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Ceaseless teaching/guidance has been the extremely important specialty of HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma’s life. He kept himself far away from all attractions, media glare, advertisements etc and instead used all his precious time in molding people. At the root of all that he attained from his revered Gurudeva and success in molding the form of ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ on the basis of executing very difficult austerities, has definitely been his Sankalpa or powerful mental resolve. He became an ideal disciple of his Guru, became Taponisht (one immersed in difficult austerities) and Vedmurti (master of Vedic literature). This is his direct Sidhi or success. Whatever he attained in the form of a precious key was handed over to his beloved disciples and representatives called the very souls of his being. With its medium he showed that if you walk on this path you shall definitely attain the true goal.


Via the artistic method of ‘one eye of loving affection and one eye of tough disciplining’ pertaining to his experiential teaching based on difficult penance, is an example of how a gigantic organization is set up. How the organization must be watered and given fertilizers and how a pause less sequence of selflessly serving volunteers joining this organization is set up. On Gayatri Jayanti Day (2nd June 1990) by taking Mahasamadhi by warding off the bondage of the gross physical body our revered Gurudeva becoming more subtly all pervasive via the subtle and causal bodies of his created certain substratum on the axis of which is standing loftily with head held high in glory the All World Gayatri Family. Do try and understand the main axis of this special teaching and guidance.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma in one letter has said very clearly to ‘the souls of my very being’ who joined his divine mission to read it daily at least once. He has also requested that all those positively influenced by his resolves, who have faith in his decisions must not only read them but must always make due effort to put them into practice in daily life. In this booklet all those aspects have been spoken of that are very necessary for the very thinking, great character, social behavior and art of living day to day life.



At first itself Gurudeva Shriram Sharma writes that: Although these inner feelings are mine, they are being written too by my 3 fingers yet the program that is being designed, is about to be executed do not think that these fingers, papers or pen shall fulfill it to completion. In fact to actually execute it is the responsibility of all of you who are my unswerving steadfast volunteers. In management the most important thing is called ‘power of delegating’ or handing over responsibilities to others aptly. Hence HH Gurudeva says to his disciples that the first responsibility of all of them is to do things first themselves as guided by Gurudeva. Just because I am writing all this it does not mean all of you sit action less and silent because all this shall have to be thoroughly done by all of you volunteers. Until the souls of Gurudeva’s being by looking upon all this as their prime responsibility do not take up the task of actually putting into action the program designed by him the disciples’ well being shall not see fulfillment.

Who are the souls of Gurudeva’s being? They are all those who are conjoined to his cosmic body of divine wisdom. In this are included every person of the class of volunteers, readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine, any ordinary layman joining all programs of the mission in some form or the other, all those influenced by the great personality and activities of Gurudeva due to visiting book fairs/exhibitions and all those who have joined Gayatri Tirth Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas Research Institute, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (University), Gayatri Tapobhumi Mathura, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan, Yug Tirth Anvalkheda and more than 4,000 Prajna Institutes spread out not only in India but the entire world. The body has fingers, nails, veins, joints and muscles. All these together constitute a physical body. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma looked upon everyone as a unit of his gigantic cosmic body. Every one initiated by him, those who are his well wishers and the wise intellectual class are the souls of his being. In this booklet he says that: This program is being written by every pore and nerve of the head and heart. Not only is this being written but that arrangements are being made to actually complete it successfully. It maybe that paper and pen may no longer remain. Even if the fingers do not remain yet this missionary task shall never stop. Along with every particle of blood and atom of the brain is at work that divine power/authority that cannot be perceived by our gross physical eyes. This divine power is working in a subtle unseen manner.



This commandment given to us by Gurudeva is so important that it’s profound serious must be understood in a correct context. The entire form of fulfilling this program has already been carved out hence why should any of us worry? We must only listen to the divine speech of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta (11/33): ‘Nimitta matram bhava savya sachin’ (All these valiant warriors have already been killed beforehand by me O Savya Sachin or ambidextrous Arjun! Hence you must merely become my medium or instrument. The other important point to note is that ‘this program shall definitely see successful completion’ and this is positive thinking. We must never think negatively with despair. All that is definitely about to happen, that destiny especially wishes to execute.



Which program are we talking about? What is its form and nature? This is the program of Era Transformation called Yug Nirman Yojana and Thought Revolution Campaign. The program is gigantic and is as big as its name called Era Transformation. Those who truly and profoundly imbibe the deep meaning of these worlds shall definitely get glorified. Innumerable programs and schemes are designed and take shape yet they are at the worldly and material level only. In it the percentage of failure is much more. Our program is that of Almighty God in order to transform this era in the 21st century and a transformation shall set in the psyche of every world human. HH Gurudev Shriram Sharma too lived a life of this great stature. After setting up Gayatri Tapobhumi (Mathura, India) in 1953 he proclaimed that the campaign of Satyuga or Golden Era returning is represented by the campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana. In this movement of Era Transformation millions of people shall contribute in a big way. Transformation shall not be restricted to merely some special class of society or some particular country but that it shall encompass the entire world and era. This is a revolutionary Rishi Sankalpa or powerful psychic resolve of world cultural neo awakening. None can stop this endeavor’s success. Many great people shall participate in it on a war footing. It could be that some shall get due credit for it. And yet this shall be just fate oriented. We must not run after amassing credit for this great task carried out but must labor religiously to see to it that the mission succeeds to the last letter. This teaching is based on Gurudeva’s Karma Yoga of inner detachment. Only then shall the speed of these activities quicken in pace. It is only then that the seemingly impossible to achieve Bhagirath task of Era Neo Creation become possible. 



Gurudeva tells his unswerving volunteer members-the souls of his very being that they must read again and again, understand the role they have to play and change one’s lifestyle accordingly with reference to the program designed on the basis of which the campaign of Era Transformation shall climb various ladders. Why is this most required? The reason is that the largest and greatest contribution must be made by the souls of his very being. Their time, hard labor, means and capabilities fully are going to be used for this great mission. In order that all these precious qualities do not get frittered away in worldly selfish gains revered Gurudeva is trying to caution us that one thing must definitely be understood by us all that it is only when all of us unite together cooperatively that the creation of that great saintly cosmic personality takes place whom we call Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya who is writing these sentences. It is hence that he calls us all his units. After being given such superb credit our daily lifestyle should be in accordance with that lived by this great saint. The qualities of his were those of a true Brahmin, simplicity, a large hearted soul, deep profound thinking and immense compassion towards all. He questions us whether we are ready to take up this great responsibility? It is for us to answer this question satisfactorily.

Now a question can arise in anyone’s mind as to how this great task can get fulfilled? How can we lead it to apt completion? While merely constructing our house we perspire profusely hence how can we shoulder the gigantic task of Era Transformation? One knows not how many volunteers shall be required for this, how many means shall be required and at what level the help of big personalities of high stature shall be required? Regarding this Gurudeva says: All of you need not worry regarding the above. This is because the one who has ordained us to execute all this shall definitely amass all means for carrying out this great divine mission. You all must think only about one thing and that is how each one of you will compete with one another in putting in greatest effort and harboring a sense of self surrender for this mission.



This is the root axis of Gurudeva’s commands that is the gist of Bhagwad Geeta and its main voice. Do not worry at all. Leave this worry to that divine existence who has carved this cosmic gigantic mission. This in fact is the hour of the great festival of a historical world transformation. Such auspicious moments arrive only after millions of years pass by. The means for this mission too shall be given by this divine controlling authority and all directions too shall be God’s. Yes! We must keep in mind that with an attitude of healthy competition in the field of sacred ideals we run the race of running ahead of each other. There are 2 precepts to be imbibed viz. more and more hard labor and self surrender based on one unswerving attitude. Those who pass the test of these 2 precepts, who shall march ahead ceaselessly, shall definitely attain special blessings of the supreme divine authority. This divine authority shall make arrangements of means that shall be rendered operational by such people who shall not shy away from hard work, shall ceaselessly immerse themselves in Karma Yoga and with steadfast one pointed attitude shall surrender their very being for this great mission. The success of any organization is dependent on these 2 precepts.



When HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma talks of self surrender he directly gives an example of Lord Hanuman. His historical data says that when he conjoined to a gigantic power he got credit of successfully executing all important tasks. On this very basis he expects from all of us that we become in no lesser manner of the stature of Lord Hanuman. In our sacred tasks we should never lag behind as far as putting in intense effort and self sacrifice is concerned. If we observe deeply the resolve of God is to correct that which is tainted (Sambhavami Yugey Yugey), Rishi consciousness interprets it, places before us all the means of the subtle and gives us due capability of using the same aptly. Lest we read his directions we shall understand that our journey commencing from a miniscule level shall widen and become as widespread akin to travelling from the small Gangotri glacier to the huge Ganga Sagar or ocean. The way to function for this end shall be very much like that carried out by Lord Hanuman. The biggest special quality of Lord Hanuman has been his sense of total self sacrifice and focused surrender.



When we imbibe the attitude of self surrender it must continue without pausing. When a wife surrenders to her husband her name, clan and future conjoins to her husband. Her surrender is indeed marvelous. Although we have conjoined to our Guru existence, sometime or the other we have resolved to imbibe his ideals in day to day living, our life has changed because of influence of his great thoughts, in the social arena too we are succeeding uninterrupted and yet why is it that the level of intensity of our self sacrifice is not of the stature possessed by Lord Hanuman? For all of us this should be a topic of self introspection. Not only this, the continuity of self surrender must be ceaseless and must go on right till our last breath. Why choose Hanuman only? Why not someone else? Hanuman is the one and only disciple of Lord Shri Ram. He is a direct example of how to walk on the path of righteousness with daring and farsighted discrimination. Hanuman was influenced only by Shri Ram and never by Kalnemi. Hanuman says: Ram kaj kinhey bina, mohi kahan vishram. In this divine mission why should we even think of rest, holiday or going on retreat? If we do so maybe our self surrender is weak or else we are not truly focused on self study and self introspection. The Guru existence is trying to make us alert at this point.



Further ahead Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that: As to what task needs to be taken up, regarding this time and again directions shall be given. Previously too he has said that: It does not matter whether the fingers that write remain or not, yet know for sure the mission shall go on uninterrupted. Hence do not think that since Gurudeva has shed his mortal coil we shall not get guidance from him. His divine consciousness shall guide us ceaselessly. At least let us get ready to imbibe these divine vibrations. Let us make the penance of our life more intensely radiant. He writes that: Tasks may get fulfilled, may remain incomplete or may change too. It means that do not worry if the role and tasks handed over to us change or that as per demands of time some changes are seen in the mission’s program. All of us are the very souls of Gurudeva’s divine existence and let this united form appear in front of the entire world. The entire All World Gayatri Family is one, united and may this form be seen by one and all. Lest someone is requested humbly to quit a trustee’s post or that someone is shifted to another zonal area to look after the mission’s activities there, none should get agitated or perturbed by all this. Let us not look at this mission’s tasks as merely work but that it should be looked upon as sacred service for world welfare. This certainly is not a government planned program. In fact it is God’s divine mission. Revered Gurudeva is telling us all: Even if the task is breaking up let it happen, but please do not taint the bond and relationship that you share with others. We must have deep faith in this advice of his. A good powerful organization is one which works with a sense of united oneness with each other. Its true wealth is cooperation with one another and trust between all members. There are innumerable spiritual organizations yet the ceaseless journey of progress of All World Gayatri Family is mind boggling. Its key lies in the fact that all of us are the very souls of the Guru’s divine existence.



Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that while carrying out various tasks (individual spiritual practice, regional programs, giving discourses, managing the Ashram, managing the Shaktipitha, magazine publicity, Wisdom Yajnas, the spiritual practice of creating our own family, various types of social service and contacting the lay public) we must remember at least one thing that is the attitude of self surrender with which we joined revered Gurudeva increasing or not on a daily footing? In no arena should any lack be noted. Self surrender should increase daily and this is what Gurudeva expects from all of us. It is just not his command but that it is the prime duty of all of us to see to it that since we have surrendered our all to him each moment must be lived for him. What is generally seen is that initially when we join this mission with enthusiasm we feel like carrying out innumerable tasks yet as time lapses by this zest starts weakening a lot. This is a subject for the ‘Management of the Organization’ to see that if either someone does not get required facilities or getting influenced by what others say their sentiments of faith are getting hurt or not. The task of augmenting deep faith has to be executed ceaselessly by every soul of Gurudeva’s being.



Further Gurudeva writes that: Do understand the cosmic nature of this mission. Even if the target does not reach the goal yet it shall at least definitely reach that region which can be called wondrous, incomparable, extraordinary and historical. How wonderful is this proclamation? Our Gurudeva is motivating us and is increasing our enthusiasm saying that the task is gigantic yet keep in mind that even if it is so huge yet we shall definitely complete it. Although we must be clear about this determination yet along with it we must keep up our ‘fitness’ levels too in tandem with its cosmic nature. Many radiant advanced souls and organizations shall join this gigantic program in future times to come. Hence we must all gear up for this in readiness. Do not worry if the task is not done fully. It is great even if we come somewhere near the goal. Even this shall be an extraordinary achievement.



Previously too he has promised us yet again he says: No doubt gigantic means are required for this mission. Yet place its burden on the divine controlling existence. Many a times from the standpoint of means required we start comparing ourselves to others. The Guru existence is saying do not worry about this. Keep ready your goal and showcase your potential to execute this task. Means shall come to you unasked, on their own. This is because the divine existence itself who is managing and directing this sacred program. Whatever shall be required shall be made available. Whatever is not required by the divine existence shall be given as time passes by as per God’s orders lest the mission requires it. For example if someone thinks lest such an arrangement was made we could have done this or that and so on. Time is lapsing by. At that time we have to convince ourselves that no lack should be noted in our intense hard work and yet if some particular arrangement is not available then instead of lamenting over it the task should be augmented with whatever limited means are available. Gurdeva Shriram Sharma says you must ensure only that no lack enters your honest hard labor time inner qualities activities and character. Do not think about rest. Think only this much as to how much we can contribute with a sense of self sacrifice and stay ahead in our sacred task. Think humbly and feel glorious in calling yourself a volunteer. In this lies your greatness. All these precepts are even greater guides than even Upanishads for any volunteer.



 If anyone wants to become a volunteer and wishes to march ahead on the path of selfless service to the world, this word is a sure shot key. Spiritual evolution too is possible to achieve on the basis of this axis. All Sidhis and success is attained on this very basis. Our honest hard labor, inner sacred qualities, activities and character must reform more and more in a continuous manner. Never should we think that we have done a lot so let us rest now. (Gurudeva has already given us the example of Lord Hanuman previously). If we wish to examine as to who has actually progressed there is only one test and that is who is marching ahead from the standpoint of hard work, self surrender and zeal put in. how much has he/she advanced as far as imbibing humility and ego free mind is concerned? How much is such a one giving respect to those who are senior and showering affectionate love on those who are his/her juniors? Those who are ready to become volunteers must honor and respect just about everybody. But those who wish to strut about in a bossing manner can never lead in the spiritual realm and never progress as a true volunteer. Although our dignity must remain alive yet anger, incitement and wrath must never seep into our character. In fact a person is truly great only to the extent he/she is more and more humble.



HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma tells the souls of his very being: Do not think of your tiredness and comforts. Do not harbor an ego if you have succeeded in some task but think only as to of how high in stature can we render our sacred thinking, zeal and hard work? How far can we dive? This then is the fiery test you have to pass. In any selfless worker and volunteer’s life 2 paths come face to face. One is that since the burden of work is too much he experiences tiredness. But when we work with a feeling of true self surrender it becomes our spiritual practice. Then tiredness disappears totally. I know so many member volunteers of this organization who despite working ceaselessly for 18 hours at a stretch do not experience fatigue. If self sacrifice is true, never should one feel listless and tired. In many areas there are selfless volunteers at work who in order to render widespread the divine thoughts of the Guru do not bother whether day or night has passed by and hence for them there are no Saturdays, Sundays or any other holidays. For them all days are the same. Yes! If bodily health weakens they by undergoing medical check-ups definitely follow medical advice and take medicines prescribed yet generally tiredness is much less of the body but much more of the mind and brain. This should never happen.



Attraction and our demands for facilities give us problems. So many yearnings entire our minds like lest my office was of this type, lest I owned my own computer, lest I had my own car etc. No doubt these appear in the psyche very naturally. Thus it is for us to draw our own lines. We must demarcate as to what our basic needs are, of how much measure it is and in what minimal measure can the mission’s task be executed in a simple living high thinking manner akin to a true Brahmin. Do not mix up personal comforts and requirements needed for the mission’s activities. Keep self introspecting as to whether the yearning for attaining comforts is overwhelming our minds or not. Further Gurudeva says that whatever you can do not become egoistic about it. In fact egoistic behavior is the biggest foe of any true volunteer. We are the souls of that Guru divine existence who never boasted that he has done so much which others could not achieve. Thus does it look good that we behave arrogantly? The fact that we become egoistic means we are insulting other volunteer members. The most important role to play is to act with joyful hard work imbued with zealous deep thinking. In it we shall always be tested. If our thinking is of high great stature then minor problems shall never render us stressful. If our minds are focused on our activities then we shall be worry free because it is our Guru’s and thus our very own mission. Our Guru says that honest hard work is the spiritual practice pertaining to our body. In it never should there be any deficiency. Never should even erroneously we look upon those working honestly as lowly or small in stature.



Gurudeva Shriram Sharma says that in this lies your glory and success of yourself surrender. Do not allow the true faith of your fellow workers decrease. In fact see to it that faith of all increases by leaps and bounds. Your attitude of self surrender shall be measured and valued on whether you are actually putting into practice all that has been said above. It shall not be gauged on the basis of wealth, material means and charity. The biggest gift to be offered at the lotus feet of the Guru is our illusory limited ego ‘I’. Gurudeva writes that ceaselessly help augment the faith of your co workers and never in a demonic way allow it to decrease even a wee bit. In the spiritual arena it is most important that we truly understand this precept. In politics, social systems and other organizational tasks reviews, allegations, criticisms etc are noted. But in the spiritual realm one increases each others’ zest by embracing one and all lovingly. Faith augmentation goes on without pause. Lest some co worker is erring efforts must be made to aid augmenting of his faith. On the spiritual path such obstacles do crop up that our faith starts shaking. But as Gurudeva says: O Child! Look at me and not this world. The more you look at me the more you shall visualize the Himalaya Mountains of great ideals. You must always climb on it. The biggest effort in the Guru’s task is to ceaselessly help augment faith of your co workers, other disciples of your Guru etc for the task of Era Neo Creation.



In the following 10th precept revered Gurudeva says: Always remember that in the days to come the mission’s activities shall increase gigantically. In fact it shall become manifold. Your high stature alertness and zeal shall be most required for this. While reading these lines all member readers shall experience that in this journey of 26 years spanning from 1984 to 2010 the mission has increased in size humongous. The sequence of national unity conferences, Deep Yajnas etc had already commenced in the presence of Gurudeva. After he shed his mortal coil under the leadership of HH Revered Mataji in the Divine Culture Digvijay Campaign efforts of gigantic stature were made, a chain of Sanskar Festivals was set rolling and by and by the thought flow of International Gayatri Family reached millions of people. The HQ at Shantikunj, Haridwar, Gayatri Tapobhumi and Yug Tirth-Anvalkheda too expanded gigantically. These are attainments in the decade spanning 1990 to 2000 AD. Between the years 2001 to 2010, the mission has spread out deeply in youth power. Dev Sanskriti or Divine Culture University was then established. The research activities of Brahmavarchas Research Institute reached peaks of progress in newer realms. So many youngsters joined this mission. Units like ‘Yuva Mandal’, ‘Youth Group’ (GPYG) and ‘Diya’ movements became active everywhere. This was a very important campaign. The spreading out of Divine Culture University or Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya the world over, the widespread nature of Shantikunj and its organization are rendering true the prophecy of Gurudeva who had said that the mission’s activities shall augment n fold.



Gurudeva says that zeal of such high stature is required which on gauging shall render your psyche self fulfilled experientially. The Guru existence should overflow with joy and the inspiring existence should render you so much with soul oneness akin to Hanuman brimming in Rampanchayatan too had entered. This is such a wonderful high stature motivation. Alert zealousness should be full of a powerful resolve and on joining with sense organ control becomes infinite fold more intense. (Shraddhavan labhatey jnanam tatparaha sainyatendriyaha). Bhagwat Geeta’s (4/39) zeal is such that is full of zest and that does not allow even a minor delay in the task reaching successful completion. Alert zeal should be that akin to Lord Hanuman’s. It was hence that along with Ram, Seeta and all 4 brothers Hanuman too got entry. We must experience such oneness of soul with our Guru, with his mission each moment of our life. We have to carry out such tasks on seeing which our Guru brims with divine ecstasy. We must never even think whether the media industry has noted our work or that it has been appreciated by others or not. Our self surrender to the Guru must reach pinnacles of astounding heights.



In the 11th precept Gurudeva tells us about daily spiritual practice and selfless service. Regularly we must question our inner soul as to whether some error has crept into what we could have achieved, has lethargy and indolence entered silently in our psyche and that whether they have had the opportunity to enter our daily tasks. This then is the daily spiritual practice of life. By ceaselessly carrying out self introspection, watching our minds very closely, executing spiritual practice of divine soul wisdom our errors and taints get washed off. What are these mistakes? The 1st is lethargy and indolence. These generally are not easily noted yet it can devour any disciple or volunteer akin to white ants. The 2nd error is the egoistic attitude that says ‘I am the greatest’. My task is much greater than that given to others. This not only creates a downfall of the volunteer but that it hurts the organization in a big way. Gueudeva writes: Check whether some obstruction has not come in the way of self discipline. Examine minutely whether the ego of believing that one’s own service is much greater than others has raised its hoods or not in a very slinky slimy hidden manner. It is lack of discipline and unruly behavior that destroys any organization. We must remain truly disciplined with reference to those sacred ideals due to which we had joined our Guru’s mission. Egoistic attitude is like that deadly wine which on entering our brain renders it blind in an inebriated manner. In politics this is believed to be an ‘asset’ yet in the spiritual and selfless service realm it proves to be highly destructive. HH Gurudeva has written 2 important letters which all of us must read even if we are not volunteer members. These are titled ‘The superiority of spirituality is heavily dependent on humility’ and ‘Yugshilpi volunteers must save themselves from the heinous poison of arrogant egoistic behavior’. Lest all organizations on reading this imbibe this golden advice then innumerable ideas relating to nation building shall succeed in their endeavor. 



Ultimately in the 12th precept as a promise he proclaims that this cosmic mission shall definitely attain glorious fulfillment. None should ever doubt this. This in fact is a divine world campaign. None can stop it. This is a plan from the divine subtle world for transformation of world humanity. We have to tell this to ourselves again and again and thus understand it deeply. Yet Gurudeva cautions us that at this hour of a fiery test our body, mind and behavior should not get perturbed in any way. High stature tasks are always carried out by high stature great personalities. One attains high stature when we ooze with honest hard work, mental focus, zeal, self sacrifice and an egoless attitude full of humility. Your high inner stature should never diminish while carrying out high level programs. This term ‘fiery test’ which has been used previously must be deeply thought over by all of us. This is a task akin to passing a test by walking in fire. Without going through it the grace of the Guru cannot be attained by the disciple.



If we wish to become high in stature we must pass 4 types of tests:

1)      Honest hard work

2)      Mental focus with zeal

3)      Self sacrifice and renunciation

4)      Egoless nature full of humility


Every day you must ask yourselves 4 questions that are we erring or not. Has our body, mind and social behavior been influenced? Previously Gurudeva has already spoken of hard work and inner zeal. Zeal is synonymous with meditation. Self sacrifice and renunciation means detachment from results and fruits of actions performed. One must totally renounce all types of attachments. No doubt what is required for daily household smooth functioning must be executed. Egoless attitude is akin to that of a humble servant. Only then shall renunciation set in our minds. If we succeed in passing these 4 tests then Gurudeva further says: Steps are being taken ahead on the basis of this trust and expectation from you all. None should lag behind which could lead to a lot of repentance later. We must remember that we are manifestations of a great saint lineage and tradition. Our Guru is imbuing full faith in us. His mission shall definitely get fulfilled. Even if we do not take it up others shall definitely succeed in it. It should not happen that we cry in repentance later. It should not happen that we get trapped merely in superficial rites and rituals. Do we visualize Era Transformation or not? Have we raised our stature higher in Gurudeva’s eyes? We must answer this question to ourselves.

Via these utterances in ‘To the very souls of my being’ HH Gurudeva has given a commandment to all volunteers, members and mission workers what they should do and what they should abstain from. The more we try to understand this profoundly the more true self surrender shall bloom forth in our character. Era Transformation shall definitely take place and know this for sure. In order to march ahead in this direction so as to well define our role in it this discourse has been placed in front of all just before the Centenary Celebrations commence. By studying it deeply we shall get divine energy to walk the path laid down by revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.



























IS ‘2012’ A REALITY?

In these days a movie called ‘2012’ has become very popular. It is being screened in all movie theaters. In it has been shown that suddenly due to solar flames bursting forth a flood of calamities has engulfed planet earth. This is to the extent that the tectonic plates on earth have ‘melted’ and thus natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc are out to destroy planet earth. Barring a few modern buildings everything shown in this movie gets destroyed. Say, is all this true? Is this actually about to happen? Most definitely the film director in the plot of his movie ‘2012’ has showcased this as an imagination by correlating it to the end of the ‘Mayan’ calendar and probable prophecies related to Pralaya or world annihilation. In reality this film is a scientific fantasy and yet actually what is happening is that due to the lifestyle imbibed by world humans in the last 50 years planet earth has become so warm that what has been shown in this movie can actually become a reality.



Today in the world the most hot topic discussed by all is global warming, rising temperatures, irregular rainfall and the dire influence seen the world over due to seasonal changes. No doubt the entire world is within its periphery yet we do not know why no country whether it is developed or is a developing one wishes to bring about due changes. Recently in Copenhagen (Denmark) in December 2009 a Global Summit was organized. What was noted was that each country said that even if total destruction set in ‘my’ country shall not compromise even a wee bit. So many campaigns and movements are going on in every corner of the globe yet no nation is willing to gulp the bare reality that since already earth’s temperature has risen so alarmingly it shall not leave any region or nation as far as its dire influence is concerned. In fact it shall influence all equally whether you are white skinned, black skinned, rich, poor or just about anybody. Today’s well known scientists are saying that in the next 10 years a lot of disaster shall be witnessed.

Our country India’s Mr. RK Pachauri who got the Nobel Prize (along with USA’s Al Gore) in 2007 for world peace and efforts in the realm of environmental pollution. He is the chief of the Inter Government Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He says that lest all countries of the world continue emitting greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere then the changes that shall set in due to this shall be rendered permanent and that entire earth shall get influenced very shortly i.e. by the year 2015.



The past decade (between the years 2000 to 2010) earth has witnessed the hottest summer, heat in cold countries, oceanic storms, rising ocean levels and a dire decrease in crop output in the agricultural realm. Rains are decreasing and the ocean is getting warmer. Every year the possibility of heinous famine manifesting is looming large. Increased urbanization, industrialization, crowds of vehicles, increased levels of chlorofluoro carbons in the environment, increased travel by air, more and more smoke emission (chimneys, generators etc), playing games with nature (building huge dams, cementing huge roadways in large cities etc), our unruly lifestyle of eat, drink and be merry and the most influenced countries due to all this are those population is very high, is dense and lagging behind as far as development is concerned. In it are included India and China and other Asian and African countries. The reason is that the advanced developed countries are emitting a lot of polluted materials everywhere.



At the Bella Center of Copenhagen in Denmark representatives of 192 countries gathered. After the Kyoto Protocol this gathering had occurred. Everyone decided that Global Warming had occurred due to higher level of carbon dioxide in the air. As a result an artificial covering or ‘blanket’ covers the entire earth’s atmosphere which stops earth’s heat from going out and thus dangerously increases levels of earth’s temperature. As a result glaciers are melting, ocean water levels are rising, seasons are manifesting erratically and flooding and famines are seen everywhere. The solution put forth was that each country cuts the amounts of greenhouse gas emission especially carbon dioxide gas. Thus a chart of percentage for each country was designed but bigger nations mainly responsible for such pollution refused to accept. They did not even fulfill promises made previously and they say that they refuse to harm their country’s development (so called). How ironic is it?



Without going into technical jargon details if we gauge previous years it is understood that on the one hand where the earth’s temperature in 1860 was 13.6 degrees Celsius there today it is touching 14.6 degrees Celsius. The biggest change and speedy influence was seen after the years 1989-90. The hottest year was in 1998. After that, in intensity are included the years, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2001, 1997, 1995, 1999 and 2000. The year 2010 shall be the hottest year. Every year 2,700,000,000,000 ton carbon dioxide gas is being emitted in the environment which is in excess of 200 times the permissible limits. What shall happen due to all this? It is very important to understand what its effect on earth shall be, why the lay person shall have to raise his voice regarding environment problems etc. The slogan of ‘Kou nrip hovu humahi ka hani’ shall not work. Since we are not responsible why should we do anything? This thinking too is not correct. Let us realize why all of us should do something about this.



1)      Our country India is a developing one. Today in the entire world along with China India is most active as far as economic progress is concerned but due to increase in temperature the gap between the rich and poor shall increase alarmingly more. The poor shall get pummeled and hunger pangs shall increase manifold.

2)      Since ocean water levels shall increase the shore areas, cities, beaches etc shall get submerged in water and forever they shall disappear. Lest no decrease is seen in gas emissions and global temperatures then cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc nestling on sea shores can get drowned in sea water any time after 2020 AD.

3)      Since irregular season manifestation is on the rise food grain production shall decrease, famine/epidemics shall increase and crime rate too shall augment. All this can take a ferocious form within 2-3 years itself. Caste based agitations and looting etc can go on to such an extent it is possible that that a civil war sets in which has already been witnessed in Africa.

4)      Ice on the lofty Himalaya Mountains shall melt more and the floor of rivers and oceans shall increase. Increase in demand for energy fuel resources, more and more modernized lifestyles, decrease seen in energy resources and rivers that are either drying up or getting direly polluted shall give birth to calamities that shall remain for years to come. Thus all the economic development seen in big urban cities, huge malls seen there shall not only become a vain topic of imagination but that they shall stand on the precipice of total destruction and thus a ruin of bones and skeletons only.

5)      By building gigantic dams the ceaseless flow of rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Narmada etc shall decrease in measure and slowly they shall start drying up. Dangers of earthquakes shall loom large, natural calamities shall appear speedily and then none can obstruct total destruction.

6)      The possibility of oceanic storms manifesting shall increase n fold and thus India’s regions where population density is very high shall be targeted all the more. Crops and harvests shall get destroyed, rains shall either decrease or increase terribly and thus right from a terrible famine to over flooding can occur each year.



So the question arises: What must we all do? We all must set up a campaign and movement of world public awakening. At first we must transform and reform ourselves. Use more and more of green technology. Save water and its resources. Start harvesting water. You must campaign against building huge dams on rivers. Do not pollute rivers, water areas, lakes etc. Think of developing villages in rural areas. Villages must be re populated and stop the rush of people heading towards large cities. Only where it is absolutely necessary use petroleum and gas based technology which includes vehicles, cooking food on gas cooking ranges, microwave etc. Walk as much as you can for traveling purpose and use the cycle a lot. Stop buying more and more vehicles. Depend more and more on green fuel. Use air conditioners and fridge very minimally. You yourself must use technology that uses solar energy and wind energy, publicize this to others in society, sow more and more seeds of forest herbs and put in efforts to let them remain alive. Memorial parks must be set up and this must take the form of a great movement. Via movements based on spiritual camps in order to sanctify the subtle induce more and more people to join in.



It is important to know that India’s pollution rate is merely 3%. The world’s rich countries not only need to cut their carbon emission by 90% but that a fund at the world level has to be set up so that due to carbon cutting no nation’s development gets obstructed. Now this is the question of the very existence of not any particular country but is that of the entire world. Hence by 2050 AD all leading nations in partnership shall work towards saving the world. In it are included America, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, England, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India and China. If these super powers make due efforts and that their political leaders imbibe good sense we all too must make immense efforts especially spiritual. Whatever has been spoken about so far shall not be very easy to actually put into action. For this end the mental thinking needs to get positively transformed. Energy resources have become an unavoidable requirement the world over. Solutions in the form of solar energy has become very expensive yet at lower levels, at the government and NGO level together cooperative efforts are made and that bog corporate of each country too put in due efforts nothing is impossible to attain.

We certainly do not want that the world regresses to the 18th century lifestyle. We must go in for high development yet it must be sustainable and reach out to just about all. In this every world denizen can breathe peacefully, seasons become conducive as time goes by and that the earth radiates that very beauty when Almighty Lord had first created it and handed it over to us. Merely one ‘Copenhagen Summit’ cannot do much because to overcome destructive disaster united efforts at the world level are most required. At our individual level like cogs in a wheel we can commence efforts in this direction in our villages, towns and cities. Why not commence these efforts today itself? The International Gayatri Family at the world level is carrying out awakening programs for balancing earth’s environment optimally. Would you all like to lend a helping hand in this and join us? If yes do start making due efforts as per your God given capacity.



















In present contemporary times the world is going through a phase of dire destruction. On it is looming large both natural and human oriented dire situations. Dangers like erratic seasonal changes, earthquakes, flooding due to excess rains, famine etc induce nature based agitations. Demonic powers in full throttle are readying themselves to destroy this world totally. Some people are out to spread terror everywhere. In order to combat these terror attacks newer nuclear weapons and technology are being designed. But because of this the fear of destruction is much more. Under such situations it is not wise to sit silent in a dumb action less manner. We must realize that even the most common lay person can contribute towards warding off this danger of total destruction. The sun controls nature. The presiding deity of the sun is Savita. It controls human activities. Lest for rendering it conducive, congregational spiritual programs are executed it is possible to transform positively all world situations and world human psyche too. Spiritual applications have that capacity which can nullify fear of missiles and nuclear attacks.

Right from spiritual seers to modern renowned scientists is proclaiming in one voice that ‘Surya atma jagatustha’ which means that the sun is the soul of the world. The relationship between the earth and sun has been symbolically shown as that of husband wife, male-female lovers etc.

When solar rays pour down on earth, those areas ooze with zest and enterprise. Plants, trees, various creatures etc start carrying out their appointed activities. When the sun sets in the evening lethargy, drowsiness, tiredness, sleep etc induces a state of inactive inertia. Where solar rays are absent there inactivity and listlessness is noted. Over there poisonous germs are known to proliferate. Wherever solar energy enters there an atmosphere of strength and might is noted.



The chief elements of this world are said to be sound, light and heat. Their waves in the form of atoms/molecules and units along with their aides by continuously moving and circumambulating mold various materials. We see materials of various colors. Where do these colors come from? The answer is clear that when matter or plants absorb a particular color from light rays it takes up that particular color. It is the sun hence who donates color to everything. As per its scheme akin to a skilled painter he has painted with colors all materials on earth and thus showcases his mind boggling artistry.

On this varied chemicals are present. On its basis the bodies of plants and other creatures are made. These chemicals are formed due to the union of sun and earth. These are created, nurtured and function in varied arenas of food materials and other types of matter. Scientists opine that all the life force and activities are present on earth its fount lies in the sun. The conclusion of renowned scientists like Angstrom and Huggins is that solar aura has the capacity to produce sodium, calcium, barium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, cobalt and cadmium.

Human life force is a gift from the sun. The human body possesses cells, saline, proteins, hormones, vitamins etc. It is looked upon as a donation from nature yet subtle studies show that differences are created merely because of questions like of what level, to which particular region, in what measure and with what speed does solar based influence reach? Over there with which units on becoming a mixture of what amount of influence which type of reaction ensues? Matter is seen to be formed due to chemical union yet chemicals themselves are formed due to the sun.

Right since world creation till today strange types of changes are seen in the earth’s environment, creatures, materials, seasons etc. At its roots the cause is the give and take relationship between earth and sun and differences seen in reactions due to this give and take. If we examine the cause of changes in history of material nature we can conclude that the distance between earth and sun is the reason for the manifestation of upheavals.



If we cogitate over the world’s future it will depend on how much and in what way we shall utilize solar power in future? The biggest requirement of world humanity is energy and fuel resources. As an answer to where shall fuel come from in cooking food, baking cement/bricks, making chemicals, baking ores, water vehicles, road based vehicles, functioning of factories, getting underground water etc is the one and only source and that is solar energy.

One form of the sun is that which showcases its light and glory. The second is its spiritual form which bestows inspiration, divine light, daring, enterprise etc in the psyche. In spiritual parlance it is called Savita. This certainly is not an inert mass of fire is a conscious life force. By attracting and invoking it Ojas, Tejas and Varchas (divine aura) enter the devotee’s inner personality. Kunti of epic Mahabharat on invoking this energy gave birth to sun’s son called Karna. It is this solar power that was noted in the mind and body as the armor and earrings worn by Karna. Via many other episodes miraculous feats have been described based on the sun as their medium. The chief deity worshiped by Raghuvanshi’s was the sun. 

In the New Era in order to sanctify world human psyche a great need exists in the form of augmenting radiant skills and talent. In the creation of great super men and augmenting their number Savita’s conscious energy shall be a must. For this in contemporary times too high stature great souls via their subtle bodies are making efforts to carry out special applications.



In contemporary times the question is how to combat poisonous radiations emitted by nuclear weapons and the cure given by the famous philosopher Arthur Koesler is to take recourse to spirituality based solutions. He gave this advice in an interview with Blitz newspaper’s editor Mr. Karanjia that was published later in the well read magazine Navneet (March 1983). Arthur’s opinion was that more power rests in Super Mantra Gayatri if compared to nuclear weapon technology and it is the Mantra of Savitri-Savita. He says that energy emerging when the world’s millions of Indians chant the Gayatri Mantra congregationally shall carry out the task of a missile piercing not only the sun but the entire cosmos and right from ‘Bharg’ it shall destroy nuclear energy.



Akin to Rishis of ancient times in times to come contemporary spiritual seers too shall experience that in human nature too on the basis of this super energy sanctification, purification and positive transformation is possible. In Surya Purana, Akshunyopanishad, Aditya Hriday and other literature there is a depiction of special potential of the sun and such solutions have been detailed therein that this energy can bestow high stature benefits on the body, mind and sacred inner sentiments. Regarding this data such discoveries shall definitely have been made in those times which cannot be refuted. In fact via sound scientific experimentation they shall be proved true. In future days to come Solar Science shall be given a lot of importance the world over and not only shall it be used as material energy but that it shall be used in psychology therapy too. It is there for everyone to see the outstanding results of methods like Surya Namaskar, Suryavedhan Pranayam, Suryopsthan etc. Thus one’s faith in the sun’s potent power deepens manifold.

Those who harbor firm faith in what has been said above for them a congregational worship method and technique has been put forth. It is as follows: At Brahma Muhurat (3.00 to 6.00 am) by becoming sanctified in body and mind as much as possible, close your eyes and meditate on the golden shining early morning sun (Sativa). Harbor sentiments that the golden sun rays are entering your body and their state is becoming that of the cool moon. After imbibing light from the sun the moon shines brilliantly and via its cool peace giving light pours down nectar that produces light. In the meditative state it must be understood that the solar rays have entered the devotee’s body and it is being filled up with nectarine light akin to the moon. This light by spreading out in the entire world is creating an atmosphere dripping with nectarine light. Due to this matter and creatures are being imbued with Prana Energy. A very useful atmosphere is getting created and all undesirable elements are bidding adieu forever.

Gayatri Mantra is sun’s Mantra. Those having faith in Gayatri Mantra they can chant it mentally along with the meditation technique detailed above. Those who cannot accept its utility value can simply meditate by invoking solar rays entering the body and which results in cool nectarine light akin to moonlight spreading out everywhere.

For this the duration has been given of 15 minutes so that everyone can observe this vow. If along with one type of sentiments, at one particular time, if millions of people in unison meditate thus then due to manifestation of this congregational energy the conscious aspect of the sun shall pour more blessings on world humanity and with this hope one must meditate.













The in vogue nature of solar contact for increasing good health, increasing bodily and mental strength and therapy for Prana Energy intensification and soul uplifting is as ancient as human birth. In virtually all religions of the world at some time or the other a widespread popularity of solar meditation and worship has been noted. The chief reason for this is that the sun joins our daily living in a very intense manner.

As per scriptural utterances right from the direction, management and control of activities and functions of creation of life on earth to development and post death be it in a direct or subtle manner, is going on thus because of the sun. The sun is said to be the fount of manifestation of the 5 elements that create the body. The most potent amongst the 5 material elements is air  which if gets tainted or distorted results in weakness and various diseases. Lest if by controlling it optimally in order to render it terrifically powerful not only can we live a very long healthy life but that right from attaining Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers) to the opening of the gates of heaven is possible.



The Vedas ordain us to perform solar meditation in order to attain Ojas, Tejas, Brahmavarchas (Divine Aura). In Yajurveda (chapter 13, Mantra 43) it has been said that one must worship sun or Savita since it is the witness of all good/bad actions performed by every human being. None of our activities or behavior remains hidden from the sun. The visible and invisible rays of the sun after piercing all problems and walls, gathers news of every particle of the world. This is also a scientific fact. Man either directly or indirectly remains in contact with solar rays because the sun is the very eye of the world.

In both the material and spiritual realm all Rishi texts are full of the all pervasive nature of solar meditation/worship and benefits accruing because of it. In Skand Purana (Kashi Khand, 9/45-48) there is a description of attaining fruits of the 4 categories viz. righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation via solar worship. Solar worship helps us attain wealth, good food, long healthy life, son, animal wealth, all sense objects, heaven etc. In Rigveda there are many episodes of solar meditation wherein prayers are sung for liberation from sins, disease free life, long healthy life, attaining happiness, destruction of one’s enemies, warding off poverty etc. In Mantras of Rigveda (9/995/6 and 90/37/4) and Yajurveda (20/30) etc the sun is said to aid in overcoming bodily and other problems, warding off sins, overcoming dangerous situations, saving us from ill fame and bestowing development and prosperity.  In Yajurveda (5/33 and 8/40) it is said that Savita leads the devotee to the Devyaan Marg and render him/her divinely radiant and supreme in all ways.

In the chapters 29-30 of Brahmapurana looking upon the sun as the supremely great deity it is said that other demigods are the sun’s light manifestations and it is said that when one worshiping and meditating on the sun offers anything to sun god devotionally, the latter gives back the same to the solar devotee in manifold measure. Followers of the Solar Sect and devotees of Super Power Gayatri even today worship the sun in its 3 forms. At sunrise in the form of Brahman and its divine energy, at noon as Maheshwar and at sunset in the form if Vishnu it is worshiped. The sun oozes with incomparable imaginative power, inspirer of Sidhis (Divine Powers) inspirer of actions of all and one who bestows a great sharp intellect. In Yajurveda a wonderful description has been given regarding the sun’s beautiful radiant form. The Rishis by bringing it to the level of actual experience have described benefits that accrue from it. In Patanjali Yoga Darshan it is said that by focusing on the sun one gets wisdom of the entire cosmos. Even during ordinary programs of spiritual practices if one does Tratak (one pointed gazing with eyes open) on the sun or else by meditating on the golden rising sun the devotee attains the divine 3rd eye with the help of which if one sees anyone one can gauge that person’s material nature and all incidences that have taken place in his/her life. One can also thus attain knowledge of far off objects, incidences and subtle movements taking place in the womb of nature.



By meditating/worshiping Savita deity (sun) one can fulfill one’s desires. A lot of proof regarding this can be found in scriptures of yore. In the history of solar meditation one finds mention of famous episodes like Lord Rama gaining victory over demon Ravan and Samba getting liberated from the leprosy disease. In the Mahabharat epic while mentioning siring of a son via solar worship it is described that mother Kunti who worshiped the sun very devotedly attained the fruit of bearing a son called Karna who was born with an armor and earrings on his body. King Ashwapati by meditating on the sun regularly sired a daughter called Sati Savitri. This daughter later married Satyavan who with her power of intense penance forced Yamaraja the lord of death to give back her husband live who had just died. The great poet seer Kalidas in his wonderful literary work ‘Raghuvansh’ has mentioned about Seeta doing Tratak on the sun when she was dwelling in exile in the forest. Over here it has been stated that Seeta sent a message to her husband Lord Rama that after giving birth to her children in the womb she would meditate on the sun so as to do austerities with one pointed devotion as a result of which she could again become the wife of Lord Rama in her subsequent birth.  



JAIN RELIGION: Very much akin to Hinduism in Jainism am Buddhism ever since they came into being solar meditation has been in vogue. The proof of this is solar images found in caves of Bodh Gaya, Bhaja and Orissa. In Jain Agamas especially in ‘Surya Prajnapti’ there is mention of wisdom wealth to be attained with reference to the sun. Similarly in the Agama scripture called ‘Bhagwati’ many such incidences have been detailed from which it becomes clear that many applications of Muni’s spiritual life are related to the sun. They believe that due to proximity to the sun if one imbibes its energy augmentation of strength and radiance in the body, Ojas and Tejas (divine aura) is seen along with Prana Energy becoming very potent. In order to attain divine aura (Tejas) in Jain scriptures ordain devotees to do austerities facing the sun for 6 months and thus imbibe brilliant solar aura and energy. For warding off dire reactions of actions performed and augmenting one’s aura and halo one meditates on the sun or its brilliant rays.

IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY: According to the renowned thinker AB Keith solar meditation is believed to be very ancient in Greek Philosophy. The famous philosopher Galis too has emphasized on the above observation. The Greek philosopher Empodils says that it is the sun who is the creator of this world. He has described the sun as the root fount of fire. Even today in Greece during marriage functions the solar verses or Mantra are chanted. In Rome Sunday is believed to be very holy and it is believed that worship and meditation done on this day gives more beneficial results. According to the great philosopher Theodosian on Sunday one must abstain tasks of dance, musical instruments, music, theater, circus and other forms of entertainment along with gambling, court cases etc.


The illustrious philosopher of China called Li Ki in his book ‘Ki Ao Teh Seng’ opines that the root basis of astrology and astronomy is the sun only. He calls the sun ‘son of heaven’ and by saying that it is the giver of day, knowledge and science has worshiped it.


Similarly in Islam by looking upon the sun as a center (‘ilm ahkam an najum) it is meditated upon and worshiped. As per data unearthed by great historians Emperor Akbar was a solar worshiper. Daily by facing the shining sun he would chant the 1000 names of the sun (Surya Sahasranam) and offer worship to it. He had given a command that in his kingdom daily in early morning hours, noon, sunset and at midnight (totally 4 times) the sun should be worshiped and meditated on. Greece’s Emperor Alexander too was a solar devotee.


In Christian Religion solar worship has an important spot. Regarding it in Christian scriptures (New Testament) a detailed description regarding this is found. Since Sunday belongs to the sun the latter is given a lot of importance by Christians for worship practices. Saint Paul opines that this day rendered holy by the sun it is expected that a lot of charity be given. Christians believe this is a very sacred day to worship Lord Jesus Christ.




While describing the deep import of the sun in Sandhyabhashya it is said that worship of the sun that creates all animate inanimate beings of the world destroys all our sins. It leads our intellect towards the path of divine greatness and truth. The sun is called Savita since it gives zest gives mobility to the world awakens farsighted discrimination and sacred inspiration. In the Super Mantra Gayatri one is exhorted to daily worship that unseen energy principle embedded in the Mantra.


He used to call the sun as the greatest Sanyasi. According to him the sun is the one that illumines everything, giver of sacred inspiration and one bestowing life force. It carries out the task of giving light of wisdom to all and thus this light is the greatest teacher/Guru of the world. By seeking its shelter man can ward off dark spiritual ignorance and 3 fold sorrow. By taking recourse to divine wisdom and farsighted discrimination man can walk on the path of spiritual glory and can also become the lord of material grandeur or Ridhis and spiritual wealth. Meditation and concentration on Savita deity or sun which is the infinite storehouse of knowledge and science is very helpful in worship and other rites.






























It is the inner personality of man that shall transform positively. The viewpoint and standpoint has to be changed. Ones faith and aspiration have to be transformed and the flow of deep yearnings has to be bent in a wholesome direction. Our will power must veer towards goodwill and soul oneness with all. One must attain Self Realization and awaken soul glory. This then is the root substratum of Era Transformation. It is the result of inner sanctification that shall be witnessed as a person’s supreme greatness and society’s glory. All effort is conjoined to the inner subtle world. Hence means and spiritual practices should be of that stature only. Our capability should be such that it proves useful in fulfilling desired goals. Most definitely this task is that of soul power. We must create it more and more and use it aptly. For Era Transformation this generation of soul energy can be called the basic task to be executed. This is such a task that is a must for contemporary times.



No doubt the greatness of a person is noted externally too yet if we wish to gain knowledge of its deep import the inner personality shall have to be examined. By itself man has no dearth of visible power and by utilizing it aptly he can do a lot for himself and others too yet if his unlimited powers is to be witnessed we shall have to enter the deep recesses of human consciousness.

The science that helps us understand this inner personality helps us sanctify and render it powerful and aid us in using wholesomely this awakened inner potential is called Brahmavidya. The seed aphorism of the cosmic body of Brahmavidya can be called Super Power Gayatri. Right since ancient times Gayatri is said to be that super power that can enter the deep glorious recesses of the inner human personality and manifest visibly all that is mysterious embedded within it. In the creation of a New Era this divine energy shall be made use of the most.



Material objects are ever changing and fleeting. The entire sequence of the world rests on the cycle of rise-fall. Over here right from the atom to the sun everything is on the move. Although steady unmoving forms are noted yet it in reality does not exist. None can get protected from the reality of birth-death. No doubt education and experience on the basis of practice increases our brain capacity yet even this is definite that along with advancing age all units of the brain center that includes memory power, power of imagination and decision making capacity becomes weaker day after day. A person who once was called highly intelligent is today called weak brained and stupid. As we get older the power of our sense organs too starts weakening a lot. Inner glories leave those who are weak. Forget attaining a high status or authority even family decisions land in the hands of those earning fat incomes.

The same holds true for material means. Success attained due to wealth generation leaks from holes of increasing expenses and the vault of hoarding things remains lackluster only. Both richness and poverty do not last forever. Under such conditions schemes and programs designed on the basis of wealth ultimately totter and fail miserably.

On visibly noting the potential, unsteadiness and indefinite nature and the success accruing from them it can be said to be akin to some accidental chance. With its aid one can hope for attainment of desired goals right up to worldly success yet we can put in full trust in them. If there is so much doubt regarding ordinary aims to be achieved how then can such a great mission of Era Transformation that requires unlimited means and power be fulfilled merely using material wealth and success? On the one hand where on using material power the task of increasing external material comforts proves to be very difficult to achieve say how can the gigantic task of sanctifying world human psyche and atmosphere transformation get successfully fulfilled merely via material means? No doubt it is a fact that for neo creation tasks material means are definitely required and that together we shall have to make efforts to gather them and yet certainly these cannot be called the foundation of Era Transformation. Even if a worldly mundane program is very gigantic and based on usage of a lot of material means yet it is incapable of fulfilling such a great and widespread mission called Era Transformation.



It is the inner personality of man that shall transform positively. The viewpoint and standpoint has to be changed. Ones faith and aspiration have to be transformed and the flow of deep yearnings has to be bent in a wholesome direction. Our will power must veer towards goodwill and soul oneness with all. One must attain Self Realization and awaken soul glory. This then is the root substratum of Era Transformation. It is the result of inner sanctification that shall be witnessed as a person’s supreme greatness and society’s glory. All effort is conjoined to the inner subtle world. Hence means and spiritual practices should be of that stature only. Our capability should be such that it proves useful in fulfilling desired goals. Most definitely this task is that of soul power. We must create it more and more and use it aptly. For Era Transformation this generation of soul energy can be called the basic task to be executed. This is such a task that is a must for contemporary times.

The name of those ‘machines’ and ‘factories’ that produce soul power is individual consciousness. The human psyche can be compared to the center that generates atomic/nuclear energy. The body is merely a veil or covering. It can be compared to weapons, tools, vehicles etc. So much can be attained by it like working hard or superficial success attained by a wrestler. Intellectual or brain power is much higher in stature than this. Yet even this ends on reaching the limits of today’s so called socially skillful intellectuals to research scientists. On this basis although to an extent the individual’s development and society’s comforts have increased but merely using all this we cannot hope to help usher in widespread world based transformation.

The great lord ‘money’ is as it appears to be. With its aid before planning gigantic schemes we must deeply ponder over the fact as to whether the person who shall be handed over these finances shall remain alive or not from the ethical and integrity standpoint. Before this money is actually used for public benefit it entices the people who are given responsibility of its usage and they out of greed misuse it for selfish gains. At every step we are all witness to how only a small portion of total wealth meant for government schemes, that are designed for public welfare are actually used for the scheme implementation and how the remaining is gulped down by greedy agents midway. Under such conditions there is a fair doubt that even if one gathers enough money power for Era Transformation whether this mission shall get fulfilled by it or not.

Programs designed in the soul/spiritual arena succeed only on the basis of soul power generation and apt usage of it. In the inner personality of human beings dwell unlimited known energies. It is not an overstatement to say that these are infinite in measure. Psychologists opine that the human brain is mind boggling. Only 7% of its highly widespread potential has been understood and unfolded. And from this meager 7% only 1-2% is actually used by human beings in day to day living. Those who have the capacity of using more than this 1% brain capacity become renowned great thinkers and spiritual seers. A person capable of awakening the brain’s conscious layer can play the role of great personages of yore like Kalidas, Varadrajacharya etc. Then imagine what mind boggling heights of greatness can be achieved if the unconscious mind and brain centers are awakened? It is this that is totally responsible for personality development and advancement of human beings.



ESP or Extrasensory Powers themselves are known as Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies. The certainly do not come down from the sky and neither do they arrive as gifts from some god or goddess. Most definitely these Divine Powers are manifestations of our inner soul personality. The more you dig and drill the ground on earth you attain very precious minerals, ores etc. the more you dive deep into the ocean you find oysters containing precious pearls. The human inner personality too is a vault of Ridhi-Sidhis. Since man is a part of the very soul of Almighty God man’s inner soul personality is full of various divine potentials and specialties albeit in latent seed form. The difference is merely of shape and form. With reference to the designing and movement of the solar system and the atomic family, the difference merely is of size and form. As far as its principle and reality is concerned both are of equal stature. In a minuscule sperm dwells hidden an entire human being. The gigantic form and special nature of a tree can be seen in the tiny body of a seed. All qualities etc of Almighty Lord is present in a latent state in this tiny human soul existence very much akin to thousands of pages of a gigantic hard copy of a book being stored in a micro film.



Spiritual practice is that process by which of awakening the unconscious state of the human soul which is a small unit of the omnipotent all powerful Almighty God. Within various methods and techniques of spiritual practices or Sadhana Gayatri Meditation/Worship is said to be supreme and easily accessible. Right since world creation till today regarding this Super Science of Gayatri the chain of experiences and applications is becoming more and more gigantic. In every research based experimentation and application of Super Power Gayatri newer and newer specialties are blooming forth radiantly. In every application of it newer sources of divine energy are seen to manifest.

The individual’s external material aspect is very ordinary and commonplace. In fact it is man’s inner deep personality that is extraordinarily mind boggling. In the special production of this mysterious realm Gayatri’s Super Science is exhibiting very hopeful desired success. The man of this new era has to be imbued to the brim with soul wealth. In the manifestation of heaven on earth it is the wealth of soul glory that shall become widespread the world over. The supreme nature of sacred divine sentiments shall help manifest divinity in human beings and it is on the basis of the strength of this creation that this world shall in future ooze with heavenly situations and establish the authority of Divine Energies. In this great mission Gayatri’s Spiritual Philosophy and method of spiritual practice shall contribute in an incomparable manner. Thus it is very apt that it be imbibed fully by looking upon it as Era Power Gayatri.



It is most required that Spiritual Science is proved to be supremely great in this era. If Spiritual Science fails the test based on intellectualism, proof based on direct experience and perceiving and utility value then in contemporary situations it shall be impossible for it to sustain its very existence. After losing aspirations/faith based on sacred ideals man’s glory too shall not remain alive. After losing the supremacy of ethics and righteousness man shall become rendered no more than a thinking beast and terrorizing ghost. Since such people shall grow in number like weeds in a garden even if this world becomes materially prosperous yet in this atmosphere if doubt and atheism it is definite that everyone shall choke and undergo total downfall.

In today’s times we are seeing world humanity heading speedily towards this super destruction. In order to save them we shall have to render alive and kicking idealism based spiritual philosophy. This task no doubt is difficult. Religion and spirituality so far was put forth on the basis of utterances of revered saint’s/Gurus and sacred scriptural texts. Previously deep faith was the foundation of religion and spirituality. It was given a due prime spot. But alas! Today this no longer is the situation. Every belief today has to be examined anew on the basis of a scientific footing that includes logic, argument, fact, proof, lucid examples etc. Under such conditions it has become necessary that the human glory’s soul and ideals based faith passes the fiery test of direct proof and sound scientific logic.







Man is as less farsighted as he is knowledgeable too. He is said to be knowledgeable because for development and progress his brain unearths newer and newer means. His brain with immense focus is involved in inventing new joyous comforts and material means and in this endeavor he is attaining success virtually without pause. Thus any amount of praises showered on the sharp human brain talent appears less. Today in all directions we can witness the miracle of the human brain in the form of innumerable attainments spread out in all corners of the globe. It is the contribution of the brilliant brain that has helped us all progress from the Adam Era’s Stone Age to today’s Nuclear Age and it is the brain’s powerful nature that gets reflected in the mirror of development.

There is no dearth of lack of farsightedness in man. He is said to lack farsightedness because by climbing on an unruly horse called the brain in the run of progress he is madly continuing to run. There is no saying when this unruly horse as the brain shall throw him down with a painful thud. It is lack of farsightedness that makes man ignore far off results to be faced due to the mad run after progress as a result of which so many dire and dangerous situations have to be faced. It is man who has created imbalance of the environment and fearful situations emerging due to a venomous polluted atmosphere. The most heinous amongst all this is radiations emitted continuously by radioactive elements. The hoarding and usage of such radioactive materials said to be terrific founts of energy has come in vogue manifold the world over. As a result the poison from radiations emitted by them is giving birth to newer types of serious situations. Previously only radiations emerging from nuclear/atomic explosions were looked upon as very dire. Now facts staring at us say that even use of radioactive materials for creative purposes prove to be no less hazardous.

An incident taking place in a village in USA called San Zokin (California) has greatly attracted the attention of scientists to the above mentioned facts. This village with a population of 500 members has been set up due to such a factory which produces a pesticide that kills pests and germs attacking plants. This company called Occidental Chemicals was established a decade back. In the year 1977 AD suddenly the villagers’ attention was drawn to the observation as to what was the reason why for the past 7 years not one family of this village could sire a new born baby. This discussion became more intense and intellectuals too started cogitating over this. The women of this village were very stressed since they could not become mothers of newborns. They urged their husbands to get medically examined. A group of doctors started medically examining each member of the village. The result of this was indeed choking to know. As per medical reports sperm production in the testes of males working in this chemical factory had stopped totally. Another group of medical specialists said that the cause of all this was that when pesticides were produced in the factory they produced a poison from radiations emitted by them and this in turn affected the sperm production of those male workers exposed to this poisonous radiation.

As per the opinion of Dr Herald L Garden, Medical Director of ‘Dove Chemical Corporation’, USA a 40% increase has been noted in abortions and uterus problems in American women. Along with this the percentage of handicapped people too has risen high. The reason he gave for this was that since radiation levels in the environment is increasing alarmingly its poisonous nature is influencing babies in the womb the most. Ordinarily aborted pregnancy is not looked upon to be very worrisome. Yet since speedy increase has been noted in the above incidences geneticists look upon this to be very worrisome because after deep research it has been noted that the increase seen in the above types of incidences is mainly due to genetic imbalance. With the aid of electron microscopes it has been seen that in research experiments done during cases of abortion has shown that the chief cause of 50% of the above incidences is mutations noted in genes and chromosomes. It has also been unearthed that the permanent malefic influence of genetic mutation remains in the fetus of the womb which continues as genetic diseases passed on from a long chain of one generation to another.

As per genetic scientists that genes subtly possess man’s qualities, activities and nature. Ordinarily it is difficult to bring about changes in designing of genes. Till today efforts made to bring about such changes although tasting success has in the final run proved to be quite hazardous for mankind. Specialists opine that it is radioactive emissions that bring about worst influences on genes. This dire influence gives birth to various types of deadly diseases which are passed on from one generation to another. Many decades have gone by since the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Amongst thousands of those dying very few survived but alas due to tainted radiation influences in their genes, the malefic effect was passed on from one generation to another. Even today those babies taking birth are mainly handicapped or mentally challenged.

As per a report published by USA’s National Academy Sciences titled ‘Biological Effects of Atomic Radiations’ and a research paper called ‘The Hazards to Man of Nuclear and Allied radiations’ published in a magazine of ‘UK Medical Research Council’ in the cells of every living being mutations take place in genes due to radiations attacking them. This mutation takes place 10 times more in un-evolved germ cells than in aged germ cells and in comparison to an aged old person this tainted influence is seen 15 times more in the baby in the womb.

These days the dire aspect of radiations used in medical therapy looked upon as unavoidable too is emerging in a big way. As per a report of ‘Journal of American Medical Association’ the life span of 82,000 doctors of USA was studied. Their average age was found to be 65.7 years. As against this, the average age of radiologists handling X ray etc machines was found to be 60.5 years which in comparison to the common age it was 5.2 years less which means doctors continuously contacting X rays lost about 5 years of their life span due to their dangerous influence. The ‘Medical Research Council’ of USA in order to obstruct leukemia disease has conducted profound research. During research studies a team of specialists tested 14,000 patients who were given a lot of X-ray therapy. The research data showed that in comparison to ordinary people the rate of these patients getting attacked by leukemia was 10% more. In the report it was said for therapy since X-rays were used the probability of leukemia attacking their bodies increased a lot.

In another research study it was found if anyone is given a measure of 170 roentgens of X-rays then at the young age of 30 years itself he/she dies of leukemia. If the entire population is kept in an atmosphere of 30 roentgens the rate of people dying due to leukemia increases 2 fold.

As per a report of USAEC research done by ‘John Hopkins University of Public Health’ on monkeys patients regaining sound health after previously being attacked by typhoid if later contact radiations these typhoid bacteria again become active and the person again becomes a typhoid patient. On the basis of this conclusion it was said that 1/3rd of the population of East Europe that at least once were patients of typhoid who after settling in USA’s Baltimore region again were attacked by typhoid since they had taken medicines containing radioactive elements to cure some other type of disease. Medicines containing radioactive elements badly influence gonad glands responsible for the capacity of humans to procreate children. In the above report it has been said that if medicines having more than 1000 roentgens can permanently obstruct the capacity to procreate children.

As per radio therapy findings in cancer cures the patient immediately benefits on getting exposed to various measures of radiations. Yet the bare reality is that this dangerous therapy ultimately proves hazardous for the patient. In comparison to other cells, cancer cells that increase in number very prolifically get more influenced by radiation exposure. Thus in comparison to healthy cells, cancer and tumor cells die in larger numbers. On an immediate basis it appears that this radiation therapy is very beneficial. Yet in a short time span these cancer cells commence augmenting in number. Along with this since healthy cells also get exposed to radiations so many other types of diseases emerge as a result. If an all round view is taken regarding all this it is clear that radio therapy from a long term standpoint is very hazardous.

Dr F Noel Jones is a psychiatrist attached to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He studied 215,000 children born within 3 years before 1978 in the area close to the international aerodrome in Los Angeles-USA. From this research he found that 50 amongst every 1000 children residing there were handicapped whereas in other places the rate of handicapped children was 7 amongst every thousand children. This handicap was both physical and mental in nature. To unearth the reason why such manifold rise is noted in handicap manifesting a group of scientists were called. On analysis it was found that rise in handicap manifestation was due to microwave radiation. This sort of tainted influence was also seen in children born nearby London’s Heathrow Airport and Japan’s Osaka Airport. In another study it was found that people working in uranium mines were attacked more by lung cancer. In comparison to people working in other mines 50% more people were attacked by cancer working in uranium mines.

The ordinary layman has just no clue about such hazards appearing due to radiations emitted by radioactive elements. A lot of discussion is going on everywhere for the past few years regarding unseen poisonous radiations spreading due to nuclear testing. In the blind mad run after development lest immediate benefits merely are looked upon as be all and end all of everything, lest far off reactions are ignored, that day is not far when man’s own scientific achievements akin to the demon Bhasmasur of yore runs to burn entire world humanity to ashes. Hence it is for everyone’s benefit that by taking recourse to farsighted discrimination (Viveka) wise steps are taken to avoid world disasters.













Increased population is now rushing towards big metro cities. It seems that means of entertainment and joyous comforts are in much greater measure in cities than village rural areas. In metros cash can be earned with better ease and more in measure and attractive sense merriment materials ooze more in urban areas. Thus villages experience a lack of such joyous comforts and other hi tech facilities. Hence the population within cities and its peripheral areas is increasing in an explosive manner. Small villages are becoming small towns and towns are getting converted into cities. Naturally so many factories are built for the subsistence and transport arrangements for this rising population in cities. It is here that gigantic industries are set up in large numbers. Thus such systems of management and governance have to be set up yet they in turn render venomous air and water that help sustain human life. Noise pollution levels too are no less high. The combined reactions of all this is creating terrible health problems for the entire human race. If this situation continues merrily then due to choking of breath and par taking poisonous food/water, the fears of weakness and diseases shall lead man to the jaws of premature death.

The number of factories, rail engines, electricity power stations, cars, airplanes etc are increasing at a mad pace. Heinous gases like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that is emitted by diesel, petrol etc used by the above are rendering the air more and more polluted as days pass by. Due to population explosion in metro cities, cars moving creating traffic jams, factory emissions, more fuel used by every household and lack of greenery the measure of hazardous elements in air is increasing at an alarming pace. They dwell in more strength in dust and smoke. They enter the body along with inhaled breath and render it diseased and weak in life force.

In the metro city Delhi (India) alone the report given says that silencers of trucks, buses, motors etc operating there alone throw more than 20,000 pounds of deadly sulfur dioxide in the air. This Electrical Powerhouse alone emits 95 pounds of such gas daily which not only is dire for the human body but also for buildings and bridges constructed from iron. The Taj Mahal of Agra is melting day by day due to the gas emission of this city. In order to protect it on a long term footing it is thought best to paint it with some emulsion so that the damage to this beautiful marble edifice be stopped.

If air contains even 1/700th part of carbon monoxide then anyone breathing this air dies. If it contains 0.1 millionth parts the creatures of that region shall become very ill.

At any point in time one can see a layer of fog in any industrial city. In it overflows derivatives of carbon, sulfate, nitrate and hydro carbons. Dust and smoke together create such a ‘smog’ layer in air that not only humans but plants, trees etc dwelling under it experience choking of breath. Their natural growth and development gets obstructed very badly.

Ships, boats etc pollute waters of the sea etc on which they move. Some years back a ship called Torikenyan erroneously emitted so much oil that the English Navy had to throw dynamite in large measure so as to burn up this oil. Detergents used to remove this oil too were no less hazardous. This upheaval not only polluted the water of that region but that waterborne sea creatures too died in hordes as a result.

In order to protect crops so many chemical pesticides are sprayed on it how many germs, worms etc are killed by it and how much food grain is saved as a result is a matter of research studies and surveys yet it is a fact that due to this spraying so many birds and harmless creatures die and their death could also be due to eating those grains. It is clear that apart from birds none can protect crops aptly because they are involved in eating those worms/germs that cause harm to crops. When the birds die the germs etc augment in number due to unobstructed procreation. As a result when pesticides are sprayed at least a few germs do not die and they in a short time much more in comparison to dead germs pound to pulp our so called high intellectualism.

Cities built on the edge of rivers benefit from their waters yet in return these rivers get reeking dirt only from these cities as a result of which it loses its utility value. Oil from Barauni in India flowed and entered River Ganga waters and the news of fire manifesting in waters near Mungher is not very old. In a survey conducted by ‘All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health’ it was found that the River Yamuna flowing between New Delhi and Agra was very dirty and polluted. The number of fish population in Bihar’s Daha and Sone rivers is depleting speedily. The River Mahisagar of Gujarat district sometime back had become totally green on seeing which local people there were frightened. There was a time when Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Kali, Hooghly etc bestowed both external and internal purity but today they have been rendered mere hopeless rivulets that carry dirt only.

These days 5000 tons of polluted elements per year from river waters are entering waters of the ocean shore. Many other toxic chemicals too flow in it along with this polluted water. It is believed that in 20 years 40% marine creatures have died on eating this poison. Chemicals like acid, sulfate, chloride, phenol, cyanide etc are destroying the natural oxygen content of this sea water which nurtures and sustains marine creatures.

It is known to all that it is small creatures like fish etc that clean all water areas internally. This dirt in the water is food for fish life which gathers here and there in ponds, rivers etc. If fish life did not exist all such water areas would rot smelling. Chemical pesticides by mixing with rain water enter river waters and kill fish living in them. Under such conditions the dirt and pollution of various water areas is on an alarming rise. On seeing these far off tainted results countries like Hungary, Sweden and Denmark have curbed the usage of DDT. In Russia aldrin and dialdrin cannot be used. Although these chemicals kill germs of crops yet they create such other problems which are direr than the germs that are killed. In Japan milk in the breast of mothers contained the toxic dialdrin. Definitely after these are sprayed on crops enter the stomach and further milk of mothers through food grains, vegetables, fruits or flesh of birds and animals.

It was believed that chemicals like alfalfa, nicotine, metasis stokes etc kill enemy germs but protect friendly germs yet later this was proved to be a fallacy. Due to the function of destruction both the enemy and friendly germs get harmed equally and those secure results were not accrued which were hoped for.

In cities due to speedy moving vehicles on roads, use of electricity, more fire burning in tiny areas, breathing in crowded places, bodily heat, functioning of factories etc the temperature over here in comparison to rural areas is much more. Electric fans do not lower temperatures but instead merely move air from this area to that. Fashion styles that make people wear tight and many times heavy clothing tend to increase heat in the bodily surroundings. The crowded roads and buses add to the heat content. Houses made of bricks, cements etc and stony roads render them hot. In this atmosphere of high temperature the urban population loses its natural bodily potential.

In order to gauge what effects ensue on other creatures due to noisiness and chaos many studies have been conducted and one such was done by California’s Life Science Research Institute on sharks. The director of the institute Theobrown said that when loud noises were transmitted in waters via loudspeakers fish life on hearing it got terrorized and agitated. Thinking each other to be the cause of this chaos the fish population started attacking one another and when this loud noise became intolerable they started banging their heads against rocks to commit suicide. Similar such studies were conducted in France’s Colenesia Carigireza Atos. They too concluded that marine creatures cannot live normally under conditions of extraordinary chaos and noise.

The noises emitted by cars, factories, loudspeakers etc create such noise pollution in urban cities that as per the data given by Indian Council of Medical Research people shall slowly become deafer. Further diseases of the psyche, muscles and heart can increase manifold.

The English author Mrs. Elspath Huxley has cautioned the lay public regarding the hazards related to usage of DDT and other poisonous pesticides. She opines that chemicals sprayed on plants via the medium of food grains, vegetables and flesh finally reach the human body and they create such damage there that although initially it appears quite miniscule but later it gives birth to terrible fearful possibilities. These toxic chemicals by mixing with rain water reach rivers, lakes and wells. These waters then reach waters on the ocean shore as a result of which toxic materials enter fish dwelling there. Thus those who eat this fish cannot save themselves from harmful reactions setting in their bodies. Mrs. Huxley in order to prove her point collected proof in the form of samples of water, flesh and other materials and published all this in her book. She runs an agricultural farm yet never makes use of chemical pesticides.

Under the aegis of UNO in order to mull over the problem of rendering the environment capable enough to sustain life on planet earth an International Conference was organized in Stockholm whose one voice slogan was: ‘We have only one earth. Let us render it capable of sustaining life’. The conference made a suggestion that nature based wealth must be used very minimally without wastage, used articles must be recycled for using again anew, increasing noise pollution should be obstructed and air and water pollution must too be controlled in a major way.

If with a farsighted standpoint we gauge the sequence in which our so called development is marring nature’s balance, one shall have to conclude that by becoming blind in the process of running after immediate benefits, we are madly rendering our future full of dark gloominess.

Man’s intellectual prowess is so much immersed in augmenting cities, material comforts and population with total lack of discrimination that the end of this so called world progress seems to be manifesting as a goose pimple like disaster. One wonders why no one is trying to infer how expensive shall be the buying of such development which renders nature and the environment highly polluted. It is amazing that man considered an intellectual is insisting on not thinking in a farsighted manner.










The greatness of modern science may be a lot yet it can said to be beneficial only if its aids in helping mankind overcome various distorted and fearful complex situation both outwardly and inwardly.

Research scientists, governments and institutions that appoint them for research studies must come to the conclusion that from the mundane standpoint whatever research has been done so far is quite enough. Means that can burn to ashes planet earth and destroy the very existence of world creatures have been amassed in enough measure. If we wish to destroy the entire cosmos it is a different story. If the earth is our arena of action then the extent to which wealth and labor has been utilized for destructive research endeavors is quite enough. Now the hour has dawned, wherein scientific discoveries/inventions and applications must head in the direction of world neo creation only.

Dr Westlake, who always thought in a farsighted spiritual way regarding problems of this era, has put forth his observations in his book ‘Life threatened’. While voicing his worries and pain he says: Although the old era is leaving yet the new era is not arriving. It is not clear whether man who was standing on the road leading to all round progress shall now head towards total destruction or shall choose to take the path of soul and spiritual advancement. These are those moments wherein man shall have to choose whether he wishes to live or die ignominiously.

Step by step modern science is madly yearning to catch and make dance to its tunes that root energy of material objects on reaching where the materials themselves shall get totally destroyed and then nothing else shall remain for science to achieve.

Today the need is that modern science should search for the reactions created from human existence, thinking, faith, standpoint and aspiration. Very similar to the zest with which inert matter is researched into with greater zest research should be done on the sensitive sentiments of consciousness and thus bring forth those facts wherein man can aptly utilize his bodily, psychological and sensitive existence. Along with this it is modern science that must showcase scientifically proven data that decide the methodology of make supremely wholesome use of available material objects. Faith that is tottering regarding pious behavior must be reinstated firmly by such research. Not only no loss accrues but that only benefits ooze if we live cooperatively with one another with full of love and soul oneness. This fact with little effort can be reinstated on the basis of material science and the high stature philosophical tenets of spirituality can gain full acceptance from modern science. By keeping this goal in front of us lest researchers commence their scientific experiments then we can atone for that sin which have led to the dire possibility of destruction of human existence due ideals based faith tottering precariously.

Right from health care to causes and solution of all world problems are conjoined to man’s inner state and personality. Now our zest for research studies should be directed in this very creative direction.

Dr. Watch has reached the conclusion that as long as an apt balance remains between materialism and spiritualism man shall remain disease free, yet if this balance gets tarnished the center of illnesses shall manifest in the human body. One after another diseases shall overwhelm the body.

Dr Hope says: There is no difference between sins and diseases. A genuine doctor cannot remain satisfied merely by administering medicines to a patient because he also needs to see and understand the inner psychic distortions of the patient. Without this on the basis of incomplete therapy the patient’s illness cannot be warded off from the very roots.

It will just not do if we believe man to be a creation of chemicals only. Scientific streams of knowledge in the form of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Molecular Biology, Psychology etc no doubt can give us information regarding the designing of the material body and guide us regarding its problems yet man is not just limited to the physical body. In fact his existence is of a much higher stature than this. Faith and aspirations give him the correct direction of life and on its basis the inner personality gets developed. We must hence also understand the science of that soul that controls consciousness levels and bodily functions.

Scientific research devoid of principles/ethics and their application shall only trap us more in strife. Just like art if science is limited to science only and that behind it no ideals or ethics are at work then due to such development man’s hardships shall augment n fold.

Dr. Holman of Wales University says: The one ‘gift’ of modern industrialized culture is cancer. The increasing addiction to alcohol, drugs etc is depleting man’s very life force in a major way. Man who is hollow within becomes agitated and stressed out even if he faces minor obstacles in life and fears of a polluted/poisonous environment is forcing him to face bodily and mental diseases like ulcers, blood pressure, lack of sleep, fast heartbeats and pulse rate, gas, indigestion, diabetes, manic phase and anger. Today the disease called cancer that kills people in a torturing manner has been rendered a ‘boon’ from this so called civilized modern culture. The influence of the rise in bodily-mental diseases is also appearing in front of us as a social illness. Increased incidences of attacks, kidnapping, rape, extramarital relationships, fraud and other types of vileness shows that since individual distortions is increasing entire society gets badly influenced by it.

In countries labeled ‘developing nations’ day after day it is becoming increasingly difficult to get unadulterated food, water and air to breathe. Keeping this fact in mind, health care scientists are very worried. Today there is no dearth of packed food in air tight boxes via machines and that lasts for many days. Synthetic food made from chemicals and machines are being devoured with immense zest. Yet in comparison to natural production these can be called ‘dead’ only. Due to skillful advertisements and enticing packaging people can no doubt be lured blindly yet facts shall always remain facts. The dream of balance and facility of health from factory products is proving to be useless when tested in a factual manner.

The hazards posed by excess heat emitted by fuel used in factories and vehicles are no less in measure. If this trend continues then in the next 25 years the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere shall increase a lot and due to its heat the ice on Polar Regions shall melt alarmingly. The result of this shall be that ocean water levels shall rise higher up and if this trend continues as it is then when ice melts the water of the ocean shall rise higher by 400 feet. Thus half of planet earth shall get submerged in water. This sort of dire situation in the ocean shall manifest within 25 years and after 400 years that hazard shall appear due to which scientific research zest shall be looked upon as a curse since humanity shall get destroyed.

In order to decrease jerks in engines glass is mixed in petrol yet as a result of which such a toxic gas emerges that the environment is rendered more poisonous day after day.

The toxic wastes from American factories these days are thrown into water areas. Thus their waters can no longer be used by human beings. Water based marine creatures in rivers, lakes etc are dying at a mad pace. It is inferred that due to present trends in about 25 years henceforth it shall be rare to even witness pure unpolluted water areas. Smoke emitted by factories and oil engines of vehicles, gets converted into a smog in the atmosphere and this leads to appearance of lung and breathing related diseases.

The editor of ‘Daily Telegraph’ has questioned concerned authorities as to why mar the sleep of millions of people due to the terrible sound emitted by jet planes just because a few hi-fi set of people in order to cross the Atlantic Ocean swiftly use these jets?

Ordinarily the human ear can endure only noise of 60 decibels whereas noise emitted by railways, cars, factories, loudspeakers etc reaches up to 120 decibels. This noise by tarnishing mental balance creates such semi agitations that they lead to suicides, crimes, unruliness and irresponsible behavior. Just because a few people can augment material comforts that use mediums creating voluminous noise is nothing but creating hazards for entire world humanity.

In order to earn more and more people are focusing on producing more and more. In the mind of humans more and more yearning is being induced to use things so that materials although not much of actual use being very alluring get sold more and more and thus selfish people benefit by amassing more and more wealth. This one sided insane rush has induced us to forget that as to what influence of this so called development and civilized behavior on the world’s balance. By losing ecological balance man in the place of attaining facilities and benefits shall coil around his neck such snakes of disasters which shall prove to be a message only of his total destruction. One -sided materialism akin to an uncontrolled unruly demon shall devour the very person who nourishes it. If some useful benefits are to be attained from the demon called modern science then it is most required that it comes under the jurisdiction and control of spiritualism.

Our religion emphasizes on ‘entering the kingdom of the soul’. The author of Upanishads has given us the means of our well being via understanding our true inner identity and sanctifying ourselves both outwardly and inwardly. No doubt we fly high in interstellar space yet we forget that what is more required that we search ourselves deep within.














Research scientists of Albuquerque, New Mexico in USA have designed such a machine that can gather solar energy. These scientists in their very 1st experiment placed an iron sheet measuring 4.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide after melting it. This sheet was 1/4th inches thick and this experiment was done in Sandia laboratory. Yet the supreme laboratory is in the human body. Lest if latent energies present here are recognized and awakened then without any machine or material apparatus one can exhibit amassing of limitless energy and miraculous feats using the same.

Sir Edmund Hillary who had successfully scaled Mount Everest in September 1977 commenced a program of Ocean to Sky wherein he journey from Ganga Sagar in Kolkata (India) to Gangotri. At the time when Hillary’s boat reached Allahbad a 68 year old Hatha Yogi stopped his boat at one spot for 10 minutes. This was witnessed by thousands of people who had gathered there. On 14th December this news had been published in the ‘Dainik Hindustan’ newspaper and it was said that the boat’s motor was turned on at a speed of 200 horse power, the boat emitted water bubbles too yet when the Hatha Yogi grasped the boat single handedly it did not move forward even a wee bit. In order to focus at one point, solar rays, mirror plates controlled by computers were used as a result of which in 2 minutes heat of 3000 degree Farenheight and 1.8 mega watt electrical energy was produced and although it melted the iron sheet yet in order to focus soul power and avail its benefits there is no requirement of such complex machine technology. Just as by using a lens solar rays on getting focused become potent so too when Prana Energy is concentrated one pointedly it becomes so divinely powerful that it can be attained in the human body itself. Just as hydrogen is scattered everywhere and in a special region by creating heat of 100,000,000 degree centigrade the fusion process hydrogen on its own commences, it results in an artificial sun being created there. As of today modern scientists have been unable to evolve the process of manifesting so much heat hence now the unlimited vault of this energy although scattered all around us cannot yet be used by us all. Each and every human being has been given such energy by Almighty Lord yet in only a very rare personality such a potent will power of such inferno like terrific heat gets awakened. Those who are successful in doing so become walking-talking electricity powerhouses of Yogic practices, great thinking divine powers and with it they help benefit thousands of people prosper both materially and spiritually. Mere proper focus of psyche can render man a highly skillful writer, engineer, scientists and just about any profession. One can thus not even imagine the great results of focus of soul power.

It is the long time gathered energy of the sun that manifests as all energy amassed be it nature based or used as a material means. Matter stored with caution sometimes can be used by us and in it the principle of this theory is at work.

The geothermal specialist C Gulemin a few years back in an Energy Conference in Paris in his essay said that merely within the periphery of Paris if wells of the depth of 1500 to 2000 meters are dug up then hot water emerging from them so much excess heat can be made available which is akin to the heat got from burning 18,000,000 ton fuel. In this area of Melan in Paris by digging out hot water with the heat of 70 degrees centigrade at a speed of 100 cubic meters is supplied to about 1900 homes.

At every spot in Himalayan Mountains’ extremely icy cold regions such ponds are there wherein one can get hot water of temperatures up to 350 degrees centigrade. Even in the North Pole region in Russia by using water from the womb of the ground within 20,000,000 ton fuel is saved. In Tuscany’s Lord Raleigh such factories are at work wherein geothermal energy of 390 mega watts is generated. For quite some time California owns 6 geothermal based electricity power houses and 4 more are being built. All of these shall generate 1000 mega watt electricity. In Japan, Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Philippines etc too are found such geothermal electricity stations. All this power is nothing but amassed wealth in the deep womb of earth from sun rays since years together. Today’s mankind accrues its benefits in the form of amassed wealth by ancestors.

France has set up a powerhouse generating 240 mega watt of electricity on its Rance River from sea waves that rise up energetically. This capability too is a gift of the brilliant sun.

In our land India on an average exists 14,000,000,000 tons of coal. From this for more than 200 years 625,000,000 tons energy per year can be got and this too is a long time gathered wealth from the sun. It is inferred that this is collected power for some millions of years which dwells in coal. Thus to measure the latent solar energy present in coal of entire planet earth is well nigh impossible.

In rainy season clouds on their own, become air based oceans and then render entire earth full of water. These clouds are resultants of that steam which the sun via its terrific heat converts 16,000,000 ton water per second into steam by ‘cooking’ this water. Two thirds of the total energy attained by earth from the sun is used for this very task. From this fact one can gauge how natural forces shoulder the burden of world management with such rationality and discrimination. Lest the process of rain water downpour stops in this world even for 1 year merely then not only the human race but due to famine appearing as a result of all this can end the world of life on earth. Where immediately how much is required, where for future amassing is needed, how to render optimally balanced the cold-heat aspects of earth, regarding all this if the thinking standpoint of nature does not remain full of farsighted discrimination-Viveka, subtle etc then all beauty and life’s management noted here shall come to a grinding halt. Those people who imbibe such a viewpoint and farsightedness in their lives not only they themselves attain honor and a high status of greatness but that they succeed in encouraging their family members and friends to march ahead on the path of all round development.

This humungous measure of solar power and its cosmic activity not only showcases a glimpse of the world being potently powerful but that from it material worldly benefits too can be attained. The sun is the foundation of our very life, it is our father who keeps us all healthy and hence we must recognize the sun not only from the material but also from the soul and spiritual standpoint.

Britain’s telephone engineers have designed such a telephone that there is no need to lay down telephone cables and not much expense is involved. With it in very far off rural areas too communication systems can be set up where with present technology it was not possible to do so. A spokesperson of a post office that manages the telecommunication network in Britain says that near Norfolk on the eastern shores of British shores a policing cabin has been built so that due to this surveillance none can poach and kill any bird in that area. The testing of the above mentioned phone was done on this very spot.

This in a certain way is merely a small firecracker of the infinite energy of the gigantic sun. Daily we hear of the miracles of such people that all prophecies and predictions made by them came true. Via Tantra Science they manifested certain objects and by hypnotizing a person they could find out a far off unseen fact. A true miracle is that which is manifested by some great leader, saint or Avatar to positively change the direction of an era and shows a miracle in the form of illumination of world public life. It is so difficult even to imagine the gigantic measure of energy required to give a creative direction to the present destructive direction seen in man’s activities and thus usher in joy-peace the world over.

In this gigantic cosmos of Almighty Lord there is no dearth of anything and if at all anything is lacking it is the need to uproot man’s spiritual ignorance and hard heartedness. Spiritual ignorance and inertia disallow man to march ahead and instead he gets trapped in narrow mindedness. For energy generation fuel and coal are gross means. Even if these are available in very large amounts, energy got from it is quite less. Further than this is geothermal power and ahead of this is electrical energy. If even these do not fulfill our large scale requirement then we shall have to tap the unlimited storehouse of solar energy. One after another means of getting energy that mind boggle us are present in the deep recesses of material nature. To attain them maybe a very tiresome process yet scientists have placed before us those facts that have resolved our doubts regarding total depletion of energy resources.

The sun dwells 1,490,000,000 km away from earth. If we keep in mind this great distance and earth’s total area it gives only 0.000000005th part of its total energy to earth. Yet even this energy content is so gigantic that it shall take 2,000,000,000 nuclear electrical stations to produce this seemingly tiny amount of energy. Lest it is converted to electrical energy it shall be of the measure of 173,000,000,000 mega watt electricity. It is inferred that every square meter of earth gets heat equivalent to 1 kilo watt electricity. If we calculate entire earth then every year it gets 1,311,000,000,000,000,000,000 calories of energy from the sun. It is difficult even to imagine this gigantic measure. We get this boon in an unlimited manner ceaselessly yet it is our sheer ill fate that we are shouting and begging for energy. It is like the fish remaining thirsty despite dwelling in the ocean.

This unlimited energy of the sun is our very life force. All creatures, plants etc sustain life due to it. All tiny saplings and plants by absorbing sun’s energy carry out the function of photosynthesis and with water and carbon dioxide created vegetarian food for us. In merely India 230,000,000 birds and beasts are used in agriculture. Their main food is this nature. Then earth’s 3,000,000,000 people and other creatures millions time more than these sustain life via solar energy. All these things showcase that belief of Indian Spiritual Philosophy which opines that the sun is our very soul. From the principle standpoint we are the light particles of that divine aura hence we must keep facing it and imbibe it a great deal. Without the sun flowers cannot bloom and toxic germs shall proliferate. On this basis can dirt/taints spread out in our life be warded off and advance true happiness that we do not forget our soul principle.

There was a time when people felt it to be beyond the ken of their imagination that solar energy can be ‘caught’, tied up and used in various tasks. Similarly in contemporary times people hardly have faith in soul energy yet when the National Physical Laboratory was built whose heads is Dr Bhinde, he by creating a solar cell that converts solar energy into electricity rendered it possible by using selenium, cadmium, sulfide etc. In Mount Louis and Odilo (France) solar furnaces have been set up using special mirrors wherein is found a device that absorbs energy. Machines that heat up water, boil potatoes etc are designed on this very basis. In Shri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India small solar machines have been designed to make tea, dry up materials and heat water or a room. In Israel salt water is made pure in this manner. In future the program of scientists is to solve the world water problem by rendering sea water potable. Since energy is one wherever it is used it shall create miraculous good results.

In the entire world such applications are being noted. In the Armenia valley Russia has built electrical power houses that possess 1300 mirrors so as to gather solar power. This powerhouse is built on 5 acres of land. By throwing solar rays on a boiler placed at a height of 130 feet per hour 2,500,000 kilo watt electricity is generated. Egypt has successfully designed a solar cooker and India has developed a pressure cooker that has aluminum mirrors. From iron heat of 2800 degrees, from tungsten 6100 degrees and from any excellent metal that can restrict heat at 6900 degrees centigrade by becoming steam disappears yet from the sun on getting heat energy up to 8000 degrees centigrade everywhere the possibility of an industrial revolution is increasing n fold. Regarding this widespread research studies are being carried out in USA.

The supreme requirement is not harboring mere faith in inner divine energies but that a valor is needed to keep trying to overcome complexities while trying to awaken and attain them. With great minute detail self introspection has to be carried out. In order to amass solar energy mirrors have to be used. Thus by rendering our mind a mirror, one must look at it and remove all taints embedded in it else along with light darkness too engulfs us and the aim of awakening divine energies fails miserably. After soul reformation soul creation is required wherein in the place of inner taints good thinking, sacred mulling and ideals based activities have to be taken up. After doing this much only one attains the divine benefit of advancement of the soul or soul experience/Self Realization.
















In world humanity an illusion has taken over that all problems of production have been solved. This sort of faith dwells in those who a looked upon as well known industrialists of the world, finance managers and erudite economists. As per their opinion only one task remains to be done and that is to bestow a well managed form of industrialization in poor countries of the world and render the production system machine and technology based.

In reality the situation we are facing today is definitely not straightforward as depicted. The tainted distortion of human thinking has rendered the consumer network so haywire that countries which superficially appear rich and prosperous are in reality direction less and are passing through a phase of lack of control. Questions need to be answered like what is the limit and periphery of consumerism? Should man rule over nature totally without any control of any sort? Has the creator given a free hand to man to ‘milk’ nature thus as is seen today? Regarding this many thinkers have put forth their thoughts. Especially regarding present day disaster like situations these observations become that much more important to ponder over. The untold means of nature whether they are lush green forests, wells of petroleum products etc are speedily heading towards total depletion and that the situation of energy crisis staring ferociously at the world is not far off. In fact between the years 1981-2000 and even beyond this ugly form shall appear more vehemently.

The well known economist and follower of Gandhism EF Schumacher says that the cause of all this is the philosophical change setting in human standpoint with reference to available means and material nature since the past 4-5 centuries. Today man’s thinking has become merely gross and materialism oriented. The peak attainments of westernization have become such an allurement that every nation is eying hungrily. Man by not looking upon himself as a part of nature now thinks himself to be a powerful force from outside and thinks erroneously that in order to lord over it he has been sent into this world.

When a businessman makes a balance sheet of his income and expenditure and ensures that both these are in an optimal ratio only then can he attain profits. Similarly our earth too is a gigantic ‘firm’. Over here how can we forget the financial arrangement, income vault and its relationship with how much expenditure occurs. From the gross standpoint if the earth is called ‘capital’ this fact becomes clear that it can be ‘milked’ only to a certain limit. The talk of immediate prosperity is not farsighted at all which is very well accepted and understood by all. Then why should one sided consumerism get encouragement.

When the situation goes beyond control, a farsighted person quite in time thinks of making alternative arrangements. This sort of thinking at present is being pursued by modern scientists, great philosophers, seers etc. Today the preliminary requirement for energy is fossil fuel. In it chiefly coal, wood, petroleum products are included. In the year 2000 AD it was believed that the world would require about 20,000,000,000 tons of fuel. It was believed that at that time the world population would be 6,000,000,000. Today on noting the amount of usage it appears that this storehouse shall very soon get depleted. A 4 point program is being set up to draw the attention of world humans and these 4 points are:

1)      To decrease the measure and rate of usage of fuel resources.

2)      Bringing about apt changes in the designing of factories etc.

3)      To the extent possible controlling the worrisome augmenting in the population numbers of total consumers.

4)      Searching for alternative founts of energy.

For the above various programs and apt thinking are being put forth.


Fifty four percent of energy used by entire Europe has to be imported from Arab nations in the form of oil. Those countries that control this oil wealth have increased the cost of oil by 120% between the years 1979 to 1981. A relatively poor country like India imports oil worth Rs 500,000,000. This situation shall become more explosive in the coming days when oil wealth starts depleting alarmingly and with the result oil prices reaching sky rocketing heights. Under such situations the world over very seriously people are thinking of unearthing alternative sources of energy. On a gigantic scale experiments are going on for successfully tapping solar energy, wind energy, biogas, energy from garbage, energy from ocean, operating volcano based turbines etc. Today the talk of wholesome usage of nuclear energy is souring because the biggest problem faced therein is of disposing waste materials emitted by nuclear reactors which are known to pollute the environment heavily in a toxic manner. Many alternatives for energy tapping devoid of pollution have been mulled over and that in many places it has actually become operational.

Today scientists feel why not use those means, that are available nearby us? There is a saying that even good days are seen by garbage and dirt. Garbage disposal today is a major problem faced everywhere. As per one inference India’s population as per figures given in 1981 was 143,100,000 threw away 4.5 ton garbage per household after using articles required in daily household transactions. In rich countries like USA, England, Canada, Germany, Japan etc each person threw garbage of 5 tons per year. f‘Flameless Furnaces’ has designed a machine in which after adding garbage it is burnt at a temperature of 900 degree centigrade so as to generate energy from it. By amassing it, this energy is used in various ways. In comparison to other forms of energy generation, this method is cheap financially and about 17% more in amount. After getting fully burnt due to friction the ash remaining behind is separated via a pneumatic carrier. Thus no air pollution sets in. Sweden has designed a machine called ‘Brini’ wherein my making small balls of garbage they are burnt in order to generate energy. Over here each year by burning 1/4th portion of total garbage collected 1/3rd of total energy requirement is fulfilled. Specialists believe that if the garbage of the entire world is burnt then energy got from it shall be equivalent to that energy obtained from 400,000 oil/square meter. As per scientific principles, if we use 10 pound measure of any inflammable material the requirement of electricity of the entire world per month can be fulfilled. If it is possible to fully convert 1 pound coal into energy one can get even more than 100,000,000 kilo watt energy. On the basis of Einstein’s Theory (E=m x c x c) nuclear energy is attained. Yet if this very theory is used for garbage the results are very beneficial. Although its stage is very preliminary yet burning of garbage not only gives pollution free energy but that it is very helpful in its disposal and rendering the world clean.

Wood shavings and saw dust are used in many places in India but due to its usage generation after generation depletion of wood content is noted and energy attained is very limited in measure. In New Zealand via a purification application of wood shavings, an 80% reduction is seen in fuel costs. Cooperative dairies operating there use this sort of fuel for apt functioning of their burners.

In order to unearth geothermal energy in regions close to volcanoes by drilling them, turbines are set up to generate electricity from boiling water found after drilling the ground that has a temperature of 150-300 degrees centigrade. There are about 850 volcanoes the world over amongst which 615 are active and the rest are latent. Even so for miles in their vicinity at a depth of 1000 meters hot boiling water can be drilled and unearthed. Engineers of Hawaii Islands have set up an apparatus of 3 mega watts near Kiloe Volcano which although at present is at an experimental stage yet there is a high possibility of it becoming successfully applicable in a widespread manner. An electrical generator has been conjoined to this boiling water. Due to pressure of heat the generator commences functioning and this never depleting steam without polluting air ceaselessly produces electricity. Scientists have found that the maximum temperature of water underground is 358 degrees centigrade which in future possibly shall generate 590 mega watts electrical energy. In this direction a lot of usage is seen in USA, Italy, Japan, Germany and France.

Camborn School of Mines by gathering heat from hot rocks found on drilling the ground at a depth of thousands of feet have succeeded in generating electricity from them. Regarding the granite layer found within earth it has been noted that it exists at 1/3rd the depth of earth. Lest we are capable of using its heat then for the next 50 years merely from this fount world energy requirements can be fulfilled.

For Europeans it is nothing new as far as generating electricity from wind mills is concerned. A major portion of energy used in rural areas is attained from the medium of wind in Holland and England. USA is experimenting on generating electricity on a massive scale by constructing wind mills possessing gigantic fans along with grids based on the flow of wind. Prof. VE Hetonimus of Massachusetts University opines that by setting up 300,000 wind mills in a very large open space ground that possess a height of 850 feet can help us get up to 200,000 mega watts energy by conjoining turbines to them. Yet this can be said to be a very large scale humungous plan. In Holland many wind mills have been set up that can produce up to 1 mega watt electricity and this can fulfill energy needs of small scale industries.

In India too specialists have conducted detailed studies on these. They say that in this gigantic country at some point in time, somewhere or the other wind moves at a swift pace. By joining all these areas to a power grid so as to get energy 24 hours from this one lone source the needs of all industrialized cities of the country can be fulfilled.

Ocean energy akin to wind energy is such that it is renewable in nature. Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that merely the water waves on the ocean shores that touch Britain is capable of producing 80 kilo watt per meter that is 120,000 mega watts of energy. Suppose we assume that 1/3 rd of this gets destroyed even then the remaining energy can fulfill needs of entire Britain. As against this the ocean shores of India are that much more widespread in area. Efforts to attain energy from ebb-flow of tidal sea waves is going on in a place called Lawrence in France and Kislaya Guba in Russia. At both these spots technology that produces 240 mega watts is functioning successfully.

It is said that when the ocean was churned in ancient times, 14 jewels emerged from it. Today in order to attain the jewels of energy world scientists are churning the ocean. Two thirds of entire earth’s surface is covered by water. Lest, wholesome usage of its entire energy is rendered possible, a new doorway of unlimited sources of energy means can be thrown wide open. The method of ‘thermo siphon’ and experimental efforts to attain energy by separating the energy potential of water are being executed by many countries the world over.

India has been able to tap and use merely 5% of total capacity of water or hydro electricity. Every year about 860 square meters of ice on melting comes down to the plains from the Himalaya Mountains. Majority of it enters the sea in a vain manner. For quite a while a ‘Garland River Scheme’ has been put forth wherein water based electricity can be generated by collecting 95,000,000 acre feet water from the north and south regions that possess gigantic rivers and other vaults of water. Yet this scheme is not becoming operational because of lack of knowledge of modern technology, fear of landslides and other bad influences like undesirable changes in water and wind elements of nature. Today about 40,000 mega watts of electricity from water is being generated in India. Even this as of now is quite expensive and one that eats up a lot of time while producing it.

Regarding energy most discussions are being carried out on the topic of solar energy. It is inferred that the sun gifts earth so much energy merely in a time span of 5 weeks that lest we collect it so as to make use of it, this energy content can fulfill our requirements for centuries to come. Our land India is a tropical one in which the sun shines brilliantly for majority of times. On a surface area of 1 square km the sun sheds about 1,000,000 kilo watts of radiated energy. This measure is more than 3 times the total energy resources possessed by India’s capital New Delhi. Lest in 1 square km for 6 hours solar rays are imbibed the energy got from it is 60 kilo watts which are equivalent to energy got from burning 6000 tons coal (300 Vegans). The sun shines for half the time, for 2 months due to rains not much sunlight is available and the speed/intensity of this light keeps changing. Even then we can produce 250 watts energy per square meter area. In order to fulfill India’s energy requirement of 100,000 mega watts solar rays are required only on 4000 square km yet its collection and conversion to energy form is so full of usage complex technology that it is proving to be very expensive. Over here in India this is yet at an experimental stage. Even so quite successfully solar power is being used in rural areas to dry food grains, heat water etc. Although at the experimental level functioning of water pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners, electricity generation (via photo voltic solar cells) etc from solar rays yet it shall take some time to actually use it in our day to day transactions. On a very gigantic footing when at the world level the setting up of such technology shall become possible by rising above individual national selfish interests then maybe this alternative energy fount from the sun shall become cheap to produce.

In India non commercial energy means bestows more than half of the country’s total energy needs. Its main usage is seen in India’s rural village areas. India’s 680,000,000 citizens create and use energy by burning wood, agricultural wastes and animal dung. Although these means are not enough yet in future too rural civilization shall remain dependent on it. Keeping this in mind agricultural scientists have put forth such other alternatives wherein via minimal costs more energy can be produced from available means. Scientists of Pusa Institute say that the dung of animals/birds in village areas and agricultural garbage that ordinarily create dirt and pollution can now be converted to methane gas. Energy got from methane gas can fulfill 11% requirements of total needs. Such experiments and applications are being pursued even by USA and Canada’s energy and environment departments. When developed countries too can return to usage of dung and animal wealth there is no reason why in India too we do not progress in this direction because from animal wealth standpoint India is very rich and that a major chunk of India’s population dwells in rural areas.

100,000 animals give 1,500,000 ton dung per year. From 1 pound of dung 10 cubic meter methane gas is formed. Thus from this much dung 3,000,000,000 cubic feet methane gas is produced whose price would be between Rs 4,500,000 to Rs 9,000,000. Recently in Alllahbad-India at a world level conference of high stature scientists it was decided that in order to solve the present day world energy crisis the easiest solution for developing nations is that they augment biogas production on a war footing. By using biogas in running agricultural machinery, irrigation technology etc must be reinstated in place of diesel pumps, electricity consuming pumps etc.

The situations faced by our country India are quite different from those of other nations. From the economic standpoint and from the technology standpoint we cannot compete with developed countries in the energy sector yet with whatever means available a lot can be achieved. By saving dung got from cattle and other animals from undergoing destruction, we use it for setting up biogas plants then a major portion of energy problems faced in India can be solved. Let us at least keep our minds and brains open to this concept. Lest we can get a methodology that is much more refined there should be no difficulty in accepting it but by using correctly the nation’s wealth which is otherwise getting destroyed daily in a vain manner so as to solve the problem of alternative energy then definitely the door of development shall be thrown wide open.











On the one hand till now when the problems of filling the tummy, covering the naked body and finding a basic roof for shelter have not been addressed a new major problem has cropped up of how to aptly dispose tons and tons of reeking garbage. Nature disposes off, garbage produced by it and renders it useful. Animal dung/urine, leaves etc falling from trees on rotting become useful fertilizers and is of immense help in growing plants, trees etc. Man’s urine/stools too is quite useful but it is our misfortune that instead of converting it to useful fertilizers it is thrown into rivers, seas etc and thus potable water gets polluted. This leads to a 2 fold damage viz. we lose useful fertilizers and by throwing it into rivers etc we invite a plethora of deadly diseases. We must hope that a sacred intellect awakens in man and he makes effort to bring into vogue the trend of converting garbage, urine, stools etc into organic fertilizers.

Yet it is our ill fortune that despite following many solutions these days untold amount of garbage is being produced. So many articles are sold in markets by packaging them in paper, plastic bags, leaves, boxes etc and when we finish using these articles the materials that they are wrapped in become garbage and it is thrown just about anywhere in alleys, footpaths, roads etc. A lot of money is used in cleaning this garbage and yet even a greater problem faced is where to throw away this dirt? In cities there are certain open grounds that are rocky and uneven and the craters there are filled up with this garbage. In villages such areas are rarely found. Hollow regions and lakes come in use for filling it with rain water. If these are filled with garbage other useful tasks get obstructed. Thus ultimately the biggest crater available is the ocean. Garbage reaching here via river waters starts rotting and toxins accompanying this dirt pollute sea waters that lead to death of valuable marine life/creatures. This too is a major loss.

The renowned environmentalist Paul Erlish opines that it is mainly USA citizens and not so much the rest of the world that is responsible for the amount of damage done to required elements and environment that sustains/protects life. Apart from industrial garbage household garbage too is in greatest amount in USA. Over there per year 100,000,000 tyres, 28,000,000,000 used bottles, 48,000,000,000 boxes and 7,000,000 junk cars are disposed as garbage. In the same way in alleys of Paris everyday 2,000,000 ton garbage is collected which on disposing uses up 25,000,000 dollars. In Britain daily 20,000,000 paper bags are thrown away as garbage.

Yet as far as producing garbage India exceeds all above as of now. Here daily 200,000,000 paper bags are thrown here and there on roads, alleys, parks etc. Merely in New Delhi daily 384 ton leftover food is thrown away. A survey by UN shows that in bog metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Kahira, Istanbul etc the atmosphere gets polluted by such leftovers much more than by anything else. Specialists in their studies have given data that in the year 2000 AD a major portion of garbage shall be in the form of paper and plastic. In it there is a possibility of an increase of 75% being noted and is said that at that time no open space for digging craters to fill them with this garbage shall be available. The only solution shall be such that it’s rising toxic smoke and flying poisonous dust shall cause major harm to the health of lay public.

Along with population increase villages, cities, shops, markets, malls etc too are augmenting and this leads to more garbage being generated. In order to solve this problem the lay public should be educated and told to create as less rubbish and dirt as possible. From rubbish paper content should be separated and removed so that by melting it new cheap paper can be made. While eating food we must not leave any food, drink in our plates and glass and if at all some leftovers remain, use it to feed fish, birds and animals. Then any other garbage remaining should be burnt and ash remaining from this must be sprinkled in fields as fertilizers for the soil. Household garbage by mixing it with other mixtures can be used as fuel. By imbibing such solutions to a great extent this problem of garbage disposal can be solved.
















Everyone is well versed with the utility value of beneficial produces yet we forget that after actually using it in what way are we using the rubbish that remains behind? In what way do we dispose it optimally without polluting air, water etc. Rubbish is generally ignored like for example when we see it when we walk on pavements etc hence it starts reeking and rotting. This rotting lets off a foul smell which means that toxic materials in it are increasing. Hence this rubbish must be removed and destroyed else it shall render toxic anything that comes in its contact.

Before allowing such a situation to manifest, we must keep in mind that after collecting useful gist from it, how should we dispose the rubbish remaining behind? While producing things one sided efforts appear good yet when the other aspect stares at us, loads of rubbish stand in front of us, we fail to understand as to what should be done with it? If we refuse to do anything about it, if we allow piles of rubbish to multiply, not only does this consume a lot of space, not only ugliness increases but that when useless materials appear in front of us in a rotting form, diseases spread like wild fire and materials that contact this rotting dirt too get tainted and destroyed. Benefits from production get converted to losses due to rotting of garbage emerging from it. This loss increases much more when we ignore correct sound methods of garbage disposal. The hazard of rotting deepens further.

Trees shed leaves especially in autumn season. It is most required that by collecting these leaves they be stored in huge craters so as to make fertilizers from them or else even if a spark of fire contacts these dry leaves, jungles and fields even in far off regions can get burnt to naught. Birds and beasts eat food grains etc. Thus if the dung excreted by them is converted into fertilizers then it is wisdom on our part else if this rotting dung is allowed to help proliferate harmful flies, mosquitoes etc not only can we fall ill but that foul odor emitted by it can taint our environment enormously.

Along with grains in crop there are stems, leaves etc. If by powdering them they are used as fodder to feed birds, animals etc it is great else they will pile up miserably. These piles shall disintegrate in monsoons and in summer heat they shall fly about and ere it contacts fire sparks not only shall they burn to ashes but that anyone or anything contacting them too shall get destroyed. After removing oil from certain seeds the remnant is fed to beasts else this too can create problems of disposal.

The body emits feces, urine and perspiration. This is the remnant of water drunk by us all. By bathing and washing clothes perspiration gets cleansed. Yet feces and urine are left behind in the toilet. We do not make arrangements for converting these feces into fertilizers and use it to grow crops. This mismanagement results in pipelines rot and the dirt that spreads out leads to various diseases. Lest it was used aptly then akin to Japan even in India human excreta could be used as fertilizers and this would help in agriculture, gardening etc.

Rubbish spreads out reeking dirt. Where should one throw away rubbish emerging from sweeping the house? There is no definite plan for this. In cities about half of it is taken away by municipal workers but in those villages where such service is not available it rots in alleys. This dirt enters lakes, rivers etc during rain and storm and thus it becomes a home of diseases. One way or the other this rubbish latches on to the bodies of people residing there and thus varied forms of health hazards take over.

In very highly populated cities this problem is on a larger scale. Rubbish has to be thrown away. There is no plan as to where it to should actually be transported thus by going here and there it ultimately lands in pipes and gutters. These then start rotting. They then spread out on roads and alleys and ultimately spread diseases in the bodies of indwellers there.

The problem of big sized factories is that much more fearsome because they use toxic chemicals. The rubbish from them is transported to rivers and gutters nearby. Thus water areas turn dirty and polluted. Those animals/birds that drink this water die. If clothes are washed in this dirty water the one wearing these clothes gets exposed to toxic materials. Big metro cities near sea shores throw their garbage into sea water. Thus fish either die or get sick and if the latter is eaten by human they too fall ill. If this rubbish reaches the floor of the ocean it clogs up as dirt layers over there and the earth can no more breathe properly. This choking leads to volcano eruptions, earthquakes etc. one reason why oceanic storms manifest is that dirt collects in huge heaps on the ocean bed. In a certain measure it flies high along with clods and wherever it pours down there it harms those residing there. Vehicles etc that function using oil, coal etc let off a lot of smoke which leads to increase in air pollution and if we breathe this toxic air it is like pushing yourself into the jaws of death.

A lot of dirt is excreted by man, birds and beasts. Right from cooking stoves to small-big factories a lot of harmful heat comes out. The harm caused is much more when smoke too is emitted. How should we get protected from it? There are only 2 solutions for this viz. population of residents much live afar from such areas and the other is that factories must be so small in size so that pollution emitted is within permissible limits and that dirt remains and gets disposed off in its vicinity only. We can call this returning to ancient culture and civilization wherein rural village way of lifestyle predominated. In those times there were no densely populated metro cities and no gigantic stature factories/industries were set up. In place of speedy vehicles slow moving ones fulfilled their transport needs. No doubt it took more time to travel yet in tandem one’s life span too increased. Along with this the environment remained pollution free.

In rural mode of living half of the arrangements of residence, lodging is taken care of by trees. In every season animals etc rest under their cool shade. In afternoon hours even humans avail its cool shade. Even if lesser buildings are constructed life goes on quite smoothly. Akin to animals etc trees too can be rendered beneficial. Apart from giving us fruits, flowers, clean air etc its leaves as per requirements are used as fodder to feet animals etc. Trees absorb polluted air let out by humans, animals in the form of carbon dioxide etc. which lends proper balance to earth’s environment.

For a highly progressive life very much akin to food, rest etc apt cleanliness too is most required. It should be looked upon as a synonym of our life force. Dirtiness should be looked upon as self controlled death. It is best hence that we render the area of our contact and development as clean as possible. By looking upon it as a representative of civilized behavior it must be imbibed zealously.

Although machine and technical culture appears highly productive and decorative but not only land, water but that the sky too gets polluted highly. Air planes, rockets, artificial satellites etc have rendered interstellar space too polluted. Increase in choking due to smoke and energy usage is not only not decreasing poison levels in the environment, but that it is adding manifold to it. This is an easy arrangement for inducing congregational suicide. It is best that we become alert to this hazard. Let us return to the ancient rural way of life and live a peaceful life based on both inner and outward cleanliness.













Spreading dirt everywhere and scattering things in the form of garbage in all directions is easy for an illiterate child too but the problem is that who shall clean all this satisfactorily? Without cleaning rubbish becomes agony for anyone and everyone. Keeping this in mind various plans must be outlined else only disaster shall be the result to be faced.

A lot of zest and vim manifests in children while flying kites, balloons etc and similarly such zest are seen regarding flying and journeying into interstellar space. Today helicopters, gliders, air planes, air buses etc are being used very commonly like cycles. They are being classed as ordinary commonplace modes of transport. The first leg of this euphoria manifesting has become quite old and devoid of much allurement.

These days there is a mob of rockets that in the name of testing fly high in air circumambulate earth and journey far off into interstellar space. Ballistic missiles are known to operate within earth’s gravitational pull and on breaking apart, fall down on the ground. Thus a question mark has to be levied on those missiles that journey into such regions of interstellar space which cannot be controlled from earth via radio telecommunication networks.

In July 1968 an American satellite’s debris fell on Cuba. In those very days one huge part fell on Manitoc city. A part of Russia’s satellite fell on a Japanese ship. The debris of a lunar space craft fell on a German ship. In September 1983 a Russian and USA craft were saved from colliding with each other by a whimper.

Discussions are going on everywhere to set up colonies and platforms in interstellar space yet know one is telling us as to what shall happen to its debris and rubbish? Lest it increased in some form or the other traveling in interstellar space shall be full of i

In the year 1979 an American laboratory set up in interstellar space called Skylab went out of control. The entire earth was terrorized because it was not certain where exactly it would fall. As fate would have it, Skylab fell in a coastal area of Australia and thus people heaved a sigh of relief.

In the same way in the year 1978 a Russian craft fell in Canada which possessed 100 pounds of uranium. As fate decreed this uranium got burnt in air itself and flew away higher up. Only the debris fell on a very lonely spot on earth. Lest this good fortune did not come our way a terrible accident would have occurred. In the same way the uranium of a USA rocket too got burnt high in air.

Due to flights into very far off regions in space the earth’s Ionosphere gets badly affected. Its distortion creates problems for timely appearance of various seasons. In radio waves too, a lot of unwanted changes have been noted. Ultraviolet rays too are entering earth increased measure. The mixed influence of all this are creating hazards in world human living.

Since USA is a democratic country it has placed half baked information in front of its citizens. As per its report till date 2500 space technology has been sent to interstellar space. These got broken into 14,000 parts out of which 4000 parts first came to earth’s atmosphere and then left it yet 10,000 parts are flying about in space in a totally uncontrolled manner. This debris is at a height of 850 km from earth. The weight of these parts is about 6 tons. In this debris dwell electronic paraphernalia too. There are solar energy batteries and nuclear fuel too. Since the speed of their movement is at a maddening pace there is a possibility of their crossing respective orbits. Thus there are high chances of them colliding with each other. In it is included rubbish thrown into space by space craft manned by humans.

This debris is scattered in interstellar space which also includes nuclear technology. They are spreading their toxic radiations in their orbits which if for some reason they fall down on earth it can create fearsome hazards. The question is who shall gather and satisfactorily dispose off, all this rubbish? If man wishes to get out of the clutches of this massive disaster at first by chaining and controlling this hectic pace of modern scientific research must make apt arrangements for disposing off this rubbish spread out by him else he shall perforce have to face the wrathful harassment meted out by Lord Mahakal.












We all are well aware of the importance and utility value of paper. The methodology of imbibing and disbursing knowledge via the medium of paper is at such a massive level that it is doubtful that any other medium can compete with it. Thus books, magazines etc reign supreme the world over.

This then is one aspect of paper usage. It can be called its supreme and great standpoint yet another aspect is conjoined to it which today is highly in vogue but full of dire reactions. These include materials produced from paper used in day to day living. Mainly in western countries toilet paper, tea filters, handkerchiefs, towels, diapers etc are used in air planes. This application and from the economic standpoint could be quite comfortable and cheap yet they are not totally safe and well protected. While giving information regarding its usage World Health Organization and International Green Peace Institution has appealed that each one of us must keep in  mind the control on their usage else we shall have to endure their dire reactions. The warning of the above renowned institutions is not out of place or without a sound basis. Experiments conducted on animals say that when these products are made due to mutual reactions a dioxine chemical is generated which in turn cause miscarriage, destroy fertility and help crop up many types of distortions pertaining to giving birth to babies in animals.

Similarly these days women are using a great deal of synthetic sanitary pads/towels. To render these sanitary pads germ free a chemical called organochloride is added which has been found to be deadly when tests were conducted on it. Scientists opine that those women using these are prone to get affected by uterus cancer. Apart from irregular menstrual periods setting in due to this those women using these pads complain of problems faced in genital organs and the womb.

Thus in a nutshell although usage of synthetic/artificial paper products seem easy and natural from the comfort, medium and expenses standpoint yet so much health hazards set in that no amount of time and money used to cure them succeed. It is said: Health is wealth. Ere we lose it then no amount of material worldly wealth can be earned. Thus it shall be wise on our part instead of insanely running after synthetic and cheap enticements we must focus our attention on those materials that are nature based gifts. This is the mysterious key to remain healthy and live a long disease free life. Thus we all certainly must imbibe it.






A balance is noted amongst water, land and greenery/foliage. The moment this balance gets affected it influences earth’s production capacity and thus the level of water runs far away from man’s grasp and reach. Keeping in mind this mutual dependence a lot of emphasis must be given to augment tree/greenery growth especially in areas where rivers flow by. In a country like India monsoons last for about 3-4 months per year and all humans and creatures are dependent on these rain waters along with river water emanating from Himalayas, Vindhya Mountains and Western Ghats. Hence over here it is most required that rain water wealth be rendered secure for usage by plants, beasts and humans. There are only 2 options via which rendering steady the measure of rain water viz. stoppage of excess rain water present in rivers from entering the sea speedily and also by raising the heights of wells etc that give us underground table land water. For both these tasks thick dense forests proliferating manifold are most required. At present in India 48% water disappears in the form of steam and only 52% water can be used for agriculture, industries and household chores.

In earth’s temperate zones unlike earth’s torrid zones there is not much of a problem for rendering water secure whereas in temperate zones in order to render river flow normal people start cutting up jungles. In India after jungles were cut up water levels did not increase and instead during monsoons flooding increased manifold and in days of famine water levels depleted rapidly. It is the result of mismanagement of water procuring means that till 1972 areas prone to flooding measuring 20 million hectares rose up to 50 million hectares till the year 1992. Areas prone to famine situations rose up to 51 million hectares. Cutting up of forests merely for a few years in areas like Neura Valley, Darjeeling etc all founts of water virtually dried up.

In a report by UN there is a mention of the fact that although people realize that plants and trees require water to bloom yet people do not understand that when trees grow close to each other in large groups like in forests they help in collecting water. The measure of water levels below the ground depends on how much greenery blooms forth there on its surface. What is the content and structure of soil there? By keeping in mind this report of UN in areas prone to famine so as to augment the ground’s capacity to amass high water levels experiments like adding chemicals to soil there were executed yet desired results eluded them. Scientists opine that instead of going in for artificial solutions in areas of famine those trees must be grown that have the capacity to bestow carbonic fertilizers to the soil there. Along with this the method of farming using animals has been recommended as being very useful. They opine that where on the one hand ground water levels get affected due to forest cutting there even growing excess trees that are not conducive can add to depletion of ground water. In our country India growing eucalyptus trees sucks up underground water and thus decreases its levels alarmingly. These trees absorb a lot of water and create very little measure of fertilizers for soil there. Trees that originate in India are very good for adding and hoarding ground water. Thus these very trees must be planted on a gigantic scale.

The fact that ground water levels are depleting rapidly it seems to be the result of lack of farsightedness on man’s part. By not keeping in mind that very limited water is available in certain areas where crops are grown if crops that absorb a lot of water are grown it becomes a major water related problem. Rice crops use up a lot of water. The fact that farmers use ground water to grow rice crops creates a lot of problems. An example of this is noted in Tamilnadu’s Coimbatore and nearby regions. In this area much more water is taken out from the ground to grow rice than the amount of water collected by the ground. As a result within 10 years the water level underground dipped 30 meters below.

In Maharashtra the situation is that much more serious. In this region the capacity of land to absorb and collect water underground is very meager. Since rocky stony areas predominate here water levels are very low in height. Along with augmenting of numbers of deeply dug up wells the region conducive for agriculture too has increased. Since a major portion of Maharashtra state is prone to famine conditions hence over here we can focus more on growing such crops that use less water for growth. By not focusing on nature’s optimal balance over here a lot of sugar cane is grown that sucks up a lot of water because financially this crop is very profitable. Thus the water levels are decreasing at a fearful pace. For example in 1981 in Tasgav district, deep wells were dug up which dried up within one year of digging. Again at a distance of 60 meters after digging deeply efforts were made to find water founts below yet this plan too after 1 year failed miserably. In this area wells used for personal use too have dried up. There are so many villages that are facing problems to get clean drinking water. In hot season mainly tankers are used to deliver water to such arid regions. According to geologists the ordinary belief is that in the absence of monsoons water levels dive downwards yet this is not totally true. Within the ground this process of water absorption goes on for a very long time span. For example in the Sahara Dessert every year, water collects in 4 square km area. If this pace of water collection continues for 4000 years this arid area of today shall become capable of blooming forth lush greenery. At the other end if the rate of removing water increases a lot from grounds in areas that get good rainfall then there is a greater possibility of those areas becoming arid desserts. A very big portion of the Roman Empire and Africa getting converted into huge desserts has become history of 1000 years. It is not as though only regions near desserts get converted into new desserts but that when humans use more and more water and cut up trees those areas get converted to desserts. A visible proof of this is the conversion of the Great Plain Area in USA getting converted into a dessert.

Within the imbalance of water cycle where on the one hand one cause is removing more water from the ground there at the other end when huge amounts of water gather in one area imbalance is seen to set in. In USA about 25% agricultural land due to a lot of saltiness and excess water collection has been rendered useless. In our country India irrigated agricultural land of 10 million hectares due has become a victim of excess water logging and in the coming years 25 million hectares of land shall get influenced by saltiness. When in those regions one can tap water at a depth of merely 1.5-2 meters it is said to be influenced by water logging.

Where on the one hand in India states like Maharashtra and Tamilnadu are fighting the problem of water levels getting lowered a great deal there in states like Punjab and Haryana excess water levels are becoming the cause of worry. What is needed is that in areas of tropical zones one understands correctly the mutually dependent activity between plants, land and water and by paying more attention to nature’s optimal balance schemes and programs for economic development must be designed. By encouraging more and more tree planting this water problem can easily be solved.














Many a times even those people are seen to imbibe the stupidity of regression in the name of progress that ordinarily are called wise and deep thinkers. In the recent past with the help of centralized industrialization the dream of economic progress was visualized and such factory units were set up wherein within a very short time span via a few set of people more production of goods was possible and that more facilities and benefits could be accrued.

This aspiration for a very limited time could be fulfilled by very few people in small measure. The zest lasted only till the harsh reactions of imbalance stared angrily at them.

Gigantic industries although produce goods at a very hectic pace yet the amount of dire toxic materials that they emit in the process are much more manifold. Toxic smoke emitted by chimneys augments such principles in the environment that not only the health of those inhaling it turns ill but that their mental state too gets affected badly.

For fast moving vehicles such fuels are used that on getting burnt emit toxic gases like those emitted by factory units. When their measure augments that dire situation emerges akin to marine life perishing due to exposure to poisonous water. Increased pollution due to increased industrialization not only creates health hazards for the lay public but that it has already commenced future generations to be rendered handicapped and underdeveloped.

Akin to itching in leprosy even increased radiation emission via nuclear technology testing is deepening this hazard day by day. Since forest wealth is being chopped off that path also is being obstructed with the help of which there was hope of warding off this pollution. Regarding this, research analysts placed before us various factual data and cautioned the lay public that in order to obstruct augmenting of poisoning in interstellar space lest industrial producers are not made to agree voluntarily they shall have to be forced to do so.

Half a century back a bomb explosion took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan yet even today that atmosphere is toxic in nature. Majority of those children born there are handicapped or mentally challenged.

In comparison to the commonplace in USA’s urban areas 1-2 million times dense radio waves are present.

The writer of the book ‘At Highest Risk’ named Mrs. Christopher Nakhud says that today the number of miscarriages is increasing at a great pace. Those babies who are saved are noted to be ill or underdeveloped. Majority of them are born physically or mentally challenged. For all this she opines that it is the toxic atmosphere that is causing all these disasters.

The former Medical Director of American Drug Medical Corporation, Herald Gorjan says that 30-40% of USA’s children die at the fetal stage itself. Those who are born amongst them 1/3rd are attacked by physical or mental diseases. He opines that the chief reason for this is poison emitted by radiations.

Majority of children to mothers dwelling near Japan’s Mimimay bay are handicapped and lame. The reason being that rubbish containing mercury was thrown into this bay water by a company set up nearby.

In this world so many diseases are cropping up like undesirable weeds that had no existence till a few decades back and that even their names were unheard. For curing them new research studies are going on yet success in doing so is yet miles away. Similarly a flood of mental psychiatric illnesses is emerging the world over. Amongst every 10 individuals at least one is mentally agitated and insane. Humans attacked by lack of sleep, tension, anger and depression despite yearning cannot execute apt efforts. No doubt they keep doing something or the other yet what actually happens is that instead of tasting success they reap failure. From this standpoint those arenas face more losses that in the area of industrialization tom-tom their ‘success’. If at the price of creating losses on such a humungous footing a few people turn richer day by day know that their attainment in no way can be said to be imbued with wise farsightedness.

Pollution emitted by heavy industrialization along with radiations from air explosions machine based activity etc is augmenting so much chaotic noise in the atmosphere that the human hearing capacity is facing a lot of undesirable pressure and that it is greatly affecting the mental balance of world lay public.

Human hearing capacity has its own set of limitations. The ears can hear only limited sound pressure. The brain gets pressurized on hearing unclear sounds yet noise beyond the power of endurance sets into disarray mental balance and thus a lot of health hazards have to be faced.

The ultrasound emitted by high speed jet air craft harms the ozone layer of earth’s atmosphere in a major way. It is hence that dire ultraviolet rays are entering earth a lot in measure and for entire world human society is creating a special type of disaster. During research done in France it was seen that when in noise pertaining to offices was decreased by 20 decibels about 9% more work output was noted.

It is best that the greed conjoined to so-called progress and development, gets warded off. By the end of the 21st century it is opined that the underground nature based wealth like coal, oil etc shall get totally depleted. Even in this situation that non farsighted enthusiasm shall have to be obstructed which these days in the name of so-called development is being imbibed with a lot of fervor.

By losing bodily and mental health, why should a large section of society be rendered sacrificial lambs, just for appeasing the greed of a few set of people? This is absolutely uncalled for from all standpoints. We must hear the wail of destruction that guffaws at this so called development and hence opt for returning to a rural way of life, opening cottage industries etc.




















Only with a balanced effort of reformation and augmenting can development be rendered more long lasting and useful. Not even one amongst these can be overlooked. Efforts for augmenting appear along with material prosperity based means/comforts but along with this it leaves behind useless and heinous elements. Lest if arrangements for its reformation/purification are not made, lest they are ignored, many type of hazards shall crop up. For rendering the body capable and strong arrangements for nourishing healthy food must be made. But along with this arrangements should also be made for destroying alien foreign materials so as to get protection from attacks of various diseases. Only then can the body become capable and disease free. Efforts for arranging healthy food for proper body potential must be made. If not methods are designed to get protection from diseases then via nourishing principles the benefit of good health augmenting shall not be accrued. Even the body cannot be rendered disease free. For a balanced healthy life cycle both types of efforts are required.

In the mad rush after nature for augmenting joyous material comforts human efforts and zestful endeavor are no doubt praiseworthy yet a close look must be taken with reference to the far off future reactions of efforts made to become materially prosperous. Many medicines administered to cure various diseases are known to manifest harmful side effects and similarly side effects like pollution too should be taken care of. Else newer diseases from them shall appear and efforts to destroy diseases shall fail miserably with the result despair and a sense of hopelessness shall set in. in the past a lot of zest for augmenting material prosperity reached heights and a lot of efforts too were made for this end. No doubt success too was tasted. Prosperity increased a lot. Yet this zest did not focus on the kind of future far off reactions it shall have to face. In the effort of augmenting the most required step of reformation was clean forgotten. The result was that many type of problems emerged. The augmenting of big industries and factories and pollution emitted by them appeared before us as a nuclear based terror. So much toxicity is increasing in the environment that it is believed that in future man shall die in a slow poison fashion due to poison in air and water. There was a well known belief regarding terrible harm to be faced due to natural calamities and world wars being waged yet the loss to be faced by world humans due to toxic pollution is no less. Lest this cycle of augmenting goes on insanely and it is not stopped then nature based wrath and world wars may nor may not kill humans yet this poisonous environment is enough to destroy human civilization.

Arrangements shall have to be made not only for production of goods but also to stop pollution. In the mad run after material advancement many countries have marched ahead. It is inferred that in the past 25 years Japan’s national production capacity (GDP) has increased 4 fold, Germany’s 2 fold and USA’s 8 fold. Due to this increase the governments of these nations on the one hand are pleased yet are tensed because of increasing pollution trends. Regularly new diseases are appearing. Such diseases of lungs, head, eyes, throat etc are on the rise that is becoming very difficult to diagnose and cure. The number of birds, animals etc are diminishing a lot. In food items nourishing healthy principles are getting destroyed. Once, Mount Figi of Japan was full of bird chatter but today the bird population has decreased drastically.

Mental/psychiatric diseases are increasing day by day. Majority of humanity is ill due to lack of sleep, tension, stress, tiredness, agitation and insanity. Marine life dwelling in rivers, oceans etc due to toxins in water are dying in large hordes. Due to industrialization in a city like Tokyo of Japan the number of vehicles like cars, trucks, buses etc has risen 8 times. The situation has been rendered such that babies born are afflicted with asthma, paralysis, insanity etc. As per a report placed by Tokyo’s Health Department 6000 children of Kisho High School in Suminami city are afflicted by diseases like skin burning, headaches, stiffness of hands/legs and so on. In the entire city 13,000 people are victims of various kinds of illnesses. The reason for this according to scientists is that a 10 times rise has been seen in carbon monoxide levels in air. Sulfur dioxide emitted by factories is no less ghastly. The Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Research Institute Mr. Michitaka Kaimo says that sulfur dioxide proves heinous in the overall development of children.

In order to obstruct this poison spreading in the environment many nations have designed programs/plans and have commenced due efforts too. In Toki a Pollution Control Department was opened by the social welfare authorities. In order that these plans become operational very strictly the local governments have laid down very strict laws. Mayor Ito of Kabasaki city has established a Pollution Control Center in a building with 5 floors. He has ordered owners of factories etc and related officials that the measure of sulfur used by them in various factory activities which was 30% must be cut down merely to 1%. A lot of control has been imposed of gigantic industries that create a lot of pollution.

These types of endeavor are seen in other regions too. In Sweden the biggest industry is related to paper production wherein 2/3rd of the total materials used involves requirement of water. After every ton of paper is produced 1 ton of wooden sticks pieces, chemicals and dirty water too was emitted which was then thrown into rivers, pplace of 1 ton debris being emitted only 1kg of it gets emitted. By separating wooden pieces, shavings etc rough paper is created and the remaining portion is burnt up in boiler furnaces. In Sweden’s capital Stockholm is present Europe’s largest hospital. Due to the heating system built in this hospital every year 20 ton soot and 300 ton sulfur dioxide are emitted via chimney smoke. Today such arrangements have been made by scientists wherein the measure of soot has decreased by 90% and that of sulfur dioxide has decreased by 98%.

Sweden’s Parliament has given legal protection too as a result of which in order to stop pollution created by small and large industrial units a prescribed plant has to be set up. In order that this be implemented very strictly a National Environmental Protection Board under the jurisdiction of the Agricultural Ministry has been set up. This board has made programs of all round training to be given to various sections of society like education department, every individual related to various industries and government officers so that they can help ward off pollution. Various programs related to obstruct pollution and ward it off are broadcasted regularly on radio and TV. School children and workers of all factories are compulsorily asked to take up a course on Environment Protection. On a war footing in various fields via efforts going on in this direction special success has been reaped in stopping pollution.

Akin to the mythological ogress Sursa in order to get protected from this dire situation that has opened its mouth gapingly small-big efforts must go on just about everywhere. Every citizen of the nation must be made fully aware of hazards resulting due to pollution. Training programs must be designed to teach people and a strict control must be set up in the rate of proliferation of large scale industries. The central government too must roll in such strict laws that none can violate them. In place of big industries such small scale industries must be set up that there is very less probability of pollution emerging from their operations.

One can definitely be saved from future dire conditions due to widespread venom in the atmosphere. In order to ward it off ancient traditions of performing Yajnas or fire sacrifices must come into vogue. Via so many scientific techniques it has been proved that Agnihotra or fire sacrifices is a very powerful methodology that purifies and de pollutes the environment. It has an astounding capacity to kill germs and toxic materials that pervade the polluted atmosphere.

For purification and sanctification at many levels efforts shall have to be made and in material endeavors of various types that augment mundane facilities a farsighted standpoint must be included and immense emphasis must be given to far off results appearing in future due to these activities. Only them material development can prove helpful for entire human race.

Akin to widespread pollution in the atmosphere of the external world pollution pervading in our habits, thinking and character is no less heinous. Poison kills our physical body. Wickedness and unethical behavior on man’s part not only destroys himself but world society at large too. No doubt we should make efforts for augmenting material comforts yet never should we forget that without stopping the increase of lowliness within increased usage of material grandeur can only lead to suicidal tendencies in us. Thus stopping such inward growth of mental taints should be given as much importance as we give to efforts to attain economic and technical advancement.


























At a height of 10-15 km from earth’s surface lies a dense protective layer of ozone. This ozone by obstructing the sun’s heinous ultraviolet rays entering earth protects the latter. The solar rays on contacting this ozone layer, gets converted to ozone and thus renounces its ghastly form. Ozone in reality is a highly dense and active form of oxygen or air full of vital force. It possesses a special odor which emits a lot of vim and freshness.

At the upper region of earth’s surface solar rays is more prone to emit flames than on the ground area. Solar light contains a lot of UV light. A major portion of it absorbs oxygen and converts it to ozone and thus earth wards off immense possible danger.

These days this ozone layer due to attacks by various types of radiations is diminishing drastically. As per data given by scientists the biggest cause of this is CFC rising upwards with great speed. When this reaches earth’s atmospheric layer it especially affects the ozone layer. CFC 11 and 12 a bye product of factory production on entering the environment harms 18% of the ozone layer. Along with this, a high rate of usage of air travel vehicles, air conditioners and hanging foam is very worrisome. Apart from this noise pollution increasing due to fast moving Supersonic jets and Concord aircrafts converts ozone layer to inactive oxygen and thus the ozone armor undergoes depletion. Another cause is pollution emerging due to pesticide spraying. Sulfur dioxide emitted by these reduces the density and amount of ozone in the atmosphere. Increase in radioactivity too is an influential malefic cause in it.

Scientists today are that much more tensed today since the green house effect is rendering our earth warmer which is called global warming. The chief cause of this is tainted toxic materials emitted by hordes of factories and industrial units. As per a report given, by the year 2030 AD the earth’s temperature shall increase by 2-9 degrees centigrade. Its widespread influence shall be noted on towering snow capped mountains like Alps, Himalayas etc. Today glaciers the world over are melting alarmingly with the result the height of cities on sea shores is diminishing.

In the next 20 years, since ice on both Polar Regions shall commence melting slowly, the sea water levels shall rise a great deal and thus the very existence of cities built on ocean shores shall grapple to survive which oozes with a high human population.

In order to strengthen the depleting ozone protective layer artificial magnetic fields must be set up all around the Polar magnetic field areas during the time phase when they change direction. As a result it will be possible to get protection from deadly radiations entering earth from interstellar space. When trees are cut up by imposing international control regulations we can protect planet earth and get saved more the dire consequences of excessive flooding each year. Instead of big factories more and more small factories and small scale industries must come into vogue. It is best that we use minimal amounts of chemical pesticides. Instead of flying aircrafts at very high dizzy heights we must use air vehicles that fly at lower heights.

From the very beginning of the previous decade when it was found that the ozone layer has commenced depleting, scientists had made due efforts to lessen emissions chemical materials in the atmosphere and reduced drastically the usage of CFC so as to reduce the fearful reactions emerging from them. Yet these efforts remained half complete. Thus dangerous signals for earth’s survival are emerging due to increased radioactivity, rubbish thrown into interstellar space by artificial satellites, increased usage of cement/concrete and a terrible decrease in lush greenery areas. This is such a terrible interference in arrangements of Mother Nature that the latter shall definitely punish man wrathfully via natural calamities etc. we must understand clearly that the slogan of ‘why should we bother if someone else is erring’ is not allowed in the school of nature.

















Due to innumerable boons from earth, water and air life on earth gets proper sustenance. A very important help also comes from other planets of the solar system. If we fail to get their help man’s efforts shall fail and he shall die quite prematurely. Whatever man has achieved in the material arena in it, his personal efforts have contributed much less in comparison to gifts got from nature. Yet it seems that man is slowly forgetting this truth that only if proper balance is in place can we benefit from the gifts of nature. Due to the blind run after development entire atmosphere has turned toxically polluted and thus an increasing imbalance has set in within the cycle of nature. Due to increasing toxicity the nourishing capacity of nature is diminishing worryingly. Innumerable types of dire world situations are cropping up like wild weeds.

In the atmosphere of planet earth a normal balance of 21% oxygen and .032% carbon dioxide exists. This ratio is of 650:1. But due to lack of farsightedness on man’s part today the measure of carbon dioxide is increasing on a regular footing in the atmosphere. It absorbs sunlight and radiations present in this light. It stops emission of earth’s heat into interstellar space. As a result the temperature of earth is increasing a lot. It is inferred that since 5% increase has been noted in the usage of fuel per year the world over in the next 10 years the temperature of planet earth shall increase by 4 degrees Farenheight.

As per a survey conducted in 1979, USA alone emitted into the atmosphere 147,000,000 ton carbon monoxide, 25,000,000 ton dust particles, 34,000,000 sulfur dioxide, 23,000,000 ton nitrogen oxide and 35,000,000 ton hydrocarbons. These foreign particles are emitted in humungous measure from various mediums. The flood of industrialization has rendered this dire condition within the past 3 years very disastrous.

Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and other gases render the atmosphere venomously polluted. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas that within the process of burning gets oxidized when carbon present in various fuels is fully burnt up. Sulfur dioxide is emitted when oil and coal is burnt. 60% of total sulfur dioxide gets emitted merely by burning of coal. Hydrocarbons are generated by remnants of half burnt fuels and automobiles are its chief source. Similarly the production of the poisonous gas nitrogen dioxide is due to heating bio fuels at very high temperatures. Further it is also emitted by transport vehicles and heavy industries.

Carbon monoxide is termed as ‘slow poison’ which on entering the body creates depletion of life sustaining oxygen levels present in lung and other tissues. As a result we experience bodily weakness and mental agitation. Even the capacity of work output of a healthy person decreases a lot. Due to mental upheaval the possibility of undergoing accidents increases. This gas plays a major role in augmenting chronic illnesses of breathing and muscular network.

Sulfur dioxide incites the respiratory system and creates obstacles in its normal optimal functioning. Nitrogen oxide creates blood based diseases and children get attacked by influenza like symptoms due to it. The chief thing to note is that no other situation pertaining to the environment is as much responsible as the role played by these toxic gases in giving birth to mental distortions and other psychological/psychiatric problems.

Some specialists have concluded that after the year 1950 AD the world’s temperatures have commenced diminishing. The reason for this according to them is fog and mist increasing in the atmosphere. There are many reasons for this increased fogging and they are levels of carbon dioxide increasing, smog increasing due to smoke emitted by factory chimneys, nuclear weapon etc testing beneath land on earth, excess measure of fuel burning etc.

As per the conclusions of leading world weather scientists if 5,000,000,000,000 ton dust particles and aero cells gather in the atmosphere then the temperature of the atmosphere diminishes 4 degrees. Under such conditions Ice Age can set in on planet earth.

Apart from the atmosphere since land region on earth gets mixed up with toxic chemicals it loses its rich fertility as time lapses by. Due to spreading of pollution via chemicals about 40% land of Europe is no longer conducive for agricultural cultivation. In France about 10,000,000 acre land has been destroyed. Approximately the arid dessert zone on earth is increasing by 30,000 acres per year. On the one hand for the increasing world population more land conducive for crop cultivation is required and at the other end a very big portion of fertile agricultural land due to venom from pollution is losing its capacity to grow blooming healthy crops. Under such conditions in future food grain crisis shall take up a very ugly serious form.

The cleanliness of water sources and its specialty is now undergoing destruction. In lakes, rivers etc a lot of poison is mixing in its waters. Natural beautiful areas so far believed to remain untouched by pollution are now a victim of it. As per a report given via a study conducted by the Environment Ministry, Nainital waterfall and lake in India has become totally polluted. Till date this waterfall was a center of attraction for tourists since it is a very well known natural beauty spot. The opinion of Dr SM Das and other specialists who studied the water of this waterfall is that it abounds with metals like copper, cobalt, glass, manganese, sodium and calcium. Apart from these waters abound with many toxic chemicals and germs, bacteria etc. Due to augmenting of pollution various species of fish life dwelling there is dying in hordes. Those fish that survive are full of poison.

For those whose food includes fish items, due to increase in toxicity of river waters, a serious crisis has emerged. In the eastern region of Japan’s Kyushu Island there is a city called Minimata. A gigantic factory in this city produces chemicals like vinyl chloride and acetyl dehydrate. A few years back a big epidemic broke out in that area. Many people started dying due to being inflicted by a similar illness. Initially the limbs and lips of the patients would become numb and after a week they would lose the capacity to speak, touch things and hear sounds. After enduring serious agony ultimately the patients entered the jaws of death. Due to this unidentified disease thousands died and thousands either became ill or handicapped.

On trying to unfold the cause it was noted that fish dwelling in Minimata Bay became toxic due to pollution emitted by factories operating there. In these fish the measure of mercury was in excess. As a result people were stopped from catching fish in these bay waters.

In Sweden’s 40 regions, Finland’s 5 and USA’s 17 states it was declared legally unlawful to catch fish. This was done when fish life here was noted to contain a lot of toxins.

Near Los Angeles is built USA’s largest factory producing DDT pesticide. For years together rubbish emitted by this factory was transported into the nearby Santa Monica Bay waters. In the past few years so many people died very suddenly. When their corpse were sent for post mortem examination it was found that they died suddenly after eating fish abounding with DDT in their bodies.

In the biggest river of Poland that is 664 miles long whose waters flow in an area measuring 75,022 square miles is so much filled with pollution that those dwelling on its shore are attacked by various diseases. Ontario-Canada well known for its beautiful Ekilake today has lost its radiant charm due to mining and paper industry mushrooming n fold there. Similarly those who toured to nearby areas of Pacific Ocean for enjoying peace bestowing beauty today is getting converted fast into an arid dessert area.

So far Tokyo metro city famous for its beauty today is the most polluted city. Over here at places of security oxygen cylinders hang down so that as soon as there is less pure oxygen for breathing police officers can immediately avail pure oxygen from these cylinders.

As per a survey report tabled so much poison enters the lungs of police officers managing traffic in London that too for only 4 hours that it seems as though this is the reaction of smoking 105 cigarettes each day. 17% of students in London complain of eye, nose and throat medical ailments. When in the 1979 elections held in Tokyo its citizens were asked as to what is its prime basic requirement they all said in unison that they wanted pure unpolluted air for breathing and a clear smoke, fog etc free sky.

Agricultural scientists opine that about 1/3rd area of earth apt for agriculture shall be rendered useless merely within 5 years. The chief amongst those affected shall be in India, Pakistan, China, West Asia, USA and Canada. As per another report tabled 1/5th of earth’s land which measures 30,000,000 square kilometers has now reached a state wherein it shall be rendered totally arid. Approximately an area of 200,000 square km each year shall be rendered useless for agricultural cultivation. Thus about Rs 130,000,000,000 financial loss shall have to be dealt with.

The reason for this given by specialists is that in a mad blind manner we are cutting up trees at a very hectic rate. Greenery is known to help in cloud formation. Thus when lush greenery and foliage get destroyed earth loses its rich fertility. At the other end trees are known to absorb pollution from the environment and thus save it from getting tainted. A big number of them each year, in the usage of poison called tobacco is offered as a sacrificial lamb.

As per data given in Encyclopedia Britannica (1982) for the production of 363,000 ton tobacco in India merely within 1 year in land oozing with forests measuring 1,286,000 acres have been rendered tree less and barren. Immature leaves of tobacco cut up from the fields have to be administered heat from fuel of trees. Specialists opine that in order to bake tobacco used to make 1000 cigarettes about 100 ton wooden sticks are required which is got from about 2 huge trees. Each day in India manufactures 170,000,000 cigarettes and 440,000,000 Bidis. An entire huge tree is used up for baking tobacco meant for making 500 cigarettes. In order to bake cigarettes-Bidis per day in India approximately fuel got from 1,220,000 trees is required. These statistical figures merely are those pertaining to India. In the entire world in order to manufacture tobacco products each year a gigantic lush green/forest land portion of earth gets destroyed.

A very dire disastrous situation has appeared the world over due to decrease in number of trees, foliage etc that absorb toxic pollution from air and as a result the environment filling up more and more with venom. Scientists infer that now after 13 years till the year 2008 AD due to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the average temperature of planet earth shall increase by more than 5 degrees centigrade and thus such destructive situations shall emerge ferociously that it is beyond the ken of frail human imagination.

Innumerable types of crisis emerging the world over give us an indication that lest man refuses to imbibe a farsighted vision then the present disaster shall become more potent and by manifesting as a super hazard shall force entire human population on planet earth to die a painful death akin to a writhing worm. In reality this shall only be termed a collective suicide invited by world humanity itself.
























Ecology scholars opine that those gifts/boons got by earth from other planets in the solar system come via the North and South Poles. How is the North/South Pole related to the invisible world and other planets, stars etc? This mystery is yet not unfolded. Yet highly intellectual scientists the world over have commenced accepting on planet earth the importance of North and South Pole is of utmost importance and they hide within themselves so many mysteries that ere they can be unveiled they can bestow extraordinary help to render the material condition of mankind very optimal.

It is believed that the self propelled control of earth’s seasons and environment is executed by these centers. If any imbalance sets in season manifestation know for sure that this is the result of imbalance noted in the North/South Poles. To the extent that these regions are extraordinary, prosperous from the material standpoint and mysterious to that very extent they are very sensitive too. In the bodily system the more the brain and genitals in the Mooladhar Chakra region are powerful to that extent they are very delicate too. Ere obstacles enter these centers then even if the body appears healthy at the surface level humans are later seen to become lunatics and hysterical. Hence we must pay utmost attention to rendering these centers sound/healthy and well balanced. Something very similar to this is noted in the cosmic body called planet earth’ North and South Poles.

Regarding its delicate nature there is an unbelievable but mysterious fact that lest the central point of North Pole is banged with the fist entire earth’s balance goes haywire. It could be that this observation of a specialist cannot be examined via the test of its actual application yet it throws light on the extraordinary delicate nature of these centers and gives us a direction that lest we incite it in an interfering manner even a wee bit terrible reactions shall set in.

Since the past few decades the attention of scientists has been drawn more towards the North and South Poles. In order to reach these Poles and unearth related information so many difficult tough journeys have been undertaken. Many very rare information and data too has been unveiled. Recently in the past India too has placed its feet on the South Pole. For this we must praise those brave hearted people who while combating adverse conditions of nature journeyed into very thick snow clad regions and infolded mysteries of very useful facts. Yet akin to other regions if these regions too become centers of scientific research and testing which is not well protected then as a result there is a possibility of the entire earth getting affected.

90% of total snow/ice of planet earth dwells in the South Pole. This region is spread out wide in an area amounting to 13,500,000 square km whereas the ice based great ocean of North Pole measures 1,400,000 square km. in order to get information of this region 3 times International Years have been celebrated. These years otherwise highly renowned as International Geophysical Years were celebrated from the years 1982-83, 1932-33 and 1957-58. Based on detailed scientific research conclusions the Chairman of Polar Research Board, National Research Council, Washington’s DT Watman and Prof. AL Boswarn of Washington University’s Department of Geological Science and Quaternary Research Center proclaimed that the Polar Regions contribute in a big way regarding earth’s balance-imbalance because it has been seen that the biggest influence of magnetic storms that arrive on earth via solar rays is noted on the Polar Regions. Under such conditions its reaction is seen in the entire world.

These specialists have warned us all that no type of explosion based scientific testing must be done on both the Poles else entire human race shall have to endure natural calamities on a gigantic footing. The authors JD Hess and EM Von Jideren Baker in their book Antartic Glacier History and World Polio Environment opine that in the next few decades a very terrible influence from the South Pole’s atmosphere shall be seen on the ecology of the entire world. According to them the cause for this is various types of pollution and due to radiations emitted from nuclear technology testing as a result of a lot of changes in earth’s environment the temperature of the South Pole is increasing sequentially.

In a write up in the famous ‘Nature’ magazine the author Prof. AT Wilson has published a very shocking fact that in very large measures ice glaciers of the South Pole are slowly moving towards the southern earth ocean waters. As a result the world’s temperature is falling and in the Northern Hemisphere ice is gathering in a big way. Thus undesirable movements in the temperatures of South and North Pole are influencing the entire world’s environment. According to ‘World Climate Conference Declaration and Sporting Documents’ due to excessive widespread industrialization the levels of carbon dioxide gas in air is increasing a lot. There is a dire possibility that lest this rate of increase remained thus the temperature of the Polar Regions too shall increase from 2-7 degrees just within a few decades. Due to increase in this temperature on getting a lot of heat ice spread out in regions spanning millions of miles in the Polar Region shall start melting which shall then enter the ocean. As a result the ocean water levels shall rise on land on earth from between 6-10 meters. Under such conditions the fearsome situation of water flooding based world annihilation is a dire possibility facing us ferociously. The above mentioned researchers have was us that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in air and high temperatures resulting due to radiations emitted by nuclear testing explosions must be brought to a grinding halt.

It has already been said that to the extent the Polar Regions possess mysterious wealth they are said to be that much sensitive too. The meaning of interfering with their activities is that we shall invite unimaginable natural calamities. Unfortunately wealthy highly technically developed nations have rendered these Polar Regions their centers of scientific research. If this was done merely to gather important research study data there was nothing worrisome yet in order to gain power and authority from the political tactics point of view these nations are carrying out explosive nuclear based testing there too. The author RS Prichard author of the book ‘Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment International Commission on Snow and Ice Symposium’ says that on the North Pole studies are being carried out since 1970 on the cold wave in Greenland and France State near the Atlantic Ocean. In these studies high intellectual scientists from Canada, Norway, Sweden, France and USA are participating. The book’s author opines that scientists from these nations have commenced experiments via the medium of apparatus controlled by nuclear technology and this can prove to be very hazardous. What is noteworthy here is that in the International Geophysical Year a proclamation had been made that never must the Polar Regions be made mediums for political tactic programs and no nuclear technology based apparatus shall be used there. The step taken by the above mentioned nations can prove to be very dire for the entire world.

In a book published in the year 1979 called ‘Greenland and the Arctic Region’ its authors HC Wakh and J Tagold opine that the Arctic Ocean from the tactical standpoint is of great importance. Nuclear technology controlled yachts can easily function from below the ice gathered on the surface of the northern ocean. Similarly in the South Pole Antarctic Circumpolar Current which is also called West Wind Drift is the world’s biggest oceanic flow.  By artificially bending its stream flow in any region a state of chaotic flooding can be set rolling in. the above mentioned specialists have put forth the possibility that nuclear propelled yachts of USA and Russia are already flowing in these regions and both these countries are carrying out such experiments/applications in these Polar Regions that a control over season manifestation can be got. It is also believed that in future wars by creating havoc in seasons from these centers any type of desired changes can be induced in the environment of any country.

Britain’s material scientist Arthur Making feels a great increase of natural calamities has set rolling in, in the entire world. For this it is man who is solely responsible. As per his opinion prosperity based on lack of farsightedness, efforts for development and due to nuclear testing entire earth’s ecological balance has gone awry. In the biggest misfortune is that Polar Regions have been rendered tactical centers. To encourage nuclear activities on these delicate regions of earth can prove to be very disastrous. Recently an Indian contingent of scientists after a long journey of 33 days reached South Pole’s Antarctic region for collecting data. They were very amazed to see that in this lonely region the tents of various countries had already been set up. So many tactical laboratories adorned with mysterious technology were established there.

Such studies of conditions of South/North Pole can prove to be useful if conducted in a safe protected mode. Information as to how these Polar Regions affect earth’s atmosphere can be very important yet if they are rendered centers of tactical moves by various nations then entire human civilization shall have to face innumerable dire situations. A Canadian scientist fears that these days a lot of negativity has entered in the world’s atmosphere. The fact that in one single day 3 types of seasonal characteristics like intense cold, intense heat and rains appear indicates abnormal environmental imbalance. Although beyond doubt malefic influence due to increase of various types of pollution are responsible for this yet dangerous research experiments/nuclear testing executed on the North/South Pole too are no less the culprits for all this harm caused.

Without doubt if we insist on interfering with these sensitive centers of earth then those very type of hazards shall have to be endured which a human body does when its brain turns insane. The demand of deep thinking is that without delay induce a grinding halt in such efforts reeking with lack of farsightedness that are showcasing fearful situation for world humanity. In order to obstruct interference in these centers there is a serious need of placing strict harsh international controls.















Right from its inception planet earth is moving on its axis and orbit in a well defined optimal manner. In tandem with this seasons too manifest in an apt sequence. Plants and creatures have included this in its cycle of sustenance. Whatever its scheme it has come into practice and everything has been casted in its mold.

Now since a few secrets of nature based science has come in man’s grasp his greed, frenzied desires and unruliness has increased a great deal. As a result not only negativities are emerging in materials but that the entire environment is getting affected badly. Its direct proof can be seen by us in the form of normal seasonal changes going haywire.

Varied dire influences of it are being faced by us today. One amongst these very tainted influences is that it has become very difficult to render safe man’s health. Somehow various therapies unveiled would take care of excessive/imbalanced eating-sleeping habits yet even today’s doctors fail to understand the importance of obstructing malefic influences resulting due to lopsided erratic seasonal changes because previously never were such excesses/negativities witnessed and that hence such disasters too were not noted in the past.

In future maybe medical bulletins based on weather science shall be placed in front of us wherein it is written: Today there is a possibility of headaches, despair, ordinary listlessness and trouble setting in sleeping habits and that on noting tomorrow’s weather it is surmised that heart distortions could be noted in people undergoing hypertension/stress, a heart attack may ensue and that quite a few people might get attacked by colitis.

Yes! This is a fact and not a utopia. Such a medical bulletin is being broadcasted daily by the German Weather Bureau that is regularly read by citizens in 6 centers spanning from Munich to Frankfurt.

High and low pressure centers that regularly are made-broken and that are based on the movements of hot-cold air the German Forecasting Institute has categorized weather in 6 legs. As per weather scientists every legs gives us clues regarding various states of health.  Ordinarily high barometric pressure indicates health becoming good whereas a low high barometric pressure indicates health becoming diseased and ill.

A Biometrologist called Simon Coven attached to the John Abbot College-Quebec maintains that even today majority of German physicians harbor doubts regarding the effects of weather changes on our health. Yet he opines that now slowly doctors have commenced using information from bulletins issued on their patients. As a result as soon as symptoms are seen in various patients by administering due cures they have availed help from these bulletins in decreasing the rate of disease appearance.

From studies conducted by Dr Griffith of Canadian Climate Center it has been found that the day winds move swiftly, moistness is increasing a lot, atmospheric pressure is decreasing and swift rise-fall is seen in temperatures on that day migraine, asthma, heart failure etc illnesses force patients in bigger numbers to get admitted to hospitals. He by gathering data figures between the years 1970 to 1980 performed comparative studies of weather science and health statistics department has made certain conclusions. He says that whenever there is dense fog/mist in North America and Canada, moistness in air along with coolness increases, more and more cases of suicide are registered in police stations. In it the number of woman is much more. On the basis of his research studies he writes that it is man who has tainted the weather conditions chiefly in the past 2 decades and hence he himself faces the harsh repercussions.

Hence Dr Anita Baker after conducting research studies at Medical Center University in Houston has concluded that whenever it rains prematurely (not in the monsoon season) and ice pebbles rained on the ground at that time 20% increase was noted in patients dying due to myocardial infarction (heart attack).

These days whenever acidic rains pour down it becomes very worrisome for modern scientists. The chief reason of acid raining thus is chemical materials mixed in the environment. Toxic chemicals like sulfur and nitrogen are emitted when fuel in industries/factories is burnt.

The Director of National Atmospheric Deposition Program, Elis B Cowling has placed a survey report that says that 2/3rf urban areas of East USA and the forest area is very speedily being covered by stormy acid rain downpour. In it venomous metals like aluminum too are included that not only has killed fish life mercilessly but that agricultural crop output too has been badly affected.

The eloquent orator from Manhattan College, Lens S Evans from his latest research studies has proved that for this not only a strict control must be put in place on industrialization in a most required manner but that by growing crops like soya bean acid rain downpour can be stopped in a major way.

Arthur H Johnson of Pennsylvania University says that due to a polluted environment for the past few decades the rate of growth of various plant life have slowed a lot. If statistics of the recent 15 years are taken into account the growth rate of pitch pine and short cliff trees in South New Jersey and red spruce trees in North Vermont has diminished by 50%. It is said that the cause for this is venom spread by nitrate present in the atmosphere.

The theory of ‘action and reaction’ can be applied to distorted taints emerging in the atmosphere due to weather changes. All this is due to activities carried out by world humans and its reaction is seen in the form of increasing toxicity, excess rains/flooding, lack of rains and wrath of epidemics manifesting as incurable deadly diseases. Nature based fearsome situations are nothing but man’s increasing lascivious greed, mad rush for amassing material wealth and ignoring a self controlled disciplined lifestyle. If well in time we heed caution and that apt controls are imposed on insane industrialization and urbanization, by decentralizing this process small scale industries must be encouraged to bloom forth everywhere. Rubbish/dirt may be based on radiation emission or bye products released by various industries/factories, yet know for sure it should not be thrown away just about anywhere and everywhere. Interstellar space, the ocean and lush green jungles of Africa/Asia are not garbage bins. This fact must be kept in mind always. The problem of rendering the environment balanced must not be looked into merely at regional levels but that it must be solved at the global level with world humanity in unison putting in due effort for the same. In order to destroy the clouds of disasters, in order to get protected from the onslaught of weather based terror we must pay proper heed to the directions and laws of Mother Nature.
















If so much weight is placed on a horse that is beyond its capacity to bear the horse shall break its waist bone. If in a bullock cart excess heavy weight materials are placed then the bull pulling the cart shall stop moving being incapacitated and thus the cart cannot reach its destination.

When a person is born not only the weight of his body but that of his means and other paraphernalia too augments. Then the life and body also requires food, means, fuel, materials, residence etc which has to be earned anew. It needs industries and its burden too increases. Thus ever increasing population on earth is increasing burden on the planet ceaselessly with the result it changes its orbit of circumambulation. Its axis shifts from its optimal original position and so many inapt reactions set in that includes earthquakes and earth’s tectonic plates shifting direly. Such natural calamity based wrath in previous times was seen in a very limited manner but today not only it’s number but that its terrible fearsome aspect too is augmenting a lot. Increasing natural disasters are indicating that well in time man’s intellectual discrimination must head in the apt direction only then a bright radiant world future shall be ours for keeps sake.

The renowned scientist Kamil Mirjhev says that even if we accept that earthquake is a nature based calamity yet it is we humans who have tainted earth’s weather/seasons and not only rendered the environment polluted but that we have hence rendered earth hollow and listless. By destroying lush greenery of jungles, we have tainted and rendered lopsided nature’s previous optimal balance. As per a study done by environmentalists recently incidents of landslides in Himalayas and nearby areas are on the rise with the result wealth of all sorts and human life is facing major losses. Thus each year thousands of people are dying. The chief cause of all such incidences is said to be extensive pressure of increasing world population and thus in order to sustain this humungous population huge forests are being chopped off, so called development actually leading to destruction and blind insane applications using explosive materials. They say that forest tree cutting had already commenced in India during alien British rule mainly used to make big wooden sleeper coaches for trains. Right from then till today the size of jungles have diminished into miniscule areas. Today trees like pine, deodar, walnut etc that helped obstruct huge landslide incidences are rendered very small in number today. Thus the rate at which mountains are being razed down due to landslides decreasing its soil/tree content is becoming very speedy.

So called development going on in mountainous regions have bestowed on them more speed in inducing landslides. If we are to believe in the name of advancement so as to create facilities for transport each year new roads are being built and electricity is being supplied yet if it is seen in its actual form behind it is going on the invisible sport of destruction only. Soil gathered due to cutting up of forests and perilous interference with ground regions in the name of building roads, buildings and dams is fast loosening and hence each year this soil cannot endure huge amounts of rain water pouring on it and by and by this mountain soil not only by getting razed down obstructs roadway traffic but that it destroys nearby villages and harvested crops grown there.

In mythology there are stories that when mother earth could not endure the sins of the unruly demons she after visiting Prajapati (creator) started wailing aloud and asked him for a way to get uplifted. It appears that today we humans are recreating these sordid situations and are inviting many hazards in the process. Well in time we must correct our erroneous behavior. In order to usher in a bright world future in the 21st century, it is best that we control world population and render optimally balanced Mother Nature.


















On 22nd April the youth class of USA observed and celebrated Earth Day in a congregational manner. For that day’s widespread preparations and broadcasting programs a newspaper ‘Earth Times’ was published wherein an appeal was made to the world public that collectively by giving up machine vehicle based means for transport people must either walk or use horse carriages etc for transport. By itself in this era movements based on strikes, Naxalism etc are looked upon as ordinary incidences in human society yet the above program in itself was such an important and choking one that even those who eulogized highly modern civilization lifestyle started getting dizzy psychologically. All newspapers/magazines the world over by printing articles and news regarding this mind boggling program and terrible problems related to it, force the entire world to focus on the fact that lest the venom emitted by smoke from today’s technology oriented civilization is not stopped man shall head in that direction which reeks with diseases, agony and deadly diseases that will induce man to die like a pathetic wriggling worm.

What exactly is the problem? It is best that we understand it aptly. Today in cities the number of factories, motor cars, railways, furnaces, chimneys etc are rising at a fearsome rate. The smoke emitted by these is becoming so dense that whether a bomb is released or not this smoke itself shall one day kill mankind by throttling his throat. Recently scientists after due research experiments are saying that many species of birds that cannot endure the suffocation of fumes/smoke have been destroyed and very soon they shall get categorized as extinct set of species. Today this state of affairs is seen in the very life force of low evolved creatures but tomorrow without doubt this dire situation shall have to be faced by world humanity too.

Whenever, the number of cars moving on roads in Tokyo (Japan) increases, so much smoke covers the sky that at the government level an announcement has to be made. In order to fend off suffocation due to this smoke emission government officials have to wear gas masks. In the year 1966 in Tokyo, such an announcement of warning had to be made 66 times. At that time traffic police on duty every half an hour left their duty to breathe oxygen from oxygen tanks kept on pavements nearby for their use. Many times it so happened that the police erred and did not go to breathe oxygen from cylinders so many officers together became unconscious.

In Japan one amongst every 100 people are beyond doubt afflicted with bronchitis. The reason for this is nothing else but this smoke emission from factories and transport vehicles. Over here in USA soldiers these days a new disease has emerged called Tokyo-Thokohama disease. The cause for it according to doctors is dirty air inhaled by them. In this illness suffocation while inhaling, coughing, indigestion etc are noted.

In America’s Brazil nation Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are 2 neighboring cities. The population size of Sao Paolo around the year 1944 has doubled today and become about 5,000,000. In tandem with this population increase the number of factories and industries too has augmented a great deal. It is inferred that in the time span mentioned 5000 new factories have been set up. Bang opposite to this in the year 1973 keeping in mind the warning issued by a magazine (published by Rio de Janeiro’s City Coprporation) regarding organic dust (in this warning well before it was said that lest factories increased then its smoke shall pose terrible hazards for world humanity) industrial activities were not allowed to proliferate insanely. The situation today is that each day in the sky of Sao Paolo about 10 ton hydrofluoric acid and 1000 ton sulfuric anhydride is getting mixed in air and thus in this city the number of cases of bronchial patients dying has doubled. In the morning people come out of their houses coughing a lot. People of Madrid who have experienced this terrible condition say: Daily morning we drink so much tainted principles while inhaling air that with its measure one diesel engine can be rendered functional easily for the entire day. On the one hand Sao Paolo people are dying of suffocation and on the other hand people of Rio de Janeiro have been saved from this hazard.

That fact which has been understood today by these American youths was deeply realized by Indian Rishis millions of years previously. They knew that the health and well being of earth denizens was heavily dependent on how pure and clean is the sky and air inhaled. Hence the technique of Yajna (fire sacrifice/ritual) came into vogue. By rendering certain materials offered to the Yajna fire thousands of times subtle it has the wondrous power to spread them out in the widespread sky. Along with this using the power of Sound Science via the medium of chanting Mantras, these subtle principles get conjoined to it and hence by spreading them even further ahead in the sky to very far off regions, fragrant herbs’ effect too spreads everywhere. The result being that the entire sky and air gets purified and is rendered very clean. Pure sky influences our health very positively. Along with this other benefits of Yajna too accrue like apt control over water/air, destruction of disease causing germs/microbes etc. Hence in ancient times Yajna was always considered to be a very pure and required righteous duty. Today even in India Yajna influence can be seen in its sky and along with steadiness attained in religiosity, righteousness, good behavior, sacred character, apt zeal etc the purity of air too has been rendered secure. In future Yajna shall be the foundation stone that shall liberate the world from the ghastly problem of air pollution faced by planet earth.

Today in USA’s environment daily 200,000,000 ton toxic elements comprising of hydrocarbons, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, glass particles etc are emitted. Many times when the temperature diminishes the weather cools down as a result of which this smoke cannot rise higher up in the sky. Under such situations people dwelling in over populated areas where greenery is miniscule start getting suffocated in such a way that it is akin to locking up a person in a room full of thick smoke. Apart from this dire result in this fog a lot of chemical reactions are noted. Thus toxic gases like nitrogen dioxide, ozone etc are emitted which lead to augmenting of diseases pertaining to the lungs, eyes, coughing in throat etc. in a manifold way. In USA the number of people dying due to these illnesses is 1/3rd the number of total deaths reported.

Our ancient Rishis were great scientists. They had unearthed the very subtle existence of the soul and Almighty God called Brahman. Yantra Science was a matter of child’s play for them yet they were aware of taints and hence kept India far away from machine technology. Instead they inspired people too lead lives as much close to nature as possible and thus India led the world as far as bodily, intellectual psychological and soul capacity was concerned. Apart from India nowhere can we find people living very long lives and who can die when they wish to. It is our ill fortune that today we Indians who are children of these ancestor Rishis instead of overlooking our culture we are running blindly after that modern technological culture. Thus today Europe who wishes to breathe clean pure air and get liberated from taints of modern day living are conducting programs called ‘Earth Day’.

For the coming times this deadly smoke is readying the atmosphere with terrible fearful changes in the earth’s atmosphere.

The Padua city of Italy is renowned the world over from the artistic skills standpoint. Various paintings made by Gaetti, Piti Palace, Panti Vikio and De Veselica San Lorenjo (all these are famous constructions there) etc are getting destroyed. Scientific survey taken says that the cause for this is air impurity in its precincts. In the maintenance of such historical monuments a fair bit of wealth and hard work is involved even then they are not protected from the dirty air flowing there. Hence what to say of giving protection to open spaces? These toxic chemical processes in these areas shall be responsible not only for air accidents and various illnesses but that it shall be responsible also for earthquakes, earth explosions, oceanic storms etc. Its effect shall commence on a child right since its inception in its mother’s womb. On an immediate basis in USA handicapped children, ugly and crooked children are taking birth. In a few years if terrible children akin to demons of mythology like Khardushan, Trishira, Marich etc full of crooked limbs take birth it shall certainly be least surprising. Due to impurity of air the end of human life and very existence seems to be drawing very near to its end. How should hence man save himself from such a self inflicted calamity? Know for sure that this question cannot be ignored by us and that a satisfactory answer must be unearthed for it.


























Earth’s 2/3rd portion are made up of water and 1/3rd of it is land. In this 1/3rd land 5,000,000,000 people are known to reside and from it basic requirements of food, clothes and houses are got. Yet since the past few centuries the wealth of this portion has been ‘milked’ so atrociously that not only the vault of this wealth is fast depleting but that its adverse effect is seen on the ground area too.

If this matter was limited this far one would remain satisfied somehow or the other but when we are witness to dessert, arid dry regions augmenting in size prolifically, no doubt this state of affairs is very worrisome. History is witness to the fact that where for attaining immediate benefits wrong methods are applied regarding land, there they have perforce to endure far off future dire reactions that set in. there was a time in history when Africa’s Sahara Dessert and India’s Thar Dessert were highly populated but when residents there took up dangerous steps akin to cutting up a hen’s tummy so as to remove all its eggs in one day itself, since then they glimpsed their misfortune. Yet they did not place proper controls on their undesirable activities and along with chopping of forest trees in that region in hordes pressure on land pertaining to agriculture increased. Thus trees that render soil fertile and tender got destroyed and thus these gigantic land areas became arid and dessert like.

There was a time when a highly developed civilization in the form of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa flourished in India but they got destroyed simply because they had imbibed erroneous methods regarding land usage. By sowing crops of one type of seed in the same land again and again, the soil there loses its fertility and thus became barren and arid. If fertile soil becomes infertile the residents there instead by bringing in changes in methods of agricultural tasks so as to sow crops of various types one after another, they renounced that land and after chopping off trees in forests started growing crops there. After a few years when this forest area too became infertile they headed for a new forest area for agricultural purposes. Thus the fact that soil was rendered barren and that forests were chopped off insanely, it proved to be something like itching manifesting in leprosy disease for them. Thus for these residents a problem related to their very existence and sustenance cropped up. But they were not saved from this and ultimately lost their very existence.

Today in a big-small way we are heading in the direction taken by these extinct ancient civilizations hence if those very situations appear before us know that this is least astounding. Today neither are we making efforts to bring in reformations regarding agriculture and nor are we giving apt protection to our forest reserves.

The fact that fertile soil gets converted to arid dessert regions in it, 2 reasons predominate. Similarly these are the very reasons why ancient flourishing civilizations slowly headed towards total extinction. Japan has realized the seriousness of this problem hence has made a lot of effort to ward of barrenness of land resulting due to erroneous agricultural cultivation of crops. For this Japan instead of growing the same variety of crops again and again has imbibed the method of growing diverse types of crops. In between for about 1-2 years the land was left uncultivated so that this land that loses fertility due to crop growth regains its fertile nature. By imbibing this method we can save ourselves from that cause that renders fertile lands into dry dessert regions. The 2nd cause for this is more widespread and complex yet by educating farmers/people in general regarding the tainted results of rendering fertile soil barren, they can be convinced to stay away from uprooting forest lush greenery/trees in an insane manner and thus the psyche of world humanity can be awakened towards this hazardous problem.

When controls are placed on these 2 activities, the rate at which dessert regions are becoming widespread can be halted. Only then can we think about its 3rd leg wherein we must answer the question as to how to render dessert areas fertile again? This appears very impossible to achieve yet if man sets about acting with a powerful resolve, he shall definitely showcase his enterprising zealous nature. When the resolve of Napoleon Bonaparte became very powerful, he could cross such high rise icy mountains like Alps too when previously this task seemed impossible to execute. Napoleon made a firm unswerving resolve and hence the impossible became possible, that which was unachievable was now achieved.

Thus the question is of our will power and mental resolve. Half the success in any endeavor achieved by man in any task undertaken by him is due to a power resolve and the remaining rests on his brain skills, action capability and steadfastness in performing his responsibilities. Since there are very few examples where barren arid lands were rendered fertile, we feel such a task is impossible to achieve. Yet behind such a belief reasons pertaining to the task at hand, situations faced and difficulty in procuring means is less and that the bigger cause is man’s mental bankruptcy. To argue that below dessert regions there is just no fount of underground water is totally baseless. Water dwells everywhere, rivers flow everywhere. Sometimes these water founts pierce the ground and emerge on land’s surface and at other times instead of doing thus it continues flowing below land in an unseen manner. These flow even under dessert land areas. They flow below oceans and mountainous areas too. The true fount of River Ganga waters is the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. From here till Gomukh glacier in the Himalayas, this stream of Ganga flow unseen below land. The River Alaknanda manifests from the ground at a spot 9 km from Mana village. The stream originating from its fount till here flow unseen under the ground in the Himalayas. Such founts are found in Chambal and Amarkantak rivers in India. Then suddenly it appears as a spring erupting from the ground. The stream of Falgu River near Gaya too flows underground. At the open land surface the region appears very dry yet when little bit of sand is dug up there then water collects in that crater.

Over we are discussing the availability of water present below the ground unseen and that it does so just about everywhere. The difference only is that at certain regions it flows at higher levels albeit underground and at other places it does so much more below the ground. Thus when we drill land at certain places water appears quite quickly and at other places drilling deep down also does not help in exposing water underground. On this basis people start surmising that no underground water is present in this area yet this is just not true. Even if very arid dessert areas if drilling is done very deep below the ground water founts can be unearthed. Thus not only the basic water requirements of people can be fulfilled but that apt irrigation arrangements can be made to fulfill water needs for executing agricultural tasks there.

USA’s famous author Norman Vincent Paul in his book ‘Tragedy of Courage and Confidence’ has described such a true life incident wherein the zealous effort of an Arabic youth had transformed dessert land into lush greenery. His name was Moosa Alami who resided in the Judio region of Palestine. When he returned her after undergoing higher education in Cambridge University, UK he found that in this region a lot of upheaval was taking place. So many homes and families were destroyed. Land too was slipping from their hands. Ultimately seeing no solution to this problem he made plans to settle and aid others to settle in Jordan’s valley. But this was a dessert arid area. Although there was no water available Moosa did not despair. He had heard of the reformation scheme of California dessert. Thus accompanied by a few helpers he commenced digging wells in that arid region and very astonishingly they reaped success. In 6 months he succeeded in drilling 15 wells containing water. Thus fruits and vegetables sown there started blooming forth and thus this area labeled a dessert now was rendered fertile for agricultural purposes.

If we too make such enterprising efforts then so many dessert regions the world over today can be converted into fertile lands fit for growing crops etc. In this manner not only land scarcity resulting due to explosive increase in world population can be addressed effectively but that by wholesomely using barren land to a certain extent food grain scarcity problem too can be warded off.






70% of earth’s surface is submerged in water. Only 30% of it is land. Within this, areas full of mountains, rocks and desserts are such that they lack fertility of soil. Over there water cannot gather akin to rivers, lakes etc. In sandy rocky areas food grains fail to sprout and that factories too cannot be built there. Know for sure that if water is not available, nothing can be done.

After chopping mountainous rocky regions into flat land somehow the water scarcity problem there can be addressed via river waters present in nearby areas yet a new danger emerges in the form of gusty swift winds flowing there that cannot now be obstructed due to razing down of high rise mountains. Apart from this monsoon rain water clouds rising from ocean waters can take any new direction since it shall be obstacle free henceforth once mountains are razed. Thus there is a peril of decrease in monsoon showers. Along with this the founts that give water to rivers due to melting of snow on mountains shall now dry up. Under such conditions the infinite storehouse of water found in mountainous region shall get rendered totally depleted. Strong hefty trees growing high on mountains too shall get destroyed. Under such situations the idea of razing high mountains to render them flat land regions somehow is unacceptable. This is so even if for a huge world population scarcity of food and home remains as it is. For this end how can we invite hazards like calling swift cold winds to attack us, rendering dispersal of clouds in a wayward manner and via ice wealth destroying rivers?

In a very minimal manner rocky regions can be flattened. Yet we must unearth water resources and founts there. If due to our good fortune we unearth them then like Tatanagar in India certain areas can be rendered fertile. But after flattening such rocky regions at a very exorbitant price only if such plans succeed akin to unearthing gold should such expensive methods be rendered operational. Else for agriculture and inhabitation very meager arrangements for water availability shall not reap success.

This important question pertains to dessert regions too. 1/4th of Asia is dessert land. In Africa regions near Egypt is called Sahara Dessert. There soil is very sandy in nature. Since no mountains abound there, gusty swift winds cannot be obstructed from flowing in all directions. As a result rain water that brought with it a little wetness in a few days by getting rendered steam like flies away. This vaporization takes place so speedily that ordinary irrigation plans do not reap success.

Yet this question cannot be totally ignored. Thinkers are thinking that when mankind insisting on destroying forest foliage can render fertile land into arid desserts, then by correcting this error why not render these regions fertile again?

On the request of UNESCO the British geologist Richie Kender made long term efforts to research into dessert regions of planet earth. The research data/conclusions of his have been published in the book ‘Man against the dessert’. He found that wherever today we see desserts, there in previous past times agriculture activities bloomed in a big way. There forests too existed along with rivers. But people requiring wood greedily started chopping off trees. As a result in order to remove all eggs from a hen laying golden eggs, they started executing acts akin to cut up the stomach of this hen. When thus forests got destroyed land there lost its fertility and the water of rivers flew high up in the sky as steam in such a way that there was no possibility of it returning there. From that area stray clouds having lost their way do pass by yet it is but to leave everyone all the more thirsty and in return for error made, it showered nothing but admonition and reprimands.

In order to render desserts capable of agricultural activities and residence for everyone, scientists have made due efforts in such areas. Yet they have not tasted success. In Middle East oil countries efforts were made to grow wheat but in comparison to wheat imported the price of this home grown wheat proved 4 times expensive. As a result this effort was discontinued.

Regarding this some special scientific efforts are being executed by some leading research institutes of the world. They have hope that if not tomorrow maybe the day after such solutions shall be unfolded with the help of which barren dessert lands can be rendered lush green.

Amongst such high stature effort of institutes like London’s Huntington Technical Services Ltd, Egypt’s Chemical Discoveries Ltd, Europe’s DL McKenzie Ltd, East Anglia’s Weather Research Department etc must be thoroughly looked into and taken note of. In this hour of despair too we can hope to see a bright future in the 21st century.

Thorny plants like acacia and cactus can be grown in these arid areas with very minimal efforts. Very similar to these other trees/plants have been unearthed that can easily endure harsh dessert conditions and in even harsh situations of these dry areas render their existence safe. Thus such plants can be grown in those areas which possibly could get converted to desserts. Thus when a flood of trees are cultivated the remaining areas can be saved from getting converted to barren regions.

In order to combat the above problem at first there is a need of obstructing desserts from becoming more and more widespread so swiftly and they must not be allowed to march forward anymore. It must be done even if it means that in order to build this enclosure we may fail to attain greenery of the type of huge blooming trees. In it some useful plants too could be included that in a partial manner can be used to feed man, birds and beasts.

At huge depths below dessert lands water streams do flow by, but if at one shot we try to unfold them via drilling, there is a peril of this water wealth vaporizing and flying away to naught. Under such conditions there is only one method that on edges of dessert areas where water exists, by using every drop of it, desserts can be pushed backwards so as to minimize its overall area size.

For this end 3 tasks at one go shall have to be carried out. At a depth of 8 feet underground a big rocky/stony layer shall have to be laid down. Those plants growing on it must be watered drop by drop via a pipe passed through a drilled hole. Apart from these 3 tasks a 4th task involves building a wall made of hard plastic that shall lessen air pressure. When the wind direction changes this wall too should be bent in its obstructive direction.

All these tasks are such which on executing regularly one can hope that slowly but surely dry sandy desserts can come to an end. In this endeavor that expense shall be incurred akin to laying down a layer of gold in this area. On noting the explosive increase of world population and the ever augmenting requirement of food and housing, this very expensive effort perforce shall have to be executed.

A thought has to be given towards all this by those people who by wielding the axe on forest lush green wealth are with their own hands chopping off their own legs and when this happens in order to mend this error make very expensive arrangements as a result of which even the financial health of a highly developed prosperous nation can go haywire.











3/4th of earth is submerged under ocean waters. Only 1/4th land is fit enough for creatures to dwell on. Many facilities like food, water, fuel, mineral ores and housing is got not from earth only by humans but by other creatures too. Since 3/4th portion of earth is submerged under water it cannot be used by humans in a big way. 1/4th useful portion in comparison to the requirements of the present world population seems less. Problems of food grain availability, housing and water are staring at the world in a ferocious manner. The augmenting each year of millions of humans is rendering this problem harder to troubleshoot. Under such perilous conditions if a big portion of land that is more fertile and useful loses these qualities then most definitely it shall be especially worrisome and in the sequential chain of natural calamities, human induced pollution and nuclear technology based fearsome situations one more terrible chain shall get conjoined.

In the above lines we are talking about that hazard wherein a major portion of earth is getting converted into widespread dessert regions and that too at a hectic pace. Renowned geologists opine that due to insane uprooting of plant species soil on land is losing its rich vault of fertility and thus dessert areas are augmenting swiftly. Specialists infer that when this world was created no dessert region existed. Nature akin to a young bride was decorated with eye catching beauty of lush greenery which later got destroyed due to those activities of mankind that lacked farsightedness. Dessert areas are but the wrath of Mother Nature that has been invited by man via his vile tainted acts.  Archeologists have unearthed so many proof based data while researching into Sahara Desserts south region called Libya and in the north Chao’s dessert land which say that there was a time in ancient history when in these areas highly evolved advanced creatures resided. Creatures can dwell only in that environment where facilities like food housing water and greenery are available optimally. Especially big bodied creatures like giraffe, rhinoceros, tiger etc cannot survive if an apt environment is absent. The story is different as far as microbes like bacteria and virus is concerned. On the basis of pictures found of huge creatures in this region, archeologists conclude that these areas were once lush green. The moment this greenery got destroyed these areas became desserts. Chau region very recently got independence from foreign French rule and in the African continent it is situated near the equator. Its capital Fort Lemi about a few decades back was surrounded by green forests but today all around one can see only dessert areas. On the southern edge of Sahara Dessert dwells Niger land which once upon a time bloomed with greenery yet today it is but a region of arid dessert. Surroundings of a lake near the borders of Ethiopia and Kenya was once full of grass and trees but today it has become dessert like.

While clarifying regarding the reason behind the appearance and expansion of dessert areas, the renowned ecologist John Leonard Claudusti Tomson and the German ecologist Prof Heinerish Walter say that the fount of rain water is tree life and when they decrease in number, rains too diminish. In those regions where it rains even less than 10 inches, there the area starts getting converted into desserts. Lack of greenery anywhere influences the entire environment cycle negatively. Australia’s environmentalist Alfonso Graviyal after researching into Iran’s dessert regions says that dry winds blowing between 30-35 degrees latitude below the equator are the chief region why that area has become a huge dessert. Garviyal opines that the nature of wind depends on regional environment make up. Due to lack of green plants etc such dry winds blow about in those regions.

As per a recent report published by WHO, the Sahara Dessert is now expanding prolifically. In various directions its speed is 2-10 km. It is believed that due to this expansion each year 1,000,000 square km agriculture capable regions are getting converted into dry desserts. Other dessert regions the world over too are expanding maddeningly. The expansion of Turkey dessert in south-west of Russia, Australian desserts, Arabian dessert, Argentina’s Patagonian dessert, South Africa’s Kalahari Dessert, Taklimakan Dessert in Sikyong region of China, Chile and Peru’s Atacama Desserts, Peruvian Dessert, widespread desserts in USA’s south west area, Bharat-Pak’s Thar Dessert etc is manifesting in front of world humans as a perilous hazard.

Environmentalist Prof Graviyan concludes that by blindly destroying lush green foliage, fertile soil is turning barren. These barren regions slowly are getting converted to dessert sandy regions. In such places plants do not grow and such changes occur in air/water that dessert lands continue expanding. As per statistics available India’s Thar Dessert is spread out in about 182,000 sq miles area. Due to blind insane chopping off green trees etc every year in India 1% land capable of growing crops is getting converted to desserts. There is a possibility that if this process continues thus in a few years itself a big chunk of Indian fertile land shall lose its fertile nature. Even India’s dessert areas are fast expanding. A big portion of fertile land in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, within the past few years has become dessert land. Near Haryana borders the Najafgarh 100 km agriculture rich region has become dessert region and that another bigger portion possibly also may become a dessert.

The famous ecologist Tomdale and Gilcarter in their book ‘Top soil and civilization’ while showing ire against man’s unruly activities write that even if man is civilized or not yet he is but nature’s child and not its boss. Lest man desires to render his civilization alive and kicking he must live in tandem with nature’s laws. In the past few days man has broken/overlooked nature’s laws in a horrible manner. Man who is called civilized has no doubt traveled from one end of earth to the other yet wherever he journeyed he rendered that area dessert land and wherever he resided for long that place got destroyed badly. Possibly this must be the reason why nomadic civilizations kept changing areas of dwelling.

It is apt thinking if we reform errors made by us all. Geologists opine that green foliage areas if augmented widely can help in a special way if we wish to stop dessert region expansion. They have the power to bestow pure air/water and transforming positively the nature of our environment. With this endeavor, not only is it possible to obstruct dessert land expansion but that the nature of a very big portion of dessert area can be transformed as desired. The dessert region of Soviet Union is spread out in 300,000,000 hectares of land. With the aid of scientific and technical attainments a widespread program of tree plantation and cultivation has already commenced. Thousands of acres of land that were once dessert regions, today has been rendered capable of pursuing agricultural activities successfully.

As per inference of Soviet Russia it is proved that if efforts that are well planned oozing with skills and scientific techniques then even gigantic dessert lands can become founts of varied useful natural means for the economic system of that country. The region of Soviet Middle Asia and Kazakhstan was not capable enough to aid sustenance of lives of various creatures yet tireless efforts were put in over here. Both government and NGOs contributed in a big way. It is noteworthy that the tradition of labor volunteering in communist Russia is said to be patriotism and a national duty. Over there exists the tradition of volunteering for various tasks on Saturdays. Every person on Saturday voluntarily without asking for any payment, work hard for their nation’s welfare. Wealth got due to this hard labor is used for their country’s social welfare schemes.

When the plan of converting desserts into agriculture capable land was put forth a collective contribution of voluntary labor was seen from a major portion of the nation’s citizens. Truly, that task which a government cannot fulfill in a lone manner can be easily executed successfully when it gets the help of large crowds of lay public. This reality has actually been witnessed there. The government contributed wealth and technical apparatus. Thus when conjoined to this they got untold public volunteering based labor power the path of success opened up. The preliminary step of expansion of lush green regions was taken in the form of expanding pastures etc in dessert like areas. Now in this region 15,000,000 buffalos, 50,000,000 goats and 3,000,000 horses are being bred. Till date 1,000,000 hectare area has been converted useful for agricultural tasks. In developed dessert regions each year 1,500,000 cotton, 500,000 ton rice, 330,000 ton corn, 770,000 liters milk and thousands of ton of fruits/vegetables are cultivated here.

Those specialists who lent a helping hand in transforming the nature of Russia’s desserts say that in stopping expansion of dessert areas so as to render them agriculture capable it takes about 3-4 years. In this time span from the economic standpoint no big benefit accrues immediately yet from the future long term standpoint it is nothing but benefits galore. In these efforts of theirs accidentally they have come across so many storehouses of mineral and oil wealth. From Russia’s desserts a new civilization is emerging, so many cities have been inhabited quite recently there. Via modern technology using nuclear energy from the very deep layers of sandy areas methods of removing water has been advanced quite optimally. Very recently this region had to procure drinking water from very far off places which was a very expensive affair. Yet today water made available using these new techniques is 90% less expensive than that procured from other places.

It is noteworthy that the largest vault of solar energy dwells in dessert regions. With the help of scientists and skilled technicians the task of using solar energy, got ceaselessly in untold measure, at a gigantic level has already commenced. This is also being done because for fulfill energy requirements once again we need not chop off forest lush greenery due to which the fearful situation of dessert expansion goes on swiftly.

These types of inspiring efforts can be commenced in our country India too. In areas spanning thousands of square miles desserts are spread out. If by expanding lush green regions if they can be rendered agriculture capable then for millions of people production of food grain is possible. For our country’s development within this seemingly ordinary effort that shall reap extraordinary results in future we expect cooperation of every citizen.














A few years back in Indonesia under the aegis of UNESCO an International Conference was conducted in which 150 forest experts participated and they showcased their worry regarding the world’s forest wealth depleting immensely. Ordinarily people do not realize the importance of trees. In the enticement of getting more wood and more space for agriculture they cut up a lot of trees. They forget that in comparison to these meager benefits the hazard to be faced due to tree destruction can be so much more horrific. The above mentioned Pre Pacific Science Conference warned planet earth indwellers that if the present trend of tree chopping continued they must be ready to face horrible consequences.

In the above conference 20 nations’ forest experts/scientists were present that included those from India, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, France, UK and Netherland. Canada’s representative Dr Vladimir Crizana said: The biggest requirement of mankind is fresh pure air to breathe. Trees play a major role in fulfilling this need of ours. In order to solve the issue of increasing pollution the world over, trees must be given due protection. Ere we lose forest based green foliage wealth then the absence of pure taintless air shall become so complex that its solution shall not be possible via any other avenue.

From the thoughts put forth by other representatives of various countries it was clear that no longer can we afford to ignore the question of tree protection and augmenting their numbers. It must be given due importance as we give to animal breeding/husbandry. The fact is that tree protection must be given even more importance than animal breeding. When we lose animal wealth we have to forego their hard labor, milk, flesh, skin and dung. Yet the loss due to tree destruction is that much more manifold than this. In the absence of pure air, rainfall balance, fertilizers got from leaves, birds that eat up germs devouring agricultural crops etc so many hazards like cleaning etc are such that along with chopping off trees they augment alarmingly.

In the past years the augmenting of factories/industries was thought to be the basis of development. For producing food grains agriculture and irrigation were given due weight age. The talk of increasing means for transport too was conjoined to economic development/progress. To the extent our attention should have been focused on importance of forest wealth, has not been executed at all. The fact is that forest was thought to ‘usurp’ land on earth and hence they were cut up to carry out agricultural tasks. Wood that gives fire and for usage in building constructions was got by blindly chopping trees especially in jungles and in their place we totally ignored the concept of growing new trees there. From the forest wealth standpoint we are totally becoming poverty stricken day by day and so many of their direct visible tainted reactions are looming large in front of the world.

The author of the book ‘Sahara Conquest’ named Sentvarv Waker wrote thus after surveying in detail the length and depth of 2,000,000 square miles of Sahara Dessert: Once upon a time this region was lush green with trees etc yet foolishly people chopped of this green foliage. Thus nature out of wrath took proper revenge. Strong winds, direct sunlight and frost converted good fertile land into a dry sandy dessert. Gusty winds scattered dust just about everywhere and thus only sandy rocky land remained behind. This gigantic sandy dessert is now akin to a mighty serpent engulfing nearby lush green areas. Each year lush green area of about 30 square miles by getting devoured by these dessert regions, forever are being rendered dead corpse like.

After the 2nd world war once the USA President Roosevelt passed by Egypt while traveling in an air plane. He had read about praises showered on Lebanon’s historically renowned cedar trees. But when he glanced below he saw bare mountains there and here and there only 8-10 trees were growing listlessly. Thus he was a bit saddened by this scene. In other parts of the globe too such stupidity is being pursued. After gathering detailed information regarding this he was much more pained. As per his orders USA representatives pressurized UN that in the world’s association of food grains and agriculture, protection of forest wealth too must be given a lot of importance. This actually happened. Under the aegis of UNO in order to augment forest lush green wealth those efforts that were being executed within that itself by offering a large chunk of financial aid in Lebanon cedar tree forests were planted anew and thousands of acres of land was again rendered lush green. Such efforts were made in other regions too.

In Israel lush green land is about 1/3rd in size and dry dessert land is 2/3rd. The citizens there have potently resolved to render this dessert land lush green and in these days tireless efforts are being put in for the same. In the recent past these people have planted about 100,000,000 new saplings/plants there.

Icelanders for a fair length of time were immersed in uprooting their precious forest wealth. As a result they had to wash their hands off very fertile land. After the year 1946 their eyes opened and in a very well planned manner they planted 2,000,000 new trees. The same situation was faced by Tasmania. These people lost their forest wealth with the result, an all destructive dance of sandy storms appeared furiously. To the extent that grass blades and leaves too were not spared from this onslaught. When the question of life death was at stake they by planting tall trees of pine and deodar obstructed sandy winds and thus 1500 acre land was grabbed from desserts so as to get converted into greenery. In Scotland there was a dessert patch called Colvin Sands measuring 6 miles long and 2 miles wide. These people by crushing the mouth of this crocodile called dessert now rendered this region lush green. Libya has resolved to grow small shrubs in their dessert areas and they have succeeded a fair bit in doing so. Australia in its area getting meager rainfall of only 7 inches has planted such plant species imported from other countries that can grow even under dry arid conditions. A big chunk of Boometa Dessert that burns like a blazing inferno has been rendered green with foliage due to immense efforts of tree planting. A farmer of that area Desmond Phyllis via his lone effort has planted 6000 trees that today have grown to a massive height of 20 feet. These trees have rendered this terribly arid area capable of helping humans and beasts reside there with fair bit of comfort.

Moscow by renouncing its long time sleep akin to that of the mythological demon Kumbhakaran have started protecting their forest wealth which was getting destroyed in a big way. In these days these people have planted 65,000 olive trees, 2,700 almond trees and 13,100 huge evergreen trees. For this task they were given aid by UNO.

China in order to protect its north-west borders akin to France’s famous iron fort is constructing a wall of green blooming trees. This green wall is 6000 miles long and many miles wide. Over there barren land is being covered by newly planted trees.

Now every country of the world has wisely realized that for apt human living more importance must be given to forest wealth than animal wealth. Hence as far as the vault of national wealth is concerned it is being given a prime spot and the effort of augmenting forest wealth is being given importance akin to the stature handed over to food production.

Scotland’s plant expert Robert Chambers writes that: If forests get destroyed water scarcity shall reach nadirs. The earth’s fertility power shall decrease extraordinarily and that rate of crop growth shall diminish to very meager levels. Birds shall die in large numbers and it shall be difficult to catch fish life. The curse of forest destruction shall induce appearance of 5 ancient ghosts in the form of terrible fearful world situations viz. flooding, famine, excess heat, no rainfall and epidemic of deadly diseases. We all knowingly or otherwise are destroying forest wealth and in comparison to benefits accrued what we lose is much more humungous.

In religious texts trees like those of banyan, fig and myrobalan amongst others are considered gods. There was a time in ancient history when such profound faith was offered to them that even today in India here and there one witnesses the tradition of young girls being married to these trees.

In Tirhut a girl who is Mangali (as per her horoscope) is married to the myrobalan (Pipal) tree so that malefic influences of a particular Nakshatra is absorbed by the Pipal tree and that when she later weds a human husband, no hardship befalls on him.

In Andhra Pradesh villages of Kudup clans girls were previously married by the time they reached 12 years yet if for some reason if she could not marry they get her married to a fruit bearing tree and that she wears all symbols on her body like Mangal Sutra, bangles, Sindoor etc on her person. After this she can remarry at any age later. Ere her marriage is not possible yet she gets all social rights enjoyed by other normal married women and people of her clan/community do not cast aspersions saying she is ‘unmarried’.

People of Nevar community in Nepal marry their daughters to the Bilva tree. After this when she actually gets married to a human male he is called a deputy husband. This deputy husband can be renounced by any married woman any time and he gets rights only akin to that given to slaves.

In Hissar district’s (India) Ghumkud Bavaria sect and in Sirguja Bhil tribe there is a tradition that girls desiring to remain spinsters are married to Pipal trees and that they now believe that the taint of remaining a spinster has been washed off/destroyed.

Greenery in human living must be given the prime spot akin to a ‘wife’ and for her nurturing needs in every citizen a zest must be created.

The great poet Alexander Smith loved nature limitlessly and while talking to thinking people he would say: If you wish to leave behind your memories, then instead of constructing homes or attaining high status focus on planting innumerable new trees. In comparison to the above two tree cultivation shall remain long lasting.

The biggest banyan tree of the world is found growing in Taiwan. On the basis of historical proof, today its age is 4128 years. It is 48 meters in height. The circumference of its trunk is more than 40 feet. This tree grows on a mountain near Mien Yuah village in Chizayi region. The residents here call the gigantic super tree ‘Cheni Pauris’.

Although this tree is very old yet it is so strong that it can remain alive for a few thousands of years henceforth.

In comparison to this tree can any other monument be cheaper, great, high, long lasting and very useful? Even if man plants trees for leaving his name behind, know that not only he but entire world shall accrue immense benefits. The Hazaribagh district of Bihar, India has been named thus because the Hazari farmers there by putting in diligent efforts succeeded in setting up 1000 gardens in that region.

Trees definitely are a part of the world human family. They help us remain alive by giving us clean oxygen to inhale. In so many other ways trees help us that it becomes impossible to gauge its aid to humans. It is best that we remember the fact that ere tree life is destroyed, know for sure that human existence on earth too shall become extinct.


























 Science has given mankind innumerable facilities/material comforts. In ancient times life was quite problematic which is quite less today and those tasks that previously took years to accomplish today can be done in minutes/seconds. In fields like traveling, transportation, education, health, communication etc science has given humanity so many boons that his world has not only been rendered a tiny global village but that those facilities that could not be even dreamt of today has fructified for all to see.

Technological development/progress has solved many complex problems of human life and that his labor has been rendered straightforward. This is one aspect of development. But it has another aspect too. Although the 1st aspect appears bright its 2nd aspect are dark/gloomy in comparison. The 2nd aspect is that technology/machines ceaselessly are snatching away human labor and in a certain sense is rendering humans jobless. A small example of this is that about 25-30 years previously people would accomplish a journey of 2-4 miles via walking. But when cars/vehicles became easily available man became so lethargic as far as walking is concerned that if today he has to travel about 1km distance he waits for rickshaws, bus, taxis etc.

In the recent past with reference to the sequence of facilities/comforts one more chain has conjoined to them in the form of a human machine called a robot. Till date computers were used for accounts etc. For writing/reading purposes various paraphernalia have been designed. Yet since the time the robot has been designed many question marks have appeared regarding the future of human civilization. The renowned British social scientist P Cleater opines that the advancement of these robots is more hazardous than nuclear oriented ones. Norwart Weiner writes that more than cautioning world lay public to nuclear/atomic weapons they need to be alerted about a very serious challenge in the form of a force that shall influence them in a very malefic manner.

What exactly are robots? How are they dangerous for mankind? All this is food for thought. In the past few decades computers have been highly advanced technically. These can be called brain technology or intellectual machines. In a major way this technique advanced after the 2nd world war and thus a new branch of modern science came into being. This branch of science is called ‘Cybernetics’. Scientists of this field have designed the robot. Right since the 2nd world war the need for such robots has been realized. In those times for fulfilling army soldier requirements Harvard’s Prof Howard Akin designed the ‘Mark one’ computer. The weight of this computer was about 4 metric ton and in it about 80 machines were joined using wire of 800 km in length. This computer within 1/4th of a second could add up innumerable digits and could multiply these numbers within 6 seconds.

Initially such heavy computers were designed. Yet in the 5th to 6th decade not only were smaller computers designed but that its work output increased n fold more. Computers designed at the very beginning were not only very huge in size but that from its designing standpoint were very complex if compared with those designed today. Today when its designing has been reformed/fine tuned in a big way hence in comparison to previous ones they have more facilities to offer and are easier to handle. Today such computers are being designed that in one second can calculate numbers of trillions in size. Yet even now we cannot say that designing of advanced computers has reached pinnacles. Today electronically computers are being created. In future scientists are thinking of designing computers using laser technology. Today such computers are being created which akin to radio/transistors can be taken to any place. In future its work output shall showcase much more progress.

Robots spoken of in the above lines are nothing but computer controlled machines that can carry out tasks executed normally only by human beings. The advancement of computers shall head in the direction of aping the human brain. They shall become capable of gathering more data in their memory cells, think more speedily and calculate various complex mathematical problems. In it shall be possible to include a well advanced society and knowledge-sciences. Till now such computers have come into being that can translate one language to another. Recently in Denmark a conference of computer experts was organized wherein predictions were made regarding the future sensitivity of these intellectual machines. As per these predictions till the year 2000 AD (this book was written well before the year 1990 AD) all leading industries shall be managed using computer technology. All tasks of banks/offices shall be executed by computer usage. Till then for diagnosing all diseases computers will be used in a big way. Then humans shall not have to put in so much labor in comparison to that seen today.

Robots or human machines shall be the next chain conjoined to these computers. A few years back USA’s computer scientist Beneskar designed such a robot which works very much like a human being. Beneskar named these human machines Oroc. The gist of what Orocs can do is that on pressing a button they go to the kitchen, pick up food from there by keeping it in a tray and then slowly takes this tray to the dining table. Then the robot places this food on the table in a well arranged decorative manner for all guests. Not only this but on being commanded it heads towards the garbage bin, picks it up and takes it outside the house to a truck that takes away this garbage. Further this Oroc takes dogs for walks and feeds domestic tame animals.

It is noteworthy that when for the very first time a lunar space craft landed on moon’s soil, before man reached there its movement was controlled by a robot and in place of a human being a robot first stepped out on moon. Today, the swiftness with which robots are being advanced further questions is being raised, regarding the various tasks they are made to execute. A few years back an author Carol Chapek wrote a book called ‘Rossum’s Robot’. When this book was penned robots had not yet been designed and only imaginations regarding them were placed forth. Yet the facts mentioned in this book, special characteristics of robots detailed here are now being readied. These very much apply to robots to the last letter.

The above book has been written in story style. The main character of this story is a scientist called Rossum who with the help of his engineer son opens a factory to create human machines. These robots akin to humans are very intelligent, strong and have a powerful memory. Within 10 years Rossum’s universal robot produces so much food grains, readies so many clothes and produces so many other things that these materials were got almost free of cost. All tasks are executed by these robots and every human rendered worry free lives a care free life and thus none have to work very hard. These robots in future shall be created on such a widespread scale that in all directions it is they who shall rule. Carol Chapek has imagined that even such robots can be created that possess special human qualities like experiencing pain and can think/understand. These robots possessing such special qualities shall congregate together so as to oppose human beings and shall proclaim that robots are more advanced, are more strong, are more intelligent and that humans are heavily dependent on them.

When robots start believing that they are more evolved than human beings and that this shall actually happen, man shall become their slaves. The habit of hard work shall disappear in humans and that they shall become lethargic and indolent. Hence it is but natural that humans shall no longer be able to control robots and finally robots shall revolt. They shall feel that no longer is human existence required on planet earth and that either they shall destroy their creators (humans) or that they shall render humans their supine slaves.

The well known science fiction writer Brian Ollis too has imagined thus. In his story all required tasks are executed by robots. Even agricultural tasks are done by robots. As a result of revolt by robots against mankind land has become fertile. These robots do not require food/water for sustenance and thus by not producing food grains render man hopeless and powerlessly weak.

Regarding robots these imaginations maybe over stated yet what appears an overstatement today if it becomes an actuality tomorrow none should be astounded. In fact people are already thinking that in wars in place of soldiers robots should be made use of. Within these human machines/robots definitely such specialties shall be created as a result of which based on contemporary situations shall become capable of taking decisions and actually put them to work practically.

Some people also say that maybe robots may become super advanced yet ultimately they shall remain under human control. As per the opinion of a USA science fiction author Isaac Asimov it is not possible that any robot can harm any human being or that they can inflict injury on him. Such a possibility is virtually a big no-no. Under all circumstances robots shall have to execute orders of their boss who are human beings. No doubt this can happen that robots in order to protect their very existence start struggling in an agitating way.

Ere this becomes possible even so due to it possibilities of hazards looming large on world humanity cannot be any less. It is another matter that the nature/form of dangers shall change. What type of dangers shall appear? Regarding this no definite and clear imagination can be put forth. While inventing the atomic bomb say who even dreamt that this creation shall create a dangerous crisis for sustenance of human existence? Never mind that creation of robots are being done for developing various mediums of comforts/facilities but say what guarantee that they shall not be misused? For example robot usage for army purposes shall in fact increase n fold the fear of more fierce wars. As of now soldiers fighting wars keeping in mind self protection needs attack and counter attack. Robots on the other hand shall obey their human boss’ commands and wishful orders. They shall harbor no worry of self protection or their own security.

For army based goals in order to control the weak usage of robots ultimately shall result in handing over the future of entire human race in the hands of a few people. This no doubt is a definite fact. For example many scientists are imagining that the capacity of thinking/understanding things in robots can be advanced a lot and they very free independent manner can render humans their slaves. Lest this imagination actually becomes a reality then the human community on its own is inviting its collective slavery and none should feel uneasy in saying this.











About a few years back robots were designed only so as to exhibit scientific feats/miracles. Their bodily designing more or less was done akin to that of humans. Their hands-legs moved like mankind and were used to carry out all tasks. When they were at first designed people thought it to be mind boggling. Yet today while treading the path of progress 2 more categories have been conjoined to robots in the form of speech and brain. Robots can now answer questions directed towards them. Not only this at the appointed time they make announcements too. This task is not akin to that of a loud speaker or tape recorder but that that in this task to a certain limit is included brain based intelligence too. Robots now possess special qualities like what answer should be given to each question aimed at them, how to carry out various commands given to them by making apt decisions. By itself the robot unlike man is not capable thinking and executing orders with every problem faced yet in a limited manner the robot can very well execute tasks for which it was designed and trained for it.

Initially this was a scientific miracle. In it a lot of technology was conjoined. Electrical wires overflowed in them. But now since electronic methodology is in vogue a decrease is seen in its weight and complexity and comparatively it has commenced executing various actions in a better fashion. Those tasks that man finds difficult to execute robots do not hesitate to carry out. Just as man cannot ceaselessly and for long work in very hot/cold environments or areas that are radioactive yet robots work there without much difficulty. While operating automatic machines a minor error on man’s part can induce major harm/loss. But robots normally do not err thus and without tiring for long hours can help function complex machines for which robots have been especially designed. The more time lapses by their specialties too are increasing n fold. Since computers have conjoined to them more brain based capabilities are being created in robots and comparatively they are proving to be that much more useful. In the very primordial stages robots were very heavy in weight and a lot of difficulty was undergone while taking them from one place to another. Yet today this is not so. The manner in which within computer technology and its specialties advancement has been noted to that extent robots too are advancing further.

Robot designers aim to render robots as hard working as mankind. Before this computers have beaten man hollow in the intellectual realm. The only difference being that robots carry out only those tasks for which they have been designed. They do not possess multifaceted skills as humans. Suppose at a particular hour robots are carrying out certain tasks yet when situations change they fail to change their activities to suit these new situations. Hence for their management today too, a human intellectual guide is most required. It seems that this requirement shall always remain and never end. Thus robot control shall always remain in mankind’s hands.

Despite this no doubt remains regarding the utility value of robots. Their special qualities are carrying out more work without tiring at all and execute very heavy tasks. One more specialty of robots is that they do not disobey commands and in order to mitigate hunger and tiredness does not demand facilities very quickly. From this standpoint in comparison to human labor it is supreme, more comfort bestowing and cheaper from a farsighted viewpoint.

USA and Japan from industry based science is far ahead than other world nations hence they require more and more skillful, disciplined laborers. Thus in both countries both countries have commenced creating robots on a big footing for fulfillment of industry based requirements. Amongst these two Japan leads USA also. Not only is Japan fulfilling its needs but that in large measure it is supplying it to USA also.

Increasing self controlled industry has lessened the requirement of those carrying out minor tasks at the level of management and requirements of intermediary skills for smaller machinery have been removed in big numbers. This step taken by Japan is certainly apt because it has less land and there is a huge aspiration to run huge industries in great numbers. Housing for laborers take up a lot of space hence they give chief jobs to robots. Yet the situation of other nations is far different. Lest for controlling robots and for production of automatic gigantic machines a large number of robots are used then today’s problem of joblessness shall increase in alarming measure. Even as of now laborers who operate smaller machines or work with their hands are facing job scarcity problems. Thus in future due to competition with robots this difficulty shall become direr and in a certain sense people shall become jobless. Today when animals are no longer useful modern thinking says kill them. Goats, bulls, etc work less and use more space. Hence for politicians/statesmen opine that there is no option but to kill them. Regarding human beings this question is worth mulling over seriously that when all industries shall get into the clutches of rich big stature industrialists then what shall happen to people not so talented and those laborers who day in and day out create problems by making more and more demands from their bosses?

In fact more worrisome than this is that man is losing all integrity/ethics as far his activities and behavior is concerned. He in fact is getting lured more towards crime and illegal activities. The habit of shirking work and imbibing rascal like behavior is increasing a lot and along with this man who enjoyed the status of being the pride of God’s creation due to his gentlemanly instincts has now started losing it as a result of which who shall now sympathize with mankind? It was not as though problems faced were restricted to human labor becoming very expensive financially because the problem of agitations/strife induced due to man’s unethical scoundrel like behavior too added fuel to fire. From the standpoint of finding a solution to this too robots can become mankind’s adversary.

Scientific industrialization is creating lack for mankind. By imbibing criminal acts man is proving to be more of a headache. It could be that in future in this field too man’s adversary may advance and ill fated man on losing his utility value strays around here and there morosely.

Only time shall tell as to, to what extent this ploy of rendering machinated and technical large industries shall be apt? Yet this fact must be deeply understood that decentralized industrialization and setting into vogue small scale industries shall prove to be beneficial from all standpoints for a socialistic public group. Those nations who encourage more and more capitalism may possibly believe that creation of robots shall prove to be cheaper financially. Yet if this is gauged from the welfare of the macrocosm this ultimately shall prove to be very expensive. If the controlling system through the medium of robots is handed over to very few technical administrators there is a major possibility of misuse that shows tainted reactions of dictatorship. Thus rather than this happening it is best that we augment mankind’s great qualities and render more developed man’s capabilities, skills and deep understanding.















There is just no end to which one can praise human brain prowess. He has attained such scientific success especially in the 20th century that all progress seen previous to this pale in front of this. When we glance at these achievements/feats it seems that the view of Upanishad seers who had written that nothing supersedes mankind is 100% percent true. Since man is the son of the omnipotent all powerful Almighty God is himself the fount of untold energy.

A few decades back atomic energy came into mankind’s grasp and both its destructive and creative aspects were realized. Ahead of this, a bigger stature force has appeared man’s way called laser rays. By itself research of lasers is yet in its infancy yet future possibilities say that when this research shall mature to peaks it shall top all great energy founts of the entire world.

The importance/greatness of nuclear energy was understood much beforehand yet its usage has been rendered possible very minuscule. The reason is that atoms scatter their rays, in all directions, in a very wayward manner. When these radiations are focused at one point this controlled focused radiation flow is termed ‘lasers’. The expansion of the word ‘lasers’ is: ‘Light application by stimulated emission of radiation’.

Aladdin’s magic lamp maybe just a hearsay or rumor yet the usage of lasers are so mind boggling that it can truly be termed a magic lamp.

Very recently in the observatory of Lexington near Boston-USA an experiment was conducted under the guidance of Prof Louis Smalin. A laser button was pressed and immediately light rays that were red in hue akin to a very thin arrow got emitted and by piercingly shooting off into interstellar space within 1.3 sec banged into moon. There it helped manifest a brilliant light near the Ulvatanium volcano’s crater spread out in an area of 2 miles. Over and above this after traveling a distance of 250,000 miles akin to an ultra sound arrow returned to its original place. In this manner this was the 1st application that succeeded in lighting up another planet while seated on earth. Today in order to make efforts to unfold various types of usage of these lasers in USA alone 2000 scientists in 400 research institutions/labs are at work. The biggest arch rival of USA in this realm viz. Russia too is not sitting silently. It too in order to catch this super energy has rendered operational its scientific technology acumen on a gigantic scale.

Next time for war purposes the role of laser rays shall reign supreme as is believed today. General Curtis Leo opines that in the destruction of intercontinental missiles a big goal of self protection shall be fulfilled via laser rays. In future airplane piercing canons shall be rendered mere memories of the bygone era. Merely a very feather weight laser gun in a jiffy shall raze a flying aircraft to the ground in a powdered manner. Those countries that shall possess these guns shall not fear any air based weapon/plane attacks. A laser gun designed in Frankfurt’s weapon laboratory has the capacity to aim a target far away at another end of earth within a second.

For quite a few years heated discussion in the scientific world is taking place regarding ‘death rays’. Thus henceforth there shall be no need for their very complex application/experiments. The other name for death rays shall be laser rays. On this basis such gigantic regions in a jiffy shall be rendered burnt to ashes. Forget soldiers and civilians but that even grass blades, leaves etc shall become naught. In comparison to nuclear wars, laser wars shall be easier and cheaper to wage. In it hazards manifesting due to explosion emitted deadly radiations shall be minimal. In comparison to the atom bomb its price shall be much less.

No doubt laser rays can be used a lot for creative/constructive purposes. They shall be used for medical diagnosis/healing and other useful goals too. In a New York hospital a tumor growing on the eye ball of a patient was removed via laser ray surgery methodology within the time frame of 1000th of a second. In future wicked diseases like cancer that cannot be controlled via medicines or other normal cures shall be easily healed using laser technology.

In the field of interstellar space travel laser science is about to usher in revolutionary transformations. A lot of powerful potent fuel is required to help rockets fly higher than earth’s gravitational field and also a need arises to keep this rocket at a particular place. For fulfillment of this requirement very complex skillful rocket designing is done. Laser rays with great ease shall be able to help rockets fly high in outer space at any desired height. At that time light weight and inexpensive rockets shall do the needful. Since there shall be no need for fuel usage in these spacecrafts, if required research apparatus/technology are built in the task can be duly accomplished. These spacecrafts shall be sent from earth using electricity. Thus their journey not only shall be financially cheap but that shall be secure, easy and joyous. When this science shall develop further airplanes shall appear as ancient as bullock carts. Thus since laser based aircrafts shall be easily available who would opt for expensive aircrafts that depend on so much oil, petrol, electrical apparatus etc?

Lest a 3rd world war is waged nuclear weapons shall merely play the role of threatening the enemy camp. This is because the actual hammering shall be done by laser ray technology. They by becoming death rays shall render burnt to ashes any desired targeted area in a jiffy. Nuclear bomb explosions pose hazards of emitting radioactive dust particles but laser rays are devoid of all this and thus from the deadly peril point of view they shall be quite ahead.

The mind boggling gift of human brain skills and research oriented zealous focus is ‘lasers’. For this attainment man must be given heartfelt congratulations. But along with this a hitch appears wherein the manner in which human activities within the realm of ideals day after day is heading towards a downfall on seeing it the wholesome usage of any object, situation, attainment and success seems very doubtful. Today’s vile intellect is immersed in misusing anything it lays its hands on. In the realm of consciousness the way in which progress is noted in augmenting of scientific inventions/discoveries in the same way whether it is backward class or highly intellectual people in all sky high production and growth is seen as far as vile emotions and tainted activities is concerned.

Due to the presence of a tainted brain more and more material wealth augmenting reeks with possible disasters and dangers. The union of both can induce terrible upheavals akin to dynamite contacting merely a spark of fire. In contemporary times dynamite is increasing and sparks are flying about in a rage. The suspicion appears that may not scientific mind boggling achievements bring an end to the very ancient long line of human civilization. May it not bring to a grinding halt, earth’s human existence!

This hitch can be troubleshot only in 2 ways: 1) As long as man’s vile brain exists, all hazard creating means/paraphernalia must not be produced at all. 2) Else by strictly attacking man’s tainted thinking it must be transformed into wholesome pious thinking and thus use it amply for spreading true peace/joy the world over. Over here it is the 2nd path that is full of world well being.













Since the past 2 decades animated discussions have taken place the world over regarding fearful situations manifesting due to pollution emitted by industrialization and radioactive materials. Entire earth’s environment has come under its demonic clutches. Imbalance also has augmented wrathful natural calamities. Ecological imbalance has led to excess rain water flooding, famines, landslides and earthquakes. Further many new diseases in man’s psyche arena too have raised its hood. The blind one sided insane rush for material development can become so dire and expensive for us all has been experienced by humans for the very first time.

In the ever increasing sequence of hazards created due to pollution a new very serious chain has conjoined in the form of genetic diseases. It is well known that in the womb stage itself, the fetus bodily and brain regions are neo created. In this period of pregnancy all bodily organs are formed. After birth these organs continue maturing but no new organ formation takes place. In order that the fetus develops aptly all doctors etc direct the pregnant woman to focus her attention on her eating/resting routine and a wholesome environment. This is because an apt or not apt environment throws its influence on the fetus’ growth. In this time frame based on the basis readied accordingly in future physical and mental growth takes place. Diseases manifesting in the fetal stage during pregnancy is rendered a curse right till death.

These days, poison mixing in the environment due to industrialization and nuclear testing has created many types of hazards. In fact a flood of physical and mental ailments have appeared the world over. The opinion of the world’s leading doctors and surgeons is that it is those children who are chiefly affected by this toxic atmosphere who have not yet been born but are yet growing as fetus in their mother’s womb.

Ms Christopher Nakhud has written a book called ‘At highest risk’ wherein she has warned us of future hazards appearing. She further cautions that lest pollution increases at this dire rate the future generation of babies shall be born physically and mentally challenged. She feels that these days the world over due to imbalance/distortions in the genetic makeup an alarming increase is being seen in miscarriages. Amongst these even if a few babies are saved from the wrath of miscarriages they do not mature into healthy and disease free children. They are attacked by some disease or the other. Amongst these, majority are born physically and mentally challenged. Lest at the time of child birth, symptoms of handicap diseases are not witnessed even so later, there is a great possibility of them becoming handicapped.

The former medical director of USA’s Drug Medical Corporation, Herald Gordon after conducting a survey announced that in the field of progressiveness the extent to which America leads in the same ratio pollution of all kinds has augmented prolifically. And it is innocent unborn babies yet in the womb of their mothers who have come under its clutches. Approximately 30-40% children lose their lives while yet unborn as fetuses in the womb. Those who are born amongst them 1/3rd are attacked by mental or bodily permanent ailments. He opines that the chief cause of this is toxicity emitted by radioactive principles. Gordon opines that toxic agents merged into the environment not only renders fetus in the womb handicapped but in a permanent manner they inflict genetic mal influences that although are not directly visible prove to be more heinous even than physical/mental handicap conditions.

Toxic elements by mixing with water, air and food products enter the body within and harm the fetus in the womb. The relation of this manifested handicap condition and genetic diseases is with toxicity found in polluted air etc and its first data was got from an episode that took place in Japan. Majority of babies born to women residing near Japan’s Minimeta Bay area were handicapped and lame. On studying this development it was unfolded that one company’s factory there was throwing rubbish containing mercury in these bay waters. Fish life in these waters engulfed it. Later pregnant women of this region ate these fish containing deadly mercury. As a result the reaction of this was noted on new born babies in this area. These children were born handicapped and this diseased condition was labeled ‘Minimeta Disease’.

As per an American survey, along with augmentation of pollution, handicapped/lame condition in people too has increased in tandem. In developing countries the percentage of such handicapped children is between 4%-7%. The conclusion of research scientists is that in the past 2 decades the rate of physical/mentally challenged patients has increased phenomenally.

In comparison to other countries America has the biggest number of genetically diseased patients. In the recent past experts in order to gauge the condition of earth’s atmosphere conducted profound research studies. The results were certainly choking to note. It was found that in USA’s urban areas in comparison to ordinary commonplace ones radio waves have been found dwelling in the environment 100,000,000-200,000,000 times denser. Ms Christopher opines that the influence of toxicity of radioactivity mixed with the environment is seen more on innocent small children when compared to the same noted on senior/adult people. Radiations, on entering the pregnant mother’s body destroy the fragile-delicate nerves, muscle fibers etc of the fetus in the womb. Thus the tainted genes/cells of the body/brain of the fetus in the womb cannot get replaced or repaired even after the fetus is born as a baby.

Since nuclear testing has commenced at a fast pace this danger has increased further. In order to stop this non farsighted frenzy without delay necessary steps must be taken. None are unaware of how terrible are the reactions of radiations. About half a century back Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were bombed (atomic) yet even today the environment there is not capable enough of rendering people disease free and enjoying good health. Even today its atmosphere reeks with toxicity and those babies born there majority are afflicted with lameness, handicapped conditions and mental retardation.

For material advancement large stature industrialization and hoarding as much power has come in vogue in a furious competitive manner. Thus it is imperative that we take steps to stop nuclear testing else akin to the mythological demon Bhasmasur our own so called progress/development shall burn us to ashes.




















No doubt with reference to scientific research attainments that aspect is worth highly eulogizing that helped design various comforts/facilities for entire planet earth, helped reached pinnacles of progress/prosperity, helped unearth various cure/therapies in the field of modern allopathic medicine and got success in executing open heart surgeries. Modern science has astounded us all by inventing technology in a short time span using very limited means that execute useful tasks. Yet behind these scientific attainments if we ignore heinous reactions manifesting yet one aspect is such that gives us hints that science is ignorant in a certain sense. Their efforts are like letting loose arrows in sheer darkness. By believing that the intellect, wisdom and talent are related to materialism modern science has unearthed such tablets and chemicals with the aid of which the brain skill increases, talent augments and is also shouting from rooftops that it is helping humanity attain joy-peace. Yet it is hidden from none how baseless all these proclamations are.

Since the past 2 years people residing in urban areas of USA like New York/Boston/New Jersey and a few countries of Western Europe are asking for smart pills from Britain and Switzerland. When America’s food and drug administration surveyed this they found that the side effects of medicines administered in the cure of diseases of depression, heart and joint pains/arthritis are beneficial from the mental capability standpoint. The memory power, psyche potential and IQ of those taking these medicines increases for a defined time span. So called civilized ‘highly cultured’ people gulped these pills not for curing any disease but did so to augment their IQ and memory power. Yet the question arises, as to whether is it really true, that peoples’ intellectual potential and memory retention capacity augments a lot? If this is true why would people imbibe difficult methods like self control, intense efforts etc in order to augment their IQ and various skills?

In California-Santa Cruz a company called ‘B and J’ has placed before us all a list of medicines and food items that are shown to increase intellectual potential, brain capacity and memory retention power. For curing depression and mental listlessness a medicine called ‘deprenil’ is administered that is known to increase memory power. Similarly a medicine called ‘acetyl carnitin’ is known to be useful in the Alzheimer’s disease which also increases blood circulation in the brain. Similarly a same type of claim has been made by Canada’s doctor M Matthew Arnold and Florida Penscola’s doctor Bordjean.  

Experts from USA and other countries are very worried regarding the above data because those people who take these medicines for a long time span start losing their natural brain capacity. Since blood circulation and brain functioning increases a lot nerves, muscle fibers etc start becoming lax and weak. As a result so called high intellectuals start losing their natural memory power. On experimenting with rats and monkeys research scientists have found that since their brains emit special chemicals they seem imbued with more verve and seem more active than other rats yet their behavior involves attacking viciously scratching other rats and thus they imbibe a very cruel/savage attitude.

Regarding humans too the above observation is applicable. This is because those people who use this so called ‘smart pill’ in the form of ‘deprenil’ and ‘acetyl carnitin’ medicines for a long time span in high dosage it is seen that their immune system which combats various disease causing foreign agents, microbes etc slowly starts weakening as a result of which WBC reach a virtual inertia/inactive like state. Further hemoglobin no longer optimally executes the function of imbibing oxygen and thus such people get afflicted with various kinds of physical and mental diseases/illnesses.

A similar belief too is building up regarding ‘pleasure pills’ in the form of ‘anvint tablet’. It is said that by using this medicine people experience a lot of joy. In western countries these ‘pleasure pills’ are being used in a big way yet the joy experienced due to this lasts but for a few minutes. After this they need to again take this pill which again gives joy for some few more minutes. People suffering from depression find this intoxication so joyous that they do not want to lose this experience and thus they take these pills again and again. When this joyous state was created in rats by pressing electrodes they by forgetting to eat, sleep etc immersed themselves in joy by pressing these electrodes fitted on them. Thus slowly in 15 days they started dying. One such similar tablet is called ‘anvind’ that intoxicates its user in such a manner that although his/her hunger, thirst and sleep disappears yet they experience a lot of joy within. In reality this process is akin to that dog who chews dry bones as a result of which its skin palate in the mouth peels off and when its blood sticks to the bone which the dog chews it gives the dog a feeling that this blood is emerging from the dry bone and not from the peeled off skin. This is then the experience of people gulping these tablets. Finally since their life force/Prana Energy starts depleting they ultimately die.

Talent, skillful brain, memory power, joy and peace cannot be attained from the external world. Lest we wish to attain the in actuality we must dive deep within our psyche and soul. A spiritual way of, life devotion to God and spiritual practices aid a lot in augmenting our brain skills and power of memory retention. Meditation techniques help emit such chemicals from the brain that it influences the brain positively. Thus the devotee slowly becomes radiant and brilliant in personality. Certain meditation based applications help in advancing mental energies. Sound waves emerging due to chanting of various types of Mantras, by activating electrical waves of the brain execute exactly these tasks. Stupendous forest herbs like Brahmi and Saraswati Panchak aid wonderfully in this task yet all these exhibit their prowess only up to a certain limit. This is because total energy is found within the psyche/soul. It cannot be got via external superficial paraphernalia.

If scientific research is carried out in such creative fields then truly due to al totality of spirituality and modern scientific attainments such medical therapies can be advanced wherein modern science instead of being rendered infant like ignorant shall be labeled wise and shall give mankind those achievements on availing which definitely shall radiate joy and peace everywhere.




















The meaning of progress or development cannot be restricted to merely increasing material production (GDP) or amassing a lot of material comforts/facilities. True development instead connotes that farsightedness that keeps in mind reactions setting in far ahead in future days to come and thus in tandem we make apt arrangements for the same. It is based on such tests that progress of any country is gauged. In the past in the mad rush of industrialization this fact was ignored perilously. We took note of and thought of only immediate benefits. The reaction of not cogitating over what effect shall be witnessed on the entire environment due to this policy totally lacking a farsighted vision has appeared in our midst as heinous toxicity lording over the earth’s atmosphere. Thus life force present in water, air and food grains has died supinely. The entire environment cycle has turned lopsided and haywire. Due to this toxicity a fearful worldwide situation is about to manifest wherein all world creatures shall die chokingly.

A group of research scientists from California University have warned us all that lest without any delay arrangements are not made to obstruct pollution the human race shall die prematurely. They opine that In order to kill germs, bacteria etc so many gases thought to be heinous are sprayed left right and center. But these gases spread even more pollution than factory etc smoke emissions. They play a chief role in skin cancer appearance in the human body. Fluorocarbons, by reaching higher layers of earth’s atmosphere destroy the ozone protective layer whose function is to obstruct ultraviolet rays that emerge from the sun. Researchers of United States National Academy opine that since 5% of the ozone layer has got depleted merely in USA more than 8000 people are afflicted by skin cancer. Lest such toxic principles mentioned above are used increasingly as is seen today then by the year 2000 AD this disease shall take the form of a worldwide epidemic.

No factory/industry can function if petroleum/coal is not available. Since they burn in very high measure so much carbon dioxide is emitted that the entire earth’s atmosphere heats up. It is believed that the way in which the temperature of Stratosphere, which is a protective layer in earth’s environment, is increasing rapidly that if we fail to obstruct this heating then in a few decades itself so much heat shall augment on earth that it will be difficult to glimpse even a wee bit of lush greenery. At that time the very map of planet earth shall change drastically. A few years previously in the southern region of Sahara Dessert a terrible famine was noted and thousands died as a result. In the western region of USA heavy flooding was seen, in Bangladesh due to a very violent storm thousands died and many more such calamities have been witnessed the world over. These incidences are but the result of that pollution which is glimpsed as a dire world situation appearing due to nature’s ire.

The world renowned ecologist Rachel Carson wrote a book called ‘Silent Spring’ wherein by mentioning a note of pollution emerging due to usage of pesticides like DDT and diseases manifesting due to it has warned the world to save itself from its dire consequences. Rachel opines that the very existence of every living being is heavily dependent on a mutual bond with each other and a healthy environment. In order to prove this Rachel by showcasing the example of East Lasing city of Michigan writes that in order to protect Elya Chi ravel plants from the attack of Veetal worms the entire city was sprayed with DDT pesticide. In the autumn season these worms chewed up all leaves of this plant. By the time spring season arrived a beast called Robins rendered these worms its prey. As a result within a week so many Robins were lying dead all over the city.

The world over a campaign has been taken up on a war footing to kill germs, mosquitoes etc. The germ killing chemicals/pesticides used contain heinous poisonous elements. These toxic materials on mixing with water get absorbed by soil that is a source of nourishment for trees/plants. These toxins thus enter plants. When man eats these fruits, food grains etc these poisonous principles enter their body yet majority of humans are blissfully unaware of it. These toxins slowly uproot the life force that bestows sound health on humans and thus it gives birth to various types of diseases and illnesses.

Rachel Carson says that blind usage of pesticides reeks with lack of farsightedness. For protecting trees/plants from attacks by germs, microbes etc we must use the nature based methodology of Biological Control. Fungi are known to eat up germs responsible for harming crops, trees etc without harming the trees etc. Thus fungi must be made use of for plant life protection instead of heinous chemicals. In the past we have got proof of how the poisonous nature of chemicals mixing with water affects even very far off regions. Antarctic in the Polar Region is thousands of miles away from industrialized areas of earth. Yet when a scientific test was done it was found that the bodies of bears and penguins residing in Antarctica contained a large measure of germ killing chemical elements.

Pollution that is a creation of civilized humans is such a dire one that it is looming large in every nook and corner of the globe. A few years back due to polluted gases emitted by Germany’s heavily industrialized city Sanhar Area a very strange heavy layer of snow froze on Norway’s mountain tops which manifested many new types of diseases. On an average when big oil tankers travelling via sea route starts leaking in a major way the ocean water gets surrounded by this spilled oil. Under such conditions it becomes well nigh difficult for marine life to remain alive in these oily ocean waters. So many species of marine life have been destroyed permanently due to this poison and many have lost their very existence. In very heavily industrialized metro cities automobiles plying on roads emit thousands of tons of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide in the earth’s atmosphere. Experts opine that these toxic gases by mixing with fogs/mists and UV light present in solar rays by spreading out in earth’s environment in the form of heinous foul smelling clouds that are dark hued or else as fogs posing health hazards give birth to innumerable types of diseases.

Danger that is the creation of usage of excess amounts of germ killing pesticides is looming ferociously on India too. Scientists N Ramakrishnan and NK Roy attached to National Dairy Research Institute-Karnal tested samples from markets from various leading city’s milk industry. In these tests they found DDT and BHC in excess amounts in milk samples taken from cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Karnal etc. The World Health Organization or WHO has determined the highest permissible levels of DDT and VHC to be 1.25 parts per million and 50 parts per million respectively. In the milk samples tested Karnal region had 15 parts per million, Mumbai had 7 parts per million and Kolkata had 7 parts per million of DDT and VHC. This tells us that a very large measure of these toxic chemicals is continuing mixing with water, air and soil in land.

As per a daily newspaper ‘Ittafak’ in Bangladesh in the past 7 months due to devouring of poisonous food items and dirty drinking water 15,000 people died. In the middle of February within the regions of Vairisal and Pattu Avali died due to a cholera epidemic spreading there. On studying its cause it was found that people there had eaten toxic fish and drank polluted waters. For uprooting this epidemic the government had to call the army only then did the dire situation come a bit under control.

In the year 1955 WHO or World Health Organization had resolved firmly to uproot malaria disease attacks seen the world over but yet even after 28 years lapsing by this task has not tasted success. Rising pollution day after day aid in breeding of more and more mosquitoes. Spraying of millions of tons of DDT the world over has not mattered much in killing deadly mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes have become immune to the action of DDT on them. Even high doses of antibiotics like quinine many times cannot kill mosquitoes. Due to this malaria disease thought to be commonplace thousands of people are dying the world over each year. In comparison to Asia and Europe the ire of malaria is more ferocious in Africa. As per statistical data available each year in Africa 100,000,000 cases of malaria are reported and everyday 3000 children are noted dying due to malarial fever.

Due to rising pollution of varied types the environmental cycle of nature is turning lopsided and imbalanced. The result of this is that for the past few decades so many agitating and fearful world situations have to be endured. In the year 1970 a group of scientists on carrying out due research found that in the entire world 15% ice has increased due to increasing pollution trends everywhere. On this very basis it is inferred that lest this situation continues to exist then in few decades henceforth the human race may have to face a dire Ice Age like fearful world situation. In Greenland the record of 100 years cold season got broken since the lowest minimum temperature was recorded there. In so many regions of Moscow, Central USA, South Asia, China, Australia and Sahara Dessert fearful famine set in due to nature’s wrath wherein millions of people died.

The opinion of experts attached to US Central Intelligence Agency is that in future days to come nature’s ire shall become more ferocious wherein a very big portion of the world’s population shall face premature death. Even the environmental committee of UN while mulling over this possibility says that in the recent years since in North India a lot of season disruption has been noted it shows that the 4 month time span for each season manifesting is now ending and this is throwing its malefic effect on the earth’s atmosphere. The one only cause of this is a gigantic measure of carbon dioxide gas getting focused in the earth’s environment. The committee further said that till the middle of the 21st century the levels of carbon dioxide shall double and that chlorofluoro carbon and ammonia gases by mixing in the environment in large amounts shall even further distort various seasonal cycles.

The blind rush for nuclear testing has conjoined one more heinous chain of toxic radiation emission to pollution trends in the world as a result of which nature’s imbalance becomes more lopsided. The UN Committee in their report have said that in the decade of 1970 in the entire world 469 (official figures) nuclear testing were executed and what needs to be noted is that unofficial testing done were no less in number. Not only is interstellar space ‘sipping’ its toxicity but in the same ratio it shall shower disasters in the form of nature’s ireful calamities on world humanity.

The straight run of uncontrolled development shall definitely dash the human race on the ground of death. Everyone ceaselessly is conjoined to nature’s cycle. It is impossible that even one creature remains unaffected by it. Everyone shall undergo birth and death for sure. The demand of true thinking is that chains of proper control be put on the blind run after development. That farsighted methodology be imbibed which in turn shall benefit just about everyone wholesomely in future times to come.







There must have been a time previously wherein it was not possible for man to cross over rivers, mountains, eddies, jungles, desserts and oceans so as to journey to far off regions. At that time man had to perforce live within the limited periphery of good/bad situations. Since man at that time had no information of regions found outside this periphery in comparison to today’s modern times that situation was comparable to a toad in a well or maggots dwelling in a fig fruit.

Today in this computer and nuclear age there is a mob of railways, motors, ships, air planes etc and that hence it has become quite facile to reach from one end of earth to another, transporting materials from one region to another far off or close by region and give and take of knowledge/information. The result of to attain liberation from such limitations is that today’s modern man in comparison to man of Adam’s Era imprisoned in various limitations is so prosperous and rich which is known to just about everyone.

The next step involves establishing a contact with intellectual creatures, dwelling in other planets and thus aiding in the opening of the doors of give/take with them. For this efforts in a miniscule manner were no doubt executed but a very gigantic step is being taken to inhabit earth denizens in interstellar space so that from there it shall become easy to contact other planets, satellites etc. All around planet earth dwells a very rock hard armor in the form of gravitational force, atmospheric layers and the environment. It becomes difficult to go from here to there or come from there to here since this armor needs to be pierced in order to do so. When an interstellar space city is inhabited all these obstacles shall go away and via space craft by jumping over the enclosure of the solar family it shall become facile to go elsewhere in space and return safely. Hence in this direction very enterprising valiant steps are being taken.

The British Interstellar Space Institution has designed a ‘Deadlesss’ craft that shall function, using nuclear energy and shall unearth and study far off planets in space. The plan of space scientist Gerard Neel is to help inhabit an interstellar space city from where comparably it shall be easier for interstellar space travel to and fro. Possibly, in the coming decade it may get readied also and via the medium of interface junctions, man’s space travel shall become very easy to access. In USA already its citizens have started their booking and reservations.

This space city shall rotate twice on its axis every minute wherein in this satellite akin to planet earth gravitational force shall emerge. Forever the temperature there shall be 20 degrees Centigrade and the weather shall always be pleasant. In this plan about 6,000,000,000,000 dollars shall be used. Its directors have thought that for such an important task so much wealth as capital must be used. These days for energy availability arrangements, USA alone uses about 1,000,000,000,000 dollars worth petrol. Hence by using such expenses spanning 6 years why not think of rendering easily accessible solar energy in large measure for the entire world. These days in comparison to expenses incurred for generating electricity the world over at 10% this space electricity can be sold to customers. With it everyone shall benefit and at present all those plans that have stalled due to energy crisis faced the world over and that the layman faces difficulty as a result, for trouble shooting this problem with the aid of this space attainment all these tasks can be executed easily.

In a gist this is an effort to recreate a new planet earth. Although small in size yet from the material means/facilities point of view it is very similar to earth. The creators of this new planet are hoping that by sitting on this rooftop a new path shall open up for establishing a contact with space and other planets wherein give and take with them can take place.

In interstellar space in the absence of an atmosphere and gravity for creatures of earth it is not possible to dwell there. Space travelers are sent by seating them in such space craft wherein all means for sustaining life are available. Life is dependent on food, water and air. In big satellites these 3 have to be rendered available in such a way that with its help during the time span of travel all such requirements are optimally fulfilled. In this space city mentioned above so many material means cannot be sent from earth yet such an arrangement shall be made that majority of imperative requirements shall be produced on an ongoing basis in this space city itself. Hence all arrangements for food, clothing, factories, offices, education, medical therapy/diagnosis, entertainment etc shall be made. The main thing to note is that surrounding this city there shall dwell gravity akin to earth and an armor of an atmosphere. On this very basis it shall become possible to protect this newly created space city from interstellar space based disasters and horrific accidents.

Ambitious schemes of lording over interstellar space has kept an aim in mind that till 2010 AD a new space world gets inhabited. On an average it shall reside about 125,000 miles above earth’s gravitational force and atmosphere. For this the process of sending required ordinary goods shall commence within 2 years. In this city all required materials for normal day to day living shall be rendered available. Either these shall be produced there or that they shall reach here on being transported from planet earth. The responsibility for this task has been shouldered by 2 highly intellectual space scientists of USA’s Princeton University whose names are KO Neil and Peter Deleger. Every newly created space city shall have a population of 10000 people.

It has already been said that this space city has been created to unearth that important data/information regarding interplanetary conditions that since it cannot pierce the complex veil spread out around earth in order to come down it leaves earth denizens ignorant regarding this data. The 2nd aim is that this space city by gathering solar energy in desired amounts shall send the same to other space indwellers as per the amount they need. For this end laser rays shall be made a medium.

In this space city nuclear testing, microbial testing and genes research shall become easier to carry out. By converting solar heat to electricity the same can be sent for usage by earth denizens. From here space and interplanetary travels too shall become straightforward and the same shall be true for cosmic give-take activities. It is inferred that expenses for all this shall be about 1,000,000,000,000 dollars. It is being mulled over that in the coming 20 years this task of city building shall be taken up and that within 20 years it shall be successfully completed so that it shall then become possible to travel and reside there.

Those harboring doubts have also said that in order to take possession of this city countries harboring cut throat competition with one another can also possibly wage space wars with one another. Lest this actually happens know that earth denizens aspiring to reside in this space city are at serious peril. Akin to many satellites moving about like sky labs lest these gigantic colonies in space on getting razed fall on planet earth what shall be the plight of earth indwellers cannot even be imagined a wee bit. This aspect of the blemish of joyous possibilities is such that scientists advocating humanism have asked all concerned authorities to pay due attention to it. Environmental experts opine that since so many such space colonies shall get inhabited the environment can be rendered imbalanced that can further result in possible nature’s ire manifesting ferociously.

Where shall this colony, be set up? For this Dr Neil has chosen an imaginary spot: ‘LU’. It is between the moon and earth. Messages sent from earth to this spot and other means can easily get imbibed. In comparison to earth it shall dwell closer to the moon.

Technology sent in advance shall dig soil on the moon and bricks shall be made there. These bricks shall be thrown in the direction of space craft. In it no expenses for throwing shall be incurred. Merely extra arrangements shall have to be made to ‘catch’ these materials and methodically storing them.

The neo created space city shall be such that interplanetary influences shall not affect them. Meteors and firebrands shall not shatter them. In this space city an earth like atmosphere shall be created wherein agriculture shall become possible and that all materials for food and life sustenance shall be produced. Space scientist Dr Neil of Princeton University who has taken responsibility for this plan has in detail published it in a magazine called ‘Physics today’. Apart from this as a result of consultation with other scientists regarding this, a gigantic report based book has been published by MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In it models of this space city colony have been published as photographs. 

The shape of this proposed space colony shall be that of a hollow cylinder. Its length shall be 1 km and diameter of 100 meters. After preliminary tests succeed more and more gigantic sized colonies shall be set up.

Now people are thinking thus that in order to save ourselves from scattered complex efforts of rockets, satellites etc why not set a chain of space colonies outside planet earth? Why not execute those very tasks so far accomplished by rockets hence be executed via these space colonies? No doubt a lot of capital shall be used up yet later a lot of our expenses so far used for space research shall be saved in great measure. There was a time previously when the talk of setting up colonies in space was mere figment of our wild imagination but today in order to set up its social mold a very well planned scheme has been designed.

These days nearby planet earth so much rubbish as space crafts, rockets, satellites etc has collected that in place of benefits which we thought shall land our way the worry of decreasing their numbers has augmented. They cannot remain in this same state for infinity. Since they are manmade they ooze with such errors that as a result of these they shall get depleted of inner energy, then fall down and after becoming withered and old shall one day fall on earth. Wherever in future they fall there they shall create nothing but hardships. Till today the world has not forgotten the turmoil manifesting due to the sky lab space craft falling down. In future this debris shall increase much more and that newer problems shall emerge forth. The solution for this too is being thought via these space colonies wherein via powerful means present in them by collecting this rubbish like debris shall be pushed off in some hollow area of interstellar space and thus earth denizens need not worry with reference to this debris.

Say, how much force is required to fly high in interstellar space after first piercing earth’s gravitational pull? The answer given by scientists is 11.2 km/sec. Speed lesser than this shall not allow materials on earth to pierce gravity and that they shall be pulled downwards instead. In order to cross over this obstruction these days a lot of mind blowing expenses are incurred to throw rockets upwards and lead them out in space by crossing the armor of planet earth in the form of its atmospheric layer. Outside these space colonies no such armor shall exist. Thus from there interplanetary space travel shall not be so cumbersome in comparison to difficulties faced while commencing space missions from planet earth.

In order get liberated from bondages man is making efforts right since primordial times and that he has cut asunder quite a few bondages too. Since he has cut up the bondage of being caged in the cage called planet earth then instead of thinking merely of a united planet earth family he shall definitely get the great fortune of not only becoming a member of the interstellar space cosmic family but that in accordance with this he can make apt plans and attaining various facilities too.























The world’s population is increasing at a maddening pace. This augmenting very much in tandem demands means for sustaining life. When there is no balance between requirements and their demands a state of dire imbalance emerges which in turn leads to various types of world problems. Material means are limited and demand for them is n fold more. Under such conditions it is most required that by increasing production this increased demand can be taken care of. What are the ways to increase production? Should it be ‘milking’ or aptly managed wholesome plans designed for it? This question demands a permanent solution. One method involves making earth drink the alcohol of artificial chemical fertilizers so as to milk it to the utmost and after a certain time span render it barren and arid. The 2nd option is by using in great amounts fertilizers devoid of hazardous elements and thus increasing production. Along with this, by rendering reformed wasteland measuring thousands of acres, the same should be used for agricultural purposes. Know for sure that every true thinking person shall opt for the 2nd method. The reason being that due to usage of manmade fertilizers no doubt on an immediate footing production augments yet from the standpoint of far off future reactions setting in this effort lacking farsightedness proves to be very heinous. Latest findings of agricultural experts show that earth, on using chemical fertilizers is speedily losing its rich fertility and due to this mad blind effort the world over, barren desert areas are being rendered more and more widespread.

USA’s scientist Dr Michael Mclory is a professor at Harvard University. In a conference arranged in Paris he while warning us all said that a very important layer of earth’s atmosphere that saves earth from the malefic influence of UV radiations is now protects us from UV radiation dire attacks is weakening speedily. There is a possibility that 10% capacity of the ozone layer shall get destroyed by the end of the 20th century. The cause for this according to Prof Michael is toxic pollution emitted when chemical fertilizers are used and that it is also possible that when this protective armor i.e. the ozone layer weakens planet earth shall fail to get protection from attacks by malefic interstellar space radiations heading towards it. Thus the 1st dire reaction shall be seen in the form of hurdles for growth of saplings of trees/plants and their growth. Earth’s fertility too shall get badly affected by these deadly radiations and shall thus lose its productive capacity in a big way.

While throwing light on scientific precepts he further elaborated by saying that the final conversion of artificial chemical fertilizers is seen in the form of nitrogen dioxide in the gaseous state which in turn destroys earth’s ozone layer. Today, the world over, about 50,000,000 tons of chemical fertilizers have nitrogen gas content. It is believed that till the year 2000 AD this usage shall increase up to 200,000,000 tons. A very mind boggling mystery has been unveiled by Canada’s scientist called Meric Ellis. He says that the ecological cycle has many material units. By using these in fertilizers it shall be devoid of any hazards and that they permanently augment earth’s rich fertility. For example dung of birds-animals, urine, leaves and fertilizers generated from garbage if used to grow crops no danger ensues. While proving his point he says that right since ancient times these nature based fertilizers have been used in agriculture but never have any hazards ensued as are being witnessed today in modern times. Since the ozone layer has been harmed not only shall earth’s fertility get destroyed but that the very lives of all creatures are at a perilous stake.

In order to protect crops from worm, germ etc attacks so many life killing pesticides are used in humungous amounts and these have created so many world disastrous situations. In our country India about 80000 ton each year 44 types of pesticides are used. These pesticides chiefly are of 2 types: Organochlorine and Organofluorosis. Organochlorine pesticides are unable to mix with water but they do mix with fats. In this category are included DDT, VSC, Endrin, Eldrin, Dieldrin and Endosulfan. These are sprayed in entire India while growing crops to save the latter from germ attacks.

Majority of the above pesticides do not disintegrate and by remaining in rock solid form protect crops from germ/worm attacks. Since they are known to dissolve in fats they get absorbed in food containing fats. This food is then devoured by humans, beasts etc which then collects as fat in the body. These pesticide mixed fats cannot easily be thrown out of the body. Thus when they gather in the body so many stomach ailments appear along with anemia like condition. There is always a lingering fear that these toxic fats might damage the liver. Organofluorosis fertilizers on the other hand are not only not very influencing for a long time span but that to the extent they remain active they emit much more toxicity.

As per statistics available in our country India in order to protect crops from germ/pest attacks DDT spraying was executed in such gigantic amounts that its long lasting dire effect is seen even today. It is believed that in the food of every Indian 27 mg of DDT can be found. In one research finding it has been said that in the body of 1 Indian the amount of deadly DDT chemical is between 13-31 parts per million whereas in other countries this measure is between 1.8-19.2 parts per million. In Australia this measure in every individual is about 1.8, in West Germany about 2.3, in England 3.3, in Canada 4.8, in Denmark 3.3, in Italy 5, in Hungary 12.4, in France 5.2 and in Israel 19.2 parts per million.

Spraying of toxic pesticides is not only hazardous for our health but that it destroys entire earth’s ecological cycle. Nature via its self directed management creates living beings and then kills them. In this dual process of creation and destruction it is not apt that humans interfere in an unwanted manner. So many times due to this such disasters set in that are impossible for frail humans to combat successfully. For example in a region called Bonia found in America DDT was sprayed in heavy measure so as to get protection from deadly mosquito attacks. The result of this was that the local public residing there faced very dire situations.

Due to DDT spraying a special type of germ called caterpillar commenced its uproar. Ordinarily these caterpillars are eaten by wasps that die due to the toxic attack of DDT. Thus these caterpillars could procreate in an uncontrolled manner. This poisonous DDT started killing flies too. Since flies died in hordes the food of lizards diminished a lot. Lizards were eaten by cats but due to these being poisonous they started dying. Since cats died the number of rats increased phenomenally. These rats proliferated so alarmingly that in local areas immense turmoil and agitation ensued. Finally on noting that the situation has become explosive the USA government in order to destroy this excess breeding activity of rats imported cats from other countries. Only then was it possible to control this havoc like situation.

Similar situations once were faced in Malaysia. Over there, crops of a type of intoxicant drug called coco were grown. These crops were attacked by germs. In order to kill them a special type of pesticide was used. Immediately after this pesticide was sprayed an astonishing change seen was that so many such sub species started proliferating that were never seen in that region previously. Finally such a hazardous worm called Vaig manifested which could not be killed by any pesticide. In order to kill it the dosage of venomous pesticides sprayed had to be increased in high measure. As a result not only that these germs did not die but that the crops became more toxic. As luck would have it a big horde of wasps reached there and started eating these heinous germs. Only then the crops were saved to a great extent.

A belief is in vogue that soil is lifeless and generally worms found in it can only cause harm to crops growing in it. To an extent this no doubt is true yet latest research data placed by agricultural sciences say that in comparison to germs, worms etc that pose hazards soil oozes more with those germs etc that is beneficial for crop growth and that they augment the soil’s fertility in a big way. Various types of worms like beetles, termites, ceaters etc are very beneficial for agricultural tasks. Modern day pesticides used in agriculture today kill both beneficial and heinous types of germs. As a result we fail to avail benefits from germs etc that is very helpful and beneficial for crop growth. This hazard is so gigantic that no other man made solution can fulfill this lack.

The author of the book ‘The silent spring’ Richard Castson is a great scholar of ecological sciences. In this book he writes that due to spraying of pesticides the world of small germs, worms etc is about to end swiftly. As a result those birds that depend on them for food nourishment too are danger of losing their very existence. There are so many birds that contribute towards the pollination/growth of plants, fruits etc in a very subtle but important manner. Since these birds die in hordes the very life of plants, trees etc is at stake very seriously.

It is worth noting that the more certain countries are backward and underdeveloped they have used much more toxic chemicals. As a result in that very ratio this poison started mixing in the human body that in turn gave birth to so many bodily and mental diseases. Due to an underdeveloped intellect and illiteracy farmers of backward countries are just not that alert regarding the far off future dire reactions of using toxic pesticides left right and center.

Our country India is predominantly an agricultural one. Animal breeding right since ancient times is looked upon as an inseparable aspect of agriculture. Due to multifaceted usage of birds/beasts they are believed to be a very important unit of material prosperity. Apart from their boons like giving us milk, their hard labor etc their dung and urine in the form of natural organic fertilizers have helped increased crop harvests in a manifold way. Thus animal breeding must now be encouraged in a big way and be given a prime spot. Only then can we put a full stop to health hazards and nature’s ecological imbalance noted due to usage of synthetic chemical fertilizers and deadly pesticides. In order to augment production it is most required that we use excreta, rubbish, garbage etc in a well managed fashion. Lest the tradition of wholesome usage of these so called useless materials sets rolling big time and that arrangements are made to render useful those lands that are either unused or are barren, the food scarcity problem seen the world over especially in poor underdeveloped countries can be solved stupendously.











The world’s highly renowned astronomers opine that since the past few decades nature’s imbalance is being noted augmenting alarmingly. As a result the world over, so many messy and turbulent situations are being witnessed. Lest this situation remains thus then up to the end of the 20th century fearful situations of natural calamities and agitations may usher in ferociously. The entire world shall get caught in its perilous clutches and world humanity ceaselessly undergoing havoc may lose their very existence. In the recent past so many living beings have lost their very existence and have become extinct. Lest man too due to lack of farsighted vision too becomes extinct in future times none should become aghast.

Regarding this, scientists attached to UN’s food and agricultural organization has conducted profound research and studies. As per conclusions drawn by them in the entire world after every 4 days forest lush green wealth near New York City is undergoing destruction. About half the population of birds, animals etc that are closely related to human living are found residing in jungles. If we keep cutting up forests the lives of these birds/beasts shall end. Each year about 1000 species of various microbes and other creatures are becoming extinct. Lest this sequence continues in future too then within 12 years henceforth 1/4th of forest residing creatures, microbial life etc shall get destroyed in totality. Natural species of creatures are very useful and beneficial for mankind.

Within it scientists till today have been able to unearth only 6%. Our agricultural production and animal wealth is but the boon of these jungle based creatures. 75% of food grains/items is attained merely from 8 types of creatures. Plants growing forests are a major source of medicinal herbs. Forests have the capacity to bestow steadiness to various seasons. A few years back via research carried out by medical specialists and doctors proves that from the body of wild crabs of the shape of a horse’s hoof a special type of juice emerges that destroys disease creating microbes present in the human body. From the juice of certain creatures found in the ocean cancer immunity power can be manifested. In Mexico on carrying out research studies on certain sub species of wild corn it was found that have superb immunity qualities that obstruct disease attacks on the body. But alas! Today these are not seen anywhere in the world. Since forests are being chopped off insanely its sub species also are becoming extinct.

As per the observations made by experts on neo evolved conditions of modern science say that a special type of mutual cooperation and balance exists between mobile beings (man, germs, birds, animals etc), immobile beings (trees, plants etc) and units that help sustain life (earth, water, air etc). All 3 akin to rings tightly bound to a chain give an introduction to their potency and existence. On the basis of this aphorism the entire world management appears to be well directed. Lest even 1 ring in this chain breaks apart entire foundation by being rendered haywire shall lose its very existence.

There was a time in history when in Mauritius jungles a bird called Dodo of the shape of a duck resided on Calvarias trees. It failed to fly unlike other birds that can fly high in the sky. Taking advantage of this Dodo birds’ helplessness European poachers commenced hunting it. About 300 years back when the very last Dodo bird died a saying in English language ‘dead as a dodo’ was animatedly discussed. As a result of this an alarming depletion in the number of Calvarias trees was noted. Since the number of these trees decreased ceaselessly the situation became such that in 1970 only 14 trees of these species were seen surviving in the entire world. A scientist called Prof A Stanley attached to Wisconsin University opines that on the surface of the seed of the Calvarias tree can be found a tough skin layer that stops wetness from entering the seed. Thus on its own this seed cannot sprout. The bodily design of the Dodo bird can be said to be quite curiously strange. In its intestines are present certain small stony pebbles. When the Dodo bird ate these seeds the combination of action of the pebbles in its intestines and acidic content found there the tough peel on the seeds becomes quite thin. Thus when these seeds get excreted from the Dodo bird’s body when it passes stools (dung) they are now capable of sprouting and later growing into tall Calvarias trees. Prof Stanley by feeding Dodo’s Calvarias tree seeds not only has helped the lineage of these trees not to become extinct but has carried out a campaign to augment these trees in large numbers. On seeing the usefulness and importance of this Dodo bird the Mauritius Government has made it its national bird.

Director General of Switzerland’s International Union for Conservation of Nature, Canton R Miller has studied quite deeply earth’s creature based wealth wherein is included various types of species, sub species etc of all types of microbial life, birds, beasts and plants. In our world as of today totally 10,000,000 of these remain. Their destruction too is going on at quite a hectic pace. Lest this sequence of destruction is not obstructed well in time then till the end of the 20th century 1,000,000 sub species shall become extinct forever on earth as a result of which human existence shall stare at a special type of danger because the chief task of these sub species is to help in production of food items. The root cause of destruction of these sub species is overpopulation on earth and destruction of forest wealth.

Statistical data says that 40% of all species of creatures belonging to planet earth are found in jungles that are now undergoing destruction at a fierce pace. The total jungle area is about 10,000,000 sq km out of which 75,000 sq km each year is becoming barren due to insane chopping of lush greenery there. About 3,500,000,000 years previously all species of creatures had been created. At that time all species of nature were present in their original form. Yet today 90% species have lost their existence in totality. As per a report given by India’s Environmental Ministry about 3-4 thousand species of a total of 15,000 trees/plants have become extinct. Amongst these 90% form species of various herbs used in medical therapies/cures.

A Life Scientist of Cornell University, Thomas Esner says that the meaning of one species becoming extinct is that certain pages of a very important book of nature’s library disappearing. In their absence it becomes impossible to fully understand the full meaning of that book and that it becomes that much more difficult to showcase the gist or essence of the book. Since the bond of one species of the world of nature is conjoined to another species very tightly hence in the absence of one species the other too becomes extinct at one point in time. Man too is no exception to this rule.




















One day a press reporter asked the great history scholar Arnold Toynbee that in the near future when due to modern scientific progress man shall accrue untold measure of joyous comforts and facilities at very low prices, at that hour how shall man sitting idly pass his time? While answering this question Toynbee said: For man in order to work a gigantic and very important realm is empty. This realm is such wherein despite a lot of development setting in material comforts and facilities shall become sorrowful instead of bestowing long lasting happiness on him. This realm that has been ignored for a very long time is that of spirituality. The area that sanctifies our very inner thinking in comparison to fulfilling our mundane needs is very gigantic and widespread too. That free time available due to augmenting of various facilities, shall be used by future generations to come for spiritual attainments. A need shall be experienced to sanctify human inward thinking via soulful music, literature, art etc and that a need of one getting sensitive emotional help from another shall be felt. Thus the future generations must be encouraged to unearth means to appease the thirst of the inner human soul. When today’s present frivolous trend of eat, drink and be merry only shall prove to be pointless man shall have to be encouraged to make more useful efforts of awakening introverted/soul based activities. Thus a void experienced when we sit idly merely twiddling our thumbs shall henceforth no longer be experienced.

Man indeed is wise. He is well versed in becoming cautious and changing courses much before a very destructive situation emerges. Right since Adam’s Era till today so many ups and downs have been faced by mankind. Amongst these so many challenges were akin to a question of man’s life being at stake. If we cannot change circumstances we must change ourselves. To come to this conclusion no doubt it takes time for man to imbibe and accept but helplessness forces man to accept change and thus he then knows how to usher in balance.

Modern scientific progress has added a new and strange chapter to world human history. Along with propagation of mundane joyous comforts and facilities this discomfort is conjoined that in the absence of optimal control this development akin to an unruly elephant shall create a foundation of all devouring destruction.

For example since means for family planning have been unveiled a solution for obstructing unwanted rise in population growth has come in our hands. But within this a new problem has cropped up in the form of wild vagabond like sexual activities have augmented a great deal. Fearing un-required and undesirable child birth males/females in order to harbor control become helpless. But today no such cautious approach is required and that a lot of freedom is there to do whatever one wants sexually behind the curtain. Since this new road of downfall has opened up it is clear that a fearful situation stares ferociously at us in the form of public health being harmed a lot and that in married life an alarming increase is seen in the form of impiety and illicit extramarital relations. Only time shall tell whether these advanced means of family planning have aptly served mankind or that they have paved the way of his downfall?

Due to miraculous medicines the road of immediate warding off of pain no doubt opened up yet because of it no lesser loss was faced in the form of depletion of life force that obstructs various diseases manifesting in the body. Chemical fertilizers augmented food production yet what cannot be ignored is that they also increased bareness in land that was previously fertile and caused harm by forcing creatures to devour toxins along with food that they ate. Via atomic energy the requirement of energy can be fulfilled in a financially inexpensive manner and in untold measure. Yet where does one dispose off, the nuclear reactor wastes that emerge in the process? No solution has been found for this very complex problem. Nuclear weapon technology has obstructed the waging of a 3rd world war which is good but this too is not erroneous that a very lunatic perverted mind thinks of burning to ashes entire earth with a mere lit matchstick placed on a pile of dynamite. Modern day weapons have augmented n fold the power to attack others. Because of them bigger countries can render smaller weak countries powdered to pulp. Today no longer are age old methods of oppression and harassment in vogue yet the vicious cycle has set rolling in such a way there is no other option but to accept supinely oppression inflicted on us by other powerful people. People in olden times in order to render women servile and slave like imposed inhuman controls on them. But today so man enticements have been placed in front that apart from voluntarily surrendering albeit undesirably no other option is in sight.

Man’s state is akin to that hungry rat who on seeing a piece of bread gets imprisoned in a cage. Further man is also akin to a fish that is forced to invite death at its doorstep just due to its attraction towards a ball of kneaded bread flour. The media communication system has become so powerful that the lay public can be dragged in that very direction quite easily wherein selfish greed can be appeased. Millions of people are learning the ‘art’ of killing one another and are becoming ‘experts’ too in this field. In movies, internet, books etc the measure of illicit sexual activities depicted is increasing at a lunatic pace day by day. The cause for this ‘success’ is that greed for amassing wealth by publishers, directors etc wherein by inciting beastly instincts in innocent humans can be appeased quite easily. In the realm of movies ‘progress’ is noted due to this very basis and Indian art is yearning to march ahead by renouncing western naked shamelessness.

Modern scientific progress doubtlessly has propagated comforts/facilities in a mind blowing manner. Due to competitiveness these are becoming cheaper to buy and more comfortable to handle. The allurement of their usage and enjoyment gets incited in a facile way. Along with this too is definite that man blindly running on this path of titillating allurement shall fall flat on the ground and instead of accruing visible benefits shall get entangled in n fold more indirect havoc and harm.

Behind scientific achievements are conjoined the black shadow of its usage lacking true discrimination. Lest this trend keeps moving on its present axis, then in the near future this progress shall get converted to dire regression. Then we shall have to reach this conclusion that human intellectualism that has attained progress in the modern scientific arena has been rendered nothing but an unfortunate curse reeking with sheer foolishness.

Yet while placing faith in human glory we must hope that this state of lack of farsighted discrimination shall not last long. Not forever that we turn our faces away from true discrimination/Viveka. In the eye bewitching allurement of joyous comforts and facilities, our eyes of wisdom shall not remain half open only. Psychological slaps of time aimed at us shall force us to understand the bare reality. This fact shall not remain unknown to us that when uncontrolled power starts running on the path of that which is undesirable, it shall not stop till total destruction sets in. with discriminating between that which is apt and that which is inapt, by imbibing the thinking of ‘we have lost all that we attained’, ‘what we liked we got’ we run blindly in an aimless fashion, then this so called development shall prove to be heinous only. Today this fact may appear ridiculous yet when the bare reality shall stare at us in an ogling manner, we shall have to think of a way to get saved from the fearful world situation out to engulf world humanity.

The unruly demonic usage of power and various material means for a few set of people may prove to be beneficial for a short time span yet the lay public shall perforce have to endure untold harm. The bond of human love and goodwill shall get shattered and the verve of crossing all limits of civility and discipline shall not rest till it wipes off to naught human ethics and sense of justice gathered since time immemorial.

The million dollar question is shall the human race go in for collective suicide? Shall the goodwill based human culture called the crest jewel amongst all creatures created since Adam’s Era end in this manner full of painful ill fate? Shall it no longer be possible to make use of skillful human wisdom that has helped man time and again to come out of the shackles of various hazardous situations? While cogitating over these questions we cannot accept very easily that dangerous world situations can never be combated successfully or that never should we even try and troubleshoot them.

Most definitely in future days to come spiritual philosophy that has the power to put apt controls on modern science research shall develop in that very manner akin to how efforts are being made these days to encourage unruly consumerism of joyous comforts for scientific progress. Of course it is good that we cannot leave on nature the enticement for victory but even this is apt that unruly wild usage of this victory shall prove to be very direly expensive in future. Without proper balance no success is attained. Without putting spirituality based controls on modern science, no other solution exists to ward off problems appearing the world over, at a cyclonic pace.

One sided material progress by getting entangled in the clutches of wild unruliness has created such a situation where in all specialties of a healthy taint free society are getting destroyed one after another. Without doubt material comforts are increasing yet in the inner personality realm such a void has been created that has rendered the human soul agitated and rebellious. This dire reaction is being witnessed as the ‘Hippy’ movement. If high ideals are being practiced merely in a deceptive fraudulent manner why not put an end to them? The ‘Hippy’ movement definitely is an offshoot of such a negative despair like thinking. The solution of falling human values is being unearthed in this way that either we remain on this side of the shore or head towards the other end. If we insist on imbibing unruly uncontrolled ‘freedom’ why do so behind the curtain? Why not declare it to be the new ‘culture’ of a new era? When the ‘jungle law’ is being given acceptance within in a silent manner what harm is faced by showcasing it openly? In this demand whether anything else resides or not we do not know yet it definitely harbors integrity. Due to this honesty human discrimination shall have to deeply ponder as to whether man can find a solution by imbibing an aimless undisciplined behavior and activity? Most definitely this is an imagination of a disintegrated directionless world society wherein on getting ready the details of their tainted future results our hearts shall burn in agony.

Human history is witness to this fact that time and again man has given an introduction of required skilled thinking while facing problems and world fearful situations. This shall be noted in future too. The steps of modern scientific development shall march ahead. Due to its unruly undisciplined usage no doubt an all engulfing danger shall stare at us wrathfully. Due to imbibing unruly undisciplined behavior in place of human civilized thinking the agitation that shall ensue shall disallow this state to remain long and instead it shall demand an apt wholesome solution. Without fulfilling this demand nothing can be achieved.

If not due to the inspiration of gentlemanly goodwill even if due to the pressure of helplessness or from the standpoint of self protection and leading a worry free life the one and only solution is that akin to the world’s prosperity and energies consciousness based glories must be augmented manifold and that goodwill towards all and sacred well meaning activities proliferate the world. In order to fulfill this need in future days to come efforts of those very stature shall have to be made that are seen today in the form of human labor, skills, wealth and will power are being used for modern science development. In order to render one sided progress well balanced in the near future lest the campaign of spiritual advancement comes in front of us at a very fast cyclonic pace none should get astounded. This shall but be a natural witness like reaction that shall fulfill demands of modern times and also aid in rendering alive and kicking, human farsighted discrimination.






















Human consciousness is but a portion of cosmic consciousness. Via the cosmos’ nature based activities and conscious flow not only man but that the entire creature group keeps getting influenced. Spiritualists this energy spread out in the subtle world as ‘Brahman’ and scientists via their profound efforts continued to try and unveil the truth and reality found in this energy. Despite the standpoint of both being slightly different the opinion of great intellectual scientists was that most definitely some invisible existence and authority exists that directs the visible world. In bits and pieces we get its glimpse in the form of nature’s ferociously ireful calamities and punishment based arrangements. Today scientists are paying due attention to its possible effects on human health. When this logical brain, very hopeful towards its research studies, tries to unearth the cause of these fearful situations it finds itself a fair bit helpless. Under such situations it is required that by knowing the basis of future dire situations man keeps himself cautiously alert.

Creatures dwell on planet earth. They are influenced not only by radiations coming from interstellar space, energy of the solar system, interplanetary forces etc but they get affected also by very subtle upheavals noted in the womb of earth. Certain subtle vibrations remain ceaselessly active in the deep recesses of earth. These in the form of circadian rhythm influence very deeply movements of the human psyche, behavior of all creatures and balance of weather conditions. Via these scientific conclusions this very fact gets proved that man’s thought waves, vibrations of the interstellar space world and all very subtle atoms of earth and other planets are created from one unit itself.

From scientific research it has been unfolded that when a storm is about to manifest, such sudden changes occur in human nature that he gets agitated and stressed. His nature becomes wavering and imbalanced. If he is sleeping at night he sees fearful dreams. At such times the possibility of hysteria and epilepsy patients facing these disease attacks in a heightened manner is much more. Patients with suicidal tendencies and people undergoing psychological depression at such times very easily try to fulfill their desire. In USA’s San Francisco city as per a study conducted there when dense fog appears the number of people committing suicides on such days suddenly augments 10 times. Unruliness manifests in human nature. The number of rape cases and those of crime too shoot up. When mercury levels in a barometer is at its lowest measure, at that time, the possibility of storms appearing, augment a lot and the sequence of robbery, looting etc episodes start increasing.

Not only the human brain but other creatures too get influenced by these seasonal conditions. Sparrows leave their nests and start flying round and round in the sky. Fish on their own get entangled in the fishermen’s net. Cows on breaking up their noose start running away. The influence of these imbalances seen in nature’s arrangements affect all in an equal manner. This is so even if a creature influenced by this is not at all responsible for this mismanaged situation faced.

In reality humans are not solitary on planet earth. For every effort and activity of his he is dependent on others. In the deep cave of the inert-conscious world so many innumerable forces and energies are at work that only very miniscule amongst these are known to humans. The influence of the activities of living beings can be noted on other creatures, the environment weather and on the balance of this created world. When the effect of all these changes on reversing starts attacking, at that time nature’s punishing system forces everyone to become more alert, more enduring and making intense efforts for self protection.

While discussing nature based imbalances Dr Peterson writes that doctors of ancient eras made arrangements for disease diagnosis and healing methods in tandem with the inference made by then beforehand regarding changes seen in weather conditions. In some form or the other these ancient doctors had information regarding effects taking place on health and the human body due to the weather conditions noted. As per their opinion: With reference to space sciences and weather sciences studied in India the manner in which man’s bodily development and mental mobility is given due importance, know that it is not without a reason. This instead of being termed blind faith must be looked upon as a pure scientific fact. Dr Peterson himself has come to this conclusion that the well defined reaction of weather changes is noted in ill patients.

Regarding extraordinary changes seen in weather conditions Yugoslavia’s geographical experts say that whenever even a minor bending is noted in the solar system and earth a great upheaval is seen in the weather. Sussex University’s Dr John Gravin opines that due to a change noted in the state of sunspots many sudden transformations are witnessed in the environment. These types of movements in the solar world are seen quite clearly these days.

Britain’s weather expert Arthur Menkins opines that all imbalances setting in the earth’s atmosphere are because of nuclear testing. Behind increasing incidences of excess rains, famine, landslides and earthquakes the chief cause is radioactive waves. These days, weather changes appear to be quite sudden yet when we deeply note the subtle causes its foundation becomes crystal clear.

Last year in many cities of USA, the temperature of the atmosphere was way below freezing point. It was -20 degrees centigrade. In Moscow it snowed so excessively that the record of past 100 years got broken. On noting this state of affairs USA’s well known weather scientist Dr Robert Gestra says that there is a high probability of a 2nd Ice Age appearing very soon in the coming years. As per historical data available 1000 years previously USA had to pass by an Ice Age like situation. On the one hand when in these countries so much cold was felt there in Western Australia the temperature recorded was 125 degrees centigrade.

All these scientific data gathered warn us that mankind as soon as possible must be forewarned about the bare reality. Changes in weather conditions and in the form of its reaction, distortions seen in mental and bodily health individuals making efforts in order to attain material prosperity are forced thus to think anew. It is hence best that we do not remain ignorant about dangers attacking us. By mulling much beforehand about possible future obstacles it must be decided as to how to save ourselves from their onslaught. Man should hope for the very best and yet not remaining even a wee bit less alert about the worst to be faced presently or in future. By progressing in the realm of modern science modern man no doubt is very hopeful for success coming his way yet this effort verily can be said to be one sided lest he is not ready to imbibe the other aspect in the form of spirituality.

In order to augment greatness and capabilities in all realms of life man must continuing putting in due zealous efforts. He must not allow any lack to obstruct his enterprising nature and activities. Along with this man must keep in mind that social conditions and activities of the subtle invisible world too influence him. The fact is that movements of the invisible very much akin to maturing of our actions cast a shadow on earth’s environment and inner/outer state of all creatures.

In order to execute something with reference to the unknown/invisible ordinarily men find themselves helpless yet this is not totally true. Applications of spirituality by uniting with cosmic consciousness can carry out such transformations with the aid of which by reversing movements of nature previously rushing towards adverse trends instead gets converted into conduciveness.









Man walking with moderate steps on an even surface although takes quite some time to reach the destination yet it is without tiredness and well secure. Lest he insists on falling down in the ravine below then in seconds by slipping and tumbling he can enter the crater with a loud thud. Moderate steps are natural and running fast in an uncontrolled manner is unnatural. Those who insist on rushing forward perilously thus start going out of breath and fall down in sheer weakness and tiredness. The same holds true for the wheel of time. It is best that we accrue benefits by following it sequentially in a well planned manner.

In the past few centuries in the name of development and progress in every arena very gigantic leaps have been taken. In the beginning on this basis assuming that inference was made of attaining great success but as time lapsed by results emerged in front of us all and the dire reaction of imbibing the thinking of extremism started manifesting before us all.

When dynamite had yet not been unearthed small minor battles were undertaken and that their results too emerged fairly quickly. Yet when very refined dynamite was later used for war purposes the fearful situation of a 2nd and 3rd world war set in. untold amount of wealth and innumerable people lost their lives. In order to sell goods produced by large sized factories and industries the trend of colonialism and imperialism ushered in. Thus the world over stress, backwardness and uncouth unethical behavior/activities started ruling the roost. Air, water, land, space etc reeked with so much pollution that it could only prove to be suicidal for all creatures on planet earth. Ceaseless usage of energy/fuel resources is increasing the globe’s temperature perilously. On its basis many forewarnings are being noted in the form of glaciers and icy mountains melting, ocean water levels rising due to excess flooding, possibility of an Ice Age re-emerging, the protective ozone layer in earth’s atmosphere getting torn apart etc. All this is but the result of a vicious cycle and so called material development. These propagated in the past few centuries because scientific inventions and discoveries along with their mindless usage based on man’s whims and fancies took place in between.

Right from time’s supervisors to the lay public imbued with an ordinary brain experience that the arrogant application of so called material/technical development akin to consuming intoxicants occurred because of imbibing that which is undesirable and unwanted. As a result manifold increase was note in the form of bodily ill health, mental stress and agitation, financial lack, family fights and unruly uncouth behavior in world society. Thus in whichever direction we look we see both the present and future surrounded by hardships and havoc only. It seems that lest this dire situation persists for long the result can only be super world destruction.

It is worth remembering this fact that the controlling authority of this beautiful world is an extraordinary farsighted one. To an extent he does give mankind to imbibe unruliness and impertinence so that on seeing its tainted reactions man imbibes required reformation in his thinking yet when man crosses all limits of indecency and arrogance that very divine power intervenes which has promised us lesser mortals with a powerful resolve to convert imbalance into optimal balance.

In the coming days this is exactly about to take place. In the near future such a storm is about to manifest which in place of undesirable inaptness shall reinstate optimal aptness. What is lopsided shall definitely be straightened in a beneficial manner.

This is the auspicious hour for mankind to reform his error. It can also be called pressure tactics inflicted so that man atones for his sins and errors. It is also a reaction to force world humanity to renounce forever all undesirable elements imbibed by him at his own peril.

Each one of us shall have to renounce the direction leading us to future distortions and instead follow the path of true uplifting greatness. Energy/power used for destructive purposes so far must anew be applied for creative world welfare tasks. This cosmic process of transformation can be termed change of times or Era Transformation. In Tretayuga a possibility of Satyuga reappearing in the form of Ramrajya or ‘Ram’s rule’ was envisaged. In Dwaparyuga by washing away undesirable elements scattered everywhere a well managed gigantic India was created and the hour of joy and peace had returned with a bang. These days too, know that this sort of history is about to get repeated. The sun does not set permanently. A night reeking with terror and discomfort cannot be infinite time wise. It definitely ends at the appointed hour. The sun at dawn shall not rest till its rises in the sky in full brilliant splendor. These days too can be called a ‘dawn’ of this stature. A glimpse of the red hue of dawn hours appearing and then rising high can be had in these very moments wherein it beautifies our earth’s eastern region.

In the hour of transformation at first we must decrease the humungous world population. Else efforts for world development even though manifold in nature shall yet remain lacking in terms of demands and requirements noted. In the race of competing with one another insanely they shall fall with a thud in the crater of super destruction. The methods made use of could be of any type yet without controlling world population growth no success can be reaped. No end to problems can be sighted. Those who observe Brahmacharya (sexual celibacy), post retirement (Vanprastha) activities, self control etc must learn first and then teach others that in order to bring back past eras’ joy and peace which is eluding us all at present child birth rate must be controlled as much as possible.

In future days, large sized industries by taking up the form of small cottage industries shall spread out in villages and small towns. Only then shall pollution of all sorts end and that every hand shall get a good job and every tummy shall get enough food to lead a healthy life.

Just about everyone shall have to accept a way of life of the stature of a lay common man. Else in the insane rush for sense titillation, arrogance, hypocrisy, wasteful expenditure etc so many lives shall be lost because all this is done by imbibing the lifestyle of earning wealth unethically and thus amassing materials, cash, property in an illegal manner. Thus it is only by imbibing the thinking of ‘simple living high thinking’ that the wide gap of ‘have and have not’ lessens in a big way and that all sorts of equality be it social, financial etc rules the roost in world society. This equality demands good agricultural output, lush green cities/villages and eco friendly industries. When the big wall separating the rich and poor totters apart all such disparity seen today shall evaporate which is responsible for caste, gender, clan etc fights leading man and man drifting away from one another.

Half the world’s population, in the form of women, for years together, akin to paid female slaves is living lives totally dependent on others for sustenance. In future days know that she shall avail of all human rights. This auspicious commencement has already taken place in Japan called ‘The land of the rising sun’. In Asia, China, Israel, Bulgaria etc women have already been handed over these rights. Lest this happens, the world over hands earning shall double and thus no need shall be of anyone being a burden on others. All living in a state of equality shall taste the nectar of love and camaraderie. Progress and development too, in a matter of a few years shall double.

Disparity and differences noted in the world as far as languages spoken, regionalism, sectarianism and various trends has created a lot of obstacles in the way of achieving world unity. In future everyone shall become world citizens. Under the cool shade of cosmic civilization evolved in the form of world humanity all humans shall live with a sense of goodwill and brotherhood. By sharing all that one possesses with others in society life shall be lived full of bliss and zest.

As per this era’s demand education and literature that creates great citizens and a wholesome world environment shall be set up anew. Not one human being of world society shall remain uninfluenced by this. Very much akin to schools and universities libraries too shall be given a lot of weight age. Akin to teachers and professors literature creators shall contribute a lot in rendering world human psyche great in stature.

In every activity cooperation shall be the foundation of all types of management. Everywhere the method of sustenance of a family based stature shall be imbibed. In industries, entertainment, consumerism etc cooperatives shall be given the prime spot of importance. None shall experience himself/herself alone and lonely. ‘We belong to all and all belong to us’ is the Mantra that shall echo in the soul of all. On this very basis the unveiling of the present and future decisions shall be molded.

In public life government intervention in future shall be minimal. This is because major government duties shall henceforth be shouldered by Panchayats, cooperatives and voluntary institutions. Their chief task shall be strict control over undesirable elements and a well balanced guidance for development. The election methodology shall become very straightforward and that uses very less finances. In the name of basic rights none shall be given the freedom to carry out anti social activities. It shall not be difficult at all for the weak to attain justice in courts. This is because the governing institution shall shoulder the responsibility of examining true facts of the case. Since everywhere discipline shall be given total acceptance neither any officer nor any laymen shall take recourse to corruption.

Great talented people like scientists, doctors, engineers, architects, thinkers, authors, artists etc shall be rendered public wealth. They shall dare not demand special prices for their special skills since it is contemporary society and knowledge wealth gathered since time immemorial that shall aid them to become so capable and talented. In a lone manner no human can attain a stature higher than a jungle man or human ape. Those who have attained more must remain contented with getting the credit of doing more public good.

Individuals must live a life by becoming inseparable units of world society. They must observe rules of discipline and abstain from undesirable prohibited behavior and activities. None shall make efforts to behave in an unruly fashion and that world society shall just not allow them to do so. The principle of ‘live and let live’ can be truly imbibed only if we share our joy with others, share others’ sorrow, live life aptly and let others do so too. It is only when human glory, self respect etc reach peaks that man’s greatness is rendered imperishable. This belief in future shall have to be accepted with true honesty.

Where, how, who and in what manner shall this principle be put into action? The answer to this question shall rest on the type of situation faced. In the entire world in a certain manner high principles can no doubt be imbibed but that to render them fully in action they shall be determined based on contemporary times. Hence only as per the state of each type of activity executed can arrangements be made. This is most definite that the world’s future shall be full of radiance and joyous potentials.









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