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In the New Era what should be the level of faith, hope, tradition, activities of human society?  On what basis should it be executed is the question that has to be decisively answered.  It is not enough to ward off just the undesirable elements in our psyche.  These agitations that will follow when blind beliefs are destroyed, will have to be dealt with via sacred faith. No doubt good health, education, income, security are necessary and none will oppose earning all this, but if we get stuck at the level of material comforts, all problems cannot be solved.  Because it is most required that the consciousness in each person that uses these material comforts should be sanctified.  Else if these material comforts enter the hands of vile natured people, greater problems will manifest in society. When a vile person is powerful bodily, he executes terrible acts which makes him a dictator. If a person is a cunning intellectual, he will loot and harass others.  A wealthy person gets addicted to bad habits and because of his bloated ego, he will create strife for himself and those around him.  Many skills exist that lure others to their doom.  The security apparatus is misused to harass the weak.  The very basis of scientific research has been noted to be misused for mass destruction activities.  Officials of justice and progress, play the role of  “the rat ate up the field”. From this it is very clear that no doubt materials are used for augmenting peace in society, yet it is a must that the conscious personality that makes use of all this should be pure and sacred.


The biggest irony of this era has been that no doubt material comforts have augmented yet the conscious individual that uses it, has tainted his psyche a great deal. Hence material comforts has not led to his all-round advancement.  Inner vileness has led to external illegal / criminal activities and thus our   world is full of problematic strifes.  It is most required that material advancement goes hand in hand with spiritual progress (i.e. sacredness). Else all our hard work in the name of progress, will lead to sorrow only.


The greatest wealth and success of a human being is greatness/purity of one’s inner personality. Soul contentment leads to attainment of faith, respect, public cooperation and divine grace. This is that very principle with the help of which, one attains objects in one’s material life. On this basis lies true attainment and utility of these material comforts. In its absence even if man has material joys equivalent to that possessed by Indra or Kubera, he will undergo strife only.  He himself will remain sorrowful and agitated and will induce pain in others too.


The supreme need of our times is in advancing and making cultured, our inner personalities.  This task is more important than attaining material progress.  If this is ignored, so called material advancement will lead to strife only.  The only basis of potentials of joyous situations in the New Era is that man’s psyche will become great.  If this personality will abound in generosity and pure character, definitely his life will manifest divinity. The congregational activities of such divine men will create a heavenly world. The foundation stone, of a New Era that will manifest divinity in humans and heaven on earth, has its basis in purifying the psyche of each individual.  From the standpoint of discrimination, character and social behaviour, he should be that much more great.  It is on this basis that the all-round needs of advancement will be realized.


The question is this, that what is it that will touch our inner being. What is the method that will help rectify it? Uptil now only 3 methods have been made use of viz. fear of law, lure of prizes and educating people to be gentlemanly. But it has been seen that these 3 methods are very superficial because it shows only a minor effect on the body and intellect. It is so superficial, that in those cases where the deeper layers of the sub-conscious mind is very distorted, it shows no transformation for the better.  There is no dearth of police, prisons and harsh laws. There exists an expensive arrangement for enforcement of law, yet it has been seen that wily men find loopholes over here too and thus escape the net of law. It takes a long time to reap riches from gentlemanly behaviour and the extent too is less. The thinking of vile men is that instead of this, it is better to earn easy money via illegal acts. In this manner educating people to accept high ideals too goes in vain.  It has been seen that people with criminal tendencies, too talk of imbibing high ideals in one’s life. Thus they talk about ethics/ high ideals but behave criminally.  Thus it is clear that they were previously educated in the area of high ideals.  What more can one teach to a person who is already educated?  How can one awaken a person who is already awake?  May be restrictions at the body level of education of the mind helps other endeavours, yet it is rarely seen to transform the deep subconscious layers of the human psyche.


 A very mysterious and manifested fact of human existence is that the roots of one’s personality lie in the deep recesses of faith.  In order to know what kind of a person one is dealing with it will not help you at all, if you just study his body, mind and material gains. One can measure his state, and potential only after assessing the nature of the deeper layers of his psyche. Truly his potential lies in this deep center.  Desires manifest as per one’s faith. In order to satisfy one’s desires, the intellect like a wise lawyer sets off to fulfil them without understanding what is right and what is wrong. The body like a trusted servant acts exactly as his master, the mind, commands him to do. A machine acts as per its master’s orders. All movements of the body take place as per the command of the mind. Mind is influenced by desires and desires have their basis in one’s faith.  In reality the psyche which is the center of all faiths, is the be-all and end all of human existence.


The center of faith is indeed very deep. Very rarely can political laws, social norms or any form of education, enter its depth. The intense inspiration of faith destroys all these coverings. If this were not true then why would religious leaders act against righteousness? Why would political leaders, under the guise of serving others get involved in vile activities that harass the layman? Why would government officials appointed for maintaining peace, law and order in society, silently work with anti-social elements?  Thus it is clear that all rules, logic and ideals are left on the wayside and the vile nature of our faith blows its own bugle aloud.


The root cause of the strife faced in this era is the lack of pure faith. How can this gigantic problem be solved? Because all the so called methods to ward off this problem have failed to reach its depth and bring in a positive transformation.


The answer is only one and that is faith can be transformed only with faith. It is a tame elephant that helps tame another wild elephant. A thorn is removed with the help of another thorn and as per Homeopathy Medicinal cures, it is venom that helps remove venom in our body. It is only faith of high value that can overcome vile natured faith.  The saying that answer a stick with a stick or answer a slap with a slap is well-known.  Iron helps cut another bar of iron.  If a person falls into a deep crater, one has to enter the crater to help him come out of it. It is possible to overcome vileness that has entered in our faith/conviction, only by establishing high sacred thinking in that area.  This is the chief mode of purifying our character.


The aim of worship and meditation is to establish, nourish and augment deep, high valued faith.  A body fights with another body.  One thought attacks another thought and it is only faith that induces transformation and purity in faith.


The divine philosophy of divine wisdom embedded in Gayatri, influences our psyche and thus advances our true faith. It is only that teaching which is capable of touching our sensitive nature, like self-study, association with saints, deep thinking, mental reflection etc. that has the power to transform and improve the nature of our soul. Yoga means uniting a creature with God, the individual soul with the cosmic soul (God) and vileness with greatness. Yoga means uniting the ordinary and daily transactions with high ideals. Via this union the need of sanctifying our faith can be fulfilled.


The second aspect that influences the faith arena is austerities.  It can be defined as an intense effort to root out vile psychic imprints and replace them with sacred qualities.  It can be said to be a revolutionary struggle in the psyche. The austerity class encompasses the entire mode of worship/ meditation. Austerities encompass Mantra chanting, meditation, worship rites, vows, self-control, endurance while carrying out righteous tasks and spiritual practices. Its aim is to root out vile psychic imprints and re-establish pious qualities. Yoga based spiritual wisdom and austerities based spiritual practice, definitely paves the way for success in advancing one’s character and purification of one’s faith.


In material grandeur prowess exists in the soul arena, which is called Ojas, Tejas, Varchas (divine radiance) etc.  Mental force is more powerful than spiritual practices and soul force is more powerful than mental force. It is this very soul force that overflows in the psyche of great men and realized saints. Miraculous powers are nothing but a spark of one’s soul force.  Because of extra-sensory powers, a person is considered more powerful and revered in comparison to the layman.  In comparison to people who attain material success, a person full of special qualities is not any less great but is in fact considered more powerful.  With the help of their will power not only do they themselves rise higher up the ladder of life, but lift others on their shoulders to great heights too. In order to attain such greatness one has to take recourse to the Science of Spiritual Practices.  From this standpoint the importance of Gayatri is supreme.  The basis of capability in this New Era can only be Gayatri.





It is a fact that the atmosphere gets influenced by radiant characters. With their potent energy, radiant men of the high level of radiance, thinking and penance heat up the atmosphere and thus extraordinary transformations have been noted to take place. There is another fact that seems opposite to the above reality. In that an individual gets influenced by the atmosphere. In the stream of time innumerable people flow away like grass and leaves. Alongwith a cyclone dust, roof-tops, trees etc. get uprooted. All plants, stems of trees etc. get inclined in the direction of the cyclonic wind. This can only be called the pressure of flow.


Both these are the aspect of Era Transformation. With their intense soul force men of austerities, influence the atmosphere and create a widespread favourable situation for a desirable transformation. The second aspect is that via special activities, heat is created in the atmosphere and because of this all-pervading pressure, everything gets transformed with relative ease. Between both these aspects which is primary and which is secondary? It is futile to discuss this. We must accept that both these aspects are very important and both are very useful. Both in fact mutually benefit one another.  Era creators must nourish both these aspects.


Only via the medium of austerities can a personality be created that manifests energy for Era Transformation. Even people with material brilliance are seen to attain success in many areas.  Of course they are all material object oriented. It has been seen that bodily, intellectual and material wealth execute many important tasks yet they are all worldly in nature. On the basis of wealth, huge buildings, factories etc. are constructed.  Help can be taken from other means to augment material comfort.    With the help of science, wealth, intellect and hard work, material comforts are on the rise and this will continue in future too.  From this standpoint the importance of material comforts and prowess will always be accepted. Despite all this a fact remains that even untold material comforts, cannot induce greatness in our inner psyche / consciousness.  Consciousness can only be influenced by consciousness and in order to educate and radiate it, a sacred sentimental basis is most required.  Material comforts can only influence the intellect and activate the body.


History is witness to the fact that people with inner greatness have influenced innumerable other people with their inner energy.  Great souls like Christ, Buddha, Shankaracharya, Vivekanand, Gandhi etc. moulded and transformed their psyche.  In order to rectify contemporary taints, these great men manifested miraculous acts.  People always follow in the footsteps of leading great men of the world. Great personalities like Guru Gobind Singh, Rana Pratap etc. were able to create material wealth under very dire situations. This is an example of radiance of soul force that overflows from the psyche of great men. During the manifestation of a New Era, such a lineage of austerities has to be evolved, which will help augment the number of people with great soul force. Only such individuals can induce all others to imbibe greatness.  It is easy for materially rich people to educate and incite others, towards selfish attainments but as far as imbibing ideals in one’s daily routine and inspiring people to even die for high ideals is concerned, only those souls full of austerities can execute such a gigantic task.  In order to combat era taints the weapon of soul energy is most required. Apart from manifesting energy of penance in our psyche, there is no other way to create intense power, akin to an  atom bomb blast and to utilize it for creative purposes. There is no other method apart from creating Bhagirathas, for creative tasks and Dadichis for destructive acts.  In order to fulfil these needs a gigantic foundation of Gayatri worship is being set up, that includes ordinary solutions and high leveled austerities.


Knowers of truth realize that in order to create an interest in the subtle atmosphere of the independence movement in this era, what a great role has been played by great Aryans and men of austerities like Yogi Aurobindo.  To create an army of sacrificing men, while putting the lives of innumerable people at stake for agitations like non-cooperation movement, Satyagraha and do or die movement, can only be called a miracle. It can only be amazing that those citizens who in the past were oppressed so savagely, suddenly joined hands to protect the pride of their nation and that to attain their goal they went to great extremes.  One fails to find examples elsewhere of so many great souls manifesting at one and the same time.  One may find many soldiers and leaders at one and the same time but in those days, Mother India created innumerable great men.  Behind their creation is seen the hand of a great magician.  Most definitely that creation was the result of known and unknown austerities.  Because this source of energy creation has become frail, it is difficult to find radiant men who will studiously work for creation of a great nation. How great can be the contribution of power of penance to evolve public consciousness?  May be tomorrow if not today, will it be possible to understand it as a definite fact.


This is one aspect that evolves soul force and through it, purifies the atmosphere.  For Era Transformation it is most required that one diligently joins in for such endeavours. For such productivity era creators will have to make diligent effort.  The second aspect is to influence the atmosphere by congregational effort and activate ordinary men, to play an extraordinary role in this stormy flow.  This aspect can flourish only via congregational effort.  A lone individual effort can succeed only in a limited area, measure and time. Whereas in a widespread area, if one wants to make great efforts for a permanent goal, such congregational efforts are required which help fill the subtle world with an overflow of spirituality.


In the ancient times this goal was fulfilled via the group to 7 Rishis. Although their bodies were separate, they coexisted together. There was intense unity in their thinking, their programs and all their activities.  It is like the 7 elements that unite to form a human body and help in its movement.  Today they are shining in the sky as a group and are marching ahead in tandem. Despite being celestial, there is no lesser unity amongst them. They very well understand the value and importance of congregational effort. They have vowed not to let any obstructions come in their efforts.


The help of demi-gods can be understood by seeing the worship dais set up to worship them.  In the re-instating of Sarvatobhadra etc. one notes its root activity of close proximity. In one water tumbler (Kalash) itself, all of these demi-gods are invoked and then settled in it.  Goddess Durga is considered a symbol of the congregational power of demi-gods.


Congregational tasks are most required in divine endeavours. The Yajna rites are eternal. All principles are established in worship of demi-gods. It is a fact that the entire working machinery of a Yajna has its basis in congregational tasks. A group of Yajna officials viz. Brahma, Acharya, Ardhavyu, Udgata, Yajmaan, Ritvik etc. conduct Yajnas.  The more there are people who offer Yajna materials to the fire, who circumbulate the fire, who work hard, who organize the Yajna, who help in the Yajna etc. greater is the success of the Yajna program. Rajsuya Yajnas have been traditionally conducted for political attainments and Vajpeya Yajnas have been executed for righteous/religious purposes.  Vajpeya Yajna includes Ashwamedha, Rajsuya and Gayatri Yajnas. Within this the aim has been to bring in unity in the thinking and efforts made for contemporary goals, by bringing in political leaders and religious leaders on one single platform. In a forest like Naimisharanya etc. gigantic Yajnas via discourses of Suta-Shaunaka etc. were conducted and innumerable Rishi-souls would participate in this righteous endeavour.


The aim of gigantic religious conferences that took place in the Kumbha Mela during sacred festivals, too was one. And that was intense cooperation and congregational effort by great men for achieving sacred goals.  Amongst other goals in righteous acts like discourses, singing the holy name, festival rites, circumbulation, pilgrimages etc. there is another important goal, which is to make an arrangement wherein piousness becomes congregational and walks unitedly in one direction.


In order to combat vile activities during Ravana’s rule, great Rishis had executed congregational spiritual based programs which created subtle divine force. All of them contributed their bodily blood and after enclosing it in a big pot, the pot was buried under the ground.  For that Seeta manifested and she played a major role in overcoming vile activities prevailing in society.


Even individual spiritual endeavours are important and there is a need of meditation in solitude for individual purification. But for cosmic widespread goals there is no other solution but congregational worship/meditation. Material goals can be attained via material objects but in order to influence the subtle world, there is a need of spiritual effort. No doubt it takes place at the individual level, yet it has to be raised to a congregational level too.


One can see today what is the difference between individual and congregational power.  There may be thousands of sticks in a broom but individually they can never sweep even a small room.  Thousands of single cloth fibres are of no use.  Only if the sticks of a broom join together, can they sweep a building.  Only if individual fibres join together, can they make a cloth and thus cover our naked bodies.  Flame lamps are generally seen to burn separately always, but one can enjoy the Dipawali Festival of lights only if these flame lamps are aligned close to one another in a decorative way.  A valiant soldier can rarely succeed in his endeavour, if he is a lone fighter.  Only when many soldiers untie to form an army can they succeed in their task.  Great programs of congregational worship/meditation can fulfil the aim of transforming and rectifying the atmosphere.  The manifestation of Era Power is most required to make favourable, the atmosphere and purifying the subtle world, so as to transform the era. This goal can only be achieved via well managed, cultured spiritual practices at the congregational level.


While proclaiming the Science of worship/meditation, spiritual Rishis have kept in mind that fact that spiritual practices should be carried out at a specific time with specific steps, specific method and with a specific mental level and thus the aim of the subtle world will be fulfilled. Why do they insist that Sandhya-Vandan worship rites be carried out at sunrise and sunset only? The answer is only one that with its aid, a very forceful stream of congregational power can be invoked.


Even if a large number of labourers of different capacities try and lift some heavy burden or try and move a big truck, it is very difficult for them to do so but when in unison they shout aloud “pull hard” and thus concentrate all their might at one point, this focussed power gives miraculous results and a huge truck too can be moved.


At every step one notes success as far as congregational acts are concerned. No doubt the uniform footsteps of marching soldiers seems ordinary but its true influence can be seen when they march in unison on a bridge. The firm echo of the sound that emanates from their disciplined marching footsteps is so intense that it can even destroy a bridge.


Great spiritual men have always taken into consideration, the terrific results of congregational worship. The well-known spiritual rites of various religions have been united together in a congregational manner. Muslims are encouraged to do their Namaaz (prayers to God) at definite hours of the day. This discipline is also seen in other religions too.


The arrangement made to worship Gayatri congregationally, at definite times and in a definite manner, can be understood to be an intense creation of Era Power and thus on its basis the invisible atmosphere of the subtle world, can be made more favourable.





No doubt individual efforts and endeavours are important and they should be respected and encouraged. At times these lone individual efforts are so intense that it not only influences the individual but transforms and influences the cosmic world.  Of course these are exceptions but it proves beyond doubt that each human being is God’s prince and that he potentially has all divine powers albeit latent in his psyche.  If man so desires he can convert these latent powers into active powers so as to enact amazing tasks at the cosmic level. People with radiant minds do exactly this. Such radiance gets re-instated as great men and with their extraordinary endeavour, solve contemporary problems of the world. The divine incarnations of God are of this level. Their special leadership qualities at the world level, bestow on them, the title and respect of “God”.  This is a description of the peak of greatness of an individual.


Despite all this the deep import of the environment stays put in its position. Its influence is noted at every step and there is an intense need, that this environment be made favourable. For this the only solution is congregational spiritual endevaour.  Presently these efforts are being used, to achieve the goal of manifesting Era Power (Yuga Shakti).


The influence of the environment can be known by noting the differences in the shape and inner nature of men. It is the environment that induces skin colour, differences of brown, yellow, white, black etc. These special qualities called hereditary qualities, that influence the skin colour, ultimately are related to the difference in environment in different nations and regions. The small large forms of human beings are as per one’s nation and region. The difference of bodily might in Punjabis and Bengalis (of India) can be attributed to influence of the environment.  On an average majority of the people of Uzbekistan (in Russia) live for 100 years.  There is nothing special about their eating habits, material comforts etc.  Like other people they too eat what others eat but live upto 100 years.  Then what is the reason behind these people living a long life of 100 years?  The answer is the influence of the regional environment on their bodies.


There are differences not only at the body level but also at the inner nature level.  This is the influence of the gross and subtle environment. The basis of the differences regarding culture, civilization etc. is how has the belief, mental inclination and habit been moulded in which region and in which direction is the flow of the thinking and activities of these people?  This flow does not change easily. Hence it is believed to be a difference in culture and it is nourished too. These special qualities not only overflow in one’s inner nature but it also abounds in one’s ideals.


There are different levels of beasts, plants, ores etc. on the basis of the differences of the environment.  When one compares animals of one country with those of another, only the external shapes differ but there is a vast difference as far as their physical might is concerned, the capacity to give milk etc. The different amounts of wool present on a sheep’s body is attributed to the difference of environment in various regions.  There is a great difference between dogs bred in mountains and those of the countryside. The potential to endure seasonal changes is attributed to the subtle special characteristics of that area. These creatures of cold regions can endure cold and those of hot regions can endure heat with relative ease whereas this becomes difficult for those born in different conditions at the time of change.  Those traveling in fast moving vehicles often complain of ill health. This is because the endurance power of the body, fails to adjust with environmental changes.


Differences have been noted in the shape, smell, taste etc. amongst herbs, plants, fruits, flowers etc.  Despite the fact that the name and form of herbs grown in various regions are said to be identical, yet there is an extraordinary difference as far as their chemical nature and other qualities are concerned. Differences have been noted in the shape and nature of birds, insects etc. The differences seen in the characteristics of snakes, scorpions, lizards, spiders etc. seem to be based on species’ differences, yet even these have their roots in differences based on the environment.


Differences are noted amongst regions of various countries as far as conditions, traditions, beliefs, likings and culture are concerned. Children born in various regions imbibe that particular mental attitude and nature, due to the influence of that particular environment.  The thinking, nature and actions of such children are similar to that of other people living in that region.  When there is a pressure of the majority, the minority start imitating the majority.  This is called trend of time, flow of that era etc.  As soon as seasonal changes occur, like summer, winter etc. the characteristics of all creatures, plants and materials too change. A lot of changes take place in our activities when the season is favourable.


Scientists know that everything present and produced on earth is not the result of some accident and it cannot be called a creation of human beings.  Over here quite a few things take place wherein lies the hand of subtle powers and not of human beings.  The spots seen on the sun, change with the change in state of the sun.  Such solar changes deeply influence our planet Earth. Amazing changes are noted in the state of material objects and conditions of all creatures as a result of solar changes.  We are fully aware of how radiations, magnetic storms, storms, cyclones make ordinary circumstances extraordinary. Due to interspace invisible energy rains showers, snow eras have manifested on earth time and again. Situations of water floods, oceanic changes and partial annihilation have been noted. If in future extraordinary changes in material objects of earth or state of living beings are noted, its instrumental cause will be interspace invisible movements and not ordinary events.  During times of floods, famine, intense snow, epidemics etc. man becomes totally helpless.


A person is generally independent and powerful in his life.  Despite this his status is ordinary as far as the movements and conditions of the cosmos is concerned. He cannot induce rain from clouds overflowing with water that stand on his head.  He fails miserably when it comes to obstructing old age and death. His authority over circumstances is negligible. Rarely can he save himself from the flow of time. He cannot stop winter season from manifesting and at the most, he tries to overcome cold by wearing warm clothes and lighting fire.


So it is very clear that man is influenced by the environment. People of different nations live a life that is influenced by their national traditions and thinking. Within that it is the influence of the environment that is at work and not their material brilliance.


With the congregation of consciousness, favourable changes can be induced in the atmosphere.  Many a times such inspirations overflow from the invisible world, that within that storm, man’s intellect flies about like dry leaves and grass.  The urge for war abounds. During such times many experience the need of a major war and are ready to fight.  A very strange frenzy looms large in society.  There is no need to talk about it or explain it.  The speed and heat in the air is such that the layman’s intellect gets hypnotized and thus it flows with the trend of time. Scholars of public psychology know very well how during gigantic war frenzies and regional riots, the environment gets incited and heated up.  Just like this war frenzy other subtle flows too manifest time and again and work like storms, to induce infinite intellects to follow in its footsteps.


There was a time when there was a flow of democratic thoughts which uprooted rule of Kings and replaced it with the miracle of people voting for their desired government.  Then a wave of communism manifested wherein under the leadership of Russia, many Asian and European countries too followed in its footsteps.  Today half the people of the world accept communism and they either wholly or partially follow in its footsteps. These thought flows of democracy and communism can be counted as intense waves of this era. Time and again waves of lesser utility, like feudalism, casteism, capitalism, socialism etc. too have raised their hoods.  A wave is a wave. An onlooker on the seashore witnesses the terrible ebb and flow of the oceanic waves. Many a times various thought waves too manifest like this which carries alongwith it, innumerable intellects and transports them to far off lands.


Lord Buddha’s Wheel of Time was predominantly flow oriented and not based on materialism.  Materials  had created a flow.  And flow created materials.  It was not as though Harshvardhan, Ashok and other kings had unitedly appointed Buddha as a religious preacher.  It was Buddha who heated up the subtle atmosphere and due to that heat, thousands of wise, capable and wealthy humans joined him in spreading his message. Every religious leader of the past, by heating the atmosphere in their own individualistic manner, induced waves of acceptance of their holy message and in that stream flowed innumerable followers. Even in those countries which cut asunder the bondage of alien rule, the waves of  independence manifested and as a result, terrific movements ensued so as to reach their goal.  Those who know the precepts of the subtle and invisible environment, are fully aware of the might of such waves.  Its stormy night cannot be compared to any other force of the world.  If one can understand the nature and deep import of the inspiration of that flow which induced monkeys of the Ramayana era to valiantly jump into the fire, it will be clear that the subtle environment has as much amount of power to lure the humans of the world, to walk in the direction of a particular flow, which is no less powerful than movements based on material paraphernalia.


One cannot depend on advertising instruments for public acceptance and cooperation as much as one can go on the favourable nature of the environment.  There is a greater possibility of success, if the flow of the subtle world cooperates in our endeavour.  If the wind is flowing from behind, it is easy for ships, airplanes and even people to walk on roads and they can thus move very fast to reach their destination.  If the environment becomes vile, terrible epidemics ensue and in a short time span thousands of people die. Due to intense cold in the environment living beings are seen to shiver. Many people are influenced by a sorrowful environment in their house.  One can see how different is the environment of a temple and that of a slaughter house. In Spiritual Science the importance of the subtle world and its environment supersedes all material apparatus of the world.  For Era Transformation we will have to make intense efforts based on Spiritual Science so as to make favourable the environment.


Scriptures give us proof of the methods used time and again by Spiritual Scientists so as to purify the subtle world.  Despite the victory of Lanka, the task of balancing the distorted environment during Ravana’s era, remained unfulfilled.  Lord Rama had fulfilled his vow of executing 10 Ashwamedha Yajnas on the Dashashwamedha Ghat. Despite the death of demons like Kansa, Duryodhan, Jarasandha etc. the distortions of the Mahabharat era continued to prevail in the environment.  Lord Krishna saw the need of its purification and hence asked the Pandavas to perform the Rajasuya Yajna.  The Asuras came to know of the gigantic Yajna performed by Maharshi Vishwamitra meant to weaken demonic force and thus with the help of demons like Tadka, Subahu, Marich etc. they tried to obstruct these Yajnas.  Ram and Lakshman were sent to protect those Yajnas.  Yajnas have played a great role in carrying out solutions for social problems.  Japa (Mantra chanting) too is a Yajna like the Agnihotra (fire sacrifice). Materials are needed for a fire sacrifice but Mantra chanting Yajnas, do not need many materials. Yajnas are generally congregational.  In it one sees the miracles of the spiritual endeavour of Hotas (preists). When Japa Yajnas (Mantra chanting) are carried out by many Mantra chanters, a great amount of congregational power manifests.  Such congregational spiritual practices are called Purascharanas. Purascharanas carried out for special goals via penance based congregational resolves, too make the environment conducive.


Era Transformation is the biggest, most intense, most widespread and most important task of our world. For that not ordinary and limited, but extraordinary and unlimited energy is required. For this there will be a need of material apparatus yet the root source of energy will be spiritual. To transform and purify the public’s psyche is the task of spirituality. Hence the energy required too should be of this level.  The greatness or lowliness of the environment is dependent on congregational thinking. Its manifestation is possible only via intensely powerful, congregational righteous programs based on congregational spiritual practices. Today all of us are endeavouring in this direction.  One can hope that the results of these pious efforts will play an extraordinary role in the great goal of Era Transformation.





Era Transformation in today’s times is a definite fact. The creator (God) of this gigantic garden called the world does not wish that this incomparable artistic creation of his, gets destroyed in the manner it is heading towards doom today.  Man is a symbol of God’s radiance and glory.  The creator created man using all his artistic skills based on hope. A great flurry is being seen today as far as congregational suicide is concerned.  If the demon of intellectual wealth is hell bent on destroying Shiva and the culture of Parvati, the promise of “Yada yada hi dharmasya” cannot remain dormant.  For attaining balance, destiny with a firm resolve, had to make arrangements for control.  All this is taking place in these days.  The gross eyes may not be able to visualize Brahma Muhurat (time between 4 a.m. – 6 a.m.) but those who are far sighted, can see that the dark night has passed by and that there is not much delay for dawn to smile.


The fact regarding manifestation of a New Era is no longer a dispute.  It can almost directly be experienced as a definite fact. When creation daringly sets off to respect the powers of destruction, every one knows who is going to win.  In this speech of the Shrutis lies the eternal tradition of creation. As long as light fails to manifest, gloomy darkness continues to exist.  When world consciousness proclaims, that it will not accept darkness and instead yearns to walk towards eternal light, manifestation of a new dawn should then be an accepted fact.


As always in (Era Transformation) distortions have been warded off and pious actions have replaced them, yet there has always been a difference as far as a disease and its cure is concerned. That itself is thought to be the difference and its special characteristic. In events of ancient times, vileness of indiscipline led to world destruction. As a result God incarnated with his weapons, to crush that distortion.  For example Varah’s teeth, Nrisinha’s nails, Parshuram’s axe, Ram’s bow and Krishna’s disc come to mind immediately. Today it is not a beastly nature but criminal activities that are on the rise.  For that it is the  lineage of the intellect which is responsible. Overcoming injustice with ethics is the repetition of the act of manifesting Ganga of heaven on earth.  The future incarnation will be in the form of Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect).  We will behold Yuga Chandi in this very form.  As of now the roots of criminal acts are very deep.  It has not only taken over our thinking but has also taken over our faith too.  Its problem is in the form of a demeaned nature.  Overcoming it will be more difficult than what it seems.  Hence its solution too has to be very intense and high leveled.  This time the incarnation is in the form of Yuga Shakti Gayatri.  Weapons are good enough to demolish vileness but we should realize that downfallen personalities are invisible. They enter our desires and faiths.  Thus it is very difficult to dive deep into the recesses of such criminal tendencies and uproot them in totality.  Such a widespread, difficult task can only be executed by Goddess Adi Shakti. Criminal acts based on spiritual ignorance, can only be destroyed by the manifestation of the intense brilliance of a divine intellect. In order to induce this transformation, Brahmi Shakti (Divine Energy) herself is manifesting in this world. Her attendants were not capable of fulfilling such a gigantic task.


For every important task energy is required. Whether a machine is small or big, it requires power. The movement in a cosmic machine or an individual machine is dependent on the measure of energy available.  In activities of transformation, much more energy is required when compared to the requirement of energy in ordinary tasks. Extraordinary measures need to be taken both for destruction as well as creation.  When one takes note of events of important transformations of the world, one realizes that a lot of material power, power of hard work and that of thought was utilized.  Time and again extraordinary might has been utilized for social, economic and political revolutions. If these materials had not been gathered, the goal could not have been achieved.  This time the battle ground of Era Transformation is the psyche of human civilization.  On this basis will purification and transformation be carried out.  It is in this arena (of the psyche) that Army Generals are setting up their camps.  The goal is purification of the psyche of entire world humanity.  The problems today are so intricate, that they cannot be solved by external/superficial endeavours.  Without transforming human thinking it is not possible to convert distortions into progress. The divine influence that make favourable, the flow of thinking can be called era consciousness.  This is in fact Yuga Shakti Gayatri.  The root source of Era Transformation is this very Gayatri Energy.  Its activities will encompass destruction of undesirable thinking and creation of a desirable thought wave at the world level.  The entire transformation is categorized into 3 parts viz. intellectual, ethical and social revolution.  It can be said to be the 3 streams of the above 3 legs and its union can be called Triveni.


Bathing in the Triveni Sangam is considered a very purifying act.  Very much akin to this will the human psyche be purified. The external human form will not change but the character within the human body will get transformed. As soon as the inner nature changes, the external nature too follows suit.  The manifestation of Era Power Gayatri and its activity too is of this type.  This type of Gayatri will play a major role in Era Transformation. In the movement of wisdom Yajna and thought revolution , Adi Shakti (Primordial Divine Energy) will abound.


When one takes an ordinary viewpoint of the Gayatri Mantra, it appears to be a mere well-known Mantra of Hinduism that is utilized for worship rites. A gross viewpoint tells us that its form and boundary is small, yet in reality its influence is very widespread.  Gayatri is a Super Divine Power.  Its form encompasses an interwoven metre of 24 letters.  It can be said to be the source of our Vital Force and the Merudand (spine) of Indian Religion.  The Shikha (pigtail) is Gayatri.  The Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) too is Gayatri. The Preceptorial (Guru) Mantra is Gayatri. It is called Vedmata (Mother of Vedas) and Devmata (Mother of gods) too. From this root source akin to Gangotri and Yamnotri, manifests the spiritual wisdom of Brahmavidya and austerity methods of Brahmavarchas.  The glorious past of India is the history of such divine men.  They played a stupendous role in not only making their motherland i.e. India heavenly but also helped the entire world to attain glory and wealth.  Without doubt the psyche of such divine men is moulded on the basis of Gayatri philosophy and its austerity methods.


The first sunrise of Gayatri Super Power took place in the holy land of India.  Naturally it was possible to manifest its power first and foremost in this land in unlimited measure but we should not misinterpret by saying that its influence will remain within the precincts of Indian soil. The Japanese believe that the sun rises first in their land and hence they call themselves sons of Sun-God but without hurting the sentiments of the Japanese, it is a fact that despite the sun rising first in Japan, it continues to manifest its light in the entire world. Hence Gayatri too should be seen in this light.  Vedmata is its initial manifestation.  Its widespread nature is seen to be in the form of Devmata (Mother of Gods) and Mother of the world.  Thus the Gayatri Mantra well known in Hinduism, which is an interwoven Sanskrit metre, should not be limited to usage in religious worship rites only.  Its area of activity and resultant advancement is much more widespread.  It is so far reaching that there should be no difficulty in finding solutions to human problems.  In the joyous potentials of the manifestation of the New Era, Gayatri Super Power will play a major role.


A seed is generally very tiny.  But in its deep recess, lies a gigantic tree in a subtle form with all its special qualities.  An atom is tiny but one is amazed to note its inner potential and power of action. The attributes of a sperm seem very mild, yet an entire human being lies in it in a subtle form. The same comparison can be made with respect to the Gayatri Mantra.  Despite its form being small and its utility appears limited, yet its potential is so widespread that it has the power to create an entirely new world.


Gayatri the Super Power of Divine Consciousness has 2 forms viz. knowledge and science.  The knowledge aspect can be called high leveled spiritual wisdom, divine knowledge and divine intellect.  It is utilized to make our faith and desire of a high stature via a thought revolution. On this basis one attains means of intellectual greatness of knowledge, Yajna, thought revolution etc. For this reason means like writings, speeches, audios etc. are used. As a result activities like self-study, holy discourses, meditation etc. are carried out.


The second aspect of Gayatri is science.  This is the very method that lies scattered in the many traditions of meditation and spiritual practices.  At a gross level it seems like praying to demi-gods/ demi-goddesses for the fulfillment of one’s desires but the reality is not this.  The inner nature of human beings is full of so many awesome latent potentials that it can be called a true copy of divine consciousness.  There is poverty due to the latent state of one’s inner nature, but the moment it is awakened, a great ocean of glory can be visualized.  Those who activate and make apt use of this otherwise latent potential are called great men.  They have played historic roles while they lived in the world.  They glorified themselves and glorified not only the world’s environment, but all those people who came in contact with them.


At the gross level an individual’s body seems to be 5 ½ feet tall and heavy with a weight if about 75 kgs but its root existence lies hidden in the deep cave of the psyche as consciousness.  This consciousness  behaves as per the atmosphere it encounters.  As a result its form too takes that shape.  When chameleons lie in green grass, they become green and when they lie on dry grass they turn yellow in colour.  The state of the inner psyche is responsible for manifesting greatness or lowliness in one’s consciousness. Material paraphernalia can never touch the sensitive spots in a human’s psyche. Only consciousness  oriented cures can reach those deep recesses.  The aim of Gayatri MahaMantra’s spiritual practice and devotion too in this.  Its method is called Gayatri Mahavijnan (great science).  Its aim is to activate that which lies latent.  The greatest sense organs of man add up to three in number.  The activity that fulfills the 3 goals viz. rectifying, radiating and evolving the sense organs is called Gayatri worship. With the help of this scientific aspect, many foundation stones of material advancement too can be laid down.  Such a purification takes place in the thinking and viewpoint of the inner world of the wisdom aspect which can be called Rishi Kalp.  The utility of Gayatri Science is extraordinary as far as advancing both the individual and all-pervasive aspects are concerned. In order to fulfill contemporary goals, its role is being played by Yuga Shakti (Era Power).  In order to discipline those who encourage crime and act unrighteously, and re-establish true religion, God incarnates time and again in this world.  The goal of an incarnation is to balance all prevailing imbalances in the world.  For this, solutions are charted out keeping in mind contemporary circumstances. All these are divine sports of God.  The aim of all incarnations is one only and that is solving the problem of cosmic mental distortions and dire conditions of the world. The main program of an incarnation is to obstruct corruption and encourage ethical activities.  What is the nature of such a sacred program?  What are the means and solutions adopted?  All this is decided as per the nature of contemporary problems of the world.  It is because of this that despite the goal of God’s incarnation being one, the activities (means) of different incarnations too are different.


Goddess Saraswati had incarnated so as to nourish not only the human intellect but also the means and enthusiasm for education. Goddess Durga’s incarnation symbolized congregational activities, cooperation and agitation against corruption.  Saraswati can be said to be a revolutionary conscious energy of the intellect and Durga that of socialism.  The third divine energy is called Gayatri.  Gayatri meaning spirituality of one’s inner being and ethics of the external world. Alongwith Gayatri righteous religion and spirituality too manifested.  Through the medium of Vedas are imbibed spiritual knowledge, discipline and ethics. Goddess Lakshmi is not included in this aspect of consciousness.  This is because she symbolizes materialism and all forms of art.  Hence during events of incarnation neither Lakshmi nor her divine sports are described.


All distortions of our era are more deep than what they seem to be.  It has taken root as lack of faith in the psyche of all mankind and has destroyed our thinking and actions.  The one and only solution for solving the problems of faith deterioration etc. is purification of world human psyche.  This is the central focal point of the hope of a bright future. Other cures like rectification and upliftment, hover around this focal point. The present Era Revolution aims at rooting out deteriorating faith and replacing them with ethics based faith.  In our era we can definitely see this God consciousness manifesting in our midst.


During discussions of God’s incarnation, generally credit goes to people full of leadership qualities.  This can be labeled as gross evaluation of gross eyes.  In reality Era Transformation manifests due to a stormy conscious energy flow from the divine subtle world. Due to its influence many awakened souls join hands and take up various responsibilities. This is the principle form of all of God’s incarnations.  The photograph of a man standing in the first row is more clear. Despite this all the members of the group are important.  Well-known individuals called incarnations can be called men who stand in the first row with great leadership qualities and who are given major credit.  In reality an incarnation is said to be Era Consciousness that creates vibratory movements in the subtle world.


In the incarnation tradition of Era Power Gayatri, manifested the medium of Vedmata Brahmaji at first. The 7 incarnations of Gayatri manifested first as the 7 mystic words (Bhuha, Bhuvaha etc.) which later gained fame as the 7 Rishis.  The 9th incarnation of Era Transformation in the past was that of Vishwamitra. In the Viniyog proclamation of Gayatri Mantra, one finds Gayatri Chand (metre), Savita demi-god, Rishi Vishwamitra.  Thus upto this era Vishwamitra is the 9th incarnation.  Thus through the medium of Brahmaji Vedmata, through the medium of Saptarshis Devmata and through the medium of Vishwamitra, the World Mother has already incarnated.  Thus these incarnations total upto 9 in number.  The 10th incarnation of our times is that of Era Power Gayatri.  With our physical eyes we can see clearly the act of overcoming the dark age and a holy beginning of a bright future simultaneously with the incarnation of Gayatri.





By itself man does not lack capability and with its apt usage, he can benefit himself and others too.  But if one wishes to see his infinite potency, one will have to enter the deep recesses of human consciousness.  Man’s greatness can be seen externally but if you want to measure it, you will have to dive deep within the psyche.  Brahma Vidya is the Science of understanding, purifying, making potent, making good use of the awakened inner consciousness. The seed aphorism of the gigantic body of Brahmavidya is called Gayatri.  As time went by Gayatri is said to be the power of entering the deep cave of human glory and bringing out this power for utility in the external world.  This divine energy will be best used for creation of a New Era.


Man’s external existence too has attained a number of skills but they are limited and unsteady.  Generally wealth means money, bodily might, education brilliance, status etc. and with its help, man attains worldly success. Yet its potency is limited and thus individual glory attained too is limited.  Material success is attained not merely via hard work and worldly means but it greatly depends also, on others’ help and favourable circumstances. In case external obstructions come our way or that situations become dire, worldly means and skills are futile and thus one encounters failure. “Varchas” conjoined to soul force is more definite in comparison to other material means. In it there is neither the bondage of limitation, nor is there discontent of scarcity. That area overflows unlimitedly.  Because the soul is in direct communion with God, one can attain anything and everything from that divine source.


Limited amount of water flows in wells but when we remove some water from it, the underlying water table deep below, adds that much amount of water back into the well.  A spark of fire is indeed very tiny but if it comes in contact with fuel, there is a possibility of a blazing forest fire manifesting.  This is the miracle of the help attained from the cosmic fire principle.  The stream of a river is limited, very little water flows in it but because it originates from the mighty Himalayan snow, it flows ceaselessly due to this inseparable contact whereas because the water of a pond is limited within its periphery, it cannot endure the pressure of its users, heat, wind etc. and thus gets destroyed fast due to drying.  Material power can be compared to water of a pond and soul power can be compared to river water that originates form the mighty Himalayas.


Material objects are fleeting.  The entire cycle of this world is based on rise and fall.  Over here right from an atom upto the sun are on the move.  They walk, move ahead and change.  They appear to be steady yet this is not true. The very nature of material objects is transitory.  None can be saved from birth and death and in the same way there is no room for steadiness.  No doubt the body grows from childhood to youth yet old age and death are imminent.  With the help of education and experiential practice, the intellect advances but even this is a definite fact that the more one ages, to that extent all the components of the intellect viz. memory, imagination, decision power etc. become weak.  A time comes when a person at one particular time was said to be intelligent and then in another time frame, he is called foolish and is thus insulted.  Everyone is aware of how illnesses and weakness engulfs a person in old age.  Our sense organ power, like intellectual power, too diminishes with advancing old age.  Capabilities run away from those who are weak.  Let alone social status, even our status in our own family too gets demeaned.  The household is run by those who are earning a lot of wealth.  A man who was previously the head of his family, is now a helpless onlooker of changing fortunes.  The reason behind movements that aim at removing aged political leaders, is this element of weakness.


The same holds true for spiritual practices. Success attained from wealth earning, seeps out from the hole of increase in expense and thus one’s storehouse is always half empty.  And then comes the imbalance of lack of earned wealth and increase in expenses.  Neither wealth nor poverty remains steady.  Under these circumstances, all schemes based on wealth go awry.  The biggest difficulty in this field is that if the utilisers of these wealth based means became indolent or became vile intellectually, wealth gets misused and thus one has to face dire circumstances.


All gains based on limited, unsteady, indefinite material apparatus, can only be called an accident of fate.  One can hope but not trust that with its aid, one can attain material success.  When there is such a big question mark, even as far as ordinary goals are concerned, how can we say that gigantic endeavours like Era Transformation that require infinite power, can be achieved on this basis?  History is witness to the fact that those authoritative centers, which were thought to be very powerful, could not achieve even a minor goal of making its sect worldwide.  Thus it is a joke if we assume that on the basis of material potency one can induce a worldwide atmosphere of peace.  The dream of gigantic political leaders of bringing in a transformation after concentrating all power in their hands mostly remained unfulfilled.  On the basis of material means Germany, Italy, China, Russia tried to induce transformation on a great footing.  To achieve this goal they resorted to all means. Yet wise men know how much success was attained by them.  Whatever little was achieved, disappeared in a short time span.  It is doubtful as to how long such transformations will continue to exist.


A great deal of energy is required for making efforts and schemes to attain material / worldly success.  One is only wonderstruck to see, the gigantic amount of material power utilized, to attain industrial, professional, educational, medical, peace, security, religious goals. And yet despite all this there is not an iota of peace and progress.  Schemes come to a grinding halt.  Thus it is clear that when such material power finds it very difficult to augment material comforts, how can it execute the stupendous task of purifying the atmosphere and psyche of world humanity?  No doubt the gigantic task of neocreation too requires material means and it is most required that they be assembled, yet it can never be the foundation stone of neo creation. A material scheme could be very gigantic and based on innumerous material apparatus, yet it is futile to believe that it can carry out the widespread task of Era Transformation.


It is the psyche within of all mankind, that need transformation.  Its viewpoint needs a positive change.  Faith needs to be purified and goals need to be given a proper direction. The basis of gentlemanliness i.e. will power, needs to abound.  The root basis of Era Transformation, involves realizing the soul and activating self glory.  Only when the psyche of all mankind becomes pure, will one see results like progress of individuals and greatness of society.  All effort and endeavour is related to the subtle world.  Hence the means too should be such that desired goals can be attained.  Most definitely this task is that of soul force.  It is this that has to be created and utilized.  For Era Creation, this production of energy is the basic task.  This very task needs to be executed in contemporary times.


Those machines, those factories that produce soul force, can only be called individual consciousness. The human psyche is akin to an atomic energy production center.  Since the body is merely a covering, it can be compared only to weapons, machines, vehicles etc.  By noting the minor attainments of hard workers, wrestlers etc. one can understand what all can be done by using it.  Intellectual power is higher than bodily power.  Yet it has its limitations, when we see the achievements of so called intellectuals right upto research scientists.  On its basis no doubt some progress of individuals and comforts of society is perceived, yet it cannot be the basis of a widespread world transformation.  Finance also is something akin to this.  With its help before making gigantic plans, one should realize that whether those who hold it will let it remain alive.  Before money gets utilized for public welfare it lures the user and thus all programs come to a standstill.  It’s a million dollar question as to how much money that is used for political schemes is actually used for public welfare and that how much of it is gobbled up by middle-men?  At every step we witness such ironies.  Thus it is doubtful that despite gathering a lot of material energy, we can achieve the gigantic goal of Era Creation.


Those programs that are spiritual in nature can be executed only by creating and utilizing spiritual power.  It is not an overstatement if we call it infinite.  Psychologists are of the opinion that the human intellect is amazing.  Only 7% of its widespread potential has been understood.  And from this 7% hardly 1% or 2% of it is used in our daily living.  Very few men use more than this percentage and they are classified as thinkers and men of wisdom. From the knowledge of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) given by Parapsychology, it is clear that the human mind is indeed a miracle and can be called a storehouse of extraordinary potential.  This is a fact.  A man capable of evolving and utilizing the conscious layer of the brain, can play the role of Kalidas Varadacharya.  Hence what to say of the subconscious layer?  In fact it is this subconscious layer that is responsible for the creation and evolution of man’s personality.  Our past and future is moulded in this mint.  Where is our destiny, fate etc. written?  It definitely is written in the office called our brain.


Ridhi-Sidhis (divine powers) are nothing but Extra Sensory Potential (ESP).  Neither does this rain down from the skies nor is it a gift given to us by demi-gods / goddesses.  Most definitely it is a creation of our inner being.  When we dig mother earth, the more we dig, we come across mines of various metallic ores.  Divers who dive deep into the sea, return with pearls etc.  Similarly man’s mind is a store house of divine powers. Because it is a part of God, the individual soul has all divine potentials and special qualities in seed form. The difference is based only on name and form.  In the arrangement of movement and creation of the solar system (macro) and the atom (micro) the difference is on the basis of name and form only.  In both of these, the principle and truth are a similar stature.  An entire human body hides in a microscopic sperm. The gigantic nature of the tree alongwith its special characteristics can be found in the tiny body of a seed.  Just as thousands of pages of a book is stored in a CD, in the same way all the characteristics of Almighty God are present in the microscopic existence of the individual soul, albeit in a latent form.


Any spiritual endeavour involves awakening of the unconscious state of the soul which is a small part of Almighty God and amongst all spiritual practices, Gayatri worship is considered to be the best.  Right since time immemorial great experiments have been conducted with respect to this great Spiritual Science i.e. Gayatri.  Every research has led to the finding of its new special quality.  In every experiment its new energy fount has manifested.


The external material aspect of an individual is ordinary. Only its inner being is extraordinary.  Science of Gayatri gives desired success in the manifestation of soul wealth in all individuals of this New Era.  In the manifestation of heaven on earth it will be soul glories that will gain widespread momentum. Only greatness of sensitivity will help manifest divinity in all mankind and only on this basis, can heaven on earth, power and divine powers be established on earth. In this endeavour Gayatri’s philosophy and mode of practice will contribute a great deal. Hence it is best that it be understood and imbibed as Yuga Shakti Gayatri (Era Power).





The main endeavour of a New Era is “manifestation of divinity in all of mankind”.  The second possibility viz. heaven on earth, is not the chief goal and should be looked upon merely as a reaction. The ripe reaction and result of the activities of great men and their powerful endeavour should get converted into sacred circumstances.  This is what is called manifestation of heaven on earth.  It does not have an independent existence.  Just as an admixture of 2 different colours, results in a 3rd colour, so too the admixture of hard work and good will, result in an atmosphere of joy and peace.  In Satyuga (Golden Age) and Ram’s Rule, there was no dearth of material comforts because the personality and activity of all men had imbibed high ideals.


No doubt one sees and experiences various situations, yet they do not have an inependent existence.  When the space of the human psyche gets filled with drops of rain water, it appears like a shining rainbow. Similarly Satyuga seems very attractive.  Superficially heaven on earth appears separate and hence a separate name has to be allotted to it.  Principally both should be looked upon as an action and its reaction.


Now one needs to manifest divinity in all of mankind.  The personality of demi-gods has many special qualities.  They are handsome and young.  They always seem to be happy.  They are generous in nature.  They never lack in material comforts.  They themselves are contented to pass on this contentment to others.  Various such centers that abound in divine glories called demi-gods, are classified as subtle beings who dwell in a particular world (Loka) and people dream that by praying to them, they can fulfil their desires.  Over here the truth is less and symbolic imagination is more.  Despite this the existence of divine centers is definite.  If one directly wishes to see such beings, it can be visualized in great personalities.


Those special qualities that have been superimposed on demi-gods, are usually found in great men. Only a little of symbolic imagination remains behind.  No doubt one can point out to it but the reality too is there and hence this description of the body always remaining youthful and immortal can be challenged yet at the level of consciousness, this description is very much appropriate.  From the viewpoint of enthusiasm, youthfulness continues to exist even in old age.  Every realized saint experiences the nature of the immortality of the soul despite their changing many bodies at the physical level.  From a hereditary standpoint Brahmins are given the status of “Bhoosur”. The other name of divine men is great men. They are categorized as saints, reformers, patriots.  The Puranas (Indian Mythology), memoirs etc. eulogize their glory with vim and vigour.  Men of this stature are called Rishis.  Maharshis, Rajarshis, Brahmarshis and Devarshis come in this category.  The word “divine soul” is utilized for such great men.  Because their thinking and character is exalted, their transactions are gentlemanly. Their actions are based on high ideals and men of this class while they are alive and after death are always revered.  This very fact is emphasized again and again in the tradition of worshipping divinity.  Through the medium of reinstating of God’s images, alongwith offer of worship to it, the sacred tradition of man’s education of worshipping divinity can be kept alive and this will bring in world peace.


If we label that New Era, which everyone is waiting for and which is also called manifestation of heaven on earth as era of divinity, it cannot be called an overstatement.  In the Indian Mythology there are many legends wherein great men are proved to be incarnations of divinity. When the Lord incarnated as Ram, the demi-gods incarnated along with him as monkeys, bears etc. Alongwith Lord Krishna the 5 demi-gods had incarnated as the 5 Pandavas (as helping powers).  Not only this the Lord himself has incarnated time and again in the human garbs, on earth.  From these legends it is clear that it is very much possible to see the activities, behaviour of divine power in a human body.  There was a time when in India, (called better then heaven too) 33 crore citizens were well known in the world as 33 crores demi gods.  Right from one end of the earth to another, they were respected and adored as divine men.  This is the nature of divinity manifesting in man.


Men who have imbibed sacred actions, sacred wisdom and good will are called divine men in spiritual parlance.  Historians call them great men.  Nara Narayan (Human God) are those who from the standpoint of the body and spiritual practices are powerful, from the standpoint of the intellect are awakened and from the standpoint of the psyche are loving and calm. They are also called Purush – Purushottam.  Only Human embodied souls full of greatness, can attain the stature of divinity and hence are none other than Almighty God.


This is the creation of a New Era.  It is this glorious Ganges of heaven that is going to manifest on earth and for that, Bhagirath (intense) austerities are being carried out.  This is the nature of our era endeavour wherein Mahakal is greatly inspiring awakened souls to join in this stupendous program.


Generally all powerful fields have dreamt of a bright future in their own way.  Everyone knows that merely augmenting material comforts is not enough. Because it is also the inner personality that needs to become more capable and powerful. For this task, many varied leveled solutions are being thought of and imbibed. To achieve this goal, programs of augmenting good health and apt education are being executed. The aim of economic schemes is that man should progress in life using economic means. Social reformers and service oriented organizations aim at destroying vile activities and replace it with pious endeavours.  In order to augment culture and pious faith in religious and spiritual pursuits, people are trying to make philosophy and spiritual practices more alluring for entire world humanity.  All these are well-known endeavours of an ordinary stature, so that it leads to the advancement of individuals.


For this very goal other efforts are being made which are of a high stature.  There are a class of scientists who are trying to create a new generation of crops by inducing mutations in the DNA (genes) of a cell.  In order to evolve trees, plants etc. alongwith their fruits, flowers etc. the technique of grafting is being used. For animal husbandry artificial insemination technique has been made use of successfully.  By making changes in the sperm level and conception, scientists are trying to create individuals of the future generation, who will abound in good bodily and mental qualities.


The efforts of psychologists are of an even higher stature.  They think the individual to be of a much higher stature than the body and material comforts and they call it the psychic principle.  They opine that mental distortions are responsible for bodily weakness and diseases (psychosomatic).  Because the very thinking of mankind is wayward and that his standpoint is lowly, one can find mountain-full proof of the fact that man’s individual and social life has deteriorated so much.  To be full of anger and agitation is not the result of circumstances but is because of our wayward thinking.  Psychologists emphasize, that the chief method of manifesting man’s well-being, is to induce right understanding in man’s thinking and create such an environment, that man works hard to achieve this goal.  Research and experiments in the field of psychology and parapsychology, metaphysics, neurology etc. are being carried out so as to induce greater power and sacred culture in the psyche of world humanity.


From the philosophical standpoint, one cannot say that less effort has been made.  Nietzche and other philosophers have given us the concept of a super human.  They opine that any individual or class of creatures, can become extraordinary by imbibing great goals with a strong will power and thus due to this divine potency, one can control and induce others to walk in the desired direction. Such an association of superhumans can imbibe great glory and drag, push and induce the rest of the world to progress materially and spiritually.  In the current century a great deal of publicity regarding this goal has been made.  People with high goals really liked this and made great efforts to execute them.  The trend of leadership is its gift.  This was experimented in Germany, with great zeal at the political level. This resulted in Nazism.  Hitler induced this thought wave within his country and thus coloured the very thinking of all his countrymen on these lines.  After drinking the wine of superiority of the white skinned race, a gigantic sect of people under the influence of this wrongful thinking, started crushing not only the neighbouring countries but entire Eurasia.  The activities of Germany that involved the terrible first world war and the second world war, were based on this thinking of superhuman beings.  It can be labeled as a contemporary experiment of demonic philosophy.  This lowly thinking had also influenced other nations like Italy, Russia, China etc. and thus arrogant acts were seen time and again.  In their own way the group of white-skinned Americans and South Africans harboured the demonic ego of being superior and thus harassed other human beings.  The old feudalism based on sect, sex, caste, community and nation has taken the new form of fascism that has gleefully imbibed these very principles and are trying to prove it as apt.


Feudalism is a philosophical act of converting the special fascist class into superhumans.  Over here we are not discussing the aptness or lack of it as far as the gain / loss that accrues from it is concerned. Over here we are only saying that instigations to create superhumans are also created in the philosophic arena.  Even here there is no silence.


All the efforts of the above stature touch the external aspect and by ornamenting it with material power, one desires the same kind of advancement.  Over here one has to think deeply, as to is there any dearth of all such  powerful means?  The difference only being that in these days, means and power exist separately.  Via these efforts it will be attained within the body.  The result is as minutely different as a blow with a stick or a fist.  That task which is today fulfilled with a stick, will be executed with a fist-blow tomorrow and thus the situation will remain as it is.  Can we say that today material progress is any less?  May be it can be achieved and utilized via the various bodily parts instead of external means, yet the situation remains virtually the same.


Today we want a supermind and not a superhuman(body).  We want demi-gods and not demons.  Demons reside in objects and demi-gods in our sentiments.  The reality of human progress lies in inducing glory in his inner world.  Only when loving good-will overflows in our psyches, only when affection and pious sentiments rise up like waves in the ocean, can we say that man has dared to walk in the direction of divinity. When the trifold confluence of a pious character, high ideals and zest for spirituality is created, we can say that divinity is manifesting in that person which in turn can be labeled as a supermind or a divine psyche.  Such high statured people are called Jeevan-Muktas, Paramhansas, Devas, Sidhas, Rishis etc.  Only when such a state is realized can we say that we have attained the ultimate goal of a human life.  That region in which these divine powers manifest is called the Kailash Mountain of a Supermind.  It is also called KsheerSagar, Mansarovar etc.  Raj-hans (royal swan), the beloved vehicle of Gayatri, moves about in this very BrahmaLoka.


The manifestation of a New Era alongwith the widespread potential of the advancement of this supermind, will appear in this world of ours.  What will be its medium?  As an answer to this question, we can sacredly visualize the rising divine rays of Gayatri MahaShakti (Super-Power). This tiny Mantra an interwoven word garland of 24-letters, hides within it, such an aphorism and seed of a divine principle that it can deeply influence the inner recesses of the cave of the human soul.  It has the capacity of converting a beast into a human being and a human being into a divine person. Gayatri’s Spiritual Philosophy is the key that awakens high-leveled discrimination (Vivek) and the third divine eye of a human being.  Its high-leveled spiritual practice is equivalent to Bhagirath-like austerities.  Due to the raindrops of the nectar of Gayatri Super Power entering an oyster, such pearls will manifest that will be labeled as human crest jewels of the New Era.  These days that divine power required to be attained via prayers so as to help world humanity attain a supermind, can be called Era Power Gayatri.





The utility of the cycle of progress is fulfilled only if it is total and balanced.  Suppose one part of the body is large and heavy and the remaining part is lean and thin, it only adds to the ugliness of the body.  In fact if only one part of the body advances and the rest regresses, it is said to be the symptom of some disease. Alongwith health, education, wealth, one’s inner nature too should become pious. If only a minor aspect advances and the rest regresses, the situation is far from satisfactory and this imbalance will be a target of mockery.


For soul advancement, pious actions, pious wisdom and pious sentiments too should augment greatly.  It is very much possible to walk on the path of soul progress while endeavouring to glorify our actions, wisdom and faith.  Gayatri is called Tripada (3-legged) because it has the necessary capability to nurture and augment all these 3 in 3 ways.  One can never count all the goals that can be attained with this naming.


Actions emanate from the body, wisdom from the mind and sentiments from the psyche. The more activity, goodwill and piousness augment in these 3 arenas, the more man heads towards divinity. Many Ridhis-Sidhis (divine powers) are conjoined to divinity.  The basis of all-round progress is in the 3-legged nature of Gayatri.  In its worship, it is not as though some superficial words are uttered but that the spiritual aspirant has to work hard, to purify his body, mind and psyche and so much of discipline, do’s dont’s have to be imbibed.  It is these do’s don’ts that are called austerities.  The mysterious basis of radiance, filling up one’s meditation, is said to be these austerity oriented disciplines.


The trifold total spiritual practice is successfully executed when the 3-fold activities of control of the body, meditation by the mind and surrender by the psyche is imbibed.


A high statured Gayatri devotee should control his food intake, sleeping habits and daily lifestyle.  More and more of purity should be included as far as food intake is concerned.  If the purity of food augments and it’s quantity lessens, then not only good health augments but the consciousness imbibes divinity.  Right from the vow of eating tasteless food upto vegetarian fasting, decreases the Rajas/ Tamas of one’s food and the agitations of the stomach and mind are silenced.  If the nature of food intake will become Sattvik (pure), holy activities of the mind like concentration, peace and serenity will augment. Sense control oriented around food control is considered to be the first leg of mastering the mind. And the second leg/ phase is Brahmacharya i.e. celibacy and walking towards divinity.  The sperm is said to be a storehouse of life force. If it is mastered, it gets converted to Ojas/Tejas/Varchas (divine radiance) and thus augments the potency of consciousness. The gross meaning of Brahmacharya is sexual continence and the subtle meaning is to imbibe an attitude of sacred respect for women.  Subtle sperms and divine  radiance decline when one harbours lusty thoughts.  That in fact is sexual adultery.  When one looks lustily at women and think of sexual vile thoughts, our divine aura darkens and thus our inner power decreases.  Under this situation of weakness, one can never imbibe self effort and it is difficult to attain the divine results of spiritual practices.  Thus bodily spiritual practices must imbibe self-control that helps lead a disciplined life like that of a man walking on the path of Yoga of Action (KarmaYoga).  This should be understood as the austerity of the first aspect of 3-legged Gayatri and that of the gross body.


The second aspect is our mind- it is also called the subtle body.  The second leg of the 3-legged spiritual practice is related to mental control.  For this one has to practice meditation.  Meditation attains 2 goals – one is controlling undesirable and wayward thoughts of the mind which is also called concentration.  Over here the energy used up in the scattering of the mind is sacred and this sacred energy can be used for creative tasks. The second goal of meditation is utilizing mental energy for progressive endeavours. In order to radiate latent Extra Sensory Potential the concentrated mental energy is utilized as a powerful means.  Generally the streams of life’s goal are forgotten mainly because of an overflow of material desires.  Why have we got this human life?  And how should we utilize this gift from God?  Very rarely has this topic been discussed seriously.  Via meditation externalized activities are introverted and efforts are made to purify and make divine, the human psyche.  To attain this goal varied meditation techniques are recommended depending on the state of the devotee’s mind.  It is related to the Tanmatras, viz. sound, form, taste, odour, touch and the 5 sense organs of knowledge viz. ears, eyes, tongue, nose and skin.  These represent the 5 elements.  In order to attain the hidden mysteries found in the deep recesses of this groups, one practices Japa Yoga (Mantra chanting), meditation on forms, austerity based self-control, Pranayam (breathing exercises), Soham (I am God) spiritual practices and Kriya Yoga.  This 5–sheathed spiritual practice, based on these 5 precepts is called 5-faced Gayatri. All this comes under the aegis of meditation (Dhyan Yoga). Within the 3 layers of human consciousness (i.e. conscious, unconscious and superconscious), all special qualities and qualities that lie hidden and thus the aim of meditation is to find, ripen and utilize them for attaining higher goals.  Via meditation one can attain the goal of utilizing Gayatri in one’s subtle body and that of imbibing ordinary and extraordinary mental powers.  The second leg of Gayatri worship is to utilize the mental centers for material and spiritual progress.  Meditation fulfills this goal.


In the 3 legs of Tripada one is given the teaching of purifying the material causes which are the basis of all round progress of life, via meditation. According to spiritual literature there are 3 types of bodies 1) gross- the physical body made of blood, bones, skin etc. 2) subtle – the mental center made up of mind, intellect and psyche 3) causal- the inner world.  This is the sensitive center of faith and desires.  All these 3 must advance.  It can be correlated to our leg, trunk and head region. For total and balanced progress, all these 3 must be nourished.  This is what is pointed at in Gayatri worship.  The philosophy and teaching of meditation fulfills this goal.


The greatness of the psyche depends on 3 precepts.  One is idealistic faith, second is affectionate sentiments and third is high leveled aspirations. In Gayatri Meditation, over and above bodily self-control based penance and meditation related to speciality of the soul force, is a third important aspect viz. greatness of the psyche.  All these 3 aspects are fulfilled by the medium of sensitive emotions utilized at the time of meditation. In order to imbibe the greatness and faith of purity towards the female principle in the very deep recesses of our minds, an image of Mother Gayatri in her young female form has been created.  The arenas of faith / aspirations are filled with widespread deterioration and sexual lust. In the field of thinking, disciplinary boundaries are violated the most.  The meaning of establishing purest emotions in the image of a young maiden is to practice overthrowing distortions in the arena of our thinking. This is taught so that that pure aspirations in one’s viewpoint of a woman become mature. Over and above gaining victory over this difficult task, it becomes easier to establish other idealistic aspirations in the inner core of our mind.  From the standpoint of sensitive emotions, a mother’s affection for her child is supreme.  No other human relationship depicts such supreme greatness.  When one endeavours to establish a deep bond of devotion towards Mother Gayatri one experiences the nectarine taste of her motherly affection. One further experiences an intense shower / rain of her affection.  In response to this, a devotee expresses his gratefulness via many devotional eulogies.  In the sensitive emotions of meditation, there is a give and take of a rain of motherly affection on the one hand and self-surrender of gratefulness on the other.


Over and above aspirations and sensitive emotions, there is a third aspect viz. the 3-fold desires (allurements, yearnings and ego) loom large over an ordinary life and for this, one thinks hard and makes necessary efforts.  In an aspirant’s life the stature of aspirations has to be raised higher. Its central point is “Rajhans”. The state of Paramhans means absolute fulfillment.  In this stage of spiritual practices one tries to achieve the state of a Rajhans.  Rajhans (royal swan) is the vehicle of Mother Gayatri i.e. the 3-legged oneness, close proximity and divine grace rides on the back of the royal swan.  The gist of this is that aspirations should be of the stature of a Rajhans (royal swan).  It is said that the royal swan eats pearls and not worms.  It drinks milk and not water.  Here one is steadfast enough to renounce all lowly aspirations and instead, imbibe deeply all great aspirations. One has accepted (Vivek) discrimination,  if one has the pious characteristic of eating pearls only, separating a mixture of milk and water and imbibing only its best aspect. The hopes and aspirations of a spiritualist should be of this class. His desires should fulfill the aim of self-fulfillment and world welfare. Those aspirations that are rooted in ethics, spiritualism and discrimination are said to be of the stature of a royal swan.  The entire spiritual literature abounds in the deep import of filling the inner being with devotional sentiments.  It is not just a burst of emotions.  Such bursts merely ebb and flow like superficial waves of the sea.  In that superficial hopes, rise and fall. It is of no importance as far as self advancement is concerned and is hence of no use too.  Their true nature of devotion encompasses great aspirations, sensitive emotions and sacred aspirations. In Gayatri worship, it is this very devotional sentiment that is encouraged.  If during the time span of spiritual practices, this endeavour is imbibed in one’s daily life, one’s character is seen to radiate all-round greatness. The goal of the 3 modes used in spiritual practices of the 3-legged Gayatri involves pushing the 3 bodies and the 3 levels of consciousness on the path of cyclic advancement with great speed.  In one word, this pious endeavour can be called the intense effort for all-round soul progress.





The philosophy and mode of Gayatri Meditation fulfills the requirement of all round advancement of one’s personality. Over here both knowledge and action are conjoined.  During the time span of meditation, the imbiber of this mode of worship makes his thinking high statured and utilizes his body for such tasks, that he is inspired to walk on the lines of high ideals.


Neither one’s thinking nor one’s action are fulfilling, if used separately.  No doubt both exist separately and one does get some result after making use of them yet they remain half fulfilled and one-sided.  Just as 2 wires unite to give an electrical flow so too when knowledge and actions unite, do you get desired results. In Gayatri worship there is such a great union of sacred knowledge and actions, that the inner personality advances due to this all round teaching and the required balance of spiritual thought and rituals, gets maintained with great farsightedness.


During times of meditation, a devotee’s thinking is very much introverted.  Our time is used up in thoughts of the external world alongwith enacting various actions.  A little bit of time of ritualistic festival has been allotted for introverted thinking which helps concentrate one’s mind on truths related to the inner world. As long as the mind is fulfilling this goal, we can say that our mind is immersed in spiritual practices.  One no doubt gets contentment and good results, but suppose the mind starts thinking about its material affairs and worldly life even for a short time span, know for a fact that our spiritual practices are half done.  Mental control means whatever one thinks and acts, should be related to the spiritual arena.  To the extent this happens, one can accept that one’s meditation practice is on the right track.


The prologue of meditation encompasses 1) self-study (Svadhyaya) 2) association with holy saints 3) mental reflection 4) cogitation over spiritual precepts.  In it efforts are made to understand and solve problems of the various aspects of self-introspection, self-improvement, self-creation and self-unfoldment.  It can be called the spiritual truth and philosophy of spiritual practices.  The entire body of spiritual wisdom has been constructed to fulfill the need of this special teaching.  This is the goal of discourses and religious lectures.


The epilogue of meditation is that, which can be fulfilled by ritualistic means.  This too has 4 legs 1) purification 2) worship of demi-gods 3) Mantra chanting 4) meditation.  Generally within these 4 classes, the mode of spiritual practice gets encompassed.  Because of variation in desires and special circumstances, different modes of spiritual practices have come into existence.  But if all these have to be categorized, all of them have to be included in these 4 classes.


Purification includes bathing in holy rivers / lakes etc., bodily purity, clothes purity, purity of utility articles etc.  Before commencing worship rites, one should carry out rituals of Manjan, Achman, Pranayam, Nyasa, Aghamarshan etc.


Worship of demi-gods includes rituals, Shodashopchar (16-rites), eulogies, Abhishekh (bathing God), Arti (waving flame lamp), circumambulation, visualizing God in the temple, offering worship articles to Sun-god, establishing a Kalash (rounded pot), instating a flame lamp, fire-sacrifice etc.


Japa involves chanting Mantras that are interwoven with sacred letters, repetition, singing God’s glories, mental Mantra chanting, Soham’s continuous effortless mental chanting, ceaseless reading, reading of sacred texts etc.


Meditation includes all spiritual practices like Bindu Yoga, Laya Yoga, Naad Yoga, Chaakravedhan, Panchkosh spiritual practice, Prana Yoga, Rina Yoga, etc. wherein our thinking is induced to flow in a particular desired direction.


Thus Samagra Yoga has 8 parts.  This has been depicted by scriptural scholars as the 8 arms of Durga, in the Goddess oriented spiritual endeavour.


One must see that as to in what way the personality radiates via these 8 acts.  In order to manifest divinity in human beings, how do these rites influence sensitive spots.  Ordinarily these rites seem magical and it looks as though some mysterious ritual is included in it. But this is not true.  Rites of spiritual practices are called image worship.  It includes sentimental inspirations that gives a positive direction to the greatness of our doership and thinking.  The more these aspirations are included in our daily actions, the more divinity will manifest in us and thus one sees miraculous results of attaining divine powers and glories.


Purification includes Jal Sinchan, 3 Achmans, Nyasa, Aghamarshan and Pranayam.  In it via touching of the body, wind and water, one is directed to purify the internal and external parts of the body. Bodily dirt and mental distortions obstruct the progress of our soul.  By warding it off, by imbibing all-round purity, it is possible to imbibe God’ grace and divine powers.  In order to understand and imbibe this precept, the 5 rites of purity are recommended.


The second rite is worship of demi-gods. It means accepting the importance of divinity and surrendering to it with humility.  Ordinarily our life worships demonic elements.  Demonic means material wealth, comforts and satisfying lowly desires.  In this vicious cycle, our hard work and mental power gets wasted.  No doubt we do think of divinity, yet we never do anything to nurture and nourish it.  Thus worship of demi-gods helps us resolve, to ward of animalistic tendencies.  The images of demi-gods overflow with high sacred ideals.  Images are like books whose shape and nature tells us what should be the character and philosophy of those who follow in the footsteps of demi-gods.


All the articles used to worship demi-gods represent pious qualities and those who use them, are showered with divine grace. Water means purity. Flowers mean tenderness. Sandalwood indicates generosity and faith. Flame lamp means immersing oneself in spirituality and imbibing the light of wisdom.  Food offerings mean sweetness and charity.  Arghyadaan means surrendering to the Supreme.  The reason one offers these articles in worship of demi-gods is, that in order to attain the blessings of the demi-gods, one must imbibe these pious characteristics and that one perseveres intensely to achieve this.


Mantra chanting means ceaseless effort and pauseless spiritual endeavour.  Ordinarily when man enacts one particular task, he gets nauseated by it very easily and yearns for something new.  The monkey-like agitated mind does not allow us to work hard for such great tasks.  There is no innocence felt in gigantic tasks and an ordinary mind feels that such tasks are tasteless.  Hence men of true potential too cannot execute gigantic tasks because they cannot make ceaseless efforts to attain the goal. Maybe they commence this sort of work, yet because the mind tires easily, they cannot culminate their task successfully.  It is only those who master their minds who can fulfill such mighty tasks.  It is rightly said that he who masters his self (mind) gains victory over others and the entire cosmos. Over here we are discussing mental Mantra chanting.  It can be practiced appropriately via gross Mantra chanting.  Because one patiently continues to chant the Mantra pauselessly, the mind that yearns for something new that is fleeting, is mastered and one then becomes capable of executing so called tasteless gigantic tasks with firm steadfastness. According to Maharshi Patanjali, it is this mastering of mental thought waves that is called Yoga.  The first leg of Yoga practice is Mantra chanting as a result of which the body and mind is trained to ceaselessly endeavour to execute one particular task.  This practice is most required to carry out future gigantic tasks.


The other leg over and above Mantra chanting, is meditation (Dhyaan).  Via Mantra chanting the body is trained to ceaselessly get involved in one particular task.  Its next leg is the mind-intellect.  The aim of concentration (Dharanaa) and meditation (Dhyaan) is to focus our thoughts at one focal point and that our thoughts should flow in one desired direction only.  The mind is a storehouse of untapped intense energy but because our thoughts are scattered in all directions, this energy remains latent.  If one’s mind gets concentrated, then even an ordinary man can attain those miraculous goals achieved by scholars, researchers, artists etc. It is only man whose mind is focused one-pointedly, who can become a great scientist, artist, author, Yogic scholar etc.  Even if one aspires to attain worldly goals one has to concentrate one’s mind.


The glories of our inner world are more valueable than the material wealth of the external world.  Material wealth is attained through water, earth and space but if a man wishes to attain glory, he must dive deep into the recesses of his mind, so as to unearth divine powers.  An individual’s character is appropriately moulded on the basis of an apt standpoint, beliefs, aspirations, habits, zeal, sensitive emotions etc. and based on these inner glories, man’s external life is moulded. The root source of backwardness or progress manifests and flows out from the inner being. Like searching for hidden pots of gold, the human life’s true and valuebale wealth is hidden in his inner being. Yoga of Meditation is the Science of understanding, unearthing, radiating, evolving and purifying this inner wealth.  Meditation is said to be that searchlight which is switched on in the dark gloominess of the inner world.  On this basis it is possible to understand the state of this divine world and via concentration at one point, all the scattered wealth (thought waves) get focussed.


Soul attainment encompasses self-introspection, self-improvement, self-creation and self-evolution. While walking on this path, it is possible to convert lack into fulfillment and thus one can succeed in attaining the goal.  All such activities have to be executed in the inner world and here one’s mental concentration is utilized to the fullest.  Via meditation one attains this conscious radiance and with its help, it is possible to bring about desired transformations in the inner world.


The epilogue of Gayatri worship includes self-purification, worship of demi-gods, Mantra chanting and meditation. In the form of Yoga of Action all these four are utilized for self-creation.  It is complimentary to the prologue which represents self-study, association with great saints and mental reflection. The all-round advancement of the individual’s personality is said to be the center of material / soul wealth and divine power.  In order to attain this goal, the philosophy and rituals of Gayatri worship are to of extraordinary help.





From the viewpoint of self-purity, the method of Mantra chanting is an extremely useful scientific and intellectually satisfying solution.  In Gayatri worship, the aspect of Mantra chanting is most utilized.  In other methods of ritual of this worship, very little time is utilized. The time used for chanting one’s Mantra, is predominant.


The gross nature of Mantra chanting is repetition of a certain number of Mantras.  It is possible to change the nature of an article by rubbing, polishing, crushing, cleaning, shining it etc.  It is the miraculous result of repetition.


While cleaning utensils, they are rubbed with rough materials.  When one uses a broom to clean one’s house, the act of rubbing is repeated.  While washing clothes, we dip them in soap water and then repeat the acts of squeezing, hitting, rubbing the clothes. While bathing we rub our body with soap, so as to clean it.  While washing our hands this is exactly what we do. In ordinary chores right from polishing our shoes upto combing our hair, we do exactly this.


This is the very method applied while using an axe, to cut wood and sand, to cut metals.  One can journey for miles together by keeping on raising our feet again and again.  One uses the method of repetition while rubbing sandalwood, crushing henna and massaging with oil.  Repetition is seen in acts of making dough, making Rotis (Indian bread), cleaning walls and painting furniture.  If we do not repeat our actions, the above mentioned tasks can never be fulfilled. So too in the act of Mantra chanting, this principle is fully made use of. When a rough rope keeps rubbing against stone, a mark is seen.  Hence one must not doubt that by experimenting with a sacred method of Mantra chanting, our minds that appear rough cannot be smoothened out.


Amongst all the methods used to remove dirt, the principle of rubbing with one’s hand is predominantly utilized everywhere.  The method of polishing uses certain chemicals and thus gives a shiny appearance to the article.  But the other method of rubbing with the hand is no less important.  One can polish metals cheaply and very well by using the method of rubbing with the hand.  The machines that polish metals generally use the method of rubbing / friction. The chips of small pieces of marble are used in constructing buildings and with the help of machines and other labourers, the stones are polished by rubbing them hard. This is the miracle of rubbing with the hand.  This is exactly what takes place when via Mantra chanting (Japa), the divine centers of the body and mind are dug deep into and thus unearthed.  One uses the spade and axe again and again to dig wells.  When one uses the hammer, one uses it repeatedly without pausing.  No doubt our heart beats all the time and our breathing too is continuous, yet there are minor pauses in between. The blood circulates in the body ceaselessly.  Like the clock’s pendulum, the machine called the human body, via the cycle of repetition, works on the basis of the energy generated by the repetition.  In one’s life one sees the ceaseless movement of the inner bodily organs, in the form of repetition.


Like the act of rubbing, the other act is cyclic movement.  Over here too energy is created. When the wheels of machines move speedily, they generate their own kind of power.  The machines of electricity, engines of oil etc. are constructed in a circular manner that helps generate cyclic movement.  Over here this cyclic movement is repeated again and again with speed. The stars, galaxies etc. revolve and rotate around their axis.  As a result the force of attraction is generated amongst them and with this bond with other stars, galaxies etc., they hang in mid-space and attain revolutional energy and magnetic potential. Without these it is doubtful whether they could remain steady.


Moving circularly is the miraculous attainment of wheels in various vehicles. Without this none of the machines used in traveling and other journeys can induce movement. Right from handcarts upto railway engines, machines that utilize circular movements are made use of. Just like the to and fro rubbing movement, circular movements of varying speeds, create varied amounts of energy.  All are aware of this fact.  In Mantra chanting words are repetitive again and again and this cyclic repeated movement, creates energy.  This in turn gives us double benefits.  With this benefit man gets extraordinary help, in order to radiate his visible and invisible energy centers.


When an electrical fan rotates speedily, its every rotation becomes a circle and thus when a top spins at great speed, it looks as though it is standing still.  When toys made of burning gunpowder move speedily, it looks as though the movement is circular.  When the pebble-sling used to shoo off birds in a field, is moved circularly with great speed it looks as though a huge wheel is moving.  When the movement is ceaseless (of one type of speed), those tasks are executed, which are possible to carry out only by using machines of circular movements.  The Sudarshan Chakra (disc) of Lord Krishna was extraordinary but if it refused to move, it would have remained like a lifeless disc.  When there is high circular speed, it manifests a great amount of energy.  One can never gauge its powers in between.  When raindrops fall from clouds, it seems as though it is a line of water, but in reality this is not true because the drops are separate. When we chant a Mantra pauselessly, it not only creates movement as a result of friction, but also generates a cyclic effect.  This helps in digging out layers of dirt in our mind and thus it gets purified.  A person chanting Mantras attains many benefits.  This is because the ceaseless repetition of a Mantra generates energy manifesting from friction and cyclic /rotational movement.


Students of Material Science know that in the deep recesses of all the energy sources, the status of sound energy, akin to heat too is very high.  No doubt the vibrations of both are different yet its powerful potential is not less at all.  Behind the energy that manifests from the fuel of electricity, steam, oil, coal etc., that energy wave which is at work is the energy of sound, akin to heat energy that time and again gives us a glimpse of its intense force. The question does not arise as to which is utilized because as far as their capacity is concerned, there is no difference as far as their levels are concerned. From this standpoint the powerful waves in the form of sound energy, that work in the deep recesses of the world are not less high in stature when compared with its friends.


When consciousness conjoins with sound, its status becomes more powerful in comparison with the ordinary sound waves of the material arena. Also the spiritual aspirants’ aspirations, austerities etc are conjoined to it.  High leveled streams unite with the sound potential, created via Mantra chanting. As a result its stature becomes so exalted that one cannot refrain from calling the miraculous inspiration as amazing.


Amongst all Mantras the Gayatri Mantra indeed is supreme.  It appears as though in the creation of its words, the letters are interwoven on the basis of the mysterious principles of Sound Science.  From the standpoint of its meaning, a prayer is uttered so as to make possible, the manifestation of Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect) in the inner consciousness embedded in these 24 letters.  This prayerful eulogy is present in the other metres (Chandas) of Shruti literature.  From the standpoint of its meaning, the special quality of Gayatri cannot be said to be incomparable, but its sound inter-weaving is such, that its Mantra chanting elicits an extraordinary leveled sound flow.  Its sacred results are attained not only by the Mantra chanter but that others too avail of these pious benefits.  Because this Mantra chanting influences the entire environment in a useful manner, its benefits are attained by the entire world, all human beings and other creatures too.


Just as via wealth, knowledge, might etc. one can buy material comforts, so too via soul force, one can activate and utilize many energies of the subtle and gross world.  There are many other means which help in radiating/ augmenting soul force but amongst all of them, Mantra chanting is the easiest and most influential method.  If it can be executed via all methods, Yoga practices and penance, its results are miraculous.  With its aid and soul force is created in gigantic amounts.  It is this infinite soul force that converts a spiritual aspirant into a realized saint (Sidha) and with its help, many demeaned people try to advance further, sorrowful people try to overcome pain and those that are poor, try to attain material comforts.


When one method works in many places, it influences the world environment in totality.  When in big cities cooking gas is lighted in virtually every home, it increases the heat in its environment.  In industrialized cities / towns, many chimneys are lit up and as a result the atmosphere becomes smoky.  These are bad examples of pollution. Whenever there are fields of fragrant flowers, where there are many sandalwood trees, over there the entire region emits sweet fragrance. This is an example of goodness.  If Gayatri Mantra is chanted in many places, the spiritual energy that manifests, will influence the mental state and atmosphere of people of those regions.  As a result of congregational spiritual practice, the atmosphere of a widespread area gets filled with pious activities and the possibility of joy /peace augments.


In fact it is believed that congregational Gayatri worship gives greater sacred merits.  No doubt individual and lone Gayatri worship too gives good results but the results of congregational worship are extraordinary. One can easily understand the difference between a single stick of a broom and many sticks that are tied together, threads, remaining separate and their joining together to become a piece of cloth, drops of water remaining separate and their joining together to form a lake.  When Gayatri devotees resolve to perform spiritual practices collectively, it gives greater benefits.  Today under the aegis of the Gayatri family, lakhs of its members are carrying out collective worship and this will generate tremendous divine force. Today for neo-creation, Mahakal is using Mahakali i.e. the congregational energy , resulting from congregational  worship, will ultimately lead to Era Creation.  One can hopefully with faith look forward to its sacred results.  Via these endeavours we will attain important aim of the creation of a bright future.





We all can see Gayatri manifesting as Era Power (Yuga Shakti).  It appears as though in order to fulfil the task of Era Transformation, it is on the one hand maintaining its eternal tradition and on the other hand, in order to fulfil the requirements of today’s modern times, it is imbibing certain special methods.


Based on contemporary circumstances, the Lord has had to make necessary changes in the nature and activities of his incarnations.  When Hiranyaksha hid in the ocean after robbing the earth of all its wealth, the Lord as Varaha (boar) incarnated, so as to overcome that demon.  It was required of the Lord to incarnate as Kacchap (turtle) when the demi-gods and demons churned the ocean.  Hiranyakashyapu had been given a boon that he would neither die at the hands of a man nor a beast.  This prompted the Lord to incarnate as Nrisinha (half man-half lion) and instead of using weapons, he used his piercing nails to kill Hiranyakashyapu.  Parashuram incarnated so as to overcome terrorists, Ram incarnated so as to establish ethics / ideals in this world, Krishna incarnated so as to introduce Yoga of Action in this world and Buddha incarnated so as to induce an intellectual revolution.  When one studies all these incarnations of God minutely, it is clear that there is no place for  monotonous repetition, as far as God’s nature and activities are concerned.  In fact as per the demands of contemporary times, the Lord executes tasks that suit those times. Of course the ultimate goal is establishing righteousness and destroying unrighteousness.  It is apt and most required that with changing circumstances, the Lord’s divine sports (Leelas) too change.


When we compare the demonic activities of today with those of past history, then they certainly are very different.  In the past demonic actions were directly aimed at the victim and via weapon fights, they could be overcome.  But today the methods used by demons are of a cunning and wily nature and has induced lack of faith in the psyche of world humanity.  The gross meaning of faithlessness is atheism but it cannot be limited to just not believing in the existence of God. In reality atheism means to ignore ideals and boundaries of behavioural ethics. They pay no heed to ethics and social norms.  It forgets human glory.  In a gist it can be described as such a lack of high statured faith that it alarmingly augments vileness in one’s actions.  This is the very nature of today’s dire circumstances.  It can be called a famine of aspirations and faith.  It is the mature form of faith towards greatness that radiates good-will in the psyche, true wisdom in the intellect and pious actions in the physical body.  If vile elements enter our aspirations, all areas of our activities will manifest the foul odour of distortions.  Our level of aspiration will be of the demeaned stature of birds and beasts. Our thinking will be akin to that found in criminals and lowly men.  Our actions will be as vile as those executed by sinners.  Today there is a dire need of understanding present circumstances.  When we dive deep into them, only one fact emerges and that is, the dire stature of our aspirations.  Just as strange worms and germs emerge from muck and mire, in the same way today, man and society have to face many problems and agitations.


The war of the arena of aspirations will be fought in that arena only.  The air-force will fight in the sky and the navy in the sea. The army will fight in land using various vehicles. In order to overcome vile elements that have entered our aspirations, the Era Incarnation (Yuga-Avatar) too will have to make schemes and execute them accordingly.  The work arena of Era Power Gayatri is purification of aspirations.  It is this which is called purification of the mind of world humanity.  In the red flame torch of thought revolution, one gets a glimpse of this Spiritual Philosophy.  This is the nature of Wisdom-Yajna too.  The incarnation of this era’s consciousness is taking place with the help of these foundation stones.  The psyche of the human civilization that dwells in this world is governed by the demon of lack of faith. Despite the fact that the nature of the ruler is of a varied nature, based on circumstances yet the dark gloom of lack of faith has spread everywhere.  No doubt its intensity remains more or less at varied times, and hence the area of purification too is widespread. This war of righteousness truly has to be fought in the area of religion by diving deep into the recesses of the human psyche. The results are being seen everywhere. The incarnation consciousness too is moulded on these lines. These days in order to fulfill various goals, sculptors (awakened souls) are at work.  The activities of awakened souls too is moving in this direction.


Under ordinary circumstances, Gayatri Super Energy is utilized to fulfill the goal of soul-welfare via meditation and worship and by awakening latent power that converts soul force into divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhi).  But naturally in era revolution its field of activity will be that much more widespread. One will take recourse to special activities that induces desired radiance and intensity.


Regarding this the first phase is to educate the laymen with the Spiritual Philosophy of Gayatri.  Only on this basis is it possible to understand its need, utility, potential and glory.  Only after this phase is completed successfully, can we talk of imbibing it truly as a form of worship and meditation. When there is lack of proper understanding, one cannot elicit any faith towards meditation /worship nor can it be imbibed with alertness or full absorption. No doubt by depicting miraculous benefits, one can lure a few individuals for a short time span, but it will not take long for the bubble to burst.  Steadfastness results only when the understanding is deep.  It is necessary that the spiritual wisdom of Era Power Gayatri be taught to entire humanity and everyone should understand that the absolute solution for all problems lies in the seed-letter of Gayatri Mantra.


The first phase is being executed via writings and speeches.  With this divine light, a widespread area is getting the chance to get lighted up.  Regarding this on seeing that ordinary individuals are attaining such huge success, one remembers the cowherd boys lifting the Govardhan mountain (Shrimad Bhagwat) and monkeys / bears building a gigantic bridge (Ramayana).  In these miraculous attainments, it is a fact that divine will and help is at work.


In our era it is an entirely new and special concept that congregational acts are included in Gayatri worship. In ordinary circumstances it is imbibed as a daily routine or as a special Yogic practice. But today it is being encouraged as a congregational practice.  Not only oneness of individuals but also oneness of souls is conjoining to the association of Gayatri family under its leadership.  The aim is akin to stringing individual scattered pearls in one thread so as to make a priceless necklace. Those who are aware of the importance of congregational efforts of congregational power, know what great results can be attained with its help.  Those who are aware of Durga’s incarnation due to the congregational force of demi-gods, Seeta’s birth due to the gathering of many Rishi’s blood, the stories of the churning of the ocean, know how tasks executed via congregational efforts for a sacred goal are so positively influential.  Even in vile activities, congregations work for quite some time successfully.


In order to make a program of meditation and education of Gayatri’s Spiritual Philosophy by the Gayatri Parivar (family), a lot of work has been executed in the individual arena too and success has been attained.  But its extraordinary effort can be made only with reference to congregational activities.  During the year of golden jubilee celebrations of spiritual practices, one lakh determined devotees in an avowed spiritual practice of 1 year, chanted 2400 crores of Gayatri Mantra.  Because of this we witnessed many known and unknown sacred results.  In that Bangladesh gained victory and many previous dire circumstances turned better in a positive manner.  Wherever Gayatri Yajna programs are executed, there an arrangement is made so as to first make a resolve of Gayatri Purascharan and then successfully completing the allotted number of Mantra chanting.  The Ahutis (Yajna offering) are given only later to the sacrificial fire.  The allotted acts of congregational Mantra chanting is generally carried out by all members of that Parivar (Gayatri family) with uniformity.  During events of 100 and 1000 Kundi (pyre) Yajnas in Mathura, crores of Gayatri Mantras had been chanted in a congregational manner.  On the basis of this activity, every devotee gets those very benefits of congregational Mantra chanting as that attained by the soldier of a gigantic Army. If soldiers act in a scattered / disarrayed manner, their attainments definitely will be of a mediocre stature.  The influence of programs of congregational Mantra chanting, has proved to be extremely useful in a subtle manner, for the purification of world human psyche and it also aids in creating an atmosphere of world peace.


From the viewpoint of individual creation via Era Power Gayatri, all efforts related to it has its own importance.  Within it when congregational worship conjoins to it, such situations are created in the subtle world that both the individual and society at large accrue equal benefits.  The third leg of incarnation manifestation is – entry into the family area alongwith its purification.  These days special efforts are being made in this direction and in a cyclic manner, it is being executed too. In the homes of members of Gayatri Parivar, efforts have been commenced so that in their worship rooms, idols of God are ritualistically awakened (Prana-Pratishtha) and that every family member devotes at least 5 minutes everyday, towards praying / offering obeisances to God.  Every family member should be convinced to offer prayers everyday before going about one’s daily routine, eating etc.  Over and above this families should be encouraged to execute congregational Aarti, prayer, singing eulogies, prayers etc. both in the early morning hours and evening or at least once in a day.  At night there should be a daily schedule of religious discourses, reading aloud sacred scriptures etc.


This is a new effort in the direction of re-activating the ancient tradition of augmenting and encouraging sacred aspirations in all homes. No doubt our attention is directed towards food, clothes, medicines, education, entertainment, fashion, guests, festivals etc. in our homes, but when it comes to aspirations and faith, we forget to augment its stature and purity.  The above mentioned method of activities of re-instating / worshipping idols of Mother Gayatri in all homes is fulfilling these requirements.  In the name of a philosophic description of these activities, all those principles of spirituality can be imparted to one and all, that are found in the Gayatri movement.  In this manner the faith oriented creation of a family can be executed via the union of wisdom and action and farsighted results are witnessed.


With reference to this there is one more solution wherein before starting to serve food from the kitchen, one should offer 5 Ahutis (Yajna offerings) of food that is cooked to the cooking fire.  When one offers these Ahutis while chanting the Gayatri Mantra, it takes just 2 minutes of our time and a few pennies as expense.  From the material standpoint it is not very important but from the standpoint of Spiritual Philosophy and sacred inspiration, it is a great foundation from the viewpoint of understanding and educating others. Yajna is a high leveled science of the sacred emotional world.  In it one is inspired to lead a Yajna oriented life and induce society to imbibe Yajna traditions. This task should be imbibed in one’s daily routine.  It should be given more importance than eating food too.  This education should be imparted to one’s family members time and again.  The symbol of such a task is said to be the daily Yajna.  In Indian culture like Sandhya-Vandan, which is part of one’s daily routine, the 5 Yajnas too are ordained by the scriptures.  Amongst them we are asked to imbibe the 5 family oriented duties.  The gist of the meaning of those 5 ancient daily chores could be the offering of 5 small Yajna offerings to the cooking fire.  Every individual should partake the Yajna offering remnants / Prasad of the Lord of Yajna and imbibe deeply, that righteous duty which ordains us to eat only remnants of Yajna offerings and that pious goals are given greatest importance.  Gayatri is said to be the mother of sacred culture and Yajna, our righteous father.  Both should be worshipped as icons in all homes, as a result of which the work arena of Era Power Gayatri, will spread out in all families and that the Spiritual Philosophy of idealism, will get a chance to get rooted in the institution called the family.


Imbibing of sacred aspirations should be given prime importance as far as family creation is concerned.  For this end there is a tradition of celebrating the birthdays of all family members. At such times a small Gayatri Yajna, in the form of an enthusiastic celebration is a must.  Alongwith this in order to teach others the glory, responsibility, goal and pious utility of one’s life, discourses are given so that people are encouraged to imbibe great ideals in their lives. Such a program is both individual and family oriented too.  Thus it includes the basis of individual creation and family creation too.  The person whose birthday is being celebrated must vow to augment his pious quality and overcome at least one mental distortion.  Over here one gets a glimpse of the aim of God’s incarnation that includes uprooting unrighteous elements and re-instating righteous principles in the world.  If the rituals of Shodash Sanskars and celebration of all festivals is united with the Gayatri movement, one will see that all the seeds of making the individual and society sacredly cultured, are embedded in it.  If they are evolved to perfection, every family will overflow with members having powers of a wish-fulfilling tree and that garden will be like the sandalwood grove of heaven.


The widespreadness of Era-Power Gayatri takes place via the medium of Gayatri Yajnas.  In it such scientific and pious emotion oriented truths are present, which help in the advancement of the material and soul arena of world humanity.  Gayatri is the presiding Goddess of high statured thinking and high ideals is the presiding God of doership. When both these unite such an atmosphere is created, that proves beneficial both for the individual and society.  In order to make widespread the radiance of the manifestation of Era Power Gayatri via the Gayatri Parivar (family), these very methods are being imbibed at present.  In the near future more such important steps will be taken in this direction.  In order to execute a high leveled teaching method, experiment and research of the Science of Gayatri, the laboratory of “Brahmavarchas” forest has been built on such foundation stones wherein desired power is being utilized intensely for era manifestation.








In Indian religion it is only Gayatri Mantra that is revered as a Guru Mantra (preceptorial).  The light of faith and inspiration, of greatness of sacred sentiments and discipline via the preceptorial divine principle (Guru Tattva), is present in its seed form in the Gayatri Mantra.  In its garland of words are interwoven pearls of 24 letters.  In their own way each of these letters abound in Varchas or divine energy aura.  He who evolves this to the fullest via spiritual practices, indeed becomes all-powerful.  Within these letters is embedded that divine brilliance, which is a path on which if the chariot of life marches ahead, definitely we will advance greatly on the spiritual path.  One will enter the categories of super man, Rishis, demi-gods and thus attain soul fulfillment.


Because both the principles viz. divine intellect (Pragna) and brilliance are embedded in Gayatri, it is also called “Brahmavarchas”.  The creative energy of Brahmavarchas is called Science of the Soul (God) or Brahmavidya and its destructive energy is called Brahmastra (divine weapon).  Example of Brahmastras are Parshuram’s axe, Ram’s bow, Krishna’s Sudarshan wheel, Shiva’s Trishul ( 3 –pronged weapon) and Durga’s sword.  Even the Rishi’s power, to inflict curses on others comes in this category. The divine thunderbolt (Vajra) made from Rishi Dadhichi’s bones proved to be terrific when it helped destroy, the contemporary demonic power in the form of Vritrasura.  With its help fateful danger was warded off and the rule of demons was grounded to pulp.


It was due to the influence of the Brahmastra that the blood of many Rishis was gathered in a pot.  Seeta was born as a result and it played a major role in destroying Ravana and his demonic associates.  Due to Anasuya’s curse, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra lost their divine prowess and started behaving like small children.  Everyone knows how due to the curse of Chanakya, the lineage of Nanda was destroyed.  It is well-known that due to the curse of Gautam Rishi, Sagar’s 60,000 sons were destroyed.  Those who have read the great epic Meghdoot know very well how one of its characters Yaksha had to face immense pain and sorrow, due to a curse directed at him.  There are infinite such incidents described in Puranas, other literary texts etc. wherein it is shown how intense is the attack of Brahmavarchas.  This is an introduction to the destructive aspect of soul force.  By itself it has been used rarely in solving dire problems, yet its immense potency has to be accepted.


An introduction to the creative energy of Spiritual Science (Brahma Vidya) can be noted at every step.  It gives extraordinary help in making our daily lives, joyous and advanced.  We all know about the material comforts that one can attain via wealth.  Nearby ourselves, we can find countless examples of people who have advanced in life on this basis.  We also find examples of people who have reached the pinnacle of progress via intellectual power, bodily power, artistic skills, brilliance and enterprise.  Yet the miracle of soul force is infinitely more powerful than material force. Great men who glorified history, who changed the trend of time, who despite being poor materially, were able to manifest their great qualities with the help of soul force and in order to solve contemporary problems, they successfully endeavoured intensely.  This can be called the creative aspect of soul force. This is what is predominant in the Spiritual Philosophy of Brahma Vidya. A spiritual aspirant who has imbibed both these potentials are compared to Rajahansas (royal swans). Both the above mentioned aspects spread out like wings and Gayatri Super Power, after being seated on it, roams around in the entire cosmos. This royal swan is a predominant medium that goes to help all spiritual seekers. This symbolic description means that Gayatri Super Power has 2 predominant uses viz. a means of bestowing well-being on all and overcoming painful obstacles in our life.


From the above mentioned lines it is clear, why Gayatri is called a Guru Mantra. “Gu” means augmenting wisdom.  “Ru” means overcoming sins.  Therefore Guru is one, who executes both these tasks.  An individual may be its symbol but in reality it is divine power and by residing in the deep cave of everyone’s soul, it represents divine consciousness.  One finds this in the Gayatri Mantra.  An initiating preceptor (Deekshaa Guru) performs 2 tasks for his disciple viz. augmenting faith in God and encouraging useful controlled discipline.  These are the 2 root foundation stones of soul advancement with the help of which, man can rise higher, higher and more high.  Faith means the creative energy of the inner soul.  Discipline means cutting, heating, rectifying, moulding and transforming it to purity.  Both these goals are attained via inspiration and power present in Gayatri.  Why is Gayatri highly revered as a Guru Mantra?  When one explains this fact, one realizes that all the energies of knowledge, wisdom, augmenting and control are present in great measure.  Because the basis of attaining all desires from the Guru (preceptor) are present in Gayatri Mantra, it is hence believed to be the mouth source of the indirect preceptorial principle (Guru Tattva).


In religious activities, Sandhya-Vandan is a regular action (Nitya-Karma). In it according to traditional meaning, the utility of Gayatri is most required.  When one starts one’s studies, Upanayan (thread ceremony) is very essential.  At that time the sacred commencement of education is accompanied by the initiation of the Gayatri Mantra and based on all holy scriptures, the Gayatri Mantra is imparted to the student in the form of a Guru Mantra.  The sacred thread ceremony (Yajnopaveet) is a symbolic image of Gayatri and one vows to always wear it on the important area of one’s body. This is a true resolve.  It is said that responsibility lies on one’s shoulders, faith in the heart, daring in one’s chest and steadfastness of actions on one’ back.  The reason one covers all these parts of the body with the sacred thread is that via the greatness and sacred inspirations found in the Gayatri Mantra, one binds all human beings together.  By wearing the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet) as a symbolic image of Gayatri we are in effect filling our lives with the grandeur of this great power.  Vidyarambh (commencement of studies) Sanskar (rites) are carried out so as to establish in the inner being of the student, these very sacred aspirations.  In the sacred commencement, the Gayatri Mantra is chanted directly and subtly.  Those who have read the above lines minutely, will understand why Gayatri Mantra is called a Guru Mantra.


There is a story that when Maharshi Dattatreya’s thirst for holy wisdom was not quenched, he went straight to Prajapati.  Brahmaji understood his desire and advised the Maharshi, that none other than a Sadguru (great preceptor) can quench your thirst of wisdom.  This Sadguru lies hidden in the deep recesses of your mind and you can attain his grace by diving deep within the soul.  Dattatreya humbly imbibed Prajapati’s advice and found his Sadguru in the deep cave of his mind.  Because of his Sadguru’s grace, Maharshi Dattatreya could gain sacred wisdom from anyone whom he came in contact with.


Such 24 incidences have been related in that story, which superficially seem ordinary yet the Maharshi attained deep wisdom from them. These mysterious events have been depicted by Maharshi Dattatreya in the “Guru Geeta”.  From whomsoever (also objects) Maharshi attained wisdom, he called them his Guru and thus Dattatreya’s 24 Gurus became very well-known.  Indian Mythology authors have given a detailed description of all of them.  But why do the Gurus add up to 24 in number only?  Why not more, why not less?  The answer is only one – their precepts correspond to the 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra and in the spiritual world, they are called Guru or Sadguru.  When the deep import of a Guru is elucidated it is said that a person without a Guru, never advances in life.  Meaning one without a preceptor, never attains soul advancement.  That Guru principle wherein greatness has been depicted in this holy literature, is said to be embedded in the Guru Mantra called Gayatri.


Keeping these special qualities in mind Gayatri Mantra chanting is a must while carrying out Sandhya-Vandan rites. Sandhya is a daily act.  As time went by Sandhya became a well-managed and detailed rite of Gayatri.  This can also be called a daily Guru worship or devotion to the Guru.  The reason why Gayatri Mantra initiation is received from the hallowed lips of a Guru is that via an image, one can imbibe the absolute truth.  With the help of an embodied Guru, one can reach the Sadguru deep within one’s soul, who represents God.


In the scheme of meditation, many Mantras are made use of.  There is a tradition of chanting various Mantras as per the rituals that worship various demi-gods.  They are called Sadhana Mantras, Deva Mantras, Sampradaya Mantras etc.  But in Indian religion the Guru Mantra is one only and that is the Gayatri Mantra.  It is only Vedmata Gayatri that has been given a supreme status by Rishis of yore.  Even traditional religious texts give their assent.  In the Muslim religion, there is only one predominant Mantra and that is “Kalnaa”.  In Christianity “Baptisma” is the leading Mantra.  In Indian religion, it is only the Gayatri Mantra that has been accepted as a Guru Mantra.  This is not without an apt reason.  Keeping in mind the special qualities related to its spiritual practice and education and also the divine streams of knowledge and wisdom of this Super Mantra, it has been given the exaltated status of a Guru Mantra (preceptorial).


From the philosophic and principle standpoint, Gayatri Mantra is compact.  It has the power to give a spiritual seeker, all types of knowledge and divine wisdom.  In order that a student aptly imbibes knowledge and divine wisdom, a great teacher is most necessary.  In the same way how should a person utilize the Gayatri Mantra i.e. what should be the ultimate goal?  An initiating preceptor (Deeksha Guru) is required for proper understanding.  For this very goal and true success, an experienced preceptor is required who is a master of this subject.  For appropriate success, one needs a true teacher just as one needs a right doctor to cure one’s illness. From this viewpoint for those who walk on the path of soul progress, for those who are devotees of Gayatri, an apt Guru’s guidance and help is most essential.





One of the reasons why amongst all forms of meditation, Gayatri Meditation is said to be supreme, is that it is compact in an all-round manner.  May be the other forms of worship have attained fame because of traditional beliefs and religious sectarianism but one does not find compactness in them. No doubt milk of other animals are utilized by us yet they can never be compared with cow’s milk which is the only other option as far as a human mother’s milk is concerned. Hence it is not out of partiality that cow’s milk is given so much importance.  Cow’s milk has innumerable special qualities.  The same holds true for Gayatri worship.  Hence those who follow other modes of worship, are advised by our hallowed scriptures, that they should imbibe Gayatri worship and also walk on the path of other spiritual practices that they wish to follow.


It is most required that land be tilled. The seeds can be planted in varied ways.  Gayatri Meditation fulfils the first goal of tilling land and soul purification.  Before dyeing any cloth, it must be washed thoroughly. Also while dyeing clothes, we must cogitate as to which colour is most suitable. But as far as washing the cloth is concerned, it is the very first step and there is no difference of opinion on this.  Gayatri MeditationS is a method by which the beginning requirements of the mental plane are fulfilled.  This is why it is compact and all-round in nature.


The superficial nature of meditation appears as though, like beggars we are seeking things from Gods and Godesses.  One is also deluded into thinking that the demi-gods depend on the praises we shower on them and hence in return, they fulfill our desires.  Both these beliefs are illusory. The fact is that meditation influences the deeper layers of the inner being of one’s personality and by augmenting great principles in the sacred emotional center, the soul center of the spiritual seeker abounds with radiance.  It is this divine radiance which is the true wealth of all mankind.  Based on it one’s daily acts reflect piousness and skillfulness.  Based on the greatness / lack of this radiance, the viewpoint of others measure us and bestows on it importance and help.  It is not as though we meditate on something other than ourselves because true meditation means, focusing our minds on our inner being / soul.  When the inner being of a saint awakens, he is perceived as a realized soul externally.  It is the spiritual practice of soul purification, full of precepts in unison, that is perceived as different forms of meditation.  Because the Science of Gayatri is considered more powerful for attaining these goals, it is given the highest seat in the field of meditation.


The daily Sandhya-Vandan rite is a daily chore of soul purification.  When ahead of it, high leveled spiritual practices are commenced, 2 streams flow from it.  It can be said to be the 2 streams of Ganga and Yamuna (Indian rivers) from the deep layers of our mind.  Their names are 1) Yoga (union with God) 2) austerities.  When both these get focused at one point, a new unknown stream in the form of Saraswati starts flowing from it and we start perceiving the great pilgrim center called Prayaag.  When 2 wires of electricity unite, sparks emanate form it.  When 2 colours are mixed, a third colour appears.  When a male and female unite sexually, a child is born.  Students of chemistry know for a fact that when 2 elements unite, a third substance is formed.  Wherever the streams of Yoga and austerities unite, there one will see the presiding Goddess of Sidhis (divine powers) as soul force. The deep import of Gayatri worship has been detailed already and principally, it can be called the union of Yoga and austerities that result in special mental qualities and attainment of success.


When one makes a gross study of Yoga and austerities, our conclusions are generally deluded and one thinks it to be some sort of a magical wand.  We give all importance to those actions which fulfill this aim and one focuses one’s attention on learning and educating others in this manner.  Those who fail to recognize this truth can dive deep enough in order to understand aptly which philosophy lies beneath the activities of Yoga and austerities and what is the mouth source of these miraculous powers?  Only superficial bodily efforts are called spiritual practices.  As a result, its condition is like the laughable state of a body without life and a machine devoid of fuel.   When people fail to achieve results, which they have heard of, they only encounter despair when they enter this field.  In a very short time their enthusiasm withers away but those who know the truth and realize that the Science of spiritual practice is a sure means to purify one’s soul, always endeavour to influence and purify their inner being using different methods.  Generally such all-round spiritual endeavour never fails.


In the Yoga aspect of Gayatri Meditation, all those methods are included, based on self-study, mental reflection, meditation which are carried out by the thought process and which positively influence our aspirations.  The austerities aspects includes all these tasks wherein all the bodily organs are made to act in a controlled manner and this effort is also called endurance.


In short via these 2 goals, both the body and mind is taught to imbibe greatness.  Ordinarily like water, man’s mentality too tends to drift downwards.  Man’s only wealth is, all the collected animal tendencies from past lives.  He is attracted by it and immerses himself in beastly acts. Desires, passion and ego overpower him and he habitually gets immersed in them.  Only when we ward off such lowly acts, can we aspire to attain greatness.  In order to achieve this goal, the methods of Yoga and penance has been ordained for us all by the holy scriptures.  The goal of the Science of spiritual endeavour, is to manifest greatness in our psyche via Yoga and greatness in our bodily function via austerities.


In this scheme the more one attains success, the more one attains benefits like divine powers.  The demi-gods do reside in inter-stellar space and divine powers do rule over the subtle world but we can only contact them if we purify our hearts / psyche.  Without this one can never come in contact with these divine powers.  If one’s mind overflows with vile tendencies, one can never attain divine powers.  And just in case one concentrates one’s mind without purifiying it, one may attain certain divine powers but it is a definite fact that they will only be misused.  Hence success attained by singularly performing spiritual practices can also lead to that person’s destruction and also those coming in contact with him too.  Examples of such people are demons like Ravan, Kumbhakaran, Mareech, Sahasrabahu, Bhasmasur, Hiranyakashipu, Vritrasura etc.  No doubt by concentrating their minds (devoid of purification), they attained divine powers but because they misused these powers, they had to face ill-fame, pain and sorrow.  In its pristine purity, the Science of spiritual practices is full of methods that advance our souls.


In meditation one’s devotional sentiments have to be advanced in such a way, that one tries to makes one’s thinking intense, so that it experiences close proximity to God.  Yoga is nothing but intensity of devotion.  Grossly Yoga is said to be union (with God).   Yoga means the union of the individual soul with the cosmic soul i.e. God.


At the time of meditation the Lord can be visualized as some person or the image of light.  This is a time based goal.  In reality the Lord is experienced in the psyche, as a divine emotion and it is described as an individual glory or social generosity.  The images of demi-gods are moulded in the form of all pious qualities.  When one binds oneself deeply to them, it means that one is imbibing pious qualities in the deep layers of one’s mind.  The more one’s aspirations are high statured, the faster one attains the goals of devotional practices, Yoga practices and God himself.  Self surrender means to mould one’s inner being in a divine way, to fulfill God’s wishes, to imbibe ethics and this is described variedly in Yoga philosophy.  The goal of all Yoga practices is one only and that is to imbibe God’s greatness in such a way, that one’s personality radiates this divine glory.  Meditation means to induce one’s mind, intellect, psyche and ego to imbibe sacred aspirations.  When one makes a common description of it, it means to imbibe greatness in the inner world and that it is a psychological scheme that makes an individual an idealist.


If a deep study is made of the various methods, rituals, rites of worship and if it is to be classified, it is clear that via the medium of all these activities, the goal of educating the psyche with teaching of good-will can be achieved.  Via the medium of scenes and actions, it is easy to understand and educate others too.  Various types of modes exist to attain this goal.  Little children are educated via toys, objects and pictures.  Even elders imbibe the knowledge of various types of information via exhibitions and roles.  This goal too is achieved via various types of ritualistic devotional methods.  Various methods of worship rites help a spiritual seeker in imbibing ideals in his spiritual practices and mode of thinking.


Those endurances are included in spiritual austerities wherein one endures bodily, mental and financial hardships, to achieve higher goals.  One has to face many hardships in one’s dealings with others and also when we face the fruits of our past actions.  Yet we never willingly and joyfully dare to face those dire times that are the result many a times, of walking on the path of high ideals, when we know fully well that this is most essential, in order to become great in the true sense of the term.  Every person who has walked on the path of greatness has fought dire circumstances very valiantly, in order to show us what it is like to be steadfast while imbibing high ideals.  Only after one is tested in this fire one has attained the self-contentment of being great and respect from the world.  In the spiritual practice that encompasses austerities, one has to control the body, mind, senses etc. and one has to give a lot , while working for great goals.  One has to have a lot of daring while facing various obstacles and opposition from family, society etc.  This can also be said to be a spiritual practice of augmenting soul force.


Austerities give 2 results – purification of mental taints and augmentation of will power.  The word meaning of Tapa (austerities) is to heat up.  All the ores beneath the ground are purified when the ground is heated.  Doctors kill germs in our body due to the influence of heat.  Mud is converted to tough brick, simply by heating.  As a result of heating, water gets the opportunity of creating intense energy in the form of steam.  When one melts metal, many tools can be made.  In tasks like cooking food or making use of machines in factories, heat energy is made use of.  In order to manifest special qualities and glories in our psyche, it is essential to imbibe sacred actions like hard work, engrossment in one’s work, enthusiasm, definite resolve and humility.  In spiritual austerities one has to practice the art of walking on this very path.  In other words it can be called the practice of valour, enterprise, renunciation and sacrifice, so as to attain sacred goals.


Amongst all forms of worship Gayatri worship is the leader.  It has many modes and methods.  When one classifies, analyses and describes all these methods, one comes across 2 precepts i.e. one makes the mind a Yogi and the body a vehicle of austerities.  Meaning to induce both, to imbibe greatness and high ideals, make it conducive and encourage it to take interest in matters of sacred achievements.  This is a spiritual endeavour that encourages the inner personality to carry out sacred acts.  In order to attain material wealth and soul based glories, this is the only method to do so.  Great spiritual men have ordained us to carry out this method of devotion so as to attain this goal.  It is another thing, if one gets entangled in deluded beliefs, else if one understands and educates others the true principles of worship, definitely these efforts will prove beneficial to one and all.  Wherever there is an atmosphere of devotion, there one will see the psychic flow moulded in the direction of piousness and a tradition of gentlemanliness.


It has already been said that apart from Gayatri worship, there is no other all-round compact spiritual practice amongst all Sciences of Worship. If world humanity is encouraged to imbibe whole-heartedly, this Spiritual Philosophy and mode of worship, the result will be that their psyches will be moulded in the cast of greatness.  Doubtlessly once the psyche is transformed, the circumstances too will change for the better. It is the congregation of individuals that goes to form society.  It is lowliness in individuals that creates external dire circumstances full of hardships.  There may be other solutions for quick changes but there is only one method by which vileness can be uprooted hook, line and sinker and that is, to induce a tradition of sacredness in world human society and augmentation of greatness in the lives of all individual human beings. In order to augment individual greatness, people pay heed to augmenting comforts and education at the intellectual level.  That is alright but as long as the aspirations of the deep layers of the world human psyche are not made sacred, till then there will always remain a void.  Ultimately wealth without sacred aspirations, is as dire as the hardships and turmoils one faces, when material comforts and dry intellectualism is on the rise.


This Spiritual Philosophy and its worship rites, fulfills the requirements of Yogic thinking and austerity based spiritual endeavour.  The more they augment, the more the individual will become great and thus they will create a well-managed society.  The movement of Era Transformation endeavours to achieve this goal.  A superficial study tells us that worship rites / reading aloud religious texts etc. are not very important, yet if one dives deep into its special qualities and possibilities, it is clear that the requirement of solving problems of this era and manifestation of a bright world future is possible, only via an era revolution that sacredly touches our aspirations.  All these possibilities are embedded in the Gayatri movement.





Gayatri Super Power has 2 forms, one is indirect (subtle) and the other is direct (gross).  Indirect means its usage at the mental level i.e. Japa (Mantra chanting), meditation, concentration and merging it into the soul.  It can be called a Yogic practice of Spiritual Sciences.  This practice is carried in the inner personality.  Externally it may look as though the lips are merely chanting a Mantra.  Only the spiritual aspirant knows its true nature and influence.  Others can only see this spiritual seeker doing something in solitude.  This can be called an individual aspect.


The second aspect of Gayatri is Yajna.  People know its nature generally and it includes congregational efforts.  Because action and scenes are included in it, even a layman can study its movements and influence and as a result, there is attraction and enthusiasm for it.  Hence it can be made a medium of preaching and teaching too.  All the arrangements are made using Samidha, Shakalp, Yajna vessel, Mandap, Kund (pyre) etc. and are created via other materials.  Thus it can be called materialistic too.


Gayatri and Yajna are mutually related.  Scriptural scholars opine that Gayatri is the Mother and Yajna, the Father of religious culture.  Both support each other in an inseparable manner.  In Anushthaans (Gayatri worship), one carries out a Havan (fire sacrifice) and offering Ahutis (to the Yajna fire) alongwith Mantra chanting.  That mode of worship, which one could not execute due to lack of such methods, is required in which one calculates 1/10th of the Mantras chanted in the Anushthaan and one chants these extra Mantras.  This is an arrangement which is executed under trying times.  In reality the need of a Yajna is most required.


In daily chores, Gayatri Mantra is said to be the spine of Sandhya-Vandan.  After food studies are most important.  At the time of the ceremony of commencement of one’s education, one is initiated into the Gayatri Mantra in the form of a Guru Mantra and only after this, that a student commences his studies.  A pigtail is made on the scalp, which represents the flag of a divine intellect (Ritambhara Prajna) and the body wears the sacred thread (Yajnopaveet), which represents a vow of executing pious actions.  Both are symbols of Gayatri.  The 9 threads of the Yajnopaveet (sacred threads) correspond to the 9 words of Gayatri viz. 3 chains, 3 legs, Gaanthain Vyahvritiyaan and Om or Pranav.  The pigtail inspires one to imbibe true wisdom in the brain and pious actions on the shoulders.  This is a symbol of Indian culture and religion.  A big program is made in the Mundan Sanskar (Hair-shaving) ceremony in which a pig tail is made and in the Upanayan Sanskar (sacred thread) ceremony.  It can be said to be a scriptural rite of re-instating of Gayatri Super Power with human life.


This method like Gayatri worship has been imbibed as a requirement of soul advancement and its rites have generally been interwoven in all important cultural traditions.  Right from birth to death, 16 Sanskars (ritualistic ceremonies) have been ordained.  Amongst them Yajna is a must.  Marriages are executed near a sacrificial fire (Yajna) and after a person dies, his dead body is cremated in a pyre.  If religious rites are to be imbibed in all festivals, sacred inaugurations etc. then Yajnas must have a place in its agenda.  Holi is definitely an annual congregational Yajna, which is executed as a symbolic worship in every village, alley etc.  By burning incense or flame lamps, the facile requirement of a Yajna rite is fulfilled.  Even today women while worshipping Gods/ Goddesses, offer cloves, sweet-meats, food etc to flames, so as to keep alive the ancient tradition of Yajnas.  Even those who try to ward off evil spirits, ghosts etc. use fire in one way or the other.  The scriptures ordain us to execute 5 daily Yajnas before eating food. Even today, we find many religious people who offer at least 5 Ahutis (Yajna offerings) to the fire before partaking their daily meals.


When one deeply studies all this, it is clear that both Gayatri Meditation and its Yajna activities, are equally looked upon as inseparable parts of divine culture and both are given equal importance.  It is only a combination of true wisdom and pious actions that elevate an individual and world society too.  Keeping this fact in mind, the presiding Goddess Gayatri of true wisdom and Yajnas, that symbolize pious actions, are looked upon as 2 wheels of the chariot of divine culture.


Ordinarily five sacrifices (Havans) are executed in all individual Mantra chanting Anushthans (religious schedule). Even during festivals, holy events and inauguration ceremonies, they are executed in a small or big way.


In ancient times in order to solve in a widespread manner, all contemporary problems, gigantic conferences like Yajnas were executed in honour of wise, great men. Political problems were solved via Rajasuya Yajnas and via Vajpeya Yajnas, religious problems were tackled.  Gayatri Yajna is a leader amongst all Vajpeya Yajnas.  Like that for special goals, Vishnu, Rudra, Chandi Yajnas were carried out to appease those Gods/ Goddesses. Yet the general meaning, based on public acceptance and ancient tradition, a Yajna is Gayatri Yajna.  When we say Yajna it generally connotes Gayatri Yajna.


One form of the manifestation of Gayatri of Era Power (Yuga-Shakti) is to introduce the Spiritual Philosophy of this great Mantra, for the benefit of world humanity and encourage one and all to imbibe this mode of worship.  The congregational and Gayatri Mantra chanting Anushthaans (religious program) conjoined to strong vows are being spread everywhere.  These efforts will result in purification of the individual’s psyche and the cosmic environment.  In the same way the Gayatri movement has been made widespread.  Gayatri Parivar (family) has executed and made widespread, all congregational Mantra chanting (Japa) programs and congregational Yajnas.  They have continuously endeavoured to do this for the past 25 years.  Today it has been accepted by one and all and has become a well-known tradition. Without exception the world teaching of Jnana (wisdom) Yajnas, is conjoined to these programs.  Generally they are called Yuga Nirman Sammelans (Era Creation Programs). It can be called a public teaching via the medium of religious sects for purification of world human psyche.  In such programs stupid speeches are strictly prohibited.  In well managed Gayatri Yajnas, emphasis is laid on the fact that only wise, learned men, educate the public regarding the era manifestation of Gayatri Super Power and its activities.  It is due to the result of the renderer of discourses and lecturers, being well learned in this field, that via the medium of Gayatri Yajnas, we have succeeded in encouraging the human psyche to accept the idea of Era Transformation.  In future this endeavour will be made more facile and widespread, so that the goal of this era viz. thought revolution and awakening of world humanity, can be achieved.


In Yajna programs there are 2 concrete precepts viz.  Congregational intense endeavour and all round discipline which can be called the fundamental basis of material advancement in this era. In this task at every step i.e. right from commencement to the end, 2 tasks can be perceived very clearly.  All acts like offering a part of the congregational Mantra chanting as Ahutis, Yajnashala, creating / decorating the Yajna pyre, the Jalayatra (water procession) by women, other huge processions, many Hotas (priests) working congregationally while performing the Yajna, eating consecrated food together, preaching journeys etc. are carried out in a cooperative manner. In an individual endeavour it is difficult to gather different materials.  If one carries out an individual Yajna with one’s own money, even then one requires a Yajman, wife of Yajman, Ardhavya, Udgata, Brahma, Acharya, steadfast Purush etc.  Only Ahutis of daily chores can be offered individually, else every well managed Yajna must include congregational effort and mental good will. Via the medium of a Yajna, one can give an example of world teaching that includes congregational effort.  In order to overcome business, Brahma and Acharya are appointed like apt acting officials. They minutely study as to whether there is cleanliness, wakefulness and good management everywhere.  With their sharp eyesight, they pick faults and immediately rectify the error.  The Mantras should be chanted in unison, all hands should offer Ahutis simultaneously, the dress code of all should be uniform, one should enter the Yajna arena in a clean manner, arrangements should be made for clarified butter, circumambulation should be in sequence etc.  Amongst all the rules laid down for this task, a lot of emphasis is laid on discipline.  A gross viewpoint tells us that it is a good action, like the armies’ parade.  Both these sacred activities are such that, the more they are included in the life of all, the more an individual will become advanced and cultured and society will get a chance to become wealthy, steadfast and well-managed.  This is the very path that will help us attain world progress and peace.


The word Yajna has 3 meanings – 1) charity; Udgata 2) congregation 3) worship of divinity; greatness.  Wherever these 3 sacred acts are imbibed, there one will find gentlemanliness and greatness and in a very short time span, many problems will be solved.  For the rise of divinity in man, a comparison can be made with the 3 streams called Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati and their union is called Triveni.  According to the great epic Ramayan those who bathe in this Triveni confluence, experience an internal transformation.


The basis of Era Transformation is the inner purification of this very stature.  Thus while describing a Yajna, while teaching others the nature, application and result of that Spiritual Science, one instructs others to fulfil the requirements of Era Transformation.  In the days of India’s Freedom Movement, the 3 colours of Indian flag were described that corresponded to the 3 goals of Independence.  In the same way, the all-round progressive preaching of the individual, family, society, of the revolution at the intellectual, ethical and social level, of the purification of sensitive wisdom and action is very much possible.  All required precepts for Yajna based aspirations in one’s life and establishing a Yajna tradition in society, are embedded in its seed form, in the Spiritual Science of Yajna.  How much can the task of education of progressiveness, based on religious tradition, be imbibed and how far will it succeed?  Like ancient times this can be experienced even today.  And this is what is being executed today.


Within Yajna activities, many smaller methods are included.  Within all of these, that viewpoint is embedded, which if imbibed will lead to moulding the individual, society and the New Era in the cast of greatness.  If a description is made of all the Mantras of these activities alongwith its modes and methods, the high leveled requirement of a multi-faceted preaching can be fulfilled via these Yajna programs.  The sensitive task of re-instating, praying to the zealous radiance of era revolution in the form of the Yajna fire is such, that everyone can be convinced to ward off undesirable elements of the psyche and replace them permanently with good-will for the world.


Yajna has its own scientific principle. Within it the all-encompassing influence of Mantra power, of special Shakalya, of the mysterious rites, of the united transformation of pious actions is such, that certain important movements take place in the subtle world.  As a result of these divine vibrations, it is possible to overcome diseases, mental distortions and bad psychic imprints (KuSanskars).  The scriptures talk of rain pouring down due to Yajnas and rains in turn pour down wealth.  This is not an ordinary talk of rain water falling from clouds.  This water, wind, energy pours down on earth from the skies and thus raises the stature of all creatures and material objects.  Rains are said to be the powerful basis of multifaceted progress.  Via Yajna rites, it is this which is created and rained down.  In a gist it is said to be useful aspects that are created and get augmented in the subtle world.  As a result rains are said to be the multifaceted basis of joy and peace.  Because Yajna is the father of this glory,it is said to be the best amongst all actions and by calling it Yajna Purusha, it is revered as a visible Lord Vishnu.


Manu has talked of Brahminism emanating from the body of the Yajna author.  It is this that is said to be the rise of divinity in mankind within the task of Era Transformation.  The wealth that rains down with the aid of rains is said to be the mouth source of joy and peace of the Golden Age.  Via Yajna activity, such basis of purification of the subtle world and attaining divine powers for fulfilling this goal can be created, which cannot be achieved via material endeavours.  For neo-creation also there will definitely be a need of material energies and means, yet because all that area is for purification of consciousness hence within it, the utility of divine powers will play a leading role.  This requirement is indeed fulfilled by Gayatri Yajnas.


To these Gayatri Yajnas is conjoined an action, which is called “Deva Dakshina” (Preceptorial foes).  It means renunciation of vile activities and imbibing of sacred actions whose witness is fire-God.  In all Yajnas carried out by Yuga Nirman Yojana, a preceptorial fee has to be given to the one carrying out the fire sacrifice and his Sankalp Patra (resolve vessel) has to be filled with some offering.  These preceptorial foes do not mean money but it means purification of one’s inner self.  It further means renunciation of at least one bad habit amongst other bad habits which we latch on to and that one imbibes at least one pious action in one’s daily life.  Vile activities include lack of ethics in one’s personal life, deluded beliefs and lowly social traditions.  The aim of divine foes movement is to renounce all undesirable elements in every category and instead, imbibe precepts that are appropriate.  This can be called the basis of Yuga Nirman (Era Creation) and the root aim of the manifestation of Era Power.  The aim of God’s incarnation has always been establishment of true religion and destruction of unrighteousness.  In the sacred activity of Gayatri Yajna, it is this thought and doership which fills it right from commencement to the end.  The divine foes aspect of Yajnas can be understood very clearly as an act of fulfilling this goal.





Gayatri is called Tripada (3-legegd).  Its 3 legs are said to be Sattva, Rajas, Tamas or Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram or creation, propagation, transformation or Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.  The 3 Lokas (worlds) are well-known viz. Bhu, Bhuva, Sva.  They are also called earth, nether world and heaven.  These Lokas (worlds) are not visible and hence are invisible.  They are made of conscious energy and not from material apparatus.  BhuLoka is the body made of bones, flesh etc, BhuvaLoka is the psychic center and SvaLoka is the root source center of sacred sentiments (Bhava).


The Bhu, Bhuva, Sva Vyahvritis, present in the Gayatri Maha Mantra, is said to be the root source of Gayatri.  This tripod evolved as the 3 words in the 3 legs.   Via BhuLoka the first leg propagated as the 8 letters of Gayatri.  The first leg i.e. Tat, Savitu, Varenyam has 8 letters and 3 words.  In the same way the word Bhuva has been propagated in the 2nd leg of Gayatri i.e. “Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi” which has 8 letters and 3 words.  The 3rd Vyahvriti is “Sva”.  This becomes the 3rd leg i.e. “Dheeyo Yona Prachodayat”.  This too has 8 letters and 3 words.  Further in the 1st Aphorism (Sutra) “Om”, there are 3 letters “A”,”U”,”M”.  From it, 3 Vyahvritis are created.


Within a seed lies the gigantic body of a tree.  Within a sperm lies an entire human being.  Within a microfilm lies a gigantic book. Within an atom lies the entire cosmos.  In the same way within the tiny Gayatri Mantra is embedded, the 3 areas of human life viz. body, mind and society.  Within it also lies teachings and inspirations that evolve human life appropriately.  Further such divine powers are present in it which are filled with glories, wealth, Ridhis and Sidhis.


In the worldly arena, Tripada can also be described as 3 seasons, 3 times, 3 ages etc.  It can be described as water, earth and sky. In the field of consciousness, the radiance of Tripada can make man gentlemanly, great and a divine entity.  They are also called saints, Rishis and incarnations of God.  In the area of Vibhutis (divine glories), one talks of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali.  In Triveni there is a confluence of the 3 rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.  The external shape remains the same but the inner personality is totally transformed.


Why was Gayatri named Tripada (3-legged)?  Its detailed description is difficult to describe in these lines. At the right time its Spiritual Philosophy will definitely be detailed.  Over here it is enough to understand as to what is the role of Tripada in the manifestation of a New Era? Regarding this, it is apt to discuss the nature of Yajnopaveet (Hindu sacred thread) – it is said to be the symbolic icon of Gayatri.  Its 9 threads are the 9 words of Gayatri.  Three chains, 3legs, 3 knots, 3 Vyahvritis.  One Pranava (Om), which is the largest Brahma Granthi or divine knot.  By looking upon the soul of divine culture as the direct symbol of Yajnopaveet (Sacred thread), it is re-instated after prayerful invocation in the temple called the human body.  The shoulder is a symbol of responsibility, the heart of sensitive emotions, the chest of daring and one’s back, a symbol of intense endeavour.  A sacred thread is worn after moving it over all these parts and it is understood that via the inspirations in this Maha Mantra, one’s daily living becomes disciplined.


The 3 chains have elements that evolve our bodily, mental and social arenas.  The first leg of the Gayatri Mantra is said to be the torch bearer of the body, the second leg the torch bearer of the mental field and the third leg the torch bearer of social management.  The 9 Gunas (qualities) are well-known. In the 9 strands there is the teaching of those very 9 Gunas which make the above mentioned 3 aspects of our lives very advanced and cultured.  In the past an Indian citizen generally overflowed with these 9 Gunas and thus were called divine men.  The manifestation of the New Era will take place as per the norms of the Golden Era.  Hence we will have to imbibe sacred aspirations and traditions of ancient times.  The body, mind and psyche will have to abound with those sacred qualities, whose aptness and utility has been understood in our glorious past.


Gunas (qualities) are utilized in our daily living.  Spiritual Philosophy gets embedded in the aspirations of our inner being and with its inspirations, the thought flow of the thinking center and movements of the body are at work.  The Spiritual Philosophy aspect of Gayatri is found in the 3 Vyahvritis.  Bhu is said to be theism, Bhuva is said to be spirituality and Sva is said to be righteousness.  The widespread nature of Spiritual Sciences (Brahma Vidya) is limited to this area.  While describing it, these 3 incidences are talked of.


In the behavioural aspect of teachings via the sacred thread, the glory of those 9 Gunas are depicted which can further be categorized into 3 classes.  Within the bodily field it is hard-work, arrangement and self-control. Within the mental arena it is discrimination (Vivek), daring and self-dependence. In the social arena it is oneness, equality and a sense of cooperation. It is only on the basis of these 9 aphorisms that the behaviour and social transactions of the individual and society are demarcated. The aim of Spiritual Philosophy is to generate sacred aspiration.  Within spiritual aspirations, the trifold union of spirituality,theism and righteousness have already been depicted in the above lines.


Aspirations are the roots of one’s inner personality.  Its stature is one’s inner personality.  In the verse “Shradha Mayoyam Purushaha Yo Yacchradhaha Sa Eva Sa” it is said that an individual is equal to his aspiration/ faith.  It is the high statured creation of faith and aspiration that commences the sacred task of a New Era.


It is the activity of manifestation of divinity in every individual that will bring in heaven on earth. These are the 2 foundation stones of a New Era. In order to complete it, the first rule is to make mans’ personality high statured. For this the focal point of his existence will have to be transformed and managed aptly. Augmenting the stature of aspirations is that task wherein man’s greatness and brilliance augments and at every step, he will get the golden opportunity of becoming radiant and well-known.


It has already been said that on entering the aspiration arena of Tripada, these 3 trusts manifest maturely in the psyche. The Vyahvriti part of Gayatri is called Brahma-Vidya (Spiritual Science). Bhu, Bhuva and Sva are the 3 fold Sciences.  Within these 3, the first is theism.  The second is spirituality and the third is righteousness.  These 3 are also included in Yoga of Devotion, Yoga of Wisdom and Yoga of Action.  It is this which is detailed in the form of faith, divine intellect and steadfastness. Amongst all these discussions, it is Brahma Vidya (Spiritual Science) which is based on Gayatri principles, that is laid emphasis on.


Theism means trusting God.  Trusting God means trusting that he always metes out justice and that he gives only the fruits of our past actions.  Because the fruits of good /bad actions take time to ripen, man loses faith in the precept that good actions give joy and bad actions give sorrow only.  An unripe intellect finds this delay very painful.  He feels that as soon as he sows a seed, it should grow into a tree immediately.  When the tree takes some time to grow, he loses interest in the art of gardening.  The principles of theism induce faith in our psyche that the Lord is all-pervasive and that he always metes out justice.  There might be a delay but never darkness in the Lord’s courtroom.  A man who is a firm believer of this precept can never carry out sins under cover too and can never dare to sin in open too.  The beliefs of re-birth, heaven, hell etc. promise us that we will indeed have to face the fruits of all our good/ bad actions.  As a result the ethics of a man of deep faith is perfect.  This is a great achievement in the purification of man’s life.  Because of this deep faith, his legs can never lead him to hell and his future life will ward off all darkness. All one’s enthusiasm to execute sacred actions, augments manifold.  Farmers, students, traders despite knowing that the fruits of their hard work will take some time to ripen, remain steadfast in their endeavour.  Thus why would a man of deep faith in God, fear the delay in ripening of the fruits of all his actions?


The result of the individual soul merging into the cosmic soul i.e. God is akin to the sparks that emanate when lightning touches cold, hot stars.  The moment the individual soul merges in God, one can witness the sparks of goodwill, good thinking and good activities manifesting.  Just as lush greenery is the result of a good monsoon season, so too our life overflows with pious activities.  The meaning of true devotion is divine love.  Devotion to God means steadfast faith in sacred ideals.  When one manifests divine love via the medium of devotion to God, we can experience soul unity with the entire cosmos.  As a result we can only carry out pious activities for the benefit of all.  When one has faith that  the Lord incarnates time and again on earth, we understand firmly that establishment of righteousness and destruction of unrighteousness is that test which shows us that divinity can manifest in all of mankind.  The meaning of offering worship to the image of one’s beloved God is to lead the inner soul in the direction of divinity.  When we choose a particular idol of God, we are simultaneously choosing the cast in which we would prefer our psyche to get moulded.  Visualizing God in cosmic consciousness is called cosmic vision.  It means to look upon the gigantic cosmos as an image of God and that one always harbours good will towards all beings and utilize material objects appropriately.  Thus faith in God gives us so many sacred aspirations based benefits.  If in an apt manner, apt worship is carried out for apt goals, untold benefits are attained not only by a man of deep faith but by the entire society too.


The second philosophical leg of Tripada is spirituality.  It means the wisdom of one’s time, nature and goal.  As soon as it manifests, one experiences soul dependence which means leaning on to the soul.  It means to take up the responsibility of self creation on one’s own shoulders.  One should look upon one’s mind as the creator of external worldly situations and for external progress, one should imbibe pious activities in the region of our soul.  By accepting the four foundation stones of self-introspection, self-reformation, self-creation and self-advancement, one can make apt arrangements for all-round soul progress.


When we transform our viewpoint, we are warding off the terrible mistakes that ensue, when we try to gauge various situations and solving them.  As a result our life changes for the better to such an extent that it seems as though our entire mind and body has transformed.  It is totally relative to look upon oneself as poor, lacking in various amenities and downtrodden. When we compare ourselves with wealthy people, our situation looks very weak and when we compare ourselves with poor people, we feel that very few people have amenities that we possess.  When we keep counting the things we lack and think of other’s misbehaviour aimed at ourselves, we feel we are rotting in hell.  When our heads reek with anxieties, doubts, wild imaginations, we feel as though the gloomy clouds of poverty will pour down on us any moment.  The world is like a mirror. We can only see our own image in it.  It is only either the greatness or lowliness of our qualities, actions, character that invite cooperation or obstructions.  Everywhere man hears the echo of the sound of his heart.  It is our own mental distortions that frighten us in the form of ghosts, evil spirits etc.


The auspicious imagination of Era Transformation will take place with the proclamation of “if we change, the era will transform”. Within this there is the potential of the entire society changing when every individual’s psyche gets transformed.  It is said that when our psyche changes, the external worldly situations too change.  It can also be said to be the movement of self-creation.  Spirituality itself is soul wisdom.  Over here one is inspired to imbibe that thinking and those actions which will overflow with self-glory.  It is said to be the divine inspiration of activating the inner consciousness of self-dependence or soul dependence. The second stream of this Triveni (3-fold confluence) is the spiritual vision of spirituality.


The third stream is righteousness.  Steadfastness in righteous thinking means to be steadfast in carrying out one’s prescribed duties. If a sense of responsibility is included in the activity and loyalty towards an honest person’s activities and goals,  the principle of “work is Worship” can actually be visualized in society. While performing any task, one should be cautious that our ideals are not destroyed nor is our discipline superceded.  One should see that at the behest of greed, attachment / delusion, one is or is not carrying out actions that are lowly.  Every action should breed soul contentment. One’s own glory augments and thus society at large benefits immensely.  The religious norms are devised by great thinkers so as to achieve these goals.  One should imbibe these norms in a disciplined, steadfast manner.


Righteousness has 2 aspects – one is augmentation of greatness and second overcoming lowliness.  For establishment and augmentation, there is a requirement of creative endeavour and for uprooting the ethics of non-cooperation, opposition and agitation is required.  Within all the incarnations of God both the elements viz. establishment and uprooting have been given equal importance. On the one hand lovers of righteousness imbibe both the ideals of pious actions and spirituality and on the other hand, one needs to vehemently oppose vile ethics, undesirable habits and deluded beliefs. Righteous war is definitely an inseparable part of imbibing righteousness.  True righteousness is to execute righteous duties and responsibilities towards our body, mind, soul, family, society, God and sacred ideals.  The 3rd leg of Gayatri Spiritual Philosophy and Brahma Vidya is righteousness.  It is said to be the third stream of Tripada and Triveni (3-fold confluence).


In the creation of human aspirations, these 3 precepts should be etched in the psyche so deeply that they manifest externally as intense faith.  The goal of a true personality can be achieved.  Our hopes should be based on this.


The Spiritual Philosophy of Era Power Gayatri flows in these 3 streams.  In the neo creation of an individual and society, we will have to utilize all the 3 precepts of theism, spiritualism and righteousness.  One must lay emphasis on purification of world human psyche so as to attain the above goals.  In Gayatri Spiritual Philosophy, these 3-fold inspirations are deeply embedded.





In the 3 legs of Tripadaa Gayatri, the first leg – 1st chapter is made of 8 letters.  Over here 3 words viz. Tat Savitu Varenyam are included. From the standpoint of teachings, it is said to be related to the gross, physical body.  The gross body means the body made up of bones, flesh, blood etc. that eats, sleeps, talks etc.  Externally it looks like a mobile toy.  In it one sees many machinations of beauty, growth and taste of juice conjoined to it.  It needs food in the form of grains, water, air and it needs to be cleaned by removing the dirt of urine, faeces, perspiration etc. A gross intellect can perceive only this aspect and utility of the gross body.


But when one dives deep within, one notes 3 special qualities.  On the basis of these 3 qualities, those material comforts are attained, which are called wealth and material comforts.  The success of the material world is measured on this basis. In order to attain them, three such elements are present in the deep recesses of the body which are ordinarily in a latent, unawakened state.  One never gives a thought to it and hence no effort is made to awaken it.  But if one succeeds in awakening, augmenting and manifesting it in one’s character, then know for sure that the path of material progress that is devoid of all obstacles, has opened up widely and the lost key of a great destiny has been regained.  These 3 sacred characteristics are 1) hard work 2) proper management 3) self-control. If one understands its importance and hence induces the body to take deep interest in them, then know for sure that one has attained the divine boon of good health, long life, beauty, skills and generating material comforts.  Self-control and glory are 2 sides of the same coin.  Those jewels that have been filled in the mine called the human body by God, can be unearthed and attained by performing bodily spiritual practices.  Those methods availed by the visible demi-god of the gross body for worship and on attaining which, one gets the boon of many types of material advancement is called hard work, proper management and self control according to the abovementioned lines.


Principally there are infinite substratums of capabilities in an individual and those who utilize them aptly, attain glories in their lives.  From the personal standpoint, he never lacks good health and from the material world viewpoint, he never lacks in material comforts and means. Only those who refuse to imbibe these sacred activities lack the above 2 attainments.  Only those who are lethargic, indolent and lack self-control live in a demeaned state and face hardships.  The opposite of hard-work is lethargy and that of proper management is indolence.  Those who do not understand the importance of discipline and self-control are called wanton and foolhardy men.  Because of lethargy one fails to earn wealth.  Because of indolence one cannot look after one’s needs and because of lack of discipline, one either uses up all that one earns or creates such results, which can only be called destructive. When lethargy, indolence and lack of self-control rules one’s body, it is nothing short of a curse.  Because of its presence none can progress in life and such people are generally poverty stricken.


In the history of progress, every successful individual was found to be endowed with these 3 special qualities.  They would work hard and they took avid interest in their work.  They knew very well that in order to earn wealth, they will have to shed a lot of perspiration via intense endeavour.  In fact a lethargic man is very poor indeed.  In the same way via advancement, the well-managed intellect is evolved aptly.  They were always alert while endeavouring intensely.  Like bodily alertness, one has to immerse one’s entire mind in the task taken up, in order to successfully complete it.  Without mental concentration, hard work will not give any perceivable success.  Its comparison can be made by measuring it with horse power.  Miracles are noted in our endeavour only when our mind is totally focused on that particular task.  The meaning of alertness is hard work and the meaning of getting immersed in one’s task is mental concentration, which is full of liking and zeal.  Wherever these 2 combine there, the stature of the task taken up will augment.  In comparison to ordinary hard work, its measure will be greater. Management means mental alertness and focusing.  Amongst all credentials the power of apt management is of the highest grade.  This can be seen in the apt management of various factories, industries etc.  Lethargic people are always mocked.  They are compared to handicapped and mentally deranged people.  Wealth means attainment of success in the material arena.  It can be seen as power and as a result, desired fields attain zealous success.  This is the basis of wealth.  On this very basis one earns glory.  This is achieved only by hard work and inducing the mind to take an intense liking for the task at hand.  To the extent there is a lack in the alertness of the mind and body, to that extent man is found to be unsuccessful and languishing in dire situations.  It appears as though ill fate pours down from the heavens, yet the harsh fact is that it is a creation of our distorted mind.  Very rarely does one see accidental hardships.


Rain water after landing in various parts of the country, ultimately merges into the ocean and turns salty.  But if this rain water is obstructed by the construction of a dam, the resultant hydro-electrical energy can be used for irrigation, power, electricity transmission etc. Generally steam rises in the air and gets wastefully scattered but if a little steam is gathered and utilized aptly, an important task of moving rail engines at high speed can be executed.  The saying “for vile tasks one works hard and then one curses fate” applies to people lacking self-control.


Those who waste the power of their sense organs become weak and in a diseased state, they keep wailing aloud when they face the wide jaws of death.  Those who do not concentrate their mental energy, keep harbouring vain desires and fly in the skies of wild imaginations.  As a result the work at hand goes unattended and thus are mocked by one and all.  Shame due to lack of success has to be painfully endured by such people.  Because of wasteful expenditure, one’s earnings go down the drain and thus the curse of poverty is rained on such people. When required tasks have to be executed, one’s hands are empty and instead takes the lowly step of either borrowing money or earning wealth illegally.  Those who fail to focus the energy of their hard work at one point, work like monkeys (i.e. jump from one task to another) and ultimately, the work remains unfulfilled.  Hence instead of allotting any task to such people, it is better to stay away from them.  All these vile results are seen in the lives of people lacking self/ mental control.  Wasteful expenditure can even empty the vault of Lord Kubera (God of wealth).  Due to the grace of Mother Nature, man has so many capabilities like hard work, time, might, wealth etc. but it is our ill-luck that all of it is drained away due to lack of self-control and man, who as a result of this endures poverty, has to face insults from others.  Because lack of self-control is not overcome, it is looked upon as a curse of one’s own life.  Everyone knows what a demeaned state a person endures due to lack of a disciplined mind.


The first leg of Tripada Gayatri covers the words “Tat Savitu Varenyam”.  It means Savita is worth imbibing. Savita means sun. Which are the inspirations worth imbibing from the sun?  It can be understood via facile thinking. It is clear that the sun works hard ceaselessly and is mentally alert.  It works hard pauselessly. This exactly is what is worth imbibing.


The activities of the sun overflow with self-control, discipline etc.  It rises and sets at an appropriate hour daily.  It does not move an inch out of place when it is rotating.  It ties the other members of the solar system to itself.  Savita itself is disciplined and keeps other planets too under immaculate control.  A well-managed action has both self-control and firm discipline.


Man’s total existence has 3 layers 1) gross 2) subtle 3) causal.  It is said to be a detailed reunion of Tripada Gayatri.  They are also called the 3 Lokas (worlds).  The first leg can be called gross body and correlated to the 3 words within it, are hard work, mental focus and self-control.


These 3 pious actions can be called the fundamental basis of the progress of an individual life.  One may wish to attain power related to the material world even if that of the soul arena is most required.  Yet from all standpoints it is most desirable that all 3 be fully imbibed.  A man full of lethargy, indolence and lacking self-control can neither become wealthy nor can he gather soul force.  Even if one talks of fulfilling one’s desires with someone else’s help or blessings yet one must realize, that this grace is attained only by a man with apt psychic credentials and these include hard work, alertness and discipline at the body level.  For individual material progress, it is necessary to have an evolved gross body and that the above mentioned 3 qualities should be imbibed in great measure.


As a result of Era Transformation, divinity will manifest in world humanity.  Its characteristics can be measured only on the basis of the amount of the above 3 qualities that has been imbibed in the material life.  Even in congregational programs, these 3 qualities will have to acquire public acceptance and by looking upon it as a symbol of an individual’s greatness, it will have to be given public honour. In the New Era, hard work will be given prime importance.  Alert individuals will be revered and those full of discipline, will stand in the 1st row of all loved ones.  Only they will lead congregations.  All those individuals casted in the mould of an era revolution, will be hard-working, zealous and self-controlled.





The 2nd leg of Tripada Gayatri is “Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi”.  In this 2nd leg of 8 letters there are 3 words (just like the 1st leg).  “Bharga” means radiance, “Deva” means divine, great, sacred ideals and “Dheemahi” means to imbibe, accept whole heartedly and immerse oneself in divine consciousness.  The exact meaning is the divine radiance merging totally into one’s psyche.


What is divine radiance?  It can be said to be conjoined to the high statured thinking of true discrimination, true enterprise and self-glory. All these pious activities are found in the subtle body.  Subtle body means the mental center and thought center.  It can also be called the room of knowledge.  It is in this garden that the 3 sacred activities bloom forth.  Wherever they grow, they spread fragrance just like a grove of sandalwood trees.


These days social norms have united with 2 opposing elements viz. truth and falsehood to such an extent that one cannot certify the utterances, behaviour and traditional acts of others as apt.  One will have to separate them in a discriminatory manner.  One will have to be farsighted enough to separate right from wrong and imbibe only that which is useful. Apart from this everything is like a mixture of faeces of cows and jaggery.  Jaggery is useful in our diet and cow’s faeces is used to plaster our walls.  But if both are mixed, they are of no use.  In fact they are totally useless i.e. it can neither be eaten nor can it be used for plastering.  In the same way our social norms are full of an admixture of truth and falsehood and hence is not worth imbibing at all.  There is no choice but to test both the true and the false.  No doubt this was required in ancient times too but today there is no other option but to use our discrimination and separate the truth from the false.


The vehicle of Gayatri is a royal swan.  The royal swan’s special quality is to separate milk from a mixture of milk and water.  That means it accepts only milk and not water.  In the same way its other special quality is to partake only pearls and that even if it is facing death, it will not eat worms, flies etc.  In reality the vehicle of Gayatri which is the royal swan, is a symbolic image of true discrimination (Vivek).  On seeing this quality of the class of birds, one should imbibe the ideal of discrimination.  All that is undesirable should be renounced and what is apt should be imbibed.  The test of true discrimination is farsightedness.  Those who lack foresight, give importance only to immediate gains, even if their future is destined to be bleak and gloomy.  But a man of farsightedness endures all immediate strifes so as to manifest a bright future.  A farmer, student, sculptor, artist, labourer, professional, Yogi etc. has to endure hardships in the beginning stages and only then can they expect a bright future.  Men lacking foresight can see movies by selling books etc. and thus create a danger of a dark future.


The roots of all problems and hardships faced by individuals and all of society is lack of farsightedness.  For selfish gains spirituality is ignored.  Man’s very existence is being challenged by dire situations in the form of lack of sacred aspirations, demeaned character and lack of generosity. Despite owning a lot of material comforts, man has to face the fear of lowliness in his viewpoint.  In order to change world circumstances the psyche of world humanity will have to be purified.  The light of the red flame torch of Yuga Nirman Mission has been lit so as to achieve this goal.  The religious program of Wisdom Yajnas are for this target. Within the thought revolution movement, a lot of effort is being made to achieve the goals of intellectual, ethical and social transformations.  Very briefly this widespread task can be called the invocation of discrimination(Vivek).  By warding off advice from beloved ones and present trends we should imbibe only that which is appropriate.  This is true Satyagrah (Non-violence).  This can also be called a prayer of discrimination. Only via true discrimination can one understand the apt nature of truth and then one should imbibe it on the basis of prevailing circumstances. Else truth without farsightedness can be more dire than falsehood.  As a result discrimination is said to be the father of truth and its deep import is considered to be greater on this basis.  Gayatri is also called Ritambhara Prajna, Brahma-Vidya etc. Its straightforward meaning is idealistic discrimination.


The second glorious quality of the subtle body or the psychic center is true enterprise. Decisions based on true discrimination are taken on this basis. Water always tends to fall down on the ground.  Similarly vile psychic imprints naturally get directed towards lowliness and vile activities. In order to climb the pinnacle of greatness, one needs extra energy.  Extra will power is required for drawing water from wells, carrying weight on one’s shoulders, throwing a ball high up in the air which gives us a glimpse of the intense energy required to imbibe high ideals.  We neither practise or have any experience of imbibing great activities nor are we encouraged to do so by our family members.  This trend is not seen in society too.  In every direction, we are advised to imbibe narrow selfishness.  Under such circumstances one has to be daring enough individually to walk on the path of greatness and resolve that “I shall march ahead alone.”  While walking in this direction, one not only has to endure sarcasm, mocking gazes, lack of external help but also one has to face stiff opposition.  Our lone daring efforts are perceived by them as stupidity, against the common trend and heading to our downfall only and on the basis of the natural, deluded and prevailing trend, our valour is thought to be inappropriate. As a result they always create obstacles in the way of such lone crusaders.  Because of a weak mind, one cannot endure such opposition for a very long time and this zest for sacred ideals slowly cools down to nought.


Merely via dry discussions, speeches etc. on idealistic principles, we cannot manifest divinity in world humanity nor can we manifest a heavenly environment on earth.  In fact it will have to become a philosophy of all our daily acts and we will have to imbibe it in our daily chores.  For this such zest should manifest which can overcome all obstacles that are to be faced at every step on the path of greatness.  Like those determined lone mountain peak climbers, we should be valiant and daring.  This very resolve of great men needs to be imbibed by us.  Without true enterprise, it is not possible to imbibe the seeds of ideals in our personality nor augment them.  Without fulfilling this requirement, one can never dream of the creation of a New Era in which one hopes for a divine society and a bright future.


Without changing the direction in which today’s individual aspirations and social activities are heading, it is impossible to save ourselves from that destruction akin to a congregational suicide.  To change the direction of the flow such energy is needed which is found in fish who swim against the flow of tide.  The habits of each individual will have to be reformed, their aspirations will have to be made pious and the wrong trends will have to be transformed.  This task is as difficult as melting broken vessels in fire and re-moulding them into an apt shape.  For this intense vital energy (Prana) is needed.  From where will it come?  Most definitely, this aim can be fulfilled only with the aid of true daring and enterprise.  In the individual and congregational arenas, such daring needs to be imbibed which can uproot totally, all undesirable habits and instead sow the seeds of wish-fulfilling trees.  Without the aid of Era Transformation, one can never create a new world society.


In the 2nd leg of the Gayatri Mantra, this very zest in its full grandeur pervades it.  The inspiration of imbibing divinity will later give us the necessary valour to imbibe enterprise based on sacred ideals.  By imbibing these pious tasks, those reformatic and creative endeavours will be executed, which are required for neo creation and propagation.  The word divinity is the sound of filling sacred ideals in the viewpoint and activities of world humanity.  Its basis can only be one and that is self-glory, self-respect.  Only after making greatness a question of self-respect, can one truly dare to refuse point blank, all benefits that accrue from illegal, unethical means.  Only then can one be valiant enough to keep walking on the path of an upright, righteous character, despite encountering intense hardships.


In the 2nd leg of Gayatri there are 3 inspirations.  Apart from true discrimination and true daring, is the 3rd inspiration called self-dependence.  It can be said to be a protective cover of self-glory.  Man is the prince of God, he has to take responsibility of the apt management of his father’s kingdom and for this, it is most required that greatness be imbibed.  Special individuals like an alert guard, gardener, security chief, creative sculptor, doctor while saving his patient from the jaws of death, political leader, judge etc. have to give due thought to their responsibilities and glory of their status.  In the same way each individual of the world should maintain the glory of their lineage with intense endeavour.  God has given us all a human body so as to utilize it aptly by fulfilling all lack in the inner personality. In the great endeavour of the Creator, one should help him by blooming this world garden.  In comparison to other creatures, those extra comforts which have been bestowed on mankind, are meant for this very goal.  We are not blessed with an intellect and wealth for misusing it to attain lowly material gains and thus destroy them.


Man is the author of his own fate.  He is his own friend and foe.  The compact potential of self-control is embedded in his personality.   By using it aptly he can make his personality so powerful, that no obstacle can come in the way of overcoming hardships and augmenting comforts.  The greatness of soul wisdom has been sung loudly in spiritual literature and it can only be called self-dependence and soul creation.  The 2nd leg of Gayatri inspires us to march ahead in this apt direction.



The 3rd leg of Gayatri Mantra is Dheeyo Yona Prachodayaat “Dhee” means divine intellect. “Yo” means equality. “Na” means cooperation. The divine power is invoked so as to bless us with an intense inspiration of these 3 special qualities.  Briefly the gist of the 3rd leg, is that those who accept this philosophy, should imbibe it totally.  From the viewpoint of contemporary application, these inspirations can be called 1) unity 2) equality and 3)cooperation. The glory of that sacred intellect depicted in the word “Dheeya”, with its social nature can only be oneness of the soul and unity.  Unity means that belief and method depicted in the philosophy of “world as one family” i.e. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and all creatures are a part of my very soul i.e. “Atmavat Sarva Bhooteshu”.


The teachings of the good use of bodily power is dependent on the principles embedded in the first leg of Gayatri.  It can be said to be the Yoga of Action that augments our wealth.  In the 2nd leg one finds the principles of augmentation of mental capability and utilizing the same for apt sacred goals.  This can be called Yoga of Wisdom.  The 3rd leg of Gayatri is Yoga of Devotion.  Devotion means divine love.  Divine love means compassion, oneness of the soul, generosity, attitude of selfless service.  This philosophy is called steadfastness of society.  By looking upon this world of ours as cosmic God, the spiritual practice of cosmic welfare is called the supreme nature of devotion to God.  This cosmic vision of God was given by Lord Krishna to Arjun and Yashoda and by Lord Ram to Kakbhushundi and Kaushalya.  The philosophy of devotion to God, lays down the foundation stone of spiritual inclination.


The 3 ideals of society creation, world creation and Era Transformation are such that they will have to be imbibed wholeheartedly for the creation of a bright future akin to our glorious past. Every individual must be taught the true nature and application of these 3 principles.  The society creation aspect of Gayatri’s Spiritual Philosophy should be believed to be conjoined to these ideals.  Unity, equality, cooperation must be the basis of the goal of neo-creation.


Unity  connotes making efforts to ward off disparity and separative elements as much as much as possible and attain that state, wherein all aphorisms that encourage unity of family are present.  Today the differences with respect to nations, language and religions are creating obstructions in human unity, thought and oneness of soul.  One should endeavour so that these differences dissolve to nought and that every individual of the world attains fully, the benefits and joy of world citizenship.  This is true unity.


Unity can pertain to various religions too.  Religion means observing ethical and social norms i.e. following one’s righteous duties.  The entire body of religion has been created for this attainment and its utility encompasses the entire world and cosmos.  To attain this goal, spiritual seers have given us work ethics that are found in religious texts.  In reality it is only sacred actions that are described, discussed and proclaimed while talking about religion.


In the shadows of religion, it is staunch sectarianism that has been nourished.  In reality keeping in mind the traditions, circumstances and needs a country, various social reformers have moulded them time and again. Such reforms solve only contemporary and regional problems. From it the hardships of only a limited area and sect are overcome.  As time lapses by, new distortions arise in society and now the new problem has to be solved in a new manner. Thus all these methods go to form various religions/ social sects (Sampradaya). Their proclamations are not permanent.  It is in this tiny boundary of various sects that new reformers are born and they make certain changes in what their predecessors had ordained them to do.


No doubt there exist the contemporary utility of reforms of various sects, may be the aim of their founders has been very high, yet when they take the form of fanaticism, they arrogantly claim that only their beliefs are true and that all other beliefs are mere illusions.  Not only this, they force others to follow in their footsteps.  This pressure sometimes is so unethical, that the very soul of righteous religion trembles.  A thinking person who reads the blood oozing pages of history can shed tears only when he reads about the heinous acts carried out by men of particular sects to convert others to their mode of thinking.  All this can only hamper world human progress.


Whatever may be the case, yet one will have to accept that although philosophical viewpoints may lead to certain differences yet in the New Era there will be no place for narrow minded sectarianism. Individual work ethics and ordinances for social management will have to be created, keeping in mind the comforts and well-being of world humanity.  This ordinance can only be cosmic in nature.  Thus the entire world will be nourished under the umbrella of a single world religion.  While creating a new world, the requirements of one world nation, one world language and one world religion will have to be fulfilled.  If the sacred ideal of “world is one family” has to be imbibed in our day to day living, an intense need arises of keeping these 3 unifying principles in mind and working hard to imbibe them at the world level.


The first aspect of world creation is unity and the second is equality.  In equality one finds that equality of community, sex and financial status is included.  Today communities are created on the basis of lineage and every community is fanatically a separatist.  They feel that members of their very own community are their own beloveds and that others are alien and hence need to be shunned.  Not only this but they do not hesitate one bit to show partiality towards people of their own sect and harass outsiders.  They lay emphasis on give and take amongst people of their own sect only.  The result of this narrow sectarianism is the creation of distortions in the form of communal hatred in the entire world.  One can directly witness the disparity created due to differences of black / white skin, gold/ non-gold etc. and the gigantic destruction of justice and aptness.  In India this communal narrow-mindedness is seen even in elections.  Marriages too have posed a big problem due to this communal fanaticism.  The entire society has been wrongly moulded in the cast of this fanatic communalism. The dire results of clan hatred has created terrible problems.  In our country (India), the lowly trends of untouchability, separating walls between communities and sub-communities and the attitude of high caste / low caste, has created a dire social atmosphere that reeks with anarchism, disparity and venom.  Only by overcoming all this, can the firm foundation of a New Era be laid down.


Differences based on castes is as dire as sex based differences.  At every step we can note the difference in treatment meted out to men and women. The traditional trends of the differential treatment meted out to sons and daughters, the veil system for women, dowry, widows not allowed to move out of their homes, divorcing one’s wife etc. are such that it clearly shows that women are treated as 2nd grade citizens.  Women never get the rights enjoyed by their male counterparts. Her condition is between that of men and animals.  She is not given the opportunity of living like a powerful citizen in a cultured society and instead, has to live like a maid of males.  Today this situation is encouraged on the basis of feudalistic logic and further, religious tenets are quoted to prove their point.  Yet the soul of discrimination (Vivek) and justice tells us that this situation is unbearable. In the New Era the relationship between a male and a female will be very sweet since its basis will be love, sense of oneness and equal give take and thus the present oppression will have no say in this matter.


Just like unity and equality, the 3rd ideal of the New Era will be cooperation, which can also be called congregationalism. Man should ward off narrow-minded selfishness and by looking upon oneself as a cog in the wheel called the world, one should lay emphasis on world welfare.  A family means co-existing with love and peace.  This principle should not be limited to a family and instead it should be made worldwide.  Today one can easily realize the benefits of cooperation in the economic arena and on this basis, small / large institutions are being created.  The government too is encouraging it by giving necessary benefits.  Institutions are laid down on this basis. The tradition of joint families is a living form of it.  Sages, Brahmins, Vanprasthis, great men etc. proclaim this very principle and for it, they present their high ideals.  This respected divine individual, in order to present this example in front of world humanity, said that individual selfish gains should be converted into world welfare achievement.


The thinking class discuss a lot about the benefits of joint families and for that they search for a proper basis. In future in order to convert individualism into congregationalism, we will have execute the congregational activity of cooperation.  The principle of world brotherhood and world citizenship is possible only if the quality of cooperation is encouraged all over the world.  Cooperation is the basic principle that leads to individual advancement and world progress.  It is only  narrow minded selfishness that gives rise to social problems and thus it is flooded with criminal and terrorist activities.  In congregationalism one imbibes the high ideals of helping one another with generosity.  In this Spiritual Philosophy lies the potential of progress and world peace.


In the New Era in order to create an ideal society, we will have to execute various creative and reformatic activities and yet at the root of all these acts, will lie the 3 foundation stones of unity, equality and cooperation.  In order to fulfill this those activities will have to be executed, which will help realize our dream of an ideal New Era.

   END OF Part - 2



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