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The path of world welfare lies in elevation of women.

21 st century will be the century of women

A universal nation, universal religion, unifying role of a universal language in the 21 st century

Gayatri can be Universal Religion, Indian Sanskrit can be universal language and the entire world lives as one nation and family in the 21 st century

Information Technology revolution brings us all to the radiant portals of the 21 st century

The solar deitys wrath in the 21 st century

The ideal of world as one family will be imbibed everywhere in the 21 st century

Thought is the mother of action. Man acts as per his thinking. When man will focus on great thinking, ideal character and stupendous actions divinity will manifest in the psyche of world humanity.

If the world is managed harmoniously fights will recede from planet earth. People will start dwelling in areas that are unpopulated.

If we wish to lead happy lives such arrangements should be pondered over, designed and executed for world well being.

Hardships do not rain from the sky. It is in fact a creation of human thinking. If man so desires heaven can manifest on earth permanently.

A new dawn a new light-we shall manifest this on earth. A new era will dawn. The 21 st century will be radiant.

The divine mission of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya called Yuga Nirman Yojana shall flourish in the 21 st century and achieve its sacred goal.

THE SACRED LAND OF SHANTIKUNJ: Shantikunj is a living laboratory of spirituality. There inner transformation of human beings takes place by awakening latent powers present in him. The goal is to ready volunteers for world welfare service so that a new radiant era dawns in the 21 st century. Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) is full of spiritual wealth. This land is the area where Brahmarshi Vishwamitra performed intense austerities. The aim of the organization called Yuga Nirman Yojana is Advent of a Bright Future in the 21 st Century.

The above true resolve is the subtle form of an Avatar or incarnation of Almighty God. This verily is the resolve of Yuga Nirman Yojana. These divine words belong to a sacred hearted and pure psyche of a Super Saint. For this end he performed austerities for his entire sojourn on earth. It is like gold getting purified in a blast furnace. His thoughts fly world wide in the subtle world. All transformations are bringing desired results which are there for all to see. He manifested this manifesto in the form of a divine resolve of Nishkalank Prajna Avatar. THE MANIFESTO: ADVENT OF A BRIGHT FUTURE IN THE 21 st CENTURY.

21 st century will be the century of women. Woman is our friend, woman is our sister. Woman is not a means for lewd passion. Woman is affectionate, she is our glory. The womans womb begets life. The womans forehead has a Bindi. She is full of sacred love and self sacrificing. She is the head of a household and a partner of her beloved spouse. Woman is the soul of this world. Our Yuga Rishi HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya shall play a major role in the Advent of a Bright Future in the 21 st century.

Super Mantra Gayatri and Yajnas is a divine blessing given to world humanity by Indian Culture. Without any restrictions in the form of caste, gender, nationality etc just about anyone has the right to chant Gayatri and perform Yajnas. Yajnas overcome air pollution which is big problem the world over as far as the environment is concerned. Yajna gives us rain and augments our vital force potency. Yajnas balance Mother Nature. Gayatri Yajnas can solve all problems of this era. In this manner Advent of a Bright Future in the 21 st century will set in.

The Religion of Future will be a Scientific Religion. Gayatri will be the future religion in a scientific manner. Gayatri is a worldwide blessing.

The dream of Advent of a Bright Future in the 21 st century will definitely be realized. The divine mission of Late Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya (Founder of All World Gayatri Family- http://www.awgp.org Address: Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) will definitely be fulfilled.



That day of earthquake was a dire day.

Why did the creator choose the Republic Day of India?

All children had gathered to hoist the national flag.

Almighty God saved them who are Indias future.

This was a small exhibition of Mahakalas (Super Divine Time) Tandava dance.

It was a dire warning to criminal, unethical and sinning people.

If such undesirable baggage augments the world over I shall definitely prove to be more destructive.

Instead of insane generations blooming forth it is best that destruction takes place.

Come! Let us all together dwell on wholesome constructive thinking.

Let us avoid destruction by warding off bloody wars and ill will the world over.

Like children of one mother let the entire world live blissfully like a family.

If Mother Nature is appeased by us, never will another quake send shivers down our spine.

Our Divine Mothers family will live in harmony and brotherhood the world over.

This is not an earthquake but is a warning to our very existence.



Sage Vyas and Lord Ganesha together wrote many things

But Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma alone wrote millions of valuable pages

None have authored and none will in future author 4000 precious books

Eras will pass by so as to break Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmas unnoted record

The world does not know Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma .

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma performed 24 Mahapurashcharanas of 2.4 million

In order to save the world he chanted Mantras and performed austerities and millions of Yajnas

In a short span of 3 years Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma created 3000 Gayatri Temples

None is capable enough to break this unnoted record of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

The world does not know Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma .

With a few miracles many have become God men

O Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma! The world does not know of your millions of silent miracles

They do not know his spiritual practice of becoming subtle and invisible beneficial acts

In order to protect creation Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma established unknown feats

The world does not know Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma .

When the future era will know of this great event

When they will know many divine sports of God in the human garb

Todays fundamentalists will cry and wail aloud

And shout from rooftops that the Guinness Book of World Record be rewritten

The world does not know Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma .

Mother Gayatri is Brahma, the sacrificial pit is Vishnu and the flame as Agni Shikha is Lord Shiva

The burning torch (flame) indicates the Tandava dance of Lord Shiva in his fiercest aspect

Todays thought revolution represents the 3 rd eye of Lord Shiva

Shiva assumes his fierce aspect of a raging fire and reduces to ashes whatever evil is present in the deluded world and renders it unsullied and sacred.

Thus the road to cosmic peace is rendered free from any obstructions

The world does not know Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma .


The sun is said to be the life force of creation. It is because of the sun that life sustains on planet earth. Assuming that for one day the solar deity refuses to rise at dawn life on earth would become chaotic and unruly. Solar rays imbue creatures with zest and zeal and hence the sun is given utmost importance. And despite all this know for sure that the sun is not merely a ball of blazing inferno. It is not as though it is merely emitting flames of gases like hydrogen/helium which in turn manifest immense energy. This in fact is the material or gross description of the sun. In its subtle aspect the sun is the director of our thought process, chief of all planets and inducer of great sentiments in our psyche. It is indeed the very soul of all living beings. A deeper outlook tells us that spiritually it is the light of God as cosmic consciousness and that of super mind. The word Soorya or sun means that which inspires us with sacred sentiments.

The root import of the spiritual leg of Indian Culture is definitely solar meditation. The demon Raavana was defeated by Lord Raama only after imbibing the mystery of the heart of Aaditya or solar deity. Yudhishthira and his brothers first got initiated into solar meditation from Dhaumya Muni. The energy that manifested as a result made them invincible. Our Rishi literature oozes with eulogies of solar deity. In the Rig Veda (5/81/1) it is said that the widespread eulogy of solar deity/Savita is indeed great.

Sun is Savita deity in the form of divine existence of the sun as creator-illuminator. Savita is that which is a creator, eulogized as absolute truth, nurturer of all humanity and who coaxes man to give up his limited ego I and merge into cosmic divine existence. We dedicate this e-book to Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has merged into cosmic consciousness i.e. the substratum of Savita-sun, authority that destroys sins and deity of Super Mantra Gayatri.


A realized saint of Kanpur (India) who is no longer in our midst said in the year 1986 AD: While worshipping the sun we are actually meditating on the divine power of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharmaji. This saint was an accomplished Taantrika. Whosoever was blessed by him attained desired fruits. Sometimes this saint came to Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, website: www.awgp.org ) for 5 days and then would return to Kanpur (India). Physically he had never visited any pilgrim spot and yet when he described them it seemed as though he actually had done so. He would say: When I go to sleep I visit all pilgrim spots with my subtle astral body. This was absolutely true. Initially he was an ordinary official in the postal department but later had obtained so many divine powers through austerities that whomsoever he blessed attained their desires. Therefore we were surprised when this saint said he desired to meet Gurudeva. He wanted to get initiated by Gurudeva else he felt he would miss out on attaining his spiritual goal.

We asked this saint: Why do you want to get initiated? You have chanted so many Gayatri Mantras and have as a result obtained so many divine powers. Hence why this desire for initiation? The saint answered: Do you think I have come to Shantikunj to roam around aimlessly? Oh! At Shantikunj one finds so much divinity all around. Mahaakaal (God of Time) himself dwells here. I do not know whether you have fully understood the greatness of your Gurudeva but whatever I know about him tells me that after many eons Lord Maheshwara and Mother Parvati have come down on earth to bring about a powerful transformation of this world. Hence if I get initiated by him I shall definitely attain salvation or Moksha. The time has arrived for me to shed my mortal coil and know for sure that Gurudeva too will end his sojourn on earth in about 4 years time. He will merge his subtle body so the time now is ripe for me to get initiated by him.

Despite the saints observations my curiosity had not been fully satisfied. I queried thus: You too are an accomplished sage then why would you want initiation? He replied: You yet have not understood its importance. The Divine Powers/Sidhis which I possess are mere peripherals and are bound by time and space. They no doubt influence everyone and yet despite this what divine prowess Gurudeva possesses can easily liberate a devotee from the shackles of time and space eternally. Assuming that I am a small bulb of light revered Gurudeva is its very powerhouse and much greater than the gigantic sun too. To date he has experimented albeit successful on a large scale on human consciousness. He has induced a Shirshaasan in the sun (head on the ground and feet dangling in air). His power has merged into divine sun god. Savitri pervades the entire cosmos and Gurudeva via meditation and other such subtle spiritual endeavors has merged into it. Hence forth you will see this power influencing the entire world. I yearn to fulfill my selfish desire of initiation. It is very difficult to come in contact with such a great preceptor. You are fortunate to contact that great preceptor whom devotees have tried to meet for eons together. You all have done so for carrying out his stupendous mission in this world. Now it is for you to realize his true divine greatness. Only then you will understand that Divine Powers/ Sidhis possessed by my self are naught in its comparison. Please help me get his grace via initiation that will ensure that no longer will I undergo the vicious painful cycles of birth and death.

Later as time went by, the prophecy of the great saint made above proved to be absolutely true. He did get initiated by revered Gurudeva, he then gave up his mortal frame and Gurudeva too shed his mortal frame as predicted. All this we witnessed actually happening in front of our eyes.

The above episode is written for pious minded readers so that they too can realize our preceptors true greatness after reading what the great sage of Kanpur had to say about Gurudeva. The sage deftly gauged the spiritual aura and divine greatness of revered Gurudeva. In fact our Gurudeva him self would say: You all must meditate on a form. Hence if you choose to meditate on the sun meditate on my form. If you meditate on me it is synonymous with meditating on the sun. Hence when we meditated thus we noted that the preceptor oriented power was centered on the sun. We could easily meditate on solar Gayatri and thus all mental complexes and riddles were solved. So it was crystal clear that Gurudevas divine power had attained oneness with solar power.

Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had done intense Gayatri worship which is known to purify mans psyche in totality. He further worshipped Savitri for sanctification of external nature. Today post death via his subtle body he is continuing with this sacred task. It is only an incarnation of God who merges with solar deity can carry out such a stupendous mission of transformation of an era. Anyone with lesser divine potential can never succeed in such a gigantic mission. Super Mantra Gayatri and the sun are the very life force of Indian Culture. In past times as long as divine men of India worshipped the solar deity, so long India led in all aspects of knowledge based sciences. It oozed with supreme joy and all round progress. It is a fact that when falsehood and demonic forces start ruling the roost divine people with the aid of solar power have transformed human nature into godliness. The sun helps manifest vigor, activities, high thinking and can liberate our psyche from vices and taints. In this manner pure sentiments of sacredness proliferate. It is hence that preceptor power chooses an icon of worship for his/her disciple.

In the Kapil Tantra it is said:

It is most desirable that Yoga specialist preceptors examine the inner nature and inclination of their disciples so as to decide which image of worship is best suited for them. Which are these icons/images? They can be Vishnu- chief of sky, Maheshwari- Goddess of fire, sun, Shiva, Ganesh etc. Any one of these can become an image.

The above 5 powers are found in Gayatri and the sun. This was told to us by Gurudeva and according to him it makes our worship all powerful. Revered Gurudeva says: It is a foregone conclusion that this era is going to be transformed. Its pivotal role will be played by India. The spirituality of the entire world is concentrated over here and the golden sunrise of a new era shall dawn here. To make this come true and in order to destroy the darkness of 2000 years so as to manifest Sat Yuga or Golden Age majority of great men have taken birth in India. If world history is pondered over deeply, never has so much been accomplished speedily as has been done in the last 10 decades. Revered Gurudeva writes: In the near future the mission to be fulfilled will revolve around human nature, process of thinking and a stupendous transformation of the worlds subtle atmosphere. The question asked is that how will all this take place? Its deep import has been explained by our preceptor center that merged into the solar deity and who had prophesized the onset of a Golden Era in the 21 st century.

In order to solve the problem of atheistic tendencies so as to enhance human sacredness the divine power most required is that of Goddess Savita. In the Taiteriya Samhitaa the Rishi says:

O, all knowing sun god! Please bless me and sanctify my psyche. It is quite possible that because of this Rishis of yore have worshipped the conscious center of the Purusha (Almighty God) seated in the sun (Yajur Veda 40/17). In the Shukla Yajur Veda (31/18) great Rishis say:

I know the great Purusha seated in the sun in his Aaditya form and who is beyond darkness. He is the bestower of light and is Almighty God himself.

This eulogy is not beyond reason because Rishis worshipped the sun as protector of our vital force. It is both a creator and propagator and hence is said in the Atharva Veda (1/31/4): We pray that for ages to come we shall visualize the cosmic divine light illuminator i.e. Sun-God.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya continuously published literature on the worship of Gayatri-Sun-Kundalini from March 1977 to May 1977. In the April 1977 issue he writes that there is a dire need to create a proper environment for high leveled spiritual practices especially after keeping in mind contemporary circumstances. He exhorts us to create a forest like atmosphere in Gayatri Tirtha Shantikunj and Brahmavarchas so as to imbue it with Divine Energy. In one such article titled The Mahaapraana of Savita-Savitri he writes that the greatest need today is of an advanced intellect and that he has shown the importance of meditation on the divine effulgence of Goddess Savita. He says savita should be our icon so that its divine power gets an opportunity to sanctify the subtle world. In a special issue of Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1987) he says, with reference to Kundalini Energy, that in the coming days it will be awakened through solar/Savita worship. In this manner the destiny of planet Earth will shine effulgently.

Say who is that individual who can transform the destiny of entire planet Earth? The answer is one who is of the stature of Vishwaamitra (who tried to create a parallel cosmos) and has the potency/prowess of the Rishi clan. From time to time via published literature our revered preceptor has told us that by looking upon the radiant Savita (sun) as a manifestation of formless God we must imbibe deeply the divine power of Sun-God. The one can overcome all fear and stress related in this entire era. He further elaborated that solar movements/activities will be responsible for the advent of a New Era. These days the earth has entered the womb of the sun so as to transform earths destiny to greatness. With these words he proclaimed that this newly transformed planet Earth will be hallowed and in turn it will transform the entire cosmos. Solar flare ups and solar spot oriented radiations will prove dire for demonic forces and this in turn will augment Divine Powers. During conversations with revered Sir he often said that: I have given you symbolic yellow colored garments to wear so that you can absorb the power of Sun, Brihaspati, Gayatri and Guru. When Sun and Brihaspati unite the color that ensues is yellow. He felt that in todays time instead of ochre robes worn by Sanyaasins who run way to the forest out of dispassion yellow garments are most required to be worn by devotees. Such people will be incessantly blessed by the solar deity. The fact remains that ere preceptor element Brihaspati is not imbibed it follows suit that Gayatri-Savitri element too will not be imbibed.

Our revered preceptor understood clearly that Knowledge of Tantra would be dangerous for his disciples and hence he designed a compact religious program (Anushthaan) of Super Mantra Gayatri. He imbued this Gayatri with his wholesome Tantra Power and penance. In addition worship of Savitri and Brihaspati too was included which would hence forth cause no harm to any spiritual aspirant/devotee. Time and again Gurudeva advised his disciples never to hurriedly switch over to Tantra Science. Instead they were sagely advised to regularly chant the Gayatri Mantra, purify subtle nerves/Naadis, do Praanaayaam, meditate on the sun etc. If all this was done with utmost sincerity Gurudeva promised to fulfill the rest. In actuality it is the preceptor who energizes the Mantra. Through psychic imprints or Sanskaaras words are interwoven into various Mantras. Our revered Gurudeva made widely available the otherwise secret Gayatri Mantra to one and all without any discrimination. He made subtle changes in it and the Sootra on which he made us meditate on the solar deity along with Mantra Japa is simply outstanding.

That Divine Authority which had merged into the solar deity had proclaimed that by sending the lower vital force to the upper vital force entire world community will get transformed positively. This Divine Authority had made a Sankapla or powerful mental resolve in the spring season of the year 1980 wherein inducing an onset of a New Era after working on the thought process of world humanity with the help of his subtle body. On page 17 of his book What should we do in the 21 st century he says that Shantikunj has a great community of individuals akin to an eagle hiding eggs under its wings. They will be mediums of heralding a radiant world future in the 21 st century. In order to spiritually nurture them a powerful Divine Energy has manifested at Shantikunj. It is Mahaakaal or Lord of Time who has declared that a New Era in the 21 st century is bound to manifest radiantly. With faith by bowing down to our preceptor who is solar deity incarnate we pray that we become apt instruments/mediums in fulfilling this wondrous divine resolve of his.



The sun is the chief of the solar system. According to the Vedas the sun awakens us in the morning so that we act aptly all through the day. The sun is said to be the soul of all movable and immovable objects. Within the entire cosmos the sun moves about mysteriously and is a silent witness of the actions of all living beings. In Greek language the sun is called Helios. It means that which is radiant and brilliant in nature. This radiance of the sun is but a manifestation of the intense infinite energy it harbors within its core being. It is because of this that life sustains on planet Earth. According to modern scientists that ball of brilliant light seen by us and is called the sun manifests certain movements. They in turn manifest as flames and black spots or sun spots.

No doubt the sun predominates gigantically in our solar system and yet it is a mere star with reference to the galaxy in which it exists. The distance between the sun and our earth is 1.4 billion and 9.6 million kilometers. Despite this solar rays take merely 8 minutes to reach our planet from the sun. The diameter of the sun is 1.3 million and 92 thousand kilometers. From our standpoint while visualizing the sun from our planet it is very difficult to imagine the sun to be so much more gigantic, heavy and blazing than our earth.

The temperature in every area of the sun is not equally distributed. The surface temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius. It is solar energy that is at work behind the suns light and heat principles. Solar energy is the very life force of our planet earth. As a result life proliferates and sustains on earth. This solar energy is a manifestation of the nuclear activity of the sun. In that hydrogen gas is converted to helium. In the suns core/central region within one second 564 million tons of hydrogen gets converted to 560 million tons of helium gas. Energy of 4 million tons hydrogen manifests from the sun in the form of solar rays. The sun emits 3.8 x 10 raised to -26 Joules energy/second into interstellar space.

For the past 5 billion years the sun has been converting air around it into solar energy which is used up as and when required. Its temperature on the surface region too is not equally distributed. In the suns Photosphere the temperature is 6000 degrees centigrade. One layer of its uncontrolled atmosphere is Photosphere. Between these 2 is a layer whose temperature is 4500 degrees centigrade. This is the coldest region on the sun. During the duration between the commencement and ending of a solar eclipse it is seen as a magnet freeze.

On the surface of the sun where the temperature is less and there exists only cold and dark gloominess is called Sunspots. The temperature of a Sunspot is less than 2000 degrees centigrade of the temperature of its neighboring gas. It is around 4000 degrees centigrade in the Photosphere. These spots tend to move as couples or more in number and their life spans between a few days and a few months. These Sunspots were first discovered by that great scientist Galilee.

The sun is never known to be clam and serene. This is because movements within it always exist. These movements are so intense at times flames appear on the suns surface. According to USAs material scientist Unin Norman Parlor a continuous flow of hydrogen ions and helium ions are emitted by the sun. In this flow the number of electrons and protons are equal. It is also called solar wind which has a speed of 1.26 to 2.88 million kilometers per hour.

From Sunspots solar flames erupt forth in the form of energy. With its heavy intensity it scatters the particles of solar wind which in turn some times crosses the boundary of planet Earth and appears over here. These energy particles create intense magnetic fields on planet Earth. As a result all modes of communication can get flattened to the ground. In outer space solar flames get spread out in billions of miles area. Until today solar flames were seen in their most terrific form on 28 th Feb 1942, 19 th Nov 1949, 13 th Sep 1971 and April 1990.

At the end of the 20 th century i.e. in the year 2000 AD solar movements were seen again in a more intense form. In the year 2000 AD i.e. 3 rd and 4 th Mar blasts of intensity of billions of hydrogen bombs with the potential of 100 mega tons were recorded on the suns surface. As a result of this there was a storm of UV rays in the Earths central region. According to that famous outer space scientist R.S. Srivatsava as a result of this episode on that day between 11 am to 1.30 pm the overall situation was very dire because of the X-ray and UV ray storms that lashed out on planet Earth.

According to USAs J M Fridge and Dr R.S. Srivatsava there are 2 points on the suns corona. These points are called 8882 and 8881. In present times these points have suddenly become very active. From both these points about 20 billion tons of corona material is emitted which constitutes a part of its storehouse of rays. It has a speed of 3000 kilo meters/sec. At any time its direction can point at Earth. Ordinarily its speed is 10000 times more. Amongst these one finds gamma and beta rays included too. With reference to these geological incidences Delhi Universitys scientist Prof Vishnu Bhatia has clarified that sometimes the earths magnetic field agitates high energy particles emitted by the sun. Recently an incident of this type recurred and the earth was saved from great danger.

Very rarely does one see a destructive form of global turbulence but on the sun they have recorded even more intense and ghastly agitations. As a result of this sunspot based activities reach their peak every 11 years. In turn because of this time and again there occurs a change in the shape and form of solar based aura. The temperature of very sensitive magnetic fields found on sunspots is less when compared to other regions. In other magnetic fields (other areas) electrons, protons and ionic electric fields move along tortuous paths. This is why the 11 year wheel of solar activity marches ahead. Every 11 th year this activity reaches its peak. On 24 th April 1990 AD during such a solar agitation it was noted that certain materials of the NW region of the sun had separated speedily. These materials have spread themselves at a distance of 1million kilometers from the sun.

Due to high activity of sunspots on an average one notes the appearance of a multi colored polar aura. In the North Pole this light is called Aurora Borealis and on the South Pole it is called Aurora Austrealis. The electrical particles of magnetic storms emitted by sunspots get attracted to the magnetic regions of Earth. As a result one can see beautiful scenes related to light on the Earths Polar region. The rays emitted from solar turbulences reach the Earths Ionosphere. As a result the earths magnetic regions get influenced by it. The highest intensity of solar agitations creates further turbulences on the Earths Ionosphere. In turn there is a greater probability of magnetic storms manifesting on Earth. What then ensues is an obstruction of radio wave transmissions and thus there is possibility of chaos in the supply of electricity. Our earth has experienced this dire situation umpteen number of times already. These geological incidences had destroyed the electrical supplies of many nations. In Canada the Hydrocubic Electric Machines had been shattered and for hours many regions of Canada and USA had to go without electricity for a certain time span.

At present the sunspots have been increasing since 1996 and they reached their peak in March 2000 AD. When magnetic movements increase on the sun uniformity is noted in its aura but when magnetic movements decrease many colors are seen in its aura that spread out in inter stellar space. A weather scientist of USAs National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Mr. Gary Hackman maintains that the present eruptions on the solar wheel and the resultant dire storm of rays has passed nearby planet earth at a distance of 0.15 million kilometers. It should be looked upon as nothing short of divine grace. If this were not true artificial satellites that have been set up in inter stellar space and their dependent institutions would have been the target of one of the direst world catastrophes.

All such solar movements/activities indicate an imminent widespread change in the world. Eminent world scientists opine that because of such movements a great transformation will duly be witnessed the world over. They say that the shape of earth will no doubt not change but that nature will transform in totality. This can also be seen as a form of transformation of the 21 st century which will herald a New Era.



An atom is the subtle form of the cosmos. Its central portion represents the sun of our universe. Electrons revolve around the nucleus (sun) just as planets revolve around the sun of our solar system. Just as infinite space exist outside the periphery of the solar system so too there is a lot of space present in the atom. Between various solar systems of the cosmos there exists ample and optimum space separating each of them. Similarly there are varied differences in the central region of all atoms. Although externally they appear to be identical internally differences are noted. For example in Uranium there are 92 electrons whereas in Carbon there are only 6 electrons.

Every human being can be akin to an entire cosmos. His soul is like the sun in whose vicinity atoms and planets revolve. Atoms, bacteria, viruses etc that are found in the human body are known to emit a special kind of electricity. It is because of the influence of this electricity that organs like the brain etc function aptly. It is that very medium through which consciousness can manifest in inert nature. Ordinarily movements of various types are seen in atoms. They lack the capacity to think or experience anything. But human electricity called Prana (life/vital force) consciousness in inert group of atoms is known to manifest the capacity of thinking and thus life comes into existence.

Around the Polar region of planet earth magnetic storms are known to erupt. They emit unsteady light which is called Aurora Borealis. Polar region in turn attract radiations, light and other influences from other planets to our globe. Further certain special influences of Earth are transported to other planets of the universe. Polar region of the earth is said to be the point of contact with the rest of the cosmos. Our earths present existence is dependent on inter planetary radiations which pass through the Polar region. Apart from this, the present positioning of other planets are as they are as a result of various incessant radiations active in the earths Polar region. If at all due to some reason this relationship of give and take comes to a grinding halt such a dire influence will manifest that life on our globe will cease to sustain and exist. Together with this a change in the hierarchy and positioning of planets will lead to chaos in the present day activities of the solar system. A little movement in a small area contributes quite gigantically to the revolving activity of the earth and other planets. The more we ponder over this fact the more its mystery will unfold lucidly.

Mans inner consciousness too is similarly a focused area of Divine Energy. Within it there are infinite known and unknown potentialities like desire power, emotional power, power of resolve, attraction power, repulsion power etc. If these are activated optimally, if we can learn to make apt use of them we can experience the manifestation of all cosmic powers. Mans consciousness is infinite like the gigantic space of the solar system. Whatever exists in it is more powerful than inter planetary space. Alas but despite all this it is mind boggling that we are totally unaware of this divine treasure house indwelling in our inner being. If some how or the other we are capable enough of establishing a bond with the root source of infinite energy which is akin to a gigantic ocean an individual can become an infinite storehouse of Divine Energy. As a result what previously seemed impossible can now be made possible via this infinite ocean of energy. Sun or Savita is the personal god or icon of all human beings. The goal of all should be to merge with this icon. How is this possible to attain? The answer is given by Solar Sciences.



The Shrutis authoritatively proclaim that this world in which we dwell was initially full of darkness prior to its creation. Tamaha asita means that all directions were engulfed by darkness. But when the brilliant highly eulogized sun god manifested in the east it became the root cause of life, light and vital force manifesting and sustaining in this world.

In the Chandogya Upanishad (1/6/6) it is said that the omnipotent Almighty Lord destroyed cosmic darkness with his divine brilliance of soul light when he took the form of Hiranyagarbha (creator). It is thus clear that due to this divine spiritual light the darkness in all directions was destroyed hook line and sinker.

Indias cultural tradition is said to be the most ancient in the entire world. Right from primeval times to date no one has attracted and magnetized all aspects of human life as has been achieved by Sun-God. Hence when our ancestors i.e. great Rishis who were the spearheads of world human progress and evolution said I bow down to primeval Lord they were in reality worshipping the radiant sun. The sun is said to play a major role in the evolution of world culture and tradition. It is because that sun shines brilliantly that the concept of time, demarcation of day and night, seasonal demarcations and waxing/waning of the moon came into being. It is because of the sun that months are categorized which in turn influence the daily living of all creatures especially mankind. Right from time immemorial the sun has been the root source of mans day to day transactions. When man saw that ball of fire representing Sun God he took it as a form of life force, divine energy and Gods power. In ancient times mans daily activities were very much dependent on the rising and setting of the sun. Thus we can understand how Sun God plays a major role in the evolution of human culture and civilization.

Right since Vedic Age our Rishis have proclaimed Bhumaa vai sukham and Bhuma tad amritam (Chandogya Upanishad 7/23/1 and 7/24/1). This Bhuma viewpoint of Rishis gives them the inspiration to move towards infinity from finiteness. Ultimately their goal was to merge into infinity. On the one hand where he attains a pious vision of various gods/goddesses who control cosmic functions there itself there manifests an intense inspiration to merge into the 3 worlds. This is root basis of our mode of worship because of the philosophy handed down to us by great Rishis of yore. In this method meditation on the solar deity is of prime importance. The reason for this is that the 9 planets of the solar system, Marutas (wind god), 7 Rishis and 3.3 billion demigods dwell here. According to great Rishi-Munis the authority centers of all Divine Powers rest on the shoulders of Sun God ever since this world was created. Hence by saying Surya aatmaa jagatatasthuscha (Rig Veda) Rishis (Shaakal Samhitaa 1/115/1) say that the soul of all mobile and immobile creatures is Sun God in form.

In the Bhagwad Geeta wherever Lord Krishna describes his Divine Glories he says Jyotishaam raviranshuman (Bhagwad Geeta 10 & 11). Thus he give prime importance to Sun God and has further advised mankind to meditate on Super Mantra Gayatri. In this manner one can walk on the radiant path of solar worship which is also called Brahmavidyaa or Divine Wisdom. In the Vedas it is written Akrushnena rajasaa (Rig Veda Shaakal Samhitaa 1/35/2) which is the most preliminary indication of solar worship. In the Krishna Yajur Veda (2/9/9) the importance of solar worship is described in detail. How important is solar worship/meditation? This answer can be gauged from Chaandogya Upanishad (3/19/1) and Shatpath Braahmana (50/5/1/4).

In a Rig Veda Mantra (5/51/25) the Rishis sing eulogies: O Sun God! We pray that we all get together and walk on the path of welfare just as you and Moon God and your self have set shining examples for us all. It means that just as the sun and moon devoid of indolence or lethargy work for eons and eons ceaselessly so too we pray that we imbibe beautiful radiance (symbolized by the moon) and discrimination (symbolized by the sun). When the need arises, we pray that we blaze like the sun so as to combat injustice and excesses witnessed the world over. During times of emotional turbulence, we pray that we remain calm and serene like the dazzling moon. Apart from this we pray: O Goddess Savita! Please ward off our sins and troubles and we request you nurture a sense of well being in our lives (Rig Veda 5/82/5). In this Mantra pious and wholesome thoughts have been invoked from all directions with the sun as its medium. If this is done human thinking will weed out the right from wrong. All the above mentioned examples show why great Rishis of yore have bestowed so much importance to eulogy of Goddess Savita and also been allotted a prime position in our day to day transactions. By proclaiming that Goddess Savita is the creator of all it is concluded that it is Sun God which gives everyone life and vital energy to all creatures of the world.

Great personages and authors of Divine Culture via their insight in the form of inspiration have made certain observations which are clubbed as Shrutis. Further all conclusions drawn via research and experimentation of the subtle inner world became a code of conduct in mans day to day existence. Sun is the source of inspiration behind lighting of fire which in turn in the first projection of human community. From there to the inventing of chariots which run with the help of solar rays and from the attainment of research regarding good health with the sun as the medium up to particles that move with speed of sun light, in all this the sun plays a major role. It is the erstwhile Rishi who first understood and said that it is because of the sun that worldly cycle commenced. Further the sun controls this cycle in a major way. All creatures are born and continue to sustain life because of the sun. Agricultural profession succeeds amply because of the sun. It is because of the sun that trees, flowers, fruits, plants, herbs etc grow. If the sun stops rising every day world movements can come to a grinding halt. Thus the root source of the world wheel of functions is the sun. This knowledge has been handed down to us by great Rishis of yore and hence by looking upon Sun God as the Primeval Almighty Lord we have evolved culturally too. The radiant sun whose diameter is 0.8 million 64 thousand miles and is 108 times bigger in diameter than planet Earth would in all probability be unaware that it being a storehouse of heat and fire is playing such a massive role in the evolution and civilization of Earth and its denizens. Further Earth lies at a distance of more than 1.4 billion kilometers from the sun. The sun plays a major role right from segregation of various seasons and day/night up to rains, flooding, famine etc. In fact it influences all activities of our day to day living. It is solar heat that ensures potable water is found on our planet by helping downpour of rains. Solar heat also ensures that we gain access to fire and electricity on Earth. Thus the sun is the cause of creation and existence of living beings on Earth and none can challenge this bare fact. This is why right since time immemorial solar worship is undergone with devotion and reverence not only in India where Vedic Culture first manifested but also in various other regions of the globe. There was a time in ancient history when Indian Culture was a World Culture. This can be proved by taking note of solar temples in all corners of the world. Sun temples are generally found in large numbers where the population of Red Indians is high especially in various parts of America. It is well nigh possible that due to a break in contact with Rishi Consciousness they failed to evolve fully. Despite this solar worship was a part and parcel of their daily living. Many solar based legends are found in regions like Hawaii, Japan, South America and Korea which proclaim that the sun is a universal idol. Chinese scholars have based all their sciences of Astronomy and Astrology on the sun. There the sun is called Yang and moon is called Yin. They in turn are represented by the subtle Yogic nerves of the human body as Idaa and Pingalaa. Japanese citizens are sun worshippers and the sun rises first in thatcountry. In Buddhist stories called Jaatakas sun is described as a vehicle and its 3 movements are based on the paths called Ajaavithi, Naagavithi and Govithi.

In Persian and Arabic languages the sun is called Aaftaab. In Islam the sun is said to be the center of Ilm ahkam ananjum which means that the sun is a symbol of consciousness that increases our power of sacred desires. In Christianity in the New Testament there is a clear description of the importance of the sun. Hence Saint Paul declared Sunday to be holy. If on this day one worships Almighty God and donates money etc it is said to accrue a great deal of merit. Hence Christians from every nook and corner of the world regularly visit Churches on Sundays and participate in congregational prayers. Even Greek and Romans accept this day as a holy day of prayers.

The above mentioned data is regarding the sun in relation to various religions, beliefs, communities etc of the world. As against this, Indian Culture looks upon pure Vedic Culture as a manifestation of solar based culture. It looks upon Sun God as its primeval Almighty Lord. According to our culture the sun is Brahmaa (creator), Vishnu (propagator) and Mahaakaal (destroyer). Mahaakaal is also one who demarcates time into day/night etc. s long as solar energy or vital fire is present in ones body one remains alive. When it departs from the body a creature dies. Apart from this the sun is called Ganapati too because it is the chief of all planets of our solar system. The sun is also called Indra i.e. the king of all demigods. The sun gifts us sound which emanates from our throats. By adding I to Rav it becomes Ravi meaning that sun which gives us sound notes. The sun is called Udgeetha also because it gives us sound notations. The author of that great epic Mahaabhaarata has penned the best amongst Paandavas viz. Yudhishthira eulogizing the sun as: O Sun! You are Indra, Rudra, Vishnu, Prajaapati, fire, mind, God and Brahman or cosmic consciousness.

In actuality through the medium of solar worship and episodes of sacred literature Indian spiritual life has put forth the greatest ideal of Divine Culture. The verse in Rig Veda (1/105/12) is a symbol of spiritual way of life. Right from the Vedic Age the sun has attained the status of a spiritual preceptor. In the Vedic Age especially during the Upanayan ceremony (Yajnopaveet or sacred thread) the preceptor chants Mantras after filling his and his disciples palm with water (Rig Veda 5/82/1). The preceptor vows that just as the sun with its brilliant light dispels darkness of the world so too he will dispel the dark veil of spiritual ignorance in the psyche of the disciple.

Right from primeval times up to contemporary times the relationship between the sun and world humanity has been sentimental in nature. The sun is not merely a mass of blazing fire but it also sustains life, protects it and is the author of cultural progress of entire humanity.

Lord Sooryanaaraayan (Sun God) is one whom one cannot vouch safe whether he is only a god, beloved friend or a revered preceptor. Is he like a protecting eye or an illumining huge lamp of the world? Is he a spiritual leader or a divinely nourishing father? Is he the vital force or energy which is the primeval cause of creation of this world or is something else totally? Of course what is most certain is that he means well for all times and the entire world. We pray that Sun God (Sahasra rashmi) fulfils all our wholesome desires.

Every aspect of the sun indicates the step by step evolution of world humanity. It is definitely not an overstatement when we say that the solar deity is the root basis of playing a major role in the important established principles of our ancient Divine Culture. Probably because of this, right from Yajur Veda (3/9) to Prashnopanishad (1/8) songs and eulogies in praise of the sun have been sung. Sun is also called Maartand because this Mrita danda (Brahmaanda or cosmos) gives us heat and light which helps sustain life in this world. Thus it is clear that however much we sing solar eulogies they can never fully depict the greatness and deep import of the sun.



Whenever any part of our body gets hurt the entire body throbs with pain. The mind and intellect too gets tensed and agitated. All our attention is now focused on this painful sensation. If the mind is not poised and balanced, the body experiences ill health and diseases. Every part of the body and mind mutually influence each other. This is concrete proof of the fact that the body and its consciousness are one with each other. In the same way that which is both visible and invisible, natural elements and solar system too are bound to each other by a deep bond of subtle sentiments. If an incident occurs in one region of the cosmos its reaction is definitely seen else where too.

In ancient times in the land of India there was a science in vogue which propounded and explained the above fact. It was nothing but Astrology. Its aim was to scientifically investigate the relationship between the members of the solar system and study the influence of one member on other members. As a result it was fairly facile to attain benefits from planet Earth and other stars, planets etc. This science gave us such priceless information which is not possible to attain even in this advanced modern scientific era. But alas as time lapsed by this ancient science degenerated and were replaced by ignorant beliefs and deluded concepts. With the result modern day intellectuals and scholars ignore this science totally.

Despite all this ever since science has leaped to maturity it got attracted to interstellar space research. Intermittently they have tried to understand the movements and functions of planets, stars, solar systems etc. Studies have been undergone as far as their inter relationships and mutual influence on one another is concerned. Quite possibly in a varied manner Modern Material Science today is drawing those same conclusions and inferences which were unearthed centuries ago by great Rishis and spiritualists of yore who were masters of the Science of Astrology too.

The scholars of astrology had reinstated the members of the solar system in the form of Divine Powers. Nine planets were looked upon as 9 Divine Energies. Since time immemorial astrological sciences have looked upon the chief of the solar system i.e. the sun as not just a mass of blazing fire but a permanent storehouse of life, vital force and awakened fire. Every moment it influences all members of the solar system with its movements and activities. Along with the sun, Jupiter, Mercury etc too influence the Earths atmosphere.

World revered Physicists too accept the fact that activities of the solar system influences both the Earths atmosphere and life present on it. Scholars like Prof. Stephen Dediger and a nuclear physicist of Yugoslavia opine that in order to succeed in the endeavor of space research scientists will have to take help of ancient astrological sciences. There occur so many natural incidences today which have a mysterious nature. Todays advanced scientific research has failed to throw adequate light on such mysteries. Despite its otherwise spectacular success in the fields of interstellar space and sub nuclear studies modern science accepts its inability to explain events with reference to the universe because of certain limitations. Bang opposite to this, astrological sciences which deal with the subtle activities of the sun regarding the spiritual universe is fully capable of unfolding the mysteries of interstellar space by using the knowledge of the suns influence over it.

According to the principles laid down by material sciences every atom of an object in the cosmos is active in relation to each other. They are even known to change their positions. With the result the environment in which they move keeps changing. Now because it is bound to a continuous cosmic chain, the group of atoms manifests a special influence. In turn this influences other planets, Earth, movable/immovable objects and astronomic masses. Despite being aware of this fact modern science has failed to give us a clear understanding of the movement, position and influence of planets and stars. While making the above mentioned observation the great nuclear scientist Prof. Stephen Dediger says that it is important to reactivate the hidden mysterious knowledge of astrology in order to understand facts pertaining to interstellar space in a compact manner.

The famous Austrian scientist Ernst Mike opines that infinite atoms of the universe are bound to each other via a strong deep bond. Solar flames which are connected to the closeness of planets and lunar movements are known to create various types of interceptions on earth. Planets influence not only earth but the life force oriented magnetic fields. Magnetic storms which are the result of imbalance experienced by various planets are known to manifest natural calamities and illnesses pertaining to the nervous system/psyche of all terrestrial beings. As a result of changes taking place in the earths gravitational force human behavior and inner nature too get affected.

A Russian scientist named Chinevski has reached some important conclusions after a long time span of research in this field. He opines that there is a deep bond between the movements of the solar system and the earths environment along with their activities/movements. After every 11 years time span a nuclear eruption takes place on the sun. During this span war and revolutions are induced on planet earth. Further natural calamities and epidemics too attack earth on a war footing.

A scientist named Geogar G. Giandi opened a new branch of science called Cosmo-Biology which takes inspiration from Astrological Sciences. According to him the entire cosmos is one single body and since no separate part exists in essence it is one without a second. Thus he believes that even if a particular planet exists miles and miles away from our globe yet it will somehow influence our earth.

Our planet earth is a member of the solar system and moon is its satellite. According to Professor Brown, from a scientific standpoint, earth and moon have been created from the sun. In fact he opines that even Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn influence earth via various movements taking place on them. He calls this inter planetary influence as Equi-perception.

During the 3 rd International Equinox Wind and Science Seminar 2 scientists named Professor K. Ramanathan and Dr. S. Ananta Krishnan of the Ahmedabad Physical Research Centre (Gujarat, India) said that the earth is an inseparable part of the solar system. Vibrations of spatial masses influence planet earth on a big scale. While conducting further research they found that when a stream of Scorpio 11 passes by that are part of X rays in the D region of the atmosphere movements of plants and other creatures increase which ultimately proves to be a malefic influence.

There was a time when the world renowned scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai (former chairperson of the Atomic Energy Commission) opined while talking at a seminar of scientists of various countries that there is a visible influence of other spatial masses on earth apart from the sun itself. If one unearths more precepts of Astrological Sciences so as to correlate them to information pertaining to interstellar space one will definitely come across more valuable data/information.

A Russian scientist Vladimir Desyatoy has conducted in depth studies in this field. He says that time and again magnetic storms attack earth which result in nervous and psychological disorders in its denizens. The change in frequency or speed of magnetic fields on earth is but the result of energy flow from spatial masses. Vladimir found from his preliminary research that when a special type of fire like agitation (flare) gets unleashed on the sun an intense magnetic storm manifests on earth. No doubt it influences everyone in a general manner but a greater influence is seen on those who are psychologically weak. This is witnessed also in the form of suicides, murders, mental imbalance and road accidents.

Based on the above data scientists opine that the root source of brains capacity to function and alpha allergy is conjoined to the gravitational region of earth. In turn the earths gravitational pull is related to spatial masses. Hence human life is remarkably connected to interstellar space activities and energy based forces. With the result every movement that manifests in interstellar space influences human nature, mind/psyche, intellect and consciousness.

As per the conclusions drawn by the scholar of astronomy Pascal, not only do powerful attractions manifested by the sun and moon create high tide/low tide i.e. ebb/flow in the sea but that they also influence living beings. Pascal maintains that all living beings dwell in a gigantic ocean of a vibrating omnipresent energy. Thus how can they remain exempt from the influence of energy waves that flow from various planets? In the arena of Material Sciences the fact that there is a close relationship between life on earth and earth, planets and stars of interstellar space shall be proved. A subtle give and take exists between them though not perceived by the gross human sense organs.

The footsteps of Modern sciences which are marching towards peaks of advancement are definitely also reaching those conclusions which were unraveled centuries ago by great Indian seers, astrologers and sages of yore. They proclaim that the entire cosmos is one single body/ocean of consciousness. The sun verily is its soul. Every vibration that emanates from it influences each component wherein are included earth, its atmosphere, plants, creatures etc. In ancient times Astrological Science was involved in researching, unearthing proof and looking for interplanetary elements. These findings have proved beneficial time and again for entire world humanity.

Many world scholars are attracted to this arena and hence commenced an interplanetary research program. These indeed are very benign signs. And yet devoid of Astrological Science, Modern Science is incapable of unearthing all vital data pertaining to outer space. Ancient Indian scientist-seers can definitely become beacon lights in this research field. Books authored by Arya Bhatta called Jyotish Sidhant Kaalkriyapada and Golpada Surya Sidhanta along with Naradevas research/development on its lines and Bhaskar Swamis Mahaabhaaskariya etc are rare, priceless and full of deep import. In his book Pancha Sidhantika, Varaah Mihir has depicted 5 principles of Astrology viz. paulish, romaka, vasishtha, saur and pitaamaha which throw detailed light on this topic.

O Nourisher of the world! One who travels alone! Controller of the world! Son of Prajaapati! Sun-God! Do take back your light rays in your fold because I am visualizing your most auspicious form. The person in the solar aura is none other than my self.


The science deeply explored by great seers and Brahmarishis is certainly not limited to the understanding of materialistic movements of the sun and cosmos at large. Even if its materialistic aspect is very wide-spread, powerful and magnetic yet its total structure is incomplete without consciousness. This true stream of conscious energy is called Divine science. On realizing its deep import, not only do we our selves become divinely powerful but that the present and future of the world too follows suit.

Astrological Science has both a gross material aspect and a divinely scientific one. And yet its deep import lies in solar worship. Special worship which bestows a widespread vision helps further unfold its mysteries. By going deep into its worship method we can understand mysterious powers/energies of the cosmos and thus avail benefits from energy streams of the solar system.



Savita is the fount of a nectarine divine principle. When it is worshipped it imbues the aspirant with intense life force, vibrations of divine joy and help the soul realize its nectarine nature. In order that the aspirants mind does not stray away from it research scholars of spiritual wisdom have depicted its meaning, nature, function and form.

Madhuvidya is dealt with in the Chhaandogya Upanishad so as to explain this principle in a total manner. The scattered mysterious rays of this worship are gathered here so as to shine forth effulgently. In the first 12 verses of the 1 st section of this Upanishad, Madhuvidya (nectarine wisdom) and Savita worship have been depicted gloriously. It says (Chhaandogya Upanishad 3/1/1): Om! This sun is verily the nectar of gods. Heaven is that tilted bamboo on which nectar hangs. Outer space is an umbrella and the rays are like children of honey bees.

In this Mantra where Seer-Rishis have given rare indications of perceived divine reality there one also finds scientific facts. The material form of the sun is atomic in nature. Since Modern Science is nothing but Material Science it analyzes only materials, elements etc. Generally all those who grow up and get educated in todays modern environment think upon merely this as an apt scientific technique. These intellectual potentials determine their mode of thinking and hence they are accustomed to experience only that which lies in this periphery. Hence it is that time and again man wishes to hear, see and experience that which are dear to him and very familiar. Giving them minor changes and repeating that experience is thought by man as new and original. Generally laymen can neither understand nor endure those who think and act differently from the prevalent mode of thinking. This different mode of thinking is labeled by them as unreliable, unscientific, scattered etc. But later as time lapses by when this different thinking becomes a bit more familiar to them they accept it. And yet they react in the same previous manner when a more new and different thought is put forth.

It is very important to cogitate over all this simply because todays scientific trend depicts facts related merely to matter and thus human believe merely this to be true and scientific in nature. And yet ancient Indian Rishi-scientists thought a bit differently. Not only did they master Material Science but they also unfolded mysteries pertaining to divinely conscious principles. This trend of thought was so compact and total that one single stream of it dealt with material, divine and spiritual aspect of this cosmos. For laymen this is that much more useful and beneficial in comparison to the modern trend of thought. At one go they are educated in the material, divine and spiritual aspect of this cosmos. A highly polished brilliant intellect is required for this trend of thinking and the divinely intellectual Rishis possessed it in ample measure.

In the above mentioned Mantra a discussion ensues regarding Savita (sun) element in the glorious Indian literature tradition. Sun is material in nature, its atom godly in nature and its spiritual form is conscious i.e. all pervasive Savita soul. It is said that whatever is there in the microcosm is present in the macrocosm. Similarly in the atom lies the entire cosmos.

The sun described in the Mantra can be correlated to an atom. Heaven which is like a slanting bamboo is akin to an atoms electron and its movement is external. The atomic body is the umbrella of honey/nectar. The photon particles present in the inner region of an atom are akin to sunbeams represented the children of honeybees. The same description is applicable to our material sun because it is a wide, gigantic mass made of atoms. Photons contain electromagnetic energy and are found in the waves of sunbeams.

We all know that photons are particles of light. Mareechee is another name for solar rays. Sun is called Mareechee too. Over here the term Aaditya (sun) signifies its divine meaning viz. solar deity. From the standpoint of light radiation energy it is an active conscious energy. From the spiritual viewpoint the sun is omnipresent Savita soul consciousness. It is the nectar of gods. Savita is the source of invincibility and nectarine fount of conscious divine powers. The scriptures say that Sun God is Prasavita. It is here that demigods drink nectarine juice and attain power. This nectar pervades entire interstellar space too. Space principle is all pervasive, formless and rudimentary in nature. In it one finds nectar of divine consciousness which is none other than Sun God or Savita/Aaditya. From this demigods imbibe power called vital juice or nectar juice.

Exponents of Upanishads have termed the radiating light rays of the sun as nectarine nerves. Discussions have been carried out on the stream of nectar flowing from the nectarine nerves. With reference to this as far as modern materialism is concerned and regarding research of fundamental particles/unit of the universe they have found that on all sides of the atoms nucleus electrons revolve. And yet its direction, along with its relative force has not been measured by scientists. The reason being, that the correct position and force of the electron is scientifically studied in laboratories using light rays. The photons themselves contain light rays which are one amongst the root particles of the cosmos and are said to be ageless and immortal.

These particles which move with the speed of light strike against electrons and bring about a change in their momentum, position and direction. The scientific apparatus and the medium through which a scientist measures the position and speed of electron are subtle in nature and it influences these subtle electron particles. Thus it is impossible to accurately study, examine and analyze electrons. On the other hand seers of nectarine wisdom (Madhuvidya) and learned teachers have succeeded in analyzing the speed and direction of conscious radiating energy. Hence one can gauge the advanced nature of their scientific potential.

The description of radiating energy that flows from the sun is given below:

The rays of the preliminary direction of the sun in the eastern direction crack of the umbrella in the form of outer space are the large black bees. Rig Veda is a flower, Soma nectar etc. They are immortal water. Large bees in the form of Rika pre heated the Rig Veda. From the pre heated Rig Veda ensue glory, light, senses, semen and Rasa (juice) which is the primary form of food. They all took shelter in the eastern part of the sun and established themselves there in red form.


Similarly in the same chapter 2 nd section it is said:

The rays of the southern direction are Yajur Veda or black bee. Yajur Veda is a flower, Soma nectar, water etc.


In the 3 rd section it is said that the western nectarine nerves are western oriented rays produced from the western crack. Saam Veda is the large bee and it is also the flower.


In the 5 th section one finds the description of rays emanating from above: The large bee of the upper nerves are secret commands and Brahman or cosmic consciousness is its flower.


The advancement of subtle material nature and their ascertainments will depend upon the future research of modern material science. The gross material aspect is quite clear. The sun throws its rays in all directions. The deep import of upper moving rays lie obstructed for modern material science. In the 1 st section there is an indication of red color of the sun. In the 2 nd section white color, in the 3 rd section black and in the 4 th section extremely dark hue is depicted.

When the sun rises it is bright red in color. After sometime it turns white. Later where there is a shadow meaning where solar rays do not reach a certain part of earth there its light appears dark i.e. after late evening. Later in the night it is extremely dark black in color. At the root source of consciousness of the 5 radiating energies are the 5 active demigods. They are Vasu, Rudra, Aaditya, Maru and Sadhya. Its material energies are radioactive energy, diffused red radiating energy, visible radiating energy, X-rays and Gamma rays. These 5 radiating energies are the 5 vehicles of those 5 demigods. Demigods are the stream of active consciousness.

Nectarine Wisdom (Madhuvidya) described in the Upanishads has a very important aspect which is spiritual in nature. In that via the medium of the stream of Savita, 5 interstellar spatial cracks have been depicted. In this very Chandogya Upanishad in the 3 rd section of the 3 rd chapter a mention of this has been made. They are called 5 divine Rishis and 5 vital forces called Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana. It is clear that from the omnipresent conscious sun (Savita) flow, 5 vital force streams which are the 5 types of rays emanating from interstellar spatial cracks. From the 4 vital force streams flow Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Saama Veda and Atharva Veda. Over here Vedas do not mean merely books to read. Instead it means that wisdom based inspiration manifesting in the form of Para (ESP) and Pashyanti speech. This is because the large bee sips juice from these flowers. Richas are large bees or Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharva Shrutis. These Shrutis are vehicles of the fount of wisdom based consciousness. The large bees sanctity (Sattva) is symbolized by the flowers honey. The Sattva of Shrutis is Para and Pashyanti speech. This then is the foundation of all the sciences and knowledge of the world. In this manner the fount of soul consciousness manifests as Itihaasa (history), Purana (mythology) etc. All these rays of knowledge manifest as Savita. All this has been detailed in these lines.

A description has been given of rays flowing in the upper direction which is but the vital flow. Its mouth is in the upper region. With reference to consciousness moving in the upper direction it is the gist of the Vedas that are important. It is none other than the state of self fulfillment or self satisfaction.

The Bhagwad Geeta (2/43) says: Great oceans are filled to the brim by water from rivers ponds etc. Realized souls are like these vast oceans and take only that much as is necessary from Vedas.

From the standpoint of Panchakoshi Worship (Vedanta says our body is made up of 5 sheaths) this principle can be understood thus that the production of juices like food etc means nourishment of the Food Sheath (Kosha). Sharpness and fitness of body thus manifest. The vital force augments and activation of the Vital Sheath induces a rise in fame and glory in ones life. The boss of our 5 sense organs is the mind/psyche. Hence when it is nourished, the Mental Sheath experiences fulfillment. Nourishment of semen representing valor helps mature the Intellectual Sheath. Brilliant light that manifests gives us infinite bliss. This is the fulfillment of the Bliss Sheath. These Sidhis or attainments are the result of the contact with the 4 types of rays of the 4 faces of the sun. The upper flowing solar rays give an experience which is akin to the nectar of all the nectars of the world put together. In Yogic parlance it is called Nirbeeja Samadhi (seedless trance), Dharmamegha Samadhi, God Realization, liberation of self etc. The sipping of the centralized nectar of the sun takes place under the above circumstances. The highest gain and maturity of solar worship verily is this state. It is also called Vasishtha status.

When we say sipping we mean experiencing the divine nectar of sun or Savita. It is also the cosmic vital force, its basis and very life of all Jivas/creatures. This solar deity that gives total satiation with the help of its nectarine juice is the idol and icon of all spiritual aspirants who revel in cosmic consciousness and Gayatri i.e. Parabrahma or God.

Karna of the famous epic Mahabharata once after completing solar worship saw some mendicants standing on the river shore. After giving them all they required Karna after prostrating asked the pious Brahmin standing in front of him: How can I serve you revered sir? The Brahmin replied: O pious Karna! I have heard a lot about your charitable nature. I too wish to ask for something but can you fulfill my need? Karna smilingly said: Mi icon Bhaskara (Sun God) gives light of life, inspiration and divine energy to the entire universe. It is his vow to always keep giving. The secret of worship is to become a demigod by worshipping demigods with devotion. Hence say, why should I relinquish my charitable disposition which is boon of my revered icon? O Brahmin, fearlessly ask and I shall give anything I possess.

The Brahmin said: You have attained the boon of invincibility since your icon has given you armor and earrings as gift. I wish that you give these gifts to me. Karna laughed aloud saying: O King of gods, Indra! I adore my icons wealth of virtue more than fame, status, kingdom and glory. Karna thus had easily recognized the Brahmin to be none other than Indra. Indra while accepting the gifts of armor and earrings was indeed embarrassed. In a voice trembling with emotions Indra kept saying respectfully: Karna! Blessed are you and blessed is your unswerving faith in solar worship.



The suns most visible and tangible charity can be experienced in the form of light, heat energy, power etc. In comparison to this visible charity the invisible flow of inspiration is that much more intense and profound. If ones inner being/soul is made receptive a clear understanding dawns that the sun is not only a giver of life but is also an adept teacher of how to live life wholesomely. If we delve deep into the activities of the solar system and planets associated with it not only one gets a chance to understand the gigantic stature of the cosmos and the greatness of its creator but that we will understand also its method of teaching us how to live life in a balanced manner.

All the planets, galaxies etc of the cosmos are at work incessantly. Their very life depends on this activity. All globes of the cosmos revolve around their axis all the while focusing on the central point of attachment. As a result they gain force and since they are related to that family they attain steadiness and protection. Further they revolve around the sun at the center too.

If the above activity is focused upon we will feel at least a wee bit the desire of that Divine Controller of the cosmos. We must put into practice all that it teaches us in an enthusiastic manner. Planets and satellites rotate around their axis. One should look upon the apt arrangement, discipline and order of ones life like the rotation of the planets around their axis. If this rotation lacked speed planets etc would surely face disaster. The same can be applied to human denizens. If they imbibe activities which are listless, deranged and unruly it will go against the very aim of creation. Thus nothing but punishment will add to our woes. A chain of asteroids are seen to move disconsolately in this universe. Hence they have been meted punishment in the form of losing their very identity for transgressing certain basic cosmic laws.

It is just not good enough to rotate on ones axis or to be immersed in ones day to day entangling chores. One should also pay attention to the point of focus i.e. society at large. All planets revolve around their center i.e. the sun devoid of indolence and full of alertness. Man too must be alert and active so that he too can carry out his appointed duties towards society. All planets of the solar system gain a lot from the sun. If this were not to be true planets would become dead and inert. Similarly if society refrains from executing charitable acts man would not remain alive even for a day. When joy and comfort come our way, know for sure it is not a one man show. Man can remain advanced and prosperous only if he/she has the full backing of society. Thus if man pursues individual gains he also has the responsibility of nurturing his center i.e. society and the world. Further if the solar system too refrains from giving aid the suns very existence would be in dire shape. Therefore planets must rotate and revolve around the sun alertly and in turn the sun gives them ample aid to maintain their balanced existence. This mutual benevolence is the very backbone of the successful existence of the solar system. If it were to break apart definitely the solar family would face extinction.

This type of balanced and optimal management should exist as far as world society and its individual members are concerned. The very mould of society should be firm enough to help individuals progress and the latter in turn must contribute to world peace and prosperity. Such a tandem is seen in the solar system and therefore our world and its individual members too should imitate the apt balanced management seen in the solar system.

It is mans good fortune that he is living on this extremely pleasant planet called Earth. It resounds with life and has abundance of material comforts bestowed by Mother Nature and not found on other planets. Since we as earth denizens enjoy so many comforts and bliss it is our added responsibility to conform to our Creators desire. Our Creator/God is very generous at heart and hence by exhibiting our cooperation we must keep intact the great decorum of both the individual and world society at large.

After researching into the position of the sun and solar system great scientists have shown us that the distance between the earth and sun is 0.925 billion miles. If a person counts numbers at a speed of 200 units/minute it will take him 11 months to count 0.925 billion numbers. To do so the condition is that he must not do any other work like eating, sleeping etc. and that whole day and night he must non stop continue counting.

Another scientist has imagined the above number as follows: Suppose our hands become so long in length so as to touch the sun and that as soon as it perceives the suns heat the message from the fingers nerve fibers reach the brain with the same speed this movement will take totally 160 years for the brain to receive the impulse of the finger experiencing a burning sensation. In this manner scientists opine that if sound travels with the same speed as it does so, on planet earth, it will take 14 years for it to reach earth. It means that it will take 160 years for the brain to perceive that the finger has been burnt. Thus scientists opine that if there is an intense sound reverberating on the sun and if this sound travels with the same speed as it does so, on planet earth, it will take 14 years to reach earth.

The suns bulky form is also no less wondrous. With reference to this, scientists have gathered some important data. They maintain that the diameter of the sun is 109 times bigger than that of earth. Hence its volume is 109 x 109 x 109 more than that of earth. It is only when 1.30 million earth like planets are put together that a bulky mass comparable to the sun can be created. And yet the density of the sun is less in comparison to that of earth. If we take a ball of water similar to the size of earth our earth in comparison to it will be 5.50 times heavier. Further a ball of water of the size of sun will be only 1.25 times heavier.

Our planet earth with a diameter of 7900 miles bound to the sun by a force of attraction and hanging in interstellar space moves at a high speed on its axis akin to a top. It takes 23 hours and 53 minutes to complete 1 rotation on its axis as a result of which, day and night get demarcated. Principally we agree with this observation but practically we fail to experience this movement of earth. Therefore we must accept and understand that not everything perceived by our sense organs is the final truth. We must accept those facts which prove to be true on the basis of deep wisdom and discrimination.

Every atom and their units in this gigantic cosmos are on the move ceaselessly. Only where desires and goals become inert/dead will movement cease to occur. If everything in this world is mobile we must realize and recognize the cause and destination of that invisible reality/truth. The earth is not satiated merely by rotating. It is bound to the sun by a force of magnetic pull and hence it dancingly revolves around the sun. Each revolution takes 365.25 days. Since every year the sun takes 1/4 th day more for completing a revolution every fourth year is called a leap year wherein the month February has 29 days instead of the normal 28 days.

Next to the sun and ahead of our earth lies the planet Mercury. It is the smallest among 9 planets and has a diameter of 3000 miles. It too revolves around the sun and the distance between them is 36000000 miles. Shall we say it is slightly lethargic since it takes 88 days to complete 1 rotation? It means Mercurys 1 day is equivalent to Earths 44 days and 1 night is equivalent to Earths 44 nights. This is further equivalent to 528 hours. We humans are used to living in a particular set frame of situations. Thus if we take notice of other kinds of situations too we shall but be curious about such long days and nights. And undoubtedly a day will come when we shall realize that there is a point in this cosmos where neither day nor night exists.

Between Mercury and planet Earth exists another planet called Venus. It is called an inner planet because of it. Venus is too akin too a mass which is mobile. Unlike laymen conservative people shy away from blind traditions. Venus completes 1 rotation on its axis in 30 days and a revolution around the sun takes 225 days of earth. Just imagine how terrible it would be if our earth had 15 x 12 hours as 1 day and 15 x 12 hours as one night. Therefore we as earths denizens must realize what an optimal environment has been made for us by Almighty God. He has given us such comforts that our heads will bow down at his feet in gratitude. Certainly it is only a silly minded person who fails to imbibe a vision of the vast greatness of this cosmos simply because he/she is so immersed in petty fleeting desires.

Now let us delve deeper into those areas that exist beyond the periphery of this world. Suppose it is possible to fly against the wind and direction of the sun then at a distance of 49000000 miles away we will find a planet. If we stand 1000 miles above this planet we can see it rotating on its axis. This it does in 24 hours and 37 minutes. That means that its day and night are very similar to that of our globe earth. This planet is none other than Mars which takes 687 days to revolve around the sun. After Mars one finds a huge planet called Jupiter. It is so gigantic in size that many Earth like planets can be accommodate in it. It takes 12 long years to revolve around the sun. Therefore it has seasons of summer, winter, spring and rains of 4 years each. Although gigantic in size it moves with great speed and hence its 1 rotation on its axis takes merely 9 hours and 50 minutes. Thus its day and night take 4 hours and 55 minutes each. Its tiny night is very queer in that 12 moons radiate their light on it at one and the same time.

Apart from this glorious solar system and its family members there are other lower planets who incessantly give us an introduction to their seemingly insignificant and tiny size. Sometimes they change their class or sometimes their activities. They experience cleverness while transgressing laws and discipline. And yet in the ultimate sense what have they exactly achieved? They shall have to experience the repercussions of being shattered and deranged. They become objects of mockery and are categorized as downtrodden. But nature has kept them under control else not only would they destroy themselves but pose problems for others too. Thus although they are given freedom it is up to a certain limit only. A point to ponder over is how badly these minor planets have lost their dignity simply because they have misused the freedom bestowed on them. After falling from pinnacles of glory they now dwell under fallen conditions. If this fact is understood deeply man will only accept dignity of greatness and refuse to lead a downfallen life like these minor planets.

In order to identify minor planets astronomers have given them certain specific numbers. As it is they are very garrulous, unruly and full of mischief. The minor planet Eros (no. 43) is billions of miles away but by revolving round and round it comes quite close to Earth at a distance of 0.150 billion miles. Echros (no. 15.66) which in the year 1968 had created chaos on Earth is said to possibly bang against our globe. It is such a daring planet that it also circumambulates the extremely hot region between Sun and Mercury.

A planet named Hermes very much like Echros in the year 1937 had given jitters to denizens of Earth. People are wondering as to where it is currently situated. Vestion a dwarfish planet at a distance of 2.2 billion miles from Earth is certainly not at peace. While revolving around the Sun it comes close to Earth up to a distance of 1.2 billion miles. Its one revolution around the Sun takes 3 years whereas it takes 10 hours and 45 minutes to complete 1 rotation around its axis. While rotating another planet Heidelgo exhibits its own pomp. Devoid of fear it enters the atmosphere of Saturn which has 9 moons. The sun too circumambulates itself and protects its individuality. As a mark of respect to its creator Almighty God the sun along with its family members too circumambulate which takes 2.5 billion years. For this it has to move at a speed of 200 miles/sec whereas it rotates on its axis in 25 days 7 hours and 48 minutes.

Not just the sun but that every ball of mass of this vast universe/cosmos is on the move. From all directions we get a message of a life full of activity. The galaxy to which our sun is attached along with other far off galaxies too are going somewhere at a perilous speed of light. From one fcal point the entire cosmos has been created and that itself is the central point of the entire cosmos. Cosmic consciousness very much belongs to it. When the aim of lifeless planets is to have a vision of this cosmic solar consciousness why should not human beings too try and identify and realize it?

Spatial sun and its family members along with other planets and stars attached to it not only spread the brilliant luster of pearls and jewels but also give us an important teaching meant for our day to day life. If we are unable to understand the transcendental/spiritual nature of the sun at least we must imbibe the teachings from its affairs on a daily basis. This teaching revolves around how our life too should be well managed and earmarked. The sun is the lord of the cosmos and hence all planets, stars, galaxies etc revolve around it. From the activities of the sun we can understand what kind of qualities a leader should possess while laying down the path for laymen to follow. No one gets eulogized or praised out of the blue or just for the heck of it. In fact for true eulogies one must imbibe a life of true leadership as symbolized by the lord of our solar system i.e. the sun. If we actually imbibe this teaching deeply we too like a brilliant ball of light can fill our day to day life with success so as to make it legendary.

The Pandavas as depicted in the famous epic of India, Mahabharat suffering from hunger pangs were roaming in the forest accompanied by Draupadi. On the one hand they were incapable of satiating their own hunger and on the other hand they were asked to host the great but angry Rishi Durvasa and his 1000 disciples for a sumptuous meal. This indeed agitated the Pandavas no end. The time of danger was nearing perilously close. At that point Rishi Dhaumya came to their dwelling. Understanding the dire situation the Rishi said: O King! Worship the lord of all lords i.e. Sun God. Sun worship being a trouble shooter gives us not only liberations from all misfortunes that come our way but that fame and glory too become ours. Hence Dharmaraj Yudhishthira and his family commenced solar worship devotedly. Sun God was pleased with Yudhishthiras devotion and appeared before him. Understanding his inner sentiments Sun God said: O Dharmaraj Yudhishthira! Your desire shall definitely be fulfilled. Saying thus Sun God gave him an Akshaya Paatra (a vessel that never becomes empty). Now the Pandavas regained their joy and zest for life.



Indian Vedic literature oozes with deep import of Sun God, its energetic role in managing the universe and benefits of solar worship. Vedas say that the sun is the chief of all planets. It is said to create Earth from its womb and gives immense inspiration while giving life and mobility to this gigantic cosmos. As far as Vedic Rishis are concerned the sun is not only the controller of this world but is also the author of time in seconds, days, nights, months, seasons etc. In the Rig Veda (9/114/3) the suns activities have been described.

Great Rishis of yore have devoted 14 Sooktas (eulogies) to the sun as mentioned in the Rig Veda (10/7/3). It says:

The blazing light of the sun in interstellar space is like the face of formless Fire God.

Also in the Rig Veda (7/35/8) and (1/50/2) it is said that the sun is the witness of all. Further the Rishis also call the sun the nourishing medium and witness of the world.

From time immemorial the sun is looked upon as the soul and protector of the moving static world. This has been emphasized in Rig Vea (1/115/1) and Yajur Veda (7/42). This has been further elaborated in Rig Veda (5/81/1 to 5). Shri Aurobindo while commenting on the Rig Veda (5/81/1 to 5) in his historical work (Vedic Mystery) has said that the sun of Vedic Rishis is the chief of truth and one who gives nourishment and luster in the form of Savita and Pusha. Its rays exhibit inner inspiration, inner knowledge and suprmental activities of radiant discrimination. In a particular Richa of Rig Veda (5/81/5) a beautiful explanation of the power of Savita and its activities along with benefits of solar meditation are given. Its meaning is thus:

Sun, the chief of all gods is the creator, nourisher and Savita makes brilliant all the worlds. In this manner the Shyawasva of Atri lineage have been successful in reinstating Savita in soul force. It gives radiance, it is a creator, it is progressive, it nourishes all beings, releases man from limitations of the ego etc. It makes man omnipresent and infinite from finite (as mentioned in Veda Rahasya Part 1page 376).

According to Vedic Rishis truth and light are as synonymous as are their opposites, ignorance and darkness. This truth is the light of the sun which is also its very core. This sun in the form of truth is situated initially as darkness in the cave of ignorant consciousness. And yet if efforts are made this darkness gets converted to light or truth and can certainly give us a first hand experience of it. Vedas are nothing but religious literature that depicts this truth. Truth covered by darkness can be unveiled by worship of Sun God which is truth incarnate (Satyam Sooryam). It gives details of how to shed this darkness so as to reveal the absolute truth (Rig Veda 3/39/5..latter half).

In various sections of the Vedas different examples of the deep import of the sun can be found. The Rishis write (Rig Veda 6/52/5) that the meaning of life can be found in the description of sunrise. In this manner the sun is the symbol of life first appearing on this Earth. They also proclaim that even today all beings are dependent on it (Rig Veda 10/170/4). Apart from this it is the beginning and end of 1000 Yugas which are equivalent to 1 day of Brahmaji (Mahabharat 5/170).

The deluded interpretation regarding the sun and Savita too has been clarified by the Vedas. Savita is present uniformly in all the suns of the cosmos. It inspires, it is the lord and god in the form of Divine Energy. According to great Rishis every sun is none other than Savita. Savita is the source of all inspiration (Nirukta 10/31). According to Shatpath, Savita nourishes all demigods too (Rig Veda 4/14/2):

Savita God has scattered his light upwardly and has thus lit up the entire cosmos. The sun that shines brilliantly along with its rays fill up earth, heaven and outer space.

It means hat the sun is the chief of the material solar system whereas Savita is the descriptive form of the manifested spiritual inspiration present in the consciousness of meditative Rishis. It is an inner Divine Power. After describing the sun materially/grossly Savita is described as divine and spiritual in nature. It certainly is of this nature.

Vedas proclaim: Savita God which is the inspirer of this gigantic cosmos and also its creator controls cosmic laws and activities of give and take. Thus the Earth brims with joy and despite being devoid of props keeps the heavens steady so that they do not fall down. Since it is omnipresent it milks the cloudy ocean that is bound by chains of wind (Rig Veda 10/149/1). In this verse there is a glimpse of solar activities at the macro level.

Sun is said to be the destroyer of sins. Its divine brilliance is potent enough to do so. Very beautifully this eulogy has been sung in the Rig Veda (4/54/3):

O Savita God! Your life is full of divine qualities. We out of ignorance harbor indolence towards you and err in a major way by not manifesting faith in you. We through our wiliness, money power or arrogance of bodily might err towards other gods and men. We pray to you to forgive all our errors and liberate us from all sins. This is our humble plea.

A similar prayer has been made in Rig Veda (1/115/1):

O brilliant solar rays! You who appear at dawn must protect us from all sins and save us from (atrocities) of wrong doers.

In this manner Super Gayatri Mantra is full of prayers for liberation from all sins and instead yearns for a pure intellect. This prayer is chanted while meditating on Savita. In the verses of Atharva Veda (17/1/22) Vedic Rishis chant prayers while prostrating to the sun during sunrise, noon and sunset. Sun God after giving mental peace give all sorts of material comforts which are desired by mankind and also gives us necessary energy to fulfill all our resolves/vows (Rig Veda 4/53/4).

Yajur Veda (2/26) says that: The sun is self manifest. It is the greatest in this world and illumines it radiantly. It gives aura and light to all. Those who adhere to solar laws will definitely become brilliant too both within and without.

Sun God gives desired fruits only to those who are spiritually active. The Yajur Veda (7/63/4) says:

After taking inspiration from the sun, man gains objects/money as per the fruits of his/her actions.

The above mentioned Vedic injunctions voice only one truth and that is that if mans ideal, goal and yearning is the sun (Savita) not only does he gain God Vision but attains the Almighty Lord.



Scientists have found the existence of such a power in this world which induces objects to move and mankind to think. This verily is that fount of inspiring force through which the inactive is made active and inert made mobile. The various movements of objects and living beings is possible due to the influence of this power. At the very substratum of all known and unknown areas of this cosmos this very power is active and it is known to make leaders among men. In the eyes of scientists Prana or vital force is the name given to the total potential of the level of inert and conscious objects. Those who look upon objects merely as the be all and end all of life talk about it in the form of gravity, ether, magnet etc. They sometimes depict its higher subtle state too. Scientists who believe in the existence of a separate consciousness call it Psychic Force or Latent Heat.

After researching in an in depth manner with regard to the above principles Rishis of yore experienced it in the form of life force of consciousness. According to their first hand experience the root basis of life is Prana or Vital Force. This verily is the basis of progress in the world. Wealth is bought as per its value. It is the source of psychic powers and glory. This vital force is present in every being in infinite measure. On increasing its magnetic force it can be attained and imbibed in a greater measure than cosmic vital force. Ordinarily this vital force storehouse present in human beings lies in a latent state and it carries out tasks merely to keep the body alive. If it can be activated on the basis of sound scientific meditation extraordinary qualities are known to manifest in the recesses of the soul/psyche.

One could say there is a difference in the all encompassing and depth of research efforts between scientists and Rishis and yet both have accepted the sun to be the root source of Vital Force which is known to spread vibrations of life consciousness in the world. While putting forth their research conclusions in the famous American magazine New Scientist, atomic life scientists Dr Francis, Dr Frik and Dr Leslie say that the vibrations of life and Vital Force of the world manifest from the sun. Despite this scientists are unable to enter the very depths of this vital principle. As against this ancient Indian scientists/Rishis have discovered this mysterious vital force wisdom. Based on this if one executes solar worship divine potentials and powers advance further in ones inner personality/psyche.

With reference to the above according to one description available in the Upanishad people like Sukesha, Satyakama, Gargya, Kausalya, Vaidharmi and Kabandhi devoted to the research of Prana Tattva (Vital Force principle) approached Maharshi Pipplad. They had one main question to ask: What exactly is the root source of the vital principle? In a serious tone Maharshi Pipplad answered: Verily the sun is the vital force and moon is Rayi. All that is gross/subtle and with form or formless is Rayi. Hence idol is Rayi. When the sun rises in the east vital force of that direction becomes focused by the sun in its fold. Similarly it accepts it also from other directions. Since it is an enjoyer (Bhokta) it manifests in the form of fire of hunger, cosmic vital force and fire. It is total wisdom manifest and the sun which is the shelter of all vital forces is also the sire of all beings (Prashnopanishad 1/5/8).

The Super Vital Force (Mahaprana) that manifests through the medium of the sun is that portion of Almighty God through which it manages and controls all cosmic activities. The divine resolve of God (Sankapla) to become many from one has indeed manifested as Mahaprana. Up to the day this stream flows till that day this world will continue to exist. The day Almighty God cancels this resolve that very moment this Mahaprana will become latent and again apart from the super void nothing will exist. This divine resolve with reference to the Super Vital Force is not some external object apart from the Lords Power but is very much a part and parcel of God himself. The Lord is infinite, his power is boundless. A very small portion of this infinite, boundless supra mental power manages/controls this cosmos and maintains activities in a well organized manner. That Mahaprana is verily the soul of the sun and is none other than God Savita. Every living being is directly connected to it.

For the external/internal organization of ones life, for progress and peace it will be ideal for all creatures to imbibe the Lords Super Vital Force in as great a measure as possible. This aim can be fulfilled via the medium of Science of Vital Force (Prana) and worship of God Savita (sun). This practice conjoins a spiritual aspirant to the very soul of the sun i.e. Savita Power. In this manner the Almighty Lord helps us imbibe Super Vital Force in good measure so as to experience both material/spiritual bliss and prosperity.

When this great vital force manifests in the human body one can experience good health, long life span, radiance, heat, energy, vigor, vitality, intense activity and power of the sense organs in a wholesome way. When it manifests in our spiritual being it is experienced as renunciation, austerity, faith, trust, compassion, gratefulness, love, discrimination/Viveka etc. When it manifests in the mind it is seen as vigor, vitality, zest, daring, concentration, steadfastness, patience, self control etc. The more these 3 arenas mature with Great Vital Force/Mahaprana the more they become omnipotent from a previous void like state or from smallness to vastness or greatness from pettiness.

In the Vedas/Shrutis the vital force has been looked upon as the Almighty Lord and hence revered deeply:

O vital wind! You are verily Brahman/GodRig Veda

My obeisance to that vital force which controls/manages everything, which is the Lord of all and in which all things exist..Atharva Veda

Vital Force is the causal Lord of the world. Knowledge of Mantras and % sheaths (Koshas) are dependent on the Vital Force.Brahmopanishad

In this abode of the Lord only Fires of Vital Force burn eternallyPrashnopanishad

In sacred texts like Aranyak and Braahman vital force is called divine intellect, longevity and nectar:

I verily am Divine Intellect in the form of Vital Force. Look upon me as longevity and nectar and meditate thus. As long as the vital force exists, life too will exist in this cosmos. In this world the basis of attaining immortality is vital forceShankhayan Aranyak

Vital force definitely is nectar..Shatpath (9/1/2/32).

The 7 Vital Forces are the 7 rishis. The 7 Rishis are thought to be symbols of knowledge, austerities and spiritual prowess. These Rishis subtly dwell within us in the form of 7 Pranas. Through wisdom of vital force and after activating them within, a spiritual aspirant becomes an heir to the storehouse of Divine Rishi Principle.

In the Aitereya Brahmana it is said that a Rishi named Hiranyadan imbibed the nature of vital force and offered worship to it. As a result of this he attained good and profound results. Vital Force is itself a Rishi albeit subtly. The Rishi character of Mantra-Seer Rishis is dependent on their vital force and certainly not on their physical frames. Hence it is described as names of various Rishis. The control of sense organs is called Grutsa. Kamadeva or god of passion is called Mada or arrogance. Both these take place with the help of vital force and hence it is called Grutsamada. The entire arena of Prana is independent and hence it is called Vishwamitra (friend of the world). Since it is revered, served, worshipped and is very great it is called Vamadeva. It saves us from sins and hence is called Atri. It nourishes the body and hence is called Bharadwaja. Since it is the best in the world it is called Vasishtha. In this manner Prana is named after various Rishis.

The 7 Pranas are the 7 Rishis. The 2 ears are Gautam and Bharadwaj. The 2 eyes are Vishwamitra and Jamadagni. The 2 nostrils are Vasishtha and Kashyap. Our speech is Atri. The root source of these 7 Pranas is the Great Vital Force or God Savita. By worshipping it one attains Rishi-hood. Thus glories will decorate and radiate our inner/external personality. This very principle has been explained clearly in various scriptures;

Prana/vital force is sun..Shatpath (10/4/7/23)

As soon as the sun rises Vital Force Fire spreads in the world.Prashnopanishad (1/7)

From the sun all beings obtain vital force.

This Prana manifests as omnipresent fire.

In the material world this vital force manifests in all directions as the sun.Prashnopanishad (1/7)

This sun which is cosmic, omnipresent, substratum of all, radiant, possessing hot rays that are thousands in number, rises as the vital force of all beingsShatpath

All beings appear from the sun, they are nourished by it and they are gathered in its fold. I (Almighty God) am verily that sun.

The Lord of Gayatri i.e. Savita sun is the center of the life of the entire world. It is also the center of all other Divine Powers. Whatever is found in the 4 Vedas is nothing but a description of solar power. Yogis try to attain it through austerities, faith and worship methods. One can take any name and form based on ones inner inclination. Truly this Savita God is the idol of all. All spiritual aspirants aspire to attain it. Within this sun one finds fire, serpent power/Kundalini Shakti, moon, Gandharva etc. Those who search for the soul through continence/austerity, faith and wisdom and simultaneously attain the sun are never born again. This sun is the abode of vital force. That is the state of liberation and it gives shelter to all beings.

All inert and conscious objects of the world were there in the past too or will appear in the future. All of them appear in the sun and merge in it. The sun verily is Prajapati/creator. It is the womb of all existence and non existence too. It is imperishable, ever lasting and eternal God. It pervades all the 3 worlds. All the demigods are its raysSuryopanishad

It is the primordial cause of the entire world and hence is called Aditya (sun). It creates every being and hence is Savita. It negates darkness and hence is called Surya.Surya Sidhant.

The sun while rising in the east lights up all corners of the west, north, south, upper region, lower region and just about all directions with the help of its rays. The vital force of the entire world is imbibed by its rays..Prashnopanishad.

I have seen Prana. I have experienced it and this vital force is the protector of all senses. It never gets destroyed. It runs in the body through subtle Yogic nerves (Naadis). It comes and goes through the mouth and nose. It is wind manifest in the body but is in the form of the sun in the cosmosAiterya Upanishad

It is through this power that beings move in this world. Great Yogis are given a long life span as a result of its grace. The senses are maintained healthy and zestful because of Prana/vital force. Due to regulation of Prana nerves are sanctified and only then serpent power (Kundalini Shakti) gets awakened/activated.Goraksha

With reference to this there exists a very great and important science. Through solar worship it can be understood and experienced directly. Super Mantra Gayatri is the mysterious Vital Force science of the sun. It helps activate our vital force in ample measure and its deep import can be imbibed. Whoever activates his/her Prana for him/her there is a profound awakening in all directions. There exists Divine Light everywhere. He whose vital force sleeps too sleeps. If ones vital force is active he is considered truly awake in this world. In front of such an enlightened one that mystery of the cosmos unfolds which is hidden from the sight of lay beings.

Who sleeps? Who is awake? Whosoevers Prana is awakened verily is awakeTandya (10/4/4)

That scholar who understands the deep import of Savitas Prana Science, his lineage is never destroyed. He becomes immortal.Prashnopanishad (3/11)


The indifference of near and dear ones was more unbearable than the pain of leprosy disease. Samba the leader amongst 7 brave soldiers of Dwarkapuri was in great distress. All forms of remedial cures were proving to be futile. In a defeated manner he approached his father Lord Shri Krishna and said: O revered Sir! My body which is decaying due to a leprosy attack is giving me unbearable pain. With your permission I would like to give up my body. Please allow me to do so.

The great Yogi Shri Krishna after mentally cogitating for a few seconds said: O son! I shall describe the cure for your illness. Do faithfully worship Sun God. This entire world was created by it and later will merge into it. If you wish to overcome your leprosy disease so as to lead a joyous worldly life, surrender your entire being to Sun God.

After accepting this command from his father Samba who was fasting too chanted the solar Mantra incessantly on the banks of River Chandrabhaga situated in a forest area. Sun God, happy with Sambas devotion, austerities, faithful Japa and eulogies gave him his holy vision (Darshan) and said: O my child! May your body regain good health and may your life become glorified. Samba in a voice quivering with sacred emotions said: O Lord! If you are truly pleased with my devotion give me a boon that whoever fasts on Sundays and chants your sacred Mantra shall obtain all glories of life. Sun God in an emphatic tone said: So be it! This emphatic tone can be heard even today by an aspirant during high flights of profound meditation.

It is beyond doubt that via Savita worship one attains knowledge of vital force, inner awakening, immortality and salvation. As a result both this and the other world get sanctified and transformed. And hence material and spiritual glories are ours for eternity.



There are 2 main principles that are involved in the cretion of this cosmos. The first is Prana (vital force) and the second is Bhuta (5 great elements viz. earth, water, fire, air and space). In which ever area these 2 principles combine there one can witness activity and mobility. Five elements without vital force can never vibrate. Hence in the material world where ever there is life principle or vital force it is called Gayatri Shakti by Rishis of yore.

In human beings both the vital force and 5 elements manifest. In childhood a small mass made up of 5 elements imbibes vital force. At that time its power and brilliance were lesser in measure but as and when the body matures along with an increase in the measure of vital force its energy and mobility too augment. According to the stage of life i.e. childhood, youth and old age it is called the fuel of Gayatri (Samidha) because vital force rages akin to fire within it.

After this both principles separate. Vital force exits and the body made up of 5 elements lies inert (post death). In the Rig Veda (1/164/3) this dead body is described as: The body made up of 5 elements is called dead Gayatri. In it the power of thought, understanding, experiencing joy/sorrow, all movements, change, mobility, progress, regress of life in human beings has its basis in the vital force. It can be called a gross principle like rays, light or fire. It is controlled and inspired by a third psychological power. Through its desire and power of resolve all physical activities take place. Hence in this single word called Gayatri one finds the presence of 5 material Pranas and tri mental powers. In scriptures it is called that science which dispels worldly turmoil and liberates one from all illusion.

Where does Gayatri manifest from? As an answer to this Upanishad scholars opine:

Divine illusion or Indra Energy is that power which manifests as cosmic Gayatri i.e. in many forms. What exactly is this Divine Power or who is Indra?

Sun is that Indra that has millions of rays. Each ray corresponds to each form. Within these rays we can find vital force. Sun is also called 3-fold wisdom. It means that the sun is that Gayatri which is present on Earth in the form of body, vital force and mind/psyche. In this manner we can call the sun a Cosmic Purusha who in a widespread area acts like a human being. He can think and get angry too. He can give punishments or incentives too. He can manifest emotions like joy/sorrow contentment/discontent and we should not be surprised at all with this idea.

Up till now this subject has its basis in our faith arena. It means that in whoevers heart dispassion and faith arise he/she tends to think that in the omnipresent sky some Goddess called Gayatri must be seated who hears and understands our inner sentiments and gives us boons accordingly. But this Cosmic Purusha has been proved by science in this manner that in whoevers heart such sentiments are absent even they can contact this Prana Purusha and can benefit in the same way as a small electric station gets lit due to contact with a larger electric generating power station.

Man is Micro Gayatri and sun is Macro Gayatri. When this Micro Gayatri is conjoined to Cosmic Gayatri it too experiences that type of power and potential just as a rich fathers so despite owning nothing has an ego of being rich and harbors faith that he can purchase anything he wants. It means that on attaining the cosmic form of Gayatri man too becomes powerful which is equivalent to the power present in Sun God. This verily is called Sidhi or Divine Glories.

It is important to understand that is the sun actually a Cosmic Purusha with 3-fold power wherein like human beings there are various types of sensations? While describing solar rays scientists say that it is an admixture of 3 colors (3 main colors and when they inter mix 7 more colors manifest). These colors can be separated by using a Spectrometer. If there is similarity between humans and the sun, these colors should be seen in the human body too. And yet human blood is red in color. Then where is the similarity?

Despite all this students of science know that actually the color of blood is not red. Due to an admixture of many elements the color red appears. In fact the actual color of blood is yellow. In these days to know that death definitely has occurred an injection of urinine is administered in the skin. If the person is not dead and blood circulation exists the color of skin becomes red and green. Blue color is not perceived because of the existence of deep red color. Else via this technique there is a clear demarcation of the presence of this 3-fold power in the body. In a dead body the above injection has no effect.

With reference to the sun which is perceived as immutable a priest named Christoff Shiner of Ingelstead passed on a message to his assistant priest that there are black spots present on it. But in Aristotles book this information was absent. Hence poor Shiner had to bear with many criticisms from all sides. But fortunately at that time Galilee with the help of a telescope proved the point that truly there exist spots of various hues on the sun and they are mobile too. At times they were seen to burst and spread in all directions. Sometimes these spots disappeared. Sometimes neighboring spots would shine very brightly. Many a times they disintegrated into smaller parts. Initially scientists could not find the cause behind such activities of solar spots. But slowly they found out that all these are but gigantic whirlwinds of hot gases and they are very much akin to the desire power of human beings.

Along with the brilliance of the sun the light that beams forth is called flare and at such times light that flows in a spiral form is called filament. With reference to this many mind boggling facts are manifesting. Scientists have started agreeing with the fact that the sun definitely is sensitive. Meaning that these movements, agitations, joy and anger are but gross vibrations of these sentiments and just as thought influences the body (psycho somatic) in the same way agitations too bring about great movements in nature. In the agitated state the sun emits special subtle particles and a pile of rays which move at enormous speeds and influence regions which are millions of miles away. To the extent that they even churn magnetic fields. At such times the needle of a mariners compass too shivers and trembles.

As a result of its influence on earth there is snow fall, hail, famine, stunted tree growth, floods, rain, heat and cold. Apart from this its influence has been seen in political, economic, social and sensitive emotional arenas too. A few months back in the Scientific American magazine an article published in it by a scientist M. Mumfort says there is a kind of cyclonic storm manifested by the sun and over there currently agitations are erupting at break neck speed. This indeed will severely affect our planet earth. Natural movements/activities will intensify. Number of aerial accidents will increase as will human distress.

These adversities can last for up to 6 or 7 years. According to great subtle seers these agitations are the suns psychological revolution and they opine that from this no matter how gigantic and dire changes in the worlds geography take place yet Indian culture will always get shelter. At the root of its advancement it is the desire of that Cosmic Purusha which is operating. Anyone is free to accept this fact either from a scientists viewpoint or with sheer faith at its root. Apart from Sun Gods psychological nature it also has the vital force and 5-fold nature.

All ores and chemical elements present in the human body are present in the sun too. Mans body harbors and admixture of solar and earth based elements. Hence from the physical and psychological standpoint the body is not only influenced by earth but very intensely by the sun too. If we think deeply about our body we will notice that by taking in food, water etc of earth elements like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, iron, sulfur, sodium, calcium etc produced. Within the body even more subtle vital forces are more active than these elements. It is because of Prana that our bodies vibrate or move. It is possible to sneeze, yawn, let off foul air, sleep, wink etc because of the influence of the vital force of our body. This vital force/Prana and 5-fold nature can be easily understood via Solar Science. Exactly like human beings Prana, 5-fold nature and psychological activities are present in Sun God too.

We meditate on them in the form of Gayatri and the soul. If we so desire we can also imagine it in the form of Cosmic Purusha. This much is definite that just as man has a limiting ego I the sun too has an ego. Also just as via the blessings of a holy sage we get vital force which in turn manifests as good health, siring children, wealth, intellect etc similarly via Savita or the principal god of Cosmic purusha Gayatri and with more faith we can obtain such grace and divine love. The only condition being that if we can influence it in the same way with our steadfast faith just as a son by giving joy to his father obtains the latters worldly belongings along with affection.

Hence forth these deep imports are going to be researched into in great detail. At the moment scientists are not fully aware of the method and nuances of meditation techniques. The day this knowledge is put forth scientifically the truth of worship, faith and devotion too will be unveiled and statements regarding Sidhis (Divine Powers) and spiritual capabilities too will be proved to be absolutely true.

The visible and invisible region of activity of Sun God is not simply the earth but is spread out in areas encompassing other planets, galaxies etc. Mans ability to see with the help of his eyes is not powerful enough to see such a widespread area. But when he harbors a bond with Sun God he too not only perceives movements and changes on earth but that he experiences profound realities of the entire cosmos. Apart from this to an extent by building a bond with these changes he can either increase or decrease them.

Thousands of years back teachers of Prana or Vital Force Science had said:

Gayatri is a kind of radiant light which is the fount of the universe in the form of heat and light. Solar Gayatri is a gigantic storehouse of radiant light and is the major cause/substratum of this cosmos.

In the same manner scriptural scholars while depicting the form of Gayatri in human life have said that the mind is Savita. The gist of all this is that when the mind merges into Sun God Bharga/Shiva Power enters mans consciousness and thus establishes a relationship of propriety with nature. Meaning if nature gets polluted it can correct this aberration. This is called removal of unwholesome qualities and advancement of pure character. The merging is such that while meditating on the sun, the minds heat and the suns form become one. Where there is no other imaginary thought it is called fulfillment or Sidhi of Gayatri. Hence that person will become the master of that energy and total experience of Gayatri and via those capabilities and via power of change in nature he shall be ordained with that which has been depicted previously.


I will find out the mysteries of interstellar space. The parents of this small child were fretting over his obstinacy. Their neighbors mocked at him. But the child refused to budge. The whole day he spoke of strange things with reference to planets and galaxies. All his relatives were in distress. In those days there was not even a scientific apparatus like the telescope which would aid the childs investigations.

The whole day he incessantly gazed at the sun. Sometimes his lips let loose a string of prayers. Time passed by and his prayers became more intense. One day everyone was amazed when with his divine hindsight he calculated correct statistics of astronomy. All this was Sun gods grace. It is said that Sun God came in his midst in the form of a boar or Varaha to test the boys steadfastness and fearlessness. Because the boy had a vision of Sun God (Mihir) for the first time as a boar he was called Varaha Mihir. Without the help of any technology or scientific apparatus he made many accurate astronomical calculations which today are surprising many astrophysicists who conduct research with the help of modern scientific paraphenelia.



The sun is a shining ball of hydrogen and helium or a god which was worshipped by Vedic Rishis of yore. It is the idol of imbibers of deep wisdom even today and it is it self the omnipresent Almighty Lord. This indeed is a strange puzzle in the sense that how can that which is one become three? However tough the question may be the answer is very simple.

Like all principles of the universe the sun is also 3-levelled and 3-fold in nature. The 3 levels are material, subtle and divine. Subtle power is a subtle mystery. The root particles and material radioactive energy is its material form and aspect. Its conscious all pervasive aspect is its divine nature. Just like the sun the same holds true for fire and wind. While understanding this great Indian philosophers have described and demarcated it in 3 levels.

In order to understand these 3 forms the apparatus, medium and procedures are different. It is not possible to evaluate these 3levels simply through Material Science. Todays science is researching only in the area of the gross material world. To understand subtle mysteries the means must be subtle and divine. The scientific apparatus designed from material objects maybe quite subtle and yet they will be able to delve into the mysteries of mere material objects. The Science of Demigod Worship described in Indian scriptires is a science meant for searching mysteries of God via which we can contact demigod powers/energies like wind, fire, Indra, sun, Ganesha, Sarawati, Soma, Usha, Dhanwantri, Brihaspati etc. Apart from this via their special energies/powers one too can become very powerful. In the flow of time maybe these mysteries have been veiled and yet they are certainly not extinct. All demigods are but various Divine Powers of Almighty God. There once existed a science via which by taking shelter at the feet of realized saints one could attain Almighty God but today all this is mere imagination for everyone.

In the Kathopanishad (1/1/13) Nachiketa asks Yama the following question:

O Yamaraja! You are well aware of the instrumental fire of heaven. With great I humbly ask you to describe that fire through which heavenly beings attain immortality.

Acharya Yama answered:

O Nachiketa! I certainly will describe that fire to you. This fire bestows one with heaven. It gives him infinite worlds. It has its basis in the cave/deep recesses of the intellect. Do understand it fully.Kathopanishad (1/1/14).

In this Mantra definitely there is an endeavor to stabilize the atomic or subtle form of fire. Scriptural scholars of Maitreyani Upanishad say by clarifying further that fire is situated in the cave of ones heart. That which is situated in the heaven of liberation is fire in the form of Kalagni which at the time of annihilation of the universe devours all beings. It means that all beings merge into it.

In the above verses there is a philosophical analysis of fire. There is one material fire that burns up material objects and can be visualized or experienced as heat and flame.

In its subtle divine form fire is god whose subtle energy pervades in all directions. It means that fire is an omnipresent principle which is perceived but is invisible in its subtle aspect. It is verily the invisible state that helps us experience divine power. It is due to its grace that the radiance of the body, mind and speech evolve. As Kalagni (Fire of Time) it is none other than Almighty Lord himself.

In one Mantra of Rig Veda (7/87/2) the Mantra seer while eulogizing Wind God says:

All rivers flow at the command of Varuna (Wind God). The sky is god, all other demigods are its followers. His is the ultimate command. This god is the protector of one institution called Rita. Before creation of this world there was Rita. The knower of its mystery is called Ritachari.

Varuna (Wind God) word comes from the root word Var which means to cover. By getting transformed in all worlds, one principle depending on its state controls all seasons. If seasons did not exist the world would become a void. This fact is very much similar to the Universal Principle of Plato. Scientists are researching into the field of the Science of Seasons in great depth. In this research arena scientists have succeeded in finding out the method of inducing rain in any region. This is merely one aspect of Wind God science. If it is possible to find out that there is an invisible power that controls all seasons which was called Wind God (Varuna) by Rishis of yore then by creating a deep bond with it anyone can become a Ritachari or a scholar and thus also become a controller of the Science of Seasons.

With reference to Soma, Usha and Aditi a detailed description is given in scriptures. But what is extremely painful is that todays educated class looks upon these demigods along with their energies and various forms as mere figment of ones wild imagination. Western thinkers like Fleedrut and Bloomfield have mocked Indian Philosophy with reference to demigods and today people mainly influenced by western thinking also follow suit. Despite this it feels good to know that todays science by understanding the material form of divine powers are attacking false concepts.

Demigods definitely are not someones wild imagination but truly are symbols of special qualities and energies and these powers are active in the subtle world not visible to our gross sight. Science may not have solved its divine mystery but have definitely succeeded in contacting its material form through advanced scientific technology. For example Ganesha is a god with an extraordinary intellect along with the great ability to write prolifically. A mythological story says that on hearing the 18 Puranas uttered by Veda Vyasji it was Ganeshji who was able to complete this onerous task of putting them into words. A layman may doubt this extraordinary memory prowess but certainly not a deep thinking scientist. In this age of advanced computer technology such computers have been designed as a result of which work of banks, industries etc have become umpteen times speedier while also giving good results. Many cupboards are required to store let us say 2000 files of 200 pages each. But in a computer this entire data takes up hardly any space. Whenever the need arises any page can be opened and thus we can access their data.

By the time a human hand finishes writing a single digit number a computer one can add, deduct and multiply numbers with 16 digits. Humans can memorize at the most 5000 words. And yet mans potential has a memory power that can memorize more than 60,000 words. With great effort man can learn and memorize 4 to 6 languages. For a computer it is easy to memorize more than 15 languages. Further it can translate one speech at one time into 15 languages.

This then is a minor miracle of memory power. Scientists established a technical contact with the material atoms of Ganesha Power and thus executed their task. The divine aspect of Ganesha power is much more and beyond its material form and thus is infinitely more powerful. Through disciplined worship a person can bring about a miraculous change in his intellectual potential.

The energies of sun are even more potent than all demigod based forces put together. It is said that it is the controller of the Wheel of Time. In the Rig Veda 91/164/2) it is described that in a chariot of the sun which has one wheel 7 horses are attached to it. In actuality horses are not 7 in number but that 1 horse had 7 names or that a horse which bowed down in 7 places was pulling the chariot. The chariot wheel has 7 navels. The wheel is not loose but is very tight and it never disintegrates. Based on it all the worlds too are balanced and steady. This then is the word to word meaning of the Mantra.

If we delve deeper into the science of the above description it says that the cosmos covered by solar rays of the solar universe is the suns chariot. Each year corresponds to the wheel of the chariot. In reality time as years is moving the entire universe. It is because of time that the earth rotates. The wheel of years has 3 navels. It means that in 1 year there are 3 main seasons viz. summer, rain and winter.

The solar system is not attached to anything and hence it is Anarvam or ageless. It means it does not decay and that the entire world is dependent on it. According to this description everyone is bound to the magnetic force of the solar system and the sun is independent. It is not bound to any such magnetic force. Doubtlessly all are attached to time. Time is independent. Hence time never decays or ages.

Scientists by contacting the material aspect of sun god have obtained light, energy and to a lesser extent knowledge of time. Its subtle aspect is even stronger and full of deep import. By worshipping it one can attain Sidhis (Divine Powers) in the form of purity, dexterity, radiance and brilliance in ones inner personality. Mysteries of the cosmos hence can be delved deep into. Mysteries of various worlds too can be unveiled.

In this universe subtle divine powers are found widespread in infinite forms. Scientists have utilized aptly its material aspect and have displayed many feats. But the fact yet remains that its divine potential is infinite times more miraculous than its material form. The principles of Divine Powers are not different from the principles of science. If subtle science can be advanced further there will be an infinite addition to the power and might of human beings albeit in a wholesome way.

These divine powers are present in interstellar space since time immemorial and its subtle representation is found in the human body. Indian Philosophers have been trying to contact these Divine powers at a spiritual level. In reality worship and austerities are representatives of a high stature science. This requires not machines but inner personalities that are sanctified via holiness and sacredness. Sun is the lord of all gods. A meditative contact with it will render the human personality a leader of infinite supernatural powers.

Most definitely Aditya or sun is an external vital force. It rises so as to bless the Pranas situated in our eyes. The demigod dwelling on earth attracts the Apana wind (flatus) of the Purusha. The space present between these two is Samana and wind is Vyana. The famous Aditya form and its brilliance is Udana. Hence whoevers brilliance (bodily heat) becomes latent it along with the senses merged into the mind attains death so as to take rebirth.




Yoga scriptures have named the navel (stomach region) as Surya Chakra (solar wheel). Here only that much importance has been given as is given to the atoms nucleus by scientists or that given to the sun in the solar system. It is quite possible that because anatomists have not understood it aptly it has not been given due importance. And yet for spiritual scientists it holds great attraction eternally. According to great seers of spiritual science first and foremost, human vital force after vibrating from the navel center dashes against the heart region. In the heart and lungs after purifying our blood it helps in smooth blood circulation in the body.

This is a natural activity of the vital force. But when it is conjoined to a strong mental resolve or Sankalpa and also consciousness it becomes more potent. It is like an ordinary stream of wind does not have much power but when packed in a balloon and thrown up into the sky goes upwards and becomes that much more potent. In the same way when after the mind imbibes pure consciousness conjoined to a potent resolve is united with the vital force it gets transformed into spiritual power.

From the modern scientific standpoint too the navel is the source of vital force. During pregnancy the fetus is nourished by the mothers body. The fetus that commences its lifes journey in the form of a bubble initially continues to grow. That storehouse which is needed for growth and nourishment is imbibed by the child from its mothers body via the navel. Digested food through mothers blood is accepted by the fetus and thus its growth continues unhampered. At the time of delivery or parturition the umbilical cord that is cut so as to separate the mother and child is that very door via which the child received nourishment from the mothers body. During the time span of 9 months the fetus obtained all its growth requirements via the navel.

At birth itself the child while crying moves its hands and feet and thus blood circulation commences. The blood reaches the lungs from the heart and they too commence their respective functions. The first step of independence is achieved by the newborn babe when it inhales air from the atmosphere which then is imbibed by the bodily blood. Now it no longer requires lungs in the form of placenta present previously in the mothers womb. The bond between the mother and child is snapped by cutting the umbilical cord. The newborn babe starts living its life independently. Since the physical connection with the mother is snapped there is no use of that center. As per the gross viewpoint of medical fraternity the use of the center is transformed into that of a common pit. Through inactive ligaments the navel is attached to the liver. From the standpoint of bodily progress the role of the navel comes to a grinding halt. And yet when ever there is a pressure on the liver the flow of blood augments and these inactive ligaments become active and are seen in the form of Caput Medusis and blown up veins.

The above observations depict one thing that the navel is an active center. During the time span of its utility with its power aids the progress of the fetus. Later it does not become inactive as is believed to be so. Just as the center of the subtle body is the Ajna Chakra (spiritual center/subtle plexus between the eye brows) in the same way the nucleus of the gross body is the navel wheel or Surya Chakra. The symbol of a healthy body is the good health of this center. Due to its potential other nearby parts too get vitalized potently. In the crystal of the navel center is present the 2-fold capacity of give and take. Sound waves in the atmosphere are caught by the crystal of the transistor which in turn converts it to various tunes and tones.

The navel center is the nucleus of soul based consciousness. According to Yogic Sciences its function is to attract various powers from vast interstellar space and after imbibing them they are sent to all parts of the body. Anatomists may not find it very useful but as far as Yogic Sciences is concerned its utility is there for ones long life span. If only its magnetic force is activated through spiritual endeavors/Sadhana like meditation etc with the help of its intense magnetic potential it possesses so much power to bestow boons which in comparison to gross objects are infinitely more.

According to medical specialists surrounding the navel are 9 important inner secreting ganglions. These are those very centers of self propelling ligaments which help in the control and management physical movements, blood circulation, enzymes and other secretions which help in digestion. Lumbar, sacral, cocsegial ganglion and plexus in the form of surrounding fibers control important bodily parts like stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver etc. The gonads which reproduce a new body with their amazing capacity function under the control of these centers. This body of flesh and bones which is a result of all these is no doubt under the control of the Food Sheath but is certainly not a separate sheath by itself. Although invisible there are so many unknown mysteries in the Food Sheath which can be unfolded only via the activation of the Solar Wheel or Surya Chakra.

In the vital body of human beings there are 3 main nerves through which vital force or Prana flows. Their names are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida represents the Para Sympathetic System or the tranquilizing region. This is the silent, tranquil aspect of human minds/psyches. Pingala represents the Sympathetic Nervous System which is the instigating area. This is the active, extroverted and physical aspect. It is due to the mutual balance of these 2 that all activities are carried out in a well managed way. That energy required for digestion is produced from the flow of these 2 subtle Yogic nerves.

The solar plexus (Surya Chakra) situated subtly behind the navel is the central point from where all the major streams go to various parts of the body. In a certain manner this can be compared to a junction from where many railway lines go in various directions. The good health of the entire body is dependent on the strength of this center. The solar plexus is not only the junction of vital force stream but is also the communication center of the unconscious mind and conscious energy. And yet ordinarily this important center exists in a latent state. Hence not only do laymen not have any knowledge of its potency but they also fail to avail their benefits.

Every Chakra or subtle plexus is related to and influenced by a special principle. In order to activate it one has to concentrate on a special color. For example solar element is predominant in fire. In order to activate it one concentrates ones mind on a yellow colored lotus. In reality the color red, yellow, green, dark purple and white are related to the 7 rays of sunlight. By mere mental concentration in the subtle plexus a special movement occurs in related principles which influence our intellectual nerves and brain. This in turn conjoins our bodily vital force to the cosmic all pervasive vital force and consciousness. Just as when the power of a battery gets exhausted it is recharged using a generator and thus gets energized. Or just as when material required is not there in a small shop, we go to a larger store where storage capacity and availability is ample. In the same way the individual vital force center or Manipur Chakra (solar plexus) attracts energy to itself from this cosmic storehouse of unlimited vital force and makes use of it as and when necessary. Whoever masters this center, experiences that his/her sense organs have been controlled perfectly. It thus gives an introduction to its apt controlled management through various disciplines. These people when compared to laymen are known to successfully accomplish great tasks that are thousand times more gigantic than what laymen achieve.

In order to activate it in the morning at dawn and in the evening at dusk one must meditate deeply. In a sacred and secluded spot or in ones daily worship room one should sit in the lotus posture with the spine erect and then one must take deep breaths 10-20 times for 3-4 minutes. After this execute Naadi Shodhan Pranayama. As a result of this vital force starts circulating in the Sushumna (one of the 3 principle subtle nerves of Hatha Yoga). After tha by keeping the spine absolutely erect Ajapa Gayatri (Soham) should be chanted mentally for 5 minutes while breathing in and out. Later one should be mentally immersed in the meditation of a yellow colored lotus situated on the solar plexus (on the spine) which is behind the navel.

In any concentration the inner sentiment should be that the solar plexus is being activated. The light rays emanating from the yellow lotus are illumining the entire navel center. While losing oneself in the depth of this absorption one should take ones breath slowly, through the stomach, heart and lungs. Along with this spiritual exercise the sentiment should be profound that I am attracting the atoms of good health, comfort, peace, vital force, vigor, success and glories from the infinite storehouse of cosmic nature within my inner being and it is being circulated and stored in the solar plexus for 5-10 minutes. One must deepen this sacred sentiment that My vital force after rising upwards is spreading in all my bodily parts and its divine light too travels there.

Along with this auto suggestion exhale very slowly and experience the vibration of the vital force in the solar plexus moving upward in the spine. After resting for 1-2 minutes, this same exercise should be repeated 5-10 times. Inhalation and exhalation should be so slow that its sound is not perceived. After repeating the above exercise with joy and zest it is necessary to repeat soul commands with faith and devotion. After regular spiritual exercises for 1-2 months one can actually feel the transformation that has taken place in the body, mind and intellect. In this transformation there is a clear cut experience that the mind and intellect advance based on inner sentiments. After a long period of this sort of a spiritual exercise when the vital force conjoins to cosmic consciousness full of strong resolve or Sankalpa an incessant flow of electro magnetic waves flows in the mind and brain of the spiritual aspirant. This makes the nearby and related areas of an aspirant very potent and effective.

This type of influence of an atmosphere full of magnetic forces and its experience can be felt in the presence of great saints and aspirants of high spiritual stature. Through the above spiritual exercise one establishes a bond between the solar plexus and Anahat Chakra (near the heart) which helps us attain desired help. This in turn helps an aspirant progress speedily who hence eulogizes it greatly.

Indifference to these spiritual exercises means destruction of the immortal principle of the sun situated in the navel. Like a fire cracker that is lit a small amount of amusement can be bought. And yet by performing spiritual exercises and by gathering its power like a honeybee collects honey one can prolifically augment ones own welfare and increase the joy of others too. According to Spiritual science the solar plexus is a valiant, heroic and radiant center of vital power. By meditating on this center this vital force can be stored and directed aptly. As a result its good omens come to us in the form of an increase in Divine Light.


Oh Fallen One! How did you manage to enter? On hearing children of his own age fling taunting insults at him his child like mind started weeping. As an answer to his weeping he got only indifference and disrespect from his school teachers. His heart bled with agony and tears flowed down his cheeks. He had harbored a great desire to attain Rishi-hood but On entering his hut he shouted aloud: O Mother! After hugging his aged mother he started crying again. His mother asked why he was crying thus. Between hiccups the child said that everyone thinks Itara is a maid servant and is demeaned. And that he, Itaras son can never master any Mantra.

Itara said: Oh you are crying merely for this sake. Do you see the Sun God in the sky? He verily is the primeval preceptor cum Lord. You must pray to him and know for sure you shall attain everything. Meditate steadfastly on him. These consoling words of his mother induced a firm determination in the sons mind and thus started meditating deeply. It later got converted into a trance. The Mantra lit up in the deep recess of his bosom. Tunes of spiritual knowledge started singing aloud in his pure soul. These took form of te erstwhile Upanishads of Vedas. Via solar worship the son of low caste Itara became Brahmarshi Aitereya. The Upanishads that spoke of his Mantras on Self Knowledge were named Aitereya Upanishad. Anyone worshipping Sun God profoundly can become a Brahmarshi.



Pranayam means purification and augmentation of Vital force. Depending on its various mysteries there are varied types of Pranayam. And yet Suryavedhan Pranayam is this acme of this scientific method. Via this the activation of the Vital Force is natural and very simple. A question arises as to what exactly is Vital force? This question is pertinent since its activation and growth is very essential. Ordinarily in modern times one hears of atomic energy, electrical energy etc. But the nature of this energy cannot be narrowed down to such a minor material arena. In comparison to all these material energies there are other subtler and more potent forces called Vital Force or Prana. From the spiritual standpoint Vital Force is single. That very Vital Force is found in the individual body called Atmagni or Soul Fire. Atmagni is miniscule when compared to Brahmagni or Cosmic Fire. The latter is vast and unlimited. One is a drop and the other is an ocean.

Just as although the ocean and river is one yet because of spatial differences a river and ocean are classified as 2 forms. When the extensive waters of rain fill up a pond it starts overflowing. When there is no rain the pond starts drying up. There exists dirt too in the water. Hence in order to keep the pond overflowing and clean there is a need of rain water. In the same way it is necessary that the grace of Brahmagni or Cosmic Fire constantly is imbibed by Atmagni. This is actually achieved via Pranayam or Yogic breathing exercises.

Exercise of the lungs by inhaling deeply is called health augmenting Pranayam. From the anatomical viewpoint its usage and methodology have been described at many places. Together with this its greatness has also been eulogized. As a result of this pranayam more oxygen is available and the breathing apparatus gets some health bestowing exercise. And yet Suryavedhan Pranayam definitely differs from the above breathing exercise. In that the Cosmic Vital force contacts the Individual Vital Force in desired measure. Thus its quality and storage augments greatly. Further all the so far closed doors of material success and spiritual glories are thrown wide open.

In order to conjoin the individual Prana to the cosmic Prana it is certainly no less important to imbibe humility, generosity and other sacred activities in our day to day lives. Through exercise and apt food intake health augments wholesomely. Further in order to eradicate physical/mental weakness and diseases it is necessary to undergo special medical cures and therapies. In order to increase Vital Force it is necessary to execute Suryavedhan Pranayam. Following is a depiction of the relation and connection of individual vital force and cosmic vital force as mentioned in yoga based scriptures:

Vital force is one but it is present in 2 demigods or 2 vessels.Aitereya Upanishad (2/27).

In human beings the storehouse of Prana is present albeit in seed/potential form. It pervades in the entire cosmos. Intense energy is present in the nucleus of an atom. And yet it is only experienced and utilized when via a definite scientific procedure a nuclear fission is induced. Although the procedure is tedious and very expensive yet from the utility standpoint it is very influential and wondrous. A similar scientific procedure too is seen in Suryavedhan Pranayam.

By uniting cosmic consciousness to an individuals consciousness the inner radiance of an individuals soul is awakened. In Kundalini activation procedure this same Yoga of Vital force is most essential. While executing the Suryavedhan Pranayam the power of concentration/focus and meditation should get deeper and deeper along with an intense potent resolve (Sankapla). While inhaling, Cosmic Vital force is focused and caught near the vicinity of the individual soul power. A sentiment should manifest that more and more Vital Force is being imbibed while breathing. The greater the measure of oxygen the better is ones health. The excess amount of oxygen present in the breath indicates that ones health is that much better. The measure of oxygen inhaled depends on regional atmosphere, conditions and altitude. But Vital Force is present in equal measure just about everywhere. From this storehouse a desired amount is imbibed via a strong and energetic mental resolve.

In the spiritual arena of the subtle world faith is said to be very strong and fruitful. The attainment, non attainment attaining less the fruits of worship rituals is not dependent on the procedure of these rituals but is dependent on the faith of the spiritual aspirant. The main cause of failure of rituals is definitely lack of faith. Those who know this sublime truth use intense power of resolve in order to include deep faith in religious worship.

The description of incitement of vital force resulting in the lighting up of individual soul fire is found in many scriptures. This is that very spiritual fire which variedly is called Yoga Fire, Vital Energy, Life Force and Kundalini Shakti. Such a type of fuel is poured into fire in which there exist chemicals in excess measure and are predominantly fire element in nature. Kundalini Power is Vital Force Fire. Only if fuel of homogenous principles is added does it light up. Via Suryavedhan Pranayam the Ida Pingala nerves and vital force attracted from outer space is sent to a spark like latent fire situated in the Mooladhar Chakra (base of the spine) and is kindled it makes the entire power fiery like huge tongues of flames. In great scriptures a description of fire is given regarding the Vital Energy present in the Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus):

In the lower region of the waistline the fire region is red in color. By obstructing the vita force there for 15 seconds one must concentrate on fire..Trishikopanishad.

That power is seen, which is of the might of lightning and is fiery like a heated moon..Indian Scriptures

Kundalini Shakti is situated below the navel. It has 8 aspects. It has 8 earrings. It makes the vital wind well managed. It arranges food and water aptly. It lights up the fire of the face and Brahmarandhra (suture on top of the scalp)..Shandilyopanishad

The Sushumna nerve which is akin to sunlight is spread out from the Mooladhar Chakra (spinal base) up to the BrahmarandhraBrahmopanishad

The divine nerve Sushumna of the body is full of divine light. It travels from the Mooladhar up to the Brahmarandhra. It is bound via subtle strands to Super Radiant Kundalini Energy. On attaining a sentimental vision (divine experience) man is absolved of all sins and bondages..Advayatarakopanishad

The incitement and lighting of soul fire situated in the mooladhar chakra via vital force is the goal of Suryavedhan Pranayam. Its methodology is as follows:

One should be seated in serene surroundings. It should preferably be a secluded spot in the hours of dawn/dusk with mind calm, steady and poised. Posture should be comfortably natural, spine erect, eyes half shut, pals gently on the 2 knees and is called Prana Mudra. For Suryavedhan pranayam one should always be seated in this Mudra.

After closing the right nasal opening slowly inhale air from the left nasal opening. The sentiment should be that a great amount of vital force is merged in atmospheric air. The vital force should be transported to the Mooladhar Chakra via the Sushumna path to the negative electric flow of the left path (Vaam Marg) via the Ida Yogic nerve. There the latent spark present should be jerked violently, patted and awakened as a result. This then is the 1 st phase of Suryavedhan Pranayam. In the 2 nd phase the vital force is transported to the Pingala Yogic nerve (the positive electric flow of the south path or Dakshin Marg of the spine) and brought back. The negative electric flow is cool. Hence Ida Purak (inhaling breath) is called Chandravat or akin to moon. This is the reason why Ida is also called Chandra Naadi (or Lunar Subtle Nerve). While returning, due to the friction of fire lightning and vital force incitement heat augments and then merges into the vital force. The path of return which is the Pingala Path being the region of positive electrical flow is thought to be hot. For both these reasons the vital force that returns is hot hence it is compared to the sun. Ida is moon and Pingala is the sun. This concept has been put forth by teachers of Meditation Science.

In worship methods the importance of sacred sentiments/Bhava and resolve or Sankalpa is more than the actual rite and ritual based action. The aspirant hence attains benefits in accordance to them. The mental resolve of transporting the inhaled air to the Mooladhar Chakra via the spinal cord should be very intense and potent. This thought has to be developed resolutely that definitely the vital force that has been inhaled from interstellar space and which has been dispatched via the spine or Merudand has reached the Mooladhar Chakra and with its intense incitements is awakening the latent Vital Force Fire i.e. Kundalini flames. Over and above this incitement this sentiment must mature intensely that the vital force is being brought back through the Pingala or Solar Nerve and is being lit up so as to render it brilliant.

For the second time this has to be exercised in reverse order. It means that the vital force has to be inhaled through the right nostril and exhaled from the left nostril. This time the vital force enters the Pingala Nerve and returns from the Ida Nerve. The vital force attacks the Mooladhar Chakra and a sentiment of lighting up of Prana must to be made. First it enters Ida and returns from Pingala and second time it enters Pingala and returns from Ida. This then briefly is the procedure of Suryavedhan Pranayam. In many Yogic scriptures this Suryavedhan Pranayam is also called Anulom Vilom Pranayam. Lom means straight and Vilom means opposite. First time straight and second time opposite and hence this cycle is called Lom Vilom. At certain places its one part i.e. Lom is called Suryavedhan. But when tested astutely only the description of imbibing of vital principle element present in cosmic solar consciousness along with the 2 phases of Lom Vilom put together and awakening of vital fire present within proves to be true. An extraordinary importance of Suryavedhan Pranayam is given in scriptures:

This helps in purification of the brain, eradication of illness pertaining to wind (like rheumatism etc) and destruction of worms, germs in intestines etc. This Suryavedhan Pranayam should be performed again and again..Hatha Yoga Pradeepika

Not only for eradication of bodily problems but its importance is indescribable for removal of subtle defects of ones inner personality and for awakening of spiritual energy in oneself. Via constant practice of Suryavedhan Pranayam increase in vital energy opens the path of both material and spiritual success in the life of a seeker. Although the procedure of Suryavedhan Pranayam looks ordinary yet its results are extraordinary and mind boggling.



Just like solar rays our mental energies too get scattered. As a result of this their influence is perceived in very minute measure. If only they are focused their root power in an extraordinary form becomes extremely potent. After focusing this scattering one can see many miracles as a result of this concentrated energy. If solar rays are concentrated on a magnifying glass on its point of focus fire erupts. If steam comes out of a very narrow opening with its energy the engine of a locomotive train moves at great speed. If the outburst of gun powder is focused on the butt of a gun the bullet is released with a thunderous sound and also with immense force. If dam water is released from a small ante room an electric station house starts functioning. If scattered thoughts are centralized and concentrated at one single point, everyone is aware of how much mental alertness and focus of thinking is achieved.

In order to concentrate ones thoughts one pointedly the easiest method is meditation. In meditation for focusing purpose an image is most required. It should be such that on the one hand it is attractive and full of sacred qualities on the other. From this standpoint one can choose the golden sun of dawn full of brilliant light and know for sure this is virtually the best choice. The sun knows no blemish and is very sacred in nature. Further it is a storehouse of immense energy and is very attractive to the psyche.

Whatever is seen in this visible world can be called a miracle of the sun. The 3-fold wave of heat, light and sound is present in the cave of the heart of Mother Nature. It is because of this that various elements come into existence. In this manner various atoms and molecules have been created. From the flow of the 3 energies 2 are related to the sun i.e. light and heat. One can thus decipher their origin. The existence of living beings and plants has been possible because of the chemical contact with the sun. Seasons are a visible result of the various movements taking place in it. The temptation to obtain pollen from this great flower (sun) makes the earth revolve around it like a honey bee. The very thought of absence of the sun makes the psyche tremble with fear and stares wide eyed at gloomy darkness. Darkness full of dire silence where there is no cause for the basis of movement/activity.

Along with the increase in the movement/force of the universe the sun is the origin of spiritual glories. Via the medium of meditation on contacting its subtle consciousness man becomes the master of faith, divine intellect and other such glories. Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers overflow by themselves. The external shining cosmic sun by becoming the soul of the inner personality of an aspirant scatters the light of wondrous glories and powers. Many seed potentials present in their latent form start growing and flowering due to this process of meditation.

The ordinary process of meditation-concentration in solar worship encompasses visualizing the rising sun at dawn with half shut eyes first and then shutting them fully. These sentiments should be intense that divine power in the form of solar rays is pervading ones every pore of the body both within and without. In the preliminary stage from the standpoint of energy attraction it is most beneficial to have a pool of water nearby. It is for this reason that spiritual aspirants stand in water facing the sun and they meditate while chanting their Mantras. Many continue wearing wet clothes for that length of time. Many while worshipping the sun mentally chant their Mantra and thus complete their brief ritual. If one wants to worship at Brahma Muhurat (auspicious time between 3 am and 6 am) but because of clouds gathering one cannot visualize the sun clearly then one should approximately gauge the suns position and after facing it complete ones deep meditation. This is just one reference of many customs that are prevalent.

The easiest mode of meditation involves sitting in an open area. The time should be pre dawn hours and keep a water vessel on the right hand side. As a form of idol worship incense sticks can be lit. In a clean place with a clean body and clothes, sit in a meditative posture. The meditative posture has 5 requirements: 1. Peaceful mind 2. Steady body 3. Spine erect 4. Palms in ones lap 5. Eyes lightly shut. This is called Dhyana Mudra which is necessary and useful for all types of meditation.

To make such a conducive environment it may take 5 minutes in the beginning. After this one should render ones meditation deep as per the following injunctions:

Morning..eastern direction..red sky..golden sunrise.

Golden sun..sun..radiant Lord.

Sun God..light of wisdom..divine intellect..solar power..fire energy..intense.

Sun..soul power..idol..icon..goal.

Infinite energy of the sun and outer space along with nectar rains on the aspirant.

Due to rain of nectar soul power evolves, thrills ad rejoices.

In the cosmic soul power there is might, alertness and beauty.

Aspirant surrenders, merges, unites, concludes and takes refuge in the sun.

Entry of solar power into soul center..experience of radiance in the emotion based consciousness.

Divine light is seen in gross body, brilliance in subtle body and divine vigor in causal body.

There is intense manifestation of steadfastness, divine intellect and faith.

There is divine experience of purity, joy and a sense of being special.

There is incessant leaning towards storehouse of light.

There is experience of formidable exuberance.

On practicing continuously with a powerful resolve this imaginary description becomes increasingly clear to the subtle eye. As a result our enthusiasm jumps n-fold. Yet it is important to understand that the clarity or absence of it with respect to the imaginary form is dependent on intellectual creation of it. Many visualize the imaginary form while sleeping or in the waking state. In many there is no capacity for the brain to visualize these forms. Hence based on the seeing or otherwise capabilities one cannot infer the success or failure of meditation. The main principle is experience of divine sentiments. If there is intense love of Savita (Sun God) one should understand that there is good progress in meditation-concentration along with augmenting of faith.

The result of the above is that due to the grace of Sun God loads of Divine powers present in the gross, subtle and causal body of an aspirant are awakened. Anatomists are said to come across groups of entwined nerves in the gross body. Those who are capable of studying the subtle body see subtle parts like 5 Chakras, 5 Sheaths/Koshas, subtle nerve impulses etc. Apart from psychological activities there are many important centers in the subtle body. They are the Heart Chakra and Navel Chakra. The Navel Chakra is the base for all movements taking place in the gross body. Heart Chakra is the center of heaven found in the subtle body. At the center of the scalp in the causal body lies Sahasrar Brahmaloka that helps attain salvation or Moksha.

In the ordinary state these 3 Chakras are ignored, unknown and non -evolved in a major way. But when via meditation and other deep spiritual practices the divine splendor of Sun God starts circulating in it slowly the 3 start awakening and evolving. The experience of its flowering is gained by the aspirant himself during deep meditation. He/She experiences that the manifestation of Savita in the inner consciousness is influencing it miraculously. Solar power is penetrating the 3 bodies and other parts present within them. Solar consciousness opens the path of all round welfare of an aspirant or devotee.


With an anguished mind he asked all the Aryans, King Divodas and Jamadagni that why, why is he being forced to lead a life worse than that of a fallen beast? You will not understand Vishwarath! He is a robber, uncultured, uncouth and unruly. Only his outer form is that of man but his nature is inhuman. Thus spoke Divodas.

On hearing this answer he started thinking deeply. The unrest between Aryans and thieves for generations together had baffled him. Suddenly his compassion took a firm vow. The vow was: I shall search for that science which will transform human consciousness wherein divine nature shall be activated in human bodies. The voice of resolve got transformed into solar worship. The profound Savita worship unfolded many mysteries. At last one day a very great mystery was unearthed. In all directions the news spread that Vishwaratha has found Gayatri Mahavidya or Super Science of Gayatri. It could convert robbers into civilized Aryans. Uma the daughter of the chief of robbers Shambhar along with infinite number of robbers were converted to Aryans. Along with the sound of Tat Savitur Varenyam the entire Aryavrata made Vishwaratha the friend of the world which also meant Vishwamitra (seer of Gayatri Mantra).



It is not merely enough to know about a stream of energy. One cannot benefit from it until one investigates the technique of uniting with it. There exists a scientific process that joins electrical appliances like fan, heater, AC etc to the powerhouse of electricity. If there is no electricity in the powerhouse all electrical appliances would remain out of order, energy less and non useful. The same holds true for the eternal divine stream of energy called Savita. Despite the presence of the imperishable stream of active, thoughtful and sentimental energies there exists inactivity, indolence and hatred in human beings which proves that we have not united with the main stream of energy.

How can the above mentioned connection be established and be made intense? Ancient scientist-Rishis had researched deeply with reference to this aspect. Gayatri Mantra is the gist of all their research studies. This is why it is declared to be the best amongst all Mantras in Vedic literature. The letters in the Mantra have been knit in such a manner that if chanted aptly inner latent areas of an aspirants consciousness get incited/awakened. Thus latency is converted to awakening. The incessant flow of solar consciousness flows in ones very being. The storehouse of energy streams are now thrown wide open. The inner awakening due to a deeper bond with sun God gathers so much energy that it is nothing short of a miracle.

Apart from this scientific and functional aspect its psychological aspect is that much more potent. In it one finds a solution of life itself and small big problems associated with it too. Within the philosophy of a Mantra all those mysteries and precepts of the cosmos are depicted which describe the true form of God, beings and Mother Nature along with their inter relationships. Through mental reflection/cogitation of the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra along with its hidden philosophy one can contact that stream of wisdom which scriptural scholars call Atma Jnana or Brahma Jnana (Wisdom of the Soul).

In comparison to the scientific and psychological aspect Super Mantra Gayatris sentimental aspect is much more inspiring, potent and influential. In none of the cultures of the world will you find the total philosophy of Spiritual wisdom and Ritual Science as is found in its 24 letters. If one yearns to have a vision of the zenith of sentiments then one can do so in Super Mantra Gayatri. Its profound application not only starts a sentimental give and take between the sun and the devotee but also gives much power. As a result of this a stream of sanctified sentiments can be circulated in the entire cosmos.

Gayatri Mantra based spiritual practice is a mysterious technique of joining itself to Savita or Sun God. The word Savita is made from the root Sanskrit language prefix called Shad which means that which creates the entire cosmos. When the Shu prefix is used it means that which takes everyone to the path of truth. According to all these meanings Savita God is one who creates the world of animate and inanimate beings and also inspires everyone to head to the path of sacredness and truth. One of the names of sun is Savita. The sun is self illumining and helps illumine other objects. In the same way Savita God is a storehouse of divine light and donates to others the splendor of this light. An aspirant who worships Savita God by rendering Gayatri Mantra as its basis himself imbibes all these magnanimous sentiments.

Mantras have 3 legs. All 3 have divine inspiration. An aspirant welcomes and studies it and thus evolves his/her power of concentration. The 1 st leg is tat savitur varenyam. The divine light of God Savita is found in earth, outer space, fire, electricity, sun and just about everywhere. Through his loving eyes an aspirant by gaining a vision of his icon, who is the lord in the form of Savita and a storehouse of light, becomes emotional. The lustrous sacred light of savita immerses one in untold bliss. In the Upanishads it is praised thus (Katha, Mundak, Shwetashwatar): its light is so divine that in its presence the sun, moon, stars etc turn pale. The luster of lightning is nothing in comparison to it then what to say of fire. All these are brightened by the light of its gigantic storehouse. A Savita aspirant importunes and worships this Divine Light. He/she yearns to concentrate more and more on this revered light.

In the 1 st leg in the form of Savita a description of the divine qualities of that absolute power is elucidated. An aspirant never tires eulogizing it. Apart from eulogy there exists a process of worship. Over and above the Savita eulogy an aspirant prays bhargo devasya dheemahi meaning may these divine qualities which we meditate upon manifest in our psyche/soul. It is possible for the mutual give and take of a devotee and the Lord, aspirant and idol, worshiper and worshiped, being and Brahman etc along with oneness and identity to take place only when the idols divinity manifests. In the 2 nd leg of the Mantra a prayer has been chanted that: O storehouse of light! We pray that Savita God who is the destroyer of sins, giver of divine bliss manifest within us. We are imbibing your divine qualities within ourselves. We pray that you dwell within us so that our inner personality/mind starts radiating due to your splendor. This then verily is the gist of spirituality.

In the 3 rd leg of the mantra this truth has been clarified that why should one imbibe divine qualities? Dheeyo yonah prachodayat means may our intellect influenced to walk on the path of truth. The intellect as of now is in the throes of dark gloom. It does not know its duties and goal. Due to worldly glamour it has gone astray to such an extent that it is unaware of its importance. This then is the prayer in the 3 rd leg of the Mantra: O God Savita! Along with your Divine qualities do manifest in our inner being so that our intellect are pushed into light from dark gloom in which it is dwelling at present.

Just as in the morning light of sun with its radiant golden rays appears and awakens all creatures who are sleeping and pushes them to work in the same way the divine light of Savita God enters the soul of a Gayatri aspirant and lights up his/her intellect. Sleep is then transformed into a spiritual awakening. Divine intellect manifests in the brain. Darkness of falsity and inertness start decreasing. Truth and consciousness manifest. The intellect which is divine does not get attracted and thus does not get bound to inertness like greed, ignorance etc. The boundary of the I or ego does not remain narrow. The aim of life is to widen the limited I and thus harbor a sentiment of a World Family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam). Through the medium of super Mantra Gayatri an aspirant imbibes these divine inspirations and thus yearns to reach the goal.

From the aim of this technique which unites one emotionally to Savita God it is clear why it has been given such a high stature of pride. Within this there is no desire for worldly objects. Even if there is one it is for the serenity and sanctity of the intellect and making it walk on the path of truth. Not merely for ones own self but for all cosmic beings. Yonah means may all our intellects walk on the path of truth. Thus this combined technique of Savita worship and Gayatri Mantra transports us to the pinnacle of truth.



The Yogi looking at the future spiritual heir in front of him with the viewpoint of a disciple said: with the help of nature and solar rays one class of objects can be converted to that of another class. In this manner Patanjali Yoga Sutras (aphorisms) viz. jatyantaraparinamaha prakritya purat can be proved true. On inferring thus that possibly this student was skeptical about this statement he took a rose from his preceptorial seat in his hand and asked his student: Alright! Tell me. Can this flower change its species on its own? No, is that right? But via Solar Science its class can be changed. The student said: Then do change it to a flower called China rose. The yogi taking the flower in his left hand and with his right hand through the lens glass gathered the rays of the sun which had previously spread out on it. Slowly the rose flower disappeared and only its aura remained. And then in its place appeared a freshly grown China rose flower. That yogi well known as Paramhans Swami Vishudhanand through solar energy and his own spiritual power induced a change in the law of nature and thus transformed the very root nature of a visible object. He said to his disciple Gopinath Kaviraj: This entire world is based on the play of natures laws. This deep wisdom can be fathomed by a Yogi only and just as Patanjali has said bhuvanam jnanam surye sanyamat (Yogadarshan, Vibhutipaad-26) right in ones own life and the sun after accumulating all the knowledge of the world can be obtained.

For Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj personally it was an amazing incident. He was overawed not only by the miracle but by the transformation made in inert nature via will power making solar rays a medium to do so. Swamiji spoke in great detail that day saying; by using will power or Sankalpa Shakti and scientific prowess a divine creation ensues. Sun is the worlds creator, nourisher etc. Yoga means uniting 2 things together. A Solar yogi who is well versed with solar science is aware of light spectrum; after purifying these colors (Varnas) they are mixed and thus matter integrates or disintegrates as the case may be. In this manner a transformation takes place in matters inner nature. That which is imperishable and invisible dwells in the womb of a void; this too can be made perceptible/tangible via Solar Science. He was telling his disciple: Minds thoughts, emotions and agitations are directly influenced by solar rays. A knower of Solar Science at a subtle level via rays induces changes in mental impressions or Sanskars and by giving an upper impetus to an individuals thought process can influence him/her to progress further spiritually. In this manner Solar science intervenes not only within inert nature but also within the conscious universe and right from visible gross changes to human conscious movements can be influenced by it and thus increases those thoughts which destroy sins in human psyche/soul.

The Gurudeeksha (preceptor initiation) of Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj took place with this initial talk and this scholar cum learned one of Tantra Science became not merely a student of Solar Science but started research studies too. By surrendering to his preceptor he put down on paper many incidences related to the transcendental nature of Solar Science. On reading it that knowledge which is extraordinary is found which is a very important treasure of ancient Divine Culture and which is controlled and managed by the Rishi-conscious center of Himalayan and Tibetan regions.

In the inaccessible Himalayan mountains constant research activities are conducted in the fields of Lunar Science, Astronomy, Wind science, Time Science, Sound Science and Solar Science which are all affiliated to Indian Culture. For those with mere superficial curiosity and shallow thinking these Sciences will remain a mystery and a veiled secret. But those with a profound spiritual approach or with the aim of awakening their soul power carry out deep studies. For these people the path is always wide open. Thus spoke Paramhans Vishudhanand also well known as Sugandhi Baba to his disciples and through their medium to the entire world of erudite humans.

Solar Science or Savita Study is said to be the basic pillar of Vedic worship methodology. Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has said that the icon of Aryans has been one only; it is self illumining, one without a second, the sun (tad ekam tad satyam). Savita, creator sun is the lord of truth, giver of splendor, is an inventor and the nourishing Pusha (Sun God). Those who meditate on it are given revelation, inspiration, intuition and luminous discernment which gives life through light inspiration to the mental creation and its 3 worlds.

Bhulok with a material consciousness, Bhuvalok with the active vital force consciousness and the radiant mind (pure psychological consciousness0 Swahalok are inspired by that very Savita whose rays have created this universe. Through them it is possible for a Yogi to bring about a change, uniting/separating creation of any inert or conscious part of the cosmos.

The famous indologist and a rare scientist of his times, Paul Brunton during his Indian tour reached Varanasi (Benares) while trying to understand the secret wisdom of Tibet, Egypt etc. he has detailed a few incidences of that tour in his book A search in secret India. In an essay devoted to Solar Science via the medium of Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj in Vishudhanand Kanan Ashram, Maldhiya, Banaras, UP, India who held discussions with Paramhans Vishudhanandji were detailed therein. Because Bruntons mentality was that of curiosity, the Paramhans first gave him a handkerchief with various fragrances gathered through a medium of crystal quartz. Apart from this, he also saw that from a void, fresh grape and from air, sweet food items could be produced and also how a withered flower could bloom afresh. By understanding the scientific basis of all this, he said that solar rays are the continuous source of vital force. By understanding its deep import, its unity and separation is called Solar Science. Due to this secret science, the power of creation or Sidhi (Divine Power) of the universe with great difficulty is obtained. Possibly the creation of a new universe by Rishi Vishwamitra was successful due to the aid of this science because Gayatri Mantra is a prayer of the worship of Savita God and he is the Rishi of Gayatri.

Paramhans Vishudhanandji by exhibiting these Divine Powers of Solar Science only to pure characters and pure hearted people inspired to undergo deep worship of Savita God, Gayatri ceremony and Yoga studies. Never was his exhibition for transient name and fame nor for showing off vainly miracles and Sidhis. This was the very reason that after lonely deep research by bringing Solar Science from the inaccessible caves of Tibet was able to establish it in the holy city of Varanasi. The act of producing diamonds, gold, pearls etc via solar rays and returning them to the cosmos was seen by many individuals with their very eyes. Apart from this everyone has a subtle lotus in the navel region; Paramhansji produced a lotus along with its stalk from his navel and showed it to his disciple. He researched in his own body just as modern scientist research in laboratories and thus helped wisdom seeking aspirants to undergo Savita studies. One day on finding a pure hearted student called Jagesh Vasu he transformed 2 flowers of wood apple into a crystal of quartz with the help of solar rays. With his Yogic power, one quartz crystal entered his own body and the other into the body of his preceptor brother Kedar Bhowmik. As a result of this the body remains healthy and molecules of high quality are created. Round shaped quartz crystal entered the body and not even one drop of blood oozed out. Both brothers served Dharma Kshetra and for a long time lived healthy lives. (This excerpt is taken from The Life of Swami Vishudhanand by Nandlal Gupta; Published by Vishwavidyalaya prakashan, Varanasi).

On unveiling the curtain that lies on Solar Science Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj writes: this process is dependent on the knowledge of pure solar rays. Due to the unity and separation of its various types many types of matter are known to manifest. The mutually directed union of various rays is the secret of Solar Science. From this there can either be creation of the universe or its destruction. Hence it is of great importance to understand its process. He further elaborates that one should clearly understand the difference between the creating of the universe scientifically and that via Yogic power. According to him Yogic creating is the result of desire power or Iccha Shakti. The main materials required are the soul of the creator and his omnipotent soul force. Yoga creating is external illumination of the form present in the soul through ones strong will power or desire. Within the Savitri mode this according to Tantra parlance is separating of a drop.

Adi Shankaracharya says that the divine sport of the entire world is taking place within ones own soul. Just as the reflection of a city seen in a mirror, exists within the mirror itself and not apart from it, so too the reflected scenes rest in the illumined soul only and are not separate from it. A realized soul or Jnani looks at the world in this very form because in his vision there exists nothing apart from the soul. By taking help from the illusory power called Maya a Jnani illumines outwardly the power of the soul.

A Yogis scientific creation is that in which via the medium of quartz etc the basic materials of objects found in nature can be created or destroyed. According to the requirements in natural creation those qualities can be projected which the author or doer desires. That which we call a rose flower is surely a rose at the gross level but in it one finds all the basic materials of a lotus etc too. A lotus can thus be transmuted to a rose and vice versa. Not only a flower but which ever object we desire it can be created from a rose or any other object. Although the external appearance changes the rose does not turn into a void. It merely becomes non manifest or that it remains in seed form. The rose remained in a subtle form and the lotus manifested in its gross form. Solar Science believes that this principle of scientific creation is applicable to all materials found in this world and its other conscious arenas. In the back ground of every object the basic nature is found in the non manifest and manifest/gross form too. Only a Yogi can bring about such transformations and transmutations in nature.

The above incident of Solar Science is super natural and transcendental in nature and along with many miracles is filled with many possibilities. It shows that the suns subtle and causal form is of the nature of a creator and nurturer and via the narrow wisdom of the solar ray spectrum in the form of quartz lens etc or via Yogic power by making changes which are more or less in its systemic arrangement the forms of various regions of the cosmos can be transformed. This methodology is filled with many potentials and possibilities that can lead to world well being. Great seer of Indian culture viz. the scientific and revolutionary Rishis of yore excelling in these modes and precepts succeeded in executing various such applications with the help of Mantras and other spiritual techniques. If today an apt usage of available materials and wisdom can be made infinite people the world over can benefit from this secret application of ancient sciences.



In a general way everyone is aware of the benefits of fasting. In that the stomachs indigestion problems are cured. The digestive organs along with the new energy attained works 2-fold. The poison that is produced when we binge too much is absent. These gross benefits of fasting are known to one and all. This saying of the doctors is famous that those who eat less live longer. Those who gorge like gluttons and fill their stomachs beyond its brim fail to give their stomach precious time to relax and thus the wealth of life diminishes quickly. In comparison to a long life they have to quickly bid adieu to this world of mortals.

From the health standpoint by accepting its unusual import Ayurveda scholars have exhorted mankind to kill illness with balanced hunger. By remaining hungry for an optimal length of time illnesses wither away and thus the precious life of a patient is saved. Fasting during a contagious, difficult and dire illness is also a part of the remedy (fasting must be done as per advice of efficient Ayurveda doctors). No doctor can easily cure diseases like measles, pneumonia, cholera, plague and mental aberrations without fasting and abstinence. In Naturopathy remedy for all illnesses either a total or partial fast is recommended.

And yet the deep import of fasting is not limited to what has been discussed in the above lines. Its many mysterious and profound aspects are such that on understanding them it is said that fasting is a straightforward and powerful Yoga practice. In the Bhagwad Geeta it is said: Vishaya vinivartante niraharasya dehinam. Thus this precept has been discussed. The Rishis after deeply cogitating over this truth have established the spiritual importance of fasting every month.

Within the Science of Worship wherein the Food Sheath is sanctified fasting has been accepted as a special requirement. In the body many types of shallow regions are found which are cluster of nerves. It is seen that at many places thin nerves like brain fibers stick to one another. Many a times these cluster mutually wind around in a braid like fashion akin to a thick rope. At many other places these cluster take the form of a round pillar or a knot.

Many a times they move like an undulating snake and at the head region many unite. In other places like a banyan tree, branches and twigs lie in a spread out manner. In this way many cluster join together to form a boundary. There is a vast difference in their color, shape and form. If research studies can be conducted a great difference will be noted in their temperature, atomic arrangement, revolution and storehouse of brilliance.

Up till today scientists have not been able to give any special data as far as the activities of this nerve cluster is concerned. But seers of Spiritual Science know that these clusters are knots of restrain on the Food Sheath. At death time all bonds are freed and not one cluster is visualized. Indhika species of cluster are a symbol of restlessness, imbalance and turbulence. Wherever this cluster is in excess he/she is unable to sit quietly in one place. He/she will fiddle about and remain edgy all the time. Deepik species of nerve cluster induce anger, bodily heat, exuberance, dryness etc. People having excess of this type of nerve cluster undergo illnesses like skin diseases, boils, pimples, acne, nose bleeding, yellow urine, burning of eyes etc.

People with excess Bhochika have bodily perspiration, mucus, urine etc. There is more of loose feces and a complaint of common cold. The class of Apayani bundles induces lethargy, excess sleep, indolence and heaviness. Such people tire fast quite easily. They cannot execute heavy mental or bodily chores.

The Pusha class of bundles induces sexual excitement. The vow of continence and passion control is cut asunder. A little bit of activation of Pusha induces mental chaos, distortion and lack of self control. Kamadeva the god of passion activated the Pusha nerves of Lord Shiva via an aimed the Kusum arrow of sexual passion.

Chandrika species induces beauty. When in excess it induces sweet speech, passion in the eyes, attraction on the face and softness and beauty. Due to Kapila there is sensitivity, fear, heart beats, bad dreams, anxiety, impotence etc. in Gusarvi there is excess of bodily contraction. Boils ripen after great delay and mucus is emitted with immense difficulty. Due to excess of Ushmas clusters, man becomes breathless. There is heat in the joints. One gets angry very quickly. One acts in haste. Blood circulates speedily and breathing too becomes very swift.

Amaya bundles are symbols of steadfastness, strength, hardness, seriousness etc. In such bodies there is no effect of external medical therapy. No medicine works. They remain ill for a certain length of time and are cured by their own will power. No unwholesome food can make them ill but when they do fall ill, even control of food intake or religious vows have no effect.

Many a time medical aid does not cure diseases. Because of the presence of these bundles the subtle condition of this body becomes such that cures or therapies do not work. Due to the activation of the Udgitha bundles one cannot conceive children. In whichever male or female these bundles are active they cannot procreate even if they are otherwise healthy. In whichever male or female Asita is in excess they will produce a child of their own gender. Women with excess Asita produce females and men produce males.

Yukta Hisra bundles induce cruelty, wickedness and a sentiment of sadistically hurting others. Such people despite being financially well off walk on the path of falsehood and arrogance. Without any rhyme or reason they act with hatred and jealousy and attack others for no fault of theirs. Hinsra bundles induce unruliness and chaos. Such people can be masochists too because they are even known to break their own heads, commit suicide, hit their own children badly and execute many demeaning acts.

Thus in Yoga literature one finds a description of 16 subtle nerve bundles or Upathikas. These bundles are such that they obstruct ones desired personality. Man desires that he moulds his personality in a certain manner and thus works towards that end by many a time he fails because within these nerve bundles such activities take place which do not allow external efforts to succeed and man thus experiences failure again and again in a helpless fashion.

Taste buds have a close bond with correction, moderation and balance of these Upathikas. In Yoga practices fasting is very scientific. At certain times in certain months at certain auspicious moments certain type of fasts give certain type of results. Such ordinances are found in various scriptures. According to the season prevalent the six fires of the body increase or decrease as the case may be. The 6 fires viz. Ushma, Bahuvrucha, Hvadi, Rehina, Atpata, Vyati are active in 6 seasons right from summer to spring. All their characteristics vary.

One, the hemisphere condition of summer solstice and winter solstice, two, the increasing/decreasing Kalas of the moon, three, the influence of stars on our earth and four, the path of the suns partial rays are all connected to the bodily seasonal fires, certain results are noted. Keeping this scientific fact in mind great Rishis demarcated such holy festivals in which if fasting is undergone in a certain manner corresponding beneficial results accrue. Fasting on the 4 th day of the month of Kartik also called Karva Chautha augments love between husband and wife. This is because on this day the mixed result of hemisphere condition, moons Kalas, influence of the stars and the solar path is such that along with an association with the bodily fire and mental state become so conducive that it helps ones marital bond to strengthen and attain bliss. In the same way there are other vows/Vratas and fasts which help fulfill many needs and desires and also aids in staving off undesirable repercussions.

The scholars of fasting vows have classified them in 5 ways: Pachak (digestion), Shodhak (sanctifier), Shamak (sense control), Anas and Pavak (fire related). Pachak fast is that which helps in proper digestion of food. Shodhak fast is that which helps in curing diseases by remaining hungry. Shamak fast is that which helps in curing bad thinking, psychic distortion, bad mental activities, distorted Upathika bundles. Anas fast are that in which for special reasons one attracts Divine Powers to oneself. Pavak fasts are those that help in atoning for ones sins. Based on the condition of the soul and psyche which type of fasting is apt and what rules should be adhered to, these decisions require subtle thinking.

What is the state of an aspirants Food Sheath? Which of his/her Upathikas are distorted? Which instigated center requires calming down? Which sensitive part needs activation? Seeing all this, a decision should be taken as to which person should take up what type of a fast.

In Pachak fast food should not be taken till there is intense hunger. Giving up one meal or one whole days meals or two days meals, leads to constipation. In order to aid apt Pachak fast it is useful to take lime juice, water and digestion aiding medicines. Along with Shodhan fast one should take proper rest. These all continue until the patient overcomes the time span of danger. In such fasts the only recourse is water drunk that is cooled after boiling.

Shamak fasts allow the intake of thin fluid like materials for example milk, butter milk, fruit juice etc. In such fasts one should do some soul searching or self introspection, stay in a secluded place, observe silence or Mauna, chant Mantras (Japa) and deeply meditate. In Anas fasting one should yearn for desirable Divine Powers via solar rays. In the suns 7 colored rays one finds the rays of all planets apart from Rahu and Ketu. In the sun one finds radiance, heat and bile. The moon is cool, peace giving, luminous and giver of glory. Mars is harsh, mighty and helpful. Mercury is serene, disciplined, beautiful, attractive and full of phlegm. Jupiter is the deity of wisdom, intellect, wealth, subtle sightedness, good governance, justice etc. Venus has air, it is unsteady, creator and diplomatic. Saturn induces steadiness, gives objects of pleasure, steadfastness and is a symbol of nourishment. Which ever character one desires accordingly that Divine Power should be attracted by fasting on that particular day of the week.

Pavak fasting is generally undergone for atonement purposes. They should be done by par taking only boiled water. For ones errors one should pray to Almighty God with a pure heart and vow never to err again. For ones mistakes, fortitude and good actions one should donate so much wealth that can convert the agony of sin into joy of pure deeds. The examples of Pavak fasting are Chandrayana Vrata and Kacha Chandrayana Vrata.

The worship of the purification, purgation and utility of the Upathikas and the 5 fasts along with their elements are present in the solar vow on Sunday. On that day the mixed powers of all planets touch our earth which is useful for various goals. On Sunday after bathing wear clean clothes and sit in front of the rising sun. After seeing Sun God once with eyes open, shut your eyes after that, meditate on Savitas radiance and chant the Gayatri Mantra 1000 times. While chanting, think thus that we are bathing in the mass of effulgence of the ocean like sun which pervades in all directions. By meditating in this manner the soulful Savita rays activate and awaken the divine consciousness of the Sadhak or spiritual aspirant. The Upathikas get transformed when solar heat touches ones face externally and then subtle rays are imbibed in the soul via deep solar meditation.

After Japa (Mantra chanting) and meditation it is advisable to perform a Havan (fire sacrifice/ritual). By performing a Havan the heat of Japa and meditation cools down. Fasting on Sundays is equivalent to deep Yoga worship. Continuous fasting for 12 Sundays induces desired changes in an aspirant who has a first hand experience of it. Continuous fasting vow of 12 Sundays involves the presence of the extraordinary science of the worship of 12 Adityas (demigod of eye sight).

With reference to this an aspirant is himself/herself a proof of this experience. On this day one should make added use of white and yellow colored objects. Clothes worn too should be white or yellow in color. White clothes are worn as symbols of white sacrosanct light with 7 rays and yellow colored clothes represent sun and Mercury. It is best not to eat anything until noon. After noon one can par take water, liquids and fruit juices. After sunset it is apt that one avoids any food intake. Sun is the deity of austerities and penance. As a result the aspirant experiences purity, mental alertness and divine radiance.



Due to the solar systems energy flow almost all of lifes activities are influenced by it. And yet it is deeply connected to human health. Due to this knowledge Ayurveda form of Indian medical healing in ancient times was very effective in curing illnesses. Unlike today there was no illness that did not have a cure. In Ayurveda one not only finds descriptions of disease cures/therapies and health based advancement but also techniques like Kayakalpa which could convert old age to prime youth.

Even today one finds Ayurvedic healing methods, diagnosis, cures and therapies. Important literature with reference to this is available. One is not unaware of various herbs meant for healing various diseases. Then say, what is the reason that leaving aside Kayakalpa and cures for rare illnesses there is no success as far as healing even ordinary illnesses is concerned? On deep reflection we conclude that in Ayurveda of bygone eras the energy flow and deep wisdom of solar system were connected to each other. The success in Ayurveda of those times was due to this knowledge.

Amongst Ayurveda intellectual scholars the names of Charak and Vaghbhatta come to mind. They were not only specialists of healing but were wise followers of astrology and astronomy too. There is a rumor that when Charak went to the forest and mountains to collect plants and herbs the latter would them selves reveal their special curing capabilities. Along with this in which surroundings and when should they be sown so that special herbs can be produced and what benefits were obtained by what kind of people with their individual psyche and illnesses, all this information was given to Charak (in a deep meditative state) by the plants. While ignoring the fact whether this rumor is true or false and instead by imbibing the basic precept one understands that in eradicating illnesses it is not as if that only the medicine per se plays a major role. It is important to know when these plants have been grown, under what astrological influence and in what kind of atmosphere?

Human health is influenced by inter stellar movements and changes therein. One finds many phrases in Ayurveda literature that throws light on these tenets. According to Astrology Ashtami vyadhinashini which means that the 8 th day of the moon destroys all calamities. It also says that medicine taken on this day is highly beneficial. On Ashtami the sun and moon are 90 units apart. Hence both decrease their force of attraction to all saps of earth. The excess force of attraction of sun and moon are less on the blood and water present in mans body. Thus medicines par taken on this day proves highly beneficial from the healing standpoint.

According to Bhaishajik Jyotish many illnesses especially skin diseases, madness, epilepsy and psychic distortions are more violent in the bright half of the lunar month (Shukla Paksha or waxing moon). Modern Science has yet not unfolded the reason as to why this happens. According to Astrology during the bright half of the lunar month the sun and moon are closer to one another. Both of them attract the gas particles present in the earths atmosphere in a major way. This in turn influences the health of humans and other life forms. Generally it has been seen that on Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the lunar month) when the sun and moon make an angle of 160 degrees the intensity of illnesses and emotional agitation reach their peak.

Even Ayurvedas well known Tridosha Sidhanta accepts deep imports of the energy flow of the solar system which if one could understand thoroughly many illnesses can get cured. The word Vata originates from the Va Dhatu or root word. The word Pita originates from Tapas. It means Tapasam tamay pittam or natural evolution, stimulation and a symbol of power. The word Kuf Shleshma means to unite or attract magnetically. A well known commentator called Chakrapani has given subtle meanings of all three of them. According to him Vata is a symbol of speed, Pita that of power and Kuf is force of attraction. But it is not just enough to understand that these 3 are the 3 basic chemical forms of the body. Instead it is more important to know its subtle special characteristics.

Sushrut a well known Ayurvedic scholar opines that just as the energies of the sun, moon and air are important for the activities of the world, similarly the apt balance of air, bile and phlegm are important for bodily and mental health. It is also important to understand the influence of the speed, position and changes of the planets of the solar system at various times. Proper diagnosis and cure of illnesses is possible only as a result of the above mentioned data and observations.

According to Astrology there exist 3 classes of galaxies which are conjoined to Ayurvedas Tridosha Sidhanta. These 3 at appointed times affect the condition of air, bile and phlegm. In the same way planets also influence these 3. For example in a major way moon influences bodily wind or Vata and sun influences bile. Due to waxing/waning of the moon and solar activities these elements too get influenced. According to Astrology the moon influences the mind, the sun the soul and Mercury the conscious subtle nerves mentioned in Yogic scriptures. In which ever new born babes horoscope the sun and moon are placed in the fire sign galaxies (Kritikas) people staying in dry, hot, water oriented regions experience that in their subtle nerves many types of distortions manifest. Todays Ayurveda doctors are not well versed with these causes. As a result they do not succeed all that much in diagnosing and curing various diseases.

Which ever mysterious import of bodily science and medicine are affected by the energy flow of the solar system are being researched into by various nations of the world. The inter-planetary conditions too influence the bodily and mental states in the birth and cure of illnesses. This verily has been experienced by modern day doctors of high repute. Over and above many of his research based experiments Dr Edison has concluded that incidences related to 82% of blood hemorrhage take place in the 1 st and 3 rd week of the moon. According to Prof Rivis on the full moon night there exists, excess electrical energy in the human body. These electrical changes perplex mans psychic state and inner personality. According to Dr Baker these days the incidences of crime are on the rise because of these distortions. The famous Russian scientist Nichel Susiuj opines that due to rise in Sun Spots there is a corresponding decrease in the soldier like WBC in human blood. As a result there are high chances of contracting various illnesses.

In ancient Astrology not only is there a description of causes of illnesses/diseases but it also throws light on its diagnosis and cure. In Medical astrology a description is given regarding the diagnosis of illnesses. In that not only a description of medical cure is elucidated but along with it how inter-planetary changes transform our eating drinking habits and that one should imbibe experiments of fasting and Mantra healing. In Arishta Yoga it has been said that the energy lost via illnesses and cells that are destroyed too can be regained via Mantra healing powers.

The sun itself is the root of various energy streams of the solar systems. All others are influenced by its power. Hence it is called the leader of all planets. Solar worship gives apt balance to all these inter-planetary energy streams in human beings and destroys the bad influence of all planets. In Atharva Veda (6/83/1) it is said:

Just as a vulture runs away from a crowd so too indigestion and other such diseases too are warded off. For this allow the sun to make medicines and the moon with its light, destroy those diseases.

In this Mantra it is clear that the sun makes medicines. It is in the form of a universal vital force and with its rays induces good health. In the Padma Purana (Srishti Khanda 79/17) it is said:

All illnesses can be warded off by meditating on Sun God.

Via solar worship diseases are overcome, cosmic energies attain optimum balance and we overcome malefic influences of inter planetary energy streams. Regarding the origin of diseases importance is given a lot to gross visible causes (symptoms). If invisible but important divine knowledge of solar system which plays a vital role is given due importance during diagnosis and cure one can come across amazing precepts regarding the origin and cure of diseases.



Lord Savita Narayan or Sun God is the focal point of nature or Prakriti. All our energy is obtained from the sun. Just as without the soul our bodies cannot exist similarly the world exist because of the suns presence. Just as honeybees in search of honey wander near flowers so too planet earth in search of protection of life on it revolves around the sun. The earth is verily our mother and sun is our father. Their sperm and ovum sustain life on earth. Solar heat helps mature bodily juices. Energy advancement, nourishment of bodily parts and emission of bodily wastes is dependent on this gigantic energy. So far we spoke of the body and progress and nourishment of means that sustain life. This general cycle can be seen even in the life of matter and consciousness that help in lifes sustenance.

When dire situations abound on earth sun gives us enormous help. Lord Bhaskar or Sun God possesses so much of disease destroying potential that even the most tedious illness can be overcome by its grace. One does not have to look far ahead. A farmer who tills soil remaining thirsty and hungry who rarely comes across expensive objects and who works day in and day out tirelessly yet remains in good health. Illnesses rarely confront him. Even if some illness attacks him he regains good health even without medication in a jiffy. Bang opposite to this urban population that is not exposed to sunlight in a major way but eat nourishing food along with apt rest yet off and on undergoes various illnesses. Almost 100% of them face stomach ailments, indigestion, constipation etc.

Dr Solay says that in comparison to Sun Gods healing powers none can match it. Deadly diseases like cancer which are very difficult to combat despite using radium therapy etc can be cured via appropriate solar healing therapies. For tuberculosis Dr Hernich says that from the last 30 years from about 22000 patients who took his treatment failed to overcome it satisfactorily. As a result I opted to cure them with solar healing methods. The outcome was so encouraging for the past 3 years that I can doubtlessly say that solar healing is an outstanding way to cure tuberculosis.

Dr Hongay writes that I unearthed that in diseases related to the blood like yellow hue in blood, thinness, anemia, weakening of veins, tiredness, fatigue etc solar healing methods are very successful.

A famous doctor Lady Kebo writes her experiences wherein she says that about 12 people approached me who were very weak. Their skin hung loosely and bones were a bit bent. On checking them it was noted that they were not exposed to sun light. Hence they were asked to sun bathe as much as possible. The result was that their good health spiraled up and in a short time span they were hale and hearty.

The famous philosopher Nyodhino opines that as long as sunlight is available on earth patients are erring by searching for alternative treatments. Such people must yearn to focus on that sun which is the fount of energy, beauty and sound health and with its benevolence regain sound long lasting health.

Indians are not unaware of this divine grace of Sun God. When school children erred their teachers made them stand in the hot sun as punishment. Great Yogis perform austerities under the watchful eye of the sun. The suns capacity to overcome illnesses has for long been researched into. Lord Savita helps overcome deadly diseases like cancer and every household knows that sunlight radiates both out inner and outer beauty. People have great faith in this fact.

Via heat of light plants, trees etc bloom on earth. Ere sunlight failed to reach earth the latter would be converted into a gigantic ball of snow and darkness. Life would thus cease to exist. Objects radiate because of sunlight and it also gives our eyes the capacity to visualize the external world. Without sunlight gloominess would take over. We may possess eyes but seeing would be impossible. Fire in our hearths and cooking range is but another form of solar light and heat. We are grateful to the sun for creating clouds which later shower rain on us.

It is solar rays that dry up wetness, dirt and muck seen on roads etc. If the sun failed to do this the world would become mucky and dirty.

Trees, plants etc do not survive merely because they get water, fertile foil etc. Apart from this it is most required that they get sunlight and wholesome air. Wind moves because of heat energy in the atmosphere. Indirectly it is the grace of sunlight that flowers, fruits etc bloom. As a result other beings exist on this planet.

Germs, poisonous bacteria etc are overcome via solar heat. Apart from soap dirty clothes dive up their smell only on getting exposed to sunlight. Fruits vegetables give us nourishment simply because they bloomed forth in the presence of sunlight. In comparison to roots the plants stem and leaves are more energy bestowing. Hence along with bread, lentils etc we eat vegetables too for proper nourishment.

Solar heat is very beneficial for birds, animals, humans etc. Those who remain unexposed to sunlight are known to fall sick more often than not. Of course one need not seek hot sun rays of noon time yet the serene sunlight at dawn/sunrise is extremely beneficial for us all. We must try and sit in wet clothes after bath in front of the rising sun. For this, 15-20 minutes is not enough. The door and windows of ones house must be such that they allow maximum sunlight to enter every nook and corner of the house. Our bedding, pillows, clothes etc should be exposed to sunlight regularly so that undesirable germs, worms etc get destroyed.

By itself sun befits all living beings and yet it is important that ones body gets properly exposed to its healing rays. If intense heat is unbearable stay away from heat but make sure to expose your body, interior of the house etc to those solar rays whose heat is endurable. Sun that is directly visible is a storehouse of heat energy. It enhances sound health. Its life force is terrific. It enters our body and makes us that much more potent. It energizes juices, blood, hormones, enzymes present in our body. Thus the body becomes powerful and attains a longer life span.

Deep thinkers of the world now are realizing the great import of solar healing and hence accrue its benefits. Colors have various characteristics. Green is cool, red is hot and yellow is good for digestion. When these 3 combine in various ways new hues result. After diagnosing an illness, via glass specific colored rays are exposed to that bodily part which is diseased. Certain specific colored glass bottles are filled with water and exposed to sunlight. This water then is par taken by the patient which is called Chromo Therapy. On the basis of data available regarding this mode of therapy we feel that Vedic Sciences can add a lot of value to solar healing. Without using too much of cash people will augment good health and thus such healing would intensify its priceless nature.

Along with Modern Sciences advancement people now realize the correlation between solar rays and good health augmenting. In this New Era in order to overcome diseases Denmark resident Dr N R Fixay used solar healing methods first in 1893 AD. Later after a decade Switzerlands Dr Reliyar used solar rays to cure tuberculosis. He had built a solar lab for this healing. As a result of his experiments the world over people started accepting solar ray healing methods as vitally important in the field of Medicine and Therapy. In a major way those who have researched into the aspect of solar healing they maintain that UV light present in sunlight is very beneficial for all beings. No doubt technology that produce UV rays have been set up and yet it has been noted that UV rays from sunlight are more beneficial than those created from technical man made apparatus. Such technology has been designed which produce no UV rays. They create only infra-red rays and depict their prowess. Suppose no UV or infra-red rays are produced yet such technical apparatus is designed to created that give light full of medicinal healing properties. As a result we can conclude that various types of radiations are present both in sunlight and man designed technology and yet the former is more beneficial than the latter.

One must deeply analyze those human beings who work in sunlight from dawn to dusk. Compare them with those who live in urban areas and are not exposed in a major way to sunlight. Skin that is yellow and withered cannot endure heat and cold and are unable to satisfactorily emit urine, feces from the body. Of course it is not necessary for people to bask in sunlight all day long. Instead we must try and expose our body to sunlight as and when the chance arises and that too at least for 15 minutes. It is preferable to expose as much of your body as possible to sunlight. It should be remembered that the head must not be exposed to sunlight. Dieticians who try to find out ways to include vitamin D in the diet of poor people sometimes get confused. They fail to see beyond the available sources of vitamin D like milk, butter, eggs etc. They must understand that solar rays of sunrise are extremely beneficial to all and hence poor people too. For those steeped in poverty sunlight is equivalent to butter, eggs etc so as to imbibe vitamin D. In Indian schools after the 5 th grade health education is bestowed on a student that goes on to the 8 th grade. Children learn all this from text books. Teachers too teach them from books. Education is meant for imbibing knowledge and wisdom and not social transactions. If only we digest the fact that sunlight is very precious for world denizens our lineage would augment and also that TB cannot merely be obstructed but that it can be rooted out totally.

The sun is immensely useful in our life and for sound health. Generally it is noted that plant life and other creature live in open air. In comparison to those who are not greatly exposed to sun shine and open air they bloom more, are healthy and full of greenery.

During solar eclipse creatures are full of fear. What exactly is the reason? The answer is that the very thought of not remaining exposed to sun light makes them wistful and withered. In open air and sun shine one sees cows, calves and other creatures full of joy and zest. They experience untold pleasure. Who can we say is unaware of this fact? Those vegetables, fruits etc that grow in open sunlit air are full of precious vitamins and minerals. By par taking them our life force increases and so does our good health. Those fruits, vegetables etc that are not exposed to sun light much either do not bloom aptly and even if they grow they do not appear fresh and blooming. Those workers who work in factories, mills etc appear to do so in a prison like gloomy atmosphere. They get miniscule amounts of sun light and fresh air. Thus their bodily and mental growth is impaired. Their faces are gloomy and listless. Their health is seen to be quite poor and thus they face many illnesses and diseases. Hence it is imperative that they expose themselves to sun light and fresh air when they are not working so as to lead a joyful healthy life. If those who bathe very late in the day, do so after taking a sun bath will not get any skin diseases. If we bathe after exposure to sun light we must wipe our entire body thoroughly with a clean towel.

In our country i.e. India right since ancient times, sun is looked upon as a potent medium for good health and long life span. Thus the sun is worshipped with devotion as a demigod. The gist of all Vedas is Super Mantra Gayatri. That too is a mode of worshipping sun god and its chanting methodology involves keeping the body above the waistline naked. It means that on a naked body solar rays are thrown by sun. The pure sun bath at dawn gives us good health, joy and divine bliss. Not only does our blood get purified but that energy and zest bloom forth. The health of farmers tilling soil is n-fold better than the health of urban people who live in dark gloomy places. Who say is unaware of this fact? People living in dark rooms experience more ill health than those living in spacious airy houses. Thus they are doomed to death. It is for this reason that it is said: A doctor has to visit that household in which sunlight has no room to enter. Sir Jamesby has said: In St Petersburg those soldiers who live unexposed to sunlight die n-fold more in number than those soldiers exposed to sunlight. When epidemics of cholera, typhoid etc is rampant it is seen that those living in dark gloomy homes are more prone to contract these diseases in comparison to those residing in fresh sunlit air. Hence people who are concerned about good health and long life span should insist on residing in homes and surrounding areas that have fresh air and plenty of sunlight. Our scriptures and Ayurvedic texts eulogize vociferously the import of sunlight because innumerable diseases can be destroyed due to its benevolence. With the help of solar healing many illnesses related to Vata (wind), Pitts (bile) and Kuf (phlegm) can be destroyed and thus one can live a joyous life of 100 years. Foods that lack proper health giving elements can be replaced by exposing ourselves to sunlight and hence life bestowing principles. Apart from India nations like Iran, Egypt, Greece and Italy too worship sun god. Sun Temples were very famous in Greece that worshipped sun god. Before 2000 years Greeces world famous doctor Hippocrates healed deadly diseases with the help of solar ray healing. Today in foreign countries solar healing has gained great moment for curing various ailments.

In order to overcome deadly diseases like cancer etc the suns rays of various hues are utilized for healing purposes. Diseases related to digestion, skin and muscles are cured via solar healing. There are many incidences wherein deadly TB too has been cured in this manner. Dr Reliyar prefers sun bathing methods to operations for overcoming bodily distortions. Dr Finsin too has cured many patients utilizing solar healing therapies. He opines that for all round progress of children solar rays can play a major role. When forest animals fall sick they lie down in open air with the sun beating down on their bodies. Thus they get cured. If this is the case why do human beings insist on par taking medicines that have side effect which in turn breed more diseases? Why do they not imbibe solar rays and benefit tremendously?

In comparison to the capacity of the sun bestowing health and life force to creatures that destroys diseases and darkness no other material has this capacity. Indian philosophers know this secret right since ancient times and hence look upon Sun as Almighty Lord himself. Hence in their day to day transactions and spiritual pursuits have worshipped the sun and tried to imbibe Divine Energy from it. Scientific research of todays modern times has accepted the wondrous potent energy of the sun. First and foremost Norgon de Ween in the last stage of the 18 th century conducted deep research studies and opined based on scientific data that apart from the sun none has the capacity to heal the body and psyche. Another researcher devoid of any doubt believes that solar rays possess terrific energy to destroy various germs of diseases. Other germ killers, phenyl etc do not possess this tremendous capacity. Sir Oliver Long is amazed that for progress of world health no doubt research has been conducted wherein various medicines and therapies have unfolded and yet none can compare with the power of solar healing. Such health bestowing power exists only in Sun God and over and above this it is free. It is beyond ones ken as to why it is not made use of on a gigantic scale? Englands Medical Superintendent Sir Henry Gowan while elaborating on his experiences says that those not exposed to sunlight or get very little of it are rendered insane, vile, handicapped and weak.

With reference to tuberculosis patients Sandy White in Heling Island conducted research and many other anatomists and physiologists too have experimented in this region. All this has been greatly elaborated by C E Lawrence in his books. He says that one can get direct tangible experiences of the suns prowess. Swelling related to TB is healed by sunlight and arthritis too benefits a great deal by it. It is very clear that TB germs are destroyed by solar rays. In this manner all transformations accrue not simply due to UV light but other important principles present in sunlight. Today deep research is being conducted on this the world over.

Dr Maverin has proof that those kids whose bones are bent is due to non exposure to sunlight and when such ailing children are exposed to sunlight amply their bones gain normalcy.

The Vedas proclaim that the sun is verily the soul of the cosmos. Material science of contemporary times is creating a Super Commentary on the above aphorism. The worlds great philosophers and seers in unison opine that none apart from the sun is the greatest doctor in the entire cosmos. But alas! O ignorant man! In the name of so called civilized behavior you do not feel the need to get exposed to sunlight. In order to regain good health you stray away from the sun while searching for apt cures.

Because of sunlight in the natural state the body receives life force and hence sound health. It is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. Where sunlight is unavailable there who ever resides or works becomes dull and yellowish in hue. Vitamin D of sunlight advances our body greatly and hence a pregnant woman should see to it that her self and the womb get enough exposure to sunlight. If women fail to imbibe sunlight their life can become very problematic.

Osteomalasia (where the bones weaken) is proof of the fact that one has not got enough exposure to solar rays. Bones and teeth do require Vitamin D for all round growth. Mere food intake does not give apt measure of it. Children fall prey to many diseases because of lack of sunlight and hence Vitamin D. As a result bones, waist and legs become frail. Muscles and bones too become very weak. Hence it is imperative that small children should be made to play in sunlight that they can endure. Wise mothers sit in sunlight to massage her babys body and as long as the baby can tolerate sunlight the baby is allowed to sleep in sunlight. Thus children get a lot of bodily and mental energy.

Solar rays help the body avoid dirt. It has some stupendous power that allows dirt to be thrown out via the anal region. Hence after getting exposed to solar rays bathe in cold water and thus the skin pores get cleansed thoroughly.

Those whose tasks/professions involve major use of the brain/intellect should cover their scalp with a cloth while walking in sunshine. Else heat in the brain will augment. Of course the rest of the body if exposed to sunlight will prove very beneficial. It goes without saying that hot sun of let us say noon must be avoided. During times of this practice slowly but surely the time of sunlight exposure should be increased.

So far we have discussed the gross benefits of Gayatri Meditation which is but the miracle of energy of Sun God. Just as passion manifests in the psyche so as to excite the sense organs so too when the psyche meditates on Sun God the mind bathes in the ocean of solar rays. Thus Divine Energy of Sun God manifests in the human body and psyche. Deadly diseases like cancer too have been cured via Gayatri Meditation. It has a strong scientific basis. While meditating on Sun God we imbibe sunlight the mind and soul of that devotee definitely gets sanctified. Hence Sun God not only augments bliss of this world but also that of the other world.

Not only the body but the surroundings and rooms should be open so that uninhibited solar rays pour into them. In homes where sunlight fails to get exposed there germs of diseases augment so as to attack its residents. Bang opposite to this areas exposed to sunlight there the wind too is untainted and toxic air is destroyed. In factories, mills etc where dirt and pollution is maximum there the rooms should be maximally exposed to fresh air and solar rays. Thus the solar rays can continue with their function of sanctifying those places. Mill workers working in closed areas become yellowish from the skin standpoint. They fall sick and thus work output decreases substantially.

Sunlight is indeed the very life of human beings. The sun is the vital force of creation. Without vital force life cannot sustain. Hence in order to render potent our health we must meditate methodically on solar rays which are the soul of the sun.

Solar energy cures various diseases. Life force of the body is imbibed via sun. White blood cells or WBC that destroy blood oriented diseases obtain this capacity from the sun. When we imbibe Sun Gods aura in our psyche at that time just as at sunrise birds leave their nests to travel afar so too deadly diseases run away.

The sun protects us from germs of various diseases. The sun destroys germs of diseases invisible to the naked eye. Diseases like fever, TB, coughing etc can be destroyed by imbibing solar rays. Not only this but that solar rays destroy even those germs which could potentially manifest as diseases. At sunrise solar rays have the power to destroy various diseases. In the Vedas red solar rays are compared to red cows. Just as a cow gives healthy milk to nourish our bodies, augments bodily might, overcomes weakness in the same way red solar rays are very potent. It destroys diseases so as to make our body strong and bestows sound health. For attaining a long life span we must imbibe as much of red solar rays as possible so as to overcome diseases.

Those who wish to live a very long life should imbibe red rays at sunrise. Anemia, weakness, cough, lethargy, dirt etc can be warded off via red rays which is very easy to do so at sunrise.

Sun is said to be the Vital Force of creation. It is because of the sun that life exists on planet earth. Ere for one day even the sun were not to rise there would be utter chaos on earth. Sun light generates zest and vital force in all creatures and therefore the sun is very important for all of us. And despite this the sun is not merely a ball of fire which elicits the same due to the reactions of hydrogen and helium present in it. This is simply the suns material visible form. In its subtle form the sun is the controller of our thoughts, lord of all planets and a beautiful inspirer of sacred sentiments in our psyche. It is verily the soul of all creatures. Even deeper than this in its spiritual form it is the light of cosmic Purusha (God) i.e. Super Mind Light. Sun is that which gives beautiful inspirations.

Solar meditation is the root import of the spiritual aspect of Indian Culture. After realizing the mystery of the suns soul Lord Shri Ram destroyed the demon Ravana. Yudhishthira etc of Mahabharata fame got initiated by Muni Dhaumya regarding solar meditation and only then attained that power which made them invincible. Our rishi literature oozes with solar eulogies. In the 5 th Mandal of Rig Veda (1 st verse of 81 st Sukta) is written Mahi Devasya Savituhu Parishtuti. It means that the cosmic eulogy of Sun God is profound.

Sun is Savita God in the form of our divine authority represented by creative solar illuminator. Savita is that which is a creator, which is eulogized as truth, which nurtures world humanity and which helps man renounce his illusory ego so as to render his soul cosmic in nature. Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyas subtle existence has become divinely cosmic in nature and we offer this book at his hallowed feet.



O Sun God that rises in the morning! You are the very life force of all energies. You fill up that light which gives everyone energy, health and vigor. While eulogizing sun god the Vedas say: Sa na bhudati tanvetra jugo sajan. It means: O brothers and friends! See that ball of light rising in the east and which is none other than sun god. It wards off our bodily distortions and gives us sound health. There exist many Mantras in the Rig Veda which eulogize the power of bestowing good health by the sun. After studying it deeply one realizes that in India of yore solar healing was at its peak. It is certainly not exaggeration on our part to call it the cosmos first method of healing.

Modern healers and scientists too are experiencing the suns potency of bestowing good health. Indian and alien doctors have written many books on solar ray healing. There is a proverb in English: Light is life and darkness is death. Where solar rays or light reaches there the germs of illnesses die automatically and thus illness does not take birth. Through solar rays a downpour of many required elements is noted. When these elements are imbibed by the body many so called incurable diseases are rooted out. The scriptures proclaim that the 7 colors present in solar rays are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Along with light these elements and colors too are showered on us. Due to this living beings and plants obtain new life and vigor. It is not an exaggeration to say that without the sun life in this world cannot sustain.

This is the very reason why Vedas give importance to solar worship. Our Rishis on imbibing solar power talked of living a life in tune with nature. Ancient Greeks too constructed solar healing hospitals wherein the sun was worshipped. The father of Allopathic Medicine Hippocrates too used solar healing methods. Of course it is our nation Indias misfortune that it invented and discovered many things but intellectual groveling crushed all of it to naught. From the eras of Maurya and Gupta Kings the art of Unani (Greek) healing came into existence. After that arrived Allopathic Medicine along with British rulers. Together with this ancient healing and research methods cam to a grinding halt. In todays times the famous solar healing was given its present shape by Sir Palinjan Hone. He in his book Blue colors and sunlight has described the cure of many illnesses via blue color and sunlight. After that Dr Yenscot in his book Blue and red light and Dr Edwin Bebitt in his book The laws of light and colors have thrown great light on this subject and Dr Robert Bohland has attained great success in curing otherwise incurable diseases with this art of solar healing.

Initially Dr Nice Phisen in 1293 AD after discovering the importance of sunlight had healed a patient of tuberculosis with this method in the year 1295 AD. But at the age of 43 years he passed away. Other scientists were not fully convinced. They conducted newer experiments. As a result in the world of medicine solar healing was given its due weight-age. Dr A. G Harvey, Dr Alfred Varaliyar etc established many sanatoriums. From the year 1903 Dr Rollier via these healing methods in Alps mountain range in a natural populated region called Lasin commenced curing patients.

At present research studies opine that all energies found in every particle and area of earth, have their source in the sun. Their pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red rays are in reality energy vibrations. These in turn, by carrying various levels of gifts, which are to be given to various creatures and objects of our planet, are continuously crashing into interstellar space. As and when the miraculous layers of alpha, beta and gamma rays have unfolded to that extent one notes that these sources have a certain potential in them to become all powerful/omnipotent. Today mankind is amazed by the utility value of ultraviolet and infrared rays. In future the layers of potential that will open up are beyond the ken of the frail human intellect. Ones intellect soars in the world of miracles when one tries to think of its immense possibility.

Along with other objects the first to touch the suns energy flow is ultraviolet light. Wherever this contact exists there miraculous attainments are observed. Take the example of food. Their layers are more in contact with the sun directly. The surface of fruits, vegetables etc which are also called peels have a greater amount of vitamin D and other important constituents simply because it is in greater contact with sunlight. World famous Naturopaths have drawn the attention of laymen towards the special influence of solar rays which have been perilously ignored so far and they opine that one should not remain indifferent to natures priceless gift in the form of solar rays. Amongst those scientists who have researched on this subject is Dr James Cook, A.B. Garden, Venit, Frankeken, F.G. wales, James Jackson etc.

In early dawn, the amount of UV light present in sunlight is maximum and as the sun rises higher the amount of red light augments. It has the capacity of increasing heat. It is said that there is bodily and spiritual benefit in allowing the morning suns rays to touch the naked body. It has been accepted that there is benefit in walking in the early morning hours because the measure of contact made with UV rays cannot be done in the rest of the day.

Dr Warner Macfaden, Wendicut Lust, Stanley Leaf and other naturopaths give importance to the contact of early morning sunlight. These rays possess a lot of Vitamin D, B and A which can be imbibed by us creatures. In comparison to tonics that energize us it is more beneficial to imbibe these rays which are more potent and give definite positive results. Scriptural scholars have clarified further by saying that solar rays kill demons in the form of bodily germs, bacteria, viruses etc.

The first to describe the sun as giving good health is Shukla Yajurveda (33/36):

O Sun God! You are ever on the move and are known to destroy illnesses of your devotees. You give your sacred vision to all beings of this world and you give light to all objects that twinkle in the sky (stars etc).

In the Atharva Veda (9/8/19, 21, 22) it is said:

Illnesses pertaining to the leg, thigh, waist, shoulder, head, forehead, heart etc can be cured by the rays of the rising sun. In the same Veda again there is a description that patients can attain a long life span by imbibing blood red rays of the rising sun (1/22-1-2). In the Atharva Veda (6/83/1) it is said that the Pandamala (anemia) illness can be cured by solar rays. In the Matsya Purana (67/71) it is vociferously proclaimed that one attains health benefits via the sun.

Via solar healing Shri Krishnas son Samba was cured of leprosy. The courtier of King Harshvardhan, Mayur Bhatta who was the maternal uncle of Bhushan Bhatta the brother in law of Bana Bhatta was cured of a long term illness via solar healing. While eulogizing the sun he wrote the Surya Shatakam.

Ordinarily the sun looks whitish yellow in color and its rays appear brilliant. But in reality it is a mixture of 7 colors. An admixture of these, results in infinite colors of various shades. Every ray has its specific quality. What influence results on which object by which ray can be gauged by noting its color. It is not without a definite cause that we see various objects colored differently. Those objects with their special qualities have attracted and gathered certain rays of the sun. As a result they can imbibe that color which our eyes visualize and identify.

The utility of various hues is not limited merely to its identification but that by seeing it that quality is noted which that object has collected within itself via solar energy. Take the example of greenery. Plants, trees, grass etc are green in color. By seeing them we feel serene and happy. It is not without a cause that we feel joyous on seeing cool greenery in hot summer. Green color has that quality which helps one overcome the trauma of heat.

During winter when we see red color of the sun it induces heat in the mind. To ward off heat it is necessary to visualize it. When one comes near fire we definitely feel warm. Its red flame does not give any less joy. One experiences the abundance of solar heat in red color.

An American called Dr Ernest has advanced the science of knowing mans inner state by looking at the increase/decrease of colors in various parts of the human body. Dr Sellit of Canada too has researched in this field and by merely inspecting the color of the skin, eyes, nails, tongue, urine, excreta etc of the patient has succeeded in knowing their inner personalitys state.

According to the principle of solar healing illnesses occur due to the increase/decrease of colors. Color is a chemical admixture. Our body too is made up of various chemical elements. Whichever bodily part has excess of a particular element accordingly that very part will have a corresponding specific color. All different bodily parts have different colors for example skin is brown, hair is black and eyes are white in color. Which element is less in the body can be gauged by examining its color based content. Sun has all colors. Hence we fill up bottles of various hues containing plain water and after keeping it in sunlight the color of the bottle is attracted by the water within to itself. Thus if this water is given to patients their illness is cured.

In the Atharva Veda (1/22) the following statement is found regarding solar healing:

Your yellowness (jaundice) and burning of the heart can be warded off by the grace of the sun. You must imbibe all its rays and the red color from all directions.

The sentiment is that patients with heart ailments and jaundice should sit nakedly and imbibe the suns rays at sunrise and drink the milk of a red colored cow which would prove to be very beneficial.

Apart from this scientists of solar healing opine that all illnesses can be cured by imbibing solar rays. In cases of lack of appetite, constipation, coughing, eye problem, mental imbalance etc solar rays are very beneficial. Dr Skilli feels that in order to get cured of various illnesses one should undergo solar therapy.

Within the realm of solar healing yellow color helps in digestion, blue color gives inner peace and serenity and red color gives heat. These 3 are the chief colors. Their admixture results in various other dark or light hues. Based on the state and requirement of the body sun rays can be filtered via a colored piece of glass and that color can be imbibed by the diseased organ/region of the body. Apart from beneficial utility of solar rays in solar healing one can benefit from solar bathing and Surya Namaskar Yogic exercise.

Ordinarily it is good to remain in contact with the sun. There is no need to move about in unbearable heat but one should dwell and work in those places that are exposed on and off to sun rays. We can get greater benefit in comparison to eating healthy food stuff by being in contact with fresh wholesome air and sun light.



What exactly an eclipse with reference to the sun and moon? As an answer to this even a young student will say that a lunar eclipse occurs when there is an obstruction regarding the suns light reaching the moon and hence the shadow of earth falls on the moon. In the same way a solar eclipse occurs when the moon creates an obstruction for sunlight to reach the earth. But this explanation is limited. The process of eclipse encompasses within it Astronomical Science and the deep import of cosmic movements influencing the subtle world of consciousness.

According to astronomers of repute the earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis. At various degrees of latitude and longitude its speed varies. At the equator region its speed is 1040 miles/hour, at 30 degrees it is 900 miles/hour, at 45 degrees it is 735 miles/hour and at 60 degrees it is 520 miles/hour. Further apart from rotating on its axis the earth also revolves around the sun. It takes 365 days to complete 1 revolution at the speed of 18.5 miles/sec. in reality if one measures accurately it takes 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and less than 46 seconds. The earths axis on which it rotates is tilted at 62.5 degrees angle.

In interstellar space the suns path is 16 degrees wide wherein the sun, moon and other planets move. This path in space is called Zodiac. To identify it has to be separated into 12 parts and they are called Zodiac signs (Rashis). Every Zodiac sign is of 30 degrees. It takes the sun 2 hours to enter one Zodiac sign from another. These signs are called Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

When a ball that is spinning falls it staggers all the while it is spinning continuously. Its axis too rotates. The Earths axis too moves thus. If this axis is extended higher up in the sky it rotates in a different circle. This is the earths special movement which lay students are unaware of. It takes 2600 years to complete 1 rotation and its speed influences all eclipses.

The moon takes 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes and 11.5 seconds to complete 1 revolution around the earth. This is called a lunar month. The moon returns to its original position after completing 1 revolution. But in the mean time the earth goes far ahead in its annual revolution. In comparison with the earths scale the moon has to go further ahead to complete 1 revolution. Thus it takes 29 days 12 hrs 44 minutes 2.8 seconds and is called Sanyuti Maas.

If the movement of earth and moon were in tandem then on every full moon day there would be a lunar eclipse and on every moonless night there would be a solar eclipse. When the moon revolves around the earth its revolution is similar to it in space. The lines that cut these revolutions at least 2 times in a year is pointed at the suns centre and at that time the earth, moon and sun come in 1 straight line which is called an eclipse. From this it is clear that definitely 2 eclipses that could be solar both times can be seen on any region of the earth. The maximum number of eclipses is 7 in which 4 or 5 are that of the sun and the remaining are lunar. Every eclipse takes place after 18 years and 11 days. But it is not necessary that they occur in their previous positions because the point of union is always mobile in nature.

Ordinarily lunar eclipses should occur in larger numbers than solar eclipses. But the fact is that solar eclipses are more in number. The reason being that lunar eclipses are seen in more than half the areas of earth, whereas solar eclipses are seen in very small areas i.e. generally, less than 100 miles wide and 2 to 3 thousand miles long on earths surface. If a total solar eclipse occurs in Mumbai then in Surat it is seen as a partial eclipse and no eclipse in Ahmedabad.

The moon is away from the earth maximum 25300 miles and minimum 221600 miles. When it is nearer earth its speed increases and decreases when it lies afar. The earth and moon have no light of their own. They are lit up via the light of sun. When at a certain point their movements induce them to queue up in one line an eclipse occurs. When the moon is in between then from earth one cannot fully see sun light. When that portion of the sun is not seen by earth it results in a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are chiefly of 3 types: 1) Total eclipse which totally hides the sun. 2) Bracelet or bangle shaped eclipse in which the central portion of the sun is covered. 3) Partial eclipse which covers only a small portion of the sun. In the same way when the earth comes in the path of the sun and then the moon passes in the shadow of earth it is called lunar eclipse. If during lunar eclipse someone lands on the moon he/she will visualize a solar eclipse.

Maybe that these astronomical calculations have carved a niche in the past 100 to 200 years but ancient Indian seers were well versed with them thousands of years back. Maharshi Atri was the first scholar of eclipse based research studies. Right from the times of Rig Veda the study and research of eclipse have been carried out in minute detail. In one verse of the Rig Veda this miraculous description has been found:

O Sun! Demon Rahu has wounded you via darkness and thus hidden you. As a result human beings cannot see you fully and are hence confused in their various activities.

At that time Maharshi atri with his Turiya Tantra (instrument to ascertain suns motion) attacked the shadow and thus delivered the sun-Rig Veda (5/40/5-6).

In the Sambhavadhikar Parva of Sidhant Shromani Shri Bhaskaracharya makes the process of eclipse that much clearer by saying Bhuma vidhum vidhurinam grahanay pidhantay. The same thing has been said in the Surya Sidhant in the chapter on lunar eclipse i.e. the moon which is below covers the sun like a cloud. The moon that moves in the east enters the shadow of earth. Hence the earths shadow covers the moon. The author of Surya Sidhant calls the earths shadow as Rahu and moons shadow as Ketu. This shadow according to its planet moves in a proper and controlled manner hence it is included in the 9 planets.

Indian seers have experienced the cosmic import of eclipse within their own bodies. In the 4 th Khand of Jabalopanishad for the nature of a bodily lunar eclipse has been depicted along with its spiritual import.

Mahayogi Dattatreya taught his disciples Sankati-Ashtanga Yoga. In it one finds a description of Ida, Pingala and Kundali. At the centre of the shoulder is the Sushumna nerve surrounding which there are 72000 other subtle Yogic nerves. On the left side of Sushumna is Ida nerve and in the south is Pingala nerve. At a distance of 2 fingers from the navel is the Kundali nerve. A lunar eclipse takes place when the vital force enters Kundali from Ida nerve. It is a solar eclipse when the vital force enters Kundali via the Pingala nerve. This argument with reference to the eclipse and the body verily is mind boggling.

But which ever human community of various nations were unaware of this secret science of the body and universe, were involved in many hearsays and rumors with reference to the eclipse. China for example believed that at the 2 extremes of the sky dwelt the demon dragon with his family. While revolving round the sun the moon came in close proximity to the dragon and hence the former was attacked. Listening to the noise of the human world they flee out of fear and devour these demigods. In Greece the eclipse was thought to be an attack by demons. American Red Indians and African people believed in the mythology that the sun and moon became ill. In other countries it is believed that it is an attack of sheep, dogs, tigers and snakes. Many islanders of some regions have a more wild imagination than this. They say that the sun is the lover and the moon its beloved. When it is their good fortune they meet which results in eclipse. They feel shy to show themselves meeting thus and hence they cover their faces.

Some intellectuals by taking benefit of hearsays and illusory beliefs have succeeded in making use of eclipse. In order to calm the revolt of American aborigines Columbus cleverly used the concept of eclipse. He called their leader and told him that the gods are unhappy with your activities. In the form of a prophecy he said that on a certain day the gods will take away the moon in their baskets and then you will face a lot of problems. The aborigines thought this prediction to be true on that very day. As a result they were scared and gave their total support to Columbus.

How ever much is important the process of eclipse along with its deep import and myths, more important is the actual time span of the eclipse. Scientists find research that much more facile at the actual time of solar eclipse. During total solar eclipse it is comparatively easier to research into the special qualities of nature. In the past so many important research studies have been carried out during solar eclipse.

During eclipse not only does light decrease but that a lot of other changes take place in the atmosphere. Birds are more intuitive regarding this fact. As a result they flutter in fear and take shelter in their nests. Whereas when large clouds loom in the sky and induce more darkness they have no fear and continue with their daily activities. This strange change in the atmosphere specially influences normal life and objects. As a result there is a dire need of protection and being cautious about their condition. There is a deep spiritual import when such atmospheric changes occur. In the Agastya Samhita it is said:

Let everyone resolve to get initiated in a Mantra at a holy spot or during a lunar or solar eclipse. There is no other time like the solar eclipse. The Mantra chanting gets fulfilled with ease during solar eclipse.

According to Ganapatya Upanishad (8):

During solar eclipse if you chant your Mantra near a great river or sacred image it bears fruits immediately.

Generally a sequence of solar and lunar eclipse is noted every year. In order that the changes in the atmosphere at such times transform/develop our personality in a positive manner we should render our meditation and worship more intense and prolonged. In the coming days there will be an increase in solar eclipse because this is the time of union. Without doubt worship executed during these times will be the cause of showering of grace by Sun God.



Every thinking mind immersed in the thought of new possibilities in the New Age and newer schemes have a burning question that what will be the source of energy in future? The manner in which todays world society is becoming proficient in terms of intellect, technology and economy to that extent its needs too are augmenting phenomenally. As a result many materials have to be produced and many types of arrangements have to be made. For all this extra energy in the form of fuel is required. The use of fuel is on the rise virtually alarmingly and drastically. And as the population explodes more fuel is lapped up.

How much ever energy was used up in the years of 1800 AD today in comparison 2000 times more energy/fuel is utilized by various industries. Apart from this energy used in homes the foremost is electricity. In the year 1900 AD every individual used 2 horse power of energy whereas today the usage is 12 horse power of energy on an average.

Today the need of fuel is on the rise throughout the globe. Every year the requirement augments which is equivalent to the energy given by 3000 tons of coal. The need had tripled from the year 1900 to 1950 AD. From the year 1950 to 1970 the need has again tripled merely in 20 years. Up to the year 1995 AD the need arose 3 fold. There is a high possibility that now every year the need will increase 3 times more.

The population of America is 1/7 that of the world but it uses up 1/3 of the electricity generated by the entire world. On an average every American uses up energy equivalent to 46 pounds of coal, 10 gallon petrol and half pint of atomic energy. It is possible that till the year 1995 AD its usage will be 2 fold.

According to a world survey, there exists a storehouse of 4865300 million tons of coal. It is estimated that India has a storehouse of 108000 million tons of coal which is both good and bad in quality. It amounts to 2.21% of the total cost of production. Our population is 1/6 th that of the world. In the entire world the amount of gas available is 2300000 mega tons whereas India has only 41155 mega tons.

The amount of coal available in the world today will last for only 100 years or so when one notes its rate of usage. But this is not true for oil. In that only 50 years of oil is available. A developing country like India destroys its wealth by burning wood and the fertilizer extremely important for tilling land i.e. cow dung is used for cooking food in 80% of rural areas. This is indeed like cutting ones own leg. By cutting forest trees there will be less rain and land will become arid. By burning precious cow dung land loses its fertility. Chemical fertilizers do give immediate benefits but that areas fertility does not proliferate. In our country too we shall have to unearth other modes of household fuel. Also we shall have to focus on the production of oil, gas and electricity for factories and various industries. By asking for oil etc from other nations we are surrendering our necks in their hands and thus roam in the abyss of indefinite dire possibilities.

America has a lot of coal; they think that all will be well for them for the next 80-90 years. But the present oil storehouse, 10 years of natural gas and uranium in 13 years shall get depleted. It of course will be a different picture if new mines are dug up successfully.

After America comes Japan for maximum usage of fuel energy. In order to keep pace with its rapid development it will require 300 million tons of oil next year and in the next 10 years its requirement will double. Its own oil storage is of the amount akin to 1 month. It hence has to depend on other nations for fuel.

Nine countries of Western Europe have imbibed definite ethics for oil imports and hence have set up the European Economic Community or EEC. They chiefly import 60% oil from Arab nations and the rest from other minor countries. Their requirement is on the rise and in the next 5 years they will have to import double the amount i.e. 808 million ton oil. The state of France is that much more pathetic. Its coal reserves are depleting rapidly. Ten years previously its coal production was 55 million ton but now it has decreased to 30 million ton. It definitely shall decrease further.

A British economist Stanley Jones in his book The Coal QuestionAn Enquiry has said that these countries who run their industries using coal will have to stop doing so and on giving up this dependence on fast depleting fuel will have to look out for newer avenues of energy.

A scientist named Tony Lofts has advised poor countries to start small electrical power houses via water mills. Big programs made on the basis of dependence of other things will reap nothing but helplessness.

Middle East and Africa have 66% of the total world oil reserves. They themselves use only 4% of it. Seeing the demand of oil from other nations these countries are increasing their oil prices and as a result energy is becoming costly. Oil countries have converted this secure position of theirs into a deadly political bargain. Hence we cannot say when they will give preference to one nation and at other times some other nation.

Britains famous scientist and Chancellor of Austin University Dr J A Papa has calculated that the rate at which petrol is being used up in comparison to this in the next 25 years all oil wells of the world will become empty. But if the price of petrol increases by even 5% it will get depleted in 15 years. It is hence hoped that new oil wells will be unearthed. Accepting this possibility Dr Papa has said that 5 times more oil can be discovered for 50 years, 10 times more oil in 60 years and 20 times more oil can be dug up in 78 years.

In industries fuel used is 17% oil, coal etc. From this emanates carbon, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide etc. which poisons and pollutes our environment. In the same way from atomic explosions poisonous rays that are emitted induce various types of diseases, fear etc in earth denizens. Big furnaces are all the time heating up the earths atmosphere called global warming. This induces potential of causing weather imbalance and drowning of planet earth in the ocean due to excess of melted snow from pole regions. Keeping these dire situations in mind there is a demand from the worlds thinking class of demarcating the limit of advancement progress.

The increase in demand for fuel cannot be fulfilled by present reserves and resources. How much ever fuel present on this globe is not going to last for many days to come. In the near future coal may get totally depleted. Fuel is the form of wood too is become scarce due to mindless cutting of trees especially in forest areas. The scarcity of oil too shall loom large in front of us in the coming years. In another 100 years one will not get to see either coal or petrol. It shall be siphoned off from earth hook line and sinker. Electricity is generated by technology which uses fuel. Thus electricity generation is not independent of fuel usage. If batteries for example solar ones are made the story could be totally different.

The story of atomic energy is that of the snake and toad. It neither can be swallowed nor can it be released. How can one ignore such a gigantic source of energy? On the one hand this temptation eats us up and on the other hand the venomous remnants that are left behind after energy is generated is a source of disaster. Hence one cannot digest it. Already great leaps have been made in constructing atomic energy reactors but fear supersedes enthusiasm. Hence atomic energy hangs in mid air like Trishanku. The possibility of its utility and boycott is 50-50. Only time will tell whether it was vomited or digested. As of now it is like being choked in the throat.

After getting tired thus science and scientists are thinking on these lines that if the source of all cosmic energy is the sun then why not take its help and fulfill all our energy requirements? In comparison to other sources it is purer and easily available. The thought of solar worship in the minds of scientists is not unnecessary. All movements of inert and conscious objects of the universe are its grace. We shall have to take help of the sun for solving future fuel problems and fulfillment of other needs.

How much ever solar energy contacts earth of that only 1% id made use of. The rest of it goes waste. Twenty thousand times of the total energy used by earth is sent to us by the sun directly or indirectly.

Solar energy is stupendous and incomparable. If the solar energy of merely 100 sq miles of the desert of Rajasthan is brought under our control the energy requirement of entire India can be fulfilled. The level of solar and atomic energy is the same. But solar rays on touching earth, after a journey of 8 minutes becomes so light that plants and other beings are able to imbibe their tender touch and avail its benefits. Bang opposite to this atomic energy produced on earth is like a terrible demon. Its utility is restricted to those areas which can absorb its intense heat.

Scientists first tasted success with reference to solar energy in the form of creating solar batteries. Russia, England, Algeria, Lebanon, America, Italy, Japan, France etc have on a minor scale set up industries for generating solar energy and it is utilized as heat and electricity. The results of these studies and research are being analyzed in minute detail and with enthusiasm they are trying to find out how solar energy can be universally made use of on a gigantic scale.

Philosophic seers by keeping their bodies in contact with the sun propagated the science of worship y meditating on the sun wherein their psyche oozed with vigor and radiance. As a result they imbibed life force too. Today a material scientist experiences despair in all directions and hence is taking shelter under the aegis of the sun. This indeed is a right decision taken in the right direction. As a result of this definitely human civilization will attain energy in the form of a power house by the grace of Sun God.



Scientists of New Mexico-Albuquerque have developed such an apparatus which collects solar energy. In their very first experiment researchers melted a sheet of iron which was 4.5 meters long 1.8 meters wide and 1/4 th inch thick. In comparison to this experiment decorated with invaluable accessories in a laboratory, a greater lab is the human body. If only latent powers are identified and activated within the body infinite energy can be accumulated and via this many mind boggling events can be displayed.

In Sept 1977 the Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary went on an expedition called Ocean to Sky in which he traveled via the River Ganges right from Kolkatta city to the rivers mouth in Gangotri peak. When Hillarys boat reached Allahabad a 68 year old Hatha Yogi stopped the revving boat at one spot for 10 minutes (i.e. the motor was fully on). Thousands of viewers saw that the boats motor was fully on at 200 hp and although the water gave off many bubbles the boat stood standstill. In the New Mexico experiment in order to focus solar rays a computer operated mirror plate was used called heliostat. In that within 2 minutes at a temperature of 3000 degrees F and 1.8 mega watt electricity melted a sheet of tough steel. But to centralize soul force and gain due benefits no such complicated technology is required. Just as when a lens is used solar rays are concentrated at one point and thus made infinite in the same way concentration of vital force in the human psyche gives amazing powers to that person.

This is just as hydrogen is widespread in the atmosphere and in a special place by inducing heat of 1 billion degree centigrade hydrogen atoms start focusing at one point. Thus in such an area an artificial sun is produced. German scientists are experimenting in this field although they have yet to reap success. Hence although this infinite storehouse of energy lies scattered around us yet we are unable to tap it. The Lord Almighty has given every human body these powers. And yet very few individuals possess such a potent will power to activate these powers. Those who succeed become walking storehouses of Yoga Power and thousands of laymen benefit as a result. Mere concentration of thoughts makes man an intellectual, writer, engineer, scientist and what not. In comparison to this one cannot even imagine what the results of soul force concentration are.

Energy generated through different modes, be they natural or artificial is but a long term accumulation of solar energy in a direct/indirect manner. Objects kept in a safe manner can be made use of later. In this fact this very precept is at work.

A Geothermal specialist C Gulemin a few years back at a conference in his essay in Paris had said that only in Paris if well of a depth of 1500-2000 meters are dug up so much heat will be obtained from hot waters unearthed therein that could be equivalent to the fuel burnt worth 0.1 billion 8 million tons. In a place called Melon in Paris, approx 1900 homes can be supplied with hot water, at a speed of 100 meters/sec that has a temperature of 70 degrees Centigrade.

In the Himalayas at various places there are such ponds where water up to a temperature of 350 degrees Centigrade can be found. In the North Pole area of Russia by removing hot water from the depth of the earth they save 0.2 billion ton of fuel. In Lardrello of Tuscany such a mill has been designed in which from earths heat 390 mega watt electricity is generated. In California itself there are 10 such geothermal factories. From these 100 mega watt electricity is generated. Such geothermal factories are there in Japan, Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Philippines etc. All this energy is nothing but accumulation of heat within the earth obtained from solar rays. Todays human civilization benefits from it like an heirloom left behind by ones forefathers. France has constructed a factory in the Ross River from which 240 mega watt electricity is generated from ocean tides. This too is a priceless gift of sun.

In India there is approx 1400 billion ton coal. In the coming 200 years energy can be generated from it at the rate of usage of 6.25 billion tons per year. This too is suns gift. It is inferred that it is nothing but energy accumulated from time immemorial in the form of coal. In this manner it is impossible to measure solar energy present in coal.

During monsoons clouds gather to form an aerial ocean and then showers rain on entire earth. These clouds result due to steam which the sun with its heat converts water to steam at the rate of 6 million ton water/sec. 2/3 rd of the total energy obtained by the earth from the sun is used up for this activity. This gives us the fact as to how discreetly natural powers manage the burden of this cosmos. If for 1 year there are no monsoons in the world then not only the human community but all living beings will die due to the famine that would ensue. What and how much is the immediate requirement? Where in future is there a need of hoarding? How is the balance of heat and cold to be induced on earth? With reference to this if natures thinking is indiscreet, lacking subtlety/farsightedness then all beauty seen here along with life management will disappear. Those people who in their lives maintain this philosophy and farsightedness not only themselves gain respect and honor but succeed in leading their family members on the path of advancement.

This gigantic measure of solar power and its cosmic function gives us a vision of the worlds potency. There is no dearth of anything in the Lords gigantic world. If there is any obstacle it is mans ignorance and inertia like inner state. Ignorance and inertia deprives one of true progress and thus ones viewpoint becomes narrow. Fuel and coal are gross avenues of energy. Even if they are unearthed in huge quantities the energy obtained is quite less. Ahead of this is geothermal energy and mightier than that is electricity. Even if these do not solve our needs there is the infinite storehouse of solar energy. One such source of various energies which overwhelms the psyche is present in the inner recesses of Mother Nature or Prakriti. Maybe to obtain it is arduous but scientists have kept in front of us that principle which dissolves our doubt involving the depletion of all energy sources.

The sun is 1490000000 km away from the earth. Such a gigantic distance and when compared to the earths surface area gives only 0.000000005 amount of its energy to earth. But even this much energy is so prolific that it can be compared only to electricity obtained from 200 billion atomic energy storehouses. If only it is converted to electricity it is equivalent to 17300 billion mega watt of electricity. It is inferred that the earth gets heat of the measure of 1 kilo watt electricity/sq meter. It is difficult to imagine such gigantic proportions. This gift we get incessantly yet it is our bitter fate that we shout hoarse from rooftops for more and more energy. It is like a fish swimming in the ocean thirsting for drinking water.

The incessant flow of solar energy is our very life force. All creatures including trees and plants are alive because of its benefaction. Right from the moss to all plants imbibe solar energy for the function of photosynthesis and along with carbon dioxide and water give us vegetarian food. More than 500 billion people and infinite more living beings sustain because of solar energy. All of them prove the belief of Indian Philosophy that the sun is our very soul. From the spiritual standpoint we are that light spark of that Divine Light hence we should take shelter under its aegis and deeply imbibe it. If it is absent flowers wither and germs get activated. In our life the extinction of sin and advancement of divine bliss is dependent on the fact that we do not forget our soul potential.

At one point in time it was beyond the ken of our imagination that solar energy could be tapped, bound and used for greater activities. But when the National Physical Laboratory was established it succeeded in making solar cells which converted solar energy into electricity. In the region of Mount Louis and Odille in France solar furnaces have been devised. It is a black varnished apparatus that soaks solar energy. Machines to heat water, cook food, keep the room warm and small solar energy technology is designed on this basis. In Israel salt water is desalted thus. In future scientists aim to purify all the oceans so as to render them potable and thus solve world water based problems. Energy is singular and where ever it is utilized one can see wondrous results.

In the world over this application is being put to use. In the Armenia Mountains of Russia electrical power houses have been designed in which 1300 mirrors aid in trapping of solar energy. These power houses dwell on 5 acres of land. Solar energy enters the boiler placed at a height of 130 feet on a tower and as a result, 2.5 million kilo watt electricity per hour is generated. So far heat used as steam to melt iron was 2800 degrees C, tungsten 6100 degrees C and pure metals was 6900 degrees C. But now because heat energy is got from sun up to 8000 degrees C everywhere the probability of an industrial revolution is anticipated. World scientists are working hard to achieve this.

Via solar energy not only material gains accrue but also soul benefits are attained. The requirement is not of having faith in soul force powers but the vigor and enthusiasm to overcome obstacles in attaining the same. Immense subtlety is required along with focused self introspection. To collect solar energy apparatus with mirrors are required. By rendering our psyche clean as a mirror impure thoughts have to be removed else both light and darkness will go away and our aim to concentrate soul power will remain a mere dream. Along with personality/soul transformation, only by focusing soul force does one accrue benefits of uniting/merging with soul consciousness called Almighty God by laymen.



Earth gets life from the sun. With its light and heat all activities ensue on earth and many resources are unearthed. In comparison to other planets and satellites of the solar system it is our earth that is most influenced by the sun with reference to the atmosphere, plants and other beings. It is the very life bestowing force on our globe. By correlating the activities of daily living everyone can experience the amount of influence of its rising/setting, dawn and noon and the state of earths denizens. It is the sun that heralds in change in seasons. All this is experienced under normal solar conditions but whenever a deviation sets in conditions of calamities (earthquakes, tsunamis etc) ensue and thus normalcy and balance are overthrown. Thus not only the condition of earth goes awry but that there is chaos in the psyche of all beings especially humans and they act so disgracefully which is beyond the ken of ones imagination.

These days such activities are seen in the sun which can be called ordinary and yet the reaction is such that it influences all living beings. Amongst them is the augmenting of sun spots which greatly influence earth denizens.

According to research scientists of high repute when ever these sun spots manifest in the sun its state becomes extraordinary. Darkness and storms erupt in regions spanning thousands of miles, flames are ablaze and electromagnetic waves manifest so speedily that the entire solar system gets influenced. There exists a special bond of give and take between the earth and sun and hence there is a greater probability of adversity ensuing. Ordinary conditions change and such adverse conditions set in which induce more calamities than benefits. Seasons become colder, snowing is in excess, storms lash out and greater atmospheric pressure erupts as cyclones. In the ozone layer there is less oxygen. In Indian Astrology the manifestation of sun spots is an indication of change in which both good and bad things can occur. Even modern science now agrees with this totally.

A famous scientist Alexander Marshek in his book Earth and Horizon has said that may be there is no perceivable connection between the activities of earth and internal chaos on the sun yet from the statistical standpoint its connection has been proved beyond doubt. It has been found that when ever these solar activities augment there is more rain and floods, plants bloom more, heat increases and famine is seen, road accidents arise, space accidents augment and war and bloodshed too is witnessed. At such times not only earthquakes and fire outbursts are seen but also extraordinary radiance of Meru light is glimpsed. This too indeed influences our day to day living. Americas weather scientist Dr Waxler termed this as a deep interruption in mans daily life.

What is the influence of changes taking place on the sun on our earth? To know this Russias scientist of fame Chibosky has studied the history of past 400 years as far as solar activities are concerned. He has concluded that there is a strong connection between various types of epidemics and changes and sun spot activities. This is a scientific fact that after every 11 years sun spots augment a great deal. As long as the sun spots are deep or shallow its ratio induces changes on earth. Apart from this due to sun spots the earths magnetic field too remains imbalanced. Radio transmission is obstructed and weather gets influenced too. A famous scientist Michaelson opines to this extent that due to these changes on special occasions the earth tends to expand and contract too as a result of which earthquakes and other calamities ensue. Another well known American scientist Dr Andrew Douglas says that sun spots not only influence human beings and smaller life forms but that even plants get influenced. After every 11 years the annual ring of trees widens. Possibly this happens because in those days in order to stay away from the subtle rays of sun spots nature makes tree trunks larger in diameter.

Americas Atomic Energy Commission, whose scientists work in the Sandia lab of Albuquerque has researched a great deal on solar influences. They have amassed statistics of 20 years of crime and accidents and analyzed them. Over and above this they concluded that when sun spots are at their pinnacle accidents and crimes augment 6-fold. Even New Yorks Dr Baker has found that during intense solar movements there is an increase in patients with psychological ailments. With reference to this, ancient Indian Astrologers had found out much beforehand as to what is the nature of these outbursts in the solar system. What are its causes and what is the influence of earth and its surroundings? With reference to these outbursts at the level of super consciousness Maharshi Garg, Parashar, Kashyap, Deva, Narada and Vasishtha conducted profound studies.

In these days space scientists are supervising the solar system and the interstellar space beyond it. They say that present day solar activities are going to induce dire conditions on earth. Everyone knows that the earth has to imbibe more energy from other extra terrestrial regions than what itself possesses. Solar energy is its very life force and right from ancient times it has been accepted that beings sustain on earth because of suns grace. In Egypt during irrigation a festival is conducted since time immemorial. This festival takes place in the month of July when the Nile River gets flooded. After deep research it was found that floods occur on that very day when the Lubdhak Star (in the Northern Hemisphere) is seen at sunrise. This means that in some way or the other changes in River Nile are connected to solar activities.

According to great scientists sun spots reappear after every 11 years 1month and 22 years 2 months. As a result a chaos occurs on earth. When sun spots manifest the sun shines brightly which is called Solar Flare and many particles are emitted from it slowly or speedily. The ones that are emitted fast have infinite energy. These particles cross the ozone layer and contact our earth, which as a result influence the psyche of human beings. It is seen that when sun spots increase and particles of its Solar Flare contact human beings the latters psychology is affected. Due to their influence even great men are affected and various types of situations pan out on earth.

When ever sun spots augment in number not only individuals but that an all pervasive effect of solar activities is noted on world humanity. World history research says that right from the 18 th century to this day this fact is clear that important historical revolutions, bloodshed, warfare etc have occurred during sun spot manifestations.

Research scientists have unveiled this amazing data that there is a strong connection with incidents of human civilization history. In the year sun spots augment rapidly life becomes extraordinary on earth. At such times there have been wars, revolutions etc. In the year 1789 AD the French Revolution, the first battle of Indias Independence struggle in 1857 AD, battle between Russia and Japan in 1904-1905, 1 st world war in 1914-18, 2 nd world war in 1939-42, Indias Independence in 1947 etc took place when sun spots were phenomenally on the rise. After that 3 important years of sun spot augmenting passed by in 1958, 1969 and 1980-81. A new phase started in 1992-93 and in future when total solar eclipse will take place sun spots will rapidly manifest. It has been calculated that the disorder and natures wrath will be that much more terrible and it is said that the last 8 years of the 20 th century will be more tortuous and full of changes (this literature was written before 1991 AD).

Spiritual seers opine that in accordance with the wheel of time the coming days will be full of speedy changes in an all round manner. For some unknown reasons in the coming days the sun will break certain cosmic laws and induce changes on planet earth. Not only will there be floods, famine, world wars, epidemics etc but new revolutions will set in and a change for the better will be noted in the so far lowly human intellect. The sun is just not the life of the material world but is also the Lord of human consciousness. Rishis call it 3-fold knowledge meaning that 3 principles exist in it viz. gross one which constitutes the human body, vital body from which consciousness manifests and mind which induces other inner activities. Since time immemorial the Gayatri Mantra has been chanted for activation of human power consciousness so as to render a cosmic transformation. In the coming days the world over this experiment shall intensify with great momentum.




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