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Since Gayatri Mantra has been described as the 4 Vedas, it is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas.  Despite being Mother of Vedas, Gayatri is a Vedic Mantra.  Each Mantra of the Vedas encompasses a Chand (Metre), Rishi and demi-god.  After reflecting and chanting it, Viniyoga (attainment of a goal) is executed.  The Chand of Gayatri Super Mantra is Gayatri, Rishi is Vishwamitra and demi-god is Savita.  In layman’s terms sun is called Savita.  Gayatri is also the presiding deity of Savita and hence it is also called Savitri.  Savita and Savitri are called a couple.  In preliminary meditation Gayatri which is Savitri’s divine energy is depicted as a female.  In a human form She is depicted as an idol of a Goddess.  This is indeed most appropriate.  By meditating on such a Goddess, a spiritual seeker imbibes the Goddess’s sacred motherly qualities such as purity, oneness of heart, greatness, goodwill, service and spiritual endeavour.  By worshipping the idol of this Goddess one develops respect for all women of the world.  In the Vedas, a pure intellect, Ritambhara Prajna, discrimination or Viveka, farsightedness etc. have been given a feminine gender.  Hence it is apt that symbolically this divine thought flow has been painted as a female.  No change accrues in the nature of Gayatri Super Power when it is depicted as a female idol in our preliminary spiritual practice.


Even in devotion based on name and form (Sakar), Mother Gayatri is visualized on the mental screen as a Super Power seated in the center of a radiant sun.  She is understood as one seated within the sun i.e. “Suryamandal Madhyastha” and this precept is taught to others too.  Spiritual seekers who worship God as having name, and form, meditate on a Goddess seated at the centre of a brilliant sun with a book, flower and waterpot in the hand.  Spiritual seekers meditating on a formless God (Nirvakar) visualize God on their mental screen as brilliant light in cosmic space.  Whether worship is Sakar (with name and form) or Nirvikar (nameless and formless), both meditate on the brilliant sun.  Without brilliant light one cannot meditate on Gayatri Super Power.


“An intelligent human being should meditate and do Mantra Japa on Goddess Gayatri represented by the sun at sunrise, noon and sunset (Trikal Sandhya).”




Alongwith Japa (Mantra chanting), a Nirakar (formless God) spiritual seeker meditates on solar aura as a representative of Gayatri’s image.  In Sakar (God with name and from) devotion one meditates on Gayatri’s female image within the radiant sun.  It is most required that a brilliant solar aura surrounds Mother Gayatri’s divine image.  It is indeed a mistake if Mother Gayatri’s image is not surrounded by a solar aura. At the end of Gayatri worship, Japa is completed via Arghyadan (offering) to the sun.  During worship rites it is a must to use a flame lamp, incense sticks and invocation of fire since these represent the sun.  A part of Purascharan involves offering Ahuti (sacred materials) to Yajna fire.  Fire is invoked since it is a nearby representative of the sun that resides billions of miles away.


Savita and Savitri are coupled together not on the basis of some vain imagination but on the basis of certain precepts.  The visible sun made up of fire element is merely a gross idol of the conscious demi-god Savita.  The very nature of idol worship involves manifestation of consciousness via inert material objects which are mediums.  Conscious divine light is Savita.  It is invisible.  It is widespread and present in all regions in the form of cosmic consciousness and divine radiance.  In order that soul consciousness deepens its bond with it, one meditates on its image represented by the sun (ball of fire).  In a different manner solar worship means manifestation of cosmic (divine) consciousness in the individual soul consciousness.  The soul can be compared to our planet Earth and divine cosmic consciousness as the sun.  It is due to the sun’s grace that life exists on Earth.  The Sun is the very soul of the world (Surya atma jagatsthuscha).  Just as there is a downpour of life on Earth from the sun, so too on the Earth of our soul there is a downpour of vital light from divine consciousness.  Thus in our inner being sways greenery in the form of glories and they bloom forth.  On this basis Gayatri is conjoined to its demi-god Savita.  Gayatri is also called Savitri which is Savita’s energy (divine energy).


In this manner by meditating on a divine female form one gets established in higher states of devotion.  Savita is Gayatri’s very life.  After visualizing the physical body , one can gauge the true state of an individual only by understanding his inner character.  This is why we march ahead so as to establish contact with Savita.  Within its realm there is no disparity or imbalance.  It should be understood only as a stepwise progress.


Gayatri is called vital force and vital force is called Savita.  Thus one concludes that Gayatri is Savita incarnate.  Gayatri is pure intellect and Goddess of Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect). Vital force and Savita fulfil this goal.  This triangle according to scriptures have corners that are conjoined to one another.  There are many quotes that say that Savita is Gayatri’s demi-god.  For example –


“O greatest among all Rishis!  Its (Gayatri’s) demi-god is Savita.  Gayatri is the Chand (metre) and Rishi is Vishwamitra.”


“Savita (Sun) is Savitri Mantra’s demi-god.  She is the presiding deity of Vedic Mantras and hence is called Savitri.”


“We worship the supreme light of Savita (demi-god) who inspires our intellect to walk on the path of spirituality.”


“The Lord Surya (Sun God) gives birth to the entire world and hence is called Savita.  Savita is the demi-god of Gayatri Mantra and hence its divine energy is called “Savitri.”

-         AMARKOSH


“Goddess Savita manifesting as the solar system inspires our intellect to imbibe sacred ideals and shun unrighteousness.  Hence we worship Her and it is appropriate that we yearn for Her supreme divine aura.”


-         SHATPATH (3/1/13)

-         SHATPATH(7/7/9)


“Gayatri is said to be Prana (vital force) and Prana is sun.  The Shrutis say – This rising sun manifests as vital force (Prana) in all creatures (Pranis).”


-         SHATPATH (1/3/5/15)


This sun is light.  Divine light is Savita.   Gayatri is said to be brilliant like light.  Savita is a symbol of light.  Hence Savita’s light is the same as supreme divine aura of Gayatri.  It is further said –


“There should be no illusion regarding Savita light.  In order that it should not be looked upon as material light, a clarification is made that this light is a divine principle in its pristine purity.  Not even one spiritual seeker should err by saying that Savita light is not divine light.”


-         T.A. (10/5/3), GO.UP. (5/3); TA (13/7/2); KO (17/6); TA(12/1/2); GO, PU. (5/15); TA. VRA. (15/10/5); KAPI. SAM. (30/2)


“God is called Savita because He succeeds in creating elements and purifying our psyche.”


“Sun is God, it is the command of great Rishis, they teach us to believe that God dwells in the sun.”








-YAJURVEDA (40/15)


“God is equivalent to solar light.”


-         YAJURVEDA (23/48)


“That Goddess Savita in Whom a scholar immerses his mind and intellect and also performs sacred deeds, is the One knower of all.  We eulogize that all-pervading Sun God.”




“That Lord is meditated upon in the solar system via one’s speech and mind.”


By giving many examples in the Gayatri Upanishad, we are being told that both are inseparably bound to one another like body and Prana (vital force).  Both are like 2 genital organs (male and female) which indulge in sexual intercourse.


When a spiritual seeker meditates on Gayatri’s divine light, he becomes radiant.  He who is radiant, indeed is powerful.  If a person merely develops his muscles without making his mind radiant and strong, he cannot be called powerful.


“He who has a brilliant aura indeed is powerful.  What does one gain by merely developing bodily muscles?”




In reality Gayatri worship is meditation on radiance, vital force and divine might.  Hence its higher spiritual endeavour is called Science of Brahmavarchas.  A person who executes these spiritual practices gets a great chance to walk on the path of all round progress.


“A person who knows the secret principles of Gayatri, attains the supreme goal along with good merits, glory, wealth etc.”




In various scriptures it has been further said that Gayatri’s demi god Savita- sun is the center of knowledge of world life and science too.  Whatever is written in the Vedas is but a description of Savita energy.  Great Yogis try to attain it via austerities, faith and Yogic practices.  We may look upon it variedly in accordance with its name, form etc., yet it is Goddess Savita who is our true idol.  Every spiritual seeker has to endeavour intensely so as to attain Savita.


“Fire, Sushumna (subtle spinal chord), Moon, Gandharva etc. dwell in the sun.”




“This sun belongs to Rig Veda in the morning, Yajur Veda at noon and Sama Veda in the evening.”




“Rig Veda is the sun’s aura and Yajur Veda and Sama Veda are its idols.  It is God as Time.”




“I bow down to Sun who is the supreme abode represented by Riga Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda.”




“One does not undergo any more births if one discovers the soul via austerities, sexual continence, faith and wisdom and thus one attains Aditya (Sun God).  Aditya is Prana’s (vital force) abode.  It is salvation and the supreme state.  A living being gets shelter from it.”


“All those conscious and inert materials present in the cosmos at this very moment, which were there in the past and which will remain in the future, have manifested from the sun.  In fact they merge into the sun.  Sun is Prajapati (Creator).  It is the species of existence and non-existence.  It is the imperishable, undivided and eternal Lord.  He pervades the entire cosmos.  All the demi-gods are His rays.”




“It is called Aditya because it is the first ray of the entire world.  It is called Savita because it creates all beings / non-beings of the world.  It is called Surya (sun) because it destroys the darkness of the world.”




“The sun while rising in the east lights up the east, west, north, south, lower areas, upper areas and all the corners of the world with its rays.   In its rays dwells the vital force of the entire world.”




“I have seen and directly experienced the vital force.  This vital force protects all the sense organs.  It can never be destroyed.  It circulates in the body via subtle nerves.  It comes and leaves via the mouth and nostrils.  In the body it dwells as air and in the cosmos as the sun.”




Great Rishis/ Munis who follow the path of Savita worship merge the light of their soul into, God who is the Super Vital Force, via Yogic practices.  In the Mahabharat there is a description of Shukadevaji attaining a certain spiritual state after performing spiritual practices which is given below –


“Shukadevaji said – By giving up my body which is in a Yogic state, I will enter the radiant sun.”




Upanishad authors after directing us to meditate on Super Goddess Savita have also thrown light on Her importance.  It is said aptly that she wards off all taints of the soul.


“May the inspirer of the world viz. sun, protect me from all sins that emanate from thoughts of anger etc.  May all the sins committed by me at night via my mind, speech, hands, legs, stomach, anus and genitals be destroyed.  I myself give Ahutis (Sacred Yajna offerings) by saying ‘Svaha’, to God who is sun manifest in nectar.”


TAI.A.PR. 10(A).32


“You are the soul and inner witness of all beings.  All living / non-living beings of the world are dependent on you and it is you who inspire the otherwise inert mind, sense organs and vital force.”




In Trikal Sandhya i.e. worship offered at dawn, noon and dusk, there is a description of 3 symbols.  At dawn it is Brahmi, at noon it is Vaishnavi and in the evening it is Shambhavi.  Gayatri is said to be seated on a swan, eagle and bull.  In reality it is the 3 fold-form of the 3 Vedas.  Goddess Savita is Riga Veda at dawn, Yajur Veda at noon and Sama Veda at dusk.  It fills up the spiritual seeker’s psyche with the 3 vaults of wisdom found in the Vedas.  Riga Veda is related to Yoga of wisdom, Yajur Veda to Yoga of action and Sama Veda to Yoga of devotion.  Savita meditation induces receptivity in our psyche towards these 3 Yogas.  These 3 precepts are described as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.  Riga is Brahma, Yajur is Vishnu and Sama is Mahesh.  Via these 3, a person meditating on Gayatri by doing Trikal Sandhya attains wisdom, glory and pious qualities.  It is on this basis that God as Savita is depicted as 3 different images.


While describing Savita worship, Maharshi Yajnavalkya has given a compact gist of its importance, special features and its fruits as follows :


“I bow down to the Om manifest Lord! O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are “Time Manifest”.  You pervade in the hearts of all and also the external world right from Brahma (creator) to a blade of grass.  Despite this you are totally detached from all of them and hence You are the one without a second Almighty Lord.  You nurture all the living beings of the world via Samvatsaras made up of moments, ages, wink of an eye etc. and also by pulling water and then releasing it.”




Within Gayatri Meditation, whether a spiritual seeker worships God with name and form or without them, he must meditate on Goddess Savita’s radiant light.  In both formless light and meditation on Mother Gayatri’s image, one has to meditate on the radiant light of Savita.  Thus both Savitri and Savita are related to one another.  Both of them are like an inseparable couple.  Never forget this fact.





The relationship between Savitri and Savita is that of body and its vital force.  A body is required for illumining and experiencing a living being’s existence and in order that our bodies remain alive, we need vital force (Prana).  Both are mutually bound to one another.  One without the other leads to lack of mobility, status, utility and grandeur.  Thus Savitri and Savita are inseparably related to one another.  Both are an admixture.  Symbolically Savitri is said to be Savita’s wife.


In short that one who rises, who sets in the evening, who gives light and heat, is the ball of fire, the sun – is Savita.  It too has its own force and capacity.  All worldly activities take place as a result of its influence.  Hence its potential that induces various movements in the material world can be called material Savitri.  Right from ancient time uptil today, scientists are trying to conduct research studies on the varied facets of Super Power Savitri.  Indeed they have attained a great deal of knowledge within this realm.


Today we have discovered innumerable forces in the fields of electricity, steam, fuel, atom etc. and on its basis modern science is marching ahead.  Scientists are trying to land on other planets etc.  Arrangements are being made on our Earth so as to make extraordinary discoveries.  They are trying to transform the human body and give it a long life.  All these are results of wisdom pertaining to various aspects of Savitri Energy.  There is a lot more left to be discovered in comparison to all that we have unearthed in the realms of Savitri and Mother Nature.  Even if man continuously attains new Sidhis (powers) till eternity, yet it is impossible to unearth innumerable forces of Mother Nature.  The vault of Savitri is endless and limitless.  It is so limitless that one fails to even imagine it.  It can be seen with the gross eye as Gayatri manifest and also understood with the help of other sense organs.


In this world made up of 5 elements, the rising sun itself is Savita and the innumerable forces that are created due to its influence are none other than Savitri.  We can get benefits from this couple.  Due to its influence we remain alive and can attain desired materials.  In the Shrutis (Indian Vedic texts), sun is said to be the soul of the world.  The vital force (Prana) which helps creatures take up various bodies, which helps plants grow and which help the 5 elements function normally, has manifested from the sun.  If the sun starts manifesting coolness, this Earth would become a mass of snow and would hence become lifeless.  One would not be able to see any sign of life.  Hence Savita in the form of this ball of fire is given extraordinary importance in our material life.


Via machines, we are no doubt using Savitri i.e. the rare mysterious forces of Savita, yet we can get more benefits by using Tantra and Mantra techniques.  It is very much similar to modern scientific research.  One may use the art of Yoga of sun in any way, yet it can increase a lot of our material comforts and its utility will augment further in the years to come.


The true demi-god of Gayatri Mantra is Savita and it is much higher in stature than the material sun.  It is said to be the supreme source of infinite suns of the cosmos and is also called the controller, creator and benefactor of the world.  If one succeeds in building a bond with it, one can easily see that the benefits of spiritual Savita ares infinitely more than those compared to the visible sun.  We can certainly attain benefits, after having taken up a priceless human body, by meditating on Gayatri i.e. the Lord’s power and Savita-Savitri.  Truly, the goal of human life is to worship Gayatri and meditate on Savitri.


None should harbour this illusion that Gayatri is different from Savitri and vice versa.  Know for sure that it is one energy with 2 names.  If this energy is utilized for material gains it is called Savitri and if it is used for spiritual gains, it is called Gayatri.  Fire used to burn a dead body is called “Lohita” and fire used to cook food is called “Rohita.”  Thus it is clear that fire is one only but since it is used for 2 different purposes, it is given 2 different names.  In the same way divine energy too is given different names like Para, Apara, Savitri and Gayatri.  When divine energy is conjoined to Savita principle, it is called Savitri.  Since that supreme principle is a demi-god of Savitri, it is called Savita.  It is Gayatri’s own form.


When one meditates on Gayatri’s Varenyam, Bharga Deva Savita form, know that it is supremely radiant, omnipotent, Savita as the Supreme Goddess and Prasavita Almighty Lord Himself.  You may call the multifaceted Lord’s supreme energy as Gayatri or Savitri, yet both in essence are one.  Following are various proofs of Gayatri and Savitri being one –


“In this manner scholars know that Vedmata (Gayatri) is called Savitri.”




“As ‘Om’ all the 3 Vyahvritis and the 3-legged Savitri Mantra is said to be the mouth of the Vedas.”


“O Gayatri ! O Savitri! I bow down to you and offer obeisances again and again to your hallowed feet.  O Saraswati! My prostrations to you too.    O Turiye! You are God manifest.”


“O 3-legged Goddess Gayatri- Savitri! We bow down to you.  O immortal, imperishable Mother!  Do protect me from the ocean of the material world.”




“O Light of Truth! O Absolute One! O Goddess! O Mother Gayatri as God manifest! O Savitri! Do command a servant like myself to offer worship rites to your family.”


“O Avrate! O Munis- Pitrus who are a group of all demi-gods! O Savitri! Please accept this Aarti (rite) for my Sidhi (Success).”


“O One who has the form of the radiant sun! O Sun-Savitri! O Pure One! You are Divine Knowledge.  You are Super Science and Mother of the Vedas.  My humble obeisances to you.”


 As mentioned above Savitri and Gayatri are one and the same.  If for some special reason, a  demarcation has to be made, we can say that energy used for material purposes is Savitri and Gayatri is energy used for spiritual aims.  Savitri based Mantra Japa (chanting) gives material comforts and Gayatri Mantra chanting gives us Moksha i.e. liberation from material bondage of the world.


“Those who chant Savitri Mantra attain material benefits and those who chant the Gayatri Mantra attain salvation.”


Following is a description of Savitri’s form –


“Savitri encompasses 3 legs, 6 Kukshis and 5 heads.  Her face has the colour of a blazing fire and her eyes are white and lotus-like.”




Since Savitri rules over the divine, bodily and material areas, She is said to be 3-legged.  It is said Lord Vaman had measured the kingdom of King Bali i.e. the 3 worlds, with His child-like feet that measured 3 feet.  Similarly the 3 feet of Savitri too measures all the 3 worlds.  Meaning due to Her influence, our state will be happy in all the 3 worlds.  The 3 worlds mean the sky, nether world and earth but over here it means that Savitri’s light reaches the 3 areas represented by spirituality / body/ wealth or divinity / body / materialism.  When one meditates on this Super Power, all these areas create situations of joy and zest.


The 6 Kukshis mean the awakening of the 6 Chakras.  These 6 energy centers hidden within our bodies awaken when we worship Savitri.  If a factory has 6 machines and all of them do not work, the factory will close down.  As against this if each machine starts functioning, the factory too will start production in full speed.  The 6 Chakras hiding in the human body are like a powerful boiler, engine and generator.  Once they become active, man no longer remains ordinary and will henceforth be looked upon as a great realized saint (Sidha).  Savitri’s close proximity is said to be the foundation stone of activation methods of the 6 Chakras.  Hence Savitri is said to possess 6 Kukshis.


The 5 heads symbolize the 5 Sheaths( Koshas) viz. Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath.  These are layers that cover a living being.  Each one of them are like vaults of precious stones.


Savitri’s demi-god is Savita.  Hence she is said to be coupled with the presiding deity.  Within the realm of Savitri meditation, one has to take recourse to Savita Meditation coupled with Mantra chanting (Japa). One also mentally visualizes sunlight and thus this becomes Gayatri Meditation.  The photographs of other deities could be without an aura but not in the case of Gayatri because She is Savita’s energy.  It is said –


“Savita creates all types of sentiments in all living beings.  The name Savita means one that creates and gives inspiration.


“He who fears the material world and desires liberation, bows down to the supreme radiant light found in the solar aura.”


“The light present in Savita deity is said to be supreme (Varenya) divine knowledge and we meditate on it.”


This has been further clarified in Yoga of Sandhya and it is said that when we meditate on the sun, it is not merely a ball of light but is the supremely radiant Lord who inspires our intellect, inner consciousness, sentiments and aspiration to walk on the path of sacred ideals.  That conscious Purusha (God) who inspires our intellect to walk on the path of spirituality is none other than the revered Savita who is Lord incarnate as righteousness.”


Even Rishis Agatsya and Parasher have laid emphasis on this precept. While meditating on the Gayatri Mantra, one is inspired to imbibe Savita.  This Savita does not merely give us heat and light but inspires our inner consciousness to reach higher pinnacles of greatness.


“We meditate on the revered light of Savita deity who inspires our intellect to follow that path of righteousness.”




“We meditate on that well-known light of Savita deity which inspires our intellect to merge into the divine principle.”




Many spiritual seekers perform Gayatri worship in order to worship the sun.  A spiritual seeker who visualizes Gayatri as his Mother meditates on Her Mother form in the middle of the sun.  Even if we meditate on the Gayatri Mantra in any other manner, it will have to be conjoined to the sun.  Since sun is Gayatri’s deity, it is but natural that it be conjoined to the sun.


From the standpoint of gross science, the sun is a mass of fire.  Amongst innumerable galaxies of interstellar space, our sun is merely a star amongst billions of stars present in a galaxy called “Spiral”.  Its diameter is about 9 lakh miles and is 110 times larger than Earth.  The sun’s family consists of 9 planets and each of them have satellites.  Mercury, Venus and Earth have 1 satellite each.  Mars has 2 satellites, Jupiter has 12 satellites, Saturn has 9 satellites.


Apart from this there are thousands of smaller planets, asteroids, meteors etc. in our solar system.  All of these are bound to the sun via certain forces and they thus circumambulate the sun.  The sun itself (along with its planet members) circumambulates its galaxy i.e. Spiral.  Each circumambulation takes 25 crores years.  Astrologers believe that ever since the sun came into existence, it has circumambulated 16 times.


Today’s modern physical science too has made the above discovery.  They say that the sun emits rays containing 7 colours, electrical flow and atomic rays.  Further research has been undertaken, yet all knowledge pertains to the gross sun.  It is like dissecting a human body to understand its anatomical make-up.  Yet it is very necessary to gain wisdom about the body’s intellect, characteristic, activity, nature, sentiments, consciousness and soul.  Without this wisdom, the knowledge acquired is only limited to the gross, physical body.  In the same way it is most required that we know the consciousness (soul) nature of the sun.  Without this wisdom, a seeker following the path of Gayatri can never attain his goal merely by gaining knowledge about the gross, visible sun.


This Earth is filled with an ocean of infinite consciousness, life and energy.  The atoms of inert nature move about with the help of vibrations of consciousness.  Inert objects do not possess any energy or consciousness.  At the time of cosmic destruction (Pralaya), they become lifeless and inert like a pile of ashes.  All movements seen in this world are due to the influence of cosmic consciousness.  Just as the soul is active in an inert gross body, so too the ocean of consciousness functions in inert nature.  It is called Savita in the Gayatri Mantra.  The sun which is a ball of light and fire, is an external, gross form of Savita.


Each one of us can feel the heat of the sun and see its light.  This is its gross energy.  Within it is a subtle power i.e. life force.  The soul of the sun creates living beings, nurtures them and propagates them.  We can produce light and heat via machines, yet it cannot create life.  Scientists are well aware of the fact that if the sun is destroyed, life could never exist on Earth.


The sun is called the “soul of the world” in the Shrutis.  The sun moving in the sky can be called a ball of heat and light, yet its soul is the life of the world.  The other name given to this life force is vital force.  The soul of the sun is called super vital force.  This super vital force gets partitioned in such a way so as to be seen as vital force in individual creatures.


“Gay” means vital force.  “Tri” means Trana or upliftment.  Thus Gayatri is that science which uplifts our vital force.  Gayatri Mahamantra gets vital force from its deity – Savita and after imbibing a part of it within his inner being, a Gayatri devotee glorifies himself.


A portion of that Almighty Lord, who nurtures this gigantic cosmos, appears from the medium of this Super Vital Sun.  The divine resolve of “one becoming many” has burst forth as Super Vital Force.  As long as this Super Vital Force remains in existence, so long the cosmos will continue to exist.  The day the Almighty Lord withdraws this resolve (Sankalpa), that day this Super Vital Force will disappear and what will remain is a cosmic void.  This divine resolve is not some foreign object but is very much a part of Almighty Lord.  The Lord is infinite and His existence is limitless.  A portion of that infinite, limitless, unthinkable Lord controls the world and manages all its activity.  That Super Vital Force is the soul of the sun called Savita deity.  All creatures have a bond with it.  It is desirable that all living beings imbibe more and more of the Super Vital Force of the Lord for the external and internal progress and peace in one’s daily living.  In order to attain this goal we meditate on Savita deity via Gayatri Mantra.


The ball of fire merely gives heat and light.  Heat and light can be generated from machines.  Hence the question arises as to whether there is any need of worship and devotion?  Gayatri conjoins a spiritual seeker to the soul of the sun called Savita energy.  Thus by imbibing the Divine Super Vital Force in the body and psyche via Savita energy, one attains material comforts and supreme soul bliss which is our life’s supreme goal.


When this Super Vital Force enters our body it is seen as good health, long life, radiance, brilliance, power, zest, enthusiasm, hard work and controlled sense organ energy.  When this Super Vital Force enters the mental arena it is seen as zest, zeal, enterprise, focus, steadfastness, balance, self-control etc.  When it manifests in the spiritual arena it is seen as renunciation, penance, faith, compassion, love for all, discrimination etc.  The more these 3 areas abound with Super Vital Force to that extent man becomes whole from being incomplete, gigantic from lowliness, and great from being small in stature.  This is the sole path of self-upliftment.  This is the reason why we attain Savita deity (Super Vital Force) via Gayatri.


Savita no doubt is a synonym of sun, but know for sure that just as the soul is different from the body, so too Savita is different from the sun.  The sun which is the deity of Gayatri Mahamantra is itself Super Vital Force.  This fact has been clarified in various scriptures.




“That Sun am I.”




“Prana (vital force) is the sun.”


- SHATPATH (10/4/7/23)


“As soon as the sun rises, vital force fire circulates in the entire world.”




“Prana is the sun with infinite rays which creates all creatures in various ways.”


“All living beings get vital force from this very sun.”




“In the external world this vital force as the sun dwells in all the 10 directions.”




“This sun which is world incarnate, widespread, basis of all, illumined and which possesses rays of light, rises as the very life force of all creatures.”




“All living beings are created from the sun, are nurtured by the sun and ultimately merge into the sun.  That very sun am I.”


The sun is a gross symbol of Gayatri’s deity, Savita.  Via laboratory research, scientists try to gain knowledge about nature and how to use the same.  In this manner they discover certain material glories and thus augment material comforts.  Great Yogis of Spiritual Sciences too conduct such scientific research studies.  In the laboratory of their body and mind, great Yogis create a bond with subtle nature with the help of extraordinary energy centers and thus attain rare divine powers (Sidhis).


Those tasks performed by powerful technological apparatus can be carried out via scientific applications of the body.  This technique is called “Tantra.”  Just as one can kill another individual with a gun, so too “Kritya” of the Tantras can create bad omens.  Just as electricity changes the form of ores, so too copper can be converted into gold.  Many Sidhas (Yogis, saints etc.) have achieved this great feat.  Nagarjuna, Ravana etc. were Tantra scientists of the demon sect.  Via intense austerities, these demons had gathered so much atomic energy within their body that with the help of their powerful mental resolve, they created situations as per their desire.


Great Rishi Munis who followed the Dakshin Path too achieved the above feat albeit via Yogic practices that were sacred.  Hence their technique was called Mantra Yoga.  Dakshin means purity (Sattva) and Vaam means darkness (Tamas).  Hence they were categorized as Mantra and Tantra respectively.  They are identical only as far as their fruits / results are concerned.  All material gains attained by a Mantra Science follower are also attained by a Tantra Science follower.  The Super Power of Savita called Savitri is one only.  Yes!  There may be various ways to contact it.  One way is to perform studies with the help of technology.  The second way is to gain benefits via scientific research in laboratories. 


Today because of the intense hard work of many workers in laboratories, Technological Sciences have reaped rich dividends.  Scientists of Tantra and Mantra fields did not give much importance to these sciences because they feared intense austerities which had to be performed.  With the result there is a virtual void over here.  Today the need of the hour is that judiciously one should work in the areas of Mantra and Tantra.  Instead of looking upon the wisdom of Rishi- Munis of yore as a figment of one’s imagination, one should utilize Spiritual Sciences for the material and spiritual progress of world humanity.




A well-known fact regarding sound is that take a tuning fork and a wire with the same vibratory movement.  On the wire place a small folded piece of paper.  Now lightly bang the tuning fork to an object so as to induce vibrations and then bring it close to the wire on which is placed a folded paper.  As a result the paper on the wire starts “dancing.”  At such times the contact medium between the wire and tuning fork was space only.  The vibrations in a tuning fork induce vibrations in the wire too.  It is because of the fact that vibrations were induced in the wire that the paper attached too it started moving.


There is another experiment.  Tune a drum to the scale of Pancham (5th note).  If the clouds thunder in the Pancham scale during the rainy season, one must see the effect of its thunderous sound on the drum placed on earth.  The leather of the drum will tear up on its own and this miracle is due to the powerful vibrations of sound.


Just like the 2 experiments mentioned above, the 24 lettered Gayatri Mantra manifests vibrations which helps man and the sun (having same elements) establish a mental bond.  The sun and a human being are the same, from the elemental point of view.  The scriptures say –


“The sun is the very soul of this world.”


Our consciousness is the soul of the world as the body.  The 24 letters of Gayatri have the power to induce similar vibratory movement in both their consciousness and thus a bond is established.


There is a scientific law that when a higher energy stream flows towards a lower energy center, the flow continues until both the energies attain equal levels.  The power attained via Gayatri is a mature state of the above fact.  When man’s consciousness in his material body becomes all-pervasive, same sighted and omnipotent like solar consciousness, he can decipher the state of water, wind and people’s health and can also read other peoples’ minds.  He also becomes the lord of other subtle powers.  He can also destroy the entire world but because he has established a bond with the solar deity, the Gayatri devotee is compassionate, pure intellected and imbibes a sense of goodwill towards all like the sun.  To put it differently if a Gayatri devotee starts utilizing his sacred qualities and pious thinking for the welfare of the world, the goal of spiritual practices undertaken by him will be easily achieved.


If a person is seated in a peaceful manner and some one approaches him with a request, the request will generally be fulfilled.  If a pond is absolutely tranquil, a pebble thrown in it will induce vibrations.  This is an admixture of the nature of sacred sentiments and science.  All the Acharsamhitas and scientific experiments carried out by Indian preceptors had their basis in the principles mentioned above.  In the past I myself too had taken recourse to this subtle philosophy and in conducting one experiment.  It was in the form of a Great Yajna that had 1000 Kundis (pyres).  I had previously read that if at a specific hour, in a specific manner,  Gayatri Meditation and Yajna is performed, one can influence the spiritual powers of the solar deity in a specific manner and also attract it towards our soul.  Not only does an individual gain joy, wealth and peace of mind, but that society as a whole, the nation and the entire world too attain it.


The 1000 Kundi (pyres) Yajna of October 1958 was of this type.  Later weather scientists too agreed with our observations.  Between the year 1st July 1957 to 31st December 1958, astronomers of the world declared it the “International Year of the Quiet Sun”.  It was given this name because the sun had quietened down and thus gave the opportunity to world scientists to carry out various experiments.  At around this time we had started Yajna preparations.  Gayatri devotees, a year back, had executed Gayatri Purascharanas (rites) and in the year 1958 (October) after performing a Yajna of 4 days, it was ended on Sharad Purnima.  Gayatri’s deity is Savita and hence the goal of Gayatri movement was to study it and make apt use of it.  On such occasions it is relatively easier to attain divine powers.  With these divine powers, the underlying aim was to usher in world well-being.


After this gigantic Yajna, we were keeping a close watch on all world activities.  We were amazed to note that not only nature changed her course, but that the psyche of world humanity too had transformed positively.  Today people of Europe who previously led lives of “Eat, drink and be merry”, are taking great interest in spiritual matters.  India will definitely benefit even if the results will be seen mainly after the year 1995 A.D.  In one’s daily life the sun is quiet at sunrise and sunset.  Hence Indian seers have ordained us to chant Mantras at dawn and dusk.  Research studies conducted on the sun’s material nature ordains us to carry out special spiritual practices during Navaratri.  Modern science too agrees with this.


According to the time cycle lasting over ages, the world is to witness two great revolutions in the near future.  These changes are due to sun’s spots which bring natural changes every 11 years.  But, in the coming years, for some special reasons, there will be a break in the time cycle and the Sun will bring forth revolutionary changes which may include very heavy rains, famine, epidemics, war, earthquakes and the kind.  Only those people will survive from these calamities who have established their identity with the sun spiritually.


Such warnings have been given by us since sometime in the past, which are based on the science of astronomy and such forecasts are backed by modern science also.  Indians have lived under the yoke of foreigners like the Mughals and Britishers for the last 1,000 years and this stage is coming to an end before the close of this century as is revealed by the science of the Sun.


The earth traverses a distance of nine crores and thirty lakh miles to revolve round the sun, moving at the rate of 67,000 miles per hour, taking 365.25days for completing one revolution round the sun.  In four years’ time, 0.25 days makes one complete day (which in a leap year according to the Gregorian calendar) having 366 days.  Thus for entering into a new year of its own and to reappear on the same axis, the earth takes 365.25 X 4 = 1,461 years).


In this fashion, a cycle of 1,461 years will be completed by earth by the end of this century.  The world is going to witness the great power of the sun in action and the earth will lose its own physical powers i.e., powers created by man, which are not based on spirituality but which are based on material sciences.  Only those will survive this great avalanche, who have their moorings with the sun and his powers like the flowers on the surface of the ocean, or like the boats tied up with the moorings.  The Gayatri upasakas will no doubt watch such changes with awe, but will derive power from the sun to remain moved and undisturbed and unperplexed, like the child being showered with love, although the mother may seem enraged at times.  This child is not afraid of its mother.


One should not be under the impression that the whole human race and culture will be wiped out in such a calamitous situation.  Till the sun is there, the world will be there.  In the field of consciousness, the animal kingdom is only a part of the sun.  The sun will remain for a 100 crore years and he will supply life-power (Prana Shakti) and light.  Till the sun exists and till hydrogen exists, this world will remain.  The earth is feeling today like taking a bath and cleanse itself, and the changes in nature are an indication of such a desire.


The scientists engaged in the study of sun’s rays – the magnetic field of the earth, and the outer space have come to the conclusions that the sun is agitating at times on his own.  What is the reason?  The scientists have not been able to analyse the causes.  They have no answer so far.  But they believe that during a period of 11 years, there is a period of one year when the sun is agitated very much.  The agitated sun churns the entire universe (Saura Mandala) of which the world is a part.  At that time flames are thrown out and there is spray of minute atoms.  The modern scientists have not been able to know with what such subtle and minute atoms mingle.  But the spiritual scientists have already recorded that along with other atoms, these extra atoms create the agitation and the gross matter is not affected much, but the subtle nature of man i.e., his thoughts, emotions, decisions and even faith tend to change.  Although one cannot comprehend such changes easily, one can feel the revolutionary changes in the society and other fields viz., commerce, trade, labour, employment and in social behaviour.  Such changes confirm the fact that the sun is not a fire-ball of matter alone but is the master of life and psyche.  Those who understand this will surely enter into the firmament of Gayatri.  They will develop better attitude towards Sadhana and try to acquire knowledge and maintain self-control.  Such people alone will guide the world.


The modern scientists have known and analysed the influence of the sun on gross matter.  We get light, heat and rain due to the sun.  The sun maintains different temperatures at different places on the earth and in water and gives motion to the wind.  The sun nourishes the cornheads.  We get minerals in vegetation and even in flowers due to the sun only.  All these are as a result of the heat of the sun, and external influence he exerts on matter.  The temperature at the center of the sun we are told, is 1,100° F.  No matter in the world can sustain this heat even for a fraction of a second.  This influence of the sun is visible and this experience has become so common that people have forgotten its importance.  The sun at times assumes a temperature as high as 290,00,000° F.  When compared with this high temperature, the earth seems to be possessing nearly freezing temperature.  Due to the tremendous heat of the sun, the granules that spread in the universe start agitating.  The size of these granules varies from 600 sq. kms. to 1,400 sq. kms. and they are round or evenly angular in shape.  These granules at times shine and at times not, and seem to merge in the sun’s orbit and they seem to have disappeared.  But due to these, there is a mysterious upheaval on the earth.  Their waves are like that of a filament-snake, moving round the sun and causing changes in the atmosphere and as a result of this, several changes in nature on the earth are seen.  There is no fixed cycle for such changes but such serious changes do take place once in a period of 11 years.  Particularly, such a period is more useful for attaining spiritual powers – Siddhis.  By doing japa during such periods, one can attract such moving atoms and fix and contain those atoms in one’s body and get physical, spiritual and material benefits.  That is why a campaign for Gayatri Upasana and its propagation has to be conducted so that everyone benefits spiritually.  In such a campaign, all the Gayatri devotees have to play their roles.


In the year 1966, it was the 19th cycle of this revolutionary changes period.  In that year, during the months May and June there were unprecedented floods in the U.S.S.R., Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, India, Italy, the U.S.A. and Afghanisthan etc.  Bulgaria witnessed the heaviest snowfall ever recorded in its history on 16th June.  Cuba had unprecented floods on 18th May in which thousands of trees were uprooted, and the crops were washed away.  The house-tops were blown off.  During this period only, India had heavy floods and many thousands were rendered homeless.


We have already mentioned above that the coming years are going to witness tremendous changes in Nature.  Particularly the years 1988 and 1999 will be witnessing nature’s wrath in an unprecedented way.  It will not be a wonder if territorial changes also take place in some countries during such periods.  All this visible change is due to the sun only.  The scientists have failed to answer us the why and how of it, because they have analysed only physical powers of matter but not the spiritual power which affects matter even.


According to the science of Gayatri, there are two main principles of creation.  One is life (Prana) and the other gross matter.  Gross matter cannot move without the life-force.  The body of man which is created out of the five elements is very much natural.  This is a part of Gayatri sound, and just as the sounds of Gayatri Mantra merge into the air, similarly the human body is also created and merges in Nature.  The second principle is Prana i.e., life.  Prana is the foundation of Savita (the Sun) whose visible part is material but the invisible part is psychical where there is intense activity.  The sun in this part is very powerful.  That is why it is said in the Shrutis ‘pranah Prajnam udayatyesa suryah’, etc.  the sun in combination with Prana creates life.  The sun’s material replica is gross but at the same time it is full of power of Brahma.


The sages have called the sun as Trayi-Vidya etc., combination of three (1) gross matter (out of which the physical body is made), (2) the body as such, and (3) the mind (which gives inspiration or impulses for activity).


When we see visible changes in the sun, we wonder with awe, but if we establish our link with him through Gayatri mantra and identify ourselves with the sun, we can get the three spiritual benefits viz., health, vigour and a contented, composed and satisfied mind.  These are things essential for peace, prosperity and happiness of mankind.


When the world humanity will fully understand this science, there will be no lack of joy, peace and wealth.  As against this, those individuals of the world who will try and understand this spiritual philosophy (during the phase of confluence of Era Transformation) and spread it in the entire world will gain more name, fame and glory.




The sun is said to be the creator of visible nature.  In the same way the sun is the creator of our bodies.  It is in the navel.  That navel which is not given due importance by modern doctors and scientists, has been given a lot of importance in Indian Yogic scriptures.  During pregnancy a mother is bound to the baby in her womb via the navel and via the navel (umbilical chord) the child gets nourished.  The navel spreads out in the entire body.  Every spiritual practice (Sadhana) that activates our subtle vision first activates the navel.  A Kundalini spiritual seeker too has to initially practice Pranayams (Yogic breathing methods) called Anulom / Vilom and Suryabhedan.  Patanjali in his Yogic text says – by focusing the mind on the navel plexus one attains wisdom of gross objects in the body.  Western scientists call it solar plexus, yet their knowledge regarding it is very minimal.


“He who meditates on the fire that dwells in the navel becomes radiant, brilliant and one whose hunger in the stomach augments.  He attains a long life.  He begets many children, attains a lot of wealth and name and fame.  It is a rule that never spit and eat while facing fire.”




YOGA VASHISHTHA (6/1/81/63-64) believes that the sun of the navel is the gateway to Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power.  Further details are as follows –


“O Rama!  In the stomach region of this machine called the human body, near the navel, masses of flesh shiver (the sun too is a shivering plasma or fire).  Further Kundalini Shakti that dwells between water that flows upwards and downwards is like a necklace of pearls in an ordinary pouch.”


The precepts of Yogic Sciences is as factual as it is amazing.  Indian Yogis had discovered this energy center which converted matter into energy.  (This was when Weterners did not even know what energy was).  Generally this energy is very latent and in an ignored state.  Due to excess food intake it gets depleted too.  As against this if this wastage is obstructed, extraordinary tasks can be executed.  This can be directly seen in the lives of many individuals.


Ordinarily the stomach of a human being is said to have the capacity to digest only fruits, flowers, grains and juices.  If there was the question of digesting iron, one would need the heat found in atomic energy reactors.  If a person is capable of digesting venom that is as solid as steel and poisonous as cyanide, without the help of any external material, machine etc., it proves that his stomach does contain a blazing pyre of fire.  In the past there have been many extraordinary instances.  There is no need to give details regarding this as of now.


What we are trying to say is that man has so much extraordinary potential within him that he can become the master of many forces.  Solar based spiritual practices have proved to be of great help in manifesting these forces.  Via Gayatri Meditation, when one establishes a bond between the visible sun in the external world and the sun present in the navel of our body, one can manifest extraordinary capacity in the form of divine forces.


Gayatri is said to have 5 faces.  All the icons are symbolic and behind them lie special inspirations.  The 5 faces of Gayatri point out to the fact that the human body is made up of 5 sheaths.  Each sheath is akin to an infinite vault of jewels.  Majority of world humanity takes help only of the preliminary stage i.e. the Food Sheath (physical body) and attains a few material comforts.  The intellect of majority of individuals is of this mediocre type.  As against this if a man of discrimination activates the other 4 sheaths and makes them very powerful, he himself will become materially and spiritually very great.


These 5 sheaths can be activated only via Savitri spiritual practices.  The 5 faces of Gayatri means activation of the 5 sheaths with the help of Savitri energy.  Savitri is said to be white like white fire i.e. white light is her true form.  On this basis one meditates on Savitri.  Savitri energy overflows with light and heat akin to sun.  While meditating on it one imagines a form in the middle of light.  Since Savitri is the presiding deity of Savita, it too is a mass of light.  One has to perforce meditate on its light.  She takes a spiritual seeker towards light, from darkness and gives him special Brahmavarchas, intense Ojas and radiant Tejas (divine forms of light).  Hence it is said to be one who possesses white fire.


Lotus eyes means big eyes.  Amongst all flowers, lotus is big and is said to be very fortunate.  The eyes see things.  Lotus eyes symbolize farsightedness.  Savitri worship bestows these special qualities on its devotee.  It sees the spiritual seeker’s potential, thinks of the future and creates a great future for the devotee.  Those facts which cannot be thought of by ordinary men with small eyes are thought of by Savitri seekers since they attain divine eyes i.e. divine wisdom.  With such divine eyes a seeker not only attains material and spiritual prosperity but helps others do so too. 


Scriptural scholars have described Savitri’s greatness and have said that she has 3 legs, 6 Kukshis, 5 faces and eyes that are white, fire-like and lotus shaped.  Truly all these special qualities are present in this super power.  Anyone who worships Savitri with deep faith and proper spiritual practices will never lack any thing in life and will never face failure both materially and spiritually.


It has already been said that Savitri’s deity is Savita.  Hence it is said to be related to its presiding deity in an inseparable manner.  One has to take recourse to Savita during Savitri worship because it is Savita’s energy.  Energy and the bestower of energy are always conjoined to one another.  Hence Gayatri / Savitri are always included in solar light.


“An intelligent devotee should meditate on Gayatri within the solar aura, in his heart and only after worship rites and meditation should he chant Mantras (Japa).”


The soul overflows with divine light which is Gayatri’s light.  Radiance by becoming fire of hunger, digests our food.  It gives heat and induces mobility.  It bestows intelligence in the head, sentiments in the heart, radiance in one’s personality and greatness in life.  This light gives us self-realization and vision of God.  Just as our small eye ball helps us visualize this gigantic world, so too the supreme radiance in our soul makes us saintly.  It leads us towards light from darkness.


The soul is said to be light in form.  While meditating the soul is always visualized as divine light.  Self-realization means visualizing this divine light in the deep cave of the soul.  Idols and icons with names and forms are merely photographs of our imagination.  It helps us only so far as bestowing maturity / ripening of our meditation / concentration is concerned.  In higher stages of meditation one has to take help of divine light.  It is spiritual fire of wisdom.  It is called Aditya, divine aura and Akhand Jyoti.  The more one attains this divine light, the more he becomes one with Almighty God and Savita deity.  It is the flame of light in all inert-conscious objects of the world and thus divine powers and the 5 elements are able to function aptly.  This light twinkles in galaxies, planets etc.  Our well-being is solely dependent on merging with this divine light.


Thousands of Vedic Mantras describe and euologize fire.  This fire is not that found in cooking gas but is that divine radiant light which illumines and influences the microcosm (Creatures) and macrocosm (God or cosmic soul).  It is Fire of Yajna.  As Vaishwanar, it is worshipped as Aditya and Savita.  This divine brilliance dwells in fire and the sun too.  Hence it is looked upon as being separate despite dwelling in them.


“He is our Inner Witness (God) who despite dwelling in fire is separate from it,  Whose body is fire, and Who controls fire by dwelling in fire.”


-         SHRUTI


Savita, the deity of Savitri, is not the one that rises in the morning and sets in the evening.  It is merely a symbol.  The sun is the covering layer and Savita is its soul.  Savita creates light, living beings, awakening and energy.  No doubt the visible sun possesses these very qualities, yet the inspirers and establishers of these special qualities within our soul is none other than God Himself as Savita.  Savitri energy is conjoined to it.  Both are mutually bound to one another.  Each one’s function is dependent on the others’ function.  One is God and the other is Goddess.  Both are inseparable like 2 bodies and one soul.


Savita helps us attain God via Savitri/ Gayatri.  It is only a mother who can introduce her child to its father.  If the medium viz. mother did not exist this would not happen.  In the same way without the intervention of Gayatri Super Power, the soul can never attain the great fortune of becoming a Prince in the Lord’s cosmos and becoming the rightful heir of His grandeur.


This precept has been further elucidated in the Upanishads with examples as given below –


“Who is Savita and Savitri?  The answer is fire is Savita and earth is Savitri.  Deity of water is Savita and water is Savitri.  Wind is Savita and space is Savitri.  Yajna is Savita and Richa is Savitri.  Clouds are Savita and lightning is Savitri.  The sun is Savita and interstellar space is Savitri.  Moon is Savita and stars are Savitri.  Mind is Savita and sentiments is Savitri.  That wise individual who realizes this all-pervasive, radiant Savita is indeed glorified.  One attains Moksha (spiritual liberation) only via Savitri.”


In the form of questions and answers the above Mantras have described Savitri’s inner nature.  A spiritual seeker’s questions have been answered by giving examples of the relationship between Savita and Savitri.  Water is visible material and Varuna is its soul i.e. presiding energy.  Wind dwells in space.  If space did not exist, where would wind dwell?  If there were no wind, what would be the utility of space?  In the same way Aditya depends on earth.


The Mantras are large.  It has examples of many pairs which induces a spiritual seeker to imbibe the fact that Gayatri is the medium via which one attains the goal of life i.e. Almighty God.  If a devotee truly wishes to attain God, attain the divine state, merge into God, attain liberation and true Brahminhood, he must seek help of Savitri / Gayatri who is the presiding Goddess of Brahmavarchas (divine light).




In order to attain Brahmavarchas or divine light, there are many high statured spiritual practices.  Their methods and fruits are varied.  In this book it is not possible to describe them.  Spiritual practices of manifestation of divine light which help attract the vital force of Savita / Savitri / Gayatri and ripen them in one’s soul, is one such amongst high statured spiritual practices and meditation methods.  In a certain manner it is self-fulfilled and one can take its help for carrying out Gayatri Meditation.


Preliminary spiritual practices involve worship of Mother’s photograph.  It is of great importance as far as purification of devotional sentiments and intensification of faith is concerned.  Despite this one has to take help of higher leveled meditation techniques for attaining the goal of spirituality.  Due to meditation on the idol of God one attains the power of intuition, power of predicting the future, dreams that depict future events, vision of Goddess and manifestation of divine sentiments in one’s psyche.  As against this the 3 types of Muktis (salvation) viz. Salokhya (dwelling in God’s abode), Sarupya (attaining God’s own form) and Sayujya (becoming one with God) are the foundation stones of Self-Realization.  This state is achieved when one practices merging of one’s psyche into Gayatri’s radiant light.  It further results in a trance (Samadhi) which is an intense state of merging one’s soul into divine light.  Such a spiritual seeker experiences a merging with Savita’s light and experiences the cosmic soul (God).  From this standpoint it is most required that one undergoes spiritual practices that lead to manifestation of divine light.


For this there is no need of photographs or images.  If at night one’s eyes open, one can execute them while lying down on bed.  One can meditate even on an armchair.  While keeping the body in a relaxed state and focusing of the mind, one must perform spiritual practices at convenient times.  What is the time limit?  This depends on how much time you can spare.  This time should be partitioned in a 3-fold manner.  In the first part strive for manifestation of divine light in the physical body, in the second part strive for manifestation of divine light in the subtle body and in the third part strive for manifestation of divine light in the causal body.


The inspirational rays of the Lords’ divine light always flow in the subtle world.  Any spiritual seeker can imbibe this via faith, mental concentration and devotional meditation as explained in this book.  Those spiritual seekers attached to the Gayatri Parivar should spare 2 hours for this spiritual practice.  In that one experiences one’s energy flow contacting Great Divine Powers and one gets special joy while meditating at such times.  These times are at 8-10 p.m. at night and 3 to 5 a.m. in the morning.  One must utilize time during these hours for meditation as per one’s convenience.


In the beginning stages the time used should not exceed half an hour both in the morning and evening.  Slowly this half an hour can be extended to one hour.  One can meditate also in the early part of night and its final phase.  Both together should include time between 1 and 2 hours.  At the most utilize 2 hours for the entire day of 24 hours.  If excess divine light is imbibed, it creates difficulties.  Hence imbibe only as much as it can be digested.  It is the devotee himself who will decide at what time will he perform these spiritual practices, how many times, in what manner etc.  Based on one’s circumstances one must make necessary schedules and make sure that this schedule is followed implicitly.  In order that we attain our spiritual goal it is apt and most required that there be a specific time span and apt circumstances.  Spiritual practices that lead to manifestation of divine light should be carried out as follows: -


1)      Relax every part of the body.  Devotionally feel that the mind, body and soul are absolutely calm, devoid of worries and blissful.  By thinking thus for 5 minutes one attains peace in one’s psyche which helps meditation.


2)      Meditate on the fact that divine light pervades all corners of the world.   Light is spread out above, below, within, without etc.  From the sun, Mother Gayatri’s aura is approaching you and that you are surrounded on all sides with Gayatri’s divine light.


3)      Through various bodily openings this divine light is slowly entering every organ and skin pore of the body.  The heart, lungs, liver, intestines, head, hands and legs are imbibing this divine light so as to get apt nourishment.  Our tongue, genitals, eyes, ears, nose etc. are being illuminated by this light and thus are also being sanctified.  Their lack of sense control is being burnt to nought.  This light of sacredness is purifying every pore of the body.


First meditate on the thought that our bodily blood, flesh, bones etc. are manifesting divine light.  Then after meditating on its strong, sacred, zestful and illumined form, meditate on the subtle body.  The brain (head) is the abode of the subtle body.


4)      Meditate on the fact that innumerable centers of mental energy and thoughts are hidden in the tender particles spread out in the brain.  Gayatri light has entered all these centers and all these particles shine like jewels.


5)      As soon as this divine light enters one’s psyche it destroys its spiritual ignorance, lack of self control, selfishness, delusion, fear and attachment and replaces all these with discrimination, higher thinking, balance of mind and sacred aspirations.  This light of Mother Gayatri converts our ordinary thinking to the viewpoint of great men.  Further we are imbibing this divine light with greater faith and measure in our brain.


6)      Meditate on the thought that the infinite manifested light of interstellar space is entering the light (that measures one thumb) present in our heart.  This thumb like light’s narrowness is being warded off and is attaining greatness.  Thus a give and take bond is established between micro (living being) and macro (God).


7)      The small light of a living being is conjoined to the supreme light of God like the proverbial moth who gets burnt in a flame. We are surrendering our lowly ego by giving Ahutis (sacred offerings) of it to the gigantic Yajna fire Who is none other that Almighty God.  Like the Indian partridge (red legged) it experiences joy by looking upon this divine light as the moon.  Thus it experiences untold bliss.


8)      As a result of this sacred union, waves of good-will towards the entire world rise in the psyche.  Ideals and greatness have attained fulfillment.  One’s aspirations to follow the Lord’s commands and ideals, intensify further.  By visualizing the Lord in every atom of the cosmos, one realizes firmly that “The world is united as a single family.”  One imbibes the ideal of “Service towards all world creatures” and thus one tastes the bliss of devotion to one’s beloved Lord.


The greatest force that bestows material and spiritual life in this world is spirituality.  With its help man realizes his true nature (Who am I? I am the soul and not this physical, gross body).  He sees at an experiential level that all living beings are part and parcel of One Super Power and they can experience a sense of oneness with this Super Power.  These divine sentiments infinitely augment our energy.  Via spiritual practices of “Divine light manifestation” man experiences the true nature of the all-pervasive soul principle.  The more this subtle experience intensifies, the more one’s soul experience, self-realized state and experience of being the soul and not the body, intensifies.









Gayatri is the very soul of Indian Philosophy. It is said to be the supremely inspiring Guru Mantra. A Guru (preceptor) educates us and gives us the necessary capability too. In Gayatri one finds intense energy along with divine consciousness full of sacred wisdom that is used for sacred purposes. Hence it is called Brahmavarchas.


Gayatri’s deity is Savita. Savita has 7 colours and 7 horses along with infinite rays. Gayatri has 1000 forces. It is described as 1000 names. Gayatri Sahasranam (1000 names) is very famous. Amongst them Ashtottar Shata (108 names) is well known. Within these 24 predominate. These 24 names are described in Vishwamitra Tantra. Amongst these forces 12 are followers of the Dakshin Marg (path) and 12 are followers of Vaam Marg (path). Dakshin is called Agam and Vaam is called Nigam.


“Gayatri has innumerable names. All divine forces are embedded in it. We visualize Gayatri in all Sidhis”


“Twenty four thousand names predominate in Maha Prajna. Amongst them 2400 are given greater importance.”


“Amongst the 2400 names only 1000 are known to one and all. Amongst these 1000 names, 108 have been chosen.”


“Gayatri of 24 letters has 24 such names which gives us a glimpse of Gayatri’s sacred grandeur.”


“Twelve names amongst the 24 names of Gayatri are present in the Vedic category.  The other 12 are in the Tantrik category.”


“Twenty four divine forces dwell in the 24 letters of Gayatri. Hence we worship and pray to its various forms.”


“The following 12 are Vedic 1) Adi Shakti 2) Brahmi 3) Vaishnavi 4) Shambhavi 5) Vedmata 6) Devmata 7)Vishwamata 8) Ritambhara 9) Mandakini 10) Ajaya 11) Ridhi 12) Sidhi.”


“Following are 12 Tantrik forces 1) Savitri 2) Saraswati 3) Lakshmi 4) Durga 5) Kundalini 6) Pranagni 7) Bhavani 8) Bhuvaneshwari 9) Annapoorna  10) Mahamaya 11) Payasvini 12)Tripura.”


Twelve energies pertaining to Knowledge and twelve energies pertaining to Science together form the 24 lettered Gayatri Mantra.


Gayatri is divine consciousness. It dwells in the cosmos in an all-pervasive manner. It inspires and manages all activities of the conscious and inert worlds. A part of it dwells in other creatures so that they can carry out their daily chores. Ordinarily in man its special quality is present as existence and an intellect that is the presiding deity of greatness. With Gayatri’s help one can attain material comforts. It dwells deep in one’s psyche and lies in a latent, sleep-like state. Those who work hard, activate Gayatri with effort. The result of this awakening is heavenly joy externally and salvation within. With its help man attains both material and spiritual grandeur. Their divine intellect helps them attain glory. Vaibhav means wealth, skill, glory etc. Aishwarya means a great personality which in turn is of 5 types. 1) Saints 2) Maharshis 3) Rajarshis 4) Brahmarshis and 5) Devarshis. These are 5 stages of greatness. The classification of the 5 deities is found in these 5 special qualities. These are 5 forms of greatness that manifest in varied forms within varied areas. Those with Vaibhav (material wealth) are called demons and those with Aishwarya (sacred grandeur) are called Supermen (saints etc)


In order to attain material wealth, means of knowledge are required which is called education. In order to attain spiritual grandeur, wisdom is required. Wisdom is called Ritambhara Prajna or divine knowledge. Its wisdom aspect is Yoga and spiritual practices is called penance. The supreme endeavour of human life is Yoga and penance. Gayatri / Kundalini is latent and in a sleep-like state in the deep recesses of our psyche. The more one succeeds in awakening and activating it, the more one becomes a great man, Saint, Sidha and incarnation of God.


Gayatri’s divine consciousness is omnipresent and hence it is omnipotent too. Spiritual practices connote intense efforts made to establish a deep bond of a higher stature with Gayatri. A predominant method has been elucidated for this purpose. Devotional sentiments evolve further along with imbibing of a devotional body. Spiritual practices succeed only if our meditation is full of devotion. In a human body one can establish a divine personality in the divine body and one can perform meditation/concentration too. Keeping this viewpoint in mind spiritual seers have given human forms to divine forces in a symbolic manner. These are nothing but Gods and Goddesses. Gayatri is looked upon as Adi Shakti (primordial power). In Nirakar worship (formless) one meditates on the rising sun and in Sakar worship (with name and form) one meditates on divine energy seated on a swan.


In brief Adi Shakti Gayatri should be known as cosmic consciousness. It has infinite waves. From the great ocean of Gayatri manifest innumerable waves of energy. Despite each appearing to be separate entities, they are a part of this gigantic ocean of Gayatri. Amongst thousands of Gayatri’s energies, 24 predominate. These streams of energy are used for various purposes. The spiritual philosophy of the 24 lettered Gayatri is described as the 24 Avataras (incarnations of God), 24 deities, 24 Rishis, 24 Gurus (preceptors) of Lord Dattatraya, 24 Geetas etc. One meditates on the forces present in these 24 letters of Gayatri in the form of 24 Goddesses.


We will take the example of electricity in order to understand the above precept. Electricity is present everywhere and it has no name and form. A powerhouse is built to concentrate electricity at one point. This electricity is then made available to a switch. Switches are attached to machines, tube-lights, fans etc. Tube-light gives light, an air-conditioner gives coolness, a heater gives heat, radio emits sound, television emits both voice and pictures etc. Thus the benefits and manifestation of electricity is varied. Their machines too vary. Despite all these different manifestation, the nature of electricity does not change even a wee bit. This variedness is the result of different applications. Similarly Adi Shakti Gayatri is one but she manifests variedly. Hence she has many different names and forms. Sometimes when we see these forms we think them to be separate. Yet a wise person knows that Gayatri is one but Her manifestations are different and infinite. Her forms are different because of differences as far as function and application are concerned. Thus this illusory appearance of separateness. Spiritual seers see only one among many. This is very much true for the 24 energies of Gayatri.


A tree is made up of many parts like roots, trunk, leaves etc. Their names, taste, smell, characteristics vary. Despite this all of them put together become a giant tree. The tree is one but manifests various parts. The same holds true for the 24 energies of Gayatri. The colours and 7 horses of the Sun are said to be separate. Their characteristics too differ. Despite all this they are all a part and parcel of the Sun. In order to worship the 24 energy streams of Gayatri, different names and forms are used. Despite this one should never harbour the illusion that these 24 energies are separate or that they contradict one another. In fact they should be looked upon as different organs of one body and that they complement one another.





God was One. He wanted to play a game (Leela) and hence He became many. This desire power of God is supreme. Its omnipotence created this infinite cosmos. Divine Energy is the very first manifestation of God’s desire to create these conscious and inert worlds. This Divine Energy is also called Gayatri Shakti. Ever since this world was created, mental resolves led to effort and effort in turn led to production of objects. This will go on till eternity. We can see material objects directly with our physical eyes. We utilize and experience the presence of objects only. All this pertains to the gross world. Subtle sighted scientists know fully well that the underlying existence of material objects is dependent on atomic bonding. Atoms are nothing but groups of electrical waves. This is a very subtle topic. Those spiritual scientists, spiritual seers etc. who dive deeper realize deeply that electrical waves are not independent and that it is the effect of divine consciousness. Speedy movements are seen in material objects of this inert world. Behind this movement is a purpose, a balance and a rational scheme. It can be truly understood that deep down in this visible world is a very farsighted existence and a compact arrangement. Due to the inspiration of this force, innumerable movements take place in the cosmos so as to achieve various targets. This force is soul energy. It is also called Gayatri. This gigantic cosmos of the Lord who is taintless, absolute, beyond thought, formless and omnipresent, is managed by this energy called Gayatri.


Gayatri is 3-legged. Tirtharaaj is the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Similarly Mantra Raj (King of Mantras) is none other than Gayatri. These 3 legs of Gayatri encompasses existence, consciousness, bliss, truth, Shiva, beauty, purity, activity, spiritual ignorance, God, living being, nature, Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka and Svaloka. It also includes solid, liquids, gaseous elements, creatures (of land, water etc.), creation/ propagation / destruction of the world etc. Gayatri dwells in cold, heat, monsoon, day, night, dusk etc. Gayatri’s energy is present in Fire of the Vital Force, Fire of Time and Fire of Yoga.


At the commencement of creation, divine sound (Shabdabrahma) manifested. It is called “Om”.  Om has 3 parts viz., A, U, M. These are further classified as Bhu, Bhuvaha, Svaha. Their leaves are the 3 legs of Gayatri. Thus Gayatri Mantra is a creation of divine sound (Om). In Indian Mythology (Puranas), when the world was created, Brahmaji manifested from the lotus that bloomed in Vishnu’s navel. A heavenly voice gave the Gayatri Mantra to Brahmaji. He chanted this Gayatri Mantra with devotion and hence attained the necessary power to create this world.


Brahmaji performed Gayatri based austerities for 100 years and only then he attained the power of creation. Thus Gayatri is the Primordial Energy. Within Yoga of Knowledge, Yoga of Action and Yoga of Devotion dwells all thought wealth and special qualities in the form of the 3-legged Gayatri. A spiritual seeker can reach the Creator by building a bond with this Primordial Power. He attains those special qualities, which are found in God. True living means vision and union with God. This task is fulfilled with the help of this Primordial Power who is otherwise called Adi Shakti Gayatri. Adi Shakti blesses a spiritual seeker with Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect) and he thus becomes a Brahmarshi. Human animals are trapped in the vicious net of lowly desires, egoistic behaviour etc. As against this the psyche of a divine human being overflows with faith, steadfastness, sacred aspirations etc. Steadfastness means good actions, Prajna means sacred wisdom and faith means good-will. Thus a spiritual seeker attains contentment, satiation and divine energy. Due to satisfaction and devotional sentiments, a spiritual seeker is always immersed in eternal bliss. He overcomes all pain and sorrow. He surrenders more and more at the hallowed feet of Adi Shakti Gayatri and thus attains divine glories.





Three deities are very well known. They are Brahma (creation), Vishnu (propagation) and Mahesh (transformation). Brahmi Shakti (divine energy) dwells in them and it is given a male gender name i.e. Brahma. Brahma is a special quality of this world which is its creator. This energy is present in Brahmi and Divine Mother too. Mother Earth and a human mother are glorified because during creation they give joy to others and thus themselves become happy. This is the blessing of Brahmi Shakti. The more one attains it, the more one becomes great. Destruction is the principle of demons and creation is that of demi-gods. Men involved in beneficial creative endeavours are akin to divine men. By meditating on Gayatri’s Brahmi Shakti, the divine principle called Brahmavarchas augments in the soul of that spiritual seeker. Brahmins are deities of Mother Earth and hence are called Bhudevas. Within Sattva/Rajas/Tamas and within Satyam / Shivam / Sundaram, the first aspect is Sat (existence) and it is nothing but Brahmi Shakti. When it is imbibed deeply, one’s character becomes pure and sacred. One’s social life too manifests sacredness and one lives a life of “simple living, high thinking”.


Brahmi Shakti’s vehicle is a swan. Brahmi has a book in one hand and a water pot in another hand. She is very young. This symbolic form of Brahmi Shakti helps us understand Her better and it is easy to attain Her compassion and grace. Gayatri’s Vehicle is not an ordinary swan (Hansa). In fact it is a Rajhansa seen in men and is called Paramhansa. The characteristics of a Rajhansa are purity, gentlemanliness, greatness and love for high ideals. The characteristics of a Paramhansa are love for spiritual knowledge, austerities and the desire for Moksha (liberation) while yet alive. As a result of Gayatri devotion man no longer remains ordinary and instead becomes a Rajhansa. When he persists with higher spiritual practices, he becomes a Paramhansa. He is seen as a divine soul and a Sidha.


A swan can separate milk from water. It is said to have a diet of pearls. It never touches another being and hence this is a sign of inner purity. Thus a Hansa (swan) is more inclined towards Viveka (discrimination) in thinking, carrying out apt tasks, staying away from excesses etc. The nature of divine consciousness (Brahmi) too is of this type. Gayatri’s vehicle is Hansa. In other words this Super Divine Power keeps those individuals closer to it, who have a swan’s character as mentioned above. It means that due to diligent spiritual practices, purity of character (Sattva) augments in the psyche of a spiritual seeker.


The book symbolizes pious knowledge and water pot indicates pious actions. These 2 boons rest in the hands of Mother Gayatri. Brahmi spiritual practices induce waves of great thinking in our psyche. Zest and zeal for sacred tasks augments in our hearts. Gayatri is said to be a Brahmin’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). A spiritual seeker who partakes Brahmi Shakti’s Kamadhenu’s milk becomes a true Brahmin.  He is indeed blessed with self contentment, respect from others and divine grace.


Rishis and Sidhas are totally devoted to God. One’s Mantra chanting gives desired results only if one’s external life and inner being is extremely pure.  These characteristics are attained by contacting Gayatri’s divine energy.


In the story of Savitri and Satyavan, Savitri had chosen Satyavan as her husband. She had seeked Yama’s blessings so as to free Satyavan from the jaws of death.  It is only when Satyavan who attained a spiritual seeker like Savitri could go beyond death via the medium of Brahmi Shakti.





Vishnu’s energy is Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi helps in propagation of the world and managing it properly. Creation is at the beginning and propagation is in the middle stage. The former is like childhood and the latter like youth. A youth is more mature and has the capacity to manage his life more capably. He is full of zest and enterprise. It is called Rajoguna (activity). The sacred stream of 3-legged Gayatri is Vaishnavi. Via such spiritual practices a spiritual seeker attains those divine glories and spiritual achievements which gives him a well-managed, happy life.


Vaishnavi is also called Lakshmi. In the material arena it means wealth. In the spiritual arena it means sacred glories. On its basis one attains benefits of different levels.


Vaishnavi’s vehicle is an eagle, which has special qualities. The eagle’s eye sight is much more sharp than that of other birds. When an eagle flies high in the sky, it jumps down to the ground with great speed so as to swoop on its prey. The eagle flies much more speedily than other birds. Lethargy and indolence stay miles away from it. An eagle is a symbol of alertness and awakening. An eagle is that attitude which strives hard to ward off undesirable thinking and darkness. Farsighted people are compared to eagles. An eagle is a bird who is devoid of lethargy and indolence. Vaishnavi’s grace and love flows towards those people who lead enterprising lives. Vaishnavi worship and meditation augments spiritual and material wealth. The inner poverty of a seeker’s mind is destroyed. Their psyche now starts overflowing with sacred qualities. Indeed such people attain glory. Further their material poverty too is destroyed totally.


Vishnu’s female form is Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi has 4 weapons viz; conch, disc, mace and lotus. The 4 hands of Vaishnavi holds these 4 weapons. Whenever Vaishnavi’s image portrays 2 hands, the hands will hold the conch and disc. Conch symbolizes mental resolve and disc means mobility. Mace means energy and lotus means tenderness. All these are divine qualities.


All the weapons of Vishnu are owned by Vaishnavi too. Those who are attracted by these 4 weapons are blessed by Vaishnavi. In other words when Vaishnavi pours Her grace on an individual, his psyche will manifest the above 4 sacred qualities that are symbolically depicted as 4 weapons.





The third stream of the 3-legged Gayatri is Shambhavi. It is an energy that brings about desired transformation.  It is like converting old age into youth i.e. oldness into newness.  Indolence is transformed into activity and death into life.  It is akin to re-birth and neo-creation. Gayatri’s Shambhavi Energy transforms a weak person into a powerful one and an ugly person into one of radiant beauty. In a certain sense it is called Shiva-Shakti.


Shambhavi has 2 weapons. 1) Trishul 2) Hand drum.  Trishul with its razor edge overcomes the devotees’ material, spiritual and natural hardships.  There are 3 characteristics that induce sorrow in man’s life viz 1) Ignorance 2) Lack 3) Weakness. These 3 are overcome via 1) Wisdom 2) Spiritual Practices 3) Intense endeavour.  The 3 weapons of self-control have to be used. Trishul is a congregation of all 3 of them.  He who meditates on Shambhavi is said to be the owner of a Trishul.  If Gayatri worship is carried out with great devotion, one’s personality starts blooming wherein after changing one’s mental state, one attains a progressive and prosperous life.


The hand drum means awakening of sound which is a symbol of zest.  The hand drum of Shambhavi means that any one who contacts this energy stream will get the necessary zest and zeal for neo-creation.


Shambhavi’s vehicle is a bull. As per Lord Shiva’s character, all living beings are under the influence of Maya (power of illusion) A bull is powerful and works very hard.  It has a serene nature and makes intense efforts. Its energy is utilized for creative purposes. Despite being very powerful, it uses its potential for creativity.  Very rarely is its energy used for destructive purposes. A bull represents qualities like hard work, enterprise, patience, serenity etc. Shambhavi helps those who augment the above characteristics. Shambhavi is worshipped so as to augment one’s sacred endeavour.


Shambhavi is the third eye that lies between our eyebrows. The third eye represents farsightedness. This source of intuitive wisdom is called divine vision too. With reference to Extra Sensory Potential (Neurobiology – ESP) it is said to be the centre of far sightedness, future knowledge, indirect knowledge etc. It is the centre of spiritual practices of spiritual seers. It is also called Ajna Chakra and when it opens (awakens) one overcomes lowly and undesirable elements. Lord Shiva had opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva (deity of sexual passion) to ashes. Damayanti too had activated it and burnt a tiger to death. She knew that the power to curse others resided in the Ajna Chakra. In other words activation of the Ajna Chakra evolves one’s farsighted qualities. With its help one can realize how lowly psychic qualities destroy us both materially and spiritually. A layman destroys his future merely for fleeting gains in the present. As against this a far sighted person weighs all pros and cons with reference to the present and far off future too, only then will he make necessary plans of action. Such an attitude converts a common man into a great human being. Shambhavi meditation opens the third eye or the Ajna Chakra. Thus like Arjun of the epic Mahabharat we can have God vision, God realization etc. This thinking lies far away from the minds and imagination of ordinary men.





Gayatri is called the Mother of Vedas (Vedmata) because Her 24 letters describe the 4 Vedas. Brahmaji (creator) first got the Gayatri Mantra from a heavenly voice. In order to execute his responsibilities, he required wisdom, science and the necessary means. Hence he performed Gayatri austerities. The result was that he attained special powers to create the world. Definite methods were given in order to gain benefits from the contact, use and mysteries of the world. These methods were called Vedas. Gayatri Super Power helps create the necessary mental state while creating the Vedas. Hence this Primordial Energy was called Vedmata (Mother of Vedas), Vedas dwell in all cosmos of the world. More pervasiveness was required so that men could understand them. On the basis of Indian Mythology Brahmaji described the 4 legs of Gayatri with his 4 faces and these became the 4 Vedas.


The initial description of “Om Bhur Bhuva” became the Riga Veda and “Tat Savitur Varenyam” became Yajur Veda, “Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi” became Sama Veda,  “  Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat” became Atharva Veda.


An entire tree exists in its minute seed. An entire human being exists in a sperm. All elements of the solar system are present in a tiny atom.  In the same way all wisdom and science pertaining to the visible world are present in the Vedas.  Further, the gist of the Vedas exists in the Gayatri Mantra.  Hence Gayatri is called the presiding deity of knowledge and science and is thus the Mother of the Vedas. In many verses of our scriptures, she is called Mother of Vedas or Vedmata.  Vedas are vaults of Knowledge and Science. It is the inspirational meaning of Richas and is a storehouse of hidden energies present in various words of the Vedas.  Gigantic experiences dwell in the Vedas.  According to Sound Science if Vedas are chanted in a scientific manner, the psyche of the chanter is raised to higher statures of spirituality with the help of which divine inspiration manifests. In fact so much Ojas, Tejas, and Varchas (divine light) manifests which help the devotee carry out gigantic and otherwise impossible tasks.  Vedic Mantras have hidden mysteries which help man bring about required changes in the world’s social, political, spiritual etc. atmosphere.  Scriptures describe the intense energy flow present in Mantras.


Vedic wisdom is said to be farsighted and intuitive. Those who imbibe it, lead a very bright life. Four Vedas  have 4 texts, Brahmaji has 4 faces so as to magnify knowledge. The 4 types of speeches viz. Vaikhari, Madhyama, Para, Pashyanti gives the world all required directions. The 4 Rishis viz; Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanat  who eulogized Gayatri are said to be the 4 incarnations of Vedas. The 4 Vedas describe the 4 Varnas and 4 Ashramas. Vedic knowledge glorifies one’s mind, intellect, psyche and ego. Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) gives us milk in the form of righteousness, wealth, aspirations and salvation. The divine inspiration of Vedmata induces us to attain the credentials to imbibe divine wisdom. When Vedmata is meditated on by a spiritual seeker, he attains the divine light of the Vedas. Such a person is a true knower of the Vedas and is called a realized saint. It gives us spiritual knowledge, pious knowledge, soul knowledge and divine knowledge.





Gayatri is also called Devmata. This is because when a devotee sits on Her lap, his psyche attains divinity. He slowly marches ahead on the path of soul progress and is hence akin to deities.


Anyone who meditates/reflect on the teachings present in the 24-letter of Gayatri experiences a new awakening in his consciousness. One’s psyche accepts that the goal of human life is in executing sacred, divine tasks. Those who lead a wayward life full of spiritual ignorance and those ensnared by the mire of greed and attachment, keep facing hardships and pain. As against this, as soon as Gayatri’s sacred light reaches one’s inner being, a person truly awakens. He gives up selfishness and starts working for world welfare. He becomes more enterprising so as to reach this goal. This is the result of divinity manifesting in the human psyche. The more one imbibes divine wealth, the more one experiences heavenly bliss and peace.  His character attains such a high stature that it manifests sacred culture.  They are recognized as divine souls.  Such divine souls not only uplift their own material and spiritual life but that they help others do so too. Like a sandalwood tree, they spread their fragrance of purity in all directions. Thus anyone contacting this holy fragrance too becomes holy.


The predominant result of Gayatri Meditation is manifestation of divinity. Both internally and externally, a spiritual seeker becomes divine. One by one, all vile activities come to a standstill and one marches ahead on the path of sacred actions. Taints present in the deep recesses of one’s activities and psyche fall off like leaves of a tree in the autumn season. They are replaced by sacred qualities akin to flowers blooming in spring season.


Demi-gods always give. If Gayatri is truly worshipped, one’s divine nature intensifies. Deities have 2 qualities. They are great as far as character is concerned and idealistic as far as endeavour is concerned. Each moment, with their direct and subtle grace, they induce a heavenly atmosphere.


Demi-gods are always youthful. They are never harsh. They are ever happy and contented. They always hope for the best and never waver under the most harsh circumstances. They never experience sorrow and hence those who manifest these qualities are called divine men. Demi-gods live in heaven. Greatness of thinking i.e. positive thinking encompasses 3 qualities viz. zest, bliss and contentment. Demi-gods are desireless. All their desires are fulfilled by a Kalpavriksha (will fulfilling tree). Anyone can attain this state. Such people have minimum requirements in life. All their aspirations are meant for sacred purposes. They have no ego based desires and are not egoistic. They always have enough time to satisfy their desire for world welfare. When divinity manifests in one’s mind, circumstances become heavenly with bliss and contentment. Devmata perforce takes a Gayatri devotee to this higher stage.





Gayatri is also called Vishwamata (World Mother). A mother loves all her children equally. She yearns to see all her children happy and satiated. Vishwamata avidly desires that all her children (of the world) live in peace, harmony and with an attitude of world brotherhood. She wishes that world humanity serve each other with a pure heart and induce an atmosphere of world peace. Not only should human beings live harmoniously but that they should be at peace with all other creatures of the world.


Our ancient culture, its glory and good-will created a Golden Era. In the near future Vishwamata’s sacred affection will help in neo-creation of the world. She will play the role of an incarnation of God while making all beings of the cosmos cultured, well-managed and advanced. The present endeavour of world’s neo creation in the form of Prajnavatar will be looked upon as the sacred affection of that Super Power. In future the slogan “World united as one family” will be imbibed by world humanity. Based on the 4 sacred ideals viz. unity, equality, affection and purity, the ethics of all individuals and society at large will be imbibed. There will be one world language, one religion, one universal nation and culture. Inequality in the areas of gender, communities and wealth will be warded off. This principle of unity and equality will be imbibed in future by the entire world as was the case in ancient times. One’s life will include a multifaceted psyche of purity. In ancient times society manifested oneness and cooperation and this will be the case in future too. Vishwamata will play Her divine role in creating the necessary mental and external circumstances.


The flag of Viveka flies in the form of a pigtail on our scalp. In order to bind the body with the rope of righteous duty, one wears the Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) and both these are symbolic images of Gayatri.


The Lord’s cosmic form can be found described in many Mantras. It is the social manifestation of the cosmic Lord’s spiritual philosophy. When we talk of world humanity, world brotherhood and a universal family, the individual’s importance is replaced by that of world humanity. Individualism is replaced by communism. It is  like sheer surrender to God. The supreme goal of life is to give up selfishness and establish a bond with the cosmic soul (God). This is achieved via self-reflection, divine reflection and Yogic practices. When our worldly life includes sacred aspirations and traditions, it becomes the cause of manifestation of divinity in man. As a result his mental state oozes with heavenly peace. It is nothing but the inspiration of Vishwamata Gayatri.


Gayatri Super Power is called Vishwamata (Mother of the World). Anyone seated in Her lap imbibes family values. A close relationship with Vishwamata helps us destroy the bondage of lowliness and narrow mindedness. A true spiritual seeker can thus easily experience the Holy Mother’s grace.





One stream of Gayatri is called Ritambhara or Prajna. One prays to Savita deity for the “Dhee” (intellect) element. It is none other than Ritambhara Prajna. In order to understand its nature and attain it, Divine Sciences have been designed. The spiritual philosophy of Divine Sciences helps evolve one’s Ritambhara Prajna. There is nothing more sacred than Ritambhara Prajna. Lord Krishna calls it righteous knowledge. With its grace one’s divine eye opens. These divine eyes help us attain self-realization, God realization and spiritual vision. All this is a grace of Ritambhara Prajna.


One may attain material comforts via a cunning intellect or one can be the centre of attraction too. Despite all this for soul progress one requires good-will, oneness of heart and gentlemanly behaviour both within and without (i.e. sacred sentiments). Ritambhara Prajna is that centre which manifests farsighted discrimination (Viveka). The more one attains it, the more one becomes a saint, gentleman, Rishi, Maharshi, Rajarshi, Devarshi etc. A material intellect achieves material wealth. A spiritual intellect achieves soul forces and glories. This spiritual intellect/vision is called Ritambhara Prajna. It glorifies our life and leads us towards supreme fulfillment.


The Lord’s supreme blessing is Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect). It wards off our bondage to this material world. Savita’s light is called Ritambhara Prajna which is like sunrise that wards off the darkness of night. As soon as Prajna manifests, man’s desires, thinking and actions undergo a gigantic transformation. It now no longer rots in the mire of lowly desires and vile thinking and instead leads a sacred life of great thinking.


Such great men cannot be affected by what others are doing. Instead they harbour only compassion for the common man whose life is akin to one who is under the influence of alcohol. Great men yearn to uplift such deluded beings. Despite this great saints never force anyone to accept their philosophy of life. Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect) of saints helps them to compassionately and patiently cut off the bondages of the material world.


Great saints listen only to righteousness and the Lord Himself. He who wears the armour of Ritambhara Prajna attains true glory and are honoured as saints in every corner of the world.


Great thinking gives us the wisdom of utility of material objects and good intention of all creatures. Thus they change their way of transacting with them and surmise the situation in a gist. This sort of thinking is heaven. Desires and egoistic behaviour induces fear in mankind. When it is overcome, one’s mind is full of steadfastness, divine intellect and faith. Thus peace and contentment take over. Jeevan Mukti (or liberation in life) means warding off lowly desires and imbibing sacred ideals. It is only after one achieves this state that one attains soul realization, God realization and Existence – Consciousness –Bliss.


Gayatri worship helps us attain Ritambhara Prajna. In other words a person having this Prajna attains the vision of Gayatri. Thus both Gayatri and Ritambhara Prajna complement one another. One of them cannot exist without the other. Those who are truly blessed by Gayatri have a direct vision of the light of divine aura called Ritambhara Prajna. In comparison to common men they are higher up the ladder of life due to their great thinking.





The visible Ganges river and the invisible Gayatri are similar. One stream of Gayatri is called Mandakini. Bathing in the Ganges purifies us and our sins are destroyed. Gayatri purifies our psyche. We can ward off our mental taints and distortions like greed, avarice, envy etc. Ganges and Gayatri were born on the same day. Both of them are the gross and subtle symbols of one goal.


Due to Bhagiratha’s penance, Ganges manifested on earth. Brahmaji too had to make gigantic efforts for the manifestation of Gayatri.  In order to attain Gayatri’s grace in this human life, one needs to execute intense austerities.  Gayatri’s seer is Rishi Vishwamitra. Via penance he attained this glorious state.  Vishwamitra had given the responsibility of manifesting Gayatri in the hands of Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Vishwamitra taught them certain Spiritual Sciences and thus both brothers became powerful.  This science called Bala and Atibala are other names of Gayatri and Savita.


The river Ganges purifies our body and Gayatri our soul.  Ganges sanctifies the dead and Gayatri those who are alive.  Ganga washes off our sins and Gayatri destroys our very intention of sinning.  The shores of the Ganges is very conducive for Gayatri Meditation and worship.  Their confluence is as meritorious as the confluence of the rivers Ganges and Yamuna. The Saptarshis (7 Rishis) had chosen the shore of Ganges so as to attain spiritual power via Gayatri Meditation. Thus one hand of Gayatri has a water pot that contains Ganges water that is like immortal nectar. Those individuals who wish to perform high leveled Gayatri Meditation generally opt for the shores of the river Ganges.


In great stories of various saints there is a description Saint Raidas and the river Ganges. Anasuya had manifested the river Mandakini near Chitrakuta (U. P., India). Gayatri worship helps one’s psyche attain the purity of holy rivers. As a result purity or divine intellect manifest.


Amongst many streams of Gayatri, one of them is Mandakini. When one seeks its shelter one’s sins are destroyed and thus purity of thought, word and deed manifests.





A state is attained due to Gayatri spiritual practices wherein a give and take relationship between the individual soul and cosmic soul (God) is established. This divine union gives us untold benefits. This state is called Ajapa.


Ajapa Gayatri involves various spiritual practices, one of which is called Yoga of Hansa. Gayatri’s vehicle is Hansa (swan). Yoga of Hansa involves chanting of “So Ham” i.e. I am That (God). The word Gayatri means protection of our vital force, “Gay” means vital force and “Tri” means protector. Via Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) a special vital force manifests. Gayatri spiritual practices include 24 Pranayamas. Amongst them “Soham” spiritual practices were given more importance. This Soham’s vital force continues working on its own ceaselessly. In ordinary beings will power, thought power and bodily tasks are executed. In Soham, all these tasks are carried out by the soul. There is hence no need of the body and mind.


When we inhale air a “So” type of sound manifests. When we exhale air “Ham” sound manifest. Of course! All these sounds are very soft and subtle. Our gross ears cannot grasp this sound. In fact it can only be heard when one is in deep meditation. When a quiet mind is focused, the inhaled air makes the sound “So” and the exhaled air makes the sound “Ham”. On hearing Lord Krishna’s holy flute, Gopies experienced divine ecstasy. Similarly when a spiritual seeker hears the “Soham” sound in deep meditation, he experiences divine bliss.


Various scriptures have described Brahmanaad (divine sound). A superficial description of it says that Yoga of sound is listening to spiritual discourses along with a devotional psyche. As against this in higher stages of spiritual practices, hearing of “Soham” is the ultimate goal of one’s spiritual practices. Great Yogis call it Anahat.


Gayatri has fundamentally manifested from Omkar (Om). It then expanded into the 24 letters of Gayatri. Thus the seed of divine sound is “Soham”. While  performing Yoga of Divine Sound practices one hears subtle sounds like a bell, thundering of clouds, flute, drums etc. These divine sounds manifest from the very deep recesses of Mother Nature. When one attains the capacity to hear these divine sounds, all its mysteries unfold. A spiritual seeker attains subtle wisdom with the help of which he understands the movements of the gross and subtle worlds.


Ordinary spiritual practices are carried out with the help of the body and mind. As against this Ajapa Gayatri practices are related to the soul. Thus one’s spiritual practices continue on their own. Ajapa is a spiritual practice that has its own energy. Soham is one such spiritual practice that involves deep meditation. When it conjoins to the soul, a cyclic movement commences in a ceaseless manner that generates energy. With the help of this energy a spiritual seeker attains divine wisdom or soul wisdom. This wisdom is then utilized for world welfare.


The Hansa (swan) of Ajapa spiritual practices is Gayatri’s vehicle. When one worships it, one’s Viveka (discrimination) is activated. A person is called a Rajhansa (royal swan) when he imbibes sacred ideals in his thinking and activities. He then rises higher and is called Paramhansa (Supreme Swan). Gayatri’s Ajapa energy helps one attain this supreme divine state.





What is the glory, importance and results of Gayatri Super Power? This answer can be found by examining the weapons present in the hands of Gayatri’s deities. Deities (both male and female) are special flows of Gayatri Super Power.


One of the 24 deities of Gayatri is called Ganesha.  Ganesha or Viveka is the god of intellect.  Whenever our compassionate farsighted intellect augments, know for sure that Ganesh is present. The root of Gayatri Mantra is sacred knowledge. Ganesha is Gayatri’s leading energy stream.


Ganesha dwells with 2 divine female friends. One is called Ridhi and the other is Sidhi. Ridhi means spiritual glory and Sidhi means material power and wealth. Just as Gayatri and Savitri are said to be consorts of Brahmaji (creator) so too Ridhi-Sidhi are Ganesha’s consorts.  The Almighty Lord’s 2 wives are Para and Apara Prakriti. With their help all movements in this world of matter and energy take place. While deciding upon the nature of Ganesha who is discrimination, spiritual seers depicted him as having 2 wives. An intellect of discrimination (Viveka) is most required for spiritual and material progress. This principle is called Ganesha and his consorts are called Ridhi and Sidhi.


Ridhi means self-knowledge, soul force, soul purification, self-contentment, inner zest, self-unfoldment, good qualities and spiritual grandeur. Sidhi means skill, enthusiasm, cooperation, wealth, knowledge, power and material grandeur. All these qualities are found in Gayatri and Savitri. Both are a couple. Whenever Ridhi dwells, there lies Sidhi. Both of them fan Ganesha. A man of discrimination attains both material and spiritual wealth. This is the reason why one sees Ganesha's photograph with his 2 wives Ridhi and Sidhi.


Ganesha holds a chain in one hand and Modak (sweet meat) in another hand. Chain means discipline and Modak means joy. Those who lead disciplined lives attain joy too. Ganesha gives you both Ridhi and Sidhi. Ridhi means soul glory and Sidhi means material power. When one adheres to the rules of life and thus leads a disciplined life, one becomes powerful both materially and spiritually. He faces no obstruction while procuring material comforts. Great personalities are full of laughter and joy and hence it is compared to the Modak of Ganesha. They themselves experience bliss and spread the same in the entire world. The magnetic personality of such great men attracts forces from the visible and invisible worlds. This is very much required for their own progress and joy.


A deep misunderstanding prevails as far as Ridhi-Sidhi is concerned. People wrongly believe Ridhi-Sidhi to be the art of performing magical acts. They wrongly correlate Ridhi-Sidhi to magical acts like man flying in air, walking on water, becoming invisible, changing forms, attracting objects towards oneself or inducing their disappearance etc. In fact all these are but superficial magical acts. It is like magicians using means like hypnotism, mesmerism etc. to perform magical shows. Their aim is just to show off their magical skills or ensnare gullible people in their trap. All this sort of vain show has been strictly prohibited by all great spiritual texts of the world. These scriptures advise us to ignore these magical power as and when they manifest in us. In short such superficial acts of magic have no connection with pure Spiritual Sciences.


True Ridhi helps a spiritual seeker attain contentment, faith and divine grace via high thinking. Thus a human being becomes divine. Such divine men positively influence the entire world and induce world humanity to imbibe sound ideals in thought, word and deed. True Sidhi lies in attaining material gains and sharing the same with the entire world. After looking after one’s own needs and those of one’s family members, the rest should be used for the material and spiritual upliftment of the world. This indeed is a true miracle. The more one marches ahead on this path, the greater he becomes and thus is called a Sidha (saint).


Gayatri has 2 names viz; Ridhi and Sidhi. Those who are pious in thought, word and deed attain both Ridhi and Sidhi. Thus they are glorified in the true sense. True Gayatri worship naturally results in attainment of Ridhi-Sidhi. Gayatri is a visible Sidhi. Those who imbibe Gayatri attain Ridhi (spiritual powers) and Sidhi (material powers).





The Primordial Energy (Adi Shakti) has 2 streams 1) spiritual 2) material. Spiritual energy is called Gayatri and material energy is called Savitri. Gayatri has 1 face because it represents Non-duality and oneness of soul. Savitri has 5 faces. The body is made up of 5 gross elements. Its 5 sense organs experience sound, form, taste, smell and touch with the help of 5 Tanmatras (subtle element). Vibration of consciousness i.e. the 5 Pranas (Vital Forces) control our bodily movements and its presiding deity is Savitri. The 5 sense organs of Knowledge and the 5 sense organs of Action help us in our daily living.


The subtle body is made up of 5 sheaths. In scientific terms they are called Physical Body, Astral Body, Mental Body, Causal Body and Cosmic Body. In spiritual terms they are called Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. Within these sheaths are infinite storehouses of Sidhis and divine powers. They are the 5 deities that dwell in our body. As long as they sleep i.e. lie latent, man leads a life of weakness and poverty. As soon as these sheaths awaken, theSe 5 deities help man  prosper both materially and spiritually. In the Dakshin Marg spiritual practices, Gayatri predominates and in the Vaam Marg spiritual practices, Savitri predominates. Desire based devotion is of Savitri type. As per the requirement Beej (seed) Mantras are used. Gayatri is used for soul upliftment. The 3 Beej Mantras of Bhu, Bhuva and Sva are conjoined to it which uplifts our gross, subtle and causal bodies. In Brahmavarchas spiritual practices, both are included.


In the wisdom aspect of the 5 faced Savitri, 5 precepts have to be adhered to in various arenas. In our ordinary life hard work, management, economy, cooperation and gentlemanliness are the 5 precepts to be followed. These 5 precepts vary according to the different fields in which they are adhered to. These 5 precepts give success in different arenas and they in fact are the 5 deities.


Amongst the innumerable energy streams of Gayatri, Savitri is extremely close by and very potent. Both Gayatri and Savitri are so intensely bound to one another that they appear to be one. In reality both are like the body (Savitri) and soul (Gayatri). In order to benefit both materially and spiritually, one should meditate on them.





Wisdom consciousness has 2 aspects. One is Prajna (subtle intellect) and the other is Budhi (gross intellect). With the help of the subtle intellect one realizes the cosmic soul (God). Our gross intellect helps us carry out various tasks of the material world in which we live. The gross intellect lies in the head region and the subtle intellect lies in our psyche. Gayatri is the presiding deity of the subtle intellect (Prajna) and that of the gross intellect is Saraswati. As per one’s requirement, one must imbibe both these.


Saraswati is the Goddess of art, music, literature etc. She encompasses thinking, sacred sentiments and affection. Saraswati’s Veena (musical instrument) symbolizes music, book symbolizes thinking and Her vehicle peacock symbolizes art.


In the worldly sense Saraswati is said to be the Goddess of education. In various educational institutions, Vasant Panchmi (Indian calendar) is celebrated as Saraswati’s birthday. Education means converting a beast into a human being and giving eyesight to a blind man. Pious thinking helps one become a true human being and pious thinking is the function of the gross intellect. Credit is given to the gross intellect when one advances materially. It is very much appropriate that it is looked upon as Saraswati’s blessings. Without this grace man would be living a life of an animal roaming in the jungle. Saraswati is worshipped so as to teach mankind the importance of education and advancement of one’s intellect. In a certain sense it is the worship of the intellectual aspect of Gayatri Super Power.


It is said that men of weak intellect like Kalidas, Vardacharya, Nopadera etc. meditated on Saraswati and only then were they revered as great scholars of their times. It means that they made intense efforts to focus their minds and thus their intellectual powers bloomed forth.


These great men in the past must have activated their otherwise weak intellect and thus attained intellectual proficiency. This is nothing but Saraswati worship. Method of meditation is an important aspect of emotional sciences. Spiritual practices give greater results when they include faith and oneness of soul. Scholars of psychology accept that spiritual practices (Sadhana) is as important and potent as exercising, studying, working hard etc. It then manifests the mysteries and potentials of the arena of consciousness. The same holds true for Saraswati worship. If it is carried out strictly according to scriptural injunctions, one can help one’s gross intellect  soar in the skies of greatness.


Gayatri Super Power’s Saraswati aspect is very beneficial for those who have a weak intellect. Saraswati based spiritual practices ripen our intellectual capacity and overcomes mental turbulence by making the mind more focused. Gayatri’ s Saraswati principle overcomes problems related to the brain like lack of sleep, headaches, tension etc. Man becomes mentally weak because either he lacks the power of decision making or that he keeps forgetting things or that he dislikes various things. In order to overcome all this one must worship and meditate on Goddess Saraswati. It is also helpful in inducing enthusiasm for intellectual studies and Svadhyaya (study of the soul or self-reflection).


The importance of a sharp, pure intellect should be conveyed to others. One should also give importance to earning wealth ethically and procuring material comforts. Saraswati which is an energy stream of Gayatri Super Power helps us attain both material joys and spiritual progress.





One more stream of Gayatri is Shri. Shri also means Lakshmi. Amongst various blessings of Gayatri, one of them is Lakshmi (both material and spiritual wealth). He who is blessed by Lakshmi no longer remains backward and poverty stricken. Shri means cleanliness, purity and proper management. It helps overcome poverty and ugliness.


Lakshmi is that potential which makes material objects more useful for all mankind and one attains more of it. Generally Lakshmi is correlated to material wealth. In actuality it is a gross quality of consciousness. On its basis one can use objects which were previously rendered useless. Even if one has less Lakshmi, one can make apt use of it for sacred tasks. Such a person is a true owner of Lakshmi. Other rich men may possess a lot of material wealth but if it rots as one’s fat bank balance instead of being utilized for world welfare, it becomes the cause of misery. One ray of Gayatri is Lakshmi. He who attains it even in small amounts and uses it for world humanity, indeed attains true bliss.


A person can not be called fortunate just because he amasses a lot of wealth and fills up his vault. In fact if such wealth lands up in the hands of people with vile brains, it becomes intoxicating like alcohol. Such men thus become arrogant, unruly, egoistic and lusty. Ordinarily people who amass a lot of wealth become stingy and arrogant. One vehicle of Lakshmi is an owl. An owl is compared to a foolish man. Men who lack culture amass a lot of wealth and hence are called foolish. Such wealth is always misused which results in one’s own downfall and that of society too.


Two elephants reverently spray water on Lakshmi. She is seated on a lotus which is a symbol of delicateness. Good management encompasses beauty and delicateness. Some call it sacred activity. Lakshmi is also called Kamala (lotus) which also connotes skill. Skill means apt use of materials for sacred endeavours along with hard work and ethics. Shri (Lakshmi) principle creates and propagates with great skill. Lakshmi sees to it that we do not misuse even a penny and that each penny is used for world welfare.



The 2 royal elephants who chant Lakshmi’s Mantra and devotionally spray water on Her, symbolize hard work and a focused mind. They are inseparably bound to Lakshmi. Wherever this duo dwells, there no lack of glory, grandeur and cooperation will be experienced. Great men are always showered with equality and success. At every step they come across opportunities to rise higher in life both materially and spiritually.


One stream of Gayatri’s philosophy and spiritual endeavour is Lakshmi. Gayatri Mahamantra says that if powers of skill are augmented, there Lakshmi’s compassion abounds. Another energy flow of Gayatri devotion is Shri.  Shri worship activates the magnetic potential in our centres of consciousness which helps attract material wealth and grandeur. In a focused mind, the Goddess of sacred intellect, Saraswati, does not allow us to hoard this wealth. Instead Saraswati inspires us to use it for the material and spiritual welfare of the world.


Lakshmi is the Goddess of joy, zest and humour. She generates an atmosphere of laughter and joy. Poverty also includes lack of cleanliness. Beauty and cleanliness is another name of artistic decoration. Since Lakshmi is a Goddess of beauty there an atmosphere of cleanliness, joy, management, hard work and economy that is devoid of stinginess will prevail.


He who devotionally bathes in the sacred stream of Gayatri’s Lakshmi aspect will attain Shri.  Shri which is both material and spiritual wealth benefits not only its devotee but also the entire world at large.




One more stream of Gayatri Super Power is Durga. Kali is also Durga. Kali is Mahakal’s consort. Mahakal is the God of cosmic time. Kali devotees always accept the importance of time and hence they never misuse it.


Lethargy destroys the body and indolence, one’s mental energy. If both these are overcome an ordinary man reaches pinnacles of greatness. Time is nothing but Lord’s grace. Apt use of time helps man attain all that he desires. The Lord is subtle in nature. Human Birth has many benefits.  Amongst them is the wealth of time. We should not misuse time via lethargy and indolence. If we use time for sacred tasks, we can progress both materially and spiritually. This precept applies to Gayatri’s Kali image worship.


In order to attain a particular goal, one should make a daily schedule and follow it implicitly with a focused mind. One is indeed worshipping greatness if faith is being imbibed in one’s daily task. Thus it becomes the very basis of attaining greatness.


Kali has many other names like Durga, Chandi, Amba, Shiva, Parvati etc. Loneliness is always incomplete even if it is powerful. The more one gets help, the more one succeeds in life. The importance of congregations and association is manifold. Congregation and cooperation is the foundation stone of progress, prosperity and power as far as an individual and society is concerned. Until today whatever man has attained has been due to a cooperative effort. In future too this will be the basis of world progress.



In the story of Durga’s incarnation, the demons defeated the demi-gods in a battle and thus there was terror everywhere. In order to evade this terror, Prajapati gathered the aura of the demi-gods. With the help of which he created Kali. Thus Kali was an intense storehouse of energy. Kali or Chandi destroyed the demons and thus the demi-gods retained their heavenly abode. From this story it is very clear that collective energy is very powerful. It can be used for any sacred task so as to attain success.


Durga’s vehicle is a lion which is a symbol of daring. Durga’s activities are full of struggles. In order to gain victory in the battle of life, one has to combat one’s mental taints and weaknesses. In one’s external life, one is daily attacked by undesirable elements. Thus there is no option but to fight them. No doubt we all desire to live in peace yet it is very difficult to stay away from obstacles in life. Hence one has to perforce combat then. The Durga principle of Gayatri Super Power gives us daring, valour and enterprise which is most required for overcoming obstacles in life.




One more energy stream of Gayatri is Kundalini.  Kundalini is material energy and it lies entwined in our souls. Kundalini is inseparably bound to all living beings. Kundalini is also called vital electricity, life force, inner energy, Fire of Yoga etc. A conscious electrical stream flows in our nerves. Its 2 ends are called poles. These poles are akin to the North and South Poles on earth. The North Pole is present in the centre of the brain called Brahmarandhra. This area has the Sahasrar Chakra which directly contacts cosmic consciousness. The magnetic force of the North Pole on earth attracts energies of the cosmos towards itself. Similarly the Sahasrar Chakra of our brain attracts divine energies of cosmic consciousness.  One end of Kundalini lies in the Brahmarandhra (scalp region) and is called the Great Serpent. It is in a coiled state. It is also called Sheshanag, Shiva’s serpent etc. Gayatri Meditation helps awaken this otherwise sleeping serpent. In turn its terrific potent power helps attract infinite divine glories of the cosmic soul.


The other end of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is Mooladhar Chakra. It is a small energy whirlpool that lies in the centre of the excretory organs and is called the South Pole. Creation and distribution of material energy of a human body takes place over here. It is also called reproductive energy. From here manifest zest and enthusiasm. Many forces that work in the human body manifest from this region. The brain and heart are said to be the most important organs of the human body. The brain of the subtle body is the Sahasrar Chakra and is called the Great Serpent. The heart of the subtle body is the Mooladhar Chakra and it is the South Pole of Kundalini Super Power. The stream that flows between the North and South Poles is latent or “sleeping”. As a result man lives the life of a beast i.e. eat, drink and be merry. Just like animals, man too begets children. Kundalini awakening leads to manifestation of divine energy and hence man attains extraordinary power. A give and take relationship between the Great Serpent of Sahasrar Chakra (North Pole) and the Great Serpentess of the Mooladhar Chakra (South Pole) is established. This is the result of Kundalini awakening. The confluence of material and spiritual potentials too manifests miracles. It is like the meeting of 2 electrical wires that creates an intense flow of electricity.


Yogic practices help purify our brain energy. Tantra Sciences induces intensity in vital energy and with its help one can make one’s material and spiritual potential more powerful. Kundalini is the presiding deity of Tantra Sciences. Mooladhar Chakra represents Bhuloka. Sahasrar represent Brahmaloka. They come and go via the Devyan Marg i.e. the Merudand (subtle spine). This path has 6 Chakras. The 7th target is Sahasrar Chakra. It is represented by the 7 Lokas, 7 oceans, 7 mountains, 7 Rishis, 7 Puris, 7 pilgrim spots, 7 notes, 7 islands, 7 days etc. Kundalini awakening activates all these 7 milestones. Thus a spiritual seeker becomes powerful both materially and spiritually.


In the human body an intense stream of vital energy dwells in the Mooladhar Chakra. This energy is then circulated in the entire body which helps fulfill many tasks in our daily life. It has an extraordinary potential wherein via our genital organs, it transforms man. Man’s valor, daring, enterprise, zest, zeal etc. manifests from this region. Sexual passion contains all these movements. When one uses sexual passion merely for begetting children, a lot of energy is wasted.


The aim of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) awakening is to transform the ordinary vital force into the cosmic vital force. It is then raised to the level of the Brahmarandhra in the brain which activates many supernatural powers. Thus man becomes divine. Fourteen jewels appeared when the ocean was churned (Indian Mythology). Kundalini awakening too helps manifest an infinite vault of divine powers. Kundalini awakening means upliftment of an individual both materially and spiritually. In this spiritual endeavour the seeds of sexual passion are converted to seeds of divine power. The union of Kali and Mahakal, Shiva and Shakti and vital force with cosmic vital force manifests miraculous results. It is called Kundalini awakening. One stream of Gayatri is called Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Kundalini awakening is a part of Gayatri’s Tantra Science.


The method of Kundalini awakening is found in Gayatri based spiritual practices. To a certain extent it can be activated via Hathayoga, Pranayoga, Tantrayoga etc. Despite this a total awakening is possible only via Gayatri Meditation. The serene Gayatri spiritual practice helps a spiritual seeker awaken his Kundalini without any danger.





Amongst the 24 leading names and forms of Gayatri, one is called Fire of Vital Force or Pranagni. Vital force pervades in the entire cosmos. When it intensifies its heat is converted to fire.  Pranagni is the dense and intense state of Vital Force. Fire manifests both light and heat. When the divine potential of Pranagni manifests, it destroys all taints. This energy destroys darkness and replaces it with light. Anybody who contacts Pranagni, imbibes its sacred qualities. Materials too become conducive to it. People with Pranagni are those who manifest Ojas and Tejas. In the Kathopanishad, Yama (God of Death) taught Nachiketa the 5-fold Fire Science. Thus Nachiketa attained glory. He who purifies these 5 Vital Forces, merges into the cosmic vital force.


Gayatri is called Pranagni. Gayatri itself means Vital Force. Gayatri Meditation helps intensify one’s vital force and thus makes one powerful. This meditation induces an individual to carry out various tasks pertaining to world welfare. Ordinary men never hesitate to carry out illegal, unethical activities in order to satisfy their selfish desires. Very rarely do they even think of working for others’ well being. As against this people who imbibe sacred ideals in life have to live it with total self-control and discipline. They have to oppose those who try to lure them into carrying out vile activities. It is in such a sense that the cosmic vital force comes to their rescue. Such men follow in the footsteps of other great men. They are showered with respect, self control and divine grace.


When our vital force augments, our daring, renunciation, sacrifice, ideals and pious mental resolves intensify. A person with intense vital force has the necessary patience and valor to combat vile men and they can steadfastly convert dark, gloomy circumstances into those of brilliant hope. Gayatri intensifies our vital force and hence it is called Pranagni.





Gayatri is also called Bhavani. When the Primordial Divine Power is worshipped as Bhavani, such intense divine light manifests in a spiritual seeker, which helps in overcoming undesirable taints in one’s psyche. It can be called an energy stream. Bhavani is also called Durga, Bhairavi, Chandi, Kankali etc. Her face and attitude is quite ferocious. She can combat obstacles and turbulence very efficiently. Her vehicle is a lion. A lion symbolizes daring, attack etc. She holds such weapons in Her hands that can destroy Her enemies to pulp. In a worldly sense she is called Bhavani. Her aim is to ward off undesirable elements. The weapons of demons induce fear and terror in the world. Hence over here we do not use the word Bhavani. Bhavani means one who opposes unethical, illegal behaviour and instead encourages love and brotherhood in world humanity.


One leg of righteousness can be utilized for service, spiritual practices, compassion, help and generosity. This is its creative aspect. The second aspect is to oppose immoral behaviour. Without this righteousness is unfulfilled and imbalanced.  In order to protect sacred qualities, it is imperative that vileness be opposed. This power to oppose is called Bhavani. Her divine sports are described as Chandi and Durga. The Devi Bhagwat makes a special mention of this Super Power. It is understood as one who destroys demons and circumstances that are dire. The function of God’s incarnation (Avatar) is to destroy unrighteousness and replace it with righteousness. Thus both complement one another. Good management involves both creation and destruction. Just as eating nourishing food is important, so too is excretion of urine, faeces etc.  Along with endeavour of creation and propagation desctruction too is most required.


Any government in power not only looks after its citizens’ needs but also overcomes agitations /attacks from foreign nations or within their own country. They protect their country with the help of army, navy, police etc. A farmer and a gardener while growing various flowers, fruits, grains etc. have to also protect their crop from germs, insects etc.  If they don’t do so, all their efforts will go in vain. Not only this but these undesirable elements will gain the power to inflict more losses. Thus just as it is important to sow sacred qualities in our minds, so too it is required that taints and distortions be uprooted. If you perform only one of these tasks, social arrangement will not maintain a good balance.


The first step of opposition is to overcome one’s vile intellect. Taints and distortions that are rooted deep down in our minds create our downfall. Bad habits lead to intoxication, vile activities etc. Thus we have to face many hardships in life. In order to uproot the taints of the mind, one has to undergo austerities and various spiritual practices.


Such vile activities prevail in society like lethargy, indolence, dirty habits, unruly behaviour, narrow mindedness, selfishness etc. which induce others to look down upon us and ignore us. Thus they are called beasts, ghosts etc. When lowly desires and egoistic behaviour are on the rise man becomes anti social, terrorist like and executes undesirable tasks. As a result he is hated and insulted by others. To overcome such a situation man should imbibe pious qualities and sacred actions. Bhavani is that enterprise which helps purify one’s soul. Self victory is the greatest victory.


In society where one sees creative and cooperative endeavour, there too vileness crops in. The net of inethics and blind beliefs is indeed very widespread. As a result many individual and social problems crop up. Thus intense efforts have to be made, both individually and socially, to overcome them. This effort is called Chandi. She is also Bhavani. Bhavani encourages creation and also opposition of unwanted elements. Gayatri is the presiding deity of a sacred intellect. Gayatri worship helps one augment valour, daring and enterprise.




Bhuvaneshwari is the presiding deity of cosmic grandeur. Material means of joy are material comforts. Grandeur is divine in nature. It manifests as inner bliss. Grandeur can be minor or limitless. Minor grandeur is attained via minor acts of good will. This gives minor bliss that lasts for a short time span. It is bound to time and space and when we get even a little bit of joy, we yearn for more.


Bhuvaneshwari is the supreme state. It helps one attain the grandeur of the entire world. Swami Ramtirth of India called himself “King Rama”. He was in a divine state that gives him the experience that he is the lord of the world. He experienced the bliss that is experienced by the Almighty Lord. People who attain minor grandeur become egoistic. As against this a person who truly experiences cosmic bliss, truly becomes the lord of the world. Merely imagining this state exudes joy in our inner being. A king of a small nation thinks himself to be very fortunate. Each king of a small nation feels he is the greatest amongst all.


Over here we are talking of grandeur. It is human and material. Grandeur is also divine and spiritual. Hence its joy too is limitless. Bhuvaneshwari is the conscious bliss of the entire cosmos. When this stream of Gayatri blesses any one, he feels as though he is the lord of the grandeur of the world. Spiritual grandeur is infinitely higher than material grandeur. Hence even a person who is said to be rich and affluent in the material world can never enjoy the nectarine bliss of a person who has attained divine cosmic grandeur. This spiritual bliss is the one enjoyed by Lord Bhuvaneshwara.


In the Lord’s vision this experience is full of self glory. A person of this stature is said to be divine. He attains the Brahmi state. Thus his widespreadness and strength is of the level of Almighty God. He can control all objects that lie scattered in the world. He can control cosmic movements. With his mental resolve (Sankalpa) he can attain joy from objects and circumstances.


In the mental state of Bhuvaneshwara, one’s cosmic consciousness takes up the responsibility of the entire world. They use their body and mind for world welfare. Those who look upon the entire world as one family will always work for its well being. When one thinks for one’s family’s welfare, one will not give undue importance to one’s bodily needs. For them all beings/creatures are their own kith and kin. Each moment is spent for the welfare of the world. One will do anything to stave off downfall of world humanity. All material comforts owned by such an individual are used in serving other beings of the world.


In order to attain wealth, material effort is most required. It is also required for attaining spiritual grandeur. Spiritual practices have to be executed to attain cosmic grandeur. Gayatri spiritual practices, which help one attain spiritual grandeur is called Bhuvaneshwari.




One of the most important materials to sustain life is food. Food is most required to nourish one’s body. Food includes grains and other eatables. Every energy of Gayatri is Annapurna. Its influence results in attainment of required materials. Married women are generally called Annapurna. With her farsighted, economic management of her household she never allows any hardship to enter it. Thus there is no reason for her family to be ridiculed or experience pain. A married woman full of sacred qualities is called Annapurna. Wherever she dwells, no poverty exists. It is a situation full of contentment.


Annapurna is that conscious energy of Gayatri which helps a spiritual seeker fulfill all his requirements. He never lacks anything and thus is not agitated. It is an illusion that mental peace and contentment are achieved via material joys and comforts. The more one adds fuel to fire, the more it intensifies. Peace comes from water. Water means contentment. Those who live economically, who do not hoard material comforts just to show off to others and instead imbibe sacred ideals in life, lead a life of self-fulfillment. Their inner being is like a vault of jewels of spiritual grandeur. Of course all their material needs too are fulfilled.


Such a person never flaunts his material and spiritual wealth. He uses-up all his energy to live a life of ideals in word, deed and thought. He yearns to imbibe a character full of greatness. He hence stays away from all temptations that lead to his downfall. He instead works for world welfare. Every endeavour to make the garden of Almighty Lord (this world) more beautiful never looks at success or lack of it and instead gives a lot of self-contentment. Annapurna dwells in this type of faith. It gives satiation and heavenly bliss to a spiritual seeker.


Gayatri worship looks after the financial needs of a spiritual seeker and he never lacks finances, food, shelter etc. He never burns in the fire of discontent and never harbours avarice. It is not as though the gods in heaven shower food grains, money etc. on him. Instead he works very hard and the result is attainment of material means. A poor man is generally indolent. As against this one who does not shy away from hard work meant for creative goals, never lacks finances, shelter etc. This is called Annapurna endeavour. It becomes the very nature of Gayatri worshipers.


Annapurna endeavour also means economical living. It means using material means not only for oneself and one’s family, but also using them for world welfare. These sacred activities wards off material and spiritual poverty. Even Kubera (God of Wealth) will become poor if he does not use wealth for cosmic  well being. A person misuses wealth for fashion, bad habits, addictions, over eating, merriment, vain show, flaunting wealth etc. In such cases one may possess a lot of material wealth, yet it will lead to our downfall. If his financial condition is poor, he will resort to illegal activities so as to satisfy his wayward senses. Thus misuse of wealth always leads to discontentment. True prosperity means leading a balanced life. This balance has its basis in sacred thinking and not material wealth. Sacred thinking helps one work for the good of all beings and it also induces us to work economically without misusing material means, wealth etc. Thus one should understand the importance of economical living without being stingy. Such men of discipline advance on the path of materialism and spirituality. Even if they have limited material means, they will somehow use it aptly not only for themselves but also for world beings. Such a person is respected even by those who are called wealthy men of society. Such a state is called Annapurna.


Producing material means and using the same appropriately are 2 different things. Prosperity augments only if both these aspects work in tandem. Generally prosperity is correlated to possession of material wealth. This thinking is indeed an illusion. Men of vile intellect misuse wealth and thus he himself, his family and society at large face hardships. It is not important just to amass material wealth, comforts etc. Instead one should have a sacred intellect that ethically generates wealth and utilizes the same for world welfare. Even if the material means available are limited, one’s developed intellect will make ample use of them.





Maya means illusion. Mahamaya is devoid of illusion. Illusion pertaining to material objects and Mahamaya is correlated to wisdom. Human prowess is limited and hence he does not have an all round vision of life. His limited vision visualizes a limited world and thus he deludedly thinks it to be the be all and end all of life. It is like a frog in the well who is oblivious of the gigantic world outside the well. If only the frog comes out of the well, will it realize that his previous belief of the world was with intense limitations and that the world indeed is infinite.



A living being /creature of the world is bound by Maya (illusion) and hence is narrow minded. His desires, thinking and actions are ensnared by the net of Maya and hence they all are of a very low nature. He thus loses the wealth of life like a deer running after musk or like a traveler in a desert running after mirages.  A spiritual seeker always endevaours to come out of this snare of Maya. Self-realization helps one succeed both materially and spiritually. It is also called Mahamaya. Maya is a source of bondage and pain whereas seeking shelter of Mahamaya means attaining supreme peace. Mahamaya lays down the path of greatness and gives us the necessary soul force to walk on it.


When the individual soul thinks it is the body only, it gets ensnared by illusion or Maya. As a result of this illusionary ego, man drowns in the dark ocean of lowly desires and thus lives the life of a beast. Ultimately he leaves this world empty handed and takes a mind that overflows with sins. Thus birth after birth he enters the womb of 84 lakh species. When after this futile journey he takes birth as a human being, he again errs and creates his downfall. It is Maya that forces us to face pain and hardships. It is only Mahamaya who can ward off Maya and hence a life of hardships.


Gayatri is called Mahamaya. On worshipping Her, grace enters the psyche of the devotee. Thus Maya or illusion is overcome. This indeed is divine vision. It is called the opening of the eyes of divine wisdom. The net of Maya falls off just as autumn leaves from trees. Such a state unfolds all mysteries of life. Self awakening helps one see things and think anew. When we wake up from a dream, the waking state is so different. When Mahamaya blesses us, we wake up from the dream woven by Maya. She changes our thoughts, words and deeds in such a way that we start living a heavenly life on earth. All bondage to the material world and hence pain is cut asunder.  Mahamaya is our Divine Mother who brings us closer to Almighty God, our Father. Her grace helps us become divine. Thus when Gayatri is worshipped as Mahamaya, our lives are glorified both materially and spiritually.





Payaswini is our revered cow. In heaven this cow is called Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling). In order to succeed in Gayatri worship one’s divine principle should augment. There is a lot of similarity as far as divinity and a cow’s close proximity is concerned. Panchamrit and Pancha Gavya are akin to nectar. Cow dung and urine can ward off many diseases. Indian farmers can never till land without the help of cows. Cow’s milk is said to be the most nourishing amongst all food items. A cow is extremely sacred. In the olden days when people understood the importance of Payaswini (cow), rivers of milk, clarified butter etc. flowed in India. This helped man live a divine life from the bodily and mental standpoint.


Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) manifests in the psyche of a Gayatri devotee. Its energy gets transformed into sacred sentiments. As a result such a devotee never faces hardships and discontent. As soon as one desire is satiated, another crops up. Man’s desires are so infinite in number that even if all the wealth of the world is put at his disposal, it cannot satiate his desires. As against this if one harbors desires for world welfare, one’s inner zeal and zest overflows. This sort of thinking is compared to a Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) and is also called Kamadhenu.



Kamadhenu is an endeavour that is inspired by Mother Gayatri. It manifests as sacred aspirations which gives joy to a spiritual seeker just as a mother gives joy to its baby. It is called soul bliss or divine bliss. The goal of life is to attain the supreme satiation of self fulfillment. Gayatri’s high leveled blessing is of this variety. This grace of self fulfillment is attainment of Kamadhenu. A Gayatri devotee tastes the nectar of this divine benediction and thus succeeds in his spiritual practices.


Gayatri encompasses the 5 G’s viz. Gayatri, Ganga, Gai (Cow), Geeta and Govinda. Gayatri and Ganga were born on the same day. Serving cows is equivalent to a 3-fold confluence of rivers. Contact with cows in any fashion gives success in Gayatri Meditation.


Gayatri is called Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). Kamadhenu and Payaswini are synonymous. In our scriptures Kamadhenu is said to be similar to a Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree). Desires are so infinite in number that even Almighty God can never satisfy them. After a desire is fulfilled all that is achieved is called imagination.


Demi-gods are said to be devoid of desires. Aptakam is one who no longer harbours any desires. Purna means satiated and such aspirations are of a high stature. It is called good will. No problem is faced when one’s thinking is great based on sacred ideals. Good will can always be executed under all circumstances. A desireless person attains contentment, satiation and peace. The wish fulfilling tree called Kalpavriksha is in heaven. Demi-gods are desireless. The Kalpavriksha fulfills all our desires. All this means that divinity manifests in a psyche that harbours no desires. Demi-gods never face agitations due to discontent. A mind full of greed and avarice should be converted into good will for the entire world. The special quality of Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha is that both fulfil our desires immediately. Gayatri too is a Kamdhenu and a Kalpavriksha. Those who drink its milk or sit under its cooling shade attain everything. When one’s desires are purified and one’s avarice is destroyed, man becomes supremely contented and peaceful. This is the result of Kamadhenu’s grace. There is a story that Guru Vashishtha had a cow called Nandini who was Kamadhenu’s daughter. He had fed king Vishwamitra and faced a war like situation. Seeing the miraculous activities of Nandini, Vishwamitra gave up his royal throne and set off in the jungles so as to perform penance. This Nandini and Kamadhenu are nothing but Gayatri.


Demi gods who drink Kamadhenu’s milk are said to be immortal. Ajar means devoid of old age. It is not possible for an old man to enjoy the pleasures of youth. This world is designed in such a way that one has to go through the vicious cycle of birth and death. After youth one has to face old age. When we talked about the good health and beauty attained by drinking Kamadhenu’s milk, it is not bodily and instead pertains to the mind and soul. When Kamadhenu blesses a Gayatri devotee, he always remain youthful at the mental level. He never lacks in zeal and zest. His mind is never distorted. His eyes always shine brightly, his face radiates a divine aura and his lips always smile. It is eternal youth and is also immortal in nature. This is a result of the blessing of Gayatri and Kamadhenu. A person who drinks Kamadhenu’s milk becomes immortal. A Gayatri devotee too becomes immortal. When we take up a human body, it will one day perish as per natural laws. If the ego perishes, one experiences the immortal nature of the soul. Hence a realized saint never fears death. His sacred actions are so full of sacred ideals that everyone follows in his footsteps. Thus such a saint attains eternal glory. Gayatri is therefore called Payaswini (cow) and Kamadhenu of earth.





Gayatri spiritual practices of the Dakshin Path is called Tripada or 3 –legged. The Vaam Path is called Tripura. Tripada encompasses Satyam , Shivam, Sundaram, Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Heaven, Salvation and Divine Power. Tripura includes production, propagation, transformation, wealth, strength, skill, daring, zest, and enterprise. Tripada inspires soul based tasks and Tripura, material tasks. Yoga pertains to Tripada and Tantra pertains to Tripura.


Texts dealing with spiritual practices call Tripura Super Power as Tripura Sundari, Tripura Bhairavi etc. Many stories are related to it. More details have been given in Devi Bhagwat and Markendeya Purana. Its influence and application have been described in other books. The divine sports of Tripura Bhairavi include overcoming of hardships. Tripura Sundari gives success, good fortune and she is said to be a multifaceted beauty. Bhairavi removes all fear and Sundari blesses us with both spiritual and material joy.


There are many discourses that describe Tripura destroying demons like Mahishasur, MadhuKaitabh, Shumbh, Nishumbh, Vritrasura etc. Actually demons symbolize ignorance, lack, lethargy, indolence, downfall, defeat etc. Tripura’s 3-pronged weapon includes daring, zest and enterprise.  The Tantra sect calls this 3 fold energy as Durga, Kali and Kundalini. They are also called Chandi, MahaShakti etc. In the form of Kaal Ratri, Maha Ratri and Moha Ratri they are worshipped with special rituals during Holi, Deepavali, and Mahashivratri. Tripada practices like Kriya Yog, Japa Yog, Havan Yog, and Tripura practices like Prana Yog, Hath Yog and Tantra Yog are executed.  One is called Yogic practices and the other is called the presiding deity of austerities.


Tripada is Para (soul) and Tripura is Apara (material). A spiritual endevaour that includes both i.e. the inclusion of both vital force and body can help us live an apt life. In Brahmavarchas spiritual practices both complement one another. Its union is said to be the basis of radiance, brilliance, Ridhi, Sidhi, wisdom and grandeur. They are divine streams of Gayatri Super Power.  Via spiritual practices we can imbibe it in our character.





Gayatri Super Mantra is one but like an atom it has many units. Each unit has a different form and potential. Despite this fundamentally it is related to only one energy centre and gains nourishment from it. The heart is one but blood vessels are innumerable for blood circulation in the entire body. Each vein has its own form, area of activity and function. Despite this they are all related to only one centre i.e. the heart. Gayatri is like the human heart and its 24 energy streams are like veins. Gayatri Mantra is the Himalayan Mountain and Gayatri’s energy streams are like various rivers. There is only one Cosmic Power that controls the cosmos. In the area of the Great Nature, many material and conscious forces are at work. Heat, motion, gravitation, intellect, electricity are many energy streams of Cosmic Nature and each function in their appointed areas. There are many streams in life-force like sentiments, aspirations, habits etc. Despite all this, these streams have their origin in one centre only which is like a head quarter. As per the Centre’s directions they function aptly. Adi Shakti Gayatri should also be looked upon as the source of inspiration and manifestation of the infinite streams belonging to cosmic consciousness. All demi-gods/goddesses carry out their functions under Gayatri’s jurisdiction.


All modes of Gayatri worship fall basically within 3 categories. 1) Nitya Karma – daily activities 2) Vishishtha Upchar /Purascharanas – special rituals 3) Tapa Sadhana – high leveled austerities. For unveiling of the 5 sheaths (Panchakosha) and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) awakening 2 methods are used viz; Dakshin Marg or Yoga and Vaam Marg or Tantra.


For special requirements special practices pertaining to Gayatri’s 24 streams is executed. Each stream has special / individual methods. Their Seed Mantras too vary. Apart from Vyahvaritis in the Gayatri Mantra, one has to add the Seed Mantra before chanting “Tat Savitur Varenyam”. Images /idols predominate in Dakshin spiritual practices. Their form, vehicle and weapons differ. In Tantra Science images are replaced by Yantras. Yantras are photographic designs. The 3 corners of a triangle are its 3 centres. It is like Tripada Gayatri having 3 forms viz; Brahmi, Vaishnavi and Brahmi. Its ritual method and time of performing spiritual practice is different. In the same way the ritual (Puja) method of each letter of Gayatri is different.


There is no one single method of ritual. The methods differ for every spiritual seeker on the basis of his nature, psychic imprints (Sanskars) and level of character. For one energy stream, various methods have been designed for various individuals, based on their psychic state and requirements. Since the mental state of each individual is different, they are given different methods of worship.


If we start discussing all the methods (ritualistic) designed for every individual who has a unique mental state, it will take up more pages. Hence it is not possible to go into its detail. A lot of time is taken up in diagnosing a disease and making an appropriate medicine. As per the illness of a patient, one designs a cure and changes are made accordingly. In the same way a Guru (preceptor) is required to advise spiritual seekers as to which Gayatri stream (totally 24) should be worshipped at what time, where, in what manner etc. It is very dangerous to worship any of the Gayatri Energy stream merely by reading books. Hence either approach a Guru or contact the following:-


Brahmavarchas Research Centre


Haridwar (Uttaranchal)



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