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The trend of 5-faced photographs and images of Gayatri is seen, so that those who take recourse to the spiritual practice of this MahaMantra, ask a pertinent question as to what we should do in future? Mantra chanting, meditation, eulogies to God, reading religious texts, sacrificial fire rites etc. are preliminary practices. As a result of this, the preliminary goal of purification of the body and concentration of the mind is achieved.  Yet there are more milestones to be reached.  For its attainment spiritual seekers should look out for necessary information and then imbibe alertness, steadfastness and capability, to walk on that path.  If a spiritual seeker remembers all this always, then know for sure that the aim behind creating photos/images of a 5-faced Gayatri has been duly achieved.


In reality Gayatri is the worldwide Super Power of the Almighty Lord. It has no particular form.  If one desires to have a glimpse of God’s form, it can be in the form of light only. Wisdom is compared to light. The god of Gayatri is Savita. Savita means the sun – a gigantic ball of brilliant light. When Gayatri Super Power manifests in a spiritual seeker, he gets a glimpse of a pinpoint of light, when he meditates.  A spiritual seeker sees a small/ big ball of light either in his heart, head, navel or eyes.  Sometimes it augments and at other times it diminishes.  Many types of shapes, colours of light rays are seen in it. In the beginning stages it keeps oscillating, sometimes it is visible and at other times it disappears.  But slowly a state comes when all the different shapes, movement and colours are warded off and only a point of light remains.  In the initial stages, this light is of a small shape and with lesser radiance but when one’s soul state advances, this point of light starts enlarging, becomes more dazzling and manifests a lot of bliss.  Just as a lotus blooms forth when the early morning sunlight caresses its bud, so too when our inner soul is touched by this divine light, it experiences bliss of Brahman, absolute bliss and bliss of one’s very existence and consciousness. Just as the Indian red-legged partridge (bird) keeps gazing at the moon for the whole night, in the same way a spiritual seeker yearns to experience untold bliss by gazing at this inner light.  Sometimes one desires that just as a moth lays down his life for the flame lamp i.e. it gives up its ordinary existence for the glorious flame, so too I must merge my lowly individual ego into this cosmic light of God.


This is a minor glimpse of meditation on the formless Brahman (God). From the standpoint of experience, a spiritual seeker feels he is experiencing Brahman and spiritual wisdom.  The gift of wisdom i.e. imbibing great idealistic activities in our daily lives should awaken within us, inspirations and yearnings. Not only awakening but that it is taking the form of a firm resolve, inner state and as truth.  This is the symbol of experience of divine light. Because when the ignorance of power of illusion (Maya) and selfishness is overcome, man starts thinking with a generous viewpoint and imbibes acts of great men. Such a person never hesitates to step daringly on the path of spirituality, unlike people full of avarice, selfishness, delusion and narrow worldly attachments.  In order to execute appropriate acts, he marches ahead speedily on the path of spiritual well-being with great valour and enterprise.


So far we have dealt with the nature of high statured wisdom and meditation on the divine power in the form of ‘Gayatri’.  In the preliminary stages, it is not possible to get such high statured experiences. One must first imbibe preliminary, spiritual practices like Mantra chanting, worship, meditation, eulogies, fire sacrifices etc.  At such times it is a must that one takes help of photographs and images.  Meditation in the preliminary stages is possible only via name and form. The stage of formless meditation is very much higher up on the scale.  Even in that state there is no need to give up image worship and instead by including it in one’s daily chores, one controls one’s accumulated psychic imprints. When a huge building is constructed, its foundation is in the form of pebbles and stones. Once a firm foundation is laid down, one can build a building of various hues and designs. Later one fails to notice the pebbles / stones in the foundation, yet there is no need to renounce or mock at them. One should realize that the basis and firm foundation of that gigantic building are these pebbles, stones etc.  The spiritual progress of meditation with form too can be called a foundation stone.  In the preliminary stages its requirement is a must.  Thus the commencement of spirituality right from ancient times has taken place with the help of image worship and steadily it marches ahead.  It is with reference to this that the shape of Gayatri Super Power has been moulded.  Just like other images of God, its image too right from ancient times has been used in mediation and worship of God.


Ordinarily only the image of a human face with one face and 2 arms are apt.  This is the best from for meditation and worship. Gayatri too should have those kinds of hands and legs just like a spiritual seeker’s beloved mother has.  Hence in meditation and worship, one uses the image of Gayatri Mother having 2 arms and one face seated on a white swan and having a book and water pot in her hands.  But in some regions one sees images with 5 faces. Maybe its meditation and worship is not apt, yet it has one important message and direction in it.  We must see that minutely.


The five faces of Gayatri are the 5 sheaths covering a Jeeva (living being).  They are the 5 manifestations and the ten arms of the 10 Sidhis(divine powers) and experiences.  Five arms are on the left hand side and the other 5 are on the right hand side. It points out to the 5 material and 5 spiritual powers and Sidhis that are conjoined to Gayatri Super Power. Whenever this Super Power manifests, there one will definitely see the 10 experiences, special qualities and wealth. The meaning of executing spiritual practices is not merely sitting in one particular spot daily so as to perform some scientific rite.  In fact it means that by making our entire life a form of spiritual endeavour one should raise the stature of one’s qualities, actions and nature so high, that one sees those divine glories in them, which are found in a symbolic form in the image of the 5-faced Gayatri.  The aim of spiritual practices is to generate divine energy.  When 10 energies and 10 Sidhis are attained, know for sure that some spiritual seeker is successfully marching ahead on the path of high leveled spiritual practices.


The 5 faces of Gayatri tell us that the 5 demi gods of a living being’s very existence are conjoined to it, so as to fulfill its goal.  Because they are under the influence of sleep, they look dead and hence are of no use.  As a result a living being exists like a weakling.  But if these powerful aides are activated, if their power is aptly utilized, then man instead of leading an ordinary run-of-the-mill life, actually attains extraordinary material and spiritual heights. Man will get a golden chance of renouncing his demeaned state and in its place, lead a life of exalted glory.  The 5 elements of the body have been depicted as the 5 demi-gods as follows –


The Lord of space is Vishnu.  The goddess of fire is Maheshwari power.  The Lord of wind is Sun.  The Lord of earth is Shiva and the Lord of water is Ganapati Ganesh.  In this manner the 5 gods of our body are the Lords (existence) of the 5 elements (KAPILTANTRA).  The 5 Pranas (vital force) too are called 5 demi-gods.


All living beings have 5 demi-gods.  Because they are imbibed with vital force, they are Shiva.  This group manifests Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).  Its shape is like that of dazzling lightning. (TANTRARNAV)


Kundalini is awakened when the 5 sheaths of our body are activated. When the Kundalini is activated the 5 sheaths of the body of a spiritual seeker radiates brilliance (MAHAYOG-VIGNAN)


The human body is made up of 5 elements.  Its Sattva Guna is seen as the 5 radiations of consciousness. (1) Mind (2) Intellect (3) Will (4) Mind stuff or psyche (5) Ego.


From the Rajas principle of the 5 elements arise, the 5 Pranas or Vital Forces.  On this basis the 5 sense organs carry out the functions of the 5 sense objects.


From the Tamas principle of the 5 elements is created the gross/physical body.  They form 1) Juice 2) Blood 3) Flesh 4) Bones 5) Marrow. The 5 special organs viz. brain, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and the 5 sense organs of action are a creation of this area.


The 5 demi-gods given to us, in order to help the living body, are also called the 5 sheaths.  Superficially the body looks single yet its power augments more and more.  Despite being invisible, it is so powerful that if it is activated, man can become great from lowly and also the cosmic soul (God) from his present status of an individual soul.  These 5 coverings of a living being are called the 5 sheaths 1) Food Sheath 2) Vital Force Sheath 3) Mental Sheath 4) Intellectual Sheath 5) Bliss Sheath.


Taitariya Unpanishad proclaims that the Vital Force Sheath is in the Food Sheath, the Mental Sheath is in the Vital Force Sheath, the Intellectual Sheath is in the Mental Sheath and that the Bliss Sheath is in the Intellectual Sheath.  Over here there is some parity and at some places there are differences.  Its discussion is as follows –


Man is full of food and juice.  This is its head. This is its southern aspect.  This is its northern aspect.  It is the soul. The hind tail is situated on the Merudand (subtle spine).


-         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 1/ 1)


The soul which is within the Food Sheath made up of food, juice etc. is yet separate from it and is the vital force.  It is omnipotent.  It is of the same shape.  Its activities too are similar.  The vital force of the Vital Force Sheath is the head.  Its Vyan vital force is the Southern aspect and the Apan vital force is the northern aspect.  Space is its soul.  Its status in earth is tail-like.


-         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 2/ 1)


Separate from the Vital Force Sheath is the Mental Sheath. The Vital Force Sheath overflows with the Mental Sheath.  It is very similar to it. The Vital Force Sheath is very similar to the Mental Sheath. Yaju is its head.  Rig is the southern aspect and Sam is its northern aspect.  Its soul is command.


-         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 3/ 1)


Why are the Vedas correlated to the Mental Sheath? This answer is given in the Shankar Bhashya (commentary) in SankalpaManthan and the sentiments are depicted in the form of Yaju, Rig, Sam Vedas.


Different from the Mental Sheath is the Intellectual Sheath. The Mental Sheath is covered by the Intellectual Sheath. This is the Intellectual Sheath and is similar to Purusha.  It is like the Mental Sheath.  Faith is its head.  Relative truth is its southern aspect and divine truth its northern aspect. Yoga is its soul. Its hind status is in importance.


-         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/ 4/ 1)


The Bliss Sheath despite dwelling within the Intellectual Sheath is separate from it.  The Intellectual Sheath overflows with Bliss Sheath. This too is similar to Purusha (God).  It is like the Intellectual Sheath.  Beloved is its head.  Inner bliss is its southern aspect and external joy is its northern aspect. Bliss is its soul. Its hind status is in Brahman.


-         TAITARIYA UPANISHAD ( 2/5/ 1)


In the PANCHDASHI religious text the verses 3,5,6,7,8 of chapter three, depict the 5 sheaths as follows :


The body of a creation of the father’s sperm, which in turn is made from the food that he partakes, is situated in the Food Sheath. Because the body undergoes birth and death, it cannot be the soul.  The conscious soul is different from it.


-         PANCHDASHI (3/3)


The Vital Force Sheath which is an inspirer of the senses which give power, abound within the body.  But this too being unconscious like the body, cannot be the soul.  It is separate.


-         PANCHDASHI 3/5


What exactly are the 5 sheaths?  The Upanishads while describing them say –


The group of sheaths created by food; this visible body is called the Food Sheath.  The group of 14 elements along with the vital force (Prana) is called the Vital Force Sheath.  The group of sense organs and mind, embedded in these 2 sheaths, is called the Mental Sheath.  The Intellectual Sheath plays the roles of discrimination (Viveka) and intellect.  The natural form and place of the soul, present within these bodies is called the Bliss Sheath.


In this manner human consciousness has been partitioned in 5 ways. This partitioning is called 5 sheaths. The Food Sheath means sense organ consciousness.  The Vital Force Sheath means our very life force. The Mental Sheath means thought process. The Intellectual Sheath means the unconscious center and flow of sentiments. The Bliss Sheath means soul wisdom and activation of the soul.


The state of living beings evolves on the basis of these conscious layers.


The high statured spiritual practice of Gayatri is carried out so as to unveil the 5 sheaths and activate them. In order to point at this high statured spiritual practice, the symbolic form of the 5-faced Gayatri is depicted. This depiction points at the activation of this chief potential of the 5 sheaths of the subtle body and thus attains supreme benefits of this great science.


Via these sheaths one can attain that divine potential which can decorate our personality with wealth and glory. The conscious arena can be made as wealthy as the Lord of Wealth called Kubera. Sheath means a veil or a covering. When these veils are removed one after another, you ultimately come face to face with the absolute truth / reality.  Those obstructions in the form of mental taints are removed due to activation / unveiling of the 5 sheaths which are the root cause of the living being failing to attain those powers given by the Lord and as a result of which, he leads a demeaned life.


The partitioning of the 5 sheaths has been presented in the categorization of the three bodies.  These 3 are the gross, subtle and casual bodies.  It is called Tripada Gayatri (3-legged). The gross body is made up of the food and Vital Force Sheath.  The 5 elements and 5 Vital Forces ( Pranas) are embedded in it.  The subtle body is made up of the mental and Intellectual Sheath. These 2 can be called conscious intellect and unconscious mind.  The casual body is made up of the Bliss Sheath. Certain scholars differ on this subject, yet the reality is this only.




Food Sheath means sense organ based consciousness, Vital Force Sheath means life force, Mental Sheath means thought center. Intellectual Sheath means flow of emotions and Bliss Sheath means getting centred in the nature of soul wisdom.  All these are the 5 levels of consciousness. Living beings of a lower stature revel in a lower state. The consciousness of butterflies etc. limit their thought flow to inspiration of their sense organs. They remain alive with the aid of the life force of their body.  Their will power has no role in their birth and death.  Man’s urge to lead a long life, allows the body to remain alive, despite the body being weak.  But living beings of lower stature give up their very lives even if they come under the influence of weather changes like heat, cold etc.  They never yearn to ward off the obstacles that take up their very lives.  But it cannot be said that only the lower statured creatures who remain alive only for the sake of eating and procreation, are evolved at the level of the Food Sheath only.  Within the human species many are of this stature.  They look upon themselves as that blade of grass that flies here and there due to the pressure of external circumstances.  Their inner consciousness fails miserably to give them a sacred direction or inspiration. They execute various actions as per the instigation of their sense organs.  When they are hungry, they earn money to buy food.  When they are sexually excited, they carry out sexual intercourse.  For them joy means eating tasty meals, sense organ enjoyment and they try and abstain from hard work.  They are not bothered as to what others call them.


The potential of the Vital Force Sheath manifests as life force.  The urge for remaining alive can be seen as a firm will power. Only a thinking, radiant and brilliant character can manifest success in various walks of life.  Bang opposite to this, because of the taints of poverty, fear, doubt, hopelessness, despair, fury etc., an individual is ignored, demeaned and mocked at. Wherever there is lack of steadfastness in actions, that is inseparably conjoined to enthusiasm, there apart from a downfall nothing else can be noted. 


Valiant enterprise can be seen as hard work, steadfastness, alertness, sense of oneness and untold enthusiasm. Weak-minded people full of fear, can never achieve great goals.  Whatever they do remains unfulfilled and thus is of no importance.  Just as without petrol, a car just stutters, so too a man with weak life force may be seen to commence some task, yet it always remains unfulfilled.


Right from a dacoit to a realized saint, right from social workers to political leaders, every one needs a lot of life force to succeed in their varied tasks.  It can be described as rare enthusiasm, firm steadfastness and enough valour to even give up their very lives.  The Vital Force Sheath is a storehouse of this force.  Because a beast like the lion and a bird like the eagle are violent, they lag much behind when compared with human glory, yet they overflow with vital force.  It is due to valour, daring and hard work that they lead their class.  From the standpoint of bodily might, other creatures are more powerful in comparison.


Mental Sheath means the power of thought and discrimination (right / wrong).  The more this element abounds in a person, the more powerful this person is from the standpoint of will-power and thinking capacity.  Every creature has a mind.  Even butterflies etc. possess it.  Yet those who describe the Mental Sheath say that it is full of farsightedness, logic, radiance and discrimination (Vivek).  The state of one’s mind is like wind and hence by not limiting itself to any particular direction, it moves hither-thither in a wayward manner. Like a bird it flies in any direction. A true thinker is one who gives an apt direction to his thought flow, and after obstructing the mind from walking on the path of lowliness, it is encouraged to strive for sacred goals.  This is called mastery or victory over one’s mind.  No doubt it is very difficult to discipline a wild elephant, yet it is a very useful endeavour.  Wild elephants eat up grains in a farmer’s field and uproot houses too and being full of hunger / thirst, they stray waywardly in all directions.  But when it is tamed in a disciplined manner, its life too becomes disciplined and it now starts working for the well-being of its master. A controlled mind is akin to a tamed elephant and a wayward / uncontrolled mind is like a wild elephant.


In ordinary parlance the Intellectual Sheath can be called a flow of sentiments. It is related to the psyche that lies in the deep recesses of our consciousness.  Emotional energy is deeper than thought energy and its potential and inspiration too is more potent. Man is not only a thinker but that he is also sentimental. It is these sentiments that create high levelled aspirations and due to this inspiration, man becomes agitated.  On the other hand thought flow can only create a bit of movement in the brain.  The demi-gods and demons have been categorized on the basis of the rise/fall of this emotional conscious center. Individuals full of demonic tendencies are immersed neck deep in vile aspirations like insulting others, arrogance, terrorism and hard heartedness. They take pride in bossing over others and executing terror-like activities.  If such people lack daring, by becoming indolent, vain, criminals and wily, they try to prove themselves greater than others. Demonic tendencies can be described as individual unruliness conjoined to avarice, delusion and demonic ego.


When one purifies one’s Intellectual Sheath, one becomes more compassionate, generous, gentlemanly, beloved of all, self-controlled and pious. Such people are known to place themselves in other people’s shoes who are facing great hardships in life. They find it impossible to enjoy their attainments selfishly. It is in their very nature to share all that they have attained, both materially and spiritually.  Because they have imbibed the thinking of “live and let live” they are gladly forced to make others as successful (both materially and spiritually) as they themselves are.  He uses as less possible qualities like hard work, time, thinking, influence and wealth for himself so that the rest of it can be utilized to help others in society.  By mastering desires and other urges, he lives a life of simple living and high thinking so that he can help in warding off hardships and downfall of others in the world.  This sort of a pious attitude is definitely the result of purification of the Intellectual Sheath of a particular individual. What is the level of the Intellectual Sheath of a particular individual?  To understand this certain tests have to be undergone.


One can gauge how much one’s Bliss Sheath has matured from the fact as to whether that person is always agitated, furious, discontented etc. or whether he is always smiling, light hearted and contented in life. The gross belief in life is that man is joyful or sad due to contact with objects / individuals or circumstances, but if we think deeply this belief is false. Each subject can be thought of with different viewpoints.  What is the level of thinking that one imbibes?  This is the very cause of man’s joy or sorrow.


When one experiences the true nature of one’s very existence (self) and that of the world, then there is bliss everywhere.  Sorrow is the result of forgetting one’s own true nature and spiritual ignorance makes us believe this material world to be the absolute reality.  This very spiritual ignorance binds us painfully to the world and is called Maya (power of illusion) too. Creatures endure various tribulations due to the fire of this hell of materialism. In the radiant garden called Existence-Consciousness – Bliss (i.e. God), there is not a drop of pain in it.  We are sad today because of lack of divine vision. When we see the distorted form of an individual and his external circumstances, we experience fear and pain. But if our viewpoint is purified, very shortly we can ward off the illusion of our mind which is a creation of deluded vision.  Thus can we attain an eternal state of soul bliss and absolute satiation.


A person who has deeply experienced this spiritual philosophy, laughs roaringly when he sees the stage show of this divine magician (God) and like a silent witness, watches magical acts like tearing of the stomach or a rain of crores of rupees.  Man’s duty is to perform actions. In order that his duty is not tainted, he like a responsible and action bound person, carries out all tasks with skill, absorption and artistic talent. Thus with his high statured thinking, ideals and sense of duty, he always remains blissfully contented. In order to remain blissful they do not require help from external sense objects, individuals or circumstances. No event or external change has the power to obstruct his inner blissful state. Under all circumstances, whether conducive or otherwise, he always smiles and remains light-hearted. Like an actor in a drama, he merely plays his role to perfection.  And yet like a boat in a river and a lotus in mire, he has no difficulty in maintaining inner independence.


The emotional foundation of the 5 sheaths is this. Only when these tests are passed can one find out the inner state of a person. One can thus know how advanced / demeaned a person is as far as his inner soul state is concerned and that whether he has spiritually evolved or not.


While carrying out spiritual practices pertaining to the 5 sheaths, one takes help of Mantra chanting, austerities, meditation, Pranayam, Bandha, Mudra etc. On the basis of 84 Yogas like Rajyog, Hathayog, Layayog, Pranayog, Rijuyog, Jnanyog, Bhaktiyog, Karmayog, Tattvayog etc. one carries out varied spiritual practices. A spiritual seeker imbibes them on the basis of his inner credentials and traditions. Amongst all these spiritual practices, is an admixture of Yoga of Divine Wisdom and Yoga of Action called Tattvayog, in which via the medium of scriptural studies, association with great saints and deep spiritual reflection, one purifies one’s soul. Thus the ideal of steadfastness in actions is imbibed fully and thus one easily marches ahead so as to attain one’s true goal.








Within Indian Philosophy, for all-round evolution of human life a lot of emphasis is laid down on the advancement and purification of the Food Sheath. Whether it is material progress or attainment of spiritual wealth, for both it is most required and is of great utility value. In Yogic spiritual exercises, it is the spiritual practices pertaining to the Food Sheath that has been given a prime spot and we find descriptions of many benefits and spiritual powers (Sidhis) related to it.  With its help a Yogi remains healthy and masters his bodily center.  Attainments like keeping the body warm/ cold as per one’s will, not being influenced at all by seasonal changes, attaining natural sources of energy directly so that one keeps one’s body alive without depending on food intake, long life, signs of old age not seen in one’s body etc. are dependent on spiritual practices pertaining to the Food Sheath.


All these benefits are very useful in advancing on the path of spiritual practices too and it is beneficial also in our day to day worldly life.  All these benefits look very attractive. Yet on the path of Yoga, these are very preliminary steps. This is most required because the body should at no point refuse to comply when one carries out Yogic spiritual practices. Only if the Food Sheath is nourished and purified aptly, can a person in the midst of rise /fall in his life, balance his bodily journey so that ultimately he can march ahead pauselessly to reach the spiritual goal.


There is one more subtle aspect for which the Food Sheath has to be nurtured.  On the path of soul progress, a great deal of divine sensations are generated on the body.  A vile natured Food Sheath creates obstacles and this cannot cooperate in an appropriate manner. A lot of divine potential is released. Thus there is a dire need of balancing one’s psyche by calmly enduring its vibrations. All of this is possible only if the Food Sheath is purified and evolved.


In order to avail the benefits of all these attainments and potentials, a spiritual seeker must have a clear understanding of the nature and ordinary qualities of the Food Sheath.  In relation to all the 5 sheaths, it is required that one clearly understands the role and importance of the Food Sheath.


Our existence is a combination of gross / subtle elements of varied statures. Within it, every unit has its own importance. When one points out the importance of one unit, it does not mean that the other units are of lesser importance because on the one hand, they supplement one another and on the other, none of them can take any monopoly.  For example when a building is constructed, a mortar is made use of and in it one mixes cement, sand, water, colours etc. Even if one of the ingredients is increased or decreased, the mortar will be of no use. Its firmness, beauty, strength etc. is apt when the ingredients are mixed in apt quantities. This precept also applies to our very existence. Every unit, and sheath of our existence has its own importance.  Hence it is most required that we give due attention to its high stature and balance.


A greater part of the creation of human beings is related to gross objects i.e. the 5 elements.  For the nourishment and advancement of their existence, there is a need of gross materials. This part of the bodily center is called Food Sheath. It is made up of infinite gross units. They are called cells. It is quite clear that those qualities prevalent in cells will manifest in the bodily center too since these cells unite to form the human body. Without causing changes in these cells, it is not possible to transform the human body- as per our wishes. In order to mould the Food Sheath as per requirements, one needs to pay attention to the root units.


For example take a cloth. Of what type is this cloth? This depends on the type of thread utilized.  What fibres were used to make these threads?  Is the cloth as tough as canvas, as flashy as silk, as attractive as terylene, as warm as wool, comfortable as flannel etc. All this is dependent on the threads and fibres used to make it.


In the same way the body too has many special characteristics. The body has many special qualities like swiftness found in monkeys and deers, strength like lions and elephants, hard work like bullocks and horses, harshness like a rhinoceros, serenity like a swan, elegant movement like a snake etc. and these qualities can be created too.  This is a very gross classification. If we take a look at a subtle level, special qualities like the body living naturally in the polar and Himalayan extreme cold conditions, or having the power to endure extreme heat in the equatorial regions, or enduring floods and desert conditions are the manifestations of the bodily cells.


As per research on the bodies of various species, it is clear that organs like the heart, liver, skin, ear etc. are controlled by subtle bodily parts and our health is dependent on proper functioning of these subtle parts. Amongst these subtle parts, hormones play a leading roles.  Its activity or inactivity influences our bodily and mental states in a major way. The shape of the body could be of any type but its nature is a creation of the influence of these hormones. No doubt these hormones also are responsible for the shape of the body. There are many examples wherein due to a special state of our mind, the beauty in a woman is seen at those times when under normal circumstances it should be ageing. This definitely is the result of the influence of hormones. Although medical science and cosmetic surgery has not reached these heights, yet a little bit of its understanding has been attained by modern medical sciences.


The leading research scientist of hormonal sciences, Dr. Krukshek has called the basic endocrine glands of these hormones as “magical hormones” and he further elaborates, that in order to understand the true state of an individual, one should first examine the balance and functions of these hormones so that we can gauge its stature and entire personality.


Hormones are those chemical principles or mysterious life-juices which are secreted by endocrine glands. Today modern scientists are unaware of the extraordinary capabilities of these glands and they have only a bare minimum understanding of these glands. Yet one hopes that if its potential can be understood and controlled well, man can bring in amazing changes in his inner personality. Researchers have unearthed innumerable proofs of the amazing influence of these hormones and the endocrine glands which secrete them. In the book “Astrological Correlations with the Ductless Glands” endocrine glands have been depicted as inner planets.  Just as the various planets of the solar system mutually balance one another, in the same way these endocrine glands maintain our bodily and mental balance.


In the above book, the Sun is compared to the pineal gland, Moon to the pituitary gland, Mars with parathyroid glands, Mercury with thyroid gland, Jupiter with adrenal gland and Venus with thymus gland.  The authors of “Occult Anatomy” have depicted these glands as “Ether Centres” and their instigation as conjoined to the inner consciousness.  It appears as though via the medium of these glands from the unknown conscious centers, man attains extraordinary benefits.


As per the above information, endocrine glands are subtly related to cosmic consciousness.  Along with cosmic powers, they execute the tasks of give ad take.  According to modern anatomy, it influences the body and brain.  It means that these hormonal glands function both externally and internally. Its influence is extraordinary while radiating the various potentials of one’s personality. It is believed that since we cannot control these glands, it is not possible to change its nature and mode of action.  But in reality this is not true.  Via spiritual practices that influence the subtle body, the state of these glands can be transformed and by decreasing the secretion of unwanted hormones, we can augment the quantity of those hormones that function aptly.


This task is possible only via the medium of spirituality.  In recent times a lot of research has been carried out in the field of Genetic Science and it has been noted that such causes help in the creation of the mind and inner character of an human being that are conjoined in a good or bad manner and that neither can one escape its influence nor can one transform it for the better.  Over here the solution is only Material Sciences which can help in bringing about desired changes in the genetics and hereditary psychic imprints of one’s inner nature. From this standpoint the power of spiritual solutions is stronger when compared to Anatomical Sciences and overall health based sciences.  With its help not only can one transform from the very roots, one’s bodily and mental states, but that also one’s entire individuality can be transformed for the better.




According to the research study made by Geneticists it is the genes of cells that shape the character of a new born child and this is going on from innumerable generations.  They are created from the subtle heirs of the father’s and mother’s lineage.  Via the mode of admixture, not only do they maintain hereditary balance but that due to strange changes (mutations), something new is created.  If we wish to make our generation taintless, radiant and pious charactered, we will have to influence and transform this gene activity.  But this task is extremely hard to fulfill.  Till today no such solution/method has been found that can dive deep enough so as to mould these subtle units in a desired manner.


We know that this task seems impossible yet it is most required that we find a way to transform the genes that mould our personality. Else despite amassing all other means like situations, environment, food habits, sanctification of education, the creation of individualities will remain at the level of “rules and laws”.  Regarding this a ray of hope can be found only in the spiritual realm.  Via spirituality changes can be brought about in the inner functioning of the Food Sheath.  Within it lies the hope of changing the state of genes so as to augur a bright future for the coming generations.  Not only this but because of paternal influence, one can bring about desired changes in the cast of an adult.  Discussions are carried out on topics like bodily transmutations and mental brainwashing.  The results of spiritual practice based programs, in the transformations of individualities, can be more invigorating.


From research studies in Genetics it is clear that not only is the influence of nourishment of food in genes very nominal but that the gist of our individuality viz. bodily strength, zest, practice, skilful actions, behaviour, evolution, level of character, advancement of intellectual capabilities etc. are also embedded in it.  They too are the cause of bodily taints but of more importance is the mental state, intellectual capability and character based actions.  If due to lethargy and indolence, the radiance and potential of our individuality gets scattered to nought, not only do bodily taints manifest, but that the stature of our inner personality to get demoted.  Thus not only our own life fails to attain divine capabilities, but that it influences our own children in a negative manner.


Research studies in Genetics can only console us that apt blood admixture can us a more evolved future lineage. The possibilities of establishing and counter-establishing too has been accepted. This consolation is applicable only to transformation of the future and not our present circumstances. Scientists say that “Genes generally remain inactive”.  They are activated only when a male unites with a female during sexual union.  The activity of genes commences in a paired manner.  One pair comes from the father and the other comes from the mother. This pair unites to make new arrangements for procreation.  If both pairs are of a single nature,  its creation too will be similar but if there are differences, the result of their union will be seen differently.  If one part is dominant it sill suppress the other resisting part and show its qualities.  Yet in a passive manner, the qualities of the resistant part too is present.  When they unite the shape is formed.  When water is mixed with water, the result is water only, yet the weight augments.  But 2 separate parts that are different in nature, will not only create a form, but will also change its state and nature.  When 2 colours viz. yellow and blue are mixed, they lose their natural colour and will instead create a new third colour. In the lineage of genes special characteristics will remain as they are, yet its visible form will get transformed.  When a female horse and a male donkey are united sexually, a 3rd new species is seen called ass.  New characteristics are seen to manifest in the flowers and fruits of plant cuttings.


On the basis of Genetics only this possibility is seen that uniting of apt parts can result in a more advanced new generation.  Within that field there is a question that how can one ward off the taints found in such pairs?  When good unites with good, the result is good.  Then how can we rule out the possibility of more taints arising when bad mixes with bad? If good starts fighting with bad, then a medium state result can ensue yet how can we attain the goal of desired progress?


No doubt Genetics research unveils certain precepts which were so far hidden from our view.  Yet it is not within the reach of Genetics too to throw apt light on desired changes.  Great results have been seen in genetical cross-breeding in plants.  Artificial insemination too has given good results.  A few changes have been seen in the bodily make-up.  A new shaped baby is born to a father of white skin and mother of black skin (and vice-versa).  The Anglo-Indian race is very much separate from others.  Yet the root problem has so far remained unsolved.  How can we ward off the diseases or bad qualities conjoined to genes in the paternal lineage?  This is a tough task to be faced by the future generation of human beings.  The main question is how to overcome unwanted elements manifesting in future generations.  How can they overcome this state which has to be endured so painfully?  It seems it is a very difficult task to bring in changes in this field.


Each gene of human beings has many units.  Today researchers are trying to find out the influence of venomous bacteria and viruses on these genes. Dr. Hargobind Khurana, the winner of a Nobel Prize has created a new gene that was made up of only 166 units.  It took totally 6 years to create a gene of a new bacteria that was of 166 units.  This was merely an experiment.  It is very difficult to make a gene of a human being since it is made up of innumerable units.  Here one more point to be noted is that every cell of a creature is made up of innumerable genes. They create and operate various parts/ organs of a human body.


Enzymes are responsible for controlling the function of production carried out by genes of various organs /parts of the human body.  These enzymes are related to various genes via the medium of nucleic acids.  Via applications of magnetic energy, these enzymes are incited so that the evolution cycle of genes can be influenced.  Today modern scientists are conducting research on this subject.


In ancient India those austerities were carried out for procreating pious children which augmented the inherent magnetic energy in a human body.  By carrying out penance in Badarinath (Himalayas in India) for 12 years, Krishna and Rukmini manifested intense magnetic energy. As a result they begetted a great son called Pradyumna.


Scientists believe that special characteristics of genes can be influenced by radiations.  Within the body, arrangements can be made for radiation therapy via focusing of various radiations.  Via electrical fields, both the chemical and electrical qualities of genes can be sanctified. Research is being carried out in the fields of sound and super sound areas.  Scientists have faith that further research can be carried out in the field of mutating genes via sound energy.


Material modern science may or may not achieve the above goal, but Material Science can definitely attain it.  In India via spiritual practices, the bodily electricity was made more radiant via Mantra chanting, with great success so as to create super sound waves and radiations via Yajnas.  Such programs aided in creating Vritrasura who had the power to gain victory over Indra and also pious sons like Ram/ Lakshman in Dashratha’s palace.


Material Science commences where Material Science ends.  The next step of gross is subtle.  Just like the hormones secreted from endocrine glands, the mysterious units of Genetics called genes too are extraordinary. One should not despair when material science fails to influence it.  Well-managed Material Science has the capacity not only to influence/ purify hormones and genes but also various other mysterious centers, which can make an ordinary human life divinely extraordinary.  The 1st category of experiments / programs of the Food Sheath of Material Science can achieve this very goal.




After studying the superficial covering of the Food Sheath, if one dives deeper, one can clearly note the manifestation of subtle potentials.  The entire body of a spiritual seeker in any area can be of great help in his main spiritual practice.  When a great artist imagines a picture in his mind, every unit of the body is influenced by its vibrations.  The vibrations of that imagination enters the movements of one’s body and the inert paint brush, creates a live painting with ordinary colours.  A spiritual seeker of speech can create an extraordinary influence due to the vibrations created in his mind.  One fails to gauge, what special quality manifests in the gross eyes and muscles of a very dedicated surgeon, which helps him in identifying subtle symptoms of various diseases.  Behind the miracles of such great seekers is the fact that every unit of the Food Sheath has the capacity to experience, imbibe and create various influences with the help of these subtle vibrations.  Their psychic imprints too take up this characteristic.  For any high leveled spiritual practice it is imperative that one makes one’s Food Sheath aptly cultured, capable so as to gain success in the fields of science, devotion to God etc.  For this one has to mould these units in a special way.  It can be called the spiritual practice of purifying and thus advancing one’s Food Sheath.


The question arises as to whether the fundamental units of the Food Sheath can be moulded in a desired manner?  Yes, it is possible.  This can be proved on the basis of both the eternal beliefs of Indian philosophy and contemporary modern scientific research. Clothes remain as they are once they are made. Canvas cannot be converted to flannel because its center is inert.  But the body is conscious.  Not only is it possible to create new cells and destroy old cells but it is its natural and most required function.  When this function slows down, a human being ages.  Old-age is nothing but the creation of healthy cells in the Food Sheath and the slowing down of the destruction of old ones.  By making this function well-managed and controlled, one can gradually bring in desired changes in the bodily center.


In ordinary men too the units of the Food Sheath keep changing. But because it is not well-managed nor is it controlled aptly, it becomes an aimless function.  Ordinarily old machines and their various parts are replaced with new ones, in a well managed factory.  In it production of various items continues all the time. But if an artistic sculptor wishes to augment the level of his creation, ordinary, run of the mill ideas will not work.  By keeping in focus that particular goal, he has to make wise, minute changes in his mode of functioning.  Right from screws and machines upto various tools and arrangements made for raw materials, new programs have to be made accordingly.  By looking upon every cell of the body as a live screw, tool, machine, it is most required that a spiritual seeker partakes apt food/ rest so as to attain high goals.


Why is there a difference between the Food Sheath of an ordinary person and a Yogi?  On what basis is it required?  This can be understood well by studying an ordinary example.  Take one line of electricity.  Electricity is transmitted via wires.  To support these wires, we make use of poles.  Such materials are attached between wires and the pole, so that it can stop electricity from flowing towards the ground from the poles.  These materials are called insulators.  For electricity of ordinary voltage, we make use of wires, poles and insulators.  But if we wish to transmit electricity of high voltage, all the materials utilized will have to be of a higher class.  The same holds true for an ordinary layman and a spiritual seeker.  For an ordinary life we require ordinary bio-electricity yet if one’s goal is very high, the energy too should be very intense and high leveled.  In order to generate this high leveled energy, there is a need of a more powerful center.  Hence a good spiritual seeker should endeavour hard to purify, nourish and advance his Food Sheath.  Only then will it help one to purify one’s vital force, mental, intellectual and Bliss Sheath and one will thus  become capable of working in tandem with its advanced state.


The talk of working in tandem is not merely superficial but that it has its own special import.  Inert units cannot work in tandem because it is possible only for conscious objects.  Today’s modern science too looks upon every unit of the Food Sheath, every cell as an independent living unit.  The heart of every cell is the nucleus. Its respiratory center is called mitochondria. Every cell has a Golgi apparatus that executes digestive functions.  Every cell is capable of reproducing cells like itself.  This arrangement is called “Nucleolus and Chromatin Network” by modern scientists. A cell has its own special charge of bioelectricity which is its very life force.  In this manner every cell, in the form of an independent living unit, maintains its own existence and corroborates with the bodily center.


In order that these innumerable cells of the Food Sheath create a natural capacity to achieve this high goal and that for this end it creates cells of special qualities, then the supreme aim can be achieved.  For this it is readied via a well-programmed method in a special way.  For that one has to imbibe apt thinking, rest, food intake etc. in a special well-managed mode. Just as if one wishes to nurture one’s child appropriately, it is not enough merely to give him material means because he will also need a special character to go higher up on the ladder of life.  In the same way instruments like food/ rest, meditation, devotion etc. need to be imbibed to sanctify these cells.  When all these unite, it takes the optimum form of a radiating spiritual practice of the Food Sheath.





At every step of our ordinary social transactions, we witness the miracles of our intellectual capabilities.  An alert intellectual individual marches ahead in his chosen field with great success. Bang opposite to this people with weak intellects, lag behind in various areas despite being blessed with conducive circumstances. In order to solve dire problems of our lives and in order to attain benefits of soul glory, a radiant mind is most required.  Via the nervous system these elements are spread out widely in the entire body and the brain is the chief center.  In spiritual parlance, this widespread knowledge is the Mental Sheath. Ordinarily for intellectual advancement, schools and other mediums of education are utilized.  But the spiritual methods used for advancing the mental conscious center, are based on spiritual practices.  With its help the mental energy is purified and evolved.


Spiritual practices for the advancement of the Mental Sheath is like the bloody Mahabharat war wherein one wards off the taints and distortions that have entered our intellectual arena. Alongwith this is conjoined the firm resolve (Sankalp) to establish Ram’s rule or a righteous world government.


With reference to this it is apt to give due thought to scientific discipline and control.  In ancient times, wind, bile, phlegm, indigestion, blockage of faeces, change in weather, attack of venomous germs etc.  were thought to be causes of various diseases.  But  modern research says that the mental center fully controls our body and it further elaborates that diseases based on external causes are nothing but the desire of the life force of our body.  Thus with common remedies these diseases can be cured. Intense diseases are generally a result of mental distortions.  These diseases cannot be cured merely by medicines and that mental purification is most required in such cases.


This is the chief cause not only of bodily diseases but also of mental illnesses.  An individual who executes vile actions due to a vile intellect, not only faces bodily diseases but also undergoes mental illnesses.  Maybe such a person does not turn mad yet because of a certain amount of imbalance, he remains semi-agitated.  They undergo pain for no reason and for no reason they inflict pain on others.  Such a person’s mental state is indeed pitiful.  Even if one merely sees such a person, one feels turmoiled.  In comparison to people with bodily diseases, not only is the number of people with mental taints infinitely more, but that the pain too is more severe.  The method of curing such illnesses does not lie in hospitals but is dependent on purification of the  mind.  The cures can take place in other ways too yet on the basis of Material Sciences, it can be more successfully overcome via sanctification of the Mental Sheath and other spiritual practices.


Students of Anatomy know fully well that nerves conjoined to the brain are spread out in the entire body.  It is through these nerves that such an intricate “machine” i.e. the brain functions aptly.  The action power, experiences of the sense organs open up in the brain.  The sense organs (apparatus) can only gather information and send it to the brain center.  When one undergoes mental agitation, the entire body loosens itself and one’s power of actions too lags behind.  One’s face becomes sad when one faces fear, worries, sorrow, despair etc. and the entire body tends to collapse.  If one studies the body language of a person who is extremely furious, it is clear that all his bodily parts get excited and agitated with great intensity.  Bang opposite to this a man full of joy and serenity who always experiences good health and thus lives a long life.  But a person full of agitation keeps losing bodily weight and is seen to die at a very young age.  These facts clearly tell us that more than the influence of food, rest, water etc. on our body, it is the influence of our mental state that is infinitely more intense.


In the body via muscular groups and tubeless glands, sentiments are active.  Our entire body is full of muscular networks.  Ordinarily muscles are white in colour and are gross like wires.  All our organs work with the help of muscles.  The main muscle that reaches every organ is as gross as a rope.  Its branches and sub-branches become more and more thin.  Many sub-branches are as thin as a cotton fibre.


Every muscular network has 2 parts 1) Voluntary 2) Involuntary Via actions of moving, bending, swerving, picking up objects etc. we move our hands / legs as per our wish.  This in turn is due to voluntary muscles.  But we cannot function thus with involuntary muscles.  They carry out tasks of our inner organs like heart beats, exhaling / inhaling etc.


The center of the involuntary muscles lives in the brain and is called hypothalamus.  It is this hypothalamus that controls the male and female glands.  Also an enzyme called Mobamine Oxidase, despite being scattered in the entire body, is more concentrated in the central muscular system.  Hypothalamus is known to activate the pituitary gland.  From this various hormones are secreted which are reactions of our sentiments and causes of other new sentiments. When new circumstances are created, the tubeless glands are pressurized and thus they secrete new hormones.  These hormones react variedly in the body and based on this, new sentiments manifest. For e.g. suppose the pituitary gland secretes a hormone due to the pressure of a germ of a disease, it will result in intense turbulence in the body.  Such a person becomes uneasy and thus falls down on the bed.  Now in this state of illness, all the sentiments hoarded in the sub-conscious mind start manifesting externally.  As a result one sees varied reaction based symptoms in the body.


When we say that the Mental Sheath is present in the brain, we mean that it is its central action office. But its subtle parts i.e. its branches and subbranches are spread all over the body.  The cells of the brain are more wise and experienced than cells of other organs.  Hence they are called the leaders of all cells of the body.  When these leader cells move in a particular direction, the other cells follow suit.  In order that the entire subtle body remains healthy, joyful, zealous and progressive, it is most required that the brain too is of that stature.  If the leader keeps despairing and experiences anguish, how can one aspire for advancement?  The state of a leader whether positive or negative, definitely influences his /her followers.


Dr. Fenkel, a psychologist of Vienna opines that the mental state influences one’s bodily health. The cause of mental balance is the true achievement of one’s life.  Hence he advanced the method of “Logotherapy”.  Dr. Fenkel believes that if a person is unaware of the true goal of life and its activities, he can never remain healthy.  The basis of a blissful life is attainment of the true goal of human life.  Dr. Fenkel’s Logotherapy encompasses discussion of topics liked/disliked by his patient so as to inspire him to walk on the path of the true goal of human life.  As soon as a person understands the true goal of human life, he concentrates his mind on the energies present within him. Thus he imbibes steadfast faith in himself and starts regaining good health.  If the mental state is healthy, it can help the physical body to regain good health.


A definite and clear cut reaction is seen on the gross/physical body due to the movements of the subtle body. The cause of nervous system disorders is the suppressed vile thoughts of our psyche.  Even anatomists opine, that merely on the basis of mental imprints, many bodily diseases manifest.  Dr. Tuk, the author of the book “Influence of the Mind upon the Body” writes – “Diseases like turmoil, indolence, bodily organs becoming handicapped, bile, leprosy, hair loss, decrease of R.B.C.’s, fear, kidney diseases, distortion of the bodily organ of a foetus in its mother’s womb, skin diseases, boils, eczema etc. are the result of mental agitation and vile thinking.”  Mental turmoil, vile sentiments, undesirable thinking are distortions of the subtle body which clearly influence our physical body.  In the same way a sacred viewpoint, healthy thinking, idealistic thought flow etc. radiates our subtle body and this great influence is seen on the gross body too.


In the proposition of the extraordinary importance of positive thinking based on high ideals, Dr. Benett has put his own case in front of us. Upto the age of 50 years Dr. Benett lost good health due to despair and undesirable thinking. When he read about the good influence of positive thinking, he started imbibing it in his own life.  He renounced the inertness of his mind alongwith mental distortions so as to fill his heart with faith based on sacred aspirations.  Thus his life overflowed with bliss and serenity.  Dr. Benett who had lived a life of bliss for 20 continuous years, printed photographs of himself when he was 50 years and another one when he was 70 years, in his book.  The photograph when he was 50 years was indeed crestfallen and withered but the photograph when he was 70 years old was so full of bliss.  Where had the withered face disappeared? Because now at the age of 70 years, he looked youthful and oozed with zest for life.


Uptil now all research studies of this sort indicate that if one’s mind / intellect are agitated, that person too experiences pain. Hatred, jealousy, greed etc. definitely affect a person in a big way.  When the intellect experiences bliss, all bodily cells too rejoice. All these cells experience oneness between themselves. If one cell experiences pain /joy, other cells too get influenced.  They share their joys and sorrows.  Their mutual relationship of oneness is amazing. There are rare examples of true friendship, intense oneness and sympathy for one another. Imagine that one particular individual is extremely hungry.  In front of him is a plate of delicious food items.  At that moment he gets a phone call that a beloved one has died.  Immediately his mind is crowded with thoughts of his beloved kin. The mind experiences oneness with the kin.  The cells of the brain get agitated.  This agitation is immediately passed on to the entire body.  The tongue starts drying up. Those cells which were previously screaming for food due to hunger, are now silenced. The heart and other organs too slump. The heart sinks, the eyes are covered with darkness and the body slumps. Thus the entire body is influenced by this mental turmoil. It is very clear that the state of the brain cells influence the state of the bodily cells.


The famous scientist cum author Dr. Bennett in his book “Old Age – Cause and Prevention” writes about a very entertaining and educative incident.  A 16-year old French girl decided to marry a young man of American origin.  Because the young man was poor, it was decided that he would first earn wealth in America and then return to France to get married. Within three years the young man earned a lot of wealth but as luck would have it, he was involved in a court case and thus could not return to France for 16 years. After 16 years when he returned to France, he was amazed to see that the health and beauty of his fiancée remained unchanged and hence even now at an advanced age, she radiated beauty of a 16 year old girl.


While analyzing the above incident Dr. Bennett writes – Mother Nature controls the human body in such a manner that every cell of the body, which lives for 90 days is disposed off from the body via bodily dirt, just as the dirt in the sea is taken to the shores by flow and ebb of tides.  Old age means the activity of cell transformation which gets depleted as one starts aging.  But in the above incident, Mother Nature’s influence of aging was warded off.  Why was it so?


Dr. Bennett induced the woman to give an answer and she said – Every day I stood in front of a full length mirror and stared at myself.  I would keep thinking that I am exactly as I was yesterday. My body could not be influenced by the day’s changes.  This steadfastness of my will power, kept me joyous and zestful everyday.  This is the very reason why I am looking like a 16 year old girl despite being actually 34 years old.” He clearly understood the value of purification of the subtle body, elevation of our thinking and one’s power of resolve (Sankalp-Shakti) after reading the book written by a great spiritualist, Dr. Marden called “An Iron Ball”. Dr. Marden writes “If only man reforms his thinking and raises the level of his character, he can also transform his physical body.”  These precepts became a medicinal herb for him which gave a new life to crores of humans. If one imbibes love for all, friendship, compassion and generous thinking, anyone can benefit immensely.


Based on one’s emotions the network of veins in our brain either spread out widely or shrink in size and thus manifest sensitive reactions.


It is unhealthy thoughts that give rise to bodily diseases. Right from an ordinary headache to an intense one called migraine, it is emotional tension that is its root cause.  As a result the veins contract and thus the headache starts all over again.  Today it has been observed that the cause of 85% of headaches is sentimental tension.


Because of sentimental tension and that of the network of veins people after partaking their meals, experience that their heart is heavy and the food refuses to move downwards.  Due to excessive tension, one feels nauseous and the heart gets agitated.


Muscular disease that are a result of emotional tension, show symptoms of belching, stomach heaviness, wind based distortions alongwith those of the skin, eczema, itching etc.


Today regarding hip pain it is said that majority of them are due to emotional stress.


Despite knowing that majority of today’s diseases are the result of emotional stress, a major question arises as to how does one tackle emotional stress?  The answer is simple – imbibing a wise viewpoint in ones’ daily routine.  Without practice this wise viewpoint can never be fully imbibed.  It is only via practice that one looks upon life as a joyous game and that it is not like a heavy burden carried by an aging mule.  The true royal path to be followed, encompasses understanding of our limitations, making apt use of our bodily/mental energy, warding off our selfish ego, shouldering responsibilities and always advancing one’s creative thoughts in one’s daily living.


Ordinarily we wrongly look upon harshness, anger, fights etc. as a synonym of energy whereas a psychologist labels all this as “childish tantrums”.  These are in fact symbols of weakness. A truly powerful person is humble and steadfast in ideals.  Anger and an argumentative attitude is the creation of weakness. Practice of simplicity/ self-control is the fount of energy.  But remember that futile anger vented against one’s own weakness, too is not beneficial. Because vile imprints in one’s psyche have gathered slowly over a long period of time, it becomes apparent that to uproot them, one should patiently work hard in a slow but sure manner.  The best method is intense, ceaseless practice to uproot vile imprints of the mind.  One should always remember that the basis of diseases is vileness of the mind and inethical activity.  Thus it is easy to overcome them by imbibing purity of mind, love, compassion and working for the welfare of the entire world.


It is also possible to wash / clean the intellect via scientific methods.  Yet spiritual methods are more powerful and capable.  Its influence is infinitely more supreme.


According to the technique of Electrical Stimulation of Brain (E.S.B.), many Asian Universities have partly succeeded in brain washing. This has so far been experimented on lower species like rats, monkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats etc. They completely forget to show liking for food, enmity, friendship, fear, attacking others etc. and instead behave in a very strange manner.  A cat was made to confront a rat, yet instead of attacking the rat, the cat got scared and started hiding out of fear.  Further experimentation showed them attacking one another in a bloody manner, embracing one another in the very next moment etc. due to electrical influence.  This electricity was aimed at the brain cells.  This holds true for human beings too.  Man’s brain is more sacred.  It has a greater power of reacting and hence in order to change it, more effort shall have to be made.  It will take time to attain total success but the clear principles unearthed via research opines that even man can be induced to think in a certain manner, made to believe in certain ideals and instigated to imbibe a specific mode of action.


The spiritual practices pertaining to the Mental Sheath not only cleans the brain but also makes it more advanced, cultured and sacred.


The Mental Sheath encompasses the entire bodily and psychic arena.  It influences both these areas.  Because it is in a disarranged and distorted state in the psyche, its reaction is in the form of a destructive influence on the bodily and psychic area.  When our individuality is turbulent, our viewpoint and actions too get tainted.  As a result our activities turn vile. It is thus clear that under these circumstances, only agitations and strifes will be witnessed.  Many obstructions will crop up.  Chaos and danger will attack us.  Our entire life will be converted to hell.  None can save us from this hell because even if out of ignorance, we point fingers at others for our downfall, the fact remains that it is we ourselves who are responsible for it.  The precept of the mental state manifesting as external circumstances is so clear that none can refute it.  Without transforming our inner character, we cannot come out of this hell-like situation. Without overcoming obstacles in our daily lives, we cannot elevate ourselves. We cannot overcome external circumstances without changing our minds. 


The Mental Sheath blesses us with various types of skills and successes.  Sometimes certain special people have extraordinary mental capabilities.  The memory of certain people is so advanced that others can only be wonderstruck.  Some people manifest skills at a very young age and thus gain immense name and fame.  The answer to this extraordinary talent, is that the Mental Sheath of such individuals is highly activated.  From their previous births they have collected so much talent that it is manifesting at a very young age in this birth.  As per the Theory of Karma (Action) man comes into this world with psychic imprints (Sanskars) of innumerable past births.  Hence it could be that the Mental Sheath of such talented people is more evolved.


Behind all these amazing events, the secret is that the scattered mind gets focused.  Coincidences of these sort are based on certain cosmic laws.  Attainments of past births play a major role in such causes.  Man enters this world alongwith psychic imprints (Sanskars) of innumerable births.  Amongst them one could be intellectual evolution.  This evolution is not just the result of school education or teachings of close relatives.  In fact this is just an increase in informative knowledge.  If the flow of electrical energy of a powerful brain turns in the direction of a weak brain, an intense change takes place in its sharpness and this can be seen as a rise in the measure of special proteins of the brain.  For intellectual nourishment, proximity of thinkers with an advanced consciousness is very useful.  Their powerful vital force can fulfill the lack of a weak brain.  In laboratories normal electricity is directed towards special cells of the brain and for a certain time span, the nature of these creatures can be transformed. The vital force of radiant people can influence the mental state of weak-minded people in a permanent manner.


Yale resident Dr. George Delgodo, a brain specialist has proved via his researches that the brain can either be activated or made more latent by directing external electricity towards it.  Thus such a person can be induced to carry out various tasks and commands.


The audience was wonderstruck when Dr. George publicly exhibited his experiments.  His hands had an electrical apparatus and in certain parts and certain number of the brain region of various creatures, electrodes were placed.  Thus a radio type communication was set up between the machine and a living creature.  On the basis of induced instructions, a creature acts in such a manner which is bang opposite to his otherwise normal nature. Serene creatures became ferocious and ferocious creatures became astonishingly calm.  Under the influence of this external electric treatment, buffalos, monkeys, rats, cats etc. behaved in a manner which was totally unexpected by the layman.


These experiments have been carried out on human beings too and by controlling their powers of will, wisdom and action, they were forced to think and act in a desired manner.


The rare speciality of memory power is so advanced in certain individuals, that one can only be amazed. Raivi Elija of Lithunia was well-known for memorizing 2 thousand books.  He was tested in various ways and always came out with flying colours. The French political leader Lian Gaiswata was very fond of Victor Hugo’s writings.  He had memorized many pages of these books and time and again he quoted them form his sharp memory.  Not one word was out of place.  In fact he knew which line was written on which page number.


Richard Porsan, a Greek scholar, memorized many books which he had read.  What he read today could be quoted by him even after one month passed by and he would recite it as though he had just read it a few minutes back.  Harry Nelson Pilsbury an American citizen called the Magician of Chess could memorize the moves of 20 chess players and could simultaneously direct them.  All this was carried out with zeal and zest.  Many players were taught by him and thus the game moved on speedily.  German’s famous librarian Maithurin Besiray could impeccably repeat what others said once only.  He had the amazing capacity to repeat flawlessly, conversations with others in languages that were totally alien to him.  Once 12 people speaking 12 different languages were conversing.  And Maithurin flawlessly repeated their conversation one by one. An 8-year old son of Burmans called Jera Colburn would give answers of extremely difficult mathematical problems without calculating them with pen and paper.  He amazed all great Mathematicians of London with his superb mathematical skills. Even John Martin Des of Hamburg was well-known for answering mathematical problems orally.  In those days his mathematical brain was so advanced that even today’s advanced mathematical computers fail to match his skills.


The great biologist Holger Heider of Gottenburg University, after analyzing the strange movements of the brain based on Molecular Biological studies, concluded that the educative and thinking tasks that make the intellect alert, augments the proportion of certain chemicals in the brain cells.  Thus they become more sensitive and make widespread, the area of intelligence.


This proves that the act of evolving the area of the brain not only purifies the brain area but that other areas too can be influenced.  Intelligence and radiance are 2 sides of mental alertness.  This mental alertness can be seen right from birth itself, as a result of spiritual capacities gathered form innumerable previous lives.  Further it can be augmented by undergoing spiritual practices.  By imbibing the spiritual practice of purification of the Mental Sheath, one can enter this area.


There was a translator in U.S.S.R. who could translate one source language into 4 target languages at one and the same time and this he would do by dictating the translated matters to 4 stenographers for 4 different languages.


When a philosopher called Jeremy Benthem was 4 years old, he could speak correct Latin and Greek. Germany’s Mathematician called Javarious amazed everyone by mentally adding numbers that had 200 digits.  A garage mechanic of U.S.A. could memorize innumerable car number plates and on seeing any car, he could describe how it had been repaired previously.


When John Francis of Columbia University was appointed as a Professor of Natural History, his age was only 16 years.


Once Oxford University made extra arrangements for mathematical training of a 4 year old girl called Babel Thompson. This girl has mastered Numerology, Trigonometry and primary Material Sciences at a very young age.  How can one educate a girl who has not undergone the curriculum of primary education?  To solve this problem, a special panel of top educationists has been set up.


Madras Music Academy announced a special scholarship for a 2½ year old boy called Ravi Kiran for his outstanding singing skills. Not only did Ravi Kiran master the art of playing various musical instruments but that he would immediately point out errors on the part of other musicians.


A Japanese called Hanava Hokaishee was born in the year 1722 and he died at the age of 101 years in the year 1823.  At the age of 7 years he became blind. Yet despite being blind, he alertly heard what others said and thus imbibed knowledge.  He would very skillfully hear others and log it into his brain.  As a result his brain was so radiant that people were wonderstruck.  Later in Japan a book of 2820 chapters was published on the basis of Hanava’s knowledge.  Uptil today this is the biggest book in the world.


An 8-year old child of Vermont called Jera Colburn, without studying mathematics systematically and without any calculations using pen and paper, answered very difficult mathematical questions and thus he amazed other great mathematicians.  When a difficult mathematical problem was given to other great Mathematicians, they would take some time to solve them but Colburn would answer the same problem in a flash of a moment.  Thus people were wonderstruck because Colburn had never studied various theorems, riders, laws etc. of Mathematics.


Once a Mathematician called Jodia Wallston was immersed in a mathematical problem which was very difficult.  One day he met John Martin Des who possessed a powerful intellect.  Des solved that problem in a few seconds.  This was because Des was famous everywhere for solving difficult mathematical problems in a flash.


Sir John Fielding was a Judge in England.  Although he was blind, his ears were so alert that he could recognize the voice of 3000 criminals whose case he had heard.  He could easily identify them and name these criminals.  After many years when the case was over, they would come to meet Sir John who would with the help of his sharp hearing capacity, identify those criminals.  This radiant memory of Sir John was revered by all for a great time span.


A famous poet called Francisco Mairiya Garibaldi was born in the 14th century.  He was an Italian.  He was blessed with the art of writing poems with both his hands simultaneously.  One poetry he wrote in Latin and the other in ancient Greek.


The chief pastor of Canterbury, Thomas Fracker created a rare record by memorizing the Bible in only 3 months.  He was born in the year 1724 and died in 1812.  The well-known poet of Scotland, Duncan Mac Intayar was famous not only in his country but in entire Europe.  But he neither knew how to read or write.  He had evolved his skills only by listening and understanding.


A Greek called Porson had memorized all poems written by Milton and he could recite it not only straight but in a reverse manner too.


Once Lokroj amazed his audience with his powerful memory. He first heard 12 poetries of 12 different languages which he had never studied before and the very next moment, he repeated these poems with precision.


The director of the National Library of Munich, Joseph Bernard Duncan had a powerful memory.  He not only studied 6 different languages but mastered them too.  He would ask 6 stenographers of 6 different languages to take dictation in those 6 languages.  It is thus very rare to find so much knowledge in the intellect alongwith a powerful memory.


An Indian lady called Shakuntala Devi who was called Wizard of Mathematics, once gave a show on London T.V. At that time one person asked her to solve a difficult mathematical problem.  In a flash she answered, that the problem asked itself was incorrect.  This question had been constructed by great Mathematicians of Britain.  Hence everyone wondered how could this question be wrong?  But when the B.B.C. crew members got this question analyzed, they found that truly this mathematical problem / question was incorrect.  They also accepted that, “the power and capacity  of the brain is much more than how much we actually understand.”


University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) had a computer that weighed 20,000 pounds.  This computer functioned with the help of electricity and was operated by the great Mathematicians, R. G. Smart and Barry Thornton. When a question of Mathematics was fed into the computer, it took some time in answering it but Shakuntala Devi answered it in a flash before the computer gave its answer.  Everyone was amazed that Shakuntala Devi’s answer was cent percent correct.


With reference to the amazing powers of the mind, scientists have carried out various research studies and The Psychological Research Committee has published all the data in a book called “The Human Personality And Its Survival of Bodily Death”.  In this book examples of small children have been published, who were so skilful in fields like mathematics, music, art etc. that even their teachers could not match them in their talent.  Adi Shankaracharya too had amazed his preceptor with his radiant intellect.  When a 5 year old boy possesses a very radiant intellect without undergoing primary education, means that he has gathered this brilliance from his past births.  The attainments of past births is proof, of the independent existence of the soul.


Two hundred years back, a boy called Harris Hanenken was born in Germany.  When he was 3 years old, he memorized thousands of Latin sayings.  He could easily add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers.  At this tender age he decided to study French and Geography.  The creator of “Cybernatics”, Weiner was 5 years old.  He started taking interest in Science just like 18-year old students.  Gateux wrote poems at the tender age of 6 years.  Byron, Scott and Darwin who gained fame for the Theory of Evolution were very brilliant even as small children.  The first scientific study of Pascal was published at the age of 15 years and in it, he had proved more than 100 scientific problems.


America’s material scientist, Dr. Stevenson has gathered 600 examples in which children upto the age of 14 years have given proof of the events of their past births.  Out of these 170 were Indian children.


 A 3 year old talented boy of Germany called Hamen Ken was a leader in research of the brain.  Not only did he study advanced scientific texts at that age, but he could also analyze them in detail.


The principle of attainments via spiritual practices works in all areas of life.  Everyone knows that hard work, reaps rich dividends. People take up various tasks in this world only because they are convinced that any action will definitely give fruits.  This holds true for spiritual practices too. If it is based on spiritual precepts and carried out systematically, one will definitely reap rich fruits.


In order to awaken/purify the Mental Sheath, concentration and meditation are given a lot of importance. As a result of this, one’s Sankalpa(power of resolve) becomes steadfast and that we focus intensely on our goal.  Benefits like advancing of the intellect and activation of brilliance in one’s character, too are attained.





According to Indian Spiritual Philosophy a Vital Force Sheath is embedded in the gross / physical body of a human  being.  The vital force body – Yogis call the vital force center in the body as the Vital Force Sheath.  Indian literature has given a detailed description of not only its existence but also its activities, characteristics and influences.  For a long time material sciences disapproved of this ideology.  But when more and more studies were carried out in the field of anatomy, scientists slowly but surely started accepting the existence of the Vital Force Sheath of the vital force center.


Now the influences of this subtle center is being tapped by the gross apparatus / machines of material science. An electronic science specialist named Amion Kirliyaan has invented such a style of photography which can give us a photograph of the electronic movements taking place near every human being.  From this it is clear that alongwith the gross body, even the subtle body exists and it is made of such materials which is of a different stature when compared to the gross materials made of electrons.  It is even more active.


Once England’s Dr. Kilner ws examining some patients in his hospital. While examining a patient who was on the verge of death, he noticed a strange colourful light on the glass of his microscope which till that day he had never noticed.  Next day, on examining the patient after removing his clothes, Dr. Kilner was amazed because he saw the colourful light of the previous day now moving in the form of a wave.  All around the patient, this coloured light was spread out for a distance of about 6-7 inches.  In this colourful light were present certain rare chemical elements.  He noticed that when the light was dim, the patient’s body and nerves became weak.  After sometime the light suddenly disappeared.  Immediately when Dr. Kilner examined the pulse of the patient, the latter was dead.  After getting this incident published in a newspaper, Dr. Kilner maintained that, apart from this particular material, in which is present the fundamental characteristics of life, is present an extremely subtle center.  If it was destroyed, this would not happen.


The vital force principle has been called a live energy.  According to material science, energy is of 6 types : 1) Heat 2) Light 3) Magnet 4) Electricity 5) Sound 6) Friction or mechanical energy.  This type of energy can be converted to another type of energy.  The bodily live (conscious) energy despite being different from the energies elucidated by modern material science, can be understood through this medium.


Science believes that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and that it can only be transformed.  It is also believed that although energy can conjoin to any gross object, its existence is separate from the object.  Further this energy can be transferred from a gross object to another.  This view is affirmed by Indian philosophers with reference to the vital force (Prana).  Today Western scientists too are accepting this ideology.


With reference to this, Thomas Edison the inventor of the phonogram and the light bulb, has wisely said – the existence of a living being remains in the form of high-levelled network of electrical particles even when it separates from the body.  After death although this network is not very systematic yet they remain conjoined to one another.  They do not get scattered and apart from moving about in space, they re-enter the cycle of life /death and thus are born anew.  Its creation is very much like the umbrella of a honeybee.  She leaves the old umbrella and simultaneously makes a new one.  In the same way the high-levelled network of electrical particles continue to exist alongwith the materials of the gross body, aspirations, sensations etc. despite undergoing the infinite cycles of birth / death.


From the above evidence, one has to accept the existence of the Vital Force Sheath which has a separate existence, despite being related to the Food Sheath of the physical body.  By itself one finds all the 6 energies in the body elucidated by modern science.  Yet the inner form of the Vital Force Sheath that pervades the entire body, can be clearly seen as bioelectricity in our body.


Anatomical science has concentrated its research studies on bodily electricity.  Some centers in the body have been categorically accepted as electricity producing centers.  Chief amongst these centers are the head, heart and eyes.  The electricity producing center in the brain is called Reticular Activating System by modern science.  Some brain parts situated in the deep recesses of the center of the brain, manifest electrical impulses and these spread out in the entire brain region.  This electrical impulse helps the brain control other centers and maintains a close relationship with itself.  Modern medical science uses the E.E.G. or Electro Encephalograph which measures the electrical impulses of the brain.  On its basis one pinpoints various diseases of the brain.  The cords of the E.E.G. are placed at various points of the head.  Generally the electrical potential measured is of 1 millivolt.


For the working of the heart, about 20 microvolt of electricity is required.  This electricity is produced in the heart itself.  Pace-maker is that area in the heart which produces electrical vibrations.  As soon as this electrical vibration is produced, it spreads in the entire heart of a matured human being in 0.8 seconds.  In this time span the heart completes one beat.  Due to the beating and control of the heart, this electricity vibrates.  The influence of this electrical vibration is mapped by the E.C.G. or Electrocardiograph.  In order to gauge heart diseases, these electrical vibrations are taken as the basis.


According to modern scientists, there is an arrangement of photo-electric cells in the eyes.  The special features of this photoelectric cell is that it converts light into electric waves.  Today scientists have accepted the theory of capacity of the eyes to produce electricity by this method.  In order to gauge and classify eye diseases, the electrical vibrations of the eyes are recorded on the E.R.G. or the Electro Retinograph.


From all these evidences it can be proved that alongwith the production of electrical vibrations in certain centers of the body, it is circulated in the body too.  With the help of E.E.G. the vibrations of brain electricity of every part of the scalp can be recorded.  Not only this but many a times its influence can be clearly perceived in the parts below the neck region.  The influence of electricity of the heart can be recorded upto the ankle joints with the help of E.C.G.  This vibration is of equal potency very near the heart or far away from it.  Today medical doctors have firm faith in gauging diseases via the medium of the vital force flow of the body.  In the inactivity of flesh etc and diseases of the muscle centers, the method of measuring the vital force is made use of.  For this the E.M.G. or Electro Myograph is made use of.  This is clear proof of the movement and presence of electrical energy in the flesh or muscular areas of every part of the body.  In fact even the thin layer of skin has electricity.  While examining the skin, medical doctors make use of the Galvanic Skin Response.


Apart from these scientific evidences, there is proof of capacity of electrical sensations in the brain, skin etc.  If one is either attracted or repelled by another person, it is the result of oneness or differentiation of bodily electricity.  When 2 friends meet and embrace one another, there is a give and take of electricity.  An advanced Yogi via his SankalpaShakti (Power of resolve) is capable of transferring his bodily electricity into another person’s body.  But with common touch sensation, a part of bodily electrical give and take does persist.  Those vibrations experienced via touch, shaking hands, embraces etc. are but the result of give and take of electrical impulses.  Today modern scientists too, are unanimously accepting this fact.


In the Indian philosophical context, the central point of electrical waves is called the Vital Force Sheath. The vibration, electrical force, vital force is the very gist of our life.  This vital force is the basis of progress. With its value, wealth can be bought.  It is the mouth source of Sidhis (divine powers) and glories. This vital force exists in infinite measure in our inner personality. By augmenting its magnetic principle, it can be attained and imbibed in desired amounts from the cosmic vital principle.  This storehouse of vital force present within a human being is called the Vital Force Sheath.  Ordinarily this exists in a latent, unawakened state and it only helps in leading a life of limitations.  If on the basis of spiritual practices it is activated, the extraordinary manifests from the ordinary. The potential of the vital force is unlimited.  By marching ahead in the direction of infinity, via vital force spiritual practices, it is possible to attain intense power.


In Material Sciences there is a sentimental description of the glory of the vital force principle.  By looking upon it as Brahman, it is named as the supreme Brahmin (God) Shakti (energy). Emphasis is laid on executing spiritual practices pertaining to the vital force.  What exactly is this Prana (vital force)?  This needs deep thinking.


Scientists have found the existence of such an energy, which forces creatures to think and objects to move. It is said that this is that very fundamental inspiring energy that induces movement in the immovable and activity in inactivity.  In reality the systematic movements of energies and living beings is possible only due to its influence. At the root of all the known and unknown areas, is the activity of this principle and with its movements, it incites others to act.  According to scientists the name of this consolidated inert / conscious states is Prana (vital force).  Those who look upon materialism as the ultimate reality, describe it as gravity, ether, magnet etc. or else call it as its high-levelled state.


Scientists who believe in the independent existence of consciousness called it either the “psychic force” or “latent heat” and the Indian seers called it Prana or vital force.  Regarding this Indian philosophers opine, that the body exists because of the vital force.  Because of it the body is nourished, re-created, evolved and researched into.  Meaning that every action is executed because of the vital force.  The Vital Force Sheath embedded in the Food Sheath, directs and controls the latter.  Today scientists accept the existence of vital force electricity as the minutest particle of the bodily center.  Every cell of the body is an electric charge.  Not only this, subtle particles like genes present in the nucleus of a cell (numbering in lakhs) that are responsible for reproduction, are known and accepted as “packtinets”.  Meaning that the subtle unit of the body discovered by modern science, too accepts the presence of electrical force in the form of vital force (Prana).


It has always been accepted that the vital force controls bodily movements.  In Yogic literature, the vital force that controls various bodily activities is named variedly.  They are called the five Vital Forces.  Thus the vital force active in various areas of the body is said to have 5 sub-Vital Forces. Even modern anatomical sciences have described the inner bodily activities on the basis of the electrical circulation cycle.  That circulatory cycle, carried upto a certain part of the body, is done so via the medium of electrical transportation cycle.  The circulatory cells possess both positive and negative electrical charge (both within and without) and from this various circulatory cycles commence. Scientifically this is called Depolarisation and Repolarisation of the self. As per Indian beliefs this activity is called Vyan as described in the 5 Pranas (vital force).


After the food is digested in the intestines etc. it is converted to various biochemicals conducive to the human body.  This juice goes beyond the intestinal skin and only then can it circulate in the entire body.  Some biochemicals merge into the blood via ordinary circulation but for others, the body has to make use of extra energy.  This activity is called active transport.  Scientists call the electrical activity of the intestines as Sodium pump. When the positive and negative electrical charge of sodium changes, they get transported across the walls of the cell.  Due to its contact, the differential capacity of nourishing juicy like glucose, etc. augments and thus gets circulated alongwith it.  This function corresponds to Prana of the 5 Pranas.


This activity continues in all cells.  Every cell draws necessary nourishment and converts it into heat energy.  This heat energy is continuously produced in the entire body and circulated too.  Digestion takes place not only in the intestines but in every cell of the body.  For that biochemical juices are transported to each cell of the body.  Indian seers call this vital force energy, that aid the above acitivity as “Saman”.  In the same way electrochemicals are responsible for the evacuation of the faeces resulting from destruction of old cells and during the process of maturity of juice in every cell.  Vital force science in India calls it “Apan”.


Amongst the 5 Pranas one of them is “Udan”.  Its function is to keep firm all the parts of the body.  In scientific parlance it is called “electrical stimulation.”  Due to the bodily electrical impulses, the cells of the foods sheath either start acting or becoming lax.


In this manner how are the various inner processes of the body executed?  Modern science is unable to fully describe all this.  For that they have elucidated many gross principles.  Amongst them are the Sodium-Potassium cycle, Potassium pump, A.T.F.A.D.P. System, and Cyclic A.M.P.  Its minute functioning can be understood by a scholar of biochemistry.  Yet it is a part of the principle of “electro-chemistry”.  According to this principle, certain chemicals of a solution get differentiated as positive or negative particles.  These are called ions.  The ions have a high capacity of circulation.  After desired circulation, the positive and negatively charged ions again become neutral from the electrical standpoint.  On this basis various processes of the body like digestion, purification, evolution, reproduction are conducted.  From the philosophical standpoint, the existence and activities of the vital force principle in the body is very clear.


When one analyses the deep, subtle movements of the body, after having studied the gross ones, one sees the influence and control of the bodily vital force in it too.  Everyone knows the wonderful function of hormones and enzymes in the body. The function of both these induce amazing transformation and circulation of energy in the body.  The most subtle actions of the body can be influenced via electrical impulses.  Today science has not achieved this feat.  But with the help of Material Sciences, when the Vital Force Sheath is sanctified, the Indian Rishis of yore have achieved this feat.  Also there is evidence of influencing not only other people and society, but the entire world, by purifying one’s vital force of the body.


What do the Indian Rishis mean while talking of the Prana (vital force)?  The meaning is hidden in the very name.  Prana can be divided into 2 parts viz. “Pra” and “na”.  “Na” means life, energy, consciousness.  Thus it means the very life force of all living beings / creatures.


Now the question arises as to what is the life force of consciousness?  Here the answer is given in the form of Sankalpai.e. mental resolve.  It has infinite forms, right from the urge to remain alive and progressiveness.  The yearnings of the psyche incite and give direction, to the power of thought and action.  Things will not work if only yearnings, desires exist.  Because these can only be called wild imagination.  Sankalpaor mental resolve means the union of desire alongwith the enterprise to satiate it. Desired enterprise like aspiration, gist, scheme and endeavour are conjoined to a mental resolve.  This mental resolve is the true power of a human life and on its basis, one either rises high or falls down in life.  On the basis of mental resolves, external  circumstances are created.  The vital force (Prana) of consciousness  is this very mental resolve.  Great philosophers, seers have hence exhorted us all to devote ourselves to it, so as to advance it further.  The Prashnopanishad describes Prana (vital force) as a mental resolve or Sankalpa.


Whatever is the resolve of the soul, so too is the resolve of this vital force.  It is this very vital force that induces a living being to take up bodies of various species (dog, cat, bacteria, plant etc.) on the basis of its mental resolve.


According to the Theory of Evolution, a single celled creature created at the commencement of this world has evolved further step by step on the basis of this power of resolve. According to Material Sciences Brahman (God) who was One initially, decided to become many and it is this will power of Brahman that became this world in the form of Para (divine) and Apara (material) ‘Prakriti’ (nature).  This further amplified as the 5 elements and 5 Pranas (vital force).


All the potential power that works in the deep recesses of this cosmos is called vital force.  It influences both inert matter and consciousness.  Devotion is a class of its one aspect that inspires mankind to act piously. The capacity of consciousness is bilateral.  Because it can also work as vileness in the area of lowliness.  Thus vital force means not this lowly aspect, but those sacred resolves which leads our life towards greatness.  Human progress is very much dependent on the amount of availability of this vital force (Prana).  Keeping in mind this special characteristic, it is also called Brahmi Shakti (divine energy), divine inspiration and God Himself.  It can also be described as voice of the soul.  The Indian scriptures describe the vital force as follows –





This vital force is God.  It is the Emperor of the cosmos, speech is its Queen.  The ears are the gate-keepers.  Eyes are its body-guards, mind is its emissary, sense organs its maid-servant.  This gift has been handed over to vital force – God by the demi-gods.


-         Kausheetaki Brahmanopanishad (2/1)


I bow down to this vital force, on whom depends the entire cosmos.  It is the Lord of all and in which exists this entire universe.


-         Atharva (6/1)


I am divine intellect in the form of the vital force.  Devote yourselves to me, in the form of life-span and nectar.  Life exists only as long as vital force exists.  The basis of attaining immortality in this cosmos is vital force.


-         Shankaracharya


That divine brilliance in the form of vital force, spreads in the entire world alongwith the rising of the sun.


-         Prashnopanishad (1/7)


It is the vital force (Prana) that is the causal God. The Science of Mantras and 5 sheaths is dependent on the vital force.


That very divine brilliance of vital force energy dazzles, in the eyes, speech, thinking and actions.  This brilliance is called radiance in the intellectual area and valour in the arena of actions.  In various walks of life, this mental prowess radiates as skill /talent.  Vital force energy is called all-encompassing capability.


This vital force heats up by taking the form of fire.  This is also sun, clouds, Indra, wind, earth.  This is God in the form of truth / false and immortality.


-         Prashnopanishad (2/5)


This vital force definitely is immortality.

-         Shatpath.


The probability of this vital force is more than hope.


- Chandogyaupanishad (7/15/1)



Vital force itself is fame and might.




May my vital force be used only for sacred tasks.


- Yajurved


Some people call vital force wind or breathing.  They conjoin vital force with the inhalation and exhalation of air in the process of breathing.  This errorful thinking is due to correlating vital force (Prana) with air.  This example could possibly have been given due to characteristics of air/ wind being similar to the vital force.  Because air like vital force, too is invisible.  Vital force is as mobile as air.  Wind/ air like vital force pervades every atom of the cosmos.  Hence in order to understand the state of vital force in a gross manner, it is expressed as wind in the form of an example.  Yet the real fact is something different.  Because air is one of the 5 gross elements, it is inert.  On the other hand vital force is a part of consciousness  and thus it is incomparable to anything else.  Vital force is one of nature’s finer forces.  Indian Yogis correlate respiration with the mind or will power.  In reality via this influence of a divine stream, it is possible to attain high statured soul energy.  On the other hand respiration can at the most influence the lungs i.e. the physical body.


A Prani (living being) is one imbued with vital force (Prana).  Sankhya Philosophers look upon the vital force as the nature of the psyche and  not a principle / element.  In the Sankhya Sarika it is said –


The psyche has 4 aspects.  Each one has its own function.  The mind resolves (Sankalpa), the intellect discriminates (Vivek), the psyche concentrates and the ego harbours identification with the body.  All these 4 together, constitute the vital force.  Due to varied functions it is called Prana, Apan, Saman, Udan, Vyan.


In Indian Nyaya philosophy, the vital force is taken to be air.  Possibly they specifically meant oxygen or some other potential of nature.


Vital force is the air that circulates within our body.  Although it is single, due to varied functions, it is categorized as 5 types.  Yoga philosophy too agrees with this elucidation.  Vedant philosophy tends to differ regarding this.  The Brahma Sutras (aphorisms) say – Naa Vaayu Kriye Prathagupareghat.  Meaning air is not vital force because its activity and existence are different.


In the Chandogya and Prashnopanishad, a symbolic story has been given with reference to the test of the power of the sense organs taken by Prajapati.  Superficially the sense organs seem to be powerful yet without the help of the vital force, they are inert.  Thus they accepted the might of the vital force and prostrated to it.


In the Prashnopanishad, the vital force is called Vratya Rishi i.e. “Bratyastvam pranaikarshi”.  O Prana (vital force)!  Despite the fact that you do not have any responsibilities (Vratya) yet you are fundamentally a Rishi.  Many scholars have described the vital force by correlating it to the names of innumerous Rishis.  It is also called “Gritsmad”.  “Grits” means controller and “Mad” means egoistic or one full of desires.  Because he is the friend of all, he is called Vishwamitra.  Because he stays away from sins, he is called Atri.  Because he is the nourisher, he is called Bharadwaj.  Because he is special, he is called Vashishta.


Only with the help of an intense power of resolve (Sankalp-Shakti) is it possible to uproot sins and vile psychic imprints (KuSanskars).  Those whose mind is weak no doubt talk superficially of soul purification yet they never make apt efforts to achieve the same.  They merely immerse themselves in wayward imagination.  Thus only with the strength of an intense mental resolve can you uproot bad feelings, vile actions and lowly psychic imprints.  Prana (vital force) is that soul force which helps us overcome obstacles and instead inspires us to walk in the direction of greatness.  The Brihadaranyak Upanishad (1/3/10) explains how mental distortions can be uprooted with the blessings of the God of vital force –


By leading the sins of the sense organs to no-man’s land, the God of vital force destroyed them (sins).  Because it is the cause of the death of the sense organs.  So determined was the God of vital force that he induced all taints and sins to run away so as to never return.


-         When due to the influence of the vital force, the eyes turned sinless, they became the immortal Aditya.  Like the hot sun they became radiant via their power of austerities.


This very vital force is called Gayatri.  By itself this force pervades every atom of the gross, subtle and causal bodies yet its focal point (center) is the Mooladhar Chakra situated in the opening of the anus / urinary tract.  In order to augment one’s vital force, one needs to knock on the doors of this Mooladhar Chakra.  In order to enter a fort, its gates have to be opened.  By undergoing spiritual practices pertaining to the Mooladhar Chakra, this goal is achieved.  Gayatri Manjari describes the relationship between the Mooladhar Chakra and the vital force of Gayatri.


Scholars opine that the Mooladhar (root) of all Yogic practices is Gayatri.


-         Gayatri Manjari


Within this body, which is a form of Brahmapuri (abode of God), the fire of vital force burns eternally.


-         Prashnopanishad (4/3)


The greatest awakening is the activation of the vital force.


-         Tandya


The path of immortality and salvation is the wisdom and awakening of the vital force.  With its help, this world and the next is elevated.  With its help one attains material and spiritual glories. Hence the Vedas proclaim – O great thinkers!  Worship the vital force – take help of the Gayatri MahaMantra and march ahead, so as to attain the goal of soul welfare.


That divine seer who is aware of the mystery of the vital force, never sees his lineage destroyed.  In fact they attain immortality.


-         Prashnopanishad (3/11)


Indian Rishis have firmly opined that by understanding the deep import of the vital force (Prana), a miraculous change can be brought about in the bodily center.  The one and only path leading to this is the purification of the Vital Force Sheath and experimenting on the bodily vital force.  This is definitely not an overstatement.  From the standpoint of Anatomical Science, the influence of the vital force on the brain, heart, skin can be easily seen.  But the Yogic standpoint is even more deep and subtle.  Those conclusions drawn via this, can unearth more facts and mysteries of a widespread variety which is even more deep.  Thus by purifiying and making more powerful our Vital Force Sheath, we can not only positively influence our own body but that of others too so as to advance it further.  This certainly is not an overstatement.





The Intellectual Sheath is that deep core of the soul consciousness, which is directly connected to the cosmic consciousness.  The food, vital force and Mental Sheath remain within the periphery of the individual consciousness.  The benefits of its advancement can be clearly seen in the individual progress of a human being.  People of the contact area benefit greatly. Via a powerful body, radiant talent and high intellectual capabilities, so many important tasks can be executed successfully.  The individual personality radiates even more.  This is the primary step of progress.  By progressing step by step, one can reach the supreme goal by walking on this path.


The ordinary worldly information is called knowledge (Jnana).  In other words it can be called education.  But Vijnana means special knowledge.  In spiritual parlance this is the real meaning of Vijnana but in layman terms it is called science.  Although it is called the gift of modern material science, in spiritual terminology this is not the case.  Ordinary means worldly, material, functional but special means inner, subtle, conscious, spiritual.  Special knowledge is Vijnana.  An ordinary brain masters worldly skills.  Whereas an extraordinary intellect is said to possess “Ritambhara Prajna” or divine intellect (Wisdom).  With its help the inner character evolves and attains the highest spiritual goal. The Intellectual Sheath is that layer of consciousness which enfolds within it, high-statured glories. “Kosh” (sheath) is called a storehouse too. The creation and attainment of this center (sheath) is special/extraordinary information, special power, the high state of the psyche.  These capabilities no doubt are present in our psyche yet in reality it is related to the subtle world in which pervades the cosmic consciousness.


If a small bank is related to a big bank, then as per requirements various transactions are executed.  When the need arises a small bank can seek help from a bigger bank.  Thus those whose Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh) is of a high spiritual stature, attain divine glories of great use alongwith the wisdom of movements in the subtle world.


Before understanding the potential and divine glories of the Intellectual Sheath, it is better to understand its inner nature / form.  In Material Science the three fold union of desire, wisdom and action energy of consciousness is called Intellectual Sheath.  According to spiritual scriptures the living being has 3 characteristics 1) truth 2) Shiva 3) beauty.  The living principle is described as “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”.  In scientific terms Sat means aspiring for greatness. Shiv means discriminative farsightedness and aspirations based on this precept.  Sundaram means wisdom of beauty, artistic bent and sensitivity.  When the soul is superimposed on anything, it radiates beauty.  From the artistic standpoint it is reflected as beauty, else in this inert world there is nothing like beauty.


Psyche or the inner soul is the confluence of faith, zeal and magnanimity.  In ancient parlance the inner nature was divided into mind, intellect, ego and psyche.  Needless to say that if in the understanding or naming of the real situation an illusion arises, then in place of inner nature we can use the word – inner soul.  According to psychology it is called the extreme purified state of consciousness.  In it less of material elements and more of soul exaltation is found.  Desires, egoistic nature and yearning cloud that mind, which is predominantly materialistic. Over there selfishness is the basis of all transactions.  When the need of the inner soul augments it leads us towards spirituality.  This oneness of soul instead of getting limited by our bodily and family needs, gets converted into world well-being.  Aspirations are influenced by high ideals and not by the environment.  Desires do not eye individual gains but instead get focused on greatness.  From the standpoint of benefits, beauty is not superimposed.  In fact the subtle vision of art in the inner recesses of objects induce zest / zeal in the inner soul.  In a nutshell that high leveled layer of consciousness which is very near the soul, which to a lesser extent is influenced by the environment and instead leaves a mark of its originality, is called inner soul.  If people do not object this can also be called psyche or inner nature.


The 3-fold flow of consciousness includes will power, knowledge power and action power.  Its root source is the inner soul.  Zest from this region gives an apt direction to our desires.  The brain acts according to its directions.  The Lord called the body, like a devotee-servant, observes all these directions without adding / subtracting anything form it.  When one cogitates deeply over these facts, it becomes clear that this is the center where the soul contacts the external world.  The nature of one’s life is created at this point and from here flows its stream.  Psychologists call it superconsciousness.  Philosophers have given contradictory descriptions of the supermind yet they all indicate that level of consciousness, which is the root source of our inner personality.  In the very existence of every subtle-sighted individual (Seers / sages), it is this inner soul that is at work and its supreme glory has been accepted by one and all.


In the science of spiritual practices, this inner soul is called “Vijnanmaya Kosh” or the Intellectual Sheath.  As soon as one’s aspirations are purified, it does not take long to transform the external nature of our life.  In a certain sense the changes that took place in the lives of great Indian saints like Valmiki, Ambpali, Ajamil, Sur, Tulsi etc. can also be called a spiritual transformation.  Men of ordinary stature have been transformed into supermen of an extraordinary stature.  Within this transformation one easily sees the major role played by upgradation of aspirations.  The circumstances under which Kabir, Dadu, Ravidas, Ramdas, Ramkrishna, Vivekanand, Shankaracharya, Dayanand and other supermen were born, were far from ideal.  It was not external circumstances but the state of their minds that played a major role in the advancement of the lives of great men like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington etc.  No doubt Dhruv, Prahlad, Budha, Mahavir etc. were born in royal clans yet this environment was incapable of augmenting the stature of their inner personality.  Via the inspiration of Narada etc. or else due to the influence of instincts, they transformed their aspirations and thus they rose so high, that ordinary minds can never even imagine.  This truly is the miracle of the change and purification of the psyche.  There are so many paths and methods by which the Intellectual Sheath can be purified.  Sudden divine grace can also be one of the causes of purification yet the path for majority of the people is genuine effort that leads to step by step purification of the Intellectual Sheath.


This is the external aspect of the Intellectual Sheath.  One of its streams flows in the direction of the subtle world too.  This activity in the psyche can convert an ordinary person into a superman, divine man and almighty God.  The other stream helps the living being contact the subtle world.  Important give and take, takes place between both of them.


The world which we all experience today is the gross / material world.  It can be contacted via our 5 sense organs.  Within it exists that nature, which cannot be experienced directly as material objects.  In fact it is present as energy and can be experienced only by the intellect.  This gross world can be experienced with the help of sense organs, intellect and technology of modern science.  To make gains with the help of objects and Mother Nature the above gross means are made use of.  Further than this commences the subtle world which because is not perceived by the senses, is called extrasensory.  This cannot be pinpointed even in the most advanced scientific laboratory and it is only the intellect that can understand its cause and basis.  Yet the foundation stone of the subtle world stands firm.  There is no other choice but to wholeheartedly accept the existence of the subtle world.


As far as the human intellect is concerned, one finds such extrasensory movements within it, that are different from the known substratums.  Thought contact between human beings is called telepathy. There are innumerable examples where people have predicted future events.  This is called far-sightedness.  One can never ignore that evidence, which describes the capacity of a human being to predict future events.  No doubt these incidences do not appear in the lives of all humanity yet whoever experiences them, prove the fact that there is a subtle world in which important subtle movements take place so as to influence the gross, material world.  A problematic situation is faced by all of us when re-birth is described alongwith the existence of ghosts/ ethereal beings.  Where does the living being exist after death?  How is this subtle, unseen entity nourished?  Thus without accepting the existence of a subtle world, we cannot answer the above questions.  Some special men are endowed with strange, superhuman capabilities which are termed as miraculous powers (Sidhis).  How and where are the strange events like curses, boons, grace etc. created?  Thus how can one answer these important questions without accepting the existence of a subtle world?


From birth itself some children possess such miraculous powers which cannot be correlated to an ordinary progress of one’s life.  Some children possess an amazing intellect and psyche.  So many realized saints have solved the problem of famine by showing areas, which if dug up deep enough, could give a lot of water.  According to Anatomical Sciences, the body cannot exist without food, air and water.  Yet a realized saint of India called Pavhari Baba has made the impossible, possible.  A sage called Haridas dug a deep trench in the ground and after he got into it, he asked the onlookers to cover the trench.  For months together he remained in this trench by entering a trance-like state (Samadhi).  All this took place under the supervision of King Ranjit Singh of Punjab.  Elsewhere also one finds such miraculous evidence.  Facts like grace of demi-gods, help given by dead souls, results of Mantra chanting cannot be ignored by just labeling them as blind faith.  Researchers working on the Egyptians Pyramids have faced a lot of strife.  This cannot be called “Chance” or an accident.  Yogis have such rare capabilities which cannot be without a cause.  Devotees of God have attained special powers and these cannot be called a blind dogma.  No doubt some questionable stories are connected with those rare events yet one cannot ignore the facts underlying them.  Some years back, majority of the world would not accept certain facts just because the gross intellect could not prove them right.  But today because our thinking has become more balanced, research is being carried out in various parts of the world so as to prove the existence of a subtle world.


Today in front of us lies the existence of a material aspect of the subtle world which is stranger and more powerful than the subtle world proclaimed by spiritual leaders.  That belief is of every object – every world. The facts of anti-matter and anti-universe are encountered by us all in such a way, that one is amazed to perceive an extraordinary world on its basis.


In Indian Tantra Science there is a description of a spiritual practice called “Chaya Purusha”. It is believed that there exists a living ghost which represents the subtle existence of a human being and it always co-exists with every human being.  By worshipping it as a demi-god or a ghost / evil spirit, one can command it to act as per one’s wish.  The gross body acts subtly.  By mastering this “Chaya Purusha” a second body which is our very own, comes under our command.  Thus it is possible to simultaneously perform actions with both the bodies.  In this belief one finds the description of the existence and activities of an anti-man i.e. “Chaya Purusha”.  It is a fact that in daylight a shadow of our own body comes into existence and co-exists with us.  The state of the subtly embodied “Chaya Purusha” is like a living shadow.  This naming has taken place on this basis.  (Chaya=Shadow, Purusha-man).


The existence of anti-atom, anti-matter, anti-universe is a big challenge for great modern scientists. They can never disown its existence.  If the precepts of this existence become clear and if man builds a relationship with the activities of anti-universe, definitely we will enter a miraculous demonic era.  The potency of anti-atom is much more than that of an atom.  In comparison to the material world  known to us the wealth, capability, and gigantic nature of anti-universe is much more.  If an imbalance ensues, the superdemon called anti-universe can engulf our material world. Thus that mythological tale (Indian) concerning the demon Hiryanksha will actually manifest as a fact in our lives wherein that demon will press our material world under his armpit and head for the nether world.


Over here we have discussed the subjects of “Chaya Purusha” and “Anti-universe” so as to clearly understand the existence of a subtle world in our vicinity.  This world which cannot be perceived by the 5 senses is so extraordinary, that its movement greatly influence the visible, material world.  These movements of the subtle world create amazing repercussions in objects, creatures and circumstances.  No doubt we cannot ignore the importance of human effort, yet the other fact remains that the visible world has a very intense and influential relationship with the subtle world.


The consciousness of an embodied being is a part of the cosmic consciousness.  The characteristics of the part (micro) is equivalent to that of the whole (macro).  In this cosmic ocean of consciousness, all of us exist like small / big fish.  The micro vital force of a living being exists in the macro vital force of God.


The subtlest form of matter is no longer an atom.  Because within an atom there are independent units with specific functions. There are subtle principles within electrons too.  Objects ultimately are energy manifest and not waves as thought previously.  According to Ecological Sciences, this energy is not inert but is a thinking consciousness.  According to modern scientific studies, the subtlest form of matter is “quanta” which can be called an admixture of inertness and consciousness.  It can further be described as thought based consciousness.  In spiritual terms it is called Ardhanari-nateshwar (half man – half woman).  This quanta can be called the admixture of Prakriti (inertness) – Purusha (consciousness).  We firmly believe that future scientists will reach pure consciousness  (Brahman, God) by analyzing this quanta further. Thus they will agree with the Vedanta theory of all- pervasiveness of God or Brahman or consciousness.  It is the ocean of consciousness that pervades every atom of the cosmos.  In fact inert matter i.e. that visible world of objects with name and form, is merely a wave within it.


A strong bond of give and take exists between a living being and God.  The obstruction that exists is due to taints / dirt that cover the individual soul.  If this covering is removed in totality, an important give and take relationship between the individual consciousness (creature) and cosmic consciousness (God) can manifest.  Because the material aspect intensifies, a living being leans on the inert world.  Thus he thinks only of material gains, as a result of which he appears poverty-stricken.  If we can render our life force pure, we can conjoin it to Brahman principle (God) and the subtle world in an intense manner.  Whoever could manifest this bond of give and take, succeeded in attaining a divine state.  In comparison to the gross world, such people attain more help from the subtle world.  This subtle wealth truly makes man wealthy.  With the help of this gift he can bestow important benefits on the entire world since he has contacted innumerable worlds in a subtle manner.


A few centuries back many atheists forced everyone to challenge the existence of a subtle world.  At that time, science and man’s intellect was not so advanced.  Today the circumstances are totally different.  One by one many facts have emerged and have proclaimed the existence of a subtle world alongwith cosmic consciousness.  Seer-sages had previously believed it to be as directly visible as the gross world and in order to contact it, they had moulded a cast of gigantic spirituality.  It seems that, that day is not far off when spirituality and modern science will unitedly enter the arena of the subtle world.  Thus by unifying the inert and conscious worlds, they will lay down the path of all-round progress.


Like the spiritual practice of the “Chaya Purusha”, we can augment the wisdom and comforts that accrue form the subtle world alongwith the gross world.  Just like creatures of the gross world, we can contact powerful bodiless souls of the subtle world.  In comparison to battles taking place on land, fights fought by air-forces are more intense and hence the results are more far-sighted.  Wisdom is more important than physical hard work.  The value of the visible existence of an atom is ordinary yet when this atom explodes, it releases infinite energy.  We all know the importance of an invisible soul in comparison to a visible body.  The spiritual practices of the Intellectual Sheath that help contact the subtle world (which influences the gross world), is of great importance.


Just like the other sheaths, the Intellectual Sheath pervades every pore of our body yet its entry point is the heart wheel (Chakra).  This heart should not be mistaken for the organ of our body that helps in blood circulation.  The anatomical heart is present in the left half of the rib cage.  Contrary to this is the heart wheel (Chakra) which is the entry point of the Intellectual Sheath.  This heart wheel is present in the point of union of the left half and right half of the rib bones and immediately below, where the stomach begins.  Here a cave-like area can be noted and is called the heart wheel.


The above center is also a center of the causal body (Kaaran Shareera).  While describing it, Yogic scriptures say it is self-illumining and is of the size of one’s thumb.  Further it is said that the Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh) is related to the cosmic consciousness.  The heart wheel can contact this all-pervasive cosmic consciousness.  This heart wheel is also called a cave.  This is like great Yogis entering a cave to perform intense austerities so as to attain divine powers (Sidhis).  Thus we can enter the cave of the heart wheel and attain divine glories.  In layman’s language the heart is synonymous with sensitive emotions, feelings etc.  One with a heart, connotes one with compassion.  A heartless person is full of wickedness.  Thus these characteristics are not found in the anatomical organ called the heart but instead is the quality of the conscious subtle heart principle.  It is called the heart wheel, wheel of Brahman (God) etc. in the arena of Material Sciences.  This is the gateway of the Intellectual Sheath.  By activating this center via concentration/ meditation, it can be converted into a super mind. The foundation stone of that spiritual practice which helps us attain divine powers that are extrasensory in nature is this only.  It is the central point of the psyche and inner soul.  While introducing themselves, people point at their chest egoistically.


In scriptures of spiritual practices, guidance regarding soul spiritual endeavour after entering the cave of the heart is given as below.



“That person who ignores the Lord seated in his heart, and instead searches Him in the external world is like a fool who ignores the 24 carat diamond in his palm and instead runs in search of a piece of glass.”


-         Yog Vasishtha.


“When man experiences the presence of the compassionate Lord Maheshwar seated in the deep recesses of his heart, who is the creator of this world, who is subtler than the subtlest, who can take up infinite names and forms, definitely attains eternal peace.”


-         Shwetashwataropanishad (4/14)


“This divine personage is a saint who has created this universe and is eternally present in the heart of all beings.  He who understands this divine personage with his pure heart, intellect and mind, attains immortality.”


-         Shwetashwataropanishad (4/17)


“He who experiences the wisdom manifest Lord in the cave of his heart, enjoys all objects alongwith the almighty Lord.”


-         Taiteriya (2/1/1)


“The Lord who dwells in the cave of our heart is invincible and self-illumining.  A saint of wisdom (Jnani) experiences God as bliss and thus merges into the Lord.”


-         Subalopanishad (8/1)


“Maharashi Angira said, beloved Shaunak!, Actions, wisdom, eternal Vedas and the entire cosmos exist due to the Lord as their substratum.  That man who experiences God in the cave of his heart, cuts asunder the knot of spiritual ignorance and thus attains salvation.”


-         Mundakopanishad (2/1/10)


“That cave in which the Lord dwells is neither hell, nor caves of mountains nor darkness nor the crater beneath the ocean.  Wise men have labeled that thought wave which is one with divine consciousness, as “cave of God”.


- Vyas Bhashya


“The Lord is seated in the heart of all living beings.  With his skill the Lord directs the movements of all creatures.  Hence always worship the Lord.  With His grace you shall attain the supreme goal of life alongwith bliss”.


-         Geeta (18/61,62)


The heart wheel has been compared to a lotus flower.  It is also called heart lotus.  Over here the lotus does not connote shape /form but instead points at sensitive emotions.  Because the lotus is a symbol of delicateness, beauty, fragrance and purity.  It is said to be the leader of all flower species.  Hence the heart wheel is also called a heart lotus


“It manifests in the cave of the heart of realized saints (Jnanis).  He is always near by.  He is present in the intellect of realized saints and is the supreme divine abode.”


-         Mundakopanishad(2/2/1)


“All demi-gods and Vital Forces (or Pranas) dwell in the heart.  A supreme divine light dwells in the heart.  Everything dwells in it.


-         Shankh Smriti (7/16)


“When all the desires of our heart are destroyed, this otherwise mortal man gets liberated (from the vicious cycle of birth and death) and thus attains Brahman (God).”


-         Kathopanishad (2/3/14)



“He is farther than the farthest and yet He is very near.  For realized saints (Jnanis / Yogis) He dwells in the cave of their heart.”


-         Mundakopanishad (3/1/7)


“That omnipotent Lord alongwith the subtle body dwells in the form of the soul in the heart region measuring our thumb.  Great Yogis meditate on this spot so as to attain the Lord.  This Lord is the Master of our past and future.  That human being who realizes Him, never, undergoes pain / sorrow in this world.”


-         Kathopanishad (2/1/2)


Many spiritual aspirants have experienced the presence of divine light of the shape of their thumb while meditating on the heart wheel.  It is like a flame lamp.  This divine vision (Darshan) is said to be a symbol of soul and God realization.  Via special spiritual practices pertaining to the Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh), the divine powers of the heart wheel can be activated and augmented.


There are many types of spiritual practices and some among them are of the class of Yoga practices and austerities.  Yet other spiritual practices involve the purification of the very recesses of our consciousness by remaining steadfast in character and serving society.  If one remains alert by imbibing sacred ideal based goodwill and faith during self-creation and world creation, such endeavours can definitely fulfill the goal of high-levelled spiritual practices.  Pure austerities based spiritual practices involves heating our character like pure gold and burning all our psychic taints /distortions in the fire of self-control.  Yoga is nothing but merging our selfish desires into spirituality and our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness.  There are so many great men who have become saintly (despite the fact that they have not donned ochre robes) by imbibing sacred ideals in their daily activities.  Even such men have attained supreme benefits of spiritual practices pertaining to the Intellectual Sheath.


One should not give importance to whether spiritual practices are of this particular type or another type.  Superficial rites are not so important because the question is whether you have imbibed great ideals or not in all your action?  How have you sown the seeds?  If this is done appropriately, the sprouts will later give luscious fruits and flowers of spirituality.


If via spiritual practices one wishes to attain miraculous powers and flaunt them to attain cheap name and fame, it can only be called vain mockery.  Hence the general belief that spiritual practices should result in attainment of miraculous powers is totally invalid.  Because there have been so many great men who lacked success from the material standpoint.  Yet none doubted their spiritual greatness.


While Lord Jesus Christ was alive, he had only 13 disciples and even they failed to pass spiritual tests.  Lord Jesus was hanged to death.  Superficially this points at failure yet today he is worshipped all over the world.  Right from Rishi Dadhichi gifting his bones to Socrates drinking poison, the story is of pain and failure.  Right from Seeta upto Queen Lakshmibai, there are sagas of failure.  Those imbibing the teachings of Guru Gobindsingh upto Bhagatsingh, have had to face a lot of sorrow.  In short if success of spiritual practices is measured by attaining miraculous powers,  worldly fame, worldly attainments etc.  then we truly need to rectify our thinking.  Because true spiritual success will help us imbibe sacred ideals in our day to day transactions.  There have been so many great men in world history who despite facing hardships, losses, failure, sarcasm, insults, mockery etc. have established such sacred ideals which inspired scores of other humans to imbibe in their daily lives and thus attain glory.  It is only when a spiritual seeker passes through the fire of many difficult tests that can help him / her attain success in their spiritual endeavour.  Fear or enticement can never agitate the minds of true spiritual aspirants.  They leave behind such a spiritual tradition which later helps scores of other human beings to glorify themselves.  When Mahatma Gandhi saw a drama of Harishchandra, it inspired Gandhiji to walk on the path of truth.  Such great men leave behind footprints which help other seekers to follow and thus attain the true goal of life.  These blessings are worth reflecting upon and imbibing in one’s daily lives.  Truly this is called success of spiritual practices.  The Yoga practices in our lives are full of such attainments.


Majority of the great men of our world were born under dire circumstances wherein their family was generally poverty stricken.  They were neither helped by the rich nor did they have enough material wealth.  Their circumstances were so dire that they could not even think of progress.  Ordinary people under these circumstances would have lived life akin to a dead body.  Yet those rare people overflowing with the wealth of a pious character were capable of attracting the heart of their colleagues alongwith required help.  Material means come running to such people and thus the path of progress is laid down.  There is no need to give examples over here.  The inner personality of such people oozes with magnetism because of a great character, magnanimity and a sacred viewpoint of life.  It is this that makes them stand in the front rank of great world personalities.  When one measures their sacred character and contribution for world welfare, it is clear that they have proved the precept of “success via spiritual practices” as true.  The Yogic practices of life are such that they are not limited by superficial curiousity or so called miraculous powers and instead their amazing success in the form of world faith, is written in letters of gold in the great book of world history.  One can name such great men alongwith their biographies for one’s entire life time.


If mere curiousity connotes “success”, one can read innumerous pages in Indian Mythology (Puranas) wherein grace has been bestowed via divine powers after being influenced by goodness of character.  It was not as though Hanuman and Arjun had attained the blessings of Lord Ram and Shri Krishna without any rhyme or reason.  Because only with their taintless character could they become so dear to the Lord and thus attain divine wealth. Stories of Sukanya, Savitri, Anasuya, Damayanti, Gandhari etc. possessing divine powers, tell us that instead of executing Yogic practices, they imbibed such a great character which helped them attain miraculous powers.  In the exalted lives of Shabari, Sudama, Karna, Ambarish, Raidas, Kabeer, Nanak, Sur, Tulsi, Eknath, Ramdas, Vivekanand, Gandhi etc. more importance was given to serving the world than Yogic practices.  Yet they all attained divine grace.  To the extent that a bird like Jatayu and a squirrel, who helped build the bridge to Lanka (as described in the epic Ramayana), also attained the Lord’s divine love.


The soul is an infinite storehouse of divine powers.  In it all the sacred energies of the Lord are present in seed form.  In order to sprout these seeds, the fertilizer of a taintless character and water, in the form of selfless service has to be supplied continuously.  By imbibing this precept any spiritual seeker, like an intelligent gardener can create a garden of divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhis) in his psyche.  For this there is no need to search for, bring or attain anything from the external world.  Because the only requirement that one must pay heed to, is to remove the thick layers of taints in our inner personality.  The true goal of various spiritual practices is to purify the soul.  It is the thick layer of ash, on a burning pyre that makes that fire smoky and listless.  But as soon as you remove this ash the fire starts blazing and emitting heat and light.  If we abstain from vile thinking and lowly activities, we can attain many divine powers due to a radiant inner soul.


Apart from this via purification of the Intellectual Sheath, when the individual consciousness merges into the cosmic consciousness, one attains greater divine powers.  Such divine powers have been described at various places e.g. Scriptures pertaining to spiritual practices.  Following are examples of successes attained on awakening the Intellectual Sheath.


“Due to soul purification the body radiates.  The digestive fire of the stomach augments, the body becomes diseaseless, one attains the power of omniscience and thus one attains the wisdom of all objects.”


“One attains the wisdom of the cause of objects of the past, present and future.  One attains the power of elucidation and realization of the mysteries of any scripture of the world which one has never even heard before.”



“Goddess Saraswati dances on the tongue of such an aspirant and one’s Mantra chanting gives immense benefits.”


- Shiv Samhita (87/88/89)





“To the extent the power of the psyche augments, one attains divine powers (Sidhis) like hearing speech in far off lands, seeing objects in far off lands, one’s predictions coming true, fulfillment of one’s desires etc.”


-Yog Tattvopanishad (73 –74)


“Via postures (Asan) one wards off diseases, via breathing exercises (Pranayam) one overcomes sins and via sense organ control (Pratyahar) one overcomes mental distortions.  Via concentration (Dharana) one attains steadfastness, via meditation one attains divine wealth and via trance (Samadhi) one attains liberation.  Thus the bondage of actions is cut asunder.


- Vasishtha Samhita


“There are 8 Sidhis (divine powers) called Uha (knowledge of past births), Shabda (knowing the true hidden meaning of a word), Adhyayan (urge to study and attain enlightenment), Suhrutprapti (befriending loving friends), Daan (generous nature and urge to follow the path of spirituality), destruction of spiritual sorrows, destruction of sorrows pertaining to Mother Nature, destruction of bodily related pain.”


-         San. Ka. (51)


“A Yogi sees the subtle world just as he sees the gross world.  He attains divine powers of hearing sound and seeing objects, far away from him.  Via meditation a Yogi can describe one’s past and future lives and also read the minds of all beings of the world.  Via a mind immersed in divinity, a Yogi can see directly and perceive all the hidden objects of the world alongwith its mysteries.”


-         Yog Rasayan





The last but extremely important sheath (5 covering layers of a living being) is the Bliss Sheath.  When this sheath is uncovered, not only does the living being come very close to God but that it becomes God Himself.  The soul is said to be a spark of God.  Its ultimate form is Satya, Shiva, Sunder and God too is called Sat (existence), Chit (wisdom), Anand (bliss).  Both these states ooze with supreme bliss.  The ultimate goal is to make our lives happy, contented and blissful.


When the Bliss Sheath is purified, a person awakens his soul wisdom and thus becomes God, from a good human being.  Such a person’s glory is akin to that of God.  This spiritual standpoint truly is nectar of immortality.  On attaining it the divine glories of immortality, divine beauty, divine aura etc. gives us the nectarine taste of immortality each moment.


Ordinarily a living being experiences bondage.  Its organs of knowledge give a very limited taste and via the sense organs of action, it can amass very limited material wealth.  Yet in the deep recesses of the inner personality of a human being lie such infinite potentials albeit in seed form that they correspond to the powers of the entire cosmos.  The gross world is its body and the subtle world is its vital force.  The vital force is more powerful than the gross body.  In comparison to visible material objects, the invisible energy of heat, sound, light, ether etc. is more potent.  But when this invisible nature is compared to the subtle world, the latter is infinitely more powerful.  When one can enter that area or establish a strong bond with it, one’s limitations / bondage is cut as under and thus manifests limitless power.  We have the example of Extra Sensory Potentials.  Sometimes we get rare experiences of their miracles.  But if we can enter this area more deeply, if we can unearth and gain knowledge of the utility power of these divine glories, their extraordinary nature can be compared only to realized saints (Sidhas).  Only then can divinity manifest in human beings and that we can perceive God in mankind.  This state has to ooze with supreme bliss.


The abovementioned sentences say that both the external and the inner subtle world abound in infinite divine sensations.  There is no limit to its blissful feeling.  This is a fact.  Of course!  It is something entirely different that you did not benefit due to illusory notions.  A musk deer fails to realize that the fragrance of musk is manifesting from its own body and hence in order to smell it, the deer runs about here and there.  Ultimately it gets tired and keeps despairing its “plight”.  Thus one cannot blame God for one’s erroneous thinking.  In fact God has filled us all with untold bliss, yet if we refrain from finding it within ourselves and run about furiously in the external illusory material world, who is to blame?  The fault lies entirely with the one who aims for infinite bliss, while foolishly running after transient sense objects.


The Lord sent his eldest son i.e. princely man in this divine garden called the world, to attain supreme bliss.  Over here there are means and probabilities of bliss.  Yet if we face hardships, know for sure that it is the result of our distorted and tainted thinking.  Over here bliss is our nature and sorrow has been superimposed on it in an illusory manner.  God Almighty sent man in this world to experience bliss and not pain.  If only man intensely endeavours to make this world more advanced, wealthy and cultured, he can remain blissful by conjoining to divine bliss served by the Lord.  For this attainment no gigantic step has to be taken.  If only we shed our vile intellect and lowly activities can we attain infinite bliss.  Bliss is our rightful inheritance.  As true descendents of God, we already have it albeit in a covered manner.  It is most required that we know the nature of these attainments and utilize them for sacred purposes.  Those who fail in this endevaour will undergo strife and pain only.


The Lord is bliss manifest.  Every pore of a living being is an outlet of bliss.  Mother Nature possesses the quality of beauty and giving us comforts.  Everywhere there is bliss and bliss only.  Thus our life is called bliss incarnate.  Man owns this sheath in a natural, joyous and limitless manner.  We all live in the world of bliss.


Yet our ill-fate is like the lines written by Kabir (great poet-saint of India).


“A fish swimming in water is thirsty.  Hence I laugh aloud.”


Suppose a man locks up his house and leaves it.  When he returns he realizes he has lost the key and hence sits out in the cold, experiencing a lot of discomfort.  In the same way we have lost the key of the storehouse of bliss present in our own body.  Thus we cannot even lead normal lives due to hunger, thirst etc.  The Bliss Sheath is very much within ourselves, yet we undergo pain and sorrow.  How amazing?  What an irony!  Aren’t we mocking our own selves?


Hence spiritual practices pertaining to the Bliss Sheath are meant for demolishing our ill-fate from the very roots.  On its basis the lock of bliss storehouse can be opened so that we get immersed in infinite divine joy.  This is possible only when the individual soul (man) merges with the cosmic soul (God).  After reaching the peak of spiritual practices pertaining to the 5 sheaths, one searches for this very key and thus makes arrangements for opening the lock.  The one who achieved this, never again said that I live a life of abject despair.  Never does such a person experience sorrow or pain.


One can only destroy all pain / sorrow by discovering the Bliss Sheath.  Only when a  living being enters this sheath, can it satiate all its thirst for supreme divine bliss.  Not only is this the true goal of a human life but that all creatures, knowingly or unknowingly are yearning for it.  One can also say that a living being accepted the bondage of a body with the hope of attaining eternal bliss.  It is said –


“All living beings exist with the hope of attaining eternal bliss.”


- Brihadaranyak (4/3/32)




“All creatures manifest from the ocean of divine bliss and live in the ocean of bliss.   Ultimately it merges into pure bliss.”


- Taitariyopanishad (3/6/1)


“I can never describe that supreme divine bliss experienced by a Yogi.”


- Yog Rasayanam (114)




“When living beings are liberated from the bondage of sorrow they enjoy the ocean of bliss experienced by a Bodhi-Sattva (enlightened saint) in his bosom and this is sufficient.  What can one gain from salvation that is devoid of divine bliss?”


-Bodhicharyavatar (7/108)


“The Lord is nectar, manifest.  When man attains this nectar he experiences untold bliss.  Ere he was not truly the fundamental bliss principle that pervades every atom of the cosmos (like space), who would get the experience of bliss merely by living a life full of activities related to the vital force (Pran-Apan)?  In reality this very principle is the fount of bliss eternal.”


-         Taitariyopanishad (2/7/1)


The Lord is called nectar too.  This nectar is spiritual and not material.  It can be experienced as divine enthusiasm, contentment, satiation, peace etc.  Its attainment is irrevocably united with inner greatness.  The more one’s soul becomes pure and magnanimous, the more this bliss blooms forth.  It depends on one’s exalted standpoint and high-levelled activities.  But this eternal bliss can never be experienced if one’s thinking is lowly and activities are vile.  Each individual aspiring for eternal bliss has to first enter the deep recesses of the Bliss Sheath, so as to drink that divine bliss from its mouth source.


Our material world does have taints and man also exhibits indolence (Tamas).  In order to reform and change it, there is a requirement of creative action.  Non-cooperation, opposition and punishment may be required under certain circumstances yet one must be extremely cautious that the underlying intention should be reformation and never should be utilized with petty attitudes of likes an dislikes.  Thus while combating the distorted aspect of the world, one can also simultaneously balance one’s internal greatness.  No doubt there exists a great deal of greatness in the world, because there is more light in this world when compared to darkness.  In comparison to vileness, greatness exists in greater measure.  Only if we search it, imbibe it and nourish it, can pure thoughts manifest in our intellect.  When our individual vision of beauty augment, we shall visualize beauty pervading in every pore of the universe. One can visualize Lord Shiva (divine beauty) by contacting great qualities in material objects and all creatures of the world.  It is the Almighty Lord who is the substratum of this entire cosmos.  Those who understand this, attain divine truth (Satya).  Those with a pious psyche visualize “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” every moment and experience heaven everywhere.


Saint Emerson said, “If you send me to hell, I will convert it to heaven.”  This is a fact not worth ignoring.  With the help of a sacred viewpoint,a lot of reformation can be induced in regions close by.  Further we become capable enough to induce desired results from external circumstances.  Heaven is nothing but divine vision and sacred thinking.  Heaven is not some particular area, planet etc. in this material cosmos but is in fact, a divine standpoint at the mental level.  Heaven and hell is nothing but good or bad results of our high or lowly viewpoint.  Every human being like Saint Emerson has the capacity to create heaven in his life by purifying his very thinking.


Further the Bliss Sheath can give us salvation (Moksha).  Salvation means overcoming bondage of this material world.  Bondage means bad psychic imprints, mental taints, sins etc.  There is no other power that can bind a living being to this world.  The biggest obstacle that a creature faces while walking on the path of progress, is its own inner weaknesses and mental taints.  A spider weaves its own net and gets entangled in it.  Even silk worms create their own net (bondage).  Even so man is the creator of the bondage that he experiences and has thus chained himself to this world.  Like a lion cub in a herd of goats, he has taken upon himself the veil of spiritual ignorance.  One faces so much sorrow when one is experiencing bondage.  This can be experienced even by birds and beasts.


The human species is a prince of God.  His inner capacity is limitless.  By aptly utilizing available means, he can reach such an exalted state in this very life which is akin to divinity and Almighty God.  Over here the main obstacle is our mental state and not external worldly circumstances.  If we truly understand and imbibe all those means which glorify our lives, we can reach that state which is close to God/ divinity.  This truly is salvation (Moksha).


Strange beliefs have cropped up like weeds, regarding salvation or Moksha.  Some opine that it is the liberation from the repetitive cycle of birth and death.  Some believe that a creature at the time of death leaves this world and enters another “world”.  Some say liberation means not performing any actions and leading a very placid life.  A few strange set of people imagine that God has some specific abode and that when one is liberated, one becomes a door keeper of that abode.  Our scriptures talk of 4 types of Moksha or salvation viz. 1) Salokhya – entering God’s abode 2) Sameepya – living in close proximity to God 3) Sarupya – attaining the Lord’s form 4) Sayujya – merging into God.  Salokya means building a flat in God’s abode. Sameepya means to become a doorkeeper, staff etc. of God’s abode.  Sarupya means to become a “Xerox copy” of God’s form.  Many dictators keep another man similar in name and physical looks, for security purposes.  When a dangerous situation arises, the dictator’s “Xerox copy” is sent to combat that peril.  Sayujya means partnership.  Meaning one is an equal partner as far as God’s wealth is concerned.  In short these are childish dreams full of mockery.  No doubt they have a symbolic meaning, but to accept them as bare facts is a serious error.


The true meaning of Moksha or salvation or liberation is to look upon our soul as divine consciousness and not inert material i.e. we are not the gross physical body or name and form but that we are the underlying divine cosmic consciousness.  This has to be experienced by each individual.  One must experience that joy, happiness, success etc. are not the result of usage of external material objects (they are merely mediums/ instruments) but is a result of purification of the inner soul.  One must give up bad qualities of a beastly life so as to first become a good human being and then experience one’s true divine nature.  Greatness is God.  Close proximity to God or attaining Him means conjoining greatness to our hopes, aspirations and valid desires.  A person is truly liberated from bondage when he attains that inner state wherein like a fish swimming against the ocean current, one swims against the current of common lowly trends, downfall etc.  Salvation is said to be the supreme goal of human life.  This is its true nature.


After death one may get the benefit of heaven or salvation.  But one must strive for it while one is yet alive.  In fact achieve it today itself.  All this is dependent on one’s viewpoint and transformation of one’s mind.  One attains liberation while yet alive.  What one attains after death is merely a reaction of one’s action while yet alive.  Thus one should intensely endeavour in this very life to attain soul purification and hence true salvation / Moksha.  This type of salvation is called ”Jeevan-Mukti” i.e. liberated while yet alive.  It is the gist of salvation.  He who cuts asunder the bondage of limitations, vileness of mind etc. attains the eternal bliss of salvation.  Following is what scriptural scholars have to say :-


“A Jeevan-Mukta (liberated while alive) is one who is devoid of likes / dislikes, sorrow / elation and whose intellect is divine.”


-         Mahopanishad (2/57)


“There are 8 types of bondage viz. hatred, suspicion, fear, shame, secretive attitude, pride of lineage, ideals, power.  He who is tied up by these, is an animal and if one is liberated from these, one is God.”


-         Tantra Kaustubh


“The one who renounces his ego, who is liberated from arrogance, jealousy etc. , who performs actions without harbouring likes/ dislikes, is called a Jeevan – Mukta (liberated while yet alive) by wise men.”


-         Mahopanishad (2/50)




“A person who equanimously shuns another person’s wealth despite living in this deadly material world is truly spiritual and because this person experiences eternal soul bliss, he is called a Jeevan-Mukta”.


-         Mahopanishad (2/ 62)


“The space between bondage and liberation measures upto 2 feet only.  Bondage says “this is mine” and liberation says “nothing is mine”.


-         Mahopanishad (4/72)


In this manner when one’s viewpoint is purified, when one understands the nature, basis and area of bliss, one’s belief becomes steadfast.  What does one achieve by doing what?  When this becomes definite, one’s spiritual ignorance is overcome and the wisdom of this reality is called spiritual philosophy.  This biggest problem of this world pertains to the soul.  Thus one can truly solve worldly problems only if this problem is solved.  This knowledge is also called Brahmajnana, Tattvajnana, Sadjnana etc.  In order to attain eternal bliss, one must endeavour to solve inner (mental) problems and give a proper direction to one’s thinking.  This is also called Samadhi (trance).  This is the first step towards attainment of eternal bliss (God).  No doubt Samadhi is a very elevated Yogic state yet its beginning step is as mentioned above.


When one persists with experience of Samadhi (trance), the scattered mind gets focused and thus one gets benefits of pure thinking and actions.  Thus the first leg of spiritual practices pertaining to the Bliss Sheath, is based on Samadhi experience.  This is a Samadhi in the waking state.  Over here there is no need to become unconscious and that cravings and agitations have to be calmed down totally.  When the storm of desires are silenced totally, man clearly visualizes his goal.  Without this it is impossible to walk in a desired direction.  Spiritual seekers of the Bliss Sheath are asked to concentrate and focus their minds.  But this is not a mental exercise where one thinks about one particular thought exclusively so as to concentrate the mind.  In fact it means walking in a desired and definite direction.  Such a mental state is called Samadhi (trance).


“Samadhi is that state wherein the mental agitations are overcome so as to get focused on divine truth.”


-         Bhoj




“Samadhi is that inner state wherein after renouncing craving / aversion towards fleeting material objects, one steadies the mind and thus attains soul force.”


-         Dakshasmriti (7/21)


“Just as when salt mixes with water, it takes up the form of water, in the same way Samadhi (trance) means the mind merging into the cosmic soul (God)”.


-         Saubhagyalakshmyupanishad (14)


“When the will power of a living being and God marches ahead in one direction, it dispels the sense of separation from one another.  This state is called Samadhi.”


-         Yajnavalkya


“When a living being’s material desires come to an end, and the living being and God march in one direction, that state is called Samadhi (trance).  Samadhi is that balanced state of the soul wherein one’s agitations are nullified.”


-Saubhagya Upanishad (2/16-18)


The inner divine powers are destroyed if mental agitations augment.  But if this mental turbulence is nullified, if the mind gets focused in one desired direction, one’s soul force augments as a result of obstruction of scattering of the mind.  Thus many divine powers manifest in our soul.  These divine powers have been described as follows –


“Due to continuous practice of Samadhi (meditative trance) the mind merges into the cosmic soul (i.e. God) and thus, one gets enlightenment.”


-         Yog Rasayan





“Objects seen in a dream are illusory whereas experiences of Samadhi (meditative trance) are the absolute reality.  Further one gets greater benefits apart from those attained during Samadhi.”


-         Yog Rasayan


The nature of the spiritual practice pertaining to the Bliss Sheath is the state of union of a living being / creature and God.  Generally we know God as His name only.  We no doubt chant His name and perform worship rites.  Yet we never endeavour to merge our individual soul into the cosmic soul (i.e. God).  We can never imagine with our limited material minds, the experience of this super blissful state.  Ordinarily God is thought to be that individual who is appeased by a few prayers, eulogies, rites etc.  Thus we try to satisfy our desires with God’s blessings.  Thus vain worship rites are carried out which is nothing but mockery.  Where can one find a true devotee of God who willingly desires disciplining by God? Where is that devotee who will surrender his all (mind) to God?  In fact this is true devotion (Bhakti).  Under such circumstances nectar will definitely manifest.  Heavenly joys can be experienced.  There will be zeal and zest for life everywhere alongwith true contentment and peace.


God is not an individual but is a cosmic divine force.  He can never be pleased with gifts, presents etc. just as we please others.  In order to fully utilize electricity, its utility limits have to be studies carefully.  The Lord can only be pleased by imbibing greatness of character.  It is also called faith in the arena of sentiments, spirituality in the field of thinking and righteous qualities in the arena of actions.


The true nature of devotion / meditation is unification.  The supreme goal of devotion is unification, oneness and surrender.  Duality is replaced with non-duality (oneness).  This can be called marriage of a puppet doll with the fingers of a magician.  It is the bond between a husband and wife.  This is establishment of discipline.  By destroying one’s selfish / egocentric desires, one imbibes divine discipline and this is called surrender.  This sort of self-surrender has been prescribed by the Lord on the part of a devotee in the Bhagwad Geeta.  Wood and other types of fuel become fire itself when thrown in fire.  When water is added to milk it becomes milk.  The Lord should not be looked upon as a tool (means) of satiating our lowly desires but that we should become one with His great qualities.  This state is called Brahma Nirvan, vision of God or attaining God.  This is the non-dual spiritual practice of divine sciences (Brahma-Vidya).  It is on this basis that a human being ( Nara) can become God (Narayana), a Purusha can become Purushottama, a living being can become Brahman (all-pervading soul) and individual soul can merge into the cosmic soul (God).


Love is full of magnetic attraction.  One adores the proximity of love and each individual yearns for it intensely.  The very nature of divine love which is a result of devotion to God, demands that the wall between the individual soul and cosmic soul (God) be warded off.  There should be eternal oneness between the two.  Under such circumstances, either God acts as per the desires of an individual or that an individual acts according to the Lord’s wishes.  It is very clear that a river cannot merge into a pond because a pond is not wide or deep enough to imbibe a huge river.  Even so the Lord can never act according to an individual’s desire.  Thus individual souls will have to give up selfish / egocentric desires and act according to divine (God) will.  This is true faith and devotion.  Thus one can enjoy eternal bliss of devotion.


Divine love can never be limited.  The river Ganges emanating from the lofty Himalayan mountains (in India) can never be obstructed when it is flowing.  Instead it satiates everyone’s thirst and by merging itself in the ocean, it gives up its limitations.  Devotion means divine love.  Love is a result of sensitivity in the form of oneness of soul, compassion, generosity, science and good-will.  When these sacred sensations go beyond the arenas of imagination and emotions so as to manifest in our day to day activities, it can be seen in the form of self-creation and world creation.  One yearns to surrender and help others to surrender at the Lord’s feet by imbibing faith and divine energy.  One continuously reflects on this aspect and then starts acting thus too.


This is that very state which can be called awakening of the Bliss Sheath.  This is the supreme state of devotion to the 5-sheathed Gayatri.  One continuously experiences divinity.  The Lord is subtler than the subtlest and thus one realizes /experiences Him as divine sentiments.  It is indeed very childish to try and visualize God as a toy in front of our eyes.  When it is a fact that we cannot see air, cold, friendship, anger, joy, sorrow etc. with our eyes, how is it possible to “see” God with our material eyes when He is beyond human thought and intelligence?  Those who do not visualize such images, merely give us a glimpse of the intensity of their meditative consciousness.  Apart from day-dreaming, it cannot be called anything else.  True vision (Darshan) of God is an experience of divinity within our consciousness.  For that, one has to go on a long journey with the 2 legs of faith and devotion.


The Bliss Sheath is the fount of faith and devotion.  Over here one experiences the blissful union with God.  Thus in order to fulfil the goal of meeting God, Indian Rishis laid down the path of a high leveled 5-sheathed Gayatri based spiritual practice.  In the emotional area, the result of this divine union is experienced as bliss or zest.  Bliss means experiencing intense joy on seeing the divine aspect of this world.  Zest means the valour and daring with which we overcome the vile, demonic aspect of this world.  That vow of God that He will incarnate in this world so as to establish righteousness after destroying unrighteousness, can be seen fulfilled by a spiritual seeker in his own psyche.  Such a seeker feels that the Lord has incarnated in his psyche as bliss / zest and faith/ devotion.  This is the sensitive aspect of the Bliss Sheath.





The photograph of Gayatri with 5 faces is said to be an indication of a high leveled spiritual practice.  A child’s education starts by repeating alphabets.  At that time it is not proper to teach them Science, Maths and other subjects.  Hence great emphasis is laid on teaching them alphabets and numbers.  Gayatri’s single faced photo is a symbol of a pure intellect, a true human being and purification of motherly instincts.  This is easily attainable, very useful and meant for everybody.  The photo of Mother Gayatri with 2 arms shows Her carrying a water pot (Kamandal) in one hand and a book in the other hand.  By making an image of this Super Power as great spirituality of humanity, it is presented as a Goddess of human beings.  This type of devotion has 2 aspects viz. wisdom and action.  The book represents wisdom and the water-pot as actions.  She is the Mother of Vedas (Vedmata) and is the Mother of the world too.  In the beginning stage, one worships this form and it is applicable to entire world humanity.


When one reaches a higher stage of spiritual endevaour (Sadhana), many other topics are added in the spiritual technique just as in the case of Post graduate students in various Universities.  In higher classes topics like Geography, Maths etc. are added to the syllabus.  Same is the case with spiritual practices wherein more intense methods are added.  That spiritual seeker (Sadhak) who reaches extraordinary heights from an ordinary state has to make efforts equivalent to 5 times and hence is called a 5-sheathed spiritual practice.  This fact is symbolized as a photo of Gayatri with 5 faces.


In reality neither a human being nor a demi-god is 5-faced.  Even if a few of them are 5-faced, their state will be very strange.  A lot of discomfort will be undergone while sleeping, eating, speaking etc.  In the epic Ramayan, a demon called Ravan is described as having 10 heads.  This is a symbol of the fact that Ravan’s brain had the intelligence of 10 great scholars put together.  One of the 10 heads of Ravan was that of a donkey.  If this was accepted to be a fact then this donkey-head of Ravan’s would have to be fed food eaten by a donkey and that it would bray like a donkey.  Hence this was not a real fact and we must accept that Ravan had one face like any other human being.  A demon is not gigantic in form but is so in quality.  Napoleon, Sikander, Hitler can be called demons of our era.  Symbolically they can be portrayed according to their activities.  Yet their name and form were akin to any human being.  The 5-faces of Gayatri symbolize the importance of awakening of the 5 sheaths in a human being while performing high leveled devotional practices so as to attain God.


Many indications can be spotted in an image of 5 faces and 10 arms.  The 10 arms indicate the subtle power of the 10 senses and point at the total divine power equivalent to the powerful arms of Mother Gayatri.  It is widespread in all 10 directions.  Ten doorkeepers are said to protect our world.  The 10 arms of Mother Gayatri are the 10 doorkeepers.  The 10 arms carrying 10 weapons symbolize the divine power via many streams emanating from it.


In high-levelled spiritual practices, the 5-faced Gayatri photo symbolizes the need of 5-sheathed Gayatri Meditation.  These 5 sheaths are also called the 5 demi-gods, the 5 Vital Forces (Pranas), the 5 great qualities, the 5 types of fire, the 5 elements, the 5 bodies of the soul etc. of the inner, subtle world.  By awakening all these via spiritual practices pertaining to the 5 demi-gods (Devas), a plethora of glories and wealth manifest in our lives.  The 5 Vital Forces (Pranas) are called the 5 streams, radiating thought flow of consciousness.  On this basis the greatness of our consciousness augments and becomes more and more intense.  The science of vital force is a part of Gayatri Science.  The word Gayatri means –


Gay = vital force + Tri = Protector


Thus it means, that divine potential which protects our vital force.  In the Kathopanishad this vital force is depicted as these 5 streams in the form of Panchagni (5 fires) Science.


That description of the intensity of the 5 elements is given in the form of the 5 faces i.e. the 5 sheaths of Gayatri as a result of which the human body and the entire world is created.  Grossly these 5 elements are looked upon as mud pounded by us all with out legs, water which we use to wash various articles, fire burning on a pyre, space and wind that moves in it.  But if we deeply study its subtle potential, we realize that their atoms which superficially seem ordinary have so much energy.  Its chemical and energetic potential is so great.  This gross world made of the gross 5 elements and the subtle world made of the subtle 5 elements (called Tanmatras) are extraordinary and mysterious.  When we try to understand this, our intellect fails to do so and remains contented by looking upon this world as a cosmic image of God.  The amazing mysteries of these 5 elements are symbolized as the 5 faces of Gayatri and we are taught, that if they are utilized and purified aptly, its result would be in the form of direct worship of the 5 demi-gods.  In Indian Mythology (Puranas) these 5 demi-gods viz. Prithvi, Agni, Varun, Marut, Anant are said to possess high leveled energy.  Kunti gave birth to 5 sons akin to these demi-gods.  This is an indication of the priceless weightage of the spiritual philosophy of a high-levelled 5-faced / 5-sheathed Gayatri spiritual practice.


Human existence has 3 bodies and 5 sheaths.  It is easy to classify these 3 bodies.  Yet its classification as the 5 sheaths become more deep.  The head, trunk, legs.  Three types of materials are found in them i.e. gross, thin and windy.  There are 3 types of nourishment viz. food, water and air. This 3-fold classification is easily available.  Now if we wish to further elaborate on this, we will have to divide the body as 5 main organs.  Head, heart, liver, stomach and kidneys.  The materials of the human body shall be classified in a 5-fold manner instead of a tri-fold classification.  Blood, flesh, bones, skin, hair.


Instead of classifying food as curry, bread, vegetables we will categorize the same as hydrocarbon, protein, smoothness, vegetables etc.  If we wish to further elaborate on this we must classify it as 5-fold and not in a 3-fold manner.  In the initial classes of a school-science is taught as one single subject but later they are categorized variedly.  The 3 bodies and 5 sheaths are found in a human body.  A Vaidya (Hindu doctor) classifies diseases as Vaat, Pitta, Kuf and a Hakim (Muslim doctor) classifies them as Lobee, Vaadee, Khakee.  Cromopathy believes that diseases ensue because of increase/ decrease of red, yellow, blue colours and accordingly they give medical treatment.  In Allopathy blood, faeces, urine, phlegm etc. are tested in laboratories using X-ray machines etc.  These are merely methods of experimentation and examination.  No difference is seen as far warding off and finding the root cause of a disease is concerned, when these methods are made use of.  Despite there being differences as far as medical treatment of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Tabibi, Allopathy, Naturopathy etc. is concerned, no conflicts are perceived.  As per conduciveness, one can treat one’s illness using any of these methods.  This holds true for Gayatri worship too because both the methods are important and useful in their own way.  In the 3-fold spiritual practice, there is the designing of 3 bodies i.e. 3 knots.  In the 5 fold spiritual practice one has to awaken the 5 sheaths.  Which method is more conducive and useful for which individual, has to be gauged by seeking advice of an experienced person.  The latter will base his / her advice according to the maturity of one’s mental state.  Since it is very much required, we shall detail the spiritual practice of the 5 sheaths (Pancha-Kosha).


A sheath (Kosha) is a vault or a covering.  Five very priceless vaults of jewels are present in a human body.  When these are discovered, the benefits that accrue are comparable to the blessings of the well-known 5 demi-gods.  These 5 demi-gods are Bhavani, Ganesh, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.  These demi-gods as divine energy, pervade the entire cosmos and their centers are present in the human body too.  Its big / small sized existence is present both within and without. According to the sheath science (Kosh-Vijnan) human existence is categorized in 5 ways.  They are the Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath.  Ordinarily these sheaths are latent and inactive.  No doubt the seed is capable of becoming a huge tree, yet this tree manifests only when the seed is sown in fertile soil.  This holds true for the 5 sheaths too because they are compared to a locked vault full of wealth.  In comparison to the outer sheaths, the inner sheaths are more valueable.  Even our ordinary brains say that articles of less value be kept outside.  Arrangements for security can be made according to value of an article.  Cheap articles are kept in the verandah, costly articles are kept in a room, more costly articles are placed in a cupboard and extremely valueable articles are locked in a locker of a vault.  God too has done exactly this.  He has placed hands/ legs outside and locked up priceless organs like heart, lungs etc. in a box.  This holds true for the 5 sheaths too.  Based on their stature they are placed higher and higher up the ladder of importance.  Accordingly their energy and divine glories (Sidhis) become more high leveled and important.


Human existence is a combination of the inert body and conscious soul.  Both these aspects have 5 parts.  The body is made up of matter.  Matter is called element.  There are 5 elements viz. earth, water, fire, air and space.  Prana is life consciousness or vital force.  The vital force has 5 parts viz. Prana, Apan, Vyana, Saman, Udana.  When the 5 elements and 5 Pranas (vital force) combine the result is 5 organs of action and 5 organs of knowledge.  Tanmatra is that experience which takes place through the medium of the sense organs of matter.  There are 5 Tanmatras (subtle elements) viz. sound, form, taste, smell, touch.  All these pervade in our body.  This is also called Prapanch (material world).  A man entangled in this world experiences bondage and a person who escapes the worldly snare is liberated (Mukta).


The 5 sheaths made up of the combination of 5 elements and 5 Vital Forces is said to be that invisible existence, which despite having the name and form akin to a human body, has a very minor aspect of grossness and is instead more subtle.  One can grossly infer this type of body by analyzing a ghost or Chaya Purusha (Shadow).  A Chaya Purusha exists alongside a living human being.  When this Chaya Purusha is “tamed” via Tantrik practices, it starts working as an invisible friend or servant.  A human body is heavy because of the presence of gross materials in it and thus can’t run about much.  Whereas a Chaya Purusha, apart from being light and invisible, has such special characteristics which can be attained only after intense effort.  A Chaya Purusha can be defined as a mature / ripe subtle body.


In English this Chaya Purusha is called “Etheric Double”.  From the standpoint of the Science of Five Sheaths it can also be called the Food Sheath.  Another example is that of a ghost.  After death our gross/physical body is destroyed yet its “Shadow” made up of the vital force remains behind.  It experiences joy /sorrow akin to heaven / hell.  It harbours likes / dislikes towards friends / foes. Its nature and character too is like that.  Agitated, non-peaceful ghosts create chaos whereas ghosts that are serene maintain an atmosphere of calmness.  This state is alluded to the Food Sheath.  We do find examples of Chaya Purusha (Etheric Double) and ghosts too.


In comparison to the Food Sheath, the remaining sheaths one after another become more and more subtle.  In comparison to the physical body they are called invisible ghosts.  These more subtle bodies will be called the next sheath one after another.  The Food Sheath is called physical body in English.  Grossly the word “body” means  that seen with our gross eyes.  Yet from the spiritual standpoint it commences from the subtle body.  Hence in reality it should be understood as that subtle body which is utilized in dreams, vital force, Viniyog etc.  It exists as mind and intellect and is with us while we carry out our daily routine.  The Vital Force Sheath (Pranamaya Kosh) is called the “Etheric Body”, the Mental Sheath (Manomaya Kosh) is called “Astral Body”, the Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh) is called “Cosmic Body” and the Bliss Sheath (Anandmaya Kosh) is called the “Causal Body”.  When all these combine an all-human existence comes into being.  One after another it augments its importance and intensity. By performing spiritual practices (Sadhana) one attains divine powers (Sidhis) of higher statures.  On this very basis those sheaths are called the 5 demi-gods that dwell in our body.  It is further said that one reaches the state of one who awakens these sheaths or one who dwells with these 5 demi-gods or one who keeps these sheath with himself /herself.


Worship rites include Panchamrit, Panchopchar and Panchgavya. A man performing austerities sits in the middle and keeps 5 lighted pyres surrounding himself.  The 5 sheaths are like the 5 chief jewels and are called Panchratna too. While giving away clothes in charity, 5 dresses are given away.  The word Panchayat means Panchas.  We have all seen the photograph of Ram Panchayat.  Like Gayatri many demi-gods have 5 faces.  Many temples have idols of Lord Shankar and Hanumanji with 5 faces.  In Ayurvedic treatment many Panchangs of herbs are made use of.  All priests (Hindu) have a Panchang.  In Vedant based spiritual practices, the Science of Pancheekaran has been detailed.  All these can be compared to the 5-faced form of Gayatri and the 5 sheaths.


Within the method of living life the categorization of the Panchvargas takes place from varied standpoints.  Man’s worldly life is full of bodily, mental, material, family based and social problems.  Thus one is running about here and there all the time so as to solve these problems.


Socially there are 5 good qualities 1) hard work 2) cleanliness 3) economical living 4 ) goodwill towards all 5) oneness of soul.  These are called family oriented 5 Sheelas.  A progressive life and family based evolution is dependent on these 5 principles.


Generally these 5 sacred qualities are said to be the basis of the radiance of an individual life. A purified Food Sheath results in hard work and sense organ control.  A purified Vital Force Sheath results in sacred enterprise and a pure resolve.  A purified Intellectual Sheath results in oneness of heart, magnanimity etc.  A purified Bliss Sheath leads to faith in God and intense devotion to Him.  The more these glories evolve, to that extent our body too progresses.  Thus it is very clear that on the basis of these inner glories, one attains success and wealth in one’s external, worldly life.


Due to the awakening of the 5 sheaths, we convert the inactive state of the fount of the 5 invisible energy centers, into an active state.  There are so many streams of water beneath the earth’s surface that are more gigantic and with a quick flow as compared to the rivers that flow on the earth’s surface.  Because the former are squeezed underneath the earth’s surface, people in this world cannot use that water.  Those rivers that flow on the earth’s surface can be made apt use of.  In Rajasthan (India) efforts are being made so as to induce the rivers flowing below the earth’s surface to flow on the surface.  Thus the deserts of Rajasthan can be made lush green.  Assuming that this endeavour succeeds, the backward areas of Rajasthan can be made very wealthy and progressive.  Similarly within the human body there are many founts of energy centers.  If its latent state is made active, the future will be more radiant in comparison to the present day situation.  There will be no delay in backwardness being converted into advancement.


Ordinarily man’s daily routine is a result of hard work by sense organs of action and experiences /sensations of the organs of knowledge.  With its help one marches forward.  One earns wealth and utilizes the same with its help. But these are limited means because man can avail of unlimited means.  These unlimited means are the invisible energy centers.  These are the 5 sheaths.  If the body made up of these 5 sheaths works properly, know for sure that man has become 5 times more energetic.  When a person is helped by 4 other men, it is like 5 brothers working in unison.  When 5 chiefs of a tribe make a decision, it is adhered to by one and all. The 5 Pandavas unitedly won the Mahabharat War despite possessing very limited means.  When man succeeds, his state is compared to his fingers dipped in clarified butter.  Those secrets of spiritual philosophy proclaimed by Maharshi Panch Shikh are nothing but the wisdom attained on unveiling the 5 sheaths.  These 5 flames of fire are the divine glories of the 5 sheaths.


 One finds a description of the 5 demi-gods of the 5 sheaths in a separate manner too.  The demi-god of the Food Sheath is Surya, that of Vital Force Sheath is Yama, that of Mental Sheath is Indra, that of Intellectual Sheath is Pavan and that of the Bliss Sheath is Varun.  When Kunti worshipped these 5 demi-gods, the 5 Pandavas were born.  They were called children of demi-gods.


The 5 sheaths and 5 demi-gods possess 5 Sidhis i.e divine powers.  The divine power of the Food Sheath encompasses lack of illness, long life and eternal youthfulness.  The divine powers of the Vital Force Sheath include enterprise, valour, radiance etc.  Due to the special quality of vital force electricity, one’s personality becomes magnetic / attractive.  Due to the awakening of the Mental Sheath, one’s sense of discrimination, farsightedness and intellectual capabilities augment.  Further when one faces the ups and downs of life one remains mentally equipoised.  The awakening of the Intellectual Sheath leads to gentlemanliness, generosity and qualities of divinity.  It directly experiences ESP (extra-sensory potential) and farsightedness.  Due to the advancement of the Bliss Sheath, one’s thinking and activities reach that stature wherein one experiences bliss every moment and that one never faces danger in life.  The result of awakening of the Bliss Sheath is vision of God, self-realization and heavenly salvation.


The words awakening and unveiling are used when we talk of spiritual practices that purify the 5 sheaths.  Awakening means activating, making powerful these latent centers so as to lead them to a miraculous state.  Unveiling means removing the veils and coverings.  If a bulb is covered with thick cloth, we will not see any light even if we switch it on.  But when each cloth piece that covers the bulb is removed, we will see more and more light.  When all the cloth pieces are removed, the light of the bulb will shine brightly.  Our soul too is covered by 5 veils (sheaths) and this is called bondage to the material world.  When these veils are removed, one attains the vision of God or self-realization.  Thus one’s bondage to the material world is cut asunder.





The 5 faces of Gayatri Super Power seen in various photographs, has been described in principle in the above lines.  Now we shall throw light on the mystery behind Mother Gayatri’s 10 arms.


Human life has 2 aspects 1) related to the soul 2) material.  These are the 2 aspects of Gayatri and each has 5 arms.  Meaning 5 energies, powers and glories.  The 5 arms of the spiritual (Dakshin) aspect are 1) self-knowledge 2) self-realization 3) self-experience 4) self-attainment 5) self-welfare.  The material (Vaam) aspect has 5 arms too viz. 1) good health 2) wealth 3) knowledge 4) skills 5) friendship.  A true devotee of Mother Gayatri definitely attains these 10 Sidhis (glories).  Following is the gist of their characteristics –


Self-knowledge means to know who we really are. We should realize experientially that the body is different i.e. separate from the soul.  In comparison to benefits pertaining to the soul, we should give importance to benefits pertaining to the body only as much as it is appropriate.  Due to self-knowledge man overcomes lack of self control.  Due to desires pertaining to sense objects, one’s bodily and mental energy is wasted.  Due to lack of bodily control we become weak, ill and age faster.  A man of self-knowledge comes to a decision regarding the utility, non-utility of sense pleasures from the standpoint of soul benefits.  Hence such a person remains self-controlled in a very natural manner.  Such a person escapes sorrow / pain related to the body and never undergoes weakness, illnesses, sorrows of old age etc.  Further he easily and equanimously undergoes pain related to bad actions of his past lives.


Self-realization means knowing one’s true nature.  When via spiritual practices one experiences the divine light of the soul (God), one’s love, experience, faith, steadfastness and trust augments.  The wavering mental state between materialism and spiritualism is steadied and such qualities, activities, characteristics manifest which are apt for a man of self-vision.  When one reaches this second stage of self-realization, one can know, understand and influence others.


Due to self-realization one’s soul subtlety becomes all-pervasive.  He sees himself in all other bodies of the universe.  Just as one is aware of one’s attitude, behaviour, qualities, nature, thinking and aim, one can gauge these aspects of others too.  Just as a layman has the capacity to utilize his body and mind, so too a man of self-realization masters the body and mind of other creatures and thus influences them.


Self-experience means one’s true nature becoming active.  One’s emotions are based on one’s self-knowledge.  Generally people do harbour high thinking in their psyche but due to various reasons, they do not act according to this high thinking in the external world.  Their social life is very lowly.  But those who have self-experience behave externally in the world according to their inner thinking, so that their thinking and actions never differ.  Those tasks executed by high statured individuals which seem gigantic and impossible to execute by ordinary men, are executed in a flash by great men.  Their lives are akin to the lives lived by Rishis of yore.


Via soul experience one attains the divine power (Sidhi) of knowing the movements of Mother Nature.  Whose future is what?  What was someone doing in the past?  What is the divine influence on which task?  What turbulence is going to ensue?  What is happening in this and the other worlds (Lokas)?  Invisible and unknown mysteries like when, where and what is going to be created or destroyed, is easily fathomed by a man of self-experience.  Initially these experiences are a bit hazy, but the more his /her divine hindsight becomes purer, to that extent they perceive everything more clearly.


 Self-benefit /self-attainment means the total re-instation of the soul principle in one’s inner being.  Just as an iron rod takes up the bright red colour of fire when placed in fire, similarly, a man of this stature becomes omnipotent with divine light.  He is a direct manifestation of Sata (existence, absolute truth).  Just as one experiences heat while sitting close to a lit pyre, so too such a sacred atmosphere pervades in the vicinity of such great saints, that a man seated close by experiences amazing peace.  Just as people experience coolness under a shade of tree after having journeyed under the hot sun, so too a great saint of self-attainment can bestow peace on innumerous creatures.


Alongwith self-benefits one gets related to many divine powers / glories of God (cosmic soul).  The symbol of every divine glory of the Lord is each demi-god.  These demi-gods are masters of infinite Sidhis (divine powers / glories).  Just as these demi-gods pervade the entire cosmos, in the same way its micro manifestation is this human body.  These secret centers of divine powers, present in the human body (micro), can be directly experienced by a spiritual seeker who has attained self-benefits.  Such a person carries out desired tasks with the help of these divine powers.


Self-welfare means liberated in life, natural trance, attainment of Kaivalya (Absolute truth), infinite bliss, salvation, Sthita Prajna state (self-realization), Paramhansa state or attainment of God.  A spiritual seeker entering this fifth state becomes divine.  All those who reach this fifth stage of self-welfare become human manifestations of God.  They are also called Devduta (divine messengers), Avataar (incarnation of God), Paigambar (prophet), Yuga-Nirmata (era creators), beacons of divine light etc.  What divine powers (Sidhis) do they attain?  The answer is that there is nothing in this world which fails to give them divine bliss.  No joy of this material world can compare with the bliss of Brahman (soul or God).  This is the supreme benefit attained by a person reaching the stage of self-welfare.


From the standpoint of our material life the 5 arms of Mother Gayatri that symbolize the 5 glories (Sidhis) of materialism, are very important.


The eating / sleeping habits of a Gayatri devotee is very controlled.  Hence they never feel the pain of illnesses etc. Due to regularity, hard work and lack of lethargy all their bodily organs are active.  Because such people never misuse any organ of the body, their energy is eternally balanced.  Lack of sense organ control leads to diseases, pain, accidental death etc.  When a man of spirituality imbibes the art of self-control, he never undergoes bodily hardships.  Even if these hardships have to be faced due to results of past actions (i.e. destiny), its pain does not last long.


Gayatri worship bestows special results.  When a man undergoing deadly diseases, bodily hardships, mental agitations etc. takes up Gayatri worship, he actually witnesses the warding off, of all the above mentioned agony.


The sacred qualities attained due to Gayatri worship are hard work, alertness, sweetness, simplicity and a controlled speech. Wherever these sacred qualities manifest, there abides glory.  Poverty can never enter this area of glory.  When a person conducts his business with intense efforts and alertness, if he behaves courteously and lovingly with others, he will get enough opportunities to earn wealth righteously.  Generally people lack that sacred intellect which helps us to use our wealth appropriately.  Due to improper utility of one’s wealth, one undergoes poverty.  That person who uses his wealth with the ethics of simplicity and magnanimity, never undergoes poverty, nor does he lack anything and nor does he owe anything to anybody.  Those vile qualities that tarnishes one’s inner character, are the very ones that lead to poverty.  The teachings and inspirations of Gaaytri are meant to aptly manage a person’s life.  A true devotee imbibes all this deeply and thus never faces the pain of poverty.


Many a times under situations full of financial worries it is Gayatri worship that manifests amazing light.  These opportunities of earning wealth which so far were obstructed, now start opening up.  Obstacles are overcome and those opportunities knock at our doors, which help us earn enough wealth righteously.  Time and again  devotees of Gayatri come across such sacred opportunities and they actually experience the grace of Mother Gayatri who is responsible for overcoming our poverty-stricken fate.


Gayatri is the Goddess of our intellect.  Due to Her grace a devotee naturally yearns for more wisdom.  Due to Svadhyaya (self-study) and Satsang (Association with great saints) one’s spiritual wisdom augments.  Simultaneously one also learns how to aptly lead a material life too.  Such a devotee is a great student of life.  Those who love to learn will augment their wisdom all the time.  He realizes that wisdom is the greatest wealth that one could possess.  Just as the layman is after material wealth, a devotee of Gayatri runs after spiritual wisdom.  Such a person experiences that all obstacles in the way of attaining wisdom have been warded off.  Those circumstances are created by Mother Gayatri, which help a true devotee to attain divine wisdom.  A true devotee of Gayatri can never be illiterate, indolent or one who ignores divine wisdom.


Many a times it has been seen that when those with a weak intellect worship Mother Gayatri, their intellectual brilliance augments n-number of times.  Those with a weak intellect, forgetful nature, stupid behaviour, lack of hindsight, egoistic, agitated /mad psyche become wise, farsighted, intellectually razor sharp etc.  School / college students who worship Mother Gayatri get excellent grades in their exams.


True skill means delving deep into a given subject, understanding a particular situation minutely and carrying out chores efficiently.  A person is truly wise if he can solve various problems according to the demands of times in an efficient manner.  Such wise and skillfully active people always reap success.  Signs of true skill include knowledge of various fields of life, practical and high thinking and taking apt steps to solve crucial problems.  Such skilful people are leaders of society and march ahead on the path of success.


When those whose thinking is topsy-turvy, whose intellect is dull, worship Gayatri regularly, they become artists, sculptors, radiant and famous. When unwanted pressure of vile emotions on the intellect is thrown away, brilliance of character takes over.


Gayatri the Mother of a sacred intellect blesses Her true devotee with pious qualities like humility, oneness of heart, cooperation, joy, generosity, compassion, egolessness and gentlemanly behaviour.  Such personalities can be compared to a blooming fragrant lotus flower.  Buzzing bees, honey bees, butterflies etc. always buzz around these flowers.  Whoever sees this scene experiences joy.  Whoever gets the fragrance gets attracted to these flowers.  A man of gentlemanly character never lacks good friends.  Helpers, friends and those who revere such people, augment in number as days pass by.


The more one has a respectful status in society, the more one has helpers and friends and to that extent one progresses in life.  Wherever such people go, they are welcomed with a red carpet and offered worship rites like Aarti etc.


The immediate benefits of Gayatri worship are innumerous.  No more can one’s enemy succeed in his dangerous attacks.  One’s hatred becomes nought and those who opposed us previously, can no longer succeed henceforth.  Those who were foes become friends now and those who did not cooperate, now start cooperating immensely.  Whenever there was obstruction, opposition and lack of cooperation, there a very conducive atmosphere was created and seeing this, the devotees of Gayatri have had a taste of the miraculous powers of Gayatri worship.


It has already been said that the 5-faced Gayatri is a symbol of the 5 bodies and 5 sheaths of human existence.  Those who worship the 5-faced image of Gayatri succeed in the unveiling the 5 sheaths (Koshas).  Like 5 powerful men, they succeed both  materially and spiritually.  This is the true meaning of the 5-faced Gayatri with 10 arms. After understanding this precept, whoever activates the 5 sheaths, will definitely attain all round success (i.e. both spiritual and material) in life.





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