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Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is called this era’s Rishi Vishwamitra because by rejuvenating a virtually extinct Super Science of Gayatri he disallowed it to be accessed only by a special class in a limited manner by rendering it accessible worldwide without exception. Gayatri practices are devotion and worship of a pious brilliant intellect. Gayatri is called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Veda means knowledge and wisdom. This wisdom via the medium of well being (Rigveda), valor (Yajurveda), sporting (Samaveda) and wealth (Atharvaveda) becomes the root fount of the conscious activities of all creatures. It is the outpouring of that divine primordial power called Adishakti which manifested at the commencement of world creation. Thus Brahmaji created this world via the 4 Vedas. Gayatri is this very divine primordial power called Adishakti and hence is also called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas.

Super Mantra Gayatri is called the gist/essence of all Vedic scriptures. In great scriptures glorious Rishi seers have very loudly eulogized the deep import of Super Mantra Gayatri. In the Bhagwad Geeta very clearly it is proclaimed by Yogiraj Lord Shri Krishna that since Gayatri is supreme amongst all Cchandas (poetic meters) Almighty God’s divine existence definitely dwells in it. The Lord says: ‘Gayatri cchanda samaham’. Super Mantra Gayatri although is small yet it oozes with the gist of great wisdom and hence is an all encompassing scripture on its own. In each of the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri dwells the seed of root divine wisdom of the gigantic tree called Vedas. When this seed sprouts forth the amplified form of the 4 Vedas called Apaureshya (not authored by the limited human brain) of Vedic literature appears in front of us all as the wisdom based wealth of great Rishis of yore. It is not only the very substratum of creation of this cosmos but that it is called the fount from where world divine culture manifests.

In this present ebook such spiritual philosophy has been embedded in literature of Super Science of Gayatri penned by our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya which proves that it is via the medium of this one sole Mantra that anything in this world can be attained whether it is material or spiritual in nature. In this section of Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya’s Vangmaya a detailed description has been given with reference to how Super Power Gayatri has been the icon goddess of demigods/Avatars/great Rishis and how it has proved itself to being a Sanjivani herb for overcoming stress and strife faced by world humans. Super Power Gayatri is immortal nectar, Paras or touchstone, wish fulfilling tree or Kalpavriksha, Kamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow etc.

Every letter of Super Mantra Gayatri is an imperishable fount of divine energy. It is the vault of infinite power and that Gayatri meditation executed in a correct manner manifest miraculous results in life. This definitely has been the experience of HH Gurudeva wherein by reading these lines we must learn how to imbibe information given in it and act accordingly in day to day living. HH Gurudeva by terming Super Science Gayatri as per Atharvaveda chiefly Brahmavarchas meaning an authority that bestows on us soul force has proved it to be the presiding power of Prana Energy. Today’s major hazard faced by the world is lack of will power and thus man has become weak in all ways. The human race suffering from distress requires that Sanjivani herb or root of life is present in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest if a person via meditation on this Mantra awakens his/her Brahmavarchas, regains his/her latent divine energy he/she can combat successfully all types of obstacles of life. Faith, steadfastness and worship of 3 legged Gayatri representing a divine intellect bestows on the devotee that very soul power which helps him/her march ahead in life while fighting battles against tainted sentiments, vile thinking and undesirable activities in a successful manner. While rendering his/her spiritual health fit and sound he/she augments his/her halo/divine aura prolifically. While leading one’s brain on the path of ethical greatness, one can render the divine creator’s wonderful garden called this world more divinely beautiful. The divine mother of all Para and Apara Science (spiritual and material oriented) Super Mantra Gayatri has many aspects that are known-unknown and visible-invisible. By placing these in front of every world human in order to transform entire humanity akin to Kayakalpa and in order to neo create this world this knowledge has played a major role. Gayatri meditation/worship is a supremely great, straightforward, facile and quick success bestowing path. On realizing this none needs to stray here and there listlessly. Via the Sanskrit language quote ‘Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kincha’ it is said that whatever dwells in this world visibly or otherwise is but Super Energy Gayatri manifest. Our Revered Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya dedicated his entire life to Gayatri and his final breath while shedding his mortal coil in the loving lap of Mother Gayatri took place on Gayatri Jayanti day which is the birthday of Gayatri. May these sacred high stature nectarine literature penned by him, be dedicated to World Mother/Vishwamata-Divine Mother/Devmata-Mother of Vedas/Vedmata Gayatri. We present this particular section of Vangmaya written by Revered Gurudeva that shall render the complex path of life’s journey very facile and straightforward.

In many great scriptures Goddess Gayatri is shown to possess 5 faces and 10 arms. Many such paintings, photographs and images can be found. The 5 faced Gayatri image/photo can be found in innumerable households. In reality this description is not some myth or figment of wild whimisical imagination but that it is the description of 5 faces of Goddess Gayatri as the 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) dwelling on human soul existence. These 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths (coverings) are:


a)      Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath

b)     Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath

c)      Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath

d)     Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath

e)      Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath


These 5 are doorways of the soul’s coming-going’s bondage and liberation akin to the nasal openings in man’s physical body that allows air to enter and then go out via exhaling. This is the most mysterious aspect of Yoga Science which by understanding deeply one can attain the supreme divine abode of Almighty God. The 10 arms of Goddess Gayatri are the 10 Super Divine Powers that uproot 10 types of pain and sorrow faced by human life. When this Divine Mother Gayatri places her 10 hands on the head of her devotee as blessings no amount of sorrow or strife can harass him.

Our glorious Rishi-Munis of yore via profound penance, introverted Yoga practices and Vratas-Anushthanas based on Super Mantra Gayatri amassed untold divine energy. Thus they deeply realized that our gross body is partitioned into the 3 bodies called gross, subtle and causal bodies. In these right from top to bottom reside the 3 psychological complexes (Granthis) called Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. The gross body is made of the 5 elements and the soul has 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. Via the admixture of earth, water, fire, air and space where on the one hand this gross visible body is created there the 5 faced Goddess Gayatri tells us that this physical body is merely the admixture of the inert atoms of the 5 elements. This living soul shut up in a fort that has 5 ramparts is surrounded by 5 Koshas or sheaths or covering layers. The moment these layers are unveiled the living being’s material bondage is cut asunder so as to attain Moksha or salvation.

In India in layman’s parlance Kosha is called a vault. The 5 Koshas are 5 infinite vaults of soul existence. In this priceless wealth is hidden. Wherever this priceless wealth of 5 sheaths is misused its distorted form inflicts on us varied types of sins, sorrow, anguish, tension, ill fate, worries, lack and poverty. But those who awaken this wealth for using it wholesomely become divine in nature. Regarding this, details are given in the Bhrigu Valli of Taitariya Upanishad, Shatpath Brahman (15/17/31) and Brihadaranyak Upanishad (4/3/32).

The 1st covering sheath or Kosha is Annamaya Kosha or Food Sheath. It predominates with earth element which gives man sperms, ovum etc to create the human physical body. As per the state and advancement of this Food Sheath the body gets its shape, color etc. the type of food devoured helps advance our Food Sheath. It is the subtle psychic imprints/Sanskars in the food we eat helps overcome a distorted state and attain optimal normalcy. Thus this sheath can advance further. So many roots of various bodily diseases are present in this Food Sheath. It is via fasting, mastering sitting posture called Asan Sidhi, purification of the 5 elements, austerities and calmly enduring pain of various sorts (Titiksha) this Food Sheath gets purged and sanctified. Thus the body attains good health in a disease free manner. Via Yoga practices by opening the knots-complexes of bondage in the Food Sheath one gets liberation from many complexities in life and that we start marching ahead on the path of Jivan Mukti or liberation while yet alive. Lest a Gayatri follower by imbibing the above detailed 4 processes purges and sanctifies the Food Sheath his divine aura increases, health becomes wonderfully good and all other doorways of progress are thrown open wide.

The Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is a vault of Prana Energy residing in the gross physical body. In the form of ‘etheric double’ as per the terminology employed by Theosophists it surrounds each and every individual. Prana Energy dwells in us in the form of Ojas-Tejas or divine halo. Whosoever’s Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath is intensely potent his soul power rests in a very well advanced state. It is the lack of Prana Energy that becomes the cause of psychosomatic and physical diseases attacking one’s body. From the infinite ocean of consciousness of Prana Energy spread out in the entire cosmos via Gayatri practices (meditation, worship etc) with the energy of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) Prana or vital force is attracted within and thus the devotee oozes with divine aura and Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. The external benefits of sanctifying and rendering powerful the Pranamaya Kosha or Vital Force Sheath includes attaining a long healthy life consciousness becomes potent, imbibing a lot of zest/wholesome activity/magnetically attractive aura etc. If Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercise) is done by meditating in a focused manner on the Surya Chakra or solar plexus the Yogic subtle nerves called Ida-Pingala-Sushumna can be rendered potently active. For attracting Prana Energy this section of Vangmaya literature enumerates many methods. The amassing of immense Ojas in the form of Super Prana Energy and Retas in the form of Minor Prana Energy render the body and soul existence very powerful. Such a person gains the credentials of manifesting Divine Powers. The Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath by rendering an otherwise scattered psyche well focused via the various methods of self control, meditation etc aids in the awakening of latent brain potentials and energy centers. When we sanctify and render potent this Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath our Japa, meditation, Tratak practices, spiritual practices of 5 Tanmatras, succeeding in creating the Chaya Purusha (shadow man) etc succeed wonderfully. Via the processes of Gandha or smelling practices and Swara or Sound Yoga ESP or Extra Sensory Perception can be awakened fully. In order to introvert our thought waves for focusing them in a one pointed manner, our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has given details of practicing meditation-Japa or Mantra chanting-Tratak-Tanmatra practices for sanctifying and making powerful our Manomaya Kosha or Mental Sheath. Those who deeply understand these 4 methods become masters of this 3rd vault of untold measure of spiritual jewels.

The 4th covering is the Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath. Vijnan means special knowledge. Such knowledge/wisdom that tells us that man in reality is the soul and not this inert body made of bone, flesh etc. man is beyond the body, mental qualities and inner nature since he is the prince of Almighty God. This wisdom is subtly experienced via the Soham spiritual practice (I am that). The various legs of the process of awakening of this Vijnanmaya Kosha or Intellectual Sheath encompasses Ajapa Japa (ceaseless Mantra chanting heard in the soul subtly), Yoga of Soul Experience, spiritual practices to awaken the soul deity and piercing the 3 knots or psychic complexes. As a resut via awakening of extra sensory consciousness and sound control in the process of management of our Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) it manifests as amassing of art of execelling in carrying out various actions.

The last 5th face of Gayatri called Mother of Vedas is depicted as Anandmaya Kosha or Bliss Sheath. On reaching this sheath the soul attains the divine cosmic soul called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Such a devotee attains the state of Sthitaprajna Samadhi or trance state attained by God Realized Masters and Gurus. Hence this sheath is called Bliss Sheath wherein infinite divine ecstasy is experienced. This is the inner state of Sahaj Samadhi and pinnacle of divine joy. Our Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has described this as the awakening of the reticular activating system as being synonymous with awakening of Sahasrar Chakra’s 1000 petal subtle Yogic lotus in the brain region. In this section topics covered include spiritual practices of Naadyoga-Shabdabrahman-Suratiyoga-Binduyoga-principles of 5 elements, supreme ecstatic divine bliss of the Turiya state and so on.  

Our Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya knew well that after getting immersed in Gayatri based practices/Sadhana world public would yearn to dive deeper into its profundities much more. Keeping this fact in mind Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya in 3 sections of his Vangmaya literature pertaining to Super Science of Gayatri has given guidance as to how much an ordinary Gayatri devotee should know regarding it and imbibe the same in day to day living. Regarding this in this section of the Vangmaya literature some secret aspects and their deep import have been discussed.

In actuality the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri are seeds of divine energy. As per the description given in Sankhya Philosophy those 24 principles that are apart from the 5 elements Rishi seers while inter weaving them exhibited subtle spiritual energies in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri and placed the same before world humans. These 24 alphabets that are symbols of the super divine powers of 24 Matrukas (24 goddesses of Tantra worshipers or Tantriks) have been interwoven very scientifically in Cchanda (poetic meter) form. Hence by merely chanting this Super Mantra Gayatri, innumerable latent divine energies in it awaken fully. In the inner Prana fire very swift intense vibrations occur and this transformation plays an important role in augmenting Varchas or divine aura in the devotee’s inner personality. The descriptions of every alphabet of Super Mantra Gayatri have been detailed in this section of the Vangmaya titled ‘Gayatri rahasyaparak guhya vivechan’. A person on knowing and truly understanding every inspiration emerging from each of these 24 alphabets that positively influences every aspect of life, can execute spiritual practices of meditation, Japa etc in tandem with it and thus benefit more and more.

In this section of the Vangmaya after analyzing the Vyahvrittis of the 3 Lokas Bhuha, Bhuvaha, Swaha and Brahma conjoined to it, the description of Tat right up to Prachodayat’s last alphabet ‘Ta’ has been given properly revolving within the periphery of scriptires and social-spiritual standpoint. For example the full meaning of the term Prachodayat is: To perforce inspire someone to walk in that direction that renders our intellect pious yet if every alphabet of this term is described then the inspiration of Pra involves being generous to all and being harsh with oneself. Instead of thinking only our opinion as correct we must imbibe generosity and open mindedness in life. Thus respect all equally, stop being obstinate about your own views and by first self introspecting to gauge one’s own faults we must follow it up by correcting them. The term Cho inspires us to associate with great saintly pious people. We must reflect deeply over good great thoughts, cogitating over these deeply and if possible associate as much as possible with great saintly pious people. This then is the inspiration embedded in Cho. The term Da makes man deeply realize the glory of his soul existence and thus teaches him to walk the path of glorious advancement. Soul wealth is the supreme wealth. By protecting it man lives his life with head held high in glorious pride. The Ya term, by establishing a glorious bond between father-son, big-small people etc gives them inspiration to respect each other and thus execute their righteous duties. The final term Ta gives one inspiration viz. ‘Atmanaha pratikulani paresham na samacharet’. It means do not behave with others in that way which you yourself do not like when they behave in the same way with you. Nowhere else can you find such details given in such a sacred sensitive manner, wherein the mysterious import of the word Prachodayat has been given here!

Similarly the Gayatri group’s 9 divine powers, the details of energies in Gayatri Sahasranam (1000 names), along with the meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri it sacred sensitive connotation have been given in an in depth manner by Gurudeva in this section of the Vangmaya. Let us imbibe in the deep recesses of our soul the Prana augmenting divine light of Almighty God who is Prana energy in form, eternal bliss, destroyer of our sorrow, supremely great, divinely radiant and divinity manifest and we pray to that God who is widespread in the form of solar consciousness to lead us in the direction of supreme glory. With this sensitive sentiment a straightforward, easy to understand commentary on Gayatri’s mysterious deep import has been given by this era’s Veda Vyas viz. our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharyaji. This then is the miraculous writing specialty of his.

It is said that this world was created via Sound Energy. Super Mantra Gayatri manifested from Pranav Naad or Om divine sound and is said to be the primordial Richa (Vedic Mantra) of this cosmos from which Vedas manifested. The knowledge-wisdom aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so much more important that without understanding it properly we cannot know that how and why one benefits from Gayatri spiritual practices. There exist innumerable Mantras. In many other religious sects so many such Mantras are found wherein the methodology of doing their Japa or chanting is detailed and all religious scriptures are filled with details of their deep import. Yet the author of the Bhagwad Geeta has made it clear that ‘Gayatri Chandasamaham’ which means amongst Cchandas (poetic meters) I am Gayatri Mantra and in the Mantra energy dwells Almighty Lord’s divine existence. What is the scientific basis behind the special nature of this Super Mantra Gayatri? This can be understood best by reading the present Khand of the Vangmaya written by HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya.

By itself Gayatri possesses innumerable divine power, divine onrushes etc yet the root basis of its supremacy lies in the fact that it super cedes all known Mantras in the realm of Mantra Sciences. This Mantra has been chanted many trillions of times on planet earth. Its vibrations even now dwell in the subtle world. Merely along with meditation on Savita (sun) by chanting it with loving devotion all the vibrations from the subtle world gather around the aura of the devotee and by uprooting all unwanted elements in the devotee’s psyche renders him/her balanced and potent mentally. In the designing of Gayatri Mantra the manner in which various energy seeds are interwoven, is actually based on ‘science of Acoustics’. Each letter by influencing every letter of the microcosm and macrocosm creates most desirable results. In Mantra Japa chanting is done by the tongue yet in this process the entire nerve and muscular network is at work. In the brain one notes a major representation of palate of the mouth etc related to the voice system in the body and fingers of the hands too. This certainly is not a coincidence or ‘chance’ that 60% of the cerebral cortex is within the jurisdiction of this area and Japa continues. In a rosary of 108 beads along with implementation of various Mudras the fingers of the hands are at work. In the electrical nervous center a ‘neuronal cycle’ manifests and renders the entire brain consciousness oriented. This verily is the basis of Gayatri Mantra’s miraculous energy that on getting influenced immediately all Chakra (subtle plexus) based subtle nerve networks start awakening, many types of hormones start getting secreted that are the foundation of the process aiding in attaining a long life span and sound health dripping incessantly with divine nectarine bliss.

What influence is emitted by ‘Science of Harmony of Symbols’ within the realm of Mantra Science? That is, what is the influence noted when the Mantras are chanted in various tunes that adhere to alto soprano (rise and fall) type of singing? On knowing this aspect it becomes clear why Gayatri Mantra is called very special. It is a well known fact that mere chanting by the mouth and tongue devoid of any inner devotional sentiments or with no sense of oneness with the icon deity fails to give any beneficial results. The root energy enters the Mantra from such inner devotional sentiments wherein we merge our very existence with that of Almighty God’s cosmic divine existence. It is most required for us to realize that since Gayatri is a Mantra affiliated to solar based spiritual practices, since the sun is the very life force of all creatures, Japa chanted by focusing the mind on the sun’s golden rising form creates explosive energy in the Mantra words. Thus Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the supreme status of a miraculous one based on scientific principles.

Spirituality is a science wherein always dwell mathematical basis. In it never can 2 x 2 = 3.9 or 4.1. In fact the answer can only be 4. In the same way the stupendous result of Gayatri chanting if done in a scientific manner definitely shall be ours for keeps. Lest by watering and rendering fertile the soil (fertilizer of inner devotional sentiments) the seed Mantra is chanted definitely extraordinary results shall accrue. Only a high stature Rishi authority can solemnly declare thus!



The energy and potential of various Mantras is infinite more in measure than all powers and forces of the material world put together. This important information had been unfolded by Indian spiritual seers, way back in ancient eras. By itself whatever we speak/utter its effect is noted both at the individual (microcosm) and world (macrocosm) level. Water waves erupting in a lake when we throw a pebble in it travel quite afar. Similarly every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle molecules of space. Due to these vibrations unseen inspirations manifest in people. Via this potential of sound in the gross world terrific explosions can be created in materials and also in masses present in space. Not only this subtle Prana Energy, light, heat, etc found in planets, stars, galaxies etc too can be magnetically attracted and tapped. The requirement only is regarding its methodology and proper application. On this very basis Mantras and Vedic Richas were created. On the face of it Mantras and Richas that appear to be merely words and prayers are in a way Yantras. Lest someone applies this methodically he can attain mastery and lordship over the entire cosmos.

The most modern attainments of Sound Sciences tell us that the power of well sequenced sound vibrations is extraordinary and mind boggling. When electrical onrush is bestowed on ultrasound waves not heard by human ears, its capacity to pierce increases so much that by piercing the most solid and hard material it’s designing can be clearly photographed. Similarly via applications of ultrasound waves in the world of modern medical therapy it has already been proved that when such ordinary mundane sound vibrations can be so powerful, how infinitely more powerful shall be Mantra sound vibrations since great Rishis of yore have woven them in a special manner. Via Mantra Energy warding off diseases, overcoming poison effect like snake bites, magnetically attracting unseen forces, executing Maran (Tantrik method of killing) via mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti, Mohan, Ucchatan etc are successfully accomplished. In the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat weapons working with Mantra power killed many. These Mantra power weapons had energy that was infinitely more potent than nuclear bombs also. Hence these weapons in those eras carried out gigantic tasks. With its potent power huge battalions of soldiers were destroyed and what was mind boggling that if you wished to kill only one person in a huge crowd of people, this too was possible via Mantra power weapons. This was but the miracle of that Sound Science whose very miniscule information has been unfolded by contemporary modern scientists. 

Via Mantra Energy all types of benefits that are material and spiritual in nature can be accrued. Rishis, Yogis and spiritual seers of ancient times, via Mantra Power, attained victory over infinite energies of planet earth heaven and the entire cosmos. Due to the influence of Mantra Energy they became so powerful that by mere will power they could transport objects to other far off or nearby places, convert energy to matter and matter into energy. Curses and boons are but the effect of Mantra Energy. It is this potent energy that aids in warding off someone’s disease in a jiffy, in a flash know what is taking place millions of miles away, information of various galaxies and knowledge of each network comprising of 72 thousand subtle nerves. Hence in Indian Philosophy the measure of research executed on Mantra Energy has not been done anything else. Since great Rishis of yore were discoverers of Mantras, they were called Drishtas or seers. Vedas are nothing but is a type of Mantra Science wherein mysterious imports of establishing a bond with extraordinary subtle conscious existences and energies of this infinite gigantic cosmos has been elucidated. Modern material scientists have so far attained very ordinary miniscule information in this realm.

Mantras are directly related to uttering and sound emanating from it and hence it is called Sound Science. Till date research carried out in this field and data unearthed tells us that maybe intellectuals of the world do not harbor faith in the Power of Mantras yet modern material scientists are marching ahead in this very direction. A renowned modern science researcher of New York-USA, Dr Lawrence Castro using scientific technology like spectrograph made graphs of thousands of people of various age classes and then analyzed these graphs in a scientific manner. The conclusion drawn from these was that lines on the graph of each person created due to sound vibrations are of varied patterns and types. Yet only one sentence uttered by one person created lines on the graph that remained unchanged pattern wise when measured in different states of the person being healthy, sick, in heat, cold, under pressure etc. This means that sound vibrations possess such power no nature based changes like windy storms, rains, high-low temperatures etc can affect them. In every state the lines of the graph of every individual remain unchanged. In the same way the amplification of sound waves of each Mantra remains of 1 type only. The lines of graphs, shape, nature etc of different individuals could be different which means if a person utters 1 sentence or 1 particular Mantra then lines that move forward or regress backwards could be long or short yet its repetition or frequency remains the same pattern wise.

Sound waves of words uttered in any ordinary mundane manner by marching a bit ahead spreads out in the entire cosmos and in a few seconds accompanied by its reaction returns. In reflected (those that return) sound vibrations those very types of innumerable sentiments and thoughts return swiftly and they in turn increase such very principles in the psyche the one uttering these words. In fact they also increase the measure of such principles a great deal. Hence it is said that any word uttered is akin to a Mantra and hence mankind should utter words with great caution and alertness. Words uttered should be sweetly nectarine and ooze with wisdom.

The Science of Mantras is different from the above. Those sound waves discussed above its shape-type has definitely been utilized via electrical energy. Yet in Mantras no type of external power or force cannot transform and change those sound waves. In the Yoga scientific technique sound emerging from Mantra chanting is bestowed with electricity by sound energy itself whereas human will power called Sankalpa Shakti by putting controls over it gets the capacity to execute just about any task. Japa or Mantra chanting is a combined form of Naad or sound vibrations and Bindu spiritual practices. With its aid even the most gigantic form and also a smallest particle can be pierced. Hence Mantra Power is called unlimited and it is inferred that none can go beyond the limits and laws of this energy be it Brahma the creator, Vishnu who propagates this world, Mahesh who destroys and transforms it or just about any other deity. It is hence that Goswami Tulsidasji in Ram Charit Manas writes: ‘Mantra param laghu jasuvash, vidhi harihar sur sarva’.

According to modern material scientists opine that human ears can hear sound that has 20 as minimum and 20,000 maximum sound vibrations. No doubt rare exceptions could exists else sound vibrations beyond these limits called Ultra Sound cannot be heard by human ears. Despite this it’s existence is so powerful that very much akin to nature’s molecules vibrating due to thunder of rain clouds, similarly wherever these sound vibrations pass by the create intense movements and upheavals. Depending on the intensity of Ultra Sound waves living beings can get destroyed, molecules can be induced to fly high to great heights and then convert them into energy form. In Mantras too this very scientific theory and principle is at work. Via Mantra chanting also Ultra Sound waves manifest. The more it receives electrical energy of a psyche brimming with sacred sensitive sentiments/faith the more intensely it vibrates molecules in space so as to run towards the area of meditation. It is a fact that space is not a void or Shunya. Akin to water filled in a bucket billions of molecules fill up space in a mobile manner. Ordinarily sound spreads out in all 4 directions yet words in Mantras are interwoven in such a manner that its sound waves become of a special type. The sound waves of Super Mantra Gayatri arises upwards like rings of wire and via the medium of molecules of the deep recesses of the subtle reaches the brilliant shining sun in the sky. When this sound returns from the sun’s deep recesses, as a resounding echo returns. Along with this it aids the Mantra chanting devotee’s body to imbibe warmth of sunlight atoms, light and electricity. Thus not only the physical body but that the psyche and soul of the Mantra chanting devotee becomes highly advanced due to these potent atoms and many a times attains those benefits not attainable by the most laborious efforts executed in a mundane manner.

Every Mantra mentioned in the sacred Vedas has some icon deity or the other. Super Energy Gayatri’s deity is Savita. It means all those benefits accrued via Gayatri meditation-worship like good health, potent Prana Energy and life force, bodily/mental strength, wealth, property, siring children and other aspirations attain energy and inspiration from the solar system. Whenever any Mantra is uttered at that time by marching ahead amidst molecules of space, ether etc with special mobility/speed reaches that deity or energy center that has a bond with that Mantra uttered. At the time of doing Mantra Japa or chanting required energy is got from the mind’s power. Via this energy the sound waves at the time of doing Mantra Japa or chanting is viewed as electrical waves. While moving ahead with frenzied speed it crashes into divine powers. As a result of this invisible subtle atoms with slow speed start getting transformed. Its direction is totally opposite. Both gross and subtle molecules start running and they bestow bodily benefits and mental inspiration to the Mantra chanting devotee. It is this transformed and n fold amplified energy of Mantras that bestow on mankind material success/Sidhis and in a sequential manner leads it towards soul based glories called Vibhootis.

Via Super Mantra Gayatri practices the devotee by piercing the deep cave of the sun creates upheavals in molecules residing there. As a result light energy or consciousness and inspirations’ intense waves pour down on the devotee. In the preliminary phase this process of give-take and moving ahead-returning is a bit slow in pace yet when mental focus keeps increasing the results and reactions intensify also. Thus the subtle soul existence speedily gets adorned with these light molecules that get attracted by divine powers. The more these light molecules become highly advanced in the devotee’s inner personality the more he becomes a clear seer of future events, successfully interprets various dreams and attains miraculous inspirations. When faith and trust become very profound benefits accrue swiftly yet if this does not happen, even so the devotee never is denied these miraculous benefits of Mantra chanting.







The true meaning of the word Mantra has been given as follows:

Mananat trananachyaiva madrupasyavabodhanat.

Mantra ityuchyate samyak madadhishthanat priye.

……………..Rudrayamal Scripture

MEANING: Mantra is that which when deeply cogitated over helps us understand the true nature of this world that liberates us from the bondage to this sorrowful material world and that which urges us to walk the path of true success.

Similarly the meaning of Japa has been given as follows:

Jakaro janma vicchedaha pakaraha papa nashakaha.

Tasmajjaya iti prokto janma papa vinashakaha.


MEANING: The meaning of ‘Ja’ is stopping of birth and ‘Pa’ means destruction of sins. Hence Japa means that which destroys our sins and stops the vicious cycle of repeated birth and death.

In the above 2 verses if we focus our attention on the meaning of Mantra Japa it becomes clear that the fruits of chanting Mantras is that the devotee gets clear wisdom of the nature of this world. The devotee clearly now realizes that the cause of dragging the soul that is supremely radiant, oozing with divine greatness and glory and that is imperishable, into the present demeaned downfallen condition are sins gathered from innumerable lifetimes. But ceaseless Mantra chanting by sanctifying these sins renders the inner soul personality so sacredly pure and brilliant as a result of which the devotee instead of get ensnared in the net of vicious cycle of repeated birth and death attains the eternal bliss of immortality.

If we ponder with an ordinary viewpoint it seems that behind the meaning of Mantra and Japa detailed above only a psychological direction has been hinted at. Yet if we dive deep into the science of ‘Gati’ and ‘Shabda’ it becomes clear that when from any particular standpoint energy is imagined in reality it is the manifestation of nourishing energy due to Japa. Lest we get information regarding all round holistic utility of this energy then in actuality the devotee can attain those types of miracles that is not possible for all and sundry to attain under just about any situation.

Those who are adept regarding the science of dynamo know that it is only because of ceaseless rotation of the motor that electrical power is generated. Lest this rotation of the motor in the dynamo comes to a halt that very moment electrical power generation stops. Every planet, galaxy etc of this gigantic infinite cosmos hangs in space. It is quite dumbfounding that even if a small pile of mud is thrown on earth it just does not hang in the sky yet such humungous sized galaxies hang in the sky above. For lay people this fact may be astounding yet for science students it becomes a topic of deep research and not that of wonderment. It is only on the basis of deep curiosity or Jijnasa that scientists have understood that due to a very swift rotational movement a type of force/energy emerges and it is called Centrifugal Force. It is this force that ties galaxies, planets etc to their well demarcated path and axis. There is a mythological tale wherein once a demon called Hiranyaksha unearthed this deep mystery. If at the point where this energy gets centered comes under ones control then galaxies can be transported to even very far off regions. Thus on imbibing this knowledge demon Hiranyaksha robbed entire planet earth. Is this tale true? This is definitely another topic of discussion yet this demon had definitely understood the deep import of the energy emitted by its rotational movement. Lest this was not true this world could not function even for 1 day.

Not only this energy of mobility but that from this swift rotation a type of sound echoes forth too called ‘roar’. This echo is different in each and every planet-galaxy and its combined cosmic sound comes into being. Scientists infer that it is via this combined cosmic sound that the rhythmic nature and control of a major portion of the world’s consciousness is due to it. Lest this energy was absent everywhere would rein lifelessness, eerie void and dark gloom.

In every rotational movement dwells this type of nourishing power and echo generation. A giant wheel in a fair that swings children sitting in it in an ordinary state moves in a circular periphery of about 20-25 feet. Yet in comparison to the fear harbored of children falling down from this swinging giant wheel, children experience a kind of tickling the joy. It is but the miracle of this Centrifugal Force that after filling water in a small metal pot tied to a rope the pot is rotated in a circular movement, then despite the open mouth of the pot facing down towards the ground, water does not spill out of it. Farmers in villages in order to shoo away birds eating their crop use a sling in which is placed a pebble. Thus when this sling is rotated faster than ordinary speed so as to release the pebble placed in it, this pebble gets imbued with a much greater capacity to target these birds. Recently in New Delhi-India a terrible cyclone erupted which created havoc like terror everywhere. This was nothing but the fact that wind there had started moving rotationally with terrifying frenzied speed. The relation of Mantra Japa or chanting in a certain manner too is conjoined to this swift rotational movement.  As a result such a circle or Chakravyuh emerges from the well woven words of Mantras that by moving speedily in a well defined circular path returns to the Mantra chanting devotee. While returning it is accompanied by such a powerful army of thoughts and sacred sentiments present in Mantras that can be termed inspiration of Mantra’s deity, invisible divine help or miracle of Mantra Power. Yet what happens is that slowly but surely this energy starts controlling the life of the Mantra chanting devotee. In tandem with the inner personality the more the devotee’s faith, inner sanctity and sacredness increases this effect is that much clearer. In a few days itself, Mantra Japa or chanting, results in this energy merging with the consciousness of the devotee. Hence the devotee gets dreams of future events that are yet to take place, invisible help etc. The more this state becomes profound results are that much clearer and it bestows both eternal bliss and zest.

Super Mantra Gayatri possesses one more specialty wherein a prayer is made via it to Almighty God for giving the devotee the boon of a sacred brilliant intellect, wisdom and divine aura. This special quality manifests from the special ‘circle’ created due to the resounding echo emitted by 24 important regions of the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri. In this manner a 2 fold reaction immediately manifests in the Mantra chanting devotee. It means that the devotee accrues benefits of Mantras aiding in the unveiling of the mysteries of this cosmos, Mantra Japa destroying our sins and liberation from the painful vicious cycle of birth and death. Along with this the devotee attains worldly wealth/prosperity, power and various means in such a manner that neither does the devotee stray in the world and neither does he get inwardly attached to material grandeur. Since this type of benefit cannot be accrued by any other Mantra, Super Mantra Gayatri has been given a prime spot in Indian Culture.

At the beginning of this literature while giving the true meaning of Mantra it was said that Mantra is that which aids in unearthing the true nature of this world. The cyclone of sound energy emerging from regular Japa or chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri circumambulates this infinite humungous cosmos. In this journey those waves or vibrations that run ahead they ooze with the sacred sentiment of ‘Dhiyaha’ element (sharp pious intellect) in the form of a prayerful request to Almighty God. When this sound energy after circumambulating the ellipsoid of this cosmos returns, those thoughts, inspirations etc roaming in space of very high sacred stature harbored by previous successful people along with Mantra chanting, accompanied by magnetically attracted sacred sentiment waves return and enter the devotee’s brain. In a Gayatri devotee quite suddenly sometimes such thoughts emerge in the mind that aids him in overcoming a dangerous situation and inspiring him to succeed in it. The devotee himself does not understand from where this great inspiring thought has come from yet this very science of sound and Mantras is its cause. As a result the Gayatri devotee gets extraordinary prophetic dreams, rare sounds are heard, hair standing on end (Romanch) and Darshan or vision of divine radiant light. In this process less the mental state of the devotee is such that his inner and outer effort never weakens while uprooting mental taints with a powerful resolve and egging the psyche to march ahead on the path of great sacred tasks, then in a very short time span the devotee starts experiencing the miraculous benefits of Super Power Gayatri meditation and worship based spiritual practices.  

The influence of sacred sensitive sentiments blooming in Mantra chanting attains the capability of unveiling such hidden mysteries of this humungous infinite cosmos that is beyond the ken of the imagination of a lay mundane brain. Lest this was the case the highly educated class also would have got filled with those types of spiritual experiences. Yet what is noted is that the so called thinking and highly educated class the world over are unable to cut asunder the bondage of this sorrowful material world. But those Gayatri devotees entangled in this world of Maya or spiritual darkness are capable of manifesting high stature soul energy despite being either illiterate or not highly educated.

Despite Mantras brimming with so much energy we must not forget its scientific foundation. Science means inclusion of mathematics and calculation of principles or theories. It can be called a well defined lawfulness also. In it along with the devotee’s inner purity it is required that he daily does Gayatri Japa at an appointed time. Along with chanting at an appointed time Japa chanting must be done with proper Swaras or tone. No doubt some results do accrue despite chanting Mantras waywardly i.e. either fast, slowly, with lethargy and sometimes with alertness yet these results shall be hazy and complex. The reason why we are advised to chant Mantras using a rosary/Mala that while chanting the time space or interval between 2 Mantras must be same and not uneven. Ordinarily in 1 hour 10-11 rosaries can be completed of Mantra chanting. Hence a watch also can help us in rendering our chanting well regulated and disciplined. Yet to attain cent percent benefits of Gayatri Japa every day we must chant it at a particular time demarcated for it, at one clean sacred spot and do this regularly. If due to some unforeseen reason the place demarcated to chant Mantras has to be changed then as much as is possible at least chant these at the particular time demarcated for it.

Via methodical Mantra Japa chanting the experiences and thinking of the devotee becomes so widespread that the world’s true nature can be clearly grasped. Material benefits are such akin to when leaving for pilgrimage even if some required material is bought in some city its importance remains ordinary. Maybe we get pleased yet the root benefit definitely is of the soul getting transformed into divine cosmic consciousness. Those who attain this benefit in reality become a Jivanmukta or liberated while yet alive. Truly such a person’s life attains glorious self fulfillment.






Amongst the innumerable attainments of inspirers and founder-seers of culture viz. great Rishis of yore, the priceless value and importance of Mantra Science is one without a second. It is because of this capability that they were called Rishis. The Vedas say that: ‘Rishiyo mantra drishtaraha’ which means Rishi is one who has done Mantra Sadhana or spiritual practices, experienced profundity and attained many multifaceted benefits. Texts based on the profound experiences of great Rishis of yore clearly say that man has a strong and well defined bond with divine cosmic consciousness. But due to obstructions in the form of mental taints, agitated thoughts and veil of spiritual ignorance abounding in it has created an upheaval like situation. Lest problems occur in wires conjoining fans, tube lights etc in our room to the powerhouse yet both fans and other electrical gadgets despite remaining as they are shall not work at all. Thus Mantra practices are a well defined technique that reinstates strength in weakened bonds. It is the royal path that conjoins the devotee’s soul to divine cosmic consciousness called Almighty God in layman’s parlance.

As per the book titled ‘Antaryoga’ authored by Mahayogi Anirvan choice of words for weaving various Mantras has been done on the basis of intense experiences along with divine consciousness by master spiritual seers of Yoga Sciences. By itself these words chosen are messages of cultural aphorisms and sentiments of life’s  uplifting. But much more important than this is the weaving of words in Mantras. The famous text on Mantra Science called ‘Mantra Maharnav’ has accepted both these principles. According to it Mantra means mental reflection and deep cogitation, science, wisdom and knowledge. The nature of mental reflection and deep cogitation is attained via Mantra Energy. Mental reflection called Manan means thinking again and again regarding a particular topic. That thought which we try to reinstate in our mind by thinking again and again about it becomes the very nature of our mind. Hence Mantra Energy gets molded as per the mind. Along with this it is called that science and wisdom from which energy emerges. It bestows that wisdom and light due to which spiritual ignorance and darkness in the soul can be warded off. Via its practice such changes occur in the inner recesses of our consciousness due to which divine energy and bliss start manifesting.

Amongst various specialties of Mantra procedure the most important is its Sphot. Sphot means an extraordinary effect taking place in the divine principle by special sounds. When in a lake we throw a small pile of mud small waves in less number get formed. Yet if from a great height with immense strength a stone is thrown both its sound and vibration shall be much more than expected. Further its resounding echo shall be seen with big waves. Regarding Mantra Science this very result is called Sphot. The entire Indian Spirituality encompassing Agam and Nigam is set up on this very foundation. All branches and sub branches of Mantra and Tantra is but a gigantic family of it.

The power of sound is subtle and with immense potential to pierce when compared to material forces. It is only after attaining definite information regarding this that Indian spiritual seers advanced the Science of Mantras. By itself whatever we speak affects not only us all individually but that the entire cosmos gets influenced. Even the waves of a small vibration emerging in lake waters travel quite afar. Similarly every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in subtle molecules of space. Due to this vibration, invisible inspirations manifest in people’s  psyche.

This then is the indirect subtle influence of sound. Its visible effect emerges in the form of Vaikhari Vani or gross speech. When this gross speech via the special technique of uttering becomes potent it becomes ‘Vak’. Then its amplification instead of getting limited to the hearing capacity of humans spreads out everywhere into the 3 Lokas or worlds. Speech has sound, sound has meaning and yet Vak is energy in form. On using its potential all that can be won over which is worth doing so.

Kautsa Muni has preferred to ignore the meaning embedded in the words of various Mantras. He has said that instead the potential of Mantras must be gauged on the basis of the manner in which words are interwoven in them. In it, it is the Vak principle works in a leading manner. Mantras are chosen on the basis of this Sound Science. Thus Kautsa Muni feels that meaning of words in Mantras is not very important. The capacity and power of Super Mantra Gayatri is mind boggling yet its meaning is very commonplace. In it only a prayer for a sacred sharp intellect has been made. There are thousands of Mantras with words making such a prayer to Almighty God. In Hindi and other languages there is no dearth of poems that pray to God for a sacred sharp intellect. Hence the question is why not place all such poems in the high stature category of Super Mantra Gayatri and why do we not get those very great results of chanting Gayatri when we recite these poems? In reality in the vision of Mantra creators-Drishtas it is the inter weaving of Mantras that is of supreme importance. There are so many Beej or Seed Mantras that are given certain meanings by superficial arguments yet in reality they possess no special meaning. Say, what meaning can we allude to words like Hrim, Shreem, Kleem, Aim, Hum, Yum, Phat etc? To break our heads in trying to unearth their meaning is but sheer waste of our precious time and energy. These Beej or Seed Mantras have been designed keeping in mind that while uttering them what stature energy vibrations get emitted? Further what kind of effect is noted on the one chanting such Mantras, the external environment and desired goal that one wishes to attain?

In Mantra Japa chanting of Mansik (mental), Vachik (chanting loudly) and Upanshu (in whispers) the procedure of rendering the sound light or heavy is put at work. Along with the alphabets of Vedic Mantras with a stepwise sequence of Udat-Anudat and Swarit its utterance is executed with low, high and medium rise-fall is carried out. There is a tradition of chanting Mantras with particular tones called Saswarit. All these methods have had to be designed from the standpoint of creating that particular energy stream via Mantra Japa in order to succeed in ones desired goal.

A 2 fold reaction occurs due to Mantra Japa chanting. One is within and the other is without. Wherever fire burns it heats up that place. Along with this by spreading out heat everywhere it bestows heat on the area it affects. The sound flow of Mantra Japa chanting akin to water streams flowing deep below in the ocean and very similar to the layers of wind that fly scattered in space creates its own upheavals. As a result of it many Chakras (subtle plexus) present in the body and in endocrine/exocrine glands a special stature of energy gets generated. Upheavals moving in a ceaseless similar type of sequence create such influences that they are called mysterious. Soldiers are barred from creating sequenced sound emitted while marching in unison on a bridge because by doing so which albeit appears an ordinary act, actually breaks apart the bridge that is an extraordinary reaction.

A question arises that in Mantras when some external type of force does not transform those sound waves, how does it accrue benefits accrued by modern science? The answer to this question can be got if we study the ‘Retro meter’ scientific gadget. For this apparatus no external energy fount is required but that energy present in sound itself works as electrical energy. ‘Retro meter’ was invented by the USA scientist Nyuma E Thomas. Mr. Thomas is a researcher attached to a research center in Langley called ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’. In this gadget via any medium by sending light to a photosensitive cell is converted to electrical energy. Then in the receiver apparatus waves transformed into electrical energy are converted to sound which can be heard by anyone.  

Via this principle and theory it has become a fact that the nature of Ultra Sound is very similar to light waves. The lesser is the wavelength of Ultra Sound Waves this similarity increases in tandem. From this it can be clearly understood that Ultra Sound Waves can be very easily and comfortably be repeated and reflected-reversed. Their behavior is bang opposite to that of light waves. Hence with ease the energy of light founts of various types can be attracted to ourselves via these waves. This does happen because although Ultra Sound Waves move swiftly in dense materials yet in mediums that are subtle they move with very slow speed.

Every Mantra mentioned in the Vedas has some deity or the other. The deity of Gayatri is Savita. It means any benefit accrued from Gayatri devotional practices like good health, strong Prana Energy, potent life force, wealth, prosperity, siring children etc have their basis in inspiration or energy got from Suryaloka or Solar World. Whenever any Mantra is chanted it rushes ahead amidst molecules of the sky with a special movement. It thus reaches that deity or energy center that has a bond with that particular Mantra chanted. At the time of doing Mantra Japa required power is attained by the mind via energy. Via this energy sound waves emerging during Mantra Japa chanting gets transformed into electrical waves. While rushing ahead swiftly in a few moments it bangs into divine power. Due to this unseen subtle atoms start getting transformed slowly. Its direction is bang opposite to it. Both types of atoms i.e. gross and subtle run ahead so as to give the devotee bodily benefits and mental inspirations. It is this energy that ultimately eggs mankind to sequentially to march ahead towards a materially and spiritually advanced life and many other types of benefits.

The onrush of sound energy called Sphota is but a mysterious process of Mantra Power. We all are well aware of the terribly fearful energy emitted by nuclear explosions. One type of energy of sound is existence. Its vibrations too are a creation of the admixing of ancient units. Even the explosion of these sound vibration units can be very much like nuclear fission. Behind the techniques of Mantra Yoga practices a very similar arrangement is noted. The weaving of words of Mantras has been done in such a way by spiritual seers, thinkers and divine Drishtas that with the aid of its Japa, Yajna, other austerity practices and Karmakandas/rituals desired Sphota can be induced. In today’s  mode of terminology the manner in which the word Visphota or fission is used very similarly Sphota is used in Sanskrit language. Mantra practices in reality are but an explosion/onrush of sound energy.

Via sound explosion such sound waves emerge that cannot be heard by human ears. Sound is the object of space. Hence the work arena of a Mantra chanting devotee is the space element. A Yogi meditates/worships air element. He has to amass Prana Energy via air. From this standpoint a Mantra devotee is said to super cede Yogis also. A true Mantra devotee is not only any less in spiritual stature than an adept Yogi but that he is said be to that much more powerful.

Via Mantras 2 Vritas get created. One is Bhava or sacred sensitive Vrita and the other is Sound Vrita. Ceaseless mobility ultimately moves about rotationally or is cyclic in nature. The fact that stars-galaxies move in their path in a circular manner has been possible due to the fact that mobility stepwise veers towards a rotational and circular path.

In Tantra Japa well defined words have to be uttered ceaselessly for a long time frame in a well demarcated sequence. This is verily Japa. This mobility flow has 2 aspects wherein one is sentimental and the other is sound. A well defined flow of sacred sentiments embedded in the deep cave of Mantras creates a sacred sensitive circular flow. It becomes so terrific that by latching on tightly to the devotees inner personality molds it as per its own type of cast. Even the sound circular flow created from uttering is so terrifically potent that its Sphota by throwing in a subtle type of aura binds the devotee in its periphery. Sacred sentimental flow on inner thoughts and sound flow on external activities hovers around in such a manner that desired stature of humans can be molded in an optimal manner. Not only this but that a collective level too can be can be influenced and incited by it. In the past days Russia had carried out such applications on Canada’s mines.

These achievements of sound’s subtlest applications in the world of modern science tell us that lest Indian Spiritual Seers have attained information of Mantra Science wherein via sound vibrations poison attacks can be overcome, diseases can be cured, attracting unseen powers, killing someone via a powerful mental resolve (Maran Mantra), Mohan, Ucchatan etc know that this certainly is not an overstatement. In the Mahabharat War era weapons based on Mantra Power was used for killing. With it even more terrible energy erupted than that emitted by atomic explosion. It was possible hence to use this energy quite accurately. With these Mantra Power operated weapons either huge battalions of soldiers could be killed at one go or in a huge battalion of soldiers etc a specific person could be targeted and killed. Over here the remaining people remained unaffected. All this was but the miracle of that Sound Science whose very miniscule knowledge has been unearthed by today’s modern contemporary material scientists. Lest very creative usage of this Mantra Energy is applied via this energy fount called the fuel of consciousness extraordinary help can be got for creating conducive world situations and propagation of good will the world over. In Indian Culture both Mantra Science and Sound Energy has a very prime spot and shall remain so in future times too.
















Mantras are called divine sound or Shabda Brahman and they are designed on the basis of mysteries pertaining to Sound Science. After which word by placing which another word in what manner which electrical energy flow shall emerge? This mystery has yet not been unfolded by Western Science yet our great Rishis of yore were well aware of this stupendous energy of sound. By placing words in a particular sequence via the mouth certain bodily parts get directed in a certain sequence. Further in certain knowledge based nerves, Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, energy centers, glands and networks of their causal body certain types of movements manifest. Due to the action-reaction and upheaval of such movements a special type of electrical flow gets created in space. This very easily reaches various worlds or Lokas. It can easily contact demigods, divine worlds and divine energies. Due to Mantra Power great Rishis succeeded in attaining the supreme abode and rendering the individual soul into a cosmic divine one called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Even today in our modern era every such success for just about all and sundry to render their lives in close proximity to Divine Energies is a mysterious medium.

Today’s modern scientists are well aware of the energy capability of sound. These scientists by unearthing the manner of movement of sound waves at a very fast pace in space have invented wireless gadgets and radar technology. These gadgets by the inspiration of electrical flow catch hold of waves running in space in an unruly manner. Further as per the wish of the inspirer the analysis of its speed, direction and distance is executed akin to a very obedient messenger. Mantras also can be termed ‘Spiritual Radars’. When ordinary sound waves have such potential then imagine the infinite deep import of Vedic Mantras since its words have been woven in a very scientific manner. Lest anyone truly understands the deep import and mystery of these words and sounds, if they act as per its teachings or else they become adept in mastering hidden wisdom and energies in them, for them this Mantra akin to Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow can bestow just about anything. Maharshi Patanjali has in fact placed similar observations by saying:

‘Ekaha shabdaha samyag jnataha suprayuktaha swarge lokey cha kamadhugbhavati’

MEANING: By imbibing all round knowledge of the meaning of one word and by applying it in a correct manner we can attain heaven and all desires in our psyche. By saying that ‘Mantra param laghu’ it is believed that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and all other divine powers are under its control. Thus Goswami Tulsidasji of Ramcharit Manas renown too has accepted the great import of Mantras.

In reality Mantra Science is that pertaining to special well managed applications of sound energy that is the fundamental creative power of Mahamaya Prakriti or nature. The basis of its application is the mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and profound faith of the devotee. It is a mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti oozing with deep faith that renders a Mantra alive, kicking and mobile. Great scriptures opine:


MEANING: Mantras ooze with wisdom aura and that they are pervaded by rays of consciousness. Hence by imbuing them with mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and profound faith it can be rendered supremely powerful. The more resolve based faith augments in Mantra Japa and chanting the Prana Energy flow that emerges from it shall be more terrific and conscious in form.

Mantras are a special network of sound waves. These waves can be seen via the Antardrishta Ritambhara Prajna or a divine intellect that can ‘see’ the inner subtle world. It has been found that sound waves of Mantra chanting possess a definite shape. It is on the basis of this shape that the deities etc of Mantras have been demarcated in great scriptures. Even modern research on sound waves has accepted the authenticity of observations made by great scriptures. A new branch of science has advanced further called ‘Semantics’ that researches into the form and shapes of various sound vibrations. In this realm research scientists have proved that every Swara (tone), Naad or sound and vibration gives birth to a special form and shape. Expert scientists like Huntington and Davie have concluded after due research that every unit of the cosmos has its own sound system and an electronic sound.

The technique unfolded to see the shape of sound vibrations as per Semantics, in it, Germany’s renowned scientist Ernest Cladnie has accrued special success. Via playing the violin musical instrument, he succeeded in manifesting beautiful pictures on sandy ground. These shapes on sand are called ‘Cladnie’s pictures’. A very similar application was executed by Switzerland’s well known scientist Dr Hans Jenny who used a ‘Ton scope’. Via this apparatus by focusing human voice or Mantra chanting sound on inert objects we can see its vibrations getting adorned stepwise in a 3 dimensional form. Dr Hans Jenny via many such applications proved that sound waves have a deep bond with shapes of things. In one such application it was witnessed that when ‘Om’ or Pranav Naad is uttered in the microphone a round shape manifests.

As per the opinion of experts in the realm of Mantra Science the utterance of Om by commencing with ‘Aa’ echoes so as to become ‘Au’ and finally reaches ‘Ma’. The echo of Ma not being sound on its own is but an amplification of the final musical tone. This sound is more powerful than all technology based sounds. By using it in a scientific manner consciousness can be uplifted in an all round manner. By uttering Mantras imbued with union of special sounds a definite type of sound wave starts flowing in the body, consciousness and cosmos. This influences the one who chants Mantras, the environment and people in nearby places. In the place where Mantra practices are carried out from there a definite repetitive sound wave stream starts flowing ceaselessly. The experience and benefits of these are attained just like that by people residing there. In the land of India even today there are many such sacred spots where in ancient times great Rishis had done penance and Mantra practices for very long time periods. As time lapsed by devotees residing in mountains and great saints on realizing the special stature of these sacred spots chose it for executing austerities and thus attained pinnacles of soul uplifting. In the same way in the Grand Divine Himalaya Mountains there are innumerable caves where if you sit with a serene mind you can hear Mantra chanting sounds. In such spots there was a time in ancient eras when done Mantra practices for very long time periods. The vibrations of this chanting even today are clouding that environment with a lot of intensity. These can not only be heard and experienced but that devotees can benefit immensely from them.

Sound is a directly tangible energy and very much like atomic energy, electrical energy, heat energy, lasers etc they too can be used in varied ways. Its creative and destructive applications are quite well known. A well managed usage of energy emerging from sound vibrations is executed in Mantra Science. In Mantra Power there is a special role of sound flow being apt. Hence in Mantras more than its word meaning greater importance is given to a well defined rhythmic proper chanting. The nerves etc of the mouth of humans are conjoined to bodily 6 Yogic Chakras and divine glands. Via Mantra chanting 6 Chakras, subtle nerve networks and divine glands get affected very much akin to one string of a musical instrument like guitar being twanged all other strings attached to it too start twanging. On various regions and centers of the body an inspiring influence of Mantra chanting done with a powerful mental resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and deep faith can be noted. Further that Mantra chanted for a particular goal emits that particular type of level of sound energy.

According to expert Mantra Seers at the time of Mantra chanting the entire bodily center gets transformed into an energy center. It is along with the energy of sound that in Mantras the Science of Mobility and Speed has its own deep import. Along with Mantra Japa chanting a definite rotational movement of sound energy repeats again and again. This rotational movement gives rise to the Centrifugal Force which akin to a cyclone is conjoined to a terrific nourishing energy. The terrific stormy cyclone of sound energy emerging from Mantra Japa chanting via the power of resolve and deep faith on contacting divine conscious energy pervading interstellar space gathers manifold energy and thus the doorway of Sidhis or Divine Powers opens for the devotee.

In this manner Mantras can be termed a special network of sound waves or powerful groups of rays of consciousness that via its desired conscious flow become mediums of contacting that which is solid and dense. Hence in its method of chanting sacred sensitive sentiments, technique of Japa, sound energy and other vows related to devotional worship too have their own importance. It is when all these are followed assiduously that the inner personality of the Mantra devotee imbibes and makes good use of divine conscious energy emerging from Mantra Japa chanting.
























The word Mantra is coined in many ways (Vyutpatti). In Nirukta Mantras are called ‘Mantra manat’. It means that the process generated in the mind is called Mantra. In the Shatpath Brahman it is said ‘Vagvai mantraha’. It means Mantras are a chain of words uttered by a sanctified speech. In Tantra Science it is said ‘Mantri gupta bhashane’. It means Mantra is mysterious secretive speech. If all these 3 types of meanings are analyzed in a holistic manner it would mean that Mantra worship methods must encompass the following:

a)      Confluence of mental focus and steadfast devotion

b)     A sacred speech uttered by a sanctified inner personality

c)      Deep faith in the mysterious potential of Mantras

d)     Instead of broadcasting it when not required, keeping it hidden

In Mantra Energy 4 precepts emerge and they are:

1)      Sound

2)      Self control

3)      Means

4)      Deep faith


It is sound oozing with sanctity that emerges from Mantra chanting along with apt woven words in Mantras that reap great success. A devotee after protecting his energies from lack of self control setting in the body and mind must use it for spiritual practices like devotion, worship, meditation etc. All paraphernalia used for this like rosary, seat cover, worship rite materials etc must be kept pure and clean. There should not be even an iota of a lack in one’s deep faith and trust in Almighty God. Wherever all these disciplines are put into practice aptly there the results of worship, Mantra chanting etc shall reap rich dividends. When the very pillars of meditation/worship start falling down success shall run miles away from us.

In Tantra Science the heart is called Shiva and the tongue is called Shakti. These are also called Prana and Rayi. As per Physics these can be called a positive and negative electric charge. When the tongue chants Mantras it can be called setting in of movement or upheaval. The more energy is embedded in it more is the effect noted. This effect is created in the electrical powerhouse of the heart. Over here when we say heart it means that stature of sacred sensitive sentiment that gets created not at a surface superficial level but that it has its source in the deep recesses of our inner personality. The heart is called Agni (fire) and tongue is called Soma (immortal nectar). When both unite a miraculous soul power emerges. When our sacred sensitive sentiments and actions become supremely great our Mantra practice gets very immense life force. Lest this mystery is understood properly and imbibed none shall face despair in this realm.

In order to bear rich fruits of Mantra Energy mere chanting and following its methodology is not enough. The radiant inner personality of the devotee also has much more weight age and thus is most required for Mantra practices. Maharshi Jaimini while throwing light on the advancement of Mantra Energy in his literature called ‘Purva Mimansa’ has listed its 4 foundation pillars thus:

A)    PRAMANYA: This means that Mantra practices must be done using prescribed procedures and not as per one’s whims and fancies.

B)    FALPRADA: This means its apt reaction and result can be noted.

C)    BAHULIKARAN: This means that it influences a very widespread region.

D)    AYAT YAMTA: This means the potential of the great glorious inner personality of the devotee.


When all above are included in Mantra chanting process, divine energy manifests in it and thus its miraculous results can be witnessed.

Maharshis Vishwamitra, Vashishtha, Parshuram etc after worshiping Super Power Gayatri attained divine fruits yet ordinary laymen do not reap such success. In it blame cannot be put on the supremacy of the Mantra and its greatness. Such people taste defeat only because their unripe weak inner personality is incapable of accruing desired beneficial results. If you aim a bullet using a toy gun that children play with you cannot pierce your target. For getting proper desired beneficial results mere using a bullet is not enough because a proper gun too is most required. In King Dashrath’s Putreshti Yajna help had to be taken from the great Rishi Shringi who observed strict religious vows while performing intense austerities. In the epic Mahabharat there is a story that Ashwatthama and Arjun had let loose ‘Sandhan Astra’ that was a weapon operating on Mantra Energy. On noting its terrible power Veda Vyasji came and stood in the middle and asked both Ashwatthama and Arjun to recall their ‘Sandhan Astra’. Since Arjun was a Brahmachari (celibate) he was capable of recalling his ‘Sandhan Astra’ but since Ashwatthama totally lacked self control he could not recall his weapon.

In the Shatpath Brahman there is a story of an argument taking place between Rishis Yaruchdeva and Nrumedha. Since each of these wanted to prove them to be adept at Mantra practices they would exhibit their power. Yaruchdeva via Mantra chanting ignited fire in wet wooden sticks whereas Nrumedha throat emitted mere dark smoke. When this happened Yaruchdeva told his competitor: You know only how to chant Mantras but I have realized its very soul.

Almighty God is a witness, seer and taint free. He can be called a director of the movements of this world. A divine existence renders high-low the conscious movements of this cosmos. This divine existence can be termed the sanctified form of the individual’s soul existence. Everything takes place as per God’s wish. Wherever this is quoted know for sure that it is a description of the desire power or will power of a sanctified form of the individual’s soul existence. Due to Mantra based penance the potent Paravak (subtle speech) due to its pristine purity and radiance becomes Almighty God’s divine will. Its vibration influences all molecules and cells of the entire world. As a result of this the direction of world human thinking changes positively. Messengers of God, Avatars and great Self Realized Gurus do exactly this. Their actions are but Almighty God’s divine will and wish. Behind the wish of these Messengers of God, Avatars and great Self Realized Gurus it is the law of Almighty God that is at work. Sidhas and great saints of austerities too are Avatars in their own right. Their Paravak Energy of subtle divine speech is not used merely for speaking but that it plays a major role in controlling, disciplining, augmenting glory and positively transforming this world.

This entire cosmos is a tree and the microcosm is its seed. In a tiny seed the potential of the entire tree can be found subtly. Similarly whatever dwells in this cosmos its essence and gist is found in the human being or the microcosm. But the question here is of awakening that which is latent. In order to render a seed into a huge tree the means required are the gardener’s hard work, will power and other materials. In order to render the sperm into a baby both the mother and father have to contribute. Similarly in order to render an ordinary weak microcosm’s potential one that can influence the entire gigantic cosmos intense spiritual practices or Sadhana is required. Due to this austerity based spiritual practices the use of Paravak Energy of subtle divine speech is most essential.

In the Yajna Section only Paravak Energy of subtle divine speech has been greatly eulogized. In the Vaikhari or gross speech heard by the ears only fire rituals that purify polluted air dwells. With it only Nityakarmas or daily chores get fulfilled. Due to the confluence of Paravak Energy of subtle divine speech and Yajna Fire, light and radiance manifest. Its stature is different from the fire flames. While elucidating the deep import of Jyoti or light the Shrutis say: Due to it our sorrow and pain are uprooted and the devotee attains grandeur, wealth, peace and progress in life.

In the Bhagwad Geeta scripture a description of Divine Yajna is given. In Divine Fire Divine Havi (Yajna materials) are offered. Yajna means spirituality. Yajna Fire is great actions done for glorious goals. Vak or speech is Ghee or clarified butter and is the essence of a great radiant inner personality. The atmosphere created due to the combined effect of both of them in it brim forth an infinite vault of material grandeur called Ridhis. Rain water no doubt pours down in areas where no Yajna activity is executed yet rains that pour down joy and peace occur only via Yajna methods.

Mantra Viniyog (choice for attaining specific goals) has 5 parts:

A)    Rishi

B)    Cchanda (poetic meter)

C)    Devta or deity

D)    Beej or seed

E)    Tattva or element

All the 5 mentioned above are the foundation stones of the Mantra’s body. The 5 gross elements combine to form our gross physical body. Via the 5 Pranas (vital force) the subtle body gets created. The causal body comprises of 5 Tanmatras or subtle elements. The 5 parts of plants are made use of (fruits, flowers etc). Panchgavya (milk, skin etc) are said to be the 5 nectarine juices of a cow’s body. Amongst precious jewels 5 predominate. Worship and religious rites of 5 Devtas or deities is well known. The method of the science of awakening the 5 Koshas or sheaths is explained by painting 5 faces of Super Mantra Gayatri. In order to awaken Mantra Power the above mentioned 5 foundation stones have been included in its Viniyog.

A)    RISHI: Rishi means an adept Guru who guides us. Devotion and worship is a very important Spiritual Science. It can be called a special sculptor. For this end a well experienced and adept masterful guide is a must. Mantra practices cannot be rendered successful merely by reading its procedure from text books. In so many medical books etc diagnosis of various diseases and therapies are detailed. Yet we have to take medical treatment from a qualified expert doctor. This is because every disease has its own symptoms and state. By assigning an apt tandem and relationship between them the expert doctor has to use his independent brain skills and has to decide what shall be the mode of healing for that particular illness. After noting the increase-decrease of disease symptoms in tandem with it new changes have to be made in medicines and therapies administered to the patient. The same holds true for Mantra practices. An adept spiritually powerful Guru bestows the boon of spiritual capability on his disciple and based on circumstances gives apt advice and guidance. Hence for succeeding in this goal it is most required that a high Rishi stature guide helps us in Mantra practices etc

B)    CCHANDA: It is the 2nd leg of Viniyog. It means rhythm, tune, poetic meter etc. In what tone-Swara, which sequence and with what rise-fall should Mantras be chanted? What should be its speed? In Mantra Science this is an independent scripture. In a guitar the number of strings attached remains the same and in all such other musical instruments fingers a moved. Yet since each musician as per his musical skill twangs these strings in varied ways different Raagas or tunes emerge imbued with varied sound flows from the guitar etc. On the basis of Mansik-Vachik-Upanshu-Udat-Anudat-Swarit a lot of differences emerge in various Mantras. Thus every Mantra gives different results. There was a time when in Samaveda there were 100 branches of written Mantras. It means amongst these there was a technique of singing-sounding each of them with 1000 sound rhythms. This was created not merely on the basis of music but that it was done from the energy manifestation standpoint also. Which person, for what aim, must execute which Mantra practice and with which rhythm? On understanding this scriptural injunction very potent results were accrued.

C)    DEVATA: It is the 3rd leg of Viniyog. Devata means choosing a desired layer from the energy flowing in the subtle world. In space at one point in time many radio stations function yet the broadcast of each of these has its own typical frequency. If this were not the case all the sounds of various broadcasts would unite and become one which would emit a chaotic noise only. In order to hear a desired program broadcasted the radio’s needle has to be tuned to that particular radio station. In the air system in space there are so many layers of wind. Even in sea water layers of water and streams flow. Even when the ground is dug up various layers of soil emerge. Very similar to this even in the subtle world various stature of energy streams flow. These are called Devatas. Solar light has 7 types of rays. Via the medium of colored glass we can catch whichever color we want for our use. The same goal is pursued via worship of Almighty God. If a proper contact is made with divine powers that give energy to Mantras, its desired beneficial result shall definitely accrue.

D)    BEEJ: It is the 4th leg of Viniyog. Beej means fount. In the gross/subtle/causal bodies there are many divine centers. The extraordinary specialty of hormonal glands is directly perceived in the gross physical body. Expert anatomists and physiologists are well aware of miraculous potentials embedded in nerve networks, subtle plexus or Yogic Chakras and brain based glands. The subtle and causal body overflows with subtle plexus or Yogic Chakras, 3 complexes or Granthis, 108 subtle nerve networks, thousands of energy Naadis etc. These divine centers are called ‘switches’ that help us contact subtle energies. When you press a switch the bulb gets lit. There is a special injunction for pressing which switch in which special way for succeeding in Mantra Japa practices. In Tantra Science for this end Beej Aksharas or alphabets like Hrim, Shrim, Klim etc are used. In Yoga Science it is prescribed to perform various special meditation techniques, Naad, Asan or posture, Pranayam or breathing exercise, Mudra, Bandhas etc. By imbibing these sequential methods Mantras can be awakened and rendered potently energized. When we dial different set of numbers on the telephone we contact different people at different places for conversing with them. Along with Mantras if the Beej and Samput are changed, its potential and direction of flow changes.

E)    TATTVA: It is the 5th leg of Viniyog. Tattva means the aim and goal. Tattva means deciding as to why worship is being done i.e. what is its Sankalpa or mental resolve? Different parts of a single tree possess different types of qualities. In one single type of material many types of chemical particles can be found. As per Ayurveda mode of medical therapy food items have 3 types of Prakriti or nature viz. gross/subtle/causal. From the gross part of food our body’s flesh, blood etc is made. From the subtle part of food our body’s mind and intellect are formed. From the causal part of food our body’s inner qualities, actions, nature, aspiration and nature are formed. In Yoga Science this classification is done in the form of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Amongst means used in Mantra worship which Tattva predominates? Keeping in mind this fact specific materials are made use of in it. In various Mantras differences like place, food intake, methodology, application etc can be noted. It must be accepted as conjoined to the mode of Tattva. Differences like Muhurat (auspicious hour), Ritu (season), Tirth (pilgrim spot), Sarovar (water area) etc have to be demarcated aptly so as to usher in a proper tandem between the Tattva state of Prakriti and spiritual practice being pursued.

In Ayurveda mode of medical therapy before executing ‘Kalpa’ therapy the Naadi Shodhan Process that purifies our subtle nerves etc has to be undergone. Naadi Shodhan Process has 5 parts:

1)      Vaman

2)      Virechan

3)      Snehan

4)      Swedan

5)      Nasya

Via these procedures bodily dirt and taint gets flushed out and thus the possibility of therapy administered succeeding increase manifold. Rajyoga’s 5 Yamas and 5 Niyamas are very well known. If these are executed properly know for sure that the path of following Pratyahar (sense control), Dharana (mental focus), Dhyan (meditation) and Samadhi (trance) shall reap success. Tantra Yoga’s 5 Makars and Hatha Yoga’s 5 Prayas (efforts) are done at first. The 5 symbols of Sikh Religion are well known. Within Viniyog it has already been detailed as to on what basis Mantra practices become more and more radiant and thus reap rich success. While properly understanding these 5 legs (Rishi, Cchanda, Devata, Beej and Tattva) we must use it in a well combined manner. Thus our Mantra practices shall not face any difficulty in attaining great beneficial results.

What are Devatas? How does their divine brilliant aura enter the human body? What type of influence do they exhibit in our body? While throwing light on this Shrutis say:

Vishnumukha vai devaicchandobhirimanlokanan pajapyambhya japan.

MEANING: Devata is the mouth of Vishnu. They are Mantra in form. These Mantra Devatas or deities uproot those tough obstacles that otherwise is impossible to do so. They further win over that which is termed ‘invincible’.

If worship practices of Mantras whose words are woven in special ways are done following scriptural injunctions gives proper results. Along with this an important fact is that if great glorious thoughts are imbibed by our consciousness in great measure our inner personality shall get molded in accordance with it. Thus this too becomes a way of Mantra practices entering actively in our day to day transactions and lifestyle. A speech conjoined too goodwill sentiments that is used for great welfare tasks also accrues rich benefits very much like those noted in Mantra Power.

Saint Acharya Vinoba Bhave in a religious discourse given by him at the Pandharpur Sarvodaya Conference threw light on worship of speech by saying: I speak in order to execute Japa or Mantra chanting. Whatever thoughts I utter become firm and steadfast. Whatever is done is done by you all. But I have done Japa or Mantra chanting. When I did Japa of Bhoodan (land donation) I got Bhoodan. When I did Japa of wealth donation I got wealth donation. I do not perform Yajnas, I do not donate, I do not perform austerities etc. I do only Japa and thus all my tasks get fulfilled successfully.

In the Shatpath Brahman there is a quote: It is the word and sound flow that washes off the dirt of world society that is called Saraswat Mantra. Speech uttered with the intention of working selflessly for public well being can be called equal to the positive influence noted via Mantra practices.

In Vedas Mantras are said to have 20,000 Richas. All these are categorized in various Cchandas (rhythms). Cchanda also means singing hymns. All these songs and hymns have their limits. Which shall be sung in which way? This had been demarcated by Rishis at that very hour when they were created. These must be sung with proper rhythm and musical notes. A very gross classification has been done in the form of Udat, Anudat and Swarit. When Mantras are written above and below them lines that go upwards, that are slanting etc are drawn. These lines give hints about the manner in which they must be chanted. Yet when they have to be sung along with Swara (rhythm and musical notes) their Sargam has been given in the Samaveda. There symbols of numbers gave been given. The 1,2,3,4 etc numbers of Vedic Sargam have been given above the alphabets. These are sounds based on which Hindi language songs can be sung in varied ways. Keeping in mind the varied nature of these Sargams the methods of singing are numbered accordingly. Those who sing them infer via these slanting etc lines and hence sing those Cchandas in that very sequence. Each Cchanda can be sung with varied sounds. Apart from Sargam in these varied sounds hints given in these slanting etc lines create apt tune. In this manner in Vedic Mantras those Richas sung in the form of Samaveda singing are etched with numbers that give directions for the manner of sing each specifically. This then is the tradition of Samagan or Samaveda singing. Some years back there were many branches of Samagan or Samaveda singing but today many are extinct. Only a few are available today that got saved from extinction.

Apart from this there are methods of singing called Jatapath and Ghanpath. Some of these exist but remaining is extinct. Those that are available majority are Shruti wealth. Uttering or hearing these or memorizing them was the Vedic tradition. But today hardly anyone labors thus. Whatever is there in written form, with its aid only, the Vedic Richa heritage exists today and it shall do so in future times to come.

For proper chanting in its pristine form if these Richas are memorized they prove to be trustworthy and authentic also. It is not only from the standpoint of singing that it was rendered rhythmic and tuneful because otherwise their meaning and results also change. For what aim, which Mantra and with which rhythmic tune must be sung? This has its own special science and philosophy. Mantras have varied goals. Mere word meaning is only its superficial aspect. It can easily be understood with the help of Nirukta, Vyakaran (grammar) and dictionary. Along with Cchandas, Rishis, Devatas etc too are mentioned. From the calculation of these directions it is inferred that the meaning shall be assigned for what goal? From the standpoint of word meanings each Mantra can have many meanings. Yet in order to find out what meaning of an episode is required by a Rishi, we must understand the Cchandas, Rishis, Devatas etc assigned to each Mantra. In accordance with this a decision must be taken.

Word meaning of Mantras cannot be given whole and sole importance. This is because we must pay a lot of attention to the reaction emerging from the sound flow emitted via Mantra chanting. What shall be the result of it?

The reaction of words uttered while conversing can give both good and bad reactions. Sweet or harsh venomous speech reaps good or bad results. In the same way the results of utterances in the realms of body/mind/ethics/intellect are varied in their own way. It is these that are called the mature results of Mantras. In particular techniques by using particular Mantras certain bodily diseases and mental aberrations are uprooted. Certain types of thoughts arise and certain types of sentiments take birth. Man enacts so many types of activities that render him zestful, despairing, joyful, sad etc. The effect of these mental thoughts is of varied types in various arenas of human living. This then is mature results of Mantras. Via Mantra Power although none gets a huge vault of wealth yet such activities arise as a result of which man either benefits a lot or endures immense losses.

Invisible beings of the subtle unseen world many a times establish a subtle bond with certain people and thus create good or bad reactions. If amongst these some inflict bad effects they can be warded off and silenced via Mantra chanting power. It is said that at certain points in time stars, planets etc inflict good bad influences on certain people. This by itself is called good or bad fortune and destiny. All such situations can be rendered conducive via Mantra Energy and all obstacles can be properly uprooted.


















Scriptural authors have in great detail written regarding the deep import of chanting or doing Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri in a prescribed methodical manner. There is no literature available wherein a detailed description of the individual and cosmic great benefits of chanting or doing Japa of Super Mantra Gayatri have not been included. Suppose it is not possible to chant it with 100% precision yet know for sure that chanting Super Mantra Gayatri in any state be it a sacred sensitive meditative state good benefits shall definitely accrue. Behind it not only resides the great importance of inspirations oozing in Super Mantra Gayatri, from the standpoint of CChand Science (rhythm) the network of words woven have their own importance yet its psychological importance is so stupendously potent that Mantra chanting seems to be a complete scientific procedure.

In reality the human body is such a complex machine that in order to understand it thousands of scientists, biologists, medical doctors etc are conducting research studies on a war footing the world over. Yet whatever data accrued from this is but miniscule in comparison to that which yet remains to be unveiled.

Whatever has been understood regarding the human body by Yoga spiritual practices is much more when compared to studies done by modern science. Via very difficult Yoga based austerities adept Yogis enter the deep inner recesses of consciousness. In this manner such Yogis and spiritual seer Rishis unearthed that the human body is but a tiny image and reflection of the infinite gigantic cosmos. In it dwell such subtle Yogic Chakras or subtle plexuses, Koshas or Sheaths, glands, nerve networks and centers brimming with divine potential that on noting them we perforce accept: ‘Yat brahmande tatpindey’ which means whatever exists in this infinite gigantic cosmos (macro) is present in the human body (micro). This body which is a model of this infinite gigantic cosmos with a humungous area of 130,000,000 light years in actuality if termed the most extraordinary machine of the world knows that it certainly is not an overstatement. Mantra Japa is such a science wherein by repeating chanting of words again and again that very much akin to aiding the emerging of sweet musical tune from a flute in which air is blown into its holes, by generating that potential from bodily energy centers, it shall seem a miraculous feat for the ordinary lay public. In the awakening of these latent energies Mantra Japa chanting plays a major role. Via it soul consciousness reaches glorious peaks of uplifting. It is hence that that every world religion be it Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Baha’i etc in its mode of worship and devotion to Almighty God Mantra Japa chanting is compulsory and mandatory.

The reason why amongst all types of Mantra Japa chanting that of Super Mantra Gayatri is given supreme importance because the high stature spiritual philosophy of Super Divine Intellect or Mahaprajna dwells in it. Via the inspiration of a great pious intellect great Rishis of yore who thought only about the well being of world humanity gave supreme importance to it to the extent by calling it Vedmata Mother of Vedas, Devmata or Mother of Divinity and Vishwamata or World Mother. Not only in Hindu Religion but that in other sects and religious communities also it has been given an apt spot. Mahatma Gandhi the Father of our Nation (India) believed Super Mantra Gayatri to be the foundation pillar of World Religions and Cultures. He also said that whenever in future world peace shall usher in it shall be on the basis of the divine inspiration of Super Mantra Gayatri.

Super Mantra Gayatri is totally scientific in nature and its mode of doing Japa is not merely psychological in nature but is a science of sound energy that has its root in rhythm and proper tunes.

Over here it is not desirable to delve deep into the complexities of that science. Instead via Japa or chanting how is the soul consciousness rendered high stature? Our aim is to give more information with reference to this. Japa or chanting is a very scientific procedure that aids a person to become aware of his inner consciousness and create a firm bond with divine cosmic consciousness called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. If a devotee of a preliminary stature executing Gayatri practices-Sadhana deeply understands the psychological foundation of Mantra Japa chanting then half of the problems faced like mind going astray, meditation being very superficial etc gets solved immediately. The remaining problems get solved in a short time span.

Psychologists and psychiatrists the world over in order to train and control inner consciousness have demarcated 4 foundation stones and all these 4 dwell in Mantra Japa chanting. Japa can be termed the confluence of these 4 foundation stones. They are:

1)      Repeating the Mantra again and again.

2)      Whatever has been awakened or that which has been repeated again and again must be rendered a part of our inner personality and being.

3)      Rejoining those relationships that had broken apart previously and thus re establish them on a firm footing.

4)      Rendering the stature of our faith, aspiration and trust very profound.

In philosophical terminology the above 4 are described thus:

a)      Self introspection

b)     Soul purification and sanctification

c)      Soul neo creation via positive transformation

d)     Soul advancement towards peaks of glory

These are steps on a ladder. Mantra Japa chanting has 4 steps in its ladder and only by climbing these can you reach the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God. Within this despite no Yogic type technique is noted yet there is so much steadfastness that by imbibing merely this one basis mankind can reach the high state of soul uplifting via self introspection.

Lest this deep import of Mantras was without an apt reason none would advise sincere Gayatri devotees-Sadhaks to chant Gayatri more and more on a daily footing and thus waste their precious time and honest efforts. Hence such inspirations of Mantra Japa chanting are given to devotees because the above 4 powerful psychological pillars are at work in it. These aid the devotee to rise above a demeaned downfallen state and reach great heights of glory. These 4 powerful psychological pillars cut asunder the veil of Ajnana or spiritual ignorance covering our soul and thus our soul emits radiant divine light. Mantra Japa chanting helps us in achieving such brilliant soul glory.

Shikshan is the 1st role of Sanskars or psychic imprints. In the entire world no literate person is such who without entering this stage has completed school education. In the initial stage every student has to commence with repetition. Even in Mantra Japa chanting the Mantra has to be repeated again and again. Without this desired Sanskars or psychic imprints do not emerge.

That ‘Dhee’ principle prayed for from Almighty God embedded in Super Mantra Gayatri that bestows on the devotee a sacred radiant intellect, cannot become a Sanskar or psychic imprint merely by chanting it once only. Our mental screen is like that rough uneven ground wherein without digging, using a plough etc if we sow seeds in it, our labor and precious time shall go in vain. In order that the seed of Mantra practices bloom forth via Japa its ‘tilling’ is most required. Via Japa a devotee practices self introspection within his inner personality and thus taints, distortions etc hiding there can be uprooted. It makes plans to destroy and throw them out. In order to aid reinstating of divine Sanskars or psychic imprints firmly deep within the mind there is no other method available. Japa in a way is like pounding, brushing and a turning machine with the help of which taints and dirt clouding our mind and psyche get washed thoroughly. From this commences the emergence of brilliant shine in our inner recesses of the soul. Hence each Gayatri devotee must chant Super Mantra Gayatri daily, regularly, at an appointed spot and if possible in defined numbers. If you chant this Mantra a lot sometimes and very less at other times in a wayward manner a mockery like situation shall crop up like heavy rains somewhere, famine elsewhere seed sown somewhere and no seed sown elsewhere. If spiritual practices are done for a long time span regularly only then do the doors of success open wide.

In the 2nd step of soul advancement knowledge of our limitations or self introspection is made a very part of our inner personality. Thus the more we become clearly aware of our inner taints the more we start despising them and hence we start throwing them out of our psyche. If we remain satisfied merely by doing self introspection our Japa shall be termed half complete. The more speedily we destroy and evict our limitations, weaknesses and biases bossing over our inner nature the more shall we experience close proximity to Almighty God deep within our soul. In this stage no doubt a situation of hide n seek or sunlight-shadow sets in because our vile pursuits, desires, yearnings and tainted activities that have gathered in our psyche since innumerable lifetimes they try their best to throw us down again and again in the crater of a downfall. But yet the devotee realizes that he is not this physical body made of flesh, bones etc but that he is the soul. Although in a temporary manner he can be called the body yet he is infinite fold more spiritual in nature. Hence the devotee truly understands that it is sheer stupidity on his part to ignore tons of spiritual wealth merely for greedily amassing fleeting material wealth measuring 1 ounce. Hence seeing that his well being lies majorly in spiritual pursuits only, he retracts from selfish greedy material endeavors. He atones for any error or sin committed knowing or inadvertently. He makes a firm mental resolve or Sankalpa to rectify his mistakes and never repeat them again.

Man’s director or manager of his life is someone else. Just as no joy is experienced when the string of dancing puppet dolls break apart, just as a son feels very sad on getting separated from his beloved father, just as a bulb can no longer be lit when its wiring loses contact with the main powerhouse generating electricity, similarly when the living being’s soul separates from Almighty God, only ill fate comes his way.

In order to render highly advanced our consciousness, the 3rd basis of Psychology and Psychiatry can be successfully fulfilled via Mantra Japa chanting only. During the time of Japa our consciousness gets self focused and thus clearly recognizes its spiritual nature. The more this recognition becomes clearer the devotee by digging out past memories and thus reflects mentally over his past. Naturally we feel as though we have got separated from Almighty God. Finally this feeling of separation itself is the root cause of our sorrow. Hence again and again the devotee calls out to his benefactor: O Divine Mother! Please stop me from jumping into this dark gloomy wealth called the material world. In this stage when the body gets cleansed along with the psyche very naturally the mind gets filled with positive thinking that eggs the devotee to imbibe ethical activities based on sacred lofty ideals.

The 4th stage is that of maturity based on steadfastness in spirituality. Even via Mantra Japa chanting a devotee can conjoin to his light illumined form of Savita or sun deity radiance. The more this state becomes profound the more the devotee experiences himself as the brilliance of Savita divine light called ‘Ayamatma Brahman’, ‘Tattvamasi’, ‘Sohamasmi’, ‘Shivoham’, ‘Chidanandoham’ etc. This very inner state is called Samadhi or trance, Turiyavastha or attaining Almighty God via Self Realization. In order to reach this advanced mature soul state this type of Mantra Japa chanting must be done. Hence there is no need to pursue other difficult Yoga practices. It is because of this that Japa is called Yajna and Applied Science. Japa on its own can lead the devotee to total self fulfillment in the form of Self Realization.

Via Japa on using power embedded in Mantras such hidden mysteries of world creation can be unfolded that as of now have failed to be imbibed by the modern scientific brain yet they can be said to be beyond the ken of ordinary mundane imagination. Lest this were the case the highly educated scientific research fraternity would have oozed with these types of spiritual experiences. But facts speak otherwise wherein so called highly literate, thinking people and experts are entangled in this illusory net called the material world. On the other hand less educated Gayatri devotees but full of sacred sensitive sentiments are capable of imbibing within high stature soul power.

The reason for the above is that the root basis of success in Mantra practices is ‘Akshar Vijnana’. No doubt Mantras overflow with infinite energy yet we must not forget scientific laws residing in Mantra’s word weaving. Vijnana means a principle or theory based on precise mathematics. Definitely it can be termed strict discipline. In this along with inner purity and sanctity it is most required that daily and regularly we do Mantra Japa chanting. By doing Japa daily at a fixed time Japa must be done with rhythmic chanting. If you chant Mantras very fast at times, very slow at other times, sometimes with lethargy, sometimes with mental alertness etc such wayward chanting shall reap only unclear and complex results. The reason why use of a rosary or Japa Mala is recommended is that the gap between 2 Mantras uttered is same and not less or more. Ordinarily in 1 hour 10 or 12 rosaries of Mantra chanting can be completed. Hence this discipline chanting can be gauged by using a watch clock. Yet to attain total all round benefits of Mantra Japa chanting each day, at a fixed time, at a fixed place etc Japa must be done with strict regularity. If for some reason the fixed place has to be changed do so but try and observe the fixed hour as much as possible for Japa. Behind this operates a scientific law.

Via Mantra Japa chanting done methodically the experiences and very thinking of such devotees becomes so profound that the true nature of world creation is aptly understood. Material benefits are such akin to when going on a pilgrimage we may buy some required materials on the way in towns, etc yet the root benefit only can be our soul getting transformed into divine cosmic consciousness. Those who attain this supreme benefit in reality become a Jivanmukta or one spiritually liberated while yet alive in physical form. Such a person’s life truly becomes gloriously self-fulfilled. This is the major substratum of success in Super Power Gayatri practices of Japa, worship and meditation which by following regularly shall definitely reap super mundane and spiritual benefits.



























There are innumerable reasons why Super Mantra Gayatri is called the crest jewel amongst all Mantras and is the supremely great Mantra of Indian Culture. The words in Mantras are woven in such a scientific manner that via its Japa and chanting latent subtle centers dwelling in the inner consciousness of the devotee are incited. Thus their latent state gets transformed into full awakening. The vaults of infinite founts of energy are thrown wide open. The inner psyche awakening by establishing contact with the external conscious world imbibes such powerful potential that can be termed extraordinarily miraculous. This then is just the scientific aspect of Mantras.

In its thought aspect a solution for all big-small problems related to our life can be found. In the spiritual philosophy embedded in Mantras all hidden mysteries and precepts pertaining to the world are detailed. This showcases the form and mutual bond between God, living beings and nature or Prakriti. Via mental reflection on the spiritual philosophy embedded in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri we can reach the fount of that wisdom called soul wisdom, Brahma Jnana and Self Realization by scriptural seers.

In comparison to the scientific, thought based and psychological aspect, the sacred sensitive sentiments aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is manifold more inspiring, powerful and influential. In any culture of the world we shall not find such a powerful and all round philosophy of Divine Wisdom (Brahmavidya) and Science of Spiritual Practices found in these 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri. Lest we wish to visualize the peak of the philosophy of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) it can be done so in Super Mantra Gayatri. It is because of glorious greatness of sacred sensitive sentiments brimming in this Super Mantra Gayatri that it gets the credit of being called the crest jewel amongst all Mantras.

Super Mantra Gayatri’s deity is Savita. The word Savita in Sanskrit language is made from the Dhatus (root words) as follows: ‘Shud pranigarbhavimochanebyashu prerano’. When the Shad Dhatu is made it becomes: ‘Yaha sutey charachar jagat utpadayati sa Savita’. Thus Savita means one that creates the entire world of animate and inanimate beings. On making Shu Dhatu it becomes: ‘Yaha suvati prerayati sarvan sa savita’. It means Savita is that which inspires us to walk on the path of great glory. As per all the above meanings Lord Savita is one that creates all animate and inanimate beings, renders us purely sanctified and inspires us to walk on the path of great glory. The sun also is called Savita. The sun itself is brilliant and illumines others also. Similarly Savita deity itself is illumined and shares its brilliant light with all and sundry. A Gayatri and Savita devotee starts imbibing within such great glorious sentiments.

Super Mantra Gayatri has 3 legs. All 3 brim with divine inspirations. These are invoked and imbibed properly by the devotee and he also advances his power of focusing more and more. The 1st leg of Super Mantra Gayatri is ‘Tat savitur varenyam’. In earth, interstellar space, Dyuloka, fire, electricity, sun etc the brilliant light of Lord Savita is embedded. The devotee turns divinely ecstatic on seeing with his sacred sensitive emotional eyes a glimpse of his icon deity and Almighty Lord in the form of Savita’s infinite vault of divine light just about everywhere. This bright sacred divine aura of Savita induces an indescribable divine bliss in the soul of the devotee. Even Upanishads have sung eulogies of this divine aura and light.

Na tatra suryobhati na chandrataraka.

Nema vidyutobhanti kutoyamagnihi.

Tameva bhanta manu bhanti sarve.

Tasyamasa sarvamidavibhati.

…… (Kathopanishad/Mundakopanishad/shwetashwataropanishad)

MEANING: Its light is so divine that in front of its radiance the sun, moon, stars etc pale. The shine of lightning is nothing in comparison to this divine light. Hence for sure fire shall merely pale in front of it. With this light of this mass of super divine aura only does everything in our world get illumined (stars, sun etc). A Savita devotee invokes and bathes in this divine aura. Such a devotee yearns to imbibe more and more of this divine light that is worth pursuing.

In the 1st leg in the form of Savita that supreme existence’s divine qualities are described. When a devotee eulogizes it ceaselessly he just does not tire at all. After eulogy a prayer is sung. After eulogizing the light of Savita the devotee speaks aloud: ‘Bhargo devasya dheemahi’. It means that may we imbibe within the specialties of the divine qualities that we meditate upon. It is only when the divinity of our beloved deity incarnates in our soul that the devotee and God, a meditating devotee and God on whom he meditates, living being and Almighty God etc become one and thus a beautiful relationship of give and take between them manifests. In the 2nd leg of Super Mantra Gayatri this very prayer is made. O vault of divine light! O destroyer of sins! O Divinity Personified! O Savita Deity who is none other than Almighty God bestowing bliss! Please do incarnate in our soul. We imbibe your divine qualities deep within our soul. Please do dwell in our soul forever so that due to your divine aura our psyche shines with divine illumination.

In the 3rd leg of the Mantra a fact gets cleared in order to answer the question: Why should man imbibe within energies of divine qualities? The answer is: ‘Dheeyo yonaha prachodayat’ or we must do so in order that they inspire our intellect to tread the path of glory and true greatness. Ordinarily our intellect lies asleep in sheer darkness of spiritual ignorance. It has no clue about the goal of human life and human righteous duties. The brain has strayed in fleeting mundane attractions in such a manner that it is blissfully unaware of its glorious potential. Thus in the 3rd leg of the Mantra this very prayer is made: O Lord Savita! Along with your divine qualities after incarnating in our psyche please do push our intellect waywardly moving in the sheer darkness of spiritual ignorance towards divine light. Just as the morning rising sun appearing with its brilliant golden light rays awakens creatures that are sleeping and urges them to perform various activities, similarly the light of Lord Savita should enter the psyche of its devotee and divinely illumine his intellect. Thus latency gets transformed into full awakening. The ordinary intellect becomes Prajna or divinely radiant in nature. The darkness of falsehood and inertia is uprooted. Existence and consciousness manifests in full flow. The ordinary intellect veering towards Prajna or divinely radiant brain no longer gets bound to inertia, greed, delusion etc. His ‘I’ ego no longer remains narrow but now expands and identifies with every atom of this infinite gigantic cosmos. It now imbibes the sacred sentiment of ‘Udar charitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam’. It means yearn to achieve the goal of ‘World united peacefully as a family’. By imbibing the divine inspirations of Super Mantra Gayatri the devotee avidly pursues this sacred mission.

From the description of the goal of Super Mantra Gayatri described it is crystal clear as to why it has been assigned such a supreme spot of glory in Indian Culture. In it no material object is desired and prayed for. In fact only the heartfelt prayer for a sanctified radiant intellect is made that aids the devotee to walk on the path of glory. This also is not just for the devotee who is praying but that the prayer encompasses entire world humanity and other beings. The term ‘Yonaha’ means please induce the brain of all of us to tread the path of true greatness. The Seer Rishis were well aware of the fact that it is only when the entire world attains well being that an individual also benefits. It is hence that a prayer for  Prajna or divinely radiant brain is made for the entire world.

The sacred sentimental aspect of Super Mantra Gayatri is so magnanimous, purity personified and dripping with welfare of the entire world that via mental reflection and deep cogitation over it inner sacred sentiments in the psyche bloom forth on their own. If in a proper manner we invoke, worship and mull deeply over Super Mantra Gayatri’s great precepts, then while climbing the ladder of soul uplifting step by step we reach the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God in layman’s terminology. Once we reach close to cosmic divine soul called Almighty God no mundane desire remains in our psyche. The devotee who is immersed in an eternal divine ecstasy despite living in this material world remains detached from its pain giving dualities like joy-sorrow, profit-loss etc.






A major use of words and sound emitted by it is done for attaining knowledge. The ordinary aim of what is uttered by our speech and what is heard by our ears is to increase our data bank of worldly information. If a person wishes to convey his thoughts and emotions to another person and also know the reaction of this he has to use the medium of words. Words are vehicles that transport/transmit our thinking and sentiments. They drag these here and there and hence by warding off the loneliness experienced by humans helps attain oneness with others. The entire credit of transforming the micro (individual) into macro (cosmic form) goes to these words uttered. Lest mankind did not possess the specialty of speaking then akin to monkeys, bears etc he would have existed somehow in a very mediocre manner. Today man getting the credit of being called the crest jewel of entire world creation is because of this specialty to speak.

Everyone knows how great the utility value of word and sound is for material progress. Attaining the recognition of the potential of word vault, which is the root goal of education means getting benefitted from it. The art of writing, wherein etching on paper etc shapes of words that we call alphabets have added to his glory. Man has become the lord of the widespread realm of knowledge-science due to the varied artistic skills he possesses in the form of writing and speaking. Those who lack this special art in a sense can be called mentally dumb and deaf. It certainly is not an overstatement that our inner and external happiness and development is based on words and its sound. In the creation and advancement of the inner human personality, in rendering human society well advanced and organized the importance of words reigns supreme.

Everyone is well aware of this gross usage of words. In order to use words for augmenting knowledge-wisdom music and literature were developed. The fact that this world appears beautiful and grand in it the contribution of word and sound is extraordinary. Knowing this, people are very active as far as rendering sound energy widespread and utilize it in a desired manner. Thousands of national and international radio stations are ceaselessly immersed in broadcasting activities. Millions of newspapers being published daily fulfill this very aim. Thousands of workers involved in printing, publishing and marketing of various forms of literature are doing so to fulfill this very requirement of world humanity. Various branches like telegraph, telephone, post offices, movies, gramophone, TV, internet, cell phones etc are active in this very direction. Schools and colleges are set up for this purpose only. The human race is well aware of the wisdom augmenting benefit from the medium of words and sound. Hence everyone is accruing immense benefits from all this. Of course due to misuse of such art terrible bad reactions too have to be endured by people. In augmenting human downfall and hatred amongst each other misuse of words can be called the culprit.

This then is gross information of sound power. Detailed information and its subtle mystery includes the fact that word and sound on their own are a very high stature potential adorned with potent energy. Just as via the medium of electricity, steam, atom, dynamite etc various stature forces and energies emerge similarly sound also is a type of important energy fount. Its use is meant not only for knowledge but for scientific applications too.

Research is being conducted for the past many years regarding the mind boggling effect of the music branch of sound on the bodies of humans and other creatures. Efforts in such research have drawn certain conclusions that definitely astound us all. Animal breeders in Holland and Denmark while milking animals play a special type of music. They have made gramophone records of such musical tunes that manifest positive beneficial effects on animals’ body. They play these records and this music influences the nerve network of animals to be milked. In this manner the lactating glands emit more milk from the animals’ udders. Thus the measure of milk production has increased phenomenally.

Knower of snake science by playing the Been musical instrument induce poisonous snakes to come out of their deeply dug holes and when these snakes are immersed in this soulful music the snake charmers catch them. The one and only medium of snake charmers who give entertainment to the public via exhibiting snake dances, is the weapon of playing the Been musical instrument. On hearing sweet soulful music when the deer forgets to dance and frolic and hence stands still in a mesmerized manner, the wily hunter/poacher suddenly catches it.

Even today in village rural areas in India in order to overcome pus containing pustules and exorcising ghosts and evil spirits from the human body, on a pot placed upside down a copper plate is placed and then with the help of palms of the hands or a wooden stick, a strange musical rhythm is played on it. The results witnessed are quite dumbfounding. Using such methods for healing TB tumors, goiter, mumps etc amazing results have been noted. These methods help overcome snake bites that contain very deadly poison. A branch of diseases pertaining to insanity and lunacy is getting afflicted with evil spirit attacks called Preta also. Those people attacked by such evil spirits get immense relief via the above healing methods described. USA psychologists and psychiatrists are now successfully inducing sound sleep in patients afflicted with insomnia by using musical therapy. In it the patients are made to hear sweet soulful music that soothes their nerves and brain region. Patients suffering from muscular disorders are healed on being administered therapies that use special type of music and tunes. For the all round development of the psyche and muscles of the fetus in its pregnant mother’s womb, arrangements are made for the pregnant mother to hear tunes played by special types of musical instruments. Over here also very good benefits have been recorded.

In ancient India Ragas or musical tunes like Deepak Raga and Meghmalhar Raga were quite in vogue. It is believed that when this Deepak Raga was played doused flames got lit again in wick lamps etc. When the Meghmalhar Raga was sung arid skies would get filled with rain bearing clouds. Mantra Science is very much an advanced form of this art. Indian scientific bent mind Rishis of yester eras had conducted profound studies and research keeping in mind this very standpoint of Sound Science. Their hermitages built in lush green forest areas in a way were but scientific laboratories. It is from this viewpoint that over here discoveries and research studies on Mantra Science were executed. In that the questions like what results accrued when which group of words, which Mantras, with which type of chanting, with which type of sacred sentiment based Mudra, via which person was used in which manner?

On the one hand in Vedic Mantras goodwill based teachings that help sanctify our psyche and soul is detailed yet its musical tunes also have scientific importance. Vedas are very important not merely because they brim with ways of uplifting human living. This goal can be fulfilled even by pious sentiment describing poetry written in various world languages. Veda Mantras are not imbued with so much sweet delicateness as is found in modern poetry. Also it is not easy at all to understand the full meaning and sacred sensitive sentiments embedded in difficult Sanskrit literature when compared to poetry written in today’s contemporary world languages. From this standpoint when compared to Vedic Mantras, modern poetry super cedes it by miles. Hence we must truly understand that Vedic Mantras’ importance is not merely limited to sacred teachings found in them. In reality the reason why Mantras are given so much importance and glory is its scientific substratum.

Take for example Super Mantra Gayatri. If tested for sacred teachings embedded in it its importance shall be only ordinary. This Super Mantra only the message of meditating on that Almighty Lord oozing with divine light, who is supreme, radiant, the only one worth ‘marrying’ and divinity personified and attain the boon from a sacred brilliant intellect from him. Such small messages can be better written in Hindi and other language poetries and it has already been done so. There are so many renowned poems in vogue everywhere that showcase the meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri. Say can such poems and songs get the form and status of Super Mantra Gayatri? Lest only meaning were to be given full weight age, then in place of it being coined in Sanskrit language based Mantra, more pride of place and utility value would have been given to poetry written in today’s contemporary world languages.

The fact remains that the teaching based meanings embedded in Mantras are but interests we get when we put money in banks as fixed deposit. Hence the root cash or capital of Mantras is those energies that manifest at a special level and influences human life in an extraordinary manner. To know the very soul of a Mantra encompasses deeply understanding the nature, hidden mystery and application of these energies. In ancient eras energy found in Mantras was looked upon as a major topic of scientific research. In order to hence experiment, test and actually unearth it experientially Rishis would spend their entire life in doing so. Amongst all Vedic Mantras each had their own Viniyog wherein its Cchanda, Rishi and deity were mentioned. Before chanting a Mantra discussing Viniyog is mandatory because the information with reference to its research, special energy and methodology is attained by its follower properly.

The Rishi of Super Mantra Gayatri is Vishwamitra which is mentioned in its Viniyog. The meaning of this is that Rishi Vishwamitra was successful in researching into Super Mantra Gayatri by becoming its Drishta or Seer. In ancient eras only such people lived a very long life hence the life span of great Rishis was that much longer. They would ceaselessly immerse themselves in such research and hence their activity was nothing but envisioning (Darshan) the very soul of Mantras. Such research tasks are heavily dependent on difficult, intense labor and deep mental reflection and hence if they lived a very long life can it at all be called amazing?

Those teachings mentioned in Mantras can be unearthed quite easily. The meaning and teaching embedded in a Mantra can be understood and learnt maximum in 2 hours. Hence for this why would Almighty God give anyone a very long life span to live? Thus research means unfolding hidden mysteries in these meanings and teachings embedded in a Mantra. The hidden mysteries cannot be found merely in the alphabets of Mantras but that they are unveiled in the vault of energy dwelling within Mantras. Thus great Rishis of yore dedicated their very precious long lives for this end. Rishi Vishwamitra spent his entire lifetime in unearthing the potential energy periphery methodology inspiration potency and benefits pertaining to Super Mantra Gayatri. He no doubt succeeded in this meritorious task.

Words are uttered by the mouth. The mouth predominates with the fleshy tongue. Hence at a gross level it is believed that it is the tongue that speaks. Yet the bare reality is that even other parts of the mouth like throat, lips, palate, teeth etc apart from the tongue when directed properly utter special words. In Panini Grammar pertaining to Sanskrit language, there is a mention of areas of alphabets. That sound emerging due to a combined process of the functioning of these mouth parts that by radiating outwards in the external world takes up the form of word/sound. The ears hear it and the brain holds it. This word by merging into ether principle spreads not only from one end of earth to another but that it pervades every nook and corner of this infinite gigantic cosmos. No doubt these words are heard for a very short time yet its existence remains for infinity.

The word that we utter this moment in a few seconds reaches from this region to the other. For reaching the moon and other nearby planets, it could take a few minutes. After passing by all the 9 planets of the solar system this very word/sound can take a few hours. Then again just as our sun moves about with its 9 planets and 47 satellites, very similar to it 2,500,000 such stars are conjoined to our Spiral Galaxy. In this sheet of our galaxy, very much like our sun, 2,500,000 such stars are shining brightly. Again this Spiral Galaxy is quite small in this infinite gigantic cosmos or Brahmand. This is because infinite millions of such galaxies move in interstellar space. They dance about and in each of these very much akin to our Spiral Galaxy thousands of suns and millions of planets/satellites are conjoined. Ether pervades each of these. Today the word uttered by our mouth for millions of years similar to waves flowing in the sea, marches ahead and after a great long time span based on the Round Theory returns to that very place from where it originated. This word-sound may have gone very far away yet its existence in a shadow manner dwells everywhere. It can be ‘caught’ via special techniques. Today research experiments are being executed so that it would be possible today to see with our eyes episodes mentioned in the epic Mahabharat and hear with our ears Bhagwad Geeta sung by Lord Shri Krishna. It is very much possible that in future material science shall advance so greatly that even though any incidence had occurred in very ancient eras, yet it shall be possible to visualize them again and hear words uttered at that time.

Over here instead of veering from the topic being discussed we are only trying to say that words coming out either from our mouth or through any other medium, retains a firm spot in the external world. By rendering its existence secure it ceaselessly remains active. These words leave its influence on others. Hearing words that give us experiences like insult, sorrow, worry, fear, tension etc a very intense reaction occurs in the body and psyche of those hearing them. On hearing the death of some very beloved person, our entire bodily and mental mold gets shaken. In fact we may lose sleep and appetite also. Tears start flowing from our eyes and our inner soul experiences havoc. When insulted we become very angry and our eyes become red. The body trembles with wrath and our brain on failing to take correct decisions gets ready to do just about anything in a fit of ire. Similarly words that give us a feeling of benefit, love, praise, success etc renders rejuvenated our body and mind that previously had become withered and listless. Due to effect of words people either get positive transformed, fall down in life or get greatly uplifted. It is hence that Satsanga that encompasses associating with great Self Realized saints, keeping company with truly great people in all walks of life, reading literature etc that aids self introspection so that we uplift our soul towards glory etc is highly eulogized. There is a famous saying: ‘Kaka hohi pik bakahu marala’. It definitely applies to Satsanga wherein if we associate with great pious minded people we also march towards glory and if we mix with people that are psychologically vile and tainted we head towards a downfall even though such people externally appear ‘saintly’ and ‘great’ when we look at their activities in the external mundane world. The good bad effects of words that affect other people and society at large have their independent history. Draupadi had uttered 8 unwholesome words: Children of blind parents also are blind. These harsh words became the foundation of the bloody Mahabharat War. Thus the blood of thousands who died in it, took the form of a fully fledged river stream. Thus planet earth too became bloody red in hue. Similarly saints, Avatars, Rishis etc time and again have incarnated on earth. Via their sweet divine speech they succeeded in rendering well balanced entire world governance. What is the contribution of words in transforming contemporary times, an entire era and world dire situations? If we discuss this it shall take the form of a new topic. Thus in this literature penned in order to deeply mull over the word weaving in a well designed manner noted in Super Mantra Gayatri it is enough to know that words must not be looked upon as ordinary and commonplace because in the external world its movements can be very powerful and miraculous.

The effect of words and sound noted in the inner psyche (sub conscious mind) is that much more astounding. Words uttered by the mouth do not remain active merely in the external material world. Its half energy goes outside and the other half moves about within. Half the power of words uttered radiates in the external cosmos and the other half goes deep within us (in the microcosm) wherein it remains intensely active. When the trigger of the gun is pressed the bullet rushes out. This bullet not only pierces the target but that it induces a backward jerk in the gun also. Thus those who use big rifles balance it on their chest in such a way that after firing the bullet the shoulders and chest area does not get harmed. In a certain manner uttering words is akin to using a rifle. It is not as though uttering words and sounds effect space only in the external world. This is because they affect nearby places and the inner personality of the human body also. After studying this reaction very subtly and profoundly, great spiritual thinkers and seers called Rishis unfolded the Science of Mantras. They discovered that particular types of words uttered, with particular stepwise procedure, with particular types of sentiments and in a particular state emitted reactions of particular type both in the individual (micro) and the entire cosmos (macro). It is on the basis of this scientific data unearthed that a well managed cast of Mantra Science has been set up.

About 5 years back in New Delhi-India, an International Industrial Exhibition had been organized. In it a stall was set up by USA participants. They exhibited such a railway engine that was operated using radio communication technology. The one operating this technology would utter some specific words that emitted certain sound waves. This rail engine on getting influenced by these sound waves would run ahead, turn at bends and stand still when commanded to do so. This operator would explain to the audience that sound by itself is a type of energy. Just as using steam, oil, electricity etc trains move about speedily so too this railway engine made from radio communication technology is rendered mobile with the use of sound energy.

In the year 1923 under the leadership of German Science Congress such machines of human shape were designed that on the face of it they appeared like human beings only. When they walked, ran, stood up, sat or turned around they would do so like a well disciplined soldier in an army. Not only this but that they would give correct answers to a few select questions. They could aim guns and rifles so as to pierce the target. All these actions of theirs were dependent on the words uttered by their director. In a Berlin Science Exhibition they were showcased to the lay public and were told that words possess such potential that they could induce these human machines/robots to perform actions as per the operator’s will.

The wondrous reactions of the potential and deep import of sound can be noted in humans a lot. A person insulted via insulting speech turns terribly wrathful. Right from committing suicide to murdering others can be pursued by such an insulted person. There is also no dearth of examples wherein people showered with true loving words are ready to sacrifice their all for others well being. Innumerable valiant soldiers, when commanded by their Army Chief and General, fight wars even if it means getting killed mercilessly in the process. When a leader issues commands his followers are ready to lay down their lives too. A very magnanimous person on hearing the wail of agony of a distressed person shall give immense help even if he has to undergo very risky situations. Very wicked tainted people positively influenced by great teachings of truly hallowed saints are seen to work hard to transform their lives and thus finally attain true sainthood themselves. Due to the influence of great inspiring words despair turns into a lot of hope and fearful people become valiant and enterprising in life. World history oozes with such examples. Men of ethics have spoken a lot regarding praises given to sweet nectarine speech and have criticized heavily harsh insulting speech. They have thus said: ‘Kaga kako dhan harey, koyal kako deta. Meethey vachan sunaya ke jag apno kar leta’. Another famous quote is: ‘Vashikaran ek mantra hai, tajde vachan kathor’. None should harbor doubts regarding the truth behind these sayings. In a saying ‘Jehi nahi sikho bolivo, tihi sikho sab dhuri’ it is showcased that the test of true education is speaking words that are cultured and nectarine.

A few people are no doubt aware of the gross energy of words and their sound yet information regarding its subtle energy is virtually unknown to world lay public. Just as a particle of dust from the gross standpoint is given hardly any importance yet in a scientific laboratory when hidden energy in atoms of this dust particle is measured, it becomes clear that this miniscule dust particle contains energy in it that possesses the capacity of 1,000,000 ton dynamite. If it explodes area of 30 square miles can get burnt to ashes in a flash of a second. Maybe lay folks are unaware of this potent energy yet modern scientific researchers are well aware of this principle and in accordance with it are immersed in its experimentation and application.

Great Rishis of yore had done research on Sound Energy at a very high stature and they found that this super infinite vault of potential can be used as applications in a very precise manner for world welfare and wellness. Hence they labored hard tirelessly for thousands of years in this direction and amongst attainments accrued they utilized it for super benefits of entire world humanity. Today the manner in which via various machinery/gadgets/technology various aims of joyous comforts and other paraphernalia are being attained similar to this in ancient eras via Yantras or machines everything could be got that was most required for human joy, peace and material-spiritual prosperity.

In ancient eons divine weapons operated on the basis of Mantra Power. Divine weapons of those eras like Agneyastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra, Naagpash etc were not like today’s guns, rifles, gases, cannons etc because Divine Weapons of yester eras were much more powerful and oozed with much more specialized applications. Via ‘Kritya’ a person seated in his house could be killed via Mantra Energy (Maran). By applying Mantra Energy via the medium of Super Power Yajnas (fire rites) immense rainfall could be induced even in very dry arid places and nourishing food grains, herbs etc could be grown in very humungous measure. Bodily and mental diseases too were overcome with such healing methods. Soul greatness would reach zeniths with its aid. A body having mastered Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Energies) like visualizing divinity, hearing divine sounds etc on its own would be rendered an important scientific gadget. In ancient times India had achieved super glory and leadership the world over on the basis of Mantra Energy predominantly. Those who used Sound Energy scientifically and optimally for world well being were labeled Rajarshis, Maharshis, Devarshis and Brahmarshis. Hence they rendered this sacred land of India more nectarine than heavenly joys and it became the sacred abode of 33 Koti (330,000,000) deities or demigods.

It is most unfortunate that we have today forgotten this Super Science of Mantra Energy and akin to a serpent that has lost the crest jewel adorning its scalp, are dwelling in a downfallen lowly condition. In this auspicious hour of neo awakening we must again search for and attain this root fount of our radiant glorious existence. This root found is word and its sound. Scriptural seers have proclaimed: ‘Shabdo vai brahma’. It means sound itself is Brahman or Almighty God. All artistic skills, divine glories or Vibhootis etc dwelling in Brahman or Almighty God can be accrued via the medium of Sound Energy. Mantras are high stature applications of Sound Energy. Lest we too re unfold this great application doubtlessly we shall become true men of divine wisdom or Self-God Realized Gurus and Saints.

Super Mantra Gayatri is the very life force/Prana, seed, fount and deep import of entire Science of Mantras. Within Agam/Nigam/Vedas/Tantra Sciences all Tantrik applications listed must be looked upon as branches of the Seed Energy of Super Mantra Gayatri. Vedas are the infinite storehouse of Science of Mantras. In turn Vedas have manifested from Super Power Gayatri called Vedmata or Mother of Vedas and Vishwamata or World Mother. By attaining close proximity to this rare, incomparable, mind boggling, infinite and cosmic Vibhooti or Divine Glory we can successfully render our material and spiritual life, scientific and social arena etc happy, prosperous, ethically successful and self fulfilled in a glorious manner.

We must understand this precept with more profundity and imbibe it deep within wherein the progress, prosperity and happiness of mankind depend a lot on energy or Shakti. The more anyone imbibes this energy he shall taste a lot of success and capability in all walks of life be it material or spiritual. Anyone who truly realizes the need of energy and made due honest efforts to attain it he only attains the capacity to render his life well advanced in a multifaceted manner. Hence each one of us must labor hard to become well energized and powerful but in a wholesome manner.

Today modern mankind in every nook and corner of the world is immersed in amassing forces and energies available in the material realm. People’s activities are totally focused on augmenting beauty, youthful looks, might, strength, wealth, education, shrewdness in brain talent, organizational power etc and via these amass means that give joy and comforts. No doubt such efforts reap rich dividends. Of course material facilities for a joyous comfortable life are increasing day by day yet side by side man’s desires, yearnings and aspirations too are increasing at a mad pace. Yet it fails miserably in advancing one’s inner personality that bestows the boon of all encompassing and multi dimensional potential. Man in the true sense of the term can be called powerful only if his inner potentials dwelling in his personality augment manifold. With its aid he inherits that potential via which he attains eternal and self fulfilling progress in both material and spiritual realms.

The 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri help in the awakening and activating of latent vaults of soul power. Every alphabet of this Mantra blooms with its own specific scientific import. Later in this e-book we shall discuss in detail with what technique, within what context these word scriptures of Super Mantra Gayatri can be applied in what manner etc. Lest our respected valued readers alertly read, truly understand and deeply imbibe this very important Science of Mantras for 5 years in succession with regularity, then they in the true sense of the term shall become wholesomely powerful in all fronts. A true devotee/Sadhak of the omnipotent all powerful Goddess Mother Gayatri definitely becomes the lord and master of all forms of energy be they material or spiritual.







Upasana or devotion to God actually means dwelling in close proximity to Almighty God’s divine ideals and values. The more a devotee inwardly dwells close to this divine state of his chosen deity and icon of worship and meditation, the more one renders ones inner soul conducive to such a divine state of Almighty God, the more he shall imbibe within God’s divine potentials, energies, capabilities etc. Thus such a true devotee benefits from these conscious and material sacred qualities. This definitely is an optimal scientific basis of Upasana or devotion to God. When this is undergone regularly and precisely desired positive transformations can be noted in our body, mind, intellect and soul.

A well known scientist Dr Geldard wrote a book called ‘The Human Senses’. In it he says that interstellar space activities definitely affect our body and mind functioning. It possesses amazing capacity to attracting desired conducive principles in human cells and by absorbing them aptly. On this basis it has the amazing capability of overcoming lack of bodily energy. According to Dr Geldard every cell of the body is a sub radio station and is conjoined to the main station called the brain. The influence of all sentimental waves emerging in the brain is immediately noted in the atoms and cells of the body. On this very basis apart from getting affected by unseen forces in space man via the magnetic power of his psyche attracts the energy flow of very far off stars, galaxies etc within and thus can advance greatly his inner potentials.

Ancient Indian thinkers had believed these energy streams in the form of subtle divine powers. On the basis of differences in their characteristics they labeled them as different divine energies. Thus methods of meditating/worshiping (Upasana) each of these were evolved by these great Rishi seers. Along with this by practicing these worship etc methods one could advance ones potentials and thus untold measure of material and spiritual grandeur could be attained.

The world renowned Naturopath Dr Henry Linder Herr in his book ‘Practice of natural therapeutics’ has detailed the deep import of Upasana (meditating/worshiping). He writes that by conjoining human mental sensitive sentiments to a cosmic existence represented by some divine person, unseen angel, Sidha saint, a great God Realized Sadguru etc even to the extent of conjoining them to the sentiments of a worldly loving person, one could imbibe their thinking trends and experiences. Thus Dr Henry Linder Herr has not only accepted that thus one can understand their inner feelings but has also accepted that even the material atoms or bodily experiences of one’s chosen beloved icon can be attracted within our inner soul in that extraordinary state. When nails were being hammered on Lord Jesus Christ’s body while he was being hanged on the cross at that very point in time Saint Catherine also experienced pain in those very parts of her body. This is but the result of mentally and soulfully becoming one with one’s chosen icon which one meditates on and worships. Not only conscious atoms, but inert masses that are beyond the periphery of time-space, can be conjoined during this state of inner oneness. In this manner we get glimpses of past, present and future incidences on our mental screen.

Even certain scientific research experiments conducted on devotees deeply immersed in Gayatri meditation-worship showcase these facts in an amazing manner. Along with getting soulfully immersed in Gayatri meditation-worship certain bodily changes occur. Since the speed of nerve network functioning and that of the heart slows down blood based disorders reduce a lot. After sleeping the body becomes so refreshed yet this refreshing feeling is much more when we do Gayatri meditation-worship.

In every object of Prakriti or material nature the activity of eviction/excretion is mandatory. In our body too the process of excretion is executed and due to this energy leakage does occur yet excretion taking place during the phase of deep Gayatri meditation-worship waves that get emitted change their qualities and hence gets immersed in detoxifying the body/mind so as to neo create them. Super Power Gayatri’s deity is Savita which means at the time of Super Energy Gayatri meditation-worship the brilliant sun is meditated upon. It means imbibing within ourselves the unseen energy rays of the sun on the basis of the above scientific laws mentioned and thus avail their spiritual-material science benefits. Our most profound devotion to God renders our psychic consciousness into the brilliant ‘sun’. Lest we can imagine its energy, capability and experience very easily we shall perceive as to what miracles ensue when we attain Sidhi or success in Super Energy Gayatri meditation-worship practices or Sadhana.

Due to the negative pressure of psychic sentiments like discontent, restlessness, sadness, stress, tension, worry, despair, hopelessness etc one amongst those hormones secreted by the pituitary gland is STH hormone. It directly affects our body. When its measure increases a lot the body becomes agitated, impatient, restless etc and our intestines get wounded. This results in various digestive ailments and disorders appearing in our body. Yet when we are in a deep meditative state, from the pituitary gland appearing like a seed of the pea pod, 12 types of hormones get secreted that in a collective cooperative manner actively render the body healthy and its functioning well managed.

For controlling high blood pressure problems chiefly Allopath Medicines like Casparine, Inderal etc. Due to their effect the walls of arteries carrying out blood circulation become softer and due to stiffness the extra pressure manifesting decreases after medication. Yet this therapy does not solve High BP ailments permanently. When devotees immersed in meditation, worship etc were scientifically and medically examined, it was found that for controlling High BP ailments devotion, meditation and other spiritual practices or Sadhana play a major role. It means even Low BP ailments can be brought back to normalcy.

As a result of excitement and agitation setting in sensitivity and emotions, tension and stress emerge. Thus when stress and tension increase our pituitary and adrenal glands secrete hormones called Somatotropic Hormone and Deoxycorticosteron Hormone. As a result many ailments emerge in our body like severe headaches, High BP, rheumatoid arthritis, peptic ulcers, colitis, gastric ulcers, heart ailments etc. Yet when a devotee is deeply immersed mentally in meditation, Japa or Mantra chanting, Pranayam or Yogic breathing exercises etc these pituitary and adrenal gland hormones are not secreted at all. Thus the devotee experiences sound good health both mentally and physically. Since women generally are quite spiritual and religious minded these illnesses manifest quite less in their body and mind.

The director of ‘Institute of Living-Hartford’ Dr Bernard C Glue has serious studied in a scientific manner devotees immersed in deep meditation, trance or Samadhi, worship methods etc. On the one hand he scientifically tested the non spiritual methods that aid in calming of stress and tension that emerge in the body and psyche and on the other hand he asked some patients to meditate deeply. In both these applications he found that meditation techniques are manifold more successful in overcoming stress and tension that emerge in the body and psyche. In devotees who carry out spiritual practices regularly the capacity of the skin to obstruct electricity is much more than non devotees. Not only this, but the shape of the waves of devotees, who carry out spiritual practices regularly, is much more straightforward devoid of complexities.

On an average virtually all religions of the world have accepted various methods of devotional and spiritual practices called Upasana. In Indian Religion we have Gayatri practices, in Christian Religion we have Horse chasm, in Jewish Religion we have Cabbala, in Islamism we have Tasavbuf, in Japan Zen Buddhism practices are imbibed etc. The gist of these varied methods is singular only. Unswerving mental cogitation on divinity with a sacred sentiment of oneness of soul with entire world creation render our devotional practices very powerful and thus they reap immense material-spiritual benefits. Positive energy manifested by it augments n fold a person’s confidence, soul pride and will power also called Sankalpa Shakti. Along with this if we conjoin Japa or chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri and meditation on Savita deity represented by the brilliant shining sun in the sky, we get liberated very easily from innumerous bodily afflictions and psychic ailments.







Sound by itself is energy in form. There was a time in the past when it was merely used to attain information but today since modern science has advanced terrifically sound has been proved to be a very high stature form of energy. Sounds heard by our ears influence us in varied ways. When we hear insulting words we blaze with wrath and when we hear praises we bloom with happiness. Insulting words inducing stress and grief in us render us mentally agitated but when we hear news pertaining to success and joy waves of bliss emerge in our psyche. Our face beams with a big smile of joy. It is not only our mind but that our body too changes its functioning depending on what kinds of words are heard. The harsh insulting speech of Draupadi as mentioned in the epic Mahabharat set rolling in the gory Mahabharat War full of bloodshed and tears of agony. Words that are sweet and joy bestowing, not only gives happiness to mankind but that it pleases Almighty God also.

Sound flow emerging from Mantra Japa-chanting influences the total consciousness of humans its vibrations spread out in interstellar space so as to render circumstances optimal and conducive. Our throat, hands, tongue, mouth’s palate etc while chanting various words has to move in varied manners. Its effect is noted in virtually all arenas of the gross and subtle body. Mantra chanting sound affects and influences nerve networks, bio electric eddies, etc of the physical body and in the subtle body Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, Ida/Pingala/Sushumna subtle Yoga nerves or Naadis get positively influenced by it. Many types of useful transformations occur in the devotee’s gross-subtle-causal body when a Mantra chanting sound flow emerges in them. The inner personality undergoes many positive transformations. Any energy that manifests at first influences the area from which it gushes forth. Then it moves ahead to other regions and influences them also. Wherever fire erupts it shall first heat its spot of origin and only then it spreads its warmth everywhere. Mantra practices are known to influence a devotee’s inner personality the most.

Not only sound flow but that in Mantra Japa practices other techniques and applications are also included. Materials and their movements used in it, methodologies, Karmakanda or rituals and rites have their own importance. Its united collective reaction contributes miraculously in Mantra Japa-chanting practices. Due to this collective influence Mantra Japa-chanting practices can exhibit its miraculous results. This sound flow influencing the very existence of the devotee akin to radio waves commences running in interstellar space. Akin to a word arrow (Shabdavedha Bana) that pierces its target skillfully its flow bangs into those areas of the subtle world and influences them, which was the aim of doing these Mantra Japa practices.

The proof of great potential of Mantra Japa-chanting practices can be got from modern scientific research techniques. Today such technology has been designed and advanced wherein by transforming sound into subtle electrical waves cars can be rendered mobile. The renowned singer Ms Watts Hugs tried bringing about changes in nature via soulful music devoid of any technology help. She had attained this inspiration from an incident. Once Ms Watts Hugs seated on her doorstep was singing one Raga or musical tune. Whenever while singing this she entered a trance like state she would visualize a snake like shape manifesting. She failed to gauge whether actually a snake was appearing in her midst or that it was a mere figment of her imagination. In order to test this she spread out very powdered form of sand particles in that area and again started singing. While singing in a trance like state she again got the above experience. Now she stopped singing and then going near the sand particles she saw that really the sandy particles had taken the form of a snake like shape.

This mind boggling miracle inspired to learn more and more types of Ragas or musical tunes and develop them further. Although in Ragas we do not get the joy of musical notes yet they possess potent power to move our sacred sensitive sentiments in special desired directions. From this we get ecstatic soulful bliss. These waves of sacred sensitive sentiments create vibrations in electricity present in the atoms of subtle space. These vibrations manifest varied results in their own specific ways. In ancient eras talented soulful singers would sing Raga Malhar and rains would pour down even in dry arid places. When they sang Raga Deepak doused flames would get re-lit. When they sang Raga Mriga Ranjani deer and stags frolicking in forests renouncing all fear of life and death would come in a very mesmerized state. Via musical notes and tunes terrific revolution can be induced in the deep cave of this world creation. This was one of the very great attainments of renowned Indian Acharyas and Gurus. This small experiment of the renowned singer Ms Watts Hugs can be called a minor glimpse of such gigantic attainments by renowned Indian Acharyas and Gurus.

In the 3rd Kandika (section) of Gayatri Upanishad Maharshi Maitreya asked Acharya Guru Maudgalya: O Lord! What is the relationship between our mind and speech (sound)? How are these 2 related to Prakriti or nature? Acharya Guru Maudgalya answered thus:

Mana evam savita vak savitri, yatra hyeva manastadvak.

Mantra vai vak tanman iti ete dwa yono ekam mithunam.

MEANING: Mind is Savita deity and speech is Savitri Energy. Wherever our mind dwells there speech too follows suit. Both these are like 2 genital organs and one act of sexual union.

The visible world in actuality is the manifest form of the brilliant shining sun. Lest the sun did not exist entire world creation would become lifeless. It is the sun that creates nature. Scriptural authors say that this creation was done via word/sound. It means that by tying the mind to Laya or rhythm, mobility or Mantra, gross atoms can be rendered steady, in the same way as the sun steadies its nature or Prakriti.

Ms Watts Hugs in this experiment after focusing her mind on musical tones (Swaras) exhibited this gross result. This then is proof of truths mentioned in great scriptures. Lord Litton heard about this experimental application of music and hence requested Ms Watts Hugs to meet him. She was made the chief guest of a program organized by Lord Litton and he requested her to demonstrate that experimental application of music amidst a big group of leading scientists present there. She did exactly this and hence everyone was dumbstruck to see various shapes of flowers, fruits, trees, snakes, triangles, hexagons, stars, ocean, birds etc via her singing in varied tunes.

Today such technology has been designed wherein sound on getting converted to subtle electric waves motor cars are run with its aid. Yet this Science of Music devoid of any help from modern technology could create transformations in nature that can be termed only incomparable. It showed that Divine Powers via Mantras based on Sound Science could control the gross and subtle worlds. If we say that the knower of such sciences is capable of showcasing such miraculous feats know for sure that it is not an overstatement. Mantra Japa or Sound Science is 2 sides of the same coin of truth.

A lady of Italy practiced a creation of Samaveda on the Indian Sitar musical instrument which has strings like the guitar. She exhibited its application in front of thousands of viewers and everyone was spell bound by it. In the Kalyan Magazine’s spiritual practice edition Pandit Bhagwandasji has written details of this musical feat. France’s Madame Long sang various Ragas or tunes via which she etched many images of Mother Mary and Lord Jesus Christ. Thus it proved the authenticity of this principle of Indian Mantra Science wherein via mental concentration and sound every atom of nature/Prakriti could adorned in any form like fire, water, space, earth, light, mountains, rivers, birds, microbes etc.

Via Mantra Power curses-boons can be given, diseases can be cured, Maran or anyone can be killed, Mohan, Ucchatan, Abhichar, Krityaghat etc Tantra activities can succeed. Via cosmic conscious powers using sound as a medium all this can be attained. Mantras are limitless vaults of power. Lest via mental focus man learns applications based on sound energy then in comparison to ordinary lay folks he can become manifold more powerful. Music is its most straightforward and easy application.






The great potential of Super Mantra Gayatri is world renowned. In every area in which it is applied success always comes our way. On the one hand wherein this tiny primordial Mantra that wisdom and illumining inspiration reside wherein spiritual ignorance, darkness of soul and material-spiritual lack can be warded off and by awakening subtle energy centers present deep within the inner personality such a mental realm can be readied that Divine Existence (God) agrees to focus itself there permanently. Yet at the other end this is that science and knowledge from which untold energy manifests, Prana Power augments and man lives a long healthy life. In the Atharveda (19/1/71) where Super Power Gayatri is highly eulogized it is clearly written there that it bestows on mankind a long healthy life, Prana Energy, vital force, glorious fame, wealth and divine aura. No doubt Mantra Japa or chanting gives spiritual benefits like mental brilliance, radiant brain skills and soul power but over and above this it gives us innumerable material worldly benefits like good health, long disease free life, warding off strife and stress etc.

By ceaselessly repeating albeit with uniform rhythm Super Mantra Gayatri the human psyche, intellect and heart gets influenced in an extraordinary stupendous manner. With reference to this, scientists have conducted deep research and they found that via Mantra Japa or chanting the mind gets the golden opportunity of entering into a deep meditative state. Its result in the form of ‘Ulf state’ can clearly be noted on the EEG machine. ‘Ulf state’ is that condition of the psyche whose external gross form is serenity and slightly subtle form is refreshing zest. Its inner form encompasses advancement of divine qualities in the mind and ESP or Extrasensory Powers awaken in full capacity. Mantra Japa or chanting is the most potent technique in the world for churning human consciousness. With its aid not only extraordinary psychic and bodily potentials can be attained but that spiritual glories/Vibhootis and material success or Sidhis can be amassed.

Mantra Science’s experts know well that any word uttered by the tongue is done so by various parts of the mouth like throat, palate, lips, teeth, jaws etc. During this time of uttering those parts of the mouth from which sound gets emitted the nerve fibers of those parts spread out in various parts of the body. In this widespread area many glands exist and the pressure of uttering is experienced by them. If any subtle gland of a person becomes diseased or gets destroyed, certain words uttered by their mouth emerge either erroneously or in a stuttering manner. This is called stuttering. Adepts of Yoga Sciences know that the body is filled with innumerous small-big and visible-invisible glands and energy centers. In this special storehouses of energy lie hidden. The 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) associated with the Yogic Sushumna subtle nerve is well known. There are innumerable such subtle energy centers within our body. Uttering of various words-sounds pours its influence on these various subtle glands and this influence activates the previously latent energy vault of these subtle centers. Mantra words are interwoven on this very foundation. Super Mantra Gayatri has 24 alphabets. It has a bond with gross and subtle bodily endocrine systems and energy centers. When these are awakened energies that illumine our pious brain activate ESP or Extrasensory Powers. Via Super Mantra Gayatri chanting the guitar of the subtle body gets twanged at 24 places and from it such a musical sound wave emerges that its influence is noted on important principles of the subtle unseen world. Super Mantra Gayatri has been woven with such a well sequenced chain of words that because of this special stepwise word designing and weaving creates a mind boggling and specialized energy stream not only in the body, mind and inner recesses but also in the visible and invisible subtle world.

Mantras possess sound. It is the congregation of sound that is called Mantra. Scientists have done deep research on Sound Science and have exhibited various tangible miracles. Today right from various medical therapies to destructive endeavors the usage of this has commenced. Newer experimentation and scientific studies are being done on sound waves. Leading scientific experts of Germany have drawn conclusions based on various research data that on the human body sound waves and more so Mantra Science wondrous effects are noted. While describing energy manifesting from sound waves when Pranav Naad called ‘Om’ is chanted they write that lest Om is chanted aptly it can tear apart even a huge tough wall. A similar type of conclusion has been detailed by a French lady scientist (Ms Watts Hughes) in her book ‘Voice figures’. According to her Mantra Japa chanting influences our heart and brain predominantly. When at a regular hour daily we chant Mantras devotionally in a sequential manner mental and spiritual energies start manifesting. With ease material benefits accrue like augmenting of Prana Energy called life force, attaining good health and a long disease and tension free life span.

When the human body Prana Energy called Sanjivani Shakti also abnormally increases-decreases bodily-mental balance goes haywire. Thus many bodily-mental illnesses attack us. Medical doctors and scientists heal them in their own way. Yoga scientists via many methods pertaining to Pranayam or Yogic breathing exercises help us ward off such diseases and illnesses. Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting easily fulfills this requirement. This technique is devoid of any side effect and totally secure. Gayatri means protecting Prana Energy (Trana). ‘Gaya’ means Prana Energy or life force and ‘Tri’ means one protecting it. By following these practices man can amass untold measure of life force and then by becoming Super Cosmic Divine Prana by merging with it can help those who are needy and weak.

In Indian Spiritual Sciences there are many such Mantras mentioned wherein by chanting Pranav Naad called ‘Om’ in a sacred sentimental manner (Bhava samvedana) healing benefits accrue in a big way. The importance and utility value of Super Mantra Gayatri amongst the plethora of Mantras known is supreme. Super Mantra Gayatri is a solar Mantra which has a direct bond with Prana Energy called life force also. This preliminarily first bestows a long healthy life span to its devotee and renders them oozing with Prana Energy. Via scientific experimental research this fact has been proved that by chanting Super Mantra Gayatri man’s Prana Energy called life force augments wondrously. In Medical Science terminology that which is called immunity (capacity to ward off diseases attacking our body) is nothing but high measure of Prana Energy called life force brimming in our body. It is only when this weakens a lot and decreases in measure that man gets afflicted with various bodily-psychic illnesses. When we daily and regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri our entire body starts blooming with potent Prana Energy called life force. This along with protecting body from disease causing agents both within and without bestows on us a long healthy life span. When we test deeply it can be found that if we regularly chant Super Mantra Gayatri the number of breaths (inhaling-exhaling) decreases. The normal number is 15 but due to regular chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri the number of breaths comes down to 7. Generally every healthy person breathes 21,600 times every 24 hours. It means in 1 minute he breathes 15 times. Yogic practices like Pranayam (breathing exercises) our breathing becomes well controlled and properly managed. Hence the speed of breathing decreases. Via Mantra Japa chanting also this aim is achieved. Thus lest someone does Mantra Japa chanting for 1 hour daily know that his life pan augments by about 500 breaths. Hence if he continues chanting on a long term basis he can live for a very long lifetime.

Regarding the above fact a senior doctor attached to Jabalpur Medical College who is a heart specialist called Dr RS Sharma has conducted very profound scientific research. In his book ‘Therapeutic benefits of Gayatri Mantra’ he writes that not only does Mantra Japa chanting uplift our soul to heights of glory but that it helps us succeed stupendously in regaining excellent physical and mental health also. What is the effect and influence of regular Super Mantra Gayatri chanting on man’s life span and lifestyle? For researching into this 20 people were chosen between the age of 40-80 years. These were known to do Mantra Japa chanting regularly and along with them their other family members, dear friends etc who did not do any Mantra Japa chanting were also studied scientifically simultaneously. The food intake, dietary measures, resting, sleeping hours etc of both these groups was kept the same. They were initially tested with ECG, EEG, Blood Pressure etc and each one’s medical reports were collected. It was also examined as to whether any of these participants were afflicted with High BP ailments or any other heart related ones. For 3 years at a stretch a 3 monthly medical examination was done on them. The results of the group who executed Mantra Japa chanting regularly were quite amazing. It was found that the blood pressure and heart beats of these people doing regular Mantra Japa chanting started decreasing in a stepwise manner. But the blood pressure and heart beats of those who did not do any Mantra Japa chanting remained fairly high. In the 1st group that did regular Mantra Japa chanting none ailed with High BP problems nor had any angina or any other heart related illnesses. None of such people were reported to even die of cardiovascular or cerebral vascular ailments whereas in the non chanting 2nd group of people studied many died due to such medical disorders.

Ordinary laymen have no control over their heart beats yet for those who perform Yoga practices it is very easy and normal for them to increase-decrease heartbeats and pulse as per their will and render their rhythmic functioning well balanced. Via these Yoga techniques the involuntary muscles of the heart can be made to function as per our controlled direction. Via Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting people can be freed from Sinus Tachycardia (abnormal heartbeats), heart attacks that can kill people and so on. Via Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting not only can the rhythmic heart beats be regularized optimally but that we can obstruct sudden accidental death also. In order to prove this Dr Sharma attached to Jabalpur Medical College who is a heart specialist, recently scientifically studied and examined the effect of Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting done between 17 days to 1 year by 266 people between the age of 16-70 years. Amongst these majority suffered from Cardiac Arimias, Arterial Tachycardia and other heart related medical disorders. They were made to do regular Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting. After 1 year of chanting, it was found that in comparison to the curing capacity of Allopath medicines administered for such heart problems, the healing effect of Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting was much more permanent and conducive. The final phase of the 20th century and contemporary 21st century predominates with hypertension and High BP ailments the world over. The number of people afflicted with hypertension and High BP ailments the world over number in millions and each year more and more such patients are adding to this number hectically. The Allopath and other types of medicines administered are not giving any permanent relief for hypertension because it is basically a psychosomatic disease. Thus the roots of such psychosomatic diseases dwell in mental agitation, inner unrest, excess excitement, worries, tension and stress in the psyche. Hence its cure and therapy also must have its basis in the psyche. It must positively influence our thinking process and sanctify our consciousness optimally. In this manner our nervous system, muscular system and blood circulating vessels shall function in a well balanced manner. For achieving this healthy state of bodily-mental functions Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting has proven to be most apt and beneficial. On the one hand Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting has the capacity to render our mind and brain brimming with high stature thinking and sacred inspirations and thus uproots psychic taints and distortions, there at the other end it also has the wondrous potential to influence positively, excite and awaken subtle bodily glands, energy centers and nerve networks so as to render them very powerful. Research scientists have found that those people whose heartbeats were 110/minute decreased to 70/minute after they did Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting daily for 3 months to 1 year in a row. According to medical experts the Autonomic Nervous System and the psyche-brain directly bond with Mantra chanting. Thus such wondrous health benefits accrue.

The material spiritual benefits, Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers etc accrued due to Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting are not attained suddenly from some divine grace because this benefit is due to the scientific process ceaselessly going on in Mantra chanting. A Mantra bestows success when uttered methodically that is based on scriptural injunctions. It is hence that it becomes possible for the effect of its well woven words to take place in various bodily energy centers. In successful Mantra Japa or chanting along with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana, regular and rhythmic chanting contributes in a major. Faith and trust in Mantra practices can be considered to be its very spine without which success cannot be tasted in a big way.





















The astounding potency of Mantra Energy is well renowned. A description of the application of so many divine weapons like Agneyastra, Pashupatastra, Vayavastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra etc that were used in the Mahabharat War and Ramayan Era have been described in our scriptures. All these functioned, using Mantra Energy and energy that emerged from a power mental resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) from the psychic center. In comparison to modern day nuclear weapons and laser weapons these divine weapons pierced their target with 100% precision. This feat showcased using Mantra Energy is but the miracle of man’s Prana Energy and spiritual power (Para Shakti).

Today the attention of modern scientists also is focusing on this spiritual power (Para Shakti) hidden in the deep recesses of the human inner personality. They are making plans to get knowledge regarding secret activities of the enemy camp, designing ‘Mind Wars or Games’ etc using this spiritual power. According to them there is a possibility of man carrying out spying activities using focused energy manifesting from Mantra Japa or chanting. He can destroy war submarines hiding in the deep ocean bed, missiles etc using his terrific Prana Energy or life force. It is also possible that this focused energy will be used for schemes to attack the enemy camp. By advancing weapons to the stature of Agneyastra, via terrific Prana Energy someone can be burnt alive or that create a destructive inferno.

Tantra Sciences brim with such techniques. In it there is a detailed description of techniques like Maran, Mohan, Ucchatan, Vashikaran, Stambhan etc and instructions of its proper application also have been given. The reason being that if a foolish person uses a rifle once the bullet gets released the rifle’s backward jerk can tear apart the rifle user’s chest. In Tantrik applications the effects of those special Mantras used can be very repulsive. Energy emerging from it is used to terrorize others and inflict untold harm on them. No doubt experts who can awaken this energy can use it to execute great beneficial tasks for society’s well being.

But the above does not hold true for Mantra Science. Energies emitted by Mantra Science are used only for great glorious tasks of welfare and well being. The result of Mantra chanting done with special rhythm, sound and musical tune is always joy bestowing and giver of wholesome beneficial powers. A positive effect definitely emerges when Mantra Japa or chanting is done in a well defined sequence, rhythm and periphery along with mentally focusing on the meaning of the Mantra. In spiritual sciences there is a mention that each Mantra has its special meaning, goal and utility value. Not only the emission of energy dwelling in it is heavily dependent on a Mantra’s methodical chanting but that even the devotee’s sacred sensitive sentiments, faith and rhythmic Mantra chanting plays a chief role. It is the confluence of all these that very effective energy manifests and varied types of results can be noted. On this basis every word uttered by the mouth becomes Mantra personified and very powerful. Mantra Seer Gurus opine that sound emerging from sequential rhythmic Mantra chanting gets positively transformed completely. Due to this positively transformed a sort of wide net of powerful vibrations spreads in all directions. The more this net of powerful vibrations is dense the more miraculous results are experienced. Due to sound waves emerging from Mantra Japa chanting in our mind, brain and vital force a new potent energy starts flowing and this step by step becomes a huge vault of divine energy.

Scientists researching in the field of Mantra Science opine that Mantras possess infrasonic and ultra sonic sounds with less frequency. They accept that infrasonic sound waves are serene and sacred in nature. They further elaborate that in Mantras dwell a humungous vault of terrific energy known to bestow a new rejuvenated life. Ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency are said to be very destructive in nature. In Tantra Science such ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency are generally made use of. With its aid creatures and materials can be destroyed to pulp in the same way as powerful weapons like atomic bombs are known to do so. It is well known that via the medium of ultrasound metal sheets can be cut, melted and huge buildings can be razed down in a flash of a moment. The well known scientist of Russian origin B Kudrayabatsev has proved that ultrasound is the substratum of Mantra Power. It has been reported that sound waves emerging from congregational Mantra chanting bangs into the gigantic geomagnetic flow that surrounds planet earth’s Ionosphere and by getting positively transformed spreads out in the entire environment and atmosphere of earth. It influences not only the devotee who chants Mantras but that all animate-inanimate (conscious-inert) beings also get beneficially influenced by it.

Ancient eras’ glorious Rishis were well conversant with this terrific capacity of sound. They discovered such words or group of words whose effect and influence is of extraordinary stature. These were termed ‘Mantras’. Seers of these Mantras on the basis of their long term profound research and experience had beforehand determined that by chanting which Mantra, in what manner which type of energy shall emerge. They also found answers to what type of effect of this Mantra Energy shall be noted which part of the body and psyche or subtle Yogic Chakras, glands etc. In comparison to the meaning of Mantras the weaving of words in Mantras and sound embedded in them are of manifold more importance.

The renowned psychiatrist of Virginia-USA and director of ‘Association for research and enlightenment’ Dr Herbert B Periyar opines that sacred Mantras possess mind boggling potential to churn the very deep recesses of the human psyche. He calls them a potent medium of awakening and advancing latent divine powers dwelling deep within the psyche. Lest proper usage of Mantra Energy can be done then the devotee can develop a firm bond with Divine Existence or Almighty God along with God’s helper energies. The authenticity of Mantras resides in the manifestation of energies dwelling latently in them and this is heavily dependent on the devotee’s purity, steadfast faith and greatness of goal chosen.

Mantra Japa chanting in actuality is a special prayer that on reaching its pinnacle of fulfillment becomes capable of magnetically attracting within Almighty God akin to a very potent magnet. This is a supreme means of transforming positively energy in a high stature manner. Along with Mantra Japa chanting Mantra’s meaning and meditation on divine sentiments and sacred inspirations dwelling in them showcase miraculous pious results. Amongst all Mantras Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the top spot. In it words have been woven in such a manner that it awakens and excites all Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, nerve networks etc in the body. Thus latent potentials start awakening and reach a high stature advanced state. Brahmavarchas (divine aura) is attained via Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting only. Lest by conjoining sacred sensitive sentiments we use Mantra Energy for sacred welfare tasks those benefits accrue eulogized greatly by Samaveda hymns, other Vedas and Upanishads.

















In Saurashtra state of India Jamnagar city is called ‘Little Kashi’ because there many small-big temples of Lord Mahadeva or Shiva can be found. Amongst these 2 temples are very well known called Shri Bhidabhanjan Temple and Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The government there and many residents there make arrangements for residing, food etc for all Pandits, priests, astrologers, Vedic scholars, Sanyasis etc coming from other regions in India. Especially in the monsoon season such saints and scholars arrive here who via religious-spiritual discourses spread the divine message of Vedic Religion also called Sanatan Dharma.

North and Southern India are much more well advanced as far as Vedas, Upanishad and Karmakand (Vedic rites-rituals) is concerned when compared to other regions of India. Amongst the latter Western India lags way behind as far as rites, rituals, devotion to God and Mantra Energy is concerned. Although in Jamnagar, Rajkot, Gondal, Bhavnagar, Junagadh and such other few areas great scholarly Pandits do reside yet in other regions their number is miniscule. Yet along with this the public there is very religious minded, Jijnasus of God Realization and serve and honor great saints very devotionally.

So many scholarly Vedic Pandits visiting Dwarka City in Saurashtra lodge and board at Jamnagar since it is the capital city of Saurashtra State. About 10-15 years back 2 South Indian Brahmins from Hyderabad city came to Jamnagar. They had never previously visited this region hence how could they understand Gujarati language spoken in Jamnagar? They could converse in Sanskrit language but in Jamnagar very few people understood Sanskrit. The Brahmins could understand Marathi language also but again in Jamnagar very few people understood it. These Hyderabad Brahmins got a room in the guest house of Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Yet because of language communication barriers they resided akin to dumb people. Under such conditions how could the public in Jamnagar get influenced by their scholarly knowledge? Yet they had deep faith that Goddess Sharada the presiding deity of speech or Vak shall definitely showcase her miracle.

On Bhadrapad Vadi 9 (Hindu calendar) was the birthday of Queen Gulab Kunvarba of Jamnagar. On that day all leading Brahmins arrived at her palace court for blessing the queen and she gave them charity, Dakshina etc. But who would allow unknown people to enter her court? Thus the 2 South Indian visitor Brahmins from Hyderabad city became sad. But one person present there told the 2 Brahmins: Near the place where you are residing opposite to it it Dayanand Brahmapuri. There at 4 pm a program has been organized and Queen Gulab Kunvarba too shall grace this program. She is very magnanimous and imbibes great qualities of everyone she contacts. So come there and meet her in the afternoon.

The 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta now saw a ray of hope and they reached the program hall. The program commenced and many scholarly Pandits read out blessings in poetry form penned in Gujarati language. Both Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta stood at a distance watching the proceedings going on. Today for any such program you need ‘high level contacts’ and special passes to sit in the front which these 2 Brahmins did not possess. Both of them stared at the queen. The queen was very wise and full of deep faith to Almighty God. She would glance all around her in detail. When her eyes spotted the 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta standing at a distance both of them raised their hands in blessings to the queen. On seeing this, the queen requested them to come forward near her. They stood in front of her table and read out 3 verses as blessings on her birthday. The entire audience in this royal program were quite wonderstruck to hear the clear chanting, deep voice while they chanted these verses in the Divine Language Sanskrit. In fact in this entire program only these 2 stranger Brahmins had blessed the queen in Sanskrit Shlokas or verses that too with such perfect pronunciation and methodical chanting. Hence Queen Gulab Kunvarba was very pleased and with great joy requested both of them to come to her palace next day in the morning. In order that no one obstructs their entry into her palace she gave the 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta 2 gate passes.

Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta felt that their steadfast devotion reaped rich fruits. Yet they did face the difficulty of not understanding Gujarati language. In order to solve this problem they after deep cogitation found a way. They found a person who was well versed with both Marathi and Gujarati language. Taking this person along they reached the queen’s place dot on time and after seeing their passes the gatekeeper led them to the queen’s visitor room. Now when the queen spoke in Gujarati this person would translate it into Marathi for the benefit of Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta and whatever the latter spoke in Marathi would be translated into Gujarati for the queen’s benefit. In this manner the 2 Brahmins held a very interesting dialogue with queen regarding religious scriptures, Mantra Science, Yajna Science etc.

In Saurashtra State every 2nd or 3rd year famine occurs. When the god of rains gets wrathful he stops all rainfall. That year too, the Bhadrapad month (Hindu calendar) was ending yet not a drop of rain had poured down. Thus the public there were very harassed and worried. The 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta had eulogized Mantra Power a lot. They had with steadfast faith proclaimed that impossible tasks could be rendered possible via Mantra chanting. Hence Queen Gulab Kunvarba said: Revered Brahmins! If you conduct a religious rite program to induce rainfall it shall be very good. If this program succeeds much more honor shall be showered on you and you shall be given a lot of Dakshina (preceptor gifts).

The 2 Brahmins said: Why would the demigods not get pleased? On the 10th day after we commence a Yajna definitely rain shall pour down. Our ancient great Rishi-Munis had done austerities birth after birth and had appeased demigods. Say was all this Mantra chanting penance vain and futile? Were they just fooling us all? No! What our Rishis did was all true to the last letter. Hence we have firm faith that Almighty God shall fulfill your desire and thus the glorious fame of our Vedic Mantras shall augment n fold.



Immediately the royal servants were commanded to start making arrangements for this Varun Yajna program. The Yajna spot chosen was the southern region of Jamnagar city where there was the confluence of Rivers Rangmati and Nagmati. There in a surrounding of solitude stood a very ancient temple of Lord Nagnath Mahadeva. On the threshold of the temple the Yajna Mandap was set up. Electric lights and bulbs were wired properly. The 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta would cook food with their own hands and ate only once in a day. In a guesthouse over there these Brahmins were given 3 rooms for staying. In order to make arrangements for all kinds of Yajna materials required a royal officer was appointed. Security guards were made to stand on duty at the doorway and nearby surroundings. The royal priest was issued an order that he must send 9 capable Pandits or priests who were well versed with offering Ahutis to the Yajna Fire in a prescribed manner. All demigods like Ganesh, Indra etc were reinstated at their appointed places. The 2 Hyderabad Brahmins with their own hands made a beautiful image of Rishi Shringi representing Varun deity. At an auspicious hour on the day of Ashwin Shukla Pratipada (Hindu calendar) the Anushthan of Varun Yajna commenced.

The 2 Hyderabad Brahmins told the Brahmin priests doing the Anushthan: Respected Brothers! It is your prime duty to see to it that the glory of our Dwijatva or true Brahmin qualities does not experience a downfall. By observing celibacy during the entire Anushthan period you must chant Mantras with deep faith and devotion to Almighty God. Let us show the world that even in this dark gloomy era called Kaliyug our Vedas are fully awakened and beneficially active. Do not lose courage even a wee bit since this is our prayer to you all.

The moment at 5 am early morning a bell was sounded everyone would awaken, perform ablutions, brush their teeth, have a refreshing bath etc they would sit down in their appointed seats to do Sandhya Vandan rites. Then after drinking tea, coffee, milk etc exactly at 8 am the main Anushthan would commence. At 12 pm they would have a meal of Falahar like bananas, sweet Pedhas, Barfi, Falahari Puri, Rabdi, potato dish etc and then rest for 2 hours. None of them were given permission to move out of the Yajna Anushthan area. The moment it was 2.30 pm again Mantra chanting commenced and at 7 pm it would get completed. Then again after doing Sandhya Vandan rites at 7.30 pm Niranjan Arti would commence. After this, dinner would be served and then everyone went to sleep.

All types of facilities were arranged for Yajna performing Brahmins and were fed to rich nutritious food. But as against this the 2 Hyderabad Brahmins would eat only once at night by boiling rice themselves. In the afternoon they ate very miniscule amount of Falahar food. Yet because of greedy narrow minded attitude the other Brahmins would spew envy on the 2 Hyderabad Brahmins. These Brahmins’ cunning ploy was to see to it that this Anushthan failed somehow and thus the 2 Hyderabad Brahmins’ credentials would get tainted. Amongst these jealous Brahmin priests 2 were youths. At night they would secretly go home and would return at 4 am in the morning.

Three days of the Anushthan passed by yet the sky remained hot and cloudless. Both the pious Hyderabad Brahmins became sad. Even on the 4th and 5th day there was unbearable heat and blazing sunshine. More days passed by making these 2 Hyderabad Brahmins very worried and tensed. When even on the 8th day no change was noted they became very distressed and thus they could not eat even a morsel of food or sleep at night. When even on the final day no rainfall occurred they entered the Yajna Mandap area at night. They shed tears of helplessness in front of their icon’s image and in a very anguished voice chanted the following Mantra:

Om tattva yami brahmana vandman stadashaste yajmano havirbhihi. Ahemano varunaha bodhyaru shans mana ayuhu pramoshi.

MEANING: The Yajman or Yajna performer by offering Havishya (Yajna materials to Yajna fire) as per Yajurveda via this eulogy of Vedas I pray to you that you fully deserve to be eulogized greatly. O Varuna Deva! You are such that devoid of wrath keeping in mind to fulfill our desires in this Yajna please bless us with a long healthy life span.

The day of Purnahuti arrived (final Ahuti offered to Yajna fire). There was no sign of rain fall. It was afternoon time. Both the pious Hyderabad Brahmins became very dejected. At 5 pm in the evening the Purnahuti was to be offered by the queen in the form of a coconut to the Yajna fire. The religious public gathered there in huge hordes to witness this Purnahuti. The Jamsaheb in person, many high stature officials and citizens were present there. The queen arrived and sat in fron of the Yajna Kunda or pyre. Both the pious Hyderabad Brahmins commenced chanting the Mantra Sukta of Agni Narayan or Fire God. People seated in the Yajna arena were having various types of doubts. The bodies of these 2 pious Hyderabad Brahmins had become very thin due to fasting yet because they had chanted Mantras with a focused mind oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments their forehead shined with a brilliant aura. Both appeared to be real Ritwijas. In comparison the remaining priests appeared very healthy, fat and a bulging paunch in the middle. Their forehead appeared pale devoid of any special aura. The sky was clear and no signs of clouds were seen. It was intensely hot due to hot sunshine blazing down. The Purnahuti coconut was handed over to the queen. The fire flames in the Yajna fire were blazing forth. These 2 pious Hyderabad Brahmins and the remaining priests started chanting ‘Swaha’ in a chorus. Immediately the queen offered the Purnahuti coconut to the Yajna fire. The moment this coconut entered the Yajna fire a loud thunder sound was heard in the sky above and along with lightning clouds poured down rain in that and surrounding areas. Since for 5 days a good amount of rainfall was witnessed the harsh hardhearted shadow of famine ran away like a dog with tail between its legs.

Almighty Lord thus bestowed glorious fame on the 2 pious Hyderabad Brahmins and thus exhibited to all the great victory of Mantra Power. The Jamsaheb and his consort-queen gave rich clothes to the 2 pious Hyderabad Brahmins and lots of cash Dakshina (preceptor gift). They in turn handed over 1/4th of this gift to a Government Sanskrit School there and another 1/4th portion to the ‘Anand Baba Orphanage’. Finally these 2 pious Hyderabad Brahmins also said: Amongst the Brahmin priests who were performing the Yajna rituals a few were not observing celibacy vows. It is hence that the rain gods delayed blessing us with a downpour of rain. We were thoroughly tested because observing celibacy vows is the very firm foundation of Karmakanda (rites/rituals) in Yajna Science. Due to this startling miraculous episode Yajna programs attained lots of weight age all around in this region.















The causal principle of this gigantic cosmos’ creation is said to be the word ‘Om’ called Omkar or Pranav Naad. In the subtle world in the form of Naad Brahman (Divine Sound) it is Om that predominates whereas in the activities of the gross world are dependent on gross words. Om is that ultrasound that cannot be heard by human ears but can be experienced. In Spiritual Science it is called Brahmavachak or that connoting divinity. In research pertaining to Naad or sound the devotee takes recourse to any one chosen Mantra. This is also the primordial union of Prakriti-Purusha or Nature-God and since this process continues, world creation activities also go on unhindered. This is also the seed of Super Mantra Gayatri. From Om 3 Vyahvrittis emerge. From each of these 3 words erupted similar to sprout from a seed sown that later grows into a plant, flower, fruits, leaves etc. Thus a huge tree grows from a tiny seed. Super Power Gayatri is like a tree and Om can be compared to its seed. When the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri are chanted the 24 energy centers present in the deep recesses of the human body awaken and on its basis the devotee becomes a master of innumerable Divine Glories called Ridhi-Sidhis. This multifaceted benefit in a certain sense can be attained merely by chanting ‘Om’ alone.

The regular procedure of Mantra Japa or chanting creates a 2 fold reaction. One is noted within and the other without. The sound flow emerging from it of the stature of infrasonic waves where on the one hand generate energy in subtle Yogic Chakras situated in the human body there at the other end due to these sound vibrations a special type of churning is noted in the environment. With reference to this, material scientists of today’s modern era too have done deep research and have proved the authentic nature of ancient Mantra Science of India.

Research scientists studying Mantra Science have found that after Mantra chanting is done sound waves created from its repeated chanting bangs against the geomagnetic flow called Shuman’s resonance that surrounds the Ionosphere on planet earth. It hence gets transformed and surrounds the entire earth’s atmosphere. Mantra sound of the stature of infrasonic waves influence creatures, trees etc in an equal manner. During experimental research it has been found that Mantras chanted in congregational Anushthans (programs) in a well unified musical tone within Shooman’s Resonance create that very type of speedy movement akin to ‘Ulf state’ state noted in a devotee’s brain who has entered a deep meditative and trance like state. It is already known that alpha brain waves emerging with a speed of 7-13 cycles/sec creates a conducive and zest augmenting effect in a person’s body and psyche. From this a person becomes stress free and full of zestful enterprise. When a devotee delves deeper in meditation he attains a Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance like state overflowing with divine bliss and ecstasy. After banging into the geomagnetic flow the alpha waves of Mantras, by circulating in the entire Biosphere as per its nature, creates effects and results in tandem with it.

The renowned scientist of Zurich-Dr Hans Jenny in order to examine the potential of Mantra Science designed a special scientific technical apparatus called ‘Ton scope’. When in it something is uttered or that some sound is made to enter in it, it emerges as a shape on the screen. In one such experiment Dr Hans Jenny found that when in this ‘Ton scope’ Om sound is uttered a special geometric shape emerges on the screen. But when other commonplace words are uttered in it no such special geometric shape emerges on the screen. While getting amazed with this development Dr Hans Jenny says that great Rishi-Munis of oriental countries had done very important research on Mantra Power. She opines that in Mantra Science words are woven in a special sequence. Hence in the special scientific technical apparatus called ‘Ton scope’ it creates a special geometric pattern on the screen. It is hence that Mantras manifest important potent effects and influences.

The above research by Dr Hans Jenny unveils that mystery of Mantra Science wherein it is said that every Mantra oozes with invisible powers and divinity. These emerge when a devotee chants Mantras with deep faith and potent will power or Sankalpa Shakti. In their writings leading Theosophist thinkers like Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Madam Blavatsky etc have opined that in comparison to ordinary collection of words, Mantras are totally different and are founts of untold energy activation. Regarding this Sir John Woodroffe in his famous book ‘Garland of letters’ writes that at the root of the special designing of Mantras mysterious meaning and energy reside and when these Mantras are chanted regularly by a devotee with deep faith he becomes the lord of an infinite storehouse of Divine Powers.

In spiritual practices in the form of Naad Yoga (sound), usage of ultrasound dwelling in Mantras helps in advancing our soul to peaks of true greatness. Yet modern science has used it differently wherein they cure bodily-mental diseases with its help.

In a magazine called ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ an article called ‘Yoga for drug abuse’ was published. Its author Dr H Benson mentions the useful nature of Mantra Japa chanting along with meditation for overcoming drug abuse and narcotic addiction. According to him 20 people within the age group of 21-38 years were asked to do Mantra Japa chanting for many months at a stretch with regularity. Nineteen people amongst these who were heavy drug addicts using deadly narcotics like smack, LSD, heroin etc were able to overcome this addiction totally via long term Mantra Japa chanting and meditation. After this these former drug addicts never felt the need to use any narcotics. All of these totally stopped pursuing any form of drug and narcotic addiction that previously was appearing totally impossible for them to do so.

By chanting Mantras with faith, clear rhythmic tone and repeating it ceaselessly a mobile system of the very subtle sound waves emerging from Mantra repetition manifests. This in turn positively influences and transforms the bodily, mental and sacred sensitive sentiment system of the devotee. Even scientific research and applications have proved that when Om is chanted stepwise, with rhythm and ceaselessly brain distortions and disorders get uprooted. The muscular network becomes healthy and strong. Our blood pressure becomes optimally balanced. The more one chants Mantras our heart’s mobility and strength increases and blood circulation becomes well managed with optimal speed. In turn the blood purification function turns very healthy and our blood transporting vessels get adequate rest. On the one hand it renders radiant our Prana Energy or life force and at the other end, our Ojas-Tejas (divine light) increases manifold.

Right since primordial eras in Indian Spiritual Practices various types of Mantra-Tantra Anushthans (religious programs) have always been in vogue. Via Mantra Energy the individual soul can merge into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God. Thus the process of personality development can reach super completion. Today’s modern scientific research has put its stamp of authority doubtlessly on the positive effect and influence of Mantra Energy in personality development. In London-UK ‘Uta College of Medicine’ and in New York-USA ‘Albert Einstein College of Medicine’ has done long term ceaseless research on bodily-mental disease healing and therapy using Mantra sounds. A very similar research is being conducted in Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family-Haridwar-Uttarakhand-India) where the Brahmavarchas Research Institute has been set up. Here research on Mantra Shakti or Energy is giving very laudable and inspiring beneficial results.












Mantra chanting practices are not mere repetition (ad nauseum) of a collection of a few words but that it is a scientific application of Sound Energy. In it the devotee has to unite 3 principles viz. bodily control, mental control and augmenting of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). Only then do miracles pertaining to Sound Energy manifest. In the advancement of the physical body nourishment via food, water and air is required. Similarly in order that word/sound takes the form of Mantra Energy, a devotee needs to undergo a 3-fold sanctification process. By itself Mantras constituting of a chain of words also have their own importance.

In Mantra Japa chanting our bodily and mental state has to be rendered such that the uttered word and sound flow must not be parrot like and superficial. If just to repeat sound we use our mouth apparatus no doubt a psychological influence is noted in the devotee yet that effect cannot manifest which is noted via ultrasound.

Researchers of Sound Science have known that whatever is spoken by the mouth and heard by the ears, sound capacity is not limited to it only. This is because there are such sounds in the world that although are not heard by human ears, yet from the effect standpoint they are super powerful.

It goes without saying that words and sounds affect just about everybody the world over. Suppose a child has never heard a lion roar or an elephant trumpet yet suddenly one day it actually hears it, the child shall turn pale with fear even though it does not know that the lion is a violent carnivore beast. When we hear the cuckoo’s musical voice we become very pleased and on hearing the crow caw-caw harshly we get annoyed. Word and sound is a type of stirring induced in the psyche that is like churning water so as to ward off muck in it. In the same way sound vibrations not only create special effects but that these vibrations possess the power of transmission. Very much like muck they pull out foreign agents and evict them out. In the body there are such Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, subtle glands and subtle nerves that in their own way influence and transmit sounds emitted by various words. Mantra Science experts who are also adepts of science of sacred sensitive sentiments apply these very musical note waves in the form of power that wards off various diseases.

Sound Energy can be transformed into heat energy. When word/sound bangs into the cells of perception in the brain region we attain many types of information. Lest by ‘catching’ them we transform them into energy they become capable of executing activities of so many types pertaining to electricity, heat, light, magnetism etc.

High stature experts in the realm of electronics have so far not been able to design such scientific technology that from the standpoint of the capacity to hear are as sensitive as the human ears. The ear membrane catching sound relays it to the brain. Its thickness is 2500th part of an inch. Despite this it is capable of identifying about 400,000 types of different words and sounds. It can minutely differentiate between all of these. We humans can differentiate between the sound of our car’s machine and a cow mooing despite the fact that other cars and cows emit very similar type of sound. Yet even this very miniscule difference in sound emitted can be perceived and thus differentiated by human ears. From what distance, from which direction is the voice of which person coming? We find no difficulty in correctly identifying this. This perception is but the miracle of the subtle sensitivity of human ears.

Sound Energy has a strong bond with mental focus. If we evince very less interest in certain matters, despite a lot of noise occurring around us we virtually perceive nothing. But yet if we evince deep interest even whispers and very soft murmurs shall be perceived by us. It goes without saying that along with Mantra Japa practices meditation methods are conjoined simply because along with Mantra chanting mental focus remains of high stature. Thus in order to render the sound flow used very powerful focused energy proves very helpful in this endeavor.

Today in scientific research studies and in the world of various industries sound waves that cannot be seen or heard by human beings are creating a terrific revolution. By aptly controlling ultrasound mind boggling tasks are being executed like in surgery, killing viruses and other microbes, warding off smoke and fog, washing clothes/blankets/very expensive carpets devoid of inflicting any harm in them, rendering shiny very tiny parts of wrist watches etc. Not only such small tasks but that cutting huge thick metal sheets in a flash of a moment, piercing holes in them, melting them, joining each of them together etc also is being done in a flash using ultrasound methods that previously required huge machinery taking a long time to do all this. Today the entire world is dumbstruck by this miraculous feat of sound. People fail to understand that via such subtle functioning how can such heavy tasks be carried out virtually hassle free and in such a short time period. Scientists today are very zealously researching scientifically into energy emitted by ultrasound known to be more all pervasive and sharp when compared to electricity.

In the vision of today’s modern science also gross sounds do not hold much importance because audible sound energy is very miniscule in measure and potency. Lest for 150 years this sound is created without pause only that much energy gets created by it required to boil a cup of tea. Yet in the form of breath or thought waves that mental explosion of word and sound taking place is reported to be very powerful. No doubt this sound cannot be heard by human ears yet it is so intense that via only 1 sense organ of ours it can execute atomic or nuclear fission. From this it can produce such measure of energy that any land area of planet earth even to the extent of in moon and sun a revolution can be set rolling. This energy is known as Mantra Science and it has been reinstated as Divine Energy or Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).

Ultrasound is that can never be heard by human ears under any situation. When ultra subtle vibrations are imbued with an electric onrush its power to pierce increases so phenomenally that even by piercing the most solid object helps in taking clear photographs of its innermost designing. For example a lady from Chicago was made to undergo a medical examination. Despite this the attending doctor could not decide whether this lady’s stomach has a tumor or that she is pregnant with a fetus in her womb. At that time ultrasound technique was applied and it became clear that a fetus was developing in the lady’s uterus. In USA a person mistakenly fired a bullet without having any intention to do so. This bullet’s tiny piece entered the eye of a small child. Doctors treating the child made so many efforts could not find out as to where exactly in the eye had this tiny piece got stuck.

Akin to sound flow moving in the cosmos the guitar called the body in a sequential manner gets twanged. The Yogic Merudand clearly is the spine of the guitar. The 7 strings of the 7 Dhatus (blood, phlegm etc) are conjoined to it. Since the fire based digestion process goes on our Prana Energy gets nourished and thus life is rendered healthily balanced. These fires digest the 7 Dhatus (blood, phlegm etc) and the subtle digested food is converted to Tejas (aura).

Following are the 7 functions that are the foundation stones of the art of living:

1)      The contraction-relaxing of muscles

2)      Arteries veins executing blood circulation

3)      Lungs carrying out inhaling-exhaling of breath

4)      Heart beating

5)      The positive-negative electric flow in the brain rising-falling

6)      The rest and awakening of the psyche

7)      The birth-death of cells

The above 7 are also called 7 Rishis or Saptarshis, 7 Lokas or worlds, 7 continents, 7 oceans, 7 mountains, 7 rivers and 7 energies. These are the very 7 horses of the Shabda Surya.

In a research study conducted in California-USA, a scientist there created sound that had more than 50,000,000 vibrations per second. In that area a piece of cotton was present. Suddenly it started burning. The clothes worn by research scientists there became so hot that if immediately they had not left that area and that alongside the vibration of the sound had become swifter even a little bit, their clothes would have started burning.

A certain stature of ultrasound can create a blazing inferno. This is but an application. It can also be used for other aims. In Mantra chanting practices merely via speech the entire process cannot get fulfilled. This is because from each of the inner bodily organs a special sound flow has to get emitted. Its potential is of the stature of ultrasound. From bodily organs sound waves emerge. This fact has been proved in scientific research laboratories.

In a telephone lab in New Jersey-USA such a room was constructed that no sound from outside it could enter within this room. On entering this room in a short time a person could hear sounds like that coming from a whistle, rail engine, waterfall, fire crackling, water pouring down etc. So many people experienced this. The thing is that sound is emitted from all functions and activities taking place within our body. These or so light that they remain unheard in the midst of sound flows noted outside the body. Akin to the sound of a kettledrum, these sounds of our inner bodily organs do not reach our ears. Even if they do reach then in comparison to sound vibrations occurring in the atmosphere due to its smallness its miniscule existence is not experienced. This is nothing amazing yet when external sounds were not allowed to enter the room the inner bodily organs’ sounds got a chance to showcase itself. Thus they could be heard so clearly that it seemed those organs are loudly ‘proclaiming’ its functioning. Man can never design an electronic apparatus akin to the human ear because such a sensitive membrane is attached in the ear whose thickness is 2,500,000,000 millionth of an inch. It is so light in weight and further man’s skills can never design such a very sensitive sound imbibing technology. In comparison to human created machines carrying out the function of hearing the human ear can identify about 400,000 types of sounds and can differentiate their varied types aptly. There have been such great musicians who on hearing sounds emitted by an orchestra comprising of 100 different musical instruments being played can analyze and differentiate each sound emitted by each musical instrument perfectly. People who can perform various tasks simultaneously are known to hear and imbibe in their brain the stepwise chain of 100 words uttered. It is believed that Prithviraj Chauhan on hearing the gong of a huge bell could gauge correctly the distance at which it was situated.

In Yoga Science techniques sound emerging from Mantra Japa chanting is imbued with electricity by sound energy itself whereas human will power (Sankalpa Shakti) by controlling it can execute any type of task. Mantra Japa chanting and meditation is a combined form of Naad (word/sound/sound vibration) and Bindu spiritual practice. Due to it is possible to pierce the most gigantic thing in the cosmos and subtlest part of an atom also.

Today not merely airplanes, ships etc but that in order to see whatever is there both above and below earth it is not required to use our eyes. All this information can be got from sound vibrations. Earth, water, fire, air and space today are not looked upon merely as inert elements but that sound flow in them too has its own deep import. Today we only know that these sound flows have their own type of movement. Yet the more this type of research shall advance by leaps and bounds every element like a speaking talking unit shall unveil mysteries lying around it.

Incidences take the form of sound. Light and sound are 2 such substratum on the basis of which gross can be transformed into subtle and subtle into gross. In interstellar space ceaselessly sound vibrations are moving about. Lest someone gets the capacity to hear sounds higher in stature than those heard by human ears, then he can hear and understand ultrasound. Further he can know and understand far off or nearby past and future events. Naad Yoga devotees awaken this very capacity of hearing and on the basis of movements taking place in the subtle world can attain that knowledge of past, present and future incidences that is impossible to unearth by lay ordinary folks. Via Yoga of Meditation via the medium of focusing on light this very goal is fulfilled.

For Japa words are uttered by the tongue and this is called Vaikhari Vani or gross speech. This is used only for give and take of information in a gross manner. In the transformation of sensitive sentiments Madhyama Vani (subtle speech) is used. Only people imbued with sensitive sentiments can use Madhyama Vani. This speech takes place not via our tongue and ears but gets transmitted silently from one person’s heart to another person’s heart. It is only a person oozing within with sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) that can transmit these to another person’s heart/bosom. This Vaikhari Vani or gross speech and Madhyama Vani (subtle speech) work in the give and take of thoughts and sentiments between 2 people.

Further there are 2 more subtle speeches called Para Vani and Pashyanti Vani. Para works in the human body and Pashyanti works in the entire cosmos. Para Vani executes the task of soul neo creation wherein latent energies within us bloom forth. In creating a bond with Almighty God, Divine Powers or Ridhi-Sidhis, the entire world and other worlds or Lokas also Pashyanti Vani is called Divine Speech or Deva Vani. This divine speech is called Vak. A devotee who manifests Vak Energy by carrying out Mantra Japa chanting definitely reaps immense success.

Via Mantra Japa chanting when our Vaikhari Vani or gross speech becomes more and more subtle called Vak it becomes the lord of all the 3 Lokas or worlds. It gets bonded to whatever is present in all Lokas. This Para Vak influences them, controls them and manages them properly. When our vain gross talking takes up Mantra practices it becomes highly energized. This energy is such that the Mantra chanting devotee attains all that is called miraculously great and astounding.





Shabda or sound is called Brahman (Almighty God). In the form of Shabda Brahman, Naad Brahman etc it has been eulogized and gloriously praised in great scriptures. This is not a symbolic description but that it is a reality. Those words called Brahman (Almighty God) are not some commonplace sound. If on stringed musical instruments our fingers move devoid of any musical pattern i.e. lest they move about waywardly only some jarring sound will come forth. But if you desire that a sweet rhythmic musical tune emerges then the guitar player must be a well trained one with a brain oozing with musical talent. In order to attained desired results from Mantra chanting it is most required that it be rendered rhythmic, sequential and of a proper tonal flow.

Words uttered by the tongue can merely aid in the reaching of one’s information and information to other people. Apart from this it has no major use. But Mantras are imbued with miraculous potentials and they exhibit such results only when they are applied with prescribed procedure given in the form of scriptural injunctions. Just as if you sing Deepak Raga or Meghmalhar Raga or play it on a musical instrument in any wayward whimsical manner no miraculous result accrues like doused wick flame getting relit and rain clouds gathering even in non monsoon seasons, similarly if you chant Mantras devoid of any methodical procedure no beneficial results accrue. In Super Mantra Gayatri the 24 alphabets are woven in such a manner that it becomes absolutely a must to follow a prescribed procedure along with other do’s and don’ts.  Even in ordinary conversation many people cannot talk in that manner which is the best way to do so and neither all listeners accept this talk in the form that it is spoken in.

When in ordinary mundane transactions too our speech experiences such a demeaned state and that the speech uttered can be labeled as not worth trusting and false. Thus via this the social give and take does not get totally fulfilled. Hence it becomes clear that for Mantra practices for fulfilling spiritual goals that much more alertness has to be imbibed as far as its method of chanting etc is concerned. Keeping in mind this difficulty Karmakanda that can be done merely by gross speech is not given due importance.

Day in and day out people keep chanting many words via discourses, singing hymns, reading scriptures, Mantra Japa chanting etc. Lest mere via all this the goal of true religion had got fulfilled it can only be called extremism of ease. In order to accrue small benefits man has to work hard, accrue means and make proper use of his focused mind. Only then semi benefits are reaped. Spirituality is of very high stature and hence Vibhutis or Divine Powers attained via it too are priceless. Definitely the efforts made in spiritual endeavors are much more difficult and painstaking. Lest these priceless benefits got accrued merely by chanting a chain of words using the tongue, everyone without exception would attain its rich precious benefits. But the bare truth is that you have to pay a heavy price for attaining them and hence certainly it is not child’s play to do so.

From the standpoint of importance each object has its well defined value. In spiritual attainments the importance of sound energy has been elucidated and its greatness is eulogized too. Scriptures have detailed the description of the benefits pertaining to fruits of Mantra chanting practices. Yet it should not be looked upon merely as a miracle of words used. Lest uttering words was the be all and end all of Mantra practices press workers publishing matters related to Mantras and sellers of such literature would have benefited first. The readers would have accrued only some minuscule benefit remnants. Say what difficulty would anyone face in spending little time for the very easy rite of uttering words in Mantra Japa? This tiny effort can be made even by a child or aged weak person. Hence a much more capable person can do this zestfully and accrue untold benefits. But does this actually happen? Despite reading the details of greatness of benefits to be accrued do majority of people show any zest to put in due efforts?

In the hidden deep mystery of Shabdabrahman or Divine Sound it is a must that words used for spiritual goals must be of very high stature. It must be so sacredly sanctified that its purity, authenticity and potential is equivalent to that of Almighty God. For this many people think of Swar Vinyas and infer that the sequence of musical notes mentioned for chanting of Mantras, merely knowing it shall reap rich benefits. This belief also in the direction of truth is merely a small tiny step taken. In this thinking only this much knowledge dwells that our activities must not be wayward and that instead they must be well sequenced by following prescribed methods. So what if this is merely chanting? Speech is looked upon as a part of etiquette, balance and civility. Those who speak just about anything are called uncultured and become targets of censure. Under such circumstances if for Mantra practices directions are given to follow prescribed scriptural injunctions then definitely these must be adhered to assiduously. In this one can perceive imbibing of alertness and a sense of caution. This direction is zest increasing. In it we get wisdom of zest created for imbibing the attitude of putting tabs on indolence and following scriptural injunctions. This not only is apt but is positive too.

It is a must that Mantras be chanted correctly, it must be done with pristine purity and attention must be given to its rhythmic speed. This is a required step while entering the class of Mantra chanting that musical note/Swara, rhythm/Laya, sequence, pauses in between etc be understood and observed to the last letter. Even in other rites of worship (Karmakanda) this alertness has to be imbibed. If we perform worship rites half heartedly in a wayward manner akin to indolent lethargic people only atheism shall develop. When even daily mundane chores if done with a scattered mind and in a very wayward manner they fail to succeed, say how can we reap success in spiritual endeavors that require much more mental alertness and soulful zest? With such a whimsical undisciplined attitude we cannot even earn a good income in our jobs, business etc say what can such erroneous attitude reap while pursuing spiritual goals apart from utter failure?

In order to attain desired results from Super Mantra Gayatri practices right from its’ chanting to its procedure of doing so proper management and alertness must be imbibed. Yet never err by saying that merely doing this much renders our chanting of such high stature that our Mantra has become Shabdabrahman or Naad (Divine Sound). For this end our gross speech has to undergo so much sacred sanctification that it takes the form of Vak or divine speech. This is not a spiritual practice of Swara (musical note) but is an application in the arena of art of true living. For this intense difficult efforts have to be made in order to render our entire inner personality encompassing our mind, speech, actions, nature, thinking process and character of very high sacred stature. The mode of chanting Mantras can be mastered in a few hours. Its total study can be completed in a few days yet in order to render the root existence of our personality of a very high sacred stature very difficult long term efforts have to be made. A lot of honest hard labor is required. If we feel reforming others is difficult know for sure that to reform and transform our deep inner personality and character it is manifold more difficult and involves intense long term patient efforts.

The tongue can be called the chanting system. Akin to other musical instruments the 1st requirement is that it should be correct. The words of Mantras must be pure and chanting must be clear cut. Its pronunciation or any other language based error must not creep into it. The flow and tone must be uniform. Apart from this the tongue from the spiritual practice/Sadhana standpoint in ordinary mundane transactions in the usage of taste buds and speech discipline observed by a true spiritual aspirant must be included. We must not eat food, wear clothes etc bought from money earned illegally and unethically. Whatever we can earn in a lawful, honest manner after working hard for it we must use it to fulfill our basic household requirements. Never spend your money wastefully. We must fight with our taste buds that run after tasty food like junk food etc and instead eat only nourishing healthy food that can be easily digested and that too in minimal measure. We must eat food with the attitude that it is medicine in form meant to render our body and psyche healthily balanced. For those who observe this healthy viewpoint forget devouring non vegetarian food, alcohol, narcotics etc but that they must abstain from eating very spicy, pungent, sour, salty, sweet meats, fried oily etc type of food items. Food definitely influences our mind (‘Jaisa khaye anna-vaisa baney mana. Jaisa piyo pani vaisi baney bani’. It means your mind takes up qualities in accordance with the type of food you eat. Further your quality of speech depends on the type of water you drink). Sattvik food induces purity and piousness in the psyche and those taints and vile characteristics appearing in the mind due to eating forbidden food items from which it becomes impossible to get liberated from, easily get uprooted via a Sattvik diet. Those people who take the vow of eating tasteless but nourishing food find it easier to master other sense organs like ear, nose, skin and eyes.

When our food is Sattvik it renders our speech very pure and sacred. When we eat unhealthy forbidden food items the subtle energy of tongue gets destroyed and words uttered by it fail to succeed in spiritual tasks. The 2nd function of the tongue is conversation. In our day to day living and transactions the stature of our conversation must be very high and conjoined to sacred ideals based traditions.

Mantras are chanted a bit softly. The words remain unclear and slow. Majority of the times mental/Mansik and whisper/Upanshu Japa is given more importance than Vachik (loud chanting) Japa. In this speech is very miniscule yet in this Mauna or silent chanting the Madhyam, Para and Pashyanti subtle speeches are at work. These 3 speeches are strongly related to man’s viewpoint, character and aspirations. If a person is lowly, downfallen ethically and wicked and his viewpoint, character and aspiration is distorted and vile in nature, then these 3 subtle speeches are rendered lowly in stature. Thus this tainted effect in turn renders such a wicked person’s gross Vaikhari speech ineffective, full of suspicion and reeking with falsehood. Its worldly usage also shall fail miserably in reaping important beneficial results. Hence if such vile minded people perform Mantra practices, how can they ever succeed?

The procedure of Mantra Japa chanting is straightforward yet its practice or Sadhana is quite difficult. Without its spiritual practice apt wholesome results do not come our way. In the spiritual practice of Mantra Japa chanting along with the tongue all other parts are sanctified. Those who truly understand this precept do not limit themselves merely to superficial observance of methodology. Instead they also get ready a detailed program of rendering life’s process of a very high stature. In this effort the more anyone succeeds his Mantra Japa chanting and austerities too shall in that ratio succeed.

On this basis we attain realization (Sakshatkar) of Shabdabrahman or Divine Sound. By rendering the entire soul existence optimally sanctified, our gross speech gets transformed into Vak or subtle divine speech. Its positive influence is limitless and with its aid the impossible can successfully be rendered possible.

In the Shatpath Brahman text while detailing Super Power Gayatri it is written: Paravak or subtle divine speech is its sensitive center. While unfolding the hidden mystery of Paravak it is written that it touches the very core of our heart. It awakens that which is latent. It is the substratum of heaven, Moksha or salvation and Sidhi or success in spiritual pursuits. In it lies the center of boons given by demigods. Whatever is truly great in this world must be understood as Vak’s (subtle divine speech) resonance and reaction.

When our gross speech (Vaikhari) undergoes spiritual practices, so as to become Paravak or subtle divine speech it’s amplification instead of getting limited to human hearing capacity, spreads out in all the 3 Lokas or worlds. In speech resides sound, in sound resides meaning and yet Paravak or subtle divine speech is energy in form. When its potential is used all that can be gained victory over that is worth it.

Kautsa Muni has preferred to ignore the importance of meaning of alphabets in various Mantras. He says that its potential should be inferred on the basis of words interwoven in Mantras. In it the Vak principle is at work chiefly. The Shrutis while eulogizing Paravak or subtle divine speech sing aloud:

Devi vachamajanayant devastam vishwaroopaha pashavo vadanti.

Sa no mandreshamurga duhana dhenurvagasmanufsushtuvaitu.

MEANING: Paravak or subtle divine speech is a Goddess. It is world manifest. It is the mother of all deities and demigods. This then is true science and wisdom. We remain alive because of the power of Paravak or subtle divine speech also called Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). Due to it we can talk, laugh and understand things.

From this it is crystal clear that in Super Mantra Gayatri Paravak or subtle divine speech predominates so much that if we awaken it fully (render it Siddha) then right from our life span, Prana Energy, attaining fame and other mundane desires we can also attain soul welfare, soul power, Self Knowledge, divine brilliance, divine light called Brahmavarchas and other high stature spiritual benefits.













Speech uttered by our mouth gives an introduction of its mental state to the external world and thus influences the latter also. In ordinary living in what measure it is useful and when this power diminishes a lot what unbearable situations manifest? This can be easily understood by comparing the condition of a dumb person and one who can speak normally.

Vashikaran Mantra is nothing else but a speech that is well disciplined, sweetly nectarine and highly cultured. On its basis those who are aliens become our very own beloveds. Thus it is possible to attain others’ love, respect and cooperation. In this manner innumerable gates of progress and advancement are thrown wide open. How much more does the sanctified influence of our speech contribute in attaining progress and joy in our mundane material living? The more we cogitate deeply over this the more its glory shall get exhibited clearly.

In the endeavor of amassing soul power speech must be looked upon as a predominant medium. Education given to children in schools, colleges etc and in the proper training of teachers, professors etc the medium of speech definitely is its main foundation pillar. The basis of mundane knowledge and Divine Sciences and Wisdom called Brahmavidya too is this. For associating with great saintly people, giving religious and spiritual discourses, singing hymns, eulogizing, doing Mantra Japa chanting etc speech is definitely its medium.

Speech can be misused also and can also be used wholesomely. If we use our speech for uttering bitter words, insults, censure, sarcasm, gossiping vainly etc enmity shall definitely augment. Thus an environment of revenge, rebellion, non cooperation, struggle and havoc shall set in. the reaction of all this shall create strife, restlessness, tension and discontent in our individual and social life. It is said that: ‘A wound inflicted by a sharp sword shall heal as time passes by but the wound inflicted by the tongue (bitter and hateful speech) never heals’. As a result of merely few bitter insulting words uttered by Draupadi as mentioned in the epic Mahabharat, a bloody gory Mahabharat War erupted and thousands of people died in it. Since sweet nectarine speech is conjoined to gentlemanliness, magnanimity and goodwill towards all it creates a miraculous effect in those who hear it. It gives peace and an apt wholesome direction. In great changes noted the world over the sacred speech of pious minded people has played a leading role. True sages, Sanyasis, Brahmins and those who imbibed truth, both within and without, bestowed well being on innumerable creatures via their divine utterances.

In Mantra Science the great glory of sound energy manifests. But this specialty is not merely due to chanting but that behind it such specialties of the psyche are conjoined to it as a result of which extraordinary and miraculous potentials are showcased by it. When Mauna (silence of gross speech and mental chattering), truth, great goals, optimal balance, goodwill etc conjoin to our gross speech in ordinary mundane transactions its supremacy is perceived. If you eat onions, garlic, radish, drink alcohol etc our mouth emits that sort of odor only. Similarly whatever is filled in our inner personality and psyche it latches on to our speech and after coming out it creates its good/bad effects.

The total substratum of Mantra Science is based on the foundation of our speech. Apart from a sanctified speech man possesses no greater power. Whatever miracles pertaining to Mantra Science are spoken of, heard and witnessed, its basis is our speech only. Spiritual  practices done by observing truth, Mauna (silence of gross speech and mental chattering), refraining from eating drinking prohibited items etc renders our speech looked upon as ordinary into extraordinary Vak or subtle divine speech. Energy emerging from Vak or subtle divine speech cannot only shake this entire inert world but that it can create a widespread flow of sacred sensitive sentiments in the subtle world of consciousness. Hence spiritual practices aiding in transforming ordinary speech into Vak is believed to be the chief foundation stone of attaining Self/God Realization.

The basis of the deep import of Mantras involves transforming ordinary speech into Vak or subtle divine speech. For this end our mind, speech and actions have to be rendered so great in stature that no cause remains that can tarnish and taint it. After doing this Mantras chanted by it easily attain success and words uttered doubtlessly succeed. Lest our speech remains in a tainted, tarnished and suspicious condition Mantras chanted by it shall burn to naught. Further with such a tainted speech despite chanting Mantras for a long time span or singing eulogies or loudly reading sacred scriptures etc no desired benefits accrue. Only a sanctified tongue and its speech possesses this power on the strength of which any world language, any Mantra etc becomes terrifically potent and highly effective. Words uttered by it always succeed in positive influencing deep recesses of man’s inner personality and the borderless humungous cosmos. Such a sanctified speech Vak is called the very life force of spirituality. It is not even a wee bit of an overstatement to call it a devotee’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) and a man of austerities’ Brahmastra or divine weapon. This sanctified tongue is called ‘Saraswati’. A person entering the arena of spiritual practices must understand aptly the importance of this Mantra Power and Deeksha or spiritual initiation. ‘Saraswati’ must be looked upon as the Divine Mother of Mantras, the fount of all Sidhis or Divine Energies and a medium that elicits untold divine compassion in Almighty God. Vak spiritual practices must be understood as the 1st step that helps us enter the realm of spirituality. We must realize that only those who can fulfill this goal shall attain the capacity to avail benefits of Mantra practices, prayer and devotion to Almighty God. If our speech is tainted and impure it is doubtful that our devotional practices shall succeed. If this fact is kept in mind then along with the procedure of Mantra chanting, Anushthans (religious rites program) etc a lot of importance shall have to be given to sanctity of speech. Sanctification of speech must be looked upon as a mandatory part of all forms of spiritual practices/Sadhana. Scriptures have described the great importance of Mantra Energy as follows:

Teekshneshavo brahmana hetimanto yamasyanti sharavyam na sa mrisha.

Ahuhaya tapasa manyuna chota dooradeva bhindatyenam.

…………………Atharvaveda (5/18/9)

MEANING: A true Brahmin’s tongue is the string of his bow, words uttered is his arrow, self control is the tip of his arrow that has been sharpened via intense austerities and soul energy is his bow. Such a Brahmin via Mantra Power pierces all elements that attack divinity.


Jihva jya bhavati kulmalam vadam nadika dantastapasabhidigdhaha.

Tebhirbrahma vidhyati devapiyun hridbalair dhanubhir devajutaiha.

…………………Atharvaveda (5/18/8)

MEANING: When this Brahmin full of penance accompanied by soul energy bow, sharp arrow of austerities with the help of austerities and fire of glorious pride attacks using Mantra Power inert elements from very far off distances get targeted.


Asmanam chid ye vibhidurvachobhihi.

…………………Rigveda (4/16/6)

MEANING: Those utterances imbued with lots of energy broke apart huge boulders also.





Yat ta atmani tanvam ghoramasti…………

Sarvam tadvachapahanmo vayam.

…………………Atharvaveda (1/18/3)

MEANING: Whatever is undesirable and tainted in your body shall be destroyed by us via speech imbued with Mantra Power.


Tametam vacham yatha dhenum vatsanopasrujya prattam.

Duhitaivameva deva vacham sarvan Kaman aduhran.

…………………Jaiminiyopanishad Brahman

MEANING: Just as a calf drinks its mother’s (cow) milk similarly divine people taking help of divine speech fulfill all desires.


The deep import of Mantra Energy is heavily dependent on Vak Energy. This Vak is called Swara, Samaveda and Saraswati also. Lest this can be purified and awakened fully definitely the miracles of Mantra chanting shall usher in. keeping this fact in mind even more than Mantra Vak has been greatly eulogized. The reason is clear cut. It is a sanctified Vak that help succeed in Mantra Japa chanting. How can a Mantra Anushthan reap success if our Vak is lowly and tainted?

Asthi va rik

………..Shatpath (7/5/2/25)

MEANING: Mantras are merely bones.


Praney vai swaraha

………..Tandya Brahman (24/11/9)

MEANING: Prana is Swara.



Ekaha shabdaha samyagjnataha srushtu prayuktaha swargey lokey cha kama dhug bhavati


MEANING: When the principle of merely one word is experienced all desires get fulfilled.


Vakya sidhirdwidha prokta shapanugrah karika.

…………….Shakti Panchakam

MEANING: Vak Sidhi is of 2 types. One successfully bestows curses and the other showers boons and blessings.


Sa yo vacham brahmetwapaste yavadvacho gatam tatrasya yatha kamacharo bhavati

…………….Chandogya Upanishad (7/2/2)

MEANING: Those who worship and meditate on God realizing deeply that speech is also God his speech gets used in great wholesome endeavors.


Vak is called Almighty God and divinity personified. It is the inseparable energy of God and Brahmavidya or Divine Wisdom. Demigods come under its full control. The difference between chanting and Swara is that chanting is done via the functioning of throat, lips, tongue, palate, teeth etc and it can merely aid in give and take of thoughts. But Swara emerges from our psyche. It oozes with our personality, viewpoint and sensitive sentiments. Hence Mantras have Swaras. In Vedic Paath or chanting it is mandatory that the process of chanting involving Udat/Anudat/Swarit must be pure and it hints at the above mentioned precept. In the arena of spiritual practices the meaning of Swara encompasses powerful Japa Anushthans done via the medium of Vak Power (subtle divine speech).

Yamahurvacham kavayo virajam

…………….Atharvaveda (7/2/5)

MEANING: It is this cosmic Vak that creates this entire world.



Yavad brahma vishthitam tavati vak.

…………..Rigveda (10/114/8)

MEANING: Till wherever Brahman or Almighty God pervades there Vak too pervades.


Virat vak

…………….Atharvaveda (9/15/24)

MEANING: This Vak is cosmic in nature (Virat).


Tadyat kichanarvachinam Brahman stad vageva sarvam.

…………….Jaibala Upanishad (1/11/1/3)

MEANING: After Brahman or God, Vak was created.


Vag vai vishwakarmashihi vacha hidam sarvam kritam.

……………Yajurveda (13/58)

MEANING: Vak or subtle divine speech is Rishi Vishwakarma (architect of world creation).


Prajapatirva idameka asam tasya vageva swamaseeta vag dwitiya sa ekshatemameva vacha visruja.

Iyam va idam sarvam vibhavantyeshyateeti.

………….Taiteriya Brahman (20/14)

MEANING: Prajapati the creator was alone. He had only 1 type of wealth called Vak or subtle divine speech. He decided that he must potently radiate this Vak. It shall then become everything (in this world).



Tisro vacho pravad jyotirabha.

…………..Rigveda (7/101/1)

MEANING: This Vak can be visualized as subtle divine light.


Swarup jyoti revantaha paravagattapayani.

…………….Epic Mahabharat

MEANING: This Vak can be visualized as subtle divine light.


Agamoktam vivekaccha dwidha jnanam tathochyate.

Shabdabrahmagamayam param brahma vivekajam.

……………Agni Puran

MEANING: One is Shabdabrahman (Divine Sound) and the other is Parabrahman (Almighty God). Via scriptural studies and hearing spiritual discourses (given by God Realized Gurus/Saints) we can attain Shabdabrahman (Divine Sound) and via mental reflection, farsighted discrimination called Viveka and deep cogitation on Almighty God’s divine form we attain Parabrahman (Almighty God).


Shabda brahmani nishnataha para brahmadhigacchati.


MEANING: One who deeply understands Shabdabrahman (Divine Sound) attains the Divine Principle.


Vageva vishwa bhuvanani jajne vacha itsarvamamritam yaccha martyam.


MEANING: Vak or divine subtle speech is the root principle of this world creation. It is the nectar or Amrit of this world of human beings. Energies oozing in words/sounds are mind boggling and wondrous.

If the spiritual austerities of Vak Power are done appropriately all goals like Mantra Energy, prayer, blessings-boons, influencing the inert-conscious world and attaining success in various types of spiritual practices or Sadhana get fulfilled akin to what is mentioned in great sacred scriptures. Akin to mature adept devotees even today those very types of beneficial results can be accrued. The condition is only one wherein we must deeply understand the importance of spiritual austerities of Vak Power and that we fully focus our attention on this.
























Words coming out from the mouth are called speech. It is via this medium that give and take of thoughts and information can take place. It is through this instrument that we manifest our opinion, thoughts etc. It is called the chief fount of knowledge. No doubt some such tasks do take place via silent gestures and hints. In this manner via literature and scriptural studies knowledge can be amassed via our eyes too. Yet the 1st basis is speech. Via it the 1st knowledge regarding writing, dialect, language, grammar etc has to be done via speech only. Literature can do such tasks only after this.

There are reasons behind talking and hearing things. Many a times for joking, mockery etc a lot of vain chatter does go on. Even when the tongue is used without pause very rare are those who recognize its total power. Those who do recognize it use it as a very precious gem. Those who are unaware lose this precious vault in superfluous talking and chatter.

Speaking is quite easy. Conversations go on speedily. It does not seem as though we are using up anything else. Yet the bare fact is that via speech we keep emptying a very precious fount of potential. By using our hands legs no doubt we get tired yet when the tongue works a lot we do not get tired much.

One usage of speech is superficial that is done via throat, lips, tongue, palate, teeth etc yet it is in our interest that we realize something else is at work behind it.

Speech has 2 categories. One is that which man speaks using the tongue and the other is that via which demigods and deities speak.

Shrutis proclaim:

Apakrayan paurushedanad vrinanodwap vachaha.

MEANING: Via one type of speech humans keep speaking and unburden their stressed psyche. The other type of speech is used by demigods and deities via which divine blessings and boons are given and accepted.




This Super Energy later gets classified into 4 types:

Chatvari vak parimita padani tani vidurnahmna ye manishanaha.

Guhatrini nihita naingayanti turiyam vacho manushya vadaniha.

MEANING: Manishis or great deep thinkers know that speech has 4 classes. Amongst these 3 are hidden in the mysterious cave (of the psyche) and 1 is used in conversation by human beings.


Vaikhari Vani or gross speech is used in conversation. This belongs to human beings. Demigods and deities own 3 speeches that are hidden in the mysterious cave (of the psyche). These 3 are called Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti. These cannot be uttered like gross speech but are subtly spoken and manifested by demigods and deities. Although no gross words are uttered yet the infinite storehouse of various hidden energies, brim in it. Those who imbibe these attain glorious fulfillment.

Via these speeches 4 Vedas came into being. In the management of this cosmos 4 Rishis are at work. In the Shatpath Brahman they are called Rishis Vasu, Rudra, Aditya and Indra. If we wish to find a way to deeply understand the hidden mysteries of the 3 subtle speeches called Madhyama, Para and Pashyanti we shall have to search the same in the Richas of the 4 Vedas and Vibhootis or divine glories associated with demigods and deities. Those who realize the deep import of divine speech Vibhootis or divine glories on their own come before them in their ‘stark naked’ form.

Madhyama speech manifests via facial gestures, emotional looks, various other gestures and Mudras. In it sensitive mental sentiments are laced. Depending on whether our psyche is well controlled or that it is unruly those types of thought waves shall emerge. Anyone contacting these gets influenced for sure. Via Vaikhari or gross speech just about anything can be uttered yet one mind can read the other one’s mind. Despite sitting silently in Mauna whatever we think regarding a person in our midst those sentimental waves involuntarily arise and shall influence the other person.

Para Vani or speech emerges from Prana or vital force. It echoes in the entire nearby surrounding. The manner in which the sound of a tomb resounds similarly the Prana Energy of one person creates vibrations in the Prana Energy of another person. In the Ashrams or hermitages of great Rishis of yester eras cows and lions would drink water from one pond side by side. Depending on the periphery in which this Prana Energy vibrates in that region all creatures whether violent or otherwise behave nonviolently and manifest loving peace towards each other. If someone awakens Prana Energy reeking with vileness then such people with bad habits and tainted behavior shall imbue this wickedness and tainted thinking in those coming in their contact without even saying a word to them. Great saintly people may never give discourses via their gross Vaikhari speech but yet their inner divine soul can elicit their sacred sensitive sentiments, divine teachings and sacred aspirations in the psyche of those who contact them. There are so many great saints full of such divinely potent Prana Energy but choose to remain silent (Mauna). They do not give spiritual discourses but their divine electric energy gets imbued in those devotees who come in their contact. With a mere touch of such great saints oozing with divinely potent Prana Energy we too can imbibe within us such potent Prana. Even without physical touch the atmosphere can be imbued with potent Prana Energy. This divine speech can reach innumerable people and divinize them. It definitely positively influences those layers that are similar to its thinking trend and inner nature. In ordinary preaching methods a person can influence others via logic/proof only in a limited manner. Yet via Para Vani or subtle divine speech innumerable people can be reformed without even uttering a word or them hearing anything.

Pashyanti speech emerges from the soul. It molds other individual souls as per its own divine mold. There was a time period in ancient eras when Asuras or demons using their Pashyanti speech had converted all people living in Lanka into demonic vile minded people. For this no school or institution had to be set up. A man of austerities oozing with Pashyanti speech attains extraordinary capacity to transform an entire era in a positive glorious manner. At the time of the Satyagraha Movement in India great Super Yogis like Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, Raman Maharshi etc had helped in high stature souls taking birth for actively participating in India’s Freedom Fight. At the time of reinstating Ramrajya (Ram’s Rule) great Rishis had contributed in any extraordinary manner. In gaining victory over Lanka the Lord Rama-Demon Ravan war had played a role yet when the hour arrived for rendering everyone righteous and spiritual in nature great Rishis commenced the divine mission of rendering widespread Pashyanti speech. This humungous task attained fulfillment via an Ashwamedha Yajna.

The remaining 3 speeches emerge from the mind, Prana Energy and soul. They rest hidden in that very deep cave. Hence in order to render them very powerful those areas have to be rendered radiant via Yoga practices and austerities. For such devotees it becomes a must that their Vaikhari speech (gross speech) is controlled aptly. Else if on this path energy dissipates to naught we cannot sanctify and augment the 3 subtle divine speeches in the manner they should.

When innumerable Vibhootis or Divine Glories related to curses and boons usher in miraculous results know for sure that this is the great glorious result of Para and Pashyanti speeches. These speeches radiate forth only when man’s speeches, thinking process, character and external behavior get optimally sanctified. The more one’s inner personality radiates positively, the more mental taints get washed off via spiritual austerities the more these speeches become illumined and powerful.

In this manner despite man possessing only 1 tongue he owns 4 speeches. The 1st is Vaikhari. This speech ordinarily is that which is spoken by the tongue and heard by the ears. One form of it is writing and reading too. This is gross speech that works towards give and take of thoughts. Via this medium one can manifest one’s emotions, beliefs, desires and situations faced.

Madhyama speech is that wherein although words are not uttered yet gestures and hints are given (body language). The face is compared to a mirror. On it run our thinking and emotions. Our face can be ‘read’ and via it our mental state can be gauged. Mudras or gestures made by our hands too tell us certain things. Via it our opinion can be manifested. Our emotions manifest mainly via eyes and lips. In this manner in Madhyama speech that manifests our opinion there is no requirement of vocally saying anything or hearing with our ears. Yet via silent gestures etc one person gauges the mental state of the other person. Especially emotions and aspirations emerge quite naturally.

Para speech is that that run in our brain in the form of thoughts. Its visible manifestation when compared to the manifestation by our facial gestures is very miniscule yet no diminishing is noted as far as its effect on others is noted. Thought flow akin to sunlight is seen in a limited periphery. Its effect is at work. The difference between sunlight and shadow is very much like the difference between good-bad thoughts. It is not a must in Satsang that only via dialogue things are spoken and heard. The electric waves of thoughts reach nearby people and in a subtle manner they are imbued with inspirations and thus influenced. In this a powerful minded person by defeating a weak minded one lords over the latter. In hermitages of great Rishis of yore cows would drink water in lakes alongside ferocious lions. From this it is proved that it is the influencing inspiration of great Rishis that warded off the violent attitude of the lion and it behaved in such a non violent way as per the influence it was showered upon by those Rishis.

In the above mentioned speeches each one is more powerful than the previous one. This is because as the hierarchy increases the power within each type increases. The more one pulls the string of a bow backward to that extent the arrow not only travels farther but that it wounds the targeted person more deeply. Man by talking vainly using his mouth wastes a lot of energy. A lot of chattering goes on without rhyme or reason. Many times people think one thing in their mind but talk just opposite to it. Especially people orating regarding religion, righteousness, ideals, philosophy etc are known to be such type of hypocrites. Without putting into practice sacred ideals, truth, religious teachings etc they go about ‘advising’ others to imbibe these in day to day living. Their oratory is so flowery and artistic that innocent lay public gets ‘mesmerized’. Yet in the long run the listeners hardly benefit at all with such superficial talk however expertly delivered. The reason being that the one giving such speeches himself has no deep faith towards such great qualities and hence harbor no steadfastness also towards them. A painting of an elephant may look very attractive yet it has no power to lift heavy objects and cannot seat anyone on its back as a real flesh and blood elephant can do.

Inner sentiments conjoin to Madhyama speech. If the one visualizing possesses a subtle vision he can definitely ‘read’ faces and thus understand their subtle rise-fall. Else weak brained people can definitely err. They can superimpose their thinking and interpretations on others’ minds. The periphery of speech and Mudras or gestures is limited. Ears hear words sounds up to distances that it is capable of and the power of eyes can see manifestation looming over shapes.

Thought waves emitted by Madhyama speech travel quite afar. Depending on the inner personality and Prana Energy flow of the thinking person it travels to far distance in tandem and in accordance manifests its influence. Regarding this one more fact is that people with similar thinking pattern give-take thoughts quite easily but when they contact thinking of another person that is very dissimilar they get agitated and return without being accepted or ignored totally. Rishi Vishwamitra was a strong willed personality. King Harishchandra who dreamt about Rishi Vishwamitra got influenced so much that he got ready to renounce his kingdom, body, family etc. As against this demons like Tadka, Subahu, Marich etc against the wishes of Rishi Vishwamitra created many obstacles in the Yajnas he was performing. In order to overthrow these demons Rishi Vishwamitra had to call on Lord Rama and his brother Laxman for this end. A strong wrestler can win many wrestling bouts but if he is asked to play cricket he shall only fail miserably since he has never played this game.

The 4th speech is Pashyanti. In this akin to the above 3 types of speeches detailed in more-less measure words are not used. Instead in order to activate it we have to practice remaining silent both without and within (Mauna) so that this potential can be fully imbibed. In Mauna especially mental silence (stopping chattering in terms of various thoughts emerging in the mind) saves a lot of our energy. So much of man’s Prana Energy gets wasted in ceaseless talking both by the mouth and mind. Under such circumstances no capacity is attained to create far off great results. A very talkative person both externally and mentally can never convince and encourage others to take up great glorious endeavors.

In order to awaken an infinite vault of Pashyanti speech the devotee not only has to remain silent in gross speech for a long time period but that by uprooting his bodily, mental etc taints and distortions has to amass multifaceted purity.

Even if the Pashyanti speech is of very ordinary stature only yet via one’s will power or Sankalpa Shakti one can imbue nearby environment with great glorious thoughts. Those downfallen in life can be uplifted. These people need not talk or say anything. If they say something their utterance becomes a powerful resolve. Its potential works in order to egg on so many on the path of greatness and well being. Great Yogi saints like Shri Aurobindo Ghosh and Raman Maharshi powerfully wealthy due to their potent soul energy attained extraordinary success in positively transforming the environment of their contemporary times. Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Buddha were not counted in the fraternity of master orators yet their seeming ordinary utterances and teachings induced so many ordinary lay people to tread difficult paths in a valiant manner for attaining glorious goals.

Pashyanti speech is very radiant and divinely illumined (Ojas). It does not get restricted to limited peripheries. In fact its influence is quite far off and extraordinarily effective. In transforming positive the thinking and behavior flow of lay public in world society Vaikhari speech (gross) does not succeed. There are so many orators and speakers the world over yet the effect of their speech is very limited. In comparison to this Pashyanti speech without even uttering a word inspires thousands to walk the path of true well being in a cent percent successful manner.

The fount of Pashyanti speech is our psyche wherein in order to manifest a very effective flow from it is mandatory that the activities of the physical body, thinking trend of the subtle body and good will sentiments of the causal body are of very high stature. It is the combined greatness of all these that helps manifest Pashyanti speech. It can be rendered so terrific that it can successfully combat atrocity type behavior/activities and play a leading role in rendering great glorious tasks successful the world over.
















Energy present in Mantras is limitless. There is no end to its great potential. We see great feats being performed by machines and technology made from iron using electricity for sound functioning. But this happens only when all parts are made of iron and are designed with proper procedure. Children play with toys like train, car, airplane etc but this is but the external form of train etc. Since within these toy trains no machinery is in place as is seen in real trains, cars etc toy trains, toy cars etc cannot function as original ones. Akin to such machines Mantras also are powerful and all-round in nature, yet the condition is that along with Mantra Japa chanting a devotee’s inner personality must deeply imbibe spiritual methodologies and procedures prescribed.

The importance of Super Mantra Gayatri reigns supreme amongst all Mantras known. On noting its supremacy and potential it becomes most required that in its spiritual practice and devotional methods (worship, meditation etc) the inner personality is rendered intensely radiant. We must remember that it is just not enough to execute spiritual practices via gross speech only. It is only when this gross speech is transformed into Vak or sacred divine speech that a spiritual aspirant tastes true beneficial success. In the Ayurveda mode of healing by making ash of gold, silver, copper, mercury etc a proper method is detailed for its administering and intake. Poisons too have their own special benefits but this is possible only when these poisons are purged. Speech is a root material and when it gets sanctified it becomes immortal nectar. When this very speech gets distorted and tainted it functions only as deadly murderous venom.

The preliminary effort in practices pertaining to Super Mantra Gayatri is sanctifying our qualities, actions and inner personality. By mere control of gross speech it cannot be converted to Vak or sacred divine speech. Observing Mauna or silence of gross speech, truth, sweet speech goodwill based goals in life and eating minimal balanced meals is an external application of tongue based practices. Internal application encompasses a combination of greatness oozing in the psyche and sacred ideals conjoined to all activities. When we eat onions, garlic, alcohol, asofotedia etc our mouth emits that very type of odor. Lest our psyche brims with imbalance we shall definitely err in trying to control our tongue’s activities. In this manner imbalance of our psyche shall manifest via our tongue. Hence control of speech must not be looked upon merely as word based only. Instead know for sure that it has an inseparable connection with purity and sanctity of the psyche. Only then can our gross speech get converted to Vak or sacred divine speech which in turn aids our Mantra chanting practices successful and beneficial. At every step our scriptures eulogize Vak Energy:

Bla yadvagvadantya vichetanani

Rashtri devanam nishsad mandra.

Chatasrav larjjam dudurey payansi

Kwalvidasyaha paramam jagam.

………..Saraswati Rahasyopanishad

MEANING: Vak or sacred divine speech pervades in the entire world. It pervades all creatures. It is present even in those beings imbued with miniscule consciousness. It controls and manages even demigods/deities. We wonder when we shall deeply understand it.


Sa vai vachameva prathamamatyavahat sa yada mritumuchyat sognirbhavat soyamagnihi parena mrityumatikranto deepyate.

………….Brihadaranyak Upanishad (1/3/12)

MEANING: Prana Energy aided Vak deity to go beyond death. This Vak by becoming fire became immortal and by becoming oozed with unlimited energies became divine light manifest.


Mananatsarvam bhavanam garunatsansar sagarat.

Mantra rupa hee tatacchaktirmatantran rupini.

…………..Prapanch Saartantra

MEANING: That energy protecting our mind, mental reflection, our sentiments and the entire world is called Mantra. At its root despite being one only becomes many when used in application form.



In Mantra practices Japa or chanting enjoys a prime spot. Its practice is done via Japa or chanting only. While elucidating the true meaning of Mantra Japa or chanting it is said:

Jakaro janma vicchedaha pakaraha papa nashakaha.

Tasyajjapa iti prokto janma papa vinashakaha.

……………..Agni Purana

MEANING: ‘Ja’ means getting liberated from repeated painful cycles of birth-death and ‘Pa’ means destruction of sins. Thus the spiritual practice that helps not only render the devotee sin free and a Jivanmukta (liberated while alive) but fulfills the above 2 goals also is called Japa.


Speech used to carry out Mantra Japa chanting must be of very high stature. Words uttered via the tongue are called Vaikhari or gross speech. This is used merely for give and take of informative knowledge. In order to exchange emotions Madhyama speech is used. This can be subtly spoken by one imbued with sensitive sentiments only. This is transmitted not by the tongue and ears but that one heart speaks to another. It is only a sensitively emotional person that can transmit these emotions in others. This Vaikhari or gross speech and Madhyama speech amongst human beings exchange thoughts and sensitive sentiments.

Further than these, there are 2 more speeches called Para and Pashyanti speech. Para works in the microcosm (individual humans) and Pashyanti works in the macrocosm (gigantic cosmos). Para works in order to neo create our soul involving awakening of latent energies present there. In bridging a contact with Almighty God, Divine Powers, entire cosmos and all the Lokas or worlds Pashyanti speech is made use of. Hence these Para and Pashyanti speech are called divine speech or Deva Vani.


Aim chatwari vak parimita padani

Tani vidurbrahmana yam manishinaha

Guha treeni nihita nengayanti

Turiyam vacho manushya vadanti

MEANING: Speech has 4 legs called Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari. Vaikhari is used as gross speech and the remaining 3 rest hidden in the deep recesses of our psyche.




Chatwari vak parimita padani tani vidurbrahmana ye manishinaha.

Guha treeni nihita negayanti turiyam vacho manushya vadanti.

…………..Rig-Veda (1/22/164/40)

MEANING: This speech has legs. It is known only to scholarly divine seers. Amongst these speeches, 3 rest hidden in the deep recesses of our psyche. They never move down from their appointed spots. Only the 4th called Vaikhari or gross speech that is uttered by human beings.


Parayam kuri bhuya pashyantyam dwidalikrita.

Madhyamaya mukulita vaikharya vikasikrita.

Purva yathodita ya vagvilomenastaga bhavet.

…………..Yoga Kundalyupanishad (3/18-19)

MEANING: Speech emerges from Para. By becoming advanced in Pashyanti 2 offshoots emerge from it. In Madhyama it gets adorned with flowers and in Vaikhari it turns into fruits. The sequence in which it evolves in its reverse sequence it undergoes Laya or merging back into its origin (absorption).


No doubt methodical Karmakanda (rites-rituals) have utility value and their own importance also. Yet it must not be looked upon as the be all and end all of spiritual practices. It is only when we conjoin sacred sensitive sentiments and goodwill based thoughts to these rituals only then from it potent energy manifests.

Vak energy is called fire also. This fire creates radiance, energy, brilliant illumination and aura everywhere and hence Vak is called fire also. In the Rig-Veda (10/18/9) it is said that via speech only great Rishis attain fire. If we truly understand the philosophical principles of deities, Mantras, Vak, Japa or chanting and Swara then the mind boggling miraculous potential of Super Power Gayatri manifests in our midst.








Modern science is making immense efforts to decrease human living’s complexities and render it easy via external apparatus, technology etc. It is because of solving complex problems of human life via external materials that it is called material science. In ancient eras our great Manishis or deep thinkers along with advancing in the realm of material science had rendered consciousness also a topic of research and experimentation. In this field they had advanced in a miraculous way.

In the field of Science of Consciousness those methods unearthed for progress in them Mantra Sciences predominate. Ordinarily the form of Mantras appears to be a group of special words but in actuality Mantras are not merely a group of special words. These have been interwoven keeping in mind their scientific effect. Till some time back the effect and specialties of Mantras were looked upon only as blind faith but today modern science also has commenced proving the potency of Mantra Energy.

Scientists researching into Mantras know well that whichever word appears from the tongue are done using various mouth parts like throat, palate, lips, teeth, base of tongue, jaws etc during this time phase of uttering the nerve fibers in those parts of the tongue from where sound emerges spreads out in the entire body. In this area where they spread out many glands are present on which a pressure of this utterance falls. If someone’s subtle glands are diseased or have got destroyed their mouths utter certain words without clear pronunciation or in a stammering manner. Our body has innumerable small-big, visible-invisible etc glands. Adept Yogis know that in such cells special energy vaults are present albeit hidden. The 6 Chakras are well known and they are associated with Sushumna subtle Yogic nerve in our spine area. There are innumerable such glands all over the body. The utterance of various words, shower their influence on these various glands. Due to their influence the energy vaults of these glands awaken. The words of Mantras are interwoven on this very basis. Super Mantra Gayatri has 24 alphabets. Its bond exists with such 24 glands in the body that on being awakened from a latent state alert and render active powers that fully illumine our sacred goodwill based intellect. Due to Super Mantra Gayatri chanting the guitar of the subtle body twangs in 24 regions and from it creates such a Swara wave whose effect is seen on important principles of the unseen invisible world. All these effects are due to the influence of Super Power Gayatri based spiritual practices.

By singing the Deepak Raga a doused wick lamp gets re-lit. By singing Meghmalhar Raga rains pour down even in dry arid areas. On hearing tunes from the flute snakes start swaying. The deer stops frolicking and instead stands still in a mesmerized manner. Cows start giving more milk and when because of this the cuckoo bird starts singing sweetly our minds manifest sexual passion. USA’s Dr Hutchinson via various musical tunes has attained fame for curing deadly painful diseases. In the land of India Tantra adepts by placing a flat metal plate on a water pot aid in emerging sounds with special types of speeds. Due to these sounds, people bitten by snakes, scorpions and other poisonous creatures, people suffering from mumps/goiter, people afflicted with ghosts/evil spirits etc have successfully got cured. The reason is that the vibrations of words by taking along with them other atoms from subtle nature, of its own class start circumambulating the ether principle. After this on reaching the very spot from which it emerged in a flash of a moment, in it is filled a special electrical energy of its type and based on circumstances a special effect on apt centers is noted. This is why Mantras enact extraordinary activities. Via Super Mantra Gayatri also this type of energy manifests. In Mantra chanting mouth parts are at work and nerve fibers in them goad certain special glands. When it gets incited a well sequenced Yogic music flow in Vedic Cchanda spreads out in ether principle and via its world circumambulation taking place in a flash of a moment while returning gets accompanied by an army of similar class principles. These are very useful in fulfilling desired goals. The 5 fold elemental flow of powerful vibrations emerging from musical sound and a bond created based on yearning, spiritual practice and devotional worship of subtle nature and soul power are reasons why it proves to be a divine boon and blessing for the devotee.

Sound and words do not give mere information but that it gives much more. As of today such applications are being designed wherein apart from fertilizer and water sweet soulful music is being used for growth of plants, crops etc. In Yugoslavia in order to help advance crop harvest sound amplifying systems were placed in agricultural fields from which flowed musical instrumental tunes of a certain level. These influenced crops growing there and very promising results were accrued.

In order to accrue possible benefits of Sound Energy many such types of applications have been designed. One foundation pillar of Mantra Science also is this that according its experts, Mantras possess 2 principles:

1)      Usage of Sound Energy based on Science of Subtle Consciousness.

2)      Combining a person’s inner purity and Divine Potentials emerging from an onrush of sacred blissful sentiments.

When the above 2 precepts unite a mind boggling energy flow manifests.  This flow cannot be generated, even if gigantic material means are put to work.

In Mantras the sequence of its alphabets and the special methodology of its chanting are of much greater importance. From the mouth parts where uttering commences (throat, palate, lips, teeth, base of tongue, jaws etc) has a direct relationship with the subtle centers of the human body. These subtle centers comprising of 6 Yogic Chakras, divine music, glands etc are astounding in their own right. To these divine parts are latched the strings of our joy based instrument. Just as by tapping keys of a typewriter alphabets get printed on the blank page placed above, very similar to this the direct effect of the chanting done by our mouth of Mantras interwoven using a special scientific process is noted on the above subtle centers. Immediately from there another flow of energy waves emerges. This flow of energy benefits the one chanting Mantras. His latent potentials are fully awakened by it. These Mantra vibrations resounding within do exactly this and when they emerge outside they positively influence the environment. They create possibilities of desired goals in the subtle world and lest some particular person needs to be influenced, it shall create effects there also. Mantra Sciences fulfill all these 3 goals.

Ordinarily sound spreads out in all 4 directions but in Mantras words are woven in such a sequence that its sound waves emerging are of a special type. Akin to a ring made of wire the sound waves of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting rise upwards and via atoms of the deep subtle recesses it reaches the sun. When this sound after entering the sun returns in the form of an echo it returns with an army of light atoms (accompanied by warmth, light and electricity). These light atoms enter deep within the body of the one chanting Super Mantra Gayatri. Via these light atoms a devotee advances the energies of his body, mind and soul. Many a times he attains those benefits that can never be attained via mundane efforts.

The more deep cogitation is done on Sound Energy the more its weight age and extraordinary potential shall become crystal clear. Due to thundering of rain clouds high rise buildings get razed down. Today’s scientific technological culture is emitting so much more noise that definitely its tainted results shall inflict untold losses on the human race. The world over everyone is worried about this fact. So much chaotic noise is spread by supersonic jets in the sky that its harmful effects are known to all and sundry. Now efforts are being made to render these noisy aircrafts and other vehicles as silent as possible.

Potential of words and sound are much subtler and more penetrative than all material energies put together. After getting definite information regarding this, Indian Spiritual Seers advanced the Science of Mantras. By itself, whatever we speak its effect is noted in both the microcosm and macrocosm.

Even waves of vibrations emerging due to a stone thrown in lake water reach quite afar. Similarly every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle atoms of space. Due to these vibrations invisible inspirations awaken in people. We know not from where thoughts enter our brain. We fail to understand this. Yet Mantra experts know well that manifestations of thoughts in our brain is no sudden chance or accidental in nature but that collected subtle vibrations right since primordial times in layers of energy on banging into cells of perception in the brain manifest in the form of various thoughts. Our brain has the capability of catching or setting into flow a ceaseless stream of thoughts of 1 single type.

Via mental flow of 1 single type by setting rolling in a single thought flow a revolution can be ushered in the thought arena of this gigantic infinite cosmos. For this it is not compulsory that these thoughts manifest via gross speech or conversation only.

The difference between ‘uttering’ and ‘Swara’ is that uttering is done via throat, palate, lips teeth base of tongue, jaws etc and its directed functioning. It has the capacity merely to exchange thoughts and mundane information. As against this, Swara emerges from our psyche. In it, our inner personality, viewpoint and sacred sensitive sentiments reside. Hence Mantra is called Swara. A hint of this can be got from the fact that while chanting Vedic Mantras its process involving Udat, Anudat and Swarit has to be faultless. In the realm of spiritual practices Swara means execution of potent Japa Anushthans via Vak Energy.

The basis of the great import of Mantras involves converting gross speech or Vaikhari into Vak or subtle divine speech. For this end such supreme glory has to be imbued in our mind, speech and actions that no reason remains behind that can taint our speech. After doing this Mantras chanted by it easily attain success (Siddhi) and words uttered doubtlessly succeed. Lest our speech remains in a tainted, tarnished and suspicious state even Mantras chanted by it shall burn to naught and despite executing Japa, singing of eulogies, loudly reading scriptures etc for a regular long time frame no desired success comes our way.

In a sanctified tongue that power dwells on the strength of which a Mantra created in any language is rendered very effective and terrifically potent. Words uttered by it, never fails to influence man’s inner recesses and the unlimited gigantic cosmos. Such a sanctified speech or Vak is called the very life force of spirituality. It is not a wee bit of overstatement if we call Vak a devotee’s Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) and a man of austerities’ Brahmastra or divine weapon. Vaks’s sanctified tongue is termed ‘Saraswati’. A person entering the realm of spiritual practices must deeply understand the import of initiation of that Mantra Power. It must be looked upon as the Mother of Mantras. It must be looked upon as the fount of Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies. It must be looked upon as a medium that can devotionally influence and render compassionate, Almighty God.








In sacred scriptures, Puranas or Indian Mythology the extent to which the greatness and worth of Super Mantra Gayatri has been highly eulogized maybe no other Mantra under the sun has been praised thus. Regarding Super Mantra Gayatri’s glory if we term it a Guru Mantra it is quite enough. Even today Super Mantra Gayatri is world renowned. Majority of people know about it. Innumerable devotees worship, meditate and chant it. Despite this it has been noted that not much special benefit is accrued from it. Hence a doubt rises in the mind thus: Are the eulogies and praises showered on Super Mantra Gayatri by many seers, saints etc, an overstatement on their part? Many people initially commence Super Mantra Gayatri chanting with immense zest but in a few days it fizzles off and they give up chanting totally. They feel that we did chanting for a certain time period but no benefits came our way. Definitely the praises and eulogies of the greatness of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting is an overstatement. Those hopes harbored when chanting was taken up dash to naught.

Of course it is correct that many times Super Mantra Gayatri chanting does not reap benefits. But the cause of this is certainly not overstating of the praises and eulogies of the greatness of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting. All those specialties listed regarding it are 100% percent true. So the question is, why is success not attained? The reasons for these are others. The first reason is that every task succeeds only when it observes proper procedures and prescribed methods. No desired benefits accrue if we execute tasks just anyhow, in whatever way our whims direct us to do etc. Machines carry out gigantic tasks but they succeed only, when they carry out functions properly using prescribed techniques. If a nincompoop starts a machine having no knowledge of how to operate it forget accruing benefits but instead the machine shall get damaged and this incompetent operator too might get harmed. There are cars that run very swiftly and with it hundreds of miles can be covered while driving it. Yet if an untrained driver uses this car maybe he shall be unable to even start the car let alone move it forward even a few meters. Suppose the car starts even so there is a high possibility of an accident occurring because this driver has no training to drive the car. Under such circumstances it is futile to curse the car and suspect the capacity of the car to run swiftly. If we pursue Super Mantra Gayatri chanting without paying any heed to its prescribed procedure and its deep import it shall fail to give benefits. In this none should harbor amazement.

It is well known that the more something is important, all the more it is difficult to attain (but certainly not impossible). Anyone can collect shells, conches etc on the seas shore yet if you wish to gather pearls in oysters you must dive deep into the ocean water bed. This act of diving deep into the ocean has to be studiously studied from an adept teacher. If anyone dives into the ocean without taking any swimming instructions and diving training then because of sheer stupidity only failure shall stare at him.

Although Super Mantra Gayatri does possess a specialty wherein if a devotee does chant it regularly, no harm comes his way. In comparison to this if other Mantras are chanted regularly but without adhering to prescribed procedures a possibility of getting harmed is quite high. But no such harm is accrued while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri. Further it is not as though hard labor put in while chanting goes totally in vain. Yes, definitely that benefit is not accrued that is attained when chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri is done adhering to prescribed procedures. We must realize that if Tantra methods pertaining to Super Mantra Gayatri are pursued without following prescribed procedure we can get harmed. Yet in non Tantra and ordinary Gayatri practices no such danger is faced by the devotee yet the peril of not getting full results does loom large. Hence a wise devotee fully aware of the deep import of Gayatri practices do not fall prey to negativities like impatience, egoistic tendencies etc and instead tread the path of Gayatri practices with proper alertness and assiduous adherence to its prescribed procedures.

Why should Super Mantra Gayatri practices be executed strictly following all prescribed methods? The answer to this is that any task done erratically and without proper procedures does not manifest desired results. Medicines are made via following proper methods and processes. If this is administered to a patient at the right time and in prescribed dose amazing healing benefits are noted. Yet if these very medicines are given to just about any patient suffering from any illness, in any dose without following the doctor’s advice forget healing the disease, the possibility of getting harmed is very high on the cards. Medicines administered by adhering to proper procedures give nectarine healing benefits. But if they are given without following the attending doctor’s advice only failure in curing the disease is faced. If Super Mantra Gayatri practices are executed without following prescribed methods and norms that benefit never accrues attained via practices done methodically and adhering to proper procedures prescribed.

Super Mantra Gayatri practices do reap unlimited benefits but they are not availed by ‘chance’ or just like that. In order to attain them Super Mantra Gayatri practices must bloom with faith, regularity, trust and sacred thinking-activities only then do desired benefits come our way. Else if we ignore prescribed procedures utter failure is our lot. Behind this principle/theory is a scientific law. In scriptures Mantra Cchanda are said to possess 2 specialties. The 1st is that in it divine sensitive emotions manifesting from deep sensitive centers of the devotee’s soul merge. The 2nd is Mantras created via special word weaving when sung musically a special sound wave emerges from it. These sound waves can be called on extraordinary. When both these special qualities unite a terrific energy of the stature of nuclear explosion emits from the sound of Mantra chanting. The entire personality of the devotee gets positively influenced by it and in some way or the other it also positively influences nearby or far off environment via his radiant inner personality.

The specialty of Mantras is that in them alphabets are woven keeping in mind the special process/technique prescribed by Swara Science. Via its utterance certain sound waves emerge that positively influences not only the Mantra chanting devotee but also the entire environment.

Lest the human body is called a musical instrument then spiritual practices of Super Mantra Gayatri is its musical tune (Swara Lahiri). Ordinary music heard in this mundane world itself is stupendous and showcases extraordinary results. Whether someone has knowledge of the art of music or not yet rarely does anyone fail to get mesmerized blissfully hearing sweet music and soulful singing. Say, does a snake possess knowledge of music? The snake has no knowledge of musical notes or the sentiments oozing in songs sung soulfully yet on merely hearing the sweet notes of a flute it sways in joy. Deer on hearing music played by a poacher stops dancing about and instead stands still mesmerized in bliss. It loses all consciousness of body and mind and immediately the poacher pounces on the deer and catches hold of it. Small children and other creatures that have no knowledge of the ‘a-b-c’ of music are yet seen to exhibit joy on hearing sweet music. This wave of musical tunes in itself oozes with immense zest and via its unseen potential creates extraordinary movements in living beings. This then has so far been a discussion on mundane musical instruments musical sounds emitted by them and heard by our gross ears. The human body in itself is an extraordinary musical instrument. In it the 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) and a powerful Sahasrar Kamal or 1000 petal lotus in the brain are the substratum of the 7 musical notes/Swaras of divine music. The middle portion of this guitar can be called the head and the region below can be called the waist region. Air reaching via the nostrils in the form of Ida-Pingala subtle Yogic nerves with the help of 2 fingers helps in creating a flow of divine music in it. Lest we can hear this divine music we shall deeply realize how divine and ecstatically blissful, is the Brahmanand of hearing Naad Brahman (Divine Sound).

Super Mantra Gayatri creates a Swara wave by vibrating the subtle musical basis of the body and the strings of the musical instrument. In one word this can be called extraordinary only. Thousands of ‘strings’ attached to the spine when twanged and when in Yogic Chakra centers the Anahat Naad (Divine Sound) echoes then those devotees pursuing Naad Yoga practices on hearing it get blissfully mesmerized. In musical instruments the Swara Saptak (7 musical notes Sa, Re, Ga etc or Do, Re, Mi etc) are placed in a properly sequenced chain. In order to play a particular music tune the movement of fingers has to be done in a special sequence. This very process is followed in order to create a radiant personality by awakening the unconscious nature of subtle energy centers set up in the human body. In Super Mantra Gayatri alphabets are placed in such a sequence that its chanting attains the capacity to create required mobility in the awakening of subtle energies. Its sequence of uttering too is so astounding that mobility created by it is witnessed not merely as one but in the form of innumerable divine creations.

It has been said:

Janudaghna chinvati pratham chinvano gayatriyavevam lokamabhyarohit nabhiraghnam chinveet.

MEANING: Chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri showcases its effect right from the mouth to the navel.


In Brahman texts Gayatri is called the controlling energy of consciousness spread out in all Lokas:

Temat deva saman gayanna trayat.

Yad gayanna trayat tad gayatrasya gayatra twam.

MEANING: Great Rishis of your have termed Samagan (Samaveda hymns) spread out in the entire cosmos’ Lokas as Super Power Gayatri.


Shabda brahma parabrahma yogabhyam shshwati tanu.

MEANING: Shabdabrahman (Divine Sound) and Parabrahman both are the eternal divine conscious bodies of God.


In the Shatpath Brahman it is written:

Shabdo vai brahma.

MEANING: Most definitely, word/sound is Brahman or Almighty God.


On noting the influencing result of sound flow emerging from the power of word/sound, rhythm and musical sequence pertaining to Super Mantra Gayatri it is called Vakdevi or Goddess of subtle divine speech thus:



Vagvai Gayatri, Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam.

MEANING: Speech is Super Power Gayatri. This entire cosmos oozes with Super Power Gayatri.


In great scriptures the discussion on sound flow emerging from Super Mantra Gayatri and the deep import of Sound Energy has been given as follows:

Gayatri va idam sarvabhutam yadidam kincha vagve.

Gayatri vagva idam sarva bhutam Gayatri cha trayatreya.

………….Chandogya Upanishad (3)

MEANING: Whatever exists (in the cosmos) definitely is Gayatri manifest. Gayatri is the essence and speech of the entire world. It is speech that aids the world to remain alive by protecting it.


How can one avail the benefit of Brahmavarchas (Divine Light or Aura) conjoined to Sound Energy of Super Mantra Gayatri? For this scriptures have given quite a few clear cut and have chiefly advised Gayatri devotees to render pure and sanctified their behavior, thinking process, character, lifestyle and inner personality.

Teekshneshavo Brahman hetibhanto.

Yamasyanti shakhyam na sa bhrig.

Anuhaya tapasa manyuna chot.

Turatek bhityanayenam.

MEANING: A Brahmin whose tongue is the string of the bow, words uttered by him is his arrow, his self control is the sharp tip of the arrow (sharpness attained via great austerities) soul power is his bow with his Mantra chanting energy pierces and uproots all elements that deign to attack divine principles.


What we are trying to say is that in order to avail benefits from Super Power Gayatri practices mere chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri is not enough. Instead the devotee via self control and austerities must also render his inner personality sanctified in a radiant manner. Only then can the devotee accrue credentials of attaining divine boons of Super Mantra Gayatri chanting. If the devotee possesses no such Paatrata or spiritual credentials no benefits accrue. Hence in order to avail total benefits of Super Power Gayatri based devotional practices along with meditation, worship etc a special method of executing these practices have been laid down.

In order to succeed in any realm of life it cannot be limited to the basis of only 1 principle. For success honest hard work is most required because without it success does not come our way. Yet when looked at holistically mere honest hard work does not necessarily reap success. Along with efforts a sharp talented brain too is required. If with proper thinking efforts are made obstacles coming in the way of success can be overthrown. This can definitely pave the way for attaining success yet even this much is not totally enough. Along with efforts and a sharp talented brain steadfast patience too is most required. Hard work executed and alertful thinking utilized along with it does not reap success immediately. For this we have to wait serenely with immense patient. It takes a fair bit of time for a seed sown to sprout and grow into a huge tree with flowers, fruits etc. Before the time is ripe neither does the seed sprout nor do flowers and fruits grow in it. It is said: ‘Samay payi taruvar falai ketik seenchau neer’.

It is clear that success cannot depend merely on any one basis. For this end widespread basis is most required. It could be in any realm. Whether the goal is material or spiritual, in every arena in order to fulfill one’s goal a widespread basis is most required. In spiritual practices executed for soul uplifting success in Mantra chanting also in a similar manner is accrued only after fulfilling some basic requirements. No doubt Mantras brim forth with super energy. Via this energy so many miracles and boons are attained but along with these attainments this fact definitely is conjoined that before applying it it has to be rendered successfully manifested (Siddha). For attaining this Siddhi spiritual practices must be executed and this is no one-sided procedure. In fact it has 4 legs. It can be said that success in Mantra chanting has 4 foundation pillars as follows:

1)      Mantra itself wherein sound energy is made use of

2)      Mental focus and concentration

3)      A high stature pious character

4)      Unswerving faith towards attaining the goal

The above 4 are the chief basis of Mantra Siddhi or success and the 1st one is word and its sound. In Mantras alphabets are woven in a special sequence. This weaving has been done by spiritual seers on the basis of their long term research studies on Mantras along with spiritual experiences attained by them. If we note from the meaning standpoint the Mantras’ meaning is quite straightforward and ordinary. In it one can find directions useful in life along with pious teachings. No doubt we must understand them but Mantra Energy does not dwell in these teachings but dwell in their word designing and sequence of alphabets. When a musical instrument is played using proper techniques musical tunes emerge and this induces ecstasy and bliss in our bosom. Very similar to this via ceaseless Mantra (and its well sequenced alphabets) chanting with a well defined sequence a special type of sound flow gets generated and this is the material potential of Mantras. Mantra alphabets uttered by the mouth influences the subtle body.

This influence manifests in a purely scientific manner. The importance of Sound Energy is accepted by modern science. Gross words that can be heard by our ears carry out great tasks. Hence the importance of subtle ultrasound (not heard by our ears) are manifold more important. In Mantra Japa uttering is soft but from it is created extrasensory sound energy in terrific measure. Recently with reference to Sound Science lot of research has been done on Sound Energy and via these studies many important conclusions have been drawn.

Today extraordinary power dwelling in sound waves not only is being understood but for various tasks they are being used and scientifically applied also. Sound waves are especially being used in measuring thickness of objects testing the good-bad qualities of metals etc. A new chapter has commenced regarding usage of sound waves in many industries and professions. The uses are as follows:

1)      Production of carbon

2)      Washing of clothes

3)      Chemical reactions

4)      Making paper

5)      Drying wetness

6)      Molding metals

7)      Producing plastic strings

Recently the VF Goodrich Company has made an apparatus of milk called ‘Homogenizing’. In this sound waves are used. General Motors Company has designed a Sound Sonogauge Machine that functions using sound waves. Iowa State College and Astra Zeneca Coropration have succeeded in designing many types of technology that work using sound waves as its medium.

It is known regarding sound waves that man can perceive only those waves whose frequency is 20-30 thousand per second. Sound flow lower or higher than this range although does exist, yet it cannot be heard by human ears. On understanding this fact we can truly understand the deep import of mental Japa. The capacity to hear has a fairly strong relationship with mental focus and concentration. Suppose we harbor no interest in some incident occurring around us, then even if a lot of noise emerges from it we fail to grasp it. But is something is of avid interest for us even if the sound is in whispers yet we shall hear it quite well.

In Mansik or mental Japa-chanting we need not utter it with our gross speech. By using mental energy in a deep meditative state via the subtle tongue mentally chanting is done. In this too sound waves emerge optimally. The radio can ‘catch’ only certain limited and related frequency sound waves. Lest it does not bind itself to nearby frequencies then the radio cannot ‘catch’ sound waves. The state of our ears is thousand times better in comparison to it. It can ‘catch’ and hear sound flows simultaneously running ar varied frequencies. The spiritual practice called Naad Yoga also is a type of Mantra Anushthan. With its aid interstellar cosmic and inner psychic divine powers can be heard. On its basis so much can be known that is impossible for our gross brain consciousness or available hints to know. In the cosmic ocean a Mantra devotee merges his terrific movements and due to this, such powerful ebb-flow emerges on the basis of which desired situations can be created.

It is worth noting that the one and only basis of success in Mantra Japa chanting is not merely Sound Science. For this a supremely great character and unswerving faith towards the Mantra chanted must be harbored by the devotee. For succeeding in Mantra chanting practices a devotee while strictly observing the discipline of Yama-Niyama greatness of character has to be augmented manifold. A hard hearted, wicked and person executing vile unethical activities can never succeed in Mantra Japa chanting. Even in Tantra practices Brahmacharya (sexual continence) and control of the 5 sense organs is mandatory. Hence the plane on which Divine Energies incarnate has to be that much more piously pure and sanctified from the standpoint of our thinking pattern, sacred sensitive sentiments and activities.

The chief cause of our mind becoming agitated and restless is the mad rush of our sense organs towards their respective objects (nose running after fragrance, ears running after sweet pleasant sounds etc). Our mind roams aimlessly in order to appease desires, aspirations, yearnings, egoistic arrogance etc. This is very much akin to a musk deer running about everywhere in order to find fragrant musk smelt by it little realizing that this sweet fragrance is being emitted by its own navel containing sweet fragrant musk. Mental focus which is most required for succeeding in Mantra Japa chanting is so difficult to attain. The fact is that mental focus and concentration is the most important energy in the spiritual realm. In order to attain it no doubt certain methods have been prescribed yet its success is conjoined to obstruction of vile activities and thinking that pollutes our mind. Anyone who succeeds in in creating an inner state that aids in controlling and concentrating the psyche in a one pointed manner truly accrues benefits of deep profound mental focus. Only such a one after mastering Dharana (concentrating the psyche) can go into deep Dhyana or meditative state because of proper mental focus. On the basis of this focus and deep profound meditation divine potentials manifest. Know for sure that these divine potentials are accrued only by one whose mind is both well focused and sanctified.

In Mantra practices the 4th and most important foundation pillar of attaining success is Shraddha or deep faith. The deeper is our faith towards Almighty God in order to attain our desired goal the more our Mantra Power shall become potently terrific. It is only on the basis of trust and faith that aspirations emerge and thus the nature of our mind center gets molded. A major portion of the task has to be executed by our brain itself. Our body too is managed by the brain. Faith and trust residing in the deep sensitive center of our psyche gives proper direction to our brain. In reality the real center of inspiration in our inner personality moves around on this very axis of steadast faith. The singer of Bhagwad Geeta (Lord Shri Krishna) while unfolding the mysteruy of this fact says: ‘Yo yacchchraddha sa eva sa’. It means one is of that character as per the kind of ones deep faith. It means our deep faith is our inner personality. The more this deep faith/Shraddha is conjoined to our desired goal, in the aptness of our spiritual practices, in attaining success etc with more and more profundity and zeal the more it shall become powerful. The miraculous power possessed by a Mantra devotee in this very ratio shall become more terrifically potent. By giving importance to these 3 miraculous pillars anyone, who has executed Mantra practices or Anushthans definitely succeeds in attaining his desired goal.

People execute superficial one-sided Mantra practice as a result they fail to attain that great result attained definitely on executing a multifaceted Mantra practice. For attaining success this fact must always be kept in mind that if only we imbibe mental focus, great sacred character and unswerving steadfast faith towards our desired goal that Mantra’s Sound Energy shall reap desired benefits in great measure. By taking along with us all these 4 foundation pillars never does our Mantra chanting practice fail even a wee bit.










Amongst all spiritual practices designed for soul uplifting virtually in all of these Mantra Japa chanting in some form or the other is included. This is because Mantra Science awakens those latent energies and potentials in man’s deep inner personality that aids in his reaching pinnacles of high stature spiritual goals. In other Mantra practices certain Karmakanda or rites-rituals have to be included but Super Mantra Gayatri practices are such that it is multifaceted and self fulfilling in its own right.

Super Mantra Gayatri practices in a lone manner have the capacity to bestow all those benefits that are accrued when many spiritual practices done together. In rendering successful Super Mantra Gayatri practices 4 foundation stones are involved:

a)      Sound Energy

b)     Mental focus

c)      Great pious character

d)     Unswerving and imperishable faith in Almighty God

Via Super Mantra Gayatri practices can bestow so many miracles and boons and this is a proven fact. Yet another fact too is associated with it and that is that while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri the above 4 tests must be passed with flying colors.

The 1st pillar of Super Mantra Gayatri practices is Sound Energy. In it words have been woven in such a special sequence wherein it is based on profound principles of Sound Sciences. From the meaning standpoint Super Mantra Gayatri is straightforward. In it a prayer is made to Almighty God for giving us a great sacred intellect. This sacred teaching no doubt must be understood yet Mantra’s power is not dependent merely on this because the word weaving and designing in Mantras too harbors immense importance. When musical instruments are played in a certain stepwise manner a musical sound flow emerges. Singing encompasses a sound flow created conjoined to Swaras (musical notes) in a rise-fall manner based on the voice’s certain type of Aroha-Avroha (Alto-Suprano). Very similar to this when directing ceaselessly again and again based on a certain word pattern Mantras uttered by the mouth a special type of sound flow emerges. This then is the Mantras’ material mundane potential. Mantra alphabets uttered by our mouth influence our subtle body. In awakening the 3 Granthis or subtle psychic complexes, 6 Yogic Chakras, 16 Matrikas, 24 Upathikas and 84 Yogic Naadis or subtle nerve networks the well sequenced chanting of Mantras plays a big role. In the manifestation of Divine Powers or Ridhi-Sidhis this well sequenced chanting of Mantras is a very major medium.

In Mantra Science generally Mantras are uttered in a soft voice and slowly but since these are repeated again and again without pause the sound stream of energy centers in the subtle body starts flowing actively. From this ultrasounds (not heard by the human ear) and a terrific flow of it emerges. In it the inner personality of the Mantra devotee gets molded. On this basis that desired atmosphere gets created for which Mantra practices had been commenced. No doubt Mantras enjoy a lot of importance along with the prescribed methods of its practices or Sadhana yet it is also most required that a devotee remaining steadfast towards his deep faith-Shraddha, zeal and method of chanting renders his inner personality so capable that his Mantra application works akin to a gun piercing its target deftly.

The importance of Sound Energy has been upheld unanimously by modern material science. Gross words heard by our ears carry out big tasks so we can understand how more important are subtle ultrasounds unheard by human ears. Mantra utterance is soft only yet it emits ultrasound energy in untold terrific measure.

Till a few years back sound waves emerging from speaking got limited to the periphery of being heard by human gross ears only. Creatures emit innumerable types of sounds from attacks or blows via word/sound uttering and objects. Our ears hear these. On hearing them we imbibe a lot of knowledge and wisdom. We draw various conclusions, make decisions and while augmenting our perception based experiences we take necessary useful steps forward. This then is the ordinary use of words and sound.

Modern material science has understood the extraordinary energy embedded in sound waves and thus has already commenced fulfilling various tasks-functions, using this sound wave energy so as to accrue benefits. Predominatingly sound waves fulfill tasks like measuring thickness of objects however thick or ultra thin and gauging the good-bad qualities of metals. A new chapter in the realm of industry and various professions has commenced wherein sound waves are used in production of carbon black, washing of clothes, chemical admixing, making paper pulp, drying wetness, molding metals, producing plastic threads etc.

So far high stature expert scientists in the realm of electronics have not been able to design such technology that from the standpoint of power of hearing is as sensitive as human ears are known to be. The ear membranes, catching various sounds and voices, transport it to the brain. The thickness of this ear membrane is 2500th portion of an inch. Yet it has the capability of correctly recognizing 400,000 types of different sounds. It can clearly classify them based on each one’s difference. We humans can easily differentiate between the cow’s mooing sound and car’s motor revving sound. No doubt so many cows moo virtually in the same way and that cars also generally emit same type of revving sound yet whatever miniscule difference rests in these our ears can differentiate between the mooing of one cow and another and the revving sound of one motor from the other. We humans find not difficulty in recognizing the voice of a person and that from what distance is it coming, from which direction etc. This is but the subtle sensitivity of the human ear. Telephones etc cannot recognize voices with such minute precision.

Our mind is as sensitive as our ears. Yet it ‘hears’ much more than our ears. Man’s ears hear only those things which are of interest to it else even if a lot of chatter and noise occurs nearby we grasp nothing. Yet if something interests us even minor whispers etc is heard easily by us. On an average we can say that the power of hearing is totally related to mental focus.

Human ears perceive only those sound waves whose frequency is 20-30 thousand decibels per second. No doubt there are many sound flows lesser and greater in range than this yet they cannot be heard by human ears.

On realizing this fact we truly understand the profound import of Mansik or Mental Mantra Japa chanting. Over here uttering is not required. By utilizing mental power in a deep state of meditation via our subtle tongue mental chanting of the Mantra is done and due to this also sound waves manifest clearly.

The radio instrument can ‘catch’ only those sound waves that have a limited frequency range related to it. If it cannot contact nearby frequencies we cannot hear anything on the radio. The state of the human ears in comparison to the radio is 100,000 times better. It can catch simultaneously sound flows of innumerable frequencies and can hear them properly.

It is possible to hear Divine Energies in the inner personality realm, interstellar space region etc via Naad Yoga. On this basis so much can be known that is unable to do via gross brain consciousness or other available material means however much advanced they are, technologically. A Mantra devotee transmits his terrific movements into the cosmic sound ocean. Due to this, such powerful ebb-flow emerges on the basis of which desired circumstances can be created. This then is the hidden mystery of the miraculous methods of Mantra Science.

After Sound Energy the Mantra devotee has to labor hard himself to create the remaining foundation pillars. These can be called pillars imbued with consciousness. A great glorious character and unswerving faith towards the desired goal eggs the devotee to march ahead towards success and thus the desired goal is attained.

For rendering our inner character sacredly great the devotee has to observe the disciplines of Yama and Niyama. In this manner great glorious qualities enhance manifold in our psyche. A wicked, vile person who executes tainted unethical activities never succeeds in Mantra chanting. Even Tantra Energies demand the observance of Brahmacharya or sexual continence. Hence if Divine Energies are to manifest in our soul and psychic arena the latter has to be rendered n fold more sacred and sanctified from the standpoint of the Mantra devotee’s thinking process, sacred sensitive sentiments and activities.

Our senses madly run towards their objects (ears love good music etc, nose loves sweet fragrance etc) mainly because our mind lacks proper focus and is hence restless/agitated. A psyche that strays towards fleeting desires and pandering to the whims and fancies of the vain limited ego can be compared to a deer musk running madly in the jungle to smell the fragrance of musk little knowing that this musk is in its belly and that the fragrance is emerging from his belly only. In the spiritual arena mental focus is the most important energy and in order to generate it no doubt certain methods are prescribed yet they are firmly associated with obstructing of vile tainted activities that render the mind restless and agitated. Anyone who on the basis of a sanctified standpoint of a capable inner personality can control and render the psyche calm and focused can attain true benefits of profound mental concentration. Only such a one can enter deeper states of meditation (Dhyan) and thus avail the opportunity of benefitting from Divine Powers (Ridhi-Sidhis) manifesting due to zealousness in the soul.

The more our faith is deep towards desired goals the more our Mantra Energy shall become terrifically potent. It is only on the basis of our faith and trust that great aspirations manifest and that our mental center gets molded. A major portion of various functions has to be carried out by our brain only. The body is also managed by the brain. It is faith and trust embedded deep in our sensitive psychic arena that gives a direction to the brain center. In reality the real center of inspiration of our inner personality moves on the axis of this steadfast faith. The singer of Bhagwad Geeta-Lord Shri Krishna while unfolding this mystery says: ‘Yo yacchshraddha sa eva sa’. One is as per one’s type of faith. It means faith is our very inner personality. The more one immerses this faith in the authenticity and attainment of spiritual practices with more profundity, zeal and depth the more our Mantra chanting becomes powerful. The miraculous energy of the Mantra devotee shall become that much more terrific. Whosoever, while giving due weight age to these 3 conscious foundation pillars executes Mantra practices-Anushthans definitely shall succeed in attaining the desired goal.

If we execute spiritual practices lacking depth, profundity and which is one-sided, we shall fail to attain its great miraculous results. Mantra practices done while assiduously following its 4 foundation pillars never fails. Following are the 4 foundation pillars:

1)      Sound Energy

2)      Mental focus and concentration

3)      Greatness of character

4)      Unswerving faith towards the desired goal one wishes to attain


























In attaining success or Sidhi in Mantra chanting 4 main precepts are at work:

1)      Choice of chain of words in Mantras based on Sound Science and its methodical chanting

2)      Focused Prana Energy of the Mantra devotee via self control and a simultaneous inclusion of mental focus

3)      The material but subtle power of material paraphernalia used in devotional and worship methods

4)      A flow of sacred sensitive sentiments, deep faith, trust and a viewpoint that imbibes a high stature goal

The more the above 4 are included the more the results and miracles of Mantra Energy shall be witnessed and perceived. Wherever the above 4 precepts are ignored and just based on whims and fancies one executes spiritual practices with the intention of getting quick boons know for sure that only despair and failure shall be our lot.

Very much like other sciences, Mantra Science also is a well managed procedure and it has to be executed with immense patience and alertness. Every portion and sub portion of it has to be applied at apt places. Only if every cog or machine part in a watch is fitted in its appointed spot that it works best and shows the correct time. Similarly if the above pillars of Mantra Science are rendered well managed with alertness there is no reason why we shall not attain the desired goal. Mantra Science becomes a mockery and utter failure only when people lacking psychic credentials (Paatrata), full of haste and harboring a very unscientific bent of mind execute such hypocrisies. Thus when because of this no beneficial results accrue they fling aspersions and accusations on the very authenticity of Mantra Sciences and its practice.

The 1st pillar includes correctness of sound flow emerging from Mantra Energy. It is a well known fact that due to some blow on flowing water waves are created and they flow in the direction of the water stream. In waters that are still these waves spread all around. No doubt wind flows but its waves flow not only in the direction of the flow but it does so in all directions. Sound in reality is a vibrating wave only. In the human mind suppose a thought erupts. The brain is trained regarding with which thought in order to help the external world recognize it which type of movement has to be created in which type of Swara Yantra. Inspired by our will power in pre programmed voice machines an onrush emerges. This onrush attacks wind in our mouth and that present outside. Thus sound waves from this starts coming out. Our ears hear these only and by analyzing them the brain takes a decision as to who said what for what purpose?

Via will power mobility and from mobility waves emerge. In gross terminology these vibrations are said to emerge from air but in reality they emerge from ‘ether’ principle residing in the deep recesses of air. Ordinarily in 1 second our ears can hear vibrations of about 32 per second. If they are less than 32 we shall not hear them. Even if they are more than this our ears shall not hear and hence understand them. The atoms of ‘ether’ principle are very subtle and ultra sensitive. In 1 second they can create up to even 3,400,000,000,000 vibrations. When these vibrations reach their highest peak from them, rays of ceaselessly flowing light manifests. These rays are called X-Rays.

These rays possess wondrous mobility and generally in 1 second can travel 10,000,000 miles. Invention of radio, TV etc has been possible based on this very science. The vibrations of air get destroyed yet ether based vibrations never get destroyed. They remain immortal eternally. The more they become old they become steady on the surface of gravitational force on planet earth. When they become strong they attract other vibrations of their own class towards themselves and when they weaken in strength they get pulled towards other strong vibrations. Yet despite on aging and withering they give rise to a new consciousness on the basis of congregational power and create such a magnetic force that influences people via that consciousness conjoined to those words and sounds. Over here also the law of cooperative coexistence is at work. People influenced are those whose brain state is very similar to ancient but congregated sound vibration energy. When these states are dissimilar and not in tandem no thought, word or sound can influence anyone. It can only showcase its presence.

Sound is a tangible energy. By itself it is formless (Nirakar) yet it can be rendered with name-form. Today images and photographs of sound are being created and on its basis that person’s image can be identified from whose mouth a certain type of sound had emerged. A fact has been placed forth before us all by Science of Sound Photography and imaging that sound is a powerful material. Just as we use atomic energy, electricity, heat etc similarly sound too can be used in a similar manner. From the word and sound flow of Mantras an image/photograph gets created. On its basis the shape and form of its presiding gods and goddesses (deities) and for succeeding in Mantra practices (Sidhi) spiritual scientists have advised us to render very potent sound and word flow emerging from worship and meditation on these presiding gods and goddesses (deities).

A 25 year old young air force cadet based in the Travis Center of California’s air force was court marshaled. He was accused of passing sexual remarks over the telephone on ladies working at the telephone exchange there. By itself he was very alert that he did not reveal his identity over the phone yet police officers using scientific technology succeeded in nabbing him.

Voice images and photographs were taken to identify this air force cadet. The voice of this cadet was photographed. Then when this photograph was matched with this cadet’s voice it was noted to be the same. Even though this cadet denied his crime yet the court of justice accepted this proof and thus was meted out apt punishment.

Photographs of voices are a rare boon of modern material science. The inventor of this technique is Dr Kersta. He has unveiled such a 3 fold technique of sound analysis and the apparatus is called Spectrogram. With this anyone’s voice can be imaged and photographed. Dr Kersta says that just anyone’s thumb print does not match with that of anyone else’s and is unique in nature similarly a person’s voice also is unique. It cannot match anyone else’s voice. Thus the voice photograph of each one of us is unique and matchless. Voice photograph recorded using this technique is accepted as total proof and on its basis we can know important hidden mysteries and nabbing slinky slimy criminals.

According to Dr Kersta when every child learns how to talk it uses its lips, palate, tongue, jaws etc in a special manner and thus it commences talking. Due to this movements occur in the muscle network and its pressure falls on wind filled up in the mouth and that spread outside. From this pressure sound emerges. The rise-fall of the movement of the voice box is self created and separate from one individual to another. Hence words and voices emerging from each one of us is unique and thus every person’s voice is different in more or less measure. This difference and disparity becomes the basis of sound difference and thus no one’s voice matches with others in the world.

New Jersey-USA’s Dr Mortimer Schwartz in order to understand the inner state of the body and analyze the causes of various diseases says that man’s voice is a very important tool in this. Dr Mortimer Schwartz says that since via the use of a sthethoscope by knowing the gap between 2 consecutive heartbeats the state of blood circulation in the body can be gauged, then by minutely understanding utterances of the mouth influenced by the inner state of the body why would it be impossible to understand someone’s inner agony and state via unraveling of utterances by the mouth that are influenced by the inner state of the body? His experiments and applications have set up a new foundation in diagnosis of various diseases.

Beej or Seed Mantras generally have no meaning yet its energy is potent. In Mantra Scriptures there are innumerous Beej or Seed Mantras mentioned like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Yum, Vum, Rum, Lum, Aima, Om, Hum etc (with one letter and specific Swaras) and each one’s influence and method of usage has been described. This Seed Science in its pristine purity is heavily dependent on Sound Energy. Sound and words have their own power and technique.

According to Material Science vibrations are created from sound. One more fact associated with this is that when energy gets imbued in our mouth or any special material sound flow emerges. Word or sound by itself is a special state of vibrational flow. When outer air bangs into our inner air words are uttered and a Swara or sound flow commences.

There was a time in the bye gone times that pilgrim spots were in the form of Sadhana Peetha or shrines where spiritual practices were executed and were well advanced. In these pilgrim spots apt desired environment for spiritual practices, required means and materials and guidance from experienced God Realized Gurus were available. People desiring to fulfill such goals would travel to these places and would return with success. Alas! Today’s demeaned withered state of pilgrim spots is there for all to see. Today these holy places no longer help pilgrims attain that spiritual goal for which they had been set up in previous times.

This human body although tiny is yet a complete world. In it rest seeds of all pilgrim centers. Amongst these any one or simultaneously many pilgrim centers can be awakened and rendered radiantly potent. There are certain personalities who are manifest images of pilgrim centers. In the human consciousness of such a Sidha or God Realized Master/Guru/Saint sometimes if a foreign undesirable element enters it a little effort to remove it and evict it reaps wonderful success. Spiritual practices are done for this very end. If in the realm of spiritual practices the soul principle emerges victorious then innumerable types of Divine Wealth can be attained that are manifold more precious than the 14 jewels attained when demigods and demons churned the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas). A person attaining these becomes self fulfilled and then nothing under the sun remains to be achieved. The long time period when a devotee undergoes spiritual practices can be termed a terrible war between demigods and ferocious demons. In it the devotee has to imbibe skill, shrewdness and valor to the brim. This war of spiritual practice cannot be fought with a frail, weak and listless psyche. In it instead is most required a very strong will power (Sankalpa Shakti) and potent enterprise.

A mental state marching towards glorious heights on the path of well being is called divine and a psyche immersed in desires that create a massive downfall and that pursues vile tainted activities is called demonic. The 1st one is magnetically attractive and the 2nd is a repulsive demonic flow of consciousness. Man is a combined creation of both Satvva (sacredness) and Tamas (demonic spiritual darkness). Rajas (activities executed to fulfill various desires) are the middle state of these two. The middle state that leads a devotee from Tamas to Sattva is compared to churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas). Both Tamas and Sattva fight tooth and nail in order to emerge victorious. Our psyche engaged in activities leading towards a downfall since many lifetimes refuses to come out its shell towards uplifting. A devotee pursuing spiritual practices makes intense efforts to march towards soul uplifting from this downfallen demeaned state. As a result the state of sheer struggle noted in churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan as per Indian Mythology called Puranas) and the bloody Mahabharat War between the Pandavas and Kauravas gets created in our inner religious and righteousness arena and outer activities of various Karmas. Generally demonic behavior and activities generally prevail.

When Sadhana or spiritual practices becomes the most beloved topic of a devotee, his mind on its own gets immersed in it, he wishes to increase his hours of spiritual practices instead of decreasing them and if after getting up from worship, meditation etc the body feels zestful and the mind becomes blissfully serene know well that maturity in spiritual practices has been attained and its goal of true spiritual well being is just round the corner. In the preliminary phase of spiritual practices a lot of effort is required to attain this wholesome state of the psyche. By using one’s spiritual imagination and power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti that type of mental condition has to be generated in a façade like form. Yet if we diligently pursue spiritual practices regularly and generally for a long time frame this blissful mental state becomes one’s very own inner nature in an effortless manner. Hence the time period of using immense efforts based on a strong will power wherein the devotee struggles a lot is actually called Sadhana or spiritual practices. When this inner blissful state becomes natural know for sure that Sidhavastha or state of Self/God Realization has been attained.

 The state of the soul which has an imperishable bond with Almighty Lord and merges into God’s divine cosmic form can be called radiance of spiritual practices. When the individual soul of the devotee and the divine cosmic soul of Almighty Lord become one eternally this state of divine ecstatic bliss is called Samadhi or trance. It is not necessary that in this state we go into Yoganidra (Yogic sleep) or become unaware of the external world. In the spiritual practice of Jnana or Divine Wisdom one attains the state of a Sthtaprajna, in the spiritual practice of Karma or selfless actions one becomes very detached mentally and in the spiritual practice of Bhakti or devotion to God one attains a psyche oozing with divine love and goodwill towards every pore of entire world creation. In it although we do not become unconscious as in a swoon but yet a ceaseless divine experience of divine light of Self Realization and self contentment is felt. All doubts in this state disappear to naught forever. The devotee feels one with Almighty God and experiences God dwelling in him. The desires and actions of Almighty God and such a devotee reaches the same level. The realm of God is widespread whereas as that of the living being is limited. One is cosmic and the other is an atom. Despite this the levels of both have wondrous parity. God has no worry about his happiness and hence is immersed eternally in rendering cosmic consciousness well balanced and super advanced. In this divine endeavor God is immersed and full of divine zeal. The sanctified soul of a devotee is absolutely of this stature of Almighty God. Such a devotee no longer pursues tasks merely to look after his family and earning name and fame. Instead he is now immersed very much like Almighty God in world welfare and well being tasks for his entire lifetime. In such selfless service to the world such great saints experience divine bliss. They get immersed in such glorious tasks and hence attain natural self fulfillment. When our belief, steadfastness, deep faith etc on maturing ooze in our mental qualities, actions and inner nature know for sure that just as oneness is noted when a rivulet merges into a hige river like Ganga the same is noted as blissful union of the devotee’s soul and God’s cosmic divine soul.

When the 2 streams of sense organ control and mental focus unite human bioelectricity gets created. A cold and hot wire helps in generating electricity. Similarly when the body and mind’s energy is obstructed from getting scattered to naught via harboring of fleeting desires that power gets amassed called Prana Energy or Ojas. In Yoga Sciences students entering the realm of Yoga practices are first and foremost advised to control and mind and body in a disciplined manner. Lest human bioelectricity gets destroyed by passing through these 2 holes of an indislplined uncontrolled body and psyche say from where shall that oil and other fuel come from to aid functioning of the engine called Mantra chanting practices? Merely chanting Mantras via the tongue cannot be called Mantra practice in totality.

Prana Energy is self directed and Mantras are controlled from external sources. The 1st task of a devotee is to render his Prana Energy very potent in a terrific manner. Mantra is that gun or bow that can use various types of bullets or arrows. But this gun or bow must be in the form of a sacredly sanctified inner personality. If this gun is not working properly then even if we use a proper technique to chant Mantras the desired goal shall not be attained. Similarly Prana Energy although in a lone way is very important yet without using Mantra Power the task of awakening latent energies in the psyche cannot succeed.

In the bodily and mental pracrices pertaining to Yoga and penance energy manifests. Yet at the time of this manifestation or after it has been amassed it is not rendered well secure then bye and bye akin to dynamite it shall burn to naught. If spirit is poured into a bottle without a lid the spirit evaporates to naught. Similarly energy that is not optimally protected gets blown away to naught in a wasteful manner.

During the phase of amassing psychic and soul energies the spiritual practice executed by a devotee is watered with Sattvik food and resting habits that augment piousness, Brahmacharya or celibacy, Mauna or mental/vocal silence, living in a lone solitude area, a daily schedule that is sacred and deep mental reflection based on sacred thinking. Added to this the psyche is protected from rushing after miracle exhibition that can gve him fleeting cheap name and fame. Sidhis or divine powers can be used merely for vain goals of greed and attachment to wife, kids etc. They can also be used for one’s own and others soul uplifting. Attaining lots of mundane benefits on the basis of very less effort is bang opposite to the laws of the Science of Karma (action). If Mantra Power is used for this end it shall not last for long and in this childish play it shall get destroyed to naught in a jiffy. Yes! If we use it for soul awakening and attaining glory this Mantra Power shall intensify further in a potent manner. It is like if we rub the knife’s edge on a smooth stone the knife becomes very sharp and since rust is removed it shall shine more brilliantly also.

For attaining Mantra Sidhi (success) blood that nourishes the devotee’s body and things that create Ojas in it are of special importance. Via nourishing food the body becomes strong and via a sacred lifestyle, resting-sleeping habits etc our mind becomes strong and sacred. Coal, oil and water possess the capacity to make steam yet it emerges only with the help of the self propelling energy of the user along with that of fire used. Even power of materials is used during the phase of spiritual practices. It is from this standpoint that many do’s and don’ts and usage of various materials are prescribed. With which materials should Havan (fire sacrifice) be done for the success of which Mantra? For eating food which materials must be used? Amongst various apparatus for worship rites which level must be given predominance for procedures of all these and creating an onrush of power not self directed and power that is self propelling? It is in this way that a process is invented to create steam in engines and with it aid rotation of wheels of a locomotive train.

The boundary of food intake is spread out to our resting, sleeping and other daily life’s activities too. Hence in the realm of succeeding in spiritual practices all this has to be included yet it must also be kept in mind that what we eat with our mouth only is not ‘food’. Via the nostrils of the nose and hair pores and skin follicles air is inhaled. In it oxygen and other elements also are inhaled within and these also are ‘food’. It is well known that via injections food reaches our body within. Hence materials entering our body via Yajna/Havan fire fumes in a gaseous state inhaled by our nose also should be considered an ‘injection’. In worship rites called Anushthan the procedures of Yajna/Havan is included. It is a process via which the subtle and causal portion of medicinal herbs gets absorbed within the body. It is for fulfilling this goal that oil of certain tress and juices of certain plants are devoured via the mouth (orally) or that they are applied via bathing, massage etc.

In our diet we must take recourse to grains, vegetables, fruits, milk etc that possess special subtle qualities. From wherever they have been procured those sources must be rendered sacred and intense more and more since this also is very much a part and parcel of Sadhana or spiritual practices. Using the wood of which trees, which apparatus, with the help of which people etc this food has been cooked? In which mental condition was this food eaten? All these procedures are very important for a devotee. If a devotee performing spiritual practices very diligently eats food against scriptural injunctions (non veg food, very pungent/bitter/salty food, alcohol etc), if this food quality is very mediocre, it is cooked by vile minded people, it is served by people with tainted psyches etc then all this hard labor of the devotee goes waste and no success is reaped. Hence during the phase of Sadhana or spiritual practices first importance must be given to our food intake and diet. Even our resting, sleeping and other activities come under this. It includes all chores, activities etc carried out in day to day living and must be rendered sacredly pure.

If our food is of low quality, adulterated etc the tainted result of devouring this shall be noted on our body. Our chief diet is plant based. Milk, honey, flesh etc is but a conversion of plants devoured by animals and other creatures. In reality our body subsists on plant life only. Just as humans possess gross, subtle and causal energies so too these dwell in plants also. The importance of Tulsi (basil), Pipal, Amla (myrobalan) etc is based on noting its divine organ energies. Doctors and medical therapists help their patients avail benefits of the subtle chemical energies of various types of plant species. Its gross form can be gauged from its color, form, odor, taste etc.

A very powerful facet of lifestyle and daily living activities is Brahmacharya or sexual continence. A gross meaning of Brahmacharya is obstructing the sperms from nightfall. In reality this means disallowing all conscious powers, aspirations and desires of the body and mind from straying here and there in a scattered wasteful manner. A little force of dynamite in the trigger of the gun is used in a singular focused manner. Only then does it showcase its terrific power. Lest this much dynamite is scattered in an open area and is lit with a match stick it shall burn very weakly. A minor popping sound emerging from this can only induce mocking sneers from those witnessing all this. Instead of using bodily and mental conscious powers in directions that are scattered are used for desired spiritual goals without doubt miracles ensue. Within the boundary of medicinal intake along with food and diet our lifestyle (resting, sleeping, daily chores etc) too is encompassed. Along with the body our mind also must be properly nourished and nurtured.

In a certain sense the Science of Brahmacharya must be termed the Science of Human Bio Electricity. Every act of sexual union induces not merely sense organ (genitals also) and psyche based zest but that it also induces an exchange of bio electricity between the sexually uniting male and female. The bio electricity of women is attracting and that of men is repulsing. When they unite in sexual union the woman pulls the sperm of the man throwing it into her. All this can be tangibly felt. All this applies to bodily, mental and soul energies also. By immersing in sexual activities if a devotee becomes a ‘male’ he shall reap only losses. The female partner may benefit minutely yet the divine potential of such a devotee diminishes a lot and hence the path that takes him towards success shall lengthen all the more. Keeping this fact in mind Brahmacharya or sexual continence and celibacy has been given a lot of importance.

The 4th foundation pillar of Sidhi or success achieved in Mantra practices is Aushadhi. It means materials used in healing and other processes. Over here Aushadhi does not mean medicines, herbs etc administered to patients suffering from various diseases by their attending doctors. For spiritual endeavors the word Aushadhi is used with reference to plants, trees etc that are made to enter the human body via the mouth, nostrils or skin pores and follicles. By imbibing their subtle energies in our consciousness the soul existence is rendered so capable that it benefits optimally via Mantra Energy.

In literature dealing with Sadhana or spiritual practices their authors have enumerated varied procedures and techniques. From which portion (middle or root) of fruits, flowers etc of which tree is the rosary or Japa Mala made? Is the Asan (seat for meditation etc) made from Kusha-grass or Khajur-dates or what else? Is the Kamandalu (water pot) made from coconut or bitter gourd or what else? While washing one’s hair or bathing the body which clay or which plant product has been used? Which Yajna material is used for which goal using which plant, which tree’s wood and using which procedure? All these injunctions in reality are included in the devotee’s food cooking techninque itself.

The 4th principle used in Mantra Science is Bhavana or sacred sensitive sentiments. Faith in spiritual practices towards Science of Devotion must be so profound that no room for doubts and distrust remains. Spiritual practices executed with a mind reeking of mere superficial curiosity, an intellect that merely wishes to test them in order to ultimately prove them bogus and a suspicious psyche shall never succeed. Faith by itself is an intense power. Akin to petrol, electricity, steam etc it has its own terrific energy. A devotee harboring deep faith always succeeds but those harboring doubts return empty handed. The great result of trust and mental resolve or Sankalpa can be witnessed at every step of daily living. For attaining spiritual progress and success it is its very Prana or life force. A devotee must harbor unbroken faith towards Mantra Energy and it must be imbibed with full faith, mental focus, strong will power and sacred sensitive sentiments in all our activities.

The goal laid down in order to carry our spiritual practices must be of a very high stature. It must never be done merely to fulfill selfish material greed. Mundane joys and facilities are attained based on the price of capability, skills and efforts we pay. Thus we must buy these mundane comforts and pleasures on this basis only. Spiritual powers must be used to increase spiritual wealth and divine glories. On its basis inner potentials must be evolved and advanced highly.

A devotee must render his inner personality and activities supremely great. His viewpoint must never harbor an intention to exhibit vain Sidhis and miracles akin to childish acts. Instead very much like divine people a good hearted devotee must be so steadfast in soul uplifting and world well being activities that by renouncing fleeting material attractions and avarice once and for all he yearns to immerse himself in the bliss of his soul and divine state of God-Self Realization. When a devotee’s thinking and activities are truly great his sacred sensitive sentiments shall become comparable to the matted hair locks of Lord Shiva. In that on these matted locks it shall become possible for the spiritual River Ganga viz. Mantra Energy to pour down upon.



























From the Anatomy Science standpoint no direct relationship between our heart and the tongue can be established. By itself all bodily parts and organs are related to each other in some form or the other. The brain bestows consciousness to all organs, the heart gives blood, the lungs give oxygen, the stomach gives digestive enzymes and so on and so forth. Thus all these prove to be very important and each of these is related to one another. Yet when the question is with reference to very close proximity and spiritual practices there is no extraordinary relationship or excess closeness between the tongue and heart of a person.

Yet from the standpoint of Soul Sciences the tongue and heart are excessively related to each other. The profound power of Sound Science gets created from the combination of both these. The tongue is both a sense organ of taste harboring taste buds and fulfills the task of uttering words and sounds. Yet it has a special capacity and that is of extraordinary influence associated with words and sounds. Lest this principle is lacking then akin to a gramophone record can function merely to give information of various types. Via it no individual or cosmic space environment can be influenced.

Anatomy Sciences after giving us gross information of the tongue in the form of very hi tech scientific jargon becomes silent. Its miniscule information includes the fact that the tongue is both a sense organ of taste harboring taste buds and fulfills the task of uttering words and sounds. Yet it is not alone and instead is a group of many other units. The tongue is like a family and it has many departments. All these work in tandem and only then the tongue functions optimally.

If on the tip of our tongue some material is placed it can tell us its taste. In this examining the tongue has to take help of its other helper associates. Along with this material the mouth’s saliva mixes. This wet material touches our taste buds. These taste buds transport their reaction to the brain center. It is only after this that it can be unearthed as to what is the taste of the material placed on our tongue in the mouth. Lest saliva does not mix with it and a dry material remains on the tongue no information regarding its taste can be perceived.

Tastes despite being of many types as per scientific classification are of 4 types chiefly. They are as follows:

A)    Sweet taste

B)    Sour taste

C)    Bitter taste

D)    Salty taste

Their taste buds are placed in different regions of the mouth. On the tip of the tongue exists sweet taste buds, at the back end exist bitter taste buds, on both sides exist sour taste buds and salty taste buds.

Between the sensitive nerves of the nose and tongue exists, a close bond. When we are afflicted with common cold our mouth experiences aversion to even most tasty food items and further we fail to clearly perceive the specific taste of that food etc. The fragrance of tasty food items affects our tongue because our mouth starts watering. More than this we also can infer as to at what distance food of what type of taste is being cooked. When we add spices to food while cooking food its power of smeling helps our mouth identify the type of its taste. Fruits like mangos, musk-melon etc on smelling helps us understand whether they are sour or sweet. This is proof regarding the fact that sensitive nerves of the nose and tongue have a very strong intense bond.

If the designing of the tongue is categorized they can be done so as long muscles, genio glossus muscles, tongue glands, tongue covering, lapex, nerves, taste buds, taste cells and spindle cells. It is when all these function in tandem and with cooperation that the tongue can perform its function of tasting food properly.

This then is a mundane introduction to the functioning of the tongue. Its spiritual identity is depicted in the symbolic form of Goddess Saraswati Devi. Our tongue utters words and behind this utterance not only man’s brain and psyche but that it has the power to influence the physical body also. Further than this this energy influences various materials and objects also. The method that uses this mysterious power in a miraculous manner is called Mantra Science. Via our gross speech ordinary give and take of information goes on in its own way yet when this very speech utters certain special words by applying a special Swara Sadhana associated with mental focus and as per injunctions of Sound Science these group of words are called ‘Mantra’. Every page of Spiritual Science is filled with details of the miraculous power of Mantras. Without Japa or Mantra chanting no spiritual practice of any religion or sect can be executed. It is accepted as a substratum source of augmenting soul energy.

As far as Mantra chanting is concerned we can say that the relationship of tongue based nerve fibers with those Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus), subtle glands, subtle Naadis etc get influenced by chanting very much like when we press the keys on the typewriter its metal wires on which various alphabets etc are etched jump upwards and on banging into paper attached there these alphabets get printed on it. At various places in the body vaults of various energies are present latently. Our speech not only influences the external world but it does so within the body also. Along with uttering words the arteries, nerves and sound waves of the tongue awaken these latent centers. If in a particular stepwise technique the strings on a guitar are twanged various types of musical tunes emerge. Very similar to this when word uttering conjoins to musical notes of a particular sequence such a musical resonance emerges via which upheavals take place in bodily subtle centers. Further those sound vibrations and energy waves get created that are capable of fulfilling the goal with which the devotee commenced Mantra chanting.

In this manner Mantra Energy executes its own functions. At the time of Mantra chanting the entire Swara Center gets converted to an energy fount. It creates an effect on either the devotee harboring a special aim in mind or on a deity or in infinite cosmic space. As a result of this the possibility of desired results manifesting as mentioned in various sacred scriptures gets created.

Yet this much only is not accepted as enough. Behind this chain of words of Mantra Japa chanting must be added a terrific stream of energy based in our bosom. The word ‘heart’ has 2 connotations and akin to our tongue it fulfills 2 goals. The 1st is that since the heart is a focal point of blood circulation in the body the heart becomes a vault of terrific energy manifesting there. The 2nd is that the heart or bosom is also called the central point of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhava Sansthan. Energy gets created from heart beating and the heart also manifests deep faith, steadfastness, devotion and trust. When both these unite they become the Prana or very life force of Mantra practices. In this manner as far as the Science of Spiritual Practices is concerned both the tongue and heart must be looked upon as the 2 wheels of a chariot. In Mantra practices only when both these contribute their potentials in a cooperative manner that desired goals are attained.

From the standpoint of Anatomy Science very much like the tongue a minute introduction to the heart is as follows:

The heart should be called a ‘pumping station’ since it very deftly manages the city of the human body’s water transport i.e. blood circulation system. Blood emitted by the heart is transported by arteries to every organ of the body. Via air and other nutrition it nourishes those organs and wards off any distortions in those organs. After this it returns to the heart. The lungs accept this bodily dirt from the blood and via exhaling throws it out of the body. Via inhalation oxygen gets mixed into the blood. Again the cycle of blood circulation commences. Thus the heart is the chief organ that manages the blood circulation system in the heart.

By itself the heart is always filled with blood yet it does not directly absorb even 1 drop of blood from it. Whatever it gets is as per certain bodily function laws and a proper procedure. For this small arteries and veins that give nourishment to the heart’s muscular fiber network are created separately. In reality these are the nurses of the heart and via them nourishment is imbibed. If for some reason they tire or become distorted the heart or any part of it stops getting nourishment or gets it in very tiny measure. The influence of this very miniscule obstruction can take a very ferocious downturn as far as the body’s health is concerned. This lack’s dire effect does not get restricted merely to the heart and its units but that the other organs of the body also get very little nourishment. The brain cannot endure even an iota of diminishing of this nourishment. Thus if the brain gets badly affected the entire bodily functioning goes haywire. It then results in a heart attack. If this obstruction of nourishment remains merely for 10 minutes also definitely such a person dies. At the hour of this terrible strife the heart akin to entering the mouth of a crocodile wails aloud in anguish. This can be called heart pain or angina.

What exactly is the heart? It is 3.5 inches wide, 5 inches long, has a shape like the leaf of betel, its weight is 12.5 ounces and is a fleshy bag on the left half of the chest between the 5th and 6th rib bone. It keeps beating ceaselessly. It is categorized into 4 booths. The 2 upper booths are called auricles and the 2 booths below are called ventricles. Their task is to direct and manage in a well controlled manner our body’s blood circulatory system.

The heart of the shape of a closed fist that is very soft and delicate beats 70-75 times each minute. Per second it beats 8 times. In this manner each year the total number of heart beats are 31,700,000. The heart beats of a new born baby is 120-140 per minute but when this baby starts growing in age these heart beat numbers start decreasing and finally remains between the range of 60-70. The reason for this is that when our age increases the flexibility of arteries filled with blue blood conjoined to oxygen decreases. The artery walls become thicker and hence this artery’s capacity, like a rubber band to stretch and relax decreases. In accordance and tandem with this, the number of heart beats per minute also commences decreasing as one ages.

Keeping in mind its shape and weight in comparison to other organs of the body the heart has to work and labor hard much more. It beats 72 times per minute. In 1 year total heart beats recorded are 31,700,000. Lest a person remains alive for 60 years his total heart beats recorded shall be 2,200,000,000. About 18 ton blood must have circulated. It must have traveled 62,000 miles via arteries and veins. This length is 2.5 times more than total diameter of planet earth. In this task it has to use up so much energy comparable to energy used to raise upwards the heaviest war plane on earth and hung up in the sky at a height of 15 feet above earth’s surface. Till date man has designed no machinery and technology that can function for such a long time span, without breaking apart and without resting even for a minute.

This feat of the small fleshy bag called heart indeed is mind boggling. But the fact of the matter is not limited to this only. On noting its shape/form the amount of work executed by the heart no other machine on earth can compete with the heart’s working capacity. Despite the heart’s form and means are miniscule it shoulders such a gigantic responsibility that without doubt till today no man made machine has been designed that can carry out such responsibilities akin to our heart. Via Mantra Power such terrific energy gets generated. Hence this energy must increase millions of times more in measure.

Radio based voices emit sounds that very intensely because in them electrical energy is mixed. In its absence our voice cannot be heard even 3000 meters distance. Yet sounds of radio can be heard the world over. In order to render apt Mantra chanting terrific and widespread the electrical stream of the heart has to be made use of. Along with this by combining faith, trust and devotion its word chanting sounds have to be rendered so intensely radiant that that instead of it remaining an ordinary stature utterance emerges as an energy flow. Thus the desired goal is achieved.

In the spiritual realm the subtle meaning of heart is taken to be ‘oneness of heart’ (we many a times say ‘having a heart to heart talk’). The wicked workers of hard hearted nature can be called heartless. This does not mean existence or non existence of the fleshy bag (heart) circulating blood. Instead it means whether it is or it is not the root source from where high stature self control, pious behavior, softness, no wiliness, loving nature, soul oneness, generosity, magnanimity and other such goodwill based sentiments emerge. Lest it is blooming like a lush green tree know for sure that other soul energies also shall sprout forth, bear fruits and flowers. Lest in our psyche harsh heartedness akin to a graveyard and wickedness of ghosts and evil spirits prevail then in this land akin to corpses burnt/cremated no soul glory can even sprout let alone flower and bear luscious fruits. Apart from this a sign that one possesses a deep sense of oneness of heart involves deep faith and trust towards the importance of the soul, its high stature, procedure of spiritual practice and its great beneficial results. Those who ooze with such specialties by combining heart based sacred sensitive sentiments and tongue based Swara Power can generate compact Mantra Energy and its influence and results definitely shall be very positive.

The heart is called Shiva and tongue is called Shakti. The heart is Prana/life force and tongue is Rayi. Heart is fire and tongue is Soma or nectar. When both combine like positive and negative charges the energy that gets generated can be seen as Mantras’ miracle.

Mantras emit 2 types of sounds wherein one is heard and the other is latent. Along with word utterance one more resonance emerges. Since it is subtler than the chanting heard it is known to be much more powerful. Today sounds that our human ears fail to hear are ‘caught’ and used by scientists via high grade technology designed by them. Its’ astounding prowess have rendered modern day scientists dumbfounded.

Sounds are not merely those that are heard by human ears. Ears have their limited hearing capacity. They can hear only those sounds ‘caught’ by them. Yet we must not believe that types of sounds are only those that we can hear. A very major portion of sound waves is that not heard by human ears yet they ceaselessly dwell in outer space. Voices mixed with radio waves keep resounding each moment in space. But we can hear these only when a radio instrument is near us and sounds ordinarily unheard by human ears are rendered intense via electricity. Sound waves have their own independent existence. They transmit those sounds here and there emerging from movements occurring in this cosmos. In Yoga practices via the technique of Naad Yoga these very sounds can be heard subtly.

Sound waves do not merely execute the task of increasing informative knowledge by aiding voices to reach others’ ears. This is because in sound waves terrific electricity too oozes and they are so potent that the power of dynamite razing down huge bridges and forts pales in comparison to it. Today, these flows of sound waves have been ‘caught’ by modern scientists and they are much subtler than limited sounds heard by human ears. Its usage is not for hearing but that they are being successfully used for those endeavors requiring much intenser energy than the prowess of electricity. This is just the 1st phase of its scientific usage and application. In future it is being cogitated that via these sound waves increasing energy requirements the world over can be fulfilled easily and in a financially cheaper manner.

Over here we are discussing those sounds which human ears fail to hear and hence modern material scientists have coined the term ‘ultrasound’ for them. In a stray manner they are being utilized in various types of industries, factories etc. In small scale industries they are used successfully in tasks like washing clothes, drying them, cleaning things, crushing seeds to get oil, making paper pulp etc In Germany these ultrasounds are used for casting and molding metals. British scientists have used them with reference to threads and strings. The research department of BF Goodrich Company is carrying out experimental studies on how and in which types of industry these sound waves can be put to work. The Homogenizing Machine has been designed by Rethyan Company for the milk industry on this very scientific basis and is selling like hot cakes in thousands.

Sound waves are in the form of vibrations. In gases, fluids and solid materials they are like true beats. The main difference between these and radio waves is that radio waves travel in void but not these sound waves. These days 3 types of sound waves based technology has been designed. One is that which create vibrations of high frequency due to usage of air at high atmospheric pressure levels. For 2 types of energies they make use of electrical force. USA’s Ultrasonic Corporation produce siren for gases at an industrial level. The apparatus of these waves are named Ultrasonic and Supersonic. No doubt these have been unveiled by modern day scientists yet a lot of research remains so that apt tasks can be carried out via them that uphold its glory and renown.

Lest the Super Science of Mantras can be understood deeply, if Sadhana or spiritual practices are executed with a sacred sentiment oozing with divinity we shall definitely gain the capacity to visualize directly and tangibly as though actually standing in front of us those divine glories that are otherwise invisible and subtle (not tangible).



























The 1st foundation pillar of Mantra Energy is that its sound flow must be apt. sound in reality is like a vibratory wave. In the brain this information and training is etched that on executing which type of movement in which type of Swara Machines in the external world which type of words/sounds and thoughts shall get dispatched or transmitted. By getting inspired via a person’s will power as per premonitions in Mantra chanting an onrush gets created. Due to this onrush air filled in the mouth and the external air experiences a ‘blow’ with the result tha sound waves emerge. The ears of the listener on hearing these sound waves based on his intellectual information and practice an analysis is done. Thus the meaning and reason for which words are uttered is decided. In this manner via will mobility and via mobility waves get created. These sound vibrations emerge from ether that is a very subtle principle residing within air. The atoms of ether principle are very subtle and sensitive. In 1 second they can create about 34,000,000,000 vibrations. Yet our ears can hear and understand sound vibrations between 32 and 68 only. We cannot hear anything below 32 and more than 68 with the help of our ears. When vibrations emerging from atoms of ether principle reach peaks which means that they reach somewhere around 34,000,000,000 per second, then from them rays of light manifest ceaselessly. These are called X-Rays. These rays have stupendous mobility and in 1 second on an average travel about 10,000,000 miles. It is on this scientific basis that radios and TV have been invented. The vibrations of air get destroyed but those of ether principle never get destroyed. No doubt when they age and become old they go to the surface of gravity on earth and rest there. There they on becoming very powerful attract towards themselves other vibrations of their own type of functioning. When they weaken they themselves get pulled towards other same class but powerful vibrations. In this manner on the basis of congregational power they can create a type of magnetic field. This magnetism is like conscious power that affects humans possessing consciousness of similar class. The consciousness of this magnetic force shall directly influence those humans whose brain state is similar to the vibratory power of those ancient well congregated words and their sounds. If this state of both is dissimilar no doubt the utterance of same type of words can showcase the presence of that influence yet no profound and intense effect can be perceived. Hence it is compulsory that sanctification of the inner consciousness of the Mantra Japa chanting devotee is religiously adhered to. Only then can the sensitive psyche of such a Mantra devotee conjoin to the consciousness of great Rishi seers of yore.

Sound is a tangible energy. Very much like atomic energy, electric power, heat energy etc usage and application of sound energy is very much possible.

Via word and sound vibrations emerge. When energy is used in the mouth or any special material a sound flow emerges. In this manner sound on its own is a special state of vibrational flow. When external air bangs into air within the body this vibrational flow of sound commences.

An image manifesting from the Mantra’s word and sound flow on its basis the shape and form of its presiding deity has been designed.

The sentiment stimulating potential of words and sounds is known to all and sundry. Along with this it has one more potential that has the capacity to influence itself and others also i.e. the entire subtle world. In Mantra Science this very capacity is made use of.

Just as when in a well defined manner strings of a guitar are twanged by an adept trained guitarist a well defined musical tune emerges so too a rhythmic utterance of words creates special types of vibrations. These vibrations are known to be specially powerful and influential.

Hence in Mantras weight age is not given merely to word meanings. The strings of our mouth are conjoined to the 6 Yogic Chakras, divine glands/complexes and other bodily subtle centers. When we keep tapping keys of a typewriter alphabets get printed on paper attached to the typewriter. Very much like this Mantra words woven in a special scientific manner directly affect the subtle bodily centers of human beings. Hence over here an extra energy flow emerges. Mantra vibrations resounding within benefit the Mantra chanting devotee immensely. When they travel outside the body they positively influence the environment. They create possibilities of desired situations in the subtle world and when so desired can influence any particular person also.

The mental reflection and deep cogitation of Sound Energy aids in our remembering its deep import and glory. In every nook and corner of the world people are stressed and worried about the rising noise decibel levels leading to noise pollution. This noise pollution is said to be a major cause of world humans becoming tensed, stressed, agitated and mentally distorted. Ceaselessly we are gaining information regarding the amazing results of sounds. Everyone knows that the present day noise due to technology culture is throwing on entire world human society a very dire hazardous effect.

Over here research has been done on the effect of music. The great effect of music therapy for increase milk output in animals, optimal growth of crops/plants, advancement of discipline in children, creation of special onrush of sacred sentiments in huge congregations etc is well known everywhere. Music in reality is merely a special sequence of sound flow. Its energy is but that of word and sound only.

Mantra too is an infinite vault of this energy. When the combination of choice of alphabets of Mantra’s in a sequential manner and a disciplined procedure of its chanting is observed its effect renders the devotee imbued with extra specialties. The devotee’s soul power becomes intensely radiant, intensely potent and it lays down the path of fulfillment of a desired goal. The choice and weaving of words in Mantras is always special. This weaving is based on a special disciplined pattern of Sound Science. As a result when these Mantras are chanted for a long time span in one rhythmic flow special stature energy manifests. When this energy matures further definitely the devotee gets its special experience in a natural manner. These can be of varied types. Zest, enterprise and faith increase in our mind and body. Certain devotees get a divine vision of the Mantra deity and they hear celestial voices blessing them with success in Mantra Japa chanting. These experiences are perceived by our subtle sense organs only yet in the state of potency and lots of intensity many a times an experience akin to gross vision (Darshan) and hearing can occur. No doubt this does not happen with all Mantra Japa chanting devotees yet definitely they attain maturity of faith and steadfastness and their zest and will power attain the basis of experience. These spiritual experiences themselves are called Sphota or onrush of Mantras. The sacred sentiments of Mantras create magnetic pull and Sphota renders this magnetic attraction manifold more widespread and powerful. A steadfast devotee imbued with profound faith after attaining these benefits marches ahead further on the path of divine glory.

Along with Mantra Sadhana or spiritual practices many types of Vratas or religious vows and disciplines have to be observed. The devotee has to put disciplinary tabs on his eating, resting and other lifestyle trends so as to optimally control them. He has to observe Brahmacharya or celibacy and has to observe such disciplinary injunctions (Maryadas) that they bestow a great glorious character, gentlemanly behavior and thinking and great sacred qualities on the devotee. Anger, hatred, greed etc vile qualities have to be renounced totally because the body and mind that creates Mantra Energy has to be rendered taint and distortion free. We can never dye dirty clothes with new colors. Before dyeing any cloth the latter has to be washed properly so as to remove all dirt sticking to it. In order to create the influence of Mantra Power it is mandatory that the devotee’s group of 5 sense organs and psyche (Antahkaran Chatusht) are rendered extremely sanctified and sacred. It has been witnessed that a devotee oozing with a piously radiant character undergoing mniscule measure of austerities and Mantra chanting attains astounding success whereas those devotees whose character and mind reek with taints and distortions despite executing long term difficult spiritual practices face nothing but miserable failure.

In Mantra Science along with the tongue there is a description of inclusion of the energy of the heart too. It has been said already that the fount of Mantras’ intense potency manifest from the heart also. Over here the term ‘heart’ does not mean the fleshy bag in our body that aids in blood circulation, beats continuously and transports nourishment to all bodily organs. By itself energy used in managing aptly various functioning of the body in our life is availed from this very power house and its effect is noted in the spiritual realm also. Hence we are advised to do Yogic breathing exercises called Pranayam that influence the heart via the lungs and this is said to be a compulsory part of spiritual practices and goals. Despite this in rendering Mantra Power very potent where the usage of heart is discussed there its requirement is that of power of our sacred sensitive sentiments. In anatomy science heart is called a fleshy bag of the size ogf our tightly closed fist dwelling in our rib cage so as to perform the function of blood circulation in our body. Yet in spiritual parlance ‘heart’ is said to be the center of our Bhava or sacred sensitive sentiments. The more we include high stature faith and Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments in our Mantra practices they shall definitely reap great beneficial success. As against this if we lack faith, we ignore methodology prescribed for Mantra chanting and in a whimsical wayward manner parrot like chant Mantras then not only are we wasting the energy of our tongue futilely but that we shall make zero beneficial usage of our Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments.

When we say that forcefully the energy of our tongue is being thrown into interstellar space it points at our Vak Energy. This Vak Energy manifests when Mantras are chanted with proper Swara and imbued with Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments. When we use the term imbuing sacredness it means renouncing food that obstructs success in Mantra chanting (non veg, garlic, onion, alcohol etc), eating sacredness inducing food earned by ethical hones means, not uttering harsh bitter speech, not uttering falsehood and renouncing ‘advice’ given by others that creates a massive down fall in our life. When a devotee renounces prohibited food (non veg, garlic, onion, alcohol etc) that evoke beastly demonic tendencies in us, his speech is called Vak. This Vak on being rendered Saraswati (Goddess of wisdom) attains the capacity to render Mantra Power terrifically powerful.

A procedure has been designed wherein we must meditate on brilliant light in our heart/bosom area, there the Nyasa process has to be performed, faith has to be rendered firm and immovable and via Pranayam our body-mind have to be strengthened optimally. This must not be looked upon as a local solution but that it must be looked upon as a direction for rendering our Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments of very high stature. ‘Oneness of heart’ does not pertain to the fleshy bag of blood in our body’s anatomy. This heart dwells in the body of each and every human being. Hence if we call this ‘heart’ everyone can be said to be imbued with ‘oneness of heart’. Similarly the word ‘heartless’ means one who is hard hearted and wicked in nature. There is no person in this world whose body within does not possess a heart made of flesh and blood in the chest region. Hence here the word ‘heart’ means the focal point and center of Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments. In tandem with authentic high stature Swara Science piously sanctified Mantra practices executed via a psyche imbued with goodwill based emotions to all animate/inanimate beings in the cosmos and a tongue that is sanctified definitely succeeds in fulfilling the desired goal for which Mantra practices have been taken up. This is doubtlessly is a spiritual law.



























In a certain way Mantra Japa chanting is a branch of Sound Science yet modern material science has failed to utilize it appropriately. The reason only is that faith and sacred sensitive sentiments have not been analyzed scientifically. While discussing Spiritual Science this fact is showcased by saying that the deeper is the faith of the Mantra devotee on the Mantra deity and desired goal, the more the devotee trusts his beloved icon deity, the more one is restless while yearning to merge into Almighty God, the effect and results of Mantra Japa chanting can be accrued more swiftly. Sometimes we are witnesses to incidences wherein when a person utters a few prophetic words they come true and that his curses and boons bear fruits. In such incidences chiefly it is the Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments of that person at that point in time that is at work. When these Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments reach great pinnacles at that time via Mantra Sidhi (success) anyone can be helped to benefit at any point in time so as to help them.

Ordinarily the power of words is very weak and slow. When lightning strikes the sky, a sound occurs before it. Thus it thunders first and lightning follows in its footsteps. Yet a person situated afar feels that lightning strikes first and it thunders after it. The chief reason for this is that speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. The speed of sound is weaker and in 1 second it travels at a distance of merely 330 meters. Hence how can sound imbued with such miniscule potential exhibit a miracle? This indeed is food for thought!

Radio, TV etc have reached virtually every home the world over. In India its citizens hear broadcasts from BBC-London, Voice of America etc in 1 second despite dwelling so far away. Why does this happen because sound’s speed is merely 330 meters per second?

Students of material sciences know well that the station from which radio broadcasts are made there a very high potential electric generator is attached. This electrical power is made to move over a magnetic area so that its potential vibrates n fold more. It is on the boat of these electro magnetic waves that the traveler is made to sit so that its speed increases from 330 meters per second to 300,000,000 meters per second. This process is called ‘super imposed recorded sound’. Via this power not only radio broadcasting has been rendered possible but that at the time of launching space rockets into outer space via this energy rockets are propelled in the correct direction and whenever and technical glitch is perceived this energy based directions help troubeleshoot problems successfully. So many therapy and diagnosis based tasks in the field of medicine and surgery are being done (eg sonography, sound therapy etc).

Since recent years scientists have unearthed information regarding a new fount of energy called ‘lasers’. The speed of lasers is much more when compared to the speed of light and electro magnetic waves. It is inferred that lest sound is exposed to these laser ray energy then a person seated at the far end of this humungous cosmos can converse with another person seated on planet earth in a dark thick forest’s cave in the same way as 2 people conversing face to face. These laser rays are so powerful that it can pierce a 1 foot thick sheet of steel within the 1,000,000,000th portion of a second. If 100,000th portion of the eye ball has to be surgically operated upon these laser rays can do it very deftly and skillfully. Laser rays are said to be the future miracle in the field of medical therapy and surgery. A day may definitely arrive wherein by making TB and cancer patients to sit in a single row can be cured successfully in the timespan of someone buying a railway ticket. From Mantras also such phenomenal expectations are being harbored. The power potential of Mantras is boundless and not only is it any less, but is much more potent than laser rays also.

In Mantra Japa techniques too these very types of energy waves are created and combined. Yet due to the devotee’s wayward scattered mental state its effect is not noted. The aim of Yoga practices is focusing scattered thoughts in our mind in a one pointed manner: ‘Yogaha chittavrittishchanirodhaha’. This Sutra or aphorism of Maharshi Pantajali’s Ashtang Yoga tells us that along with Mantra chanting it is mandatory that scattered thoughts in our mind are rendered focused. It is only after this that our chanting becomes very powerful and word and sound’s speed and waves turn exteremely swifter. This energy is very much similar to electro magnetic potential and is preliminary also. The final stage involves conjoining of Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments to Mantra Japa chanting.

The power of Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments is much more in intensity and measure than the power of our mind. Researchers in the arena of Parapsychology have come across so many examples that are termed ‘telepathy’. Regarding this a totally independent branch has ushered in called ‘Psycho kinesis’ wherein scientific data with reference to man’s sacred sensitive sentiments, ESP or Extrasensory potentials etc is being collected. It has been found that today in a state of super sensitivity a person seated in any corner of planet earth can be given messages without using wireless, telephone etc. As against this in scientific technology till today without controlling sound waves never would this have been possible. It is for this reason that radio broadcasts no doubt can be heard yet a person hearing the radio owned by him cannot convey anything to the radio station from where the broadcasts originate. This specialty of Mantra Japa chanting and Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments renders it more important than material creations. Mantra Power not only influences the world’s environment but that it creates positive vibrations (vibes) in the Mantra practicing devotee’s psyche also. Thus the devotee’s inner personality becomes intensely illumined.

An episode had occurred in the life of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji. At that time he was in Allahabad-India and his revered mother was in Varanasi city. One day his mother accidentally got burnt by fire very badly. At that time whole heartedly she remembered her son Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji. The reaction of this was immediately felt by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji as a burning sensation on his body. His psyche immediately felt that his mother has got burnt. He immediately reached Varanasi and found that this telepathic message was true. With reference to Adi Guru Shankaracharyaji also a similar episode is well known. During childhood itself Adi Guru Shankaracharyaji had promised his mother that when she died he would cremate her dead body himself. At the time of her death Adi Guru Shankaracharyaji was touring North India and there he heard his mother’s subtle voice in his soul. Mid way itself he left for his mother’s home and on reaching well in time he performed her post death rites. It is well known regarding Saint Jnaneshwar and Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans that sensitive emotions especially agony of any sort of animals, birds etc could be felt by them in their divinely sensitive souls. In fact any anatomical change on the body of these animals etc when afflicted with pain was similarly noted on the body of these great saints.

It is a different matter altogether if the Science of Sacred Sensitive Sentiments is not understood yet none can challenge its existence. It is quite possible that in future it shall be known as to from which light atoms they manifest yet each one of us are witness to its energetic potential in day to day living and transactions. It is on the basis of Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments that this world creation’s sports are at work. An atmosphere devoid of sensitive emotions is like a dark eerie graveyard.

In Mantras it is these Bhavasamvedana or sacred sensitive sentiments that work via the medium of faith, trust and Bhakti or devotion. The more they are rendered pristinely pure and radiant more speedily Mantra Power bears desired fruits. Mantras chanted listlessly and with a mind that is wayward and scattered no doubt bear fruits yet it takes a fair bit of time to do so. In rendering Mantra Energy very effective it is the profundity of inner faith that plays a leading role.  This is that very power that renders Mantras alive and awake and bears fruits here and now.

If our faith is deep ash given by a saint also bears fruits like curing deadly diseases, bestowing lots of Punya or good merits etc. Yet if this very ash is used with superficial curiosity or lacking faith or in a mocking manner there is no hope of it bearing any great results. If our faith is profound even a stone can bestow boons akin to an awakened deity. If it is absent an image of God becomes nothing more than a toy and thus proves to be meaningless.

It is said: ‘Shanka dayan aur manasa bhoot’. It means doubt is a witch and the mind is a ghost. Ghosts appear in thickets in this manner. A very weak minded coward can feel the presence of a ghost on hearing dry leaves in a dark forest emitting eerie sounds on shaling and strange noises of birds like owls appearing like hooting. Even a little measure of such sounds can instill a lot of fear in a coward.

In this manner after tying a protective amulet of Super Power Gayatri (Raksha Kavach) around the neck man can pass by safely very fearful circumstances. This is but the reaction of faith. On witnessing innumerable people as a result of performing Super Mantra Gayatri practices getting liberated from many dire hardships and many attaining a lot of comforts and facilities, we must infer that definitely in this Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting such scientific precepts predominate as a result of which required positive changes occur in the chanting devotee’s inner personality/psyche and while gaining victory over failure and sorrow speedily marches ahead in the direction of advancement, capability and a successful life.

The author (Goswami Tulsidaji Maharaj) of the epic Ramayan has said: ‘Mantra param laghu jasu bas’. In it he says that Mantra oozes with supreme power and hence is of utmost importance. Despite Mantra Energy oozing with so much importance not everyone amasses that capability because they harbor doubts within about the success of Mantra chanting. The reason for this is that the psyche of such a ‘doubting Thomas’ is very superficial and lacks profundity as far as faith and trust towards Mantra Energy is concerned. In order to render sentiments within Mantras very radiant that sanctified and powerful inner personality required is not fulfilled the Mantra chanted bestows very ordinary minuscule effects. No special benefits accrue as a result. The task of raising high our inner personality commences via steadfastness towards truth, straightforwardness and sweet nectarine speech. It hence pervades every activity of our day to day living. Just as sun rays falling on a mirror whose glass is veiled with thick dust fails to exhibit its brightness so too the light of Mantras falling on a psyche reeking with taints and distortions can only keep cleaning its dirt. Lest a person’s life is immersed in uprooting mental taints so as to replace them with great glorious qualities then this sanctification is of super importance. Under such situations Mantra Japa effect gives quick beneficial results. But if our eating, drinking, sleeping and other lifestyle based activities taint our minds we may execute long term regular Mantra practices yet no benefit or success shall come our way.

Mantras are not merely groups of words. In it is conjoined the life force of divinity and only then does it prove to be positively influencing. Lest along with this a devotee by advancing optimally his inner divinity fails to conjoin it to his Mantra practices know that the group of words of Mantras cannot exhibit that effect given in the deep import and results written in sacred scriptures by great Rishis of yore. It is only when a sharp pointed arrow is placed on the bow and let loose that the latter can showcase its miracle. Man is like the bow and the devotee’s inner personality is like the arrow. It is only when the stature of both is gloriously high that the target is successfully achieved.

Due to these scientific reasons all religions in their method of worship and meditation have included Mantra practices also. All world religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc have compulsorily included Mantra practices. All these Mantras have specific effects and specialties. Apart from these specialties Super Mantra Gayatri has one added specialty wherein it prays to Almighty God for a sacred intellect, divine wisdom and divine aura. This specialty emerges from the special ‘circuit’ of the resonance of 24 important centers of the body in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri. Immediately a 2 fold effect commences in the Mantra devotee. The Mantra unfolds the secrets of world creation, sins are burnt to naught and the vicious painful cycle to repeated birth-death is uprooted once and for all. Further worldly wealth and grandeur, power and various material means and facilities too come our way. Know that these benefits cannot lead a devotee astray in the world since although he uses them for his own and social well being purpose he does so totally detached within (Anasakta). Since this benefit is not gained in any other Mantra in Indian Culture, Super Mantra Gayatri has been given supreme importance.

In Mantra terminology it has been said that Mantra is that which unveils the underlying reality of world creation. The cyclonic movement of sound energy emerging due to regular chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri circumambulates this infinite humungous cosmos. In this journey those waves and vibrations that march ahead ooze with a prayer to Almighty God: O Lord! Please bless us with a pious brilliant intellect. This sound energy by moving in a revolution path in the cosmos on returning is accompanied by history (‘swimming’ in space) of benefits attained by innumerable great people of the past. This history encompasses the great glorious thinking, inspirations and sacred sensitive sentimental waves of the great personalities no longer in our midst since they have already shed their mortal coil. This great thinking etc on returning with sound energy bangs into the brain of the devotee. Suddenly while doing Gayatri practices such thoughts emerge in the mind that protects the devotee from a big hazard or inspires him towards super success in life. The devotee himself fails to understand as to from where this thought came but this very science of sound and Mantras is its cause. Thus the devotee gets extraordinary prophetic dreams, extraordinary sounds are heard subtly, hair standing on end and subtle vision of divine light. In this technique lest the devotee’s inner state is such that steadfastly uproots psychic taints and ushers in mental activities aimed at spiritual benefits then very shortly he experiences miraculous results of Super Mantra Gayatri practices.

Due to all the above reasons Gayatri practices are said to be supreme amongst all spiritual practices. It is mentioned in the Puranas or Indian Mythology that in heaven demigods own a wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu. It gives nectar like milk (Amrit). On drinking this nectar like milk demigods always remain satiated, happy and prosperous. This wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu has a special characteristic that anyone wishing anything in its close proximity that wish definitely bears fruits. Akin to the wish fulfilling tree called Kalpavriksha the wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu also fulfills desires of those who wishing things in its presence.

This wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu is none other than Gayatri. Any pious minded human who worships/meditates on Super Power Gayatri drinks an unobstructed flow of nectarine milk akin to a human baby drinking milk from its worldly mother’s breast. Thus such a devotee no longer experiences any hardship or difficulty of any sort. The soul itself is bliss incarnate. Its chief quality is to remain immersed in ecstatic divine bliss. The moment sorrow and agony depart the devotee gets reinstated in its root nature as the soul. Demigods always remain happy in heaven. Humans similarly can remain joyous in this mundane world called Bhuloka lest the cause of all his sorrow is uprooted once and for all. Super Power Gayatri akin to this wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu can troubleshoot all problems in life and cut asunder all pain bestowing bondage.




















Both the sacred sensitive sentimental and scientific aspects of Super Power Gayatri practices are of great importance. If rom the sacred sensitive sentimental standpoint we manifest our thinking it can be called the Beej or Seed Mantra that renders human life and character of high stature greatness. Ordinarily man yearns chiefly for a piously sharp brain but yet if the very tool via which it is created breaks apart or works erratically human life fails to attain that supreme glorious goal for which it was made to take birth.

In Super Mantra Gayatri a prayer is made to Almighty God that by giving us a human body you have showered untold divine compassion on us. Hence now by further giving us a glorious human intellect render our character so great that in the true sense of the term we can call ourselves good human beings. Thus by rendering our human life self fulfilled both materially and spiritually we can benefit from bliss oozing in it. By mentally pondering over Almighty God’s qualities or Gunas called ‘Savitu’, ‘Varenyam’, ‘Bhargaha’ and ‘Deva’ dwelling in the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri we must imbue firm faith in our psyche towards them. Thus such a mind that resolves to imbibe these great qualities in day to day living attains a pious radiant intellect as grace and blessings of Almighty God. We must mold our lives in this very cast wherein our intellect oozes with sacred divine brilliance. People which such a divinely brilliant intellect are called Supermen, great saints, Avatars, Sadguru, God Realized Masters etc. Thus Super Mantra Gayatri chanting done repeatedly is but repetition of this firm steadfast faith oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments. Those who execute worship/meditation of Super Mantra Gayatri conjoined to understanding of the true nature of Japa or Mantra chanting definitely accrue benefits in ample measure. On drinking this nectar they attain immortality. Despite living in this world of mortals at every step they experience ecstatic bliss of heaven.

From the scientific standpoint Super Power Gayatri practices possess innumerable material benefits also. If people facing untold difficulties and strife, ensnared by hardships, pained by material lack, poverty stricken and those agitated by kicks of failures in life take recourse to Super Power Gayatri practices definitely a ray of hope shall manifest in their stressed sorrowful life. Those who previously felt that their future would only be gloomy and dark and were tensed at the thought of being ground in grinder of hardships have experienced a brilliant ray of hope after taking up Super Power Gayatri practices. A person full of material lack, poverty stricken or diseased either physically or psychologically has got liberated from it via regular Super Power Gayatri practices.

Fire of desires has been rendered doused and serene. Downfallen people taking shelter of Super Power Gayatri practices with steadfast faith in them have been uplifted to great heights of glory. All these super successful results are not due to waving of a magic wand but that it is attained via a scientific technique and procedure. Super Power Gayatri practices encompassing meditation, worship etc gives a new positive turn to man’s thinking process and his activitie. Thus a neo transformation sets in. if someon'e’s inner world gets transformed positively definitely his external day to day living and transactions also change for the better. This hence is called Goddess Mother Gayatri’s blessing and boon by her beloved devotees.

Many devotees as a reslt of Super Power Gayatri practices have been seen to get liberated from so many types of hardships and in its place have attained many means and facilities. Thus we must infer that in this process such scientific laws are ingrained that as a result required changes occur in the devotee’s inner personality. In this manner by gaining victory over failure, sorrow and anguish speedily heads towards zeniths of prosperity, capability and a life oozing with success of all kinds.

Via Super Power Gayatri practices day in and day out we hear news of devotees overcoming contemporary problems. Similarly such episodes of augmenting of material facilities/comforts when marching ahead on the path of development are reported that it seems as though due to the help of some invisible power devotees accrue those benefits that could only be wildly imagined under such circumstances. Innumerable incidences of overcoming hardships and augmenting material facilities/comforts are said to be the great result of Super Power Gayatri practices. These episodes are certainly not hearsays or some vague quote. Whatever is directly witnessed cannot be suspected or doubted. After scientifically examining news read and heard day after day it should be unfolded whether some extraordinary element dwells in them or not. Or else should it be labeled ar some ‘chance’ and rare exception.

This too is possible that suddenly some hardship got warded off and by ‘chance’ someone attained something very big. It is also possible that the credit of such great attainments has been handed over to Super Power Gayatri practices by its devoted followers. There could be such incidences yet for majority of incidences reported it cannot be said they were accidental and mere ‘chance’. In reality nothing in this world is accidental or mere ‘chance’. What we call accidental and mere ‘chance’ is actually based on laws of nature. The difference only is this that those reactions of actions are known by our frail intellect is called unnatural and whatever occurs as per nature’s laws that we are not well versed with appears wondrous.

Great beneficial results attained via Super Power Gayatri practices although appear amazing and sudden yet this is not true at all. Whatever actually takes place is based on certain scientific facts. The results of spiritual practices also can be examined properly on this test.

If we make serious efforts to understand the Science of Devotion the effect of it shall be in the form of the measure of sacredness (Sattvik) increasing in the psychic plane of the devotee. It can be called such an attracting power that shakes up and awakens latent divine potentials present in every pore of our deep inner personality. When these grow and mature very easily it positively influences all areas of the devotee’s inner personality. An advanced inner personality reforms its thinking gloriously. The moment we imbibe an inapt viewpoint, undesirable yearnings crop up like weeds in our mind. Bad psychic imprints gathered from past life times strengthen them further. Via a polluted environment and undesirable association strengthen inner taints much more as a result of which non required and unwholesome desires crop up like weeds in our mind. Its total fulfillment becomes impossible. Even if all the material wealth of the world is put to work yet the infinite desires of merely 1 person can never get satiated. Demons like Ravan, Hiranyakashipu, Sahasrabahu, Vrittrasur etc no doubt succeeded in amassing untold measure of material wealth and comforts yet they remained discontented and restless only. Hence it is impossible that all desires of some other people shall get fulfilled or that on getting fulfilled they will attain complete satiation. When one desire gets fulfilled many more crop up and this chain reaction goes on and on ceaselessly. It is like adding butter (desires) to fire that renders fire more ferociously blazing. But whenever the desires of a Gayatri devotee gets fulfilled 2 things happen. Since great qualities intensify in the thinking process of a Gayatri devotee his Viveka (farsighted discrimination) increases in tandem wherein he knows what is correct-wrong, what is required and what is not etc. Thus the fire of unwholesomeness on its own cools down. The 2nd reason is that for fulfillment of wholesome desires the stature of thinking, activity and inner personality required along with augmenting of sacredness also increases in tandem. Based on one’s inner credentials (Paatrata) the stature of desires is sieved (low ones ignored and high level ones are augmented). Further since apt methods, ethics etc combine with efforts made success is attained with ease, speedily and in desired measure. It is this natural easy process that seems a miracle to lay people and they feel it is a boon and blessing given by some demigod seated in heaven above.

We must realize that the boon of a demigod also is dependent heavily on a law, sequence and principle. In it no flouting of rules can occur and no bias towards any one can be harbored. Never can a demigod shower boons only on those worshiping him and punish those who never worship any deity. Lest this starts happening, the world would go haywire and anarchic world situations would rule the roost. Right since primordial times the condition for reaping true success is proper inner personality credentials (sacredness and sanctity) and honest hard work. It is for this very reason that people augment their talent in a brilliant manner and work hard to amass various means. Lest this trend of rendering world creation optimally and well managed becomes lopsided and that merely via blessings of demigods our desires start getting satiated definitely the world’s management system shall turn unruly and havoc inflicting. Thus none will put in effort to increase his inner pious credentials, skills etc and will feel that there is no need to put in any effort to succeed in various realms of life. Lest demigods get ‘appeased’ by some very superficial quick worship rite offered to them then even a small child shall not find it difficult to do this much. When we glance at the methods of worship prevalent today they appear as though in miniscule time span, with very little effort and with very meager expenses thay can be executed to completion. Lest this situation had remained thus as understood by deluded people no person the world over would be left behind in ‘buying’ the boons of such an inexpensive demigod and hence not one person’s even one desire would go unfulfilled.

This certainly does not mean that demigods never bless any devotee because such divine grace has reaped hopeful benefits in the life of so many people. Yet this entire methodology behind blessings, boons etc is dependent on pure scientific facts and principles. Lest the philosophy of devotion and worship is understood deeply and that these techniques are followed as prescribed its definte reaction gets exhibited in the form of the devotee’s soul purification and advancement. Spiritual practices and purity of mind are 2 sides of the same coin. Lest spiritual practices are performed observing proper scientific principles definitely sacredness shall ooze in the devotee’s thinking and activities. The great results of this onrush shall be perceived in the form of solution of problems with the aid of tangible foundations and in the form of augmenting of comforts and facilities. The moment a positive change occurs in the mental realm definitely changes are noted in external situations also. Never does it happen that when the inner state changes optimally external situations do not follow suit. It is not without reason that our near dear one’s object vehemently especially when we take up spirituality with seriousness, their non cooperative attitude, their censure etc because at their root is some undesirable elements reeking in our psyche. The moment these inner taints are toppled forever people coming in our contact become conducive, cooperative etc. Thus in a major way obstacles recede to naught. Progress is nothing but decreasing of obstacle based situations and a wholesome situation taking over in our life. The foundation cause for this is our own inner personality. If in this, Tamas or inertia and spiritual darkness loom large, many types of obstacles crop up like weeds but if sacredness increases in measure on a continuous basis situations of prosperity and development easily usher in.

The energy of demigods always is present in the subtle world. These demigods are not some separate existence from Almighty God. In fact demigods are but waves of the mighty infinite divine ocean called Almighty God. Demigods can also be called the infinite rays of that Super Divine Sun Almighty God. They fufill Almighty God’s mission of rendering world creation aptly balanced with proper governance. Protection of righteousness and uprooting of unrighteousness is the focal point of all their activities. On this very basis is dependent their happiness or wrath. This is that very substratum based on which demigods either help us or create obstacles in our tasks. It is not without reason that deities shower us with boons or spew ire on us. No doubt worship offered please demigods yet within this one more fact is at work. It is that divinity augments in our inner personality only when we carry out true worship leading to purity and sanctity of mind. Hence augmenting of divinity is but the manifestation of demigods’ boons and blessings. Lest we believe the superficial rites/Karmakanda themselves as worship of demigods and hence we hope to get various boons from them on this basis know for sure that this belief is bang opposite to eternal spiritual laws. In fact it can be termed only a childish self deception on our part. Demigods and deities cannot be so superficial and hollow wherein they erroneously accept superficial rites rituals as deep devotion. It is not as though they fail to gauge our inner psychic state. They never shower blessings blindly without deciphering whether the devotee’s psyche is sacred or not (Paatra-Kupatra). Lest any deity actually does this it shall be called an act working against cosmic creation laws and God’s injunctions. Under such circumstances such demigods’ own state shall be very pitiable and scornful. In fact they shall no longer be fit enough to be titled ‘demigods’.

The grace of demigods is not directly attained as wealth, material grandeur etc. Demigods are divine and conscious in form. Hence their boons also are divine and conscious in form. Neither are demigods themselves a creation of mundane materials and nor are their gifts showered somewhere as materials or worldly situations. The arena of incarnation of demigods is the human psyche. On examining how many divine rays of demigods entered our psyche and how many divine inspirations as a result manifested we can know as to with whom and in what measure demigods are demigods pleased and in what measure is the devotee attaining their grace and blessings?

The fruits of effort are in the form of cash based income. In return for this income desired materials can be bought from shops, malls etc. The person doing a job does not directly get materials as salary. Very similar to this demigods do not give their devotees wealth, material comforts etc directly. Instead they bestow great inspirations and great tasks to their devotees. This in fact is true grandeur and is called Vibhooti also. Anyone possessing this wealth can exchange it in any shop for various desired things and can attain success of any stature in any arena of life. A father educates his child and based on this educational qualification the child on maturing gets a good job and salary. This very ‘via’ method works as divine grace. The father neither gives his capable child a high status job and nor does he give him a good fat salary. Similarly demigods do not shower cash, wealth etc on any devotee’s rooftop and terrace. A devotee as a result of performing regular devoted spiritual practice attains great beneficial inspirations. A powerful resolve hence emerges in the mind to walk the path of great glory. This then is the tangible boon of demigods wherein a credible devotee imbibess the resolve made assiduously and steadfastly and attains enterptise to act in accordance with this resolve. Such grace can be called good enough. Yes! It is for man to put into action such great inspirations gushing forth in his sacred psyche and soul. It is for this reason that along with worship methods spiritual practices are conjoined in an inseparable manner. A devotee cannot rest content merely by performing worship rites. This is because even life’s practice (Sadhana) called the very Prana or life force of devotion to God has to be performed with deep steadfast faith. When negative and positively charged wires unite, electricity manifests. As a result of devotion, worship rites etc goodwill based sacred sentiments bloom in the inner personality and imbuing our day to day tasks with such great sentiments itself is called Sadhana or spiritual practices. The devotee’s responsibility fulfills both these goals. While taking both steps forward is it possible to walk on the path of all round progress and reach the desired goal. A true devotee not only executes worship rites, devotion etc but that added to this he also imbibes and puts into practice divine inspirations attained as grace from Almighty God. The more such a devotee’s activities ooze with divinity to that extent benefits like joy, wealth, grandeur, divine glories etc are attained.

Someone no doubt may carry out varied types of worship rites, devotion etc but if he fails to pay attention to soul purification know that his spiritual practice has not reached the deity he offers worship to. This devotee hence has failed to appease and please that deity. Lest it had actually reached the deity a proper reaction would definitely have emerged. Further in return goodwill to all would gush forth, true wholesome discrimination would have awakened (Viveka) and extraordinary zest would have ushered in to execute great selfless tasks of world society well being. If our lifestyle is based merely on selfish greed and that we cannot think beyond avarice, deluded attachment, selfish gains and desires know for sure that the deveotee is erring terribly in his understanding of the root principle of divine worship. He is thus ensnared by the noose of deluded self deceit only. Under such circumstances lest he has to face nothing but despair and has to keep complaining about his desires remaining unfulfilled none should harbor any sort of amazement with reference to it.

Super Power Gayatri is the presiding goddess/deity of a sacred brilliant intellect. It is hence called Ritambhara Prajna Brahmavidya. The meaning of her being Vedmata (Mother of Vedas) is that the proof of her presence can be felt as farsighted discrimination (Viveka). This is that very bill of exchange/demand draft in return for which our psyche brims forth with zest and enthusiasm. Glorious greatness augments in our thinking in tandem and sequentially sacred idealism illumines more and more in such a true devotee’s activities. This then is the direct grace of Goddess Mother Gayatri on the basis of which the success of one’s spiritual practices can be weighed. When this divine grace showers on a devotee, due to his goodwill sentiments to all and sense of righteous duty each moment he experiences soul fulfillment and bliss of soul glory. Such devotees attain high stature success in the external mundane world. Hollow minded people who think that rolling in the quagmire of selfish desires/gains is the be all and end all of life lag far behind on the ladder of life. Yet even if such people truly become devotees so as to imbibe inner greatness more and more in measure they definitely can become Supermen, great saints, God Realized Gurus etc. No longer will they lack honor from the world and public cooperation shall always be at their service for carrying out world well being tasks. With the help of such attainments they execute such high stature miraculous feats, they reach such peaks of glory that in comparison to laymen it certainly is not an overstatement to say that it is a miraculous boon attained due to Almighty God’s grace.

The great sacred results of Super Power Gayatri Meditation and Worship are beyond any doubt. In the Atharvaveda it is mentioned that due to the blessings of Goddess Mother Gayatri also termed Vedmata (Mother of Vedas) 7 benefits can be attained:

1)      Long disease free and healthy life span

2)      Prana Energy

3)      Pious children

4)      Animal wealth

5)      Wholesome name and fame

6)      Material comforts

7)      Brahmavarchas or Divine Aura

There is not even an iota of overstatement in what is written above. From news read day in and day out we know that devotees who take shelter in the lap of Goddess Mother Gayatri get liberated from dire difficulties, get more and more material comforts and help in order to succeed in various endeavors. At the root of such true life incidences exist augmenting of sacredness in the devotee’s thinking process and character. But suppose despite someone’s inner personality is vile and despicable and yet attains something special it must be looked upon as akin to a blind person accidentally coming across a pheasant bird. Super Power Gayatri Meditation and Worship and its great sacred results have their foundation in pure proof, principles and laws of science. In it no doubt resides and hence there is nothing wondrous about it. By imbibing Ritambhara Prajna or subtle divine intellect in the inner core of our being is verily management of life’s principles. It is also unfolding of the mysteries of the mind boggling fruits of Gayatri’s philosophy and its devotional practices. A true Gayatri devotee not only gives Ahuti to Yajna for his own joy and peace but that inviting innumerable others to sit in his gigantic ship helps them cross over the ocean of material bondage and hence experience eternal divine bliss.

The deep import of Super Power Gayatri exists from the sacred sensitive sentiment standpoint and also from the scientific one. It is hence that great scriptures exhort us all, to faithfully imbibe this Super Spiritual Science and put it to work, in our day to day life’s transactions. Great Rishis of yester eras have laid immense emphasis on performance of Super Power Gayatri Meditation and Worship by every farshighted discriminating person the world over with firm steadfastness. Those who do not wish to benefit from this very useful technique can only be censured for this gigantic folly on their part.  

Super Power Gayatri Meditation and Worship is sheerly meant for our well being only. Via this medium man definitely uplifts his self and soul existence to super great peaks of glory. Those who have yet not commenced walking on this path they must at least give it a chance to showcase its greatness, by performing this spiritual practice in a testing manner. Thus they shall definitely get proof of how these spiritual practices create possibilities of a radiant future in a mind boggling manner.




















It is said in great scriptures that the deep import of chanting the holy name of Almighty God and Mantras is much more in measure in Kaliyuga or Dark Age that we are in at present. The chief reason for this is that in this Kaliyuga or Dark Age illusory names and forms outnumber those that are genuine by leaps and bounds. By itself man does possess that much power wherein he can reform society. Yet human life span is very limited and by living in society in youth itself erroneous tainted psychic imprints crop up like unwanted weeds in his inner personality. Thus it is only Mantra Energy that can combat the tainted effects of these vile psychic imprints.

Man’s life marches forward based on memories of psychic imprints of past and pressures of present day destiny. At the center of both these causes a healthy correlation is a must. Those psychic imprints manifesting in childhood manifest very strong memories. If these psychic imprints are supremely great enough benefits accrue from them. But the fast paced life of contemporary modern times does not give enough free time to parents so as to instill supremely great psychic imprints in the receptive minds of their small innocent children. Further in schools also teachers have no time to aid blooming of such great psychic qualities in their young students’ psyche. Apart from this both parents and teachers perforce have to follow social trends and viepoints. Each of us knows that in contemporary modern times erroneous thinking is spreading like wild fire in world society. In these times the avarice for sense titillating pleasures is augmenting day by day and hence a major portion of each human’s life is being used up in amassing wealth (Arth) and with it satiating vain fleeting desires (Kama). That thinking trend flowing in Europe has entered our country India especially in the past 200 years. The only good fortune regarding this is that in our country a fair measure of ancient great literature yet exists. With its aid man gets the golden opportunity to learn the lesson of marching from separatism to a sense of soul oneness with the entire world. One portion of this great literature includes Mantra Energy.

Maybe some respected reader could suspect that instead of spending 3-4 hours in chanting Mantras by executing other businesses in that time span we use the cash earned to feed poor people and donate clothes to cover their naked bodies would that not help in gathering more Punya or good merits? No doubt it is correct that by helping poor people we gather Punya or good merits and none can say this is not good. Yet know for sure that via Mantra Power we neo create our life and hence the gates of Moksha or salvation are thrown wide open. In the Bhagwad Geeta scripture it is said: Yajna, charity and spiritual austerities purify and sanctify humans and amongst all Yajnas, Japa Yajna reigns supreme. Hence despite carrying our mundane tasks, chanting Almighty God’s divine name harbingers in, our true well being. Even an animal/bird is seen to aid its fellow species and hence man who is imbued with wisdom must live a life of much higher stature than that of birds and beasts. Today’s unripe brained humans do not reflect very deeply regarding this topic but merely due to the effect of hasty thinking ape society and feel that prevalent social norms and trends are ‘apt’. In order to control such a hasty nature at first Mantra chanting is mandatory. After some time lapses by doing this regularly when this goal is fulfilled then via the Guru’s great teaching and divine initiation (Updesha) man can commence meditating on Almighty God so as to gain the credential (Paatrata) of attaining Self-God Realization. Since God pervades every pore of this infinite gigantic cosmos hence a person chanting Mantras regularly makes due efforts to experience God’s divine presence just about everywhere and thus within a sense of Advaita or non duality shall dawn in his sanctified soul.

There are many people harboring duality on contacting Self Realized Gurus harboring non dual divine sentiments experience non duality for sometime. This is the feeling of Europeans. The ultimate goal of such people is humans behaving humanly with each other. Yet the aim of Indian life is to rise higher above an ordinary mode of living attain a divine lifestyle. In the past 1-2 centuries since India has come in close contact with the westerners as far as business, education, governance etc is concerned no doubt we have learnt some good things from them yet we have also imbibed a fair bit of their stupidity too. Hence today we shall have to sanctify the path of human life so that even westerners attain wisdom of non duality or Advaita Philosophy from us Indians and the orient.

In contemporary social living those humans who harbor a sense of well being of others also are known to get immersed in sense merriment. In order to live such a life a truthful speech and truthful words are most required. Just as one person wishing to establish a relationship with another person has to do some talking and in it words only have to be used similarly in order to establish a relationship with Almighty God words have to be used. These words are called ‘Mantras’. Due to Mantra Power an area associated with new attraction gets readied and in it the separation between the devotee and God is overcome totally. Even in modern science it is said: There is one area of attraction where the very existence of time and space dissolves and disappears to naught.








This is regarding about 50 years previously wherein a renowned scholar of oratory Babu Bhagwandas was seated outside his house. At that time a blind Brahmin accompanied by another person holding his hand arrived there and requested some food. Babu Bhagwandas said: At the moment food is being cooked and within an hour it should be ready. Hence if you come after 1 hour I shall gladly serve you a full meal.

The blind Brahmin said: I am blind and hence cannote see anything. Hence to go somewhere else and return here for a meal shall be a bit difficult for me. Hence do give me a place here itself to sit and we will wait till the food is cooked. Hence these 2 people sat down in the lobby of the house. A little later Babu Bhagwandas conversed a bit with the blind Brahmin whom he previously thought was a beggar. Yet when this blind person answered very knowledgeably Babu Bhagwandas realized he was a scholarly person. After this Babu Bhagwandas conversed regarding Omkar or Pranav meditation with the blind Brahmin he realized that the blind scholar had memorized an entire ancient book called ‘Pranavavad’.

Babu Bhagwandas was simply wonderstruck and hence requested the blind Brahmin to stay at his residence for some more time. In this manner Babu Bhagwandas said he could learn the hidden mysteries of ‘Pranavavad’ literature from the learned wise blind Brahmin. After this he appointed 2 other Brahmin scholars to write the entire ‘Pranavavad’ book. Later after getting this book translated into English language he published this great literature that bestows supreme divine wisdom.

Everyone knows that in ancient times books were never printed and further writing books involved a lot of hard work and expenses. At that time so many people were such who could memorize books containing hundreds of verses or Shlokas. In the Shrimad Bhagwad scripture there are 18,000 verses or Shlokas, the Skand Purana scripture is much bigger than this and in the epic Mahabharat there are 100,000 verses or Shlokas. People in these ancient eras would create such humungous literature without writing it on paper or Bhoja leaves and would memorize them fully. The root substratum of this mind boggling memory power possessed by Brahmins of those eras was Trikal Sandhya, Super Power Gayatri Meditation and Worship, goodwill based sentiments and activities towards entire creation and observing self control. For this end they would devour only Sattvik food that augments sacredness of mind and live in an environment oozing with sacred sanctity. Thus they would attain the capacity to attain such mind boggling memory retention power. Thus they would attain such Mantra Energy with which they performed dumbfounding and miraculous feats.

By itself there are innumerable Mantras. The methods of succeeding in each one and applying them for various purposes are different and they bear varied types of fruits too. Yet there is one Mantra that in a lone manner fulfills requirements of all Mantras put together. It is Super Mantra Gayatri and it is mentioned in all the 4 Vedas viz. Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. Apart from this there is no other Mantra that has been mentioned in all the 4 Vedas. Gayatri in reality is Vedmata or Mother of Vedas. Spiritual seer saints opine that on the basis of Super Mantra Gayatri the 4 Vedas came into being. In the womb of this Super Mantra the 4 Vedas were born. The Mantra Drishta Rishis (seers) attained illumining light from Super Mantra Gayatri only.

Doubtlessly in present day modern contemporary times Super Mantra Gayatri based worship, meditation etc is a sure shot method to attain spiritual development and fulfilling great glorious mental aspirations. But today we fail to chant it methodically and hence no special results are noted. Further the faith of humans also is decreasing day by day towards it. Under such situations the path of reformation shall have to encompass taking Mantra Deeksha (spiritual initiation) from an adept master (Guru) and then assiduously following the technique of chanting that particular Mantra as advised by the initiating Guru the Mantra must be chanted regularly.  In between while recounting to the Guru one’s spiritual experiences regarding this, further guidance can be availed. Again the more we make efforts with a focused mind quickly one attains success that never goes vain. Hence anyone who truly wishes to accrue great benefits of Mantra Japa chanting they must observe all rules and injunctions given regarding it. The 1st rule to be followed is that the Mantra practice must be done by us only. If you make someone else do it not much success is achieved. Then look out for a clean sacred place for Mantra practices akin to a pilgrim spot, Siddhapeetha etc. It is most required that we eat food that augments piousness of mind because it is food that creates our body and mind (‘Jaisa khaye anna, vaisa baney mana’). Lest our food is of bad quality definitely obstacles shall appear in our Mantra Japa chanting Anushthan (program). Apart from this there are minor matters described in scriptures thus:

“A male devotee must renounce all contact with women, stop discussing women oriented topics and leave that place where women dwell. The same holds true for female devotees. Acts like the tonsure ceremony, smearing the body with ash/sandalwood, eating food only after offering it to Almighty God and executing any task only after performing the Sankalpa rite must be religiously adhered to. We must bathe only with Amla or Panchgavya. Bathing, Achman, eating meals etc must be accompanied by appropriate Mantra chanting. As far as possible either thrice a day (dawn/noon/dusk) or twice or once a day we must bathe, do Sandhya rites and worship one’s icon deity. At the time of doing Mantra Japa chanting complete the round of rosary before talking to anyone i.e. do not leave it midway.

Suppose while doing Mantra Japa chanting a word inadvertently does get uttered by us then atleast once chant Pranav or ‘Om’. Lest we utter these words many a times first do Achman and Angnyas and only then re commence chanting. Lest while doing Mantra Japa chanting we get an urge to pass urine or stools do not forcefully obstruct it because in such a state we shall fail to focus on our icon deity and Mantra and instead we shall think of urine or stools only. It is against scriptural injunctions to chant Mantras wearing dirty clothes, hair not combed/tied properly/not washed and a mouth that reeks with foul odor. While doing Mantra Japa chanting the following has to be strictly avoided:

1)      Lethargy

2)      Yawning

3)      Sleeping

4)      Sneezing

5)      Spitting

6)      Getting scared

7)      Touching unclean bodily parts (genitals, anus etc)

8)      Anger

While doing Mantra Japa chanting, avoid haste at any cost and also do not delay a lot also. Doing Japa akin to singing a song, shaking one’s head, reading what is written, not knowing the meaning and forgetting things again and again are big obstacles in attaining success from Mantra Japa chanting.

For attaining Sidhi or success in Mantra Japa chanting following 12 rules have to be compulsorily adhered to:

a)      Sleeping on the floor

b)     Brahmacharya or sexual continence and celibacy

c)      Mauna or silence of gross and mental speech

d)     Selfless service to the Guru

e)      Bathing 3 times a day

f)       Renouncing sinful activities

g)      Performing worship rites daily

h)     Daily doing charity

i)        Eulogizing demigods

j)       Worship to be performed on special days of festival etc also

k)     Deep faith in one’s icon deity and Revered Guru

l)        Steadfast faith in one’s Mantra chanting practice

Those who follow these rules implicitly know that it is synymous with Mantra Sidhi or success. At the time of doing any Mantra practice if we take an oath (swear) of any kind all results of Mantra chanting get destroyed. Never hear anyone singing, playing musical instruments etc and do not watch anyone dancing. Never do Mantra chanting with shoes on your feet and also do not spread your legs wide. In this manner there are many rules pertaining to Mantra practice which on understanding properly follow them as much as possible. All these rules are for Anushthans wherein Mantra chanting is done on a long term regular basis. For mental Mantra Japa chanting no such rules are required to be followed. Mental Japa can be done forever by anyone.

In great scriptures it is said:

Ashuchirva shuchirvapi gacchastishthan swapannapi

Mantraik sharano vidwan mansaiva sadabhyaset

Na dosho manaso japye sarvadeshepi sarvada.

MEANING: When a devotee who deeply understands the hidden mysterious import of Mantras and hence takes shelter of this one lone Mantra chanting practice he can execute it whether he is pure or impure (taken bath or not etc), at all times whether walking, sitting, sleeping, awake etc. When we take up Manas Japa or mental Mantra Japa chanting no hour in the day is inauspicious and no place is tainted or impure.

In this manner great scriptures have highly eulogized Mantra Japa chanting. As per the opinion of religious and spiritual minded personages via the power of Mantras many impossible tasks can be fulfilled. Those who know the mystery of the Adhidaivik world say that every material of the gross visible world has a presiding deity. Via Mantra chanting when these deities awaken from their latent state astounding beneficial results in those arenas are witnessed. Our ancient Indian texts ooze with the deep import of Mantras and even today millions of people are taking up Mantra Japa chanting so as to fulfill their specific desires. In India the lay public has unswerving faith in Mantras but people undergoing modern advance education not coming across logical proof based on scientific thinking regarding Mantra Energy fail to accept the authenticity and untold benefits of Mantra Japa chanting. These ‘modern’ educated people say: How is it possible that when a person ‘X’ utters some words the headache of another person ‘Y’ gets cured? How can mere utterance of some words called Mantras overcome the poisonous effect of a scorpion bite etc? A lot of difference of opinion prevails amongst people the world over with reference to siring children via Mantra chanting, defeating one’s enemy or attaining wealth. Regarding this many arguments for and against Mantra practices prevail. One camp has indomitable faith in the power of Mantra chanting but the other camp looks upon it is a figment of wild imagination or some sort of a whim, superstition and false notion.

When we uphold Mantra Sciences we certainly do not do not include those who make a ‘business’ out of it (Ojhas, Syane, Bhola etc on the lines of witch craft, sorcery etc). Such people definitely are not true adepts and knower of Mantra practices. We also do not say that such people’s every act pertaining to Mantra chanting is fully true. The manner in which a major chunk of ancient sciences have become virtually extinct and that in them in place of reality hypocrisy has sneaked in the same situation applies to Mantra Sciences also. People neither understand its underlying principle nor do they perform them methodically with intense efforts and observing guidelines mentioned for it. In fact such people pursuing witch craft, sorcery etc using Mantra techniques look upon it merely as a business to fill their tummies and coffers. Else just as scholars in the western world are researching into various branches of modern science and in order to unfold the truth are surrendering their body, mind, wealth etc for it similarly ere in India also deep research had been taken up in the arena of Sound Science which encompasses Mantra Science also hundreds such wondrous scientific facts would have emerged that would not only usher in our individual well being but that it would help the face of Indian Culture shine forth brilliantly.

As per the opinion of Indian Philosophy the energy of sound and words is supreme because it is related strongly to the space element. Space is subtlest of all elements and in comparison to the energy of gross materials that of subtle is infinitely more powerful. When dynamite or any explosive material is to be converted into its energy form a spark is lit in it so as to transform it from a solid to gaseous state. Today we harbor amazement that hod did ancient Rishis by uttering some Mantra or some mysterious words execute tasks of either creation or destruction in a flash of a moment? The mystery behind this was that just as today in our modern era in the past 100 years or so scientists after discovering gross materials that are explosive designed the ghastly atom bomb and rockets that can run 8000 miles per hour, similarly ancient Rishis of India in place of gross materials researched deeply into sound energy created from subtle space element and unfolded such methods of its usage that due to its influence upheavals could be induced in entire interstellar space. Even today there are those rare people who learn some such minor techniques and master them and with its aid execute mind boggling tasks.

In Mantra process it is not as though its sound merely produces an effect (whether it is heard or it is subtly uttered mentally) but that its sentiments and power of resolve called Sankalpa Shakti too is at work. When both these unite Mantra’s Energy increases manifold. As per the opinion of a great scholar: Indian dialect and alphabets are very scientific and in its sounds various hidden mysteries dwell. In Mantras ‘faith’ also is a potent principle which many people aver in accepting it. No doubt without faith and sacred sentiments Mantra Power can be experienced albeit after a long time period lapses by. Hence in order to succeed in any Mantra chanting a rule has been laid down to chant them 10,000 or 100,000 times. Due to this faith towards the Mantra practice firmly gets established in the deep recesses of our psyche.

The essence of all this is that with the help of Sound Energy gigantic important tasks can be performed. Our ancestors on fully imbibing this fact gave it the title of Shabda Brahman or Divine Sound and in the form of Om it was believed to be the creator of this world. If we insist on ignoring this Super Energy or remain blissfully unaware of its very existence know that we are perilously obstructing the door of well being from opening fully in our lives. By saving ourselves from this ghastly situation we must worship Divine Sound and thus accrue more and more benefits from it.
















The chief amongst all points to be kept in mind by a devotee carrying out Mantra chanting practices is that the sound emerging while chanting must be chaste and pure. This must be got examined by an adept Mantra Guru. In the form of a prayer to Almighty God the name of Lord Rama can be uttered straight, lopsided, correctly, wrongly etc yet in Mantra chanting its sound and pronunciation must be chaste and error free. Lest the tying of strings to a guitar and finger movement on it is methodically correct sweet musical tunes called Ragas shall gush forth from it. If we play this guitar as per our whims and fancy in just about any manner we wish the sound emerging from the guitar shall be rough and unpleasant to hear. This holds true for chanting Mantras properly and methodically.

Which person for what aim must perform spiritual practice of which particular Mantra? This cannot be decided based on our whims and fancy and nor must we look upon text book knowledge as the final word while deciding. So many books on medical healing and therapy write about the method of making various medicines and how it must be administered to the patient. Despite this we have to approach a qualified experienced doctor who after examining the condition of the diseased patient decides which particular medicine is to be administered to the patient. There is a mandatory requirement analyzing the inner state of a patient by an expert doctor after diagnosing the disease by performing various tests. Lest this is not done any patient shall just by a book on medical therapy and undergo self medication. If we devour medicines in the dose we think fit enough and decide on our own which medicine we shall use know that hazardous reactions shall have to be faced. Hence apart from congregational prayer programs if we wish to dive deep into the Science of Mantras and harbor an aim of attaining desired benefits, we must approach an experienced adept master/Guru of Mantra Science who shall advise us which particular Mantra must be chanted along with the method of its usage. The adept Guru shall choose a Mantra and its procedure and shall correct any flaw in our Mantra chanting.

Apart from method of chanting due weight age has to be given to chastity in our day to day transactions and social behavior. Not only must the eating, sleeping etc habits of a devotee be sacred or Sattvik, but that it must be quite meager in measure. This is called discipline of Vrata and fasting. This procedure comes under the flagship of spiritual practice of self control. It commences from sacred eating, sleeping etc habits and ultimately reaches purity and sanctity of character. A person immersed in vile, tainted and unethical activities amasses such dire reactions in his body and psyche due to unruly behavior that the effect of Mantra practice done by a person is only as much as sprinkling a few drops of cold water on a sizzling hot frying pan.

The methodology/technique prescribed for spiritual tasks must not be looked upon as the be all and end all of life. Instead much more importance must be given to sanctification and rendering sacred the character and thinking process of the one chanting Mantras. People who eat food that must be avoided at all cost (non veg, eggs, alcohol etc), eat very heavy meals, get inebriated with alcohol/narcotics, have extra marital sexual relationships, execute vile tainted activities etc although perform spiritual practices methodically yet they reap nothing but miserable failure. Lest their distorted mentality, unruly behavior, vile activities etc do not stop such large measure of dirt gathers within their inner personality that all efforts of spiritual practices fly away to naught in the cyclonic storm of this mental dirt. Hence a Mantra Yogi who desires to render his eating, sleeping etc habits sacred and pure he must take guidance from adept Mantra Gurus and perform Mantra practices under their divinely watchful eye. They must always put into practice the advice of such a Guru when told to eat only Sattvik food and in meager amounts only. If we eat a little less than the hunger pangs we experience and eat food that increases mental purity that too at optimal timings it shall serve the purpose of fasting (Upvas). For this end if we take up a vow or Vrata to eat tasteless food devoid of salt and sugar it certainly is praiseworthy. Boiled rice-lentils, boiled vegetables etc devoid of oil also are called Sattvik food items. In comparison to food grains we consume the measure of fruits and milk in our daily diet must be much more. Not while actually eating food but that after finishing meals enough clean water must be consumed so that the dirt in our stomach can be washed off and excreted via urine and stools.

The 3rd point to note is we must harbor unbroken faith in the potency of Mantras and its genuineness. Deep unswerving faith is called the very life force or Prana of spiritual practices. In its absence doubts loom large in our minds and in large measure the possibility of attaining optimal results gets destroyed to naught. Profound faith in itself is potent power. On its basis ‘ash’ given as Prasad by Sidha or God Realized Saints exhibits miraculous effects. When our ‘Jijivisha’ (yearning to remain alive) remains intense a man on his deathbed also has been seen to ‘kick’ death and thus has lived for some more years post such incidences. An independent science of auto suggestion and auto sensitivity has been advanced wherein akin to self introspection a person has to gauge his own progress, the method of reformation and how to harbinger in a definite bright future. Energy emerging from deep faith defeats innumerable hardships and strife. Even in the absence of means that instill hope a person latching on tightly to power of deep faith rise higher and life and marches towards zeniths of glory. The resolve of ‘Ekal chalo re or you must march ahead all alone’ is a showcasing of that valor wherein despite being denied apt cooperation and desired means merely with the help of self faith steps forward and the effort that leads to the desired goal without any obstruction follows suit. Thus success is doubtlessly reaped in immense measure.

Examples of like seeing a snake in a rope and ghosts in forests where light is extremely dim despite being unreal appears true simply because we lend our faith to it and hence it showcases its dire result especially that of eerie fear in our psyche. There is a well known story wherein the God of Death called Yamaraj sent death to kill 5000 people. When death returned with dead bodies of 1,500,000 people God of Death called Yamaraj asked sternly: Why have you gone against my order? I had commanded you to kill only 5000 people but here you have killed 1,500,000 people. Death with folded hands replied: O Lord! I had killed only 5000 people as per your edict yet other people out suspicion, doubt, terrible fear etc died on their own and thus became members of the the crowd of people leaving this mortal world. It is seen on a day to day basis that a resolve that is either very strong or is very weak becomes a very potent positive or negative force and this in turn exhibits such good or bad results that can be termed only dumbfounding. Goswami Tulsidasji in ‘Ramcharit Manas’ writes: Faith is Goddess Bhavani and trust is Lord Shankar. This must not be looked upon as some figment of wild imagination since it is a bare truth. On this basis one can either in usher in one’s well being or one can enter the crater of a gigantic downfall in life. Especially in Mantra practices this fact must be deeply understood and imbibed to the fullest because a person imbued with profound faith easily tastes success in Mantra chanting practices whereas a person lacking this faith despite chanting an apt Mantra in a methodical manner is seen to either fail miserably or thar even if miniscule success comes his way it comes after long grinding effort on his part.

Which person for which goal must chant which Mantra using which procedure? This involves a special decision making process. For this end the one testing and taking decisions should be such who is an adept master of categorizing various types of personalities on analyzing them properly, who is an expert regarding various types of techniques of spiritual practices and who knows each ones special application and usage. But alas! In today’s fast paced modern times there is a certain lack of such adepts and experienced experts. It is insane hypocrisy that is looming large like dark clouds in the field of spiritual by holding on to the crutch of ‘aping’ and superficial imititation. It is the fraudlent wiliness of such ‘masters’ and ‘experts’ that shakes the very foundaition of innocent people’s faith. It is this group of scamsters that predominates in world society. Everwhere hence ‘Gurudom’ rules the roost and all types of hypocrisies in the name of ‘spiritual practices’ are being enacted everywhere. In the absence of truly great adept Gurus who have executed profound studies, deeply reflected mentally over spiritual tenets, who have put into practice the injunctions of sacred scriptures, who have imbibed exalted high stature thinking, who ooze with sacred sensitive sentiments and who after understanding various techniques of spiritual practices have mastered them by putting them at work in day to day living a devotee faces a big difficulty wherein that in order to purify the gross body in what way Mantra practices must be made use of? How does such a devotee overcome such doubts? How can he walk on the easiest and straightforward path of spirituality?

In order to troubleshoot this problem we must first save ourself from that procedure mentioning special techniques for special type of people. Instead such a royal path has to be demarcated and designed that can work well for all and sundry equally. Such a royal path must be devoid of any type of peril.

Commencing right from the tender age of 15 years in these 65 years on reaching the ripe old age of 80 years I (author of this literature-Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya) have ceaselessly carried out Super Mantra Gayatri practices. In this time period, I have attained promising success in uprooting obstacles faced and in its place, blooming conducive situations appeared. I also encourage those who came in my contact to execute these Super Mantra Gayatri practices and they too have experienced such optimistic success. In this manner we can say that those imbued with unswerving faith definitely succeed in Super Mantra Gayatri practices and the devotee after himself attaining self fulfillment with reference to the genuine nature of Mantra Energy can egg others also to follow suit when they hear of these astounding spiritual experiences. Yet the problem faced here is that Super Mantra Gayatri practice is written in Sanskrit language and conjoined to Hindu Religious Tradition. Hence its image is of motherhood only. All these points can be gulped down only by Hindu Religion followers. Hence the question of universality of this spiritual practice yet remains unsolved. The aim is to help entire world humanity advance and develop in unison and yet it is also the aim of those not harboring faith in Hindu Religion, who follow various other world religions and who speak in other languages. Henceforth we shall have to focus on world thinking and world sacred sentiments. In future it is only unity and equality at the world level that shall get acceptance. Disparity, separatism, regionalism etc shall disappear to naught. Under such circumstances that mentality shall have to be decided upon for imbibing by world humanity that is universally accepted, easily accessed by all and easy to imbibe in day to day transactions.

Regarding this via focusing on the divine sound called ‘Om’ the above mentioned requirements can get fulfilled. ‘Om’ is not a word belonging to any particular language. In India it is called the combination of ‘A-U-M’ and its meaning is given as per the Sanskrit language dictionary. Yet the reality is that ‘Om’ is but a sound. It is different from ‘A-U-M’. It can be looked upon as such a sound akin to a gong hammered which then emits an echo or resonance. This is also the primordial union of Prakriti and Purusha and since this trend has continued ceaselessly world creation, propagation and destruction too follow suit. It can be compared to the pendulum of a clock. It is the seed of Gayatri. From Om, 3 Vyahvrittis emerge. From each of these Vyahvrittis 3 set of words gush forth. It is akin to a seed sown in fertile soil that sprouts, becomes a plant and later blooms into a full grown tree with leaves, flowers, fruits etc. Gayatri can be called a tree and ‘Om’ its seed. Via the 24 alphabets of Super Mantra Gayatri the 24 energy centers present in the deep cave of the human body get awakened and on its basis the grandeur of innumerable Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies fall in our lap. This very all round benefit can be attained simply by chanting ‘Om’.

As much as possible after purifying the body seated in a clean place using an introverted Mudra the Japa or chanting of Om should be done in such a way that the psychic consciousness and body ‘dash’ against each other and thus one gets an experience tinkling or rattling feeling. As a result of this 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus), subtle nerve networks, subtle psychic complexes, subtle glands etc get activated since neo consciousness starts spreading in it. Within a few days of this spiritual practice itself a tangible experience of this can get accrued. Along with this those benefits accrue that are attained on executing methodical Super Mantra Gayatri practices.

It is best that this Mantra continues to resound from your throat and its vibratory effect shall lend positivity to the entire body. Apart from this it can so happen that whenever you get free time commence chanting Om mentally. This technique also can prove to render our material worldly life also joyous and oozing with prosperity.



















Due to repletion the brain gets molded in a special type of cast. Any action repeated again and again becomes a habit for us. Whatever we read, hear, speak or understand takes a special place in our intellect. The mind’s designing is such that in order to embed anything deep within it its repetition and practice is compulsory.

Children have to memorize alphabets and numbers. By repeating them again and again this aim gets fulfilled. Even later in life even though the student need not memorize his subjects he at least has to read them diligently. Before any major exam students are given holidays for studies so that whatever they had learnt in class previously can be memorized during this time. In these holidays for studies students repeat again and again all that is included in their syllabus so that when it goes down deep in the memory area it can be recalled again while writing the examination question-answer paper.

In the episode pf devotion to God Japa has a very important spot. In all religious sects it is given a prime position for devotional purposes. In the hands, neck, waist etc a rosar is seen hanging in saints of all religions like Islam, Buddhism, Parsis etc. They use it to chant the name of God time and again.

On noting the great import of a rosary very rich people too have rendered it a form of jewelery to adorn their necks. Kings, big industrialists and their wives wear chains around their neck in which pearls, diamonds etc are interwoven. Even women of lower middle class and poor categories buy necklaces of very cheap price and with style place it around their throats. From the fact that the rosary used for Japa is so stylishly being used as necklaces it appears that there was a time in the them days when rosary held a prime position of importance.

The combination of rosary with Mantra Japa chanting has been done keeping in mind contemporary requirements. The reason being that Japa must be done at an appointed hour and must be done for certain measure. Due to this the mind gets habituated to do Japa at that hour and in fact eagerly waits for this task to commence. Passing urine/stools and eating meals have their appointed hours. Our sleep too gets habituated along with eating, bathing etc at fixed times and thus when that particular time arrives we become restless to carry out these daily chores. Again and again we remember these tasks. Not only this but that it gets ingrained in our inner nature as to carry out which task for what length of time. The moment the time span for studies ends children feel like starting playing. In fact children in school pack their bags well before the school bell rings to announce that study time has ended.

The mind too is like this. In the appointed time period that particular task gets done best. If you do it before or later the task is done quite haphazardly.

A perfect demarcation and powerful resolve must be made for how many number of times the Mantra Japa has to be chanted and in what time frame must it be completed. Only then our mind shall focus optimally on chanting. Else the mind shall start jumping about like a fidgety monkey on a tree.

In ancient eras there were no watches or clocks. Hence in order to gauge the time frame and number of Mantra Japa a rosary was most required. On its very basis one could infer as to the number of Mantra Japa and time frame for its completion has been properly adhered to or not. The rosary in a certain sense is a clock that made to work by rotating it in the hand. Today this function can be executed by a timer watch and an alarm too can be set to announce an interval. Yet the ancient tradition has been imbibed so firmly that it it is looked upon as a part of Mantra Japa. There is certainly no problem with this. The devotee feels satisfied that he has followed age old traditions.

Of what has Japa or chanting to be done? The answer is one and that is Almighty God. Attaining Almighty God is the supreme goal of human life. As long as the soul does not merge into divine cosmic soul (Almighty God) the mental condition of the devotee is very much like the anguish experienced by a wife separated from her beloved husband. The more this thirst is intense the possibility of merging into divine cosmic soul (Almighty God) draws nearer and nearer. Restlessness on one’s part never fails to affect the other person or aspect. This too is a type of radio or telephone that definitely reaches its target. The inner restless yearning of a female lover renders restless her paramour also. Japa and chanting of God’s name is accepted as a part of showcasing of love and inner zeal. When we wish to draw someone’s attention we utter his name loudly because man’s power of hearing has its limitations. Yet as far as Almighty God is concerned this does not hold true. Not only does God hear our whispers but that he can ‘hear’ our mental silent Mantra chanting also (Mansik Japa).

Repetition always proves to be powerfully effective. While washing clothes they have to be rubbed with a brush again and again. Even when we bathe we rub our body with soap repeatedly. Our teeth are cleaned by brushing them. In a grinder that grinds flour and an oil extracting gadget the same process is repeated in a cyclic manner. If you rub a stone repeatedly it becomes smooth and shiny. In order to make strong healing medicines they have to be pounded, grinded etc repeatedly in greater measure and for a longer time frame. When water is drawn from a well using a bucket tied with a rope, the rope repeatedly brushes on the wall of the well and hence a mark manifests even here where the stones are very rocky and hard. When animals walk on the same path especially in jungles a sort of rough road emerges for humans to walk on. All this is but the result a repeated cyclic movement for a great length of time. Generally machines are decided based on this concept and function too on its lines. Its effect is so deep and profound in the very core of one’s inner personality that one’s memory regarding the goal remains firm and unbroken. Further it gets a well defined spot in the unconscious mind too. As a result without effort also in deep sleep Mantra chanting continues mentally. While doing Mantra chanting it must not be allowed to get limited to mere repetition of words and alphabets of Mantras but that in a major way our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) too must be conjoined. Our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) are known to get superimposed on some name or form (Nama or Rupa). When a female lover thinks yearningly of her paramour in it is conjoined her loving emotions and soul oneness. This also is the very life force or Prana of Mantra Japa chanting. Our one pointed loving devotion must be offered to our beoved Mantra icon deity. When a mother calls out to her child in it affection too brims forth for her child. When a small child utters ‘Mummy-mummy’ it does not want to say anything in particular. The child only wishes to exhibit its love for its beloved mother. Similarly in Mantra Japa chanting our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) must gush forth with intensity. In it sacred love and soul oneness must be included so intensely that it evokes extraordinary yearning in the devotee to meet Almighty God, have God’s Darshan or divine vision, become one with God, experience soul oneness with God and a sense of total self surrender at the hallowed feet of Almighty God. The more deeply such types of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) conjoin to Mantra Japa chanting the more optimally our Mantra practices succeed in attaining the desired goal. Else if we chant Mantras parrot like or utter words like an inert tape recorder does no loving devotion shall resound in it and neither will this call reach Almighty God so as to shake his very divine throne. Our call in the form of Mantra Japa chanting should be of the highly intense stature of Draupadi (in epic Mahabharat) so that perforce Almighty God’s attention gets drawn to it and he rushes to our aid.

For Mantra Japa chanting Super Mantra Gayatri reigns supreme. The reason is that words woven in it have been done so in such a well sequenced manner that by casting ‘blows’ on innumerable energy centers in our body like Chakras etc forces them to get activated from their latent state and in this manner inadvertently a very important goal of Yoga practices too is fulfilled.

The word meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri is such that it gives a proper direction to our thinking trend and gives it a golden opportunity to think aptly.

Tat means ‘that’. Savitu means brilliant and mobile. Varenyam means worth imbibing in one day to day life. Bharga means that which burns to naught undesirable elements. Devasya means divine. These are 4 very important divine qualities of Almighty God. By itself God has thousands of names and divine qualities yet in these 4 that essence of spiritual philosophy dwells that on imbibing deep within our soul man marches ahead on the path of glorious activities and inner greatness. A person looks upon this tangibility, subtlety and consciousness not as materialism but as a form of Almighty God. In this world both good and bad exist yet man should pursue only that which is supremely glorious. Man must become as radiant, valiant, enterprising and immersed in selfless service to all like Savita or solar deity. Whatever is inapt, unethical and unwholesome must be combated with one’s valour and enterprise by rendering it skillfully sharp. Only divinity must be of interest to us. One must yearn intensely to become divine. Specialties must not be limited to mere hearing and talking about them but that they must be imbibed both within and without in our day to day chores. Finally a prayer must be made to that omnipotent all powerful God that not only we as individuals but that every world human is given the boon of a divine focused intellect by Almighty God. We must pray to God not only to teach us great divine precepts but that he must compassionately awaken in us divine inspirations, divine yearnings etc to reach the highest spiritual goal for which we have been given a human body.

In the above meaning of Super Mantra Gayatri all of that dwells that man must think about and then put it into action. In this manner this Mantra becomes a gist and essence of the diligence of spiritual philosophy. When while doing Mantra Japa chanting if this mental cogitation of Mantra’s meaning is included man can attain a hint of a supreme direction to life. Not only this but that Super Mantra Gayatri’s Sound Energy forcefully drags with it great thinking and glorious character in its divine stream.

If someone is unable to execute full chanting of Super Mantra Gayatri they can memorize its Panchakshari part called: ‘Om Bhurbhuvaha Swaha’. Those who find it very difficult to speak Sanskrit language and understand it can do Japa of: ‘Om Tat Sat’. Those who find even this very difficult to utter can do simply ‘Om’ Japa. As per our ancient Indian scriptures, before this world was created, ‘Om’ already existed. Then this Divine Sound evolved further as ‘Bhu Bhuvaha Swa’ Vyahvrittis. After this from each Vyahvritti the 3 legged Super Mantra Gayatri came into existence. Whether one chants the full Mantra or only a portion of it yet we must look upon Gayatri as its foundation while doing chanting or Japa.

While eulogizing the glory of Mantra Japa chanting Lord Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta says:

Yajnanam Japa yajnosmi.

It means that amongst all types of Yajnas I (Almighty God) am Japa Yajna. The reason why Japa Yajna reigns supreme is that since for spiritual advancement purity and sanctity of the psyche is mandatory Japa or Mantra chanting plays a big role in this mind’s sanctification process. In this Japa or Mantra chanting no expenses are incurred and not much physical labor is involved. In it only steadfast faith and devotion to Almighty God devoid of any selfish desires in mind is essential to imbibe. Hence Japa or Mantra chanting is easily accessible to all whether we are rich, poor, powerful, weak scholarly or weak brained. Those people with the intention of fulfilling some particular desire take up Japa or Mantra chanting definitely this desire gets fulfilled. But those who do it selfless devoid of any intention to fulfill any desire attain soul purification and sanctity. Thus they march swiftly towards Moksha or salvation or spiritual liberation.

If we set aside other religions in Hindu Religion alone there are hundreds of Mantras whose technique of chanting and application has been detailed in sacred scriptures. Majority of these Mantras are related to one or more god and goddess and via them generally only one thing is attained. Those who chant these Mantras have mostly a material aim in mind yet firstly all materials in this world are perishable and hence one day they shall definitely get destroyed. The 2nd point to note is that it is within one well defined limit hence if the number of people aspring for it is humungous it is difficult for everyone to attain these material desires. Hence the importance of desire oriented actions or Sakama Karma is very negligible.

True well being of mankind rests in soul welfare only. The soul is subtle hence on it the influence of subtle materials is n fold more than that of gross materials. On understanding this fact Indian Rishi-Munis of ancient eras via austerities and Yoga practices spanning thousands of years invented such a methodology wherein both worldly and spiritual goals can be fulfilled. Amongst these techniques that of Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting is most beneficial and effective. This Mantra is totally self fulfilling and a person of true understanding doing its Japa and chanting keeps in mind the Mantras’ glorious connotation also and thus attains desired progress.

From the modern science standpoint also Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting is most beneficial for human beings since it ushers in his all round well being. Today even scientists of great expertise have wholeheartedly accepted that the fount of the human brain resides in the collective brain and psyche of Prakriti or material nature. As a result we can attain energy from it in the form of electron. Sir James at one place has written about this as follows:

‘Along with the influence of changing times the stream of knowledge is veering towards spiritualism. Today this infinite gigantic cosmos instead of a humungous machine is appearing as a huge flow of thoughts. Today this imagination is getting destroyed that human mind or thought power had been created accidentally, suddenly and by ‘chance’ from worldly matter. Today we have started inferring that the creator of matter and managing its apt functioning is but the mind. This does not mean that any particular individual human is executing this task but that in reality it means that the element called ‘mind’ in nature or Prakriti from its atoms consciousness gushes forth and thus mobility is seen in nature.

In Super Mantra Gayatri it is this very ‘mind’ residing in nature or Prakriti that is described as Bharga. By meditating on it a sacred brilliant intellect is prayed for. If we carry out this meditation and Japa methodically and make efforts to focus our individual mind on this all pervasive cosmic mind doubtlessly we can not only march ahead on the path of our own well being but that we can become a medium of Almighty God to usher in the well being of entire world humanity.























Indian thinkers or Manishis have called word and sound Almighty God or Brahman. Almighty God or Brahman is a cosmic and all pervasive divine light existence and its energy is limitless. In this manner Indian philosophers had well in advance understood the super power of word and sound. Not only this they deeply researched into it and thus an independent branch called Mantra Science took birth. The deep import of Mantra Power can be understood from the following verse:

Mantra param laghu jasu bas vidhi harihar sursarva.

Mahamantra gajraj kahan bas kar ankush kharva.

MEANING: The word/sound principle has been termed all powerful and hence it cannot be a word or sound of just about any type and in any wayward manner uttered by the mouth. In fact in Mantras a special sound uttered in special speed, rhythm, and well sequenced words that are at work. In the world of modern science this type of sound is called ultrasound (not heard by human ears). Ultrasound may not be heard by human ears yet they definitely exist. Via usage of various types of special sounds so many tasks are being executed astoundingly for example medical therapy, agriculture, milk production from animals, cutting thick iron sheets etc. in a certain sense the world of medical healing is returning to the principles of ancient Mantra-Yantra principles.

For the very 1st time the importance of sound was showcased by France’s scientist Paul Langevin in the year 1914 AD. In those times for protecting ships it was very important to invent such technology that could in advance give information of giant creatures, islands, icebergs, enemy ships etc embedded deep into the ocean water. Dr Paul designed such an apparatus using ultrasound. Sound waves on which is superimposed defined speed and energy after banging into any creature, material or place immediately from its opposite direction an echo returns. Via the analysis of this echo the inner state of that thing can be known.

After this fact appeared for only once before scientists the widespread chain of scientific experiments set rolling in. From the years 1942-1950 AD Dr Usik Edla, Munt Donald, Lexle Hurz, Hughes etc via various research studies found that ultrasound can be successfully used in the arena of medical diagnosis and healing. Ultrasound proved miraculous in unearthing the condition of a growing fetus in a pregnant woman’s womb, diagnosing and curing various diseases related to it etc. In the year 1956 in the testing and examining of the gall bladder ultrasound was made use of. Till today so many apparatus and machines have been designed that by aiding the entry of ultrasound (12 megahertz or more frequency) into the tissues the condition of that organ can be deciphered and its diseased state can be cured. One megahertz means to render the vibration of sound so subtle and intense that in 1 second it vibrates 1,000,000 times. When sound waves become regularized it aids in gauging the inner condition of the body. While using this ultrasound no stress or pain is felt by the patient and no side effects also are noted on his body.

Regarding Mantras also this fact is at work. Machines render ultrasound of very high frequency can also be executed via our mouth palate, throat, neck, jaws etc. Via sacred sensitive sentiments these are rendered well controlled and then in any special particular space via these waves’ fission, merging, sanctification etc various applications like Upchar, Pratadan, Maran, Mohan, Ucchatan etc are carried out. In both states it is Sound Energy that is at work but based on its mode of designing, speed and sentiments its energy can increase-decrease and in tandem with it those specific types of results appear.

Even though today true adepts of Mantra Science can be counted on our fingers yet none can deny its great glorious potential. It is inferred that in future via high frequency sound waves the functioning of blood circulation, unearthing bodily energy founts and via it the inner management of curing diseases shall come into being. The miraculous facet of these sounds that are about to be showcased is the most mysterious hidden information regarding the inner designing of matter. After this much happens nuclear fission can be done via Sound Energy and by transforming atoms into potent nuclear energy the door of using it as per one’s whims gets thrown open wide. From Mantra Science it is such miracles that are imagined that today are being showcased tangibly by modern science.

Sound is today being looked upon as a much more powerful force than light also. These days a microscope called Supersonic has been designed. These are much more powerful than those microscopes made from the theory of light. In designing although sound waves are quite similar to light waves yet as far as qualities and characteristics are concerned both are bang opposite to each other. Light waves in a united manner on convex lens becomes very powerful whereas in concave lens gets scattered. Yet the state of ultrasound waves is bang opposite to this. Via this focused energy it has become possible to unveil the distortions and taints not only of the human body but also of plants, metals etc. Via this new ultrasound energy in various industries a possible widespread revolution could harbinger in.

Many more potent expectations are being harbored than the above possibilities of various types in Mantra Science listed above. Whenever any word is uttered another person hears it only when the sound vibrations of the word in wind reach the other person’s ears. Via every word another person does get influenced yet when these very words are imbued with intensely sensitive sacred sentiments its meaning generates ultrasound vibrations. There are other aspects of Mantra Science also that are related to bodily parts used for uttering words. These parts are tongue, mouth palate, throat, jaws and also special Yogic Chakras, subtle nerves that lend speed, eddy like movement etc. These are very much like those machines called transducers. This transducer renders sound of low frequency so that they become extraordinarily powerful.

Mantra Science is a very potent and subtle science. Not only must it be deeply understood but that the basis on which these energies are attained, they must be rendered strong, highly advanced and sacred. Without this Mantra Science becomes meaningless.

By itself innumerable people are well versed with the meaning, nature and effect of Super Mantra Gayatri but others have not experienced potential to execute tasks in an extraordinary manner in the material realm of life as has been experienced by the great philosopher Arthur Koesler who got converted from a communist to a spiritualist.

A few decades previously the editor of a well known newspaper ‘Blitz’ named Mr Karanjia had journeyed to London-UK. He had a meeting with the great philosopher Arthur Koesler who was residing in London at that time. In this meeting apart from other topics a detailed conversation between them took place with reference to the possibility of a nuclear war and its worldwide repercussions. Regarding this Arthur Koesler was very worried.

Mr Karanjia asked: Lest a nuclear war is waged how can we protect ourselves from its dire reactions?

Arthur Koesler replied: Super Mantra Gayatri possesses much more energy than that found in 1000 atom bombs. Lest Indians commence chanting it congregationally the energy that shall gush forth from it shall shatter to naught the demonic ambitions of nuclear weapon users.












Super Mantra Gayatri is well accepted by modern science and it can be sung too. In order to augment mundane joy-peace, sanctify the environment by depolluting it and render powerful our subtle consciousness its usage is well known right since the ancient Rishi Era. In order to render Super Mantra Gayatri all pervasive and cosmic along with it must be conjoined heat and light in the form of Super Power Yajnas (fire rituals). Only then it becomes much more powerful and worldwide.

Super Power Yajna (fire rituals) is a multi faceted technique. It has been seen that by rendering forest medical herbs gaseous in state by sitting in its vicinity while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri in medium Swara or tone if Super Power Yajna (fire rituals) is carried out then right from environmental purification to curing bodily-mental diseases and hence protecting our health it is seen to play a very predominant role.

Those who want to attain something more purposeful or that those who can do much more than this must take recourse to singing Super Mantra Gayatri tunefully. Just as medicinal herbs used in Shakalya have their own specific characteristics similarly the various types of tunes used to sing Super Mantra Gayatri while offering Ahutis (sacred materials) to Yajna fire they emit special effects. The specialty of a Mantra rests in the special way in which it is sung. On its basis energy gushes forth. The entire Vedic scripture of Samagaan (Samaveda) has been created based on this. No doubt any Mantra can be chanted in medium Swara (tone) and in daily or public Yajnas this Yajna Swara does reap benefits. For scientific goals, a special effect of these tuneful sound waves of this type has been reported. The world over due to influence of sweet music huge measure of crop harvest is witnessed, birds start laying more and more eggs and fish become more well nourished. Apart from this in diseases pertaining to the psyche and muscular fiber network special useful effects of tuneful waves of special tunes are noted. Today in these modern contemporary times music therapy has become a specialized science on its own.

Beyond doubt Super Mantra Gayatri is extraordinarily effective in a positive beneficial manner. On the basis of Swara technique too it has been called miraculous. On its basis not only physical, but that in the sacred sentiment and psychic arena too very useful transformations can be carried out. By conjoining to Yajna fire the effect of Mantra Science is rendered innumerable times more effective. As per Atharvaveda (3/1/1) on the one hand with its aid where many diseases have been healed successfully and a long healthy life span too has been attained there due to the effect of Yajna fire filled with wood and medical herbs patients affected by insanity and various manias too can be cured. In it further it is written:

Yadikshitayuryadi parato yadi mrityoranti ke.

MEANING: Lest a patient is very close to death even so Yajna fire with the help of Mantra Power helps him come out from the jaws of otherwise imminent death.


Shrutis say:

Gayan pranan trayate sa Gayatri.

MEANING: Gayatri is that which protects our Prana Energy or life force.


After conducting various tests it has been found that for overcoming mental ailments forest medical herbs that cure it if exposed to Yajna fire (instead of administering them orally, via injections etc) proves to be much more effective from the healing standpoint. In bodily diseases while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri in a medium Swara (tone) a Yajna is performed. But for curing mental diseases Saswar Paath or reciting has to be done while the Yajna is performed. For this practice is required in a diligent manner. Music definitely affects neuro hormones and hence mental distortions and taints get washed off. In comparison to lone Saswar Mantra chanting the same executed in a collective congregational manner proves to be manifold more effective and its beneficial results are accrued more speedily. For this purpose practice is done via hearing Saswar Mantra chanting taped on a tape recorder, CD etc Along with the Saswar Mantra chanting heard (for curing a particular disease to be cured) on the tape recorder we too must chant Super Mantra Gayatri in unison with it. Just as for the daily Yajna the Yajna performer chooses materials for Ahuti etc as per their availability similarly even in bodily-mental diseases each devotee after choosing an apt Beej or Seed Mantra and materials either Saswar or without Swar Super Mantra Gayatri chanting must be done while performing the Yajna rites. The number of Ahutis of Mantras could either be 24 in number or more than this also. Over here we must keep in mind that it is not the number, not the Ahutis but in reality Prana Energy is emitted by uttered word waves by the speech of a devotee that is full of power of penance is only because of the potent force of Shraddha or faith. When all this happens, miraculous transformations are noted both in inert and conscious principles. None shall harbor any doubt on knowing how explosive is the singing the Seed or Beej Mantra of Super Mantra Gayatri or without the Seed Mantra.





Gayatri’sdeity is Savita or the conscious sun. It is the root fount of cosmic conscious energy. Its conscious energy from the unkown regions of infinite interstellar space each moment showers down on planet earth. The medium of experiencing/perceiving these conscious energies is the Shraddha or faith principle. The potent technique of coming in its close contact is ceaseless sacred sensitive memories. Mantra practices/Sadhana is very much part of this process wherein Sound Science is a combination of faith energy and Science of Consciousness. The 1st basis of Mantra practices at the individual level is intensity of will power. The 2nd basis is Sound Science. This then is the basis of efforts executed by individuals. Above both these dwell subtle laws of the Science of Consciousness. An individual is no doubt a part of cosmic consciousness yet man straying aimlessly because of extrovertedness forgets his bond with cosmic consciousness or that he ignorantly renounces it. Thus spiritual practices are but techniques that help individuals re establish this bond with cosmic consciousness.

In order to create an effect of Mantra Energy a devotee must at first wash and sanctify his inner personality. It is only in a sanctified psyche that due to the influence of Mantra Power cosmic consciousness throws its divine light. Hence our heart’s energy enjoys a top spot in Mantra practices. This is because it is a means of Science of Consciousness. Over here heart does not mean that bag of flesh in our body aiding blood circulation nor that which beats pauselessly and nourishes all bodily organs. In Anatomy Science heart is that which aids blood circulation and said to be of the size and shape of a tightly clenched fist but in Science of Consciousness heart means a center of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). The more high stature sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) along with deep faith bloom in our Mantra practices the more glorious results are accrued.

Sound emerging from with the power of sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) and deep faith is called Mantra. Our sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) and deep faith contact only that deity to which is conjoined a Mantra. In this contact the principles of Sound Science also play their appointed role. Sound is a tangible force. Very much like nuclear energy, electrical power, heat energy etc sound energy can be used in varied ways. Word and sound in reality is a special state of vibratory flow that can be created via our will.

Via will or desire mobility and via mobility waves emerge. These sound vibrations occur in a subtle element called ether that resides deep within air and wind. The atoms of ether principle are very subtle and ultra sensitivity. In 1 second it can create 34,000,000,000 vibrations. But human ears can hear and understand sound waves merely between the 32-64 vibrations per second. Human ears cannot hear anything below 32 and above 64 vibrations per second. When vibrations created by atoms of ether principle reach their peak i.e. around 34,000,000,000 vibrations per second from it an imperishable unbroken stream of light rays emerge. These light rays are called X-Rays. These rays are of extraordinary mobility and generally in 1 second they travel 10,000,000 miles. It is on this basis that radio and TV have been invented. Vibrations of air do get destroyed but those of ether principle never undergo destruction. Yes, when they age and become old they go to the surface of earth’s gravitational field so as to rest steadily there. There they on becoming very potent they attract towards themselves other same class vibrations and when they weaken in strength they themselves get pulled towards same class vibrations but that are powerful. All vibratory groups create a special sound category. This sound category along with other same type or matching categories very intensely create reactions. A same type sound group creates a type of pressure in the environment. Old sound vibrations in the form of denseness in the surface of earth’s gravitational field dwells there by creating a special pressure there.

In this manner on the basis of collective power this group of vibrations creates a type of magnetic pull. This magnetism is a type of consciousness that influences humans of same class consciousness. A direct effect of this magnetism and consciousness is noted on those humans whose brain state is quite similar to the vibratory energy of those old well united words and sounds. If this state is not similar then utterance of same type words/sounds may no doubt showcase the existence of this influence yet it cannot imbue any profound effect in it. Hence it is compulsory that the inner consciousness of the devotee doing Mantra Japa practice undergoes sanctification. Only then via the consciousness of ancient era Rishis can conjoin to the devotee’s sensitive sentiments.

From Music Sciences it becomes clear that every sound has a shape and form and is not hence merely a wave. Each one can be given that same type of shape and form that is like a stone, chair, leaf etc. sound can be converted to energy and this energy can be again converted to sound. Sound can be transformed into matter. From every material a special sound vibration manifests. On the basis of Mantras the image of a special sound flow that emerges on its very basis the shape and form of the deity of a Mantra gets etched. The shape and form of the deity of a Mantra is but the shape and form of the sound flow of Mantras that gets etched from its ceaseless repetition.

Just as by placing our fingers on the strings of a guitar in a sequential manner a definite musical flow emerges similarly a rhythmic sequence of utterance of words create specialized vibrations that are specially powerful and effective. When these powerful vibrations congregate a shape and form of the pressure gushing forth in the environment emerges. This is the shape and form of the deity of a Mantra also. This then is the depiction of a deity in Mantra Sciences. Hence in Mantras importance is that not merely of words but that of sound flow too. Over and above faith in Mantra Sciences another important point to note is the rhythmic flow created due to the ceaseless repetition of sound flow.

The flute music instrument has 7 holes that are called 7 Swaras (notes). In a well defined sequence of Aroh-Avroh (rise-fall) air is blown into these holes so as to direct them properly. In this manner a Swar Lahiri or musical tune emerges from the flute. This is nothing but the Wheel of Sound. Mantras also give rise to a special Wheel of Sound. When Super Mantra Gayatri is chanted for a long time span in a ceaseless manner a powerful Wheel of Sound emerges that circulates in the gigantic cosmos and there a movement or upheaval emerges. This Wheel of Sound due to conscious magnetism conjoins to conscious magnetism created from Gayatri Sadhana or spiritual practices carried out in the past. In this manner it conjoins to the infinite fount of energy.

A very long term ceaseless repetitive Mantra chanting induces a special type of pressure in a united manner both in the inner personality and external environment. This effect of pressure is more or less in measure depending on the potential of the energy of the psyche or causal body of the devotee. The more intense is the devotee’s faith and steadfastness and the more his character is pure and pious energy is that much more potent and radiant. This Mantra Power becomes a part of nature of our psyche. Due to long term ceaseless Mantra practice the devotee becomes akin to the image of the Mantra. This then is the state of Yoni Mudra in Mantra Science wherein conscious energy as Mantra by entering merges into it. The inner personality of the devotee and Mantra becomes inseparable. In the devotee’s inner personality the power of Mantra oozes forth. This is called Mantra Sidhi (success).

It is crystal clear that Mantra conscious energy and state of Yoni Mudra is attained only after deeply understanding Science of Consciousness and faith principle and thus molding our inner personality in accordance with it. This creation of this foundation within Sadhana or spiritual practices is most required and mandatory. Only then via Super Mantra Gayatri chanting one can successfully establish a bond with sun that is cosmic consciousness in form.









Human existence is partitioned into 2 classes: One is bodily and the other is mental. The body acts and the mind, thinks. From both, an electrical flow gushes forth of its own type. In the body a friction like activity takes place. Heart beats, blood circulation via arteries-veins, inhaling-exhaling air by the lungs and contraction-relaxation by our muscles creates a type of friction and the heat emerging due to these movements can be called bodily energy. On this basis the bodily machine can execute various types of functions and actions. This can be called frictional electricity.

From the brain magnetic thought waves emerge. When a stone is thrown in lake water waves emerge and slowly by flowing it reaches the other end of the lake. This cosmos too is a type of lake but it is round in shape. Hence its other end is that spot from where movement commences. From thebrain very much like heat-light electrical waves of thoughts emerge. They march ahead further and further. Finally after completing 1 full circumambulation akin to a ‘word arrow’ returns to it point of commencement.

This journey does not take place silently but that its magnetic force imbibes and evicts quite a few things. These waves influence those regions with which they establish a contact and it keeps getting influenced too. This process of influencing is based on similarity. Materials or creatures of same class get affected and attracted towards each other. If a tame bird is allowed to fly it shall go and join a group of birds of its own class. By ignoring birds of other classes it shall search for its own bird species and join that group. Our thoughts also are akin to a bird. It creates a bond with thought flow of its own type and thus give and take activities ensue amongst them.

A certain bird species in order to avail benefits of season changes fly very far away from their place of birth. Yet when the time is ripe they return to their old place. The measure of thoughts too is of this type. Its waves emerge from the brain. It sets off on a world tour. In this journey by showering good merits (Punya) and doing charity etc imbibes activities of a pilgrimage. Good or bad thoughts leave their home and accompanied by a huge army of similar quality thoughts in a comparatively stronger manner returns to its original place. As per this process man via his thought based wealth on the one hand benefits innumerable people there it also attains a lot from them. In this manner our thoughts in reality affects others less and ourself much more. Seeds sown in fertile soil sprout and then grow further. The benefit of this crop is availed by the farmer only. In the fertile soil of our brain we sow seeds of thoughts and we ourselves harvest it. No doubt vile tainted thoughts harm others but on returning to us its excessive deadly power pours much more harm on us only. This holds true for great glorious thoughts also. They too influence the entire environment. In whichever region they pass by they leave behind a nectarine fragrance of superb influence and finally on getting nourished manifold when it returns, it benefits the author of these good thoughts only. A cow goes to a nearby forest in order to graze and returns home at dusk. While returning along with filling up its tummy it fills milk in its udders. Thoughts are like a milk giving cow. From wherever they originate there merely thoughts reside but after journeying its condition becomes very firm. In tandem with this its result also is accrued by the region of its origin. Clouds emerge from the huge ocean. They pour rain in far off lands. Rain water after travelling in rivers, rivulets etc return to the ocean again. Yet in this return journey in it get mixed various minerals/ores etc dwelling in the womb of planet earth. It is because of these that the ocean waters sequentially become saltier and denser. The ocean called brain aids in the flying of clouds called thoughts in space. When these thoughts return they amass along the way same class experiences and gifts.

Along with words/sound energy latches on. Lest any light intensity sound like a whisper is ceaselessly sounded for 1 year continuously and that its energy is amassed from it so much heat manifests that can boil water in a vessel.

A gross depiction of the creation of sound in the body encompasses the fact that air from outside bangs into certain muscular networks in the body and from this banging sound emerges. In this creation also the movement of bodily organs do not manifest on their but that in it total mind’s controlling effect is involved. How pressure of external air on which bodily organ with which rise-fall is noted and from it what stature sound flow emerges because words are serene, wrathful poetic or prose in nature. This difference is well grasped by our mind. When we so wish, movements controlled by via our will power commence manifesting. These pull in external air, bang into internal air, induces movements in our muscles and thus sound flow from it manifests. This although seems a very long process yet it gets completed in a flash of a moment.

In sound bodily frictional electricity is included because it gets created from bodily organs’ movements. But along with this the mind’s help is fully given to it hence very easily a stream of electricity combines with it. Hence in sound a conjoined combined electricity circulation is noted. With a light push only bodily movements work yet if angrily someone is slapped even slightly its reaction shall be much more ireful because in a very slight push not much electricity flow manifested in comparison to it manifesting when someone is slapped slightly but with intense wrath. In it a combine role of bodily and mental electricity is at play hence the blow is felt not only by the body but that the mind gets terrifically agitated.

Within air is one more subtle principle called ether. Sound vibrations dwell in this ether. Ether based vibrations based on its subtlety are much more intense. Its speed also is intense in accordance with it the speed of light vibrations in 1 second is merely 186,000 whereas sound vibrations in ether in 1 second is up to 230,579,300,921,3693,952. Human ears cannot ‘catch’ and hence cannot hear such intensely fast vibrations. Human ear designing is such that it is capable of hearing only limited sounds. They can hear only those vibrations with a speed of 32,770. There are so many sound vibrations less or more in speed than those heard by human ears swirling in space. Yet because of its limited hearing capacity human ears cannot hear them.

Sound vibrations on reaching their peak state get converted to X-Rays. At that time its speed in 1 second is 10,000,000 miles.

Vibrations never get destroyed because they too are immortal. For sometime they do fly in space but slowly on getting attracted by earth’s gravitational pull travel downwards and akin to a layer settles down on earth’s surface. Over here also they do not die but that its mobility continues. In this state too it influences and gets influenced also. Whether this potential weakens or intensifies depends on how electrified was the inner personality of the thought creator and in it what stature of Sankalpa Shakti or power of resolve was at work.

It is a law of nature to unify same class materials. Mines in the womb of earth are formed and get enhanced on this principle that minerals collected in a certain place create a united magnetic field. Its influence is noted in a certain measure of area and from there scattered particles of same class minerals get magnetically pulled there. They hence join that same class group of minerals. In this manner the form and hence area of the mine augments and simultaneously its magnetism too increases. The bigger the mine greater is the magnetic force there and then in that same measure of area far off the effect of its magnetic pull is felt. This is that very basis with the help of which the mines of metals etc slowly increase the size of its form and hence area.

Akin to sound, heat etc thought too is a material. That thing conjoining to vibration and movement becomes matter. The difference of grossness and subtlety shall remain. Due to it no change occurs in its state of existence. Akin to mines very intense and widespread thoughts on becoming dense, advance in the form of a powerful grid. These are highly influencing. Religions and their sects have their own thought trend network. In the political arena communism, capitalism, democracy, colonialism etc have very terrific thought trend networks and in those brains where they can create conducive situations there they gush into. In spiritual parlance these are called Adhidevata.

Every Mantra has an Adhidevata. There is a description of the shape, form and inner nature of each of these. In Mantras energy emerges from these and when the Mantra becomes Sidha or successful the devotee gets boons from them. For conduciveness in meditation practices these Adhidevatas have been given a human form and are adorned with scriptural books, jewelery and vehicles. From this it appears that they must be some humans of demigods/demon stature and that they must be eating, sleeping, talking, getting angry, pleased etc very much like human beings. From the symbolic standpoint in this depiction no doubt the ease of understanding and teaching others exists yet if we wish to know the bare reality we must understand and deeply imbibe facts and precepts lying hidden behind these symbols.

From the philosophical standpoint some special type of thought networks are called Adhidevatas. Here special means the encouragement, combination of firm steadfast faith, putting all this into action etc types of foundation pillars found in very strong willed people. For example Super Mantra Gayatri is very ancient. Its word designing has been done keeping in mind its specialty of creating energy vibrations of a particular level. The word meaning of Mantras is less important than its capacity to create energy. Behind Super Mantra Gayatri dwells the inner faith energy of innumerable strong willed people. Innumerable branches of techniques of spiritual practices and Gayatri Purascharanas merge into it. Due to this the potential of its Divine Power since many eons has increased ceaselessly and and this Adhidevata has become stronger and more nourished in tandem. The Energy of Super Mantra Gayatri is much more potent than that of other Mantras. The reason for this clear fact is that its Adhidevata is imbued with untold more power. Gayatri is an Adhidevata also. By worshiping its image deity aids the devotee to subtly conjoin to its energy flow. Over here it is very important to keep in mind that the shape and form given to Adhidevatas is but a symbolic description of the potential of a certain level of thought network. If we aver from falling into the complexities of accepting the reality of these images or rejecting them then both devotees who worship God with name-form (Sakarvadi) and those devotees who worship God without name-form (Nirakarvadi) can equally experience the existence of conscious energy based networks in this world.

Every Vedic Mantra has a deity or demigod. In every Mantra its details of identification (Viniyog) is conjoined. Every Mantra has a Cchanda, Rishi and demigod. Its description can be given in the form of its sound flow, upholding, tradition and conscious energy based network. Cchanda means the stature of vibratory flow created from Mantras’ word and sound chain of sequence. Rishi means that belief and sacred sensitive sentiment that has conjoined to it traditionally since primordial times. Demigod is a full grown tree from the Mantra Seed nourished by fertility and water of Rishi principles and Cchanda. These many foundation pillars are conjoined to every Mantra. Hence during the time phase of meditation, worship etc all these are reinstated as symbols for offering worship. Its image is meditated upon via ritual materials worship rites are offered to it. This is a factual psychological technique of proximity to deities’ divinity. With a gross intellect this can be called blind faith yet in reality it is not so. Generally images get printed of atoms along with their electron units and in it forms like balls and round shaped figures are seen bobbing about. In reality nothing of this actually is witnessed. The units of atoms are merely electrical particles. They can never be sen with a shape and form akin to a sand particle. On noting their results such inferences have been made akin to images of various units of atoms. If a complexity has to be created then the shapes-forms of atoms printed in modern scientific literature can be falsified. On this basis no doubt the shapes-forms of demigods-deities can be called a figment of wild imagination yet no benefit accrues from the denial or acceptance of its existence. What needs to be seen is that a reaction of Mantra Power manifests or not? Lest a reaction manifests then there is no problem in establishing a gross image of its subtle form. Such a gross image is easy to understand help others understand also. There is nothing wrong in drawing images of atoms flying as round objects etc. When we come in close proximity to the energy network oozing with soul power an effect emerges and if with its aid a form is decided regarding the Mantra existence there is certainly no harm in it. The fact of demigod conjoining to Mantra Energy must be understood on this basis only.




















In the Yajna procedure all founts of knowledge and sciences dwell. Via the knowledge aspect we get inspired to imbibe Yajna Philosophy and inspirations and lead a high stature life of human glory. Via its science aspect we amass energy based potential. In this realm is included environmental purification, overcoming and healing diseases, protecting one’s bodily and mental health, rendering well balanced earth’s environment etc. very few people are aware of which basic energy is at work in rendering the form of Yajna scientific and full of utility value.

It is well known that without the energy of sound force the goal of Yajna remains half fulfilled only. Lest this aim got fulfilled only via offering forest herbs to Yajna fire it could have also been fulfilled via an automated machine. The basis of energy oozing in Yajnas and its transformation is the combination of Mantra chanting and Yajna that then fulfills the goal of Yajna procedure executed. In the absence of proper singing of Mantras and a Yajna performer possessing a great sacred character, this Yajna activity becomes merely a matter of superficial curiosity.

In Mantras 4 types of energies are found:

1)      Pramanya Energy

2)      Falpradayak Energy

3)      Bahulikaran Energy

4)      Adhyatma Energy

It is only due to the combined contribution of cooperation of all the above 4 energies that all round benefits of Yajna programs are availed. In this a miraculous effect is certainly perceived.

As per Maharshi Jaimini’s Purna Mimansa literature Mantras possess a meaning, teaching, message and inspiration via which man gets wisdom of his righteous duties and gets inspired to walk on the path of truth and glory. This then is its Pramanya Energy. Subtly this is that very Divine Energy that in a subtle fashion inspires the Yajna performer to act and behave piously and march ahead on the path of spirituality. Science has proved that there is no end to thoughts. All those thoughts invoked become the basis of our thinking trend and in tandem with this we act and behave in the external world. This is the very foundation of either good thinking or tainted vile thinking. In an atmosphere of Yajna activities via the medium of Mantras great pious thoughts are ‘exploded’ that on attaining the close proximity of Yajna Energy become subtler so as to spread out in interstellar space. There by amassing thoughts of its own variety returns to the Yajna performer. On reaching its point of origin they become much more powerful and capable. In Yajna Energy powerful thoughts emerging from Mantra chanting power cloud around the Yajna performer akin to a halo. As a result not only does the Yajna performer benefit a great deal but that people in nearby areas too get affected positively. This is an experiential truth that wherever Yajna programs are executed there the environment becomes divine. There divine principles predominate. As a result lest an atheist also reaches there he too shall experience a strange zest and bliss in his psyche. He renounces his narrow minded thinking. Waves of cooperation, selfless world service and generosity dance about in his psyche. This is but the positive effect of Pramanya Energy in Mantras due to which these type of sentimental divine inspirations gush forth in all people. In Yajna Energy this force increases much more and exhibits miraculous feats. This is that facet of environmental purification, overcoming and healing diseases, augmenting good sound health etc that lends energy to the Yajna performer to follow rules of ethical behavior and strictly observe self control. This this Mantra Power’s subtle and formal aspect yet in comparison to other aspects it is more powerful and scientific.

The 2nd power of Mantras is that bestows fruits and results. Via it materials offered to Yajna fire are sanctified (Sanskarit) so as to imbue them with potent Prana Energy. Via the subtle Prana Energy of Mantras Kusha, Havi, Charu, Ajya, Kund, Samidha, Yajna Patra and other Yajna materials get Abhimantrit (energized). It is only on the basis of which goal is to be attained that via Mantras they are rendered Abhimantrit (energized). In them sanctification rites called Sanskars are given that can aid in fulfillment of that particular desired goal. The aim is sanctification also. Even on things and materials the Sanskars or imprints of its origin pour down. There arises a need of sanctifying and rendering it pure. Usage of varied types of Mantras is required so as the impurity of the area etc can be warded off. For desired aims via Mantra chanting these are rendered pure and sanctified and only therafter can the goal for which the Yajna is executed gets fulfilled perfectly.

The 3rd  power of Mantras is called Bahulikaran Energy. This is based on the Theory and Principle of Subtlety. In worship of God in small measure sandalwood paste, rice grains, flowers, sacred food etc is offered. The form and widespread nature of demigods is much more. Under such a situation how can they be satiated and appeased with such small amounts of worship materials offered? Majority of people harbor such doubts in their minds. It is clear that demigods are not individuals but are energy manifest. Their nature is not gross but subtle. They prefer subtle food. Divine Energies spread out in entire cosmic space. In order to nourish and attract them along with subtle specialties of materials via a special technique of Mantras an onrush is induced. As a result materials offered even in small amounts on becoming subtle are rendered terrifically powerful. Divinity on getting nourished and satiated showers on the devotee, boons and gifts. This applies even to forest herbs offered to Yajna fire. Experts of Homeopathy Healing Methods know well that materials on being rendered subtle become more potent. Homeopathy medicines that are more potent are made on the principle of rendering them subtler in form. Those patients who are administered these Homeopathy medicines witness miraculous healing in a short time span. Its reaction too is on a widespread scale. Via the Bahulikaran Energy of Mantras in materials used in Yajnas an onrush is induced. This procedure is very much like generating nuclear energy by inducing fission in an atom. Via this technique not only does the capacity of materials offered to Yajna augment a lot but that its positive influence too spreads out in a much larger widespread area. All creatures, plants, trees etc benefit a great deal. The aim of sanctifying the environment and rendering it optimal gets fulfilled.

The 4th power of Mantras is called Adhyatma Energy that gets created via a special force, at a special place via special apparatus. Maharshi Vishwamitra executed the spiritual practice of Super Power Gayatri principle with total zeal, proper procedure and for a long time span and thus he became Super Mantra Gayatri’s seer or Drishta. Special spiritual practices done carried out at special times, special spots and via a well defined procedure exhibits miraculous results. Vessels and areas used for performing spiritual practices get extraordinarily influenced in a positive manner by the energy of austerities. It is such regions that become pilgrim spots, Sidhapeethas and Shaktipeethas. Even vessels, rosary etc used for performing spiritual practices get imbued with Mantra Energy and in fulfillment of the desired goal prove to be very helpful.

In ancient eras this Adhyatma Ayatayamata Energy enjoyed immense importance and this point was kept well in mind that usage of vessels for performing special spiritual practices were never used for any other task. In this manner their purity and energy never got depleted. Another injunction involves the fact that usage of vessels in worship, devotion, spiritual practices and Yajnas must be limited for such goals only. A discipline of Kalpa Sutra advises that when the prescribed Karmakanda or worship rite is completed its remnant material becomes spiritless. The reason being that the aim with which these materials were energized (Abhimantrit) is not capable of fulfilling other goals if used again. It is hence that we are advised to throw various materials remaining behind unused after the ritual is completed in river, sea waters etc. 

Not only materials, but individuals also get imbued with the Ayatayamata Energy of Mantras. No doubt Tantriks, Aghoris etc are very adept at carrying out various rites in their realm yet they cannot make anyone do any other type of Karmakanda or worship rite. Thus even Acharyas (priests) who guide us in worship rites etc advance their inner credentials (Patrata) in tandem with it. Only then does the desired goal of performing a Yajna get fulfilled. If there is a lack of desired inner credentials (Patrata) for various Karmakanda or worship rite and Yajna programs not much benefit accrues. It is hence that great scriptures advise us to take guidance only from a capable Acharya oozing with optimal sacred inner credentials (Patrata) while performing various Karmakanda or worship rite and Yajna programs. It is well known that Gurudeva Vashishtha was a God Realized Master (Brahma Jnani) and did not lack glorious inner credentials (Patrata). Yet when it was required that King Dashrath perform a Putreshti Yajna (siring children) Shringi Rishi was requested to guide. Gurudeva Vashishtha did not have the capability of guiding the performance of a Putreshti Yajna (siring children) even though he was the Royal Guru and Priest of King Dashrath’s Royal Dynasty. It was only when Shringi Rishi officiated and guided this Putreshti Yajna (siring children) that success was tasted.

All 4 powers oozing in Mantras renders a Mantra capable of fulfilling desired goals in all all encompassing manner. The success of a Yajna program depends a lot on Mantra Energy. In what manner with which energy can we accrue apt benefits? For this end various disciplines of Yajna has to be adhered to, to the last letter. At the surface gross levels various Karmakanda or worship rites appear commonplace and ordinary. Each of these amasses within, their particular specialties. Each has a scientific foundation and a defined goal. If disciplines are adhered to optimally, if we get experiential wisdom of all 4 powers oozing in Mantras then via Sound Energy as the medium proper benefits can be availed on performing Yajnas. What is mandatory is that we truly understand and aptly imbibe the subtle scientific specialties of every Mantra used in Yajna procedure. Not only is it compulsory that scientific research studies are conducted on this task but that lest Mantras are aptly used with deep faith Yajnas are performed all those great benefits accrue mentioned in hallowed scriptures.















In order to understand the influence and effect of Mantra Japa chanting some sort of help must be taken from Sound Science, Psychology, Wind Science and Electricity Science. In many religions the world over the importance to words is given a high stature. Aryans always looked upon word and sound as Brahman or Divine. Sound maybe inert or conscious in nature. Within conscious sounds they could be of humans or other creatures. The effect of all of them is felt not only on creatures but on Prakriti or nature also. The effect of the thunder of rain clouds is perceived not only on animals/birds but that on humans also depending on what type is their inner nature. As per the Homeopathy Mode of Therapy via such sounds the disease of patients with particular type of nature or Prakriti increases or decreases. The effect of the gurgling sound of river water flow is noted on poets and other nature lovers. On hearing a lion roar some become fearful, some get agitated and some elicit valiant sentiments. If anyone hears a cuckoo or peacock sing, none gets sacred. It is via sound and word only that we affect and influence others. We by our words and sounds can induce anger, love, desires, affection etc in others. Due to variedness of word designing and word utterance varied types of sentiments and emotions (Rasas) get elicited. Not only words but via alphabets that design and create words varied emotions emerge. In emotions of sorrow and passion soft alluring words/sounds are optimal but for valiant, wrathful etc the word designing is bang opposite to that of passion, sorrow etc. The Metric Science of all languages of the world has accepted the effect of converse and comparative value of word alphabet assemblage.

In ancient activities related to wars so many word alphabets harsh for the ears to hear were used. It is words that lead to wars (war of words) and due to words creatures laugh or cry aloud. Lest our words have true power even a poisonous snake rushing towards us can be made to stop in its track and also put under our control. By attracting very restless deer towards ourselves we can render them standstill and serene ad even the lunatic nature of a mad elephant can be overcome.

For sometime let us leave aside the powerful nature of Mantras. Even today in music power to mesmerize and ward off diseases is reported. I (author of this book-Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya) have seen certain type of music ward off headaches and obstruct nausea from getting converted to vomiting. This is but the play of word and sound science. To this if conjoin sacred sensitive sentiments and take help of Psychology Science then it is like 24 carat gold emitting added nectarine fragrance. Every moment in our life we get proof of what effect emerges when human special words are used. Dogs, cats etc do not have a human intellect yet even they recognize words that are loving, wrathful or hateful. They in fact act as per the kind of sentiments dwelling in words and sound emitted. The reflection of our inner will power and thought power via words not only affect humans in an extraordinary manner but that it is noted on birds, beasts and trees too. Further one single type of word creates varied types of results. Just as when we say ‘Hooligan!’ anger and hatred manifest. But if we say this to our child it is just affectionate love. A single woman is called mother, daughter, wife etc yet in each of these various emotional waves appear and hence the reaction too is varied. Although in mesmerism and hypnotism Mantras are not used yet there also Sound Yoga and Will Power Yoga is made use of. Very major deadly diseases get cured via it. In fact to an extent the very nature of humans has been noted to get transformed. The gist is that when a special set of words get conjoined to special emotions then when it is directed on other people they are influenced in a special manner. This also is a well accepted fact that every creature possesses magnetic or electrical power because all living beings are like pearls in a string called Almighty God. In other words in all creatures the particle of a single cosmic electric wave dwells. If this were not the case emotions of cause less and immediate love and hatred seen the world over would not have existed. Natural in born hatred and love are proof of this.

Even if you do not utter words very loudly and instead mentally utter these words again and again targeting some particular person then the thought waves of these silently uttered words fall on the psyche of the targeted person as a reflection and thus those very type of emotions (love, hatred etc) manifest in his psyche. This is an experiential fact that when you silently sit near a male-female couple who are very vile and sexually lewd in behavior definitely their root thoughts shall influence your psyche. Suppose your thinking is opposite to theirs you shall hurriedly out of fear run away from those people. Similarly if you sit silently near saintly, gentlemanly etc people oozing with great sacred thinking their silent good thoughts shall influence your psyche. Via word based emotions and natural electric energy (bio electricity) we can affect others in a truthful or false manner. Now what remains to be seen is as to where, in what measure and in what manner the influence of words and thoughts fall on the various levels of air and in the earth’s atmosphere.  In our music based scriptures the form of various Ragas (tunes) and qualities etc are described in great detail and it its various types of effects too have been elucidated. When we study ancient texts we come to know that if we sing Raga Deepak doused flame gets re-lit and by singing Raga Meghmalhar rain falls down off season and also in dry arid regions. But today we Indians are blinded by the glitter of Western Civilization and alien glory. We do not want to waste our time in studying all this and nor do we trust it. Yes! Lest a western scholar upholds these principles and facts we shall become its blind followers. I (author-Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya) have read that in this very century (20th) many singers via experimentation have exhibited various Ragas’ designing dancing on a screen, powdered medicinal herb and in a widespread atmosphere. The moment this singing of Ragas stopped these forms would disappear from the screen. Once, in Lord Litton’s room a renowned researcher of music Mrs Watts Huns had exhibited this application.

Via a single type of disease only one type of shape and form manifested and with a 2nd type of disease a second type of shape got formed. Even in France once, Lady Lang sang a musical tune and she hence saw Lord Jesus Christ as a baby seated on Mother Mary’s lap. When Raga Bhairav is sung, Lord Bhairav is visualized (Darshan). In Italy also this has been experimented and due to the influence of the singing of a tune images were formed in sand particles. It was an image of Goddess Saraswati with a book and Veena (musical instrument) in her hand. The friction of words and sound is rendered widespread in the atmosphere (veiled with electricity) up to thousands of miles via energy. Its scientific proof is in the form of the radio and wireless communication techniques. In modern contemporary times via special machinery technology our voice can be transmitted to very far off lands. In ancient eras Sidhas or God Realized Saints without using any machinery or apparatus of any sort via their Yogic Power would transmit not only their speech to very far off regions but that via their body would exhibit gross actions in regions thousands of miles away. These actions can be performed even in today’s modern contemporary times. Lest we pay serious attention to Yoga techniques and contribute our time and energy for researching into its principles ignored for many centuries and practicing them seriously great benefits can come our way. Lest we feel that our speech can be heard without any technology like microphone etc only up to a short distance we are erring in a big way. If you throw a small pebble in a huge lake due to the friction between the pebble and lake water waves appear and these spread out to all sides of the lake. Very similar to this any word/sound coming out of our throat spreads out in the entire atmosphere throws in it the effect of its waves. Our mental energy and frictional force is much more than this because our mind’s movement and power is much intenser and potent than that of the body. Over here seated if we focus our psyche on any particular person in the world we can influence him with our thinking using our potent will power. If we test it ourselves we shall visibly harbor faith in it. Test this in a very nearby area of yours.  Many amongst respected readers like you must have experienced many a times that you while harboring some thoughts in mind went to a friend of yours to talk to him. On reaching by his side you yet continued with your thinking and your friend speaks those very thoughts going on in your mind. You sometimes think of asking a question to someone but before you voice it that person answers your question. The electrical power of the external world is much more potent. Thoughts are transmitted not by words but by the ‘wires’ of our heart. We get its proof in day to day living but we pay no heed to them.

When the separate and united influence of sound, words, sacred sentiments, thoughts, wind, electricity and space via the ordinary social behavior in our life is proved to have a direct effect ceaselessly on birds-beasts etc then how can it be amazing that our Rishi-Munis via Atmayoga (Soul Yoga) via special spiritual practices on the basis of Sound Science and Psychology Science based research via schemes of special word choosing designed various Mantras and via methodical Sidhi (success) ushered in world welfare. On the basis of analysis of these principles definite precepts stabilized that opine that via Mantras many Sidhis or attainments can be accrued. Disease attacks and health hazards diminish a great deal and via Darshan or visualizing of our Mantra’s icon deity our desires get fulfilled. If we repeat one single thought again and again and keep practicing it this thought shall steady and get etched in your brain in such a way that it shall become a part and parcel of your nature and via this nature and psychic imprints (Sanskars) the external world gets influenced. Similarly via some Mantra or Purashcharan of a Stotra (eulogy) of a Mantra by attaining Sidhis definitely world welfare can be ushered in.

Word and sound uttering too is of many types. One word/sound is such that can be heard by others wherein the throat, tongue and other organs are used. The other type of word/sound is such that instead of using the tongue only the throat chants it. The 3rd type of word/sound is such that only your breathing is used for its uttering. The 4th type of word/sound is such that you utter it only in your psyche and bosom yet its gigantic waves vibrate the entire infinite cosmos. The 5th type of word/sound is called Anahat Naad wherein you just do not utter it. Experts of all these facts like Maharshis, Spiritual Seers etc had created Mantras for world welfare purposes wherein hidden Divine Energies were used along with other spiritual practices. Lest their subtlest will power in a sureshot manner affects inert and conscious beings via waves of electricity that are extremely subtle and inner and outer air via scientific processes embedded in Mantras, how can it be astounding? Whether we do Japa/chanting of a Mantra or prayer to Almighty God yet singing of Mantras themselves akin to sacred hymns shows the reaction of scientific principles mentioned above on all in a profound manner and the amplification of its effect by becoming infinite enters our heart. When Mantra Anushthan or program is carried out in one single area or at one point in time at different places within the atmosphere alone creates a special gathering and onrush. It congregational reaction falls on the macrocosm. It is for this reason that religious-spiritual Gurus had appointed defined hours for carrying out worship, Sandhya, Namaz, prayers etc. By energizing a Mantra (Sidhi) man uses it as per his inner nature. Mantras are not Sattvik, Rajasic or Tamasik on its own but yet they manifest these qualities based on the Sattvik, Rajasic or Tamasik nature of a person chanting them. A good willed pious person who is self controlled gets protected from the gross misuse of Sidhis and Mantra Energy and in fact they protect others too.

Via Mantra Energy such acts have been witnessed and heard of that we can get extraordinarily amazed. Via mere hearing of the hissing of a deadly poisonous snake a person dies on the spot but when these snakes are subtly pinned down (Keelit) using Mantra Energy they lie down inert like a rope and do not harm anyone. There are many expert snake charmers who call those very snakes via Mantra Energy that have bit a person and induce the snake to ‘suck’ up the poison from the snake bitten person’s body. Thus the person becomes absolutely fine. For expert snake charmers this is but child’s play. When a poisonous crab bites a person he becomes painfully restless. Via Mantra Energy this poison can be removed totally and in a few moments the agnozing pain due to this bite disappears. Similarly people bit by insane jackals/dogs, flies, worms etc can be detoxified via Mantra Energy. By rendering honeybees detoxified via Mantra Energy its honey can be easily collected.

Mantra Energy is known to successfully cure diseases like jaundice, spleen illnesses, intermittent fever attacks, goiter, epilepsy etc. It also cures children’s illnesses like improper rib development, crying a lot, refusing to drink milk, getting very terrified, becoming thinner day after day etc. Mantras can troubleshoot problems like evil spirits and ghost attacks that lead to mental petrified agitation. Of course we can inflict untold harm also on other via Mantra Energy. This can be done by inducing sickness in someone’s body and mind, inducing hatred and enmity between people, controlling their psyche etc. These are very harmful techniques. No doubt this very Mantra Energy can be used to instill good pious thinking in others so that they become gloriously advanced in life. I know such people who via Mantra Energy have brought about mind boggling positive transformations in insane people, half mad people, people who forget things very fast, indolent people, wicked and vile people etc. Apart from this so many good/bad tasks can be successfully executed by Mantra Energy.

On noting all this this question arises as to what is the root fount of such mind boggling feats? From where does this power manifest and in what way is it used? If we glance at Mantras’ word designing in a superficial commonplace manner we cannot come to know as to what specialty resides in its utterance via which that mind boggling energy manifests. From the word assemblage of Mantras no such important meaning appears on the basis of which we can infer the presence some special characteristic residing in it.

If we study Mantras with a gross superficial brain no deep import of Mantras can be unfolded yet when it is done profoundly the reality manifests its true nature. Sound is a living material. Any word/sound emerging from our voice box creates a vibration in the ether principle. This vibration based on the type of will power and mental focus of the person is either powerful or weak. In separate ways the nature of alphabets is created in the invisible world. If a single special type of set of words are sequenced together a special form and nature is manifested by it. Experts of alphabet science know well and accept too that a group of certain type of alphabets manifests a certain type of vibration and these could inflict harm or bestow benefits. For example honey and clarified butter/Ghee are ordinary materials yet if both these are mixed in optimal measure very dangerous deadly reactions are witnessed. Similarly what types of results occur on uttering of a certain alphabet after having uttered another particular alphabet? After minutely testing this science the designing of alphabets in Mantras has been done in such a manner that only a certain type of effect manifests.

Single alphabet Mantras (Ekakshari) like Om, Hreem, Hoom, Shreem, Kleem etc have their own deep import. Extraordinary specialty rests in those places of the voice box in the throat from where these alphabets are uttered. Keeping this specialty in mind, nowhere have they been given a place either in the set of alphabets (Varnamala) or in ordinary conversation between humans. Lest this was done such good/bad situations would appear in the one uttering them just not required by him. The alphabet designing and sequencing in Mantras appears lopsided and gibberish yet this is just not true. Seers of Yoga Sciences via their subtle divine eye analyzed 2 precepts: The first is the independent importance of alphabets and the second is collective deep import of certain types of alphabets. Only after doing this did they create Mantras. When true Mantras energized in an apt manner (Abhimantrit) as per the theory of alphabet science manifest definite desrults and anyone is most welcome to examine and test this scientific fact.

Apart from word designing there is also the strength of the mental focus and faith energy of the Mantra chanting devotee. Depending on whether this potency is more-less to that extent the Mantra shall bear fruits. Via that very Mantra a devotee showcases mind boggling feats but another accrues no special benefits. The reason for this is the more-less power of faith and mental focus of the Mantra chanting devotee. Those who harbor unswerving faith to their Mantra never taste failure while chanting it yet those who harbor many doubts and their minds sway here and there like a pendulum fail to reap success of any sort. In order render a Mantra successful (Sidhi) a special type of wonderful Karmakanda (rites) has to be executed. Certain Mantras are rendered Sidha in a graveyard. For certain Mantras at midnight one has to go to very lonely areas. For certain Mantras some particular Vratas (vows), fasting and rites have to be conducted so as to render it successful (Sidhi). These Karmakanda (rites) for Mantras have to be carried out for their Sidhi in order that the Mantra devotee harbors deep faith towards the Mantra oneself and rites done. Those who have successfully fulfilled these valiant and difficult Mantra procedures for its Sidhi definitely he shall have full faith towards it. This faith is that power whereby a Mantra gets enlivened and thus exhinits its miraculous feats. After designing of alphabets it is this deep faith and mental focus that becomes the firm basis of attaining Mantra Sidhi or success.

The 3rd precept in Mantras is will power. For attaining success in ones task it is mandatory that the Mantra devotee harbors intense desire in his mind. Along with application by focusing all one’s mental energies at one spot on harboring an intense desire in his mind one has to concentrate on the Mantra procedure. When energies working in varied directions is focused at one spot then a mind boggling task is successfully very much like fire erupting on a piece of paper when using a glass lense sun rays are focused at one point.

The 3 precepts for Mantra Sidhi or success are internal but the 4th precept is external. This too akin to the other 3 precepts is very much required and is very important. The 4th precept is that the person on whom it is applied must have faith in Mantra Energy. At least he must be aware that some Mantra application is being done on him. Those who know mesmerism is aware that when this technique is applied on someone that person has to be a bit weaker in mind power otherwise it fails. If a person very firm mentally strongly asserts that no one can mesmerize him then to influence him is very difficult. Mantra Yoga and mesmerism are 2 branches of 1 tree itself and in it this very principle is at work. Lest the person in front has faith that some very intense application is being done on him definitely he can be influenced. Lest he is unaware or lacks faith Mantra results shall be lack luster. The reason being that Mantra Yoga also is a Yoga which means ‘to join’. For joining anything at least 2 units are required. Only when both unite does Yoga succeed. Lest 1 unit refuses to join it is difficult to attain the total benefits of joining, Yoga and Mantra Yoga. The person on whom Mantra Yoga is applied must have deep faith. If this faith is absent the application shall only succeed akin to clapping with one hand.

If the person applying Mantra Power is good willed in behavior/activities, self controlled and full of pious thinking, if he has full faith in his spiritual practices, if he possesses the art of mentally influencing others positively, such a one’s Mantra Power never tastes failure. Ordinarily such a Mantra Yogi always fulfills his goal successfully because his applications never go in vain.


















For soul uplifting and well being many types of spiritual practices and devotional methods are in vogue. Yoga is that foundation on which the soul merges into cosmic divine soul or God, a living being with Brahman, micro with macro, miniscule with cosmos etc. Great Rishi-Munis of yore in order to harbinger in well being of world humanity have elucidated many spiritual practices as follows:

1)      Raja Yoga

2)      Dhyana Yoga

3)      Samadhi Yoga

4)      Dridha Yoga

5)      Atma Yoga

For the lay public within Yoga practices in vogue Mantra Japa chanting is made use of in some way or the other. Such a word/sound and science of Mantra Yoga practices exists that on uttering it we perceive a miraculous power. Such information is found in texts that say that in ancient eras Yogis, Rishis and Spiritual Seers had attained victory over earth, heaven and the cosmos’ infinite divine energies via Mantra Power. They had become so powerful via Mantra Energy that as per their will they could transport objects from one place to another and convert energy to matter and matter to energy. Curses and boons were looked upon as influence of Mantras only. It was the extraordinary power of Mantras that could ward off someone’s disease in a flash, know what someone is saying or just thinking thousands of miles away and also get information of stars, galaxies etc thousands of miles away. The energies and Sidhis attained via Mantras have been detailed in great Indian scriptures. Amongst these a few are as follows:

a)      Knowledge of unknown, past and future events

b)     Understanding talking of all creatures

c)      Knowing all past incarnations

d)     Knowing what is taking place in other people’s minds

e)      Ability to become invisible

f)       Attaining limitless strength

g)      Knowing subtle and objects placed in very far off lands

h)     Overcoming hunger and thirst

i)        Subtly entering another’s body (Parkaya Pravesh)

j)       Rendering the body miniscule in size

k)     Becoming as light as feather or cotton

l)        Increasing the size and girth of the body

m)   Becoming very heavy in weight

n)     Attaining things by merely wishin for it mentally

In this manner innumerable energies can be attained via Mantra practices. Hence a lot of emphasis is given to the deep import of Mantras. Rishis were discoverers cum inventors of Mantras and hence they are called seers-Drishtas. Mantras are nothing but a type of science wherein mysterious imports are given with reference to establishing a close bond with extraordinary/subtle/conscious existences and energies of this infinite gigantic cosmos. Regarding this today’s modern science is blissfully unaware of its ‘a-b-c’ also.

From where does energy enter Mantras? How do Mantra practices bestow extraordinary powers on a devotee? This has a well defined procedure. The basis of Mantra practices is fully scientific. The direct relationship of Mantras is with our uttering and its sound. Hence it is called Sound Science also. Till date in this direction all scientific research executed and data unearthed tell us that maybe laymen do not harbor faith in Indian Mantra Power yet today’s modern material science is swiftly heading in this direction. That hour is drawing very close wherein advancement of Sound Science shall enact miraculous tasks exactly as were done by ancient great Rishis of yester eras. For example via the ‘Transducer’ gadget subtlest surgical operations can be carried out. It is but the result of ultrasound application. The renowned material scientist Dr Fristlop has designed such a gadget called ‘Sonoretor’ that can mix 2 chemicals in a few moments. In this procedure a grain is used. Ultrasound affects this grain so as to induce speedy intense vibrations in it. If this vibrating grain is put in a vessel containing water to the brim this water starts bobbing up and down like boiling water due to vibrations transmitted in it by the vibrating grain.

This is but a small example of Sound Energy and Word Power. In Mantras very high stature applications have been made of its Sound Energy and Word Power. In Mantras ordinarily 4 energies are believed to be present. These are:

1)      Pramanya Energy

2)      Falprada Energy

3)      Bahulikaran Energy

4)      Ayatayamta Energy

Maharshi Jaimini has described the above in his Mimansa Darshan text. According to him Mantras’ Pramanya Energy is that which includes teaching, messages and commands. These can be said to conjoin to word meaning.

Mantras’ 2nd force is Falprada Energy. By energizing (Abhimantrit) Yajna pyre, Samidha/wood, vessels, Ajya, Charu, Havi Peeth etc Falprada Energy is activated by rendering their subtle Prana Energy very subtle, Mantra chanting rite Nyasa, Ritwijas’ strong will power, celibacy or Brahmacharya, austerities, eating minimal Sattvik food etc. In worship programs called Anushtans that are done to fufill some specific desires (Sakama Karma) it is Falprada Energy that is at work. With the help of various rite-rituals it gets awakened and thus fulfills our desires.

The 3rd is Bahulikaran Energy which means to amplify that which is less. Miniscule materials offered to Yajna Fire become gaseous and spreads out in the entire atmosphere. When a little oil is poured on the surface of water it spreads out and can create a situation of death also. Similarly the devotee’s bodily organs work very meagerly in Mantra chanting practices yet due to its friction energy emerges. Although this energy is miniscule akin to a spark in a lit matchstick yet it possesses capacity to manifest a blazing inferno or forest fire. One person’s Mantra chanting practices can influence so many people, materials, atoms and cells. This is but the remarkable feat of Bahulikaran Energy.

The 4th is Ayatayamata Energy. This energy manifests when a very capable person full of extraordinary potential, sharp brain skills, wise etc carries out Mantra chanting practices at a special place, with the help of a special adept person, with the help of special paraphernalia and following special procedures/techniques. Maharshi Vishwamitra and Lord Parshuram had done Super Power Gayatri practices for special purposes, following special procedures/techniques and hence they attained desired results. When Vashishthaji could not fufill King Dashratha’s Putreshti Yajna (to sire pious brilliant children) Rishi Shringi’s help and guidance was taken. This was but Rishi Shringi’s Ayatayamata Energy.

Mantras do have meanings and it gives us inspirations to render our lives grand and sacred. Yet great thinkers/Manishis have not given so much importance to the meaning of Mantras. In fact Kautsa Muni says that Mantras are meaningless. By meaningless he opines that importance should not be given to meanings but that it should be given to sound flow and word inter weaving in Mantras. Our goal is fulfilled not via the meaning of Beej or Seed Mantras like Hreem, Shreem, Kleem, Aima etc but that its sound flow fulfills our goal. The author of ‘Naishadh Charit’ (13th Sarga) has thrown more light on its mysterious import. Entire modern science fraternity is well versed with the ordinary influence of music on bodily and mental health. If near a tumbler of glass sound is made with a defined speed it has been proved via experimentation that this glass tumbler shall break apart. Soldiers walking in files in unison on a bridge are not allowed to make a lot of noise. This is because excess noise of these footsteps while marching can break apart this bridge. When in Inden ancient relics of stone habs start making sounds in medium tone they start vibrating. Hence over there not only must you not sing but not play any musical instrument. This very principle of Sound Theory i.e. the importance of Sound Energy renders Mantras miraculously powerful. It can be said that keeping these precepts in mind great Indian thinkers called Manishis designed Mantras. Since Sound Energy and Sound Science are the foundation stones Mantras’ meaning is not given a lot of weight age and sometimes even called meaningless.

Lest we wish to know Mantra Energy’s most mysterious and important technique it can be termed onrush of Sound Energy. Virtually everyone is aware of the terribly scary power of nuclear explosion. Sound also has an energy based existence its vibrations too are created from the combination of ancient units. The explosion of these sound vibration units too can be very much like atomic explosion. Behind procedures carried out in Mantra Yoga practices virtually the same type of procedural arrangement is made. The weaving of words/sounds in Mantras has been carried out by Spiritual Seer/Drishta Rishis in such a way that via austerity based practices and Karmakandas (rites/rituals) desired explosion can be induced.

The magnetic pull of thoughts is very well known. With the help of eulogies and rites/rituals we mentally focus on the energy and specialties of the icon or Mantra’s presiding deity. Via our deep faith we focus our trust in its all powerful omniscient existence and divine grace. Via a prescribed Karmakanda (rites/rituals) and procedure accompanied by austerity based practices and endurance of immense hardships the faith of a devotee that the Mantras’ mysterious energy shall definitely be attained by him after a long term phase of spiritual practices done regularly, shall get focused in his psyche. When all these types of steadfast faith unite they render the sentiment based procedure of Mantras fully magnetic in nature.

In Mantra practices or Sadhana i.e. via Japa and chanting 2 cyclic movements emerge. One can be called sacred sensitive sentiment (Bhavasamvedana) based and the other sound oriented. Ceaseless mobility ultimately becomes round or cyclic in form. It is based on this scientific law that planets, galaxies etc move in their own eliptical path because ceaseless mobility ultimately becomes round or cyclic in form. When movement turns cyclic or rounded then a miracle created from it can be witnessed by us all in our day to day living. Children are seen to play with tops on the bare floor. When with alertness this toy top is moved in a round manner then for a long time it moves on its axis. But when this movement stops the top falls down on the ground. This is but the miracle of speedy movement that a push given once gives work for quite a while and creates a situation for the speedy movement flow to go on for a long time. During the phase of spiritual practices a speedy movement that emerges continues for a fair length of time and thus it renders the spiritual specialties mobile and steady.

In Mantra Japa chanting defined words have to be uttered in a prescribed sequence for long and in a regular manner. This is called Mantra Japa chanting. It has already been said that this speedy movement has 2 pillars: The first is sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) and the other is words used and sound emitted by it. A defined regularized flow of sacred sensitive sentiment (Bhavasamvedana) present in the deep cave of the Mantra creates a cyclic flow of these sentiments and it is so terrific that by catching and focusing the devotee’s inner personality molds it in its cast. A sound based cyclic flow created from uttering also is very terrific and hence its onrush by becoming a covering encompasses the Mantra chanting devotee in it. The cyclic flow of sacred sensitive sentiment (Bhavasamvedana) on inner thoughts and flow of sound on external activities get covered in such a manner that the devotee’s desired stature can be molded and casted as willed.

Since in words uttered during Mantra Japa chanting self faith, trust and Sankalpa Shakti or the power of resolve combine that very procedure is executed akin to sounds and words uttered on a radio station on combining with a special electrical power become extremely powerful and in a flash the entire earth can hear it. This specialty exists in Mantra Japa chanting and science that it not only influences the environment of the entire world but that the devotee’s inner personality radiates and becomes positively transformed. No doubt broadcasts take place from radio stations but yet no local specialty manifests. In gadgets that throw laser radium rays no self effect is noted. They influence only those places where their ‘attack’ is felt but in Mantra Japa chanting, 2 fold energy manifests that influence both the devotee and the environment. This 2 fold energy is absent in ordinary technology and gadgets designed by modern day scientists.










Today when modern sciences’ march is heading more and more towards the subtle nature of matter from its gross one the more precepts highlighted by ancient Indian Sciences are being proved true. One amongst these is Mantra Science. In ancient times right from war fields to curing diseases, good health augmenting etc it was used in many such arenas. Today this Science of Mantras has virtual become extinct. Majority of people harbor no faith in it yet latest scientific research today on Mantra Science has bestowed strength on that scriptural possibility wherein the extraordinary prowess of Mantras has been discussed widely. Today modern science has accepted that sound possesses so much energy that it can throw both a good or bad effect on either individuals or materials. In the form of good positive effects energy of music and singing is well known and the tainted effects of noise pollution day in and day create agitations the world over. All this is with reference only to gross sound. Modern scientific research has unveiled subtle sounds also. Its energy in comparison to gross sound is manifold more in potency. In Mantras it is these subtle sounds that are at work and create various types of effects.

In scriptures of yore Mantras are said to possess 4 types of energies:

1)      Pramanya Energy

2)      Falpradan Energy

3)      Bahulikaran Energy

4)      Ayatayamata Energy

All these have been widely detailed by Maharshi Jaimini in his Mimansa Darshan (philosophy) literature. According to him Mantras’ Pramanya Energy is that which encompasses teachings, messages and commands. It can be said to be given via word meaning of Mantras.

By energizing (Abhimantrit) Yajna pyre, Samidha/wood, vessels, Ajya, Charu, Havi Peeth etc Falprada Energy is activated by rendering their subtle Prana Energy very subtle, Mantra chanting rite Nyasa, Ritwijas’ strong will power, celibacy or Brahmacharya, austerities, eating minimal amount of Sattvik food etc. As a result the Mantras’ Falprada Energy gets activated. In desire oriented actions/rites it is this Falprada Energy of Mantras on getting activated fulfills the devotee’s desire.

Its 3rd energy is called Bahulikaran that renders what is miniscule, great in measure (amplification). If a small piece of chily is put in fire it becomes smoky and thus spreads out in the entire room. Thus anyone contacting this atmosphere gets affected. A few drops of oil veils the entire surface of water. It is but miniscule measure of a poisonous snake, scorpion etc that can spread in the entire body of a person bitten by it and can immediately die also. Similarly the Mantra of one chanting it and bodily organs uttering it despite being tiny in form energy emerging from friction amongst them akin to a fire spark maybe meager in potential yet has the capacity of becoming a huge inferno or forest fire. Wherever Mantra practices of one single devotee influences so many others know for sure that it is the Bahulikaran Energy of the Mantra that is at work.

The final energy is called Ayatayamata. Special spiritual practices done carried out at special times, special spots and via a well defined procedure exhibits miraculous results. This then is Ayatayamata Energy. Special goals are fulfilled via it. It is believed that Maharshi Vishwamitra, Lord Parshuram and Rishi Shringi possessed this energy. When Vashishthaji could not fufill King Dashratha’s Putreshti Yajna (to sire pious brilliant children) Rishi Shringi’s help and guidance was taken. This was but Rishi Shringi’s Ayatayamata Energy.

In words or Mantras no doubt gross energy dwells yet in order to imbibe its subtle energya Mantra practicing devotee has to be very self controlled and disciplined both physically and mentally more so. Only then can he successfully utilize this energy and benefit from it greatly. There is a story in epic Mahabharat. Ashwatthama and Arjun made use of the Sandhanastra weapon that operated on Mantra Energy. On noting the terrible nature of the weapon and state Vedavyasji intervened and persuaded both to recall their weapons. Since Arjun was observing celibacy/Brahmacharya he could recall this Sandhanastra weapon but Ashwatthama failed to do so because of lack of self control.

In the Shatpath Brahman text a story of Nrumedh and Yarucchep is detailed. Both were arguing regarding who was a more successful Mantra devotee. Nrumedh coul merely induce smoke from wood via his Mantra Power whereas Yarucchep using his Mantra chanting energy induced fire in wet wooden sticks. Hence Yarucchep told Nrumedh: You know only chanting of Mantras but I have imbibed within its very soul.

Kautsa Muni in his book says that Mantras predominate with sound rather than word meaning. According to him in Beej or Seed Mantras like Kleem, Hreem, Shreem etc fulfill our goal not by its meaning but by its sound. In the 13th Sarga of Naishadh Charitra its author has clarified this point much more lucidly. It is said that in the Salisbury Ground (South England) is a huge Stone Age relic. If in this archeological ruin area sound is made very intense vibrations emerge due to shivering. Hence over there along with playing music no one is aloud even to sing. People get scared due to roaring of a lion and an elephant’s trumpet like sound. Soldiers walking in files in unison on a bridge are not allowed to make a lot of noise. This is because excess noise of these footsteps while marching can break apart this bridge. It is on this Sound Science that Mantras’ designing is based. Its meaning is not of much importance and hence he calls them meaningless. But this fact is not applicable to all Mantras.

The use of this energy present in Mantras can be done for varied types of applications. This is an incident of 1971 AD when King Paramesuri Agong ruled over Malaya. His daughter Sharifa Salba was to get married. There was sometime left for the marriage to take place and at that point it started raining heavily. It rained like cats and dogs without pausing at all. The royal family was worried. It seemed as though this marriage would have to be postponed but the king remembered a renowned Tantrik of Malaya called Rehman. The Tantrik was requested to meet the king. The Tantrik made some Mantra based Tantra applications and in a short time it stopped raining totally. No doubt clouds yet loomed large in the skies but yet this area witnessed no rainfall whereas other regions in the city got heavy rainfall. On witnessing this scene it appeared as though someone had placed a huge umbrella on top of the marriage ceremony area. The marriage took place unobstructed and with pomp and gaiety. After this Tantrik Rehman chanted another type of Mantra and again rains poured down in that area after the marriage ceremony was over.

Once, in New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital a wounded person was brought in for treatment. This patient had touched a very hot metal. A major portion of his afflicted organ got healed via medical therapy yet some fingers of his hands had got charred so badly that the attending doctors said that apart from chopping off these fingers surgically no other cure was in sight. At that time as per the advice of some people there Mantra Energy was applied to these burnt fingers. In a matter of a few days of Mantra Energy therapy these fingers became healed. This miraculous incident was published at that time in a leading medical therapy journal called ‘Achievements of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’.

A similar incident was published in a magazine called ‘Kadimbini’ in the year 1967. In it was described healing of jaundice via Mantra Energy therapy. In Indian villages poison of dog and snake bites is rendered venom free via Mantra Energy therapy and thus the afflicted person does not die but regains good health.

In Yoga Vashishtha (6/1/81/39) while throwing light on Mantra Energy therapy it is written: Just as by eating yellow myrobalan (Haritiki) our digestive power increases and thus we get diarrhea so to Yaralav and other Mantras’ alphabets conjoined to steadfast emotions exhibit various effects on the body.

Via the Bhaishaj Mantra of Ashwini Kumaras (deities) also various healing of diseases are executed successfully as per various Indian scriptures. In it 4 types of Bhaishaj are enumerated:

1)      Pawanaukash

2)      Jalaukash

3)      Vanaukash

4)      Shabdadik

The meaning of Shabdadik Bhaishaj is Mantra chanting and rhythmic tuneful singing. On the one hand discussions on Mantra Energy Therapy have been done in healing of various types of diseases as mentioned in leading Ayurveda Therapy based books like Charak Samhita and Sushrut Samhita there in Samaveda the great import of accruing superb health benefits both physical and mental via singing Richas (Vedic verses) have been detailed.

This very power of Mantras has been applied in Tantra Science for overcoming attacks of ghosts and evil spirits. But over here even a minor error in Mantra chanting not only does not fulfill our desired goal but that very dire ghastly results have to be faced. There is a mythological tale (in Puranas) that when Twashta erred minisculy while chanting a Mantra in a very small way yet he faced dire reactions. Twashta wanted to manifest a son via worship rites that could kill King Indra of heaven. But while chanting the Mantra he made an error in its Swara and thus the son Vritrasur himself got killed by Indra. Thus Twashta’s goal remained unfulfilled.

From this it is proved that Mantra Energy is terrifically potent. Manishis or great thinkers opine that ‘Shabda’ or word/sound was created before this world got created. Its sound flow was like ‘Om’ or Pranav. Only after this other elements were created. This can be compared to the ‘Big Bang Theory’ put forth my modern day physicists with reference to how this world got created. The world’s subtle existence created from ‘Om’ started imbibing this visible form seen today. Om sound is the seed of all scriptures. It alone can be sung in so many tunes that the identification of all 7 Swaras or musical notes (Sa, Re etc or Do, Re etc) is possible from it in a lone manner. It is very much possible that in the arena of research in Mantra Energy Healing, Music Therapy etc such applications may get unveiled wherein that the Seed or Beej Mantra ‘Om’ alone shall be used in various musical note waves and that it shall be possible to cast and mold a compact Mantra Energy based Music Therapy.

Today science has all that via which the results of all experimentation/application and its procedures can be tested and gauged. That hour is drawing closer wherein research studies are heading more and more towards subtler levels.  Sound Energy is looked upon as the fuel of consciousness that by igniting Prana Fire dwelling within awakens latent potentials. Such gadgets shall be designed in future that shall catch subtle vibrations created from Mantra Japa chanting and singing of Vedic verses called Richas. Thus they shall be capable of influencing all organs and sub organs of the body and the environment in all 4 directions. Even those mysteries shall unfold in future that are unknown at the moment.







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