recently.

With reference to America’s Foreign Policy, important news called ‘Eisenhower Principle’ was placed forth on 5 January 1957 in front of a combined session of American Congress. Proposals in it were put forth regarding decreasing tensions created due to the incident of Suez Canal and protecting Middle East Region from influence of communism and the Congress was being asked to cogitate over it immediately. This is worth noting that this plan of USA President was announced after Yoga of Rahu-Shani as per astrology charts and as a result of this Yoga the Suez agitation manifested. This above mentioned proclamation by the President was akin to a warning to Russia that out of delusion it does not err. History has been repeating itself as a result of which when nations get uplifted, grow tall and develop a lot they gain world leadership and later due to an arrogant ego and greedy tendencies they get shattered so as to enter the womb of total annihilation. From this standpoint USA and Russia cannot be said to be exceptions. Such incidences are creations of the results of malefic influences and Yoga of position of planets in space. Such planetary influences are faced not only by human beings but various countries too. Today leading world politicians talk of manifesting permanent world peace on earth and establish a heavenly kingdom in place of an agitated tense world of today. But they forget that even very gigantic great eras when peace prevailed it did not last more than 300-400 years at a stretch. All these incidences ensue because of planetary influences which cannot be wiped out or deleted by even the most powerful politician of the world.

If we make a note of American History we can get tangible proof of potent nature of planetary influences. In the 1st European Great War that commenced in 1914 AD America did not take part and till 1917 AD it had faith that it shall remain neutral yet later it perforce had to take part in this war. Then it harbored hope by gaining victory in that war it shall be capable of reinstating peace that is permanent and conducive to democracy. In order to fulfill this goal although America tasted victory yet world peace did not set in. when the 1st world war ended America harbored trust that if a subsequent 2nd world war set in, it would distance itself from it totally. Yet when the war actually set in its intentions were not fulfilled. In the 2nd world war it hoped that when Nazi and fascist rulers tasted defeat the era of justice and permanent world peace shall usher in. yet although this time too victory was theirs yet world peace receded to naught. Despite reaping success in 2 gigantic world wars various countries are mulling over a 3rd world war. Those who design such plans for these nations have steadied this theory that the ‘cold war’ going on at present shall slowly heat up so as to boil into an actual 3rd world war. With reference to such observations every neutral person shall perforce have to accept that these political honchos do not know how to obstruct such gory wars and even if one sets in how to reinstate permanent peace in the world. Possibly they know only one thing and that is how to fuel and incite more fights between nations the world over. If this were not the case say what is the reason that these people seated in one place cannot solve world hardships especially when they know that if fighting/quarrels go on ceaselessly the definite result shall be that flames of a 3rd world war shall erupt ferociously which know for sure shall be much more terrible and destructive than previous world wars. As of today various nations are trapped in the vicious wheel of wars in such a way that due to them newer wars sprout forth like unwanted weeds and shall prove to be much more barbaric than previous wars waged. Seers of mysteries of astrology science know well that the cycles of war run on in accordance with certain special laws that are tightly bound to planetary influences.

If we make a note of major Yoga’s of planets in the past about 100 years we shall realize that as a result of their influence energies manifested that obstructed world peace. It is our ill fortune that leading world politicians took decisions related to the needs and lives of millions of people on such occasions when planetary influences were very opposing and heinous. The result of this was that in these past 100 years, we have witnessed gigantic idealistic and hope based plans go awry that tasted failure. There are innumerable examples to prove this viz. proclamation by American President Wilson that they were neutral, his 14 principles, Laws designed for League of Nations, Washington’s disarmament treaty and Kellog Pact, Davos Plan, Young Plan, Hoover’s plan of re creation of the world, Stimson Plan, President Roosevelt’s Quarantine Speech and 4 proclamations of independence, Hull’s 17 principles, Atlantic Charter, Yalta’s Proclamation, establishment of UNO, Truman’s Speech, India’s partitioning, Kashmir problem, regions created in India based on languages used, Eisenhower’s Speech and so on. The chief reason why all these failed was bad planetary influences. Their cause was not worldly circumstances but that is our intellect, nature and thinking and their basis dwells in the planetary influences on decision making politicians at various international conferences. For example take a look at the horoscope of League of Nations. England’s ruling planet Mars influenced all leading politicians attending the Versailles’ Treaty in such a way only England’s opinion was accepted and its effect was that the development of the policy of League of Nations took place via such a path that the result was ushering in of a 2nd World War. The condition of the descendent of League of Nations i.e. UNO too is not in very good shape because it was established under planetary influences that were malefic.

Wars ensue amongst big nations only when planetary influences are special. When Saturn, Rahu and Mars are in one house and are in a particular Zodiac Sign that create special incitements such incidences occur. If we mull over the planetary positions at the time of the 1st world war, it will be clear that at that hour Rahu-Jupiter and Mars-Ketu were in Dwirad Dasha. Saturn and Mars were in one house and Rahu-Saturn was in a triangle. Similarly if we study the planetary positions of the time of 2nd world war it will be clear that planetary positions were very dire and fearful. Saturn a powerful planet of democracy was in Yoga with Ketu in Aries Zodiac Sign and Ashwini star or Nakshatra and Mars’ looked (Drishti) at it completely. Jupiter and Saturn were in Dwirad Dasha and Rahu-Jupiter was 6 and 8 degrees apart. Thus the famous world wars were fought in very influential planetary positions.  

If we ponder over the planetary positions of 1959 AD then we understand that at the end of August Saturn, Mars and Rahu were in 1 house. Saturn and Mars saw each other and Rahu was friendly with Mars. Rahu was seen by Saturn. Jupiter was in Scorpio Zodiac Sign and along with Saturn its Dirad Dasha was on. Due to the influence of these planetary positions tensions flared up between leading world countries and UNO surrendering to contemporary needs renounced ethics. Fights and quarrels ensued between big nations and the situation became very dangerous. The biggest dire problem cropped up in the year 1962 AD.

On 5 February 1962 not only a solar eclipse appeared but that 8 planets gathered together viz. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Ketu. This Yoga is known to be very potent and creates terrible reactions. On that day at 5.30 am the situation was thus: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu were in Ghanista star/Nakshatra whose lord was Mars. This Yoga was related to the 9th house of the horoscope of India’s Freedom Fight, Pakistan’s 10th house, America’s 8th house and Russia’s 12th house. The fact that Yoga occurred of these 8 planets in Capricorn Zodiac sign whose lord is Saturn was indeed fearful. On this occasion Russia-USA not only threatened each other and showcased their clout, but got ready to fight a world war. At that time the power examination of communism and western democracy was going on and it was being thought that as a result of this attacking communism shall end in a major way. In the world a lot of human killing shall take place. But since Capricorn is a mobile Zodiac Sign, hence this struggle did not last long. Due to planetary influences very soon attack took place, destruction too occurred swiftly and the war too ended quickly. No doubt the world had to face a super dire situation and political honchos totally failed to obstruct the influence of Mars. Even today similar world situations loom large. If people by knowing the future immediately become cautious and if world politicians control their wrath loss faced shall be miniscule. India should pay more attention to its security and on realizing the danger of fanaticism and capitalism accordingly must research into its foreign policies. From the standpoint of astrology one cannot gauge the fear of the fact that if nuclear weapons are used entire human race shall get destroyed to naught. Certain politicians out of sheer fear are thinking that due to nuclear warfare or star wars the world shall get destroyed and hence again and again are singing eulogies of non violence to the world. But they do not understand that with the thinking of non violence a compromise is made with vile principles that non violence becomes useless and its ethical power loses all sheen. Even after the 3rd world war human existence shall not end. On such occasions Almighty God and nature always finds a way to overcome human error.

At that time also it was believed that that this Yoga of 8 planets shall not only become the cause of a war between Russia and America but due to its influence the world public shall face more strife in the form of lack of food, fear of robbery, end of political rulers, famine and mismanagement in daily living. To a great extent all this did take place. Varah Mihir has written that when Mars unites with solar eclipse the world faces varied types of hardships. In this manner in an ancient book written by Mr. Lakshman Suri called ‘Daivajna Vilas’ it is mentioned that when Saturn enters Capricorn Zodiac Sign as a result incidences of flooding, ire of epidemics and destruction of aliens (Dasharnadeshe yavanashcha nashtaha) are witnessed. From this an inference was made that war shall commence due to some problem occurring in Middle East. Lakshman Suri also opines that when Saturn enters Sagittarius Zodiac Sign dire situations crop up in Punjab, Kuru, Kosal (UP), Kashmir, Kalinga (Orissa) and Bang (Bengal). Following is the quotation:

Mandesthite dhanvini vrishti hani syadhbhupatanti kalahenachardham.

Panchal, kasha kuru kosalashcha Kashmir kalinga bang.

On noting India’s contemporary state it can be inferred that national welfare shall be hit badly because political leaders instead of focusing on national benefits shall be more immersed in personal competition and in fighting. By keeping in mind fearful dangers emerging from such circumstances our leaders should unearth such a creative solution for national problems which work in accordance with real time situations the world over along with our ancient culture. We must rethink about our suspicious activities that are more inclined towards foreigners. In 1962 AD it was very clear from the Yoga of wondrous forces gathered in Capricorn Zodiac Sign that 1962 shall be the ‘deciding year of fate’. America understanding Russia’s plans much beforehand shall shower the first initial blow. But since Jupiter dwells in Capricorn, although its power would be dim, the intensity of agitation shall diminish and very soon peace shall prevail. As per Varah Mihir’s research the Yoga of Jupiter could be in any form yet it always is auspicious akin to water poured on blazing fire.

While cogitating over what is said above a fact appears amidst us that in these days some such similar situations are manifesting in the subtle world which say that the years between 1995 -2000 AD are full of danger for the world. Nature shall showcase gigantic calamities, especially like earthquakes, ocean storms, tsunamis and so on. At that time mankind shall be woefully powerless to obstruct such destruction. A lot of agitation shall set in between East and West. Astrology has already warned us of such a dire future. It is true that future events cannot be totally obstructed from occurring but by executing apt solutions a lot of such hardships and strife can be diminished.

These days also the intimidating competition between Russia and America along with other nations has not commenced from the times of Marx, Lenin or Stalin and even if Soviet rule ends or is defeated this competition shall not end. In this world the differences regarding cultures and ideals have existed even in ancient times. Even then for world well being powers must be rendered optimally balanced and its area of influence must be accepted separately. The fact is that due to varied influences of different planets various countries of the world cannot dwell united.



























Very much akin to self realized masters/saints of India foreign spiritual seers too have made prophecies regarding future events. Such talk in certain parts are found in all sects but the way in which Lord Jesus Christ’s disciple John has made clear cut prophecies are not noted in other places. He had attained a Yoga based spiritual vision and he has described incidences that were to take place hundreds and thousands of years later in such a manner that it seemed all that was actually enacted in front of his mind’s eye. From this standpoint his prophecies are that much more important because in those Christian countries these future incidences are to take place he too was a citizen of that region and he has especially written about the future of followers of Christian Religion. From this viewpoint in contemporary times it is very important that we gain wisdom regarding these prophecies.

In the Old Testament portion of Christianity’s Holy Bible text the future of Jews has been described who in those times resided in Egypt, Palestine etc and who had to ceaselessly face enemy attacks. In the Holy Bible it is written: Almighty God had commanded Jews that if they followed his orders they will attain joy and prosperity. Yet if Jews failed to follow God’s commands and insisted in opposing them they would be punished heavily. Even if after this they did not reform God would render their cities barren and ruined, enemies of Jews will start dwelling there and that the Jews shall have to listlessly roam around in the world without hearth or home. Ultimately when they roam around 7 Times in the world facing untold hardships in the process Almighty God shall again test them and after uniting them all they shall set up their own country.

The ancient land in which Jews resided was Palestine. Over there is their one and only sacred religious spot called Jerusalem. Just as all world Muslims look upon Mecca as their pilgrim spot and from all corners of the world they travel there, in the same way Jews too after enduring lots of hardships arrive in Jerusalem after travelling thousands of miles. For a long time span this region was under Turkish rule and Arabs started residing there. After the 1st world war in 1914 AD it was taken over by British and as per advice of friendly nations they decided to help Jews set up residences there. Although Arabs dwelling there opposed this move tooth and nail and for decades together fights ensued yet about 100,000 to 150,000 Jews have set up their homes there and from the year 1949 AD they set up their country in one part of Palestine naming it Israel. Recently Israel had attacked Egypt as a result of which there was a dire possibility of a world war setting in.

In reality the fact that Jews again relocating themselves in Palestine and that they built their own country there was an extraordinary incident because in the Holy Bible it has been very clearly predicted that Turkish rule shall end there so that Jews shall set up their own country over there and in the past 100 years thousands of bog books have been written in English wherein by exhibiting firm faith in prophecies penned in the Holy Bible, it has been said that when ‘7 Times’ end Turkish rule shall end Jews shall definitely set up their residence and country in Palestine. If respected readers so wish they can visit libraries and read these books.

Along with the prophecy of Jews settling in Palestine on the occasion of the end of ‘7 Times’, many other prophecies have been given in the Holy Bible wherein a description has been given regarding the most worldwide gigantic war as a result of which a major portion of human civilization shall get destroyed. On this very occasion divine wrath in the form of plague, famine, earthquakes etc shall manifest as per these predictions. Now since the fact regarding end of Turkish reign and Jews setting up residence in Palestine is there for all to see hence very soon other prophecies coming true cannot be ruled out.

Those analyzing prophecies of Holy Bible say that ‘7 Times’ connotes 7 years. But it is also said that 1 day of the prophecy is equivalent to 1 year. As per this mathematical calculation at the time when this prophecy was made there is a possibility that this incident took place 365 X 7 = 2555 years after it. Birth of Jews took place 58 years before that of Lord Jesus Christ and as per this calculation in the year 1966 AD the time span of ‘7 Times’ was completed. Some commentators’ say that ‘7 Times’ ended in the year 1931 AD since 1 ancient year of Christians was equal to 360 days. Whatever maybe the case because if there is a difference of about 30-35 years regarding a prophecy made 2500 years previously, none should worry about it. From this fact I give this prophecy utmost importance that as per such an ancient prophecy in present modern times a possibility of a gigantic world war ensuing has already cropped up wherein the human race may get destroyed to naught.

1)      When the times span of ‘7 Times’ shall end what shall be the state of the world? Regarding this it is written: at that hour in all directions fights and wars shall erupt and murmurs and rumors of war shall be heard everywhere. One nation shall stand up against another nation and one land against another. At that time famines shall occur, epidemics shall spread out like wild fire and in many regions shattering earthquakes shall appear. This state shall be seen initially and after this much more hardships and strife shall have to be faced.

2)      Amongst prophecies listed in the Holy Bible the description of ‘7 Trumpets’ too is of special importance. As per its proclamation when earth indwellers shall sin a lot in a despicable manner then the punishment meted out by Almighty Lord on them has been elucidated in ‘7 Trumpets’. Its description is in the form of ghastly natural calamities, yet many scholars of Christian Religion have also said that it also includes political upheavals and destructive events. Whatever the case maybe respected readers must take a deep look at the original words of the Holy Bible:

“When the first messenger of God shall blow the bugle a snow storm shall ensue on earth and it shall rain fire and blood. As a result 1/3rd portion of trees shall get burnt and all green grass shall be set ablaze”.

“When the 2nd messenger of God shall blow the bugle a very big burning mountain shall fall in the sea and as a result 1/3rd portion of the sea shall become bloody. 1/3rd portion of creatures living in the sea shall die and 1/3rd number of ships shall get destroyed”.

“When the 3rd messenger of God shall blow the bugle a very gigantic star shall fall which shall get illumined like a flame lamp. It shall fall on 1/3rd portion of founts of rivers and water. This star’s name shall be Wormwood. As a result 1/3rd portion of water sources shall become Wormwood. This water shall be poisonous which shall kill innumerable people”.

In the same way when the next trumpet shall be blown people living in this world shall face other types of discomforts. Due to the 4th trumpet the light of sun and moon shall diminish. Due to the 5th trumpet beasts of the form of locusts that harass human beings shall emerge from the womb of earth and from the 6th trumpet horseman shall appear that die from fire and smoke. As written by us above in these prophecies symbolic language has been made use of which was the method used in ancient eras. For example, the symbols used like beasts of the shape of locusts connote aircrafts, horsemen dying due to fire and smoke connotes cannons and modern day machine guns. Similarly when it is said that mountain and star falling in the sea and earth connotes attacking with atom and hydrogen bombs because they render water and all food items toxic which in turn kills creatures in hordes.

3)      Such a terrible picture of famine has been painted in the Holy Bible which should be given due attention not only from the point of a prophecy but the very influential style of writing. No doubt many famines have occurred so far the world over but during times of bloody wars their form is that much more ferocious. At such times those who till land since their profession is agriculture and those involved in making useful materials for day to day life are forced to enlist in the army and thus the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) diminishes alarmingly. Further since many soldiers are enlisted in the army they have to be supplied by thousands of tons of food grains and other materials. When one nation’s army succeeds in crossing into the enemy country, their soldiers destroy crops, agricultural lands, shops etc of the enemy country. Thus the form of famine ensuing is much more fearful. Also an important point to note is that in any future war since nuclear weapons/bombs shall be made use of such a heinous influence of toxic radioactive materials shall be seen in food, water, air and other materials that all those who use these shall die in a few days because their inner bodily organs shall start deteriorating swiftly. Hence if during times of war if people have to perforce face terrible famine situations it shall be least surprising. In the Holy Bible famines have been described thus: When the 3rd seal shall be opened from it a black hued horse shall emerge and in the hands of its rider shall be a weighing pan. He will proclaim that 1 measure of wheat shall cost one gold coin and 3 measures of barley shall cost one gold coin. Further it is written: The faces of people shall become black like the cuckoo bird. They will roam around in alleys enduring all types of harassment. Their skins after separating from bones shall dangle in air and body shall dry up like wooden sticks. Those people who are attacked by swords shall be more joyous than those dying slow deaths of hunger.

In the Isaiah portion of the Holy Bible it is written: See! Almighty God has rendered earth barren and ruined and it is full of eerie silence. During this terrible phase of famine the painful state face by farmers shall also be that of landlords, the sorry state faced by loan takers shall also be faced by money lenders and the anguish faced by beggars shall also be the lot of donors of charity. All agricultural land shall become dry-arid and everywhere downfall will reign. No longer shall peace and contentment dwell on earth and all over the world grief shall loom large. In this heinous hour innumerable humans shall die and only a few humans shall remain alive on planet earth. Big cities shall be rendered like ruins and houses shall be locked. No humans shall be seen on roads because this is what Almighty Lord has commended.

4)      Along with such events taking place in this dire gloomy era the Holy Bible also predicts about many other types of strife and ferocious earthquakes appearing. Via inference we can gauge that instead of this alluding to an earthquake due to a natural calamity it points at a political and social revolution. The exact words of this prophecy are: When the 6th seal shall be opened a super terrible earthquake shall emerge. The sun shall appear to be akin to a blanket made from hair. Stars of the sky shall start falling on earth. The sky akin to a round ball of paper shall get torn into 2 parts. All mountains and islands shall stray away from their original positions. All kings, big shot people, rich class, big leaders and higher authority people shall start hiding in caves and in pits. They will tell those mountains and gigantic rocks to fall on them and thus save us from the ferocious onslaught of the ever just Almighty Lord.

If respected readers think deeply they shall clearly know that such incidences take place during political and social upheavals. During times of material nature earthquakes both rich and poor die together. But in this particular prophecy there is a depiction of the killing of chiefly rich and big shot people. From this we can understand that this could be only a political and social ‘earthquake’ or upheaval. Such circumstances have already been witnessed by us all when after capitalism got destroyed in Russia, Poland and Romania, communism got established but later this too went into disarray.

5)      When the 4th messenger of God shall throw his power on sun, the latter’s heat shall increase so much that it shall ‘pressure cook’ all humans. Due to untold heat man out of frustration shall shower insults on God saying what type of strife he has created.

While analyzing this, a scholar writes that at this moment man’s ill fate has reached a nadir. The chief basis of life viz. water, land, sun etc shall themselves start meting out fruits of sinful actions executed by mankind. A few years back there were people immersed in pleasurable sense aggrandizement shall henceforth be seen wailing, crying and expressing agony. At this time for so many days sun shall fling on earth such hotter and burning rays on earth that people shall perceive their homes to be furnaces. In the 3rd world war when hydrogen and nuclear bombs shall be used such a state shall be visibly noted because their light and heat is very much similar to that of the blazing sun and via it not only humans but creatures alive but stones and mud too shall get burnt to smoke.

6)      The description of the future world war given below is very hair-raising. The maker of the prophecy in deep flights of meditation saw the following vision:

I saw that an angel is standing in sunlight and is saying that O birds flying in air! Come to me by gathering together and join for a meal supplied by God. In this meal you will get the opportunity to eat flesh of people who are kings, emperors, captains, powerful humans, horses and riders seated on them and all types of big high class people.

7)      In the Holy bible the description of future times ends with the following prophecy made. In deep meditation futurist Saint John saw:

I saw an angel coming from the sky. He tied up a devil and threw him into a big crater and closed the latter. After this for 1000 years (millennium) Golden Era shall reign on earth.

While commenting on this a scholar writes that: in these super fearful incidences spanning 7 years the entire world shall transform totally. Due to wars and epidemics millions of people shall die and very large cities shall turn into lonely ruins. After this when earth’s political rule shall be managed by saintly people full of religious and ethical thoughts the hardships of mankind shall be overcome from their very roots. At that time people shall live a life based on God’s laws and shall renounce all sin and selfishness. At that time the very names of army and navy shall be wiped out and people by breaking swords shall use them to build ploughs. People of one country shall not fight with people of other countries and wars shall end once and for all. Even the most ferocious blood thirsty beasts of jungles shall rest peaceful. No human shall die very young. In this era governance shall be taken up by only those people whose character shall be pure and sacred, who will be humble, polite and love the poor.

Till now many people believed that these prophecies have been highly overstated but scientists who have made ‘star wars’ of nuclear weapons are saying certain things which if mulled over aptly tells us that there is need to doubt the truth of these prophecies. In a world peace Conference held in Japan England’s Prof Rotwolt had said that if a war waged between Russia and America on a large scale in it very quickly all types of bombs shall be made use of. By that time long range missiles shall become so powerful that with its aid bombs can be sent hurling to any corner of the world. When war commences both sides shall throw more and more bombs with such weapons. At that time none of these opponents shall wait to find out how many and in what way the bombs shall rain from the enemy camp. At that time on an average each side shall possess 1000 bombs of 20 mega ton each. Ere these bombs exploded in America then land over there measuring thousands of square miles shall be pounded to dust and on the spot millions of humans shall die. And yet the dire loss due to these bombs shall not be limited to Russia and America only. Radiation materials emitted by these bombs shall land much beyond these 2 warring nations into other countries. As a result millions of people shall undergo diseases pertaining to white blood cells, leukemia and siring of abnormal children. In the prophecy of the Holy Bible too it is written that: Those who at that time shall die due to weapon attacks shall yet be very fortunate because those people facing the above deadly diseases shall die a slow painful writhing death.

Many readers shall be wonderstruck by the fact that despite us all knowing the all destructive capacity of these deadly bombs, why are America and Russia, countries leading in the field of modern science and other knowledge streams insisting on destroying themselves with their own hands? Why are they designing such newer weapons which not only shall destroy the world but shall annihilate their own mighty nations? The true reason behind this is that ‘Vinash kale vipareet buddhi’ which means when the hour of destruction arrives our intellects behave lopsided. Now these people after researching a great deal have reached pinnacles of power and this very power shall become a medium of their own destruction. The other reason is that during such times every country thinks that after destroying the enemy country they shall somehow survive after undergoing a little bit of loss. Hence news of such inventions is emerging from America via which nuclear bombs thrown on them by enemy countries shall be destroyed midway. No doubt we can imagine things in innumerable ways but ultimately if we think that the results for even one country shall be good, know for sure that this just is erroneous thinking on our part.

In such terrible conditions world humanity shall perforce face fearful strife. In the entire world various dire situations shall manifest like world wars, epidemics, famine, augmenting of vile activities, imbalance, mismanagement, anarchy etc as a result of which untold amount of wealth and human resources shall get destroyed. It is least surprising if 1/3rd world humans get pounded to naught as a result of such dire situations.

True hour of dawn or dusk is when the sun has either totally risen or set. Generally this time span is of about 5 minutes. Despite true dawn/dusk lasting for 5 minutes the dawn/dusk in day to day routine is said to last for 1 hour each. Much before and much later from the real span of solar and lunar eclipse Sutak Kal (time phase considered defiling as per Hindu tradition) exists. In the same way in the year 1962 AD astrologers had warned the world about a gigantic terrible situation and as a result there was a possibility of world annihilating situations emerging. They had said that although its real time span shall be between 16th January to 12th February spanning 26 days yet its pre and post time phase shall commence 5 years before and end 5 years later. During the year 1957 this inauspicious terrible time commences and it shall end in the year 1967. Thus in a certain manner this malefic cycle is believed to be of 10 years time span.

But respected readers must be undergoing hardships of contemporary modern times. In these days also the world is not any less harassed. In every nook and corner of the world reigns flooding over rivers, lack of rain in many regions, rail accidents, dacoits and crime on the rise, widespread hooliganism, sectarian strife, regionalism, terrorism, naked dance of language and caste based fanaticism, black money, bribery, pilfering, shortage of food, increase in inflation, strikes by government employees, scams by political parties, decrease in purchasing power of the public, increase in government restrictions that become obstacles in business development and widespread discontent.

In the international arena powers pertaining to colonialism and imperialism by readying their newer forms of torture and tactics, beforehand itself are manifesting direly. The sparks of war can be seen in huge continents like Asia, Europe and Africa and even if a minor opportunity is created these sparks can get converted to blazing forest fires. All mass destruction weapons like nuclear bombs, missiles etc are posing a challenge to the world since they are capable of destroying wealth and humans and render earth a graveyard devoid of any creatures. Even mere testing of these nuclear weapons are rendering the world’s atmosphere terribly poisonous and due to this the world over diseases like influenza etc are on the rise alarmingly. Further the balance of heat, cold, rain and other seasons is going awry. Those babies born in today’s times their psyches are noted to erupt with anger, enmity, unruliness and indiscipline. This ill fate shall showcase itself in a more ghastly manner when children born are attacked by physical/mental challenges, deafness, dumbness, blindness, handicaps and mental insanity. Thus after birth being rendered a burden in this world shall die in writhing agony being victims of cancer, AIDS and other deadly diseases. Due to nuclear weapon testing, gigantic amounts of radioactive elements are being flung into earth’s atmosphere so that many destructive upheavals are rising alarmingly at present and shall continue to do so more in a manifold way in future also.

In the mental realm of world public a strange type of dejection is being noted. None of them are able to focus their minds on some concrete serious endeavor. The bosoms of people are burning in a big way due to the fire of sensuous desires, yearnings, envy, hatred, quarrels, revenge, intolerance etc attacking them. Thus when such unhealthy minded people act, their activities are full of errors, discontent and reaping sorrow. This then is the true picture of today’s world situation. In the midst of such deadly situations all our good efforts that are social, political and spiritual in nature meant for reinstating peace and joy in the lives of all humans are actually failing.

There is a possibility that Lord Rudra’s (Shiva) 3rd eye shall open. As a result demigods in all humility by praying to the omniscient Almighty God can render calm his wrath. The flames akin to a terrific forest fire are erupting in order to set ablaze the entire world and since a scene of world annihilation shall manifest terrific Varunastra or Water Weapons are required to pacify it. The world is immersed in designing more and more hydrogen bombs. But none possesses the power to ward off tainted reactions emerging from their usage. In fact this task can be done only by Rishis of Indian origin. From here have always flowed Nectarine Rivers that have spread peace in all directions of the world. At present a Varunastra is required that can ward off these possible harassing situations, combat them valiantly and neo create world humanity and this Water Weapon can be supplied only by the land of great Rishis called India. Other countries are making Agneyastras or Fire Weapons. The Water Weapon which can be designed only by India can calm down all Fire Weapons so that untold wealth and human resources the world over can be successfully protected.

Shantikunj (HQ All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India) is organizing a chain of Ashwamedha Yajnas and Prajna Purascharan which in effect is a spiritual Water Weapon. In order to manufacture hydrogen bombs millions of dollars are wasted along with hard work and various material means. But in order to make this spiritual Water weapon no wealth, machinery or other materials are required and yet hard work is definitely required. Further this hard work should not be that of atheists but whose bosoms are righteous and sacredly spiritual. In the Treta Yuga in order to kill demon Ravan a Super Bomb of the shape of a pot was designed which was filled with blood drops of great divine Rishis. This pot was buried in an agricultural field and from it when Seeta Energy manifested, demonic activities that had sounded their drums in all world directions ultimately got destroyed. Just as in Treta Era Rishis constructed a Bomb of Peace by donating their pious blood so too Gayatri Family is making similar efforts by arranging Ashwamedha Yajnas. Due to its influence all that gurgling of fears of all destroying demonic activities in the form of wrath of natural calamities can be rendered serene and ultimately void.

From every member of All World Gayatri Family we expect that they must do their bit for world humanity’s joy, peace and security. By donating a bit of their time and efforts every member by taking up Gayatri meditation/worship on a daily footing can become partners of Ashwamedha Yajna Anusthans. Since this shall be a collective Sankalpa or resolve it is not enough that members carry out some lone Mantra chanting or worship rites. By inspiring religious minded people in their vicinity to tread this great path they must be well organized in order to co partner is this Super Spiritual Program. We with importunity request farsightedly discriminate religion lovers that they on noting these very terribly fearful times of today vow to execute spiritual programs so as to render them calm and serene.














Many a times it has been seen that a person carries out Mantra chanting and mentally resolves selfishly not to tell anyone about it. Such a person can neither generate well being for himself and nor for others too. This is because such behavior elicits jealousy in the mind and as a result the glory and influence of that Mantra gets destroyed on its own. No doubt it is true that without due spiritual credentials Mantra initiation cannot be given to others yet if we know that someone is a spiritually credible person and yet fail to share Mantras with him/her out of sheer envy it is not correct at all. The one who does Mantra chanting and makes others execute the same must have a psyche full of generosity and deep faith in Almighty God. Those who wish to spiritually uplift themselves individually must realize that his/her well being lies in well being of the entire world of animate/inanimate beings. People who imbibe this tenet with proper understanding not only benefit themselves but the entire world also.

In a minor way all those who wear the Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread) are known to chant Super Mantra Gayatri. But what exactly has been mentioned in this Mantra? This answer is known to very few people. Today every Guru initiates a person undergoing the Yajnopaveet Ceremony with the Gayatri Mantra and advises them to daily chant it without any break on any day. What is painful to note is that majority of the Gurus/teachers themselves have no clue about the meaning and deep import of the Gayatri Mantra. The result being that the one undergoing the Yajnopaveet Ceremony and getting initiated into the Gayatri Mantra does not understand that ‘This is my righteous duty and hence with profound faith I must chant it daily’. In fact bang opposite to this he feels this is just one of those traditions handed down by ancestors that must be followed. Hence despite millions of cash being spent for Yajnopaveet and Gayatri initiation people coolly forget about it.

Such type of Mantra chanting is certainly not true chanting. This is akin to merely reading one line of Sanskrit language in a superficial listless manner. In today’s era of wealth and finance, man carries out Mantra chanting merely for material gains in a selfish way and eggs on others to follow suit. He/she thinks: What type of Mantra should I chant so that Goddess of Wealth called Laksmi satiates my material desires. But he/she fails to understand that at the root of all Mantras is Super Mantra Gayatri. Whenever any religious worship program or Anushthan is executed or that we atone for our sins, Gayatri chanting is a must. From this it is crystal clear that the glory of Gayatri is supreme. What is astounding is that people despite knowing this fact, run around here and there for amassing material wealth. Suppose a person has never studied the Vedas or any religious scriptures etc yet if he/she harbors deep faith in Gayatri Mantra such chanting shall bestow all materials desired. Maharshi Vyasji says:

Yatha madhu ye pushpebhyo ghritam dughdhad rasat payaha.

Evam hi sarva vedanam gayatri saar muchyate.

MEANING: Just as the essence of flowers is honey, that of milk is butter and that of all juices is milk so too the gist of all Vedas is Super Energy Gayatri.

It is said that Arjun had such zealous feelings for Lord Shri Krishna that when Arjun slept one could hear the name ‘Shri Krishna’ in his breathing. Similarly we all must chant Gayatri Mantra in such a way that our very skin pores and each breath chant it faithfully. Just as medicinal herbs overcome bodily discomfort Gayatri chanted in the above focused manner wards off all bodily and psychic pain. But as long as this state of immersed chanting does not set in till then instead of giving it up we must patiently endeavor in a steadfast manner.

If the Mantra devotee is not steadfastly patient his/her psyche cannot achieve focused concentration and with an unfocused mind correct Mantra chanting can never be done. In order to cross over this world enmeshed in the fort of hardships Super Mantra Gayatri is the only sure shot solution. As long as this is not experienced, till then we shall fail to know its existence. But yes, if we imbibe Gayatri initiation from a true Gayatri devotee/saint we can successfully march ahead on this glorious path.

Not only lone individuals but that the entire world accrues well being due to grace of Gayatri Mantra. Hence keeping in mind collective cosmic welfare the benefits accruing from such Gayatri chanting is infinite if compared to miniscule benefits attained by lone individuals chanting it. After understanding the deep import of this Super Gayatri Mantra, if we encourage other people to chant it faithfully know for sure that a portion of the great fruits of Mantra chanting attained by them shall be attained by us also. Lest many people pay due attention in this direction and continue inspiring others to chant it devotedly definitely one day true religion and spirituality shall dawn in the entire world.

Today many types of problems reign in man’s personal and collective lives, many complexities have entered it in such a toxic manner that everyone is worried and harassed by them. In order to trouble shoot these hardships full of agony small time solutions are being taken recourse to yet no ray of success is seen in the horizon.

The root cause of all world problems, hardships and stress is one only and the solution for overcoming them too is one. If we are facing pain since a thorn is pricking our skin the solution is to remove the thorn. The underlying cause of all types of problems is our minds becoming selfish, narrow and thus mediocre. Peace can never be established the world over until and unless man’s psyche marches in the direction of true spirituality oozing with sacredness, religiosity and generosity towards all fellow creatures.

Gayatri symbolizes sacred purity. The meaning of being a Gayatri devotee is to steady the goal of rendering life truly religious and pious. Meaning of Gayatri Meditation and Worship is to imbibe those spiritual precepts that sow seeds of sacred faith towards God in our psyche. The meaning of taking recourse to Super Power Gayatri is to veer the intellect to that lap of sacred glory which renders man’s total thinking, qualities, inner nature and behavior full of divine principles. By reinstating this process in the deep cave of the psyche, man reaches that state wherein no more shall he face any problem of any sort. Come! Let us mull over chief problems of life and let us see how after imbibing a sacred intellect in the form of Gayatri these problems can be solved from their very fount.

1)      Dark clouds of world war are looming wrathfully in the sky. We cannot pinpoint when they shall explode and that a nuclear bomb shatters planet earth to naught. The cause behind such wars is avarice towards imperialism. If each country gives up the attitude of bossing over other countries, stops oppressing them and latches on to true justice, such wars shall never be waged.

Lest in today’s world and international politics ‘justice’ proclaimed by Gayatri gains entry then energy used in getting ready for war can instead be used for world creative tasks so that life shall ooze with more comforts and happiness. On the basis of international cooperation the loving emotions of world brotherhood can evolve in an all round manner. Due to worry of a world war looming large, today the entire world is distressed. This harassing agony cannot be warded off by political diplomacy but that Gayatri’s sacred pure sentiments are most required as a true solution.

2)      After the problem of a possible world war is the problem of food scarcity the world over. Barring a few countries other nations are definitely facing food shortage. Efforts are being made to increase food production via irrigation, chemical fertilizers, scientific technology etc. Maybe immediate success can be reaped yet it is not a long term steady solution. The reason being that world population is increasing so rapidly that earth does not possess the power to nurture everyone. Specialists opine that even if scientific farming is done on all agricultural land available, only that much food production shall augment that can fill up the tummies of world humans for the next 40 years only. After this hunger pangs shall again spread all over the world.

The solution to this problem is only one and that is family planning or siring lesser children. All world intellectuals in one voice are accepting that procreation of children must be decreased on a war footing. For this purpose abortions, various medicines, rubber bags etc are being used. Yet the result of all this shall be more frightfully terrible. Since unethical and unchaste infidelity is on the rise whatever good health man possesses is getting destroyed. The best way to obstruct child procreation is sexual continence. This attitude is only possible when as per Gayatri sentiments a lewd lustful outlook towards women is renounced and instead they are revered as divine. As a result problem of food shortage can be overcome, explosive growth in world population can be halted and bodily/mental health shall reform a lot. If capable people imbibe Gayatri’s spiritual practice of fasting for a week today’s needs can be fulfilled and countries like India need not import even one food item from foreign countries.

3)      The 3rd widespread hardship to be faced is lack of ethics and integrity. Vileness in the form of fraud, scams, going back on promises made, selfishness, egoistic attitude, hurting others and renunciation of one’s righteous duties is on an alarming rise. Such tainted mental leanings are to be seen in government employees, businessmen, religious leaders, political leaders, laborers and all classes of society. Our minds are heavily burdened with distrust, discontent and suspicion.

This state cannot be reformed by judicial laws, police, army or government. When in our conscience God’s voice awakens that creates religious attitude, steadfastness towards duties, honesty, renunciation, love and selfless service only then shall the pain giving state of widespread dishonesty end. This transformation is easily possible via the soul science endorsed Gayatri technique.

It is due to sins, bad behavior, tainted activities and distorted brain that man faces various sorrows. When the roots are cut asunder, sinful attitude reforms positively man very easily gets liberated from sorrow related to natural calamities, bodily strife and worldly pain. In selfishness dwell seeds of fights, agitation and hatred. Wherever resides a spiritual viewpoint there the peace bestowing crystal clear stream of love flows in abundance.

4)      A vile intellect encompasses delusion, spiritual ignorance called Avidya, blind traditions, lack of farsightedness and a narrow selfish vision. Even those class of people labeled secure and highly educated get engulfed by this vile intellect. Thus they face varied types of strife without any tangible external cause. In today’s era it is considered God’s blessings if you are childless yet people are unhappy with this too. When wealth is not available to blindly follow vile trends and traditions we feel unhappy. We wail aloud in grief so much when our family member dies it appears something impossible has occurred. People immersed in harboring desires for more and more wealth, abstaining from advancing other aspects of human life, latching on to sense titillation, wasting money, bad addictions and habits and blindly aping others in the name of beauty and fashion think that they are indeed ‘wise and highly intellectual’.

When a sacred intellect in the form of Super Power Gayatri enters a person’s brain it by giving up blind deluded aping mulls originally over all important questions of life. It gets liberation from all those worries, sorrow and grief which come our way due to imbibing of a tainted intellect. In this world more than half the grief faced is due to a tainted intellect and when it is destroyed via Gayatri’s sacred intellect man lives a life of straightforwardness, peace, content and ecstatic bliss.

5)      Diseases and weakness has taken over virtually all households. The reason behind this is lack of self control as far as food intake and sleeping habits are concerned. Birds and beast live as per nature’s laws and hence live disease free lives. Since man insists on ignoring nature’s laws he falls sick again and again. He starts weakening and ultimately dies.

In the teaching of Super Mantra Gayatri one is especially given inspiration for harboring self control regarding eating-sleeping habits and living a life based on nature’s laws. A sound healthy body is guaranteed if we lead lives of simplicity and sacred purity.

Due to mental illness in the form of irritation, lethargy, negligence, stinginess, egoistic arrogance, insulting speech, despair, worry, wrath, enmity etc our inner health deteriorates and in our external social lives we get kicked and pushed about at every step. Gayatri practices induces sacred transformation in man’s nature, it augments great qualities. As a result since mental illness shall be uprooted our will power becomes potent and with its help many great benefits accrue.

6)      Inner weakness is such a personal lack as a result of which despite man so desiring due to his errors cannot do much. The total advancement of human principles is heavily dependent on such precepts which on an average do not rest in our hands. Since their roots dwell in the subtle body, one has to accept that fate or God has disallowed certain specialties entering our lives. The entry of Gayatri practice is seen in that region of the subtle body where dwells, the golden key that can transform our destiny positively.

7)      As a result of following Gayatri practices certain hidden sheaths, Chakras (subtle plexus), nerve networks and glands of the subtle body develop more and more and thus Divine Energies start augmenting on their own. Many benefits appear in our lives naturally in the form of the intellect becoming sharp, sound bodily health, friendship of pious people, professional success, fame, status in society, family joy and peace, good healthy children, liberation from tension, warding off enmity and so on. The reason for this is that since soul force increases greatly, since divine energies advance, since desired transformation is noted in our qualities/actions/character etc many known and unknown obstacles are removed and such subtle principles augment within that day after day we march ahead on the path of multifaceted progress.

Governments are required to shoulder not only responsibilities pertaining to hardships faced by their lay citizens but that they need to pay more attention to the mental thinking process of its citizens. If the lay public is an image, the government is its shadow. Since no government can get reinstated against the potent wish of its citizens, the roots must be watered properly. By raising the character of lay public to heights of glory, by augmenting great sacred principles in their mental realm, all problems pertaining to the international world, to internal affairs of every nation, national ones, social, economic, bodily and mental can definitely be warded off. If mere laws are amended or new governments are elected no special reformation can set in.

All those tortuous complex problems seen in world human living can indeed be solved via the pious intellect, purity and wholesome great activities symbolized by Gayatri.

















The creator of this world has handed over the responsibility of managing this world to human beings. Along with this man has been given such a powerful bodily system that not only can he work towards joy and peace for living creatures but that he can render conducive, invisible energies pervading the gigantic cosmos. When man ignores this responsibility so as to become unethical and unruly, the result is that the subtle world’s balance tarnishes and thus strife manifests. Divine wrath appears to us as though the invisible is acting as per its whims and fancies. But those who know the visible and invisible their clear cut opinion is that the responsibility of throwing stones in the lake that induce drops of water lashing out is with those children who sit on the edge of the lake for making mischief. Although it appears so yet it is not true that without any cause a lake sends out water and thus creates danger for creatures dwelling in it.

In future days to come the sequence of nature’s ire instead of diminishing shall definitely increase. Everyone is worried as a result. Whether this fear has a cause or not many facts emerge after analyzing it and they emphasize on inauspicious possibilities. There are so many reasons why in the inner layers of earth and in the external environment agitations are manifesting viz. rising radiations due to atomic explosions, air pollution due to toxic fuel usage, ozone layer getting depleted due to 4000 satellites moving in the vicinity of planet earth, increase use of energy resources leading to excess heating and thus snowy regions melting alarmingly and limitlessly carrying out mining activities rendering earth’s womb hollow and cold. We can call this unruly provocative behavior by mankind towards nature. Even an ant bites us when incited then why would nature keep quiet?

Spiritual Sciences proclaim that it is not as though material nature is the be all and end all because above it is a conscious existence whose mode of behavior with creatures is called destiny. Divine seers give more importance to this destiny and it is said to be responsible for nature attaining correct balance or taints as the case maybe. They say that by materially acting provocatively with nature no doubt divine wrath pouring down is one aspect yet this is not everything. Something bigger than this is reactions emerging due to human thinking and character that influence destiny which is the controlling power of nature. If vile acts are executed the inner soul of destiny becomes inert as a result of which its body pertaining to nature manifests a lot of wrath. At the root of divine anger if we compare the fault of provoking nature’s management in an unruly manner, it is clear that tainted thinking and vile behavior resorted to by vile human beings is much more responsible. Destiny gets very annoyed with this lowly behavior and thus visible and subtle hardships, complex problems and fearful situations harass world humanity.

These days astrophysicists are researching into the solar system and cosmic region beyond it and according to the data unearthed these situations are dire for planet earth. Everyone knows that in comparison to the amount of energy and other wealth resources possessed by earth, it takes much more from interstellar space to survive aptly. Solar energy is its very life force. Apart from this it gets a lot of cosmic gifts from other planets. Earth has attained glory due to wealth attained by it which gains entry from Polar Regions where these cosmic gifts are sieved optimally. If these circumstances were absent earth would remain in an ill fated state of a graveyard akin to other members of the solar system wherein Mercury is a ball of inferno, Pluto is a ball of freezing ice and Venus is surrounded by toxic clouds.

After deep research studies astrophysicists have noted that big obstacles and obstructions have appeared in the midst of give and take of boons between earth and cosmic space. In these days such sunspots shall emerge on the sun that not only shall tarnish the glory of demigods but that they shall harass earth denizens too. Insane, diseased and criminal people not only face agony themselves, but that their kith and kin too undergo stress. Since earth accrues a lot of benefits from the sun, it also has to face losses too. When a girl marries no doubt she gains access to her husband’s wealth, property etc but when the husband becomes ill she has to look after him, give him medicines and when he dies she has to face the pain of widowhood. Both, optimal and dire situations on the sun have time and again induced laughter or sorrow on earth. In future if due to that speed breaker noted earth’s materials and family of living beings undergo imbalance, harassment and tension it shall be least surprising. Regarding this, space scientists are warning mankind that they could face various hardships and in it dwells aptness and wisdom also.

Astronomers in their own way are analyzing sunspots manifesting in 1981 AD, Jupiter becoming more agitated and results of extraordinary solar eclipses emerging on 16th February. The causes of both are separate but the conclusion is one. Both are talking of fearful dangers appearing in future days. Since we are discussing prophecies we must understand over here that on this earth we sometimes come across such spiritual seers imbued with ESP that can ‘see’ the subtle and invisible world. The reason behind such divine experiences of theirs is not astrological calculations but their mind boggling divine penetrating vision. Only very rarely their prophecies falter. Amongst the chain of such divine visionaries some are alive in our midst and some have shed their mortal coil. In their prophecies they have chiefly exhibited 2 facts viz. in these days the undesirable and strife increasing and that some time after this heavenly joy created in this world. This according to them is era transformation pain akin to that faced by a pregnant mother during child birth wherein one faces both bitterness of pain and sweetness of sweet benefits. The gist of detailed commentary of authentic prophecies is this only.

What shall be the hour of sorrowful situations? When shall joyous situations manifest? With reference to this, the observation of spiritual seers centralizes their conclusions up to almost a single time phase. The years from 1980 to 2000 AD shall be more difficult to endure and after 2000 AD one can breathe easy with world situations and that the hope of a bright world future shall dawn brilliantly.

From the above analysis certain conclusions have to be drawn which opine that in the near future there shall rule inauspicious situations and gloomy possibilities. But none should get terrorized or harbor fear because of this. This is because fear can increase hardships by leaps and bounds. In hard times one must be full of patience and valor the will power must not weaken and along with this in order to nullify such strife efforts in an organized way must be made zealously. For us it is most apt that at the material and spiritual level such potent efforts be set rolling that wrathful nature and destiny can be duly appeased and rendered serene. Diseases have their own place and therapy too has its own import. Hardships carry out their task and in order to ward them off proper efforts have their own importance. In these hours of strife the highest wisdom is that the mind must abstain from getting terrorized and fearful and further that we imbibe a lot of daring and potent enterprise. Destruction can only be overcome via creative activities. Fire can be doused only by pouring cold water on it.

Who, how much and in what way shall be harassed by inauspicious possibilities and sorrowful situations? Instead of wailing aloud and creating hype regarding this it is best that we cogitate as to how we can nullify them. If it is possible to ward them off we must daringly make efforts instead of waiting for gigantic expensive means to do so. Examples of a tiny bird threatening the arrogant ocean to render it devoid of water, the vulture Jatayu challenging the ferocious demon Ravan and the tiny squirrel contributing to Lord Ram’s mission are such that powerful humans also can get inspiration full of vim and vigor from so called weak creatures. It is not necessary that only because of possibilities of hardships ensuing that we act for neo creation. The planning of a brilliant world future in itself is a great mission which even in the absence of possibilities of dark situations appearing, with the help of meritorious efforts under ordinary situations too can be commenced on a war footing. By taking recourse to Super Energy Gayatri in order to march ahead both our material requirements and spiritual goal can be attained.

All revered Rishis have separately written Bhashyas or commentary on Super Mantra Gayatri. There is no Muni or great thinker who as per their great thinking have failed to unearth precious jewels from this infinite ocean. The same holds true for activities of respected Rishis. They have chosen tasks as per their interests. Rishi Charak researched into forest herbs, Sushrut into medical surgery, Nagarjun into chemistry, Vishwakarma in civil engineering, Dronacharya into archery, Vyas into literature, Kanva on atomic science, Bhagirath on mineral science, Gautam on philosophy, Yajnavalkya on Yajna science etc. no doubt Vishwamitra is believed to be a master specialist of Super Science Gayatri yet in reality he is also the chief director of all the above sciences mentioned.

These days all sciences of the Rishi family by uniting have merged into Vishwamitra. It is called Prajna or Divine Intellect. The combination of science and divine wisdom of Rishi Methodology as per this era is called Prajna Institution. As per requirements of contemporary times this Prajna Institution is called Prajna Movement or Campaign. Its method of action can be termed Thought Revolution of Prajna Movement. Today it is being monitored and directed by Shantikunj (HQ All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India).

Via this institution the lay public is being given training of spiritual discipline akin to a daily activity. They are encouraged to don the Shikha or pigtail akin to a religious injunction and daily chanting minimum 1 rosary of Gayatri Mantra (which can be done mentally) and Yajna trend in vogue is given names like Vaishwa Panchyajna, Go gras etc. Its regular nature is celebrated as yearly Holi, various festivals and 16 Sanskar rites. In religious rites like Jat Karma, Yajnopaveet or sacred thread, marriage, Antyeshti etc Yajnas must be performed. Thus in recent times also in some way or the other akin to symbolic worship Gayatri and Yajnas have come into vogue.

Today the above rites are done methodically. Within the All World Gayatri Family Campaign along with initiation, Yajnopaveet Gayatri Worship and Devotion have set up a trend the long forgotten Yajna Science in the form of a small compact Havan or fire ritual is being taught to every educated person. This is an introduction to the method of executing daily vows. This sort of training has been imparted to about 2,500,000 people by Gayatri Family after initiating them properly. A resolve has been made to increase this number 100 times. This means we wish to initiate 250,000,000 people in Gayatri Mantra. Yajna methods are very time consuming. Thus we are ordained to execute Yajnas methodically on the day of Holi festival, 2 Navratris, Durgashtami and Ramnavmi. This effort by Gayatri Family has attained zest augmenting success. The Sankalpa or resolve is gigantic. India has 700,000 villages. We aim that in every village at least 1 Yajna is performed with proper rites. We sincerely hope to succeed in this mission. If this actually happens it must be understood that for the ushering in of a Prajna Era a vow has been taken and that its 1st leg has been fulfilled duly.

In the above lines we have discussed spiritual daily activities. Now we shall talk of special occasion activities. Naimitik Karma means special actions carried out for special goals. These times are full of problems and hardships. In it so many dire situations have to be combated and so many decisions have to be taken for life’s neo creation. In order to nullify widespread problems gigantic widespread steps need to be taken. During the mythological battle between demons and demigods, the gathering of little bit of energy from all demigods took the form of manifestation of Goddess Durga. After gathering sacred blood of great Rishis it was filled in a pot which manifested as Goddess Seeta. Thus it was possible to overpower the demon King of Lanka called Ravan. At other times too such energy collection has taken place. The child worshipers of these Yajnas were bears and monkeys. Recently some time back Buddha’s wandering mendicants and Gandhi’s Satyagrahis have played such a role. Great goals are fulfilled only via great endeavors. In it, collective congregation has to be included. In the fulfillment of Freedom Struggle in India where on the one hand was at work the renunciation and sacrifice of freedom fighting soldiers there the spiritual austerities of Shantikunj (spiritual organization), Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, Maharshi Raman, Samarth Ramdas, Ramkrishna Paramhans etc too was no less a contribution. The importance of material enterprise and means is not any less important yet if we all congregate with one mindedness and soul so that akin to Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean) work with a self sacrificing attitude and execute that which is done by divine humans then its definite result shall be that blissful heaven shall descend on earth. In ancient times Buddha’s Sanghas and Chaitas did exactly this. Ancient hermitages and pilgrim spots were very much set up for this sacred purpose. By uniting together not only did they mentally reflect as per forest tradition but that locally and far off areas too they designed various programs for spiritual austerities.

In the future manifestation of the Prajna Era we must rejuvenate all these ancient traditions. At present contemporary problems are such that mere exchange of thoughts or speeches and hearing cannot solve them. In fact such energy shall have to be generated that can play the role of successfully combating the demon of yore called Vritrasur. Such spiritual penance could be lone or congregational. Both are most required. Not only must inner taints be overcome but that gentlemanly sacred qualities too must be reinstated within. For fulfilling this 2 pronged goal both Rishi men of austerities and Muni like deep thinkers are a must. The combined action of both these classes fulfills those goals that are most required today.

In recent years many a time such occasions of strife have cropped up that in order to troubleshoot them planned schemes of overcoming danger had to be put in place and they succeeded in a big way. Once, the problem of Bangladesh refugees had cropped up. About 10,000,000 Bangladesh refugees crossed India’s borders. A request to send them back to their mother land was rejected. In fact the Muslim Bengali Government threatened to attack India and as per their request for support US ships filled with atomic weapons came near India’s shores. The atmosphere of fear loomed large akin to terror. Even then India took up this challenge valiantly. They combated the situation well and with the help of the Indian Army Sheikh Mujibur Rehman tasted victory and thus by defeating Pakistan Government he could form his own government. The problem of refugees straightened out. US ships too were forced to return to their backyard. Thus India gained victory cent percent.

It is well known that in those times 2,400,000 All World Gayatri Family members had executed a congregational Purashcharan. In it a pre decided number of Gayatri Mantras was chanted and regularly Gayatri Yajnas too were performed. Subtle seers believed this to be a mind boggling miracle of Cosmic Super Energy generated via Gayatri practices.

Once, a straying American satellite called Sky Lab went beyond all control and at that time it was announced that it could fall on Indian soil. Everywhere there was an atmosphere of fear and terror. As a promise American Government accepted to fulfill the loss. This space craft was very gigantic and destruction due to it too could have been manifold. During that time period too Gayatri Family executed a gigantic Anushthan in a congregational manner. Inspired by their prayerful efforts many other temples, churches etc of various countries too commenced praying collectively. As a result of this that tattered satellite fell in such a lonely ruinous region of Australia that none had previously even imagined. No one was harmed. This also was looked upon as a miracle of spiritual power by entire Gayatri Family. In those days when India was undergoing trying times and an atmosphere of anarchy was setting in, many doubts cropped up as a result. At that time too Gayatri Family had performed a collective Anushthan. Thus the situation became normal.

Even more gigantic than the above 3 Purashcharan, one new Purashcharan is being planned by Gayatri Family. Its aim is to solve problems like Pakistan’s attacking strategy, reforming situation in Kashmir, overcoming Assam’s problems and warding off anarchy that has spread everywhere due to communal hatred and fights. All the above 4 problems can be compared to a huge hill of dynamite and gun powder. Even if one tiny spark of fire falls on the situation in the country shall turn very explosive. Neighboring countries in their own wily ways are designing secret plots in order to ‘warm their hands in fire of chaos of other countries’. Amongst these even if one of them start fighting or that a few countries get together so as to plot secretly one’s heart shall commence palpitating at the mere thought of their results. One can visualize the hour of Super Destruction. In order to overcome it, Gayatri Family’s Peace Invoking Purashcharan is being executed whose power is n fold more potent than all Anushthans carried out by it previously.

The Tamil problem of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh’s border problems and upheavals noted in state governments have become a source of headache for India. Those who read newspapers know that any time in the near future chaotic problems of Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, China and Vietnam could explode in a furious manner. Apart from this America’s preparations for a world war that could lead to total world annihilation is certainly not some toy to play with. They are blowing up millions of dollars daily only so as to uproot the very existence of each other from planet earth.

War which today seems afar is actually quite nearby and it is so tightly bonded to our country India the very lives of not only soldiers but innocent civilians in humungous numbers is at stake. Apart from future possible wars dangers like inflation, diseases, crime, famine and nature’s wrath in the form of ferocious calamities are so gigantic that despite being alive man feels he is dwelling very close to death and due to worrying doubts is getting mentally terrorized. Those who live such fearful lives are much worse off than those who actually die.

It is a million dollar question as to how to escape the noose of these dangers. In their own way politicians, economists high intellectual scientists are cogitating over this and are putting forth solutions yet virtually all of them are being rendered helpless. Our discrimination focuses on the fact that in order to nullify such a gigantic problem the solution and remedy too has to be large scale. And this sort of solution is one only and that is creation of spiritual power and using it for warding off all dangers. These days total attention of Gayatri Family is fixed on this and whatever is possible is being done with total life force. Gayatri’s Brahmastra (Divine weapon) has already aimed at its target. By itself contemporary times’ most venomous problem is toxicity entering the subtle world environment on a war footing. We all know how dire pollution is, due to radiations entering earth’s atmosphere. Not only this, lowliness in human thinking and tainted activities has rendered material nature also agitated and ireful. As a result for the past few decades it is spewing fiery venom on earth in the form of natural calamities. Wise seers are warning us all that in future too in this arena more fearful dangers could appear. Imbalance in weather, flooding, earthquakes, famines, epidemics, earth plates getting displaced, storms and tsunamis are nothing but calamities thrown at us by wrathful nature. Augmenting of incidences like crime, gang rapes and burning wives for dowry are but secret plots masterminded by people of vile lowly intellects. In order to uproot all these direct efforts at various levels must go on zealously.

The inner nature of Great Divine Intellect or 3 legged Gayatri is in the form of Era Power. Coined with minimum alphabets in the form of crux of deep religious philosophy import, it has been chanted since time immemorial. It is a Mantra filled with yearning for a divine intellect. When it goes deep into the psyche of an individual its 3 fold energies influence the gross, subtle and causal bodies. Thus the devotee becomes strong in will power and full of brilliant aura. It contributes in a major way towards maturity of farsighted thinking and idealism based faith. When this very sacred teaching is applied to the arena of world management, it fills up world human emotions with the thought of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or ‘world united peacefully as a family’. With reference to this great scriptures and visionaries of yore not only opine thus but that this is being endorsed by modern day thinkers and philosophers of renown also.

Arthur Koestler in his controversial form was a famed physicist. In the middle age of his life he was talked a lot about because of his criticism of Bolshevism but in his final years he was greatly inclined towards eastern mysterious spirituality. Especially he commented on the energy of Gayatri Mantra from the standpoint of scientific thinker and philosopher and opined that it was a limitless fount of power. This thinker attaining renown due to penning books like ‘The Yogi and Commissar’, ‘Roots of Coincidence’, ‘Insight and Outlook’, ‘God that Failed’, ‘Darkness at Noon’ etc had executed special studies on Gayatri Mantra and had made due efforts to hand over information to the western world regarding limitless energy embedded in chanting this Mantra.

While placing forth the possibility of rising worldwide tensions due to war frenzy he had said that he would abhor witnessing this super annihilation and that before this happens he would shed his mortal coil. Regarding India he said that this nation being very wealthy due to possession of spiritual grandeur it should run far away from production and insane hoarding of weapons. This is because it owns a scientifically endorsed energy fount in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest all Indians commence chanting it congregationally its mind boggling power can render naught all fears pertaining to nuclear weapons. The specialty of this Mantra’s meaning conjoined to collective energy and the weaving of sound energy in the form of Cchand (poetic meter) can liberate the entire world from possible dire situations.





















In this world the biggest demigod is called ‘Mother’. ‘Matrudevo bhava, pitrudevo bhava, acharyadevo bhava’-a mother cannot be compared to anyone in the world. She nurtures her baby in her womb for 9 months, after giving birth to it she converts her red blood into white milk and gives it to the baby and by nourishing our body she aids our growth. Those who fail to get a mother’s love, affection, milk and nourishment remain incomplete.

There dwells one more mother regarding whom we know nothing. She nourishes not our body but our soul. Her name is Kamadhenu. She resides in heaven and demigods who drink her milk become divine, good looking, immortal, deathless and imbibe power to serve others. They remain self contented always. We have heard that Kamadhenu dwells in heaven. Since I have never gone to heaven how can I describe it to you all respected readers? Yet I wish to tell you about one particular Kamadhenu that can benefit humans living on earth a great deal. Its name is Gayatri. Its name is Ritambhara Prajna or divine intellect, farsightedness, true discrimination, deep thinker and the very soul of Indian Culture.

Although a seed is very tiny yet all qualities of fruits and flowers are embedded in it. In a very microscopic sperm all genetic qualities of one’s ancestors are present. Similarly all the divine knowledge and wisdom of the world dwells in this tiny Super Mantra Gayatri woven from only 24 alphabets. When Brahmaji made plans for creation of this world, he wondered how without divine wisdom and knowledge he could succeed in this endeavor. In order to attain both by sitting on a lotus flower it is said that he performed spiritual austerities for 1000 years ceaselessly. Say what type of spiritual practice was this which aided Brahmaji taste success and power? Friends! It was Super Mantra Gayatri practice which gave him all this. Brahmaji by breaking Gayatri Mantra into 4 parts, created the 4 Vedas:

‘Om bhurbhuvaha swaha’ helped create Rigaveda.

‘Tatsaviturvarenyam’ helped create Yajurveda.

‘Bhargodevasya dhimahi’ helped create Samaveda.

‘Dhiyo yon aha prachodayat’ helped create Atharvaveda.

These Vedas are the seed of all our religions and cultures. In all these Vedas we can find a description of Vedic Mother Gayatri. We are preaching this Gayatri Mantra to all and have surrendered our entire life for the same and know that Vedas have manifested from it. It is a glorious Beej or Seed Mantra. Brahmaji after due penance created this world using it as a medium. Not everyone can understand its description and spiritual philosophy. Realizing this great Rishis compared 24 Avatars or incarnations of God with 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra. Each Avatar is a description of each of the 24 alphabets of Gayatri. What exactly is the inner nature and power of Gayatri Mantra? How can we use it beneficially in various life situations faced by us all daily? In order to give us information regarding this Rishis created the 24 Avatars and the 24 Puranas or Indian Mythology. Lord Dattatreya had 24 Gurus. It was from the 24 alphabets of Gayatri that he attained divine wisdom. In Maharshi Valmiki’s ‘Valmiki Ramayan’ there are 24000 verses. In it too he conjoined Samput of each alphabet of Gayatri Mantra and then described it. In the Shrimad Bhagwat religious text too verses have been penned after conjoining Samput of each alphabet of Gayatri Mantra. In the verse ‘Satyam param dhimahi’ it is ‘dhimahi’ that has been described. Devi Bhawat text is totally a description of Gayatri Mantra. Within Indian Culture all that you can visualize is but in reality a pristine pure description of Gayatri Mantra. It is so glorious. Rishis understood its utility value and deep import and they told everyone that they may forget everything but do not forget Mother Gayatri. We all never forget our mother.

Another body possessed by man is ‘thinking’. Gayatri Mantra dwells in the form of role played by thoughts, the Shikha or pigtail atop the brain and as discipline. Whenever a person moves his palm on his head he remembers his mother. She is consciousness in form and is Mahamaya. Just as elephants are chained so too man’s thinking and mind must have a disciplinary control. This Mother Gayatri in the form of self control is seated on our head. Rishis by ordaining man to grow a pigtail on his scalp representing Gayatri taught us all that whenever we think or speak something we must be very alert that a disciplinary control is in place on us. We must never cross limits of discipline.

Yajnopaveet or the sacred thread is the chief Sanskar of Hindu religion. The pigtail on the head and sacred thread across the chest and shoulder are symbols of Gayatri. The 3 Vyahvrittis of Gayatri are the 3 threads of the Yajnopaveet. The 9 strings are the 9 words of Super Mantra Gayatri. It connotes that we must shoulder social responsibilities and lives a life of disciplined self control. Every Hindu must follow these 2 injunctions. What are they? It is Gayatri. Daily we must do Sandhya worship twice. Our Muslim fraternity performs Namaz 5 times daily. You cannot afford to act as per your whims and fancies. You must definitely chant this Mantra daily at dawn and dusk. It is called a Guru Mantra. What exactly is a Guru Mantra? Previously when a Guru taught his disciples he would commence by writing Gayatri Mantra of the disciple’s clean slate, guide the fingers of the child student on these alphabets and taught him how to chant Gayatri methodically. Thus Gayatri is called a Guru Mantra.

Just as Hindus have one Guru Mantra so too Islam religion has one Guru Mantra called Kalma. Christians also have one Guru Mantra called Baptisma.

What can we say about that era of dark gloom wherein we had lost everything like economics, political freedom, art and prosperity? Not only this, we even failed to recognize our own mother. Those children who do not know their mother face a lot of distress. Why have we all become demeaned? We indeed are in a fallen state. We forgot that mother who nourished our soul and poured love on us. It is only by latching on to her that we were called demigods. We were powerful, talented and leaders in the world. We were called gloriously cultured and we shared great qualities with the entire world. This we did right from USA to Peru and in every nook and corner of the world. America came into existence not because of Columbus, Negro people, aborigines or Red Indians but was helped inhabit by Indians. There we can see sun temples which mean that they were Gayatri devotees. There we can see such a beautiful Indian calendar which is not to be seen even in India. What does this tell us? It connotes that Indian Civilization existed in America. That was the sort of culture of India, whose root was Gayatri Mantra, Mother Gayatri and which we have all forgotten. What exactly happens during times of darkness? Robbers, dacoits, owls, snakes, scorpions and bats wake up. Everything happens at night. In darkness even trees appear frightful and eerie. When at night we walk in darkness we bang into various objects. For 2000 years we are being kicked about here and there in darkness and we gave up our beloved mother. Who told us to renounce this mother?

Gayatri Mantra is akin to the sun, earth and wind and all of us have equal right over it. Mountains belong to all but we have been brain washed into thinking that humans are categorized into 4 Varnas or classes. Amongst these 4 only one class has a right over Gayatri Mantra. Thus the remaining 3 classes failed to get access to it. Apart from this it was also said that women have no right over it. This means that only 1/8th portion of people have a right over Gayatri Mantra. After that one more Swamiji (ascetic) arrived. He said that Gayatri Mantra has been cursed by Brahmaji (creator) hence in Kailyuga or Dark Era it cannot be chanted. One more Panditji (scholar) came that it has also been cursed by Vishwamitra and Vashishthaji and they have ‘locked’ (Keelit) the Mantra. We asked that if Brahmaji performed spiritual penance for 1000 years, how he can shower curses. We said that Vishwamitra is such a Rishi who has done a ‘Ph.D.’ on Gayatri and hence why would he curse it? One Panditji came to us. He said that this Gayatri Mantra can only be whispered in someone’s ears. We said that everything else is spoken of very openly. We agree that if it is a matter of robbery, crime, lust etc it must only be whispered in the ear. In this manner we know not what all took place in the Dark Era. Cunning wily ascetics created their own small sects and creeds. Thus people got deluded and the very roots of Indian Culture got tattered and shattered. Everywhere separatism and differences spread out their nets.

Even today to a great extent one can see unity amongst Christians, Muslims and Sikhs but people broke the Hindu community into bits and pieces. Not only this, Indian tradition got ruined due to segregation into tiny units. Today everything is battered yet henceforth this darkness is about to run away. The sun is about to rise. When the sun rises, birds chart chirping, peacocks dance in glee, the lotus flower blooms forth and flowers spread out a rare type of joy everywhere. Cool winds blow about. In every person, vim and vigor manifests. Night’s sleep goes away. Robbers, snakes, scorpions and bats scurry away. We have full faith that our country’s, destiny’s and culture’s brilliant sun is about to dawn. It shall be possible now to share the Gayatri Mantra with every household. That which was our very spine shall now be rejoined.

Once in New Delhi, Mahatma Gandhi gave a lecture for half an hour in Jamia Milia University. In it he only described the Gayatri Mantra. At the end of his speech all Muslims present there were displeased with Gandhiji since they felt it was a Hindu Mantra. Over here we wanted to talk of something else. Gandhiji said that indeed this was not a Hindu Mantra and instead belonged to world humanity. This Mantra represents a divine intellect, farsightedness and true discrimination. It is a Mantra that awakens humane emotions sleeping as of now in the human psyche. We too opine thus. We feel that we have again attained that culture of ours which we had lost previously. It seems as though the snake’s jewel which was lost before has been found again. We have heard that on an elephant’s head was a Gajamukta or jewel. When it resides on the elephant’s head, the elephant is blissful but as soon as it loses this jewel the elephant turns mad. I cannot comment on the elephant or snake yet I can certainly talk of mankind and Indian Culture who possess powers akin to Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow. Since we forgot this today akin to the proverbial elephant and snake we are devoid of the jewel, we are weak and downtrodden. We again bow down reverently to the rising morning sun that sheds light on our true grandeur. We have again made due efforts to understand the inner nature of our culture.

Gayatri Mantra is verily a philosophy. It teaches us the art of living. It is a methodology of thinking. It is a mode of living, a method to congregate society in a united manner and a root Mantra of world peace. If we imbibe it properly we can imagine a great world future. We shall again see a glorious world which was witnessed in ancient times. Gayatri is Divine Knowledge. It is called Divine Mother. By worshipping it man becomes divine. It is also called World Mother. We are discussing the philosophy of Gayatri which you all must know. If we truly understand it and make efforts to walk that path our lives shall attain glory.

I wish to tell you one more thing which is not Gayatri’s philosophy but is its science. In all of us such powers reside that if we awaken them we can attain all important things. Even if one of these energies is activated a lay human can become extraordinarily divine. It is humans who become divine and Almighty God. Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Rama manifested in this world with a human body and had attained the Avatar or Almighty God status. Humans are those who take birth and then die. Lord Rama was born on Ramnavmi day and then died later. Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami day and then died later. From humans they became divine as Almighty God. If you awaken your latent energies you too can become God.

Within human beings such energies exist that if they are awakened they can become Rishis and great saints. You can become George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte and Swami Vivekananda. Due to this greatness of Gayatri Mantra we via Gayatri devotion are making intense efforts to teach its hallowed philosophy to the entire world public. This is Gayatri’s science. In our life we have made efforts to understand both Gayatri’s philosophy and science also and to a great extent we have reaped success. Only then we are standing in front of you all so to teach you its science and philosophy. If you walk on this path both your material and spiritual life can become grand and glorious. For us both material and spiritual living are important. Spiritual life is our Prana or life force and material life is our physical body. Both are important. If both these separate our life shall be rendered a living corpse. Thus by uniting both these we must advance in life. Gayatri is such a Super Mantra that aids both types of human progress. I wholeheartedly wish that all of you get the golden opportunity to advance both materially and spiritually.

I have so far spoken a great deal about Gayatri Mantra. I have elucidated all details regarding Gayatri Mantra meditation and Anushthan or worship methods. Thus we have taught everyone just about everything but I have not yet told you something supremely important and that is specialty of Mother Gayatri. What is this specialty? A mother does not give very expensive things to small children because they do not have the capability of keeping precious objects safely. Suppose you get these things what will you all do? Please give me an answer. Boons given by demigods are certainly not meant for sense object merriment and fleeting titillation. It is not meant for taking up drug, alcohol and other tainted addictions. In fact boons are given for some very important tasks. If you wish to attain boons from demigods you must become like them i.e. become sacredly divine within. You yearn to tread the spiritual path and you wish to attain everything from them. If that is so you must become mature. Without this you shall not succeed. Who is considered mature? The answer is one who truly understands his responsibilities. Do you understand your duties and responsibilities in life? If you actually do you must imbibe a great pious character, you must think deeply in a glorious manner and only then you can be called truly mature.

The day you deeply understand your responsibilities in life you shall truly become mature which means this shall be a human responsibility. Conjoined to you are so many humane responsibilities. Hence you must become good law abiding citizens. You must become profound pious thinkers. You must always attach yourselves to your duties and responsibilities. When you shall become gentlemanly and magnanimous only then shall you become a true spiritualist. Those who see lewd cinema, drink alcohol and get immersed in wasteful expenditure are very immature. Those who understand their responsibilities and spend their money very wisely without wasting it are truly mature.

Spirituality is a terminology which means the art of true living. It is not some miracle mongering as you think. If miracle shows were real those exhibiting them would not be begging on the roads as is seen often. They would have become millionaires. Spiritualism is that wherein people definitely think about where to use materials attained and in what manner to use it. This is Super Mantra Gayatri’s specialty on the basis of which this Mantra tastes success and we too have been able to advance further accordingly. I (Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) have executed Gayatri Mantra Meditation with deep steadfast faith for 24 years ceaselessly by eating only Rotli (Indian bread) made of barley with buttermilk. In those days I did not even know what wheat looked like or what sugar and salt tasted like. I have definitely done Gayatri devotion but there was a treaty between my boss (Guru) and myself. What was this treaty? The 1st was that I must try and live a life akin to an honest ethical human being. I thus have made all efforts to live ethically and honestly. Who is a true Brahmin? He is one who lives life frugally and economically. Who is a true saint? He is one who is full of compassion for all. His heart drips with compassion and sympathy. He deeply understands other people’s sorrow and grief. Thus a saint is one whose mind always thinks of warding off other people’s hardships.

Brahmins and saints are bigger than Almighty God. Naradji was bigger than God. He had attained many divine rights. Maharshi Shringi guided the performing of a Putreshti Yajna for siring sons. As a result King Dashrath became the proud father of 4 sons called Lord Rama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna. The power possessed by true saints and Brahmins verily is very great. They are bigger than God also. It is called life of Brahmins and saints. It means a life of glorious character and generosity. I do not know whether you are a true Brahmin or not. There are many people who are born in Brahmin clans yet they have businesses of selling shoes. I never look upon someone as a Brahmin simply based on the caste system. I only wish to know whether your actions and lifestyle is that of a true pious Brahmin or not. A person can never become a true Brahmin or saint merely on the basis of caste, clan or donning a particular external garb. Only if your life is full of generosity and that your heart experiences anguish on witnessing others’ hardships can you be called a saint and Brahmin.

Gayatri Mantra worship is akin to sowing seeds. But after sowing seeds they need to be watered regularly. Without watering these seeds no fruits or flowers can bloom. If you are a farmer you sow seeds and supply both fertilizers and water to it. If you are a human being along with a hearty meal you require both air and water because without all this you cannot remain alive. If you are carrying out spiritual practices and devotional worship, know that 2 things are attached to it viz. a life of a pious character possessed by true Brahmins and a life of a saint who goes hungry himself in order to fill empty stomachs of others. A rivulet keeps giving water to all after it gets the same from high rise mountains. Clouds keep pouring down rain on earth and again by becoming steam from earth they again turn into clouds. Rivers give their waters to the ocean from which clouds are formed and the latter gives its water to earth. Earth gives water to rivers and rivers give it to the ocean. This cycle goes on unhindered and none can obstruct it.

Gayatri meditation has 3 legs which mean 3 benefits. I have attained all these 3 benefits. Self contentment-our soul praises us a lot. Even if the world praises you, how do you benefit? It is only when your own soul praises you that you shall benefit. This verily is called self satisfaction. If your soul tells you that you are very great and that you are carrying out glorious tasks, it is worth being happy. We shall see no one else happier in this world than ourselves. Our demigods radiate on our faces. One who burns his own heart and burns others’ bosoms too is definitely a most unfortunate person. Those who burn with envy and burn others too is truly a ghost. Those who live lives carrying out vile activities and thus undergo harassment are simply useless people. You all must instead live a life of happiness and blissful ecstasy. I desire that you suckle the divine milk of Mother of Vedas and live a life of carefree joy, divine light that can be shared with others. Your path is wide open. One road leads to Sidhis (occult powers) and respect. If after serving others selflessly you get honor you must also have got others’ help. Wherever I go I get a lot of help and reverence from all. All of you too can achieve this. Mahatma Gandhi had got both cooperation and honor from everyone. Vinoba Bhave too attained both. When the public honors someone they also cooperate and help them. You have not even been helped by your own wife and children. I on the other hand have been by such people who have never been my friends, relatives or children previously. Why are they all showering their help thus? This is because I have fully imbibed true spirituality in my life. I am one pointedly steadfast. I have surrendered only to one icon but God alone knows how many deities you have gathered like Shankar, Ganesh etc. In this what is surprising is that you have not fully surrendered yourself to even one of these and made them your very own forever.

The public has helped me a lot. My soul has given me help that dwells within me. I have attained self satisfaction. Demigods have blessed me. Whatever I have earned is but the grace of demigods. It is bestowed by my boss, my Guru and Almighty Lord. I have wiped sorrowful tears of so many people. Do you know how much austerity power is used up for this? That all you are getting from my boss Almighty God’s bank balance and I keep using it for others’ well being. My Almighty God walks beside me like a bodyguard. My God drives my chariot of life. My God showers infinite grace and blessings on me. My God walks as my hands and legs. I walk with a lot of valor and daring. I walk in blissful ecstasy. All of you too can do this. Mother Gayatri shall show you this path. The road which I am treading is very grand and beautiful. May God too inspire to walk this very path! In Indian Culture there is only one devotional practice and that Gayatri Mantra practice. This practice was followed by our Rishi ancestors. We have again commenced it. Via the medium of Shaktipithas and Prajnapithas I have made efforts to teach Gayatri Mantra devotion to each lay person. I have to live for maybe 3-4 years. Till then I wish to teach this Mantra to every human being.

If in one word you wish to know about Indian Culture, I shall call it Gayatri Mantra. If once you correctly understand Gayatri you shall then understand all foundation stones of Indian Culture. You shall also understand true knowledge and wisdom. Thus is the form of Gayatri which we all are trying to imbibe in our daily life. We are worshiping and meditating on it and which we are trying to understand its spiritual philosophy in the form of divine wisdom called Brahmavidya.

Gayatri has 2 meanings. You all know only one meaning and which is that? You only know one Gayatri practice’s application. How is Gayatri chanted? This is only Gayatri practice. Practice is not always whole and complete. This is but the epilogue. Then say, what is the prologue? Prologue encompasses philosophy. Gayatri is a philosophy. What is philosophy? It is Ritambhara Prajna. What is Ritambhara? It is Science of Brahman or Divinity called Brahmavidya. What exactly is Brahmavidya? It means whatever supreme glory and greatness is conjoined to human life gets included in Indian Spiritual Philosophy. The following portion of Gayatri is that which you make no effort to deeply understand. You all merely wish to practice without understanding the underlying theory. You wish to know only about Japa or Mantra chanting. You know only how to compete with others blindly. You wish to know the technique of meditation. No doubt all this too has its importance. I do not deny its value but theory and practice are inseparably conjoined to each other. No! We shall only practice because how does theory benefit us? We shall only operate and practice surgery since no benefits accrue by studying anatomy and physiology. First you must learn anatomy and physiology. No sir! We shall not waste our time in all this nonsense. Please teach us only how to perform a surgical operation. Son! Do you know about various bodily parts and centers? How do tissues look like? How do cells appear? What is the form of certain things? Without knowing all this you may operate on a patient in any manner, you may dissect his stomach, you may sew it up with surgical needles and thread yet know for sure that not only shall this unfortunate patient die but that you too shall land in a soup. Thus it is imperative that you first learn anatomy, physiology etc.

Gayatri’s spiritual philosophy is as important as its practice and application in day to day affairs. People have learnt the skill of socializing. We must chant Gayatri 24000 times we must meditate thus and do Japa in this manner. Son! This is the section of application and utility. The aspect of philosophy is even grander. The streams of knowledge and wisdom merge akin to Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Thus Gayatri has been given 2 names. One is called Gayatri and the other is called Savitri. Which section is called Savitri? Savitri deals with scientific wisdom. For scientific applications Savitri is very important. Whenever you do Japa, meditation, devotional worship and Anushthan or rites, you must read Manu Smriti for their application. Whenever Gayatri applications have been executed they have been termed as Savitri applications. Wherever in Manu Smriti Savitri has been mentioned there Gayatri has not been mentioned. Thus for application purposes only Savitri is useful. Say, what about Gayatri? How does Gayatri help us? Gayatri is Brahmavidya or Science of Divine Wisdom. It is called deep thinking, philosophy and mental reflection. All these are but facets of Gayatri. Both knowledge and wisdom are its aspects which if we understand deeply can give us joy akin to visualizing the gurgling union of Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Just as due to their 3 fold union along with River Saraswati a confluence called Triveni is witnessed so too when these 2 merge a Triveni manifests. When 2 colors combine a 3rd new color is formed. When 2 wires are joined a new thing and stream emerges. If we use both spiritual philosophy and its application aptly we can accrue benefits from the importance and grandeur of Gayatri. If without understanding its philosophy we simply keep executing its applications the result shall be that benefits accruing from this shall be very miniscule. Bang opposite to this if you keep trying to understand its philosophy, you keep thinking deeply, you will understand all this but fail to apply it in day to day living even then the benefits shall be miniscule.

Theory alone is as incomplete are mere practice and application. Whenever we combine both only then the complete picture emerges. Partaking medicines alone without following do’s and don’ts like dietary restrictions etc is also a half complete task. Thus we shall continue to ignore these dos and don’ts, refuse to bathe daily and forget to brush our teeth. Although the doctor has given us the medicine but we don’t swallow it even this is wrong and even if we devour the medicine but fail to follow certain dietary and other restrictions advised by the doctor, this too is erroneous. Only when both these combine that we get liberated from our illness. Great Rishis and scriptural seers have described the capability and power of Super Mantra Gayatri. And both these depend on the fact that you must understand Gayatri’s spiritual philosophy and its practice and application also. Only when we unite both does Gayatri Mantra prove to be extremely potent. Thus we shall become capable of actually experiencing eulogies sung regarding its deep import and glory. If you fail to carry out both these tasks you shall continue complaining that Gayatri Mantra chanting has not given you any benefits. Thus you must understand its philosophy, teaching and sacred inspiration. Finally you must understand how to combine its great ideals and principles in day to day living.







Today is the sacred festival of Gayatri Jayanti and Ganga Dasshera too. Gayatri is called the soul and River Ganga is called its body. Both the soul and body were born on the same day. Today all of us have gathered to celebrate the festival of Gayatri Jayanti. Today when we glance at history we find that today River Ganga too had incarnated. Friends! I wonder how River Ganga manifested at first in the inner soul of Bhagiratha? Ordinary people are very sharp and shrewd. They fail to understand what others’ say and shall talk about only their own opinion. They can only visualize their selfish gains. Such people never realize their righteous duties, service to society, spiritual endeavor and Almighty God. They cannot see anything beyond their bloated stomachs. But yet when God must have entered a person’s psyche called Bhagiratha, he must have thought that instead of looking after one person’s material comforts of greater importance is service towards world society and culture. Bhagiratha thought thus and what a feat was enacted by him. He created a bond between River Ganga and devotion to God. This then is a symbol of Bhakti.

This devotion or Bhakti blooms forth from the inner soul. Bhagirath was a royal prince. He had his own kingdom yet for the welfare of mankind he shed his selfishness and avarice. When God’s devotion dawns in the heart it is in the form of compassion and sympathy. We call Gayatri our Mother. We call River Ganga too our Mother. Mother is not the name of some goddess or female. Mother is the name of a great ideal and a pious principle. Gayatri is called mother because she oozes with compassion and loving sympathy. Mother itself connotes compassion and loving sympathy. Mother is one who melts with love. Today people worship Santoshi Mata and we know not in which place people have etched her. Story pertaining to it is so thrilling. Once, there was a woman. Her mother in law would harass her. Santoshi Mata appeared and hammered the mother in law. After this her husband would behave wickedly with her. Santoshi Mata appeared and hammered him too. This then is the story of fraudulent people. When a mother comes in the life of a human she does so in blissful ecstasy and in the form of a sacred ideal.

Even in the bosom of Bhagiratha, mother manifested. In his heart must have flowed compassion. This was the River Ganges of sacred sentiments which continued to become gigantic. It became the gigantic Ganga that manifested from the Himalaya Mountain. Bhagiratha rendered Ganga helpless by saying: O Mother Ganges! You dwell in heaven and since I have to yearn for even one drop of water you should feel ashamed. Bhagiratha rendered Ganga totally helpless. The Ganga of heaven was living a life of restful peace but on noting Bhagiratha’s compassion, self sacrifice and a sense of goodwill towards all, she became helpless. Today’s historical day is very important since River Ganges came down to earth from heaven. How gigantic is Ganga? Have you ever thought about this? On hearing Bhagiratha’s plea Ganga came to earth from Himalaya Mountains and since people on earth were in anguish it gave them a new life of peaceful serenity. This was due to Bhagiratha’s renunciation and penance as a result of which along with River Ganga descing from heaven glorified earth. Today’s day of Ganga Avatar is very important. Lest Ganga had remained in heaven could we all have executed worship rites and penance on its hallowed shores as we are doing today? Ganga has glorified entire world society. Today we are not celebrating some woman’s birthday but that we are celebrating great ideals and honesty based principles. If you so wish, you can call it Mother Gayatri. Today is also the day of Gayatri’s manifestation.

A lion is very dangerous and once it finds its prey, it lies down for a long time span. You all must not become thus. According to me more dangerous than a lion is an arrogant person who just selfishly fills his and his children’s stomachs. He pays no heed to society’s welfare. A lone elephant can be very dangerous. An arrogant person too is quite similar to this elephant and such selfishly egoistic people are ruining world society. When people persist in only increasing their bank balance, only work for their family’s material needs cannot be called human beings because in reality they are demons. Such dangerous people destroy entire society. On the other hand there are people who take up spirituality but even they are egoistic because they only want their own salvation and spiritual uplifting. Such people too are selfish.

Today is Gayatri Jayanti and Gayatri was worshiped by its seer Vishwamitra. He gave benefits of his great penance to entire world society. One day he asked his disciple King Harishchandra: May I kill you? May I destroy you? In reply Harishchandra said: Since you have achieved glory via difficult austerities pertaining to Gayatri, I too am ready to get burnt totally. I pray to you to joyously ‘destroy’ me so as to test me in the fire of spirituality. O revered Guru! Even I shall as a result gain benefits of ecstatic divine bliss. And lo behold! King Harishchandra passed this fiery test with flying colors and attained glory in the entire world. When Mahatma Gandhi saw a drama based on King Harishchandra’s life, he actually wept and cried and that very moment he vowed that he too would live a life of truthfulness only. A life full of hardships cannot cause any harm at all. Lest hardships disappeared from man’s life, his life would not even have value of 1 cent. In fact hardships help man’s life radiate and advance in an all round manner. As a result saints and great leaders in all walks of life have attained stupendous glory and have marched ahead in life successfully. If a person fails to face his own difficult problems valiantly, how can he help others overcome their strife? I have always faced dire situations and hardships. Friends! These hardships are nothing but penance for us and are most required for our material and spiritual development. Instead of fearing strife invite it valiantly. Strife helps radiate our inner personality and sharpens and sanctifies his psyche. It renders a person’s soul akin to 24 carat gold. It makes man ethical and full of integrity. When Gayatri entered Vishwamitra’s life, it first melted his psyche by showering hardships on him. Thus by heating him in such fire of austerities he was rendered truly great.

Instead of talking to you about ancient times I shall talk of today’s times. Today is the historic day of Gayatri Jayanti. This is Almighty God’s day. You cannot see it. When Lord Rama was swinging in his cradle did you see God there? You could see God only when he killed demon Ravan and established Ramrajya. But there are such people who can at first shot recognize God. In the same way even today God’s Avatar has already taken place. It is Prajna Avatar which is the demand of today’s hour. Whenever wickedness and atrocities rule over earth God takes an Avatar. Today’s situations are very similar and hence Prajna Avatar has already manifested. This Avatar has already been recognized by many people akin to Lord Rama and they have immersed their very life force in its divine mission on earth.

Today’s day is very important. Today is Gayatri Jayanti. Starting from today itself, in future also a divine upheaval shall take place in world humanity. All vile tradition and tainted beliefs shall be uprooted. Unethical behavior shall come to a grinding halt. All world religions and cultures shall unite under one flag and heaven shall incarnate on earth. The world shall unite and only one Almighty God shall rule the world. Today we see people of this world wearing various types of clothing and speak various languages. In future these differences shall go away. Social behavior, cultures and languages shall become one. Everywhere religions, nations and cultures shall unite as one. In future a gigantic transformation shall take place the world over. The sentiment of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or ‘world united peacefully as a family’ shall spread the world over. A person earning money shall no longer selfishly look after his family alone but that instead, he shall have to contribute towards the welfare of society, family and the nation. No doubt we earn fat incomes but know for sure that it is not only as though we individually have a right over it. Our aged mother can no longer earn cash. Hence we must look after her too. We must make arrangements for her requirements. No doubt you have a right to earn money yet only to a limit you can use it for yourself. You cannot eat alone because you have to feed society, family, servants etc. I do not know whether you can visualize future times that shall come by but I can see clearly that this is exactly what is going to happen.

Today is Mother Gayatri’s birthday. This is a very grand day. There was a time when Mother Gayatri was Mother of Vedas since she had given birth to all the Vedas. She had given birth to all cultures and civilizations. At that time Mother Gayatri had become Mother of Vedas. After that she became Mother of Divinity. India’s citizens were divine in those times. They themselves ate very frugally yet fed others sumptuously. They ate less but fed others much more. Brahmins ate less but fed others more. Rishis ate less but fed more. Indian citizens ate less but fed others more. Indian citizens shared their wealth with the entire world. They then traveled to other countries like Indonesia, America and the entire world and spread their brilliant aura everywhere. They were divine humans. They experienced displeasure while eating alone but were full of joy when they fed others. They felt ashamed to eat alone. Once, even I faced embarrassment. As per someone’s bidding Mataji (My holy consort) gave me a glass of sweet lime juice. I was busy working, and thus when Mataji gave me the glass I drank it. Yet afterwards I felt in my tummy as though someone had given me acid to drink. I then came to know that it was sweet lime juice. Immediately I put my finger in my throat and vomited the juice. Till all the juice came out of my body I felt agitated. Mataji asked me whether a fly had entered my juice. I said no but yet how could I drink this expensive juice? My children as per my advice and one call of mine have come to dwell here in Gayatri Tapobhumi. I can neither give them milk to drink nor butter in their meals. Their children also go without milk. Hence how can I drink lime juice all alone?

In future days to come people shall find it more joyous to feed others than selfishly feeding themselves only. In future if someone eats all alone, others shall ask: Are you not ashamed? You are persisting on eating alone selfishly. You must indeed be very ashamed of yourself. Do you not see your hungry neighbors, poor and poverty stricken people around you? You can see only your own tummy, your wife and your children. When Mother Gayatri shall dawn in your heart, she shall render you brilliant. She shall positively transform your very thinking. Thus you shall see not only your family but entire society and your country. You shall start becoming a divine person. Mother Gayatri instead of arriving seated on a royal swan with a water pot in her hand actually manifests only as compassion and loving sympathy for all. This verily is her total form. It shall render you all divine humans. Thus you shall have to live a life of a divine human. No longer shall you be allowed to live like a Satan and devil. You shall not live like a stingy wealthy capitalist. Your style of living and day to day transactions shall become extraordinary. You shall eat only after sharing with others and also shall share their sorrows. You shall share all your happiness with others and thus more and more bliss shall drip forth from your bosom (THE MORE LOVE AND JOY IS DIVIDED THE MORE IT MULTIPLIES).

Today the mother of compassion shall take birth. Today Mother Gayatri shall be born. Today Prajna Avatar shall incarnate. When does an Avatar manifest? When-

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkrutam.

Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

After taking an Avatar Almighty Lord executes 3 tasks chiefly. He protects pious gentlemanliness, uproots tainted activities and reinstates righteousness the world over. God carries out only one task whether it pertains to vile activities of the external world or those within human psyche. God continues destroying all these taints and lowliness. Along with this he executes creative tasks too. He protects pious saintly people. He plays a double role. God destroys all tainted situations in human life and executes a 2nd task of neo creating joyous situations. This is God’s double role encompassing both destruction and neo creation. This can also be called melting and then molding. Please visit Tatanagar (Jamshedpur, India) where gigantic chimneys are made. In it iron pieces are added. Then they are melted. Everything melts to unite as one and in it rubbish too melts. What is it called? It is the process of smelting. After that all objects are made. They are molded and given new shapes and forms. In this manner also God’s tasks of destruction and neo creation too go on. Whenever God gives hardships to anyone know that the underlying goal is very beneficial for that person.

So I was saying that today since it is Gayatri Jayanti in future as a result God shall carry out the dual task of melting and molding. Please see all this with my eyes and my binoculars. In future devastation shall set in. Son! If this devastation comes it shall only be for neo creation. Does that mean future times are dreadful? What can I say regarding it? When a child is born pain too accompanies its birth but later joy spreads everywhere. We start sharing chocolates with all. I see future times full of happiness. In future I am envisaging great visionary people. I see a world full of material and spiritual prosperity.

In future I am visualizing that day of Mother Gayatri which is that of today and shall positively influence mankind. Divinity sleeping today with man shall in future awaken fully. Thus divinity shall dawn in the hearts of all. It can be called the dawn of divinity in mankind. Along with this I have also said that heaven shall incarnate on earth. In future times the world shall witness extremely grand and superbly blissful situations. The era shall be greatly prosperous. Religion, culture and Almighty God shall unite as one so that no in fighting ensues. In future languages too shall unite. Those languages that quarrel amongst themselves today shall unite in future. In future behavioral ethics and culture shall merge. In all different types of festivals a holiday shall be declared for all. No festival shall be restricted for a few set of people only. Culture, civilization, humans and all nations shall unite peacefully. Only one culture shall come into vogue in future. The entire world shall dwell as one peaceful united family. In it those aged mothers and people who cannot earn shall be given their rightful share. Everyone shall eat with camaraderie. Each one shall harbor true love and oneness of soul towards all. The one earning wealth shall not be allowed to eat all alone selfishly. Such a one shall be disciplined aptly.

The future days are perceived by me as very grand. I cannot say whether you all too can see this future grandeur. This time Mother Gayatri wishes to render mankind divine. She wishes that everyone becomes piously great. The 20 years of future are very important. In these 20 years you all have to execute many important tasks. All of you must cut asunder the binding chains of greed and deluded attachment. O! These handcuffs are binding you so do chop them off. At all times man possesses a sharp brain. Till date you have wasted it. You have destroyed it. So henceforth you must become very wise and use your skilful brains wholesomely. Learn to live life frugally with minimum needs and expenses. Try leading a life of an ordinary Indian economically so that the excess cash can be used for the nation and society’s welfare. You must make due efforts to render your children cultured with a pious character. It is not wrong if your child becomes an ironsmith or a laborer. It is perfectly alright if your children do not become engineers, doctors, businessmen etc because it is much more imperatively important that they imbibe inner greatness and culture. Suppose your child attains a high status in society on growing up but is devoid of sacred character and true inner culture, know that he/she shall become a big problem for himself/herself, for yourself and entire society also. Such a lowly one can only destroy the world. Hence do render your children piously cultured. If you can positively transform your very thinking it would be great. Today is Gayatri’s birthday. If Mother Gayatri enters your life she shall truly glorify you.

At present you are wasting your wealth, energy, talent and intellect in futile pursuits but the day Mother Gayatri enters in your life it will transform superbly. The day my Guru (preceptor) came to me 55 years previously, he cut off my chains of greed and deluded attachment. That day was my supreme hour of good fortune. On that day God arrived in the form of my revered Guru and from that day I commenced handing over everything I had to my Guru who is Almighty God. I started handing over my intellect, wealth and just about everything to God and in return he made me more prosperous. One day someone told me that if on the day your child is born you deposit Rs 1000 in its name then after 39 years this amount shall become Rs 132,000. At first I did not believe this yet that person told me that every 5 years the money you deposit doubles. I do not know how far this is true yet I had attained so much from Almighty God’s divine bank and hence today I am much wealthier than all of you. My Guru who is God incarnate gave me so much from his divine bank that no other mundane bank or company can give me so much.

Hence today I wish to tell all of you that all of you by giving up greed and deluded attachment, share what you have with society and the nation instead of just selfishly feeding your family, you shall land with a golden chance of becoming super prosperous. I pray to you that instead of eating alone selfishly learn to feed others in society. You say that by eating you are not going to become a wrestler. If you selfishly eat alone you shall experience agony in your tummy and shall get attacked by diabetes. It is not as though by merely devouring Vitamin ‘A’, eggs etc you become a wrestler. Even if you eat vegetarian food like leafy vegetables you can become physically tough. Whenever I travel to the Himalaya Mountains there I get to eat only certain type of edible grass and leaves yet am I any less strong than you all? There you find no edible roots too. I boil edible leaves so as to eat it as a meal and today my health as is hearty as that of a 17 year old youth. You do not know how much I work. Although my age today is 70 years yet physically I am akin to a 17 year old youth. If you all eat what a true Brahmin full of goodwill and one who does not hoard anything eats, see how hale and hearty you shall become health wise.

Today all of you have arrived here on the day of Gayatri Jayanti and are celebrating this festival. I pray to you that if you surrender to God your celebrating this festival shall prove successful. I give this advice to you on this day of an auspicious festival. This very advice was given to me by my own Guru. Before him it was given to me by my revered mother who died at the ripe old age of 92 years. She always fasted on Agyaras day. On this day she would pack ‘Sidhu’ (food grains etc) and tell me: I have saved this food by going hungry. So please go and give it to the temple. Yajna is nothing but saving food and other materials after using them very frugally for oneself so as to use it for public welfare and thus pleasing Almighty God. Although you all do Havan (fire sacrifice rituals) yet you do not wish to undergo self sacrifice, selfless service and benefitting others in the world. Friends! This truly is Agnihotra and Yajna. If you execute such sacred Yajnas so as to make it a medium of world well being know for sure that your life shall be glorified. Today while on the verge of death and in the last moments of my life I wish to give you solid advice. And that is become great glorious human beings. Please learn to lead lives focused on world welfare and peace.

Today since it is Gayatri Jayanti I wish to tell you one more thing. If today onwards as per your Guru’s holy advice who is none other than Mother Gayatri full of compassion and divine love, use your brain skills, wealth and time for public welfare your life shall become grand. In future you must live glorious lives. Leave life economically and frugally. If you do not restrict your affection to merely your children, wife etc your future life shall become superbly prosperous. I am indeed not saying to give up your duties towards your wife and children. In fact I love the word called family. Hence the institution I have established is called Gayatri Parivar or Family, Prajna Family etc. Yet what I am trying to say is do not restrict your sense of duty merely to your wife and kids. Do not get into deluded attachment to them forgetting the rest of the world. In fact with a great mission in mind I have founded the Yug Nirman Family and Gayatri Family. No doubt you have created a family but you have rendered it full of hoarded wealth. Thus instead of rendering your family only materially big, make efforts to instill great culture and pious character in your family members. Try and decrease your greed and deluded attachment and thus if you do some good work for society, country and culture it would be superb.

This is the hour of sowing seeds. This is Gayatri and Prajna Avatar’s day. Please note that it shall spread the world over. Super Mantra Gayatri that oozes with true discrimination, great thinking, goodwill towards all, inspiration, polite behavior, bright future etc is the Mantra of a New Era which shall pervade this entire world. I shall show you how it shall spread out the world over like Matsyavatar or Fish Incarnation. Brahmaji had placed a tiny fish first in his water pot and later one after another in a lake, river and finally the ocean. This tiny fish kept on bloating and becoming bigger by the moment. In future days too Mother Gayatri also shall become more and more gigantic so please trust me. No doubt you have heard this story but please note that a very insignificant person like me is speaking thus. In future akin to the Fish Avatar Gayatri too shall spread out in the world. Even today 2,400,000 people follow my teachings and call me Guru. They have taken spiritual initiation from me. They have joined my mission. After hearing only one call of mine they are ready to sacrifice their all. You do not realize the gigantic number of 2,400,000. Have you ever thought how much 2,400,000 eyes, 2,400,000 hands and 2,400,000 hours add up to? On an average, man works for 8 hours a day. Thus when 2,400,000 people work for 1 hour it is equivalent to 400,000 people working for 6 hours daily for which they shall get minimum Rs 20 daily. Thus imagine and gauge how big and powerful I am! Just calculate that in one day, in one month and in one year how much this amount adds up to? Over here Mother Gayatri also akin to Fish Avatar by coming out of my water pot has attained such a gigantic stature after growing bigger and bigger. I had resolved to create 24 Gayatri Shaktipithas. I had vowed thus but you do not know how many more have been established.

Now I wish to talk about Mother Gayatri. She is advancing and growing bigger. She is developing more and more. If a drowning person is handed over even a blade of grass he moves ahead and blooms forth. As of today on Gayatri Jayanti day I have made a new resolve. India has 700,000 villages. I have taken birth in India, I played in this soil, I got educated here I advanced over here and inhaled air over here. In this very culture I learnt how to live life. I owe my all to this culture. Hence I inspired 100,000 people of villages to do 2,400,000,000 Mantra chanting (Japa) of Goddess Gayatri who is a symbol of compassion, loving sympathy and a bright world future.

Within the chain of religious worship Anushthans I am going to commence an extraordinary program which in world history shall be looked upon as a mind boggling task. In ancient times in Naimisharanya (UP, India) all Rishis would arrive and they would resolve with a sense of goodwill to all. Today since it is Gayatri Jayanti which is the birthday of the goddess of true discrimination or Viveka, all of you who are seated here are Rishis of past births who had carried out tasks in the beginning and shall do so in future too. Today’s religious program is a very important one of this present era.

From today due to participation of 100,000 people everyday 2,400,000,000 Mantra Japa chanting has commenced. Today is a grand day. In the sequence of religious programs (Anushthans) today is very important. Never have 100,000 people gathered in Naimisharanya. Without a microphone you cannot deliver a speech or discourse. Friends! 100,000 people have shown interest. This is the all pervasive nature of Mother Gayatri. Via today’s 100,000 devotees 2,400,000,000 Mantra Japa shall commence. This has been done so as to sanctify the atmosphere, usher in heaven on earth and render humanity divine. As a result the entire atmosphere shall get purified. In 100,000 villages I shall set up Gayatri Charanpithas. I gauge its value to be Rs 250. I shall establish them. For this task if anyone gives me Rs 250 my task shall see completion. Friends! This is my dream that shall definitely get fulfilled. I have always dreamed and rendered them colorful. This too is my dream. Which is this dream? It is to awaken public consciousness in 100,000 people and execute the process of doing 2,400,000,000 Mantra Japa. In every village daily Havan, Chalisa reading, writing of Mantras, Japa chanting and birthday shall be celebrated. In every village we shall appoint one person working for 4 hours daily who shall fulfill all the above tasks and shall awaken consciousness in the entire village. He/she can work for even Rs 50 daily. Today in every home about 2 people have no work or job. They neither have to do farming or anything else. If you request such a person he/she shall work for 4 hours daily. You can give him/her Rs 50 daily. Apart from this in that village you shall get a manager who shall look after all tasks. In this manner in every village if 2 people are appointed, 200,000 people shall become my very own and shall steadfastly execute tasks handed over to them by me.

I have resolved to uproot illiteracy in our country and shall educate them aptly. The government cannot do all this. In fact the government fails to even set up primary schools of good quality in the country. As against this Swami Keshavananji via the Fistful Fund Scheme had opened primary schools in villages of Shekhavati. Similarly I too shall help reap success in this plan. Along with this I shall take up the responsibility of health of every person because illnesses are but the result of lack of self control, improper eating/sleeping habits and a distorted lifestyle. I shall thus give proper advice to such people so that positive transformation sets in. Henceforth I shall ward off all peril related to theism seen today. I shall execute innumerable tasks. I shall destroy all tainted and blind traditions prevailing today.

Henceforth from this day of Gayatri Jayanti with the help of Charanpithas and 100,000 members I am going to take very gigantic steps. What shall be these steps? I shall uproot the dowry system and wasteful expenditure which has inflicted poverty on humans. You are known to waste Rs 100,000 in futile activities. You did not even pause to think that you can get Rs 1000 monthly interest for Rs 100,000 deposited. You paid no heed to this. Since you fear that society shall look down upon you, you blow up hard earned money in burning crackers, musical bands with dancing and pompous fashion trends especially during marriages. You must immediately stop all such insanity. If for this reason your nose (ego) is being cut then definitely akin to Shoorpankha you can get it chopped. I have taken a valiant step. I just do not like marriages full of greed and avarice. They are truly called demonic marriages. In the name of culture it is nothing but looting and ‘raping’. My resolve is great and via the medium of a divine power working by my side I shall definitely fulfill this task.

Today those marriages that are taking place on Gayatri Jayanti they are a symbol of a new beginning. It is not as though I have commenced a business of arranging marriages. From today I have set rolling a revolution. When I see a person seated in a very expensive decorated car on the day of marriage he appears a human ghost to me.

Friends! I shall commence a rebellion in opposition to this. From where shall you do this? Friends! I shall commence it from villages. Cities have already been ruined. There are so many parties, so called leaders, many papers that everything is devastated. Today on this sacred occasion of Gayatri Jayanti let us go to villages. The soul of India dwells in villages. Let us go there for their advancement and proper development. That area is empty. No communalism or vain pomp can be seen there. True India dwells there which lies empty. I wish to help in its advancement. Mother Gayatri and my Guru reside in my soul and God alone knows what kind of emotional upheaval they are creating in my bosom that I cannot sleep peacefully. I hope on this Gayatri Jayanti day you all too experience this sort of inner discontent. If all of you like myself donate some of your skillful intellect, time and wealth for society, nation and warding off painful poverty, this world shall radiate with beauty and not only shall heaven incarnate on earth but that divinity shall dawn in world humanity. This is my actual dream. Mother Gayatri who is a goddess of divine compassion desires to become widespread. Hence all of you must get up and march ahead walking by my side. You all thus must make efforts to render your lives glorious just as I have done.

I hope due to God’s grace you too attain this powerful goddess. May you attain Ridhi-Sidhis! Today I possess the miracle of Divine Powers and I pray all of you too attain them. I feel very happy while wiping the tears of pain of thousands of people. You too must pray to Mother Gayatri to follow in my footsteps. Till today you have asked for only selfish gains. Instead if you pray for society and country know for sure that you too shall be blessed. I can clearly visualize both present and future times as very glorious. I pray only this much to Goddess Gayatri: O Mother! Please give me compassion, sympathy, a forgiving nature, magnanimity and loving affection. Friends! You all too must pray for this. This then is the divine inspiration of Mother Gayatri and Lord Mahakal. Lest you understand this deeply and put it into practice, if you make efforts to reach the goal then on this day of Gayatri Jayanti I promise your life shall attain true glory and prosperity. Thus I complete today’s discourse.









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