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In this gigantic cosmos no planet apart from Earth has been discovered which is full of beauty, aptly managed, well controlled and full of innumerable special qualities. No doubt we can imagine the existence of heaven but it does not possess those special qualities and strange happenings as is seen in our globe. Hence Earth in Sanskrit language is said to be Swargadapi gariyasi. Amongst the many planets, satellites etc unearthed in our solar system many are much more gigantic than planet Earth yet in them we fail to perceive natures beauty, numerous creatures, trees, herbs etc. Nowhere are such marvelous seasonal changes noted. Further it is a virtual impossibility to find such a living being as man who is said to be imbued with innumerable potentials, special qualities and glories. It is alright that these radiant qualities although present dwell in a latent state.

How it is possible, that in comparison to other planets our tiny shaped Earth is full of beauty and aptness? If we mull over its material causes only one fact super cedes everything and that is the distance between Earth and Sun is so apt and optimal that all this was possible because of proper balance. Ere this distance were to be less Earth would have been rendered a fire ball and were the distance more it would have been converted to a planet without any functional activity due to freezing cold. Hence it is the apt distance between Earth and Sun which creates such special qualities on the former that is impossible to see elsewhere in the cosmos.

In one voice right from spiritual seers to modern scientists of the world proclaim that Surya Atma Jagathushcha which means that the sun is verily the soul of the world. The sun is said to be the chief of earth and this fact is pictured as a relationship akin to husband-wife, 2 male-female lovers etc.

When solar rays rain on earth that area exudes zest and enterprise. Functional movements commence in plants, creatures and various material objects. When the sun sets everyone gets devoured by lethargy, tiredness, sleep and lesser activity. Wherever solar rays are minimal or absent there rotting, listlessness and indolence prevail. Germs and other toxic creatures try to reach such regions. The more solar energy reaches a place there more strength and zest is noted.

The chief elements of this world are said to be sound, light and heat. Their vibrations, atoms/molecules and other units along with their aides make varied forms of various materials. We see that objects have various hues. Where do these colors manifest from? The answer is clear- these objects get a particular color when they absorb that particular color from the various hues of solar rays. Hence sun is the creator of colors in objects. The sun thus gives us an introduction to its mind boggling artistic nature akin to an artist in his painting studio.

Earth has many minerals and ores. From them mans and other creatures body is designed. These minerals and ores are created from the union of earth and sun. We can see them created, growing and functioning in their own way in right from food items to other arenas of materials. Modern scientists opine that the fount of existence of all life bestowing principles on earth along with their activities is none other than the sun. Scientists like Angstrom and Huginins conclude that solar light possesses the capacity to produce ores metals like sodium, calcium, barium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, cadmium etc. Human life force is but the result of the grace of sun. In its absence man becomes ill and diseased.

The human body has many cells, proteins, secretions, hormones, vitamins etc. Normally these are looked upon as gifts of nature but subtle research over this shows that this separateness is created because one must study that in certain regions what is the stature of solar influence, in what measure and how speedily? There with which unit which flow mixes and gives what results? Via chemicals we can see objects produced but in reality these chemicals are created from sun rays.

Right from creation of this world to date changes are seen only in creatures, materials, seasons etc of earths atmosphere. At their root the cause is the give and take bond between the earth and sun and differences seen in its reaction. If we study why natures history keeps changing the conclusion drawn is that the distance between the sun and earth is the root cause of upheavals and changes.

While cogitating over the worlds future one will focus on the fact as to how much and in what manner solar energy will be tapped? Mans chief requirement is energy. Where will fuel come so as to cook food, bake bricks, make chemicals, melt ores, functioning of vehicles in land/air/sea, running various industries, tapping water from the ground? As an answer the only solution is making use of solar energy.

The sun gives us its introduction via its heat and light. The second is its spiritual form which manifests in our psyche as inspiration, enterprise, zeal, daring etc. In spiritual parlance it is called Savita. It is not an inert ball of fire but is conscious Prana or vital force. By invoking and attracting it bestows on a spiritual aspirant Ojas/Tejas/Varchas (material and divine brilliance). Kunta of Mahabharat epic fame by invoking this divine energy gave birth to the suns son called Karna. In Karnas mind and body this energy could be visualized as an amulet and earrings. In many other episodes there is a description of attaining miraculous capabilities via the sun. It is the sun that is worshiped by the solar lineage called Raghuvanshis.

In the New Era in order to transform world psyche an intense requirement will exist so as to augment radiant talent the world over. In the creation and advancement of great humans the use of Savitas conscious power will prevail. For that today high stature souls via their subtle bodies are carrying out special applications and efforts.

In the form of congregational world human application within the period of Era Junction a Gayatri Mahapurashcharan has been carried out in Shantikunj (Haridwar, India: www.awgp.org ). It had commenced in the year 1989 (Sharad Navratri) and ended in December 2000. Its auspicious end had been executed in a grand befitting manner on a gigantic scale. In the science of spiritual practice those people imbued with faith come to Shantikunj for a camp of 1 month and 9 days and take part in this Era Junction Mahapurashcharan.

In contemporary times how should one combat radiations emitted by nuclear weapons? Regarding this the famous philosopher Arthur Koisler directs us to take recourse to spirituality based solutions. He have his opinion in an interview with Blitz newspaper editor Mr. Karanjia (which was published in March 1983 Navneet magazine) wherein he said that much more than nuclear energy it was Gayatri energy that was very potent. Gayatri is but the Mantra of Savitri or Savita. He says that when millions of Indians chant Gayatri in a gigantic Purashcharan the energy that results would execute the task of a missile that pierces the sun and by conjoining to Bharga will destroy atomic radiations.

Just like Rishis of yore in the future contemporary spiritual visionaries will experience that even in the human personality/nature on the basis of this super energy required purification, reformation and transformation can be induced. In Surya Purana, Akshunyopanishad and Aditya Hridaya mention is made regarding suns special quality along with therapies wherein via this potent energy the body, mind and emotions can attain high stature benefits. With reference to this data such research studies will be conducted which can never be falsified and when tested scientifically will be proved true. In future solar science will gain repute and instead of limiting its utility value merely to materialism it will be used in psychological therapy. One can see the grand results of Surya Namaskar, Suryabhedan Pranayam, Suryopasthan etc. From it one imbibes great faith in the prowess of the sun.

Those who harbor deep faith in the above proof for them a public congregational program of meditation have been designed. It is as follows: at dawn between 3 and 4 am purify your body and mind; shut your eyes lightly; meditate on the golden sun rising at dawn. Experience that the golden rays of the sun are entering our body and its state is like the moon. Just as the moon shines brightly with the light of sun that it receives and via its coolness lights the dark night on earth thus pouring down nectar so too in deep meditation solar light enters the body of the devotee and like moon it imbibes cool nectar of light. This cool light by encompassing the entire cosmos renders the atmosphere too with serene radiance. Thus all creatures and materials of the world get influenced by it. The atmosphere is thus augmenting its utility value and taints of the world are being bid adieu.

Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra. Those with deep faith in Gayatri Mantra can meditate as mentioned above and chant Gayatri mentally. Those who cannot appreciate its utility value can at least invoke solar light in their body and thus meditate that the cool nectarine light of moon is spreading in the entire world.

For this 15 minutes are required so that everyone can meditate together. If one type of sacred emotion is manifested at one and the same time by millions of people across the globe then via the manifestation of congregational energy the aspect of solar consciousness can bless world humanity that much more. We pray that this exactly happens.


All those things and energies either seen in this world or those that are not seen together are called Prana. It is called the worlds extremely subtle and great power or Vital Force. The act of inhalation/exhalation is but its vehicle on which it rides so as to render our bodily parts and functions potent, well managed and balanced. Heat, light, electricity, magnetic fields spread in the material world is but a manifestation of vital energy. By contacting the external and inner mind it manifests as will power, from will power to sensitivity and from the latter to the soul. Ultimately it merges into Almighty God or cosmic consciousness/soul. It is the worlds most powerful existence. Thus vital force can be looked upon as Gods medium or apparatus of divine responsibility.





The arrangements of the marriage of Princess Sharifa Salva, daughter of Malayas King Parmesuri Agong were going on with great pomp. The marriage program was celebrated with grandeur. But on the day of marriage it rained very heavily and everywhere there was flooding of water. Now what was to be done about the marriage? A Tantrik female called Nidan Rehman was invited with royal honor and she was requested to show a way as to how this rain could be stopped. As a result it was amazingly seen that although it rained in that region yet in the area where the marriage was to take place not one rain drop poured down. Thus the marriage festival went on unobstructed. A similar incident took place in that country in the year 1964. In those days the nations sports team had come to play cricket and a big crowd had arrived to watch the match. Again as luck would have it intense raining was noted. Dark clouds loomed large over the city of Kuala Lumpur. Now what would happen to the game? Since the play ground was soaked in water it would take days to dry it. In order to solve this problem the authorities thought of taking help of well known Tantriks. Hence the chief of Malaya Cricket Association requested the well known Tantrik of Remvau to help them. The Tantriks methodology of solving the problem was mind boggling. A sort of invisible umbrella hung above the cricket ground and hence although heavy rains were seen outside the ground not a drop of rain water fell on the ground.

A 3 rd incident too has been the topic of discussion at the international level. The shooting of a film called The Year of the Dragon was going on. On the day when the main scene was to be shot it started raining cats and dogs. On this occasion too help of a renowned Tantrik called Abdulla bin Omar was taken and thus the film shooting area was rendered devoid of rains.

The chief of The Royal Astronomical Society and other important officials have written details about the stupendous art exhibited by Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm. The world famous inventor of radiometer and one who deeply researched into thelium and golium Sir William Crookes had minutely studied the skills of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find any wiliness in it.

Amongst these skills are rising high up in the air, walking in air, catching hold of burning coal in ones hands etc. Sir William Crookes was a great well known scientist/chemist of his times. He minutely searched the hands of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find anything there. Holms hands were delicate and soft. Then while Sir Crookes was watching intently Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm took a very fiery burning coal from a furnace with his bare hands and continued holding it for some time. His hands were devoid of any bruise including burn marks, boils etc.

In Report of the Dialectical Society Committee of Spiritualism even Lord Adare has described Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm. Lord Adare said that along with 8 other people he was present in a seance. Not only did Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm hold burning coals in his hands but made others too hold them in their hands. Seven of them without getting burnt at all held these burning coals in their hands. Amongst these 4 were women. Two other people could not endure the burning. Lord Adare has written about many such other experiences which throw light on Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm possessing Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and that he had contacted subtle unseen energies. Amongst these observations is the fact that in a room filled with people, various objects getting rattled simply as per the will of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm, objects like a chair or table hanging in air 4-6 feet above the ground and that these kept hanging in air as long as Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm wanted them to hang. Further if one even shook this table hanging in air things like a piece of quartz, paper, pencil etc kept on it would not fall down on the ground and remained put at their place on the hanging table.

Sir Crookes has described things like a beautiful hand suddenly appearing, that hand pulling rose petals from the rose attached to the coat button of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm, some objects moving on their own, bright clouds appearing in their midst, then these clouds getting converted into a hand and on touching this hand one experienced intense pain, sometimes heat and sometimes coolness.

Americas well known psychologist Dr Ralph Alexander after awakening subtle energy could either dispel dark clouds or create dark clouds as per his will. For many years he practiced concentration of the mind so as to influence creation/destruction of clouds. In the year 1951 in Mexico City within 12 minutes created clouds in the sky that had rain water. At that time many scientists and other scholars were present. Although there was difference of opinion amongst them regarding Dr Alexanders miraculous powers yet everyone accepted that when in the sky there was not even 1 rain cloud yet within 12 minutes many rain clouds did gather and that a few rain drops did fall on the ground.

Hence Dr Alexander decided to experiment once more in such a way that no doubts would remain. He hence told the audience that one of them must choose a particular cloud from many dark looming clouds and that with his power he would remove it from that place. For this in a place called Ontario Aurlea an exhibition was arranged on 12 th September 1954. Amongst those who had assembled to watch this miraculous feat were about 50 scientists, journalists, leading authorities of that city etc. Especially the city mayor was invited so that none could doubt the success of this exhibition. Arrangements were also made for the fact that when the clouds were dispelled very powerful cameras would click this scene. This was required because many felt that Dr Alexander used mass hypnotism techniques to exhibit his psychic powers whereas in reality the clouds never moved from their original position. Thus mans mind would get deluded and hence if powerful automatic cameras clicked the scene no doubt would remain in anyones mind. Cameras click only those scenes which its eye witnesses through the lens. A local newspaper called The Daily Packet and Times published the events that took place later:

When people gathered Dr Alexander told them to choose a cloud on their own which they wished to remove from its position. There were many clouds near the horizon. Between these the blue sky too could be seen. Amongst these clouds there was a thin one but which was very dense and was situated steadily in its place. This was the cloud which people wanted to see moved from its place. Many cameras clicked photographs of this particular cloud.

Dr Alexander did Pranyam (Yoga breathing exercises) for some time and did Tratak (focusing eye sight on a particular object without winking) on that very thin cloud strip. Suddenly a strange change was seen in that cloud. The thin strip of cloud started widening and then started becoming thin. The cameras were on and every second a photograph was being clicked. Minutes passed by, the cloud started becoming thinner and its density too started decreasing. Slowly it appeared as though someone was separating cotton strings from one another. Within 8 minutes everyone saw that thin cloud totally disappearing from the sky whereas clouds surrounding it were in their original position.

Everyones gaze was mind boggled. But Dr Alexander was yet not satisfied. It could be that some people believe this feat to be a chance incident. Clouds are known to form and later break up too. Hence he asked the assembled crowd there to choose another cloud and thus cameras now focused on this new cloud. On that day this feat was executed 3 times and all 3 times Dr Alexander successfully removed the clouds chosen by the crowd. When the films from the camera were developed the clouds chosen by the crowd were clearly dispelled by Dr Alexander successfully. At that time leading newspapers published the news of this feat as headlines on the front page.

In America this science is called Psychokinesis or PK and those deeply studying it proclaim that after a certain time span not only dense clouds but that other objects too can be moved about at will.

A great miracle man of England Robert Hudchi celebrated his 100 th birthday. He was said to be an extraordinary personality of his time. During his lifetime Englands famous newspaper The daily Mirror had cast many aspersions against Hudchis miraculous powers and they doubted his prowess. Robert challenged all such critics as a result oif which at the time of experimentation he exhibited a marvelous feat wherein Robert was tied tightly with heaven chains yet he broke them with ease in 2 minutes as though they were made of cotton and freed himself without much problem. He was then shut up in a room that was locked from outside yet with ease he came out of this locked room. He was then shut up in a dark tunnel which was sealed tightly from both ends yet Robert came out of it with ease. How was all this made possible? This mystery will unfold in the will written by him during his birth centenary celebrations for the benefit of all.

In the streets of Varanasi (India), roams a naked Yogi. Householders are upset at his naked body yet the police do not detain him. Varanasi police were hence criticized a lot hence at last they approached the naked Yogi with an arrest warrant and locked him in prison.

Around 8 police personnel were told by others that the Yogi was seated at Manikarnika Ghat on the Ganges shore. This was the hottest summer month of May where it is difficult to even move out of the house. The police were wonderstruck to see this naked Yogi sitting on a rock that was as hot as a hot pan used for cooking food yet they had to catch hold of him. The Yogi seeing the police approaching him smiled as though he knew their intentions very well. Along with this he was so beyond all worries as though he was the lord of Varanasi and hence fearless. A miniscule police officer endowed with government authority does not fear anyone hence how could a great Yogi endowed with great spiritual and divine powers fear anyone in the cosmos? Yet such great Yogis like playing pranks like small children because divine bliss attainment is the supreme goal of their life. Hence is it amazing that this great Yogi called Tailanga Swami desired straightforward child like joy via various divine sports as mentioned above?

The police were standing barely 2 yards away. Tailanga Swami got up and ran to the River Ganges. The police ran after him. Swamiji jumped into the river. The police did not want their uniforms to get wet and hence did not jump into the river. Instead they surrounded the area where Swamiji had jumped from. At some point in time this sage will come out. An hour passed by, 2 hours went by and the third hour too passed by but there was no sign of Swamiji. The sun was now setting in the west. It is said that in the river water itself Swamiji sat submerged in trance or Samadhi. For this he had already thrown a huge rock in the river water and it is said that whenever Swamiji dived in the river he would sit under water on this rock for hours in trance.

No one had seen Tailanga Swami eating anything yet his age was said to be 300 years. Even today in every home of Varanasi one finds incidents of such miraculous kinds narrated about Swamiji. Despite not eating anything every year his body weight increased by 1 pound. At the time when the police ran to catch him, Swamijis weight was 300 pounds. Despite Swamiji being so obese bodily the police could not catch him. Ultimately when the dark night arrived the police thought he must have drowned. Hence although the police left that place to attend to other matters, the lay public stood there watching all this. Even then Swamiji did not come out of the water.

Again next day in the morning the police arrived at the river area. There Swamiji was smiling so sweetly as though in his life there was nothing else but divine bliss. Energy after all is energy and in this world only its bliss prevails. It is least amazing that Swamiji was immersed in the bliss of divine energy gathered by him via Yoga practices. Again when the police ran to catch hold of him Swamiji rushed towards the river and shouting aloud to a boatman headed towards the opposite shore he again dived into the river. People were hoping that like yesterday even today Swamiji will hide under the river water and just like frogs under mud and bears of Uttarakhand (India) bury themselves under snow without breathing in the same way Swamiji too will sit in trance submerged in the river. Yet just as an air plane flies in air carrying such a heavy load by balancing itself on 2 wings similarly Tailanga Swami ran in the river water in such a way as though he was running on land. Before the boat reached the other shore of the river Swamiji had already landed there.

Swamiji sure must have known that the police troop is very harassed hence again he appeared on Manikarnika Ghat and voluntarily allowed the police to arrest him. Hanumanji had destroyed all weapons of demon Meghnad but when he saw the Brahmastra weapon he voluntarily got tied up with a rope. It seems that Tailanga Swami too did not wish to disrespect social norms and rules yet it was necessary to exhibit the fact that spiritual powers are n fold more potent than material powers. It was hence that 3-4 times he escaped arrest by the police force and finally sat unmoving very quietly as though he knew nothing. After handcuffing Swamiji the police locked him in prison. At night the inspector of police slept deeply because finally he succeeded in arresting Tailanga Swami.

The following incident has been taken from a book called Mysteries of India and its Yogis written by Louis de Carte. A traveler from France called Carte unearthed many strange happenings in India by travelling there in every nook and corner. The famous Indian Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi page 31 has also described this incident.

It was morning time and a cool breeze was blowing. The police chief went towards the jail but his body started sweating profusely. At that time he saw Yogi Tailangaji zestfully roaming on the terrace of the jail. The jail doors were closed and locked properly. Hence how did the Yogi manage to climb on to the terrace? The police chief thought maybe the lower official had unlocked the jail door for the Yogi. When the official said that the door had not been unlocked even for one moment the question arose as to how the Yogi came out of a locked door? The official knew this was because of the greatness of Yogic powers but the police chief refused to accept this. Again the Yogi was locked in the prison. The lock on the door was sealed tightly. Surrounding this area many police personnel were placed on duty and the chief himself decided to sleep there with the keys in his safe custody. Next day he woke early to see how the prisoner was. The jail door was locked and sealed too. Police personnel were guarding the jail too yet Tailanga Swami was seated on the terrace practicing Pranayama. The police chiefs eyes popped out in dismay and ultimately decided to release Tailanga Swami.

It is said regarding Tailanga Swami that just as after you add a drop of water to a vessel of boiling oil its heat converts this water into steam immediately in the same way while Tailanga Swami ate poison one does not know what kind of fire was there in his body but immediately the fatal quality of the poison disappeared into thin air. Once a person acted wickedly and taking a vessel full of lime water to the revered Yogi said: O sage! Take this vessel of pure milk. Swamiji immediately picked up the vessel and drank all its content. But next moment the person who had brought this lime water started yelling in agony. He fell at Tailangajis feet and begged forgiveness. Only then his agony and burning stomach sensation subsided. Tailanga Swami said: Dear brother! It is not my fault. It is Newtons 3 rd law of motion which says every action has an equal and opposite reaction force.

Mans body is like a machine, vital force/Prana is its energy, fuel is its power and mind is the engine and driver. Any extraordinary task can be carried out with its help. Via material science with the help of the body many extraordinary tasks can be enacted. But all these energies and capabilities are present in Yoga Science and Yoga practices and only those with apt spiritual credentials attain them and benefit from its joy bestowing nature.

Scientific journals published in English like Nature and New Scientist is world renowned. Its editing and publication is carried out by world famous scientists of high caliber. Descriptions and data published in them are said to be based on sound scientific research and full of logic and proof. In it was also published scientific proof based description of Extrasensory Powers in the body of Urigellar. He is only 60 years old. He was born on 20 th December 1946. His mother was a German. When this young man was studying in Cyprus he found strange activities within his personality and without any embarrassment he told his relatives about this. When he went near clocks the latters needles would move about on their own by leaving their appointed place. In front of school students via only his eye vision not only bent objects made of metals but also broke them apart.

In open fields without any veils or curtains or any other miracle mongering has helped people overcome all doubts via many exhibitions. If someone doubted that he was using tricking powers he would give them a chance to test his ESP powers in the way they wanted to test. He has never studied nor experienced miracle based tricks. He does not know the skill of hypnotism or mesmerism. Whatever he does is as clear as daylight for all to see. In experiments conducted by Stanford Research Institute and in the august presence of high stature research scientists he has passed all intense tests. In the presence of well known journalists of Germany and England he has shown his ESP skills and various television channels have also highlighted these feats of his.

Urilgellar can throw his consciousness to far off places. He knows in what state that region is in. not only this but that he can as proof bring objects from those places. When he was told to go to Brazil and get some object from there he did exactly that and along with describing the contemporary situation there he brought a bundle of notes of Brazilian currency.

Urilgellar was supposed to meet 2 scientists of Philadelphia in their chamber. The names of these famous scientists are Arthur Young and Thedbastin. After meeting these 2 when he went to the lower floor a heavy idol kept in a room in the floor above came down and sat on Urigellars shoulder. In the year 1971 he had gone on a trip to Sinai dessert accompanied by a New York resident called Puhrik. The shutter of the movie camera belonging to Puhrik was mistakenly left behind in America. As a result while clicking a photo dust gathered around the lens and thus it became problematic. Urigellar asked him where the shutter was placed and in a flash that shutter was transported from America.

On being questioned Urigellar said that this power or potential he has got without any effort and unasked. For exhibiting this potential he does not have to make use of any Mantras, mediums etc. at the time of visualizing the invisible in order to focus his vision at one point he raises an ordinary curtain and on it he sees scenes passing by as though he is watching television.

He was also very well known for bending or breaking objects made of metals kept on tables merely by focusing his gaze on them. These powers he can exhibit for hours at a stretch. In the year 1969 he asked someone to bandage his eyes firmly and after sealing them from above, he had driven a car on the roads of Israel.

His power to visualize invisible things too is mind blowing. His mother was immersed in gambling. When she came home Urigellar on his own would tell her how much cash she had won or lost.

Many a times his extrasensory potentials (ESP) were tested in the presence of big groups of scientists and research fellows and he passed all such examinations with flying colors.

This incident took place on 25 th March 1909. The grand master of the Science of Psychology Freud was requested a meeting by his contemporary psychiatrist Carl Jung. The topic of discussion was Super Mental Energies and Powers. Freud did not have faith in the existence of such special psychic powers. Jung who had faith in such powers exhibited his prowess in a special way. Objects placed in Freuds room started shivering in such a way as though a cyclonic storm had entered his house. In the cupboard where Freud stored his books a sound of crackers bursting was heard. Freud was just spell bound by all these happenings and immediately accepted that indeed there are extrasensory powers hidden in this world.

The above incident has been described by Nandor Fodore in his book Between two worlds.

These incidents are such which a few people may have seen visibly. Yet for the majority these incidents regarding psychic powers are mere tales or faith based miracles. There could be a group of people who are such that they will label such incidents as baseless and unscientific. This can only happen when such people are totally unaware of the science underlying the reality regarding incidents of extra sensory potentials or ESP. those who have even minor knowledge of the Science of Vital Force or Prana and the subtle body which is created by it will never call such ESP capabilities as blind faith or unscientific. The energy underlying these ESP miracles is so potent that any other worldly miracles pales greatly.


If via a glass lens solar rays are focused at one place fire sparks erupt from there. Fire, energy and electricity are present in light and everyone knows the importance of these forces. It is the miracle of rays that it can tell us which inner bodily part has deteriorated. Everyone is aware of potency of X-rays.

For the first time in 1964 American scientist Dr Charles Town proved that light is more extraordinary and miraculous. In the red oxide of aluminum one can also find a little bit of chromium. Via this red oxide he converted ordinary rays into laser rays tremendous energy manifested from it. Just as due to goalless thinking and wild imaginations no great task can succeed in the same way light particles that get scattered roam about aimlessly and very weakly. But when Charles Town focused them at one point its untold energy manifested. Today these focused laser rays are looked upon as the 8 th wonder of the world. For this stupendous feat Town was honored with the Nobel Prize. Although in 1960 a scientist called Theodore Simon had unearthed these laser rays yet he did not get the Nobel Prize because he could not pinpoint their utility value and application.

America has designed such a technology which via 1 laser ray generates 5 billion watt electrical energy. What is simply amazing is that these rays are very thin and miniscule. In order to control these rays that are spread out and in order to focus/concentrate them at one point such a glass lens is made use of whose diameter is as tiny as 1000 th part of a centimeter. If it is made even more subtle and tiny its energy and power can be that much more terrific.

One can identify this energy from the fact that if carbon in order to be melted and converted to steam takes hours on end by ordinary means, laser rays can do this in 1millionth part of a second i.e. carbon can be converted to steam in that time span which is beyond human imagination. This is like a miracle and it forces us to think that when not only Indian Yogis but that realized great saints of other countries in a flash can help people overcome diseases, via mind boggling powers of Maran/Mohan/Ucchatan/listening to far off sounds/seeing far off objects, is it not possible that human consciousness is also making use of that light principle?

Diamond is a very hard ore. It is very difficult to cut it. Laser rays can cut diamonds in 1/50000 seconds meaning if 50000 diamonds are kept in one row and from one of its ends laser rays are allowed to enter them then in 1 second 50000 diamonds can be cut. A big stick of wood with a diameter of 100 inches takes many hours to cut into 2 pieces but laser rays can cut it in 1/7 second.

The benefit of this focused controlled light energy can be seen in eye operations wherein not one surgical instrument was made use of. In this method light rays are made to enter the eyes and it performs the most subtle operation. It is said that in the Mahabharat Era such weapons existed which were operated using machine power and they worked according to ones will power but that its gross form could never be seen by human eyes. These invisible weapons were called Narayan Astra, Pashupat Astra, Sudershan Chakra, Varun Astra etc. Up till now maybe the principles behind Mahabharat Era energies were looked upon as overstatements but today laser guns have proved that such technology and Sidhis or Divine Powers are not the figment of wild imaginations but are very factual and real. It is said that whoever bowed his/her head in front of an attacking weapon called Brahmastra it would not kill that person. Such technology/weapons appear beyond ones imagination but laser rays have such special qualities wherein guns made from lasers pierce balloons made of all colors except red color. Lasers are attracted by red color and hence instead of attacking red colored objects they remain serene and docile in front of them.

Regarding the great commentator of Mahabharat War, Sanjay it is said that he had attained Yogic vision. His 3 rd eye had awakened. According to Indian Spiritual Seers if we focus our psyche on the Ajna Chakra situated between the 2 eyebrows one can spread it as electromagnetic waves and send them anywhere. In this way one can carry out miraculous feats like gaining knowledge of far off objects, predicting the weather, hearing far off sounds and other such extraordinary acts. This was proved on 21 st July 1969 when Americas rocket reached moon manned by a human. Its very efficient commander Neil Armstrong placed a laser machine on moon after landing on it. With the help of this technology by making its single ray into a medium akin to a wire one could converse from both ends. Further weather could be predicted, the distance between stars/galaxies etc can be measured and photos of far off regions can be clicked. Today lasers can be used in medical therapy field in such a way which can be given the form of technology based therapy.

The light energy of laser rays is even more potent than atomic bombs. It is believed that in a short time Science of Light will transform the methodology of industry management, social lifestyle and culture. None should least be amazed by all this. Light can be used to unearth secret thinking of peoples mind too.

In Nighantu (5/6) Sthaniya 31 there is a description of demigods. All these divine energies have been partitioned from one conscious existence. Light is but a form of root consciousness and many of its other forms have not been unfolded by us till today. The day we attain its complete knowledge for a creature living in any corner of the world will realize that the entire cosmos is but a global village wherein there are only few buildings and very few known villagers reside in it.

In the human body resides such an existence called Prana or vital force. Bodily heat, magnetism, aura, attractiveness are its manifest qualities. In its un-manifest form in the subtle body made of vital force based waves like laser rays many potent powers dwell on attaining which man can become the lord of the world and living God. Miraculous incidents written in previous pages are but feats of this potent energy which is attained either via spiritual endeavor (Sadhana) or due to Gods grace.

In Yoga Science there is a detailed description of 8 Sidhis or Divine Powers attained via spiritual practices which are Prana based and these are Anima (rendering the body weight less), Garima (rendering the body very heavy in weight), Laghima (rendering the body tiny in size), Praptya (easily attaining objects that are difficult to get), Prakamya (fulfilling ones desires), Ishatva (omniscience) and Vashitva (subduing others under ones control).

Western scientists have unearthed certain extrasensory powers (ESP) which they have categorized in 4 ways:

1. Clairvoyance which means attaining that knowledge of objects or incidents which is attained without the ordinary means of unearthing information.

2. Knowledge of future events without use of ordinary means.

3. Attaining knowledge of the past unknown incidents without using ordinary means of doing so.

4. Telepathy wherein one transfers ones thoughts to others without using any technology/apparatus and in this way also reading thoughts of others.

If the above classification is further deepened it can be portioned into 11 functions. Miraculous experiences can be categorized in the following ways:

1. Without any means of knowledge attaining information regarding incidents taking place in far off regions.

2. A person knowing the mental state and condition of another person.

3. Predicting future events well in advance before they actually take place.

4. Knowing the activities of dead souls thus one directly experiences their existence.

5. Children, youth or other people telling us those incidents of their previous lives, which they have never been told about by any other person and which can be matched by us as proof.

6. Via another person very casually manifesting ones knowledge or experience in such a way which are different from his/her own potential and personality and which is of a higher stature.

7. Ones body with ease manifests such energy which influences others who come in contact with it a great deal.

8. One possesses such terrific will power that highly impossible tasks are executed very facilely like a divine sport with its aid and via ones zeal miraculous feats are enacted.

9. By contacting invisible souls one can attain extraordinary cooperation and help from them.

10. One can give curses and boons which influences other people and objects for a long time span.

11. One gets the power to enter the body of another via the soul.

The basis of all these Sidhis or Divine Powers is Prana Sadhana or vital force based spiritual practice. On its basis the Pranamaya Kosha or vital force sheath of the human body is rendered advanced, controlled and made use of. These facts till today may be based on deep faith but modern science has now commenced accepting these spiritual truths and is also researching into them. Vital force is such an energy which if activated totally, man can become the master of those Divine Powers/Energies which are but miracles for ordinary world humanity.



Sometime back under the leadership of Anyvrat Association a Yoga exhibition program was organized and in it a Muni of Anuvrat Movement exhibited some miraculous powers. Diplomats of every country of the world were present there. The Yogi told the wife of Saudi Arabias diplomat as to how many notes were there in her purse.

In the 22 nd August volume of Moscow News a description of an 8 year old girl called Voldya Denishk was given. In sheer darkness she could see with the help of her lips. On a very thin paper something was written and this was covered by a pile of other papers. Voldya yet could tell you what was written on this thin covered paper.

A hypnotist of Chicago, USA Dr Stanley Michelle proclaimed that he knew a person called Ted Serius who without an image and simply with the help of mental imagination could click photographs in his camera which dwelled in very far off lands of the world. It was not necessary that these photos were of contemporary times only because he could click photographs of those times in the past when the camera itself had not been invented. For example if he so wished he could click photographs of Alexanders war times, Christ on the cross and who was present at that time, laborers who built Egypts pyramids etc

On hearing these news Americas world renowned magazine Lifes editor, Paul Belch and his associates curiosity was aroused. They took with them a camera from the office of Life magazine itself. With their own hands they added the film reel to the camera and went to Dr Michelles office.

Ted Serius sat down on a chair. After placing that camera on his lap he fitted it in such a way that his face appeared in front of the lens. Now it looked as though he was remembering an incident of past times. By meditating with his focused intellect he pressed the camera button. The first 2-3 photos were very hazy but one photo which was very clear was that of a very ancient idol of Greece. It was indeed mind boggling that a photograph was clicked of that image which was thousands of miles away, without travelling to that region and that too of a very ancient era of the past.

Since Dr Michelle was a well known hypnotist hence a doubt arose in Paul Belchs mind that there was a possibility that he used his power of hypnotism to successfully click the above mentioned photo. Hence he requested Ted Serius to come to his Life magazine office all alone. The camera had a film of Life office and was placed in it by the staff. Paul Belch said: This time I request you to click such a photo of a building of 17 floors whose windows can be seen clearly on being clicked. Serius again sat down as before. Via mental imagination he again clicked the same type of photo. To which city this building belonged is unclear but its photo was published in Life magazine. People were spell bound on noting this miraculous capability of Ted Serius. Ted also says that today people look at me with curiosity but very soon I will prove that the body has a divine light based capacity and with its help seated put in one place we can visualize the entire world. Ted has clicked such photos of the 1 st world war and soldiers of Americas fight for freedom which are matching photos of those times and proof of all those incidents too. At one focal point one can see both past and future incidents at one shot.

Actually there is no object called time but is only a manifestation of the cosmos or soul. If only we attain that root light point we can know the past/present/future and become all pervasive or cosmic in nature at the soul level. To experience the world there is no need of sense organs like eyes, ears etc but that the light of the soul has all these capabilities and potential.

Till today it was believed that in order to see an object 2 things are required i.e. light and eyes. When light gets reflected on the retina of ones eyes the eyes knowledge sheath performs a special biochemical reaction and sends all messages to the brain. The mind is a 3 rd entity which experiences the activities of light and eyes and by readying new types of plans, commands and experiences separates other bodily parts meaning if there is no mental consciousness then despite the availability of light and eyes it is not possible to see and visualize objects.

In 1967 for research on eyes 3 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize and one amongst them was Dr Wald. While talking about the designing of the atoms of retina he spoke about a rare principle called visual pimple (rodopsin) and opined that in reality it was it was responsible for converting light particles into electrical waves. These electrical waves in turn go to the brain to create reflected images. From this, one more thing is clear that light by itself does not have the capacity to see objects directly (unaided) and that it has to get converted to the potential of electric onrush.

Mind is just not only light but is like the electrical wave of light. Hence if the mind/psyche has the capacity to convert objects into images directly none should be least astounded. There are many such examples wherein there is no need to convert light into electrical onrush via retina and there are people can see via skin, cheeks or any other bodily part directly (unaided).

The British Journal of Medical Hypnotism published such data wherein in Bangkok there exists such an institution where blind people are taught how to see things with their cheeks. Its officials proclaim that mans cheeks in comparison to other bodily parts are that much more sensitive and over there dwell great amounts of subtle spiritual energies. The importance of kissing cheeks and its direction is given so that the use of this sensitive bodily part should be done only for apt goals and the usage of a persons subtle potential must be done only in a wholesome manner.

In 1954 a doctor from Bangkok with the help of psychological science experimented on a boy of 13 years. It must be noted that along with training of psychology he was taught meditation and how to enter Samadhi or trance. The boy was taught the skill of concentrating the mind on the cheek. After 9 months of this training he attained the capacity of seeing things with the help of his cheeks. After this, such experiments were carried out on 10 more blind people wherein 6 of them fully succeeded in seeing with their cheeks.

The above examples tell us that in this world exists such a great principle which in limited amounts if activated extraordinary energies can be awakened. Even scientists today accept that in various creatures such a network of nerves which can help solve any new problems that arise. Whatever is seen and can be seen by the eyes made of flesh and blood is very limited and miniscule. If we can see only in such a limited manner verily it is a very mediocre achievement.

Actually the act of seeing something is done by the lens. Yet its limit is very minor. At a certain distance it loses its capacity of seeing things. Only those things that are clear can be visualized by it and yet this world is very widespread. The nature of all objects is not visible. What is visible is very minor in comparison to that which is invisible. Take the example of the functioning of atoms. They are definitely greater in number than all stars etc of interstellar space put together and are more active than them too. If it were possible to visualize molecules/cells of the body, electrical flows of a power house station and their activities it would be as widespread, mind boggling and worth researching into akin to this gigantic cosmos. Yet there is no way the human eye can see all this.

Even in the directly visible world, in visible objects too only a small area appears in our vision. We need to know much more than this. This can be fulfilled via letters, newspapers, telegram, telephone, radio etc. since we know that the eyes potential of gaining information is very limited we rectify this by using other means/instruments. The more one possesses these means the more one benefits.

Beyond the closeness of gross vision lies a very widespread area with ourselves which is called subtle or divine vision. If someone so wishes this 3 rd eye can be awakened via Yoga practices and very much beyond the periphery of the vision of gross eyes one gains the capacity to visualize those situations and incidences.

The science of hearing very far off voices via telephone was already well known. After this via the radio it was possible for 2 people to talk to each other without electrical connection and only with the help of sound waves. Via television, it was possible to send visuals to very far off places. Now one more step has been taken forward. Photography too has joined the medium of communication. We must take the example of a mirror and camera. When we stand in front of the mirror we can see our image clearly but the moment we move away from it the image is no longer there in the mirror. The same is not true for a camera. Even if a photo is clicked with the camera the image remains permanently on the photo. If television is called a mirror then this electrical copy communication system can be called photography of a camera which in a moment sends photo of a particular place from one end of the earth to another.

Today in newspapers photos of important incidents of the world get published on the very next day. The reason is as given above. It is more detailed than a telex too. In India such a communication center has been built between small hills in Arvi near Pune. It is called Intelsat-3. Its communication waves reach Mumbais steel tower. Over there near Flora Foundation is built an 18 storied building which imbibes those waves and then via powerful apparatus/technology are sent to desired regions. This technology has an imbibing arrangement like transmission. Photos transmitted from foreign lands are imbibed over here and after making many copies of them immediately they are dispatched to newspapers or related government departments. Not only photographs important maps, designs, papers, letters etc are immediately sent or accepted via this methodology.

Photos sent elsewhere are stuck to a large cylinder/roller. This roller rotates at the speed of 60 rounds per minute. Along with this it induces 100 lines per inch. A central ball of light is thrown on this photo. The reflected light with the help of a lens are focused/concentrated on a light cell. Over here the varied forms of light are transformed into varied electrical vibrations. As per the rise and fall of colors differences are induced in these electrical vibrations. For white color there is a cycle of 1500, for black color 2300 and for brown color, 800 cycles per second. Now these vibrations can be sent to in nook and corner of the world via the technique of radio communication. Over there photos are caught and machines that can imbibe radio sound waves are designed. These machines and technological apparatus by catching these electrical vibrations transform them again into photographs. In our country there are 24 such radio photo channels that are related to 34 leading nations of the world.

Russians call this communication satellite method as Darvita. America has its own methodology. Right from 1969 till today have set up in interstellar space about 600 satellites out of which about 550 are moving in various region of earth. Every year, Russia sends about 50-100 such satellites in space. These artificial interstellar space satellites send information of weather, astronomy etc to its root center. Such satellites help helps in the functioning of radio photo communication. By advancing this Intelsat satellite technique like sound wave based communication the method of photo world can be rendered facile. Thus seated in the comfort of our homes we can see important world events like we see film in cinema hall screens. Today the problem with television is that it functions with a limited periphery but with the above methodology this too can be solved.

Television apparatus helps us see far off visuals and events. Radio photography helps in sending photos to far off regions in the world. Even subtle sighted and farsighted machines like telescope and microscope by augmenting the nearness of vision capacity render them widespread and cosmic in nature. Those who possess such means benefit based on the limitations of this technology.

Even man has such technology given by Almighty God which can be said to be more potent and widespread when compared to the total attainments till today with reference to inventions/discoveries based on augmenting human visual capacity. There is no need to buy it nor does one need training to utilize it. Ajna Chakra situated between our eyebrows is our 3 rd eye. By doing spiritual practice in order to open it that inner divine light advances via which we can see and understand situations reigning in other worlds, core of earth etc. not only this, this 3 rd eye has that power to understand a living beings mental state, sentiments, imaginations, intentions, desires, aspirations and nature too. The spiritual practice of awakening this 3 rd eye can give us the extraordinary gift of radiating our vision and rendering it widespread and cosmic. This gift not only aids us in knowing the present but that whatever took place in the past and will happen in future too can be unearthed accurately.


In photos of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati his 3 rd mythological eye too is depicted. As per the legend Lord Shankar by opening this 3 rd eye burnt God of Passion Kamadeva with the help of fire that emitted from the eyes. This is the center of divine vision. With its help we can carry out tasks akin to those executed by the television. Over here is attached the technology of seeing far off sights. Via its medium Sanjay of Mahabharat war fame saw all events that took place there and related them to King Dhritarashtra seated in his palace. The result of this divine vision was that Chitralekha could paint Pradyumna whom she had never met.

This 3 rd eye indeed is very influential and potent. With its aid not only the act of seeing things far away but that even the subtle and invisible can be seen and understood. Just as X-rays pass through gross objects and can make photographs of objects not visible to our gross eyes in the same way the camera of Ajna Chakra can see the invisible realm of the world. Via this medium not only can we see objects but that the psychic/mental state of living beings too can be gauged and understood. The matter does not end with just seeing and understanding things but that the potential of Ajna Chakra is much more widespread. It can influence and positively transform others too. This divine capacity within the realm of mesmerism and hypnotism through the medium of gross eyesight can be made use of.

This Ajna Chakra is nothing else but focusing/concentrating of enough vital-force between the eyebrows and via its throwing attaining all kinds of information. Like modern science it is an experimental truth and not wild imagination at all.


Thought in reality are electromagnetic vibrations riding on the vital force or Prana. Gayatri devotees many a time on their get such messages from other fellow devotees which appears as though this communication has taken place without electric wires being used. Gayatri Japa or chanting is nothing but the practice of focusing and gathering vital force. So much cosmic vital force can be gathered in our body by us that it can function as a transmitter. In the following chapters its methodology and spiritual practice shall be highlighted. In a gist we must realize that the intensity or weakness of thoughts is nothing but the presence of greater/lesser measure of vital force or Prana.

In the body with the help of electrical energy daily lifes various tasks and transactions are carried out. The bodily machines various parts (organs) function under the inspiration of this energy. If it can be produced in larger quantity its benefit can be transmitted to others too. Via donation of wealth, blood, bodily organs like eyes etc other humans in world society benefit. Very similar to this it is possible to donate vital force to others. A portion of ones life force can be transmitted to others and thus in a certain measure new life can be imbued in them. Via the science of mesmerism bodily and mental therapies are administered. Not only are its benefit no less than other medicine/herbs based cures but that sometimes it surpasses it too. Today proof of existence of bodily electrical energy can be got via ordinary technology/apparatus too. The body is a good large generator. In certain people this electricity flow is found to be excess than normal. Many can augment it with proper effort. Via electricity many varied tasks can be executed. With its use many machines function and thus we all benefit. Via bodily electricity some special directions of contact areas can be activated. By influencing certain people their thinking and character can be transformed. Not only this but that they accrue benefits pertaining to health, strength, knowledge, enterprise and other glories.

How do energies functioning in the subtle world influence gross matter and objects? These examples can be found in ones daily living. As soon as heat/cold augments in the earths atmosphere our vessels become hot or cold respectively. In monsoons due to wetness in wind greenery augments. Radio and television are influenced by subtle flows in interstellar space and hence they function aptly. On the basis of this principle the energy waves of our will power can be flown in space. Thus individuals and objects situated nearby or far off regions can be influenced by these waves.

Like humans and other creatures via will power objects can be influenced. These objects can be removed, moved, lifted etc. Within them other types of movements and special quality can be manifested. In fact their very nature and characteristics can be transformed. With the help of fire and electricity the nature and shape of forms can be changed and this is possible to execute even with the help of ones will power/soul force. In many miracle based feats such situations with effort are manifested wherein will power induce extraordinary movements in inert objects or that their ordinary functioning is obstructed. Without such exhibition shows too such incidents are seen manifesting in ones normal daily living. Over here due to contact with a particular person or mental resolve called Sankalpa mind boggling changes are seen in the nature and functioning of material objects. Like electrical flow if will power or psychic energy is looked upon as an energy stream then activities carried out by them should not be looked upon as extraordinary but ordinary.

There is a clear difference between fire and heat. Fire is directly visible and gross in nature. Hence it can be seen by the eyes and can be moved, lighted and doused. Heat is subtle and widespread. Hence although it can be experienced yet it cannot be seen by us. We can neither catch heat nor push it. Of course although using an air conditioner we can cool our house yet heat of summer season cannot be totally transformed into coolness. Fire is gross hence it can be lit and extinguished too. Via mediums like electricity, steam, fuel etc energy manifests which is used by us in daily living (fan, computer, train, cars etc). Hence we easily identify it. Ordinary application of will power is seen in influencing one another yet if it is rendered advanced and aptly managed for some special aim it will be clear how potent it is. On its basis not only an individual but that matter and circumstances too can be influenced.

While giving various proofs Alexander Ralph in his book The Power of Mind writes- Via intense meditation energy can willfully influence living and non living materials found outside the body via a focused human psyche. Ralph opines that it is a doubtless fact that via will power the gross world can be controlled and mastered.

Via known facts in the reaction that results in the creation of an electronic brain scientists have concluded that the unconscious mind akin to a powerful computer carries out various functions and just as on the basis of what is fed into the computer the latter functions so too the unconscious mind gets its food from ones thoughts and resolves or Sankalpas. Thus this course of the unconscious mind is influenced by mans desires or will. It is crystal clear that with effort a person can fully master/control the unconscious mind and then will carry out those tasks which appear astonishing just now.

A person himself/herself can advance/activate his/her electromagnetic strength area or the region of gravity. Although scientists have commenced accepting this fact yet they have failed to unfold its basis and methodology. Man is a walking electric power house. All his inner functions and activities are executed via electrical flow found in the muscle network. In ones external living via the organs of knowledge and action various functions are seen. The energy used in such functioning is actually human electrical power. Biochemical matter like blood merely functions as fuel in the production of human electrical energy.

The sergeant of Russian army named Nelya Mirvailova can via her will power move steady objects, can stop a moving car and can induce the car to move. These miraculous feats exhibited by her have undergone scientific tests and have been proved true.

Along with means of energy like electricity, steam and oil, thought power too is being included. In the very preliminary stages itself within spirituality, thoughts are accepted to be such potent principles that not only its fount can be influenced but that its region of contact too can be influenced. Not only this but that far off and unknown creatures and objects too can be influenced.

A telepathy researcher Englands A N Kiri for a long period of time did experiments to unfold what goes on in a closed room. In this experiment a lady proved to be more imbued with divine vision.

In order to prove his experiments right Kiri he requested many people of truthful nature. Amongst those who researched were Dublin Universitys Prof Sir William Barett and the great intellectual Prof Sidgwig, chief of Society for Psychical Research. They experimented on the above research studies from many angles and accepted the data that unfolded from it as correct. A description of the details of these research experiments have been published in Association of Thought Communication.

Both theists and atheists attain equal success influencing the intellect of people living in far off lands and transforming them. In this research endeavor even Russian scientists are following in the footsteps of Yoga aspirants. An anatomist of Leningrad University Prof Leonid Vasliyev did an experiment of telepathy potential on a group of people immersed in research. Via his experiments he could induce these people to slowly stop research on the current arena and instead they commenced research on another topic. Everyone was astounded to see him succeed in this experiment. Leonid after noting down his opinion and conclusion in secret files told his friends that in a short while he will after creating distraction in the psyche of a particular group of researchers he will induce them to take up research studies on a new topic. In reality this is exactly what happened and these group of researchers who had completed a major portion of studies on a particular topic gave it up and started experiments on a new subject.

Even if we ignore history and mythology yet on the basis of proof/data given by modern researchers one can accept that by experimenting using Mantras that are an admixture of thought and sound waves one can succeed in transforming the atmosphere/environment.

Just like African people even in Malaya exhibitions are given regarding experiments on Mantra Science and miraculous feats time and again. Mantra seers over here are known to influence seasonal changes too.

In day to day living too important usage of thought energy is noticed. On its very basis many activities are executed and accordingly results accrue. The external personality is but the result or reflection of mans inner personality. Due to our thinking people nearby us are either our friends or foes. The roots of the basis of censure and praise are seen in the recesses of mans inner personality. Even ordinary level of thought energy designs our way of living hence if a special level of thought power which manifests due to the scientific practice of Yoga gives miraculous results it should not be looked upon as irrational. In Mantra Energy applications where on the one hand we see vanity yet there is no dearth of well proven incidences on the basis of which we may not understand its extraordinary form yet we cannot say we have no faith in their existence.

Many times it is seen that certain people possess the power of influencing material objects via thought energy without any effort. Despite not undergoing Yoga practices they can see the invisible world and unearth the unknown. This extraordinary potential exists in the unconscious psyche of each and every human being the world over. Human electricity from the ordinary standpoint generally is used up in daily mundane living but only if it is augmented such gigantic feats can be executed. Via spiritual practices divine potential augments in a manifold way and with its help such extraordinary mind boggling tasks can be carried out. These spiritual attainments are carried over in ones subsequent births and incarnations too. Such people even without spiritual practice simply based on achievement of spiritual wealth in their previous lifetimes demonstrate miraculous feats.



By itself in the attainment of Extrasensory Powers-ESP other centers of the unconscious part of the brain too function yet the use of Ajna Chakra (subtle plexus) is the most. When the mirror is smoky it is not possible to see ourselves clearly and hence how can one expect a tainted Ajna Chakra to work? If the lens of a camera is dirty how can we click photographs? We cannot see clearly if either our eyes have a foreign particle in it or it is bandaged. In the same way a tainted Ajna Chakra in a latent state cannot demonstrate its otherwise immense potential. Hence it needs to be rendered potent, awakened and clean. This region in spiritual parlance is called the 3 rd eye. It possesses divine vision which means with its aid one can see that which is not visible to the gross physical eyes.

Very well known magicians like Gogiyapasha and Prof Sorcar would bandage their eyes tightly and in the midst of huge crowds watching their show on the road would deftly ride a motorcycle without causing an accident. Before they enacted this feat specialist onlookers would check aptly whether the magicians eyes were bandaged tightly or not so that they could not see anything. Although local authorities made sure that no accident occurred yet these magicians were such adepts that no untoward incident took place at all. These exhibitions always succeeded and the onlookers had to accept that without the help of ones gross physical eyes one can see so much more.

Similar to the above is an incident of USA. A lady called Podasia would tie a bandage tightly around her eyes in pitch darkness and said yet she could see the external world including identifying various colors. She was scientifically tested by researchers of New Yorks Bernard College. The chief of the research group Dr Richard Yutes proclaimed that truly this lady has those very powers which she says she possesses. The Encyclopedia of the Occult has numerous such examples wherein a description is given about ESP present in various humans. Frances Fontan was blind since birth but with the touch of his fingers would know everything just as those people who are not blind can visualize things naturally. Frances seer scientist Jules Romans was very interested in the science of subtle vision and via his research efforts proved that very much akin to nerves that send messages from the eyes that sees things to the brain there exist threads that carry sensations in other bodily parts too. If only they are activated then we can see things with the help of other bodily parts too without using our gross physical eyes.

A professor of Czechoslovakias Institute of Parapsychology named Melin Rizle and a professor of Leningrad University Valiliov after conducting research proved that man possesses Extrasensory Powers. But what yet remains a mystery is how such powers/ESP can be awakened and augmented?

Gavin Maxwell has taken great interest in unfolding the very existence of divine vision and after lengthy research studies found that many possess it in a very natural manner. Relentless effort and practice can augment ESP and yet many possess the same without making due effort. Such people fear to exhibit these spiritual experiences. They cannot exhibit such glimpses of divine vision because of being thought to be hypocrites or that others may not like it or that if they fail to exhibit it others will mock them or that they themselves do not have firm faith in the spiritual experiences that they get. Thus these ESPs remain hidden. If only the tradition of exhibiting ESP sets rolling it will be clear that just as man can be very radiant intellectually he/she also possess in great abundance spiritual experiences like ESP. evolving these with intense efforts can render them that much more potent. Just as intellectual grandeur is augmented by educating the illiterate masses so too it is also possible that divine vision present in small measure in laymen and in abundance in specially gifted people can be rendered more potent and thus help the entire world benefit in a big way.

Through his long term research studies Gavin Maxwell has given the description of an 80 year old blind man who had the capacity of pin pointing where exactly lay the corpse of a drowned fisherman in the sea and thus helped in bringing the dead body out. He writes that this capacity predominates in people living in a cluster of islands in the west. In the island of Shams Fiyarna when a fisherman was catching fish he drowned in the sea nearby a village. In order to remove his dead body and aptly burying it the entire village was yearning. For many days they took their boats in the sea for long hours yet they did not find the dead body. There was a cloud of despair everywhere. At that time an 80 year old blind man called Calum Mcenon said: Please take me with you in the boat and row in the sea. It is possible I can help you find the corpse. On finding the correct spot the blind old man shouted: Hurl your net here and you will find the dead body. This was exactly done. As a result the dead body was fished out and then it was aptly buried.

This divine vision can be used in the material arena in order to see the invisible and know that which is unknown. In the spiritual world it helps augment farsightedness and power of discrimination. Such divine sighted people are called spiritual seers and what they perceive and think is of a very high caliber. It is this divine vision that can visualize consciousness in material objects and soul in all creatures without exception. It is well known as Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect and via Super Mantra Gayatri it is worshiped. On attaining it, one sees ones own soul pervading every iota of the cosmos and others joy and sorrow is felt as ones very own. In it one attains the supreme goal of Self Realization and God vision. The self realized Avatar Lord Buddha had said: when the eyes of divine compassion open man sees others in himself and himself in others. It is with the vision of compassion that Maya or the power of illusion is rent asunder and beyond it one visualizes divine light of God. It is the supreme goal of human life to attain this divine light.

Many years back in April a mind boggling program was telecast on Moscow television. A blind Russian lady called Rosa Kuleshova read an article with the help of the touch of the 3 rd and 4 th finger of her right hand and without help from anyone identified photos and paintings. This TV program was seen by thousands of Russians and people of other countries and indeed all were astounded.

Rosa was a teacher of a blind school. One day when she was teaching suddenly she experienced that without the help of eyesight she could see with only the touch of her fingers. Slowly she increased this practice. With mere touch she could identify numbers. In a few days she could identify colors on paper merely via touch sensation. In December 1962 she exhibited this prowess of hers to the Ural branch of Psychologists of Soviet Russia. She immediately read out from a newly published newspaper with the help of finger touch. Not only this, but she also described the pose and what clothes were worn by the person in the photograph along with other minute details merely via touch sensation. Of course Rosa had no clue as to how she identified alphabets, colors and photos yet she definitely said that when she touched anything vibration like lines were transmitted to her brain and then everything became clear.

Scientists present were at a loss of words. A psychiatrist of Kharkov University said: It is possible that objects emit infra red radiations and from its vibration maybe Rosa unearthed information. Hence such research experiments were taken up based on this theory. If glass is thoroughly polished objects beyond it can be seen clearly. Hence even when infra red rays were blocked yet Rosa could see things merely with touch sensation. Not only this, but that she was shown colors that were present on the other end of a long tube. Hence she placed her finger on the mouth of the tube and correctly described the colors. Scientists could not subscribe any reason for this amazing demonstration and ultimately a Russian newspaper Izvestiya accepted that this is but a miracle of divine vision.

After watching programs on TV a doctor of Kharshov Olga Bliznov also experimented in this manner on her daughter. It was seen that like Rosa Kuleshova she too could identify colors like blue, black, green, red etc merely by touch. She too was tested. In front of Lena Bliznok a bundle of square shaped papers was placed and underneath this bundle was hidden a paper on which something was scribbled. But it was astounding that by merely touch the surface of the bundle she could correctly say as to what was written in the paper hidden below the bundle. Not only this but that by placing her fingers about 2 inches away from photos, paintings, colors and written material she could correctly identify them even after her eyes were bandaged tightly.

Professor Alexander Spinov deeply studied this science. Although he found some young men imbued with this potential yet he could not unfold its mystery. These topics were heard by Professor Dr. Richard P Hughes of New Yorks Bernard College who said that in 1939 a girl called Petrisia Einswerse of a high school in Kentucky too possessed divine vision. Today she is a mother of many children hence Dr Hughes preferred to experiment on young lads of the college. Later he said that amongst 145 schools 15% students possessed this divine potential and via practice they could augment it too. From this data it is crystal clear that everything cannot be seen merely by the gross physical eyes and that other bodily parts also possess the capacity to see. The brain and eyes perform the task of photography and that the brain stores photos of objects taken by the lens called the eyes. On the basis of its reaction the brains nerves which take decisions is called vision. The eyes are apt optimal means for this. There is a close bond between the brains center of identifying forms and nerves of the eyes. Hence ordinarily we see with our eyes and on its basis the brain takes apt decisions so as to make definite conclusions.

But it should not be understood that we can see only with our eyes. By advancing nerves of various organs connected to the brain to a great extent we can visualize various objects. Every object of the entire world possesses electrical rays of heat and light. Along with waves of vibrations it spreads its flow in the entire cosmos. Via the element ether it reaches very far off regions and if they are caught aptly then those scenes that are far off, those incidents taking place far away can be seen like objects visualized nearby. In order to catch these visible rays eyes are apt. Objects nearby are seen by eyes and in order to see very far off objects one must make use of the 3 rd eye called Ajna Chakra situated between our eyebrows. Yet it should not be understood that various forms are related to eyes only. Due to predominance of the fire principle vibrations of forms manifest. In the human body eyes represent fire principle but this is not wholly true. The entire body is made up of 5 elements. Ere the fire principle of any other organ of the body is activated by spiritual endeavor or on its own then it can carry out major functions executed by the eyes. In the same way up to a certain limit the function of other organs of knowledge can be executed by other organs. Swami Vivekananda had visited a great Yogi Pavhari Baba whose food intake was limited to the air he breathed. He did not take food and water but via other bodily parts he got other types of food from the subtle world. Without this none can sustain life.


While discussing the extraordinary nature of the human body those proof based incidents are many a times mentioned which have been tested thoroughly by various people. In the human body there could be present mind boggling measure of material electricity and to prove this many well known examples have been cited. In the town of Ladyville, Colorado resided a person called KWP Jones who while walking on the ground could tell as to which ore mine (and how deep) was present under the ground he was walking on. His body was influenced by vibrations in varied ways by the various ores present under the ground. Experience told him which ore gave which type of vibration. He benefitted a great deal by this special quality possessed by him. He got a major share holding in many mines that he identified and many other mines he bought from his own cash. As a result he was well known in America as one of its richest citizens.

Irelands Prof. Baret was well known for the fact that via his psyche consciousness he could identify sources of water underground along with ore mines. As a result of this prowess of his, citizens of his country benefitted a great deal. An Australian farmer of the last century too was famous for such attainments. He would carry a 2 pointed twig in his hand while walking on the ground and wherever he felt there was a fount of underground water he would stop there. Generally when that area was dug a well full of water was unearthed. In Rajasthan, India there was a person called Madhavanand who helped people dig so many wells successfully with the help of his divine vision.

The science that tells us about objects present underground is called rabdomancy. With its help one can get details of oil, gas, petrol, minerals, ores etc present underground. But if this science is used only to unearth water resources present underground it is called water downing.

In Irelands Viklo mountainous region there was no water till far off regions. The ground was full of pebbles and rocks. Prof. Baret in front of mine specialists executed his prowess. For many hours he roamed in this area and ultimately after stopping at one spot said: Only 14 feet below if you dig you will find a water fount. Digging commenced and what Prof. Baret said was cent percent true. After digging 15 feet a strong spray of water emerged.

Behind all this is found the very basis of that Prana or vital force. Electricity is one but if it enters a heater it manifests heat and when it enters a refrigerator it manifests coolness. Both characteristics are opposite yet they manifest from single energy. Prana or vital force residing in mans body too is such a type of electricity that can carry out 2 very opposite types of tasks.

In the history of research studies on the human body many incidents have been quoted which prove that certain bodies have more electricity wherein other people too can easily experience it. By itself our bodily nerve network functions totally with the help of electrical flow. The brain can be called a magical electric powerhouse. From here are controlled all functioning of all bodily parts but this electricity is of the class of living being electricity. It cannot be experienced akin to lighting a tube light or any other machine in the external world. Heat that functions in the human body helps in the functioning of other organs. This bodily heat in reality is a type of special electricity. It can be called human electricity. Its congregated form is none other than the subtle body.

Indian philosophy has said that the soul is immortal and extraordinary, it has depicted the glories of the world and has inspired us to attain lifes true goal only after experiencing its spiritual philosophy. Thus the scientific nature of our religion is proved cent percent true.


With reference to talk of Indian Yogis subtly managing to enter other creatures body including man there are many who mock this saying its a wild figment of ones imagination. In reality when compared to mans gross physical body, his subtle Prana body is much more potent. Attaining lifes true goal, knowledge of the inner designing, science and functions of the body and cosmos is possible through only that body and medium called Prana or vital force body. In comparison to the gross body the Prana body is infinitely more powerful and can carry out miraculous mind boggling feats.

In the island of Samao a creature dwells called Pailolo. It dwells in rocks under the ocean and twice in a year in October and November when the moon is half and tide is low it comes out, lays eggs on the shore and then goes away.

There is nothing strange that this creature lays eggs and then goes away. But what is spellbinding is that when this creature sets off from its home it leaves about half a part of its body in its home. It carries with it only that much bodily part as is required to travel to the ocean shore so as to lay eggs and swimming in water. In the mean time the bodily part that it leaves behind in its house remains inert like a pile of mud. After returning this Pailolo creature refits into its previously left body at home. After that in this refitted body blood circulation, breathing and other bodily functions resume as before the body was split. This is an example which tells us that human beings can advance spiritually without the aid of the physical body. Man is conjoined to his body at the most on an average for 100 years. But the Prana or vital force body stays with him ever since he took up the gross body till salvation or Moksha.

When a child is in the mothers womb it does not breathe at all yet apt amounts of oxygen enter its body and the body grows slowly but surely. At that time the childs navel is bound to the mothers navel. Navel symbolizes the sun. Via Pranayam (Yogic breathing) in reality this Solar or Surya Chakra is activated so that the soul by directly relating to the sun helps in the advancement of vital force fire. The start takes place with Pranayam and the pinnacle of evolution is reached via concentration, meditation and Samadhi or super consciousness. Mukti or salvation is nothing but merging of vital force permeated body with suns macro vital force so as to get transformed into Primordial Energy. It is like when you take out a jug full of water from the river the water has its separate identity but after pouring it back into the river the jug water now merges into the river water. The same holds true for Prana or vital force.

Even when the body dies the vital force continues to exist. The well known Tibetan Yogi Lobsang Rampa in his book, You Forever writes about in incident (4 th chapter): At the time of French Revolution a person who acted against the interest of his country was beheaded. Even when the head separated from the body his mouth gave out spit and it seemed as though he was trying to say something. This incident was recorded by the French officials in their government files and can be found even today.

Via the practice of Pranayam Col. Townsend succeeded in controlling his vital force permeated subtle body. Like the famous nuclear American scientist Mrs. JC Trust he too exhibited stupendous prowess of vital force existence. Once he exhibited all this in a big hall crowded by well known journalists and scientists. He himself sat in a particular place. To the blackboard were tied chalk pieces. After this he removed his subtle vital force body outside and with his invisible body and answered questions written on the board. In between he re-entered his body and understood the situation. This exhibition forced the audience to realize that the human body is not limited to only how much it is visible to the gross eyes but that the subtle invisible body within is much more powerful.

Regarding the above Dr Vanden Frank had conducted intense research and found that the region where Hindus grow their pigtail on the head has a direct bond with the vital force subtle body. It is from here that the heart and blood circulation functioning commences. In the growth of the human body on the basis of this research he gave great importance to mental activities.

Oxygen mixed with wind, fire tongue of Prana etc are synonymous. By mastering these great Yogis despite death of the physical body live in this world for thousands of years. Those people who are unaware of this destroy this very important body of theirs just as they destroy potentials of the body via vain sense organ usage. Without advancing the vital force body it is impossible to unearth amazing mysteries of life. Therefore it will also be impossible to attain Self Realization and God Vision.


One must never look upon discussions of Sidhis/Divine Powers like flying in the air as mentioned in Yoga Science as fictitious stories. In the human body reside all seeds of the basis of material means. By activating these energy seeds the bodily units are made so feather weight so that the body now goes beyond the net of the law of gravity and thus man can fly in the sky. Application will be talked of later. Yet from the principle standpoint it cannot be labeled as impossible to achieve. Today modern age scientists have come face to face with the will powers terrific potential, bodily electricity, computer in the form of the brain and bodily radio functioning. Thus they have been simply spell bound by all this.

On the surface of the water an invisible membrane exists. It is called the waters surface tension. Many times this layer becomes thick. If on this a light weight object is placed in such a way that it swims on the membrane without hurting it then it keeps swimming. If a blade used for shaving is deftly placed on this layer it will continue swimming and not get submerged in water.

In the Dead Sea area there is a lot of salt. Its water is heavy hence even if someone wants to drown in it he/she will be unable to do so. The reason being that mans bodily units, in comparison to that salty water is very light in weight.

Any object that is lighter than water particles will easily swim. Wood is light. Balloons filled with air and rubber tubes will float in water. Via Yoga practices it is possible to decrease weight of bodily units and rendering them lighter in weight than water units. If the subtle body within the gross physical body radiates greatly then that much light weight can be created in the body which helps one walk on the surface of water without drowning and flying in space without falling on to the ground. Via control of Prana even in the world of Yoga the same principle is at work wherein not only can one enter another body by separating ones subtle body from the gross one but that one can bodily fly high in the sky. Hanumanji with the help of energy of Pranayam crossed the ocean and by flying in air returned with the life saving Sanjivani herb.

An Italian priest called Joseph attained great fame during his times by exhibiting the power to bodily fly in the air. This divine power of his was discussed in the entire nation. Just before death Joseph also aided a doctor of his to fly in the air just as he himself did.

Joseph died in 1663. When he was about to die the famous doctor Fonseco Thiryoli was called to medically treat him. The doctor writes in his memoirs: I was just about to attend to Joseph when he caught hold of my hand and started flying in the air. Since I was stuck to him even I started flying in air. After this we flew to a church in France and there Joseph started praying. He told me that he did not require my medical treatment. Since God has called me I will soon go to his kingdom. The doctor was astounded and without treating Joseph returned. Next day Joseph died.

The Italian government has many documents that mention various incidences of Joseph flying in air. These were recorded when police officials went to test whether Joseph could actually perform this rare feat or not. There are innumerous hearsay and incidences actually seen by many in Italy wherein Joseph could reach Jesus image placed high up on the wall and for a fair length of time he could hang on over there. Many believed that Joseph was an extraordinary pries imbued with miraculous divine powers or Sidhis.

Priest Josephs father resided in an Italian village called Felix Dala and worked there to earn money. Once due to poverty and lack of a job he was very sad hence he took with him his pregnant wife to find a job. In the year 1603 his son was born amidst their travel. The child was but a skeleton of bones. From birth itself the child was attacked with illnesses and in a few days he got intense stomach pain. Since his father did not have money for treatment he went and surrendered to a saint dwelling nearby. The saint said: The childs body is dead and only his soul remains on earth. Yet the saint predicted that the child would be saved and will live the life of a priest. Truly the child escaped death and from childhood itself he started worshiping and praying to God like other sages. His prayers continued and he attained great fame for miraculous feats. Everywhere he became renowned for the fact that when he prayed intensely he started flying in air.

Lord Adare was an eye witness to an incident which he published in report of the Dialobtical Society on Spiritualism. According to it he saw one person fly in the air like a bird. In order to prove this description he said that the chief of The Royal Astronomical Society too was a witness of the above incident.

In this description there is a mention of such an extraordinary person called Holm who possessed so many types of miraculous divine powers. He could fly in the air. For a long time he could hold burning coal in his hands.

When these Sidhis or divine powers were cogitated over many did not trust them and they insisted that all this was mere gossip meant to fool people. As a result under the leadership of the world renowned scientist Sir William Crookes a research team was appointed to pursue the above matter. The research team accepted that whatever was said regarding Holm it was true. There was no wiliness or sleight of hand involved. Yet it was difficult for them to say as to how all these divine powers actually functioned. The chief of British Society for Psychic Research FW Myers and Prof Crookes discussed details of the above research, experience and conclusion and it was decided that there was no sleight of hand or trick being used. Hence such incidents should be looked upon by modern age science as a subject of research and instead of distrusting all this, a newer direction of experiments must be conducted on them. At the time of research Crookes found such mind boggling divine powers in Holms wherein the latter could move far off objects from one place to another. Further he could manifest such objects which were never there before in that place.

In his travel in interstellar space in August 1962 in the spacecraft Vostok-3 Nikolayev describes the state of space as follows: Within outer space there is no need to touch the ground, walls etc in order to walk. In empty space man can walk very easily. It is enough to use a light touch of the wall of the spacecraft to move it. By this very light touch one can walk easily. Then in joy one can move and walk. With the help of hands and legs one can move in any direction. Not only walking but one can swim as though one is in water. In water on planet earth one swims by kicking the legs and moving the hands and in space too one can swim thus albeit without water.

Beyond the limits of gravitational pull it is possible for the gross body to walk, run, swim etc in far off interstellar space. In it initially there is need of giving only a minor push and on the basis of power of resolve the hands, legs are required to be moved a bit. To attain this state now it is not very tedious. Principally it has now been accepted and in interstellar place and on planet earth under conditions of weightlessness one can visibly see man flying high in the sky.

Rooms devoid of gravitational pull have been constructed on earth. In order to practice the state of weightlessness interstellar space travelers are asked to dwell in such rooms so as to experience the state of lack of gravity. Hence now it is not required that that only by going beyond the earths layer of gravity one can fly in space. Science by constructing such rooms on earth devoid of gravity has proved that the state experienced by interstellar space which is devoid of gravitational pull can be created on planet earth too which undergoes the law of gravity.

Sir John Alex (Nobel Laureate 1933) and Adrian Dove after deep research and experimentation has proved that gravitational pull is not at work in particles like neutrino, photon and graviton. These particles imitate the very existence of light. The sub particles of Prana or vital force have that very capacity which can liberate gross particles from law of gravity. Under such circumstances the divine power of man flying in air cannot be falsified.

Although these spiritual practices are difficult yet people with extraordinary psychic capacity can succeed in them. In reality via Prana based spiritual practice this divine energy advances on its own.




When fire erupts in a room it is rendered very hot. No doubt fire is limited to its fuel yet its heat and light spread far and wide. The sun despite dwelling high up in the sky sends its heat and light to earth. The thunderous sound of cloud can be heard in very far off regions. People imbued with a lot of vital force can transmit their intense personality in far off places and can not only transform other personalities but can change circumstances too. The atmosphere gets influenced by it. The potential that does the task of influencing is vital force even if it functions in varied forms. It can be of a demonic or divine stature. If it is misused terrible destructions can accrue. If used aptly sacred wholesome results are seen. The subtle reason why agitation takes place between divine and demonic energies is that their vital forces are at loggerheads with one another.

The gross law of heat is that regions that are hotter rush towards regions that are less hot. If one hot iron rod is placed near a cold one then the hot one becomes cooler and cold one is rendered hotter. They exchange the quality of heat and cold with one another and will try to reach a stage of equilibrium.

The same holds true for electricity. When a wire that is transmitting electricity is touched regions that contact it too experience electricity. Its potential will be shared in that arena. Even the influence of vital force electricity is like the closeness of heat and cold. A man imbued with immense vital force not only transmits power to a person with weak vital force but can gift his own inner stature too. The reason why in hermitages of Rishis cows and lions resided peacefully is that Rishis full of vital force along with their personality of goodwill could influence these animals thus. Electricity does not differentiate between iron, gold, saint or butcher. It will influence all these in an equal manner. In whatever way one desires to use electricity, it will help accordingly. Yet electricity spread out in the human body behaves differently. In it is present both principles viz. consciousness and sensitivity. It governs the entire body and the brain is its center. Despite this it cannot be called bodily power. Electricity functioning in tube light does not manifest from tube light but does so from elsewhere. In the tube light it merely shines. Electricity found in the human body in reality is consciousness based. It is called the image of vital force. It is not only energy but is sensitivity too. Its special quality is to think deeply. It experiences both principles of ethics and in-ethics and on its basis like material electricity does not remain same sighted but that it flows in the direction of ethics and opposes lack of ethics.

On seeing how such a gigantic factory has been constructed in such a tiny brain one is simply amazed at the engineering intellect of its creator. Ere we wish to design such a potent electronic brain we will need all that very space required to build all factories that are constructed for electricity paraphernalia.

Doubtlessly man is a live walking talking electric power house yet it cannot be compared to material electricity that gives us shock or helps light bulbs. Consciousness is infinitely greater than inertness. Similarly human electricity outshines material electricity. Vital force electricity of the human body is infinitely more purified and sensitive.

Nobel Laureates like Hodgkin, Huxley and Eckels have conducted research studies on electrical impulse that is at work in human nerve networks. According to the data put forth by them nerves are like wires that transmit electricity continuously. If this coiled nerve network is straightened and place in a single line it will measure more than 0.1 million miles. It is worth mulling over the fact that how gigantic a measure of electricity is required to function such a program that uses a machine which functions in such a widespread region.

If one bodily part like the brain is analyzed independently then it will possess 1 billion neurons. In it each one is in contact with about 25 thousand other nerve cells.

Regarding the light aura surrounding the human body a lady parapsychologist Eileen Garret in her book Awareness writes about her research studies. In it she has described the presence of an electrical aura around the body. She believes that the changes taking place in colors and manifestations of this aura correspond to reactions of the rise and fall of ones thinking. Soviet scientist Kirlian has photographed this aura and has said changes take place in it. These aura changes are looked upon not merely as thought oriented but as bodily health based changes too. On its basis the causes of diseases hidden in the recesses of the body too have been determined. In these types of experiments the chief of Moscow Medical Institute Pavlov Kone attained great renown and for diagnosing diseases he said study of ones bodily aura is of great utility value.

This aura is said to be synonymous with the subtle body. Its scientific terminology is called The Biological Plasma Body. In the research studies of Kazakhstans Kirov University it has been mentioned that there should be no problem in looking upon the energy body of this aura as a mass of activated electrical atoms but what should be added to it is that along with them there is the existence of bacteria and microbes. When its existence is in the form of an admixture it becomes a self managed and well designed unit. In it is present its potential of creation, imbibing and transmission.

Once a Bolons material scientist during research studies saw that from the leg of a frog electricity was being emitted and as a result the muscles of the frog were getting excited. On the basis of this scientific data Forli resident Dr Matuchi has unearthed a lot of data wherein he says that when muscles contract and relax electrical flow is generated. As a result it was found that in the inner centers of the body reside hidden vault of electricity. Along these lines the English scientist Walter conducted deep research which benefitted the world of medical therapy and cure a great deal.

The human body definitely oozes with speedy waves of electricity. This fact appeared in our midst when at first in 1869 in the 1 st volume of Frances Medical Times and Gazette doctors put forth their research findings. In the household of Lyons a child was born. When the child turned 7 months old his family members complained that when they touched the babys body they got an electrical shock. Till the child turned 10 months old the situation worsened wherein it was becoming difficult to even go near the child. Many valiantly tried to look after the baby but alas they experienced an electric jolt. As a result of the shock they would fall down. Ultimately the child died. Ten seconds before dying from the childs body manifested a light blue aura and although the doctors photographed it they failed to analyze it aptly. When the child died there was no heat in the body and no electric shock. This proves that there is energy similar to human vital electricity which may manifest as a result of the food we eat or due to some extra terrestrial space medium. Yet what is definite is that this electricity helps in lifes functioning and imbibes consciousness. As long as we do not understand it properly the true importance of human life cannot be unfolded despite the fact that science progresses by leaps and bound.

Prof. Heraldwar of Neuro Academy of Yale University has proved that every creature is surrounded by an electro dynamic veil. It is because of this that its conscious potential can be sent outside and it can imbibe external influences within. Ahead of this within the field of research of this electrical covering a scientist Leonai Rovings proved that this is not an iron covering but that due to the influence of the brain it can be rendered light weight, heavy, deep, superficial etc. Its functional capacity can be increased or decreased.

Entire worlds knowledge is called Universal Memory of Nature. This has been discussed in the Book of Life. In it is elucidated the history of the commencement of world consciousness up till today. It can be understood akin to a gigantic library of micro films of the world. At a gross level it cannot be known where the writings are recorded but specialists can search as to in which area of which drawer of the cupboards collection what has been kept. In order to master this skill intellect based science has to be studied. This methodology in their own way can be evolved by a modern material scientists and a self realized person. It is possible to achieve this via meditation, concentration and austerities and the same can be attained via experiments of Parapsychology which are today imbibed by specialists in this field.

In the material arena the importance of various known and unknown streams of electricity are being understood after cogitation. We can definitely say that in comparison to the benefits accruing due to its influence in future time greater achievements will be got. In the same way there is a high possibility of understanding the varied utility value of human electricity. Modern science is alertly involved in this field and most definitely shall benefit a great deal too.

Biologists from Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Poland are taking special interest regarding mans Extra Sensory Perception/Powers or ESP. in the past 30 years they have reaped astounding success. Now topics of research like seeing far off scenes, focus of thoughts and predicting future events have become the thing of the past. To it is conjoined a new chain called psychokinesis. This big word means the capacity of thought energy to influence and render mobile various objects. Just as with the help of fire or electricity the nature and mode of usage of objects can be changed i.e. they can also change places in the same way there is also the possibility that with the help of special stature electricity flow found in humans we can influence the level of consciousness. From this not only benefits related to advancement of ESP will accrue but that a lot of help will be available to overcome physical and mental diseases.

Russian parapsychologists Komenski and Karl Nikolayev while giving information unearthed after deep research say that there are those rare people who can feel far off experiences and yet if special efforts are made these experiences can become that much more clear and well advanced. Regarding this details of research were mentioned in a magazine called Consomals Kaya Pravada.

In comparison to other creatures of this world the designing of the human body is rare and extraordinary. The designing of hands amongst the organs of action is such with the aid of which many sculptors can amass great skills. The eyes do not merely see things but that the light emitted by it can influence and attract others.

The brain by itself is a rare electrical center. Up till now only powers of the intellect and psyche were praised yet today those flows are being unearthed that have the power to influence and gain knowledge of a very gigantic all pervasive area. If only the importance of soul existence is felt deeply and that we immerse ourselves in unfolding, creating and augmenting it then so much can be achieved which in comparison to attainments of the material arena to date is not superficial but is very profound.

In the hermitages of men/women of great penance it has been seen that violent and non violent creatures like lion, cows etc coexist peacefully. In great leaders this quality is seen. Their magnetic personality influences the lay public and hence the latter follow in their footsteps. If this influence is superficial the mesmerized person in a very short time gets liberated from that influence so as to regain his/her original mental state. Yet is there is profundity in the influence the inner state will become that much more permanent. Such radiantly talented people are found in every field of life and are known to influence their fellow men. Even dacoits get such allies and when they are opposed they pound the opposition to pulp. In beauty and handsomeness the body appears well shaped and alluring and others naturally experience a magnetic pull towards it. Such attraction is found in dancers, right up to innocent children which perforce attracts the psyche of those who come in contact with them. Behind this magnetism there is no deep cause because that influential energy of the aura of a person is at work so that the person coming in contact it with perforce gets attracted.

The aura of a person surrounds the entire body of a person. Its functioning is less intense near the feet and as its covering rises upwards in our body it is rendered that much more widespread. When it reaches the brain region its power is most intense. Just as a plum fruits lower part is thin and the upper region is fat similarly is spread out the aura in our body. Its measure of thickness is about 3-7 feet.

Astronomers know that there are various stars in interstellar space whose light takes thousands of years to reach our planet earth. It could be that there is a star that died thousands of years previously and yet if its light had already started traveling towards earth it will appear that it will continue to shine for the next certain thousands of years despite the fact that it had died quite a while back. Light travels with the speed of 0.1 million 86 thousand miles per second. Its speed is not faster than this yet mans mind runs even faster than this. It takes quite a few days for rockets to reach the moon yet the mind can reach there in a second. It must be noted that mind is not mere imagination but that since it is conjoined to conscious energy it becomes a powerful principle like light and carries out those very tasks which are executed by heat, magnetism and other such forces of interstellar space.

If one goes beyond the speed of light so that ones conscious energy defeats the former and reaches that area where light waves that have been emitted 1000 years previously have not reached then doubtlessly all incidents of contemporary times can be seen tangibly as though they have taken place in the present times. Ere our powerful unconscious electrical center renders our meditative consciousness so potent that speed of light lags behind then there is no reason to doubt that we can visualize events and people of the distant past. Not only this those great people who thousands of years previously have shed their mortal coil, with their ethereal body full of divine aura that is present in interstellar space we can establish a bond and we can accrue those very benefits attained by contacting them in their live physical bodies. A person successful as mentioned above can listen to the Bhagwad Gita uttered by Lord Shri Krishna just as Arjun had heard it 5000 years ago directly from the hallowed lips of Shri Krishna. That very Shrimad Bhagwat discourse given to King Parikshit by Shukdevji can be heard by us today after thousands of years. It will be least difficult to hear Yoga Vasishtha as told to Lord Ram by Vasishthaji. All Lilas or divine sports of Shri Krishna and Lord Ram can today be seen exactly as it was visualized previously. Rishis who knew the past, present and future had mastered this science and they could unearth and know so many things. Not only this but these revered seers had the power to change events that were to take place later in future. The proof of all this can be found in various religious/spiritual texts and Puranas or mythology. These attainments can be accrued I future times too.

A divine sighted person can see and understand various incidents taking place today in various parts of the world. They can hold dialogues and communicate various messages too. Not only this if such a person has some inspirational and useful potential he/she can help benefit others by inspiring them. But for this, what is most required is that a person must undergo intense spiritual practice and austerities so as to amass terrific soul force and energy. If we so desire like the wealth pertaining to the body, mind etc we can manifest glories pertaining to soul power too and on its basis we can render our human magnetic pull and divine aura so potent that in desired measure we can influence other people and objects and that we can thus succeed in every field of life.


By itself, the human body can be called a statue of blood, flesh etc, a toy of clay or an admixture of the 5 great elements. The gist of all this is that when the body faces strife it can be destroyed too yet if we cogitate over its underlying existence it can be proved that it is very powerful like atomic energy. Its potentials are infinite. This human body possesses the seed of the entire cosmos. The seeds of all energies unfolded in the cosmos or those that shall be unearthed in future are present in the human body (microcosm) in such a way if anyone can attract and imbibe it can be easily converted to a full blown tree.

Shining energy present in blood, flesh of cells maybe tiny like a lit match stick but is it is lit aptly and is utilized for desired wholesome ends it can be seen manifesting akin to a terrific forest fire. When a tiny atom gets an opportunity to exhibit its power it can shatter planet earth and that the skies start trembling. The human body does not simply possess energy that is at work in the material world but that it also possesses conscious divine light and that its potency is n times infinitely greater. If only it is generated and manifested, one can visualize its miraculous results. Mans body oozes with Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers.

Let us seriously take a look at the layers of skin present on our body. Its designing and functioning is so sensitive, subtle, intricate and powerful. In 1 square feet of the skin dwells about 72 feet long network of nerves. In this very area can dwell 12 feet long blood vessels. When it is required that bodily heat be emitted outside they spread out and when cold is experienced the inner heat is not allowed to go outside as a result of these contracting and thus the body is kept warm.

In the skin of the entire body reside about 0.2 million sweat glands. From this is emitted perspiration of the body which contains dangerous elements of the body. If we avoid taking a bath sweat dries up on the skin forming a layer and due to its poisonous nature not only is foul smell emitted but that skin diseases like boils, itching, allergy etc manifest. Chief amongst skin diseases is leprosy. In this world there are about 0.5 million lepers and amongst these 0.26 millions are in India itself.

The skin superficially appears to exist in a straight line but within it are so many separate units that one is amazed as to how so many things dwell in it. In 1 square centimeter of skin dwell 5 oil glands, 10 hair, 0.3 million cells, 4 heat sensitive organs, 200 muscles that identify pain, 25 touch cells, 4 bald muscles, 3 thousand touch cells, 100 sweat glands and 3 feet blood carrying vessels. All these have their specific functions and they are so wondrous that in comparison to this designing of the skin all man-made technology appears pale.

Look at the muscles oozing from the skin. They appear disgusting yet every iota of it oozes with power/energy. One simply is mind boggled by all this. Ones strength is measured via sports, wars, competitions and so on. The measure of how one is strong or weak is thus unfolded. Where does this strength dwell? From where does it manifest?

Our muscles which are the fount of bodily energy are involved in functions like relaxation, contraction, giving strength etc. When it is powerful man too is labeled strong in many ways. When in wrestling, running, swimming etc various feats are exhibited by the body it must be called the miracle of healthy muscular network. If muscles are loose they lose their potency and thus it becomes difficult to walk, stand up, digest food etc.

Muscles can be classified in 3 ways: a) these are made of very fine thin fibers and it carries out functions of walking, eating laughing etc. These become active only when it receives commands from the brain. b) These carry out tasks on their own volition. These execute functions like digestion, inhalation, exhalation, blood circulation, opening-shutting eyelids, perspiring etc. c) these muscles have both qualities and get influenced by bio-chemical functions of the body. All three have equal utility value. As a result of the combined action of these 3 we look healthy and strong. If these become weak we get pain. The legs becoming stiff, back ache and pain in the waist region occur because stiffness in the muscles increases alarmingly.

It appears as though the functioning of muscles is very easy and facile. Yet the reality is that the designing and method of functioning of muscles is so intricate that one who conducts research in this field is spell bound. Atomic science, its functioning and nuclear technology is said to be very intricate. While researching into how intricate a method of functioning is imbibed by voluntary and involuntary muscular activities one can only be amazed at the deftness and engineering skills of its creator.

Everyone possesses hands and legs. Then why is that some have more potential and others possess less of it? It is believed that it augments or diminishes based on ones practice. No doubt will power and practice help yet it is the powerful nature of muscles or lack of it that make man strong or weak.

Similar to the function of a stove in the kitchen, boiler or electric motor in a factory is the function of muscles in the body. Due to this heat other organs get the capacity to function. Muscles keep the entire body warm and it itself remains warm. It can be called a heater. It plays an extraordinary role in maintain a bond between the body and mind. The nervous network of the body is found over here too. The body can express laughter, crying, dancing, running, waking and other mental emotions only when our muscles act aptly. When one is attacked by high/low blood pressure or heart diseases know for sure that one of the causes are muscles weakening in those regions. The more this weakness increases the more one is attacked by diseases and maybe death too.

The Nobel Laureate Akar J Jyogi has said that behind the functioning of muscles are at work 2 chemical principles which they have discovered successfully. They are protein sarcton and myosin. They say that the combined action of the 2 help muscles function properly. These protein do not come from outside. They are self produced and will power works a great deal in their production.

From the standpoint of science of nutrition apt measure of protein and carbohydrate is most required for nourishment and nurturing of muscular region. And yet the muscles themselves must initially possess the capacity to imbibe this nourishment. If this is absent such nutrition cannot do much.

When muscles carry out extra tasks they get tired. If apt rest is not got then like a horse who runs more than its capacity they fall off and in the haste to carry out excess work one reaps only losses like a greedy person who prematurely cuts up the tummy of a hen that lays golden eggs. Muscles will remain optimally healthy and mobile only if they are made to work after giving due rest to them.

Some muscles never take rest. The functioning of the heart, brain, digestive tract etc goes on day and night ceaselessly. Right from birth to death they get no holiday even for a minute. This tiredness too is a cause of death. If in between they were to get rest then the life span of a person can increase since the muscles can generate more power and energy.

Why should one dive deep? Why should one contact the conscious level of energy? Even if we analyze only the combined power of skin and muscles it will be crystal clear that its combined form is no less potent than an electric power station.

The root fount of power is energy. Electricity is generated from energy. It is generated by steam, burning coal, via oil/petrol, hydro based power plants etc. These are various results of energy.

One basis of electricity generation is chemical reactions too. Batteries are designed on this basis. Many scientists like Volta, Ampere, Arstead, Faraday and others have made important inventions in this field.

The potential for any technological apparatus and machine to function is called energy. Energy has many levels and stature. Mobile energy manifests due to speed of movement in matter, chemical energy manifests from various chemical reactions and state energy manifests due to the state of objects. There are some materials which possess excess of energy and are called fuels. Energy gets transformed from one type to another yet it can never be destroyed. Transformation of energy is tangibly visible. When chemical materials are ignited electricity in batteries is generated. A cycle moves when we pedal it which means the energy of legs gets transformed into speed and movement of a cycle. When atoms explode nuclear energy manifests. When coal below a boiler is lit energy manifests as heat from fire. Due to steam various trains and locomotives function. With the help of gas various bulbs etc can give light. In the function of steam turbines, fluorescent lamps, heater, generators etc the energy potential of fuel for various ends is rendered active in varied manner. Today heat produced from propane gas, light generators that produce electricity, television etc are applied for small tasks.

When the tips of wires of 2 different types of metal or of an admixture of metals are melted and rejoined or fused and that their ends are placed in different temperatures of heat electrical flow is emitted by them.

When some metals are heated they manifest electrons. If close by there is a cold object these electrons stick to it. Due to this displacement electricity is generated. The central region of displacement is filled with a gas that has positive ions which is called plasma. Plasma is most required to render optimal balance during the onrush of electrons.

Electricity is generated mainly via magnetic hydro dynamics. Its basis is that by rotating metal based movers in a magnetic field electromotive force is produced. If in its place another application is used even then force and power is generated. If in place of metal movers gas based movers or plasma is used and this gas is introduced into a magnetic field then again that very aim of generating electricity is achieved.

If a wire of zinc and that of copper is placed in lemon juice a separation is generated in them and in its paraphernalia electricity manifests. Chemical batteries are known to function on this basis.

The designing of fuel based cells can be called that which never gets depleted. When the energy produced from cells gets depleted the battery too stops functioning. Yet the flow in fuel cells never ends. When hydrogen combines with oxygen water is formed. If these 2 gases continuously combine water formation too will be ceaseless. Over here no external fuel is required. On this basis research is being carried out as to just akin to combining of hydrogen and oxygen or with the mixing of coal, air and petroleum can fuel cells be designed?

In interstellar space travel only fuel cells can be used. Heavy objects cannot be taken in space. Another fount of fuel cell that is being invented is solar heat. Ordinarily we get heat and light from the sun. No doubt it is of utility value but in it on noting those future potentials that dwell one feels instead of falling into tedious tasks like making expensive and dangerous atomic reactors and chemicals one should after attaining energy from the sun look easily after the worlds electricity requirements. In 1 square kilometer of area on earth the sun sheds energy of the value of 1400 watts of electricity. The day man unearths the means to utilize this energy that very day he will generate untold amounts of energy.

In the arena of batteries very soon a new application in the form of nuclear batteries will come into vogue. A hollow spindle will exist all around. In the center will be a pole. On this pole will be raised radio isotopes that emit beta radiations. On the spindle electrons will gather. The pole and spindle will be joined by a wire and electricity flow will manifest.

In principle it has been accepted that both iron electricity and heat-magnetic electricity can be transformed. Today methods are being tried to simplify it. If barium titanate is heated more than 120 degrees centigrade then a transformation is seen in its inner designing. Via machines and technology this method of transformation can be converted into electricity. This is also the basis of magnetic transformation.

The body can be rendered akin to a battery that has been designed with a chemical basis. Its units can be called fuel cells and right till death they remain subtle. As long as life exists the potential of this battery never gets depleted. For space travelers this very fuel is most required. Man is also a space traveler. Leaving his fathers (God) house he has come to this mortal world to carry out important research so as to attain the supreme goal of human life. For sustaining life he requires fuel and gets it clearly from the muscles and skin. Not only this, he has more and more profound founts of energy. In every gross form of this energy this body of the admixture of skin and muscles should be given due importance.

By transferring this bodily energy to conscious creatures they can be benefitted. A small experiment in this field has been carried out by the German scientist Dr Mesmer which was called mesmerism.

The discoverer of mesmerism is Germanys Dr Frasilkum Antonium Mesmer. He studied medical science in Vienna and attained a degree. He had written a very important paper of his research studies wherein he says that from unknown galaxies a fluid like magnetic material comes to planet earth and we all get influenced by it. If this materials balance in our body gets shaken then mental and bodily diseases manifest. Only if this balance is made optimal in some way or the other our bad health can be warded off.

This experiment he conducted on some patients and attained success and fame as a result. He would influence an iron magnet with the electricity of his own body and then by touching this magnet to the body of a patient that lack was fulfilled which was the cause of the illness. For this end via the practice of the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti he augmented the measure of his will power and required magnetic electricity. In his medical therapy even sweet and blissful music coming from a distance was made use of. This was done so that the patient benefitted from a focused psyche and emotional healing. His therapy and healing method involved augmenting of the measure of electricity in his body and then via the medium of that iron magnet benefit the diseased patient. When it was seen that after this therapy the patients returned smiling many ill people came to Dr Mesmer for a cure of their illness.

Today in USA 17 highly renowned surgeons are using the above magnetic therapy and on the basis of hypnotic science are serving various patients successfully. In order to decrease the pain of giving birth to babies in mothers this therapy has succeeded cent percent. Instead of giving injections of anesthesia it is best to ward off pain via hypnotic methods which is considered best for the patients. For mothers giving birth to babies this therapy is indeed the very best.

Dr Hearthson while operating on his patients uses half anesthesia and half hypnotic methods to render his patients anesthetized. During surgery thus he has decreased the need of anesthesia based injections by 50%. Thus the patients remain semi conscious. Due to the influence of hypnotism the patient remains pain free.

In Cheddars Hospital a 4 year old girl was to undergo an operation of the ear. This operation was to last for 5 hours. Under such circumstances giving medicines of anesthesia for 5 long hours could prove dire. Hence they decided to operate her using hypnotic methods. This operation was done successfully. Thus the science of hypnotism as a result of such delicate operations has doubtlessly proved to be of immense value in the field of medicinal cure.

The heart breaking of cancer based pain cannot be overcome by medicines. In cancer our cells multiply abnormally. Those new cells formed cannot function aptly with other cells. Cancer is treated via surgery and radiation therapy. But since there is hardly any therapy to overcome pain that ensue, this lack can be fulfilled via hypnotic science and patients experience a fair bit of relief.

Hypnotism has proved very useful in cases of brain damage, blood pressure, angina, mental illnesses etc. if chloroform is administered to a person with a weak heart it proves to be very dangerous hence in such operations hypnotic methods are applied.

With such therapy Dr Hearthman has not only successfully treated patients but that he has helped people hooked to addictions and bad habits overcome them. Those who thought that since they are drug addicts they will remain so for life have also been cured with such therapy. Bigger children who passed urine in bed while sleeping too were cured.

When the heart contracts the blood pressure is more than 160 mm and while relaxing it is more than 90 mm the blood pressure increases. Under such circumstances more pressure is felt by air protecting cells and more energy is needed to pump and circulate blood. How can this be overcome? Regarding this no other therapy has been proved as useful as hypnotic methods.

Mesmerisms most renowned therapy involves focusing via power of resolve, of bodily energy produced by muscles and transported by skin nerves or Sankalpa Shakti and with its help overcoming the patients pain. But this is just the beginning and certainly not the end. This is merely a minor therapy. In Yoga Tantra branches one finds various methods of application and high stature production of bodily energy. If only we can benefit from this basis or energy fount then man not only himself benefits but can limitlessly benefit many others too.

Life sustains because various bodily organs function smoothly. Everyone knows this obvious fact. Students/research fellows of anatomy even know that in nervous network centers a subtle functioning of unconscious brain too is at work. On its basis and on its own blood circulation, breathing, contraction/relaxation takes place. We are not even aware and in a jiffy digestion and other bodily functions ensue.

Under the waking state the conscious center of the brain gives important directions/commands when the need arises else it is immersed in past memories and future based imaginations and projections. Generally as far as knowledge, intellectual prowess and brilliance is concerned the conscious brain situated in the front part of the brain is at work but with reference to all functions of the body right up to working of the brain the unconscious part is at work.

That method of functioning of the unconscious which in the form of self management renders mobile the body and brain- is called vital energy. It is a mystery that where is the fount of that divine energy which renders active this body? The conscious and unconscious brain is merely its vehicle-medium-instrument. In order to aid functioning of these paraphernalia a potential is used. Hence where is the fount of this infinite storehouse? Today neither anatomists nor physiologists have been able to solve this question. They have so far unearthed only vital energy. Where does it come from, how does it function and why does it increase/decrease? They believe that answers to this question lie well beyond the periphery of their research. IN REALITY WHERE THE BOUNDARY OF MODERN MATERIAL SCIENCE ENDS THERE ITSELF COMMENCES THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY.

By itself life force seems to pervade the entire body and on its very basis it is possible to remain alive but yet this life force is not the creation of the gross body. It is an invisible extraordinary energy and the human body attracts from it useful and required measure from interstellar space. This life principle that pervades the entire cosmos is called Prana.

Prana or vital force is present within an individual but it is only a portion of Cosmic Prana. Air dwelling in a closed bottle can be measured appropriately and on the basis of a gross vision it can be accepted that it has an independent existence. Yet it is but part and parcel of cosmic air. In the same way a small portion of Cosmic Prana dwells in each human body and is called life force. When it decreases a person in all respects gets shattered but when it is optimally balanced all bodily functions goes on smoothly. When life force is in excess it can be viewed as strength, power, radiance, will power and brilliant aura. Such people are called Maha Prana. They possess the capacity to transmit their life force into innumerous other people and thus guide world humanity on the path of wholesomeness. Prana must be looked upon as the very substratum of life. Anatomists label this energy fount as nerve network based force which actually is but a small wave or upsurge of Prana Principle.

It is because of vital force or Prana present in the human body that all inner functions take place and the nervous system too is imbued with this Prana. If we wish to unfold the creation, increase and management of forces of the brain like imagination, focus, will, decision, control, memory, intellect etc we must take recourse to Kundalini Science. The unconscious mind is the biggest wonder of this infinite cosmos and it is said to be the central point of all Sidhis and achievements of Yoga.

When Cosmic Prana enters the body it does so via 2 openings called Mooladhar and Sahasrar. When solar energy touches earth its medium of entry are the 2 pole regions. When the vault of electricity has to be transmitted in small machines then in 2 holes of a plug 2 hooks have to be fitted. In order that Cosmic Electric Prana enters to unite with the Human Electric Prana it has to be done via the 2 openings mentioned above viz. Mooladhar and Sahasrar. This energy balance is called Kundalini. Soul science in order to increase-decrease the measure of this Prana as per requirements uses these openings. By understanding this science not only one unearths the root source of life force but that by increasing-decreasing its measure one benefits by apt balance that ensues.

Prana is the collective term used for the union of all visible and invisible objects and energies of the cosmos. It can be called a very subtle and great existence of the world (vital force or energy). Inhalation/exhalation is merely its vehicle and by sitting on it, it enters all our bodily organs and functions so as to render them powerful, well managed and controlled. Heat, light, electricity, magnet etc of the material world can be called manifestation of this vital force. By conjoining to the external and inner psyche gets transformed to will, from will to emotions, from emotions to the soul. Ultimately on uniting with God or Cosmic Soul it becomes the worlds most powerful existence. In a certain sense it can be looked upon as Gods medium or instrument of dutiful tasks.



The more ones bodily electricity augments to that extent one becomes more radiant, beautiful, active, zestful, full of aura and talented. The immunity power of body against diseases and brains subtle vision, farsightedness and wisdom is dependent on this human electricity.

Ordinarily attraction is called sweetness of ones nature. That beauty visualized in the delicate nature of our body in it also from the standpoint of anatomy there is a special dance of electrical vibration. Special beauty is seen in someones eyes, lips etc and when it is analyzed principally it is proved that human electricity is at work there. When the latter decreases the body becomes dry, listless, ugly, shattered and dim in aura. The eyes are sorrowful and sadness rules the roost and on seeing this one can conclude that the vibrations of radiance have weakened a fair bit and there is a lack of desirable energy.

In order to augment blood and flesh in the body various cures are undergone. But we err by not realizing that when our digestive power and fire of hunger diminishes even our zest and potential of advancement decrease alongside it. This lack manifests as the weakness of the entire body or that of a particular organ so as to render man ill and diseased. In illnesses bacteria and germs are identified. Their presence is not the cause but merely a symptom. Just as in a lifeless human body flesh germs multiply in the same way whenever electricity of the body diminishes there in the half dead body lowly germs, bacteria, viruses etc set up their homes and multiply alarmingly. If the body possesses apt measure of heat and electricity then its intense brilliance any alien particle, germs etc cannot remain alive. In fact at such times if the body is attacked by foreign bacteria etc they are burnt to ashes. When desirable amounts of Prana dwell in the human body extraordinary feats can be executed.

Anatomists opine that ordinarily when someone is pronounced dead even at that time he or she is not fully dead. After blood circulation stops the body stops total function only after 5 minutes. Hence with the help of artificial respiration the almost dead person is sometimes brought back to life via recommencement of hearts pumping. Death takes place step by step wherein first the brain dies and then the rest of the organs follow suit. At the very end our hair and nails also die. At the time of the French Revolution a revolting persons head was cut off. In official government documents there is a record of the fact that for quite some time after the head was cut off its lips and mouth moved in such a way as though it was trying to convey something. In ancient times when battles were fought with swords the cut off heads of soldiers would fall off and yet the lower half of the body would get up and wave the sword in its hands. In the same way the cut off heads were also seen to bob up and down. This proves that even after legal death life for sometime in certain ways dwells in the dead pronounced body. This existence that continues to function post death too is called aura of light by spiritualists.

The same holds true for clothes and other objects of utility value. Men of either good or bad character leave their imprint or influence on objects they have used with more attachment and liking. If a person gets rosaries, sandals, clothes etc used by truly great saints and sages they benefit from the saints divine influence present in these gifts. The same importance dwells in objects like pen, watch, finger ring, buttons etc of great saintly people. A tooth of Lord Buddha is stored sacredly in Sri Lanka. In a mosque of Kashmir one can see the hair of Hazrat Mohmed being stored sacredly. Even bodily parts like hair, nails of great saints are full of importance. Using these as a medium Tantriks carry out wholesome or vile rituals and deeds.

Ones personality is deeply influenced by the bodys aura. Generally it is created due to the practice, efforts and psychic imprints of innumerable past lives. And yet if man uses his/her independent consciousness this aura can be transformed too. The ordinary laymen of the world act and imbibe a character that is based on the already possessed aura from past lives. But men of high stature will power via their strong power of resolve can bring about mind boggling transformations in their external and inner personalities. Then in the created aura too this great changes get reflected. In the color and vibrations of the aura changes are very tangibly visible. Socrates says: By nature I could have been a deadly murderer but with great effort I transformed myself.

Sometimes in ships due to the combined influence of the ship and sea water cold fire erupts and it can be seen shining brilliantly in various parts of the ship. On its own it is a type of electricity but one that does not harm us. No object or person gets hurt by it. People of yore called it fire of Saint Alyo and believed that this fire was bestowing creative grace on their ships. Today it is called ghost of ships. According to scientific data oceans chemical content, vibrations from waves and movements of ships together create this cold fire based light and due to this subtle creation the ship gains greater strength.

In a night of intense fog surrounding stars in the sky dwells a radiant circle of white light which appears to us as an unclear blue glimpse. Sometimes during monsoons surrounding the moon too one can see a round aura of light. In engineering parlance it is called corona. Its cause is the radiation based obstruction of the high tension of those stars full of brilliant light. When water drops create an obstruction in the light energy of its step by step scientific nature then as a result this brilliant corona is seen.

In the same way surrounding the human body too is an aura of light. It consists of electric particles, magnetism, radiations and conscious energy. It can be figured out and measured too using technological apparatus. People close by can experience this aura on the basis of invisible influences that contact their body and mind. Sometimes contact with certain people very naturally induces joy, inspiration and beneficial for us whereas many whom we contact induces displeasure and pain in us. The scientific reason behind this is that aura coming out of the body of people whom we contact induces attraction or revulsion in us. The energy of people with similar personality unite together and thus amongst them cooperation and encouragement is noted. But if the personality of 2 people clash then the result is hatred, displeasure, wrath etc.

It has been seen thus that some personalities elicit friendship quite naturally amongst themselves. Despite never having known each other previously yet they feel they are long lost friends and just cannot refrain from talking to one another. Behind this natural attraction it could be a bond of a previous lifetime being rejuvenated but the direct cause is that the similar aura of both the people naturally attracts each other. In a very short time such personalities become fast friends who trust each other very greatly. On the basis of dry logic this attraction seems rank superficial emotionalism and in this haste can reside a great danger too. Yet facts are so powerful that while overcoming these possibilities fast friendship definitely gets reinstated. In the same way it has been seen that there is no rhyme or reason why we dislike a particular relative and that contact with such a one creates strife for us. Despite not finding a reason for this yet disparity continues. Under such circumstances rules a chief obstruction in the form of extraordinary disparity in the speed of vibrations of our aura. Hence poets write that if only our personalities and nature are similar will our minds unite and if not the minds will get repulsed. This nature is not merely similarity in ones food habits, wearing of clothes etc but that the cause is deeper. It can be unearthed only in the similar stature of the aura of 2 people. Undergoing discipline or flouting it results in zest or anger based on similarity or dissimilarity of the aura.

Many times in graveyards balls of smoky light or fog is seen. Even post death the aura of the dead body remains in some form or the other. When the corpse of a buried dead person rots its aura can fly around that region. Sometimes it can be seen by our eyes and sometimes passerby people can experiencing not so pleasant heart beats, hair standing on end etc. Such people yearn to run away from that place. Such experiences can be the cause of fear and suspicion yet many times even very fearless people who do not accept existence after death also experience the above and say that they have experienced some invisible movements I that vicinity.

Behind Aghor activities like performing subtle practices in graveyards, cleaning of the skull of dead people by Kapaliks and then drinking water from it lies the principle of usage of left over aura based energy of the deceased person. In Tantra practices an aspirant not only uses his/her own will power but that but that they make use of the bodily energy of others too. Hateful rites like animal sacrifice are executed to accrue benefits of such lowly stature.

The external introduction of mans inner vital force or Prana energy can be attained by the widespread nature of the form of his/her aura, its density and magnetic radiance. Sensitive people can easily identify externally spread out inner personality of another person and can also talk about its stature. Sometimes this aura is so brilliant that it can influence regions nearby. Those who enter its periphery blissfully swim in it.


Human magnetism can be experienced as aura of light. By itself aura pervades the entire body and like sound when it travels farther it becomes dimmer. As soon as it contacts the body this electrical flow becomes faster and hence touch sensation is most influencing. The more ones aura is brilliant closeness to such individuals influences us positively immensely. This aura could be wholesome or otherwise. Both in their own way can attack and influence others. As a result ordinarily nearby people or objects get influenced by a particular persons aura.

This aura of light is mainly seen on our face. Around the face of photographs of demigods and angels is a sun like halo surrounding it and it is but the aura we speak of. Its flames rise in our eyes, when the tongue speaks especially emotionally even then this aura is seen to erupt as flame. The group of organs of knowledge/perception and brains vault of human electricity dwell in one place. Hence the face is most attractive and influential. From a gross standpoint on seeing the face others succeed in knowing and understanding a great deal. Subtle seers who can understand humans by seeing their form do so not by seeing the designing of the nose, ears etc but by analyzing the aura surrounding their faces and on its basis understand others inner personality.

Just akin to the face ones aura is also greatly present in our genital organs. But since in it rests chiefly the attraction for procreation hence the aura influences more attraction for youthfulness. When opposite sex people come close to each other this aura intensifies. In people of same sex this aura does not get so excited. On seeing these problems the genitals below the waist are covered by clothing. From the standpoint of electric flow even there in comparison to the face the measure is no less. But the above obstructions render it useful only for limited ends. In the married state couples benefit from it. Due to this the genitals are covered. Only for sexual contact the genitals are uncovered. If this taint were not there then this genital aura would be much more influential than the facial aura. The aura of the face is liberated from such obstructions. Whether it is good or bad it will influence nearby regions, people and during touch based contact with materials. Just as germs, bacteria etc enter one body from another in the same way this aura of light in nearby regions spreads the light of its mental and soul state.

Even an ordinary iron piece becomes magnetic on touching a magnet. In intensely talented and radiant people too human electricity overflows. Nearby people benefit from their advice, wisdom etc but the chief benefit is with reference to that aura of light which transmits its powerful potential ceaselessly and whosoever contacts it gets positively influenced and transformed immensely. Even in the holy Darshan, touching feet, sacred utterances, glance etc of great saints dwells pious results. Over here it is the brilliant divine aura of revered people that is at work. In other words this subtle existence can be called invisible personality. The visible personality is dependent on ones bodily color, form, shapeliness, designing of bodily parts etc but it cannot influence ones subtle invisible personality. Even a very dark skinned, ugly, weak and aged person can be very radiant and talented within. Externally, he/she is mocked at. Bang opposite to this a person whose external gross personality is full of beauty, youthful etc could yet be of lowly stature as far as his/her subtle inner personality is concerned. In the initial visualization by our eyes we can be deluded in understanding the real state of a person when we see his/her external form but as soon as his/her reality unfolds ones delusion vanishes and on the basis of ones true inner nature apt gauging will take place.

Ordinarily a persons color and external perform attracts us yet if the aura does not bear any correlation with it what one has gauged initially will prove to be erroneous. A beautiful body could be venomous from within and ugly people from the bodily standpoint could be greatly radiant within like Socrates, Ashtavakra and Gandhi. To an extent ones bodily ugliness can be hidden using beauty treatment aids but the inner personality that is aura based cannot be veiled thus. If a persons psyche is awakened and one possesses a subtle vision to understand anothers inner subtle personality they instead of seeing ones bodily color, beauty etc will visualize the ugliness of beauty of ones aura based subtle personality and based on this will have faith or lack of it to that person. The reason why one wears clothes can be to ward off heat, cold and other climatic influences or it could be to deck up and beautify the body but the root cause is to veil the inner aura of ones personality. In order to ensure that our inner energy does not get frittered away in the external world a veil in the form of clothes is used. Those sages who roam naked also are known to cover their bodies with ashes or mud. If the body is rendered totally naked one will be labeled uncivilized and uncouth. Its cause is social belief and taboo yet the spiritual cause is that when our body is rank naked it tends to fritter away its energy vibrations in high measure. Along with this such a body cannot protect itself from good/bad influences of other bodies it contacts. Sunlight influences a naked body greatly. Similarly other peoples magnetism too influences naked people much more. If you wear silken or woolen clothes you can cover your inner aura much better hence in high stature worship rituals called Purashcharans greater emphasis is laid on wearing silken clothes instead of cotton etc. Over here one more thing to be noted is that clothes made from wool got by killing sheep or silk got from killing silkworms in hot boiling water cannot be used for spiritual practices. When a sheep is killed for getting wool it wails aloud in pain and this wool if worn by a spiritual devotee can manifest in his her psyche demonic unwholesome qualities. In the coming and going of bodily electricity the potential to create obstacles dwells in such woolen or silken clothes. Thus in high stature spiritual practices such wearing of clothes would prove that much more dire.

There was a time when Indian spiritual seers successfully served in the above arena. The profound thought flow of Lord Buddha during his era inspired about 0.25 million people the world over to renounce a life of eat/drink/be merry and rank die hard materialism so as to joyfully imbibe seemingly hard to attain goals that appealed to Buddha since they overflowed with intense human electricity. Lord Ram zealously encouraged monkeys, bears etc to perform those tasks wherein at a superficial level not only there was no benefit but that instead their very life was at stake. Lord Krishna played a major role in the designing of the Mahabharat War and thus incited the substratum of the psyche of many. The Pandavas did not think it necessary to fight that war and Arjun too had no such desire yet keeping in mind the desired goal Krishna who oozed with divine soul potential insisted on creating such inciting terrific circumstances. It was Krishna who subtly aided the manifestation of divine sentiments in Gopis of Vrindavan.

Jesus Christ, Hazrat Mohmed, Lord Zorastra etc were men of strong spiritual power who induced people to walk on a wholesome path. Preachers the world over no doubt deliver flowery discourses yet those who praise their art seldom actually walk on the path spoken about by these preachers. Over here there is nothing wrong with their speech but the fact that they lack strong will power and soul potential the psyche of listeners are not inspired enough to tread the path of greatness. Naradji due to his radiant psyche and soul could positively change the life stream of others with just a little bit of advice. His disciples included Valmikiji, Prahlad, Sukanya etc who walked the path of ethics after getting duly inspired by their spiritual teacher.

During their times great spiritual seers and divinely radiant leaders like Samarth Guru Ramdas, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Vivekananda, Guru Govind Singh, Dayanand, Kabir etc have usefully inspired world humanity and induced enterprise in them to walk on the desired wholesome path. In recent Indian history we have all seen how due to Mahatma Gandhis inspiration so many people zestfully imbibed a sense of sacrifice, renunciation and so on to free India politically from foreign rule.

Energy is this level of activity wherein the aura of a person full of human electricity enters the personality of others with weak aura and in no time the latter start oozing with great soul potential. With reference to this one finds examples like one lit candle lighting another or the transformation of iron to gold when touched by Paras or a touchstone.

A very small form of the above divine brilliance and soul potential is human electricity. When the personality is divinely radiant this manifests as Prana Energy. Maybe externally such people do not appear radiant yet their inner divine potential is extraordinary. In comparison to material grandeur in the form of wealth, knowledge, bodily strength, weapon based might etc the above divine energy is infinitely more potent.

Infinite energy centers of this divine power or Ojas is present in ones subtle body. If only they are activated from our very bodies demigods and divinity can manifest.

Some years back a great scholar of Mumbai, India Mr. B J Rele had written a book called The Vedic Gods as Figures of Biology. In it he had proved Aditya, Varun, Agni, Marut, Mitra, Ashwini, Rudra etc described in Vedic texts are actually divine energies of the brain which on getting activated one can attain special divine capacities.

Grant Medical Colleges Prof Y G Nadgir and Edgar J Toyem together had written the preface of this book and they wrote that they were astonished regarding the deep wisdom possessed by Vedic Rishis with reference to the designing of the human body. They opined that in those Vedic times where no scientific technology was available it was mind boggling how they attained such profound knowledge. Above the eye area that part of the brain is called large brain or cerebrum which is the center of divine consciousness. Over here reside Indra and Savita. The back portion of the brain is small called cerebellum and is the area of activity of Rudra demigod. The upper part of brain is Rotsi, center part of the brain is called space and lower part is earth. Rotsi is related to the flow of divine consciousness, in space is related cosmos full of galaxies etc and earth is related to material powers that work in that world. Rotsi is related to the energy of Agni, to the door of heaven or Swarga, Drona, Kalash and Ashwini.

The lower portion of Agni is called door of heaven and its lower area is called Drona Kalash. From here flow 7 river streams. Drona Kalash is filled with Soma nectar. On its basis muscle centers get required energy to function. Two networks of glands connected to the spinal cord are Ashwinikumaras. A special fluid that surrounds the periphery of the entire brain renders that entire area conscious which is called Varun. Over here is the wisdom sheath of Agni demigod. In the back portion of the brain dwells temporal leave which is Shankhpali of ancient times. Below it are Piyush (nectar) glands also called medulla is nothing but the Vedi or dais of ashwamedha Yajnas. Ashwamedha means sanctification of the senses for which is responsible the region of nectar emitting glands.

In order to transform deep sleep into the waking state we have to get heated. As a result of intense austerities we get examples of people attaining Sidhis or Divine Powers. Behind this is the advancement of Prana principle or vital force in which lies the goal of inner personality purification. No demigod from outside comes running to help us and in fact inner radiance that ushers in due to profound penance get converted to demigod energy so that our souls ooze with divine wealth. Those possessing this grandeur and wealth get credit for rendering themselves happy and blessing others with the same too.

Yoga practices can be defined as that methodology by which human electricity dwelling in our body, mind and psyche is augmented and made wholesome use of for world wellness. It is for this end that various types of penance based practices are designed. By residing near a person overflowing with potent vital force one can benefit from his/her electrical flow in the same way as small plants, trees etc growing near sandalwood trees imbibe fragrance from it. Spiritual practices like Mauna or silence of speech, living in solitude and sexual continence have been emphasized so that instead of our electrical vault getting frittered away in vain tasks they can be rendered focused so as to use it for great tasks. It is believed that residing and contacting great people has immense benefits. Even if you do not listen to their discourses yet contact with such people especially those imbued with dim vital force can benefit a great deal. It is clear that if objects contacting fire and electricity have the power of imbibing they too become of that class.

On making efforts this gets transformed into conscious magnetism and soul power. Going ahead one gets Sidhis or divine powers associated with Yogic practices along with glories of divine grace. It is only strong soul power that can help us execute austerities, endurance and spiritual practices full of hardships. Soul radiance advanced to this stature attracts divine energies of the subtle world towards itself.


In spiritual science one finds discussion in so many places regarding spiritual practice based on divine light and a yearning too for this light. This light is certainly not related to bulbs, tube lights, sunshine, moon shine etc but that it is a supreme light which by becoming an aura of consciousness in the world radiates in it. This supreme light is called Savita deity which is an icon of Super Energy Gayatri. Everyone can visualize/experience it directly as Ritambhara Prajna or divine intellect and also as lifes light that pervades every iota of this cosmos. Know for sure that more its measure manifesting in us the more portion of divinity is radiating in us.

From the central region of brain springs forth particles of light. Its rising waves take the shape of a ring and then returns to its root source. This is a functioning akin to radio wave transmission and focusing. Energy emitted from the Brahmrandhra in the scalp helps flow its inner hidden sensitivity in the cosmos via ether vibrations. Thus man emits an introduction and influence of his consciousness in the entire world. The streams of this returning springs carries with it worldwide infinite knowledge full of information which is the newest, episode based and sensitive. If these are understood aptly and imbibed duly anyone without exception can unearth very detailed and important events of the distant past and present times. People have a potential to imbibe and transmit this flow and its medium is the polar region of the Brahmarandhra. Other planets in space are known to send many gifts to planet earth and its special qualities go to other regions. This give and take between various planets is executed in the Polar Regions. Even the human body possesses 2 polar region viz. the brain and genital area. Conscious radiations are associated with the brain and force based energy is related to the genitals. Very important subtle technique of give and take is executed via these 2 centers.

As per ones bodily and mental state the aura maintains its steadiness. If the situation changes the state of our aura light too changes accordingly. Not only this but that time and again based on mans changing personality and thought stature periodical changes are seen. Subtle seers visualize these differences like changes taking place in colors. Peace and gentlemanliness based mental state is seen in the form of light blue color. A mental state full of humor, desires, authority, grandeur, good at social etiquette is of yellow in hue. An aura of red connotes that ones psyche is full of wrath, egoistic behavior, harshness, heartless, selfish, biased and foolish. Green color connotes a nature based on creativity and artistic inclination of mind. Dark purple is related to an intellect full of imbalance and unsteadiness. The aura of righteous devotees of God and men of ethics takes the color of saffron like orange. In the same way an admixture of various colors keep changing based on changes seen in mans qualities, activities and inner personality. This aura generally does not always remain steady. Changing mental inclinations render changes correspondingly in our aura of light. Independently these colors have no importance. Changes in our mental state, the rise-fall in the number of energy vibrations emitted by our body are experienced by our vision. Scientists call this frequency of the waves.

Applications like clairvoyance, divine experiences or psycho mestri, telepathy and suggestion can be executed very easily as soon as our soul power advances. In the past few years a lot of research has been done on these subjects and as a result of these scientific efforts useful conclusions have been drawn. Just like radiology and electronics consciousness based sciences like parapsychology, ESP science and metaphysics are blooming forth. The more the layers of mysterious information regarding the power of the unconscious mind is being unveiled the more it is becoming crystal clear that man who appears to be animal like is in reality an infinite storehouse of unlimited powers and potentials. The problem related to this is that majority of these energies exist in unknown latent states.

The length of light rays is of the measure of 16 th to 0.3 millionth part of an inch. The speed of sound waves heard on a radio is 0.1 million 84 thousand miles per second. In one second these circumambulate planet earth totally 7 times. The form and flow of waves of sound and light are so subtle and speedy that without the help of subtle technology our sense organs cannot experience it. Dr J C in his book Atom and Soul has accepted that the light based vapor of human atoms is present not only in mankind but also in other creatures, plants, herbs etc. It is these light based atoms that create apt bodies of various creatures. The body of man or other living beings made of mineral based material can remain balanced and steady only as long as these atoms of light reside there. As soon as these atoms of light go away the gross body is rendered useless and dead and thus has to be cremated or buried. If this dead body is left out in the open one cannot remain near it for a moment even due to foul stench as a result of decay emitted by it.

Character, psychic imprints or Sanskars, desires and action power are but a play of these light atoms. We all know that one photon is made from union of atoms of many colors. The light based aura of the human body too is made from many hues. After subtly and scientifically researching patients, criminals, laymen and great personages Dr J C Trust said that the more a person is great and full of pious qualities his/her human atoms are more oozing with divine radiance and aura whereas the light atoms of criminals and diseased ill people are weak and full of darkness. He by seeing dark spots of many humans via his divine vision pointed out they were criminals or ill patients thereby making people accept that definitely repercussions related to the black color atoms of patients and criminals psychic tendencies. Man despite desiring to yet fails to bring about changes in his personality as long as this tainted light atom dwells within him.

Not only this, but the presence of these tainted light atoms gathered from many lifetimes forcefully induce man to act vilely. Thus again and again man lands into the crater of downfall and renders his soul agitated. As long as these tainted atoms do not transform positively, as long as they are not deactivated till then man cannot change his circumstances in any way.

This fact is definite that if there is potency in our light atoms we can help others too. Diseases can be warded off. For some time those with tainted thinking can be transformed into one with sacred character. As soon as the dacoit Valmiki came in contact with Sage Naradji, the formers light atoms got a jolt and were thus forced to positively transform. As soon as the dacoit Angulimal entered the periphery of electrical halo emitted by light atoms of Lord Buddha his tainted thought flow reverted to holiness. In the hermitages of great Rishi-Munis, cows and tigers were known to serenely drink water together from one pond. The cause was the presence of divinely potent light atoms over there. As soon as such an atmosphere disappeared the light atoms would strengthen but with taints as a result of which they would again act vilely. Hence instead of giving someone soul energy or vital force Indian spiritual teachers designed a methodology wherein anyone as per his/her desire could advance and transform his/her light atoms. This was termed meditation and worship of God.

Meditation and worship is a scientific technique wherein we transform our black, tainted and sin inducing light atoms residing within us into divinely radiant, wholesomely active, peace enhancing principles. For example when we execute Gayatri Meditation the medium that removes tainted light atoms so as to replace them with divine light atoms is done by Gayatris deity Savita or sun.

From the standpoint of designing of colors and light these human atoms are of varied character. Whatever is the character of man perceived today it is because of the presence of these atoms. If this science is deeply understood not only does our own life be rendered pure, sacred and disease free but that others too can be influenced benignly. The basis of heaven and salvation are these human light atoms.

We see objects in the world with the help of light. Yet if with the help of ordinary light particles we wish to see cells within our body we cannot do so simply because they are subtle and miniscule. When electrons are sent to a microscope with an onrush of 5000 volts their waves in comparison to long white light particles is subtle by 1/10000 times. At that time whatever is the diameter of atoms of hydrogen other atoms tinier by 42.4 times than them can enter and show us all functions taking place there. For example if mans eyes can see a depth of 1 inch then 500 times lesser than this can be seen by a microscope and 10000 times less by electron microscope. From this we can infer how subtle are the conscious part of cells of the human body. Via such microscopes when cells are visualized in it a blinking light is seen. Consciousness or Mahattava (great element) in this manner is but a very subtle spring of light. This scientific fact has been fully accepted by modern science too.

Amongst the 6 Chakras of the Brahmarandhra unearthed by Indian Yogis of yore Sahasrar stand out predominantly. This center is in the form of focused divine light situated 2 inches behind the temple of the face and around 3 inches away from the eyebrows. According to great spiritual seers this region is like an upside down umbrella or a bowl and is made up of 17 major light principles. It appears like mercury light. In the Chandogya Upanishad attainment of Sahasrar Philosophy has been put forth in 5 letters as follows:

Tasya sarveshu kamachari bhavati.

The above means that by attaining Sahasrar, a Yogi can attain all material sciences. This is that very energy center from where the brain controls and directs all bodily functioning and in this world whatever extraordinary science invented by human efforts is seen directs it.

Soul or consciousness manifests themselves from atoms which are none other than the above light atoms and yet the soul is separate from them. Light atoms should be called Prana, vital force, managing power, fire, divine brilliance and so on. The more they are pure, brilliant and divine one will become a great radiant, famous, valiant and artistic person. The aura of great saintly people symbolizes all this whereas in lowly stature people these atoms are weak, loose and black. It is required that we transform these dark tainted atoms into divinely brilliant ones and thus enter the category of great people of the world.

The aspirer of divine science prays: Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya wherein he yearns for this divine light. Every awakened soul feels the requirement of it. Thus a Gayatri devotee via his/her Japa or Mantra chanting practice meditates on Savita deity so that this light is born in his/her psyche.



It is understood that Gayatri meditation and worship is a must righteous duty of every Indian. On the basis of measure of Prana gathered via this meditation and utility of it in daily social living the tradition of community management is designed. Due to proximity of divine consciousness, mental focus, advancement and sexual continence or Brahmacharya one class of people are called Brahmins. The principle meaning of Brahmin is not one born to parents who themselves are Brahmins but is one whose psyche overflows with divine energy. This divine radiance is nothing but a great measure of Prana gathered via Gayatri meditation which results in an advanced divine intellect called Ritambhara Prajna. It is definite that the sentiments of such people will overflow with deep faith in God, magnanimity, generosity and a yearning to attain Self Realization. Ceaselessly via righteous and sacred acts he/she induces high profound thinking in entire world human race and leads them towards ideals and ethics. Thus such one is highly revered, adored and looked up to in respect by world human society. Step by step other classes, apart from Brahmins have been classified based on less manifestation of this divine principle and more attachment towards leading a life of materialism. Yet Gayatri meditation is a must for all 3 classes called Varnas. One who ignores social duties and is a fanatic materialist is called Antyaj. This then was a pristinely pure scientifically managed world social system. No doubt today its true previous form has been tainted and distorted.

Ordinarily this fact cannot be immediately understood that how can that Prana existence which can render man a thinking conscious personality be so all pervasive and that it is mixed with the atmosphere? Yet modern science has fully endorsed this as a scientific fact.

In the eyes of electricity specializing scientists earth is a ball full of magnetic force. No doubt chemical materials exist yet its capacity, way of functioning, transforming method, admixture that leads to changes and behind other such movements it is electrical force that is at work which should be called the life force of every material object. Ere this is destroyed, objects lose their original qualities and become dead like and withered.

This fact is related not only to material objects but it applies also to living creatures. That principle that differentiates life and death in spiritual parlance is called Prana. Material scientists classify it as a type of electricity.

By itself magnet and electricity visibly are 2 types of existences and both are mutually bound to each other. Under certain circumstances one stream can be converted to the other type. If the magnetic region of a circuit keeps changing electricity manifests. In the same way if to a piece of iron is tied wires through which an electric current is passed it becomes magnetic in nature.

Surrounding our planet earth is a magnetic field. It carries out functions not only related to gravity but many other types too. Where exactly does this magnetic force emerge from? Where is it fount? Those who have researched into this have concluded that this is not an external gift but that it is an energy flow that is emitted by the deep recesses of earth.

In Hindu religious texts and Japanese traditions it is said that one should sleep with the head in the north and legs in the south. In order to test its aptness well known psychologists like Richen Back, Durville, Cloric, Abravas, Renault Limpris, Muller, Prabhrati etc conducted research studies and proved that this indeed is true. They concluded that for good sound sleep the brains magnetic field must lie in the direction of the North Pole. It is best to sleep with the head in the north direction.

In his experiments Dr Morensco via magnetic apparatus by rendering the 3 rd ventricle positive succeeded in inducing artificial sleep. Like injections that render the brain unconscious this experiment proved to be a success. Instead of iron bedsteads usage of wooden ones, instead of buildings made of iron sticks and tin sheets usage of wood, clay etc proved more useful. From the health standpoint these were proved more useful because there is no needless gathering of Polar electricity flow, space based electricity and feradandez in the body. Needless accumulation of anything proves to be harmful. Un-required measure of magnetic force is considered inapt from the standpoint of pushing iron made apparatus in the body and brain then this should be considered logical.

From the visibility standpoint seems to be an admixture of mud, water, minerals, plants etc. On visualizing it subtly it appears to be a gigantic magnet. By itself even the human body seems to be made up of blood, flesh, bones etc but from the principle viewpoint it should be called a walking mobile live magnet.

Every cell of the body is a unit of electricity. Just as plants take in breathing air from the atmosphere via their leaves so too these cells attracts frequency sound from the sky based atmospheric air. On its basis its vibration and oscillation function is executed.

Switzerlands Dr Philips Arols Pera Selanson has said that the cause of so many illnesses is the distorted and scattered form of magnetism in the body. All this he has proved in a very scientific manner. There were diseases whose causes were unclear and many medical therapies proved futile in curing them. Dr Philips sent required amounts of magnetism to the fount of the diseased center and thus cured those diseases.

The North Pole of magnetism controls and directs human cell functioning and the South Pole fulfills the requirement of energy based nourishment. By classifying ill health into these 2 categories this conclusion can be drawn that amongst the 2 streams of magnetic flow which, where and how much should be utilized?

In the magazine Medical World News a detailed description is given about research conducted by Chicagos Bio Magnet Research Foundation. The Hungarian Dr Jean Barbethis research concludes that use of magnetic therapy in overcoming poisonous germs and overcoming the weak nature of cells has given astonishing results. This medical therapy has been given an independent name called Biomagnetics.

In brain based medical problems generally medicines administered do not reap very great success. No doubt medicines are given for indolence, weak brains, anger, die hard habits, epilepsy, depression etc yet their influence is quite weak. Whatever success has been reaped in this field, for that the credit goes to electric based therapy. Many a time psychiatric patients are given electric shocks to cure their woes and success has been achieved too. Dr Helal by using magnet therapy on patients suffering from brain problems and distortions found that via it those cells are more easily contacted which are responsible for such brain medical problems.


The more scientific data is being unearthed regarding energy principles western beliefs regarding life and Prana or vital force is speedily melting and changing. And to that extent speedy augmentation is being noted in the truth and precepts unfolded by Indian Spiritual Philosophy. After undergoing difficult spiritual and Yoga based practices Indian spiritual seers have unearthed certain data towards which today even Western Modern Science is headed. In this book we present the analysis of electromagnetic nature of human life as proved by western science. Thus the respected readers will visualize a new form of life force and Prana principle.

Once, Dr Renault was examining a patient. When this patient suffering from hypertension was made to sleep in the eastern-western direction it was noted based on oscilometer readings that the illness augmented. Yet when the beds direction was changed to north-south the patient was experiencing immense relief. Dr Renault concluded from this incident that man is conjoined to the magnetic fields of planet earth. Hence it will be least amazing if this data of Dr Renault attacks the theory of evolution which says man has evolved from small single cell creatures like amoeba. Prana or life force is an eternal principle which due to explosion manifests in the varied forms in the entire cosmos while flowing from a central mass.

When dogs, cats, bulls etc see a road only once and if they have to go there again they can easily do so. Regarding this it can be said that with the help of natures symbols they travel around yet there exist certain birds, fish etc that travel for thousands of miles and even at night. They journey in various seasons despite which they reach their correct destination. This is in fact is astonishing that without any directions/symbols but with sheer intuition they travel so far.

European crane birds in winter travel from Europe to Africa. The hooded crow travels 6000 miles to reach its destination. Despite not knowing directions like north, west etc it is mind boggling how they journey to apt destinations. Traveling generally is done at night by them. There is no proof or data that birds have knowledge of stars in the sky. Hence it simply is amazing. Life scientists after deep research found that the mystery maybe anything yet one fact stands out crystal clear that all birds travel parallel alongside the earths magnetic field lines. Experiments clear this data more lucidly.

Once crows were caught and some symbols were tied securely to their feet. These crows were used to travel in the north east direction. This time they were caught in Germany and from there 500 miles away towards the west they were freed. Again the birds started flying high in the sky and landed in Scandinavia. When a comparison was made with the path they took first time and then the latter one it was clear that this journey path was parallel to the 1 st travel path and also was parallel to earths magnetic field lines. Experiments with fish like whale and salmon too pointed out to this very fact and now it was clear that the life of germs, beasts etc are influenced and inspired by magnetic forces. Amongst these experiments one related to birds swimming in water was very wondrous. They were freed on a shore of Atlantic Ocean and from there after traveling at a gigantic distance of 3050 miles they reached their home in Skorwom Island.

Living beings are greatly influenced by magnetic forces. The termite ant constructs its home parallel to the earths magnetic lines. When magnetic storms occur on planet earth, termites, ants etc get very agitated. To the extent that the proliferation of life cells initial and middle stages too are influenced by magnetic forces. Chromosomes always move towards the pole regions of cells. This proves that life force oozes with magnetic or similar potential.

Not only germs, bacteria etc but that human life too is influenced by magnetic forces. In 1845 Dr Richenback studied dreams of many people and said that if one sleeps with the head in the east and legs in the west sleep becomes very restless and agitated. As against this if you sleep in the north-south direction, sleep is calm and blissful. Experiments of Dr Cleric and Durville further emphasize this scientific data and opine that scenes seen in a dream are directly correlated to magnetic forces. Even Dr Renault, Abraham Muller, Lapris etc agree with this data unearthed.

Regarding the magnetic force of earth to date scientists are merely putting forth imaginations and presume that in the womb of earth dwell gigantic amounts of magnetite and ferrous oxide. As a result of this the earth is functioning as a huge magnet. The cause behind human life and microbes being affected by magnetic fields is the presence of hemoglobin that contains iron in their bodies. Due to the magnetic potential present in light particles of the sun it renders the earth too magnetic in nature. This fact was elucidated in previous pages while discussing the creation of Polar Aura. The suns photons are the very substratum on which life sustains on earth. Hemoglobin present in the body is that Prana or vital force which is emitted by the sun and via air, will power and other mediums enters our body. In the females body it is called Rayi. It is because the human male and female have opposite poles they get sexually attracted to one another.

Dr Morensco via deep research has proved that magnetism influences our psychic center too. He would induce sleep in people by allowing positive electric charge to enter the brains 3 rd ventricle. Electricity and magnetism are very similar forces and can be transformed into each other. He also showed that even dream experiences are influenced by magnetic regions. I have given innumerable examples wherein many dreams of human turn out to be true. From this it appears that within human magnetic force exist thought, omniscience and all pervasiveness. If this is true then the Indian spiritual belief of a living being entering various other higher or lower subtle worlds or Lokas via Auroral Light is not erroneous. In the Indian Puranas the following is written:

Nathvithyuttaram yaccha saptarshibhyashcha dakshinam.

Uttar savituhu pantha devyan iti smrutaha.

Uttaram yad gastasya ajavithyashcha dakshinam.

Pitruyanaha sa vai pantha vaishwanar pathad bahiha.

MEANING: North of Nath Vithi and south of Saptarshi, the path of sun in the north is called Devyan. North of the August star and south is Ajivithi is Pitruyan Marga external to Vaishwanar Marg or path.

These paths are created from the united form of earths magnetic force and light particles or photons of the sun. It is electromagnetic in nature which has been detailed previously in this book regarding Auroral Light. The fact that positive-negative electric particles are attracted to each other is but the function of electrical or magnetic force. In Vedic terminology it is called eti cha preti cha.

In the Rigaveda it is said:

Antashcharati rochanasya pranad panati,

Vyakhyanamahisho divam.

.Rigveda (10-189-2)

MEANING: This energy churned via Prana-Apana is the very basis of life.

Akrunaina rajasa vartamano niveshayannamritam martyacha.

Hiranya yena savita rathena devo yati bhuvanani pashyan.

MEANING: Traveling from worlds that are black in hue by well managing nature and Prana (negative and positive charge or North Pole magnetism and South Pole magnetism Savita (Prana or vital force of the sun) in a golden chariot by seeing all worlds appears by giving us its holy vision.

Where it is now being proved that life force is electromagnetic principle there scientists are getting proof of it being emitted by the solar world. The finding of sun spots by scientists proves that the solar world is related to a more gigantic seed planet or interstellar space. Regarding this, future scientific studies will give us wisdom regarding the existence and attainment of heaven, salvation and cosmic divine existence.

From this it is definite that during Gayatri Meditation via focus on Savita our brain magnetism will attract the magnetism of the sun and by imbibing it our life force called Prana will augment manifold.

Man is like an egg in whose inner center dwells the yolk and surrounding it is white flesh. Mans body is like yolk and aura surrounding him is called white albumin. By uniting both the visible and invisible a total compact personality emerges. In reality this explanation has its own error. Mans area of contact is equal to the area he can influence and also the area from which he can imbibe influence. This periphery is limitless hence man too is looked upon as infinite or limitless.

The visible mass of earth is small but if together its atmospheric magnetism, radiation arena and give and take area in interstellar place is measured it will appear it is merely a cog bound to the machine called cosmic family. If earth separates from this cosmic family it will have no existence of its own at all. Similarly man also is a tiny part of the huge chain called cosmic consciousness. A cog of a watch is useful only as long as it is conjoined to the watch and if it separates it is rendered rubbish. Man may keep looking upon himself as independent but the hard reality is that his glory, efforts towards joy and progress are totally dependent on cosmic consciousness or God in laymans terms. Mans cosmic nature encompasses the soul, his body, aura surrounding his body and movements of subtle energies within this aura of light. The bond that conjoins limitlessness of the body to all pervasiveness of the cosmos is none other than mans aura which surrounds mans body. Despite not being seen by the gross eye its role is so mind boggling that it has to be given greater importance than mans visible gross body. Even if this gross body dies its aura continues its existence. In the form of ghosts it is this aura that moves about. It could be that a person is reborn somewhere and that his aura functions independently in the form of a ghost.

Visible and invisible energies functioning on earth and in space are not independent and compact by themselves. They are created in fact from others gifts, contact and union. The atoms form visualized by us is not its own creation but that within it, not only earth but other worlds too contribute in their own way. If this were not the case atomic activities would merely exist as stray scattered movements and that via them no beneficial aim can accrue.

The same holds true for the human personality. This unit created by living cells ere had not attained gifts and grace from other far off existences of the cosmos then possibly it would be rendered a lowly creature.

The speed movements of atoms in a certain manner create electricity. In it when conscious existence enters life and living beings are created. In Polar Regions of earth magnetic storms are known to erupt whose light is visualized as Aurora Borealis. It can be called the union and vibration of subtle movements of planets related to earth. This then is the romantic relation between our earth other planets as a result of which just like Kuntis 5 sons (in epic Mahabharat) 5 types of cosmic activities take birth and appear in front of us in a very wondrous potent form.

When the salty water of the ocean lashes against boats and ships made from metal electric waves are known to manifest in them. Naval scientists are well aware of this natural production of electricity and know both its dire and beneficial reactions.

Similarly bodily microbes and cells too dash against God and electric flow of the atmosphere and thus generate electrical energy. In cells exists apt measure of blood (etc) and chemicals which on being incited generate electric flow. This is the very reason why not only heat dwells in every human being but that varied stature of electrical streams too flow there. Via technology they can be well tested and understood.

Human magnetism is conjoined to cosmic divine existence via a fiber. From Lord Vishnus navel a lotus bloomed and Brahmaji (creator) manifested from this lotus. This then is the symbolic description the bond between God and a living beings soul. A child in the mothers womb too is bound to her body via the umbilical cord. The navel is the center. Only after delivery does this umbilical cord of the baby come out of the mothers body and after cutting it the mother-child bond is separated.

Mans ears hear sound waves only up to a limited distance but birds have such consciousness on the basis of which they hear even those sound waves which cannot be heard by mankind. Via technology such whistles are blown which although man cannot hear but a dog easily can hear and thus comes running towards the whistling sound. A dog can hear that far off sound of its master which is impossible for the human ear to hear.

Place a plain paper on a table. Place a magnet on it. From a height of 1 foot, shower particles of iron on this paper. Thus it will be noticed that these iron filings fall down in the form of a particular design. This design has a direct correlation with the strength of the magnetic field lines. The inner state of the magnet becomes clear from the iron filings falling on the paper placed on the table.

Man is also a type of a magnet. He imbibes or rejects various good/bad gifts showered on it by interstellar space based on his inner soul state. Whatever man is himself he will accordingly accept via his magnetism from the subtle flow of the cosmos.



In Sanskrit language Gaya means Prana or vital force and Tri means to liberate. Gayate pranaha iti gayatri which means that which liberates Prana is called Gayatri. Trana means to liberate or free. Prana is a bound conscious principle to the body, senses and their objects. By liberating Prana from this bondage one realizes ones divine conscious state. In this manner the entire science of Prana dwells within Super Energy Gayatri. Previously those Extrasensory Potentials or ESP discussed can be attained via Gayatri Meditation and Worship.

The word Prana has its root in Pra prefix and An Dhatu. Ana Dhatu connotes life force and consciousness. Hence the word Prana means conscious energy. It is also called latent heat and psychic force. In Tandya Jaimini (12-1-2) and Shatpath Brahman texts it is said: Gayatriprano vai gayatri. It is also said daviyanutati gayatri which means this electricity is Gayatri. Thus we can see that Gayatri, Prana, electricity is one principle and with its aid all daily lifes activities are executed. Vashishthaji by conducting deep research on Prane-electricity present in air unearthed those norms of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) which not only greatly augment human potentials but that it helps man contact subtle powers of other worlds or Lokas. Detailed explanation is given in Prana Vidya Prakaran, 6 th chapter, 24 th Sukta and 20-31 Mantras. Over here it is said that just as an engineer uses technology/machines in the same way this Prana Energy helps transact all of lifes daily activities.

During Gayatri Meditation in what manner can Prana Energy be attracted, imbibed and evolved in great measure? Regarding this Indian seers and philosophers have conducted deep scientific experiments. Spiritual seers have categorized Prana into 2 parts: Microcosm and Macrocosm. Microcosm encompasses which is seen functioning in the material world. Macrocosm includes which sways as life in the conscious world. Both these are called Adhidaivik, cosmic and spiritual, microcosmic or Hiranyagarbha.

Adhi daivikena samashti vyashti rupena hairanya garbhena.

Pranatmanaivaitad vibhutva magnayate nadhyatmikena.

..Brahma Sutra-Shankar Bhashya

The cosmic form is Hiranya Garbha macrocosm. The individual form is Adhidaivik microcosm.

Atomic energy related to microcosm is the very basis on which modern material science functions. Varied forces and energies of electricity, heat, light, radiations etc function in this very fount. The activity noted in atoms is that of the sun. Ere solar light did not reach earth it would be rendered withered and arid. No movement of any sort would be noted. One would fail to note atoms mobility, production of matter, their augmentation and transformation. Modern material science has unearthed atomic energy given to earth by the sun and via various inventions after using them the worlds material comforts have been increased dramatically. Science has unfolded many terrific sources of various forces and energies. Yet never must we fall under an illusion that the cosmic infinite vault of energy is limited to the material potency of nuclear energy.

Prana can be said to be all pervasive activity of energy waves of this inert material world. In the conscious world Prana can be called sensitivity and emotions. Sensitivity would encompass will, wisdom and action. Living beings sustain themselves because of it. With its aid they desire, think and make due efforts. The more one possesses this life force the more ones Prana is rendered potent. Thus with greater Prana power one can become a great saint, divine personality and Almighty God from an ordinary lay person. The cosmic existence of consciousness which pervades the entire cosmos is called conscious Prana. A creature who to a certain extent with due effort imbibes this cosmic conscious Prana becomes Great or Super Prana in nature.

In the Prashnopanishad (1-7) sun is said to be the root center of Prana-

Sa esha vaishwanaro vishwa rupaha pranogtirud yate.

This is a mundane description. Everyone knows that on earth for the creation of life the credit goes to solar rays.

The center of the life force of the gross world is the sun. It has 5 Prana principles.

Adityau havai vahyaha prana udayatyesha hyenam chakshasham prana.

In the Prashnopanishad it is said-

Manu gruhananaha prithivyam ya devata saisha purushsyapan.

Mavashtabhyantara yadakashaha sa samano vayu dhwanihi tejo havai udanaha.

This sun itself is external Prana or life force. By rising at dawn it renders active all movements of the visible world. The Super of Great Prana of the sun helps the body called this world to remain alive. It pervades the 5 elements or Tattva in the form of 5 Pranas.

A scientist of Soviet Russia Dr Ushakov while detailing his research on the Polar Region has put forth a new precept. He opines that oxygen or air which is the substratum of life is not the creation or wealth of earth. It in fact flows in the Prana stream of sun and here on earth by uniting the principle activity in the earths atmosphere oxygen is generated. Ere the sun were to obstruct sending this Prana flow or else for some reason planet earth fails to absorb it then due to diminishing levels of oxygen life on earth would be difficult to sustain. At a height of 62 miles from earth this Prana commences to get converted to oxygen. This oxygen does not get showered like rain clouds anywhere and everywhere but that it first gets focused on North Pole. And then via the medium of the South Pole it is shared with the entire earth. The fact that we see twinkling colors in the Polar region aura is proof of presence of oxygen with electrical zone.

The goal of Pranayam or Prana Science is to attract apt measure of this Solar Prana and imbibe it in the body. In order to radiate electromagnetic force that augmentation of Prana required is attained via special Pranayams (Yogic breathing exercises) that have their roots in Prana based spiritual practices. Via the well designed methods of Swara Yoga and Prana science Kundalini or Divine Serpent Energy fire is lit in such a manner akin to an ironsmith intensifies fire of a furnace using a hollow pipe into which he blows air. By attracting Prana principle from infinite space via the nostrils the magnetic flow inspired by solar principle is rendered very speedy and potent.

Thus because of this created light al of ones Prana which was sleeping and latent awakens. As soon as the sun rises at dawn birds, beasts etc on giving up their sleep zestfully start their daily chores. Buds bloom into flowers and the influence of air intensifies. In the same way via Prana spiritual practices both our poles get filled up with energy flow movements akin to one seen at sunrise are noted. Not only the gross physical body but that our subtle and causal bodies too, along with their visible/invisible units exhibit their functional activities. A devotee feels as though like a snake shedding its old skin becomes new and radiantly energized.

Sometimes due to special outbursts seen on the sun a stream emitted by it enters earth and thus manifest magnetic storms on earths Polar Regions. Its reactions are not limited to this region only but that it influences the entire world. Many times this magnetic storm creates very joyous and useful results and many times from them come such principles which induce danger in the entire world. Once, in the year 1938 a magnetic storm emerged in the Polar Regions and its terrific brilliance was seen right up to Africa and Crimea. It influenced not only material objects but also various living beings. Such electric storms manifested Ice Age on earth. For so long a major chunk of earth was covered with freezing ice. Oceans were flooded and land became ocean and ocean got converted into a desert. It is said that somewhere air, water and fire Pralaya (world annihilation) can take place and these magnetic storms are capable of totally changing the map of the world.

Nature based magnetic storms appear due to changes in 5 elements or due to laws of destiny. But via Yoga practices such magnetic storms can be induced in the subtle world which will not only influence sky based stars, galaxies etc but divine existence centers and demigods too. The conscious center Savita that influences our world can in turn be jolted by men of terrific austerities. Great intensity in Polar Light and Aura is seen in March and September (in Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri as per Hindu calendar). The reason being that the earths axis lies at an apt angle in relation to the sun. This is said to be the most appropriate time to sow seeds. Even pregnancies occur most during these times. This is the time flowers bloom. It is during these times that devotees attain greatest fruit of penance. When we conjoin earths magnetic attraction to solar light magnetism only then this brilliance intensifies gigantically and its reaction elicits astounding results in human daily living. Not only this, but even the environment can be influenced.

Alexander Marshek has heard energy influences manifesting in the solar system and galaxies in the form of light and sound that has been measured by scientific technology. These sounds are like well designed music and their tones. By itself with the ears a general sound is merely heard and its special import cannot be understood. Yet latest scientific studies in the field of Astronomy clarifies that this sound flow is very powerful which flows from the sun to the Polar Regions and via it such influences are seen on the bodies and psyche of man and other creatures which is not possible to manifest even by individual intense human effort. These influences could be both wholesome and unwholesome.

Within Yoga practices, Sadhana or practices related to sound waves predominate. Within Kundalini Yoga practices Bindu and Kala methods helps us understand unknown energy streams so as to establish a strong bond with them. In Naad Sadhana or sound waves based spiritual endeavor we can hear conch, bell, whistle, thundering clouds etc. These are meant not merely to focus our psyche but are executed so that one can imbibe and benefit from those gifts showered by various worlds-Lokas, galaxies and subtle divine centers akin to ones given by sun to earth. Kundalini aspirants/devotees have to execute such methodologies. As a result they can experience within their inner core personality very rare and mind boggling principles similar to divine boons.

The nature and form of Polar Aura is like a search light. In comparison to the north it is more intense in the southern region. From this it seems that this aura brilliance is running speedily from the North Pole to the South Pole. Divine brilliance incarnating in our brain region too rushes towards our genitals and center of Kundalini Shakti. In the South Pole region birds called penguins are found. They are very serene in nature they behave very lovingly towards guests that come to see them. In reality South Pole is a center of Kala or Cupid. From here flows the radiant stream of loves softness, sweetness and straightforwardness. Like the penguin bird in the recesses of our genitals ooze bliss and zest. If it is activated, then in life will spring forth the fount of cupid like joy and enthusiasm. The South Pole is at a height of 19000 feet from the ocean shore. It can be called the upsurge of world bodys genitals. In Indian Puranas it is called the Shiva Linga. This upsurge is also seen in female genital organs albeit in a minute form.

As a result of the strange picture of solar rays on the Polar Regions everything appears to be like a magical city. Generally ones shadow over here appears double in form. A realized spiritual seer too sees his 2 friends Para and Apara Prakriti roaming alongside him/her and believes him-self or her-self to be the imperishable soul (Atman) that is separate from its 2 shadows called gross and subtle bodies.

The aim of Indian Prana Science is that by attracting in optimal measure Prana stream present within solar energy that gets rained on the 2 Poles so as to nourish in an all round manner gross and subtle consciousness with its help.

By attracting with the help of the brain light particles of some unknown founts of light the subtle body of light can be greatly advanced. Although this is a bit difficult yet science is proving this too. For unearthing this scientific proof a Russian astronomer Chizovski had to put penance like intense efforts.

Initially for hours together either he would sit under the hot blazing sun or else under the cool soothing rays of moonlight. Alongside he would note down all mental changes/thoughts taking place within. Then he studied history of 400 years related to the rise-fall of human personality and yearly statistics of various types of diseases. As a result he realized that the brilliance of sun etc and its 11 years sunspots had a strong relationship with mans psychic state. Regarding this we will make a detailed discussion later but here it is utmost important to understand ones mode of thinking related to those glands like thyroid, adrenal and pituitary of the brain are all ductless. It means that they are not influenced by any chemical materials. The subtle units of light or Prana flow exactly like electrical particles flow in a wire. Ones sentiments are exactly of the type of light particles present in us. Under hot sunlight lethargy, anger etc emotions gush forth and under moonlight one feels serene, romantic and blissful. If a person were to focus his mind on the source of light it would mean that our ductless glands is establishing an electromagnetic bond with that fount and those particles get filled in us speedily. The more meditation is profound and focused we can clearly to that extent experience the speed of evolution of the subtle body towards that attraction and thus one day we actually merge into that infinite eternal fount so as to attain Sidhi or self realization.

For example along with Gayatri Meditation one has to meditate on the sun too. During the meditative state a bond is established between the electromagnetic stream of the sun and ductless glands situated in the pigtail region of the brain. Thus particles of solar brilliance commence entering our body. In this manner while our Prana Body advances manifold it becomes feather weight, divine and radiant like sun light.


Once, King Divodas son Pratardan wished to see heaven. Taking commands from his father Pratardan went to heaven. Indra was greatly impressed by Pratardans enterprise and war oriented skills. He respectfully welcomed Pratardan and said: How can I serve you? Pratardan replied: Lord! I have enough wealth, food, children, fame etc. What more can I ask from you? I do not want anything.

Indra laughingly said: Child! I know a man of enterprise and hard work lacks nothing in this world. Yet even though he is capable of earning enough wealth, joyous comforts etc he must yearn for world welfare and well being. There is no greater glory to be attained on earth apart from the good merits of service to the world. As a result in fact you shall attain God or Self realization. Hence I will teach you the science of Prana that aids in selflessly and devotedly serving the world.

After this Indra instructed Pratardan on the subject of Prana principle. He said: Prana very is Brahman or God. Via spiritual endeavor, great Yogis and Rishi-Munis imbibe Prana in their soul and with its aid usher in world well being.

In the 2 nd chapter of Kaushitaki Upanishad Lord Indra taught this Prana Science to Pratardan and in it is a very important elucidation of it. Indra further unfolds the mystery of how with the help of Prana Science an individual oozing with Prana Energy transmit it to others and how via it one can elicit inner inspirations and thoughts in others individuals. Adding further on this topic Indra says:

Atha khalu tasmadetamevoktha mupasit. Yo vai pranaha sa prajna ya va prajna sa prana..sa yada pratibudhyate yathagnervisfulling. Vipratisthante pranebhyo deva devebhyo loka

MEANING: When the mind thinks, other Pranas by becoming its allies become powerful thinkers. When the eyes see an object other Pranas mimic them. When the speech utters words other Pranas follow in its footsteps. In the function of the chief Prana other Pranas cooperate wholly.

In other verses it is detailed that by inactivating the mind along with all sense organs the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti is united with Pranas. Such a person becomes a knower of divine wisdom. He/she via Prana Energy can influence and inspire just about anyone. Their message and teachings can be heard and imbibed anywhere. By merging our Prana with their Prana people of weak potential can potently awaken their Prana in a manifold way. Even an inert mountain cannot ignore the commands of those people oozing with divine wisdom. Those who harbor hatred towards such divine personalities get destroyed wholly.

In this very Upanishad there is guidance that when a father realizes he is the door of death he must establish his Prana energy in his son (Guru, disciple or disciples). He must gift speech, Prana, nose, eyes, ears, power of mobility, intellect etc and his son must imbibe it. After this the father or Guru by becoming a Sanyasi must leave that place and that the son or disciple must be asked to take over, meaning that the tradition or lineage of spirituality must not get obstructed in any way.

In ancient times this tradition was very much in vogue like todays powerful technology. A knower Guru of Prana Science by giving up his very life enhanced the personality and potentials of his/her disciple. As a result with humble faith people regularly visited hermitages/Ashrams of great Rishis. The Rishis by giving their Prana would render people radiant, intelligent and full of enterprise. Maharshi Dhaumya had led Aruni, Gautam led Jabali, Indra led Arjun, Yama led Nachiketa and Shukracharya led Kaccha to a high stature inner state. Even today via true God realized masters and Gurus the torch of this tradition continues to shine forth. Paramhans Ramkrishna did Shaktipat (transmission of Divine Energy) on Swami Vivekananda. The latter in turn imbued Prana in Sister Nivedita. Via Prana Energy Yogi Aurobindo sent a message to call Mother Yajnashikha to Pondicherry Ashram from Paris who managed the ashram and edited its magazine. By giving her the Science of Yoga rendered her a master of Indian Spiritual Philosophy.

It is said that when Lord Rama was in exile in the forest at that time Lakshman by controlling his radiant Prana sent news of their daily life everyday to his wife residing far off Ayodhya. Urmila in turn broadcasted this news via paintings to Raghuvansh family and like a wireless wire everyone duly got this latest news.

Anasuya dwelled alone in a hermitage. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh disguising themselves, visited her so as to test her. Muni Atri had gone out somewhere. It was he who had identified Gods 3 fold form and this hidden message was transmitted to his wife Anasuya via Prana Energy. Hindu scriptures are full of such stories.

Todays modern science based world society, argue about these stories. People suspect and doubt and say that is it possible for one man to send a message to another person at a far off distance without any technology and apparatus?

If we try to cogitate deeply even modern science has proof for the above. Who does not know about wireless transmission (and cell phones today)? Sound is converted to electric waves. These waves in turn flow in ether principle by becoming streams. The more a transmitter is powerful, to that extent electrical waves will flow speedily towards far off areas. Other wirelesses or radio set up with the same frequency will catch these sound waves and reconvert them to sound which can be heard by people sitting nearby. Now none can distrust such crystal clear scientific proof.

Whatever we utter first manifests as thoughts in our mind and thus thoughts do exist in this world. In the above verses it has been said that when mental or thought energy unites with Prana other Pranas cooperate. This means that via the medium of Prana consciousness which includes actions, thinking, emotions etc dwelling in our body can be sent to any person in a far off region.

Egypts medical science specialist Papirus had given a scientific form of medical therapy which involved the doctor caressing the head of the patient. Emperor Pirus and Vaise Pasiyan via such therapy were cured of a dangerous disease. In the medical therapy administered to Frances royal family members, right from Francis I to Charles 10 magnet was used in powerful cure methods. Especially was used touch of hand and special focused vision.

In the year 1600 the great scholar Scotchman Maxwell put forth the precept that there exists a life force that pervades the entire cosmos. Via effort more or less of it can be filled in ourselves and can be used to uplift ourselves both materially and spiritually.

Previous to Maxwell a great thinker Goklonium via sound logic and proof had proved that the chief basis of soul power in mankind is this life force which was understood to be of the stature of living magnet. Von Helmont by using this energy had gained fame for curing very painful dire illnesses and diseases. Due to such capacity Mahaprabhu during his lifetime was called a Siddha saint.

Sataneli, an Italian scientist in the early part of 18 th century via many experiments had proved that within the human reside intense electrical radiations.

Right from the year 1734 to 1815 for most of his life span Dr Frederic Mesmer conducted research on the existence and utility value of Prana Energy. He systematically wrote down the conclusions of his long research and gave it the name-Mesmerism. Later his student Constant Usigar added a new chain of mesmerism science to the above and gave the name hypnotism to inducing of sleep artificially. Other scholars of France too unearthed new data after due research in this area. La Fontaine and Dr Brad while continuing research in this subject rendered it so apt that in medical therapy it could be used credibly.

In the past few years in New Orleans USA is constructing such a center for research studies. USA scientist Darlene and French one Dr Durand de Gras research studies imbued faith in the modern scientific world that use of Prana Energy use in comparison to other well established medical therapies is no less beneficial. This methodology was called Electro Biological. Lee Vaults book on medical therapy based on human electricity received credibility and was praised too. Regarding this the names of 3 major institutions that conducted deep research into it are:

1) The School of Nancy

2) The School of Charkot

3) The School of Mesmerist

Apart from these there are other big minor research centers that encourage both individual and collective experimentation.

Research of scientist Modavyuz and Count Puligar proved that medical cure via Prana energy is merely childs play. In reality it can be used for much higher stature. On its basis man can manifest multifaceted radiance in his personality. He can become skillfully brilliant. He can cross over many stages of self belief. By influencing material objects experiments can be conducted to render them more useful and via this influence the nature of living beings can be transformed. German electric scientist called Richen Bach believes it to be a special type of fire. He opines that this fire chiefly is found around ones face and gave it the name-aura. He found this fire to dwell in greater measure in the genitals rather than ones face periphery. Other researchers opined that greater measure of it dwells in ones eyes and finger tips.

Hong Kongs American Dr Arnold Fast conducted many small operations on patients by inducing sleep in them via hypnotic methods. Later dental surgeons too used this method and found that instead of using anesthesia based chemicals to render the teeth/gums temporarily painless hypnotic methods were more useful. In South Africa, Johannesburgs Taro Hospital Dr Bernard Lebinson without administering chloroform to patients while using hypnotic methods for anesthesia during surgery proved that this method is not some flimsy magic but is truly scientific in nature. The English scientist James Bride opined that instead of limiting the potential of electrical energy found in nerve centers for body nourishment only other useful activities too can be executed with its aid.

During the 2 nd world war people in order to decipher war secrets dwelling in the psyche of others used mysteries techniques of Prana Electricity based applications. The psychologist J H Atsbrook had unearthed many new principles regarding this and its application was taught to detective officers. For this Germany had designated a totally separate department called Hypnotized Intelligence. With its help, so much amazing success came their way.

There is no limit to the potential and miracles pertaining to Prana Energy. Just as those countries which have access to nuclear energy technology etc are considered leaders of the world similarly the potency of men imbued with intense Prana Energy are not only no less in comparison but in fact exceed them by miles.

As long as our nation was aware of this science our stature too was very high in the world. Via Gayatri Meditation by conjoining our individual Prana to cosmic Prana we fill up infinite vault of divine energy in ourselves and with its aid not only do we benefit but that hundreds others coming in our contact too experience well being in a multifaceted manner. Atomic energy can be destructive yet if used wholesomely can be used to fulfill the problem of lack of electricity the world over which in turn strengthen areas of agriculture, health etc. The same holds true with Prana Energy and that if used optimally can lead to world welfare both materially and spiritually. Todays demeaned state of the world can be warded off.

Realized Gurus who have mastered Gayatri Science are akin to the sun. They ooze with the capacity to usher in well being of world denizens. Yet when we see that they do not help some people the reason is that they may misuse this energy. A father will never give money to an alcoholic son and similarly spiritual energy cannot be given to just anyone and everyone. The person receiving it must be full of pious credibility. Yet even the might sun gives heat and light to just about everybody. The same ethics should be imbibed by great saints with relation to Gayatri devotees who are children of divine wisdom. By giving Prana Energy to people maybe they may not do good but by inspiring them to walk on the path of greatness so much welfare can usher in that in comparison to this even the most gigantic mundane aid will pale into insignificance.

Where does Prana come from? What is its source from which one can imbibe it? While searching the same we have to conclude that this priceless wealth can be got from pure air, sacred water, good wholesome (Satvik) food and contact with the sun, sound deep sleep and self satisfied mental state. The more we ignore these energy founts, the more we abstain from them, the more our personality will weaken and wither away. When we earn less and spend more no business will succeed and in the same way how can worldly transactions run smoothly in ones daily living?

Every activity and desire has limitations. By observing discipline and self control only one gets divine potential. By working more than ones capacity, harboring desire to augment comforts, by immersing in sense merriment utilizing sense organ potential way beyond their capacity, not observing discipline in ones daily routine etc do not appear to be very erroneous yet despite these seeming minor like a spark of fire can burn to ashes the blissful garden of our family life. One who ignores ethical and social discipline norms loses his/her credibility and fails to get cooperation and help from other people. One who ignores discipline in his/her individual life loses that very priceless wealth on the basis of which the foundation stones of multifaceted progress are laid down.

Who and for how long can one protect another who drinks poison so as to commit suicide? How long can the Prana Energy of a person remain optimally balanced if he/she continues to drink alcohol, indulge in drug addictions etc? Even hot spices used in food are poison from a certain viewpoint. By ceaselessly agitating the psyche via desire based titillation we ourselves dissipate to naught our lifes wealth and grandeur. Further in order to face the fruits of sins committed by us we enter the hell of diseases, weakness and accident based death.

The great philosopher Confucius rightly proclaims: Those who break the law of spending less will have to face death full of crisis and strife. This sacred utterance of his with reference to wastage of Prana Energy is cent-percent true. Such people play dangerously with their very lives and in the most un-required manner fritter away their potential. Under such circumstances is there any wonder that they thus face dire results like getting shocks at every step of life along with total agitation of mind?

If only we learn to use our Prana Energy very sparingly our life span will increase in a disease free manner. And in fact this saved Prana Energy can be used for wholesome goals like service to world creatures and humanity.

We tend to waste our Prana Energy by gluttonously eating food even when our body does not require it. For protection of the body there is need of minimal and health augmenting food. Instead we heat such food which induces indigestion. We erroneously think that by eating expensive, tasty and more food we will become strong. Yet the results are bang opposite wherein the strength that manifests from its eating does not reach the body simply because it is used in digesting the eaten rich food. As a result from the bodily health a vigor standpoint we daily reap nothing but losses and by declaring ourselves bankrupt from the health standpoint we enter the jaws of death. Opposite to this those who with effort imbibe a lot of Prana Energy without frittering it away not only glorifies human life but also generates in his/her life a great deal of material wealth and prosperity.




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