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There definitely is a limit to everything. When crops ripen in the field they are harvested and its place new seeds are sown. An aged body dies and a new body is taken up. In place of ruins new buildings are constructed. As per this program now the environment of undesirable elements is going to end permanently and its place shall be taken over by progress and development in the true sense of the term.

Those dark gloomy clouds that are thundering today shall disappear totally when a breezy storm ensues. It shall neither change in the Ice Age nor shall it will render our earth shattered by bringing in oceanic storms. In order to quash ego of materialism today that is manifesting wherein the unexpected role of Lord Mahakal has been witnessed.

By showcasing their logic and factual proofs scientists, political leaders and researchers are trying to prove one thing that to a great extent those steps taken in the direction of super destruction that can take place any moment shall not get retraced. Without casting aspersions on the utterances, inference and analysis of the above respected speakers we have with full valor got the freedom to say that during times of terror a prophecy must be made of world peace and thus instead of world public harboring dire fear in their psyches we start thinking about world neo creation. The world shall no longer remain the way it is seen today. Not only their beliefs, sentiments, thinking process and yearnings but all activities shall transform in such a manner that we will start perceiving everything as new.


For this transformation we shall not have to wait for 500 long years. In fact only a century is enough for the same. Today situations of glitter and glamour problems based on demonic illusions are appearing very ferocious and seeing its flow it appears as though the sun has set so as to usher in sheer darkness. And yet this shall definitely not happenwhile cogitating over destruction and the world human intellect veering towards it shall tire very soon all means of glamour and vain pomp shall dry up. From the very beginning they shall have to think anew so as to straighten this lopsided direction of destruction and use available means for neo creation tasks. Pressure from above shall help materialize this seemingly unfulfilling dream. They have resolved to straighten that which is lopsided today.

In future days the needs of that world which today is hungry, thirsty, illiterate, diseased and scattered shall augment so much that in order to fulfill it that all wealth of weapon makers and producers shall be used up totally. The demand shall be such that by taking limited profits that production shall be used up akin to drops of water vaporizing on a hot pan.

Very easily we can infer that for executing destruction mere use of a sharp knife or lit matchstick is enough. But for progress/development varied means in very gigantic amounts shall have to be gathered. In the near future the demand for produce shall increase 1000 times and from nowhere will one hear complaints regarding joblessness and dearth of opportunities to earn wealth.


In the 21 st century such technology/machines shall be designed which by focusing solar rays it shall be given to people akin to electricity connections. The ebb and flow of tidal waves in the ocean too shall contribute in this direction. In this manner by focusing natural energies they shall be used by one and all in an eco friendly manner. Today since we all are culprits of excessively wasting energy resources people will be forced to stop this wastage. Every world human shall have to realize that the human capability of fuel is limited. Thus fuel must be used in a very discrete non wasting manner.

The urine and feces of birds/animals shall be used in Cow Dung Gas Plants. In future even the stools/urine of human beings instead of spreading diseases everywhere shall be utilized akin to Cow Dung Gas Plants as a result of which a lot of fertilizers shall be made available, dirt shall decrease and that this fertilizer shall be of natural organic form in large amounts.

Wastage of plants and trees shall be obstructed. Thus people shall get construction wood useful to man and invaluable materials like paper. Man will have to diminish their habit of drinking milk and with the mixture of sesame, peanuts, soya bean etc this need shall be fulfilled. When there shall be a dearth of ores chemical materials shall be made use of.

In contemporary times for factories and weapon production for gigantic wars a third portion of iron was required. In future all such wars shall permanently die a peaceful death. Large factories and industries shall get converted to cottage industries. Thus the use of iron shall be very limited. This need shall be fulfilled either by converting the old into new or gather it from various places.


Hordes of stylish garments are stitched today but this shall not be the case in future. Everyone henceforth shall don simple clothes. Various types of fashion designing in the future transformed era shall be looked down upon. None will buy so many clothes that can fill up their large cupboard. Only so many clothes shall be stitched that are easy to wash, dry and wear comfortably. In the name of fashion designing so many expenses accrue but this shall no longer be the case in future changed times.

The present clothing industry shall henceforth partner handloom industry as a result of which joblessness shall be warded off, wastage shall decrease drastically and the very roots of people aping each other while buying unwanted materials so as to exhibit vain pomp too shall be snapped. Thus at one shot many problems shall get troubleshot.

Even small means/materials utilized in camaraderie shall create the basis of joy and development. This is bang opposite to situations faced today wherein even untold grandeur is worrying people because of their greedy nature. In future days to come good qualities, taintless activities and goodwill amongst world humans shall proliferate manifold. Humans shall become powerful and their valor with reference to imbibing stupendous ideals shall be rendered extraordinary. Mankind will be capable enough to face greed and delusion and fear and oppression. Without flinching due to its allurement and pressure in every action of theirs they shall showcase various special qualities which are possessed by enduring, valiant and profound nature personages.

Wars instead of decreasing problems are known to add to them. There is only one solution to diminish and destroy various world problems and that is exchange of views, commands of the governing bodies, truce and trust. These elements shall appear in future. So what if the chicken is in the egg today? Tomorrow it shall come out of it, next day it shall become a cock and next day early at dawn it shall shout out cock-a-doodle-do. Its call to awaken those who are fast asleep shall not be ignored.

All this shall be made possible only via total transformation of our thinking and when the method of education shall reform world humans shall profoundly understand their true inner nature and righteous duties along with which they shall behave/act in such a way that perforce they shall listen to the call of their soul/conscience, Gods directions and challenge of Era Religion.

Households shall augment only in accordance with the size of cities and villages. All around there shall be farms of fields and gardens. Watering and planting shall be so methodical that not only shall it fulfill the requirement of a Green Revolution but that by digging bore wells its water shall convert arid dessert lands into fertile ones.

Rural villages instead of remaining as it is today shall take the form of larger families taking up agriculture in a big way that shall be independent and liked by them and also shall be well cultured and well managed. The large scale dirt of large urban cities shall no longer pollute drinking water by getting transported to various water areas and instead this dirt shall be converted to fertilizers so as to be used for agricultural purposes. Thus the fields shall be organically rendered fertile and nowhere shall dirt be noted.

That hour in world history which shall manifest divinity in world humans and heavenly situations on earth is very close by. Darkness is now beating a hasty retreat. The dawn of sunrise is giving us all a message of zest in the world. In the lake of the heart of every world human the 1000 petal lotus of joy/peace shall bloom. In this auspicious hour of divine manifestation 2 types of streams are flowing viz. one is the manifestation of a trend of valor full of joyous potentials for creative goals. The second is those trends that have come into vogue with its undesirable and inapt form shall be reformed and uprooted. For this, such agitations shall set in which shall see to it that ultimately unity, equality, discrimination and justice are reinstated. Since both these tasks shall augment in an equal manner it will be easy to reach the goal.





At the time when world scientists, social scientists etc were extremely worried about increase in pollution, over population and due to alarming rise in crime potentials of fearful dangers regarding the very existence of humans and human values, Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had predicted that although in actuality world situations are very dire, yet at the moment Almighty God does not desire destruction of any sort and hence due to the confluence of divine and human efforts world situations shall transform rapidly. Those situations since the past 2000 years have become tainted shall reform in about 100 years. In the subtle world this arrangement has already been made. Via the medium of credible/capable humans it only now has to manifest. For this goal he established the Yug Nirman Mission.


v This is that hour of deep import wherein first by warding off destructive streams of dangers trying to engulf humans and human values render active the divine program of a bright future for the world. This endeavor has already commenced.

v Since hundreds of years previously great future seers and visionaries had commenced giving clear hints regarding this and the following are worth taking note of-

A. SAINT SURDAS: O mind! Why are you not patient? After Samvat 2000 such situations shall manifest that for 1000 years the creeper of Satyuga or Golden Era shall grow. O mind! Why are you not patient?

B. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA: India shall reach the pinnacle of that glory that all ancient glories and achievements shall pale in comparison.

C. YOGI SHRI AUROBINDO: India shall have to lead and guide the entire world spiritually. The super mind shall manifest in the psyche of world humans and the environment shall transform rapidly.

D. SAINT BAHAULLAH: The dawn of a bright world future has arrived for the human beings and other creatures of earth. Look at its reflection and glory. It is ancient glory that has manifested anew.


Everyone yearns that heaven manifests on earth. Yet according to Rishis of yore the incarnation, development and nurturing of heaven shall be possible only on the basis of divinity manifesting. Divinity is present in every world being albeit in a latent seed form. The more it awakens and advances the more heavenly situations shall manifest. Every person should be alert and labor hard for this goal.


Along with a clear prophecy he had put forth a universal and definite social precept regarding Era Transformation.

O THREE ATTAINMENTS: A healthy body, clear/clean mind and a civilized world society. Equal efforts shall have to be made for all three only then the goal shall be attained. Every world individual shall have to remain alert and work hard for it.

O THREE REVOLUTIONS: Thought Revolution-render thoughts and precept of life ideals based and full of true discrimination. Ethical Revolution-awaken untold ethical power for living a life of high stature ideals and discrimination. Social Revolution-by uprooting worldwide undesirable taints reinstate great wholesome activities in the world.

O THREE CREATIONS: Individual creation-creating great thinking, character and socially uplifted behavior. Family creation-creating families and organizations full of great qualities, love and cooperation. Society creation-via the medium of great personalities and households making arrangements of an ideal world society.

O THREE ACTIVITIES: Publicity based-via the precepts of Yug Nirman organization render the public aware and accepting. Creative-by inspiring and training assenting individuals encourage them to participate in various creative tasks. Agitation based-marching ahead after valiantly crushing all obstacles coming in the way of creative endeavors.


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma while materializing the above indications of great visionaries not only rendered clear the nature and direction of flow of that divine program but that he also set up potent foundations in the subtle world for this sacred mission.


Rishis of yore have said that Almighty God created this world using his Sankalpa or power of resolve. Man too via this resolve can execute creation. Every individual must resolve with greatness for neo creation and live his/her life in tandem with it. If this happens then in this divine program one shall get the golden opportunity/good fortune to play the role of a leader. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma after mulling with the subtle divine existence (God) helped advance the 18 precepts of Yug Nirman Satsankalpa which are universal in nature and useful for all.


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma was born on 20 th September 1911 in Anvalkheda village (Uttar Pradesh-India). His father was a pious scholarly householder named Pandit Roopkishor Sharma and his mother was Dankunvari Devi full of penance. Mahamana Malviyaji initiated him with the sacred thread or Yajnopaveet. In the year 1926 he gained spiritual guidance from a subtly embodied Rishi existence Swami Sarveshwaranandji. With an Akhand Deep (imperishable flame torch) as a witness he performed intense austerities and spiritual practices. By going many times to the virtually inaccessible Himalaya Mountains he came in contact with great Rishis of yore. He made noteworthy contributions as a freedom fighter. In jail he came in contact with Malviyaji, Swarup Rani, Nehru and others. His tasks reached the ears of British Assembly. The government awarded him a Tamrapatra (plate of copper) and in his memory issued a postal stamp in 1991.

Right since childhood he oozed with extraordinary character. We get a glimpse of these rare qualities of his by reading the epithets added to his illustrious name.

Yuga Rishi-the outstanding quality of India is its ancient Rishi lineage. They have given us a world culture full of sacred sentiments of World united peacefully as a family. Behind the Avatar linage too is at work the penance of these Rishis. Shriram Sharmaji has titled his life as Hamari vasiyat or virasat. He himself proclaimed that he was an inseparable part of Rishi Institution. In this era, the almost forgotten Rishi tradition was re-awakened and reinstated by him with full glory.

Wise thinkers of the world call him Vishwamitra of this Era since he have an influential form in tandem with the needs of this era to the Super Science of Gayatri.

Since he set flowing again the stream of Eternal Spiritual Science he is called Yuga Bhagiratha.

As Yuga Vyas he rendered various Rishi literature like 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, Prajna Purana, Prajnopanishad, Shat Darshan etc easy to imbibe as per the need of this era.

In order to render balanced religious and political systems and reinstate the special nature of austerities/spiritual practices he was labeled Yuga Vasishtha. Since he rendered Yajna Science oozing with all round utility he was called Yuga Yajnavalkya.


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmaji along with the universal precepts of Yug Nirman Satsankalpa (vows) gave also such a universal symbolic form to Yuga Shakti as a result of which in every region, in every section and in every organization they can be awakened and imbibed.

In the Akhand Deep (imperishable flame torch) of Yug Nirman Mission is the aura of light representing blessings of divine consciousness along with its protection. The actual flame symbolizes a congregational effort for world neo creation. The torch itself represents the congregational Sankalpa or resolve for neo creation. The hand holding the torch represents the congregational power of this organization. The members of this organization shall imbibe devotion to God, sacred thinking etc. the members shall be both men and women deeply devoted to executing the tasks of this mission.


O Akin to the Turning of the wheel of religion in Buddha tradition he put forth a new technique of mass education and renunciation via religious institutions.

O Within the lineage of Adi Shankaracharya akin to the Pithas established there by establishing Gayatri Shaktipithas he helped evolve the system that awakens the spiritual consciousness of world humans.

O Within the Lord Parshuram lineage by uprooting delusions that entered the intellect via the axe of divine wisdom in order to reinstate sacred knowledge he set rolling the thought revolution movement.

O In the same way akin to Charak lineages Science of Forest Herbs and within Chaitanya lineage sanctifying world sentiments via sacred music etc he re-awakened many applications of Rishi tradition.

VEDMURTI : As per the needs of contemporary times Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma rendered Eternal Divine Wisdom easy to imbibe by world public. For humans and humanity in order to place forth a path that gave solutions to problems challenging them he penned great literature in a voluminous measure. He wrote around 3000 books on Gayatri Super Science, along with Prashnopanishad Science of Spiritual Practice, scientific spirituality, art of living, augmenting great world activities, uprooting vile activities etc and also made arrangements for publishing these editions for easy availability to all.

TAPONISHTHA : By performing terrific austerities he generated so much energy from the subtle world that helped liberate millions of world humans from the shackles of pain and downfall. If the spiritual experiences of all his devotees are penned down, a text of the size of epic Mahabharat would emerge. Not only this, but by helping emerge a conducive stream of power of penance in subtle nature that a special spiritual endeavor like Gayatri and Yajna could be easily available to the lay public. In this manner means for Era Neo Creation came into existence.

ACHARYA : He was a true Acharya (teacher). By his own apt behavior he helped manifest the glory of Spiritual Science and imbued life force in the faith of world humans that was previously tottering.


RESPECTED SIDHA-SAINT: Despite Devraha Baba and Mahatma Anand Swami being elder in age to Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma bowed down to him. Swami Karpatriji, Swami Akhandanandji, Jugal Kishor Birla, Saint Vinoba Bhave, President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma etc by accepting his activities as wondrous expressed their gratefulness too. Just as in this era Karl Marx for communism and Rousseau for democracy are looked upon as givers of its form as per needs of this era in the same way Acharya Shri in this era is called a Rishi who rendered spirituality social and scientifically accepted.

During the freedom struggle in India when his role was over revered Yuga Rishi Shriramji met Mahatma Gandhi and told him that henceforth he would commence a movement for awakening cultural glory and creation of great personalities. Bapu eulogized him and from his very heart blessed Yuga Rishiji.

EXTRAORDINARY MANAGEMENT: His life is comparable to glaciers floating in water whose only 1/10 th portion is visible (tip of the iceberg) and the remaining 9/10 th is unknown and invisible. Whether the secret of his great achievements of his subtle life shall get known is difficult to say. And yet even if you gauge his visible life he lived 5 lives in 1 life.

  1. IDEAL HOUSEHOLDER: He lived such an ideal householders life wherein we get a glimpse of a true Brahmins life and live nature of Rishi oriented activities. During childhood by taking on the danger of getting expelled from his home he served an old diseased untouchable woman. After wearing only his underwear and vest he ran away to take part in Indias freedom struggle. He started a school for children. Since he worked with such zeal in the freedom fight that he was called Mattaji or (ecstatic one). By donating his ancestral property for world welfare tasks he expanded his activities via hard work. Despite living an ascetic life he executed all his household duties.
  2. A SPIRITUAL ASPIRANT FULL OF PENANCE: He gathered so much power of penance and wholesomely utilized the same that it was much more when compared to a person gathering power of penance by immersing his entire life in doing intense austerities and nothing else.
  3. BRILLIANT SCHOLAR: For his entire life he was immersed in spiritual practice based on Jnana or Divine Wisdom and thus manifested great divine knowledge in his soul. People called him a walking-talking world dictionary.
  4. EXTRAORDINARY AUTHOR: He wrote high stature literature which was more than other writers who for lifelong keep penning more and more literature. He wrote around 3000 books on Gayatri Super Science, along with Prashnopanishad Science of Spiritual Practice, scientific spirituality, art of living, augmenting great world activities, uprooting vile activities etc and also made arrangements for publishing these editions for easy availability to all.
  5. SPIRITUAL ORGANIZER: Within all prophets and messengers of God incarnating in this world in the program of sanctification and rendering widespread the stream of religion/spirituality the most humungous and powerful organization was that of Lord Buddha. But during the life of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma within the program of Era Neo Creation the organization called All World Gayatri Family (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) is even more gigantic. Five chief institutions, 2400 Shaktipithas, thousands of Prajna institutes, millions of followers etc are there for all to see.



In Rigveda (1/115/1) while calling the sun the soul of this world it is said: Surya atma jagatsthushcha. It means that the root fount of consciousness and movements in this world is the sun. the sun not only gives us heat and light energy but that all that is attained which is related to consciousness.

The sun via its aura and energy imbues life force in this world which no doubt is its generosity. The day it stops sending its light and energy it is quite possible this world shall get annihilated. One name of the sun is Savita. It means that substratum that holds life. Thus it is clear that the sun has the power to let remain this world in existence. Varahmihir in his astrology based scripture called the sun Kalatma. It means the soul of time because according to him times very existence in this mundane world is because of the presence of sun. Ere the sun did not exist, man would not experience day, night, morning, evening, dawn, dusk, noon, midnight etc. As per utterances of great personages the sun is called Trayi tanu which means it has 3 bodies/3 Gunas. All 3 potentials like creation, propagation and destruction of the world are embedded in it. By accepting this fact Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj in his essay Surya Vijnana Rahasya writes that via solar rays it is possible to create, maintain and destroy material objects. As a result of this only world creation is possible. It is the sun that holds steady this world and ceaselessly helps flow that energy due to which germs, plants, matter etc sustain their very existences and if it so desires via its terrific heat can burn to ashes the worlds animate/inamate beings in a second.

Scientists tell us that at present the sun in comparison to its boons is showering more of its curse on us all. According to them to the extent the number and intensity of sunspots is manifesting its wrath in todays times have never been witnessed in past world history. Via the studies of specialists it has been noted that sunspots have their own cycle of 11 years. In it they regularly rise and set. These sunspots influence materials and creatures of earth in a definite manner. This has been mentioned by Varah Mihir in detail in his book Brihatsamhita. Todays high stature modern age scientists too are accepting his opinion. They opine that in these days those mind boggling changes witnessed in seasons and the environment are importantly influenced by sunspots. Dr. AG Pears in his book A text book of astrology writes that after many years of research studies it has been found that monsoons are definitely influenced by the increase/decrease in the number and activities of sunspots. As per his inferences when sunspots augment famines ensue and when they decrease flooding due to excess rains is noted. Pears scientific data is definitely proving to be correct when we observe situations prevalent in todays times. Today because of famines we all are witnessing situations of hunger in many regions of the world. The situation especially in African countries like Sudan, Somalia etc is extremely dire. Because of hunger either people are losing their very lives or by becoming sheer skeletons are clinging on to their dear lives. Douglas Rice of Arizona University via studies on tree circuits has made efforts to prove this. He says that in that part where the distance between tree circuits is less tell us that trees will have to face a situation of becoming withered and dry but when this distance is more it is definite that in that time span plants/foliage shall get enough rain water. According to him tree circuits are directly related to flooding and famines and rains (since the sun has a deep bond with Varun (water deity) are deeply bound to sunspots. Hence on the basis of measurement of tree rings/circuits one can get information of solar activities and one can make inferences regarding the seasons of about past 3000 years.

Up till the recent past the influence of sun and other astronomical masses on creatures and plants was limited to astrology sciences and was thought to be its subject/topic of studies but today modern science too has jumped into this sort of research and has accepted that it definitely influences matter and living beings. By proclaiming this very fact the highly intellectual scientist and member of British Association for the Advancement of Science Arnold W Mayor in his book Astrologys Place in the World of Science writes that endocrine glands in our body manages itself well functionally based on chemical changes in the environment and via small changes generally remains uninfluenced and yet when a big change occurs in the environment, it definitely gets influenced. As soon as these endocrine glands get influenced a big change is seen in the persons desires, aspirations, attitude and sensitivity. Since during solar activities a great upheaval is seen in the human bodily electricity and earths magnetic fields hence most definitely they influence endocrine glands of the body and mans behavior becomes uncommon. The worlds renowned geography scholar and Yale Universitys Prof Huntington after research studies for a fair length of time has come to the conclusion that during the time span of sunspot appearance human behavior becomes extraordinary.

The famous Indian astrologer B V Rane in his book titled Planetary Influences on Human Affairs, has put forth similar thoughts as mentioned above. In the chapter called Planets and Man of the above book he writes that by conjoining the years 1789, 1830, 1848, French Revolution in 1970, Russian Revolution in 1906 and 1917, Spanish Revolution in 1937 and national upheaval in Hungary in 1956 to solar based activities modern scientists in reality have not given us any new conclusions and research data. In fact they have merely repeated the precept put forth by Varah Mihir many years previously. Todays world situations too prove the research studies of Varah Mihir as true. In contemporary time the world over heinous killings, upheavals and anarchic situations are witnessed which can be called extraordinary and rare.

After the year 1947 AD 3 supreme years of sunspots passed by viz. 1958, 1968-69 and 1980. As per the opinion of interstellar space scientists every year there were 160 sunspots and in the years 1980-81 they touched the figure of 200. In the year in between its number was 60-80. In this time frame we saw India-China war, India-Pakistan war, Arab-Israel war and widespread civil wars in Europe and America.

In the recent past the number of these sunspots has risen swiftly and it is believed that that in the next 7-8 years they will increase all the more and its pinnacle shall be seen in 1998-99. On such occasions there are possibilities of war frenzy getting ignited along with accidents of varied type occurring. Along with this astounding transformations shall be noted in certain places. In the past 2 years we saw transformations like communism being toppled only to get replaced by democracy and the Berlin wall breaking so as to unite East and West Germany. In the past 3 months the world passed by a fearful situation of dangerous war clouds looming large in the Gulf region. The story does not end here. Due to tensions between various countries it seems as though one more world war shall set into motion.

In world history there is no example or proof of such panic situations surrounding the entire world. Scientists further say that the ireful intensity noted in sunspots these days has never been recorded previously. Under such situations it is definite that the increased solar flames on the sun influence the daily living of world humans by rendering it scattered and accident prone.

This then is one aspect of the sun. Due to its destructive aspect it is called Martand. While detailing its meaning Maharshi Gobil says Martand is that which is immersed in destructive activities. From this standpoint this name of the sun is apt and yet if the sun is the soul of the world how can we gulp the fact that it destroys things? And if it is true what is the reality behind it? The answer is given by the law of science based on the principle of action-reaction. It is noteworthy that up till the recent past and to an extent even today, the intellectualism of modern science calls this world inert and totally refuses to accept the presence of a controlling existence along with its management.

Those imbued with faith of the existence of one Almighty God in the cosmos believe steadfastly that this material nature was created by God for only sense gratification by mankind. Hence the philosophy of Rinam kritva gridham pibet or eat butter even if you have to borrow money for it and it cast a shadow on world human psyche in such a way that material nature and various means were milked in a big way. When such actions crossed their limits nature commenced manifesting their reactions. Along with the sun all planets, galaxies etc akin to incited snakes commenced hissing and spitting venom. Since the sun is the most powerful star of the solar system and nearby planet earth hence in comparison to others its reaction was more ferocious. According to the famous astronomer Stitson today in comparison to previous times the sun is emitting 30% more ultraviolet rays. He opines that it is this extraordinary of it that is responsible for the present state of modern times and social disarray. He says that if it decreases even by 5% there is a possibility of great reform in the behavior of mankind and seasons.

This then is the inference of modern scientists. In the eyes of spiritualists this inference cannot fructify until mans very thinking and actions do not transform positively. According to them, as long as world humans latch on to mere intellectualism and inert materialism they shall continue to face hardships and strife. In fact only spirituality can help them ward off strife. It is worth noting that in Indian Culture consciousness is said to pervade inert matter too. On this basis in ancient times all planetary masses were thought to be divine and were worshiped too. As time lapsed by wherein modern science advanced leaps and bounds this faith of mankind was toppled by labeling it blind faith. Science sent spacecrafts and satellites to moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter and proved that they are no deities but are but masses of ruins of solitude. Thus faith got shattered and thus that tradition which worshiped planets etc too got depleted. As a result these planets that received Arghya and Yajan (rites and offerings) with devoted faith were no longer attained by them. The result of all this is there for all of us to note. Those methods via which the environment and devotees were nourished in a satiating manner were now looked upon as mere hypocrisy. And hence how can we aspire to get boons from these deities? If the situation was limited to this it could sort of have been acceptable but inert materialism shattered the devoted faith of world human psyche to such a dire extent that the intellect of its perpetrators and their followers to became inert. They forgot that so called inert matter endures interference/experimentation only to a certain limit. If we insist on crossing these sacrosanct limits nature shall definitely react direly. It is this error on their part that induced rank materialists to interfere with nature and today it has reached its nadir. Its grievous reactions too are staring at us all in the form of malefic influences of interstellar space masses. Today instead of giving us boons it is spitting curses on us denizens of earth. Especially regarding the sun the belief of specialists became more firm that in these days it is more wrathful.

Astronomy oriented scientists opine that in the past 250 years such highly terrific sunspots have never been visualized as is seen in the final years of the 20 th century. While reporting this news published in Washington Post, Hindustan Times newspaper (29 th August 1988) writes that within this activity of sunspots such terrific measure of energy shall be emitted that it shall play a leading role in imbalance of seasons and psychic agitation. From this standpoint right from now till 6 years henceforth extraordinary world incidents shall be witnessed.



Geographical scientists opine that due to changes in magnetism of earth historical upheavals have been witnessed in this world. Despite seeming impossible when they realized that the North and South Pole magnetism on earth undergo changes amongst themselves, they were wonderstruck. So many times the magnetism of North Pole changes into that of South Pole and vice versa and along with this so many historical episodes have occurred. Specialists conducting research studies opine that the intensity of geo magnetism of today in comparison to 25000 years previously is 50% less. If it yet continues to decrease further then in the coming few centuries we shall have to stare fearfully at world annihilation.

New York State Universitys Prof Richard Yufen firmly believes during Polar changes the magnetic power area becomes so less that at such times one gains no protection from Wind Ellen Welts situated in interstellar space. The hemisphere of magnetic field of earth is spread out quite far away in interstellar space. This magnetic field transforms cosmic dangerous radiations. At that time sustenance of life on earth is dependent on the state of solar storms and cosmic radiations. Due to Polar changes fearful changes take place in water, wind and seasons. Its supreme change can be seen in the form of dangerous situation of Ice Age. Geologists after due research have found that in the past few decades a continuous decrease has been noted in the intensity of geo magnetism. It is being said that in the next 200 years this magnetic field can get depleted totally. As a result dire situations of world destruction/annihilation too can take place.

Italys intellectual geologist Josephs research conclusions were also proved by the scientist PL Markenton of France in 1907. Markenton collected research data which says that in 1000 BC the magnetic field was ordinary. The research of Markenton and Falaghirater was again experimented in 1949 because in the annals of world history scientists did not have much faith in such fresh magnetic upheavals. From this retesting one more proof was unearthed. From this it became known that as per proof got from rocks of Sweden in about 870 BC and before such magnetic upheavals had been noted. These times were just before the rise of Esirean Empire and Romes civilization blooming forth.

One magnetic transformation had been noted in 330000 BC. This was that hour of strange confluence wherein the first signs of modern man arising were noted. 110000 years previously again we are obtaining proof of Polar changes. Swedish geologists have very recently given us proof of fearful rise-fall in the earths magnetic field along with Polar changes. According to them in 10000 BC or in the 2 nd centurys end of the final Ice Age these magnetic changes were seen.

In the past 2 centuries it has become very clear that Polar and magnetic changes could prove to be very dire for all creatures. Very amazingly geologists came to know that when there is a widespread wave of certain species of living beings becoming extinct at that time Polar inter changes have been noted. For example when about 8 species of sea life in the Pacific Ocean were becoming extinct at that very time Polar inter changing was noted.

It has been witnessed that storms full of thunder on arriving on earth suddenly decreases the magnetic fields on it. Number of patients entering hospitals for mental diseases increases a fair bit and the number of suicide cases too augments a great deal. Changes in the magnetic field gives an experience of intense pressure in the womb of earth to animals/birds which indicates that an earthquake is about to occur. As an experiment by creating situations on earth similar to life existing on other planets and with the intention of studying their influence some people were kept for 10 days in such laboratories where the magnetic field was zero. After some time such people failed to say whether the light in the bulb is glowing or not.

Small germs and animals/birds due to the experience of magnetic fields decide the direction of their movement. In peaceful seasons creatures like cockroach, honey bees, glow worms and many other flies come down from a particular direction in order to sit. Ere the intensity of the magnetic field is changed then on top of the umbrella of the honey comb the assemblage of the direction of dance of honeybees too can be changed. If to those pigeons who carry postal letters very tiny pieces of magnets are tied they out of delusion fly in wayward directions and thus cannot find their way. In very less powerful magnetic areas too on an experimental basis by keeping sparrows in it they become very lethargic. Its power to procreate too diminishes a lot and very soon they die.

From various facts it is clear that in earths geo magnetism the intensity has diminished a great deal in a continuous manner. It is now being said that due to this intensity of fall in magnetic fields in the next 200 years its measure may become zero or round about that and thus a danger for the very sustenance of life on earth looms large.

The scientists of a laboratory in Albuquerque affiliated to American Atomic Energy Commission in order to unveil the influence of activities of the solar system on earth carried out detailed research studies. They collected data of figures and calculations for 20 years related to crime and various accidents. They put forth a big report of 88 pages describing all this. The gist of this report is that solar activities and moons waxing/waning are responsible for human behavior and accidents. These scientists have also made a correlation between the problems accruing in 27 day cycle taking place in the earths magnetic field due to the suns rotation/revolution movements to various accidents taking place on earth. After profound research it was understood that in the 1 st 7 days of this cycle and on the 13 th , 14 th , 20 th and 25 th day more number of accidents occurred.

Two psychiatrists of Miami University named Arnold Lever and Cacolin Sherin have given details in American Journal of Psychiatry regarding the influence of waxing/waning of the moon on world humans. As per scientific data available 3 days before full moon incidences related to murders and suicides increased a great deal. On the full moon day these incidences reach their peak.

In another set of research studies it was found out that in the 14 th month the sun and moon emit most gravitational force on earth. On that occasion the number of crimes augments drastically. Due to minor changes in the magnetic force of other planets a lot of havoc based situations materialize on earth. After 1960 AD in the Bay of Bengal (India) 8 times oceanic storms appeared as a result of which 0.4 million people died. In the year 1967 the Koyna town in Maharshtra, India got destroyed due to a ferocious earthquake. On 19 th January, 1975 in the Kinnaur region of Kangla Valley thousands of people died due to an earthquake. A cyclone that attacked Andhra Pradesh in 1978 killed thousands of people. Scientists who studied all these accidents in various places found a high measure of inter stellar radiations in those regions. In these regions the sun was at 90 degrees and 180 degrees Zodiac Sign. According to the material scientist John Elson when the sun is in these Zodiac Signs then in that area of earth which is in line with this, incidences of storms and earthquakes are witnessed.

The renowned American scientist John Henry Nelson via research experiments has given similar conclusions wherein planet earth is indeed influenced by the tremors/vibrations of other planets of the solar family; chief amongst them being Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. According to John Henry special states/conditions of these planets creates a chain of magnetic storms on earth and it influences human consciousness in such a way that in various activities undesirable and unwanted elements manifest.

Specialists studying various movements in the solar system conclude that after the year 1980 an extraordinary rise was seen in the atomic explosion-bursting taking place in the nucleus of the sun. At the time of explosion light particles emitted were very different from normal particles and were more heinous and piercing. In an American Observatory in Colorado such waves pertaining to atomic explosions of solar rays were trapped recently which were of different stature in comparison to normal ultraviolet rays. It had intensity and piercing nature seen in X-rays. On studying them scientists concluded that in that region of the sun where this explosion must have taken place there the minimum temperature should have been 0.1 billion degrees Centigrade. Its radiation influence lasts for many years in interstellar space. In the Ionosphere of earth due to entry of these waves windows that are created pave the way for further entry of heinous interstellar cosmic rays in earths atmosphere. Thus epidemics sprout forth and so many new types of bodily and mental diseases are noted.

Die to solar explosions magnetic storms arise in interstellar space. It creates distortion in the way in which the earth rotates/revolves on its axis in normal conditions. Geologists opine that after 1980 the chief cause of an alarming rise in earthquakes witnessed is the increase in temperature in the womb of earth due to increase in interstellar space based magnetic storms. In the last few decades in Japan, China, Mongolia, Himalaya valley, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Central America, North America, North Central Africa, Bangladesh etc earthquakes that have poured a shattering effect has been seen. Our memories are fresh with a massive earthquake attacking the northern region of Japan on 26 th May 1983. There thousands of people died and so many were brutally maimed and hurt. Earthquake specialists infer that in comparison to the number of earthquakes witnessed between the years 1985-2000 AD, shall never be noted in any other century.

Spacecrafts sent by USA while passing nearby Saturn planet gave us hints of the existence of storms of annihilating type. According to NASA laboratory for quite a few years speedy magnetic storms are covering Saturn. Its potential can be gauged from the fact that these swift storm waves that have spread in an area of 64000 kilometers can engulf planet earth more than 1.5 times and also has the capability of creating world annihilating situations by rupturing and breaking. They opine that the rising imbalance seen in Saturn is becoming the cause of natural calamities.



Very recently 3 activities of interstellar space manifested in such a way which being farsighted from the standpoint of an incident could be called ordinary yet its subtle reactions were such that it influenced world denizen life in a malefic manner.

One amongst these is sunspots seen on the sun. The 2 nd is the Yuti (confluence) based imbalance created due to many other planets filing up in one straight line. The 3 rd is the well known eclipse cycle full of extraordinary special qualities which has proved that earths water/air is controlled by the sun. Thus these sunspots too seriously affect life on earth. As per the opinion of scientists every 11 th year due to sunspots manifesting in the solar aura so swiftly electromagnetic waves manifest that it greatly influences the earths atmosphere. In this manner since the earths atmospheric layers get affected greater winds tend to start blowing on it. Seasons cool off, terrible snowfall is noted, hail storms manifest, storms and cyclones too appear and atmospheric pressure augments a lot.

When the number of sunspots augments on the sun, under such circumstances the level of ozone gas that renders balanced earths temperature diminishes. As per the 11 year cycle during the hour of highest activity of the sun, one sees an appearance of magnetic storms, a cut in radio communication, water areas created in the Ionosphere and light on the Polar region of earth. According to scientists in the past 50 years in 1936, 1937, 1947-48, 1958 and 1969 the suns mobility and activity had reached its pinnacle. After 11 years again in 1980 the sun again reached its state of highest activity. In 1982 when the 9 planets came in one single line alongside the sun, even then this highest activity remained. In these days natural calamities are spewing terror everywhere, but along with this mans inner nature too is being influenced extraordinarily.

According to astronomers these sunspots manifest in regions on the sun where atomic explosions take place. On 24 th February 1952 a study was conducted on an extraordinary explosion taking place on the suns surface and after that it was noted that a gigantic army of ultraviolet rays marched towards planet earth. Due to attack of these rays for 2 weeks a cycle of speedy storms was seen in Greenland, Canada, Atlantic and Berlin. In 1955 American scientists Dr Walter and Dr Roberts too studied a rare solar explosion and found that on the 13 th day of this explosion the cycle of seasonal changes became extraordinary from its previous ordinary state. For a certain time span a lot of disturbance was felt in radio communications, flooding rains were seen, storms etc appeared and for many days scenes of a minor world annihilation condition was noted.

Due to explosions taking place on the suns surface those sunspots that are created spew a lot of radiations with powerful speed and they all rush towards earth. Definitely they target other planets too yet no studies regarding this have been conducted. These radiations after piercing the Ionosphere of earth enter the womb of earth at a depth of many miles and it interferes in the magnetic field arrangement prevalent there. Apart from this from the surrounding regions of sunspots too, many types of particles either slowly or swiftly manifest that are known to interfere with planet earth.

The renowned Russian scientist Schizowsky after studying all epidemics that have taken place for the past 400 years has concluded that after 3 years of manifestation of sunspots epidemics appear with full speed and every 11 th year its manifestation is with great intensity.



These days, world renowned space scientists are seriously cogitating over sunspots and are trying to reach the conclusion that as to what reaction on which region can take place and for this end what security measures need to be taken?

Regarding this it is natural that even laymen are curious. It is commonplace that a greater yearning is there for understanding that danger due to which all world creatures and humans along with materials shall get affected. It is only scholarly scientists with their scientific terminology that can throw detailed light on this topic but as far as common information is concerned the ordinary form of solar explosions and its influence can be understood over here in gist only.

The sun is larger than earth by 330000 times and if all planets are taken into account collectively the sun is 750000 times larger. It is hence that all planets surrounding the heavy sun get attracted to it.

From the standpoint of science sun is merely a mass of light made from air/gas based matter and other planets are sky based masses made up of dense principles, fluid and air based matter. In comparison to the heat noted on the sun, the temperature and pressure of other planets is quite less. Hence the materials of planets are of the designing of either atoms attained permanently or its other units. On all planets material activities and chemical unions takes place ceaselessly. Within the sun the intense air density is far denser than all heavy ores of other planets. The reason attributed to this is the atomic designing of those planets. In the womb of the sun atoms cannot render themselves steady and due to intense heat and pressure they break up. The matter on the surface of the sun is as thin as earths wind and yet this matter is rendered thicker as one heads to the interior layers of the sun. The density of matter found at halfway point of the suns radius is as thin as water yet the density of materials in the earths center is 75 times more than the density of water. The density of matter in the womb of the sun is 11 times denser than the density of glass and is 4 times denser than the density of osapium which is the densest material on planet earth. The atmospheric pressure in the central region of the sun is 1000 trillion times more than that of earth. It can be said in this manner also that this pressure is 0.8 billion ton per square centimeter. Apart from this in the womb of the earth that light pressure noted is of the measure of 2 million ton per square centimeter.

What exactly are these sunspots? How are they related to planet earth? From the speed of light particles banging on earth it becomes clear that its reach is due to an explosion or lighting in the sun 18 to 24 hours previously. By conducting research using solar telescopes it has been noted that a minor brilliant hurricane like light arises. This manifests from a region which is a dark blob and in a few moments by taking on a gigantic shape measuring thousands of miles in diameter wherein extraordinary divinity is witnessed. It appears that fireworks are taking place in the sky. After a life span of half an hour it disappears but within this time span it sheds infinite amounts of X-rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and cosmic rays. Till now modern scientists have not come to any decisive conclusion regarding this onrush of fiery flames. But it is looked upon as such a window through which one can see and understand the cosmos that much more clearly.

At the time of solar explosions after detailed study of radiations emitted it has been understood that at that time light particles emitted are different and more piercing than ordinary light particles. For example as per a message got from an observatory situated on Climax Mountain in Colorado-USA an American ship called Colonial trapped those waves which instead of being ordinary ultraviolet rays were X-rays and that too they were so intense that wherever they must have exploded there the minimum temperature must have been 0.1 billion degree Centigrade. Everyone knows that X-rays possess the capability of giving us photographs of the inner anatomy of the human body.

From the process of atomic explosion taking place on the sun that cosmic reaction that occurs affects planet earth in a subtle manner. Only its gross form has been captured by scientific technology yet even this is not less mind boggling. For example in July 1951 a gigantic brilliance of Chromo sphere of the sun (a large group of sunspots) was witnessed. At that very hour radio communication on earth became very weak and on 15-16 July radio communication between Central Europe and America got totally obstructed. Telegraph communication too snapped and other earth based communications too ended. Further in the deeper layers of the earths atmosphere at a height of 60-70 km atomic radiations made their entry as a result of which irregularity was seen in ionization process. Ceaseless cosmic radiations of cosmic rays that are offshoots of gigantic explosions taking place on the sun and move with the speed of light get transformed.

Streams of matter based particles coming from the sun to earth create changes in earths magnetic fields because at such times magnetic storms appear. On such occasions the needle of a compass is seen to suddenly stray away from its appointed position. Due to influences of these magnetic storms those electrical streams flowing on earth, metals especially wires, change according to their whims and fancies and they are rendered so intense that telegraph and telephones are badly affected. Sometimes it becomes impossible to transmit electricity using wires.

These magnetic storms appear again and again and its speed is highest on the Polar Region of earth. While traveling from the equator towards the Poles the activity of magnetic storms keep increasing. When magnetic storms manifest definitely one sees light on the Polar Regions. For example in January 1938 when once an intense Polar Light radiated which could be seen even in Crimea and Africa at that time a very swift magnetic storm too appeared which had almost engulfed entire earth.

One reason why magnetic storms and light on the Polar region manifest is that solar particles raining intensely on the earths atmosphere. It is known that the sun via its rays emits such particles that are electrical streams in nature which means via solar rays every living being on earth has an electrical bond with the sun. many experiments conducted with reference to this has proved that the stream of particles emitted by the sun which in effect is an electricity stream creates a magnetic field all around itself in empty regions. This region is rendered akin to an umbrella above the earths magnetic field. As a result magnetic storms tend to make their appearance.

The time cycle of solar explosions is generally 11 years and 1 month and 22 years and 2 months. As a result according to this cycle so many upheavals take place in the earths atmosphere. This time cycle has been noted in other creatures and trees too. Every 9.5 years such inner frenzy is noted in salmon fish that they run and jump into the fishermans net and die a sad death. The bark of certain trees becomes thicker during such time cycles than seen in ordinary situations.

Life on earth has a strong relationship with the solar system. This fact has been accepted right since ancient times. At the time of irrigation in Egypt a festival is celebrated. This is that very day when in the month of July sudden intense flooding is seen in River Nile. After long time research studies it has been noted that this flooding occurs on that very day when at hour of sunrise the Hunter Star is seen. This means that this change seen in Nile is in some way conjoined to the life of Hunter Star. These inter planetary changes not only affect our individual lives but it affects the macrocosm too. Historical studies right since the 18 th century till today make it clear that important historical revolutions, bloodshed, violent agitations and other horrific incidences have taken place at the time of downpour of sunspots. In the year 1789 the famous historical revolution took place in France that not only ushered in new times for France but that it did so for the entire world. In the same way during the peak of rain of sunspots the deadly battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo took place.

In the year 1857 when the 1 st freedom fight took place in India, sunspot downpour was at its pinnacle. After this even the Civil War in America was at its worst during this time of sunspot peak downpour. When in 1904-5 a terrible war ensued between Japan and Russia and the 1 st world war took place in 1914-15 the rain of sunspots had reached their peak. In 1947 India attained political freedom, before this a 2 nd world war had already been fought and in China during these times a communist revolution was witnessed.

After the year 1947 the 2 peak years of sunspots have passed by in the years 1958 and 1969 respectively. Over and above this at present again we are passing by speedy solar activity based times. Recently a heinous war took place between China and Vietnam a terrific revolution took place in Iran, even now the situation is no better and is very tense. Incidences of violence and bloodshed are yet being noted. In Afghanistan rivers of blood are flowing everywhere. A lot of tension is seen even in other nations of the world. Their inner and external condition has become very complex and dire. The world again has entered the jaws of danger.

The intellectual astronomer of New York Dr Baker says that during days of intense solar activities an extraordinary rise is seen in the number of mentally ill patients.



In Indian Astrology Sciences astronomy and Falit (results seen in birth charts or Kundli) one finds a detailed description of the nature of explosions on the sun, its cause and its influence on every animate/inanimate being on planet earth. Apt research regarding these solar explosions has been executed by Maharshi Garg, Parasher, Deval, Kashyap, Narad and Vashishtha.

As per the conclusions drawn by contemporary astrologers after mulling over the above mentioned methods, the influence of sunspot shall continue to remain for many years. Due to this influence India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, China and Middle East nations shall get more affected. There is a great possibility of the public facing dire situations like famine, war frenzy increasing, diseases, flooding, storms, earthquakes etc.

The world famous subtle seer Prof Cheiro while throwing light on life existing on earth and its relationship with planets, stars etc writes:

The stream of life seen on planet earth is controlled by the cycle of sun, planets and Zodiac Signs. When a change is seen in the state of the axis of earth seasonal changes are seen in it along with changes seen in the air, water etc of various countries. Due to this axis based change the sun enters a new Zodiac Sign from the previous one it was dwelling in. the time taken to go from one Zodiac Sign to another is 215 years and the time taken to enter all 12 Zodiac Signs is 2580 years.

As a result of the change taking place in the state of the earths axis in 215 years, the sun enters a new Zodiac Sign from the previous one. During this transition period a rise in the measure of earthquakes, storms, cyclones, flooding etc is seen on earth because when the inner level of earth changes from one state to another, a lot of breakage and upheaval is noted.

As per the mathematical calculation of noteworthy astrologers this change in the Zodiac Cycle had taken place in the year 1762. At that time the sun came out of Pisces Zodiac Sign and entered Aquarius. The result of this was that in those days, gigantic revolutions, upheavals and important historical changes were witnessed the world over. In those days a new country in the form of America was born which in world politics marched ahead steadily in a leading manner. At that very time the French Revolution too commenced which in a way proved in a way that the reign of kings was now a gone by era. 165 years passed by since the sun got situated totally in Aquarius Zodiac Sign (this article was written by Cheiro in 1972) and after 60-70 years again this transition (Sankraman) shall be witnessed. During this time of transition (1987-1997) great social, political and natural changes shall take place the world over. During this time span earthquakes shall erupt in many countries of the world. Even those countries that have so far not seen earthquakes shall do so henceforth. Those volcanoes that were quiet shall erupt forth and on earth oceanic floods and storms shall roar about menacingly. In future years such serious nature oriented changes could occur which could result in big changes in the worlds map and those countries which today are oppressed and backward shall reach heights of world leadership.

Prof Cheiro while accepting the prophecy based on astrological calculations that white culture/race shall get destroyed, along with the end of material civilization a new civilization and religion shall come into being he writes:

When the sun enters Aquarius Zodiac Sign intense influences are witnessed because its planets are Uranus and Saturn. Ancient knower of secret sciences believes this to be the auspicious beginning of a New Era. Saturn is known to cause breakup and upheavals. Due to the influence of Uranus old laws and rules undergo total transformation. When the sun enters Aquarius Zodiac Sign gigantic movements, transformations and revolutions are set rolling and along with this a New Era ushers in.

There are 2 forms of Space Sciences. One form is unfolding activities of planets, stars and measuring their visible influences. Gauging seasons, storms and magnetic radiations is very much a part of this visible Space Science. Subtle astronomy science is that wherein it gauges the effect of radiations of planets/stars on the human personality and mans future. The cycle of planetary movements influences the atmosphere and its pressure is experienced in the mental state and activities of various creatures. Visible direct gauging of interstellar space is called Astronomy and its subtle gauging is called Astrology.

Regarding both these fields a lot of hullabaloo is going on a lot of difference of opinion is being voiced. Yet both have their own logic and arguments. The incidence of bitter criticism and objection raises its hood only when so called astrologers who despite just giving shot in the dark answers put on a garb of being very scientific in their outlook so as to instill fear in the minds of people. In this manner such fake astrologers in the name of inducing people to execute worship rites/rituals to reform their future in effect are but fattening their bank balance by charging eye popping fees in the name of astrology. If the pressure of blind faith, fatalism and in born selfishness is warded off Astrology is in its pristine purity a great field of science. Right since ancient times it has been looked upon as a noteworthy, illustrious field of knowledge.

The more modern researchers and scientists dive deep into various precepts to that extent they perforce accept that the influence of planets/stars are seen in the mental state and external situations of various living beings. Along with this due to its pressure unexpected transformation is seen in the atmosphere and materials of planet earth.

A refreshing effort has been made by 2 journalists called John Anthony West and John Gerard Tunda to prove the scientific basis of Falit Jyotish or astrology which points out fruits of destiny. This has been detailed by them in their new book called The Case for Astrology. According to them right from the rise of logic and scientific proof till today only one aspect has been placed before all regarding objection or assent for Astrology Sciences.

According to the authors a lot of similarity exists in those people born in the same place and same time. It is to the extent that this similarity is seen in twins born one after another, with a very small time gap between their births. Samuel Hemming and George III were born on the same day (4 th June 1738). On the same day got their inheritance (Samuel got a shop of ironsmith and George III got Englands royal throne). Both their external appearance and inner nature were very similar. Both married on the same day and both sired the same number of children. Both fell ill virtually at the same time and both died on the same day (21 st January, 1820).

In this very year was seen a mind boggling similarity in scientists Einstein and Otto Hahn and authors James Stephens and James Joyce born on the same day, same time and same place. Ordinarily no similarity is seen in the mental state and situations faced by children born at the same time. According to the authors a persons lone destiny is not totally independent and that it is conjoined to collective destiny of world creatures too. The authors have discussed the research data of many scientists which proves that many activities/movements of nature take place in an appointed time cycle.

In this era of scientific proof regarding Falit Jyotish (astrology) a question naturally arises as to whether in this ancient science dwells a scientifically sound basis? Astronomers like Copernicus, Keppler and Galileo by proving that the sun was a steady center of the solar system no doubt disproved the veracity of ancient Astrology yet they themselves were deep followers of Astrology. Even Isaac Newton who contributed greatly to the foundation of modern science made many inferences based on Astrology. In one scientific experiment Frank Brown has proved that whether it is the inner biological clock of a pea, potato or oyster all are influenced by the state of the sun and moon. This influence has no connection with light emitted by them. Lest they are shut up in a dark room, yet their activities shall be executed based on the state of the sun and moon. Their activities decrease on a no moon day and reach pinnacles on a full moon day. Oysters without getting influenced by ebb and flow of waves in the sea are known to open-close on the basis of waxing/waning of the moon. All this has been proved via scientific research.

According to the scientist John Nelson storms in the Ionosphere that obstructs radio communication is directly related to the planetary positions with reference to the sun. When either 2 or more than 2 planets enter the suns Zodiac Sign or is situated in a Zodiac Sign 180 degrees or 90 degrees away from the sun such storms arise. Whenever majority of the planets are 60 degrees or 120 degrees away from the suns Zodiac Sign the Ionosphere remains calm and serene. Regarding this it is worth noting that as per Western Astrology the bond of 90 and 180 degrees is said to be harsh and that of 60 and 120 degrees is said to be soft.

According to Italian physician Vicardi magnetic fields and waves strongly affect various chemicals especially water.

Scientist duo Dyubi and Ington opine that examples of natures compact cycle amaze everybody.

After every 9.5 years the salmon fish gets caught in the fishermans net in large numbers. After every 9.5 years the bark of trees grows thicker. Every 11.1 and 12.2 years sunspots explode and this cycle is directly related to the cycle of many functions of the cosmos. Such cycles have been unveiled regarding production, recession, fast growth, heat, cold, famine and monsoons.

The astrologer duo in this book have also discussed the influence of seasons, waxing/waning of moon, suns brilliance etc on the human body and mind in patients in hospitals and their relationship to inner electricity of creatures and material electricity in space. By putting forth a new science called Psymatics they say that every tone, every sound and every vibration give birth to a special shape/form. The planets/stars have their own atmosphere, it has its own electronic sound and it is this sound that affects a newborn baby. At the time when the sperm meets the ovum during conjugal union so as to lay a foundation of genes in the fetus belonging to the parents at that time this cosmic sound gives a special nature to the structuring of genes which can be seen later in the life and destiny of the child.

Previously Astrology was looked upon as blind faith that gave prophecies akin to making random guesses and shots in the dark but today one finds so much data that proves its authentic nature and world renowned leading scientists of the world too have accepted Astrology as a great science. Not only this akin to other branches of science, like material, chemical, biological etc Astrology Science oriented research too is being conducted in a big way the world over.

Right since ancient times in many countries of the world to the extent that this science has advanced a great deal, maybe no other science has done so. Regarding its authenticity there is no need to tell Indians anything. No doubt using astrology as a garb some wicked people on the basis of their half baked knowledge are fooling the lay public. It is our misfortune that the number of such wily so called astrologers is quite a lot and it is hence that Astrology Sciences are challenged for its authenticity. Yet the truth is truth. Even today there exist true scholars of this science who on the basis of planetary/star positions can make 100% true prophecies. In September 1972 in Stuth city of Korea a conference was arranged in which great scholars of Astrology participated. Totally 108 astrologers from various countries participated. These astrologers by studying planetary/star positions gave their conclusions that in these days there is a high possibility of a world war ensuing.

This prophecy of the astrologers made in the conference was published in virtually all major newspapers of the world. Even in India, in the Indian Express newspaper (12 th September 1972), this prophecy and the gist of the conference was published. The astrologers while placing forth their conclusions had said that after 1980 the years that would follow would be full of world upheavals. In it a widespread famine shall ensue in the world and 3 ferocious earthquakes shall be witnessed. In fact the 2 nd earthquake shall be so dire that the world shall wail aloud in agony. Further in all countries of the world gigantic upheavals shall take place. There will be bloodshed, violent revolutions, agitations, communal fights and such planetary positions will ensue that immense tension between various countries shall follow suit.

On the basis of Astrology Sri Lankas well known astrologer Natarajan has made some great prophecies that were proved cent percent as true. Time and again he made prophecies regarding the worlds historical events that proved to be true. His prophecies regarding India-Pakistan partitioning, Chinas attack, Gandhijis murder, death of Nehru, Vietnam war, problems in Cuba etc proved to be 100% true. After the year 1980 made prophecies with reference to ferocious storms appearing, epidemics spreading in a widespread manner and a major portion of earth attacked by famine along with wars were later proved correct. The Gulf war ended yet the Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia civil wars yet continue.



This scientific knowledge fully established in ancient times disappeared as time lapsed by and its place was taken by blind beliefs and illusions of Falit Jyotish (astrology that predicts ones future). Various blind beliefs like marrying at a definite auspicious hour, marriage arrangements, the difference between Mangal-Mangali of children, Saturn spewing ire and hence doing special Mantra Japa to appease it, wearing special jewels/precious stones, looking for an auspicious day for traveling, not performing sacred actions on certain dates etc have rendered world society handicapped on seeing which wise knowledgeable people of the world ignore Astrology. This science took the position of fatalism as a result of which Astrology Sciences tottered from its ancient true form. This is because todays form of Falit Jyotish has forced man to depend only on his/her destiny as per the horoscope.

In times of yore mathematical calculation was given due weight age only to render Astrology Sciences authentic. It was because of this that there was no place for so called astrology scholars in those times who in the name of Astrology who show the gullible lay public fruits of their fate. In those times all researchers were scientists. In chief cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Benares etc such observatories were established so that they could visualize and understand the state and classes of interplanetary positions. With the help of great specialists solar almanacs (Panchangs) were authored. In order to note the shape of earth via various aspects-cones many types of Chakras were created by them. In order to prove how greatly advanced Astrology and Astronomy Sciences were in times of yore one must note that between the years 1200 AD to 1800 AD about 10000 books were authored in languages like Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian etc on the above topics. Not only original writings but that in commentaries and translations of ancient literature todays contemporary renowned world scholars take deep interest.

There is one more domain of Astrology Sciences wherein public power can be generated for rendering transformations in interplanetary influences. Those who are aware of the philosophy of energy of consciousness also know that it has the power to control inert matter. The precious machine called the body is rendered mobile and alive by consciousness of Prana or Vital Force. Maybe rails, motors, ships, self propelling machines, satellites move on their own yet ultimately they get directions from a thinking human being. No doubt intense force/power is present in machines yet they can move about only within certain peripheries. If a direction is to be given to machines or need to be reversed it is consciousness that has to manifest its efforts. In the same way in interplanetary flows based on capability it is possible to usher in extra desired change via consciousness. For this mans terrific conscious energy shall have to be made use of. The terrific widespread nature of interplanetary forces are mind boggling and beyond the ken of our imagination. Despite this fact must be understood that the influence of Prana Energy of consciousness can render desired changes in that stream. Such transformations must be ushered in so that unknown subtle hardships faced by all creatures can be obstructed and invisible boons of the cosmos must be augmented. Planetary Sciences can gain true fulfillment only if their various positions are not limited to theoretical knowledge only and that instead one gains capability of rendering them desirably transformed. Astrology Sciences not only tells us regarding the positions of planets/stars in space but makes arrangements to harbinger aptness in various streams of invisible influences.



Ancient astrologers very well knew that apart from throwing light on planets/stars, solar activities, their inter relationships their mutual influences, information on how the earths atmosphere, plants and creatures get affected, Astrology Science has one more domain viz. to make mankind aware of good/bad reactions of flow of consciousness in subtle interstellar space. Hence great Gurus of Astrology Sciences in those times not only knew about inter planetary activities but they also mastered soul sciences and consciousness. As a result along with gaining information regarding the solar system since they were aware of spiritual cures to induce desired movements therein time and again programs on a large scale were etched for experimentation, research, Anushthan, remedies and congregational spiritual applications.

In this very direction ancient Indian astrologers conducted profound research and have put forth their conclusions. Examples of these AryaBhatts Jyotish Sidhant, Kal Kriya Pad Golpad, Surya Sidhant and on it Nardev, Brahmaguptas research, Bhaskar Swamis Mahabhaskariya etc rare and precious literature that is full of many profound mysteries and Astrology research data. In the 1 st leg of the book Jyotish Sidhant mathematics has been correlated to Astrology Science. In Kal Kriya Pad there is great detail of Astronomy. In the same way its last leg which constitutes 50 verses in one chapter called Golpad throws light on important secrets of Astrology Science. Varah Mihir in his Panch Sidhantik has detailed 5 astrology principles called Paulish, Ropak, Vashishtha, Saur and Pitamah which throws detailed light on Astrology Science.

Right from weather to political events while making predictions people bring about desired changes in their programs. This fact is no less important with reference to influences emerging due to planetary positions in space. Astrology Science that gives this information by merely describing Falit Jyotish based on planetary position influences is not a mundane field of knowledge so as to render gullible people fearful but that based on mathematical calculations by prophesying apt situations and possibilities is a great advanced science that warns us well in advance to usher in desired changes in our day to day activities.

If we deeply cogitate over major Yogas (positions) of planets that have occurred since the past 50 years we shall realize that due to their influence forces that obstruct world peace have appeared in a big way. Unfortunately political leaders the world over made influential decisions on such occasions with reference to the life and needs of millions of people wherein the influence of planets was hazardous and opposing in nature. The result of this was that in these last 50 years we saw gigantic ideals and hope based programs fail miserably only to get destroyed. Many such failed programs include proclamation of non alignment by American President Wilson, his 14 principles, the rules of League of Nations, Washingtons No weapon and Keelag Pact, Davos Plan, Young Plan, Hoovers program of world neo creation, Stimson Program, President Roosevelts Quarantine Speech and proclamation of 4 independences, Hulls 17 principles, Atlantic Charter, Yaltas proclamation, formation of UNO, Trumans speech, Indias partitioning, problem of Kashmir, regions in India developing on the basis of various languages spoken there, Eisenhowers proclamation and so on. The chief reason for all these failures is related to planetary positions. Their cause certainly is not worldly mundane situations but is in fact our intellect, character and thought process. In fact its basis is on the thinking involved behind solutions to world problems designed during conferences of leading world politicians. For example take a look at the horoscope of League of Nations. The chief planet Mars of England affected all politicians participating in the Versailles Treaty Conference in such a manner that only Englands viewpoint got due assent and as a result of this the mode of functioning of League of Nations took such a path that manifested as a horrible 2 nd World War. The state of UNO a bye product of League of Nations too is no better because its creation too took place under malefic influences of planetary positions.

Two large countries wage war only planetary positions are that much more special. When Saturn, Rahu and Mars are in one house and are in that Zodiac Sign which create agitation, such incidences are noted. If we mull over the planetary position noted during the 1 st world war it will become clear that at that hour Rahu-Jupiter and Mangal-Ketu were in Dwirad-Dasha (2 pronged), Saturn-Mars were in one house and Rahu-saturn were in one Trikon (triangle). In the same way if we study the horoscope of 2 nd world war it is clear that the planetary positions verily were wrathful. The powerful planet of democracy Saturn was in Aries Zodiac Sign and in Ashwini Nakshatra (galaxy) along with Ketu and on this was Mars complete view (Purna Drishti). Jupiter and Saturn were in Dwirad-Dasha and Rahu-Jupiter was in Shashthashtak (at 6 to 8 degrees from each other). In this manner gigantic horrific wars of the world were definitely fought during very influential planetary positions. At the time when Saturn shall enter Sagittarius Zodiac Sign many conspiracies will set rolling in Russia and leading people shall get killed. Behind the Iron Curtain many astounding transformations shall occur as a result of which the inner group of Russia shall change drastically. As a result of this that country will see discontent and shall not try to fight America.



Generally we regularly witness lunar eclipses. Yet the number of solar eclipses too is not any less. The influence of solar eclipse is more on planet earth. This is especially when the sun is more hidden and is of the total eclipse variety.

In the 20 years of Era Junction that special chain of solar eclipses seen between the years 1980 AD to 2000 AD is definitely extraordinary. Both modern scientists and leading astrologers of the world term these as very inauspicious for us all. After 16 th February 1980 in the next 20 years 2 more total solar eclipses shall occur. One of them will occur on 24 th October 1995 and the 2 nd will take place on 11 th August 1999. Both shall be clearly seen in India. On 16 th February 1980 a total solar eclipse took place which was the most important incident of this century in India. This is because the path of totality of this eclipse passed above the great land of India. The previous total solar eclipse that could clearly be seen in India occurred on 22 nd January 1898.

This was seen in longitude 30 degrees west to 120 degrees east and latitude 60 degrees north to 35 degrees south hemisphere. This area encompassed Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and Russia.

This eclipse occurred in India in the western mountains of Akola (Karnatak) at 3 hours 39 minutes. Moons shadow that fell on earth at that time while traveling from north-east direction passing by Andhra Pradesh and Orissa region passed by after touching eastern seashore of Jagganath Puri at 3 hours 56 minutes (Indian Standard Time). After this a small region called Mizoram too was influenced by this eclipse.

During the total phase of the eclipse in the dark sky only shining stars and planets Mercury/Venus are seen with the eyes.

In this time span instead of seeing sunlight directly should be seen after diminishing its brilliance 100,000 times. The ultraviolet and infrared portion of solar rays must not be seen directly. In order to make arrangements for this special glass filters are made use of. By doubling the film of photography of black expose such eclipses can be seen. Even the dark ark of a welder and lenses are made use of for this purpose.

The total solar eclipse seen in February 1980 was looked upon not only by renowned astrologers but by well known scientists of the world too as disastrous. On 14 th January in the newspaper Dainik Hindustan it was reported that modern scientists found out that during this solar eclipse a lot of Gama radiations would be emitted. In some way or the other these Gama radiations shall prove to be malefic as far as health of all world living beings is concerned. At such an hour, there is a great possibility of the blood pressure of humans increasing and utter fearful chaos spreading in the lives of other creatures. Scientists have especially warned pregnant women not to move outside their homes during this solar eclipse. Because at the time of eclipse various radiations emitted by the sun can harm the fetus in the womb.

In the year 1980 a total solar eclipse occurred. Apart from this a very important incident took place wherein there was one particular year in which the 11 year cycle of sunspots on the sun got completed. During this year the number of sunspots increased on the sun as a result of which terrific magnetic storms shall ensue on earth along with which solar winds and solar heat shall prove to be more heinous. In these days intensity of dangerous ultraviolet rays too shall augment alarmingly as a result of which regions in latitudes/longitudes nearby the equator (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and other Asian nations) shall undergo intense heat, violent storms and heavy downpour of rain causing untold flooding. Earthquakes shall manifest and volcanoes shall erupt in a fiery manner.

Solar eclipse is one of those wondrous images of nature. This is possible only on a new moon day. It means that the moon lies between the earth and sun. This hence obstructs sunlight traveling to earth and becomes the cause of an eclipse. Lunar eclipse can be seen in the contemporary region of its light but solar eclipse can be seen only in a region that is at the most 10000 km long and 250 km wide. The actual time span of a total solar eclipse is at the most 7.5 minutes.

From the standpoint of astronomers and material sciences too total solar eclipse is an apt incident meant for research studies. It is because at this time the solar atmosphere can be best studied in depth.

At the hour of total solar eclipse on the upper layer of the sun such changes is seen one after the other. In the suns Chromo sphere due to union of many chemicals lines with black spots are noted.

At first the moons dark shadow is seen which appears to touch a certain portion of the round sun. Slowly the entire sun gets covered and light stars diminishing. The air becomes cool and trembling commences. When only a very minor aura of the sun remains the sky becomes dark. Sometimes around the sun an aura akin to a golden ring is visualized. After a few moments the entire sun disappears and a very mild white aura is seen. Sometimes red flames are seen spreading. At that time when demonic darkness spreads out its gigantic arms in all directions animals get agitated, birds cringe in their nests and many flowers close their petals. At that hour only astronomers along with total deftness silently immerse themselves in studying eclipses with their apparatus and advanced technology.

With the intention of studying in a better manner astronomers gather at such a place where the total solar eclipse can be seen for more time. Many months beforehand they prepare for this great event. Scientific apparatus and technology are transported to these regions lying thousands of kilometers away. This is done even if the area is in the midst of a dark jungle or on an island in mid ocean. Just as in 20 th June 1955 in Sri Lanka arrangements were made to witness a solar eclipse best viewed there.

Akin to the rare interstellar planetary union to take place in 1982, in the 20 th century such planets have come together only twice. In one year itself 7 eclipses were seen. In the 20 th century for the first time this happened in 1917. At that time 4 solar eclipses and 3 lunar eclipses had occurred. Two eclipses in each month of January, July and December and in June one eclipse occurred. The 2 nd time in 1935 7 eclipses were seen wherein 5 were solar and 2 were lunar eclipses. In January 2 eclipses, 1 in February, 3 in July and 1 in December were seen. After this in 1982, 7 eclipses took place and its chain was exactly as seen in 1917. It means 2 in January, 1 in June, 2 in July and 2 in December.

This chain of eclipses is falling on the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini Zodiac Sign. Hence those countries and cities that dwell in the middle of this axis or in which there is a linear confluence on the equator shall definitely face undesirable effects of these eclipses. Thus modern scientists opine that USA, Belgium, England, Turkey, West Indies, Brazil, Egypt, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Lancashire, Sahara Dessert, Norway etc shall face malefic influences of this chain of planetary confluence. The planets have united in Libra Zodiac Sign. Thus even China, Russia and Muslim nations shall face dire influences.

The total solar eclipse to take place in 16 th February 1980 can be taken to be a premonition of fearful world events taking place in 1982. Similar such total solar eclipses took place in 21 st August 1914 and in 29 th May 1938. These took place before 1 st world war and 2 nd world war in that order. The total solar eclipse of 1980 was bigger than that of the years 1914 and 1938. Never has such a more terrible total solar eclipse taken place in the 20 th century. It had taken place 2 years before the 20 th century in the year 1898. In those days on an average of a time span of 30 years famine had reached its nadir. In those days are looming large around our scalps the possibility of a heinous famine.

In February 1982 in the direction of the sun the earth was all other planets in a straight line were in the opposite direction and the latters leader was Jupiter planet. Yet the surface and level of all these planets were varied.

In November 1982 the sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto united in Libra Zodiac Sign. This was an inauspicious dire situation for all mankind. But even a more harmful confluence of planets was noted before this in 21 st August to 11 th December 1982 when 6 planets viz. Rahu, sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus confluence in the terrific Leo Zodiac Sign. According to leading astrologers most definitely such confluences were especially venomous for the entire world. But this does not mean that total world humanity shall get destroyed at one go.

Till today amongst all the total solar eclipses noted the most ancient one in 2137 BC was seen on October 22 which has been detailed in the Chinese Newspaper Shu Ching. At that time 2 royal astrologers Si and Ho guzzled so much alcohol that they started staggering and could not study. The emperor hence punished them severely.

An Austrian astronomer T Apolzer in 1987 published a book of his research data called Canonder Finsternise. In it he has given details of 8000 solar eclipses and 5200 lunar eclipses. These had occurred up till 1207 BC and those that were to take place till 2161 AD.

In the 19 th century 4 total eclipses were seen in India. The 1 st took place on December 21, 1843 which was mainly seen in South India but whose records are not available. The 2 nd was in 18 th August, 1868. This was studied and recorded by an astronomer N R Pagson in Macchalipatnam. The great French astronomer J Jeansin too had come to India for this purpose. The 3 rd total solar eclipse took place on 12 th December 1971. The Madras astronomer Avnashi studied it in his Coimbatore Observatory.

The final total solar eclipse of the 19 th century occurred in 1898 which was seen in Central India. The same was noted, studied and observed minutely by many renowned English and American astronomers. Sir Jarmon Laker and Prof A Fowler in Vijaydurg, astronomer Sir William Christi and Prof HH Turner in Shedol, Amercian astrologer WW Campbell in Jaber and John Evershod in Talni observed and recorded it. This time in Osmania University, Hyderabad the eclipse of 16 th February 1980 was studied in detail. For this special technology was used costing 0.4 million rupees. Scientists the world over made efforts to study its influence.

The total solar eclipse seen in 16 th February 1980 took place in Indian peninsula. It commenced at sunrise in southern region of South-West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. After this after passing by Central Africa and Indian Ocean it was seen in India. Over and above this after passing over Burma it ended at sunset time in China.

This eclipse in India was seen at first in Karwad on its western shores. As per Indian Standard Time it was 2.17. After that it passed over Gudag, Raipur, Dornakal to ultimately end on the eastern shores in Puri. It was seen at 2 hours 25 minutes in Raipur and at 2 hours 42 minutes in Puri. In Karwad for totally 2 hours 40 minutes, in Guag 2 hours 45 minutes, in Raipur 2 hours 40 minutes, in Dornakal 2 hours 45 minutes and in Puri it was seen for 2 hours 20 minutes. The other regions in which it was seen completely were Dharwad, Hubli, Mehboobnagar, Nalgoda, Khamam, Bhadrachalam, Koraput, Vavili and Bhubhaneshwar.

In some cities in India the eclipse was seen as follows:

Hyderabad at 2.28 minutes, in Mumbai 2.19 minutes, in Delhi 2.36 minutes, in Kolkata 2.47 minutes, in Ahmedabad 2.20 minutes, in Bhopal 2.30 minutes and in Lucknow 2.40 minutes.

In the year 1980 4 eclipses occurred. The first was a total solar eclipse on 16 th February, the second was a lunar eclipse on 1 st March, third was a lunar eclipse on 27 th July and on 10 th August a total solar eclipse occurred. It is noteworthy that that all these 4 eclipses viz. solar and lunar and lunar and solar respectively took place within a time period of 15 days. On page number 146 of the the famous text of Islam religion called Mauj Jat Masiha regarding Hazrat Imam Bakar it is written: When lunar and solar eclipse shall take place in a time period of 15 days it will be proved that the time of Quyamat has come close.



It is well known that at the time of solar and lunar eclipse obstructions are noted in principles related to planet earth and cycle of flow. Due to this obstruction ordinary activities perceive a change in themselves. As a result of this it is but natural that differences are noted as far as reactions and situations are concerned. Right since time immemorial influences of eclipses have been perceived and with reference to them there are very strange beliefs too in vogue. Amongst these some are symbolic, some real and some useless. Amongst symbolic presentations of ancient times such mysterious realities are unfolded which are very near truth. The effects of eclipses are extraordinary. In these beliefs there are no illusions. The influence of the sun is more and hence solar eclipses create more havoc on planet earth. Due to this scattering havoc not only unnatural but undesired changes take place. Hence eclipses especially solar ones are said to be subjects of a lot of worry.

An honest effort to conduct research on solar eclipses commenced during the solar eclipse of 1851. From the eastern island of Spain 2 astrologers Saini and Warren took its pictures and unfolded what was the state of solar eclipse. After this with the help of new scientific apparatus the scientist Johnson took pictures of solar eclipse in Malayas island on 18 th August 1868. In 1870 Siruli took even more clear pictures. From this it was understood that on this occasion some brilliant lines are being seen on the sun and surrounding it is a special type of light aura. In the year 1871 a new type of telescope was designed which gave new information regarding gas streams and color zone. At the time of total solar eclipse the depth of this color zone was measured as 15000 km. from this extraordinary red sparks were emitted. On 17 th May 1882 a solar eclipse was seen in Egypt wherein a brilliant nebulous (tail like) star was noted. On 22 nd January 1898 during the solar eclipse witnessed a red flame jumping forth was recorded by British scientists. Partial eclipses no doubt keep occurring regularly but that information is not attained from it which is otherwise got from total eclipses. The solar eclipse that took place on 30 th June 1954 was seen in Baltic Sea and in 12 th June 1958 it was seen in the Pacific Ocean. On this occasion in Dazer island a special observatory was set up wherein a a result it was found that during the eclipse period ultraviolet light decreases but that X-rays remain the same in measure.

Right since the 8 years between 1980 to 1988, a chain of solar eclipses took place that can be called extraordinary. In this time period 13 solar eclipses occurred. Amongst these 6 were total, 5 were partial and 2 were of bangle (ring) shape.

Amongst total solar eclipses the one on 16 th February 1980 was seen in Africa and India. On 31 st July 1981 it was seen in USSR. On 11 th June 1983 it was seen in the Indian Ocean. On 23 rd November 1984 it was seen in south Pacific in New Guinea. On 12 th November in 1985 it was seen in Antarctica, south Pacific and on 18 th March 1985 it was seen in Pacific, Sumatra and Bornia. In other places it was seen in the form of a partial solar eclipse.

At the time of eclipse such important research is possible which is not successful at other times. In the year 1968 scientists called Larkier and Johnson at the time of a solar eclipse performed research studies so as to find out the presence of helium gas in the color zone (chromo sphere) of the sun. Einsteins theory too was proved correct during research done on the solar eclipse which propounded that light appeared due to gravitational force of other interstellar space masses. For unfolding unknown planets/satellites the time period of solar eclipse it most optimum.

At the time of solar eclipse not only does the speed of light weaken but that its characteristics too change. Animals/birds experience discomfort. Their eating/sleeping habits turn haywire. Birds rush towards their nests. Blooming flowers start closing their petals. The temperatures dip so much that dew is noted. Suddenly the atmosphere becomes cold and amazing changes are experienced in the weather. Light is seen akin to pearls swimming by. As soon as the eclipse commences generally 15 minutes beforehand sunlight pales. During the eclipse of 16 th February 1980 the sun was on the peripheral lines of Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac Signs. Hence at that time the planets Mercury and Venus were clearly seen shining in the sky. Bhadrapad, Uttar Bhadrapad, Punarvasu, Prashwa and Vyadh Nigrahas too were seen.

A total solar eclipse similar to those days was seen on 22 nd January 1898 in India. A description of an incident taking place 82 years previously was given by researchers of Vijay Durg (Maharasthra). At that time the chariot wheel of the sun was seen rushing swiftly to the west and with more speed it latched on to the ball of moon. Terrible darkness engulfed the sky and the sun set. Two large and three small spots were seen. The eclipse was red in color. Some sort of moonshine was noted. Stars were blinking in the darkened sky. Amongst this Mars planet was seen clearly. On the horizon initially a brownish aura was seen and later it changed to light purple and golden hue. The speed with which the eclipse commenced, in the same speed it ended too.

The information unearthed regarding the designing, heat and pressure of the suns corona and chromo sphere during an eclipse cannot be fathomed at other times. On such occasions scientists give us information regarding emission of radio waves, changes in the earths Ionosphere and influence of geo magnetism amongst other scientific data unfolded by them.

Hyderabads (India) Center for Advanced Studies in Astronomy analyzed the polarized color designing of corona via changes seen in interplanetary waves. They found out that to what extent and in what way waterborne and sky based creatures get affected by solar eclipses. This topic of research is now called Chrono Biology.

According to Indian Institute of Astrophysics from a special region in 50 years 40 lunar eclipses and 20 partial solar eclipses can be witnessed. Yet the opportunity of seeing a total solar eclipse comes only once in 360 years. In comparison to lunar eclipses the ratio of solar eclipses is 3:2. The path of eclipse does not spread out on entire earth and that its spreading is only up to 262 km.

After 223 lunar months or 6545 days, every time the sun and moon return to such states that the eclipse cycle again repeats itself as it did previously. On this basis after understanding that the eclipse program is of 18 years and 10 days for a long time span the prophecies of eclipse occurrences in future are made. Despite this due to the rarity of lunar path there could be changes even if it is predicted that the eclipse shall take place in a particular place and in a particular form.

In the year 16 th February 1980 in India special arrangements were made to study a solar eclipse. For this purpose many small (60) and big (20) observatories were set up in regions like Karnataka, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. From many observatories balloons were set flying and at that time changes in the sky were to be noted. Andhra Pradesh Film Institute has made such movies on this which tells us how creatures and various materials are affected by the solar eclipse.

Indian Institute of Astrophysics had built a huge 21 meter high iron dais in Raipur districts Jwalakante village (India). On it they placed invaluable technology like selostat rectograph. With its help during the occasion of eclipse they took important photographs that gave scientific data regarding the Chromo sphere and aura of the sun.

As per common knowledge the science of solar eclipse is very complex and astounding. Geography students know that the diameter of the sun is 864000 miles and that of the moon is merely 2160 miles. It means that 400 moons can fit into a single sun. on an average the distance between our earth and the sun is 92957200 miles. The average distance between earth and moon is 238840 miles. This too means that if we travel to the sun after resting at a distance akin to the distance between earth and moon then we shall take rest 400 times before actually reaching the sun. Under such circumstances despite the moon coming in between earth and sun, the moons shadow can never completely cover and hide the sun. And yet total solar eclipses are definitely witnessed. The reason for this wonder is the fact that the moon is much closer to earth. Ere it was to be farther than it is today then the moons shadow could have hidden only a portion of the sun.

The total eclipse was of only 2 minutes and 50 seconds. It commenced at 12 hours 42 minutes in the central region of South Africa at a distance of 2500 km from Atlantic Ocean. After this on passing by Congo, Zaire, Tanzania and Kenya, it passed by the Arabian Sea so as to reach the eastern shores of Africa. In this region it was seen for 4 minutes and 12 seconds. On earth this was the biggest time span of the witnessing of the eclipse. After passing by regions in India like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Mizoram it headed for Bay of Bengal. After passing over Bangladesh and Burma it ultimately ended 100km away from Chung Kin town of China. If this eclipse is conjoined to various countries then their names to be included shall be African continent, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and Soviet Union. This amazing sight was not seen by other countries. The strip of total eclipse was spread out in a periphery of 115 to 130 km. At other places, it was seen as partial eclipse.

On the equator the speed with which the earth rotates is 1700 km/hour from west to east. As against this that of the moon whose shadow cuts earth is 3430 km/hour. By keeping in mind this disparity if we wish to see this eclipse for a longer time period from earth the normal period can be increased from 6 minutes to 80 minutes. On noting the speed of supersonic jets researchers seated in it can increase their research time span of an eclipse to this extent. Regarding this efforts have been made because time period available at the moment is very less if we wish to know various upheavals taking place in interstellar space.

The temperature of the gaseous layer of the aura of the sun spread around it is 1 million degree Centigrade whereas that of the ground of sun is merely 6000 degrees Centigrade. What is the cause of this wondrous difference? In order to answer this question a bit easily special situations witnessed on the sun during solar eclipses can give us the clue.

In Konarks Sun Temple (India) the central line of eclipse is seen hence keeping in mind that it is more conducive to conduct research there a large band of scientists reached there. Seven hundred years previously this Sun Temple was built in such a place where the effects of solar eclipse is clearer and can be seen for a longer time period. In order to study the aforementioned solar eclipse in various centers of India about 1000 researchers from all over the world arrived there. These research scientists in order to study the various reactions of solar eclipse in their varied research fields used very expensive precious technology and scientific apparatus for the same.

Both leading astrologers and scientists the world over agree in one voice that due to eclipses certain interstellar radiations are emitted which influence humans and materials in an undesirable manner. Hence warnings are given not to eat food during the phase of eclipse, not to see the eclipse with open eyes and pregnant women along with other patients and weak people should remain indoors. Thus we are warned not to come in direct contact with such harmful radiations. From this it is proved that the effect of eclipses is harmful in some manner or the other.

Although solar eclipses take place each year not all of them are total. Along with this they are not seen in one region again and again. If one desires to see a total solar eclipse taking place in the same region once again one will have to wait for 360 years. Even this time in India it is being seen in the very same form for the same time period after a number of years.

In the past whenever such solar eclipses have occurred one has seen only its malefic influence. Even if this time the same happens we must realize that by surmising todays process of transformation it will destroy all prevalent undesirable elements. Behind every mode of destruction a possibility of progress looms large and it is this that sets rolling in world balance. On this basis one result of this solar eclipse that shall be of a long time period will manifest a manifold increase in great wholesome activities the world over. In this manner we can say that this entire process has both auspicious and inauspicious reactions. In a gist this must be looked upon as an aide and helper for Era Transformation.

According to a leading space scientist Dr Srivastav the gaseous layer present in the atmosphere which protects earth from heinous solar radiations has decreased by 10%. As a result of this at the time of eclipse more destructible effects are noted on planet earth.

In these days solar vibrations are being noted. Every year they contract by 13 km. along with this extraordinarily the number of sunspots are increasing which shall be responsible for malefic influences. In future it certainly is not foolish to predict that these rise and falls shall set rolling widespread upheavals.



Renowned space scientists the world over are worried about the fact that why is planet earth getting less and less boons from interstellar space? In place of boons earth is obtaining more and more curses from space. Why is this so?

On taking serious note certain facts are unfolded which say that in present times various countries of the world are competing with each other neck and neck to get their foothold in interstellar space. Mankind by journeying to moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and other satellites has commenced interfering in interstellar space. In fact now there are plans to set up homes on the moon. Under such conditions speed breakers appear in the natural movements of various planets, stars etc. The result then is that various obstructions and distortions have to be faced by us all.

Apart from this with reference to various goals every year so many artificial geo satellites are sent in space. All these pierce the protective layer of earth before they enter interstellar space. This protective layer made from ozone is weakening on a regular footing because of such attacks by artificial satellites. In many regions of this ozone layer, holes have been noted as a result of which without any obstruction dire radiations from space are entering earth and thus varied type of upheavals manifest on planet earth. When the lone armor is weak but other armors are compact, somehow or the other major problems are averted and yet if all protective armors have holes definitely one needs to worry about it. Till now we had information of only the ozone layer as a protective armor of earth but space scientists tell us that surrounding our earth there are many other types of protective layers. These include radio waves, cosmic rays, Ionosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere and other such protective layers. During times when we interfere with workings of interstellar space these layers too either in a major or minor way gets destroyed. Apart from this we are also setting up speed breakers in the natural activities of Mother Nature which are responsible for binding planet earth to other stars, planets etc in the cosmos in a wholesome way. Statistics tell us that till today so much rubbish have been sent into interstellar space in the form of broken parts of hundreds of geo satellites launched in space that it would amount to tons of it. Day after day this dirt is gathering there which are obstructing various flows of the cosmos. In these days amongst various causes of malefic influences from interstellar space, the chief cause is that it has been rendered a storehouse of rubbish akin to that collected by the municipality.

When a snake dwells in a borough it is secure. Rats and other animals living in cages too are secure. This holds true also for world humans. His security lies in living well within the protective layers of earth without in any way transgressing it. In the name of space research he must not make unwanted labor to cross it else for all world creatures chiefly mankind it will prove to be a situation of life and death. Via research conducted time and again this data has been placed in front of us that in these days the step taken by mankind ultimately shall prove to be suicidal because when situations of yore are compared with contemporary ones in various arenas of life, it has been found that a vast difference akin to sky and earth emerges. In todays times since the protective layers of earth have been pierced, world situations have become that much bitter.

Those who have researched into inter planetary conditions and movements with a subtle eye opine that in the past few decades imbalance has increased so much that in the form of its reaction the sun, moon and earths nature are acting opposing. Giving us its reason astronomers tell us that every unit of this gigantic cosmos indirectly is bound to each other. To the extent that movements always influence each other. Hence even if visibly no undesirable action is executed yet invisibly we are carrying out such tasks which in the future shall reap horrific results.

Everyone knows the law of action and reaction. When someone is poked at without any need its reaction is always bad. When animals like lion, bear, apes etc are poked they get angry and try to attack that person. Poisonous snakes when poked instead of merely hissing they kill that person by biting him/her. Regarding interstellar space our present activities too are of this stature as a result of which we have to endure their dire results.

Take for example the moon. Since it is close to earth it works akin to a communication satellite by sending to us the rays of stars blinking in space. The weather on earth is dependent to a great extent on this balance. Even a minor obstruction can lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions, flooding, famine and other destructive changes. Quite a few years back in 1930 the chief cause of a widespread famine in USA was the imbalanced activities of the moon. On the basis of his research studies William Campbell of Scott Air Force Base declared that the reason why a few years back India faced famine was imbalance noted in interplanetary activities. According to leading scientists when the 500 year record of moons speed cycle was studied the mysteries of as to why again and again various countries are attacked by natural calamities was unveiled. They opined that after these studies it was realized that why North China faces flooding and famine time and again. Natural calamities attacking Japan and South America too are the result of interplanetary imbalances.

Thousands of years previously Indian thinkers and philosophers had mentioned interplanetary relationships along with their influences and had proclaimed that we all are undoubtedly influenced by planets, stars etc. On this basis they helped evolved the Science of Astrology so that in order to accrue special benefits from planets in ample measure special and apt hours to do so are unearthed. Only on the basis of its mathematical calculation and truth of its results it got a scientific stature and it was now accepted as an independent branch of science. As a result not only the credibility of this science got proved but that also undoubtedly the truth of interplanetary influences and results got proved. At that time Astrology Sciences were rendered advanced so that one can benefit from the boons of various planets in space and yet since we are tampering with the natural activities of interstellar space flows the situation is no longer as it used to be in days of yore. The reason being that now its mathematical calculation and prophecies are proving to be wrong and the malefic effects of planets etc are on the rise. Yet it is not as though that planets etc have totally stopped giving us their boons. The sun even now by attracting heat and brilliance from the Super Sun gives its aura and energy to earth and other planets. In the same way the moon gives all its cool serenity. Ere the earth was not getting its serenity all water on earth would have been burnt and vaporized.

All these are boons given to earth denizens by various planets etc which shall be attained in future too. The only condition is that we must be grateful for all this and not tamper with interstellar activities else these planets which are akin to a Goddess full of love and affection that gives us gifts can also take the role of a wrathful Goddess Kali akin to a venomous hissing ferocious serpent. If this were to happen none must be surprised. It is hence that we first take care of our planet earth, not tamper with interstellar space activities only then shall we succeed in accruing their beneficial gifts.



In Charles Berlitz famous book called Doomsday 1999 there is a collection of knowledge wherein it is said that at the end of 2000AD it full of fearful strange world situations. In it there are prophecies given by mystics and predictions put forth by various leading astrologers and other specialists.

In Puranas or Indian Mythology there is a description of Kalki Avatar and Era Transformation? Hence the question is when shall all this take place? Its hint points at present times.

There is a particular belief in Buddhist Religion that after 2500 years pass by post the death of Tathagata the darkness of unrighteousness shall engulf the world. In order to overcome it another Buddha in the form of Maitreya shall incarnate in this world.

Tibetans firmly believe that the 13 th Dalai Lama shall be the final Avatar. After that the worlds form will change so much that it will no longer remain as it is seen today. In fact a transformation shall occur so as to usher in a new world.

The final years of 1999 AD have been full of strife and upheavals the world over. From this standpoint the last day of the year 999 was full of suspicion as to what hardships shall manifest in 1000 AD. Right from its 1 st day till the end of the entire year which natural calamities shall attack the world?

Under the leadership of Pope Sylvester II in Saint Peter Church a very gigantic prayer meeting was arranged. Very eminent personalities of nearby areas took part in it. Everyone prayed collectively saying: O God! You are the omnipotent one. If you so wish, you can destroy all our strife and thus save us all. Such prayer meetings were held that year in other places too. All churches in their own way conducted religious programs on these lines.

That time lapsed by and after 1000 years it is the turn of the year 1999. It is believed that the year 2000 too shall be full of upheavals. As an overstatement or in a symbolic form it can be called world annihilation. What this means is that such a transformation shall set in which is extraordinary in comparison to times of past. It is not necessary that natural calamities shall augment and that materials and creatures shall get destroyed on a large scale. The word upheaval over here means a great revolution. Even bloodshed and killings seen during political revolutions cannot be taken as an example here. The results seen after the industrial revolution set in soon after man unearthed power from electricity, steam and oil were simply mind boggling. This economic or scientific revolution not only should not be looked upon as any less in comparison to some gigantic political revolution but that it super cedes it. It is more apt that at the end of 1999 we think of a great transformation ushering into this world. Merely terming natural calamities and divine sports or Lilas of destruction as Pralaya or world annihilation is incorrect. Even if the entire world does not get destroyed yet time and again regional strife raises its hood and it shall do so in future too. Man is quite used to all this. He knows how to heal the wound.

As per a prophecy mentioned in the Holy Bible, somewhere around the year 1999 AD Israel shall wage a war with the entire world. Heavy destruction shall be witnessed as a result and after that a new world shall usher in. what this prophecy means that there does not seem to an end emerging regarding the fight between Israel and Arabs. The complexity of the situation is deepening and due to backing of Russia and America there is a danger of a world war setting in.

According to renowned astronomers the worlds almanac is of 25817 years. After that intense changes take place and extraordinary transformations are noted in the flow of nature and worldly trends. This state is said to be equivalent to a new world being created. There was a time in the annals of world history when Babylon astrologers were renowned for their scholarliness and credibility. At that time none had questioned this proclamation of theirs and it in fact had become a steadfast belief. Today new space scientists too are assenting to the above belief regarding the world calendar. This can be correlated to the revolutionary cycle of the group of stars. This calculation of 25817 years ends on 17 th September 2001.

The prophecies of a Jewish prophecy maker Nostradamus 400 years back were true in those times and were proved true much later also. As per his prophecy in July 1999 AD China may set rolling in a world war.

Similar hints are found in the predictions of highly intellectual seers right from Edgar to Jean Dixon wherein it appears that that last leg of the 20 th century shall be such that wondrous nature oriented upheavals shall occur, mind boggling world events could be witnessed and such changes shall set in mans daily living which in comparison to the trends seen in the history of modern science extraordinary transformations shall be there for all to see.

Astrologers opine that in this hour of Era Transformation so many external signs can appear in nature which in contemporary time could prove to be heinous.

Scholars of the field of Humanities opine that the rise in world population seen today is the most dire world problem. In a few years due to lack of control in procreating children hunger, thirst and epidemics shall spread out everywhere and as a result it will not only kill people but that world situations shall be rendered such that even those who survive shall find it difficult to lead lives of comfort.

Anatomists say that peoples habits are getting tainted so much that they eat that which should not be devoured, think which should not be thought about and carry out such activities which should not be touched by them even with a barge pole. As a result of this it is rare to find people the world over with healthy minds and sound thinking. The times of weakness and mental agony shall augment so alarmingly that it will be well nigh impossible for medical specialists to avert a widespread downfall.

Social scientists tell us that selfishness, hoarding, sense titillation and misuse of things shall definitely destroy the tradition of that mutual love and cooperation between world humans on the basis of which human progress so far was achievable. The way in which discipline goes unheeded, pride in behaving unruly like and lack of control of crime are raising their hoods alarmingly that sacred ideals shall have no place in the institution of world society. In fact people shall attack each other like hungry beasts and shall be forced to commit suicide too.

These possible situations have been envisaged by those high intellectuals the world over, whose conclusions have always proved to be credible. Since these world problems loom large, the future seems dark and gloomy. Those people who have the power to take major decisions regarding prevalent world situations are living in an atmosphere of mutual distrust and are not acting in a manner so as to obstruct world destruction and in its place lay the foundation of development on a gigantic scale. Even such leading world personalities appear worried and full of despair. When those who while trying to add 2 feet of rope to another rope find the latter breaking up at other 4 places, they too helplessly stare at utter failure.

In this world here and there we can find such seers full of ESP (Extra Sensory Potentials) whose prophecies are known to have been proved 100% true. Those prophecies that so far have come true, tell us that all other prophecies of theirs shall henceforth also come to be true. The prophecies of such high stature seers/visionaries say that the near future of the world indeed is full of hardships. Apart from humanly authored strife natural calamities too shall stare ferociously at us all, the world over.

Spiritual seers maintain that entire world society is akin to a single body and its units have to become partners in all joy and sorrow faced by it. People seated in one boat either drown together or reach the other shore safely. If human thinking and character insists on flowing in the stream of taints its undesirable reaction shall help crop up poisonous agitation in the subtle world and thus nature shall shower us with various calamities. It shall render human living chaotic and haywire by manifesting strange types of dangers and natural calamities. It is the prime duty of every world human not to limit himself only to his own gentlemanly character but that he/she must march ahead and help uproot undesirable qualities prevalent in others too. Those who ignore this collective righteousness shall be termed a criminal in the justice courts of world management. Akin to collective tax punishments those who are looked upon as innocents too shall have to endure harassment of varied types. Along with wheat even bran gets pounded and along with dry leaves even wet ones get burnt. Such examples tell us that by ignoring collective righteous duties we are inviting worldwide strife in our day to day living.

The sun is directly related to planet earth and its special influence affects the earths atmosphere. But this time, even via planet Jupiter extraordinary agitations are being created and there is a high probability of it affecting our earth. Sunspots and radiations sent by Jupiter will manifest 2 fold hardships on earth akin to a leper patient scratching his already rotting skin.

By keeping in mind many such causes subtle seers proclaim that the 20 years between 1980 AD and 2000 AD shall be full of mismanagement, agitation and agonizing strife. These conclusions also tell us that the hour of Era Junction (Yuga Sandhi) has arrived. In it, it is natural for us to witness massive world oriented upheavals. Demonic nature while fleeing its den shall fight the battle of life and death. In these very days divinity has to re establish itself the world over. Hence very much akin to the battle between demigods and demons in these days if we witness widespread unrest in the world that leads to a wayward day to day living in the lives of world humanity, it certainly is not unwarranted or unexpected.

These days there is widespread discussion regarding comets which is a major undesirable natural principle that appears in the sky. The material scientist J H Urtase has given us his thinking regarding the creation of comets. According to him between Mars and Jupiter a comet cloud is created in the form of a strip of fire which is situated behind the path of revolution of Pluto planet. Since it is disallowed from becoming a planet this region is akin to focused energy storehouse in the form of a mass of absorbed material from a nebula ring. Since it lies far away from the sun, its gas remains collected but as soon as it nears the sun while traveling in space it starts getting vaporized and it gets converted into a gigantic tail. After detailed studies of comets a few scientists are giving us information regarding the complex creation process of the solar system via mud particles and interstellar space gas spanning 50 billion years previously.

Regarding reactions of comets varied types of inferences are being put forth. It is generally looked upon as inauspicious. In 1980 AD the famous Halley Comet was seen in the sky. In that very year widespread influenza was seen the world over. Astrologers opined that intense flooding seen in various regions of the world was due to this Halley Comet flying past by earth.

In the year 1980 AD astronomers and biologists together have given us some important conclusions. As per their opinion comets shower on planet earth many invisible harmful chemicals and via the medium of wind play the role of spreading serious deadly diseases on earth. They give rise to so many new types of germs that manifest new types of diseases.

In recent times in November 1985 Halley Comet traveled past earth very closely. Astronomers say that it shed on the atmospheric layer of the earth a poisonous cloud of venomous gases and dust particles. Its dire result was that in those days terrible diseases and natural calamities ruled the roost in every nook and corner of the globe.

In the 20 th century on 30 th June 1908 when earth traveled on the path of Halley Comet a strange incident occurred. A mass of gigantic debris scattered by Halley Comet got attracted to earth by the latters gravitational force and it fell near the central region of Siberia in Russia. Due to its dire influence the 2000 km region near Siberias Tungska River was destroyed. From 800 km itself this calamity was witnessed and its terrible sound too was heard.

Along with the appearance of comets in space so many historical episodes are conjoined. In the year 66 AD when a comet manifested gigantic natural calamities took over Jerusalem. In the 1066 Hasting battle so many humans were killed and at that time a comet had appeared in the sky.

From the possibilities of all such fearful situations manifesting it should not be understood that the end of human civilization is very near. In reality during times of parturition both pain and a new type of management come into being via intense labor. Only after this one gets the experience of the joy of the birth of a new born baby. These 20 years of Era Junction or Yuga Sandhi too must be looked upon thus. In it iron that is rusting or rotting is melted and from this melted iron from which dirt has been removed, a new hope of molding new articles shines forth.




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