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Immortal Promise


















































Every particle of Shantikunj chants, Gurudeva! Gurudeva!

Tomorrow the entire world will say, O Lord! Mahadeva! Mahadeva!

By taking the garb of a human body you manifested in Anvalkheda village.

You took birth in a humble Brahmins home so that you remain hidden from the world.

Previous Avatars manifested in royal palaces with great pomp.

For entire life you remained simple so that no one would recognize your greatness.

In previous eras the cow of righteousness limped with only 1 or 2 legs.

In Kaliyuga or the Dark Age this cow is totally handicapped.

Say, under such circumstances how can righteousness be protected?

Your task was very difficult, say, how can this era be transformed?

Living in this material world you executed that very terrific penance performed by Bhagiratha of yore.

You penned such literature that can efface Vyasji too.

You commenced the tradition of Yajnas so as to sanctify the atmosphere.

By manifesting Gayatri, you created Satyuga (Golden Era).

In order to create Satyuga the creator (God) himself manifested.

Very late it was realized that you were Lord Kalki incarnate.

Rendering the world mind boggled the world was astounded.

We shall fulfill the incomplete task, O Lord! Please help us do so.

Dr B R Patel (M Sc.-Agriculture, Ph.D.)



Henceforth do not sing eulogies of wealth or tragic poetry.

See how Savita (sun) is rising akin to Satyuga.

Now is the countdown of the last moments of the dark night akin to colyrium.

Hence have sorrow poverty augmented as we bid adieu to Kaliyuga or Dark Age.

When a pregnant mother, about to deliver her baby, cries aloud in pain

Ultimately the child is born and there is joy everywhere.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies.

Mother Earth who is the mother of all shall be rendered borderless totally.

One language, one world nation and a human value religion shall be established.

None will be poor or wealthy because wealth shall be distributed equally.

The dawn of Savita or sun shall appear as spiritual communism.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies.

With a satchel the army of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall travel to each and every village.

In order to uproot demonic activities the light of divine wisdom shall be lit everywhere.

Do enlist yourself in this army so as to glorify your lives.

This is because such a precious hour shall never again arrive for many eras to come.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies.

O soldiers of this era! I am bowing down to you since many eras shall sing your praises.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya by becoming the creator of this era has manifested to give you all due credit.

Henceforth do not sing eulogies.

Dr B R Patel (M Sc.-Agriculture, Ph.D.)














In one voice everyone is saying that the present times belong to Era Transformation. On noting the reign of unethical behavior and anarchy wherein it has spread the world over, accordingly world situations have reached a nadir of dire consequences. At such an hour as per the immortal vow of Almighty Lord viz. Yada yada hi dharmasya in order to reinstate balance in an unbalanced world, he appears to fulfill his promise of Sambhavami yuge yuge. The present times that span from the commencement of 1850 to end of 2005 as per astrological sciences has been termed era junction, end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and dawn of Satyuga or Golden Era. Hence these times can be called period of Era Junction. According to some very traditional Pandits/scholars it will take another .3 million, 24 thousand years for a New Era to arrive yet their opinion is proved to be illusory when mathematical calculations of time are executed. Right from the Bhavishya Parva of Harivansh Puran to data found in Shrimad Bhagwat and Bhagwad Gits texts Gurudeva Shriram Sharma has proved that as per actual calculations of time the hour of Satyuga manifestation has arrived. If studies are executed regarding 1000 great eras which correspond to Brahmas 1 day and similarly another 1000 eras correspond to 1 night of his, it is clear how majority of astrologers have erred in calculation of time.

Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that the time span between 1980 and 2000 and a few years post that is that hour wherein the manifestation of intense effort of Divine Energies will uproot injustice and shall help advance creative endeavors. Whenever this happens, clouds of danger loom large in the form of natural calamities, fearful world situations, destructive events and insecurity of mankind. In order to convert a vile intellect into a sacred one, in order to reinstate an intellect of goodwill the subtle invisible world labors hard relentlessly. At such hours we can witness mental agitation, suicides and war clouds looming large in every nook and corner of the world. Such hardships and agonizing situations are experienced by world humanity which was never seen or even heard of previously. Yet as time passes by everything gets repaired duly.

In reality modern science has given so much to mankind that it seems the mighty world rests in the tiny fist of humans. Where on the one hand swiftly moving vehicles have rendered this gigantic world very tiny there it has also deeply influenced world humans mental peace, family life and social aspects too. Along with giving us gifts modern science by augmenting pollution has rendered itself an instrument of decreasing the ozone layer as a result of which purple radiations and germs that cause deadly diseases like cancer too are entering planet earth. The sun that showers energy on earth amounting to power of .7 million mega watt nuclear bombs is definitely aiming its wrath at us all. Solar or sun spots are increasing alarmingly on its surface. Till the end of the 20 th century a series of solar eclipses shall be witnessed that possibly will influence all creatures of earth.

Our Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was a seer, profound thinker and one who could make future prophecies. Whatever he has written right since 1940 till today has come true at the prophetic hour. In this book while giving us reference data right from ESP Seer Shri Aurobindo, the scholarly astrologer of Barar Shri Gopinath Shastri Chulait, Romain Roland, futurist and palmist Cheiro, female astrologer Boriska, prophecies of Holy Bible, famous Yogi of Norway Anandacharya, Jean Dixon, Anderson, Gerard Chrisey, Charles Clark, Prof Harare, Jules Berne, George Baveri to Kalki Puran, in this computer age prophecies made by scholars in Europe, Alvin Toffler, Fritz off Capra, Prof Hamish Makare etc revered Gurudeva has spoken regarding the nature of future times. The seer of a radiant world future Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya time and again opined that the divine creator or God adored only apt world management and its sacred beauty. Despite us all witnessing dire situations the world over, we must yet possess deep faith that Almighty God instead of allowing his exotic artistic creation i. earth, human existence and wonderful garden called this world to fall into a dark pit, he will protect it and showcase his divine tasks thus. The chief mission of the Avatar of this Era called Prajna Avatar is miraculously straighten these lopsided world situations and in an enterprising valiant manner set rolling the world program of Era Transformation. All this can be believed truly after one faithfully studies writings of Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. He writes that: Avatars generally manifest in tainted times as are today being witnessed everywhere. Avatars have imbued world human consciousness with so much intense inspiration wherein those potentials of zest that render apt which is inapt, now are seen fructifying with ease. We can thus actually witness the divine vision of era consciousness actually manifest on earth akin to manifestation of River Ganges in ancient eras.

In his message of Lord Mahakal on spring festival 1990 told each one of us to partner in the divine mission of Prajna Avatar. He said that this would be the supreme understanding on our part in these present times and further wrote that such zest should take birth in our psyche that we too play a praiseworthy role in the Super Revolution of ushering in Era Transformation.

This invitation is extended to just about everyone. Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had proclaimed 21 st century-Radiant Future so that the zest of hope remains alive and kicking the world over.


Indias future is bright. It will take some time for the hour that will augment enthusiasm and zest to arrive yet it is definite that not only Indias glory shall increase but it that shall remain balanced. When in the present times we will witness other countries and their citizens akin to storms in the sky licking dust, time related obstacles shall crush their arrogant egos, yet India even under such thorny conditions shall not fall and instead shall keep rising. It could be that this uplifting be slow in speed (Vangmaya 27-7.7).

As per Shri Aurobindos opinion the unity of the human race has its basis in progress even if at present it is difficult and just in its beginning stages. It is being rendered congregated. It is struggling with very difficult situations yet it has power and speed and if historical experiences can be made our teachers then definitely it will keep increasing and ultimately shall taste sweet victory. In this task great Rishis of India actively are participating. People of the world have started getting their imperishable spiritual boons. Indias spirituality is continuing to enter the shores of America and USA in a big way. This program shall keep increasing manifold. In the midst of times full of strife the eyes of more and more people are looking in the direction of India with great hope and not only its teachings but its inner soul and spiritual practices are being taken recourse to.

The program of a bright future is that of will power and based on this has sacredly commenced a thought revolution of high stature ideals. This great movement has magnetically attracted not only farsighted thinkers of India but those in every nook and corner of the world. In comparison to other paths no doubt this path has its own set of difficulties yet as time goes by they will be overcome totally. In future all progress noted at the world level shall be attained via augmenting of inner divine consciousness. Its sacred commencement will be executed by India and will become the chief center of this program and yet its work arena shall encompass the entire world. Indias future no doubt is bright. Everyone must harbor profound faith in its definite manifestation (Vangmaya 27-7.8).




With reference to mathematical calculation of time the word Yuga or era is utilized in many ways. In those days when particular trend is in vogue it is called in that particular manner. Examples are Rishi Era, Colonial Era and Peoples Era. The all round progress, peace and apt management in the days of Ramrajya or Rams Rule was well renowned as Satyuga or Golden Era. A struggle oriented aspect of Krishnas humungous India Rebuilding Program was termed Mahabharat. During King Parikshits time Kaliyuga or Dark Age manifested and a description is given in Puran or Indian mythology regarding the kings utterances. Even today we talk of Computer age, Robot Age and Scientific Age. Many authors conjoin the word Yuga to their writings. As an example is Yashpal Jains Yuga Bodha. Over here the word Yuga means period in time. It means a time period that is noteworthy or an era which connotes a Yuga.

The calculations of eras are carried out in many ways. Amongst these are calculations for 1000 years. Generally the atmosphere changes every 1000 years and noteworthy changes are seen in various traditions. The end of 20 th century and commencement of the 21 st century is looked upon as end of one era and sacred commencement of a new era.

In the same way in Panchangs or almanacs there are discussions of so many beliefs related to commencement of Samvatsars. According to one school of thought an era spans over millions of years. On this basis we can say that billions of years have lapsed by ever since human civilization commenced and that it will take more than thousands of years for the current Kaliyuga or Dark Age to end. Yet based on available records historians opine that human evolution is not greater than 1.9 million years and this has been further proved using modern scientific technology.

At the time of calculating time negation is generally due to a flaw in its presentation. In that era calculation mentioned in various texts by partitioning the time of revolution of the sun into 4 major parts 4 Deva Yugas have been envisaged. One Deva Yuga is said to be of 432,000 years. On this basis a description of the end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age mentioned in religious texts very much correlates to the present times.

It is highly possible that under such conditions of contradictions people may not easily have faith in this mathematical calculation of time hence over here we will say that the word Yuga means that period of time which is special. This very sentiment lies hidden within the Yuga Nirman Yojana movement. Times are about to change and in it this is clearly witnessed.

Each period of junction time has its own importance. Sunrise and sunsets are called Sandhikal or time of junction. Both these hours are called times of Parva or festival. Those who harbor deep faith in spiritual practices think it important to meditate at these 2 hours. It is at such times of junction that we hear bells of Artis in temples and Ajan in mosques.

At the point where 2 major seasons meet i.e. summer and winter there manifest 2 Navratris of Ashwin and Chaitra months as per Hindu calendar. Both these time periods are said to be festivals of good merit. In this time period devotees perform intense spiritual practices.

The end of night and dawn of day is called Prabhat Parva. In this time period everyone is full of zest. Flowers bloom, birds chatter and every creature sets off in enthusiasm to execute their required tasks. The same holds true for the coming 1000 years. The 21 st century too is manifesting with its auspicious message. We must harbor hope only of a bright future manifesting the world over.

When night is about to end darkness becomes more intense. When a flame lamp is about to gets doused its flickering becomes more potent. The breathing of those dying becomes speedier and heart beats too become fast. The time of ending verily is akin to this.

The general belief regarding end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and commencement of Satyuga or Golden Era is that the time period between 1989 and 2001 spanning 12 years is Sandhikal or time of junction. In it both progress based on human effort and destruction due to influence of Prakriti or nature will work in tandem. This time of 12 years can be called a social era. If this period of junction is believed to be of 12 years it cannot be said to be an overstatement.

At the end of every 12 years various types of changes set in whether it is humans, plant kingdom or the entire cosmos. Generally each cell of the human body undergoes replacement every 12 years. Since this process is totally internal hence it cannot be seen with the gross eyes yet it is a scientifically proven fact.

While mathematically calculating time, the number 12 is given chief importance. The solar system along with entire space has been partitioned into 12 Zodiac Signs. The planetary calculations of Panchang and astrology are based on this. After studying this, an astrologer finds out as to what will be the nature and activities of future times? Everyone knows that the Pandavas were sent to exile for 12 years. Even austerities and very important applications of sanctification/atonement indicate the deep import and special nature of 12 years time span. On this basis if the present 12 years are deemed the junction time of great upheaval then there is no contradiction perceived.

Some hard core Pandits/scholars opine that a Yuga or era constitutes of .4 million 32 thousand years. Thus its 1 leg would be of .1 million, 8 thousand years. As per this calculation it will take another .3 million 24 thousand years for a new era to manifest.

On analyzing contemporary world situations the above does not seem true. In reality everywhere scriptural injunctions have special meanings but when they are erroneously studied blind beliefs start spreading everywhere. The injunction is not erroneous but the interpretation is flawed. Thus they must be properly understood and errors must be uprooted.

On noting varying speeds of circumambulation of different stars/planets and their varied results influencing planet earth the time span of the word Yuga varies. In Vajas Samhita very clearly Human Era and Demigods Era are said to be separate:

Shrutakarna Om sam prathastamatvagira devyamanusha (11/111).

In the Taiteriya Samhita Yuga is spoken of as:

Ya jata aushadhayo devenyaswiyugam pura.

In Rigaved Jyoti Paath the Yuga of Prajapati Brahma is said to be of 5 Samvatsars:

Pancham sanvatsaramaya yugadhyaksham prajapatim.

Yugasya dwadashabdani tatra tani brihaspate.

Tishyadicha yuga prahurvasithatri parasharaha.

Brihaspatistu saumyanta sada dwadash varshikam.

MEANING: When Brihaspati enjoys 12 Zodiac Signs only then 1 Yuga manifests. One Zodiac Sign is of 1 year and hence the Yuga of 12 Zodiac Signs is of 12 years. In the same way as per calculations of sun and moon there is a fair bit of difference as far as the time span of a Yuga is concerned. Scientists have conducted research wherein the Antardasha of the sun changes. These 12 years is its 1 Yuga.

Wherever 1 Yuga is said to constitute of .4 million 32 thousand years there one does not find any sort of such data regarding era time span calculation in Rishi literature.

Regarding the above in Manu Smriti ( 1/67-69) it has clearly been stated:

Bahyasyatu kshapahasya yatpramanam samarutaha.

Ekaikashe yuganantu kramasharstrannarbadhata.

Chatwaryahu sahasrani varshanantu kritam yuga.

Tasyatavat shati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Iteyereshu sa sandhyeshu sa sandhyasheshu cha tripu.

Ekoyayena vartante sahasrani shatani cha.

MEANING: That Yuga wherein during the day and night of Brahmaji the world is created and destroyed, is of this type: Satyuga or Golden Era of 4800 years in which there is a Purva Sandhya of 4 thousand years and 4 hundred years and Uttar Sandhya of 400 years. In the same way Treta is of 6 hundred years, Dwapar of 2400 years and Kaliyuga or Dark Age of 1200 years. The astrologer Medhateeth must have thought that Kaliyuga has passed by unto me for so many thousands of years hence it cannot be of 1200 years. As a result he studied Shrimad Bhagwats Canto 12, Chapter 2 and verse 34.

Divyabdanam sahasrante chaturthetu punaha kritam.

Bhavishyati yada nrinam man atma prakashkam.

MEANING: At the end of 4000 divine years meaning in 4000 divine years (Kaliyuga passed by) and then Satyuga or Golden Era will arrive which will enlighten the psyche and soul of world humanity.

In this verse one notes the word Divya. Astrologer Medhatithi believed the meaning of the word Divya as demigods and till today majority of scholars too believe thus. Since 1 day of demigods is equal to 1 year of human beings Medhatithi out of illusion said Kaliyuga has 1200 years and by looking upon it as demigods year he multiplied it by 360 so as to render it 432000 and opined that this is the time period of Kaliyuga or Dark Age which is totally erroneous. The word Divya can never mean demigods. The proof of this can be found in Rigveda (2/164/46).

Indam mitram varunamagni mahuhu ratho divyaha sasurpano garutman.

MEANING: Sun which is fire in form is called Indra, Mitra and Varun. That itself is Divya Garuda and Garutman.

This Mantra is also found in Nirukta Daivat Kand (7/18). In it the creation of the term Divya Shakti is believed to be thus: Divyo divijo which means that which manifests in Divi is called Divya. Divi is called Dya. In the Naighantuk Kand 12 names of days have been written and in it Dyu also means day. Hence now Divya means that which appears in day time. And it is known to all of us that only the sun appears in the day time. Thus Divya means sun.

In the Rigveda Mantra (1/16/3/10) Irmantasaha silikdivya majmashwa one finds the term Ashwo agnirdevata which means a horse of fire or sun. Even here it is the sun that has been described. Regarding this Mantra Nirukta opines that the term Divya is created from Divya divijo. So it is the same meaning. That which manifests in the day is the Divya sun and it is also clearly written that Asatyadityastuti which means that with this name the sun has been eulogized. In Vedas sun is called Divya and never can we call demigods as Divya. These are 2 very important proofs from the Vedas.

Even from the standpoint of Sanksrit Vyakran or grammar the word Divya cannot mean demigods. In Divya Dhatu if you add the Pratyaya Swortheyat the word Divya is created. Its creation is Divi bhavam divyan, meaning that which appears in Divi is Divya and in day, only the sun manifests. Hence Divya can only be the sun. Divi is called Dyu and Dyu is called day. The word Devta or demigods is created from other aphorisms called Devatal etc and thus there is no relationship between the words Divya and Devta or demigods. The way in which both words viz. Divya and Devta are created is totally different.

In fact Kulluk while commenting on Manu Smriti (1/71) has totally refuted this saying Etasya shlokasyado yade tanmanusham chaturyugam pariganitam etadevanam yuga muchyate. It means that all 4 Yugas are that of human beings and it is equal to 1 Yuga of demigods. Thus Satyuga will be of 4800 years and Kaliyuga will be of 1200 years.

Medhatithi has written that 4 Yugas are that of demigods and that its years are Deva years. This observation has been challenged by Kulluk Bhatta 500 years previously.

In reality the north south movement of sun is called Divya years whose speed is 360 in number. It means 6 months of Uttarayan and 6 months of Dakshinayan together constitute 360 days-nights of human beings. These are then called Divya years.

Thus Divya cannot mean years of demigods. Hence if we do not multiply 360 with 1200 what will remain is 1200 which is the time span of Kaliyuga.

In the Bhavishya Parva of Harivansh Puran too Yugas have been calculated thus:

Ahoratram vibhajyano manav laukikam param.

Samupadaya gananam shrunu sankhya mandiram.

Chatwaryaiva sahasrani varshananukrit yugam.

Tavacchasi bhavetsandhya sandhyashashcha tathanrip.

Trini varsha sahasrani tretasya sparimanataha.

Tasyashcha trishati sandhya sandhyashashcha tatha vidhaha.

Tatha varsha shasre dwai dwaparam parikirtitaha.

Tasyapi dwishati sandhya sandhyanshashchaivatadwiyaha.

Kalivarsha shasram va sankhyatotra manishibhihi.

Tasyapi shatik sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

MEANING: O Arindam! Please listen to the calculation of Yugas as per the categorization of day and night in the world of human beings. One Kritayuga is of 4000 years its Sandhya is of 400 years and its Sandhyansh too is of 400 years. Treta is of 3000 years and both its Sandhya and Sandhyansh too are of 300 years each. Dwapar is of 2000 years and its Sandhya and Sandhyansg both are of 200 years each. Scholars opine that Kaliyuga spans for 1000 years and its Sandhya and Sandhyansh are of 100 years each.

Both in the Ling Puran and Shrimad Bhagwat text too one finds similar calculations of Yugas. In the 3 rd Canto of Shrimad Bhagwat (3/1/19) it is said:

Chatwari trini dwai chaike kritadishu yathakramam.

Sankhyatani shasrani dwi gunani shatani cha.

MEANING: In Krita etc Yugas of 4, 3, 2 and 1 the number keeps increasing 200% sequentially. What it means is that if 800 years are added to 4000 years of Kritayuga it becomes 4800 years. In the same way one measures the time span of the remaining 3 Yugas. In certain places for social behavior of humans 1 Yuga is believed to be of 12 years. If this is multiplied by 1000 a Devyuga is created in which all 4 Great Yugas are included. When this Devyuga of 12 years is multiplied by 1000 one day of Brahma spanning .1 billion .2 million years emerges wherein the worlds creation and destruction takes place. In the Bhagwad Geeta (8/17) Lord Krishna speaks of this very Yuga:

Sahasra yugaparyanta mardhyad brahmano viduhu.

Ratri yuga sahasrantam tehoratra vidojana.

People who in principle know day and night understand that the time span of 1000 Great Eras constitute Brahmas 1 day and his 1 night too is of 1000 Yugas or Eras. Lokmanya Tilak while clarifying its meaning, writes that a clear analysis of calculations of Yugas is mentioned in texts like Mahabharat, Manu Smriti and Yasknirukta. According to Lokmanya Tilak Our Uttarayan is 1 day of demigods and our Dakshinayan is their 1 night. In Smriti texts and Samhitas of astrology based scriptures it is found that demigods dwell on the Mount Meru or North Pole. It means that 2 Ayans of 6 months each which is 1 year of humans equals to 1 day and 1 night of demigods. Thus 360 years of humans equals to 360 day-night or 1 year of demigods. There are 4 Yugas viz. Krit, Treta, Dwapar and Kali. The mathematical calculations of Yugas is: Krityuga has 4000 years, Treta has 3000 years, Dwapar has 2000 years and Kali has 1000 years. But as soon as one Yuga ends the next Yuga does not commence immediately and that between 2 Yugas there is a Sandhikal or junction time. Thus before and after Kritayuga there is a junction period of 400 years, before and after Treta there is a junction period of 300 years, before and after Dwapar there is a junction period of 200 years and before and after Kali there is a junction period of 100 years. Thus totally the Sandhikal or junction period of all 4 Yugas is 2000 years. These 2000 years and 10000 years of 4 Yugas as mentioned in Sankhya philosophy adds up to 12000 years (Geeta Rahasya Bhumika page 193).

As per this calculation it is clear that present times are of Sandhikal or junction period. In ancient literature our history has been classified into 5 Kalpas.

1) Mahat Kalpa is of .1 million 9 thousand 8 hundred years. By starting from Vikramiya Purva to 85800 years Purva.

2) Hiranyagarbha Kalpa. From 85800 Vikramiya Purva to 61800 years Purva.

3) Brahma Kalpa. From 60800 Vikramiya Purva to 37800 years Purva.

4) Padam Kalpa. From 37800 Vikramiya Purva to 13800 years Purva.

5) Varah Kalpa. From 13800 Vikramiya Purva it is continuing in our present times.

Till now the Manvantars of Swayambhu Manu, Swarochish Manu, Uttam Manu, Tamaas Manu, Revat Manu, Chakshush Manu and Vaivaswat Manu of Varah Kalpa have already passed by and as of now we are witnessing the Antardasha of Vaivaswat and Savarni Manu. In the Kalki Puran it is written that when in Varah Kalpa Savarni Manus Daksha, Brahma, Rudradeva and Indra Savarnis Manvantar passes by an Avatar shall manifest and on earth when the junction period (Sandhikal) of Kaliyuga shall end Satyuga or Golden Era shall dawn. Since Savarni Manu commences from Vikram Samvat it happened 5730 years previously. It was after Manvantar of Indra Savarnis that it written that Lord Kalki shall manifest and that Kalki Samvat will come in vogue. This commences from the birth of Kalki and its time period is around Vikram Samvat 4970. For information about Kaliyuga Samvat King Pulakeshin (II) Chalukya had asked his wise astrologers to make apt calculations. In carvings on rocks in Ihol region of South India it is mentioned around the years Samvat 1969-70. From this it is proved that manifestation of Lord Kalki so as to combat Buddhist influence took place around Samvat 1969-70. With reference to this historic data unearthed by Ancient Historical Research Institute (Mathura, UP, India) is very important. Their research scholars have accepted the above mentioned data as true and in its report while writing regarding astrological calculations opines that these times correspond to Tamomaya (darkness) Sandhikal or junction period of Brahmaratra.

In the 2 nd Canto of Shrimad Bhagwat a clear indication is given regarding completion of Kaliyuga or Dark Era:

Yada devarshayaha saptamghasu vicharanti hi.

Tada pravrittastu kalirdwadashabda shatatmakaha 31.

Yada maghabhyo yasyanti purvashadha maharshayaha.

Tada nandat prabhrityesha kalirvriddhigamishyati 32.

Yasmin krishno divam yatastaaminneva tadahani.

Pratipannam kaliyugamiti prahuhu puravidaha 33.

MEANING: When Saptarshis (stars) came to Magha galaxy Kaliyuga commenced and when Saptarshis will enter Purvashadh galaxy then in 1200 years in the times of King Nanda Kaliyuga shall mature. As soon as Lord Krishna returned to his divine abode from this world, Kaliyuga or Dark Age commenced.

At present Saptarshi stars are in Kritika galaxy. There is data available saying that they dwell in 1 galaxy for 100 years. When they were in Magha Kaliyuga commenced. Till now for once they have gone to 27 galaxies or Nakshatras. Thus from Magha to Revati it is 18. A complete single cycle of 27 and up till Kritika it is 3 which means they have gone to totally 48 Nakshatras or galaxies. In this manner Kaliyuga ends in Samvat 2000 on Shravan Krishna moonless night or Amavasya.

The exact time of Kaliyuga ending is found in the following verses:

Yada yandrashcha suryashcha tatha tishya brihaspati.

Eka rashau sameshyanti tada bhavati tat kritam.

MEANING: When at the same time moon, sun and Jupiter enter Pushya Nakshatra and come in one Zodiac Sign, Kaliyuga ends so that Satyuga or Golden Era can manifest. This Yoga or time corresponds to 1 st August 1943 as per Shravan Krishna Amavasya of Samvat 2000 years.

In the historical text Mahabharat (Van Parva, Chapter 190, verses 88/89/90/91) too, a similar description is given:

Tatastumul sanghate vartmane yugakshaye.

Dwijati purvako lokaha kramena prabhavishyeti.

Devaha kalanterenyasminyunarloka vivraddhaye.

Bhavishyati punardevamanukulam yadricchaya.

Yada chandrashcha suryashcha tatha tishya brihaspati.

Ek rashau sameshyanti prapatsyati tada kritam.

Kal varshi cha parjanyo nakshatrani shubhani cha.

Kshemam subhikshamarogyam bhavishyati niramayam.

MEANING: At the time when the present era ends dire events shall manifest and slowly the progress of high class people shall augment. After a short time span as per the wishes of Almighty God the time that shall augment world glory shall arrive. When in Tishya moon, sun and Jupiter shall arrive in one Zodiac Sign with equal Anshas (portions) Satyuga shall re manifest. Thus rains will pour down in a timely manner and everyone will live happily while experiencing good health.

In the above lines is mentioned the word Tishya. It has 2 meanings viz. Pausha month or Pushya Nakshatra. Those who accept the meaning of Tishya as Pausha month opine that Satyuga has already appeared a few years back. As per the opinion of thos accepting the meaning as Pushya Nakshatra this Yoga has arrived in Shravan Krishna Amavasya Samvat 2000.

Elsewhere in the text of Mahabharat (Van Parva, 188, 22-26) it is written:

Chatwaryahuhu sahasrani varshanam tat kritam yugam.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tathavidhaha.

Trini varsha sahasrani tretayuga mahochyate.

Tasya tavacchati sandhya sandhyashashcha tataha param.

Tatha varsha sahasre dwapare parimanataha.

Tasyapi dwishati sandhya sandhyashashcha tatha vidhaha.

Sahasramekam varshanam tataha kaliyuga smritam.

Tasya varsha shatam sandhi-sandhyanshashcha tataha param.

Sandhi sandhyanshayostulyam praman mupadharay.

MEANING: It is said that Satyuga or Golden Era is of 4000 years. Its Sandhya and Sandhyansha are of 400 years each (It means that Satyuga totally constitutes of 4000+400+400=4800 years). Tretayuga is of 3000 years and its Sandhya and Sandhyansha are of 300 years each. Thus totally Treta has 3000 + 300 + 300= 3600 years. Dwapar spans 2000 years and its Sandhya and Sandhyansha are of 200 years each. Thus totally it is of 2400 years. Kaliyuga is said to be of 1000 years and along with its Sandhya and Sandhyansha of 100 years each it adds up to 1200 years.

The same above topic has been discussed in Ling Puran:

Chatwaricha sahasrani manushani shilasan.

Ayuhu kritayuge viddhi prajanamiha su vrat 9

Tataha kritayuge tasmin sandhyanshepra gatetuvai.

Padavashishto bhavati yugadharmabhasu suvartaha 10

Chaturbhagai kahinantu tretayug manuttamam.

Kritardha dwaparam viddhi tadardha tishyamuchyate 11

Trishati dwishati sandhya tatha chaika shatimune.

Sandhyansha kantitha shevam kalpeshwevam yuge yuge 12

MEANING: Satyuga equals to 4000 years of human beings. When the final Sandhyansha of Satyuga passes by 3 parts of Dharma or righteousness remain. Tretayuga is of 3000 years, Dwaparyuga is of 2000 years and Kaliyuga is of 1000 years. Adding up all their Sandhya and Sandhyansha they correspond to 800, 400 and 200 years respectively.

Regarding the concept of time calculation (Kalnirnay) Lord Veda Vyas has opined as follows in the 4 th Prapathak of Vedant Darshan:

Dwidhasumantaha kramarddhitar bijabhyam. 10


Asumantaha praninaha kramaddhi tar bijabhyo kramonnati kramavanatyoha shakti visheshabhyam. Tatrayasya bahulyam bhogabhumau dwitiyasya karma bhumau drashtavyam. Atracha manujeshu ye kramarddhishi jinastesham pragunnatir numiyatam viyati vihanganam vordhwagaminam.

MEANING: The world of human beings is of 2 types. The 1 st is of Kramonnati and the 2 nd is of Kramavanati. The 1 st involves people who progress sequentially and is said to be the land of sense object enjoyment (Europe, USA etc) and 2 nd predominates with people believing in Karma or action (India). At first those of Kramonnati seeds undergo downfall and later they start progressing step by step. Those with seeds of Kramavanati first progress and then undergo downfall. From this we can conclude that those Indians who have fallen today were advanced previously and those aliens who appear advanced today had experienced downfall previously. Its example is akin to birds flying in the sky. Amongst these those who are flying higher step by step are progressing and those that are flying downwards are undergoing a downfall.

Tadvartiyugani vyastaika kramabhyam.


Tadvatoriti na dwato kramarddhi tarvijatorvyastaik kramabhyam vyutkramanukramabhyam yugani satyatreta dwapar sanjnakani pratibhantirtyathaha tathacha kramonnati bijanam kalyadi satyantani kramadanati bijanam tu satyadi kalpantani yuganivarttante.

MEANING: The Yugas of both viz. Kramonnati and Kramavanati is of 2 types called Vyutkram and Anukram. For Kramavanati there are 4 Yugas viz. Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kali. Bang opposite to this for Kramonnati the 1 st is Kaliyuga and then step by step after progress takes place a great state of Satyuga or Golden Era manifests. From this a conclusion can be made that at first India possessed a Satyuga state which later got converted to Treta, Dwapar and Kali respectively. A little progress commenced for Kramonnati in the beginning (Kaliyuga) and in future Yugas, after increasing sequentially, in present times reached great heights. Now there are clear indications of its falling down. It is not erroneous to infer that now in the land of India Kaliyuga shall end and Satyuga is about to dawn.

This then is an indirect method of elucidating Yugas wherein instead of directly calculating time periods one infers those situations via contemporary times prevalent then. In Indian scriptures this methodology too is in vogue. Following is its example:

Regarding this in the text Aitereya Brahman one chapter is very emotionally sensitive and full of wise teachings. On seeing a Rishi in gloom and despair, Indra adises him thus:

Kalihi shayano bhavati sanjihanastu dwaparaha.

Uttishthantreta bhavati kritam sampadyate charan.

MEANING: At that time when society or an individual lies unconscious in sleep, meaning they are spiritually ignorant, that time is Kaliyuga or the Dark Age. When after sleep ends and they yawn (they start gaining consciousness of surroundings) it is Dwaparyuga. Then when they get up to sit it is Tretayuga. When on standing up they start walking, meaning they zealously commence their righteous duties, know that Kritayuga or Satyuga has arrived.

In order to obstruct an imminent war Krishna while wisely advising says:

Yada drakshasi sangrame shwetashwam Krishna sarthim.

Endraastram vikurvanabhuvam chapyagni marute 6

Gandivasya cha nirghosham visfurjitibhivashanehe.

Na tada bhavita treat na kritam dwaparam na cha 7

Yada drakshasi sangrame kuntiputra yudhishthiram.

Japa homa samayuktam swam rakshantam maha chamum8

Adityamiva durgharsha tapantam shatruvarhinim.

Na tada bhavita treat na kritam dwaparam na cha 9

MEANING: When in a war we shall see charioteer Krishna ferocious like inferno and witness Arjun in wrath using his Gandiva bow and arrows menacingly at that time neither will Treta, nor Satyuga nor Dwaparyuga remain. When we shall see that son of Kunti called Yudishthira who performs Japa and Yajnas so as to shine brilliantly like the sun protect his army and burn to ashes his enemys army, at that time neither will Treta, nor Satyuga nor Dwaparyuga remain.

In the above lines scriptural scholars by describing the mental state of todays times subtly have tried to elucidate time.

In the Harivansh Parva of text Mahabharat in words that are even more clear those signs of Era Transformation have been listed which today is open for all to see:

Paraspar hatashwashcha nirakandya sadukhita.

Evam kashta manupraptaha kali sandhyanshake tada.

Prajakshyam praysyeti sadhyam kaliyuge na hi.

Kshino kaliyuge tasmintataha kritayugam punaha.

Prayatsyeta yathanyayam dwabhavadevananyatha.

Ite chanye cha bahavo divya devagunairyutaha.

Pradurbhava puraneshu giyante brahmatevadibhihi.

Vishwatva shrunu mey vishnorhariratvam cha kriteyuge.

MEANING: When Kali ends at the time of its Sandhyansh intense hardships manifest. Discontent augments in people and terrible wars are fought wherein world public gets destroyed. Before Satyuga manifests at least once nadirs of sins and chaotic situations are noted. When this happens know that Kaliyuga is about to end. Later reformed world situations manifest as Kritayuga and divine qualities manifest in humanity. At that time as per scriptural injunctions people become spiritual and divine in nature.

In Harivansh Purana Kaliyuga or Dark Age has been described thus:

Shasya chaura bhavishyanti tatha chaila paharinaha.

Bhakshya bhojya praharashcha karanda nanshva harinaha 22

Chaura shchaurasya hantaro hanta hartu bhavishyati.

Chaura shchaur kshaye chapi krite kshemam bhavishyati 23

MEANING: People will loot food, clothes etc. Each robber will rob another robber and will murder each other. Thus when robbers will kill each other peace will set in. At that time:

Nihsare kshubhit loke nishkriye kantar sthite.

Naraha shrayishyanti banam kar bharam prapidata 24

MEANING: People the world over thinking themselves to be useless and idle will become sorrowful and will wonder as to what should they do and not do. At that very hour people will be taxed so heavily by the government that out of strife they will head for the forest. At that time:

Naiva shunya na cha shunya bhavishyati vasundhara.

Goptar chanya goptaraha prabhavishyanti sahsvrinaha 33

MEANING: It can neither be said that the earth has become empty and nor can it be said that earth is full of human beings. At that time only those people shall be present who are able to dwell in Himalayas and forests because so many human beings shall die when terrible wars are waged. Those few people that shall remain shall reside in forests or vicinity of Himalayas. Amongst these those who possess weapons shall become security personnel to protect others and a few shall harass others.

Bhavishyati tanda tejam rogai rairindriyaha sakshayaha.

Ayuhu prakshay sam rodha dwivadaha prabhavishyati 41

Sushrushave bhavishyanti sadhunam darshanaretaha.

Satyam cha prati pashyanti vyavaharopa sankshayat 42

Bhavishyanti cha kamanam labhadharma shilinaha.

Karishyanti cha sankocham swapathya kshaya piditaha 43

Evam shushrujano daney satya prana nirakshane.

Chatushpadaha pravrit shcha dharmaha shreyobhiyatsyate 44

Tesham labhdhanumana nan guneshu parivartatam.

Swadu kimambiti vijnaya dharma evam vadishyati 45

Yatha hanihi kramatprapta tatha vriddhi kramagata.

Pragrihita yato dharmey pravatsyanti kritayugam 46

MEANING: The potency of sense organs shall diminish due to widespread diseases and since ones life span too will shorten there will be anguish everywhere. They will yearn to associate and have sacred Darshan of great sages and shall imbibe their precious teachings. Since people will be diseased and all social contacts decreasing people will start uttering only truth. Since they shall be jobless they will observe righteousness and true religious principles. Since people shall fear shorter life spans and attacks of illnesses they will repent and shall give away a lot in philanthropy. Since they will speak sweet words of truth when they will imbibe a sense of selfless world service and when Dharma shall arrive with all its 4 legs at that time their minds will say that to behave un righteously is indeed erroneous and is wholesome to act righteously. At such times everyone will teach only righteousness and they too shall act righteously. The way in which righteousness gets eroded sequentially in the same way step by step righteousness shall augment and when everyone shall become righteous it will be called Satyuga or Golden Era. When both Satyuga and righteousness arrive in full throttle joy and wealth automatically shall arrive in the lives of world humans. In the same way the entire world will be happy and ooze with qualities of a Golden Era.

In the Harivansh Puranas Bhavishya Purana (Chapter 4, Verses 12 to 19) the end of this era has been mentioned. Following is a glimpse of it:

Murkha swarthaparalubdha kshudrahakshudra paricchada.

Vyavaharopakrit shchachyutam dhacchi shashwatat.

Hataraha para ratnanam para dara paharakaha.

Kamatmano duratmanaha sopadhaha priya sahasaha.

MEANING: World humanity shall become foolish, selfish, greedy, full of lowly desires, shall behave tainted, fallen from true eternal religion, shall rob others wealth, will lure women other than their wives lewdly, lustful, wicked souls, thug like and those executing terrible acts.

Vipra rupani rakshansi rajan karna bhedinaha.

Prithvimapu bhokshyanti yugante samupasthite.

Nihmva syayabab shatkaram arnayashchabhi maninaha.

Vipraha kruvyad rupena sarva bhaksha vritha vrataha.

MEANING: Wicked demonic people putting on the garb of Brahmins shall roam around freely, kings will believe in hearsays and Brahmins by renouncing self introspection studies and religious deeds shall surrender to dishonesty and arrogance. They all like crows and eagles shall eat food that should not be devoured (meat and flesh) and shall perform unwholesome rites and rituals. All this shall happen when that era is about to end.

Mahayuddham mahanandam mahavarsha mahabhayam.

Bhavishyati yugey kshiney tatkashathamya lakshanam.

MEANING: Gigantic wars shall be waged cannons/bombs and other fiery weapons shall boom aloud, there shall be either torrential rains or famines, there shall be communal strife, looting and fire like fearful situations shall erupt everywhere. Such types of scenes shall be witnessed at the end of that era.


The great teacher of Sikh religion Shri Gurugobind Singhji in the 10 th Granth Sahib and in other places has opined that Kaliyuga shall end in Samvat 2000. He has called this time period as Samvat.

Khalifa Jamasya of Prophet Zoroaster in his book Jamasyanama has written:

When sun, moon and Jupiter shall enter Kark Zodiac Sign a great soul will take birth and he shall spread justice and happiness all over the world. The world shall then renounce all sinful acts. This very Yoga has been mentioned in the text Shrimad Bhagwat as the end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age. This corresponds to Samvat 2000.

Lama Yogis of Tibet too have faith that very soon the Chambal Yuga or Golden Era shall commence and that truth will gain victory over falsehood.

In Jewish religious scriptures such descriptions are given wherein it is said that in these days the Guegajar Yuga or Golden Era shall manifest.

The Bahais of Iran have faith that these contemporary times of today are the hour of Golden Era or Satyuga to dawn.

Japanese Buddhists believe that from the year 1936 AD Abtiri or Golden Era has already appeared.

In an Arabic book called Mala bud kablut kayamat the signs that manifest before Quayamat or Day of Judgement (World Annihilation) appears are thus:

Apart from deep sleep state none shall experience peace in the waking state. The people of East shall laud Westerners. Women shall demand equal rights as men enjoy. Iron shall be more precious than gold. A new metal akin to silver shall come into vogue. It will not be looked upon undesirable to sit in bazaars and eat food. Women by giving up the veil shall roam around freely. People will sleep right till noon. It will be possible for humans to fly in air just as birds do. It will be very easy to send messages to far off places merely in a few moments. For eating there will be hands of iron and bedsteads too shall be of iron. Vehicles shall be such that despite being without living animals like horses etc yet journeys of thousands of miles shall be executed. People shall not respect their parents, religion shall be rendered obsolete and when the sun comes to Sava neje people will adore its light.

All above mentioned can be witnessed today. Via electrical lighting the sun has come to Sava neje and everyone likes it.

In Meccas Hamidiya Library one can find a book called Alkshfa valktmafi marfat. In it is written:

When fights, agitations and infidelity shall rise alarmingly a great man shall appear. He will ooze with spiritual divine powers. He will render obsolete all fire based weapons. In every nook and corner of the world he shall gain victory. He shall find no need to take his army to all regions. Soul power itself will prove enough for him. The entire world shall avidly listen to him. He shall render planet earth heavenly and the aged shall become youthful.

The same type of description can be found in a text called Imame akhikjjama.

As per Islamic sacred literature around Samvat 2000 Quayamat shall manifest. Over here Quayamat means that no sinner will exist in this world. In a well known book of Medina called Maqsoom Bukhari it is said:

In the 2/3 rd part of 14 th century of Hijri year Quayamat shall manifest and Hazrat Mehendi shall appear in this world.

1/3 rd portion of every century is made up of 33 years and 4 months. 2/3 rd portion is of 66 years and 8 months. On Shravan Amavasya of Vikrami 2000 the date of Rajab month of Hijri year 1363 is 28. In this manner this calculation too corresponds to end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age in Samvat 2000 as mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

The above mentioned mathematical calculations of time and analysis makes it clear that those situations experienced by us all in todays times is the Samkranti time (Era Junction) which is full of merits. In it lies end of Kaliyuga or Dark Age and sacred commencement of Satyuga or Golden Era. In the very near future ere we actually witness its radiant light one should get least mind boggled by it.



More than 50 scholars the world over has deeply studied Nostradamus book called Centuries. Amongst these an 18 year old student of Oxford University named Erica unearthed his hand written book in the aforesaid library. Those who have studied it in detail opine that whatever has been written in this book either has already taken place or that in the near future it shall happen. According to them before the manifestation of a Golden Era Nostradamus has spoken of a 3 rd destructive super force called Anti Christ which can be called the nadir of demonic principles prevailing in the Dark Age. In these modern times the world is already undergoing such situations. This Sandhikal or Era Junction shall continue till 1999 AD. In this time period a new spiritual consciousness by correlating discipline, beliefs and scientific research shall render naught all possibilities of world destruction and a New Era shall dawn which Nostradamus calls as Age of Truth.

From the cultural standpoint Nostradamus has spoken of a glorious India arising as a Super Power and has said that such a thought flow shall manifest from a great island surrounded on all sides by the ocean, predominating in religion and that has the most ancient culture the world over, which shall steer the world away from destruction and shall instead lead it on the path of advancement. All great thinkers glimpse India as a world leader based on these prophecies and they say that the thought revolution of future times shall be the firm foundation stone of dawn of a New Era.

Those very fearful situations of the 20 th century that Nostradamus visualized 475 years previously can actually be witnessed today the world over.



The world today is undergoing very turbulent situations. Entire world humanity is living life amidst nature based and self created fearful situations. Generally a lot of discussion does take place regarding all this and yet the question arises is that what will be the nature of future times? Many scientists, economists, astrologers, weather scientists, futurists etc looked upon as great thinkers in their respective fields infer in their own way about the dawn of a New Era make prophecies regarding it. Regarding the future New Era ordinarily everyone agrees that those undesirable, destructive situations seen today the world over shall lose its very existence in the near future akin to a blade of grass engulfed by a cyclone and such a New Era shall usher in wherein joy and peace shall rule the roost in the entire world. And yet everyone shall have to endure pain akin to a pregnant mother just about to deliver her beloved baby.

The highly intellectual thinker Ruth Montgomery while putting forth this very belief in her book Strangers among us writes via the medium of invisible helpers that very soon in the times to come we all shall witness the making of a single world nation and a single world government. Todays different countries in future shall coexist as different states of one world nation and thus it will be governed by a single world government. This indeed shall be an extraordinary scene for the world to visualize. In every world region a single world currency shall be used. Modes of contacting shall not be as seen today. In fact in this arena a very new technique shall come into vogue. Air travel shall be replaced by spacecrafts. Fossil fuels shall be very useful and important and solar and magnetic energy sources too shall be used a lot.

People the world over shall see and experience in future heaven manifesting on earth. Everyone shall work with camaraderie and their goal shall be to help earth regain its original state which had no lack of any sort, they shall uplift the entire world and will help it advance in an all round manner. That extraordinary problem resulting due to transfer of Polar Regions shall be solved by the new human race of the 21 st century due to its important contributions.

Ruth Montgomery further writes that the mindset of waging terrible wars shall be nullified. Mental peace at that time will advance so much that people despite dwelling far away from each other on earth shall be capable of exchanging thoughts akin to telepathy. With its aid they will be able to influence each others thinking positively. The fear of war based technology shall end hook line and sinker. People will virtually forget all such destructive weapons as a result of which they shall not have to wait very long for world peace and happiness to usher in. At such times most definitely the Golden Era or Satyuga shall manifest wherein world creatures shall observe discipline and laws earmarked by Almighty Lord. Generally situations of strife manifest when people harbor varied thinking but when world human thinking shall become uniform, when people observe the same mode of discipline, governance and worship there is no question of fights and arguments erupting. In future times such desirable situations shall definitely manifest the world over. At that time people will lean towards spirituality in such a manner that in comparison to external material progress more importance shall be given to inner spiritual growth.

In present times these changes shall take place albeit slowly. After the transfer of Polar Regions at the end of 20 th century it shall speed up only when as a result of all this a lot of wealth and human population gets eroded. People shall witness its dire result with their own eyes and will now realize how important it is to sanctify and transform their very thinking. Only after such fearful situations transformation shall gain immense speed and after a certain time span such changes from the very foundation of human thinking, character and social behavior shall be noted that everyone shall say in unison that a new human civilization has been created. In reality only after this, people shall have the power to identify energy that is thought oriented.

She continues writing in her book that in these days a Messenger of God shall take birth who shall try and help us realize the truth of that prophecy of Helen Keller which says that mans success and happiness lies within his very self/soul. If man erroneously tries to search for it outside it is akin to running after a mirage in search of nonexistent water. This Messenger of God by setting an example of his own life shall inspire others in this direction. He shall show that within man exists such untold precious potential that ere he masters the method of unfolding it, he shall no longer have to dwell in situations of today that are full of discontent and tension. What then is the way to unveil these possibilities? This messenger shall help everyone understand its important methodology and shall show that only on imbibing it can world welfare usher in. As a result it shall be powerless to obstruct a bright world manifesting in future.

This Golden Era shall reign for thousands of years after 21 st century. At that time world humanity shall exhibit astounding thought and emotion based equality. Instead of this equality remaining a mere facade it will actually be seen imbibed in the day to day living of humans. If anyone falls sick others shall help him/her akin to near and dear relatives. In it psychic powers too shall be utilized. People will think it to be their prime duty to communicate their health augmenting mental energy to diseased people and shall continue this meritorious act till that patient regains total good health. Vile feelings shall get destroyed from their very roots and goodwill shall replace it. Everyone shall desire to do good deeds towards all. It shall now be possible to contact invisible bodiless souls. In the same way subtle divine souls by contacting great saints shall give important information, inspiration and light as a result of which world creatures shall reap multifaceted benefits.



I can clearly see that sacred region of North India where a saint with terrific efforts immersing himself in ceaseless spiritual practices is radiating such a divinely spiritual flow which shall be capable of ushering in Era Transformation in future in the entire world. His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary that people in a mind boggled manner shall witness its spark getting converted into a blazing inferno which in turn shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe. People shall realize that only in imbibing this great saints powerful, progressive thinking that troubleshoots all world problems, dwells the well being of the entire world. In this way slowly but surely people will get directed towards spirituality and shall totally be rendered spiritual. This shall in turn help people the world over experience heavenly happiness on earth.

This proclamation was made by Florence, a highly intellectual seer of New Jersey, USA about a few decades back in her book Golden light of a new era. She writes in this book that:

When I enter great flights of meditation I visualize such a great saint who is fair skinned, with white hair and without a beard/moustache. His face shines with a brilliant divine aura. It appears as though this great saint, seated amidst an intensely brilliant sun that is surrounded by thousands of bright flame lamps, with his divine aura and energy not only imbues life into flames nearby but that by spreading his divine light rays in the entire world enlightens it. People perforce get magnetically attracted to this life imbuing divine light which is akin to butterflies enticed towards a flame lamp. Due to this inspiring divine light world humans shall experience an extraordinary transformation within themselves as a result of which such a gigantic Super Revolution shall usher in which shall be labeled as Thought Revolution by contemporary world denizens.

Due to this revolution materialistic beliefs will change and in highly intellectuals such a thought consciousness shall evolve that maybe only a few will aver while calling it a spiritual thought flow. Due to the rise of this new thinking once again spirituality shall get re established the world over. At that time everyone will think of one religion and that is human religion along with the concept of one world nation. In the entire world shall boom, the great thought flow of this great saint. Various followers of various religious shall look upon this saint as their true guide. Amongst Muslims he shall be looked upon as Prophet Mohammad. Christians shall look upon him as another form of Lord Jesus Christ whereas Hindus shall call him the 10 th Avatar of Almighty God. His energy shall be so extraordinary and mind blowing that for him it will be a matter of ease to imbue new inspiration in the consciousness of world public and shall help control/balance the deteriorating balance of Prakriti or nature. His child like innocent behavior and radiant divine personality shall perforce attract people to himself in such a way by and by a gigantic army like organization will be born and its creative soldiers shall play an important role in the saints sacred mission.

Apart from the above Florence has made many other prophecies in which are included countries of middle-east Asia, Europe and America. Majority of these prophecies have come true but there are a few of them which are yet to come true. We must hope that in the future times to come these prophecies too shall pass the test of truth. With reference to this she has written another book in which she has discussed the year 2000 and times ahead of that. In her bestselling book The fall of a sensational culture she writes:

Around the year 2000 AD such a sequence of natural calamities shall be witnessed on seeing which it will be difficult to say whether this planet will be secure yet later this doubt of people shall be nullified. All of them will see clearly that lying hidden in these fearful world situations potentials of creativity are at work and these akin to the sun rising in the east it will take up a radiant form so as to spread its divine aura the world over. Hence at that time no anarchy like situation shall exist and there will be peace everywhere. The wall of high-low, rich-poor etc shall be razed effectively and a spiritual standpoint oozing with unity/equality shall reach its pinnacle. People will live in an atmosphere of brotherhood and camaraderie. Amongst them such sentiments shall proliferate that a gigantic world family shall be born. World humans living in this family shall imbibe the tenets of oneness of soul and world united peacefully as a family. Yet before seeing this golden day world humans shall have to undergo anguish and pain akin to a pregnant mother about to deliver her new born baby. Only after this its sun of world good fortune shall dawn brilliantly.

A couple of decades before 2000 AD shall be full of hardships and world problems of varying kind. People will not shy to kill each other. Anarchy shall reach its nadir. Everywhere jealousy and hatred will rule. Discontent shall rise so alarmingly that it can be compared to a wriggling fish removed from water. Based on jungle laws prevalent in these dire times people will kill others and die themselves too. Ethics and integrity shall be thrown down the drain and those with power and might, shall snatch away others rightful property. Environmental pollution that is a result of mans tainted intellect shall proliferate like fuel in fire under such agitated situations and world humanity shall stand on the precipice of collective suicide. And yet since along with this creative potentials too shall be at work which will commence from North India akin to a wave of spiritual consciousness in the beginning of the 21 st century. This will gather such gigantic momentum that those dark clouds of world danger seen previously now shall get destroyed akin to a blade of grass in a terrible cyclonic storm. People shall realize the importance of world unity/equality and shall hence yearn to enhance a sense of brotherhood the world over. Due to the medium of this thought consciousness the middle class shall be most influenced and yet it is not as though the wealthy class shall remain unaffected by it. They will clearly note the dire results of misuse of wealth. The dry argumentative brains of so called intellectuals shall get transformed into one of faith. In a very natural manner their souls shall manifest faith, trust and wisdom. This thought flow in intellectual atheists shall imbue in them such faith that religion and modern science are not at loggerheads with each other but that they can mutually benefit each other. Like 2 wheels of a cart if both work in tandem they will prove to be very helpful in human progress else one sided progress can pave the way for a drastic human downfall. Due to the above thought consciousness it will not take long to realize that in front of high stature spirituality, not only is the superficial sheen of materialism dim but that akin to a shiny skinned snake it can prove to be very heinous. This thought flow of the great saint via his augmenting troops of disciples akin to the Fish Avatar shall spread in every nook and corner of the world and thus a radiant future in the 21 st century shall be designed.

Florence has made many such prophecies that are contemporary and relevant and hence if we write about them it is not irrelevant. In her books she writes that after the years 1988-89 AD in many parts of the world such earthquakes shall manifest that a great deal of property and life shall be lost. It is there for all to see that in Uttarakhand (North India) such a terrific earthquake was noted that till now authorities have no clue as to how much property and life was lost. Before this in August 1988 in the earthquake seen in North Bihar (India) and Nepal more than 1000 people died. In China in October 1990 and February 1991 in Pakistan earthquakes killed around 500 people. One can fail to describe human and material loss undergone due to earthquakes in Latur and Osmanabad (Maharashtra, India). This proves that Florences prophecies have come true.

It is noteworthy that Florence in both her books has again and again in certain places mentioned a region of North India and such a saint born there who will direct a world thought revolution. Yet Florence has neither given the name of this place in North India nor the name of that great saint. Despite this wise readers shall find it least difficult to realize to whom the above lines are alluded to?



The famous seer of 15 th century Mother Shishtan was born in England in the year 1488. Even today one can find grave in a cave in Yorkshire. A few lines are etched on this grave that say:

Over here that lady is sleeping eternally who never uttered falsehood in her entire life time. Her wondrous Extrasensory Powers-ESP has been tested time and again and every time it passed these with flying colors.

All prophecies made by Shishtan during her sojourn on earth have been carved in this cave. She has made certain prophecies regarding todays dangers of the world as follows:

Up till the end of 20 th century terrible upheavals shall be witnessed the world over. A major portion of the worlds population shall be destroyed due to internal wars. In these days nature will manifest many calamities. As a result of human tainted activities many dangers that shall creep up and further natural calamities that shall manifest heart breaking scenes is sending shivers in my bosom.

Amongst the etched prophecies of Mother Shishtan following have come true:

1) The great inferno of London in the year 1666.

2) Thousands dying in the terrible plague.

3) Murder of Roymary.

4) Oliver Cromwell orchestrating a British Civil war.

There are some prophecies of Mother Shishtan that were made in a symbolic manner as follows:

A woman seated in a car shall travel to the tower of a church in York city. This strange prophecy was not immediately understood by others. But one day intense flooding took place in England as a result of which the tower of a church and a nearby bridge got destroyed. When the bridge was rebuilt parts of the tower were used. After the bridge was reconstructed a very famous lady seated in a car came to inaugurate it. After that thousands of people passed by it regularly.

Vehicles without horses shall run and accidents shall induce loud wails in the world. It is well known that up to the 15 th century horses were required to pull vehicles. Till those times there were no vehicles that could run without horses. The prophecy of Shishtan indicated invention of vehicles that would run with petrol, oil, diesel etc. In those days people could never imagine that in future motors, cars, scooters, trains etc would come into vogue.

In the same way Mother Shishtan has made many other thrilling and strange prophecies. Humans will be seen in air, in white, in black and in green. This alluded to air planes, helicopter and invention of rockets which are seen today by us all.

Within a mere wink of an eye thoughts shall be communicated from one end of the world to another. This prophecy indicated the use of wireless, radio, television in future, as is seen today the world over. With the help of these in a matter of a second one country sends its thoughts to another country. Humans shall walk in water, shall ride in it and shall rest there too. In the 15 th century when this prophecy was made it was beyond the ken of peoples imagination shat powerful water based vehicles like ships and submarines shall come into vogue.

In her prophecies she has also discussed world strife as is witnessed today by us all and has also delved into future times. As per her opinion in the last 2 decades of the 20 th century such terrible and fearful world imbalance shall occur that at least once a doubt shall crop up as to whether the world is about to get destroyed or not. In these very days nature based wrath and calamities shall reach its nadir. Epidemics, flooding, famines, earthquakes and volcanoes the world over shall wreak such havoc that humanity shall wail aloud in agony. In it civil wars, cold wars, enmity between nations and mad rush to outperform others shall prove to be akin to an itching disease. Communal fights, greed for political power, religious frenzy and individual selfishness shall rise alarmingly as a result of it bloodshed shall be witnessed in many parts of the world. There will be no place for love between people and motherly affection. This sort of erosion right from individuals to the entire nation shall take place in such a manner that each one will try to suppress and oppress those weaker than themselves and thus boss over them. The word ethics shall merely be relegated to lip service. And in practice falsehood and injustice will prevail everywhere.

Further it has been written that despite the above aberrations such distorted situations shall not last for long. There shall be a dawn of such a thought consciousness passing through these dark clouds as a result of which all obstacles shall be nullified and that the atmosphere resulting shall become a strong foundation of ushering in of Satyuga or Golden Era. Thus a New Era shall be created for all to see. This creation shall be so firm and powerful that due to its inborn radiance it shall continue its existence for many centuries to come. Mother Shishtan says that in this world neo creation Indias contribution shall predominate. The fact is that India will play the preliminary role and at first it will have to undergo cutting and pruning so as to get totally transformed. Later this methodology via messengers of peace and other mediums shall land in countries alien to India and by and by it shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe. According to Shishtan the time period for total world transformation shall be of 2 centuries. As per her observation in the 21 st century up to 2025 AD this transformation shall be so crystal clear that it shall be noted in the very thinking and behavior of all world humans. Up till 2040 AD this process of world transformation shall be completely fulfilled. After this the world shall enter a phase of such peace and all round balance that from the standpoint of divinity it shall be called a Spiritual Era and from the standpoint of radiance it shall be called a Golden Era. According to her this time period shall exceed 1000 years. After this Shishtan has described the thinking character, material grandeur, spiritual progress, economic management, communication technology etc of people of this Golden Era.

While describing future times she says that although the economic outlook shall be capitalism based, yet its nature shall be socialist. No doubt people shall have the right to earn as much as they want yet wealth generated shall be controlled by world society. Eating more than necessary and wasteful expenditure shall be frowned upon as unjust and none shall tolerate it. Within the trend of equal wealth distribution all shall enjoy material comforts equally. None shall be allowed to gobble others rightful wealth or suppress it. The only freedom given to all shall be that they lead lives using minimal means and after using the same for basic sustenance requirement excess wealth etc shall be used for welfare of world society. Of course all this shall come into play without any external mode of harsh punishment or penalty. In fact people shall imbibe all this via self control and discipline in a voluntary manner. Those refusing to pay heed to this code of conduct society shall label them as unjust and criminal. They will be looked upon as a class of lowly and despicable stature. Barring those rare exceptions in every walk of life, extraordinary equality will be noted. Due to individual glories and brilliant skills one may see intellectual and mental disparity yet no form of material equality shall be allowed to reign. If it insists on proliferating it will be able to breathe only akin to a demon.

At that time material science shall reach its pinnacle. In those fields which we cannot even imagine today or that we cannot even think about, its discoveries shall mind boggle all people. Such varied technology and apparatus shall be designed which shall render future times extraordinary from the material progress standpoint. Yet in its advancement less importance shall be given to information regarding materials and more stress shall be laid on its spiritual basis. It is only the combination of materialism and spiritualism that will lead modern science to its zenith. Such air, space, water etc vehicles shall be unearthed which without use of fossil fuel shall move speedily. With its help travel to such planets etc shall be possible which is impossible to even think of today. Information shall be gathered regarding interstellar civilizations. At that time modern science shall bring about revolutionary changes in many fields of life. From oceans knowledge shall unfold regarding storehouses of wealth. New types of speedy vehicles shall be designed. Todays vehicles shall be of no value or importance in those golden times to come. Today vehicles that pollute the environment are in vogue. Yet in future such vehicles shall be designed that do not pollute the atmosphere and as per the need of those times proves its utility value. Those materials shall not be produced that render life sense titillated and of an eat drink be merry lifestyle. In its place more and more such materials shall be produced which enhance human values. Production of fire based weapons shall virtually come to a grinding halt. At that time its requirement shall almost be nil. Today these are being used with certain aims in mind but in future due to great thinking resulting from a transformed psyche they will become useless. The roads of social non cooperation and tainted activities face powerful speed breakers and those desirable tasks shall easily get fulfilled which today have to be executed using lot of force and pressure.

A new option for fuel shall be unearthed from the ocean. Hence with the use of such fuel major factories and industries shall work. Till that time traditional fuel and energy resources shall virtually become finished. Thus many other fuel options shall be unveiled. This energy fount playing the role of a helper shall fulfill the major fuel resources lack faced by the world. Since vehicles shall be bought and used only when aptly required energy shall be saved a great deal. With this saving of power and fuel industrial institutions life span of remaining active shall continue for long. Thus none of their units shall have to shut down for lack of energy sources.

It will be thought extremely important to include idealism in ones thinking and character. Those ideals which today have been relegated to reading books and hearing about them shall in future become the very part and parcel of the lives of world humanity. The world public shall become more and more sociable. Once again people shall harbor intense faith in God. Theism shall get established and atheism shall end once and for all. One will think oneself to be a representative of that Supreme Divine Authority (God) and emphasis shall be laid on including those high stature disciplines in life which shall truly prove that man is a divine part of Almighty God. The intellect shall be controlled by Vivek or discrimination. Before commencing any task a thousand times thought will be given as to what are its widespread benefits-losses at the world society level. Only then will people think about putting it into action. It is in these golden times that a superb confluence of sentiments, activities and true thinking shall be seen. People will refuse to resort to only one of them. Wherever action and thinking is required there to drown in emotions shall be looked upon as a form of imbalance. Everyone shall steer away from this.

Majority of world seers have made many similar kinds of prophecies. Shishtan has said something very different from these. She opines that India bound by minor boundaries shall in the final phase of 21 st century become widespread as World India and shall thus become universal.



Yogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has proclaimed that: Now the era of forming a new organization has arrived. Indias advancement has already commenced. The dark clouds of strife that had surrounded India are now beating a retreat. In the eastern skies a bright light of dawn can be noted. In the secret temple of nature a beautiful flame lamp has been lit and in a while Arti will be offered to God. At the start of a new era in human society many movements pertaining to religion, ethics, knowledge, wisdom etc have been witnessed and yet none unearthed the true reality. Initially it will be India that shall unfold this truth. Today in this world, that New Era that shall harbinger, that religion, truth, love, justice and equality which Lord Almighty desires to establish in our world, is not possible via partial transformation of human character seen today. Bringing in law based control amidst modern human civilization is not going to work. At least once total transformation from the very roots is required. This task cannot be fulfilled with old mental imprints. It also cannot succeed merely by bringing in a few superficial changes in mans external worldly life or by changing the flow of traditional activities of mankind. The main requirement is that this re organizing and re structuring takes place from within. The human psyche shall have to take up a very new form. Total transformation is required in the mind, Prana or vital force and psyche based thought waves of humans. It is in this material body that the divine sports or Lilas of God that shall be executed. By taking up this great resolve/Sankalpa we shall march ahead on the path of spiritual practices. By succeeding in it thus India will usher in a New Era. In one of his articles titled The World Shall Be Uplifted By Yogis and that was published in Satyuga in July 1941, he writes:

Today the biggest task of India is that it produces many complete Yogi-men. At this hour the future of the world lies in the hands of these complete Yogis. In future that gigantic activity that shall have to be shouldered by India, its message is in the form of commencement of a strange progress the world over. Within the future 30-40 years the world shall see a strange change and everything shall be straightened. After this that new world that shall ready itself, in it its culture shall be that of India. The task of future India is not just for its benefit but that of the entire world. Hence India must ready itself for these complete Yogis who shall be capable of shouldering this heavily loaded task. For Yogis anything and everything is possible. In every arena like education, social, politics, arts, business etc the rare skills of great Yogis can get ready a strange world and this is a definite fact. In these times God wishes to usher in a total new world transformation via Yogis. That activity created by complete Yogis shall become the true foundation of the future world. A highly intellectual of sensitive in nature could be a very great leader or activist yet he/she will be unable to shoulder the above onerous task. Without creating complete Yogis this task can never get fulfilled. Today this very spiritual endeavor has been taken up.

The well known Mahayogi and one who kept alit the torch of spirituality for his entire life span, Shri aurobindo Ghosh was an ESP seer. He opined that it was an obstacle on the path of soul well being to prophesize regarding people. Hence he never made un-required prophecies and yet he did make such prophecies that gave people due strength and calmness which later came true. In the year 1939 he had said that after 8 years India will attain political freedom and yet immediately after that it could get partitioned. Both these prophecies came true.

Regarding Era Transformation his prophecies are very important. Once in a mood of divine bliss he spoke to Mother Yajnashiksha thus:

In my bosom are rising waves of divine bliss and they say that very soon India shall attain glory. Some people shall try to render India followers of Western Culture but I have full faith that in India a great movement shall commence which after uprooting Indias demonic leanings it will give religion a new direction and shall augment this countrys glory. This great movement shall again usher in joy and peace known to prevail in Satyuga or Golden Era.



Thakur Dayanand, founder of Bengals organization called Arunachal Mission in one of his discourses has said:

In the future era planet earth shall not be of human beings but shall be that of Almighty God. This entire world akin to a complete entity has been handed over to human society. Every world individual is responsible and an heir of the property (world) of his fathers (Almighty God) house. In this manner it is incorrect that one class of people gobbles up this inheritance and others are not given their rightful share. If this wealth is shared properly there will be no oppression by one person on another, one community on another and one nation on another. Whatever the father (God) has given as inheritance must be shared by world humanity equally as per requirement.

All countries and people of the world shall become members of one organization. Every country shall be an equal and independent unit of this organization. Initially every country shall be responsible for the material, spiritual and ethical advancement of its citizens. Every unit shall be a group of independent people who shall enjoy equal rights, freedom and material means and amongst them no dispute shall arise.

The chief responsibility of this Unit Union shall be to fulfill every requirement of all individuals. Every person, be it a male or female shall attain from this Unit Union all lifes requirement as per their rights. In return the Unit Union shall get from these people high stature selfless service.

In the same way the founder of Bahai Society, Saint Bahaullah and his followers have ceaselessly for the past 100 years endeavored to see to it that all earth denizens give up differences and fights so as to create a single world nation and under its governance everyone coexists peacefully. The gist of these teachings has been published in a monthly magazine Satyuga as follows:

One must not get worried on seeing fearful transformations and mismanagement seen today the world over. Today the world by renouncing the previous era is about to enter a new era. Hence such revolutions are most required. When one era enters the jaws of death and a new era dawns it is natural that both these combat each other in an agitating manner.



Regarding the viewpoint of mankind the World Health Organization has placed before the world some astounding statistics. According to it, the world over at present, about 10 billion people suffer from myopia (such patients cannot see far off objects). This news can cause a lot of worry for scientists and the medical fraternity. But in it one also gets data that even if we do not think in terms of a disease yet from the standpoint of lack of farsightedness wherein we fail to mull over future possible events, the entire world population is ill. If we cannot see with our physical eyes, this problem can be solved by using lenses yet how to solve the problem of lack of farsightedness in lifes daily transactions? Lest in entire world society this financial thinking is made a substratum, then the very existence of non financial values pertaining to beauty, etiquette, good behavior, ethics, good health and cleanliness shall remain only when tested from the financial/economic standpoint. Even with reference to ethics and lack of it this very economic thinking shall perforce ask people not to imbibe farsightedness since it does not give immediate benefits.

In reality the situation is bang opposite to this. Materialists with an unruly intellect may put forth many arguments yet it will be unable to draw humanity on a lowly path. Of course wealth is required for human living but it cannot become the be all and end all of life. The 1 st place always belongs to spiritual values. Finance is discussed much later. Wealth without true religiosity is vain, perilous and it invites nothing but diseases and sorrow. Before man starts earning wealth his intellect full of good behavior must get activated. In this manner he will use wholesomely all that he earns.

In Mimansa Darshan (philosophy) Maharshi Jaimini says: Yato hi abhyudani nihshreyas sa dharmaha. Spiritual advancement and material progress are fast friends. Yet the basis of production must be labor oriented cooperation and never merely big industries. By enumerating 3 reasons he labels this as Spiritual Economics. The 1 st reason is that one gets a total opportunity to utilize and evolve hidden potentials and unknown energy via its medium. The 2 nd is that working with others a sense of cooperation takes birth in our psyche. Then the egoistic thought that I have done this work, disappears. In its place when we appears ego based taints do not crop up. The 3 rd reason is that when a spiritual person labors hard to produce materials he makes intense efforts to render beautiful and firm all required things. This sentiment of selfless service is akin to Yoga of Self surrender which today is lacking in all forms of production units.

Problems like joblessness, industrial agitations, strikes, crimes, ethical downfall etc have cropped up in the same manner as for short term benefits one takes recourse to Allopathic cures. A medicine given in this case leaves behind many side effects that lead to other diseases. When floods erupt it brings along with it epidemics etc. in the same way on the basis of industrialization countries out of hypocrisy who claim to have generated a lot of wealth fail to tell us that as a result of this love, affection, goodwill and religious piety get overthrown only to get replaced by people harboring narrow mindedness, selfishness and hard heartedness.

Father of India Mahatma Gandhi was well aware of the dire results of uncontrolled modern science, technology and industrialization. He had hence dreamt of a village self rule via creation of independent village units. But blind adherence to western progress led to industrialization being given greater weight age. The immediate enticement of gigantic amounts of production rendered forgotten farsighted wholesome results and thus Gandhis program meant to benefit humanity was relegated to a mere dream.

The imagination of the writer William Irwin Thomson of a research paper titled Values to a viable future in The American Review is similar to the thinking of village rule. Thomson has faith that the direction in which todays civilization is headed towards, most definitely shall destroy the human race. Hence it is most required that transformation from its very fount takes place. He has imagined the advancement of such a culture which has its basis in rural civilization and that its people dwell with a sense of love and brotherhood. The sources of production must be cottage industries.

Irwin Thomson calls this culture as Para Industrial Culture. According to him in Para Industrial Culture the decentralization of production and labor force shall take place via the medium of small cottage industries. He opines that today in the name of progress and fashion so many materials are made and despite being useful it is called useless just because it is no longer fashionable. Such activities are very dangerous. Now those materials that shall be produced shall be made due to its utility value and shall be used for years to come.

In order to advance this future culture of his, William Irwin has laid stress on 4 ideals. He has given the names of these ideals as Working Social Force. The first ideal is to render the entire world as one family. As long as each nation thinks itself to be separate from others, no goodwill and brotherhood can usher in between world nations. In order to protect ones own nation and try and usurp land of other countries, each one resorts to designing and amassing destructive war based weapon technology. As a result tensions and agitations spread out the world over. Hence it is most required that all world countries unite to form a single world family. The 2 nd ideal is decentralization of cities and towns. He opines that in this new culture todays urbanized centralization must be replaced by exposing world humans to nature. Only then is it possible to save the world from all sorts of heinous environmental pollution.

The 3 rd ideal is to lessen the zest for technological education (which encourages more industrialization). Small scale industries must replace large scale industries. According to Thomson it is best that technology power used for large industries must also be used for rendering nature full of green trees and plants. Not only does the worlds environment get influenced by large scale industries but that our ethical environment too gets influenced. The dangers of industrialization imbalance can be warded off a great deal only if sacred wisdom is given greater weight age than more and more industrialization, in place of capitalist economy that economy is given more importance in which small industries are built for regional production and more importance is given to consumer values. In this manner tension between people and enmity shall decrease a fair bit.

The 4 th ideal of Irwins cultural neo creation process is rendering introvert ones consciousness. What he means is that today the human race has become very externalized and extroverted. Even the highly intellectual class of the world thinks that the highest goal of life is build homes in interstellar space whereas the true goal of human life is to progress within at the soul level. In todays civilization this inner subtle vision is lacking. Only its advancement can help reinstate material values in human life. Under such situations the nature and form of the world shall transform drastically. In order that countries render their borders more widespread, a lot of tension and agitation ensues between countries. Yet when our consciousness shall become introverted the entire world shall seem like a united peaceful family. The aim of world humans is Vasudhaiva kutumbakam or world united peacefully as a family.

On the basis of these 4 ideals a new era that evolves shall harbor the goal of production of wealth of great thinking in world society and not merely augmenting various materials. No doubt paraphernalia produced from small factories and industries shall be used yet humans living in the vicinity of nature made up of birds, animals, greenery, foliage etc shall prefer to make efforts to advance his/her soul consciousness. This henceforth shall be looked upon as true progress of world society. In those future times todays cities shall not remain which today poses problems like lack of food items and energy resources. In future the goal of healthy education shall be to render the intellect brilliant and sacred and the heart full of generosity but never will its only aim be production of more and more materials.



Everyone wishes that world situations bloom with joy and peace. It is an ancient time imagination regarding heaven descending on earth and every sensitive intellectual desires that this dream becomes a reality. The vision of all those people of the world labeled rational full of apt understanding is focused on the worlds future. They imagine such a world where wars, mutual hatred, communal riots and overlooking of ethical values have no existence whatsoever. Third world countries are so immersed in their problems that they neither have the time nor means to think about the future. And yet stray efforts have been made by management systems and religious groups. But the western world has thought a lot about the future of the world. They have designed programs and have made efforts to give us all a glimpse of the year 2000 AD. From this it appears that if progress witnessed today moves rapidly ahead, what lies in store for us in future? This science is called Futurology in which on the basis of number calculations and available and possible statistics deep thinking is executed and this is a creation of mere 10 decades. Similar is the Science of Utopia wherein scientists make various imaginations. These are made on the basis of available tenets.

If rotting food items are kept safely even then it gets converted to poison. Available material comforts if misused pose dire problems later. Wealth based systems/institutions in which are included food management, population counting and health, production-consumer management and public management of energy resources and education, has its basis in planning. Lest its augmenting and apt use is not done in a farsighted manner, then these very material means/comforts by taking the form of demon Bhasmasur can destroy the entire world. Hence great seers and futurists time and again sit together try and mull over a Golden Era based on facts and statistical figures.

In the near past 3 renowned American thinkers who have written many books on the above topics met each other and on the basis of their studies, research and inferences opined that the future of the world is bright. American TV journalist Kelvin Sanders while directing a film called Where is the world headed towards? came in direct contact with Dr Margaret Mead Herman Kohn and William Thomson. Their thoughtful cogitation published in the magazine Spawn (April 1979) attracted the attention of highly intellectual class of the world. In reality all the thinking put forth by high intellectuals has so far been negative. Yet these 3 great seers and futurists have written many books high lighting the bright nature of the worlds future and have said that wealth systems are very much capable of changing their path. There exist in world those great thinkers who can imbue them with true thinking that by rising akin to a golden sun in the 3 rd world countries in which India is also included so as to usher in a Golden Era in this world for all to see.

Dr Margaret Mead was also the chief of American Museum of Natural History, she had deeply studied Life Sciences and had also written best seller books like Coming of an age, Culture and commitment and A study of generation gap. Mr. Herman Kohn was the director of Hudson Institute and till 2000 AD attained great fame the world over for authoring books like Future 200 years. The 3 rd specialist of Futurology William Irwin Thomson has written books like At the age of history, Darkness and scattered life and Essays on future. He has built a combined institution of leading philosophers, high stature intellectuals, artists and scientists whose goal is study of future world culture and its well defined designing.

According to Dr Margaret Mead although the modern world has had to face differences and tensions arising in culture, gender, generations and religious beliefs yet from the 3 rd world countries shall arise a certain form of decentralized industrialization and a common dais of a single world culture that shall also guide the western world. According to her the future is not something that has not come into existence. In reality after entering the 21 st century that generation which shall decide the worlds future has already taken birth. As a result a definite influence is being seen on this generation as far as our planning, thinking and suggestions regarding management is concerned. We just cannot obstruct this. The future generation shall not ape American glamour and instead after passing/getting heated through such peer pressure and tension shall look upon decentralization and a lifestyle that is nature oriented as their ideal.

In the past Dr Herman Kohn had traveled to India. According to him 20% people are in the modern part which is progressing rapidly, 40% are in the half modern part where bullock carts having rubber tires are made use of and in small villages there are tiny factories and the remaining 40% are heading towards progress. This is a good sign. When this country is compared to developing countries from the industrialization standpoint the conclusion is that the future of a semi industrialized nation like India is bright. Availability of various resources has reached great peaks. Today in western countries technology has been rendered destructive and attacking. In reality todays world population just does not require materials made in large numbers using technology and in fact it requires that more and more people produce more and more goods so that a larger world population gets a chance to earn money for their households upkeep. In this manner he argues in favor of a Gandhi type economic outlook and opines that as per his calculation Indians are progressing aptly.

According to Herman Kohn the mistake made by 3 rd world nations (half developed and developing ones) is that via its problems by not seeing facts are aping a western lifestyle. For such countries the values of the western world reign supreme and yet this situation shall no doubt change. In the worlds 30% extremely poor regions so much development shall take place that can be compared to the supreme times witnessed by people under Roman Rule.

According to Dr Thomson in future a thought stream will arise from the eastern world that shall have its roots not in abundance of food items and material comforts but it shall be based on the total revolution of human consciousness. From the viewpoint of evolution of human culture, from the standpoint of ideals and from the standpoint of the role played in the past for the entire world, India shall lead the world culture. While quoting Toynbee he says that, that prophecy wherein western nations materialism and eastern nations spiritualism shall work in tandem shall definitely come true. In future a culture that will have its basis both in eastern spirituality and western materialism shall develop in such a way that a supreme generous form of world culture shall usher in. he calls this Pythagorean Synthesis.

Just as in the arena of science since the past 3 decades extraordinary revolution has been noted, much more transformations shall usher in cultural and spiritual arenas. Such postulations have been made by Thomson based on contemporary world situations.

Amongst Americas leading economists, Linden, La Roche and others on the basis of computer oriented research infer that contemporary industrialization programs, apt use of atomic energy and from the standpoint of technical know-how due to greater number of high stature intellectuals India in the next 40 years shall become a Super Power and it will lead over USA and Russia too. In a certain way this is in agreement with what Herman Kohn has said. The title of this computer program was: From 1980 to 2020 Indias industrialization which is lagging behind other countries today shall in 40 years get transformed to a well developed nation. In the last week of August 1980 in an interview given to PTI (Press Trust of India) Mr. La Roche said that Indias future is bright and further opined that due to its cultural glory and spiritual lineage India has reached that stage wherein it can lead the world. None should doubt this despite us all noting political and economic upheavals at the moment (Statesman-September 8/1980).

By clarifying its main reason he says that from the technology based knowledge at the moment India is most proficient. Lest its intellectual skillful people spread their work arena in the entire country, lest in rural areas within the realm of available produce they make use of apt technology and render aid in obstructing wastage that results due to uncontrolled arrangements then not only India will take top spot amongst all world nations but that it will give true direction to the entire world.

It has been inferred that till the year 2020 India will have totally 2.3-2.4 billion laborers which shall exceed total number of laborers in America, Russia and East and West Europe. Lest even only 70% fertile land is irrigated then it can produce 10 billion tons grains per year. If this were to happen India shall become capable of supplying food grains to the entire world. This computerized study ushers in a ray of hope. But all this can only take place if we take note of those cautions that these economists have alluded to. They are total control over increasing population, deep thinking over aptness or lack of it regarding technology, making arrangements of augmenting literacy for a very large population and making arrangements of wholesome usage of a well directed group of intellectual technicians.

Man does err. Yet he is also known to rectify errors. In future a program shall usher in that helps us understand our errors and rectify the same. This is what is being said by future seers and astrologers too based on planetary calculations. The same is opined by futurologists and possibilities given by computerized research studies. Those great men shall perforce induce intellectuals to give up their materialistic atheistic attitude, who always incarnate during dire times witnessed in world history.



Mr. Ross N Munro in a front page article of Time magazine (3 rd April, 1989) who accepts that India holds the 4 th spot in the world after Russia, China and USA from the standpoint of weapon power writes that patriotism to the country, its glorious cultural heritage, deep seated roots of spirituality and radiant intellectual power of the group of scientists-thinkers definitely shall not only be rendered a great continent of the world but that also it shall become a Super Power. His observations are based on many facts which he has presented as proof in his article. He opines that India so far looked upon as a country of snakes/ascetics and mosquitoes/malaria was sleeping yet today this demon has arisen. Great saints born in the past 2 centuries has helped radiate consciousness of the public and from the standpoint of a population in excess of 8 billion the 2 nd public power of the world in future via its activities shall usher in a peoples revolution. This indeed is most definite.

In actuality it is the intellectual class of the Western World that opines that India is emerging as a Super Power. They look upon India as the central focus of its hope of a bright world future. They say that the western world is undergoing a Crisis of Ideas. Lack of faith in ethical values has created such a complex situation they are asking themselves what should be done and what not should be done. Describing this in his book The turning point Fritjof Capra says as long as intellectuals and scientists do not wriggle themselves out of the spiders net by taking guidance from easterners till then widespread thinking cannot spread out in world society.

The root cause of our cultural crisis is that those who are our leaders have no solutions to problems arising when an era changes. He says that today the entire human race is standing at that point akin to ebb and flow of tides where the future has to be decided upon. This point of transformation in Chinese Culture is called bayanji. It means that situations created regarding fearful dangers and also opportunities of change. Thus in this word dwells both the dark gloom of era junction time span and the golden sunrise of a New Era. Dr Capra opines that western socialists now accept that today the entire world has entered a phase of era junction period. In the initial phase augmenting of psychiatric diseases, situation of war frenzy, increase in terrorism, social disintegration etc face us arrogantly yet in the final phase the future generation of peace bestowing great men promise us all that whatever distortions seen now are transient in nature. The rapid nature of transformation tells us that the 21 st century is harbingering in with a radiant future and in its dawn India shall play a major role. Those who understand the subtle inspiration embedded in the root of Dr Capras deep thinking shall not challenge the above observations of his.



What lies ahead in Indias future? If we ponder over this question we can understand that different thinkers, social scientists, economists, weather scientists, futurologists and subtle seers in their own way have tried to put forth this same fact in varied ways that based on contemporary dire situations Indias future should not be gauged and before coming to such conclusions Indias spiritual heritage and ancient history too must be given due thought. Dr Fritjof Capra says that despite what the gross eye sees appears true, yet deep down it is not so. Its reason is a lack of that subtle vision that can identify truth and facts.

Regarding India there dwells deep truth in what researchers of truth have unveiled. No doubt our country India is passing through dire situations and is enmeshed in inner fights and enmity in such a manner that on seeing all this visibly it does not appear that in future times to come it shall lead the world. And yet what cannot be challenged is that without dark clouds looming large one can gain relief from heat that agonize our body. It is definite that before joy, sorrow appears and before sweet success is tasted we have to face failures. Despite this one must not believe in an absolute fashion that this is a permanent situation and in fact one must implicitly believe that the time of glory is fast arriving. If on seeing a woman about to deliver her new born baby undergoing pain someone says that it is such a hardship that its solution is an immediate operation one can only pity such thinking. The intellect and conscious stature of those who have no faith in Indias bright future simply on the basis of contemporary situations is certainly not high.

On the other hand there is no dearth of such subtle divine seers who beforehand on noting subtle events growing in the womb of future have made prophecies of Indias bright future. One such seer war Mcgeorge Bundy. While reviewing the book Retreat from doomsday written by John Guller has opined that after the Roman Empire this is that very long time period wherein we are witnessing worldwide tensions loosening a bit. He writes that the human race has clearly realized that it is wars that are the biggest enemy of the world and its progress. Hence today the world needs total peace. Very emphatically while accepting his observation he says that according to my subtle vision I clearly see that henceforth neither Hitler, Mussolini, Anti Christ or a big colonial empire shall take birth. Even if it takes birth it will be some great person full of compassion whose goal shall not be destruction, hatred for progress but shall be to usher in world brotherhood. This great saint shall be born in India only because its cultural heritage and spiritual vision is so cosmic and deeply profound in nature that talking of anything less than this shall be akin to growing flowers in the blue sky.

In Time magazine in 189 an article was published similar to observations made as above. Its title was Super India. Its author HS Munro says that by itself the image of India in the eyes of the western World is one possessing blind beliefs and a hard line country but henceforth not any longer shall India be labeled thus because such a Great and Super India is about to dawn whose spiritual energy is by and by going to attract the entire world.




Where is the world headed towards? American Television journalist Kelvin Sanders while making a film with this title had interviewed Dr Margaret Mead, Herman Kohn and William Thomson a few years back. In this interview published in USISs Spawn magazine the chief of American Museum of Natural History and Life Scientist Dr Margaret Mead and director of Hudson Futurology Institute Herman Kohn made optimistic prophecies that most definitely the future of 3 rd world countries is bright. Ultimately it shall lead the entire world. They opined that after entering the 21 st century that generation that shall design the future has already taken birth in India, Japan and China. These 3 countries shall be led by India who by saving world humanity from the tense and glamour based lifestyle of the western world shall guide all regarding a lifestyle that is decentralized, nature based and full of brotherhood. They say that our prophecy is not a mere shot in the dark but has its basis in statistics and analysis of contemporary situations. Herman Kohn opined that it is Gandhian Economics that shall prevail in the world in future. It is a definite possibility that in the next decade a total world culture shall usher in that will be a confluence of spirituality of the east and materialism of the west. This was given the name Pythagorean Synthesis.



Under this title an article was published in newspapers in which an Indian economist Mr. Khibatra residing in USA had said that in the 21 st century India shall lead the world. He opined that uncontrolled subscription of capital based wealth shall drown the economic system of western countries and in the next 2 years it shall manifest as the Great depression of 1990. Along with this he also says that as per the economic Progressive Utilization Theory India by making apt usage of its technology shall take over the reins of the control of the worlds financial markets and by the end of 2000 AD shall emerge as a Super Power. Its root foundation shall be Indias spiritual heritage and availability of well controlled intellect skills in gigantic measure. It is a well known fact that such prophecies of Mr. Batra are taken note of very seriously the world over because they have their basis in logical principles of statistics and economics.




The world over Time news magazine has been accepted as authentic. Very soon it shall complete 100 years of publishing. This magazine by putting forth the gist of international events puts forth a balanced and unbiased viewpoint so as to also give us information regarding the influence of these events in future. Recently on 3 rd April 1989 an article was published by it regarding description of India and its main title was Super India-The Next Military Power). It writes:

In the past few years India has rapidly emerged as such a Super Power that henceforth other Super Powers like Russia, China, USA and France can longer ignore India. India managed to push back Pakistani attack on Siachen Glacier, by entering Sri Lanka it liberated them from terrorism and by douzing the revolution in Maldives it helped reinstate Abdul Gayum government in power. Such leadership acts of Super Power India tell us that no longer can India be ignored by saying it is an underdeveloped backward country. Today on the basis of the capability of its armed forces India is on the 4 th spot. First is Russia (5 million), 2 nd is China (3.2 million), 3 rd is America (2.1 million) troops and 4 th is India that possesses highly trained well decorated 1.4 million army men. They say that the main issue is not that based on number might India should be accepted as a Super Power but what is important that in the entire world behind every 6 persons is 1 Indian. India is the worlds largest democracy and in every field be it medical, army, engineering, space travel/technology etc Indians in India or abroad lead due to their brilliant skilful intellect. Despite trying to solve internal problems it has made important progress in the past 2 decades in food grain production, export of materials and self dependence. This is that 1 st Super Power who by trying to usher in world peace has obstructed military attacks by other powers that be between themselves.

In the west India has only one image- full of blind beliefs and traditions, over populated and that India which rolls in problems yet in his cover story Mr. Munro writes: From this India one more Super Power is emerging that sequentially while solving problems with the help of its spiritual heritage and talented intellectual energy lest in future becomes a power that leads the world it should not astonish anyone. This must be called divine consciousness and a flow of Lord Mahakal that is ushering in this Era Transformation and with the help of an organized force after getting liberated from political slavery spanning 2000 years again is reinstating India as a Super Power. In the 21 st century it will be the leading power of the world.

Americas defense minister John Tower recently in a speech delivered by him in the presence of the American Senate to Associated Press said that very soon we shall witness India rising as a Super Power. While throwing light on the speed of development within industrialization and artistic skills of 3 eastern countries i.e. India, China and Japan he opines that we must not be surprised at all on noting that in the 21 st century these 3 nations commence leading the world and inspire all to execute creative tasks. He said that till yesterday those parts of the earth which were colonized they due to their cultural heritage are emerging as Super Powers and even amongst them India is the crest jewel. He also accepted that the root reason why these countries are fast developing is are Indian and Japanese scientists and industrialists residing in USA with whom western talent cannot compete.

Americas leading economist and one making prophecies based on computerized statistics Linden La Roche opines that India from the standpoint of varied types of means is no doubt wealthy but also because of its intensely talented young intellectual class shall definitely be rendered a Super Power in all fields like cultural, financial and material. By stating this time period as between 1995-2005 in an interview with PTI he said that after a political upheaval for a few years radiant Indians oozing with spiritual energy shall first lead Asia and step by step it shall lead the entire world.

In Newsweek magazine dated 12 December 1988 a speech of Henry Kissinger was published wherein he opined that by the end 0f 2000 AD India will emerge as such a Super Power in the international arena wherein it shall shoulder all those world responsibilities that today is being handled by America. Ultimately in entire Middle and East Asia India shall have to be accepted by all as an emerging world leader. He says that in these days despite differences being noted between India and USA yet in the long run these 2 great Super Powers jointly shall carry out creative tasks. Henry Kissinger was a great orator from Harvard University and an ex foreign secretary of America. With reference to international matters he is accepted as a high stature specialist.



In todays modern times a new branch of science has emerged called Futurology or science of the future. This branch of science after analyzing and gauging contemporary situations infer what shall happen in future. It is true that on the basis of present times at least a little bit of future events can be predicted. If a person today is involved in vile tasks we may infer that his future shall be bad and yet this inference may prove to be wrong. If in time he/she rectifies these errors his/her future is rendered such that one can experience joy.

Regarding future times to arrive New Yorks (USA) Hudson Institutes futurologists have put forth some observations. The director of the institute Herman Kohn along with his co researcher Anthony Weiner writes regarding solving dangers pertaining to agriculture and food grain harvest that in the 1 st decade of the 21 st century man will realize his mistakes and will make speedy efforts to overcome them. Within this people shall be more interested in agriculture and sowing new trees than in industrial production. By giving trees fertilizers, water and overall protection people will think it to be their sacred duty to help them grow in a lush green fashion. This shall be looked upon as meritorious deeds (Punya) by religious people and the test as to who is greatly imbued with Ridhi-Sidhi (wealth and divine powers) shall be as to who is more involved in rendering the entire world balanced and warding off all activities that leads to its destruction. Many types of common food items and fluids shall emerge which shall be nature oriented. As a new option for todays industrialization man shall be capable of unveiling such a science that shall have no destructive reactions.

Regarding scarcity of energy resources they write that before fossil fuels like coal, petrol and diesel get depleted the human race shall be capable enough of using energy sources like solar power and geothermal energy and the means to unearth and generate these shall be easy and straightforward. In the true sense of the term within the material arena the fount of available energy shall be the sun. The use of nuclear energy by scientists shall be for world development and not for destructive goals. Its central point shall be peaceful use of nuclear power so as to generate energy.

Regarding the biological development of the human physical body they opine that the human community slowly but surely is heading towards a newly created race which will 2001 AD shall exhibit miraculous feats. Neo creation in human race shall be witnessed astoundingly by people wherein people will get attracted more to spirituality than materialism. There will be unveiled new methods of gaining sound health, nature based therapy shall be used for weight loss programs, human bodily counterparts shall exist that can be used at perilous times and experiments of give and take via brain waves. All this shall enhance peoples love for spirituality. In order to obstruct overpopulation, ancient time remedies will be taken recourse to.

When the entire world shall be transformed into a peaceful family the number of criminals shall automatically dwindle to naught. A sense of world brotherhood will ooze in the souls of mankind and that not only will they themselves not act unethically but shall oppose it tooth and nail when others do so. True Brahmin-hood shall reawaken and its only basis shall be use of minimal material means by diminishing their daily needs.

All world nations by uniting as a peaceful family shall think over a collective remedy for air and waterborne pollution because the pollution witnessed in todays modern times is somehow or the other negatively influencing every nook and corner of the world. In this manner no bondage as far as geographical borders between nations shall remain and when all countries united try to solve world problems a new single world government will take birth. This will be that very hour termed 21 st century-A bright future by great seers and visionaries.



Today around 40% of the worlds energy resources are being used for various modes of transportation. Everyday about .2 billion barrels of fuel is used for it. Oil pools the world over are very limited. Lest usage of fuel keeps increasing alarmingly at this rate then in future times not only will natural founts of fuel get emptied but that along with this speedy vehicles moving because of fuel usage may not fulfill our requirements and because they also augment pollution many innocents shall die. Under such circumstances the cycle shall become the world public vehicle for travel as per the opinion of various specialists.

The scientists and well known researchers of Washingtons World Watch Institute which is a research institute in a widespread study have opined that for traveling the cycle is the most apt vehicle. A majority of the population of highly populated India and China even today prefer cycles in comparison to other vehicles of transport. The renowned female scientist Marcia Lowe has said that the cycle is the most apt vehicle for the 21 st century and further elaborates that this is indeed ironic that where on the one hand developed countries are shying away from buying cars there people of poor countries are buying cars wherein a major portion of it is used for it. So many people take loans to buy cars. Marcia Lowe says that the time has arrived wherein man will have to deeply cogitate that since petroleum products for the automobile industry is limited, oil pools are diminishing hence instead of buying expensive vehicles why not make use of cheap easily available vehicles like cycles the world over? Within the realm of cycle industry she has cited India as its leading producer and said that by giving more encouragement for cycle usage it can induce the world to use it in a major way. Not only as a result the alarming rise of poisonous pollution in the environment can be obstructed but that dependence on fossil fuels shall diminish greatly and this saved energy resource can be used for other requirements of importance.

According to the scientist Marcia Lowe akin to India even China and Japan are making use of cycles for transportation in a big way. Even New York residents prefer cycles to cars for traveling. She further elaborates that for short distance travel cycles are best but for long distance journeys cycle is said to be tiring and very time consuming. And yet scientists of a Technical University of Kiel, West Germany have found a solution to this problem. They have designed such a self propelling cycle which from the standpoint of work potential is no less powerful than a scooter and motor cycle and no petroleum product is required for its usage. These cycles use solar energy for mobility. This cycle designed with the use of assembling of DC Motor can continuously be used for 3 hours with the speed of 45 kilometers per hour. For some time this cycle is left like that for absorbing solar energy and thus its motor is again ready for travelling. In between a normal cycle can be made use of. Scientists conclude that in future days to come such vehicles shall come in vogue wherein greater stress shall be given to usage of cycles in comparison to cars using fossil fuel for transportation.

As per one research study amongst vehicles using 2 wheels cycle is being given greater weight age. In it, efforts are being made to reform them for the better. In order to encourage cycle based travel one company of London made arrangements to give their workers transportation allowance wherein instead of using vehicles that gobble up a lot of fuel, cycles are used. The company honchos opine that in order to buy and maintain such light vehicles like cycles not much expense is involved and further there is no need for fossil fuels. We can take cycles wherever we want and if there is a need it can be hoisted on ones shoulders too. Those office goers who lead redundant lifestyles by sitting on chairs for the entire day can use cycles which is a good way to exercise and work out.

On noting that pollution is on the rise perilously, oil and petrol prices too are increasing every few days and that in the next few decades oil pools shall dry up the world over, today for travel purpose people are naturally being attracted to using cycles. Today there exists only the cycle which is not bound by the above mentioned problems. It neither enhances pollution, it is neither expensive to buy and it can be easily used both on wide roads in urban areas and very narrow alleys in rural areas too. Under such situations if it is labeled as a very important and modish vehicle it is certainly not an overstatement.

The biggest problem related to fuel using vehicles is pollution. These vehicles maybe scooters, motorcycles, rickshaws or big buses, all of them pollute the environment. When fuel in the form of diesel, petrol etc enter the vehicles engine they let off many poisonous gases in the atmosphere as a result of which the air gets polluted which in turn deteriorates our health and diseases of various types attack our body. Today the worlds most polluted city is said to be Tokyo in Japan. Although we cannot allege that only fuel using vehicles are responsible for this pollution yet there are no 2 opinions that they play a major role in polluting the environment. Further these vehicles emit a lot of noise. Many a time vehicles running without silencers create so much commotion that heart disease patients get affected in a big way. It is because of this that in leading cities of the world permissible noise levels have been demarcated and if noise emission crosses these limits it is considered a crime because it affects everyones health.

Cycles do not pollute the atmosphere like other fuel based vehicles hence from the health standpoint it is said to be safe and beneficial too. It also helps us exercise and work out which is not possible if we use fuel oriented vehicles as transport. According to a scientific researcher of California University Dr E Griffith if ceaselessly for a long time span we sit in fuel using vehicles there are high chances of ill health related to the spine and bones. This conclusion was made by him after due research studies conducted by him. During his experiments he found that amongst people who traveled long distances in cars or other automatic vehicles about 70-80% developed spine diseases and only 20-30% escaped such diseases. While giving the reason for this Dr Griffith says that such diseases manifest because people while traveling long distances sit in a bent position and that for a fair length of time their bodily parts like hands, legs etc remain immobile. On the other hand amongst those who used a cycle daily for transport very few faced such problems. At the moment from these research studies we can realize that cycles not only protect us from dangers pertaining to fuel and automatic vehicles but that in todays fast paced life it fulfills our need of work outs and exercising.

From the financial standpoint too cycles cannot be said to be expensive that an ordinary lay citizen cannot afford to buy it. It can be parked anywhere easily. Very little expense is required to repair cycles. If someone has even a little knowledge regarding its repairs money can be saved whereas this is not applicable to petrol driven vehicles. First and foremost for people eking out very small incomes, buying cars is a fairy dream, secondly a lot of money is used up in car maintenance and also buying fuel is very costly. One more benefit of using cycles is that since its girth and form is very small as compared to cars, it can easily be used in very small alleyways and high traffic areas. All this is not possible for fuel gulping vehicles.

Realizing the benefits of cycle usage and the perils to be faced while using petrol based vehicles China has taken very welcome steps in the direction of rendering cycles the iconic vehicle of the 21 st century. It is China who first encouraged cycles. As a result of this not only in villages but in urban areas too cycles are preferred. In villages cycles are mainly used for transport and in city like areas too in comparison to motor cars we can see children being made to sit in front and back of the cycles while traveling on city roads. From this standpoint roads in China have been widened so much that apart from cars 3 to 4 cycles can move in one row. As per some statistics in the year 1987 in China there were about 3 billion cycles and 1.2 million fuel using vehicles which means that for every 250 cycles there was 1 car whereas in India for every 30 cycles there is 1 car. It means in India there are .5 billion cycles and 1.5 million cars. From this it can be inferred how pedal power is loved in China whereas in our country India, cycles are virtually ignored and looked down upon. And yet the cycle has come in vogue in USA and in large numbers one can see cyclists on the cycling on the road. But of course in comparison to China, USA yet lags behind. In America on an average for every 3 persons there is 1 car. In the West, Netherland is only one country cycle use has taken the form of a big revolution. Its population is .15 billion whereas the number of cycles is .125 which means a little less than 1 cycle for every person. In our country India there is 1 cycle for every 20 people. In Netherlands there is a major city called Groningen where more than 50% daily travel is done via cycles whereas in New Delhi, India daily cycle usage is only 20%.

countries is quite less. Under such situations for people of India the cycle is most useful from the viewpoint of easy accessibility, cheapness and geographical considerations. If it comes in vogue problems related to fuel gobbling vehicles can be sorted out and the curse of rich and poor differences too can be overcome. In fact a sense of brotherhood and unity will prevail everywhere. Although India leads in cycle production yet it lags behind other nations as far as its daily usage is concerned. Further Gulf Country problems may take the form of a war. If this danger insists on increasing along with India other countries shall have to face scarcity of oil, petrol etc and even if in some way it is obstructed even then the question arises that for how long are Gulf Countries going to fulfill the oil needs of the world? At some point in future these oil pools are going to get depleted. Under such circumstances in order to ward of such future situations of hardships it is best that we start unearthing other options and commence its usage. In future the situation should not be dire akin to start digging wells for water since fire has erupted in the vicinity. Under such situations not only for India but for the entire world cycle usage in a war footing way is the only solution. Especially for poor countries like India it is most required and desirable that cycle transport be encouraged more and more.


Recently as per a news item published by PTI in a seminar of World Future Society held in Emporia (Kansas, USA) it was said that: In future times the present potential of the human brain shall advance so much that communication between individuals shall not be wires but shall be Alpha Radiations/Waves emitted by brain neurons. In order to overcome tension based agitation more and more western culture followers by taking recourse to Yoga Practices of Ancient Spirituality shall render their brain potential more brilliant so that mutual tuning of brain waves can set in. This mode of activity that at present appears impossible and a wild figment of imagination shall in future so speedily put into action by world laymen that everyone shall be mind boggled to know that the medium of communication can be without any electrical wire connection, satellites etc and will simply be based on a well advanced/evolved Extra Sensory Perception of human brains. Every futurist and great seer present in the seminar agreed to the above declarations of various speakers.


A British born in Madras (India) called Robert Wald who is looked upon as a leading scientist of futurology has written a book co authored by his wife. In this revolutionary book they write that: In future times to come the medium of communication shall pass through a widespread revolutionary curve. Via TV newspapers shall be read (todays computer and internet) which despite getting printed can be viewed on television. In place of entertainment this TV shall play the role of knowledge communication and sanctification of world human psyche. The tasks of news, banking and electronic delivery too shall be done by it. Teachers seated in studios shall give new information of knowledge-science to students in far off villages, town etc. Thus it will don the role of an Open University. The author further states that in days to come people will give up flesh eating and opt for food like soya bean and thus their very thinking shall become sacred. If the world population increases there shall be less space. In order to fulfill this lack, cold houses shall be built in desserts and swimming cities shall be built in the ocean. That very process via which plants cook food man too will use it to make tons of food in laboratories. In the 21 st century for pure air per individual there shall grow 2.5 square meters of grass and thus people shall no longer have stand in a long queue in the doctors clinic. This is because the patient by finding out the symptoms, condition and exact disease via the computer shall not only find cures for himself but many thousands other patients too. Surgery and therapies shall be executed via communication satellites.


Recently Indias Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi while inauguration the Year of Youth said: 71% of Indias population has entered youth. This class of youth nurtured in precincts of Indian culture has become so powerful that on seeing this we must have faith that the 21 st century shall belong to the youth.

Over here what needs to be noted is that in these days according to great world thinkers and seers the biggest danger faced regarding youths is the net of deadly drug intoxication. The new American government has placed before its Federal Reserve the goal of fighting all forms of intoxication and inebriation. From this it is clear that world humanity is so concerned about the fact that youth energy is straying from the right path. These are those very youths regarding whom Swami Vivekananda had said: Even if 100 youths of half of India awaken the entire lopsided world of today can be straightened aptly. It seems most definite that Swamijis utterances shall commence getting realized initially from India itself.




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