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CHAPTER TWELVE -                                       KUNDALINI --- AN INTENSE FORM OF VITAL FORCE ENERGY








CHAPTER SIXTEEN -                                        SPIRITUAL PRACTISES FOR A NEW CREATION
















I bow down to Goddess Bhagwati and Jagadguru Shriram

Again and again I bow down at your lotus feet.



Like a mother you rear us and like a father you show us the path.

I bow down to you O preceptor, with faith and divine wisdom.



Like God is the mother of the world and Shriram is the Preceptor of the world.

I bow down to the hallowed feet of both since they are full of faith and divine wisdom.



I bow down to you O preceptor, who is a representative of Gayatri.

His nectarine words destroy the poison of the material world.



Both of them can make the impossible possible, they have the power to ward off intense obstacles.

I bow down to you who is Mahakal manifest and who is the one who will transform this era.













All experienced people proclaim one truth only viz. God is one and that to experience him there is only one path which involves understanding God’s teachings and imbibing them in one’s daily life.  Yet in the gross, material world one sees something entirely different.  We see differences as far as various names and forms of this world are concerned.  Because of this visual difference different opinions are put forth which ultimately lead to bitter fights and strifes.  Definitely we will have to accept that those who fight are totally ignorant of the true nature of God.  Else it could also mean that these quarrelsome people have not found a true preceptor (Guru) who will help one overcome this differential viewpoint and reinstate us in that absolute principle of truth that is God wherein there is only oneness and no differences.  It could further mean that if we have not met a preceptor in this material world we can attain our god via Gayatri Mahamantra which is the Guru-Mantra manifest.  This helps a spiritual seeker to overcome differences based on names, form, various methods of worship so as to attain the divine wisdom of one soul (God) pervading the entire cosmos.  We all are aware of this.  According to the Gayatri Mahamantra :  Where is God?  The answer is “Om Bhur Bhuva Sva” meaning God pervades the earth, sky and cosmic space.  What do you call him?  He is beyond the difference of sexes i.e. he is neither a male nor a female.  He is beyond all names and forms.   What is his nature and how do you attain him?  (Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahee).  He is divine light and is easily attainable.  What is our relationship with him?  (Tat Dheemahi) Imbibe him as divine radiance in your psyche.  What is its use – prayer? (Dheeyo Yona Prachodayat).  May God induce our intellects to walk on the path of greatness.


 Any capable Guru can endeavour to lead us towards divinity (God) with the help of this lucid aphorism.  Thus the Gayatri Mantra too gives us this divine inspiration and along with this those who truly make efforts in this direction are given divine powers just like those possessed by a preceptor.  As a result right since ancient times it goes beyond all sectarian differences and is hence established as a Guru-Mantra.




Gayatri is made up of 2 parts viz. Gay (vital force) + Tri (protection).  Gayatri is that which protects our vital force.  The question arises as to when does one seek protection?  It is very clear that when a devotee is involved in a major problem he seeks protection via prayers.  What are those problems that one is forced to seek protection?  When does one seek protection from Gayatri which is the primordial energy of divine consciousness?  When consciousness flows in the sense organs made of the 5 elements it gets the power of mobility.  No doubt the conscious flow of energy in our sense organs induces mobility in them yet one prays that the sense organs instead of moving in the direction of vileness should flow on the path of sacredness.  Because the sense organs are inert in nature, they tend to stray in all directions.  The soul in our body forgets that true joy is present in the life force itself.  This joy tends to believe that the sense organs are its servants and instead of controlling what it had set out to control, it itself gets controlled by it.  This is that very problem as a result of which our vital force gets agitated while seeking protection.


Gayatri science protects us from this illusion.  Ratnakar, Dhruv, Prahlad, Angulimal radiated intense vital force.  The preceptor gave a proper direction to these souls who were otherwise straying in a wrong direction or it can also be said that from the beginning itself their delusion was warded off.  Adi Shankaracharya always visualizes the preceptor in this manner.  And hence by calling such a preceptor “Always as Gayatri manifest”, Shankaracharya humbly bows down to the preceptor.




If we witness it in the light of truth then we will realize that we are those extraordinarily fortunate people who have attained the Guru (Preceptor) as Gayatri and Gayatri as a Guru Mantra.


By itself spiritual seekers could avail of the Gayatri Mantra just like any other Mantra.  But in this era it is only our revered Gurudeva i.e. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has made it easy for us to relate to God via an all-encompassing precept.  Thus it is our good fortune that we have got the Guru Mantra in the form of the Gayatri Mantra.


In the same way Gayatri who is our preceptor too, is easily attainable by one and all.  The members of the Gayatri Parivar know fully well that the great devotee of Gayatri viz. Mahatma Anand Swami would always stress that our revered preceptor is inseparable from Gayatri.  Meaning both Gayatri and our preceptor are one both within and without.  Swami Anand was a member of the Arya Samaj.  He was highly revered in the Arya Samaj.  Swami Anand was senior to our Gurudeva by 25 years.  Yet he would always bow down to our Gurudeva (Shriram Sharma Acharya) who was not only younger in age but was also a householder and not a Sanyasi (mendicant).  No doubt Swami Karpatri a revered figure of Sanatana Dharma disapproved of the Gayatri Mantra being given to one and all, yet he had told one of the Gayatri Parivar members that Shriram Sharma Acharya is the father of Gayatri in this era.  In fact for his entire life he worked according to the precepts of Gayatri and when he gave up his mortal coil on the day of Gayatri Jayanti he merged into Gayatri.  Hence it is indeed our great fortune to be associated with such a great exponent of Gayatri.


Adi Shankaracharya who looked upon Gayatri as an eternal preceptor always bowed down to Her.  Eternal means that which cannot be limited by body, place and time.  Even our revered Gurudeva spoke about himself thus.  He opined that those who look upon me as divine energy and not a limited human body will attain the proximity of my true nature.  Hence he also said do not make a statue of my body.  Instead re-instate a flame torch which represents intense faith in God and a radiant, divine intellect.  He further proclaimed that no one shall take up the position of a Guru (Preceptor) in the Gayatri Parivar after I give up my mortal coil.  Those who will initiate others into the Gayatri Mantra and those who will perform those rites will only do so as my representatives.  All this proves that he wished to re-instate Gayatri as divine energy and not as a limited image of name and form.


Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Acharya was Gayatri incarnate.   Mother Gayatri who is Savita God’s divine energy pervaded every pore of his being.  All his life he helped innumerable devotees to walk on the path of greatness. He was a master of Tantra Science.  Yet he never had faith in exhibiting miraculous powers for name and fame.  In fact as far as a true saint is concerned these miracles take place via his body as per God’s wish and whoever experiences it truly feels blessed.  Our revered Gurudeva has taken many physical forms at various places with the help of his divine subtle body so as to be of help to his beloved devotees.  A devotee attained his protection as per his individual destiny.  If one’s destiny is very dire, a Guru definitely helps such a person to lighten his burden and by inducing the devotee to undergo minor pain, he is helped to attain salvation.  We have the examples of innumerable individuals wherein more than 1 lakh people have challenged that in those days when the Guru did not meet anyone, they have met the Guru and for about 1-2 hours they sat in the presence of our revered Guru.  These experiences could be true but if we try to find proof of it in the gross world we would fail miserably.  For the lay public he was unavailable yet for his unswerving followers he made himself available.




In the silent cave of our minds echoes the divine speech of our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.  The sacred voice says – I am always with you.  You may go anywhere, yet I will appear in your midst.  I live only for you.  I shall give you the fruits of my divine experiences.  You are the wealth of my heart.  You are the stars of my eyes.  We are all one (merged) in God.  I always experience oneness of soul with all of you.  I never fear forcing you to enter the blazing fire of harsh struggles.  This is because I am fully aware of your inner strength.  I help you to experience one situation after another and yet my inner eyes are always watching you.  Whatever is done by you is possible only in my hallowed presence.


Look intently for my wishes in my thoughts and in my literature.  Imbibe those holy teachings in your daily life, because they were first given to me by my preceptor which I am faithfully passing on to you all.  Visualize only that which is One.  Only then will you experience that oneness in greater measure which can be experienced with infinite bodies of mine.  You can only be my true disciple if you are alert, steadfast and devoted to my way of thinking.  Between us all lies an infinite ocean of love.  The bond between a Guru and his disciple is more firm than a thunderbolt.  It is more powerful than death too.  Never trust your wayward sense organs.  Because they always get agitated when faced with joy and sorrow.  Go beyond all these dualities.  While experiencing this truth O child, always remember that the sense organs always work against the direction of the soul.  Hence always remain alert.  You are the soul and not the body and hence an inseparable part of my very being.  The body can vanish any moment.  Truly, who knows this moment?  Hence always visualize your goal.  Fill your entire psyche with my way of thinking.  Not at the time of death but in your moments of living, liberate and purify your mind.  Hence even if death approaches you suddenly, you are ready for it with calmness.  Hence live your life as though this very moment death is about to engulf you.  Only then can you live a true life.  Time is fast running away.  If you immerse your mind in the thoughts of eternity and immortality, only then can you convert running time into eternity.


Everyone has to face a lot of struggle while walking on the path of ideals.  Hence you too should bravely face all tests and calamities.  Live a life of protection of God.  If you truly depend on God, all your fears will vanish.  You all are my children.  Wherever you go, be it life or death, joy or sorrow, good or bad I shall always remain by your side.  I always protect all of you.  I love all of you because I am bound to you by your devotion.  My love for God makes me one with you.  I am your very soul, child!  Your heart us my true residence.  Hence why do you fear anything?  Be brave and fearless.














Until now all the incarnations of God that have manifested have been for establishment of righteousness and transformation of this era based on various situations.  In this era all these situations have manifested at one and the same time hence via a comparative study we can understand easily how a Prajnavatar is the unified form of all incarnations of God.


1) MATSYAVATAR (Fish incarnation) --  the story of transformation of this era.


One day Lord Manu after his worship routine was offering water in his palms (called Arghya) to sun-god.  At that time he heard a subtle voice, Manu.  Look at Me, I need your help.  Manu saw a small fish in his palms and the voice manifested from the fish.  Manu said, You seem to be a divine personality.  Tell me, how can I serve You?  The fish said, I wish to execute a gigantic task and hence this pond is very small for it.  Thus do take me to the river Ganges.  Lord Manu’s heart overflowed with love when he heard the voice of this divine fish.  Hence he took the divine fish in his water-pot and took it to a large river.  On another auspicious occasion Lord Manu again visited that place and he again beheld that divine fish.  The divine fish said, My size is increasing.  Hence help me reach the ocean.  Manu obliged and took the fish to the ocean.  Suddenly there was Jala-Pralaya (destruction of the world by a deluge).  In that destruction everything was getting destroyed and hence the fish asked the seven Rishis (Saptarshis) to sit on its back.  The fish took the seven Rishis to the Himalayan valley from where the Rishis spread the message of the Vedas (spiritual knowledge) to the entire world.  According to the Puranas (Indian mythology) this is the story of the Matsyavatar.


It seems strange that God incarnates as a fish.  And it is more amazing that that this all powerful extrasensory power behaves like a human being.  In the ancient times there has been a tradition of writing and talking about definite cosmic laws in hymn form (Guru-preceptor).  This is the principle of science too. The binomial theorem is a one line equation but it has been enlarged upon greatly.  Einstein’s theory is merely E=mc2 but yet it has been commented upon in a very enlarged manner.  Indian culture too has been presented thus.  This very principle has manifested in our initial five incarnations so that it can be understood by wise men.  Egoistic people full of mental cravings should not themselves put on such facades as is being seen today.  According to astrological calculations this is the time for Kalki incarnation to manifest and hence certain individuals, saints introduce themselves as the Nishkalank avatar (taintless incarnation) but in reality they are not fit enough to be even the tail of this Kalki (horse) incarnation.  They just put on superficial facades, as soon as the artificial black colour is removed, reality stares at us and this is the laughable ridiculous situation today.  Maybe as a result of this, this description was depicted symbolically in ancient times.


A fish is that creature who moves in the opposite direction of the flow of water.  It can be either very small or very large in size.  Manu means one who is attached to the world and compassionately wishes to stop it getting destroyed.  The activity and style of working of this mission (Gayatri Parivar) and its founder is of this type.   By warding off vain traditional beliefs he gave the world the spiritual wisdom of Vedic religion i.e. spiritual Indian culture.  The opposing elements tried their level best to obstruct him.  The Gayatri belongs to Brahmins, it is uttered in the ear, it is not meant for ladies, yajna can only be performed by Brahmins, Brahmins are those from birth only, spirituality means only flowers, tilak, garlands, he opposed all this and yet on the other hand rejuvenated all this.  He wrote the great Gayatri science in 3 parts.  Today all small/big children, elders, males, females etc. perform Gayatri worship.  They are marching ahead on the path of self-realisation.  Everyone is accepting its principles.  Under precarious conditions of the possibility of destruction of spiritual sciences, he successfully established the parents of Indian culture (Gayatri yajna) and the Rishi tradition in the Himalayas (Shantikunj---Haridwar).  From here, like the Ganges river emanating from Shiva’s hair locks, it is being spread everywhere.  Everyone is partaking the bliss of its manifestation.


First he entered the water-pot (heart) of spiritually sensitive people, then he gave them Gayatri meditation, then teaching others, then he gave his time, his self, he established other branches, he gave public programs, he established Shaktipeethas, he gave a spiritual understanding of the Rishi tradition that was of a high order, he saved everyone else along with today’s business type hermitages, its heads etc, this divine wisdom would have drowned and there would not remain even a trace of true spirituality if he had not achieved all this.  All this he accomplished by remaining small in stature and today he is its cosmic protector.  The fish incarnation can be seen to pervade every particle of the Prajnavatar.





Both the demi-gods and demons are sons of Brahmaji.  They keep fighting and battling with each other.  Both parties experienced destruction.  Hence out of anguish both of them approached Brahmaji and requested the latter to show them the path of peace.  Brahmaji asked them to churn the ocean i.e. Samudra-Manthan.  The Mandarachal mountain was made the churning rod.  Lord Shesha (serpent) was converted into a rope.  At one end were the demi-gods and at the other the demons, so as to churn the ocean.  The problem was that due to the churning of the ocean the entire surface of the earth could get shattered.  Hence who would shoulder the burden?  They all hence prayed to the Lord.  The Lord complied by taking the turtle incarnation or the Kacchap Avatar and on his back shouldered the weight of the Mandarachal mountain.  After the ocean was churned, out came 14 jewels which were joyous for both the demi-gods and the demons.  This is the story of the turtle incarnation.


The story of the turtle incarnation is an incomparable sequence of bodily science, social science and spiritual science.  It seems impossible that a mere turtle can shoulder the burden of a gigantic mountain.  How can the mighty ocean be churned and that too with the terrible serpent god (Lord Shesha) as the rope.  But the divine sports of turtle incarnation has proved this incident to be true.  Amongst the 14 jewels there is nectar as well as poison.  The Prajnavatar opens up the mystery of the turtle incarnation as to how both nectar and poison are useful in our lives.  The demons are those who look upon sense merriments as the ultimate goal of life.  For this they are willing to even harass other beings.  This materialistic way of life can be looked upon as the ideal of intellectual principles and those of material science.  In today’s world this Tripurasura demon is seen manifested everywhere.  Due to those materialistic beliefs there is so much oppression, harassment, crime, undesirable elements, robbery, rape etc. prevailing in this world.  Everyone faces situations of destruction like environmental pollution, distrust etc.  A society becomes inert, devoid of sensitivity when there is lack of faith and trust i.e. this inertia is seen everywhere and in all walks of life.  The stream of sensitivity has dried up to such an extent that today husband-wife do not trust one another, there is bitterness between father and son, two brothers become enemies and one reads all this in newspapers.  This is the pain of being a demon.  This is based on selfishness oriented materialism.  And all this manifests because man is looked upon as a mere body and not as the soul.


On the other hand because one forgets human values as a result of looking upon spirituality only as the be all and end all of life, today religion has taken the ugly form of blind faith.  Today market places in the form of pilgrim spots, hermitages, Mathas and temples which are again like business houses have become synonymous with ugly corruption.  One may pardon political corruption but the direct result of this façade of spirituality can only be destruction.  This means that divinity is one sided.  Hence churning of the ocean means how to bring both these aspects at one single focal point.  Meaning life should be churned under the test of spiritual practices.  As a result wisdom dawns regarding worldly duties and can help us attain our spiritual goals.


Thus it is clear that the revered preceptor’s main aim and endeavour was to bring both these ideals on one single platform.  In order to unite both the intellectual class and followers of Brahman he established the Brahmavarchas Research Institution in Haridwar, India.  Here both the results of faith oriented meditation of God with form and yoga practice oriented formless meditation are depicted in a scientific manner.  This is the manifested form of Kundalini Shakti worship undergone by our revered preceptor.  He was a great realized saint and a master of worldly material achievements too.  Both are in opposite directions but how both can be brought on one platform can be understood from his writings i.e. in Gayatri Mahavigyan (Part 1) page nos. 240-248.


Our preceptor writes that that the Merudand (spinal cord) is itself the Mandarachal mountain.  Ida meaning the Chandranaadi (left Svar) is a symbol of serenity, divinity and Pingala or Suryanaadi (right Svar) is a symbol of heat and material desires.  By churning both these Naadis (subtle nerves) via Pranayaam (breathing exercises) and other spiritual practices the Mooladhar is activated.  It is from here that the Brahmanaadi i.e. the path of wisdom of the cosmos commences.  The Mooladhar or the base of the Merudand is established when the embryo is in the mother’s womb in the form of a black 6-sided molecule getting attached to the base of the Merudand.  In order to make the roof firm, very strong tent pins are dug into the ground and are then tied by ropes.  The Brahmanaadi too has been tied up by this 6-sided molecule (Shata-Kona).  Thus the vital force is conjoined to the body.  Symbolically this very black 6-sided molecule is called Kurma or turtle.  Because it has the shape of a turtle.  The symbolic meaning of earth depending on Lord Kurma (turtle) is that the house of our life too is dependent on the turtle.  This wisdom dawns only in the psyche of one who undergoes intense spiritual practices.  Our revered preceptor did exactly this and gave us humans these 14 jewels or the path of spirituality wherein despite leading a materialistic life one can attain one’s spiritual goal.  Today both the atheistic intellectual class and theistic class of faith oriented people have joined our mission so as to successfully depict Lord Kurma’s precepts.





There was a demon called Hiranyaksha.  He craved so much for wealth that he ran away with the entire planet earth.  There was utter chaos in the world when he covered the earth with dirt and took it from the route of the ocean.  Under these circumstances who would ward off the veil of dirt on planet earth?  Hence the Lord took the form of Varah (boar) and by killing Hiranyaksha he saved the planet earth.  The Lord removed the dirt covering and gave back the cleansed earth to the human beings to dwell on it again.  This is the gist of Lord Varah’s incarnation.  Hiranyaksha means he whose eyes are full of craving for gold or material wealth only.  The craving cannot be satisfied either by tilling land or making handicrafts.  It can only be satisfied through mills, factories etc. based on advanced technology.  Our Rishis were super scientists but they never used materials that went against nature’s laws which in turn destroyed nature.  Everyone today is aware of how Allopathy medicines have destroyed so many creatures on earth and that how the earth is being milked to dryness.  The fact that our earth needs to be washed off of all dirt can be gauged by the dirt of our cities, the problem of atomic waste, new types of diseases etc.


Daniel Wanken, the author of the book “Charities of God” writes that once upon a time human beings dwelt on the planet Venus.  Just like on earth even on Venus there was chaos, smoke of cars, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.  To study all this 2 artificial satellites were sent there.  Wanken thinks that the 2 moons of Venus called Phovos and Lovos are artificial satellites.  People left this planet for other safer planets when there was a rain of acid.  One does not know whether these observations are true of false but the increase in pollution on earth will definitely lead us to such a dire situation.  For this it is enough that there is dirt and increase in automobile smoke pollution one earth.


Our preceptor by becoming Lord Varah tried to overcome this pollution.  He inspired us to live life in tandem with Mother Nature and researched into gigantic Yajnas.  Today this fact has been proved by modern science.  At the time of Gorakhpur Ashwamedha Yagna scientists systematically proclaimed this fact.  The Prajna Purusha (our preceptor) had not even an iota of attachment to the material world.  But he himself drank this poison so as to save the world from this peril and thus establish its well being.  By becoming Lord Varah he resolved to save the earth’s environment from the peril of pollution.  Until now he not only organized Yajnas but this mission is washing off this pollution by sowing countless trees and reactivating the Ayurveda form of medicinal therapy.  In the coming days this endeavour will get worldwide acceptance.  Only then will the earth be saved.




The other brother of Hiryanksha was Hiranyakashyap.  He too craved for gold all 24 hours of the day.  This craving made him go against his very soul.  By amassing a great deal of wealth he proclaimed that man himself is God.  He hated to hear about the real God.  He invented so many things that he was under the delusion that neither man nor any other creature could kill him.  He would neither die inside his house nor outside.  It was as though he had a protective life insurance in all places.  He felt he could neither die due to weapon attacks nor due to any disease.  He would neither die in daytime nor at night.  Under such circumstances Lord Nrisinha (Nri=man + Sinha=lion) of dual species by sitting on the patio and tearing up Hiranyakasyap’s torso with his long lion’s nails saved devotee Prahlad and thus established faith everywhere.


Today man truly has become a Hiranyakashyap.  He has so many weapons that he is not scared of being murdered.  He has so many medicines at his disposal that he is sure he can live till a ripe old age and maybe become immortal also.   Of course, this no doubt is his blind faith.  He is sure of his security in all areas of life.  He desires only one thing that God’s name should not be taken and all this is broadcasted in magazines like Sarita etc.  Under such circumstances the Lord utilized all forms of peace so as to establish faith in the heart of man and thus destroy all vile desires, greed etc.  One meaning of Sandhya is Gayatri worship, this is one Sandhi (peace).  Another Sandhi is era Sandhi (junction) in which worldly joy is the sole aim of life.  This belief is being destroyed and spiritual ideals are spreading slowly but surely everywhere.  In the flash of a moment our Prajnavatar(Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) easily achieved all this in such a way as though like Lord Nrisinha he came out of a pillar by shattering it open.  He protected the Prahlad of righteousness and after leaving behind his devotees who were eulogizing him, he disappeared.  He was of a very compassionate and sensitive nature; for wickedness he was death manifest.  He overflowed with divine love and had extreme wrath too.  He never compromised with fundamental values of life.  The 21st century is manifesting with speed for that very potential of a bright future whose child like faith he had protected.  A small trailer of this in the form of Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan is being enacted in revered Gurudeva’s birthplace, Anvalkheda on 3,4,5,6,7 November 1995 A.D.  This will depict one more scene of destruction of cravings and faith will be established everywhere.  People will witness all this amazingly and eulogise it.





King Bali was very egoistic about his wealth and pomp.  Although he was generous hearted yet he harboured cravings for a lot of things in his psyche.  To attain fame he would do anything.  He ruled over the entire earth.  One day a small child (Vaman) came in his midst and asked for land measuring 3 feet.  Bali laughed and agreed to do so.  At that time Lord Vaman who was a child so far manifested his gigantic cosmic form.  He measured the entire world with 2 feet of his.  There was no place to keep his third foot.  At that point Bali’s arrogance disappeared.  Thus Bali surrendered his all to God.  This is the story of Lord Vaman.  But the amplification is quite large.


Today everyone craves for name and fame.  Hence the Parliament breaks up and governments change. There is bloodshed over differences in ideologies.  Big countries boss over smaller ones.  They act according to their own whims and fancies.  Journalists have become mentally jaundiced, the court of law has no great ideal to live up to, those who should protect their citizens have become looters and all this is going on openly like the slyness of Bali.  Everywhere it is spoken of yet instead of being ashamed about it people take pride in all unethical tasks.  Girls are being burnt due to Sati, they are harassed for dowry.  People who encourage all this are said to be intelligent and are given all honour.  The irony is this that such people think they are very wise. Others think them to be great devotees and full of hard work.


Our Prajnavatar by writing 2700 books placed knowledge in one place in the world and thus gave us wisdom.  Today this literature is in great demand in the whole world.  Gayatri Parivar is becoming synonymous with Vivekanand of Chicago.  Due to this literature no doubt our revered preceptor spanned the wisdom of the entire world and now what remains is to spread it in all corners of the world.  In the same way he gave the true form of holy worship in the midst of religious façade.  In the coming days only devotion of a pure heart will gain momentum in the world and not any façade.  In the same way he showed us all how one can by becoming a man of Yoga of action by uniting God to our activities one can in one’s body perform activities akin to those of 5 bodies.  All these 3 streams put together is Gayatri worship i.e. the Triveni of wisdom, devotion and action.  In ancient times this worship had universal approval and in future this is exactly what is going to happen.  In the same way today’s Bali’s façade of diplomacy will break up and unity, equanimity and affection will gain importance.  The coming era will walk on that path which will harbour welfare of all creatures and bestow well being on them.  A cultured society is possible to build only on the basis of a healthy body and clear mind.




It is said that Kings had become very arrogant.  It was in their very nature to harass their subjects and at that time was born Lord Parshuram.  He diligently chopped off the heads of all Kings.


Since Lord Parshuram despite being a Brahmin executed such acts it does seem probable that he gave such intense thinking to Rajasic (active) men that they had to change their very thinking process.  This can be seen clearly in the life of our revered preceptor.  Bad thoughts in our psyche manifest externally as vile actions.  Our revered preceptor humbly warned people with his powerful writings, he scientifically explained the reactions of our actions and thus many vile men were transformed for the better.  A very gigantic ethical movement took place which was akin to the chopping off the heads of political rulers.  The 2700 books penned by our revered Gurudeva is like an axe; whoever reads it is impressed and thus gets transformed for the better.  It is the influence of the ethical movement that has led to seminars of 800 govt. officials.




Lord Ram is called Maryada Purushottam--- the best amongst pious charactered men.  Our revered preceptor not only established teachings of pious character in all areas of life but himself imbibed it in his life so as to point out to us its utility in day to day transactions of our life.


Lord Ram never took aid from any other Emperor, King etc. but instead his aides were bears, monkeys, chimpanzees etc.  Our revered preceptor gathered ordinary, sensitive people and by taking one hour of daily work from them along with 10 paise of contribution from them he raised the mission from the ground to the heavens.  Ram burnt the Lanka of gold and our revered preceptor crushed to pulp all material ideologies, greed etc.  Lord Ram uplifted the downtrodden, weak, poor and the women class.  Our revered preceptor too cent percent executed these tasks.  He showed the world the cosmic form.  All are witnessing the cosmic form of our revered preceptor.  He respected all Rishis.  By rejuvenating the Rishi tradition he gave a new direction to religion.




Lord Krishna’s life commences on the one hand with struggle and on the other hand he establishes folk art.  This too is the story of our Prajnavatar.  Those potentials that were immersed in the sense enjoyments of Kings was diverted by Lord Krishna towards devotion and welfare of all.  Our revered preceptor gave a direction of well being by encouraging singing, art, acting etc.  If Shri Krishna gave us the precept of Yoga of action then our revered preceptor taught us how to perform Yoga of action in today’s trying times.  He converted his home into a hermitage of austerities and also encouraged others to do likewise.  That very Mahabharat which he executed is today the last and potent chapter in the form of era creation.  In this, youths like Abhimanyu are executing gigantic tasks.  There are mighty warriors like Arjun and Bheema.  All illustrious people are trying to make our nation a super power and the entire world full of peace. 




If you make a close study then from the viewpoint of programs to give a proper sense of direction to work styles, establishments, ideologies and era flow the activities of Lord Budha and Yuga Nirman Yojana is similar.  It looks as though the tasks of Lord Budha are being executed by our Prajnavatar.  The substratum of the intellect and discrimination is Gayatri worship.  He too established righteousness.  That form given to the association by era creation too has been given by the Gayatri Parivar.  Budha opposed killing of all creatures and Gayatri Parivar too followed in his footsteps.  His aim was upliftment of women and this is one of the major goals of Yuga Nirman Yojana.  He made Sanghas; Yuga Nirman Yojana established Shaktipithas.  In this manner the tenth Nishkalank Avatar is the gist of all incarnations.  There is no doubt about this. Those who will doubt will get destroyed by the blazing fire of suspicion.  We never recognized such a great sage, prophet in the form of our revered Gurudeva as a Prajnavatar.  Those who joined him were indeed blessed.  Thos who strayed away are full of agitation and will remain so in the future.




Only some gain the power of making prophecies by the Almighty God.  Over here those prophecies of world famous seers is being elucidated which has influenced the public psyche for a great length of time.  All of these seers agree that the direction of a bright future of the world will be given by India only; it can only be called an extraordinary “Yoga” that different prophecies made point out to the different activities of our revered preceptor.




Jean Dixon had the power to make amazing prophecies and hence she gained fame not only in America but in the entire world.  The following lines are a witness to her true prophecies :


Jean Dixon was invited to a party in a Solgrave Club.  At that time President Truman was the Vice President of America.  He laughingly asked, you are a devotee of God, hence can you predict my future?  Very soon you shall become President of America, said Jean Dixon with a smile and truly in a few days Truman was elected President of America.  On being elected President he accepted, “We have no other option but to accept that spiritual powers are more potent than material powers.”  All of America was amazed at the prophesizing powers of Jean Dixon.  Once in the year 1994 President Roosevelt invited Jean Dixon to the White House and asked --- How long will it take to fulfill my tasks?  Dixon seriously replied --- President, I am very sorry to say that you have very few days to live now.  Roosevelt could not help laughing and yet he died in a few days.  As predicted by Jean Dixon his death was due to the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.


The abovementioned incident was again proved in the court of an official.  One day India’s General Agent Shri Giriraj Shankar threw a lunch party.  Col. Nawabzada Sherali was invited along with Jean Dixon.  Col. Sherali asked her a question, “Madam, can you predict my future?”  Of course yes, said Jean Dixon, ‘On 2nd June 1947 India will be partitioned.  You will have to go to that part (country) which will predominate with Muslims.’


On the morning of second June 1947 Col. Sherali phoned Jean Dixon saying --- Madam, your predictions are wrong.  But Jean Dixon very firmly said, “Sir, any incident can take place in the flash of a second.  The entire day is left yet.  Please wait.”  Truly on 3rd June 1947 in the American newspapers was printed --- India and Pakistan have been partitioned.  Along with it the army was too divided and truly Col. Sherali had to leave for Pakistan.


One evening in 1947 when in Jean Dixon’s home there was a talk on political matters, the name of New Delhi too was mentioned.  Suddenly Jean Dixon said, “It seems Gandhiji will be assassinated and this will happen within 6 months. “  Truly Gandhiji was assassinated on 30th January 1948.  In the same way she was worried about the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.  Once she tried explaining to Kennedy’s friend Hallow to stop Kennedy from traveling for the following six months.  In fact it was this Kennedy for whom she had predicted in 1963 that he would become President of America.  While predicting his death Jean Dixon further said that the assassinator’s name will start with the letter “O” and end with “D”.  Later everyone was a witness to the assassination of Kennedy when he was touring Texas and as predicted by Jean Dixon the assassinator’s name was Oswald.


Jean Dixon had predicted many future events like Russia’s first unmanned rocket entering Moon, Eisenhower winning his election campaign, downfall of Khruschev, China becoming a Communist country, Shastriji becoming Prime Minister after Nehru etc. which all turned out to be true later.






In a very humble, rural family a great soul has taken birth who will direct, manage and control a great spiritual revolution.  He will be aided by active workers who will transform this distorted world for the better.


A small village Anvalkheda, district Agra (U.P., India).  Here in a very small but cultured, divine powered family away from the chaos of cities was born our revered preceptor as mentioned in the above prophecy i.e. 50 years back.  He was a storehouse of power.  Because of his spiritual prowess even in his past lives he had shown the true path of spiritual upliftment.  Even this birth of his commenced with spirituality.  By making spirituality a very part of his being he wove it in his daily life routine.  He showed us the existence of the soul (God) and blew the bugle of a worldwide spiritual revolution.  Through his thought revolution he gave us such a path as a result of which many souls followed in his footsteps.  As a result an atmosphere of spirituality is gaining momentum in the entire world.  Like his gross body even today his subtle body is very active.  Circumstances are changing, it will change in the future too and thus the future of the 21st century will be very bright.  It seems as though Jean Dixon’s  prophecy will come true even this time.




The editor of “Healing Life “, John Melard while agreeing that this era will be transformed writes :


Today the problems of the world are so tortuous that it is not possible to overcome them by a frail human intellect.  I have a gut feeling that God is going to manifest on earth and that he will transform this era with the power of his aides.


The terms “transformation of this era” and “Yuga Nirman Yojana” of our revered preceptor is a direct proof of the above prophecy.  It is a known fact that God always incarnates with aides of divine power and the rest of the power controls the world.  Some of this power of God incarnated in the person of our revered Gurudeva.  Through his divine sight and soul force he found many divinely cultured individuals and by empowering them he led them on the path of era transformation.  In fact the entire world is on the throes of getting transformed.


Today worldly problems have become so intense that they cannot be solved by a human intellect.  World peace is beyond the power of human endeavour.  Yet there is no need to despair.  Because such signals are in the offing that God has already incarnated in our midst and is endeavouring to establish a new era with the help of the power of his aides.  His intellectual and soul potential will indicate that he is an incarnation of God.  Such an uplifter of the world cannot remain incognito for long.


When human endevaour fails, the divine power takes on the reins and succeeds in making possible that which is impossible for human effort.  In reality every action of the incarnation becomes a memento.  Readers have 2700 books of our revered preceptor.  800 manuscripts yet remain to be published.  Apart from this are books on Vedas, Puranas and Smritis.  Never in the history of the world was a man like our preceptor who single-handedly wrote such useful literature.  As far as the question of soul power is concerned it cannot be counted like books but it can definitely be understood by the example of working with the gross as well as the subtle body.  A sample of his soul force is the fact that he could see with closed eyes all events taking place in the gross and subtle world i.e. from earth to interspace and also know its cause-effects.




Rommain Rolland of France was a great thinker, philosopher and author of books.  He was no less great a prophesizer too.  Very firmly he believed when talking of a new civilization and world culture ---“I have faith that a big group of white cultured race with its good/ bad qualities will be destroyed and a new civilization will emerge.  In future Indian culture and philosophy will be established in the entire world as a world religion and culture.  A new society will be established.  I have no fear of getting tarnished.  The Western world fails to grasp the immortality of the soul but I have strong faith in it.  Those taking birth in Western countries are influenced by Western culture and thus will face intense obstacles in their lives.”


On the worldwide scale the intense efforts of “Devasanskriti Digvijay” movement aims at one world nation, one world language and one world culture.  And this is exactly what is going to happen.  This is what is indicated by the divine seer Rommain Rolland.




From his very childhood Anderson had the potential to predict the future.  Many of his prophecies have come true ----


One American General fighting in the second world war shall later become President of America.  Eisenhower who was the American General of the Allied Army later was elected President of America.


In 1947 A.D. an important nation of Asia shall come out of the clutches of British rule.  In 1947 India gained political freedom.


On 8th August 1945 such a terrible event will occur as a result of which a situation regarding the war with Japan will change drastically.  And on 18th August the war will end.  It was on 8th August that Hiroshima was bombed.  Lakhs of people died.  As a result Japan was shattered.  By surrendering on 18th August the war came to an end.


Anderson while predicting that that the world will be something totally different after 1999 A.D. has written ----


An individual taking birth in a very small rural family of India will not only influence his own country spiritually but other countries of the world too.  This person will be the greatest prophet in entire world history.  He alone will have so much organizational power which will not be had by any govt. of any nation of the world.  On the lines of all the constitutions of the world he will create such a human constitution wherein in the entire world there will be one language, one govt., on supreme world judiciary and one world flag.  Due to the influence of this endeavour man will abound in self control, good behaviour, justice, ethics, renunciation and generosity.  In newspaper front pages such news will be printed as headlines which will encourage human service, renunciation, daring and generosity.  Reading all this people’s sensitive nature will manifest.  Murders, dacoity, looting, crime, illegal activities will come to a total halt.  Till 1999 the whole face of the world will change and then for thousands of years people will live a life of holy peace.”


He further elaborated that that religion will spread far and wide which today we cannot even envisage.  This religion and culture will be that of India and the prophet too will be an Indian.  He is at present laying down the first foundation stones of a worldwide revolution.


The above prophecy is very much similar to that of Jean Dixon’s.  In this manner these similar prophecies of great futurists of the world emphasizes that world transformation is the holy desire of God and that under no circumstances will it stop.  There is no doubt that this era will definitely transform.


In reality this extraordinary thought revolution program of our revered preceptor has spread in the entire world.  By renouncing vanity, facades, arrogance etc. people are imbibing renunciation, service, cooperation and other human values in a big way.  Slowly in today’s world a relative transformation is being witnessed.  Behind this reality is the work of the divine power of that prophet.  He, according to these predictions, was born in a small village of India called Anvalkheda in Uttar Pradesh.  He gathered so much spiritual power that on its basis he changed the very thinking of leading personalities and senior govt. officials.  In a very short time political upliftment is being witnessed.  The extraordinary fact is that wars are very much on the decline.  People are now looking upon love as God.  Our revered preceptor’s prophecy of the 21st century being very bright is proof of the abovementioned predictions.




The world famous futurist, saint and revered Father Mr. Vector writes while elucidating Chapt. 6, Revelation 24, Mathew in the Bible that :


“The meaning of a man with a sword seated on a horse is the birth of such an individual who will revolutionize the world by giving religious ideologies to all humans of the world.  At that time habits will be sinful, the body will be weak and Lord of death will induce wars, famines, floods, epidemics etc.  Natural calamities will be on the rise.  The movements of stars and planets will be very detrimental for mankind and at that time this divine power will incarnate on earth.  He will induce holy peace and lead all on the path of human values.”


For the Devasanskriti Digvijay Movement the horse of Ashwamedha Yajna is on the run not with a sword but with the flag of culture.  From the characteristics it is very clear that just as a sword cuts up objects so too the flag of culture cuts up all our sins.  Now the scientific analysis of spirituality is changing all outdated beliefs of spirituality.  Our revered preceptor is not merely an individual but has truly incarnated as a gigantic divine power.  He has taken up the massive task of transformation of the entire world with his spiritual prowess and put forth such precepts of peace which forced people to do a great deal of re-thinking.




Prof.  Hararey witnessed prophetic events in his dreams.  A week before Gandhiji passed away Prof. Hararey had predicted his death. 


When Sukarno’s stars were at their peak Prof. Hararey said : Today people are not seeing any taints but in  a very short time they will see the downfall of Sukarno.  Truly after 1 year Sukarno experienced a downfall.


Uptil now majority of Prof. Hararey’s predictions have come true.  When one analyzes today’s circumstances it will be least amazing if his predictions of a bright future come true.


He saw that ---


The year 2000 A. D. and the year before that.


A divinely embodied person has taken birth, he will fill the minds of all with bliss, he will overcome all hardships of the world.  He will straighten inethical and unjust people.


The first quarter of the night when I am in deep sleep I see a divine person in my dream.  Between the eyebrows of this yogi, seated near a waterway, I see a half moon.  His hair are white like his clothes, his skin is fair and his feet has leatherless sandals.  Around him is a crowd of saintly people.  In the center burns a fire.  These people chant something and then throw something in the fire.  Smoke fills up the sky.  All the people of the world are running towards this place.  Amongst them are handicapped, poverty stricken people.  That divine person is instructing them and thus filling their hearts with bliss.  People’s hardships are being warded off, people are mixing with each other devoid of likes/ dislikes.  There is a downpour of heavenly bliss.  Light is slowly augmenting and on a divine mountain it is shedding light like the sun.  From there the rays of light like water of scores of years rises up and covers the atmosphere of the entire earth.


The above prophecy is that of the world famous seer Prof. Hararey which he had spoken of in “The New Era Will Manifest” and it was further elaborated upon in the magazine “West Mirror”.  Prof. Hararey was born in a religious Jewish family of Israel.  Due to his apt and correct predictions he became as famous in Europe and Africa just as Anderson and Dixon in America, Prof. Cheiro in England and Varah Mihir in India.  When people questioned Prof. Hararey regarding the above dreams he said that those dreams that I get in the early morning hours come true in a very short time span; those dreams that I get at midnight come true after 1 year and those seen in the first quarter of the night come true after a few years.  Regarding these dreams I get thoughts in my mind that a divine person has taken birth in India who until the year 1970 will work at the subtle level for a world spiritual revolution without any external name or fame but later his leadership will spread everywhere in Asia and then in the entire world.  His thoughts will be so full of human values and farsightedness that the world will perforce follow in his footsteps.  When science will destroy religion and culture then this divine saint will induce a spiritual revolution and people, like before the birth of Christ, will start understanding the deep import of worship of natural elements like fire, water, wind, space, sun etc.


One can see many people with white hair, white skin, white clothes and leatherless sandals on the feet but it is indeed rare to see a half moon on the forehead.  Yes, truly on the forehead of our revered preceptor shines a circular white light which had been caught by the camera lens.  This prophecy is a pointer to it and proves the prediction of Prof. Hararey.  In the year 1958 A.D. our revered preceptor made a program of 1008 Yajnas in which about 4 lakh people from all over India participated.  At that time there was a continuous program of Yajna and holy discourses.  Over and above this 5 more programs of 1008 Yajnas was conducted in Tatanagar, Mahasamund, Porbunder, Baharaich, and Jhalavad.  Also 108 Yajna programs were conducted all over India.  Our revered preceptor always gave away the fruits of his austerities for solving problems and warding off hardships.  Regarding this there are incidences where he has almost given up his very life.  In reality he always played the powerful role of a great benefactor like Lord Shiva.  He performed intense penances in the holy Himalayan  mountains.  All the divine light and power are from there as indicated by our revered preceptor.


All the spiritual endeavour of our revered preceptor revolved around “manifestation of divinity in mankind”.  He wanted to usher in a world full of spiritual values and every pore of his being proclaimed “the world as one single family.”  He conjoined all theists and atheists to human values and said that this was true religion.  Many such people are walking on the path laid down by him and this is what is indicated by the great futurist.


The changing times of the world shows that it will be least amazing if Prof. Hararey’s dreams come true cent percent.





Nostradamus, a Frenchman, was a very wise astrologer and supersensory seer.  All his prophecies regarding Hitler and Napoleon have come true.  All his predictions have been elucidated in his book “Centuries and True Prophecies of Michael D. Nostradamus.”


A world famous individual will be born in a very religious country. He will revolutionize the entire world with a few of his spiritual aides.  This historical great sage will give rise to such great turbulence that in every family, district etc. there will be inner turmoil.  This inner transformation phase will be in the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century.  But later high human values will rule over the entire world.  People will shed vile thinking and the world will become heavenly.


A moon will be found on the head of this great sage of history.  His clothing will be simple, he will marry twice, he will have 2 sons, he will have 2 daughters and twice he will change his residence.  Both times he will move Northwards.


The proof of this above prophecy is that Yuga Rishi Shriram  Sharma Acharya born in a small village Anvalkheda (Agra), India induced such a spiritual revolution that truly an inner turmoil between the demons and demi-gods took place in the minds of all.  The small time social workers of Gayatri Parivar and Yuga Nirman Yojana organizations by going to far off countries induced so much goodwill that people started shedding their vile activities.  Through the medium of Ashwamedha Yajnas the attraction for pious activities is spreading from our country to far off nations.  Our revered preceptor changed residences only twice and both times he traveled northwards.


It seems that the great futurist actually saw the family of our revered preceptor while making this prophecy.  And amazingly this prophecy was made in the 16th century.  It is worth noting the proof of this prophecy……


The great saint Shriram Sharma Acharya married twice.  The first wife was Shrimati Saraswati Devi, daughter of Shri Roopram Sharma, Barsauli, Agra.  The second wife was Shrimati Bhagwati Devi Sharma, daughter of Shri Jaswantji Bihaur, Agra.


Sons ---- Shri Omprakash Sharma.

               Shri Mrityunjay Sharma.


Daughters – Shrimati Dayawati Upadhyay

                      Shrimati Shailbala Pandya




Even as a small boy Charles Clark had the power to predict the future due to an unusual extrasensory perception.  He kept saying that man is not merely this gross body but is a storehouse of divine power.  This power has light, radiance and all powers that man yearns to attain from God.  But this power is latent in man and it has to be awakened.


In a few days in the country of Asia (indicating India) a great intense thought revolution will commence in 1971.  After 10 years it will spread in the entire world.  And thus man’s latent psyche will be forced to awaken to divinity.  Those energies that man is totally unaware of today will be a subject of study and attainment for all in the world.  Science will take a new turn and will be totally influenced by spiritual values.  These spiritual values and energies will be the silken cord that will tie all nations of the world together.


The amazing correlation of Arthur Clark’s prophecy is this that our revered preceptor had churned entire India mentally till the year 1971 like the proverbial ocean and the jewels that emerged as a result were great soul powers.  In order to intensify this thought churning, in order to awaken divinity in mankind and in order to manifest heaven on earth our revered preceptor performed intense penances in the Himalayan mountains.  This divine energy gathered by him was showered on the entire world and as per the predictions of this great seer the movement of the thought revolution spread in all countries in these 10 years.  This gave a new positive direction to all.  It is because of this that the scientific world is researching into spiritual laws just as it does material laws.  In reality it is only spiritual power that will aid it in its endeavour so that the entire world will be tied unitedly.  This is the prediction in that prophecy.


All his prophecies of Independence of India, Friendship between China and Pakistan, War between Russia and China have come true.  Of course the timing may not have been exact yet one should not doubt his prophecy of the rare thought revolution and era transformation before 2000 A. D.  Because today’s circumstances are already leaning in that direction.




An English officer had laid a bet with Hungary’s great futurist Mrs. Voriskasilvigar that India would never attain political freedom from British rule.  She in turn replied --- No power in the world can continue to make India a political slave after the year 1944.  Its fate will shine and it is the religious people of India that will usher in peace in the entire world.


After the year 1944 India became politically independent as witnessed by one and all.  The other truth of this prophecy is as follows :


“India will gain glory as a great power in the world but it will have to struggle a lot before becoming a super power.  Superficially the times will be hard yet a great prophet will be born in this country who by gathering thousands of lesser powered individuals will induce so much fearlessness that these very small people will challenge the so-called materialistic people and will prove the latter’s ideology as illusory.  After that righteous and straightforward people will prevail and peace will spread everywhere.  Yet after a dint of hard struggle human values will augment on a permanent basis.  Its characteristics will be very clear by the year 2000 A.D. and thus later the world will overflow with love, compassion, honesty, sense of others’ well-being and universal brotherhood.”


The dreadful circumstances of today are a proof of this prophecy.  Today strife is at its peak.  Our revered preceptor in the year 1958 itself had spread the brotherhood of Gayatri Parivar all over the world and later had also declared that the 21st century will be a radiant one.  For correlating philosophy with action a bright future was being woven through the medium of Japa (Mantra chanting) and Yajna (fire sacrifices).  People of the world are witnessing ---- the declaration of the resolve of lakhs of people renouncing vile habits, addictions etc.  This is an influential aspect of the indication of a new bright era and rejuvenation of a civilized society.  This is the pointer of our revered preceptor towards that divine hindsight and which is elaborated in this prophecy.  Definitely pious people are on the rise and the ethics of Gayatri Parivar is being proved true.  People proclaim that all their hopes now rest on the mighty shoulders of Gayatri Parivar.  It is this world family that is truly spreading brotherhood everywhere.


This is definitely a prophet who without the differences of caste, sex, Varna, religion, language, high-low etc. has induced many people in the world to imbibe the precept of “We will change, the era will change.”  The proof of this is the scores of Ashwamedha Yajnas being carried out in far off nations and the first Purnahuti of Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan in our preceptor’s birth place Anvalkheda in Agra.




In this century the great seer Gerard Chrisey of Holland has proved to be a great futurist not only in Holland but in entire Europe.  He not only correctly predicted the future but also spoke correctly about one’s past life.  Almost all his prophecies have come true.  Today’s world conditions are a proof of his prophecy made as follows :


I am seeing that in a very ancient country of the East, India, such a great man has taken birth who will usher in welfare of the entire world.  He will be aided by lakhs of people with women predominating.  They will conduct fire rituals (Yajnas) and offer fragrant materials to the fire.  The smoke coming out of it will purify the atmosphere.  All the people of the world will gaze in their direction and listen to this great saint.  All political leaders will be forced to sit on one dias.  The proof of this prophecy is found in the end of the 20th century and later the entire world will be tied together in oneness.  Everywhere there will be well being and prosperity.  There will be no violence, crime, illegal activity etc.  Those who are vile, wicked and show disrespect to women will be penalized severely.  People will drink more milk.  The number of flowers, trees etc will augment.  Beauty of nature will bloom everywhere.


In reality our revered preceptor activated Gayatri Parivar which people say was accomplished subtly.  This can be said to be the supreme revolution of this century.  The result of allowing women to chant the Gayatri mantra is this that the power of motherhood understood her potency and came forward to carry the red flame.  This was pre-envisaged by the above futurist.


By asking people to imbibe the precept of “I will behave with others in a way that I expect others to reciprocate”.  When our revered preceptor through the medium of Yajna taught renunciation and spiritual goals to be achieved, at that time the potency of Gayatri Parivar set off to perform Yajnas for the welfare of all creatures and this was witnessed by the futurist with eyes closed.  In reality Ashwamedha Yajnas have proved useful in purification of natural elements like air, water etc. along with good health as shown by research conducted on Yajnas.




Jules Berne was a prolific writer and a great futurist.  In the year 1962 once the armies of Russia and America challenged one another.  There was terrible bombing, atom bomb usage along with missiles.  The switch for war was about to be pressed and at that time French political leaders asked Jules Berne, “Who will win this war?”  Jules Berne replied, “No one.  Because there will be no war.  Russia will withdraw.”  This is exactly what happened because Russia withdrew.


A decade before man landed on moon he had predicted this event.


His prophecy of France being defeated by Hitler also came true.


Thus many prophecies of Jules Berne have come true.


As proof of contemporary times the following prophecy of Dr. Jules Berne is proving to be true :


Upto the year 2000 A.D. the world’s population will touch 600 crores and majority of the people will reside in Asia and America.  Without doubt there will be no nuclear wars yet class based struggles will augment.  On the one hand there will be class strifes and on the other a very new spiritual revolution will take place which will unfold the new mysteries of God and our soul.  Science will emphasize it as a result of which atheism and the left path (Vaam Marg) will be destroyed.  In its place will augment faith, justice, ethics, trust, discipline and a sense of righteous duty.  All these changes will be the foundation stones of a worldwide revolution.


The way Russia and America are taking political decisions it seems that Jules Berne’s predictions that there will be no nuclear warfare will come true and yet he has predicted strife taking place.  It is very much like the flame flickers more radiantly before it gets extinguished.  Here because world turmoils are definitely going to end these strifes will not be accidental.


The proof of this prophecy is that great scientists have agreed upon our revered preceptor’s religion since it is very scientific.  The opinion of scientists that man is a mass of chemicals only has been proved totally incorrect.  Scientists now agree that a divine power is behind creation and maintenance of our cosmos.  This unseen divine power is none other than God.  God is directly connected to our soul principle.  And to understand this deeply a lot of research has been undertaken all over the world.  Our revered preceptor by writing the book “Where is God and what is His Nature” has given us a path of realizing God and conducting spiritual research.


I strongly apprehend that this spiritual revolution will commence in India.  Regarding its mode of execution I differ with Jean Dixon over the fact that this person has already taken birth before the year 1962 A. D.  And that at this moment he is involved in a major endeavour in India itself.  This divine person will have also participated in India’s freedom movement and his followers are many.  His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world.  And with their soul force they will easily and successfully bring about those transformations of this world which at present seem impossible.


It is apt that Jules Bernes looks upon our yearnings to know the future as proof of the imperishable nature of our soul.  The body never believes that it will remain forever because by nature it is perishable.  But the soul is immortal hence even greater than its curiosity of the past is that towards future transformations.  If man unites his intellect, discriminating understanding and effort to these transformations then the future of not only an individual but the entire human race can be changed into radiance.  When this task cannot be executed by mankind then great sages alongwith awakened souls (aides) manifest on earth and as per the Lord’s wish a new era is created.  Mr. Jules Berne believes that in the near future history will repeat itself and that none can obstruct this transformation.


Upto the year 1962 our revered preceptor had completed 50 years.  From the very beginning he took part in activities of social and national welfare.  When untouchability was at its peak in India he at the tender age of 15 years washed the wounds of his maid servant despite severe opposition from his family and village folks.  He would tie up the wound, serve her in all ways and thus vociferously opposed all undesirable practices.  He executed many programs for social welfare.  He actively participated in India’s struggle for political independence.  He went to jail thrice.  In order to follow in the footsteps of our revered preceptor there is no bondage of caste or religion.  He is the first Rishi of the world whose followers are crores in number and are spread out in 90 countries.  The proof of Jules Berne’s prophecy is the character and behaviour of our revered preceptor.




Prof. Cheiro of England predicted future events based on astrological calculations.  People were wonderstruck on hearing his prophecies.  He amazed people by predicting the war in South Africa, death of Victoria, death date of Edward Saham, downfall of the Russian Czar, and the correct year of the German war.  Prof. Cheiro was called the magician of astrology.


Foll. is the prophecy of Prof. Cheiro :


The planet Sun is very powerful for India and it is in Aquarius.  No power of the world can stop India from radiating with glory.  A very powerful person full of sacred spiritual ethics will be born in India.  This person will spiritually awaken all people of the world.  His spiritual power will be more potent than all the material energies of the world put together.  Because of Jupiter’s influence there is a possibility of a wisdom revolution taking place and its sacred effect will be seen all over the world.

       ------- Prof. Cheiro (England).


A very similar prophecy has been made by G. Vegilatin based on a carving of a stone in Egypt.


The years 1930 to 2000 A.D. will be the time span of the work of a great world uplifter.  Despite looking ordinary externally yet his divine power will be so intense that in his own life time he will convert ¾ of the world atheists into believers of God.  The most educated people of the world will become wonderstruck on witnessing his thought revolution.


The changing circumstances of the world gives us an indication that the time has come for re-installation of a new civilization and a new society.  The philosophy of our revered preceptor is churning the minds of all.  It is inducing faith in spirituality.  The arrogance of the intellect is bowing down to the sacred emotions of the heart. The world is heading towards that possibility wherein the entire world will dwell in peace and a sense of well being for one another.




Like foreign futurists those prophecies made by Indian seers with reference to the new era seems to correlate totally with all the tasks executed by our revered preceptor.


Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo was a great seer-saint.  He had the extraordinary capacity to dive deep into future events.  All that he saw with closed eyes, whatever he experienced in his heart came to be true.  All his words came true at the appropriate time.


We present his experience in his own words regarding a glimpse of the Prajnavatar.




India’s glorious times are very near.  It will again get the credit of spreading the flow of righteousness and culture in the entire world.


In my psyche manifests divine inspirations and they say that India’s glory is very near, some people will try to force it to follow Western traditions but I am sure that a movement will commence in India which by destroying our vile tendencies will give our psyche a new spiritual direction.  And this will augment the glory of India.  This movement will once again bring in the joys of the Golden Age in the entire world.


All his words give us a feeling that he actually “saw” all that he wrote i.e. all of the name, form, character, activity perfectly fit our revered preceptor.


The great poetry of Maharshi Aurobindo called “Savitri” is well-known in the world.  In canto 4 (pages 335-336) by pointing to a powerful leading messenger of God he forces us to delve deeply into its deep import.  It looks as though he has written all this keeping in mind our preceptor’s “manifestation of Yuga Shakti.”




Anandacharya who was born in the year 1983 in Bengal was an Indian.  Later he was a resident of Norway.  He was a spiritual sage, philosopher, thinker and an expounder of human religion.  He was full of extrasensory perceptions.  In 1910 he had declared that people should get ready for a first world war within 4 years.


On being questioned by a British News Agency he said that be prepared for one more world war later.  Both these prophecies were proved to be true.  Also his prophecies of the death of Kennedy, Martin Luther, Mussolini and leadership of Eisenhower and Krushchev came true.


In the foll. prophecy there is a true depiction of true facts :


True religion will take the form of an organization first in my own country.  It will be born along with the freedom movement of India but after 24 years in 1971 A.D. it will illuminate entire India in the form of a powerful organization.  On the one hand there will be widespread turmoil in world politics and in that Indian politics will be most active.  That organization which will appear for spiritual upliftment will make a new map of world welfare.  The leader, director of this organization will be a householder and will gain fame as the greatest thinker in the annals of world history.  That man will chart out a behavioural ethics of responsibilities of every individual towards society and how all nations will cooperatively coexist in a peaceful environment.  If all his thoughts that he has put down on paper are published in book form then the book will weigh more than 100 pounds.


The great seer has said that 24 years after India’s Independence i.e. in 1971 A.D. a religious institution will build up into a huge organization.  It will chart out a map of world peace.  The proof of this prophecy is that the intense austerities of our revered preceptor which commenced in the year 1971 shook the psyche of one and all as a result of which scores of people joined the Gayatri Parivar.  Revered Mother by joining her soul force to that of our revered preceptor proved the saying of 1 + 1 = 11.  It was the true resolve charted out by our revered preceptor that became the behavioural ethics of all and is today being imbibed in all corners of the world.  Thus the goal of world well-being will definitely be realized.  He looked upon good behaviour and self control as the foundation stones of spiritual and material progress and hence he was very vociferous about it while putting it down on paper.  In reality our revered preceptor’s writings weigh more than his bodily weight.  This is being pointed out by the futurist.  The basis of a bright world future will be this very behavioural ethics.  And because of it the world will radiate with peace.




The great poet-saint Surdas was blind since birth.  He never saw the world with open eyes.  Yet his poetry is an example of live depictions.  In reality his intuition was awakened.  Thus with his subtle eyes he saw all creatures, the world and Brahman (God).  According to him time is marching ahead in that direction.


In one verse Surdasji writes with his intuitive eyes :


After the year 1900 the world will transform.  After this great transformation, righteousness will prevail in the world and for thousands of years there will be world peace.  This is that very time.





When the saint Vishwaranjan Brahmachari predicted that Shri Lalbahadur Shastri will become the Prime Minister of India he also sorrowfully declared that Shastriji would remain as Prime Minister for a very short time span only because of his impeding death outside India.  Later India will have a female Prime Minister.  This is exactly what happened.


He elaborated further by saying that in the coming days India will face lots of ups and downs.  But that also a major event of a spiritual revolution in the country will also take place.  Although this revolution will commence in Central India, yet it will spread in the entire country.  The credit of uniting North and South India in one cord will go to the propounder of this revolution.  In a short time India will re-instate new ideals which will be followed by people of the entire world.  People will voluntarily give up vile activities and imbibe pious behaviour.  In future people instead of competing with one another over money, status, material comforts etc. will vie with one another to become more honest, of a more charitable disposition, hardworking and more cooperative.


In every small and gigantic Yajna one can see that people are voluntarily renouncing vile habits, and addictions like gambling, alcohol, drugs etc.  The divine character of our revered preceptor is churning the minds of all.  People are heading towards the goal of pious actions.  With ease people from North to South and East to West are being tied together by the cord of sacred culture.  Thus the prophecy has been proved true.




Mathura is that divine abode in India where Lord Krishna was born.  He along with small cowherd boys opposed injustice, vile ethics etc.  He gained victory over terrible demons like Kansa and Jarasandh and then lifted the Govardhan hill on his little finger so as to protect the Vrajvasis.  This very act is being re-enacted by our revered preceptor Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya with his character and various activities.  By taking along with him ordinary folks he opposed social activities which were vile and distorted.  To ward off all this we wrote a lot of sacred literature which of course did not kill demons but definitely warded off demonic activities and vile character.  For world welfare he raised the Govardhan hill of cultural victory aided by small cowherd boys along with their extraordinary powers.  This is proving that the 21st century will definitely be radiant.  The prophecy definitely points out to the spiritual and mighty endeavour of our revered preceptor.


LADY FLORENCE IMBUED WITH A GREAT SENSE OF EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION (If she foresaw so much then why did she not take the name of our revered preceptor?)


Truly the lady of New Jersey (America) called Florence was strange.  When she either touched a person or any article used by that person she could correctly describe events of that person’s life.  By putting faith in this extraordinary power of Florence many govt. and private institutions solved their otherwise unsolvable problems.  Whatever she said was absolutely correct.  Regarding problems of regions and places she answered only if she was questioned.  Yet she voluntarily spoke about the future of the world.  All her predictions regarding the new era are in agreement with that of our revered preceptor.  Whenever she spoke of era transformation that would be executed by a great saint it is very clear that she had the picture of our revered preceptor in the canvas of her mind’s eye.  The only amazing thing is that despite seeing the future so vividly why did she not name our revered preceptor.  Maybe the answer has been given by our revered preceptor when he says that ----


“My personality will come out in the open only at the appropriate time.”






Regarding this it would be out of place to talk about certain prophecies on regions or individuals since they are many, yet we will place before the readers world problems and events predicted by Florence which have come true.


In 1964 A.D. she had said that the researches of those believing in a divine power will augment.  Even communist countries that are atheists will be influenced by the above people.  There will be tension amongst communist countries.  In Central Asia the Arabs will not gain victory over Israel.  She warned of tensions between various nations but that ultimately it will not lead to a world war.


This prophecy of Florence has come true.  Scientists are now researching into a super divine power.  Research of the stature of Ashwamedha Yajnas has already commenced.  Tension between communist countries like Russia, China, Czechoslovakia is on the rise.  The Arabs have virtually stopped attacking Israel.  This is because they are involved in their own nations’ advancement.  Saddam Hussein the President of Iraq went for a war with America.  It looked as thought the world war would break out.  Yet the danger was warded off.


In her book “Fall of the Sensational Culture” she had written that before the year 2000 A.D. there would be a downfall of Western materialistic ideology and that Mother Nature’s balance too would get distorted.  For e.g.:


People will be full of wrath.  Vile behaviour will reach its peak.  Those in countries who lead a life of sense merriment will become full of despair, anguish and sorrow.  Desires will augment and thus there will be hatred amongst people.  Everywhere there will be violence and destruction.  The poor will loot the rich.  There will be an atmosphere of utter strife everywhere.  Yet a new sacred thought wave originating in India will totally dispel the gloom of the world.


There is no need to give the avid reader an example to prove Florence’s prophecy.  The solution to the problems of all people leaning towards sense merriment can be clearly seen in our revered preceptor’s life, his thought and his movement.  Very clearly he declared that, “the mother of all vile behaviour is narrow-minded selfishness and that the solution rests in awakening sensitivity to others problems via spiritual endeavour.  His precepts are so powerful that it induces people to firmly accept that only on its basis can a bright world future manifest.”





Very clearly he writes that this thought flow will explain to all very scientifically the importance of selfless service and brotherhood.  He further emphasized that there is no contradiction as far as religion and modern science is concerned.  The pinnacles of spirituality will illumine the void of materialism.  The middle class will be greatly influenced by this kind of thinking.  Thus this class will create a new radiant society.  And ultimately the entire world will radiate with glory.


Our revered preceptor re-instated materialistic science that augmented material comforts, thought sciences that augments ethical values and spiritual sciences that augmented one’s soul force.  It is the coexistence of these 3 scientific streams that is manifesting a creative miracle.  This will be more clear in the coming days.




Through my 6th sense I intuit that the expounder of this great thought flow will be a revered saint of India who has already taken birth.  The influence of that radiant saint will create miracles everywhere.  Today’s low spiritual influence will be rejuvenated by his thinking.  All around there will be an atmosphere of spirituality.


Those people influenced by this great saint’s philosophy will head for the West for world welfare.  Later they will spread out in entire Asia, Europe and America.  People of the world influenced by the thinking of this great saint will follow in his footsteps.  The West will look upon him as Lord Jesus, the Muslims as their Prophet and Asians as an incarnation of God.


The miracle of our revered preceptor’s movement is that although it is rooted in religion yet it has a secular outlook.  People of all sects, communities etc. will not hesitate to join forces with him.  The more his message is entering Western countries the more people “drink” these thoughts with thirst.  This fact has been proved while conducting Ashwamedha Yajnas in the West.




There will be an intellectual revolution as a result of the thinking of this great saint.  The ideologies of intellectual men will transform.  They will be full of faith and reverence for God.




Psychologists and mesmerism specialists i.e. the world famous Dr. Morey Berstein was a great friend of Florence who had once told him :


Dr., that moment is coming very near in which people of the world instead of following power hungry politicians will walk in the footsteps of pious social workers as yourself.  In the 21st century a sacred spiritual thought wave will spread all over the world.  In every country organizations of pious people will destroy all vile activities prevalent in society.  This thought wave will originate in India.  From there it will spread in the entire world.  In that sacred country I see a great radiant saint.  His spiritual light is working day and night to awaken the latent divinity in man so as to manifest heaven on earth.




Some journalists had once asked Florence as to how she foresaw the future.  How did she know the whereabouts of lost people and materials.  Florence replied, “Even I do not know how this has been possible.  I will tell you an important fact about the future.  At the end of the 20th century a light will be emitted from India.  This light will inform everybody about all divine powers of the world which have so far been hidden from our understanding.  Through a divine saint of India this divine light will spread in the entire world.  He will inspire all to walk on the path of truth.  In the entire world will spread the light of a new thought wave.  Whenever I am in deep meditation I frequently see this great saint.




She writes in another book of hers called “Golden Light of the New Era” that whenever I meditate I often see a great saint.   On the forehead of this fair-skinned saint is light of the stars of space.  I clearly see that this saint is spreading the light of divine wisdom in the entire world with his pious thinking and power of the sacred character of his followers.


This saint is continuously augmenting his divine powers so that a material transformation too ensues.  He will execute his tasks in a scientific manner.  With his grace and endeavour human civilization will be awakened.  In all world human beings there will be new divine energy.  A new form of layman power will ensue and will stop the arrogant behaviour of all power hungry politicians.”


Again and again Florence mentioned this great saint.  She also clarified that he is present in a Northern state of India.








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