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During the 1 st World War two American soldiers called Don and Bob were injured simultaneously. Both of them were fast friends. Don died immediately but Bob recovered after he was treated by competent doctors. The problem was that when Bob became fit and healthy a great change was noted in his attitude and behavioral pattern. Bob hence forth behaved exactly like his beloved dead friend Don. In fact Bob called himself Don. After the war ended, Bob left for Dons home instead of his own residence. There Bob met Dons parents and he experienced that very joy which Don previously experienced. Despite Bobs psyche and behavior being exactly like that of Don yet Bobs gross physical body was not like Don at all. Meaning Bobs body was entirely his own. Dons parents refused to accept Bob as their son. This made Don in Bobs psyche/soul sad and sorrowful. Hence Bob recounted past incidences of Dons life which were known only to Don and his parents. Thus Dons parents were convinced that although Bob was physically different from their son Don yet Bobs soul and psyche perfectly matched those of Don. It was clear that Dons soul had taken over Bobs psyche. This incident now posed a great challenge to Modern Science especially Psychology.

A very similar amazing incident took place in Spain. One day 2 girls were traveling together in one bus. One was called Hala and the other Mirtgol. After some time the bus got involved in a road accident. Mirtgol died immediately in this mishap. Although Hala was not injured yet out of sheer fright she became unconscious. She regained consciousness after a few hours. The relatives of both these girls were informed about this bus accident. Relatives of both these girls reached the accident site. Halas father ran towards his daughter crying aloud: Dear Hala! But he was amazed to hear Hala saying: I am not Hala. I am Mirtgol! Saying thus Hala ran towards Mirtgols father. When her relatives felt that Hala was experiencing a memory loss situation they placed a mirror in front of her face. Instead of her delusion ending Hala exclaimed: Why has Mirtgols face changed (into that of Hala)? Halas father was a humble farmer. Hence Hala was not very highly educated. Mirtgols father was a well known Professor. Mirtgol was a college student and was well versed in many subjects.

Halas father some how managed to take Hala back to their residence. Hala went back to study in that high school where she was studying so far. Over there all her co-students and teachers were amazed to see a great change in Halas behavior and attitude. One day Hala went to the college where Mirtgol studied when the latter was alive. There Hala gave a scholarly lecture on Spinozoas scientific teachings to a class of college students. All the college teachers now concluded that it was Mirtgols soul that had manifested in Halas physical body. Certain experiments too were conducted on Halas behavior and psyche pattern and they too gave the above conclusion.

The world famous painter Goyas soul entered the inner personality of a widow called Henroitte. This is a well known episode in America. In this new body of the widow Goya painted a masterpiece painting called Cow-herd Maiden. On the other hand Henroitte had never in her life time painted even an ordinary painting. Hence forth American scientists accepted that Goyas soul indeed had entered Henroittes body which explained the creation of such a marvelous painting!

This incident took place on 7 th November 1918 during the 1 st World War. A French boy called Ted shouted aloud one day saying: Dad is about to die. Teds father was fighting this war for France in a far off region. Ted continued screaming: My father is shut in a dark cell. He cannot see anything because of darkness. Teds relatives could not understand why he was shouting aloud thus. In a few seconds Ted became unconscious. After a certain length of time when Ted regained consciousness he said: Now my father will become alright. Teds family members at that time presumed that whatever Ted spoke before and after becoming unconscious about his father was a bad dream seen by Ted. Thus they all went about their chores and forgot about this incident.

After the 1 st World War ended and Teds father returned home he remembered that incident related above. Teds father said tat on 6 th November I escaped the jaws of death. Everyone asked Teds father as to why and how he escaped death? Teds father replied: On that fateful day I entered a chamber of deadly gas fumes. Thus my life was in great peril. My vision too became so weak that I could virtually see nothing. At that time a boy similar to my son Ted came near me. Of course its a wonder how he could come there in the midst of a raging war! He opened the door of the gas chamber and after holding my hand he helped me escape from the chamber. Immediately my army unit soldiers realized what had happened and they took me to a nearby hospital. While Teds father spoke thus Teds family members immediately understood why Ted who was miles away from the war front had cried and shouted aloud thus on that day in his home.

A similar incident took place in the life of an Italian priest called Alphonsis Ligadari on 21 st November 1974. On that eventful day Ligadari went into such a deep sleep state that despite others trying to wake him up he did not wake up. Many wondered whether he was dead. In order to test this they checked his breathing process, pulse etc and found that the priest was very much alive. For many hours he slept like a log. When he awakened he saw that he was surrounded by many well wishers and friends. Ligadari told all of them: I must share with you some very dire news. Our beloved Pope has just left this mortal world. Everyone said: You have been sleeping like a log for quite some time now, hence how do you know about revered Popes death?

Ligadari said: I had left this body of mine and had traveled (astral body) to Rome. I have just returned from there. And yet his friends thought that Ligadari has just woken up from a dream and that he must have seen Pope dying in his dream only. After 4 days they got news that revered Pope had passed away. Further his death had occurred exactly at the time Ligadari was in deep-sleep like state. Thus everyone was dumbfounded and wonderstruck!

Despite an individual staying in one region of our planet Earth, he/she can send messages to other parts of the world via his/her soul force (telepathy). In the examples given (above paragraphs) knowingly or unknowingly the subtle body was used as a medium of message transfer. If we activate our subtle body many important and otherwise impossible tasks can be carried out with its activated infinite divine power. In the year 1626 a similar incident took place in Algerias Captain Tubos life. It gives us an in depth proof of the existence of our subtle body and its infinite potential. Once, Captain Tubo was returning from a very small village of Algeria, after treating some ill patients there. The village chief Abdul accompanied Captain Tubo when the latter was returning. After Abdul thanked Captain Tubo Abdul also told him about the miracles with reference to an awakened subtle body of a human being. Not only did the Captain ignore what Abdul said but also exclaimed that such miracles are mere fantasies of our mind. But Abdul refused to budge from his viewpoint and he told Captain Tubo that he could prove every thing about the existence of this miraculous subtle body. And yet when Capatain Tubo shook his head in disbelief Abdul entered a short meditative state and then said: Capatian! Look behind you. When the Capatain looked behind he saw in amazement that on a wall hung his most favorite painting. This painting was actually the one which the Capatain had lovingly adorned the walls of his residence in Paris i.e. miles away from this tiny Algerian village.

It is simply dumbfounding to note that on this very day Captain Tubos father Pierre lodged a complaint with the Paris police saying that his sons precious painting valued at 1 million Rupees was stolen from their residence. The Police Commissioner was Pierres close friend and hence when he got to know about this theft he ordered his best Secret Service Agents to solve this robbery case. It goes without saying that none of them could recover the painting. These police officials checked for finger prints, foot marks etc of the robber or any such clue but amazingly none were found. Pierre then contacted his son Tubo in Algeria and told him about the paintings theft. When Tubo told his father and the Police Commissioner about the painting seen by him in far off Algeria everyone was dumbstruck.

If we deeply reflect and analyze the above incidents we can get due inspirations, directions and wisdom from them. Hence we can definitely conclude that beyond this visible physical human body lies a subtle body which cannot be seen by our gross eyesight. The fundamental unit of the gross body is protoplasm. Hence what is the fundamental unit of our subtle body? This question needs to be meditated and analyzed deeply and yet it is the bare reality that within the gross body exists, an invisible subtle body. The existence of a subtle body is clearly mentioned in Indian Philosophy (Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga texts etc). Indian scriptures proclaim emphatically that the subtle body is infinitely more potent and miraculous than our gross body made of flesh, bones, blood etc. It is a fact that our gross body functions totally under the direction and power of the subtle body. If the subtle body leaves (at death) the gross body becomes lifeless and a mere corpse.

This subtle body is made up of powerful vital forces. There are 5 very potent vital forces and are represented by 5 demigods or Divine Principles. Our scriptures say that even if one demigod helps a human being attain immortality imagine what that person can attain both materially and spiritually if all 5 Divine Principles/demigods help/influence this human being subtly? The following incidents (next chapter) can give us a glimpse of the omnipotence of these 5 Divine Principles/demigods. With our gross sense organs and psyche we can never get its actual experience. It can only be attained by a psyche which is sacred and focused (concentrated one pointedly).



Majority of world humanity accept things, events etc only if they can be perceived by the 5 gross senses (ear, eye, nose, tongue, skin). Hence when they undergo miraculous incidences as mentioned previously they realize unfailingly that there exist those experiences which are beyond the limited ken of human imagination. Thus they too start accepting that within the deep cave of mans soul lie potent powers which are albeit latent as of now and that they are subtly conjoined to the Divine Cosmic Consciousness called God by laymen. When those rare human beings contact this Cosmic Consciousness with the help of a sacred/focused psyche he/she starts manifesting Divine Powers that can be tangibly experienced by others. As mentioned previously when the Italian priest Ligadri awakened from his deep trance others present were simply wonderstruck! It goes without saying that the underlying principle of this inner conscious state cannot be explained on the basis of the scientific laws unearthed by great modern scientists at this point in time.

Today man executes various bodily and professional functions with the help of his ordinary gross conscious power. This is very much in the realm of the 5 gross sense organs. Beyond this gross state lies a subtle state of consciousness (subtle body) which is infinitely more powerful than our sense organ perception. With the help of the subtle body we can create apt situations and transformations in the subtle world. Just as the potency of the subtle world is infinitely more than that of the gross world so too is the case with their power and energy manifestation; meaning, that subtle powers are much more potent than gross powers. Not only are they as speedy as the movement of mans thoughts but they help us pin point the unknown invisible world along with unknown invisible & subtle objects. The powers of the subtle body conjoined to the subtle world are so far known very barely. And yet the data based proof of these on unearthing show that they are no less miraculous. It further proves that within mans psyche lies an infinite storehouse of Divine Powers/Potentials albeit in a latent state; meaning they need to be awakened.

Following is an incident that took place in Ireland. Over here lived a married couple called Butler. Almost daily Mrs. Butler saw a building in a vivid dream at night and it was surrounded by gardens all around. In this dream she would whirl around in the building. Not only was Mrs. Butler well versed with the external architecture of the building but she knew every nook and corner of its interiors too. Daily she would talk about this dream based building to her family and friends. Despite this her family etc would take all this as a big joke and topic of humor.

One day the Butlers had to leave for London. There they started looking for a good place for residing. While they were driving in their car Mrs. Butler was amazed to see one particular building. She told her husband: This is the very building I see in my dreams daily.

Now even her husband was rightly curious. He stopped the car. They enquired about this building and were later told that it is vacant and up for sale. Mrs. Butler opined: If we buy this house it will be great for our future.

The Butlers met an agent and told him about their interest in buying that building. The agent explained: It is best you do not buy that building. I will show you much better places of residence. See here are their details. Choose any one of them and we can seal the deal. But please do not go in for the building you just spoke of. This is because the building is visited by ghosts.

And yet for Mrs. Butler this particular building was very close to her soul. She insisted on buying that house. Hence the agent led her to the buildings landlord. But when the landlord saw her the he ran away crying aloud: Ghost! Ghost!

Since the agent was from the same city he knew the landlord very well. Hence the agent went to meet the landlord. There he saw the latter shivering with fright. All the family members of the landlord too had now gathered there. They had no clue as to what was the problem. The agent told him that the Butlers had come to buy the house. The agent explained that the Butlers were working in a particular company and that they certainly were not ghosts! Now the landlord spoke: We had to leave that house and come here. Of course! We preferred to reside in our previous house. The present house we had taken on rent only but we stay here because in the house we own appeared a female ghost who would whirl round and round frighteningly! My family members were scared merely on listening to her dance like loud foot steps. From afar they had seen this lady ghost barely a couple of times and felt that she was just aimlessly roaming around in our house. I personally tried to see this ghost clearly. Since I saw her again and again I am sure how this female ghost looks. I am sure it was your self Mrs. Butler! Initially I tried speaking to you because there was not much that could frighten me. No doubt I was dumbstruck as to how you entered my locked house at night. I thought of reprimanding you but whenever I said something it just did not register in your ears. It appeared as though you could not hear anything. Thus I became very scared. Henceforth whenever you reappeared we saw it as a sign of danger. Before you could (in your ghost form) attack us we thought it prudent to leave that house and live in this present rented one.

Mrs. Butler was simply amazed to hear all this! She said: I definitely saw your home in my dream and yet could not fathom the reason behind that dream vision. Now the fear in the landlords psyche disappeared but a new problem arose. He strongly felt that there was some mysterious connection between his house and Mrs. Butler. Hence he sold his house to Mrs. Butler charging a very minimal sum.

A similar event took place in the lives of 2 American citizens in 1963 A.D. One was called Tet and the other was Wilmut. They were travelling by ship. Midway in the ocean their ship had to face a deadly storm. The ship swayed perilously. Wilmut was fast asleep while Tet was seated.

Suddenly Tet was dumbstruck. Their cabin door was locked and yet he saw a female standing at the door wearing a gown. Tet saw in amazement that the lady was serene and a bit embarrassed. Hence he was not so scared enough to shout aloud. Tet silently gazed at this intruder.

Slowly this woman wearing a gown walked towards the sleeping Wilmut. She was a bit flustered with Tets presence. She passed a loving hand on Wilmuts scalp and said something which Wilmut failed to hear. Suddenly she walked back to the door. From there she disappeared completely! Even now their cabin door was locked from inside. Tet stared at the door wide eyed in sheer wonderment.

As soon as that woman intruder vanished Wilmut got up from sleep looking a bit flustered. He had apparently seen a dream wherein his wife came to him. His dream wife lovingly placed her hand on his scalp and said something which Wilmut failed to understand. Immediately he woke up and saw Tet seated in the cabin. Tet described what had happened while Wilmut was dreaming. Wilmut exclaimed: This is exactly what I saw in my dream! Realizing that what Tet had actually seen was dreamt by him self, Wilmut said to him self: Definitely this incident has a deep import. It could be that my wife (far away from him) was ill.

Until Wilmut managed to reach home he was full of worry. As soon as he reached home he saw his wife attending to the daily chores very serenely. Later Wilmut spoke to his wife about that strange dream and incident which took place on the ship. His wife replied: On that very fateful night I heard news on the radio that a great storm was raging in the Atlantic Ocean. This set me worrying about your safety. All the while I thought about you and by and by I went to sleep. While dreaming I cannot decipher how but I entered a ship which was traveling midway in the ocean. In one cabin of the ship I saw you sleeping. In this cabin I saw one more person but he was awake unlike you who were sleeping. I was a bit apprehensive to see this other man. And yet I stood by your bedside and lovingly placed my hand on your head. I asked you about your well being. Immediately I woke up from my dream in our house. Now Wilmut was absolutely astounded because his wifes dream, his own dream on the ship and the scene witnessed by his friend Tet on the ship were absolutely identical.

The above incidents definitely tell us that mere superficial curiosity is not enough. The need of the hour is to delve deep into its intricacies. Assuming that these incidences were the result of transport of thought waves we could label them under the category of Telepathy. And yet it is clear that the above events are much more subtle than telepathy. This is because in this case not only thoughts but the very inner personality/psyche of individuals had crossed all national borders so as to travel in mid ocean. Later like a word-arrow it had returned too. Just as birds leave their nest for far off places and then return to it so too the psyche/personality too reached a far off place and an individual there. After the mission was completed the psyche left the ship to return to its far off home away from the Atlantic Ocean.

The above activity cannot be executed via the known principles of the gross material world and their methods. The physical body of Wilmuts wife was very much in America and it was only her inner personality/psyche that had traveled to the ship sailing midway in the Atlantic Ocean. The same holds true for Mrs. Butlers experience where her physical body was in one place and that her subtle psychic body traveled to a far off place. The gross body in one place and the subtle body traveling to a far off place were identical as far as their form and appearance were concerned. Thus it is crystal clear that the above incidences have to be attributed to the great potential of our subtle bodies and it in turn follows laws of the subtle world (Sookshma Jagat).

Thousands of years back great Indian Seers (Rishi/Munis) were well aware of this great divine potential (latent) in every human beings soul. They have elucidated these divine potentials and energies in great detail. Further they have thrown light on how to activate these Divine Powers too. As an exception some rare world individuals manifest these Divine Potentials with fair ease simply because in their past lives they had accumulated them with painstaking efforts. In some other cases loving divine grace from a great realized saint can activate these powers in a devotee whose psyche is spiritually ripe and mature. Else for the rest they must execute spiritual practices like Yoga, meditation, devotion etc to activate these latent Divine Powers. Of course those rare individuals who activate these powers relatively swiftly due to grace are not well documented and hence lesser known. A point to be noted is that these rare souls are generally unaware of how to utilize these Divine Powers for welfare of the world. As against these individuals an aspirant of Yoga who makes due spiritual efforts to activate these latent powers is much more capable of utilizing them for world welfare at will. This is because Yoga aspirants are very much in contact with subtle divine centers that manifest Divine Powers in mans psyche sacred and focused psyche.

In Tantra Science (of Indian origin) spiritual practices pertaining to a Chhaya-Purusha (shadow man) has been described minutely. This shadow man is a subtle bodied living being and is part and parcel of every individual. When we activate this shadow man we are actually manifesting one more subtle body whom we can direct to act in a particular manner; meaning this shadow man on activation is always at our beck and call. It is like a living ghost and has Extra Sensory Potentials (ESP) like any ghost. A great Yogi has that excellent capacity of carrying out varying tasks simultaneously with the help of his/her activated subtle body. Without exception every world denizen possesses this all powerful subtle body and yet it remains latent because not all of have that giant capacity to activate it. Those exceptionally gifted individuals who manage to work hard in activating Divine Powers not only become masters of this shadow man but become knower of the divine laws of the subtle world too. In addition to all this their intellectual and sensitive/sentimental (Bhava) potentials of the mind too become limitless. No longer will their thinking be narrow-minded. Instead their sacred mission becomes creation of A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD.

Today latest modern scientific research too is slowly but surely proving the existence of a subtle body apart from the gross body made up of bones, flesh, blood etc. Right from the year 1963 A.D. Modern science has carried out successful research studies and experiments in this direction. A Western electron microscope specialist called Samyon Kirliyan with the help of his scientist wife Valentina invented a special photography technique. This scientific apparatus helped photograph subtle vibrations around all living beings and also their bodily energy based activities.

In another experiment the Kirliyan couple took a photograph of an ill lady. It was seen that the aura of light particles was quite withered and very soon it disappeared. In one more research study the Kirliyan couple photographed every bodily part of a male. Close up photographs of the neck, heart and stomach area depicted very subtle blots. The latter were nothing but electrical energy emitted from those bodily parts. These shadow pictures were studied scientifically and after that it was concluded unanimously that every creature/living being possesses 2 bodies. The first one is seen by our gross eyes and is the physical body made of flesh, blood etc. The second is the subtle body which has all potentials of the gross body but cannot be seen by our gross eyes. Modern day scientists opine that the subtle body comprises of those subtle principles which in comparison to the speed of movement of the electrons of the gross body moves infinitely more swiftly. Scientists proclaim that this subtle body of any creature can separate itself from its gross body and move about anywhere in the world.

Apart from Russia great scientists of USA too are conducting a lot of research in this area. State University of New York has actually opened a separate department for Parapsychology research studies and its head is Dr. Robert Bafer. A major class of world humanity believes only what their gross eyes perceive in this material world of name and form and hence spend their entire precious lives in merely amassing material wealth and comforts so as to attain joy. They fail to realize that if only they pay due heed to the existence of their subtle body so as to nourish and awaken it, so much more can be gained in life which would be labeled nothing short of an extraordinary miracle. This is because now man will not only augment his material life but will aptly nourish his spiritual life so as to lead a life of overall prosperity. Indian Spirituality has already taken giant steps in this area. It goes without saying that ancient India which thrived on citizens with pure taintless characters was but the result of laying great emphasis on deep spiritual and human values (integrity, commitment, loyalty, sense of world well being etc.).



The well known English writer George Allen Knot has authored a scientific book called Journey by other ways. In this book of fiction Knot has penned such a vehicle that helps man travel thousands of miles within a few seconds. This aircraft travels with the speed of light and one fictitious person in the book drops many travelers at their desired destination on the way. This fictitious vehicle is neither made up of any metal nor is any technology like engine etc attached to it. Instead some scientists with the help of their potent power of resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) arrange subtle atoms in such a manner that the travelers of this fictitious vehicle become weightless. The fictitious pilot merely makes a powerful mental resolve that I want this vehicle to reach a particular far off place and immediately this vehicle speeds ahead with the help of subtle technology. To even say that the vehicle moved is erroneous because within seconds it moves speedily like light to its destination (which is thousands of miles away).

This book of fiction is so imaginative that one may read it with wonderment for some time and then leave it saying it is a mere figment of the respected authors imagination. And yet Woodlands (USA) Dr. Zio Bernhardt actually experienced something of this sort. In that as per his power of resolve he reached his destination. In a well known American Journal of Parapsychology Dr. Bernhardt writes: At that time, my son was fighting a war in Vietnam (in the year 1971 A.D). Once seated in my residence I strongly felt that my son was in danger. I felt as though he was shouting aloud to me. Immediately when this deep thought flashed in my mind my body became extremely lighter in weight even than air. From Woodland in USA I reached a far off unknown place within a second. This was the place where my son was waging a war for the army.

Dr. Bernhardt continued: In that far off place raged an intense inferno. My son John was trapped in a tent and on top of him was a very heavy truck. Immediately I removed the truck from Johns body and after dragging him out of the tent I made him stand up.

Immediately my body now started regaining its original form and weight. When I opened my eyes I felt I had woken up from a half sleep semi conscious state. My wife seated besides me was checking my pulse. I asked her: Tell me, what happened? She replied: I felt as though for sometime you had become abnormal! I then related my amazing experience to her but according to her it was merely some bad dream. And yet inwardly I failed to agree with my wifes observation. After 6 months John returned home since he was on leave. John later told us about how he was trapped in a blazing inferno while fighting the Vietnam War and that miraculously he managed to escape the jaws of death.

After hearing what John had said Dr. Bernhardt was convinced that as soon as he intuitively and with the help of telepathy got knowledge of this near fatal accident in Vietnam, his own subtle body reached there so as to save John from dying thus. The question he asked himself was: Could it be possible that with the help of ones subtle body one could travel any where at will? Spiritual Sciences give an emphatic answer saying: YES! Today slowly but surely even Modern Sciences attention has been strongly drawn in this direction. Many such incidences have been recorded the world over wherein not the physical body but the subtle body was fully active.

The subtle body can be separated from the gross visible body as has been the experience of many people the world over. Some years back an experience of the world famous actress Elizabeth Taylor had been published. Elizabeth Taylor as written in that publication was to undergo a major operation. She was made to lie down on the operation table and was anaesthetized. The operation being a serious one continued for some time and when it ended the surgeons suddenly realized that Elizabeth Taylors body lay lifeless on the operation table. Her breathing had stopped, blood pressure was falling perilously and her heart beats were very faint. After great effort the medical team revived Elizabeth Taylor. When she regained her composure she said: I saw my self being operated with my own eyes!

Elizabeth Taylor was actually unconscious due to the influence of anesthesia administered to her for the operation. The doctors were wonderstruck and hence asked her: How could you see your own operation being carried out by us? Elizabeth Taylor replied: I too was seeing my physical body lying on the operation table just as I can see the body of another person (meaning she was a witness or Sakshi of her own body). I saw my entire gross body i.e. head, face, mouth, nose etc. I actually felt that I had come out of my body. I felt I was seeing my body just as I would be seeing the body of any other individual. I felt that my own body was separate from me. At that time I felt that my body was very light in weight akin to a birds feather.

Since the doctors suspected that Taylor had temporarily entered a dream state they asked her: Tell us, what exactly happened during the operation? Taylor described each step of the operation. Not only this but she also described what apparatus and materials were used for the operation and in what sequence! Amazingly she also described how the chief surgeon had yelled when a particular apparatus was missing and what words he had exactly uttered.

After hearing Elizabeth all doubts were dispelled. A point to note is that anyone well versed with Indian Spiritual Philosophy will not be surprised at all to read incidences like those mentioned above because Indian Spirituality has always maintained that apart from the gross body (Sthool Sharira) there exists a subtle body (Sookshma Sharira) and a causal body (Karana Sharira). As against this such incidences can certainly amaze Westerners. It is not as though Westerners do not know about the soul being separate from the body because saints and great philosophers of the West too have deeply studied Spiritual sciences. No doubt they accepted the existence of a subtle principle but because flourishing Modern Sciences scoffed those findings as blind beliefs, intellectuals the world over failed to give due importance to this subtle principle.

And yet despite their non acceptance miraculous incidences explained above continue to take place even today. This has forced modern material scientists too to accept that mans consciousness is not eternally bound to his gross body of flesh and bones. This is because the conscious principle/subtle body can move about everywhere without the gross body moving an inch. The great Psychologist Dr. Themla Moss has proved that All individuals without exception can separate their conscious/subtle body from their gross body and within a second can travel to regions thousands of miles away.

In order to prove the existence of that subtle conscious body which is beyond the material laws of nature, Dr. Moss enumerated many real incidences. One such incidence took place in 1908 A.D. There was a meeting of the House of Lords in Great Britain. A no confidence motion was set against the government at that time and voting for the same was to take place that very day. The opposition Party was very strong politically and hence it was most required that all government members of the House be present and that none remain absent. And yet one very important ruling party member Sir Cornrush was very ill. There was no way he could get up from his bed at home and yet he was very keen on attending the voting session at the House of Lords. He pleaded with the doctors to allow him to attend the voting session but the doctors refused to do so point blank. Thus he failed to attend the voting session. And yet in the House of Lords many members saw Sir Cornrush taking part in the voting session. On the other hand doctors attending to the ailing Sir Cornrush insisted that he was resting in his bed at his residence.

Regarding one more incident Dr. Moss writes: A session was going on in Victoria House of British Columbia Parliament. At that time one of its honorable members called Charles Wood was very ill. The doctors had given hope for Woods very survival too. And yet Charles Wood was very keen on attending that Parliament session. The doctors refused to allow Wood to even get up from his bed and hence in despair he continued resting there. And yet very amazingly other members of Parliament actually saw Charles Wood seated in Victoria House for the session. During the said session many photographs too were taken and when they were developed one could see Charles Wood clearly in them!

The world famous philosopher, thinker and psychologist Dr. Carl Jung himself has experienced his subtle body separating or coming out of his physical body. This experience has been elaborated further in his famous book Memories, Dreams and Reflections. In an incident in the year 1944 A.D. Carl Jung got a heart attack. It was a very dangerous attack and according to his doctor, Dr. Jung was face to face with death. Dr. Jung writes about this experience as follows: While I was being administered medicines and injections for saving my life I experienced many strange things. Even now it is difficult for me to decisively say whether I was unconscious at that time or whether I was undergoing a vivid dream. And yet what is crystal clear is that I actually felt I was hanging in interstellar space. Further my body felt as though it was as light as a cotton fiber. From the place actually where I was I felt I was seeing Jerusalem which was thousands of miles away as though I was seated in an air craft flying in the sky with the city flying past below on earth. After this I manifested in a worship hall. There I felt my body to be so weightless that I could go about anywhere without any hindrance. Immediately I saw a shadow hovering above me. This shadow said: Now you must re-enter your physical body. I hence carried out its command. Now my experience was that I was no longer independent to move about as before. But what is very important is that this vivid experience gave me inner wisdom and thus all my previous doubts were dispelled totally. Now I realized what actually takes place after any human being dies.

Without doubt today Modern Material Science has concluded in one voice that what we call matter is not an ultimate independent unit of this cosmos. Instead great scientists proclaim that a miniscule atom of matter is also the result of many more subtle particles. When these subtle particles were analyzed during high leveled research studies the Philosophy of Consciousness commenced.

In the year 1968 A.D., renowned Russian scientists like Dr. V. Inushin, Chekov, N. Norovov, N. Korarova and Guadulin carried out important experiments. After completing their research studies they accepted that all creatures of the world not only possess a gross physical body (made of flesh, bones etc) but that they possess a subtle conscious body too.

These eminent Russian scientists called this subtle body as The Biological Plasma Body. While elaborating further they said that it not just merely a collective unit of preliminary units of life which in turn arise from activated electrical molecules but that it is a well managed and self controlled principle. It thus manifests its own magnetic arena.

Spiritual Sciences proclaim that subtle consciousness can never be grasped by any gross principle and that it is only a subjective experience. It is but natural that in future Modern Science which has analyzed this gross material world at great length will realize that consciousness can never be pin pointed with even the most advanced technological apparatus and that instead they will have to dive deep into the recesses of their soul/psyche to gain a first hand subjective experience.

While researching into the Biological Plasma Body renowned scientists have also analyzed their underlying principles. Soviet scientists have conducted many experiments in order to study the designing/structure and function of this Bio-plasma. Later they concluded that Bio-plasma predominantly exists in the brain region. Further functionally it is most active in the Sushumna (subtle spine) and muscular cells.

The Bhagwad Geeta compares this human body to a tree wherein the branches are at the base and the roots are at the top end. Scientists have proven the existence of a vital force which is not cosmic consciousness/soul but is energy of the level of the subtle body. It is also called the electrical energy of the human body. It is present in all creatures without exception.

Prof. Dr. Heraldwar of Yale Universitys Neuro Academy has proved that every creature be it a mere ant too is covered by an electro-dynamic aura. Later another scientist of this very University named Dr. Leonard Ravitz continued research studies on this line. According to his findings this electro-dynamic aura can be influenced with the help of the brain. If we make a parallel study, Indian Spiritual Science has given us the path of Dhyana-Dharana or Meditation-Concentration as elucidated in Yogic texts.

Now it is virtually a water tight conclusion that Modern Science too is heading in this direction and that too with great success. A point to be noted is that this success was already attained if we study ancient Yoga Philosophy texts. Mythological (Puranas) and other spiritual texts describe so many examples which can only be called miraculous and mind boggling.

When we understand the infinite potency of subtle principles it just does not seems impossible that Rishis, Munis, demigods, demons etc traveled to far off galaxies, planets etc in a matter if micro seconds via their will power (Sankalpa Shakti) or a subtle medium. It is a great possibility that in future scientists find a way to reach other planets, galaxies etc via a subtle medium instead of inventing hi-fi technology which uses up billions of hard earned dollars. The famous electronics specialist Dr. Nichovson has gone on to say that the electronic medium will become so powerful in the next fifty years that with its help scientists will be able to travel easily in interstellar space. Suppose a scientist wants to solve a problem seated billions of miles away in another planet a scientist from Earth will tell him: Please wait for just a minute because I will myself come there and solve it! All this will happen only with the help of the subtle body.

It is important to note that each individual does not possess merely one body made up of flesh, blood etc. This is because within this gross visible body exist 2 more bodies called subtle body (Sukshma Sharira) and causal body (Karana Sharira). Between these 2 bodies the subtle body is more active and influential. After death the physical body disintegrates but the subtle bodys existence persists. It is this subtle body that paves the way for a fresh new body which is called birth by us all.

After one dies although the physical body disintegrates ones mind, psychic imprints (Sanskars) and good deeds/bad deeds continue to exist and enter a new body called rebirth. This subtle body also harbors memory of previous births/incarnations. Hence many a times people identify and remember their past life family members, dear ones etc. It is this subtle body that transports ones mind, psychic imprints (Sanskars) and good deeds/bad to the new body (rebirth) after death of the previous body. In reality when we die a certain type of state of rest ensues wherein it is as though a living being is warding off the tension and hard work performed in the previous body. It is like a business man, executive, teacher, house wife etc who after a hard long grinding day, goes to sleep at night for a well deserved rest. Next day when they wake up they feel rejuvenated and look forward to another hard days work. In the same way after death when the subtle body rests for some time before being reborn it manifests enough capacity to toil hard in the next body called rebirth. Of course there are certain living beings who take up a fresh new body (birth) after giving up the previous body (death) without any rest or pause. Generally such re-born individuals tend to be relatively weak both in body and mind.

In any birth the subtle body is as functional as the gross body. When we go to sleep at night and visualize vivid dreams know for sure that it is the subtle body which is at work. It is only the subtle body that is solely responsible for divine vision, hearing far off sounds, seeing far off objects, thought movements, knowledge of the future (prophecy making), visualizing demigods etc. Via Yoga steps like Pratyahar (mastering the 5 sense organs), Dharana (inculcating a one pointed focused mind), Dhyana (uninterrupted meditation) and Samadhi (trance or super conscious state) the aspirant makes his subtle body sacred and potent. This subtle body is the fount of Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers).

As soon as death overtakes us our physical body gets destroyed immediately. On an average it takes some time before one gets a fresh new body (birth). Between death and a new birth a living being exists solely due to the help of the subtle body. Even after one is reborn with a new gross body, the subtle and causal bodies too simultaneously continue to exist in it. They are the root source of Extra Sensory Perceptions or ESP. Via devotion, meditation and other spiritual practices it is the subtle and causal bodies that are made more one pointed and taintless. If these 2 bodies are made potent our physical body exudes radiance, valor, divine aura/light and divine wisdom. Zest and zeal in ones life is but the manifestation of a radiant subtle body.

Heaven and hell are also manifestations of the subtle body. Wisdom, good/bad psychic imprints, good/bad qualities, inclinations etc have a direct relationship with the subtle body. Ghosts etc too are dependent on the subtle body. It also is responsible for the manifestation of divine experiences, Divine Powers of Yoga (Ridhi-Sidhi), dream interpretations etc.

In order to prove emphatically the existence of the subtle body, many incidences have been described in Ancient History, Mythology etc. Adi Guru Shankaracharya entered the corpse of a dead King Amrook to gain wisdom of married life. Ramkrishna Paramhans, even after giving up his saintly mortal coil had given Darshan (sacred vision) to his disciple Swami Vivekananda. Puranas describe such examples virtually on every page.

The founder of Theosophical Society Madam Blavatsky was known to lock herself in a room and yet appear in the midst of others who were outside the room with the help of her subtle body. In fact she would even give spiritual discourses. Similar incidences have been described with reference to Colonel Townsend. Amongst well known Yoga aspirants Harvetelman, Lindars, Andrew Jackson, Dr. Malth, Jelt Carrington, Duravel, Muldon, Oliver Laws, Pavers, Dr. Mesmer, Alexandra, Davidnit, Brunton etc have mentioned their experiences and practices which were based on proving the existence of the subtle body. J. Muldon had successfully demonstrated the separation of his subtle body from his gross physical body. Based on these experiences he has authored a book called The Projection of the Astral Body.

In India Swami Vishudhananda and Swami Nigamananda have given us all proof of such tangible experiences. It is said that once Tailang Swami was put in police lock up by an English Police Officer for roaming around naked in Varanasi. Next day to everyones astonishment Tailang Swami was roaming around outside the police lock up. Such descriptions are also found with reference to great saints like Mahindranath, Gorakhnath, Jalandharnath, Kanappa etc.

Following is a list of names of great Western Philosophers and Seers who not only belive in the existence of the soul but also agree that the soul persists even after the physical body dies and deteriorates: Ralph Waldo Trine, Midney, Flower, Ela Wheeler, Bilcox, William walker, Atkinson, James, Kenny etc. Great Seers of past times like Carlisle, Emerson, Kant, Hegel, Thomas, Hillman Dyson etc too have a similar viewpoint.

Our actions via the gross body and thoughts of the mind get printed in the subtle body which are called psychic-imprints (Sanskars). Mans nature and character are but the sum total of his thinking and activities spanning over innumerable incarnations. The more this nature is adhered to, to that extent those types of psychic imprints get etched in our psyche. In turn these imprints mature and ripen so as to create our good/bad destiny and fruits of actions. In this manner it is the subtle body that has designed the process of giving man the fruits of his past deeds or misdeeds.

If we eat unwholesome food, breathe polluted air and act undesirably our physical body undergoes diseases and illnesses. In the same way vile thoughts and vile actions pollute the subtle body and thus loses its power and potential. A man who foolishly insists on pursuing the thorny path of tainted thinking and actions is always seen to be weak and full of cowardice. As a result a day comes when he becomes a mentally ill and diseased patient. By itself the subtle body pervades our gross body just as butter in milk. Despite this it is more concentrated in the brain area. Vile/tainted thinking induces imbalance in our mind, brain and subtle body. This results in ones inner personality getting tainted and diseased. This in turn manifests externally as obstacles in the way of mans material and spiritual progress.



Whatever man perceives in this external material cosmos is but the manifestation of the invisible subtle world. In fact not even a billionth aspect of the subtle world manifests as the gross world. Whatever man perceives and experiences with his 5 sense organs (eye, ear, nose, skin and taste bud) is but a very infinitesimal portion which is a manifestation of the subtle world. The suns fire element is but a very infinitesimal fraction of the fire element that pervades the entire cosmos. The heat in turn experienced by us emitted from solar rays too is an extremely minor portion of the total heat/light of the sun.

When a patient gets fever the body becomes hot. And yet it is but a miniscule glimpse of the billions of germs, bacteria, viruses etc in our body which are responsible for illnesses once they go on rampage. These germs invisible to our eye create a lot of havoc in our body but its manifestation is but a little bit if heat on our body labeled fever by us. As against this the heat within our body (in organs, cells etc) due to illness is not known at all by the patient. Take for example the human body. Despite being so tall and heavy in weight it is but the manifestation of an embryo (sperm + ovum) that has genes made up of DNA in its nucleus. In fact great scientists and geneticists opine that a very minor portion of the total DNA present manifests various characteristics in our body. Thus the gene has infinite potential and characteristics but a very miniscule portion actually manifests in the physical body of bones, blood etc. Those major potentials of the gene that do not manifest exist in our DNA albeit in a latent state.

The visible gigantic cosmos is but a partial manifestation of a Subtle Conscious Principle and they are called Para and Apara Prakriti (gross and subtle nature). In a very natural manner our mind grasps the knowledge of this subtle principle but in an extremely miniscule form. In the close vicinity of whatever is visible an invisible limitless flow of energy streams exist. This is applicable to forests, mountains, oceans, rivers etc., that are seen everywhere in the world. Mans physical body is even more strange. Its sensitive nature and magnetic aura is very gigantic. Despite this a laymans grasping power or the capacity to imbibe subtle energy is so weak that he fails to make apt and optimum use of these infinite powers of the subtle world. Ere man augments this power of grasping by leaps and bounds he can make apt use of these divine powers and transform both his material and spiritual life. Ultimately he/she can become an instrument for the advent of a bright future in the 21 st century.

Modern scientists especially anatomists and physiologists have unearthed a great deal of information of the external and internal physical body. And yet it is most required that they now focus their research on the subtle and causal body that has infinitely more potential than our gross body. No doubt in ancient times a lot of information was unfolded regarding the subtle/causal bodies and yet for unfathomable reasons this research petered away to naught. Hence it is most required that modern scientists continue these research studies preferably on a war footing. This is because knowledge and wisdom are like a vast infinite ocean and hence it knows no limit (One great scientist said: Knowledge is like the vast ocean and I am yet counting pebbles on the shore). If mans prowess/potential is compared to the cosmos limitlessness it is only apt that we do not rest content with knowledge made available so far. Instead we must strive to research more and more into the mysteries of the gross and subtle universe.

We must indeed take appropriate help of ancient seer-scientists in order to research into the state, energy principles, potentials and utility of the subtle and causal bodies. We must continue with our research studies especially keeping in mind the changes noted in the subtle flow of interstellar space and transformations in the human physical body.

The activities of the visible gross body are limited to this material world (Bhu Loka). The subtle bodily activities are limited to the subtle world (Bhuvaha Loka). The causal bodily activities are limited to the causal world (Svaha Loka). Generally people wrongly conclude that these Lokas are nothing but galaxies, planets etc. It is important to note that Lokas and planets are 2 different entities. Planets are gross whereas Lokas are subtle & invisible in nature. This material world harbors within it 2 subtle Lokas i.e. Bhu Loka and Bhuvaha Loka. These subtle worlds are very much different in nature than the gross material world. The gross visible world is predominantly material in nature. The joys/sorrows experienced by us are due to these materials enjoyed by human beings. Whatever we desire or attain is nothing but materials. Since our physical body is made up of various materials it can grasp only that which related to this material world. Bhuvaha Loka or subtle world encompasses experiences, energies, capabilities, potentials etc since it is thought predominant. Hence its state of progress is dependent on the level of our psyche and intellect. The more sacred and focused is ones psyche/intellect the more advanced and potent is ones subtle body.

Savaha Loka is the emotional/sentimental world. Sentiments ooze with affectionate love. We all are aware how a mother is emotionally attached to her baby, a husband to his wife, one friend to another etc. But over here union is joyful and separation is very painful. It is only a person who is inwardly one with others who can gauge the joy of union and pain of separation in the lives of his fellow beings. This nature of sentiments/sensitivity is so intense that it can drag the body and mind in any special direction. With faith and self belief demigods manifest and desired boons can be availed of. All these are miracles of the emotional/sentimental world called Bhava Loka. A question maybe asked: Do demigods exist and if so do they have the capacity to bless us with boons? In order to understand the principle underlying this one will have to understand the intense potential of mans sensitive and emotional (Bhava) nature. Mans potential of faith is endless and hence deeper his faith, deeper ones true belief, the more intense ones will power/ power of resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and the more profound ones devotion to God, demigods definitely manifest as per ones inner belief. It is only to that extent that the demigod will possess Divine Powers and will give us desired boons.

It goes without saying that the more anything is subtle the more powerful it becomes. Mud is not as powerful as the energy present in its atom which in turn is so subtle in nature. Air is not as powerful as ether. Steam is more powerful than water. We are all aware of the characteristics and nature of the gross body. Like other creatures the human gross body too performs only limited functions. Hence all those extraordinary qualities like radiance, divine potential and zeal can manifest only in the subtle and causal body of mankind. Externally each individual looks similar (i.e. they have hands, legs, eyes etc) and yet because each ones mental make up varies greatly they differ inwardly a great deal. The difference is not with reference to flesh, blood etc of the gross body but it is due to the different levels of power of lack of it in the inner conscious state of the subtle body. Our gross body made up of 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) and flesh, bones, blood etc is made more potent via good food habits, exercise, medical aid etc. Similarly Yoga practices (Sadhana) help make more potent and powerful our subtle body. It is because of a potent will power and mental resolve that many brilliant people are seen in various professions like medicine, engineering, art, sport etc. All this manifests because of their powerful subtle body. Spiritual practices aim at augmenting this power by leaps and bounds.

Today man devotes a major chunk of his time in beautifying his body, attaining mental satiation and material advancement. It is most required that we human beings realize the folly and dire consequences of not paying due heed to the nourishment of our subtle body. Hence if we make optimum efforts in this direction we can attain both material and spiritual prosperity which in turn will glorify our lives. We all are aware of the material advancement and material pleasures of this gross material world. Hence our entire life is spent in chasing them relentlessly. If only we realize that even infinite more bliss lie in our subtle and causal worlds we would make great efforts in attaining them. Yoga practices aim at making mankind both materially and spiritually powerful.


The fundamental unit of mans physical body is called a cell by anatomists. We can say that our body is a network of various types of cells. These cells can be divided into 2 sections: 1) Cytoplasm 2) Nucleus. Cytoplasm is the cells chemical aspect and nucleus is its imprint aspect. Lifes major consciousness is present in the nucleus as light, heat, magnetism, electricity, sound and mobility. Thus this second network of group of units spread out in the body as gross atoms is called subtle body in spiritual parlance. In Indian Yogic Science this principle is called Prana (vital force) and the subtle body made from it is called Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath. In the previous chapter that Biological Plasma Body discussed is indeed this Vital Force Sheath.


In the human body minds consciousness is said to be the conscious aspect of the group of 5 elements (earth, water, fire, wind and space). Despite obtaining light from the soul it is said to be a part of the material body and not that of the soul. In the same way the collective consciousness of cosmic 5 elements and great elements is called Prana. Prana is life force or vital force. Although it pervades wind and space yet it is separate from them. What we call material nature is actually not inert. This is because a miniscule aspect of vital force pervades it. An object totally devoid of vital force is not only totally useless but gets destroyed too. Without vital force no object can maintain its form and nature and that their natural qualities too cannot remain steady.

Vital force or Prana can be called a type of living electrical force and is present like wind, space, heat and ether in the cosmos. The more this force exists in a creature the more it is zestful, full of aura, daring and mighty. This force spread out in our body is called life force and Ojas too. When this very principle manifests in the psyche we call it a radiant/brilliant personality. When this electrical force is in excess in the sperm Brahmacharis become divinely radiant and brilliant in character. In its absence even if the skin is fair, body is beautiful/handsome man remains dull, sad, wilted and virtually lifeless. That radiance and loveliness of beauty which attracts the mind is nothing but the radiance of Prana (vital force). It is Prana which gives us joy when we see lovely trees, plants, babies, youth etc. This power can be seen in the beauty of the face, sweet voice, talent, intellect, artistry, devotion and other forms.

In the spiritual world this principle is worshipped as Goddess Durga. This is that very energy. In the Durga Saptashati in the verses Ya devi sarvabhuteshu shakti rupena tishthati etc this very principle in various forms is eulogized by saying Namastasye namastasye namastasye namo namaha. In the form of Vijayadashmis Shakti Puja this vital principle is eulogized and imbibed. This Prana embedded in the cosmos on becoming weak in potency initiates a lowly/downfallen era. All creatures including mankind become weak, with short life spans, with weak intellects and lowly in emotions. But when Prana is potent everything in this cosmos is rendered great. The difference between the Golden age and Dark Age depends on the youthfulness or withered nature of Prana. When in this cosmos the vital force nears its death stage the world enters the state of Pralaya or annihilation. Two atoms are joined by the force of attraction which is vital force. If this vital force perishes atoms also get scattered like dust. All names and forms of the world get destroyed. It is called world annihilation. After a long time span when this vital force wakes up from long sleep, so as to attain a new life the creation of the world commences again. Creatures get a chance to imbibe the covering of spiritual and material nature and again they are seen as mobile living beings.

Some creatures attain more of this Prana principle because of past lives positive psychic imprints (Sanskars) and good merits (Punya). This is ofcourse their good fortune, but those who have less of it should not despair. Via intense efforts of wholesome stature this vital principle can be imbibed in great measure. Those who have less of it can imbibe in any measure without obstruction from the Cosmic Prana that pervades the entire world. Those who have lots of it too can imbibe that much more to augment their inner radiance and skills.

Indian Yogis with reference to the above have conducted experiments of deep import. All miracles of Yogic Sciences have their roots in the activities of this Prana (vital force) principle. This world is divided into Para (subtle) and Apara (gross) creation. One is inert and the other is conscious in nature. The subtle form of inert world is atoms which unite to form gross objects. Conscious world is Prana from which the subtle body is created. In the body this vital force is present as the subtle body. As a result movement and activity manifest and various creatures move about due to this. In its absence the intellectual consciousness cannot be perceived. Great scriptural scholars talk of Prana in a varied manner as follows:

I am Prana as Prajna (divine intellect). By looking upon me as life span and nectar, meditate on me. As long as vital force exists life too exists. In this world the basis of attaining immortality is Prana only.


The fire aspect of Prana is depiced as follows:

Verily this vital force of the body gets heated by imbibing the fire aspect. It is sun, moon, clouds, wind, earth and beings. It is also existence/non-existence and immortal Brahman (God).


Before creation of this world there was non-existence. What is non-existence? As an answer it is said they were Rishis. Who were these Rishis? As an answer it was said they were vital force. Vital Force is Rishi.

.SHATPATH (6/1/11)

Over here non-existence does not mean absence but means unmanifested. Before creation Prana existed. When visible objects were created Prana was seen active. This seeing is manifest.

Prana is called elder and great as follows:

Before creation Prana existed and hence is called elder. It is great because in all bodies and objects its varied activities are noted. In actuality Prana term is used as life.

..CHANDOGYA (5/1/1)

When Prana leaves any body or object they wither away.


The ten senses and the 11 th mind that dwell in human beings are all vital force or Prana.


Despite this it cannot be called wind, sense organs or psyche. In reality it is a life force that works in all these.

This vital force is neither wind nor sense organs. In scriptures it is described variedly.


In the following lines greater clarity is given:

That mature vital force told the mind and sense organs: Do not get deluded. I have taken 5 forms and imbibed this body.


This vital force is neither wind nor is it the activity of sense organs.


This vital force is different from mind and wind.


We bow down to that vital force which controls everything. It is the substratum of all beings (Pranis). It exists in everything and everything exists in it.


In Sanskrit language the word Prani is made from Pra and Un. Un means life force or consciousness. Thus Prana means life force or vital force. It is hence that creatures are called Pranis. The words Prana and life are used synonymously. Prana is a characteristic of Atman or soul. It comes from Paramatman or God. The soul is an inseparable part of Almighty God. Although it is a part of God yet all qualities of God are present in it. When a creature who imbibes individual vital force matures it becomes all encompassing just as a drop of water on entering the ocean becomes the ocean itself.

Energy in the inert world is spread out as waves and from activity standpoint it is as vital force principle. In the conscious world it is called thought process and sensitivity. In living beings it works as desire, knowledge and activity. All living beings remain alive because of it. The more one possesses this vital force the more one is energetic. The all pervasive existence of consciousness exists in the entire cosmos. Consciousness is called Prana or vital force. When with effort a part of it is imbibed by a living being it is called Great Prana. It is seen as mobility in material inert objects and alertness in conscious beings. Since it is the supreme energy of the animate/inanimate world it is called elder and great.

This principle is timeless and infinite. Creation merges and manifests from it.


What was there before creation of this world? The answer is:

That Brahman (cosmic consciousness or God) created Prana. From Prana manifested faith, intellect, mind and space, wind, light, water and earth (5 elements). Only then food was created.

In Vedic parlance the term wind is added to Prana or vital force. At many places it is called Pranavayu. It does not mean oxygen, nitrogen etc but it means that stream which is analyzed and discussed by modern material scientists in the form of mobile electric waves. At the root of atomic radiations, heat, sound etc energy streams it is called the all pervasive substratum. If it is to be described spiritually it can be called Latent Light or divine Light wherein one finds divine light in it.

Swami Vivekananda calls Prana as Psychic Force. Grossly it can be called mental power. At a gross level it becomes a brain like activity. And yet Prana is cosmic in nature. If macrocosm is called minds power/energy or given the name cosmic conscious force only then its meaning is apt. The potential of the primary mental power of individual brain cannot be in the form of Prana. Possibly Swamiji meant the cosmic potential of the cosmic psyche/mind.

In the form of mental and bodily potential one can visualize/experience vital force manifesting and becoming intense. And yet deep down it is much more subtle than all the descriptions given so far.



In a way mans body is a mobile electric power house. On its basis infinite parts/organs attached to the factory called the body function and amazing computer like parts attached to the brain are controlled by it. The functioning of gigantic machines/technology is dependent on powerful engines and motors. Maybe the human body is not so gigantic yet its designing and functioning is complex and sensitive in an extraordinary manner. In order to control it continuously it is but natural that power of high stature is made use of. Its apt measure accompanies us right from our birth and via its usage it is possible to render active in a well self managed manner lifes required functions.

For creation of vital electrical force the human body possesses all means and mediums. Dynamo, armature, magnet etc are present in it. In every organ those juices and bio chemicals are present which generate electrical force. Blood circulation moves this motor and on its basis this electricity is generated ceaselessly.

Within the inner designing of a cell is an important part called mitochondria. In other words it can be termed the electric powerhouse of cells. Food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately come to the mitochondria to get converted to energy. This energy keeps active all cells and its collective activity is seen as controller of all beings. This energy can be called micro Prana or micro vital force. The collective form from all bodies can be called macro or great Prana and its cosmic consciousness can be called Cosmic Prana. Within the unit of a cell the micro energy of micro Prana is present exactly in that form wherein Cosmic Prana is active. Despite the difference akin to a drop and the ocean in reality both are interdependent. If the units micro Prana within the cell are not united Great Prana can never come into existence. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion would be absent and circulation of electrical flow in the cells would not be possible.

With the help of electricity heater, cooler, fans etc function. Its utility thus can be understood but in this process obstructions too have been noted. Material electricity cannot become electricity of beings and yet electricity of beings can conjoin to material electricity. Such strange happenings have been seen many a time wherein human bodies have been seen to work like dynamos or small generators.

Many examples have been seen wherein one perceives extraordinary electrical flow in the human body. By itself a certain amount of electrical power is seen in everyone but it has its own limits. For desired goals it is used in such a way that it should not be wasted in unwanted tasks. Suppose you touch someone and you dont get an electrical shock it does not mean that electrical flow is absent totally. Human electricity found in everyone which is called Prana in spiritual parlance sometimes crosses the limits of the body and when touched does give an electrical shock.

J. Smith a lady of Ireland had so much bodily electricity that when one touched her an electric shock was the result. Under the leadership of Dr S. Craft a lot of research was undergone and obviously there was no sleight of hand seen. From every standpoint it was proved that it was none other than bodily electricity but the question arose as to why so much excess of it existed in the body? Its cause was not understood by them.

Near Berlin (Germany0 in a small village Missouri Cedelia when a girl turned 14 years of age suddenly electrical energy started circulating in her body. The girls name was Janie Morgan. Her body was now like a powerful battery.

One day using a hand pump she started collecting water but strangely electrical sparks were seen as soon as she touched the pump. The girl was scared and told her family all that had happened. Initially everyone felt some electrical current must have passed through the pump but when the girl was examined it became clear that electrical current flowed in her body. Whatever she touched gave an electrical shock. In a certain way she became untouchable. Researchers and scientists in order to know the cause and therapy made great efforts but success eluded them. After many years of this condition persisting, the electrical flow on its own started diminishing and by the time she became a young lady the problem disappeared. Only then could she start leading a normal life.

According to the report of Society of Physical Research within America itself more then 20 electrical humans exist. If more research is conducted surely in other countries too such human beings can be found. Colorados W P Jones and his associate Norman Log has conducted deep research in this field and have concluded that that there is nothing amazing about it. It is an ordinary extra activity of the body. When the electrical covering of the nucleus of cells become loose, leakages occur. At such times the outer layers of the body manifest electrical current. In reality immense amount of electricity is already present in every cell of the body. These researchers opine that although based on place and utility differences between electricity of creatures and material electricity is demarcated yet principally both are the same.

Researcher Jones himself was an electrical man. He had gained fame because when he walked barefoot on soil he helped unearth many mines of various ores. Due to his touch objects made of various metals started dancing akin to toys displayed by magicians. When he touched children the latter yelled out due to experience of electric shock.

In the Medalia region of Montana State of USA, lived a mobile battery in the form of a girl called Janie Moran. Whoever touched her experienced an electrical shock. At night in darkness her body was full of light. In sheer dark areas she easily traveled due to light emanating from her body. Those who walked along side her felt her to be a living lantern. If up to a 100 watt bulb touched her body it got lit. This girl lived up to the age of 30 years and till then lived alone like an untouchable in her small lonely home.

In the village of Wandon of Ontario, Canada lived a girl up to the age of 17 years. Material made of metal stuck to her body. Hence her food plate was made of wood or glass.

Tokyos (Japan) National Medical Research Institute has researched a lot in such fields and made some important conclusions. Scientists of this institute opine that on an average a human body has that amount of electricity which can light up 25 to 60 watt bulb. When the fingers of our hand touch the knob of a transistor, the sound emanating, augments in intensity. When the fingers no longer touch it the sound diminishes a fair bit. This proves our point. Amongst incidences of human electricity majority show that electricity manifests more on the fingers of the hand and leg. Despite this observation the cause of this unlimited force has not been unearthed.

Just like India even Japan has spiritual inclinations and is a center of Yoga practices. Like an average Indian their liking for spirituality is natural. Via an incident Japanese scientists tried to conclude that although the cause of electrical force present in the human body is unknown yet in who so ever this extraordinary condition is found a psycho analysis says that such people were either born with spiritual tendencies or that as time lapsed by ESP (Extra Sensory Potential) manifested in them. With reference to this a girl of Geneva Janet Dernies example is very important for us. In 1948 when Janet was 16 years old she got some disease. Her weight started diminishing. Up till now there was a lot of electrical force but now it started depleting. Yet even now when her fingers touched some metal object sparks emanated. Now she naturally went into deep meditation. She experienced extraordinary things in meditation. She fore saw many events which later proved to be true. Whatever she spoke about particular individuals it came true. She described things thousands of miles away as though they were right there in front of her eyes. On researching into this it became clear that those events or objects far away were absolutely true. For a long time, scientists researched into these potentials of Janet and found them to be true. Despite this they were unable to unveil the cause of the sudden emanation of sparks or electricity.

It may be that chemical analysis does not prove this but that thing which exists will manifest in any form at any point in time. When Londons famous muscle disease specialist Dr John Ashcroft was told that in his own city an 11 year old girl Janie Morgan manifested extraordinary electricity in her body and that none could touch her, he could not believe it. He had never even imagined that a body made of bone and flesh could manifest a principle like fire and a powerful force like electricity. In order to test Janie Morgan he went to her home. With confidence he held out his hand to shake that with Janies. Janie wanted to avoid it but Dr John Ashcroft shook her hands with his. After that what happened was very amazing for the doctor. In a shock he fell far on the rug. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he was seen to get himself examined by another doctor. Dr John Ashcroft accepted totally that Janies body manifested electricity up to 1000 watts. Ordinary electricity gives ordinary shock but if a man weighing 150 pounds is flung so far away the electricity has to be extraordinarily potent.

In reality it was true. Those who came in contact with Janie got the above experience. One day Janie was standing near her door. A many selling locks passed by. He asked Janie to buy a lock. Janie refused but yet giving her a promise to sell the lock cheap he placed it in her hand. Thus his hands touched Janies hand and the condition that resulted made passers by stand there in a crowded manner. The lock seller on getting the electrical shock got flung backwards. After a great length of time when he regained consciousness he quickly collected his materials and ran away. After many such incidences had taken place Dr John Ashcroft decided to research Janies condition. And yet because of such high electrical voltage in the body he could not decipher or conclude anything in a major way.

A worse situation had to be faced by a man who had fallen in love with Janie. Janie who was fed up with this extraordinary state of hers was looking out for emotional security. She was happy to find this young man but because of fear their relationship was limited to show of emotions only. Both were scared to touch each other. One day in an Opera the young man invited Janie for a cup of coffee. After drinking coffee when Janie tried to get up she slipped and fell on the rug. The young man tried to save her but when he had just touched her he himself was flung afar to a table. Not only he bore this pain but many hot coffee cups on the table burnt him up. Only after some treatment was given to him that he managed to reach home. For many people who attended the Opera this incident was mind boggling and thus Janies fame reached wider circles. But this young man never again looked in the direction of Janie. Even scientists tried examining her but they too faced the same sorry state. No one understood the cause of the potency of this human electricity. Till 1950 Janie lived like a live electrical storehouse. But later, by itself this electrical force dwindled to virtual naught.

A similar incident of medical history was seen in Bonden of Antria region. One day a 17 year old girl of this area called Carolyn Clare suddenly fell sick. Because she was bedridden for one and a half years her weight reduced from 130 pounds to 60 pounds. Although she came out of this illness she got afflicted by a new one. In her body due to magnetic force quite a high voltage of electricity manifested. Those who touched her experienced a shock. If she touched metal objects they stuck to her hands. Antria Medical Association analyzed her minutely but the report could not give any specific cause for it. Some discussions were made simply based on possibilities and probabilities. After a few years by itself this extraordinary state of hers slowly disappeared.

A 3 rd incident is with reference to the 16 year old Louis Haverger. He possessed extraordinary magnetic force. Any metal object touched by him would stick to him and would loosen their hold only when someone tried to separate them with great force. Under the guidance of Maryland College of Pharmacy a lot of research was undergone with Louis. And yet no major conclusion was drawn from it.

One more incident is that of Japlin city of Missouri. A person called Frank Mac Christie lived there. In the morning hours his body manifested intense electricity but as the day wore on this force started diminishing. In cold season it intensified so much that he experienced great difficulty in walking, resting etc.

A medical report about a child was published in Frances Medical Times and Gazette wherein electricity manifested in is body that gave a shock. This boy born in Lyons city lived for 10 months and was dealt with great care. Else he would fall down on the ground due to a shock. His daily chores were conducted with wooden and those materials which were not affected by electricity. Those articles that came in contact with him were made of wood, glass etc and his clothes were made of rubber. When he died for 10 seconds light blue radiance manifested from his body.

The Health Division of Sondarva village of Frances Jolia region reported about a child whose body manifested electrical waves. When he started dying, doctors noticed intense light rays manifesting from his body which later dwindled to naught.

A 22 year old youth of Australia was brought to New York for medical treatment. His body was like an electric battery. On touching him a magnetic force manifested. When the electric force lessened he experienced agitation. He ate those food items with zest which had more phosphorous. Very rarely he ate food which ordinary people ate.

Moscow resident Miss Mikhelova became an interesting research topic for Russian scientists. With her looks (eyes) she could stop watches functioning or else induced the hands of the watch to move out of turn. A film made of all her activities were sent to many laboratories to unearth how she managed all this. Scientists opine that it was due to the presence of electro magnetic force in the brain region. They say that this force is present in all human beings. Based on certain circumstances in some people this force by itself manifests and with effort it can be augmented too. A Russian scientist called Laksov has designed an instrument which measures the electric waves that manifest from each ones body.

The above examples go to show that the human body is a storehouse of Prana or vital electricity. Due to ordinary sleeping/eating habits, ordinary breathing and weak power of desire we can neither awaken this force or can we make any important use of it. But it is this electricity which via various Yoga practices is awakened and mastered so that Yogis make potent their present world and the next. They definitely succeed in doing so which for laymen appears miraculous and mind boggling.

In this manner like that electricity which by itself manifests in the body incidences of Prana energy manifesting as fire in the body too have been noted. In reality all material forces can be converted into each other. Hence both types of incidences come under one flag.

Pranagnaya evaitasmin puray jagrati (In this body it is Prana or vital force that burns in the form of various types of fires.)


In many cases this electric fire has awakened in such an intense form that the person who manifested it faced problems. Such an incident took place in Chelmsford England on 20 th September 1938. In a grand hotel an orchestra was playing lilting music. There was dancing too and at that time from a woman emanated intense blue flame. Out of fear people stood on the side. The flames now turned red and in a moment the womans beautiful body turned to ashes. On 31 st March 1908 in Withal England a similar incident took place. A person called John Hart was reading a book and opposite to him seated on a chair was his sister. Suddenly fire flames erupted from her body. John immediately covered her body with a blanket and ran to call a doctor. In 10 minutes the doctor arrived but by then his sister, blanket and the chair were burnt to ashes.

In America up till now 200 such deaths have taken place. A man of Florida was walking on the pavement and suddenly his body emitted fire. Some other people nearby threw a pail of water on him. For sometime the fire was doused. By the time a doctor and secret service agents reached there the water had dried up. Immediately more fire erupted and was there for many to witness. That person was now burnt to ashes. In an article of Floridas Medical General, scientists were amazed to note that mans body consisted of 60 percent water. To burn it heat of the degree of 5000 Fare height is required. How does it suddenly get manifested? In bodily cells fire flames are found in the protoplasm but they are so well controlled that the body does not get burnt. It is only when protoplasm is converted into higher plasma that fire erupts. How does all this happen suddenly? Till today scientists have given no answer for it.

Electricity that gives shock manifests only sometimes in certain peoples bodies, but in an ordinary state it is found in all human beings. It is known to help in various bodily functions. If only the science of its apt usage and proliferation is understood properly man by becoming brilliant psychologically and with a strong soul force can lead an advanced life.

In the eyes and head maximum amount of electricity can be felt by mankind. It can be felt as sweetness of speech, its harshness or truthfulness. Not only are the thoughts of radiant men bright but that their eyes too manifest luster and their tongues manifesting electricity, which can go deep down. The spiritual practice of will power is in fact a practice of generating divine aura.

Human electricity has 2 streams- one that moves upwards and the other that moves downwards. The upward flow rests in the brain region. When influenced our personality becomes radiant and potent. This electricity manifests as intellectual prowess and will power in the form of valor, enterprise and greatness in terms of ideals. All goals of Yoga practices and those of the path of wisdom are executed via this upward center. The basis of heaven, liberation, Ridhi/Sidhis or Divine Powers are conjoined to the electricity of this region. The aura and radiance found in the vicinity of mankinds face should be understood as a symbol of this upward moving electricity.

The downward electricity is centered in the genital area. It gives sexual pleasure and allows one to beget children. Over here ensue various types of pleasure, humor etc. All benefits pertaining to Brahmacharya or sexual continence are but miracles of electricity centered in the genital region. Further by awakening Kundalini Energy of Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus) a person executing spiritual practices converts himself/herself to a body of divine brilliance and aura.

Like the North Pole and South Pole the upward and downward flow of electricity have different qualities and are far apart from each other. Despite this they are conjoined to each other via the Merudand or subtle spinal cord. When the genitals are excited the brain gets influenced and via great thinking sexual passion/lust can be calmed down considerably. If only the 2 way energy flow is controlled and mastered miraculous type of personality development is noted.

The description of human principles can be made on many bases. On the basis of spirituality and philosophy man is said to be a representative of divine authority and an infinite storehouse of divine potentials. According to materialism man is said to be a laughing-talking body of chemical elements and 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space). According to electrical sciences man is a living storehouse of electricity. Blood circulation, inhalation/exhalation, muscle activity etc are self propelling like a pendulum and they fulfill the requirement of life force. The brain by itself is a mysterious electric storehouse wherein nerves make the entire body dance to its tune like puppets.

Electricity of the human body is a visible truth. It can be measured/felt via technological apparatus. It is rare in its own way. In comparison to material electricity it is very high in stature. In comparison to electricity used to light a bulb the stature and value of electricity that shines in our eyes is of a very high stature. Ordinarily when naked wires are touched we get an electrical shock but not on touching human bodies. And yet via touching the body farsighted physical and mental influences manifest. It is hence that in India we touch the hallowed feet of great people/saints. This physical electricity is sometimes seen as material electricity. Thus it becomes crystal clear that man is a walking/talking storehouse of electricity.

This energy is so potent that with its aid man can induce the worlds amazing machinery and technology to work by his/her desire power (Iccha Shakti). Meaning desire power can control vital force electricity. Under general circumstances electricity obtained from food and breathing is used but as and when a Yoga practitioner gets to know/experience first hand that divine authority he/she with the help of desire power augment that energy. Thus any desire can be fulfilled and one can increase ones life span too.

The presence of electricity in the human body is neither less nor of any less importance. If we comb our hair magnetic force manifests. After combing your hair place the comb near a pin of iron. The pin gets magnetically attracted to the comb. Not only in dead hair but the living brain too manifests electricity in great measure. Like other electric power houses here too the make break process is seen. In this repair utilization of magnetic therapy is highly possible.

In order to make our body and mind lively, zestful and radiant not only must we protect our electrical energy but that it must be augmented by leaps and bound consistently. All this is possible via spiritual techniques like Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises), piercing the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), Kundalini Yoga and Shaktipaat (awakening of divine energy via a great realized Guru).

It is this human electricity that helps influence and attracts one another. In youth this electricity attracts a males body to a females and vice versa. If only it is used wholesomely multifaceted talent, brilliance, radiance and intelligence can manifest. Thus many important tasks can be executed. Brahmacharis who are sexually continent and advance spiritually are known to focus their Ojas (divine aura) on the head region and thus transforms it to Brahmavarchas. It can be said about scholars, philosophers, scientists, political leaders, orators, soldiers, Yogis, men of penance etc that they augmented, controlled and made apt use of their Ojas and vital force principle. In certain cases this energy manifests on its own and with its help, such rare people perform gigantic and otherwise impossible feats.

Whenever Germanys Hitler fell sick he took help of a Neem doctor called Christen instead of a well known specialist. His fingers were magical. Instead of administering medicines Christen used touch therapy to amazingly cure various diseases. In 1868 he was born in Istonia and after the 1 st world war he became a citizen of Finland. Later he studied body massage techniques to cure various diseases. He became such an adept that he was called a magical therapist. Not only Hitler but his best friend Himler too was cured of deadly diseases time and again in a wondrous manner. Christen by using his influence helped free thousands of Jews who were facing death as a result of Hitlers tyranny.



Vital force electricity is not mans creation. Within small creatures of this world it too is manifested. In 1966 the well known biologist Gerald Durell writes about an incident in an article. He says that in British Guyanas zoo there was an eel whose body manifested electrical current with great force. When it was given food the eel vibrated its body so much that it appeared as though a dynamo was at work. The fish given to the eel as food started dying due to the electric current. Gerald Durell has also spoken of a torpedo fish in that a boy who tried to kill this fish died himself due to the current emitted by the fish.

Certain species of fish are called mobile power houses. Their bodies emit so much electricity that other creatures that touch them experience a jolt or shock. The water area in which they swim turns magnetic in nature and other creatures living in that area experience it. Examples of such species of fish are hinpas, jinmotis, electrophorous, melaptosurous, marmirus, star gazer etc. Electrophorous species of fish found in waters of South America emit so much electricity that even a very thoroughbred horse coming in their vicinity fall down in a jolt. In Arabic area the melaptosurous fish too emit intense electricity hence people of that region call them rad. Rad means heavenly lightning.

Within fish research no doubt there are many fish with less voltage of electricity but those with high voltage can be classified into 4 species. Amongst them rayjay has 4 volt, tarido has 40 volts, electric eel has 350-550 volts and catt species has 350-450 voltage of electricity. They have special kinds of nerves whose friction emits electricity like a dynamo. When these fish so desire they use their bodily organs in such a way that desired measure of electricity manifests and they can use it wherever and whenever they so desire. Ordinarily this special skill lies latent.

The electricity of snakes eyes is well known. The eyes of lion, tiger and other carnivores manifest such electricity that smaller creatures contacting it lose normal consciousness. They stand dumbfounded or themselves enter the jaws of death very supinely.

A large species of crocodiles found in African jungles get for their meal smaller creatures like toads, rats, chameleons etc without any effort. For hunting bigger preys they move out only when they are hungry. The eyes of these crocodiles emit a strange magnetic force. On whom so ever it sets its eyes that creature stands dumbfounded. These preys lose their ability to run or fly. Not only this but that the prey on its own heads towards the open mouth of the crocodile and on their own enter it. Prof Snider had a tame crocodile in a cage and he let loose a few rats in the cage. Initially the rats out of fear ran amuck and hid in a corner of the cage. But when the crocodile stared at them the rats out of their own volition started moving in its direction and entered the jaws of the crocodile.

In West Indies one can find train insects. On its face there is a red organ and on its 2 sides are present 11-11 organs of light. It emits green light. At night when this insect moves it appears like a moving train and hence the name. Even in South America these insects are seen in large numbers. In West Indies an insect called Kukuji is also called motor insect. It is of the same species as the glow worm but on its face 2 lamps are seen which emit yellow light. During the civil war of Spain and America a doctor called William Gorgas locked these insects in a white colored bottle and successfully operated their light.

At the time when an enemy attacks kettle fish spread out a cloud of black light. Many fish manifest light from their bodies. Glow worms use this light as a signal for procreation. A female glow worm gives out this light once as a signal and then keeps quiet. At that time a male searches for her and reaches her side. In this manner this creature in some form or the other makes use of this light as a gift from nature whereas human beings have to make use of external means.

In this Scientific Age it is least amazing that from inert objects fire and electricity are made to manifest. And yet when the same are emitted by living beings it certainly becomes mind boggling. With reference to this a glow worm is a very ordinary creature whose light does not amaze anyone. In the ocean there a innumerous single celled creatures that are self illumining. In daytime its light is not perceived but at night they emit light in such a way that it can be compared to stars lighting the sky at dead night. Benjamin Franklin who was a famous electricity research scientist initially felt that this light was the result of electricity emitted by salt particles of the ocean. It was only later that he corrected this erroneous conclusion and said that not only in the ocean but that many small creatures on land that devour muck and dirt emit electricity. Electricity generated artificially by humans is extremely hot but why is it that electricity manifesting in the human body is not all that hot? Benjamin in fact calls it cold light. If 2000 glow worms manifest light it is equivalent to light of one candle. But if the light of glow worms is focused at one place it cannot even burn a small wad of cotton. Whereas a candle can burn even wood etc.

In 1886 biologists unearthed a chemical called luciferin from certain snails that manifested light. Thus they proved that it is this chemical that manifests light in all living beings. This chemical comes out from certain special glands and on contacting oxygen it gets converted to light. In glow worms akin to a magnetic bell this chemical manifests in spurts. Hence it gets lit and doused continuously. How is this chemical generated? This question remains unanswered by scientists. It is possible that future research will answer this question and also solve the puzzle of vital force consciousness.

Who and in what measure can avail benefits of cosmic electromagnetic force? This is dependent on the creatures bodily designing and magnetic potential. There are so many birds that due to seasonal changes move in large groups to far off lands. Sometimes they move from one corner of the globe to another. Generally they fly at night. At that time they get no benefit of light. Instead their movements are heavily dependent on their inner consciousness that moves in tandem with magnetic changes in the region surrounding them. With the help of this magnetic stream they move in such a way that it appears as though they are walking on the road.

Termites are known to keep their home door facing a particular direction. Ducks of the sea are known to fly away to safer havens much before a sea storm manifests. In dark nights bats attain perception of objects around them via their bodily electricity and not with the help of their eyes. Thus they save themselves from thin strings and fly to safety. The frog knows whether its prey is dead or alive only with the help of its bodily electricity. If you place a pile of flies that are an admixture of both dead and living ones the frog only engulfs living flies. The potential of an owl to press its prey is dependent on its electricity center and not its eyes. A snake gets knowledge of the bodily temperature of nearby creatures and catches hold of only that prey which it likes. Gnats have no eyes. They carry out their tasks via special photo cells. In our era over and above researching into the special wondrous skills of various creatures scientific instruments/ technology have been designed based on those very tenets. It is verily electrical energy found in creatures that forms the basis of their day to day living. Despite having less sense organ energy they live their lives fairly comfortably with the help of electrical energy.

One of the aims of Yoga practices is also to augment this conscious electrical energy. It is also called mental power, vital power and will power. In the form of power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and desire power or Iccha Shakti its miracles are noted.

A person oozing with soul force controls and demarcates his/her activities pertaining to society. On this basis they abstain from sexual activities. In order to utilize this extremely important energy for useful goals it should be protected and not wasted in lowly entertainments i.e. forgo the vain attitude of eat, drink and be merry.

In Spiritual Sciences there is a separate arena and methodology of vital force science. If we pursue spiritual practices on its basis we can amass this electricity in such great measure that with its aid we can uplift not only ourselves but others in the world too.



By itself the Prana or vital force principle is one only but in a creatures body based on its function it is divided into many classes. The chief organs of the body are made up of flesh, muscles etc but due to differences in the union their shape etc are different. On this very basis its naming and description are varied. In the human body the vital force too has to shoulder different responsibilities. On their basis their naming is varied and designing/qualities too are different. But at the root of these variations there exists unity. Vital force is one and not many. Electricity is one but based on various technology and apparatus it is used variedly. While using heaters, coolers, fans, tube lights etc its energy and nature appears different. Keeping in mind utility and aim differences maybe perceived yet we know that it is but the multifaceted functioning of single electricity. With reference to vital force this too is the case. Scriptural scholars have classified them in many parts, many names have been assigned and many modes of description have been given. Despite it being appropriate we must not fall under the illusion that vital force is of many types and that they are different and separate. The classification of vital force can be said to be a manifestation of Ekoham bahusyama i.e. I was one and desired to become many.

In the human body the vital force has been demarcated in 10 ways. In that 5 are vital force and the remaining five are sub vital forces. The Vital Force Sheath comprises of these 10 put together. There are 5 chief vital forces 1) Apan 2) Saman 3) Prana 4) Udan 5) Vyan. The sub vital forces are 1) Devadatta 2) Krukul 3) Kurma 4) Naag 5) Dhananjaya.

In the bodily arena what are the functions of these vital forces? This has been elucidated in the Ayurved scriptures as follows:

1) APAN : Apan is that vital force which has the capacity to throw out dirt from the body. For example it throws out feces, urine, sweat, phlegm, sperm, helps in fertilization of ovum, sperm etc.

2) SAMAN : It carries bodily juices in an apt manner to appropriate places and distributes them. It produces digestive juices and maintains its wholesome quality. In the Patanjali Yoga Sutra (3 rd leg, aphorism 40) it is said that via Saman the energy and functioning of the body is kept active.

3) PRANA : It circulates inhalation/exhalation and food and also energy in the body. While talking about vital force Prana word is used predominantly.

4) UDAN : It keeps the body on its toes, keeps it hard and does not allow it to fall down. Many visible and subtle upward movements in the body take place because of it.

5) VYAN : It is spread out in the entire body. It controls the body via blood circulation, breathing process, nerves etc. It aids the voluntary bodily movements of the subtle mind.

FIRST PRANA : Thus the function of the first vital force inhalation/exhalations work arena is the chest. The experience of this element in ones meditation practice is of yellow color and during piercing of Chakras it influences the Anahat Chakra.

SECOND APAN : It removes dirt from various parts of the body and its work arena is the anus. It can be experienced as orange in color and influences the Mooladhar Chakra.

THIRD SAMAN : It helps in the maturing of food, bodily juices, blood etc and its work arena is the navel. It is of green color and influences the Manipur Chakra.

FOURTH UDAN : Its function is to imbibe attraction and accept food, water, breath, education etc into the body. Rest after deep sleep or death is possible because of it. Its arena is the throat and color is dark purple. It influences the Vishudha Chakra.

FIFTH VYAN : Its function is blood circulation and transportation. Its work arena is the entire body. Its color is pink and influences the Swadhishthan Chakra.

Just as ministers have assistants so do the chief 5 Pranas have sub Pranas. Nag is connected to Prana. Kurma is connected to Apan. Krukul is connected to Saman. Devdatta is connected to Udan and Dhananjay is connected to Vyan. Nags function is air circulation, burping, flatulence from anus. Kurmas function is connected to the eye movements, Krukuls function is hunger/thirst, Devdatta helps in yawning etc and Dhananjay helps clean each and every bodily part. In reality they are not limited to such small tasks only. It contributes towards manage optimally the functions of the chief vital forces. If we wish to understand more deeply the difference between the chief vital force and the sub vital force we will have to note the relationship between the 5 elements and the 5 sense organs of knowledge. Ears accept sound object, eyes imbibe forms, tongue imbibes taste, nose imbibes smell and the skin imbibes touch. In the same way sub vital forces transform the subtle experiences generated by the chief vital forces into gross experiences. We must of course remember this classification is made simply so as to understand and make others understand facts. Just like 10 individuals with different appearances and natures they should not be looked upon as 10 different powers. In fact a single person is called father, son, brother, friend, enemy, asleep, awake, vile, clean etc based on different circumstances. Similarly we must look upon the sub division of Prana or vital force.

In Indian scriptures one finds a detailed description of not only the presence of body oriented vital force centers but also details of its qualities, functions, activities and influence. For many years material science scoffed at these facts but the more they delved deeper into anatomy and physiology research they had to accept the existence of vital force centers. The gross technology of material science has been able to catch this subtle principle and that too with necessary proof.

Russias electronic scientist Emion Kirlian has invented such a photographic apparatus which captures electrical movements surrounding individuals. This proves that along with the physical body there exists a subtle body and it is made up of such matter that in comparison to gross objects made of electrons it is of a different stature and more mobile too.

Once, Englands Dr Kilner was examining his patients in a hospital. While examining a patient on his death bed he found that on the lens of his microscope a strange colored light gathered which to date had never been seen. Next day when he examined the clothes removed from the body of this particular patient Dr Kilner was dumbstruck. He saw that the light seen previously by him now appeared as waves on his microscope lens. Surrounding the patients body (6-7 inch circumference) that light had spread and within that were many light particles of rare bio-chemicals. He saw that when the light dimmed the patients body and pulse became weak. In a short time the light blows out. Now when he put his hands on the pulse he found that the patient was dead. Apart from getting this incident published in various newspapers, magazines etc Dr Kilner declared that in whichever object possesses lifes original quality it is more subtle than that object. It is impossible that it perishes.

The vital force principle is called live or conscious energy. According to modern material science energy is of 6 kinds: 1. Heat 2. Light 3. Magnetism 4. Electricity 5. Sound and 6. Friction or Mechanical. One type of energy can be converted to any other type. Bodily conscious energy despite being different from the above 6 energies can be understood/realized via these six as mediums.

The scientific belief regarding energy is that it does not get destroyed and that it is only inter changeable. It is also believed that energy can be conjoined to any gross matter. Despite this its existence is separate and that it can be transferred from one object to another. The same view regarding vital force is held by Indian Rishi seers. Today even Western scientists have started accepting this.

Regarding this Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph and bulb of light throws wise light by writing: The existence of creatures remains as high stature electric particles/network even then when they get separated from the body. Post death although these particle clusters are not well cohesive yet some sort of a bond exists amongst themselves. They do not get scattered but over and above flying in space they enter the cycle of life by taking a new birth. Its designing is something akin to the nest of a honeybee. The honeybee simultaneously leaves the old nest and makes a new one. In the same way clusters of high stature electric particles by taking along with themselves material of the gross body plus its faith and aspirations remains immortal despite undergoing innumerable births and deaths.

From this data proof we will have to accept conjoining of Vital Force Sheath to the bodily Food Sheath although of course the former has its own separate existence. On an average there is proof of the existence of 6 energies like heat etc as mentioned by modern science. Despite this the nature of the Vital Force Sheath which pervades the entire body can be deeply understood only in the form of Bio Electricity.

Within research on Anatomy and Physiology a lot of studies are conducted today on Cosmic Electricity. Doubtlessly some centers of the body are accepted as electricity generators/producers. Chief amongst them are: Head, heart and eyes. The electricity producing center of the head or brain region is called Reticular Activating System. Some brain parts situated in the deep recesses of the central part of the brain create electrical impulses and spread out in the entire head region. These electrical onrushes controls and keeps conjoined various centers of the brain. Electro Encephalograph or EEG used by medical science measures various electrical flows in the brain. On its basis diseases pertaining to the brain and head are diagnosed. At various points in the head region are placed cards. Electrical potential measured with it comes to around 1mm volt.

To manage heart functions about 10 wires of electrical energy are required. This electricity is produced in the heart region only. The area in the heart where this electrical impulse is generated is called pace maker. The moment this electrical impulse is generated within about 0.8 seconds it spreads out in the entire heart of a mature human being. In this time span the heart beats once. Because of heart beats and its control this very electricity vibrates. It influences are measured by ECG or Electro Cardiogram. In order to diagnose heart diseases these electrical impulses are made its basis.

According to scientists there is an arrangement of photoelectric cells in the eyes. The special characteristic of photoelectric cells is that they convert light to electrical waves. Scientists accept the potential of our eyes to generate electricity in the above manner. In order to diagnose and classify eye related diseases the electrical impulses generated by eyes are measured via an ERG or Electro Retinograph.

From this data it is proved that along with the generation of electrical impulses in certain centers of the body they are circulated in the entire body too. Via EEG the impulses of brain cell electricity of every part of the head can be recorded. Not only this but that many a times its influence can be felt clearly in the parts below the neck too. The influence of hearts electricity can be measured via an ECG on the feet too. In the near most and very far off parts of the heart this impulse is measured in an equally potent manner.

Medical doctors have great faith in the diagnosis of diseases via the medium of bodily vital force stream or Prana flow. Electro Myograph is used in vital force diagnosis methods wherein inactivity of flesh and diseases of muscular centers are diagnosed. The crystal clear proof of the functioning and presence of electrical energy in the muscle and fat of every region of the body is in a very thin layer like the bodily skin has its own kind of electricity. In the testing of skin medical experts make use of the method of Galvanic Skin Response which measures electricity.

Apart from this scientific proof even in ones day to day social transactions right from the brain to the skin proof of electrical potential is available. Sometimes we get attracted to someone and sometimes we experience revulsion. All this is but a reaction of the sameness or difference in bodily electricity. When 2 friends meet, see each other, embrace each other etc there exists a give and take of electrical potential. Great Yogis of India are known to transfer electricity from their own bodies to those of others via power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti. Yet even with ordinary touch a partial give and take of bodily electricity does take place. That impulse experienced via touch, fondling, hand shaking, embracing etc is but a give and take of electrical onrushes. This fact is now being wholeheartedly accepted by modern day scientists.

Indian opinion is that it is vital force that maintains the bodys existence, nourishes it, recreates it, evolves it and transforms it. The Vital Force Sheath that pervades the Food Sheath manages and directs the latter. Today modern science accepts the existence of vital electricity in the tiniest unit of the body. Every cell of the body has an electric charge. Apart from this extremely miniscule genes responsible for procreation that are found in the nucleus of the cell too are said to be associated with pactis. The gist of all this is that even in the most subtle unit of the body unearthed by modern science there exist vital force principle in the form of electrical onrush.

Many talk of the fact that every activity of the body is directed by the vital force. In Yogic texts that vital principle which controls various bodily activities has been given many names. They are said to be the 5 Pranas or Vital Forces. In the same way vital force active in various innermost activities of the body are said to be sub vital forces. Todays anatomy researchers have described the inner bodily functions on the basis of electrical circulation cycle. That circulation program, which covers one end of the body to the other, takes place via the medium of the electrical transport system. In the circulatory cells negative and positive charges keep going in and out and because of this various circulatory cycles occur. In scientific parlance it is called depolarization and re-polarization. According to Indian belief this function takes place according to Vyan which is one of the 5 vital forces.

In the stomach and intestines the food after getting digested is transformed into juices suitable for the body. These juices pass out from the intestinal walls and thus spread out into the entire body. Some bio-chemical juices mix with blood via ordinary circulatory cycles but some juices require that the body uses its energy. The latter mode is called Active Transport. Via this transport that electrical process which takes place in intestines is called Sodium Pump by modern scientists. Sodium ions change their charges (positive and negative) and thus juices are transported from the inside of the walls of cells to the exterior region. Due to its contact the bodily nourishing principles (glucose etc) can pierce the walls of the cells more easily and thus they too get circulated. Within the 5 vital forces Prana performs this function in the body (as per Indian spirituality).

This process goes on in every cell. Every cell absorbs its required nourishment and transforms it into heat energy. Heat energy is continuously produced in the body and is circulated too. Digestion takes place not only in the stomach but also in every cell of the body. For this juices are transported to every cell. That vital force used for this process is called Saman by Indian seers of Prana principle. In the same way electro chemical activities are responsible for the fecal matter eradication during maturing of the juices of cells and destruction of old cells. In Prana Science it is called process of Apan.

Amongst the 5 Pranas one of them is Udan too. Its function is to make bodily organs stiff. In modern scientific terms it is called Electrical Stimulization. Due to bodily electrical impulses the cells of the Food sheath become stiff or soft for any activity.

Within the body how do various inner activities take place thus? Unfortunately modern scientists are unable to fully answer this question. For this no doubt they have put forth many gross principles. Amongst them are Sodium Potassium Cycle, Potassium Pump, ATF, ADF, cyclic AMP etc. Its functioning mode can be correctly understood only by specialist of Chemistry and yet it is but Electrical Chemical Principle. According to this principle in a solution the positive and negative charges of a chemical gets partitioned into many particles. They are called ions. The capacity to transport and circulate is very great in these ions. After desired transport the positive negatively charged ions unite become neutral from the standpoint of electricity. It is on this basis that various activities of the body like digestion, purification, evolution and procreation are executed. If looked at spiritually it is very clear that the existence and activity of Prana (vital force) in bodily centers is obvious.

After noting these gross activities when we march ahead and analyze the bodys subtle functioning we will observe the control and influence of body oriented vital force principle. Everyone knows the amazing workings of hormones and enzymes of the human body. The functioning of both these has the potential to bring amazing changes and energy circulation in the body. Within the science of procreation and genetics a lot of interest is there amongst modern day scientists regarding small units called genes. Scientists accept that the potential of influencing genes via electromagnetic impulses. To date they have been unable to do so yet they firmly believe in it and are conducting intense research for the same. It is hoped that if such a technique come their way mind boggling miracles will be seen with reference to the human body.

After gaining detailed data on vital force principle Indian seers got interested in generation and utility of this great element. Hence they designed many spiritual practices for the same. Amongst these Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) is a relatively very means for people of all walks of life.

A superficial outlook says that Pranayam an exercise of inhalation and exhalation. It is said to be an exercise of the lungs within the arena of health benefits. Health experts limit benefit of Pranayam to this only. Many inhalation/exhalation exercises are well known that correct problems in breathing and weakness/disease of lungs. All these must be imbibed and is very good for health. Despite this it is but akin to kindergarten studies. This is because Pranayam should be looked upon as a special skill which attracts vital force of the cosmos in desired measure and is then imbibed by the Yoga aspirant. Our breath cannot be called vital force. It is one thing to say that breath is mixed with vital force, that vital force can be attracted by the breath and it is another thing to inhale and exhale. Within Pranayam intense power of resolve called Sankalpa Shakti has to be imbibed. With its magnetic force of attraction we can imbibe vital force from space. Further without our intense power of resolve we cannot send this imbibed vital force to desired regions and attain desired results. Thus Pranayam is a combination of breathing air alongwith intense power of resolve. Thus the Science of Prana tells us that it is this inseparable combination that gives us desired results.



If the balance of vital force remains stable all classes and sub classes of life will work desirably. The body thus will experience good health, mind will be happy and the psyche will ooze with good intentions and contentment. Yet if in that arena distortions manifest the result is hardships and strife of all kinds. When blood turns bad skin diseases, boils etc manifest. In the same way when imbalance appears in vital force the functioning of bodily organs goes haywire. Many types of illnesses and diseases are then noted. Vital force distortion in the mental arena results in imbalances and madness too. Vital force distortion in the emotional arena leads to a downfall akin to that of ghosts etc. Many basis of downfall can be correlated to distortion in vital force or Prana. If we wish to overcome these ordinary means are of no use because the influence is very weak. Whereas the root of the problem is very deep and that is distortion of vital force. When tested and proven methods fail we must realize that in the deep recesses of consciousness distortions have entered. If a thorn pierces our skin it can be removed using our nails but if a bullet pierces our stomach without surgery one cannot remain alive.

Ms J C Trust chose such a person who would get agitated even while facing minor matters. Because that person got angry many times in the day became very thin as a result. Even minor changes in heat and cold seasons would make him weak and thin. In fact he was attacked by some illness or another.

Once when he was very angry Ms Trust made him lie down and placed a thin layer of sand on his naked body. Many of her students, followers and scientists too were present. They very curiously saw that just as when a plate of copper filled with water is tapped rhythmically so that the vibrating water of the plate induces vibrations in the atoms of the copper similarly mans body too emits light atoms constantly which generates vibrations.

At the time of wrath and anger these atoms of light with great speed vibrate hence it is experienced clearly that time but under normal circumstances the vibration of these light atoms is slow. The more a person is calm, cool, balanced intellect etc the more slowly these light atoms appear from the subtle body. And for a long time energy, heat and endurance remains in the body. Even sudden changes in weather cannot pressurize such a body.

For quite some time life scientists knew that nerves of the body akin to a net send bodily messages to the brain. In order to render the state of the brain better they give necessary directions and based on that various parts function accordingly. But what exactly is the method to do so? A veil was cast on this mystery. On what basis do these nerves send experiences of touch in a flash of a second to the brain? This mystery was not unfolded.

For the past 40 years a lot of research was conducted on this. In fact in the past 20 years more interest was shown in this aspect of life science. At last efforts reaped rich dividends and 3 scientists tasted success. For this discovery they were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Their names are: 1. Hodgkin 2. Huxley 3. Eckles

These 3 great scientists discovered an electric impulse in nerves and described how this electricity runs between nerves and the brain cells. They compared this to a telephone conversation. Nerves are verily like electric wires which send messages with the help of electrical impulses. Each nerve can be of the length of many feet. Together in the entire body its length is more than 0.1 million miles. Its diameter is less than a hundredth of an inch.

In our brain there are 1 billion neurons. Each one of these contacts 25 thousand other neurons. On seeing how in such a tiny brain such a great factory has been constructed we will be simply spell bound at the greatness of its creator. If man so desires to build such a well designed brain he/she on the availability of present day electric gadgets will require an area equivalent to the entire world.

The electric impulses of nerves move at a speed of 300 feet per second. Over here a very pertinent question arises: Why is it that the speed of human electricity is so less? According to telephone arrangements pure electricity runs as the speed of 186,282 miles per second. The answer is that telephones have pure electricity whereas in nerves not only is there an electrical flow but that other bio-chemical activities too take place.

The nerve impulse is passed on to the neighboring nerve via a space between them called synapse. These nerve impulse obstructions are called inhibitions. Within the nerve fibers one finds positive electricity and outside it is negative electricity. The balance of sodium and potassium in it maintains a chemical balance. Related to this functioning is a chemical called transmission substance. It is the combined activity of electric particles and chemical substances helps in the circulatory/transport functioning of the body. It is because of the unfolding of this mystery that scientists commenced the use of oscilograph/isotope techniques. There is so much data available regarding the factual nature and activities of electrical impulses that flow in nerves that one can feel satisfied by saying that the doubt has been cleared.

Doubtlessly man is a living powerhouse of electricity. In comparison to electricity at which lights bulbs etc this human electricity is infinite times more taintless and sensitive. This difference must remain between energy of inert matter and consciousness. Inert electricity has no connection with emotions. It makes no difference between a butcher and a true saint. Instead who ever can derive work from it, can fulfill its mode of usage will fulfill its excitement. It lacks sensitivity of what is right and what is not.

Consciousness and sensitivity are both present in the widespread electricity of the human body. Hence we cannot limit it by merely saying that it is just created and is widespread as a nerve network. Let it be that it controls the entire body via the medium of nerves, let it be that it appears as though its visible center is the brain, but the reality is that it is the image of vital force of the soul/Atman and is influenced by its sensitive state. If mans inner nature is weak or potent correspondingly the conscious electricity too is weak or potent.

If we touch someones body it is not as though we get a shock because of the presence of human body electricity. Hence via gross technical apparatus it can neither be felt nor experienced. If we wish to understand its material nature those apparatus will be required which were used with reference to this by the Nobel Laureate Hodgkin. But via an emotional touch its influence can be felt by other people too. If we sit in the vicinity of a person who has a high stature psyche our mind too will imbibe this high stature. If we associate with vile and wicked people our mind, intellect and sense organs will imbibe bad qualities. In fact without any rhyme or reason our minds will act in a tainted manner. The reason why spiritual literature urges us to associate with sacred hearted people is not only imbibing good teachings but that we can fully imbibe the sacred flow of the energy of electricity emitted by their divine bodies.

Why do we touch the sacred feet of great saints? The answer is that by doing so we imbibe the sacred energy of divinely radiant people. One of the major laws of heat is that heat from more heated areas run towards areas with very less heat. If a hot stick of iron touches a cold one then heat from the former enters the latter ad makes it hot too. They exchange their heat/cold. The same benefits accrue by touching hallowed feet of great divine personages. Thus bodily touch is a very important medium for the passing of benefits from more powerful regions to less potent ones.

When great Gurus out of divine love pat the head of others, touch their backs etc it seems as though it is merely a show of affection but actually what happens is that vital electricity is transmitted. In this manner adults give grace to those younger than them.

Sparrows keep their eggs under their chest before going to sleep. Over here not only heat is transmitted but that traditional actions too are commenced. The bodily electricity of sparrows by entering their eggs/babies, conjoin the latter to paternal psychic imprints. Although by giving heat from incubators the egg is transformed into baby birds yet a lack is seen in them as far as imprints are concerned. There are babies who get attention from nurses but do not get their own mothers milk, affection, playing in the lap or sleeping near her. Such children get tainted mentally over a period of time. Potent electricity nourishes those whose inner potential is weak.

Aspirants (Sadhaks) during the period of spiritual practices or Sadhana do not allow anyone to touch their feet. They never give blessings in the form of touching others scalp. If they do so whatever little divine energy they have gathered gets transmitted to others and they become spiritually poor.

Although the cause behind celibacy, loyalty to wife/husband is social and family based yet there are spiritual reasons attached to them too. Bodily electrical onrush is predominantly found in eyes, speech and fingers of hand and from there they are exported outside. Subtly in the head and grossly in the genitals this electricity predominates. Electricity of the head is mainly utilized in studying, reflecting, meditation and other mental processes but genital electricity is all the time urging to go outside via touch. This then is the scientific basis of sexual passion.

Great saints lay emphasis on Brahmacharya or sexual continence because for a few seconds of sexual joy one tends to lose a great amount of vital electricity. The weak aspect may gain but the potent aspect is at a great loss. During penance one comes across many obstacles. One of them is a major one wherein human or divine sexual principle tries to gain benefits from the medium of sexual organs. In the lives of Vishwamitra, Parasher, Vyas etc one finds that sexual passion caused a temporary downfall in their austerities. In images of Lord Buddha one finds depictions of many Apsaras (heavenly damsels) as Ridhi-Sidhis dancing and mockingly laughing aloud. Behind this verily is the above mentioned reason. Husband wife full of high stature soul electricity can sire children of corresponding high stature. After performing intense penance along with Rukmini, Lord Krishna sired only one son named Pradyumna. He was exactly like Krishna as far as looks, character etc was concerned. People failed to decipher who really was Lord Krishna. Children sired by penance oriented Rishis and their consorts are as brilliant and radiant as their parents.

Great men instead of wasting this gathered vital electricity in sexual passion utilize the same for world welfare by raising this electricity up to the brain center and this they remain Brahmacharis or celibates. The same holds true for women too. In order to become radiant and mentally potent they focus their inner energy via Brahmacharya.

Bodily electricity not only brings well being to oneself but others too. The question is of apt usage and capability too. This electricity is used up a lot by the body and mind and lies scattered here and there. Ere it is focused and concentrated and is utilized for bodily, mental and soul advancement then in every area apt advancement can be noted. Electricity generated by power stations/houses can be said to be aptly utilized only if it is used for wholesome purposes. Ordinarily the storehouse of bodily electricity is used up in day to day mundane tasks and the rest scatters away. If on the basis of the science of spiritual practices we learn to utilize it wholesomely and understand application of the same for good purposes man can aspire for all round advancement with this spiritual wealth. Thus he can lead a life of success.

Prana Spiritual Practice of Yoga Science is a very important one. Benefits like Sidhis of Anima, Laghima etc accrue. We have already spoken of how ones spiritual aura becomes divinely radiant. In this direction Pranayama Yoga breathing exercise) is the first step. Over here weak tainted vital force is eradicated and in its place the Super Vital Force is reinstated. Routine activities like Sandhya Vandana are looked upon as its most required basis because via such preliminary acts one can march ahead so as to ultimately get imbued with Super Prana.

The Vital Force Principle is the mouth source of all mundane and spiritual wealth. It is spread out just about everywhere. The more one imbibes it within oneself the more one marches ahead to become great. Vital Force is synonymous with energy. Within its periphery lie both material and divine attainments.

From the bodily standpoint one becomes radiant, from the mental standpoint one becomes brilliant, from the social standpoint one becomes famous/great and from the soul standpoint one becomes full of spiritual luster. This 4 fold potential emanates from its root which is Vital Force Energy or Prana Shakti. Only via Prana based spiritual practice can lead you to these Sidhis or Divine Powers.



While throwing light on the importance of Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercise) Swami Vivekananda told a story. Once, a King angry with his minister imprisoned him in a fort. The minister by any means wanted to escape from this fort and told his wife about the same. The fort was guarded heavily so there seemed no means of escape.

The ministers wife then thought of a scheme. A blade of grass was stuck on the back of a beetle in such a way that one end of the grass came right in front of the beetles mouth. After putting some honey on the grass blade the beetle was kept on the walls of the fort. In its tail a silken thread was tied. Seeing honey the beetles mouth started watering. It set off to taste the honey. The more it marched ahead the more the honey too marched ahead. Thus the beetle continuously went upwards. After finishing climbing the wall it was now supposed to march downwards. Now the beetle climbed down fully. At the other end the ministers wife made the silken thread more thick and strong. When the thick silken thread reached the imprisoned minister he tied a thick rope to its end. With the help of this rope the minister escaped even though the fort was well guarded.

Pranayama effectively is that spiritual means wherein the breath is inhaled. Ultimately via control of vital principle the vital force is experienced and it results in gaining innumerable Sidhis or Divine Powers. Preliminary Pranayama is very easy and available to all but some of them are such which helps one to cross the gigantic ocean like Hanumanji, helps one to fly high up in the sky and helps one like Angad to place his foot on the ground in such a way that no one can shake it. But suppose this is not attained even then benefits in day to day living do definitely accrue. Thus ones worldly life becomes successful, joyous and peaceful.

A great relationship exists between mans life span and health with his/her breath. All creatures remain alive because of inhalation/exhalation. By entering the lungs clean air destroys germs that augment diseases. Thus the blood gets purified. The more the blood cells remain healthy and alive the more one maintains good health. The tangible miracles of Pranayama are bodily strength, thinking power and firm mental resolve. Within this not only are the lungs exercised but that Pranayam augments ones life span and potency. It also purifies the blood and gives energy/zest to the psyche. For each one who desires a long healthy life this verily is a means of utility value.

The preliminary teaching of Pranayama says that we must breathe deeply and fully. If this air does not fully enter the lungs then a part of the lungs will be rendered useless. It is like that part of the house which gets infested by worms, mice, cockroaches etc simply because we fail to clean it regularly. When in certain part of the lungs air fails to enter it results in asthma, cough, cold, tuberculosis etc. Slowly these diseases take over the lungs in such a way that it is difficult to eradicate them.

By breathing deeply and fully all parts of the lungs receive air. This air gives oxygen to the lungs and takes away with it dirt of the lungs in the form of carbon-dioxide. Oxygen along with blood circulates in the entire body as a result of which ones health and energy remain optimally balanced. One fourth portion of pure blood is made of oxygen. If this ratio decreases digestive problems arise. The digestive power of such people becomes weak. From this it is clear that what is required is deep breathing so as to evict tainted matter from the body, maintaining an optimal ratio of oxygen in the blood and strengthening the digestive system. This can be achieved via Pranayama.

If the old ash of a boiler is not removed steam cannot be generated. Thus the engine stops functioning. Our lungs too are akin to a boiler. It influences the engine or the heart. If that tainted matter of the body transported to the heart via blood is not evicted from the lungs via deep breathing, bad blood returns to the heart. This bad blood is spread to all parts of the body via arteries which results in various diseases and illnesses. But if we learn the art of deep full breathing our chest will regain good health. The lungs become strong and weight increases. Purified blood circulation results in warding off weakness of the heart. Hence the practice of deep breathing via Pranayama ensures benefits of high stature to our all round health.

In an ordinary state along with our breath 30 sq inch of air enters our lungs. If breathing is deeper, about 130 sq inch air enters the lungs and while exhaling 100 sq inch air is left behind in the lungs. Thus about 230 sq inch space is available. What we are trying to say is that in comparison to ordinary breathing 8 times more air can be taken into the lungs. Thus 8 times more oxygen can be taken into the body and 8 times sound health will augment.

From the above it is clear that greater benefits accrue of more air is inhaled. Similarly benefits also accrue if for a few moments the lungs are rendered air free. A German Jew doctor opines that germs die in the lungs because they do not get any air and along with carbolic acid are evicted from the body.

The other practice involves taking in air from the nose. As a result of this gross dirt of the air sticks to the hair in the nose. Ahead of this is a thin fluid like substance which absorbs nitrogen and other dust particles of the air. Now the air fully cleansed enters the nose canal. Over here the airs heat becomes optimally balanced i.e. if it was hot it becomes cool and vice versa. This path of air transport which reaches the lungs via the brain is very long. In such a time span the airs temperature becomes tolerable. Thus although after reaching the lungs no obstruction comes its way in getting cleansed yet if air reaches lungs via the mouth dirt too enters along with it. Further the temperature too is not optimally balanced. Those who suffer from lung diseases generally inhale air from the mouth.

There are many types of Pranayama. Indian spiritual texts talk of various types called Sheetali, Sheetkari, Bhramari, Ujjayi, Lom-Vilom, Surya-Vedhak, Pranakarshak and Naadi Shodhan. We cannot possibly describe all these in detail yet we will discuss those that are easy and devoid of any danger. Such Pranayamas can be executed by children, young and old quite easily. Hence the method of Pranakarshak Pranayama will be detailed here.

Pranayama has 4 parts: 1. Poorak 2. Antar Kumbhak 3. Rechak and 4. Bahya Kumbhak. When air is inhaled it is called Poorak. This should not be done very fast or with jerks. Slowly fill as much of air as you can in your lungs. Antar Kumbhak means stopping the air from getting exhaled after it is inhaled. It is done only for as long as one can easily hold the breath. One should not hold the breath even if one feels uneasy. One must practice slowly to increase the time span of Antar Kumbhak. Rechak means exhaling air. Like Poorak this too must be done slowly. It is not good to exhale speedily or with jerks. Bahya Kumbhak means holding the breath externally after exhaling it. It also means not breathing at all for a few moments. The time taken for Poorak-Rechak and Antar Kumbhak-Bahya Kumbhak must be same.

Before commencing this practice place your seat or blanket in a clean silent place facing the East. The more lonely the place better it is so that external noise pollution does not affect your concentration and focus. Sit cross legged or in Padmaasan (lotus posture). Close the right nostril with the right hand thumb and do Poorak. Then with the middle and ring finger close the left nostril and perform Antar Kumbhak (hold breath within). Now after removing the thumb from the right nostril perform Rechak. Then shut both the nostrils and do Bahya Kumbhak (holding the breath externally). This is one single round of Pranayama. Initially start with 5 Pranayama and regularly increase it so as to ultimately become capable of doing it for half an hour with ease.

Along with good health Pranayama is a very important and of good utility value as far as soul uplifting is concerned. Thus along with Prana based spiritual endeavor the psyche becomes focused, balanced, steadfast and augments wholesome mental qualities. Ahead of this Prana is mastered via Pranayama and bodily vital force too gets activated. This amazingly influences our health and can be called mind boggling only. Regarding this in India great research has been conducted.

Material Science students are aware that friction results in energy emission. It is friction that releases fire or electricity when a matchstick is lit or via gigantic power stations. We have heard of forest fires which are the result of wood of trees undergoing friction. These certainly are not man made. When powerful winds blow in the forest dry branches, twigs etc of trees rub themselves against each other and this friction results in forest fires. Bamboo is the leading cause over here. Dry bamboos first rub each other and become hot. Then sparks start flying. These sparks result in fire and forest fire is the ultimate result. This is the miracle of the principle of friction.

Ancient man produced fire via friction of 2 shiny stones. Later they used the combination of iron and stone for the same purpose. In Yajnas, Arni Manthan is performed to produce fire via friction of sticks. Within the root source of energy and matter-Brahman (cosmic consciousness/God and nature) it is seen that they undergo friction as a result of which energy as sound emanates and creation activities of the cosmos ensues. Wind bangs against various objects, waves rise and fall in the ocean, in the human body inhalation/exhalation and contraction/relaxation occurs etc which results in friction. Thus energy gets released and thus each carry out their various appointed functions. Various functions performed by matter and creatures are but the result of friction.

Our daily life goes on unhindered as long as inhalation/exhalation does not stop. If the pendulum of a watch stops moving to and fro all parts of the watch stop functioning. If we stop breathing death is imminent. If friction stops life too comes to a standstill. Life is conjoined to breath because energy emanates from it. If we dive deeper electrical flames emanating from Sahasrar Chakra (subtle plexus in the brain) is also called its root cause. Over there, jerk-like movement creates friction.

In order to gain more strength we need more energy. For huge factories huge motors are required to run various machines. Small motors help run only small machines. In order to carry out important bodily, mental and spiritual activities high stature energy is required. This cannot be attained via eating or lighting fire etc. It is instead got from the source of potential that influences both matter and consciousness. It goes without saying that it is none other than Prana or Vital Force. Prana is that principle which that exists in interstellar space as a united energy of both life and matter. Pure cosmic consciousness is Brahman or God. Purified nature/Prakriti is energy. Both at their source are unfulfilled. The creation of the world of creatures is possible only when these 2 streams unite. Thus creatures are called Pranis in Sanskrit language. Modern physics has unearthed atoms, waves, energy and quanta. According to ecology quanta is said to be thinking in nature. From space wind comes, from wind ether and from ether astral manifests. Now Modern Science will also visualize the great ocean of vital force principle in the near future.

The existence of vital force principle was unearthed by Rishis of yore thousands of years back. They had also unearthed the path of attaining great measure of natures glories since small measures did not help matters of great importance. They called it the Science of Vital Force or Prana Vijnana. Its application was called Pranayama. Its aim is to attract in high measure the vital force principle and by imbibing it spiritually one becomes more potent. It is important to understand fully the relationship between breath and Prana.

From a gross viewpoint wind is like a light gas which due to its light weight while getting banged here and there because of small pushes and pulls flies about in interstellar space. In the womb of wind one can note many important and priceless things. Butter exists in milk but one cannot see it. In plants one finds proteins, vitamins etc. In flesh there are many chemicals. It can be known only via special analysis and obtained too via special methods. In the same way a lot is present within wind. While breathing, oxygen, nitrogen etc enters our body. Whatever is required is absorbed by the body and our bodily dirt is removed while exhaling breath as carbon dioxide. Thus if you analyze breath from the chemical content standpoint while it is being inhaled and exhaled a vast difference is noted. In different places the cause of the state that influences health is the great/less measure of admixture of its chemical content. Matter has states like gross, fluid, liquid and gaseous. Water can be ice on land, liquid in rivers and gas in the atmosphere. Over and above this it is easy to understand that within air nor only oxygen etc exists but that vital force too is present in its deep recesses. It enters our body along with our breath quite facilely. The body absorbs as much it ordinarily requires. Due to friction of breath not only benefits of energy generation and imbibing of oxygen accrue but that vital force too is imbibed. The basis of life is dependent on breathing. Behind this is at work friction and attainment of required energy due to vital force intake.

During Pranayama within the movement of breath extraordinary activity is seen. In it extraordinary friction is noted and apart from sustaining life special movements are created as a result. They in turn awaken such sleeping centers which ordinarily are not required for daily living. Yet when they awaken they give man certain added special potential. Pranayama does not mean making the breath fast instead it renders our breathing balanced and cyclical. Various types of changes in balance and cycle give you various types of Pranayama. These in turn are used for various specific purposes. During Pranayama a spiritual aspirant/Sadhak has to make use of special power of resolve called Sankalpa Shakti, faith and mental power. Thus from interstellar space our breath attracts and pulls the vital force principle or the Prana Tattwa. Via Pranayama a Sadhaks breathing includes both special movements and his/her power of resolve. Thus it no longer remains ordinary breathing and instead becomes a substratum of attaining special energy.

We must further understand the importance of friction. The act is ordinary but the result is extraordinary in the form of energy generation. When the shiny nature of the wheels of a moving train becomes less or if friction occurs due to some other cause heat ensues which results in rail accidents. In the sky we can see stars falling making terrific lines. These are not stars but balls of firebrand. In interstellar space small stone like metals enter the earths atmosphere and on banging against air they burn to ashes. We infer that stars are breaking on seeing the terrific light when these burn. This merely is the miracle of frictional activity. During sexual union the friction of magnetic parts create energy of a high stature. It is experienced as ecstasy/bliss and this in turn urges the sperm to unite with the ovum. Thus friction is the root cause of creation.

While churning curds a rod is set up in it and a rope is tied to it. The left hand and right hand move this rope in both directions. The rod thus rotates in the curd. Energy as a result is generated and butter in the curds due to friction emerges. Special types of Svar that move in the left and right nostrils excite the electrical flow of Ida Pingala subtle nerves that lie in the Merudand (subtle spine). Thus movement akin to curd being churned is noted. Thus radiant principles manifest due to this. If it is methodically created and imbibed man will get a chance to become radiant and brilliant as far as his personality is concerned. With this attainment many terrific sparks of radiance/talent emerge. It influences in the form of enterprise, zest, daring, steadfastness etc. On gaining such benefits many glories manifest in our inner personality.

There are many people who are strong bodily and alert mentally but because their psyche lacks enterprise no important step in life is taken by them. No enterprise based decision can be taken by a wavering mind and also at the appointed hour no benefits can be absorbed. Bang opposite to this a person of strong psyche despite facing obstacles as far as health, education, means, help, opportunity is concerned executes steps of great daring and attains mind boggling success in life. Such people as a result of special actions and special personality perform such feats as a result of it they go down in the annals of history as super great personages. In other words this inner potency is called Prana. When we say someone is full of Prana it just does not mean he/she is alive but that he/she is full of enterprise. In comparison to other worldly/material wealth it is of much great importance.

Enterprise and activeness predominates in the awakening of inner energy within Pranayama applications of Prana Sciences. This exercise helps a great deal in warding off inertia and indolence and instead zest and zeal manifest. Because the mind is conjoined to such acts the basis of all successes emerges. For this the mind has to be tamed and educated. It is definitely difficult (but not impossible) akin to training ferocious animals like tigers etc in a circus. Without inner strength it is impossible to attain via other means. It is will power that helps us act wholesomely in social transactions, helps make our personality of high stature and ethics and helps overcome inner taints on a war footing. That conscious energy generated on the basis of Prana Science gives us joy in the form of enterprise and activeness.

An egg bursts only when the baby within desires to come out by breaking the walls of the egg. For a pregnant woman birth pains manifest when the fetus within desires to break all shackles and come out of the womb. If the power of resolve of the fetus dies the fetus deteriorates. For progress enterprise and daring are most required. Else during times of strife it would not be possible to even protect one self. Enterprise is a characteristic of vital force. It is also called daring and valor. This inner energy is called will power. There are many Rishi authored applications of Pranayama which generate energy of various classes. If based on the spiritual aspirants capabilities they are made use of then the invisible benefits will be much more than visible ones.

Sandhya Vandan is a daily righteous/religious act. In it Pranayama too is executed. For soul purification and soul evolution it is important to augment will power. Soul progress is attained via this. In order to augment will power our thinking must be sensitive and actions must be radiantly skillful. Over and above this acts like Pranayama too are required which help in an extraordinary manner. No doubt a balanced diet is required for overcoming weakness but along with it medical cures too are necessary. Pranayama is such a special cure wherein soul force augments by leaps and bounds. In Sandhya Vandan it is conjoined keeping in mind that vital force augmentation is required and is of great utility value.

When vital force diminishes our personality falters in all ways and when it is optimum all our activities work in tandem. When vital force increases it is called strength, potency, alertness, radiance, mental power, skillful etc. Such people are called Super Prana. They can imbue millions of others with vital force and thus lead the world on the path of greatness. The vital force present in demons is attained via efferent and nervous system. The creation of imagination, belief, desire, memory, analysis, intellect of the brain gets augmented and controlled. A very great and subtle power that gives the body and mind a wholesome direction and capacity is called Vital Force. The act of inhalation and exhalation is merely its instrument/medium. On it this Super Force rides and enters and nourishes all our organs. In the material/mundane arena it is called heat, light, electricity etc. and in the subtle realm it is called brilliance (talent). This is the Vital Principle. The more one amasses this wealth the more potent one becomes.



Pranayama has 2 main aims: One is control of the speed of breathing and the other is to attract cosmic vital force so that the gross, subtle and causal bodies get pervaded by this Divine Super Power. Pranayama also helps a lot in psyche control. An otherwise unruly and scattered mind can be focused at one point. Apart from this the path of warding off of mental distortions is laid down. In one voice the world of spiritual practices accepts the importance of Pranayama. It is also very important from the standpoint of accruing good mental and physical health.

When we breathe very fast the storehouse of power that sustains life dries up speedily and thus a long life span is not possible. The more the breathing is slow the more our life span attains longevity. This becomes crystal clear when scientifically a comparative research study is conducted on the breathing speeds of various creatures.

The speed of breathing and life span of various creatures is as follows:

Hare- breath 38- age 8 years; Pigeon- breath 37- age 8 years; Dog- breath 28- age 13 years; Goat- breath 24- age 14 years; Horse- breath 18- age 50 years; Man- breath 12- age 100 years; Elephant- breath 11- age 100 years; Snake- breath 7- age 120 years; Tortoise- breath 4- age 150 years.

In past times man breathed 11-12 times per minute and today we breathe 15-16 times. Thus his/her life span has decreased.

When the speed of breath increases, heat too augments. This in turn decreases ones life span. Those animals who pant like a dog i.e. whose panting is faster they die faster too. A point to note here is that panting and increase of heat are directly related. When man gets fever he starts panting. The same thing can be said differently wherein if our breath is fast our body too gets heated more. This increase of heat and fast breath end our life faster.

A scientist called Jactluve while disclosing the mystery of a long life says that today mans bodily temperature is about 68.6. If it is rendered 46 then man can easily live for 1000 years.

In Pranayama we breathe deeply. During time of spiritual practice (Sadhana) special efforts are made and it is seen to that even at other rimes during the course of the day we do not breathe haphazardly. Instead one should always breathe deeply. Thus our health becomes sound and longevity of life is attained.

Ordinarily our lungs contract and relax 18 times per minute. In 24 hours the total number is 25620. Every breath has about 500 cc air because people breathe erroneously. Ordinarily for a body of sound health 1200 cc of air should be used. People despite realizing the need inhale only less than half the amount. It makes the body weak just as you eat half a portion of lunch or drink only half the amount of water. But knower of benefits of deep breathing always advise us to follow suit and tell us that wayward breathing leads to weakening of lungs. Thus illnesses like tuberculosis, cough, asthma etc will set in.

Taking deep breath means that the lungs get time to relax a bit and uses this little time to purify our blood more and more. Thus the heart too does not get over worked and will attain sound health. The famous footballer of England Midlothian was proud of his potent mind and energy. He attributed this to deep breathing. In every breath he inhaled 2000 cc of air whereas as laymen take in only 500 cc. It is the cheap but very important secret of good health and long life.

Dr McDonald opines: Taking deep breath not only means nourishing the lungs but that the digestive system too benefits. From the standpoint of blood purification deep breath is much more beneficial than all the medicines taken. Dr Knowles writes: Deep breathing helps man execute more tasks daily and gives zest too. Hard working laborers use more energy and hence should tire quickly. But this is not seen and they appear stronger. The chief reason for this is that with more hard work their lungs too work more and hence more blood purification takes place. Dr Matno further opines that deep breathing beneficially influences the brain. The benefits include good memory power and zest for life.

Lungs are at work predominantly in air circulation in the physical body. In the subtle body it is carried out by the navel center. The physical body inhales/exhales air via the nose whereas the subtle body circulates air. Prana is an electric force which like oxygen is merged in air. Via inhalation and exhalation it comes and goes. Of course its existence is very much different from air. No doubt salt is mixed in ocean water and yet they exist slightly apart.

Prana is an energy flow that flows in the subtle nerves of the subtle body. Just as despite blood and its veins have a strong bond yet they exist apart from one another. Similarly although a strong bond exists between subtle nerves of subtle body and Prana that flows in it yet they exist separately.

Preliminarily we can say that via control of Prana such Sidhis (Divine Powers) can be attained for which modern science will take centuries to attain. Sacred material science encompasses Pranayama, Prana control via it and good use of this mastered Prana. This should not be looked upon as a boon of some angel or grace of God. In its pristine pure form it is but of utility value akin to the body machine used like a factory. In Hatha Yoga many such Pranayamas are well known and many miracles as a result are seen. A few decades back Sir Edmund Hillary conducted the Ocean to Sky expedition. During that time an aged Hatha Yogi of Allahbad tied a silken thread to the 60 horse power machined boat of Hillary and saw to it that the boat did not move even one inch ahead. This was energy of pure Pranayama and yet in comparison to the energy generated by such Pranayama if a Yogi errs the repercussions are very dire and unwholesome. Misuse of atomic energy is as harmful for the doer as it is for the enemy. Keeping this in mind Indian Yoga Seers unearthed such Pranayama exercises which can be performed by a person of any physical/mental state. Over here we shall elucidate 3 such Pranayamas. Every year perform one type of Pranayama daily. If the number of hours of practice is increased daily the time taken to master will be about 6 months. In the 4 th year all Pranayamas should be practiced together. After this is completed Yoga aspirants/Sadhaks can contact: All World Gayatri Family, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India or www.awgp.org


1) In the early pre dawn hours after performing daily ablutions sit cross legged facing the eastern direction. Place both hands on the knees. Close your eyes. Meditate on the fact that in the entire sky Prana principle full of light and energy pervades it. Prana akin to clouds of hot steam shining in sun light are flowing towards us from all directions. And within this Prana we are seated contentedly, peacefully and joyfully.

2) From both nostrils start inhaling and meditate on the fact that we are imbibing within the body clouds of Prana principle. Just as a bird and snake enter their nest and hole in the same way scattered Prana flow around us is entering our body via the nose. Thus it is also entering our brain, chest, heart, stomach and all other organs.

3) When you inhale deeply stop it from getting exhaled for sometime and feel mentally: The Prana I have inhaled is now pervading every pore of my body. Just as when you pour water on mud it soaks the water so too our bodily parts are like dry mud and water as Prana is being soaked by our entire body. Further our body is also fully imbibing consciousness, divine light, strength, zest, enterprise, patience and valor that are conjoined to Prana (vital force).

4) Try and stop exhalation (after inhaling air) as much as you are comfortable and then slowly exhale this air. At that time mentally think: After imbibing the essence of Prana in every pore of our body dirty air is being emitted out of our body. It is like throwing away remnants after butter is churned from buttermilk. All mental taints and distortions are being emitted via exhalation of this air and like black smoke it is throwing out all unwholesome imprints of the psyche.

5) After exhaling fully let the air remain outside for sometime. Meaning live without air for sometime and think: Since all the taints of my mind have been exhaled I will shut all doors on them. Now these distortions have run away miles from me.

Before doing Japa (Mantra chanting) daily perform this Prana Akarshan Pranayama classified in 5 parts. Initially perform 5 rounds of this Pranayama. After this every month increase the number by 1 more round of Pranayama. After increasing thus in 1 year you should be able to do it for 1/2 an hour.


For the 1 st year the above Pranakarshan Pranayama has to be done and in the 2 nd year one must practice Lom-Vilom Suryavedhan Pranayama as follows-

1) In a peaceful lonely area be seated with balanced poise. Face the east, sit cross legged, sit in the easy lotus posture, spine should be erect, eyes must be half shut, place hands on both knees. This is called the Prana Mudra and be seated thus.

2) Bend the left hand and keep it slanting. In its palms place the elbow of the right hand. Raise the right hand. Place the thumb on the right nostril and place the middle and ring finger on the left nostril.

3) Close the left nostril with the help of the middle and ring finger. When you inhale air it must not be spread out in the lungs merely but should go to your navel area also. Slowly allow the air to fill up the stomach comfortably.

4) Meditate on the fact that the suns light on mixing with air enters the body via the Pingala subtle nerve situated in the right nostril. Its heat is radiating our inner bodily organs.

5) Let the inhaled air remain for sometime inside. Shut both the nostrils and meditate on the fact that via the concentrated light of Prana of Nabhi (navel) Chakra (subtle plexus) is getting focused in the navel subtle plexus. The Solar Plexus having remained latent for a long time in the navel is now being influenced by this concentrated Prana light. Hence it is becoming radiant and its aura is continuously augmenting.

6) Now shut the right nostril with the thumb. Open the left nostril. Slowly exhale air from the left nostril. Now meditate on the fact that the dirt that induces inactivation in the Chakras is being emitted totally. Now since this dirt is mixed with the exhaled air it is no longer radiant as it was when vital force was inhaled. It is hence becoming yellow in color and via the Ida subtle nerve it is being emitted from the left nostrils exhaled air.

7) Now close both the nostrils. Render the lungs empty i.e. devoid of air. Meditate that the external vital force remains outside only. Since it does not pressurize the internal vital force it is very light in weight. The Prana of the Navel Chakra is focused like the sun. Like a ball of light it rises upwards as fire flames. Its flames travel from the upper region of the stomach to the throat. In the inner subtle Sushumna nerve this ball of fire (vital force) is making radiant the internal body.

8) With the thumb close the right nostril and inhale air from the left nostril. Think that via the Ida subtle nerve Prana shining brilliantly like the sun and mixed in air is entering the body. This light is entering the Solar Plexus situated in the navel along the spine (Merudand). There it is getting focused. Due to the focus of this radiant light the Solar Plexus or Surya Chakra is becoming more radiant.

9) Now shut both the nostrils. Stop the air from flowing out of the body. Meditate that radiant Prana mixed with inhaled air is entering the navels Solar Plexus and is rendering it permanently radiant. The radiance keeps augmenting and like tongues of flames is marching upwards. Because of this light the Sushumna subtle nerve is getting nourished ceaselessly.

10) Close the left nostril and from the right nostril slowly exhale air. Meditate that the dirt of Surya Chakra like smoke mixed with radiant breath is rendering the latter opaque and yellow. This yellow Prana air is being evicted outside via the Pingala subtle nerve. Now since the inner dirt has been removed the psyche/heart feels light and radiant.

11) Now again shut both the nostrils and as given in point number 6) render the lungs empty i.e. devoid of any air. Feel the ball of light of Sushumna subtle nerve going upward from Navel Chakra to the throat. Experience that divine brilliant light shines in the inner bodily parts.

This is one Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama. Prana pulled within via inhalation of air is awakening the Solar Plexus in the navel region. It pierces its lethatgy and dark gloominess. From there via the Sushumna path this radiance travels to the stomach, chest and throat. Hence this Pranayama is called Surya Vedhan. Lom means straight and Vilom means upside down. Once straight - once upside down. Then upside down and then straight. Then upside down, inhaling from left, emitting from right. Inhaling from right and exhaling from left. Because of this cycle of straight/upside down it is called Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama.

3) Naadi Shodhan Pranayama for the 3 rd year:

1) In predawn hours facing the east, with spine erect sit cross legged. Keep the eye lids half shut.

2) Close the right nostril. Inhale air from the left nostril and keep on pulling it till the Navel Chakra.

3) Meditate on the fact that in the navel area is present the full moon like cool light. The inhaled air is touching it.

4) Stop the breath from going out for as long as you had inhaled it. Meditate that the inhaled air which touched the cool full moon like light of Navel Chakra is itself becoming cool and radiant.

5) Now exhale air from the same nostril from which you inhaled air. Meditate that the air (exhalation) which has become cool and radiant on touching the Navel Chakra is making the Ida subtle nerve (from which it is exhaled) cool and radiant while exhaling.

6) For sometime let the exhaled air remain outside (do not inhale) and again start the above mentioned process. From the left nostril inhale air and from it, exhale too. Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Do this cycle 3 times.

7) Just as you had done Poorak, Kumbhak, Rechak, Bahya Kumbhak from the left nostril in the same way do it from the right nostril. In the Navel Chakra meditate on the sun instead of the moon. While exhaling air think that the air being exhaled while touching the sun in the navel is rendering the breathing tube warm and radiant.

8) While closing the left nostril, perform the above action 3 times.

9) Now open both nostrils. Inhale air simultaneously from both nostrils and do not let it go out (do not exhale). While opening the mouth exhale air from it. This action should be carried out only once.

Three times while inhaling and exhaling from the left nostril meditate on the cool radiant moon on the Navel Chakra. Three times while inhaling and exhaling from the right nostril meditate on the warm radiant sun on the Navel Chakra. Once inhale from both nostrils, shut the nostrils and exhale slowly from the mouth. All these 7 steps put together makes 1 Naadi Shodhan Pranayama (Yogic subtle nerve purification).

4. In the 4 th year practice all together:

After successfully executing the 3 Pranayamas in the 4h year practice these 3 Pranayamas together. Initially 3 Pranakarshan, 2 Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan and 1 Naadi Shodhan should be done. Later its number can be augmented in the above ratio.

After practicing the above the aspirant or Sadhak will get divine experiences. This can be demonstrated to a trustworthy person guidance too can be asked for but never should be this used for idle superficial information and talk. If these Pranayamas have matured then on the basis of experiences attained so far further guidance can be taken from www.awgp.org


1) Practice Pranayama on an empty stomach.

2) The place should be pure with fresh air. Never practice Pranayama where there is foul stench.

3) Initially perform only 1 or 2 Pranayamas and only later increase time and number.

4) After performing Pranayama for 1 hour do not lift heavy objects.

5) Praqna energy in its pure aspect has potential of electricity. Hence just like laws of electricity until the newly generated Prana (vital force) is not properly digested till then do not touch metals that conduct electricity. There is no harm in touching gold, silver ornaments and others of its class.

6) During Pranayama practice as much as is possible, avoid sexual activities because like other bodily organs during such times genitals can get excited very easily. During this time span either do not comb your hair or do it your self and instead of being bare foot wear footwear made of cloth or wood.

7) If you sleep on bedsteads do not use very soft bedding, pillows etc that give pleasure to the body.

All these are points of caution which help faster advancement of Vital Force and Vital Body. Pranayama is a direct science whose benefits can be availed by any one be it an atheist or a theist. You may or may not get miraculous gains yet most definitely you gain in a mundane manner wherein you get a long life span, good health, zest, daring, brilliance in eyes, deep sleep, light weight physically etc.



A superficial glance tells us that man is a weak creature but from the electric standpoint man is a wondrous and incomparable creation of the Creator. Especially the brain is such a mind boggling center that in comparison to it all scientific technology unearthed by man to date seems pale. It has many magnetic centers that act like receivers and transformers. In the cosmos infinite types of mysterious flows are there within which man knows just about one of them. The more this knowledge expands the more one gets wisdom of its infinite energy and its infinite energy streams. Maybe in comparison to today man attains more and more of this energy he might start competing with the Creator. Despite this what ever will remain to attain will be beyond our imagination. The potentials of the cosmos material and conscious aspects are so gigantic that it can be said to be unthinkable, infinite, limitless, beyond mind/speech etc.

It is well known that the Earth gains a lot from the sun, moon and the entire solar universe. On its basis it runs its shop. Even stars, galaxies etc external to the solar system benefits the Earth a great deal. Because it is lightweight it cannot be gauged by technology yet it cannot be said to be ordinary or mediocre. Just because something is lightweight we cannot mock at it. In fact the truth of the matter is that the more subtle an object is the more weight-age it has from the energy standpoint. Homeopathy School of Medicine with reference to this fact has given some deep and factual insights. Billions of stars/galaxies that exist in the cosmos share together their attainments. It is hence that they are interconnected. Ere anyone of them had selfishly used their attainments for themselves only the entire cosmic management would have gone haywire. And over here we would have seen only clouds of dust moving about here and there. Earth gets many minor/huge gifts from infinite cosmic energy centers and she in turn plays with them joyfully.

Just as Earth accepts gifts from interstellar space so too it contributes to it too. The focal point of the cosmos is nothing but the law of give and take. A give and take cycle goes on between the Earth and the cosmos. Similarly does it take place between micro (man/individual) and macro (world humanity). The word Pinda used for stars, galaxies etc is used for man also. Man is microcosm and it is related to other infinite conscious microcosms of the cosmos in a way comparable to the sun with the solar system. Mans consciousness gifts its attainments to cosmic consciousness and from there itself imbibes various potentials too.

On the one hand consciousness pervades every pore of our body yet its root source is the brain. Like the Polar Magnetic Force the brain too has forces of attraction and repulsion. It attains a lot from the cosmos and gives a lot too. These centers are compared to receivers and transformers.

Mans total personality encompasses health, character, psychic imprints, education etc. On its basis mans talent unfolds. Talent does not mean just success in various tasks but that it includes the capability of influencing others. In an individual manner this talent can be noted as patience, enterprise, balance, discrimination, farsightedness and gentlemanliness. In ones social life it influences those whom one is related to. They are influenced and attract cooperation, goodwill and reverence. Talent can be augmented with effort. In these efforts are included mundane activities and spiritual practices too. A man executing spiritual practices via his power of resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and austerities based on devotion to God manifest Extra Sensory Powers (ESP). It is spiritual practices that help awaken latent potentials in the deep cave of the psyche as also imbibing of scattered powerful conscious principles of the cosmos. In whom so ever this special quality augments they have the capacity to perform miraculous feats.

Heart beats are measured via ECG or Electro Cardiogram. In the same way Electro Encephalograph records thought waves that manifest due to the brains electrical impulses. From the mind arena based on the level of thought process many types of alpha, beta, delta rays manifest. It tells us about the type of thinking.

There are certain people whose physical frame seems ordinary, their personality also seems ordinary from a gross viewpoint. Despite this there exists so much special electrical energy within them that whatever task they perform it becomes amazing and also they always influence those who come in contact with them.

Which individual has how much Super Human Electrical Force? This can be gauged via aura around their face and divine light that lies scattered in the vicinity of their bodies. This divine aura cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be perceived only by the subtle divine eye. Today there is such technology that analyses electrical energy in the human body and to an extent radiations emanating from there. When we visualize photographs of demigods, goddesses, angels etc a halo is seen around their head region. This is nothing but special human electrical force. It is related to mundane personality and spiritual energy streams.

Dr Charles Farey in his book Annals of Sciences Psychics has given a description of the aura around the head of some of his patients. He further elaborates that why and what kind of differences manifest in this aura on becoming ill.

In the Pirano Hospital of Italy doctors with their eyes open had seen a blue colored aura in a woman called Annamonaro. When this light became more intense this woman started perspiring heavily. Her breathing became heavy/fast and heart beats too accelerated. In order to see for themselves this electrical state of the woman biologists, material scientists and journalists from all corners of the globe came there.

The author of the book Physical Phenomena of Mysticism, Herbert Thirsten has researched on such Christian mystics/saints whose faces shone with radiant divine aura despite fasting for a long time span. Especially he wrote about Annamonaro whose body had a lot of sulfides whenever she fasted for long. Ultraviolet radiations too augmented which could be seen as a radiant wheel. The great scholar Thirsten has described many such radiant saints and found that they had an extraordinary state of electricity within.

Quite some time back American scientists have published data regarding the aura around the body (especially head) of human beings. Today Russian scientists have succeeded in capturing this aura in photographs. In the 145 th volume of Soviet Union Letter a detail of this can be found. This aura does not remain as it is for long. In it there is decrease/increase which tells us what electrical movements take place within man. If more is unearthed regarding this aura, then not only the bodily state but also the movements of the brain of any individual can be gauged in depth and detail.

All activities of bodily circulation and brains state can be gauged not by means of blood, flesh etc but via the electrical flow which as the life force pervades every pore of our being. This verily is called human electricity. We call such people radiant, brilliant and full of divine aura. A great amount of it found in talented, progressive, enterprise based individuals.

This life electricity is different from material electricity that is used in various gadgets. We get an electrical shock on touching batteries, magnet, generator etc. Its contact help bulbs, fans, TV etc to function. The status of human electricity is different hence it does not perform such tasks. Despite this it executes those important tasks of various requirements of creatures.

A major substratum of the inner structure of cells is mitochondria. In other words you can call it the power house/electrical station of cells. Marching ahead from food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately in this center it takes the form of energy. This energy keeps the cell active and its collective activity is seen as creature manager. This energy can be said to be the minutest part of Prana or vital force. When this acts collectively all bodies it is called Super Prana. It is also called Cosmic Consciousness or Cosmic Prana. This Cosmic Prana also functions in the minutest energy unit cell of the Prana. Despite there being a difference of a drop and the mighty ocean yet both are mutually dependent on one another. If the Prana of each cell were not conjoined to one another Cosmic Prana could never exist. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion etc would be absent and it would not be possible to circulate electrical flow like small Prana.

One of the aims of Yoga practices is to augment this conscious electrical force. It is also called mental force, vital power and soul force. Its miracles can be seen via will power.

Within Spiritual Sciences Prana Science has an independent chapter and methodology. On its basis via spiritual endeavor/Sadhana man can imbibe such a large measure of vital electricity that based on it one does not only uplift oneself both materially/spiritually but many others too.

Yoga practices incite and radiate this human electricity in a wondrous manner. If the endeavor is apt, wholesome man becomes full of vital force and divinely radiant too. With the help of the energy of imbibed vital electricity one attains mind boggling successes in various fields of life and by helping others they too get uplifted.

With reference to vital electricity anatomy scientists conclude that a major role is played by energy potential and conjoined to it impulses in the working of muscles. The classification of these electrical streams and naming is put forth as Cephalic Trizamil Nunelgia. The research scientist of Thermoleric Coupling has come to this conclusion that all the activities of the human body occur because of this electrical flow.

Everyone knows that electricity is at work in the human body. Via electrocardiography and electro-encephalography this can clearly be noted. In our blood veins we find hemoglobin that contains iron. Just as iron filings get attracted to a magnet so too our life force helps conjoin cells to one another. Its consciousness admixture all activities take place which we call life circulation.

Special characteristics seen in the body like brilliance, zest, freshness, zeal, enterprise, enthusiasm, steadfastness, alertness etc are results of vital energy. Hence people are called brilliant, radiant, men of austerities etc. Great leaders in the annals of world history are of this type.

Machines work with the help of energy. Mans body too is like a machine. That electricity required for its functioning is called vital force or Prana. It is a fire which in order to keep it blazing requires external aid. Modern scientists call it life electricity.

Sleep is not merely a way to ward off tiredness or take rest. According to scientific research studies the conscious part of the brain goes into unconsciousness so that it can travel into interstellar space and imbibe electrical flows from there in a measure so required. Aerials catch radio waves. In deep sleep our unconscious (sub conscious) mind becomes of this state and from interstellar space imbibes so much electrical nourishment that the management of our bodily and mental activities runs smoothly. If you do not sleep properly these activities run haywire simply because one has not availed of this interstellar electrical nourishment. As a result man becomes tensed and groggy. Sometimes before madness takes over in a person he/she sleeps less for a few days previously. In lack of sleep this nourishment is lacking.

Bang opposite to this when this energy advances meaning when it becomes potent with the subtle bodys aid all potentials manifest. The Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect can be awakened wherein even without any material means man can gain information of far off objects/people, foretelling the future and predicting weather changes. All these activities are executed via a very high stature and subtle most consciousness. Any person can understand this via even a little practice of Pranayama that the more the practice continues the intellect becomes more sharp and subtle and sleep becomes very deep. One quality of deep sleep is a lightweight feeing of the body as also joy. Further dreams that foretell future events can also be seen.

Novatsi News Agency has published news titled Giving English Education at the time of sleep. Seeing the title itself the reader will be dumbstruck. In waking state we do read many books, teachers educate us and yet students complain that I do not remember everything. Thus it seems impossible to teach someone in deep sleep. What we would like to say is that the soul is so sensitive that via its subtle body/light it can read either while awake /asleep and thus imbibe knowledge. Any powerful person can bestow his/her thought, wisdom, divine intellect and message to another person in any state. People may not have believed this but for the fact that in a place called Dubna near Moscow (Russia) science is making all efforts to prove this fact wherein 1000 people in deep sleep are being taught the English language. The researchers maintain that in 40 days these people in deep sleep can master English in 40 days flat.

Within this program only people who can enter deep sleep are chosen to study any language. When they are in deep sleep a tape recorder of a particular language is heard by them. In deep sleep itself they learn grammar and word pronunciation. Till date such experimental data published has proved to be very successful.

On the one hand this experiment and on the other scientists unabated research has commenced to prove that it is not impossible to find in the subtle body (which is within the gross body) the mind and actions of its sense organs.

Because of these events which have taken place in many nations and many people residing there the attention of scientists are now drawn in this direction. Today Modern Science is forced to answer the question: Is there an existence of human beings beyond the gross physical body made of blood, bones etc? Does such an existence like a subtle body exist which can send messages to far off places and perform tasks that cannot be accomplished by the gross physical body? The act of sending human messages to far off places without any gross material means is called telepathy. The Head of Department of the Physiology section of Russias Leningrad University Prof Leonid Vasiliev very recently performed a rare experiment. It should be remembered that Russias political ideology is such that it does not only say that religion, spirituality is not required by mankind but that they opine it is like an intoxicating drug. Despite this because of such events taking place he did not fail to notice them. Prof Leonid Vasiliev via telepathy deluded researchers of a far off placed laboratory. He forced these researchers to give up performing the task they were doing and instead induced them to other activities. The researchers unknowingly were forced to abide by what Prof Leonid Vasiliev (situated in a far off place) induced them to do. They were not even aware as to what they were doing. Via this experiment Prof Leonid Vasiliev concluded that one person can influence another person via his/her power of resolve or will power (Sankalpa) and can make them dance to ones tunes. For this no material medium is required or any other means. To the extent that it can be executed even if the place is extremely far off.

Man is a factory that laughs, talks, thinks and makes decisions. In order to start a factory energy is required. It can be attained via heat from oil, steam, coal, electricity etc. The human body factory requires energy. For this man has a self working machine given by Almighty Lord. This furnace gets heat via fuel like food, water and air. Further than this the functioning goes on, on its own. In the stomach digestive chemicals are produced not by food but by traditional energy sources. Food in fact only manufactures heat that excites these energy founts.

By itself the center of consciousness is said to be the brain and it is nourished by the blood center of the heart region. The heart gets materials from the stomach. The mouth fills the stomach with food. The mouth in turn is helped by the hand to feed it. This cycle goes on but in reality the entire body is a storehouse of power and energy. This energy is of the extraordinary electricity type. Extraordinary because unlike material electricity it does not run blindly but that only after seeing who is in front of it will its activity increase/decrease.

Human electricity is every individuals personal and special wealth. On its basis it graces in such a manner, such give and take occurs which cannot be gained via monetary transactions. One person influences another is known to all. The greatness of association is sung by all. There are many examples of how good company benefits one and bad association brings ones downfall. This influence does not occur solely via conversation, social transaction, greed or pressure but it takes place more so because of give and take of electricity present in those individuals.

The quality of heat and electricity is that wherever things are conducive it enlarges its area of working and influence. Potent individuals full of vital force influence those who are weak minded. Of course weak people due to their pathetic state invoke compassion in powerful people and force them to give something. On seeing her little baby a mothers breast oozes with milk and heart overflows with love. Thus when powerful people give something to the weak they never undergo any loss. Generosity based self fulfillment overcomes any lack experienced by them. From a superficial standpoint a mother who breast feeds her child loses milk and yet because of affection based satiation her emotional aspect experiences satiation.

Excess emotions means more vital force exists. Such individuals may look physically weak yet their will power/soul force is very potent and in comparison to physically strong people, they undergo lesser diseases/illnesses and are more joyful too. From the flesh standpoint someone may be very strong but because their vital force is weak they undergo various diseases and are not emotionally joyful on contacting others.

We are all aware of benefits of bodily strength, intellectual strength, wealth strength, weapon strength, authority strength etc. If only people knew about the potential and utility value of will power they would realize that its attainment exceeds importance of all benefits enumerated above. Soul force not only makes us radiant but that it has the capacity to influence others in the mundane world and imbibe help/cooperation from them. Some people have the capacity to perform otherwise strenuous tasks quite deftly/easily. The reason is that their inner personality is very potent and is the basis of all round success. If only our intense efforts march ahead in this direction verily we will have the true capacity of being truly powerful in a wholesome way.



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