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“A great soul has already taken birth in a humble, rural family.  He will commence, direct and control a gigantic revolution in the world.  He will have the power of his aides too who will be responsible for transforming today’s distorted condition of the world.”


-         JEAN DIXON


A 9-year old American girl called her mother and other family members and asked – “Come on, tell me, what will father carry with him when he comes home?”  Since the family members had no answer, they asked this girl to give the correct answer.  The girl called Jean Dixon said – “A beautiful white dog.”  At that time everyone took this answer as a joke.  Who would know what Jean Dixon’s father was buying at a place that was 10,000 miles away?


When Jean Dixon’s father returned home, everyone was amazed to see him bring a white dog.  At that very time when Jean Dixon spoke about the white dog, precisely at that very hour, 1000 miles away, her father was buying this white dog.  Her father agreed with what Jean had said and hence everyone was amazed as to how Jean knew about an incident occurring 1000 miles away.  There are so many facts and precepts in this world, which despite being more subtle than the subtle nature of all material objects, which can be so straightforward at the gross level that by evolving it further man can prove himself to be a living miracle.  They asked Jean about this.  Jean Dixon said – “Yes, they do exist and why not?  Our soul is that very principle.  It is all pervasive and can “see” and “hear” everything in the world.  Since our psyche is tainted we  fail to perceive the divine light of our soul.  If these taints are destroyed man can see and know himself and the future, just like a mathematical calculation.”


This girl called jean Dixon who attained fame in America and the entire world, made other predictions regarding important events that were to occur in the world.  By proving her predictions to be true, Jean Dixon also wanted to lay emphasis on the fact that man is just not a body made up of flesh, blood, biochemicals etc. but that he possesses divine glories which are a proof of this spiritual identity.


Jean Dixon had amazing skills of predicting future events in a meditative state.  A few days later a Gypsy woman gave Jean a crystal ball.  Jean Dixon henceforth used this crystal ball for making apt predictions.


At a very young age, Jean Dixon attained fame and glory.  One day a film actress full of failure and despair, approached Jean Dixon and said – “Should I continue with my acting career or open a school? Which will be of greater benefit to me?”  Jean smiled and said – “Sister, man is free to act in the way he wants.  Hard work can change the lines of destiny in one’s hands.  If you make intense efforts, you can succeed in your acting career.”  That actress called Mary Drosup was impressed by Jean’s advice.  Hence she worked very hard in her acting career and achieved a lot of success.  That day dawned when Mary Drosup became America’s leading actress.


A few days later another actress called Miss Lombard visited Jean Dixon.  Jean on seeing this actress said – “Miss Lombard!  If you wish to save your life, do not travel in a plane for 7 weeks.  If circumstances force you to travel, do so by car or rail.”  After 3 weeks, Miss Lombard traveled in a plane.  While high up in the air, the plane caught fire and landed with a crash on to the ground.  Miss Lombard too died in this plane crash.”


Jean Dixon married at the age of 21 years.  One day she stopped her husband from traveling in a plane and instead asked him to travel by train.  Her husband was well aware of Jean’s skills of predicting future events.  Just as a devoted disciple acts as per the sage advice of his preceptor, so too Jean’s husband follower his wife’s advice and thus traveled by train.  Later in the evening, news spread like wild fire that the plane in which Jean’s husband was to travel, had an accident.  Thus everyone was amazed by Jean’s foresight.  Jean’s husband whole heartedly thanked his beloved wife for saving his life.


Jean Dixon was once invited to a charity party at Selgrave.  President Truman was at that time the Vice President of America.  In good humour, Truman asked jean Dixon – “You are a great devotee of God.  Can you predict my future?”  Jean Dixon with a smile said – “Very shortly you will become President of America.”  In a few days Truman did become President of America and he agreed – “There is no other option but to accept that spiritual powers are more potent and capable than material powers.”  Entire America was wonderstruck with Jean’s capacity to foresee future events.  One day in the year 1944 A.D., President Roosevelt invited Jean Dixon to the White House and said – “Tell me Jean!   How long will it take for me to fulfill my tasks?”  In a serious tone Jean said – “ Mr. President!  I am sorry to say that you will not live for very long.”  Roosevelt was amused to hear this reply, yet in a few days he died.  As per Jean’s prediction Roosevelt died due to a blood clot rupture in the brain.


Jean Dixon firmly believed that spiritually advanced people can not only gain information about an individual, but also that of all world movements, events and activities.  Such people never flaunt this power of theirs to anyone and everyone.  As days pass by they advance more and more spiritually and they gather so much soul force that all future events become known to them.  Apart from this such great men can also change the shape of one’s future and that of world events.  All this can be done on the basis of how much spiritual power has been gathered in an individual.


The above observations were accepted in a meeting of diplomats.  India’s General Agent, Shri Girijashankar Bajpai arranged a lunch party.  Col. Nawabzada Sherali too attended this party along with Jean Dixon.  Sherali asked Jean Dixon – “Madam!  Can you predict my future?”  After a moment’s pause Dixon said – “Oh Yes! On 2nd June 1947, India will be partitioned into 2 nations.  You will go to that nation in which Muslims will reside.”


On 2nd June 1947, early in the morning, Col. Sherali telephoned Jean Dixon and said, “Your prediction was incorrect.”  Jean Dixon confidently replied “Sir!  An event can occur in a flash of a second.  The entire day yet remains to pass by.  So please wait.!”  Truly on 3rd June 1947, leading American newspapers wrote in capital letters – “India has been partitioned into India and Pakistan”.  Alongwith it the armies too were partitioned.  This Col. Sherali was transferred into Pakistan.


Once in the evening in the year 1947 A.D., there was a discussion on Politics in Jean Dixon’s house.  Even Gandhiji’s name was included.  Suddenly Jean Dixon warned everybody, “It seems as though Gandhiji will be assassinated within 6 months.”  Truly on 30th January 1948 A.D. Gandhiji was assassinated.  In the same way Jean Dixon was worried that President John Kennedy would be assassinated in 1963 A.D.  One day she visited Kennedy’s friend Heloni and said – “Please convince Kennedy to cancel all his travel plans for the next few days.”  Previously her prediction that Kennedy would become President of America in 1956 A.D. had come true.  While predicting Kennedy’s death, Jean Dixon also said that the assassinator’s name would begin with “O” and end with “D”.  Later everyone saw that Kennedy was assassinated while traveling in Texas and the assassinator’s name was Oswald.


Predicting future events means that we are in contact with a Divine Power.  God is omnipresent and omniscient.  The more an individual’s soul merges into the cosmic soul (God), the more one can see past and future events.  Generally people have intense faith in spiritual powers that help attain the capacity of predicting the future.  Hence one must realize deeply that if this power is misused, it can create one’s material and spiritual downfall.  If anyone uses the power of predicting future events for material name and fame, it will deplete one’s soul force and thus create our downfall.  Therefore Indian Yogic scriptures strictly forbid us to flaunt our spiritual powers attained via Yogic or other spiritual practices.  Miracles sometimes do genuinely benefit people, yet if it augments our ego, know for sure that our downfall is round the corner.  Initially Jean Dixon’s predictions generally came true but in the latter half of her life, her predictions were incorrect.  Mrs. Ruth Montgomery, writer of the history of Jean Dixon’s predictions accepts in her book “Gift of Prophecy” that 30% of Dixon’s predictions made later on proved to be false.


Despite this, Jean Dixon, by foretelling the future proved that man is not merely a material creature.  In fact man is predominantly spiritual and these spiritual powers can be utilized greatly for world welfare.  Many predictions made earlier on, like Russia’s space craft without an astronaut reaching interstellar space, Eisenhower wining elections, Khrushchev’s downfall, China becoming a communist country and Shastriji becoming Prime Minister after Nehru, were correct.  This proves that truly such a spiritual power exists in all human beings, which is omniscient.  Recently events predicted by Jean Dixon previously, like Republican Party wining elections in U.S.A. and China attacking Russia, came true.


Jean Dixon has also predicted that  changes will take place in the world.  Red China will start a Germs War and will create dire situations in the world.  Schemes of murdering leading politicians of many nations will be designed.  Interstellar journey will prove to be a great success.  People will have more faith in religion and God.  As a result their material belief will undergo a sea change.  Another prediction is – “In a certain country of Asia (may be India), a great soul will be born in a rural family.  He will begin, direct and control a Super Spiritual Revolution.  He will be helped by his aides who will transform the present distorted state of the world.”





“Such an individual has taken birth whose soul force, generated by himself on his own, will be equivalent to the force of a very powerful nation.  He will design a behavioural ethic for the world which includes one language, one culture and one religion.”




“Today no one is paying attention to the terrible influence of nuclear weapons but within 3 years henceforth, either China or Russia will experiment with nuclear weapons in Siberia.  As a result that land will explode. (One must note that Siberia is that region which emits a lot of radiations).   Today the earth is like a globe, but due to explosions its effect in its interstellar path of revolution will be like a torn rubber ball.  The sea will rise high, heat will augment in the world and although the earth will not be broken into pieces, widespread earthquakes, storms, floods and epidemics will kill millions of people.”


“America’s condition will become dire.  Until 1980 A.D. China will attack 2 major cities of U.S.A. with nuclear weapons which will elicit terrible anger in America.  Russia and America will unite so as to attack China and destroy it completely.  Very few people of China will survive and they will be protected by India.  This will be called the 3rd world war and will be the last war on earth.  This war will destroy all terrorist countries, individuals and forces and thus a world organization will be established something on the lines of UNO.”


The above predictions have been made by a great American futurist whose only 3 % predictions were false.  The remaining 97% predictions were cent percent true.  Mrs. Jean Dixon and Prof. Cheiro are the most well known personalities of America and Europe who could aptly predict the future with the help of their Extra Sensory Power (ESP).  The poet Tennyson of the Victorian Era was also a great seer.  In that era when no one knew about planes, journey to the Moon and Nuclear Weapons, Tennyson wrote in his poetry – “This world is so widespread that only time can measure it.  My eyes are transcending the boundaries of cosmic time and can hence see the far flung future.  I can see that the social arena of the world has become widespread and materials are being transported from one place to another via the skies.  Man is traveling in interstellar space and has reached other planets.  These space crafts are carrying huge circular weapons of fire.  These weapons attack earth which results in a blue cloud smoke engulfing the sky.  Intense heat from the south manifests like clouds and spreads in the entire world.  These flames burn up all the flags of the world to ashes.  A truce has been declared permanently and thus world humanity lives in peace and friendship.”


Today Tennyson’s predictions are being proved true.  We are all traveling in planes.  Human beings have already journeyed to the Moon.  Man has started researching into interstellar space.  One atomic bomb already has been used and its smoke was dark blue in colour.  At the time when Tennyson made these predictions there were no such proofs available.  Hence immediately people did not believe him. No wonder then that the lives of people at that time were not transformed for the better.


Predictions in 2 stanzas before the article, were given by such a farsighted person which were more correct than those given by Jean Dixon, Cheiro and Tennyson.  People have been witness to his predictions coming true innumerable times that were made at least 1-2 years in advance.  This astrologer was born in Iowa (America) in the year 1910 A.D.  He was called Anderson.  Actually Anderson was previously well known for his bodily strength and amazing exhibitions of various exercises.  Despite this his divine eye was more powerful than his body.  Very rarely did his prediction turn wrong.  As a result not only Americans but even businessmen, film stars, politicians and industrialists of other nations too questioned Anderson regarding their future.


One day at the age of 8 years, Anderson was playing in the drawing room of his house.  At that time the 1st world war was on.  Anderson’s brother Nelson had joined the Canadian army as a Captain.  Nelson’s photo was placed on the wall.  Anderson caught his mother’s hand and led her into the drawing room and said – “ See mother, brother Nelson’s face is hurt by a bullet and has fallen down dead on the ground.”  Anderson’s mother angrily said – “O foolish child, never again utter such bad things.”  Despite this, Anderson continued to say the same thing.  Two days later they received a telegram from Canada that said that on 1st November 1918 A.D. Nelson died due to a bullet wound.  The entire family were full of grief and yet were amazed at this miraculous fore sight of Anderson.


After that Anderson predicted future events in the lives of his neighbours which were absolutely true.  From then on people knew him to be a great seer of the future.  Anderson’s family sent him to an ore mine so as to take up a job there.  His family members did this so that people would not pay much attention to Anderson’s amazing powers of foretelling the future.  But this job did not last long.  Anderson left the job saying – “I am a liberated soul.  I have Yogic qualities.  I can never be bound by the lures of materialism, wealth, cash etc.”  He later traveled all over the world in a merchant navy ship.


At that time he had built his body so powerfully that people said – “Anderson indeed is a great Yogi of a previous life.  All the power of Yoga gathered by him in previous lives is being seen in this life.”  Anderson did not pay much heed to this awe of people and yet he accepted that each individual has immense spiritual power in his inner being, albeit in a latent state.  If man imbibes self-control, hard work, exercises and Yogic practices, amazing powers will manifest in his body.  If one purifies one’s Extra Sensory Potential (ESP), gigantic tasks which are miracles for laymen, can be executed in one’s daily life.


As a young man, Anderson successfully exhibited his bodily strength.  He would placed an iron plank on his broad shoulders and ask 15-20 people to hang on to it without their feet touching the ground.  He could lift a heavy car with his hands.  Many a times he stopped a fast moving car with his hands and the car would not move even an inch forward.  He was a great exponent of the Japanese Martial Arts called Judo.  Once he gathered many bulls in his ranch and declared that he would wrestle with these bulls.  Thousands of spectators gathered there to see this wrestling bout.  Many of them firmly said that Anderson will die. As soon as they saw Anderson throwing mad, angry bulls on the ground with ease, people realized his true bodily might.


At the age of 60 years too, he straightened a curved pipe of iron with his bare hands.  People wonder as to how Hanumanji (Indian epic Ramayan) carried a huge mountain on his shoulder.  Today Anderson has proved that self control, pure eating habits, sexual continence and Yogic practices can awaken all latent forces in one’s body.  He always yearned to travel to India and study Yoga and astrology.  Since circumstances were not conducive, he could never fulfill this ardent wish of his.  Despite this Anderson’s interest in Indian Philosophy and Religion never waned.  He fulfilled this desire in many other ways.


Regarding the 2nd world war, Anderson declared, “Russia and America will unite in this war but later on enmity will crop up between these 2 nations.”  When this prophecy was made, Russia and Germany had already developed a bond of friendship.  Hence no one paid heed to Anderson’s prophecy.  Yet history tells us that Russia and America unitedly fought the 2nd world war.  “President Roosevelt will no longer re-win as President of America.  Before the month of May 1945 A.D., he will die.”  Truly Roosevelt became ill and died shortly as a result.  “After Roosevelt’s death, an Army General of America will become President of America.”  Truly Eisenhower who was General of the Allies Army became President of America.”  In 1947 A.D., an important nation of Asia will gain freedom from British rule.”  Truly India gained independence in 1947 A.D.


After youth, Anderson’s fame as a great prophesizer waxed more and more.  Once in May 1945 A.D. he himself visited the editor of an American newspaper called “Walker Country Messenger” and said, “On 8th August a terrible incident will occur which will totally change the state of the war waged with Japan.  By 18th August the war will be declared as finished.”  The editor did note down this prophecy but he did not believe it a great deal.


Eighth August was that horrifying day when Hiroshima was attacked with an atomic bomb.  As a result thousands of people died and many were handicapped severely.  Thus Anderson’s prophecy was absolutely correct.  This thunderbolt like attack shattered Japan very nastily.  Japan surrendered and thus on 18th August the war ended.


After this, Anderson gave prophecies regarding the Negro leader, Martin Luther King and death of Robert Kennedy.  This prophecy also was proved to be true.  He gave a golden opportunity to a press reporter called Warren Smith, to write a prophecy regarding Martin Luther King’s murder.  In that article the name was withheld and instead the person was described as a Negro leader.  This clearly pointed towards Martin Luther.  In the same way when later on, Anderson again predicted that one more Negro leader will be murdered, everyone said it was a futile prophecy.  Yet when on 22nd July 1969 A.D., Martin Luther King’s brother, Rev. William King’s dead body was found floating in a lake, people realized that the above prophecy was absolutely true.


Anderson fully gets credit for advising America to be cautious while dealing with Chinese people.  Anderson said – “Chinese citizens will spread their net of cunningness in the entire world.  In an underground manner they will conspire against America and when the Central Bureau will investigate, it will be found that the existence of Chinese population in America is not without risk.”


A few days later, the American Government appointed an investigational committee since they were tired with the riots taking place within America.  Its director was Mr. Hoover and he wrote a report in 1969 A.D.  Its observations were very much in line with Anderson’s prophecy.


Since a lot of time has elapsed ever since the above incidents took place, it is no longer given too much importance.  Now we will throw light on prophecies made regarding events that had occurred upto 2000 A.D. which are worth reading and contemplating upon.


In one of his major prophecies Anderson had warned that the years 1970, 1971, 1972 A.D. would prove destructive for the entire world.  Asia’s most populated country (China) will create hazards and hence America and Russia will join hands to overcome China.  In Muslim oriented nations, including Arab countries, intra revolutions will take place and a lot of blood shed will be witnessed.  Such battles will continue upto 1980 A.D.  During these times the lives of all political rulers (of all countries) will be in danger and their leadership will dwindle.  The common man will give more importance to true, honest and spiritual leaders even if they are very small in material stature.  In certain countries there is a possibility of miraculous powers manifesting for the destruction of evil citizens.  During these times the religious influence of a person born in a small village of India will not only augment in India but also in the entire world.  This person will become the greatest messenger of God in world history.  He will possess so much collective power, all of it gathered on his own, which none of the world’s government will possess.  He will convert all political constitutions of the world into a world human constitution which will design a single language, one nation, one Supreme Court and one flag in the entire world.  This will result in men competiting with one another for self-control, pious behaviour, justice, ethics, sacrifice and generosity.  The main pages of all newspapers will print articles on service to all beings, renunciation, daring and generosity.  On reading this world humanity will imbibe a life of sacred ideals.  Murder, riots, robbery, terrorism, lack of ethics etc. will be warded off from their very roots.  By the year 1999 A.D. the entire face of the world will change and for thousands of years thereafter, people will live in peace and harmony.”


Anderson further said – “That religion and culture, which cannot even be imagined by denizens of the world today, will in future get established in the entire world.  This religion and culture will be that of India and this messenger of God too will be an Indian.  At present he is laying the foundation stones of an imminent world revolution.


Jean Dixon too has made a similar prophecy which has been elucidated in this book.  In this manner the same prophecy made by 3 leading seers of the world tells us that Era Transformation us the Almighty Lord’s holy desire.  None can oppose it.  This era will definitely transform for the better and none should doubt it.






“A light is rising high up.  It will purify the atmosphere and destroy the mental taints and sins of world humanity.  The world will be united as a single nation and joy and peace will be established eternally in the entire world.”




“Your interest in flaunting of miracles is waning and you believe that Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and divine energy should be utilized only for world welfare.  Hence you can definitely tell us whether any transformation is possible in the materialistic attitude of the world which is spreading dangerously in the entire world?  When will political frauds die an eternal death?  Is it possible that all nations will agree with the disarmament proposal?  Will the world unite as a single nation?  Will communism spread in the entire world?  Will all these changes take place in a very short time?”


A great political leader of Holland once requested a famous seer of his country, Gerard Chrisey, to answer the above questions.  In India it is quite common that people believe in prophecies but Holland is may be that rare country of the world which takes help of respected seers / futurists of their country to advise them regarding tasks pertaining to police stations, parliaments and other governmental activities.  In our country (India) anyone can attain Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) via high leveled austerities and spiritual practices.  This method is not found in any other nation of the world.  Despite this, due to God’s grace, such souls embody in various countries whose prophecies generally come true.  In this century (20th), not only in Holland but virtually in entire Europe, Gerard Chrisey was said to be the greatest foreteller of the future.   Very rarely were his prophecies proved wrong.  Gerard Chrisey was born in a Jewish family of Holland.


Once an American professor telephonically questioned Chrisey – “My daughter is suddenly missing.  You very well know that children are the apple of their parent’s eyes.  My mind is tensed because my daughter is not by my side.  Her education too has been affected.  Will you please tell me about her whereabouts?”


“Many a times our mind becomes wayward and agitated.  Thus it is difficult to understand even common situations.  Your problem requires that I focus all my sentiments at one point and dive deep into my psyche.  It is only then that my soul will contact subtle vibrations.  At present I myself am involved in one problematic situation.  Tomorrow at this very time I will answer your question.”  After replying thus Chrisey disconnected the phone.


On the next day at that very hour, the American Professor seated 5,000 miles away from Holland picked up the telephone and he realized that it was Gerard Chrisey ringing him up from Holland.  Gerard said – “Your daughter was at a clinic and from there she came to the edge of a stream.  This stream must be close to a clinic.  She sat in a boat and reached the other end of the stream.  There she saw a big red car.  Your daughter sat in that car and went away.  Do not worry, your daughter is fine and within 6 days she will return to your home.”


Even after 6 days the Professor’s daughter did not return.  The Professor entered the room where his telephone was placed and thought of phoning Chrisey.  As he raised the telephone receiver and simultaneously raised his head, he saw his daughter seated on the sofa in front of him.  He asked his daughter as to how she managed to disappear?  His daughter’s reply exactly matched the prophetic description given by Chrisey earlier on.  The American Professor amazingly wondered as to whether a human being can see and hear things taking place in any corner of the world without the help of scientific apparatus?  If only he had read Indian philosophy, he would have known that each individual has a latent soul force within his being.  The Lord has compassionately given us humans, a multifaceted machine i.e. our body which if aptly used, can help us see not only far off objects but also the subtle world.  In fact man can become God too, which is the true goal of human life.


Chrisey is proof of this fact.  Innumerable times he gave prophecies which were proved to be true later on.  Once a certain gentleman’s son was missing.  He showed his son’s photograph to Chrisey.  Chrisey said – “ I see water surrounding this son of yours from all directions.  It seems as though your son is drowning in water.”  Chrisey was proved right because on the following day the gentleman’s son’s dead body was found floating in a river situated close by.


One day a lady asked Chrisey – “Tell me something about a very distant past event in my life when you were just a small boy.”  Chrisey replied – “One day in the past you had gone to the fields with your friends.  While walking, you came across a plant that had thorns. One friend of yours pushed you and you fell on this plant.  One thorny stem pierced your abdomen.  This wound on your abdomen left a mark which can be seen even today.”


That lady agreed that the above incident had occurred 27 years back.  At that time she was a 12 year old girl.  On 13th September 1960 A.D. an important incident took place in Gerard Chrisey’s life.  A priest came to meet Chrisey and asked him about a missing boy.  There was nothing new about it yet Chrisey said, “This boy is cycling speedily in a jungle.”  Immediately after saying this Chrisey kept quiet.  It seemed as though he was deep in thought and hence the priest asked – “Why did you stop speaking?  Do tell me more about this boy.”


After breathing deeply, Chrisey said – “There is nothing more to add. A tall, hefty man is chasing this boy.  His hair is black.  At a short distance from that area he has murdered the boy and has buried the boy’s dead body there itself.”  Chrisey gave an exact description of the location in which the boy was buried.  When people visited that place, they saw that Chrisey’s prophecy was true cent percent.  Even the post mortem report agreed with Chrisey and said that indeed the boy was murdered.


Dr. Tanfay, a researcher in the field of Parapsychology, was in those days studying the causes of Extra Sensory Power (ESP).  He called Chrisey one day and led him to a place where a meeting was to take place the following day.  The stage had been set up and chairs arranged neatly for the audience to sit on.  Dr. Tanfay stood beside one chair and asked – “Chrisey, can you tell me who will be sitting on this chair in tomorrow’s meeting?”


Chrisey replied – “A lady will sit on this chair.”  Then he described that lady which was simultaneously recorded on a tape recorder.  Next day it so happened that a lady did sit on that chair.  When the lady was questioned about what Chrisey had earlier said about her, she agreed totally with it.  Dr. Tanfay was deeply influenced by this incidence.  In reality Dr. Tanfay was largely responsible for the name and fame Chrisey achieved in the entire world.


Chrisey now began solving many complicated political, social and educational problems.  To the extent that the Archeological Department too asked for Gerard’s help.  Dr. Walcot Utecher, a Geologist of Johannesburg University, found a piece of bone in a cave of South Africa called Cannibal.  The bone seemed very ancient but none of the scientists could decipher as to which era / age it belonged to. Dr. Tanfay advised these researchers to take Chrisey’s help.  Chrisey, after touching that piece of bone described an era and tribal organization of South Africa which sacrificed human beings as an offer of worship to their deity.  Chrisey said that this particular bone was that of a dead human being who was sacrificed by his tribe in the past.  The name of the tribe given by him matched perfectly with findings of the Archeological Department.


Day by day Chrisey achieved more fame and glory.  Despite this he realized that by describing the past and future of anybody and everybody, he was loosing his Extra Sensory Power( ESP).  Chrisey asked himself as to why he was experiencing discontent after describing someone’s past or future!  The answer he got was that Extra Sensory Power should only be used for cosmic welfare and never for selfish gain, name, fame, etc.


In the first paragraph of this article, Chrisey was asked a question regarding politics.  His reply was – “I clearly see a radiant light emerging from an extremely ancient country of Asia (India), where sages and serpents are worshipped, whose women are very pure and who never divorce their husbands and whose citizens are straightforward, simple and honest.  Over here such a great saint has taken birth who will design programs for world peace, prosperity and unity.  During these times the world will experience a lot of turbulence, terrible wars will be fought and a few countries will be destroyed totally.  So many plane crashes will occur that people will travel less by air.  This great saint will have innumerable followers wherein women will predominate.  These followers will be residents of various regions of that country.  They will light pyres and offer fragrant materials to that scared fire (Yajnas).  The smoke emitted as a result will purify and sanctify the atmosphere.  World humanity will pay more and more attention to the above followers.  When all world political leaders will realize the importance of the sagely advice of this saint, they will have to unite and confer with one another on one dais.  The proof of my prophecy will be witnessed at the end of the 20th century.  At that time the world will be united as a single nation and only peace and prosperity will reign in the world.  There will be no place for violence, terrorism, riots, falsehood etc.  Capital punishment will be meted out to vile men and those, who harass women sexually or otherwise.  People will drink more milk.  The world will beautifully bloom like fragrant flowers.”



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