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Many a night I have passed by sobbing uncontrollably. I have cried a lot like a small child. Who knows about this?

People look upon me as a saint and realized soul. Some label me an author and scholar but has anyone bothered to rip up my bosom and find out my feelings?

I am extremely agitated seeing world humanitys agony. In a fistful of bones and flesh I see nothing but strife and intense pain.



Communists do not believe in God. Then how is it that communism is spreading like wild fire everywhere? An owl does not come out in the day and says that the sun does not exist at all in the world. Does this mean that the suns very existence has ended? Religion definitely exists and so does Almighty God. It does not matter if communists do not perceive God. Communism is built on a very potent spiritual principle and that is equality. God is same sighted and on this principle communism is flourishing. And yet by forcefully looting one person and fulfilling anothers lack will not ward off disparity.

Our Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Shriram Sharma Acharya is another Karl Marx. Our Gurudeva has incarnated in this world to ward off world disparity. Today all beliefs regarding high-low, rich-poor etc shall end in totality. Via spirituality people will be inspired to surrender their wealth, knowledge, wisdom and strength for world welfare.



This literature is like a document of such situations of a changing era which looked as though even if man puts in efforts of thousands of years it will not fructify into Era Transformation. But the dreamer of a bright future (our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharmaji) who has described the methodology of Era Transformation and the rumbling worldwide movements seen before the advent of Satyuga (Golden Era) and end of Kaliyuga (Dark Age) tells us that a Rishis Divine Intellect can peep into the mirror of future times and predict everything. If there are some who do not understand this, know for sure that it is due to their beguiling nature.

Thirty years previously Revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had written that whatever vile activities/thinking etc is being seen today will be corrected by Mahakals (Divine Time) existence via the medium of the method of Era Transformation. Mahakal means such an invisible existence beyond the limits of time which controls world creation, metes out punishment and wherever lack of discipline, bad governance and anarchy are seen there the Sudershan Chakra is used to reinstate apt management. This can be called the flow of an Avatar too which overcomes vile circumstances and establishes a Golden Era. How does this flow overcome mans vile thinking which is self induced and how are the fruits of action meted out to all? By reading all this in this book one can easily understand it.

Revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has written that when the world human psyche becomes imbalanced and people behave like ghosts at that time Lord Shiva who is otherwise a divine benefactor takes the form of Rudra (wrathful) and sounds the Damru (small drum). His Tandava dance manifests inferno like flames and due to this fire everything gets burnt which is undesirable, unwholesome and sinful. This method of punishment induces world humanity to give up the path of vileness and instead imbibe gentlemanliness. We get the sacred message that the present times are those of taints/fear and it appears just before the Golden Era manifests. Thus we must usher in Era Transformation and a radiant world future.

Shambhu-Shankar-Mahadeva amongst the 3 deities are said to manage annihilation. When annihilation has to be ushered in he commences the Tandava dance. Demonic qualities that enter human psyche start falling at Lord Shankars hallowed feet. Lord Natraj thus dances the Tandava on the back of this demon. What exactly is the meaning of this symbolic representation? What is the role played by Goddess Mahakali and the congregational power of gentlemanly divine world individuals in laying down the foundation stone of a new world creation? On understanding this, the deep import of the return of Satyuga or Golden Era too will become crystal clear. Attack of Tripurasura (demon) who sits in the 3 cities of greed, delusion and egoistic behavior is actually an attack on those 3 psychic projections which even today is the root cause of lack of faith and downfall of righteousness/true religion. How can this be wiped off? In days of yore when such situations raised their hood how was it made possible by Avatars (incarnations of God) to establish righteousness again? Via analysis of the divine sports of Avatars one can understand this and instill hope in our selves. How will the Prajnavatar (incarnation of God as Divine intellect) manifest? How will a bright future manifest in the 21 st century? In what form will it occur? In Mahakals scheme of management how will a sacred intellect spread in the entire world? Reading all these answers the reader will experience divine bliss.

Revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has inspired people of great talent, magnanimous men/women who wish to serve the world selflessly must do so giving up all egoistic desires. If the great task of Era transformation takes place as talent uplifting, sanctification of world human psyche then every individual will give up selfish desires and think of serving the world with humility. Thus if the individual transforms wholesomely, the family will transform and slowly but surely, world society shall march towards greatness. Our revered Gurudeva having noted these dire times has invited great men of the world including educationists, literary greats, artists, political leaders, great scientists and other people of immense talent in any field to take up the gigantic task of Era Transformation.

A Golden Era is bound to manifest in the 21 st century. In the form of consciousness the taintless Prajnavatar, Divine Intellect and great thinking has already incarnated. We must realize this deeply. The next 10 years are those of one era ending and a new one beginning. What is the role to be played by us? In his last 2 years of his divine sojourn on earth Revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has clarified this in his literature written in the years 1989-90. Each sentence of books written by him viz. Parivartan ke mahan kshan, Srashta ka param prasad prakhar prajna, Satyuga ki vapasi, Mahakal ka pratibhaon ko amantran, Shiksha hi nahi vidya bhi, Bhav samvedna ki gangotri and Manahsthiti badle to paristhiti badle etc can create a huge dictionary.

A great saint seated in a closed room with his high stature thought energy can move the entire world. He/she can thus positively affect the subtle world and can convert vile intentions into pious thinking. All this is definitely a fact. Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo Ghosh via austerities in solitude for Indias political freedom created that subtle atmosphere which helped thousands to get inspired to work for the freedom movement. When the revolutionist Aurobindo Ghosh started dwelling in Pondicherry (India) as the revered sage Shri Aurobindo none had imagined he would don this role. This is but the miracle of subtilizing the psyche which can perform mind boggling gigantic tasks.

The endeavors of Maharshi Raman, Madam Blavasky, Leadbeater etc too was of the above stature. Our revered Gurudeva commenced subtilizing the psyche in 1984 (Vasant Panchmi or spring). He wrote incessantly saying: The last 20 years of the 20 th century and the first 5 years of the 21 st century are those of era junction (one era ends and a new one commences). In this times span destruction will be averted and rapid advancement will be encouraged. These are dire times. Hence each one will have to play a wholesome role. I will shoulder the responsibility given to me like the vulture and squirrel (as in epic Ramayan).

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya while saying that his spiritual practice of subtilizing the psyche is the basis of a bright world future has also made clear the various aspects of this Yoga based penance. This spiritual endeavor commenced in Chaitra Navratri 1984 and ended in Vasant Parva 1986. During this time span he remained alone. Very occasionally his holy consort Mataji and 2 other disciples interacted with him. Apart from this revered sir did not meet anyone and had not come out of his apartment. During this time he continued writing a great deal. His food intake too was subtle at that time. He named the austerities performed by him as living in caves, trance, attaining Chhaya Purusha (shadow man) which is mentioned in ancient scriptures. Details are also given about how invisible stature existences aid in austerities and how for high stature goals, awakening talented people and sanctifying their psyche, due efforts turn fruitful.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has again and again spoken about awakening the 5 Virbhadras (Lord Shivas aides) within the realm of subtilizing Savitri spiritual practice. How can the 5 Virbhadras or the 5 sheaths of the body (Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath) be rendered evolved and advanced? While clarifying this spiritual practice he has said that divine existences had experimented on his psyche. For Era Transformation today such talented and great individuals are required who will make intense efforts to work for world well being. Hence he has humbly invited scholars, artists, the rich class, great political leaders etc to do exactly this. In the form of Era Junction Mahapurashcharan he declared in 1989 that 240 billion Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting will be carried out. The 1 st Purnahuti (final offering to sacred Yajna fire) would take place in November 1995 and the second in 2001. In order that vile activities are overcome the world over, an atmosphere of good will is generated everywhere and natural calamities come to a grinding halt for that, gross efforts are not enough. Instead intense subtle efforts will have to be executed. While clarifying this, he has described his own austerities and the crucial role played by others too. During his subtilizing spiritual practice he wrote in his book Vasiyat aur Virasat that: In these days I am executing Savitri practice. Via its medium many invisible Mahabalis are being created who will silently enter the psyche of infinite people. Thus these people will give up unethical activities/thinking so as to imbibe greatness. As a result not only these people will be glorified but that Era Transformation which appears difficult at this juncture will become facile later.

Neo creation of world society has always been executed via thought based revolution. What will be its role in Shantikunj Prajna Abhiyan and in the form of a deep thinker? How and who will aid this thought revolution? All this will be clarified in this book.

Era Junction Mahapurashcharan is such a subtle application of the intense vital energy of sound energy which will be seen later in the 21 st century as the manifestation of a radiant world future. How will the prayer executed by the entire world in one voice to usher in a bright world future bring about great results and how will an apt subtle atmosphere be created for a new era via the sentimental consciousness of world great thinkers? All this is described in this book so that the entire world at large benefits amazingly.



After understanding the events while I was managing Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ in Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India) many visitors and disciples asked the following questions: In the near future you will execute spiritual practice in solitude and will resolve to perform intense penance. Why is this so? When via righteousness and selfless service to the world one can devote to God why should you perform intense austerities in solitude? As a result of this your daily activities like guiding disciples etc will not be possible to execute. By imbibing penance that is full of hardship and living a life of discomfort you will not be able to guide those who otherwise contact you daily.

This question was full of deep understanding, serious and a bit problematic. As a result while answering this question only those were allowed to participate who for long had imbibed the basics of Spiritual Science.

I have said before that up till now all the service activities and spiritual practice executed influenced merely the gross world, the material world. Thus only limited guidance and blessing can be given in this manner. But the future times are going to be dire in an extraordinary manner. For that limited potential is just not enough. In order that special stature intensity manifests nothing less than high stature austerities will succeed. That level of penance akin to those performed by Bhagiratha, Dadhichi, Dhruva and Saptarshis is required which does not limit the gross body to ordinary potential. In fact the need is to penetrate the subtle and causal bodies too so as to manifest an infinite vault of high stature vital consciousness. This in turn will valiantly combat dire circumstances and attain the capacity to manifest divine creations. Further the vile distortions of the subtle atmosphere too can be rooted out with its aid.

In these days the clouds of distortion and hardships are looming large. The atmosphere is totally polluted. Poison has entered water and air to such an extent that natural calamities are manifesting in a big way. Various types of pollution in their respective arenas are creating such problems which cannot be overcome via ordinary methods. Famines, war clouds, political instability, crimes, thought based vileness etc are creating such dire situations that it is becoming difficult for life to sustain on earth. Bodily and mental diseases that are rising furiously are now beyond our control. Social goodwill behavior and traditional thinking are rare to find. Methods to ward off undesirable/unethical activities are not succeeding. Individuals and world society at every step are facing danger.

In order to ward off/decrease the above undesirable elements an extraordinary flow will have to be created. In order to obstruct the defeat of divinity that very Divine Energy will have to incarnate which like Goddess Mahakali will valiantly combat demonic elements and ultimately defeat them. In order that human beings attain this blessing there is no other option but to perform intense austerities. It is only via the energy of penance that divine existence will manifest. Today there is a great need to put into application the methods followed by Rishis and men/women of intense austerities of yore. Hence very challengingly these very steps are being taken.

Since time immemorial demonic forces attack and create obstacles when any great task is being executed. Obstacles were created by the demons Subahu, Marich and Tadka when Vishwamitra was performing a great Yajna. Hence he invited Lord Rama and Lakshman to overcome these demons. Demons Kalnemi, Ahiravan and Surasa were trying to bring about the downfall of Hanuman. All these were overcome only with the help of Divine Powers. In the near future this very intense power will have to be generated.

Everyone knows how the demons Bhasmasur, Vritrasur, Mahishasur, Aghasur etc created obstacles when divine tasks were being enacted. This time too during the divine task of re-ushering in of the Golden Era demonic forces will attack and utilize their demonic forces so as to create gigantic obstacles. Thus they can be opposed only via the use of very powerful Divine Energies.

Many amongst Gayatri Parivar members are aware how time and again vile people as per their capacity have attacked and created obstacles in the Yug Nirman Yojana (Era Creation Program) of Shantikunj. These minor attacks were easily overcome but none knows when terrorists residing in India, neighboring countries and in every corner of the world raise their venomous hoods. Under such circumstances in order to protect world peace such alertness and energy is required which is akin to an entire family of a farmer protecting their fields from getting attacked by animals, birds etc. We may not be terrorists yet we will have to find ways of protecting our selves from terrorist attacks. There is a dire need to root our terrorist attacks on innocents. This is a very widespread and dangerous problem which in order to overcome requires such efforts which is akin to the founder of Santikunj (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) performing intense austerities in solitude to amass infinite soul power.

There is no dearth of dangerous situations. No arena in the world is devoid of it. Even without guns etc booming such situations can crop up which can manifest terror, vileness, hardships and anarchy. War is not just something that burns all because there are many cases of cold war too. These create chaotic conditions and there is thus nothing but disturbance everywhere. In order that peace prevails everywhere a lot of infinite potential is required. The present spiritual practice being executed too is of this sort to generate infinite spiritual energy. Efficient weapons are required to root out undesirable elements, vile behavior, calamities, unwanted beliefs, error prone activities and mockery of all sort pervading in the world. With ordinary straight forward means vile actions like demanding expensive dowry from the bride one fails to obstruct it. Then how will weak methods overcome dark gloomy clouds of undesirable activities and beliefs that are just mockeries? Like air pollution an atmosphere of unethical behavior too is no less poisonous. Hardships are not only those that are visible in the sky as dark clouds but that their deep roots lie in the subtle worlds atmosphere. In order to uproot it no less than intense soul force is required.

Lord Buddha and Gandhiji had not merely given discourses because they had also fought tooth and nail all vile activities that were widespread everywhere. One can include Dayanandji, Vivekanandaji and Gurugobind Singhji in this category. There may be other reasons why they succeeded in their endeavor but one cannot say that intense soul force did not play a major role. In order to root out hook, line and sinker todays unwholesome trend in the world such soul force is required. One must not forget Agastya Muni who dried up the ocean and Lord Parshuram who with his hatchet uprooted unwholesome thinking of world society.

In future times many dire circumstances will have to be overcome. Also high mountains will have to be induced to bow down. Only then can flat land be made available and a wonderful monument can be constructed. Even to grow food grains flat, fertile land is required. For such goals bulldozers are generally used. In order to grow greenery in desert areas first the land is made flat and then arrangements are made to supply water via streams etc. The same holds true to generate soul power. River Ganges was brought down from heaven by Bhagiratha and the great women of penance Anusuya was responsible for manifesting River Mandakini on earth. Patal-Ganga manifested due to Arjunas intense efforts.

Via the rays of the hot sun steam from oceans rises upwards. As a result clouds are formed. It is monsoons that give rise to growth of greenery and food items. This is the greatness of austerities. In order that a radiant future manifests in the 21 st century intense spiritual practice and penance is required. It will not manifest merely by chanting Mantras. It is the required energy of austerities that can melt the snow of Himalaya Mountains and thus satiate the thirst of millions. There are many such causes correlated to the austerities performed by many. This intense penance has been commenced by the founder of Shantikunjas Gayatri Family.



When Shri Aurobindo Ghosh returned to India from abroad he tried all means to drive away the British from India but his efforts did not reap success. He gathered many kings, students etc to form a single party to oppose the British regime but he realized later that such minor efforts will not succeed. For that power equal to that of the British rulers is required for political freedom. In those days it was not possible to carry out activities like Mahatma Gandhis Satyagraha. Thus Shri Aurobindo Ghosh took up the task of generating intense soul force so as to heat up the subtle atmosphere. He evaded being arrested by the alien British regime and settled down in Pondicherry which was at that time under French rule. There he remained in solitude, observed silence and performed intense austerities.

In the laymans eyes this could be looked upon as escapism but in fact it was not so. According to subtle seers Shri Aurobindo Ghosh generated intense energy of an invisible stature. The atmosphere got hot and there was a time that many great men, leaders took birth in India. This has never been witnessed anywhere in the annals of history. Political leaders can be born anywhere and anyone can become one but great men from every standpoint are of high stature. Their character and inner personality are so great that they have the capacity to create zeal and zest in the psyche of world humanity. For 2000 years India was a slave of foreign rule and hence it truly required such great ship captains. Not one but many with such greatness manifested together like cyclones manifesting in very hot summer. As a result Shri Aurobindo Ghoshs powerful resolve later bore fruit which previously was not possible because the other means used were not so powerful.

In the history of spiritual science for high stature goals the only method applicable is austerity based spiritual endeavor. It cannot be generated by living a lifestyle of worldly comforts. In order to become mentally and soulfully focused one cannot remain extroverted and execute external activities. These in fact scatter to naught our divine energy. As a result focus of mind eludes us which are akin to focusing solar rays on a lens so that terrific fire emerges. In order to pen 18 Puranas or Indian Mythology Vyasji went to the Vasodhara peak cave in Uttarakhand (India). Along with him went Lord Ganesh on the condition that he would not utter a word so as to observe silence. Anything less than this cannot reap success while important tasks are executed.

During Indias freedom fighting days Maharshi Raman performed intense austerities by undergoing Mauna or silence. Apart from this, great souls in remote Himalayan Mountains too performed intense penance. How in a major way this invisible penance played a major role when political leaders of India were fighting for independence cannot be judged by gross vision. It is only great subtle seers who can gauge this succinctly.

While keeping in mind the principle that bigger the task bigger is its remedy this time via special austerities the subtle atmosphere will be transformed. Hence its stature and nature is difficult. In the preliminary days the task given to me was to sanctify peoples psyche, congregating spiritually awakened souls and instilling zest in creative endeavors. If this was enough this would have been managed by the rich using their own savings or by asking for donations and by this time the situation would have become a whole lot better. Many tried a great deal to do so. Many used the path of preaching and spreading this message but alas the required goal remained unfulfilled. My Master who understood the bare reality clearly, initially asked me to do one thing. He commanded me to perform Gayatri Mahapurashcharan spiritual practice for 24 years. Up till now this earning has helped me perform various tasks for world well being. If at all I have been able to uplift my self, other individuals and society at large it is because of these 24 years of intense austerities which gave me a vault of spiritual energy. At that time I had not merely chanted Mantras but along with this I had executed many vows, dos and donts etc.

A person who has ample time can somehow or the other chant a lot of Mantras and complete the target and such people who live a life of eat, drink and be merry cannot carry out any great task. This is because along with Mantra chanting intense penance is conjoined which heats up the gross, subtle and causal bodies so as to render them very potent. Taints/vileness of psyche gathered from many lifetimes creates many obstacles on this path. On entering this blazing inferno they are uprooted. Iron ore freshly dug up from mines is unripe. Other ores too are of this type. These are thrown into a blast furnace so as to get heated and then are used in various applications. Ayurvedic doctors in order to make priceless Bhasma (ashes) heat up various materials/herbs etc. A potter who makes pots heats up the newly carved pots in ovens. The same holds true for human beings. Everyone knows about Rishi-Munis serving the world and performing righteous activities. But along with this in order to attain the goal, time and again they perform intense penance. Every important person has to execute this in their own way. They will have to do this because the awakening, uplifting and nourishing of God given energies are not possible without executing due austerities. If the inner personality is not sanctified, radiant and spiritually mature success that is worth praising will elude us. Success attained via unethical, terror based means are like those illusory miracles shown by magicians which do not last long. How can a tree without roots give fruit, flowers etc?

The deep rooted principles of austerities are self/sense control and apt usage. Due to sense organ control the stomach and hence bodily health will remain good. If sexual continence/Brahmacharya is observed the vault of will power remains full. Earning wealth via ethical means and using it intelligently will not lead to poverty and also illegal activities will come to a halt. Controlling time management helps utilize it for selfless service via hard work and mental focus. Thus there is no time remaining for unwholesome activities. Whatever one does now is good and beneficial for all. Thought based control leads to oneness of soul with others. Faith, spirituality and righteousness advance a great deal. Very naturally one executes spiritual practices of Yoga of Knowledge, Yoga of Devotion and Yoga of Action. Self control means saving. When the above types of self control are imbibed so much potential is saved which apart from looking after ones family can be used for great tasks in a big way. Those with self control do not fall into the gutter of desire, selfish yearnings and ego. Hence when one has to walk on the path of great endeavors excuses like lack of time, lack of finance, worries, problems play no part. Materialism and spiritualism walk hand in hand and one leads a light zestful life. About 60 years back my Gurudeva had taught me how to walk on this path. This sort of life continued ceaselessly. At certain times I was called by my preceptor to the Himalayas to recharge the battery of spirituality and the subtle atmosphere. In the past 30 years for 1 year at a time I had to go for living in solitude so as to perform special spiritual practices. The aim was one. And that was that in my penances zest and due efforts there should not be diminishing of faith and trust. Wherever there was a lack, it was filled duly. Spiritual practices performed on the Bhagirathi Rock in Gangotri (Himalayas, India) helped manifest the river of wisdom on earth and the direction and capacity to carry out Prajna Abhiyan (Thought based revolution) was attained. This time in Uttar Kashi regions Parshuram Ashram, that axe was attained which helped create anger and agitation in the psyche of world humanity against unwholesome behavior/activities prevalent in the world. The mythological Lord Parshuram had cut off the heads of many terrorists of the world, time and again. Over here cutting heads means brain washing. Within the realm of Thought Revolution or Prajna Abhiyan not only creative but reform based goals too succeed. In both these goals success was attained in a widespread manner. The credit goes to the potential of austerities and not ones limited prowess, miracles of various means or circumstances.

This then was the description of my daily routine of past times. In the present times that very Divine Energy (Guru) has commanded me to leap forward spiritually on whose directions I have danced like a puppet for my entire life. Now I have had to enter a new high stature class of austerities. The ordinary person is merely aware that I am in solitude and that I am not meeting anyone. This information is only half true. This is because when a person (like my self) whose very being is full of hard work, regularity and full of management cannot lead a life of lethargy and wastage of time as is generally being understood by most people. In fact in solitude I have had to put in much more effort. I am that much busier and by imbibing the routine of not meeting anyone I have had to keep in touch with just the bare few. While thus keeping in touch, so much time lapses by and the heart remains unfulfilled. Then how can this be called solitude? How can it be said I am not meeting anyone? It is only in the method of my working that a bit of change has taken place. Only the topic and class of those people whom I meet has changed. Then how can anyone allege that I am an escapist who has renounced all activity? A man/woman of austerities always lives thus. When a top is spinning at very high speed it appears as though it is standstill. One realizes that it is on the move only when its speed of spinning decreases and due to lack of balance it falls down.

In those days when the great scientist Albert Einstein was involved in research of the atom a lot of change took place in his daily routine. In a big building he lived alone. All means/technology were made available to him which included literature, helpers etc. All these were kept at a distance so that nothing could obstruct Einsteins deep focused thinking. Whenever he so desired he would live in total solitude. None would obstruct his great research endeavor. When he so desired he rang a bell for a servants help and got what he required. If an individual wanted to meet Einstein a card was sent to the latter. These people would sometimes have to wait for a month too to meet Einstein. None could create obstruction in his tasks even if someone was his near, dear one. It was only after these strict arrangements were made that Einstein gave the world mind boggling scientific discoveries. Ere Einstein had been surrounded by friends/relatives, ere he were to get immersed in various mundane activities then like many others he would have wasted his precious life and thus the world would not have benefited as it has today. In ancient time the daily routine of Rishis-Munis too was of this caliber. They performed research on Soul Sciences. In order that they could work in a focused manner, they resided in areas devoid of chaos and they immersed themselves totally in attaining the goal.

Even in my case this stature of activity was placed in front of me. They are not only full of weight age but are very important too. One of them is to imbibe so much soul force that worldwide destructive elements can be overcome. The second is to instill that inspiration and potential in creative people without which they are not being able to do anything much for world well being. The third is to create necessary circumstances and encourage wholesome activities the world over so as to usher in a New Era. All these 3 important tasks cannot be carried out by the gross body. Its limits and capacity are very narrow. Sense organ power can work only in limited areas and can carry only limited weight. The body made of flesh, blood etc which walks, talks, sleeps etc has very less capacity. Thus only very limited tasks can be executed by it. Limited endeavors can help the physical body function smoothly and can maybe benefit a few people related to the body. But for more widespread and gigantic tasks there is an imminent requirement of advancing/maturing the subtle and causal bodies. When all 3 bodies are equally potent and mobile only then can gigantic endeavors succeed which is the need of the hour, the world over.

The same situation was faced by Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans. He was called to carry out a worldwide task. As per the arrangement he transferred his potential into Vivekananda and in order to render the work arena easy and successful necessary circumstances were created. This gigantic task was not easy to execute merely by the gross body. Hence without any inhibitions Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans gave up the gross body. Also he incurred a debt because he gave blessings in excess of balance (energy) he possessed. Without fulfilling it everything came to a halt. Hence voluntarily he took up the dreaded cancer disease in his body. Thus by fulfilling his debt he took up that activity through the medium of Vivekananda which was an order given to him by his great Guru. Visibly Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans disappeared and people were sad because of his absence. But this happened for world well being. Since he gave up his mortal coil thus his power augmented manifold. With its aid he helped (subtly) augment great tasks not only in India but in every corner of the globe. During his life time he gave a few blessings to his devotees and had the power to allot Vivekananda his gathered spiritual energy. But when Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans got the opportunity to work via his subtle and causal bodies he worked so greatly for world welfare which can never be gauged by an ordinary intellect.

The life of Jesus Christ too was of this sort. After making intense efforts for his entire life he could make only 13 disciples. He saw that with his gross body not much work could be done as much as he wished. Hence in such a situation it was thought apt to take help of the subtle body and thus spread Christianity in the entire world. At times of such transformations great saints accept death full of hardship and thus repay their spiritual debt. Christ died on the cross, Socrates drank poison, Krishna died due to an arrow, Pandavas disappeared in the Himalayas, Gandhiji died due to a bullet, Adi Shankaracharya died due to a major disease etc. Thus from the gross body they entered the subtle body by killing the gross body very painfully. Such deaths are a great sacrifice and they inspire world humanity to sanctify them selves so as to become radiant. This is exactly what happened to me and will happen in future too.




This is a historical time of Era Transformation. For the next 20 years I have been given the duty of working very hard. The amount of work done in the past 15 years is much more when compared to the past 30 years. As per the need of time alertness was executed and keeping in mind the usage, extra energy was generated. It will not be right to talk about how wakefulness, focus, concentration and hard work have reached their pinnacle this year because the result of this alertness can be seen only grossly as creation of 2400 Prajna Pithas and 15000 Prajna Centers and nothing more. Further everyday I wrote one folder of literature and apart from this all other endeavors were subtle.

Fifteen more years remain of Era Junction (where old era ends and a new one manifests). In this time span the Wheel of Time will move that much faster. On the one hand the speed must be made faster and on the other it must be stopped. There is a need to obstruct destruction and augment advancement and progress. Both these speeds are less today. Thus at this rate although desirable yet the goal will not be reached till 2000 AD. Thus the Wheel of Effort of the world will definitely speed up. Even I will play a role like the vulture and squirrel (of epic Ramayan). Who, when, what and how will the work be done? This will be understood in future. The question at the moment is of responsibility. That responsibility shouldered by an armys General is also shouldered by the chef of a kitchen. During dire times one must not ignore anybody or anything.

During this time span at one and the same time many battles will have to be fought. There are times in our life when at the same time one has to cut the harvest, feed the animals, take ones ill child to the doctor, attend a court case, attend to guests etc. During times of war ones multifaceted thinking and responsibility becomes more intense. Multifaceted tasks during war include how many soldiers to send for which battle, seeing to it that there is no dearth of weapons for those who are fighting, a temporary hospital has to be managed, sending dead soldiers for funeral, digging mines for the next battle etc. Every such task needs equal attention. Even if one of this is ignored the situation becomes perilous. All ones hard work goes to dust.

I was asked to render my activities multifaceted. The biggest obstacle in this was the limitation of the gross body. It is limited and works in a limited area only. Only the limited can carry weight. My work is related to an unlimited area. These tasks are such that at one and the same time it is related to many people. How was this possible? One method is to totally give up the gross body and whatever task is to be executed must be done by one or many subtle bodies. If my Guru thinks it apt the gross body will not remain even for a second. The main problem of donning a gross body is that fruits of ones actions are conjoined to it. If the debt remains then till the next birth it continues and then ensues pulling and pushing.

Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans had given many boons and blessings. The vault of good merits was less. In order to repay the debt he took up cancer of throat on his gross body. Only then the loan was repaid. Adi Guru Shankaracharya had to face a deadly disease. Such an illness had to be undergone by Mahatma Narayan Swami too. Guru Golwalkar died of cancer. There are many such examples wherein in great people at the time of death faced deadly diseases. This is not the result of their sins but is due to their using more good merits than the amount they actually possessed. In fact these great saints would take upon themselves the pain/hardship of others. If it was possible they would repay the debt else at the time of death they would take up deadly diseases. This is done so that in future no problems occur and that in order to remain liberated spiritually fruits of past actions do not pose a problem.

The root question is subtilizing of living beings existence. Subtle is more widespread and multifaceted. At one and the same time work can be done in many places. Many responsibilities can be shouldered simultaneously. On the other hand for the gross body, there is bondage of one place along with its limitations. A grossly embodied being will work only in a limited area. Also as per ones knowledge of language, give and take of thought will take place but when one enters the subtle arena the problems of lack of knowledge of languages does not matter because thoughts are exchanged subtly. Thoughts can directly be sent to the brain or the innermost psyche area. For this the medium of language is not required. From the standpoint of widespread-ness it is a great comfort because a gross body requires gross means to travel. With the help of legs one can walk at the most 3 miles per hour. A motor car will take you to your destination according to the speed with which it moves. One person has 1 tongue. Only with its help one can talk but for a subtle body there is no limitation as far as sense organ functioning is concerned. In fact the capacity for the subtle body to see, hear etc is much more than that of the gross body. As per the need of the hour, one subtle body can be transformed into many. During Maharas (divine dance mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat) Shri Krishna manifested many bodies to dance with all Gopis. At the time of killing Kansa and marriage with Sita people present saw varied types of forms of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. Lord Krishna had manifested his Virat or divine cosmic form for Arjun and mother Yashoda to see. It was but the manifestation of the subtle and causal body. In the form of symbolic poetry it is depicted but it has its limitations.

It is not as though anyone and everyone who sheds his/her mortal body attains the above state. Ghosts do enter the subtle state yet their existence is very chaotic. They can only with great difficulty show their near dear ones their requirements. Souls of the stature of ancestors are much more powerful. Their discrimination and behavior is that much more refined. For this their subtle body gets sanctified much in advance. In order to render the subtle body of high stature potential, special efforts are required. They are full of austerities. In order to transform the ordinary body into that of Sidhas the first step is subtlizing of the psyche. Sidha souls who live within the limits of their bodies attain divine potential with the help of which they benefit others. Those who advance their bodies are also known to attain Sidhis or Divine Powers like Anima, Laghima etc. The gross body does not have the power to remain light bodied, heavy bodied, become invisible, go to far off places without external means etc. This is because the designing of gross bodys atoms is not conducive for all this and hence cannot cross the limits of material scientific laws. A person cannot fly in air and cannot walk on water. If he/she were capable of doing so he/she would have accepted modern sciences challenge and would have added a new chapter to the data of scientific research by going to the laboratory.

The question is of subtlizing the psyche which I am doing these days. This is a special spiritual practice which can be done even if the gross body is alive and has to be continued even after the gross body is renounced. In both conditions intense austerities have to be undergone. It can be called the next step of Yoga practices.

For this who has to do what? This depends on the present stature and high stature Gurus directions. For all, the method is not the same but this much is definite that one has to obstruct inner spiritual energy from getting wasted due to extroverted-ness. As long as the egg does not ripen it is kept in a closed box and it is only then that the chicken comes out walking and running by breaking the shell. The same holds true for subtlizing the psyche which I did recently. In ancient times saints lived in caves and went into Samadhi or trance for this endeavor.

In ancient literature one finds a detailed description of subtly embodied souls. There is a detailed description of the dialogue between Yaksha and Yudhishthira in the epic Mahabharat. Examples of subtly embodied beings are Yaksha, Gandharvas, Brahmarakshasa etc. Along with King Vikramaditya lived 5 Virs. Shivajis aides were called Virbhadra. Ghosts, genies etc were entirely of a different sect. Those who have read Alladins lamp will know the activities of this class. In the spiritual practice of Chaya Purusha or shadow man from ones own body an extra existence is generated and it then works like a powerful invisible being who helps us a great deal.

Majority of these subtly embodied souls are described as dangerous and of a lowly class from the ethical standpoint. It is possible that un-satiated unruly class of soldiers after dying on the battle field become thus. In those days many battles were fought. Along with this there is also the description of subtly embodied Devarshis. Rajarshis and Brahmarshis were generally with gross bodies but those who could function with subtle bodies too were called Devarshis. They were akin to air and thus could travel in various worlds. Wherever there was a need they would suddenly appear before devotees in order to guide them.

Amongst Rishis too there is a description as above. They would manifest wherever there was a need in order to guide people. There was no need to walk with legs. Even today there are descriptions given by Himalayan Mountain travelers wherein when they lost their way suddenly someone appeared to guide them towards the correct direction. Many have seen Yogis in caves etc either becoming invisible or becoming visible suddenly. So many such true incidences have been heard about Tibetan sages. According to the Theosophical Society even today in the epicenter of Himalayas there is a band of sages working for world peace. They are named Invisible helpers.

Over here we must remember that even the group of Devarshis is but an advanced class of human beings. Like Yogis, Sidhas and great people in terms of helping others they are more potent. But it is wrong to say that they are all powerful and that they can promptly satiate others desires or can give divine boons. The law of fruits of ones action is supreme and only Almighty God can decrease or nullify it. Just as an ill person is helped by a doctor or that a poor man is aided by a rich man so too Devarshis appear when called on sacred occasions or even without being called help others. No doubt benefits accrue as a result. Despite this none should accept that there is no need of effort and that when Devarshis appear success will definitely be attained. If this were to be true people would merely take shelter of Devarshis without putting in hard work and thus rest in peace. They would then not pay heed to fruits of past actions that pose obstacles or to dire circumstances.

Over here there is a good example of my Gurudeva who dwells in the Himalayas. Since he is subtly embodied he can even dwell in that atmosphere where there is no means for life to sustain. Time and again he guided me and helped me spiritually. This does not mean I did not have to make any effort, that no hardship came in my life and that never did I face failure. All this did happen but it is definite that in comparison to lone effort on my part, Gurudevas divine help aided my mental power remain strong. I have attained apt guidance. In days of hardships my steadfastness remained firm. All this is no less as far as getting help is concerned. Only this much should be desired from others. We must never desire not only from others but God too that they will make all efforts and that I will sit idle waiting for grace to pour down. In fact this is the error on our part that when there is talk of divine help/grace we think God will wave his magic wand and immediately our desires will be fulfilled. Thus we see many people losing faith in God/saints etc when this does not happen. When we seek help from God, Sidhas, saints etc we must patiently wait for the grace to flow after we too have made the necessary efforts. We must be alert and shoulder all our responsibilities. By looking upon failure and hardships as our true teachers our next steps should be full of alertness and with valor carry out our duties.

Even ordinarily the energy of the subtle body is potent. With its help one can see far off scenes, hear far off sounds, foresee future events, transfer thought into anothers mind etc. With its help many have overcome dire situations. Many have received this sort of help without which their task remained obstructed. When 2 true friends meet their valor augments. The same holds true from help got from invisible helpers.

Just as there exists this visible world and in it dwell visible grossly embodied beings so too conjoined to it is a subtly invisible world. Over here dwell subtly embodied beings. Amongst these some are very ordinary, some are vile in nature and the rest are of very high stature. The latter take a lot of interest in the world of human beings. What is wrong is corrected by them and even when unasked those who are reformed are made more sacred/pious. If help is asked by someone whose desire is wholesome the help is greater and larger in measure.

This is but an ordinary discussion of subtle bodies and subtle worlds. The topic is to advance my psyche. These are dire times. We are doing whatever tangibly we can with our gross bodies. Of course we must act but yet this much is not enough. Potent subtly embodied beings must see to it in a big way that those who are tainted must not become more tainted. The gross method used to do this is not enough. In order to make it more easy and successful there is a need of subtle invisible help. This will be required for congregational problems and also for individuals to imbibe great goals so as to attain glory.

Since I am asked to execute this task why should I dilly dally? For a great length of time I have been guided by my divine existence (Guru) and as long as I am spiritually alert this will continue. These activities will be pursued y me. These are dire times. Today that taint which has entered the visible and invisible world must with immediate effort be sanctified. Hence in order to get the Sanjivani herb and find Sushena doctor (used to revive the unconscious Lakshman in epic Ramayan) I will make intense efforts. I had to quickly awaken my latent gross body and in the last 2 years I had to take recourse to intense penance and lone spiritual practices.



From May 1984 AD I stopped all possible activity of gross stature pertaining to the gross body. This means meetings, union, conversation, discussions, advice etc all stopped. Only under very exceptional circumstances this rule was not followed. Inert laws pertain to inert objects. Consciousness has its special state. Despite remaining alive, despite being dead it is known to behave as though alive.

The aim of subtlizing my psyche is to render manifold powers based on the 5 Sheaths. When 2 bodies unite they remain 2 mathematically. But in the subtle world Mathematics like Algebra, Geometry etc does not work. That world has its own set and method of calculation. In school Mathematics, 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8. But in the subtle world, 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 16. Many a time subtle energies are seen to leap more gigantically than this too. The 5 Sheaths are Food, Vital Force, Mental, Intellectual and Bliss. Grossly speaking if all the 5 sheaths of man are awakened that persons potency jumps up 5 times. But as far as Divine Math is concerned it becomes 3125 (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5). The 5 material bodies in our gross body can function only as per worldly math calculation. Even as long as consciousnesses 5 Pranas (vital force) remain within the boundary of the gross body, they can function only like 5 wise people. But as soon as they are subtlized worldly math calculations do not apply to it and thus the radiant subtle body has 3125 times more power to function.

In the epic Ramayan, Hanumanji performed many mind boggling feats which were nothing but miracles of the potent subtle body. As long as Hanumanji was gross he remained Sugrivas servant. Via speech Bali too insulted Hanumanji along with Sugriva. But when one takes recourse to the subtle body consciousness can achieve anything.

This task of Era transformation has been given to assist Almighty Lord. The time span of era Junction will last till 2000 AD. In this time span not my gross body but my subtle and causal body will continue functioning. Thus I will shoulder all my responsibilities as before. I have to work according to the 3125 fold divine energy that I possess. There will be no limitations as far as law of time is concerned. Thus the task I have taken up will progress with the help of other bodies. Writing is a gigantic task that I am performing and ceaselessly it will go on till 2000 AD. It is another thing that the writer whose fingers will actually write my thoughts on paper will be someone else. My speech will not stop. It is another thing that instead of my tongue it will be someone elses tongue that will talk. As of now my activities have been carried out in Mathura and Haridwar and within the realm of Hindu religion. In future there will be no limitations like nation, community, sex, religion, language etc. Wherever in the world help is required of any kind my subtle sense power will act as per demand of time.

Wise people should remember that whether one can or cannot talk, meet etc this visible gross body yet my responsibilities I shall shoulder in my area of activities with manifold zeal. Help will always be there. The age of my Guru is more than 600 years. His subtle body has merged into my soul. Every moment his divine shadow is present behind me. There is no reason to believe that exactly in this manner I will not use zestfully my divine potential for pious people in their great tasks. Right till 2000 AD readers and members of the All World Gayatri Family will receive my thoughts in the name of Brahmavarchas via magazines, booklets, folders etc.



At the time of creation of this world God had to become many from one and only then so many animate/inanimate beings came into existence. Those who have brought in great changes in the world have had to do the same thing by augmenting the number of their aides/helpers.

People of Rishi stature had to partition their own potential manifold times. Everyone knows that when you break, pound, smash etc an object it is converted into many tinier units. Generally smashing something results in the units weakening but in exceptional cases some become stronger. A pile of mud is singular but if its atoms are bombarded infinite terrific energy explodes forth. Thus in this case a small unit is much more powerful than the large unit.

Everyone knows that the subtle unit of matter is an atom which has an independent existence and that it possesses all the characteristics of that object. A very clear inference of the subtle nature of all atoms has yet not been unearthed. The atoms of different materials have varied shapes. The atom of one material could be of the size of 10 billionth of an inch and in some other case, it could be 1 millionth of an inch. All this then pertains to solid matter. In case of fluids since the potency augments greatly the number and subtle nature of these atoms too augments greatly. This has been proved by the Homeopathy form of Medicine via experimentation and research. More subtle and gigantic than fluids is gas. Atmospheric air surrounds us invisibly. In its one square inch exist around 5000 Shankh (1 Shankh is equal to 1 million lakhs) atoms.

The more an object becomes subtle the number of atoms too augments and because of heat/energy its speed of movement increases. Thus in the gaseous state the speed of atoms augments infinitely.

An object remains solid when the atoms within it get attracted to each other and thus do not move. The more one gives it heat this bond becomes less and the speed of mobility augments. It is this method that makes an object solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma. Thus objects become very subtle.

The nature of consciousness is different from the above. Yet in the chapter of subtilizing the psyche with the ratio of subtleness and in radiance, the principle of augmenting and widespread-ness applies all the more. The subtle designing of the human body too is of this type that on advancing the seed vault present in the deep recesses of the psyche makes the subtle body very powerful. In the deep recesses of man are present 3 bodies, 5 Sheaths and 6 Chakras of this stature. By evolving them the inner existence can be rendered cosmic. All these despite being parts of one body yet show their separate existences.

Scriptures give 4 stages of human beings. In the waking sate our daily routine activities occur. Majority of human beings live such a life. Next is the dream state wherein man is immersed in what the mind has experienced, seen and thought. Sometimes events beyond the ken of the 5 sense organs can be foreseen. Only some parts of the dream state can be remembered and the remaining is forgotten.

Deep sleep is that 3 rd state wherein the contact with the external world and the world of thoughts is cut off. The external (waking) and internal world (dream) both go to sleep. Apart from these 3 states there is the supreme state of Turiya which is the state of soul awakening and uplifting of spiritual consciousness. When a living being becomes a superman from a normal human being wherein one is also said to become a Rishi or divine being one can say that the Turiya state has been attained. All the great saints born in this world have attained the Turiya state via Yoga based practices. Thus in this subtle bodied state they have become cosmic in nature. This state is not very easily attainable by all and yet those who have achieved it execute the superhuman important task of world well being.

In scriptures there is a description of non sexual contact based creation which is noted in the preliminary stages of evolution. There is a detailed description that those people who in previous Kalpas (eras) had executed self control and Yoga based meditation so as to attain the supreme state of spiritual consciousness, take birth again. These divine souls are called Rishi souls and give to world humanity the deep import of religion that uplifts soul existence. Time and again as per the situation they manifest thus and via the medium of divine wisdom given by them those souls who generally are immersed in the eat, drink and be merry mode of life now attain slowly but surely the state of Jivan Mukta or liberated in life due to soul uplifting. The Kalpa-Manvantar arrangement of creation is such that at every moment divine souls are immersed in their divine activities in the subtle world. It is hence that all together religion, spirituality, values, ideals etc do not totally disappear from the world.

Rishi souls awaken the causal body so as to execute various tasks and it has been described by Upanishad seers as follows:

Anivaryachyanadyavidyarupa sthool sookshma sharir karan matram swaswarupajnanam yadasti tata karanashariram.

MEANING: The causal body is indescribable, without beginning, of the nature of spiritual ignorance, the cause of gross and subtle body and is the existence of its own ignorant nature.

In reality despite dwelling in the inert body it is in a state of deep sleep. The way to awaken it is subtlizing of the psyche.

In the spiritual body designing science the subtle body is said to be made up of 17 subtle materials. The Panchdashi text describes it as follows:

Buddhi karmedriya prana panchakairmanasadhiya.

Shariram saptadashabhihi sukshmam talligamuchyate.

MEANING: The subtle body is formed via 17 parts viz. 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action, 5 vital forces, mind and intellect.

It has been said that in human bodies dwell Rishis, deities, incarnations of God etc. In various places they are reinstated. In this body also dwell divine seas, divine rivers, divine mountains etc. Despite the body ordinarily being a bag of stools, urine etc if one notes its subtle existence, one gets a vision of many worlds. The body is a compact laboratory. In it are fitted all technical apparatus which have either been created by man so far or that in future they will be made. In one unit of the cosmos the entire cosmos is present. It means that all the special qualities present in the macrocosm are present in the tiny microcosm too. Whatever exists is there in a latent/un-awakened state. If it were to get awakened from the micro (man) entire macro (cosmos) can manifest.

In order to make the lowly great there is only one method viz. vaporization. When a substance becomes gaseous it spreads out every where and in very far off places too it shows its strength. For example chilly powder is kept in one tiny area. But if it is burnt with fire it will become gaseous so as to reach far off places. Thus because of its chilly odor people in far off areas too will start coughing. If a little oil is poured on the waves of sea it will reach distant places along with the waves.

In Ayurveda there is a description that if certain herbs are pounded in a mortar and pestle for a long time, the herb becomes very potent. The potency principle of Homeopathy Medicine says that render the liquid more diluted so that it becomes powerful.

In spiritual practice there are varied applications of austerities. Over here special attention is given to the state of the body and tradition of habits. One type of spiritual practice need not give the same results for everybody. In fact spiritual practice must be chosen after taking into consideration ones lineage, Gurus lineage and psychic imprints of past innumerous life times. While choosing it the spiritual seekers intellect need not necessarily take the right decision. For this in fact a devotees experience and required apt guidance from great spiritual teachers is required. Those who attain this definitely succeed.

What is the methodology of subtlizing of psyche adopted by myself? How am I doing it? This need not be asked because this is a special endeavor and here everything depends on the revered Gurus guidance. Others should not ask this question simply because the spiritual method adopted by me is vain for others to follow. How should it be done, for what reason it should be done depends on the advice of my divinely experienced guide.

On a gross basis subtilizing the psyche involves vaporization. In it ones vital force is made so terrifically intense that with its aid the 5 sheaths of the body within are heated up. Thus it now emerges as an independent unit. When water boils many bubbles are witnessed. Every bubble makes its own unit and as long as the need exists it merges into others while maintaining its independence. It is between the devotee and his/her great Guru to decide how much big a bubble is to be used for which task? By what method is it generated? How powerful is it to be rendered? It is enough to know its underlying principle. It is not apt to further delve deeper into its description.

In reality the method of subtlizing the psyche is such a royal path of sanctifying and evolving the subtle and causal bodies of a devotee who is yet alive which has been imbibed by high stature people not for their own salvation or Mukti but for the welfare of all beings.

This methodology is an eternal arrangement of Rishi tradition. The 3 glories in the form of the 3 bodies of human being is a supreme blessing of Almighty God. If these are distorted and chaotic mans downfall is definite. Spiritual practices aim to merge the individual with the cosmos and what obstruct this merging are taints that accrue from day to day living. No doubt divine saints who are born with high stature psychic imprints or Sanskaras from previous lifetimes do not have to work much hard to overcome the above taints. They voluntarily walk on this path. In order to render conducive circumstances on earth, high stature souls of the invisible subtle world give them the required soul force. While giving them divine guidance their visible activities are transformed wholesomely. An ordinary intellect cannot fathom this easily when in fact this occurs as per Gods divine cosmic management laws.

There are many questions that will arise in the mind of anyone. For example what will world humanity gain if I perform the era spiritual practice of subtlizing/vaporizing the psyche? What changes will take place in the present circumstances? It is my sacred duty to answer these questions especially for the benefit of those who have been my aides, partners who are will to do all which my Guru spoke through myself as a divine medium. All this has been written to show what all I can do for them? How important is their cooperation in future times? This shall definitely be answered.




Only God is innocent and beyond illusion. Yet it is my good fortune that in this life such situations have not occurred wherein I had to walk against the direction of ideals and spiritual values. Human beings generally imbibe the wrong path and actions due to delusion and greed. Between these 2 there is always wrestling. Till today that vile day has not dawned wherein they have created my downfall. Further my days of living in solitude are full of hardships and obstacles. My old withered physical body demands rest and help. In its place one has to endure with effort life time imprisonment like torture and on top of it to bear the aspersion that one is a hard hearted escapist, only a big fool would get ready to accept it. Not even an iota of a change has taken place in my intellect of discrimination from the aptness standpoint. Hence it is not right to feel that suddenly the urge came and that task is being carried out which near and dear ones do not desire. In order to solve this problem those reasons will have to be unearthed as a result of which I am bound to undergo this bitter experiment.

By itself the new step of subtlizing the psyche is very important for world welfare and higher goals yet since with reference to it one does not think deeply it would appear that the decision is erroneous. As a result of this experiment everyone will face discomfort and in the historical moment of Era Junction what should have happened will not take place and instead obstacles will manifest. It was hence thought prudent to make efforts to overcome it.

It is beyond doubt that todays times are becoming more painful. In the visible and invisible worlds there is fear of total destruction wherein the earth can be pounded to pulp. Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons etc are so much on the rise that there is no need to fight face to face. In fact one may fall asleep soundly at night and yet the next day one can be found dead. Powerful nations are so hell bent on increasing the potentials of destruction that no other country is willing to step back from this dangerous path. Mythology says that total annihilation of the world is thousands of years away. Yet when the means to die reach their pinnacle as is being witnessed today, annihilation will take as quickly which is like throwing a small lit matchstick on a pile of bombs. May be a world war will not take place yet causes like air pollution, radiations, population explosion, depletion of oil and gas reserves, forest erosion, birds/beast population depleting etc are akin to a cold war taking place the world over in a slow but steady manner. Poisonous germs are so tiny yet even a mighty wrestler can get attacked by cancer, TB etc so as to result in death.

Since bad thoughts and vile activities have reached their peaks self control is almost coming to an end everywhere. Unruliness, indiscipline, crime etc have crossed their limits. Cunningness is looked upon as a great quality to imbibe. Families are breaking up in a big way. Good character has become mere lip service. Ideals and values are yet there because they render speeches and discourses very flowery. While writing speeches these words are used every now and then. Intellectuals have adopted this method and the laymen too are following suit. Trends and movements seen today are leading us to nothing but a downfall. Neither the individual is at peace nor is society joyful. Generations are born with such inner taints that it will lead to the downfall of themselves, their families and world society at large.

There is no difference whether we all die due to a hot or a cold war. Either it is the Generals gun or the butchers knife. What is the difference? The goat will definitely die in either case. World society and its denizens are definitely going to get pounded. In very hot season even if you sprinkle a bit of water the harvest will definitely wither. Mans glory remains unprotected because of distrust, suspicion, indefiniteness, insecurity etc. When dogs turn mad they kill each other. When human beings turn insane they behave like unruly ghosts. They will think only of burning themselves and others or getting scared and casting fear in the minds of others. One can hence imagine under these conditions how deep the pit of defeat and downfall of world humanity will be. The above facts will definitely induce a shudder in the minds of great thinking people of the world.

These are not beliefs, wild imaginations or desires. In fact these are situations which like a clean mirror are reflected for us to see. It cannot be called even an astrological or other type of prediction. When the above facts are deeply cogitated over by powerful politicians, economists, socialists, scientists etc they too will realize and exclaim in one voice that world humanity is running towards a program of collective suicide. In the near future the situation will worsen so much that it will be too late to repair it. There is a limit within which things can be corrected. If the limits are crossed what will remain is only repentance.

In these days most definitely we are living under dire conditions. As per mythological description it can be called defeat of demigods at the hands of demons. There was a time when demons like Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Vritrasura, Bhasmasura etc had created terror and uprooted the demigods. This symbolic description is very much in tandem with todays circumstances. If we compare the situations of past demonic times like those of Kansa and Ravan then it seems history is repeating itself today. In those days only rulers created terror but today everyone is following suit including ruler-citizens, rich-poor, educated-uneducated, orator-audience etc. Cunningness and vile activities have become the name of the game. Ethics and self restraint are weakening day by day.

There are 2 solutions available. One is that like a scared pigeon we shut our eyes tight and thus surrender to our downfall. Let things go on as they are. The other solution is that make as much effort as possible. There was a bird which had dried up the mighty ocean to get back its eggs. We must hence not wistfully say that things are not in our hands.

In order to overcome dire situations everyone works as per ones capacity and yet for a steady solution one has to search for the key that unlocks the closed lock. It is not as though no one is making efforts. The government is disbursing funds, scientists are working day and night in their laboratories, economists are working hard to augment wealth etc. Yet in order to overcome todays dire problems no worthwhile solution has been found. The rope always appears to be less for tying. It is like a blind woman making wheat flour and the dog nearby eating it up. In political meetings nothing seems to work. Clouds of anarchy are looming large. In regional problems language barriers, sectarianism, terror, unions, strikes etc are ruling the roost. Although the number of hospitals and doctors are on the rise yet the number of patients the world over too are increasing at an alarming rate. The number of police force is increasing but criminal activities surpass them by miles. Along with inflation adulteration and illegal activities too are on the rise. Day in and day out one hears of drug addictions, dowry complaints etc. No amount of discourses to ward them off is working. Man is becoming hollow character wise and society is weakening. There is no end to hardships and world problems.

There are many who are immersed in amassing wealth but they are harassed by envious, criminals and those who take bribes. Illegal earnings ultimately get misused in bad habits, addictions etc.

This is not a picture of over statement. If one but opens ones eyes of wisdom all this will be witnessed. One can see it anywhere and everywhere. The worry is not only regarding increase of problems and undesirable activities but the main worry is that no apt solution for all this is being found. Reformists today are like that drop of water falling on a hot plate which vanishes in no time. Movements like Sarvodaya too failed. How much success did Arya Samaj get in warding off blind beliefs? One can find out from associations who fight drug/alcohol addictions and illegal activities as to how far they have succeeded. Even the discourses of so called religious leaders and religious orators have become merely a source of entertainment. When one analyzes the activities of orphanages, womens homes, hermitages, handicapped centers etc one will realize that hardly much help is being given to its members. The well is full of dangerous drugs. Those who say we will reform society are themselves tainted in character. Are not criminal activities being encouraged almost openly? Under these circumstances only darkness looms large in front of true thinkers and they realize that worse days are not far off. There are people who try to stop all this yet themselves are full of despair.

Thus in this world full of dark clouds if at all there is one ray of hope it is that from the invisible world a flow of creativity emerges and like rain clouds fill up our heated planet with coolness and greenery. At such times it is only divine miracles that work. During winter when in forests, trees are devoid of green leaves, plants wither away etc then it is the zest of spring season that brings in wholesome changes. If this task were to be executed by some individual or organization it will be tough. How can human efforts give back leaves, flowers etc to a bare tree? Imagine the efforts required to irrigate bare arid lands. It is only rain and the spring season which will give us greenery and blooming flowers and fruits.

Over here we are not saying that there is no place for human efforts and nor are we mocking it. What we are trying to say is that it is only divine conduciveness that can overcome gigantic problems, dire world situations and large scale lacks. It is not in the realm of human effort to make ice on mountain tops, melt it and convert it into gurgling rivers. Man cannot convert sea water into clouds and aid in its down pour everywhere as rain. How can man succeed in creating heat of the sun and coolness of the moon? Despite creating satellites can we create new planets or destroy other existing planets?

History is witness to the fact that man no doubt has succeed in polluting the environment but when situation went out of control it was Almighty God who intervened and solved major problems. Despite this divine grace is not attained just like that and in fact it is the urging of Rishi Kalpa demigods that is at work.

There was furor everywhere due to lack of water. Everyone was thirsty right from Aryavrat/Brahmavart to Magadh and Bengal. The solution was manifestation of River Ganges. For this only the prayers of a person of penance could be heard. Bhagirath took up this responsibility. Seeing that the goal was sacred Lord Shiva helped him and thus Ganges manifested on earth.

There are innumerous such examples in world history and mythology. Divine grace is certainly not blind faith. If divine wrath can obstruct human progress and effort why cant divine grace create conducive situations? Divine ire induces floods, earthquakes, famine, epidemics etc. And divine grace helps augment prosperity, progress and world peace.

Divine wrath and grace do not manifest without a reason. Man plays a major role in creating excesses as far as world management is concerned. It is tainted activities that pollute the subtle atmosphere and thus we invite natures wrath. Along with this it is a fact that when high stature Rishi like people perform intense austerities for high level aims and thus create useful energy in the atmosphere, divine grace sets in to do the needful. Demigods do not by themselves get angry on anyone nor are they biased towards anybody. Keeping in mind the state of world affairs they either punish world humanity or bless them. Just as vile souls who out of sheer majority pour hardships on this world, in the same way penance of divine souls render circumstances very conducive and sacred. Saints augment good merits and righteousness via their spiritual endeavor and via special austerities they sanctify the subtle atmosphere. It is hence that spiritual seers give equal importance to world welfare activities and individual spiritual practices. They make equal effort for both.

Today the venom of the subtle world atmosphere is creating many dire world situations. According to well known scientists the world over, increasing pollution and heat are melting the polar region. As a result the ocean is rising alarmingly and maybe the ice age will set in. According to seers of the invisible world bad feelings, unruliness and tainted actions have destroyed the divine world and by meting out collective punishment, are teaching world humanity a bitter lesson. In actuality whether the cause of the problem is looked at from the modern scientific standpoint or from the spiritual one yet the chief cause is venom pervading in every pore of the subtle invisible atmosphere. The solution requires weighty efforts so that the gigantic crater dug up can be refilled and thus the taints can get washed off.

The problem is sensitive. Man imbibed taints and thus invited a downfall. For this, such efforts of sanctification are required which purify world human psyche and augment great pious activities in their daily living. Further man must imbibe Divine Energies from the subtle world by attracting divine grace. Lord Krishna ran to help Draupadi who was in distress. Prahlads cry for help reached Almighty God. The loving pressure of great souls can bind God to them. In order to give Darshan to Shabari and augment her fame Lord himself went to meet her. In these examples the pious character of devotees prevails. It is only this that elicits divine grace. In reality the step taken by me to go into seclusion is a special penance to remove obstacles that are obstructing Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers) from pouring down on mankind.



Adi Shankaracharya, Saint Jnaneshwar, Swami Ramtirtha and Vivekanad despite being healthy, full of soul power and penance lived for around 30-40 years only. These are not ordinary incidences. Behind this is a mystery and special reason. They realized that those times demanded more action which was not possible within the realm of their gross bodies. Hence they thought of rendering active, their subtle bodies. Hence more work could be executed in a wider arena. The body with hands, feet, face etc can work only in a limited manner. A lot of effort goes in eating, resting, keeping oneself and surroundings clean, looking after near-dear ones and disciples etc. The energy that remains may be more than compared to that of laymen yet keeping in mind the requirements, it always proves less. In order to ward off this discontent they thought it apt to give up the gross body and instead give due importance to the subtle body. When the gross body is alive one can awaken and render active the subtle/causal bodies albeit in a limited manner. Who will accomplish what? This decision is dependent on their faculty of discrimination and contemporary situations.

The 5 sheaths, 6 Chakras, subtle nerves, glands, Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Kundalini, Sahasrar, Brahmarandhra and other divine centers are said to be the abode of demigods and an infinite storehouse of Divine Energies. The mind boggling activities of ESP or Extrasensory Potentials and its deep research in the field of Parapsychology and Metaphysics which are wondrously talked about have their roots in the subtle body. It is not possible for grossly embodied humans to carry out those tasks performed by ghosts, demigods etc that have an air/wind like subtle body. Within the 8 fold Sidhis one finds Divine Powers like Anima, Laghima etc. In this arena one can render ones body light, heavy, one can enter someone elses body subtly and influence it etc. One finds trustworthy discussion of invisible helpers. These are all subtly embodied. When they attain a high stature they play the role of demigods.

A soul lived with Socrates whom he called Daemon and he would carry out every important task with its help. In deep sleep and Turiya or super conscious state the subtle body is that much more active and it brings such information of future far off events which is beyond the ken of and ordinary intellect. It was Naradjis subtle body that traveled in various Lokas or worlds. In a matter of jiffy he could visit Vishnuloka, Shivaloka, heaven and hell too. In the spiritual practice of Chaya Purusha or shadow man the subtle body via spiritual effort is activated and converted into a powerful aide. Sidhi of Bhairav etc is nothing but merging into a powerful soul so as to get help when required. This is the area of subtle helpers/aides. Such souls based on requirement help special individuals for a certain goal. Amongst them those that are very high in stature immerse themselves in transforming obstructions of the subtle atmosphere into conduciveness, give divine inspirations and cooperate in great wholesome tasks. It is divine souls that are demigods which come in contact with laymen. From the principle standpoint fire, sun, Indra, Varun, space etc are called demigods. At certain places Almighty God is addressed as fire, Indra etc.

Over here we are discussing subtlizing the psyche. My steps are following in this direction. For this it is required that the gross body be rendered loose. In order to gain mastery over scriptures Adi Shankaracharya who entered subtly the dead body of a King had made apt arrangements for his gross body to remain intact. It is not possible to keep both bodies active. If waking state augments deep sleep is not possible. If deep sleep augments waking state disappears.

Although the subtle body is singular only yet there are many classes of it. The 5 sheaths are its classes. The Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath or the 5 subtle bodies belong to one body and are said to be 5 deities. These 5 at one and the same time from 5 different places can perform 5 types of tasks. Meaning one grossly embodied person under special circumstances can execute 5 times work with 5 subtle bodies. Along with this its stature can be kept very high.

If we succeed in awakening the subtle body up to a desirable stature it is possible to get help from special people. It is also possible to render the atmosphere wholesome in order to manifest and help succeed many great tasks at one and the same time. The gross body has a definite shape and form and a specific place too. But the subtle body has no such limitations. Ghosts are subtly embodied. In visible-invisible form they can reside any where. The more I succeed in subtlizing the psyche I too can dwell at will in Himalaya, Shantikunj or any where else too.

If this happens, those near dear ones and friends who yearn to see more world welfare activities taking place will not despair but will be more zestful to see higher attainments. Also those who wish closer physical contact from an emotional viewpoint will not be disheartened. My Gurudeva who dwells in the Himalayas is constantly guiding me. In my entire life I have visibly contacted him only 3 times and yet there was never a want from the subtle standpoint. If this special quality were lacking then those staying nearby in the neighborhood too would become a burden. Great souls like Gandhi and Lord Buddha could uplift thousands of people whereas those with weak soul force cannot even stop their family from imbibing taints. It makes no difference if one stays physically close or not. Do the lice in hair, bedbugs or mice in the house ever assist you in anything? Flies and mosquitoes stay very nearby but they inflict nothing but harassment. When 4 hooligans living in your vicinity pass by your house there is no joy on your face and instead they become a cause for worry. As against this a sandalwood tree growing at some distance from your house gives you cooling fragrance. People who work in alien lands despite being far physically love their families and regularly send money. In this external farness lies inner closeness. God is invisible yet he looks after all of us. We cannot see air yet via the nose it enters every pore of our being and helps us remain alive. Sun and moon dwelling far off give us light in our homes.

I am writing all this especially for those who think that they will not get my physical loving contact. They must understand the importance of subtle and invisible. Body is visible and the vital force or Prana is subtle. Despite this we are in close contact with vital force and remain alive with its help. How can relationships break even if I go into seclusion and not converse with everyone? We are all bound to each other by a tough chain which is not fickle like a cotton string that breaks easily. Such friendships of fickleness exist between selfish people only. They are just there to satisfy their selfish greed. The friendship of Prajna family members is not weak which is alive only when visible and scatters to naught when not seen. Such fickle behavior is expected only from agents and middlemen.

The relationship between my self and Gayatri Family members is based on ideals and sacred goals. As long as these exist none will think of whether I am near or far away from them. When the inner stature rises and potential augments more and more sensitivity will augment in give and take. The society will not get harmed and neither will near dear ones get harmed. In fact everyone will benefit in every way. We will have to face discomfort valiantly. In comparison to today more hardships will have to be faced and yet since what one will get in return will be great one should not complain while making efforts.

After this most definitely Prajna Movement members and programs will get more energy. Generally lethargy and indolence prevail because one becomes more dependent on senior people. But when seniors are not near by responsibility in understanding augments. Of course it is a different story as far as those who lack understanding is concerned. One cannot get anything done by them even while living in their presence and showing strictness. Hence when one is not nearby one cannot expect them to do anything. And yet where there is good will and pious character all this lethargy etc will not be seen. After going to Haridwar from Mathura work in fact has augmented in Mathura. After every time I returned from the Himalayas there was not only no decrease of activities but more wholesome tasks had been conducted. Behind this mission is at work Divine Powers and as long as faith and good will exists in the soul of all members none should harbor illusion and ego that when certain people are not there the task gets hampered. When some fruits fall of the tree new ones manifest to regain its blooming nature. Along with death birth too exists in this world. Over and above this it is not as though I am dying. In my gross or subtle body up till Era Junction in 2000 AD my inner state will be conducive so that every person who trusts neo creation will experience that he/she is not alone. Behind them a powerful existence is at work. Inspiration does not give only light but required shadow too. I never complained as to how I can single handedly shoulder so many responsibilities. Via self faith and self contentment I have always got help from lay people. Further divine grace too has poured incessantly in these tasks. For this one need not grovel at anyones feet. The blessing of divine affection pours down unasked. He/she whose sentiments are high in stature will get every thing that aids true success.

These lines have been written for capable aides and they are being incited to buy divine glories by living a life of sacred ideals and values. Ornaments of gold and diamond cannot be given free of charge. In Prasad one gets Panchamrit and basil leaf only. No demigod/demigoddess has taken birth which fulfills our desires merely after we chant Mantras using a rosary and lighting incense sticks. Today everything is expensive. It is possible that times of less expensiveness manifest and that only by chanting God, God. someone elses belongings become ours for keeps. When we take loan from a bank they ask us why we need it and whether we will be able to repay it. There is no such bank with demigod/demigoddess wherein merely by offering leaves, flowers etc they will glorify us by giving us their Holy Darshan (vision). Just like this visible world in the spiritual world too one has to pay for attaining something. The faster we understand this fact it is better for all of us. Till today whoever has attained something important from demigods or Sidhas/saints have done so via Yoga practices involving penance of soul purification and sensitivity based world welfare activities. While walking on this path I too have attained a few things. Even for others this is an open royal path. Never should one hastily look out for short cuts (and then repent at leisure). The more one stays away from people who awaken the Kundalini by placing their hands on your head, from people who help you attain Gods Darshan by asking you to close your eyes, cajoling demigods into giving you boons etc the better. Apart from bondage this gives you nothing else. It is best that we work hard and reap the fruits and benefits.

Apart from this powerful group there is a class of small children who are weak. We naturally harbor compassion for them and help them. Children yearn that we seat them on our lap and give them sweets and toys. In return they cannot give us anything. Elderly people give attention to this class of children too and by giving them something or the other keep them happy. The same holds true for the physically and mentally challenged people. They gain some things yet they are in no state to give anything. One cannot ignore this class of people. If we ignore them we accrue the sin of hard heartedness. In my daily routine I have looked after this class too. I cannot remain alive if I give up compassion. Not just selling but my task is to share too. I have made efforts that from my river no one leaves thirsty. At lunch time I share whatever dry bread I have with visitors. How can a patient be asked to leave the hospital without curing him/her? It is my habit to instill hope in those who despair and create a smile on the face of those who are weeping. My long life has passed thus. Of course only God knows how much everyone has benefited but I have honestly shouldered my responsibilities with compassion. In return I attained meritorious deeds which have slowly piled up to the size of a mountain.

In a life of seclusion it is not as though this class will have to abstain from pouring out their hearts grief. My body may be anywhere yet my soul will be that much more capable, active and powerful. The ears that hear and the eyes that see are becoming more subtle and all pervasive. Thus anyone can without coming to Haridwar open their hearts to me in their homes without personally meeting me, without writing letters etc and get their problems solved. In my program of subtlizing the psyche one subtle body has been kept for wiping others tears, speaking affectionately to others etc especially to those in grief. In order to give, something will remain with me. Never have I remained barren anytime. Till today I have always honored guests. Hence in future too this will continue. When I get the chance to earn spiritually, a part of it will definitely be used for uplifting the downtrodden and help raise those who have fallen down.



Generally my Gurudeva gives answers for my curiosity and other questions seated in the deep cave of my heart. His soul has always been close to mine. Right from translating Rishi texts to authoring Pranjna literature he has guided me just as a professor guides his student. Even my speech is nothing but what my revered Guru taught me. I am being guided just like a horse that is lead about in various directions by the rider.

Even when my Guru calls me to Himalayas to recharge my spiritual battery he does not say anything special. Just as in a sanatorium a weak person regains good health the same I attain, especially spiritually when I head for the Himalayas. Speech no doubt is used in many incidences.

This time I fully understood the method of subtlizing the psyche and its spiritual practice. Just as Kunti gave birth to 5 divine children from her womb in the same way I will have to advance the 5 Virbhadras of the 5 sheaths (food, mental, vital force, intellectual and bliss). I have understood its methodology. As long as the 5 do not become fully potent I have been commanded to maintain the gross physical body and have also been asked to dwell in Shantikunj (Haridwar, India) so as to transfer my visible gross responsibilities to others.

Everything became clear. I commenced Savitri based spiritual practices as per his directions.

Now the question was what tasks were to be given to the 5 Virbhadras and how will they do what? It was because of great curiosity I got the answer. I was hence at ease and happy.

In this world there are such brilliant people who because of change of direction will carry out greater important tasks than the ones executed by them today. Intense energy is required to straighten that which is lopsided and it will be done by my Virbhadras who are pervading every pore of my body. If we can change the mode of thinking of great talented people of the world miraculous transformation can occur.

Naradji changed the direction of the lives of Parvati, Dhruv, Prahlad, Valmiki etc hence the latter overthrew the situations they were previously living in and walked in a new wholesome direction. Thus they set a great example to the entire world. Lord Buddha transformed the psyche of Anand, Kumar Jiva, Angulimal, Amrapali, Ashok, Harshvardhan etc and thus they started doing things bang opposite to what they were doing before and attained world fame. Vishwamitra refused to allow Harishchandra to remain an ordinary king and instead made him so great in character that Gandhiji who read this episode himself got inspired and became world revered. The very stingy Bhamasah was inspired by Saint Vithoba to give all his wealth to the valiant Maharana Pratap for a great cause. Due to inspiration from Adi Shankaracharya Mandhata built Mathas in the 4 sacred pilgrim spots of India. Ahilyabai inspired by a great saint renovated so many temples etc and she also vowed to build new temples in secluded areas. Samarth Guru Ramdas inspired Shivaji to perform those great tasks which Shivaji may not have been able to carry out on his own. It was Ramkrishna Paramhans who transformed the young lad Narendra into Swami Vivekananda. Credit goes to Saint Bhartrihari to induce dispassion in the mind of King Gopichand.

There are so many examples in world history wherein great saintly souls wholesomely transformed the thinking/living of talented people. If these people had not been blessed by great souls they would have lived a sordid mundane life limited to rearing their families only.

The same holds true for my self too. Ere Gurudeva had not transformed my thinking I like my other family members would have run the business of priesthood or would have done some other listless mundane task. I would never have reached this pinnacle I have reached today if it were not for my Gurus grace.

In todays times of era transformation many talented/brilliant people are required. There is a need of great scholars the world over whom with their proof and logic can give a new mode of thinking to all. Those artists are required who float the sensitivity of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meera, Surdas, Kabir etc in such way akin to a snake charmer inducing a snake to gyrate. Rich millionaires are required who instead of misusing their wealth in sense pleasures use it like Emperor Ashok for world well being. Politicians are required who like Gandhi, Rousseau, Karl Marx, Lenin etc help lead laymen in their contact on such a great path which has never been seen before.

What to say of pious sensitive people? Saintly people have transformed iron like laymen into gold like the proverbial Paras or touchstone.

My Virbhadras will now do exactly this. Even I did the same thing. I have brought about a positive total change in the thinking and activity of thousands of people and like Gandhis Satyagrahis, Vinobas Bhodanis, sages of Buddha etc gave up their all for a great mission. The gigantic armies of Prajna members are playing the role of monkey followers of Hanuman. Via visible activities in this tiny life if one creates miracles wherever one dwells there is no reason that our soul which follows someone will not uproot them like ghosts (meaning transform them positively).

In the near future there will be a dire need of uprooting vile activities across the globe. We will need many Arjuns who with his Gandiva bow had defeated the mighty Kaurava army. Such Hanumans will be needed who with his lit tail had burnt demon Ravans Lanka to ashes. Such transformations can take place only if world human psyche is transformed sacredly. Americas Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were born in very ordinary families but since their lives and thinking got transformed they became great Presidents of America.

Lets not talk of brilliantly talented people who today are misusing their skills for personal aggrandizement, looting others etc. But those who are sensitive by nature in a pious way can with their ordinary valor transform society wholesomely. There are so many examples like Swami Dayananda, Shraddhanand, Ram Tirtha etc who transformed the lives of so many people everywhere simply because their own thinking and living changed positively.

In these days talented people everywhere are immersed in sense merriment, hoarding wealth and inflating the ego. For this end they destroy their invaluable potential. Even if a few mend their ways for the better then like Jaydayal Goenka of Geeta Press such means can be set up which can be called amazing and wondrous.

In my high stature role the decision will be taken as to which talent is to change in which manner and what tasks will be given to talented people? If the thinking of those people who are thinking of creating war so as to destroy the world is transformed then this very intellect, energy and wealth can be used for constructive purposes. Doing only this much can change circumstances drastically. When activities and their direction change positively mans duties become high stature and those who walk on the path of wholesomeness find definitely that Almighty Gods power is aiding them. Like Baba Amte they too will open a University for handicapped people and a hospital for lepers.

Mans vile intellect has rendered his activities too lowly and crime based. Whatever they earn is destroyed in undesirable expenses. As a result one is crowned with thorns of sin and ill fame. If the thinking of this group gets transformed, their ways of living and thinking is transformed, then these very people can become so great that those who follow them will get glorified and world situations too will change drastically.

Today I am performing the subtilizing spiritual practice that is Savitri based which will create invisible Mahabalis. They will silently enter the psyche of thousands of people so as to force them to give up unethical ways. And such jewel like thoughts will manifest in their bosoms wherein not only they themselves will be glorified but Era transformation which seems a mere dream as of now will actually fructify for all to see.



With the help if inner energy and awakening of that which is latent man gets uplifted high. This is a fact and it is also true that an atmosphere made radiant via austerities, education, association with great saints etc too play a powerful role in it. It has been seen that a very ordinary person of a certain community with the help of an intense flow makes the impossible possible due to zestful and zealous effort. In ancient times deep thinkers and Munis played this role. They were immersed in austerities and via the powerful means of writing and speeches helped radiate the thinking of laymen. Such spiritual practices helped give birth of many high stature characters. By awakening their latent potential the direction of society changed wholesomely. From the bodily standpoint even ordinary people manifested talent, skills, great thinking etc.

It is well known that the class of deep thinkers and Rishis are parts of talented people in the spiritual arena. Rishi is that person who via austerities conjoins his body to divine consciousness and thus help ordinary people benefit both materially and spiritually. Munis are those who via deep thinking, reflection and self study play a major role in sanctifying world psyche. One symbolizes sacredness and the other skillful radiance. Both get immersed in austerities so as to become extremely subtle. Hence ones inner nature becomes cosmic with immense spiritual power. This power helps them transform world human psyche. On the one hand Munis have freedom to make use of visible spiritual means there on the other hand for Rishis it is not a must. They via their subtle personality can sanctify the subtle atmosphere.

Socially speaking the term Manishi is used for that person whose mind is under his/her control. Manishi is one who is not guided by the mind but whose thinking guides the mind. Such an intellect is called Prajna. Scriptural seers say: Manisha asti yesham te manishanaha. Along with this they also say: Manishi nastu bhavanti pavanani na bhavanti. There are many Manishis, there are highly intellectual people but they must be pious and pure minded. It is not necessary that brilliant intellectual people are always pure hearted. It is one thing to be intellectual and another to be sacred in nature. Looking at todays circumstances this is absolutely true.

Today there are many editors, intellectuals, writers, researchers, scientists etc in every nook and corner of the world yet they are not Manishis or deep thinkers. Why is that so? This is because via energy of penance and mental purification they have not become pious in character.

Today there is no dearth of literature available. On noting that the number of magazines/books etc has augmented greatly the world over it seems as though great thinkers are in plenty. Even the number of readers has become great. And yet despite this why do we not see a great positive change come about in world humanity? Why is it that the pen of certain writers merely incites people and after reading that literature the satiation of readers increases? If one looks for its cause one will have to come back to what we said above: pavanani na bhavanti. Ere literature were written with the aim of uplifting world human psyche and a yearning to read it were induced in the intellects of all say, would we see the taints of world society which are being witnessed today? If at all there is a solution of daily living problems it lies in the hands of true deep thinkers of the world.

Just as I have said previously that if a new era ushers in it will only come due to thought purification. If a revolution sets in it will not be with blood and weapons but with good thoughts uprooting vile thinking. If society is to be neo created it will be due to sacred character and thinking. Today whatever taints are witnessed in world society it is due to the influence of so called intellectuals. It is the intellectual class that has played a major role in hatred, wars, sectarianism, widespread human slaughter etc. Ere they were to follow the path of sacredness, if their psyche were great, if they had gathered energy from penance they would have given birth to a wholesome flow of science, they would have written desirable literature devoid of taints and would have authored pious movements everywhere. When Hitler wished to superimpose Nietzsches superman in his own personality he at first radically converted his countrymens thinking in this direction. He saw to it that teachers, scientists etc accepted the Nazi mode of thinking and via this unwholesome effort created Mein Kamph. He succeeded in changing the direction of thinking as per his whims and these were seen in education syllabus, books, magazines, newspapers etc of the entire nation. Germany with the ego that it was the greatest race in the world induced man slaughter the world over and ultimately it self too perished. This also is a change of thought direction and yet if it were to have been wholesome in nature Germany could have become a powerful nation.

Karl Marx who lived a life of lack gave us such an economic philosophy which created a social revolution. Capitalists were defeated and socialists too were now less in number. This designing in the form of Das Kapital ushered in a new era wherein laborers got their rights. Further wealth was disbursed equally and thus thousands of people got joy and got the freedom of living independently. Rousseau also laid the foundation of democracy. Freedom to vote, leaders to be chosen based on majority etc were encouraged. Lest Rousseaus thinking had not pervaded everywhere those who were mighty would have crushed the downfallen. None could have even objected all this. It would then have been the rule of unwanted kings who came into power simply because they were born in royal families. This can be called a revolution inspired by thought transformation and that in a short time those who ruled arrogantly were uprooted. With reference to this along with Lincoln and Luther King I have talked a lot about that great lady Harriet Stowe. Her mighty pen helped end slavery of black skinned people. This is a visible role played by era thinking.

Buddhas thought revolution based on discrimination and human values and Gandhi, Patel, Nehrus freedom movement is a symbol of that subtle great thinking which created a mighty flow and the era started transforming. It is not as though they authored books that incited people. Then how was all this possible? This only happened when they played the role of a great Muni or deep thinker. They heated their psyche via austerities and thus the environment too was influenced positively.

Even today the world situation is dire. Human race swinging between grandeur and destruction will have to be tapped at the faith level so as to uplift it, awaken its farsightedness and discrimination etc. It is illusory to think that material means will help in this. Since there is weak faith in the psyche spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices are required. Spiritual seers time and again look after this dry arid world psyche and help it overcome delusion. Spiritual energy is far greater and potent than scientific discoveries. It is spirituality that uproots inner taints and instead replaces them with potent wholesome thinking. In order to embed sacredness and skills in various personalities I made great thinking its medium and thus am dreaming of a radiant world future in the 21 st century.

Chief amongst my important decisions for my future life of seclusion is giving a wholesome direction to world thinking. For this such a thought flow will be created which under no circumstances will allow vileness to exist. It is the downfallen thinking of world humanity that has created undesirable situations everywhere. These situations are very dire and fearful. In order to transform this environment like Vyas, Buddha, Gandhi, Karl Marx, Martin Luther, Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman etc I will have to play the dual role of a Rishi and Muni. Thus via visible and subtle efforts a thought based revolution will set in. This effort is possible only via intense austerity based spiritual practices at the psyche level. Its visible form will be great thinking which creates high stature literature. Via the Akhand Jyoti magazine I had resolved 47 years back to do this and I will shoulder its responsibility in future too.

In a subtle way I played the role of a Yuga Rishi with the aim of creating the foundation of those researches. Todays world denizens demand logic and scientific proof for everything and I too want to place forth before them scientific spirituality. I will succeed in my effort if todays modern science pays heed to this scientific spirituality and thus can walk on the path of wholesomeness. How should experiments be conducted for Self realization? What is the scientific basis of meditation-concentration? In the advancement of mental energies how do spiritual practices help? By reawakening Ayurvedic Science of Rishi era how can bodily and mental health be rendered apt? Via Gayatris sound power and energy of Yajna fire how can the inner personality made powerful and sacred? How can the body be rendered full of life force so as to overcome dire circumstances? Via the ancient applications of Astrological sciences how can world humans benefit keeping in mind contemporary times? Many such questions have I researched into under the aegis of Atharvavedic Rishi tradition. Via its auspicious beginning I have given an apt direction for thought to the intellectual class. In my subtle aspect I will ceaselessly nourish it. If the thinking of all scientists swerves in this direction and if they deeply reflect on soul advancement they will definitely attain glory. Via my deep thinking and data attained from spiritual research my resolve of benefiting world humanity will fructify in my austerities of subtlizing the psyche. Future times will definitely show these results.



There was a time when Munis, deep thinkers and philosophers were looked upon as societys highest class because it was their decision that were imbibed by political leaders, the rich class and other major sects of society. No one dared ignore these decisions because their capacity to show a right direction based on contemporary times was extraordinary.

Philosophers too are included in this category. They authored scriptures and gave solutions for contemporary problems. It was they who were invited for giving discourses. They were extraordinarily revered both by the king and all subjects. Even although this class is present in society today as writers, poets etc. but they have lost their glory. They have neither any stature nor a goal to attain. Majority are involved in appeasing the whims and fancies of rich millionaires. They will think what they are asked to think and they write what they are asked to write. Press and publishing have become a profession and this is ruled over by the rich class of world society. Whoever is the editor his/her ways of thinking will be accepted. Today many magazines, pamphlets etc are published. Many books too are printed. But in it the writer does not have his/her own independent viewpoint. A writer writes what the publisher gets benefited by because the writer gets money from the publisher who is there just to benefit financially. Today one hardly finds writers who write their independent views. Even if they have independent views it must not go against that of the boss. Else why would the boss invest in a business which does not reap hard cash? A writer does not have his own press. In stray cases even if one finds such writers they are beaten down simply due to competition with mighty press owners. They find no readers and it becomes difficult to meet expenses. Thus there is virtually no independent press. Today the number of true writers, thinkers and philosophers is waning drastically.

The second class of deep thinkers is scientists. In ancient times it was one single class that shouldered the responsibility of scientists and philosophers. Those who are interested in materialism will take up material research like Charak, Kanad, Nagarjun, yajnavalkya etc. Else like Vyas, Kapil, Vasishtha, Gautam etc will add new chapters to era Philosophy.

Today both are downfallen. One generation of scientific discoveries/inventions was very famous and full of glory. Despite possessing only ordinary capabilities they had conducted such amazing scientific research which gave the lay public unlimited and extraordinary benefits. The most important was the discovery of light. Today it is an inseparable part of human life. Next come vehicles. Right from cycles to cars, ships, air planes etc they have made ones journey much speedier and hence easy. Heavy duty vehicles too became cheap. Thus industries and businesses speedily flourished. Also very useful are telephone, radio, television etc. There was an era when scientists who in order to fulfill requirements of laymen made many important discoveries and inventions. There are many small, big machines which are useful in production and man will always be grateful for having them. Examples are water pumps, mixers, grinders etc.

But even this category like philosophers could not maintain their glory for long. Researchers did not have their own production centers. They were force to work for rich men who produced various materials. It is at this point that all problems commence. The film industry could have become a potent medium of lay education but one feels sorry to see what actually is being churned out by them. Press too is a rare power but there too what is desirable is rarely printed and more and more rubbish is published. Film goers and literature readers hence conclude that only if we had stayed away from what is dished out we would not have been enmeshed in the net of illusion.

Today about 50,000 scientists of high caliber are involved in designing new weapons and modes of warfare. For this they are highly honored and paid handsomely. Elsewhere they will not attain all this. Thus original thinking/research has come to a grinding halt. Everyone adores joy and comforts. It could be a philosopher or a scientist. Considering the situation we can say that in both arenas original thinking has almost ended. Both have to work almost like slaves for their rich bosses.

This is an ill fated downfall. How can it be uplifted? Who will uplift it? Ere scientists design machines for cottage industries innumerous people who are jobless today will get work and thus can overcome hardships of lack. Small machines especially designed for homes, like those for making flour, oil, cloth etc can be designed which further augment comforts of ordinary living and money can be earned. Everywhere there is a need of inexpensive pumps. In every village, paper industry can flourish. Furnaces that use solar energy can be designed for heating water and cooking food.

Above I have given examples that are useful. There is a need to reform bullock carts. Motors and cycles can work using steam and can replace expensive petrol. In all these tasks scientists can contribute and thus a gigantic industry to produce these machines can be set up. But nothing of this sort is actually happening. Whatever in the name of cottage industry has been invented is so crippled that those who use it will reap back breaking losses only. All this technology has been set very listlessly. Ere there was true cooperation between producers and inventers of these machines, if only required capital was raised, if users were shown exactly how to use it and if apt arrangements had been made for marketing and selling these products, the situation would have changed for the better. It is only then that we would not depend only on agriculture. We would have unearthed new plant based fuels apart from cow dung. We could have grown inexpensive grass that gives a good harvest for animals to eat and thus animal breeding would not have remained a loss making venture.

Who will complain to whom? The need of the hour is that our country encourages cottage industry in a big way. No doubt it is seen to have been set up but the results are unfulfilling and lack luster. If only our scientists, producers, end users had the zeal of Japan our great thinkers would have shown miracles in this country. But how will this happen? Everyone is immersed in just hoarding more and more wealth, property, sense comforts etc. Talented people are running away to rich capitalist countries. Wherever one sees cottage industries they are loss making. There are those who tried to augment it but found that obstacles were put in their way.

The same holds true for philosophers and deep thinkers. Along with time moving speedily problems too are becoming more tortuous. They require solutions that are intellectual, socially acceptable and factual. How great would it have been if such literature was written, published and put into the hands of readers the world over? But it appears that this field too is full of gloominess.

In the name of books everyday thousands of white paper akin to the size of a mountain are been blackened. Magazines, pamphlets etc too can fill up a storehouse. They are published and sold too. Someone or the other writes it but if it is browsed properly one realizes that it is futile.

Is the day to day living information required for the benefit of lay public thought out seriously? Has this information been gathered keeping in mind the countrys backwardness? And thus has something concrete been thought of which can be called useful? English books are generally translated into other languages and people add their own names to it for publishing. From the standpoint of making more money without putting in much effort, this is the easiest way. Today that generation of deep thinkers is coming to an end who felt their prime duty was to solve laymens problems in a contemporary, social and factual manner. Today where does one find a Karl Marx who worked hard for 17 years ceaselessly to publish his great book? Today where is that family, wife, children of an author who would wear new clothes made from old ones so that the author was allowed to immerse himself in writing that was full of penance?

It is very distressful that the arena of philosophers and scientists has become deserted and that they have fallen down hard from their high stature. When such high stature seers hang in air and instead those in delusion tell the lay public what their duties are the result is very fearful. In ancient times they were called Brahmarakshasa. Today whether a new terminology has been given to it I dont know but definitely this generation is marching ahead in full strength.

This then is the bare reality. Only talking about it will not do. Analysis, criticisms go on everyday. People hear it from one ear and take it out from the other ear. Instead something constructive should happen. Today I have commenced doing exactly this. My future potential will be used for this category of people. Over and above subtlizing the psyche whatever potential I gather to work I will use it for awakened souls. Amongst these awakened children too are included who despite being small from the age and bodily standpoint can do a lot in future since they have gathered capacity from past life times. In one word my work arena can be called group of awakened souls. I will go after this class and will endeavor that with their help that aim of Almighty God is fulfilled wherein man by abstaining from un-holiness makes intense efforts to usher in a radiant world future in the 21 st century.

Scientists and philosophers are very important. I will incite scientists not to misuse their sharp intellects in designing various apparatus for warfare. Every nation is hell bent on seeing to it that their scientists find ways to ensure victory and that the enemy nation gets a stinging blow. After subtlizing the psyche I will not allow this to happen. The talent and intellect of high stature scientists in future will not be allowed to be misused for destructive purposes. Now their wise brains will return to design small technology which will encourage true cottage industries. In order to set an example I will create the necessary situation.

I will endeavor that a simplicity movement commences. Decentralization too should set in. People should make it a habit to use hand made things. People must abhor fashion trends, wastage of any sort and vain pomp. People should not run to cities and instead smaller towns must flourish. Along with freedom movement Gandhiji had conjoined Khadi to it. At that time it appeared strange. But todays farsighted student of economics accepts that if we yearn to live peacefully then simplicity of living must definitely be inculcated. Big factories must be used only for making big machines but it should be discouraged from entering the arena of requirements of daily living. Cloth industry must use hand machines. Other materials used in daily life must be made in villages. As far as this is concerned capitalists and governments may not agree. And yet the lay public must commence simplicity, hand based industry and living in small villages/towns. There is no other way to ward off joblessness. In order to overcome pollution small industries and factories must be set up in villages. In every empty space trees must be sown because this is the only way to overcome pollution. The speed of various vehicles too can be slowed down. Bullock carts may be used where ever possible. Vehicles that use electricity too can be designed. Most definitely the era of cycles will return.

The education revolution too is based on these principles. Todays youth has become disillusioned and deluded because of higher educations aim for only getting a highly paid job. True education encompasses information of requirements of daily living. Those who decide to become specialists can study those subjects deeply. For ordinary people this burden should not be put on their heads.

A new generation of writers and philosophers will take birth. On the basis of their inherent skills they will think and write their original thoughts. They will get help as far as the goal is concerned. The cupboard of the brain will open up and they will realize what needs to be written today and only that will be written.

Without taking help of the rich class, without fulfilling the desire of book sellers to reap fat profits, is it possible to publish useful literature at very low costs and that it reaches every home? I have faith that it is definitely possible. In order to fulfill the need only time will show the way and in this dark gloominess bright stars will shine forth.

Both scientists and philosophers will transform. From these 2 mines such human jewels will emerge that they will give amazing solutions to todays world problems. I will contribute to create apt circumstances for this but because my efforts will be subtle people will not be able to see or understand it.



Ram Charit Manas epic describes Lord Rams birth, his winning the Lanka war and his coronation. But this is not the entire Ramayan. Lord Ram had incarnated keeping 2 aims in mind. One was destruction of unrighteousness and second was establishing righteousness. In Tulisidasjis Ram Charit Manas only destruction of demonic character has been described. How was righteousness established? This is an independent topic. For this no less effort was required. The plan must not have been small, means too could not have been miniscule and merely a few Nala-Neels (aides) could not have executed it. But all this has not been described in that text. Establishing Rams Rule or establishing righteous rule is also called ushering in of the Golden Era or Satyuga. This task cannot succeed by merely waving a magic wand. The same amount of effort required in destroying unrighteousness is required for establishing divinity and righteousness.

We all are aware that destruction is easy and neo creation is difficult. It takes but a small matchstick to burn down an entire village but if it has to be reconstructed it takes gigantic efforts. One can easily perceive this. Establishing Rams Rule on earth is of no less importance because in reality that was the true goal. If the aim was merely to kill demons one would not get a chance to heave a sigh of relief even for a moment. How could we visualize that which we remember again and again? After Lankas battle one would see only dead corpses everywhere. On seeing burnt homes, bloody corpses etc who would believe that Lord Ram achieved something remarkable?

Whether the talk is of Lanka, Ayodhya or related areas it can be called praiseworthy only when in the place of old something new and exotic was constructed. How was it executed? This has not been described in Ramayan. Thus it means that Ram Charit Manas chief role player had not played a major role in it. This possibly was done by others. In the goal of subtlizing the psyche one aspect can be called attacking. In that what is lopsided has to be straightened. It is like a train straying away from the tracks due to an accident and is put back on the tracks using a huge crane. But merely doing this does not ensure that the train will function properly. It will have to be repaired in a loco work shop. When an inferno has to be quieted fire men put in intense effort. Once the flames cool off, people heave a sigh of relief. And yet the task of rebuilding homes, shops etc that have been burnt down remains. In days of war bridges across rivers are broken down so as to ward off the enemys attacking moves. But will they remain broken forever? They have to be reconstructed else transport will come to a halt and people will panic. Who broke the bridge to obstruct enemy attack? This is discussed everywhere and yet after the war is over how many engineers, laborers etc were required to reconstruct it is not given much importance.

These days powers of destruction, anarchy, chaos, strife and downfall are being seen everywhere. Todays chief task is to obstruct them. Whatever is done for this is called trouble-shooting? It is most required. There are ways to overcome them immediately too. Without this the vehicle will not move on. Thus giving due importance to it we must ward off the undesirable as soon as possible.



The future times are going to be direr. This is the opinion of great intellectuals of the world. In the Christian text Bible a description is given of Seven Times which is akin to world annihilation. This present time corresponds to it. In Islam religion it is said that a great calamity will occur in the 14 th century. In the Bhavishya Puran too it is mentioned that in these days dire hardships will have to be faced. In the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib there are many such predictions. Poet saint Surdas had also said that in these days dire times will occur. In Egypts pyramids carvings of such predictions can be read. Many Indian futurists on the basis of spiritual tenets and astrological calculations have said that chaotic times will have to be undergone in these days.

In western countries there are futurists of great fame whose 99% predictions come true. Amongst them are Jean Dixon, Prof. Harare, Anderson, Jon Baveri, Cheiro, Arthur Clarke, Nostradamus, Mother Shimpton, Anandacharya etc who have said that these days are going to be terrible and fearful. In the recent past a world conference of futurist had been organized in Korea and fearful times are in the offing had been predicted by the revered participants. In Toronto, Canada too a conference of futurologists had been organized and on analyzing present world situations it had been predicted that the future is disillusioning. Those who study the influence of stars, planets etc on earth, increasing sun spots and continuous solar eclipses taking place say that it is very dangerous for earth denizens. In 1985 Halley Comet emitted poisonous gas which was dire for world humanity and other creatures.

Even people of ordinary intellect know that with increase in world population not only will there be a lack of food, shelter etc but that maybe it will be impossible to walk on roads too. Due to industrialization and invention of varied technology, air and water are becoming sparse and polluted. Oil, ores, gas etc will not last more than 50 years. Due to nuclear testing its venomous radiations will manifest cancer and other heinous diseases in everyones bodies. Ere nuclear warfare actually took place not only mankind but plants, animals etc too will be destroyed in a big way. Imbalanced heat is melting the polar region, storms/tsunamis occur in seas and that ice age may return. There are many such causes for various calamities to occur. With reference to this if literature is to be gathered it will be clear on browsing it that in these years a great calamity will occur. It has been proclaimed that in 2000 AD Era Transformation will occur and that before neo creation takes place we will have to undergo phases of destruction. It does not matter from what standpoint we think but it is clear to great thinkers and futurists that the pit of destruction is becoming deeper and deeper.

According to politicians and newspaper reporters a very worrisome trend is being noted that the dangers faced by world humanity today have never been seen before in the annals of world history. Peace organizations every where are making intense efforts that the clouds of danger looming large be warded off somehow. Small fights no doubt are seen here and there. Cold war can at any moment get converted to great destruction as is clearly there for everyone to see.

Even in the ancient past fights took place between demigods and demons but the tangible possibility of destruction in day to day living has never been seen so far.

These dire situations are being seen and aptly understood by Rishi-Kalpa subtly embodied souls. Under such circumstances they cannot remain silent. The austerities of Rishis are not meant for heaven, salvation or Divine Powers. These attainments can be got even by grossly embodied humans via spiritual practices. These are glories attained by great men. Rishis have to look after Gods tasks and their sole aim is to fructify it.

A Rishi and divine existence is blessing me and making me a medium to carry out world welfare tasks. The preliminary 24 Mahapurashcharans were also for raising my spiritual energy to such a high stature which would help in executing very important tasks of world well being.

They are worried and wish to overcome the danger faced by world denizens. It is not just worry but they are making intense efforts. Amongst these, one effort is to render my inner personality sacred and skillfully brilliant. It is on this basis that spiritual potency advances/evolves.

The present leg of meditation is taking place in the form of subtlizing the psyches Savitri based practices. Behind this method does not exist some special persons fame, wealth or status. The only aim is that the crippling legs of mans very existence and glory be rendered healthy. By giving this responsibility to the 5 Virbhadras the goal can be fulfilled. Ram Lakshman were known to move about sitting on Hanumanjis shoulders. This is but bestowing greatness. This can be said to be choosing of a medium/instrument. On the basis of one Gandiva bow how could a Mahabharat war be fought? This is beyond the ken of an ordinary intellect. But when Almighty God wishes his desires are fulfilled anyhow. The powerful demon Hiranyaksha was attacked by Lord Varah and this too was Gods desire.

Even this time it is my own experience that fear trends set up by demonic forces must not be allowed to succeed. Change will come about thus that either those who are involved in destruction or are planning it will transform for the better or that new humans will take birth who will overcome them. As far as world peace is concerned India will definitely play a leading role.

The intellectual class, powerful people and great thinkers of the entire world rightly fear that our globe is heading towards destruction. I am the only one who says that what is lopsided must be straightened. This very moment my prediction should be taken seriously. An intense storm will shatter the clouds of destruction everywhere and light that will overcome darkness will pervade every nook and corner of the world. This is possible via Rishis enterprise only. Within this I too will play a role either visible or subtly.

I had to visit my Master in the Himalaya Mountains time and again. There was only one question looming large in my psyche as to how at any cost the dark clouds of fear in the world are burnt to naught. I remember an incident. Two very powerful bulls in rage were fighting with each other. It appeared as though they would tear up each others tummy. It also seemed that the farm on which they were fighting too would be destroyed. At that time Swami Dayanand appeared. He challenged both of the bulls. When they refused to budge he caught hold of their horns and flung both of them on either side. They fell upside down and fearfully ran away to save their lives. This incident can be repeated even today. Mans vile intellect and distortion of nature are such 2 raging bulls which must be caught by the horns and flung far away.

In these days these very efforts are being made. Up till 2000 AD both will come under control. In the mean time here and there they will lie wounded. But the possibility of total destruction which is looming large will not take place.

In world politics Russia and Americas enmity may result in nuclear war and hence total destruction. But divine effort will give both true understanding and they will step back. In India communalism and regionalism are raising their ferocious hoods. Its flames too will be cooled down. Some very unruly efforts to play with Mother Nature are being seen but later these with understanding will be warded off. Along with defeat of Lanka an effort to reinstate Rams Rule or Golden Era is being made. Fire brigades are being used to pour water on creation of weapons of destruction. Rain clouds will pour which will ward off famine and instead bloom greenery everywhere so as to benefit man, beasts etc.

I have deep faith that man will regain true understanding. God will help and nature will bless us all. The possibility of bad times is about to end and this is my prediction for future times.

To fulfill this gigantic effort these days I am creating my 5 representatives. Along with spiritual practice of silence and seclusion intense austerities too are being undergone. These representatives will be no less potent than my self. But because they will be subtle they will forcefully awaken talented people of the world for the goal of neo creation just as my Guru had awakened me.

Following classes are not less in number viz. intellectuals, rulers, artists, wealthy, sensitive. Many amongst these by giving up selfishness will use their skills for world welfare and very amazingly the world atmosphere shall transform.

Up till 2000 AD my existence will remain and I will play my role even better than what I have been doing so far. It may happen that I will give up my physical body in the mean time. Along with Rishis of Himalayan region I will work using my potent subtle body. Whatever is to be done will be as per the advice of my Guru. As a result of his guidance I have worked only for world welfare. In comparison to the past whatever will occur in future will be glorious and great. None shall ever doubt this on making a note of my daily routine and future role.

One must understand that the desire power of ordinary people too works. There is pressure from laymans opinions. Today those people who have the capacity to distort circumstances will have to bow down to awakened world opinion. In order to awaken world opinion the movement called Prajna Abhiyan has commenced. This will not only augment but will become very potent. It will influence talented people of every field and will pressurize them by transforming their thinking to use their skills for constructive purposes instead of destruction that they are heading towards. Talent is a great energy. Wherever it functions it achieves miraculous feats. Todays problems are interrelated. One is deeply bound to the other whether it is environment pollution or warfare technology, whether it is the rise of crime and un-ethics or it is natural calamities like epidemics, famine etc. Just solving one and letting the others remain unsolved will not do. Solutions at one go will have to be unearthed and if our desire is true the solutions will definitely be sighted.

Amongst energies 2 are leading ones. It is via these that something is created or destroyed. One is weapon power and wealth power. The second is intellectual and congregational power. In the past via weapon power and wealth power man was demeaned, pressurized using unfair means and was made to act as per the whims and fancies of a small group of dictator like people. This is none other than demonic forces. In the future divine energy will come forward and the influence of intellectual and congregational power will be seen. Everyone will see for themselves what all divine powers can do when used in a wholesome manner.

Justice will rule the roost, ethics will be imbibed everywhere, the world will live peacefully as a family and share things with each other. Via lay public sentiments if this principle is accepted truly solutions to problems will be found, new programs will emerge, efforts will be made and ultimately the goal will be reached.

Atmavat sarvabhuteshu (all creatures are my very soul) and Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (world united as a family) are 2 principles which if imbibed will tell us which undesirable qualities exist and in order to overcome them what type of efforts will have to be made? What type of struggle will have to be undergone? Mans potential is limitless. If he/she resolves to do something wholesome there is no difficult task which cannot be fulfilled.



The cause behind the possibility of a 3 rd world war wherein guns were pressed on each others heads was rule by certain classes. For how long did it continue? This question is pointless. But what took place was that a few powerful groups usurped large chunks of land and started arrogantly ruling over its weak minded indwellers. In short this is government system. Right since Adams Era up till now with a few changes this is what is going on.

A certain group of rulers of the above type threw 2 bombs on Japan and forced them to surrender. This method of rule is venomous and as long as it lasts wars will continue to be fought. Today the worry is more because there is a possibility of nuclear warfare. Even if this is warded off there are other means that can lead to war. This because at the root of wars is powerful groups ruling and harassing weak subjects. It is on this basis that borders of various countries were etched. If this were not the case the partitioning would have merely been geographic. In that there would be one special quality that the downtrodden would have ruled. The talented class would have helped these downtrodden to get uplifted in an all round manner. Powerful people are less and weak are more. Hence in order to reform and sanctify the majority the responsibility has to be shouldered by progressive people. But where does one see all this? A group of few powerful people with the force of their intellect, rule, knowledge and wealth amass land everywhere and ask people to live as per their dictate. This is nothing but jungle law. The saying that the bull is his who has a stick is being actually seen everywhere. The root cause of strife is the partitioning of various nations and a few potent groups bossing over it as rulers. This is nothing but snatching and grabbing of land. The more one is powerful the more one succeeds in instilling fear in others and thus emerges dictatorship.

Right since ancient times this is what is happening. The more one had dacoit groups the more neighboring areas were attacked and land, wealth etc was forcefully grabbed. Today the ways have changed. Today fights are not so open. Over it is the covering of principles. Yet the fact is one that powerful people want to boss over neighboring or far off countries so that the latter can be oppressed and one can greedily amass more power.

The borders of countries have become such that it appears natural. Those who have grabbed it seem just rulers of that nation. But if we deeply analyze on the basis of justice and aptness the story is totally different. Where is equality seen on earth where its children were born? Where does one see the prosperous people sharing their material comforts with less fortunate class of men? If this were to happen where would there be a need of few powerful groups usurping land and rule over it like dictators? The worlds land would be looked upon as belonging to God and in every area each one would benefit equally. In the name of nations there would not be borders Even if borders were penned its cause would not be partitioning but would have been an easy geographical solution for traveling etc.

Petrol and oil seem to be majority in Middle East Arab countries. A few Arabs own it but since land belongs to everyone that natural wealth should benefit everybody. A lot of land in America and Africa lies bare. Since China and India are over populated, they require more land. This world should be a peaceful family and its land should belong to all. Everyone should benefit equally from its production. Crime commences when indwellers of a certain area start lording over it and whatever is produced there (oil, ores, petrol etc) is usurped by them.

The worst thing about crime is that the mighty cannot tolerate the weak. As a result everyone tries to become more powerful and the smaller ones get crushed in the mean time. Small or big wars have taken place due to this trend and if this continues no end can be sighted.

In my previous writings I had tried to show that as of now war can be warded off. I predict with emphasis that definitely war will not take place. Missiles of one country aiming at its enemy nation will stop functioning. But what will happen as a result? Wars are not always fought using guns. The real war is economy and finance based. A different type of war can manifest. One can get shattered in a different manner. Then where is the solution?

Now the solution will not be got by check mate but with one blow. Not only will nuclear war stop but that borders of nations will disappear and those who usurp land and lord over it will not be allowed to do so in future. At that time the countries seen today on the world map will no longer be seen. A World Nation will be born and even if borders are designed it will only be for easy transport, governance and wholesome industrialization.

This might appear impossible for those who think and hear all this. Why would America give up its land and why would Russia become lax with its friends? Why would China partition the land it owns? Why would oil producing countries share their production with others? There is a possibility that no one will voluntarily do all this. This is true especially the developed and advanced nations. Who listens to the voice of poor people there? Where do the poor have any power to enforce re-bordering the world? Todays circumstances show that change along the lines of what is being written here seems impossible. It is not necessary that what man thinks just now definitely will happen in future. In recent times tremendous changes have taken place as far as various nations geographical, financial and intellectual condition is concerned. One will only be amazed on noting it. What is the difference seen after the 1 st world war and 2 nd world war? If one notes this from the standpoint of economic and politics a wondrous change has taken place in the world. They are so amazing that people at that time would not even have envisaged it. If one delves deep into the times of Hitlers rise and fall it will be clear that in that short time span a lot of changes took place in Europe which none had imagined previously.

Wars will be stopped hook line and sinker. For minor problems like atomic bombing be stopped and that chemical warfare comes to an end why should Divine Energies intervene? All this could have even been done by mans gross intellect. If today God intervenes so as to stop wars he will also have to see to it that their root cause which is borders between all nations be deleted once and for all. In future the earths map will remain the same but in it those big small countries seen will no longer exist. Since long people have dreamt of a single world nation. People have so far only imagined about this world united peacefully as a family but henceforth make no mistake this will actually be realized in the near future.

Amongst the powerful class there is only one and that is the backward class. This class from the standpoint of knowledge, means, experience and education lags behind. This class forms the majority in world society. Hence their say should mean a lot. Those who are wealthy and intelligent are small in number yet they are very powerful. Elderly people look after small children. From this standpoint so called elderly will have to think in a new way. They will have to look after the world public which although large in number is small as far as power is concerned. This is like elderly people looking after many children and rendering them capable. They will have to renounce the policy of benefitting from others weakness.

Divine acts are called miracles. In very dark gloom one wonders from where it ushers in the hot ball of the sun. Since we daily view this it is not considered a miracle. Yet it is a miracle. One wonders from where clouds appear in the sky and one wonders how it pours as rain in jungles to render them lush green. This is very much mindboggling. If knives waved during a totally destructive war are withdrawn without it being fought then understanding should accept that the borders of various countries from the standpoint of cause and effect are very unnatural and least beneficial. Hence these borders must be wiped off eternally. This change will not take place from the standpoint of which class is more powerful and how much of flesh it digs up. In fact it will take place from the standpoint that ultimately all of mankind has to dwell on this very planet earth that too peacefully. He has to live for very long. If this is true then instead of chaos everyday it is best that we sit down so as to think in a serene manner and decide what is apt and what is not. Over here we must remember that not mere brawn but true wisdom will prevail.

Man will no longer be partitioned. He will not belong to one particular caste, sect etc. Similarly borders will not be created on the basis of who out of sheer muscle/money power has taken possession of a particular region. It is no point lamenting over past history. Ancient has to be neo created. When this earth was formed and mankind was born there was no country, caste, community, race etc to categorize it. Based on needs many could travel anywhere in the world without passport/visa etc. Wherever he found means useful for sustenance of life there he resided. Mans habit is to gather and not waste. Hence he created families, villages, towns etc. But today things are so problematic that we cannot live together and share things. Those who try to gather face envy and ultimately reap losses. Those who have more are more loved by God, he is more meritorious and of good fate; this alas does not hold true today.

Things are well nigh difficult. It is difficult to stop agitation. Those who believe that these difficulties shall be warded off must harbor one more faith that the world will be mapped newly and new world governance will come into being. This old body has become quite withered. It has been tattered. It will not be enough to sew it. It belongs to a very small world. It is not of 3 years but of 23 years. Hence it will have to be transformed in totality. We will force various government heads to think in a new way and stop all talks of waging wars. Steps taken in this direction must be withdrawn. Knives must return to their boxes. Along with this we will force great thinkers to realize that they proclaim todays world group as inapt and tell everyone that the old is dead and that in its place the new will be reinstated based on contemporary circumstances. One world-one nation will not just remain a principle. On its basis in fact programs will be designed and a single world, language, religion and culture will be born. Disparity based on caste, sects and wealth will end from its very roots. Whatever has to be done for this, will be done successfully by thinking and enterprising world leaders. Hence such upheaval will be seen in world thinking that what is lopsided will be straightened.



The battle between Lord Ram and demon Ravan took place for 2 months. After this what happened to the monkeys, bears etc who were brought from Mount Rishi Mukh? After building the bridge did Nal-Neel retire with pension? Were Bharat and Lakshman relegated to merely fanning Lord Ram? No, definitely not! They were all immersed in creative activities and were making plans for return of the Golden Era. Lord Krishnas friends, the Gopas who helped the former lift the Govardhan Mountain did not go on a holiday. The Mahabharat War too ended in about 2 months. After this, what did everyone do? The answer is that gigantic efforts under the guidance of King Parikshit were made to reinstate apt management. This is also what monkeys, bears etc did.

Lord Buddha who roamed entire India and built Sanghas did so for about 30 years. After this thousands of Buddha followers did not just vanish like that. After being released from prison Satyagraha and Sarvodaya members took part in creative activities. The writing method of historians is such that they describe only the pomp of marriage ceremony and nothing after that. After marriage what took place between the 2 families, they do not bother to describe. Despite this it must not be believed that the initial fights and wars are the be all and end all of everything. More important is what happens afterwards and how creative tasks were executed later.

A seed is sown in one day. People find an auspicious time to do so but forget that till the harvest actually blooms lots of work is required. But so what? Let those who write about this do so in their own way but facts will remain facts. An operation may take 1 hour but it takes a long time to bandage and heal the wound.

Over here we are talking about subtlizing the psyche. Only one aspect is in my responsibility realm. I have only that much capacity and time span that is required to remove a car from an eddy and bring it back on the road. But this does not mean that nothing more needs to be done after that. Whatever needs to be done is as important as what is to be done to a patient after he/she has undergone an operation of 1 hour. Multifaceted creation is more difficult than destroying something. A few people have used many expensive and laborious methods to lead astray and create downfall of world society and that bad habits and addictions have become a part and parcel of daily living. Now not only will efforts be made to induce them to give up these taints but that a new arrangement will have to be made to ensure cultured behavior based on ethics and values.

I have 2 types of working methods. One is a shield and the other is a sword. With one I protect myself and with the other I attack unwholesome things. These days the task of attack seems big visibly because it has created problems of life and death. Destruction is at its peak. If it were to be allowed to play out for even a short time span there would not remain even a clue of civilization and nature that has existed for millions of years. The downfall of earth would be akin to a graveyard and one would see skulls and ghosts dancing everywhere. Bullets will have to be aimed at the production centers of destruction so that before world annihilation sets in they mend their ways and will not spread terror which they arrogantly vouch to do. This is one task to be fulfilled. This is my responsibility. After subtilizing the psyche I have faith that it is possible to design Indras thunderbolt which was Dadhichis blessings and can thus shatter demon Vritrasuras ego. I have faith that River Ganges will manifest on earth to appease its thirst for peace and progress and will thus bestow serenity on it. In this will be at work some Bhagirathas austerities.

The other aspect is like nurturing a nursery of plants. In future this very earth has to be made heaven like. The broken chains of human glory need to be aptly repaired. What we have lost must be duly regained. Hence on this very earth we must grow the Nandan forest and Kalpavriksha or the wish fulfilling tree. Arrangements must be made along side. No doubt the factory that produces guns, bullets etc must be looked after well (to overcome unwholesome trends) but along with this a huge nursery needs to be set up so as to usher in heaven on earth.

In the Parshuram tradition this is exactly what had happened. Once he had cut off the heads of terrorists and thus the earth was freed from the wiles of unwholesome thinkers. He fulfilled the goal of brain washing and thought based revolution. Immediately after this he threw his axe in Ganga Sagar and picked up a new weapon. In this manner he sowed seeds for new gardens with fruits to bloom and also instilled a zeal for neo creation. Due to his endeavor there was greenery everywhere. People were amazed to see these activities of his which seemed as though they were opposing in nature. In war is required valor, daring and other means. But for neo creation thousand fold more intelligence, alertness and means are required. There let the names of generals be printed in bold letters everywhere but in reality the credit goes to those small time engineers who designed programs for neo creation and with zeal succeeded in doing so.

On hospital tables one finds scissors, knives etc neatly arranged but very nearby are needles, threads, cotton, gauze etc to sew and heal operated areas. Else if only cutting with knife was done the task would be incomplete. And in fact if healing does not take place more problems can crop up.

I have to make arrangements for both tasks. By contacting divine powers arrangements have to be made to aim fist blows against terrorist activities so that in future they dare not raise their hoods again. For this I desire the help of seniors and capable people and this is exactly being done. I am already getting some help from them and have faith that what is lacking will be fulfilled duly. In the near future the bugle of great destruction in every arena has been sounded. Those who are witnessing these situations maintain that a gigantic destruction is set to occur.

Despite this what I am predicting is very different from what others opine. I maintain that not only will the world continue to exist but that it will do so in a very befitting and grand manner. Those who have interest in these matters may note my prediction. Small wars will take place in a few regions here and there. Despite this a gigantic downfall will not occur wherein entire world humanity faces great danger.

Apart from this the other aspect deals with neo creation. For that, a tube well needs to be dug, generator has to be set up and a plant nursery has to be nurtured. A go-down of seeds has to be gathered. Tractors need to be bought and every mean has to be bought so that a green harvest ensues. What could be these means? Where could they be? The answer is only one and that is that right till the end my gathered spiritual wealth will help fulfill our task. By gathered wealth I mean the International Gayatri Family that has been formed. Amongst them majority seem tiny and low. Their capacity and credentials do not seem up to the mark and yet we must have faith that these tiny saplings will grow into huge green trees. Thus the garden will bloom with greenery everywhere. Todays small calves will in future plough fields and pull chariots. Everyones children are initially unruly. Where do they have wisdom? Yet they appear so sweet and beautiful. Their crazy behavior is so pleasing. On their lips shines a bright future. It will not be an overstatement if we say that the same holds true for All World Gayatri Family. Amongst them mighty Hanuman and Angads are few in number but if we delve deeper this family oozes with Jatayu, Shabari, Kevat and the squirrel who bloom forth with devotion. Despite being small in stature one must have faith in their prowess.

These days I am focusing in 3 directions. One is in my own direction wherein via subtilizing the psyche I am attaining a very high spiritual stature. In these difficult tests I must pass with flying colors else the bullet will not pierce its target and I will be mocked at by everyone.

The second one is to understand world problems, gather cooperation of highly intellectual people of various fields of the world and shower bullets on those centers of the world which are out to destroy everything. All these activities are of the subtle world. I am not carrying a flag with me in the gross world to shower bullets and cannons literally speaking.

The 3 rd endeavor is to see to it that those amongst the All World Gayatri Family who are devoted to the mission do not weaken their efforts after I give up my physical body. I will see to it that their zeal does not fritter away and will nurture the saplings of the nursery to lead them to such growth that later they will grow into full blown trees that will benefit the world.

Amongst the above 3 programs none is less important. Making use of merely one of them will not fulfill the desired goal. Along with this it is definite that even one of them cannot be looked upon as less important and thus ignored. I am alertly doing whatever I can to fulfill these 3 goals. Under such circumstances if I cannot meet people, if I cannot affectionately bless devotees and instead live in seclusion I request everyone to forgive me even if I appear egoistic, selfish and that my action is disliked by all. I have full faith in the sacred intellect of Gayatri Family members and that by keeping in mind the high stature fruits of my spiritual practice they will whole heartedly cooperate with me.

During times of austerities in seclusion and while writing based on Yoga practices I remember what Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo said. These he had uttered while performing secluded penance when India was fighting for political freedom. I will quote him over here:

That great and gigantic India which should have become powerful and should have played a major role in Era Transformation is undergoing sorrow. What exactly is its sorrow? Definitely there is a flaw and something living is missing. We have everything yet we are devoid of energy and power. We have given up worshipping divine energy. Divine Mother is neither in our hearts, in our brains nor in our arms. Under the aegis of rejuvenating this gigantic nation so many efforts were made, so many movements were organized in all fields like religion, social, political etc but always ill fate was our lot. Our beginnings are great. Yet no results accrue and no immediate fruits are witnessed. We do not lack in wisdom. High stature personality of wisdom has been born in this country. Yet this wisdom is corpse like and is like a slow poison that is killing us. Wisdom is incomplete without divine energy and soul power. Devotion and zest no doubt are laudable. Yet the flame of devotion requires divine energy. When a healthy character is lit by wisdom, is disciplined by action and conjoins to Cosmic Energy one becomes capable of attaining Gods grace. If we think deeply we will realize that first and foremost we need energy and it is none other than soul power, high stature spiritual energy. Without this we are lame, India is lame and the world is handicapped. India will again have to attain this Divine Energy, it will have to be reborn again because the worlds radiant future is dependent on it. Amongst world humanity it is in the destiny of India to attain highest grace which will benefit the entire world. For devotion to this energy again and again great people have incarnated. Under this aegis if I was chosen for making lone efforts it shall definitely be my greatest good fortune.

In reality via this writing of Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo written around the year 1905 it becomes clear that he so much desired a bright future for India. This very inner inspiration, the command from the divine subtle world forced him to stop working as a revolutionary for Indias political freedom and instead was asked to do secluded penance for heating up the subtle atmosphere. It will not be an overstatement to say that my subtlizing the psyche based seclusion too is along these lines. I hope Gayatri Family members will seriously take note of this.



Seers of Spiritual science again and again exhort us to know our true self, to realize it and thus get spiritually uplifted. They command: Atmanam vidhi and Atmavarey jnatavya. This means that man has very little knowledge about the unknown arena of his/her body and he/she does not know that he/she can march ahead on the path of soul advancement. Whenever this wisdom dawns one understands the subtle layers and thus one lives liberated while yet alive. We have the example of Sidhartha who via self reflection/introspection attained wisdom so as to be called Lord Buddha. Yet we do not understand what exactly exists in us which we are not aware of. When we are asked who we are we talk about our name, lineage, clan etc. The physical body is separate from its soul and that the soul is the controller is not known by majority of people. There are so many who study scriptures, give discourses etc yet do they attain Divine Wisdom or Self Realization?

In reality man is born ignorant. He undergoes education and merely learns how to live a routine based life feed his family and sometimes works for social service. This social knowledge is gathered from ones environment. There are a few people who because of good deeds done in past lives do not limit themselves thus and instead uplift themselves to attain divine consciousness. After gaining apt guidance such people ward off spiritual ignorance by attaining God/Self realization. They come out from the species called animal man, overcome the bondage of ignorance and attain bliss of divine cosmic consciousness or God. These are called Jivan Muktas or liberated in life.

Many people are unaware about their true divine identity. Since they look upon knowledge given by their sense organs as the be all and end all of life they are no different from beasts. There is this famous episode of 4 blind men who tried to describe an elephant after touching its body. Obviously their findings differed from each other. Every person has gigantic lungs. Since man cannot breathe very deeply only a minor area of the lungs is utilized. Yet if the breathing process is abnormal there are people who are attacked by TB, asthma etc. Only 13% of the brain is utilized by ordinary people and a little more by rare people of talent. But this does not mean that the rest of the brain potential does not exist at all.

Over here we are discussing the irony of man forgetting his true self as a result of which he is ignorant about subtle layers of soul wealth existing in his body. When these layers are awakened man becomes extraordinary. This ignorance persists because those who give importance to the gross only never make effort to unfold subtle powers. They say that whatever they perceive via the 5 senses only is true. What is not visible cannot exist. As long as soul consciousness lies inactive and does not get transformed into high stature activity, poisonous elements will raise their hoods in the dark areas of the ignorant soul and ones inner personality will experience a gigantic downfall.

Anatomy students are shown organs of the body via dissection. But how can they see consciousnesses residing in the body? Since in the subtle body lie the 5 sheaths, 6 Chakras and the spiritual wealth of subtle nerves that cannot be perceived by the gross eyes, how will they even believe that these do exist? Just as there are limitations as far as anatomy is concerned so too physiology has its limits. They believe only what they perceive via the senses example blood circulating in the body etc. Even apparatus that measures electrical flow, human magnetism etc have their own limitations. Beyond this in the subtle realm these machines give only incomplete information.

Spiritual seers do not believe that their existence is limited to the gross visible body. They accept the existence of the subtle world and identify divine consciousness that pervades the individual and the cosmos as supreme existence. They conduct research in the laboratory of their soul existence and via Yoga practices of meditation/concentration research into the subtle layers of the body so as to unfold the mystery of give and take between the individual and cosmos. Great scriptures and spiritual seers unfold the mystery of the subtle world which as true as what we seen with our gross eyes.

Since the gross body is involved in daily routine activities it tires very fast but the subtle body is feather weight. It can travel even faster than the speed of light and travels in the subtle world of sound vibrations. It can fulfill such goals which are impossible for the gross body to execute. It is hence that subtly embodied souls can travel speedily in various worlds that are beyond gross limitations and such activities can be carried out by them whose reason/cause cannot be found in the gross arena. Generally such acts are called chance, accidental or divine grace. The methodology of subtlizing the psyche is mind boggling and with its aid Rishis, great souls etc are known to perform many seemingly impossible feats. There is no limitation of age for these Jivan Muktas who dwell in their gross body and yet as an exception there are some saints who on giving up the gross body, function via their potent subtle bodies. All this is done for world welfare.

Over here we are discussing my subtlizing the psyche based spiritual practice. Whatever I have done with the gross visible body can be aptly measured in future only. In the preliminary part of this book I have discussed what will happen after subtlizing the psyche and what needs to be done. This is an imperishable law that only via the medium of spirituality all those goals will be fulfilled which will ward off tainted situations during the Era Junction period. I have performed high stature Gayatri spiritual practice for 24 years and also daily worshipped God and meditated regularly. Now only the ending of it remains. This is the greatest effort which will transform present circumstances from their very roots. In future one shall see miraculous results of the soul manifesting in a subtle form.

A question may be raised that if in the gross visible form such impossible feats have been executed then what was the need to undergo subtlizing the psyche spiritual practice. The answer is only one and that is that on noting that gigantic situations have become very dire, via many divine souls present in divine consciousness in a subtly embodied manner these problems will be solved. The arrangement in the invisible world is similar to that in the gross world where ceaselessly roam invisible ancestors in their subtle form. Via their activities they influence the gigantic cosmos even if they are not visible to the gross eyes. After subtlizing the psyche a spiritual aspirant becomes a member of this class and despite being in the gross body on earth a bond is established with them.

The awakening of the subtle body helps establish a bond of give and take between the gross and subtle world. As a result those mysteries of soul existence are unfolded which world laymen are unaware of.

In order to awaken the subtle body a spiritual aspirant has to undergo many types of meditation-concentration techniques that are Yoga based. What is the stature of the 6 Chakras, 5 Sheaths, 3 subtle glands and subtle nerves called Ida-Pingala and Sushumna? Further when this unknown wealth gets awakened how does a devotee become the master of infinite Divine Powers? All this I have been teaching in great detail based on Super Power Kundalini and its activation. Today there is widespread discussion everywhere of Extrasensory Powers called ESP and yet that is but a minor glimpse of awakening of Super Power Kundalini. There exist other higher classes wherein more importance is given to soul powers rather than ESP. On controlling the mind consciousness there are many people who perform rare feats which are impossible for merely the gross body to carry out. All these miracles are based on subtlizing the psyche.

The causal body is that subtle aspect of consciousness where divine souls are active. At the pinnacle of subtlizing the psyche technique when a close bond is established between mans individual consciousness and divine cosmic consciousness it is said that the causal body has been awakened. A great saint who attains this high stature harbors no individual desires in his/her psyche. The causal body made from the psyches subtle layers from the standpoint of spiritual physiology is the technique wherein earths consciousness establishes a bond with cosmic consciousness. When it awakens the Divine Energies present within too awaken and thus perform various amazing tasks. The 5 deities are present as the 5 Sheaths in the human body. In reality they are 5 levels of human consciousness and when the last state is attained it unites/merges with divine consciousness. If the 5 aspects of consciousness called Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath are brought under ones control that person becomes divine in nature. Material scientists are aware of only 3 aspects. In the form of time and space Einstein had thought of the 4 th aspect of consciousness wherein the existence of anti matter and anti particles had been accepted. Over and above this 4 th aspect is the highest 5 th aspect wherein exists a conscious existence or from the material standpoint wherein some particles can be identified and trapped. Modern day scientists have no clue about this. Spiritual seers show that this final aspect is that 5 th aspect which tells us about the existence of divine consciousness wherein the individual consciousness that has been rendered subtle can be experienced.

In the human body the divine creator has very skillfully designed the subtle mould of the subtle world. One has been given the freedom to awaken this latent subtle body which can be used for multifaceted tasks. Great realized saints (Siddhas) do exactly this and perform spiritual practices to awaken the subtle body with the gross and causal with the subtle. Thus it can be proved that what spiritual seers of yore have said is cent percent true. In comparison to what a disease free, strong, zestful physical body can do the subtle body can do n fold more from the thought and sentimental point of view.

The spiritual practice of subtlizing the psyche is in reality the Yoga practice of soul awakening. Over here where on the one hand a person becomes the master of Divine Powers there on the other hand it is possible to help benefit many others, the atmosphere and the entire world by establishing a bond of give and take with the subtle world. My spiritual practice too is meant for such high stature goals.



Sometimes such times appear wherein like epidemics unwholesome activities/behavior are on the rise and like a gigantic creeper grow uninterrupted. Despite having no roots this creeper grows fast and in a short time span a full grown tree gets covered by it. There are worms that grow on plants without any external help and thus the plant gets destroyed.

Vile thinking and unwholesome activities have become like a fashion trend. The gravitational force of earth pulls everything down towards the ground. Without any effort water too flows downwards. The activities of vileness too are akin to this. It runs in the direction of defeat and downfall whereas to uplift something extraordinary hard work is required.

For example when demon Ravan was born he was alone. Not only did his children imbibe a tainted lifestyle but his lineage and subjects too followed suit. Everywhere unwholesome activities proliferated. Demons Kansa, Jarasandha, Vrittasura etc too followed this trend and everywhere there was lack of ethics and human values. Such tainted times have appeared again and again in the pages of world history. But the plan of the creator is such that it will not allow taints and vileness to cross its limits. As long as children make mistakes up to a certain limit elders forgive them but when they cross these limits they are slapped hard and ears are tweaked. If this were not the case unruliness would exceed all proportions and the worlds management would go awry.

Since the past 2000 years vile activities, criminal acts etc have crossed all limits. Powerful people have harassed the weaker section of society. This era can be called the Dark Age. Powerful people after joining hands have misused their capabilities. Those who were weak never thought of opposing this harassment. Man has an inherent capacity to fight hardships and this is his special quality. Man in reality has been molded in such a way that maybe he cannot defeat unwholesomeness but he can at least oppose it. Instead of allowing lack of ethics to go on merrily or instead of enduring it man can at least oppose it to uplift human glory.

When vile people fail to give up their tainted acts and those who are harassed refuse to oppose it, it hurts the sentiments of Almighty Lord who has created this world. The Lord is very angry when vile people do not give up heinous acts and that those who are oppressed do not take firm action so as to oppose vile people. No doubt tainted activities flourish in the world but it is for those who are harassed who must stand up valiantly and obstruct all this. In the name of compassion, forgiveness etc taints and vileness are allowed to flourish all the more. Opposing vileness is conjoined to human glory.

When both sides err the creator gets angry on seeing that his world management is crippled. And what man cannot do God intervenes and does. This is why Avatars appear time and again. Whenever such dire times manifest God takes control of the situation and endeavors to balance that which is unbalanced. God has vowed that Yada yada hi dharmasya Time and again God has fulfilled his promise.

Our times are called the Age of Progress. In these days information technology and scientific research have evolved in an extraordinary manner. Thus means of material comforts too have augmented a great deal. In ancient times so many material comforts did not exist and yet in general people were happy and contented. But today, despite there being quite a few material comforts, man is discontented and agitated. The reason is not lack of comforts but that these are not being used aptly. The true nature of intelligence lies in the fact that whatever is available must be used wholesomely. Mans needs are limited and along with this his production capacity is much more. Despite all these means being available it is amazing that world humanity is tensed and agitated. This is the major problem of contemporary times. This problem must be solved else along with wealth mans hardship and tension too will augment.

Apt use of information technology and scientific research means it must conjoin to ethics and values. In wholesome usage every object becomes a pleasure and will help uplift us both materially and spiritually. But if by imbibing vile thinking it is misused its dire results will have to be faced and despite making intense efforts mankind will remain discontented, face lack and will be demeaned. Today this is exactly what is happening. It is not lack of materials but that its misuse is harassing one and all. Ere the root cause is not overthrown the problem will remain unsolved and discomfort/discontent will be the result.

Man has attained so much extra capacity in comparison to his ordinary needs that apart from his own needs he can fulfill the needs of his family, friends, relatives etc. Yet what happens is exactly the opposite. People are unhappy and pained. The cause is only one and that is that whatever is attained is misused. Everyone has the capacity to do a lot with the help of their time, hard work, intellect and talent. Yet it is amazing that forget helping others, man cannot even fulfill his own needs.

Almighty God is compassionate towards those who possess a pious character and metes out punishment to those who are unruly and unethical. Since the past 2000 years unethical behavior has been witnessed in virtually every field of life. When man attains more power than desirable he behaves in an unwholesome manner. He forgets discipline and self control and acts in such a way which is despicable. Under such circumstances when criticism did not work God meted out punishment and did that which should discipline hooliganism.



Energy and power can be aptly used only by pious people. Vile people always misuse it. In the past times it has been noted that achievements in the fields of knowledge and science have been misused. Via science war instincts have been encouraged. Via industrialization it is thought that amass as much wealth as possible speedily. Intellect is used for shrewd cunning activities. Energy and power is used to oppress the weaker section of world society. In a gist one can say that attainments have been misused.

Further this is exactly how scientific achievements have been misused. The results are there for all to see. There is pollution everywhere. Powerful people fearlessly behave unethically. Apt behavior and self control are totally forgotten. The attainments of today are given the name shrewdness. When the majority use certain ways of living it becomes a trend or fashion. Cunningness and unethical activities are ruling the roost everywhere. No one fears Almighty Gods wrath.

These unwholesome activities totally oppose worlds apt management. If there were no reaction for an action, darkness would rule the world. Justice would not exist. No one would fear sinning and everyone would loot each other for selfish gains. But this does not happen. The creator of this world has set rolling the law of reaction for every action executed. As a result man who insists on behaving unwholesomely has to face apt punishment. In the last century 2 world wars and 200 regional wars have been fought wherein such deadly weapons were used that people lost their lives, property and wealth. So much poison mixed with air and water that it was difficult to lead a normal life. Crimes augmented like floods. Bodily and mental health collapsed. Everyone was suspicious of one another because terror spread everywhere. Thus none could even breathe peacefully. Knowledgeable seers warn us that in future too situations may become worse.

Man was given many responsibilities but instead he insisted on crippling world management. He has been given responsibilities of a protector, gardener and one who instills development. Instead he has dirtied this gigantic garden called the world.

As long as man imbibed right actions and apt method of living everything was alright. Even nature was balanced. Situations were apt in every sense of the word. Such balanced times were called the Golden Era or Satyuga. There was mutual cooperation and affection between man and man and thus everyone benefited. Nature too blessed the world. No one faced calamities which result when natures balance goes haywire. There was joy and peace everywhere. As long as man did not cross limits everything was joyful and blissful.

There is a law that prevails in this world that where on the one hand wholesome activities/behavior are suitably rewarded there on the other hand when man gives up self control and acts in an unruly fashion then sooner or later he has to face bitter fruits of misdeeds. When children in school behave in an undisciplined manner the teacher in order to establish discipline has to act in a tough manner. Today this is exactly what is happening. Individuals and society are facing dire times and hardships. Due to erroneously snatching things from each other man faces lack of joy and peace. Agitated people in order to forget their sorrow indulge in addictions and sense merriment. But will this give us self contentment? Nature always has her hunter ready to whiplash unwholesome activities, else how can apt world management succeed?

The creator while creating the world decided that when man loses self control and starts acting unethically punishment will definitely be meted out even if it appears very harsh. Those who walk lopsidedly will definitely be straightened. Today this is what is happening. Almighty Lord by pouring hardships and natural calamities in the world is telling mankind that if he insists on misbehaving and acting unlawfully he will have to face dire consequences. Where on the one hand Almighty Lord has given 6 billion people of the world very wholesome material comforts there he has also made arrangements to punish us. It is well known that this will be called hard heartedness on the part of Almighty God yet he has to behave thus for apt world management. If todays situations are studied minutely it is crystal clear that unethical activities have been encouraged openly and its bitter results are that man has had to face many problems and hardships since world management has gone awry.



Sometimes sensitivity and emotions reached such peaks that a statue of Dronacharya made of clay could help Eklavya master the art of archery. When Mira called Lord Krishna the latter would dance with her. Gandhari out of respect for her husband had bandaged her eyes with a strip of cloth and thus her eyes amassed so much power that on merely visualizing her son Duryodhans body it got converted into 8 types of metals. At that time curses and boons worked like weapon attacks and invaluable gifts. This was the miracle of sentimental sensitivity. It was looked upon as a fact and it passed every test.

Today only the material world remains. The soul has disappeared. Body and sense merriment are the be all and end all of life. This is the age of tangible proof. Only that is true which is seen by the gross eyes and that which needs time to delve deep into is all false. The soul cannot be seen. God cannot be seen in some particular place and performing various actions and hence for such people God too does not exist.

Material science depends on visible/tangible proof and hence only that much is true for them. There was a time when faith in the existence of consciousness was there but today this belief does not exist because it cannot be proved akin to pressing a button wherein light and fan start functioning. The test for material science is that what is visible and tangible only is true. One advantage of this is that no longer will blind faith exist but the loss is this that ethics, ideals and religious sentiments have been totally disregarded. Hence discipline that helps shine human glory too is virtually overthrown.

As per a new belief man is looked upon as a walking/talking plant. He can also be said to be an animal that can talk. There was a time when animal slaughter was looked upon as inapt and unrighteous but this is not so today. Like bitter gourd and egg plants birds and beasts can be used to make non vegetarian food. Today we do not feel others pain and sorrow and when those who believe only in tangible proof opine that there are more benefits in eating non vegetarian food because it has more proteins why oppose animal slaughter even if it means that the discipline of ethics gets crippled and that sensitivity too rots? The same holds true for other humanity based discipline and self control. The doors of crime opened up simply because it meant that only others will face loss. On the other hand I will benefit immediately. With reference to other arenas beastly behavior rules the roost and on noting the logic and argument given in its favor it seems that unhealthy sex too will not be looked down upon. If birds and animals indulge in free sex why not human beings? In the world of creatures there is no place for righteousness, duty, responsibility, commitment etc then why should only humans get entangled in it? When a big fish engulfs a tiny fish, when big sparrows have no guilt while attacking smaller ones, when cheetahs kill weak deer then why would powerful people not harass weak people?

The age of tangible proof and modern material science have given us many basis of augmentation of material comforts, so should anyone doubt its utility value and aptness? If immediate benefits do not accrue via beliefs in the existence of the soul, action, duty, good deeds, spirituality then why accept its bondage? This is because in the immediate sense we will have to face losses only. As a result powerful people harass and oppress others.



With changing times modern science with its logic convinces laymen about its benefits hence in its place why accept austerities, self control, spirituality etc which from the standpoint of spirituality, theism and righteousness maybe praiseworthy yet when tested for immediate benefits they fail miserably?

The new logic of new times right from criminals, willful people to thinkers who think only that which is in vogue seems apt on an equal footing and seems correct in imbibing it as a belief then why should not everyone too accept it? Why not walk in that direction? The thinker Nietchze had vehemently proclaimed that in this era of logic God existing on the basis of ancient belief is dead. Now he has been buried so deeply that that in future one should not wait for God to manifest again. With reference to religion, majority of intellectuals who believe in tangible proof only say that it is like a pill of cannabis which asks the weak to keep enduring oppression and also asks them not to open their mouths against torture. Along with this it makes unethical and vile people fearless so that in this world via shrewdness and cunningness they can carry out those demeaned tasks which are unlawful. If the question of heaven is obstructive it is that much easier to bypass it. By offering worship to some demigod/goddess or performing some religious rite one can easily save oneself from the punishment of sins. If so cheaply one can ward off the results of sins executed, the road is very clear. Thus merrily one can act as per ones whims and fancies. And suppose there are chances of facing harsh fruits of one action, immediately perform some cheap religious ritual and thus overcome punishment.

Times flow along with scientific advancement is giving assent to tangible proof only. The fact remains that those who include topics like religion and spirituality in their discussions, in their own day to day living behave like unrighteous and atheist people. When we delve a bit deep into the lives of religious leaders and those who wave flags of religion it becomes clear that majority of them are selfish and it comes within the boundary of unrighteousness. In a sense vanity, pomp and sense of showing off is a type of atheism else those who praise the importance of theism and religiosity must be true to their word both within and without. For many, religion is a facade so as to benefit selfishly by eye washing others. They do not believe that God metes out justice and is all pervasive. If this were not the case those who say they are religious would not imbibe unwholesome thinking and activities. Hence so called religious people and atheists virtually sail in the same boat.

This situation is terrible. If those material comforts which have been given to us by scientific research remained out of reach for us we too like our ancestors would have lived a life of simple living, high thinking and full of peace. Majority of Rishis, great leaders, thinkers and men of penance have lived lives of hardships and lack yet their lives both materially and spiritually was not painful. It is a fact that in comparison to todays so called rich and prosperous people; they lived a life of more joy, peace and progressiveness. They joyously carved such an environment which can be called a Golden Era and which we all today wish to regain today.

The class of people who have augmented comforts and means of modern science have also created many bases for powerful people to benefit more and more. There is no doubt about this. On noting the external pomp it appears in todays times science has produced many comforts. But when one cogitates over its other aspect the scene is bang opposite. The number of prosperous, powerful and shrewd people is very less. The material comforts designed by modern science generally is in their hands. Whatever they hoard has not come down from heaven but has been snatched from those who are poor and weak and looked down upon by the rich as demeaned. This is called gift of science, era influence and age of development. For augmenting riches of few the poor have been demeaned and hence great thinkers wonder whether actually the world is progressed or not? Behind this is there a shrewd plan to let major world humanity remain poor, weak and downtrodden?



If you want to build a huge building somewhere a huge crater has to be dug up. Mud, stone, bricks etc are unearthed by digging the ground. At one place we build our house and elsewhere a crater is dug. On witnessing the number of poor, illiterate, sorrowful, diseased, and backward people in the world a thought crops up in the mind that if wealth generated was equally shared with one and all everyone would have an equal status of life. Lack is artificial. It is only for one reason that it has manifested and that is that a few people thought of hoarding more wealth on the basis of beliefs in science and tangible proof. They say that ethics, good will, sacred sentiments, equality, spirituality etc should be ignored since they are full of bondage which our ancestors thought were most required based on theism and religiosity. Tangible proof does not believe in all this hence on what basis can powerful people be convinced to imbibe good will and sense of equality? When birds and beasts cannot be convinced to become ethical and selfless, on what basis can man who is said to be a descendent of apes be convinced that although he is free to earn as much wealth as possible he must not use it entirely for selfish ends? He must also imbibe the tradition of wholesome use which involves justice, aptness, good will and sharing with everyone. Ere man was to imbibe spiritual tenets, then on the basis of material development, everyone would benefit from material comforts that augment. Entire world humanity hence would be happy and prosperous. None would behave unethically and thus none would have to endure its harsh results.

On the one hand modern science has given us many amazing material comforts there on the other hand it has grabbed the same away from us too. Some powerful people lead heavenly lives and the remaining majority rots in poverty. If only science had imbibed great wisdom then progress based on material and spiritual precepts would have equally benefited entire world humanity. But what can be done where on the one hand science gives us power and comforts there on the basis of tangible proof refuses to accept ethics, religion, self control, love, responsibility etc. Under such situations it is natural that the powerful who imbibe unruliness become demonic. Their augmented power, which was meant for uplifting the weak will definitely instead oppress them. So called progress and development tells us that it is high time we imbibe ethics, human values etc.

For example attainments got in the name of progress should not be seen as its superficial pomp but instead its bare realities must be gauged. Factories built in the name of industrialization have polluted both air and water. Augmentation of atomic energy has rendered the atmosphere so dire due to radiation emission that even if a 3 rd world war does not take place future generations will become crippled and handicapped. Excess use of fuel and energy has rendered the atmosphere so hot that oceans will overflow when snow on mountains melt and that ozone layer of the atmosphere may leak so as to allow cosmic radiations to enter earth. Chemical fertilizers and medicines for killing germs, worms etc are making earth poisonous. The speed with which oil, natural gas is being unearthed and used it appears that in a few decades it will get depleted. With increase in noise pollution people will turn insane. The aim of education will only be to fill the tummy and will have nothing to do with building a wholesome character. Food that is eaten for just taste may result in various diseases. The rate at which titillation and lewdness is encouraged man will lose his life force and there will be no remnants of intellectual skills and gentlemanliness. Nature will become barren since birds, animals etc are being killed at an alarming pace. In human relationships one will see only dryness, hard heartedness and lowliness. They are not wrong when wise leaders of the world say that world humanity will collectively commit suicide. Addictions to drugs, alcohol etc is on the rise speedily and hence man will fight man like mad dogs.

The direction in which the human race is headed not only will it lose importance but will shatter its very existence too. If a mad person lights a pile of gunpowder with a matchstick know for sure that our heavenly earth will become a pile of ash. It seems that sciences advancement and simultaneous decrease of wisdom will definitely create more and more dire situations.



When poison is worshiped as though it is nectar and when everyone yearns to attain it, transformation becomes very difficult. When loss is thought to be beneficial and since it becomes difficult to deeply understand benefit and is instead looked upon as a loss then to correct erroneous understanding becomes very difficult. In ancient times at least beliefs were true. People walked on the royal path then but today things are topsy-turvy. Those people who have gone astray think them selves correct and ask others to follow their ways. Immediate benefits have become the be all and end all of life. No one has anytime to think of the repercussions one will face later. To execute vile actions even time, effort, daring etc is required. Without daring one cannot even loot someone. Danger has definitely to be faced by one who acts despicably. No less dire situations have to be faced by one who acts criminally yet one fails to understand why there is a widespread belief today that those who imbibe truth and goodness always reap losses. According to them lowliness only is beneficial. It is seen that those who act criminally make handsome profits. Such people do not understand that farsighted thinking is required wherein profits that accrue due to criminal/vile activities result in addictions to drugs etc, ill fame and that ultimately such undesirable fruits are faced that ones friends relatives etc too face a harsh downfall and defeat. It seems as though people who run after this mirage or who like deer run after musk are virtually dying out of tiredness and wrath. Success earned via tainted means may not immediately manifest danger but sooner or later such dire situations have to be faced that it becomes difficult to escape them. But what can one say or do about those who are very shortsighted and have no time or inclination to think farsightedly? Ahead there are so many boulders and craters which one is unaware of. If one falls in this pit once no one will give a helping hand and while cursing everyone one will face fearful death. In these days this is what is seen. Devoid of ethics, success gained due to modern science has created such a delusion that people walk on the tainted path and ultimately face downfall. If the trend is going to remain thus man and world society will reap such dire results which will be very difficult to ward off. So called development and progress will prove to be more expensive than regression.

Who should be blamed for problems, undesirable elements, mockeries that have entered in every field of life? And where should one look for a solution? Regarding this one can grossly say that materialism born in the womb of tangible proof refuses to accept the utility value and need of ethics, ideals etc. Such erroneous thinking proclaims that only that which is tangibly proved and as a result which gives immediate benefits will be imbibed. Only that which reaps immediate material benefits will be accepted. Over here high ideals like ethics, good will, generosity, self control etc have no place. This philosophy of tangible proof has encouraged man to behave in an unruly willful manner. That tradition has been shattered which lauds human glory asked mankind to imbibe self control and give up despicable thinking and activities.

Comforts may seem pleasurable. Time and again it may be required. But even this fact must be realized that without mutual faith, good will, cooperation, imbibing ethics etc sensitivity and love for one another will not manifest and hence without all this we will not benefit others. One should always imbibe justice and material comforts that accrue from unwholesome activities must be shunned. Without this peace will not prevail everywhere.

If we study the history of past 100 years it becomes clear that so called progress has given hardships to majority of people. Science can successfully say that it has augmented material comforts yet in the soul/peace arena it has failed miserably. One can say that many revolutions have taken place in many arenas but can we say that we have attained ultimate long lasting bliss and joy?



Right from the end of the 18 th century to the beginning of 19 th century new arrangements were made and new methods imbibed. Ancient method of governance was uprooted and in its place democracy was successfully reinstated.

Industrialization and urbanization came into vogue during these times and development of urban rather than rural areas took place. Very small towns got converted to gigantic metro cities and tall buildings, huge factories etc were constructed. Its grandeur challenged that of heaven. All this took place in small and big nations alike.

Along with this new labor unions were established which was never seen before. There was a vast difference in terms of status as far as bosses and their servants were concerned. It was as per the wish of the boss that a servant could do a job to earn money. Yet due to establishment of labor unions the situation changed and hence bosses not only gave various facilities to their servants but that a part of their wealth too had to be shared with the latter.

In te entire world within the field of industries labor unions have been created. They have both national and international unions. They have a fair bit of their say. Via strikes they force not only their bosses but even government to mete out justice. The government too has created a labor and human resources development ministry and they see to it that problematic situations to not appear. And just in case a problem occurs very quickly the issue is resolved.

During these times within the field of thought a new problem had to be faced. A serious thought was required on population explosion which set rolling newer problems. According to Malthus a shocking situation will occur wherein in tandem with increasing population, materials required to sustain life will not augment. Great thinkers thought of ways to decrease the rate of rising world population and made necessary efforts in that direction.

With increase in industrial activities, generated wealth started getting centered. Wealthy became richer and the hardships of poor people too augmented. Since immense wealth entered the hands of wily people they not only became rich but in order to oppress the weak new themes like colonialization were imbibed. As a result a reaction occurred wherein monopoly of holding wealth was opposed and that wealth should be equally distributed to everyone. This was called communism. For some time it was thought to be a stray philosophy but later it gathered so much momentum that gigantic countries like Russia and China used it for governing their countries. Within the realm of economics it is said to be a jolting earthquake.

In the political arena in the 18 th and 19 th centuries great changes set in for a rule for the people, of the people and by the people. Of course there was opposition yet wisdom prevailed and at least a part of the countrys governance was handed over to the lay public. Regarding this there are many episodes which cannot be forgotten. The biggest being British rule going haywire and scattered. A large portion of Asia, Africa, America and Europe was ruled by the British. New Zealand and Australia too were ruled by it but their rule ended in such a way that it was compared to rusting of iron. Today Britain is a small island. Of course in name only it has a family yet the reality is this that akin to other nations, Britain too is a small region on earth.

In these times in so many countries the type of governance changed. Freedom gained by China and India saw to it that power changed hands.

In 1905 a public movement took place that opposed Czars rule in Russia. A small spark in the form of labor strike took the form of a blazing inferno. Political leaders tried to suppress it. Thousands were put in jail and about 75 thousand of them were killed. In spite of this the inferno did not get doused. In March 1917 after uprooting lawlessness communism was established. Those who have read minutely the history of public rule know that their foremost goal was to educate and congregate public opinion for desirable aims. The basis of agitation for political power manifested when the roots of opposition/agitation became firmer. Many who were its followers were ready to die for the cause too.

In past times in France priests, business men etc were landlords of agricultural lands. Farmers were scattered in villages. Whatever they earned was usurped by landlords via various burdensome taxes.

Fire that emanated from these situations resulted in a revolution. All arms used for suppression failed. The agricultural revolution in the year 1792 saw that the situation changed drastically and farmers were now owners of land. Their economic condition changed positively and in a few years the situation was prosperous. The revolution is called an agricultural one but students, laborers and other middle class people who were influenced too also participated in large numbers.

It is amazing to note that a small island called Cuba also opted for communism. In that area a puppet like government of America was at work. The subjects faced a lot of hardships due to oppression by powerful shrewd landlords. In order to suppress those who demanded reforms colonial rulers aimed guns from the shoulders of the local government.

Under such dire circumstances a young lad called Fidel Castro in order to reform his country and bring about a political change got a lot of cooperation from his fellow country men. An agitation ensued and despite terrific oppression Cuba could gain freedom.

In 1815 Germany was ruled over by Austria. But in the mean time the middle class of Germany thought of uniting the country. In 1815 Napoleon started congregating small political groups and succeeded in making a German association of 38 countries. After this Otto van Bismarck carried out very great tasks. Under his guidance Germany became a very powerful nation. Instead of just talking a slogan blood or iron came into vogue. And thus the entire nation was rejuvenated and in 1866 Austria tasted defeat against Germany.

In 1815 Italy too was ruled by Austria and was continuously oppressed by it. As a result in Italy a secret association called Kairbonari came into being and it vowed to defeat Austria. Later a writer who yearned for national integration called Josef Majoni established a united society called Young Italy and made efforts to overcome Austrias rule. In 1848 due to agitation and opposition in the entire country Austria started panicking and in a few days it had to leave Italy.

Majority of the above revolutions were full of bloodshed. A lot of blood had been shed but henceforth the revolution that will take place will be devoid of bloodshed and will be based on thought transformation. There will be no bloodshed or war. Without anything happening changes will occur and people will reform. The beginning of this spiritual revolution has already taken place. If we look at the world today this will become very clear. Thought based revolution can be seen in the Berlin wall breaking up, zest for emancipating women, end of communism, Sudan and Libya trying to unite, North and South Korea trying to unite, public gaining victory in Nepal and Bangladesh etc. A few years back all this could not be imagined but today it is there for everyone to see. We may give it any name yet the changes have definitely taken place due to a thought revolution.

The auspicious beginning of this task had probably started on that very day when the Berlin wall broke and both Germanys united. In recent times 1-10 December 1991 the 12 members of European Union (Holland, Ireland, Britain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Greece) decided to make a program of summit meeting in Netherlands so as to cogitate over the situation in Europe. Emphasis was laid on the fact that in the end of 20 th century such an association be set up wherein the member nations will be given due status and everyone got ruled by one governing system. If this were to happen then like United States of America a United European States would come into being.

At the summit a discussion took place on many topics. Regarding currency it was decided that instead of each member nation having their separate currencies a common currency should be brought in its place. Their foreign relations and commitments too would be common. Thus everyone will give up their separate foreign relations. The union will have its own defense mechanism. Thus it will be the responsibility of the union to protect its members. For political governance a parliament will be created which will have the authority to make laws of the union.

Up till the end of 1992 all the above will be executed. This will be part of Gods vow to bring in era transformation. There may be a bit of delay but none should doubt the Lords resolve which never goes in vain.

If we throw a birds eye view on the entire world today everywhere there are efforts for world peace and brotherhood. To an extent all wars have ended. In some countries civil wars do exist but in these times of era transformation these wars too will have to shut shop. After the Soviet Unions disintegration regarding worlds power a polarization effect is seen. Under such circumstances America cannot remain a Super Power and hence in future if even USA destroys its weapons it will not be amazing at all.

Almighty Lord calls the 21 st century as Womans Century. Till today the world was dominated by men. The Lord has seen how they ruled the world. Now he will hand over the reins to women. Hence today females are leading in those areas which were so far dominated by men virtually as a monopoly. Regarding this in East Germany an amazing incident is taking place. If women who till today have been cursed, demeaned, oppressed and thought totally incapable are honored by men, what can one say? Mind boggling? Or Gods desire! Or trend of the invisible world?



The deity of creation is Brahma, propagator is Vishnu and destructor is Lord Shankar. Thus various cosmic activities take place. The world grows because of creation of living beings and objects. Whatever is created is nourished and hence maturity sets in. That which has grown and got nourished will ultimately age and wither and thus is rendered as waste matter. Thus it is best that it is destroyed. Destruction is the basis of creation. It is only when the old harvest is cut that a new harvest can grow. If beings did not die how could they get rebirth? The world is aptly managed via creation, propagation and destruction. If death did not occur, how can new matter be unearthed for creation? At the time of creation God had created a certain amount of matter which is reused via recycling. Thus worldly activities go on. Thus destruction is as revolutionary as creation is. It is apt to say that death is an auspicious beginning for recreation.

Lord Shankar dwells in the graveyard. He wears a garland of skulls. The great serpent of death is coiled in his neck and sacred thread. When he opens his 3 rd eye fire manifests everywhere. If out of ire he opens his eye the person whom he sees gets burnt to ashes. Once when god of passion Kamadeva tried to delude Lord Shankar the former was burnt to death. His Virbhadra, Bhairava and Nandigana are so terrific that merely imagining them induces horrification. When there is a need of world annihilation or Pralaya he commences the Tandava dance. The more his dance steps speed up aging and rotting materials of the world get burnt in an inferno and disappear in interstellar space. The element of sin falls at his feet. In pictures of Shiva Tandava dance a terrified living being with face pointing to the floor is seen. On its back Lord Nataraj dances the Tandava. This element of sin is none other than beasts dwelling in mans psyche. Again and again it is admonished via speech. The aim of the Tandava dance is to defeat this element of sin and overcome its power of illusion.

The demonic nature of element of sin enters the human psyche via many deluded forms and in order to entice it in the mesh of narrow minded selfishness, desires and yearnings gives many attractions and alluring enticements. A person lacking rationality gets entangled in them and in order to fulfill his/her desires performs lowly actions. One who is entangled in the element of sins work only to fulfill selfish desires and totally ignores righteous duties, ethics, human values etc. If there is no desire where is the need? Why hoard comforts? Such a gigantic mountain of desires stands in front of us that while climbing it all our energy is dissipated. Thus one sees only lack everywhere and what is available seems very miniscule. Under such situations in order to hoard things for sense enjoyment one follows the path of lawlessness and illegality. A person entangled via the element of sins always thinks unethically. He acts unethically too. He feels that if he imbibes self control and ethics he will face poverty. Self control seems dry and arid. Hence he thinks it is wise to run in the direction of hoarding and sense merriment. In this way righteous duty and ideals are completely ignored and only unethical means are resorted to.

Under such demeaned conditions it is Rishis, saints and Avatars who appear in this world to show the right path to mankind. Again and again they assuage our pain and hardships. Repairing works many a times. Very influential religious leaders can bring about contemporary reforms too. No doubt these succeed too but yet a situation arises wherein all that is withered and old needs to be broken down and in its place neo creation activities have to be taken up. This is because a person entangled in the element of sin refuses to listen to wisdom and his/her psyche becomes like a sticky pot. Further so called religious leaders themselves behave so deluded that the mockery of reforms on their part never succeeds. When so called religious flag bearers themselves behave unrighteous it becomes clear that the opportunity of reforming world society has passed by and no amount of bandaging/repairing will work. This venomous situation must undergo a major operation where a lot of tearing apart is involved.

From the superficial standpoint todays world compared to ancient times is more prosperous, full of material means and more capable. It appears as though speedily we are marching ahead on the path of progress. This material measurement may be true yet in the spiritual arena things are very lopsided. Greatness and idealism seem to be disappearing in our sentimental area. It is rare to find men of great character who are true in thought word and deed. We fail to find people who harbor oneness of soul, cooperation, selfless service to the world and generosity. Inner poverty is so widespread that its fearful repercussions are direr than any famine. This then is the biggest ill fate of humanity and the entire world. Due to lack of it this so called prosperous material world is burning in hell like inferno where in actuality so much material prosperity should have created a heavenly situation on planet earth.

This lack can be fulfilled only via neo creation. When copper utensils break they have to be melted and molded anew. When type of a press gets rubbed they have to be sent to a foundry for melting and remolding. Today mans psyche too like broken copper vessels has become vain and hence is useless. Now it will have to be melted in remolded anew. In factories where melting and molding take place huge blast furnaces burn. The broken metals, ores are purified first in it. In order to transform its harshness into sensitivity it has to first enter blazing fire. Via mankind small furnaces can be made to mould ores but in order to transform billions of heartless men into their true utilizable nature that gigantic furnace is required which will require big widespread arrangements. Mahakal these days is exactly doing this.

The final Tandava dance of world annihilation takes place when nature made of 5 elements becomes old and withered. Since the elements age, they cannot function in a timely manner. Seasons do not manifest in time and obstructions come in the way of world creation, propagation and destruction. Earths fertility power declines drastically and stars, galaxies etc cannot work in a timely fashion. Under such situations Mahakals ultimate Tandava dance manifests blazing infernos so as to tatter and make shreds of this world and Mahakali takes the form of a mother to neo create this world. In Indian mythology a decorative description is found regarding the great night of this great destruction. When this great night passes by the world is neo created.

This great world annihilation takes place after billions of years. But at the time of era transformation generally an explosion of partial annihilation is witnessed. This is Mahakals partial dance but is called Tandava. When mans psyche due to intense taints reaches that level wherein that reformist activities fail to do good at that time Mahakal has to use terrible weapons. Generally during such situations in order to punish the lay public harshly Lomharsha like tasks have to be imbibed. In order to execute such terrific harsh actions the god of destruction Lord Shankar takes up his Rudra form since it involves creating bloody situations. Right from the commencement of this Kalpa till now Mahakal has taken the Rudra form 11 times. In Indian mythology there is description of 11 Rudras and their biography.



One name of Lord Shankar is Tripurari too. In ancient times 3 terrible demons were born and they were brothers. Their names were different and like illusory cities they had built 3 magical cities. They had imprisoned all world denizens in these 3 cities. Every individual of these 3 cities were under their vision. They would think as per these demons thinking and execute tasks accordingly. Thus the entire world was under their illusory power wherein righteousness declined and unrighteousness waved its flag of victory. Demonic wealth grew and all the 3 cities appeared glorious. And yet everything within was dark and shady. These citizens lived a hell like life full of worries and strife. Everywhere people wailed aloud.

Righteousness complained to Prajapati. The latter requested Mahakal to intervene since he if the lord of reforms. He listened to what righteousness had to say so as to clearly understand the situation. Although the 3 demons who built these 3 cities were separate yet somehow they were intensely bound to each other. Their 3 cities appeared to be separate yet they nourished each other. These 3 demons could not die in an ordinary manner. They had attained a boon that they would die together and that too with a single weapon only. These demons were very wily hence they had asked for such a boon. They knew that it was well nigh difficult to kill even one of them hence who would take up the challenge of killing all 3 at one shot? Suppose someone dared to do so even then where was that single weapon which would kill all 3 at one and the same time? None could carry out this impossible task. Hence despite the fact that demons cannot attain immortality yet they lived lives as though they were immortal.

Lord Shiva cogitated over the situation and found a solution to free all of mankind from the clutches of these terrible demons. He created the Trishul weapon which had 3 prongs. These 3 prongs on one weapon would kill them simultaneously. Mahakal with great speed attacked the demons and thus the power of the 3 demons was burnt to naught. Righteousness won and unrighteousness was defeated. The deluded denizens of the 3 illusory cities were freed. Henceforth they started thinking independently and wisely and acted wholesomely. Thus a great calamity that fell on mankind was warded off. Lord Mahakals victory was eulogized by one and all and was now named Tripurari.

Tripurs 3 cities were greed, delusion and ego. All 3 are bound to each other. A man who all the time thinks, acts and remains alive only to amass wealth does not pay heed to ethics and lifes great goal and instead only competes with others blindly to hoard wealth. He very well knows that money that remains apart from looking after the needs of his family will be looted by so called sons, relatives and friends. Man refuses to understand this and transform his thinking. The illusory power of attachment ensnares his faculty of discrimination and like a bird in a poachers net is taken in that very direction which the poacher demands. Even today greed has taken over the psyche of majority in the world. Maybe circumstances do not allow you to become rich yet this is everyones goal. It is a painful irony that man totally forgets lifes true importance, its goal and utility value. He shows his back to all this and in the desire to amass unwanted wealth his loses his precious human life. At death he merely carries a bag of sins. This is verily a demonic delusion in whose mesh a so called man of rationality gets ensnared so terribly that all that should have been done is ignored and does that which should not have been done. In ancient times the Tripur demons had with their illusory power deluded human beings and today history is repeating itself.

The 2 nd city of Tripur demons is delusion or attachment. Those sense organs which are mean to smoothly run the chariot of true living are today a basis of sense merriment and wild enjoyment. The taste buds that run after yummy food and sexual passion of genitals are rendering our bodily and mental health withered. In comparison to the havoc created in our lives due to yearning for tasty food sexual passion proves to be thousands time more dangerous. These vile acts terribly harm our peaceful family lives, children, culture and social management. Mental taints are even more deadly than bodily pleasures. In a certain sense it has shattered our emotional idealism and supreme glory. The more these sense merriments become dire the more we run after them and hence if we call it the power of illusion of Tripur demons it is not an overstatement.

The other form of deluded attachment is to look upon only those who are your blood relations and family members as your own and thus for the entire life work only to nurture and please them. People have forgotten that this world too is our family and that it is our duty to uplift those who live demeaned and downtrodden lives. We have got this human life to serve our country, religion, world society and culture and none pays heed to this. Those who can think do so only about their families. Even if their children are financially and otherwise independent yet one earns money for their upkeep only. Everything is hoarded for their family. Those who do not have their own children adopt other children. This delusion has destroyed many precious lives. If only they had stopped limited their thinking only about their families and thought also about their country, religion, world society and culture so much could have been achieved. But the delusion of attachment has coiled itself tightly around their throats so as to strangle them. They earned only to nurture their children so as to render them unruly. What should have been done is totally ignored by them. Beyond selfish gains they never thought generously about the world at large. But what could these poor beings do since they were enmeshed in the illusory net of Tripur demons. The demons have destroyed their independent souls and hence think perforce only that which the demons ask them to think about. Today the situation is exactly as when in the past righteousness wailed aloud and requested Prajapati to save its neck.

The 3 rd city of Tripur demons is ego. But when lowly human beings born from clay, who will at death merge into clay and are made up of a bag of foul smelling stools, urine etc arrogantly flaunt their material achievements one cannot but mock them. Man is so immersed in decorating his perishable body that one wonders what he is trying to attain. What exactly is he trying to flaunt? All the time this lowly man is trying to put on a facade so as to hide his true form and instead appear totally different. More than double his earnings go in decorating the transient body when compared to the expenses made to protect the body. Despite this he remains as ugly as ever.

On noting mans behavior, movements, pomp, wealth, decoration of the body in a vain manner etc one wonders whether he has turned insane. Lifes needs are actually few which can easily be provided for yet the mouth of the ogress Sursa which depicts vain pomp is so wide that it can never be satiated. Whatever one earn appears meager and because sense objects of transient pleasures are hoarded every time one faces financial problems. One cannot but mock those who are poor who insist on competing with their rich counterparts in spending lavishly on weddings, birthdays etc. When such people insist on behaving thus one wonders when man will come out of the jungle age? His proclamation of having become civilized appears to be self praise. Each one competes with the other to show off his pomp and thus behave in an unruly and arrogant manner. They imbibe crime, oppression, hatred, cunningness etc and hence we can only say that even today we are beastly humans and human ghosts. Ego is mans most lowly tainted behavior. The more one is unruly, un-disciplined, uncontrolled, arrogant and lowly the more he must be looked upon as tainted. It is our ill fate that today this ego is ruling the roost to such an extent that his true nature which is the cosmic soul has been forgotten. In the name of so called self respect man is becoming so lowly, that on seeing it one can only say that todays era is darkly clouded by the illusion of the limited arrogant ego.

Tripur demons established the rule of greed, deluded attachment and ego in their illusory city and by deluding all its citizens made them dance like puppets to their tune. It looks as though in present situations this is being re-enacted. Right from illiterate people to so-called educated, religious/political leaders, artists, scholars etc are marching in this direction. People are chattering insanely having been attacked by Tridosh and are acting with unruliness. The vile results are for all to see. In every arena be it individual, bodily, mental, family based, financial, social, religious etc there is nothing but mismanagement. Where ever one glances there one sees only the undesirable and inapt. Under such dire and distorted conditions only oppression, explosion, discontent, worry, mismanagement, sorrow and strife will reign. Today this is exactly what is happening. Mans soul is on its deathbed and world society is on the brink of total destruction.

Righteousness again is wailing aloud. Humanity is bleeding. Earth is again carrying the burden of sins. Everyone is praying to Prajapati: O creator! Reform this tainted thinking. Prajapati has directed Mahakal to do the needful. He in turn is trying to understand the situation and has decided that although thousands of years back the Tripur demons were taught a lesson by him yet they seem to have today forgotten it. Again they have trapped the world with their illusory power and like ancient times have manifested strife and pain in this otherwise heavenly world. In order to protect earth Mahakal is again sharpening his Trishul weapon. No doubt material killings take place but along with it the real aim was to transform world psyche from the standpoint of individual, emotional, social etc in a such a way that truth, welfare and bliss would prevail.

In ancient times Tripurari Mahakal with his weapon of education, destruction and neo creation had shattered the power of illusion and today he will do this again. Righteousness will prevail and unrighteousness will die. World humanity will again be liberated from the choking noose of greed, deluded attachment and ego. Man heated in the fire of destruction will in future learn the lesson of repentance, self control and humility so as to become truly gentlemanly. This auspicious day will definitely come soon. May you gain victory, O Tripurari Mahakal!



Once, the arrogant god of passion thought of a prank. People were leading peaceful lives. They lived a life of hard work, affection and laughter. God of passion could not endure this and he thought of harassing them. Hence he spread his net of illusion.

God of passion entered the minds of all and thus everyone oozed with innumerous desires. Previously people with their meager earnings live contented lives and the remaining time was used for world welfare. Thus everyone was happy. But when desires manifested people became agitated. They desired wealth, status etc. first these yearnings were less but when each one ran in that direction they started competing amongst themselves. Each one desired to march ahead and lead the race. Who will hoard more wealth, will enjoy more sense pleasures, who will boss more over others; competing thus people lost rationality and by hook or by crook wanted to succeed at any cost.

Due to this competition in fighting ensued and the mind was now full of jealousy, hatred etc. Incidents of oppression and suppression were on an alarming rise and thus the fire of revenge took over. Thus those whom one trusted were not trusted now, friends turned foe and gentlemen became vain. The intellect of wise was snatched away by pigeons as food grains. The cry of the oppressed and sarcastic guffaws of suppressors echoed in all directions and its reaction spread terror everywhere. Everyone became fearful and they were full of suspicion. So far human cooperation gave zest but now the doors of progress and peace were shut. People were now so immersed in carrying out wily acts and fattening their pockets with cash that most required and important precepts of true living were ignored. Now life became baseless and a burden.

God of passion was even now not satisfied. He created such an illusion that people preferred remaining in this quagmire and never thought of getting liberated from it. More and more sense pleasure based objects were designed. So much material that fired sense merriment was produced that the mind and intellect always yearned for it. The intellect believed that sense enjoyment was the be all and end all of life and hence the body set about running after and hoarding it. The attraction for beauty, decoration, pomp, desires, merriment etc grew so much that yearnings ran amuck. It looked as though the goal of human life was sense based desires and merriment. Man had no direction to go except sense pleasures.

The soul ensnared by the noose of every creatures sense desires got agitated. Gods wonderful creation viz. this world was now entering a rut and thus reached a shameful state. Earth now bowed down its head in shame. Mankind taking a deep breath said: Alas! Did creator create us only to remain demeaned?

God of passion was very happy with his illusory powers prank. He had bound everyone with its noose. He had mastered everyone. Now who remained to be won? He knew that this world had a controller and hence he should attack the latter. God of passion did exactly this. Gods nature is meant for establishing justice and good management for which since time immemorial self control and austerities are made use of.

Gods nature changed and devotees demeaned that too. He was made a symbol of desires and merriment. Gods worship was now done through the medium of pomp, decoration, dance, enjoyment etc. Methods of worshipping God like austerities, renunciation, self control and service was thrown to the winds and Gods biography was discussed in such a way as though he was under the spell of sexual passion, merriment, pomp etc. People thought if they merely praised God he would be pleased. As a result they thought God would ignore their weaknesses and despite being tainted in character God would give them boons. Thus god was painted as one who is unjust. When devotions this sort of nature was reigning Gods soul was angered. Alas! How lowly has that god of passion painted me?

God and mankind both were wailing. Not only was the illusory net of god of passion magnetic but was dire too. One could neither catch it nor leave it. When the situation became unbearable the souls of earth and sky approached Lord Shiva and reverently said: O Mahakal! The worlds deplorable state is now unbearable. Only sense merriment rules earth and it is not apt that its beauty and glory fades thus. Man, the crest jewel of Gods creation is only immersed in sense based desires which is not right. Only you can transform this unbearable situation.

Lord Shankar in a meditative state saw that indeed the situation is dire. He realized that change was most required and hence decided to use the same ploy as he had many times used in the past.

Lord Shankar was very angry that god of passion had used a tainted prank that maligned both man and Almighty Lord and hence decided to overcome god of passions illusory power with his Trishul weapon. The Lord opened his 3 rd eye and as a result a blazing inferno manifested. This inferno burnt to ashes all forms of illusory power and god of passion too died. The world got peace and God along with mankind regained their true inner nature. When mother earth and human beings regained their lost glory demigods played various musical instruments and in all directions Mahakal was eulogized.

This episode of ancient times is repeating itself today. God of passion has incited world human psyche with innumerous desires. So many mediums of sense merriments have been created that one always gets trapped by it. Selfishness is on the rise, sins are becoming terrible and flames of hell are blazing forth in every arena. The situation is unbearable and we are standing on the precipice of total destruction. The souls of earth and sky are praying for protection. So it appears that Mahakal will definitely open his 3 rd eye. This 3 rd eye situated between the eyebrows is nothing but the power of discrimination. When it opens spiritual ignorance dies and thus numerous problems get solved. The present day Thought Revolution is but the opening of Gods 3 rd eye which on taking the form of a blazing inferno will destroy all mockeries of ignorance in this era. Thus it will result in a healthy and clear viewpoint. After these attainments no obstruction will come in the way of world peace.



Many a time history repeats itself. Seasons keep manifesting again and again. The sun rises again every 24 hours. A creature is born, it grows and then dies. Again this is repeated in the following births. The earth rotates around its axis for 24 hours and once in a year revolves around the sun. This has been going on since time immemorial billions of times. Yugas, Manvantaras, Kalpas etc keep manifesting. Stars, planets etc too rotate and revolve again and again. The cycle of creation and destruction too gets repeated. Oceans give rain, rains enter the ocean and all this keeps repeating. What we are trying to say is that everything in this world functions in a repetitive manner and comes back to the same point from where it started. This holds true for history too. Changes do take place as far as individuals and incidents are concerned but only that happens which has been going on since ages. In order to describe this fact a western thinker once said: there is nothing new under the sun.

In a withered social management again and again a need arises for reform and repair. When clothes become dirty they have to be washed. Vessels have to be cleaned daily. One has to broom the house every day. Teeth have to be brushed daily. The reason is that when you clean something it later becomes dirty again and hence it has to be cleaned again. During festival of Dipawali the house must be swept, cleaned and painted so that it remains firm and becomes more attractive. Buildings, wells, roads, machines, motors etc need repairs regularly. If this is ignored these precious items will lose their long lasting nature much in advance. Hence wise people always repair and reform when the need arises. This always happens and should be repeated as and when required. A shattered society too needs reformation. Reformists are born everywhere as a result. Time and again religious leaders, social reformers, prophets, saints, Rishis etc incarnate on earth and make efforts in their own way to reform contemporary situations. So far in every nation, in every era, in their respective language/culture environment have carried out reformation tasks and this shall happen in future too.

When the situation becomes more perilous Lord Mahakal has to sharpen his weapon. Small houses, bridges etc can be built by a small time engineer but if a big dam is to be built a senior specialist engineer is required. If a big dam breaks apart and a danger of numerous villages etc surrounding it could get drowned then this danger cannot be overcome by a small time engineer. This danger can only be warded off by a senior engineer. In society again and again small problems occur and ordinary social reformers solve them. But when sins cross all their limits, boundaries are broken and mankind loses the capacity to get inspired by wholesome thinking, a mighty reformer is required. This task is executed by Mahakal himself because it is his responsibility to correct erroneous situations. Assistant doctors of various hospitals carry out minor operations but when a perilous major operation is required a civil surgeons presence is most required. Today world society is bleeding as a result of very dire situations cropping up and hence small time reforms and reformers cannot do much good. For this what is required is a very gigantic turbulence. This aim has always been fulfilled time and again by Lord Mahakal. In ancient times this is what took place. Today history will repeat itself.

In the near future gigantic turbulence will be seen in the world. From the material standpoint as a result such situations will manifest which increases human strife. It is because of this that man will be forced to realize that he has not tread that path on which he should have walked. In-ethics ultimately proves hazardous. If this small teaching is remembered by one and all nature would not have manifested so direly and there would have been no need to undergo innumerous hardships.

God hates none. He in fact is supremely compassionate and a benefactor. Hence he is called Shiva-Shankar. He is also called innocent.

Innocent means one who is straightforward, serene and gentlemanly. Hence why would such a God insist on pouring strife on mankind? It is sheer helplessness that induces such action. When mankind becomes very prejudiced, egoistic and arrogant and ignores gentlemanliness so as to imbibe hard heartedness at that time hardships have to be poured on him. When a child is taken to the hospital by a mother for surgery of a painful boil both the doctor and mother appear hard hearted yet the goal only is to cure the child. Both desire that the pain of the child be warded off and thus attain peace even if it means facing anguish for some time. Todays humanity too is like a diseased patient. The only way to pave the way for his well being is to cut open the boil so that the pus oozes out and give peace to him.

Incarnations of God called Avatars too have such missions. They create such turbulence wherein discontent ends and peace prevails. Mahakal manifests an emotional flow for this. In it world human psyche gets agitated and within it so many warriors take up the gigantic task of ushering in world peace. Such goals cannot be fulfilled in a lone manner and instead many people are required. May be amongst these the leader gets fame but actually it is the sensitive flow which helps this leader find many aides and a task that seems difficult gets fulfilled easily. Amazed lay public fail to note the management of divinely inspired subtle world and give all the credit to the leader who can be seen with the gross eyes. An Avatar or victorious one is named and is an error on our part. Great seers know that a single person maybe very powerful yet without the help of many aides such gigantic tasks cannot be executed successfully and this congregational endeavor is inspired by Mahakal. He is formless hence his work arena is the subtle world. He is sensitive consciousness. Hence his desire becomes active in worldwide conscious principle. Due to its inspiration great people enact great missions. They get cooperation, credit and success. Hence people believe him to be the victorious one, reformer and Avatar. Yet the reality is different. The puppeteer who makes these puppets dance hides behind the curtain and thus how can the eyes made of skin, flesh etc see him?

In order to succeed in the mission of era transformation in ancient times many Avatars manifested. Some say they were ten, some twenty four etc. their contemporary situations varied hence their program, nature and means differed. Yet their mission was one:

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharat.

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srajamyaham.

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam.

Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

In the epic Ramayan the above is said as follows:

Jab jab hoi dharma ki hani.

Badhahin adham asur abhimani.

Tab tab prabhu dhari manuj sharira.

Harahin krupanidhi sajjan pira.

Time and again great saints destroy non-ethics and undesirable elements and replace it with aptness and discrimination. Thus because of this divine mission they attain glory. Since ancient times during important times such divine tasks are executed. When such situations crop up again such activities manifest again.

In ancient times creation and wealth were destroyed and all demigods and demons became indolent. Hence Mahakal inspired them to churn the ocean. The demigods and demons cooperated in this task. Such precious 14 jewels manifested as a result of which the world was glorified. A substratum was needed for churning of the ocean. Mandarachal Mountain was made the churning rod but who would hold this mountain? As a result Tortoise Incarnation appeared. He agreed to become the base. On its back the churning took place. Everyone eulogized it since it had taken up a big responsibility. Yet one cannot say he was the only one to churn the ocean. This is because everyone cooperated for example serpent became the rope, demons/demigods did the actual churning and the ocean gave 14 priceless jewels. In reality it was a joint victory. From the spiritual standpoint the credit should go to that sentimental flow which created an excitement in world human psyche. Thus the impossible task of manifesting the means became possible. Yet historians give credit to Tortoise Incarnation. Of course it is not a big error. If not the whole yet he took up a major responsibility.

In every incarnation this precept gets repeated. This can be seen from biographies of Matsya, Kurma, Varah, Nrisingh, Vaman, Parshuram, Krishna, Ram and Buddha incarnations. Yuga Purushas/Avataras carry out gigantic extraordinary feats and are incomparable. Yet 2 points are common in all of them wherein their aim is to ward off contemporary taints and also world public cooperation is made use of. When Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain his friends without getting scared of being buried under it raised their sticks to support it. When he danced the Maharas many cowherd girls overcame dire situations and joined in it. When the Mahabharat war set in the poverty stricken Pandavas were helped by a big army. Whether the task is of creation or annihilation great beings always get help from laymen. In Lord Rams mission many monkeys, bears etc took part. Buddhas thousands of devotees travelled in various countries to teach non violence. He was helped by the wealthy Ashok, wise person like Anand and a towering personality like Ambapali. These human incarnations of God attained success in reforming tainted contemporary situations. Buddha and Gandhi devised a new plan wherein without bloodshed situations can be transformed and thus the incarnations mission succeeds.

In these days the 10 th Taintless Incarnation has manifested. It is a sentimental flow whose goal is to wash off the taints of hundreds of years and thus brighten the face of world humanity. Laymen will be keen to know who will get credit for the task of this 10 th Taintless Incarnation but great seers give no importance to it. They very well know that such a gigantic task cannot be executed by a single person. The Lord definitely sends his special envoy into this world but a total God can never take birth. If a total God took birth at one place who will manage the remaining part of the cosmos? Always only partial Avatars appear. And during such incarnations other advanced and radiant souls too take birth and together the divine goal is achieved.

Those who realize this fact make effort not to identify any individual but try to expose its root fount. The aim behind todays the well managed worldwide sentimental flow of era transformation is to reestablish lost human glory. For a long time India was under alien rule and a taint that haunts us is that in warding off this rule we harbored fear. We tolerate undesirable elements since we do not want to face hardships that are associated with agitation and that we will have to renounce a few things. It is definitely a taint considering Indias past which was full of daring warriors and believed in immortality of the soul. Todays sentimental flow in the psyche of world humanity aims to make them live lives of dignity, daring, truth, discrimination etc and we will atone for all the taints accrued by us for the past 100 years in our individual and social life. Thus those situations will be created which are apt for a glorious society. This sentimental flow will be none other than the 10 th Taintless Incarnation.

In ancient times true discrimination was worshiped and never fundamentalism and blind beliefs. Today everything is topsy-turvy. Clay idols are worshiped and discrimination has been shown the door. Between man and man a sense of high low prevails as far as sectarianism is concerned and also the undesirable element of superior inferior between males and females. This taint is sitting on our heads despite the fact that we call ourselves civilized. Doubtlessly we talk of justice, ethics, same sightedness etc yet our actions are bang opposite to this. Our discrimination gets tainted when we lavishly spend on weddings etc, when we face hardships in daily living due to blind beliefs and fail to oppose all this. In individual living we behave in an uncultured manner by flaunting lethargy, sense merriment, lacking self control, selfishness and ego. Hence how can we bet on getting a chance to enter the group of civilized nations in the world? In ancient times we never ignored mutual cooperation as is witnessed today. Does not all this taint us? In order to ward off all this todays divine inspiration is egging us on to push our personality, family, world society in that direction of becoming civilized and cultured wherein we was off the taints via atoning for them and thus becoming sanctified. Let us face the world as civilized gentlemanly people by washing off past taints and commence living a sacred, radiant and taintless life.

The 10 th Avatar has already manifested and it is getting stronger day by day. In mythology it is called Taintless because it is about to wash off past taints spanning several generations. As a result such a sentimental flow is being ushered in which will force world humanity to give up selfish interests like earning/feeding only ones family etc and instead joyously work for world well being. They will not prevaricate even if it means more austerities and renunciation. This tangible flow of Taintless Incarnations inspirational flow can be experienced everywhere by us all.

Whose name will be conjoined to this Taintless Incarnation? All this has no importance. This decision will be given by history in 3 decades. Today there is no need nor is it important to find and identify it. Like clouds of rain in the sky we can easily see the sentimental flow of this incarnation and thus our faith in its existence will become stronger.

But during such times such people appear who put on the facade of being an Avatar and promise everyone of getting liberated from dire situations. Thus many innocent people fall prey to this and lose their true goal. Instead of aiding a true Avatar they talk lopsidedly and hence this great mission appears to get thwarted. These so called Avatars selfishly look out for situations of benefit and thus put on a wily garb accordingly. Just as on attaining political rule people start wearing Khadi so as to look like Gandhijis followers and ultimately capsized the boat of Congress Party. Such Avatars put on the facade of washing off taints like Mahakal and thus selfishly create obstacles in Gods mission.

History has always repeated itself. It is doing so again. By uprooting undesirable injustice and lack of discrimination and in order to reinstate good will and sacred thinking the 10 th incarnation is manifesting just like the past 9 Avatars. Those with eyes can see it and intellectuals by becoming partners in Gods activities will attain that good fate wherein their glory will shine for eons to come.



In the Purusha Sukta Gods form is described as sahasra shirshaha purushaha sahasraksha sahasra pat. God is said to have 1000 heads and hands. God is one but during special occasions via special means and paraphernalia he achieves desired goals. In management of the world thousands of divine powers become his aides and thus help fulfill the task at hand. During special occasions of era transformation thousands of liberated in life souls become Mahakals aides and thus the divine mission is executed.

The creator of this world Brahmaji manifested from a lotus flower. This flower is nothing but the Sahasrar Kamal which is situated in the human head region. Kundalini Energy present in Mooladhar region is the South Pole of the human body and North Pole is the head or Sahasrar Kamal. All material and spiritual energies of embodied beings lie in these poles. Will power predominates. Since it is centered in the Sahasrar Kamal Gods creation is said to be focused here.

This mystery gets unfolded via depiction of Lord Vishnu lying on a serpent as a bed. This serpent represents Kundalini Energy and its 1000 heads symbolize Sahasrar Kamal. This description of 1000 heads, 1000 eyes, 1000 hands/legs and sahasrar kamal tell us that Gods important tasks are carried out by thousands of energies. In the Shatpath Brahman Indra is said to have danced with 1000 heavenly damsels and later this mystery unfolds in the form of sun functioning with the help of many rays. God no doubt is one but when he carries out important missions he does not exist alone but manifests like thousands of solar rays. In tasks like era transformation doubtlessly his form of 1000 heads is witnessed.

In Krishna Avatars divine sports this fact has been clarified further in a symbolic manner. In it the Maharas or great divine dance stands out. Awakening Gopis in the dead of night by playing the flute, calling them away from their homes in seclusion and dancing with them, Gopis getting the experience that each of them dances with a complete Krishna, all this from the social standpoint seems undesirable and inapt but when we try to solve this spiritual puzzle and unearth the spiritual import we realize this great precept. Gods speech or flute of the soul calling radiant souls sleeping in the dark night of ignorance and delusion, they in turn giving up limited selfish family based interests so as to work for world welfare like Buddha and everyone working in tandem for Gods mission all this is Maharas. During special occasions Mahakal has to plan such a Maharas wherein for great ideals thousands of great people participate. Gopis are radiant souls, flute is call of the soul, Maharas is Gods special mission, night is delusion and ignoring family members means daringly overcoming selfishness and narrow mindedness. In this Maharas those thousands of Gopis (radiant souls) who could take part by partaking divine bliss thought themselves to have accrued good fortune. Those who remained sleeping repented a great deal.

It is said that Lord Krishna had 16 thousand queens. From the worldly standpoint these is beyond our understanding. In the Mahabharat Krishna is said to have only 2 wives. Only rukmini, Satyabhama etc are his wedded counterparts. From the social law standpoint this was apt too. Then who are these 16 thousand queens? This puzzle too can be solved in the above manner. Those who wholeheartedly take part in Gods mission tend to totally surrender their very souls too. These souls will definitely be called Gods queens. Along with the bond of a wife lewd sexual activity and secrets too conjoin to it. Thus in the social arena this relationship is problematic. Yet in the spiritual arena there are no such problems. In the emotional state of soul surrender and total oneness a comparison can only be made to the worldly relationship of a husband and wife. Other relationships just do not match. Hence chiefly Sufi saints have compared the souls union with God to a worldly marriage. Kabirs Surati Yoga and Meeras Pranay Yoga is a very high spiritual state. Although in it is described the role of husband and wife yet it is infinite times greater than the union of worldly married couples. Thus the 16 thousand queens of Lord Krishna were radiant souls who helped him in his earthly mission. This symbolic married life gave birth to 8 children each for each queen. It means these radiant souls in turn gave the world more radiant souls for that divine mission. Not only were they themselves involved in this divine mission but that that their dint of hard work inspired more and more people to join that mission. These were their children.

In such spiritual marriages there need not be a gender difference of male-female. In the Sakhi Sampraday even males mentally think themselves to be women and thus devote to God who is a husband. In Bhakti Yoga there are many such spiritual practices. In majority of cases of Krishna devotion, it is of this type. Males devotedly sing those very songs which wives sing for their husbands. The incidents of Gopis and Krishnas love are much higher than the love of worldly couples. In its pristine form it is said to be the union of God and a soul. During Krishna avatar thousands of radiant souls surrendered themselves for Gods sacred mission and thus the task was fulfilled. Without aides cooperating how could a lone Krishna fulfill his mission?

The heart is the most important organ of the body. Lifes credit goes to it yet it is thousands of tiny veins/arteries that help it sustain human life. The ocean does not dry up because so many rivers ultimately merge into it. A Chakravarti King is one who lords over many other kings. For this unification in ancient times Ashwamedha Yajnas were carried out. It can be called a Political Maharas.

In these days this is exactly what is happening. There are many people the world over who have gathered immense merits from past lives. Via the Yug Nirman Mission these great souls are made familiar with the goal of their birth in this life. This then is a gross activity. At the subtle level they are practicing the Yoga of Oneness. All of them together are creating one central point. Sita manifested from the blood gathered from Rishis and Durga from collective divine powers. This collection akin to rivers merging into the ocean will nurture a central point. Just as the solar system which is a group of planets, satellites etc influences the cosmos in an important way in the same way the 10 th Taintless Incarnations program of neo creation will usher in a very contemporary role.



On noting that ordinary efforts of reformation are not working with reference to the worlds tattered and undesirable state Mahakal commenced his Tandava dance. As a result all dirt and taints were burnt to ashes. This phase of destruction is a state of time. Gigantic palaces can be destroyed in seconds but it takes a long time to build them. Creation is more important than destruction. When destruction took place Mahakals role was over and the Goddess of creation Mahakali came forward. She requested Mahakal to stop his Tandava dance. She made him lie on the ground and came forward to execute neo creation based tasks.

In mythology, Mahakali is depicted as standing and guffawing loudly on Mahakals chest who is lying down on the ground. It appears strange that a wife stands on her husbands chest yet it is of deep significance. Kabirs Ultavansi and Khusroos Mukarni appear as puzzles and it challenges ones intellect to unfold its mystery. Instead of trying to find out whether actually Mahakali stood on Mahakals chest with a loud guffaw one should probe into its deep import.

Destruction is a very rare action whereas as creation is eternal. Hence destruction out of tiredness lies on the ground. At that time creation carries out 2 fold tasks. One is to naturally create the world and second to repair all that was destroyed. Hence because of this 2 fold utility value Goddess of neo creation is given more importance than God of destruction. When Shiva lies down, Shakti stands. Shivas pace retards and Shakti speed ahead. Shiva sleeps and Shakti is awake. Shivas importance diminishes and Shaktis mobility is worshiped. This very fact is symbolically painted wherein Mahakali stands on Shivas chest.

Shiva definitely holds the Trishul weapon in his hand and under certain circumstances wields it too yet his heart compassionately yearns for neo creation. Goddess of neo creation Mahakali is his beloved. He always places her in his bosom. As per needs she becomes mobile and radiant. During times of destruction her role is required that much more. During surgery a surgeon requires sharp instruments like needles, scissors, knife etc yet a major role is played by a bandage. Else how could the operated area heal? A surgeon knows this hence he makes use of bandages, gauze, cotton, medicines etc. if destruction is like surgery neo creation is a bandage. Although God does destroy yet deep down the goal is neo creation. Even in a harsh action is embedded sheer compassion. Deep down Mahakal yearns nothing but neo creation. Thus when Shakti stands on Shivas chest, it seems as though she has manifested from his compassionate bosom.

One more aim of this depiction is that after destruction it is female power that is required for neo creation. When a father scolds his child the latter runs to its mother for comforting words and she affectionately holds it to her loving bosom. Motherly power is a fount of compassion. In hospitals female nurses are much more efficient than males. Males cannot give such affectionate wholesome education as is given by female teachers in nursery and kindergarten classes of a school. This is because in comparison to males females ooze more with compassion, affection, sense of service and oneness of heart in a very natural manner. Man is naturally harsher and females are compassionate. When both these qualities combine a balanced state is attained else if males harbor only harshness they could only carry out military like actions.

If one carries out studies to find out as to who is more responsible today for such an undesirable messy situation the world over it will go without saying that around 90% of it is because of male harshness and arrogance. About 90% males are criminals, vile, lowly souls and are ones to get punished. Since the present unruly situation is because of males hence they will be punished severely. In future destruction it is they who will face a major portion of the music. Females stay away from harsh activities and their contribution is negligible towards it. Hence because of her spiritual glory in comparison to males she is much more pure, radiant and serene and thus will not face much of divine ire. One more reason why Shakti stands on Shivas chest is that when tested for spiritual greatness women rule the roost. She leads over here. From this standpoint when it is proved that men are fallen women by proving their supremacy proudly stands upright with a smile.

In future neo creation instead of constructing buildings, roads, factories etc greater emphasis will be laid on creation of sensitive sentiments in the psyche. In this arena beyond doubt women are more wise, experienced and an authority. Hence definitely they will be given this responsibility. In future neo creation not men but women will play a leading role. In cases of destruction men will lead and in harsh acts their brains will work overtime. It is he who has murdered a normal happy life. He has indeed attacked world peace. Hence it is least surprising that in the last leg of destruction he will lead. Yet he will not be able to neo create world psyche sensitivity which is a must after destruction. This task will be carried out by women. Keeping this fact in mind Mahakali is painted as laughingly stand on the chest of a tired Mahakal who is lying flat on the ground.

Men may have many other special talents yet in the sensitive and spiritual field he lags far behind females. It is hence that whenever women enter the arena of spirituality they march far ahead of their male counterparts. She attains much more and faster results. Mothers love daughters more and bless them more too. Hence it is apt that the incarnation grace of spiritualitys presiding deity Mahashakti easily flows in women. In women, we can find immense amount of potential, capability, wealth and alertness for future neo creation. Hence by allowing men to rest women will come forward and she will create situations of neo creation. Time and again this has happened. When males have attained spiritual success know for sure that females played a major role in it. She may not have reaped fame but it is definite factually that when males have attained a lot of will power females have helped a great deal in that endeavor.

The credit for Rams greatness goes to Sita and Kaushalya. If we remove Kaushalyas nurturing and Sitas cooperation where will one find Rams greatness? Without Sita how can Ram exist? Behind all his activities was Sitas help. In Krishnas flute dwelled Radha. Krishnas greatness was due to Devki and Yashodas affection, Kuntis encouragement and blessings, Draupadis faith and Gopis love. Without all this, what could Krishna achieve?

Buddha was spiritually educated by his maternal aunt. When he returned from penance, his wife Yashodhara became his disciple. After Ambapali self surrendered Buddhas mission marched ahead speedily. Wherever one finds radiant people there a lot is achieved. In Pandavas lives Draupadi played a leading role. Via a female 5 jewel amongst men got a lot of power. This then is a sign of the vault of female energy. Madalsa helped her sons march ahead in the right direction of life. A female can make innumerable men attain their divine status. Her sensitive world is so potent that even when Krishna was not present physically in this world Meera coaxed him into becoming her divine husband and made him dance too.

Virtually all ancient men of penance, spiritual seers, Rishis and great thinkers were married. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and other demigods wives Saraswat, Lakshmi, Kali etc stood by their spouses side like pillars both in joy and sorrow. Womens alluring form has been criticized else they are purer than River Ganges and more radiant than fire. In Indias past history Annie Besant played a major role in its political revolution. Other ladies like Lakshmibai, Sarojini Naidu too have played a major role in this arena. In this revolution in order to create apt situations Ramkrishna Paramhans and Yogi Shri Aurobindo played a great role in a silent but extraordinary manner. Both experienced the presence of woman power. Paramhans was aided by Mahayogini Bhairavi and wife Shardamani and Shri Aurobindo was helped greatly by Divine Mother. There are many such incidences both in India and abroad wherein it is clear that females lead as far as spirituality and sensitive attainments is concerned and with its help male soared high. Thus when Shakti stood on Shivas chest it meant that maybe not in other areas but as far as soul force is concerned women stand out.

Future neo creation is close by. In it females will contribute greatly. In the near future so many radiant women will come forward in the public arena they will reap success in the endeavor of neo creation. In the neo created world in every field women will lead. For thousands of years men have led this world but have proved to be miserable failures. Their efforts were inclined not towards creation but was veering towards total destruction. Now the leadership will be wrenched away from them and will be rightly given to women. Instead of obstructing this we must cooperate fully. Instead of irritation we must joyfully accept this. Instead of opposition, welcome it with open arms. We must cooperate with this future wholesome trend. This then is what is being described when Kali stands on Lord Shivas chest and laughs aloud.



God has varied energies. Their goal, methodology, nature etc too are varied. Many precepts present themselves while executing various activities of this inert/conscious world and also creating/destructing the same. Hence God classifies these powers for various functions and thus the world is managed optimally. This then is the mystery of Avatars. Time and again Gods divine energies incarnate on earth for overcoming mismanagement and fulfilling various requirements.

As time flows by things that were useful become useless. Although time moves by speedily objects, situations etc cannot keep pace with it. As a result they become withered and useless. Todays freshly cooked yummy meal starts rotting in just 2 days. Cloth kept for a long time too starts tearing. Strong buildings fall down and the body ages with time. In the same way traditions, beliefs etc too lose their utility value. Society like a house not swept with a broom gets surrounded by undesirable taints. Under such situations the old and tainted has to be removed a replaced with neo creation. For this transformation Gods energy again and again incarnates. Of course ordinary tasks go on as before.

The energy that fulfills the task of time is called Mahakal. It transforms an entire era. It is also called Rudra. Transformation is generally Raudra or terrible in nature. Hence Rudras activities too are painful. Via Tandav dance he manifests world annihilation. Via opening of his 3 rd eye he burns to ashes all desires including sexual ones. In every part of his body one finds poisonous snakes coiled around. Fearful ghosts, Bhairav, Vaital are his army. What to say about his piercing weapon called Trishul. When he sounds his Damru (small drum) a storm brews in all directions. Such is the terrific Rudra deity who is the leader of era transformation. Behind this terrible fear lies the sentiment of world welfare. Hence on his scalp flows the nectarine River Ganges. The symbol of peace and serenity i.e. moon too is found here. The bull who symbolizes gentlemanliness, faith and goodwill is his vehicle. He neither allows poison to spread in the world nor does he completely gulp it. Instead he holds it in his throat so as to be called Nilkantha (blue throat). Such is Maharudra-Mahakal.

Mahakals presiding deity is Mahakali. Mahakal is a precept and Mahakali is the power that manifests this potential in action. The sun dwells millions of miles away from earth. Its rays are known to influence various stars, galaxies etc in interstellar space. If Mahakal is the sun, Mahakali is its rays. The fact maybe anything but its experience is of greater importance for us. Mahakals existence can be experienced by us only via Mahakali. Hence we call her mother. Mahakal no doubt is our father but we can contact him only via Mother Mahakali. No doubt in era transformation Mahakals desire and inspiration exist yet the credit for fulfilling this task definitely goes to Mahakali. In order to transform an individual, society and the world that Great Energy which time and again laughs dancingly, dances for world annihilation is called Mahakali who harbors an attitude of world well being.

In Puranas or mythology one finds tantalizing divine sports of Mahakali. When demonic forces ruled the roost, sins augmented, vileness grew like weeds and the balance of world society got marred so as to spread lack, discontent and hell like agitation Mahakali incarnated and challenged vileness. In that battle demons were single handedly overpowered by her. That lack of peace which manifests to ultimately spring forth peace is called Super Peace. She is called Durga meaning one responsible to convert hardships (Durg) into joy. This Durga Energy is Shivas (one who wishes everyones well being) wife. In marriage males are given more importance than females. But here this is not true. In Shiva-Shakti, Shakti reigns. In the word Siva I is none other than Shakti. If I is removed the word becomes Shava or corpse. In pictures of Mahakali, she is seen to dance on Shivas chest who is lying down on the ground. It means that from shivas bosom manifests zest, enthusiasm and energy. If Shiva were not to attain all this, he would remain a mere taintless witness-seer.

Mahakal incarnates time and again. In order to fulfill the mission of era transformation again and again he has taken up many garbs and performed many divine sports. His external forms varied but his inner goal was one viz. paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.

Mahakalis role is to pacify Mahakals ire, render his bosom zestful and disallow his potential to diminish. Their combined task fulfills their mission as Avatars. In an electrical flow one pole is positive and the other pole is negative. If this balance were not there the wire would burn and the aim of the powerhouse would fail to succeed. Mahakal has to execute very terrible and fiery Rudra like tasks. Mahakali renders these tasks well managed, balanced, peaceful, serene and mobile. If this were not the case this Avatar would be very fiery and an explosion could take place. When Shivas first wife Daksha-Sati gave up her mortal coil there was a compulsive need to fulfill this void. As Uma she was reinstated.

In day to day parlance Mahakali is also called a Great Revolution. It is possible only via aid of discriminative radiant divine souls. From the bodies of despairing demigods Prajapati gathered a little energy from each one so as to create Durga. It was she who defeated demons like Madhu-Kaitab, Mahishasur and Shumbh-Nishumbh. Madhu-Kaitab means mental weakness, vileness and sentimental disarray. Mahishasur means political anarchy, vileness in leadership and misuse of power. Shumbh-Nishumbh means social and economic mismanagement. The world faces strife when there is imbalance of the above kind. In order to rectify this there is a need of thought revolution, political revolution and social/economic revolution. Via Mahakalis dance and destruction/creation the desired goal of an Avatar is realized. Via this activity Mahakals desire is fulfilled.

It is very clear that the credit may go to Mahakal yet deep down it is Mahakali who is at work. In Tretayuga when it was required that demon Ravans vileness be uprooted Mahakal incarnated as Lord Ram. Ram played a major role. He executed many divine sports and thus replaced unrighteousness with righteousness. But those who visualize things subtly know who exactly was orchestrating all this? A second leadership was there behind the curtain. Kaushalya had filled Rams psyche with greatness. Kaikeyi created that situation. Although her task seems disliking and inapt yet she carried it out so that the Avatar could fulfill his mission. Else how could a very young princely Ram go to the forest, congregate monkeys/bears and go to a beautiful land like Lanka and destroy its center of demonic acts? Mahakali not as Kaikeyi but as Sita executed the desired task. By accompanying Ram in the forest Sita imbued his psyche with zest and by giving him separation made arrangements to complete the final chapter of a revolution. Sita was born from a pot which contained drops of blood of various Rishis. The credit for her return from Lanka goes to the monkeys. From this it is clear that revolutions cannot occur via lone efforts but that it is executed by a large group of individuals. How much did Sita contribute towards Rams glory, leadership and fulfillment of his mission? This can be gauged not grossly but only via a subtle vision.

When Mahakal incarnated as Lord Krishna in Dwaparyuga he was nurtured by the affection of Devaki/Yashoda, Kuntis encouragement and blessings, Draupadis faith and Radhas divine love. Radha and Krishna together are worshipped everywhere. Both loved each other dearly and from the soul standpoint had merged into each other. The balance of Shiva-Shakti too was because of this. Yet this love was sacredly divine. Despite appearing as husband-wife they were beyond lewd sexual lust. Rayan Ghosh was Krishnas maternal uncle. Radha was Rayans wife. It is said that when Radha was getting married her groom Rayan Ghosh lovingly seated child Krishna in his lap. Even while circumambulating the Yajna fire he carried this child. From this it is clear that Radha was much older than Krishna.

It is not possible for a child to harbor sexual instincts. When Krishna left Mathura/Vrindavan, Radha continued to dwell there and at that time Krishna was 16 years old. Later he married many brides. His chief queens were Rukmini, satyabhama, Jambavati etc and he had other queens too. This then was his ordinary householders life. Mahakali incarnated as Radha. She imbued Krishna with so much strength that subtle seers proclaimed her to be Krishnas wife and everywhere there were jointly worshipped. The role of husband-wife is very inspirational since it gives a lot of strength to one another and there is self surrender too. For this there is no need of sexual activities. In Radha Krishnas life there was not even an iota of lust. If the Maharas with Gopis is viewed from a spiritual standpoint it is clear that it is to render the soul zestful. The undesirable wall constructed between males and females is rent asunder via Maharas. No doubt lewd sex must be obstructed but why stop the sacred union between males and females? This problem was solved by Lord Krishna via Maharas. Maharas is a great sentiment via which the incarnation of God became more radiant and powerful.

Meera yearned Krishna to be her husband and despite Krishnas physical absence she attained that very intense sacred love which a normal happily married couple attain. In such divine love there is no need of bodily closeness.

Mahakal incarnated as Buddha. His mother like Madalasa had taught him a lot. Like King Gopichands mother had lovingly nurtured his bosom. In order to perform austerities for a certain time span Buddha had to leave his wife and son Rahul for getting solitude. But this state did not last long. Yashodhara by becoming his follower played the role of Mahakali. She took up the responsibility of awakening Buddha-hood in women and thus reaped amazing results. Buddha attained a lot of strength and what was lacking was fulfilled as Chandi. Ambapali was a world famous dancer but when her unconscious soul awakened she shed her dirty body. She surrendered her body, mind etc to Buddha and gave him wealth which was akin to Kuberas wealth. Thus Tathagat got immense power. An ordinary person can never measure how much credit goes to Ambaplais self surrender for fulfilling the incarnations mission.

In the past few centuries such an illusion has crept in that women are storehouses of taints. The more someone hates her and stays away from her, the more he is considered a renunciate and saint. This philosophy is bang opposite to Indian culture. Indian religion is based on Varna-Ashram. The 4 Ashrams are Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa. All 4 Ashrams include presence of females. In childhood a mother pours her affection lovingly. Sisters are companions. In married life, husband-wife self surrender and thus convert duality into non-duality. Even in Vanaprastha and Sanyasa a wife is ones companion. In ancient times Rishi-Munis along with their wives lived in forests so as to work for world well being. Right from Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh to other demigods, they all were married. It is sheer delusion to conjoin giving up women to spirituality. Yes! Her sexual enticement must be shunned. A person full of soul force can easily give up this tainted outlook. Very recently Mahatma Gandhi in his youth at the age of 33 years started looking at his wife very sacredly and without sexual inclinations. He looked upon Kasturba as his sacred companion and for their entire life lived with such pure emotions. The bond between Mahakal and Mahakali is never based on lust. Hence in the mission of an incarnation if we see the 2 wheels of a chariot moving in tandem there is nothing amazing about it. In fact it is natural and most required.

In the past 100 years Mahakal has incarnated in minor forms. He has played a great role in era transformation. Contemporary laymen can never measure contemporary human Avatars. The reality dawns much later. Jesus Christ while he was alive was very much harassed and oppressed. For his entire life he had only 13 followers and one of them tried to kill him. Now after 2000 years people revere Christ and 1/3 rd of the worlds population have become Christians. Generally all prophets during their times have had to face insults, opposition, mockery and harassment. Hence in this century Mahakal who has incarnated is not being understood properly by the world. Yet the reality is this, that in the recent past, many extraordinary prophets full of soul force have incarnated and have amazingly laid down the foundation stones of era transformation. Along with these partial incarnations of Mahakal, Mahakali too has contributed a great deal and as always is working for establishment of righteousness in the world.

In these days amongst the partial incarnations for era transformation, Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans and Yogi Aurobindo stand out. Although both carried out different tasks yet they mutually supported one another. Both performed austerities and rendered the subtle world so influential, radiant and hot as a result of which radiant souls could take birth for era transformation. When we read past history it is clear that never before as has been seen in the past 100 years so many saintly people took birth. After Lord Buddha for the past 2000 years, saintly peoples appearance in this world had virtually stopped.

In order to overcome this there was a need of terrific spiritual energy which to a great extent was fulfilled by saints.

Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans imbibed Yoga of Devotion and Shri Aurobindo Yoga of Wisdom. Due to this light an upheaval took place in the subtle world. Thus a divine aura surrounded the psyche of everyone. Hence despite trying situations it was possible for India to attain political freedom. What seemed impossible before became possible. In their own way they performed austerities and created that atmosphere whereby so many great political leaders manifested.

Paramhans austerities aided manifestation of great leaders like Bankimchandra, Mahatma Malviya, Lokmanya Tilak, Gopal Gokhle, Justice Ranade, dadabhai Naoroji, Keshav Chandra Sen etc. in 1857 the famous Gadar war was fought in those days. At that time Tatya Tope along with Nana Saheb and Rani Lakshmibai fought so well that it helped induce the laymens psyche to yearn for freedom. So many reforming, religious and social centers took birth in these days.

Swami Vivekananda was Ramkrishnas shadow. By giving the atheist Narendra a fair portion of his divine energy transformed him into Vivekananda. One day the young Narendra engulfed by dire economic circumstances approached Paramhans like other devotees for blessings. The latter sent Naren to Goddess Kalis temple and asked him to pray to her. Narendra had gone to pray for wealth but as soon as he came face to face with Kali he prayed fervently: Give me wisdom, give me devotion, give me strength and peace. Apart from this I do not want anything. Kali gave him exactly that and this youth later became Swami Vivekananda. Once Paramhans gently kicked his chest and Naren entered a deep trance or Samadhi. At the time of death Paramhans transferred a lot of his soul power into this spiritual heir of his. On the basis of this power Swami Vivekananda rendered Indian culture enlightened, revered and re-awakened in alien countries. The knowledge attained by those who came in contact with Ramkrishna Paramhans is found in various books. On reading it we realize that he poured so much nectar in order to render the individual and world society great and advanced in stature. Not only via the speech of tongue (Vaikhari) but via speeches of Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti too, rendered the atmosphere with an aura of divine light. Vivekananda was like his mouth piece and it was he who churned the brains of Indian public.

The fount from which Paramhans attained energy was the 2 images of Mahakali. Yogini Bhairavi taught him secret occult sciences for 6 years. She made him execute extraordinary penance and thus emerged that potential which helped fulfill Mahakals mission. The 2 nd image is his wife Sharda who with the serenity of her soul nurtured the psyche of Paramhans who was thought to be divinely mad. Both knew each other from past lifetimes. When the 4 year old girl Sharada saw Paramhans sing sacred songs she told her mother: This saint will be my husband. None paid heed to what she said at that time. Ramkrishna then turned into a youth. When talks of his marriage were going on he told his relatives: Do not waste your time; instead look out for my wife in Jairam Bati village. Go there and you will find my bride in Ramchand Mukherjees house. From the worldly social standpoint it is inapt that a 6 year old girl marries a 25 year old youth but the marriage took place in a very natural manner. In order to sire children, there is need of the age of husband and wife being similar yet in this case the marriage was meant only for soul uplifting and that it was closeness based on the proximity of the soul. Hence age of the couple was not of any consequence. Despite there being an age difference of 20 years they were true soul mates for their entire life. The girl Sharada and the elderly Paramhans lived for a long time in one hut. Their soul union was so blissful that not for a moment lust entered their minds. The gush of vital force calms down in the Rayi element that pervades the subtle world. Sharada came like a Goddess of Peace and by ceaselessly pouring divine affection on tha Great vital force Mahakal rendered his potential extraordinary. No doubt people mocked him saying: The sage has married and is living with his wife. But Paramhans ignored all this vain talk. He would say: This is Sharada, she is Goddess Saraswati. She has come to give wisdom. She is my divine energy.

When Vivekananda reached America for spreading divine culture Mrs. George, W. Hale and Englands Miss Noble helped a lot in his divine mission. Ultimately she became Vivekanandas disciple, imbibed Hindu ideology and was christened Sister Nivedita. She surrendered her life span for Vivekanandas mission and after coming to India lived as a mendicant to work for Indian culture. She also looked after Swami Vivekananda.

Mahakals second partial incarnation was in the form of Shri Aurobindo. For rejuvenating Indias culture he commenced a violent revolution but very soon he realized that for this great task soul force and not weapons were needed. Not only for himself but in order to awaken soul power in the entire world, performed penance in solitude in Pondicherry (India). A desirable effect was seen as a result. In summer when the air becomes hot cyclones erupt and it carries with it leaves, dirt etc on the ground high up in the sky. In the same way his austerities heated the subtle atmosphere and as a result ordinary people started manifesting rare leadership qualities. Even in laymen the sentiment of renunciation and sacrifice emerged and they manifested it in a big way.

In Aurobindos era so many era creators were born like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Chitaranjandas, Lala Lajpatrai, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad etc. Annie Besant was an Irish woman but she played a dynamic role in attaining Indias political freedom. She spent her entire life in rejuvenating India. There was no dearth of great women like Sarojini Naidu who awakened people of India. Like the non violence movement Indias violent revolution too was great. Every child knows people like Virendrakumar, Rasbihari Bose, Shachindranath Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh etc. Shri Durgadevi nurtured Indias revolutionary movement with love and a powerful personality which is incomparable.

In order to understand Aurobindos great penance and mission Frances well known philosopher Paul Richard went to Pondicherry. He understood the importance of the mission and hence respectfully left his wife to serve this lone saint. This was an incomparable sacrifice on the part of Paul Richard. The very dutiful wife instead of leading a life based on physical union with her husband accepted the command to serve that Rishi like saint for world welfare and hence she started dwelling in Pondicherry. This great lady called Divine Mother looked after all mundane and mental needs of Shri Aurobindo and made sure that his terrific austerities remained unobstructed. Not only this, she gave up her all to serve Aurobindo Ashram and render the mission powerful. This then is a divine glimpse of the coexistence of Mahakal and Mahakali.

The faith and trust between Mahakal and Mahakali can be called a pair in the sensitive arena. Their terrific ireful form can be seen as agitation and revolution. Within the realm of sacrifice and service this very pair renders individuals great. In talented people they can be seen as discrimination and steadfastness. As character and affection they can be seen as civilized people. As valor and activity they represent world humanity. The main aim of this couple is to replace bad behavior with a wholesome one and imbalance with balance. Time and again, in order to fulfill this goal, this couple imbibes varied activities via their incarnations. Contemporary situations inspire them to carry out certain immediate functions. Hence although the goal of all their actions is to uplift saintly people and ward off vile people yet their functioning is varied.

No one is a messenger of God from birth itself. On some special occasion Mahakal and Mahakal make an individual their vehicle and via his/her body subtle powers carry out divine tasks. The activity of invisible powers can manifest only via visible instruments. Hence whenever they notice an apt personality they choose it. The preliminary life of Valmiki, Angulimal, Ambpali, Surdas etc was lowly. But when that Super Power entered them without delay their previous roles changed. Generally this is what happens. Many times ordinary people give up their old beliefs, aspirations and activities like a snake shedding its old skin and without paying heed to mocking and censure of so called near dear ones daringly take up the task of neo creation and era transformation. At that time know for sure that Mahakal and Mahakalis grace is pouring on them. While landing on earth from heaven Goddess Sursara chose Lord Shivas matted locks as her vehicle. Time and again so many men-women fulfill the goal of these matted locks.

In the near future souls like Saptarishis, their wives, Shivi, Dadhichi, Harishchandra, Prahlad, Dhruv, angad, Hanuman, Bharat, Lakshman, Bhishma, dronacharya, Arjun, Bhima, Karna, Buddha, Mahavir, Gandhi, Dayanand etc will incarnate. Goddesses like Gargi, Maitreyi, Bharti, Kunti, draupadi, savitri, Anasuya, Mira, Lashmibai etc too will incarnate. With their cooperation the great mission of Mahakal and Mahakali will be realized.

The next 10 years are very dire and chaotic. Many types of strife will have to be faced by world humanity so that all will learn a lesson that a life full of wiliness, sense merriment, selfishness and vileness will not benefit anybody. These facts will be taught not via speeches but via bitter experiences. Thus nature makes arrangements for bitter lessons and harsh punishment for those who insist on behaving tainted. Such punishment will be meted out in the near future. Along with this that education and creative movement will be set rolling on the basis of which when the apt hour arrives required transformations will naturally take place.

Even at present Mahakals activities are going on appropriately. Today powers like Ramkrishna Paramhans and Yogi Aurobindo no longer exist. But their austerity energies will enter other bodies and fulfill the divine mission. Mahakali is helping her 9 Durga aides to incarnate. But it is not possible for contemporary people to recognize them. Today they will be looked upon as ordinary humans and like other divine messengers will be harassed and insulted. The foundation of era transformation is strengthening from within. Mahakals aspiration can never go unheeded. Mahakali is immersed in rendering creative and agitating task more intense. Within many radiant souls upheavals are taking place and by giving up lowly narrow mindedness daringly many men/women in order to fulfill Mahakalis desire are imbibing her light. They will definitely march forward and will fulfill the historical task of neo creation.



The hour of neo creation is fast approaching. It is a definite fact that those times full of strife faced by us all today will not last long. Even if it remains then man will have to face infinite more hell like situations than the hardships faced by him today and thus human beings will burn to ashes in its painful fire. Yet God does not want his most beloved creation-mankind to fall down so despicably and would not like to see man totally destroyed. Hence very soon God will create such situations that before fear sets in conduciveness will take over.

In the past mankind has walked on such vile roads that their dire reactions are being witnessed/experienced by us all and that situation is being noted today wherein which will not allow all this to continue for long. There is no other choice but to transform this messy/chaotic situation. Only 2 choices remain, one is total destruction and the other is transformation. If we ignore transformation then face the consequence of total destruction. If we wish to ward off destruction, welcome transformation. There is no middle path.

In future the world will be partitioned into 2. One will be generous and the other stingy. One will be full of discrimination and the other full of delusion. One will be called divine and the other demonic. Since deluded people ooze with bad habits/activities and narrow ideologies have converted the world into hell and divine like mankind into human ghosts. They will see nothing wrong in all this. They will insist on following old vile beliefs. They will refuse to change with times. Not only this, but that they will oppose reformation and right up to death will oppose it. This class of men must be included in that very one which Arjun speaks of in Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 11):

Vaktrani te twaramana vishanti

Danshtra karalani bhayanakani.

Kechidwalagna dashantareshu

Sadrishyante churniteruttamangaiha.

O God! They enter your fearful mouth full of terrible teeth and are entangled in your teeth as battered heads.

Yatha pradiptam jwalanam patanga

Vishanti nashaya samridha vegaha.

Tathaiva nashaya vishanti loka

Stavapi vaktrani samriddha vegaha.

Just as deluded moths in order to get destroyed speedily enter blazing fire so too these people run towards your mouth to get totally destroyed.

There is no dearth of people in this world who are engulfed by delusion to this extent. Even when the hour of death has come very close and they are insulted by family members again and again yet old people more and more get entangled in the eddy of worldly enticements/attachments. They do not pay heed to the future and reactions of vile activities and instead burden their heads with loads of sins. This world is full of such people wherein neither wisdom reforms them nor does the light of discrimination change their psyche. Like arrogant elephants they continue walking on the basis of their whims and fancies. Mahakal on seeing that they will never mend their erroneous ways is forced to crush them to death lest they become speed breakers on the path of divine functioning. While ploughing his field a farmer has to make arrangements for breaking hard stone like mounds of mud that remain behind. At the time of era transformation a divine wrath manifests to render the mismanaged deluded souls well managed. In the future that strife and natural calamities which will be poured on humanity will have the above as its basis. This then is the only eternal path to combat vileness. Where wisdom, discrimination, logic and aptness do not succeed there a small measure of harsh punishment does the needful. It is most required that mans vile brains and prejudice spanning for quite a length of time be reformed. For this the Tandava dance will be executed. There are many biased people who insist on acting tainted. Thus human and natural calamities take over which are responsible for a lot of bloodshed.

The other gist of the above is that in the era transformation junction period that class of world humanity which harbors goodwill shall be awakened and on special occasions with zeal shall shoulder their sacred responsibility. During dire times men of discrimination work for overcoming hardships. For a certain length of time they give up their mundane tasks and make special efforts to ward of strife. Their farsightedness not only becomes means of fame, glory, self satisfaction, good merit and grandeur but due to pious goals the world is served aptly. In his sacred mission Mahakal too gets cooperation from these spiritual aides.

When fire erupts in a village, wise people from their own protection standpoint and also for the sake of spiritual goals give up all personal tasks so as to douse the fire. The time between the old era ending and a new one ushering in is such a junction period which is akin to night ending and day ushering in. at that time people instead of executing ordinary tasks make arrangements to perform tasks like worship, meditation etc so as to contact divinity. Special importance is given to special tasks on special occasions. If seeds are sown at the right time the possibility of a good harvest is very high on the cards. Radiant souls carry a lot of inner consciousness within. So much light dwells within them that they recognize an apt occasion, listen to Gods divine voice during special events and thus act as per this divine guidance.

Those who get such divine inspirations never ignore their duty and responsibility. They will endure obstructions in the way of ordinary tasks of upkeep of family and instead work in dire times for era transformation. For protecting the countrys border region many valiant army soldiers come forward to execute that task. When divine light manifests in someone they will not make excuses of obstructions coming their way in rearing their family and other such narrow selfishness but will work for special events like era transformation. When the bugle is sounded a soldier will immediately get alert to perform his duty and if a soldier is on leave he will give it up to fight for his country. Such special occasions like this historical junction period induce awakened souls to zealously accept their divine responsibility.

In the days to come both the deluded demonic and divine souls full of sense of world well being will get an opportunity to show either their tainted nature or greatness of character. The good or bad results of both will usher in and on seeing it the future generation will get a chance to decide which method/class is worth following. Which is wholesome and which is not?

In future we will have to choose one of them because there is no middle course of action. If they insist on joining the deluded class of people who obstruct Mahakals sacred mission can joyfully do so but also must be prepared to face harsh punishment. If this is not acceptable they must become aides of this sacred cause. Thus we will have to reform our ways immediately and imbibe that meritorious task which includes both individual and world well being.



From material nature standpoint man is a weak animal. Just like other creatures feed their tummies, procreate and enjoy good bad consequences of various situations man too is born, becomes young and ultimately dies in old age. Such level of people can be called human beasts. They have no goal in life, no ideal, no responsibility and leads life as per his whims and fancies. Ultimately like other creatures he too dies. Amongst the world population half of them are of this stature.

A very little portion of the attraction in the life of animal men is their selfish interest. They make efforts merely to fulfill their personal desires, satisfying their aspirations and overcoming any lack. Those who do not have even this attraction make efforts only due to fear of hunger, lack, punishment, lack of help, censure etc. If all this were not there they would conveniently lead lives of inertia and indolence. We must accept that those who live such lives have done great harm to themselves.

When this selfishness reaches depths of arrogance, unruliness, vileness and attacking nature and insists on shamelessly fanning his ego and benefitting by harassing others one must perforce call him a human ghost. Ordinarily murderers, butchers, anarchists, hoodlums, vile people are called human ghosts. But today they behave in such a manner that they do not visibly act vilely, do not get caught by law and attract censure from society. Externally they wear the garb of gentlemanliness but within they are very wily and cunning in nature. As a result, so many get destroyed. Externally for example people involved in manufacturing, advertising its usage and making a business of drugs/intoxicants etc appear very straightforward but their intellect, wealth and effort destroys the financial, ethical and bodily states of so many that if all this is analyzed it will become clear that millions of people take up vile activities and thus destroy world society. Such examples are present both at the individual and group level wherein it is clear that if selfishness reigns how terrible can be the results. Robbery, pick pocketing are now ancient methods restricted to the uneducated class. Educated people have unearthed such ways that although it is actually looting, cheating yet that nobody senses it actually happening. Bribes are now very common. Mixing the original with artificial is not looked down upon but is labeled business acumen. Externally one cannot gauge to what extent people have become listless, selfish, distrusting and shameless but if their married lives, family affection and experiences of related people are analyzed we will realize that in their so called purity lies sinful living. If not human ghosts what else can we call them?

In laymen the belief of who are demons and demigods is very sketchy and deluded. They believe that demons have black face teeth are like canines and like beasts have horns. They say that demigods are white skinned, they are joyous, live in heaven and run to help their devotees. This is a symbolic description. There is no possibility of finding such creatures in interstellar space based worlds. On this earth too neither now or in ancient times such beings were found. On the basis of mans inner arrangements this symbolic depiction of demons and demigods is made. Face is black meaning they are full of vices, ill fame and live a demeaned life. Big teeth mean eating more and immersing in sense merriment. Horns mean behaving vilely with others and harassing, oppressing them. If someone has these taints that person is a demon even if he/she is white skinned and good looking. Demigods are those who are generous, self controlled and love serving others humbly. Demigods are always worshiped and eulogized. Due to their loving service the strife and pain of so many people is warded off. A man of self introspection can thus find out on this basis whether he/she is a demon or demigod. How much of their time, effort, wealth and thinking is used for selfish gains and how much for world welfare? All this must be gauged by our self because no one else knows your true character. It is our inner personality that makes us a demon or demigod and we can then conclude whether we will be crushed under the weight of punishment meted out by Mahakal during times of era transformation or that by becoming his true aides gain victory so as to get glory.

Whenever human animals and ghosts will predominate in this world, hardships will reign and infinite strife will have to be faced. When this augmenting will reach worry like levels a danger of total destruction of this world so loved by God will usher in. To overcome this God has to intervene and take an Avatar. This has been clarified by Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Gita: Whenever righteousness is attacked and unrighteousness takes over at that time to protect saintliness and uproot vileness I manifest in this world.

It is not lone effort but that a class of people is required to overcome lack of ethics and criminality. Hence under such dire situations always such a class remains alert which in spiritual terminology are called divine personages or human gods or generally are called great men, crest jewels etc. Generally this class of people always exists. Earth never has lack of spiritual seers, gentlemanly people and devotees of God and yet due to flooding of demonic activities they appear submerged. Just as in hot summer grass blades get burnt in the same way due to lack of encouragement divine activities dry up but whenever Mahakal blows his bugle for a balancing act those very unconscious, withered divine men like grass becoming green due to dew drops again awaken and faithfully show their prowess.

In order to control the rise of demonic behavior time and again divinity has to become active and fight hard. In mythological tales this is depicted everywhere. In 18 Puranas and 18 sub Puranas these tales can be found. Within the realm of wiliness and shrewdness demons flourish yet it is demigods that get Gods help and they gain victory as a result. In every page of history demonic behavior gets wiped off. Vileness procures lots of means via cunningness hence the laymen dare not oppose their terror tactics. Yet this situation does not last long. God in order to ward of imbalance in this work awaken demigod like men imbue them with life force and by and by ordinary looking men play a great role. Despair transforms into the light of hope. In these days this is exactly what is going to happen. In the important chain of events of demon-demigod battle one more chain is going to be added. In the near future such a storm will arise wherein the impossibility seen today of demons being uprooted and demigods gaining victory will be a full blown possibility in the futures transformed circumstances.

Even human beasts are looked upon as demons because they walk on the unethical path. Human life possesses some rights and some duties. Humanity gets tainted when man like beasts lives merely to fill his tummy, procreate etc. Due to lack of control every step towards beastliness results in hardships. Thus this class of humans is also burdensome for earth.

Human ghosts and human beasts constitute the class of demons and they are responsible for all kinds of dangers in the world. Just as the Harijan class takes up the pious responsibility of sweeping the city in the same way the demigod class takes up the onus of warding off distortions and strife created by demons. No doubt they always do this but if they fail to do it sins accrue else in 10-20 years this world would become unfit to live in. But this cleansing has to be done at a war footing level when there is a danger of epidemics of swine flu, malaria, cholera etc spreading in the city, village etc. In fact in such times the cleansing has to be 2 fold or 4 fold. No doubt soldiers are generally alert but when there is danger of war, army personnel especially in the border regions become more circumspect. Today a greater danger than epidemics or war will be faced by world humanity. Chaos is noted in every nook and corner of the world because of demonic thinking. The responsibility of overcoming this unwanted state lies on the shoulders of the divine class. This is what is happening right since time immemorial. In order to ward of demonic activities demigods class must battle it out. This is why battles between demons and demigods have taken place. Thus demigods have always gained Gods protection as per the Lords proclamation: Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan. This will again take place for all to see.

Demonic activities augment when divine men become weak. Night always comes when day ends. Where there is light how can darkness manifest? Similarly the waves of idealistic greatness rise in the deep recesses of mans psyche demonic behavior has no chance to attack the world. Beastly nature thus cannot raise its hood. An atmosphere is generated via nourishing of divinity wherein demonic tendencies get uprooted. Over here agitating times too manifest. The legs of an ant manifest at death and at that time when it tries arrogantly to douse a flame lamp it dies. Even so when divine elements augment, demonic forces also augment and yet in a short while because of their vile intentions latter have to lick defeat. Awakening of divinity along with its nourishing is that type of getting ready wherein the present day demonic darkness is warded off. Via nourished divinity that widespread influence will be noted where people on realizing the bad reactions of ghost like behavior/thinking will dare to renounce irrationality and tainted actions. Augmented divinity shall cleanse taints and dirt of the world human psyche and thus todays hell like world will become heavenly.

In future the battle between demigods and demons will definitely take place wherein instead of man fighting man both demonic and divine activities will fight hard to get established in the entire world. A battle will go on wherein demons will try to act unwholesomely and divinity will try to usher in heavenly acts throughout the world. As a result when divine thinking will win the battle those situations will manifest in which every individual will aspire for justice, freedom, zest, means and contentment.

Demonic behavior has reached its peak today. Divinity is latent and sleeping. What is required is that divinity awakens, congregates only then Gods mission can be fulfilled. Those divine souls who have awakened their divinity will have the capacity to hear their inner voice asking them to perform their prime duty and yet today this voice is so soft that more encouragement is needed. Within the campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana this is what is being done.

We must hope that we will see that very day with our own eyes in this very life when divine men giving up all selfishness will work like historical great men for world well being and will ward of beastly and ghostlike taints present in world human psyche. Unethical acts will stop and everyone will experience an atmosphere of love, magnanimity, goodwill, cooperation, justice, zest, comfort and gentlemanliness.

The onus lies with the divine class to usher in such an era. They must awaken, they must congregate and they must assiduously work against lack of discrimination. The more swiftly they shoulder this responsibility, the quicker will we see the golden dawn of a new era and thus get glorified.



During times of storms and cyclones those trees that stand arrogantly upright very often get uprooted but those trees that bend down generally are saved easily. Certain plants and creepers during storms manage to sustain because as per changing times they mend their ways. Whenever storms manifest in particular direction they too bend in that direction.

No doubt no compromise can be made with respect to giving up of ideals. Sins cannot be encouraged yet wherever we err without bias we must rectify it. Such understanding should at least be there that when punishment is looming large on our heads we imbibe self control. When a robber is caught and taken to court he acts quite gentlemanly so that the judge will not mete out very harsh punishment. When Mahakals harsh punishment is looming large we must change our ways of acting. We must bend in that very direction in which laymen too will have to perforce bend. Those who awake before sunrise tend to profit a lot.

Let what has happened so far remain but very soon we must change and reform ourselves. This conclusion is of that proclamation which is being produced along with discussion of the future. Mahakal is about to transform present times. This dirty and venomous era has been proved to be listless. We are walking in that direction which is very hazardous and there are dire chances of total destruction. Thus there is no other solution but to change our direction and thus turn back. If with prejudice we continue behaving tainted it will be very difficult for mankind to remain secure.

If when summer is on someone insists on wearing woolen clothes he must be considered foolish. As long is these situations lasted it was alright but now when the world is about to transform it is no use latching on to the older trend. It is possible only for a very lowly person to live a narrow minded life in a new era and remain immersed in selfish desires and yearnings. Today this is lifes trend and although arrogantly people follow it yet tomorrow all this is bound to change from its very foundation. Todays trend of amassing ill earned wealth, ego trips and sense merriment will in future be seen only in museums. At that time none will vouch for such a way of living. Everyone will inwardly aspire for a great character and externally imbibe glorious ideals. In this competition those who march forward with great strides will be looked upon that much great, respected and honorable. Those very few who lead lives of selfish interests will surely be looked down upon. At that time people will not dream of ascending heaven merely by performing a few vain rituals but via lifes great effort will aspire for soul advancement.

The possibility of this new era is very clear. Its foreseeing and delivery pain manifests as worldwide upheaval and complete revolution. It is best that we act as per Gods wish. Instead of opposing this storm it is best that we bend in that direction. What is definitely going to happen must be gladly accepted by us all. In order to imbibe this in Gayatri Parivar ( www.awgp.org ) the 100 Sutra Yug Nirman Yojana has come into being. By imbibing this methodology ones sentiments and activities must be molded accordingly which will have to be accepted by all in the new era. That practice can be easily imbibed as per norms of the new era wherein attraction for spirituality augments and hard work and time is devoted for world welfare tasks. At the last moment it will be difficult to reform hence it is best that an auspicious start be made immediately.

Not only must we change but also aid transformation of those whom we love and mean well. One must encourage all including ones wife, children, relatives, friends etc to opt for reformation. In these days we must enact this duty with greater fervor and alertness. This is because Mahakals future punishment is not for destruction but for a great mission. Our transformation can overcome future strife. The greatest world service would be that we make efforts to help laymen forsake vileness and instead imbibe true greatness. Yug Nirman Yojana is such a worldwide movement in this sacred direction. Let Mahakals desire be fulfilled to the last letter and that we avert his punishment thus. There is only one way to do this and that is to imbibe tenets of Yug Nirman Yojana which help world humans to walk on the path of true greatness. This then is todays biggest spiritual endeavor.



Mans thinking, potential, zeal, valor, zest and efforts are no less important. When these psychic credentials conjoin with his activities the latter assume greatness/glory and become akin to divine grandeur. Yet its limit and time span is well defined and there is also a measure of success. If the desire power of invisible progressive flow conjoins with it transformation takes place so swiftly that it can only be termed mind boggling. Tasks that previously took thousand years to fulfill now succeed in decades or even a few months. This invisible program manifests not accidentally but due to a special mission and inspiration. Its aim is to delete world mismanagent and replace it with a wholesome one.

When storms arise, dust that kicks up takes along with it dirt accumulated for a great time span. Craters fill up and so much verve is noted in earth evening that it seems in a jiffy it will carry out this task. Sand dunes of deserts appear in one place but the next moment due to gusty winds could appear in far off regions. When clouds pour rains there is water and only water everywhere in plains. One does not know where dilapidated huts have been flung and withered trees get uprooted. Thus such strange things happen in moments which previously one had not even dreamt of.

On witnessing past history it seems that within traditions of centuries circumstances have been created for total transformation. India gave up the shackles of slavery spanning over thousands of years in a very short time. The rule of so called emperors was taken away and those who appeared slaves became the boss. There was the tradition of those who ruled and those who were ruled by them but today there is not even a wee bit of its sign existing. The corpse of a husband in the then days was burnt along with his living wives and mistresses but today all this is banned. The old form of untouchability has no takers today.

When the zest of science was in full throttle within 2 or 3 centuries rail, motors, ships, air planes, electricity etc showed its mettle in every corner of the globe. Satellites started rotating in interstellar space. Radio and television were mindboggling to the laymans eyes. Rockets have become so swift that in a short time they reach one end of the earth to another. Robots proclaim that they are ready to replace human effort and computers are challenging the might of the human brain. Nuclear weapons menacingly tell us that this prosperous earth existing for billions of years can be pounded to dust in a second in such a way that even a speck of it will not exist in interstellar space. One but fails to get amazed at this speed of advancement.

This then was description of the past. If we note todays times it becomes amply clear that the sacred possibilities of the 21 st century are showing greenery like grass and blooming petals. Despite people protesting sanctification of talent voluntarily as per needs of contemporary times yet like radiant flowers and leaves of spring season will place forth very naturally its grandeur. We just do not know who is controlling masterfully wickedness that oozes from every pore of our being along with greed. This is akin to a deft mahout bringing under control a very mad elephant. Everyone today is doubting despairingly whether stories related to Bhagirath, Saptarshi, Buddha, Shankar, Dayananda, Vivekananda, Gandhi, Vinoba etc will re-enact itself in the world. Yet one does not trust that the potential of era and hence world transformation will fizzle to naught. How can one ignore the resounding call given in all corners of the world by Mahakal? How can one forget the divine aura of Savita (sun) on the festive occasion of era consciousness? Not only is the potential of era manifestation akin to manifestation of heavenly River Ganges on earth mindboggling but that we cannot deny this fact of something depicted in the past not having the capacity to re-manifest itself in our midst.

Recently in India on May 1989 a decision was taken regarding giving Gram Panchayats special powers. In the initial days it was Gandhis dream that villages get independence. Although discussions and a few schemes were designed yet none had faith that so swiftly in 1989 such revolutionary changes in this realm will take place easily. Where does one see political change take place without bloodshed and agitation. Hence it was amazing that power was wrested from powerful people and with ease handed over to the poor class. This is very difficult for one and all to gulp. Hence if this becomes possible how can it be falsified?

It is difficult from the time and effort factor point of view for poor to gain authority. Although it is a fact that the weak, illiterate and Dalit class of Indian society got so much reservation that they became a majority yet none believed this could happen easily and swiftly. You may call it the flowering of human psyche or Mahakals resolve which although appears impossible becomes totally possible in the end.

After this flowering will actual transformation die down? None should think thus. Farsighted eyes can see that after this like clouds bursting cooperative movement will flourish and criminal and illegal activities will bite dust.

It has been said that agents eat up 94% of the produce and only 4% is given to consumers at low rates. On what basis can this obstruction be overcome? How can we wean away those who sip blood of the molars? The answer is only one-when economy will run on the basis of cooperatives akin to the rein on the horses mouth, noose in the nose of a camel and a chain that straightens an elephant how can that injustice exist which like an alligator devours progressive schemes.

Within political revolution on seeing the farsighted results of Panchayat Rule in India it can be called one without a second. Following this is the cooperative revolution which when fully manifest which will wrest wealth away from agents who slyly engulfed it never mind even if their existence is not full abolished.

In the realm of education adult education gets choked like a bone in the throat. How painful it is to see those ruling society remain illiterate. One cannot have faith that government wealth will make big plans especially at that time when those who should study have no liking for it. In future this problem will solved in such a way wherein those who are literate will be forced to educate at least one or two who are illiterate.

When on the one hand those who earn wealth by foul means are labeled criminals and shall be looked down upon and on the other hand those who work hard honestly are revered those criminals will definitely have to beat retreat since they do not contribute anything towards advancement and augmentation of societys wealth. Generally arrogant, criminals and indolent people don such garbs to protect their skins.

When hard honest work will be encouraged and honored everywhere obviously dowry system, exorbitant/lavish spending and pomp shall be uprooted. At that time even senior citizens will try and work as per their capacity as a result of which not only will they stave off insults but that they will experience greater heath, joy and reverence from society since they will contribute towards productive tasks. Hence everywhere laggards and lazy people will be put in the extremely lowly class of society.

These revolutions akin to bogies of a train are running one after the other. People with apt vision will seen how swiftly they are running on track. By warding off undesirable avarice those who imbibe a life of an average world citizen will see that so much hard work, time and wealth remain as a result of which they will see with their very own eyes those joyous potentials related to the 21 st century that will undergo neo creation. It is destinys decree that majority of men become piously talented and radiant. Via their sacred character and activities they can lure others to follow suit.

These are those few hints which in these 12 years of era junction will become huge shady trees from mere saplings and these are preliminary and most required hints of possibilities. With its aid those problems will be solved in future which like destructive fearsome situations is roaring aloud. When this shall happen that garden will bloom forth wherein in future flowers of Brahmakamal will bloom and boon of Amarfal will manifest.

We must have faith that the new era is definitely going to manifest. We must remember that future times are going to get bound to a radiant future and those who insist on opposing it will fall flat on their faces.

The Lord of the cosmos has made a powerful resolve of neo creation and none should harbor the least bit of doubt about its manifesting. 21 st century will have a bright future-this is not merely a slogan but behind it is an intense resolve of Lord Mahakal. This will get enacted in the very near future without doubt.




A reaction always follows an action. A pendulum which swings to one end will return to the other end. Those who behave eccentrically later repent and yearn to regain balance. Apart from diarrhea and vomiting occurring because of intake of venomous food one also faces danger to ones life. A wrathful person perforce faces harsh reactions from others. A person of vile addictions loses his health, joy and honor. Those who spend a lot always face lack of finances. A man of vile actions loses a meritorious status both in this and the other world. Opposite to this those who are hard working, disciplined and zealous succeed in wholesome tasks.

In those days when energies were used aptly people were happy even if means were ordinary and lived in an atmosphere of joy. Satyuga was that time span which historians never tire of praising. Opposite to this if dos and donts are ignored so as to become unruly such situations will naturally manifest which is looked down upon as Kaliyuga wherein despite many comforts existing people live fearful and agonizing lives. Today this is exactly what is happening. Science has helped man become the lord of a lot of power. Since the intellect becomes sharper day by day information too augments in tandem. There is no dearth of sense merriment. One seeing pomp one gets deluded that we are living in heaven. If all this was apt truly we can say that in this century extraordinary progress has been made. But when the envelope is opened what comes out is nothing but venom and germs. This mockery is the result of ignoring wholesome thinking and acting. If only science and spirituality had walked hand in hand todays achievements would have given so much joy and peace to world society which in comparison to Satyuga would have been much more. But what can one say of that ill fate, which has deleted the line between apt use and misuse?


Although man can act in any way he pleases yet he cannot save himself from facing their reactions whether good or bad. The result of misuse will definitely be dire situations and chaos. This is what is happening today. A cold war has ensued between the wealthy and poor. Those who ignore gentlemanliness are hell bent on destroying love, magnanimity and goodwill to all. Due to the vicious cycle of attack and revenge man has lost contentment, zest and cooperation. Apart from harassing others and showing off ones ego one cannot think of anything constructive. Under such conditions it is but natural that people become distorted inwardly and society experiences a downfall. How can world balance set in? Air pollution, egoistic behavior and lack of ethics in their own way are warning us that a great destruction is imminent. Land grabbing, population explosion and undesirable trends has agitated everyone as a result of suspicion, distrust, despair and terror setting in. the future seems dark and gloomy. The present is also so chaotic that when you try solving a problem 10 more crop up. Instead of cooperation opposition is in vogue today.

In this state of things the subtle atmosphere too is becoming poisonous. Since we have marred nature it is hell bent on punishing mankind. Famines occur again and again. Floods, earthquakes, epidemics and strife rule the roost. Nature which has always affectionately nurtured all creatures is today ready to kill us. Over and above use of nuclear weapons, radiations and poisonous chemicals there is a doubt that earth will be allowed to regain peace. One wonders whether clouds of destruction that are looming large everywhere will lead to world annihilation or Pralaya. There is a possibility that due to such unbearable attacks this beautiful earth may scatter away to naught in interstellar space and that one will not have any clue of its existence.

As per ordinary experience the earth appears motionless and day in and day out we believe thus. But those with subtle vision know for sure that like a spinning top the earth rotates on its axis and for circumambulating the sun it flies like a bird. This is mindboggling and beyond the ken of our ordinary intellect, yet this is exactly the situation. Laymen can only understand things taking place at the surface but those who penetrate deeper know that these days are very explosive and it is like sitting on a pile of gunpowder which can burn us all to ashes.

Under what demeaning circumstances will the 20 th century end, this warning has been given by all including specialists and futurists. One sometimes suspects that this black day may appear maybe tomorrow or day after. In the name of progress we are heading towards a downfall. In order to attain everything today we perilously put at stake our precious future. The mineral ore storehouse may get depleted any moment. For a rising population not only food and housing will become scarce but that the earth will appear small to even walk on. Since people will lose their very life force they will die like flies and mosquitoes. Due to lack of goodwill and cooperation people will turn into ghosts even if they flaunt their pomp and wealth. All this can be witnessed today. Tomorrow it will augment and not diminish.



We must always remember that this world has a controller. With the help of his artistry he has created this earth and also man who rules it. The controller cannot see his creation getting destroyed thus. Children can be allowed to play pranks only up to a certain limit. When they are hell bent on breaking valuable and useful objects their otherwise affectionate parents reprimand them. There is a limit to straying. True understanding tells us to stop doing so. Those who behave tainted are sent to jail before they go to extremes. Sometimes they even face the death penalty. When diseases enter our body the life force makes intense effort to overcome them. This holds true for unwholesome activities seen everywhere. The controller has taken a contemporary decision that the blind trend heading towards destruction must be obstructed and again the flow must regain poise. When the government of a nation manifests incapability, Presidents Rule sets rolling and instead of incapable, capable people start ruling so that the nation remains well managed.

Everyone is aware of the fearsome nature of darkness and mismanagement that ensues as a result. But along with this we must remember that the worlds management will not endure it for long. Sacred morning hours arrive, cocks shout, in the east dawn sets in and ultimately that sun appears which with its aura brightens all directions. New movements are seen to the extent that flowers bloom and birds fly about.

Before the present trend reaches the point of total destruction the creator wishes to obstruct it and create new circumstances of transformation. This has been envisaged by many subtle seers. A new thought is about to usher in. The direction of viewpoint is changing. Activities will definitely get transformed. All these changes can be seen in mans intellectual arena. In their own way invisible energies that control a wider atmosphere is so hell bent on showing miracles in their fields that they will succeed in overthrowing undesirable trends and replace them with new values and glories.

Times speed and mans intense efforts have induced a lot of swiftness. What could not be achieved right from commencement of creation till now has been made possible amazingly in just a few centuries. It could be undesirable and bad too. Since time is moving swiftly a man who walks 3 miles in 1 hour steps into an air plane and travels hundreds of miles. Due to the energy of mans sheer dint of hard work time is moving that much more speedily. Whatever good or bad has been done by it has been done speedily. This speed will continue in future too. Reformation too will ensue swiftly. In whichever direction a storm blows there it shows its intensity.

This then is a symbol of extraordinary speed entering in the ordinary flow of era transformation. In future this flow will gain greater speed and in comparison to all changes that have taken place in the previous century the 21 st century will give miraculous results. Thus it is everyones belief that in the 21 st century downfall will stop and stormily will usher in a bright future. This is Mahakals inspiration-Gods desire-demand of time. This can be called the Panchajanya proclamation of era religion. Over here intense human efforts will be seen, but we must remember that behind it will be at work the creators intense inspiration and definite program. Despite man being ordinary he will be seen miraculously succeeding by working like Hanuman, Angad, Nal-Neel, Bhima, Arjun etc. The orator of Geeta had told arjun that destiny had already ordained the killing of Kauravas. Hence why was he dithering in accepting joy of ruling his kingdom and attaining eternal glory? In order to benefit from a good destiny why does he not see wisdom in it? Such inspirations will be given to thousands of people the world over and on the basis of an inner divine call will do as much as is required to induce a person via extraordinary enticements. As a result what could be done in hours will be done in seconds.

There is a story that during world annihilation or Mahapralaya the world was submerged in salty water. In its base was sticky mud. A miracle then ensued. A lotus emerged from this water. It had a thousand petals. The story does not end here. In the middle of the lotus appeared Brahma. Via knowledge of the Vedas he created the world. As a result various means and beauty manifested and thus a conscious world was created.

One may have 2 opinions regarding truth mentioned in mythology but one cannot ignore the possibility of a miracle definitely occurring during hard times faced today the world over. The 1000 petal lotus is ready to bloom. In it such a flow of divine consciousness shall emanate which will straighten that which is lopsided and a new creation of joyous potential will manifest akin to a lotus blooming in muck.

The initial stream of the 21 st century has started sprouting from the grounds of International Gayatri Family, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India ( www.awgp.org ). None should be astounded if this takes up further speed so as to manifest as a full flowing river. Light steam rises up a tad bit slowly initially but in a short while it takes the form of clouds and pours down. If not amazing what can we call it? Is it less mindboggling that a tiny seed sprouts forth so as to emerge as a gigantic tree? Our world at every step demonstrates such miracles. The fact is that whatever takes place in the past, present and future is just wondrous. If a tiny sperm becomes a full grown human measuring a few feet should it not be labeled a miracle? Galaxies and stars are hanging in interstellar space and move about swiftly. Hence should we not call it amazing?

Man is miniscule. His capacity is limited. His intellect, effort and success too is limited but this does not hold true for Almighty God. By and by the Lord brings about such seasonal changes that one can only wonder. Even if man wishes to do all this his efforts cannot match Gods mightiness.

When we study the mission of Avataras it is clear that they render the impossible possible. Since God is formless he cannot make efforts like creatures yet amongst various humans he chooses a few so that akin to air pumped into a balloon they become great. Hanumans, Angads, Narads, Arjuns, Buddhas, Gandhis etc despite being embodied humanly carried out such great tasks which can only be called mindboggling. Once, Vishwamitraji tried to create a new world in comparison to that created by Brahmaji. Such problems cannot be solved by the human intellect. In 3 fistfuls Agastyaji dried up the entire ocean. If behind these tasks Gods divine energy is at work it should be least amazing.

A long time has lapsed enduring a downfallen state due to a vile intellect. If all this can be straightened one should not be looked upon as impossible just because mans limited prowess cannot enact such a widespread task. There are many actions which are very difficult for man to execute but how can it be difficult to enact tasks full of world well being for one who aids the hanging of stars, galaxies etc like lanterns in interstellar space?

A small beginning may be mocked yet the possibility that it will take a gigantic form cannot be ruled out. The movement initiated by Buddha and Gandhi was very ordinary in the beginning but when fate cooperated the reaction of the action was so terrific that one was left gaping wide eyed.



At this time some maturity is taking place in the womb of the invisible which will show wondrous good results in future. On seeing it, it will be difficult to believe that it is that very human race and world which set rolling the business of hatred. Was it not bent on creating hell like situations instead of ushering heaven on earth? It will be difficult to understand. This is because that human race which insists on sowing venomous seeds would in future set an example of such equality and oneness on seeing which the dream of a world family will materialize. On the basis of race and gender that differentiation of high and low being noted will not be seen at all in the 21 st century. No doubt nature based differences like long-short, black-white, heavy-light will remain yet it will not lead to lessening of human rights.

Religious sects will only remain curiosities in future. Just as we wear clothes of our liking, soap that suits us so too people will opt for that religious sect as per their liking yet they will not insist that only their religion is right and all else are illusory. There will be no enticement or pressure to give up their religious ideology. They will not opt for another religion due to pressure of any sort. On reaching such a serene state this too could happen that everyone with goodwill visits temples, churches, mosques etc and by understanding that all religions have one goal will revere all religious founders. Along with this under todays changing times will change those beliefs/traditions which need to be changed. Thus they will give up all prejudice and accept oneness of soul which is the theme of all religions.

Man is merely a species. Everyones blood is red hence we must experience a sense of oneness with all and in social transactions too behave with camaraderie. Via this bulldozer of oneness the dunes of separatism will be evened out. This will not remain limited merely to beliefs but will advance as cooperation. Instead of food being cooked separately in each house larger families will come into vogue. Within it people will experience inner and social comforts and will taste bliss and zest while living with a sense of inner oneness. If by living in large families arrangements are made to wash clothes, feeding children, educating them, buying various items, security, entertainment etc in one area then in comparison to todays nuclear families comforts will augment manifold times. People will share each others joys and sorrows and a cooperative bank of larger families will disburse loans and take them back based on requirements. Many will become fast friends and bliss and cooperation will augment very naturally.

Ones mother tongue could be any language yet everyone will also master one common world language. Ones land of birth could be any region yet each will look upon the entire world as its motherland. People must not look upon themselves as citizens of a particular country but that they must say they are indwellers of the world. If one starts dwelling in empty regions and if the tradition sets in that everyone has equal rights in the production of that area then that disparity cannot remain wherein due to existence of more natural resources in a particular country, that nation becomes extremely powerful and other ordinary regions and its citizens lacking it face the wrath of inflation and hardships that ensue. This happens because certain people look upon a certain region of earth as its country and in order to augment its wealth do not think it wrong to oppress people of other nations and instead call it patriotism. Wars take place frequently due to this reason. In the past 5 hundred years totally about 1000 wars have ensued wherein millions lost their very lives and more than this so many became physically challenged, orphaned etc. Many died due to outbreak of epidemics. The cause for all this is so called patriotism which for wealth and success of its country, oppress and suppress citizens of other less powerful nations.

The 21 st century will sweep away this pile of dirt. This pile of dirt will be put in craters so that useful fertilizer is obtained and on it those gardens will be constructed which will bloom flowers and fruits of paradise on earth.

Although on noting todays dire conditions we do not have faith in the marvelous changes that will take place in the 21 st century yet know for sure that this is bound to happen. In hot summer we do not have faith that in a few months monsoons will set in and that there will be greenery everywhere. In winter trees lose all their leaves. Hence who would know that in a few weeks time spring will commence and that flowers etc will bloom forth.

In the potential of the 20 th and 21 st century there will be such a vast difference that an ordinary intellect will fail to understand that potential. But those with subtle vision know that the mold has been casted and what is left is its adornment. A child in a mothers womb cannot be seen but this much is definite that in a few weeks time it will be born and will play in the mothers lap. The environment of changes in the 21 st century in comparison to the 21 st century will be very different but whatever is brewing within, on noting it, it will be understood that it is not be wild imagination but a definite fact.

If the new era based on its special quality incarnates along with the 21 st century and is called an era of divine intellect most definitely it is not an overstatement. The only cause of todays fearsome times and problems is faith based danger. People have renounced ideals, faith and true beliefs. They have imbibed beastly behavior. This cannot be warded off via enticement or fear. When within a divine intellect blooms a thought flow based on farsighted discrimination will manifest. Further we shall also witness greatness of character and gentlemanliness in social transactions. The individual will reform and the nature of world society will no longer remain mucky as is seen today. Those situation which are harsh today and are full of strife will give given up just as a snake gives up its old skin especially when the principle basis will change.

In the 21 st century there will not be much change as far as availability of material comforts is concerned. Era transformation will result in people living with simplicity. In order to lead lives that majority the world over will live, even very wealthy people may perforce live frugally. Another change that will be seen is that those rushing from villages to urban area will virtually stop doing so. Larger metros will scatter and smaller towns will become the in thing. Big villages will become wealthy towns and nearby smaller villages will be nurtured and augmented by the former. Such a lovely cooperation will be seen as far as agriculture, profession, cottage industries etc is concerned that none will face discomfort, joblessness etc.

The 4 foundation stones of the 21 st century will be equality, oneness, arrangement for justice and natural good merits. In oneness comes uniting of the world. Nations divided by borders selfishly work only for their countrys gain. The vicious cycle of oppression ensues and thus the weak remain downtrodden. Wars take place when countries want to widen their borders and thus billions of dollars are wasted. When the world will be united as one family no doubt certain borders will have to be demarcated for apt governance. Political power and wealth will be focused in one region and as per needs it will be disbursed. Various regions shall be re-divided based on geographical states. Wars will not be fought by armies but that justice will be meted out in courts of law. In the worlds constitution emphasis will be laid on justice and true discrimination. Where regions are densely populated there people will be asked to live in less dense regions. Everyone will have equal right to earths produce like natural resources etc. Various trends will be based on familial principles. The world will live peacefully as a family.

Another precept that will be imbibed is equality. Simply based on race and caste none will be looked upon as high or low. There will be no differences between men and women, where one is said to be superior then the other. In fact all sorts of gender and sectarian differences will end. Like 2 wheels of a chariot they will manage the family and society with steadfastness and true character.

A need for a single world language will be noted. Due to prevalence of so many languages unwanted disparity is noted amongst world humans and a lot of difficulty is felt while interpreting and translating various languages. If a single world language comes into existence people will bond with each other wonderfully and the give and take of thoughts will become facile. Realizing better comfort, people will accept the need of a single world language and thus extraordinary benefits will accrue as far as knowledge dissemination is concerned.

Akin to harm created via differences as far as race, gender and language are concerned is that of disparity. Wealth should belong to the world. Everyone should be given wealth based on capability and requirement. Thus none will remain rich or poor. Poverty and richness create many distortions in world society. When its cause is cut asunder, the resultant nature will be akin to communism and socialism.

The 3 rd aspect is that of governance and law. Its new designing shall depend on utility and aptness. Even the difference based on law and mode of governance leads to either demeaned state or an egoistic lordly state of human beings. When cooperatives will come into vogue there will be no cause like fights between the boss and servant.

The 4 th foundation of the 21 st century will be good character. It includes dutifulness, living with self control etc. The nectar in the form of discipline put forth by various religions will be imbibed and it will have its basis in justice, discrimination and wholesomeness. People can follow any ritual/rite as per their liking. This is like choosing food or mode of dressing yet none will have the right to call themselves correct and others erroneous. Like different hued flowers of a beautiful garden all religions of the world shall coexist with camaraderie and shall definitely respect and honor each other.




Heaven is depicted in a certain way and yet we do not see those characteristics anywhere on earth. Hence we remain contented with the explanation that heaven is some planet hanging above earth in interstellar space. Astronomers have researched into every nook and corner of the solar system but have failed to find any creatures or joyous comforts. It is believed that in stars, galaxies etc of the cosmos maybe gross or subtly embodied beings dwell. Yet we cannot say that there we can find so called heavenly situations and objects. The same holds true for hell. How do people who die on planet earth reach these worlds? It is very difficult to answer. If one believes only in visible proof then it is difficult to have faith in such beliefs.

Scientists imagine that on death for some time creatures via their subtle bodies roam in the earths atmosphere and later maybe they get a chance to don a new body based on their past psychic imprints. Philosophers opine that situations are but the result of our mental state. Those with generous leanings and who by imbibing gentlemanly behavior lead well managed lives based on ideals attain zestful contentment even if comforts are less and situations are not very conducive. This psyche full of goodwill and positive sentiments is called heaven. This heavenly situation manifests even if the house is like a small nest and comforts are minimal. What is the actual reality? In order to give a definite answer there yet remains time to gather visible proof. Till then with reference to this based on beliefs one will have to infer and repose faith in it.

Just like heaven hanging in interstellar space there is a belief that Satyuga or Golden Era had manifested on earth. Satyuga is said to be akin to heaven. The only difference being that in heaven, the enjoyments were sensual or Rajasik and that heaven on earth were full of sacredness, goodwill, cooperation and apt management. This trend benefitted everybody. Very minimal means and comforts were required for normal living. They could be attained via medium efforts and skills. Contentment and joy are synonymous. Those living great lives were full of zest and achieved true bliss. Wherever such joyous situations reigned there Satyuga or Golden era must have existed on earth.

Based on visible proof whether Satyuga era of very ancient times existed or not one does not know. Yet based on Shruti and Smriti religious texts one can say that such times did exist previously. This time span can be said to be influenced by divine or Rishi tradition. One does not have proof based time measurement of Satyuga and there is no geological/archeological proof too of this. Yet based on mythological information it is believed that Rishi era spanned from thousands of years back up to the time of Lord Rams Avatar. Buildings, objects, idols etc of very ancient times could not be protected from the onslaught of seasons and changing times. Yet historical information found in Shrutis and Smriti texts tells us how men in those times acted and thought. On this basis a conclusion can be made that those people were very hard working and full of good thought, character and behavior. They must have lived a life of cooperation, self control and sense of service to the world. Even today we can experiment by asking gentlemanly people to live in large groups harboring good will towards each other, imbibing self control and adhering to dos and donts. Thus the end result will be that even with minimal means and comforts they will live happily and march ahead on the path of both materialism and spiritualism.

What is meant by Satyugas Rishi tradition is that those people imbibed discrimination, hard work and gentlemanly behavior in their viewpoint and lifestyle and thus set an example to others to follow suit. He was called a true Rishi who saw his self in all creatures and who believed the entire world to be his family. Naturally such people are skillfully radiant. Very easily they attained the key of world leadership. Everyone loves living in the secure lap of mature elderly people. It is they who are truly capable. Farsighted skillful action is powerful from the bodily standpoint and potent financially too. Their lives are full of self control. The divine tradition of simple living, high thinking is etched in their psyche and behavior. Apart from eking out a living to buy minimal comforts they have time enough to uplift and help others attain greatness like they themselves have achieved. When these high stature people will be in the majority and will use their great influence for world welfare such situations will naturally roll out wherein everyone will get apt comforts and none will experience strife as a result of ignorance, weakness and lack. If where there is a chink in the armor everyone rushes to correct it then due to this capability all problems shall be solved. Goodwill and service to the world are like fertilizer/water which will help bloom this beautiful garden called the world. When this tradition will become widespread, when sacredness will rule the roost at that time the world environment will be full of joy/peace and progress. Thus without any hesitation it can be called the advent of Satyuga or Golden Era.

Such situations did exist in the past. One must without hesitation have faith in it. In ancient times history was recorded without date, month etc. Its necessity was not felt. Shruti and Smriti were 2 bases which were topics of discussion of the nature of our ancestors and from generation to generation it was recorded by Smriti texts. No doubt language and writing advanced much later. Paper and ink were doubtlessly used much later but the tradition of Shruti (hearing) and Smriti (memory) continued from generation to generation and the stream of ceaseless information flowed on. On dipping into this flow we gain the prowess of attaining the knowledge of the 1 st chief time span of history. The designing of Satyuga on this basis can be put forth based on joining bits and pieces of information. On this basis is cast the compact image of Satyugas reactions and situations.

Every era has its own importance and aspiration. Today everyone desires wealth, pomp etc because they wish to attain more comforts and fame. This bent of mind eggs us to do various tasks and induces us to roam in varied directions. In this flow when transformation takes place the era changes. Due to desire and aspiration our personality advances and so does the atmosphere. Although superficially it appears that via scientists, rulers, wealthy and scholar these situations are created and transformed yet this is not the bare reality. They think, advance and nurture the seeds of public trends. Where does this world trend originate from? The answer to this question is one. People with potent soul force create such a storm wherein not only leaves, grass etc fly far away but that gigantic trees get uprooted. In those days when strong soul power advances at that time the psyche of world public and various situations catch hold of that direction. When such stature people do not exist or weaken a great deal low stature people emerge and induce people to think lowly. This subtle activity manifests as gross activity. In spring flowers bloom, in monsoon plants grow, in autumn trees shed leaves and in summer ponds dry up. Just like seasonal changes, trend set up by potent personalities act aptly. As a result situations change. People take recourse to this trend. Due to a contact, akin to a contagious disease, faith within and actions without transformed for better. Great intellectual super men of Rishi era rendered their character so potent and pious that they helped bring reforms in the lives and thinking of the world society.

This world is full of objects. Only to a certain limit can these be hoarded. There is no end to desires and yearnings. There is no end to augmenting of materialism in order to satiate the ego. As a result when the lower strata of society imitate the vain and pompous lifestyle of the higher strata of society the activities of the former are rendered lowly and unruly. This then is the reason of downfall. Thus eras like a setting sun get engulfed in darkness. Kaliyuga or the Dark Era is another name for downfall. That withered and weak body perceived in old age is seen in the last leg of era flow.

Childhood is full of tenderness, emotions and purity of heart. As one grows up desires and playfulness is noted. In youth there is ego and ultimately in old age we wait for death. After this a new birth takes place. The 4 eras are like 4 stages of ones life. In these days we are readying for death. But that day is not far when a radiant future shall step in. In the 21 st century such a pious dawn is about to manifest.

When a wheel rotates again and again it come back to its original place. When old clothes get tattered they must be replaced by new ones. Only what has to be noted is that how this new era will manifest. Only that happens, which takes place at the beginning of Satyuga. The Rishi tradition has reawakened. It has bloomed forth and world humanity has benefitted from it. When the viewpoint transforms the atmosphere too changes. When uplifting takes place a downfall occurs later and vice versa.



At the dawn of a Golden Era every great thinker of the world yearns that it passes the test of great ideals. People should imbibe greatness and must mature to such an extent that its glory influences one and all. Further it should be followed by all that the worlds atmosphere becomes heavenly and divine.

Now the question of return of Satyuga remains and when its time arrives we must see how it begins and progresses.

On the basis of Shrutis and Smriti texts of pre historical era Satyuga manifested due to intervention of Rishi tradition and it spread out like a huge oak tree. World humanity took shelter under its cool shade. It is not necessary that seeds of a tree must remain on that tree and not travel to other far off places. In fact they zestfully travel to other regions and follows particular trends.

Not only avaricedelusion conjoin to narrow mindedness but that one tends to live in a very small realm and earn and die only for those who are ones relatives. A selfish person gets satiation akin to a frog living in a small well. He/she does not wish to roam the earth like clouds in the sky. They have no valor or yearning to spread their talent in the entire world like sun rays. This sort of attitude befits only those who are generous at heart. Great Rishis proved their mettle by taking responsibility of world well being. They always chose widespread regions to pour their skills. The lifestyle of Rishis was of this stature. Wherever they saw backwardness there they worked hard enough to overcome it. Wherever hardships were seen due to famine, floods, epidemics, vile people, infernos, earthquakes, tsunamis etc there in order to ward it off generous Rishis without any invitation arrived. Rishis looked upon the entire world as their arena of selfless service. Of course they were born in the divine land of India. Royal swans born in Manasarovar fly in the sky to far off lands.

Rishi lineage can be classified into two. One is Purohit and the second Parivrajak. Purohits are those who stay in one place and run hermitages. They take up the duty of awakening people who live in nearby areas in the realm of spirituality. Students are educated on the basis of the Gurukul System. They build laboratories for spiritual research. Purohits were required to get married so that with the help of their wives they could make arrangements of lodging/boarding in their hermitages. On the other hand Parivrajaks were those who travelled a lot. They would contact people in every nook and corner of the world. They helped people radiate their talent and walk on the path of spirituality. Like clouds they had to pour down whereas Brahmins would live in a particular region and help it get uplifted. There seems a bit of difference in both their lifestyles yet the goal was only one. Both should be looked upon as mutually beneficial to each other.

In the Golden Era people moved about in the entire world without any hindrance. No doubt small republic states existed, they did have borders but this did not cause any obstruction in travelling to any far off region. People could even transport goods to any place in the world. Citizenship of a country did not mean that if one chose to settle in any other land obstructions were created. Since travel and transport were without any hindrance people would set up communities in even barren regions.

Preliminary human manifestation and advancement took place like the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It was called Aryavarta and Brahmavarta. Just as colonialists of middle eras wanted to augment their kingdoms in the same way in the initial days wherever a huge group of humans settled there a yearning awakened that they should go to other desolate places and aid their progress. There by helping forest tribals become civilized their production capacity was augmented so as to ward off any lack. They were rendered literate and highly cultured. Apart from agriculture, industry, business, animal husbandry etc making arrangements of ethical living and social designing, it was established as a lineage. This was that very task for which people renounced their homes and went to certain definite areas so as to aid its progress. In fact many a time their family members too would come there and help them and later some of them stayed there forever. Thus over there a progressive group of people would dwell. Jungle areas were rendered useful for agriculture. Animal husbandry was encouraged over there and mineral ores were dug which were then used to make various apparatus. Thus scattered forest tribals started living in a focused area and would categorize their age and working mode. In order to execute their prime duties they attained such skills that within their fields they were respected as specialists. This was called Varna-Ashrama Dharma. It should not be looked upon as a categorization but as skill of a certain stature. As a result no difference was seen in mutual contact. Man belongs to one race only and hence why should sectarian differences exist? One can have partitions only for the sake of evolving talent in professional differences and art of acting. But such partitions should never be encouraged which brings about social and other differentiation of high-low. In those days based on ones profession very naturally various classes or Varnas came into being. In those days unlike today none even envisaged sectarian differences based on differences of taking birth in some particular caste etc. No doubt due to differences of air, water etc of various regions some facial and other differences in those people were noted but none thought of disparity as a result. In hot countries people are dark skinned and fair ones are found in cold countries. These are nature based differences. Such differences are found even in birds, animals etc. Since certain creatures dwell in certain lands such bodily differences are noted. On this basis form/texture of flowers and taste of fruits too are seen to be differing. All this then is but nature or Prakriti based differentiation. As a result castes do not emerge. Horses, monkeys etc have their own different species. No doubt due to water, air of particular regions their natures may differ a bit. Those who understand this clearly do not encourage poison like differences of high-low, respect-insult etc. Right from the beginning to the end of Satyuga there was oneness of soul between all humans and it advanced further as cooperation in various daily transactions.

In those days powerful and cultured people had only one aspiration and that was how to render advanced very far off barren and desolate places? How could those who were scattered in various ways be encouraged to harbor oneness of soul and cooperation? For this it was most required that one leave old established regions without harming them in any way and instead go to other new lands so as to render them well evolved. This challenging task/mission was taken up by a vast cultured majority in those times.

Competition was there in the above context. The goal of everyone was singular that not one nook or corner of mother earth remains devoid of the light of progress. Not one region should be devoid of glory and greatness. Mans efforts remain challenged if earths areas remain barren and desolate. For this forest areas were not cut down. Not only were jungles widespread but were full of trees and greenery. In certain pockets of forests dwelled colonies of people which added beauty to earth. Roads were built to travel from one region to another. Water areas were wholesomely utilized for agriculture and animal breeding. Since paths were constructed for travelling/transport, if certain regions lacked things they were fulfilled by transporting from other areas. Thus lack was fulfilled and business/professions flourished. All this took place simply due to the fact that the amount of time taken by a group of individuals to help advance the entire earth it took very much less time to succeed in the Golden Era.

In those days the apt management of every aspect of life took place due to religion/spirituality. Within this was included earning, production, usage, health, education, medicine, tradition, ethics, justice etc. the focal point of all this was accepted to be theism. Within its widespread boundary were encompassed all topics related to human glory. Hence whatever decisions took place in any realm religion was the ultimate authority. Whatever was said that was put forth with faith in religion as its foundation. This was straightforward and influential too. On this basis were people revered and helped and decisions were taken for attain good merits in heaven. Since fear of hell, vicious cycle of birth/death, taking birth as animals etc, diseases, strife etc existed people out of faith stayed away from vile activities and lived a life of all round progress. Thus on the basis of religion/spirituality materialism was aptly managed.

Great thinkers of Rishi Era created religious literature. Since political discipline was of an educated stature invisible demigods disciplined earth denizens. Demigods either gave boons or instilled the fear of bestowing curses. This was that very basis for which there was no major need of police, army, law courts, prisons etc. a truly religious/spiritual never acted vilely as a result of which he/she never harbored fear of being jailed etc. Religious literature was conjoined to the Golden Era which was faithfully imbibed in every aspect of ones day to day transactions. Thus rolled in, the red carpet of Satyuga or Golden Era.

The sun rises in the east. It has one predefined direction. Dawn manifestation and sunrise take place in one area only. The same holds true for manifestation of a large group of divine people, their advancing and becoming divinely potent. India can be said to be the east of the world. The special quality of its mud is that within it many heavenly gardens grow and bloom forth. The Mount Malayanil has many fragrant sandalwood trees. Sandalwood adds fragrance to even ordinary trees growing in its vicinity. Human gods born in India too have done this and via their mission have added glory to earth.

In Satyuga the world was not overly populated yet its goal was to render the entire world cultured and advanced. They made apt arrangements for well managed multifaceted progress. They looked upon this as Almighty Gods command and were ready to give up their very lives for it. In order to imbibe this it was required that those amongst them who were to don the mantle of leadership had to render their souls that much more cultured and that intense hard work had to be undergone. If the cast is aptly designed only then toys, engineering parts etc can be properly molded. If leadership via its setting an example via action and imbibing a great character helps others to follow in their footsteps then their teaching manifests a positive influence on others and world public too will start walking on the path of true greatness.

This is because on inert earth conscious elements of highly cultured stature were grown, propagated and rendered all pervasive. This responsibility was taken up by human gods and divine personages. They had to play the role of a creator, producer and director. Hence it was required that those who took up this great responsibility first evolve and transform their psyche into great thinking. This was attained via austerities and regular unswerving spiritual practices. They were required to pass all kinds of tests. The gist of spiritual philosophy is self creation and soul transformation. Rishis and great thinkers who understood this fact and its deep import evolved their faculty of discrimination or Viveka. They cogitated and reflected a lot on spiritual philosophy. In order to render the psyche divine they merged sacred ideals into aspirations, sentiments, beliefs, thoughts and various activities. They walked in the direction of self control and spirituality. For this they imbibed devotion, rituals, vows, spiritual disciplines etc. Rishis were those who shone like real diamonds because of their extremely sacred character/personality. They made intense efforts and thus passed the acid test of ushering in the Golden Era on earth.



Manifestation of humanity and evolution commenced from India. Its focal point was Aryavarta. Aryavarta means where Rivers Ganga & Yamuna flow. In mythological tales it has been the land of Avatars and various missions. Himalayas is said to be the region of demigods. Its heart is Uttarakhand. In this very laboratory Rishis and people of penance advanced their soul force and made divine storehouses of the same. Heaven too is related to it. River Ganges from heaven manifested here. Demigods are said to dwell in Mount Sumeru. Its symbol too is found in the Himalayas. The ice Shivalinga of Nandanvan Kailash too can be seen by all. In order to ascend heaven the Pandavas had chosen this region. History tells us that Saptarishis chose this place for great austerities. The center of worldwide spiritual consciousness is said to be here. Rishis and men of penance dwell here since it oozes with special qualities of a divine environment. Over here very easily Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies manifest. A well planned program of manifesting Satyuga took place here. Powerful radiant people manifested here to usher in the visible Satyuga from the invisible one. Thus those who want proof of the 1 st manifestation of Satyuga can find it in this area. The give and take principle between heaven and Golden Era can be found here. It is well known that Dashrath, Arjun and Narad travelled to and fro from heaven. When it was questioned as to who should get credit for it, we must say no doubt the center of Himalayas.

The 10 Avatars of Almighty God took place in Aryavarta. The last 3 are witnessed as memorials, buildings and archeological relics. Ayodhya is Rams, Mathura is Krishnas and Kapilvastu is Buddhas land of birth. Before them Lord Parshuram incarnated in Uttar Kashi. Over there is the hermitage of Jamadagni. The region of penance of Sapta Rishis is well known as Saptasarovar in Haridwar.

Right from Gomukh to Badarinath the upper mountainous region is said to be heavenly. In its vicinity dwell the descendents of Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras. Nandanvan is just above Gomukh which is the root of River Ganges. It can be seen here as a true Kailash Shivalinga. It is the fount of Ganga glacier. It is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Over here bloom forest herbs like Sanjivani and Brahmakamal. The Somavalli too can be found here. On drinking its Soma juice one becomes divinely intoxicated.

The Uttarakhand region of Himalayas has been the playground of divine sports of demigods. The Rishis chose this as their abode of penance simply because it bloomed with subtle spiritual powers. Various pilgrim spots can be found here. Right since ancient times Panch Prayag, Panch Kashi, Panchshaktipithas and Panchjyotirlingas dwell here. It is the fount of Rivers Ganga-Yamuna and is the birth region of Harishchandra, Vasishtha, Dadhichi, Arjun, Hanuman etc. Chakravarti King Bharat was born in the Kanva Ashram over here in Shakuntalas womb. Luv-Kush just like their father Ram, were born here. In this area also were born and evolved other Avatars, divine people, great people, thinkers, men of austerities and scriptural seers. Right since time immemorial people full of soul power were born and advanced here. All of them in their own way took up their various responsibilities and contributed extraordinarily to manifest a Golden Era in every nook and corner of the world.

In greenhouses plants are grown. After their roots become sufficiently strong they are removed from the greenhouse and planted in open spaces. Over there they grow further into huge trees. The regional environment of Aryavarta is such a fertile area where in comparison to the entire world a lot of scholarliness blooms. At short distances you find pilgrim spots like Kashi, Prayag, Naimisharanya, Chitrakut, Sarnath, Shravasti etc. The 3 fold union of rivers is called Tirtharaj or king among pilgrim spots. Just as this area oozes with pilgrim spots so too does it bloom with many great people considered to be crest jewels amongst men. This is the land of Daksha, Nagarjun, Vishwakarma, Dhanvantari etc. Kunti had given birth to divine sons. Hanuman was born to Anjana thus. Over here a close bond gets established between demigods and human beings.

This discussion is about the root center. Its special nature and seniority can be accepted. But their activities cannot be allowed to remain limited in this area only. They can be seen to become all pervasive right from one end of the earth to the other.

If world history of various cultures is studied deeply it becomes clear that civilized behavior has travelled everywhere in the world from here. Thus based on the land and its environment it evolved in a special manner. Further in ancient times those languages spoken in various countries have evolved in a regional manner using Sanskrit words as its foundation. If we study world history artistic skills vary in different nooks of the globe yet its fount is one only. The nature of scientific industry may differ based on contemporary needs yet their root principles are one only. There is unity in diversity the world over. This depends on unity of its fount. Very slowly various streams in varied forms have been discovered by various people. Yet its foundation rests in Rigveda and Atharvaveda. The root principles of Medical Sciences manifest from Ayurveda and via Sushruta, Vanbhatta, Prabhriti and other scientists on the basis of availability, requirements and attainments they have been molded variedly.

In this manner within principles of religion, spirituality, ethics, good behavior etc along with means used in daily lives one finds a well defined designing. Even in this scattered state its gist tells us that its root was one. It is definite that all this arose from India and based on situations it travelled to various destinations. Within regional traditions a big difference is noted yet their foundation and root cause is one only. If one belief appears varied in the social application arena it should be looked upon as due to difference of situation. Take any example. If its worldwide influence is studied and if we try to unfold its root cause we will have to conclude unanimously that that this variedness is the multifaceted manifestation of one seed only. What is the seed? As an answer it can be clearly said that Indian Philosophy is knowledge and wisdom, based on divine precepts. A father is one but the appearance of his children varies. Despite noting differences in worldwide tradition and beliefs its commencement took place from a singular tradition and is proved to be the leader.

Why is the aforesaid difference at its root conjoined to oneness? In order to comprehend this we must understand that those people who initially established civilization they helped it grow in separate regions. Who were the ones who actually did this? To know this we must travel to the times of Golden Era and understand the Rishi tradition of those times. Indian Philosophy is based on the tenet of ekoham bahusyam or I am one and desire to be many. God who was one wished to become many and this desire by taking the form of inspiration and activity created the subtle and gross family of this cosmos. The human consciousness of God by becoming Brahmavarchas or Divine Light incarnates in human beings. This class is called Brahmins. Its 2 categories are Purohits and Parivrajaks. If in them dawn religiosity and material progress it is but natural. If it is conjoined to the desire of becoming all pervasive and rendering others the same and there is a deep yearning for apt world management there is nothing to be amazed about.

History of earth is indeed very ancient. It can be called beginning less. It is difficult to point out its beginning. It can be thought of as various Kalpas but with reference to the nearby Satyuga it is apt to infer that it must have been those times which gave great importance to Rishi tradition. This long time span on reaching the Ramayan-Mahabharat times ended with changes as Treta-Dwapar.

Treta predominated with political rule. In Dwapar economy predominated. In Kaliyuga people become unruly and had no faith in ethics etc. Certain illnesses can be transferred from one person to another. Seasons influence everybody. When certain trends emerge in society everyone follows it blindly. If a money plant is sown on a tree it spreads on the entire tree. The pervading of era tradition too occurs thus. Via certain brilliant people they manifest and by augmenting its body it encompasses the entire environment. Satyuga became widespread similarly. In this time span everyone was sensitive. Since they were full of self control and magnanimity selfishness could not even touch them. Everyone imbibed simple living high thinking. Full of contentment and hard work they fulfilled their own requirements. Over and above this so much remained with them that they could selflessly serve/help others. They helped uplift those who were backward and downtrodden. Generosity of radiant people and gratefulness of the lower strata of society together naturally created such a state which can be called unity and equality.

In Satyuga everyone was prosperous. This does not indicate that they had huge coffers of silver, gold, cash etc. Their basic needs were taken care of and if with this much they oozed with contentment, know for sure that they were truly wealthy. The experience of satiation is the test of true prosperity. If even Kuber the god of wealth is discontented saying his financial status is weak know for sure he will wail aloud at his ill fortune.

In Satyuga where on the one hand people harbored contentment towards material comforts there on the other hand they had self control as far as various desires are concerned. The mad elephant of desires cannot be controlled without self mastery. Man becomes so potent because of self control in the realms of sense organs, wealth, time and thinking that with the obstruction of wasteful expenses the mountain of glory stands in his/her midst.

Satyuga is nothing but living a life of zest and helping others do so, wiping off others tears, living with true cooperation etc. This then spreads out in every corner of the world. This then was the Golden Era of very ancient times.



Geologists are known to unearth information of ancient times. But this data is about a limited time span. As time lapses by those signs too deteriorate and thus information of those times get destroyed. Those objects unearthed via archeological digging give ordinary state information of ancient times only for 2-4 years. Etchings on rocks and archeological remains are witnesses of what took place in times of yore. It is believed that Satyuga lasted for 30 or 10 thousand years. Via objects only visible states can be inferred. But the Golden Era predominated with sensitive emotions. It is that much more difficult to find out data regarding rise/fall of emotions. Due to these reasons in the search of Satyuga object based proof is not much of help.

With reference to this sensitive hereditary information will have to be analyzed. The shape, nature and good/bad state of lineages are conjoined to various characteristics. On seeing the activities of descendants the stature of ancestors can be highlighted. This also is a method of unearthing proof.

A person can never imagine his state by totally separating his ego. Even in the other world, salvation and self surrender he imagines his separate identity. On seeing this sensitive fact it proves that the soul is immortal.

The shadow of Satyuga in some way or the other dwells in the psyche of all. Even those who behave vilely praise good character. To the extent that when he knows he has erred, he tries externally to prove himself innocent in the eyes of all. Vain criminals too are known to praise a pious character and they try to prove themselves gentlemanly. Even if the world predominates with criminals and wicked people yet if a discussion takes place as to what is good and bad they will praise what is wholesome. Thus it is said that truth carries the power of 1000 elephants. Even if the whole world opposes a man of truth he will emerge victorious ultimately. Even the most vicious person will try to do good for his near beloved relatives. On noting this psychology it appears that in some form or the other we have learned from our ancestors that good always predominates when a choice of good and bad is placed before us. Thus in its seed form Satyuga tradition dwells in some recess of world humanitys psyche. It was definitely in vogue at some point in ancient times.

On analyzing Satyuga it can be proved that maybe bodily make up is that of modern mankind but a great difference is seen as far as the psyche, character and effort is concerned. In those day people were more valiant and hard working. If this were not the case how ones unruly nature could be rendered well managed, balanced and progressive? How were farms, conducive for tilling made by cutting up rocky areas? By uprooting weeds how were blooming gardens made? From amongst forest animals how cows, buffalos, horses, donkeys, camels, elephants could be tamed? How were goats, dogs, cats etc converted to mans aides? When unruly people cannot be disciplined easily then how wise and powerful were those people who rendered dense jungles, wild beasts etc successfully as our aides? Time management and generous cooperation must have bloomed in their character and that is why they could design good families and a well managed world society. One realizes how difficult it is to design religious philosophy, spiritual philosophy and other such subjects only when one has to deviate from age old tradition and create a new philosophy. Great leaders of Satyuga were scientists too. Else in those times when in Adam Era humans lived like monkeys and searched for caves to hide, how was fire unearthed, farming introduced, clothes designed, weapons and machines invented etc? On getting inspiration from nests of birds and bees honey nests the Art of Vastu must have been unfolded. No other creature apart from man can read and write and today everyone has mastered it. How much farsightedness must have been required to uproot what is unwholesome and encourage that which is wholesome when good-bad qualities manifested on living as families in society? Just like production, sales of goods too are difficult. For this when branches and sub branches of business fields were designed and water/land transport was laid down how much hard work and a sharp intellect must have been required? Today it is very difficult to imagine how all this succeeded, how much thinking was involved and how much hard work was imbibed? Yet very naturally we can infer that how those who in an atmosphere of lack and strife created material comforts were hard working, enterprising, alert and zealous? How high stature must have been their unswerving patience and valor? How high must have been their potential to manifest preliminary skills? Our ancestors definitely must have been great men else how so much grandeur and apt management could manifest?

It is not enough to praise efforts of Satyugas ancestors but that more credit should be given to their self control and generosity. Selfishness means I eat up all that I earn. Those who are powerful boss over others. Amongst jungle animals the jungle law is at work. Amongst the powerful the law of whoever has a stick owns the buffalo is seen. Todays historians tell us that the above law took a distorted form amongst looters, terrorists and colonialists during the middle era. Thugs and dacoits were very wily while behaving thus. Yet in ancient times of Satyuga all this was not there. No doubt they produced a lot but while using this they were very economical. They were very miserly while spending for themselves and while saving money they always thought how to uplift the downtrodden and render the unruly masses gentlemanly? Not only was all this cogitated over but that it was put into action too. Money was successfully earned and used also to uplift others. Wherever they lived they shared everything they possessed. Special efforts were made to uplift the downtrodden and were ready to give up their lives while helping the weak. Only then manifested that human glory, civilization and culture which helped one give credit to call brilliant people of those times divine personages.

When man resides in one place he gets help and cooperation from others. Production which takes place very tediously is seen to give wholesome fruits as time lapses by. Despite knowing all this those who yearn that all these comforts be handed over to others and instead they go to new places to make new residences, gather the new and with a new foothold establish progress and culture, their high stature psyche must be eulogized everywhere. When cubs of a lion grow up the lion leaves that region for his children and takes up residence in a very new region. By imbibing this tradition great people of Satyuga too followed suit. They experienced zest by going to newer regions every now and then and hence giving this name as pilgrimage very faithfully imbibed it. A few years back a farmer called Hazari of Bihar (India) had imbibed this tradition. He travelled to many regions and built gardens of mangos. The entire area became a mango garden. That area is called Hazaribag. This is a small example of Satyugas tradition seen in todays times. If one studies deeply more such examples can be found either in these days or past few decades. In those days all this was very common. In the era of Ramayana mother Sumitra and wife Urmila sent Lakshman to the forest which was full of danger. In those days at least one family member was given over for world service. In the middle era when government appealed at least one family member joined the army. Over and above looking after ones region one looked for areas where the weaker section of society dwelled and they dwelled there until progress and prosperity manifested there. As a result of this in Aryavarta the seeds of such small gardens spread in the entire world and took the form of gigantic trees.

In every region of earth such data is available which says that humans had existed there. They harbored a relationship of mutual cooperation and generosity. This helped gather humans who lived in a scattered manner. They all congregated. For sustaining life various means and comforts were unearthed. Further they also saw to it that ethics, religion, philosophy, austerities, self control, cooperation and other sensitive glories augmented.

Such archeological remains are found with reference to ancient times which although are not in very good shape yet give us an inkling that whatever materials were dug up prove that in Satyuga mans skillful brain and enterprise were at their peak. Not only this but that his generosity and sense of cooperation too was glorious. The one main aspiration of radiantly talented people of those times was how to render prosperous barren and downtrodden regions and they used all their skills for this sacred mission. Their pilgrimages too were for this goal. Their wealth and talent were used to fulfill this aspiration. On this basis various regions of the world were transformed into developed countries.



In order to ward off the fire of sorrow of Sagars sons it was necessary that River Ganga incarnate on earth from heaven. Bhagiraths intense penance helped achieve the impossible and history is about to repeat itself today. In todays times it is required that the Ganga of divine wisdom manifests in the entire world. Thought based revolution will fulfill this goal. Although so far Almighty God has incarnated in various bodies yet today he will have to incarnate as widespread sacred discrimination or Viveka. The goal of our individual and worlds efforts, thinking, activity, existence and character too is this. Public movement and austerities together are moving ahead. Daily our International Gayatri Family ( www.awgp.org ) performs 2.4 million Gayatri Purashcharan. Within this in future the subtle energy of my subtle body is conjoining. Both aspects will neo create such a subtle atmosphere which will help usher in apt situations of era transformation in the deep cave of world consciousness. The gross activity of public movement is being directed from Shantikunj (Haridwar, India) and on the basis of creative programs thousands of people conjoined to thousands of branches are trying their best to realize this goal. The great aim of neo creation is going on, on the basis of Gods directions. Even my mission is being executed on this basis.

The form of neo creation is based on the foundation stone of world united peacefully as a family and this will actually be seen in our daily living. All those walls that separate man from man are being razed down. Entire world humanity will be bound to each other by the silken cord of oneness of soul and equality.

The new era will be accompanied by some ideals. They are unity, equality, purity and affection. When these sacred activities will zestfully bloom all those distortions like mismanagement, problems, complexes etc seen in the world will be warded off and everywhere heavenly situations will ooze with joy, peace, progress and grandeur.

All this seems very difficult. Today this has become a dark age and in the long time span of 5000 years man has imbibed such vileness which seems to have become a tradition. No doubt it is difficult to transform such a deluded world psyche into justice, wholesomeness along with discrimination yet it is mankind who can achieve the impossible. The joint task of Gods wish and mans intense efforts can bring about many mindboggling reforms. In future its repetition may seem difficult yet it is certainly not impossible to attain.

The neo creation of a new world will have the foundation stones of unity, equality, purity and affection. All these 4 will be established and nurtured in different ways in every corner of the world, various countries and people of varying personalities. In India on the basis of Shatsutri Yojana (program) as per situations prevalent here the above 4 are being directed.

Amongst the 4 foundation stones the 1 st one is unity. In the realm of material objects 1+1=2 but when 2 living humans unite 11 are formed. Men conjoined in the chain of unity will radiate beauty like a pearl necklace and thus the entire worlds atmosphere will radiate.

Mans power will augment due to unity. Societys progress depends on unity. For establishing world peace unity is a must. This unity is foremost amongst our 4 foundation stones of neo creation. Neo-creation means attaining the goals of unity, equality, purity and affection. In place of todays mismanagement if the 4 fold apt management is reinstated, then this is true era transformation. For this sacred mission we must make great efforts to establish worldwide unity. It has already been said that unity also has 4 pillars viz. religion, culture, language and governance. Today there are wide craters between them which must be filled. Variedness has to be overcome and there must be unity in diversity. This then is the gist of our Yug Nirman Yojana. In order to fulfill this task what has to be done by Hindu followers of India is being laid down as Shatasutra or 100 aphorisms. Similar to this based on situations in various countries and societies in the entire world programs have been designed and leaders of neo creation in their own way will execute it. There are differences as far as the programs are concerned. Yet its fount/foundation is one only. In order think cosmically with reference to unity, equality, purity and affection we are taking steady steps forward.

Why is there difference as far as various religions are concerned? If God is one, his world is one, his son is one, his message is one, his goal is one then even religion should be one only. Many religions that oppose each other, criticize each other, act in totally opposite directions cannot be inspired by God. It could be that at their root the eternal theistic beliefs of religion are present but later such complexes entered them that instead of truth, falsehood and instead of rationality irrationality augmented. If this were not the case those who are called religious would have had ethical characters. But this is not to be seen. Today people of various religions imbibe teachings rituals etc of their respective sects and proclaim that only their religion is true and all else is illusory. It is only their religion that can give heaven and salvation. Every so called religious flag bearer tries to prove that only their beliefs are true and that of others is false. In the bout arena of scriptural debates wrestling is seen. Cannon of speech and writings are fired at each other. Even this could have been endured but one gets horripalation on seeing so many innocent creatures die. While trying to overpower anothers religion so much blood has been shed that it is definitely n fold more than deaths that have taken place so far in the world history of wars that have been fought. Is this state apt? Should this be allowed to continue? The tortuous nature of differences is a big obstacle in the way of unearthing truth. Todays religious distortions are so tortuous that instead of being a help it is actually an obstacle for the soul to realize true religion.

True discrimination means there is oneness amongst various world religions. The religion of the entire world should be one only. It should predominate with truth, justice, ethics, good behavior, discipline, ideals, aptness, generosity, love, good will, contentment and mind control. A true world religion is one which raises human aspirations and activities from the level of beasts to that of a divinely glorious stature. In future such a world religion will definitely evolve. People living in different corners of the globe will imbibe this one true religion. The mode of worship too will be one for all. People will gather on one religious dais. So far that time, hard work and wealth wasted for denouncing various religions will now be used for this one world religion. Such a rational religion will augment love and oneness of soul between man and man and it will aid uplifting of divine principles in world psyche. When todays intellectual energy misused in augmenting vain beliefs and various mockeries in the name of religion is henceforth utilized for establishing true discrimination based ideals in the future world religion its creative results will be so glorious that the world will appear heavenly.

The unity of world culture is also as required as a world religion is. Today culture has conjoined to religion. In reality both are separate. Culture encompasses traditions, behavior, protocol, social transactions, mode of living etc. Since they are varied a sense of separateness and alienate exists between man and man the world over. On this basis various sects are formed. One tends to bond with people who dress, eat, imbibe traditions, talk our language etc just like us. And with people of dissimilar characteristics are ignored by us. This sense of mine and yours creates a lot of hatred everywhere. India has been demarcated so much into various sects and communities that everywhere in the world it is derided. Hence it is thought of as a backward country being engulfed by soul weakness. To the extent that politics also is communal and sectarian. In fact even winning elections is dependent on it. Superficially everyone condemns it yet it is a fact of life.

For steady human unity cultural unity is a must. In various directions of sustaining life we must establish all round unity. If instead of so many different styles of dressing everyone wears one type of clothing, three fourths of expenses of stitching will be saved and this saving can be used in education, health and other areas. If festivals are common the zest and enthusiasm will augment manifold. If the rituals of marriages are rendered easy and less costly then a lot of money/energy can be saved and the same can be used to uplift various families. Without cultural unity the unity of world humanity can never become steady. The world has become small because of huge strides in education and science. Very far off continents now appear as though they exist in our nearby lane. Fast moving vehicles have solved problems of farness. In days gone by when this situation did not exist, people living in far off places did not know each other and hence they were forced to follow varied cultures. But today the situation is totally different. Since the world is drawing closer our cultures too must come closer. Now there does not remain any cause for us to defend our separate culture and all the time try and vilify other cultures. Great and very useful portions of various world cultures must be gathered and in future as a result an all round world culture will be reinstated. This is the demand of todays era.

A person may reside anywhere in the world but he/she must harbor the feeling that he/she belongs to the entire world. In the form of one unit of world culture he/she must imbibe the tradition of true living. Just as in small sects a single ritual is followed in the same way when the world will be categorized as one unit, one world society will be formed, one world family will be built then traditions, rituals etc too will become singular. Tastes may be varied in cases of how to comb ones hair, which soap to use for bathing etc. Yet as far as overall behavior, thinking, discipline and traditions are concerned, there unity will rule the roost.

It goes without saying that from this standpoint Indias religion, spirituality and culture is very much capable of fulfilling the all round needs of world humanity. If distortions that have crept in, in the past 5000 years is deleted pure Indian beliefs are of this stature. It appears as though someone has created it keeping in mind reality, utility and aptness for entire world humanity. In the near future spiritual practices performed to usher in that new age was present in ancient history for a very long time period. Over here flowed the rivers of Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati symbolized by unity, equality and affection. If in Indianess is present the seeds of a world religion and world culture, there is nothing to be amazed about.

In order to unite the world as one family a single world language is a must. What kind of a family would it be where family members cannot communicate with one another cannot talk to each other and cannot execute give and take of thoughts? Knowledge of a single language is a must. Differences of languages lead to a limited and narrow human society. In order to make easily available the gigantic storehouse of worlds knowledge that help world humanity to give and take information smoothly a single world language is a must. Else humanity will be divided into small sects, communities etc. We Indians realize that one national language is most required hence if world as one family and world citizenship proliferate their basis must be designed. Amongst these bases one world language will play an important role.

If for the entire world literature is published in one language only how cheap and high stature it would be. Mere imagination of it exudes a lot of enthusiasm. Till now that knowledge unfolded by mankind in various fields is so much that its usage can help us benefit with many attainments. But alas due to so many languages prevalent this knowledge remains in limited areas of the world. Ere there was one world language then via libraries knowledge of highest stature could reach the world lay public. People of the entire world could have written letters, emails etc to one another so as to exchange information. Then it would be possible to solve easily world problems and citizens of one country could come closer to those of other countries. This very important requirement must be fulfilled. All such special qualities are found in the Sanskrit language. Actually there was a time in ancient world history when it was a world language and in future due to its great qualities if again it is reinstated as a world language it should not confound anyone.

It is a world government that will solve all political and social problems. In the absence of means of transport there must have been a need of small colonial regions but today nationalism is leaning towards becoming regional and caste based. In order to benefit ones own country today in the name of patriotism other countries are oppressed. By meting out injustice to other nations one benefits ones own land so as to be labeled a patriotic country and thus receiving respect from all. Today international diplomacy accepts that basis wherein at all costs ones own country should benefit. The root cause of wars is regional narrowness in the name of patriotism. This is why ivory business flourishes. One country has a lot of useful natural resources and others are bereft of it. One region is very wealthy and their nearby nations are very poor. The reason for this is that in the name of patriotism the world has been partitioned into smaller nations.

Ere these borders are dissolved and the entire world becomes one country under one flag, if the world is ruled by one world government it will end fears of all wars including cold ones. One region has many sub regions. Although these are ruled and managed separately yet they have a common center that oversees their rule. Hence there is no fear of any war or battle. If under one central world government all countries prevalent today are ruled their fights/problems can be solved by an international court of justice. There will remain no possibility of internal battles and fights. Today a country engulfed by suspicion, fear and distrust in the name of security laps up a lot of wealth. But in future when the world will be rendered borderless this wasteful expenditure will stop. Today on an average a country uses at least 1/4 th of its expenditure in war fights. If this expenditure is saved it can be used for augmenting world brotherhood and means of material comforts. Thus by and by this world will be converted into a single peaceful world family.

Within the realm of world governance it is possible to help advance world society. The laws of behavior, justice and ethics can be one. Since free trade will come into vogue, no wall between the rich and poor will remain and that production on large scale will overcome all lack. Further since natural resources will belong to the entire world everyone will benefit equally and requirements to nurture life will be available to all in equal measure. Such a conducive situation can ward off todays dire problems miraculously and there will be no remnant of strife and anguish faced by world humanity today.

Worldwide unity and human brotherhood is presented in a very nectarine manner. The ideal of world united as a family is merely thought of as a vague dream today. But today the time has come when these imaginations and dreams will actually materialize. If we understand and imbibe the utility value and need of unity then their foundation stones too must be unearthed. Like 4 legs of a bed unity too has 4 pillars. They are religion, culture, language and governance. If the world is to be united peacefully as a family unity must prevail in an all round manner within these 4 pillars.

Behind various programs of Yuga Nirman Yojana this very root sentiment and activity is at work. Creative programs are given importance so that an individual via it can rise above narrowness and get inspired to understand and imbibe this truth and fact. On the basis of this inspiration one can get liberation from tainted psychic imprints and deluded beliefs. This program is akin to a ritual. The aim of rituals is so sanctify our sentiments. Soul progress is wholly dependent on sacred sentiments. No doubt we must execute tasks of neo creation but if we ignore spiritual philosophy and sacred mission behind it our goal will not be realized. Everyone amongst us must try to know that while neo creating the world are we helping world psyche imbibe great ideals of unity, equality, purity and affection? Only on the basis of sentiment transformation can man become great, society become balanced and world ooze with divine peace.




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