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- Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is a super power of our life.

- Over here lies focused all energies of the body and mind.

- Great Yogis, Rishis, Munis had discovered it.

- They all proclaimed that Kundalini is the supreme energy.

- It is the final step that helps us unite with God.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.

- When it is activated, man attains divine knowledge.

- He can thus become a great poet, artist or scientist.

- Divine Serpent Power is the Mother of material and spiritual philosophy.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.

- When the ocean was churned, 14 jewels appeared.

- The wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) fulfils all our desires.

- This is the cloud that will rain all pleasures.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.

- Because of it the 1000 petalled lotus on our scalp blooms forth.

- Thus the soul attains the supreme abode of God.

- It is the fragrance of the garden of the subtle world.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.

- Over here flow the streams of divine intellect.

- Ridhi-Sidhis (divine powers) fill up the river of our life.

- One experiences good health, the mind is joyous and we become wealthy.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.

- Its Lord is the ocean of divine qualities.

- It is the pot of nectar of vital force of our life.

- It is the divine energy of Lord Shiva.

- Divine Serpent Power is the super power of our life.



The birth place of revered Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has been rendered a Yugatirtha or pilgrim spot of this era. Regarding him our memories get refreshed on seeing a well dug by him there and a Neem tree planted by him.

In memory of his revered mother he established the Mata Dankunvari Inter College. From this Inter College that was established in the year 1963 so many brilliant students have become self dependent and have attained high status. In the year 1979-80 the sacred commencement of Gayatri Shaktipith and Rajkiya Kanya Inter College took place which today has become a gigantic Womens University. In the year 1995 the first completion ceremony was organized wherein about 5 million people participated. A medical therapy center named Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma Samudayik Chikitsalaya too has been founded. On this occasion Indias Prime Minister established a pillar of glory and proclaimed Anvalkheda as an ideal village.

Village Anvalkheda in UP, India is situated in Jalesar Road about 18 km away from Agra city and buses are available as transport from the old electricity power station.



Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma along with limited means and with his imperishable flame torch (Akhand Deepak) started residing here and later the process of spreading sense of soul oneness in the world was successfully accomplished via the medium of Akhand Jyoti Magazine. By touching the sensitive core of the soul of people via exchange of letters he sowed the seeds of a great world institution. It is over here that innumerable grief stricken and people full of tension attained new life force/Prana via his divine touch by getting sacred food lovingly served by Revered Mataji (Gurudeva Shriram Sharmas holy consort) and Gurudeva they became the latters beloved children. On hand made paper via treadmill machinery this Akhand Jyoti Magazine was published here. In a nearby tiny room an imperishable flame torch was lit and it was akin to a temple. The entire building was bought and later given a new form but this tiny room was kept as it is just as it was just as it appeared during the times of revered Gurudeva in 1942-43. From this time onward for 30 years he performed spiritual practice, writing etc in this building in Ghiyamandi within these 2 rooms along with intense austerities. It is over here that he executed 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Gayatri Mantra chanting in each of these. From here he edited the 2 magazines viz. Akhand Jyoti and Yug Nirman Yojana. Revered Mataji his holy consort herself would read out to him, letters written by readers of this magazine and revered sir would pen down the replies. In this way a family of spiritual aspirants came into being. It was thus that the thought of gathering everyone under the flag of Gayatri Parivar (family) bloomed forth.

After daily spiritual practice revered Gurudeva would write a lot and until he did not formulate writing matter good enough for publishing he would not even drink water. As a result of this penance from here were published all Rishi literature (Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Darshan, Gayatri literature). From here also he guided the Yugnirman Yojana Mission. In every iota of this institution one can experience Gurudeva Shriram Sharmas all pervasive consciousness. It may be that the external body has changed yet as soon as you enter inside we can tangibly experience the sacred vibrations of the ceaseless presence of Prana-consciousness of Gurudeva and HH Mataji. The entire divine thinking of revered Gurudeva is being published from here in the form of books. In these days there is a center of literature. Along with this in order to serve patients an Ayurvedic and Homeopathy clinic has been inaugurated.


This can be looked upon as an establishment during the Purnahuti or sacred closing ceremony of his 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas which was set up to render widespread the organization of All World Gayatri Family. Before its establishment after collecting water and sand from 2400 pilgrim spots it was offered worship rites, in a grand Yajnashala the imperishable flame torch was reinstated and a temple of Super Energy Gayatri was constructed. Those 240 billion Gayatri Mantras written by spiritually advanced and dedicated Gayatri devotees have been kept here securely. Gayatri Tapobhumi is that land where revered Gurudeva met one and all and gave them true guidance regarding spiritual practices. It was here for the first time that he initiated devotees in Gayatri Mantra along with conducting a Super Gayatri Yajna of 108 Kundis or pyres in the year 1953. After choosing great jewel like devotees from here the task of setting up the Gayatri Family commenced. After resolve or Satsankalpa of a 100 Sutri Program under the aegis of Yugnirman Yojana and declared the commencement of an institution of Yugnirman School that gave independent education. This was methodically commenced in 1964 and even now it is running successfully. After bidding adieu to Gurudeva in 1971 over here a grand construction was executed and in every particle of it one can experience his Prana consciousness. Over here one can see a widespread institution encompassing a gigantic Prajnanagar, Yugnirman Vidyalaya, PrakharPrajna-intense faith, large offset machines in order to publish literature along with Yuganirman based literature which revered sir wrote painstakingly for his entire lifetime. On the occasion of Gayatri Tapobhumis Golden Jubilee the images of Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma and HH Matajis images were reinstated.



This was established in 1971 in the form of sowing seeds of Rishi tradition when revered Gurudeva left Mathura forever and headed towards the Himalayas Mountains for a certain time span before helping HH Mataji in settling in Shantikunj-Haridwar along with the imperishable flame torch. As per his preceptors advice Shriram Sharma Acharya returned from Himalayas after 1 year and at that time resolved to render Shantikunj gigantic in nature and materialize over here all root establishments of great Rishis of yore. Before this HH Mataji along with 24 virgin girls in front of the imperishable flame torch commenced the ceaseless Anushthan of 24 billion Gayatri Mantra chanting. Revered Gurudeva via the medium of Prana wakening programs, life based spiritual practice programs, programs for Vanaprasthas molded volunteers who could work actively. From that time onward till today this chain of programs in the form of Kalpa Sadhana and Sanjivani Sadhana are continuing as 9 day programs and 1 month of Yugashilpi Prashikshan. Even today we find thousands participating in these spiritual programs very regularly.

By giving Shantikunj the form of Gayatri Tirtha or pilgrim spot in 1978-79 the images of Saptarishis or Great 7 Rishis was reinstated. A Divine Soul Himalaya Mountain was created and over here all types of Sanskar Rites was arranged. Over here all types of Sanskars are given like Initiation, Punsavan, Naming Ceremony, Commencement of Studies, Yajnopaveet or Sacred Thread, Marriage, Shraddha and Tarpan i.e. post death ceremony. In between educated girls guided by Revered Mataji were sent to all corners of India.

The Gayatri Township of Shantikunj can be witnessed as a gigantic establishment and an academy wherein at one time together 10000 people can reside. This was commenced in 1981-82. Extraordinary rare plants of various herbs have been sown here and revered Gurudeva established this pilgrim spot oozing with divine intellect and deep faith. Over here as per his direction after he shed his mortal coil, both himself and Matajis existences were cremated in fire pyres. Right from an independent school to a gigantic place for cooking was built and right from Gayatri Vidyapith to establishment of an institution to educate Indias government sections was executed. This became a living pilgrim spot and here one can glimpse a preliminary bright world future. Right from offices that are computerized to offices where letters are exchanged for guiding thousands of people regarding mission activities is its specialty. Shantikunj is 7 km away from Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) railway station and is situated in the Saptarshi Road that heads towards Rishikesh town.



Over here has been established the Devsanskriti Vishwavidyalaya or Divine Culture University wherein right from July 2002 regular literacy/education courses are being imparted. One can take up a 2 year course of MA/M Sc in Yoga Sciences, Psychology, Indian Culture and Tourism Management. Another 1 year course offered is regarding PG Diploma in Yoga Science and English Language. There is also a 6 month Certificate Course in Yoga Sciences, All Round Health Management, Religious Science and Rural/Village Management. The syllabus also includes Bio Informatics, Bio Medical System and Consumer Electronics.



A new age research activity is conducted here that combines modern science and ancient spirituality. This was established in 1979 on the occasion of Gayatri Jayanti. Situated on the shores of River Ganges at a distance of 0.5 km from Shantikunj this institute because of its attractive designing easily welcomes and invites one and all. On the ground floor is established a Yajnashala fitted with scientific apparatus and in 24 large rooms 24 images of Gayatri Super Energy, Seed Mantras and the fruits/results it bestows is reinstated here. On the 1 st floor is a Scientific Research Laboratory where such technical apparatus is kept which studies what changes take place in the body and mind activities and also changes if any in blood and other units of the body before spiritual practices are commenced and after they are completed and before/after Mantra Chanting is executed by spiritual aspirants. On its basis devotees are given due guidance for undergoing spiritual practices. Over here forest herbs too are scientifically analyzed and research data is gathered as to what kind of influences of Yajna Energy and Mantra Energy take place on the devotees brain waves, human electricity etc. Various types of psychological experiments too are conducted. On the 2 nd floor is built a gigantic library where one finds a plethora of literature regarding scientific spirituality based research conducted in every nook and corner of the world. Over here there are more than 45000 books wherein some are ancient manuscripts too. This by itself is a mind boggling collection that cannot be found anywhere else.



AWGP E-STORE contains books and magazines on Scientific Spirituality, Personality Development, Family and Society and almost all walks of human life. You can also order books at E-MAIL:




1) Gayatri Pilgrim Spot Shantikunj has been specially established in a sacred manner from the standpoint of the manifestation of Era Transformation. Right from choosing this land to special austerities, experiments on spiritual practices, invoking of consciousness and with the special art of attraction it has been developed as an awakened pilgrim spot. Every devotee over here who performs spiritual practice for a sacred purpose easily accrues benefits here.

2) If we wish to undergo spiritual practice for soul advancement and if we aspire to render Primordial Energy Gayatri as our medium, then by sparing time so as to arrive in Gayatri Pilgrim Spot Shantikunj one must do spiritual practices. From the standpoint of the lap of River Ganges, shade of the mighty Himalaya Mountains, the land of austerities of Rishi Vishwamitra who is the seer of Gayatri Mantra, manifestation of infinite Prana Energy etc, it is difficult to find another region apart from Shantikunj that is so alive and activated for Gayatri Meditation.

3) Gayatri Pilgrim Spot Shantikunj is that sacred spot from where emerges the fount of Ganges of Divine Wisdom stream of consciousness of Era Transformation along with its management. Sacred sentiments, inspirations and decisions that are laying down the foundation stones of Era Transformation are gushing forth zestfully from Shantikunj which is its center.

4) A gigantic movement of the 21 st century sprouting from a tiny hermitage called Shantikunj shall showcase such a miracle that its lap shall not only give shelter to India but the entire world at large. The world shall then don a new garb and tainted thinking on getting sanctified shall exhibit farsighted discrimination or Viveka.

5) When huge Rivers Chambal, Narmada, Ganges, Yamuna etc are born they do so as small rivulets but when they march forward they become wondrously gigantic. Shantikunj too can today be called a small stream like Gomukh to which is conjoined the potential of becoming Gauri Kund or an humungous waterfall such as Niagra.

6) In order to imbue energy in the principles of austerities, for knowledge and science, in order to render divine aura and theism alive and kicking, in order to manifest heaven on earth, in order to live life in camaraderie, in a spirit of self sacrifice and world service, Gayatri Township has been constructed. People from all walks of life travel here to attain our love, sacred qualities, lofty ideals, inspiration and divine light.

7) Truly we are about to usher in a New Era. We can longer allow todays world humans to rot in a life full of hell like muck. We shall only rest in peace after we help them reach pinnacles of human glory. Our slogan is Do or die. A miniscule foundation of this resolve or Sankalpa has taken the form of Shantikunj.

8) The stream of River Narmada commences from Amarkantak. Similarly the resolve of Era Junction Mahapurashcharan has awakened from Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India). The goal of this spiritual endeavor is one only which is to render the environment of Era Transformation optimal and actually usher in transformation.

9) Within the precincts of Shantikunj I (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) shall reinstate eternally my subtle and invisible existence. Those who come here and dwell in these hallowed surroundings shall experience that they are meeting an invisible but potent Prana and thus give and take of boons is taking place. These benefits can be accrued ceaselessly. In this region of penance I shall share with all the divine gift of my Prana Energy. The only requirement is that one should relate constantly with Gayatri Pilgrim Spot Shantikunj.

10) In Gayatri Pilgrim Spot Shantikunj many applications are executed like ceaseless Gayatri Japa, meditation on a rising golden sun, regular daily Yajnas, companionship of the Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame torch, focusing on divine sound called Divya Naad, spiritual practice regarding soul deity, collective singing hymns in Gods praise called Kirtan etc. All these together fulfill the requirement of spiritual practices that have to be undergone in this era. All this is very successful in heating a devotee so as to transform him/her into 24 carat gold.

11) Via applications like rejuvenation of Ayurveda with the help of building a huge garden of herbs along with research on them, via Brahmavarchas Research Institute subduing mental distortions and unfolding the mysteries of the invisible founts of talent transformation etc a great deal of astounding help is got to sanctify both the physical body and psyche.

12) Shantikunj exists as my (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) directly visible body. Those associated with it shall regularly get required inspiration and rays of divine light. With its energy and aura all important world goals shall be rendered alive and kicking. In future days none will feel my physical absence. They will see such scenes akin to one seed becoming a full blown tree which in turn via its infinite seeds blooms forth innumerous other trees.

13) It is from amongst people living life akin to human beasts, human worms and human ghosts that such souls shall manifest in large numbers who shall be labeled human jewels. In other words they shall also be called brilliantly talented people. Their thinking, character and social behavior shall be such that they will positively influence many others whom they contact in their lifetime. Its sacred commencement has taken place in Shantikunj.

14) Shantikunj has rejuvenated that divine lineage of Indian Culture on the basis of which a new class of sages, Brahmins, Vanaprasthis and ascetics by attaining a new life force have come forward. This class of people by sowing seeds of ideals in the world public that augments human glory is nurturing its blooming growth. This must be looked upon as a newly rising ray of the early morning shining sun.

15) Shantikunj must be looked upon as a hermitage of spiritual practices. Over here those types of sacred sensitive sentiments are manifested which if looked upon as the foundation of world well being it must be taken as an endeavor in a newer manner so as to rejuvenate an almost lapsed tradition of true sages, ascetics and Brahmins. If it is looked upon as a revolutionary institution then it can be accepted as a living image of Bankim Babus Anandmath that shattered the pillars of undesirable taints.

16) Akin to Nalanda University I have opened a school in Shantikunj to create leaders. You all shall become leaders. You shall become Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Those who wish to become leaders must come forward and by walking on my footprints walk shoulder to shoulder with me. If you do not walk alongside me, how shall you gain capability of becoming a leader?

17) Shantikunj today is a small hermitage that gives inspiration to execute great tasks but in future it shall spread in all directions. It appears to be like a small baby but in future but I strongly opine that it shall become a mature and well nourished iron man. If this sapling gets apt fertilizers and water then slowly it shall bloom forth as a gigantic tree and shall play its grand role.

18) In order to rejuvenate ancient wholesome traditions Shantikunj single handedly has commenced the Bhagiratha effort to re usher in Satyuga or the Golden Era. Divine seers say that truth has the strength of thousands of elephants grouped together. With the help of Sankalpa or power of resolve Brahmaji created this cosmos. Our Rishi tradition has not been rendered so unconscious that we despair it ever getting rejuvenated.

19) When it rains Swati Nakshatra there in oysters possessing apt potential precious pearls are created, camphor in plantains and from bamboos sweet flute is made. In Gayatri Pilgrim Spot called Shantikinj such elements dwell in invisible forms which can be seen as dew drops at appointed hours.

20) The atmosphere of that area which is more beneficial than medical therapy, it is more useful in shooing away diseases and bodily weakness in such places sanatoriums are built. Shantikunj area too can be termed such a land of great qualities. Over here one sees grand effects of the shores of River Ganges, shade of the serene Himalaya Mountains and special psychic imprints austerities of the 7 great Rishis of yore.

21) In Gayatri Pilgrim Spot called Shantikunj by rejuvenating ancient tradition of pilgrimages via its help such principles dwell that imbue new life force in the environment. It is a sign of rejuvenation of pilgrimages and re ushering in of Divine Era of ancient times. The hope of its divine fruits shall be seen fulfilled in future days to come.

22) Shantikunj is not merely the land of penance of the seer or Super Mantra Gayatri, Rishi Vishwamitra but that its modern image and tasks can be called the Arunachal Mountain of this new eras consciousness. Such places have their own specialties and powers. Conjoined to it are inspired world history and special influences that are availed by those traveling here in the form of sudden zest manifesting boons.

23) Pilgrim spots are those that help people who are drowning in the sea of material bondage to reach the shores of safety. The sacred spots are named thus keeping in mind their live and wholesome activities. Even today wherever great tasks are executed ceaselessly wherein people are inspired to imbibe them in their day to day living, that region truly can be said to be oozing with untold Prana Energy. Gayatri Pilgrim Spot called Shantikinj has thus been built for its members.

24) A requirement was perceived to enliven again the tradition of pilgrimages and for this Gayatri Pilgrim Spot called Shantikinj was established. In the midst of a deep sea it can be called a light house standing upright there. In it in order to render ancient tradition of pilgrimages new in form keeping in mind contemporary modern times, Bhagiratha efforts have been made.

25) Shantikunj has been evolved akin to a forest of Prajna or Divine Wisdom. Such specialties dwell here like daily Yajnas, Akhand Deepak, Gayatri Temple, divine Himalaya Mountains, garden of herbs, high stature research in the field of Science of Yajnas, study of Gayatri Science, Brahmavarchas Research Institute, via observatories analysis of the solar system, medical clinic, library, regular study of sacred texts etc that as soon as one enters its hallowed precincts one gets a glimpse of this eras forest full of Prana Energy.

26) We can believe our thought family to be more potent and important than our family lineage. A definite decision has been taken to faithfully offer its sacred flowers at the holy feet of the deity of this era. King Dashrath had handed over his sons to Rishi Vishwamitra. Guru Gubind Singh had wholesome used 5 sons. Hermitages like Nalanda, Takshashila, Prem High School and Kolkatas National College are encouraging their students to march ahead in this very direction so as to get glorified by doing so. Even in the inner form of Shantikunj such intense aspiration has awakened that they too imbibe this great ideal.

27) That Super Mantra Gayatri whose 24 alphabets are termed 24 Avatars, 24 demigods and 24 Rishis, which is equally meditated upon by Rishis, Maharshis, Rajarshis and Devarshis, whose manifest form is Vedas, Ramayan, Shrimad Bhagwat, Devi Bhagwat and other spiritual literature, for its memory and awakening inspiration a powerful center has been established in the form of Brahmavarchas Research Institute. This hermitage set up on the shores of River Ganges has rejuvenated the ancient tradition of Super Energy Gayatri based spiritual practice.

28) A very powerful system and institution that trains talented people is Brahmavarchas Research Institute, Gayatri Tirth, Shantikunj.

Brahmavarchas Aranyak :




On noting how with zeal people have joined this mission keeping in mind the above 3 types of programs, there is a great possibility of attaining full voluntary participation in the creation of a bright world future with the aid of its stupendous results.

29) Those who participate in the camp of pilgrimage to Shantikunj must become followers of sacred truth. By taking inspiration of sanctity from River Ganges and grandeur from lofty Himalaya Mountains, must imbibe true greatness in ones inner personality which in spiritual parlance is called Shiva or well being. The meritorious fruits of pilgrimage indeed is marching towards true greatness and awakening zest to do so. Those in whom this zest has awakened, their pilgrimage is successful and beneficial.

30) I am making intense Bhagirath efforts in order to usher in consciousness that shall manifest a New Era along with the River of Divine Wisdom. My Yajna of Divine Wisdom is to materialize the dream of Satyuga or Golden Era and usher in a New Era on earth. I yearn to see divinity manifest in world humanity. In order to realize this dream, in order to get back my own eggs (snatched away by the arrogant deity of the ocean), I am filling sand of the sea shore in my beak akin to a bird with a powerful resolve or Sankalpa. The center of this sacred mission is Gayatri Pilgrim Spot called Shantikinj.

31) That center which is profoundly immersed in manifesting divinity in mankind and harbingering heaven on earth in the true sense of the term can be called a University. The term world is used because its goal is not a miniscule region. Its area of service in fact is entire world humanity. It can be called a school too because todays education leads you only towards material progress whereas the very foundation of sanctity and development of ones inner personality rests on sacred knowledge and wisdom. I am immersed in imbuing world human psyche with potent life force or Prana Energy. The center of this mighty endeavor is the tiny hermitage called Shantikunj. It most certainly can be called a University.

Shantikunj is rarer than all rare spiritual lands. Over here the spiritual magnetic pull is very intense. People who are ensnared by their own taints cannot understand its importance. Just as a pond gets covered by moss in the same way the veil of taints in their minds cover the spiritual wealth of Shantikunj. People entwined in the net of vileness and shyness can never understand this great truth.

But those whose minds are pious understand and clearly perceive the presence of subtle bodied Rishis, divine powers etc. Those who perform austerities in this sacred pilgrim spot (Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India) live a life of holy science for world welfare. Such aspirants are blessed by the abovementioned divine souls. Neither in the past nor in future will anyone leave this holy spot without gaining something. Because both Me (Yuga Rishi Hiram Sharma Acharya) and My consort (H. H. Mataji) are eternally performing austerities so as to wipe off your tears of despair.

So far no one has left Shantikunj with utter despair and will not do so in future too.

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