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Five Virbhadras are being created by me (HH GURUDEVA YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA) via the Sukshmikaran spiritual practice that renders the psyche very divinely subtle. Amongst these 5 one shall shoulder the responsibility of world welfare and the other shall gather means to aid augmenting great glorious activities the world over in a manifold manner. The 3rd shall shoulder the duty of rendering straight the car that is moving in reverse gear. The ordinary mental state of world lay public is enmeshed in the quagmire of desires, yearnings of all kinds and egoistic behavior. This can be called the union of selfishness and misfortune.

In more or less measure each one of us has peace and some capability or the other. None in this world lacks skills in totality. The question only is one and that is for what aim must it be utilized? Today humanity leans and veers towards sinful ill fate. When the human brain starts thinking its direction is only one and that is how to inflict harm on others. How should one fling a man walking on the path of ethics and integrity into the crater of a massive painful downfall? When the time comes to impart advice, such a ‘solution’ is given, wherein not only oneself but others too fall down with a thud in the crater of a downfall. It is thus rare today to find someone who teaches us how to uplift someone rotting in the crater of a demeaned condition. Assuming we cannot step in the direction of spirituality and service to the world yet at least we can show others the correct optimal direction of true human living.

Just as majority of world humanity face bodily ill health similarly their mental and ethical health too is diseased. The machinery of human thinking is functioning in a lopsided fashion. One feels one is very ‘wise and intelligent’ while amassing wealth insanely in a wily, cunning and fraudulent manner. Suppose someone does this due to very dire situations faced or that one is facing immense poverty, lack and dire problems one can understand. But the problem is that even those who are very wealthy and prosperous insist on pursuing methods of fraud and dishonesty. Amongst various types of entertainments and sense titillating enjoyments people make use of so many types of intoxicants like drugs, alcohol etc and think themselves to be ‘modern and highly intellectual’. Cigarettes etc lag far behind today when compared to the fact that today people cannot just abstain from drinking alcohol. In it they feel dwells their ‘dignity, glory and progressiveness’. Intoxication, drug abuse, extramarital relationships etc is such a poisonous creeper that one by one people transmit these bad habits to each other. Then not only does all this become a ‘fashion’ but that instead of feeling ashamed to behave so demonically one twirls one’s moustache in ‘pride’ while saying ‘I killed this one, I tainted that one’s habits and harassed such and such a person’. As a result of looking at women in a lustful lewd manner not only one’s own family life but that of others too gets destroyed mercilessly.

As a result of feeling ‘great’ by rendering women slaves and shoes of one’s feet the trend of dowry system came into vogue. We feel so joyous on destroying someone’s family which is nothing but an addiction of wickedness. Day in and day out we hear of cases where newly married woman whose parents could not give dowry to her in laws was harassed and in many cases burnt to death too. Newspapers, TV channels, internet etc are full of news coverage regarding people being burnt o death when sprinkled with petrol etc. Daily vile demonic acts are carried out like killing someone by tying a rope around someone’s throat and pulling it tightly, poisoning others food etc so as to murder them, flinging someone in wells, rivers etc so as to kill them mercilessly etc. To the extent that the father in law and mother in law too are involved in such heinous crimes when their daughter in law fails to bring dowry after marrying their son.

There is a flood of rape cases and gang rape incidences. Incidences of somehow enticing others wife, daughter etc so as to abduct them, selling them to brothels for prostitution etc are now included in newer types of crime. Till a few decades back we looked upon others daughter in law, sister, mother as one’s very own family member but it seems today that such pious relationships are coming to a grinding halt. Just as animals and beasts have no relationships like mother, sister etc so too in today’s modern times this sort of beastly attitude is noted everywhere. Today a new ‘business’ is in vogue wherein a groom marries an innocent girl, takes a lot of dowry from her parents and then kills her. Later this very groom marries another innocent girl and kills her too after usurping a lot of dowry. Thus one after another innocent women are killed just for the sake of amassing wealth insanely by hook or by crook.

In incidences of abduction carrying away children playing and when demanded ransom is not given these children are murdered cold bloodedly. This then is a new ‘business’ in vogue. People have taken up a new ‘profession’ of killing others. One can murder anyone by hiring thugs and giving them big amounts of cash. For such people in virtually every village ironsmiths are making country revolvers. It seems that in the human garb jackals, snakes etc are moving around appeasing their thirst for blood. In this ‘business’, both literate and illiterate people are seen operating. Even those who superficially utter sweet words execute such heinous tasks that on seeing it we immediately remember ghosts, evil spirits, witches etc.

How can all this be overcome? Now it is beyond even the police force to solve this deadly problem. Amongst police personnel, so many are such that they are hand in glove with criminals and share the looted booty. Thus how can they be combated? It is very difficult to gain victory over them in a direct fight or duel. It is only an indirect subtle fight that can prove to be victorious. Right from first trying to reform them till meting out heavy punishment etc can succeed. Thus a very similar type of arrangement is being etched out.

Every businessman focuses on how much profits can be accrued. True business ethical thinking is no doubt we profit yet none should be harmed in the process. Bang opposite to this businesses based on vile thinking include owning slaughter houses, alcohol shops and pubs, operating prostitution rackets, showing blue films/pornography, bringing home materials looted and robbed, ransom demanded by abducting children, luring innocent girls into prostitution by selling them to brothels, transporting in an underground manner intoxicants like drugs/ alcohol etc, adulterating food and other such items. These lowly tainted tasks not only are ‘beneficial’ in a very limited manner but that their results are full of harmful losses. We are highlighting this to remind everyone that in tasks of crime and illegal transaction we may find many aides. Yet all of them have to be kept ‘happy’. Lest even if one of these aides is annoyed them from what one ‘earns’ criminally a major chunk has to be handed over to that goon. If they so wish, such people can earn enough from even ordinary businesses. In acts of tax evasion, selling items fraudulently by weighing them, measuring them less than what is promised etc similar amounts of cash can be earned. Yet people persist with such unethical tasks because they are demonically happy to execute ‘high stature’ fraud. They feel they are ‘heroes’ in acting abominably. They get sadistic demonic pleasure in terrorizing innocents, acting unlawfully etc. Those of murderer types have a ‘special’ mental leaning. These very people set rolling wars in politics or else side with either one party that is waging this political war. They produce lots of weapon technology that aid waging of wars and by selling these at exorbitant prices earn loads of wealth. Thus they arrogantly boss over one and all with their muscle and criminal money power.

Behind nuclear wars to ordinary commonplace wars, the root reason is not as though it cannot be solved by even very lower courts. Yet since these arrogant people insist on warring since they get sadistic demonic pleasure from them. For such hard hearted devils they are ‘joyous’ on seeing thousands of people dying, killing them cold bloodedly, hearing their painful anguished wailing etc. By remaining immersed in such demonic acts for so many becoming ‘valiant heroes’ or rendering others the same appears a ‘grand’ task.

When this offending ‘business’ conjoins to our psyche/thinking we cannot just refrain from acting tainted. Very gentlemanly pious people fail in combating them and thus vile demonic activities and behavior augments n fold everywhere.

Fighting such heinous trends the world over is a gigantic task in itself. My 3rd subtle body shall fight these terrorists/tyrants and right from trying to first making them realize their folly to following the policy of ‘tit for tat remember that’ one divinely potent subtle body shall work for uprooting the terror like world environment. The fear of a Super War and the terror of world destruction are looming large in front of us. Lest this actually happens then human civilization/culture gathered from eons together and development seen so far shall get destroyed totally. If this does not happen this counter war must be looked upon as extraordinary only. Two world wars have already taken place. The present generation has already witnessed it firsthand. Apart from this in it is included small but long lasting or small time wars in certain specific world regions too are included. These too have been seen with these eyes. In the entire world it must be very rare to note that no war has occurred or that preparations are not being made for mass murders. Today wars too have become a requirement of this world. Lest this situation persists, people shall not themselves sit calm nor shall they allow others to live in peace. When this terror has usurped the human brain, when people’s brains are cogitating over how to combat it, who shall think of world peace and who shall start weaving the cloth of world’s material and spiritual advancement? How can the auspicious hour of executing world neo creation usher in?

In ancient mythological eras demigods and demons battled with each other face to face. If this method works it shall definitely be made use of. There are many other methods of transforming the psyche and intellect. Such inspirations manifested in the psyche of Tulsidas, Surdas, Valmiki, Angulimal, Ambapali, Ajamil etc that not only did they give up the previous old profession but that by ushering in transformation, changed their new life in such a manner that there was no chance of their old roguishness and demonic behavior ever again entering their minds. This then also is one method of reformation.

Ghosts and evil spirits shed their original forms and saintly Rishis totally transformed their personalities. When the snake sheds its old skin it gets transformed from a very lethargic creature to a very zestful one. Methods/techniques of transformation and reformation are many. For vile wicked people 4 main methods are used like Sama (gentle words of sane advice), Dama (winning the enemy by giving gifts), Danda (strict punishment) and Bheda (spying). Hence my 3rd Virbhadra (divine subtle body) shall make use of any of these as per type of situation faced for tackling successfully. Thus it shall create an atmosphere of such a transformation that world humanity shall get mind boggled.

The 3rd Virbhadra created from the Sukshmikaran Prakriya or process of rendering the psyche subtle, shall fight fiercely this era’s those 10 Super Demons who have proved to be n fold more widespread and terrible than all demons noted in world history so far. In descriptions found regarding demigod-demon battles one after another more ferocious terrorizing demon has been mentioned. They were not killed by humans and that demigods too could not overpower them. In order to gain victory over them, Almighty Lord had to incarnate as many Avatars in this world. Regarding this the episode of Vritrasur comes to mind. He could not be dealt with even by king of heaven Indra. The auspicious hour of God’s Avtar manifestation too was not dawning. At that time one amongst all humans shouldered this task. A plan was designed to make a Vajra or thunderbolt from Rishi Dadhichi’s bones and only then was it thought possible to overpower the demon Vritrasur.

Rishi Dadhichi magnanimously handed over his bones for this meritorious task. From these bones a thunderbolt was made. With the aid of this super weapon Vritrasur was killed. Today too in these modern times this very method shall be at work. Demon Vritrasur has made a Vrit or ring like aura. There are varied forms of its atrocity and cruelty. In order to combat it vehemently only Rishi Dadhichi’s bones can aid our success. My 3rd Virbhadra shall fight this war and once again that foundation shall be generated which shall end from its very roots, this sport of world destruction.

The 3rd Virbhadra shall create an atmosphere that shall instill fear in the psyche of vile wicked people the world over. These lowly wicked people henceforth shall no longer be allowed to act as per their sadistic harmful whims and fancies. In their vile tasks some major obstacle shall appear and in place of benefits they shall reap nothing but huge losses. Such a dire hazard shall come their way that their vile desires shall get uprooted and in its place only despair shall stare at them. This 3rd Virbhadra shall help flow such a stream of thought in the world that when wicked people try to carry out heinous pain inflicting tasks they shall taste nothing but failure. Thus it shall create some cause or another that when vile terrorist like people try to act abominably as per their demonic whims and fancies they shall fail miserably in doing so.



The gross human body comprising of 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action, mind, intellect, psyche and ego is seen visibly acting in day to day living. Its governor is called Prani. A Prani or living being remains alive only until the gross body remains active. Social worldly transactions take place on its basis. Going ahead from day to day living there are 4 more bodies. They aid in attaining spiritual goals. Some say they are 3 and others say they are 5 in number. There are 3 Granthis or complexes called Brahmagranthi, Vishnugranthi and Rudragranthi. On its basis too Rishis have said there are 3 bodies viz. gross, subtle and causal. Yet as per other opinions Panchkoshas or 5 sheaths have been given a prime spot and along with this each sheath is said to be an independent body. These 5 Koshas are Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. As per this belief 5 bodies come into being. These are separate from 5 elements and the 5 Pranas too are different from them. Over here the 5 sheaths get imbued with vital force or Prana Energy by the 5 Divine Powers. Sun, Indra, fire, wind and Varun are their presiding deities.

In the goal of Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) these 5 sheaths are activated via such a special method that 5 amongst the 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) latch on to these 5 sheaths. These intertwined bodies are called Virbhadras. Amongst these all 5 have their independent bodies that are called Physical Body, Ethereal Body, Astral Body, Mental Body and Causal Body as per the belief of Theosophy. These are called 5 Lokas (subtle worlds) too. It is believed that an individual soul renders itself potent and strong in a particular state of the subtle body. At that time it starts dwelling in that particular Loka. The energies, Sidhis and fruits attained from every Loka are separate. During varied events these energies by conjoining to each other give birth to a 3rd very new potential. When which sheath has to make what type of effort? As per this sequence their admixtures get interwoven or get broken apart. This is very much similar to that management process of nature wherein despite energy being steadily imperishable dwells in varied forms and as per situations faced keep changing their form and sometimes it is noted in its assembled form.

The work arena of these 5 Virbhadras is very widespread and congregational meant for the entire world. ESP or Extrasensory Powers merely showcase individual miraculous feats but the potential of these sheaths one and the same time influences thousands of people of nature as per their mental credentials. They are given similar inspirations and are encouraged to walk in one direction and one path. Those who become capable of contacting this Virbhadra they experience that perforce they are pushed to work for a special mission in a very special direction. Ordinarily someone’s thinking is changed via public education, discourses, advice, pressure, enticements and strength of terror and thus people are made to do certain things despite not being in their nature by a potent personality as per his/her wish.

For this the 5 energies of the gross body ordinarily no doubt dwell in the gross body but when it is rendered subtle it exhibits its specialty. Their influence in a minor way can be noted in the gross body also but when its requirement is felt more in the subtle body they become terrifically powerful. The 5 independent energies of these 5 Virbhadras are as follows: Bioelectricity, Bio magnetism, Radiation, Creation, Reproduction and Immunity. When these become active the application and influence of all these 5 are utilized by the subtle body. In this methodology of Era Transformation the inner transformation of humans imbued with potent Prana Energy is executed since they shall play a leading role in it. In their qualities, action and inner nature such principles shall be imbued that even though from the trend standpoint they are not well versed with them yet for great goals their requirement is a must. In this manner transformation that sets in is rendered long lasting.

For changing one’s inner nature light pressure too can do the needful yet when they have to be made instruments/mediums for very high stature cosmic endeavors and have to be imbued with a state of doing something magnificent, then in the veins of these potent minded people new subtle injections are given. Where shall this process get executed? For this the optimal region is the subtle nerve network residing in the subtle body. These networks are called Yogic Chakras/subtle plexus also yet they are in actuality 2 separate principles. Gross nerve networks can be visualized yet the subtle electric flow is invisible. When for fighting a person is made to drink lots of alcohol this subtle existence executes such feats that man forgets life and death. Very similar to this via Virbhadra potential from a certain set of people tasks full of potent onrush (akin to those executed by Jatayu, Hanuman, Jamvant etc) are induced to carry out their plexuses are incited. The nature of each plexus varies. Hence keeping in mind what task needs to be done by which person some particular ones are tampered with. These plexuses are sacral, solar, cardiac pharyngeal and caverns. Lest they are correlated with subtle Chakras and nerve networks they can be said to dwell on either side of Ida-Sushumna-Pingala on the spine. Thus they can said to be bound to Mooladhar, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudhi and Ajna Chakras. All these influence the subtle body in a big way. Grossly although their vague signs are noted yet they are not seen to carry out any important major task. Yet when via a person some feats of the class of supermen are to be executed it appears that they are being incited. Regarding who is walking on which path of saints or is being made to walk, which plexus requires to be readied in which way, in what measure shall it be required to get incited, this controlled decision is taken very minutely by experts of the stature of Virbhadras.

Ordinary talent or personality in every task proves its specialty. Despite being weak bodily, small in height and very light in weight, anyone could happen to be skillful. Bang opposite to this despite a person being strong physically and heavy in weight he/she could lack skills. The moment some difficult task is to be done they get scared and their intellect gets totally confused. For becoming talented it is not that as though merely the designing of the physical body and its good health is enough. For it enzymes found in the subtle body play a major role. Enzymes are many in number yet in this episode those who play an apt role they are neurohumoral secretions emitted by the brain. In it dopamine, endorphin, gaba and histamine are special. These are directly related to the psyche and by activating the thinking process renders man radiant and potent minded. There are 5 neurological systems that render the mental plane powerful via this process. These systems are:

1)      Reticular Activating System

2)      Cortical Nuclei

3)      Thalamus

4)      Hypothalamus

5)      Medulla Spinal Cord

By itself the above 5 neurological systems are found in the body only yet they are controlled and managed in a well planned way. Via gross efforts they can never be influenced whereas via a mere touch by subtle prowess a lot of upheaval in them is witnessed and when its latent state awakens man in the spiritual field too showcases his special strength.

These applications are those with the help of which for goals of immense well being man exhibits his feats for important tasks oozing with steadfast sacred ideals. In order to activate and render special these hidden mysterious powers super powerful Virbhadras are required. Via these events good credential people full of steadfast zeal albeit of weak stature can play the role of powerful humans. Its application in a nutshell at a small level has been done recently in limited measure. Yet as per demands of contemporary modern age is forcefully knocking the doors of great radiantly talented people the world over.

In world history so many incidences are written wherein despite availability of power, material means and apt opportunity a person fails miserably when tested for ideals and enterprise. On the other hand such incidences have occurred wherein despite the body being commonplace and opportunity being similar on the basis of bodily/mental zest and apt intelligence they have done so much that others were spell bound witnessing their feats. Two examples of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are such wherein despite their aides and followers being ordinary lay people succeed in executing extraordinary tasks. This difference in the 2 examples given above is not based externally but is very much due to the inner personality. Such strong inner personalities can be developed by others too. At the hour of Era Transformation such specialties are very much required in a special way.

Contemporary transformations are one thing and rendering permanent transformation in man’s inner personality is very much a different story. No doubt Valmiki, Angulimal, Ajamil etc were wicked from birth itself yet later in life an extraordinary, mind boggling and permanent transformation was noted in their inner personality. Such transformations take place via divine consciousness’ inspiration and by directly influencing man’s subtle bioelectricity stream render them stupendously great. From the scientific viewpoint these transformations conjoined to bioelectricity can be noted active in 5 electrical arenas. These are: Plexus electricity, neuronal electricity, cellular electricity, conduction electricity and facial ocular electricity. In very easy straightforward terminology these can be called electricity conjoined to Chakra subtle nerve networks, electricity functional ceaselessly in cells of the muscular system, electricity circulating in pacemaker and special cells of the heart and electrical flow noted in the eyes and facial aura. Via special technology they can be made too. In the spiritual arena they are called Ojas, Tejas, Manas, Varchas etc. In comparison to flesh, blood etc of the body this bioelectricity present in the body is of greater importance. When this bioelectricity starts depleting and weakening in power man is rendered un-influential, weak, lusterless etc.

For great qualities, great glorious activities and walking the path of sacredness where required enterprise can be augmented there verve seen towards vile qualities and tainted activities can be decreased, quieted and completely uprooted too. For this task hormones function like master keys. These are those secreted juices that by directly getting secreted into blood from endocrine glands showcase their powerful influence. They aid in both tasks of increasing or decreasing. The chief endocrine glands that influence bodily hormones and juicy materials secreted by them are as follows: Pineal gland (melatonin), Pituitary gland (somatotropic hormone), Thyroid gland (thyroxin), Adrenal gland (ACTH) and Gonads (testosterone and estrogen). The testosterone of gonads is found in males and estrogen of gonads is found in females. By cooling these hormones man becomes very weak from the bodily, mental and procreation standpoint. His zest in every task becomes listless. The same holds true for other types of hormones. Basically in order to render humans very active, radiant zestful and mature they carry out their appointed functions. It is only a very experienced master who decides when, which and in what manner hormones have to be administered for rendering naught which particular wicked activity of a person. As per the state of soul consciousness while noting man’s psychic credentials called Patrata desired transformations are induced.

As mentioned previously all energies seen in human beings are certainly not dependent on his bodily blood, flesh, muscles etc. In fact creation of human radiant talent and personality development is very much dependent on the 5 types of bioelectrical flow. In order to nullify the radiant aura of the enemy these very magnetic powers of attraction are snatched away. In Tantric applications these very energy streams of the enemy is rendered weak and lusterless.

In order render strong or weak someone’s lineage their genes are influenced via mutation etc. Genes chiefly are of 2 type viz. DNA and RNA. From these genes are created. These genes then join together, to become chromosomes. It is these chromosomes who decide the type of lineage and are passed down from one generation to the next. In Lanka on this very basis the task of creating the same type of demons in gigantic numbers was executed. The birth of Kauravas (epic Mahabharat) took place from the womb of Gandhari via genetic engineering application conducted by Maharshi Vyas. Shringi Rishi via the medium of Charu (food offered to Yajna ritual fire) by influencing the subtle units of genes helped in the birth of Lord Rama, Bharat, Shatrughna and Lakshman.

On the basis of genetics itself specialties are noted in people of different regions, nations etc. People with very long life spans dwell in Uzbekistan, in Baluchistan Pathans are found, in Africa Negros are found etc. Their genealogy/pedigree is dependent on subtle units of genes. In future for Era Transformation when super radiant people shall be most required, this technique shall have to be taken to the level of genes.

For transformation of the mind and inner nature mere imparting of education shall not be enough. For this end required upheaval like churning shall have to be ushered in the 5 layers of human consciousness. The 5 coverings of consciousness are conscious mind, unconscious mind, super conscious mind, tainted mind and latent mind. The foundation of anyone’s greatness, lowliness, wisdom, foolishness etc is very much dependent on the above.

The basis of, what ratio gross objects-visible materials increase or decrease is widespread subtle rays found in the entire cosmos. These too are of 5 types: Ultraviolet, infrared, cosmic, radio waves and interstellar rays. On their basis an environment is created or gets tarnished. So many facets related to the environment like war frenzy, peace, goodwill, bodily-mental health, fearful world situations and manifestation of materials depend on the ratio and flow of these rays. There are 5 cosmic particles too related to them viz. neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons. Due their upheaval like movement the material world and environment get influenced and that increase-decrease is noted in production of materials. The animate world of creatures too does not remain uninfluenced by them.

In order to make people understand things various forms of media come in use very less. By showcasing speech, ears and scenes the mental state of humans can be influenced only in a miniscule measure. Subtle sound waves not only transform the brain but that exhibit their miraculous capability in other goals too. There are 5 sound waves chiefly: Sonic, ultrasonic, infrasonic, hypersonic and supersonic. Material scientists take energy based work from them but spiritual seers use them to train and transform the entire environment. No doubt it is wee bit difficult for modern day scientists to gauge as to which wavelength and frequency they execute their functions yet via Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) spiritual practice incitement of these a transformation is definitely seen in a widespread human congregation. On seeing these results only is it possible to gauge energy.

Along with sound waves cosmic particles neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons also play a major role in attraction-repulsion of cosmic/interstellar space energies. Between planet earth and the cosmos the solar system, other stars and galaxies keep moving by returning to their original position again and again. In order to render them well balanced these are made mediums.

The visible and invisible atmosphere-the spot of visible and subtle world dwells in those layers of earth and above earth which are known as spheres. The 5 parts of atmosphere related to planet earth are called lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, pedosphere and atmosphere. Above these is the ionosphere that stretches up to 500 km above the earth’s surface. When some gigantic and widespread transformation has to be executed on earth dirt/pollution found in these layers have to be cleaned totally. The 5 layers of the ionosphere are: Endo sphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere. Clouds, dust particles, jet streams etc dwell between the stratosphere and earth’s surface. The ozone layer, radio waves, cosmic rays, subtle rays, particles and other waves spread out between the above and exosphere. Via astronomy scientists only minor changes can be brought about in these layers but when distortions of the stature of partial or total world annihilation appear, hazards of widespread toxicity due to nuclear weapon testing etc that can create fearful world situations by intensely rendering these layers agitated, then its transformation and purging is possible only via a potent spiritual science. Scientists of such high stature are called Virbhadras. These must be known and accepted as powerful potentials of the conscious world.

The human body is a small microcosm yet in it entire cosmos’ gist/essence exists fully. The 5 capabilities of the body detailed previously can be said to be a gist edition of cosmic macrocosm energies. These are bioelectricity, bio magnetism, creative energy, radiations and resisting power. Our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is helping advance positive potentials that can digest these energies in various individuals via Sukshmikaran spiritual practice depending on each individual’s psyche credentials. In this 1 year time frame he has given them the name highly developed 5 Virbhadras. The more these can be awakened potently, the measure in which he shall get useful vessels and mediums, in that very measure it shall be well used in various aims of world and era transformation.

There are innumerable tasks like creation of divine human beings, purification of the environment, uprooting taints/dirt, production of means useful for neo creation, combating large looming dark clouds of world hazards successfully etc that shall get duly fulfilled optimally via awakened Virbhadras based on world requirements and contemporary times. Only time shall tell us all when, which mission and in what measure all this shall be rendered possible.

















Nature’s management is so all encompassing that if we say it is God’s very form it certainly is not erroneous. These nature’s arrangements include filling the breast of a pregnant mother with milk so that as soon as her baby is born it can assuage its hunger. Nature also helps render balanced this world of various creatures. Yet as against this nature’s harsh laws too are quite well known. Those who break nature’s laws shall definitely be meted out strict punishment.

These days man by using his brain capacity has advanced and amassed many material comforts and facilities. Man is continuously developing and has focused his attention on production. In human liking more utility value is being created so that non required but very alluring materials can be sold fast and thus from this selfish greed can accrue a lot of material benefits. This very one sided lone insane rush has forced man to forget as to what shall be the reaction of this so called progress and civilization on world’s balance. By losing ecological balance man instead of attaining facilities and benefits shall coil around his neck perforce such a snake of dire situations around his neck akin to a noose that it shall but bring the message of his total destruction only.

One-sided materialism akin to an uncontrolled unruly demon is known to eat up the one who nourishes it. Lest we wish to accrue useful benefits from the demon called modern science most definitely it must controlled via imbibing of spiritualism and human ethical glorious behavior.

No doubt it is good that man marches ahead on the path of progress and development. The progress exhibited by modern science has been a very big achievement of this era. It has given world humanity a new zest wherein for a bright future for more joy augmenting a lot can be done and this is exactly being executed too. In these very centuries scientific discoveries and inventions have given mankind a lot and in so many realms zest full of hope has been ushered in. The importance of these attainments certainly cannot be falsified or negated.

Along with scientific progress the importance of that augmenting noted in humanity’s material comforts cannot be denied at all. In arenas of transport, travel, factories, industries, agriculture, sculpting, entertainment, medical therapy, education etc in comparison to people living 100-200 years previously today people possess many more material means and facilities. The facilities got with the aid of electricity, wireless, radio, telephone, media, newspapers, internet, computers, cell phones etc although do not seem very amazing since they are used akin to drinking water daily, yet if a man born 500 years previously comes in our midst to see all this today in the 21st century and compares today’s situation with that of his times he shall feel that he is roaming in some unknown world of demons. High speed vehicles have their own hi-fi grandeur. Facilities got due to railways, motors, air planes, yachts etc should in no way be seen as less in importance. The attainments in the field of Allopathic medicine and surgery are quite astounding. Via movies, radio, TV etc even poor people get their share of entertainment. Progress noted in space travel has rendered human feet akin to those of Lord Vaman who could measure the entire cosmos with 3 steps of his tiny feet. In the world of weapon technology the ‘business’ of mass killings has become so easy that even a small child can end the very existence of all creatures on earth in a couple of seconds.

Man is getting ready to sit on the throne of the creator of this world by attaining success in fields of artificial insemination in birds/beasts and human test tube baby or IVF technique. Via gigantic self propelling technology work of mythological demons is taken from them. The demon Ravan of epic Ramayan fame was known to order God Varun to fill water, God Wind to fan him and God Fire to balance optimally the effect of various seasons. Today in modern times all of us akin to Ravan’s attainments possess water pumps, light from electricity, fans, refrigerators, heaters, coolers etc. Just about anyone can fly in Ravan’s Pushpak air plane and via air or water travel it is easy like Hanuman to cross various seas in a matter of few hours.

Within a branch of the Science of Somiology pertaining to the brain, such research is being carried out that for some time man’s thinking process gets changed not on in a temporary onrush like manner but in a permanent way. Just as via plastic surgery bodily parts by getting cut up renders an otherwise ugly body very beautiful similarly if the basis of the thinking of the brain and sensitivity is transformed it shall become happily agreeable to become an obedient servant of its doctor called the brain.

Schemes and programs like converting the salty sea water into that fit for drinking, inducing artificial rains, rendering arid lands fertile in desserts, attaining fuel/energy from nuclear reactors, getting wealth from the ocean by milking it, rendering old parts anew are such that in man’s eyes the new light of hope is seen to dazzle.

By becoming intoxicatingly arrogant due to these achievements man is harboring the demonic ego of being the lord and boss of material nature and in the frenzy of rendering himself ‘all powerful’ right from making nuclear weapons for mass killing/destruction he is marching ahead in sheer frenzy to showcase unruly arrogance in day to day social transactions too. In the onrush of attaining success he is losing all sensibility and true wisdom. Its dire consequences are now looming large in front of him.

Factories and high speed vehicles ceaselessly by coughing up toxic smoke and gases is rendering the atmosphere poisonous. Mineral fuel burnt in these factories are being mined and milked at such a maddening pace that the entire storehouse the world over of these fuels shall not even last till the end of the 21st century. Further since ores and chemicals too are mined in gigantic measure earth’s womb is losing all its natural wealth. Along with losing this wealth earth’s important potential too is being depleted manifold and its effect is being seen on creatures who sustain on earth’s natural produces. Rubbish/garbage from rising number of factories especially in urban areas thrown into water areas are rendering the latter undrinkable and non usable. While breathing air and drinking water a doubt lurks in our mind that along with it slow poison is entering our body or not. Pollution emitted by factories, vehicles etc due to the Greenhouse Effect is increasing the temperature levels of interstellar space and thus the hazard of ice/snow melting in cold regions and over flooding in oceans is on the rise day by day. Due to a rain of cosmic rays/radiations, the ozone layer that protects planet earth like armor no longer can endure the onslaught of toxicity directed at it. Thus this ozone layer is tearing up slowly but surely. If this trend continues those solar rays that help mature growth of life on earth in the absence of a sieve called the ozone layer shall enter earth in such humungous measure that it can open up the doors of destruction the world over.

The new trend of advancing nuclear energy not only has commenced spreading radiations everywhere but also has cropped up the problem of where to dispose off, the nuclear toxic ash remaining behind in nuclear reactors? Wherever this toxic ash is thrown away there hazards of alarming type shall definitely appear.















This is the story of misuse of scientific attainments the more it is becoming advanced wherein joy is less and sorrow/anguish rule the roost. This trend has just not stopped and in fact day by day it is spreading its vicious net everywhere. Till date all harm faced, all problems undergone are not being solved at all hence what is worrisome is that if the above increases manifold in days to come say, what dire consequences shall have to be faced by world humanity? This can be gauged easily that misuse of scientific attainments even in a miniscule time period has cropped up such dire results and in future if this augments what gigantic harm shall have to be faced.

The philosophy of modern science has its basis on tangible proof. It says that whatever is seen directly in front of us especially by the 5 sense organs only can be said to be true. These conclusions of theirs have given a chief spot to today’s trend of running insanely after benefits that are tangible. Since the controlling discipline of subtle/unseen is overlooked totally modern science has no place for Almighty God, righteousness, religion and self control, pious ethical behavior and meritorious deeds/Punya conjoined to these. By labeling discipline and do’s and don’ts blind faith it has been sidestepped totally. This is done because they feel else man’s individual comforts shall lessen in measure. The theory of demand and supply says that in whatever manner, how much ever benefit one can accrue must be pursued and that in this sacred ideals and ethics must not be allowed to ‘interfere’. This very belief rendering the killing of birds-beasts very ‘natural’ has made this business rise manifold. Over and above harboring hard heartedness towards other creatures does not restrict this vile behavior to them only but that man behaves despicably towards other human beings of his own fraternity too. Over and above labeling mankind the vehicle of beastly behavior/activities carrying out unobstructed lewd sexual acts too has become a very major part of his lowly nature.

In order to unfold new streams of science and intellectualism and on its basis ‘modernity’ that is exhibiting miracles of attaining immediate even if they are fleeting benefits, uprooting ethics and gentlemanly pious behavior from its very fount is rendering man demonically self willed and unruly.






Today sexual lust is looked upon as nature based entertainment and it is imbibed in an uncontrolled free manner. As a result sexual activity devoid of any sane control is setting up a new dire world situation in the form of population explosion. Even though family planning schemes to feticides are noted everywhere yet world population is increasing in a worrisome swift manner. On entire earth world population is increasing akin to interest got on recurring deposit. One gives birth to four, four gives birth to sixteen, sixteen to sixty four and thus the story of population growth is unending. Three thousand years previously only 300,000,000 people resided on entire earth. Today this number has risen hectically to 6,000,000,000 people.

It seems that in the next 20 years this number by doubling at least shall create such a disaster that no doubt food and housing scarcity shall be seen n fold but that it shall be difficult to walk on the pavement too.

Earth has the capacity to bestow life sustaining materials to only a limited number of people. It cannot nourish and sustain unlimited number of creatures. Increasing world population is already posing innumerable hazards. Land used for food grain production via agriculture is proving to be scanty. For housing purposes high rise multistoried buildings are being constructed yet land for agriculture and other tasks is being required in much greater measure. Jungles are being cut up prolifically. Despite strict laws coming into being deforestation is being carried out in a big way to use that bare land. Forests are being ceaselessly chopped off. As a result the road of obstructing air pollution is being shut perilously. Each year since roots are chopped off during deforestation excess flooding is noted, fertile land decreases and gets instead converted to barren arid dessert areas. Since the depth of rivers are decreasing water scarcity problems are looming large ferociously everywhere. It is so difficult to procure wood for furniture making, buildings and burning for fuel purposes too. Despite realizing the harm to be endured as a result of insane forest chopping land is most required for housing, food production, roads, schools and dams. All this is but the tainted consequence of population explosion. To this is conjoined one more misfortune in the form of urban population increasing frenziedly. Increasing urbanization due to dirt and squalor spread by crowded areas is becoming a living hell.





Man fearfully surrounded by chaotic noise, pollution, dirt, squalor, illnesses and other hardships is losing his very life force/Prana energy day after day. Bodily and mental ailments are rendering him old and decrepit. In order to hide ugliness based on weakness of all sorts, man sees only one solution and that is to decorate and adorn his gross body in a superficial vain manner. The storm of beauty aids used to hide bodily and mental distortions by rendering man sense titillated, wanton, extravagant in handling cash and demonically egoistic is setting up a new type of hazard.

If we open up shiny jazzy coverings, it shall be noted that whatever man has attained in these centuries in comparison to it he has lost a lot more. No doubt material comforts and facilities are rising frenetically but in return right from man’s life force to his gentle ethical nature is being depleted in a very downfallen manner. Human beings are living in such a state that it is akin to that of ghosts/devils. Man lives amidst dire solitude of a graveyard reeking with fear and inflicting fear in the psyche of others.

These days in order to amass material wealth everyone is restless yet even though for this capability, integrity and hard honest effort is required people opt to amass the same free of cost, quickly, twiddling thumbs in their homes in a hook or by crook manner. Thus for such people there is no option but to pursue dishonest, illegal and fraudulent means. These days in the name of progress and development, the avarice to become stinking rich is reaching sky rocketing heights. People spend extravagantly at any cost and are imbibing so many bad habits like alcohol, drug and other intoxicants abuse. The result of this gory mentality can only be one and that is man is being engulfed by more and more bad tainted qualities. Since mutual trust and goodwill based sentiments are fast diminishing, it is a million dollar question as to whether humanity can live carefree happy lives of love and cooperation between one another.

Since haywire unruliness has cropped up like weeds everywhere it seems that progressive attainments have been taken possession of or else in the name of new achievements excess zest manifesting by becoming a devilish ego has blatantly flouted eternal human and spiritual values in a scoffing manner. Amongst these 2 whichever may be the root cause, yet know for sure both are a source of deep worry.





Half the entire world’s brilliantly talented people are somehow or the other associated with industries related for war purposes. Capital and funds of gigantic amounts are invested for this end. The very thinking and skills of leaders of the world too are in nexus with all this. Lest this entire system is used for war goals only know that nuclear weapons shall doubtlessly render planet earth powdered to dust. Thus over here nothing like ‘life’ shall exist in future. Lest no war is waged a new other type of hazard shall crop up wherein what should be done about nuclear bombs and other explosive materials already produced in large numbers? Today public power, wealth power and material mean power is invested for war purposes. Thus henceforth, how to turn upside down successfully this problem, so that these 3 powers are used for world welfare tasks only.

Amongst these the most terrible is man’s lopsided thinking. Man has become nothing short of a ghost since he reeks with narrow minded selfishness, indolence, immersed in sense gratification and an unethical character. It just does not matter if externally he dons the superficial garb of a god or ‘pious’ saint. Today’s dire world conditions has rendered all diseased physically, lacking useful materials, worried, stressed out, intolerant and desirous of selfish gains. How can all this come to a grinding halt? By living in these very conditions can anything be achieved in future times to come? Due to this worry it is quite natural that every thinking person is rendered perplexed and in a fix. One just cannot predict what shall happen in future?

On this very basis every scientist, thinker, economist and sociologist of the world are worried about the possibility of a pain bestowing world annihilation. What shall happen in future? Definitely no prophecy can be made regarding this. The future remains veiled and unpredictable. Nothing can be prophesized about it beforehand. Destiny does not say that a certain incidence in future shall occur in this or that manner. As per situations faced imaginations or possibilities regarding the future can prove to be totally wrong. Yet based on certain glaring facts a lot of inference can be made regarding future possibilities and to a great extent they come true also.

If we leave aside astrologers who make mathematical calculations and people who predict the future using their advanced Extrasensory Powers/ESP even then based on facts the importance of people showcasing guidelines regarding future events shall definitely remain because on that basis important contribution is made available that aid establishing of present day activities. Hence today astrology that encompasses making prophecies about the future is being accepted as a very important science amongst high intellectuals the world over and it is being augmented and upheld with great zest.

The advancement of the knowledge branch of prophesying has been done in a very high stature manner in USA. The government there under the leadership of Prof Daniel Wale set up a committee wherein in the year 2000 AD what shall be the world’s nature has been put forth prophetically. The committee’s report has been published in 5 volumes.

Apart from this the head of Herman Institute, Herman Kohn and his associate Anthony Weiner has written a book on this very topic called ‘The year 2000 AD: A framework for speculation’. In it too by the end of the 20th century a well detailed and factual description of world future events has been mentioned.

In the past days too these types of books predicting future events have been published and are called ‘Utopia’. A collection of many such books has been published under the title of ‘Yesterdays Tomorrows’.  In the past Bertrand Russell, Thomas Moore, Aldus Huxley, Swift, Brelsford and other thinking scholars have published books either regarding the entire world or a particular region of the world. 

These predictions made are certainly not based on some random haphazard wild imagination but that behind them keeping in mind present activities and future situations some sort of definite conclusion is drawn. By taking help of facts related to science’s progress, industrial development, political upheavals, population explosion, limited founts of various means, transformation in human nature, balance as far as demand and supply is concerned etc this conclusion is drawn as to in what position the camel of future shall sit down. All these facts influence each other. In which direction is a particular fact leaning towards? In future what kind of twists shall be noted in them? Those who possess radiant power of imagination in order to truly understand this chess game and are also gathering required facts in their real form, for such people it is not tedious to draw conclusions of future events that generally prove to be true later. Big time corporate firms of highly developed countries are known to set up one entire department that research into these future prophecies and for this these industry honchos spend hefty amounts of cash.

Within the knowledge branch of futurology in the recent past one particular institute of USA is executing important research studies and its name is Rand. It has a gigantic building near Santa Monica beach. In it many highly intellectuals by studying deeply the world’s various activities on gauging future possibilities placed forth those conclusions that gave useful suggestions to various classes of USA. One amongst these researchers was Herman Kohn. By dissociating himself from the above institute he set up a new one very similar to the previous one. He named it the Herman Kohn Institute. It was also labeled ‘think tank’ by others. Herman is said to be one of the leading intellectuals of the world.

A very important book written by Herman is called ‘On thermo nuclear bar’. In this book he has highlighted nuclear wars, their possibility and their heinous reactions. He has hence suggested that regarding this fearful situation what should America do? This book has created a great upheaval in the psyche of laymen and the USA government. On the one hand the publisher of the book eulogized this book a great deal yet by calling the author ‘idiot genius’ also scoffed at him. Whatever may have been the case, Herman studiously continued with his research endeavor. In his research institute 75 people worked. Amongst these 35 were very high stature scholars imbued with the power of subtle vision and hindsight. This futurist weighing 300 pounds has earned world renown as a walking talking computer. Time and again prophecies made by Herman as far as politics and the corporate world is concerned have come true.

Herman Kohn has drawn the world’s attention to population explosion, increased material prosperity, increased government controls, increased scientific advancement and increased selfish greed and has said that well in time these fearful trends must be stopped from proliferating further else in the 21st century very disastrous situations shall have to be faced the world over. Today’s progress in future days can prove to be a noose in the neck of mankind.

Doubtlessly man has developed unlimitedly in the past few centuries. This era of ours is called that of progress. Regarding this progress it is said that those attainments and information got by our ancestors in comparison to them today’s modern attainments are n fold more. This declaration is true only up to a certain point that doubtlessly augmenting has been witnessed yet what needs to be pondered over is that in which direction has this progress headed towards? Moving forward could be either in the direction of uplifting or it could lead to a massive downfall too. We cannot say that progress has been achieved merely due to increased production of material comforts and various facilities. In fact true development involves right wholesome usage of these materials by harboring true wisdom. Lest these increased materials however advanced scientifically are misused for destructive purposes leading to the world’s overall downfall we can only say that in comparison to this ‘progress’ that situation of lack was much better wherein mankind lived lives of true love, affection, goodwill and peaceful contentment.

In which direction has present progress been attained? What exactly have we achieved from it? How much has it contributed towards increasing man’s bodily, mental and social peace? Has it increased human pen chance for imbibing more and more human and spiritual values? All this is food for thought and must be deeply cogitated over.

West Germany is the leader in Europe as far as highly developed industrialization is concerned and France is said to be richest in entire Europe. The citizens of both these countries possess a lot of material comforts and are materially very prosperous.

Yet these rich citizens have no spare time to think over the fact that apart from using this prosperity for individual sense merriment other wholesome welfare tasks too can be executed. They feel instead that the joy bestowing titillation they get from material objects is the be all and end all of life. Solely in Paris city there are such clubs numbering 1500 where young men and women dance nakedly and are immersed in sense titillating music. Use of intoxicants there has reached sky rocketing heights. In East Germany 400,000 men and 200,000 women are such that day and night are immersed in intoxicant abuse. In France for every set of 100,000 citizens each year 20 people become victims of road accidents since they use intoxicants in untold measure. In America due to drug alcohol abuse number of people dying every year is 350,000.

When Russia is all set to compete in a cut throat manner with USA in all walks of life why should it remain behind as far as abuse of intoxicants is concerned? In Russia 20,000,000,000 roubles or as per Indian currency 200,000,000,000 rupees are spent in drinking vodka alcohol.

The stress of a lonely life, perturbed mind and indefinite suspicions is becoming such a heavy burden that people without devouring sleeping pills they cannot rest their brains into much required tranquility. These sleeping pills have become a part of daily meals. Tension increasing day after day induces man to par take intoxicant drugs. But the effect of these drugs diminishes in tandem with higher dosage intake and hence perforce man devours more and more of these drugs. At such times one feels that one has solved the problem of lack of sleep, yet due to this pill intake, such toxicity enters the deep recesses of the body’s subtle centers that various types of bodily and mental diseases emerge. In fact these drugs devoured by parents harm their new born baby right since its inception in their mother’s womb. In USA each year 250,000 children are born physically and mentally challenged. Last year such handicapped children born touched a high number of 15,000,000. In England for every 40 new born babies 1 born is either handicapped or mentally challenged. In Hong Kong the ratio is 1 handicapped for every 87, in Spain 1 for every 75, in Australia 1 for every 53 etc. The one sole reason for this is habit of intoxicant usage increasing both in males and females. At night they cannot sleep without using sleeping pills.

In both marriages and divorces Americans very ‘zestfully’ become participants. There each year 1,913,000 new marriages and 534,000 divorces are recorded. In every 3.5 marriages at least 1 undergoes divorce. In that country these days 30,000,000 women instead of getting entangled in the noose of marriage are living as spinsters and others on once experiencing bitter venom on getting married get divorced and vow not to marry again.

What kind of mal influence is seen on children in a family reeking with loose morals and unethical tendencies? One can gauge this via one lone data that before reaching the mature age of 18 years 1 out of every 6 American youth lands in jail due to pursuing big time criminal acts.

This is one facet of development that can be noted with the gross eye and a gross intellect also on the basis of tangible proof with which it understands development’s perilous consequences. Yet there are innumerable other such snapshots which on remaining veiled renders the lay public uninformed about its destructive effect. Take for example drug and alcohol abuse. Almost the same measure of wealth and human labor is utilized in producing intoxicating materials and drugs as is used in war based industries. One can calculate how much of his life span man has burnt up in waging wars. If man’s average age is said to be 60 years and that those dying fighting wars do so at the age of 35 years, it can be safely said that an average soldier burnt to naught 25 years of his life in fighting heinous wars. Lest in wars 100,000 people die we have to accept that 2,500,000 years of human life span has been sacrificed in wars. Now take the other example of intoxicant abuse. If we believe that half the world’s population drink alcohol, take drugs etc and amongst those 2,000,000,000 people each human is decreasing 10 years of his life span in intoxication, it shall be said that 20,000,000,000 years of human life span has been engulfed by the demon called intoxicant abuse. Not only is this no less than wars waged but that this sort of resultant destruction super cedes it n fold. If we compare wealth and human labor used in making war technology as against that used for making and buying intoxicant materials know that the latter beats the former hollow. Dynamite is lit and after the explosion no clue about it remains behind. Even when intoxicants are used they get destroyed immediately and thus to this extent both show similar results. Yet the unseen influence of intoxicant abuse lasts much longer later too. Those people who use it live chaotic diseased lives and pass their days wailing aloud in rank anguish. This dire mal influence gets passed on from generation to generation.

It is said that by drinking alcohol etc one’s indolence decreases and that one’s sorrow faced in life melts away. Hence why execute those tasks that induce indolence and sorrow? One can live a carefree life of civility and thus get saved from situations that create indolence and strife. Lest in place of destruction creative tasks of well being are pursued and in place of intoxicants a gigantic milk industry is set rolling such arrangements can be made that each person daily gets 1 liter of milk to drink. By using dung of animals especially aged beasts who can no longer give useful products like milk etc barren arid lands can be rendered fertile on a war footing.

A small example of human brain’s destructive and creative potential is that in the name of war and intoxication induces such a massive downfall and that man persists in chopping off his own legs with an axe.

So far we have spoken about only misuse pursued by the human brain. The influence of these dire results and misuse most definitely falls on material nature/Prakriti. How agitating and destructive shall these be? One cannot even imagine it! How shall the reaction of natural calamities pose hazards for the very existence of the human race? The answer is that it can be seen in the form of population explosion, air/water pollution and distortions setting in due to insane milking of nature based wealth. Its analysis and description has time and again been given by authoritative brilliantly talented people, experts and scholars the world over.



























To the extent trees, plants etc contribute in maintaining our environment’s optimal balance no other unit of nature is capable of doing so. For purification of poison mixing in the atmosphere day by day  and for nourishment of life on earth in the augmenting of useful principles they play the role of mute but living security guards. On seeing their important generous boons in ancient times seer Rishis proclaimed that nourishing and protecting lush greenery everywhere is equivalent to attaining merits when we worship Almighty God. Planting new tree saplings is equivalent to charity, good merits, pilgrimages, worship and spiritual penance. This belief was not without reason. Due to innumerable gifts given by trees, herbs etc they were given so much importance.

An era commenced wherein for immediate benefits blind chopping of forest trees etc took place since tree wealth help a great deal in man amassing mundane grandeur. This act’s far reaching but important future reactions were totally ignored. As a result the entire ecological cycle went haywire. The result of this was mankind staring at fearful dire world situations. Unseasonal rains, cold, heat etc manifesting, excess rains, famine etc are so many nature based anger that they are but the tainted result of destroying forest wealth known to render nature optimally balanced.

In the sequence of nature based upheavals a new chain has conjoined in the form of landslides etc. Thus each year large areas of fertile lands have to be lost. Along with this innumerable people have to enter the jaws of death. Since recent years in nearby areas of the lofty Himalaya Mountains the number of landslide episodes noted is augmenting fast. At night on 16th August 1979 it rained cats and dogs in Kotha village of Chameli district. Since landslides accompanied these rains the entire village got buried in that soil. It was akin to a graveyard. In August 1978 in Himachal Pradesh when a big landslide took place about 1300 people died and hundreds got injured. In this very month at midnight on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday) 300 people of Shishna village in Pithoragadh village got buried under the debris of a landslide that suddenly appeared. Thousands of birds and beasts too died as a result. On that very night in a village nearby called Gashila innumerable people died due to landslides. Agricultural land and houses got totally destroyed. In the same way on 15th August 1977 in Tavadhar region since a huge crack emerged on the ground hundreds died prematurely.

The reason for the above episodes according to land preservation expert Eric Ekholm is trees being chopped off insanely in mountain regions. He says that the important found of India’s prosperity viz. the Himalaya Mountains are very ‘ill’. This illness is taking the form of massive landslides. Scientists attached to Indian Agricultural Research Association have warned that lest the chopping off of Himalaya Mountain foliage wealth is not stopped entire India shall perforce face dire consequences of all this. Via River Ganga waters thousands of hectares of agricultural land gets irrigated. On an average River Ganga water gives benefits of the value of Rupees 3,000,000,000 per year. Due to landslides the flow of direction of Ganga could change. Scientists while clearly throwing light on the causes of landslides scientists say that at a height of 13,000 feet Himalaya’s tree wealth is being destroyed lunatic ally. Since forests are cut up the capacity to obstruct water gets depleted. The solidity of soil and stones remains because of trees growing there. The moment these trees are cut up artificial ponds emerge on the ground and thus episodes of landslides manifest one after another.

After carrying out a detailed study and analysis the head of geology of Kumaon University while placing a report says that in the central junction region of Himalayas there is a strip of weak rocks. Majority of landslides of the past few decades have occurred in this strip region. In present times the chief cause of increasing number of landslides in this area is deforestation and usage of explosive materials to tear apart huge rocky materials. These experts carrying out various studies say that in these region a strict ban must be placed on cutting green trees, plants etc. Along with this no type of explosive material must be used here. Lest these suggestions are ignored a situation of super destruction may emerge any moment.

Geologists opine that India is losing 8000 hectare land each year that can be cultivated for agricultural purposes because since forests on mountains are being cut up rain water running down swiftly creates huge holes and cracks. Since in rivers sand and soil get clogged more its breadth and region of flow expands. Since the past 30 years deforestation has taken place much more. As per one statistical data each year 6000 ton fertile soil by flowing away enters river waters. In the River Ganga region each year soil that can render 45,000,000 acres of land more fertile is being lost. Till date in entire India 425,000,000 acre land has been destroyed due to landslides. Land measuring 17,500,000 acres has become useless due to increase of acidity and saltiness. Since river water levels have arisen a lot, each year 50,000,000 acre land gets engulfed by excess flooding and since no arrangements for this water’s clearance is made it remains useless. The level height of soil fit for agriculture is generally of the measure of up to 20 cm. In it nourishing elements like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous predominate. Other 13 types of nourishing elements and other microbes are found that augment the land’s fertility capacity. Due to landslides this fertile soil layer gets destroyed that cannot be replaced by any synthetic man made fertilizer.

Geologists opine that lest deforestation is not strictly stopped then in just a few years India shall lose a major chunk of land capable of growing a lot of useful crops. Floods seen year after year are not due to monsoons but are the result of nature’s wrath in the form of calamities. Monsoons are those gifts of Mother Nature whereby crops sustain life. Since trees are chopped off insanely the incidences of floods have increased in tandem. As a result each year floods take away with them layers of fertile soil very useful for agriculture and thus displays its sport of havoc and destruction. For environmental balance in 1/3rd of the portion of earth it is believed that trees must grow there flourishingly. As against this in India, much less than 1/4th i.e. about 22% of earth constitutes forest area. It is for this reason that as a result of nature’s ire floods, famines, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes etc are on the rise in a worrisome manner.






















By itself the story of earthquakes has been associated inseparably to planet earth right since its birth. In the ancient civilizations of Japan a detailed note of worship of earthquake god or deity is given. As per their belief earthquake deity angered due to the unruly demonic behavior of human beings manifests its destructive form and along with humans strictly punishes entire world creatures. In various countries of the world too one finds such beliefs in vogue regarding this yet since their scientific cause is not available they are not believed to be true and factual. The great world renowned Greek philosopher Aristotle says that when man behaves very intolerably towards nature the latter by emitting steam from the deep womb of earth creates explosion in weak regions.

As per Chinese mythological tales earth too breathes like us human beings. When some obstruction occurs in man’s breathing process of inhaling-exhaling, the way in which man gasps for air and that one’s very life is at stake, very similar to this when obstacles come in the way of earth’s breathing earthquakes manifest. On this very basis the well known scientist Charles F Richter invented the Richter scale that measures earthquakes. Each year on planet earth 1,400,000 quakes/quivers occur yet amongst these only 6000 can be measured. As of today these quakes are augmenting in intense fashion and each year a lot of increase is seen in earthquakes that manifest. Their intensity too is increasing which has become the cause of extraordinary loss of human/creature life, wealth, property etc.

Right since creation of planet earth till date millions of earthquakes have manifested. In future days the episode of 9 planets stationing themselves in one straight line with sun is such a rare one in entire world history that is taking place along with other incidences. Examples of these are total solar eclipse, the year in which number of sunspots reached its peak, lunar eclipses, meteors etc. The influence of all these episodes affects the magnetic field areas of earth in a massive way. Thus predictions are being made regarding the possible appearance of such earthquakes that have never been seen so far in the annals of world history.

In order to gauge the destructive force of future earthquakes that could appear it is apt to unearth data regarding earthquakes that have so far already manifested. Those that have destroyed earth materials, human lives etc the most they have created a scene akin to Pralaya or world annihilation. Amongst natural calamities if we were to say which is the most destructive and that has posed biggest sorrow giving hazards one can safely say they are earthquakes. No other nature based calamity has given mankind so much destruction and all sorts of losses to endure that have been painfully inflicted by earthquakes. Why do earthquakes manifest? What is the solution to stop them? In order to understand all this for years efforts are being made in this direction yet till date no definite cause of why earthquakes manifest has been unveiled. Since the cause is yet unknown the question of how to actually stop them shall remain unanswered. At the most only this much is possible that just a few moments before earthquakes actually manifest we can gauge that earth below has started quivering. But this information is got in such miniscule moments before the earthquakes actually manifests that there is just not enough time to shift materials and human beings from that area to safer havens. Under such situations it is just about the same thing whether you know beforehand or do not know at what point in time an earthquake is about to appear.

On earth there are such areas where the incidences of earthquakes are much more. In it predominate, Japan’s islands, China, Andes mountain chain, East Anatolia and Western USA region. By itself it is not possible to declare that earthquakes take place in this limited region or that. This is because earthquakes can appear at just about anytime and anywhere. Yet in the regions mentioned above the possibility of earthquake appearance in comparison to other regions is n fold more.

In the recent past earthquakes witnessed in Maharashtra, Nepal, Bihar etc have broken all records of earthquakes that manifested previous to these. In order to gauge their havoc inflicting ferocity the fearful situations created by earthquakes appearing so far can be rendered the basis. As per one inference each year 15000 people enter the jaws of death due to earthquakes. It is well nigh impossible to measure the losses pertaining to wealth, property etc. In the year 1960 in Morocco, Chile and Iran due to earthquakes 17000 people had died and about 500,000,000,000 rupees worth wealth of all sorts was powdered to pulp.

In the year July 1976 in China’s Tungshan district an earthquake appeared and is said to be the most terrible havoc creating one of the 20th century. Due to it merely in the Tungshan district 800,000 people died whereas the total population here was 1,000,000. Those people who somehow did not lose their lives were not rendered totally protected. This is because a major number of them were inflicted with bodily harm. Some lost their hands, some their legs and so on. Some lost their eyes and the face of many was disfigured so badly because of being buried in the debris of buildings they were dwelling in being razed down by this massive earthquakes. As per eye witnesses just before the earthquake actually appeared, in the sky above this region a dazzling light had manifested. This light was seen even by those people dwelling in regions 200 miles away where the earthquake effect was zero. For a few seconds due to the earth quivering deafeningly the explosion that followed was so loud that crops growing in a large number of acres got uprooted in such a way that they got flung to regions akin to removing cream layer in milk and transferring it into another vessel. The Tungshan town was the epicenter of this earthquake and the ground in the center of this ground got torn apart and the crack that emerged was very wide in breadth and long spanning number of miles. In this crack thousands of humans, buildings, roads and people walking there on roads got flung into. Due to the massive push of this earthquake people walking, sitting and sleeping on roads flew high into the sky at a height of many feet. It was but natural that in these havoc conditions innumerous trees etc got uprooted so as to get flung away to far off regions. Railway tracks and pipelines laid underground got bent and broken in such a way that it seemed as though someone had wound a string in coils.

In September 1923 in Japan’s Tokyo-Yakohama region such a destructive earthquake had manifested that the floor of this entire region tilted in one direction in such a way akin to someone cutting it apart. In this earthquake 500,000 buildings fell down with a thud and about 1,200,000 people died. In the nearby bay area, 36 feet crack opened up and in populated areas such a ferocious fire appeared that there for 3 whole days buildings, houses, trees, plants etc burnt crackling. Three years previous to this in the Consu region on the borders of Tibet-China such an earthquake appeared wherein within a few seconds about 200,000 people died. In this very region in December 1932 the destructive havoc of an earthquake witnessed by many people are alive even today. In this ghastly episode 70,000 people died battered.

In the year 1908 in an earthquake appearing in Italy’s Mosina city not only 100,000 people died but that the entire city got destroyed so badly that no sign of its ruins too exist today. The jerks of this earthquake were felt in other cities of Italy too and in these areas also about 50000 people had died. In May 1970 in Peru nation of South America continent along with an earthquake such heavy downpour of rainfall was noted. Rocky ice pieces on breaking apart fell from mountain tops thus powdering to pulp buildings and people coming in their way. A similar strange earthquake appeared in June 1692 on the seashore of Jamaica in West Indies. At that time, sea waves akin to hot boiling water rushed ahead into the interior of Jamaica city. A ship standing on the shores of Port Real for repair purpose, flowed away into the interiors of Jamaica in this flowing boiling sea water. This ship while battering to shreds buildings, houses and hundreds of people parked itself at the other end of the city. Along with the loss noted of wealth and humans, such changes were noted in the geological designing of this area that 2/3rd of this city became sea water. Ocean waves started rising high many feet in Jamaica city. Even after about 200 years only the upper portion of buildings of Jamaica was seen since the remaining portion was submerged under sea water. This destruction took place within a matter of a few minutes only.

A very similar earthquake was noted in the year 1955 in Portugal’s Lisbon area. The very 1st forceful jerk of this earthquake razed down to the ground 85% of buildings there and thousands of people died as a result. After 40 minutes a 2nd tremor was experienced that razed down the remaining buildings. A ferocious inferno blazed there in the debris of these buildings. This fire did not douse by any human effort but that it got doused only when along with a 3rd tremor ocean waves at a height of 16-20 feet dashed into the city. Due to this earthquake an area of 1,300,000 miles got affected very badly. In Morocco, Spain and West Indies too this sort of a destructive havoc scene appeared. The same trend of a gigantic measure tremor experienced and after that the same gory upheaval noted due to sea waves dancing menacingly at great heights. In Spain the sea waves rose boiling at a huge height of 60 feet.

























In Algeria on 10th October 1980 a massive earthquake appeared. Those who read news printed in a leading newspaper shall remember that in it 25,000 people died. Further about 200,000 were rendered homeless and badly wounded. The moment the news of this earthquake spread various countries of the world immediately sent medical teams, workers of voluntary organizations and materials like food, water, tents, medicines etc. But due to this earthquake Al Asnan city and its nearby areas were so badly battered that no vehicles or communication systems could operate there. In 24 hours this area this area despite being situated bang in the central region of the world got isolated in all ways.

This earthquake remained most intense for about 15-20 seconds. The Richter scale measured its intensity as 7.5. On the Richter scale the most intense measurement is 12 wherein it manifests a scene of total annihilation/destruction. Huge rocks and hills start flying high in the air and even the heaviest object jump high and land with a deafening bang in far off regions. Rivers and streams stray away from their appointed direction of flow. Many a times hollow regions get filled up and in other regions large gaping holes and craters appear.

This earthquake of Algeria is but an example. When the 9 planets of the solar system come together in one single line with the sun even more intense earthquakes can possibly appear. At that time in order to gauge prophetically future destructions that could be witnessed due to probable earthquakes it is best to know as to why earthquakes manifest? How and in what manner do they manifest? And that is there any method via which regarding earthquakes a prophecy can be made that it shall appear at this particular time? Thus beforehand people can rush towards safer havens and regions.

According to leading modern scientists our planet earth previously was very much a portion of sun that for millions of years was a burning mass of fire full of gases. This gas on cooling down started solidifying and its upper portion started contracting. Later its inner region cooled down. Due to the inner pressure resulting from contraction 2 big cracks appeared on this earth. One crack starting from Hindukush and Karakorum mountain chain passing by the foot of the Himalaya Mountains travels to far off eastern regions. The 2nd crack beginning from Europe’s Alps region passes by below the majority nations of south-east Asia.

A lot of pressure from the ground region of earth falls on these cracks. Even today movements take place on the surface and womb of earth and when even a minor upheaval takes place nearby these cracks the surface of earth starts trembling. This then is called an earthquake. When in oceanic regions earthquakes appear a scene akin to Jal Pralaya or annihilation due to excess water flooding is noted. Waves start rising high up to massive heights of 90-100 feet and if nearby regions of land are fertile they get submerged in salty waters.

A small example of the ferocious terrible form of earthquakes is this earthquake of Algeria mentioned above. Even more terrible earthquakes could appear in future. The technological apparatus that can measure these earthquakes and that it can also in a minor way tell us about the possible manifestation of earthquakes is called seismograph. This seismograph can tap and gauge even the most miniscule intensity tremor. Its subtle power of gauging is so sharp that if nuclear explosions are executed in any area of India, China and Japan then tremors manifesting from them can be noted in USA and can be pinpointed that in a particular spot this explosion has been carried out. But the problem is that this seismograph can predict an earthquake manifestation just 2-4 seconds before it appears. This data hence is not useful because in such a miniscule time frame no arrangements can be made for protecting human/creature’s lives, property etc. Further these earthquakes appear so swiftly that in merely 1 second renders thousands of square miles area surrounding its epicenter trembling like dry leaves.

From this data we can gauge the destructive power of earthquakes wherein the powerful intensity of an earthquake noted on the Richter scale is equivalent to tremors emitted by simultaneous explosions of 200 nuclear bombs. Since due to an earthquake appearing very commonplace tremors manifesting take place hundreds of miles in the depth of the womb of earth hence its effect is not noted on the surface. Very few people can experience tremors appearing on the surface of earth due to the appearance of an earthquake measuring 1 on the Richter scale. In fact majority of them are totally ignorant about it. The powerful intensity of an ordinary earthquake can be inferred from this fact that via that much force very easily a mountain of 1200 meter height with a diameter of 30 sq km can be raised high at a height of 3.5 km.

When and where can an earthquake manifest? Regarding this nothing definite can be said. On the basis of earthquakes that have appeared so far scientists have no doubt demarcated certain regions where the possibility of earthquake appearance is quite high. In regions found at the base of mountain chains of Alps/Himalayas along with China and Japan more earthquakes appear yet one cannot definitely say that in other particular regions never can earthquakes manifest. They in fact can appear just about anywhere at any hour and it has been seen that in areas where generally earthquakes do not appear yet in those rare cases when they do appear their intensity in comparison is much horrifically more intense. Suppose in some regions earthquakes stop manifesting for about even a thousand years yet it cannot be declared that in a certain region the possibility of a future earthquake appearing is zero. In fact in these areas too any moment earthquakes can showcase their ferocious Tandav Dance. This means there is no region on planet earth which can be declared to be free of any possibility of an earthquake manifesting ever. Recently in Algeria an earthquake had created terrible havoc in a region of 120 sq miles.

Where can earthquakes appear and where not? Just as this question cannot be answered emphatically similarly this too cannot be predicted as to when in what region an earthquake shall manifest? Although in just about any region on planet earth sometimes earthquakes do appear yet China and Japan are such 2 countries where every citizen there in their lifetime have endured the ground there trembling hundreds of times. Since majority of earthquakes manifest in these areas, scientists there in order to predict its appearance beforehand executed tireless efforts to find a technique that reaps success yet no special satisfactory results have been reaped.

From such experiments and research studies only this much can be inferred that in the womb of earth each moment ceaselessly a tremor manifests and is called ‘earth’s breathing’. From study center it was found that before an earthquake appears this tremor augments more than 20 times. Yet it does not taken even that much of time for this tremor to augment and the earthquake appearing that we seen the rail engine seen on the railway platform and immediately after that the bogeys of the trains are seen. Yet scientists did not despair and they continued with their experiments. In the following leg of studies it was found that on the surface of earth a special type of subtle electrical wave each moment dances about. Before an earthquake appears, this suddenly increases and very swiftly decreases. Immediately after this an earthquake manifests. Yet the same old problem is faced here since the time gap between these waves increasing, decreasing and earthquake actually appearing is so tiny that no security arrangements for peoples’ lives, property etc can be made. This too is possible that when beforehand we can know that at a particular time these electrical waves shall increase at their peak and then decrease.

Till today scientists have not come to any definite conclusion in this direction. In fact on noting the behavior of certain creatures one can definitely deduce that these creatures well beforehand get the perception of increase-decrease of electrical waves and in order to protect themselves they run here and there. In 1966 in China the government there in order to unearth the knowledge of possible future earthquake manifestation made a program. In it the public was also requested to cooperate and were told that in their area if they noted any nature based changes they must report it to the concerned officials. On the basis of notes made by the lay public it was found that before earthquakes appear snakes and rats coming out of their holes run away in such a frenzy that neither the snake is aware of the rat’s presence and that neither the rat sees the snake. Even if they run away side by side or sometimes bang into each other yet neither notices the other.

In the above lines we mentioned 2 major cracks on earth. No doubt minor cracks exist everywhere wherein due to some unknown causes some change or the other continues and its result takes the form of a massively destructive earthquake. Grivin and Playmag in their book ‘Jupiter Effect’ have written that the chief cause of upheavals noted in earth’s cracks that manifest earthquakes is changes noted in earth’s magnetic streams. In the year 1982 when the planets of the solar system stationed themselves in one straight line alongside the sun at that time earth’s magnetic power and its force of gravity were affected in an extraordinary manner. Due to these effects in earth’s cracks strange changes were noted. The reaction of this was destructive earthquakes manifesting.

In land based terrestrial upheavals after earthquakes volcano eruptions take 2nd spot. When volcanoes erupt with terrific speed they destroy things ferociously. Last year a volcano on the mountain Nevadoden Rouiz in Columbia that was a sleeping one for many years erupted and from it terrific inferno blazed forth. This fire engulfed areas called Mureal, Caraviyanka, Libono etc and it is said that about 20-50 thousand people disappeared. Snowy mountains on melting started creating a curious union of fire and water.

A major ire of volcanoes has been witnessed in Indonesia. In that region 167 volcanoes reside amongst whom 80 are emitting rivers of fire even today.

In the 19th century the Tavera Mountain of Suvava Island in Indonesia has erupted. Thus 56000 people at one shot died together. The 2nd explosion had occurred in Java-Sumatra’s Krakatau area and its loud deafening noise was heard as far as 3000 miles away. Along with this, furious sea storms manifested. In it in a jiffy 36000 people died gory deaths. It is believed that radiations emitted at that time were equivalent the energy dwelling in 26 nuclear bombs. Its foggy dark smoke clouded over Montan and Byoking states for a long time span.

After an explosion occurs if smoke mixed with gases continues dwelling in Biosphere and Stratosphere close to earth’s surface then these by raining down along with rain clouds land on the ground and then its dire effect is noted very quickly. Yet if it reaches 20 km above then this toxic dust remains spread out in the atmosphere for many years to come and it obstructs sun’s heat from entering earth. This in turn affects earth’s weather in a big way. Heat lessens a lot. Rains fall abnormally in an unseasonal manner and thus creatures experience a choking kind of feeling.

The dust emerging from a volcanic eruption noted in Saint Helena region of Washington State for a long time flew about in the sky and morning evening in east and west a reddish hue was seen. In these gases the measure of sulfur is a lot. Sulfur is a kind of poison. When along with water or wind it lands on the ground it definitely harms plants, creatures in that area.

On 13th November in Ujmero city a volcano erupted. In this region with a population of 25000 people a lot of weather upheaval was experienced. People have been wonderstruck that suddenly how seasons have veered away from their previous traditional manifestation?

Tremors of the earthquake were specially felt in South America and Africa. By itself it did not spare any tiny nook or corner of planet earth since tremors were felt everywhere and thus a lot of loss as far human/creature’s lives, property, wealth etc had to be painfully endured. The tremors felt in California, Peru, Nicaragua etc have been declared the biggest hazard of the 20th century.

In Peru about 60000 died. In Nicaragua 7000, in Guatemala 23000, in South China 20000, in Beijing 800000, in Turkey 3000 and in Italy 3000 people died. Apart from this in earthquakes of Japan, Indonesia, Chile etc heavy losses of human and other lives, property etc was reported.

As per the magazine ‘Science’ each year, about 6% poisonous carbon monoxide gas is increasing in earth’s atmosphere. Due to its malefic effect gases that obstruct solar rays entering earth start diminishing in measure. Due to this increase-decrease the ice on Polar Regions of earth could melt and a big portion of earth’s land due to sea storm manifestation could get submerged in humungous amount of salty sea water.

The renowned scientist Rene Duma and Bernard Rodiar made a joint prophecy which was published in the ‘Science’ magazine. This prophecy was also upheld by the editor of this magazine John Gribin on the basis of certain separate arguments and logic put forth by him. They say that the state of planets in future times shall be such that their subtle influence can inflict harm of various sorts on indwellers of planet earth. Right from epidemics, wars, earthquakes, excess rains, famine etc to such episodes wherein cyclones and storms shall augment n fold. Thus since the mental balance of ordinary people shall go haywire a lot of stress and strife shall have to be endured by them. Crime, communal fights etc in innumerable measure shall crop up like weeds the world over.

There are so many causes like sunspots, eclipses, planets stationing themselves in one line with the sun, meteors, comets etc that shall create unrest, agitation etc the world over.

The final decade of the 20th century is going to manifest with which fearful world situation that shall warn earth indwellers of inauspicious times to come? This has been analyzed by leading astronomers of the world. Pandits, astrologers, Babaji’s, ochre clad sages etc have made many prophecies. Amongst these maybe very few have come true yet as far as scientists are concerned the story is different. Their inferences are based on sound basis and proofs. They are well aware of their status of renown in the world and know well that lest their prediction gets falsified they shall face mockery everywhere.

The USA magazine ‘Denovier’ too has written that the end of the 20th century shall reek with incidences filled with strife and undesirable elements.

Within these fearful upheavals we must not research into nature’s insane mismanagement. Instead we must self introspect deeply as to is it our inner mental unruliness and taints that is angering planet earth?

























This is a well known fact that the very existence and grandeur is dependent mainly on the mutual cooperative bond of other planets of the solar system. Since it is conjoined to a cycle not only is earth influenced by other planets but that its own state influences it. Today the state of planet earth noted was certainly not so a century back. Previously earth was covered by gigantic areas of lush greenery and foliage everywhere. Despite appearing ‘unpolished’ yet everywhere nature’s beauty radiated everywhere. But later the curse of industrialization snatching away its beauty and pollution free environment rendered it haywire. The toxicity of increasing pollution has not remained limited to earth only but that by piercing earth’s atmospheric layers has rushed into interstellar space too. The other planets of the solar family too are influenced in a subtle manner. Their movement and condition has been affected. Due to interplanetary bond the ecological cycle that had previously functioned in an optimal manner has now become tainted and haywire. The result of this imbalance is being witnessed and perceived as nature’s wrathful calamities in all corners of the globe.

The editor of ‘Plain Truth’ (April 1983) Dr Herbert Armstrong has given details of weather changes in this century. Another scholarly writer Don Taylor writes in it that since industrialization has augmented the world over like weeds the temperature of planet earth’s atmosphere too is increasing. This increase itself is the chief cause of nature’s ire and manifold undesirable weather changes experienced. Even weather scientists accept that in the solar cycle of earth changes taking place in the past decades were never seen before. Sunspots too are being noted these days in greater number. The direct relationship of increasing temperatures on earth is with manifestation of earthquakes and volcanoes. What is noteworthy is that in the past 10 years extraordinary increase in it has been reported.

Don Taylor says that after the year 1980 the number of changes taking place in the world’s weather conditions has previously never been seen in earth’s weather history. The year 1982 is most noteworthy for important changes noted. This scholarly writer by first researching into nature’s havoc noted in various regions of the world has placed forth the essence/gist of his findings as follows:

In Australia for the entire year nature’s wrath manifested as a humungous famine. This country is known to export 45% of its produced goods for a fair number of years but in this year of famine it had to seek aid from other nations and in large amounts had to import food items.

In the southern ocean region where dwells Spill Tonga Island a storm manifested with a speed of 172 km/hour in March. 90% of crop got destroyed and 15% of immovable property, houses, land etc got submerged in the womb of the ocean.

In the biggest regions of China called Hobai and Laoning the largest famine of the 20th century was reported. At that very time wrath of excess flooding seen in another region Shangjhing pushed thousands of people into the jaws of premature death. Millions were rendered homeless and trillions of dollars’ wealth got destroyed.

In Southern China in the end of the year a ferocious flooding witnessed in the Pili River broke all records pertaining to flooding in China. Thousands died and millions became homeless.

Indonesia’s 15,000,000 citizens had to endure the wrath of a famine situation there. Such a gigantic famine had never been noted there for the past 2 centuries.

France’s southern region is well known for its grape crops. 80% of total amount of grapes grown in the world are grown here. But due to the terrible ire of a famine the entire crop got withered whereas in North France in that very time frame highest snowfall of the entire year was noted.

In Italy an abnormal weather change was noted. In the winter season intense heat and since icy pebbles fell on crops at night they got destroyed totally. In Sicily’s capital Palermo and its nearby regions a temperature of 42 degrees centigrade was recorded which for that region is termed an improbable unusual incidence. Such a situation is only noted in earth’s Tropical Regions. In Japan’s Nagasaki River last year a historical flooding was witnessed. After heinous losses noted in Hiroshima due to bomb dropped on it for the 1st time so much more people died and wealth was lost.

A majority of areas of New Zealand had to become victims of famine. The country faced lack of rains and thus crops got destroyed. In Zimbabwe and South Africa this century’s most terrible famine appeared. Due to immense food water scarcity thousands died. Further such epidemics of new diseases spread all over.  

The north region of Soviet Russia that dwells near the North Pole from the comparative standpoint is colder yet this time it remained hotter. As against this in the southern part terrific cold was experienced. Due to rain and ice pebbles falling down crops in millions of hectares got destroyed. In so many rivers excess flooding was seen.

In nations of South East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia etc this year weather imbalance was noted in a special manner. Merely at distances of 10-20 miles famine at some places and excess rains in other parts were witnessed.

In USA in spring season due to ice pebbles falling down like rain life there went haywire. In all rivers of the northern region since excess flooding was noted crops were badly affected and innumerable buildings got razed down. In cities dwelling on sea shores like Florida, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas etc flood waters shattering the edges spread about everywhere. Due to the foul stench of rain water epidemics spread in these cities. Thousands thus lost their lives.

In this year itself on 30th May in West Germany it rained cats and dogs which resulted in heavy flooding. In majority of shops in Western Germany ducks were swimming on roadsides. Officials maintain that in the past 36 years such ferocious flooding had never been witnessed. The news of thousands dying and thousands flowing away in these waters were printed in leading newspapers as headlines. As per a news item published in Hindustan Times on 30th May this very year in London pause less for 35 days it rained heavily. After the year 1940 this was a record of sorts. As per information given by Central Weather Forecasting Office, this event in this very year could repeat itself. In this very year in an area of 6.5 km layers of snow measuring 8cm remained for many days. Travel, transport etc totally got obstructed. Due to government effort this ice was cut up and removed yet travel was well nigh impossible. After a few days when the weather became normal and rains stopped slowly the situation started becoming normal.

Know that India too certainly is not insulated from such weather changes. Since the past few years India’s weather is changing speedily. Natural calamities spew their ire in a big way. In 1979 in Kotha Village of Chameli Janpad region it rained cats and dogs on 16th August night. Next day landslides emerged. The entire village got buried in loads of its soil. Due to landslides in Himachal Pradesh 1300 people died and so many were injured badly. In Simla and surrounding areas till May snow kept falling. On people of Shisan Village of Pithoragadh District on the night of 1981 a terrible black shadow of nature flew about and life there was destroyed totally. This was a cyclonic havoc.

On 15th August 1977 in Taba Ghat Prabhag (Tarai) since land slid thousands entered the lap of death. Regarding causes of landslides scientists opine that in Himalaya regions since trees, plants are cut up in blind insane manner the capacity of that land to obstruct water gets lost day by day. It is because of presence of trees that soil does not get cut up. But the moment trees are chopped off soil sticking to its roots start getting indented and thus many holes and craters start appearing.

In the past years a cyclone appearing in Orissa proved to be very destructive. Due to resultant havoc immediately 500 people died and 1000 got wounded terribly. The ‘credit’ of rendering homeless 200,000 people, goes to this high speed cyclone. Five districts there called Cuttack, Balasore, Puri, Kyonjhar and Dhenukanal got badly affected. This cyclone of June 1982 in actuality shall always be remembered as a fearful and unforgettable ghastly incidence. This cyclone moving at hair rising speed of 200 km/hour rendered the Paradweep port into a graveyard after 12 hours of continuous destructive havoc displayed by it. Millions of rupees of wealth of 35000 people dwelling there was lost. Long trailers with a height of 32-35 feet standing on this port climbed on top of each other in such a way that it looked as though many wooden boxes were piled on top of each other. More than 100 boats were removed from water using cranes. Three light houses strong like rocks with a height of 80 feet broke apart so as to fall down with a deafening thud.

In reality the year 1982 for India was full of ill fortune. India’s 100,000,000 people were ensnared by a dire famine. On the seas shore regions of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka a storm erupted which killed thousands of people. The telecommunication network went haywire. Billions of rupees worth wealth, property etc was lost. The north-west region due to weather imbalances got affected all the more. In one day itself intense cold, intense heat and heavy rains were seen one after another.

In the past days the volcano eruption in Armenia, Mexico, Columbia and flooding noted in Bangladesh thousands of people died prematurely. The entire population of large cities of Columbia and Philippines were converted into hot lava. The famous scientist of USA James Cornell in his book ‘The Great International Disaster’ has given a detailed version of natural calamities of this sort occurring in the world. He opines that due to interfering with nature’s laws and misuse of earth generally such incidences occur. While placing an example he writes how due to the unbearable pressure of increasing population in the past forests got destroyed and since nature based havoc could not be faced aptly a very highly developed civilization had to lose its very existence. In the same way Sumerian Civilization, Atlantis Civilization, Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilization due to its intellectual frenzy and nature’s ire had to get buried in the womb of the past.

Experts opine that trees, plants etc rendering well protected earth’s environment plays a major role in rendering the atmosphere moist. In the absence of lush greenery monsoon season goes haywire and it results in abnormal rains. Thus some regions get heavy rains, some get very less rains and in others no rainfall at all is noted. It is the magnetic force of trees that attracts clouds to the earth and induces it to pour down rain. Due to trees/plants earth’s capacity to absorb remains optimal. In its absence landslides increase and all rain water spreads out in the plain regions. Thus it gets converted into excessive flooding. It is hence that every 2 years in every river water levels rise higher and every 5-10 years ferocious flooding is reported there. Due to this flooding not only lives, property etc is lost massively but that included in it is havoc noted in communication and transport systems, a decrease in supply of drinking water, social-economic losses and agricultural land losing its rich fertility. Each year due to flooding 25-30 thousand people lose their precious lives.

In India’s northern states flooding and landslides has become very commonplace. The way in which deforestation is going on speedily, intensity of flooding too is augmenting in tandem. Each year out of 328,000,000 acres of land 140,000,000 acres gets affected by flooding and landslides. Along with this 6000 ton fertile soil from this region while flowing away in this flooding enters river waters. Regions rendered fertile after about thousands of years in one such weather change is rendered unproductive.

What is the reason behind these abnormal changes noted in worldwide weather conditions? High intellectual weather scientists opine that in subtle interstellar space a Jet Stream Locking System is in place. Above earth’s surface the environment is hotter and on the Polar Regions it is colder in comparison. In these circumstances where these 2 conjoin a dense cloud chain 6-10 miles long starts forming. These clouds are not commonplace but that are forms that are very cold, artificial and gross forms of known wind units. Ordinarily these be becoming clouds in a very short time would get destroyed yet in the past 20 years due to changes noted in earth’s atmosphere these clouds get locked with each other and hence for many months together remain steady in one place. There are not one but millions of Jet Streams. Changes taking place in the Polar Regions are said to be the root cause of abnormal weather changes on earth.

Say how did this state appear quite suddenly? How did the measure of changes on Polar Regions and deadly toxic gases in interstellar space reach such sky high limits? Scientists opine that due to vile actions on man’s part like industrialization, milking natural resources mercilessly, uprooting greenery insanely etc are resulting in increasing earth temperatures. Human vile brain has played a major abhorring role in creating abnormal conditions on the Polar Regions. If the ecological cycle and Polar Region System of functioning that renders planet earth well managed is rendered haywire, none can remain insulated from the dire reactions of weather conditions. Clouds of disaster ceaselessly are looming large everywhere and without doubt they shall become more furious as days pass by.

The chief of ‘World Watch Institute’ the renowned scientist Lester Brown in his research data unearthed says that the measure in which world’s population is increasing its indirect effect is seen on rainfall because for more people more land is required. Thus forests get chopped off and its far off future reactions are seen in rainfall. Thus flooding and famine are its ‘gifts’. Not only this, toxicity filling up the environment, by rendering heavy changes in its temperatures emerges forth as cyclones and sea storms. This is the most ferocious form of Mother Nature and it creates highest measure of destructive havoc too.

In the tear 1982 according to weather experts of the world nature’s wrath in various regions of earth was not definite in an uncommon manner. Ordinarily this does not happen. Seasons generally manifest in a particular way in various regions. As per this at appointed times cold, heat, rainfall etc is noted. No doubt sometimes undefined and rare changes in these do occur yet these are exceptions to the rule. This year too this exception loomed large everywhere.

According to leading scientists such an uncertain situation appears only when earth is passing by hazards like an Ice Age. In the past such partial destruction occurred many a times when due to imbalance in weather conditions in various regions the very lives of creatures and humans were at stake and regions highly populated with humungous activity became bare and silent akin to graveyards.

The time span of such partial destruction extends for thousands of years. In this time frame not only is it perilous for creatures and plants but that land and the ocean’s central regions too change. The state of continents seen today on earth was not the same in the past. In sea regions islands emerged and in the middle of earth by making a crack oceans started flowing. Whenever such changes occurred it was glimpsed as strange changes in weather conditions. These days too such strange situations are forming on noting which one can infer future hardships to be faced. If truly something of this shall happen a suspicion shall lurk as to which part of land’s condition shall be of what type and god alone knows what type of calamity pours down?

In the last May month in India’s northern region cold was at its peak. Since the past 100 years such weather was never experienced. In June it was hottest. In June end so much cold was felt that woolen clothes were worn. In July again heat was felt. On deeply studying such abnormal weather changes it becomes clear that some special change shall take place in the weather.

On noting the temperature of planet earth it appeared that some heat engine propelled by the sun had landed on earth. The cause for cold somewhere and heat somewhere is said to be vegetation and the ocean. The ocean and plants absorb sun’s heat and thus the temperature of those areas in comparison to other areas remains less.

Such an uncertain temperature of the sky was noted after thousands of years. The state between the Ice Age and Hot Paradigm is called Warm Interglacial Period. A same sort of situation is about to appear. The history of world’s water and air is full of hot and icy paradigm. Right from previous thousands of years till today small big changes of many types have occurred in the atmosphere. At present due to heat of water and air we are heading towards Inter Glacial Period. In January 1982 in the mid west region of USA a cold wave killed 246 people. Due to ferocity it was called ‘Siberian Express’ because this icy storm was said to have travelled from Siberia’s Polar Region. As a result the temperature recorded was - 59 degree Celsius.

This cold wave created a new record. In the eyes of weather/season scientists till today the in tensest cold right from the 19th to the 20th century can be said to be that noted in mid west USA.

Due to snowy rainfall many expressways of North Georgia got blocked and many accidents were reported in areas of North Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Why do such sudden and unexpected seasonal changes occur? Are the rise-fall noted in the conditions of interstellar space responsible for them? Very seriously scientific research is going on these days regarding it and they are trying to find out as to are these nature based errors or that along with them are conjoined future probable disasters manifesting?

When normal season science tried to understand and teach others the causes of this year’s upheavals noted they could reach only the state of finding causes on the basis of ordinary interstellar space traditions.

Due to chains of mountains increasing with higher heights, landslides etc atmospheric changes occur. Water, air and the ocean are being influenced by this atmosphere. All around the sun in earth’s elliptical path changes are getting converted from a spherical to a circular one which affects weather conditions. The earth is changing its path too. Due to all these changes solar rays falling on earth’s surface can reach the sky too.

When the sun gets covered totally by volcanic dust a change takes place in the atmosphere. Due to dust of Stratosphere which covers upper layer of earth’s atmosphere sun’s mature rays cannot reach earth’s surface and thus the latter turns cold. Volcanic dust may linger in the atmosphere akin to clouds for as long as between 1-7 years. In such types of examples this very year in April an Ilcheon Volcano explosion that had occurred in Mexico can be included. For many months dust of this volcano clouded the atmosphere of earth. This dust obstructed up to 10% radiations.

Apart from volcanic dust due to industrial pollution created by mankind the transparency of the atmosphere all around us is getting destroyed. Its influence may remain for many more years to come. On earth’s surface heat’s absorption and its spreading out is dependent on the apt balance of the plant kingdom and water based founts. On its basis only ice solidifies and thus snowfall ensues. Since forests and jungles are being massively chopped off this balance day by day is getting tarnished and air, water etc is drying up.

The number of sunspots keeps increasing-decreasing. The highest number of sunspots is noted in the 11th year and 20th and 24th year. Many times it takes 80-90 years for these sunspots formation. Some times are special wherein it is related to the sunspot cycle and weather changes. In times when number of sunspots is highest famines manifest. Bang opposite to this, this time something extraordinary happened. In these very days in India’s Tamil Nadu region it rained very heavily. No cause for this was unearthed.







Recently on ‘Jupiter Effect’ regarding a discussion on a 9 planetary unison, a lot of contradictory opinions were put forth. Due to the 9 planets aligning themselves in one single line alongside the sun this book was written to depict how many fearful situations the world over can manifest. A lot of controversy ensued with reference to this book written by 3 scientists. Finally out of despair they estranged themselves from this topic. One scientist Dr Gribin firmly stood his ground regarding the opinion given by him. He said: These effects instead of being noted immediately shall be seen in far off future times to come. The weather/seasons of the entire world shall change. Somewhere earthquakes shall appear somewhere famines and somewhere a chain of epidemics shall spew their ire. Due to destructive flooding at some places water based annihilation or Jal Pralaya is possible. The condition of glaciers too shall get affected and it could be that a major portion of planet earth shall get covered with snow. The March episode of the sport of 9 planet unison ended and all commenced saying that akin to 8 planet union (Ashtagrahi Yoga) in order to instill fear only in the human race that these sort of things are spoken of. On the other hand keeping in mind certain changes, expert critics say that via the ‘Jupiter Effect’ no doubt world annihilation did not take place but yet the environment has definitely changed very swiftly. This opinion of Dr Gribin has proved to be true. Later too calculations of interstellar satellites say that the time frame of worldwide fearful situations shall continue.

Lest we take a look into the past and take a bird’s eye view of news pertaining to the environment, some astounding exceptional episodes can be noted. This year in the month of May where in a country like India, terrific heat should have manifested there in 3/4th of the country sudden weather changes were noted. In majority of the places the heat was not intense at all. Where the cold season extended its time span abnormally and in the lower regions of Himachal and Himalaya snowfall continued till March-April, there in entire North India sometimes rain, sometimes ice pebbles falling, sometimes storms and sometimes with speedy winds cyclones appeared. Since the past 200 years in April, never were so much rain noted and neither snowfall of this high measure seen in April 1982.

The way in which wrathful nature akin to a mad elephant is rushing towards us, its premonition was felt in May-June 1982 itself when weather experts well beforehand had put forth the future possibility of monsoons, excess flooding etc extending abnormally to the month of November manifesting. On the basis of photos taken via interstellar satellites and statistical data spanning past 70 years the Director General of the Weather Department Dr PK Das had said that future times to come could be all the more fearful with dire consequences. He said that: By looking upon incidences like monsoons failing to manifest in India in 1979, in the 1980 summer season Europe and USA witnessing snowfall and due to ice pebbles noted in 1981-82 the crop harvest of entire world getting destroyed cannot be ignored merely by calling them unfortunate ‘accidents’. The sequence of earth moving on its axis and its state of getting influenced by other planets and interstellar space radiations is now undergoing changes. The measure of widespread dust particles in the environment, carbon dioxide sticking to the ozone layer and due to number of volcanic eruptions the balance of the environment gets affected very badly. The earth’s radiation balance as a result has gone haywire and in the layers of Ozonosphere and Ionosphere since gaps have emerged the possibility of deadly radiations from outer space entering earth rises alarmingly. While giving one statistical figure he says that it has been found from a survey done in North India that in an area per square mile 5 ton deadly pollution emitting principles have been reported.

In the past in the sky’s western direction each night till 9 pm bloody red hue is seen. Before dawn too similarly the sky appears to be strangely bloody red in color. Its analysis has been done by various people in their own way. Astrologers in a historical ancient episodes cycle conference while giving details had said that previously too in the Ramayan era at the time Lanka was burnt such bloody red hue was noted in the sky. This type of era junction incident foretells widespread destructive situations appearing in future. While giving a scientific analysis of this episode renowned astrophysicists say that in those days for 2 months in various regions of planet earth at 4 places since volcanoes had erupted, a gigantic cloud of acid reached the atmosphere. In these volcanoes of Mexico,  Indonesia, Iran and Canada that were latent and ‘sleeping’ for many centuries exploded akin to a gigantic bomb blast which resulted in a gigantic cloud formation 26 km above earth’s surface containing volcanic ash and sulfuric acid. As a result in a major portion of Japan, Asia, Europe and Hawaii Islands it was difficult for sunlight to enter there. In what manner can 10,000,000 ton volcanic ash and acid affect earth’s atmosphere? Regarding this question scientists say that these can aid in changing the weather/season manifestation of the entire world and induce manifestation of terrible flooding and deadly epidemics. This exactly happened in the year 1815 when due to the Tambora volcanic eruption in Indonesia 12000 people died, in USA’s New England area heat was felt in winter and cold was felt in summer and London’s Thames River got covered with a thick sheet of ice.

While conjoining the sky’s red hue to volcanic eruptions scientist says that when solar rays pass by acidic clouds that are miles wide and 2 km thick present in the sky seeing this reddish hue was quite natural and this is nature’s very natural common event. Due to it a certain places acid rainfall can occur that had been noted previously too many a time. James Pollock who is the chief of NASA’s Amis Research Foundation says that such a cloud formation had occurred on 4th April 1982 in Sinkonal Volcano eruption (in Mexico) and for days together it roamed about in the boundary of planet earth. It was said to be responsible for abnormal changes in weather reported in India, South East Asia and North America.

After discussions on ice pebble rain weighing 250 gm each, a cold May month, reddish hue in the sky and terrible excess rainfall it is required that we veer our vision to some more scientific research studies. Recently a chain of 100 sunspots surrounding 1/100th portion of the sun’s surface has been seen by scientists via their long distance visible technical apparatus. In last March-February Arizona’s Keetpik Observatory saw a snake like form of a sunspot on the sun’s surface whose diameter was 6 times more than planet earth’s diameter. Interstellar space physicists opine that whenever such snaky sunspots are seen its number and area is much more. At such times the possibility of hot high flames manifesting from the sun’s surface increases which affects earth’s atmosphere in a widespread manner. Further seasons/weather changes and for a long time this imbalance persists.

Scientists can keep placing forth their opinions but episodes do not manifest as per any clarification. These in fact are changes that occur due to a definite form of nature’s methodology and management. Lest all these are tested for its factual reality it is understood that everything occurs based on astrology science and astronomy/space scientific laws. This is an undisputable fact that those invisible radiations coming from the sun can definitely be imbibed by a very sensitive living being. In the personality development of a new born baby this influence cannot be falsified or negated. Influences like seasons, weather, storms, ebb-flow of tides, radiations etc come within the fold of space sciences. How does the cyclic movement of planets influence the environment? The most modern form of this is satellites that warn beforehand regarding a storm taking place in any portion of the globe. This definitely is not blind faith but is a high stature science. On its basis functions the Science of Astrophysics. Then what is the reason that Astrology Science and Space Science fail to work in tandem with each other? One gives opinion on the subtle world and the other throws light on the environment, weather etc. Thus it is also a fact that subtle influences and environment imbalances are closely related to each other.

While giving the causes behind those untold changes John Gribin writes that in the next 3 years our earth shall be affected very badly by planet Jupiter. It shall destroy the life protecting influence of other planets. Even today Jupiter influences earth but it fails to render ocean water tidal ebb-flow uncontrolled. Yet in the next 3 years the oxygen content of earth’s Ionosphere shall decrease so much that other planets shall fail to render ineffective Jupiter’s heinous rays. As a result of this the ocean shall boil heated, excess rainfall shall occur and that sea storms shall be its result. Due to this imbalance terrible heat shall emerge within earth that shall spew earthquakes and volcanoes. Destruction commences due to pollution. If we so desire, that total annihilation does not occur, why should we create those world situations that render our environment imbalanced? Although the arrow is about to be released know for sure that it has yet not been released. Lest its direction is changed it is possible to get saved from becoming victims of nature’s ire only to the extent that future dire situations shall definitely manifest.

Due to good-bad environment good-bad situations emerge and that the creation of the environment lies totally in the hands of mankind. If it so pleases man he can by rendering the atmosphere clean, healthy and beautiful enjoy bliss of heavenly situations or else by rendering it poisonous get choked to death. A healthy example of fearful situations appearing due to nature’s imbalance has been published in 20th March 1979 Navbharat Times newspaper. People have lot of religious faith towards the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh-India. People harbor faith that whenever this river shall commence drying up at that time Pralaya or world destruction shall take place. Never mind if so called intellectuals call it blind faith yet behind this belief it is the premonition based farsighted vision that is at work. Riva’s engineers and experts too are concerned that Narmada River emerges from Vindhyachal’s pond in the Amarkantak Mountains. In the last 10 years the height of water level of this pond has receded downwards by more than 10 meters. Under such conditions in the next 15 years Narmada can dry up totally. It is only the environmental imbalance ensuing due to mining of bauxite ore via digging of the ground and trees being chopped off mindlessly that are the cause of water levels diminishing in height. Lest such imbalance in a very miniscule area of gigantic earth can create such trouble then today since the entire world via its tainted behavior is rendering nature’s balance very awry then why not label the possibility of total destruction a mandatory divine law of Almighty God?

The director of USSR’s Water Weather Science Center-Prof Mikhail Petrotyats too has written while accepting this fact that since the past few years earth’s temperature is increasing ceaselessly. Due to increase-decrease in dust particles present in the atmosphere temperatures undergo upheavals. At that time hot air from hot regions head towards the Arctic Zone and icy winds of the Arctic Region get replaced by them. Due to this abnormal nature based change it is possible that extraordinary disasters may manifest.

Due to man’s desires augmenting akin to ogress Sursa’s wide open mouth smoke emitted by factories-industries, toxic gases emitted by vehicles and poison from nuclear bomb radiations are rendering water, land, sky etc very poisonous. River water is no longer fit for drinking. Due to blind activity of procreating more and more children population increasing in metro cities, noise decibel levels increasing in the environment and statistics pointing to increasing criminal activities are symbols of the fact that the demon of atheism in the human brain is firmly reigning unchallenged. Lest leanings towards unethical thinking and actions, intellectual vile thinking and a distorted environment if together create a fearful hazard then neither can we blame Mother Nature or Almighty God.

The present day activities of Yug Nirman Yojana (All World Gayatri Parivar-founded by the author of this book-Late Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) touch this very sensitive spot of humanism. Three contemporary programs viz. widespread broadcasting of purification of environmental pollution via Yajna camps, via collective spiritual practice programs uprooting alien undesirable elements that have forcefully entered nature and for an imperishable flow of divine light based inspirations for a bright world future, establishing many Gayatri Shakti Pithas are such that if entire world public energy is utilized in it we can get protected in  a major way from present day dire hazardous world situations.

Dr John Gribin has discussed about planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto aligning themselves in a single file in the year 1982 and because earth moving in the opposite direction of the sun it resulted in upheavals and imbalance in nature. The solution for this has been elucidated in Indian Astrology Granthi Yamal Tantra. It says that in order to uproot the vile influence of these singly aligned planets merely Mantra Science is enough.

While pinpointing that sound is Divine Energy of Almighty God Tantra scholar-seers while exhibiting this very precept say that lest the focused sound flow of Mantra, Tanmatras (subtle elements) etc is ‘thrown’ into interstellar space in a well sequenced rhythmic manner not only imbalance spread out in the environment can be diminished in high measure but that various hardships and hazards faced the world over too can be nullified a lot.

Keeping the above fact in mind along with congregational spiritual programs research of high stature Yajnas too has been executed. In ancient times management centers for such Vajpeya Yajnas and Aranyaks were set up at many places. These days this precept is being brought into vogue again.

The scholarly editor of New Delhi based publication ‘Navbharat Times’ –Shri Akshay Kumar Jain has detailed a very heart touching episode of his life in the magazine ‘Prakashit Man’ (Volume-May 1979). While writing that his meeting with the renowned Indian Tantra Scholar-Kaviraj Shri Gopinath as being a wonderful experience, he continues by saying that the subtle vision of Shri Kaviraj had visualized that in India powerful authorities are ruling and their activities are stupendous . Due to their efforts after the year 1971 Satyuga or Golden Era like situations shall start manifesting yet side by side destructive situations too shall be noted. In future India’s glory shall augment in a very extraordinary fashion. Progress/development seen in India shall be unparallel in world history and the influence of India’s religious culture shall spread in all nooks and corner of the globe.

The world famous scientist Albert Einstein has described in the mind boggling ‘Theory of Relativity’ put forth by him, a description of a timeless space less existence on attaining which time, space, all directions and the cosmos become naught/void. It means that existence no longer remains. At such times only Jnana/wisdom remains active in the form of an all pervasive cosmic conscious principle. Thus if in such a super conscious state high stature souls and Super Yogis can ‘see’ the future and warn us all about future dire hazards to be faced certainly it cannot be called an overstatement. The authors of epic Mahabharat, Sursagar etc who had made prophecies hundreds of years previously is seen coming true today. The 14th century mentioned in the Holy Quran E Sharif definitely is the present day hour of our 21st century. In the 8th aphorism of the 1st chapter called ‘Epistle’ of Holy Bible Lord Jesus Christ while describing this very sacred experience writes that: At the time of a rain of blazing fiery stones on earth was noted earth was buried under a mountain of hardships. This prophecy was made via the medium of the lips of Paithul’s son Joel considered to be a great saintly devotee of Christianity. We must remember that the sequence of pieces of debris of space vehicles like Skylab raining on earth has commenced in the past years. Even though in their minds people believe that this disaster has been overcome yet our discrimination/Viveka tells us that this disaster is but the beginning of many more disasters to follow in future on planet earth.


















Even in the renowned prophecies given in the Holy Bible under the title ‘Seven Times’ mention has been of worldwide disasters. Regarding this many books have been written. In order to throw detailed light on these hundreds of world scholars have used their honest labor and precious time. These Bible based prophecies have been given in the chapters ‘Daniel and Revelation’. Although the language used here is very profoundly deep and mainly it has been written in a symbolic fashion. In these prophecies it has been said that when this era of ‘Seven Times’ shall manifest and a new era shall dawn at that time in the entire world fights-wars shall spread their net and nature shall become so angry that people the world over shall die in very high numbers. In the following words a picture has been given of fearful world situations of that hour in Bible’s ‘Matthew’ Chapter 24: At that time in all directions wars shall be waged and more and more rumors of fights shall spread. One country shall stand up against another country and one region against another. At that time famines shall appear, epidemics shall spread like wild fire and in more and more regions earthquakes shall be noted. This sort of a dire world situation shall occur in the preliminary stages and after this much more strife shall have to be undergone.

In the ‘Revelation’ chapter of the Holy Bible Saint John’s prophecy is very noteworthy:

When it broke the 2nd gold coin from it appeared another beast. This was a red colored horse. The one who sat on this horse was given power to break apart world peace and commence a horrific war. A very big sword was given in the hand of this horse rider

……… (Revelation-Chapter 6)


The color red over here symbolizes a war. Although in a gross visible form wars between nations are not being noted today yet we cannot deny that any moment a war can explode because of tensions and a cold war like situation been seen amongst various enemy countries. Nothing can be said with certainty as to due to which issue which country at what point in time declares war with another nation.

In the Holy Bible (Revelation-Chapter 6) it is written: When he broke the 3rd coin from it emerged a 3rd animal. It was a black color horse and in the hands of its rider was given a weighing scale. I heard a voice saying that you shall get 1 measure of wheat and the price of 3 measure of wheat shall be one coin.

By itself for many years inflation levels are increasing and lack of materials too is on the rise yet these days the way in which prices of various goods are shooting up definitely this augmenting has left lagging far behind price rise increase seen previous to this. One cause for this price increase is supply of goods depleting slowly but surely. The more world population increases food-water scarcity shall take a very dire ugly turn.

In the ‘Lamentation’ book of the Holy Bible while describing the above it is written: People’s faces shall become as black as coal. They shall roam around in streets poverty stricken. Those people who are killed with swords shall experience joy when compared to those who run here and there in order to appease their intense hunger-thirst.

In the Revelation-Chapter 6 it is written regarding other causes for destructive world situations appearing apart from famine thus:

When he broke the 4th coin from it emerged a 4th animal. It was a yellow hue horse. On it was seated the god of death. This god was given power to destroy mankind using swords, plague, famine, attacks by ferocious beasts etc.

When he broke the 6th coin I saw a terrible earthquake. At that time the sun turned red. Stars in the sky started breaking in such a way that it was akin to shaking a huge tree so that its ripe fruits fall down. Every mountain and island started shifting. Right from kings to poor subjects getting scared of this terrible wrath of Almighty God hid in mountain caves and rocks.

In the Holy Bible a mention is made that while writing this episode he himself was aghast and started asking himself: How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?

At that time a prophet appears and tells Daniel that when the number of pious sacred minded people shall deplete all these incidences shall appear. Daniel said: I am hearing all that you are saying but yet I cannot understand it truly. Do compassionately tell me as to what shall be the final fate of the world and in future times to come what all shall have to be endured by the human race?

At that time while asking Daniel to remain silent the prophet said:

O Daniel! You must keep walking the path you are treading because the meaning of the words of these prophecies have been kept hidden and on it a veil has been placed till that hour when these times end. Those who are truly wise they shall be able to understand it properly in the final days.

In the year 1964 Dr John Gaming and in the year 1966 James Grant unearthed the meaning of the above prophecies said that the final hour shall be when Jews shall be resettled. It is worth remembering that till the 1st half of the 20th century other countries resided with authority in the original country region of Jews. Turks ruled over Palestine. In the year 1948 again Jews were settled in Palestine and Israel emerged as an independent nation on the world map.

The well known archeologist and a scholar of ancient Jew language-Dr William Albright while conjoining the gist of this incident to Holy Bible’s prophecies writes that till today all the predictions made have come true. In it, downfall of Turkey, dawn of Hitler’s rule, power enjoyed by dictatorship governments etc are such prophecies that symbolize the end of 7 Times.

Trumpets and bugles connote proclamation of war. These days the manner in which war based technology like nuclear bombs etc are being invented our hair stand on end in fear evoking shivers on reading and hearing about the destructive capability of weapons etc. It is worth remembering that all research being executed in the realm of War Sciences 90% of the data unfolded is kept a top secret. Those 10% data reported come to light only because of spying done by one country on another enemy country. Else majority remains hidden only yet even this mere 10% information available to the last letter proves that the above fearful situations have manifested.

The end of the description of the future in Bible comes with the following prophecy mentioned therein:

I saw an angel coming down from the sky. He by tying up the devil/Satan threw him into a huge deep crater and then shut the gaping mouth of this crater. After this, for 1000 years, Satyuga (Millennium) called the Golden Era shall rule.

Regarding determination of time of manifestation of the above prophecies James Grant writes that the meaning of 7 Times mentioned in the Holy Bible is 2520 years which means ‘1 Time’ is 360 years. It is worth remembering that these prophecies were made about 500-600 years before Christ. James Grant while making calculations says that these prophecies are related to about 1980. The famous astrologer Count Louis Hammond too has mentioned this very time frame. As a result due to diseases, illnesses, wars waged etc man shall be so harassed that he will reach the peak of downfall.

It should be remembered that right since creation commenced eons back such destructive transformations have been witnessed. In world human history due to such swift intense changes eternally new hairpin bends have been seen.

The nature of such changes is of varied types. The activities of the sun induce reactions between various planets and thus various effects emerge. Upheavals noted due to volcanic explosions, storms, earthquakes and disparities in the upper layer of the atmosphere or else any abnormal activity of the sun such swift intense transformation set rolling in. Some meteors/shooting stars that act in an unruly manner in interstellar space because of their devilish rashness not only harm themselves but that they create dire upheavals in other planets like earth etc. The stories of the rashness of unruly meteors can be found depicted in a lively manner in virtually all mythological literatures the world over.

In Egypt’s mythological tale there is the story of a young man called ‘Ecorus’. This youth with the desire to meet the sun wore false wings and set off. He had stuck the wings to his body using wax.

When he flew high wax used to bind his wings to the body started melting because of heat faced and thus the wings fell down. Ecorus too with his face facing downwards fell in the sea below and died.

Recently akin to this youth a rash demonic meteor was seen. Its name too was christened ‘Ecorus’. This Ecorus meteor sometimes reaches so very close to the sun that if it dares to move even a wee bit closer it can get burnt to ashes. It appears at times that just about any moment it shall bang into Mercury, Mars etc. Since it travels very close to the sun it becomes a round ball of blazing fire. And when it veers far away from the sun it becomes a ball of freezing ice. In June 1968 there was a high possibility that this rash unruly meteor may any moment bang into earth’s Polar Region. Lest this suspicion of astronomers were to fructify earth would have to endure terrible snow storms, ocean waters by rising menacingly high would have engulfed earth’s land region and along with this in thousands of square miles of land a possibility of large craters manifesting that would have got filled with flooding brimming ocean waters and that millions of world humans would have lost their lives. In the year 1908 a meteor measuring merely 1000 feet in diameter had crashed into the jungle of Siberia and thus there the scene was akin to a nuclear bomb explosion. Ecorus meteor in comparison is thousand times bigger in size and thus we can infer what hazardous reactions that would set in on planet earth if it landed here crashing.

It was earth’s great good fortune that Ecorus passed by earth quietly without inflicting any terrible harm. In the solar system there are many such lowly planets roaming around called Hidalgo, Eros, Albert, Alinda, Ayor, Apollo, Edorus, Hermes etc. These could any day bang into our earth and induce miserable havoc in the lives of world humanity.

Scientists on conducting research studies have come to the conclusion that reason behind those sunspots manifesting every 11 years on the sun are the various movements noted in planets of the solar family. It is clear that every activity of solar family planets influences the sun. It is very much akin to every activity of the sun affecting planets of the solar system. All planets circumambulate the sun from west to east and akin to earth rotate on their axis too. During this time span of movement innumerable upheavals take place that affect not only earth but all other planets too.

The memories of such upheavals are locked in human history. In mythology many hair rising stories are described regarding these. It is not as though incidences on earth like excess flooding etc take place mere due to lowly stars banging into each other, widespread changes taking place in the sun or bigger stars and other upheavals. This is because even various processes going on in the womb of earth like upheavals and relaxation/contraction etc contribute in their own way.

Just about everyone knows that a time existed in world ancient history when all continents on earth were conjoined to each other. But due to planetary movements and contraction-relaxation process these continents started moving away from each other. Even today the lofty Himalaya Mountains in India are shifting towards the northern direction. Geologists and geography experts opine that after 50,000,000 years a major portion of North India shall enter the ‘belly’ of the Himalaya Mountains. In the same way in a 2nd International Scientists’ Conference held in Moscow in the year 1966 Prof Dr Bruce C Higgen and Dr Neil U Dyke proclaimed that henceforth after 2032 years earth’s magnetic power region shall change residence. Along with this earth’s magnetic force shall diminish. In it man’s very form and life too shall get affected. Trees, plants, worms, butterflies etc too shall get affected. Soil removed from the bed of the Pacific Ocean, radioactivity and from genetic changes found in a Laria single celled microbe it is known that till the year 4000 changes shall take place in magnetic fields wherein as a result Polar Regions shall change residences. As a result earth shall undergo a state of partial annihilation. Icy snow storms shall appear everywhere. Earth shall experience state of freezing cold or furnace like heat in extremes. The ocean bed too is ceaselessly rising upwards. This result too shall definitely be witnessed. In ancient eras too such very special nature based upheavals have been causes of earth facing conditions of world annihilation due to excess flooding.












In the literature of major world ancient civilizations a description can be found regarding world destruction due to excess flooding and then world getting created anew. It has been given a religious cover. Yet even geologists of fame infer that time and again special portions of earth would break apart and that earth would get covered with water just about everywhere.

According to the great geologist Dr Trickler destruction oriented ruins found nearby Himalaya Mountains tells us that the incident of world destruction due to excess flooding is true.

In Egyptian literature also discussions on world destruction due to excess flooding can be read. As per one legend Atika was submerged in water. As per another legend Gius in order to fulfill his father’s desire desired to destroy ‘Ducaleon’. When Ducaleon accompanied by his wife Pairhas set off on a sea voyage, Gius via heavy rain pour submerged earth. For 9 days Ducaleon and his wife Pairha swam with the help of their own boat. When they reached Pairhas, destruction noted due to excess flooding, decreased a bit. At that time both offered their bodyguards to the deity as a sacrificial offering. Thus Gius was pleased and gave them a child as a boon. Ducaleon and his wife Pairhas on getting this boon started throwing a rain of rocky stones on Gius. Those stones thrown by Ducaleon became men and those thrown by Pairhas became women.

In Babylonia too there is such a well known legend. In 300 BC lived a priest called Verasus. He has written that: After Ardetus died his son ruled for 18 ‘sirs’. One ‘sir’ is equal to 3600 years. In this very time period once intense flooding occurred. A premonition of this incident was noted by the king well beforehand in a dream. Hence he had got a big boat built for himself. After sitting in this boat he travelled about witnessing this state of world destruction due to excess flooding or Jala Pralaya. When this state of annihilation lessened the king seated in the boat let off 3 birds from his hands so that could fly way. Finally when the birds did not return he gave sacrificial offering to demigods. Thus since demigods were appeased peace was ushered in.

As per the Holy Bible deity of water called Nuha got news that earth would undergo destruction due to excess flooding. And this actually took place. In these flooding waters all animate/inanimate creatures got submerged. Only deity of water called Nuha and a few of his aides were saved in their boat. With the help of the boat they reached the Arakan Mountain. There on the 1st day of the 10th month water levels started receding a bit. Slowly mountain chains started becoming visible. Then other portions on earth too emerged. It was Prophet Noor who helped humanity evolve. In Sumerian texts too, a description of world destruction due to excess flooding can be found. In Chinese Mythology literature stories of destruction due to excess flooding are found.

In our country India right from Shatpath Brahman texts to epic Mahabharat, various Puranas/mythology etc such stories of destruction due to excess flooding are found. In the Van Parva of epic Mahabharat within the Matsya Avatar (fish incarnation) story it is said that Vivaswan Manu underwent austerities for 10 thousand years in the Himalaya Mountains. At that time as per the prayer of a small fish Manu saved its life. At that time the fish made a prophecy regarding future world destruction that would occur due to excess floods. Along with this the fish also said that you must wait for me accompanied by the 7 Rishis (Saptarishis) in a boat. In other Parvas of the epic Mahabharat too such descriptions of world destruction due to excess flooding are found.

In entire ancient world literature such stories of destruction due to excess flooding are found definitely are memoirs of some such incident that had actually occurred in those ancient eras. The style of description of this incidence is varied no doubt because of variedness noted in various civilizations and cultural consciousness. Yet deep within the foundation is one.

Recent studies also emphasize that lest well beforehand we do not become alert such world destructive situations can definitely repeat themselves.

It is inferred that in the earth’s atmosphere 30% carbon dioxide levels have increased. Thus the world’s average temperature has shot upwards by 2 degrees centigrade. The ratio in which carbon dioxide levels are increasing scientists say it is very much possible that by the end of the 20th century world temperatures can shoot up by 4 degrees centigrade as a result of which ice on Polar Regions may melt and the fearful situation of world destruction due to excess flooding can emerge.

Weather experts have drawn a conclusion regarding cold increasing the world over in the past 1 decade. In winter season in comparison to snow falling in cold regions previously today there 30% excess snow fall has been recorded. In Greenland the record of temperatures falling down has been broken. Experts opine that the weather and seasons of entire earth is step by step turning frostier. Ice covering earth transforms 90% of solar light. When the winter season shall become very long the world of creatures along with plants etc shall get no supply of life bestowing solar energy. Since light rays shall undergo changes in a big way damp winds by becoming denser may possibly get converted to more amounts of snow. Thus there shall be nothing amazing if in the very next decade the fearful world situation of an Ice Age ushers in.

Prof Agarwal of Ahmadabad Physics Research Institute opines that on earth a new Ice Age shall manifest. As a result half of earth shall get covered by a big sheet of ice. The very existence of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, North Manchuria, Switzerland, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, England etc is in danger. A major portion of USSR, Mexico, China, USA and Australia shall get covered with rivers of ice. Icy storms shall whizz about everywhere due to which north regions of Guano, Argentina, Uruguay, Maritina, South Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and north regions of Australia there is a possibility of terrible dry famines ensuing there.

An astrophysicist of Yugoslavia says that: Our earth’s Polar Axis is bent outside its path of rotation. Thus winter and summer seasons manifest based on the sun’s mobility. When this bending position becomes much more bent an Ice Age appears. After a short time such a situation shall appear because this slant due to some unknown causes is increasing as time lapses by.

The opinion of experts studying solar based movements is that the surface temperature of the sun is decreasing ceaselessly. Mere 2 degree Celsius decrease in temperature does not set rolling any major influence but when it dips below these levels earth’s atmosphere gets seriously affected. The renowned American geologist Cizar Ameliani opines that: The fact that sequentially temperature on the sun’s surface is decreasing it connotes a future Ice Age manifestation. Such situations previously too have appeared 4 times. The 1st Ice Age was the most terrible one that had occurred 170,000,000 years previously. In it a widespread area of India, China, Europe, Australia and South Africa had got covered with thick sheets of ice. The last Ice Age lasted for 2,500,000 years. Only 17,000 years have passed by since it ended. Now it is the turn of a 5th Ice Age.

Highly intellectual people say that even if somehow the dire situation of an Ice Age is nullified yet future hazards shall be so serious that it can in no way be measured any less dire than any Ice Age that has appeared so far.










These days, development and vain glitter rules the roost but the moment its lid is opened rotting venom reeks out. The progress of modern science, education and economics/finance is showcasing to all its glittering pomp. It should be hoped that on the basis of this attainment that mankind shall get a golden opportunity to become more joyous, advanced, progressive, prosperous, civilized and well cultured. Yet what has actually happened is bang opposite to this. In man’s viewpoint, character and social behavior since vileness gate crashed into it the stream of narrow minded selfish greed and crossing all limits of unruliness started flowing. Instead of imbibing of supreme ideals that connote human glory man instead opted to crash into the crater of a downfall and the era of sense titillating merriment, hoarding, biased thinking and egoistic leanings set rolling. Previously it was thought gentlemanly to look upon greed, deluded attachment and limited ego ‘I’ as an enemy, that one should protect oneself from these and give them up totally. Yet today no one even thinks about imbibing piousness and in fact everyone is rushing after greed, attachment and egoistic behavior. Since the tradition got lopsided the result should have been murderous. And this is exactly what is happening. On the one hand mankind possesses immense power but side by side destructive fearful situations also are emerging at a frantic pace. On seeing this one certainly is aghast yet it does not take much time to understand that on imbibing lowly thinking and wicked behavior material progress slits our own throat. It is like we cremate ourselves using our own lit matchstick with our own hands.

The moment the veil that dazzles our eyes with its skin deep glitter is torn apart everything appears hollow void like and any moment a wooden prop getting eaten up by white ants may get razed down to the ground. The health of world public is becoming diseased and very lusterless. Weakness and illnesses is rendering everyone’s body withered. Not even half one’s life span has been reached and this person enters the gaping mouth of death. In the realm of mental balance just about everyone appears worried, stressed out, tensed, fearful, suspicious, angry, sad, discontented and harassed.

A stressed brain allows none to sleep peacefully at night nor allows one to contentedly lead a life of zest in daytime. An agitated mind is a type of mental imbalance. As a result man thinks inauspiciously and acts unwholesomely. The widespread nature of this condition can be truly understood by analyzing one’s own or one’s neighbor’s mental state.

In an environment of sense titillation, bad habits/addictions, lethargy, indolence, ego, vain pomp/luxurious lifestyle and vile traditions the financial condition of just about everyone is in an unsatisfactory one. How much ever one earns seems less. Thus people take up unethical criminal activities reeking with corruption. They act in a way which they should never even dream of executing. A criminal nature becomes part and parcel of one’s life. If not via direct attacks via fraudulent oppressive means i.e. by hook or by crook man is immersed in amassing wealth etc via corrupt endeavors. Despite this wasteful expenditure akin to the ogress Sursa opens her mouth wider and wider. No gigantic measure of ‘food’ satiates her.

In family life there is no joy, peace, love, cooperation and propriety. Each family member just thinks of his/her personal needs and selfish desires. In jails, rest houses etc huge crowds are seen residing together. Sheep too dwell in an enclosure built by their shepherd. Similar is the condition of today’s family life the world over. People are blindly siring more and more children and in order to render them immersed in sense titillating living, in order to ‘buy’ their happiness use their labor, time and wealth like water and burn the same akin to the ‘Holi’ festival pyre. Yet in this arena the ration of tainted vile activities continues rising in a worrisome manner. In those homes where once upon a time one could witness real heavenly situations today reeks with family fights and discontent only.

In today’s contemporary times corruption in the economic realm and unethical activities are breaking apart the very spine of society’s management. Due to social vile beliefs/traditions everyone despite realizing its perilous results to be faced later fail to disengage themselves from its noose. Since we fail to give up its so called ‘beneficial’ aspect know for sure that we cannot protect ourselves from its heinous aspect. We fail to come out of the vicious cycle of reforms in one’s daughter’s marriage but at the same time follow blind traditions of demanding dowry etc when one’s son gets married. Those who imbibe double faced thinking and illegitimate behavior shall definitely get pounded to pulp some day or the other. In every field of society an environment of undesirable activities and behavior has spread its net.

In the national and international realm due to population explosion, criminal tendencies increasing in the psyche of world public, communal clashes/enmity, insane hoarding of wealth earned by fair or foul means, sense merriment and a vicious cycle of diplomatic plotting against other countries such an environment has been created apart from fights and attacks none thinks of anything else. Increase in narrow minded selfish gains under the guise of language, regionalism, communities and sects incite a few to earn benefits and perforce throw others into the crater of a massive downfall. Just about no one cares for unity, equality, justice, apt behavior and thinking of far off future results to be faced. Under such situations how can various problems get solved? Who shall do the needful in a satisfactory successful manner? The limitations of police force, law of the country, jails etc in solving problems definitely are there for all to see. In fact amongst hundreds of criminals etc they manage to mete out punishment to a very few of them only. Those who are imprisoned instead of getting reformed become more criminalized and ‘trained’ to execute more heinous crimes after being set free from jails. Civil wars, regional wars and world wars definitely are the result of the above.

Previously the world has witnessed 2 world wars. The ‘jingle’ of nuclear weapons at every step in life is challengingly leading the world to a super annihilation and destruction called Mahapralaya. The worrisome rise in tainted unethical activities has rendered the subtle invisible world extremely venomous and day after day an angry nature is spewing its furious flames in the form of natural calamities in every nook and corner of the globe.

Modern scientific and economic development has augmented the measure of air pollution, food grain pollution and radioactivity to such an extent that right from man choking for fresh air, generations to generations taking birth with physical/mental disabilities to Polar Regions melting, ocean levels rising alarmingly and an Ice Age ushering in are such fearful world situations staring direly at us that can in a flash of a moment render to dust planet earth believed to be the supreme creation of Almighty Lord in the entire infinite cosmos. These hazards certainly are not imaginary but definitely are a factual reality. Foolish people do not realize that death can engulf them any moment. But those who possess the subtle vision of gauging the real existent situation know that the danger faced is so dire and serious and how the very existence of the human race is swinging on the swing of life and death.
















Amongst many disasters noted experts and analyzers count population explosion also as one type of disaster and opine that lest birth rate keeps rising prolifically thus then akin to increasing numbers of hares and mice mankind too shall have prepare for committing mass suicide by drowning in water.

Experts say that as of today’s times the birth rate of newborn babies is 3 per minute. As per this calculation in 1 week the number would be 2,000,000 newborn babies. From this we can gauge how at a cyclonic pace world population is increasing. Right since commencement of the 20th century till date at what speedy pace it has augmented can be depicted by a sample example.

As per the world population statistical figures noted in the year 1901 AD the number of world humans was 2,380,000,000. In the year 1911 this number arose to 2,520,000 and rate increased by 13%. In the year 1921 this world population figure remained virtually as above. This was because the German War and widespread epidemics in that very time period disallowed population increase. The moment peace settled in the world in 1931 this figure arose to 2,780,000 and the rate increase was 27%. In the year 1941 it reached 3,180,000 and the rate increase was 38%. Further the speed of population increasing shot up more. In the year 1951 it reached 3,600,000 and the rate increase was 42%. In the year 1961 the figure was 4,390,000 and the rate increase was 78%. In the year 1966 it reached 5,000,000 and the rate increase was 61%. From this sequential increase in population it is inferred that world population figures to be calculated in 1982 after the year 1972 this figure may reach 10,000,000,000. It means that in comparison to today in the next 20 years world population number shall double. In future days to come up to what number shall the world population increase and what shall be its result? To unfold this data due efforts have been made.

It has already been mentioned that earth possesses land and various means for only limited creatures. Akin to other living beings this law is applicable to human beings also. Regarding creatures apart from humans it has been seen that when their number increases and crosses the permissible boundaries, nature starts destroying them. This is quite natural too. As far as numbers are concerned regarding material means and facilities given by nature to creatures they are proving to be scarce. Due to lesser facilities and more consumers definitely a situation of struggle and unrest ensues. Powerful people oppress the weak and snatch away the latter’s rightful share of things. In such types of unrest those who are powerful (muscle-money power) get saved and the weak die. This state of agitation ultimately leads to the powerful totally destroying the weaker section of society. Archeologists have found ruins/relics of such ancient creatures who although were quite powerful and large sized body wise lost their very existence simply because their numbers increased so frantically that available means given by nature proved to be scarce. Thus a situation of struggle and unrest ensued and thus that particular species lost its very existence.

The billion dollar question is: Shall nature too use the above ploy for human existence too? Nature’s laws are such that they have no place for behaving in a biased prejudiced manner towards any class of creatures. It is beyond doubt that for world humanity unrest and finally the wheel of destruction is ready to set itself rolling in. On this basis high thinking and great intellectuals of the world are advising people in varied ways to sire children very limitedly and are explaining how large sized families prove to be dire which is the result of population explosion the world over. Yet we fail to see some satisfactory results despite all this advice given. Thus ultimately nature perforce sharpens its sword of destruction and upheavals.

These days the fire of violence is speedily spreading out the world over. Murders, fights, terrorism, looting and crime are moving ahead headily. In the eyes of psychiatrists and nature based scientists say that a major cause for this is a worrisome population explosion. Recently 2 famous sociologists of Great Britain-Clare Russell and WS Russell after studying many world problems placed before us certain conclusions. From these it gets proved that at the root of such incidences it is nature’s inspiration that is at work. These days enmity emerging due to some very stray causes also ultimately cascade in the form of terrible violence/mass killings and in it along with those culprits even innocent children etc get engulfed. Since the recent past instead of looting and robbing so as to appease one’s avarice for wealth criminal activities that involve killing people so as to then benefit in a ‘tension free’ manner is on the rise. This is because man’s violent murderous nature is becoming so terribly ireful. Thus regarding this after mulling over from various angles and carrying out deep studies it has been proved that the pressure of excess world population renders man hollow, intolerant and imbalanced psychologically. And thus people get agitated at the drop of a hat and do not aver even a wee bit in killing others or acting violently.

In order to study the psychological influence of population explosion pressure research data unearthed says that when small animals resided in open and quite surroundings their inner nature was calm and cool but when they were made to stay in huge crowded areas they became agitated and sick. Further they started attacking each other too. It is well known that due to excess crowding stools, urine, perspiration, garbage etc too increase a lot. Heat emitted by the body too affects nearby surroundings. According to psychiatrists and psychologists of high renown, it is these distortions of the psyche agitate humans and other creatures and render them stressed and violent. It is hence that in comparison to small villages the number of criminal acts proliferates much more in towns and metro cities.

In a report published by USA’s Population Research Bureau it is written that the world’s population every year is increasing by 65,000,000. Till the year 1980 it shall become 4,300,000,000 and till 2000 AD it shall become 6,000,000,000. It means that it shall double from the year 1960. Merely in China at that time the population figure shall be 1,500,000,000. Lest situations of epidemics, wars etc did not manifest and means for sustenance and nourishment were continuously supplied then India’s population shall become 1,000,000,000.

In 800 BC the population of the world was about 2,500,000. At that time no fear of famine or epidemics was noted. The earth’s environment was pure and unpolluted. Nature herself bestowed so much food that not much of agriculture had to be carried out. People would joyfully travel everywhere and imbibe knowledge. But the more population started increasing, complex situations too augmented and in tandem health management, earning wealth, security, food item, housing, education, crime and other problems started increasing. Today due to population explosion the entire world has become problematic.


















When Lord Jesus Christ was born the world population was about 300,000,000. In 1750 it more than doubled to a figure of 750,000,000. In 1850 about 1,100,000,000 people resided on planet earth. In 1900 AD the world population was about 1,600,000,000. In 1920 it was 1,819,000,000 and in 1940 it was 2,246,000,000. In 1961 this number on increasing became 3,069,000,000. This increase refuses to stop. Earth has a maximum capacity of enduring the weight of 16,000,000,000 world humans. Thus if even a few tons of this weight increases, earth shall head towards hell below i.e. Pralaya or world annihilation shall set in.

Lest we do not harbor self control it shall not take much time to world situations turning explosive. The very time taken to write the figure ‘1.9’ in that very time frame 1.9 new children are born. In 1 minute 225 children are born and thus in 1 hour it becomes 225 X 60 = 13,500. As per this calculation in 1 day, an increase of 13,500 X 24 = 334,000 should be noted. Yet the increase shall be much more because at the most in 20 years these children on becoming young men/women shall start siring children. It means this population increase takes place akin to recurring deposit interest given by banks. Previously the average increase per day was 136,186. In 1 hour 5708 and in 1 minute 95 people increased. As per this calculation in 1975-3,828,000,000; in 2000 AD-68,000,000; in 2050 AD 130,000,000; in 2064 AD 160,000,000 children should have been born. Yet today per minute 225 children are born and it is more than double of the average increase seen previously. This means that the explosion that was to be noted a century later lest if it takes place by the end of the 20th century itself, should not astound anyone.

While making clarifications regarding this swift world population increase and its dire results to be faced Illinois University’s Prof Hizbin Fostek writes: In 2060 AD which means after about 50 years later human race shall become extinct because at that hour world population figures shall reach their pinnacle. According to California Institute of Technology’s Dr James Boner world population is augmenting at a rapid pace of 25,000,000 per year. Lest it continues increasing thus then in the next century it shall become so high that not more than 1 foot of earth shall be available per person. It means that in 1 foot area each person shall eat, sleep, pass excreta etc. It is clear that before such a horrific state appears the situation becomes explosive that man shall start eating up man.

London’s renowned medical expert read out a paper in Blackpool’s Health Congress’ Royal Society wherein he said: In the year 2050 AD i.e. within the next 80 years the world shall face a situation akin to Super Destruction or Mahapralaya. At that time today’s world population of 3,000,000,000 shall rise up to 9,000,000,000. In our land India each hour population increases by 1100. Each year number of people increases by 2,000,000. In states like Kerala till 1976 AD the population was 24,347,000. Over here each day 1500 new babies are born.

As per the above statistics given it connotes a world destructive situation manifesting in these very days due to population explosion and it has been further said that never before has all this been witnessed in the annals of world history. What is the reason behind it? Children were born previously too but since in those times enough means were not available to combat Mother Nature, death rate too was high. Due to famines, epidemics and other natural calamities innumerable people died. Since sexual passion was not very intense children produced were limited in number. Widows and widowers led retired lives. But today the moment children turn 16 years of age their brains desire to taste conjugal bliss. Movies, books, photos etc that incite sexual lust are proliferating manifold. When people gossip they discuss very lewd topics that they have heard, read or seen and this their sexual lust flares up uncontrollably. Under such situations it is natural that more and more babies take birth. At the other end scientific progress has made such an arrangement that the possibility of dying prematurely or getting killed due to nature’s wrath has diminished a fair bit. No doubt illnesses harass us all but their ‘zest’ to kill us has decreased. At the other end due to population explosion new born babies are born in humungous numbers comparable to interest accruing in a recurring deposit scheme in banks. One person produces 3 children, 3 give birth to 9, 9 give birth to 27, 27 give birth to 81 and this increase goes on endlessly.

If one person sires 3 children then in his 7th successive generation 6561 children shall take birth. If this sequence continues further one wonders as to what astronomical figures world population shall reach? There are certain obstructions placed in this sequence of birth rate yet the augmenting is at such a hectic rate that in the near future no open space shall be available for man’s housing, eating, sleeping etc. Water scarcity shall reach its nadir and no land shall be available for education, travel, professions etc. Under such situations naturally since present land available is very scarce newer regions shall have to be set up.

On seeing this hectic unending increase Malthus was worried and he executed a world renowned research study on world’s population. It has gained fame as ‘Malthus Theory’. While highlighting the serious nature of the problem of population explosion Malthus writes: Population increases in a ‘geometrical progression’ manner. It means 1 gives birth to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and 8 to 16 and so on. As against this, production of food and other goods occurs in an ‘arithmetic progression’ fashion. It means it increases as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. As per this calculation at first there was 1 person whose requirement was 1 unit of food for healthily nourishing him. In the 3rd year the number of people became 8 but the units of food available for their nourishment was 3 only. Thus for the remaining 5 people food pressure shall be noted and thus by deducting their education, health, clothing, housing, entertainment etc facilities the problem of their nourishment for sustenance shall have to be fulfilled. Thus each year the complexity of the problem intensifies. After 7 years when for devouring food the population shall increase to 128 there food production shall remain at 7 units only. The gist of all this is that 121 people from birth itself shall have to endure the pain of joblessness, food scarcity and illiteracy. This ratio of production shall be witnessed not only in the realm of food but also in clothing, security, self growth etc. Thus these sorts of hazards shall augment in every realm of day to day living. Today in our modern age we can note this deadly form of joblessness, food scarcity, illiteracy and indiscipline.

Possibly based on these statistical data itself Dr R Sen (who was a minister in India’s Food Ministry and in the year 1966 AD he was elected as a Chief of United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization) has said: It has been well accepted that on planet earth permanent peace and security shall not get established as long as the problem of hunger and scarcity of various means is not uprooted from their very foundation. In reality not only is human health and happiness in danger of losing its very existence but that the existence of a democratic and independent world society too can lose out in a big way. The next 14 years are very delicate in world human history. Either we make all possible efforts to increase production and simultaneously disallow world population figures to augment at the present hectic pace else if we fail to do so the world shall face such heights of hardships never been noted in the annals of world history.

What we have discussed so far is not akin to the marriage of Sheikh Chili (i.e. it is not wild figment of one’s imagination) but is a bare fact. In reality it is warning us to become alert to prepare ourselves well in advance for any future explosive world situations emerging. Nature’s vault has limited materials for human sustenance. It cannot fill tummies of unlimited humans. Hence it has designed a theory that those species that akin to snakes burnt as crackers start augmenting drastically shall be destroyed. Flies and fish produce highest number of babies. Lest nature were not to destroy them swiftly then today we would have required 100,000,000 planets of the size of our earth for housing them.

In the very 1st half of the 20th century Malthus had warned the world that without any delay this explosive rate of population increase must be stopped else mankind must ready itself to endure terrible nature based tainted reactions. As per geometric progression calculations population increases at the rate of 1 in 1977, 2 in 1978, 4 in 1979 and 8 in 1980. Hence in tandem with this food production is increased by augmenting irrigation, fertilizer usage etc so as to use as much of land for agricultural purposes then this calculation as per arithmetic progression shall be 1 in 1977, 2 in 1978, 3 in 1979 and 4 in 1980. A state shall ensue in future wherein this production comes to a grinding halt. What shall happen at that point in time?

At that time nature’s ‘principle of destruction’ shall usher in. Malthus said: Lest man fails to stop population increase with true farsighted discrimination, then both nature based and self created problems, shall induce total world annihilation. Hence it is best that people live lives of inner and outer self control yet if this is not possible then artificial means like family planning (birth control pills etc) are not such bad solutions. Despite all this if man insists on behaving like an obstinate ass then akin to practicing war based fighting before the war actually is waged he shall have to get ready for total destruction.

Lomboc is an island in Indonesia. In 1966 a famine situation occurred there. Residents there made intense efforts to sustain life by eating skin of plants, grass etc yet in 6 months 10,000 people burning in the fire of intense hunger got killed. This happened even though on earth communication systems were very advanced and that one country could render aid to another quite swiftly. Yet when each and everyone becomes an anguished victim of this problem then none shall help another. In fact as per Malthus Theory at such times people in order to avail 1 kg of corn flour shall not aver even a wee bit on killing 10 other people.

While throwing light on the problem of hunger in the year 1966 UNO’s Secretary General U Thont in his report said that in India each year 200,000 children die only because they fail to get initial facilities of healthy nourishment. If food production is limited in measure and the number of people eating it increases prolifically this state of affairs takes up a ferocious terrible form.

As far as food is concerned merely man does not have a right over it. Dacoits also loot it. These ‘dacoits’ are none other than rats. At the time of population counting in 1966 in India 16,000,000 rats were present. If each rat each year loots even 10 pounds of grain, then 8,000,000,000 quintal grains shall be devoured by rats merely. Thus naturally man’s wrath shall rain on them and start eating wild beasts. By itself since jungles are being chopped off creatures there lose their very existence. Hence man shall eat up man be it visibly or invisibly. In the form of anarchy its 4 signs as hunger, joblessness, housing problems and anarchy are coming to the forefront. Just as dawn connotes sunrise manifesting very shortly so too these world problems are the prologue of future world population explosion. Lest man even now refuses to pay due heed to farsighted discrimination/Viveka then how long shall nature remain silent?

In future days not more control can be levied on population increase and present day enthusiasm for scientific advancement. Yes! Definitely at least for 100 years a path shall be designed to aid humans remain alive. For this end efforts are being made as of today itself and from 2000 AD to 2100 AD whatever should be done, what shall happen etc its line of action must remain clear in the minds of all and in order to fulfill it much beforehand required efforts must commence without any further delay.

The renowned economist Arthur C Clarke and Prof Wirk Fuller has designed a world program for the 21st century. In it population augmenting has been given the 1st spot and within attainments as per it a scheme has been demarcated for fully controlling in a well managed fashion present and future scientific attainments. As per their sage counsel in the 21st century flesh production shall stop because it is very expensive to do so. In getting ready 1 pound of flesh about 50 pounds of fodder/animal feed is used up. By using up so much plant life just to produce such miniscule amounts of flesh doubtlessly is a loss making deal. For this end so much fertility power of agriculture land cannot be thrown to the winds. This fodder etc made from plant life instead of being utilized for construction purposes, paper industry etc is given to animals just to fatten them up and then get flesh from them is but wasteful expenditure. Is it any less that for a few cows giving lots of milk we save land space and food to nurture them? This shall only happen when man is rendered mentally prepared to economize as far as land he uses and food he devours. Plants like soya bean can easily aid in making milk, curds etc. Ghee or clarified butter is very much something akin to oil. The requirement of greasiness can be fulfilled by oil then why desire Ghee? From protein and bacteria in oil synthetic fats can be easily produced and hence no further need is there to imbibe a long complex procedure to make animal flesh. So far France has succeeded in producing synthetic fat. In future this procedure shall be rendered even more facile and highly advanced.

Roads usurp a lot of space/land and wherever they are rendered well cemented/tarred land there loses its fertility richness. These days we must seriously cogitate over the fact as to the extent to which roads are usurping fertile land and shall do so all the more in future, land destruction is imminent. Roads shall be built either underground or else cheap air travel shall fulfill requirements of travel and transport. On land used up by roads seeds of nourishing food items shall be sown along with grass that mature very fast per year. Plants must be used in totality only for eating purpose. Only then will the food scarcity problem get solved and that man’s belly can be filled in a satiating manner. These days today’s type of food habits shall have to be renounced in future. The shape and area taken up by plants if compared to that of seeds is huge. A major portion of crops is rendered as fodder. Today this fodder is eaten up by animals/birds but in future if animals become extinct then fodder shall be rendered useless. Under such conditions we must imbibe the habit of devouring the entire plant, grass etc. Ultimately do not other creatures sustain life by eating grass? Hence why should man aver in following suit? Grass possesses optimal measure of protein and other life sustaining principles. Grass powder can be used as flour. As per requirements other materials too can be added yet know that flour shall mainly be made from grass powder. The trend of eating grains akin to animal flesh shall be boycotted in future. When all food materials like synthetic curds/clarified butter or Ghee/flesh shall be produced synthetically why should anyone insist on eating flour made from grains? In a few years time people shall become ready to eat grass made flour. If they shall initially refuse to do so circumstances shall force them to eat grass made flour.

In order that man continuously gets pure unpolluted fresh air to inhale trees are very important. An area of 25 square feet enough air can be got by 1 person to breathe comfortably. Hence more and more arrangements shall have to be made to grow more trees/gardens in open spaces. At that time, buildings shall have many floors. No more shall houses be built with merely 1 storey. We shall perforce have to save space that is used to build homes. In order to grow plant life it shall be most required that least amount of land is used for building homes. This is possible only by constructing high rise building with maximum number of floors.

In order to render grass based meals more nutritious new sources of proteins must be added to them. In it shall predominate single cell yeasts, fungus, moss etc. If the admixture of oil bearing plants in vogue today like peanuts, soya bean, coconut and cotton seed are mixed with food items then grass made flour can be rendered more nutritious and tasty in comparison to wheat flour that is used a lot at present. Wheat has 10-12% protein, rice has 8-9% and flesh/fish have 20-22% protein. By abstaining from this belch inducing food newer sources of protein are utilized in a big way very easily more nutrition value can be ours for keepsake. Yeast has 55%, bacteria 80%, fungus 40% and moss has 25% protein. Under such circumstances by using them food scarcity and nutrition problems can be solved on a war footing.

A French scientist-Champton has attained promising success in producing nutritious protein content from tiny microbes emerging as bye products from petroleum refineries. In comparison to expenses incurred in producing protein from single cell microbes expenses incurred in producing flesh is 2500 times more. Under such situations man perforce shall have to use more and more protein from single cell microbes. In Japan there is a trend of using oceanic plant called chlorella as food material. England is immersed in making protein from grass. Soya bean milk can fulfill the requirement of cow, buffalo etc milk and this is being opined by food research experts very optimistically. Since 1kg of soya bean gives 10 liters of milk it is quite financially cheap too. As far as nutritional quality is concerned both soya milk and cow’s milk are equal.

In future major changes shall have to be brought in as far as cooking food is concerned. In future that space used up today due to storage of uncooked grains etc and amount of space used up to store cooked food shall no longer get usurped wastefully. The moment grains, vegetables etc are grown they shall be cooked on a gigantic scale in large industries/factories and its dried powdered essence form shall be packaged. Since food constitutes 90% water content hence on mixing required amounts of water in this dry powdered food, it shall be heated ovens. Thus in 10 minutes food shall be ready and thus not only space shall be saved but that time taken to cook it too shall minimize a lot.

Mountains shall have to be razed down into flat plains. Rocky land that cannot be used for agriculture shall be instead used to build factories, housing complexes etc. Thus cities and villages shall inhabit in such areas. By powdering mountains building materials like bricks, stones, cement etc can be made so that in such construction tasks not one foot of fertile land used for agriculture is wastefully destroyed. In place of wood by using plastic or other synthetic metals building construction material requirements can be satisfactorily fulfilled.

USA’s scientific author Isaac Asimov while quoting statistics has said that due to ever increasing population in the next 20 years amongst those hazards emerging, the problem of materials required to sustain lives on planet earth shall predominate. Air, water and food are 3 such entities on the basis of which man sustains life. In future for an ever augmenting world population all these 3 shall neither be available in its pure unadulterated form and neither in ample measure too.

Despite all this due to an ever increasing population problems emerging shall not get solved. The most heinous dire result of ever increasing population shall not only stare at us ferociously as terrible food scarcity but that pure drinking water too shall get depleted in big measure. This is because at one end world population is increasing astronomically and at the other end factories, industries using a lot of water and other materials shall crop up like weeds everywhere.















On the one hand world population is increasing worrisomely and at the other end factories, industries, businesses are increasing rapidly. These days potable drinking water demand is increasing swiftly. Each family, each person requires water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, cooking food and cleaning the house. The more one’s status of lifestyle increases higher up to that extent more water is required. There are people who grow plants, trees, breed animals-birds etc in their homes. For all this the demand for water increases a lot. In hot summer for moisture and water sprinkling water is needed.

Factories and industries ceaselessly demand water. The bigger the factory greater is the demand for water. Rails using steam and other machines require water. Research of various types in laboratories etc use a lot of water. Extra water is required in urban areas where stools/urines use flushes (Western toilets) and in cleaning sewers, gutters etc. Agriculture, gardening etc is totally based on water. Greenery and forest foliage wealth sustain themselves due to water. In animal breeding while feeding them fodder water too is given to them. There are so many other realms in which a ceaseless supply of water is required.

All this water is got from cloud formation. When ice on mountains melts it takes the form of flowing rivers and in actuality they are but gifts of clouds. Due to sun’s heat, steam that rises in air from the sea move around as clouds in the sky. When these clouds pour down as rain rivers, wells, lakes etc get filled with water. It is from these that water requirements mentioned above get fulfilled. Along with population plants, food grains, vegetables, animal lineage, factories etc that augment they have increased in tandem the demand for water in comparison to olden times much more. This demand is rising in a very furious hectic manner. Due to gift of water from clouds so far water demand was fulfilled satisfactorily. Irrigation tasks are executed via river, lake and well water. Whatever they possess is but the boon of rain clouds. It is very clear that whatever is being given via clouds is today proving less than the demand noted. The world over worry looms large for gaining access to clean drinking water in greater measure so that the requirements of water in human living, plants, animals, factories etc can be fulfilled.

There is no control on cloud formation. They may pour rain on us when they want to and in the measure they so wish. We cannot forcefully induce them to pour rain water as per our requirements. When they rain they may blindly do so in a cats and dogs fashion. Via monsoons clouds help spread water in such measure that it is not possible to collect it and in large amounts they flow away so as to finally merge into the ocean. After this for the remaining 8 months the sky remains clear. In hot summer one has to thirst for every drop of water. Under such situations man perforce has to make due efforts in order to unfold other sources of water else in a very short time span due to water scarcity disaster sustaining life on planet shall become virtually impossible. When even for throwing away garbage, growing lush greenery and for bathing-cooking present water availability is proving scarce how shall carry out daily life’s chores in future? With whose help shall factories, industries etc function?

USA’s population is 200,000,000. There water required for agriculture and animal/bird breeding per person each day is 13,000 gallons. Water required for household tasks and industries too uses this much amount. Thus in USA for every person daily 26,000 gallons of water is required. USA’s population is not so high comparatively and water sources are quite a few in number. Even so a worry prevails there that in the 21st century possibly a water scarcity hazard may manifest there.

India’s population when compared to that of America is 2.5 times more. Further in India water resources and founts are lesser in number. In big metro cities like for example in Mumbai the demand is for 350,000,000 gallons. This same demeaned state in more or less measure prevails in other Indian cities too. In rural areas majority of agricultural tasks depend on rain water. In that year when rains are less in that year terrible famine situations have to be endured. In fact both human and birds-animals life is at stake. Lest in such rural regions human effort based water management systems are put into operation a fair bit of food scarcity problem can be solved successfully.

While searching for more water resources our eyes perforce head towards ocean waters. More than 2/3rds of earth’s surface is submerged in ocean waters. But the problem is that this water is salty and it can hardly be used in any task. How can this salty water be converted into salt free and potable water? This then shall be the focus of research so as to render human life more comfortable in future times.

Regarding this UNO had appointed a Commission that by journeying to 46 leading nations of the world placed before us a detailed report on water scarcity problems and the method to successfully troubleshoot it. The gist of this report was published in book form by UN under the title ‘Purification of salty water’. In it the chief suggestion is to focus more attention on rendering salty ocean water salt free. The book suggests also that greater emphasis should be laid on stopping rain water wastefully flowing away into the ocean and to extract water from invisible rivers flowing in underground regions. Further they advise that water got from clouds as gifts and melting mountain snow must be used wholesomely with much more caution.

A scheme for nearby regions of North and South Pole of earth involves ‘catching’ icy mountains flowing in oceans there so as to solve the problem of potable drinking water scarcity. Know for sure that this method shall prove cheaper financially and shall be easily available too. 80% of earth’s total potable water content is found in snow coverings and ice caps in the Pole’s Antarctic region. In these freezing cold areas large sized portions of ice on getting separated start swimming in the ocean. Thus they take the form of an ice island. Due to pressure of ocean waves and wind whizzing past they roam around here and there. By catching icy mountains of the South Pole in order to fulfill water requirements in South America, Australia and Africa they can be pulled towards these regions. In the same way, icy mountains of the North Pole can fulfill water requirements of a very gigantic sized region on planet earth. Of course the number of icy mountains here found is lesser.

America’s snow scientist Dr William Campbell and Dr Wilford for this very purpose while placing forth their research data in an international meeting organized in Cambridge (England) called ‘International Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers’ said: More importance should be given to ‘catching’ icy mountains so that to a great extent the world potable water problem can be solved in an inexpensive manner.

With the help of geo satellites in space by taking photographs we can find out in which region how and in what number icy mountains are travelling. 83% of these icy mountain areas are submerged in water and only 17% of it is seen bobbing above the ocean water surface (tip of the iceberg). These can be dragged away up to a distance of 5000 miles. It can take up to 5 months for them to travel this length.

No doubt 2 causes are worrisome viz. expenses incurred to drag them and that one they enter areas that are warmer than Polar Regions they start melting, yet in the final analysis this water tapping shall be cheaper than the current methods of fulfilling water requirements from rivers, underground water founts etc.

It has been calculated that 2/3rds of the iceberg dragged from Emory to Australia shall melt and only 1/3rd shall remain in ice form. Only 14% of an iceberg dragged from Rasa to South America shall remain in ice form. It has been said that dragging with slower speed proves more beneficial because since obstructions created by waves lessens ice wastage shall diminish a fair bit. Very easily a tug water vehicle with a horse power of 7-8 thousand in ½ a nautical can drag this iceberg. The expenses incurred to travel from one’s port to the ice mountain and also returning and cash used to melt this ice so as to render it potable drinking water shall definitely be cheaper when compared to the expenses incurred by local municipal corporations in collecting and supplying water to various households, factories etc. using traditional methods. The biggest advantage is that this ice water being of the stature of distilled water shall be very useful in rendering our health sound and disease free. Further this water is clean and devoid of any forms of toxic principles. On noting its high clean stature even if expenses incurred are bit on the higher side we must joyfully bear it.

The 2nd solution given is that on sea shores gigantic sized nuclear reactors could be built. With the help of the reactor’s heat artificial clouds can be created and then by cooling these clouds artificial rivers can be created. By building dams potable water problems can be solved a great deal.

The 3rd solution is with reference to that rain water which on first entering rivers finally flows away into the ocean. If via dams this river water flowing is obstructed then potable drinking water problem can be dealt with successfully.

The 2nd and 3rd type of solutions mentioned above are dangerous ones. On being exposed to more heat sea water life like microbes etc shall die in hordes, sea shore areas nearby shall becoming excessively hot. Further when this heat travels to the Polar Regions a water based world destruction situation (Jal Pralaya) could manifest and major portion of earth shall get submerged in water. Such gigantic reactors via radiations emitted by them can create even more upheavals. The danger attached to the 3rd solution is that when river waters fail to reach the ocean they shall start drying up. Thus saltiness in ocean waters shall increase and due to this heavy water clouds shall fail to rise up in the sky. Thus what benefits can one accrue even by building dams to obstruct river waters wastefully flowing away into the ocean? The highly vagabond like ice islands of the Poles cannot travel much far. Thus only those regions benefit from them that lie in very close proximity to these ice islands.

The above mentioned solutions are half complete and fail to give well defined results. Doubtlessly the demand for potable drinking water shall perforce have to be solved. If we fail to do so immense water scarcity shall be noted for tasks like agriculture, drinking purposes, factories, cleaning etc and due to this speed breaker since the problem of production of materials/goods and cleanliness shall be rendered very complex and tortuous man shall die prematurely due to unappeased hunger pangs, dirt, squalor, diseases etc.

All these world problems are but the creation of the alarming rise noted in world population. Lest man had put at work his farsighted wisdom he would have realized the dire results to be faced as a result of this population augmenting abnormally and thus would have taken strict measures to stop such insane population augmenting. Yet we fail to see mankind imbibing a farsighted vision and thus the problem of drinking water scarcity remains unsolved. If not today most definitely in future years to follow world humanity shall perforce have to endure the all destructive punishment due to his thunderbolt like stupidity. It is inferred that this perilous situation till the end of the 21st century shall manifest in its ghastly form.






In order that man remains sound in health and happy 2 things is most required viz. pure unpolluted air and clean clear water. All other material comforts/facilities take 2nd spot. In the sequence of requirements they take 1st and 2nd spot respectively. Food stands 3rd in position. For at least a few days one can remain alive without food and for a lesser time span than this one can live without drinking water. But as far as air is concerned its need is so intense that one cannot live without it even for a few moments. Further if we have to breathe in a dirty polluted atmosphere we shall become victims of various simple/deadly diseases.

In order to remain healthy it is just not enough to breathe in air because more than this the requirement is of clean unpolluted air for inhalation. But today in this modern scientific age smoke from factories, carbon emitted by chimney smoke, furnace emissions and other tainted materials has rendered air so toxic that it is but natural for deeply thinking great men to get worried. Recently in many countries regarding this heinous problem a lot of worry is being harbored and public exhibitions to highlight this problem too have been showcased.

 A glimpse of the reactions of air pollution can be understood via a few episodes: In 1952 in whole of London for 4 days a fog of smoke (smog) covered the sky ceaselessly. As a result about 4000 people died. In 1945 in USA’s Danora city a very similar type of smog covered its sky. Hence hundreds of people got afflicted with breathing ailments and diseases. The cause in both these cities was one: Due to usage of coal factories emitted deadly sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere.

In Japan’s capital Tokyo the police after every half an hour had to inhale oxygen from oxygen cylinders because due to smoke emissions from cars, trucks etc the measure of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere increases.

On the roads of Japan’s capital Tokyo vehicles that ply increase in number. Thus at that time smoke content increases so much that at the government level announcements for public security have to be made. Government officials in order to get saved from its choking effect wear gas masks. In 1966 in Tokyo 65 times this sort of warning was officially announced. The traffic police every half an hour while staying away from duty temporarily would head to the nearby pavement corner where oxygen cylinders were kept and would inhale oxygen from it. Many a times it so happened that when the police erred by not going to inhale oxygen many of them together lost consciousness.

In Japan for every 100 persons at least 1 person gets afflicted by bronchitis. The cause for this is nothing but this smoke emitted by moving vehicles, factories etc. Over here amongst American soldiers present a new disease has emerged called ‘Tokyo Yokohama Disease’. The cause for this disease according to medical experts too is dirt present in air. In it one cannot breathe easily, one gets a choking feeling, lots of coughing, indigestion etc is noted.

In South America’s Brazil country Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are neighboring cities. Around the year 1944 the population of Sao Paulo was 2,500,000 and today it has doubled. Along with population increase factories and industries have shot up in number prolifically. It is inferred that in the above time period in Sao Paulo 5000 new factories have cropped up. Bang opposite to this Rio de Janeiro keeping in mind a warning published in a magazine called “Organic Dust” in the year 1973 its municipal corporation refused to allow heavy industrialization to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner (in this warning well beforehand it was said that lest factories etc proliferated in an uncontrolled manner its smoke would prove very perilous for the human race). The situation today is that in the sky of Sao Paolo each day 10 tons hydro sulfuric acid and about 1000 tons sulfuric anhydride is released and due to it, twice the number of people dying here are those who get afflicted with bronchial diseases. At morning hours people leave homes while coughing. People of Madrid experiencing this terrible condition say: We all while inhaling air in the morning ‘drink’ so much toxic materials that it can be compared to using a diesel engine for 1 entire day. On the one hand Sao Paolo is choking painfully due to smoke and people of Rio de Janeiro are today protected from the above dire situation.

In USA’s Pennsylvania State on the shores of a river called Mononag Sella a small industry based colony resides. Over here many factories have been set up. By itself over here smoke from factories clouds up the sky quite continuously and residents there are quite used to enduring it but yet on 28th October 1971 there the situation turned quite abnormal. A fog full of smoke and dust particles clouded the sky so much that for 4 days this colony experienced darkness akin to heavy monsoon clouds covering the sky. None over here knew when the sun had arisen and that daytime had ushered in. in fact day too appeared like a dark gloomy night. So much thick dirt poured down from this smog that it solidified into a thick layer on the roads. And people who walked in it saw their footprints etched in it. Cars could no longer ply on the roads. Due to ill patients hospitals were jam packed. Doctors in order to save their own lives started fleeing that place for safer far off havens.

Amongst that region with a total population of 18000 people at least 6000 got afflicted with throat infection, dizziness, vomiting, swelling of eyes and other diseases. Amongst these patients quite a few entered the jaws of death.

Smoke emitted by factories and other furnaces covers the sky. The moment it gets an opportunity it bends towards the ground. The moment it gets an opportunity of ‘Thermal Inversion’ it starts raining as fog/smog. As long as air gets affected by heat till then particles of smoke-smog rise up along with wind yet when due to coolness air becomes moist the rising of these particles stops. Thus this air pollution starts falling downwards. When air flow stops this hazard increases all the more.

Today in USA’s atmosphere each day gets filled with 200,000,000 tons of particles of hydro carbons, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, glass and other toxic units. Many a times since the temperature falls down the weather turns cool as a result of which this smoke fails to rise up in the sky. Under such circumstances people residing in densely populated regions with very sparse greenery, plants etc start choking for fresh pure air. It is like trying to breathe in a locked room full of smoke. This smog not only causes choking but that in it chemical reactions also occur. Thus toxic gases like nitrogen dioxide, ozone etc are formed. These abnormally induce diseases like coughing, lung infections, eye related ailments etc. In America in air pollution inflicting such diseases 60% pollution is due to motor vehicles and 30% due to various industries. Space travelers by journeying 70 miles above earth’s atmosphere saw earth wherein Los Angeles in USA an industrialized city was badly veiled by dirty smog.

From this stand point since industrialization is immense for many number of years in places like Britain, Germany, France, Belgium etc the situation is horrific. Since in Germany sulfur dioxide levels have increased a lot 130,000 acres of forest greenery based area has been destroyed and on a yearly basis 210,000,000 acres of forest is getting destroyed. These days in Switzerland the number of cloth mills has quadrupled. As a result the condition of lakes etc is terrible. In these 20 years these waters saw an increase of phosphate by 10 times and plaque by 30 times.

In Germany’s Federal Republic it has been calculated that industries here each year emit 20,000,000 toxic materials in the environment. These include coal based gases, oil based gases and gas that rushes up in the sky when these materials are dug up to bring them out during mining. 2,000,000 ton of carbon monoxide, 2,500,000 ton of sulfuric acid and 2,500,000 ton of hydro carbons on becoming dust particles fly up high in the sky and their reactions prove deadly for various creatures.

The director of India’s Public Health Engineering Research Institute-Prof SJ Arsi Veena opines that in comparison to Western countries no doubt number of vehicles in India is less yet the measure of smoke is about the same as them. While surveying Kolkata city it was found that in the atmosphere over here the measure of carbon monoxide gas is 35 whereas in New York it is 27. The reason given is that cars in India, using outdated engineering designs, lets out more smoke. Chimneys in factories in India use very bad quality coal and by not getting attached with cleaning machinery, more augmenting is noted in the toxicity of air pollution.

In the February 67 issue of ‘Drive Magazine’ statistics published therein say that one car in 7 years spits out so much smoke that its carbon dioxide content can fill up the famous tomb of Christian’s Saint Paul Church 2 times, monoxide can fill a bungalow with 3 rooms 9 times and nitrogen can fill up a double-decker bus 2 times. If after sieving this gas collected for 7 years its lead content is extracted it is sufficient to cover the chest of a deep sea diver.

The above measurements are but those of smoke augmenting toxicity from 1 lone car. As against this merely in England 15,000,000 cars ply on roads. Till 1980 it was gauged that its number would rise to 45,000,000. America’s number of cars is much more than England. It is said that in 12 seconds one new baby is born in USA whereas the production of cars there is so much that every 5 seconds 1 new car is readied. Our All World Gayatri Family’s member Mr. Anand Prakash these days is doing research studies in a brain and nervous system laboratory in Houston-Texas (over here dwells NASA where from Cape Kennedy space craft are sent into outer space). Always one gets information from him regarding America. In a letter written dated 26/12/1969 he writes: Over here the number of car is very much in excess and its numbers are rising at such a pace that amongst every 20 cars of USA at least 1 is absolutely new. While showcasing worry regarding this high rate of transport/travel augmenting in 26th January 1969’s ‘Sunday Standard’ it was written that last year merely in New York city of USA in smoke emitted by non vehicles a 36,000,000 ton increase has been reported.

In one program broadcasted on BBC (London) on 27th July 1967 it was reported that in London travel/transportation has increased to such an extent that many a times when a traffic jam occurs cars line up at standstill for about 17 miles at a stretch on roads. Over here traffic police on duty are asked to wear a special type of mask on their face. Lest they fail to wear it due to smoke emitted by cars plying there it becomes difficult for them to stand on duty there for even 5 hours. What can one say about the bodily/mental ill health and muscular weakness faced by residents dwelling in such areas on a permanent footing. Today so much smoke covers England’s skies that each year on every square meter area 1kg ash forms a solidified layer on the road.

Not only in England and USA but the world over cars, engines, mills, factories etc are proliferating like weeds. As per a survey in 1900 AD very much previously itself 260,000,000,000 ton carbon gas was there on entire earth’s atmosphere but today its measure has increased by 20 times. Toxic effects of radiations are not included in this. This rising cloud of smoke can one day render earth so hot akin to a valley of death that none shall manage to sustain their very life’s existence. At the most a few trees/plants standing shall drink this smoke while the human race becomes totally extinct.

The number of factories, rail engines, electric power houses, cars, air planes etc are rising at a maddening pace. Carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide toxic gases emitted by coal, petrol, diesel etc burnt to help the above function well, are rendering the earth’s atmosphere more and more heinously polluted day after day. Due to population increase in big cities at a hectic pace, cars/factories emitting toxic elements the amount of perilous principles in air is increasing alarmingly. These toxic elements predominate more in smoke and dust. They enter the body when air is inhaled and thus the body turns weak and diseased.

A report tabled with merely with reference to New Delhi-India silencers of trucks, buses, cars etc each day emit 20000 pounds of sulfur dioxide gas in air. Merely thermal electricity power stations regularly create 95 pounds of such gases that is destructive not only for our body but that it is dire for various buildings, constructions and bridges made from iron. Agra’s Taj Mahal because of New Delhi’s toxic gas emissions is rotting away. In order to protect this wonderful monument it is thought of using applying a layer of emulsion on it so that the beautiful marble in its delicate architecture does not tarnish.

If the air contains carbon monoxide gas’ 1/700th portion also a person breathing it dies immediately. If it contains 1/100000th portion of it creatures in that area shall turn ill.

Any time one can witness smog covering the sky of industrialized cities. In it brim forth carbon, sulfate, nitrite, lead, hydrocarbons etc. Dust and smoke in unison create such a sheet of smog that not only humans but that any other plant etc dwelling below it start gasping for breath due to choking. Their natural growth gets obstructed quite badly.

Industrialized units/buildings ceaselessly emit 3000 types of poison like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, burnt rubber etc. These cover the atmosphere and perforce people residing there have to inhale this poison. These innocent people have no clue about this dire state of affairs wherein apart from the glittering pomp of urban cities air is so toxic that day after day they weaken the very roots of their bodily health.

After being ejected from factories etc sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, smog reactant carbon dioxide, ozone and tiny particles get mixed in air. Along with this carbon particles, lead particles, metal particles from factories processing metal ores etc too mix with air.

Due to sulfur dioxide exposure one suffers from emphysema, heart and other ailments. If the air moistens from this very gas sulfuric acid is formed and it harms buildings and plant life. It also destroys steel products.

Carbon monoxide gas by mixing with hemoglobin in blood renders the blood capacity to store oxygen content very weakened. Thus when we drive cars also we experience tiredness. Weakness increases and due to it dizziness based incidences to increase.

Further from these venomous gases smog is formed and it spreads diseases like cancer, ailments of lungs, heart diseases etc. Ozone is known to harm plant life. Tiny particles render objects dirty, it badly affects the capacity of our eyes to view things clearly and the respiratory system gets diseased. In order to give jerks to engines lead is added to petrol but as a result of this, such toxic gases get emitted that the environment’s poisonous content augments a great deal day by day.

When smoke increases in air it means air loses its capacity to kill germs, microbes etc. It is clear that if air loses its capacity to kill germs, microbes etc deadly germs shall proliferate all the more and crop harvests shall get destroyed. In USA’s most air polluted areas so much proliferation of microbes that destroy crops is noted that lest if at any point in time in a pesticides are not sprayed on crops not one food grain can be saved. Due to usage of pesticides like DDT food becomes poisonous. Both situations are terrible and to get protected from it only one solution prevails viz. in place of industries that augment smoke content in the atmosphere small cottage industries must come into vogue, handicrafts must be encouraged on a war footing and Yajnas must be performed not only all over Indian territory but in every nook and corner of the world.

In California due to a covering of smoke 15 million dollars worth crop gets destroyed (about Indian Rupees 15,000,000) as per official records. Unofficially this loss is of about 132 million dollars and this situation prevails in other states too.

John T Middleton-Director of University Statewide Air Pollution Research Center says due to air pollution that has its basis in photo chemicals all 27 states of USA have been affected. Amongst these districts of Columbia is affected fair bit more. Recently their harvest got saved in the nick of time. Apart from this dust particles and solid/fluid chemicals in which oil and coal get mixed up, smog that results from these affects crops very badly. Air pollution due to gases that includes hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, fluorides and sulfur dioxide are also known to harm harvests. On studying particles of Sudan grass sugar, alfalfa oats, peanuts, apricots, citrus, grapes, plums etc it was found that they get especially affected due to air pollution. Lest these crops are not protected, a day can come that when they turn venomous totally they shall be categorized as other bitter wild fruits unfit for eating.

These days so much fuel is burnt in factories, cars etc and in it so much extra heat is being emitted that we must in no way believe this hazard to be any less heinous. If this present trend continues then in the next 25 years the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere shall increase manifold and its heat shall speedily start melting ice on earth’s Polar Regions. Its effect shall cascade in the form of the levels of ocean water rising higher up and if this goes on uninterrupted then when all the ice melts ocean waters shall rise higher up by 400 feet and this disaster shall submerge about half earth’s land/terrestrial area under the ocean. This disaster shall manifest after 25 years if the above trend continues as it is and in 400 years that hazard shall get created as a result of which today’s scientific zest can be called a curse dawning to destroy world humanity.

Due to high speed moving vehicles in cities, usage of electricity, fire burning in large amounts in very tiny areas, breathing in overcrowded places, heat emitted by our bodies, factories being built in humungous numbers etc temperatures in cities are higher than those in rural areas. Electrical fans do not lower temperatures but simply throw wind from here to there. Fashion trends in which tight clothes are worn etc renders heat content surrounding our body much more in measure. Overcrowding in buses, trains, roads etc heat keeps increasing. In cement-concrete buildings and roads made from stone/tar heat content is of higher measure. Urban indwellers in these increased temperatures start losing their natural bodily capacity and potential.

The result of increasing air pollution is that akin to the last Ice Age witnessed it could be one more Ice Age may loom large in front of us and for a very long time span a very big portion of earth may not be fit enough for creatures to dwell in. On it shall rule a terrific cold wave.

In this manner many possibilities stare at us and one knows not which amongst these may actually materialize in future? Yet know for sure that this pollution shall definitely destroy mankind’s health. When clean unpolluted air is not accessible then with every inhalation not only dirt but that toxicity too shall enter our body in a big way. Thus say how can our health remain good and sound? How can our very life get protected?















Akin to air pollution water pollution too is a creation of this modern era. For sustaining life amongst most required materials water stands at 2nd spot. In Vedas water is called nectar.

Not only India but that all countries of the world and their scientists accept the importance of water. Since thousands of years in Finland there is a tradition of bathing congregationally on Saturdays. In big families people dig up lakes in their huge gardens. In Germany waist bathing and water therapy has been given widespread importance. Scientists there viz. Brand Leeber and Jim Seen carried out studies in water therapy methods and since they proved it to be very beneficial there water therapy has come into vogue everywhere. There are many such villages there where in virtually every home, water therapy is administered. In America Universities of Philadelphia, New York, Virginia etc classes on water therapy are conducted. In natural lakes of Rome, Japan, Czechoslovakia etc people bathe a lot. There on this sort of bathing many scientific research studies have been carried out. In India along with giving due importance to pilgrimages bathing in holy rivers there is a must. River Ganga waters are worshiped akin to nectar/Amrit. On seeing all this if it can be called the very life force of all creatures certainly it is not an overstatement. The School of Medicine in India called Ayurveda it is said: Daily early morning on waking up a person drinking a cool glass of water on an empty stomach always remains disease free, healthy, the brain remains cool and calm, the stomach’s digestive system remains strong and eyes drip with brilliant aura. Pure water is the very life of human beings and without it man cannot sustain life.

It is very sad to note that the human race known to give water so much importance and knows that its purity is most required today is rendering water dirty. Thus man not only destroys himself but that he perforce remains ill and ailing for virtually his entire life. USA’s well known philosopher Arthur Goodroffe too in one of his memoirs writes: In those days I would go to study at Hesbroadak Heights. In those days, the very 1st factory was set up in Sedil River in New Jersey. Muck and foul odor from this factory would fall into this river in such a way that we all could not bathe in it. Selfish and wealth greedy people refused to hear our request and thus today Passaic, Hackensack Bay, Hudson and others became rivers of hell because all its water got polluted badly. The human race by polluting water everywhere akin to suicide is heading towards becoming diseased. This is not his mistake but sheer stupidity on his part.

Akin to air pollution today even water pollution is staring at earth in the form of a very financially dear problem. Majority of cities dwell on river shores. Heavy industries generally crop up in big metro cities. In Canada and other countries tanks like hipirin that cleans excreta and dirt of cities. They allow only purified water to enter rivers but in India stools-urine of thousands of people of cities are shed in rivers nearby. River Ganga since time immemorial is very much part of our Indian culture. On 12 Amavasya or no moon day religious bathing is a must. Further on various festival days too even today millions of people take a holy dip and fill up vessels with this sacred water. But today these River Ganga waters predominate with excreta of humans, animals etc. One’s blood boils on merely remembering how much dirt, rubbish etc is thrown into River Ganga waters right from Rishikesh’s Antibiotic factory to Gangasagar in Kolkata and it seems that today truly from the reeking dirt standpoint the entire world has been rendered a rotting hell.

There was time in the past when America’s lovely lakes/waterfalls due to its natural beauty attracted the souls of nature lovers and these people resided there for sometime in order to attain peace. But today on their shores large sign boards announce: Danger! Polluted waters! No swimming allowed! Caution! Water is toxic! Nearby lakes in industrialized towns and cities are in a way termed corpses. Their waters cannot be used by anybody. The rivers there are now but sewers/gutters that aid in flowing mounds of rubbish. Rhine River is called Europe’s Gutter.

A Chemistry expert Norweld Duffimright conducted a chemical analysis of fish caught in Norway’s Saint Player Lake and they found dangerous amounts of mercury in it. How did mercury enter fish? After more minute studies it was unearthed that in industry used chemicals high levels of mercury are found. This mercury along with rubbish flows into nearby lakes. It was thought previously that mercury being a heavy metal would ‘sit’ in the floor bed of the lake. Even if a few fish died due to this mercury not much special harm can occur but yet this inference was proved erroneous.

Research studies showed that on reaching water chemical reactions with reference to mercury start taking place. Its subtle amount enters tiny creatures. Small worms eat up these and they in turn become food for fish. In this manner mercury’s chemical reaction by becoming a unit in the flesh of fish settles there. Analysts have said that men eating such fish affected by mercury either become blind or lunatics. Under special circumstances they may die too.

Akin to mercury there are many such other chemicals that pose much more dangers. These too are used in large amounts in various industries and its rubbish leads in creating water pollution. Dr Henry Schroder of Dartmouth Medical College has warned the USA government that chemicals like lead, cadmium, nickel, carbonyl etc are no less heinous. These are used in large measures at present. Its’ very tiny amount also can induce blood pressure problems and lung cancer.

There is one more reason why rubbish content in USA is rising prolifically. There each year 48,000,000,000 boxes, 28,000,000,000 bottles, 100,000,000 car tyres and 7,000,000 cars are rendered garbage. There are many other types of such materials that on becoming old and tattered become rubbish and then they are thrown away into ocean waters. As a result this garbage is proving hazardous for shore areas of the ocean. In this rubbish dirt starts swelling and further creates disasters for nearby regions. How the slogan of ‘use things for a very short time span, throw it away and buy more new materials’ has helped in rendering USA so immersed in joy and augmenting material prosperity shall be proved only as time lapses by. Yet know for sure as a result of this garbage content is rising at a frantic pace. People by removing their old car number plates leave their cars here and there. Everywhere one can find graveyards of used cars and none even thinks of taking away bottles, boxes etc. The public there on getting rattled with this problem has celebrated ‘Earth Day’ and by throwing this rubbish at doorsteps of factories responsible for making them rendered them mountains of garbage heaps and further demanded that along with making these goods such factories should shoulder the responsibility of disposing these goods when they turn into garbage.

When oxygen levels decrease in water toxic principles augment and thus trees, plants etc die on getting poisoned. In clouds too this poison gets mixed and then they rain down as poisonous water. Thus birds and plants due this poisoned rain get scarred and scorched. Fish life die in hordes and thus their number depletes n fold. Those who eat this fish become ill. Today over there a venomous fish species is proliferating called carp. No doubt it has learnt the ‘art’ of dwelling and remaining alive in toxic waters yet for fishermen these carp fish are of no use at all.

In USA each year 7,000,000 cars and 100,000,000 car tyres are rendered garbage. Over there for every 200,000,000 persons there are 85,000,000 cars. In lone Los Angeles itself in a population of 2,000,000 people there are 1,000,000 cars. Over there one can buy a brand new car for 300 dollars. In such a country repairing older cars proves to be very expensive. The moment these cars become old they are thrown away as rubbish. The same holds true for motor cycles and other machinery. For government officials there it has become a headache to answer the question as to where this rubbish can be disposed off. As of now this garbage is thrown away into the ocean water but know that when these mountains of rubbish keep getting thrown in it the ocean also shall start getting covered with rubbish and nothing but rubbish. Today the state of sea shore areas is terrible. In the near future most definitely the putrefied stench shall become a cause for a big health hazard.

Researcher of deep ocean beds-Jacqui Vivus has found that increasing ocean water impurity has become a worrisome situation and due to water pollution it could so happen that oceans shall lose their precious utility value. Jacqui Vivus has made calculations regarding killing of 40% marine life in the past 20 years due to augmenting of oil droplets and other toxic chemicals in sea water. Jacqui Vivus opines that not only fish but that even plants are disappearing from ocean beds in hordes.

These days the production of chlorine chemical in pesticides has gone beyond 5,000,000. With only a miniscule amount of it smaller creatures like rats die on the spot. This toxic material by mixing in air is getting rendered so widespread that residents of the Polar Region to the extent that even birds’ bodies are known to have such toxicity.

Dirt from factories travelling here and there ultimately enters the sea when rivers etc enter the latter. Pesticides sprayed on trees etc also along with rain water reach sea waters finally. The ash of nuclear energy reactors also enters sea water. The ocean maybe very gigantic yet it is not limitless. It also has its limitations in ‘digesting’ toxins entering its waters. When these levels increase much more ocean waters becoming venomous is but natural. Akin to the ground in that water plant life also grows. From this swimming plant life the water world accesses enough air. A very big portion of air spread out on earth is attained from these water plants like phytoplankton. The more sea water turns toxic these plants get killed and it results not only hazardous for the very lives of water creatures but also terrestrial indwellers. 

It is sea water on becoming clouds that rains down everywhere. This poison keeps getting mixed in clouds and on drinking poisoned rain water plant life too gets rendered venomous. Flesh and milk got from animals devouring such poisoned grass become uneatable. These tainted undesirable principles by augmenting in vegetables, fruits and grains create situations in the human body that destroy good sound health.

Water in nearby areas of Helsinki in Finland was rendered undrinkable hence arrangements had to be made to transport clean water from a distance of 160 miles. Since pollution has filled up nearby sea water in Cyprus its travel industry is facing immense financial losses. Netherland too is getting trapped in this very problem. They have suggested that wherever big factories are set up there in order to purify pollution minimum 3% capital must be allotted separately for the same else today’s industrialized development/progress may loom large in future as a terrible hazard.

In a booklet titled ‘Show down for water’ (water pollution) America accepts that these problems are very complex, harassing and more terrible than present day designing of mass destructive weapons. It further writes that strangely efforts executed to solve such problems are in fact rendering the latter more complex and tortuous.

In 1965 and 1966 AD America designed such laws for tackling the above problems yet in front of the insane rush after modern science and heavy industry growth who would pay heed to and think about this ‘common’ problem that murders thousands of people and renders diseased, millions of others.

In England merely due to production of soap, phenyl, DDT and pesticides 450,000,000 gallon water gets polluted which later is used in household chores. This very water on reaching the ocean foam appears on it. On seeing it anyone can infer that this water is nothing but dirt that has come as a flow. In USA in comparison to England 4 times more water is used for household purposes. All countries of the world, be it in higher or lower amounts emit such dirt that finally flows into ocean waters. America is throwing away its garbage into the sea. Very recently it had filled 1440 nerve gases that kills all creatures into certain apparatus and threw them into the sea near Florida. This pollution on the one hand destroys oxygen in water there on the other hand it kills microbes and plants that are known to render well balanced the ocean waters. Due to this the harm of destroying its beauty is not as much when compared to it being rendered uncontrolled. In future days to arrive the ocean’s terrible havoc like upheavals can harass the human race immensely. Even the steam arising from dirty waters shall be polluted, clouds shall get polluted and thus the water that shall rain down shall be nothing but a rain of various diseases. It shall directly affect the health of the human race and no doubt crop growth too shall get affected in a malefic manner.



















One oil tanker ship called Torykenyan was passing by Britain. On 18th March 1967 the oil tanker got involved in an accident and its 30,000 tons of oil fell into sea water and in a jiffy this oil spread out in a sea water area of 18 miles. Due to windy conditions ocean waves very quickly it started badly affecting 100 sq miles areas there. These polluted waters, in a few days, reached France’s ocean shores. Now deaths took place. In April 1970 on the shores of Alaska in USA due to water pollution thousands of birds, sea lions and whales were found dead. A group of 400 seals getting engulfed in this oil created pollution lost their lives. Thousands of sea plants and trees on the shore got destroyed.

In New Delhi-India more than 10 dirty gutters throw their dirty water into the River Yamuna. A few days back between Vazirabad and Okhla thousands of fish were found dead in this dirty muck. The market price of these fish was said to be Rupees 600,000. In 1956 water related problems became quite serious. In entire New Delhi the jaundice disease took up a ghastly form. In the year 1970 jaundice disease noted was in time stopped from taking a furious form. After this in a lake behind Model Town thousands of fish were lying dead. Its rotting condition became quite problematic.

On the shores of River Ganga near Moongher District in Bihar State since petrol flowed in its waters fire erupted in this river up to a distance of 50 miles. Fire flames arose in this water and people in a dazed fearful state stared at this havoc.

All this proves how human civilization has rendered earth’s water content polluted which it knows is the very foundation of its life. Now we certainly know what dire results of it is staring at us ferociously and hence how our future can be full of gloomy darkness. This dark cloud of annihilation must not merely be looked upon philosophically. Instead due thought must also be given to liberating (purification) of Varun Deva (deity of water) tied up by the black band of our vile brain represented by demon Ravana. Else their deadly tainted results shall perforce have to be endured painfully by world humanity.

Ohio Research Conference has placed before the lay public the negativities of water containing fluorides. They have published their conclusions from research data collected in newspapers like Daily Mail, Sunday Dispatch etc wherein people are advised to use such water.

A collective opposition by so many health institutes in USA had been exhibited in front of the ruling government and lay citizens too. In it the leader of this joint campaign J Macarlisle Forbes in newspapers like ‘Scotsman’ etc had detailed the taints of fluoride mixed waters and had said that in the name of purification toxicity gets included.

In New York by giving water containing fluoride and in Kingston by giving water devoid of fluoride their results were analyzed. Its description has been given in ‘Penguin Science News’. In it has been said that chemical containing water rots our teeth and complaints of joint pains have been reported.

In a bulletin published by the Geneva Office of WHO (World Health Organization) many articles regarding water containing fluorine have been written by well known health experts. In them on an average all of them have opposed this chemical admixing.

Only 1 article is on the side of using fluorine containing water written by the Chief of Chemistry Dept (Florida University)-AP Black.

In order to purify water municipal corporations tend to mix fluorine in water supply to various households, offices etc. this sodium fluoride mixed in water is a very intense chemical which in comparison to calcium fluoride present naturally in water is 85% more intense. This chemical used for purification enters the body of people drinking it in the form of a slow poison and gathers there slowly but surely. In the initial stages its harmful effect is not much noticed but after about 30-40 years its tainted reactions set in as diseases in light or heavy intensity. While understanding this fact Sweden, France, West Germany, Australia, Switzerland etc have stopped this admixing. In 580 cities of USA too this has been stopped.

Scientific success very much akin to other successes noted becomes ill fated when it creates excess zest and egoistic attitude. Some people on attaining even minor success start bloating about their high IQ and they conveniently forget the meaning of accruing success up to a certain limit on executing some minor task is not that every kind of thinking and every effort made shall prove to be correct and successful. For attaining success mere action is not enough because mental alertness too is most required. By keeping in mind that we must not make mistakes if we ignore the principle of taking every step forward very cautiously in every endeavor of ours and that instead in haste we act as and how it pleases us such tainted reactions shall emerge akin to the dire results we are facing due to error made by us regarding purification of water.






Apart from air and water if anything that was saved from getting tainted it was food yet today where do we find that high quality of food items that not only is nutritious but that also energized us greatly. Never has it been seen that creatures harboring vile brains just act in a harmful manner towards others. Regarding more production it has not remained limited to only life’s ordinary requirements. Food is much more required than other things. Hence for this utmost need without thinking in a farsighted way such methods are being imbibed that in the final run prove heinous only. By activating land using chemical fertilizers methods are being used to mint more money from its extra crop harvest. It is being thought that by acting thus more crops can be grown and hence more wealth can be eked out.

That application being carried out by us today was executed way back in previous years by America. By imbibing the slogan of ‘benefitting very quickly and in very great measure’ they blindly used chemical fertilizers. No doubt for sometime America did benefit yet ultimately a major portion of their farm land lost its rich fertility and became useless and barren.

America’s Agricultural Dept’s Land Protecting Institute by publishing a book ‘Our land that has been rescued’ has detailed in it the vile effects of chemical fertilizers on agricultural land. In it very dire and terribly statistics had been printed. It appears that either due to pressure tactics on the part of producers of chemical fertilizers or for some other reason this book was never again republished.

With reference to the terrible facts placed in the above book that book’s very straightforward edition was printed under the title of ‘Our fertile cultivable land’. This book is published as Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 106 and by paying 10 cents one can buy this from Govt. Printing Office (25 DC).

From the examples given in this we can understand that due to the effects of chemical fertilizers America’s 280,000,000 acre fertile agricultural area got destroyed. This area is equivalent to land of states of USA like Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming. Apart from this pastures, jungle like land of the measure of 775,000,000 acres etc are such whose major portion has got destroyed. In this book it has been mentioned that America now possesses only 460,000,000 acres land that is useful for agriculture. For filling the belly this much area of land no doubt suffices yet if this is not kept well protected and that past mistakes are repeated again then each year in future 5,000,000 acres fertile land shall keep getting destroyed.

Since on crops pesticides are sprayed left right and center we try to get crops protected from attacks by germs, worms, birds etc and it is believed that we save crops from getting destroyed. For this end such toxic pesticides are being produced in a big way. The augmenting of DDT and other poisonous chemicals is taking place swiftly. Parisian type poison is being produced for this very purpose. Amongst these some pesticides like ‘nerve gases’ are more deadly than other toxic gases used in waging wars. Yet we forget that this poison sprayed on crops, food grains and other food items ultimately enter the latter in impermissible measure. Even if this poison enters food in very miniscule amounts yet it inflicts some bad effect on it in some way or the other and also by entering in small amounts again and again it totals up to such high measure that it is but natural that it proves hazardous for our health.

Within the American Agricultural Dept its ‘Entomological Research’ branch got the analysis done of the reactions of these toxic pesticides. From this it was found that since 10 years without pause this poison was imbibed in land depths up to 6 inches worrisome levels of DDT, BHC, Linden and Arolin were found. The grounds of Illinois, Georgia and New Jersey States too were reported to have been rendered toxic. High thinking people are gauging that augmenting of poison in lands thus ultimately shall render human food too toxic and they perforce shall have to endure their horrific reactions.

A major portion of food we eat in the form of fruits, milk, sugar, edible roots etc predominates with carbon element. Carbon is found in air and soil too. Other non carbonic elements and ores are absorbed by plant life from earth’s underground region. Chemical fertilizers get incited so much that it removes ores in high measure and thus crop harvest noted is more gigantic in measure. An ordinary potato weighs no more than 100 gm. In a cooperative farm in Estonia a manager on duty while carrying out digging work there found such a big potato that weighed 1.25 kg. This was but the production of a potent chemical fertilizer used yet when the soil was chemically tested it was found that minerals and ores below the ground in soil are getting depleted a fair bit. In one round of crop harvest if up to 12 mineral ore elements are removed how swiftly land’s life force shall get destroyed can be easily realized. Yet today our eyes only look at the 1.25 kg weight. None wishes to imbibe a deeper farsighted outlook that tells us about land’s life force getting destroyed in a big way.

Lady Eve Belfour in her book ‘Living Soil’ has made it quite clear that lest humans think that earth and soil in it are devoid of any life force, they are erring a lot. Just as our body possesses life force so too earth and its soil is imbued with life force. Soil is made up of rocks of mineral ore materials, organic fertilizer rich elements and very subtle microbes. Earth’s subtle microbes convert human and other creature’s urine/stools and plants, leaves etc that fall on the ground into organic fertilizers or life force in much the same way as the human body’s microbial life via food devoured renders the body well nourished. There is no difference in our life’s arrangement and that of earth’s soil. Hence it can be understood that due to very inciting materials human body later is rendered inactive so too earth’s soil becomes useless and inactive due to usage of inciting chemical fertilizers. Hence science by not giving a lot of importance to this achievement of it must look upon it as a king of intoxicant only that can never be optimal for earth’s soil fertility sustenance.

Alcohol, nicotine, narcotics etc can never compare with life force present in milk, Ghee (clarified butter), butter and butter milk. Similarly with the aid of compost, green fertilizers, fertilizers from leaves, plants etc can render earth’s soil very powerful, richly fertile and one imbued with long life. Hence what need is there to spray toxic artificial chemical fertilizers? This is because our earth’s natural great qualities also possess their own import. Lest this incitement of it is not obstructed this bad quality food shall rip forth as a vile intellect and akin to Europe our land India too shall follow unwholesome trends of unruliness, free unrestrained lewd sexual activities, oppression etc. This harm is bitterer to face, than earth being rendered barren/arid.

For protection of crop harvests such a trend is in vogue regarding usage of chemical pesticides that it not only devours microbes, germs etc but that it harms the one eating food grown on which pesticides are sprayed. For crop protection varied types of pesticides have been produced but the dire reaction of not using them in a very cautious manner is that these very pesticides shall be rendered a new problem very shortly.

In killing of microbes etc only one very successful solution has been unveiled by spraying these toxic pesticides wherever these germs etc dwell the latter must be killed there itself. DDT based pesticides keeping this effect in mind has been used in a very gigantic manner. Yet this too has not solved the problem very satisfactorily. Not everyone can buy it and nor do people know its optimal method of usage. Lest it is used in undesirable doses totally lacking caution the danger shall augment of plants dying and their fruits, seeds etc eaten by creatures including mankind shall increase poison in their body.

The tainted results of even the most miniscule measure usage of these pesticides has worried highly thinking intellectuals the world over. If pesticides are sprayed not only plants get direly affected but that grains, vegetables, fruits etc also become poisonous and on entering our tummies creates health hazards. In order to store grains etc in go downs in a well protected manner those chemicals sprayed on them ultimately enters the tummy of the one eating them and this slow poison also as time lapses by creates very deadly horrific results. Milk, butter, flesh etc got from animals that eat grass, plants etc sprayed with pesticides ultimately are rendered uneatable. In this manner this pesticide based chemical treatment may or may not successfully kill microbes, germs etc yet know for sure that definitely it inflicts its malefic influence on human health.

Rachel Carson in her book ‘Silent Spring’ while discussing the physical condition of the American public writes: In USA in the body of every person the measure of DDT and organochloride groups’ toxic chemicals is continuously increasing. Today this measure is 12 units for every 1,000,000 yet this shall increase sequentially and shall thus create various types of health hazards. In workers working in factories producing these pesticides this measure has arisen to 648 units. A health scientist of Britain wonders how one can protect human food from the heinous effects of pesticide based chemicals. This worry is not limited to a particular country but that it has enlarged as a world dire problem.

In USA there one more curious problem these germs etc possess the capacity as days pass by to become immune to effects of pesticides sprayed on them. Thus they protect their lives. Further their newer generations become so powerfully immune that no amount of chemical pesticides sprayed on them can kill them. By mocking at this pesticide spraying, they gleefully execute their task of destroying crop harvests in a major way.

In order to protect food items radiations are being used. On the basis of loads of chemical fertilizers available growing larger sized crop harvests are being mulled over. In order to protect food items from being destroyed by worms etc DDT, Chlordane, Delran, Andric etc pesticides are used more and more as time passes by. In agricultural soil too pesticides are being pesticides are being sprayed. No doubt immediate solutions are got, yet if we ignore its far off reactions setting in future times, efforts made to increase and protect food items for human beings, know that the latter shall lack capacity to eat or digest such food. Hence today’s success should in no way be looked upon as less fortunate as failure. 

Due to spraying of chemicals like DDT some germs got killed yet quite a few remained behind full of poison. On eating such germs birds died. Forests that echoed forth with the sweet chattering of birds became silent in an eerie fashion. Carson has painted a very heart breaking picture of the destruction of birds in her book ‘The Silent Spring’. Further she writes that nature’s balance has been hampered very badly due to usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is quite secondary whether germs die or not since by eating grass rotting due to these chemicals animals died and on eating seeds/worms full of poison birds died. On eating the flesh of these animals/birds toxicity entered human bodies and its dire reaction is seen as varied types of diseases and illnesses.

In a few regions of America and Europe a big diminishing has been reported in the capacity of procreation in birds, animals etc. America’s Agricultural Dept in its disease prevention program has put a temporary stop on usage of DDT and other badly influencing worm destroying chemicals. Solutions are being unearthed to save ourselves from those harmful situations akin to ones set rolling in by deadly chemicals.

Under the guidance of Loral (Maryland) based Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wild Life Institute 2 scientists have researched into this in a special manner. Their names are RD Porter and MN Bymayan and they tested some birds. In their food such miniscule amounts of pesticides were mixed as a result of which visibly no deadly effect was noted. Yet ceaselessly for 2 years this sort of testing was continued with and thus 3 major results were noted:

1)      In the nests of these birds their eggs started disappearing.

2)      The birds themselves started destroying eggs laid by them.

3)       The covering layer of their eggs thinned a lot.

This thinning was reported to be about 10%. As a result these eggs with even a minor push started breaking apart. This was to the extent that when the mother bird would get up or sit in order to hatch these eggs the latter would break apart.

The amazing thing was that birds started eating their own eggs. Ordinarily such a thing happens only in exceptional cases wherein a mother bird devours eggs laid by her. Ignorance or times of strife are a different story because ordinarily even birds-beasts thought to be violent and harsh love their eggs and babies born later and they try their very best to protect them. But the above birds undergoing experimental testing became so affection less and lethargic that instead of going about searching for food they would eat food in their nests in the form of eggs laid by them.

The above effect in birds was noted within 1 year and that too when the deadly chemicals mixed were merely 1.3 parts per million miniscule measure (1 part per million amounts to 1/1000000th portion). The fact that the number of eggs laid diminished, that they became small sized and were rendered light in weight was noted quite visibly. Many of these despite undergoing normal menstrual cycle failed to lay eggs whereas ordinarily birds 100% lay eggs after undergoing normal menstrual cycle.

What remains yet to be noted is the effect of miniscule devouring of poison on their health and their future generations. Further a doubt can loom large as to whether in future regarding their health undesirable tainted reactions can set in and thus their future generations may get badly affected.

While we (India) tend to follow/ape blindly USA is seriously thinking of reversing their path followed so far. James and White in the book ‘Rip of the earth’ write: In America land is being oppressed in a harassing manner. Thousands of acres of land have been rendered barren and arid. Adrenwel in the book ‘Men of the fields’ writes: By supplying chemical fertilizers things grown from it may appear very beautiful and alluring but in it a lack is noted regarding vigor, vim and life force. Alas! None pays heed to the experience of poor but wise skillful farmers. Today so called high intellectuals attached to science’s campaign in order to render their industries and factories running ceaselessly have advertized the ‘usefulness’ of chemical fertilizers on a war footing. The innocent lay farmer fails to understand their sly shrewd fraudulent ‘advice’ and more over agricultural experts and trainers who are captains of the ship of agricultural realm in order to render well secured their jobs fail either to think of the true welfare of innocent hardworking farmers or think about protecting their long life span or the very life force of future generations to come.

Deep thinkers of England have reinstated an institution called Soil Association. They have taken up cudgels with so called reformists in world society. In this organization are at work well renowned scientists, doctors and agricultural experts. In the manifesto of this institute it is said: We know the danger of the nuclear bomb yet we are ‘blissfully’ unaware of the fact that today earth is being oppressed and sucked dry. Hence it is most required that the world lay public is awakened regarding this serious problem. Do we wish that world history writes: Once there was such a generation of humans that was so immersed in tasks of death that it failed to save time enough to unearth the root fount of life. Or instead do we want world history to write in its annals that this was the very 1st generation that protected planet earth from withering away and aided in rendering the rich fertility of earth’s soil well intact.

This decision must be taken in these very moments of contemporary times. It should not happen that our vile brain akin to an all destructive agitation submerges entire world humanity along with this beautiful planet earth into the ocean of a massive downfall.

















These days we are dwelling in the last legs of the 20th century. In 2000 AD the 20th century shall end. At present it is the year 1995 AD. Merely in 5 years the 21st century shall harbinger in with a bang. At the end of the 20th century recent times have been filled with wondrous changes. This time in this junction phase such things shall happen that can be termed incomparable, mind boggling and a never seen before episode.

The 20th century can be called the phase of progress/development and simultaneously a fearful regressive downfall too. Recently the 2 demigods of modern science and the human brain showcased their miracles. These were no doubt both potent and terribly fearful also. The day’s lord is called the brilliant sun and night’s lord is the cool radiating moon. Yet Rahu-Ketu (mythological dragon’s head and tail) prove to be stronger than these two. During eclipse phase Rahu-Ketu ‘devour’ the sun and moon. Everyone desires material prosperity and power. While giving or snatching these away the hand of the above attainments is at work in a major way. Modern science has given us those material comforts/facilities that our ancestors of yore failed even to imagine them. Direct proof/logic on which modern science has its basis has shattered many age old beliefs and has given materials for us all to think anew. Both these augmented zest and that astounded us all too. But very much akin to darkness noted at the base of an oil lamp wherein the flame lit has sooty smoke very similar to this along with modern day attainments something else too is mixing with it called undesirable and inapt.

Modern science has bestowed on man the capacity to travel in water, land and the wide blue sky. We have been blessed by them since they have given us gifts of communication systems like radio, TV, internet etc. Along with this modern science has also unveiled things like electricity, dynamite etc that can either augment our prosperity if used wholesomely or destroy us if we misuse them demonically. Science built factories, industries etc using modern advanced technology. They also designed computers and robots. No doubt we can take pride in these historic achievements because behind these so much diligent enterprise and energy means are at work that they can be compared to demigods and demons of very ancient eras.

The same has taken place regarding philosophy, research and knowledge based proof. So many ancient beliefs were sent away flying into space and so many were rendered doubtful. So many beliefs in a manner anew were re-casted and remolded and thus set up a very new foundation of the human thinking process. Although in realms of illiteracy and backwardness blind beliefs do prevail even today yet slowly their very roots are being rendered void. People have started understanding that ‘Baba Vakyam Pramanam’ or whatever any tom dick and harry in the guise of ‘saints’ cannot be blindly accepted as true. One cannot always blindly follow old customs. The answer to every question of human living is being searched for while keeping logic, sound arguments, proof and apt examples as witnesses. This can be called the school of direct perceptible proof and intellectualism also. Along with education such facts got conjoined due to which regarding world trends newer foundations got included.

All this is no doubt worth praising. Right since world creation the pace at which the cycle of progress is occurring in its comparison the advancement seen these days is miraculous and beyond the ken of one’s imagination. All these things are such as a result of which one can only eulogize and congratulate this advancement of human brilliant talent has manifested akin to the eruption of a volcano with a big bang.

Lest in the hour of wholesome usage of these achievements faith, goodwill, ethics, aptness etc too were included then via these means available entire world humanity would have been more happy in a state of optimal well being oriented progress and development. When our ancestors using very limited means lived happy lives of true progress there is no reason that attainments of the 20th and 21st century could have rendered them more evolved in all realms of life.

Misuse can verily render nectar poison. Knife, pincers, fork etc used in kitchen for cooking etc can be misused to kill someone too. What to say about misuse of this sharp human brain? Not only does it think lopsided, but that it perforce drags its entire potent influence on that very undesirable inapt path. It misuses available means of comforts to such an extent instead of beneficial situations aiding us now start violently attacking us as a result of which the body becomes weak, mind turns agitated, the intellect encourages us to act unwholesomely and that our mental inclinations veer towards executing tainted activities. Most definitely the reaction of all this is that struggle of various sorts ensues, bad habits/addictions are pursued in a big way and that mountain sized hazards loom large in front of us. Problems crop up like weeds and such complex situations manifest that they become difficult to troubleshoot.

These days wherever we glance over there in comparison to material comforts/facilities a mob of hazards and disasters are appearing. In comparison to happy contented people the class of those who are discontented and stressed, exceed the former n fold. In comparison to the happy sad anguished people can be found in larger numbers the world over. This no doubt is amazing. Despite modern science and high intellectualism showcasing its miraculous feats failed to serve world humans as it should have in an apt world well being manner.

Bodily illnesses, mental agitations/stress, financial poverty, family feuds, social anarchy, religious/spiritual mockery etc like a ferocious demon have spread everywhere in such a way that it has never been noted right since Adam’s Era and up to recent times. Those who are leaders and own immense means of all sorts they as per their understanding no doubt try to solve various problematic issues yet total control of such dire situation eludes them. Instead of the problem getting solved it is rendered direr and more complex in nature.

Say! Why does this at all happen? Those understanding its cause say that supply of goods has depleted and the management system has gone awry beyond all control. Diplomacy and sufficient laws too are not enacted. In comparison to human requirements either material means or apt opportunities are not available in ample measure. Many more such reasons are being tabled. As per this understanding it is believed that more wealth is required. More taxes are imposed and levied. Large sized programs and plans are designed. Inflation and increased taxation are directly related to each other. If our income increases inflation ends its effect. Wherever the hand of friendship and cooperation is placed forward from there itself they are repulsed. Inner-outer, national-international and personal-social hardships are on the rise. Of course there is no dearth of efforts and thinking put to use in order to try and troubleshoot these problematic situations.

The cause of such harassing waywardness is one only and that is we mistakenly look upon amassing material comforts etc and giving undue importance to various situations as the be all and end all of life. We work full throttle for fulfilling our material needs only and make arrangements for the same. No doubt we attain power and potential as a result but that arena gets overlooked, which are the root causes of all world strife manifesting. Hazards and dangers deepen more and more. No doubt efforts go on ceaselessly yet success is never sighted. This forgotten and most ignored aspect is sanctification of our thinking process and positive transformation of world human psyche.

These days are thinking has turned awry and lopsided and the atmosphere too has been rendered tainted. Yet what needs to be seen is that between these 2 is there or is there not a visible bond at work? On studying and researching with seriousness only one conclusion emerges forth and that is it is our inner mental state which is the mother that gives birth to various situations and circumstances. Thinking process of humans predominates majorly. Our character gets etched on this very basis. It is the lowly vile state of our inner personality that forces us to imbibe such methods akin to sowing seeds of poisonous trees whose poisonous fruits have to be perforce eaten up by us all. It is also like growing cactus plants whose thorns dig into our feet in a pain giving manner.

It must be understood that man on his own, is complete, whole and self fulfilled. He has such an infinite vault of the 5 sense organs of knowledge, 5 sense organs of action and brain based glorious powers that with their aid he can do so much. So much can be neo created and transformed for the better. Yet if good pious thoughts are absent then even huge piles of material wealth and skillful prowess shall make man labor in such a way that forget finding apt solutions to problems only the wrath of a plethora of hazards shall keep augmenting. History is witness to the fact that great profound thinkers despite accessing only miniscule means and facing most explosive dire situations not only arose higher themselves but succeeded in uplifting others both materially and spiritually. Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and other such great divine personages glorified themselves and in a mind boggling manner transformed strife oriented situations in a stupendous manner. Great revolutions noted the world over have been rendered widespread due to terrific great thoughts put into practice and they succeeded immensely. The strength of cannons, swords etc can only breed bloodshed everywhere and they lack the capacity to obstruct marching steps full of valor demanding true justice. A worldwide well detailed history of political revolutions that have taken place in the 19th and 20th centuries can be studied. Behind their success it is the power of resolve/will power called Sankalpa Shakti that was at work. In this very time period many social revolutions too were witnessed wherein the political system was dashed to the ground. Land lords, money lenders etc had to bite dust. The trend of servants both men and women first being caught and sold in bazaars like birds-beasts too has been totally banished the world over. Those helpless people did not have the power to fight their demonic bosses so as to set themselves free from their hooligan like clutches yet the world’s public opinion could not endure this ghastly trend. As a result that tradition handed over from past so many centuries saw itself dying. These are but a few examples of the power of great thoughts. Lest this flood of thoughts is disallowed to act destructively and instead in dammed properly for irrigation (creative world wellness tasks) definitely the results shall be so full of dripping joy that it shall be comparable to a large harvest of crops growing in well irrigated regions.














Adam Era mankind truly must have been a descendent of apes or of its clan. Mother Nature has given such natural wisdom to all creatures that with its aid they can sustain their life and bodies. Within the inner recesses of their soul there is no dearth of divine glories/Vibhutis. From this standpoint man is wealthy and powerful. But due to lack of personality/character credibility why would anyone throw to dust one’s glories in order to pursue misuse of things? We can never call nature miserly yet it certainly does not lack farsightedness. Regarding giving only that much, to each one as per his/her capacity to shoulder it optimally, it has for always imbibed this social viewpoint. In this test man has always tried to lead from the front and based on it by unveiling the cover on nature one after another grasped priceless glories from material nature’s womb.

Hazards like air pollution, nuclear toxic radiations, water pollution, excess ‘milking’ of energy/fuel resources, uncontrolled usage of sense titillating materials, production of mass killing weapons that could lead to Pralaya or world annihilation and competition between nations the world over to hoard more and more such deadly nuclear weapons shall challengingly force us to stare at a world destructive situation. One more problem faced by thinkers and intellectuals of the realm of modern scientific research is how to stop this rampant misuse and how to overcome varied strife and dangers emerging due to it? At the other end there is one more question staring at them that in order to fulfill the aim of rendering mankind happier which new research realms one should enter in? What should be its policy and where and how its disciplinary limits should be demarcated? Both these questions akin to a question mark stand in front of man’s intellectualism and it is said that if true solutions are not unfolded then modern science by renouncing its form of human evolution and true advancement shall become Super Rudra like and shall commence the Tandav Dance of World Super Annihilation. This is but our lot and fate. Man must be given only limited facilities and comforts. Nature cannot endure overstepping of what is apt and wholesome. Hence according to high thinking experts giving a true direction to the light string that swings between destruction and neo creation is that task on which is totally based today’s solutions and demarcation of future.

Today’s biggest problem is to stop misuse and fully imbibe wholesome usage. In order to find a way for this that thinking that is akin to one which can dive deep into the ocean of the psyche and akin to one that can churn interstellar space symbolized by the soul, on cogitating a lot comes to one decision only that is we must walk the path of ‘great supreme idealism’ and under its cool joy bestowing shade all decisions in various walks of life be demarcated. The high stature specialty of human existence is one only: ‘Deep faith towards sacred ideals’. This has bestowed on it greatness in the field of thinking and in the arena of social transactions has given it generosity based cooperation like pious activities. This very glorious pride has been augmented in mankind as a result. The more we ignore this special human quality the more strife shall appear and the fearful situation of total world destruction shall loom larger. This great glorious activity in ancient eras was labeled ‘spirituality’. If someone finds this term unacceptable using an alternative like ‘farsighted idealism’ should not be objectionable to anyone. This is that very test via which it is possible to reform errors creeping in while using progress seen till date and that what is already attained must be used wholesomely for world society’s true benefit. Along with this on this very basis an apt direction can be given to future modern scientific research trends.

Modern science has exhibited unlimited miracles in the field of materialism. Now henceforth its task shall be to positively influence human character, thinking process and world traditions. Illusions and undesirable elements that have forcefully entered these realms must be overpowered very much akin to how very recently regarding the bare reality of the mundane world it by placing factual information attained honor as one who is the leader of researching into truth/reality and thus it had shouldered its glorious duty superbly. This service of modern science in comparison to gifts given to us all by it since the past 1000 years shall alone prove to be supremely great. Swami Vivekananda had said: That religion which fails to pass the test of scientific laws must definitely be destroyed. Thus the more speedily these non required blind traditions and foolish customs/ideologies are removed from religion the better is it for world humanity. When all this shall be done over with, whatever that remains behind, shall definitely be bright, eternal and truly worth imbibing. In reality the inseparable bonding of science and spirituality, wealth and greatness, energy and ethics and brain skills and steadfastness towards sacred ideals shall be the biggest miraculous feat of the 21st century. The thinking process covering the realm of modern science must definitely imbibe the righteous duty of this era mentioned above.

In the preliminary days of Modern Scientific Era matter was thought to be the be all and end all of life and it was said that consciousness does not possess any independent existence of its own. The belief was that the world seen by us is merely inert matter in nature. All units known as matter-energy in reality are matter only. Yet the hour has arrived to transform and change this belief. Research since the last 2 centuries has evolved this belief that consciousness does possess an independent existence of its own. It is seen in creatures as varied units yet its form in entirety is cosmic in nature. Very much akin to Prakriti or material nature the boundary and potential of consciousness is unlimited. Not only this since consciousness is senior attainments in this realm too from a comparative standpoint is much more. An engine could be very potent yet a driver imbued with consciousness is most required to aid its smooth functioning. Machines called ‘automatic’ also in some form or the other gets directions from its director. Similarly right from task directions to management of the entire cosmos an invisible conscious power/energy/force is at work.

The Ecology stream of Science these days in full throttle and with great enterprising faith has commenced proving that along with nature merely energy and action merely is not conjoined but that another different activity too covers it. This is called rendering it balanced in a farsighted manner, imbibing that which is optimally apt and taking recourse to joyous possibilities. This specialty is not ordinarily found in inert materials. Yet not only is the very existence of this activity but its steadfast disciplinary control too is being proved. In this direction other streams of science like Parapsychology, Metaphysics etc by standing in the 1st row has commenced accepting all this. The situation is now changing and the fact of perforce accepting a separate existence of consciousness is also rising steadily. The great thinker scientist Albert Einstein in his final days of life had accepted that he was a semi theist and he had commenced accepting the separate existence of consciousness and its supremacy. Right since then till today a lot more happened. All this is such which proves potent capability of consciousness much more powerful with n fold greater utility value than potential found in inert materials. In ancient terminology cosmic consciousness was called Parabrahman or Paramatman (God) and its individual existence as soul or Atman. As of today it is certainly not as easy for modern science to deny the existence of cosmic consciousness and individual consciousness as it did about 100 years back.

Doubtlessly the arena of consciousness is much more oozing with power than the forces unearthed from the material world. In matter one can find only energy and action but in consciousness one finds such potential of a much higher stature which can aid in apt wholesome usage of matter. Not only this in it such other specialties are there that by warding off beastly activities that have entered the individual’s thinking, sentiments, faith, aspirations etc can aid it reach the peak of high leveled sacred divine sentiments in which reside gentlemen, super men, self realized saints, reformers, Rishis, prophets and Almighty Lord. It goes without saying that it is such great personalities that are termed contemporary times’ and the world’s supreme Vibhutis or glorious men. By imbibing sacred ideals put forth by them so many have attained zest, divine aura and credit so as to become ‘great’. It is clear that if we place in one pan of a weighing scale wealth, weapons, literacy might, artistic skills etc and in the other pan if we place the inner great personality of great saints, super men etc then not material wealth etc but that the pan of gentlemanliness and supreme great psyche qualities shall weigh far heavier. If in the annals of world history if we delete the names of Lord Christ, Lord Zoroaster, Magini, Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Confucius, Aristotle, Kagaba, Swami Vivekananda etc it shall perforce get rendered an orphaned helpless mob of grotesque people. The time has come that we do not get limited to gigantic sized technology, facts etc and that we make immense efforts to create men imbued with high stature great talent. For this there is a major requirement of modern science’s cooperation. As time passes by in order to augment supreme greatness in this world n fold science and spirituality must work in tandem full of friendship and camaraderie. There was a time in the past when spiritual science and philosophy in a lone manner created beliefs, aspirations and zest based on supremely great inner qualities. In those days sensitive mediums of art, literature, music etc not only imbibed spirituality but aided in its greater proliferation too. Today when inert matter merely is looked upon as the be all and end all of life, how can we set up the foundation pillars that helps imbibe great thinking and character? If this is not bloomed forth by us how can the neo creation of world management take place that is filled with goodwill, world brotherhood and world unity?

It is modern science that shall have to answer these questions because ancient spirituality as a result of its own weaknesses and atheistic proclamations of accepting proof based on knowledge got from 5 sense organs only has become withered. Thus in present circumstances no hope of a miracle can be harbored. Its usage is limited only to remove the present day ruins so as to build a new construction on ancient strong foundation stones. It is modern science’s Lord Hanuman who shall have to imbue today’s religion-spirituality virtually on their death bed with Immortal Nectar called Sanjivani in order to rejuvenate them. This responsibility belongs to those who by using aptly available means render the atmosphere full of great glories for education but that such solutions must be unfolded via which by radiating mysterious potentials of the body and mental center it is possible to render ordinary laymen into extraordinarily great humans.

By removing present day thought trends of not heeding sound advice, non cooperation and agitation between science and spirituality policy of cooperation must be laid down. If this does happen the possibility of great results accruing from mythological Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean) shall be noted again on planet earth. We all know that when a cold wire contacts a hot wire, electricity manifests. The result of these 2 super powers uniting (science and spirituality) along with their combined efforts can render earth beautiful, well managed, advanced gloriously and highly cultured. Mere imagination of this taking place induces a scene of Divine Era manifesting in front of our eyes and thus our hair stands on end full of zestful hope.









No doubt material grandeur can be earned limitlessly yet it cannot be digested in a lone manner. Man’s stomach is quite tiny in size. Only limited amounts of food can enter it. Lest a lot of wealth is earned even if the enticement to use it all up greedily in a lone fashion is very intense yet it shall not be possible at all to do so. Whatever we devour in excess than what the body requires to remain healthy shall create ailments of diarrhea, vomiting, dysentery etc despite the food eaten is very tasty and nutritious.

Both physical and mental arenas have been created based on worldly material designing. Akin to other materials it too has its limitations and a periphery. In order to remain alive and immersing oneself in desirable activities limited energy, mobility, means and other mediums are most required. By overshooting this greed for limitlessly hoarding and enjoyment of it awakens in the mind know for sure that floods flowing away after breaking apart river banks due to its own unruly in disciplined behavior shall create nothing but havoc. Not only the scattered water in all directions gets wasted but due to this insane onrush so many agricultural fields, colonies of people, huts and other useful articles shall flow away in these floods rendering them totally useless.

From the standpoint of consuming limited means too can fulfill our needs quite well. Yet there is no limit to wastage of things. If someone so wishes by gathering cash notes of millions of dollars can guffaw aloud on lighting this pile of cash with a matchstick. Yet no man of true understanding shall either praise this stupid behavior or uphold it. Of course! Those who lick others’ feet in a ‘Yes Minister!’ manner for their own selfish ends agree to just about any whims and fancy based statements of boastful braggers out to chop off their own feet with an axe.

What to say of the Satan hiding in the human psyche? This Satan akin to a ghost demon residing on the Pipal tree no doubt remains invisible yet it exhibits so many curious tricks that man trapped in this illusion by becoming deluded akin to a gypsy roaming aimlessly in a complex labyrinth wastes his entire thought process energy in running here and there since he has lost his way. Desires of the mind supersedes n fold even the length, breadth and depth of the gigantic ocean. Desires cannot be fulfilled even by Super Demons like Bhasamasur, Vritrasur, Mahishasur etc. Hence what to say of lay humans who in order to experience satiation tries helplessly to find ways to fulfill his/her desires?

Deluded mankind today has limited itself to thinking the body to be his ultimate form because it is directly visible. The mind no doubt is invisible yet it too is a part and parcel of the body. It can be called the 11th sense organ too. Desires, yearnings etc are the combined sport of these two which despite going on since innumerable eons can never end. The living soul or Jiva bound in the complexity of material bondage experiences strange-curious lacks it remains discontented and painfully endures the harassment of worries and stress. Akin to a bull moving round and round tied to a pole despite laboring hard attains nothing but tiredness and despair. What is quite astounding is that in order to get freed from the trap of undesirable principles let alone making due efforts for the same man does not have the time or inclination to even think about this dire problem. In fact instead of this by taking up unruly unethical tasks in order to act as per his demonic whims and fancies he not only renders himself insane but incites others too even if he is of a very despicable hooligan like stature.

This then is the principle analysis of contemporary man. Foolishness is heard and talked of mockingly yet in reality it is so intense, full of allurement and imbued with potent onrush that to obstruct it is a very impossible like task for even the truly best amongst men. When this onrush like frenzy conjoins to a congregation the situation is rendered a gigantic sized lunatic’s asylum wherein patients in that realm get immersed in inciting, rendering downfallen, harassing each other. These people face nothing but heinous losses.

The singer of Bhagwad Geeta verily has said: When the world sleeps a Yogi remains awake. This unsolved riddle proves to be correct only when it is believed that instead of flowing with the present day stream of infinite waves of undesirable lowly elements the mind yearns to find a shore that gives true shelter. By setting aside today’s trend in vogue imbibing newer methods zest that takes recourse to aptness should be the key to true well being else wealth of water found in rivers, streams etc by falling into the salty water of the ocean shall become non drinkable.

At present everywhere a mist is covering the sky. Akin to autumn season everywhere we see trees devoid of leaves, fruits etc. the drum of downfall and defeat is loudly reverberating everywhere. The future appears dark and gloomy and it seems that mankind may any time perforce perform mass suicide. When rats and hare augment in number very abnormally and when there is a big lack of materials to feed them they akin to the Scandinavian lemur rush to big water areas to drown themselves. Those wise people who try to understand the influence and reactions of present day movements and activities for them it appears that destructive situations akin to clouds advancing towards to eastern skies are rushing towards mankind. Along with this the storm that accompanies it makes its own prophecy wherein it predicts that human existence, importance, prosperity and development etc shall definitely be engulfed hook, line and sinker by it.

The egoistic arrogant Yadu race got destroyed due to bickering in fighting. It was not as though a thunderbolt from outside had fallen on their heads. Fire always first destroys that very place from which it is lit. It is only later that this fire burns to naught other things nearby and further away. When the Super Planet of fiery desires, uncontrolled yearnings and frenzy like arrogance’s demonic egoistic attitude starts engulfing human glory and pride the hope of getting saved becomes very miniscule. On seeing present day bubbling stormy waves of unethical lowly behavior the average lay human regarding future possibilities harbors suspicion being terrorized mentally. Very truly we doubtlessly are heading straight into Pralaya or super world annihilation situation.

Definitely the task of creating a dam that obstructs this terrific flow and via streams, canals etc transporting water to fields, gardens etc is full of difficulty and intense labor consuming. Yet when people via intense Prana Energy conjoin their efforts to the goodwill based creativity their labor does not exhibit and lesser miraculous feats. Farhad in order to woo Shirin first dug up a huge mountain, from it he created a water canal and thus succeeded despite lone efforts only on his part. Bhagirath in a lone valiant manner succeeded in bringing the mighty River Ganga from heaven. It is the sun who despite appearing small succeeds in warding off widespread darkness of night. Hence we can hope that when greatness shall dawn in humanity this atmosphere too shall transform which from every angle appears nothing but terribly fearful. It is this school of hope that is the very life force of a bright world future in the 21st century akin to Satyuga and Golden Era of yore.















In the past few centuries modern science and high intellectualism advanced in an extraordinary manner. With its aid a hope could have been harbored for a multifaceted development and that an atmosphere of Sattva Guna (sacredness and purity of mind) should have re emerged but it is our ill fortune that this hope of ours got dashed and that lopsided undesirable scenes danced ferociously in front of us all. Inequality and disparity has increased a lot. Enmity and hatred too have augmented. Selfishness is intensifying further, as day after day lapses by. The founts of compassion and goodwill based magnanimity have virtually dried up. Each and everyone are immersed in demanding their rights and that very conveniently they turn their faces away from carrying their appointed duties and responsibilities. The result of our state from the standpoint of our thinking process, character and social behavior heading towards a massive downfall and defeat is that every arena of the conscious environment got polluted a lot. Apart from this is pollution entering in water, air, soil, space etc. Since doubt and distrust is on the rise swiftly the world is preparing for a super world war. Such scientific technology based weapons are being produced that if they are actually used it shall disallow the very existence of this beautiful planet earth and human existence to remain. This is definitely beyond doubt. In the ordinary sense also the way poison is rising swiftly on seeing it, it seems that this world may be slowly heading towards mass suicide. Increasing narcotic, alcohol etc addictions and blind world population rise are 2 such examples which is rendering to dust the possibility of attaining true progress and world peace. The increasing disparity noted between rich-poor, males-females, castes, literate-illiterate etc are standing in front of us as clouds of sheer despair and hopelessness. The mental leanings towards discontent, doubt, agitation and lack of cooperation is rendering mankind stressed and full of tension.

Due to an undesirable environment not only does the body succumb to ill health but that the psyche turns imbalanced. It is being noted that humans are turning physically weak and diseased. It has now become very rare to see someone truly healthy and fit. Mentality burning with envy, hatred etc has created scenes in virtually all homes of fear instilling graveyards. People help each other only if their selfish needs and desires get fulfilled in the process. That soul oneness refuses to increase n fold as a result of which the quote of ‘1 + 1 = 11’ comes true.

In the past 2-3 centuries in the name of development those facilities-means that have come into vogue on seeing them with a gross superficial vision appears that demigods of heaven are now dwelling on planet earth. Suppose a person born five hundred previously is yet alive amidst us and that he compares times of those days with today’s modern contemporary times he no doubt shall get mind boggled with this advancement. Yet the moment this superficially glittering veil is rent asunder that experience felt can be called worse than hellish situations. Vile wicked thinking has rendered our actions and behavior very corrupt and lowly. Goodwill based gentlemanliness has been taken over by hard heartedness. People are ceaselessly immersed in trying to fulfill their unending selfish desires and egoistic whims and fancies in such a way that it appears that King of Heaven Indra’s and Lord of Wealth Kubera’s vault of grandeur if given to them then this too is not enough for them. Due to this vicious cycle of delusion man is rushing into its quick sand like nature so much deeper that one cannot even think of finding a way to bring him out of its clutches. Hence say how shall he actually get freed from this illusion?

It is quite amazing how in the process of beautifying and adorning himself externally, man is becoming a lot hollow within in character, psyche and inner personality. The result of it is in front of us all. Worldly prosperity no doubt may have augmented a great deal yet inwardly man has been rendered so weak and hollow inwardly that one wonders whether akin to a mob of white ants/termites eating up a huge wooden pillar and razing it to dust his soul and psyche too shall enter the crater of a huge material and spiritual downfall.

Oozing material grandeur and explosion of agitation can never sit quietly side by side. This may sound astounding yet analysis reaches the conclusion of this truth only. On analyzing situations in a big way it is clear that we are falling into a very inauspicious super crater. Misuse of material wealth not only harms its owner but that the lay public too faces hardships resulting due to it. Lest all aspects of art, wealth, shrewdness and grandeur leave the road of ethics then know that Almighty Lord’s ire shall rain down on us.

When the mental stature turns chaotic external situations turning dire is quite natural. Wherever the veil is lifted there in the guise of a shining hollow hole dwells a poisonous snake. The level to which man has reached due to progressiveness on seeing it seems that before stomaching do’s and don’ts the policy of devouring those who are close to us has no longer remained an exception but that it has been accepted as a public belief. Thus human glory is heading towards its nadir. Even if a bit of human glory is perceived there hope manifesting on seeing one’s inner flaws gets converted to sheer despair.

Even nectar turns into venom if misused. It has rendered present day upholders of progress like philosophy, skill, natural tendencies, efforts etc its companions. Thus only undesirable principles have got nurtured. A distorted mentality has given birth to various dire situations and a big group of poisonous cobras with their hoods spread out wide open are creating havoc in all directions. It seems that if this trend continues human culture and progress amassed right since Adam’s Era till today shall end supinely.

Great thinkers worried by this situation no doubt are trying to solve it aptly and do give us their expert advice yet the moment it has to be rendered operational by putting it actually into practice their enterprise and zeal seem to wither away to naught. It is a well trained thought process by entering the very recesses of our inner nature exhibits one after another highly tainted activity. Those who save themselves from this vicious cycle can be counted as exceptions with the fingers of our hand.

Seated in the glittering box of ordinary brain grandeur, if one does not get a glimpse of the super poisonous serpent of destruction, know that this is possible. Yet that snake charmer must have knowledge of the bare reality on whose hint this good-bad spreading takes place. The creator has designed human beings and planet earth as his most supremely grand artistic creation. Man’s designing has been done mainly using those principles from which his existence has been created. The desire of the divine controller (God) is that this artistic creation of his must evolve and develop to pinnacles of glory. He neither wants that earth gets destroyed and he cannot bear the fact that man by treading the road of suicide destroys himself on his own. Hence at this hour of disaster in ordinary to save the boat from drowning has decided to showcase his feat as a very skilled boatman. Thus the only recourse for mankind is ‘chant God’s name devotionally especially when in dire straits’. There are many examples like that of elephant Gajendra, Draupadi in epic Mahabharat etc as proof of this. Only to an extent does Almighty God see witness like mankind’s childish pranks. Yet when mankind who is God’s beloved child plays with lit matchsticks this dangerous prank of his has to be stopped even if it means taking harsh steps.















God sent human beings in this world bestowing on them powers of both of creation and destruction. In these possibilities/potentials both the forces of creation and destruction exist. This energy is only meant for both these potentials. With fire you can burn up a building and by heating and melting iron, it can be converted into steel too. Water is most required for protection and sustenance of life. It can further be used for appeasing our thirst, irrigating fields for growing crops etc yet this very water can also drown us, destroy crops due to excess flooding and also create scenes of various other types of destructive havoc. Air gives clean oxygen to all creatures for breathing and helps fragrance travel from this place to the other. Yet if this air takes the dire form of storms, cyclones etc so as to create widespread destruction all around. What we are trying to say is that in whichever direction energy is deployed in that very direction the great results of creation and havoc like scenes of annihilation can be exhibited by it. God by making man his supremely best representative has sent him in this world. It is but natural that man thus has been imbued with varied glories and energies. It thus is very much in man’s hands whether he uses these powers for destructive or great creative tasks.

But today it is our misfortune that human brilliant talent instead of getting immersed in creative supreme endeavors is more and more being misused for mass destruction goals. For example take the case of wars waged. Due to battles and horrific wars waged so many enter the jaws of death prematurely and so much wealth gets destroyed in a few moments. All this has been witnessed since centuries after centuries. With great hope man had built cities, dams, bridges etc with the river of honest labor, in this creation unlimited means was used, these were centers of great aspiration for the lay public since they thought under their cool shade they would lead contented stress free lives. Yet alas! All these hopes have been dashed to naught. At those times when wars were waged, when with huge amounts of dynamite bombs were made so as to throw them on these creative constructions, within seconds they were razed to the ground as powder and innumerable people died in a gory manner.

From this merely we cannot gauge the destructive havoc unleashed by horrific wars. These days wars in order to prove its point more and more solutions thought of by various nations on seeing them it appears that man is foolishly heading towards executing mass suicide. For war purpose training about 20,000,000 people have been enlisted the world over. Their one and only task is wielding deadly weapons, making newer heinous weapons, murder people and find newer ways of destroying wealth amenities. This is their ‘skillful art’. All specialties of their personality seems are ‘surrendered’ for such gory tasks. Apart from this about 70,000,000 people are immersed in producing newer ghastly weapon technology and fulfilling army based needs. There are other set of people who use their high scientific IQ capacity for creating such new technology with the aid of which more and more mass murders and destructions can take place. In order to harm more and more people and their wealth, property etc they think that their intellectual talent shall ‘succeed’ only when more potent and financially cheap means are designed and produced for this end.

Come! Let us see how for waging wars these days destructive methods are being designed. These days biological and weather based wars have already been set rolling in. via these techniques any country can be harmed immensely without any visible war being waged. If these methods of war are applied into practice even on a gigantic scale yet it would be difficult to pinpoint which country is the culprit. At first one cannot decide that behind these natural disasters which country’s hand is at work albeit in a veiled fashion or that actually it is nature based only? Apart from biological and weather wars by influencing ocean water streams too methods have been unearthed to inflict dire situations on the enemy nation.

In the ocean spread out on 2/3rd portion of planet earth many ocean water streams flow by but with varied temperatures. At a gross level they are called hot and cold water streams. Due to these streams the ocean’s temperature and its nearby terrestrial areas get influenced. The reason is that the influence of the ocean’s temperature is seen on atmospheric pressure and its speed moisture in weather and in cloud formation. In those places where snow abounds there by inducing flow of hot water this snow can be melted and thus related areas undergo excessive flooding akin to Jal Pralaya. By melting huge icebergs by creating separation in the ocean bed the nearby land areas can be submerged in water.

In the designing of the atmosphere if a very small change is induced for the residents of those regions methods to create danger for their very lives have been unfolded. For example if the carbon dioxide gas content in air is artificially augmented it is virtually impossible for the residents of those regions to survive. Due to industrialization due to smoke emitted by chimneys of factories etc and railways/cars in metro cities especially carbon dioxide gas content in air augments quite in a worrisome manner. Thus we hear people talk of air pollution increasing day after day. We all are aware at least a wee bit about health hazards faced due to air pollution increasing. Yet war scientists have found such methods wherein carbon dioxide gas content in air can be augmented artificially to very non permissible levels.

In the same way by creating magnetic field imbalance in the enemy country holes are created in the Ionosphere’s ozone layer of that regions atmosphere. In this manner as per one’s will sun’s radiations, UV rays etc can be focused in any desired area of planet earth. By unearthing these types of methods war scientists without creating explosions of any sort can induce such mass murders that the very human race can become extinct.

There is also a possibility of using scientific techniques meant for inducing artificial rains in order to wage wars. By sprinkling ice or silver dioxide in clouds heading towards enemy countries these can be propelled towards one’s own or friend country. Thus since clouds do not reach the enemy country no rainfall is noted leading to dire famine situations. Not only this but that scientific methods of inducing earthquakes and destructive ocean storms/hurricanes in enemy countries have been unfolded.

Recently USA and Russia’s war scientists have made successful applications for inducing artificial earthquakes. It is well known that our planet earth during commencement of creation was a mass of fire very much like the brilliant fiery sun. Slowly this mass started cooling down and hence it was possible for life to incarnate and exist comfortably. Just because earth’s fiery mass started cooling down slowly it got converted into many layers. The upper layer of planet earth is called terrestrial layer. It oozes with soil, stones, coal, ores etc. This layer is just 40 miles thick. Below this is a fluid layer. On this layer, land of earth is seen to swim. Since the pressure of earth’s upper layer increases-decreases when in this fluid layer some upheaval occurs an earthquake manifests.

Scientists have created techniques via which the rocky layer spanning 700 miles thick lying below the fluid layer can be influenced. Via well controlled underground nuclear testing by affecting the fluid layer lying below the terrestrial land layer very easily artificial earthquakes can be induced. In the same way via controlled nuclear explosions gigantic sea waves can be created and thus for nearby shore areas destructive flood havoc or Jal Pralaya can be induced. These types of applications of creating ocean waves artificially were commenced in the 2nd world war. At that time since this scheme was financially quite exorbitant this method was renounced but today via research studies on this ploy it has become not only quite facile but is very cheap financially to induce artificial earthquakes and oceanic storms.

This is one aspect of the picture of human brain talent and effort being misused for destructive ends. All this can be seen with our eyes and their dire visible reactions too can be noted. Yet this situation has other angles to it too wherein even though visibly reactions cannot be noted yet it definitely showcases its fearful destructive effect. Take for example narcotics, alcohol inebriation etc. in the production, sales and usage of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs etc that much man and wealth power is utilized equivalent to production of war based technology, its advancement and training. If man’s average age is demarcated as 60 years and by calculating death of citizens dying in war so as to demarcate an average age after this it cannot be more than 35 years. It means on an average we are sacrificed at the altar of war when we are about 35 years of age. If we use the word ‘sacrifice’ it is insulting this very sacred term. Instead we must say that we have destroyed wastefully so many years.

Very much akin to wars waged intoxicant usage of varied types influences man’s life span and health in a disastrous manner. Possibly half the world’s population is consuming/using various types of intoxicants and narcotics. How much harm does it bestow? How many people’s life span decreases as a result? This has so far not been calculated and studied. Yet it is clear that due to intoxicants not only less but more harm is noted when compared to loss noted when horrific wars are battled out. The labor and wealth used up for readying, producing and selling these means if compared to wealth used to wage wars and labor blown up in fighting them it becomes crystal clear that intoxicant/narcotic usage overtakes wars by miles. Dynamite gets burnt up, war technology gets destroyed and along with it human lives, property etc too are lost in hordes. It has no creative result worth mentioning. The moment narcotics are used they get destroyed. And the effect seen is not only dire but that precious human lives and wealth get blown to naught. In this manner principles of wars and narcotics known to destroy everything can be categorized in one class.

Very much akin to wars and intoxicants even in arenas of music, art, literature etc distorted unwholesome activities predominate. These activities, by destroying man’s ethical idealism thinking not only destroy human life but also humane elements and glorious human values. Under such situations we can only say that a major portion of man’s potential is being misused for destructive ends. Say! Can we not change the direction of human brilliant talent from heading towards destruction today to a creative well being direction in future? Can we not direct it for high stature creative tasks meant for world welfare? Say is the task of destruction so alluring that we cannot give up its dangling enticing carrot? Say! Is development in the true sense so hopeless that we cannot think and understand it profoundly? Say! Do we not even experience its requirement in our day to day living? There are many more such questions that must be pondered over deeply and thus our lifestyle, thinking process etc must be re casted wholesomely and gloriously.










A Professor of Harvard University Daniel Wales has deeply cogitated a lot over the topic of society apart from industry. In his writings and books he has drawn the attention of ordinary people saying we must not turn a blind eye towards changing times. The reactions of whatever happened in the past are being witnessed today and today’s actions shall definitely influence our future times. Hence we must very much akin to present times analyze our past and future. According to Daniel Wales in future such gigantic changes shall occur which if compared to progress seen in the past 1000 years shall be termed n fold more mind boggling.

The zest and trend of material science has no doubt marched ahead at a slower pace in the past 1000 years yet in it no more than 300 years have passed wherein its advancement commenced in a more well planned and collective mode. Science via the medium of electricity, steam, oil etc found methods to generate power and energy. Gigantic power generation technology was designed. For it from the standpoint of transport, travel, water, sales etc cities proved to be more facilitating. Cities augmented in size and villages started emptying. Wealth amassed more wealth. The wealthy got more opportunities to eke out more wealth. Say without oppressing the poor class how could they amass more wealth? In a nutshell we can only say that the industrial revolution noted changed the very map of the world in a certain sense. If a person born 500 years back is alive in our midst today and that he compares the world’s state then and today after 500 years he shall no doubt get astounded. Regarding situations and trends in vogue a disparity akin to sky and heaven can be noted. It shall appear as though magicians have created a miracle of sorts. Unimaginable material comforts and facilities have been amassed. Via mediums like ships, air planes, railways, cars, cell phones, internet, computer, radio, TV etc even ordinary folks are seen to benefit. Capitalists have set up gigantic factories and industries. All governments the world over have collected many missiles and nuclear weapons.

It is the opinion of expert analyzers that this material science well known as industrial revolution is in a state of peak advancement. Its sunrise has already taken place. Now the sun is setting. The day of death is fast approaching. The means via which this miracle had enlarged their means are depleting. Oil, coal, petrol etc are fast depleting. Means used to generate electricity too are fast diminishing. The vault of metals like iron has been emptied. For a population that has increased n fold soil fertility and cultivable land are not simply enough to fulfill their fast increasing needs. Drinking water is very less in amount. Increasing pollution of all types has created situations of remaining ill and finally dying prematurely. In the guise of comforts the guffaw and naked dance of fearful situations are resounding aloud everywhere.

In order to eke out more material grandeur powerful nations imbibed the policy of colonialism. In order to usurp riches and market share of other countries they set up fights with each other. In the past century 2 world wars have already taken place. Scattered civil wars and minor battles are going on in quite a few regions the world over. Behind these other causes are secondary because the main aim is to usurp natural resources and other wealth of the country targeted. Preparations are on for waging a 3rd world war. If an insane lunatic decides to use modern day horrific war technology like the nuclear bomb, planet earth shall be rendered but a river of ash.

The industrial revolution witnessed in the individual and world society realm has not sowed any lesser number venomous seeds. Trends like bad addictions of narcotics/alcohol, end of self controlled discipline based sexual activities, eating that which should not be even touched with a barge pole, criminal activities rising manifold etc has created very explosive dire situations. Tussles and agitations the world over noted between capitalists and laborers has created a lot of strife and bloody fights. It seems that unruliness due to mismanagement has been given a free hand to act as demonically as it pleases. Governments and social service institutions including NGO’s are losing the precious trust of the common man. Fingers are being pointed towards their unethical illegal transactions. Under circumstances of terror, distrust, doubt, insecurity and indefiniteness each one appears agitated and stressed. The cyclonic floods of bodily and mental diseases is about to engulf man’s special qualities and potential.

How did all this happen? Why is it happening? On trying to find its cause only one conclusion can be drawn wherein that industrial revolution in its early stages was said to be a boon is today looked upon as a curse. World dire situations are forcing public psyche to rethink anew. Via analysis it becomes clearer that this situation cannot last longer. It shall definitely end. Man’s foolishness may reach nadirs yet in the final analysis man’s true understanding shall prevail. The order to set fire to the rooftop cannot remain very long. This is because the one issuing this command himself runs later to douse this inferno. Before total annihilation takes place true understanding starts dawning. Even today this history is being repeated again.

Revolutions do also fact anti revolutions. The pendulum not only moves to the left but that it then immediately swings to the right too. Not for always does inebriation remain because at one point one regains one’s true senses. On seeing the destructive trends created by the industrial revolution after initially inebriating all with its ‘intoxicating joy’ not only did world great thinkers lose faith in it but that they felt they must campaign against it. Situations of changing the world and changing oneself too are fast emerging. In this very direction Mother Nature also is contributing and by identifying the leanings of human activities it is creating optimal situations of world transformation.

The problem faced by excess production is where to sell it? The problem faced by consumers is where to find financial means in order to buy these? In front of both speed breakers typical to each are manifesting. There are many who cannot fight nor can they escape this fight. When oil, diesel, coal etc get depleted how shall factories function? Production akin to size of mountains cannot be bought by poor people. Not only poverty but that envy based competitiveness too is combating opposing material prosperity. This sort of a fight can end only in 2 ways: Either the fighters while fighting shall die or with valor and true wisdom stop fighting vainly thus. Under both circumstances the ‘miracles’ of the industrial revolution shall definitely end.

Along with scientific inventions the prosperous industrial revolution where on the one hand increased joyous material comforts/facilities there on the other hand along with rendering the powerful wealthier saw to it that innumerable people the world over fell into the hellish crater of joblessness, hunger pangs and licentiousness. Its reaction emerged in front of us all as socialism. This was the anti revolution against the industrial revolution. Oppressors too due to in fighting amongst themselves died. This reaction too explodes in the form of industrial competition and cold-hot wars time and again.

There are many causes facing us like wars, rebellions, crimes, disparity and nature’s flow from which we glimpse that the ivy plant of culture and progressiveness pertaining to industrialization was growing prolifically amidst drum beating is now akin to foam in boiling water in a pan settling down at the base when heat given to it gets doused.

The signs of fever and arrogant zest coming down are clearly to be seen. The question is one: What shall happen in future? How will a society separated from industrialization get established? Regarding this Daniel Wales-a highly intellectual social scientist opines that all experiences gathered by people in the 19th and 20th century are very important. With its help the results of action-reaction appearing in front of us cannot be forgotten. Mistakes can continue only as long as their dire results do not emerge. The arrogance of playing with fire after lighting it too generally disappears to naught. If disciplinary limits are crossed the social order cannot run smoothly. Without a well managed and aptly controlled social system man arrogantly pursuing unruliness shall lose his very life. This fact has been realized much better by humans in these 2 centuries when compared to times previous to it.

Before total destruction occurs man controls the situation aptly. In the annals of world history there are innumerable such proof. This time too this is exactly what shall take place. Innumerable problems proliferating like unwanted weeds in the form of nuclear warfare, pollution, population explosion, hoarding excess untold wealth, crimes increasing n fold, indolence and vagabond like sense titillation are but ‘gifts’ of the industrial revolution. Thus it shall no longer function as it has been doing so till date. Bitter experiences cannot be repeated.

In future days to come the process of a Great Transformation shall intensify in a mind blowing manner. It can also be labeled divine assessment, cultural re awakening, thought revolution etc yet in actuality it shall be a social revolution. Society is nothing but an apt arrangement to bind world public with the golden cord of unity and brotherhood. If this arrangement changes for the better definitely in an equal manner trends and inner nature shall transform simultaneously.

Individuals shall imbibe the tenet of ‘simple living and high thinking’. They shall become straightforward in thought, word and deed and thus rest contented. Honest hard work shall be given a place of pride in society. The cooperative way of living in camaraderie and generosity of eating/sharing things with others shall be the specialty of a transformed inner nature and personality. Aspirations shall no longer agitate us. At that time the ego of unruly exhibitionism and vain flaunting shall be called a sign of backwardness and not ‘greatness’ as is termed today. Even those immersing themselves in glittering fleeting sense titillation and people hoarding excess wealth by hook or by crook shall be made to stand in the queue of criminals and instead of praising they shall be censured duly. The very possibility of fraudulent means/thinking being imbibed shall not be allowed to survive at all in a society that is awakened and well transformed. The zest for unveiling hypocritical acts and behavior shall brim forth very much akin to zest for attending humor based programs.

The designing of a society separated from heavy industrialization shall predominate with rural type of lifestyle. Akin to capital/wealth, the urban population shall get scattered towards far off places. Towns shall be much more in vogue than metro cities or villages. Big factories and industries shall get replaced with cottage industries and small scale industries. Each village shall try to become self dependent and every hand shall get a suitable job, profession etc. The dire results of family members augmenting in large numbers shall be understood quite easily and smaller families by imbibing the principle of friendly cooperation shall become well versed in living like large families. The methodology of independence and unity shall not only be economically cheap but that it shall become easy, straightforward and blissful.

In future today’s in vogue vile activity of earning wealth excessively by hook or by crook, blowing up wealth excessively and thus flaunting one’s pomp shall be denounced totally and looked down upon. Since one’s daily needs shall diminish to the bare minimum in future, in a very short time frame means to earn money shall be attained. Thus the remaining free time instead of being misused in indolence, sleeping etc shall be aptly utilized for great world welfare tasks. Such innumerable tasks shall bloom forth in future known to augment public management optimally and human glory that people immersed in them shall experience bliss, advancement and great material/spiritual prosperity as each moment passes by.



























Man certainly is not a machine that can be satiated by fulfilling its requirements of fuel, grease and cleaning. It is not as though by giving man bread, clothes and a roof over his head that all his needs are fulfilled. By making arrangements for food and sleep no doubt one can stay alive yet life itself cannot be bloomed. For this something more is required. Within means for sustenance he requires promise of a worry free life and security that protects him from outside and other attacks. He needs opportunities for fame, honor and status. He requires social peace and good willed behavior too. Due to the touch of art and beauty the tickling effect that emerges, the zest of love and sensitivity that manifests too is a part of his inner nature requirements. Hard work for production not only fulfills needs for bodily exercises and work outs but that means to satiate thirst and many basis of radiance of a sharp brain bloom forth. By proliferating one’s affection for humans, creatures and various things one experiences one’s soul expanding. When such opportunities are not got and that sustenance carries on somehow or the other this cannot be called anything else other than a life of a bonded laborer or slave.  

There are many people who live in lonely prisons for innumerable number of years. Yet consciousness that dwells in a dry, joyless, unconscious and lonely situations experiences ire, restlessness and aversion. A hungry belly renders the body stressed and ultimately a hungry person rebels so wrathfully that it could be compared to a dire state of committing suicide out of sheer desperation.

Man has generated a very priceless achievement while treading the long path of development which in one word should be aptly called ‘civilization’. In order to attain it he paid a very dear price. Instincts have always resided within his soul right since birth. When these remain as they are i.e. devoid of uplifting man remains in the class of a beast. Such immature instincts do not give man the golden chance of social cooperation and sanctification of the psyche. It is civilization that encouraged man to imbibe sacred ideals and observe disciplinary controls. This was the pillar of civilization with the aid of which Adam Era’s human monkeys were rendered today’s highly advanced human beings.

It is true civilized culture that exhorts man to ‘drink’ anger when it arises within the psyche, control lewd free sexual contact by marrying and having conjugal bliss only with one’s marriage partner, even when beneficial opportunities crop up accept them only if they are ethical else denounce them totally, giving more importance to executing one’s righteous duties as against demanding one’s rights only, feeding those who are hungry even if it means one remains hungry oneself etc. For human apes it was not possible to exhibit such sanctified thinking and magnanimous behavior. He was never in the state of self introspection and soul creation. In the Adam Era only natural activities overshadowed him. Culture and civility gave man so much farsighted discrimination or Viveka and daring that not only could he self introspect activities from birth itself but that he could showcase the enterprise of changing, reforming and sanctifying them.

So far we have talked of nature based control and sanctification. Civility and culture rendered human thinking process within a wholesome periphery, well sequenced and gave it an optimal direction. Specialties like imagination power, power of resolve (Sankalpa or will power) comparative study standpoint, experiences of far off results, fidelity towards society and character fidelity can be called advancement of the Super Mind. This is that very focal point of advancement/progress from where the basic difference between man and beasts gets demarcated. It is the experience of our inner personality that is called soul or Atman. No doubt creatures of very low stature execute many activities yet regarding their inner being they fail to think or understand it deeply. Their personal wish is merely nature based inspiration. In it they have no hand of their own. Man’s state is different from this. Apart from the physical body he not only gets soul experience in the form of a separate consciousness but that he makes due efforts to advance it further. The gigantic body of philosophy science and soul sciences has been created in order to demarcate the stream of self analysis and self uplifting. On understanding the application of lighting fire, knowing the utility of wheels, usage of pointed tools etc it is believed that human progress has benefitted immensely. Yet the bare reality is that this success should be credited to the imagination of civilization and demarcating its nature optimally. It is by making penance like efforts pertaining to civility and culture that he has attained divine gifts of talking, writing and laughing joyously. Attainments like agriculture, animal husbandry, clothes, vehicles, family, government, education, medical therapies, cleanliness etc are not bodily or material objects oriented but that it is the reaction of a very well advanced consciousness in its pristine pure form. Apart from progress of civilization it cannot be termed anything else.

Bodily sustenance and mental satiation no longer merely are basis of human living. This is because our inner personality has become a much bigger unit. Now ‘ego’ too is a fact and in order to satiate it that much needs to be done as is done to render contented the physical body and psyche. For self satiation imbibing of tainted distorted methods or has sanctified basis been utilized is a different matter. This discussion commences where by pushing behind the body and mind also on placing difficult controls something is done to enhance self glory. This is the introduction to soul existence. This is called Atman or soul. Anatomy and Psychology Science have their own extension and usage. Soul Sciences is proving that its authority supersedes the above two manifold. We all know the power of action and knowledge yet desires, aspirations and sensitive sentiments are proving themselves to be n fold more powerful than the above. This points at not towards inspiration of nature based activities but towards sensitive emotions. We are clearly seeing how the nature of the soul and work arena has augmented a great deal. Who does not know how difficult it is for laymen to satiate the demands of ego whether the basis in doing so is distorted or pious in form? In actuality very much akin to nature based activities demarcating the form of soul consciousness and creating new foundation pillars for its fulfillment is like setting up anew a Neo Science. Underdeveloped creatures totally are ignorant regarding these attainments. Within human achievements the long chain of material means lie in front of us. Yet the advancement of civility and culture that has bestowed on it the soul and has given them the it’s well expanded cast in the form of a boon has in reality rendered man self fulfilled and glorified. He has been made the resident of a divine world. The world is that in which germs, worms etc dwell.  Yet humans oozing with art, sensitivity, management, wealth and brilliant talent live in that world which is extraordinary even un evolved creatures do dwell on this very planet earth yet if their world and the human world is believed to be separate it certainly is not an overstatement.

The zest noted in production of bodily and mental comforts, their amassing and enjoyment has itself created extreme swiftness in turning the wheel of remaining very busy in today’s modern era. Yet if we mull very seriously behind ethical and unethical rash behavior is at work the demonic desire to fatten the ego ‘I’. If this does not happen know that the policy of eat, drink and be merry can be easily executed. The more the ego is powerful its vile distortion too is terrible. This fact has not been forgotten by spiritual seers and they along with awakening the coiled sleeping serpent in order to nail their venomous fangs have not ignored in discovering the Keelan Mantra.

The maturity of consciousness can be seen as soul experience. Its gratification lies in self glory. Distorted tainted thinking leads to its destruction. Comparatively this is easier. Even a child with a lit matchstick can set things to fire so as to burn up homes, villages etc. Terrorists time and again create such havocs and via destruction try to prove their ‘expertise’. Terrorists and extremists generally execute crime not out of lack of anything but via demonic power and ‘skill’, try to terrorize and instill fear in others. To raze a building to the ground takes up very little effort. In fact a fool too can do this but if you wish to re build it a lot of difficulty is involved. For this, pious sentiments, brain skills, capability and material means are most required. This no doubt is difficult. Hence by imbibing creative tasks only those few rare ones can showcase self glory. It is possible only for those who imbibe radiant ideals in life to put strict controls over enticement for attaining lots of ‘success’ accruing from taking up terrorism. The goal of civilized culture is definitely not augmenting demonic distortions but that greatness is augmented on imbibing which the huge building of progress can be built.

Right from bestowing the gift of soul experience to soul glory the aim of civilized culture does not get completed but that in order to transform incompleteness to total fulfillment, micro to the macro etc it has immersed itself in ceaseless efforts. It has exhibited the goal of supreme greatness in front of mankind. This aim is Almighty God. Faith in God involves generating His grace and finally the deep yearning to become like Almighty God himself. This then is devotion to God and is the peak aim of attaining him in order to fulfill which varied methods-techniques of meditation, worship and spiritual practices have been unveiled.

The description of world controlling authority has been done in the form of Brahman or cosmic consciousness. Regarding its belief there is not much difference between scientists and spiritualists. World balance and ecology theory prove that nature is not inert but is very farsighted and wondrously skillful in reinstating optimal balance the world over. Its cosmic skill is as farsighted as a Super Man having reached pinnacles of wisdom. Even on subtly studying the designing and movements of the atom it appears that science students who call nature as inert in reality chops off the ears of discriminative consciousness also. In the world of atoms ‘blind man’s bluff’ has no place but instead such a great management is place astounding us all that is possible to reinstate only by a very high stature farsighted discriminative personality. In the state of ‘Anoraniyan mahato mahiyan’ by not falling into the argument of whether to look upon discrimination spread out cosmically as inert or conscious, then its existence shall be fully accepted equally both in the realms of theism and atheism.  Maybe a war of words takes place in the acceptance cosmic consciousness authority yet there is no truth in this argument. The state of proclaiming Brahman or cosmic consciousness’ authority as acceptable to all is drawing nearer as days pass by.

Civilized culture that has given humanity ‘Almighty God’ may be said to be conjoined to Brahman but in a certain sense none should doubt when its creation is called independent. The belief of ‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ which is nothing but soul unity/brotherhood with consciousness pervading all creatures awakens spiritual activities like compassion, affection, cooperation, generosity, selfless service etc. This is such a boon of theism which to a great extent puts chains of control on terrorist like havoc that is a creation of a distorted unruly ego ‘I’. Theories like rebirth, reincarnation, heaven, hell, divine justice, actions giving fruits definitely either immediately or later etc are inseparable parts of theism. While demarcating God’s form and nature it is believed to be all pervasive, dwelling in every unit/body/iota of the cosmos, omniscient and disburser of true divine justice. The basic principle of theism involves a divine disciplinary control over humanity and when he insists on behaving wildly demonic this invisible divine authority metes out due punishment.  Civilization in this manner by creating such a God has proved to be great benefactor for human society. On removing the belief of an unseen chain of control there is a danger of a demonic ego’s havoc reaching nadirs. In social management if minimal punishment for crime is ordained the matter is different else via the justice based method of reformist generosity wickedness can be stopped albeit in very tiny measure. The result of accepting the existence of an unseen disciplinary control is that it solves our aim n fold when compared to results seen by governmental control of crimes etc. Despite this belief existing when so much obstruction dwells in social apt management and peace then in its total absence the situation in a certain manner would be very unendurable.

Augmenting of the love element in devotional sentiments is a psychological spiritual practice. The more this pious goodwill is increased the more man shall be rendered gentlemanly, full of oneness of soul with others, generous and one yearning to serve the world selflessly. Thus not only will he himself experience inner untold ecstasy but that wherever he goes he shall create an environment of the influential energy of goodwill and magnanimity. People restless because they fail to get results on an immediate basis they fall into the trap of executing vile tainted activities and harbor hopelessness towards pious great acts. Due to this delay a man of theism does not become restless and impatient and very calmly imbibes the ethics of gentlemanliness whether it rains, storms or brilliant sunshine appears.

There are innumerable such examples of theism. By imbibing one-sided idealism and due to trust in God, extraordinary daring and valor is attained. Everywhere dwells the existence of Almighty God. As per this belief if imbibed our thinking gets the golden opportunity of tasting varied artistic sensitive sentiments of ‘Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram’ or ‘Truth-Well being-Divine beauty’.

Today people virtually have no faith towards civilized culture. Ignoring it and acting in an unruly manner is thought to be a sign of ‘progressiveness’ and ‘valor’. Ethical disciplinary control is mocked at and social disciplinary control is called unsocial. As a result instead of spewing anger towards arrogant unruly behavior and vile thinking people think it is ‘great’ to endure them and in certain cases these are actually encouraged. Even if all this is in minor measure yet it is terribly fearful. Even a small spark of fire can destroy things gigantically. Lest atheism towards civilized culture continues to rise and that this danger is not understood deeply its reaction shall be akin to chopping off one’s own feet with a sharp hatchet.










The other side of the fence appears greener. This quote to any extent proves to be true. The moon at night appears so soothing and calm and hence poets do not tire while extolling it. Yet those humans who have actually landed on moon have given a terrible description of its ugliness. Its ground is full of dunes, craters, extreme heat in some regions, extreme cold in other areas, no air and no water. Without the help of protective outfits and gadgets none can dwell there even for one moment.

A snake appears so beautiful from afar. In sunshine its gait, shiny form and shape is sight for the gods. Those who are ignorant of its true nature run after it to catch hold of it. If by mistake someone even actually grasps it that toy within a moment shall bite you and that you shall enter the jaws of death. In ancient eras there existed such venom damsels that man on seeing their youthful beauty got attracted in a deluded fashion yet when man actually came close to them he got engulfed by deadly disease. Today such venom damsels can be seen in the form of the Western Culture.

After taking control of empty land in countries like USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand the white skinned people got the chance of lording over nature based wealth oozing there and by and by in a few days they became stinking rich. This was also the era of advancement of modern science. With this very cash technology that helped eke out untold amount of income were designed. They got the chance of selling these goods in colonies under their authority. Thus in merely a few centuries wealth poured on them akin to gold coins pouring into their homes by tearing apart rooftops.

Where should this material prosperity attained get used? For this a narrow minded attitude saw only 2 tasks for it to execute viz. generating more comfort based facilities and also enhance those objects which titillate our senses more and more. They certainly were not friends of India that with their brain wealth on getting scattered the world over make efforts to render residents there well advanced and highly cultured and in the process shoulder hardships themselves.

Untold wealth landing in the hands of Western countries that on the one hand increased useful means in the arena of education and medical therapy there they did not lag far behind in amassing materials that lead to a sense titillating life of eat, drink and be merry. This is not a history of a very long time period. Merely 2 centuries have gone by and these regions have reached peaks of sensuality and philandering. The laymen over there have easy access to tasty food, free lewd sex and alluring pomp of all sorts. Virtually everyone possesses cars, telephones, home theaters, TV etc. The ultimate use of high earned income goes much beyond this.

This wave of zest in a few days itself started showcasing its effects. Families broke apart. It was enough that husband wife merely reside together in the free sensual family lifestyle. Parents had no expectations from their children and that they did not see the need to sacrifice anything for their children’s well being. In wealthy countries for senior citizens old age homes were set up and for children many orphanages. In a certain sense the soul oneness between parents and children ended totally.

In free lewd sex everyone yearned for something more enticing and new. Thus getting divorces in courts of law became a matter of play. Marriage is like a symbolic worship wherein both partners do not know how long their partnership shall last and in how many days it shall break apart. There are many who lure ladies advancing in age to give up their old friendship so as to build a new relationship with them and these ladies in turn try to find out which ‘barter’ is more beneficial financially. Very much akin to women men also immerse themselves in this search. ‘What is new is more appealing’-this slogan is rendering divorces a mockery of marriage. And then later in life, the situation undergoes a change. The moment women enter old age they have to find a secure ‘nest’ for themselves. Very rarely does someone allow such old ladies to ‘sit on their branch’. When from both ends helplessness stares at them only then such a faith dawns in them that maybe ‘permanency’ must be pursued. Each moment in married life one has to remain alert, very much like passing days in the company of a thug. Children and parents live together only as long as wings do not grow on their children. Whether it is males or females when the child starts earning they build their separate nest. Under such circumstances during hours of dire difficulties none can expect help from anyone. One looks upon as one’s job, business etc as the be all and end all of life since it gives cash. Thus in such conditions a mental state of uncertainty and stress rules the roost. In order to lessen this tension intoxicants like alcohol, drugs etc remains the only recourse. Thus cigarettes, wine, narcotics becomes a requirement of daily living. Half the night passes in seeing drama, cabarets etc and the remaining night passes by in sleep that comes only on gulping a few sleeping pills and sedatives. For food half the night is spent in hotels. Those who eat home food are either very poor or stinking rich.

Now the youth have one more attractive fashion to pursue. It involves murdering just about anyone, waving guns to empty others pockets and or else in a group of 2 or more slashes someone’s throat. This ‘business’ reaps rich cash and one can flaunt one’s ‘brain skills’ also. For hooligans of newer generations arrogant bossing is becoming easier and with a lot of ‘profits’ too. Those children who do not see eye to eye with their parents and are not inclined to pursue school/college studies, remain half baked. Thus they fail to get high income lucrative posts in various jobs. With very menial jobs they cannot live expensive sense merriment lives. The solution to this ‘problem’ is given by their own sect of hooligan like goons. It does not take much time to ‘master’ hooliganism. First they fleece weak people of their cash etc and later after ‘mastering’ the ‘art of looting’ they pursue very rich prosperous people.

Those gentlemanly people possessing wealth and hear about their hooliganism each moment have to pass by fearfully and remain as alert as possible. They walk looking left and right trying to gauge whether a ruffian or hooligan is not following them. In such criminal acts girls easily become partners. Via sexual enticement they can take anyone anywhere and the moment they get the opportunity they swoop on their prey. Those who have heard of such episodes place every step of theirs very cautiously. They have to see to it that their very life is not lost due to such criminals and goons after their blood. The moment they reach home they lock their door with a big lock and when someone calls on them do not open the door till they identify the visitor and that they feel he/she is trustworthy.

In newspapers incidences of theft, looting etc are printed in bold letters on a daily footing. Regarding weapons made for a possible 3rd world war and meteors breaking apart in interstellar space when people read detailed versions those who are weak minded feel entire world’s worries have fallen on their head. This situation can be seen even in country India mostly in metro cities.

Under such situations from the material standpoint advancement may have reached pinnacles yet its people shall be called indwellers of the Adam Era. Whenever activities and the intellect do not work in optimal tandem there such a vicious situation manifests. Thus it is best that both civilized nature and culture advance in unison and reach untold peaks. Finally it is great cultured inner world psyche that should proliferate in every nook and corner of the globe.













In the past decades a lot of work regarding augmenting of material comforts and technological based facilities has taken place uninterrupted. Progress noted in economic, intellectual and scientific efforts should have resulted in joy and peace encompassing entire planet earth and since even the common man gets access to the benefits of development zest and happiness should have oozed just about everywhere. Yet it seems somewhere or the other the sense of incompleteness is on the rise. The sequence of making mistakes and errors too is going on at its own pace. Thus one perforce glances at increasing difficult situations the world over and thinking emerges as to whether along with development are we or are we not imbibing more and more regression with ‘verve’? Is it that the pan of earning wealth weighs lighter on a weighing scale and that losses and harm accruing from it when placed in the other pan is noted to be much heavier?

On glancing in all directions fearful situations predominate in front of us all. Increasing pollution with more and more industrialization set rolling in is augmenting so much toxicity in air and water. Due to excess usage of energy and fuel resources challenges pose before world humanity in the form of increasing temperatures in outer space, Polar Regions melting, high tsunami like waves appearing in the ocean, holes created in the ozone layer and so on. Increasing needs for human sustenance is milking the mineral ore/fuel wealth of earth’s womb and it is hinting that if this milking goes on that this insane pace a day is fast drawing closer when these natural fuels, mineral and other resources shall deplete to zero measure. At that time what shall happen? For increasing war waging frenzy the weapons that are being designed how can one combat the heinous effects emitted by radiations emerging from them? How is it possible to replace the loss accruing due to one landslide after another that is the result of acute deforestation wherein trees and lush green foliage is chopped off blindly? Yet a bigger problem faced than this is the population explosion noted the world over. This results in progress getting converted to dire regression. Due to this increase in order to fulfill demands of all types of levels how can material means be collected and in what measure? Lest optimal balance does not set in, a lack and imbalance shall augment so much that that in order to get them under apt control efforts made may not prove enough at all. What this also means is that may not the present efforts for development in comparison to augmenting world problems lag far behind and that in future days to come more difficulties have to be endured.

This is as far as economic political arena is concerned. Education and literacy is on the rise yet side by side joblessness and no other opportunities to eke out a comfortable income is marching ahead. Crowds in cities are increasing like weeds growing in a garden. Talent and skill in villages is running away. For ethical education dais pertaining to religions, society in general and politics too say no less regarding imbibing of sacred ideals. Literature too showcases its goal of creativity mainly. Art too professes to be making efforts in this very direction. Speakers of the religious arena seem to be alive and surrendered for this mission only. Despite all this happening somewhere down the line such an error remains that can be compared to water leaking out from a cracked pot.

In order to put tabs on undesirable principles there is no dearth of laws, controllers, analyzers, police personnel, courts, jails etc yet crime the world over is rising worryingly. Hospitals are opened, doctors are appointed, newer medicines are unearthed yet diseases are increasing so maddeningly that it seems they have vowed to challenge all methods being used to control their epidemic outburst.

As of now it appears that the media industry thought to be all powerful is no longer able to influence the highly thinking class of the world. Newspapers radio, TV, conferences, meetings campaigns, rallies etc are set up to render the public partners of broadcasters yet what is strange is that people from the audience and orator group looking upon one another as foolish and with criminal leanings are losing faith in one another. This state in a sense is that of atheism. This is certainly total lack of faith. The increasing curious forms of unruliness, sensuality, looting, fraud and hooliganism that in tandem with human glory those self discipline controls that should have been adhered to strictly, those ‘don’ts’ that should have been put into place on are today being totally ignored and not paid heed to at all. In a nutshell this can be called a de rating of the stature of human thinking process and character.

Misuse can convert immortal nectar too into poison. It is man who uses various means and paraphernalia. It these are unworthy man shall misuse them for fleeting immediate benefits. When more means and more talent lands in man’s grasp then in inner states of immaturity there is a possibility of dire consequences emerging. This is not merely a theoretical proclamation but that it is such a proof which can be seen to actually take place just about in any direction we glance.

This then is the central focus of hitches and difficulties in present day world situations faced. Along with increase of science, intellectualism, skills, financial means, aim of development etc man’s stature and shouldering of responsibilities too should increase in tandem. Sacred idealism in our viewpoint and greatness in character should increase n fold. Those who execute great missions are expected to remain more responsible, alert and piously great so that they use available means in a very wholesome manner and teach others to follow suit. Progress’ description should not be limited merely to material prosperity but that along with it attainments must be used in a correct optimal manner and encourage others also to do this on a war footing.

It seems that we err and commit errors at this very focal point. This is the very reason why in recent times where an extraordinary rise was reported in material comforts, facilities, skills and brilliant talent there the belief of an arrogant ego and in order to encompass vagabond like unruliness in one’s behavior people thought they were ‘free and independent’. Under such situations apart from misusing things what else can humans accomplish? It is due to this super ‘malady’ that the public psyche got ensnared in stress and strife. When the consumers are deluded whatever they use shall reek with errors. If an unruly insane driver is handed over a vehicle to drive forget reaching the destination desired, midway the vehicle shall undergo a major accident. If an unskilled doctor treats a patient the latter shall experience more agony. A foolish army general shall always lose the battle waged. The army and its property shall all go down the drain. Over here the words foolish and dimwitted person are not being used to connote weak talent but that it says that those who are called wise behave very stupidly. In those people where although there is no dearth of shrewdness yet since they have rendered ignored and a mockery of farsighted discrimination (Viveka), those who look upon material means as the be all and end all of life wherein there too they exhibit their wily shrewdness yet since there a is absence of steadfastness towards ethics and sacred ideals lose their soul power, help from friends and trust of the lay public. Such people in reality from the inner personality standpoint are very weak and demeaned. In the absence of integrity the radiance of the inner personality gets virtually depleted totally. A demonic psyche may no doubt instill terror in others and force others to act as per their whims and fancies yet it is impossible that they win over the latter’s heart and render them true friends and aides. It is only people who tread the path of ethics/sacred ideals that can render their area of influence highly civilized and truly cultured. They can make others execute such tasks which ooze with magnanimity and as a result in its true form wholesome usage proliferates.

Amidst the present discrepancies the cause of these is only one and that is material comforts means were augmented, skills and brilliant talent was proliferated and it was believed that the ultimate pinnacle of development has been scaled. Time and again the error made is that in order to render the inner personality magnanimous, honest and farsighted efforts of that stature are not made as are executed to generate and produce material comforts and various facilities. Thus imbalance set in. Although land was bought, farmers were not called. There instead factories that produced weapons were set up but no need for soldiers wielding them was felt.

Even small class people can protect little or commonplace means yet when gigantic wealth is attained right from security to its wholesome usage many types of efforts have to be made else these attainments right from attacking by looters/dacoits to increasing vile habits/addictions sets up many such hazards. This very sort of mistake is being executed in present day world situations. Everyone focused no doubt on material advancement. Education that augmented brilliant talent too comes under this umbrella. Much before and even today there is a great requirement of people of true understanding, honesty, responsibility and valor. Since total focus has not been placed in this direction that imbalance set rolling in due to which in each arena of human living widespread problems and strife is being witnessed. Today’s biggest need is that this error must be washed off and fully sanctified. In order to render one-sided development multifaceted efforts with that very swiftness is required seen in times when efforts were made to prolifically increase joyous material comforts and facilities. Very much akin to material prosperity by augmenting great qualities like magnanimity, ethical thinking etc such an apt balance shall harbinger in that can be termed the basis of true and permanent world development.

Recently in so many arenas untold undesirable elements have firmly sown their roots. It is most required that they get uprooted hook line and sinker. When someone’s own requirement is conjoined to it, why would someone harm him or herself? Most definitely they shall attack reformers in a terrible manner. Despite all this those who firmly wish to reinstate aptness shall in no way succumb to such attacks. They shall endure all physical/mental wounds inflicted on them and if need be endure all types of losses too. In mythology this is what has happened during fights between demigods-demons. This shall happen once again in contemporary modern times.

During days of Era Junction so many prophecies have been voiced regarding hardships and struggles manifesting the world over. At certain places they have been described to be very fearful and hair rising. Whatever maybe the case this much is definite that during episodes of a Super Transformation extraordinary upheavals are noted and in it someone or the other perforce gets anguished. From this viewpoint one can correlate such prophecies made.

If transformation of a thousand years oozes with upheavals and in it extraordinary types of incidences occur, none should get mind boggled as a result. During times of child birth, when seeds start sprouting and during mid phases of autumn and spring season such things are noted that cannot be called commonplace. The end of the 20th century and start of the 21st century may or may not take place in a strife free straightforward manner. Definitely it can be called extraordinary. Not with a mental state reeking with hopelessness but that with a positive standpoint this transformation must be seen with profundity. Ordinarily the possibility of dire world situations manifesting in future give birth to suspicion, fear and a weak psyche yet if we firmly place our faith in the divine creator’s well balanced world management system then this too must be cogitated over that those who seek shelter of farsighted true discrimination (Viveka) shall definite witness the golden sunrise of the 21st century with his/her gross eyes. Then he/she shall no longer doubt imbalance in world management.






These days due to environmental imbalance seasons and weather is seen to show its changing hues in virtually every nook and corner of the world with prolific speed and thus creating a state of imbalance. Scientists, education fraternity, environment lovers etc have termed human beings and present day social management culprits for this and opine that it is dire result of their erroneous policies and mismanagement. All of them in one voice say that lest immediately this dire state is not obstructed from intensifying further definitely human destruction is a foregone conclusion.

Regarding this Lord Richie Calder in a magazine called ‘Foreign Affairs’ (Volume 48; No. 2; 1970; pages 207-220) writes: In ancient eras highly evolved civilizations got destroyed later only because of their mistakes. They either harbored greed or indolence or that they imbibed mental weakness. Thus their very errors submerged them into extinction.

They say that ere the present ecological imbalance based errors are repeated then the reaction of this civilization of ours too shall follow suit previous civilization’s extinction. Hence regarding this while cautioning us all they advise us to deeply mull over an apt way of obstructing this well beforehand.

Similar thoughts have been showcased by the Swiss scientist Jean Dorst. He says that alongside man taking birth on planet earth nature’s imbalance too commenced. Our ancestors of very ancient eras ‘inaugurated’ this via their destructive activities. These actions of theirs increased so much that varied types of disasters appeared. Aridness of land and landslide incidences started proliferating. Nature slowly started becoming ‘unnatural’ yet for all this to point fingers at Adam Era human beings and to say that they did all this purposely for sustaining the existences of themselves and their children is not totally correct. Definitely they did harm Mother Nature yet in it was the leading role of their ignorance and disarrayed mode of living.

Jean says that in Adam’s Era this commenced yet it has continued till today. The difference being that in those times this was the result of ignorance of our ancestors, but today it is being done in a purposeful manner.

Jean says that in those times primordial man hurt Mother Nature so much today we have lost very important species of various microbes and other creatures. Even today man takes along with him those very seeds of annihilation and thus not only nature’s destruction but that man is readying himself albeit inadvertently to destroy himself.

The great scholarly historian Arnold Toynbee in an essay titled ‘The religious background of the present environmental crisis’ published in the ‘International journal of environmental studies’ writes that the chief cause of present day imbalance in nature being religiosity says that it is religion that awakened attraction towards natural ecology in the human psyche. According to Toynbee Greece and Rome’s principle of God existing everywhere had in ancient times understood the relationship between man and nature very well and had created a wonderful tandem between them. Accepting the fact that both are equally meant and need each other yet the belief of God existing only in one place attacked the belief and management of God the supreme cosmic ruler. According to the theory of God existing only in one place man is the master of nature. God has given man this gift so that he can ceaselessly enjoy it and become prosperous. Toynbee says that the belief of people following the belief of God existing only in one place and its fast growth and proliferation in the world has become the chief cause of today’s ecological disasters noted.

J W Forrester, D H Meadows, M Majarovic and many other researchers have faith that the root cause of malefic effects on world ecology and environment is that basic desire of humans within which he thinks of his development and its propagation. For man it should be such a development that is infinite and such a propagation of it which is boundless. The result of this very desire of mankind is that today the production and consuming of various materials is touching peaks and that terrible nature of population explosion and environment imbalance is there for all to see. Researchers opine that lest this method of progress is not changed appropriately it shall definitely create a situation of total human destruction.

America’s Barry Comner terming this hazard as social writes in his renowned book ‘The closing circle’ (1979, page 178): Today’s dire situation is neither the result of some natural calamity nor is it due to erroneous activities by mankind. Environmental pollution has spread out not because of the fact that man is a creature who loves dirt, not because world population is increasing maddeningly but the reason dwells in human society itself. The manner in which world society desired to gain authority over wealth attained from earth’s means, the way in which these were used and distributed has today become the chief cause of today’s ecological dire problems.

But the question is why did this problem increase so swiftly and why did it reach such dangerous levels? In America this was analyzed deeply by Barry Comner and via it tried to unearth those causes that have rendered the natural environment there unnatural and unhealthy within a span of 20-30 years. In the above book Comner writes (pages 144, 145, 146): After the year 1946 the manner in which USA’s economy flourished, it is amazing that its very minimal effect was noted in the measure of basic requirements of its people. At that time the amount of protein and calories in their diet was required is being devoured today too. At that time the number of clothes required by each person is the same in measure today too. In the year 1946 the measure of land required for housing, the amount of goods-transportation per person per year was required is virtually the same today also. Yes! Definitely the stature of goods previously noted and that noted today has changed a fair bit. Today in agricultural cultivation chemical fertilizers and pesticides are being used in much higher measure. Today’s clothes are made by synthetic fibers replacing cotton, wool etc in a big way. While washing clothes in comparison to common soap used previously today synthetic detergents are used virtually everywhere. For transportation railways are being used less and more and of transport are done via trucks. Now every office is getting centrally air conditioned and virtually everyone doing jobs, businesses etc have to work in such conditions. Today’s people in comparison to the year 1946 drive cars showing a 2 fold increase. In this per mile the amount of gasoline/petrol used is much more and in it the measure of lead found is much more than that noted in previous times.

The effects of these preliminary changes can be seen in other walks of daily living too. Comner says that in America’s population 40% increase has been noted. Further per person 6% increase is seen in consuming of newer goods. Total pollution in USA has increased by 10% and that per person 7% pollution has augmented. From this it becomes crystal clear that in the increasing of environmental imbalance the major role played is not by population increase but that it is due to changes seen in production technology that has been imbibed with the yearning to amass untold wealth.

In the above book Comner further writes that once the basic cause of environmental imbalance is unfolded then by reforming and correcting in this social activity we can ward it off too very successfully. Yet along with this he cautions us also that lest we fail to do this reforming human existence shall face untold danger.

The ex secretary of UN General U Thant while in office had cogitated a lot over this serious problem. In a report tabled by him in the year 1969 he had written: The 3 fundamental causes of environmental imbalance are population explosion, prolific urbanization and newer changes in technology. Since these augmented n fold alongside the demand for related needs like food, nature based means too increased. In it there was no such requirement which could pose a hazard for nature yet since caution and disciplined control was totally missing schemes like urbanization/industrialization in order to help inhabit mankind more comfortably and in usage of land and other material means the result was that this danger is looming large today the world over. Lest in future too this dire dangerous situation persists the result shall be very painful for mankind (Report problems of the human environment-Economic and social Council; 26-5-1969; Page 8)






Prof Dr HC Bernhard Grimek Kirk of Justus Living University of Giessen opines: The day man first took birth in this world the commencement of dangerous situations in nature’s environments started appearing. The main potent cause for this is ceaseless increase in world population. Thus natural scenic beauties are getting destroyed and natural calamities along with environmental disasters are ushering in.  

Wolfgang Klauswis in his book titled ‘Environment crisis’ writes: At the time of Paleolithic Revolution when the agricultural society came into being in cultivable land of forests most changes were seen in a major way. The day it was understood that the utility value of forests can be applied greatly for construction purposes since then cutting and burning of forests commenced with heartlessness and lack of farsightedness with immense swiftness. Thus widespread nature based regions changed a lot and that the hazard of imbalance of the environment has appeared in front of us all.

Via mankind how is the natural ecology changed? If this is to be seen, travel to the Mediterranean Region. Its chief prey is the natural forms of meadows and marshy land. Once upon a time in this very region lush green forests bloomed. This forest land spanned from the ocean shores of Western Africa to far off South East Europe’s 3 peninsulas. When human civilization spread out in the central land of sea area at that time mankind due to sheer negligence and carelessness chopped of forests and after converting them to shrubs rendered them finally arid desert land. Thus they became lime stone barren land. This is an astounding truth that 4 thousand years previously, Sahara Desert’s form was much different than what is seen today. Nearly about 2 thousand years back Libya’s present day desert land was Rome’s source of food supply.

Experts say that today where dwell deserts of Sindh and Rajasthan there previously a large population resided due to erroneous techniques applied related to agricultural tasks during the Indus Valley Civilization Era (Mohenjo Daro) today this area is seen to be a dry desert. Due to pause less augmenting in the number of humans and birds/beasts pressure on those land areas increased. Due to continuous cultivation of land water levels there below the ground started depleting since nobody thought of planting more trees/greenery so as to protect the storehouse of water there. As a result the soil there started drying up. The more it started drying up it started becoming lighter in weight also. Thus being light in weight this soil flying high up in air spread out in the environment.  Now due to excess dust in the environment rainfall diminished a lot and thus those regions became arid deserts. Out of such fear Japan has imbibed both agriculture and simultaneously creating forests by sowing more and more trees. In Japan wherever agriculture is executed there trees in large numbers too are grown. Thus for fulfilling needs of cultivation and other requirements water present underground does not deplete and in fact increases.

Apart from this the industrial revolution has inflicted limitless harm on human health and environment. Regarding this the famous ecologist Conrad Lorange says: The human race has virtually forgotten how to behave with living creatures. Man imbibes only a technology based attitude and behavior regarding his thinking process and activities towards living beings. This type of policy and action method becomes the cause of untold harm.

Today there is no such area on planet earth which is not getting polluted by humanity in some way or the other. Wolfgang Klauswis writes that since 100-150 years central Europe and North America’s form has been changing. Over there not only is the metropolitan city but that industrialized regions too are spreading far and wide. In the form of land, canals, gutters and rivers too it is spreading out. The wide spreading of industrialization is ceaselessly heading towards plateau/table land regions. The Amazon Region of South America is well known as ‘Zones of Virgin Forests’. This forest region even now is spread out quite afar on planet earth. Environmental experts infer that within the next 10-20 years Amazon’s forest region shall get converted to agricultural land by cutting up these forests. By the end of about 100 years henceforth these forest areas could get converted to dry deserts. Ecologists opine that modern man enticed by the juicy carrot of technological advancement does only that which his inner nature enjoys by attaining something or the other. In this manner he totally changes his natural environment. He keeps milking sources of water, forest and land and sequentially creates a world of artificial machines and technology.

It is not as though merely man who changes the environment because other creatures found in air, water, soil and ground also change it. All these units due to modern human culture’s progress got polluted. Due to heavy industrialization all those dirty materials whether solid, gas or liquid that got emitted some amongst them are very toxic. These are called polluting elements of the environment. Germany’s Renhard Deyol says that only by protecting our environment safely that man can save himself.

America’s Rachel Carson was bestowed the honorary title of ‘Environmental Joan of Arc’. She firmly believed that modern civilization that pollutes the environment is very heinous for human civilization and their life’s sustenance. According to her everywhere hazards noted related to the environment is but the tainted reaction of erroneous policies applied to the various realms of this civilization. She further says that lest in future too such policies are not reformed optimally then very much akin to other civilizations of the past it is not impossible for a total world destruction situation appearing before us ferociously.



























Deep profound meanings found in both words viz. man and nature from commencement itself has become a topic of deep cogitation for great leading world thinkers. Both in east and west widespread research based thinking has been done for a long time span. In the east especially in India where on the one hand research studies have been done by seer Rishis and deep thinking Manishis mulling over Vedic Richas and Shruti texts there in the west the world renowned group of profound dedicated thinkers like Plato, Epicurus, Hegel, Bradley, Bergson, Leibnitz, Benzoic, Spencer and others have done the needful.

In present times a new stream in this research field has emerged called scientific thinking. On cogitating over this very seriously it becomes clear that the topic of this study is man and nature. Great scientists focused their research endeavor on various units of material nature with the intention of fulfilling various needs of the human body.

On conducting a comparative analysis if this 3 fold research oriented forms the fact that emerges clearly indicates that ancient Rishis within their studies while deeply pondering over in a widespread manner regarding man’s subtle and gross relationship with Para Prakriti (living being existence) and Apara Prakriti on completing fully nature’s development cycle gave directions of ways to take them to higher wholesome peaks. Western philosophic thinking instead of dwelling over scaling higher peaks of uplifting looks upon the bond between man and nature at the gross and subtle level whereas in modern scientific thinking the periphery of this relationship restricts itself only to the gross level.

In this sequence of studies on mulling over attained goals it becomes clear that the aim of ancient seer Rishis was to enter inner nature via outer nature and then by going beyond both attain eternal divine bliss. A major number of western philosophers harbored the goal of first establishing a bond between external nature and inner nature so as to sport in the inner soul with ecstatic joy. As against this the goal of modern scientific research based thinking is to attain more and more from external nature and continue consuming and enjoying it chiefly at the sense organ level (Eat drink and be merry!).

This very activity of sensual enjoyment commenced the sequence of oppression. According to this thinking the one and only aim is to squeeze out everything from all aspects of Mother Nature. Scientists while studying other creatures praises the system of mutual coexistence themselves encourage a lifestyle of dependence on others. In it the culprit is not some individual or a particular unit of society but that it is the helplessness with reference to incompleteness of true thinking and not aptly understanding the mutual relationship between man and nature.

Where on the one hand industrialization, insanely digging out natural wealth from earth’s womb, soil destruction, stressful haywire human lifestyle, mad rush after modernity etc has encouraged unthinkable thinking on a war footing there by separating man from nature has created widespread world imbalance. Thus not only bodily diseases increased that are resultants of pollution but also in an indirect manner millions of humans have got afflicted with psychic disorders. M Ruth, the scholarly author of research based books titled ‘The structure of scientific revolution’ and ‘Psychiatry and its critics’ opines that it is environment based distortions that are responsible for increasing cases of mental ill health and disorders. Along with these research scientists Cambridge University’s psychologist-Dr Iglevi also believes that humanity harbors a profound sacred sensitive relationship with nature and its environment. Both are deeply bound to each other at the subtle level.

The meaning of disarray in the environment is disarray setting into our inner psyche and soul. This sort of disarray is termed ‘frustration’ by great psychologists. The spokesperson of ‘Indian Institute of Public Administration-Dr BR Sharma while clearly upholding the above mentioned fact writes in his literature ‘Frustration-Reactions of Government Executives’ that the clear cause of frustration is distortion related to nature. Clarifying further regarding this Yale University’s Prof J Dolard, LW Doss, NE Miller and Ormorr in their joint research studies on ‘Frustration and Action’ say that separation and break up render man attacking in nature. This sort of attacking behavior renders man more violent.

Psychologists and psychiatrists making their opinion clearer on this topic say that due to breaking apart of the environment which leads to breaking apart from soul oneness experienced between man and man can manifest in a 2 fold manner. The 1st  is that the volcano of soul break up along with destroying the person’s psyche, rushes outwardly and ensnares the psyche of others too. Generally majority of incidences of violence are offshoots of the above mentioned causes. The 2nd is that in this breaking apart a person mentally choking within destroys himself. Social scientists believe that maybe such a person may not act violently yet at the family and social level along with breaking apart himself gets broken up. Amongst these 2 which type and in which person how and when it shall happen depends on the person’s psychic make up/designing and also is dependent on the state of the breaking apart of the environment in one’s vicinity.

This state of breaking up has been given one more terminology by Dr Ishprograf and other psychologists, viz. ‘Disintegration of the personality’. Dr Heisenberg in a write up titled ‘Psychological insecurity in modern man’ published by ‘The Indian Institute of World Culture’ clarifying regarding the seriousness of this condition writes that this breaking apart only is the root cause of an atmosphere of uncertainty and atheism in human society.

These psychologists say that akin to contagious diseases a sense of breaking apart spreading in world public psyche are results not due to Freud’s theory of suppression of sexual desires but that the cause is forgetting one’s psyche’s relationship with nature and creating breakage in the ecology and environment. In this breakage the cause is chiefly the narrow selfishness reeking in man’s psyche. This sort of sentiment found in world society in a collective manner is called ‘Moshiosestric’ by W Allen Watts in ‘Psychotherapy East and West’.

While seriously cogitating over this state a thinker philosopher Paul Tillich says that in present times man has forgotten values of life. He in the merry go round of superficiality has lost all sense of profundity. Today due to this one-sided human thinking process widespread void is being filled up by superficial scientism. Yet this effort instead of heading towards fulfilling completeness is intensifying the void further. In this void stress, tension, breaking apart and uncertainty which in psychology terminology is called ‘anxiety complex’ have firmly settled in it. Under no condition are they agreeing to come out.

An Italian psychology expert Franco Vasagilya in his writing ‘Le instrieugene ne geta’ clarifying says that at present the diagnostic methods of mental diseases shall remain a failure and go in vain until and unless the root cause of this disease called distortion of wisdom is not overcome. The seer Rishi, a master of Ayurveda School of Medical Therapy says that the way to overcome is one only and that reinstating a sensitive and sacred emotional bond between man’s psyche and nature.

Man is deeply bound to nature and environment in his vicinity. In it each and every transformation perforce influences man. We all are aware of how environment and season/weather changes induce cough, cold etc. but today’s psychology science via their studies have proved one more important point: Environmental movements not only influence our body but that they affect our psyche too in a big way. Regarding this expert researchers opine that we must accept fully that a very strong deep bond exists between the environment outside and the human psyche and soul.









California University’s psychologist, E Brunswick in ‘Systematic and representative design of psychological experiments’ first showcased that a very strong deep bond exists between the environment outside and the human psyche/soul. As per his opinion to a great extent good-bad qualities of the environment affect human behavior. In some form or the other all get influenced by it even if means some get affected more and some in lesser measure.

Recently humanity in the mad rush after material development meddled and squeezed nature in a big way. This sort of behavior and attitude on the part of mankind angered nature. WK Istens in ‘Social ecology and human behavior’ while discussing these effects says: Due to it man’s mentality got distorted and as a result it manifested externally as violence, crime, break ups etc.

In developed or developing countries wherever the environment has gone haywire research conducted regarding it proves the above observations to be true. America is said to be the most developed country in the world. Over along with big metro cities like New York, Washington, New Jersey etc smaller towns too are ensnared by noise and air pollution. After executing studies here criminal psychologists have placed forth data unearthed. According to it every 5 seconds 1 act of looting takes place. Every 6th minute some lady or the other becomes a rape victim. Every 25th minute one murder takes place in every 48th second one person gets attacked in a deadly manner. In every 3rd second a finance based criminal case is registered. In every 10th second house breaking by thieves occurs since the average income of USA citizens is more than 20,000 dollars. In every 4th second a case of pilfering and smuggling goods is registered. In every 26th second one car gets robbed. Not only this as per analyzers in USA’s Manhattan area the situation is such that on certain roads after 7 pm if someone tried to pass by he/she would be doing so at their own life’s peril. This situation is equal for all whether one is a foreigner or an American citizen.

The description of the mental state going awry due to environmental disturbances has been given by the Social Science Research Institute and Prof Sirnof Mednick attached to Southern California Institute. According to him environmental taints creates stress and tension at the consciousness level of human psyche. Along with this it incites manifestation of beastly instincts at the subconscious level. In tandem with this they exhibit vile sentiments and lowly thinking.

While describing its process Prof Dr J Jed Young of Oxford University in his book ‘Programs of the brain’ says that an onrush of beastly instincts creates reactions on the conscious mind. The combined activities of both these create changes in the muscular and hormone secreting endocrine system of the body. Dr Mednik on studying youths of Denmark with criminal tendencies found that in such people the activity of alpha rays of the brain start diminishing a lot. Dr Young opines that along with this since nerves get excited they in turn induce secretion of adrenalin hormones by inciting the adrenalin gland. In this manner man becomes violent in behavior.

Maybe we cannot understand the deep import of the above studies yet one fact stands out clearly and that is how dangerous it is for us all to play games with nature. Such provocative behavior on man’s part is akin to a bird cutting off the very branch of the tree on which it is seated. The area of influence of it is very widespread.

From conclusions drawn via scientific research studies it is clear that the polluted state of the environment affects not merely the mind that becomes agitated, Pranas or vital force that gets excessively excited and that man’s social behavior becomes violent. Genetics experts say that criminal tendencies and activities are known to mutate chromosomes and genes present on them. J Lyon and M Pena in their joint studies published under the title ‘The study of human aggression’ say that the chromosomes and genes of criminal people turn abnormal. This abnormality manifests as an extra Y chromosome in the person’s cells. Genes conjoined to these chromosomes pass this criminal tendency from one generation to another.

It is quite possible that in the child of a criminal, crime based activities are not noted. Yet the cause for this is not that these genes have failed to pass on to the child’s cells. The reason why criminal behavior is not noted is that these genes are non-influencing that as per the laws of genetics can exhibit their characteristic (crime in this case) in any future generation.

How deep is the influence of the environment on us humans! This is because rendering it ugly and haywire means rendering ourselves ugly and mentally agitated. The famous philosopher Bertrand Russel’s write up titled ‘Impact of science on society’ while clarifying in a straightforward manner the activities of the human race says that we are in the midst of such a life’s flow whose means is human skill and goal is human foolishness. Lest foolishness only is the goal then every step taken forward in order to attain it takes us in the direction of vileness. Despite Russel’s observation appearing bitter is true cent percent. In the rush for attaining development the difference between truth and falsehood and right and wrong has been deleted. Under such conditions if results are dire it is just not abnormal.

In order to repair tainted situations it is most required that what is lopsided gets straightened. Mother Nature can be both a straightforward calm serene cow and a wrathful lioness too. Lest if we stop behaving in an unwholesome and unruly manner with nature then for infinite times to come nature like a loving mother shall feed us with her nectarine milk in the form of minerals, ores, oil etc. Yet instead if we insist on squeezing and forcefully grabbing nature’s vault of wealth then akin to a wrathful tigress nature shall leave no stone unturned while breaking apart our bodies, wealth etc.

It is hence best that we rest contented like true innocent babies on her loving lap. For this we must keep in mind that we render the environment in our vicinity beautiful, clean and pollution free. From their studies psychologists have made it quite clear that places oozing with natural wealth, wherever rivers/lakes/lush greenery proliferate in a pollution free manner on traveling there we must exhibit behavior full of serenity and mental bliss. In such places good health augmenting negative ions are found in very high measure.

From this it gets proved that lest nature is given full protection it shall in turn protect us too. The scholar of Social Psychology-MM Shoo has given ways of rendering world society highly developed and crime free in his book ‘Society and environment’. According to him it is the responsibility of every earth indweller that they imbibe ethics and sacred ideals in both their thinking process and external activities. The 1st step for this is based on place and situation faced we protect the environment. By obstructing it from getting polluted and destroyed we help in augmenting nature’s lush green beauty and its wealth.
















While increasing the number of factories, industries etc it is believed that financial benefits shall increase n fold yet in the final analysis this ‘benefit’ proves to be very expensive. Smoke emitted by factories increase environmental toxicity and toxins enter our body via air inhaled from it. Thus not only factory workers but that people residing in surrounding areas also get harmed a lot. Further when this smoke reaches far off other regions via wind its toxicity too follows in its footsteps and thus so many hundreds of peoples’ bodily and mental health gets affected badly.

Apart from factories trains, cars etc too let off poisonous fumes in air. Maybe by operating vehicles passengers benefit yet for the ordinary man toxic smoke emitted by these vehicles pose health hazards for them.

In the process of producing goods in factories generally toxic chemicals are used a lot. Ultimately they have to get thrown away into rivers, seas etc. When they reach these waters the latter loses all utility value.

Due to industrialization these days in the entire world the environment is getting polluted very speedily. The biggest cause for this is dust particles, smoke and other undesirable rubbish like remnants emitted by industrial units. The intense vile effect of this toxicity is seen on human health. Recently in the year 1968 Britain’s entire atmosphere became red due to dust particles. Similarly in Africa during war times dust particles in large measure flew high up and landed far away in the Caribbean Ocean. Due to excess amounts of dust particles in the atmosphere people find it very difficult to breathe and that its vile effect appears as varied diseases pertaining to the lung and respiratory system. In the atmosphere of Switzerland recently about an 80% rise in dust particles was reported. Very similar to this when on Hawaii Island industrialization commenced smoke emitted from these units contained carbon dioxide gas that poisoned its atmosphere. Due to this reason also varied diseases manifest.   

In the industry realm Japan’s Tokyo city leads and it has also become the most polluted region too. The toxicity of this area can be inferred from each day for 4 hours traffic police doing their duty on Tokyo’s roads are given facilities for using oxygen gas tanks. Whenever these police personnel experience choking of breath due to high pollution there, they inhale oxygen from these tanks and thus protect their lives. Researchers opine that in the lungs of people residing here each day so much carbon dioxide gets filled that it is akin to amount of smoke emitted when 150 cigarettes are smoked. In those days when dense fog covers Tokyo city students there wear a special mask on their mouth and this mask ‘sieves’ air inhaled. Yet despite remaining cautious thus people cannot protect themselves from dire attacks of this toxicity. In Tokyo generally every student gets ailments pertaining to the eyes, nose and ears.

In Japan there is only one tall mountain called Fujiyama. People there worship it akin to people in India worshiping the Govardhan Mountain. Yet even this sacred mountain has got engulfed by pollution. Each year for only 40 days one can visualize this snow capped mountain and for the remaining days due to heavy industrialization smoke and dust emitted by the latter veil the mountain. A few years previously due to this toxic rain shower the average death rate in Tokyo increased from 160 to 170. As a result factories there were shut down for a few days and only then the death rate decreased to 119. Before the 2nd world war USA’s Pittsburgh city was well known for toxicity emitted by smoke. As a result people residing there stopped wearing white color clothes because immediately on wearing white clothes a layer of black soot covered their clothes and thus the clothes turned black. Even if these are washed and dried outside they yet turn black. In those days the situation there was so bad that due to untold dense smoke buildings nearby could not be seen. But the moment this state of unconsciousness was warded off this smoky pollution was brought under control and today Pittsburg is counted as a very clean pollution free city of America. After the 2nd world war, over there a decrease of 84% in smoke and dust particles was reported. Lest man makes efforts in a collective manner there is no world problem that cannot be troubleshot desirably.

As per surveyors in the name of industrial progress America is said to be the highest contributor of toxicity. A major chunk of Allopathic Medicines are made and sold here. Due to increasing poison in the environment the number of mental disease patients, stressed and psychiatric cases in America is highest. Similarly for a few years in Britain 70,000,000,000 pounds were used as expenses for curing such diseases that had emerged due to various kinds of pollution. In comparison to developing countries developed countries lead by miles in polluting water and air. Not only do they themselves face dire consequences because of this but that other nations get affected too by it.

Majority of world’s water areas (sea, river, lakes etc) are polluted due to rubbish thrown into them via factory and industrial units. The ocean has become a gigantic garbage bin of developed countries. In these waters are thrown in chemicals of varied type like plastic, colors, rubber and remnants of radioactive elements. Thus not only does water get polluted but that sea creatures and microbial life die in hordes. Some of these do get saved, yet toxins do enter their bodies. Via mediums of fish and other water creatures on these heinous toxins on entering the human body create diseases that lead man in the jaws of death. Experts opine that until a few years previously rubbish of 500,000 ton of various type of chemical products was thrown into the sea yet today this measure has spiraled up 10 times. In this rubbish various types of chemicals, metals, radioactive remnants, gases, medicines etc are included. Statistics say that each year right from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 ton mineral oil and its other bye products from rivers enter sea waters. Smoke amounting to about 2,000,000-3,000,000 tons emitted by cars and other vehicles each year, on mixing with the environment rain down with rain water and enters the sea water surface. From ships transporting oil 1,000,000-1,500,000 tons leaks out and enters sea water. Apart from this excreta like stools, urine from big cities along with other garbage via pipes/gutters mix with it. The waters of small water areas like rivers etc at least get recycled but for this recycling to occur in large sea and oceans it takes virtually an entire era. It is because of this that the effect of its pollution lasts much longer and creates health hazards.

Phytoplankton water plants continuously swim on ocean water surfaces. For dirt and pollution these work akin to sieves. Its extinction can prove to be very heinous for sea water creatures. In the year 1900 AD per 1 liter sea water 2.25 square cm oxygen could be found mixed but due to pollution slowly this measure has diminished a fair bit. In the year 1940 this level decreased to 0.45 square cm whereas in present times this measure is lesser than even 0.1 square cm. Even for sea creatures, air for breathing is as much required as is for us human beings. Lest these levels continuously decreased thus then in a few days not only sea creature life shall die in hordes but that for human existence also it shall prove to be very destructive.
















Due to increasing levels of UV light coming via sunlight earth can be rendered barren and arid. Temperature can increase in a very abnormal manner as a result of which if ice melts a situation of Jal Pralaya or world annihilation due to excess flooding can occur. There is a possibility that the future generation may have to face genetic diseases and disorders. Rare genetic episodes like mutations in genes and chromosomes can become very commonplace as a result of which in the entire human race extraordinary strange but ghastly changes could occur. Thus trees and plants cannot remain totally uninfluenced. Since the immune system that combats disease attacks weakens 80% trees and plants could get destroyed. In crop production too its deadly shall definitely get noticed.

The above possibilities have been put forth by California University’s (Irvine) expert chemist Sherbrood Rowland. What is noteworthy is that he had first unveiled the chemical chloro fluoro carbon and had found that it is this chemical that inflicts major harm on the ozone protective layer found in earth’s atmosphere. Despite knowing and realizing all this it was America who first commenced using this chemical as applications in air conditioners, refrigerators etc. Slowly other western countries also aped America and at the industrial level England, France, Germany and other developed countries this sort of production commenced. When competition increased a type of sequential reaction set in this realm and these days almost in the entire world this material means akin to a sheet of soft cotton is looming everywhere.

The bell of danger was sounded only when 44 years after discovering this chemical warning given regarding it got upheld more in 1945 and for the first time it was proved that a big crack has occurred in the ozone layer. Thus in countries producing this chemical untold agitation and unrest were witnessed. It was America who was worried the most hence after 2 years in order to attain detailed information via proper studies it sent a special type of space craft U-2 in the said region of outer space. Statistics got from this studies were quite hair rising. Not only was it proved that a crack had set in the ozone layer but that further one more fact emerged wherein the USA govt. and its scientists almost swooned into unconsciousness. It was found that due to the above mentioned chemical the hole created in the ozone layer region of the North Pole its area is about 3 times more than the land area of USA. Its shape and form is continuously spreading out farther and farther. Thus in the next few years itself this area may double up while spreading out.

These statistics created waves of alarm the world over yet the most worried were stinking rich countries like America, Britain and Europe since there highest production and usage of chloro fluro carbons took place. Till recent times in Europe Britain was the highest exporter of CFS. In the decade around the year 1980 AD it alone in 1 year exported about 50,000 tons of CFS to 125 countries. Studies related to production and sales of CFS gas the world over tell us that each year the world over about 800,000 metric ton is produced. Within this America alone produces 14% of it. The remaining 86% is produced by all rich-poor countries of the world yet the average sales of all of them are much less than that of USA. From the world population standpoint lest its production is deeply cogitated over then only India and China amongst all countries of the world considered to be over populated (1/3rd of the total world population resides here) use only 5% of world production of CFS gas. In comparison the population of Britain is very tiny compared to that of these 2 nations. From this we can infer in developed countries from the industrial standpoint the usage and production of this chemical is executed at such dangerous levels whereas in many poor countries of the 3rd world this technique has come into vogue only very recently. Hence we can gauge as to in these poor countries the production of this chemical amongst goods of sense merriment living is done at such a minimal level.

Preliminarily America’s space craft after studying the Arctic Pole said only this much that the harm noted in the ozone layer is limited to this region only. Yet very soon afterwards it was unfolded that holes in this ozone layer have come into being in the South Pole atmosphere too and in the coming few years a much bigger fissure shall occur in the Antarctic sky in the Indian Ocean. According to experts of this realm this fissure or hole shall come fully into existence by the end of the 20th century. Researchers say that in the southern hemisphere that the harm posed on the ozone layer has reached round about 52% whereas till the end of the last year this harm noted in the northern hemisphere was about 55%.

On noting these hazards regarding this time and again International Conferences are being organized wherein greatest stress is laid on the world over total ban must be placed in the production of this gas harming the protective ozone layer in a very malefic manner. Yet till date not very hope bestowing satisfactory efforts have been made in this direction. Yes! In comparison to previous times production of this chemical today has lessened a bit in measure yet the hope of banning it totally has remained a mere dream. The UN has demarcated its deadline year as 1997 AD. What needs to be seen is that in this deadline period can we stop our feet that are at present heading towards total destruction? Can we attain this highly desired goal? Its proclamation was made in 1987’s first Montreal Conference, in Helsinki’s 2nd Conference in 1989 and in London’s 3rd Conference in 1990 AD. Very recently after these conferences in a Conference of World Radio Engineers too this proclamation was announced.

 Over here it shall certainly not be out of place to discuss the chemical reaction resulting due to combining of the poisonous destructive chemical and ozone gas. What is worth delving upon is that ozone gas has 3 oxygen atoms. When it unites with the carbon based CFC gas a new chlorine monoxide emerges. When this reaction goes on ceaselessly for a long time span, then in the said area since the ozone levels deplete its protective layer manifests cracks and holes. Thus UV light rays present in sunshine unobstructed enter earth through these holes and inflict untold harm on earth creature’s health. Chemists Sherbrood Roland and his aide Mariomarlis of California University opine that one atom of chlorine can simultaneously destroy more than 100,000 ozone atoms. This source of chlorine gas can sustain for about 100 years and the above mentioned process of ozone gas destruction can thus continue for a long time span.

But the question is what special aspect is present in UV rays that akin to a fear invoking ghost are rendering the world terrorized? Regarding this experts opine that these radiations coming from the sun can equally harm both plant life and other higher forms of life on planet earth. According to them, man faces health hazards like eye ailments, deadly cancer and maybe, blindness too. In crop growth a very bad influence can be witnessed. From studies conducted on animals etc this cancer can prove to be very abominable. On this basis biologists infer that by coming in contact with UV rays directly skin cancer cases in humans can rise worrisomely. According to them when ozone depletes by 1-1.5% amount of UV rays entering earth increases a lot. Thus per year human cancer cases can total up to 65,000.

When ozone layer depletes by 10% then 25% increase in skin cancer cases can be reported. The piercing capacity of these UV rays is so intense that it can be gauged by the fact that it does not allow life existing in the ocean bed to remain untouched by its malefic effect and thus they too have to endure a lot of harm.

Weather scientists say that due to this since atmospheric temperatures increase ice melts as a result of which the water levels of the ocean can rise higher up in an alarming manner. UNEP which is an institute that protects the environment opines that the biggest harm due to increasing temperatures are witnessed on crop growth and thus the whole world can get affected very badly.

The worst effect of this kind has been reported in South East USA. As per this institute’s findings as a result of this France, Canada and USA that exports 3/4th of food products to other countries shall get badly affected. Another international research group opines that since the past decade in the entire world a very major decrease has been witnessed in snowfall. As per this research group in the past 2 decades India’s Gangotri glacier by contracting a lot has become very thin. This contraction is of the measure of more than 250 meters. The reason for this thinning is increase in levels of UV rays entering earth.

On noting its fearful reactions all over the world people are trying to unearth and put into application solutions to get protected from this dire hazard. The Health Dept of New Zealand has advised its school going children to save themselves from contacting sun rays directly and thus they must very caps. In Chile children are advised not to play in sunshine from 10 am to 3 pm. Over there all sports are disallowed between these hours. Australian govt. via various media sources are warning its citizens not to sunbathe. In Denmark people have been advised to don dark sunglasses on their eyes and wear caps too.

In this manner so many countries are employing so many techniques yet the brain asks this one question again and again: Can planet earth get protection merely by such solutions? To an extent humans may protect their existence yet what shall happen to our environment based on ‘interdependence’? How shall other creatures get protection from increasing temperatures and high rising ocean water levels? This question yet remains unanswered. By harming nature we creatures can never remain safe. This fact must be cogitated and thought about at least a thousand times and such a world psyche must be created that can understand the importance of nature’s whole complete form and thus see to it that we think and act in such a way that this form of nature does not turn haywire. Thus entire world’s welfare lies in it. This then is today’s supreme requirement.


















Man is an intellectual being. Thus all types of right understanding can be expected from him. No doubt man does imbibe it as much as possible yet whenever selfishness and haste conjoin to understanding there such dangers emerge that along with the people who act unwholesome thus entire society too becomes a prey of it.

These days regarding milking of nature based means and wealth this very type of haste is being deployed. When we think very much akin to cutting up the hen that lays golden eggs so as to get all the golden eggs in 1 day itself, shall we call this true understanding or rank insane stupidity? A discussion on this is just not required. The doer may feel quite ‘intelligent’ in behaving thus. He may also appear to attain benefits yet when later its unendurable dire result has to be faced by entire society one realizes that although in haste a decision was taken and actions were executed in accordance and although a few benefits were accrued yet in comparison to the loss and harm endured by entire environment, nature and living beings residing there it proves to be negligent.

The highly intellectual nature scientist Decdison says that as long as world individuals do not deeply realize the value and importance of rendering nature well balanced till then this sort of selfishness shall continuously go on unabated wherein maybe the wealth of a few shall augment a lot yet at its expense how much harm shall get inflicted on the world, nature and creatures shall be impossible to gauge. In this direction correct steps can be taken only when a true thinking process emerges in our psyche. Today the responsibility dwells on the shoulders of so called developed and developing nations that instead of heading towards this destructive science by imbibing the principles of optimal balance in its true sense a new society must be designed and neo created.

Nature possesses its own independent system via which it renders itself well managed and optimally balanced. It thus fulfills the requirements of all creatures. Thus a good balance sets in this group of living beings and nature too remains equipoise. Take for example that if an abnormal rise is noted in the number of creatures in the forest who are herbivores then under such conditions they shall engulf a lot of plants, trees etc of the jungles. When food scarcity sets in some remaining hungry may die prematurely. Yet if this number increase is not controlled violent beasts shall increase in number. These on eating up non violent creatures shall control the latter’s number. In between if the number of violent creatures increases then due to scarcity of food they shall die prematurely and thus their numbers shall come under apt control. Thus nature’s system forever renders itself optimally balanced.

Fred Howl in his book ‘Nature and equilibrium’ by giving an example of the above has tried to tell us as to how via the medium of nature’s self propelled process its gets balanced in a well managed way. He writes on the basis of one study executed that around the year 1980 AD America’s forest area spanned about 700,000 acres of land. This forest region supplied food to about 35,000 deer. When in the year 1905 the number of deer population was calculated only 4000 deer remained alive. In the mean time poachers and hunters killed so many lions, cheetahs, tigers and other violent beasts. In the 3 years between 1908 and 1911 about 800 violent beasts were hunted down. Due to decrease in these carnivorous beasts, in the following few years, the number of deer population started increasing swiftly again. In the year 1920 their number increased to 40,000. In the following decade its number increased even further and reached the figure of 100,000. In the mean time since plant life diminished food for these herbivore deer was not enough.

Forests too got destroyed on a large scale. Thus in large numbers deer started dying out of unappeased hunger pangs. Around the year 1940 their number reached a low of just 10,000. Despite this decrease they could barely manage to get food for sustenance.

From this it is clear that nature via its well balancing act based system is very much capable of good self management. Incapability and mismanagement set in only when man in order to fulfill selfish ends tampers with nature in a non-required manner. To a certain extent as a result of this human tampering nature’s system renders itself balanced in some way or the other yet when this undesirable human interference crosses all limits nature’s well managed form turns haywire. Thus man and all other creatures perforce have to endure its wrath. Italy is a shining example of this wherein it had to face such painful heinous reactions as a result of interfering with nature in a greedy manner. There was a time previously when on the shores of River Arno in Italy, bloomed a lush green jungle area. But due to continuous chopping of trees along with excessive grazing by sheep, cows, goats etc plant life diminished n fold and thus this jungle got transformed into barren land full of pebbles and stones only. In the year 1936 that area first saw the tainted result of ceaseless cutting up of forests when due to excessive flooding the very map of that region changed drastically. Due to deforestation the capacity of that soil to hold water was lost. As a result all wells, ponds etc dried up and the wrath of floods increased on a war footing. After this in this region every 4 years at least once a terrible inundation occurs and it manifests water annihilation like situation called Jal Pralaya. There the production of crops too is not gigantic as before.

The renowned philosopher Plato in his book ‘Nature’ has given a detailed description of hazards occurring in Ethicon due deforestation. In China since mountains turned bald each year how much loss is reported in crop growth is not a hidden truth any more. This similar type of destruction via many rivers in India due to deforestation as a result of river water levels rising alarmingly is created every year.

When the Roman Empire was at its peak right from Cogon to Khartoum was a widespread forest area but today it is merely a sandy dry desert. From the Yellow River nearby till today about 250,000 ton soil has swum away. In 1935 during flooding the water level of Ohio River arose 40 feet upward. In the year 1937 more water level rising was reported. In that year in that much rain only its level arose up to 65 feet.

As per a report tabled Brazil’s Okerirus forest each year decreases by 250,000 hectare area. It is inferred that if the pace of deforestation continues thus then within 40 years the map there can change totally and in the place of a lush green forest bald barren mountains shall remain behind. A similar scene can be seen in American jungles too. Over there merely for the Sunday edition of ‘New York Times’ newspaper wood from trees growing in 77 hectares of land is required.

It is worth noting that by chopping off forests not only trees deplete n fold in number but that the entire environment and ecology gets influenced there. Weather slowly warms up more and thus this area receives lesser rainfall. When means that attract rain clouds do not exist how can rainfall occur? The water retention capacity of soil there too does not remain uninfluenced totally. Thus the possibility of landslides occurring intensifies a lot. Today the problem of landslides and excess flooding has spread in every nook and corner of the world. From this it can easily be gauged how one system of nature is bound to the other one in a firm inseparable manner. When even one step of this system turns haywire, know for sure that the other one shall definitely get affected in tandem. Thus akin to a cascading effect the entire mold turns awry.

No doubt man is very intelligent yet when it takes up selfish means it sets up dangerous situations and such a scene emerges akin to nature’s imbalance and environmental pollution seen these days the world over. Thus it is in our wise interest that we no longer take up the suicidal step of chopping off that very branch on which we are sitting and instead imbibe a vision of farsighted discrimination (Viveka Buddhi). In it, lies ours and society’s true well being. Thus we must understand this fact very profoundly.









Nature is not humanity’s wrist watch that can be adjusted as and when we please and then later drop it in any corner based on our whims and fancies. In actuality all activities of this cosmos go on in a well defined disciplined sequential manner. Planets, satellites etc are bound to each other and thus influence each others’ movements and activities. When sudden upheavals occur the entire atmosphere gets affected. In order to protect earth from heinous outer space radiations many layers are situated a bit higher up on earth’s surface. When man insists on creating holes in such protective armor like layers, its natural reaction is that the armor either breaks apart or creates one disaster after another.

On earth Ice Age has manifested many a times. Everywhere snow and ice spreads out in thick layers. Creatures that cannot bear this terrible cold die on the spot in it. When this ice piles up to 10-15 feet in height food scarcity sets in and the 2nd dire situation of death due to hunger emerges. On higher heights those creatures who somehow escape death they after end of the Ice Age after about thousands of years procreate anew and neo create their new world.

Ice Age is an emergence due to distortions occurring in the environment. Its appearance is frightening and when it bids adieu it can be quite hair rising. When the temperature increases and ice melts, the ocean water levels rise upwards. Great huge continents break up and travel to far off regions. Some ocean bed areas emerge above the water and some that are above water submerge into the ocean bed. In a certain sense the Ice Age can be called partial world annihilation.

When Ice Ages appeared in their particular sequence they can be called our destiny yet mankind on interfering and tampering with nature invites it much in advance. The balance of the Polar Region can tarnish. When ice on it melts ocean storms can emerge. By interfering with nature’s movements many such hazards can sprout forth. Man today akin to an uncontrolled unruly child after tampering thus is inviting total world annihilation to occur.

Regarding this recently in New York’s ‘Lomond D Geological Observatory Palisades’ a conference was organized in which the world’s high intellect scientists, geologists, ecologists, environmentalists, weather experts etc participated. In this international conference a very detailed analysis of the highly discussed topic ‘Mila tin Millen kovich’ with reference to the chain of Ice Ages was executed in which the scientist Millen Kovich said in the total light of sun landing on planet earth each year about 0.1% decrease is seen. As a result after each 100,000 years lapse by an Ice Age sets in on earth.

While upholding this fact researchers have said that on the sea shore of France’s Norman D such rocks that are 90,000,000 years old in age have been found within which after every 20,000 years shows up a layer very clearly. Similarly in Pennsylvania’s New York Basin studies of 200,000,000 years old mountains this fact emerges that after every 101,000 years a new Ice Age manifests. In it from 19,000 to 23,000 years varied types of layers have been found which tells us that due to some reason nature’s balance must have gone haywire and that earth must have got covered more than 3 times the normal measure of snow. These days today too these signs are appearing on planet earth.

Regarding this research scientists of Minnesota University opine that as a result of blind mad milking of hidden natural means/wealth in the womb of earth and tampering/interfering with nature changes have occurred in earth’s magnetic poles. On the North Pole characteristics of South Pole are emerging and in the South Pole characteristics of North Pole are emerging. By looking upon this incident of Polar distortions as unexpected could prove to be very dire for the human race. Due to Polar distortions man along with other creatures are forced to change residences else if one fails to adjust aptly as per situations faced getting killed is the only result that can occur. Right from tiny bacteria to animals, birds, humans etc have to pass by this process. When Poles change cosmic radiations coming from outer space shall get scattered on them. As a result water, air etc shall get changed and affected and just as in pre historic times in big numbers creatures became extinct due to abnormal seasonal changes today this situation could definitely get repeated.

On noting the increasing amounts of toxic gases like chloro fluoro carbon and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere scientists are suspecting that in the next 10 years water and air could take up a very destructive form. Apart from social crime and mental disorders at the root of sudden augmenting of heart diseases, skin cancer and diabetes they believe the root cause of this to be toxicity filling up our environment. Regarding this scientists attached to Monolowa Observatory situated in Hawaii Islands have carried out serious studies. While placing forth statistical data they said that these days in the environment each year at the rate of 1 ppm carbon dioxide is getting filled up. If a 30% increase is noted in this measure it in turn augments the temperature by 1-4 degrees Centigrade. Thus this type of temperature increase each year gives birth to the ‘Green house effect’. Smoke emitted by industrial units and vehicles work akin to adding oil to fire.

The greatest effect of temperature augmenting is seen on Polar Region ice. Since ice caps here start melting, the ocean water level rise higher up and nearby shore areas get submerged in these waters. Metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New York, Tokyo, Southampton, San Francisco and California may get submerged in the womb of the ocean. Polar Region imbalance can affect geomagnetic fields too and between the years 1993-2000 AD anywhere at any point in time fearful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may occur. Volcanic ash gathering in the atmosphere even today is so much in excess that it does not allow solar heat to reach earth which is so much required for healthy sustenance of the life force of all creatures.

According to research experts since the past 40 years the sun is contracting slowly. Its sequence of spreading out shall commence after 10 years henceforth. This solar cycle of contracting and expanding, spans 76 long years. On the one hand due to sun contracting earth tends to become colder there at the other end due to human activities the atmosphere is heating up. This contrariety can manifest as world annihilation when the sun starts expanding. Atmosphere’s increasing temperatures and the fact that earth heats up together give birth to horrific world situations.

Scientists opine that those excesses noted in the environment can induce greater heat and aridness in Europe, America and Russia than is noted today. There snow shall stop falling but North East Africa, India, Central East Asia, Mexico and Western Australia shall become more damp and wet. Along with this the world over the ocean bed shall rise higher by 15-20 meters. Since glaciers shall melt rivers shall get over flooded. Since the weather shall change drastically fertile land shall be rendered barren/dry and wherever snow exists today there deserts shall be seen in future. The world’s agriculture oriented economies shall go haywire and all these changes shall be witnessed by the end of 2000 AD merely due to a temperature increase of 2 degrees Centigrade. 

The gross meaning of weather/season changes is understood as an ordinary cyclic movement in cold, heat, rainfall etc yet in scientific parlance this term is used to connote upheavals reported in the environment of planet earth. Human activities today are going on in such a manner that they yearn to get immediate benefits at any cost. For this end, tampering done with nature and environmental laws, leads to the latter playing a big role in creating hazards for mankind itself. Before Lord Mahakal’s reversal process punishes mankind, the latter should change its trend of thinking and behavior for the better since therein lies the well being of the human race at large.









Merely due to nature’s visible material wealth and more and more amassing of invisible powers and energies man can become so prosperous and powerful materially that he is now being called ‘all powerful’. We must have faith that this sequence of development shall go forward only day by day. One just cannot bear to give up the beneficial aspect grasped. As long as man in previous times was unaware of the benefits of growing food grains and animal breeding he must have sustained life via other methods accessible in those times yet today since these methods are available it is not possible that it shall be given up. Since the time applications right from fire to electricity have come into vogue from that time it has become certain that at any point in time in future they cannot be ignored at all. On this very basis we must also accept that unveiling of the hidden secrets of nature and their milking shall in future go on at a faster pace than seen today.

Neither can wealth be believed as enough and nor can the yearning to increase material comforts and facilities decrease. This sequence shall never slow down and in fact shall march ahead more speedily. Future generations in comparison to those seen today shall be more materially prosperous. Under such conditions this danger shall rise up more wherein lest these materials are misused then attainments noted can lead to humanity’s downfall. As long as the stick is in the hand one can stave off its misuse yet when machine guns start operating and bombs start raining down the question of security becomes complex and very difficult to answer. Extraordinary attainments lest go out of sane one’s control and that man’s demonic arrogance crosses all limits of sanity the result can be so horrific. This can be gauged from terrible situations faced by mankind time and again previously.

The demonic activities right from hard hearted people like Vritrasur, Hiranyakashipu, Mahishasur, Bhasmasur, Ravan, Kansa, Duryodhanthat etc of ancient eras to middle era terrorists that gave agonizing heart burns to one and all are there in front of us all. They had set in motion the chain of cold blooded mass murders and the innocent were chopped off like carrots and cucumbers. It is this very power when being rendered uncontrolled takes on the form of ghosts-evil spirits and in the arrogant ego of ‘attainments’ does just about anything under the sun. This unruliness in future days shall again get repeated in a speedier manner. Whatever a man blinded by demonic arrogance does can be termed ‘less’. Not only have atom bombs been designed but have been put to use also and the world over it has left behind its footprints of terror. There is just no guarantee that such type of misuse shall not be put to test by the future’s highly powerful humans. Under such situations may not the joy of attaining things looked upon as a boon today  prove to be a terrible curse in future since it is surrounded by arguments of suspicion.

Attaining things is easy and that even looters can attain things deftly. Yet for apt wholesome usage of it a lot of true discrimination or Viveka and farsightedness are required. If a lit matchstick lands in the hand of an arrogant unruly person it can certainly burn up an entire village to ashes. Hence it follows suit that if such mass destruction weapons land in the possession of some lunatic it can threaten the very existence of both this beautiful planet earth and its living beings. Even if things do not reach such a state yet even in mundane living how horrific can be the result of misuse of power. This can be gauged by noting the vicious circles of economics, society and politics as a result of which human wickedness in every direction have set up a mountain of unethical illegal activities.

What is mind boggling is that despite such immense increase in material comforts, technology and various facilities why is man bent on immersing himself in fleeting sense merriment, unethical activities and attacking attitude and that why is this arrogance increasing day after day? Why are courts of law, police force etc not able to ward off all this? Why are so many proclamations for controlling unruliness along with religious discourses proving very ineffective? Why are literature, music, art etc and its traditional trend by giving up this traditional royal path are getting immersed in heading towards a massive downfall and defeat? To the extent these questions remain unanswered they prove to be strife bestowing too. Along with this it can be mulled over that in the near future when man shall be more shrewd and powerful how dangerous can he prove to be with reference to world peace and unity? Under such a situation that progress which is being hoped for and its possibility is being witnessed shall its benefits be accrued by the human race or that it shall land in a deeper region of quick sand? This definitely is a question mark!

The root of this unsolved puzzle can be seen conjoined to that modern scientific development that has today rendered mankind more prosperous from the standpoint of material means and comforts when compared to previous times. What is astounding is that how did this river flow got reversed? Increasing material comforts instead of being a boon has turned into a curse. In a certain sense ethics, social duties, pious character development etc that are pillars of human glory are turning virtually bankrupt today. On the one hand there is development and at the other end more regression is being undergone. At one end our eyes visualize benefits galore everywhere yet at the other end the fearful situations of hazards and disasters are looming large. What can one call this anomaly? And for this downfall who should be called the culprit?

It is the opinion of great thinkers that today’s problems are offshoots of high intellectualism. It is the human brain that searched the inner recesses of the unknown, tested it and then madly rushed after it. The milking of nature’s wealth without imbibing of true farsighted discrimination is the result of this dire downfall. Today when all around people are shouting from rooftops regarding a famine of natural resources all modes of modern science are pointing fingers at each other, at various higher authorities and the rich class of world society. Say! Is there no solution for this? Shall this trend continue until the terror of world destruction stares ferociously at us all?

Spiritual seers say that the subtle world authority is not unaware about all this. The spiritual institution in order to combat these fierce dire situations is readying itself in a competent manner. They may be seen or remain invisible, yet in the near future for combating visible problems such wise intelligent solutions shall emerge on seeing which modern science that is self born shall get mind boggled. From whichever source these dire problems have cropped up from there itself its healing shall commence and this is what divine seer-thinkers have to say.

For all the immense efforts put in by modern science to augment material comforts based technology one can only eulogize it. In unearthing scientific facts it did not get attached to any bias of any sort and this is its steadfastness towards truth. The usage of concentration and mental focus by such renowned scientists of the stature of great master Yogis has superseded the meditation efforts of so called meditative Yogis. The entire human race has benefitted from its tiny inventions/discoveries like matchstick to computers, internet etc. As far as surgery techniques are concerned they have proved to be a great boon. Via fast moving vehicles and telecommunication systems extraordinary facilities have come our way. So many such varied reasons can be enumerated on the basis of which science must be praised from rooftops. Yet one cannot analyze all this in a one sided manner. This is because science by overlooking human idealism and spiritual philosophy has given us the ‘freedom’ to get converted to the stature of beasts and ghosts. For birds and beasts there are no disciplinary limits or Maryadas. For ghosts there is nothing like a tainted action. In the name of eating flesh and dissecting animal bodies for examination chopping them off and tearing apart their skins is not thought inapt by modern science. The moment the wisdom of sentimental wisdom broke apart man shall head towards beastly behavior only. If not today then tomorrow man shall start behaving in a beastly fashion with other humans too. When a philosophic freedom is given man shall enact any vile action under the sun. His shrewdness is quite capable of flinging mud at others eyes in order to deceive and that he can succeed a lot in hoodwinking the laws of the land too.

A mental arena full of atheism may have cropped up due to leanings towards modern scientific attainments or due to any other reason, yet it has proved deadly only for the entire world. The murders of humans, creatures etc is the ‘gift’ of that very hard heartedness that renders the sacred sentiments of humans unconscious if not entirely dead so as to make it invisible. The long time history of tyranny depicts its strange behavior in widespread areas. No doubt such vile psychic imprints can emerge suddenly in the mind. Yet when acts of tyranny are given the go ahead by systems like modern science thought to be very authentic then bitter fruits shall definitely come in our lives. Excess free lewd sex freedom and winding up of disciplinary limits set for it can be called a form of Charvak Theory (Yavat jivet sukham jivet, rinam kritva ghridham pibet, bhasmi bhutasya dehasya, punaragamana kutah? It means as long as you live, live in joy even if it means enjoying sense pleasures at the cost of buying them with borrowed money. This you can do because after death who has ever seen rebirth?). Similarly, so many types of vile tainted acts and behavior seen everywhere these days, are seen to have cropped up like unwanted weeds. Lest this is called a ‘gift’ of materialistic philosophy whose roots lie in proof based on perception of the 5 sense organs only know certainly that it is not an overstatement.

Material science has given us the theory of accepting proof based only as per the perception of the 5 sense organs. Thus based on this man does just about anything to accrue immediate benefits. Science makes notes of activities of various creatures very much in order to succeed in this endeavor. The fact that man must shoulder special responsibilities is mentioned on the spiritual path only. And since everything on the spiritual path cannot be proved via the 5 sense organs only why would these get acceptance? (Spirituality has a lot to do with ESP or extrasensory perception).

Science gets the credit for rendering industrialization very widespread. And it also is called the culprit that has polluted our environment a lot. The fuel resources used to run fast moving vehicles and large sized factories are responsible for so many hazards emerging in the process like air and water pollution, atmosphere temperature increase, temperatures increasing also due to a lot of wood being used as fuel and destruction of lush green forests as a result. When it’s terrible reaction gains momentum towards maturity its reaction shall be noted as the ocean waters simmering upwards, snow melting in a big way etc. Due to usage of nuclear energy radiations spread out far and wide. This in turn surely affects the life force of all creatures very badly. Since the ozone layer starts showing chinks in the armor, cosmic radiations and solar rays enter planet earth, unobstructed and uncontrolled. Today we are warned that amongst these radiations those that are beneficial for earth creatures could get burnt to naught.

Despite agreeing with all that is mentioned above it must be said that milking of Mother Nature’s wealth and advancement of modern science is possible up to a limit only. Even so anything done by extremism imbibed with excess zest can be said to be less. Yet we must accept that just as our body readies antibodies to overthrow germs and toxins entering its blood stream so too in order to fight science’s extremism that has interfered with nature’s optimal management the latter has readied apt antibodies. They shall fight vile brains and just as by transforming the psyche of scientists who had designed the program of ‘Star Wars’ in order to render it highly creative in a wholesome fashion so too these antibodies shall take up cudgels with the entire intellectual world.

Snake venom entering our blood can be overpowered by using vaccine made from snake venom only (called anti venom serum). The theory of Louis Kunai  the founder father of Nature Healing Methods is that via the ‘cooler is better’ counter blow a reaction takes birth and by straightening that which is lopsided renders it apt and optimal. The contact with cold water renders blood circulation faster and thus foreign unwanted material gets evicted. When large scale street fights occur curfew is put in place all around, the military carries out a flag march and by searching all culprits and terrorists responsible are locked up in jail. In future days in order to stave off anarchy that has entered the realm of modern science humane people and those great thinkers the world over imbued with deep faith regarding the ushering in of a bright world future in this 21st century itself shall design such a campaign that no longer shall modern science be allowed to render tainted the glory of humanism due to its rapist like activities. Just as scientists have unearthed to an extent a way to combat the deadly disease AIDS so too AIDS that has entered the psyche of modern science followers shall be dealt with successfully by spiritual seers and thus world imbalance in all realms shall get rendered optimally balanced. This is the immortal promise given by the Divine Creator to entire human race.



















Nature’s balance is a well bonded cycle. Man and animals eat plants to survive. Worms/germs latch on to plants and survive by eating the latter. Worms/germs are eaten by birds. Bird population increases and thus other bigger birds like hawks, falcons etc prey on them. When animals increase in number lions, tigers etc eat them up. In this manner a very strongly related chain of existence is set rolling in.

When man is determined to break up this chain many problems crop up in his life. It certain is the ‘intelligent’ man’s stupidity that he eats bird flesh by killing them, in the name of research kill creatures for dissection etc purposes and on being harassed by worms etc ruining crops grown by him he sprays toxic pesticides on them. Thus instead of solving problems, the latter become more complex. Apart from this nature’s balance also turns awry.

As per scientific research analysis till today more than 16,000,000 species of microbes, plants, etc have been discovered in the entire world whereas its total number is believed to be more than 50,000,000. For optimal balance of nature’s cycle right from single cell creatures like virus, amoeba etc to mankind and from algae, fungi etc to trees etc are known to play an important role. Since forests are chopped off insanely, clearing up jungles by setting them to fire and using this very land for growing crops each year many amongst these living beings and plant species get destroyed. Due to man’s vile brain today the number of creatures like seals, whales, walrus, sea lions, sea elephants etc like water creatures and elephants, rhinoceros, musk deer, stags etc has decreased so much that they can be counted on one’s fingers. Man for his selfish gains each year preys upon innumerable creatures and thus damages the cycle of nature in a big way.

These days the number of rhinoceros is decreasing at a furious pace. Today only about 20,000 of them have survived. For their horns, skin etc the world over, they are hunted down and killed. In Java, Sumatra and Africa about 15% of them have already been killed. In India too only about 1000 rhinos are alive. Loris monkeys and wild cats are killed for manufacturing beauty aids, fragrant oils etc. Hare population akin to guinea pigs is killed in millions for experimental purposes in various laboratories each year. Surveying researchers say that till date as a result of all this about 130 species of birds-animals have become extinct forever. Lest this trend of destroying creatures continues in this vein then in the next 25 years there is a lurking possibility of about more than 240 species of creatures becoming extinct.

Experts opine that lest this happens then the world over nature’s environment shall go haywire and unbalanced wherein its serious dire reactions shall perforce have to be endured by us all. There was a time in history when China erred thus when it killed hordes of birds called hen sparrow. The dire reaction of this was that untold number of worms etc destroyed its crops on a war footing. On noting this, the Chinese govt. again imported hen sparrows from other countries in large numbers. A similar episode has been described by Fred Hoyle in his book ‘Encounter with the future’. Mentioning a particular region in Africa he writes that when tigers were hunted in big numbers there in a few years the tiger population decreased a lot. This decrease led to increase of deer population in an abnormal. This in turn badly affected crop harvest there. These deer ate up crops in a big way and thus farmers faced untold financial loss. Later tigers were brought there from other regions and only then were farmers relieved financially since now the deer population came under apt control.

In reality living beings, plant kingdom and human beings are mutually dependent on each other. These not only complement each other but are helpers of one another also. By killing them in order to accrue benefits man has not been able to solve any problem satisfactorily. Instead he has set up many more hazardous situations. Thus it is true wisdom on our part that by controlling our mental attraction to reap immediate benefits at any cost we encourage more and more of mutual friendly cooperation with one another.















Imbalance proves to be very heinous in all realms of life. Apt management of nature is very much correlated to rendering it well balanced. Environment specialists opine that every unit of nature viz. microbes, plants, air, water etc are mutually dependent on one another. If even one gets distorted others also follow suit. It is due to mutual balance that nature’s cycle runs optimally and thus the latter’s gifts can give benefits in an all round manner.

These days a lot of imbalance has set in the environment. As a result natural calamities are spewing fire on us all. Although it is called a divine curse yet it is but the creation of mankind. Every action leads to an equal and opposite reaction very much like Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Natural calamities are but reactions of man’s vile actions. In the name of manufacturing the measure of zest aimed at industrialization no doubt immediate benefits are noted galore yet when we focus our attention on far off future reactions it becomes clear that this chain of excess enthusiasm proves to be full of loss and harm only.

Trees play a big role in rendering the environment well balanced. Plant life is the very fount of life force for creatures on planet earth. On the one hand they give food to living beings and bestow life force on them. On the other hand they suck up/inhale the poisonous carbon dioxide gas present in air. Thus for all creatures plants are truly great benefactors. Chlorophyll found in plants is the very fount of life. Whether we are non vegetarians or vegetarians all of them ultimately attain food from green plants etc. These days for industrial growth and other tasks, green forest wealth is being chopped off very swiftly. Experts say that in order to render the environment well balanced every country’s 1/3rd region must abound with lush green foliage. As per available statistics India’s 25.7% land is covered by lush green forests which are lesser by 10% regarding the limits of environmental balance. The state of other countries is even worse. In order to stop the fearful situations that emerge due to decrease in natural forest wealth recently in New Delhi-India 700 leading scientists of the world took part in a conference organized here. In it experts present there designed a method for the entire world so as to protect natural wealth. Dr David Monroe the managing director of the international union responsible for protection of nature and nature based means said: For the welfare of thousands of generations to come in future protection of nature based wealth must be given prime importance.

On the one hand a lot of decrease has been reported in forest based wealth. At the other end industrialization is on the rise at a hectic pace. No doubt production is increasing due to this yet most required units that render the environment balanced viz. air and water are brimful with toxicity. Zest towards augmenting of material wealth and totally ignoring purification of the environment, has led to the appearance of world dire situations resulting due to high pollution level. As per one statistics in America each day motor cars emit 250,000 ton toxic smoke. From power stations in France each year 200,000 ton sulfur dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere. In New York each year 1,500,000 ton sulfur dioxide renders air poisonous. Each day per person 14,000 liters of pure air is required. This is absent in the regions mentioned above.

As per statistics available in the entire world about 200,000,000 cars run on roads. In order to run for about 1000 km the amount of oxygen required by 1 car is enough for 1 human to breathe safely in 1 year. The fount of nature is limited. Since motor cars use up such a big chunk of oxygen present in the atmosphere the air we breathe in definitely shall have lesser oxygen. A big portion of oxygen present in nature for usage by creatures and plants is going waste just like that. In fact these vehicles add more toxicity also in the process. And no efforts are being made for de polluting it. Each year millions of tons of poison in the form of gas are mixing with air. The same holds true for water too. Rubbish emerging from industries, factories etc thrown into rivers, streams etc are not allowing their waters to remain healthy enough for our use.

The 3rd imbalance is with reference to world population. Till today the world’s population was near 4,500,000,000. In the year 1965 the world’s population was 3,500,000,000. After every 14 years an increase of 1,000,000,000 is reported. Thus in 50 years this number shall double. Nature’s means are limited in measure and the number of consumers is increasing day by day. For excess production practices devoid of farsightedness are being applied. In order to attain food right from synthetic chemical fertilizers to increasing other material means immediate benefits can be attained via heavy industrialization but yet ultimately it badly affects nature’s balance. On the one hand forest wealth is being cut up madly and at the other end due to toxins emerging from various industries clean pure air and water are not available.

This trend of tampering is not just limited to nature’s gross aspect only but that tampering is being done in its subtle layers too. Radiations emitted due to various testing are proving hazardous for mankind. The 2nd hazard is due to newer applications and research. The very fount of life is DNA found in the center of our bodily cells. Due to interference with this DNA the form and nature of creatures, plants etc are controlled. Differences in them as far as qualities etc are concerned are due to this DNA. Via newer research in the realm of Life Sciences it has now become possible to unite the DNA of 2 tiny creatures so as to get ready a 3rd type of creature. It is but natural that people are very enthusiastic regarding these latest applications. Yet a doubt lurks that via such DNA experiments, such a creature should not emerge that could spread terrible diseases. One cannot totally deny such a possibility. These days via Genetic Engineering techniques people are talking of creating a new generation of supermen etc. Such experiments are definitely against nature’s management. This shall harm a living being’s nature very much.

The united effect of all this has been noted on the environment. Nature’s ecological balance has gone haywire thus its reaction has been that nature’s wrath in the form of various calamities are being witnessed everywhere. According to Prof Bhatt due to environmental imbalance the incidences of flooding and earthquakes have augmented a lot. As per data available due to landslides in the past decade 400,000 people have died. In the year 1976 in China’s Tagsen area a landslide killed 242,000 people. In a landslide in Peru (in 1970-31st May) 70,000 people entered the jaws of death. In Turkey in the year 1970 about 11,000 people died. On 12th August-1979 in floods in Morbi-Gujarat-India 25,000 people died merely in 75 minutes. This nature’s ire is but the curse of environmental imbalance.

In order to maintain apt balance man must totally stop interfering with nature’s laws and its managing system. In order to purify toxicity entering the atmosphere all possible efforts must be made. Forest wealth cutting up leading to deforestation must be banned totally. Else the anger of an agitated Mother Nature in future days shall spew much more dire situations. Well in advance by taking inspiration from mistakes of the past it is most desired that man makes optimal changes in his activities and very thinking.

















In the beautiful garden of nature one finds large groups of various types of living beings. Each group adds to the beauty of the garden and radiates it thus. In it are included creatures that contribute to human advancement and those creatures also that although are not useful for mankind yet since they are inseparable units of the cycle of consciousness they too are important. The divine creator or God has not made anything which can be termed useless. Man based on tests related to his limited selfish gains labels something or a creature as useful or otherwise yet we must not forget the fact that planet earth has not been created merely for human beings. In fact it has been created keeping in mind the needs of other creature groups and the widespread world. It is not for man to decide which creature requires what type of things in this gigantic world garden. Certainly there exists another authority that via its self directed management directs and controls the ecological cycle and entire world’s movements. This managing system controls both creation and destruction. Lest man interferes in this arrangement when not required it can be called his arrogance only.

The duo of inert nature-conscious living beings i.e. has its own importance in this beautiful world. The beauty of inertness is but the manifestation of consciousness and it symbolizes the inseparable mutual cooperation bond between them. Human interference is apt only if it adds to rendering nature more beautiful and consciousness more advanced. By overshooting these limits and by taking steps lacking farsightedness disturbances are created in the otherwise smooth operation of the ecological cycle. The reaction of this disturbance is various types of dire situations faced the world over.

Take the example of inert nature and analyze its condition. Thus it can be understood that in the name of development to the extent man tampered with nature benefits have accrued less and many more losses have had to be endured. It is our ill fortune that we measure prosperity on the basis of merely how much visible material attainments have been amassed by us. Despite a balanced environment being unlimited we do not harbor the tradition of accepting divine attainments with reference to the subtle world’s atmosphere in the form of material benefits. Lest mankind had realized the importance of these subtle divine gifts and had weighed them aptly, never would man arrogantly dare to interfere with nature so excessively. Yet we must say that it is man’s vile brain that he kicks away untold benefits to be accrued in future times just so as to reap immediate benefits. Thus man could not save himself from the dire results of milking nature’s wealth with efforts lacking farsightedness. In reality varied types of fearful world situations chiefly natural calamity based are but the reactions of human tainted activities and efforts lacking farsightedness.

So far we have talked about results of un-required tampering with material nature seen as abnormal season and weather changes like flooding, famine, earthquakes, landslides etc. Inert is always inert yet consciousness is conjoined to living being’s sensitivity. Man amongst conscious living beings from the various potentials and capabilities standpoint reigns supreme. On the basis of brain power and skills, mankind lords over the world of creatures. Lest man akin to himself had given other creatures to live life by looking upon them as very required and inseparable units of this world or else had allowed them to live life with freedom this world would have been rendered more beautiful and radiant. But instead innocent creatures became victims of man’s inner cruelty. Some species were killed out of the passion for hunting as a sports pastime and others were killed for eating their flesh and thus entered man’s stomach. Some had to die in an agonizing manner since due to modern trends these were used for manufacturing artificial means and materials. Due to this hard hearted activity so many species and sub species of creatures became extinct from this beautiful garden called planet earth.

According to biologists in our country India one can find more than 500 types of sub species of various animals, more than 3,000 birds and more than 3,000 types of worms, germs etc. Amongst various beasts years back 35 sub species have lost their very existence. Till some years back in Himalaya Mountain’s North-West region brown hued pheasant birds predominated but since over here poachers and hunters killed them in large numbers their very existence is in danger. This species of birds with a long tail and red beak are very beautiful in appearance. In Himalaya’s marshy and meadow areas one could previously find rare pink headed ducks that are not seen anywhere else the world over. Recently till about 3 decades back these roamed about in this mountain region freely yet today not one is to be seen there. In National Museums one can merely find their remains. At the beginning of the 20th century in certain areas of Andhra Pradesh-India and on the shores of River Godavari a very rare bird could be found but today not one is alive here.

Apart from birds the number of tigers, cheetahs, lions, deer etc living in jungles is fast dwindling. In the Bihad forest of Madhya Pradesh-India lions predominated. A decade back their number was in thousands but as per a report tabled only about 400 of them remain alive. Very few reindeers are alive today. No doubt the government has put a total ban on forest creatures by enacting laws yet behind the scenes in a hidden manner their poaching yet persists. In Nagaland on an average daily 5 lions are killed. Each day hare, hen, wolves, deer etc are killed in thousands. Forest experts opine that one of the reasons why such swift decline is being noted in the number of jungle creatures is that these beautiful creature’s adding to nature’s beauty today becoming preys of human beings’ cruelty have in turn become means for augmenting man’s wealth. In countries like Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, America etc these creatures are exported-imported in a very veiled manner. In India the number of apes etc is fast declining. It is inferred that since monkeys are just one rung below Darwin’s Theory of Evolution ladder it is that much easy for scientists to understand human nature and subtlest changes in the bodily centers via monkey research.

Ecology experts conclude that the process of nature’s balance depends on the world’s devolution and the mutual strong bond of give and take between all creatures. Every unit of this inert-conscious world viz. plants, trees, microbes, humans etc are inseparable parts of a cosmic life cycle. Each is mutually bound to others in a strong imperishable bond. It is due to the union of inert-conscious life exists on planet earth. Plants absorb wetness from earth’s soil via their roots. Air and light freely hand over their gifts to all plants. On ‘drinking’ this gift plants get nourished well and bloom forth radiantly. They in turn become food of animals and humans. Alien elements in the form of garbage ultimately on merging with soil, render it richly fertile. Dry seeds of plants, flowers, leaves etc on falling down land into the soil below. After a well defined time span both creatures and plants on withering away mix with soil. Small germs, worms etc present in soil devour these remnant materials and ultimately for plants ready food supply via their stools, urine and dead bodies. A self propelled cycle of carnivores too goes on. Those creatures that predominate in number become food for others. The control of their augmenting is executed by living beings themselves that are units of the ecological cycle. Sparrows eat worms, wasps etc and thus control’s the latter’s excess number increase. Frogs eat mosquitoes etc and it ultimately gets devoured by snakes. Hawks eat up rats so as to control their number increase. Peacocks are eaten up by snakes. Lions eat up jungle creatures like deer, pigs, hare etc. This is a cycle of carnivorous creatures wherein one eats up another and then it itself gets eaten up. Man rests outside the periphery of this creature’s cycle. Thus he must not interfere at all in this self directed cycle of other creatures.

But since man again and again breaks apart this cycle of balance so many dire situations can emerge. Lest birds are killed in this vein then in a few years merely the number of worms, microbes etc that harm crops shall augment prolifically. It is possible due to this the very existence of the plant kingdom can become dangerous. There are so many birds that help a lot in pollination. Since snakes are destroyed rat population shall increase greatly and these can harm crops in a big way. Amongst violent beasts like lions, tigers etc it is not apt to kill them because they too contribute a lot in maintaining an apt optimal ecological balance. From the standpoint of health and cleanliness so many creatures contribute in nature’s cycle. Eagles, vultures etc by eating up dead bodies ward off dirt and epidemics of deadly diseases. Amongst hard laboring animals cows, bulls, horses, asses etc play an extraordinary role. They give thousand fold more benefits to mankind in comparison to what they eat. It is definitely man’s harsh cruelty that while they are alive these beasts are sent to slaughter houses for tearing apart their skin and digging out flesh inhumanly.

Just for a few material gains killing of other creatures opposes human pride and glory. Even if the above observation cannot be accepted when utility value is tested at the intellectual level yet there is one more angle that awakens the inner sensitivity of each human. No expert can deny this fact that from the sensitive emotional standpoint man is becoming dry and hard hearted at the inner nature and personality level. Subtle seers opine that due to murdering of other creatures the subtle atmosphere is going chaotic the result of which is that man’s inner sensitive sentiments are decreasing day by day. A dumb nature withering daily in a wailing manner is asking humanity called ‘intellectual’ that they must stop rendering nature tattered and torn.





















Nature is akin to a cosmic body. Microbes, plants, trees, rivers, mountains etc are very much its bodily parts and organs. Due to their mutual cooperation this gigantic body remains healthy and well balanced. The body never has its own independent existence. It is in fact a cumulative form of the organs of action, the organs of knowledge and various other gross parts. Via mutual cooperation the body’s functions are executed. Thus one gets benefits of balanced health and well being. The weight age of all bodily parts is equal.

The brain dwells on the top most region of the body. The brain takes various decisions on deep thinking but yet merely for this reason it cannot be called most useful. Other bodily units are no less useful. Eyes, ears, nose etc are no less useful than the brain because these like a hard working sweeper they are immersed in getting nourishment for various organs and evicting foreign matter that enters the body so as to render the latter clean. The lungs and kidneys carry out the dirtiest task of keeping the body clean. Lest we fail to get their help our health and well being shall go awry and haywire. Thus the body shall not be able to carry out its function for long. Hence in order to render our health and well being optimal we shall have to pay due attention to every unit of the body.

This same law can be applied to the cosmic nature. Every unit of it is related to each other in mutual cooperation. All are important and useful in their own way and they play a prime role in carrying out nature’s functions. It is possible that from the gross standpoint its utility value cannot be perceived and may appear not needful. Yet from the standpoint of the balance of the entire world they are very important. Man’s vision of testing as per his understanding of utility is not only one-sided but lacking farsightedness also. It is hence that man looking upon so many units as not needful keeps destroying them for his selfish gains. As time will tell these efforts of his shall affect the entire ecological cycle. Imbalance sets in nature’s management whose painful reaction manifests as various types of natural calamities.

Experts of Ecology Science which is a branch of modern science say that lest man stops undesirable tampering nature’s cyclic functioning shall go on in a well managed and balanced fashion. Any speed breaker setting in it is the result of man’s interference. In order to augment material prosperity instead of imbibing a farsighted permanent policy due to imbibing of policies lacking farsightedness like milking nature dry the entire nature’s family becomes imbalanced. Those cycles are breaking apart that are known to function with the help of inert-conscious units of nature in their varied aspects. According to renowned ecologists the foundation of ecology science says that from the balance standpoint every unit of nature is equally useful and that they are mutually dependent on each other. It is our ill fortune that man fails to understand this principle. Hence from the standpoint of accruing immediate benefits at any cost is destroying so many microbes, creatures, plants etc selfishly since he erroneously thinks they are not useful.

Sir Julius Huxley had once said that mobility demands balance wherein the help and cooperation of nature’s units appearing anomalous is most required. This is possible only when the very existence of inert-conscious units seeming anomalous is rendered well protected and secure.

The great scholar Paul Pears opines that lest we wish to render civilization secure the study and research in the realm of Ecology Science must be given as much importance as is given to other useful topics. Without understanding the importance of creatures, plants and other units man shall not give them due protection. If the other rings of the chain of nature’s cycle get destroyed man shall fail to render his own existence safe and protected.

If we wish to understand the above more deeply we must first enter this topic profoundly and study it. Ecology Science throws light on the world in its entirety  and close bond between creatures and plants and it makes this fact clearer by telling us why protecting the lowest creature to plants and other units is very important. Water, air, light, trees, plants, animals, birds and humans are inseparable parts of and well managed life system whose existence is dependent on one another. It shall be a terrible mistake on our part to believe that creatures have their independent system trees/plants have their independent system and light-air have their independent system. In actuality these are all parts of a single life cycle.

The cooperative existence of germs, creatures, plants etc is dependent on the help it mutually gives to each other. If one dies the other shall fail to sustain its existence. This existence of mutual cooperation can be seen just about everywhere. Man and other creatures attain nourishment from plants and trees. Those creatures that eat flesh they too in an indirect manner attain life force from plant life only. This is because these carnivores eat up birds-animals that in turn are nourished by plant life. Trees-plants do not merely give us gross food but that they give other principles most required for sustaining life. Without Prana Energy or vital force one cannot remain alive even for a few hours. This principle is more important than gross food that we devour. Prana energy got from oxygen inhaled by humans is very much a gift of plants that exhale it. On the one hand they give nourishment to living beings and at the other end they absorb that poison which is emitted by man and other creature via exhaling. How mind boggling is this arrangement of Mother Nature! Poison emitted by one gives life force to the other. Carbon dioxide poison exhaled by creatures during the process of breathing out gives life force to plants, trees etc.

There are so many rings in this chain that help in rendering smoothly mobile life’s cycle. Plants get nourishment from the soil in ground. Many types of lowly creatures in large numbers residing in soil are immersed in getting ready food for plants and trees. Bacteria present in trillions nourish themselves via central carbonic materials found in soil and thus proliferate their dynasty. The amount they take from soil is returned n fold more to the latter. Their stools, urine and dead body add richness to the soil’s fertility. These residing in large hordes just a few square feet below the ground dwell as life’s complementing units. Dry leaves of plants and finally the plants themselves become food for those tiny microbes with the help of which they themselves got nourished.

Life’s great cycle just does not end here. New plants are born and again that self propelled sequence sets rolling. Many types of microbes etc present in soil become co partners in this cycle. The role of earthworms in increasing soil fertility manifold is well known. These earthworms create certain living principles of soil devoured by bacteria. One earthworm in a time span of 6 months by readying 20 pounds of nutritious carbonic materials adds it to soil. Lest their species do not get destroyed then in 10 years they can increase the surface of soil by 1 inch which is known to give a high measure of crop harvest. If their help is not attained it takes nature 500 years to increase soil height by 1 inch. Earthworms also play a stupendous role in stopping soil from rotting and rendering secure production capacity for a very long time span. White ants, ants etc residing permanently in soil akin to earthworms, helps a lot in increasing soil fertility and its dampness.

When materials rot foul stench gets emitted. Its obstruction is done by nature. So many plants and creatures are such that ceaselessly akin to sweepers and toilet cleaners carry out the process of purification. Rotting materials are food for resurrected plants. It is resurrected plants that shoulder the responsibility of decomposing complex carbonic elements of dead bodies of plants and other creatures. After decomposition they release nitrogen, carbon, phosphorous, potassium etc which on uniting with the soil renders it richly fertile. Thus they render the cycle of nitrogen, carbon, phosphorous, potassium etc present in nature well balanced. In this arrangement of purification creatures like vultures, eagles, dogs, crows etc too contribute. These creatures eat up stool urine dead bodies microbes and rotting carbonic matter stop pollution from spreading afar in nature.

Many creatures are such that in an indirect manner not only for mankind but for the entire situation system are very useful in rendering them well balanced. Yet man looking upon them as useless destroys and kills them. Lion is a carnivore that eats many jungle creatures like deer, rabbits etc and thus controls excessive population increase of the latter. Due to the lion’s flesh eating and murderer like cruel nature it shall be a mistake on our part to destroy them. This is because a time may come when herbivore creatures shall destroy all types of subspecies of the plant kingdom and thus very harmful changes can set in nature. Thus it is very important that we protect these carnivore creatures even if they are cruelly violent. Peacocks and other varied types of sparrows eating butterflies etc eat up various types of germs, worms etc. Lest these are destroyed so many problems may crop up like plants being attacked by various diseases etc.

Cutting up jungles blooming with trees, plants etc too showcase terrible results. Roots of trees go deep below the ground and help thus in binding particles of soil strongly to each other. Thus land does not get cut up. From roots various types of carbonic materials and enzymes come out that by breaking apart huge rocks convert them to soil. Further various subtle creatures, bacteria etc found in soil are given shelter by it. Birds and many other creatures reside on trees. From the surface of plants via breathing water gets secreted and thus the environment gets filled with dampness and in turn good rainfall is noted. Lest forests are not given protection then the entire ecological cycle on changing creates dire situations for human life.

In the ecological cycle every creature of nature whether small-big are seen to contribute. Nature after making efforts spanning millions of years has rendered this cycle well managed. The appearance of life on earth is but the result of this tireless effort by nature. It shall be much better that lest man becomes a cooperative unit of this cosmic institution of Mother Nature and totally stops tampering with it. Only then can we humans attain benefits from nature for a very long time span to come.

















There are many helpful units in the ceaseless mobile life cycle. The coexistence of creatures, microbes, plants, earth, rivers, sea, mountains etc is mutually conjoined to one another. Small worms-wasps and lush greenery augmenting grass etc appear useless yet they are most required units of life cycle. It is not necessary that they must pass the test of utility value designed by humans but from the ecological balance standpoint even the most miniscule unit of nature is of special importance. In rendering life cycle mobile and nature optimally balanced they play a definite role. Akin to strings of a guitar all small-big and inert-conscious units by conjoining to one another inseparably play aloud various tunes of life. Just as even if one string of the guitar breaks it is difficult to play sweet rhythmic tunes on it similarly if rings in the form of creatures, plants etc conjoined to nature’s life chain break it shall create only harmful situations by affecting badly the entire ecology and nature’s cycle.

The research conclusions of great experts of Ecology Science today are coming very close to the above principle described. This fact is being accepted by all experts today that despite being crude in the garden of nature nothing is useless. Every creation possesses some specialty or the other. It is possible that for a certain group of creatures it may be harmful yet for another it could be very useful (One man’s meat is another man’s poison). Thus it is not for man to label something ‘useful or useless’ but that this shall be decided very wisely by the self mobilized institution of Mother Nature. When man interferes in this system when it is just not required world problems crop up and thus entire system goes haywire. It is best that he limits his actions to increasing nature’s beauty, radiance and dexterous else only speed breakers emerge in the management of the world cycle that in turn gives birth to various fearful situations accruing from imbalance of all sorts.

The editor of Encyclopedia of Ecology is Dr HC Wenhard Grizmek. In the prologue of this book he writes that after long term studies on Ecology Sciences he came to the conclusion that today’s biggest requirement is to render a rhythmic balance in the widespread vault of knowledge especially rendering world circumstances optimally balanced. He writes that we all creatures are inseparable parts of this gigantic cosmos. World of living beings, plants, the gigantic ocean etc are mutually bound to each other as a result of which life on earth could manifest and was also rendered active. Life’s chain has many rings. For the uninterrupted flow of life it is required that all rings in this chain sustain their existence optimally. For the well controlled direction of world management various species of earth like plants and other creatures must remain well balanced. Out of sheer ignorance man has broken to shreds so many rings of the world chain. As a result so many types of nature based imbalances ushered in.

Great scholars of Ecological Conservation Theory opine that for nature’s balance it is most required every small-big unit of it be given equal importance and that render them well protected. Not one material of nature is useless. Stools/urine of dead bodies appears useless yet nature by using them aptly helps in using them for enhancing the soil’s rich fertility. Upholders of Conservation Theory have shouted slogans of ‘live and let live’ and say that for good management and proper balance greatest attention should be focused on conservation and protection. Thus it shall aid in stopping pollution. Species of so many tiny creatures are such that skillfully help in overcoming pollution. A great need is perceived in studying them with minute detail so that all round benefits can be accrued from them. Two books viz. ‘Red data book’ and ‘Black book’ have been published by ‘The international union for the conservation of nature’ whose tasks is to give security to the world’s plant and other living beings. In the ‘Black book’ details of those species are given that were uprooted after the 16th century. In the 16th century 4226 species of mammals existed amongst which hundreds got uprooted and the existence of 120 species shall very soon end. In the 16th century 8684 species of birds existed wherein 110 got destroyed and only traces of 187 species remain behind. In a few years they shall become extinct. According to the ‘Red data’ book such a list of 25 species has been enumerated that can be saved from becoming extinct merely by putting in minor efforts.

IUCN institute’s researchers have laid great stress on the mutual dependence of humans and nature. They opine that nature after thousands of years of experience in order to attain the capacity to stand firm during various complex situations had created a special type of living being’s world made from genes. Man due to his stupidity fearlessly destroyed nature’s priceless wealth and living being’s world. Imbalance is verily the dire result of this lack of farsighted vision. For protection of tiny microbes and other creatures, with the aid of USA Federal Govt. IUCN institute has built a fearless forest in 32,000,000 acres of land wherein a scholarly study of living being world’s security, usefulness and beneficial nature. Such fearless forests are being constructed in other areas also. In Russia there are 80 such forests, 70 in Great Britain and Australia, 1117 in France and 340 in America and Canada.

In the sister research institute scientists researching on ecology conclude that for larger amounts of food production instead of using modern chemical fertilizers, help must be taken from various living beings like bacteria, butterfly etc. In order to protect crops from getting diseased in place of deadly pesticides such a living being world should be evolved that can itself kill these disease inducing microbes. By doing this we can protect ourselves from excess expenses used for manufacturing chemical fertilizers and pesticides and fearful situations that are resultant due to air-water pollution. It is our ill fate that man’s vision is limited to protecting the human fraternity only whereas in reality forest creatures, plants, water, air etc and its security must be looked upon as an inseparable part of human protection system.

The very existence of creatures and plant life is dependent on each other. When one gets destroyed the other too gets affected badly. For growth, maturity, procreation and propagation of plants they have to remain dependent on various units of the environment. In their growth and nourishment small-big living beings are known to help either directly or indirectly. Both in unison create an inseparable ecological system. If a change takes place in any portion of this system, the entire system ultimately gets affected. Due to the 3 fold bond between plants, animals and the environment an ecological system gets created showcasing many forms. This could be either very small or quite gigantic. For example trees imbibe energy from sunlight and by mixing non carbonic principles taken from air and soil make a chemical that oozes with energy. Many birds residing on trees take shelter in its shade and by eating its fruits sustain their bodies. Other creatures eat up birds. Thus a complete cycle can be witnessed that includes nourishing of both carnivorous and herbivorous creatures, plants growing due to nourishment got from their dead bodies and in this chain contribution from earth, air, water and light. If to get wood or for any other reason even if one tree is chopped off then as per the cyclic process depicted above a complete chain is rendered broken.

Other forms of the ecosystem too go on in nature ceaselessly. Green plants are devoured by deer in jungles. These deer are preyed upon by lions, tigers and cheetahs. If these animals are killed deer population shall grow in excess and thus the very existence of forests shall land in danger zone. Human beings by killing deer shall deplete their population a lot. Thus carnivores shall get prematurely killed out of hunger since enough deer shall not be available as food for them. Similarly in a meadow of grass there is chain noted wherein grasshoppers eat grass, frogs eat grasshoppers, snakes eat frogs, eagles eat up snakes, peacocks etc. Eagles and hawks are eaten up by other bigger creatures. Those who escape death, their bodies in a dead condition on mixing with soil add to the latter’s fertility.

Creatures contribute a lot in plant pollination, exposition of fruits and seeds, increasing of soil fertility, cooperative living, natural cleanliness and control of life in general. Various types of worms get pollen as food from various plant species and aid in the process of pollination that is most required for fruit and seed growth. Creatures play a leading role in propagating fruits and seeds in very far off regions. After eating dry or juicy luscious fruits birds, monkeys, animals, squirrels etc transport undigested seeds of these fruits to other regions along with their feces. Seeds by sticking to the bodies of grazing beasts like cows, buffalos, sheep, goat etc get transported to various other places. Small-big creatures dying in thousands augment soil’s fertility. By making homes in soil creatures like worms, white ants, earthworms etc by rendering soil soft both above and below render its fertility that much richer. Thus the sprouting process of seeds gets a lot of help from them.

Nature for the past millions of years has beautified earth. Thus it shall be better that it should be allowed to execute its tasks in a self directed manner. That cycle should not be broken by us humans on which rest the very existence of all creatures and plants. It would have been very good that man by helping in increasing nature’s radiance and beauty showcase his true brain skill and in return get varied benefits as boons from nature. Lest man fails to do this then at least from nature’s balance viewpoint, it is most required that without delay he stops interfering with nature that is totally uncalled for. Else in comparison to present nature based hazards man shall have to endure n fold more terrible world fear instilling situations.























High intellectual skill is something quite good to imbibe but anything that is in excess can prove to be quite harmful. By maturing in the lap of nature it is apt to drink milk from it by looking upon nature as one’s affectionate mother but by tearing apart the stomach of a hen that daily lays a golden egg so as to amass all its golden eggs out of sheer greed at one shot instead of giving benefits shall prove to be more disastrous.

High intellect skills that aid in tainting nature’s balance these days is functioning unobstructed and thus instead of reaping benefits from it more harm has to be endured.

Paul Pears opines that: Science of Balance is such a field of knowledge that is digging up the very roots of western world’s thinking process, philosophies and beliefs. Only when true science advances can spirituality too march ahead. Now this responsibility rests on the shoulders of so called developed and developing nations that they instead of heading further in the direction of a destructive science at first follows the principles of science of balance so as to advance the creation of a new world society.

Nature’s self directed system is such that it fulfills the needs of the congregation of all types of creatures. Along with this in nature its balance dwells ceaselessly. For example if in some jungle if the number of some herbivore creature increases more than required then under such a situation not only shall they shave off to baldness all plant life in that jungle but that since food shall not be attained in required measure they shall die in hordes. Similarly carnivores render the population number of herbivores well balanced and controlled. Thus this sequence of balance and control persists in nature forever.

As per one report, in the final years of the 19th century in America there was a widespread jungle area measuring 700,000 acres that had the capacity to nourish 30,000 deer. When in the year 1905 the deer population was counted it was noted that only 4,000 deer remained alive. In the meantime violent beasts of this jungle too were hunted down. Between the years 1907-1909, 767 tigers and 7,000 coyotes were hunted. Since the number of tigers decreased in the following few years, the number of deer again increased quite speedily. In the year 1918 their number arose to 40,000. In the time span of the following 6 years their number increased further and thus the number touched 100,000. In the meantime they failed to get enough food and also the possibility of that jungle getting destroyed cropped up. Thus deer entered the jaws of death very swiftly. In the year 1939 their number came down to merely 10,000. Despite all this they could find food only with great difficulty.

Carter says that: Lest Asia and Africa’s so called developing countries in the name of progress/development fail to end increasing imbalance and thus fail to usher in optimal balance then this not only for themselves but for the entire shall prove to be very dangerous.

In order to look after various realms many corporations have been set up the world over. In the initial stages these corporations were limited to agriculture only. But slowly their realm started expanding further and further. Now their eyes are focused on animal breeding and husbandry.

Animals are beings different from man. They have their own nature and emotions. But we humans reeking with greed for wealth yearn to gain victory over animals also and by forcing them to lead very unnatural lives fatten our pockets at their expense. In the name of animal breeding these corporations today have imbibed this very methodology. By locking up cows, pigs, hen etc in very suffocating sheds keeping them in an unnatural way and by administering unnatural food to them increasing production of milk, flesh and eggs is but the aim of these corporations. Instead of animal breeding they must be aptly labeled ‘industrialized agriculture’. If we note from the health standpoint this method inflicts nothing but harm on animals. In this so called animal breeding when one animal becomes diseased all others too become severely ill. As a result, from the very commencement, by rendering these alive by administering medicines and injections man forces them to lead artificial lives in a helpless manner.    

In the year 1910 in China’s 1 square mile rural area resided 1783 people, 212 horses-asses and 400 pigs whereas in a similar area in America at that time merely 61 people, 30 horses and asses resided. In contemporary times an area of 40 acres was not thought enough for living comfortably by merely one family in America whereas in such a big farm in China 240 people, 24 asses and 24 pigs dwelt. In those days price of silk in China was equivalent to the price of 1crop harvest of wheat in USA.

Forcing beasts-birds to dwell unnaturally in order to render them more beneficial for man their chemical augmenting or blind killings is such akin to accruing immediate benefits that later reap n fold more harm later. America and other countries have done exactly this. In excess fervor they rendered their land abominable. People lost good health and the way in which birds-beasts grew in a natural manner and thus rendered production apt, in it many obstacles set in.







In the past 2 centuries modern material science has advanced in a sequential manner. Especially in the last 50 years regarding unearthing hidden mysteries of nature science has attained mind boggling success. In this zest those steps taken by scientists, politicians and economists in tandem with each other were looked upon as very zest augmenting in the initial stages and was believed that on this basis new doors of development are being opened. But since to this was not conjoined farsighted discrimination such errors of this progress is staring at us from which it appears that in the direction of usage of these scientific attainments a very deadly mistake has been made. Else why would so many hazards appear within a short time span whose solution is way beyond our ken? The 1st step of modern science headed in the direction of industrialization. While manufacturing materials with minimal expenses, in more measure and with greater cleanliness it was thought that the layman would avail material comforts and facilities at very cheap rates and that the manufacturers would reap much more financial benefits. In those days this belief was accepted virtually by all. Zest too was at its pinnacle. Wealth was invested with open palms. Production of goods was very clean and beautiful as was believed. Yet, since hasty steps were taken new problem without any delay cropped up. Problems are such that their solutions are eluding us and it appears that when such tasks were commenced no thought was given to what far off future problems could crop up because of them. A few workers operating very huge machines in factories produce large amounts of goods. Its result was that in those productions where laborers in large numbers were required, were now making use of very few laborers. As a result joblessness augmented in a big way and people sitting idle now commenced behaving in unruly criminal manner. Campaigns and crimes increased at a furious pace and thus public peace was now a thing of the past.

Large machinery and technology without thinking about how much its country can sell these products manufactured good much more in number than required. Thus in order to sell these goods shops, malls etc were required to set up. For this end a new type of financial colonialism cropped up. Political colonialism weakened because of competition between powerful people but in its place a new financial colonialism came into being. For this, cold war was taken recourse to and artificial lack was created. As a result the natural peace and happiness of all nations experienced major hurdles.

Garbage emitted by large factories became a big problem. Some of it was thrown away into rivers, some flew away high in air and some of it landed on the ground. Since this garbage reeks with toxicity hence river, stream etc waters started becoming quite poisonous. Venom started mixing with air we all inhale and trees got cut up for fuel, making furniture etc. At first trees were chopped off in order to build boats, ships etc for water based transportation.

How much excess harm is being inflicted by this poison can be gauged by the agony faced due to increasing cases of illnesses and excess expenses required to get these diseases cured.

Bigger machines demanded larger measure of fuel resources. For this mineral oil and coal were used. The vault of such fuel resources lies underground in limited measure. Statisticians say that the extent to which these fuels are being used up if this similar pace continues thus then within the next 50 years oil and coal vaults shall get totally depleted. For generating electricity also fuel is required. Without it electricity cannot be generated. The same hazard is conjoined to nuclear reactors. Chemicals like uranium and plutonium also are found in very tiny measure. Hence nuclear reactors also cannot do the needful for a longer time span. Nuclear wastes emitted by reactors are even more terror invoking. The question of where to dispose of nuclear wastes has yet not been decided.

In the past 50 years 2 world wars were waged. The ‘auspicious hour’ for the 3rd war yet is eluding us. Amongst causes of these wars chiefly is the cause involving more land/space required to sell excess manufactured goods. Those nations that manufacture war technology based materials their sales can be made only when wars are waged. Else these factories shall have to shut down. Capital invested in it shall get locked in vain and joblessness shall spread everywhere. Hence wars may take place using atom bombs or chemical warfare weapons yet they have become a dire need of contemporary times.

The one and only cause of so many such problems is that step taken by modern science wherein it was decided to operate very gigantic machine technology. They are like that proverbial snake and mole that cannot be gulped down fully, nor can it be vomited out.

Science has incited world political leaders that they by making very little effort they can rule over the entire world. In the preparation of war the public has to pay huge amount of tax. The result of this is that inflation rate is increasing and the life of middle class people is becoming torturous. Apart from this what shall happen to the mountains of weapons amassed by so many countries? They certainly cannot be used for eating, dressing etc. This production is used only for mass murder and its agony has to be faced more by those who somehow survive yet are rendered physically and mentally disturbed than those who die.

Lest science had taken correct steps, lest it had not designed gigantic machines, definitely no problem mentioned above that gave anguish would have cropped up. Rubbish thrown into river water finally has to be drunk by humans only. Where on the one hand toxic gas enters the body via inhalation there the sequence of acidic rains has rolled in. food grains growing with its help shall definitely become toxic. Very potent poison leads to death within a few hours but illnesses augmenting due to toxicity in food, air and water leads man towards premature death in a writhing anguished manner. Maybe steps of modern science marching ahead increases the richness of those who are rich yet for the laymen it means only accruing pain only.

The rising science set up one more intellectual and emotional danger. Consciousness according to it is the creation of inertness. As a result ethical idealism has no value in it. Atheism upholds the theory of ‘eat butter by incurring debt’. Where science encourages flesh eating, there by showing social-ethical don’ts as futile, incites mankind to give sense pleasures and selfish comforts predominance. Under such situations self sacrifice, renunciation, generosity, good merits, spirituality etc have just no value. When man is termed a mobile tree-plant then in order to benefit or inflict loss on one another mathematical laws only shall work. When a very old bull or a goat that is of no use anymore can be sent to the slaughterhouse, why would anyone hesitate even a wee bit in sending old people, ill people, physically-mentally challenged people etc to the jaws of death? Amongst birds-beast the only relationship is that of male-female. Man is counted in the class of trees, plants, birds etc and hence relationships like mother-daughter, brother-sister, father-son etc have no meaning at all. Human behavior and activities are definitely heading in this direction. Within homes, streets, families, neighborhood etc the flow of adultery and un-chastity is intensifying. Marriages are becoming big time businesses and barters. In smaller classes money is demanded from girls. If these newly married girls do not give it or give less they are burnt, banished from their in laws house etc and these incidences are on an alarming rise. In an indirect manner this is but the dire reaction of materialistic thinking. Kidnapping children and then when ransom demanded is not paid they are killed are incidences that no more are rare. Some years back dacoits-looters would not harm women and children but beliefs of heaven-hell, good merit-sin soul-God etc has been destroyed by materialistic philosophy. Hence what difference now remains whether man is eaten up or a fish is eaten up? In the name of citizenship and social arrangement man’s beastliness cannot be suppressed. For this there is a dire need of philosophic steadfastness. When science’s intellectual leaps ended it no strong basis was left to render humans self controlled and good will in behavior. When the very roots of sacred idealism have been cut asunder then nothing shall accrue from beating drums of superficial show.

In the economic front joblessness, illnesses, poverty, toxicity and in future due to emptying of fuel resources the downfall of this so called development is but the ‘boon’ of modern science handed over to us humans. Even the ‘credit’ of hanging the naked sword of the fear of a 3rd world war on the neck of the world goes to these nuclear weapons which is said to be the biggest attainment of modern science. The cause of blind over population and expansion of cities since people from rural areas rush there is also due to scientific progress. It is science that has made thousands of people millionaires and billionaires and yet it is also true that many more than these perforce eat dry bread only. Number of doctors has increased phenomenally. Yet in ratio to their number the number of patients have augmented manifold. No doubt people are alive, yet they can be termed only ‘living’ corpses.

When on the basis of ethics religion and spirituality remained in vogue at that time the waters of the dam did not rush outwards so as to submerge lush green crop harvest in its flooding waters. Intellectualism is the philosophy of this New Age. In other words it can be called the philosophy of modern science. In it the logic of amassing material comforts predominates. The result was that we cranes devouring fish entered the sect of sheep that tear apart its own kin and dogs that gain freedom to behave sexually lewd in our own families in an illicit manner. We are wealth predominant and we desire nothing apart from sensuality and material comforts. When these yearnings are aspired for we ignore social duties. When science labels mankind walking-talking plants why not agree with them? When from the dais of modern science it is proclaimed that religion is like a narcotic drug and faith in God is blind why oppose this belief?

Although mankind is agitated by these curses yet it has no will to remain alive. Hence he took recourse to various forms of intoxicants. Children, aged people, men-women etc are all consuming these intoxicants got by hook or by crook. The fashion of tobacco and tea is now very outdated. Now the middle class consumes alcohol and richer class takes recourse to drugs like heroin, cocaine etc. To the extent they are immersed in its inebriation they forget their sorrow else the curse of science would have eaten them up from all directions after wringing them dry.












For the security of bodily and mental good health where on the one hand it is most required that we get saved from dirt from undesirable food and resting habits and also disease inducing germs, it is also most required that we get protection from excess noise and chaos. This precept has been known in India right since ancient eras. Imbibing an apt viewpoint for a peaceful mental state was emphasized a lot by our revered ancestors and along with this they would also say that for a well evolved life a calm peaceful environment is a must.

In ancient times big cities never came into being. Even a few stray ones found were populated very meagerly and wide open spaces devoid of any pollution existed. Constructing houses almost touching each other or constructing buildings having many floors was never thought artistic nor joy bestowing. Very much akin to food, water and clothing clean pure air for breathing, exposure to lots of sunlight and a calm peaceful environment was said to be most essential. This belief prevailed because the initial need of rendering bodily and mental health good and sound must first get fulfilled. Wealth, grandeur, pomp, fame, high social status, sense pleasures etc are very much secondary. Lest the body and mind remained diseased, how can the weak body attain other successes and attainments? Even if they are attained somehow how is it possible to use and render them well protected? A healthy and talented person with even limited financial and other means can remain happy whereas for a weak and diseased person despite possessing untold wealth shall experience the latter to be useless, pain inflicting and a heavy burden.

These days so called high IQ, sensuality, scientific advancement, civilization increase and access to untold measure of wealth has increased big cities prolifically. By and by in the past 10 years in India population of cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kanpur, Ahmadabad etc has doubled and further increase is going on at a swift pace. In densely populated areas there high rise buildings touching the sky are being constructed. Thus air and sun light availability is simultaneously decreasing a lot. More than half such high rise buildings are such where sunlight virtually never enters. Hence how can they even think of accessing clean pure air to breathe? Electrical tube lights and fans represent Sun God and Wind God. Over and above this, chaotic noisiness which in comparison to lack of pure air and sunlight, instead of being less is much more fearful to face.

Urban civilization and activities of living in big cities is proving to be deadly for the very life of the poor and middle class. Rich people oozing with various material means can protect themselves to a great extent. Yet for the poor class these glittering big metro cities are in a certain sense hell meant for dying in a rotting manner. Youth of the newer generation allured by this superficial glitter rush from villages to cities in order to do odd jobs or small time business and thus ignore their peaceful straightforward rural life. Hence what else can this inner attitude called, apart from ill fate?

Noise increasing daily in cities slowly from the bodily and mental health standpoint is becoming nothing but a curse. The measure of noisy chaos is increasing day by day due to factories, fast moving vehicles, loudspeakers, trains, conversations etc and is said to be a major cause of various illness attacks.

Sound is measured as bell. The 10th part of bell is called decibel. In space noise of 25 decibels is enough for human beings. If this measure increases hazards can roll in. if this noise increases to between 120-130 decibels then a person’s hearing capacity gets lost for a certain time span.

Russia’s sound scientist Vladimir Chadnov says that some time back on roads of big cities the noise levels did not exceed 60 decibels but today it averages 100 decibels. At night too this noise never goes below 72 decibels. For normal sleep noise should not exceed more than 25-30 decibels. By residing in areas where it is very noisy its inciting nature slowly harms the nervous system. As a result the balance of the muscular system, blood veins, heart, brain etc goes awry and thus in these chief organs so many types of diseases set in.

Austria’s sound specialist Dr Griffith after surveying the health status of big cities found that 30% people residing there turn old and aged very prematurely. The average age of these residents decreases by 8 years. The reason why premature deaths take place here is that urban areas are very noisy and chaotic. The strength of laborers here decreases by about 40%. They always remain tired and in comparison to an ordinary healthy person they can do only 60% work. As per experience gained and more and more practice errors in tasks executed by them instead of decreasing keep increasing and older experienced laborers make more mistakes. This does not happen purposely but that it is due to muscular weakening created by excess noise exposure.

In America technological advancement is the most. Over there amongst 4,500,000 factory workers the ears of 1,000,000 have been badly affected. A report in England regarding a survey on big cities says that 1/3rd women and 1/4th men have been afflicted by semi mental retardation. The mental asylums in industrialized areas of France tell us that behind every 5 one insane person entered this asylum due to incitement by excess noise exposure. When people who fail to get sound sleep drive fast cars the number of road accidents rise upwards very sharply.

Recently in an article in Science Digest it was said that in Canada’s Montreal University the influence of noise was tested on rats. Being exposed to noise the muscular system of these rats were affected badly. Researchers opine that due to such an agitated environment humans can be afflicted by arthritis, kidney ailments, heart beat distortions etc. Dr Samuel Rogen treating patients affected by intense noise says that we can forgive noise yet noise never forgives us. When we contact excess noise we have to bear various types of losses.

Rogen a sound science expert regarding research on this subject traveled to Sudan too and resided amongst such tribal of the ‘Mavan’ tribe who had no attraction for any type of music and were used to dwelling in a very calm serene environment. Not one amongst these tribes was ever afflicted by blood pressure, heart diseases, lack of sleep etc. In Russia 85 year old senior citizens’ hearing capacity was so potent that it was equivalent to the hearing capacity of 65 year old American residents. The cause of this is less-more noise noted in the environment. From the experiments of Dr Rogen babies of rats exposed to a lot of noise were born with immature body growth and were mentally agitated. 80% of the rats were victims of nerve distortions.

Today, the world over, more than 200,000,000 vehicles run on roads. Britain’s economist Barbara Ward says that the true residents of cities are these cars and are as fear instilling as nuclear bombs. The difference only being that bombs can kill you or render you handicapped immediately whereas cars kill you like slow poison.

Air planes contribute chiefly in increasing such hazards. Due to sound waves emitted by America’s Super Sonic Jet the walls of some very ancient caves of Canyon showed up huge cracks. The sound waves of these jets affect regions up to 50 mile area. The effect is quite similar to reactions of lightning landing on earth. The sound waves of the Concord Jet jointly designed by Britain and France dangerously affected London’s Saint Paul Church and Parliament Building and hence their flights were stopped. Scientists had warned that in roads of these areas on both sides up to 100 miles the life of heart patients is at peril. Regarding augmenting of danger due to increasing noise time and again other specialists too have been issuing warnings. Dr Wrn Nudson a scientific officer of California University says: The rate at which noise is increasing in the sky if it continues thus then in a short time phase amongst causes of communicable contagious diseases a newer cause shall be excess noise exposure. Akin to toxic air inhaled it shall prove to be murderous. Dr Gerald Dorman of the Medical Association of America has warned us that similar to poisonous gases noise is rendering our environment poisonous. Due to its influence water, air, plants, soil and creatures can get destroyed. A microbiologist and Nobel Prize winner Dr Robert Croche said: In future times we shall have to fight a major enemy of good health viz. noise pollution. Without gaining victory over it human life can become perilous. Dr Ross Yuan, Dr Marks Johnson, Dr Lister Sontang etc scientists have issued similar warnings. A researcher of Memphis University James Flugarth has gone to the extent saying that the present rate of noise increase shall create such a generation of deaf people that within the young age of 30 years they shall lose half their normal hearing capacity.

A voice is certainly being raised against this increasing noise pollution by an awakened class of world society. In USA at the public level campaigns were set up for this. The leader of New York’s Campaign against Noise Pollution Mr. Alex Warren says: If total information is attained regarding harm faced by the public due to noise pollution it shall put that very type of pressure on the govt. akin to that put on them when very dire hazards are faced.

No doubt world govt. are aware of this hazard and in order get protection from it they are preparing to design some apparatus and putting some govt. controls and bans also. In some countries it has actually been put into operation. In some many countries at the lay public level campaigns regarding this have been set rolling and to a certain extent it has succeeded in putting controls on those responsible for noise pollution and also educating the masses regarding noise based hazards.

At the govt. level for controlling noise emission in the public arena due efforts must be made. But along with this at the individual level regarding this focus must be given. We must go ahead by realizing that in the name of industrialized progress in future also factories being set up in a blind rush shall only increase in number. Along with material prosperity number of cars, trains, planes etc shall only augment hectically. Small cars shall definitely get designed. It is inferred that the moment small sized vehicles are made the number of vehicles shall increase prolifically. Say when shall movie houses, loudspeakers etc diminish their activities? World population is continuing to increase day by day. As a result factories along with transportation shall only increase. Now, this result henceforth, shall stare at us only as more and more chaotic noise increase and today’s big cities shall tomorrow emerge as gigantic hazards, from the health standpoint.

Keeping such situations in mind we must think of inhabiting more in villages and less in urban areas. It is certainly not wise and not farsighted on our part that in the mad rush for eking out more wealth and allurement for urban glittering life we lose both good bodily and sound mental health.

In ancient times this hazard was understood very clearly hence in those eras education and research centers, medical institutes, centers for spiritual practices etc were set up in far off rural areas full of peaceful solitude and oozing with forest lush greenery. In such an environment devoid of chaotic noise a peaceful, balanced, healthy, happy and beautiful life could be led. Thus in today’s modern times too we must all follow this path for our own material and spiritual well being.








Sound energy has extraordinary importance. On the basis of this very energy Mantra Science’s world got created. By advancing this science, Rishi era’s great men bestowed super knowledge’s infinite storehouse to the entire world. In the deep cave of subtle nature sound only is said to be active whose vibrations create a sequence of energy waves. Scriptural authors and spiritual seekers showcased the weight age of Mantras in a very widespread manner. Via Mantras not only can bodily dirt get warded off but that awakening of latent mental powers and infinite energy of the soul too can be advanced greatly. Today modern science has helped world humanity to attain all those material means/facilities due to industrialization reaching pinnacles on getting which man can think him to be very fortunate. Yet this aspiration for quick development in the final analysis has proved to be harmful only. Misuse of sound and its pollution in the form of high decibel chaotic noise is today’s curse faced by man that has been a ‘gift’ of modern science. Thus it is very important that this be described along with progress that reaps untold material grandeur. This lack of farsighted vision which can be termed unethical behavior has drawn very much closer to insanity.

As per one survey in America’s mental asylums the number of those lunatics is more who were workers in industrialized units previously and due to exposure to sound emitted by huge machinery there lost their mental equanimity. Chaotic noise in reality is a highly distorted form of sound energy. Its sanctified form is Mantra Energy, soulful music etc that induces blissful effects on one’s bodily and mental health. Noisy sound induces manifestation of those sound waves in the atmosphere that on analyzing with the help of Oscilloscopes appear very unequal and ugly whereas soulful musical tones emit sound waves that are uniformly streamlined and full of parity. Noise breaks up the wholesome sequence of one’s thinking process whereas sweet soulful music helps man relax, become mentally focused and immersed in pious zeal.

Fifteen years previously Nobel Prize winner the microbiologist Robert Cork had predicted that: One day shall come in future wherein man shall perforce have to fight with his arch enemy viz. chaotic noise. Truly this time has already manifested today as per Cork’s prophecy.

In scientific terminology in the increase-decrease in the space between air and material’s atom creates sound. If the average distance between atoms is less is called virlen. The pair of these 2 is called sound duo. When this sound increases or decreases, noise gets emitted. The widespread unit of noise or sound is called decibel. On the basis of this measure void is that level of sound intensity from where can start hearing sound. The sound of tree leaves creates noise of 40 decibels. When we converse on the telephone/mobile noise of 70 decibels and in ordinary conversation 40 decibels is created. Due to plying of heavy vehicles on roads 80 decibels and due to rolling sound of train wheels 90 decibel noise gets emitted. From strikes/processions 100 decibels and from factory machines 120 decibels noise gets emitted. Due to jet plane flying in air 150 decibels and at the time of explosion when rockets are released 170 decibel noise gets emitted.

It is known that human ears have the capacity to hear sound up to 80-85 decibel levels only. Anything above this proves dangerous for our hearing capacity. From the above figures regarding noise it is clear that today we are residing in such an atmosphere wherein not only bodily but that mental health too gets badly affected.

Today supersonic transportation has rendered planet earth a global village wherein within merely few hours one can travel from one end to the other end of the globe. Everyone must gauge as to what price the world pays by saving time in this manner. The supersonic sound of speedy jets in air harms the protective ozone layer. It is hence that heinous UV light rays are entering earth in larger measure. Ordinarily these rays that harm creatures’ body is obstructed from entering earth by the ozone layer. Right from skin cancer to genetic diseases manifest due to these toxic radiations and as per medical healing theory these diseases predominate in a major way.

The cause of such noisiness is not merely these air planes but that fast moving cars running on roads and factories set up in large numbers in metro cities too are major contributors. By forgetting peaceful rural lifestyle people rush in hordes to big cities. The size of cities is enlarging day after day and this very environment is ensnaring Indian villages too in its alluring net.

Steps taken forward merely for accruing immediate benefits, at just about any cost prove to be heinous in the long run. As proof of this we can see modern contemporary humans selfish and sensual in personal lives and hard hearted and criminal in social living. Yet we see virtually no one trying to find solutions for warding off pollution created problems and that no one is even interested in raising a voice against these obvious hazards faced.

The direct influence of noise falls on organs of the body controlled by vibratory nervous system. Thus in these organs tension augments. Right from high blood pressure ailments to blood clotting take place due to influence of noise. The measure of hormones secreted by endocrine glands becomes imbalanced due to excess noise and thus bodily and mental illnesses crop up. Due to noise based influence many abnormal changes take place in the brain electrical waves. From one experiment American scientists drew one conclusion that the dire effect of intense sound of more than 120 decibels badly affects the health of a pregnant woman and growth of the baby in the womb. Due to exposure to 85 decibel noise a person becomes angry and at 140 decibels one’s hearing capacity decreases a fair bit. When tiny creatures are exposed to more than 175 decibel noise levels during experiments they die. Since man’s eardrums tear apart he becomes deaf at such high decibels. In cities the hearing capacity of majority of people beyond 50 years in age becomes quite less whereas in South Africa even today majority of people dwelling far away from noise pollution can converse with each other without talking very loudly despite a big distance being between them.

New York’s Dr Samuel Rogen says that: Due to effects of noise pollution reported in urban areas eye balls start expanding, the skin turns yellow, the intestines get twisted and mucous starts shedding its membrane. After an experiment was conducted in France it was witnessed that when a 20% decrease was brought about in the noise of various offices 9% extra work could be done by workers there.

Today the rate at which diagnosis and therapy based facilities have increased at that same rate bodily and mental ill health too has increased. Just as a student using fees for studies to buy tickets for cheap entertainment no doubt may become happy on an immediate basis yet in future in return for this he loses 1 precious year of studies in school-college. Thus this student renders his future very gloomy. The same holds true today’s highly developed brain talent and modern science. From the standpoint of increasing material comforts we took such steps that on creating chaotic noise proved to be heinous as time wore by. Due to this lack of farsighted vision nature punished us by inflicting mental agitation, deafness, and bad health. Lest well in advance we do not become alert then a tiny measure of not paying heed may lead to the dire result of the entire human community getting destroyed.

The father of our nation (India) Mahatma Gandhi had always believed our villages as symbols of India. He had laid great stress on small cottage industries. Lest we too had given more importance to rural way of lifestyle, lest we had disallowed industries and housing from becoming very large in size and number we certainly would not have to face today’s tainted results of pollution. Development should be more at the village life level and industrialization must be decentralized so that we get liberated from tainted effects perceived on our bodily and mental health.

It is hence that we use our brain for the very wholesome beneficial aspect of sound. A balanced farsighted complete policy says that science’s utility value should not turn into a curse for all of us. Those who feel wealth is the be all and end all for life certainly can reside in big cities but those who prefer all round wholesome benefits of life must dwell in regions very close to Mother Nature. Thus everywhere bliss and zest shall spread out. Well before life’s priceless value gets hit badly we must make arrangements to protect it. Lest today itself we desire to render mankind’s future life peaceful and happy and that we wish to save the world from enduring the fear of a chaotic society then arrangements must definitely be made to protect the environment from become very noisy. The advancement of human civilization and culture is very much dependent on farsighted, magnanimous and highly wise people. Lest these very people themselves do not imbibe caution then world destruction is definite. In order to render nature beautiful and environment serene any amount of efforts made can be said to be less.
























Large scale industries were set up far and wide from this standpoint that via self propelling technology good quality and cheap goods can be manufactured. These were exported to foreign countries and thus rare foreign currency of great value was generated. Via this wealth required materials are demanded and thus the wheel of progress moves swiftly.

From one standpoint all this is correct yet along with it since other many obstacles and dire situations are conjoined they too are not such that they can be ignored. Earning with one hand and wasting it vainly with the other creates tiredness and despair only. Lest in comparison to production with the same effort more hazards manifest then this effort for so called development can only be called non farsighted and that those who take such important decisions shall definitely be faulted for their one-sided thinking.

In India big industries have been set up in cities. This trend commenced on aping western countries during the preliminary days of the industrial revolution. Under those situations only this was possible. From the viewpoint of means for transportation, electricity generation, water areas etc in those days, only big cities were apt for setting up industries. Further people immersed in magnifying industrial output along with the entire system resided there and within the measure of their reach they desired to make efforts in nearby regions so that industrial management could be rendered optimally sound.

In the past few centuries the trend of industrial growth commenced in leading nations like England, America, Germany, Japan and France. On noting their success other countries too followed in their footsteps and in their lands by setting up that kind of industrial casts took their step forward. India too is one amongst these. As far as following in others’ footsteps big industries were set up yet the circumstances of India were not as conducive for it as it was in western countries. There was only a tiny labor force. In rural areas there is no dearth of laborers. Hence for them it was imperative to set up factories with self propelling machines requiring very less human labor. Along with this for export there was a need of ports. Hence if they chose regions with such conduciveness for setting up industries then their decision in those days can be called apt only.

Yet the circumstances of India are different. 78% of India’s population resides in villages. Only 22% people dwell in urban areas. Since cities are centralized areas there urban facilities and development process is high in stature. Thus growth there continues at its own pace. The requirement was that in India focus should have been towards rural areas. On noting its poverty, illiteracy, joblessness and backward condition focus should have been on true India’s special circumstances and while setting up industries it should have been kept in mind that in the greed for amassing foreign exchange should have been given secondary spot and that in order to raise poor people in large chunks of regions in India well below the poverty line to a higher financial stature, the vision of setting up of industries in such rural areas should have been given prime importance.

India’s goods get exported to foreign countries and in return foreign exchange is amassed. In comparison to this decision this thinking is not bad that hungry Indian citizens get jobs. Their stature can be raised higher and that manufactured goods can fulfill their needs also. In the absence of foreign exchange life can go on somehow yet the fact that both hands of our citizens get jobs cannot be ignored. In India this verily should have been the policy of industrialization. There is no problem that we followed rich developed countries yet at least later this trend should have been changed wherein by inhabiting smaller towns there such small scale industries should have been set up whereby their produced goods would have been sold in those very areas. When manufactured goods are in excess there barter and trade with other regions has to be executed. Thus transportation arrangements have to be made and so many roads have to be constructed which would render rural areas less backward than they are today.

Thus urban population would not have augmented as it has today and since means for housing, cleaning etc are not available as much as is the demand for them many distortions are cropping up like enduring hardships, losing good bodily-mental health etc. Since there is hope of getting jobs in areas oozing with big industries jobless people of rural areas run to big cities which is quite natural. Wherever industries augment there, jobs shall be easy to get. In this tension the population of highly industrialized metro cities increased so prolifically wherein instead of aiding in that region’s development so many types of dangerous situations cropped up that today it is very difficult to ward them off.

In comparison to other world regions in India’s environment the measure of oxygen predominates. Due to excess air life force and thinking process of Indians is said to be great. It is because of life force that a time existed in ancient world history wherein India was considered the Guru of the world. Scientists based on sound proof have proved that since oxygen and methane is much more in India therefore life on planet earth commenced in India. Excess oxygen proves that life commenced here. Herpin emitted by plants gives us a hint that life’s commencement took place in jungles and not in dry deserts.

But today India’s environment that previously oozed with oxygen is getting toxic day by day and in the near future such an atmosphere is getting created that shall prove to be agony giving.

Recently Indian scientists at an Indian Science Conference unfolded this fact that science and industrialization influences the environment a great deal. Dr AK Chaudhary said that research studies point out to the fact that the partial cause of males losing their fertility capacity is abnormal changes created in human cells via toxic chemicals. In trees plants growing on roadsides enough lead content can be found. This is very bad for our health. Nitrate found in high measure in vegetables disintegrate in the stomach and on taking the form of chemical derivatives create cancer. Those chemicals used to protect food on boiling get disintegrated so as to become poisonous.

Kolkata’s Dr Vanigajra has said regarding harm manifesting due to DDT and other chemicals that greasiness used in food in it DDT used proves very heinous. Its dire effect can be seen on cells.

According to leading scientists that due to industrial pollution River Ganges etc are becoming toxic. Those factories that manufacture alcohol render toxic nearby well waters too.

Plant scientists say that by growing trees that are undesirable a dangerous effect is noted on public health lest this trend continues thus. Due to pollens of plants the atmosphere turns poisonous and allergy based illnesses crop up. Recently so many diseases have come to light that are creations of allergy towards fragrance of plants, flowers, pollen etc. Scientists say that at its root also is terrestrial based chemical pollution.

The rate at which world population is increasing in comparison n fold more is the problem of environmental pollution. It has augmenting in all countries akin to the widening of the mouth of the mythological ogress Sursa. Mankind with the aid of his brain, wealth and skill has set up many factories wherein no doubt benefits accrued yet human culture and civilization alongside also became diseased.

In many big cities of India air pollution has crossed much higher than the danger line demarcated for it. As per a survey conducted by Nagpur’s Central public health engineering institute in New Delhi’s atmosphere the measure of sulfur dioxide is 0.223 microgram per square meter and in Kolkata it is 0.71 microgram. It must be noted that under no circumstances should its measure exceed 0.1 microgram. In highly developed and industrialized areas in a leading country like USA its measure is 0.1 microgram, in Soviet Union and West Germany it is 0.05 microgram.

In the year 1971 the measure of dust emerging from powerhouses and factories in New Delhi was 811 ton per sq mile and in Kolkata it was 590 ton per sq mile whereas in European nations this measure of dust was 150-200 ton per sq mile. This is that reason why people dwelling in industrialized cities get afflicted by ailments pertaining to breathing, respiratory system/lungs and throat allergies. In industrialized cities this dust is most heinous for our eyes, lungs and skin. Regarding this an experimental study program was conducted by Dr VP Sinha and Dr S Pande of Maulana Azad Medical College. They induced a dog each day to inhale diesel smoke for 15 minutes continuously. The result was that after a few weeks in its eyes and lungs deep wounds were seen and in the 6th week the dog died. Similarly another dog was induced each day to inhale kerosene smoke each day for 15 minutes continuously. The same symptoms were noted in this dog too and in the 10th week the dog died.

Air pollution resulting due to burning of coal and mineral oil is engulfing oxygen in itself. In a study by the Indian Weather Science Department it is said that right since 1910 till today in the oxygen of the atmosphere 0.005% decrease has been noted. Along with this since 1900 till today carbon dioxide levels have increased by 13%. Decrease of oxygen and carbon dioxide augmenting has led to an increase of the temperature of our planet earth by 1.5 degree Centigrade.

Dust and smoke emitted by industrial manufacturing, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons etc have rendered the world environment so toxic that not only living beings but inert materials too are badly affected. Where these poisonous gases kill human beings there crop harvest too dies due to its influence, cloth fibers weaken and lose color, leather and paper turn fragile, rubber loses its elasticity and concrete and construction stones get inflicted by wear and tear prematurely. Due to the dire effects of these gases so many marble monuments in Europe have lost their incomparable beauty.

The bad effects of pollution are witnessed right from animal-birds to wood, stone, humans etc and since this acts like slow poison at a very slow pace, our eyes fails to detect it. When the entire artistic object gets destroyed only then we can infer as to what destroyed it.

From the sculpting standpoint the tombstone of Jaipur’s Sawai Madhosingh II (1699-1743) is considered superb. It is said that only after 300 sculptors in unison worked daily for 18 years ceaselessly that this grand tombstone was created. In it images of various coins, dancers, camels, elephants, processions during festivals and gods/goddesses and the graves of Jaipur’s royal family members too is included. But today due to attacks of pollution very much like symptoms noted in TB patients these too are withering away. Some experts opine that till the year 1957 pollution was not so clearly perceived since its intensity was low. At that time surrounding the grave dense trees, lawns of grass and flower pots were used as decoration. But in the year 1957 after it came under the state govt. protection no longer can one see dense trees, lawns of grass and flower pots etc. Jaipur’s population has today doubled and industries have increased greatly. Hence within a span of 300 years the influence of pollution can now be clearly witnessed on the tombs and marble monuments.

The chief cause of enhancing pollution in the atmosphere could be anything yet its tainted result has to be endured by one and all. From the standpoint of world farsighted discrimination the culprits shall definitely be those who set up large sized factories and industries even if while creating them their intentions were not bad. It could be that at that hour they failed to gauge manifestation of dire situations in future times. Hence keeping in mind their mental state and circumstances in those days we can say they are not to blame yet we shall perforce have to unearth ways to troubleshoot hazardous situations being faced the world over. Especially regarding this we Indians must definitely analyze our circumstances and well beforehand imbibe that caution that shall ward off these hazards.

























In order that human life is rendered truly successful and well advanced nature has given us varied means. On using these wholesomely sustaining life becomes easy but if these are misused hazards crop up in our lives. In present times environmental pollution is proving to be murderous.

Regarding chemical pollution a research organization of West Germany had informed us all that due to usage of pesticides like DDT no doubt germs die yet those 400 types of germs also die that are useful for crop growth. Amongst 270 natural herbs 14 of them have got destroyed due to its tainted effects. Today the world over about 350-1500 such toxic materials are being manufactured whose usage is proving to be pain bestowing.

Lead enters our body via the mouth and breathing process. Lead entering the body via inhalation of air enters blood vessels directly as a result of which the number of immaturely grown children is increasing. Stomach ache in children, complaints of nausea and increase in bodily toxicity kidneys and muscles get badly affected. Finally they become victims of diseases like encephalitis. In adults, stomach pain, constipation, lack of mental focus, memory power diminishing, lack of sound sleep, stress, agitation, tension and other such tainted effects have been reported. According to the Russian expert-Koba Poteria increasing cases of heart attacks too is the result of lead poisoning.

Air pollution is no less deadly. Due to imbalance setting in the ratio of gases present in the environment this sort of hazard creeps up. Its effect is seen as various types of tainted results. For example the measure of carbon dioxide in air is 0.32%. Due to its excess measure sunlight and radiations in it do not reach planet earth and earth’s heat cannot be sent to outer space. Thus earth’s temperature increases. In the next 10 years there is a fear of earth’s temperature increasing by 4 degrees Farenheight. Carbon monoxide is no less harmful. Excess amount of it renders human blood hemoglobin levels lesser in measure and thus less oxygen enters the human body. The result of this is that chronic diseases like bodily-mental laxness, breathing and muscular ailments. Similarly increasing levels of sulfur dioxide in air renders the respiratory system agitated and nitrous oxide in air apart from creating blood diseases manifests influenza in little children.

As per one survey USA alone each year by throwing into air 147,000,000 ton carbon monoxide, 20,500,000 ton dust particles and 30,400,000 ton hydrocarbon plays a chief role in creating air pollution in a manifold manner. Japan also does not lag behind in this. Recently in the east of Vy Shu Island in the Minamata bay due to pollution spread out by factories constructed there a terrible epidemic spread out. The chief cause of this was mercury content increasing a lot in the body. In the initial stages of this illness the bodily parts and lips turn numb. After a few days capacity of acts like touch, speech and hearing start diminishing. The patient’s eye sight gets lost and finally they die. So far no method of curing this has been unfolded by medical experts. There are so many such factories that spew venom and let its loose in the atmosphere. Say do not scientists know a way in which to sanctify and clean up the air we breathe? Scientists have no clue regarding this. To an extent nature via trees-plants can help in detoxifying the atmosphere but human vile intellect by destroying nature has rendered it lame.

India too does not lag far behind with reference to the above. Over here each year in order to dry 320,000 tobacco leaves fuel from trees chopped growing in an area of 1,286,000 acres is used up. In India each day 100,000,000 cigarettes and 440,000,000 bidis are manufactured. In readying and drying tobacco of 10,000 cigarettes 100 ton wood is required. Thus on noting toxicity and sales agricultural scientists have warned countries like India, Pakistan, China, Western Asia, USA, Canada etc that within 5 years 1/3rd of their land from the agricultural standpoint shall be rendered barren and dry. They opine that each year 4% of Europe, France’s 10,000,000 acre land and the world’s 30 thousand acre land area is getting converted to dry deserts. All this is human made toxicity’s dire effect.

From the standpoint of unveiling the reason behind decreasing of human physical and mental capacity Dr Hawkins conducted an experiment. For this he chose those offices where workers complained of headaches and physical tiring after executing merely miniscule amount of work only. In it he set up an ionization machine and conducted studies there for 3 months. Finally he concluded that those workers who could do very less work they too in the form of a shift started working for 24 hours and that their zest and vim remained good throughout. Dr Hawkins feels that only cosmic radiations can convert gases into ions but due to environmental pollution a big layer of toxic gases has covered the atmosphere like an umbrella. The result of this is that these cosmic radiations reach earth in very less measure and thus very little amount of gases get converted to ions. By enumerating the cause of headaches and physical tiring he says that due to decrease in levels of negative ions man gets afflicted by other ailments too like asthma, fever and other respiratory diseases.

Thus if these types of air pollution are not overcome then after very few number of years itself it shall be very difficult for man to breathe and remain alive.







Today human activities are such that for mere immediate gains is hell bent on tampering with the environment and nature at just about any cost. Each year humans are filling up the environment varied principles reeking with toxicity in alarming measure. Air, water, soil etc are now brimming with poisonous materials. Where on the one hand smoke levels increasing in the atmosphere is harming human health there at the other end nature’s balance is going haywire. With the aim of immediate benefits man tampers with nature and thus it is creating fearful hazards the world over.

According to survey experts industrial units lead from the front in spreading pollution. In smoke emitted by chimneys such elements like radioactive materials, sulfur dioxide nitrous oxide get mixed that directly affect our health and thus varied bodily and mental ailments ensue. In comparison to poor and backward countries wealthy and developed countries lead in manufacturing such products. Each year USA alone emits 1608 million ton sulfur dioxide, 4 million ton nitrous oxide and 506 million ton other toxic principles into the atmosphere. In America the measure of pollution emitted by nuclear power plants is 10 times and in Britain 20 times. Similarly apart from toxicity coming out from industries a big measure of smoke is emitted into air by household cooking. Plants also rot away slowly and emit methane gas into the environment. It definitely affects public health.

Health experts who carry out research opine that the reaction of increasing poison in air recently stared at us in the form of bad effects on human health and plant life. Due to this dire effect both classes on getting afflicted with many types of diseases were rendered useless. Their life span decreased and a lot of decrease set in their working capacity.

It has been seen that industrial technology that let off smoke no doubt affect nearby surrounding areas more yet based on the flow of wind it affects places about 200 miles afar also. This bad effect is seen chiefly on lungs in comparison to other organs. Gases emitted by factories create diseases like coughing, asthma and breath-choking. Even bird groups dwelling on trees on inhaling this poison become sick. Along with rain water these gases land on the ground and its poisonous portion enters grass and other crops. Thus birds-beasts eating this toxic grass become ill. Those who drink their milk or devour their flesh get affected by their toxicity.

After serious research psychiatrists found that apart from inflicting harm on bodily organs, blood, flesh etc this pollution taints human thinking and character also. Thus whatever man thinks in it unethical thoughts etc predominate. The mind sets off to execute such actions such thoughts circulate in the brain which do not come under the category of ethics and sacred ideals. Via research studies it has been found that people affected by pollution desires to imbibe unethical behavior, vile actions, criminal activities and fraud crop up and they thus make such fraudulent schemes/plots for the same. Of course it is possible that since a proper opportunity or the daring to actually apply it is lacking the vile thought does not become actually operational. Such vile imaginations erupt in the psyche wherein if they are actually put into action terrible strife shall emerge and when the fraud is laid bare one faces imprisonment and social censure too.

Researchers have found that in those areas where pollution is in excess there agitation and strife erupt in hordes. People fight amongst themselves and communal enmity creates more fights. In these highly polluted areas cases of getting angry even if the cause is minor and people being hell bent on killing each other augment n fold. Strikes in factories, robbery and violence predominate in large numbers in such polluted regions. In these areas car accidents in a major way occur due to mental imbalance. In polluted areas cases of premature aging, despair, depression, sadness, high blood pressure etc that are known to be psycho somatic in nature manifest in hordes.

Thus it is best that for development purposes the latest modern technology be used only when most required and thus ban setting up of large technology machines that create immense pollution of all sorts. Manufacturing of goods in just the required measure can be executed even by decentralized cottage industries. This then is the only satisfactory solution to combat the super calamity called pollution.












Today the hot topic of discussion revolves around burning of fuel, smoke emitted by industries and factories and environmental pollution occurring due to various causes. By itself pollution emerging due to common reasons is taken care of by nature that de pollutes it yet in this cycle of purging an obstruction emerges that is humanly created. For this many causes are enumerated wherein 3 predominate. The 1st cause is that today in trains, cars and factories inflammable fuel is burnt like petrol, mobil oil, diesel oil and kerosene. Due to burning of this chemical based fuel many types of gases emerge which on mixing with the atmosphere renders the latter polluted.

The 2nd cause is that we use chemical admixtures. No doubt usage of medicines, chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc may give immediate benefits yet after using them it renders poisonous everything that it comes in contact with. This poison then pollutes the atmosphere manifold.

The 3rd big cause which is of utmost importance is population explosion. Carbon dioxide emitted by humans on exhaling and by nuclear reactors also and also upheavals created in the atmosphere due to nuclear testing renders the air greatly polluted. Along with these causes there are other causes too that pollute air. This problem has become so worrisome that for scientists a complex question shall remain to be answered that after a few years from where clean unpolluted air can be got for easy breathing.

It is not as though lack of pure clean air to inhale is the only harm faced. There are such types of harm due to air pollution that are slowly emerging now for all of us to witness. An example of a small dire reaction can be seen wherein today complaints of headaches are becoming quite common. If we put together all medicines sold for curing other health ailments the medicines sold for curing headaches exceeds the former by a huge margin. Scientific researchers while finding the causes of headache complaints conclude that it is but due to air pollution increasing day after day. Ordinarily we can understand that where each evening urban indwellers have to gulp pills to get relief from headaches there rural folks do not complain much of getting headaches because in cities throughout the day trucks, buses, cars etc emit toxic gases that taint oxygen in air. Thus each citizen does not get enough clean oxygen to inhale and instead poisonous air inhaled renders very stressed out the lungs, brain and other bodily parts. As per one scientist pollution badly effects the blood circulation system of every urban resident and in it the tiring muscle system manifests its pain as headaches.

It is not as though pollution takes place on land. Rivers, lakes, ponds and ocean waters too are becoming dirty and polluted day by day. Dirty oil emitted by ships etc, factory garbage thrown away into river waters and other forms of rubbish taints river and sea water terribly and those residing in metro cities look upon nearby rivers or sea waters as the ‘best’ place to throw away dirt in tons and tons. This dirt taints river water so badly that the water can no longer be used even for washing clothes. After flowing to a certain distance this dirt on mixing with water reaches nearby villages on shores and the villagers then perforce have to make use of these dirty waters.

The condition of sea water too is as shown above. Large industries set up in metro cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai etc on sea shores throw away their garbage in tons into the sea and other dirt of the city too follows suit. Thus man an indweller of the modern era fails to get clean air, water, food etc. Food too is made from polluted air and water and hence it is but our imagination that the food we eat is pure and not polluted in any way. Thus it is clear that the dire effect of this pollution is seen on our bodily and mental health.

Pollution tarnishes water and air in an abnormal manner. Weather scientists opine that these days serious abnormal changes noted in seasons and weather in it the major cause is pollution surrounding our environment. The lay public also experiences the weather to be unsteady and uncertain. One can never predict when it shall rain. In a certain definite manner we just cannot say when heat shall manifest or that when cold days shall commence. Sometimes in summer season rainfall takes place and sometimes monsoons appear like a hot dry summer. ‘Nature is definitely changing its cycle’-instead of saying this it is apt to say that uncalled for human tampering is forcing nature to change its normal smooth cycle of optimal functioning. 

Akin to uncertain rainfall soil’s fertility and in the sprouting consciousness of seeds serious damage is being noted. Sometimes locusts cause untold harm to crops. There were some common diseases that were combated easily via some methods. Yet today such newer diseases are emerging that although cannot be easily get noted visibly but as far as crop production is concerned it diminishes its measure a great deal. According to agricultural experts air pollution is affecting crop production in such a serious manner that till 2000 AD the problem of nourishing world’s entire population shall become very humungous. No doubt some success is reaped when chemical fertilizers and other techniques are used for increasing crop production yet in future they take a very terrible form. By inciting soil’s fertility capacity so as to bring it out shall create such dire reactions wherein this very soil fertility shall start diminishing in a big way.

When the environment of cities gets polluted to harbor hope that rural regions shall remain unpolluted is mere figment of our wild imagination. The environmental influence can be seen just about everywhere. For nuclear testing lonely and unpopulated places are chosen. Distortions emerging as a result of these tests there spread in other regions too very easily and today’s increasing industrialization trend is attracting rural population towards it. Rural folks at a hectic pace are leaving their villages so as to rush to cities and thus the very existence of villages is at peril. According to Mr. Strong the swiftness with which rural population is heading towards urban areas is becoming now a worldwide complex problem.

In order to render the wealth of water well secure and unpolluted it has been said that only when required should rubbish get thrown into it and whatever rubbish is thrown in ways to destroy it too must be unveiled. In this direction the 1st step that needs to be taken is that a strict control be placed on catching fish. It is worth remembering that fish life clean up water areas in which they reside. This is because microbes and rubbish is their food. There are such fish known to eat microbes not visible to the human eyes. Thus by increasing their numbers water pollution to a great extent can be obstructed from gaining momentum.

It has been suggested not to emit dirty waters of mills and factories into lakes and rivers. Suppose there is no option but to throw it into rivers etc then modern science by destroying its taints should render the waters minimally dirty. Time and again by testing waters of rivers and lakes one can alertly disallow its waters to reach levels that can inflict harm.

Trees-plants can be grown in hordes in order that they absorb tainted air present in the environment. Science students are well aware that trees-plants sustain on carbon dioxide air inhaled by them and just as humans exhale carbon dioxide in the atmosphere similarly trees-plants exhale oxygen. In ancient eras hermitages and religious institutions for meditation etc were built in forest areas because there oxygen levels are quite high and that focus of mind very conducive for deep meditation is easily attained there. Even today patients are advised medically to reside in natural unpolluted surroundings.

People say that increasing tree growth and protecting water creatures like microbes etc is not the only way to ward off environmental pollution. For this other solutions too must be searched for and that arrangements should be made for rendering our surroundings clean and pure. Till the time we reach the state of finding a solution to ward off pollution in our surroundings possible solutions must definitely be put in action.









Amongst bad qualities tediousness is no less. Paying no heed to profit-loss well in advance and not focusing on far off results that manifest in future is such a mental indolence as a result of which only immediate benefits are looked upon as the be all and end all of life. This means that we run madly after immediate gains even if it means that after a while we perforce have to endure terrible hardships.

For example we can see narcotic intake and yearning for intoxicants in great vogue everywhere. People thinking of getting immediate benefit of overcoming mental stress and agony via these fleeting stimulants they take recourse to alcohol, tobacco, hemp, cannabis, heroin etc. The destructive nature of this is felt only when the body and psyche become withered and hollow. Tuberculosis, cancer etc diseases start attacking our body. Since a lot of income is wasted in this family life goes haywire. When time passes by nothing but repentance comes our way. Initially it is man who devours intoxicants but later they by ‘drinking’ man render them like dry lemon peels since they get sucked up. Yet tediousness is but tediousness. It does not allow us to think of results of our actions. It does not allow us to realize the consequences to be endured in future. People are such that when tainted reactions reach nadirs fail to find a solution despite racking their brains.

Amongst such complex questions is that of environmental pollution. While keeping in mind to render pure purity and cleanliness of air, water and food man should not set up pollution emitting factories and cars that spew toxic smoke. Yet in this 20th century regarding this foolishness of highest class has been imbibed. Only more benefits for industrialists and facilities for rich prosperous people have been kept in mind but it has been conveniently forgotten that regarding this what effect shall be noted on the environment due to human excesses? At what rate shall pollution increase and what measure of toxicity shall fill up our bodies? High intensity venom immediately kills us hence we are well aware of its terrible nature. But just no one pays heed to how the effect of slow poison shall inflict the agony of illnesses on us and that how it decreases our life span by 50%?

It is oxygen present in air that is the main food of human beings. But it is engulfed quickly by demons emitted by smoke. Since poisonous carbon increases in air not only do humans become weak and withered but that nature’s balance too goes awry. Every creature inhaling air gets caught in difficulties. The balance of space too goes haywire. Due to increasing temperatures ice on Polar Regions melts and water that is useful for earth just rushes straight into the ocean. Soil’s fertility along with excess floods vainly flows away.

Due to lack of caution on man’s part a lot of rubbish is emitted by factories and apart from throwing it into rivers there is no other option. Water of toxic rivers, lakes etc create not only health hazards for those who consume it but that they can be killed too prematurely. While using energy resources and water humans exhibit their skills and superiority. As a result vault of water is rendered tiny and expenses being gigantic water scarcity problems take sky high proportions. When water below the ground is tapped much more than permissible levels the fount of underground water recedes lower and when more water is tapped with excess efforts only miniscule measure of clean water comes our way.

The 1st cause of food scarcity no doubt is more-less requirement of food production for a prolifically increasing world population. In addition people love to eat tasty food made of wheat, rice etc that not only uses up a lot of water and immense effort but that it takes one full year too while growing it. Instead of increasing food intake like that made from roots, vegetables etc crop production of sugar cane, tobacco etc is done majorly since it reaps lots of cash income for farmers. Under situations of less production and more consuming inflation increase is but natural. In the greed of producing more the trend of using chemical fertilizers is increasing day by day. As a result soil’s rich fertile nature and the nutritious levels of crop grown is fast diminishing. Population increase and zest emerging for wasteful use shall definitely destroy the roots of the principle capital and if not today then tomorrow we shall definitely have to face the hazard of food scarcity. Yet where does tediousness allow us to even mull over this fairly in advance? Before problems and crisis occur, that farsighted vision which aids in solving them soundly also is decreasing alarmingly.

Forests play a special role in rendering sound balance. In order to render nature aptly balanced 1/3rd of earth’s land must bloom with plants and trees so that they ceaselessly suck up venom in the environment. Yet regarding this only disaster ensued. Trees were chopped off for building constructions, furniture etc in such a manner that it’s most required number has more than halved. Forests are being chopped off and its land is used for housing and factory constructions. If this trend continues thus forest areas shall diminish much more and thus less rainfall shall pour down. Landslides will augment and deserts shall spread their wings in all directions. Along with destruction of lush green forest wealth fertility of soil and water storehouses shall deplete day by day. Thus since life’s chief units shall decrease in future days how difficult it shall be to remain alive, to imagine shall not be so difficult for a deep thinking person. Yet we insist on imbibing tediousness when it comes to think about tomorrow.

On its’ own, those who set things to fire must be told to bear losses ensuing from it and they, because of encouraging discrepancies must get punished. Yet the question remains regarding finding an immediate solution. Amongst these at least one aspect must be shouldered by the government. They must put strict controls on setting up of factories that spread pollution in excessive measure and must be forced to remain well within the line of control. Yet we cannot sit idle till this good opportunity is accessed. On keeping in mind public harm the duty of ordinary people also is to contribute like cogs in a wheel in obstructing this hardship.

If consumers so desire they can definitely put a stop as much as possible in their areas of influence. By decreasing population in big cities that are centers of pollution they must be encouraged to head towards small towns and villages. Villages must be rendered optimally developed and in it industries must be set up. Thus that rural population that madly rushes towards cities shall either stop doing so or shall return to villages from big cities. The result shall be that the increasing disparity in both realms and balance can be set up in the middle center.

Smokeless furnaces/cooking ranges and usage of solar power can fulfill high requirements of energy resources. In order that rain water does not get wasted small dams and lakes can be built. With this cheap way of water harvesting the goal of fulfilling needs of clean potable water and electricity can be successfully realized. In place of wood furniture and houses can be built using iron, cement gypsum and fiber glass. The more cottage industries replace big factories/industries the more pollution levels shall decrease. If the public steadfastly burns fuel minimally and uses water very frugally then know that we humans by renouncing tediousness are entering that realm of care free living that shall prove nothing but wholesomely beneficial.













The law of every action has an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s 3rd law of motion) is not challengeable. It can be noted and experienced just about everywhere. Those seeds of principles that are sown in nature’s womb accordingly results too shall emerge. It is this wondrous specialty of nature that the more it is given anything it returns in manifold measure. Only a few seeds are sown in soil which on sprouting and maturing returns in an infinite measure. While keeping its original specialty unending seeds from the measure standpoint very much akin to themselves return accompanied by a gigantic clan of itself. The seeds could be of mango or those of intoxicant materials like hemp etc full of toxicity, the above law applies to all equally. While returning things nature does not measure it like a shop keeper selling goods, instead it oozes with generosity. In rendering many from one or from limited to unlimited its potential is incomparable. But this specialty is conjoined in a mandatory manner wherein as per the type of seed sown the results too shall emerge as per that special quality of the seed.

In ancient eras this fact was kept in mind properly wherein all creature groups of nature get innumerable boons from it. Lest it is not kept healthy and balanced untold hazards shall have to be endured by us all. It is hence that in ancient Rishi era times every household performed Yajna fire sacrifices so as to render nature balanced aptly and sacredly purified. Daily due to life’s various chores dirt keeps mixing with the environment and thus via Yajnas this dirt was warded off. During festivals, public programs etc congregational gigantic Yajnas were executed so that toxicity in the atmosphere is nullified. As a result nature’s cycle strengthens optimally. Thus in a reactionary manner whatever one got from nature would in those times prove greatly beneficial for world humanity. At that time from subtle space a rainfall of energized pouring was noted wherein in untold measure life sustaining Prana Energy oozed. Trees, plants, creatures etc by ‘drinking’ this energy remained sound in health and disease free both physically and mentally. This Yajna tradition somehow disappeared that purified nature and nourished it well. Due to lack of farsighted vision that blindly urged man to pursue heavy industrialization unlimited toxicity started filling up the environment. Thus nature’s cycle turned haywire. The state of it has today become very terribly fearful. Nature is spewing that venom in the form of poisonous rain water. In the chain of natural calamities a most serious ring has joined and that is of acid rainfall. Innumerable research data based conclusions opine that the measure of acid in rain water is increasing speedily. When nature that pours down rain starts pouring down acid one can easily imagine what hazards shall crop up due to this.

The ph of pure clean water (ionization of hydrogen) is 7. When this ph decreases acidity increases in water. When ph increases it means alkaline principles have increased in tandem. The common ph of rain water is generally 5.07. Such rain water proves useful and nourishing for crop and creatures’ growth. When in rain water ph levels decrease it means in it polluted elements in more or less measure are present. Such conclusions from various research works have come to light that in various regions of earth acid rainfall is being noted which is but the reaction of man polluting the environment.

In acid rains sulfuric and nitric acid predominate most. These are but creations of steam particles of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by industrial production. These mix with rain water and pour down as acid.

In the ‘Science Today’ magazine a published report says that in the year 1966 Canada based Toronto University’s microbiologists had counted the number of sea lion fish in the Luxdon Lake as being above 4000 yet merely 1 year later not one of these remained alive despite the fact that no indolence was shown in rendering them well protected and nourished. When doubts arose, these lake waters were scientifically tested and thus it was found that this water was highly acidic. In a span of 1 decade between the years 1961-1971, acidity there increased by 150 times. On this basis rain water was tested. Scientists were mind boggled to note that in this rain water also the ph levels were the same as that found in lake water. Thus this lake was proclaimed as highly polluted.

According to a study conducted in Canada amongst the 250,000 lakes in Ontario area about 50,000 have become badly polluted due to acid rainfall. Majority of these can be called ‘dead’. In studies done in North East America also acid rainfall has been reported. It has been inferred that 60% of nitrogen oxide is emitted by automobiles, 10% from bio fuel plants and 30% from other industries. The cause of about 30% of total acid rainfall is production by industries in North East America. The remaining 70% is due to sulfuric acid which is a creation from melting of sulfide metals, purification of other metals and thermal power plants that use bio fuels. Each year in USA about 28,000,000 ton sulfur dioxide is thrown into the atmosphere that via steam water by inducing a reaction in solar rays’ induction gets converted to sulfuric and nitric acid. Thus they become cause of acid rainfall. In so many regions of North America due to acid rainfall so many rivers and lakes have become poisonous. Thus water based creatures are getting destroyed in hordes.

At a distance of 400 km from Toronto-Canada one can find a naturally beautiful spot. This region is the chief producer of nickel in the world. Over here in ore form one can find iron, copper and nickel sulfide which on being burnt a cloud of sulfur dioxide covers the sky continuously. As a result rainfall there predominates with acid content. Further because of this acidity soil fertility is losing its richness day by day. Due to acid and hard metals the soil there has become toxic. Over here each day 2500 ton sulfur dioxide gets emitted into air. Experts conducting research there opine that in future days rainfall witnessed there shall be so full of acidity that the very life of trees, plants and other living beings shall be perilously at stake.

On a mountain top in North Vermont rests a lush green forest called Camel Hummel. About 20 years back red hued spruce trees and beautiful deodar trees of a height more than 100 feet were seen growing there. Amongst these some of them had a life span of more than hundred years. But today majority of these trees have died and those who are yet alive shall soon get destroyed. Today this area appears bare and lonely. The same holds true for so many regions of West Germany and USA too. In Central Europe about 2,100,000 to 5,000,000 acre forest land have got destroyed. What is noteworthy is that this destruction is not so much due to cutting up trees but that it is due to acid rainfall there. This is now drawing our attention to many possible hazards that can emerge in future. The above facts were unveiled a botanist-Prof Herbert W Bogelman attached to the University of Vermont-Canada.

As per a survey report due to smoke emitted by oil refineries newly established in Mathura-India a serious threat started looming large for beauty of Agra’s Taj Mahal. Scientists carrying out studies in this region opine that due to pollution emitted by these oil refineries, in future days to come in all areas nearby the possibility of acid rain falling is quite high.

Varied perilous possibilities are conjoined to acid rain fall. If nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and sulfate oils present in acid rains are breathed in for a long time span many lung related diseases can crop up like emphysema, asthma etc. In the year 1951 in a fog clouding London city proof of this was directly witnessed. Due to its dire effect, within 2 days itself 5000 people died. Due to par taking of acid rain many digestive problems and blood related ailments are reported.

This acid rain decreases the rich fertility of soil and the latter then turns dry and barren. Soil’s most required nutritious principles viz. calcium, magnesium, phosphorous etc get destroyed. Lest the level of ph decreases drastically then elements like nitrogen, potassium, sulfur etc found in soil get destroyed. In such soil even if crops are grown they become toxic which in turn afflict us all with varied diseases. A conclusion drawn via a study in Germany says that poison of aluminum resulting from acid rains proves very heinous for plant growth.

Amongst regions badly affected by acid rains America and Canada are in the forefront. Both are casting aspersions on each other that polluted elements that create acid rainfall are thrown into each other’s country via the atmosphere. For examining what exactly is the truth with reference to these allegations both set up a joint committee of experts. This group of scientists shall collect samples of this air and shall try and find out the role played by it in acid rainfall noted in both countries. The most badly affected regions due to toxic rains are Vermont, New Hampshire, Mount Eddyrondek, New York and Canada’s north region called Precambrian Shield Lake. Over here natural nourishing principles have been totally destroyed. In it crops, jungles, big-small waterborne creatures, terrestrial creatures etc are dying swiftly. As per a report tabled due to acid rains in these regions the above hazards are ensuing. In comparison to America polluting elements that are causes of acid rainfall that is 5 times less in measure is spread by Canada into America.

Very recently in rainfall reported in East Delhi-India acid content was found. The fact that acid is found in River Ganga waters near Kanpur-India proves that the condition of the atmosphere in our country is now becoming as toxic as other European nations. This impending hazard can become much more serious as per the prediction given by many weather scientists. The future dire situation perceived in the form of acid rains is but the reaction of human action lacking a farsighted vision. In the womb of nature seeds of poison are being sown and thus the results also are perilous in tandem with it. If the trend seen today continues thus, natural calamitous wrath shall intensify further. It is sheer lack of farsighted thinking that only limited regions or special areas only shall get badly affected. The reason is that it is well nigh impossible to bind the atmosphere to the countries’ geographical border and render it totally uninfluenced by its good-bad effects. Since the entire world is bound to nature’s cycle sooner or later they shall definitely get affected. Lest nature’s imbalance is not corrected optimally, if poison in the atmosphere is not purged and that arrangements or not made to obstruct pollution in future days to come then the 2nd wrathful form of an otherwise boon bestowing Mother Nature on manifesting shall force entire human race to die a suffocating death.













Can wetness be induced in an arid dry atmosphere? Can rain fall down from a dry cloudless sky? These questions are very much like asking: Can a harsh nature be converted to softness? Can narrow minded selfishness get converted to generous soul widespread?

At a gross level it appears if a substratum does not exist then how can a result manifest? Yet this is not so. If a little study is conducted on nature’s deep recesses it shall appear that everywhere materials and all situations are present in their seed form. No material is absent totally. In seed form each material is present just about everywhere. What does not exist with effort can be sprouted and grown to maturity.

Applications of artificial rains sequentially are becoming successful and where clouds are lacking it has now become possible to bring clouds there and in those clouds where water is absent in it clouds that can pour down rains are created.

Balloons filled with sodium chloride are sent up high in air. On reaching a definite height they break apart on their own and that salt sprays on clouds flying about in the sky of that region. As a result of this process rain pours down.

The 2nd technique of inducing artificial rains is via union of certain chemicals artificial clouds are made. If chemicals that help focus dampness found in sky at one place are scattered then we do not have to wait for natural cloud formation from oceans and instead water portion present in local air on becoming densely focused manifests as clouds.

By focusing carbon dioxide densely akin to dry ice is hardened and its dust powder is sprayed on clouds and thus they gain the capacity to pour down rainfall. By letting loose smoke of silver oxide this very goal can be fulfilled. With the aid of the above mentioned chemicals the foundation of first conjoining small water drops to each other so as to convert them to larger water drops and thus they pour down as rain water.

There is one more application wherein by letting loose burning oil in the sky smoke emitted by it attracts clouds towards itself. This application has attained total success in America. This very fact is the reason why Yajnas help induce rainfall in dry arid regions. Scientists of ancient India were well aware of this hidden import. Hence these Rishi seers along with the goal of religion and spirituality helped advanced the above process of inducing artificial rains via Yajna fire rituals.

In India also research studies on inducing artificial rains is going on in a big way. The ‘Council for scientific and industrial research’ in India has made special arrangements for these studies. In other nations too such applications and experiments are going on. In it is being seen to it that the authority of inducing or stopping rains must not dwell in Indra’s (god of heaven) hands merely but that humans to be given authority and due partnership for the same.

Man’s nature manifests from birth itself and it cannot be changed. Social circumstances are but the mature stage of that era and hence what can we do about it? Know for sure that such thinking is not only useless but full of despair too. If we take a look at the successful applications of inducing artificial rains certainly hope dawns in us that human inner nature and world society’s circumstances can be diverted into a very desirable wholesome direction. No doubt immense efforts are required for it yet never say it is impossible to succeed in this realm.
















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