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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had performed high stature Gayatri practices along with Savitri practices in his life for special high leveled goals. A very major portion of this practice maybe labeled as one of deep import. Alongwith 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million Gayatri Mantras he carried out Savitri practices that enhanced his solar energy. In this direction the 1000 Kundi Yajna of 1958 was a special experiment which tasted great success. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had no doubt written time and again on topics like Vital Force Fire, Kundalini and Divine Serpent Power but commenced giving a detailed version of it only on returning from the Himalaya Mountains in 1960-61 and that too via small aphorisms.

Savitri practices, Super Power Kundalini Activation and its attainment is an effort of special high stature which revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya performed for benefit of many. But via Sukshmikaran (subtlety of self) practices he rendered this application more intense and gigantic in 1984-85. By warding off deluded concepts regarding Super Power Kundalini and by destroying dark clouds that covered this great ocean of wisdom our revered Gurudeva opened the doors of those spiritual practices which must be utilized only by strong will powered spiritual aspirants for special goals.

Kundalini awakening means unfolding of the infinite storehouse of vital force dwelling within us via Gayatri practices for self advancement and that of the world at large. There are many paths to reach this gateway wherein the vital force fire is converted to high level energy which in turn augments greatly the Brahmavarchas (divine aura) of an aspirant. Of course! No path should be treaded on without the guidance of a great realized master. Our Sushumna Naadi (subtle spine nerve) encompasses Mooladhar at the base and Sahasrar in the head region. From the Mooladhar the Kundalini like a serpent coiled in 3 and a half rounds gets converted to a 1000 headed serpent in the head region which is the source of our life energy. In the upward journey of vital force Ida Pingala Naadis (subtle nerves) is of major help as per the desires of a spiritual aspirant. There are many gates from below to the uppermost region which when opened one by one by an aspirant awakens the Sahasrar Chakra (subtle plexus) in the scalp. This helps one attain Self/God Realization or Divine Wisdom. Rudragranthi lies in theMooladhar at the base, Vishnugranthi lies in the middle of the body near the Vishnu Chakra and Brahmagranthi is found in the head region at the top. In the same way there are 5 Sheaths or Koshas that encompass the subtle and causal bodies which in turn designs our entire body. The 6 Chakras, 3 Granthis and 5 Sheaths are like the 14 jewels attained when the ocean was churned (Samudra Manthan). If only man attains these 14 jewels he/she can ward off bondage, attain Self Realization and hence a divine inner state.

In reality the research of Kundalini Super Science is the science of awakening of that which is asleep. If we succeed in this Yoga we can extraordinarily advance bodily might, psychic brilliance and soul power. Kundalini Super Power has been compared to electrical energy or aura. In the aphorism TADDILATA SAMARUCHIRVIDYULLEKHEVA BHASWARA it is said to radiant like electricity tendrils. In the same way elsewhere it is described as terrific line of fire and divine Vaishwanar (hunger fire). In reality Kundalini is established as life force in fire of vital force and as cosmic consciousness in soul existence in vital force whose management is carried out by Para Prakriti or divine nature. This human electricity can be visualized can be seen as the radiant aura spread all round ones head and body region. It is a type of spiritual dynamite whose energy by itself exists in every pore of mankind but is found in a major way in the head, heart and genitals.

Vital fire Kundalini abounds in mankind as life force that fights obstacles and is also one that yearns for long life along with valor. In the subtle body of mankind it is locked as a vault with 6 locks and exists as eddy based subtle nerve network in the form of 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) or lies in the Sushumna as electrical flow. It is via this path that man moves upwards so as to reach Brahmalok (divine world) which is also called Sahasrar. That description given by Adi Shankaracharya in Soundarya Lahiri is further wonderfully detailed by HH Gurudeva in this section. By showing its scientific basis he says that activation of reticular activating system is it self the activation of all centers of the brain This in turn is awakening of Sahasrar Chakra which gives us the experience of eternal divine bliss.



Primordial Energy has 2 aspects. One is Jnana and the other is Vijnana. Jnana or wisdom includes consciousness, thinking, sentiments, beliefs and aspirations. It lies within man. Vijnana includes extrapolation of natural wealth and science of its application in day to day life. Wisdom lies within mans consciousness and Vijnana or science involves its application. This entire cosmos and body are matter. The advancement of the skills of its applied aspect has taken place as Vijnana or science. The wisdom of the creator and wealth of nature together manage this cosmos and keep it functioning.

In Indian Mytholgy or Puranas it has been described as Brahma having 2 wives. One was Gayatri and the other was Savitri. Gayatri is the Goddess of Wisdom and Savitri is the presiding deity of science. Mans body is matter hence its existence is looked upon as lying within the realms of Savitri.

While marching ahead on the path of wisdom man attains self control and progress. He/she attains the path of remaining happy and giving inspiration to others. He/she attains Self/God Realization. Life attains the goal of omnipotence. Man becomes Super Man, Rishi, divine man, Avatar etc. In this visible world he/she progresses rapidly and rise high in the subtle world. The glory of Gayatri or Jnana is so great.

Via science one can wholesomely utilize ones physical potential. By awakening the otherwise latent mysterious centers of the body one can make them extraordinarily potent. It is science that makes one brilliant and talented in worldly transactions. This then is the nature of Savitri and is work arena.

Within Gayatri practices soul purification predominates. Over here one washes off distortions/bad qualities assimilated on contacting the material world which has piled up on the soul for millions of lifetimes. One imbibes understanding, honesty, responsibility and valor which befit human glory. The intellect encompasses Mahaprajna or farsighted discrimination. It is because of all such special qualities that man in this very lifetime attains a divine inner state. Ones method of living and direction becomes such wherein in this very life one attains divinity. Not only does one advance but helps others too to do so.

Via Savitri practices the extraordinary bodily energies are awakened higher up from a latent state and it is so full of deep import that the entire visible world can be made conducive. All such attainments are called Sidhis or Divine Powers. All potentials of the solar universe exist in an atom albeit in a subtle manner. The activities and potentials of the atom in a gist are present in the external cosmos. What exists in the macrocosm or cosmos is present in the microcosm or atom. But ordinarily mankind attains only that much of natural potential which he/she uses in a daily mundane lifestyle. Apart from this if the need arises to transform world conditions one has to take recourse to that science called Savitri practices.

For many tasks of modern science many types of machinery/technology has been invented. The root power of all of them lies in the subtle centers of the human body. If one so desires with necessary effort they can be activated powerfully and the body can be converted into such a research laboratory in which one can manifest all technology that scientists have designed. Thus those tasks can be fulfilled which great intellectual scientists execute in this world with tremendous success.

Two types of images of Primordial Energy can be found. One has one face, 2 arms, water pot in one hand, rosary and vehicle is a swan. This is Brahmi Shakti or Divine Energy. It is called Gayatri. Another image has 5 faces and is called Savitri.

The vehicle of Gayatri is a swan. Swan means royal swan, Param Hans that can separate water and milk, that eats pearls and vows never to eat worms etc. Rosary connotes meditation and books means self introspection via scriptural studies etc. This then is the image of maternal power. It is the presiding deity of human glory thus it has one face.

The vehicle of Savitri is a lotus. Lotus means joy. There are lots of material pleasures. It has 5 faces. The body is made up of 5 elements and its psychic consciousness is made of 5 Pranas or vital forces. The 10 arms of Savitri mean 10 senses of the body. It is through the power of the senses that the body functions. Amongst weapons those are painted in the photo that aid in material advancement and competition.

Gayatri predominates because when divine wisdom is imbibed such a personality is designed that if due interest is taken in the direction of economic arena one can generate lots of wealth for oneself and others too. But the arena of Savitri or science is limited to the material world. It is not necessary that a powerfully wealthy man is also rich in Divine Wisdom. Hence such a one is not that important. In the personality the soul predominates and body is minor. In the same way from the spiritual standpoint Gayatri predominates and Savitri becomes minor. And yet both need to be devoted to. Both have their importance in their own inimitable way. Thus all round spiritual aspirants make use of both and time and again apply their powers in their day to day lives.

In Valmiki Ramayan an episode is mentioned wherein Sage Vishwamitra took Ram and Lakshman to his hermitage for the sake of protection of Yajnas that he carried out. There he taught them Bal and Atibala Science. These are but synonyms of Gayatri and Savitri. Via one of them he helped overcome raging demons in Lanka. With the other power he brought back Satyuga in Tretayuga. Thus Ramrajya or Rule of Righteousness came into being. Thus both sciences were used albeit in separate areas and thus extraordinary success was tasted.

In the above paragraphs it has been said that Brahmaji had 2 wives. The first is Gayatri and second is Savitri. In symbolic terms they are said to be wisdom consciousness and material wealth. One is Para Prakriti and the other is Apara Prakriti. Para Prakriti includes mind, intellect, psyche, ego and Divine Intellect/ Ritambhara Prajna. This is the area of wisdom. The second wife is Savitri or Apara Prakriti or material energy or material nature. All movements and activities of matter are dependent on it. The movement in atoms, chemical reactions, electricity, heat, light, magnetism, ether etc are a part of it. Material Science by making use of these means, invent many things and thus augment material comforts. This very Apara Prakriti is called Savitri. This second energy is called Kundalini.

There is no limit to conscious energy. Scholars, scientists, realized saints, super men, Rishi, thinkers etc progress in their respective areas by using this energy in their own way. On this basis for intellectual education school training, self introspection, association with realized saints, deep thinking and trance practices are carried out. All potentials regarding radiance of personality and divine aura are conjoined to this very area. The inner consciousness evolves with the aid of Para Prakriti practices and Gayatri Meditation.

The second energy is Savitri-material energy or activity. With the help of this Para Prakriti bodily activities of all creatures are carried out. In the human body many activities take place like inhalation/exhalation, blood circulation, sleep/awakening, digestion/excretion, heat/energy, electrical flow etc. Every object of the world is mobile. In this world the wheel moves ceaselessly in the form of creation, propagation and transformation. Animate and inanimate beings are marching ahead on the path of evolution. Every particle is forced to progress. The inspirational center of transforming inaction into activity is called Apara Prakriti that lies in Mahat Tattva. It is this energy that directs movements of Sat, Raj, Tam, 5 elements, 5 Tanmatras etc. Sidhis (Divine Powers) and boons are got due to its benediction. This then is Savitri, the second wife of Brahmaji. Infinite special qualities of the human body like health, long life, strength, zest, valor, beauty etc are dependent on it. Although it is found everywhere yet it is more profound in the polar regions of earth and in the Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus) of the human body. In spiritual practices it is called Kundalini Energy.

Gayatri and Savitri both complement each other. There is no competition between them. Like the 2 rivers Ganges and Yamuna they are said to be 2 streams of cosmic consciousness. The bare fact is that both are inseparably bound to each other. They can be said to be one breath and 2 bodies. Even a realized saint requires a body of flesh and blood and means to nourish it. Without consciousness matter cannot be managed optimally. Thus this world is managed by both together. If matter and energy were to separate none of them could exist solely. Both will them merge in their root cause. They are hence 2 wheels of the chariot of progress of the world. One without the other is useless. A handicapped realized saint and weak intellect animal man are both incomplete. The body has 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 lungs, 2 kidneys etc. Brahma or creator too creates this world with the above 2 energy streams. One should aptly understand this when looking upon these 2 streams as Brahmas wives. The term wife is merely symbolic. How can consciousness have a family? Fire element has 2 special qualities- heat and light. If someone desires he/she can call them the 2 wives of fire. If you do not like the word wife replace it with daughter. At some places Saraswati is said to be the wife of Brahma and at other places she is called his daughter. This must not be looked upon as a gross worldly relationship. This symbolic description is merely an allegory. Soul power is called Gayatri and material force is called Savitri. Savitri based practices are called Kundalini Awakening. Here efforts are made to ward off distortions and latent state of bodily vital force. Electricity has 2 charges viz. negative and positive. When both these unite electrical flow is generated. The unison of Gayatri and Savitri based practices results in fulfillment of all requirements. In order to avail of balanced benefits of Gayatri practices one must take of Savitri power too.

In the spiritual arena the portion dealing with knowledge is called Dakshin Marg. It is also called Nigam, Raja Yoga, Vedic path etc. The other portion is called Vam Marg, Agam, Tantra, Hath Yoga etc. Both of these if utilized separately will not prove beneficial. No one enjoys reading about the battles between demigods and demons. In fact on reading it one gets angry. But when both helped each other while churning the ocean (Samudra Manthan) a great deal of wealth was unearthed. We all know this story where 14 priceless jewels were got as a result of this churning. These efforts yielded Goddess Lakshmi, pot of nectar, wish fulfilling cow or Kamadhenu, wish fulfilling tree or Kalapavriksha etc. As long as the demons and demigods remained separate, fought with each other, hardships and destruction had to be undergone. But the moment they cooperated with one another like in churning of the ocean it became the basis of attaining many things. Thus the united efforts of Gayatri and Savitri can be said to be exactly like the cooperation between demons and demigods.

When Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married their loneliness disappeared. Due to this union, 2 sons were born called Sidhivinayak Ganesh and Kartikeya who killed demons. One establishes righteousness and the other destroys unrighteousness prevalent in the world. Ganeshas boon is Prajna or Divine Intellect and Kartikeyas boon is Shakti or Divine Energy. Kartikeya has 6 faces which correspond to the 6 Chakras of Hath Yoga.

Super Energy Gayatris all round utility and easily follow able spiritual practice is included in our daily routine. Sandhya Vandan is a most necessary aspect of spiritual practices. Without Gayatri Meditation Sandhya cannot be done. Over and above this other special practices are carried out. One is Anushthan the other is Purashcharan.

One can say that Gayatri practice is a pious action which removes dirt and distortions veiling our consciousness. Due to this the divine nature of our soul existence radiates a great deal. In the worldly arena in order to manifest the influence of soul consciousness Savitri practice must be undergone. In order to radiate the soul in a worldly sense the human body has to be donned. That capability required for fulfilling worldly tasks by the soul in the form of Gayatri is achieved via Savitri practices. It is called the spiritual practices of the 5 sheaths (Panch Koshas) and Kundalini Activation. The scriptures also say that Savitri created nature or Prakriti and via Gayatri the manifestation of 5 levels of consciousness took place. These are called 5 veils of mankind, 5 Koshas and 5 Lokas or worlds. These are also storehouses of Divine Powers called Ridhi-Sidhis.

Meditation on Super Power Gayatri radiates mans sentiments, aspirations, yearnings, skills and divine intellect. Savitri gives us long life, children, fame, wealth and other material wealth because it is related to the material world. Gayatri has 1 face and Savitri has 5 faces. Savitri is material and Gayatri is spiritual in nature. Both are very important in their own way. Man via his strength earns material wealth. Even demonic people via their hard work and wiliness have earned untold wealth like demon Ravan of bye gone eras. Despite this for awakening spiritual glories only divine grace works. In the absence of wisdom consciousness man despite having all material comforts imbibes vile actions due to a tainted intellect and thus experiences harsh situations. His life oozes with problems and chaos. Hence for the layman and just about everybody Gayatri Meditation in the form of daily Sandhya Vandan is prescribed. If Sandhya cannot be performed thrice, daily perform it at least once in the morning in some form or the other.

Savitri Meditation is not easy. In that vital electricity has to be raised to that level wherein like lightning in the sky it plays the role of a thunderbolt. In the soul arena Savitri Super Energy must be invoked in the form of solar energy and has to be made capable to such an extent that Divine Powers manifest in this very body. Thus the devotee becomes of the level of Rishis, radiant, brilliant, mentally tough and full of austerities.



The Puranas or Indain Mythology while describing the process of world creation says that a lotus emerged from Lord Vishnus navel. Brahma the creator sat on this lotus. God told Brahma in a celestial voice: I have created you for world creation. In order to become capable of doing, so perform Tapas or austerities. Tapas generate energy which in turn helps execute very important gigantic feats. Brahma asked as to what was the basis and nature of austerities so the celestial voice answered: Tapas is nothing but all round meditation on the Gayatri Mantra. Later he was given the Gayatri Mantra and Brahma commenced meditating on it. As a result his consciousness awakened and he thus created the world. A program for its apt management was designed.

But at that time there was water everywhere due to Mahapralaya or great annihilation. There was no material in sight. Now how could the world get created? For that materials were required. Hence to procure them Brahma again performed austerities. Thus at this point he had to take help of Savitri practices. Savitri then appeared and by using it Brahma created the world.

According to the above Brahmaji had to take help of both Gayatri and Savitri. Hence both are called his helpers, aides, partners and wives. Gayatri means soul. Savitri means material. The root basis of materialism is the 5 elements. Elements are inert. Hence nature or Prakriti is called inert. The entire cosmos pervades with inert nature. Many planets, meteors and other materials are present in it but because they lack consciousness only activity is seen there. Their atoms move on their axis. Along with particles in the root designing of the macro is anti atom too. Like anti shadow conjoined to a shadow this activity goes on everywhere. According to Ecological Science this activity is well managed via certain laws. Even the materials spread in this world are no exception and yet inert nature is not enough. It has no aim, no effort, no result and no joy. Without its inclusion inert material despite being visible, mobile remains futile. For fulfilling this lack Brahmaji had to take recourse to the spiritual, Gayatri and consciousness. Thus Pranis or living creatures came into being. The deep import of this event has been detailed greatly in various scriptures.

Parabrahmaswarupa cha nirvana pada dayini.

Brahmatejomayi shaktistadhishthatra devata.


Gayatri is that energy which gives liberation and is associated with Gods nature and conscious light and is the presiding deity of Mantras.

Gayatri idam sarvam.


What ever exists is Gayatri manifest.

Gayatri parmatma.

........................... GAYATRI TATVE

Gayatri is God.

Brahma gayatriti-brahma vai gayatri.


Brahman or cosmic consciousness is Gayatri, Gayatri indeed is Brahman.

Parmatmanastu ya lokey brahma shaktirvirajate.

Sukshma cha satviki chaiva gayatrityabhidhiyate.. (9)

In the world pervades Gods subtle and sacred Brahman Energy which is none other than Gayatri.

Prabhavadeva gayatraya bhutanamabhijayate.

Antahkaraneshu daivanam tatvanam hi samudbhavaha.. (10)

The manifestation of divine principles in the psyche of creatures takes place due to the influence of Gayatri.

All living beings and creatures possess bodies made of matter. But within them the inclusion of consciousness was something special. If consciousness were not there in what manner and for what would they use their bodies? Without this utility aspect how would they attain contentment, advancement and bliss? This thus is the task of consciousness. The bodies of living beings are made up of 5 elements and consciousness that works within it is Gayatri. This consciousness is called Prana or vital force. As long as vital force exists creatures remain alive. When vital force leaves the body lies dead and inert. In order to destroy its existence worms, bacterial etc that cause rotting manifest from within and after destroying the body they too die. Else vultures, dogs, crows etc destroy it by devouring it. If put in water areas fish and turtles devour the body. Thus without consciousness not only does the body not remain healthy and active but that it has no power to remain in existence. Thus Gayatri is more important than Savitri. But even this belief is incomplete. This is because when there is no substratum for the thinking potential of consciousness it cannot manifest its enterprise and existence. Based on this sound logic we must give equal weight age to Savitri.

With reference to the conscious world both spiritual and material activities take place in a mixed manner and both appear to be dependent on each other. Since they are 2 wives they work together to look after their family that is the entire world. In the same way the management of conscious world is carried out by both Savitri and Gayatri i.e. materialism and spiritualism.

Gayatri manifests from 5 Pranas or vital forces. Pranas are 5. Sub Pranas too are 5. Hence it is called Prana Science. While elucidating the nature of Gayatri scriptural scholars call it vital consciousness or Vital Force Science. With reference to this the opinion of various scriptures can be delved into.

While throwing light on the state of the 5 Sheaths, SARVA SAROPANISHAD says:

Annakaryanam koshanam samuhnnamayakosh ityuchyate pranadi chaturdash vayubheda annamay koshe yada vartante tada pranamay-koshe ityuchyate. Etatkosh dway sansaktam man adi chaturdashkaranaratma shabdadi vishaya sankalpadirmanu yada karoti tada manomay kosh ityuchyate. Etatkoshashatrayasansakta tadgat visheshajno yada bhasate tada vijnanamay kosh ityuchyate. Etatkosh chatushtay sansakt swakarana-jnane vatakanikayamiva vriksho yada vartate tada anandmay kosh ityuchyate.

MEANING: The nature of food from food and those sheaths made from energy existence is called Food Sheath. The total form of Prana, Apan, Udan, Vyan, Saman, 5 Sub Pranas and vital air within the food sheath and body is called Vital Force Sheath. Mental Sheath is the region where subtle activities of mind and senses are carried out and that could be carried out. Intellectual Sheath includes wisdom based activities carried out by the above 3 sheaths, soul and intellect. The Bliss sheath is that wherein the soul conjoined to the above 4 sheaths is unaware of its root substratum and revels on its own like the entire tree lies in a tiny seed potentially. The 5 vital forces are called the 5 demigods.

Panchdeva mayam jiva, panch pranamayam shiva.

Kundalini shakti sanyukt, shubhra vidyullopamam.


This Jiva or living being includes 5 demigods. It is because it is full of vital force that it is Shiva. This group includes Kundalini Energy too. Its shape is that of brilliant lightning. The Para Energy of Divine Energy manifested via awakening of the 5 sheaths under the aegis of Savitri Science is worshipped. In the DEVI BHAGWAT it is said:

Panchapranadhidevi ya panchpranaswarupini.

Pranadhikpriyatama sarwabhyaha sundari para.

The 5 vital forces are the 5 forms of that very 5 sheath based wealth. They are the presiding female deities of Pranas or vital forces. They are beautiful in an all round manner. It is Para Energy. It is dearer than Gods very life.

In reality Gayatri is embedded in the existence of living beings hence man looks upon it as him self. In the meditation of man it is human and its form too is like that. 2 hands, 2 legs, organs of knowledge, organs of action too are like that. If other creatures had the brains of man it would look upon the nature of consciousness as its own form. The god of a bull would be like a bull and god of birds would be like a bird.

This discussion is about icons. At the time of eulogizing Gayatri Super Science in order to enter the arena of Meditation Science meditation is said to be a must. Meditation can take place only if there is mental focus and faith. Hence for that the brain imagines some or the other image of name and form. Over here the imagination is not wild but that the name/form envisaged mentally helps attain deep meditation. Due to the union of meditation, faith and trust the results attained are exactly according to ones aspirations. From this very standpoint Gayatris image has been designed like a human being. Along with it 2 accessories are conjoined. One is a water pot filled with water and the second hand holds a book. Book connotes discrimination or Viveka. The union of discrimination and sensitivity manifests aspirations and yearnings befitting human glory.

Gayatris vehicle is a swan. This swan indicates the status of the inner psyche of a spiritual aspirant. Gayatris vehicle is a royal swan. It is not an ordinary bird that lives in some water area. There is a great difference between a swan and a royal swan. Royal swans have the capacity to do Neer-Sheer Viveka. It means that from a mixture of milk and water they drink only milk and leave out water. In the same way it eats pearls. If pearls are not available it will give up its life too. These special qualities are not found in ordinary swans. In fact they eat worms etc in water areas. How can the poor creatures get milk? In the same way, under no circumstances can they find pearls. This is because pearls are found lying very deep in the ocean. An ordinary swan cannot dive deep. There is no bird named royal swan. This is in fact a symbolic imagination whose connotation is idealism. Those who wish to attain the grace of spirituality and consciousness must render their lives white, bright etc. Their minds must not have even an iota of taint or distortion. In ordinary swans below the beak and under the wings there is nothing but blackness. Hence the above mentioned royal swan is only a symbol of idealistic viewpoint.

Those who desire to awaken the subtle special qualities of Savitri (materialism) in their body they in spiritual parlance must become one with it. Meditation must be so advanced akin to merging. For this too a symbolic picture has been drawn. Savitri has 5 faces. She has 10 arms. She sits in a seat of lotus. She is adorned with weapons and ornaments.

The 5 faces indicate the 5 elements of nature and 5 Pranas of consciousness. Ten arms mean the group of 5 sense organs of knowledge. Weapons and ornaments indicate means that augment comforts and accessories that ward off hardships. Those who wish to advance/progress materially must take recourse to Savitri.

One vehicle (seat) of Savitri is a lotus flower. It has many meanings. The heart is said to be tender. It is said to be the source of sensitivity, affection and helpful attitude. Only anatomists clinically look upon it as a bag of throwing/accepting blood. Seers of spirituality conjoin functions to bodily organs. The Sahasrar Lotus of the brain region too is compared to a lotus flower. It means that the intellect of the head must be sharp and also a medium of the heart, nature, sensitivity, cooperation and balance. Thus are the different images of Savitri and Gayatri. With reference to this the opinion of scriptural seers is crystal clear.

Savita sarva bhutanam sarva bhapashcha suyate.

Sarvanatprernacchaiva savita tena chotyate.

MEANING: That energy is called Savita because it gives inspiration to all elements, all creatures and all emotions. There is a precept wherein in a symbolic form one must meditate on Savita Goddess (GAYATRI TANTRA)

It is also said that Gayatri is the medium of good will and Savitri that of wholesome activities. With the aid of pious sentiments, man pole vaults high in the spiritual arena. He/se becomes great, Rishi and demigod. Such an ones divine intellect, faith and steadfastness truly are potent. They imbibe farsighted discrimination and their lives ooze with sacredness. They valiantly fight hardships and destroy them too. They imbibe such thinking and action wherein their souls get uplifted and further enlighten other peoples lives too.

In the material arena Savitri is called progress and grandeur. Such types of success in spiritual parlance are called Sidhis. Glory attained via Gayatri is called Ridhis.

Those 2 very needs are required in the material arena as seen in spiritual arena. In both arenas one must fight hardships and overcome mistakes. Further in both arenas means have to be generated along with useful aid. No doubt in both arenas their nature and methodology differ.

Without struggle one cannot advance in life. In the spiritual arena bad psychic imprints, bad character, sinful acts and other downfalls have to be obstructed. Self control and austerities help sanctify the soul. Not only this but in order to manifest Divine Powers and glories the personality has to be rendered more pious and radiant. Without this one can never attain divinity.

The same holds true for the material world. By overcoming indolence and lethargy one has to make oneself well controlled and active. Further in order to protect oneself from external envious, vile, attacking kind of people so much daring and cooperation has to be imbibed that other vile people weaken and even if they dare attack you they will ultimately be overcome. Only those who are ready in the above manner taste success in the material world.

Just as one can become wealthy from the spiritual grandeur standpoint by the union of body-vital force, effort-healthy psyche so too on the basis of inner daring and external effort prosperity, wealth, talent, skill, victory of the material world can be attained. In both arenas both types of special qualities are required. Thus both are said to be mutually related to each other. The arrangements of only one arena do not lead to all round and balanced progress. When a capable aspirant attains maturity in spiritual practice a divine conscious power manifests in him/her. The SHRUTIS say:

Praduryavanti ve sukshmaschaturvishanti shaktayaha.

Aksharebhyastu gayatraya manavanam ha manase;


MEANING: In the psyche of man 24 subtle divine energies manifest from Gayatris 24 alphabets.

`Divyashaktisamudbhuti kshipram kurvantyasanshayam.

MEANING: These awakened subtle Yogic nerve bundles doubtlessly manifest Divine Powers in the psyche of spiritual aspirants.

Janayanti krite punsameta vai divyashaktayaha.

Vividhanvai parinaman bhavyan mangalpuritan.

MEANING: These Divine Powers create many types of pious results for mankind. They are: 1) Divine Intellect 2) Grandeur 3) Cooperation 4) Talent 5) Divine Light 6) Divine Wisdom 7) Divine Glory 8) Peace 9) Daring 10) Divine Sight 11) Intuition 12) Pure Thought 13) Boon 14) Curse 15) Radiance 16) Vital Force Application 17) Contact Post Death 18) Vital Force Magnetism 19) Glory 20) Hearing Far Off Sounds 21) Tele Vision 22) Contacting Other Worlds 23) Contacting Demigods 24) Fame.

With reference to the spiritual practice of Gayatri and Savitri scriptural scholars firmly opine that:

Prishthatosyaha sadhanaya rajatetitaram sada.

Manaswisadhakanam hi bahunam sadhanabalam.

MEANING: Right from time immemorial till today behind these practices the strength and power of innumerous mentally strong spiritual aspirants is at play.

Behind the above coordinated practice lies the individual import of both. Both have their own nature. Hence scriptural seers, both deliberately or unknowingly, have described them at many places, on one singular level and also gave both one name only. One type of result has been written about whereas both streams head in different directions. In the Triveni since Rivers Ganga and Yamuna merge, it is correct to say they are one. But even this is not erroneous that their source and streams initially are separate. Their union takes place much later.

In order to describe oneness within separateness 2 forms of Gayatri and Savitri have been designed. Gayatri has 1 face and 2 arms. Savitri has 5 faces and 10 arms. The weapons and vehicle of both are different. We must understand both, their oneness and separate nature too. For soul progress Gayatri is utilized and for mundane problems Savitri is taken recourse to. This is called Duality within Non Duality and Non Duality in Duality.



By itself Gayatri is a Super Mantra found in all 4 Vedas wherein educational inspiration is so much that the intellect is rendered sacred. This is that center where the shoots of downfall and uplifting manifest. We must realize that of the intellect becomes deluded, goes in the direction of taint the clouds of problems and hardships will loom large. Thus the root principle of all scriptures and righteous philosophy are embedded in the Gayatri Mantra. The foundation of belief, emotions, thinking, yearning, imagination ad alertness in activity manifests and advances further on the basis of the intellect. On this very basis man either is uplifted or becomes downfallen depending on whether he imbibes greatness or distortions. Hence within human wealth a sacred intellect is supreme in comparison to strength, grandeur, status, authority, education, talent etc. It is also said that one must make intense efforts ceaselessly to not only render high leveled ones own thinking but of world society at large too.

This is the wisdom aspect of Gayatri. The other is scientific aspect. Accordingly Gayatri is said to be the managing director primordial energy of Savita Goddesses vital consciousness, inert consciousness and the world. It is said to be Brahmi during creation, Vaishnavi during propagation and Shambhavi during annihilation. It is also said to be Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata. In the form of Super Divine Intellect she is Vedmata. Since she fills the character of a devotee with divinity she is called Devmata. Since her area of functioning and influence is the entire world she is called Vishwamata. Gayatri has a Yoga and Tantra stream too. By invoking the Yoga stream the 7 Rishis had attained glory and when demons like Ravan, Kalnemi had imbibed it unwholesomely they became demonic. Both these streams called Gayatri and Savitri were utilized by Vishwamitra to educate Lord Ram so as to ultimately overcome demons and reinstate good will in the world.

The ordinary person meditates on it for fulfilling desires and warding off obstacles in daily life. Everyone is aware of this. In order to understand the subtle nature of Gayatri we must dive deeper into the subject matter. In a sperm the intellect, health and skills of a person are embedded. In the seed lies albeit subtly the trees body, flower designing, taste of fruit and life span in the same way in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri encompass glories, special qualities, Ridhis-Sidhis of various stature. All this together forms Super Mantra Gayatri.

When Dattatreyas search of a Guru remained incomplete he approached Prajapati and sought guidance to attain a capable Guru. Prajapati gave him directions for 24 Gurus. Symbolically they are said to be strange creatures but in reality they are the 24 alphabets of Gayatri which on invocation can render one an Avatar, Maharshi etc.

Gayatri has 24 alphabets. Every alphabet is conjoined to the bodies of every demigod, every goddess, every Avatar, every Rishi. All these together form the Gayatri Mantra. While counting the number of these demigods, goddesses, Avatars and Rishis they could be more or less depending on fluctuating opinions. But if the majority of thinkers and scriptural seers views are to be believed this total number is 24. In this manner whatever is the substratum element in the spiritual world can be found centered in Gayatri.

The body of a human being possesses 24 special centers. The 6 Chakras and 5 Sheaths are very much part of these 24 centers.

Within the gross body lies the subtle body. Just as in the physical body there are visible organs so too in the subtle body there are special centers. In rivers when the atmosphere is hot eddies or whirlpools are known to occur. In the same way there are such eddies in the subtle body which can be compared to Energy Centers. They are called waterfalls too. Just as from waterfalls various streams are formed so too small waterfalls that add to mans inner radiance are called glands. They are called tongue flames similar to an elephants or serpents crest jewel which instills divine light, divine wisdom and aura in human beings.

Well known anatomists and physiologists the world over are trying to dive deep into the research of hormonal glands. Whatever data they have unfolded so far indicates that these hormonal glands play a major role in activating, increasing and decreasing special activities in our lives. Beauty, life force, sexual passion, enterprise etc have their basis in increase/decrease of hormones and overshooting of its functioning. Up till now its number unearthed is 12 but the possibility shows that they could not be less than 24. The reason being that such special qualities exist in the body and brain which cannot come in the realm of the hormonal glands unfolded so far. Further such types of glands are found in the body whose goals and function are yet not known clearly. In the same way even this is a mind boggling topic that with reference to many wondrous activities we do not know its source. When this mystery unfolds we will know that the number of known and unknown hormones will add up to 24. This belief is most definite that conjoined to the talent and special characteristics of this body of flesh and bones are hormonal glands.

In spiritual parlance these are subtle nervous networks wherein their juices mix with blood and after getting circulated in various energy centers the latter get watered so as to produce blooming flowers and luscious fruits.

These energy seeds are not directly visible. The design of hormones and their juices have been seen and understood. But analysis of the mysteries of their functioning has not fully been unfolded. And yet in spiritual regions they have been unfolded much before. They are called seeds and their shape is like a cone.

Within Tantra Science in order to manifest desirable Sidhis or Divine Powers the mysterious potency of Beej Mantras and Kone Yantras have been understood. Further the method of awakening and applying them too has been detailed. Beej and Yantras are subtle forms of glands. It is only to a certain limited extent that the region and arena of glands can be described via dissection of the body. But these Beej and Yantras are not visible and can be understood only via divine sight and subtle spiritual sciences.

The trio of Mantra Science, Tantra Science and Yantra Science can be said to be the triple specialties of the world of spiritual practices (Sadhana). In Mantra science we use sound energy. By chanting a Mantra continuously a sort of wheel is formed and its speed akin to Sudarshan Chakra gets transformed into electricity based miracles. Mantra words work like an arrow that always reaches its target. It reaches wholesome and desirable targets.

Tantra is definitely part of Kundalini Science. In it the vital energy is made very intense and is also applied to destroy certain obstacles. For example it is used in Maran, Mohan, Ucchatan, Bedhan, Vashikarn etc. The 2 fundamental aims of Tantra are Sammohan (delusion) and Vinashtikaran (destruction).

Tantrik Aghors perform such practices that their minds, body and electrical arena become of such a stature that by mere will (power of resolve) they can even kill some one. In the demonic group Tantra practices are known to be imbibed. The activities of such evil people are known to be very attacking. For this within their ordinary bodies they generate Vedhak and Marak potential via Tantra practices. Time and again depending on the goal they get required force from the storehouse of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power).

In Tantra one has to assiduously practice Asan, Bandh and Mudras. These 3 have many types in turn but if you wish to succeed in Gayatris Tantra aspect which is Savitri we must practice 24 Asans, 24 Bandhs and 24 Mudras. The 24 Mudras are well known. Amongst Bandhas 3 are well known. But great seers are fully aware that the classes and sub classes of Bandhas add up to 24. In Hatha Yoga the total number of Asans is 84 but in Tantra they use only 24.

The 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri correspond to 24 Beej, 24 Mantras, 24 Asans, 24 Bandhs and 24 Mudras. Before practicing these one must do Naadi Shodhan (purification of subtle Yogic nerves) via Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Vajroli, Kapal, Bhiti etc

In the Path of Yoga Pranayam and Dhyan or Meditation predominate. Mantra Yoga is independent. It is called the Science of Speech. The Mantras Divine Energy manifests from the admixture of the Sahasra Chakra called Brahmarandhra (1000 petal lotus or subtle plexus in the scalp), thoughts etc. But in Yoga practices one must take aid of Pranayama and Meditation. Pranayama has its own world and types. But for those who take up the path of Gayatri only 24 types of these are utilized. The Super Mantra has 24 alphabets. Thus 24 types of Pranayama are practiced.

Along with the royal path of Meditation many by lanes are conjoined. Naad (sound) Yoga too is type of a meditation. No doubt in Soham (THAT I AM) practice one breathes in and out, but one meditates also on the subtle sound of Soham. In Bhakti (devotion) Yoga one visualizes ones icon hence it is a part of meditation. When meditation ripens in an all inclusive manner one tangibly visualizes ones icon/deity. A glimpse of light of the size of a thumb is visualized in the cave of the heart in such a way as though one is tangibly experiencing/seeing it. Ones icon deity manifests based on the devotees mental focus and sentiments. This is nothing but the miracle of the all round/all encompassing nature of meditation.

In meditation focus or a one pointed psyche plays a major role. Via Tratak the divine eye is opened and thus our existence becomes manifold. In the practice of Shadow Man the soul existence doubles. In the 5 Sheath practice of 5 faced Gayatri 5 independent units advance within our selves. These are the miraculous results of high stature Gayatri practice. These 5 at one and the same time are seen to work based on their individual potential.

Initially in meditation a faint glimpse of the image is seen. But when the mind is intensely focused life force gets imbued in it and that image like a living demigod/demon obeys ones commands. This is the Path of Yoga. Yoga is the first aspect of Primordial Energy Gayatri and Tantra is the second aspect of Savitri Energy. In Anushthans of high stature practices one should perform practices keeping in mind the above discussion on Savitri-Gayatri Super Powers.



87 miles away from Shrinagar (Jammu-Kashmir, India) exists a place called Amarnath. Not only from India but from the world over, people go for pilgrimage there so as to have a holy vision of the Ice Shiva Linga every year. Hindus go there to offer their flower of faith and foreigners go there to witness the miracle of nature. So far no scientific explanation has come forth regarding the Ice Lingas manifestation.

The moon lies away from planet earth in such a manner that within 30 days in the 1 st half it is seen waxing by earth denizens. After the full moon day it starts waning so as to ultimately manifest a dark moonless night. Over here one can understand its scientific basis and its cause and effect. Generally every activity has a cause but suppose an action occurs without a palpable cause? Then what? Modern Science has no satisfactory answer to this. It just does not accept causeless actions but when it is seen to take place in the world we have to accept that not only gross materials exist but that subtle consciousness too exists which is way more potent than gross materials.

Amarnath pilgrim spot is an example of this. On that spot on a dark moonless night there is nothing but from the next day like a waxing moon an Ice Shiva Linga starts manifesting and after continuous growth on the full moon day an entire Ice Shiva Linga is seen. Amarnath is a very cold region. For the entire year it is full of ice/snow. In the month of Shravan (around August) there is less ice and the weather too is a bit more conducive. At that time thousands of pilgrims go for Darshan/vision of this wondrous Ice Shiva Linga. Along with this Ice Shiva Linga other images too manifest near it which are then worshipped as Parvatiji, Ganeshji and Kartikeyaji. Till today despite intense research none can explain the cause of this marvelous natural phenomenon. Who ever sees it calls it Gods glory and bow their head in humility.

Even if this is natures play yet our mind veers towards Rig Veda (1/164/44) where it is said:

Gayaha keshinaharitutha vichakshate samvatsare-vapat ekesham.

Vishwemeko abhichaste shachibhirdhajirekaya-dadrishe na rupam.

MEANING: Brahman which is the cause of this world, living being and Mother Nature are all beginning less. Although God plays the role of a director since it gives the fruits of a creatures actions yet it is the manageress nature who as per the directions of God gives the fruits. Amongst these 3 because God and creatures are conscious in nature they are definitely divine light in nature too. But because nature is also Sattva Guna (purity) in nature it too is divine light or conscious. Despite being under the guidance of God yet it has an independent existence hence like God she gives her devotee fruits of their actions. Many a time just as a mother via her beauty and sexy appearance influences an annoyed father to forgive their erring child so too nature by inducing director God to forgive a creature opens the door of wealth and grandeur for the latter.

By calling Savitri worship as worship of nature some people taint it by calling it inert worship. Over here its sensitive aspect is being clarified wherein natures Sattva Guna is as much conscious and omnipotent as God or cosmic consciousness. Hence all those benefits that accrue due to worship of God are attained via sensitive worship of nature. There is no need of attaining it via various Yantrik and Tantrik practices which are full of obstacles. In order to gain grace of nature or Prakriti it is not as though her husband (God) is required because one can become her child to attain her love and affection. This is the very philosophy behind looking upon Gayatri as mother and worshipping her as a female. The following proof is being given simply so as to prove its conscious nature.

In the Kentucky state of USA one finds a natural cave in a region called Mammoth. Man has not made it but that nature has etched it thus. Its designing is amazing. Pillar and a room are spread in a well designed manner measuring some 200 miles long. Within it there are ponds and lakes. Over here one can water sport. The wonder of wonders of this very dark cave is its walls. Many of these walls approximately measure 5 floors in height. That work which is carried out by an engineer has been performed by nature via inner inspiration thus proving that she has more intelligence and energy than any highly qualified engineer.

In Kangda regions Dada Sikha village of India a big pit was dug and they found a stone. This stone was not some archaeological piece but was an ore. But when the stone was taken out people were mind boggled to see a picture of a bird carved on it. The beak, tail, fingers etc were exactly that akin to those painted by artists and thousands thronged there to see it. People could just not understand how in a place where air cannot reach and that for food there is only mud everywhere, such a clear image of a bird could be etched. The cause could be anything nature via this example has proved she is just not an engineer but is a very skillful artist too.

If you get a chance to visit Yellow Stone National Park in Western USA you must definitely visit the Old Faithful Geyser. Geysers are water sprays that naturally manifest from within earth. Geologists opine that in the womb of earth lie some streams of water. Those streams that are close to volcanic mountains contact the latters heat. Thus this heat induces the water to boil. Since it is mixed with steam it breaks open from earth and are seen as geysers by us all.

Whether it is heat of a volcano or water in the womb of earth yet all are a part of nature. Hence the above scene with a cause too is a play of nature but as its name suggests a geyser is full of strangeness. Meaning that geysers manifest every hour which proves that nature is well aware of time and regularity.

One cannot understand Gods wish and it is more difficult to understand natures desire. Despite this there exists no difference in their state of consciousness.

Ananyam tasya tam vidhi spandashaktim manomayeem.

YOGA VAISHTHA (6/2/84/2)

Chinmatram spandashaktishcha yathaivaikatya sarvada.

YOGA VAISHTHA (6/2/84/3)

MEANING: Consciousness and vibration energy are one. The mind too is like that. It is like cosmic consciousness being mind oriented. Many natural materials can influence the psyche via not merely eating but by touch and visualization too. In ancient times people lived in close contact with nature because they attained mental peace as a result. When we use various ores/metals we in India are very cautious since scientifically it is shown that they influence the brain in many ways. With reference to this it will not be out of place to discuss the miraculous quality of Blarney Stone of Cork region. The word Blarney means skill of speech and thus it is seen that those who kiss this stone they attain amazing skills of speech. During the war of Bankburn General Mcarthi gave Robert Broom 5000 soldiers hence Broom in turn gave Mcarthi this stone as a present. Even today thousands of travelers visit Cork town to kiss this stone and benefit from natures amazing influence. USA is ready to give millions of dollars for this stone but Ireland refuses to sell it. An Indian traveler Saros Cawasji went there to kiss the stone and in the Dharmayug magazine dated 4 th August 1963 while describing it accepts that this stone certainly influenced him a lot.

Today even Modern Science accepts that it is not necessary that scriptural beliefs will necessarily pass the test of proof. The German Biologist Hekel says that natures oxygen, water, light, trees, plants, germs, birds, animals etc are but vibrations and waves. This science is called Ecology and its principle says that every object of the world is a dependent wave or consciousness on each other. Thus cosmic nature is conscious just like cosmic consciousness or Brahman. By merging soul consciousness with the above consciousness a creature cannot only unearth the subtle mysteries of nature but that it can become a great vessel capable of imbibing its grace. Already we have spoken of the benefits that accrue due to Gayatri Meditation. There is no other science which helps one attain and invoke subtle via devotion to gross. Hence devotion, worship and meditation are said to be supreme.



Super Energy Gayatri is used by both the Dakshin Path followers and the Vam Path followers. Dakshin Path means a straight road which takes us to a sacred goal. Vam Path means a difficult road which takes us to a fearful goal.

A knife can be used in 2 major ways. One it can be used to cut things like fruits, paper etc or it can be misused to hurt someone. It all depends on whether some uses a knife or misuses it.

I have learnt and also taught Gayatris Dakshin Path. It sanctifies one psyche and inner personality. It is a gigantic task to raise higher in stture the world at large. Gayatri is capable of doing this. There is nothing save benefit in it. Maybe due to lack of all round methodology it accrues limited results yet it will not harm anyone or give tainted results. The use of a matchstick too is like a knife. One can use it for desirable tasks like warding off cold, cooking food, making Ayurvedic medicines. Else it could be misused to burn down a house or in fact an entire village too. Via fire one can commit suicide too or also burn to death ones enemy.

There do exist Gayatri based Tantrik applications. In the text Devi Bhagwat there is a separate chapter on Gayatri Tantra. In the Vishwamitra Kalpa there is a description of its special methodology. Although in the Lankesh Tantra its methodology is given yet it is a mere overview. Tantrik applications are maintained secretively because if it were to get into the hands of an evil intentioned person he/she would misuse it like the demon Bhasmasura. Dronacharya had taught the art of archery to a few disciples who later used this very knowledge to hurt their teacher. Hence such teachings and methods are passed down from Guru to disciple so that the purity of the teaching is maintained.

The demon raven was a Vedic scholar. He had written commentaries on all the 4 Vedas and even today some of it is there for our study. But Ravan used the Vam Path of Vedmata Gayatri and used it for selfish goals. He built the island of Lanka with gold, he made his family members as roguish as himself, he inflicted pain on the demigods and he taught Marich the art of disguising so as to cunningly abduct Lord Rams consort Sita. Despite succeeding for the short term he tasted a downfall ultimately and did not leave any stone unturned to harass Rishi, Munis and pious people. This is the Tantras Vam Path. It is up to us individuals whether we use Divine Powers wholesomely or misuse them to hurt others.

Tantra Path is a kind of materialism. Its boundaries are limited and it can be applied only on the weak stature people. A poacher attacks only rabbits, pigeons etc. Such poachers dare not attack lions, tigers, cheetahs etc. Although the dead parts of such animals fetch handsome gains yet the danger is immense. Hence attacks are generally executed on the weak bodied and weak minded. It is such creatures who get trapped easily.

Tantrik applications do not work on mentally strong people. In fact such attacks on strong minded reflect back on the Tantrik attacker. If this were not the case Tantriks could have killed demonic men like Hitler, Mussolini etc. In ancient times Tantra was in vogue. Yet it did not work on demons like Vritrasur, Mahishasur and Hiranyakashipu. Vile minded people use such Tantra methods only on weak minded people. Even hypnotism influences only those whose psyches are weak.

There are many mediums of Tantra. Amongst them is Gayatri Tantra. Its practice can hurt only certain special people. One cannot use on a wider scale. Tantra methods include Maran, Mohan, Uchatan, Vashikaran, Stambhan etc. Using these one can harm only a particular person or take revenge. Note that these practices never uplift anyone, never advance them or never can be used to ward off someones problems in a high stature way.

Gayatri is 3 legged. In the Dakshin Path it is this form that is utilized. Its philosophy is imbibed as Brahmi, Vaishnavi,Shambhavi and Vedmata, Devmata, Vishwamata and its methodology is applied. But when its Tantrik form is used this name form does not remain. At such times it is called Tripura or Tripur Bhairavi. It is conjoined to Lord Shivas ghosts etc. It is called Raudri or Chandi. These are Tamas based forces and can cause harm only. It loves to bleed others but along with this there is a danger that if even a small error creeps in it attacks its user itself. Thus the user becomes a criminal and unruly. Thus those who wish to harm others may themselves get harmed and this is a major peril. We have seen the lusty being hit with shoes, murderers getting the guillotine and the unruly who hit others being themselves hit by huge sticks. Thus Tantra practices have never been encouraged and are instead kept a secret.

A bullet of a rifle no doubt moves forward but the rifle itself gets jerked backwards. If the user of a rifle is foolish he/she may dislocate his/her shoulder. Such people besides getting insults from others do not befriend anybody because others are scared that because of lack of ethics it does not take long for a friend to turn foe. Today such a person might help you but later he/she can harm you too.

Amongst Gayatris Tantra applications practices called Brahmadand, Brahmastra and Brahmashirsha are described. Dand means stick. A user of Bramadand can hurt others financially, family wise, bodily and mentally. It is like being hit via a stick or being given penal servitude or fine by a court judge. Brahmastra is an even bigger weapon. It never goes in vain. In that one has to accept the danger akin to fighting a lion. Meghnad the demon had used Brahmastra against Lakshmanji. If it were any one other than the latter he/she would have died immediately. Since Lakshmanji was Sheshjis incarnation and also since Sushena Vaid used the Sanjivani herb brought by Hanumanji on Lakshmanji he survived.

Brahmashirsha is used to create a vile intellect. On whom so ever it is applied that person gives up the path of goodness and becomes tainted by taking recourse to a vile intellect. Initially one who attacks takes advantage of the other persons lack of alertness but when public opinion and government oppose such a one he/she has to face material loss. Apart from this Gods law of giving fruits of ones actions is there and none can get saved from it. May be it takes time but a tainted person definitely pays for his/her vile actions. Hence Tantra Science has been kept a secret and we are exhorted not give this knowledge to anyone and everyone. A revolver cannot be used as a toy.

Each and every field of Modern Science is not meant for one and all. A country which makes the nuclear bomb will not share its technology with other countries. In fact it becomes a top secret. America is making weapons to carry out a Star War but its technology is kept such a top secret that neither Russia nor other countries can unveil it. Hence the scientists who work for such secret research are protected so much so that none can kidnap them. Or else it is seen to it that no one can find out its technique because otherwise other countries on attaining it will become as powerful as them.

Tantra is as secret as mentioned above. In that there is a danger of ones power being taken away and the opposite party becoming more potent. Another very important point to note is that by misusing it one can harm oneself and others too. If in a storehouse of gun powder a spark of fire touches it then the enemy wont get harmed but it is the owner and hoarder who will face great damages.

Children are our very own beloved. Yet we hide money, jewelry from them. Robbers can rob it from them if children are given money etc. Out of greed children can buy something which could arm the family seriously. If a child steals money, buys alcohol and drinks it then the money is wasted and the child will become tainted.

The Dakshin Path has the capacity to give boons and the Tantra Path gives curses. It is well known that Durvasa Rishi showered curses on others even if the matter was not so important and later he would repent. By giving curses to innocents like Ambarish and Shakuntala he inflicted pain on them and him self got tarnished image wise. The methodology of Tantra practice is such that one fails to give importance to ethics and lack of it. Thus in order to show ones vanity, any one and every one is angrily cursed even if the fault is very minor.

In Dakshin Path practices by imbibing Gayatri Super Energy in order to sanctify the character/inner personality one has to become that much more sacred and pious. In the same way in order that a Tantrik carries out vile acts he/she becomes terrorist like and unruly so that while using Tantra he/she does not feel guilty. A Tantrik suppresses his self/soul and imbibes mental dirt and arrogant daring and in fact applies Tantra practices on him self/her self first.

A murder before performing a heinous act gets drunk so that he experiences no guilt feeling during the vile act while inebriated thus. Generally Tantra practice is carried out in grave yards. Tantriks cook food on the pyre on which the dead are cremated and eat that cooked food. Kapaliks eat food and drink water from dead skulls and wear a garland of skulls around their necks. Aghoris are known to eat feces and drink urine so that they do not feel aversion to carry out vile acts.

In Vam Path the practioner has to practice the 5 Ms which are 1) Madyam 2) Masam 3) Minam 4) Mudra and 5) Maithun. All these 5 are lowly acts. One has to consume alcohol, drugs etc. One has to eat flesh and in the name of demigod sacrifice not only birds and beasts are killed but human flesh too is partaken. Everyday killing of easily available creatures like fish and frogs are killed and they are cooked and fried. One of the meanings of Mudra is making a fearful image and dancing naked with a Trishul. Another meaning is to generate unethical wealth so that with its help one can rape, kill and execute other vile acts. In the era of Lord Buddha the Vam Path followers behaved vilely in the name of scriptures and worship of demigods. Lord Buddha was revolutionary in opposing such taints and hence refused to accept those scriptures which encouraged all this and those demigods that helped in such terrible activities.

In order to minimize and wipe out vile actions and in order hence to propagate Non Violence he had to work very hard in a congregational manner. Not only this but that he opposed both demigods and a personal god (Ishwara) and got him self labeled a Shunyavadi (the cosmos is a void). Even I have stayed away from Tantra practices. I have not learnt it and will never propagate it.

For a long time span very naturally Tantrik attitude blooms like grass growing in monsoons. Under such circumstances if people actually learn how to use Tantra then the situation will rise to nadirs of downfall.

Over here the situation had to be clarified because ere someone notes the intensity of Savitris Savita he/she may erringly conjoin it to Tantrik practices. Savita is Almighty Gods form and Savitri is its Divine Energy. Right from the start to finish it oozes with sacredness. But for intense public and congregational tasks it is most required that we execute it. Hence we had to throw light on that science. It had to be rejuvenated and I myself had to practice it. Without this may be myself or my followers may be pious greatly from the standpoint of our inner personalities, maybe we have the power to attain heavenly joys and help others a little bit yet for gigantic tasks like Era Transformation and World Welfare enormous energy is required. This then is Savita Mahakals Mahakali Savitri.



For soul welfare one has to take recourse to Gayatri, Parvatis divinity. Gayatri has 3 grandeurs: divine intellect, faith and steadfastness. Parvati has 2 sons: Ganesh who is the intellects deity and Shadanan Kartikeya who is the deity of the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus). The 3 rd is Nandi who despite being a bull is very much part of their family. The major gigantic task conducted by Lord Shiva is bringing down River Ganga from heaven. He stood steadfast behind Bhagirath while doing so. Ere Shiva had not helped the river would have meandered away to the nether world called Patal. The credit of keeping the river poised goes to Shivaji.

Scriptural scholars at many places have shown similarities between Gayatri and Parvati. Both are serene. Both execute austerities and Yoga practices. Ones vehicle is a royal swan and the others is Nandi bull. Their personalities ooze with ideals and glory. Who ever surrenders to tem becomes divine despite donning a human garb. Their discrimination is sacred like River Ganga and can help us cross the painful ocean of rebirth.

It is also apt to understand Brahma (creator) and Lord Shivas Vam aspect. The 5 faced Savitri belongs to Brahma and Chandi Kundalini belongs to Shiva. Savitris 5 Sheaths are awakened. Every sheath has greater and greater glories. Apart from divine intellect, wealth, skill, talent is the 5 th power called art of warfare or art of using weapons. On its basis such divine weapons can be designed which were used in the Ramayan and Mahabharat era. Divine arrows like Agneyasra, Varunasra, Kritya, Gatichakra etc were utilized in those times. Bharat by seating Hanumanji on his arrow transported the latter to Lanka so that Sanjivani herb carried by Hanumanji could revive Lakshman in time. Arjun using his arrow pierced Patal from which gushed water which in turn quenched Bhishmas thirst. Ram had pierced 7 huge trees which grew in a circle with one single arrow. Eklavya had sewn the lips of a barking dog with an arrow. Rams arrow pursued Jayant and when Ambarish was harassed Vishnus Chakra pursued Durvasa Muni. The boons attained by demons Bhasmasur, Marichi, Kumbhkaran, Ravan, Meghnad etc were no doubt given by Lord Shiva but the underlying science was that of Savitri. This aspect was taught to Ram and Laksman by Vishwamitra when the Shiva bow had to be broken and also when they had to fight a grim battle against Ravans terrible demons. In those days ogresses like Sursa, Tadka, Surpankha and Trijata were well versed with all this. There was no end to the terror ploys of Khar-Dooshan and other demons. It was not easy to battle with such horrific demons. Such gigantic tasks are possible to carry out only using Divine Energy.

Vishwamitra was Gayatris seer and applier of Savitri. With the aid of Gayatri he became a Brahmarshi from Rajarshi and with the help of Savitri he tried creating a new universe by competing with Brahmaji. Like his disciple Harishchandra he became world famous and akin to Parshuramji attained the power to pierce Sahasrabahus 1000 arms. Although Vasishtha was Raghu clans Guru, yet during times of calamities, it was Vishwamitra who was their saviour. Shakuntala was definitely Vishwamitras daughter who mothered Chakravarti Emperor Bharat. Bharat ruled over ancient India. Vishwamitra attained Rishi-hood with Gayatris power and his intense efforts were a boon of Savitri. On the basis of this power he severely tested King Harishchandra and his family and helped them regain their lost royal glory.

Savitri has its own mystery. Its description has been detailed in the scripture called Vishwamitra Kalpa in allusive style. It appears as though the entre arena of material powers fly around Savitri Science. When in the days of Spiritual Science there were masters of Savitri Science there were users of the stature of Rishi Shringi. As a result of his grace King Dashrath fathered 4 Avatars. Also by giving a curse kept alive the otherwise dead Takshak serpent so as to kill Parikshit in the required time span. This is Savitris Vilom. With Anulom boon is given and with Pratilom a curse can be showered. Has it been possible for anyone in the ancient past to make a bridge across the sea and burn like grass a Lanka made of gold? Yes it was possible only because of Savitri Energys miracle which users used it for wholesome goals at the appointed hour.

In Sat Yuga or Golden Age it was Savitri Science that was used to overcome undesirable elements. The use and manifestation of Chandi was much later on. Chandi was created when demons like Chand, Mund, Raktbeej, Shumbh-Nishumbh, Madukaitab, Mahishasur etc reached the nadir of unruly activities due to their demonic potential. They were so despicable that they tried to make Mahashakti or Divine Super Energy their wife. The demigods had become listless. It was not possible for them to fight those powerful demons. This was because demigods followed the rules of war whereas demons paid no such heed to any rule and instead were hell bent on doing the most vile deed. Say who could fight such vile demons? Also how to do this? It was realized that to overcome vileness gentlemanliness certainly is not the answer. In fact a bit of vileness has to be used. To fight an elephant a horse is not the answer but that a lion is required. In order to defeat the demons of that era Chandis manifestation took place and at birth itself she commenced fighting with the demons. How can ethics work against demons? How can the 2 arms fight those with 2 arms? Chandi manifested 10 arms and all of them had weapons. The demons had no vehicles but Chandi rode on a lion. The lion was a vehicle for name sake only. In fact it actually fought with the demons army. Keeping in mind the potential and vileness of the demons the Goddess fought them with a frenzied mind. She collected their blood in their dead skulls and her tongue longer than her arms waved out in such a way that it appeared as though she would destroy the total nature of demonic-ness.

This is the story of Goddess Durga which is detailed in Markandeya Purana and Devi Bhagwat. This should not be looked upon as an event in the annals of history else it will remain mere history. People will wrongly interpret it if it had actually happened.

Chandi is a mundane aspect of Spiritual science which is utilized to solve those problems that cannot be solved via ordinary means. Ordinary problems should be solved using ordinary means. It is enough to reply to a kick with a fist blow. In todays world to solve problems both violent and non violent means have been used.

There are more creative applications of soul power. There is need, utility value and praise for it but if the problem is gigantic and stands in our way like an insurmountable rock there is no other way save throwing it down on the ground like an unripe pot and thus pounding it to pulp. It is believed that Chandi Energy is used for widespread and gigantic tasks. How is it invoked, imbibed and made terrifying? How can these conditions manifest which fulfill wholesome goals? This is a secret which a man of high discrimination applier defines on the basis of contemporary times and requirements.

Lowly Tantriks out of sheer greed feign as though they are working as benefactors towards others but instead avail unwarranted benefits from them. Just as due to personal hostility one attacks another in a frenzy, in the same way Aghori type of people due to likes-dislikes misuse Maran, Apangikaran, Ucchatan to harass others and misuse Mohan, Vashikaran to make people pander to their whims and fancies. In such tasks they utilize Kritya stature Vam Path programs. In that lowly acts like Dakini-Shakini and forces like Pishach Betal are made use of. At the time ofexecuting all this in the initial stage immediate benefits are seen but later laws of ethics definitely take over and hence one day or the other unwholesome users and unethical benefit takers or givers have to face divine punishment for lowly acts.

Within Savitri Science such attacks can take place. But they are not done for individual goals. It is utilized only when there is a dire need to overcome gigantic unwholesome activities.

Savitri is also called Saraswati. It can be utilized for augmenting of knowledge and science, for wholesome progress and for protection of justice. In the Van Parva of Mahabharat Epic there is a dialogue between Goddess Saraswati and Tarkshya. The Goddess while introducing herself and defining the basis of giving boons says: I ward off doubts, I manifest from Agnihotra or fire sacrifice, via Yajna methodology Ritwijas attain my grace but all this can be done only by one who has self control, who acts for world well being and are steadfast in carrying out divine goals. Along with study of Divine Science, he/she who for 7 years ceaselessly worship me via Yajnas attain me. Kalidas, Varadraj etc had become scholarly wise as a result of such worship. Over here we must understand Saraswati and Savitris creative aspect. With it all round welfare can be attained. Savitris Vam Path helps in attacking but this attack is carried out limitedly only for the protection of law and justice. As per the crime royal punishment is meted out in more or less measure.

Chandi principle no doubt is required but sometimes it crosses the limits of right and wrong. When forest fires blaze terrifically innocent forest creatures die hence before lighting such a fire, one must not do so in frenzy but should be done with sound thinking. When we cross the boundaries of wholesomeness know for sure that we ourselves will also have to suffer. When the fire of war is ablaze not only do the wrong doers die but innocents also give up their lives. Chandi program too is like this. A knower of Soul Science uses it very limitedly and that too after sound cogitation.



It has been noted before that Brahmaji had 2 wives. The first Gayatri and second is Savitri. Symbolically it means wisdom consciousness and material grandeur. One is Para Prakriti and the other is Apara prakriti. Within Para Prakriti lies mind, intellect, psyche, ego, divine intellect etc. The second wife is Savitri. It can be said to be Apara Prakriti, material energy or inert nature. All movements of matter are dependent on it. The movement of atoms, influence of chemicals, electrical heat, light, magnetism, ether etc form a part of it. Modern Material Science uses all these means to make various inventions and other material comforts. This very Apara Prakriti is called Savitri. Kundalini is the name of this second energy.

The second power is Savitri-material force, mobility. With the help of this Apara Prakriti the bodily functions of all creatures takes place and thus moves the worlds wheel of progress. In the body various functions/activities take place like inhalation-exhalation, blood circulation, sleep-wakefulness, digestion-excretion, heat energy generation, electrical flow etc. Every material of the world is active. In this world creation, propagation and transformation go on ceaselessly. Creatures and matter, all of them rush with great speed on the path of progress. Every particle is being pushed towards progress. Apara Prakriti is that center of inspiration within Mahatattva which converts inactivity to activity. This energy manages Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, the 5 Tanmatras etc Due to its blessings one attains Sidhis and boons. Savitri is thus Brahmajis second wife. Many special qualities of the human body like good health, long life, strength, zest, enterprise, beauty etc are dependent on it. Although it is widespread yet it predominates on the polar region of earth (macrocosm) and in the Mooladhar Chakra of human beings (microcosm). In spiritual practice terminology it is called Kundalini Energy.

Gayatri and Savitri complement each other. There is no competition between the two. Like the Ganga and Yamuna they can be said to be streams of Divine Himalayan Mountain. The fact is that both are entwined with each other inseparably. They can be said to be one life force and 2 bodies. A God realized saint too requires a body of flesh and blood and means to keep it alive. Matter cannot be managed without the intervention of consciousness. Thus world creation continues as a result of efforts of both these. If matter and consciousness separate none can exist. Both will merge in their root fount. They can be said to be the 2 wheels of the world and chariot of progress. One without the other is useless. A handicapped God realized master and dull intellect, animal man are incomplete. The body possesses 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 lungs, 2 kidneys etc. Brahmaji with his 2 energies has created this world. These 2 energies can be called his 2 wives or streams mainly to understand the underlying situation. The word wife is merely symbolic. Where does conscious existence have a family like human beings? The element fire has 2 special qualities viz. heat and light. Someone if he/she so pleases can call them fires 2 wives. If one does not like this term then call them daughters. At some places Saraswati is called Brahmas wife and at other places his daughter. This should not be looked upon as a mundane human relationship. This symbolic description is meant only for simile. Soul energy is Gayatri and material energy is Savitri. Savitri practice is called Kundalini awakening. In that the latency and distortions of bodily vital force is warded off. Electricity has 2 charges viz. positive and negative. All the requirements of spiritual practice are fulfilled via the union of Gayatri and Savitri.

Gayatri worship carried out in daily activity of Sandhyavandan verily is ordinary. For Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) awakening one has to imbibe high stature Gayatri meditation. It can be said to be a chain that binds matter to consciousness and vice versa. It is this vital force flow that directs functioning of the individual/micro and cosmos/macro. Although man and woman in their own individual way are strong yet they are incomplete. In order to bring them closer and make an intense bond an unknown magnetic force is at work. Under its pressure couples unite and progeny are born. For example the magnetic flow that attracts man to woman intensely can be called a spark of Kundalini. By inducing a bond between Prakriti (matter) and Purusha (consciousness) so as to encourage world creation is the handiwork of cosmic Kundalini. Kundalini Super Energy induces a strong bond between body and consciousness within the realm of individual existence. It also induces attraction in the body, zest in the mind and steadfastness in the psyche. All movements of living beings manifest as aspiration, thought and activity. Kundalini creates it. Else how can inert 5 elements vibrate and how can the taintless soul manifest yearning? In the realm of all movements of the visible world magic is at work which in spiritual terminology is called Maya. In the spiritual practice arena it is called Kundalini. It is the fount of world movements and human activities. When this chief key lands in the hands of a great master all doors of progress that were so far closed commence opening one after the other.

In the high stature practice of Gayatri in order to manifest Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect and in order to radiate the visible existence the methodology of Kundalini practice is adhered to. The goal of Gayatri practice is to awaken mental consciousness and Kundalini practice is followed to augment matter based activities.

There is no limit to the Sidhis of conscious powers that manifest from the brain region. Yogis, self realized masters, seers, thinkers, scientists, artists, soul knower, super men use this energy to intensify their power of resolve. Who is not aware of the miracles of knowledge power? Who is unaware of the intellects importance? In order to advance it greatly not only school education is imparted but that self study, association with saints, reflection, spiritual and trance or Samadhi practices are undergone. This social arena is called Gayatri Meditation or spiritual practice of Para Prakriti.

The second potential is work energy. Apara Prakriti. All functions of bodily organs take place with its help. Many bodily functions take place like inhalation/exhalation, blood circulation, sleep, awakening, excretion, heat, knowledge, elements, electrical flow etc. It should be called the act of Apara Prakriti. It can be called the work energy that keeps inert objects mobile. Even in the personal life its import is by no means any less. Bodily special qualities like health, long life, strength, zest, daring, beauty etc are dependent on it. In the social arena it should be called Kundalini super Energy. Ordinarily via eating, exercising, rest etc this energy is awakened and worshipped.

By it self divine consciousness of the brain predominates. If it gets scattered death definitely engulfs us. And yet the importance of bodily material consciousness is not any less. If it is less in measure man becomes weak, ill, lazy, listless and bad in appearance and a coward. Such a one will lead a hopeless, un-useful life of drudgery.

Gayatris center is the brain of brain called Sahasrar and Brahmarandhra. Kundalinis center is the seed of sexual passion called Mooladhar Chakra. Gayatri symbolizes divine consciousness and Savitri, divine aura. Both are inseparable bound to each other. Via Gayatri one attains divine spiritual glories and via Savitri, mundane Ridhi-Sidhis. The high stature spiritual practice of Gayatri is that of the 5 sheaths or Koshas and 5 Yogas. Savitri is Kundalini and it is awakened via 5 austerity based means. Soul spiritual practice encompasses Yoga and austerities and one attains all round fruits as a result. Hence one has to use in unison both Gayatri of the 5 sheaths and Savitri Science of Kundalini awakening. Electrical energy is generated only when its positive and negative charges unite. Thus the chariot of soul progress moves to its great goal only with the aid of these 2 wheels. In order to avail a balanced benefit of Gayatri practice Savitri Energy too must be imbibed.

More importance is given to combination of spiritual practices rather than lone ones. Generally today in the spiritual practice realm this very error occurs. Followers of the path of wisdom and Raja Yoga restrict themselves to devotional practice and Hatha Yogis and ritual priests follow only penance. Both have utility value. None are less important but if you pay heed to either one of them only it is erroneous. Both must be conjoined to each other. It is such a marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvatiji that results in a sentimental boon like Ganesha and material grace in the form of Kartikeya.

I have always believed in all round spiritual practice and advised others to do so too. Along with Vedic Yoga practices I have also recommended Tantra practices. Despite giving predominance to Gayatri practice I have also encouraged Kundalini awakening. It is for this reason that after teaching the first lesson the background of the second lesson too has been elucidated. One must not see any error in it. It is like an effort to find a good bride for ones only son who has become an adult. By it self Gayatris deity Savita is looked upon as Shiva or Vishnu and their wife fire, Lakshmi, Kali is symbolized by Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Thus it is like a marriage between male/female, Shiva/Parvati. It can also be compared to Lord Ram breaking Sivas bow so as to become eligible to marry Sita. One must not be amazed if from the language standpoint some people look upon Gayatri and Kundalini as one sex. Despite a Jiva (creature) and Brahman (God) being of male identity yet they do unite. The witness seer Brahman is action less. Its Para-Apara Prakritis (nature) unite sexually to create and manage this cosmos. This is of course only symbolic. In reality there is no gender based difference in the subtle world like male and female. Symbolizing Gayatri or Kundalini as a female and Brahman Shiva as a male is just for our understanding of consciousness. From the principle standpoint in the realm of this high energy arena there is no difference like male and female. In this world when a saint realizes God then despite taking up a male or females body they go beyond gender difference. They see only one gender and one principle. In their world there is no male or female. In Advait or Non Duality when an intellect that harbors divisiveness is destroyed the difference between male and female too ends. If with reference to Gayatri or Kundalini a discussion takes place regarding marriage union in a symbolic fashion one must not get perturbed. It is hence that these lines are being written.

Spiritual Seers say that Gayatri and Kundalini mutually bound to each other and are seen as one. Within Kundalini practices predominates piercing of the 6 Chakras or subtle plexuses. It is the primary basis of this practice. Gayatri Energy too can achieve that aim. Thus they both are 2 ends of one single stick. Within awakening of the 6 Chakras Kundalini energy gains help from Gayatri energy.

Gayatri Mantras Bhu means earth element. In the path of spiritual practice it is Mooladhar Chakra. Then in the World Divine Mothers lower stature Brahmi or Desire Energy-Mahayoni-Pith it is world element. Bhuvaha is Bhuvarloka or interstellar space element. From the spiritual standpoint it is Vishudha Chakra of the throat region and in the middle stature of Mahashakti it is Pinnonat Payodhar, Vaishnavi or Action Energy and creation element. Svaha is Surlok or heaven element. On the path of spiritual practice it is Sahasrar Chakra and in the high stature of Adyashakti it is Gauri or Wisdom Energy i.e. destruction or element of merging. This then is the nature of Vedmata Gayatri and mystery of place.

By it self wisdom consciousness pervades the entire body but is focused in the brain. By it self Action Energy pervades the entire body but it is focused in the genital organs. Generally eunuchs cannot augment high qualities and cannot manifest efforts full of daring. To call someone a eunuch is to insult tat persons inner potential. If other organs of the body are weak then without them progress is not obstructed but for a eunuch important tasks are extremely difficult to execute. Before someone is handed a government job doctors test that person as to whether he is a eunuch or not. Hence the center of bodily special qualities is said to be the genitals which pinpoint our gender.

These 2 are the sensitive centers of spiritual practice. They are called the poles of the body. By it self electrical energy is singular but it is classified as 2 parts. One is positive charge and second is negative charge. The positive electricity of human consciousness is focused in the brain center and in spiritual terminology it is called Sahasrar Chakra. The negative charge is focused in the genital center and is called Mooladhar Chakra. Amongst these 2 centers the wisdom center is called Gayatri and the center of sexual passion is said to be the fount of Kundalini. Material potentials, grandeurs, Sidhis awaken in Kundalini and spiritual divine glories, Ridhis augment with the help of Gayatri. The admixture of both manifests in a spiritual aspirant or Sadhak in the form of grandeur, glories called Ridhis and Sidhis in the form of wisdom and activity. Hence it is apt that a Sadhak performs spiritual practice which is an admixture of both.

Sahasrar lotus has been depicted as a Divine Center, as Gayatri, as Vishnu reclining in the ocean of milk and as Shivas Kailash. Its proof is as follows:

Brahmarandhra sarasiruho dar nityalagnamavadatamatabhuma kundli vivarkand manditam dwadasharna sarasiruham bhaje.


In the middle of the rain region rests the 1000 petal lotus facing upside down. In its center is an amazing Naadi (subtle nerve). It is called Kundalini.

Idam sthanam jnatva niyatnijachitto narvaro,

Na bhuyat sansare punrapi na badhasribhuvane.

Samagra shaktihi syanniyatamanasastasya kritinaha,

Sada kartu hartu khagatirapi vani suvimala.


By spiritual practice on 1000 petal lotus Yogi balances his psyche and thus merges in his cosmic soul. He cuts asunder the vicious cycles of birth and death. He oozes with all Divine Powers. He moves freely and his/her speech becomes very sweet.

Shirahakapalavivare dhyayedadugdhamahodidham.

Tatra sthitva sahasrare padme chandram vichintayet.


MEANING: Meditate on the Kshir ocean in the cave of the lotus and also meditate the light like that of moon in the 1000 petal lotus of Sahasrar.

Matsya Purana while comparing Sahasrar Moon to Mount Kailash descries its divine situations. This description is not that of Mount Kailash situated in Tibet but is a description of Sahasrar Wisdom Center situated in the Brahmarandhra. Over here one finds the Samvartak fire electricity. In this center lies the ocean of super serpents. In this center speedily culminates spiritual practice successfully. These facts cannot be those of Tibets Mount Kailash.

Parasparena dwiguna dharmmataha kamatorthataha.

Hemakutasya prishtham tu sarpanam tatsaraha smritam.

Saraswatim prabhavati tasmaju jyotishthati tu ya.

Ityete parvatavishtashchatvaro lavanodadhim.

Cchidamamaneshu paksheshu pura indrasya vai bhayat.


MEANING: Double success is attained by doing spiritual practice on Mount Kailash. All 3 are attained viz. righteousness, wealth and desires. The lake on Mount Hemkut is made by serpents. Radiance and divine intellect manifest here.

Over here a terrific inferno called Samvartak blazes forth. It drinks the water of that lake. This fire can dry up even the ocean.

Mooladhar is said to be the center of energy. It has been depicted as the presiding deity Kundalini of fire pyre, energy fount, Kali Pith and Action Energy. In spiritual texts it is been greatly detailed.

While over seeing all these facts we have to conclude that there exists a mutual bond between wisdom energy of Gayatri and action energy of Kundalini. When both these unite, total and all round uplifting is possible. One should not see any differences in both these practices. In fact one must understand that when both spiritual practices are undergone both material and spiritual success is attained. This combination of practices leads to material wealth and liberation too. Hence seers of spiritual practice science while keeping in mind the incompleteness of lone spiritual endeavor rightly advise us all to use a combination of these practices to attain double success. The same is being done here too.

Ya devata bhogakari sa mokshagra na kalpate.

Mokshada nahi bhogaya tripura tu dway prada.


Those demogods who give is material wealth will not give us spiritual liberation or Moksha and those who give spiritual liberation or Moksha do not give material wealth. But Kundalini gives both.



The description of Kundalini commences with the discussion of the spiritual philosophy of Gayatri Super Prajna. In reality Gayatri devotion is an application of imbibing of righteousness and sensitivity. In that soul purification is given great importance and via meditation/concentration while manifesting devotion divine consciousness is attracted closer or else one entwines with it. It is the same act whether you light a stick with a match stick or add a stick to blazing fire. The difference only is this tat by bringing in a state of self surrender and Advaita (non duality) very quickly miraculous results are seen. Even if there is no surrender and that some desire lingers even if the car crawls slowly we will ultimately benefit. But of course you do not get the capability of working for others welfare. A swimmer may him self swim yet he is not capable like a boat man to help others cross a big river. Thus is the difference between desire-less and desire based Gayatri devotion. Both give their own kind of success.

If we dive deep into the spiritual philosophy of Gayatri we will note that it is the seed of wisdom of the brain that influences our entire consciousness. It also plays a major role in bodily sustenance and social transactions. In high stature roles this very center proves to be the fount of Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and ultimately over here gets fulfilled the aims of uniting a living being with God, lifes goal and divine bliss. Brahmarandhra or Divine Center Brahmalok is said to be Gayatri Divine Energy and its area of influence is wisdom consciousness. From the symbolic standpoint Gayatri is called Brahmani or wife of Brahma. In the material world its capability is called Brahma Danda wherein ones sorrow/poverty is warded off and vile people/qualities are overcome. In the spiritual arena its nature is that of Brahmavarchas or Divine Potential.

Over and above Gayatri we will talk about savitri practices. Savitri devotion is the material aspect of Gayatri. For material goals energy is most required. The 5 elements and 5 vital forces or Pranas of the body work like fuel and with its aid inner fire can be awakened. Savitri practice is nothing but lighting of this fire. Despite there being some difference between Savitri and Kundalini yet they are at par.

Just like the north and south poles of planet earth, the body too has two sub stratums which are said to be the 2 ends of the axis. One is the Sahasrar lotus situated in the Brahmarandhra and the other called Mooladhar Chakra near the genital organs. Sahasrar is the North Pole and Mooladhar is the South Pole. Brahmarandhra has the seed of wisdom and Mooladhar has the seed of sexual passion. From the gross viewpoint in all areas of bodily organs exist blood, flesh etc but from the subtle viewpoint the conscious centers lying in the center of bodily parts are called Energy Chakras (subtle plexus). In the chain of Chakras these 2 predominate as the beginning and end. All other Chakras lie in between them.

If we dive deep into the spiritual philosophy of Gayatri we will note that it is the seed of wisdom of the brain that influences our entire consciousness. It also plays a major role in bodily sustenance and social transactions. In high stature roles this very center proves to be the fount of Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and ultimately over here gets fulfilled the aims of uniting a living being with God, lifes goal and divine bliss. Brahmarandhra or Divine Center Brahmalok is said to be Gayatri Divine Energy and its area of influence is wisdom consciousness. From the symbolic standpoint Gayatri is called Brahmani or wife of Brahma. In the material world its capability is called Brahma Danda wherein ones sorrow/poverty is warded off and vile people/qualities are overcome. In the spiritual arena its nature is that of Brahmavarchas or Divine Potential. The manifestation of Self Realization state mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta and description of Divine Consciousness in Upanishads takes place via this Super Energy.

There exists a cosmic conscious power which is called God or Parabrahman. Thinking and decisions belong to it. It makes programs and directs all movements. The psyche of mankind advances under its tutelage. The upper layer of the mind directs social transactions but the deeper layers of inner soul, of super consciousness comes under the aegis of this Divine Consciousness and from there it self they are guided and managed. The Brahmarandhra or Sahasrar Lotus situated in the center of the brain is the focal point of this consciousness incarnating in man. Brahma, Vishnu dwell in this pot of nectar and vision of demigods takes place in this region. Their presence is said to be in heaven or the higher world called Brahmalok. Divine Energy in the form of a spark exists in the center of our brain. The 2 vessels of subtle and causal bodies are present there. As per the wishes of the churner of Brahmi (divinity) it fills up one or both from these vessels. As per its grace creatures becomes capable of playing a major potent role. Within the cave of this consciousness oneness of a living being and God takes place. This region is advanced, purified and educated so as to contact and make conducive other worlds of the cosmos or subtle unseen Divine Powers. In one word this science can be called Atmiki (soul based). This is the area where demigods sport divinely. Vishnu lies in this very Kshir Sagar or ocean of milk. Shivas Kailash if Samadhi or trance is verily here. A living beings rise and fall take place here.

The individual existence can be divided into 2 parts viz. gross and subtle. Gross is said to be the visible body and subtle is the invisible vital force glory. The physical body is made up of chemicals. From its pure form standpoint material units are used in its designing. The action Energy at work in it is called life force. It can be measured as Ojas, Tejas and Varchas (subtle light) too. Around the body exists a light akin to mist and it is its reflection.

Just as Divine Consciousness, pot of nectar and Brahmarandhra lie in the center of the brain so too the storehouse of natures Action energy or Vital Energy lies in the Mooladhar Chakra. Mooladhar Chakra lies slightly above the end of genital organs and behind the inner central portion of the Nabhi (navel) Chakra. It can be understood that where exists the end of Merudand (subtle spine), there is a strange network called Mooladhar Chakra. Energy rests in this fount. It spreads in the entire body and directs functions of all organs. Its grace is in the form of zest and daring in the psyche arena. In this manner more or less it spreads out in the entire body and shoulders the responsibility of various functions of the body. Its most visible function is sexual union. Over here manifests sexual passion. The intellect searches for means of its satiation. Till it is not attained it remains agitated and when satiated, for a certain time span it remains quiet. And yet within a short time span it again gets excited and mind wanders about in passionate imagination. For peace again and again it needs satiation. This is how progeny is sired from generation to generation. Males and females while trying to find fulfillment undergo the vicious cycle of birth and death. An admixture of laughter and tears is conjoined to this process of progeny siring. While seeing this one cannot help but laugh at the creators designing.

Leaving behind the topic of procreation we are discussing the high stature goal of vital energy. If it is less in measure, man becomes cowardly, indolent, and sad and eunuch like. In youth too inner old age takes over. If its measure is ordinary it can be seen to play the role of a potent personality.

The vital energy of Mooladhar Chakra contacts unites again and again with brain based energy. Its path of coming and leaving is the Merudand. Merudand can be called the tail end of the brain. The nerve based network pervading the body commences from this medium. Although it gets messages and directions from the mental region yet the potential to work is attained from Kundalinis electrical storehouse. Its role is akin to a generator or battery store dynamo. Sometimes magnetic activities too are noted here. Like AC DC currents the actions of pulling and throwing out too manifest as per requirements. These flow and ebb give directions of moving ahead or going back in the body. The rise and fall of this region manifests as friendship/enmity, love/hatred, help/attack etc.

In this tall and heavy physical frame are only 2 managers. The nectar pot of the brain which is the fount of emotions, desires, faith, divine intellect, faith, steadfastness etc. Kundalini Chakra which is the root of vital force which is situated in the Mooladhar scatters energy of original stature in the body and areas that contact it.

In Soul Sciences a lot is said and understood regarding the above mentioned 2 special centers but the style of writing in ancient times is such that it includes greatly symbolic poetry. It is quite possible that thinkers may have thought that seers of Soul sciences should possess mental special qualities so as to fathom precepts on the basis of secretiveness. It can be said to be an admixture of art and curiosity. When scriptures and philosophy related to thought science are written in poetic meter and symbolically why should Soul Sciences be deprived of the beauty of art? Why should the description of lake of nectar, pond of brain and energy, vital force storehouse, Kundalini region not be included in a poetic fashion? It has been done. And it has happened too.

Science attracts males and arts females. Since males predominate amongst Self Realized saints they decided to give Soul Sciences a female symbolic form so as to make it more attractive. The word Shakti (energy) is female in gender. Hence in its description symbols and gender is that of female and one must not see any error in it.

Where the topic of spiritual practice is female there male gender also has been used. But it is less in measure. Females pursuing their daily chores cannot walk much far on this path and looking after their homes seems like managing a hermitage. Yet there is no opposition for females. They too can work hard like past female Self Realized female saints like Arundhati, Anusuya, Sukanya, Ghosha, Apala, Ila etc. Like Madame Curie todays women too can march ahead on the path of Soul Sciences.

Over here the topic is of male predominance. For that in order to build a bond with the above mentioned 2 energies they have been elucidated as females.

Brahma is said to be the demigod of the intellect. According to Indian Mythology he had 2 wives. One was Gayatri and the second Savitri. Gayatri is called Brahmi and Savitri is called Prajna too. For sacred aims like soul uplifting, liberation, self realization, Nirvana etc Gayatri is meditated on. Savitri has 5 faces. It includes the 5 elements and the 5 vital forces or Prana. It has 5 faces and 10 arms. Ten armed means concentration of the potency of the 10 sense organs. Five faces means the 5 sheaths called Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. Kosh or sheath means vault. It is a vault of very precious jewels like Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. With its aid one can curse or give boons. Both are material in nature. Hence Gayatri is spiritual and Savitri is material.

Shiva is said to be the presiding deity of energy aspect. His Trishul weapon is a symbol of energy storehouse in the form of heat, sound and light. Shiva has 2 wives viz. Parvati and Mahakali. Mahakali is synonymous with Durga, Chandi, Bhavani, Raudri etc. It is also Kundalini.

When Shiva and Parvati tied the marriage knot their loneliness was warded off. Their union resulted in 2 sons called Sidhivinayak Ganesh and the destroyer of demons Kartikeya. One establishes righteousness and the other overcomes unrighteousness. Ganesh blesses us with Prajna or Divine Intellect and Kartikeya bestows us with energy or Shakti. Kartikeya has 6 faces. They represent the 6 Chakras or subtle plexuses. This Skand incarnation should be looked upon as the description of the influence of Kundalini Super Energy related to the 6 Chakras.

The substratum fire situated near the genitals is called Kundalini. When Shiva manifest Sahasrar awakens with zest a pollen honey manifests which is called Retas of Shiva. Kundalini substratum fire imbibed it and the 6 Kritikas ripened it. These 6 Kritikas are the 6 Chakras. The 6 faced Kartikeya nourished by the 6 Kritikas should be looked upon symbolically as influence result of the 6 Chakras.

Parvati is serene. She married Shiva after performing intense austerities. But Chandi forcefully attracted Shiva. Prajapati after gathering demigods power had created Chandi and thus the demons were overcome. Over and above this when she started roaming in all 10 directions in the form of fire she was tied to Shivas neck. Over there also Chandi did not approach Shivas feet like Parvati. She did not sit on Nandi bull. Chandi chose the lion as her vehicle and after banging Shiva down danced exultingly on his chest. This then is Mahakali, Mahachandi Kundalini whose function is control. In Vam Path this is utilized.

Many scriptural data is available which throws light on the greatness and potency of Kundalini:

Yatha ya devata bhog karisa mokshayan kalpate.

Mokshada nahi bhogaya tripura tu dway prada.


Those demigods who give sense pleasures do not give liberation or Moksha. Those who give liberation or Moksha do not give sense pleasures. But Kundalini gives both.

The demigod of Causal Body is Brahma, that of Subtle Body is Vishnu and that of Gross Body is Shiva. These presiding demigods are tied like knots in the life of ordinary people and lie supine in a corner. But when the 3 fires of Kundalini awakening are lit it influences all the 3 bodies and the 3 demigods who were latent so far by becoming alert and awakened manifest their light and influence. Ordinarily one does not experience the presence of the 3 bodies but when their presiding deities are awakened they become even more tangible and potent than the gross body. When the Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra Granthis (subtle complexes) open up one overcomes all lack, sorrow and bondage. Thus in the personality of such a spiritual aspirant one perceives divinity shining.

The 3 legs of Gayatri and Savitri point to the 3 Granthis and 3 bodies. The combined practice of Gayatri-Savitri cleanses the dirt on our consciousness as a result of which the soul existence gains more radiance. In the material arena in order to create the influence of soul consciousness Savitri practice must be undergone. In order to radiate the soul materially a body must be taken up. In order to fulfill mundane duties the soul as Gayatri requires the capability of Savitri practice.

In the above mentioned lines we have discussed Kundalini awakening via Savitri practice. This is meant for those people who wish to fulfill high stature soul based goals via material means, for those who worship Shakti or Energy and for those who think that the importance of Shakti predominates. In the fight between demigods/demons, the demons had generated energy but used it for vile tasks and then Lord Vishnu or high stature soul energy put an end to it. It is only when energy devotion conjoins to divinity that true success is attained. Such attainment is long lasting and via farsightedness always proves beneficial for world beings. The success of demonic forces noted initially is mere illusion. Shukracharya the Guru of demons was an adept at Kundalini awakeningand he guided the demons accordingly. Brihaspati was the Guru of demigods. He guided Yogis, men of austerities and divine seers on the path of Gayatri Mantra so as to make them divine. He too taught them Kundalini awakening but the goal was always wholesome and good for all. Those soul seers who faced mundane problems were asked to do Savitri practice over and above the initial teaching. It was via Savitri practice that Dadhichi, Bhagirath, Lomharsh, Shringi, Vishwamitra etc fulfilled mundane goals. Of course these were ultimately meant for spiritual aspirations but the path/methodology of spiritual practice was changed accordingly. Even the likes of Arjun and Hanuman had to ward of material obstacles. They too within the realm of spiritual science had to follow the path of material based Savitri-Kundalini practice. Even my own spiritual practices were performed for such tasks and by following the correct path success too was mine for the asking.

When combined practice of Savitri and Kundalini awakening are executed miraculous results are seen. Electricity performs its tasks very speedily. If corpse is burnt via electricity the task is done very fast but even if food is cooked in fire it takes much longer. In order that spiritual divinity does not get marred and that a credible spiritual aspirant quickly reaches his/her spiritual goal this method is very beneficial. Extremely pure Kundalini practice comes under the flagship of Tantra and Vam Path. But when Savitri, Gayatri and Kundalini practice combine Yoga or Dakshin Path predominates.

In extremely dire situations Almighty Lord had to incarnate as Varah, Nrisinh, Parshuram etc. Shivaji is called innocent and one who is pleased very quickly but he too on getting wrathful with Daksh Praapati created Veerbhadra who in turn crushed Dakshs ego. All these are events of direness which depending on circumstantial needs utilize pressure acts of various types.

Avatar powers and high stature souls keeping in mind the circumstances get this task done by others so that their own energy does not get depleted. Vishwamitra could have on his own protected his Yajnas but by not losing his power out of ire let the Kshatriya boys Ram and Lakshman defeat Tadka, Subahu and Marich. He taught the boys the Science of Bala-Atibala and thus protected his Yajnas. Samarth Ramdas and Chanakya got their tasks done by Shivaji Maharaj and Chandragupt respectively despite the fact that they were capable enough to perform that task. Over here the question again is of importance of Divine Energy. This gathered Energy must be used for higher tasks instead of frittering it away in overcoming various obstacles. In this manner the combined effort of Savitri and Kundalini practice ordinary hardships of ones own and others can be warded off and within the limits of aptness ones wealth grandeur too can be augmented.

An individuals gathered potency via spiritual practice/Sadhana can not only wholesomely transform others but can also sanctify the subtle atmosphere in totality. This definitely is the truth. Like other donations, energy donation too takes place. By requesting power from a divinely powerful person one can use it for wholesome tasks. It is related to the laws of creation just like one gets interest from banks. Just as a wealthy person uses a part of his wealth for donation endeavors so too a Yogi on facing cosmic hardships give a part of their power to credible people so as to benefit world beings. In a joint family the breadwinner could be one person. Other members carry out smaller tasks as per their capacity but it is not necessary that each of them earns extra money for themselves and contribute in the family.


It is required that the discussion of the combined practice of Gayatri, Savitri and Kundalini be done with great gravity and alertness from the spiritual practice standpoint because thousands of people get very easily attracted to it. Because it is a secret science a veil is kept on it. It is apt and most required that the principle, nature and social aspect of Kundalini awakening be understood. This is because when such methodologies start disappearing intellectual people on getting a few hints understand it according to their capability. If there is no hint at all to research and discover it depletes our time and is full of tediousness. Hence there is no problem in getting information about sciences important streams. The problem is about application and experimentation. If an arrow instead of hitting its target and reverses mid way the arrow shooter himself or herself may lose their lives.

Instead of looking upon the method of Kundalini awakening as an ordinary worship rite one must deeply realize that one must gain enough capability to do so. It is desirable to undergo the foundation course in the initial stages of practice and as far as application is concerned it must remain in the hands of great masters and teachers.



Kundalini practice is a high stature devotional method of Gayatri Meditation. The unveiling of the 5 sheaths or Koshas comes under the flagship of Gayatris 5 face practice. It pinnacle is Kundalini practice. It is said to be the union of Gayatri and Savitri. When the material energy of Mooladhar Chakra unites with the divine awakening of Sahasrar its combination manifests such serenity of soul which is said to be the fulfillment of Yoga practice. Gayatri is Divine Science and Savitri is Energy Chandi. When both unite it is called Kundalini Awakening. It is also called Brahmavarchas. In Brahmavarchas practice Kundalini awakening to is included.

Within the science of spiritual practice the discussion of Kundalini predominates and it is elucidated as mind boggling and terrific divine energy. Before understanding the nature science of Kundalini and spiritual practice science it is most required that we know what this power/energy is? Where rest its roots or fount? What is the aim of its practice and via its endeavor how and what benefits occur?

Kundalini means round in shape. This entire cosmos is round in shape. Even the tiniest atom is round. Anyone can thus call cosmic existence or life existence as Kundalini. Planets, galaxies etc are round. The atoms of objects and cells of creatures are round. This roundness can be understood as Kundalini. This is but a gross standpoint but we must delve deeper. Planets, galaxies etc are moving all the while. They move in a particular orbit. They move ahead again and again in a round manner within their orbit. This orbit being round is Kundalini only. A creature is born, it grows, it dies and again repeats all this which can hence be termed Kundalini cycle. A snake sits in a circular manner. Hence it is generally used as comparison. The earth lies on the head of Shesha serpent. The demigod of space element is Anant super serpent. In this mythological belief it is the depiction of cosmos and state of earth. Patal or hell is called Shesha world. In the higher up Brahma world too lords Shesha. Lord Vishnu reclines on a serpent. Even in Shiva world serpents rule. They coil around Shivas body. Thus the worlds above and below earth, is lorded over by serpents. Via this analysis one gets a primary knowledge of the nature of Kundalini Energy.

What ever is in the macrocosm or the cosmos is there in the microcosm or the body. The brain is Brahmaloka and Mooladhar is Bhuloka. Both are lorded over by serpentine energy. In the brain the Sahasrar Chakra or 1000 headed super serpent is used as Lord Vishnus bed. The female serpent Kundalini is in the base of the genitals. A creatures body is born from this area. The genitals of females are like a pyre. A subtle knot exists in the genitals of both males and females. By the name of Kand or Kunda it is detailed in spiritual texts. It is the residence of Kundalini Energy. It is compared to a sleeping female serpent. In reality it is an electrical flow which under ordinary circumstances is utilized for procreation purposes. It also creates energy for balance and advancement of a living beings body. Matter is nothing but an evolved form of energy. The bodily organs are made of chemicals but at their roots it is nothing but manifestation of energy. It is energy that gets concentrated so as to become chemicals and other material forms. It is via the latters union that the body is designed. In a gist therefore the root principle of body creation is electrical energy. During sexual union due to friction this very electricity is created. As a result the sperm and ovum unite to form a baby. Certain bodily units are given credit for its movement, potentials and special qualities. Amongst them that generation wealth which is unveiled is but the reaction of conscious electricity. This vital electricity creates a cast which creates any body and helps in its sustenance. In this cast there is the united creation of body and psyche. In a gist vital electricity is called Kundalini which maintains existence of the bodies of living beings, its nature and also its future. Generally it pervades the entire body but if its center is to be unearthed it can be noted near the genitals in the form of a subtle center called Mooladhar Chakra.

The other end of Kundalini can be found in the Brahmarandhra of the brain and is consciousness based. Consciousness definitely pervades the entire body but its center of circulation is the brain. The knowledge based end of vital electricity is in the brain and its power based end is in the Mooladhar. Both are generally separate. Both fulfill only their limited goals. Separated, their energy is only that much that it can fulfill only the responsibility of that area. Thus only mundane daily life transactions can be carried out. If the 2 wires of electricity remain separated it is of no use but when they unite an intense electrical flow is noted. In the practice of Kundalini awakening both the ends of vital electricity are united. The miracle of this union is akin to the union of man and woman to create a family. In Kundalini awakening not only does unconsciousness end and consciousness augment but that there is union of 2 energy poles.

The earths axis is in the North Pole. From there it attracts, buys required and useful things from the infinite storehouse of inter stellar powers. Over and above using whatever dirt remains is thrown into the South Pole. Ordinarily the pole that pulls things seems more important and the one that is thrown into seems useless. But this is not true. If there is no arrangement for throwing there would be no use of gathering things. If after a cow eats grass is not milked not only the udders but the entire body will suffer illness. If there is no excretion then the danger that accrues is equal to that of not feeling hungry at all. Everyone knows the gigantic amount of power required to launch a rocket in interstellar space. It is a great task to launch a rocket into space after overcoming earths gravitational pull. It can be done only in a space craft launching station which has immense energy for the task. Hence the importance lies in how much force is required to throw a ball at a certain distance. Everyone knows the importance of energy required for pulling. Everyone also knows the energy required to fill a pail of water from a well or unearthing ores, oil etc from mines. Thus from this elucidation we can understand the importance of the activities of North and South Pole and the nature of the intense potency used in these centers.

Planet earth has been compared to mans physical body. In spiritual parlance it is called Bhuloka. The gigantic universes are called cosmos and the body is called earth. The same holds true for God and his creature. This similarity also holds true for the solar system and an atom. Within both same principles are at work and also similar activities exist. The same state exists as far as gigantic cosmic consciousness or God and human body is concerned. Earth is gigantic and the humanbody is its image. A living being is a portion of God and the body has imbibed the ways of planet earth.

It has been said before that the North Pole has been compared to the center of the brain and the South Pole to the genital organs. The center of the brain is called Brahmarandhra or Sahasrar. The genitals are called Mooladhar. Kundalini is that energy which on powerfully flowing between Mooladhar and Sahasrar can lead to union of a creature with God. Thus great potentials can accrue. But ordinarily this flow is very meager. Both ends use infinitesimal energy for their limited tasks. Generally the process of give and take is very minor.

The potential of Mooladhar is generally used for zest to procreate and generate capability to do so and thus its task is limited. Sahasrar too uses its capability merely for carrying out daily mundane transactions. Generally both poles experience tiredness while carrying out their limited tasks. This is the ordinary state. In order to change this situation special efforts called Kundalini awakening are carried out to generate high stature potential in these centers. A pile of mud can be kicked with the legs or pushed with the hands but if one wants to generate gigantic energy from an atom of the pile of mud, special means are required. The bodily centers of brain and genitals carry out their ordinary tasks. If a problem occurs in them, medicines are administered. If we wish to radiate and render high stature the hidden seed energy in these centers then instead of ordinary means, extraordinary ones are required. This extraordinary means is called Kundalini awakening.

It is said that Kundalini resides in the Mooladhar Chakra. It can be understood as vital energy, life force, creative inspiration, zest for life, enthusiasm etc. Its ceaseless effort creates required power and inspiration in all mundane goals of the body. Amongst them one is experienced as enthusiasm, sexual desire, sport etc type of joy. In this aim mainly sexual passion is noted. Nature, keeping in mind creatures procreation activity protection has kept the measure of this type of zest higher. Thus the word Kama which really means desires is more used for sexual passion. The root meaning is actually wider. It can be said to be full of activity and progressiveness. If this were not the case then in lifes 4 meritorious goals called Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha the word Kama would not have been utilized. Say why would a Yogi, man of penance, realized saint, God realized master include sexual passion which dissipates life energy, in the fruits of life?

Kundalini energy is very widespread. Its electricity sometimes radiates in the sky which blinds our eye. Sexual passion makes man agitated and titillated. If the production of this super power is augmented and if it can be utilized in other important areas of life the result will be akin to setting up a small generator which in turn can circulate electricity in many areas. Life forces one portion is used in procreation. A lot of energy still remains which can be used for more important and bliss bestowing tasks. Kundalini awakening helps generate more of such extra energy.

So far we spoke about the South Pole. The other pole of Kundalini lies in the brain region called Sahasrar. This is the North Pole. It is the center of living being consciousness and wisdom focusing. Ordinarily it is advanced via education and experience. The more it is advanced the more ones understanding augments. To that extent man attains more wealth and status in society. The mysterious layers of this center are radiated and made potent via the practice of Kundalini awakening. It is called divine wisdom or Divine Vision. Generally a discussion on the curiosity based miracles of ESP take place everywhere. We also hear about the mind boggling description of the intellectual skills of brainy people. This is not the result of school education or experiential practice. In fact behind it is at work some mysterious conscious layer. Via farsightedness and wisdom people make such programs which seldom fail else such well thought and defined tasks always get fulfilled. This too can be called a special psyche which the laymen do not possess. Even here are at work the manifestations of those deeper layers which do not appear with mere mundane efforts. It is only via spiritual efforts like Kundalini awakening that it is attained. If we see someone getting such mental capabilities suddenly, know for sure that this has been earned in previous borths.

The high stature success of consciousness based rising can be seen in 4 forms viz. soul wisdom, Brahman wisdom, spiritual philosophy wisdom and wholesome knowledge. If someone attains even a small portion of any of these, his/her wisdom talent rises extraordinarily. Spiritual seers, great thinkers, self realized masters know how to utilize their divine potentials for high stature endeavors. As a result despite taking an ordinary human garb they actually are saints, divine souls and self realized masters. They know about te inner state of this inert world. They are also capable of bringing about changes in it. Thus they are called Sidha Purushas.

The infinite storehouse of Kundalini Super Power has been handed over by God to the prince amongst creatures i.e. man. It is enclosed in the vault of the body. The root aim of Kundalini awakening is to open this vault and convert unconsciousness to awakening.

There are 2 paths of Primordial Energy Gayatri practice viz. Dakshin and Vam. In the Dakshin Path the 5 Sheaths or Koshas are unveiled and in Vam Path the 6 Chakras are awakened. The vital force activity present in the piercing of the 6 Chakras is called Kundalini awakening. Using this power can be easy or tedious too. It is easy for those who dare to walk on this path. It is difficult for those who are merely curious. Such people do not imbibe a definite plan or powerful resolve (Sankalpa) to execute this practice.

Both parts are important in their own right. None is big or small. In the visible life Kundalini and in the subtle world trance activities have to be made the basis. The combined result of both fulfills the requirement of all round progress. It is best that we make a combined use of the Tantrik aspect of Kundalini and the Vedic methodology of Trance Yoga. In the farsighted Rishi tradition it is advised that both be made use of together. The result of this is Brahmavarchas.

The person whose Kundalini awakens, remains as conscious in deep sleep as in the waking state. There is no difference in their dream and waking state. Just as in the waking state a realized saint talks to someone, hears things, thinks, inspires, helps and cooperates in the same way these activities go on in the dream state. In that state he/she can benefit others and for newer information can travel into other universes. By other universes we mean sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus etc. This appears amazing to us but for such people it is very ordinary. Many times spiritual seekers experience all this in their waking or sleep state. They also foresee future events or they unearth a secret or mystery. All this is the power of Kundalini.

Two production centers of Kundalini exist. One exists in the solar center which is male and the other is female which is in the earth center. In the earth center Kundalini is said to be the center of life existence in living beings. This is actually the seed of solar Kundalini. It is said that whatever exists in the world can be found in seed form within the human body. The sun too in the form of Kundalini exists in the body. When in the bodily Mooladhar glands evolve the suns vital force gets embedded in it and its waking state is akin to the sun. It means that mans potency becomes all pervasive and all powerful akin to suns power. At that time it is difficult to control it. Those with a weak mind and body cannot imbibe it.

Gayatris presiding deity is Savita and Kundalinis representative force too is the sun. Hence the direct influence of Gayatri meditation is seen in the anus via the Merudand or subtle spine. The vital force flow that flows downwards reaches here first and then via subtle nerve networks gets circulated in the entire body. The more the means evolve the more the vital force augments and hence more intense is Kundalini awakening. This light starts slowly radiating in the eyes, speech, face and forehead. In the skin it augments softness, in the brain sacredness and purity. This activity takes place slowly but surely. Thus there is no possibility of danger. The devotee while getting directions for soul welfare attains the true goal of all lives viz. liberation while alive and is also called Jivan Mukti.

On being awakened Kundalini totally transforms mans inner personality and external form. Thus a revolution takes place both within and without. But this revolution is possible only when the bodily Kundalini conjoins with Solar Kundalini. This act is akin to transporting water to a field via a pipe connected to a lake. Gayatri practice is of immense help in conjoining bodily Kundalini with Solar Kundalini. This practice of Kundalini practice is no doubt time consuming but unlike other practices is not dangerous at all. Other practices appear as though they will help awaken Kundalini but the hardships faced in such practices, the dangers that are related to them are such that a lot of time and hard work is taken up in overcoming them. Thus what appears to be a practice that quickly helps attain the goal is in reality very time consuming. Hence deep thinkers opine that Gayatri practice easily helps us attain the goal of Kundalini awakening.



Gayatri Super Energy after coming out of its source viz. divine Himalayas gets portioned into 2 streams. One is the wisdom stream and the other is the energy stream. Wisdom stream is called Ganga and energy stream is called Yamuna. They are also called Ida and Pingala.

Over and above wisdom energy is made use of. If we wish to drive a car we must first learn how to do so only then can we thin of driving it. If initially it self we start driving a car and later learn about its machine functions, an accident is bound to occur.

In the initial practice Gayatris devotional aspect is taught. It is for this reason that Japa and Anushthan is advised. This is the wisdom aspect. It is called the laying of foundation stones. When it is time to sow seeds the ground has to be properly nurtured. When the electrical fittings in a house are installed the area officer tests them and gives a connection only when everything is alright. If an electrical connection is given despite the fittings being erroneous, a great calamity ensues. Wisdom based devotion is relatively easy and hence in the initial stages one is taught its methodology. In engineering and medical colleges theory is taught first. Later they are practically taught the usage of machines etc. Without studying anatomy if a student starts operating he/she is bound to err terribly. In Soul Science wisdom seed is evolved via devotion and energy seed via practice. On the basis of Japa, meditation, worship rites etc the foundation stone is laid down. Via Yoga practice and penance spiritual practice or Sadhana matures.

The high stature aspect of Gayatri Super Science is called Kundalini awakening. Over here Yoga practices predominate. In Yoga there is a Jnana aspect and a Vijnana aspect. The center of Jnana is Brahmarandhra of the brain and the center of Vijnana or energy is Mooladhar near the genitals. Ordinarily not only from the area standpoint but from the standpoint of state both are far apart. Generally action and knowledge do not combine. Hence because in our efforts there is a lack of intensity success eludes us. When both combine an intense energy flow manifests and success then becomes the name of the game.

The vital force or energy aspect of Gayatri Super Energy is Kundalini. At their root both are one. Electrical element is one. The positive and negative charges are merely its part. Life existence is one and body and Prana or vital force is merely its units. Gayatri and Kundalini must not be seen as separate and instead be looked upon as 2 streams that mutually sustain each other.

Mother Gayatri oozes with both spiritual and material subtle energies. In the spiritually arena generally it is noted as divine radiance. It is the manifest form of Almighty God. With relative ease it takes a spiritual seeker to Nirvana or liberation. In the Devi Bhagwat this has been clearly detailed.

Parabrahma swarupa cha nirvana pada dayini.

Brahma tejomayee shakti stadhishthatru devata.

MEANING: Gayatri is God in nature and bestows Nirvana. It is the presiding deity of divine light energy.

This Super power on getting influenced by the 3 Gunas viz. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, manifests in mans life as wisdom action and wealth. It renders the devotee wise, active and wealthy.

Sattvikasya jana-shakti rajasay kriyatmika.

Dravya shaktistamasasya tisraschakathitasava.


MEANING: Three types of forces have been spoken of viz. Satvikas wisdom energy, Rajasas action energy and Tamasas material energy.



The vault of the 3 types of energies viz. Satvikas wisdom energy, Rajasas action energy and Tamasas material energy are present in Chakras. Gayatri helps awaken these subtle plexuses or Chakras:

Iccha shaktishcha bhuha karaha shaktirbhuvastatha.

Moola padmashcha bhurlo ko vishudhancha bhuvastatha.

Sur lokaha sahasra gayatri sthan nirnay.

Bhuha-desire power. Bhuvaha-action power. Swaha-wisdom energy. This is the nature of Bhurbhuvahaswa. Bhuha-Mooladhar Chandra, Bhulok. Bhuvaha-Vishusrav Chandra, Bhuvahalok. Swaha-Sahasrar Chandra, Surlok and is the area of Gayatri.

In the Merudand of a human being 6 Chakras predominate. Only via Gayatri meditation can these Chakras be activated, which in turn ooze with energies and Sidhis. Kundalini Super Energy situated in the Mooladhar Chakra has authority over these Chakras. This Kundalini is said to be Gayatri in nature. In the inner world of man 10 Pranas or vital force are present which radiate it. It is because of these 10 vital forces that one gains wisdom of the 10 Super Sciences. All these Sciences are dependent on Gayatri.

Kundalinya samadhbhuta gayatri pran dharini.

Pran vidya mahavidya yasyam vetti sa veda vit.


MEANING: Gayatri is a conscious force which appears as Kundalini and which imbibes conscious vital force. Gayatri is verily Vital Force Science, it is a Super Science and he/she who knows this secret truly is a spiritual seer.

Mooladi brahmarandhranta geeyate mananadyata.

Manatat trait shatchakram gayatri tena kathayate.

MEANING: Right from Mooladhar Chakra to Brahmarandhra the 6 Chakras open up because of devotion to Gayatri.

The human body is an infinite vault of gross and subtle energies but it is wasted because of unwanted thoughts and activities of the external world. If this wastage is obstructed and the thoughts are introverted and if they work in the inner world only then definitely intense inner power is attained. See the following:

Bahirmukhasya mantrasya vrittayo ya prakeertitaha.

Ta evantarmukhasthasya shaktiyaha parikeertitaha.

MEANING: When the psyche is extroverted it is called thought waves and when they are introverted it is called Shakti or energy.


A very widespread science of the inner world exists. They are in the form of 10 sciences and are classified in 10 ways. In Vedic literature these have been amply detailed.


These 10 sciences were the wealth of Rishis of yore. Via this wealth despite lack of hoarding of material wealth they were as rich as Lord of Wealth called Kubera. They attained whatever the demigods had despite being in a human garb and in this material world.

In the Tantra path these very 10 sciences can be found albeit under different names. Despite the fact that demonic Vam path Tantra methods differ from Dakshin paths Vedic methodology yet with their help too these Sidhis can be attained. In the Tantra Path the 10 sciences are called: 1. Indrani 2. Vaishnavi 3. Brahmani 4. Kaumari 5. Narsinhi 6. Varahi 7. Maheshwari 8. Bhairavi 9. Chandi and 10. Agneyi.

We cannot give detailed version of these 10 Super Sciences over here. If possible in future it will be detailed in the Akhand Jyoti magazine but just now it is enough to note that the 3 alphabets of Gayatri are akin to a spiritual tri fold union. Just as the material 3 fold union of Prayag Raj takes place when the 3 rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarawati unite so too when the great streams of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna present in the 3 alphabets of Gayatri unite the spiritual Triveni is formed. One accrues good merits on bathing in the Triveni river of Prayag but the super fruit attained on bathing in this Triveni river of Yoga is well nigh difficult to describe. It has been said that:

Ida bhodavati ganga pingala yamuna nadi.

Ida pingal yormadhye sushumna cha saraswati.

Ida is river Ganga and Pingala is river Yamuna. Sushumna which is between these 2 is called river Saraswati.

Triveni yogaha sa prokta tatra snanam mahafalam

This is the Triveni river of Yoga. A super result ensues on bathing in it.

What ever is present in the external gigantic cosmos or macrocosm is present in the body or microcosm. Whatever we attain in the external world can be attained within the body via spiritual practice or Sadhana. There is nothing in the external wrld which is lacking in the body.

Via spiritual practices those who master these inner Divine Powers use them akin to those scientists who after mastering steam etc energies via electric atom use it for benefiting mankind. In the material world there is energy which is materially potent. Similarly in the inner world it is seen as spiritual potency. The spiritual power of Gayatri manifests in a spiritual seeker as Sidhis. Such a person feels as though demigods and demons of the invisible world have appeared to serve him/her and are dying to take orders.

Yaksha rakshasa gandharva apsarogan kinnaraha.

Sevante charanam tasya sarvetasya vanshanugaha.

MEANING: He/she has mastered Yaksha, Rakshasa, Gandharva, Apsara, Kinnara etc are are serving his/her feet.


This very motherly element works in the world as atomic energy, gross/subtle vital force, sentiments etc. A description eulogizing it is as follows:

Parmanu swarupe cha dwayanukadi swarupini.

Sthulatitthula rupena jagadadhatri namostute.

Sukshmatisukshma rupe cha pranapanadi rupini.

Bhavanhavaswarupe cha jagadadhatri namostute.


MEANING: I bow down to atom manifest, atomic duo manifest, grosser than the gross, subtler than the subtlest, manifest as Prana/Apan/Vyan etc, manifest as seen/unseen and substratum of the world.

This material energy as per the 24 alphabets of Gayatri is of 24 types. Our ancient scientists or Rishis termed them 24 Matrikas. Their names are:

  1. Chandrameshwari
  2. Ajitabala
  3. Duritari
  4. Kalika
  5. Mahakali
  6. shyama
  7. Shanta
  8. Jwala
  9. Tarika
  10. Ashoka
  11. Shrivatsa
  12. Chandi
  13. Vijaya
  14. Ankusha
  15. Pannaga
  16. Nirvani
  17. Bala
  18. Dharini
  19. Dharanpriya
  20. Nardatta
  21. Gandhari
  22. Ambika
  23. Padmavati
  24. Sidhayika

The current day scientists of material sciences have researched into the above in their own way. They call this power as Energy of Force. They have classified this power as heat power, electrical energy, energy of elasticity, energy of gravitation, energy of motion, kinetic energy, cosmic electricity, intelligence, super force etc and after knowing their characteristic and functioning they have invented/discovered many things.

Modern day scientists have also unearthed electrical energy tat works in our body. They have named them Audilic Force (Ojas), the light of fingers and eyes, Personal Magnetism etc. Dr Kilner has invented a machine called Oroscope with the help of which we can measure the number and amount of electrical energies of different types in the bodies of various human beings. This bodily electricity can be clearly experienced via subtle sight attained from Yoga practice. Great seers have described its form as follows:

Tadillekha tanvi tapan shashim vaishwanarmayo.

Tadillata samaruchirvidyullekheva bhaswati.

MEANING: This energy can be seen as lightning, moon on fire and like an inferno.

In Yoga scriptures millions of years back thousands of principles were unearthed that work in the inner region of the body. Even Modern Science has placed a few steps on this path and quite a few things have been discovered. According to them they have data pertaining to etheric body, mystic rose, solar plefisus, cardiac plexus, thyroid gland, pineal gland, pituitary body etc and opine that there is a direct correlation between the presence-absence of latent skills and special qualities via these special centers and their weakness or intensity. Yet they have failed to understand how to evolve these subtle centers which are beyond the realm of medicines, surgery etc. The answer and due guidance can be given only by Yoga scriptures which have been doing so, so far.


For the awakening of these subtle energy centers according to spiritual practice science the methodology of Bandha and Mudra are given in scriptures. These type of 24 practices are famous correlated to the 24 alphabets of Gayatri:

  1. Mahamudra
  2. Nabhomudra
  3. Udiyan
  4. Jalandhar
  5. Moolbandh
  6. Mahabandh
  7. Khechri
  8. Vipareet Karani
  9. Yoni Mudra
  10. Vajrauli
  11. Shakti Chalani
  12. Tadagi
  13. Mandvi
  14. Shambhavi
  15. Ashwini
  16. Pashini
  17. Kakri
  18. Matangi
  19. Bhujangini
  20. Parthivi
  21. Apambhari
  22. Vaishwanari
  23. Kayavi
  24. Akashi

There are 8 Pranayamas:

  1. Suryabhedan
  2. Ujjayi
  3. Sheetkari
  4. Sheetali
  5. Bhastrika
  6. Bhramari
  7. Murccha
  8. Plavini

All these are meant for activating the subtle centers. Even via 84 Asanas or postures this aim can be achieved but it will take a while for Modern Science to understand all this. Yet one can hope that Modern Science will continue with its research and one day reach that very goal which our Rishis of yore have already attained.

In the second chapter of Yoga philosophy there is a description of the steps of Ashtanga Yoga practice. Those who perform the practice of non violence experience that even wild beasts like tigers etc give up their violent nature. If a person who performs the practice of speaking truth gives a boon or a curse, they definitely fructify. Those who never rob attain very valuable jewels etc. If we undergo Brahmacharya we become divinely radiant. If hoarding is overcome one attains wisdom of not only previous lifetimes but also of past, present and future. If purity of mind is imbibed we stop hating others and will not indulge in lewd relationships. Also one attains joy, focus, sense organ control and Self Realization. If one is always contented the best joy is attained. Due to penance when the dirt of psyche is warded off 8 bodily Sidhis are attained like Anima, Laghima, Mahima etc. Self study and that of scriptures leads to vision of ones chosen deity. Surrender to God leads to Samadhi or trance. If posture or Asana is mastered, one does not feel the pain of duality i.e. hot/cold, good/bad etc. Pranayama helps overcome sin and the veil of spiritual ignorance. Pratyahar helps master ones sense organs.

With the help of other types of spiritual practices other types of Sidhis can be attained. Yoga scriptures mention many Sidhis like Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishitva, Vashitva, Doordarshan, Door Shravan, Parchitra Vijnana, Parkaya Pravesha, Akasharohan, Maran, Mhan, Ucchatan, Vashikaran etc. All these are possible via Gayatri practice too.

It is said that:

There are 3 paths of Yoga practices via Gayatri viz. Pippilika, Dadar and Vihangam. By walking on these paths 4 speeches are activated viz. Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari. The 5 types of sorrows are overcome viz. ignorance, egoistic nature, attraction, repulsion and Abhinivesha. The 4 states of waking, dream, deep sleep and trance are purified. The 6 Chakras get activated viz. Mooladhar, Swadhishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddhi and Ajna. Also in the center of the brain lies the Sahasrar lotus whose divine light radiates. The movements in the 5 spaces viz. Akash, Mahakash, Parakash, Tattvakash and suryakash become more widespread. Via Gayatri a seeker performing Yoga practice gains victory over 9 obstacles viz. Vyadhi, Styan, Sanshay, Pramad, Alasya, Avirati, Bhranti, Alabdha Bhumika and Anavasthiti.

It is Super Energy Gayatri that controls the entire world. With the help of its authority every activity of the world takes place regularly. This has been described in the Kathopanishad as follows:

Bhayadasyagnistapati bhayattapasi suryaha.

Bhayadindrashcha vayushcha mrityurdhavati panchamaha.

MEANING: Its fear induces fire to burn, its fear induces sun to shine, its fear induces Indra, wind and Yama to run.

What can a devotee not attain on faithfully surrendering to such a super great Dvine Mother? He/she can attain everything as mentined in the Shrutis.

Gayatraya sarva sansiddhir dwijanam shruti samaja.

MEANING: Gayatri meditation can give you all Sidhis mentioned in the Vedas.

In spiritual literature for attaining success in devotion/meditation and in making our psyche conducive Gayatri devotion is said to be of extraordinary utility.

Sa gayatri samidhanyani cchandansi samidhe.

.. SHATPAT 1/3/4/6

MEANING: When Gayatri awakens other Mantras get activated.

Initially light work is given and later when the capacity augments, heavy work is allocated. When Gayatris facile Japa chanting conjoins to correct devotional methodology a devotee is asked to simultaneously perform Yoga practice. When Yoga and austerities combine Gayatri becomes Kundalini or Divine Serpent Power. There is great importance attached to Gayatri practice combined with Yoga practice.

Gayatri sansmaredyogat sa yati brahmanaha param.

Gayatri Japa nirato mokshopayancha vindati.


MEANING: Who ever combines Yoga practice with Gayatri devotion attains Self/God realization.

Describing the importance attached to Gayatri devotion and Kundalini practice conjoined to Yoga and austerities it is opined that:

Gayatrayeva tapo yogaha sadhanam dhyan muchyate.

Sidhinam samana mata nata kinchid brahmataram.

Gayatri sadhana loka na kasyapi kadapi hi.

Yati nishfalata metan dhruvam satyam bhutale.

Yogikanam samastanam sadhananam tu varanane.


Lord Shiva says: O Parvati! Gayatri is austerities, it is Yoga, it is a practice, it is meditation. It is said to be the Mother of all Sidhis. In this world no where else can one find such a supreme principle. Never does our Gayatri devotion go in vain. Gayatri is the substratum of all Yoga practices.

Gayatris brilliance manifests when combined with vital force or Prana energy. Actually Gayatri should be called Vital Force Science. In the Yama-Nachiketa dialogue mentioned in the Kathopanishad the 5 fold fore Vital Force Science has been mentioned. It is nothing but the science of making more radiant the 5 vital forces present in Gayatri Super Power. These are very the 5 Sheaths of the subtle body. In order to radiate the vital force of Gayatri Savitri and Kundalini high stature practices are executed.

Panchdeva mayam jiva, panch pranamayam shivam.

Kundali shakti sanyukta shubra vidyullapopamam.


MEANING: This living being encompasses 5 demigods. It is Shiva when imbued with vital force. It is conjoined to Kundalini Power. Its shape is like dazzling lightning.

Kundalini awakening is associated with activation of the 5 Koshas or Sheaths:

Kundalini shaktiravirbhavati sadhake.

Tada sa panch kosher mattejonubhavati dhruvam.


When Kundalini or Divine Serpent Power awakens the seekers 5 sheaths become radiant. It is that energy center which is said to be an infinite vault of subtle energies and these can be activated via high stature Gayatri-Savitri practices.




Gayatri who is the Mother of the 4 Vedas is also one Vedic Mantra. Every Mantra of the Vedas has a meter, Rishi and demigod. Viniyog is done by chanting and remembering Gayatri. Super Mantra Gayatris Cchand is Gayatri, Rishi is Vishwamitra and demigod is Savita. In daily parlance Savita is the sun. Gayatri being the presiding deity of Savita is called Savitri too. The duo of Savita and Savitri is well known. It is believed that all the energy present in Savitri actually is that of Savita. Savita is also called Almighty God and its inspirer, creator bliss giving conscious power or Gayatri is called Savitri. This is the wisdom aspect. From the scientific standpoint Savita is called Gods ball of divine light under whose influence and light this entire world awakens and becomes active. The entire potential and states activity of Savita is said to be Savitri.

The same relationship exists between Savita and Savitri that is seen between the body and vital force. A body is most required to throw light on and experience a living beings existence and in order that the body remains alive the vital forces apt state is required. Both are mutually bound to each other. Without one the other cannot exist, is of no use and is listless. Thus Savita and Savitri too are bound to each other. Both are an admixture based pair. Symbolically Savitri is said to be Savitas wife.

From a gross viewpoint the sun that rises in the morning, sets in the evening, which gives light and heat and is a ball of fire is Savita. It has its own power and potential. Due to its influence all the activities of the world are executed. Hence in the gross world the potential that creates various types of movements can be called Savitri. Scientists of todays modern era are researching into the various facets of this invisible and unknown Super Energy Savitri. They have definitely attained a lot.

After unearthing the element fire when man understood its utility value he experienced as though he has reinstated a great powerful demigod in his home. When fire was discovered, man who previously lived like a wild monkey now started living a well managed life. Over and above this man unearthed the movement that accrues when a round shaped object rolls on the ground. Thus wheels came into existence and later various vehicles were designed.

Today many forces/power/energies have been unveiled viz. electricity, steam, ether, atom etc. and on its basis the feet of modern science are advancing speedily. Programs are being made to land on other planets etc. There is readiness to invent more and more mind boggling technology. By transforming mans body a plan has been made to make it permanent. This is the result of understanding various aspects of Savitri energy. A lot has have been unearthed with reference to Savitri or nature based consciousness. And yet despite this a lot more remains to be unfolded. From time immemorial the limited intellect human creature has attained new things and yet it is not possible to totally understand the unlimited energies of nature. The vault of Savitri is boundless. It is so limitless that we cannot imagine it with our limited knowledge.

Savitri is Savitas energy. We are immersed in researching into the various energies/forces scattered by the fire ball called sun on planet earth. But this same sun scatters different types of forces on other planets, stars etc depending on their states. If only it were possible for us to reach out to these other infinite planets etc influenced by the sun we will realize that whatever has been unveiled by science on our tiny planet earth is totally different from the scientific atmosphere that exists on these other stars etc of interstellar space.

We experience a lot of heaviness on planet earth because of its gravitational pull but this heaviness is totally absent in those planets that do not have a gravitational force. Like birds everyone can easily fly in the sky on such planets. Thus the scientific laws working there will be totally different from the laws of our planet. This is but an example. The unlimited forces of interstellar space present on earth too are difficult to full unveil given the contemporary means/technology available to mankind. Thus how can one fully understand the strange forces/energies scattered in infinite stars, galaxies that are under the influence of Savita? What we are trying to say is that if the potential (Savitri) of the fiery ball sun shining high up n the sky (Savita) is so widespread then what to say of the actual Savita and Savitri made of Gods very high stature consciousness?

Via their laboratories, modern scientists are trying to understand and make use of a little bit of natures great potential (Savitris glory) and thus are augmenting worldly comforts. This very type of task and scientific experimentation/research in the field of Soul Science is carried out by masterful Yogis. In the laboratory of their body and psyche with the help of mind boggling unknown energy centers establish a bond with the subtle aspect of nature. From here they attain those very special forces which is akin to diving into the deep sea to unearth invaluable pearls, jewels etc. This is the very basis of experiments of Rishi-Munis of yester years.

Those tasks carried out via powerful machines/technology can be carried out also via scientific applications of bodily centers. This methodology is called Tantra. Just as by using a pistol someone can be killed in the same way via Kritya of Tantra one can bring misfortune on others. Justas via electricity the nature of ores can be changed in the same way one can successfully convert copper into gold. Many Sidhas or realized masters have done this. Nagarjuna, Ravan etc were Tantrik scientists of the demonic tradition who after performing certain austerities gathered so much atomic energy in their bodies that via their will power created their desired objects and situations.

This very aim is carried out by the Dakshin Path Rishi Munis via Sattvic (sacred) Yoga practices. Hence their methodology is called Mantra Yoga. Because the difference between Dakshin and Vam Path is Sattva (sacred) and Tamas (demonic) they are given different names viz. Mantra and Tantra Science. As far as results are concerned both generally are similar. The worldly benefits attained by a Mantra Yogi are possible to attain by a Tantra Yogi. The Super Energy of Savita called Savitri is singular but to contact it the methods may differ. One method is by making the bodily machine a medium spiritual practice is executed and the other is to use scientific research laboratories along with various apparatus/technology to attain various benefits.

Todays technological science is working successfully because it has many zealous researchers. The scientists of Tantra and Mantra Science failed to hoist their flags since they feared the harshness of austerities as a result of which these sciences appear desolate. The need is this that along with scientific zealousness work should also be carried out in this area and instead of looking upon the thinking of Rishi-Munis as wild imagination Mantra and Tantra Science must be utilized to benefit world humanity.

Over here we are talking about Savitri andSavita. This rising sun of the 5 element created world is verily Savita and the vault of infinite energies created due to its influence is called Savitri. This duo can benefit us greatly. We are alive because of its influence and are gathering required means and objects. In the Shrutis the sun is said to be the soul of the world. Creatures sustain their bodies because of vital force which in turn manifests because of the sun. It is hence that plants grow, 5 elements function etc. If the sun were to cool down even a wee bit the earth too will cool down like a ball of snow and life would end. Hence this ball of fire Savita is of great importance in our material life.

No doubt we are using the extraordinary mysterious energies of Savita/Savitri via technology. Yet we can also benefit from them greatly by using Tantra and Mantra Yoga. This is akin to material scientists availing of such benefits or can think of doing so. This Solar Yoga can be utilized in any manner so as to be useful in augmenting comforts in our material life. In future this utility value will augment by leaps and bounds.

The real Savita which is Gayatri Mantras presiding deity is much higher in stature than the sun shining in the sky. It is said to be the director, nourishment giver, Prajapati of infinite suns, of the supreme fount of solar energy and this world. If by contacting it benefits are availed then in comparison to the visible sun the spiritual Savita can give us infinite more material comforts. By devoting to Gayatri which is Gods supreme power, to Savitas inseparable potential Savitri we can attain those benefits for which the human body was designed. In reality Gayatri and Savitri devotion/meditation can be our lifes goal and should be that.

None should harbor the illusion that Savitri and Gayatri can be separated. They are two names of one energy. When this energy is used for material purposes it is called Savitri and when used for spiritual aims it is called Gayatri. The fire that burns while cremating a dead body is called Lohita and that used for cooking food is called Rohita. These 2 different names point to one single element fire. In the same way that Super Energy is called Para, Apara, Savitri and Gayatri. Since it is conjoined to Savita principle it is called Savitri. The supreme principle being a deity of Savitri is called Savita. But it is Gayatri in nature. Gayatris Varenya, Bharga, Deva, Savita are meditated/reflected upon which is nothing but the supremely radiant all powerful Savita, Prasavita God. We may call that multifaceted supreme energy of God as Gayatri or Savitri; verily both are one. Have a look at the proof of the oneness of Savitri and Gayatri:

Yashchaivam vidvaneva vedanamato savitri sampadamupanishad mupasate it.


MEANING: Thus wise seers call Vedmata (Gayatri) as Savitri.

Omkar purvikastisro mahavyaritayovyay.

Tripada chaiva savitri vijneyam brahmano mukham.

MEANING: From the Omkar standpoint the 3 Super Vyahritiyas and Savitri Mantra are said to be the mouth of the Vedas.

Ekaksharam parabrahma pranayamaha param tapaha.

Savitryastu param nasti maunatsatyam vishiyate.

(MANU 2183)

MEANING: One Omkar is God only, Pranayama is the main penance, there is no greater energy than Savitri and instead of keeping silent it is of more importance that we speak the truth.

Namo namaste gayatri savitri tvam namamyaham.

Saraswati namastubhyam turiye rahmaroopini.

O Gayatri! O Savitri! I bow down to you and I bow down to your feet again and again. O Saraswati! I bow down to you. O Turiye! You are God manifest.

Namaste devi gayatri savitri tripadekshare.

Ajare amare matas trahi mam bhavasagarat.


O 3 legged Gayatri, Goddess Savitri! We bow down to you. O immortal mother! Do save me from the vicious ocean of birth and death.

Sacchinmapi pare devi gayatri brahmaroopini.

Ajnamay twam savitri parivararchanay me.

O truthful one! O Pare! O Goddess! O Gayatri Goddess who is God manifest! Now please command me who am your servant to worship you.

Samast devata chakra muni pitru ganavrite.

Aratrikam grihaneda savitri mama sidhaye.

O the entire group of demigods, Munis, forefathers! O Savitri! For my success please accept this Arati.

Namaste surya sankashe suryasavitrikemale.

Brahmavidye mahavidye vedamatanamostute.

O one with a form akin to the sun! O solar Savitri! O Amale! You are Spiritual Science, you are Super Science and are the Mother of the Vedas. I bow down to you.

As per the proof above Gayatri and Savitri are said to be one. Even if a small difference is perceived it is only that divine energy used for material purpose is called Savitri and that used for spiritual purpose is Gayatri. The benefit of Savitri Japa is said to be augmentation of material comforts and Gayatri devotion leads to liberation from all desires which is Self Realization.

It is said that:

Savitri japyanirataha swargamapnoti manavaha.

Gayatri japyanirataha mokshopayam cha vidanti.

Those who execute Savitri and Gayatri Japa attain Moksha or salvation.

While depicting the nature of Savitri it is said:

Savitri tripada jneya shatkukshiha panjasheershaka.

Agnivarnamukha shukla pundarikadalekshana.


Savitri has 3 legs, 6 Kukshis and 5 heads. It has a mouth with Agnivarna, is white and has lotus petal eyes.

Since Savitri lords over the 3 areas viz. demigods, bodily and material it is said to have 3 legs. It is said that Lord Vaman had measured King Balis 3 worlds with His 3 legs. The 3 legs of Savitri too span the 3 worlds. Meaning due to its influence the 3 worlds maintain their peaceful states. The 3worlds can be called space, nether worlds and earth. But over here Savitris light goes to all 3 areas i.e. spiritual, bodily and material wealth or demigods, bodily and materialism. Due to meditation on this Super Power asituation of bliss and joy pervades all these areas.



In meditation on name and form Mother Gayatri is mentally visualized seated in the center of the sun as Super energy. It can be understood and revealed to others only as seated in the center of the sun. Those who meditate on name and form do so, on maternal energy seated in the middle of the sun along with a book, flower and water pot. Those who meditate without focusing on name and form do so by visualizing a radiant light in mental space. One may meditate on name and form or without it yet both have to focus mentally on the radiant sun. One can never meditate on Gayatri Super Power without mentally conjoining to radiant light.

Gayatri bhavayedevi suryasarkritashrayam.

Pratmadhyansandhyayam dhyanam kritva japetsudhi.


A wise person should meditate on Gayatri reinstated in the form of the sun in the morning, noon and evening and do Japa too.

Meditators who meditate on nameless formless God along with Japa meditate on the brilliant sun which symbolizes Gayatri. In meditation on name and form too the female form of Mother Gayatri is depicted seated in the center of the brilliant sun. It is most required that the suns radiance too be meditated upon. Onle a rare person may have erred by not seating Gayatri in the center of the sun. At the end of Gayatri meditation in the form of worshipping the sun Japa is chanted. During meditation flame is lit, incense is lit and fire is reinstated which represent solar energy. The rule of offering Ahuti to Yajna fire too is a part of Purashcharan. Over here the sentiment is to reinstate fire which represents far off shining sun.

Sun is called Savita. Scriptural seers while eulogizing Savita say:

Savita sarva bhutanam sarvabhavashcha suyate.

Savanatprernacchaiva savita tena chochyate.

Savita creates all types of emotions in all types of creatures. It is called Savita because it creates and gives inspiration.

Varenyam varniyancha sansrar bhaya bhirubhihi.

Adityantargata yaccha bhargakhyam va mumukshubhi.

Those who fear the world and those who desire salvation must respect the supreme radiance in the sun.

Devasya savituryaccha bhargamantargata vibhum.

Brahmavadin evamahurvarenyam taccha dhimahi.

Self realized saints call supreme, the radiance present in Savita God and we meditate on it.

In Sandhyayoga this has been clarified further and is said that, that sentiment on which we meditate is not merely a light ball for the psyche to focus on but it is the supremely radiant Lord who inspires our intellect, mental consciousness, emotions and aspiration to walk on the path of true greatness.

Chintayamo vayam margo dhiyo yonaha prachodayat.

Dharmarth kama moksheshu budhi vruti punaha punaha.

We meditate on that brilliance which inspires our intellect towards righteousness, rightly earned wealth, wholesome desires and salvation.

Budher bodhayita yastu chidatma purusho virat.

Savitustadvarenyantu satyadharmanamishwaram

Even Rishis Agastya and Parashar emphasize on this precept. While meditating on Gayatri Super Mantra we are inspired to imbibe Savita which is not merely one that gives light and heat but gives our psyche inspiration to march towards supreme greatness so that we attain lifes true goal.

Ya devaha savitasmakamdhiyo dharmadigocharaha.

Prerayettasya yadbhargast varenyabhupasma he.


We meditate on the revered brilliance of Savita deity which induces our intellect to walk on the path of righteousness etc.

Devasye saviturbhargo varaniyancha dhimahi.

Tadasmakam dhiyo yastu brahmatveva prachodayat.


We meditate on the laudable brilliance of Savita deity which inspires our intellect to become divine.

Every Veda Mantra has a deity with whose power the Mantra succeeds. The deity of Super Mantra Gayatri is Savita. In the initial part of the Mantra Tat savituhu Savita is mentioned and later one has been exhorted to meditate and focus on it. Gayatris energy is dependent on this Savita deity.

Savita is called sun. Gayatri in a way is a solar Mantra. In the last leg of the Stotra Punatu mam tat saviturvarenyam solar deity has been eulogized. Hence so many meditators in order to worship the sun utilize Gayatri Mantra. Those devotees who look upon Gayatri as their Holy Mother meditate on Gayatri seated in the middle of the brilliant sun. One may meditate on the Gayatri Mantra in any form yet one must establish a bond with the sun. Gayatris deity is the sun hence it is natural that one mentally conjoins to its form.

From the standpoint of gross science sun is a ball of fire, which is but a tiny star amongst 1.5 Kharab stars of the Spiral galaxy. Its diameter is about 0.9 million miles and in comparison to the earth is 110 times bigger. Its family has 9 planets and each of them have satellites. Mercury, Venus and earth have one satellite/moon. Mars has 2, Juptier has 12, Saturn has 9 etc. Apart from this there exist thousands of minor planets, meteors etc that form part of the solar family. These are magnetically attracted to the sun and circumambulate it. The sun in turn with its family circumambulates the Spiral galaxy. One circumambulation takes 2.5 billion years. Astrologers opine that ever since the sun was born it has executed 16 such circumambulations.

Modern material scientists to date have unearthed the above scientific data regarding the sun. They also say that the sun emits 7 colors in its rays, electrical flow and atomic radiations. More information is being unveiled regarding this but all this describes only the gross aspect of the sun. Just as in order to analyze mans existence merely gaining information regarding his gross body is not enough but that one must also describe his wisdom, intellect, qualities, activities,character, emotions, consciousness and soul. Without the latter only bodily analysis will give an incomplete picture. In the same way it is most required that the suns very soul be unveiled. Without this, if a Gayatri devotee merely understands the ball of fire called the sun, his/her goal will not be fulfilled.

An infinite ocean of consciousness, life and energy flows in this cosmos. The atomic group of inert nature is mobile and due to it gets vibrations from that conscious existence. Inert objects do not have any of its own energy or consciousness. When Pralaya or world annihilatin occurs they fall dead like ashes. All movements seen in this world have their roots in that great vault of consciousness. Just as in the inert body the world of the soul is mobile in the same way consciousness seen in inert nature is due to the infinite ocean of consciousness and for which the word Savita is used in the Gayatri Mantra. This ball of light called sun is merely an external body of that Savita.

Everyone can see the suns light and heat and it is its gross power. Within it there is a subtler existence and is called the life force. The world wide task of creating living beings, nourishing them and propagating them is dependent on the soul of the sun. Heat and light can be produced via technology but one cannot get life force. Scientists are well aware of the fact that if sun were not to exist life could never sustain any where.

In the shrutis the sun is said to be the soul of the world. The sun shining in the sky or the external form can be called a ball of heat and light but its soul is the life of the world. Another name for this life force is Prana or vital force. The soul of the sun has been called Super Vital Force. Drops of it are seen as minor vital force in various creatures.

Gay is called vital force. Tri means one that advances or uplifts. The science that uplifts the vital force is called Gayatri. Via its deity Savita, Gayatri Super Mantra imbibes vital force and a Gayatri devotee by imbibing a portion of it within becomes glorified.

The Super Vital force that manifests via the sun is that portion of Almighty God which directs all cosmic movements. The divine resolve which said it would become many from one manifested as Super Vital force. As long as this vital force exists the world too will exist. The moment God withdraws this resolve or Sankalpa the vital force will die and nothing apart from a super void will remain. No external object exists apart from this divine resolve Super Vital Force God and in fact is an inseparable part of it. God is infinite and His omnipotency too is limitless. A portion of this infinite, limitless, beyond thought is involved in cosmic management and this Super Vital Force is called the suns soul i.e. Savita deity. A direct bond exists between it and all living beings.

For apt management of lifes inner and external aspect it is apt that living beings imbibe more and more of the Super Vital Force of God. It is for this that via Super Mantra Gayatri, Savita deity is meditated on.

One should never harbor the illusion that the energy of Super Mantra Gayatri is dependent on the fire ball sun. It merely gives heat and light. All that can also be got via various electrical and other technologies. For only this why should meditation be undergone? Gayatri binds a seeker to the suns soul which is Savita Energy. Thus by imbibing in apt measure within the body and psyche Gods Super Vital Force joy and soul satiation is attained. In this manner lifes ultimate goal is achieved.

When this Super Vital Force manifests in the body it is seen as good health, long life span, radiance, brilliance, strength, zest, zeal, effort, sense based power etc. When it manifests in the mental arena it is seen as enthusiasm, energy, daring, focus, steadfastness, balance, self control and other wholesome qualities. When it manifests in the spiritual arena it is seen as renunciation, penance, faith, trust, compassion, gratefulness, love, discrimination etc. The more these 3 areas get filled with Super Vital Force man heads towards completeness from the previous incompleteness, from lowliness to greatness and from smallness to widespreadness. This is the path that leads to welfare and lifes true ultimate goal. This is the aim when one imbibes Savita deity or Super Vital Force via Gayatri.

Savita deity is synonymous with the sun. But it should be crystal clear that the same difference exists between the sun and Savita that exists between the body and soul. The deity of Super Mantra Gayatri is sun which is Super Vital Force also. At many places in scriptures this has been clarified.

Yosavaditye purushaha soham.


Whatever is the sun am I.

Prano vai ark.

SHATPATH 10/4/7/23

Vital Force or Prana is the sun.

Saesha vaishvanaro vishwa rupaha pranognirudayate.


When the sun rises Vital Force Fire manifests in the entire world.

Sahasrarashni shatadha vartamanaha.

Pranaha prajanamudanyatyesha suryaha.

It is Prana that creates the sun which is full of rays and who in many ways procreates living beings.

Bhoso tapannudeti sasarvesham. Bhutanam prana dayo deti.


Due to the sun all living beings attain vital force.

Adityo vai bahyaprana udayatyeshatdyenam chakshusham pranamanugrahanito.


In the external world this vital force in the form of the sun exists in all the ten directions.

Vishwa roopam harinam jat vedasam

Parayanam jyotirekam tapantam.

Sahasra rashmihi shatadha vartamanaha.

Pranahaprajanamudayatyesha suryaha.


This sun which is world in form, widespread, substratum of all, full of light, full of heated rays by being the vital force of all living beings rises in the sky.

Suryad bhavanti bhutani suryena palitani tu.

Surya layam prapnuvantiya suryaha sohameva cha.


All living beings are created via the sun, the sun nurtures them, they merge into the sun and I am the sun.

Gayatris deity Savita-sun is the center of the life of the world, knowledge and science. It is also the center of the energy of all other deities. Whatever is found in the Vedas is nothing but the depiction of Savita Energy. Via penance, faith and spiritual practice great Yogis are immersed in attaining this only. Based on name and form ones icon can be anything but in actuality it is Savita deity which is the icon of all. Everyone has to work hard ceaselessly to attain it. Note the following:

Udyantam vadityam magniranu samarohit.

Sushumnaha suryarashmihi chandrama gandhasarvaha.

Within the sun exist fire, Sushumna, moon, Gandharva etc.

Rigbhihi purvanhedivi deva iyate.

Yajurvedetishthati madhyahaha.

Samavedenastamaye mahiyate,

Vedersunyastribhireti suryaha.

This sun conjoins to Rig in the morning, Yaju at noon and Sama in the evening.

Richosya mandalam samanyasya murtiryajunicha.

Trayimayoya bhagawan kalatma kalkridavibhaha.


Rig is suns Mandal and Yaju and Sama are its image. It is God as time.

Natva surya paramdham rig yajuhu sama rupinam.

I bow down to Rig, Yaju and Sama in the form of supreme abode i.e. the sun.

Athotarena tapasa brahmacharyena shradhaya vidyatma

Namanvishayadityabhii jayante ekadvai prananamayatanmetadamatam

Mayametatparayan metasyanna punaravartanta ityeshanirodhaha.

Via austerities, sexual continence, faith and wisdom who ever after unveiling the soul attain the sun, are not reborn again and this sun is the substratum of vital force. A living being finds supreme shelter there.

Bhavadbhutam bhavishyam cha angamamsthavaram cha chayat.

Asyaikam suryamevaika prabhavam pralayamviduhu.

Asatashcha satashchaiva yoniresha prajapatihi.

Tadaksharam chavyayancha yacchaitad brahmashashvatam.

Kritvaivahi tridhatmananeshu lokeshutishthati.

Vedan yathayatham sarvan nivesha sveshu rashmishu.


All inert/conscious objects present in this world just now, were there in the past or will be there in future are created from the sun and merge into it too. This sun is Prajapati or creator. It is the womb of existence/non-existence. It is verily imperishable, wasteless, eternal God. It pervades all the 3 worlds. All demigods are its rays.

Adityohyadi dhootatvat prasutya surya uchyate.

Paramjyoti tamaha pare suryeyam saviteti cha.


It is the primal cause of the entire world. Hence it is called Aditya (sun). It creates all hence it is called Savita. It wards off darkness hence it is called sun.

Athaditya useyanyatprachidisham pravishati tena prachyan pranan rashmish sanidhate.

Yadrikshinam yat pratichi yadudichi yadadho yaddrirtha yadantara disho yatsarvaprakashayati tenasrvan rashmishusanidhate.


The sun that rises in the east lights all directions viz. east, west, north, south, down, up and ifinite units. Its rays imbibe the vital force of the entire world.

Apashyam mopayamnipadyaman mach parach padhimishcharantam.

Sa saghrichihi sa bishuchirvasananarivati bhuvaneshvantaha.


I have seen Prana or vital force. I have experienced it. This vital force protects all sense organs. It never is destroyed. Via nerves it runs in the entire body. Via the mouth and nose it comes and goes. In the body it is air in form but in the cosmos it is in the form of the sun.

Rishi/Munis immersed in Savita meditation merge their soul in the ball of radiant Super Vital Force God via Yoga. A description is given in the epic Mahabharat wherein Shukdevji while completing his austerities gets merged into a divine state:

Tasmad yoga samasthayatyanatvagruhakalevaram.

Vayubhutaha pravekshyami tecchorashi divakaram.


Shukdevji said: While getting merged in Yoga I am by renouncing the body entering the radiant sun which is air in form.

The Upanishad authors while commanding us all to meditate on this great respectful Savita have thrown light on its deep import too and is said to be that doer which overcomes our souls taints.

Suryashwa ma manyushcha kanyupatayashwa manyukrutebhyaha papebhyo rakshantam.

Yadratraya papamkarsham.

Manasavacha hastabhyam.

Padambamudaresh shishan.

Ratrimtavalumpatu yat kich juritam mayi

Idamaha mamamritayonau surye jyotishi juhomi swaha.

I pray to the sun who inspires the world to protect me from sin that is created from thoughts like anger etc I pray that those sins that I have executed at night i.e. via mind, speech, hands, legs, stomach, anus, genitals disappear at night it self. I give myself as Ahuti by saying Swaha to the womb of nectar which is solar light manifest God.

Ya iha va vasthirachar nikaranam nijanikeninam

Manidriyasur ganananatmanaha swayamatmantaryami prachodayat.


You are the soul of all and are the witness. All animate/inanimate beings of the world are dependent on you and you are the inspirer of their unconscious mind, sense organs and vital force.

For Trikal Sandhya at dawn, noon and dusk there is a description of 3 symbols. At dawn Brahmi seated on the royal swan, at noon Vaishnawi seated on an eagle and in the evening Shambhavi Gayatri seated on the bull. In actuality this is a description of the 3 Vedas. Savita deity in the morning is as Rigveda, at noon as Y ajurveda and at dusk as Samveda. The vault of the 3 sciences of Vedas is reinstated in the psyche of the devotee by it. Rig is associated with Yoga of wisdom, Yaju with Yoga of action and Sama with Yoga of devotion. The meditation on Savita deity helps our mental state to execute the practice of all these 3 Yogas. These 3 precepts are depicted as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Rig is Brahma, Yaju is Vishnu and Mahesh is Sama. Via these 3 and Trikal Sandhya a Gayatri devotee attains wisdom, grandeur and good character. Thus one God-great element Savita has been depicted in 3 forms.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya while describing the method of meditation on Savita has elucidated briefly albeit full of deep import its importance, speciality and attainments as follows:

Om namo bhagwate adityakhil jagatatmaswarupena kalaswarupena chaturthidhi bhutanikayanam brahmadistamb paryantanamantarhridayeshu bahirapi chakash devopadhi navyayadhiyamano bhavaneka evam kshanalavanimesha vayavopachitsanvatsargane namamadan visargabhyamimam lokayatram muvate.


I bow down to Omkar manifest God. O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are time manifest. You pervade the hearts of all right from Brahma to a blade of grass and exist in external space too. Yet you are without any name and form and are God who is one without a second. You direct all world movements via time in the form of Luv, Nimesh etc which constitutes Sanvatsara and via pulling and showering rain.

Every Gayatri devotee along with Japa must meditate. This meditation maybe in the form of Mother or formless that is on a mass of divine light. Under both circumstances the sentiment should be in the middle of the shining sun and definitely one must focus on Savita deity which is supremely radiant, inspirer of a great intellect etc. Savitri and Savita are inseparably bound to each other. Both are an inseparable duo. Thus along with Gayatri austerities meditation-concentration on Savita is a must.



The duo sentiment of Savita and savitri is not wild imagination but is based on reality. The visible sun made of fire element is but a gross symbol of conscious Savita deity. The nature of image worship is that via inert objects the necessity of conscious based teaching is fulfilled. Savita consciousness is called Divine Light. It is invisible. It is all pervasive as cosmic consciousness and divine brilliance. In order to augment oneness of soul consciousness with it, solar fire ball is used in meditation practice as a symbol. On the basis of the foundation of soul consciousness solar meditation or divine brilliance manifestation is done. The soul can be compared to the earth and divine light to the sun. Life seen on earth is but the grace of sun. Surya atma jagatasthushcha. It means that the sun is the soul of the world. Just as on earth life rains from the solar center in the same way on earth in the form of the soul pours down vital force light of divine radiance. Thus in ones inner psyche bloom forth divine glories. On its basis Savita deity is inseparably related to Gayatri. Gayatris other name is Savitri because it is Savitas energy i.e. divine energy.

Thus in Upchar along with performing worship of the symbol of a woman, in high stature meditation vital force must be established. Gayatris very life is Savita. After seeing the body any things real nature is understood only after measuring its inner level. The same reason holds true for taking a giant step in contacting Savita. There is no opposition or irony in this. Apart from step by step progress it should not be seen as anything else.

Gayatri is called vital force and the latter is called Savita. Via this triangular analysis it proves that Gayatri is Savita manifest. Gayatri is the Goddess of a wholesome intellect and Divine Intellect called Ritamhara Prajna. It is said that vital force and Savita too fulfill this aim. In scriptural elucidation like the 3 points of a triangle as seen in mathematics, they are interrelated. Following is some data regarding Gayatri being Savita:

Devatam savitapyasyam gayatram cchand eva cha.

Vishwamitra rishishchaiva prochyate rishisattama.

O supreme Rishi! Its deity is Savita, Gayatri is the meter and Vishwamitra its Rishi.

Savitushchadhidevo ya mantradhishthatrudevata.

Savitri hyapi vedana savitri tena kirtita.


Savitri Mantras deity is Savita (sun). It is also the presiding deity of Veda mantras. Hence it is called Savitri.

Yo devaha savitasmakam dhiyo dharmadigocharaha.

Prerayet tasya yad bhargaha tam varenyamushasmahe.

We meditate on the supreme radiance of Savita deity which inspires our intellect to imbibe righteousness.

Sarva lokaprasavanat savita sat u kirtyate.

Yatastad devatadevi savitrityuchyate tataha.


Lord Sun gives birth to the entire world hence he is called Savita. Gayatri Mantras deity is Savita hence its Divine Energy is called savitri.

Manovai savita pranadhiyaha.

. SHATPATH 3/6/1

Prana eva savita vidyutareva savita.

. SHATPATH 7/7/9

Yo devaha savitasmakam dhiyo dharmadigocharaha.

Prerayatasya tadribhargastadhvarenyamupasmahe.

That deity which is in the form of Savita sun by being tangible and by seeing the psychic imprints of righteousness/unrighteousness inspres our intellect. Its well known self illuminated conscious light is worth yearning for and we meditate and worship it.

Yo vai sa prana esha sa gayatri.

. SHATPATH 1/3/5/15

Definitely understand that vital force itself is Gayatri. Gayatri is called Prana and Prana or vital force is the sun. The Shrutis say: Prana prajanam udayastyesha suryaha. It means the rising sun manifests in living beings as vital force.

This sun is called light. Divine Light and Savita are one. Gayatri is said to be radiant. Savita is a symbol of light. Hence the light of Savita and self illuminated conscious light or Bharga of Gayatri should be looked upon as same. It is said that:

Tejasa vam gayatri pratham triratra dadhar padairdwitiyamaksharaistritiyam.

. TA. 10/5/3

Tejo vai gayatri.

. GO. U. 5/3

Jyotirvai gayatri cchandasam

. TA. 13/6/2

Jyotirvai gayatri

. KO.17/6

Davidyu tati vai gayatri

. TA. 12/1/2


. Go. PU.5/15

Gayatri vai rathantasya yonihi

. TA. VA. 15/10/5

Tejo vai gayatri

. KAPI.SAM. 30/2

In order that no illusion arises regarding Savita Light, in order that it not be looked upon as material fire light it should be made clear that this light in its pure form is Divine Principle. No student of Spiritual Science should harbor the illusion that Savita Light and Divine Light are different. It is said that:

Savita sarvabhutanam sarvabhavan prasuyate.

Savanat pavanacchaiva savitanena chochyate.

God is called Savita because he is the creator of all beings along with being their sacred doer.

Adityo brahmetyadestasyopavyakhyanam.


Sun is god, it is the command of great rishis, one is taught that God exists in the sun.

Yadvai tad brahmetidam vavatdyoyam bi hartha purushadakasho yo vaisa bahirdha purushadakashaha.


This is that Almighty God. This is that Gayatri described Savita which outside the Purusha is illumined.

Yo asau aditya purushaha so asau aham.


The Purusha of the sun am I.

Brahma surya samam jyotihi.


Divine sun is equivalent to light.

Yunjate mana ut yunjate dhiyo.

Vipra viprasya brihato vipashchitaha.

Vi hotra dedhe vayunavideka

Inmahi devasya savitu paristutiha.


Great scholars immerse their minds and intellect in Savita deity and perform Yajna etc meritorious acts; all that knower is one. We eulogize that all pervasive, all deity.

Tadityavad manogamyam dhyeyam yatsurya mandale.

Meditation on Almighty God is done in the sun via speech and psyche.

By giving many examples from Gayatri Upanishad we are trying to say that both are conjoined to one another akin to the body and life force. Both have 2 sexes but one sexual act.

A devotee who meditates on Gaytris brilliant light becomes radiant. Who ever is radiant is truly strong. A person cannot be strong merely by increasing bodily strength and yet is weak minded.

Tejoyasya virajate sa balvan sthuleshu kaha pratyayaha.


Those who possess inner radiance are really strong and by merely strengthening the gross body what aim is achieved.

Gayatri practice actually is meditation on radiance, vital force and divine strength. The methodology of its practice is called Brahmavarchas. A person conjoined to its imbibing gets an opportunity to walk on the path of all round progress. The Shrutis opine:

Yo hava evavit brahmavit punyam cha kirti labhate.

Surabhincha gandhan.

Sopahritatasya anantashriya na shrut.

Yah evam ved yashchai vidwan evametam vedanam mataram.

Savitri sapadamupanishad mupasate.


He/she who knows the deep principle of Gayatri attains merits, fame, wealth etc and thus also attains supreme well being.

It is also said in scriptures that Gayatris deity Savita-sun is the center of knowledge and science of the life of the world. Whatever is said in the Vedas is but the description of this Savita Energy. Yogis attain this via austerities, faith and spiritual practice. As per ones mental leanings one may use any name and form and yet in actuality it is Savita deity that is the icon of all. Every devotee/seeker must yearn to attain it via intense efforts. See the following:

Udyantam vaditya magniranu samarohiti.

Sushumnaha suryarashmihi chandrama gandharvaha.


It is within the sun that fire, Sushumna, moon and Gandharva exist.

Rigbhihi purvadivi iyate

Yajurvedetishthati madhyahaha.

Samavedenastamaye mahiyate

Vedersunyastribhireti suryaha.

This sun conjoins to Rig in the morning, Yaju at noon and Sama at dusk.

Richosya mandalam samanyasya murtiryajunicha.

Trayimayoya bhagwan kalatma kalkridvibhuhu.


Rig is suns Mandal and Yaju and Sama are its image. It is God as time or death.

Natva sury paramdham rig yajuhu sam rupinam.


I bow down to the supreme abode sun who is Rig and Yaju incarnate.

Athottarena tapasa brahmacharyena shradhaya vidyayatma namanvishayadityamabhijayante ekadwai prananamayatanmetadritamayametatparayan metsyant punaravartant itshanirodhaha.

Those who after searching for the soul via austerities, sexual continence, faith and wisdom attain the sun are not reborn again. This sun is the shelter of Prana or vital force. It is salvation, it is abode and a living being gets shelter from it.

Bhavadbhutam bhavishyam jangamamsthavaram cha chayat. Asyaikam suryamevaikam prabhavam pralayam vibhuhu.

Asatashcha atashchaiva yoniresha prajapatihi.

Tadaksharam chavyayanch yacchaitad brahmashashwatam.

Kritvaivahi tridhatmanameshu lokeshutishthati.

Vedan yathayatham sarvan niveshya sweshu rashmishu.


All inert conscious objects of the world which existed in the past, are there now and which will remain in future are created from the sun and will merge into it. This sun is Prajapati or creator. It is the womb of existence/non-existence. This is verily imperishable, wasteless and eternal God. It pervades all the 3 worlds. All demigods are its rays.

.Adityohyadi dhootatvat prasutya surya ichyate.

Paramjyotihi tamaha pare suryeyam saviteti cha.


It is the primeval cause of the entire world hence it is called Aditya/sun. It is the creator of all and hence is called Savita. It wards off darkness hence it is called Surya/sun.

Athaditya useyanyatprachidisham pravishati tena prachyan pranan rashmishu sanidhatte.

Yadadakshinam tat pratichi yadudichi yadadho yaddartha yadantaro disho yatsarvaprakashayati tena sarvan pranan rashmishusanidhate.


The sun that rises in the east via its rays illumines all directions including east, west, north, south, up, down and infinite particles. Its rays imbibe the vital force of the entire world.

Apashyam mopayamanipadyaman mach parach padhimishcharantam.

Sa saghrichihi sa vishuchirvasan anrivati bhuvaneshwantaha.


I have seen vital force. I have experienced it. This vital force is the protector of all the senses. It never gets destroyed. Via nerves it circulates in the body. Via mouth and nose it comes and goes. In the body it is in the form of air but in the cosmos it is as sun.

Those Rishis-Munis immersed in meditation on Savita, via Yoga merge their soul into the ball of light Super Vital Force God. Shukadevji while completing his spiritual practice attained a state which is described in the Mahabhrat:

Tasmad yoga samasthayatyaktvagrihakalevaram.

Vayubhutaha pravekshyami tejorashi divakaram.


Shukdevji said: By getting reistated in Yoga and by renouncing this body I enter the sun which is brilliant light.

Upanishad seers while commanding us to meditate on this great icon Savita deity have thrown light on its great import. It is said to be the one that wards off soul based taints.

Suryashwa ma manyushcha kanyupatayashwa manyukrutebhyaha papebhyo rakshantam.

Yadratraya papamkarsham.

Manasavacha hastabhyam.

Padambamudaresh shishan.

Ratrimtavalumpatu yat kich juritam mayi

Idamaha mamamritayonau surye jyotishi juhomi swaha.

I pray to the sun who inspires the world to protect me from sin that is created from thoughts like anger etc I pray that those sins that I have executed at night i.e. via mind, speech, hands, legs, stomach, anus, genitals disappear at night it self. I give myself as Ahuti by saying Swaha to the womb of nectar which is solar light manifest God.

Ya iha va vasthirachar nikaranam nijanikeninam

Manidriyasur ganananatmanaha swayamatmantaryami prachodayat.


You are the soul of all and are the witness. All animate/inanimate beings of the world are dependent on you and you are the inspirer of their unconscious mind, sense organs and vital force.

For Trikal Sandhya at dawn, noon and dusk there is a description of 3 symbols. At dawn Brahmi seated on the royal swan, at noon Vaishnawi seated on an eagle and in the evening Shambhavi Gayatri seated on the bull. In actuality this is a description of the 3 Vedas. Savita deity in the morning is as Rigveda, at noon as Y ajurveda and at dusk as Samveda. The vault of the 3 sciences of Vedas is reinstated in the psyche of the devotee by it. Rig is associated with Yoga of wisdom, Yaju with Yoga of action and Sama with Yoga of devotion. The meditation on Savita deity helps our mental state to execute the practice of all these 3 Yogas. These 3 precepts are depicted as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Rig is Brahma, Yaju is Vishnu and Mahesh is Sama. Via these 3 and Trikal Sandhya a Gayatri devotee attains wisdom, grandeur and good character. Thus one God-great element Savita has been depicted in 3 forms.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya while describing the method of meditation on Savita has elucidated briefly albeit full of deep import its importance, speciality and attainments as follows:

Om namo bhagwate adityakhil jagatatmaswarupena kalaswarupena chaturthidhi bhutanikayanam brahmadistamb paryantanamantarhridayeshu bahirapi chakash devopadhi navyayadhiyamano bhavaneka evam kshanalavanimesha vayavopachitsanvatsargane namamadan visargabhyamimam lokayatram muvate.


I bow down to Omkar manifest God. O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are time manifest. You pervade the hearts of all right from Brahma to a blade of grass and exist in external space too. Yet you are without any name and form and are God who is one without a second. You direct all world movements via time in the form of Luv, Nimesh etc which constitutes Sanvatsara and via pulling and showering rain.

A Savitri-Gayatri devotee may meditate on God with name and form or formless God yet he/she must meditate on Savita deitys light. In meditation on formless light or image of Gayatr-Savitri the supreme light of Savita deity is meditated on. Thus both Savitri and Savita are inseparably bound to each other and we should never forget that both are an inseparable pair.



Gayatris pair is Yajna and Savitris is Savita. After completing Gayatri Mantra Japa Anushthan a Yajna must be performed. If possible even after completing ordinary Mantra Japa one must give 24 Ahutis (offerings) made up of sesame seeds, clarified butter/Ghee, sugar, barley and fragrant nourishing herbs in a Yajna pyre made of copper or mud. If it is not possible to do this daily then once amonth during Sankranti or full moon day a fire rite/Havan must be performed.

After completing an Anushthan, 2 types of commands for Yajna performing has been given. One is daily and the second is on the last day. What ever is suitable for us, we must perform.

Gayatri is a personal practice. In that no doubt the term Naha means plurality. Yet it is restricted to the area of ones own family or family contacts. That personal practice must be executed in a lonely and sacred place. In individual practice others must not be included. As per ones capacity one should do it by oneself. In ancient times Ahutis given in a fire rite/Havan were one tenth of the number of Japa chanted. Now today, looking at rising expenses one hundreth of Ahutis or offering must be given. It is difficult today to procure pure Ghee or clarified butter of a cow. Hence apart from herbs Panchang one should make do with sesame seeds, jaggery and cows milk. It is better to use only sesame seeds for Ahuti if only vegetable fat based Ghee is available. Also one can make use of sandalwood powder or deodar powder.

Savitris Savita is the sun. For that Suryopasthan is essential. The sun can be visualized only in early morning till its golden light is seen. Later when the light and heat are intense ones eyes get hurt. At that time one can visualize the suns reflection in water and thus meditate on Savita.

Savitri is congregational. When a Sankalpa or mental resolve is fulfilled by gathering many people to execute Japa Anushthan it becomes Savitri. Sun is said to be Saptarishi or rays with 7 colors and Sahasranshu or rays numbering 1000. Since it is the chief of the 9 planets it is also called Navadhipati. On this basis by defining the number of pyres or Kundas, congregational Yajna is performed. Congregational means well being of world and many people take part. Here many pyres are used. Many people participate. Where the wealth used belongs to the large numbered public, it is called Savita Yajna.

Mother of Vedas Gayatri is meditated upon, to overcome individual taints, bad psychic imprints of many life times. Further one does this to augment ones intellect, divine radiance and faith. As a result mans thinking, character and social behavior gets sanctified. Hence Gayatri is called Dev Mata too. Savitri is the World Mother. Its influence instead of being restricted to the individual pervades the entire world. Savitri Energy sanctifies the world publics psyche, bestows world well being, purifies the polluted atmosphere etc. Here the sentiment of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam or world united as one family is at work.

Today man is afflicted by personal hardships and problems. Individual taints and distortions are on the rise. Individual yearnings are too much. Hence such people must perform Gayatri practice. Gayatri meditation should be executed by those who aspire for heaven, liberation, divine powers, peace etc.

Those liberated in life saints whose ego is dead, who are carefree, whose bondage to the material world is destroyed, their individual desires (selfishness) get transformed into cosmic desires (selflessness). They now worry only about world well being. He/she now talks like a Rishi: I do not want to rule over a kingdom, nor do I want heaven or salvation. I wish only to ward off the sorrow of those in pain/grief. Lord Budha on his death bed too had said this: As long as even one individual of this world is in bondage I do not yearn for heaven or salvation. In order to ward off the pain of those in grief I desire to undergo many births and deaths. This then is Savitris philosophy.

In order to understand the difference between Gayatri and Savitri an example of a flame lamp and the brilliant sun is given. A flame lamp illumines our house and is enough to complete personal chores. It is easy to light. There is no great danger involved. With a bit of alertness its usage goes on ceaselessly. Its usage has continued since many generations. It can be seen with open eyes. In Tratak practice one can focus ones open eyes on it. And yet hardly any pain accrues to the eyes.

As against the above the sun is different. Its light pervades the world. All planets, satellites etc of the solar family get illumined by it. Moon that lies close to earth is but a mass of mud and has no light of its own. But as soon as solar light falls on it, it shines quite well so that at night too we can work under its light akin to day. The same holds true for other planets, satellites etc. No mass of the solar family is self illumining. Instead all of them get lit by the sun. Our earth too when seen from other planets shines quite well. It is possible that planet earth when seen from other galaxies of the cosmos will appear like a shining star.

Here it is important to note the fact that only a twenty two billionth part of the suns heat is enough to maintain apt circumstances on earth for life to sustain on it. The creator has seen to it that only this much is available. The sun situated 1 billion miles away from earth gives light energy to earth ceaselessly so that living beings imbibe apt measure of vital consciousness. If even slightly less or slightly more of it enters earth, the situation will turn drastically awry. How much need is there of Savita deity to maintain apt situation on earth for life to sustain? Via scientific examples it is easy to understand and this sun is merely a chief of the solar system of which our earth is a member. Such infinite suns of God exist in the gigantic cosmos which manage it with their heat and light. Savita hence should be understood as Gods cosmic management. It should not be limited only to our solar system.

During summer when the suns energy becomes more intense and nearby then it is difficult to stand under the hot sun for very long. Grass etc dry up. Sandy regions become very hot. We perspire and feel thirsty again and again. In order to ward off this heat we use shady regions, fans, coolers etc. There is intense heat everywhere. This is the result of its brilliance.

On the other hand there are many benefits too. Living beings become more active. Plants bloom forth. Fruits are in plenty. As a result of intense heat clouds are formed and later it rains. The salty water of the ocean gets converted to sweet water of rains. Seeing all this, the sun is called the soul of the world. If a balanced amount of light were not to enter earth it would become either a mass of fire like Mercury or a mass of ice like Pluto, Neptune etc. Thus life would then not sustain on earth too. In comparison to other planets earth is more beautiful in an all round manner because it gets balanced heat and light energy from the sun.

A flame lamp is limited and the sun is unlimited. Along with understanding this fact this too must be realized that for an individual/family, in order to overcome hardships akin to nights darkness, the flame lamp is a must. Its usage only is possible. It is not possible to invite the sun as and when one desires or in any place. The sun will rise and set at its appointed hour but the functioning of a flame lamp is in our hands. The flame lamp may give very little light but it is within our reach. Gayatri is believed to be easily available and useful to all because it can be used by anyone and arrangements to be made for Gayatri can be easily manged by anybody. In comparison to this the suns usage is not so easy. Solar heaters have been designed but they cannot be used at night or during cloudy days. Whereas for a normal cooking stove it takes just a match stick to light it.

In reality Savitri is Savitas energy or very soul. By its application gigantic tasks can be carried out in widespread regions. Yet its usage is not very easy. It is very diffucult and full of danger. If solar rays are focused on a lens sparks emanate which can also get converted to a blazing inferno. If solar rays get concentrated on the earths surface in a few seconds all the wealth of earth can get powdered to ashes. Its nearness and distance both are dangerous. But those people full of enterprise, who use it with mental alertness, can accrue great benefits.

The 7 fold rays of the sun can ward off all the diseases of planet earth. An initial application of solar healing has just commenced. If via colored glass those colored solar rays contact the diseased bodily area/organ mind boggling positive results can be noted. After keeping colored bottles filled with water under the sun, this water itself becomes medicine and is much more effective than medicines available in pharmacies. Such scientific experiments of Chromopathy are being conducted wherein via only solar rays all diseases are cured. It will be easy and cheap too. One should not be surprised that in future, that solar healing method will come into vogue which will see to it that other healing methods will lag far behind and that not only physical but mental ailments too shall get cured by it. This is a big problem. If in future via research a very easilyavailable method for overcoming diseases and augmenting of good health comes into play it will be a very great achievement.

In the material world, another experiment is being thought about with reference to scarcity of drinking water. How can this problem be solved? Increasing world population is also increasing the demand for drinking water. Factories and industries too require it in large amounts. Irrigation is most important in farming. Even that needs non salty water.

Although gigantic amount of water exists in the ocean, yet since it is salty it cannot be used for drinking, irrigation, in daily living, cleaning etc. Hence there is no option but to find ways of converting salty water to potable water. If this problem is not solved trees, birds, animals, man, industries etc will get destroyed in future and life then would not sustain on planet earth.

The only solution for this is converting salty water to steam via boiling. If done via electricity it will become very expensive. Also to convert such gigantic amount of water to steam will use up virtually all the electricity available in the world. Thus how can other tasks of the world get carried out? Sun has a gigantic vault of energy. Since it remains scattered, only a thousandth portion gets used as heat. By focusing this energy, all the water of the oceans can be converted to steam and then taken to those regions where there is a need. Today it pours down on clouds, oceans, mountains and eddies where it is of no use. It is not impossible to concentrate solar energy and make wholesome use of it. Those scientists who unveiled via research atomic energy, hydrogen energy, lasers, infrared, ultraviolet rays, microwaves and other forces will in future convert ocean water to steam in gigantic measure to ward off water problem of the world. This verily is not impossible. In Arab countries such research indeed is going on. This then is a very gross analysis.

It has already been noted that Gayatri is spiritual and Savitri is worldly. With its help Brahmaji created this world. It also has the potency to overcome those strange problems which appear time and again.

Today not only is the spiritual life of individuals downfallen but so are worldly circumstances too. All are facing lack, hardships and problems. With limited efforts solutions are unearthed yet they give maybe only partial success. Despite the presence of a sharp intellect and other means every moment that passes by is full of tension, strife and chaos. Its solution lies only with Savitri Science. In ancient times people did successfully apply it but today it has almost disappeared. Today the dire need is that it be unearthed again. It must be rejuvenated.

What to say today of world prolems? Mere nuclear warfare is staring at us in close proximity. Apart from this environmental pollution, population explosion, radiations, increase in venomous substances, new diseases emerging etc may lead to super destruction of the world and the human race. In order to face it extraordinary application of Savita Energy must be made. When water was scarce everywhere in ancient times, Bhagiratha had made gigantic efforts to bring River Ganga from heaven to earth so as to solve the problem of water scarcity. When the demigods were defeated by the demons the former realized they required a very powerful weapon, hence they made it using Rishi Dadhichis bones and thus the danger was overcome. Even today there is a need of research of Savita Energy and experiments. One can have faith that this divine weapon will definitely solve all problems.



The visible sun is called Savita and its energy is Savitri. Savita and Savitri are a duo. Like the wheels of a chariot they depend on each other. Savitri is also called Gayatri and Savita is called Aditya or Bharga. When both energies manifest, a seeker on attaining it becomes glorified. Savita is said to be supreme and God too.

Aditya-jyotirjayate. Adityaddeva jayante.

Aditya Dweda jayante. Asava dityo brahma.


MEANING: Aditya/sun creates light. Aditya creates demigods. Aditya creates Vedas, this sun is the tangible Almighty Lord.

Further the scriptures emphasize this:

Esha brahma cha vishnishcha shivahaskanda prajapatihi.

Mahendro dhanadaha kale Yamaha somo hyasham patihi.


MEANING: This sun is Brahma. It is Vishnu. It is Shiva. It is Skanda. It is Prajapati. It is Indra. It is Kuera. It is Kala. It is Yama. It is Soma and the Lord of all of them.

Sandyano devaha savita savishad amritani


MEANING: That Savita deity oozes with nectarine principles.

Tejomayomritamayaha purusha.

MEANING: This supreme Lord is a vault of Savita light and is nectarine.

In reality in scriptures it is the symbolic description of Savita as a pot of nectar. It is said in the Mundakopanishad:

Aditya jyoti jayate.

MEANING: It is via the sun that light is created. Light seen in any form in this world is but the grace of the sun.

The sun of dawn is golden in hue hence it is called Swarnim, Swarnabh etc. During dawn from the east it rises with a golden hue. It is also called Brahma Muhurat. This time span is optimum for solar meditation/worship. One can easily feel the inspiration of Savita deity at this hour. Lotuses bloom in lakes. Flowers bloom in various gardens. Birds come out of their nests and chatter shrilly. Jungle animals move from one end to the other in search of food. After the standstillness of night the wind is cool, slow and fragrant. The vital force at this hour is much more. This is the tangible gift of the sun. Savita is called vital force or giver of vital force. Those who use open areas at this hour succeed much more. Going for long walks at this hour gives much more energy than all other exercises. Wrestlers who wish to exercise go to their gymnasiums at this hour. Students who study at this hour will realize that they can study much more than during any other time of the day. This time is very apt for authors to write more literature. This hour is supreme for meditation/worship. This is because at this hour the amount of vital force thanks to the rising sun is much more than during other times.

The 7 horses of the sun in reality are a symbol of the 7 colors of solar rays. There is a description of ancient Geography which talks of 7 islands, 7 seas, 7 mountains, 7 rivers etc. Later due to pressure of nature the numbers increased or decreased. Yet they are called 7 fold. In the solar system 7 planets predominate. On itsbasis the 7 days of the week have been named. The 7 Rishis are famous. As time lapsed by the number of Rishi-Munis increased/decreased. But those that represent the Rishi principle number 7 only. They reside in the sky. They shine amidst stars at night. There are 7 worlds. It can be said to be the spiritual aspect and the 7 fold classification of the cosmos too. The 7 worlds are: Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Mahaha, Janaha, Tapaha and Satyam. They must be looked upon as increasingly higher states of the psyche/mind and conditions.

The sun is called Mahakal or Super Time. Time is measured on the basis of the sun. Day is the first classification. A week constitutes 7 days. After this comes, month, year, eras etc. Astrology emerged as a result of it. After giving more importance to the sun the speed of other planets etc too have been measured. Further it has been seen that the influence of the state of which planet situated in which Zodiac Sign of space influences various creatures, objects etc. What changes accrue in the atmosphere?

Right from Adams era to todays modern scientific age time and again man has taken shelter of the sun and even today man is doing the same thing. In ancient times the sun was looked upon as a demi god. At dawn and twilight the sun was worshiped daily. Since other worship materials were not elucidated water was the main worship material. The sun was devotedly offered water for faith, devotion, name chanting, Japa, meditation on form etc.

Further on, the production of symbolic images commenced. Right since civilization commenced upto its evolution the images of sun were created. Archeologists have minutely researched into all those areas of the world where marching ahead from jungle civilization it led to urbanization and where images were made. Amongst images of very ancient times solar ones predominate. Images made from mud and those carvings in caves are mainly those of the sun. Later images of stones and metals were in vogue. In those days although the materials used for images were varied yet the picture invariably was that of the sun. In very ancient times the images were generally circular in shape. It was said to be the face and on it lips, eyes etc were depicted. Rays were scattered everywhere. Later when demigods were given human forms, vehicles, weapons too were depicted. Vehicles used 7 horses. In some images Arun charioteer is also seen. In those times demigods had more hands which represented various energies. Very few images had only 2 arms. Mainly all of them had 4 arms. Weapons were different. It seems as though in whichever region those weapons that predominated there those very vehicles were depicted.

Sun is said to be a Jyotirlinga. In the name of Jyotirlingas there are many temples and pilgrim spots. Today Sivalingas are installed there. During the commencement of religious sentiments Siva and sun were considered to be synonymous. Historians look upon Shiva as a non Aryan demigod. His clothes, weapons, vehicles etc are those akin to aborigines. The art of creating images had not beein imbibed by this class. Hence round stones flowing in the river were looked upon as symbols of Shiva. Unadvanced people imbibed this tradition and the Shivalinga was symbolized as a solar ball. It was understood that a correlation was necessary hence the difference between the sun and Shiva was overcome.

The gigantic body of Egypt i.e. the solar image is most ancient. The Pharoah King Raisemus II etched the mountain into the shape of the sun. This image is 225 feet high. It said to come into existence in 4000 AD. In the same way in contemporary times of the evolved civilization their images have always been those of the sun. Then slowy in various regions other demigods/goddesses came into vogue. Yet the level and respect for the sun never diminished. Its image was unearthed everywhere.

After analyzing various research data the worlds great archeologists have opined that as and when images were established and worshiped, the symbol first used was that of the sun. At some places it was used as a memorablia and at other times it was reinstated in temples etc for worsip purpose. In which ever cave it was found that families had resided previously, there images of the sun have been found. The sun was thus depicted in paintings, carvings, images etc.

There was a time when demigods were in the majority and their sects commenced. Before mythological times sects of Shiva, Durga, Ganesh and Vishnu had been formed but the fifth i.e. sun predominated. Demigod sects and the number and types of their devotees augmented but none opposed the fact that sun was the chief. In fact it used to be said that without first worshiping the sun worship of other deities remains incomplete. Since the sun is visible and that it can be worshiped using only plain water, it predominates over other deities.

Many a time foreign visitors come to India to unearth information regarding its spiritual progress and strange going ons. Most important amongst them are Ibnabatuta and Hien Tsang. Amongst the description of ancient India they write about the presence of large sun temples. There were limitless middle sized temples. It is written about Multans temple that its image had 200 ton of gold. An amazing size of Mondhera Temple too has been written about. It predominated in South India too as it did in North India.

After a long time span lapsed, only minor remains of these large sized temples can be seen. The shape of temples in middle age was small in size and its production was not done using tough material or good skills. Their destructed remains lie here and there. But in them one finds proof of suns image and its vehicle viz. the horses. Amongst ancient temples that yet exist the Konark Sun Temple of Orissa (India) is yet in a better condition. Its height is 225 feet. At the time of solar eclipse this place is apt to study eclipse data. At that time from India and other nations many scientists come here with their expensive instruments for eclipse research.

In India there are about 4000 archeological remains which show that they were depicted as the sun. All of them are in a shattered state. From this it shows that after ancient era came a middle era wherein other demigods too were given more importance and the sun was ignored. Also there were alien invaders who abhorred image/idol worship. Thus creation of new solar temples virtually stopped. People gave more importance to Shivalingas as Jyotirlingas.

In India there are about 1000 sun temples whose condition is good, which are newly made and whose age is not more than 500-600 years. Archeological remains in foreign nations too number up to thousands. After analyzing all this data from the historical perspective it cannot be proved that in Indian Culture sun was given great importance right from ancient eras.

Amongst ancient religious/spiritual texts there is not even one that does not talk of the suns description, deep import and method of worship. Within virtually all Puranas and Upa-puranas, sun has been described in some form or the other. In both aspects viz Mantra Science and Tantra Science there is a description of worship of the sun. It appears as though for a long time span in the form of Yoga, austerities and Anushthan, solar penance was undergone for attaining various Sidhis or Divine powers.

By worshiping the sun Kunti delivered a very radiant boy Karna who was akin to the brilliance of the sun. Solar meditation aided Draupadi in attaining the Akshay Patra i.e. a vessel in which food never depleted. Hanumanji got a portion of the suns rays and with its grace he attained many Divine Glories. Seeta, who after undergoing solar penance in Valmiki Ashram gave birth to Luv and Kush. King Ikshvaku had performed solar austerities. Hence his lineage was called Suryavanshi. When her husband renounced her, Shakuntala underwent solar meditation so as to give birth to Chakravarti Bharat. There are many such examples of begetting radiant children via solar worship/meditation. Not only this but that scriptures talk of attaining wholesome desires via solar penance.

It is said in the Skand Purana that:

Kim kim na savita dayat samyagupasitaha.

Ayurarogyamaishwaryam swarga chapa vargakam.

MEANING: When apt solar worship is done say, what does the sun not give us? It gives us long life, good health, grandeur, heaven etc.

Sharirarogya kricchaiva dhan vridhi yash skaraha.

Jayate natra sandeho yasya tushye divakara.


MEANING: Those with whom the sun is happy attains good health, wealth, fame etc.

In the Mahabhart epic it is described that during the time of exile in the forest when the Pandavas faced tough situations they asked Rishi Dhaumya as to how to overcome it? As an answer Rishi Dhaumya said perform solar worship. With its grace hardships are overcome and wholesome situations are attained.

Gayatri Super Mantra in reality is the energy fount of Savita deity. When Gayatri is used for mundane aims it is called Savitri. That divine stream is called Gayatri when used for spiritual aims. It gives heaven, salvation, Divine Powers etc. As Savitri it takes the form of Maharani, Mahachandi and Super Power Kundalini. The Shakti sect is that of Savitri devotees. Viasnava sect is that of Gayatri devotees. Yet there is no definite line of demarcation. As per requirements any devotee can take recourse to any of the above.

Gayatri is seated in the center of the sun. In Gayatri meditation Savita deity is meditated upon. Savita is golden hued. At dawn and dusk this is its appearance. These 2 are the time when day meets night and vice versa. Thus these times are called Sandhya. At certain places there are 3 fold Sandhyas which also includes noon time. Yet the chief Sandhyas are dawn and dusk. It is most required that in some form or the other Sandhya worship be carried out wherever you are. Never mind if it may be for a minor time span.

Via selfless/desireless worship of Savita, Divine Glories and Powers awaken in the deep recesses of our psyche. Desire based worship wards off hardships and a sacred environment comes into play. Hardships generally are in the form of bodily disease, mental illness, attack by enemies, vile actions due to a tainted intellect, bad habits/addictions etc. In order to ward off all this solar worship should be carried out. Thus a solution to problems is found via enterprise and sense of right/wrong that manifests in the psyche. Swadhyaya (self/scriptural studies), association with god realized saints along with self-introspection/reflection helps radiate our inner consciousness. Yet only external applications are not enough. In order to create situations for the advent of a bright future inner zest is required. This can be attained via solar worship/meditation.

In Savitri worship meditation/focus on Savita is a must. The sanctification of the subtle body and augmenting of inner energy gets fulfilled via Savita/solar meditation. At dawn by facing the sun, eyes closed, meditation is done on a ball of light situated in the middle of the eyebrow, heart and Navel Chakra/stomach. Intellectual consciousness resides in the brain region. In the heart resides sentiments and strength in the Navel Chakra. Meditation on these areas helps make more potent those centers. Its consciousness advances further. Thus the gross, subtle and causal bodies are especially helpful help in awakening of seed potentials in their respective regions.

In Hatha Yoga more importance is given to awakening of Kundalini or Divine Serpent Power. The 6 Chakras lie in the Merudand. At the base of the genitals lies latent Kundalini female serpent. Its other end lies in the center of the brain called Brahmarandhra/Sahasrar Kamal. These 3 aspects put together describe Kundalini appropriately. Other methods are used for awakening it and yet solar meditation is a must. In which ever center the sun is meditated upon that center gets awakened, becomes active and mobile. The easiest methodology is to meditate on solar light that spreads right from the brains Sahasrar Kamal to the 6 Chakras of the subtle spine called Merudand along with the base of the genitals.

Via Soham practice (THAT I AM) vital force or Prana is attracted. While inhaling, the sound of So and while exhaling Ham is meditated upon. But along with this one also mentally imagines that both the inalation/exhalation is pervaded by solar energy. In Naad Yoga along with meditation on sound one belives strongly that the divine word has come down from the solar world into the devotees heart.

Hence it is possible that because of this some meditational festivals of the sun have been demarcated. Sunday is said to belong to the sun. On that day by observing a fast the sun is pleased. Vata Savitri is said to be related to the story of Savitri and Satyavan. Savitri who had underone solar worship got back her husband Satyavan from the clutches of Yama or god of death. Other women too observe this ritual for protecting their husbands. In Madhya Pradesh and Bihar (India) Kartik Shukla 6 is called Surya Shashthi. On that day in all areas celebrations are executed.

The meditation despiction and image creation of Gayatri-Savitri must be in the center of the sun. Other deities too are pictured in the center of the sun. It is most required that their faces have a radiant halo/aura. When images/photos of various demigods etc are etched a halo or aura surrounds them radiantly. From this it is crystal clear that the energy attained by a human male demigod or a human female goddess has been imbibed from the sun. It is well known that the moon is made from ordinary mud like planet earth. Only those parts of the moon that receive solar light get lit. The same holds true for other planets, satellites etc of the solar system. They have no light of their own. It is only becuae of sun light that they shine.

There are innumerable suns in the entire cosmos. Our sun is called Aditya. In the same way there are other suns that shine like stars at night. Not only do they shine but they send their special rays which are varied to various regions. The light of all these suns enters planet earth but they are sieved by our sun Aditya and only then they enter it. Ere did the light of other suns directly enter earth, a lot of chaos would occur in our atmosphere.

The distance between the sun and earth is so apt that it can be looked upon as natural and a good omen. Ere the solar rays were to come closer to earth or were more intense the state of earth would be akin to the mass of fire viz. planet Mercury. If the distance were to be more it would become frozen like Pluto and that plants, creatures, humans etc would fail to sustain life. It is hence the suns grace that the sun and earth have an optimum/balanced distance between them. As a result earth has many creatures, plants, humans etc. Rain pours down and wind blows coolly. Oxygen or life force Prana is part of wind/air. If it were not balanced then despite air existing, energy of Prana would have been lacking in it and no creature would have been created. Thus the sun is said to be the soul of the world. It is because of the sun that all living beings are created, propagated and transformed.

According to great Rishis of yore:

Suryojyotijjyotihi suryo varcha jyotirvachaha.


MEANING: Sun is light. Sun is Varchas.

Sun is light in form. But this light does not just dispel darkness. It shows us objects as they are. It is inner light too which is called Divine Light or Varchas. With its aid one visualizes ones own and the worlds glories.

Savitrayastu param nasti.


Savitrayastu param nasti.


Savitrayastu param nasti.


MEANING: There exists nothing greater than Savitri.

According to scriptural seers the only Mantra forsolar worship is Savitri. When 7 Vyhavrittis are added to it, it is called Savitri and when 3 Vyhavrittis are added to it, it is called Gayatri. Savitri is utilized for material applications whereas Gayatri is used for spiritual philosophy.

If we note deeply the earth is aptly managed because of the suns optimally balanced state. All objects required by living beings are but the blessing of the sun. To sustain life, energy is most required. In the body of every creature energy is at work. Even in food items energy principle is at work in the form of calories. In order to avoid cold and give mobility it is electricity, oil, coal and other fuel that give energy.

The earth is round in shape and its revolution shape is elliptical. As a result we get summer and winter seasons. Also certain areas are always cold or hot. The North and South Pole are very cold. Ice is formed here. If the suns heat were to increase/decrease it would greatly affect waters of the ocean, river etc. Dry areas can then submerge in water and if water depletes many islands can emerge. Hence wise men always exhort world humanity not to waste fuel/energy resources. Factories, cars, planes etc should not be produced in irrational numbers. In order that natural fuel resources do not get depleted we are rightly advised to plant more trees, saplings etc. Trees etc absorb solar light. As a result oxygen or vital force in the air augments. This is the very life force of all creatures. Thus one aspect of solar worship is to augment planting of trees and encouraging growth of forest areas. Those areas not covered by forests are called Nirvasana or naked in scriptures. It also means that such areas have no use. It is hence that desserts augment on earth. Dry arid lands also come into being where farming becomes almost impossible. A very major aspect of solar worship involves the participation of world humanity to see to it that planet earth blooms with greenery, trees, forests, plants etc Also for man and other creatures enough food too should be grown. Every nook and corner of our globe should bloom forth with greenery, vegetation etc. In the Aditya Purana the trees are called suns hair and plants are called suns hair on the other parts of the body. Thus Lord Aditya (sun god) has directly blessed planet earth.

Sun lies much above earth. Its shape too is 110 times bigger than that of earth. Yet we can light its energy in the form of fire anywhere. Fire is a part of the sun. Hence its brilliant image is lit in the form of fire. In meditation/worship we light incense, Dhoop, flame lamp etc so that in divine endeavors the suns portion dwells as a witness.

A supreme application of solar worship is Agnihotra. Fire used in mundane tasks is lit via fuel. But in order to light a Yajna pyre wood of special trees is made use of. Such trees used in Yajnas have predominantly the solar principle. Further powerful sounde nergy too is made use of in the form of Mantras. Yajna fire represents the sun in this world hence through its medium those benefits accrue that can be attained via solar rays. The chief benefits of Agnihotra are warding off of bodily diseases, augmenting of mental consciousness, inclusion of Tejas, Ojas and Varchas in ones personality, augmenting of good character and sacred inner qualities and also one gets more inclined to perform wholesome actions. Furter this energy helps merge the individual soul/living being into the cosmic soul/God. Thus it is most required that we visit places where there is Yajna fire so as to augment divinity in ones consciousness. It is said that the more one visits places where there is Yajna fire one attains the stature of a true Brahmin.

In comparison to methods used to ward off rotting, bad odour, germs etc solar energy is more potent. When dirt increases then in the summer season storms, cyclones, hurricanes are on the rise. Its aim is to clean the dirt of the atmosphere and ground. The ocean generally is calm but there too there is ebb and flow of waves and they in turn lead to tsunamis etc. Rivers that flow constantly have clean water. But where water is immobile it tends to rot. Thus even in seas the water is clean as long as it is on the move. This movement is due to the attraction by sun and moon. It is solar rays that convert sea water into steam. They in turn become clouds and pour down as rain everywhere. Thus Savita is said to be not only the deity of fire but that of water too. In worship rites apart from incense, flame lamp etc a sacred pot of water too is used. Just as various deities are invoked in Yajna fire, in the same way various deities for various goals are invoked in the water pot used in worship. Sun is called Indra and Varuna deity too. Indra is fire and Varuna is water deity. With the combined aid of both various activities take place in this world. Mans body is also in a certain way this earth, solar system or cosmos. In its visible/invisible movements the sun contributes in an extraordinary and amazing manner. Thus solar worship is given so much importance.



The root source of all Divine Energies is Savita. In Shatpath Brahmana it is said: Savita va devanam prasavita. It means Savita is the Prasavita of all demigods. Prasavita means creator. Consciousness conjoined to cosmic Divine Light is Savita. The gross symbol of its conscious light form is the sun. From Savita, demigods are created. It is as though they are rays of that conscious sun:

Ete vai vishwe deva rashmayaha.


Demigods means full of radiance. Hence they must be seen as conscious rays. In a very natural way these conscious rays are an infinite mass of energy.

Fire full of vital force is Aditya. Meaning, Aditya is a group of waves that get vital force from cosmic Prana energy. This conscious light is an energy based extension of wave particles. This is called Savita. It is cosmic energy based conscious light. That existences Adhibhautik (material) form is sun, its Adhidaivik (demigod) form is Aditya and Adhyatmik (spiritual) form is sun. Hence in spiritual parlance Savita is called cosmic conscious energy. From it various streams of Divine Energies, radiations etc spring forth. These conscious energies are called Deva because they are full of radiant light. Savita is the center and substratum of all these Divine Powers.

Savitas material aspects gross basic unit is the atom. The nucleus of the atom is the polar region. In the atom there are various statures of electrons. In the same way right from Bhuloka to heaven there are 7 Mandals whose names are: Pravah, Avah, Udvah, Sanvah, Vivah, Parivah and Paravaham. These Mandals in reality are 7 levels of life electrical flow. These are the 7 Devalokas.

There are 7 types of chief radiation energies in the cosmos:

1) Cosmic radiation energy

2) Paracosmic radiation energy

3) Visible light radiation energy

4) Constant radiation energy

5) Radio energy

6) X-rays

7) Gama rays

Divine Powers that direct/control radiation energies in the cosmos are called Deva or demigod. In spiritual scriptures the strength of consciousness is called vital force. In Shrutis demigods are said to be vital force in nature. From this it is crystal clear that Deva is nothing but active conscious vital force in the form of light. They are also called light in form.

As per energy and nature there are many classes of these conscious vital forces. Hence there are many classes and groups of demigods. The root source of all radiation energies is the sun. The creator consciousness of all demigod existences is Savita or sun. Akin to the above mentioned 7 radiation energies there are 7 predominant Deva Ganas viz.

1) Vishwedeva (first Gana)

2) Vishwedevaa (second Gana)

3) Aditya Gana

4) Rudragana

5) Vasugana

6) Marudgana

7) Sadhya Devgana

The scriptural name of conscious energy that controls Cosmic Radiation Energy is called Vishwedeva. The conscious energy that controls very subtle cosmic radiations that come from the unknown areas of interstellar space is called Vishwadevaa. Paracosmic radiation energy is a vital force flow controlled by the second class of Vishwa Devaa. In Vedas 2 classes of Vishwedevas have been outlined. In one class there are 13 Vishwedevas. In the second class there are 21.

The visible radiation energy is a flow controlled by Vedic Aditya demigods conscious power. These Aditya Devas number 12. At the level of constant radiation energy is active conscious energy and the controller of radio radiation energy is cosmic conscious energy which is the Vasuganas. The controller of sharp X-rays is Marudgana and at the root of more subtle Gama rays is cosmic consciousness and is controlled by Sadhya named supreme stature Devaganas.

Savita is the fount of all these demigod based existences. Apart from these chief Devaganas there are other demigod based forces which flow from Savita. Demigods are masters and friends of time/death because they are light in form and possess speed of light and ceaseless mobility akin to photon units.

Yasmadarvaksam vatsarohobhihi parivartate.

Taddeva jyoshyam jyotirayurho pasatemritam.

. VRA. U. 4/4/16

MEANING: As a result of the wheel of time that Sanvatsar program which persists day and night their light nature demigod in the same way repeats it. Time moves with the speed of light. Hence the life span of demigods remains balanced. They keep drinking vital force nectar which has conquered time.

In reality just as all objects dwell in space in the same way vital force pervades time. Hence it is called the soul of time. The speed of time is that of light. The speed of light is called divine speed too. The speed of demigods is divine and hence they move in tandem with time so as to become immortal. Conscious energy is imperishable and beyond deterioration.

The word Deva (demigod) means brilliant like light. Radiant conscious energy is called demigod existence. This conscious energy is an imperishable limitless vault of power. Along with the 7 chief demigods mentioned previously exists other 4 major demigods called: Indra, Ashwinikumaras, Mitra and Varuna. Thus there are 11 chief demigods.

Amongst all demigods Indra is looked upon as the eldest and most powerful:

Indra evam jyeshtho..atishtho va induhu.


In the Shatpath Brahman it has also been said that Indra defeated Vritra.

Vritro havatamindro jaghanam.

SHATPATH BRAHMAN 1/1/3/4 and 5

Vritra was a demon and a symbol of negative energy flow. It has also been said that he covered everything between Dyloka and earth and hence the name Vritra. From this it can be understood that, that energy level between the atomic nucleus and its external stature has negative energy which is a minor symbol of Vritra energy. Or they are the non moving neutron particles present in the atomic nucleus. Its energy is a symbol of Vritra. The negative energy of units present in the Ionosphere too is a symbol of Vritrasura. Hence ions or electrically charged particles that create clouds are controlled by Indras power. In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Indra is said to be a bird. Hence it must be active conscious energy at the level of wave energy. When Vritra was defeated by Indra, Marut played surrounding them as mentioned below:

Maruto ha vai kridino vritram hanishyantamindrama gataha.


From all these comparisons it is clear that Marut are Beta radiations consciousness and Indra is active conscious energy at the level of Alpha radiations. Artificial bombarding of any elements like radium/uranium results in the manifestation of Alpha radiations in the form of waves by piercing the atoms energy levels. At that time even Beta radiations emerge. Due to the attack of Alpha radiations the immobile nucleus too breaks apart which is but the symbol of attack on Vritra. Amongst the root particles Alpha particles are biggest and most energetic. If vital force of the root particles are called band of demigods then Alpha radiations are their King called Indra. It must be remembered that demigods are not themselves any radiation/particles. The root particles are vehicles of demigods. The cosmic conscious energy that control these particles are called demigods. Thus the cosmic conscious energy of Alpha particles is King of demigods Indra. The demigods have no definite material shape because they themselves define shape. The demigods are either vital force or consciousness in form. Alpha particles are ionic form of helium element. All other elements have been created via the various combinations of helium nucleus. This then is the multifaceted cause or Maya of one element. It is said:

Indro mayabhihi pururupam iyate.


MEANING: Due to Maya (power of illusion) Indra became many forms.

This is a description of of the methodology of creation of various elements via union of the worlds supremely large particle. Alpha particles which are found in heliums nucleus itself manifests as various chemical elements. This is also the belief of modern material scientists.

The 2 valiant arms of Indra are Mitra demigod and Varun demigod:

Indrasya vaha viryakrito bahuhu.

Mitra Varunauhi bahu.

SHATPATH 5/3/5/27

Alpha particles are root particles. Hence it is a unit. Alpha particles are controlled by cosmic neutrons. Protons have charges and the bondage based attraction of electrical charge is cosmic Varunas material form of bondage. This is because Indras arm that formed Varunas bondage energy is very well known. Neutrons have no charge and no object can attract it. This neutral force is Mitras material manifestation. Mitra demigod is a friend of all. He is foe of none. He never hurts anyone but when demigods attacked Vritra, Mitra too followed suit so as to become Indras attacking arm. Attacking neutrons destabilize the atoms nucleus. At that time the nucleus explodes and 2 small nuclei are formed. At that time bondage free protons and attraction free neutrons come out. In this manner in both these small nuclei, lesser neutrons exist than in the initial parent nucleus. As per the methodology described in Shatpath this Mitra attains a state devoid of beasts (bondage). At that time the demigods after mixing milk in Soma juice induced Mitra to conjoin to beasts. Neutrons dwell side by side with protons in the atom. Meaning Mitra cannot be conjoined to beasts without Varuna. Soma is Varunas food and Mitras is milk.

The material form of Varuna energy is hydrogens nucleus. Hydrogen is the predominant element of water. Varuna is the deity/demigod of water. In the designing of the bodies of all creatures including mankind a major role is played by Varuna beast or electrical charge. From the living being standpoint Varuna deity energy is most required. But in the high stature practice of Yoga and in the upward flowing vital force of the Sushumna this very electrical charge of the body is an obstruction. Hence Vedic Rishis pray to Varuna to ward off bondage.

Ashwini Kumara deity is 2 brothers. They are bedecked with the quality of expansion/transmission. These 2 deities are representatives of Vishwedevas and are protector of nectar.

Yau devanam bhifajau havyavahau.

Vishwasya dutavamritasya gaupau.


In the Taiteriya Brahman it is also said that these 2 protect radiation rays body, transmit energy and all Ganas invoke all demigods via its medium. From this it is clear that the level of electrical magnetic energy active consciousness is Ashwin. The 2 units of electrical magnetic energy waves are Ashwinikumaras which encompasses the activity of the duo of electrical energy and magnetic force. The gist of all rays is the 2 electromagnetic unit. Thus all demigods merge into the duo of Aswinikumaras. The demigod existences number 11 viz the initially described 7 demigod Ganas and later described 4 demigods in which Ashwini too are included. Again and again we have clarified that demigod existences are conscious energies. The material particles and waves are only their vehicles. Thus they are called vehicles of demigods.

All these conscious energies are Shruti creation of Prajapati or creator. Its total mobility is 3 fold. The 3 root characteristics of demigod existence are light, activity and state. Hence there are only 3 root energies and they are called Trideva or Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. In the Rigaveda with reference to these energies it is said: Traya ekadashasaha devaha. These are the 3 root demigods and 11 Vishwadeva. Ultimately from super vital force Savita all these divine energies manifest. Hence Savita is the supreme icon/deity meant for worship. That super vital force divine light by scattering its rays circulate Prana. In the form of divine brilliance the cosmic consciousness Savita/Gayatri is the beloved icon of all devotees. It is the fount of life.

The visible sun is Savita deity. It can be seen to rise by the eyes. People benefit from its light and warmth ceaselessly. At night the sun by becoming the moon shows us its transformed brilliance. The sun is the soul of all creatures and plants. As a result the state of water, land etc is such that life sustains on earth. It is sun that converts sea water into steam and clouds which pours as rain. On the basis of water, living beings and objects are created, propagated and destroyed. Hence it is called a tangible mass of consciousness. Great thinkers have worshiped it by naming it Almighty God.

With reference to worship sun is called Savita and Savitas energy is called Savitri. Savitri means Gayatri. It is the Primal Energy and Super Divine Intellect. Shaktivakdevi is the presiding goddess of Mantra Science, it is Mantra thought and inspirer of discrimination. It represents Ojas/Tejas/Varchas or Divine Light. Word itself is knowledge. Via writings and speech it is worshiped. On the basis of word man becomes wise. Otherwise there is no doubt that he would remain a human monkey. Savita is called light and discrimination. Its divine power is called speech. In ordinary applications it is used as conversations but in higher roles it becomes the Energy of Mantras. The life force of Mantra Science is embedded in Super Mantra Gayatri. Savitri includes both spirituality and materialism. Hence it called Bala and Atibala. In mythological tales this one power is called Dwidha. They are Gods consorts called Para and Apara. In Indian philosophy 2 aspects exists viz. knowledge and science. It has evolved in creation existence. In the existence arena it rules supreme. It is none other than Mahadeva.

In ancient times when people developed faith in deities the first image reinstated was that of sun. It is tangible and visible. By offering it water it can be easily worshiped by all. Its time of rising and setting is called Sandhya and one must bow down to the sun at that time. This then is the eternal Vedic wealth. Indian philosophy worships Savita. The aura seen around other deities show that the divinity of demigods evolved under the tutelage of Savita.

In those days when spirituality was first worshiped first the sun was given importance. In those regions where civilization advanced Savita was used in worship. Archeological sciences have dug up many signs of ancient civilization and there solar images predominate. They are round in shape and have an aura. Later the human face too was etched on it.

As long as various sects had not come into being till then human belief had adhered to Sanatan Dharma or eternal religion and the sun was the icon of all for worship. The thought of Trivedi came up after noting the 3 fold potential of the sun viz. mobility, aura and energy. These then are the 3 goddesses. In the form of Triveni or 3 legs this is the pilgrim spot union.

In the archeological temples unearthed, solar images predominate. In the symbols of ancient civilizations sun is inseparably conjoined to them. In temples etc solar images are very ancient. Along with advanced civilizations, it was the presiding deity of high stature respect. In those days temples like Konark of India were constructed wherein India ruled the world.

In Super Mantra Gayatri Indian literature evolved step by step. The focal point of Gayatri is Savita. Mantra energy manifests from it. Suryopsthan in actuality is a methodology wherein in the gross, subtle and causal bodies Tejas or divine aura manifests.

Material Science of modern times has unearthed various mysterious powers that lie in the womb of nature. Where did they come from? On trying to understand this it was found that they were gifts of the sun. Slowly but surely mysterious energies like radio waves, lasers, cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays etc are being unveiled. Also it is becoming crystal clear that the one single fount of all these is the sun.

This energy that appears from the sun is said to be the substratum of inert and conscious objects:

Savita sarva bhutanam sarva bhavashcha suyate.

Sarvanatprernacchaiva savita tena chochyate.

MEANING: It is called Savita because it gives inspiration to all principles, all creatures and all sentiments.

In the above lines Indian spiritual seers have given us a clear understanding of creation sciences material and spiritual mode of functining. Since it is element in nature it is the cause of the mobility or active nature of elements or material objects. Also since it is sentiment and vital force in form it gives all creatures and mankind light and vital force so as to aid sentimental advancement.

The sun is said to be the life force of creation. Life sustains on earth because of the sun. If for merely one day the sun were not to rise a great calamity would occur. The light of sun circulates zest and vital force in all living beings and hence the sun is so important. Yet the sun is not merely a mass of burning fire wherein the mutual activity of hydrogen-helium present in it creates blazing flames and eddies of energy. This is but the suns material form. From the deity standpoint it is the controller of thoughts, lord of planets and inspirer of sacred sentiments. It is also the soul of all. Diving deeper its spiritual form is cosmic consciusness or Gods divine light or the super mind light. Sun is one that bestows sacred inspirations.

So far our thinking has not been high, people failed to think deeply else it would be clear that the above observations of Rishis and seers are scientific realities. Those facts/data unveiled by Rishis of yore are today being proved true by modern scientific research.

Of course up till now scientists have unveiled a very small portion and that too only at the gross level. Despite this what ever has been scientifically unfolded is not any less from the standpoint of data given by Indian beliefs.

By it self there are innumerable stars in the sky and they all create their own nuclear energy. And yet they all depend and sustain because of the sun. Every second the sun emits 4.1023 kilo watts of energy (overhere it means a combination of heat, light and electricity). Its inner portion has heat of 0.2 billion degree celcius. There so much movement is seen which is akin to water being sent through a pipe from a big lake to a small pond. At that time at its back and front region water creates intense movements. It is opined that the cause of movement in the central portion of the sun is vital force that enters sun from the Spiral galaxy. This vital force can come from an unknown machine of the cosmos or from a gigantic star. The term Tat savituhu also connotes this that sun lights up Savita world. In this part of the sun there are only nuclear particles. There is no type of covering on it. They keep inducing movement in neutrons/electrons and it self gets converted to positively charged protons. As a result materials get transformed; meaning hydrogen gets converted to helium and the energy that is thus created controls world movements. A 1000 th portion of it is used by mankind and via the remaining 999 th portion Savita deity controls movements of earth like seasons, rivers, mountains, seas, rains etc.

Heat, coal, wood fuel, water, air, electricity etc. present on earth are but transformations of the above mentioned energy. The earth gets only 200 trillion kilo watt energy from the sun. The hydroelectricity station of Neeper is the worlds largest electricity generator. Even if it works day and night it cannot give us the energy given by the sun. Seeing all this we must accept that: Savita ve prasavanamishe (Yajurveda). It means that the creator of all is Lord Savita.

This energy is very intense in the solar world and it shows the same influence in all objects. Since the mind/psyche too has this energy mankind has the capacity to establish a bond with the inner core of all materials and can generate in a subtle manner the energy of any object/material. But this science is known only to a few adept Yogis. Hence their actions appear miraculous to the lay person. Now since modern science has accepted the intensity and existence of energy in materials these Sidhis can be imbibed technologically but their psyche based miracles can be attained only via Yoga and worship methods.

For the very first time Albert Einstein gave the world an equation to measure energy present in an atom. It is E=m X c X c. E means energy, m is the measure of mass in an object and c is a constant number which tells us the speed of light (186000 miles/second). This energy is measured in foot pounds. 20 foot pound energy means how much energy is required to raise 10 feet high 2 pounds of weight or how much energy is required to raise 2 feet high 10 pounds of weight. Human race that works regularly emits a certain amount of energy. According to leading scientists world humanity throws 9,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 foot pound energy in 1 year in the sky. Where as this energy can be attained from materials measuring very less. For example helium is extremely light in weight. Its nucleus has only 2 protons and 2 neutrons. The measure according to scientists is 100758 for proton and 100894 for neutron. Thus the weight of 2 protons and 2 neutrons should add up to 201596 + 201788 = 403304 but the weight of heliums nucleus is only 400279. It means we do not know where the 3/100 th portion disappeared. Later it was unveiled as energy.

Scientists found out that a very subtle one portion of of foot pound measurement keeps balanced and steady this world. Ere this miniscule energy erupted then that amount of energy would further erupt, which if even all of world humanity tried to generate would fail miserably in doing so. Thus all objects of the world would be destroyed and would be transformed into hydrogen.

This very energy was measured by Einstein via the equation E=mXcXc. If the measurement of helium given above were to be converted to energy it would be equivalent to 280 lakh electron volt. In materials always one atom will have more atoms. It means that if the energy of any material is exploded 1 neutron will become 2, 2 will become 4, 4 will become 8, 8 will become 16, 16 will become 32 and so on. Thus even the energy will increase. In the 20 th generation of explosion it will be 524288 and in the 80 th generation it will be more than 1208900000000000000000000. It is difficult to even imagine the amount of energy present at that time. The ebulition of this energy will be seen in in 1 nano-second which is beyond imagination.

Indian spiritual seers had unearthed this data of Einstein thousands of years back:

Tejoyasya virajate sa balwan-sthuleshu kaha pratyayaha.


MEANING: We pray to you, the super strong divine Goddess who is present as energy and light in every gross object to protect and evolve us.

In reality via this energy by establishing a mental bond those Ridhi-Sidhis were generated which appear mind boggling/miraculous to all. And yet they are based on scientific principles.

Frances scientist Yusho tried converting solar energy into machine energy. In Russia too machines were designed and near Brayansk, Tibalis and Tashkent such technological apparatus have been set up which obstruct midway the energy that comes from the sun and which becomes active by pervading materials. This is then converted into machinery energy. This energy is then used for irrigiation, cooking, in bathrooms, laundry etc. There is a high possibility that this energy will compensate for the lack of fuel in various industries. Kundalini awakening via Gayatri worship and Tantra practice invoke, imbibe and evolve this invisible energy of the sun. As a result not only does good health, inner radiance, strength and sacred intellect augment but that those Extrasensory Powers (ESP) advance which amaze people who hence opine that they are but Gods gift.

Along with Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri we are exhorted to conjoin our minds to the solar world. Aditya mandale vyas taparaya matmanam ayam. It means meditate on imperishable Almighty Lord in the sun. As a result of meditation the suns vital force or energy manifests:

Abhiraditya stapati rashmibhistabhii parjanyobhavati.

MEANING: Those rays via which sun deity burns those very rays are showered by it.

Since the sun and mind is one principle meditation on it results in the suns radiance augmenting in the psyche.

Mano vai savita. Prana dhiyaha.

.. SHATPATH 3/6/1/13

MEANING: Mind is Savita, vital force is intellect. The advancement of the sense organs gross and subtle energy too takes place via the above energy because they too are related to it.

Etasmajjayate prano manaha sarvendriyani cha.


MEANING: Mind and all sense organs are creation of Prana/vital force.

In the initial portion of Gopath Brahman (7/7/9) vital force and electricity are called suns gifts:

Prana eva savita, vidyudeva savita.

This vital force and electricity is the grace of the sun. Thus sun is the fount of all energies and Gayatr-Savitri conscious principle that manifests from the solar world augments progress of mankind. If after understanding it aptly we imbibe it then this energy incarnate Gayatri by making our mind, intellect and psyche sacred can augment our potential infinitely. Thus we will attain joy of both this and the other spiritual worlds.



When we see the sun far off in the sky it appears to be a mass of planet which gives us heat and light in the day. If we dive deeper it appears that the entire grandeur of earth is a gift of sun and due to its grace plants and creatures remain alive.

Since it appears like a small round plate we cannot believe it to be so gigantic in actuality with a vault of infinite energy. Yet this is a fact. Our minds/intellects turn dizzy when we try to understand/make others understand that sun which aids sustenance of life in this world.

Amongst various masses seen in the sky the sun has its own independent existence. Even if stars, moon get dstroyed it is not of any great danger to us. But if the sun would run far away from us even for an hour hell would rule the roost on earth. On the following basis we can realize deeply how useful the sun is to us. Scientists opine that if today the sun gets destroyed then within 3 days the very existence all animate/inamate beings on earth would get shattered and that within 2 days of the sun getting destroyed the steam of the atmosphere would fall down as ice. Due to the freezing cold of this ice life would be impossible to sustain.

In ancient times by looking upon divine power in suns intense energy it was an important part of peoples worship rites. Every activity of the sun was elucidated as a divine arrangement. For thousands of years people did not clearly understand the mystery of its rsising and setting at an appointed hour, how seasons came into being etc. Our ancestors thought all this to be divine grace and put forth the belief that regularly a new sun rises and in the evening it merged into the ocean. Later when mans intellect evolved it became clear that the sun was a planet and its potential is supreme in comparison to other planets. Today modern science has unearthed great deal of information regarding the sun.

Scientists have found out that the distance between the earth and sun is 0.925 billion miles. We can try and understand this gigantic distance by saying that if a man counts 200 numbers in one minute then it will take him 11 months to count 0.925 billions. The condition is that he must not do any other work, must not sleep, not eat, not drink and that for day and night ceaselessly keep counting only.

Another scientist has imagined this distance in another manner: Suppose our hands become so long that it can touch the sun and that as soon as the suns heat touches our finger its nerves etc send this signal to our brain with the same speed as it ordinarily does then this task it would take 160 years to do so. It means it will take 160 years for our brain to get the signal of burning of the finger of this long hand. In the same way scientists opine that if there is a harsh sound on the sun and that this sound moves with the same speed as it does on earth then it would take 14 years to reach our planet earth.

The size of the sun too is not less mind boggling. With reference to this, scientists have unveiled a few calculations. According to leading scientists the suns diameter is 109 times more than that of earth and hence the suns volume is 109.109.109 times more than that of earth. If 1.3 million earths are merged only then can it form the size of the sun. But the density of the sun is very less in comparison to that of earth.

It is beyond the ken of our imagination to find out how hot the sun is. Yet on the basis of data unearthed by scientists we can infer that the amount of solar energy falling on eight square land of earth is equivalent to 1 horse power. If only an easy method is designed to make use of this energy then all machines can run on solar energy.

On the basis of all this data scientists say that the suns heat could be 60000 degress Celsius. At 100 degrees water starts boiling. Humanly designed technology can manifest heat of upto 3000 degress centigrade.

Calculations tell us that from every square inch of suns surface 54 horse power energy appears. Scientists opine that the light of 300000 candles comes out of every square inch of suns surface. We can infer the magnetic power of the sun.

Researchers of Mount Wilson Laboratory say that the magnetic force on the back side of the sun is 28 times more than the magnetic force on the back side of the earth. Hence a stone weighing 1 kg on earth will weigh 28 kg on the sun. Mandakini galaxy situated in space along with 32 satellites is moving in the nebula constantly. The solar galaxy is 30 thousand light years away from the worlds center. With the speed of 108000 km/hour the sun along with its members circumambulates the galaxy world. To complete 1 circumambulation it takes the sun 2.2 billion years. If the suns age can be said to be 700 billion years then after its birth the sun must have circumambulated the galaxy world 30 times. The diameter of the galaxy world is 0.1 million light years. Its central portion is fat. Its central portion measures 16 thousand light years. Stars like sun in the galaxy world number upto 10 thousand billion. Apart from this there is runteller mass wherein so many stars can fit in it.

Mercury planet lies closest to the sun. The distance between them is 0.5 billion 7.6 million km. It circumambulates the sun in 88 days. After that dwells planet Venus which is 1 billion and 8.2 million kms from the sun. It circumambulates the sun in 225 days. The earth lies at a distance of 1.4 million 6.9 million km. It circumambulates the sun in 365 days. After this is Mars whose distance is 2.2 billion 7.9 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 687 days. After that is Jupiter which lies at a distance of 7.7 billion and 8.3 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 4333 days. After that is Saturn which lies at a distance of 14.2 billion and 7 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 10759 days. After that is Uranus which lies at a distance of 2.86 billion and 6.6 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 30685 days. After that is Neptune which lies at a distance of 4.49 billion and 6.9 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 60190 days. After that is Pluto which lies at a distance of 59 billion and 2 million km and it circumambulates the sun in 60470 days.

Mercury and Venus do not have satellites. Just as Moon has divisions so too is the case with Mercury and Venus. Its years and day are the same because they do not rotate on their axis. The earths satellite is called Moon. Mars has 2. Jupiter has 14, Saturn has 9, Uranus has 4 etc. Apart from this more than 200 miniscule planets have been noted. Their diameter is about 1 to 1000 km.

The sun is 330,000 times larger than earth. Mercury is the smallest planet and closest to sun. Its diameter is only 3010 miles. Mars is a bit bigger and is 4200 miles in diameter. In comparison to both the earth is bigger. Its diameter is 7913 miles. It is similar to Venus. As per data available amongst all planets of the solar system Jupiter is the biggest and its diameter is 86,800 miles. It means it is 11 times bigger than earth. After this comes Saturn and its diameter is 716,000 miles. Saturn has 10 times more satellites. Amongst them titan is larger than earths moon.

The 3 new planets discovered are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Pluto is farthest away frm the sun. It rotates on its axis once in 6 days only but it takes 248 years for it to complete one revolution around the sun.

Our sun dwells in a galaxy and with the speed of 200 km/sec it moves in its appointed area.

According to material scientist of Britains Birmingham University Dr H B Vanuari the sun trembles 9 times during the day. This trembling sometimes continues once for 160 minutes. It is believed that in the sun there is a gigantic furnace of hydrogen fuel. The sun is so huge that in it 1000 billion tons of hydrogen fuel burns up in one second. Even after devouring so much it remains hungry. It is said that despite this because of less nourishment it is slowly turning cold.

Not only from the worldly standpoint but that from the spiritual standpoint the suns importance is unique. It is said to be the important fount of Savita deity/vital force. Today more importance is given to deities like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ram, Krishna, Durga, Ganesh, Hanuman etc. In comparison to these the number of sun temples is few. Despite this if we try and note the temples of ancient times it appears that there was a time when solar deity ruled the roost and more importance was given to its worship. Temples too were those of the sun. Amongst 500 ancient temples, sun temples predominate.

There existed a solar temple in Gopadi (Gwalior, India) but which is now only in ruins. Hiuen Tsang has spoken about a sun temple in Shakal (Sialkot). Although ancient sun temples of Modera (Gujarat), Konark (Orissa), Khajurao, Tirupati-Balaji, Madkhera (UP) are in ruins yet it proves that in ancient India solar worship predominated.

Oval shaped sun is called Balaji. In middle eras in the name of Balaji sun was worshiped. Some today say Balaji is Hanumanji.

In a certain time span is ancient history sun worship predominated in a major area of Asia. Before Islam took over Egypt and Iran solar sects ruled predominated. From the images and stone carvings of those times it is clear that for worship sun was given more importance.

In Rigaveda (1/125/1) sun is called the soul of the world. It means that the fount of consciousness and movements on earth is the sun. Not only do we get heat and light from it but that we get something much more that is connected to consciousness.

The famous Mantra Gayatri is a Mantra for solar meditation. Its deity is Savita. A prayer is made for the light of Savita. We pray that we use this light for progressive inspirations.

It is because of 12 months that sun is called Dwadash Aditya (12 suns). The 6 seasons are called its wives. Dawn is called its paramour and dusk is called its chief queen. This story throws light on the method of usage of various aims of suns root potential.

Lord Ram is called Suryavanshi or belonging to the solar race. Kunti had mothered the Pandavas via solar worship. Hence they too belong to the solar race. The moon imbibes light from the sun hence the lunar race also worships the sun.

One can feel only amazed at the fact how speedily the number of deities augmented in India. At the commencement of civilization sun was the only deity worshiped. It is a visible deity for all to gaze at. Not only can we see with the eye because of heat and light of the sun but that but main lifes daily chores are executed with its aid. The more this fact was clearly understood even the importance of the sun became more and more crystal clear. Since the darkness of night causes a lot of discomfort people reposed more faith in the greatness of the sun. At the time of the suns rising at dawn and setting at dusk we are exhorted to do solar worship called Sandhya Vandan. For this the easy and sensitive method of Suryopsthan is utilized. In prayer rites sacred water is offered to the sun and is called Arghya. It is easily available and easy for all to follow.

The manifestation of other deiies probably took place as family members of the sun. When the 7 colors and 7 horses were believed to be an inseparable part of the sun people yearned to reinstate and pray them separately. Thus an arrangement came into being. Amongst Vedic deities, 7 predominate. Even amongst Rishis, 7 predominated. The concept of 7 worlds and 7 continents too was the result of solar science. It is well known that there are 7 principal elements in the body i.e. flesh, blood etc. In the subtle bodies there are 7 streams in the form of 6 Chakras and their lord the Sahasrar Kamal. Amongst jewels, 7 predominate. The 7 notes of music can be correlated to the 7 horses of the sun. The 2 streams of spirituality and science tell us that in the 2 arenas of consciousness and inert nature the imaginary flow of 7 streams are related to the sun. In Indian mythology they are said to be the 7 court members of God. At certain places they are called wives too. The 7 chief subtle nerves of Yoga Science are not veins that circulate blood but are glories that come from various subtle worlds to render the human body active and advanced. These are the fount of Ridhi-Sidhis and for steadiness and progress their grace is loked upon as divine blessings. For calculating time the concept of week is very important. The wheel of time of Astrological Sciences marches ahead on this very basis.

In Rigveda (1/164/8) it is said: Earth is the wife of sun dwelling in the sky. Earth has surrendered to the sun. Via clouds earth fills her womb and as a result of this elucidation earth mothers various creatures.

In the history of temple constructions according to Varah Purana (177/59 to 72) King Shamb constructed 3 solar temples in the regions of Udaygiri and Shambapur. In that there are images of the rising sun, noon sun and setting sun.

In the description of his various tours Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang describes the gold image of sun temple in Shambapur. In his book History of India Donson writes that the above image was made of gold weighing 230 X 37 kgs. According to him in the year 712 when Muslims attacked that place the image was destroyed.

Amongst Vedic demigods there are names of Indra, Pusha, Mitra, Varun, Vishnu etc. Of course these names are synonymous with the sun. Thus the multiple demigods found in the Vedas are ultimately manifestations of one God as observed by great seers (Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti).

Within Savita worship great emphsasis is laid on Suryopsthana and Surya Arghya. In Suryopsthana by raising the hands Gayatri Japa is done. Even in Surya Arghya Gayatri Mantra is chanted. In the Skand Purana (4/9/46) it is said: Those who offer water to the sun 3 times that is used after chanting Gayatri Mantra has done a lot for the welfare of the 3 worlds. The Arghya Daan using 3 fingers is meant for the well being of the 3 worlds. Such Arghya Daan must be conjoined to Gayatri Mantra:

Gayatrimantratoyadhya dattam yenanjalitriyam.

Kale savitre kim na syattena dattam jagatrayam.

In the Kashi Khand Purvardha of Skand Purana (9/54) the sun and Gayatri are compared to sentence and reader and narrator and narration too. Both are proved to be one. Please note the following:

Vachyavachakasambandho gayatrayaha saviturdwayoho.

Vachyosausavita sakshad gayatri vachika para.

The supreme goal attained by a Gayatri devotee is entering the solar world. In the Padma Purana it is said that if a self controlled one yearning for God realization worships Gayatri becomes liberated in life or Jeevan Mukta and enters the supreme abode of solar world. Please note the following:

Tam daivimupatishthante brahmana ye jitendriyaha.

Suryalokam te prayanti kramanmukti cha parthiva.

The Shrutis say:

Yaha sandhyamupasate brahmaiva tadupasate.

MEANING: Those who perform Sandhya worship are actually worshiping God.

Who is God? As an answer Chandogya Upanishad says: Adityo brahma or that Gods symbol is sun. In the Taitariya Aranyak (2/2) this has been emphasized: Asavadityo brahma or that sun is God.

In Gayatri Viniyoga its deity and root fount is believed to be Savita. This Savita and sun are one. The Shatpath Brahman (6/3/1/20) says: Asau va adityo devaha savita or that Aditya sun is Savita. This is emphasized in Daivat Kand (4/31) too: Adityopi savitaivochyate or that Aditya/sun is called Savita.

All scientific proofs and observations of great seers give importance to Savita. In devotion of Super Power Gayatri it is Savita that is worshiped and a prayer is made that may that divine light give not only one self but all of creation, life consciousness and sacred divine inspirations. By introverting ones otherwise externalized thinking one can benefit a great deal from the suns divine potential.



By it self via the energy flow of solar system, lifes almost all functions are ifluenced and transformed. And yet it is more deeply related to human health. Since Ayurveda mode of therapy knew this secret there was a time in the annals of world history when it cured almost any disease. Unlike today in those times there were no incurable diseases. Ayurveda not only cured diseases and augmented good health but that via therapies like Kayakalpa youth could be attained in old age.

Even today Ayuredas mode of medical examination, prescription and cure are well known. Related important literature too is available. The herbs for curing diseases too are known. Then say, what is the reason that today not only Kayakalpa is not successfully done and incurable diseases are not cured but that there is no cure for even common diseases? On deeply cogitating over this, one fact stares at us and that is that along with ancient Ayurveda the mysterious wisdom of the energy flow of the solar family was conjoined. The success of Ayurveda was rooted in Solar Science.

Amongst the greatest scholars of Ayurveda the names of Charak and Banabhatta stand out. Not only were they masters of Ayurveda therapy but were also specialists of Astrological Sciences. It is said that when Charak went to mountains and forests to gather herbs the herbs would voluntarily let him know their special qualities and characteristics. Also the herbs gave him information about the special benefits of growing herbs in which particular environment and when to do so and which individual with which disease and what psychology benefited as a result. By not delving deep into whether this information is true or not if the underlying facts are noted we will realize that to cure diseases mere medicinal intake wont work. In order to cure illnesses it is most important to note in which environment, when and in which planetary position as per Astrology one must grow herbs and then note its influence.

Human health gets extraordinarily influenced by inter planetary movements and changes. There are so many aphorisms in Ayurveda texts which throw light on this fact. According to Astrology Ashtami vyadhinashini which means 8 th day of the moon wards off all physical hardships. It means medicines administered on this day prove to be very beneficial. On the 8 th day the sun and moon lie 90 degrees away from each other. Thus they lessen their force of attraction on all materials on earth. Thus because in the blood and water of the human body the extra attraction of sun and moon diminish, medicines administered in this time span prove very beneficial.

According to Medicinal Astrology many diseases like that of skin, insanity, epilepsy, mental agitation etc become more intense during waxing period of the moon. Modern Medicine of today has no clue as to why this so happens. As per Astrological Sciences during the waxing period of the moon the sun and moon are closest to each other in the sky. They thus attract most at this time, gas particles pervading the earths atmosphere which in turn influences the health of man and animals. Generally it is seen that on the 14 th day of the moon waxing when the sun and moon lie at a degree of 160, the intensity of illnesses and sentimental agitation reach their peak.

The famous Tridosh Principle of Ayurveda encompasses the subtle mysteries of the energy flows of solar system. If only this were deeply understood so many diseases can be cured with its help. The word Vat in Sanskrit comes from the root Va. The word Pitta in Sanskrit comes from the root Tapa. Tapa is Tapasam tamey pittam which means incitement and symbol of energy. Kaf sheleshma means union or attraction. Shilsha alinganey. Commentator Chakrapani has given the deep import of all 3. According to him Vat is a symbol of speed, Pitta that of energy and Kaf that of attraction/magnetism. Of course it is just not enough to know this much only that it is merely the root 3 chemical reactions of the 3 bodies. It is more important to know its subtle special characteristics.

Ayurvedacharya Sushrut opines that just as the energy of sun, moon and air is required to render the world mobile so too it is most required that Vat, Pitta and Kaf maintain an apt balance to maintain good health both physically and mentally. Time and again what is the influence of the speed, status and transformation of the planets of the solar system on the 3 natures? It is important to know this. Proper diagnosis and therapy of a disease is possible only after noting the above.

According to Astrology there are 3 groups of infinite stars. These are related to the principle of Tridosha of Ayurveda. Time and again they influence the state of Vat, Pitta and Kaf. Similarly is the case with influence of planets on all 3. For example sun influences Pitta more and moon influences Vat more. Due to the state of moons Kalas and suns functioning, rise and fall is seen in these 2. Astrology opines that via their condition moon influences the mind, sun the soul and mercury conscious nerves. In those peoples horoscope if the sun and moon are in Nakshatras of fire and that they dwell in air/water which is dry and hot their conscious nerves become especially distorted. Todays doctors are unaware of the cause of this. Thus their diagnosis and cures do not work.

The solar system and energy flow influence anatomy and medical science. A lot of research the world over has commenced on this subject. Inter planetary conditions definitely do influence the body and mind and in the diseases manifestation and therapy. Today the worlds outstanding medical experts are experiencing this. After his many researches Dr Edson has concluded that 82% of haemorrhages take place in the moons 1 st and 3 rd week. Professor Riwiz opines that the predominance of electrical energy in the human body is seen on the night of full moon. Changes of any sort ordinarily stun the mind and personality of man. According to Dr Baker due to mental agitation, in these days crimes are seen to be on the rise. The famous Russian scientist Nicole Susiyuz opines that when sun spots increase, protective WBCs that are found in mans blood diminishes. Thus there are more chances of illnesses and diseases manifesting in the body.

In ancient Astrology there is a description of not only the cause of disease manifestation but that light has been thrown on diagnosis and cure too. A detailed description of disease diagnosis has been given in Medical Astrology. Not only medical therapy but it gives details here and there about how to make changes in ones diet along with interplanetary changes and that one must imbibe Mantra cures too. In Arishta yoga it has been shown that via Mantra cure ones lost energy due to illness and destroyed cells can be regained again.

The various energystreams of the solar system is the sun itself. Others are controlled and given life force by it. Thus it is called the lord of all planets. Solar meditation optimally balances the interstellar space flows in man and destroys the malefic effect of various planets. In the Athharva Veda (6/83/1) it is said:

Apachitaha pra patat surpano vasateriva.

Suryaha krunotu heshajam chandrama vopocchatu.

MEANING: Just as as the eagle runs away from crowds so too indigestion and other diseases run away. For this may the sun make medicines and moon via its light destroy illnesses.

In the above Mantra it is crystal clear that sun makes herbs/medicines. In the world it is vital force manifest and via its rays it bestows good health. In the Padma Purana (Srishti Khnad 79/17) it is said:

Asyopasanmatrena sarvarogapramuchyate.

Merely meditating/worshiping Sun God liberates us from all diseases. Not only this, but but that Indian seers have compared the sun to the soul and the nature of a living being is described as a point of light. In formless spiritual practice/Nirakar, in the area of the Ajna Chakra (in between the eyebrows) meditation is carried out on radiant light akin to the sun. In high stature spiritual practice during light manifestation within Pranavarshan Pranayam a radiant light akin to the dazzling sun is meditated upon. The sun is the center of the world of creatures. The members of the solar family circumambulate around their benefactor-sun. The designing of the atom is such wherein it is compared to the solar system. The nucleus of the atom is a small sun. The ways of functioning of both are smilar. The existence of living being and God too can be understood thus.

Via solar worship not only does good health augment but that via Savita worship when the soul by reinstating in it self scatters energy rays and marches ahead it is seen to be amazing. Super Men, Rishis, Prophets, Avataras etc are of this supreme inner stature. Their potential and capacity no doubt appear strange but at its root it is same in every man albeit latently. With due effort, any one who desires, can evolve it in any measure of their choice.



We search for energy and energy in turn is in search of us. Both complain that they are experiencing a lack and that they are not being used. Man is immersed in generating energy via designing of expensive, cumbersome and tortuous technology/machines. On noting the efforts required to attain them things already attained do not evoke any enthusiasm in us. The biggest fount of energy viz. the sun is in front of us and while mocking our childish efforts says: O children! All the vaults of energy of this world are verily my grace. Instead of roaming aimlessly here and there why dont you try getting as much energy as you desire directly from me?

From the sun the earth gets 50,000,000,000,000,000 kilo-watt/hour of energy. It is 20,000 times more than the energy actually utilized by earth. In the scientific arena it is being thought that in future when coal and oil get depleted there will be a major scarcity of fuel. Wood that can be used as fuel in fact is very less even today. People have now accepted the advice of not burning cow dung. In the same way in future people will be advised not to burn wood that remains after buildings are built and are erroneously thought to be a waste. This so called wasteful wood can be used to make hard board, ply wood, card board, paper etc.

Thus the discussion ends on wood thatcan be burnt. In 25 years there will be a great shortage of coal and oil. In fact by 2100 AD there will be no coal and oil at all. It will be depleted after mining takes place in many regions of the world. Electricity is generated using technology that works using the above natural fuels. Of course hydroelectricity is being used yet natural fuels are most required. Generation of electricity can never be totally independent. It is difficult to imagine electricity generation without using oil, coal etc. Of course it is another story that minor batteries and generators are designed.

The problem of atomic energy is like the story of the snake and toad. It can neither be gulped down nor can it be spit out of the mouth. How can we ignore the fount of such gigantic amounts of energy? On the one hand enticement goads us and on the other its poisonous remains that are sent to the sea or buried under ground are proving to be very dire. Thus it cannot be digested. By it self with great enterprise gigantic atomic reactors have been designed yet wariness over takes zest. Thus like Trishanku atomic energy hangs in the air. There are 50-50 chances of it being overthrown immediately after it is used. Only time will tell whether it has been digested or has been thrown out. Today it is akin to a piece of bone stuck in the throat. Where will it go? It is not yet clear.

Modern Sciences vision is now veering towards the sun. According to them when the sun is the fount of all cosmic energies why not solve all energy scarcity problems by taking help of solar energy? In comparison to other sources of energy it is more easily available and that much purer. Laser rays no doubt have a lot of energy but in order to use it it is possible to do so only by very knowledgeable scientists who use very expensive technology with great alertness. Even if a small error creeps in while using lasers a lot of harm will be the result.

Thus in solar energy the danger of accessing it is very minimal. Its storehouse will never deplete. There is no problem if the sun does not shine at night. In the day energy can be generated and at night the generating powerhouses can remain closed. There is no problem if in the hot summer there is more energy and in cold, rainy season it is less. The mills that produce sugar are known to run for 6 months and stop for the remaning 6 months. Even factories run in the day and are shut at night. The suns heat that comes to earth is sometimes more and sometimes less. Thus solar energy generation too will be more or less. Excess energy can definitely be gathered and stored. Later as per requirement it can be made use of.

Via solar rays in an area of 1 sqaure feet that has heat, 3 horse-power of energy is generated. When the sun lies directly above the moon heat of 240.8 F (water boiling) temperature heat is noted. But when there is night on the moon it is so cold and the region becomes icy.

American scientists have designed solar cells using silicon ore. It is being used in transistors, electronic watches and batteries. In space crafts electricity is generated using these solar cells. In the near future regarding this there is a high possibility, hope and zest for fulfilling much greater and important goals.

In order to convert salty sea water into potable water high stature technology is being designed. This technology will focus solar rays on a certain area where heat will land on the sea surface. These in turn will form clouds and then converted to saltless water. This water can then be transported to wherever required. This method is called Electrodialysis. In order to make 1000 gallon pure water the expense is just Indian Rupee 1 and 35 Paise. In the Atlantic and Gulf Coast such machines have been installed which will make the above mentioned program/application more clear. If only this program succeeds in future then the problem of drinking and potable water can be solved for entire mankind.

Batteries that run on solar energy have already been made. In principle they are successful. Yes, so far no arrangements have been made to use these on gigantic scales and are not yet cheap enough for the lay public to use. We are very hopeful that in future this problem will be solved. Russia, England, Algeria, Lebanon, America, Japan, Italy, France etc nations have constructed factories on a small scale to generate solar energy which can then be used as heat and electricity. The data unearthed from this is being studied minutely and scientists are trying to find out how they can generate solar energy on a large scale for the use of world humanity.

Ultimately for fuel we will have to worship Savita deity. We have attained life from it. All the movements of earths inert/conscious beings are its grace. We will have to surrender to it for solving in future the problem of fuel scarcity and other requirements.

Out of all the solar energy that comes on earth 99% goes waste. Only 1% is somehow used. In comparison to energy used on earth, 20,000 times more energy is sent to earth by the sun.

Solar energy is incomparable. If the solar energy of 100 sq miles of Rajasthans (India) dessert area is trapped then the energy requirement of entire India can be fulfilled. Previously it was cogitated over to use solar energy via reflection of mirrors but in comparison to the technology required the solar energy available is very less. Via the thin layers of silicon, batteries of solar energy were designed. For smaller requirements these were apt but in the initial stages its expenditure was a lot. The stature of both solar and atomic energy is one but solar rays which reach earth after a journey of 8 minutes become so light that creatures and plants can imbibe and benefit from its soft caress. As against this atomic energy produced on earth is like a powerful demon. Its usage can take place only in those tasks that can endure its horrific heat.

In spiritual worship methods, solar worship reigns supreme. The presiding deity of Super Mantra Gayatri is sun. Sahasrar Solar Chakra that dwells in the Brahmarandhra influences other 6 Chakras a great deal. The sun of the sky by giving the 9 planets, satellites etc energies of various stature, bestow on them a means to walk on their Wheel of Activity. Life seen on our globe earth is but a blessing of solar deity.

Great spiritual seers of yore had ordained us to keep the body in contact with the sun so as to attain life force. The mind was ordained to worship Savita deity so as to render it divinely brilliant and full of Brahmavarchas via variously designed spiritual practices. Today the material scientist having experienced despair in various directions is all set to surrender to solar deity. THERE IS NO OTHER MEANS TO SOLVE THE ENERGY CRISIS THAT LOOMS LARGE IN THE WORLD.



It is the special characteristic of Indian Spiritual Philosophy that it gives a clear understanding of both the spiritual and material methods of creation science. In the scriptures it is mentioned that once demigods asked Prajapati (creator): O divine father! You say that the worldly hardships of all who worship Gayatri are warded off, that they attain joy in this and the next world and also attain the supreme divine goal. But yet you have not told us who exactly is the one that posseses this great potential.

As an answer Prajapati says: O demigods! This Gayatri which gives various types of boons is wisdom that manifests from Savitri meaning Savita deity. At other places it is said that Gayatri is light, fire and energy incarnate. All the 3 times (past, present, future) are mobile due to its energy. Regarding this energy it is said that it is called Savita because it gives inspiration to all elements, all creatures and all emotions. Sun is said to be the symbol/image of Savita deity. It is a gross symbol. Savita is subtler than it. In order to understand its energy, potency and special qualities it is important to gain detailed information about the sun. Principally it is well known that the sun is the root cause of the mobility and functioning of all material and worldly objects. In that image Savita deity is established in the form of sacred sentiments and life force. Further it is said that by giving all creatures and world humanity energy, vital force and light it aids their sacred emotional advancement. With reference to this, efforts have not been made to understand more and anylyze in detail so it appears that these observations of Rishis and spiritual seers are fully scientific and true. Whatever had been written by them thousands of years back are being slowly but surely proved true by modern sciencietific research.

A very minor portion of Savita deitys gross aspect has been unfolded by modern scientists and yet whatever has been unearthed is not any less from the standpoint of Indian beliefs. From the gross viewpoint sun appears to be a globe of burning hot inferno. According to modern scientists just as eddies are formed in rivers that flow speedily so too in the hot materials of the sun eddies are noted and from them hot flames manifest which have a length of thousands of miles. From that very light of the sun creatures of earth get enough energy to remain alive and apart from earth, environment and conditions of other planets are created.

Not only earth, but in which ever planet, star etc of the solar system life exists, there the sun is the substratum. All creatures imbibe energy from the sun and remain alive using its warmth. The temperature which is optimal for mankind and other creatures to remain alive is balanced and steady because of the sun. Hence Indian Rishis call the sun giver of life and life force of creation. According to modern scientists the sun is just one amongst many stars seen in the sky. Hence the Rishis have rightly sung:

Savita vai prasavanamishey.

Savita deity-sun is the one that creates all. The terrific power that emanates from the sun merges along with its influence in materials. This is the reason that for protection of health it is most required that we contact the sun as much as possible.

In a certain sense solar light is more required than even food and water. When the body gets apt warmth from sun light the RBCs of our blood get that much more protected. If we had not got suns light the number of RBCs would decline and water would increase in the blood. As a result anemia and other blood related disorders would set in.

There is such a strong relationship between the life force of living beings and the sun which can be easily gauged via the example of trees, plants etc. If a plant were not be given sun light, immediately chlorophyll production would stop. Thus the plant would start withering. With reference to this according to an experiment conducted people become more ill in urban areas that have narrow lanes in comparison to those living in more open areas. Thus the former have very short life spans.

Via solar light mans body gets electrified. After years of research Americas scientist Dr Neil Burnhart proved that when the energy augmenting rays of the sun contact mans body an electro magnetic flow is seen. The earth too is a gigantic magnet.

Solar energy not only influences mans health but that mans inner personality too gets extraordinarily influenced by it. It has already been said that the inetnsity with which energy comes from the solar world, with that very intensity it enters various creatures. Since the mind too has that energy man has the capacity to contact the inner nature of every object and can help manifest the energy of any object in a subtle manner. This science is known only to adept Yogis and they make optimal use of it. Thus many of their actions appear miraculous to the laymans eye. Now today when modern science too has accepted the intense presence of energy in objects these Sidhis/Divine Powers can be imbibed using technology but their psyche based miracles can be attained only via Yoga and various high stature worship methods.

Via spiritual practice/worship masterly Yogis establish a mentalcontact with Savita deity or suns subtle energy and attain those Ridhi-Sidhis which appear miraculous to the lay public. Yet its basis is very much scientific. Frances scientist Yusho carried out certain experiments in this field so as to transform suns Savita energy into technology energy. Even in Russia such machines have been designed which obstruct midway the energy that comes from the sun and spreads in material objects so as to render them active. Then this energy is converted into that of machines so that tasks like irrigation, cooking, boiling water, purification of laundry water etc can be executed. There is hope that via this energy the gigantic problem of fuel scarcity in large/small industries can be overcome.

But great Yogis who manifest this energy of Savita deity are known to be different from the above. It is called Kundalini awakening. Via Gayatri worship Savita energy is invoked, imbibed and advanced in the body and thus the goal is fulfilled. Apart from progress of health, inner radiance and intellect, Extrasensory Powers or ESP also advance which are called miracles or Gods grace by all.

Within Gayatri worship via Gayatri Japa the mind contacts the world of Savita and benefits accrue from its miraculous potentials. If only this reality is aptly understood and imbibed the psyche, mind, intellect etc by becoming sacredly pure multiplies this potential by hundreds of times. Not only does well being of oneself manifest, but that welfare showers on all world humanity and other creatures.

Spiritual seers know that as and when demons have had to be overcome, the manifestation of solar energy has had to be rendered widespread. In Valmiki Ramayan there is description of Maharshi Agatsya teaching Lord Ram solar worship methodology at the time of battle. Only after understanding the secret of Aditya Hridaya (Solar Import) that it was possible to overcome demon Ravan. In the epic Mahabharat Maharshi Dhauya initiated Yudhishthira and his brothers in solar worship. It must be noted that this was not done for individual gains.

According to modern scientists the circulator of vital force in solar world is merely the subtle activities of helium/hydrogen. This is but its material form. Although it is potent and center of the world yet its demigod and spiritual form is thousand times more powerful. In Astrology its demigod form is discussed in depth. In this form the sun is the controller of thoughts, inspirer of sentiments and lord of all planets. Varamihir calls it the soul of a living being. The Vedas also say that the sun is the soul of the world. When in an individual these forces are absent sexual distortions and mental diseases manifest. If in the horoscope of a person sun is downfallen then despite gaining success such people have bad thinking and perform vile actions. Without solar energy soul uplifting is a mere dream. In order to get aptly energized Astrology in one voice opines that worship the sun. On the one hand solar worship overcomes negative influence of all other planets and on the other gives the devotee purity and inner radiance skill wise.

In its spiritual form the sun is the Light of Cosmic Purusha (God). Shri Aurobindo Ghosh calls it the Light of Super Mind. As the Cosmic Purusha its worship in Upanishads is found under titles like Brahma Vidya, Dahar Vidya (Chandogya Upanishad), Madhu Vidya, Upakoshal Vidya, Mantha Vidyas and Panchagni Vidya. In the Vedas it is said: Brahma surya samam jyoti (Yajurveda 23/40) and Bhavano arvad swarnaha jyotihi (Rigaveda 4/10/3) which connotes Cosmic Purusha. In Rigaveda there are 14 Suktas (eulogies) that depict the greatness of the sun.

If in the various parts of this world one tries to unearth the principles of solar worship one can only be wonderstruck that there was a time when the entire world worshiped the sun. This can be called steadfast devotion towards Divine Culture. People of Babylon who were devoted to the skys demigod Ana and earths demigod Iya believed the ones day commenced with the rising of the sun. Within the Nile civilization of Egypt solar worship predominated. Sumerian civilization had 2 deities. Finisians too worshiped sun and moon. And yet the deep research of solar principle in Vedic literature is extraordinary. Veda says that sun gives beautiful inspirations.

In order to spread the teachings of solar worship the mystery of sanctifying lifes emotions and thoughts are also conjoined. By itself there are other Mantras of solar worship and there are various types of worship methods but it is limited to its demigod aspect only. Maybe at the individual level one gets benefits and yet distortions of the congregational psyche cannot be overcome. This is possible only via Gayatri Mantra. The manifestation of solar mystery is possible only via this potent method.

Gayatri is the primordial Mantra. The 4 Vedas describe its mysterious import. Gayatri is eulogized as follows: Rigaveda, Shakal Samhita 3/62/10, Shukla Yajurveda Madhyandin Samhita 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 26/3, Krishna Yajurveda Taitariya Samhita 1/5/6/12, 1/5/8/10, 4/1/11/67, and Krishna Maitrayini samhita 4/10/77, Samaveda Kauthum Samhita Uttararchik 13/3/3 and 13/4/3/1, Atharvadeda Shaunak Samhita 19/71/1 etc.

On the one hand in this Mantra lies hidden the extraordinary potency of Mantra energy, the wisdom of solar mystery and oneness with Cosmic Purusha there on the other hand is conjoined also the principle of rising and spread of a great culture. A story in Rigaveda tells us how its manifestation took place with a great goal. In Rigavedic times India had 2 sects called Aryans and Dasyus. The highly cultured Aryan chief was Agastya and Shambar was the chief of Dasyus. Agastya worshiped Varuna (water). Dasyu because of his vile activities was an enemy of Aryans. Vishwarath, Agastyas disciple one day thought as to whether it is possible to convert Dasyus into Aryans and highly cultured? If yes then how? In order to get an answer he performed intense penance. As a result he attained the Science of Gayatri and with its energy transformed the Dasyu race into that of cultured Aryans. Rishis who were amazed with his efforts called him the friend (Mitra) of the world (Vishwa or Vishwamitra.

Since time immemorial this great science of solar worship has been utilized for congregational welfare and rendering cultured the congregational psyche. In todays modern times Maharshi Dayanad used this to transform a weak society into cultured Aryans. Maybe the limits of his efforts were small and yet the goal was as high as the sky. Many may have performed Gayatri worship to date but how many among them have deeply understood the spiritual philosophy of the Naha alphabet within the 24 alphabets of the Mantra? This fact must be cogitated upon. This method which helps generate and imbibe a sacred intellect is not meant for me alone but is meant for the entire world i.e. Naha.



The imagination of Paras jewel (touchstone) is very ancient. It is believed that when Paras touches iron it gets converted to gold. No such material has yet been found. If this were not the case all the iron of the world till today would have been converted to gold. If this were to happen then the value of iron will become akin to the value of gold that is noted today.

This then is merely a symbol. This imagination must have arisen when the darkness of light was compared to iron and at dawn the golden sun spreads its brilliant light. Thus the comparison with Paras jewel appears true when the dark night meets the early morning golden sun shine. It is possible that by symbolically talking about this golden sun Rishis via the description of Paras jewel were putting forth its deep import.

This opprtunity is very valuable and important too. Night and day together constitute 24 hours but the highest point of influence is at dawn. Only a few hours exist in it like dusk. Night continues and the setting sun becomes golden from white. Entire nature gets influenced by this extraordinary time of change. That is both from the mundane and spiritual standpoint.

The vibrations of this time are felt by both material and creatures. A change takes place in the temperature and characteristiscs of objects. Zest and enterprise are seen to rise in a crescendo in ones consciousness. At dawn everyone is energetic and joyous and as soon as evening and night set in sleep takes over. The number of crimes and criminals too augments. But dawn inspires all to think and act sacredly. This is the grace of the sun. The Rishis of yore ordain us to perform spiritual practice at Brahma Muhurat (3 am to 6 am) so as to make apt usage of suns blessings. Many examples of Savita deitys deep import are listed in various Vedic texts.

Ya eshantaraditye hirashmayaha purusho drishyate.


MEANING: One gets a vision of God in the deep recesses of this golden sun.

Ya eshontash ditye



MEANING: This sun is golden. Its hair on the skin and head are golden.

Along with being golden the sun is on the move ceaselessly. It needs no shelter or aid. Hence its chariot is believed to have only 1 wheel. It is called Sudarshan Chakra or Kal Chakra too.

This chariot has 7 horses and the number 7 is used in musical notes and days of the week too so as to calculate time. This is proved via the following:

Sapatashwa rathinam hiranya varna.


MEANING: The sun which has 7 horses attached to its chariot, which is gold in hue is the normal form on which it is apt to meditate.

Saptashwam chaiva chakram.


MEANING: The suns chariot has 1 wheel. Seven horses are attached to it.

Comparisons using the number 7 are many: 7 islands, 7 seas, 7 colors, 7 mountains, 7 rivers, 7 ores, 7 worlds, 7 Chakras, 7 fires, 7 Rishis, 7 days, 7 notes etc. A symbolic analysis of the 7 horses of the sun has been made.

Within the realm of modern science 7 types of major radiation energy are active in the cosmos:

  1. Cosmic energy
  2. Ultraviolet radiation energy
  3. Visible light radiation energy
  4. Invisible radiation energy
  5. Radio energy
  6. X-ray radiation energy
  7. Gama radiation energy

While praying to the 7 horses of the sun the devotee desires soul victory and proper control of energy.

Jayojayashcha vijito jayaha pranojit shramaha.

Manojavojit krodho vajinaha sapta kirtataha.


MEANING: Where there is need of victory one attains it. The victorious too can be defeated. It is possible to win over vital force, tiredness, mind and anger. What can your 7 horses not achieve?

Great thinkers say that when the suns 7 colors 7 rays enter the personality of man certain glories are seen as special qualities. These are:

  1. Valor
  2. Enterprise
  3. Self control
  4. Balance
  5. Focus
  6. Zest
  7. Enthusiasm

These are those special qualities on whose basis an ordinary stature man also becomes radiantly talented and successful. It is either decrease or lack of these special qualities that makes man downfallen.

For various goals there are varied usages of solar energy. A major role is played by solar energy in Kundalini awakening. On its basis the 6 Chakras, 5 sheaths, Mooladhar, Sahasrar Kamal and the trio viz. Ida, Pingala, Sushumna renounce their latent state and become active. Thus a seeker imbibes intense divine potential.

These 7 Chakras are called 7 centers of prana or vital force. These are called 7 rishis, 7 Yajnas, 7 Samidhas, 7 worlds etc. These are all found in the 7 inner recesses. This mystery has been unfolded as follows:

Sapta pranaha prabhavanti tasmat

Saptarchishaha samidhaha sapta homaha.

Sapta imey loka yeshu charanti prana

Guhashaya nihitaha sapta sapta.


MEANING: Seven Chakras are present in all pilgrim spots as representatives. By invoking them a devotee attains the sacred merits of all pilgrim spots.

Students of science are aware of 7 streams of natures energies. They are:

  1. Mobility
  2. Sound
  3. Heat
  4. Light
  5. Cohesion
  6. Electricity
  7. Magnet

These 7 are represented by the 7 Chakras (subtle plexus) of the human body.

Conscious energy too has 7 classifications and they are:

  1. Para energy
  2. Wisdom energy
  3. Will based energy
  4. Action energy
  5. Kundalini energy
  6. Matrika energy
  7. Gupta or hidden energy

The united form of all these is called Light of Logos. It is also called Latent Light, Astral Light etc. This is the divine light of divine consciousness which is noted as Savitas rays.

Savita and kundalini are inseparably bound to each other:

Yada kundalini shaktirarvimati sadhake.

Tadas panchkoshe mattejenubhavati dhruvam.


MEANING: When Kundalini Energy awakens a seeker/devotee experiences his/her 5 Sheaths filled with divine light. A devotee experiences that the 5 Sheaths, 6 Chakras, 3 Granthis, 24 glands ooze with divine light.

Bhuvan jnanam surya saymat.


MEANING: At the time of solar eclipse the state of that sun is strange. During day it appears as though night has set in. Its influence is seen in the material world too. And yet in spiritual practices it gives miraculous results. Hence followers of both sects i.e. Agam and Nigam never fail to perform spiritual practice during solar eclipse.

Surya graham kalena samonyonasi kashchan.

Tatra yat tat kritam sarva manantfalam bhavet.


MEANING: The time span of solar eclipse is not ordinary like other times. Whatever spiritual practice is done during solar eclipse gives infinite fruits/results.

Agnihotra (fire worship) in a certain sense is nothing but solar worship. An important give and take relationship exists between divine fire and the sun. Via that divine method a Yajna performer attracts the desirable portion of solar energy to him self/her self. Along with this they augment those principles in solar gifts which render creatures, plants and seasons environment optimally conducive.

Etasmin mandale soagni.

MEANING: Whatever principle exists in the sun manifests as Yajnafire.

Yacchagnau tattejo vidhi mamakam.


MEANING: The capacity of Yajna fire to burn is my (God) own.

Yatra-yatra cha sankirnamatmanam manyate sudhihi.

Tatra-tatra tilai homo gayatraya agnihotra vai.

MEANING: If a devotee/spiritual aspirant is not aware of the correct methodology of Anushthan (worship program) he/she can do Havan/Yajna using sesame seeds while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.

In Agnihotra various types of herbs and other offerings are used. But if they are not available Savita or Savitri can be worshiped merely using sesame seeds.

Sun is an infinite storehouse of material energy. It has much more potential than that required by entire earth. So far lack has been fulfilled using oil, gas and other fuels but since the fount of all this is slowly drying up only the sun can look after our needs.

According to Time magazine of USA today in 4 million homes of America tasks like taking light from solar energy, rendering the house warm and cooking food are being executed. A fifth of the population of Israel (220,000 people) are taking light and energy from the sun for various tasks. This facility is available in 2 million homes of Japan. Many nations like France, Germany etc are marching ahead in this direction. On 3 rd May 1978 Solar Day was celebrated and it was cogitated upon as to how optimally more usage of solar energy can be made. This is a directly visible usage of solar energy.

In place of ancient solar worship in later times the symbol of Shiva was imbibed. The ancient form of Jyotirlinga was the sun. Today the same form is being used as Shiva Linga. Thus in its changed form solar worship today is in vogue just like ancient times.

The above is proved via Rishi literature:

Adityam cha shivam vidyat shiva aditya rupinam.

Ubhayorantaramnasti adityasya cha shivasya cha.


MEANING: Siva and sun must be looked upon as one. There is no difference between the two.

Many tales are related to Shiva. Some seem intellectual and others are not. But such stories are not related to the sun which can point fingers at it being Shiva incarnate.

The material visible sun is said to be the body of Savita deity and Shiva based existence. In reality within this body it is the presence of conscious storehouse which is worth worshiping. Life is attained by all as a result of this. Via that worship greatness in life gets imbibed.



Just as the flame is a symbol of wisdom, national flag that of patriotism and image that of deity similarly the sun which renders the sky brilliant ceaselessly is looked upon as the symbol of radiant God and Savita. While chanting the Gayatri Mantra Savita deity is meditated upon. Savita is the pair of Savitri and via Gayatri-Savitri worship this very Savita Energy manifests.

It is said in Shakanand Tarangini (3/4/1):

Gayatri bhavayeddevi suryasarakritashrayam.

Pratamadhyanha sandhyayam dhyanam kritva japaetsudhihi.

MEANING: A wise person should by meditating at dawn, noon and dusk (Trikal) on Gayatri Super Power in the form of the sun, should do Japa.

Elsewhere also it is said:

Devasya savituryaccha bhargamantargatavibhum.

Brahmavadin swahurvarenyam taccha dhimahi.

MEANING: Self realized masters call great, the brilliance within Savita deity and we meditate on it.

Scriptural scholars have described the important role played by Savita in mundane and spiritual arenas. They ordain us to conjoin to Savita deity in order to gain divine radiance. The great thinker Mahidhar says that in Savita rests the divinely manifest Purush (God). That brilliant mass of light is an inspirer and knows the inner state of all creatures. Glorified by all sciences it is divine bliss incarnate. It is capable of destroying the entire cosmos. It is truth incarnate which is apt to relate and pray to. By meditating on it, the divine light augments manifold in our inner soul which gives us knowledge, discrimination and divine bliss. Scriptural seers say:

Buddhe bodhayita yastu chidatma purusho virat.

Savitustaddharenyantu satyadharmanabhishwaram.

MEANING: That cosmic conscious Purusha (God) which aids our intellect to walk on the path of greatness is also Savita which is truth, righteousness, divine in form and revered.

Maharshi Agastya while emphasizing the above fact says that:

Yo devaha savitasmakam dhiyo dharmadi gocharaha.

Prerayettasya yadbhargastam varenyamupasmahe.

MEANING: We meditate on the revered radiant light of a deity named Savita which helps our intellect imbibe righteousness etc.

The Muni of great penance Parasharji says:

Devasye saviturbhargo varaniyam cha dhimahi.

Tadasmakam dhiyo yastu brahmatveva prachodayat.

MEANING: We meditate on the laudable radiance of Savita deity which helps our intellect imbibe divinity.

A major role is played by the worship and mediatation/concentration on Savita deity in order to march ahead, soul uplifting wise. For those devotees who wish to attain salvation and are immersed in divine thoughts for them in order to ward off the bondage of Maya and mental taints/distortions, Upanishads describe in great detail Prana Vidya, Panchagni Vidya, Madhu Vidya, Purusha Vidya, Shadi Vidya, Shandilya Vidya and other 32 types of sciences/worship techniques. Amongst these within Udgitha Vidya a description of Antaraditya Vidya is detailed which tells us to meditate on the sun. Meditation on Divine Intellect Gayatri seated in the center of the brilliant sun renders a devotees soul sacredly pure and all desires get fulfilled. A clear description is given in the Vana Parva of epic Mahbharat that the entire world gets light from the sun. It is the cause of creation too. It gives salvation. Solar worship always reaps good results. If a person after controlling the mind and psyche meditates/worships the sun, his/her desires will doubtlessly get fulfilled.

Savita the deity of Gayatri is the center of life, wisdom and science of the world. It is also the center of all other deity energies. What ever is there in the 4 Vedas is but the description of Savita-energy. Via austerities, spiritual endeavor and faith great Yogis are immersed in attaining it. As per ones inner inclinations name and form can be anything but in reality this Savita deity is the one worshiped by all. In order to attain it every spiritual aspirant or seeker must make intense efforts.

Rishi-Munis immersed in worshiping Savita deity via Yoga merge their soul in that mass of radiance super vital force Almighty God. Shukdevji while concluding his spiritual practice attained a certain inner state which is described in epic Mahabharat as follows:

Tasmad yoga samasthayatyanatva vriha kalevaram.

Vayubhutaha praveshyami tejo rashi divakaram.

Shukdevji said: By getting reinstated in Yoga I by giving up this body enter radiant sun by becoming wind in nature.

The Upanishad authors while ordaining us to worship this great Savita deity has thrown light on its supreme nature too. And they have accepted it to be the doer of overcoming soul taints.

Suryashwa ma manyushcha manyupatayashcha manyukritebhyaha papebhyo rakshattam.

Yadabhya papamkarsham.

Manasavacha hastabhyam.

Padabhyamudagsa shishna.


Yat kincha duritam mayi.

Idamaha mamamritayonau surye jyotishi juhomi swaha.

The inspirer of the world, sun, protect me from those sins which appear due to anger etc. All those sins I have accrued at night via mind, speech, hand, legs, stomach and genitals may they disappear. I am offering myself to solar light God within the womb of nectar by saying Swaha.

Ya iha vaa va sthiracharanikaranam nijaneketanam.

Manaindriyasuraganananatmanaha swayamatmantaryami prachodayat.


You are the soul of all and inner witness. All animate/inamite beings of the world depend on you. You are the inspirer of their unconscious like psyche, sense organs and vital force.

In Trikal Sandhya for dawn, noon and dusk worship 3 images are described. At dawn it is Brahmi, at noon Vaishnavi and at dusk Shambhavi Gayatri are described seated on their vehicles viz. royal swan, eagle and bull respectively. In reality these are the 3 fold description of the Vedas. The deity Savita is Rigaveda incarnate in the morning, Yajurveda at noon and Samaveda in the evening. It etches in the devotees heart the vault of 3 sciences of the Vedas. Rigaveda is connected to Yoga of Wisdom, Yajurveda to Yoga of Action and Samaveda to the Yoga of Devotion. Meditation on Savita deity renders our psyche conducive to the spiritual practice of these 3 Yogas. These 3 facts are described as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Riga is Brahma, Yaju is Vishnu and Sama is Siva. Via these 3 those who do Gayatri worship in the form of trikal sandhya attain wisdom, grandeur and sacred qualities. On this basis the one and only God Savita principle is painted in 3 ways as 3 images:

Rigbhi purvanhe divi deva iyate yajurveda tishthati Madhya anhaha.

Samavedenastameya mahiyate vedairsunyastribhireti suryaha.


MEANING: In the morning the sun conjoins to Riga, at noon to Yajuhu and in the evening to Sama.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya while describing the technique of worship of this very Savita does so in a very crisp manner regarding its importance, special quality and attainments as follows:

Om namo bhagawate adityakhil jagatatmaswarupena

Kalaswarupena chaturvidhi bhutanikayanam brahmadistamb

Paryantanamantarhridayeshu bahirapi chakash devopadhi

Navyayadhiyamanobhavaneka evam kshanalava nimesha vayavo pachit

Sanvatsar gane namamadanavisargabhyiamiyam lokayasamamubahate.


I bow down to Om manifest Sun God. O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are time incarnate. Inside and outside the heart of all beings, right from Brahma to a blade of grass by pervading as space yet devoid of all labels you are God who is one without a second. You run the lives of all via Sanvatsaras since you are Kshana, Luv, Nimesh etc (measures of time) and pull and shower rain water.

Along with these sentiments every Gayatri devotee should meditate while doing Japa. This meditation may be with name and form on Divine Mother or can be formless like a mass of radiant light. In both states the sentiment is Surya maddhata sandhyastha. One must hence concentrate/meditate on Savita deity who is supremely radiant and an inspirer of a pious intellect. The energy fount of Gayatri-Savitri is Savita deity. There is an inseparable bond between Mantra and deity and thus along with Savitri austerities one must never forget to meditate on Savita deity.



When despite undergoing spiritual practice ones psyche does not manifest inspiration and brilliance that leads to a bondage free life, a devotee starts despairing and feels that its a waste to do spiritual practices. While stepping on this ladder those who desire soul well being must know that they too do not have the capacity to ignore eternal laws put forth by Divine Powers and Almighty God.

It is the law of stepwise evolution via which we are bound to the fruits of our actions and the world. One gets a salary only after working for one month. An engine functions only after imbibing optimum measure of steam and heat. In hot summer when via suns heat the sea water gets converted to clouds only then do we get rains. Even mans birth is bound by the law of stepwise evolution. It is only after resting in the mothers womb for about 9 months that he/she is born in this world.

The middle times are meant for effort and necessary arrangements. Those who use up more and more of their brains for this effort manifest more zeal and alertness. The results attained by them are healthy and mature. Those who are impatient agitated and desire results before the appointed hour, not only do not attain the fruits but that many a times are seen to face dire danger.

Regarding the above scriptural seers give an example of a farmer:

Kshetre bina prayatnena vanyatrina samudbhavaha.

Bhuyo bhuyoho krishe pakshe mahandhya jayate.

MEANING: A farmer sows seeds in his field. Saplings grow. In between wild weeds, grass etc grow without effort. These prove to be dangerous to the farmer.

The worship of soul evolution too is like this. Seeds of vile taints and thoughts of past lifetimes dwelling in the psyche grow on their own. Many a times the state of mind is so doubt ridden that when a tainted thought manifests in the devotees psyche he/she feels it could never have been thought by him/her. But know for sure that it is the psychic imprint (Sanskar) of previous life times which we do not know directly but it sure does agitate and confound us. Under such circumstances what should one do? Scriptural subtle seers give us the following method:

Krishakasya prayatnena savadhanasya nityashaha.

Varanam kriyate tesham krishe raksha cha jayate.

MEANING: Shrewd farmers know that this grass, weeds etc that grow on their own are dangerous. Hence regularly and diligently these are uprooted by the farmer.

Evam chitte swabhavena nana durvasanodayaha.

Jayamano manushasya klesha santatikaranam.

Kevalam tatra yatnena bhuyobhuyaha kritena vai.

Nirodhaha shakyate kartum tasamunmulanam tatha.

MEANING: In the same way in the psyche of man infinite weeds in the form of bad desires crop up. As a result one experiences pain and strife. In order to oppose this state success is attained only if intense efforts are made again and again. These taints can be uprooted only via cautious sustained efforts.

Scriptural seers call efforts as shrewdness. They have not merely said that only those who with great effort ward off bad desires attain the goal. In fact they have added:

Dhirairutsahsampannaiha shradhavishwas dharibhihi.

Kartum tatparyate naiva rashavishta manasai.

MEANING: Only a person full of faith, trust, zest, patience and valor can obstruct and uproot bad desires and tainted thoughts. Those whose psyche is full of doubts and who are not sure whether they will reap success lag far away from the goal. They give up efforts mid way itself.

One can learn the art of imbibing faith and trust from a farmer. The farmer knows that on sowing seeds saplings will definitely grow. This then is trust and faith means showing enthusiasm for that trust. Only trust wont work because faith too should manifest deeply. If we harbor hope and zest, the time taken for the fruit to mature and trust to intensify will pass quite smoothely. Then one enthusiastically makes apt efforts. If suppose when the plants are midway in their growing stage and the farmer starts doubting whether he will succeed or not he will give up making sustained effort and thus the hope of reaping success too weakens. Thus all his previous efforts go in vain. Now to succeed again one will have to restart the entire process of making fresh efforts and the previous time will thus be wasted.

There is no doubt that desires and bad thoughts are transient. Wholesome resolves and healthy thinking that give joy and bliss are that much more long lasting. So although definitely we must realize that since bad thoughts are transient they can be overcome yet like a shrewd farmer a devotee who is alert for life ultimately tastes eternal success.

Tasya devasya savitahaprasavanam ya ishita.

Prakash prernam labdhva vastuto jivan pradam.

Nashta ye dushta sanskarastesham khadyena nityashaha.

Sadvicharaha prarohanti shubh sankalpa varina.

Ultimately scriptural seers say that Almighty Lord who is radiant Savita incarnate renders blissful by bestowing his inspiring divine light on those who worship him. But for this, intense sustained effort is most required. This then is called spiritual practice. It means those who augment their sacred resolves and ceaselessly throw in it fertilizer in the form of tainted desires/sins reap success ultimately like a shrewd farmer. Thus Savita soul imbibes their intellect. It means that Savita renders such devotees/seekers divinely radiant and brilliant like itself.

All around us we visualize a widespread world whose chief substratum is Sun God. Via Gayatri Mantra we worship this sun which bestows life and can meditate on it too. Soul is verily sun, by imbibing this sentiment if we chant Gayatri we attain divine wisdom. In the last portion of the Mantra a devotee asks god to give him/her a sacred intellect. Gayatri worship verily is prayer to the very first rays of light in this world. When we desire to hear the radio, initially a light has to be lit in it. Thus when it aptly gets warm in that light we can hear whatever we desire to do so. In the same way when the psyche or mind is optimally focused/concentrated we experience soul light. With the help of that light we can attain whatever we desire.

As soon as Gods illumining existence enters this dark gloomy nature its very subtle and pious portion gets separated from the gross and impure portion. From the gross and impure portion the lower worlds are created and via the very subtle and pious portion the upper world is created. Since in the gross and impure portion there is grossness and impurity light does not enter it optimally but in the very subtle and pious portion light enters aptly. Light and fire carry out various tasks due to their characteristic of heat. Gayatri is called Agnimukhi in scriptures. Heat creates 2 qualities which are opposites. One by separating the subtle watery material from gross earthy material renders it that much more subtle and makes the earthy material more gross and hard. Thus heat separates opposing elements and unites those that are similar in characteristic.

Thus on the basis of lesser or more light three classifications can be made viz. higher world, middle world and lower world. The higher world is only of knowledge. It is conscious, immortal and imperishable and in this cosmos it is the only most sacred land.

The middle world can be called heaven oriented. Its topic is very mytserious and a secret. It is a fact that the laws of nature are very straightforward and facile and none should find difficulty in understanding them. But very few walk on this path and out of those few who do walk on this path do so with the aim that those who do not have the necessary credentials should not find out these mysteries. Hence very cautiously while treading on this path these few people hide their footprints. Those who walk on this path without the guidance of a masterly true Guru stray away thousands of times from the path. This middle land is below the knowledge land and where the knowledge land has only light, the middle land has a bit of earthly portion too.

When this world is created initially there are 2 root elements. One is a very subtle illumining principle and the other gross, dark and gloomy principle. The first principle has light, mobility and warmth. The second principle cannot give light, inspiration and performing actions. It is female or nature in form (Prakriti). Our world is created via the first principle.

It is via heat that materials become subtle. All types of creation, augmentation and union take place via these 2 elements. Since it is subtle, light aptly enters it and if it is gross less light enters it. For example when clarified butter or Ghee is hard and gross light does not enter it and if anothet material enters it we will not know. But when via heat we boil it then even if a small blade of grass lies at the bottom of the vessel we will clearly see it.

It is because of heat and cold that materials take up various forms. The subtlest form of matter is air in form, less subtle form is water and very gross form is earth in nature. From this analysis it can be understood that adept Yogis via powers like Anima, Laghima, Mahima etc transform themselves into gross or subtler forms. But as long as an aspirant does not imbibe subtle elements till then it is not possible to make them understand or experience these powers.

In order that this entire world becomes conscious, light must enter it both within and without. Whatever we see being created in this world is due to light. God decided that sun would be the place where this light and its influence will dwell but yet we cannot say that apart from the sun light does not exist anywhere else.

Sun God who is the very soul of animate/inanimate beings has risen. This Mantra of worship is chanted at Sandhya (dawn, noon and dusk). The sun is the soul of the world. Just as a woman without a male remains barren, in the same way earth without the sun too is barren. Via the existence of the sun not only do plants grow on earth but that all conscious beings are created and nurtured via it.

Every human being is a cosmos. Its soul is like the sun, surrounding which planets, molecules etc revolve. Atoms and cells that move in the human body manifest a special type of electricity. On getting influenced by this very electricity the brain, senses and other bodily parts function. The medium that manifests consciousness in inert materials is this. Ordinarily atoms harbor movement. They do not manifest thinking and experience of any kind. But human electricity which is called vital force or Prana creates consciousness, thinking and experience in the group of inert atoms and thus commences active life. Lifeless life without experience exists in stones, rocks etc.

Surrounding the polar regions of earth, magnetic storms roam about. It is like unsteady coloring in the form of Aurora Borealis. This polar region brings radiations, light and influence from other planets on earth and sends earths special qualities to other cosmic worlds. We can call this polar region as the point of contact of the cosmos. Via the medium of this polar region, reflection of interplanetary influence takes place and thus earth maintains a certain balance. Not only this, but in the current situations of other planets, a great gift comes from this polar region reflections. Ere this give and take were to stop such a dangerous change will come about on earth that life would find it difficult to sustain itself. Along with this because there will be a change as far as the class and state of planets in the functioning of the solar system, a great change will be noted. Reflection from earth based polar region maintains the present state of the solar system. A minor functioning in a minor area is contributing so much to the circumambulation of planets around the great sun. The more one deeply cogitates over this reality more important mysteries can be unfolded.

Mans psyche too is such a conscious polar center. Within it are many known and unknown potentials like desire power, emotional power, power of resolve or Sankalpa, magnetic power etc. If only these are awakened and one learns how to make wholesome use of it then the flow of all energies of the cosmos will manifest in human existence. Human psyche that helps in the functioning of the solar system is limitless like the sky and whatever exists in it is infinitely more powerful than interstellar space. Despite all this, one fails to understand how we are blissfully unaware of this great divine wealth present, albeit latently in our soul. Ere somehow we contact this root fount of divine energy then like the great ocean of the nucleus we can by conjining to conscious energy carry out the most impossible task at the individual level. Sun or Savita is mans icon and deity. The goal of a living being is to merge into ones icon.



Savitastu pada vitanotidhruvam,

Manujnobalavan savitetibhavet.

Vishaya anubhutiparisthitay,

Scha sadatman evaganedati saha.

MEANING: The Savita of Gayatri tells us that man should become as powerful as the sun and believe that the experience of all sense objects and circumstances are within us.

Man is himself the author of his circumstances. Every man/woman creates his/her own destiny and fate. Many people fall prey to illusion on hearing the terms lines of actions, fate, destiny, Lords wish, planetary influences, natural calamity, sudden benefit etc. They opine that whatever is the Lords wish, whatever lies in their destiny will happen. Via our effort destiny cannot be changed hence sit quietly instead of working hard to perform duties or one must keep appeasing demigods and goddesses. Such people forget that destiny is not dependent on Gods wishes. It is not as though by appeasing subtle divine powers one can induce them to get biased towards the appeaser nor is it that they get angry and shower hardships on others.

Every man measures others using his own measuring tape. We ourselves are biased and do good to those who praise us, bribe us etc. Hence we feel subtle divine powers too must be of this attitude but this thinking is erroneous. The truth is that God is absolutely without bias and prejudice. He looks upon all creatures as equal. Like a good judge he gives good fruits/merits to those who act wholesomely and gives punishment to those who sin and err. Destiny has no independent existence. Our yesterdays effort is todays destiny. Milk that ferments the whole night becomes curds the next day. Between milk and curd there is a difference of name and form yet both are one deep down. Effort and destiny appear as different but in reality they are one only. When green, sour mango is put in a box filled with hay later becomes orange, sweet mango. Within a certain time span it matured and yet both are mango only. The difference between effort and destiny too is unreal. When actions of past life times mature it becomes destiny in the present birth. This destiny certainly is not the result of someones grace or wrath but instead is definitely fruits of our past actions. Thus we ourselves are creators of our destiny. This creation could have taken place in the near past or far off past life times.

The world is like a mirror. What ever we are the world appears similarly. It is said that every individuals world is different. This is quite true because whatever a person is so is his/her world. If a person is full of wrath he will fight with everyone and he will feel that the entire world is troublesome. Criminals, robbers, vile people etc think every other person to be similar in nature. Thus they cast aspersions on others. Indolent, poor, foolish people fling aspersions on others. They will not allow others to advance and rise up the ladder of life and will harass them as much as possible. The thing is that worldly transactions are like a voice coming from a well. In a ripe well if we shout some words those very words will return from the well. Those who are praiseworthy get praises, he who is worth helping gets due aid, those who are revered get reverence and those who deserve insults, censure and punishment will find the same ever ready to get at them.

There are many bad principles in the world and yet good/pious principles out number them. If this were not the case no soul would want to live in this world. Those who are full of good character, power, good thinking, full of inner camaraderie and generosity will find that their fortune is great. The great thinker Emerson used to say that if I am asked to dwell in hell even then because of my pious nature I will convert it to heaven. Those who are vile will face hardships even in heaven. There are so many millionaires in this world who burn themselves in the blazing fire of worries and there are many poor people who live as though they are in heaven. Americas rich man Henry Fords digestive power had weakened greatly. When he saw his factory workers yummily eat thick bread he would say: I truly envy them. He wailed aloud: O Lord! Instead of being the rich Henry Ford I would have been happy to be a factory worker who could digest his food with great ease.

From the above example of Ford it is clear that only becoming rich does not necessarily make one happy. The capacity to make one happy lies in energy. It is energy that is our true wealth. In exchange for this wealth we can attain what ever we desire. If a persons digestive power is fine he/she can get joy equivalent to a creamy cake despite actually eating dry bread. If ones digestive power is weak even the most sumptuous meal will taste bitter and will prove dangerous to ones health. If ones virility is weak even Indras Apsaras (heavenly damsels) appear ugly and if ones manhood is virile even externally ugly looking couples enjoy good marriage union. If ones eyes have due power one experiences joy on seeing beauty and the peacocks shrills will appear wonderful to those whose ears are powerful. When the power of ones eyes and ears get destroyed know for sure that the world will appear dark and morose.

  1. Bodily power
  2. Intellectual power
  3. Knowledge power
  4. Wealth power
  5. Congregational power
  6. Character power
  7. Soul power

The above 7 powers are most required to render our lives illumined, of high stature, wealthy and balanced. Seven horses are attached to the chariot of Savita-sun. Savita has 7 rays of 7 hues which can be seen in a rainbow or through a prism. The Savita part of Gayatri Mantra commands us to become as radiant as the sun and in order to run our lifes chariot the 7 horses in the form of the 7 powers mentined above must be attached. Lifes chariot is so heavy that that it cannot be run using 1 or 2 horses merely. If one wants ones lifes functioning to be obstruction free 7 horses in the form of the 7 powers mentined above must be attached to it.

  1. Healthy body
  2. Experience, discrimination, farsightedness, apt social behavior
  3. Widespread studies, hearing, reflection and holy association with great saints that make our intellect advanced
  4. Gathering in optimum measure materials that are useful for daily living
  5. Having more and more true friends, relatives and benefactors
  6. Imbibing a high character via honesty, sweetness, hard work, protection of self respect, proper social behavior and generosity
  7. Steadfast faith in God and religion/spirituality, self realization, viewpoint of Yoga of action, sacred psyche, sacred thinking and behavior, spiritual bent of mind

These 7 types of power are most required by every human being. These all must evolve in a balanced manner. A tasty meal is one in which salt, pepper, butter, sugar, flour etc are optimal in measure. Suppose you add more of one of these or add less of one of these than what is required, even if the food is cooked with great effort no one will eat it because it is not balanced. If some part of our body is very fat and the other is very thin know that the body definitely is diseased. Thus the above 7 powers must be imbibed in apt measure only.

There are wealthy people but are weak. There are people who are healthy but are stupid. There are scholarly people but lack good character. There are shrewd people but are atheists, vile and unrighteous. There are people with high status but have no true friend. All the likes of these are incomplete. One may progress a great deal but one sidedly. Such people can never be happy in the true sense. There are people who madly rush out to earn wealth, all the while ignoring their body, wisdom, friends etc. This is like only 1 of your 5 sense organs functioning and the rest are rendered lifeless. If you get food for only 1 day in the week and go hungry for the rest of the week it is nothing to be happy about. The food may not be very tasty yet one must get it for all times. In the same way a balanced progress of all 7 powers should take place if we yearn for true everlasting joy.

The Savituhu part of Gayatri commands us to become as radiant as the sun. We must conjoin the 7 horses or the 7 powers to the chariot of our life. The sun is a center and all other planets revolve around it. In the same way we must look upon ourselves as doer centers and creators. Circumstances, objects and events merely revolve around us. Just as the planets revolving around the sun do not influence it in any manner so too circumstances do not influence us. We are the authors and creators of our fate and circumstances. On the basis of our potential we are capable of fulfilling our desires and needs. Mother Gayatri while seating us in her loving lap shows us Savita and teaches us that: My children! Become Savita and follow in its footsteps.

Vedas, Upanishad and Geeta opine that we must attain truth or consciousness that lies beyond the inertness of nature or Prakriti:

Udayam tamaraspariswaa pashyanta uttaram,

Devam devanna surya bhaganya jyotiruttamam.

MEANING: Beyond the limit of spiritual ignorance realize the meritorious light of Savita which is blissful.

Asato ma sat gamaya tamaso ma

Jyotirgamaya mrityorma amritamgamaya.

Walk towards truth which is beyond the unreal, walk towards taintless wisdom oriented light which is beyond darkness/ignorance, walk towards immortality by going beyond the painful and vicious cycles of birth and death. Attain Divine Bliss.

Even the message of Vedmata Gayatri says that it is that Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Bhurbhavaha swaha) and insprer of all (Savita) which must be attained. It is our icon and we must surrender our self to it.

In Vedic literature many synonyms of Prakriti or nature have been given like Tamas, Andhakar, Ajnana, Avidya, Maya, Vimarsha, Prakriti Pradhan, Ajyakta, Vikuntha Shakti, Tripurasundari Vak etc. The synonyms of Lord Narayana are Satya, Savita, Purush, Param Purusha, Parmatma, Sat, Jnana, Sachidananda, Jyoti, Prakash, Brahma, Surya etc. These terms point to the supreme subtle principle beyond nature.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad the origin of the word Satya comes from: Sa=living being; Ti=nature; Yam=controller/ruler meaning that existence which rules over living beings and nature. So Satya is one who controls both. Even the word Narayana means one who controlsboth a living beig and nature.

Apo nara iti prokta, apo nara srunavaha.

MEANING: You are the widespread nature. It is Narayana who dwells in nature and living beings.

In principle Satyanarayana and Savita are one. Savita is the name of that creator existence who by being all pervasive gives inspiration to all. It is taintless light in form beyond inertness and darkness. Since it is Prasavita the entire cosmos is the result of its wisdom.

Ancient Veda Mantra commentators have given the meaning of the 3 Vyahvrittis (Bhurbhuvaha swaha) as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss respectively. Bhu means Sat or truth. Bhuvaha is consciousness and Swaha is conscious bliss. It connotes Narayana. In this manner Bhurbhuvaha swaha means Existence-Consciousness-Bliss oriented Narayana.

Everyone accepts that Bhu is existence. Its existence helps entire cosmos remain as it is. Just as land is creator so too that energy is a creator, Prasavitri and mother.

In the Mantras of Sandhya Bhu is said to be related to the brain. Bhu punatu shirasi. That Lord Savita must purify my head with its Bhu glory. Again in the same way it is said: Satyam punatu punaha shirasi. With the help of Satyam glory, it must sanctify my brain. From this it is clear that Bhu and truth are one. In Gayatri Mantra only 3 of the 7 Vyahvrittis are utilized. The remaining 4 are said to be embedded in the other 3. Satya is embedded in Bhu Vyahvritti which is clear from the above discussion.

Gayatri Mantras deity is Savita and its meaning is given above. All the Vyahvrittis are Savitas rays. From the Vyahvritti of Om bhu shirshasthaniya its major relationship is established. Since Bhu is in the intellect it is an inspiring energy too which is the meaning of Savita. Hence Bhu truth and Savita are one in meaning.

In the leg of Tatsaviturvarenyam Savita means Tat which tells us about its subtle nature, lack of material nature, all pervasiveness and beyond the ken of the senses. That Savita energy which is beyond speech and mind for that Upanishad else where says that: Tatsatye pratishthitam or that it is established in truth. Hence Mahatma Gandhi looked upon Satyam or truth as Almighty Gods supreme name.

Bhargo deasya dhimahi. Imbibe only that radiant sin destroying Savitas divine light because Satyamvai dharmaha or that truth is righteousness. Asato ma sadgamaya. We have to walk in its direction. Satyameva jayate. Only that gains victory.

That Savita or Satyanarayana is worth imbibing. To take a vow or to imbibe is one and the same thing. It is only when the wife marries her husband that she is called loyal to her husband.



Gayatri Mantra is sun-Savitas Mantra. Right since ancient times Gayatri worship has become a righteous duty for every Indian. The society was classed into various sects on the basis of the measure of vital force imbibed via solar worship and its usage in various social transactions. A certain sect was called Brahmins because it was close to divine consciousness and it was focused, evolved and observed Brahmacharya (sexual continence). The principle meaning of Brahmin is not that one is born to parents who are Brahmins but is one who imbibes divine energy. Such people ooze with divine aura. This divine aura is nothing but intense amount of vital force via Gayatri worship and attracted via Savita deity which results in an advanced intellect and Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect. It is definite that the emotions of such individuals will be very theistic, full of faith, widespread, generous and bent towards spirituality. Via ceaseless righteous activities they help human beings imbibe high thinking and ideal leadership. Thus in society they are crest jewels, revered and respected. The other classes are defined based on less imbibing of this principle and more attachment to a mundane way of living. But for all 3 classes Gayatri worship is a must. Those who ignore social responsibilities and are totally materialistic are called Antyaj. This was a purely scientific social arrangement. Today maybe its form has become distorted.

Ordinarily this will not be understood immediately that how can vital force center that makes like man a great thinking conscious existence be so widespread that it is merged into the atmosphere. But science today proves that it is a fact.

In the eyes of electricity specialist scientists earth is a ball full of magnetic power. Definitely chemicals do exist but behind its potential, working, method of transformation, transformation via admixture and other movements, electrical energy is at work. This energy is the very life of all materials. If it is trapped objects will lose their original special character and will become virually dead.

This fact is true not only for materials but holds true also for living beings. The principle that separates life from death is called Prana or vital force in spiritual parlance. Material scientists look upon it as a type of electricity.

Magnet and electricity are visibly 2 different existences but both are inseparably bound to each other and based on circumstances one stream gets converted into the other. If the magnetic region of this circuit keeps changing electricity will be generated. In the same way if on a piece of iron, electric wire is wound and electricity is allowed to flow in it, it manifests magnetic energy.

Around planet earth a magnetic atmosphere exists. Not only the task of gravitation but that many other tasks get executed. Where does this magnetism come from? What is its source and fount? Those who conduct research in this field opine that it is not a gift thatcomes from external sources but is an energy flow that emerges from the deep recesses of earth.

In Hindu scriptures and religious texts and in Japanese tradition it is said that one must sleep with the head in the north and legs in the south. In order to prove this right many psychologists like Richen Vaik, Durville, Chloric, Abravas, Regnault, Muller etc have done deep research. They concluded that for true and deep sleep the magnet of the brain must lie towards the north and North Pole. Thus it is best to sleep by keeping the head in the north.

Dr Morinsko in his experiments via magnetic apparatus while rendering the 3 rd ventricle of positive pole succeeded in inducing artificial sleep. Like injections that render the brain unconscious this experiement also did the same. In comparison to beds of iron, wooden beds, in comparison to houses made of tin or iron, houses made ofwood or mud prove more useful from attaining good health standpoint. From the viewpoint of health it proved to be more useful because the bodydoes not unnecessarily hoard polarelectricity, space electricityetc.

Earth from a visible viewpoint appears to be a mass of mud, water, minerals, plants etc. Although mans body too appears to be a collection of blood, flesh, bones etc, but from the elemental standpoint it is a walking moving live magnet.

Every cell of the body is a unit of electricity. Just as plants imbibe air from space via its leaves so too these cells imbibe frequency waves from the atmosphere. On its very basis they vibrate and oscillate.

Switzerlands Dr Philips Aroles Paraselsons opines that many diseases are the result of distortions and disarray of bodily magnet. There were diseases whose apt cause was not unfolded and diagnosis too failed. At such time Dr Philips Aroles Paraselsons administered required amounts of magnet to the root of the disease and thus patients were cured.

Magnetisms North Pole controls a cells function and the South Pole nourishes the cell. By classifying ill health in 2 classes this conclusion can be made that from both the streams of the magnet whose, where and how much can be used.

With reference to this, scientists have researched deeply. A similar type of experiment has been done by the intellectual scientist Renault. Once when he was checking a mentally sressed patient he found that the Oscilliometer showed that the stress increased when the patients head was in the East-West direction. When the head lay in the North-South direction the patient got great relief. He said that this incident proves that man is bound to the magnetic streams of earth. It will not be amazing if in future Dr Renaults this observation disproves the theory of evolution and that man orginates from a single cell called amoeba. Vital force or life energy is an eternal principle which due to an explosion manifested as small creations in the world after flowing from some central mass of the cosmos.

When a dog, cat, bull etc take a particular road once, they easily return from that place. With reference to them it can be said that via natures symbols they travel with ease but there are certain birds, fish etc that travel thousands of miles, they do so at night too and also in various seasons yet they return to their previous destination. It is amazing that without any apparatus which shows them various directions and with the help of only inner intuition, they travel for miles and miles, without losing their way.

In winter European cranes start flyingfrom Europe and land in Africa. Crows with black head travel 6000 miles to travel from one place to another. Despite having no knowledge of directions it was a topic of amazement as to how they reached their destination. The journey mainly takes place at night. It has yet not been proved that birds travel with the help of knowledge of stars twinkling at night hence it is mindboggling. Biologists researched into this field and unearthed that the mystery may be anything but one fact stands out. It is this that birds travel in tandem with earths magnetic lines. Experiemnts clarify this further.

Once crows were caught and on their bodies certain symbols were attached. These crows had the habit of traveling towards the North Pole. This time they were caught in Germany and 500 miles from there towards the east they were freed on the river Keel. This time they started flying and reached Scandinavia. When a comparison was made between the flying path of 1 st time and this time it became clear that this path was parallel to the 1 st flying path and was also in tandem with magnetic lines. Experiments on Hale and Salmon fish too proved this fact and it was made clear that the lives of creatures are influenced and inspired by magnetic energy. In these experiments the example of a bird that swims in water is wondrous. It was let loose on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and from there after traveling for 3050 miles reached its home in Scorwom Islands.

Living beings are greatly influenced by magnetic forces. The termite ant makes its home parallel to magnetic lines. When on earth magnetic storms arise, termites and ants get perturbed greatly; to the extent that the initial and middle stages of cell splitting are influenced by magnetic energy. Chromosomes always lie on the polar region of cells. This proves that life energy based electricity is pervaded by magnetic potential or something akin to that.

Not only lower life but even human beings are influenced by magnetic energy. In 1845 Dr Richenbeck by studying various dreams dreamt by various people proved that one gets agitated if one sleeps with the head in the east and legs in the west. On the other hand sleeping in the north-south direction one sleeps peacefully. Even the research of Dr Cleric and Durville prove this point and they say that the scenes seen in a dream are related to magnetic energy. Dr Renault, Ambras, Muller, Lapris etc have proved the above data via experiments.

Regarding earths magnetic power modern scientists are just putting forth some imaginations and infer that in the womb of earth lies gigantic vaults of magnetite or ferrous oxide. As a result the earth functions like a giant magnet. The reason why human beings and other creatures are influenced by magnetic energy is that their body has iron based hemoglobin. And yet the real reason is that the rays of sun are electromagnetic in nature. The sun renders earth magnetic in nature. In the previous pages while discussing the creation of polar aura this has been elucidated. The basis of life on earth is photons of the sun. Hemoglobin found in mans body is verily vital force which is imbibed from the sun. It reaches our body via air, will power and food. In womens bodies it is called Rayi. It is because of opposite magnet pole influence that males and females get attracted to one another.

Dr Marinsko via many experiments has proved that magnetism influences our psyche center too. By infusing positive electricity in the brains 3 rd ventricle he would induce people to go to sleep. Electricity and magnetic energies are quite similar and one, can be transformed into the other. He also showed that dream experiences too are influenced by magnetic fields. I have given many such examples that dreams of many turn out to be true. Thus it seems as though in human magnetic energy lie thought, omniscience and all pervasiveness. If this is true then the Indian belief that via auroral light a living being goes to higher or lower worlds too is not erroneous. In Puranas there is a description:

Nagvithyuttaram yaccha saptarshibhyashcha dakshinam.

Uttaram savituhu pantha devayan iti smritaha.

Uttaram yadgasatasya ajavithyashcha dakshinam.

Pitruyanaha sa vai pantha vaishwanar pathad bahihi.

MEANING: Devayan is suns path that goes to the north and is north from Nag Vithi and south from Saptarshi. That which is north from Agastas star and south from Ajavithi, external to that Vaishwanar path is Pitriyan path.

This path is created via earths magnetic energy and suns photons. Its nature is that of electromagnetism as mentioned previously in the topic of polar aura. The positive and negative charge of electricity flow towards each other and is nothing but electricity or magnetism. In Vedic terminology it is called Eti cha preti cha. In the Rigveda (10/189/2) regarding this it is said:

Antashcharati rochanasya pranad panati,

Vyakhyanamahisho divam.

MEANING: This energy which is a vibration of Prana-Apan is the very basis of life.

Akrishnena rajasa vartamano niveshayannamritam martya cha.

Hiranya yena savita rathena deve yati bhuvanani pashyan.

MEANING: Travelling from black colored worlds death and immortality meaning inert nature and vital force (positive and negative or North Pole magnet and South Pole magnet) managing both properly Savita (solar vital force) in a golden chariot while seeing all the worlds and giving holy Darshan to all, is arriving.

Where on the one hand it is being proved that life force is electromagnetism there on the other hand scientists are unfolding proof of it arriving from the sun. The fact that scientists have found/measured black spots on the sun proves that the solar world is related to another very gigantic seed planet or the cosmos. With reference to this future research will prove heavenly salvation and existence of a worldwide authority and the need to attain it.

From this it is definite that during Gayatri worship via meditation on Savita our brains magnetism attracts and imbibes suns photons and thus augments our life force.

Man in a sense is an egg in whose inner center exist yellowness and all around white fleshy substance. Mans body can be said to be yellowness and aura surrounding the body can be called whiteness. Thus the visible and invisible both makes a complete personality. In fact this analysis too is a bit erroneous. Man is said to be related to that measure of region wherein he can influence certain regions or get influenced by certain regions. This boundary is limitless hence man is also called limitless.

The visible mass of earth is small but if its atmosphere, magnetic radio arena and interplanetary give and take is considered it will appear that it is but a cog in the wheel of cosmos familys gigantic machine. If earth separates from the cosmic family it will cease to exist. In the same way man is also a small link in the giagantic chain of cosmic consciousness. A small part of a watch is useful only as long as it is aptly bound to the watch. If it separates it becomes nothing but dirt. Let man think he is alone but the reality is that his grandeur, joy and effort of progress are totally dependent on cosmic consciousness. The souls clothing is the body, around the body is aura and within this aura are movements of limitless subtle energies. All this together makes man all pervasive. The link between the limited body and limitless cosmos is this aura which lives like a shadow around man. Despite not being visible its role is so mind boggling that it must be looked upon n number of times more important than the visible gross body. The body perishes but never this aura or halo. In the form of ghosts etc these are known to move about. It is possible that someone takes birth somewhere but his/her aura independently functions as a ghost.

Visible and invisible forces working on earth and in interstellar space are not lone or complete. They exist because of others give and take, bond and combination. The atoms existence is not its own earning. Not only earth but other worlds too benefit it else atomic activities would remain mere movements. It would not accomplish any zest augmenting goal.

The same holds true for the human personality. If this body created via cells were not vessels of grace of other far off existences it is possible man would remain a lowly creature.

The speed of inert atom generates a kind of electricity and when conscious existence enters it, life or living beings manifest. In polar region, magnetic storms keep arising whose light is called Aurora Borealis. It can be called the union/vibration of subtle movements of earth along with other planets. This is the romantic relationship between earth and other planets as a result of which like the 5 sons of Kunti various movements of five take place. Their activities come in front of us as being wondrous and power packed.

When the salty water of sea lashes against ships/boats made of metal, electrical waves are generated. Shipping scientists are aware of this electricity manifestation and are alert about its dangers and benefits.

In the same way bodily cells bang against electrical flow of the atmosphere and ether and thus electrical flow is generated. In cells, metals and chemicals of apt measure exist. They get excited when attacked and in this manner generate electricity. This is the very reason that in every man not only heat dwells but that various stature of electrical flow also reside. Via scientific apparatus it can be very well understood.

Human magnetism is conjoined to cosmic consciousness or Savita via a thin tube. The fact that a lotus manifests from Lord Vishnus navel and that Brahmaji manifests on its flower is a symbolic representation of the relationship between God and a living being. A babe in a womb is connected to its mother via an umbilical cord. Navel is said to be the middle center. Only after birth does the umbilical cord of the child come out and after cutting it the child and mother are separated physically.

Human ears hear only a limited level of sound flow but other creatures have such consciousness on the basis of which they hear those sounds which man is incapable of hearing. Via technology such whistles can be blown which man cannot hear but that dogs easily hear and run towards the sound. A dog can hear its owners voice from a very long distance which is impossible for man to hear.

Place a plain paper on a table and place a magnet on it. Slowly shower iron filings on it from a 1 foot height. It will be noted now that the filings fall down in a certain specially designed way. This design depends on how the magnetic power lines are aligned. From the way in which iron filings fall on the paper it will be clear what is the inner state of the magnet.

Man is also a type of a magnet. It accepts or does not imbibe in its inner state many gifts that are showered by the solar system. Whatever it is accordingly it gets magnetic streams from the cosmos that are similar to it self.



In Indian Philosophy sun has been given utmost importance. At the time of creation of the world the sun was first created hence it is called Aditya. From it first Manu or human consciousness manifested and visible nature too. Whatever is present in the world as soul, in it is at work suns vital force or Prana and light. The Vedas 3-fold science well known as mind, vital force and speech is nothing but a gross and subtle discussion of solar energy:

Sarvakaran bhutay nishthayaijnanachetasam.

Namo suryaswarupaya prakashatmaswarupini.

Bhaskarayanamastubhyam tatha dinakritenamaha.


MEANING: O Sun God! You are steadfastness for people who are wisdom minded and are the cause of all beings. You are light in the form of sun and divine light in the form of the soul. I bow down to you who creates day.

Two points stand out when in the above lines sun is described. First the consciousness of the world is the life force and light of the sun. Secondly the entire visible nature meaning trees, plants, sea, rives and other planet/stars of the solar system are but manifestations of the sun and are mobile too because of it. The sun is the very soul of visible nature.

Super Science Gayatri in reality is the description of the sun. From it bodily, demigod based and spiritual benefits are attained which are nothing but scientific discoveries of the visible-invisible forces of the sun. The methods of research are varied. There is the method of mental meditation but beyond doubt it is scientific. The research unfolded by modern scientists proves all this to the last letter.

Specialists of Botany and Agriculture know that all the plants, trees seen on earth are there ecause of the suns existence. If the sun were not to exist, there would be no plants, trees etc and life would not sustain on earth. Just as a spider takes out yarn from its stomach and creates a net in the same way light manifesting from the womb of the sun creates the world too. As long as the sun exists the world too will exist. The world will end the day the sun perishes.

Ninety five percent of plant life evolves because of the sun. Science gives great importance to the process wherein light energy is converted to chemical energy. It is called photosynthesis. It seems as though earth nourishes and gives life force to plants, trees etc but this is not true. They derive only 5 % of materials meant for growing.

This has been proved beyond doubt after experiments were conducted on the hydrilla plant. Hydrilla is something like grass that grows in water. It is kept in a particular vessel. From above a test tube filled with water is kept. If this apparatus is kept in light of electricity no chemical reaction takes place. But as soon as it is kept in sun light reaction commences. The plant accepts water and on the surface of the test tube filled with water, bubbles are seen. This proves that if sun light is absent plants, trees etc cannot bloom even a wee bit. If we place a sapling in a closed box wherein sunlight does not enter it, the sapling will not grow and after becoming yellow it will wither away. But suppose it is again kept in sunlight it will start becoming green again.

This activity of photosynthesis does not only help the plant grow but that such an activity commences in the world wherein man and other creatures have the capacity to remain alive. If photosynthesis is absent man would not remain alive. The fact that sun helps plants grow and plants help mankind sustain life is very important. If it is seen at the cosmic level or it is experienced we will know that despite there being many types of life in the entire world yet the main activity is that of photosynthesis of sun light. If it were to stop life would come to a standstill on earth.

At the base of leaves lies a subtle opening called stomata. It is like a breathing apparatus and works like a kitchen. This stomata pulls within it self, air and carbon dioxide from sun light. The roots imbibe water and transport it to the leaves. Along with sun light and cholorophyll carbondioxide makes carbohydrates. This process takes place in the mesophyll area of leaves. A little of water remains and this cooked food is sent to the entire body. Thus added to the cooked food are particles of radiated sun light that render plants full of life, mobility and growth. In this chemical reaction oxygen remains behind. Leaves exhale oxygen just as human beings exhale carbon dioxide. Thus via sun light plants inhale our poisonous carbondioxide and instead create pure air for us to inhale. In thisworld we will fail to find another example of cooperation, renunciation and service of tis sort.

Although we do not experience it, the vital fore and consciousness that evolves in our body is the result of suns invisible light energy. These photons can be imbibed directly or indirectly via food. Photons are immersed in food, fruits, leaves and what ever we eat. In fact scientists say to this extent that as soon as coal touches fire it starts blazing as fire and the reason is that photons are present in coal. How does radiated light via sun get converted to vital electricity so as to enter mans body? This will be detailed when we analyze air element.

Modern scientists have so far understood only the gross activities of the sun. Our mental relationship too exists with the sun and via words/sound (Mantras) it can be experienced. So far scientists have not understood this but via Indian Yoga Science many miraculous benefits can be attained. Here a Yogis soul establishes a bond with suns imperishable energy and can utilize this energy as per ones whims and fancy. Gayatri attainment unfolds this mystery. The word Prani or living being comes from the word Prana or vital force. That which has Prana is called Prani and it could be human, animal etc. Prana has an independent existence which is separate from senses, mind etc. What ever is seen in this world is a creation of Prana. Hence it is said:

Sa pranamsrijat pranacchraddham kham vayu jyotirupaha prithivindriyaha manonnam.


MEANING: God created vital force. From Prana were created faith, intellect, space, air, light, water, earth, senses, mind and food.

In order to understand deeply this elucidation of scriptural seers Yogic practice techniques have evolved. It is for experiencing Prana/vital force that many types of Yoga came into being. In ancient times citizens of this country (India) had in a sense monopolized Prana principle. Hence Indians were the worlds most powerful race. Knowledge and science were ours for keeps. It was nothing but the miracle of this energy.

Vivekanand called Prana latent heat or psychic force. It means Prana is that energy which imbibes consciousness. Prana word comes from Pra and Ana which means life force or consciousness. Hence the word Prana is used for conscious energy.

This Prana is a gift of sun meaning all creatures of the world have imbibed suns radiance. All consciousness belongs to the sun because this Prana comes from the sun.

Upanishads say:

Yathagneha kshadrasfullinga vyuchcharantyeva mevaspadatmanaha sarvapranaha.


MEANING: Just as small aparks emanate from fire in the same way all vital forces emanate from the soul.

While depicting the soul scriptural scholars say:

Yau asau aditya purushaha so asauaham.


MEANING: I am that Purusha (God) which dwells in the sun.

Surya atma jagataha tasthusha cha.

. RIGAVEDA 1/125/1

Sun is the soul of this entire world. All this means that like sparks of blazing fire Prana manifests from the solar world. In turn via the medium of trees, plants, rivers, sea and atmosphere, it moves and appears as various living beings of the world. Thus we say that whatever consciousness exists is but one soul i.e. sun or Savita. Its vital force (in sun light all 3 exist i.e. electricity, heat and mobility. These are characteristics of Prana too and hence there is no difference between sun light and Prana) that manifests as light helps sustain and manifest life on earth. Instead of limiting our lives to gross mundane activities, sense pleasures and other materials if we had only searched for this Prana spark, definitely we would ave attained and experienced suns gigantic soul in the same way as our Yogis, men/women of penance and devotees attain it via Gayatri worship meditation.




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