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Romain Rolland says – I am sure that a big portion of White culture (Western) will be destroyed with both its good and bad qualities.  Later a new culture will take birth in the world.  (He has clearly accepted that this new culture will be an Indian culture. According to him Indian culture and philosophy will be established as a world religion and world culture).   A new society will be created.  I am least worried that life will deteriorate.


Western countries do not accept that our soul is immortal – but I firmly uphold this belief.  Those souls born in Western countries and are being influenced by Western culture, will face great hardships.


The famous astrolger Prof. Cheiro had predicted that the white race will end and  that Muslim culture too will be destroyed.  Instead a new culture and a new religion will gain a strong foot hold worldwide.  Cheiro writes – When the sun enters Aquarius, many intense effects will be perceived.  This is because its planets are Uranus and Saturn.  Ancient seers of secret sciences believe it to be a glorious beginning of a new era.  Saturn is the cause of destruction.  Uranus changes old norms and laws from their very root.  When Sun enters Aquarius, intense agitations change and gigantic revolutions are witnessed.  The creator of this new era are planets.  They influence women to manifest in a new form.


All the above observations can be clearly perceived today.  Conservative countries like Iran, Turkey, Arabia and Jordan are now allowing Muslim women to live a life of freedom akin to that lived by their male counterparts.  Sun has already entered Aquarius.  Since apt planetary transitions have occurred, a new era is not far away.  The old culture of the world will be replaced by a divine culture.


“India’s glory will dawn in the form of a Supreme Power but for that, it will undergo a lot of agitations.  On the face of it the situation will be painful, yet a divine messenger of God will be born in India who will congregate laymen.  This congregation will valiantly combat hard core materialistic people of the world.  It will be proved that mere material comforts can only lead to our downfall.  Instead materialism and spiritualism must work hand in hand for the overall progress and peace of the world.  After that straightforward and ethical men will predominate in the entire world.  Joy and peace will spread in all directions.  In the conjunctional period, cunningness, murder, looting etc. will intensify.  Thus after intense turbulence, sacred human characteristics will take over the helm of affairs.  This progress will be long lasting and in the 21st century, it will be seen with greater clarity.  The world will bloom with qualities like love, compassion, honesty, charity and brotherhood.”  Hungary’s famous female astrologer, Boriska Silvigar, had made this prediction.


Boriska was that person with whom an Englishman had laid a bet that England will not free India politically.  Boriska smiled and said, “After 1944 A.D. no power in the world can prevent India from gaining independence.  India’s destiny will shine brightly and its religious citizens will pave the way for world peace and brotherhood.”


Such observations are there in the bible too.  The famous seer and saint, Father Baxter, while writing a commentary on Mathew 24 and Revelation (Chapter 6) says –


“The meaning of a horse riding man with a sword in his hands is that such a great man will be born, who will revolutionize the entire world.  World humanity will imbibe spiritual values due to the influence of the powerful thought vibrations of this great person.  Just prior to this, food will become expensive and people will carry out sinful actions.  The god of death will destroy over populated areas via wars, plague, tsunamis etc.  Natural calamities will show their ire.  The movements of sun, moon and planets will be very dire for world humanity.  At that time a Divine Power will incarnate. It will establish peace and human values in the world.”


There is virtually no difference as far as today’s circumstances and that given in the Bible is concerned.  Hence there is no reason to doubt that a Divine Power has already incarnated on earth in order to create a new era.  Today in the midst of agitation and turbulence, the sun of neo-creation is all set to rise.  None can obstruct this eternal arrangement of Mahakal (Great Time).


Era Transformation is the fundamental need of the hour and is imperative.  The ancient era will definitely be destroyed and will be replaced with a bright new era.  We have to wait and watch as to who is about to get crushed in its agitative activity and thus become a partner of ill fame.  On the other hand let us see who is going to attain good merits by taking part in this gigantic task of neo creation.





“Twenty four years after India gets freedom, a powerful spiritual organization will come into limelight and it will uplift the entire world both materially and spiritually.  This Uplifter will be both the founder and director of this organization.  If all his thoughts in his lifetime are published in one book, it will weigh more than 1000 pounds.  The entire world will imbibe his behavioural ethics.  India will become the crown jewel of earth.”




In the months of December 1962 A.D. and January 1963 A.D., there was talk of a world war.  With reference to the 8-planet Yoga, not only astrologers of India, but those of the entire world proclaimed that a world war will take place in February 1962 A.D. Despite this on the basis of Acharya Varah Mihir’s astrological calculations, in the September 1961 issue of Akhand Jyoti magazine, the above prediction of a world war had been challenged.  Our viewpoint was further strengthened by the opinion of Norway’s famous Yogi, Anandacharya.  He said that


“No doubt the 3rd world war will take place but not before 1995 A.D.  Uptil then India will become the 6th Super Power of the world.  Just as the Mahabharat war was fought in India, after scientific advancement, wherein all nations of the world were involved who used divine weapons of fire etc., in the same way the future 3rd world war will not only see the use of terrible chemical and atomic weapons but even other newly invented ones which no one is aware of today.  It means that with the help of weapons obtained from other divine worlds, this war will be fought.  Nuclear weapons of earth will look pale in front of the above mentioned divine weapons.  After these divine weapons are used, they will leave no imprint behind for the scientists of earth to conduct research studies.  Even women will take part in this war.”


“This war will be fought mainly in Asia but its most tainted effects will be seen in Europe and Muslim nations.  The role of India will become the ultimate decision.  Initially India will try to stop this war but because of China’s stance, people will not agree.  Inwardly the fire of war will be kept ablaze by China and yet another country will be blamed for it.  The flames of destruction due to this war will spread out so far and wide, that all countries of the world will request India to intervene and ward off destruction.  Only then will peace prevail.  After this war, human culture will change completely.  All this will take place only after 1995 A.D.”


That Yogi’s predictions, which have been given in the lines mentioned above and in the following pages, was an Indian born in West Bengal in the year 1883 A.D.   He was called Surendranath Baral.  As a result of deep study in Calcutta University covering subjects like Indian and Vedic Philosophy, a great spiritual awakening took place in his psyche.  For some time he taught certain subjects in Calcutta University.  He realized hat materialistic men possessed very few human values.  Its ratio was like a mustard seed and a mountain.  Mere material pursuits cannot give eternal peace and joy.  It is only the Eternal Divine Power within each individual that can usher in eternal peace and joy in the world.  It is only when we understand the science of consciousness that pervades all beings of the cosmos, the nature of the controller of the world and self knowledge and knowledge of this world and the next, can man become self-fulfilled.  In a state of lack man can never attain joy either in the present or in future too.


Thus attainment of self-fulfillment is the only balanced goal which gives eternal peace. Thinking thus this Yogi started practicing Yoga.  He deeply studied Astrological Sciences, Samadhi (meditative trance) etc.  Later this Yogi called himself Anandacharya.  He was born in India and performed spiritual practices (Sadhana) in Norway.  He spread the wisdom of Indian Philosophy in the entire world.  Chiefly he was a seer, philosopher, thinker and messenger of a human religion.  He thus visited England, America etc.  He attained fame as a great person who could predict the future aptly.  He was more famous than other leading futurists of the world like Jean Dixon, Cheiro, Clark, Harare etc.  Anandacharya’s predictions gained lots of fame in Europe and Africa.  He always shied away from name and fame and yet his predictions were so correct that fame followed him like a servant.  Books written by Anandacharya like “Brahma Darshanam” and “Tattva Jeevanam” ( published in New York and London) proved to be vaults of Indian Philosophy.  Many decades back he had written a book -“Kaal- Chakram” which described India’s social condition at that time.  He predicted that a great transformation will take place in India financially, socially etc.  Today the fact that India, is becoming a great force to reckon with in the international arena is proof of Anandacharya’s predictions.


Anandacharya was the first person who said way back in 1910 – “People must gird up their loins for a 1st world war.  In the last week of July, a very minor event will pave the way for a war.  Later all those countries who have tense relationships with one another will take part in the war.  This war will last till November 1918 A.D. and when it will end, world politics will get centralized at one point.  An organization will be formed which will have leading nations of the world as its members.  This organization will resort to cunning gamesmanship, instead of truth and honesty and hence world humanity will not accept their directions.


At that time people did not pay much heed to Anandacharya’s predictions. In 1914 A.D. a youth of Serbia fired a bullet at Arch Duke Ferdinand, who was the heir of Austrian throne.  Despite this none had even an inkling that a world war will set in.  Within one month Australia attacked Hungary.  Friendly nations on both sides too got involved in this war.  These nations were Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Britain, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan etc.  This was a classic world war.  The battles of Mans, Saan and Verdun were so terrifying that people hated every moment of it.  Later a League of Nations was formed.  Thus both predictions of Anandacharya came true.


Now people of Norway and England paid more attention to Anandacharya.  A special association of British journalists met him and requested him to put forth his views about the future.  Anandacharya replied – “Now get ready for a 2nd world war.  In this war Germany’s Hitler and Russia’s Stalin will fight so ferociously, that the war will end even more harshly.  In August 1945 A.D. a terrible explosion will occur for the first time in the world and in a flash, millions of people will die.  Only then will some sort of peace manifest in the world.”


A few years after this prediction in September 1939 A.D., Germany attacked Poland.  After this battle its flames were re-lit and one more world war set in.  On 6th August Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2 cities of Japan) were attacked with an atom bomb.  As a result millions of people died.


Anandacharya’s predictions regarding Mussolini’s death, and Eisenhower and Krushchev’s leadership also came true.  His prediction about the state of the world after the 2nd world war too came true.  After this came the Ashtagrahi Yoga (astrological confluence of 8 planets).  All of Aandacharya’s predictions regarding this Yoga have been given in the previous pages of this book.  Yet the most important part is regarding what he said in New York.  All his quotes were published in New York, Paris, Belgium, England, and Norway etc.


He said – “On the one hand scientists of the world will progress so much in Material Sciences that they will land on Moon and mars.  Political efforts will be made to obstruct nuclear research, yet smaller nations too will try and produce nuclear weapons.  In a short time span even far off lands will produce destructive machines and bombs.  Hindus living in other nations will face danger.  Many nations will insult Hindus and throw them out of their country.  In Sri Lanka and India, women will lead in politics.  Fast changes will take place in England’s politics.”  His predictions about Kennedy and Martin Luther King’s death too proved to be true.




“Twenty four years before the 3rd World War and 24 years after it ends, will be full of turbulence for India.  The preceding 24 years will see circumstances akin to those seen after Mahabharat war.  The latter 24 years will be like dawn before the sunrise of a New Era.  I will give up my body a few days after I see my motherland (India) attaining independence.  Other people will see the extraordinary changes taking place in India after it gains political freedom. “


“In my country religion will take up a congregational form so as to get re-awakened.  It will take birth as soon as freedom is achieved.  After 24 years in the year 1971 A.D. it will come into limelight as a powerful organization.  On the one hand a lot of changes will take place in world politics.  Within it Indian politics will be most active.  The above mentioned organization that will take on the onus of religious upliftment, will design a new map of world welfare during these times.  The founder and director of this organization will be a householder and will attain fame as the most outstanding thinker of all times.  He will design a behavioural ethics regarding an individual’s social responsibilities and how collectively all nations of the world can live peacefully.  If all his lifetime thoughts are written in a book, the book will weigh more than 100 pounds.  At that time people will ask in amazement as to what need do they have of such idealistic thinking in a material age?  But all the hardships faced after 1995 A.D. alongwith the world war, will give a new direction to materialism.  At that time these behavioural ethics, will be worshipped just like Bible and an angel.  Today people are immersed in achieving material goals but after 1995 A.D. people will think about God, soul, salvation and other spiritual principles.  That state of India before the Mahabharat war will progress further after this 3rd world war and it will be controlled by this new spiritual organization.”


“At that time wealthy citizens of alien countries will vie with one another to send their children to India for higher studies. The importance given to Europe and America as far as higher studies is concerned will diminish a great deal.  An extraordinary rise will be seen, between the years 1975 A.D. to 1995 A.D., in the number of people learning Sanskrit language.  India’s Science too will be given utmost importance internationally.  India will make weapons with metals that have never been used before.  Air and space crafts will be designed without using metals and they will be capable of going far away in interstellar space and gaining important information regarding it.  Indian will not only be a leader as far as media coverage is concerned but will also advance leaps and bounds in other industries.  Thus India will not only be a world leader as far as spirituality is concerned but will also lead in the economical, industrial, social, political and scientific front, just as it did prior to the Mahabharat war.”


Shri Anandacharya left his mortal coil after the 2nd world war when India gained political freedom.  Today his predictions have been proved correct.  None should be wonderstruck if the 3rd world war sets in and that his other predictions post 1995 A.D. come true.



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