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Material Science can be defined as understanding the potentials of this material universe and then making apt use of them. On the other hand Spiritual Science deals with the advancement of our consciousness so as to attain eternal unlimited bliss (Ananda). Human beings need to pay heed to both these in a balanced manner. Based on spiritual tenets Vital Force consciousness is made balanced in an optimal fashion. The physical body is made up of matter and hence materials are required to maintain a sound healthy body. In order to lead a balanced life both these are very essential for world humanity. If only spirituality and modern science work together in a healthy balanced manner can individuals and the entire world, lead a life of material comforts and spiritual bliss.

And yet it is our ill fate today that the gigantic potentials of materialism and spiritualism refuse to work in tandem with one another in a healthy cooperative manner. Forget cooperation both are at loggerheads with each other and are busy casting aspersions on each other. Modern Science virtually scoffs at the existence of God, our soul and fruits of actions (Karma Phala). Those who believe in only that knowledge/proof dished out by our 5 senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) also believe in only the utility of I and mine and nothing beyond that. With the result man has not only become an atheist but unethical too. Since a major chunk of world humanity follow rank materialism and nothing beyond that their thinking too has become blind and deluded. Today selfishness, unruliness and terrorist activities are ruling the roost. This has totally weakened individual characters and a sense of oneness with the world has disappeared into thin air. No doubt Modern Science has advanced our economic and intellectual prowess in a manifold manner and yet unfortunately immense distortions too have simultaneously grown like weeds in mans conscious arena. Dangers and clouds of destruction are looming large all over the globe. It seems as though the days of super destruction are just round the corner.

After having said all this it is now the turn of Spiritual Sciences. They have failed to give healthy logical answers to the allegations made by Modern Science against them. Not only this spirituality angrily lashed out at science and set up an illusory dream like world for itself where science was refused entry. Obviously the vast intellectual class got irked and labeled Spiritual Science as a set of blind beliefs and means of fulfilling selfish unbecoming desires. With the result spirituality remained demeaned and mans material prowess got a shock. World humanity has sadly lost all those benefits ere had Spiritual Sciences and Material Sciences worked in healthy tandem with one another. Today world individuals face debacle and the globes all round balance too has become grim. Only those subtle seers of the world who have gauged the havoc inflicted on the laymans life, world management etc by all these developments. These great seers naturally are worried and uneasy if a solution is not found and applied immediately.

Today in the world the need of the hour is that modern science and spirituality, matter and consciousness work in whole hearted cooperation with one another. As a result an individuals glory and world management can reach higher peaks of all round advancement. In order to target this super goal Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, website: www.awgp.org ) is conducting research studies in a very scientific manner so that modern science and spiritual sciences work in smooth tandem with one another. This mutual cooperation can be compared to the Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean as depicted in Indian Mythology called Puranas. In that the demons (not literally speaking since it is just an allegory) of modern science and demigods of spiritual science worked in tandem so as to churn the ocean and thus obtain 14 priceless jewels. Todays times demand that this sort of cooperation take place again between modern science and spirituality. Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Address: Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, website: www.awgp.org ) has already commenced this on a war like footing.

The task at hand is quite difficult and hence not easy at all. This is because all ancient precepts have to undergo the test using modern scientific techniques which so far were superficially accepted as Rishi-tenets. The Brahmavarchas Research Institute has authored a gigantic text which encompasses ancient Rishi texts, philosophical principles and modern day scientific laws. All worldwide principles with reference to science and spirituality (scientific journals, scriptures etc) have been collected on a mammoth scale. Great thinkers and scientists the world over are reflecting over these details deeply so that science and spirituality mutually cooperate with one another and thus bestow both material and spiritual prosperity on world denizens. Ultimately the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world can definitely be realized viz. A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD.

Spiritual philosophy, sacred sentimental feelings, idealistic behavior and a disciplined life is not merely the figment of ones imagination because they encompass not merely logic, precept, proof etc., but also modern scientific principles. Without proving all this very conclusively it is well nigh impossible to re-manifest faith that has been lost in the soul of todays highly intellectual and professional world human beings. Scriptural proof and the Rishi tradition does not hold as much water as it did many decades back. If under such circumstances we sit listlessly devoid of hope the situation in future will turn even scarier. Over and above losing faith in spiritual values it will lead to a life devoid of ethics, duty bound nature, commitment, accountability, human values, love for all etc. In turn mans intelligent wiliness devoid of ethics and human values will create anarchy, unruliness, terror, tainted viewpoint etc in the entire world. Thus idealistic thinking, generosity, disciplined living etc will all remain a thing of the past.

Keeping in mind that the world over people abhor practicing spiritual tenets it has now become most important that those priceless teachings of great Rishis, thinkers and philosophers of the world be tested scientifically which encompasses logic, sound principles, proof etc. Only then can the present day ethical anarchy be nullified so as to replace it with high ethical living both professionally and socially. Research studies conducted by Brahmavarchas Research Institute involves experimentation, scientific research and analysis in this direction. It has a well equipped gigantic laboratory including modern day scientific technology and apparatus. In addition it has a superb collection of books, journals and other required literature from the world over. Highly qualified research scientists are experimenting in this unique scientific institute so as to achieve the supreme goal of raising mans ethical, material and spiritual status. So far some very encouraging findings have come their way and they are very sure that in the near future the goal of raising world humanitys glory to its pinnacle will no doubt be achieved.

Nature has designed such machines in the form of the human body and brain which helps man easily carry out his daily chores with elan. The subtle body has so many mysterious layers which help us correlate them to cosmic DivinePpowers and tap the latter for apt material and spiritual advancement. Brahmavarchas Research Institute makes use of apt research techniques for carrying out experiments and research, on the subtle human body and its relation with cosmic powers. The 6 Chakras, 5 Sheaths (Koshas), subtle complexes and glands, subtle plexuses, divine Yogic nerves, vital energy flow, Sahasrar, Mooladhar, Sushumna, Kundalini centers etc abound with infinite divine energy. If these are awakened and made optimum use of man can raise his ordinary status into an extraordinary one and his Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) too will augment by leaps and bounds.

Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India) the HQ of All World Gayatri Parivar conducts many spiritual camps where one finds thousands of spiritual participants. As per their inner state and requirements they are made to do Sadhana (spiritual practice) and its results are noted down in detail. As per our observations the bodily health, intellectual brilliance, sentimental potential, Ojas, Tejas, Varchas and divine aura of these aspirants augmented a great fold which imbues strong belief in us that in future much more gigantic achievements will come our way at the world level. Aspirants who undergo Sadhana find a great difference wherein their mental weakness, ill health, bad habits, mental taints and complexes are eradicated from their very roots. Instead good health, special qualities, divine aura, intellectual brilliance etc bloom forth amazingly.

Dev Sanskriti (divine culture) has 2 foundation stones viz. Gayatri and Yajna. Gayatri is a Super Divine Science that encompasses Mantra Science too. Within Mantra Science word power of an individual is awakened which in turn augments our Vital Force manifold times. Almighty God is also called Shabda Brahman or Divine Sound and Naad Brahman. The Gayatri Mantra is interwoven and meditated upon on this basis. Mantra Science helps one augment ones divine potential greatly, make use of it for others material/spiritual advancement and both the material world and subtle worlds atmosphere gets transformed in a positive manner. Today we are scientifically analyzing as to what extent the precepts of Gayatri hold true in todays modern age. In fact the results so far are outstanding wherein Super Mantra Gayatri chanting and meditation manifest mysterious DivinePpowers in the devotees subtle body. In the near future we are confident that more such valuable information will be unearthed by us all.

Agnihotra practices (fire rites) as per scriptural injunctions help overcome diseases and mental taints and complexes like lust, greed, envy, criminal instincts etc. Based on scriptural tenets we are trying to prove whether all this can be overcome including natural disasters and calamities. We are quite sure that when the true principles and method of Agnihotra will be identified via research it will be at par with existing methods and cures that humanity resorts to today. It will augment both physical and mental health without any side effects and that our very life force and Vital Force will be made intensely radiant.

Shantikunj (Haridwar, UtTaranchal, India) has built a gigantic garden that grows various herbs including very rare ones. These herbs are used in Yajnopathy i.e. curing diseases by using these herbs grown in various types of Yajnas (Vedic fire sacrifices). Today we have set up a modern scientific laboratory to experiment on these herbs and prove that what is written in our ancient scriptures regarding their method of cure is absolutely true even in todays modern computer age. From the standpoint of therapy every herb is tested to find out which disease/diseases are cured by it.

Yajna has other priceless benefits too. Vital Force energy rains from interstellar space on Earth which is absorbed by creatures, plants etc dwelling on it. We are studying how it can be made more nourishing for us all on our globe. Yajnas also help eradicate atmospheric and other types of pollution. Yajna energy can help radiate our personalities by warding off mental taints. A philosophical research in this area too is being conducted by us very minutely.

Astrological Sciences believe inter planetary rays and emissions influence the Earths atmosphere, the Vital Force of all beings and plants, trees etc. The present day calculations of their findings are in a state of doubt for majority of world humanity. With reference to their influence mere approximations are put forth. It is our ill fate that this priceless science which can influence various aspects of human life in a positive manner remains listless in a cloud of doubt. Brahmavarchas Research Institute has set up a Vedic School which has all requirements and means used in ancient times. With its aid predominantly the true state of the planets, satellites etc of the Solar System are gauged. It is done so that one can find out how a particular state of a particular planet etc influences which group, when and in what manner? If such apt and accurate predictions are made successfully will they not help man the world over overcome problems and thus increase his material and spiritual prosperity? With reference to this astrological research a new Panchang (almanac) has been published wherein apart from the planets mentioned in ancient texts the influence of more recently identified planets (Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) too has been elucidated. Astrology can strongly influence Spiritual Science and hence it too is a part of our research at Brahmavarchas. In order to unearth information regarding the subtle results of conscious inter planetary influences new beliefs and scientific technology too have been made use of apart from apparatus that has been used so far since ancient times. Keeping this in mind our research also includes a deep scientific study of Astrological Sciences.

Over and above all this we are also researching into the other unknown and subtle mysteries of cosmic nature. A major aspect of this research focuses on the basis, nature and mode of awakening of the unlimited Extra Sensory Powers (ESP-albeit in a latent state) that lie untapped in mans psyche/soul.

This cosmos is also pervaded by groups of invisible beings. They are called ghosts, Satan, demigods, angels etc. The question is if they do exist what is the nature/form of their existence? Assuming a relationship gets established between man and these subtle beings, will both mutually benefit or that one of them gains and the other experiences a lack? This area too is being researched into by us. We are making all efforts to prove our point via scientific means, sound logic and required proof.

With reference to precepts detailed in spiritual texts we take recourse to the findings, speech, experience and the required proof given by great philosophers, saints and Rishis of yore. Simultaneously we are trying to re-prove these very ancient precepts with reference to the 25 major categories of modern science by using modern scientific research techniques. We have kept in mind more such other areas of science and soon we shall delve into them too.

It has already been emphatically said that both Spiritual Science and Modern Material Science are 2 Super Powers of this world. If both cooperate with one another we can reach the portals of Ultimate Reality and Truth. Thus when both these commence proclaiming the same reality and truth regarding this cosmos people the world over will accept and imbibe them in their lives very easily. We must fully hope that this seemingly small experiment of ours will not only benefit individuals but the entire world at large both materially and spiritually.



Almighty God has given man His very own form. From the standpoint of consciousness all those Divine Powers that the Creator (God) possesses are found in the deep recesses of the human psyche albeit in latent form. In this manner all the power and energy present in the macrocosm (cosmos) is present in the microcosm (human psyche). The microcosm is the smallest unit of the macrocosm. All functional aspects of the Solar System are found in its smallest unit i.e. the atom. The divine glory of God exists in individual souls. It is hence that man is called the Prince of God who is the King or ruler of this cosmos. Vedanta Philosophy very articulately proclaims that the living being (Jiva) and cosmic consciousness (God) are one i.e. non-dual or Advaita.

And yet the obvious question that needs to be answered is: If a creature and God are one how come such gigantic differences are seen between both? If indeed man is a Prince of that God who abounds with divine wealth, why is he (human being) so poor and weak? Great seers while answering this all important question opine that although it is true that man possesses all the divine glories of God, this divine wealth lies latent in his psyche/soul. It is like a seed that contains an entire tree or that a locked vault contains untold precious jewels. Thus the locked vault of Divine Powers in mans psyche needs to be opened via the key of intense spiritual efforts (Sadhana). Spiritual practices are called Sadhana and they reap rich dividends on the basis of apt psychic credentials (Paatrata) and ethics in ones day to day life. It is only when man passes this most important test that he can become a master of the divine wealth of the cosmos. The principle of Sadhana say Sidhi or Attaining the goal via spiritual endeavor is well known. The philosophy of spiritual endeavor is equivalent to scientific inventions and discoveries. Today man with his intense efforts and sharp intellect has unearthed many material powers via scientific research. Great scientific endeavors have today given us material energy tapped from sources like steam, radio, atom etc.

The human body is like an infinite storehouse of precious jewels i.e. divine wealth. If only via spiritual practices man awakens this divine glory all those Divine Powers attained by Rishis, saints, seers of yore and today can be attained by him too. Sadhana is nothing but awakening the latent divine potentials that lie untapped in the deep cave of mans psyche and soul.

Human existence can be called an all encompassing scientific laboratory. The human body enfolds all powers/energies of nature albeit in seed form. Human consciousness harbors in seed form Gods unlimited divine consciousness. In order to attain cosmic consciousness those efforts are required akin to first sowing a seed in fertile soil, watering it and helping it bloom forth like a skillful gardener who looks after his various plants and trees. Although the atom possesses infinite potent nuclear energy, it can be tapped only by adept scientists with their scientific tools. For a layman this task is well nigh impossible. In order that an embryo grows into a human baby (after the males sperm unites with the females ovum) it has to mature in its mothers womb for 9 months on an average. This is called Sadhana say Sidhi i.e. Making due efforts to attain the goal. In order to become a scholar, wrestler, boxer, artist, scientist, businessman etc intense efforts are required. In the same way if one desires to awaken latent Divine Powers in ones soul intense efforts are required (Sadhana) so as to witness miraculous results. Soul advancement spiritual practices are termed as high stature endeavors.

Spiritual practices are a science by themselves. One requires aid of spiritual philosophy so as to make sacred and pure ones inner sentiments, beliefs, aspirations and thinking. This is also called Jnana Yoga or Yoga of Wisdom. Hence one needs to pursue mental reflection, meditation, concentration etc. An all round progress can be achieved by associating with realized saints, seers and studying sacred scriptures with deep devotion. To put this in a nutshell this itself is Spiritual Philosophy or the Yoga of Wisdom. Within it predominantly the principle of mental reflection in a focused manner is deployed.

The other important leg of spiritual endeavor is Kriya Yoga wherein physical or bodily movements too are taken recourse to. It encompasses Asan (posture), Pranayam, Bandha, Mudra, vows, fasts, pilgrimages, Mantra chanting or Japa, Yajna or fire sacrifices etc. Thus true spiritual endeavor revolves around both, Dhyana Yoga or Meditation and Kriya Yoga (includes Hatha Yoga too).

There was a time centuries back that like Modern Science of today, Spiritual Sciences ruled the roost. In it within the laboratory of the human body Divine Powers were manifested in the individuals body. These benefits were termed Sidhis by seers of yore. As against this Ridhis are psychic and sentimental glories attained via purification of ones consciousness and psyche. In ancient times spiritual seekers who underwent spiritual practices attained both Ridhis and Sidhis. If one compares the benefits attained by todays modern scientific research they significantly pale in front of the achievements of spiritual seers of ancient times. The laboratory of Spiritual Science is the human body and hence it does not require external apparatus like fuel, technology, chemicals and other apparatus used in a modern science laboratory. And yet despite being so priceless Spiritual Science it can easily be availed of by entire world humanity. It is a divine gift of God and that indeed is mans good fortune.

Spiritual endeavor is said to be supreme amongst all human endeavors. It is a means via which man can attain both material and spiritual benefits. In the Sadhana Age or the Era of Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Science was in full vogue and very well imbibed the world over. There was both zeal and zest in that era. But alas! Today man is full of greed, envy and avarice. An externalized mind seeks joy and glory in external objects. Today because of a maddening fast life none has the time to self introspect and discover the untold divine wealth lying hidden in the cave of his/her psyche. Man just refuses to give up his lustful, indolent and sensual life and thus master his mind so as to attain the greatness attained by seers and Rishis of ancient times. On the one hand a major chunk of world humanity erroneously discarded this profound science and hence simultaneously the number of great seers and sages of spiritual sciences too diminished drastically. If demand depletes the number of buyers decrease and hence the number of sellers too decrease in tandem. At present in the name of Yoga deluded concepts have come into vogue (blind leading the blind). No doubt one finds hordes of so called Yoga Gurus who sell fantastic dreams to gullible aspirants. The latter just have no clue whether their teacher is genuine or fake. As a result the number of genuine Yoga Gurus and Preceptors who are the only ones who can help laymen reach their spiritual destination is dangerously declining as days pass by. That Great Spiritual Science has been replaced by nothing but vain deluded proclamations akin to a peg of alcohol. Today in the name of spiritual practice mere lip service is being doled out to a large number of gullible people. And hence both the layman and intellectual class harbor aversion for it.

Today we realize that the need of the hour is to research into the ancient Spiritual Sciences in a modern scientific manner and thus understand its aptness, true state and form. This is the way we can transform atheism into theism. Since Spiritual Sciences are infinitely more potent and beneficial than Material Science, it should not lie in a hapless ruined state as is seen today. In order to solve this problem once and for all we have established the Brahmavarchas Research Institute. Within its realm the human body is looked upon as a laboratory and intense efforts are being made to manifest Divine Powers that so far existed latently in mans psyche. For this it was most required that in this modern scientific age necessary proof be made available to the highly intellectual class of world humanity. Only then will even the layman accept its true credentials and imbibe them wholeheartedly.

The Spiritual Science of the area of consciousness is called Super Divine Wisdom Gayatri (Mahaprajna Gayatri). That science which influences material nature (Prakriti) is called Agnihotra. Both are mutually conjoined to one another as a pair. Both are mutually dependent on one another. Agnihotra is most required for ripening and manifesting mans conscious potentials. It is like exposing bricks into a furnace for toughening them up or like making our speech more audible by using a microphone. When fire and water unite steam manifests which is used to run trains. Programs heard on radios mainly use electrical energy. Similarly within the realm of spiritual practices (Sadhana) Gayatri manifests via the combination of sentimental consciousness and word power (Shabda Shakti). This Gayatri is hence made more prolific via the divine energy of Agnihotra. Gayatri symbolizes Yoga of Sacred Sentiments and Agnihotra symbolizes Kriya Yoga. Gayatri and Yajna are said to be the Mother and Father of Indian culture. Within the field of spiritual endeavor they are compared to Prana (Vital Force) and the physical body. The first step of transformation and purification of the psyche and body is development of a pious character and ethical dealings in ones day to day social and professional life. It is only then that one can enter the portals of spiritual practices.

The Brahmavarchas Research Institute is targeting its research on those areas that are related to the goals of various spiritual practices. We are trying to prove that Gayatri Mantra Word Power is not some ordinary mutterings and that it instead activates via incitement our conscious arena. Which precepts are involved in radiating our character and personality and how does it influence the environment? This is being seriously studied at the Brahmavarchas Research Institute. Word Power is an intense and terrific form of divine energy. Various creatures inwardly contact one another with its help. It is the fount of spiritual wisdom and modern scientific laws. Thus we must deeply understand that Mantra Power can be used optimally in ones self/soul unfolding, for helping in others advancement and transforming both the gross and subtle atmosphere of the world in a very positive manner.

Another major research area dealt with by the Brahmavarchas Research Institute is the mysteries of the Science of Mantra Chanting called Japa. Over here we are mainly concentrating on Super Mantra Gayatri. Very advanced scientific technical apparatus is being used in or hi-fi laboratory to analyze the potential of Word Power while chanting Mantras. When we hold spiritual camps for our devotees we also scientifically study the results of Mantras chanted by them. So far the results indicate that Mantra Energy is n-fold more powerful than Yantra Energy (machines and technology).

It is erroneous to believe that Agnihotra is simply a lit pyre of fire. Instead know for sure that it is our Vital Force that manifests a divine fire. In that not only are divine herbs made more subtle that influence a vast area but that the devotees Mantra Power sanctifies and makes more powerful their Vital Force energy (Prana Urja). Hence its widespread influence is indeed gigantic and cosmic in nature. Great seers of yore proclaim in one voice that Yajnas improve our physical health, purify our will power and augment divinity in our soul force. Hence they are said to be priceless means of remedial measures and ones all round progress. Further global pollution which is cause for serious concern all over the world can be greatly warded off via Yajnas and Mantra Chanting. It is strongly believed that rains can be invoked via Yajnas. It is prudent to note that over here rains does not simply mean monsoon season but that the cosmic vital energy rains on Earth so as to add more vim and vigor in our plant life, other creatures and of course human beings too.

If we make intense efforts to understand the true utility of the above benefits and thus make optimal and apt use of them a bright future is in the offing for world humanity and thus various problems faced by us can be easily overcome. In this manner the Brahmavarchas Research Institute of Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India) is scientifically studying all the principles and tenets that are the foundation stones of the Science of Sadhana (spiritual practices). The progress attained via Spiritual Sciences should no way be looked upon as superficial in comparison to the advancement attained via Modern Material Science. Apart from Gayatri and Agnihotra, Spiritual Camps organized by us deals with other forms of spiritual practices too. Its results are being minutely noted via scientific experimentation techniques. When spiritual seekers are made to undergo high leveled spiritual practices of Brahmavarchas not only is their initial and final inner state is noted but that the high-low and pendulum-like state that they go through in between too is being focused on deeply. It is only then that we can truly understand the important basis of Soul Science, the method of spiritual endeavor and the underlying principle behind it. In this computer age of I believe only that which I perceive with my 5 senses it is most required that we prove beyond doubt to both, the laymen and highly intellectual class, the importance of both material and spiritual tenets. This is exactly the task taken up on a war footing by the Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

The most important aspect of Mysticism is to understand deeply the benefits of interstellar space radiations and other potentials on our planet Earth and that along with staving off side effects we make optimum gains with its aid. Keeping this in mind a laboratory has been set up at Shantikunj to study and note interstellar space movements and states. On the basis of these calculations and other mathematical calculations a new Panchang shall be published. In that not only the planets discovered by ancient seers but those discovered by modern science like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto too will be dealt with. It will encompass Panchangs of various regions and method of making a Kundli (horoscope) of a person born in a particular place. Greater emphasis is being laid on the influence of interstellar space emissions on the Earths atmosphere and all creatures dwelling on it. On the basis of this finding we can find methods of balancing varied circumstances that visit our daily life. Today Astrology is called blind belief but with our systematic scientific analysis this will not be the case in the coming years. It is certainly not an overstatement if we call this the total transformation of Astrological Sciences.

The Brahmavarchas Research Institutes endeavor is extremely priceless from the standpoint of elucidating the true nature of Spiritual Sciences and Spiritual Practices (Sadhana Vijnana). Only time will tell us as to how our sacred endeavor results in great service to world beings for their material and spiritual unfolding.



Todays era predominates with a high intellect. Every aspect of our life is fully influenced by the modern scientific principle of proof and sound logic. As a result world humanity requires both proof and logic as far as philosophy is concerned too. Only after testing it thus will they deign to accept its usefulness. Truth and Reality will be imbibed only after it is tested via logic and scientific proof. This insistence of proof has greatly challenged the very existence of Spiritual Sciences. Mans glory and social arrangement has its roots in high leveled faith that encompasses both sacred ideals and principles. Sheer intellectualism with its emphasis on direct proof has truly harmed mans faith potential. Logic and proof says that faith is blind. Hence todays need of the hour is to test Spiritual Values like faith, trust, ideals etc on the basis of scientific logic and principles along with its utility and proof of its very existence. For this those very scientific research need to be deployed which are today being used by Modern Material Science.

Today everyone fully accepts the importance of Material Science. Its utility and importance have always remained in vogue because it tests itself on the basis of logic, experimentation and research. In addition to this it never wavers when it is required to give up beliefs that are not scientifically sound and rational. Of course it is a well known fact that scientific findings do tend to change every now and then. If for the first time some proof is found it is not necessary that it will remain eternally correct. This is because when newer discoveries and inventions unfold the previous conclusions are renounced. Thus scientific findings at a particular point in time are accepted as true only until new findings later disprove their veracity. Hence the previous finding henceforth does not hold true as it did previously. It is this yearning for truth that helps Modern Science retain its importance and utility.

The attainments of Spiritual Science are infinitely more than those of Material Science. Hence its importance too is n-fold more than modern science. Thus it is most required that greater attention be paid to it. Since in ancient times Spiritual Science was given a lot of importance mans overall glory too reached high peaks. But later the more mans soul force weakened the more he headed towards both a material and spiritual degradation. Hence if we wish to herald in a radiant future in the 21 st century optimum usage of soul principles are the need of the hour. Thus keeping this in mind it is most required that Spiritual Sciences be researched in a modern scientific manner and place them in front of all so as to imbibe them in their pristine purity.

It is Spiritual Philosophy that is the foundation stone of human thought/viewpoint. It is the very life force of spirituality. Mans wholesome thinking or otherwise is totally dependent on the beliefs of social norm that are in vogue at a particular time. The basis of high leveled thought flow during the Rishi Era was Spiritual Philosophy that was in vogue. It ceaselessly inspired human beings to strive for supremacy as far as wholesome thought and activity was concerned. As a result heavenly situations manifested and divinely human beings took birth. Serious questions regarding the soul, Gods existence, Gods glory, fruits of ones past/present/future actions, creation of this world and the aim behind it can only be answered by Spiritual Philosophy.

During varying times and circumstances great Rishis of yore gave us philosophical tenets to suit those times and requirements. As long as the Rishi Yuga existed, this tradition continued thus creating heavenly situations for world beings. But later during the Middle Age a fairly long time span of darkness and gloom prevailed. Since in this dark period unruliness and anarchy took over philosophy, righteousness and spirituality were totally ignored by one and all. During such dire times it is most required that one is alert enough to gauge what is apt and what is not apt. Thus we should develop an intellect which leans towards research so as to understand what is true and what is its day to day usefulness.

Ancient and very useful spiritual principles need to be put forth to world humanity in such a way wherein there remains no room for doubt as far as its utility and veracity is concerned especially in todays Jet Age.

Great Rishis elucidated various behavioral depending on each circumstance and its requirement. Smritis clearly depict such differences in norms laid down. The different norms laid down by great seers during various points in world history were not because there was hatred, differences etc amongst these seers. In fact they were forced to lay down different social norms simply because the requirements during various phases of world history required specific norms for each and every phase.

The basis of past progress, analysis of downfall and goal setting for the future is an intellect which yearns for facts and reality. In spiritual parlance it is called Ritambhara. According to Brahman scriptures this is what Prajapati says while elucidating Divine Wisdom or Self Realization: When during cosmic annihilation (Pralaya) everything in this world is destroyed at that time too one Rishi remains alive to reveal the truth. His name is Tarka. Over here Tarka is not some dry and superficial argument but it is a divine intellect full of profound wisdom. It is with its help that one can attain Self Realization. An intellect that is open to accept truth shies away from prejudiced fanatical beliefs. The wheel of time is such that situations faced by us all are bound to change again and again. And it is because of this that the methods of solving various problems too change when situations change. No doubt we revere saints and seers of the past and the spiritual endeavors demarcated by them. And yet it is not necessary that these endeavors can help in todays times since situations of those times and today differ a great deal. Hence it is most required that spiritual practices of those times that can be used today be imbibed wholeheartedly and renounce those which are not suitable for modern times (but were apt for past times).

As mentioned previously in the Middle Age of darkness and ignorance a lot of distortions plagued the spiritual arena. Such disparity was seen in the principles, methods and social execution of Spiritual Philosophy that even a common thinking intellect would refuse to trust its veracity and utility. In the dark Middle Age sacred scriptures got adulterated so as to say. This resulted in the degradation of the lives of so called religious and spiritual leaders. Thus majority of world humanity rightly refused to trust them and follow in their footsteps.

There was a time many centuries back when Rishis speech and the sacred gospel of our scriptures were thought to be beyond doubt. Today because intellectualism and logic/proof is the in thing, scriptural precepts will not be gulped down solely on the basis of faith. The philosophy of faith can only be reinstated today on the firm foundation of its utility, proof and veracity. Today the need of the hour is that the principles and day to day execution of Spiritual Science be put forth in a form that is wholesome and acceptable to this present generation of the Computer Age. Those very spiritual tenets faithfully and wholeheartedly imbibed by seers of yore must be presented today in a manner that is acceptable to the highly intellectual human beings of modern times. The gist of the teachings of great thinkers and sages of ancient times is unanimous wherein human beings love each other selflessly, imbibe the wealth of sacred thinking, grow the flowers of wholesome actions and develop a great character. How will al this happen? The answer is one without a second and that is faith towards Spiritual Sciences be imbibed deeply in ones psyche.

For this a 2-pronged effort has been designed wherein distortions that have entered Spiritual Science are being rooted out and to prove with sound scientific arguments the futility to pursue materialism that does not have a firm substratum of spiritual values. For this in the gigantic library of the Brahmavarchas Research Institutes highly experienced scholars are re-analyzing every religious scripture in a scientific manner. Every scripture is scrutinized minutely for its useful tenets and without any prejudice or bias renounce all precepts that are not useful/applicable in todays 21 st century. We must have deep faith that just as when the mythological churning of the ocean took place and 14 jewels emerged from it so too our scientific research will definitely unearth those spiritual jewels that will be acceptable the world over.

It is also the need of the hour to combat the rat race like material pursuits (one could say it is a by product of Modern Science) devoid of spiritual and human values. The very foundation of ethics has been shattered because of laying emphasis solely on direct visible proof and material utility. Die hard materialists refuse to accept the existence of the soul and God. As a result the attitude of why even deign to think about good deeds/merits, spiritual goals, renunciation, sacrifice etc? Charvak said: Rinam Kritvaa Gridham Pibait. It means keep borrowing money and thus eat, drink and be merry. He also said: Yena Kena Prakaarena, Yaavajjeevait Sukham Jeevait. It means beg, borrow or steal and continue to live a life of sense merriment. If one looks around and analyzes the life style of the highly materialistic intellectual class it certainly appears as though they are hell bent on proving Charvak right. When scientific research proves everything on the basis of proof collected from ones sense organs, mind and intellect why should not lifes philosophy be erected on the foundation stone of selfishness? The results of such erroneous thinking stares starkly in our face wherein every area of our life predominates with narrow minded selfishness, lack of magnanimity and generosity and hard heartedness. There is no other cause for this apart from our lack of faith in the importance of spiritual values and tenets. How can it be warded off? The answer is unanimous in that faith in spiritual values must be reinstated in the psyche of world humanity on a firm footing. And this is possible only by imbibing the sacred precepts of Spiritual Sciences.

Spirituality can be imbued with new vigor only by 1) destroying distortions that have entered spirituality and 2) reinstating the philosophy of aspiring for greatness which is being ignored today by those who pursue rank materialism devoid of spiritual and human values. It is hence that the gigantic Research Institute called Brahmavarchas has been established. The highly intellectual class of this Computer Age can only be convinced by giving philosophical answers to philosophy, scientific answers to science and logical answers to logic. Atheism is ruling the roost today simply because spiritual principles have not been presented via sound scientific proof and logic. One can safely say that Modern Sciences principles that rely on proof only is not the major cause of people scoffing the existence of the soul, God, fruits of ones actions, spiritual goals etc. Instead the root cause is that till today we have failed to present Spiritual Sciences laced with ample scientific proof and logic.

In order to fulfill this all important goal Brahmavarchas Research Institute has been set up as a all round centre of scientific research. No doubt our beginning is dwarfish yet the potential of it becoming gigantic and all pervasive is very high. We have sown a powerful seed and without doubt it is not the end. It is a gigantic task to test Spiritual Sciences principle on the basis of sound scientific logic and proof. And hence gigantic means that include a well equipped high profiled laboratory are most required. Over here there are 2 options. The first one wherein wait for high leveled means and then start research activities. The second is make-do with the limited means available at present and commence research studies on a war like footing. We realized that it is not possible to stop research just because all the required means are not available. A delay would mean not helping in the obstruction of world humanitys imminent spiritual and material downfall. Hence it is important that without delay we prove the authentic nature of spiritual values via scientific research and only then will the highly intellectual class of the world accept it and imbibe it to the fullest. Brahmavarchas Research Institutes wheels are on a roll and the train of research studies has started moving slowly but surely.

Research studies have 2 aspects viz. literature based research and experimentation in a well equipped laboratory. A gigantic collection of literature in our high profile library that includes religions of all nations of the world, books of great thinkers and philosophers of the world covering areas of Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Parapsychology, Sociology etc will help fulfill our requirement of scientific as well as a philosophic method of scientific analysis. Further spiritual practices will be scientifically tested in our laboratory that is equipped with advanced scientific apparatus and technology. We are analyzing the effect of Mantras, Japa and Yajna on human beings, other creatures and plants. It is no secret that today mans bodily, mental and spiritual health is fast deteriorating. Various medical therapies like Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda are not weeding out diseases from their very roots. Under such dire circumstances what is required is that we unearth a mode of therapy which gives us sound bodily, mental and spiritual health for keeps.

The Science of Yajna or Yajnopathy is being given a firm and strong foundation. We are constantly in touch with well known scientists and medical specialists so as to reap rich dividends from our research. We must all have faith that in the near future Yajnopathy will bloom forth in its total healthy and all encompassing form. Thus it will serve entire world humanity both materially and spiritually.

Literature based research study has many aspects. And yet chief amongst them are Science and Philosophy. This era demands that spiritual and human values be given prime importance. Hence 4 main topics with reference to them have been taken up for research studies. They are: 1) Inter Faith Understanding and Equality, 2) Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Nature, 3) Science of True Thinking and 4) Yajna based therapy. In the subsequent phase of our research other topics too will be studied minutely.

1) Inter Faith Understanding and Equality: In order that every world religion is given utmost honor and respect 14 golden aphorisms have been elucidated that are accepted by all religions. They will encompass the religious discourses, rites/rituals and traditions of religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Parsi, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Jew and Taoism. In order to make individuals and world society great and pious in character ethics, human/spiritual values, discipline and wholesome social behavior have been taken up for study purposes.

2) Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Nature: We are deeply studying material nature, the subtle atom, special qualities of the gigantic cosmos and the mysterious layers of human (microcosm) and cosmic (macrocosm) consciousness. Serious research is being carried out into the scientific basis of the awakening of Extrasensory Potential (ESP). In addition the question of how could one contact cosmic consciousness and imbibe their Divine Powers is being researched into. Within this topic the various branches of Modern Science are being studied and on its basis soul scientific principles will be put forth.

3) Science of True Thinking: All those principles and theories of Psychology and Philosophy are being studied deeply that are strongly related to mans very thinking process. The Science of Thinking includes research studies on reflection, faith, trust, sensitivity etc that designs mans inner personality and character. A psychological study of devotion, meditation, prayer and mental focus/concentration too has been taken up by us.

4) Yajna based therapy: It encompasses the scientific application and utility of Yajna, its influence on our body and psyche and what is its philosophical basis.

We must imbibe deep faith that soul based principles stand on the firm foundation of spirituality. In addition they are omnipotent enough to ward off all attacks made by atheistic units. What can we achieve by defeating that path which has yet to be imbibed totally and which yet has no followers or propagators? In the court of intellectualism theism tasted defeat simply because theistic propagators did not take up the challenges thrown by their modern intellectual counterparts and instead insisted on saving theism with the slogan: Have faith in God! If only they had answered logic with counter logic, precepts with counter precepts, proof with counter proof etc theism would have succeeded in defeating hard core intellectuals in their own court. But alas this was not to be and theism was relegated to an ethical downfall and psychic inertia. This is the reason why Spiritual Science over the years beat a hasty retreat to its downfall. And yet there is no need to despair because today scientific research on Spiritual Sciences will help regain eternally its lost glory.

In reality Spiritual Principles are such that the basis of human joy, peace, progress and prosperity remain on a solid footing. The problem is only one wherein the complexity of what is true and false is so enormous that it is very difficult to understand the true meaning of their precepts along with its application in day to day life. Gold is purified via a blazing fire. Similarly spiritual teachings too will be heated in such a manner so as to transform them into that form which can be understood easily by even a layman and thus will be conducive to imbibe in ones daily professional, social etc life. The probability to achieve this goal via a positive transformation of Spiritual Philosophy indeed is very high. We must have faith via the research endeavor of Brahmavarchas Research Institute that all encompassing form of Spiritual Philosophy will be presented to the world wherein there will be no room for differences and doubts. Only modern scientific research can ward off obstacles faced by theism and reinstating of spiritual values in our day to day life. Only those principles that are heated in the furnace of research and tested for sound proof and logic will prove to be true and useful both materially and spiritually. Without this the highly intellectual class of the world cannot be wooed to imbibe spiritual tenets.



The headquarters of Brahmavarchas Research Institute is Haridwar (Uttaranchal, INDIA). Over here its mode of action is classified in 4 parts:

1) SCRIPTURAL RESEARCH: A comparative study of all spiritual tenets declared so far will be analyzed. Within this all those aspects which will help augment world humanitys sacred sentiments will be gathered separately. For this the literature content of our library is being replenished and added on a large scale. Further for teaching and education purposes other sources of literature and books are being tapped.

2) SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BASED EXPERIMENTATION: Within this section highly advanced apparatus and scientific technology has been set up. Experiments are conducted so as to find out which spiritual endeavor positively transforms ones outer and inner life. Yajnopathy is being scientifically tested in such a manner so as to present to the world, its most optimum and a wholesome form. As a result mans bodily strength, psychic balance and the souls greatness will reach great pinnacles of success.

3) COOPERATIVE ENDEAVOR BY WORLD SCIENTISTS AND THINKERS: In this section we will request great thinkers, philosophers and scientists of the world to take part in this research endeavor and thus help us come up with outstanding results. At the time of writing these lines (before 1991 A.D.) around 100 have already agreed to join our mission. Our target is to encourage at least 1000 such specialists to come to Haridwar for more or a short time span and contribute in this great research study. Further they could even guide us from their place of residence and gather required research material for us. Thus this section helps coordinate the research studies of all such people.

4) PROPAGATION: In this section those who grace our research centre with their presence will be given due information about the goal and nature of our research studies. Those who are willing to contribute in their own way will be presented with literature in this subject. We will humbly guide them as to who will help by taking part in which aspect of our research endeavor.

These 4 sections and departments work in tandem with one another. Initially there were 20 resident research members. This number has increased by leaps and bounds over the years. In general all members are very capable and intelligent in their areas of research. Their lodging and boarding requirements are fulfilled by the Brahmavarchas Research Institute Those who are financially well off tend to take care of all their expenses. The rest are taken care of by the institute.

Keeping contemporary requirements in mind our research activities revolve around them. Of course transformational changes are made as per the need of the hour. When one task is finished another one replaces it immediately. Sometimes a particular task is made more widespread if we realize that it is important to study it more deeply. Visitors are amazed to see this research team creating an atmosphere of joy on the one hand and yet minutely researching into various topics in a focused selfless manner. A special characteristic of this scientific experimentation involves encouraging the youth wing of world humanity to take up this utmost important endeavor of improving human destiny in the 21 st century so as to make it radiant. We are trying to find out how far they will succeed in doing so. Our research efforts have their basis in Government Aid and those by the influential and wealthy class of society. Within this realm it is rare to find elsewhere a group of people who live traditionally like the saints and sages of yester years. This gigantic task is carried out with such zest and zeal that one fails to differentiate between a game and serious Yoga practices. In fact it becomes a topic of research by itself when one takes into account the individuals, means and research methods used at Brahmavarchas. A major conclusion that emanates from this is that even those who do not get cooperation from highly scholarly people or the wealthy class can yet achieve their goal of him self/her self attaining greatness and encouraging others to follow suit. The only condition to succeed thus rests in ones deep conviction and powerful resolve (Sankalpa Shakti).

Our research institute nestles at the feet of the mighty Himalayas, on the shores of the sacred River Ganges where the Saptarshis (7 Rishis) of the Vedic Age had performed intense penance for the welfare of world creatures. If you superficially compare it with grand buildings and structure of the world one can say it is nothing great. Despite this if one takes care to note the zest and zeal exuding from the members, walls, trees etc of the Brahmavarchas Research Institute one can conclude without doubt that it is not merely some inanimate organizational center but that every pore of its existence oozes with divine radiance/aura. This endeavor is being executed by great characters, supreme goals, sacred ideals and well directed programs. Hence we can safely conclude that this endeavor is extraordinary and that its results too will definitely be mind boggling.

So far we have discussed the institutes activities. Whatever is taking place in this institute can be called the center of focus and yet we certainly cannot say that what is happening now or that what will take place in future will remain of this size only. In fact our activities are widespread and doubtlessly they will keep expanding enormously in the days to come. It goes without saying the task taken up is gigantic wherein the viewpoint of billions of people on Earth needs to be changed and guided to higher peaks of human/divine glory. It can be compared if at all to interstellar space research conducted with the help of high tech space crafts. Space centers that launch satellites etc stay put in one place on Earth (like for example NASA) and yet its area of functioning revolves around studying the state of interstellar space and planetary etc movements. Only those great scientists attached to space stations know exactly the functional aspects of space research. They know very well how difficult their task is and the extent to which highly advanced technology is made use of. As a result laymen like us are simply wonderstruck to note the super intelligence, mental focus and alertness manifested by these great space scientists. Similarly the research area of Brahmavarchas Research Institute too is very gigantic and widespread. Hence it is least surprising that its activities span across the globe and in every nation on Earth. Thus the Brahmavarchas Research Institute should not be looked upon as a center in one tiny corner of India simply because its area of action is global and all pervasive.

No doubt chiefly the research activities of the Brahmavarchas Research Institute are centered in India and yet like the fragrance of a full bloomed flower it reaches every nook and corner of the world. The Era of Consciousness has thrown a challenge to great thinkers of the world. Atheism has taken over the intellect of the thinking class of the world. Thus they think narrowly and act very selfishly. Within this class albeit in minor forms the Rishi tradition yet does exist. Even a miniscule form of its help and influence the royal path of divine glory for world humanity will be thrown wide open for all to march ahead.

The number of volunteers who are giving their precious time for our research studies is augmenting by leaps and bounds. We have requested them to come to Haridwar (Uttaranchal, India) as per their convenience and by staying here for a certain time span help us advance our scientific viewpoint and mode of research. We have requested them not to bring along with themselves their family and kids because everyones attention will be distracted. Our research institute does not have any arrangement for accompanying family members to reside. Thus only those who wish to focus all their attention on our project need come albeit alone and we request them to give us as much of their valuable time as possible. If they come simply for 2 or 3 days maybe they can give us some theoretical advice but it will be impossible to imbibe their practical knowledge in such a meager time span. Hence we request our revered research volunteers to come here only when they have enough time to one pointedly focus on our research projects. In this atmosphere of calmness and camaraderie a lot of give and take of high scientific principles can take place. Our research study is extremely useful for all world beings. On it basis a lot can be achieved both materially and spiritually.

Great thinkers, who because of a lot of prior commitments, cannot come to our institute are humbly requested to help our research study from their place of residence. The only condition is that they seriously focus on our research and contribute in a committed manner. They must look upon it as a sacred responsibility and like certain other routine chores spend a certain number of hours daily for our institutes endeavor. The time volunteered for this great task should be well defined and adhered to implicitly and only then something tangible will come our way. On the other hand if the attitude is quite superficial and frothy we will be fooling ourselves only and that nothing concrete by way of research will be attained. There are a few who for self aggrandizement call themselves members of our research team without being committed to our cause or contributing anything significant. This in a nutshell is just vain mockery on their part and is like basking on wrested laurels. Hence we sincerely hope that only those who are accountable and committed to our cause join as members of our team. Only those who have a certain time span for committed research on a regular basis need join our sacred institute. Thus let us pray in all humility that only genuine responsible researchers will join our research team and those who cannot come to our Institute are requested to stay at their place of residence and give us their invaluable research inputs.

What kind of task will be given to which person based on his/her qualifications, credentials and the available circumstances? This question can be decided only when we all meet personally and discuss our research goals. And yet those who cannot come to Haridwar again and again can be given required assignments only after understanding the overall designing of our research endeavor. Members should first and foremost understand which subjects are currently being researched into avidly the world over. Thus they must search for libraries and other sources so as to avail all literature published up till now which will help our task in a big way. Of course they must concentrate on visiting gigantic libraries with latest broad based collections related to our research. We are not interested in libraries that predominate with fictitious novels, glossy magazines etc. We certainly have no illusions that such libraries can help us at all. Hence only nearby Colleges, Universities etc libraries can help us on a gigantic scale. Desirable literature of high standards can be found in good colleges and research institutes. There are many individuals who individually collect important literature for study purposes. Such people too could help us a great deal. Our research area is of a very high stature. Hence very little literature regarding it is available. It is futile to think that all literature required for our research will be found in one single place. Hence we all will have to visit various libraries, browse their collection deeply and sift through them so as to collect material most suited for our task at hand. Majority of the times mere title of the book cannot indicate to us whether our material is included in it. This is because the title maybe very chic and attractive but the contents within is absolutely superficial. There are so called writers who gather materials from various books and then try to sell it by giving it a chic title. Such rubbish in the name of literature is of no use to us. Hence we must not only read the title but sift through the pages of each book so as to collect matter suitable for our research activities. Where can we find material useful for the research studies in our institute? Which books and other forms of literature harbor the same? These questions will be answered by the members of our august research team. Their chief task is to enquire at various libraries etc and unearth useful literature.

If the material found in a book is short it can be hand written else if it is long only the gist need be noted down. This is the first and foremost task required to be taken up. As and when this is gathered one copy should be kept by the researcher and another copy must be sent to Haridwar i.e. Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

Before studying, finding books and making notes members should fisrt contact Haridwar else ones efforts may go in vain. Suppose one member in a particular place has taken down all required notes in an exhaustive manner and another member not knowing this collects the same material painstakingly know for sure that the latters precious efforts will go waste. To overcome this problem all research team members should individually first contact Haridwar before commencing any task. Haridwar will direct each one as to what is his/her appointed task. Only then should they commence work. If one topic is covered in different places it will give us information regarding that topic in totality. Thus it is very important to be in touch with our HQ at Haridwar.

In the preliminary stage 4 main topics have been taken up by us. And yet the branches and sub branches of each of these are many. In this manner although one is researching into a main subject yet it is classified into many sub topics. The more we minutely and deeply study each subject the more we will unearth extremely important information. It collection will doubtlessly be all encompassing. Thus from these 4 main branches each sub branch amongst many must be minutely researched into. Another way would involve studying many sub branches together if a particular sub branch is not giving much information. Thus some information of every sub branch can give us some insight into the main subject. Under such circumstances it becomes that much more necessary to keep in touch with our HQ. This is because keeping aside libraries of Universities those who can avail material only from small libraries will have to conduct research on many topics simultaneously. Under such circumstances a problematic situation may occur wherein many members from various regions will study one single topic and take down identical information which would be a waste of their precious time and energy. Hence we request every member to keep in touch with our HQ and submit information gathered by them over a certain time span. Thus his/her effort will not go in vain. Always make sure that you are not covering a topic already covered by someone else. And it can be done only by constantly keeping in touch with our HQ at Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India).

Our research members will generally be graduates, post graduates etc. They will be given research topics for studies based on their expertise in a particular topic. It is obvious that if a person has graduated in a particular subject he/she will be more comfortable with that topic for research studies. Only literature is one field which does not generally require specialization in a particular subject. This is because it encompasses general knowledge. Hence graduates in literature can take up any topic. This is of course related to non technical general subjects. Thus an M.A. in Literature can enter into a very widespread area of research studies. Despite this because they are not specialists of any particular subject they cannot delve very deep into their research studies.

Whatever has been noted down every month should be handed over to our HQ at Haridwar on the first day of the following month i.e. February notes should be handed over on March 1 st etc. This is because when various notes are analyzed we know where there is room for improvement. If on the other hand a member collects a lot of material for a very long time span a problem can occur wherein if there is an error it will not be taken care of. Instead unknowingly the error will expand further and the members precious time will go in vain.

One more task required to be taken up by our research members is to search for deep thinkers who are naturally inclined towards research studies. No doubt, there are many well known thinkers but only a few are profound scholars in their fields. There exists a class of people who are good at dry arguments and are labeled as great philosophers. And yet when it comes to profound thinking on a particular subject they fail miserably. It is easy to flaunt ones superficial intelligence but it is a totally different story when it comes to manifesting deep wisdom in ones area of study. Hence it is not necessary to contact superficial so called thinkers. Instead it is imperative that we humbly search for wise profound thinkers of various fields. Such thinkers are constantly reading old and new literature. They are all the time finding out where wholesome activities are being executed and what their method is. Even if such profound thinkers do not have the time to join our research directly we can always request them to advise us as and when it is possible for them to do so. Their advice will be an invaluable contribution for helping us achieve our research target.

There are many indigenous and foreign research based collections in all Universities. Some of these are not allowed for borrowing and that one has to sit there itself for reading purposes. These collections contain some very important findings and hence we must never ignore them. They will be extremely useful for our research endeavor. The responsibility of such studies will have to be taken up by those living near by such Universities.

Many people subscribe to magazines and journals which publish materials related to their field of study. Later these magazines etc collect dust or are sold off at very meager prices. Hence research members are requested to gather such magazines etc and send them to Haridwar. Many a times very minor aspects of a subject when conjoined to some very useful research becomes very influential. Thus wherever one finds literature in which ever form especially that not used by anyone should be sent to Haridwar. Even if one gets the gist of a very expansive subject it would prove very beneficial for our research endeavor.

Every research member should try and encourage more and more research experts to join our team. Of course the condition is that they must be well versed and deep thinkers of their fields of study. From the standpoint of school education it is not just enough that members are mere graduates, post graduates etc. This is because they no doubt mug up their subjects and pass with flying colors but when it comes to deep thinking and research they fail miserably. Thus we will not benefit at all by such superficial scholars. Their efforts go in vain because of lack of subtle skills and thus it could endanger our research endeavor. Thus we must refrain from amassing headaches and instead search for true wise and deep thinkers of various fields. We must personally come in touch with them and humbly request them to help our glorious cause. The more our research members are brilliant and wise thinkers greater is our chance to attain our goal. Hence our contemporary members must remain very alert in this direction.



The research area of Brahmavarchas Research Institute is indeed very widespread. It encompasses obstruction of all those vile mental activities which disallow human consciousness to rise to great heights. In its place we desire that our outstanding thinking be conjoined to great pious activities for world welfare. On the face of it, it seems as though our life is directed by our needs, circumstances faced and results of our actions. When circumstances are desirable we are happy and when they become undesirable we cry and wail aloud in grief. Based on this belief we amass material means so as to create desirable situations. Almost everyone the world over indulges in this thinking he/she will reap success and joy.

Despite this virtually universal belief if one dives deep into it the truth that emerges is totally different. No doubt human consciousness is influenced by external attractions and pressures yet it is in no way absolutely dependent on it. This is because even if desirable objects and circumstances do not come ones way yet it is quite possible that on the basis of inner greatness i.e. with the help of a high stature viewpoint ordinary or even very difficult circumstances can be faced with a calm serene smile. Not only this but even in the midst of dire situations which are full of obstacles one can advance both materially and spiritually in life that too in a big way. There are examples of people reveling in the most wholesome situations and yet they lead miserable lives. Thus it is crystal clear that circumstances in a certain sense are not to be blamed and that ones downfall or advancement is directly related to ones mental state.

It is certainly not necessary that our mental state progresses only if desirable means are at our disposal. This is because obstacles faced by us can nourish our psyche very wholesomely. In fact the stark reality is that untoward/dire situations give man a golden opportunity to augment our daring, zest and zeal. Thus initially on the face of it they seem to be insurmountable obstacles but ultimately they are our true friends since they help us advance a great deal in life. At this point we must ignore the outlook of ignorant people. When compared to them wise people will easily imbibe the fact that the human psyche/mind is an independent and self regulatory energy. With the help of exalted thinking it can independently progress a lot and thus reach the pinnacle of human glory. External wholesome situations are like fragrance added to gold. And yet even if there is a total lack of it yet no harm comes in the way of our soul advancement. If and when the infinite storehouse of our mental potential is awakened man can perform tasks termed miraculous by laymen. It is akin to getting a boon from Gods and Goddesses.

The belief that man can be influenced merely by material means is widespread everywhere. Hence the world over it is seen that people run madly after amassing wealth and material comforts (house, TV, computer, AC etc). Rare are those who clearly understand the true reality of human life. They give more importance to the advancement of their psyche and have deep faith that it is high thinking that manifests intense/potent energy in their soul. When the thought flow i.e. its viewpoint is transformed positively ones personality changes for the better phenomenally. When you positively change your psyche your external circumstances are bound to follow suit with relative ease and speed. It is not in mans hands to change external situations per se but yes our mental state certainly can be changed by us. A positive psychic transformation manifests intense joy and a very easy path is laid down by it for man to ascend the peaks of both material and spiritual success.

Very briefly put materialism involves influencing of the psyche via external circumstances. On the other hand spiritualism involves changing ones mental state so as to change external circumstances. By itself none of these can be ignored yet depending on what is more important to an individual that ideology will be adhered to. Today the Philosophy of Materialism has ensnared the mindset of virtually entire world humanity. As a result virtually no one feels it is important to raise ones mental state.

Thus today our task is well designed. In that those spiritual tenets that make mans thinking powerful and great should be placed before world humanity with a new packaging. This new packaging is definitely required because if the basis changes its application and designing too requires a face lift. In ancient times faith was given a lot of importance and was well imbibed too. Hence if scriptural proof, speech of great thinkers, advice of preceptors/Gurus, true traditions etc. were put forth there then remained no need of any other proof, witness etc. Thus with deep faith an individuals psychic state advanced greatly. But today faith or theism is a virtual taboo. Intellectualism of contemporary times has made progress phenomenally. Hence at every step intellectuals demand proof, logic, rationality etc before accepting any tenet or principle. In a certain sense mere faith has no value for them. Similarly the miraculous attainments of Modern Science has further emphasized on proof, logic etc. Hence when ever any important principle is discussed it is accepted only if it is proved to be true scientifically. To the extent that Philosophical Science too whose very basis is logic are out to prove their principles true with the help of a strong scientific footing.

The situation is strange. The horse of Spiritual Philosophy was trotting along merrily for a great length of time but since unwholesome elements have made an entry in its realm, a face lift is the need of the hour. Even if faith is accepted in certain quarters its car will move ahead with the help of its wheels viz. intellectualism and scientific analysis but certainly not scriptures and traditional culture. One can say that now perforce Spiritual Science will have to be put forth with a new scientific basis. This task is as difficult as assigning a new basis to materialism. Thus both tasks will have to be taken up simultaneously. If we make efforts to assign greater importance to nourishment of ones thinking in comparison to amassing material comforts it is akin to reversing the very thought flow of this modern era of information technology. Keeping in mind the gigantic nature of our endeavor it seems as though somewhere down the line we are trying to re-create this world. Thus the entire thought arena of the world will have to be churned thoroughly. In ancient Indian Mythology (Puranas) there is the episode of Samudra Manthan or the churning of the ocean. In that great men had dared to churn the entire ocean. Although as a result of it precious jewels emerged yet before that a great transformation had to be undergone. Initially Halahal poison came out and after that wine. Poison kills us whereas wine intoxicates us. It is only when both were removed that Samudra Manthan continued further. Ultimately after intense efforts precious jewels emerged from the churned ocean.

Todays Samudra Manthan will involve neo creation of world human thought flow. If these efforts succeed a dual benefit will be witnessed by all and sundry. Todays Halahal or poison is mans egoistic/selfish behavior narrow-minded thinking unwholesome desires and the attitude of eat, drink and be merry. This is the root cause of man leading a beastly life full of ghastly actions when in reality there lies potential in him to lead a life of great Rishis, saints etc of yore. Varuni is that which mocks farsightedness and generosity and instead revels in the ocean of psychic taints (Kusanskaras). Hence our very first goal is to overcome these two vile qualities from the human psyche. This is no doubt a formidable task i.e. difficult but not impossible.

Similarly after warding off taints the empty space must be filled up immediately by principles that encourage great thinking. This dual task is like fighting 2 wars one at the same time. This war is as long as our world. It is as gigantic as a mob of 0.4 billion human beings. Very briefly put it certainly is not an overstatement if we say that it is the total transformation of the subtle world of consciousness. Our Thought Revolution Movement is not a small time endeavor like removal of social evils, removal of blind traditions etc. Assuming this were the case that area could have been positively transformed via a small group of social reformers. But the fact is that our task is more deep, subtle, gigantic and extremely important.

Apart from this a bigger challenge stares wide eyed in our face. In that it cannot be executed by a lone valiant warrior however powerful he/she maybe. Instead great thinkers full of world well being is most required. No doubt thinkers abound in our world and with a good amount of cash they can be bought too. They can execute tasks that are apt or otherwise. And yet for our mission not only will they be of no use but will be difficult for us to employ. Sharp thinking is priceless and where does one have the money to buy it? And if it is devoid of faith it cannot delve deep into our missions research endeavor. He who is devoid of faith can argue superficially like a lawyer but ultimately his/her logic will prove to be like an empty vessel. It will neither manifest life nor a potent influential power. This type of research full of lameness, blurred vision etc can prove to be useful very minutely and yet it has no place in our gigantic mission which aims at in depth scientific research.

Thinking or mental reflection has 2 aspects viz. intellect and sacred sentiments (Bhava). The arena of the intellect is our brain and that of our sentiments is our bosom/heart. When we say heart it is not the anatomical bag that circulates our blood. Instead it is that sensitive area of our inner consciousness wherein an admixture of our aspirations and desires go on to form our psyche. It is the polar region, fount and navel of ones inner personality. This sensitive focal point can tell us whether man is gentlemanly or vile in nature. From here emanate sacred vibrations that induce man to go about working not only for his well being but the world at large. The utility of ones intellect is limited to understanding various tenets and principles. It is generally weighed on the basis of how much material benefits have been amassed. Hence the intellect always is tilted towards amassing of material comforts etc. And yet if one wishes to imbibe greatness in ones life one will have to control ones attraction for material based pursuits along with their enjoyment. This decision is not in the hands of the psyche and that only our Bhava or sacred sentiments can do the needful. The new era will hence be neo created on the firm foundation stone of human sacred sentiments. In spiritual parlance it is called Bhakti or devotion to divinity in any form. Bhakti means sacred sentiments that coax mankind to aspire for greater heights both materially and spiritually. It is said to be synonymous with Shradha or deep faith. If we desire that people imbibe a sense of sacrifice/renunciation, religious vows for self control and austerities for reaching spiritual peaks they must be egged on to follow the Path of Bhakti or Devotion.

History is witness to the fact that it was simply on the basis of our sacred emotions that mans psyche was molded aptly. Man was thus given a wholesome path of living a life of world well being wherein all the dire obstacles faced by him were overcome calmly and with a serene smile. Of course it is not as though Rishis, great men, saints etc lack an intellect yet their consciousness is taken over by sacred sentimental vibrations/Bhava. If this were not the case they too would have utilized their wily intellect to amass material wealth and comforts. It has been seen time and again that less educated and poverty stricken individuals too have become spiritual kings at some point in time of their lives. The reason being that their inner inspiration to pursue sacred ideals, ethics etc helped them overcome innumerable obstacles and with the help of their sacred sentiments they became prime examples of renunciation and sacrifice for a supreme cause. It is a very important step in this New Age to radiate ones sacred sentiments and augment our devotional principle by leaps and bounds. We will most definitely have to take recourse to the cultural tradition and heritage of both religion and spirituality for our supreme goal of Era Transformation. Instead if one ignores this only to lean on intellectual wiliness people will superficially understand things but will never aspire for true greatness. Of course lip service in the form of superficial eulogies will be heard everywhere but will never help our goal of Era Transformation.

Generally atheistic intellectualism ultimately veers towards hard heartedness and unruliness. When we cast a glance at so called intellectuals it is crystal clear that on the one hand they are adept, skillful etc and yet they fail to establish sacred ideals and human values in society. The intellectual class of writers, poets, lawyers, political leaders, artists etc no doubt is small in number yet if their intellectual brilliance had been based in actions meant for world welfare it could have by now transformed the entire world positively. But alas the situation is quite hopeless as of now. Brilliant people the world over are busy swelling their bank balances. Many among them no doubt talk of ideals, values etc but know for sure it is mere lip service. In the garb of ideals etc they are out to amass wealth, name and fame only for their petty selves. And hence one can safely conclude that their contribution to world society is not even equal to that made by an honest laborer, clerk of the lowest rung, humble farmer or servant working in a household. The bare fact is that directionless and hence a wayward intellectual class has done more harm to the world than given any benefits.

Our respected readers should understand that the above observations have certainly not been made to rant and rave against the power of the intellect. Instead the idea is to conjoin sacred sentiments/Bhava to a brilliant intellect. This indeed is the reawakening and reformation of Bhakti Tattva or the devotional element of our soul. This verily is Amrit or Soma Rasa (divine immortal nectar). Many are making efforts to augment ones IQ. Now what they need to do is to induce great thinking in ones psyche and augment sacred sentiments. The research focus of Brahmavarchas indeed is this. Keeping in mind the all round uplifting of world creatures this endeavor certainly should be lauded and eulogized.

How gigantic and widespread is the task taken up by the Brahmavarchas Research Institute? This answer can be given only if we realize that light will have to be thrown on thousands of activities and situations that influence in thousands of ways, thousands of classes of world humanity, numbering up to about 40 billion. Vile instincts and beliefs that enhance beastly behavior did not establish itself in one day. This is because after Satyuga or Golden Age vileness in order to firmly establish itself in the human psyche put forth very alluring arguments, logic, examples and proof. It was only after great efforts by these that people thought it to be beneficial and gleefully imbibed psychic taints. By itself a mountain of dirt and waste matter can be burnt to ashes using a very tiny spark of fire. And yet this is not how it is disposed off. Instead certain very well defined means are used to dispose off waste matter. The same holds true for destroying taints in world human psyche. The field of thought revolution is so vast and gigantic that a very apt change needs to come in vogue as far as every belief, every tradition/culture, every mental inclination and type of personality is concerned. This is an all world revolution. Over here all means every form of thinking. The function of consciousness as also its character is thinking. It is the fount of ones capability. Circumstances are but its consequence. To the extent world human psyche is purified to that extent world problems will be solved and wholesome situations will be ours for the asking. No doubt if we wish to herald a bright future in the 21 st century material comforts/gains too are required and yet never should we ignore the prime importance of nourishing our psyche with elevated thinking and run madly after material pursuits know for sure that our dream of human advancement and world peace will never be realized. Thus the fundamental tenet of neo creation is one viz. to elevate mans thinking in a positive manner wherein human beings belonging to various strata of society benefit equally. Doubtlessly this is a gigantic task. The prime need therefore is that thinking which oozes with goodwill for all world beings without exception. Our research endeavor will succeed only when all this will be done in totality.

In its preliminary stage Brahmavarchas Research Institute has taken up 4 chief aims: 1) the power of the mental principle and its mode of application 2) a powerful Yajna method for destroying diseases of the body, mind and intellect 3) availing benefits from the infinite storehouse of consciousness and nature 4) putting forth an all encompassing form of the philosophy of religion and spirituality. When all of these are brought together the map of and substratum of the philosophy of a New Era is created. It is like making a cast and mould. As of now only these means are at our disposal and hence we begin from this end. A point to note that the above four have so many branches and sub branches and each of them is so important that they just cannot be ignored. Man has infinite aspects and each one is influenced variedly. Hence none of these aspects can be ruled out. The meaning of an all encompassing thought revolution is not to allow water to enter ones boat through even one minor hole. Hence our movement against mental taints should leave no room for the enemy to find even one chink in our armor. Our fort should be so secure that not an iota of a chance is given to the enemy (like white ants) to destroy our sacred mission.

Brahmavarchas research method: When the designing of the first leg of research is firmly laid down the subsequent steps will follow suit. One by one all those aspects will be covered which are as of now glanced at very minimally. In these paragraphs it is not possible to elucidate its classification too. In a nutshell we can say that research has commenced and an entire generation of humanity goes by will it end. For this innumerable gifted thinkers will be required but to give their exact number is difficult. This bridge is so gigantic that hoards of people will be required to build it in an atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation. Because the means are many, the task will be completed with greater speed. And yet we cannot underestimate the contribution of anyone because for example a tiny ant slowly but surely can scale a mountain peak too.

These days (this was written before 1990 A.D.) around 2 dozen people who are post graduates and specialists of law, medicine, philosophy, literature and modern science have enlisted themselves as research members. Although the task has commenced if we keep in mind the gigantic nature of the task and the speed required to complete it fruitfully it is clear that the number of our present team members is quite less. A much more widespread and in depth research skill is required so that the first leg is completed in a befitting manner which in turn would enhance our enthusiasm to take up the next leg of research with more fervor.

For our present research studies a voluntary thinking set of people are required whose eyes are not rooted on how much they will be paid for their hard work. It is not possible to pay exorbitant fees to gifted thinkers since this is a very gigantic sacred task. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi etc carried out their gigantic tasks with the aid of so many volunteers and helpers. It would be rare to find even one amongst these volunteers who were bought with money. In fact they did not have the means even to buy these helpers. The same will happen with the vast number of research members volunteering to execute the mighty task of Thought Revolution in the world. Those who deem themselves fit for our task should understand that it is difficult for them to be paid for their hard work. Hence over here we request and invite those who have no financial constraint to become our members since we repeat again that we cannot pay them as such. These members could be of 2 classes: 1) whose family will look after their requirements while they are conducting research for us 2) who do not have to send cash to their family and can make do with their daily expenses on their own. Of course the Mission will look after their lodging/boarding needs aptly. But beyond that the Mission cannot help them with more financial aid.

The above observations are reserved only for those research members who by giving all their time to research will reside full time at our Brahmavarchas Research Institute. Apart from them a great number of such volunteers are required who will come and reside at our institute minimum for 2 months at a stretch every year. An alternative to this will be residing at their homes and working for 2 hours daily (more not less) for our Mission. They can visit nearby libraries and collect literature on the subjects assigned to them by us. If the library etc loans them this literature they can operate from their homes, collect important matter and send it to us on a regular basis. Mahakal (Cosmic Time) has decided to fight dire situations and induce zest in the human psyche for Neo Creation. This flow is seen in the form of cosmic consciousness radiating at a stormy pace. It first influences awakened souls. It is like the first rays of sunrise falling on high mountain peaks. When we heat milk its sticky aspect appears as a layer of cream at the top. In these days the energy of transformation too is working on these lines. The varied classes of awakened souls are giving us a glimpse of their special qualities by taking up wholesome tasks and imbuing them with potent life force (Prana). Now comes the turn of gifted thinkers. Wherever they reside, we request them to come forward and take up the priceless task of neo creation of peoples sacred sentiments and thinking. There is no dearth of retired people, financially independent people and those without major family commitments in this world. Their gifted thinking capacity is especially invoked by Era Consciousness. In fact even busy people can in their own small way contribute their talent for this great transformation. Brahmavarchas Research Institute invites cooperation from all these people the world over who are not only gifted thinkers but have immense zeal/zest to idealistically create a New Era.



Without doubt spiritual applications are scientific in nature. Rishi literature describes in detail, Yajna methods, Yoga practices, meditation, Mantra Science etc and their influence on the body, mind and intellect and also warding off of gross and subtle diseases. If man makes apt use of these he can live a long life as mentioned in spiritual texts. Today Western Medical Science is indeed deeply studying mental and psycho-somatic diseases. And yet right since ancient times Yoga Sutras and other sacred literature have given their root cause and method of overcoming them. Spiritual Sciences opine that a sound mental balance and high stature thinking is not only required for material gains but that it is most required for advancement of mans spiritual arena and rendering mans physical and mental body sound and healthy. It is therefore that great Rishis of yore encouraged mankind vociferously to imbibe spiritual practices, healing methods and faith in God along with great thinking. All this comes under the umbrella of Soul Studies.

Actually spiritual practices were not meant for mere healing of diseases and illnesses. This is because at their root certain principles exist wherein the psyche was made powerful via awakening of subtle centers. Blooming vibrations of the psyche evolves our vision positively and directs our bodily actions in a wholesome manner. Without watering the roots of a tree it is futile to expect it to grow and give us luscious fruits, colorful flowers etc. Spiritual Sciences encompass Yoga practices, Yajna rites and Mantra Science for the all round health of mankind i.e. the body, mind and soul are nourished under their jurisdiction. Material Sciences have erred by focusing exclusively on the health and comfort of the physical body. Hence indirectly they ignored the uplifting of mankinds sacred sentiments at the soul level. As a result the world over, we are witnessing the horrifying scene of the downfall of human, spiritual and ethical values. Thus it goes without saying that along with physical well being the mind and soul too needs ample nourishment. Once our character and soul are made taintless man will experience infinite peace and bliss. The path of material and spiritual progress will be thrown wide open and amazing Divine Powers will be ours for the keeping.

Todays generation demands visible proof based on sound scientific research. If we fail to test Spiritual Principles with apt scientific experimentation people will continue to gaze at them atheistically. Today because our ancient spiritual sciences are looked upon skeptically man is forgoing all material and spiritual benefits attained by imbibing spiritual precepts. Hence Brahmavarchas Research Institute uses very scientific modern technology and apparatus in its hi-fi laboratory. With its help we will give sound evidence to one and all which will then encourage world humanity to imbibe a spiritual vision via spiritual endeavors. This great responsibility of scientifically proving the priceless nature of Spiritual Sciences is being handed over to great modern scientists and gifted spiritual thinkers. We humbly request them to work in tandem and focus all their attention on this great task for the benefit of the entire world.

By itself there are scores of research laboratories all over the world. Billions of dollars are used up to construct these well equipped research institutes. In them medical sciences and material sciences are researched into scientifically. Great scientists right from the discovery of penicillin to a test tube baby have persevered hard to serve mankind in an amazing manner. They have lived lives akin to that of great saints, sages and Rishis who were known for their penance and austerities. Many research papers have been published and many more will be published in future. Every scientist while taking up a research project accepts in his/her heart of hearts that theirs is a humble effort. They may face disappointment or attain their goal after undergoing many failed experiments. Thus each scientist like a sports person takes up scientific projects gamely. Scientific research is nothing but a spiritual endeavor. Their underling aim is nothing but service to world humanity/beings. But alas that seriousness and focus shown towards research of material science was not shown towards proving the scientific nature of spiritual principles by modern day scientists. It serves no purpose by either eulogizing or demeaning spiritual precepts in a superficial manner. It is hence that Brahmavarchas Research Institute took up this onerous task of testing ancient spiritual tenets in well equipped scientific research laboratories. We have realized that without giving scientific proof of the great importance of spirituality no one in this modern age of information technology is going to imbibe it. Thus the world will miss at their own peril great spiritual principles that can uplift world humanity both materially and spiritually.

Within this realm stray and scattered efforts have been made. Special emphasis has been laid on Parapsychology. In the western world the scientific basis of Extrasensory Potential (ESP) hearing sounds from great distances, seeing things at great distances etc is being researched into on a very gigantic scale. If the aim is merely idle curiosity the principle can never be understood deeply. Indian Spirituality not only proclaims the powerful nature of such capabilities but has also elucidated well designed methods (Yoga etc) that basically cover spiritual practices (Sadhana). In reality this arena is very widespread. The mysterious subtle layers of the human body and the wondrous aspects of this gigantic cosmos stand before us with infinite aspects of research. The need of the hour today is to place it in front of world humanity using sound logic, precepts and scientific proof. Our Brahmavarchas Research Institute has taken up this great challenge and will prove the same after intense experimentation and research studies.

Keeping in mind the gigantic nature of our research target it becomes crystal clear that more and more scientific means, technology and gifted scientists from the world over are required. We sincerely hope that in every nook and corner of the globe this endeavor is taken up in a responsible manner. Based on the so far limited means available a huge laboratory has been set up. And yet the potential for it to become widespread is limitless. We are hoping that by and by it will become widespread.

The human physical body is made up of matter. Therefore its anatomy and physiological functioning can be easily understood using scientific apparatus, machines etc. More subtle than this is the mental layer. Its center encompasses the forehead right up to the base of the spinal cord. Within the field of Psychology the anatomy of the brain and the rise/fall of ones thinking are studied. Without doubt we can say that some very important findings have been unearthed after studying it scientifically. And yet we cannot conclude at this stage that it is the absolute truth and reality. This is because whatever has been understood by great scientists regarding the body and mind has been limited to its material/worldly aspect only. And therefore these findings (so far) can influence only mans worldly/external/gross life. One can say that their ultimate attainment encompasses nourishing good health in the physical body and balance of the mind.

And yet the fount of the existence of consciousness is the ego or I and it lies in a much deeper layer than the physical and mental layer of human existence. The focal point of a sound and balanced personality is this ego. The nature of mans inner life/personality is totally dependent on the egos aspiration and beliefs. It is the root source or fount of mans life force. In spiritual parlance it is called Antahkarana or psyche. The psyche has an independent existence and its very own science. It is in this secret center that mans aspiration and beliefs either progress or get demeaned whatever the case may be. This subtle mysterious layer needs to be purified and nourished desirably in order that man attains true power and radiance. What we call will power and soul force actually manifests from this realm and it is from here that man attains genius like brilliance in various fields of life (Sport, Art, Music, Science, Mathematics etc). Divine glories too are said to emanate from here. If mans psyche is kept healthy and balanced external situations transform positively. This then is verily the nature of a healthy world society that exudes eternal peace and bliss. Before understanding the scientific basis of spiritual techniques its fundamental philosophy needs to be deeply imbibed.

Brahmavarchas has 2 aspects viz. philosophy or divine wisdom and the other is austerities (Sadhana) or Yoga based spiritual philosophy. Knowledge and actions come under theory and spiritual practices come under practical. It is this practical aspect that mainly helps us unearth priceless jewels of our psychic energy. The knowledge aspect is being studies from a philosophical viewpoint which is the soul of experimentation and research. Along with this the results of its practical nature (austerities etc) too is being analyzed deeply. Over and above spiritual practices the reactions of Hatha Yoga have been studied in a very minor way which encompasses the functions of bio-chemicals, hormones etc and mans life force. And yet so far an in depth study that is all-round in nature has not been conducted in this arena. By all-round we mean such an analysis which gauges the purification and transformation of the body, mind and soul. We are definitely not deriding those scientific conclusions which encompass only gross functions and which encourage bodily might via Asanas (postures) etc. And nor are we deriding superficial mental exercises in the name of meditation. Instead our humble endeavor revolves around imbuing omnipotence in these efforts which will aid an all encompassing transformation of mans personality. This will give him/her mental peace and at the world level the foundation of Neo Creation will be laid down firmly.

Those rock solid foundations of scientific research are required to be laid down for todays demeaned human society which will help manifest material/spiritual prosperity, world peace and brotherhood for ages to come. If this takes place divinity will dawn in humanity and heaven will descend on earth eternally. Doubtlessly this is not our wild figment of imagination and instead is a bare reality which will be witnessed by one and all in the next few decades to come.

What exactly is the wholesome influence if imbibing of spiritual practices in day to day living? In order to analyze this question those means are required that are used by modern well equipped research institutes in order to find cure for common and rare diseases. In the preliminary stage we have taken up the following spiritual methods: 1) Yoga practices 2) Yajna Science 3) Mantra Science. We are testing these 3 ancient healing methods on the basis of scientific research and experimentation. The means used are the priceless modern scientific apparatus set up in our laboratories. Majority of these are manufactured in India. Others are being imported from other nations. Air conditioned laboratories have been set up for these expensive equipments. Of course it will take some time for the laboratory to be set up fully. At the moment we have set up laboratories in such a way that the preliminary research work can commence without any hitches. Yoga practices, Yajna Science and Mantra Science are very much interconnected. Hence there is no limitation to the utilization of scientific apparatus used in their research.

Medical technical apparatus required for testing heart functions in the Cardiology Department have been set up. Heart ailments are akin to a curse resulting due to a fast paced modern lifestyle. Daily life tensions, irregular/unwholesome eating habits and lack of faith in God leads to heart ailments and death in many cases. Medical specialists are constantly trying to unearth the root cause of heart diseases. Is it cholesterol levels rising in blood vessels or is it hypertension? Many research papers have been published in this context. Industrial/corporate progress has augmented mans comforts and sense pleasures in a big way. But alas simultaneously heart ailments too have risen perilously. If sheer medicines were able to cure them it would be fair enough but medical specialists many a times dESP (Extra Sensory Power)air when after realizing that billions of dollars have been utilized for heart ailment research yet majority of the times death overtakes cures tried for this disease. They have set up Intensive Care Units that make use of extremely expensive medical apparatus and yet everything is not rosy as it seems. This is where Spiritual Sciences can take over and prescribe methods for cardiac disease cures. It can show world humanity a new direction and a new form of life. Their singular aim is to intensify aspirations/beliefs within the realm of Yoga practices, meditation techniques, devotional practices and thus make mans mind tension free. Gross cures wherein we try to decrease fat content in blood vessels or try symptomatic cures is merely an external form of trying to cure heart diseases. If anyone aspires for sound health it is imperative that he/she leads a balanced controlled lifestyle, makes one vision sacred and focused and harbors pure sentiments of well being of all world creatures. On the basis of this very principle Brahmavarchas has designed a wholesome form of Yoga practices and austerity based rituals.

The Electro Cardiogram (ECG) checks on how good/bad our heart condition is by measuring the heart beats, speed and electrical waves. It is made up of the Auto-recorder, Heart Rate Meter and Cardioscope. Our institute is equipped with Telemetry too wherein a spiritual aspirant without being aware is tested by a wireless set up. While a devotee undergoes spiritual exercises his/her various electrical changes along with their vibrations are measured and noted. If and when required they are recorded too. The area where spiritual practices are undergone is constructed in the Cardiology section itself. This has been done so that the effects of meditation, concentration, Mudras, Tratak and other spiritual practices carried out for a certain time span can be researched into. In the Cardiology Department of any hospital a patient is made to undergo certain bodily exercises and then an ECG is taken. This is done to find out whether he/she will be prone to heart diseases in future or not. Our research institute too has set up such facilities. At the moment (pre 1991 A.D.) with the help of a general exerciser an ETT is taken. We are making arrangements for a treadmill. A special point to be noted is that that aspirants are taught to overcome possible heart diseases in future by performing Yoga techniques and Yajnas in a scientific manner. We are using various forest herbs in Yajnas so as to establish their usefulness in overcoming heart and other diseases. Further detailed discussions on this topic have been elucidated in the Yajna Therapy chapter of this e-book.

The Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) are situated in mans subtle body. Yoga Sciences tell us the Ajna Chakra is situated in the heart region (bosom). Although western Science does not deal with spiritual illnesses, Spiritual Sciences certainly have done the needful. Even Western Medical Scientists accept that a person full of mental pressures and hypertension becomes a victim of heart related ailments. Thus the cure lies not merely in administering medication. Instead emphasis should be laid on making the psyche more potent and intensifying ones will power. The mode of atonements is a major aspect of spiritual psychic healing. A spiritual aspirant can gain good health via Satsang (association with saints) in an atmosphere of penance, scriptural studies, various Yoga techniques, Yajna therapy using various herbs and Mantra chanting. And yet all these wholesome effects cannot be seen by the naked eye or our gross eyesight.

Everyone is well versed with the great importance of Pranayam (Yoga breathing techniques). Medical specialists slogan one can say is imbibe deep breathing. And yet this advice has been given by Indian Spiritualists right since time immemorial. It is not possible to measure the effects of imbibing of Prana (Vital Force) which is a Yogic technique of breathing. And yet what we can measure is its gross reactions, extra capacity gained o function better by our lungs, the rise in the purification function of our blood, the added capacity to flush out toxins from the body and augmenting ones life force. For measuring all this we are using a Vitalograph, PH Meter and Blood Gas Analyzer. The Vitalograph graphically measures the capacity of lung based functions PH Meter analyzes our blood and Blood Gas Analyzer measures our oxygen, carbon-dioxide and bicarbonate levels. All these 3 instruments have been kept in the Pulmonary Department. Over here records are taken down regarding transformation of every air unit entering the body while inhaling/exhaling, analyses of gases present in the blood and the balance of acid/base contents.

As a result of industrialization many new diseases have emerged in the past few decades. We can say it is a curse of modern lifestyle and culture. When we inhale poisonous air enters our blood stream. As a result our lungs cannot fully exhale venom (of diseases) that gathers in each cell of our body. In this manner our life force slowly but surely gets extinguished and diseases get a free entry into our body. Via Yoga breathing techniques (Pranayam) our life force can be made powerful which in turn gives our bodily cells enough power to counteract germs, bacteria etc of various diseases.

The Pulmonary Research Department tries to prove how diseased lungs can regain good health via spiritual practices, Pranayam and forest herbs used in Yajna Therapy. The blood of those who live a life of eat, drink and be merry is basic and their breathing is very fast. As against this the basic nature of the blood of great Yogis is significantly less and their breathing is very slow and serene. It is because of this that Yogis manifest an aura of divine light called Ojas and Tejas. Our research goal is to prove the scientific basis of all such descriptions found in ancient texts.

Today the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is measured using scientific apparatus. Initially via spiritual practices the metabolic functions of the body are made minimal. Thus the amount of energy used up by our body is decreased significantly and the remnant energy is utilized for apt mental and spiritual goals. Thus the BMR apparatus is used in our laboratory for this purpose.

Our research institute is definitely not established on the lines of a nursing home or a pathological lab that tests blood, urine, etc to pinpoint various diseases. This is because all arrangements made here for research studies has a more sacred and extraordinary purpose. Our Microbiology Chamber subtly examines scientifically the blood of each spiritual aspirant (Sadhak) and other bodily units like urine etc.

A very major question asked by modern scientific research is: The high rate of germs and toxins in the human body is caused by our life force diminishing or is it because their potential to attack the human body is on the rise alarmingly? Medical scientists are regularly inventing new antibiotics and vaccines to counter attack various ailments. And yet say for example a vaccine is found to counterattack Virus A the latter tends to mutate into a new form. Therefore the vaccine after a short bout of success is later rendered redundant. In other cases newer forms of germs, bacteria etc proliferate in the human body so as to manifest a totally new illness. In addition to this newer forms of medicine simultaneously add more side effects in a patients body. There was a time when sulpha and chloromycin were successfully used to counter certain illnesses. But today doctors accept that they have many side effects and hence hesitate to administer them. These medicines that have played around with mans life force are slowly losing their effectiveness in the mind of laymen the world over.

What are the biochemical changes seen in the human body as a result of spiritual practices, Yajna therapy using forest herbs, Yajna ashes (Bhasma) etc? All this is recorded in the Biochemistry Laboratory using various apparatus and research techniques. The main apparatus used is a Calorimeter. For subtle analysis, microscopes of various magnification lenses are being used. These apparatus are used to find out the influence of Yajna fumes, forest herbs and Yajna remnants (ash, clarified butter etc) on bacteria, fungus etc that cause various diseases. From this we can find out whether the various organs of the body are augmenting their capacity to destroy disease based germs, bacteria or not. With the help of the Calorimeter the various bio-chemical components of the blood are analyzed. The total biochemical content of the human body can be recorded by analyzing its urea, sugar, cholesterol, enzyme and other contents. Five big rooms have been converted into a single air conditioned laboratory for this purpose.

Other reagents and parallel apparatus are being used to aid further research. They are chemical balance, autoclave, distillation set, water bath, hot air oven, isolation chamber, centrifuge and thermostatic hot plate. These are also used for other research studies in other labs. Thus these are the instruments in our institute and the goals vary.

Another lab has been set up to analyze the contents of Yajna fumes. Via Orset/Gramlorens Gas Analyzers and Gas Chromatography techniques various gases in the Yajna fumes are detected and measured. What are the gross and subtle differences between the ashes collected from Yajnas that used forest herbs and those Yajnas which used Samidha (wood)? What is the influence of these on various bacteria, toxins etc that cause diseases? This too is being deeply researched into by us.

What are the levels of herbs inhaled via Yajna fumes and those imbibed via the mouth and blood? To answer these questions we have taken recourse to Pharmacodynamic principles along with other testing methods.

The periphery of research is gigantic and its potential unlimited. If all the tasks are taken up at one go it will be difficult to attain true fulfillment of research. Hence research directors have designed a compact plan wherein all the aspects of the 3 main pillars of spiritual healing will be covered one after another so as to put forth our results in the coming years. Within this the chief area of research is the analysis of hormones secreted by endocrine glands of our body. The findings of hormonal based research are quite minimal at the moment. Modern scientists have so far dealt with only the gross aspects of the hormonal structure and its functions. These miraculous glands are the authors of increase in bodily strength, good health of our genital organs and creation of a strong willed personality. Asans (postures of Yoga) are subtle exercises. Apart from this Yoga techniques like Mudras, Bandhas, Pranayam, concentration, meditation etc strongly influence hormones, glands and Naadis (subtle nerves). These secretions greatly influence mans psyche, intellect and body. These very secretions induce tenderness and emotions in the female gender. As against this secretions in the male body manifest bodily might and tough mindedness.

All spiritual practices, religious vows/rites and austerities are executed so as to neo create ones personality/character in a positive wholesome manner. Over here emphasis is not laid on augmenting bodily strength instead mans subtle energy potential is nurtured and nourished. Which center of the human anatomy manifests will power, Sankalpa Shakti or the power of resolve, great thinking and desire to carry out wholesome deeds? It is none other than the pineal and pituitary glands situated in the brain region. Latest research on the pineal gland has given us information about its muscular designing. In order that the stature of our consciousness maintains a high standard the levels of the hormone ceratonin secreted by the pineal gland too is high. For the advancement of our genitals ceratonin is known to influence the pituitary gland. Over here it is important to note that if the research focus in this realm is deepened further all the mysterious coverings of human consciousness can be unearthed. Yoga researchers correlate the Reticular Activating System to the Sahasrar Chakra (subtle plexus) of the brain. This area harbors limitless potential with reference to advancement of consciousness. We have faith that our research endeavor will successfully prove the scientific nature of Extrasensory Potential (ESP) and Divine Powers.

Radio Immunoassay techniques analyze minutely all the secretions of various organs of the body. We will use the same to prove how spiritual practices, religious vows/rites, austerities, Yajna Therapy and Mantra Chanting activate these secretions in a desirable manner. These in turn activate Ojas, Tejas, Varchas and all such divine potentials/powers in the human body.

Mantra Science has definitely thrown a challenge at modern scientists. Since the Adams Age it has been depicted as some chanting rite to ward off ghosts etc. And yet the truth is that Shabda Brahman or the Divine Word has unlimited potential. It is on this basis that the mould of spirituality has been cast. Everyone accepts the deep import of music, musical notes (Swar Lahiris), Naad Brahman (Divine Sound) etc. It has been proved that music deepens our mental focus and concentrates it aptly. On the other hand noise makes man irritable and induces stress and tension in his/her psyche. The Sound war wherein Russia attacked Canada with infra radiations is well known. Medical science by using sound science to cure various human ailments has indeed revolutionized the field of medical research and cure.

Ancient Rishis opine that sounds chanted with Samveda notes influences various mysterious layers of the body in a desirable manner. This in turn activates hormones subtle nerve networks (Naadis) and brain region. This principle is being scientifically experimented upon using an Oscilloscope which by measuring sound vibrations finds out how it influences various bodily organs and their functions. This research is also aided by the Polygraph. It is a multi channel instrument which measures brain electrical waves, subtle nerve flows, blood transport, eye ball movements etc. The EMG apparatus measures muscular movements and electrical waves. EMG is a part of Polygraph. It measures the influence of spiritual practices like meditation, Yajna therapy, Mantra chanting etc on our brain, nerve network, blood circulation and other subtle centers of the body. It has been imported from abroad. We will install it in a sound proof AC lab where research is being conducted on Sound Wave Therapy.

Psychological Research is conducted in our Psychometry Lab. Spirituality means sacred Psychology. Modern day Psychologists have so far dealt with only the upper layers of the human psyche. As against this Spiritual Psychology describes the psyche in totality and has elucidated the path of neo creation of ones personality. Over here we are studying the psychological make up of all spiritual seekers and patients suffering from mental diseases. Their reactions, behavior, intellectual capacity etc is being studied minutely. The apparatus used is scientific but the nature of research is spiritual. This Psychiatric Lab has been set up to study the influence of blessings, atonements, religious rites, austerities, endurance, vows, fasts, Brahmacharya (sexual continence for spiritual uplifting) and Yoga practices on the advancement of mans inner personality.

In the vast garden area of the Brahmavarchas Research Institute those herbs are grown which are used in Yajna Therapy based research projects. Visitors from other parts of India and all corners of the world can come and have a look at all those rare forest herbs actually grown by us which so far were merely heard of by them or read in books. Studies on plants and bio-chemicals are being studies in our lab. This involves exposing various plants to Yajna fumes, energy, atmosphere and energy that manifests when collective Mantra Chanting is executed. A Botanical Lab has been set up to study plant oriented diseases and effects of Yajna techniques on germs that inflict diseases on plants too are being scientifically studied. On the terrace area of our institute a glass house has been constructed along with a green house. This has been done so as to create a total scientific atmosphere for research studies.

The Electromyogram measures the electrical influence on muscles when in a relaxed state. The Solar Heater is a symbol of the material prowess of Savita Goddess. Scientists have made use of solar energy in various ways (working of machines etc). Today with the fear of oil depleting the only alternative source of material energy is solar energy. Indian Spirituality has all along discussed the spiritual might of the sun. In the Gayatri Mantra a prayer is made to Savita Goddess beseeching Her to give an intellect with sacred inspiration. For Savita based spiritual practices a separate hall has been set up. Our Institute is setting up a Solar Battery Charger, Cooker, Heater and an Air Conditioning Plant on the terrace to gauge the material potency of Savita (Sun). Our Institutes aim can be labeled as amazing simply because we are researching into both the material and spiritual prowess of the radiant sun.

At the main entrance of our Institute an exotic exhibition room has been set up. Over here well trained volunteers explain to our revered visitors the various research activities undertaken by the Institute trough the medium of photographs and technology. This miniature form of our gigantic laboratory and research institute leaves an indelible mark in the psyche of our visitors which would inspire them to join in our sacred mission.

Our research institute has taken up a very sacred task of deep import wherein both materialism and spiritualism are dealt with on an equal footing. We humbly invite great intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, thinkers etc from all corners of the globe to visit our institute and contribute in our research endeavor. With our limited means we have commenced our humble effort wherein we wish that a point of confluence is reached between the precepts of great Rishis of yore and todays gigantic progress made by modern scientific research. Thus such a compact path can be laid down for todays demeaned state of world humanity wherein society is neo created, all round advancement rules the roost and that the foundation stone of eternal peace and bliss is laid down for world well being. We request scientists the world over to try and understand the all encompassing nature of our research target. In this manner they too can mould their research likewise and thus help world humanity avail the great utility aspects of ancient spiritual tenets which so far have been looked down upon in disdain simply because its scientific basis has not been put forth in an appropriate manner. Subtle benefits that can be experienced are so cosmic in nature that an ordinary layman can attain extraordinary greatness. There was a time in Indian History when it was akin to a gold mine of great saints and Sidhas and was known to be preceptors (Gurus) of the entire world. Hence our research endeavor is aimed at rejuvenating that ancient glory in a befitting manner. No doubt the future is full of hope and every profound thinker of this world can experience it.



Objects of utility value benefit mankind only when its nature, quality and application are known by us. If they are not utilized aptly or if we forget its method of apt usage it will not benefit us at all. If we are unaware of why they were created i.e. what lack was it suppose to fulfill its special qualities will remain untapped. Due to a lack of its proper understanding its utility value becomes a question mark and many a times instead of benefiting us it becomes a source of danger. On this very premise they are labeled as useless. It is only when desirable qualities actually exist in various objects and are used optimally will they manifest a wholesome influence. Thus these objects will come in vogue and will be accepted by one and all.

The same holds true for religion/spirituality. All great scriptures of the world proclaim its supreme nature and deep import. They describe in many places the miraculous results of imbibing religious tenets. These descriptions are not without reason. And yet all this is possible only when its true nature and aim is deeply understood, its spiritual philosophy be deeply imbibed and the philosophical tenets of religion can be used in ones day to day social transactions. Only then will they bear fruit as has been described in these sacred religious texts the world over.

The aim of religion is to make our lives sacred and spread human values. On a theoretical level it is encouraged vociferously by all religions. despite this very few people realize the basic qualities required to march ahead on this path and so as to attain a desired goal. Various religious sects are busy augmenting the number of their followers and teaching them mere superficial religious rites/rituals. Thus it is a big question mark whether mankinds psyche can be rendered taintless in this manner. Various religious sects are at loggerheads with one another because each believes their rite/ritual to be supreme. In this manner their followers remain totally ignorant regarding the true underlying spiritual philosophy of their respective religions. The basic qualities of each object show their influence in an equal manner in various settings. No doubt if there is a change in their environment and place of activity a little bit of difference here and there can be perceived and yet their basic characteristic can never undergo a total change either way. The principles of utilizing various objects are such tat they are uniformly applicable in different places. When they are adhered to aptly desired results are obtained. Between a negative and positive pole flows an electrical current. Nothing in this wire can be left out. A scientist may belong to any country, the nation too may be any yet if electricity is to be generated a positive and negative pole is necessary. There may be differences as far as the wires are concerned but the scientific law of electricity generation can never change. The principle of electricity flowing between a negative and positive pole is cosmic and eternal in nature. Without adhering to it, it will be impossible to generate electricity. Within the laws of Material Science there is no limitation as far as space and circumstances are concerned. In every place they are accepted in an equal manner. The sounds and visual scenes heard and seen on radio and TV are based on certain principles of a transmission networking. The laws/principles of making rockets, releasing them in inter stellar space etc are one and the same everywhere. There maybe differences as far as the materials used in their creation but not its underlying form and process of manufacturing. So the gist of this discussion is this that the principles of Material sciences are accepted by scientists all over the world in unison. As a result they are said to be apt and useful too.

From the standpoint of a goal all religions are equal. Despite this differences are perceived between them at every step. The main reason why this happens is that followers of all religions without exception completely forget the fundamental principles and philosophy of their respective religions. For a layman superficial rites and rituals, mode of dressing etc is the be all and end all of his religion. If we intensely yearn to overcome these differences of opinions and help people imbibe religion in their day to day living it becomes imperative that a healthy and sacredly transformed religion be placed in front of world denizens. Thus it is important that the fundamental philosophy of every religion be placed in front of every devotee. They must be motivated and inspired to imbibe those eternal and cosmically accepted religious/spiritual principles which are wholeheartedly accepted by every religion of the world.

In reality there is only one religion and that is the HUMAN RELIGION. What is its aim? The answer is spreading of human values in the world. This is possible to achieve only if religious philosophy is made easily available to the common man in its pristine purity. These principles should be imbibed in ones daily living so as to purify and manifest a great character. How useful is religious philosophy when imbibed in ones day to day social professional and other transactions? This question must be deeply meditated upon and once true understanding dawns in the psyche man should imbibe it in its sacred form and thus not only will human glory be protected but that the true goal of human life too will be attained.

Every thing and object has its principle and own characteristic. As long as that object keeps manifesting it, it remains useful. Ere it is lost not only does that thing become useless but at times it can prove to be dangerous too. Suppose fire loses its heat and light, it will be exist as ash and the latter will be of no use to us. In fact this ash will have to be discarded else it will spread its rot everywhere. The same principle holds true for mankind. Mans thinking and social behavior should be in tandem with the principles of human nature. If a young man behaves like a 2 year old child he will be scoffed at. Man being the crest jewel of creation is required to perform certain duties and shoulder important responsibilities. It is his prime duty to maintain a great and taintless character. Only then can human glory flourish eternally. It is his responsibility to see to it that he maintains good relations with creatures and objects he comes in contact with. He should make apt and wholesome use of them. Human religion has to chief aspects viz. duty and responsibility. If he imbibes these optimally joy and progress will be his for keeps sake. On the other hand when he fails in this respect not only does sorrow come uninvited at his doorstep but that he spreads sorrow in the lives of others too. Hence it is most required that man lives responsibly and performs duties honestly for manifesting peace and joy everywhere. If every individual lives thus society will benefit and world well being will then become a foregone conclusion.

Duty is classified in 2 ways: One is our thinking and the second is our character or personality. Thinking is spiritual in nature and character revolves around ethics. Our psyche encompasses our beliefs, aspirations, faith, habits and sentiments. This is the very fount of human existence. It is with its inspiration that the mould of our thinking process is cast. It is called Chitta or psyche. Psyche means the level of our consciousness. In other words it can also be called faith. It controls our mind and intellect. Our intellect is designed on the basis of our education, study endeavor, experience and atmosphere. Our minds imagination capacity and our brains decision making capability are very much controlled by our external education (school, college etc) and studies. And yet its overall direction is given by the psyche. Thus the mind and intellect take up a particular task only on the inspiration of the psyche (Antakarana). Hence it is clear that our physical body is just an instrument or medium. The mind controls it in totality. It directs all bodily and other movements. Our eyes may perceive physical movements but know for sure that it is the mind who is the director.

Within the psyche rest our aspirations which in turn harbor infinite Kusanskaras or tainted psychic imprints spanning over innumerable previous incarnations/births. In this material world animalistic or beastly tendencies and activities tend to rule the roost. Hence it becomes imperative that human thinking be transformed sacredly. This requires warding off of narrow thinking along with mental taints and replacing them with wholesome thinking. Spirituality is nothing but a total positive transformation of human faith and thought process. Taints that have entered the human psyche in a big way need to be removed and in its place greatness that manifests human glory requires to be reinstated firmly. This indeed is true human culture. We must deeply understand that Spiritual Philosophy has been created solely with the aim of purifying and making sacred the very recesses of our soul and psyche. Vedas, Upanishads and other religious tenets were created solely for this great purpose. Thus all religious scriptures of the world basically ordain its followers to give up mental taints and instead imbibe wholesome qualities like selfless service to the world, honesty, ethics, commitment, accountability etc. An intellectual effort is made wherein by studying great scriptures and listening to discourses of great saints, mans faith is made to transform for the better. The philosophy of all religions has this very aim in mind. Sadhana or spiritual practices very briefly put involves inducing mans consciousness to give up taints and instead imbibe sacred characteristics which glorify all mankind. In other words it is the immense effort made by our psyche to imbibe sacred sentiments and wholesome habits so as to reach the pinnacle of greatness. To attain this many methods are in vogue. Due to the establishment of various religious sects, various modes of spiritual practices have come into being. And yet the underlying aim of all these are one viz. raising our consciousness to great heights of nobility and renouncing mental taints which obstruct our character from aspiring human glory. In a nutshell one can say that spirituality is an admixture of philosophy (theory) and spiritual endeavor (practical). It is on this very basis that the entire conscious arena made up of the psyche, thought process and character is made cultured and sacred. Within this realm the dos and donts too are at work. Yoga practices and penance too have this very aim in mind. Yoga transforms our beliefs and thinking for the better and austerities purify our habits.

The subtle aspect of mans duty is to deeply imbibe spiritual philosophy so that the level of our consciousness is raised. The other external aspect of duty is to augment good qualities, actions and character in our inner personality and thus reach pinnacles of greatness. Past prejudices and bias significantly obstructs the imbibing of wholesome habits. Animalistic tendencies are all the time on the prowl. They need to be overcome totally via ethics and principles. It involves observing religious vows, discipline, mastery of the self and control of the mind. It is only when our qualities, actions and character follow ethics implicitly that they get transformed into greatness. We must realize that mere transformation of our thinking without reforming our actions etc will not do much good to us. This is because despite our thinking being great our tainted aspirations and habits can create our downfall. In fact there are many preachers in this world who talk of divinity etc yet their mind leans towards dishonesty, greed, corruption etc. Hence our personality can attain a total transformation only when it is pressurized to dwell within the boundary of ethics and spiritual discipline. Thus compact soul progress can be attained only when both the aspects of mans innate duty viz. imbibing of spiritual philosophy and our qualities, actions and habits are transformed sacredly. Spirituality lays equal emphasis on both spiritual practices and self control. Both are like 2 wheels of a cart and hence when they move in tandem the journey on the path of greatness becomes smooth. This is called Eternal Spiritual Endeavor.

The other aspect namely shouldering ones responsibilities helps man attain glory wherein first it undergoes ripening and then it becomes part and parcel of ones very inner being. This is the social aspect of an individuals life. The level of our behavior and transactions with others decides what results will accrue. If our social behavior is obnoxious the fruits will be bad not only for that person but those connected to him/her also. If our behavior is gentlemanly others will cooperate with us and thus there will be true joy all around. Hence not only should our thinking be great in stature but that our actions and behavior in society too should be wholesome and pure.

Good behavior and pious actions have many aspects. One is that which is executed with human beings and other creatures. The other is with relation to apt and wholesome usage of material objects. Wholesome contact needs to be established with creatures and appropriate usage of objects must be emphasized upon only then can our social, professional life attain a great stature. This is the aspect of mans responsibility. This process is named variedly like good behavior, etiquette, discipline etc and it is in relation with how we behave with those whom we come in contact on a daily basis. If this is ignored man behaves like a human beast and hence at every step in his life he faces opposition, downfall and chaos. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you throw a rock piece in water, water drops hurl back at you. Or if it is the sea, waves will definitely rise from it. Bad behavior with others creates discomfort for them and it is a sure way of insulting and hurting them. They hence out of discontent oppose you and seek revenge. On the other hand gentlemanly behavior is yearned for and approved of by one and all. People experience joy and comfort as a result. Hence they cooperate with you and return your good behavior with selfless love for you. Good behavior echoes in the form of joy and peace for the doer of good actions. Gentlemanliness is that infinite vault which when given to others is returned by the latter along with a handsome interest. Of course here and there rare exceptions have been seen without doubt. Wise people opine the world over that those who have deeply imbibed discipline, gentlemanliness and pious behavior in their professional/social lives attain that secret key which throws open wide the door of material and spiritual prosperity. Imbibing sacredness destroys demonic behavior which is like an axe that cuts the very leg of the one wielding it. Thus we can overcome opposition, strife and poverty in our lives. It is the responsibility of every deep thinking world individual to see to it that his/her behavior with others is wholesome and ethical and that ones actions must ooze with the fragrance of human and spiritual values. We must always remember this and make it a very part and parcel of our soul. Further it must be nurtured and nourished by actually acting wholesomely on a daily basis.

From many angles it is imperative that material objects be utilized wholesomely, appropriately and aptly. Objects found in this cosmos are the wealth of all world beings. Infinite beings are nourished and nurtured by them. Ere it is used when least required or is hoarded or is misused in a bombastic and arrogant manner the obvious result will be that those creatures who need them the most have to experience a lack. If a certain number of people waste food products produced many in this world will starve needlessly. Man works hard daily to earn wealth and with its help he buys food for sustenance. Hence if he buys more food than necessary know for sure his hard work has gone in vain.

Misuse just does not mean wastage because it also means mismanaged usage or total apathy towards it or not maintaining them appropriately. If this is the case objects perish way before their expiry date and like diseases it cannot prove its usefulness optimally. Wailing aloud, insulting others and getting rains of insults they prove dire for those consuming or utilizing them. Those who are responsible for this sorry state of affairs invite blasphemy for themselves and those who are in cahoots with them. They become images of abject shame in society. This is because the energy and intellect required in the production of materials goes in vain when the objects perish prematurely. Keeping in mind such dire consequences it is the need of the hour to obstruct wastage and misuse of materials. Instead emphasis should definitely be laid on apt utilization of objects without wasting or causing harm to them.

Mans body harbors a limited measure of life force. There is also a limit up to which it can be augmented and utilized. Those who keep these limitations in mind enjoy their wealth, progress in life and become glorified. As against this those who err by ignoring these limitations perform actions akin to slashing the tummy of a hen that lays golden eggs and thus a state of bemoaning is their lot. Regular work outs keep our body fit/healthy and regular studies/reading keeps our intellect sharp and brilliant. And yet one must not cross the limits of exercising and studies. If these limits are crossed the body becomes ill and the intellect becomes tense and stressful. It has been seen that those who over utilize their physical and mental strength become prematurely weak, aged and stressed out (burning out).

Very much akin to the human life force Mother Natures (Prakriti) material wealth, work potential, utility capacity and its enjoyment has certain limitations. If only man respects these limitations by not crossing their periphery cosmic activities will function without hitches for eons to come. This will thus help all creatures of the world to use natures wealth for a long time span in future. It will help this creation of God to work smoothly and help beings in sustaining themselves without glitches. If instead of this greed induces mankind to hunt and enjoy natures wealth much more than what he requires will destroy nature and thus cosmic activities will be hit badly. Not only nature but mankind and other creatures will age prematurely and thus will be engulfed by death while yet in their prime. Along with this the life force of all living beings and materials required by them too will deplete with alarming speed. Hence both these situations will be dire destiny for all world creatures. In order to ensure that mans psyche abstains from greed and the lure of hoarding he should e encouraged to imbibe the religious tenet of leading a life of simple living and high thinking. He must abstain assiduously from wasting just about anything and thus give opportunities to others to enjoy their share of material objects.

After truly understanding the 4 parts of apt imbibing of religion it becomes crystal clear that how great world thinkers of yore had cast the mould of its philosophy in a farsighted manner. Scriptural scholars had laid down the ethics based dos and donts principles simply so that goodwill and a sense of brotherhood prevails between all world beings in a healthy manner. By doing this they ensured that internal strife and tension between them was avoided from their very fount. Wholesome and apt usage of material objects is as important as encouraging oneness and brotherhood between all world beings. The philosophy of the human religious principle and its execution in day to day life rotates on this very axis.



Human life is bound by inner duties and external responsibilities. In order that human greatness proliferates in both these areas culture and civilizations have come into being which lay down the dos and donts of thinking and character carving. Culture is internal, Civility is external, Spirituality is internal and Ethics is external. Spiritual aims are attained via its philosophy and a disciplined character helps in adherence of ethics. The peripheries of all religious precepts that influence human glory in a big way are limited to these 2 aspects. It has already been said that the inner core of religion is spirituality and its outer shell is wholesome social behavior laced with ethical activities. These are the 4 pillars of religion. If anyone requires more clarity on these the following paragraphs can do the needful.

1) SPIRITUALITY: True spirituality exists where the psyche oozes with sacred beliefs, faiths, aspirations, sentiments, zest and habits. The fount or root source of mans personality and character lies here. It is that inspiration which gives direction to the minds thinking process. If prejudices exist they result in imaginations, arguments and logical proof. These in turn help the intellect to take informed decisions. The brain obeys commands emanating from the deep recesses of our psyche. It finds ways of fulfilling that which is pleasurable, it finds solutions for various problems and thus commands the body to act as per the directions of the inner psyche.

In a nutshell we can say that this inner designing of the psyche decides mans past history, endeavors of the present and destiny of future times. This designing helps us measure mans inner stature. It is as a reaction of this area that other individuals approach us as foes or friends. This is the focal point that decides the direction of mans life. On its basis man experiences a downfall or otherwise, joy or sorrow and success or failure. Spiritual philosophy came into existence solely for the purpose of overcoming demonic tendencies of the psyche from their very roots and replacing them with sacred qualities like divine wisdom etc.

Spiritual philosophy is the foundation stone of attaining spiritual grandeur/greatness. The gigantic mould of Brahma Vidya (Divine Wisdom) has been cast so as to attain this divine glory. The fundamental aim of precepts that talk of God, soul, demigods, other world, heaven, reincarnation, fruits of ones actions, salvation, hell, liberation, emancipation, devotion, spiritual practices, Sidhis (Divine Powers) etc. is to dissuade man from imbibing lowly aspirations and instead aspire for higher peaks of human glory. For this various religions ordain mankind to absorb sacred thinking and act ethically in their day to day worldly transactions.

The fundamental basis of spirituality is refined faith. True faith is certainly not the figment of ones wayward imagination. It should not be labeled as doubt. Hence spiritual precepts are given a sound footing by giving proof in the form of various scriptural injunctions, great speech of Rishis, saints etc, divine inspirations, Gods commands, discourses and mythology. It is left to Spiritual Philosophy to prove all this via logic, precepts and sound arguments.

2) ETHICS AND APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: Wholesome behavior encompasses observations of ethics, integrity etc in ones professional and social life. The chief aim of all religious scriptures is to make laws based on ethics, ideals etc. Smritis (Indian scriptures) have detailed mans inner and external (social) duties and responsibilities. It can be said to be a vow or resolve of imbibing sacred actions and duties. Duty is emphasized upon and rights are said to be secondary. Further mankind is urged to ignore worries related to enticements, fear, pressures etc and instead focus one pointedly on an ethical and righteous way of living.

Ethics based scriptures (Neeti Shastra) urges world humanity to imbibe oneness of soul with all living beings, gentlemanliness, sacred character, self control and simple living-high thinking. We must celebrate birthdays of great people of the world who renounced their all for the sake of great ideals. Hence sermons and discourses that describe the lives of such great souls are given so that man too gets inspired to follow in their footsteps. In this manner the laymans self control can be nourished and he will willingly imbibe a sacred way of living. An important point to be noted is that when man vows to lead an ethical life hardships do come his way. At such times material lures and enticements have to be curbed via self control (Sanyam). This control is called Laya sadhana. Why is a man of true austerities very powerful mentally? The answer is that he gives up desires for selfish gains and instead channels his energy in the direction of world welfare. In this manner he himself attains soul fulfillment, respect from the world, love and cooperation and divine grace without even having an inkling of such desires in his mind. Meaning all this comes his way, unasked and unsolicited. Ethics can be nurtured only when greatness enters every pore of our mental character, actions and inner qualities. In this manner our character and personality touch heights of human grandeur and glory.

Ethics and ideals have been classified and described from many standpoints. Manu Smriti describes 10 characteristics of ethics. Almost all these have been elucidated in the Yama-Niyama aphorisms of Raja Yoga. In other religious texts all this has been covered albeit with minor variations here and there. It is these common principles of ethics in various religions that makes us say that fundamentally all religions are one. Of course the mode of application and methods of imbibing these ethics in day to day living do vary amongst various religions. The outer shells of tradition in various religions have come to being depending on the circumstances prevailing in those times when a particular religion was established. These traditions change when times and external circumstances change. It is but natural that when these traditions become worn with age distortions and taints enter them. Under such circumstances it becomes imperative that they be transformed and reformed in a wholesome manner. Despite this the fact remains that the principles of ethics that urge mankind to live a life of human greatness remains intact. It is hence in this context that we proclaim that all religions are eternal in nature.

3) WHOLESOME SOCIAL BEHAVIOR-DISCIPLINE AND ETIQUETTE: It is most required that when we come in contact with other our behavior should be polite and gentlemanly. We must protect the dignity and self respect of everybody. We are members of the human family and hence we must respect others and not come in the way of their wholesome aspirations in life. Although it is excellent that we imbibe gentlemanliness we must never bloat about it i.e. do not blow your own trumpet of greatness. Right from having conversations with others and other day to day transactions this sort of discipline must be observed. Even when others do not cooperate or that if you are facing harsh times never give up your gentlemanly character. At all costs indiscipline must be shunned like plague. When out of wrath we hurl abuses and insults at others know for sure that we are exhibiting our inner lowly stature. Even while dealing with the ugliest natured individuals never lose your mental calm.

Civic scriptures elucidate many methods whereby without harming others or coming in their way we can safely lead a hallowed lifestyle. We all have different notions of how to lead a wholesome life. Hence it is most important that every individual tries to understand the others viewpoint without bias or prejudice. Never say only my viewpoint is right and that you must follow the same. We must ourselves first understand and then help others understand and studiously stay away from verbal duels unless of course in those rare and exceptional case it cannot be adhered to.

We must behave with others exactly in the way which we like others to behave with us. It encompasses not only politeness and etiquette but al those actions which augment others comfort and never inflicts ill will on them. Time management should be given due respect, one must abide by the promises given to others (accountability) and be committed to ones daily duties. All these will ensure that you will slowly but surely climb peaks of glory. Never promise something which is beyond your ken and reach. To establish a bond of trust never act distrustfully. Human glory goes down the drain when by using criminal means a person tries to fulfill his selfish desires. One must religiously abstain from such means of earning wealth. Today in the economic arena foul, ethical and illegal means for earning wealth is on an alarming rise. Laborers put in only 50% effort, businessmen loot their customers by taking exorbitant profits and criminal minded people walk freely in society with total disdain for law and order. Hence it should be seen to it that not only should we refrain from such criminal leanings but that never allow others to do so too.

Just as good behavior means gentlemanliness and humility it also connotes cooperation and generosity. One must respect others rights and give them more importance. Only after doing so should we look into our needs. Duty should be given primary importance and rights should be secondary only.

Due respect should be given to others independence. Never coerce on others your views and beliefs however wholesome they may be. Yes you may talk about these to only those who lead unethical lives and have become anti social in their behavior. It is totally undesirable to ram your beliefs down other peoples throats. None should be obstructed from availing the benefits of thought independence and basic human rights.

The protocol and etiquette executed when meetings and social transactions take place are based on nationality, time and credentials. Its prime goal is to respect others, cooperate with them and express ones good character. Thus keeping in mind the saying In Rome do as the Romans do we must enthusiastically imbibe wholesome traditions and etiquette of other countries when we visit them.

Civic sciences, Social sciences, Political sciences and Economics opine that man has been given apt basis and advice to execute his social responsibilities. Hence the onus is with him to understand their deep import and then imbibe them in his daily living. Social arrangements have been designed so as to honor those who perform their duties zealously and punish those who err in this respect. All governments of the world have made apt laws, established armies, jails etc in order to establish discipline in society. In turn this helps obstruct anti social elements from proliferating in society. In society one sees both praise and insult and opposition and proposition. In our individual life when we contact those around us this very process in the form of reactions, pondering over various topics, opposition and lack of cooperation is witnessed. Even with our kith and kin our one eye manifests love and the other eye discipline so as to reform their unwholesome habits and thinking.

Traditions in which vile activities have forced their way in should be removed totally and should be replaced with wholesome activities. Never should we give our consent to undesirable habits, blind beliefs and erroneous activities. Instead if the need arises opt for the method of non cooperation and oppose these strongly until they are weeded out from their very roots. Further we must always encourage activities and stands that aim at augmenting wholesome activities and thinking which will ultimately benefit the entire world. Another important point to note is regarding our voting rights. Whenever we go for voting we must keep in mind the credentials and character of the person standing for elections. While voting always harbor a neutral mind and vote for the best person who has long term beneficial goals in mind. In this context honesty, accountability and commitment on the part of whom you vote for should be kept in mind. Vociferously denounce those whose aims are selfish gains at the cost of societys uplifting. Instead encourage the qualities of congregational wholesome activities, cooperation and camaraderie.

The aim of world humanity should be brotherhood and unity on the lines of A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD. The high walls of disparity and differences must be destroyed once and for all. There should be no discrimination based on ones caste, community and gender. We must all work hard to herald a new world which will exist eternally as a prosperous united family. Global efforts on a war footing are required to form a global nation, a unique global language, a scientific religion and a world culture that will bind all human beings and other creatures with a sense of oneness and brotherhood. All those biases and prejudices that hamper world unity must be discarded from their very fount.

The axis of an individual is his/her family. A family can be compared to a nation. A family is akin to a factory that shapes jewel like and great citizens of their country. If the institution called a family the world over is well managed and progressive in a wholesome way not only will individual glory flourish but that society and the world at large too will prosper both materially and spiritually. All world denizens will thus experience joy, avail material comforts and advance by leaps and bounds through the institution of a balanced family. Never should this tiny looking family be ignored and instead it should be well managed and made prosperous in an ethical manner. We all know that the goal of a prosperous family is cleanliness both within and without, hard work, cooperation, progressiveness and living well within ones means. The more these ideals are absorbed the more the family atmosphere exudes grandeur and culture. Every member of such families will doubtlessly experience a radiant and prosperous future.

In order to sacredly reform the institution of family life Yuga Nirman Mission has taken up the cause of Womens Awakening. This gigantic program encompasses wholesome give and take of thoughts and thus lay down the firm foundation stones of the ADVENT OF A BRIGHT FUTURE IN THE 21 st CENTURY.

4) WHOLESOME AND OPTIMUM USAGE: Generally wholesome usage is with reference to material objects. All those materials that we own and are being used by us should be maintained aptly and we must ensure that they are never wasted. While using materials always keep in mind that if you refrain from wasting them many others who need them can benefit greatly. Materials must be maintained in a wholesome and optimal manner. This is because of lack of proper maintaining will render them prematurely useless and in some cases may prove to be dangerous for its user. All these observations hold cent percent true for the creation, usage and expenditure of wealth. In addition it is mans prime duty to ensure that water and the atmosphere remain unpolluted. Misuse of materials involves lack of apt usage and in the process destroying them, disallowing others to get their rightful share and maintaining them in a very undesirable manner.

Behind the belief of looking upon hoarding as sin and charity as a meritorious deed lies the philosophy of abstinence of using materials when not required to do so and disallowing materials from piling up unused in one place. Piling up materials for a great length of time induces their rotting. If we insist on hoarding things many bad habits and distortions breed in our minds. The flames of envy are fanned and thus crimes proliferate in society. Modern socialism and communist principles agree with this observation. This can be said to obstruct misuse of wealth and instead use it aptly and optimally.

Today the leaders of the corporate world opine that more various goods are manufactured (TV, mobiles, computers etc) the more profits will be reaped. Hence when they produce more goods they lure people into buying them even when the buyer either does not need it or that it is well beyond his/her means. Yet according to corporate philosophy one will become wealthy and more comforts can be added to the kitty. USA and other developed nations vote in favor of this philosophy. They do not realize that our globes natural resources will deplete perilously and that industrial pollution will reach alarming levels. (Already everyone is worried about global warming). Mechanics working with machines overtime tends to face dire health problems. Excess work will induce drug abuse and excess alcohol intake. Thus what we are trying to say that all this amounts to misuse of materials. The middle path involves using technology that does not pollute our globe and that production targets should be only as much is required by society. In this manner in comparison to gigantic industries people will get more jobs. Simple living and not wasting materials will obstruct their misuse. Those materials that remain in excess must be distributed amongst that backward classes of society especially those that live below the poverty line. Simple living must always be conjoined to high thinking. Simplicity not only breeds a good character but that because of it when our time, efforts, intellectual capacity and wealth gets saved the same can be utilized for world well being activities. Wherever the ideal of wholesome usage of materials proliferates there hoarding of wealth too will be abstained from. Instead this excess wealth will be used for activities meant for societys well being. This farsighted thinking can truly be called apt usage of material wealth. It can also be said to be a gesture of goodwill towards Mother Nature on mans part. Such sacred activities must be broadcasted and propagated all over the world.

These are those very 4 legs of religious duties which help both individuals and world society to attain both material and spiritual bliss. Imbibing true religion connotes absorbing those principles which are universally acceptable at all times by world humanity. Space, time nor religious sects can ever influence them. Barring those rare exceptions, all world religions directly or indirectly inspire their followers, to imbibe these principles and actually put them into practice in their day to day lives. If only all religious leaders of the world continue to urge their followers to do this know for sure that human glory will climb great peaks. In this manner apt social governance is totally dependent on this axis.

We have already said that these 4 precepts demarcate the various streams of social life. In order that the layman imbibes these and puts them into practice he must be given knowledge regarding the various classifications of each precept. No doubt if we delve deep very minutely the number of these classifications will be so high that a laymans mind will be incapable of remembering them. Hence keeping in mind our present circumstances and requirements they have been classified into 14 precepts based on their social applications. This number is certainly not that less that it is difficult to include all the streams of life within its realm and nor is this number very high which could confuse the common mans psyche. Like the 14 jewels of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean in Indian Mythology called Puranas) the eternal principles of human religion/duty have been classified as the following 14 precepts:

1) theism 2) spirituality 3) religiosity 4) progressiveness 5) self control 6) unity 7) looking upon the world as one peaceful family 8) socialism 9) sacredness 10) punctuality 11) integrity 12) discrimination between right and wrong 13) attaining the spiritual goal 14) radiant skills. In this manner when man imbibes these 14 jewels of ethics true religiosity will bloom in his psyche/soul. Human transformation and social progress will be attained only when these are truly imbibed in great measure.

Now let us study all these individually and in a systematic manner:

1) THEISM: The very spine of human ethics and values is faith in Gods existence. Faith in the fruits of ones deeds, ethics and imbibing discipline is possible only when we are very sure of an omnipotent power controlling this cosmos. Faith that God does exist helps man refrain from sinning and in its place inspires him to walk on the path of integrity. This is that golden fetter which can induce man to imbibe greatness at all times. True socialism and apt management of society can proliferate only when ethics and discipline rule the roost and that we harbor unshaken faith in them. When we lack this faith unruliness and crime breed like deadly mosquitoes. This in turn not only mars the institution called a family but that tension and chaos enter our society in a big way. Hence faith in the existence of a subtle divine and all powerful principle (God) helps ward off illegal and criminal activities in mankinds life.

2) SPIRITUALITY: Uninterrupted faith in our fundamental existence and faith in its omnipotent nature is that substratum which throws wide open all doors of progress. This self belief makes his will power strong and in turn inspires him to give up his limited ego I and instead merge it into the cosmic soul (God). If we insist only calling this illusory I pure and powerful like God know for sure that the fetters of such narrow mindedness will become unbearably painful. On the other hand when we imbibe discipline, gentlemanliness, cleanliness, oneness of soul with others, great character and generosity in our day to day life our soul expands so as to encompass the entire world in its very existence. The 3 fold endeavor of self transformation, self advancement and self creation rule the roost. Man transcends the binding clutches of greed, avarice, desires etc and instead uses his soul potential for world welfare activities. Such sacred sentiments make an individual great and thus world glory becomes a foregone conclusion.

3) RELIGIOSITY: True religiosity means adhering to ones righteous duties. One must be devoted not only to ones family but ethics and social well being. Being responsible oneself and not trespassing on the rights of others is true religiosity. God has given every human being certain powers. Know for sure that these are not meant for eat, drink and be merry way of life. Instead this God given potential must be used for ones own advancement and that of society in a befitting manner. Mans one and ultimate goal of life should be lading a life of ideals and principles and hence in this manner like a cog in the wheel contribute towards a radiant future of this world. The underlying goal of religiosity is certainly not to bind man in the fetters of obsolete traditions and beliefs. Instead that righteous duty should be executed by every world individual, which will help manifest true well being of the entire world.

4) PROGRESSIVENESS: Today we give importance to keeping our body fit and healthy and eking out a handsome salary. What we fail to realize is that equal importance should be given to purifying our intellect, experience and viewpoint. In fact true human progress is synonymous with soul progress. For this self reflection and self introspection are most required. When we deeply understand the true goal of human life we slowly get weaned away from selfish attainments and instead our psyche starts thinking of world well being and peace. The more our soul expands so as to merge into the cosmic soul (called God by laymen) means that we are marching ahead on the path of true advancement/progress. When our soul becomes expansive we start experiencing the sacred bliss of being one with other beings. It is this sense of oneness of soul that can help world beings live united in a peaceful manner.

5) SELF CONTROL: It is only via self control that we can render our body and mind healthy and balanced. Misuse of our sense organs leads to diseases and mental stress. If we refuse to observe the rules of healthy eating and resting our life force gets depleted quickly. To protect our health it is important to observe Brahmacharya (sexual continence). The body becomes ill because of misuse of the 5 senses and mind becomes diseases because of unwholesome thinking. Mental promiscuousness is even more deadly than bodily illnesses. Hence always urge your psyche to think positively and in a sacred manner. Along with the body and mind one should have immense self control regarding ones wealth too. If we succeed in desirably controlling our body, mind and wealth we will become strong, great thinkers and prosperous both materially and spiritually.

6) UNITY: Success in any form is totally dependent on our mental equipoise and balance. A mental state wherein man remains calm and serene under all circumstances is most required today. Never despair when dire situations glare at us and instead always think positively. Such a mind is extremely well balanced and healthy. With due diligence and practice anyone can develop this inner state of serenity. All the great tasks executed in world history and all great leaders and thinkers of the world definitely possessed such a focused and sacred psyche. By taking recourse to it one can march ahead in any chosen field of life with honor.

7) WORLD AS ONE FAMILY: The chain that binds an individual to society is the institution called a family. Society is nothing but a congregation of many small units called families. No doubt efforts are required to induce progress in every family and make every member cultured and great in character. despite this one should not limit progress to this tiny unit and instead we must widen our mental horizon so as to encompass the entire world as our family. The Vedas say UDAAR CHARITAANAAM TU VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM meaning one imbued with great character looks upon the entire world as his/her family. Thus our sentiments towards our family should wax like the moon in such a way that the entire world becomes our beloved family. We must use our bodily and mental potential for the advancement of the entire world. Such cog in the wheel like contributions to the world will definitely herald a heavenly atmosphere on earth on an eternal basis.

8) SOCIALISM: Man obtains wealth and comforts from society so as to lead a prosperous life. Hence it now becomes his duty to contribute humbly to societys progress and peace. It is ethical duty to look after societys well being and is as important as his duty towards his family and relatives. Society can be well managed and made prosperous only if every world denizen observes his duty towards his family and the entire society in an ethical and honest manner. We must behave with others exactly in the way we desire other to behave with us (if we do not like abuses from others stop abusing others your self). Only on the basis of this test that principles of ethics and social duties will proliferate infinitely. Further it is as important to weed out tainted traditions, criminal leanings and blind beliefs from their roots when compared to imbibing ethical living. World society will attain glory and grandeur only when every individual imbibes discipline, wholesome behavior, sense of world brotherhood and sacred duty to society on a day to day basis.

9) SACREDNESS AND PURITY: Sacredness is a shining ornament of mans character. Brilliance in various fields (art, music, industry, media etc) can be given due respect only when it encompasses humility gentlemanliness while dealing with others. It also means giving due respect to those who deserve it and never falling into the trap of vanity and arrogance. Maintaining decorum as far as ones mode of dressing, body and other accessories used to falls under its jurisdiction. Shabby or very gaudy clothes and ill kept objects give a very bad impression to others. Hence opt for a simple dressing style which adds to your inner aura. Our first impressions of other people commence with their general appearance and their way of dressing. Moreover if the objects used by us are well maintained (watch, cell phone, car etc) it shows that our minds too are focused and disciplined. Our external life should be well managed and inner life full of gentlemanliness. This is the goal of good behavior.

10)PUNCTUALITY: The substratum of all types of wholesome success in life is proper time management and balanced hard work. The path of progress is laid down when we regularly execute our daily routine and work hard optimally. Every action, be it minute or great in importance should be dealt with in an equally focused manner and thus success will knock on your door without fail. Every action done with due concentration shows the diligence of its doer. Wasting precious time is equivalent to wasting our precious human life. Those who truly understand the true importance of a human life make optimum use of time in their hands. Apart from family responsibilities time and ones efforts should definitely be utilized for contributing to social welfare.

11)INTEGRITY: Man is said to be ethical when he is transparent and honest as far as wealth generation and its expenditure is concerned and that he responsibly enacts all his duties. In material life only those prosper who are full of integrity and responsibility. Professionally too only they succeed who are ethical and full of transparency in all their transactions. They respect accountability and commitment in their various professions. There is a demand for candidates who responsibly and with commitment execute jobs assigned to them. Even society honors and reveres them. In turn society always stands by their side in a cooperative manner. Not only should our wealth creation be ethical but that a part of it must be used for social welfare. One must keep ones expenses minimum and whatever remains must be used for world well being. Such pious sentiments of world welfare zooms mankind to the peaks of human glory.

12)SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG: It is an enlightened discriminative intellect that can tell us what is right and what is not. There prevail today innumerable blind beliefs, lack luster traditions and blind practices which when tested prove to be totally useless. And yet because they have prevailed over a very long time span it is difficult for people to give them up. Hence it is only the light of discrimination that can give man the necessary strength to renounce them in totality. It helps man overcome narrow minded thinking and instead works selflessly for world peace and prosperity. Many blind beliefs like death feasts, animal sacrifice, dowry system, ghost mediums, sorcery, astrology for material pursuits, leaving everything to fate etc have made our society weak and demeaned. And yet because vested interests label them as ancient traditions no one has the valor to give them up. Thus the only way to uproot them is generating necessary daring for this via an enlightened discrimination.

13)ATTAINING THE SPIRITUAL GOAL: Spiritual goals are attained when we use our time, effort, wealth, skills and capabilities for rooting out sorrow and downfall of society. The more one contributes their potential for this cause the more one will progress on the path of spirituality. The goal of devotion, meditation and penance is to manifest this spiritual viewpoint in our psyche/soul. When a compassionate heart helps those in need it experiences untold divine bliss which is not equivalent to even all material joy of the world put together.

14)RADIANT SKILLS: When there is a lack of radiant skills other qualities of ones psyche lose their utility sheen and importance too. Man can swim in the infinite ocean of glory only if he deeply imbibes gentlemanliness, humility, generosity, sense of service (Seva Bhava) and fearlessness. A weak minded individual may be a gentleman and yet he never has the daring to oppose undesirable trends in society. It is because of this that he fails to help benefit the world at large with his generous and wholesome character. Even minor hiccups in life make him tensed and thus out of fear bows down to unruly and illegal elements. Thus simply because he lacks daring all his other wholesome qualities become pale and useless. A point to note is that at any given point in time the number of dictators, autocrats and criminals has been in the minority and yet because they are fearless (in a demonic way) they achieve their unethical goals. Hence it is most required that along with other sacred qualities a spiritual seeker must develop wholesome enterprise, daring and valor.

The above 14 precepts if imbibed by every layman will definitely reap dividends of greatness of character and they are accepted by all religions the world over. We can say that they are universal, meant for every world individual and is suitable for all times. Despite the disparity of time, place and individual personalities everyone can follow the above 14 precepts for material and spiritual prosperity (barring those very few exceptions of a rare kind).



Mans physical body is made up of 5 elements (air, water, wind, fire, earth, space) and the 5 Pranas (Vital Forces). The body has been created from the elements and the mind from the Vital Force. When 2 streams of negative and positive unite electricity manifests, 2 wheels of a cart helps it to move similarly lifes wheel too marches ahead. The contribution of both is amazing. The more one dives deep into the visible and invisible designing of the physical body the more its mysterious nature emerges in a wondrous manner. When one understands the anatomy and functions of the organs of actions and the organs of knowledge it becomes clear that the designing of inert objects is such that it can function in such a varied manner and that so many new materials can be created from them. When we study the cells, nerves, glands, hormones, DNA etc it seems as though we are transported into a mysterious world. The amazing way in which the heart, plexus, glands etc function, it appears that a very skillful engineer has designed this human body akin to a vault of visible and invisible potentials of nature. This skillful engineer (God in laymans parlance) has thus put in all his brilliance so as to make this creation outstanding. To the superficial eye it appears as though the human body is merely fulfilling the needs of ones existence in this world. despite this if the human body along with the psyche is mastered via spiritual practices such amazing feats can be executed that man will be called a storehouse of infinite divine energy. If one studies the amazing acts of great men of world history from all walks of life, it becomes clear that their seemingly tiny physical frames were vaults of infinite power. The only problem regarding this is that although every human being without exception possesses this vault of power, it lies in an inactive or latent state. When via mental focus and a taintless character this latent state is made active this vault manifests untold and unlimited Divine Power. It is like a seed germinating in fertile soil and actually manifesting a gigantic tree which till now was latent in a seed.

Thus far we spoke of the physical body made up of the 5 elements. After studying the form and functional aspects of consciousness made up of the 5 Vital Forces or Pranas one understands that it is consciousness that directs our physical movements and controls it aptly. The body is akin to a car and our consciousness is its driver or chauffer. When we see inert materials perform activities akin to consciousness we perforce have to conclude that no doubt from the designing and functional point of view the physical body may appear outstanding yet know for sure that it is totally under the control and jurisdiction of consciousness. If even a minor glitch is seen in this controlling entity the physical body pays the price of this flaw (Psycho-somatic). The body of an insane and mentally challenged is like that of any normal person but because the contact point between consciousness and the material body is flawed their lives are full of chaos and problems. Not only this but that if this contact point breaks, the physical body perishes.

The stature, form and functional aspects of inert nature (Prakriti) and conscious flow (Chetana) differ a great deal. Despite this when these conjoin a stupendous third power manifests. When 2 chemicals combine a new compound emerges and its characteristic and form differs from the former. This law is well accepted by all scholars of Chemistry. Similarly the admixture of inert matter and consciousness amazes one and all with its extraordinary nature.

By itself consciousness functions in every particle of our body and yet it is centered or focused in the strong fort called the brain. The biochemical materials and accessories of the brain are quite similar to the other bodily parts and yet it is unique in the sense that it harbors vital electricity movements. The brain designing or anatomy is so amazing that these electrical flows give it extraordinary benefits of various kinds. The brain region can be said to be a miraculous vault. A magician displays magical objects from his magic trunk and it totally confounds the ordinary mans intellect. So too if we wish to visualize the magic of the creator (God) we must minutely study the outpourings of the magical human brain every moment of our lives. We can hence surely conclude that in this worldly realm lies an out of the world extraordinary center called the human brain.

At an ordinary level, the brain guides our bodily activities for the smooth functioning of our social, professional life. The consciousness of all creatures functions within this limited periphery. Thus a very tiny portion of the brains unlimited vault of potential is utilized for our mundane day to day activities. So all this is regarding our mundane lives. In comparison to this, extraordinary is that wherein its potential is infinitely more than that of our worldly limited living. It is gigantic from the standpoint of space and stature too. It becomes clear that anyone who taps this potential can become truly powerful in a wholesome manner. When this infinite potential is not used it stays in a latent and unconscious like state. In the deep recesses of Mother Nature or Prakriti lie an infinite storehouse of visible and invisible powers and it is also present in the human body albeit in a seed state. Similarly all those special divine qualities present in cosmic consciousness are present in a subtly latent state in the psyche/soul of a living being. The center or HQ of a living being is the tough fort like brain. If the brain anatomy and functions are studied minutely it becomes evident it being a union of inertness and consciousness emits amazing energy flows uninterruptedly. Even if one analyzes the very tiny portion of the brain potential utilized by laymen it becomes clear that in comparison to its might even the most powerful computer of the world would pale significantly. Hence what to say of its unlimited latent potential that lies unused as of now? Know for sure even a very seemingly ordinary intellect can be made extraordinary simply by awakening the brains infinite albeit latent potency.

Ahead of this is the talk of the extraordinary. With the help of the brain center highly intelligent people have performed such marvelous fields that they have been called great historical icons, crest jewels and extremely revered. Via these great acts not only were they themselves glorified but that infinite others benefited too. The gigantic attainments of great writers, authors, artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, Rishis, Yogis, saints, Sidhas and Avatars from every nook and corner of the globe were solely due to the manifestation of infinite divine potential manifesting in their intellect and psyche.

Even in the material arena many individuals the world over are seen imbued with brilliant skills and credentials. These extraordinary tasks executed by them are nothing but the manifestation of their radiant and sharp intellect. Bodily one can be strong, wrestler like, disease free, have a long life and be hard working and yet all these have limitations. In comparison to this the intellect harbors unlimited potential. The more this latent potential is activated the more ones achievements are called miraculous (Shri Aurobindo Ghosh a great seer sage of India said: Logic in the infinite is magic in the finite. Infinite means consciousness and finite means material world). Highly respected scientists of Psychology opine that a mere 7% of the brains potential has been studied and made use of so far. The remaining 93% is in a latent and sleep like state. Thus the more anyone who taps this remnant potential by activating it the more one can achieve mind boggling results.

Mother Nature by itself is chaotic. Since matter lacks intelligence it lies inert and unkempt. Atomic and wave flows have both power and movement but because of lack of intelligence it cannot manage things optimally, radiate beauty or create materials. This fact can be easily digested by journeying in jungle and desert areas. The state of other planets, galaxies too is chaotic. Since they lack creatures with intelligence (like human beings) their atmosphere is inert and gloomy. Bang opposite to this, humans on our planet Earth with their intellectual prowess has maintained it so exotically that like the wish fulfilling cow it radiates grandeur and material comforts. Man unearths precious ores from mines, digs earth for oil and taps UV rays, Gamma rays etc too. How does he do so? The answer is with his sharp and brilliant intellect. Scientific attainments have invented a mountain full of material comforts and within a couple of centuries human lifestyle has changed dramatically. How was this possible? The answer is one: The miracle of human intellectual brilliance. It was mans intellect that took recourse to ethics, philosophy, religion, spirituality, socialism, rule of law, government and discipline so as to create civilizations and cultures. Ere the weak brain of Adam Age men had persisted today man would have remained beast like. Instead today man has become a crest jewel amongst all creatures via attainments in the arenas of agriculture, animal husbandry, gardening, sculpture, business, education, medicine, automobiles, telecommunication, literature, physics etc. And all this has been achieved via his superb brain potential which is like a Kalpvriksha or a Wish Fulfilling Tree. In fact some opine that God and heaven are a creation of the human brain. Their logic is that whatever existed in creation must be made available equally for everyone. Other creatures neither know about God, heaven, religion nor do they believe that they actually exist. It is only man who is related to these. The question asked is whether one should call it Gods grace or the brilliance of the human intellect? No doubt this is a billion dollar question since it is very difficult to answer it.

Whatever the case maybe from these facts it is clear that is that the intellectual skills are not only not less mighty than material prowess but in fact exceeds it by leaps and bounds. The air plane maybe hi tech and exotic yet in comparison to it the pilots skills are much more important. We do accept the importance of Mother Natures grandeur in the form of the earth, sky, sun, sea, wind etc but the fact remains that it is the human brain that has unearthed its utility value and thus bestowed them with the label of preciousness. The state of other planets, stars etc is witness to the fact that due the absence of intelligence they lie in darkness and gloom. Even if potentially their grandeur may exceed a great deal when compared to our planet but because Earth possesses an invaluable human intellect this grandeur has actually been unearthed and made use of optimally by earth denizens.

Today in an individuals life we see qualities of goodness, sensitivity, goodwill, politeness, etiquette, progressiveness, aspirations, labor etc. From the bodily and material comforts standpoint he is reaching higher and higher pinnacles so as to radiate our planets glory. If this were not the case world humanity would yet appear like his Adam Age ancestors in a naked and animalistic manner. Unkempt hair would have rendered both males and females ugly. Hair that is allowed to grow naturally makes men especially not only hideous looking but ferocious too. It is only when hair beauty techniques intervened that this very jungle like hair growth was curbed and instead converted into a means of adding to ones physical beauty and handsomeness. The mould of a human beings family is quite different from that of families of other creatures. Right from the process of building a house to rearing a family is not as per natures direction but is a direct result of the skills of the human intellect.

If we study any field of life the human intellects supremacy is at work in a virtually miraculous fashion. We all are aware of the priceless nature of human intellectual skills. Hence whether you take into account schools, colleges or universities or for that matter sermons, discourses or lectures the prime goal is to sharpen and augment ones intellectual capabilities. The press, radio, television and other media avenues are also involved in this very endeavor. Right from traveling to examinations, competitions etc the idea is to nourish ones intellectual capacity. Hence the fact remains that in comparison to a brilliant intellect the value of all earths material wealth put together pales significantly. A wealthy person who is weak brained cannot execute that yeomen service to society performed by a well to do individual with sharp intellectual skills. It is a farsighted discerning intellect that solves contemporary problems and mould present situations that ultimately herald a very radiant future for the entire world. In Spiritual Sciences the symbol or representative of Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect is said to be super Mantra Gayatri. When divine wisdom gets established in the human psyche it is guaranteed that peace and prosperity will be ours for keeps.

After rendering the social aspects of the psychic center advanced and progressive how was it possible to help the individual and entire world progress greatly? All this has been discussed in the above lines. It is but the great feat of the 7% intellectual prowess used by mankind. Ahead of this 7% lie deeper layers of the human psyche which lie unused and hence remain latent and sleep like. It constitutes 93% of the total intellectual capacity. It means that it is 14 times more than what is actually used by us all in our day to day lives. This is the measure of its form and widespread nature. From the standpoint of its stature its measure need not be only 14 times but could be 1400 times simply because all the high leveled principles exist in this untapped 93% intellectual arena. Laymen tap only that much, which help them garner material comforts and sense pleasures. It is only when the stature of our consciousness rises upwards that we eye the peak of greatness and we then realize that it is important to radiate ones inner potentials. Say how many people the world over who actually appreciate its utility and amongst these how many actually aspire for it? Since our childish mentality pervades almost everywhere our intellect too is used in hoarding toys called wealth and material comforts (TV, house, computer, cell phone etc). Hence from the standpoint of brain advancement our psyche too moves in this very limited periphery. Assuming that ones aspirations intensify a bit more we work hard so as to enter the Forbes list of billionaires, the Guinness Book of Records etc. No doubt aspiring for this is slightly higher in grade when compared to just eat, drink and be merry lifestyle but even here it is only a minor upgrading of the social aspect of our psyche that does the needful. So what we are trying to say is that even such intense aspirations cannot help us enter those deeper layers of the psyche which have been contacted by spiritual seers, farsighted men, great world thinkers, Yogis etc. The latter come under the category of Sidhas, Rishis and incarnations of God (Avatar).

Spiritual Science in its pristine pure state is transformation of the psyche. Within its realm the subtle intellect dives deep into the recesses of the mind and it is radiated and made more advanced spiritually. The psyche is the arena of aspirations, faith and sensitivity. The intellect possesses the quality of farsightedness and the capacity to cogitate and reflect. The mind keeps imagining and induces the psyche to dance to its tune of pursuing worldly goals. All these 3 put together forms our inner personality at the mental level. Modern Psychology and Psychiatry has classified these 3 in a different manner. The intellect used for worldly pursuits is called conscious mind, habits lying in seed form are called unconscious mind and aspiring for greatness is called super consciousness. There are differences even regarding this classification and hence other forms of it too prevail. While discussing this it is sufficient to say that the mind principle akin to ancient times is now believed to be an intense form of energy. Between the time span of ancient eras and todays modern era the mental principle was virtually lying unheeded and instead mere superficial acts, rites and rituals were erringly thought to be the be all and end all of religion and spirituality. In that Dark Age both education and true culture lay dormant and supine. Bodily might that generated terror and wealth that titillated the senses ruled the roost. But now in this Modern Era farsightedness is on the rise which makes people accept that if truly the individuals and entire worlds future is to be brightened mans consciousness must imbibe sacred culture and that his/her very viewpoint and thinking needs to transform into a focused and taintless state. Thus augmenting the stature of mans thinking involves purification of the psyche, thought revolution programs and manifestation of a divine intellect (Ritambhara Prajna) in the inner personality of every world human being. From a gross standpoint it seems a to be a program of social reform but a deeper study of it tells us that is the blooming of greatness inducing principles in the arena of world psyche.

Apt management of all aspects of human life is possible only if greatness oozes from every pore of our sentiments and thinking process. Overcoming of obstacles in present situations and replacing them with wholesome ones will be achieved only if world thinking and hence psyche is rendered sacred. In its fundamental form it is a topic of study under the subject of Psychology. Maybe that in order to attain this goal, solutions could be of any stature. Transformation can be brought about on the basis of punishments/penalty or via spiritual values imbibed by people or an admixture of both. All this is dependent on the thinking capacity of the concerned authority and prevailing contemporary circumstances. But if one dives deeper in this realm it becomes crystal clear that all this is a play of Psychology and hence very much comes under its jurisdiction. Transformation and reformation is but that of the direction of ones thinking process. This is the underlying principle of ERA TRANSFORMATION. Thus the focal point of Neo Creation will be those endeavors that are rooted in transformation of the mental principle. Thus know for sure that mans advancement or downfall is a direct function of this focal point.

Within the realm of Yoga practices the advancement of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is thought to be a very important aspect. It attracts curiosity from all quarters. Such exhibitionists become focuses of attraction everywhere. When such extraordinary powers are exhibited it is but natural that they are labeled miracles by all and sundry. It is another matter that such exhibitionism is virtually useless in the ultimate analysis. Magicians the world over are seen to exhibit many miracles. And yet it certainly does not add to ones knowledge potential nor is it of any important use. Despite this people love watching magical shows. The stature of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is much higher than such magical display. It is no doubt very easy to influence immature minds with such miracles and thus virtually hypnotize such laymen to do anything and everything. With the result so many people in every nook and corner of the world madly run after such Sidhis or Yogic powers. But know for sure that the stature of such aspirants has always been counted as extremely low by the true seers of spirituality. Although majority of spiritual seekers chase these illusory Sidhis yet one fact stands out wherein it is clear that in the deep recesses of the human psyche lie extraordinary powers. Since these powers lie latent they can be said to be unconscious. If only they are awakened and hence made apt use of it is most definite that such a person with such an advanced psyche will prove to powerful in an all round manner. Further if such extraordinary powers are used for specific purposes that are great in stature not only such individuals benefit but that world society would prosper both materially and spiritually by leaps and bounds. Thus ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is no less important than activities carried out with the help of the power of our 5 sense organs. If only this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is awakened and made wholesome use of (certainly not for exhibitionism which ultimately ruins such aspirants both materially and spiritually) one can attain much more progress than that witnessed today by modern material science.

Today in every direction of progress there is a mad onrush. Brilliant people are ceaselessly on the look out of new founts and avenues of energy. Researchers work very hard in their expensive laboratories for this goal. And yet we must focus on research pertaining to the deep layers of the human psyche. If we study ancient texts there are many examples of seers who with the help of their awakened ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) performed feats which were previously thought impossible to execute. Every page of mythology and other religious texts are proof of the fact that man possesses these divine potentials albeit in a latent state. Apart from this there are so many authentic details given by world history literature wherein we can accept wholeheartedly than in comparison to the potential used by an ordinary layman for day to day mundane activities the latent divine potential in the deep layers of his psyche is infinitely greater in measure. What is true for one human being must be true for others. Even if we ignore mythology and world history, today too we find so many brilliant people the world over, who either accidentally or with necessary efforts awakened their otherwise latent ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). Thus they dispel all doubts regarding whether the deep recesses of our psyche harbor extraordinary powers or not.

If with required perseverance natures mysterious powers/energy can be unearthed and aptly made use of there is no reason to disbelieve that man cannot discover ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) in his/her psyche and make use of it wholesomely so as to elevate his/her stature and transform his/her future in an absolute manner. We all know how certain scientific inventions and discoveries have revolutionized world circumstances in a mind boggling manner. Today discovery of fire, use of currency, electricity generation and inventing alphabets of various languages may appear very ordinary but imagine how revolutionary it must have appeared years ago when they were first unearthed? These scientific achievements have played a great role in transforming an animal like man of ancient eras into a cultured and civilized human being of the 21 st century. And yet all this is meager if one compares it to the awakening of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). There are quite a few material means that are extremely important and yet they pale miserably in front of an individuals soul potential. If only man attains ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) of an extraordinary stature he can become infinitely more powerful than what he is today. With such attainments an entirely new chapter will open that will lead to a one way upward progress of all world beings.

It is important to note that ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is not a boon or gift bestowed on a devotee by gods and goddesses. In fact it is firmly embedded in the deep cave of every human beings psyche. If this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is not awakened and made apt use of it will lie inactive and latent. This precept is applicable equally to both animate and inanimate objects. Ere this inner latent power is discovered and made use of wholesomely even today in the 21 st century we can very well execute those very divine feats mentioned in ancient literature. Ancient Indians were looked upon as divine beings and hence were honored and revered everywhere. No doubt the reason behind this was their inner qualities, activities and character and yet what stood out was their will power of a very high stature. The latter augments ones skills and radiates our psyche greatly. Today man desperately yearns to augment his material status in society so as to become powerful. Hence even such people must search for this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) within their soul, awaken it and make wholesome use of it not only for their prosperity but that of the entire world.

The designing of the functional arena of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is related to material designing. Ahead of this is the arena of consciousness and spirituality. Its extraordinary form is n-fold more supreme than that of RIdhi-Sidhis or Yogic Powers. Sidhis manifest via materials, bodily activities and a strong will power. This entire area lies within the periphery of Prakriti or material nature. Even though Ridhi-Sidhis are looked at with great awe yet they are but a part of the power of the material world and material success. The sense organs are gross. Its potency is called sense power. Its subtle layers are extrasensory in nature. Divine sounds and divine visions are but the subtle powers (Tanmatra) of the ear sense organ and the eye sense organ. The union of consciousness and material nature is the brain and its intelligence potential. The gross manifestations of the brain potential are called intelligence and brilliant skill and their subtle layers give us a glimpse of its extrasensory nature.

Consciousness even greater arena is the psyche or Antahkarana. Psyche encompasses our faith, aspirations and sensitivity. In reality this constitutes our true personality. Its inspiration perforce induces the brain to reflect and body to act accordingly. It is the chauffer of a car who decides the speed of his cars journey and the direction in which to proceed. In the same way our psyche our psyche puts forth arguments in favor of fulfilling its desires and hence finds necessary ways in doing so. The physical body is the servant of its master viz. the mind. Despite experiencing discomfort the body must act as per the psyches commands. Sometimes the body may protest but ultimately it dare not disobey its masters (psyche) orders. Those bodily and mental activities that function as per the psyches commands are called ones personality and stature of ones endeavor. Man is measured according to the level of this stature. This is the axis on which mans advancement-downfall, honor-dishonor and victory-defeat rests. Ones special nature is definitely conjoined to this.

The psyche of glorious and revered human beings the world over is seen to be magnanimous and of a very high stature. The vibrations that bloom forth from their sacred aspirations evolve their viewpoint in a very wholesome manner and thus their actual activities too reflect this greatness. Thus a psyche exuding greatness makes man too great and revered in society. It is simply because the psyche of Rishis, philosophers and prophets of yore oozed with superior characteristics that they despite being ordinary human beings from the material standpoint were extraordinary from the standpoint of their high spiritual stature. With these supreme qualities they could influence the entire world and hence themselves attained reverence from all corners.

Per se the psyche is made up of psychic imprints (Sanskaras) collected from innumerous lifetimes or incarnations in the past. Hence it does not give us permission to change it with relative speed and ease. Despite this spiritual efforts encompass those foundation stones that can dig out and transform the psyche. Yoga practices and austerities have many advanced and basic methods. With the help of both these the potency of the body and brilliance of the intellect can be augmented greatly. Apart from this, with the help of high leveled spiritual practices (Sadhana) it is possible to totally transform the psyche from its very roots. Only those who succeed in doing this are truly revered as great personalities the world over. Of course it just does not matter even if they undergo many trying situations full of obstacles.

Amongst the most discussed supreme attainments of Spiritual Science is heavenly liberation, divine bliss of the soul, Ridhi-Sidhis and so on and so forth. Descriptions are available wherein successful people in this realm attain divine boons and Gods grace. With its help many obstacles in life are overcome and a chance to uplift oneself and others comes ones way. Their terrific potentials play a major role in solving dire contemporary world problems. In order to attain this supreme stature taints that have gathered from past innumerable life times need to be uprooted and instead sacred qualities must be imbibed in full measure. It is for this very reason that Yoga practices and austerities need to be executed. This in turn helps us attain those goals which a spiritual seeker targets. These spiritual goals attained have been described by scriptural scholars in a very attractive and decorative language. For a mental state derived from a transformed and purified viewpoint the world appears full of beauty, gentlemanliness, magnanimity and a sense of goodwill. The more one absorbs these qualities know for sure the portals of heaven will open any moment. One must not wait for death under the illusion that it will surely liberate us so as to attain Moksha. It is imperative to understand that true heaven is soul fulfillment and a joyous give and take with other beings as a result of a sacredly transformed viewpoint. Such a successful person eternally tastes the ocean of divine bliss in his/her soul. Salvation is that state wherein one never hesitates for even a micro second in renouncing tainted allurements, pressures of various kinds and decisions. Material bondage to put it in a nutshell is inner taints and unwholesome mental leanings. When one shows the required valor of uprooting this negativity and imbibing nothing but greatness is called Moksha or salvation. A person realizes he/she is none other than the Almighty God when the bondage of lowliness is cut asunder and in its place true greatness is reinstated. A student of Vedanta Philosophy accepts this reality and ultimately experiences bliss of God. Thus it prompts him/her to say Shivoham or I am Shiva and Muktoham or I am liberated.

Know for sure that a purified and sacred soul itself is God. It is within this context that we find terms like Super Man and Super Mind. This verily is the dawn of divinity in the psyche. Boons from gods and goddesses are nothing but manifestations great attainments of our purified soul. In the external world those who witness this say it is a boon of a divine authority. The branches, leaves, flowers etc of a tree are but the manifestation of roots lying invisible underneath the ground. Only immature people will say they are a boon given by the sky. When the human psyche becomes inseparably one with greatness it experiences the divine bliss of God. If the true form, goal and apt use of the soul get firmly reinstated in the psyches aspiration arena, verily the veil of illusion or Maya or spiritual ignorance will be cut asunder. Thus Self/God Realization will dawn in the seekers soul. Self surrender means deeply adhering to Gods disciplining. True self surrender easily helps one realize God. It means that just as a piece iron put in a blazing fire becomes one with fire so too the individual soul must merge with God or the cosmic soul. This then is true God realization. It is also called God Vision (Darshan) and Self Realization. It goes without saying that wherever the influence and actions of a sanctified consciousness conjoin there one experiences a torrent of Ridhi-Sidhis. This is said to be the true goal of a human beings life. It is called attainment of self fulfillment.

How can the microcosm (individual)/macrocosm (the world) and external/internal situations be uplifted from a mediocre state into that of a highly advanced one? The answer is one and that is purification of ones consciousness in a hallowed manner. It is called Ojas at the body level, Tejas at the mental level and Varchas at the soul level. True understanding of our psychic potency can be had from Divine Wisdom or Brahmavidya and by utilizing it or great tasks heavenly attainments come our way via spiritual practices. In this manner the psyche can be said to be the Lord of Earth. Its miracles can make this entire world magical.



Everyone executes actions via the body and thinking via their mind. If both remain inactive they start degenerating and can lose their very existence. The level or stature of our actions and thinking is directly the function of the means of daily living procured by us from our incomes. Farsighted people not only look after both these but try and make them more advanced. As a result their stature is much higher than the ordinary man on the streets. Those who follow natures law of healthy eating and sleeping habits generally lead a diseased free long life. A student aspiring to become skillful and scholarly studies hard on a regular basis and this intellectual proficiency helps him earn wealth and grandeur. Thus ordinarily this is the periphery within which our bodies and minds are nourished and nurtured.

Even after using our potential for our worldly living what remains is gigantic to put it mildly. If only all the aspects of the soul center is given due importance, if special efforts are made to manifest and use them for great tasks man can become the master of such attainments which are infinitely more glorious than all the wealth and grandeur of this external world put together.

When in all directions there is frenzied onrush to unearth the unknown and attain that which has eluded us so far why should we not make even greater efforts in unveiling and bloom the external and internal layers of the soul center? Under the subjects of Psychology and Para Psychology some research work has commenced within the realm of mans psyche. Some very encouraging results have come their way and many conclusions of very good utility value too have been put forth. Despite all this a basic lack can be noticed wherein their research has been limited within the narrow periphery of the anatomical and functional aspect of the human brain. For material science material objects are the ultimate units of this world. Hence these revered scientists unfortunately limit their experiments to unearthing and analyzing the functions of brain cells. With the result they ignore and fail to enter the portals of that field of research which helps us understand the true form of consciousness along with discerning its potential to execute gigantic feats.

The body remains alive with the help of means related to eating and resting. The brain is incited by our aspirations and beliefs. In a laymans life hunger, desires, ego, self protection etc rein over the mind. But the matter does not end here. Beliefs, aspirations and sentiments are independent in the sense it is not influenced by bodily needs and is quite unrelated to the anatomy of brain cells. And yet its potency is so intense that it has the power to turn topsy-turvy our very soul center. In fact many a time we actually see how it can capsize the boat of an ordinary but much needed flow. The bodily requirement of satisfying hunger and thirst is not conjoined to our desperation. This is because our intense faith conjoined to fasts and religious vows (Vratas) can certainly ward of hunger-thirst for a certain time span. Psychologists opine that sexual passion is a material/worldly requirement but even they cannot overlook the great attainments of Brahmacharya (sexual continence for a higher goal). The vow of Brahmacharya not only masters the actual abstinence of the sexual act but that ones previous mediocre thinking is taken to high peaks of greatness. No doubt it is but natural that try to we save ourselves during dire situations and yet many valiant men the world over have given up their bodies with a serene smile on their face. No doubt every bodily part yearns for material comforts and yet great Yogis, saints, sages etc who perform intense austerities do so not only voluntarily but with divine joy writ large over their countenance.

Many material psychological conclusions create speed breakers because according to them it is only the mind and bodys anatomy influence mans thinking. According to them thought flow exists solely to fulfill mans needs. If this were to be the absolute truth why do great men endure hardships for great tasks and why do they share their attainments with the entire world? Material Psychologys principles maybe full of logic and facts but know for sure that they are one sided and not all encompassing. This is because the second aspect of Psychology is no less important. It says that sentiments influence our body a great deal and that not only do they control the body but right from practice to creation it is responsible for creating its new mould. Thus a prolific transformation takes place which can be called the miracle of an upward pressure. No doubt needs and habits influence the brain and pressurize it to create desired situations. Despite this the sentimental aspect is not that weak wherein we can ignore it totally. In fact the bare reality is this that our sensitive and sentimental nature is extremely influential. Material Psychology says that the mental make up, mode of action and habits gathered from many past lives pressurize our beliefs which in turn influence our day to day life intensely. Thus comes in the concept of sheer destiny and makes one its dependent. In a certain sense ones basic independence is totally lost because is one is to remain a slave of mental desire based activities why make undue effort of imbibing great thinking and a glorious character? Activities are predominantly animalistic in nature. Assuming that destiny via the medium of ones mindset decides lewdness in mans desires, criminal leanings or an attacking action for self preservation and anger manifested by the ego man will perforce have to live like a beast. Such negation based principles will definitely hurl man towards a painful downfall.

The spiritual aspect of Psychology has analyzed the psyche on the second basis. It proclaims that the substratum of the soul abounds in greatness but while living a worldly life undesirable activities leave their tainted imprints so as to veil the soul/psyche. Since there is total absence of regular sanctification of the soul tainted desires rule over the psyche and hence the body too acts unwholesomely. This is an unnatural and undesirable state. It can be rectified via scriptural studies, self introspection, associating with realized saints, meditation on the cosmic soul (God) and other modes of mental purification. In this manner our consciousness can regain its lost glory which is its natural state. Apart from this the second proclamation of the spiritual aspect is that the human bodily consciousness harbors within it those seeds of greatness and potency present in Almighty Lord. These seeds can sprout fully into supreme power with the help of various spiritual practices (Sadhana). In this manner consciousness advances more and more so as to ultimately reach the stature of great man, Rishis, gods, Avatars etc.

It is only the material aspect of psychological analysis that is being taught in educational institutes of great repute the world over. The intellectual class too agrees with this trend. As a result there is a great lack in Psychology based research and everyone thinks it apt to bow down to destiny like a slave and live the life of a beast. Under such conditions man feels he perforce must live like an animal-man or a bird-man. Hence why would anyone endure the hardship of mental complexes created by ones beastly mindset? Most definitely not only are we giving a green signal to this downfall but by labeling it as natural we are supinely surrendering to it. It goes without saying that this type of materialism oriented psychological research has uprooted the very foundation of high ideals and the inclination to aspire for inner greatness. Thus a very fragile world situation has manifested wherein the individuals and the future of the entire world is staring wide eyed at the jaws of peril.

The psychological science of spirituality is bang opposite to the above. At the substratum level consciousness oozes with sheer greatness and this is its most natural state. They further opine that Yoga that purifies our thinking and austerities that uplift our activities not only glorify world humanity but by imbibing divine greatness one can reach the highest peak of soul progress. All this is not just theoretical talk because world history fully agrees with it. Glorious men of the spiritual arena have not only uplifted themselves individually but that from the world standpoint too their contributions have been gigantic. Within Indian culture and tradition those principles that nourish inner greatness have always ruled the roost. As a result greatness abounds right from intellectually brilliant people and social activities. In turn its joyous dividends have been shared with the entire world.

While keeping in mind the creation of a bright world future the crying need of the hour is to place before world human beings the unacceptable conclusions of material Psychology that inadvertently encourages animalistic living on the one hand and the apt and utility value of spiritual Psychology. It is with the help of spiritual Psychology that ideals will flow into the thinking of the entire world akin to ancient eras and the result of joyous living will follow suit.

It goes without saying that modern research in the field of Psychology has unearthed many facts which say that consciousness at its very roots is greatness manifest. The only error seen is that while describing this fact a lot of illusions have crept in and thus many biased people continue to latch on to lowliness. Today it is most required that dark clouds that have enveloped modern Psychology be dispelled totally and instead create an atmosphere of research that first tries to understand the greatness of consciousness and then finding ways of advancing it sacredly. If a long lasting bright future of the world is to manifest this must be executed in totality. It is well known that the flow and ebb of greatness or mediocrity of philosophical tenets are responsible for wholesome or lowly world activities. Further in order to herald a radiant future all deluded concepts in the field of spirituality too will have to be uprooted and those principles that augment human glory which would benefit mankind both materially and spiritually be encouraged worldwide. In this context if psychological sciences can be researched into again on a new footing those facts and principles will definitely emerge which can raise human glory to that of Satyuga or the Golden Age. These underlying principles doubtlessly exist but what is required is that they be freed from the mesh of deluded concepts. If great world thinkers show willingness to take up this mighty task know for sure that a very new viewpoint of soul wisdom will emerge and its wondrous result will help in neo creation of this era.

For this it is not as though quite a lot of things need to be done. The manner in which modern psychologists have depicted the human psyche which gives so much information that assert spiritual aspects that there is no need to disown them. We need to do only this wherein while analyzing modern Psychology experimental findings those biased and prejudiced elements must totally be proved false. This can be done very easily because truth is so invincible that with a little bit of its help one can stand up on ones own after having experienced a fall. In fact a lot of effort is needed to prove falsehood to be truth but certainly not the other way around.

The general aspect of psychological science is thought science. The power of thought is limitless. In fact our life flow is entirely at the mercy of our thought center. Within the human community differences as far as greatness, lowliness and uselessness is perceived. These are the result of our beliefs and reactions of our thought process. To a certain extent the direction of our life depends on the type of atmosphere, contact, advice and desire and yet in the ultimate analysis it is our predominant beliefs that count a great deal. Much before hand our mindset is created on the basis of these beliefs. In this world exist, mountains of goodness and evil. What ever attracts us makes our psyche of that sort too. Whatever is not liked can never enter our mind. A desirable atmosphere, advice and society augment oneness and thus leave imprints behind. And the remnant undesirable element on being ignored returns from where it came.

Thoughts give our intellect a direction of cogitation. Where there is a desire its information, mode of attaining it and required means to do so come unasked in our life. Thus in actuality lifes flow is nothing but a manifestation of our thought flow. Lest we fully understand the nature and influence of this great force we would not waste time and effort in changing external situations. Instead our focus will be on purifying our psyche and making it one pointed. This will positively transform our inner personality and thus either external situations become more conducive or that even if they do not change our psyche is so strong that we remain calm and unaffected. What is ironical is that although world humanity uses thought power in a big way yet they are unaware as to how one can keep it well managed and make optimum use of it. It is true that thoughts boss over our life yet it is even more true that if our Prajna (divine intellect) awakens it can aptly manage our thought process and help us live a blissful life of both material and spiritual progress. Uplifting and downfall are mere sweet and bitter fruits (reactions) of the tree of thought. In neo creation endeavors efforts to augment comforts and pleasure are given more importance. Despite this, what is more required is that every layman be taught the method of thought purification and transformation. Man indeed is the author of his fate. Within this precept lies the secret of transforming our very thinking so positively that our chariot of life can march ahead on the royal path of advancement and thus touch the highest peak of glory. But if we insist on adhering to vile thinking and lowly activities the result is bound to be stress and pain and the clouds of dire situations will loom large in our life. This is how man plays a role in authoring his fate and hence future.

We may make many other kinds of effort so as to uproot dire situations and augment joy and material comforts in our life. And yet it should be noted that along with this it is extremely important that every layman be encouraged to fully imbibe goodness of character and his very thinking. If this aspect is ignored know for sure that all other endeavors will be a sheer waste of time and energy and that our goal will run miles away from us like a mirage in a dessert. Assuming you have become very wealthy despite harboring lowly thinking how do you think you will make wholesome use of it? In fact this very wealth due to tainted thinking will make you perform vile actions (alcohol/drug addiction, illegal actions etc) which will be the cause of your imminent downfall in life. Today it is indeed a sorry state of affairs that the science of thinking which encourages imbibing of great human values lies in an ignored state. There are many elements in society that are known to encourage erroneous beliefs which in turn incite lowly and tainted thinking. And hence it is imperative that this undesirable situation be transformed for the better. The science of thinking must be researched into on a totally new platform. Todays erroneous thinking that lowliness and criminal tendencies is the only way to amass wealth and fame must be cut asunder from its very roots. How do thoughts based on culture and civility help generate material and spiritual grandeur? How does tainted thinking akin to acid and fire sparks melt your wealth to naught? If these questions are answered with sound logic, rationality and apt scientific proof know for sure that that very tainted thinking which has destroyed world humanitys peace of mind can be uprooted totally. Instead wholesome thinking will start ruling our psyche and thus true human glory can be ours for a very long time span to come. As a result both material and spiritual bliss will abound in the entire world. It is the duty of great thinkers in the field of Psychology to set up such a strong foundation of principles that augment greatness and thus welcome the advent of a radiant world future in the 21 st century.

Ahead of this are 2 more legs. The first leg asks the question: How shall we uproot tainted psychic imprints that have gathered from past innumerable births and replace them with sacred ones? The second question is: An abundant storehouse of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and great aspirations exists in our psyche and hence how do we activate them and make optimal use of tem for world welfare? These 2 basis need to be unfolded akin to the spiritual aspect of thought science. The roots of psychic taints are generally very deep and powerful. Via scriptural studies we can understand the blissful results of a good character and sorrow which is the result of vile thinking. Despite this it is a very difficult job to transform personalities that latch on like a leech to erroneous beliefs and habits. Neither do tainted actions get destroyed and nor does one agree to imbibe wholesome activities. Under such circumstances our effort to understand and teach others the importance of sacred thinking goes down the drain. Very much akin to this great difficulties are faced when we try to augment our will power and soul force, when we try to awaken latent potentials via focus and mental resolve and making our character extraordinary from its present mediocre state. Simply understanding the deep import of ones mental resolve or will power cannot render it potent. If inner radiance refuses to bloom what is the way in which the psyche can transform totally?

In order to augment bodily might one goes to the gym and exercises. In order that ulcers are removed surgery is performed. Radiation therapy is given to cancer patients to destroy malignant cells. Dancers and actors do not acquire their skills by chance. They undergo rigorous training under their respective guides and masters. Those who are part of a circus troupe are well aware of how various animals like the tiger, lion, elephant etc are given painstaking training so as to induce them to perform various feats. Of course outsiders look upon all this as either gods grace or a boon from heaven. It just does not matter what the layman thinks or believes because it is a die hard reality that special feats and skills are attained only after undergoing intense efforts. In the same way Sadhana or intense spiritual practice means contacting, diving deep, awakening and manifesting the deep layers of ones psyche. Spiritual practices have their own philosophy and science. The science of thought is used daily in our social transactions and it influences our thought process, activities and character. Its result is self fulfillment, self glory, reverence in the world and cooperation from others. And yet the Science of Sadhana is of a much higher stature than this. Thought science can be correlated to the conscious aspect of the psyche. It can be called a social intellect. Deeper than this is the unconscious layer and the deepest is higher consciousness. The activities of the mind and intellect fall under the jurisdiction of the conscious mind, habits are under unconscious mind and aspirations in the higher consciousness. The mind and intellect can be swayed in whatever direction we wish by dangling the carrot of gain or instilling the fear of peril. As against this it is no easy task to transform our aspirations and habits which need great efforts akin to plastic surgery where the old face is replaced by a new one. The upper most region of the earth is full of dust, stones etc. Deeper than this layer exist precious ores, minerals, oil, gas etc. Only those who are valiant enough dig these layers or dive deep into the ocean bed attain these precious materials. On the surface of the ocean one finds frivolous foam formation. Those who dive very deep in the ocean find pearls and other precious stones. Only those who fathom the depths of an atom of dust become masters of atomic energy. In the same way when one dives deep into the inner recesses of the psyche/consciousness one becomes the lord of miraculous powers called Ridhi-Sidhi.

The right direction of human advancement can be attained only if his consciousness is uplifted. The more one marches ahead in this direction the more one will be glorified from the social standpoint too. Great men may never have been agriculturists or traders, maybe they have never been wealthy or leaders yet from the viewpoint of world honor and world welfare tasks they have set such wonderful examples that world denizens can never repay this debt. No doubt lackluster and dodgy opportunities appear in the lives of alcoholics, terrorists etc too so as to attain self fulfillment and glory but that which is real and long lasting is attained by truly great men of the world only. It is fairly clear that from the soul standpoint it is possible only for highly advanced men/women to attain supreme greatness. It s not possible to attain this simply because one is materially very wealthy and prosperous (i.e. greatness cannot be bought). One maybe swimming in the ocean of material comforts and wealth yet it pales into insignificance in the presence of grandeur attained due to inner greatness. Only that individual who is capable enough of understanding this goal accepts that the one and only basis of mans inner and outer success is advancement of ones consciousness/psyche. Such great souls never have to earn wealth for themselves because the world out of sheer reverence showers it on them and hence they become more wealthy than even the biggest billionaire on planet earth. Great tasks of world well being executed by Gautama Budha, Gandhi, Jesus Christ etc never lacked the aid of material wealth. From the consciousness standpoint all round benefits like glory, deep thinking, radiance and grandeur are accrued by only those whose inner personalities are very advanced. These benefits are so awesome that no amount of material wealth can be compared to it. The wealth of rich people can benefit only their body and family members but the grandeur possessed by truly great personalities bestows self fulfillment on all world beings and those golden times too. Deep thinkers always revere this precept and hence persevere intensely to augment the wealth of soul greatness and thus not only glorify themselves but set an example to others too to follow suit.

The inner personality of mankind abounds with divine glory. To the extent one yearns for it to that extent it is attained in a natural manner. Realized saints attain ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and with this divine vision and energy they serve innumerable beings which are not possible for an ordinary human being. It is well known that in this world only that information and those materials required for lifes sustenance are available. Apart from this that which is extraordinary is shrouded in mystery and it can be unfolded only by those who dive deep into their souls. The mysteries of Mother Nature have been unveiled with intense efforts. The more they were unfolded the more material energy and wealth have been attained in this world. It is only after great perseverance that we are today utilizing the benefits of electricity, steam, radio waves, atomic and other forms of energy. So too human consciousness harbors mysteries veils which if unfolded via intense spiritual practice can make that person a saint who possesses great divine energy and powers. Such powers not only benefit such saints but that the entire world blooms with material and spiritual well being.

In ancient times natures forces were known but very few people availed its benefits. Ravan, Ahiravan, Hiranyakashipu, Vritrasur etc were akin to scientists who had unearthed the secrets of Mother Nature (Prakriti) and thus availed their benefits. Todays situation is different. Scientists are unfolding natures mysteries and everyone in the world is availing their benefits. The same thing should happen with reference to the mysterious powers of the spiritual arena. Even today very few people benefit from Divine Powers or Sidhis and are called miraculous. This limitation is very much undesirable. The danger of misuse can be witnessed right from a match stick to a high voltage of electric current and yet simply for this reason we do not stop using them. This same principle must be applied to spiritual powers. Instead of keeping them hidden it should be manifested in such a way that every layman too gains benefits. Of course it is another question as to how their misuse can be obstructed. This problem no doubt must be solved but that certainly does not mean that such an infinite storehouse of divine energy be hidden from world and thus disallow the layman from their supreme benefits.

Intense research has been carried out by Parapsychology researchers with reference to the true nature and genuineness of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). They have concluded that man is not just what he ordinarily appears to be. Just like the mysteries of nature the inner cave of mans soul harbors infinite powers. Mans body is like a trunk of magical powers. Sometimes when very minor sparks of these manifest, we realize that behind this curtain a mind boggling infinite storehouse of Divine Powers exist. Even today it is not a rare thing to find extraordinary people with brilliant capabilities (art, music, mathematics etc). And yet we remain like a doubting Thomas. But facts are facts. This is because when thousand times using thousand methods of testing so as to ward off our delusion truth remains the truth we can then not say that all this is false just because the human intellect and modern scientific experimentation cannot prove the existence of these Divine Powers.

Today we are living in that era where not only is the existence of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) thought to be irrational but that people the world over have commenced developing immense faith in their potency. And yet one must not remain contented by saying they are mysterious, strange and those that give goose bumps. Especially since there lies great hope in the belief that man on mastering these divine potentials will become even more wealthy and well to do when compared to his owning material wealth like property, cars, palatial homes etc. Possibilities of this sort are extremely alluring. In order that every world layman avails them it is most required that these divine secrets be unveiled which have their basis in ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). Not only has modern science given us the utility based applications of electricity but have also themselves unfolded its nature, basis and flow and given its understanding to laymen too. The true description of any fact must encompass both its principle and form. If our widespread aim is making world humanity aware of these ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and their benefits it is imperative that we unearth the all encompassing philosophy and basis of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). It is a fact that in ancient eras Spiritual Science existed in a very advanced state but alas today it lies in a state of total delusion. Even those who in the name of being spiritual seekers flaunt deluded spiritual beliefs are totally unaware of true spiritual principles.

What is required is that not only do people become well versed with ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) and their stupendous benefits but that all round knowledge in this arena be unfolded especially as far as its designing, mode of functioning, rise and fall and the dos and donts is concerned. Further a firm conclusion should be drawn regarding what is the state of these unknown powers along with their potential? What are the underlying principles in their manifestation and application and what are the methods/means used for the same? In todays research arena this aspect must be given a lot of importance. The more the mysterious layers of this material cosmos unfolds and made use of optimally more is mankind attaining wealth and might. And yet it is a fact that in comparison to material forces the potency of Divine Powers that reside in human consciousness is infinitely more both qualitatively and quantitatively. Since scientific research is the in thing today why limit this endeavor to the material realm only? Why should we refrain from entering the field of consciousness that encompasses so many wonderful mysteries? These conscious forces are not only n-fold more powerful than material forces unearthed so far but that the former can give us supreme benefits both in the material and spiritual realm. This realm has been ignored simply because modern material science fails to accept its authenticity. But today the circumstances have changed a fair bit. Facts have proved that man is not a living being but an unlimited powerhouse of secret potentials. Hence it becomes imperative that well planned research be undertaken so as to unveil these mysterious conscious powers. Success in this endeavor doubtlessly will make mans stature and glory supreme since new portals will open up and substratum will be laid down.



Research studies have already commenced in Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, website: www.awgp.org ). Deep thinkers in the ream of science and philosophy have joined in this endeavor on a full time basis. It was well nigh impossible to carry out such a gigantic task merely with the help of effort and inner yearning. And yet my subtle preceptor center (Guru Satta) inspired me and gave me necessary help in a big way. In this way the hour of the need will be fulfilled by placing forth ancient spiritual precepts in a sound scientific manner.

The topics of research are many and their areas too are fairly widespread. Under such circumstances it is apt that researchers be requested to carry out research in the fields they have specialized in. Since they are constantly in touch with their area of specialization they can help our institute by unearthing important experimental data in that area. These lines are being written for preliminary directions as to what will be the method employed for unearthing the above scientific data and that which are the important points on which emphasis must be given.

It should be understood clearly that our research endeavor revolves around scientific spirituality. We have commenced research to show the truth of gross spiritual results but this has its limits. By imbibing this fact researchers are being given a glimpse of the gigantic nature of our research goal. Since every research subject is very vast we have been able to take up only a few aspects of the same. But these limitations are only temporary.

Our research endeavor that aims at presenting ancient spiritual tenets with a new scientific format has been classified as follows: 1. Spiritual Philosophy 2. Lifes Philosophy 3. Science

1. Spiritual Philosophy encompasses high leveled spiritual principles under the title of Brahma Vidya or the Science of Divinity. It includes the existence of the soul, description of divinity (God), fruits of ones actions, scientific nature of reincarnation/rebirth, theism influencing both the individual and society, relationship between God-living being-material nature, union of living being and God or Yoga, imperative need of supreme qualities like faith-trust-steadfastness in mans life, a comparative study of the brains anatomy and subtle body science with a spiritual basis (6 Chakras, Kundalini, 5 Sheaths, gross-subtle-causal bodies, Brahmavarchas and Tejovalaya), Yoga of surrender to God, omnipotent Almighty Lord, concept of super mind and super man etc.

The second aspect of Spiritual Philosophy is spirituality in the social arena. All bodily and mental yogic practices and rites/Yajnas come in this arena. Rites etc include austerities, controlled eating-sleeping habits, Mantra chanting or Japa, worship, Yajna etc. The authenticity of the fruits of these rites, their contribution to ones spiritual progress and the possibilities of success attained in ones social life too is described.

2. Lifes philosophy is that social aspect of Psychology which includes imbibing ethics, honest dealings, gentlemanliness, commitment, accountability, discipline and other such spiritual values which purifies mans psyche and leads his character towards true greatness. Thought Science revolves around equanimity, patience, daring, discerning intellect (right and wrong), mental focus, inner goodness and other wholesome qualities of the psyche. Via these aspects ethics, Psychology and social sciences will be dealt with under the topics of uprooting bad thoughts with good thoughts, influence of will power and power of resolve (Sankalpa) in mans individual and social life, positive thinking leading to heaven like experiences while one is yet kicking and alive etc.

3. The third aspect is Science. Keeping in mind the vast nature of this great subject we shall classify it in 2 ways viz. material science and medical science. Within material science one finds the extraordinary mysterious world of material nature. We will prove that this wondrous form of nature cannot manifest without a goal and that it is not uncontrolled and anarchic. In fact it is a symbol of God or cosmic consciousness. In order to prove its authenticity in a scientific manner various topics will be researched into including gigantic nature of the cosmos, solar and interstellar space life, principle of the relationship between earth and life on it, mysteries of creatures-world-plants, mutual cooperation between creatures-mankind-plants-nature etc. Within the periphery of this gigantic topic will be discussed founts of Ridhi-Sidhi hidden in the storehouse of material nature and the principle cum application of spiritual practices helping us attain the supreme goal of life.

Within the field of medical science research studies on the mysterious layers in the human body and their wonderful potential will be conducted. Endocrine glands that secrete hormones, other bodily parts and units will be studied on the basis of their life principle and this subject can be called scientific spirituality. The other leg of medical science is research studies on the reactions of Yoga practices and Yajnas on the body and mind. The description of all these aspects has been detailed in the previous paragraphs of this book.

The above information has been given in a nutshell. From this one can only infer the periphery of subjects dealt with. Actual research is possible via direct guidance only. For this on a regular basis research training camps will be organized. Respected researchers from both India and abroad will be given residential facilities and necessary training at our institute. Those who have more time to spare can stay at Brahmavarchas itself and conduct research studies. But this time span should be minimum 2 months in a year i.e. more but not less.

For the above fields intellectual brilliance will be given more importance than educational qualifications. Prospective researchers will be tested for their grasp of their subject of specialization and only then will they be considered for a long term research appointment at our institute. One more thing needs clarification wherein the research scientists educational qualification, present status and research inclinations shall be dealt with separately. Only in exceptional cases do these three function in tandem. Hence it is the researcher who will be responsible for choosing his field of research.

In order to make everyone understand the greatness and importance of spirituality it was imperative that it be neo presented in a scientific manner. This auspicious beginning has been executed by Brahmavarchas Research Institute (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India). Almost a century back Swami Vivekananda had said: If spirituality is truth incarnate it must be ready to get itself tested via scientific research and analysis. If its utility is disproved it must cease to exist! What he said was not without reason. This is because highly intellectual people of the world must be given a true scientific basis for accepting spirituality to be true.

On e general basis the contribution of the intellectual class in the field of neo creation has been quite dismal. Assuming that glories like labor, means, enterprise etc are straying one may yet somehow endure that but the intellectual/thinking class is not only the worlds brain but heart center too. If it becomes indolent and directionless the very psyche of world humanity becomes mediocre. It is well known vile thinking translates into tainted activities (how you think, so you act!). Tainted activities result in agitation and strife and a time comes when terror like situations are faced the world over. This sadly is the undesirable path of downfall.

Ere the brilliant skills of literature, art, religion, science philosophy had refrained from giving undue importance to wealth and merriment and instead like true Brahmins shouldered their responsibilities and had immersed themselves in augmenting more brilliance in their respective fields we would not be staring wide eyed at dire conditions which has virtually become a norm today. We would not be seeing the pathetic mud slinging match at one another.

When everything will change how can the intellectual class remain immune to transformation? No doubt the dark night has passed by and dawn has set in. It has vowed that they will gather under one banner and in unison will fulfill all those requirements in the intellectual and emotional arena which will herald a new and transformed era full of radiance.

Those tasks that have been delegated so far are of many types. Amongst these one such intends to study all streams of spirituality and science on a very new footing. It would involve studies on how wholesome and ethical actions give meritorious fruits and how vile activities result in fruits full of strife and stress. Facts, scientific proof, examples etc must be presented to the world to show the great utility of imbibing divinity and gaping downfall if vileness is pursued foolhardily. On this basis it must be proved that todays trying times faced by the world can be attributed solely to the fact that divinity has not been presented in a scientific and sound logical manner. If the layman is convincingly informed about frail immediate gains in comparison to their long term losses in a rational and intellectually acceptable manner then know for sure that understanding too will accept and imbibe facts just as today because of the pervading atmosphere of taints every world individual is following the erroneous principle of lowliness. It is the responsibility of this eras intellectual class to overturn this flow of vileness and that right from world management to human destiny every aspect should be presented in such a wholesome way that world humanity will wholeheartedly imbibe greatness and human/spiritual values.

By thinking we mean intellectual wisdom conjoined to Brahmin like idealism. This it self is also called Ritambhara Prajna. In whichever psyche it manifests the person is called realized saint, Rishi, Manishi etc. The management, direction, guidance, research and results of Brahmavarchas research activities will seem as though they are manifesting in one place and yet all the great thinkers and seers of this era will be the guiding force behind it. The skills of Nala-Neel helped build a bridge but it was the bears and monkeys who collected the stones and hence were equally heroic in their efforts (as mentioned in epic Ramayana). So too behind this gigantic research efforts of Brahmavarchas lies the supreme inspirational force of great world personalities.

Only future times will tell us, how difficult or otherwise was the task in hand wherein pristine pure precepts of ancient times which got covered by the muck of medieval times had to undergo so much transformation so as to regain its previously veiled glory. Today we can merely say that this endeavor of neo creation of world human psyche will be taken up in a very mature way.

Brahmavarchas research method is an admixture of spirituality and science and in short it can be called faith and ethics. All the very thinking, conclusions and acceptance of Rishis was for the enactment of this goal and hence they are called Richa or Mantra. Many episodes in Mythological tales seem strange and impossible from the historical viewpoint and yet they form part of religious scriptures. The reason for this is that their aim was to sow the seeds of ethical, spiritual and human values in mans psyche. Keeping this aim in mind we must not interfere with all the intellectual wealth of the world put together. Instead we must see to it that unwholesomeness in mans thinking is uprooted only to be replaced with a sense of oneness and world well being. For this there is not the least bit need to try and prove prevalent precepts wrong. Only their gist should be presented in such a manner wherein man wholeheartedly imbibes ethics and renounces in totality all criminal, illegal and tainted activities. This by it self will definitely fulfill the goal of Brahmavarchas Research Institutes sacred task.

The future of world humanity rests on the shoulders of Brahmavarchas research endeavor and future bright possibilities. 40 million human beings burning in the fire of discontent will find these research results extremely useful since they are akin to immortal nectar attained via the mythological churning of the ocean (Bhagwat Mahapurana). Such an all encompassing philosophy of the world will be unveiled which will solve every social problem faced the world over.

When these outstanding results will be presented to the world a new vision of life will manifest which will give a super direction to todays demeaned and degraded human life. Yajnopathy will play the role of a wish fulfilling tree wherein all ailments of humanity will be overcome and a holistic path of sound health maintaining will be laid down. Today the crying need is not only augmenting good health but that atmospheric purification, growing healthy plants-trees and awakening inner latent Divine Powers too must be given greater attention. On the basis of psychological sciences logic and facts the importance of imbibing greatness of thinking will be proved. It is only when true religion disengages itself from the shackles of blind beliefs, traditions and fanatic communalism that true human principles will emerge as its basis and then know for sure that every intellectual will accept its deep import wholeheartedly. In order to visualize the invisible power the visible cosmos will have to be made the substratum. The unveiling of the mysteries associated with natures extraordinary principles and consciousness infinite potential will give us a fresh viewpoint so as to understand that great divine authority (God).

Our endeavor regarding these subjects has set off speedily using limited means for unveiling infinite potentials and slowly but surely it certainly will become very widespread (this was written before 1990 A.D. and hence today Brahmavarchas research has indeed become very advanced). When everyone notices the progress achieved in the past 1 years research they unanimously agree that it indeed is the Lord Almightys divine grace. If scientists can gather necessary means to conduct material scientific research there is no reason why consciousness will not do the same for its own advancement and glory.

The possibility is indeed very high that in the near future the research arena will cover every nook and corner of the world. We have contacted many thinkers and scientists from within India and abroad and in one voice they have accepted this Eras requirement of such unique research and have heaped praise for the same. We are receiving hundreds of letters which harbor both queries and an interest in contributing for this beatific task. Keeping in mind the progress attained so far and its response we can definitely aim at setting up small/large scale research units of Brahmavarchas in every country of the world. Without doubt in the near future the most desirable and useful research topic covered will be power of our consciousness. This can be glimpsed in the form of the dawn leading to sunrise represented by Brahmavarchas Research Institute.

The program of the HQ involves employing 100 research scholars, giving them apt guidance and making corrections wherever required. It is like a correspondence course oriented school. This task involves both working and taking work from others. Within Brahmavarchas 1000 researchers will continue to get concrete guidance in their respected research fields. If we say that this program can be said to be a very different type of university, know for sure it indeed is not an overstatement. We are humbly trying to maintain its high stature full of glory that waxes like the moon.

Our research endeavor has been accepted as Era Spiritual Endeavor. It harbors brilliant talent, capabilities, an intellect oriented around deep research and a deep linking for their subject of research. We humbly request all great researchers to come forward and take part in this gigantic research effort of Brahmavarchas. They are free to decide which topic is best suited for them to take up research in. These lines of our book can give guidance in this direction. If only highly talented sensitive and intellectual researchers continue to participate in great numbers this very important endeavor for ushering a radiant New Era will doubtlessly be fulfilled. Mans future conjoined to radiant potentials is solely dependent on the immortal nectar emerging from this gigantic task akin to churning butter milk so that butter emerges.



In order to clarify the social aspect of all the subjects dealt with in the previous paragraphs it was thought apt that all the 5 subjects be given a form of a question. With the result research scholars will get required help to choose their topic of research. Along with this since a periphery will be demarcated no unnecessary straying will be seen. Along with a pure research based intellect these questions will be analyzed scientifically. When with the aid of logic, facts and proof these conclusions will be collected a form will emerge which will be based on the deep thinking with reference to these questions. There are 5 root subjects viz. 1) Spiritual Philosophy 2) Spirituality based on Spiritual Practices 3) Philosophy of Life 4) Material Science and 5) Medical science. Within all the subjects of Scientific Spirituality some form of repetition definitely occurs in certain areas. The reason being that the knower of that subject collects facts and data using certain means and based on these means he/she will write accordingly.


a) What is the true form of spiritual philosophy or Brahma Vidya? What is the fundamental difference between traditional religion and spirituality that helps uplift mans life in an all encompassing manner?

b) What is the utility value of ancient spiritual precepts in todays era of modern science? How can those eternal spiritual precepts be presented in a transformed manner so that on imbibing them society can be uplifted wholesomely?

c) Does the soul or Atman truly exist? If yes can it be proved with scientific arguments?

d) What is the nature and form of the soul? How have various religious sects and Missions described them?

e) Is the soul truly immortal, eternal and imperishable? If yes we must enlist its principle and sound proof.

f) In what form does life exist after death? What is the scientific basis of experiences of death, ancestral world (Pitru Loka) and events after death?

g) Is the concept of rebirth/reincarnation scientific? Can it be looked upon as the eternal existence of the soul?

h) On what basis can we accept the Theory of Karma (results of ones actions)? If it is worthwhile accepting the same why encourage execution of wholesome actions the world over?

i) Are the uplifting/downfall of the soul a self controlled program of a Super Authority (cosmic power or God in laymans parlance)?

j) How exactly does one describe Almighty God in his forms of Parmatma, Ishwar and Bhagwan?

k) Is true theism equivalent to faith in the disciplined management of the world by its creator?

l) Does God really exist? If yes what is his form and nature? Can we say that faith in high stature principles is also a form of God?

m) What is the imperative need of theism in mans life? To what extent is theism useful in Neo Creation of Society?

n) Theory of Fate is atheism and Theory of Hard Work is theism-how far is this belief true?

o) Is the individual soul a part of the cosmic soul i.e. God? Is there a possibility of the individual soul advancing into the cosmic soul? Can man become a super soul, a super man or super consciousness i.e. God?

p) Can the all round advancement of ones personality be attained via self introspection, self reformation, self creation and self advancement (self=soul)?

q) It is believed that Yogic vision encompasses making special the relationship between God, creature and nature? Is this belief worth accepting?

r) What is the true nature of Yoga-philosophy or the contemporary practical aspect (Kriya) which is in vogue? Without imbibing its philosophy can merely this Kriya aspect be accepted as a synonym of Yoga? If not then why?

s) How can the principles of Vedant, Advaita (non dualism) and only God is reality and that this material world is transient be described on a social basis?

t) What exactly is heaven and salvation? Can we not assume that greatness, idealism, steadfastness and high leveled aspirations are it self heaven and salvation while man is yet alive?

u) What place does faith and sensitive emotions hold in mans life? To a certain extent are they capable of contributing towards personality development and society rebuilding?

v) Is the fount of human advancement a desire in man so as to become great or is it inner thinking? In what way can these beliefs be reinstated with reference to spiritual Psychology by followers of Jung and Freud school of thought?

w) What is the basis of equality of all world religions? What is it that can overcome atheism creeping into all world religions? Is a single cosmic religion a collection of eternal tenets and principles?

x) Are all religious sects of the world based on eternal spiritual laws and contemporary programs? As times change is there not an imperative requirement of changing those contemporary programs?


a) The human brain is a visible wish fulfilling tree. On the basis of Neurosciences how can we put forth this spiritual principle?

b) What is the relationship between high stature spiritual practices (example piercing the 6 Chakras, Kundalini Shakti awakening, awakening the 5 sheaths or Koshas) and the subtle anatomy of the human body? In what way can we analyze various observations in a comparative manner?

c) How can one correlate Spiritual Sciences with the analysis of principles of the functional aspect of bodily and mind oriented spiritual practices?

d) To what extent can Yoga practices aid in the advancement of various aspects of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER)? To what extent can its scientific basis be proved?

e) Is meditation (Dhyana) and concentration (Dharana) merely mental exercises or a very important step in the spiritual advancement of world humanity?

f) Samadhi or trance is a very advanced state of Self/God Realization. Please explain this in detail.

g) Tejovalaya or vital electricity and Brahmavarchas or human electricity are the attainments of spiritual practices or Sadhana. In this context how can we prove the scientific basis of miraculous powers called Sidhis?

h) What are the scientific and psychological basis of austerities conjoined to religious rites and worship methods?

i) How can we prove the scientific basis of the various methods of atonements?

j) What are the psychological pillars of faith? Is this an entirely independent science in its own way?

k) How can one analyze and describe the Science of Prayer (in any form)?

l) In the modern day context how will one put forth the scientific basis of the spiritual endeavor of Shabda Brahman (Mantra Yoga and divine sound)?


a) Positive thinking itself is heaven and negative thinking itself is hell-to what extent is this true?

b) With the help of will power and soul force it is possible to progress both materially and spiritually. Prove this statement with sound arguments.

c) Spirituality involves changing external circumstances by changing ones mental state and materialism tries to influence the mind via external circumstances. How true is this observation?

d) In order to render our inner personality more advanced is it imperative that human values which augment social progress along with etiquette, politeness, gentlemanliness and discipline be imbibed by mankind? If yes how does one spiritually put forth the principles of ethics?

e) How can maturity be augmented with reference to both mans inner and external life? How do wholesome qualities like balance of mind, patience, valor, alertness, discerning intellect etc aid personality development?

f) To what extent do an average stature of living and controlled individual usage of material comforts help in uplifting of society and mental advancement?

g) Within the institution of the family how will sentimental cooperation aid transformation of family life and this in turn like a cascading affect lead to world united peacefully as a prosperous family?

h) In what manner can we understand the true form of a world nation, world humanity and a world culture? How can spirituality aid in its development?


a) After conducting comparative studies between the special qualities of creatures other than man and human glory how will one put forth spiritual principles?

b) For all creatures including mankind to sustain healthy living ecological balance is most required. Hence we need to prove that spiritual techniques are required to maintain a sound ecological balance.

c) What is the possibility to maintain a healthy relationship between consciousness, matter and nature? We need to discuss and analyze the principles and applications of attaining the goal via spiritual practices. In what manner is it possible to attain Ridhis from consciousness storehouse and Sidhis from the vault of nature?

d) While giving examples of the known and unknown forces of the mysterious world of nature and strange geographical observations how will one describe the strange arrangement of natures grandeur?

e) After studying material natures disciplined functioning can we say that an invisible but intelligent power controls nature? How will one give a spiritual analysis and description of the punishment meted out by nature via major catastrophes like famines, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc?

f) How will one describe the control glimpsed behind the scenes on movements of material objects? Give a spiritual analysis of anti atom and anti matter.

g) Via examples of atoms, solar system and the cosmos in what way is it possible to describe the principle of macrocosm embedded in the microcosm (say a tree-macro subtly present in a seed-micro)?

h) Is it possible to pinpoint the origin of this cosmos and its true form via analysis of planetary/galaxy movements, their mutual aid to one another along with its balance and interstellar space?

i) How can one correlate the theory of relativity to spirituality?

j) How will we spiritually describe the mysterious observations of qauzers, pulsars, galaxies and the world of stars?


a) Please analyze the ordinary and extraordinary functioning of all bodily centers and organs. Can a machine (like a robot) perform all human bodily functions? If not then give a spiritual basis of all these extraordinary functions.

b) After executing comparative studies between the designing of the sperm, chromosome, cells, human body and the cosmos can we conclude that macrocosm exists in the microcosm?

c) What is the mutual relationship between spiritual healing methods, hormones secreted by endocrine glands and other subtle nerve networks?

d) How do Yoga practices and Mantra chanting influence the body? How can it contribute to improve bodily strength and mental progress? Can these gross changes be measured via bodily tests and psychic analysis?

e) What could be the designing of the brain and mind related to mental distortions? Is it possible to cure psycho-somatic diseases using spiritual based methods of mental healing?

f) Is Yajna based therapy merely Yajnas performed using forest herbs or an all encompassing form of faith oriented rituals, austerities based on food and sleep control, religious worship and Mantra Science?

g) After making a comparative study of medicinal therapies in vogue today to cure various illnesses prove that spiritual healing methods too are equally important for curing minor and grave diseases faced y world humanity.

h) Can the various precepts of Yajna Science be tested in a modern scientific manner? If yes what is the procedure to do so?

i) After performing biochemical analysis of various forest herbs and healing materials along with studies of their influence on the body can it be proved that for injecting medicines and restorative tonics in the body the medium of Yajnas is supreme?

j) With reference to the success of a Yajna to what extent is the potency of Mantra Chanting helpful?



Despite witnessing downfall/uplifting and destruction/creation in the Almighty Lords creation oozing with good management, beauty and artistic form yet creativity and uplifting predominate by miles. Despite weather influences and activities of all creatures tending to destruction an indomitable truth emerges that the beauty/fragrance of flowers, greenery of trees, lusciousness of fruits etc will reign supreme for a very long time to come. In order that creation persists it is imperative that both destruction and production work hand in hand. An example of this would be the sun rising and then setting, creatures being born and then dying etc.

On witnessing the history of the cycle of progress wherein the elements of both uplifting and downfall are at work man should never ever desp)air on coming face to face with a particular situation. A wave in the ocean dashes down only to rise up again with ferocity. A new born babe goes through the phases of childhood, youth, old age and then death. And yet post death a new life comes its way. Despite gaping at the dark gloomy night of despair know for sure that a radiant red dawn is round the corner so as to usher in the golden rays of the sun. Hence always harbor intense faith and hope during times of dire straits.

If we sift through pages of world history time and again dire circumstances have manifested and in fact questions were asked fearfully whether this was the end of the world. And yet the Creator has always promised its creatures that never will he allow his supreme creation i.e. this world along with all living beings including princely mankind to get destroyed thus. The manifestation of an Avatar (incarnation of God) involves miraculously overturning dire world situations and replacing them with conducive ones. Something of this sort is about to happen in the near future. Today we are bogged down by despair and gloominess in every nook and corner of the world. Crime, illegal activities, lack of ethics/integrity etc are pushing mankind to a vicious downfall and hence indeed the times are dire. At such times all wise individuals of the world must harbor intense faith that whatever is about to take place in the next couple of decades will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Today in order to maintain a high stature of creation of consciousness that creates life a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of religious systems, spirituality and philosophical principles. This responsibility encompasses creation of a sacred sentimental substratum based on which optimum and creative usage of world humanitys faith. We must shun indolence and inactivity and instead the seeds of faith and hope must be sown in every family of the world. World humanity must exhibit their valor and enterprise in uprooting vileness in all forms by performing radiant wholesome feats. This is a well known fact that whenever principles of creation wither ignorance overwhelms the soul and poverty engulfs our material life. At such times these negative elements are out to destroy the world itself. Further even men of great intellectual brilliance, despite trying to combat this evil development are rendered listless, weak and forlorn. Thus vileness gets an open field to vainly flaunt its terror. Todays times are very much similar to this wherein an imbalance in the form of weakening of creative elements and augmentation of negative forces are on the rise. The world today is afflicted by communal strife, caste based hatred, illegal activities, doomed state of ethical values, demeaned state of ideals in the lives of political and social leaders, mutual opposition etc and thus a terror like state of fear has overwhelmed world humanity. The moot question asked is: What will happen to our beloved planet since sacred principles are weakening day by day only to witness the atrocious situation of people of criminal/illegal leanings being honored in society simply because they have amassed a huge amount of wealth. We are least bothered whether this wealth has been amassed by fair or foul means.

And yet today we are all very fortunate to have been born in the sacred land of India. Although we have witnessed darkness for the past 1500 years yet at some point or the other the seeds of our culture have not perished akin to the Matsyavatar (Fish Incarnation) protecting the seeds of creation when Pralaya or annihilation occurred. The invaluable wealth in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri and Yajna akin to a touchstone is in our vault and hence we have yet not lost all hope. This indeed is a very good sign. If we count the number of great saints who have taken birth in India for the past 6 centuries starting from Saint Kabir it is well nigh possible that so far so many great sages have not manifested so far in the annals of history. Some proclaimed the Path of Bhakti/Devotion, some were Social reformers, some encouraged the path of Karma Yoga, some imbibed a very valiant way of life so as to uproot weak mindedness and evil elements in society and yet other executed terrific austerities to energize the subtle world on a gigantic scale. Our revered author Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was born in India (Village Anvalkheda, Agra, Uttara Pradesh) in the first decade of the 20 th century. Like a great spiritual aspirant our revered Yuga Rishiji performed intense Gayatri based austerities so that the holy River Ganges of Divine Wisdom manifests on planet Earth. He was a terrific storehouse of Divine Light which kindled sparks of great hope in the bosoms of millions of people the world over.

The divine light of Super Power Gayatri would have virtually been extinguished possibly due to fanaticism entering its realm wherein only males were allowed to chant it and that too only by those belonging to the Brahmin caste. But Almighty Lord could not see this happening and hence incarnated as Yuga Rishiji i.e. Gayatri manifest who in turn saw to it Super Mantra Gayatri entered every household devoid of any barriers like caste, creed, gender etc. Thousands of men and women are now immersed in Gayatri Meditation and are thus imbibing sacred thinking. Super power Gayatri in its formless aspect first purifies the mind of its devotees so as to induce sanctity of thought. Gayatri has incarnated in this world to totally transform world human psyche in a wholesome manner. The credit of manifesting this infinite ocean of Divine Energy Gayatri goes to that great saint, Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who founded the All World Gayatri Family ( www.awgp.org ). This in turn produced millions of pious character householders and thus the supreme seeds of sacred culture were sown in their minds.

Every alphabet of the 24 lettered Gayatri Mantra, is said to be a ray of divine skill. In seed form each of these divine streams helps augment human glory and grandeur. Sun is the deity of Gayatri and its 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 rays are very well known. And yet Savita the Vital Force or Prana of Gayatri manifests more streams. The 24 letters of Gayatri abounds with Sidhis attained via spiritual practices and Ridhis attained via personality development. It is only when we categorize them into 24 parts that we can easily understand its widespread influence on human life. It is only the confluence of mental purification and presence of material comforts in mans life that can usher in divinity in mankind and a radiant heavenly situation the world over. This is the functional realm of Prajna Avatar or Divine Wisdom Incarnation. Such an incarnation is not an individual but is a potent Cosmic Divine Power. To the extent this Divine Power manifests in any individual to that extent he/she will be counted as an Era Creator who aids the Lilas or divine sports of an Incarnation of God.

Every layman will witness in the coming years the mode in which a formless Divine Power transforms this present Era. It is nothing but the miraculous feat of this formless Conscious Divine Power who will induce todays world humanity to renounce from their very roots a demeaned life full of discontent, strife, stress and obscene leanings and instead imbibe superior wholesome thinking and lifestyle. Proof of this rests with the 26 Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by the All World Gayatri Family ( www.awgp.org ). As a result of these Yajnas millions have renounced bad habits like alcohol/drug addiction, illegal activities, criminal leanings etc and instead have vowed to work hard so as to manifest divine qualities in their psyche. While pledging thus these devotees have vowed to enhance great qualities and their souls so that their external social and professional life too oozes with glory and greatness. They have accepted that this is their Yuga Dharma or Righteous Duty of this Era which in it self is the foundation stone that will herald a Satyuga or Golden Era in this world. Whether people harbor faith in this or not but when history of historic changes that will take place in the next 10 years will be written everyone the world over will truly understand this reality and will also deeply realize that behind all that has been written by this very revered and great author, a strong force of Divine Consciousness is at work.



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